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The Miner Aug 27, 1898

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Daily Edition No ��5^r
Nelson, British Columbia. Saturday Morning, August 27, 1898.
Ninth Year
WITH $5.00
In your pocket. We'll give you $-;.oo wortli
of Shoes, or your $5.00 buck, Is that plain 'S
N'o there's a hole to wriggle oui of, il we
wanted to wriggle. We'll make it plainer
yet; vou shall be the judge of the $5's worth.
waul the job of covering thc feel of all those young men (or
we see who pay enough for their shoes to be well shod.
We have 11 Beautiful Line of Shoes al this
priee. Vou should see theni. Lower priced
ones too, $1.00  to $5.50
��� BLACK   &   FANCY
X     FARAS01.S at
A *
��� Reduced Prices, ���
Clearance Sale ?
We will oiler for the next ten da)
at reduced  prices
ol our entire slock
with Speeial Reductions on the
following lines . . .
A Glance at Some of the
Arguments to be Used.
Exports to Britain are Increasingly Greater
Thau to the United States-Theie
May be Ko OJiairman.
Summer Dress Goods.
Warm Weather Fabrics.
Ladies Bhirl Waists.
Ladies' I) .V A Corsets.
Ladies' and Children's  Undervesta
Ladies' SilU and Kid Gloves.
Ladies' Silk nnd Alpaca Skirls.
Sailor Hats, Half Price.
��� ������������J
.Men's Underwear,
Men's Washington Ties.
Men's Negligee Shirts.
Men's Fancy Cambric Shirts.
Men's Ulack Sateen Shirts.
Men's Dunk ami Flannel Suit;
uul Overalls,
Men's Straw
Men's Pants
Our Stock \h Complete in House Furnishings.
Hankow and Lord Charles will impress
upon tlio ollieials its strategic n-ul com.
"iiiereiiil importance. Lord Beresiford's
ttili will include a visit* to Japan,
Sensational Rumors of Lord
Salisbury's Action.
An  Extended and  Important Sphere
Action   He Will Go Hrat to Pekin.
Movement of Offioials.
London,   Aug.    28.��� The
cabled from London  to  New
the effect that Lord
leaving   for    Franct
Majesty tho Queen
state oritioal of
York   to
Salisbury, before
informed   Her
thai in the present
relations with Russia
ho must resign unless her frequently
expressed veto upon tho prosecution of
diplomacy to the point of war during
her lfie time was withdrawn and lie
was given an absolutely free hand and
thereupon the ministry niade delmito
proposals to Russia which in offoct
amounted to an ultimatum, is au
elaboration   of   tho   current   gossip of
tbo clubs and the sensational weeklies
and so obviously impossible cf confirmation or denial.
Circumstantial evidence all goes to
disprove the statements, Lord Salisbury lias been spending his vacation,
since parliament adjourned, in France.
Sir Thos. Henry Sanderson, permanent undersecretary of stale for foreign
affairs and otber  Important ollieials of
lhe   foreign   ollice   anil   likewise   the
Russian ambassador to  Greal Britain,
M. De Siaal. have been mi tho continent for a long time Apparently thero
uve no important negotiations afoot.
Kngland abandoned the mien door policy because Russia closed llie dour in
her face, ns hns been pointed mil, and
retreated to the policy of spheres of
influence because it, is necessary lo ap-
pear to have some Chinese policy.
Two British ships were withdrawn
from Chinese waters yesterday.
The St. Janus Gazette says thai
Lord Beresford Will visit Pekin and
confer with Sir Claude McDonald, the
British minister to China, prior to
taking up his duties as a special investigator. His mission, the paper
says, is ostensibly of a purely commercial character, but he has a free
baud to gather any information calculated to enable him to arrive at a conclusion as to the value of the British
concession and the administration
needed. He is especially accredited to
tho mid-China viceroys of Nankin and
Hankow, and is authorized to institute
inquiries wherever British interests
aro concerned. The Sbanghi Nankin
railway is ultimately to bo extended to
ation    nf    Prohibitive
Duties ai   Manila.
London. Aug.  36.���The Ho
correspondent of the Daily M
The retention of the prohibitive
Spanish duties at Manila by the American authorities is working a hardship
OU merchants here, who ask the American consul io use his influence with
(ieneral Merrit) in secure a modification of thein. American kerosene oil
sells here for $1.00 a case, while at
Manila the duty alone is $2.06. Flour
pays   70   cents   a sack.     The objeCii of
the Spaniards in imposing a prohibitive duty was to shut out foreign
imports. If they are retained they will
prevent the importation of Amerioan
goods into Manila. Merchants here iu
shipping goods to Manila express the
belief thai the tariff should be in accordance with the United Slates customs laws.
No Excitement���The Disbanded Soldiers to Be Paid Off,
London, Aug. 2(1.���The Madrid correspondent of Hu- Standard Bays;
Nothing can belter illustrate the
country's weariness and disillusion
than the. small amount of excitement
caused by the return of the repatriated
troops. Of the 325,000 men who have
left Spain for the Antilles since March.
1805, 50,000 have perished in Cuba,
75,000 have been sent home invalided
and the remainder are returning to
be disbanded after receiving a portion
of  thoir  uine months' arrears of pay.
This clever stroke of policy on the part
of HlO government, will, it is believed, avert the dangers that otherwise might have exisled in the dis-
COUtentod army who are being made
the tools of political intriguers and
There aro 48  generals and 0000 other
ollicers oil the   active   list,     For these
ii is proposed thai the number of line
regiments shall be increased. The government* has liberally provided hospitals and other accomodations for the
returning troops and private subscriptions are pouring in from various
parts of Spain also for tlie assistance
of lhe sick soldiers.
Havana, Aug. 26.���The British
steamship Bayau from Jamaica arrived at Cienfuegos today with 000
tons of provisions for the Spanish
The steamer Clinton, with Miss
Clara Barton of the American Red
Cross Society, has also arrived with
provisions for the society.
Reports from Pinar del Rio say that
lhe suspension of hostilities comes
agreeably to the insurgents, as they
were entirely without clothing, and
were obliged to divide in small groups,
it being impossible to lind provisions
for all."
The Toronto Globe prints the following article regarding the prospects aud
subject matter of the Quebec conference.
Mr. Diugley, Senator (ony, Jlr.
Coolidge and Sir James Winter are the
only members of Iln- international conference who are. not already in town
awaiting the opening. The American
commissioners have evidently come
prepared for a long stay. Senator Fairbanks has his family with hiin, and it
is understood that before the end of the
weeek thero will be a considerable accession of ladies lo the diplomatic colony. The ordinary tide of American
travel in the vicinity of Quebec reaches
ils height in the last week in August,
but the conference will undoubtedly
result in lengthening the season. It.
is understood that if there it no serious objection from the British commissioners the American representatives will suggest an adjournment for
11 few days to enable them to get
settled down in their temporary home.
