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The Miner Jul 15, 1898

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Daily   Edition,  No. ��*&���.
i\elson,   British Columbia.  Friday July 15,   18qS.
I'.igllth Year
lace Bool
\ shipment of the famous
Conic  Early  and  Sc
��� ������
X LaLe^t Novelty, X
t     VBILlNdSand      X
J * KID OLOVES. * ���
!���������������*-< >������*������-*������������>���
������*�����������������������*������< 58 ������*>���������.�����?*;���������*.���< 3J H**>4*+3S.**)-*    :9-t~t+t99t"t*t+-t
j ULACK   &   I-'ANCY -i
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-. ft'i
$ Reduced Prices,��
rice iase i
We will offer fur 1 he next ten days all of our entire stock
al  reduced   prices   with  Special   Reductions   c*n   the
.  .  .   following: lines .  .  .
Siuiimer Dress Goods.
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Ladies Shirt Waists.
Ladies' I) & A ('niseis.
I,-lilies',-iiiii Children's  Undervcsts,
Ladies'Silk and Kid Gloves.
Ladies' Silk anil Alpaca Skirts.
Sailor Hals, Half Price.
Men's Underwear.
Men's Washington Ties.
Men's Negligee Shirts.
Men's Fancy Cambric Shirts.
Men's Blue': Sateen Shirts.
Men's Duel; ami Flannel Suits-
*\   u's Straw Hats.
B   'ii's I'ani j and ( Ivcralls.
x Our Stock \b Complete in House Furnishings,!
Hi lull,   nl' the   Loss-en  mi    BolU   siili's.
tini'iiimi I'nmpnisii  Plans. -Tenders
Mill i.r   Ciillii!   lor  Hie  Triiiis|iiii(i)
Ilon ������<' die Rpiiiiluli Troops.
Wahin;;t ui.July 14���Tho first chapter iu the land campaign of the* United
Slates ngainsl Spain closed today,
when the Spaniards, colors gave place
ovor Santiago to the American flag.
Next will follow the transportation of
the Spanish troops to their native land
aad llu- captti '0 of the island of Porto
Kicn   unless   peace     soon   iiitcrvcm s.
The siege of Santiago hns lasted two
weeks and was reinarkahle in many
respect . anil iu uono more than tlio
he.ivy pen entngo of loss through denth,
Wounds or sickness of  the soldiers nud
sailor.1 engaged on both sides. Look-
\ig bi ck over the record of those two
weeks it is seen lha! a grcal ironclad
squadron has been dostroyod thai
nearly a thousand Spanish sailors hav,!
Ibeen  drowned or  killed  by shell ami
flame  and    thai    untold numbers of
'Spanish soldiers havo died in the trou-
lilies of Santiago.
On the  other hand about ;2.")0 Anicri-
| can   soldiers   have   been killed ami   in
ound   numbers   2000 more have   he -u
I sent i'i the hospitals rrom wounds,
fevers and other ailmeul i, The
American fleet had a remarkable exemption fl'Oni disaster in the many
engagements it has hail wilh tlie forts
at  entrance of  harbor and with Span1]
| ish   squadron.    "Next* is Porto Hico. "
said   Secretary   Alger,   after receiving
; the  news of   Santiago's formal  surrender   and   then if need be, Hav; na.
| Tho secretary was in excellent spirits
Ho  has  been  more anxious than he
f dared  show as   to the condition of our
sick  soldiers   and   looked with appro-
I hension  upon the p  isibility of a pro-
| longation of the struggle in   the uu-
1 healthy valley of Santiago.   The seore-
'tary said that the Porto Ricau expedition will go forward immediately. It
will oomprise new men entirely. Thc
warriors in the trenches before Snntigo
havo distinguished themselves and il
is not dec ned prud 'lit to bring them
I into  unnecessary   contact   with  new
troops in view of thedanger of spreading contagion.
The sick sol li�� rs will be nursed
back to health and be brought back
to the United States as soon as thoy
can be safely removed. Immune regulars will be ordered to Santiago to
guard the town, aud as slated in the
despatches yesterday, two companies
of regular- are already under orders
lo proceed. The size of the Porto
Kicaa expedition will depend upon
General Miles' wishes, although il is
believed thnl 25,000 men will bo sulli-
oienl for the purpose. At San Juan
the  navy  will he of greator assistance
Ihan il was at Santiago, owing lo the
possibility of approaching the town
more   closely without   risking contact
with mines. Goneral Brooke is uow
on his way to Washington by the
direction of Secretary Alger, so that
lie will be iu a position to make his
views known. The experience gained
iu despatching Shatter's expedition
il is oxpectod will aid the oilicials in
iheir determination to mak
work of the Porto Ricau affair,    i
The line begins at Accerados, about 15
miles west of Santiago harbor, and
then runs due north about 2*"> miles
io Paluio Soriana. Had the line oon-
tl'iued due north it would have passed
west of Holquin, thus taking in the
Spanish garrison at that place. Evidently General Toral wished to avoid
the inclusion of Holquin so the line
terns abruptly to the northeast of
Fi.lmo, and runs to the town of Boca
di 1 Sagua, on the coast. The extreme
w dth is about 50 miles.
The navy department had not heard
iv) to the close of office hours to what*
e.'.tent tho American fleet was participating in the Spanish surrender. With
Santiago in the hands of the Americans the way will be (dear for Admiral
Sampson's fleet to enter the harbor
aud proceed up to the wharves as soon
as the torpedoes and mines at the harbor entrance are removed. The guns
of Morro Castle are included in the
surrendered zone." The possession of
these fortresses, particularly Morro
Castle, will afford a valuable garrison point for a large number of men.
The terms under whieh these soldiers
are surrendered is not known in detail,
hut it is regarded as likely that their
big guns pass with the surrender.
While the fleet will sem be free to
move up to Santiago, some doubt is
entertained in naval circles, whether
any good could be accomplished by
such a move, r i it might subjeci
some of the sailors Id tho contagion
existing within tho city. More attention will now be given to the care
of tho sick, and fever stricken soldiers
on tho island, in the opinion of the
army surgeons, tho sick can bo beta
treated by removal to the high ground
back of the southern coast, where
the heat is less severe and where there
would be uo fear of communicating
disease to the rest of the army. Thc
aotive preparations made lo deal with
the emergency aie such lhat it is fell
that, the question ot health can he coped
with'.successfully. now that the milihi .'.*-
situation has been simplified.
The plan of the war department for
returning the surrendered army of Tor '
to Spain will not necessitate tho uso t '
American vessels. It is the purpose of
the department to ask for proposals from
nil steamship companies which desire
to compete for transporting the Spanish troops to Spain, and the most advantageous bid will be accepted. The
advices of General Shafter state that
the number of ^Spanish prisoners will
be between 12,000 and 15,000.
Shaffcer's Task is Over.-The First
Land Expedition is Completely Successful.
Toral xAxcepted ths Alternative Conditions.���The Troops
Return  to   Spain.-The  Officers   Keep   Their
Sidearms���Yellow  Fever Among tho
IJ. S. Troops
But the   Town May Force a Lombard-
men t���Dewey's Order.
London, July J 4.���The special corros-
1 indent of the Times at Cavite writes
as   follows, under date of  July 10, via
snort : !|V'"*"' K'��"H':
'I'lici-i. i The condition ai Manila is said to
vill be ],!my of transports] available, ,"''' terrible. It is hoped thai the town
as   the govornmenl has  devised   other hviU surrender without  necessitating a
.1 imbai'ilii.i ni.bui tho Spanish authorities   arc   ohstiuato nud a capitulation
* i i   nol   likely.    The wholo   American
i xpedition is expected here by July ISO.
nnvoying   th'
captured   ai   Snutingo to Spain,   than
by  carrying them on theso transports,
navy is   ready to do its share
Washington. July 14.���The war
department has received the following
despatch from General Miles, written
apparently before the final surrender
of Santiago at li o'clock :
Playa del Kste, July 14.
Secretary of War,
Washington, D. C.
Before Santiago, Jvly 14 ���General Toral, formally surrendered
the troops of his army, the trrops
and division of Santiago, on th
terms and understanding that his
troops shall be returned to Spain.
General Shafter will appoint commissioners to draw up tho conditions of arrangements for carrying
out the terins of surrender. This
is very gratifying and General
Shafter and tho officers and men
of his command are entitled to
great credit for their sincerity and
fortitiude in overcoming the almost insuperable obstacles which
they encountered, A portion of
the army has been infected with
yellow fever and efforts will be
made to separate those who are
infected from those free from it,
and to keep those who are still on
board ship separated from those on |
shore. Arrangements will be ini-J
mediately made for carrying out
(he further instructions of the
president and yourself.
Major General of the army.
Thai ih-
Admiral Dewey, whose attitude has
en particularly humane aud lenient,
s now declarod a complete blockade.
V'.si irday he si nt away  ihe   British
at short .mlice. goes without saying,
Porto Rico is not expected   to offer a
very   formidahlo  resistance.    It is bi -
liovod   that tho in irnl i ffect of today s i
i render  at Santiago will bo t3  dis-   steamer  Esmeralda,   which wished to
conrngo   the   defenders  nt   San Juau.    take passengers   for Hong Kong.    The
There is, however, always the prospect j conduct   of   th.
I thai pan -o will ensuo boforo hostilities   *-*T'lV1' suspicion
i havo progressed agi inst Spain's onutern
j most   \Y si    Indian   island.     Rumors
| woro  afloal   this   nftornoon   thai   the i
Spanish  govcrnmcul   had   mndo over- i
n'"es in lhal din lltiou,  lull   Iheir blisis *
probably  was   tho   curroul belief thai
one more reverse i > the Spnmsh
arms would be sniilcionl to compel the
Spaniards to sue for peace and this
roverse was furnished by the surrender
oi' Santiago.
The wa" department has not boon
effected to Lhe extent of relnxing nny
of its precautions or abandoning nny
i 2 iM plans. Soorettuy Long stated,
unequivocally today thai Commodor
iVatson's eastern  squiul on would cor
. inly go  to ;������;:���;'.!  ,,.*..., m ns ii coul
iii,    The   ie.  ii  **,���  surrendered in i.���������
y   ' ;������">'.,,   Toral  makes  nl aul   501
mare mile i.    The Spanish soldie -s .
���  seal   to   Spain   are estimated    at
10.000 men     Major Hopkins,    thc miliary  aide  I i   Si en ;.,,y  Alger, toda.
had   spread before him a huge  nap i
Cuba,   showing   the  surrendered zone   [iroducor   will
lunicd   over  to tho American troops. . regular shipuu
Tho   Skyline   Mine    of      Ainsworth
Will Soon  Ship Ore Again,
For some lime pasl there have been
rumors that lhe Skyline mine ni Ainsworth would resume operations, anil
at last* the reports havo taken tangible
shape. W, E. Sutton, who represents
ihe Everett smelter, uow has a force
nf men i-i work pumping out the
water from the mine, When this work
is eni.iple'eii. tho property will beexatv-
Ihc smelti r pi oplo.
The miue has   nor been operated Eor
nearly   two  years, bnt up to the Iim.'
of closing down operations bad Bhippi -;
: ore  ore   than   any other property i:
Blot   Springs   camp.    Being   dry  on
thc   product   is   much sought ufte:1
inciters uud li' 'i:; n ri ady market,,    i.
is  mere than   likely  from the prein n
outlook   thai   this   high   griido silvei
;i an   be   sendiug   out
is once more.
General Wheeler's Headquarters
Before Santiago, July 18, -1 P. M.,
Via Kingston, Jamaica, July 14, 1 :80
P. M..��� It appears that on Monday
General Shafter did not demand the
unconditional surrender whieh General
Toral had refused on Sunday, but, he
offered ns an alleruniive proposition to
accept the capitulation of the enemy.
lind to transport the Swinish officers
and trr.OpS I I Spain, they lo leave all
(heir arms behind nud lo give iheir
parole. It was this proposition whieh
General Toral declined yestorduy,
This morning il was dooidort to hold
a personal iutorview with General
Torn], General Miles and his staff,
,vho got no further ihan General fchaf-
i.r's headquarters List night, accompanied by General Shaftor and bis
staff, rode out to tho 'Vent shortly before ll o'clock under il (lug of ITUCC,
A request for a peiwiuiil intorviuvi
with ibe Spanish commander -in-chid
wns niade aud acceded to, and at al cm I
o'clock General ".iii1 '���, '���'������-"��� nils
hnfter, Wheeler, Giknore, Morse
Captain Wiley and Coloucl Mostn
ri lo up, passed our oni ���( uchmeul - anil
went down iul > tho valley fcoyi ud.
They were mot by General Toral ai
his chief of slaii'. mule.- a sprondiuy
mango tree, at the bottom of the
valley, ahout half way between (he
Tbe interview that followed lasted
almost     an    hour.    The situation was
placed frankly before General Toral
ami he was offered the alternative of
bein;,' sent homo with his garrison or
leaving Santiago province. Tho only
condition being imposed that ho should
not destroy tin; town and should leave
his arms behind. This latter condition the Spanish general, who does not
speak English, exukii.ie.i through hia
interpreter was impossille He said
tho laws of Spain gave a general no
discretion. He might abandon the
place when he found it untenable, but
he could not leave his arms behind
without subjecting himself to the pen- t
alty of being court martialed and shot.
His government, he said, had granted
him permission to evacuate Santiago
that was all, further than that he was
powerless to ga
Without saying so in words, General Miles said that the tenor of General 'Toral's remarks, all betrayed his
realization that he could not hold
out long. When General Shafter explained that his reinforcements wero
coming up, that he was completely
surrounded and that new batteries
were being posted. General Toral iu
reply shrugged his shoulders,saying :
"I am but a subordinate, and I
obey my government, if it be necessary
we will be defeated at our posts."
During the course of the interview
General Toral said the bombardment
of Sunday and Monday had done littlo
damage. He admitted that, the shells
had destroyed four houses but he as-
si .led lhat only half a dozen soldiers
oi' the garrison had been injured. He
also     volunteered     the     information,
wheu General Miles gallantly enquired
after General Linares' condition,
that the latter would probably be
compelled to suffer amputation of his
left arm at tho shoulder.
Spanish uud American Commissioners
to Ai i'augo Details,
1'hiya   del   Este, July II,   2   P M.���
Oeaeral  Toral. commanding the Spanish   forces   iu   Santiago, this morning
s'cir  a  despatch   to   General   Shafter
iu-.licnting   lii-   willingness to accept.
the  terms of surrender proposed, and
.-in.;   ihe   American  commander to
appoint   commissioners    to   meet   the
���M'l'.-h commissioners,   to arrange to
-end the Spanish troops buck to Spain.
I'liis   will   le   promptly   done.      The
rndev   of  General   Toral   not only
:in i [he i':!! of Santiago, but by the
vi is   of  surrender   a   large   part   of
*   ; land fall ���   into the hands of the
tiled ! lutes v, i.e. a: firing a shot.
The   surrender   info include all the
punish 1 reaps nl Suntingo, Guantaua-
.u ami Ciiimnnern Sagua,   composing
tl o i'e'.i'.h euros of   lhe Spanish army,
t'he pvoviuee oi' Santingo de Cuba tha
lies   in,;   cf   the   line from Sagua vi
Iiii- Palma* lo Accrrados is surrendered
In lhe I Suited States. THE MINER, FRIDAY, JULY 15, 1898
We dttiner.
Published Daily except Monday.
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bo accompanied by llie name nnd address
ot lhe writer, not necessarily (or publication, but as evidence of good faith.
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The "Ainer Printing & Publishing Co.
influence on the issue. In default of
peace negotiations, it is apparently
intended next to attack Porto Rico
while Commodore Watson will proceed
to Spain. Havana itself, is being left
severely alone, wherein the American
commanders are probably acting wisely,
as Havana is said to be now almost
impregnable, and would in any case
be aii exceedingly tough nut to crack."
Our Arctic Soda Fountain
Is the centre of attraction these hot days.