There is little need of adjournment
for purposes of preparation for tlie
work of the -onf'-iVeiici . On both gfdeh
everything possible has been done lo
gather the necessary data. The American commissioners did a good deal of
work at Washington, and they have at
hand plenty of expert; assistance, oven
the messenger of the Amerioan commissioners, a colored brother, i.s an expert in bis department and comes from
the office of tlie secretary of state. The
Canadian stall' is not so elaborate as
the American, but* it is composed of
men possessing most detailed knowledge of tlie subjects to be considered.
The work of preparation has entailed
immense labor. It was a matter of importance, for instance, io prove to the
Amerioan commissioners the truth of
the assertion that while our imports
from the United States are largely increasing the expansion of our export
trade is chiefly toward England, and
that therefore the American market is
becoming less important to us relatively than ours is to the United
States. In establishing Ihis, trade returns have been carefully prepared
showing the exact position of affairs,
and no less than UK printers have been
kept busy at Ottawa on the work
turned out by the trade department
ollieials. It has unfortunately been
found impossible to gather in detail
tho results of thn year ending on June
B0, 1S98, during tbe greater part of
which the Dingley tariff was in operation.
The general statement* however,
shows that the expansion of our exports last; year was far greater in proportion than was the expansion of the
exports of the United States, and that
Great Britain is absorbing a larger
percentage year by year. Even in the
case of forest, products, the largest
market for which has horetofoi'0 been
found iii the United Slates, the statistics prove Ihnl Great Britain is
steadily increasing ils demand, which
in isiiT-iiN was far greater in volume
than that of the United Stales. The
decline in lumber purchases by the
United Stales was due, 110 doubt, iu
part In lhe Dingley bill and tothe congestion of the min kol with lumber sent
in duty free before Ibe bill became
law, but it* is believed to be due in
parr also lo the increasing competition
of southern red pine, which is cut under very favorable conditions. It is
regarded as probable that exports of
spruce and spruce pulp for paper-making, a raw material in which the
United States is decidedly deficient,
will be a subject of close examination
during the discussion of reciprocity.
There i.s an intense feeling mining
those con(io]ling newspapers in the
United States against Die paper trust,
and some time ago the New York
World publislied an offer to take huge
quantities on a long term contract
from any concern that would remain
outside of and compete witli the trust.
A rearrangement of the American
tariff on paper-malting supplies would
be popular among even high protectionist journals. It must not be forgotten however, that Mr. Dingley is
from Maine and that Maine has still
spruce to sell.
As to tho timo at which tho various
questions coming before tho commission  will be  considered   th re can be
no certainty, and deputations desiring
to place their views before the representatives of their country will find it
difficult to so arrange their visit thai
the subject they are interested in will
be under discussion while the deputations are in the city. Tlie commissioners will in all probability not attempt to take up each subject and discuss it without interruption until a
conclusion is reached. Sir Wilfrid
Laurier thinks if will facilitate affairs
lu pass from one subject* and consider
the situation as a whole before making
a decision on any one question. In
the making of a treaty in whieh so
much give and lake is necessary this
seems to be the only course open. Not
a little misconception exists also as to
the form of the proceedings. It has
been taken for granted that the conference would be organized, with a
chairman, who will preside and put
motions when necessary. English
papers have evidently been under the
impression that* Lord Herschell would
be president of the conference. It is
by no means certain that there will be
a chairman. When the treaty of Washington was under negotiation a
quarter of a century ago the British
I commissioners proposed Unit a ebair-
] 1111111 be appointed, but on that occas-
! ion the Americans objected, preferring
1 that the members of the commission
; should sit around the table, and, with-
j out. the intervention of a chairman,
I discuss the questions at issue, leaving
j to the joint secretaries the duty of
I putting into foim the decisions arrived
j at. The precedent of the Washington
conference may be followed on this
Excitement Over the
is Unabated.
Typothetae of  America  Has   to  Face
the  Proposition.
Milwaukee, Aug. 2(1.���The feature
of the business of tho United Tpyc-
thetae of America convention was tho
hearing of George W. Harris, chairman of a special committee of the International Typographical Union, who
advocated a proposition for a nine-
hour working dav. Harris said while
his union had decided to enforce a
short-hour day, the fixing of the scale
in dift'm-i-nt cttjefljv "l-inc loft to loe.)1.
unions. The International Union is
working in conjunction with the International Pressmen and Assistants'
Union for the desired reform. After
Harris finished, the convention went
into executive session 011 the short-day
The United Typothetae of America
have a knotty affair to untangle in tho
nine-hour problem. With two protracted executive sessions today the
matter still remains to be straightened
out. Both President J. H. Bowen of
the International Pressmen's and Assistants' Union and George Vi. Harris,
national organizer of the International
Typographical Union, gave the employing printers to understand that it
was only a question of a short time
when a general demand would be made
for a shorter work day. The unions
are willing to submit to a slight- reduction iu the cities where the scale is
high, but whero the pay is low they
ask that no change be made. As the
situation now stands the employers
will have cither to grant the nine-hour
day or stand a strike of gigantic proportions. It is said that several of the
employers are iu favor of granting
the demand without a reduction in
wages, others are willing to compromise on OJo hours,while the remainder
are much opposed to it and arc ready
to fight.
The Remnants of 01.1 Workings Visible.
Some  Lucky Claim Owers - -The
Depth of Bed Rock-
Interest continues unabated in the
strike on Rover Creek, and a large
number went out" there today. It is
stated, ' ���' er, that nil the available
ground has now been taken up,
Rover creek is about seven miles
long,not counting the west fork which
is about, three mile! long. At the
head of the west fork is situated the
Whitewater claim in whioh Mr.
Goepel of this city is interested. Above
the Whitewater on the Snowline a
great deal of extremely rich float, a
free milling quartz, has been found
and litany consider lhat this is the
source of the placer gold below. The
ledge, however, has never been
The present strike is not the
that has been made on this creek,
along it disused sluice boxes may still
be seen the relics of tho old time
placer excitement. The adjoining
creek Bird ereek. has been profitably
worked ffiE.yasaJ"' (Uwumum, vhile
the presence of placer gold in Forty
Nine creek is well known.
Mr. George Beer, who was in Nelson yesterday, has a half interest in
the claim next to the discovery claim.
He had some dust and small nuggets
which were panned on   the  surface of
Mr. Peterson Writes  a Letter  Anont
Peterson Writes  a Letter
the Failure of the Scheme.
Quebec, Aug. 26.���Minister Dobell
has made publio a letter from Mr.
Peterson of Peterson Tate & Co., who
contracted for ihe fast traus-Atlantio
steamship line liut failed. Mr. Peterson said his tinn was greatly disappointed and suffered severe financial
loss by the failure. He questioned the
wisdom of the government in cutting
off Hn- negotiations at this juncture.
His opinion was thai nothing had been
Inst in letting the mailer go over until
October   or    November  when    they
might be enabled lo concentrate forces
and vei Buooeed. The government,
however, bad noted within its rights.