Copy for Changes of AtlveWiseniciil  must
Ik- lu (In* OHIec   liy  -1  o'clock   p.m.   ("
Insure cliniiffe.
When the Unitod States entered into
the present war with Spain, it wns
with the express declaration thnl it
was a war undertaken with the object
of assisting pi ir siaTering humanity,
that territorial aggrandisement was uot
looked for and thai the independence
of Cuba more es dally would bo respected. Cynical ^persons ai the time
express-d doubts of the coutiuuauco
of each lofty and disinterested resolves,
and facts are beginning l i prove that
they were right.
It is an open secret thai Spain is anxious for peace, and would open negotiations did there nppenr to bo any
chance of her getting anything like
reasonable ten IS. But what are the
terms on which tho United Stales
would make peace? They nave nm,
of. course,  been   annul need   officially,
but it is tolerably apparent that they
would amount to nothing less than
tho entire colonial empire of Spain
and a substantial indemnity. When
it is considered that, from the Spanish
point of view, the Americans unwarrantably intci 'end between Spain end
her rebellious subjects, it is not surprising    thai    the    Spanish   refuse   to
entertain such terms until it is a
question of pence or her I ital annihilation as a nation.
Spain it appears, is willing I i declare
the independance of Cuba���the object
for which the war began���and In pay
an indemnity, the amount of which
would have to be determined by negotiations. Spain is also willing to give
such security as she is able for the
payment of tho indemnity. The exact
nature of this security seems uncertain,
but would proliably be fhe Philippine
Islands. As Spain has lost Cuba, lost
her fleet, will never be able to regain
control of the Philippines, and will
also have to pay an indemnity, while
her own expenses in Ihe war have
practically ruined her already.it would
seem that she has 'suffered- enough.
The United States have gained the
object for which Ihey went to war,
and are ottered fairly substantial rewards Jfor what was supposed to be a
philanthropic campaign, and now.
unless ihey wish to stultify all they
said at the col niencenienf of hostilities it is sr el.v time ��� show Ihey cm
be as merciful as Ihey are strong.
Representative of   thc  Spokesman-Review  Securing Information.
Percy  F. Godenrath,  who formerly
resided in this city and is now the
representative of the mining department of the Spokesman-Review,
arrived in tlm city yesterday afternoon
on the N. & F. S. road. Mr. Godenrath is on a visit, to the mining camps
of West Kootenay in the interests of
his paper and has visited the Ymir
cnnip nnd the Fern mine.
Speaking of the Ymir camp he said:
"I wiis particularly struck with tho
ureal improvement iu the town itself
since my last visit a year ago, und
the great amount of development work
being done on the properties in the
* vicinity.
"At the Fern mine eveiything is
running  smothly   and   tho vats to bo
j used in connection with tiie treatment
of   the  slimes   by   the  Plefan-Clerici
iproee-'-i   will    shortly     bc   completed.
This will mean a considerable saving
of ihe product. The company, so I
was informed, intend putting in two
Pelton water wheels for the purpose
| of furnishing power which will inin-
ini/.e the cost of operations. "
Mr. Godenrath will spend the next
four or live days iu this district, and
will ,'isir lhe principal properties.
He is anxious to secure as much information as possible about the mines
in this vicinity for a special edition
of the Review, which will be circulated at the Trans-Mississippi and
(I'Miiha exposition,
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with Hazelwood Ice Cream
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Mai'kets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to nny branch will have careful and prompt attention.
The curtain Iif i been rang down on
the second i'"t of the d 'aiiia which is
being played in ihe Spanish Wist
Indies, und though the filial scene wns
not so dramatic i wa i thai of tho
annihilation of Cervera's squadron,
yel the resell is an equally decisive
victory for tho American urins. Spanish rosisteuco in the eastern extormity
of the Island of Cuba Is now at an end.
The terms of thosi t'onde.'as indicated
by oi ��� despatches are thai lhe Spanish forces ov: uate Santiago, and nro
t i be allowed       reli   n     i Spain, lea\ -
ing their arm behind them, Thus
ends the sanguinary strugglo befo o
B. itin 'o. As r ulc in which much
blood wus shod, and ;.. cai brrvery
shown, on I ith sides. The Spaniards
probably acted very wisely in Si:t eu-
dering,thoy vve.'e outni ubered,shorl of
fi id, and it is s id thi:, they wee
.{Oro running short of a-nmuuition.
Had they been bet '.' supplied in these
��� ispeel', it is    ssible thai they might
have been able to pioloUg the Struggle
when thoir deadly r'ly, yellow fovor,
which is beginning to appear among
the  victors,   inighl   have   had   some
Police and License Commissioners
Bleat nud Grant Liquor Licenses.
A meeting of lhe board of police and
license commissioners, consisting of
Mayor Houston, Police Magistrate
E. A. Cron :e und \V. A. Macdonald,
was held yesterday nftornoon inthe
city council chamber.
Applications     were     received   from
several parlies for j isitious on Um
police force of the eity but it was decided thut no additions or changes be
made for Ihe present. The chief of
police wr I, however, given power to
employ special ] dice as occasion
An application was received for the
transfer of the license of the Victoria
hotel from F. C. Goodwin to D. A.
Macdonald, accompanied by a petition
in favor of the transfer, signed by
residents in the vicinity. A counter
petition in opposition to the license
was also received and ""ter delibera
lion Ihe hoc id decided lo refuse tho
An application fo.' a license for a
new saloon ou Vernon street from A.
Lap liute wns idso refused.
No complaints or [^objections being
entered against the other holders of
liquor licenses in the cily the same
were renewed for another year. By
the cutting off of thn Vict'.iriu hoiel
license the number of hotels and silicons
in the city i.s reduced from 20 to 19.
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child in the country who buys in Nelson to come and inspect our
stock and prices. We would liave you do this for we are sure
that you would become our customer ami friend, Wc liave the
largest and best selected slock oi Groceries in the city. The
famous products of every country in nur line are represented on
our shelves.
EVERYTHING   FIRST CLASS.   Never behind llie times.   N'o retrograding
here.      Our  business  is run lo serve its pntrnns to their best interests,
as  well as our own, and you can always depend upon our best, service i
being afforded ymi.
Thc  fairness of our prices throughout our ontiro line al nil times shows onr
grasp upon lhe market.     CAN'T BE BEAT AT ALL;   THAT'S ALL. Uo p.m
V m.    -r ,1 I 0.00   ll.ll*
Ha/0* 4
Official Directory.
Governor-General        -        Earl of Aberdeen
Premier        - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member House of Commons, Dominion Parliament, Wost Kootonny Hewitt. Bostock
Lieut.-Governor Hon T It Mclnnes
Premier - Hon JII Turner
Attorney-General        - Hon DM Eberts
Com of Lands und Works lion G li Martin
JI mister Jl ines nnd Education Hon Jas lialjj'r *
Presldont Executive Counoil 1 Ion CE Pooley
Members Legislative Assembly tor West Kootenny North Riding J M Kellie
.South Riding .1 I*' Hume
Mayor - - John Houston
Aldermen���Chas Hillyor, VV F Teotssol, J A
Gilker, J J Malone, K P Whalley, Thos Mad-
City Clerk
Police Magistrate
chief of Police
(thief of Firo Department
Wator Commissioner
Health Offleor
City IDngincor
City council meets every Mondny, 3 p.m., at
city hall, cor Victoria and Josephine st
J K Strachan
E A ('reuse
A   F McKinnon
W J Thompson
John Ilamiltoii
T JI Ward
Dr. Lallan
A. L. M'CulIooh
in-. EC Arthur. Dr. G A li Hall, Geo John-
--t mi*.   Principal���J It Green.
Presldont J Roderick Robertson;*
Vice President
James Lawrence.
John A Turner.
President John A. Turner
Vi. .* i'i.*,, W. A. Jowett.
Sei ri tar) D. McArthur
'I'ri'ii-. A H Clements
Medical Supl. . Dr.G. ABHall
i h
' nitriistatos,Ontario.Qno-I 5.15p.m,
"!*,* .ii, I Kn-lern  Provlncosl
Points nn X. & P. S, line!
'ictorln and Roasland.       I
\i:\\- D; iiver   Sandon audi 2.30p.tu,
iv, in I,ike   ointa.
Kaslo and Kootenay Lake! 7.15a.m.
'oints I
land,  Trail,    Nakusp,| 7,00 a.m.
.'iih-on. points on niiiin Iim j
'   I'.  II..   Vancouver inull
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring nnd Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.  R. STATION.    .    .    .
A.   E.   YOUNG,  AGENT.
For tlie next Thirty Days
. . . Also . . .
Flowers and  Hair Goods.
Jiiiiun  (i.   Tinir'i'-Boeckli   blnck, E 11-
tranco Baker street,   Open from
8 a, in. to i.'.'.'i p. in.
The iiiirlj' thai oonlisoatod .Mr. Tims. May's
umhi-e ii nl the rink \V< dnesdny evening Is
known and will be prosecuted to the full rs-
i in i r.f ihe law If Mm! artiolo is not returned hv
Saturday noon,     69,
P.M.    CM.    CM.
No. ,1 No. II Nn. i
CM.    CM.    CM.
No. 2 No. 4 No.
3:15 iliiin .ROBSON...8:00 2:30
5.(10    2:00    10:00...TRAIL....7:00   I2:.M    1:15
8:15    11115. ROSSLAND. OHIO 12:00 m.
No's, 1 nnd 2 connect with C. IJ. It. mnin line
steamers, and IruliiH to and from Nelson at
No's, iliuiii i aro local trains between Trail
iuul Kossland,
Nu'-. 5 nml 'I are local 1 ruins between Trail
Uld  Hobson.   Nn. li connects with train No.
from Kossland,
All trains dully.
I-'  I>. GUTELIUS, Glen. Supt.
The Paper of the People.
Everybody Reads It.
The Largest Circulation.
Best Advertising Medium.     ��
Wall Papers,
Fishing Tackle,
Garden & Flower Seeds.
When requiring thoroughly seasoned
timber should apply to
The Nelson Planing Mill
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes and
every description of Joinery,
H-t'ltllKX   IIOMItS  AM��    WINDOWS   MADE
in iiiaiin.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Drop  in   and  see    ns.
Your Tobaccos
Post Office
��*-^Cigar Store
Where   you  will  always find a well
assorted stock of Imported   and
Domestic Oigars, Cigarettes Tobaccos and a full stock of
Pipes at reasonable
S. J. MIGHTON. 11!l��
I will Keh at cost for the balance of the season all trimmed
millinery, children's hats and
bonnets, sailors and shirt waists.
Josephine st,, Nelson.
l,(,!ili.\ opened from 7 n.iii. lo 1" p.in.; Goneral
Delivery,8 a.m. lu S p.m.;  Registration, 8.3(1
n.iii. tu 7 ii.in.; Money Ordors ami Savings Bank
:i;i.in. tu i p.m.; Sunday 1 hour (10 to 11 a.in),
.1. A. GILKER, Postmaster,
Government Inspector of Agencies W .1 Goepol
Gold Commissioner (>. G. Iiiiiinis
Mining Recorder-Tax Col ��� RFTolmio
Collector of Customs - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Assessor John Keen,
County Court Judge ��� .1 A Forin
Itcglstrar K T II Slmpklns
Inspector of Schools       -        William Burns
Win-den ('apt, N Kilzsliihbs.
First Jailer 1! Ltddoll.
Soeomi Jailor Goo Partridge.
Third Jailer ��� John MoLaron
Senior Guard K Inee,
Cm .ca of England���Matin 11 a.m.; Even
Song, 7.1 i ii.in. iv'i'i-y Sunday, Holy Commiin-
lon on 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month after
Matins on 2nd and llh Sundays, al, 8 a.m.
Sunday School at 2.S0 p.m. Kev. U.S. Akehurst, ileelor.   Cor Word and Silicvi streets.
Pr.ESIlVTEllIAN CHURCH--.Servicesnt 11 a.m.
anil 7.Hll p.m. Sunday School at 2.80 p.m.
Prayer mooting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndeavor Society meets every Monday ovouing al 8 o'clock. Uev. R. Frew.
Methodist Church���Corner silica and
Josephine Stroots, Services at, 11 a.m. and 7..'10
p. in. ; .'������iiiiimth School, 2.80 p.in.-. Prayer mooting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Epworth
League O. K., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Kev. Geo, II.
Morden, I'astor.
Roman Catholic Cnuncn���Moss at Xelson
every Sunday at Sail'' 10.80 a.in.; Benediction
al 7.1(1 loSp. m.   Kev. Father Ferland, Priest.
Baptist Church ��� Services morning and
ovoningatlla.m.and7.30 p.m.; Prayor meeting Wednesday ovonlng at 8 p.m.; Meetings
are held in lhe school house. Strangers cordially welcomed.   Kev. (1. lt. Welch, Pastor,
SALVATION ARMY��� Services every evening
at 8 u'elock in barraoks on Viotoria siroot.
Adjutant .Millner iu chargo,
ff\     NKLSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F.SiA.
"V/fM' moels KCC0,ul Wednesday in each
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. Lknnox, Secretary.
-���:jrSSsc-���    I- O. O.  F.     Kootenay Lodgo
:.:<Ks^p^-- No. ���"'��� "loots every Monday night,
al.   Iheir   Mall,   Kooienay street,
Sojourning Odd fellows cordially invited.
WM. HODSON, Secretary.
�� NELSON   LODGE No. 25, IC. of P.,
meets in Castle hall,  McDonald hlock
every  Tuesday  evening  at. 8 o'clock,
AH visiting knights cordially invited,
.1. .1. Mai.onk, CC
GBO. 1'autriiiiik, K.of It. andS.
NELSON  LODGE,   I. O, G. T.     Meets in
Castle Hull, McDonald  lllock, every Monday
evening  al 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cordially invited, John Telford,
Chief Templar.
George Nunn    Sec'y
SONS    OK    ENGLAND,  iiicctJ
second and fourth Wednesday of
each month at K. of P, Hall, Mac-
i|t Jl)   Donald lllock,   cor. Vernon   and
^s^=^   Josephine streets.   Visiting bro thru cordially inviied. ERNEST King,
Chas. 11. FARROW, Worthy President
, COURT KOOTKNAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 moots
5' 'I',".1,'''',',Wo'l'-t'sdnyin each month in thn
Iv oil'Hall. I'll Swanell, CD. S.O.R.; J R
Green. C.R.: J. Purkiss, Seey.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets'
every Thursday in the 1,0.0.F. hall. F W
Swanell, M.W.; W Hodson. Rec.-Sec; J. J.
Drispoll. Flnanoior F. JRqulre. Receiver and
1 . M. \V .
NELSON L.O.I,. No. 1I1H2 meels in the McDonald hlock every Thursday evening at 8'
ocock. Visiting mombers cordially in-rited.
John loyo, \\ ,M.; K. J, Bradley, R.S.
*���'.. THE  MINER, FRIDAY, JULY 15, 1898
'Brief   Mention    or   Iliiiipi'iiliigs   In   llie
District During ilie I'asl
��� Few Duys.
D. D. Winter, Rossland, is ill thu
Mrs. J. C. Bolander of New Denver
|is in tho city.
D. Stephens (! Vanoouver is regis-
|tcri'(l at the Queens.
Tonight at Hume hall, Miss Beatrix
('Hamilton, the render.
Miss Carrie Lush, the sweet singer,
fiit Hume hull tonight.
j" Hume hull tonight.    Miss Lois Win
/Slow, the 'eullo soloist.
0. G. Frederick of the new town of
IBrooklyn is in the city.
W. A. Galliher leaves today for a
|business visit to Rossland.
R. M.iGrogan of  the linn of Roll &
I Grogan,   mining    brokers,   Hossland,
is in the. city.
LouiB Lino, a well known sawmill
land mining man of R�� island arrived
[in the eity last night.
The Duncan mines, limited, are in
[stalling a steam hoist and a steam
I pump in the Grnnito.