Whatever might be llu- fall- of the fast
line scheme ultimately, no more genuine or commercially  sound ami honest
scheme than lhe one for which Ibe
government had granted bis lirni a
contract for could ever be produced.
The subsidy was more than sufficient,
and if the Canadian people paid more
than was asked under tlieir contract
they had been robbed lo feed the shareholders' pockets. Mr. Peterson maintains the superiority of the type of
vessels which bis linn had contemplated using, and offers lo present the
government with a model of one of the
proposed steamers. Filially, he warmly
thanks the government for its consideration and expresses regret at the unfortunate issue.
his claim. He was very reticent* but
appeared to have overy confidence in
the property, the surface wahings
being undoubtedly extremely encouraging. Work is being actively pushed
on the different claims, and tbe owners expect to tind bonanzas when they
reach bed rock. The depth of bed rock
varies very considerably along the
creek, with perhaps eight feet as tbe
minimum and (10 or 70 feet as the
maximum depth. The average depth,
however, is from 15 to 20 feet. On
the discovery claim they expect to
reach bed rock in about 12 feet.
Many of the local business men
have been bitten by tbe sold fever,
and have sent out representatives to
stake claims and otherwise try and get
I hem in on the ground floor.
The real value of the new diggings
will not be known for a few days anyhow, but there is no doubt that dust
in paying quantities has been discovered ou Rover creek. Tliis find will
probably give a great impetus to pros
peoting in this vicinity, and the various creeks will be thoroughly tested.
The placer miner iu this country
need face none of the difficulties and
privations which confront* him on'the
Yukon, and if he strikes a rich claini
here he conies as near as is possible to
finding a rose without a thorn.
London, Aug. 20.���A despatch to a
news agency from Shanghai reports
that the entire available British fleet*
in Chinese waters lias arrived at Wei
Hai Wei to support the demands of Sir
Claude McDonald,the British minister
iu China.
Anglo-Egyptian   Expedition About
March on  Omdurman.
Wady Hanied, Aug. lid.���The whole
Anglo Egyptian expedition has arrived here and the advance is now
commencing lo advance to El llajid
where final concentration will be made
for the march on Omdurman, -Id miles
distant, which will ocoupy two days
if the Khalifa decides   lo await attack
at Omdurman as now appears likely.
Refugees are arriving daily from
Omdurman, They all agree that tho
Khalifa means to light. Thev report
that he has 70,000 men. The attack is
expected to occur about September ���!.
Our camp of 30,000 men, extending
three miles with the White gunboats
and an innumerable fleet of native
boats, presents a picturesque sight at
night. Wady Hanied is a village 40
miles above Metanuneh and between
.")() and lid miles from Omdurman.
Vienna,   Aug.   36.���Austrian sugar
manufacturers are  beginning to fear
that after peace between Spain and the
United States has been concluded the
United States will admit sugar duty
free, ill which ease Cuba in a few
years will be able to supply all the
sugar America needs, thus involving a
serious loss to Austria and Cennany.
In this caso it is being asked, whether
American concessions to Austrians exports would make it, worth whilo to
admit American cotton free. THE MINER, SATURDAY,   AUGUST 27,  1898.
Wxt giinzx.
Published Dally except Sunday.
The Miner Puma-ma Sc Publishing Co..
Limited Liability.
ALL COMMUNICATIONS to the Editor must
bo accompanied by the name and addross
ot the writer, not necessarily for publication, but. aa evidence ��f good faith.
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The Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
Copy for Chaugofl of -titvcrlisciiicul must
lie tu llie Ollice Uy I o'clock p.m. to
insure change,
During the past two or three days
the price of silver hat, for the lirst
time for nenrly a year, reached and
passed the (il) cent mark. The prico of
silver may be considered as a sort of
barometer by means of which the prosperity of a large section of Kootenay
may be gauged. The rise or fall to
the extent of only one or two cents in
the price of silver means a gain or loss
to the Slocan country which can only
ho measured in thousands of dollars,
whilo, to take an instance nearer
home, the fluctuations in value make
a very great difference to the Hall
Mines in the price tbey receive for
their bullion shipments.
Tho cause of the decline in the price
of silver during the past few years has
formed the theme of a great deal of
speculation and controversy. The
democrats of the United States say it
is the result of the demonetization of
silver in tbat country, while the
financiers of London are generally
agreed that it is the inevitable result
of the supply outstripping the. demand,
and they declare it to bo beyond the
power of any legislative assembly to
permanently increase its price.
IThere are an equal number of reasons assigned for the steady vise in
tho prico of silver, a process whieh has
heen going on for some time. It ib
generally conceded, however, tlint'tliis
rise is one of the indirect results of
tho Spanish-American war. Spanish
currency is almost exclusively silver,
and there, havo been great demands on
it of late. For some weeks at a time
the bank of Spain was reported to be
coining 5(1(1,000 pesetas���or $100,000���
daily. This, of course, necessitated
largo and frequent purchases of the
metal, which undoubtedly contributed
to the rise in its price. Recent London exchanges state that Spain is
again buying very large quantities of
silver in the London market. Tho
reason is said to bo that Spain has decided to pay off her repatriated soldiers
at once. Theso men who are coming
homo in thousands, are all of them at
least nine months in arrears of pay,
and they will be paid entirely iu silver. Spain is showing this ven- unusual desire to pay her soldiers
promptly bocauso Sagasta is afraid that
these men, unless placated, will become the ready tools of the Carlists.
While dealing with this subject, the
bearing which the Indian mints have
on tho matter should not be overlooked. About four years ago, lhe
Indian government hoping to check
the steady depreciation of the rupee,
closed the Indian minis, which were
formerly opened to free carnage. II
was argued thai the fact that silver
could be coined into rupees in unlim
ited quantities was largely responsibh
for the depreciation. Whether Ibis
argument was correct on uot, is uot
now our intention to discuss. II is nn
indisputable fact, however, that tho
closing of Ibe mints was not the sue
cess that was anticipated, while it
brought about siime unexpected, uoi io
say disastrous, results.
Those conversant with Indian flnanoi
stnto that tho native habit of hoarding
is one of the chief obstacles to tho
eoonomio well being of ihe country,
This habit, which seems to be ineradicable, arose originally from tin
necessity that the wretched natives
Wero formerly under of concealing
their money lest if should be seized by
some rapaoious rajah, and to this day
tbey cannot bo induced, save in exceptional cases, to bank their money.
Tho rosult of course is that the country
requires a very large circulating medium iu proportion to ils visiable
wealth. This circulating medium must
also he constantly added to, and this is
where the closing of the mints is supposed to liave had such evil effects.
The hoarding lias been going on as
usual, but the usual supply has been
stopped with the result that the poorer
classes are suffering greatly from the
contraction in the circulation, while
even the merchants are said to l.e seriously inconvenienced.