Charles W. Busk, Kokunon Creels
and Manner Bucko, Kaslo registered
iit tin* 1 hum' yostcrdaj.
���lames Neelands of the Kootenay
Cigar company left yostorday fnr a
business trip to Brooklyn.
Dramatic aud humorous readings,
good singing and 'celo solos ai Hume
hall tonight.    A treal for all.
If. D. Cameron, n prominent citizen
of Edmonton, Alberta, arrived last-
night and is registered at   tho Queens.
A.   M, Johnson, of the legal firm of
'Macdonald   &  Johnson,    leaves   this
morning   Cor a month's  holiday visit
In ('iilil'iirnia.
P. B. Wallace. Toronto ;,l. It. Gal-
laghor,     Montreal;   Geo. Buscombe,
Vancouver,   registered   at the   Hume
last* night.
Tickets for the Lash-Hamilton concerts call be obtained nt* the Canada
Drug & Book Co. Call early if you
want a good scat.
J. L. Retallack, independent government candidate in the Slocan riding at
the recent provincial election, has nunc
to Spokane on a business visit.
.1. Roderick Robertson leaves this
morning for a day's visit to Ymir to
inspect mining properties ot die London & British Columbia Gold Fields. g
The citizens of Hossland are making
great preparations for tho reception
of their Excellencies, Lord and Lady
Aberdeen, on their lirst visit to that
V. W. Peters, district passenger
agent of the 0. P. ,R., left yesterday
evening for a visit to Winnipeg on
business connected with his department.
At the meeting held yesterday to
elect a school trustee only three persons were present and George Johnstone was re-elected for the following
three years.
H. C. Campbell-Johns ton has returned from a trip through the Slocan,
during which he inspected several properties in which his company is
a lot of
Ice (ream Freezers
which no well appointed
home should be without
during' the warm weather.
We have also constantly
on hand a full line of . .
Plumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offering at very low prices.
Vancouver & Nelson, B.C.
A. B. Gray, junior, son of Mr. A.
15. Cray of this city has passed his
Una] law examination at Victoria and
was duly admitted and called to the
bar on the lillh instant.
Alex. Pcole, who was in the employ
of John A. Turner & Co. hardware
and grocery merchant!, for several
months past, left last night, for Nanaimo,    where    he   lias   secured   a    good
Mrs. K. IS. Hamilton, Miss Beatrice
Hamilton, Miss A. C. Lash and Miss
Lois Winslow. members of the Lash-
Hamilton Concert company, who will
give an entertainment tonight* in the
Heme hall, arrived last night, and are
registered at the Phair.
The machinery for the new ,0 P. R.
steamer, now in course of construction
id the Nelson ship yard has arirved at
the depot. The rivetters have ahout
completed thoir work and tho shipbuilders are expected her" iii a few
TheC. P. H. train from Robson was
uu hour late last night, the cause
licim; delay in making the transfer
at Robson. Passengers front Trail
st ie that ihey arrived at* Robson at 8
o'clock and it* ti ik two hours to make
the transfer,the train not leaving Hob-
sou for Nelson nnlil 111 o'clock.       ��
The tenders fov the construction of
the Groat Northern extension from
Bonner's Ferry to the international
boundary to meet the proposed Nelson
and liedlingtoii railway, were opened
yesterday. It i.s expected thai Foley
Pros. & Larsen will he awarded the
An "At Home" will be held at the
Methodist parsonage on Wednesday
afternoon, .luly SO, from 8 to 7. Refreshments will he served and a nominal lee of III cents charged to assist
iln Ladies Aid fund. All are invited
nml welcome.
i';i|iia;n Gore left yesterday evening
t'o.- Robson and today will take a trip
diiwit to Waterloo on the steamer Lytton, which is making a special trip
down with supplies Cor the people liv
in; on this side of lhe rivcv, who c:iu-
uol get across on account, of high
wn cr,
Tiie Lash-Hamilton concert combination composed ol' Misses Carrie
11 -it. Beatrix Hamilton and Lois
Winslow have met with great success
all idling' the route ni' (ho C, P. H, and
to liners of refined entertainment this
ro icorl horo tonighl will bo a rave
treat,    See thom tonight ai lliiine hall.
Al a meeting of the directors of Ihe
Ke ienay Lake General hospital held
ou Tuesday al'ii neon, the resignation
of A. II. Clements from tbe offices of
treasurer and director was received
wilh regret. Police Magistrate E, A.
Crease was appointed to succeed him
ou tiie board and Judge Forin was
appointed treasurer.
A I'. P. It. engineering party in
chargo of H. 15. Walkem, will start
today to make the final location of
tho Whitewater extension. Superintendent. Beasley left on yesterday eveu-
i'ig's train and will meet the party
li day at Rosebery. The work of construction will commence as soon as
ll:e survey is e imploted,
J. A. Thomson of Victoria, provincial inspector of steamers, is in the
citv.   (in Wednesday he inspected the
Kokanee and yesterday he inspected
the Nelson and International. Today
he will commence ihe inspection of
llie smaller steamers of the lake. So
liir lie has found everything satisfac-
toi >" and the boats in good condition.
regal party will arrive in Nelson on
Wednesday,- July .'it), and will spend
Thursday in the city.
A very pretty wedding took place
yesterday afternoon at, the Methodist
parsonage when Hev. John Robson
united for life Mr. W. J. J. Morrison
and Miss Katherine Bean of this city.
The happy couple left on tho (i :4(l train
for the Halcyon Springs where they
will sf ind a few days' honeymoon,
returning to Nelsou on Monday evening next, when they will take up their
residence at Ihe corner of Latimer and
Josephine streets.
On Wednesday evening at ti o'clock
Rev. John Robson, B. A., solemnized the marriage of Carl Magnussou
and Clara Blomgren of the Star restaurant. The bridesma'd was Miss
Anna Anderson, while the grcom was
supported hy Mr. E. Eriokson, both of
I liis eity. A large number of friends
of the happy couple were present and
spent a very enjoyable evening. Tho
nvwly married pair will reside in
Nelson, continuing to manage the res-
A Party Start Out to Examine tho
Last Chance Mine.
Messrs. J. W. Wilson, T. P. Griffin,
J. Currie, of London, England, and
lhe Wilson Bros., of Nelson, leave
today for a visit* to the Last Chance
mine on Toad mountain, near Cottonwood lake, about nine miles from Nelson, winch i.s being operated under
the supervision of Ihe Wilson Bros.
This is the second visit of Mr. Wilson, Sr., to Nelson, he having spent
several weeks here last year. To a
Miner reporter yesterday evening he
expressed his pleasure at the progress
the eity i.s making, and notices a
marked improvement* since his former
visit. In speaking of inining mutters
he expressed the opinion that Birtish
Columbia should he one of the greatest
mineral producing countries in the
world, but in order to get British
capital properly interested in it a great*
deal more work must he done. The
time has gone by when an undeveloped
piospect can be sold for the price of
a mine, and to secure a purchaser, the
seller must have something definite
in sight. Should the operations of
the British America Corporation prove
successful it will have a very beneficial effect in directing the attention of
British capital to the Kootenay country.
The part}- will make a thorough
examination of tho Last Chance property and expect to return to the city
on Saturday evening.
The date of lhe public mooting of
lhe citizens of Nelson to arrange for
the reception of their excellencies, the
Governor General and Lady Aberdeen
has been changed to tonight* at, 8
o'clock in the Fire hall. The reason
for the change is lluit the date formerly advertised Monday, July iti,
would leave ti ) little time for proper
a. .'iingements   to  be made.    Tho  vice
An Unprovoked Assault at the New
Town on Arrow Lakes.
Allan Forrester, provincial constable
at. Brooklyn, arrived in the city last
night, having in charge a man named
Patrick Fitzgerald, committed for
trial for stabbing Matthew Hayes in
the Brooklyn Exchange hotel on Wednesday evening. Hayes who is an
employe of the hotel saw Fitzgerald
go ap the stairway a.ul followed him
to tind out if possible what* he wanted.
Immediately at the head of the stairway Fitzgerald sprang out, of a dark
corner, armed with a knife and stab-
lied Hayes .several limes in the head
and neck, severing an artery. The
Wounds were dressed by Dr. Ewing
and while very severe are not considered dangerous, unless blood poisoning should set  in.
Fitzgerald was shortly afterwards
arrested by (.'unstable Forrester and
had :i p 'eliminary trial yesterday before the local justice of the peace aud
was committed for trial. He was
lodged in llie Nelson provincial jail
last night lo await trial at next court.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
kelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mou nta i n FTy.
The only all rail route without change
of cars between Nelson and Kossland and
Spokane and Eossland.
(Daily Except Sunday)
Leave 6.20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5-35 p.m
"    12:05 "   EOSSL'D    "   11:20   "
"    8-30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    3.10 p.m.
Train that leaves NelHon at G:'20 a.m.
makes close connections at Spokane for
all Paciiic Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek, connect nt Marcus with Stage
Use ft flrat class "nc in travelling botwoon
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago, nnd
lb-*) principal towns in Central Wisconsin"
Pullman Palace Sleeping and Chair Cara
Service        .....
The Dining Cars nre operated in Ihe interest ot
Its patrons, t'.io most elegant service ever
inaugurated.   Meals are served a la Carte.
To oblain lirst class service your ticket should
road via        .....
*     THE WISCONSIN     *
:���     CENTRAL LINES     *
Direct, connections at Chicago and Milwaukee
for all Eastern points.
For full info, niation call on your nearest tickot
ogont, or write
Jas. A. Clock.       or      Jas. C. Fond,
Qonerul Agent,       General Pass. Agent
'."'iSuirk btroot, Milwaukee, Wis
I'ortland, Ore.
Nicely Furnished House, centrally located, six rooms, bath
and all conveniences, new
phi m bint;'.
Just completed, well finished,
modern house in good location.
Six rooms, pantry, woodshed,
etc, Lot 45x120. Price low.
Terms, half cash balance in
twelve months.     Apply to
T. G. PROCTER,     Baker St.
Six doors above   Hudson's
Bav Co's Store.
fiw \
'y&r  ,*������
 "-SBR ""
It Is I In- Most Modern In Equipment.
It Is tin- Heaviest Italled Line.
It hat a Itm-k Itallasl Uoailbed,
It Crosses Nu Sand Desserts.
It Is  the Only Line  Running   Lmnrl-au
Club   K1111111 Cars.
It ls Noted Tor tlie Courtesy of ttt Employes.
It Is lhe Only Line Serving; Meals  on Ut*
a la Carte  Plan.
Perhaps during the
excitement your supply of Printed Stationery has been
used up. If so we
shall be pleased to
fill an order for you.
I Letter Heads, |
V v
gH Bill Heads,  Envelopes,  a
\f Circulars, 1/
^f Posters. Dodgers,  '
%$ Cards,
t\ Shipping   Tags,    Etc..
are right in outline of business
and while we do
not claim to do
work at the
cheapest price,
Good Work
Pair Price
We keep in Stock
nearly all Custom,
Legal and Mining
Forms and will print
anything you may
The Daify Miner
is meeting with good
success and if not on
our list you should
be. We deliver it to
your home for one
month for one dollar
or six months for
five dollars.
Can  We  do  Business
with You ?
Zhc   /Ifcincr
IptQ. 8* pub. Co.
Attractive Tours during Season o
Navigation on Great Lakes via Duluth in
connection with Magnificent Passenger
Steamers Northwest und Northland.
For maps, tickets and complete Infoi niation
call on or address Agents, IC. & S. Ity., C, *fc K
S. Nav. Co., N & F. S. Ry., or
C. U. ItlXON, (.I'li.-ial Agen
Spokane, Wash.
F. I. WniTNFY, 6. V. * T. A.,
51 i'nnl, ,v :nu.
Summer Card. Effective June 20,1898.
Subject to change without notice.
South b'nd.  s. s. International.  North b'nd.
Head down Head jp
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
"   Ar   11.45   "     Kn>-lo     8 00   "        "    Lv
Boat I.vs. II.I'.O a.m.  Kuslo    8.illl p.m. BoatAr
"     1.80   " Ainsworth 7.80    "        "    "
"    6.00   " I'iloi, I'.ry 11.IS    "        "     "
"    5110   "   Balfour   U.II)    "        "    '���
������     Ar   11.10   " 5 Mile Pt. 5.2.1	
"      "    7.15   "    Nelson    1.45    " '���   Lv
Train "   10.05 p.m. N'lhporl 1.55    "  Train   "
"     "   U.M   " Rosslund 12.05 a.m.   "        "
"     "    S.J0   "  Spokane   8.30    '	
Sandon-Kaslo  train daily.   Boat and   Spokane train daily except Sunday.
8. S. Allierln.
niii Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
'���    Ar   3.45   "     Kaslo     8.00   " "    Lv
Boat Lvs  5.(0   "     Kaslo     1.00   "      BoatAr
"    6.20  "Ainsworth 11.40 p.m.    "
"    7.oo  " PllotDcy li.oo	
"   10.00   "  Ki-sknn'k 8.00	
"   12.00m.Go t River 11.00   "
"    1.00 a.m. Boundary 5.00  "       "     "
" Ar      8.00  " B'r i Eery 2.00   "        "     Lv
Train Lv 11.4(1  " B'rs Ferry 1.15   "    Train Ar
"   Ar 2.45 p.m. Lpokanu 7.50 a.m.    "     Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Boat leaves Kuslo
for above  points  Tuesdays  and    Saturdays,
Returning on Wednesdays and Sunday*.
Tm i
Special liiiiiii-ii.-i.v Lake Service.
Commencing 20 June, 1808.
On Monday, Thursday and Friday S. S
Alberta wi". leave Kuslo 5 p.m., for Ainswort h
Pilot Bay pnd Nelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 p.m., Tuesday, Friday and
Saturday for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and Kaslo,
calling al ull way points.
(All times are subject to change without notic cl
Meals pnd berths no', included.
Passengers on 8, ti. International from Nel
son, Spokane, etc., for points on Kootenay
Lake south o! Pilou IV,y, will connect at thai
point with I niS. S. Albeita.
Passengers for Ne)t,on via S. S. Alborta, from
poiiiL.s ^oiillioi' Pilo., Bay, can, by arranr;cmenk
wilh purse., have stop-over at Pilot Bay or
Ainsworth, or connect with S. S. international
at Kaslo.
Tho company's steamers connect Kootenay
Lake and Slocan points with ull points in tlio
United Stiles and Canada; by way of Spokane
and Kooienay River,
Tickets sold and baggage checked to all
points by pursers on steamers or at our office,
P. O. Bok 122. Kaslo, B.C
���������������4 ������������������������44 ����������������������������������
i DO
| For One Cent a Word?
I      You cm lind a buyer for " Any
��� 0!d Thing" if you advertise,
+ Classified Advertisement).
��� All advertisement--* In this column are
T 1 cent a word each insertion. No ad-
X   veruscment taken for less than 25 cents.   ���
Old papers at Tin*: Min Kit office.   23 cents
por hundred.
FOR   SALE���Saw  and Planim;  mill doing
good business.   Apply Miner ollice 62
FOUND.���A small key, National Cash  Register.   Apply "Miner" otllce.
MUSIC LESSONS. - On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. \.\ J. Astley, Hobson street,
two doors west, of Stanley.   P. O. Box 18#.
housework.   Apply  to   Mrs.   Neelands,   Carbonate street. 02.
lots, corner Ward and Houston Blreets. A
small four loomed house. Lots planted with
potatoes,   A special bargain. Cl. ��*
FOR RENT-An   elegantly furnished front
room or suite, on Stanley street,    Inquire
this ollice. THE MINER, FRIDAY, JULY 15, 189S.