There has been considerable agitation in favor of re-opening tlie Indian
mints, and, though no official announcement has yet been made, it is
the belief in well informed quarters
that such au announcement cannot
long be delayed. Directly the minis
are open, aud India is again ready to
buy   silver, a large additional demand
fm- the metal, with a corresponding
'enhancing of the price, is expected,
thus the present iuorease in price is
probably due in part to speculative
purchases. Whether the present prico
will be maintained or nol if is impossible to say, but ihe  experience of tho
past few years does not lend to an over
sanguine view of the situation.
GOODS      Official Directory,    fl
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth   Brushes,
also Good Value in Sponges.
'. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
I Governor-General        -        Karl of Aberdeen
! Premier        - Kir Wilfrid Laurier
' Momber House of Common*--, Dominion Parliament, Wost ICootonay Hewitt Uoi-tei'k
j Lieut.-Guvi'i'iioi- lion T It MoInncH
Fromlex - Hon Chas Semlin
Attorney-General - Hon Joseph Martin
Minister Minos and Kduoatlon   Hon J l-'i-luino
j Pres Kxcoulivo Council      Hon Dr McKcchnie
! Members Legislative Assembly tor West Kooienay���North Eliding ,1 M Kellie
! South Itiiliiur .1 Y Iiuin.'
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
i-���-.������'- ��� ��������������������-:��**9
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
1 Mayor John Houston
Aldermen --('has Hillyer. W F TooUel, .1 A
tinker, J J Malone, 10 P Whalloy, Thos Madden.
Oity Clerk - ��� J KStraohan
Police Magistrate K A ("reuse
chii'fofPollco .        A  FMoKlnnon
_.,__, ,*_     ,       Chief of Flro Dopurlmonl    .    \V J Thompson
Branch Markets m Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo, Auditor John Hamilton
Water Commissioner - T M Ward
Health Offlcor - lir. Lallan
City Knglnoor A. L. M'Oullqch
City council ineols every Monday, It p,tn��� ul.
city hall, eor Victoria and Josephine Ht
.13(1 i
Thu following communication lias
been received regarding Hie Spokam
Fruit fair:
To tlm Editor of The Minor,
It is proposed to make tin
department of this year's
fruit fair, oni- tlmt shall
represent the various camps of ihi-
North-west. The exhibit will bo arranged with ;i view ni' giving the best
educational results, and no pains will
In- spared to make it one of the must
attractive features of tin- fair. All
who an- familiar with the good results
derived from the mineral exhibit at
last year's fruit fair will readily appreciate the importance of this movement which brings together the prospector, the miner, the investor, nnd
all who may bo seeking information
concerning the mineral wealth of tho
rent Nortbwestj. The fruit fair management undertakes to receive all shipments nt the Spokane depots and see
that the same slmll be properly placed
on exhibition in the mineral department of the fruit fair uud due credit
given to the camp und the consignor
sending the same.
United and intelligent effort on tho
pnrt of all interested in the success of
this movement will nwke the exhibit
one that every prospector nnd minor
muy be proudjif.
All specimens should bo carefully
labelled and wrapped in paper, nud all
exhibits should be forwarded to reach
SpokauG uot later ihan October 1st,
and should he, addressed Y*,'. A. Stuart,
Superintendent Fruit Fair, Spokane,
For further information, address
Superintendent Mineral Department.
ami nil tl.use who nre living in iivi'" the hent of the cook  stove  these warm dnys
iii-ys bv iisiiu? "oraethkiR tnsty in the Hue nt Corned Meats, F-isli and Poultry
will lip greatly relieved nnd wonderfully benefitted by looking over the
following Met.    We mention ii few of lhe most popular lines
all in tins ready for use.
��� mu. il Kerf, icons! Beef, Chipped in lul Beef, milled Mutton. Itoasl
M iildiii jUim-1 Tongue, l.niiili's TougilCi KEoileil Itahliil. d h hi,en 1'iitr,
I'nrlrlilKC Pine, Wild Duck S'ale, r.uiicil (Illicit  Duck and Turkey, Hlllioirrt litppcl'Cll Ill'l-t-ili:;, IMlinlifll lllllilllll, Mul'slluH's
."-i-nii'li iBi'i'i'in;' nud ['Iiiiiiih lliiilillei, Lobster, Sportsmen Sardines,
Sardines in Mustnrd. B'ins Veci nlso Mnuces, l*lcklcs. Catsups, Dressings, H'l.ps.  D (,'.. I le.
Have you fried tlie Geneva Sausage in Tins, very line.
Prompt delivery in ail purls uf the eity nnd special attention to Mail Orders.
Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
Ur. EC Arthur. Dr, Q A 1! Hull, Goo John
stone.   Principal   .1 U (Iroon.
I President,
I Vlco-Prosldonl
1 Secy-Treas.
j Rodorlok Itoliei'tsuii.
���Tames Lawrence
.I lilm A Tumor.
Prosldont John A. Tni-nor
Vlco-Pres. W. A, Jowett.
Secretary H. MoArthur
Treas. A II Clements
Medical Sup!, . Dr. G. A li Hull
S.on p.m
8.30 ii.ni
1.00 I'.m
11.00 p.in
The great progress of Canada during
the lust* 80 years is well brought out
by a statistical review recently prepared by the Montreal Star. Within
that time its volume of trade has
grown from $181,000.Olid to $257,000,000
with tho United States. The trade
done between the provinces is now 18
times ns lnuch greater thun it was in
1867, being at present $118,000,000.
The country has over 10,000 miles of
railway, with 1000 or so more building
or projected, as compared with SiTS in
ISCiN, The country itself spends $200,-
000,000 in railways and nearly $100,-
000,000 on her i2 'miles of canals, which
give an uninterrupted inland water
route of ~,IN0 miles, and experts declare
that 100 miles of canals in the North
Wost would give her another 2000
miles of waterways there. In faet, it
will almost be possible to connect the
foot hills of tho Rockies with the St.
Lawrence by water.
The registered vessels of Canada
number 7211), with u gross tonnage of
7'-w),2it!) tons, which is said to put* her
in the fourth place as a merchant vessel owner. She has $61,000,000 invested in chartered banks, which hold
deposits of nearly $200,000,000, and
her note circulation is $30,000,000, as
compared wilh $9,000,000 in Jsiit. Her
life insurance companies number ill,
and assessment companies 10, and
these have $460,000,000 of assurance in
force. Her citizens have $48,577,000
iu the savings banks. The public debt
has grown, with Other things, from
$75,000,000 in 1807 to $260,000,000 in
A JAP'S inc.
Allen Oity, N. J., Aug. 20.���While
wrestling today at Linnet Park for
tho championship belt, turned over to
Richard K. Pox by Ernest Roeber, the
"'Terrible Greek Horaklides and iln*
"Strong Jap" Take/./awa became involved in such   a   heated Btrugglo tbat
the former-was rendered unconscious
by the fearful pressure exerted by tho
Japanese wrestler. When the match
was stopped the Greek was black in
the face and was in spasms. Tonight
he lies in a precarious condition and
his death is expected.