I horrible crime a.i  delivering over your
��� house   and   family to brigands.    They
The Canadian Marksmen Again Show j are  patient,   sober,   and   even honest
np With Good  Scores. servants  usually   but at any moment
Ithey   may   break out, and, joining a
Toronto, July 14. ��� t'he  following  is j li 1 of   robbers pillage   yonr   bouse.
a special cable to tbo Evening Tele- If yon tax theni with crime they are
gram, dated Bisloy Oamp, Jaly 14��� ! uot abashed, but disclaim all respon-
h ,,      ,\ silnlitv,   answiTiiig,    Senor, my head
In    the  Golden  Penny   competition,   wag j,^ .which t]loy consider suffloient
Private   .).    McVittie,   48th battalion',   excuse."
with a score of  84 stands an escellent j
ohanoe of winning a g, ,.1 prize.   Sor- \ NEW   LOCATIONS.
geant  J.    Broadhurst,    in   Iho   Ind.-j
Coone,    seven   shuts,   (100 yards, uu- J
- , .Nelson.
squadded  competition,   made  a score | �� j   .	
of  84.    For   the  n-sociatioii  cup, 200     Homostalte   No.   2���L.   Strand,   on |
yards,   Staff J.Sergeant   Hayhurst and Six Mile croek adj. Homestake No. 1.
Lieutenant   W    E. Forbes made excel-     George  the  Second���B. W. Gibson,
,,,,,,      , ��� , .111   i on Wild Horse creek, ."> mi s of Ymir.
lent targets both of which are cabled.     Bl.coklyu_w,   Parkeri   on w ���i(1(, of
Tn the association cup, 000 yards.seven ! Dcor   ci-ecki   ;j *-.,{ fj0m Lower Arrow
shots,   unsquadded competition Lieut- lake,
enant A. A. Smith mndo a score of 34. * July 6���
The  learn   for competition  for the     Monitor���S.    Defebere,   J,     Thibe-
_ , i ,,���,���   dean, on Fern c eek, adj.  Manila.
Kolapore cup tomorrow hai not yet been     Mkluight_Ji     Mclntvro,    n     fork
chosen,   bul   the following are likely |Clearwater creek, formerly Daniel.
Yellow Hammer���L. D, Blake, 5 mi
np Whitewater creek.
Lady Elgin���T. Kains, I mi w n
fork of Salmon river, adj. Jupiter,
Dunlap���J. A. Coryell, on Craig hit.
il mi w n fork Salmon river, formerly
Surveyor General���R. VV. .lakes, B
! mi n of Erie.
nelson cafe. Kirkpatrick & Wils
V. HOSIili Proprietor.
The Best Meals in tlie City
from 25 cents up.
Tables   supplied   with    all
the  delicacies of the season
to be piokod:
Lieutenant A. A. Smith, Ijieutenaul
Vi. (i. Boss, Captain J. B. Hutcheson,
Private J. McVittie, Sergeant ,T.
Broadhurst, Color Sergeant II. O.
Blair aud'Gunner Miller. ' 'oiinnaudanl
Lieutenant   Colonel   .i.   P. Cooko   hai
read Ihe rule:-', to the team, inst..acting j    Lookout���J. A. Coryell, % mi  \v   of
them   to   give no  iufoi.nation ti the | n fork Salmon river, adj. Belli
press  whatever,   not even   particular
of their own score i.
In the Torbura, 800 yards, in shots,
unsquadded com-'"!-.lion Sergeant
Simps m made 10, the higheil score in
the competitions I lay. The score of
Lieutenant Roberl : in tho same match
was 1*5 and thai of  ' .iptain Hiitelieson
M.   and   M.���W. Askew, on Skillet
creek, formerly Pelican.
North Star���I.   Robertson, at  Little
Deer Park, adj. While FloWl r.
Lake View���A. Poirior, at Little
Deer Park, adj. Eagle.
Stromuess���D. T. Mowed, on w fork
of Sproule creek.
Oregon���Same  same.
Gold Hill���B. Heddle, same.
Elk ���AV  H. Swordfeger, same.
Winnipeg���W. A. MoDonald,   e fork
"Babcock" Fire Extinguishers,
6 GAL, SIZE $30. 3  GAL- SIZE SIS.
Including Supply of Cliomloal Charges
Willi I'lll-ll.
Delivered !���'. ii. H.iu Portland, Oro,
Thc Babcock is the recognized
standard, universally used in the
Fire Department service. Each
tested to 300 pounds per inch;
working' pressure 100 pounds per
inch. The Babcock has slood the
test of time. Full line of Fire Apparatus and   Department   Supplies.
A. Ci. LONG,
171 4th St. Portland, Ore.
are receiving Seasonable Goods
for the best trade of Nelson in
the lines of
The quality is the best and prices
right.       As always, our stock of
is lull and being added to as needed.
Kirkpatrick ��� Wilson,BAKIiR STREET
^ iM^^t
47.   For  the  na     mtion    enp,   seven
shots, 600 yards, Lieutenant Bain made j of "Coiiomtooil  creek," "formerly  Tri-
a   score ol'  D4 and Staff-Scrgcani Hay-  nmph.
lmrst    a score of Hn.    Sergeaul Broad-     Cforman View���-J. Hepburn,   et  al.,
hurst in the Intl. -< loopy,  seven  shots, | �� "]X: up Gorman ek, formerly .lay    1 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS
������. Ohuiupion���Samo,    same,    iovmevlv
COO yards, made a score or -.*!. Terth.
Jumho���Same, same.formerly Nellie. I   Soaled tondors will ho.roolovod 11n.to.Iuly.2n
ALBERNI OPPOSITION, Warspito���Same,     same,     formerly
  I Clyde.
Are  Only  Three or Foi
Heai'd "''��� Octoroon���O; K. Taylor
Alberni,   li. O.,   July   !���!.���Roturns erly Bandagold.
from   Olayi juot   gives   Hue', govern- [ July 0���
mont,5; Neill, opi 'Sitir.n, 20; spoiled,
:;.    Qnatsino  has only   three  or four
votes and probably the returns will uot
come in for two weeks.
for Nobbiesl and best and Save KASH.
Are Saving Money every day
on their ! larchvare Bills by
allc\vint>' us \o figure with   liiem.
lame, f'onn-
Buffalo, N. Y.. -Tidy 14. ��� By the explosion of a boiler in the Niagara
Starch works at 5 o'clock today, the
building was wreked, si:; persons
were killed, 27 injured and two others
are missing who are supposed to have
perished. The cause which led lo the
explosion of the boiler will be never
known. The engineer and fireman,
who wove both killed, were the only
persons who could have possessed any
knowledge on the subject. Of the
fire   tubular boilers,   not  a fragment
eould lie found tonight.
July l-l.���At Brooklyn���Brooklyn -!,
Pittsburg 1.
At New York���Pirsi game, New
York 12. St. Louis 5. Second game,
New York 5, St.  Louis 8.
At Philadelphia���Cleveland 0, Philadelphia 1.
At Washington���Washington 3,
Chicago -1.
At Baltimort���Baltimore 5, Cincin-
aali 5,
At Boston���First game, Boston I',
Louisville J. Second game, Boston 8,
Louisville 7.
New York,July 11.���Bar silver,.11)1,. ;
Mexican dollars,  -la,1...
Copper���Sieadv. Brokers, lljjj.
Exchange, $1 I.S?1...
Lead���Steady. Brokers. $3.80. Exchange, $8.97J�� <() $4.
Tin���Quiet. " Straits $15.00 to $16
(17'.j.    Plates, weak.
St, Johns, N. F., July 14,���Two
shipwrecked French fishermen arrived today, having been adrifl for 22
days in a dory on Grand Hanks, and
being I-l 'lavs without food,
The colonial delegates wire thai the
conferences with the Hon. Ji .eph
Chamberlain, iinporial secretary of
siaie for lie' colonies, Wei'.' mosl
satisfu itory,
Good   Hope���J.   P.   Shalt/,,   1 mi n
, j and 2 mi up Lost creek.
Mountain Rose���B.T,Foote, on Bear
ereek, li mi e of Ymir.
Bell H.���J. McCorquodale, same.
Victoria���R. Luxion, at Little Deer
Park, I K, mi from Lower Arrow lake.
Brown���G. Ellis, on Little Cayuse
ereek, ii mi from Deer Park.
Hecla*���(). M.  Borgen, same.
Ramble?���G, Ellis, same.
Mountain Kin;,���F.Van Honten and
';'. II. Hovey, -I mi up Huckleberry
Gala Water���H. M. T. Pym and S.
Sanderson, between Porcupine and
Hidden creeks, --. mi e pf N. & F, S.
Juliette���N. A. Timmons, 5 mi up
Clearwater creek.
I. X. L���F. Bradley, et al., 2 mi
up s fork Porcupine creek.
Little Joe���Same, samp.
Hudson���A. Finiicgan, 4 im up
Hidden creek.
Marie���H. MoAlpin, on Sheep creek,
adj. Yellow Stone.
July 7���
Rose���C. J. Anderson, I mi s of
Hall, formerly Atlas.
Cliff��� F. McLeod, 4 mi up Second s
fork Porcupine creek.
Heather Dew���Same, same.
Brave Hobson���T. E. Davies, on
Burnt creek, at n fork Salmon river.
Moken Bird���S. Roy and Gus Nelson, between Eagle and 4!) ercesk.
Hero���N.    Ranger,   J.   La  Belle,   s
fork of II) creek.
July I)���
Cumberland���D. Dewar, 2 mi w 11
fori: Salmon river.
Highland Peat���G. VS. McCormack,
Sabih���S. Sanderson, ,S mi up Wild
Horse creek.
Alliance���J Neill, 1 mi up Hidden
Nebraska Bay���R. P. Scbrcw, 4}4
mi up Porcupine creek.
T.i'-oma���P. Keogh, 5 mi up Wild
Horse  creek.
Independant���.1. S. Spencer, on -I'.l
ereek, I'ormrcly Juno Bug.
lSiis. oddrossodtothoGold Commissioner, Nol-
boh, fi'i- llm cui.si motion of a wagon rond.
Section I��� ISriotoOrnigtown.
\ niiukiiil ohequo amounting 10 in por cent
Spool rtciVI Ions nl tlio Government engineer's
ollice. Nol-on, iimi nt the I'u-t Offlco. Kric
I    The lowest or miv icijih'i- not necessarily nc-
Votes to   Be      Topsy���J. T. Wilson, u fork of Bear     Amnt kod ohoquo amounting to 10 por co
���   '' -1   ' 1   ,.    (.   ',-,-.���, ,,.1,. r   v   t of llie minium   et tho tender In nooomnni
|creoic, rormeiij c a. u each tondar. otherwise it, will nol he reelm-c
'cinciilien-.-ii llu* Ooveniiii'til  Hnglnco
1, Nol��on, nml nt the I'u-t Offlco. Krie.
i lowest or ony londor not necessarily n
1,, ffii��s=JLawrence Hardware
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given
|jE /-�� <��..�� **-$ hi ,��-* <m *-*���*. a~ 9-9. "
Tel. N.i. 21.
lo he addressed In ll. K.   Nicl.    N",
offloe of Finch & Campbell, Spokai,o, Wash.
The lime for receiving tenders for the Addition lo the Nelson Court House is extended
until Mondny, IS July, ISC8, owing lo tho po.u-
lion of the vault for lhe hand Registry Ollice
being changed and enlarged.
All lenders now in Government OIHcc will
be cancelled.
Assistant Commissioner Lands ami Works.
An English Traveler Says They Are
an Ineompi'cliensilile Race,
Judging from an C 'count of an Knj,'-
lish traveler win has made a careful
study of Philippine all'iars, the natives
of the islands, lhat is,the domesticated
natives, a c difflcull people to deal
with. Beforo beginning his studies of
the native character he questioned a
parish priest who had heen living
among lhe natives for more ihan 40
years. The priest declared the islanders were an absolutely incomprehensible race, I 1 whom no known rules
of civilization or savagery had the
smallest application. Here is the result
of the Englishmen's personal investigations :
"They are absolutely unreliable;
they will serve you faithfully for B0
years,   and  then   commit  some  such
A public mooting "f the cilizcnsof Nelson
wi'l he held :-i llm U'lro Hall on I'Vlday, July
l.illi, Instant, at S o'clock p.m., to make iir-
i-.ii!"einenls for siiilahlc i-cci'iit'on being given
His ISxcollonoy, tho Govornor-Gonoral, Hiid lha
Countess of Auerdoon on Iholr visii to the Oity
on Wodnosdny and Thursday the 'Jnih and ^'tst
' islant. lie order.
City Clerk.
Waff Paper, Sporting Goods
��   Hammocks,   ���
Cameras, Kodaks,
pfiotocirapiiic Supplies,
Thomson Stationery Co.
To all Eastern and European
To Pacific Coast and Transpacific Points.
To lhe Rich and active Mining
Districts of Klondike and the
New Tourist Car Service
Daily lo Si. Paul.
Daily (except. Monday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Point'.
Tickets issued through and Baggage checked 10 destination.
To  Rossland  and  Main   Line points
n.iop m.-J.cnvo8���NKL80N���Arrlvo8-10.30p,m
Kiiiiiinn.v Kike���HimIoIliuiii.
isth. Kokanee
Kxoopt Sunday. ICxcopt .Sunday.
1   p.m.���Loavos���NELSON���Arrives���11   a.m.
CallinRUl way ports in both directions.
Kiuifi'ii.'i.v lilvcr iinnic.
Stb. Nelson'.
Mon. Wed. Pri. Mon, Wed. Fri.
7 a. m.���Lotvvos���NKLSON-Arnvos- 8.110 p. m.
Ituns to Ivuskiitiook (formerly Armstrong's
Landing! calling at* way ports and makes close
connections at lJilol Bay With Steamer Koka-
nec. Steamer may make additional trips provided business oilers,
Trains  In anil I'riini  Slm-aii Illy. Snniloii
and   Hllll'llll   Llllil'   I'nlllts.
(Sundays Excepted)
0 a. m.���Loavos���NKLSON���Arrives���2,20 p. m.
Aso'eiitain Pbksbnt
Reduced Rates East
HI   Carai
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and General Agents, Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries I'ublic,   Etc...
FOR SALE    _~v^\wve��3-JJt.
Cornel' Loi mi Vernon St., with Building, lli Lois in Hlock
111''   Cheap,   ^ I.i is ('in*. Josephine nnd Robson.
FOR RENT  �����x^��vv��k
2 Lots ami Dwelling near Cor Stanley si, on Observatory
St., $J2 per month. Dwelling on Silica, St., near Cedar St.,
$2!) per inonl li.    I louse .uul 2 Lois. Houston SI., $15 month,
Call and see our full list of property lor sale in  "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lois in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street, NELSON,  B.C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed lo I'. O.  Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson, ^
General Manager     |
S. S. Fowler, E. AI., j
Minin"' Engineer    J
Houses to rent at $15, 820, 930, and
A two lot corner closo in $025.
A 0 roomed   Bouse, good garden,
it-amo.   Also others,
A Mrs!-elass Stenographer, Typo-
writer (iihI Acoountanl always on
Repaired, Altered, Cleaned, Prossod
um Dyod by tlm New Process at
nnd full Information by Addressing noarest
looal ftgont. or GEO. B. lIKICIf, City Ticket
Agent, Nelson,
Truv. I'hkk. .Agent,      Dist. Pass. A'tcnl,
Nelson Viineouver.
Write for Klondike folder and Map.
and iiyeii by t in:
Reasonablo Prlcos,
STEVENS, The Tailor. ___-
Room !l, Iln.i.viai llt.K.,  NELSON
lAIMM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc OoinwaH I
Opposite Phair Hotol,
NELSON. B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
ICxteuded oxporlonco in chile and Oerman'
''��� S.���Ladles Wool Dress Goods Spongod south Africa.  Assays and analysis of ores.
ire Making L n. i ,. , .,..���,, .       , ,,..
Reports and valuations on mineral properties
IBI8VBA2NIE nml ��� ��� ���
<'<>.l!VII:*-��1C<i AtlENT.
Underground survoylng and mine plans kept*
I up by eonti'iiel.
1114 '
Twenty yours' experience ir. mining.
Thorough   knowledge  of mines of British'
Columbia.   Terms Reasonable.


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