Wc are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regulai
prices and carry Rough anil Dressed I.timber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling1, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
UnitedSLatoB,Ontario,Quo-j 6.15p.m.
bee tmil Kaslcrn  Provinoesj
Point." on N. & F. 8. lino.]
Viol uri a and fto^alond.       j
N'ew  Denver, Sandon ond] 2,30p.m
Slocan Luke Points. 1
Knslo and Kootrnuy Lake] T.I."* a.m.
tloHBland,  Trail,   Nflkospj 7.00a.m,
Kobson, pointaou main lincj
C.   1'.  U.,   Vancouver audi
office nouns.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; (iin era)
|Do)ivery,8 a,m, to s p.m.;  Registration, 8,30
I a.m. lo 7 p.tn.J Money Orders and Havings Ban It
0a.m. (o I p.m.; Sunday 1 hour(10t-o 11 a.m).
.). A. GILKER,rostmufitor.
Government Inspector of Agencies \V .1 Goepel
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.   R.  STATION     .    .    .
A.   E.   YOUNG,  AGENT.
Qold Commissioner
Mining Keeorder-Tax Col
Collector of Customs
Provincial Assessor
County Court Judgo
Inspector of Schools
O. ii. Dennis
K P Tolmie
(ico, Johnstone
John Keen
J A Forin
KT HSimpkins
William Burns
(AIMM.  MriME, M Mill. As-oc. Cornwall 1 j      TfiTWPT?C'
opposite Phair Hotol, When requiring thoroughly seasoned
NELSON, B.C. P. O. BOX 583. :
timber should apply tn
Extended oxporlonco in Chile an.l German   TSl6 MelSOEl FlaUlllCI MUI
South   Africa.   Assays  unit analysis of ores. vl
Deports nnd valuations onuilnoral propertio
Underground surveyingand mine plans kept1
up by contract.
First Class in Every Respect.
In stoek,l,000,OOOft.ofFlooi-ing,Lining
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes nml
every description of Joinery.
M'l[|:i:\   BOOKS   IMI    WINDOWS   MADE
TO OltltER.
The best place in  lhe  Cit)
to get a good   meal   from
cents up.
^Property Owners.
Viotoria, Aug. 2(1. ��� Both Premier
Semliu mnl Mr. Cotton declare Unit j
there is no foundation lur tin* report
which has been in circulation hero
[ thut another provincial election is ini-
i liiiucnl. They sny tlmt tin- matter hns i
not even been considered by tin- guy.
Experienced  White   Waitresses Employed.
V. Iioslll. Prop.
thing to do during iho hoi
weather  is to  keep  your
system Irom running down
are among thu bust Summer Tonics.
Iio you want the rocks, stumps
or rubbish removed from your
yards, or your lawns levelled
down? II so we can do il for
you. Will work either by day
or by contract.
Address T. \Y.
Care "Miner" ollice
Warden Capt, N. FttKstubba
First Jailor - [{.Liddell
Socond Jailor Goo, Partridge
Thin! Jailer ��� Jobn McLaren
Senior Guard H, Ince
Ciiuucu in*- England -Matin ll a.in.: Even
Souk. T.fG p.m. ovory Sundny, Holy Commun
inn un 'si and 3rd Sundays in Ilia iiiunlli aftor
M.iiins; on Slid nnd llli Sundays, ul 8 n.ni.
Sunday School at2.30 p.m. ltt-v. II. S. Ake-
hur.-t. Rector.   Cor Ward and Silica RtreotB.
Prkbuvtkrian I'ui'ia ii Services al li a.in.
and 7.30 p.in. Sunday School at. '_\;t(i p.m.
Prayer mooting Thursday livening at s p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Socloty moots ovory Monday ovoning ai 8 o'clock. Rov. It. Frew
I'asi or.
Methodist Ciitmon���Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets. Serviooeal 11a.m. and 7..'in
p. in. ; Sabbath School, 2.80 p.in.: Prayor meeting on Friday ovening ut s o'clock; Epworth
Loaguo O, K��� Tuosday at 8 a.m. Hew .John
Koljson, Pastor.
Roman CATnonc CnURCH���Mass al Nelson
every Sunday al Hand 10.80 am.; Ilcueiliel ion
at 7.80 to 8 p.m.   Rev, Father Ferland, Priest.
Baptist Chcboh ��� Servlcos morning and
ovoningal ll a.m.ami 7.;t(i p.m.; Prayor meeting Wednesday evening at s p.m.; Meotlngs
are held in tin; scliool house. Strangors cordially welcomed.   Hev. G. lt. Welch, I'uslor.
Salvation Army���Services every evening
nt H o'cloek  in barracks on Viotoria Rtrcet. ���
Adiutant Millner in otiargo.
���NKLSON LODGK, No. 211. A. F. & A.,
HI. meets second Wednesday iu cneli
month.  Visiting brethren invited.
O. L. LENNOX, Secretary.
I. o. o. F.     Kootenay Lodge
gw^ No. 10, moots evory Monday night,
at,   their  Hull,   l-koolenuy Btvoet,
Sojourning Odd Fellows oordlally inviied.
w.m. hodson, Sooretary.
"Babcock" Fire Extinguishers
6 SAL. SIZE $30. 3 GAL- SIZE $15.
Including Supply of Chemical Charges
with each.
Our Diarrhoea Specific
is a sure i.'uri' I'm' Summer
New   York,   Aug.   2(i.��� Bur   .silvi.-r, j
00*1-4; Mexican dollars, o,1^.
Delivered !���'. 0. II. in Portland, Ore.
The Babcock i.s the recognized
standard, universally used in the
Fire Department service. Each
tested to 300 pounds per inch;
working pressure too pounds per
inch. The Babcock has stood the
test of time. Full line of Fire Apparatus and   Department   Supplies.
(71 4th St. Portland, Ore.
/pjv NKLSON   LODGK   No. 'in, IC. of   l'.,1
W'jiA'rtineels in Caslle hall,   McDonald liloeUl
Jaevory second and fourth Tuesday eeen-1
Sjlng nl  s o'cloek.   AU visiting knlghtsj
���ordially Invited,
11. (i. Jay, O, 0.
(82(i) ono. RossK.of R.andS,
NKLSON LODGE, I. o, O. T. Meets irJ
Castle Hall, McDonald lllock, ovory Monday!
evening at B o'clock. Visiting Templars corf
dlnlly invited, John TRMrOIU),
Chlof Templar.
.1. !���'. Jaeobson   See
SONS    OF     ENGLAND,   meel
second iuul  fourth Wednesday o
ench month atK. of P. Hall, Jlac
l-A JJ)   Donald lllock,   eor. Vernon   ani
^=^^   Josophlno streets.  VislUngbfoth
rn cordially Invited.       Ernest Kinu,
Chas. H, Kauhow, Worthy Presldont
COURT KOOTKNAY, I.O.K., NO. .'tlUS meell
lsl anil .'(I'd Wednesday in each iiionlh in tlif
K of P Hall.   V W Swanell. O. D. S. C. 11.; J
Green. O.R.I J. l'urkiss. Secy.
every  Thursday In the l.O.O.K.   hall.     O
Williams. M.W.:  W S Smith, Itec.-Sec.; J.
Driscoll, FInanolor F, J Squire. Deceiver nnl
P. M, W.
NKLSON L.O.L. No. 10112 meets in thc M>
Donald block every Thursday evening nt
o'clock. Visiting members cordially invite
John Toyo W.M.; K. J. Uradley, R.S, THE MINER   SATURDAY, AUGUST i), 1898.
LOCAL IWS �����".=��'-��
JJUUIIll    HUM Uiivery pliant outin
160, went* up on
iuul  enjoyed  a
On Monday evening next tho ladies
ofj the Catholic ohnroh will hold a
moonlight excursion, at which, judging from the lmiiilii'i- nf tickets already
sold there will be a largo attendance.
Uriel'    ;i* niiuii    oi   Happenings   in   (he
iilsiiici iturlug thc I'iiM
r.-H jin.vs.
Miss Simpson left yesterday evening
lui' a visit tn RObson.
A.   1'".    (lilpili    and    Miss (liliiiu   ol'
Yanriiuvi'i' are al  tin- Phair.
T. A. Campbell, Rosslaud; !���'. B.
! Turner, Butto; .1. 11. McLarou, Yiiu-
\ ciiuvrr. are at lliu Phair.
I-:.    .1.    t'nyle   and    W.    K.
ui   Hie (1,  1'.  K. passenger
Messrs.    E.    ,1.
Andersnii,   ui    llu
service, lefl mi Thursday evening for
Brooklyn and Rossland.
Tlie Rod Mountain railway will run
an excursion from Rossluud in Loon
Ijiilie tomorrow, A good progranimo
ul' sports lias been arranged.
The   stoiiiuor   Illecillewaet    i.s   nnw
running between Rooson und Brooklyn, having been with drawn from the
Thompson's Landing service
Y. lloslii, proprietor of   tin-   Nelson
't'nfe, has prepared  an olegaul Sunday
dinner   which    lie   will   serve   In   his
patrons and others wim will favor him
wiib tlieir presence.
The Bank of Montreal will probably
open a branch in Oraubrook, tin- new
town nn the Crow's Nesl mad. It is
said that, a couplo of town lots have
been purchased   by lhe hunk wiih ihis
end 411 view.
Commencing Thursday Septembor 1.
iln' present daily except Sunday pas-
euger train service mi the Nelson &
Kurt Shoppai'd railway will be made
daily, trains tn be run under the present schedule,
Workmen are engaged nn the repairs
of    the    Victoria    street bridge   across
Ward creek. The repairs will occupy
a couplo uf weeks but when completed,
Victoria streol will Le one i.f tin* principal thoroughfares of the* city.
The following registered at the
lliiine bnlcl last night: (!. M. Yuug-
nrd, Denver, Cul. : I). W. Mi mre, Trail;
Henry Hoy. Rossland; Fred Richard-
sou, Yiuir; (his Ehrenburg (lem,
Idaho; J. ,1. Southcott, Victoria; 0,
V. Caldwell, Kaslo.
J. if. Bowes, barrister mul solicitor,
has returned In Nelson after a short
stay in lhe eity. Mr. Howes is a large
holder of Hossland real estate. Whilo
here be decided In creel u handsome
three-story frame building nn his lots
on Columbia avenue, near Spokane
street, now occupied by Robbins &
Luii},' and ('. I >. Lalondo.���Rossland
(lot Six   Mouths   fur   Fighting���Contract Awarded.
Ymir, Auk. 80.���(Special Correspondence)���In a drunken fracas at
Hairs Siding on Wednesday afternoon
Frank Emerson inflicted somo pretty
severo injuries to Tommy Tighe's
head. The injured man wus attended
by Dr. Kellar who put in several
stitches and reports(that the gentleman
j is very little the worse for   Ihe pounil-
J inn be got. The racket was over a woman, and Frank Emerson the man
who inflicted tbe injuries was arrested
1 near Ymir by Provincial Constable W.
0. Forrester, wim   met   bim   striking
liiiit for the boundary. He was charged
before A. H. Bnokworth with being a
Vllgranl for which be got six jiiontlis
j ill which Iii rellect on bis past niis-
J deeds, ll has since transpired that
Emerson is a married man, but has
been leading a very dissipated life
lately. Constable Forrester took him
up to Nelson last evening and left hiin
In the tender mercies of tin- Nelson
Charlie Wilde, proprietor of ibe
Moniana Stablo, First uve., has got
tin- contract for the transporting of
11000 pounds of rails, (10 feet of six-inch i
air pipe and l'i feel* of III inch smoke
slack, to tbe Klise mine which is distant about six miles from town, nnd is
now being operated by the Lerwick
Gold Mining company, limited.
One   uf   Dawson's    Latest    Ways   of I
Being Entertained.
Dawson bad a   mad-dog  scare a few
weeks  ugo, according to miners who'
have recently returned, and as there are j
several   thousand   large, hungry   dogs
running around   the   streets   the scare
was a big one.    Tbe hot weather made
one dog innd and before   he   was   shot
bo    had    bitten     several   dogs.    The | ELECTION
police put up  big  posters   instructing 1
everyone to tie up their canines.  After
a few hours nieii were, hired   to  round
up those running loose and  put  them
in a place  of  safety.    With   the  dogs
oft' tho   street  the   scare   soon  passed
I lector   McRae, one   of   the   largest
holders of Nelson-Poorman  stock, yesterday sold 120.000 shares to O.C. Ben- !
nett of Vancouver.    The. price is with- j
held but it may lie inferred that a considerable   amount of   money   changed
hands, as the   slock   lias   been selling I
freely at   from 26 to oil cents since (he
vein   was   str
level.    Mr. Mi
sum of money in this transaction, as
his original investment was only a few
thousand dollars.���Rosslaud Miner.
tSgW   i
-5R *
till,*.,,*. 1IU.1 .'.'V.*.     i-,.    i-twip,    I
The Sunday Schools of the Oity Enjoy
Pleasant   Outings.
No more ideal spot for Sunday
school and other picnics could l.e
imagined ihan thai al Balfour, al
which   poiul   the    different    Sunday
schools of the city have held tlieir picnics during the pasl week.
On Thursday the union pionio of the
Presbyterian and Baptist Sunday
schools went up on the international
and after spending a very pleasant day
returned nn the Albert;', iu Ihe even-
1 ing.
yesterday the cougrogntiou and Sunday school of   St. Saviours' church, to
Thirty inches of ore is showing at
i in bottom of the Bosum shaft, and
much galeua is being taken from the
tunnel. On tho Mollie Hughes the
showing in all the workings is improving. A payment will bo made
this month ou the bond.
A strike of threo inches of galena
was made last week ou the Cory and
Wards claini. the Eclipse, situated
above tho California on Silver mountain.
The Autoine will ship Kill tons tbis
month. Part of tho product of this
miue is shipped to the Kaslo sampler,
where the percentage of /im- in it is
reduced by mixing witli Ruth ore.
The compressor plant at the Noble
Fivo at Cody is nnw in full operation
and working nicely. Tbe aii compressor is operating three machines at the
mines 0100 feet away.
Manager Mitchell, of the Charleston
property received word ou Tuesday
that the lead had been cut in the
lower tunnel and that tbere is an excellent showing,
The North Star company of East,
Kooienay. has shipped nearly 8000 tons
of nn* during tho past three months,
The company is doing the assessment
work on 21 claims in the vicinity of
llu North Star. It is the intention of
tho company to siuk a shaft 800 feet
mi the North Slav mino.
Samples from the new strike in the
Sullivan group iu East Kootenny, assayed T.'i per cent lead, and -li ounces
in silver, or a total value of $87 per
ton. li is lhe intention of thn company to continue development work.
The new shaft is down 20 feet iu solid
ore. The ore is a flue grained steel
In China carrier pigeons are protected from birds of prey by an ingenious little apparatus consisting of
thin bamboo tubes fastened to tho
bird's bodies with thread passed beneath tho wings. As the pigeon tliis
along the action of the air passing
through the tubes produces a shrill
whistling sound which keeps the birds
of prey at a respectful distance.
Perhaps during the
excitement your supply of Printed Stationery has been
used up. If so we
shall be pleased to
fill an order for you.
Corporation   of  the
City of Nelson.
To Eastern and European Points.
To Paciiic Coast and Transpacific: Points.
To Rich and active Minion- Districts   of Klondike and Yukon.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to East-
em Canadian and I'.S. Points
Tickets issued through and Bug-
uaere checked to destination.
_1A porsons using Electric Light in tho city
und nut paying an "all ni^iit'' rain therefor,
will im charged nn additional monthly rale for
such light unless the suiiie is lurnt'il oil' aftfll' |
business hours in places uf business anil by 12
o'olook midnight in private residences.
By ordor, J. K. STRACHAN,
!I7 City Clerk
Xelson, I-l. C., August '.'li, 18118.
To Kossland  and  Main   Line points
0.40 p.ro.-Lenvos���NELSON- Arrlves-10.'g0p,in
linnli'ii.-i.v Lalce���Unslii Itoute.
Stu. Kukaneu
Kxoept Sunday. Except Sunday
1  p.m.���Loaves���NELSON���Arrives���11   a.in
Calling at way porta in both direction!!.
Mon. Y
Kootenny River KouU*.
Str. Nelson,
Mon. Pri.
7 a. m.���Leaves���NE1.SON--Aitivok-.8.U(J p. in
Tucs. Wed. Tliurs. Sat.
7. n in���Leaves   NULSON���Arrives- lO.lin p.m
(Jul ward connect inn Pilot Bay with Str. Kokanee, tnii Inward such connection made Mon-
davs and Fridays onlv.
Str. calls way por*s ln botli directions who
Trains to mnl ivnni  Slocan < Uv. Sandon
and  SlOCJlil   lal.i*   Points.
(Sundays  Excepted)  ���
I! a. ni.���Loavos���NELSON���Arrives- 2.20 p. in.
Maniifacrurers of
��� In11.vim  Hot Springs   Mulct- Aerated anil
Mipi>iicii iii iin* Trade,
;t loi ot
Ice Cream Freezers
which no well appointed
home should lie without
during1 the warm weather.
We have
on hand ,
t ful
line of . .
Plumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offer-
ingat very low prices.
Vancouver H
Vancouver & Nelson, B. C.
Tn lliu electors (it Nelson Riding:���
Gentlemen:���Having received so
many congratulatory mossageB upon
my appointment to h cabinet position
in the government that it becomes incumbent iiiioti me to publicly extend
hearty anil sincere thanks for theso
many   kind   expressions,  I   lake    Ihis
opportunity ot doing so.
i appreciate to the fullest the very
valuable services of those who lnbored
so actively and successfully in pressing
Kootenay's claims lo representation in
ihe new cabinet.
It. will be my sole aim to further us
far us in me lies the best interests of
this great province, and I trust tliat
my conduct in my new offloial capacity will merit the. approval of the
electors of the Nelson riding,
I have the honor to be gentlemen,
yours, etc.,
In a recent number of
Pharmaceutical Journal is a ilescrtp
tinn of a laughing plant and its effects
on man. It grows in Arabia, and derives ils name from the effects produced by eating its seeds. The plant
is of moderate size, with bright yellow
Mowers ami soft velvety seed pods,
each of whieh contains two or three
seeds resembling small black beans.
The natives of the district where tho
plant grows dry these seeds ami reduce theni to powder. A small does of
Ihis powder as clients similar to those
arising from tin- inhalation of laughing-gas, It causes tbe soberest person
to dance, shout and laugh with the
boisterous excitement of a madman,
and to rush about, cutting the most
ridiculous capers for about* an hour.
At the expiration of tliis time exhaustion set in, and the excited persons
falls asleep, to wake after several
hours, with no recollection of his
In Carload Lots
Slocan Itiver Mills, Slocan City, B. C.
Sawmill tor sale, Correspondence Solicited.
International Navigation & TradiBg Company.
Summer Card, Effective June 20, wjs.
Subject lo change without notice.
South b'nd,  s. s. International.   North b'nd
ROad down Koad up
Train Lvs l.OO p.m. Sandon 10.60 a.m. Train Ar
"   Ar   8.45   "     Kuslo     8 (HI   "        "     Lv
Hunt Lvs. 3.30a.m.  Knslo    8.30p.m. BoatAr
"     4.311   " Ainsworth T.illl '
"    6 mi   "  I'iloi Hay 6.45    "        "     "
"    53ii  "   Balfour   0.10	
������     Ar   II.Ill   " 5 Milo Pt. 6,25	
"       "     7.15   "    Nelson    4.45    " "    l.v
Train "   10,05 p.m. N'thport 1.65    "  Traiii   "
���'     "   11,20   " itossland 12.05 a.m.   "        "
"     "    3.10   "  Spokane   8.30	
Sandon-Kaslo  I rain daily.   Boat nnd   Spokano train daily except Sunday.
s. S,   iiiMiia.
Train Lvs 1.0(1 p.m. Sandon 10.60 a.m, Train Ar
'���    Ar   3.45   "     Kaslo    8.00   " "    Lv
the Montreal I Boat Lvs 5.00   "     Kaslo    1.00   "      BoatAr
0,20  "Ainsworth 11.Ill p.m
-     T.OO   " Pilot* Bay 11.00   "
������  ln.oii  " Kuskon'k K.on   "
"     "  12.00 in. tlont Kl ver 0.00   "
"     1.IKI a.in. Ilonnilary 5.00   "
" A i-      X.on  '��� B'rs Kerry 2.00   "
Train Lv 11.10  " B'rs Kerry 1.15   "
-���  Ar 2.45 p.m. Spokano 7.60 a.m.    "     i.v
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Boat leaves Kaslo
for  abovo  points  Tuesdays and   Saturdays
Returning on Wednesdays unit Sundays.
-     Lv
Train Ar
line of business
and while we do
not claim to do
work at the
cheapest price,
Reduced Rates East
Good Work
Fair Price
and ful] Information
local aggnt. or GKO.
Agent, Nelson,
Trav. Pass. Agent,
hy  addressing nearest
S. BK1CH, City Ticket
Dist. Pass. Agent,
Tenders for tlie purchase of the properly
known aa thoMethoaist lJnrsonuL,re, being lots
15and 16, block 10, with the house thereon, niv
inviied hy the trustees of the Methodist church.
Sealed tenders addressed tothe secretary of the
board, F. W. .Swannell, Box 74,'must be in by
August 3lst.
Tlie lowest or any lender not necessarily ac
We keep in Stock
nearly all Custom,
Legal and Mining
Forms ancl will print
anything you may
The Daifu Miner
is meeting with good
success and if not on
our list yon should
be. We deliver it to
your home for one
Special Kotitciiiiy I.iiKc Service.
Oommenolng20 Juno, 1808.
iv,   I hm
Alberta will leave Kaslo 5 p.m., for Ainsworth
I'iloi. Bay nnd Nelson.
Leaving Nelson s a.m.. Tuesday, Friday and
Saturday for I'ilot Bay. Ainsworth and Kaslo,
calling at all way points.
(All times are subject to chango without notice.
or   six
live dol
or one dollar
months   for
Meals and berths not included.
Passengers on S. S. International from Nel
son, Spokane, etc., for points on Kootenny
Lakcsoulhof I'ilot. Bay. will connect at thai
point with thcS. S. Alberta.
Passengers for Nelson via S. S, Alberta, from i
loints south of Pilol Bay, can, by arrangement
'  j with purser, havo slop-over lit Pilot Bay or
Hobson,  if i.s snid.   despite   thu   fact | Ainsworth, ur connect with S. S. International
tbat he is it poor talker, has been ����$">*mpany.s BteamorS conwot Kootenay
offerer! By n lecture manager ?10,- Lake and Slocan points.with all points ln tho
oot) for ii scries of   10  public addresses  Unltod States and Canada; fly way oil Spokane
on his Santiago experieujes, and to
Boften thu blow tho manager promises
thut nil receipts over expenses shall be
turned over to the fund for hospitals
in Ouba an elsewhere.
and Kootenay River,
Tickets  sold and   bnuifage  checked  to nl
pouits by pursers on steamers or at our otllce.
G.  ALEXANDER, Ocn. Mgr.
. O. Box 122, Kaslo, B.C
Can  We
with You ?
Zhc   flfoiner
pto. & ll>nl>. Co.
Tlie owner of the Free Gold, Forty Nine
ereek. wants shaft now down 25 feet lo be con-
tinned from "20 to 50 feet deeper, work to be
done aw soon as possible. Tenders to be mailed
by September lst. A proposition to purchase
or develop the prospect, for a part interest,
would be considered.
J. FOLINSBEE, Strathroy, Ont.
Having bought the Kootenay Cigar Factory
from Enrlich and Ncelamls. wo nerebj give
notice that wo will he responsible for all dcbls
of the late linn and lhal, all accounts arc payable to us. All claims against, said factory
must be presented bv the firstof September,
Nelson, B. 0��� August 21, 18118.
| For One Cent a Word?
X     You can lind nbuyer for "Any
��� Old Thing " if you advertise.
1'lnnslllcil Advertisements.
All lidvcrliseinciils in is column are
1 cent a word eaoh insertion. No advert isenieiil taken for less than'2.1 cents.
��������������������������������������������������� ������������
Old papers al Till'.
por hundred,
MlNKH 'offlco,   25 ccntn
FOUND.���A small key. National Cash Uegis-
ter.   Apply "Minor" ollice.
MUSIC LICSSONS.-On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs, VV, J, Astley, Robson street,
iwo doors west of Stanley.   P. 0. llox 18(1.
Bilker Street.
J. H. Love, THK MINER, SATURDAY, AUGUST 27,  1898.
1  build   were   also  under construction.
I ! Prospecting wus busily going on in
Manchuria, and valuable gold deposits
bad  been   discovered.    "Manchuria"
Dr.   Smith   added,
far   richer in
miueral and agricultural resources thnn
I lhe
1893       PROVINCIAL      1898
under I ho direction ol
Quarts and Half G;
I The Royal Agricultural and Industrial
Society of 15ritiy.li Columbia.
I OCT. 5 to 13 Inclusive
o ri        tit  j.TAT,-,-i-nni,,���>,*,., ' lhe  Amur  district, which   is  mostly
SagaSta UoeS JNOtWailt llieill 11'mvsv land.    Both   iu   the   Amur anil
, i Manchuria timber  is   most  abundant
jatriatGfl. and cheap.    Tho wood is, however, of
poor quality, and the   sleepers  for the
: trans-Siberian railway   which   are out
! torm it will not   last   a  year.    While
at   Tsitschar, in   Manchuria,  I   met a
QUITE     COMFORTABLE; ��** &? $** ��f����*���� ^
Yw-*--i-1 wwj. i surveyors.    They expressed themselves
las nmoh disappointed at the nature of
I the   country   through which   the pro-
; posed line to Tort Arthur was to pass.
The Moti May Have to be Put to Woik. j They bad not made up  their minds as *
, ��� _ . ���    ,, j to  the   exact   route, and   had already
Influence  Exerted  to   bnable changed their plans three times.   Om
Them to  Return. ofthe great difflcu Ities is the flooding I
ot   he tributaries of  he Amur. .   $18,000 Q PBKKa n Mo.UUU
                                When   we   were   there   the   Nauni  **"|vww Vf*w.,w����w
river, usually   half  a   mile wide, had Tlio Promlum List Is tho Largest
' overflowed the eountry   for   ten miles, i ever oifta-oil West of Toronto.
New York, Aug,   28���A   special   to So   great, iii   fact, are  tbe difficulties
the Tribune from Washington says :      j of railway construction   through Man-1 Py.-o-Spcctacular Bombardment of Santiago
The  president's  magnanimous offer <��uria that the  Kussians  have  been;    deCubaamiBiowinsupofthe'-ruine."
1 ,     discussing the alternative 01 reaching
to Spam through the good offices ot (he , port Arfiuu. ;ulll pe]jju   1iV   making   a j Followed by nn up-to-dalo fin' Worl;   Display,
French   ambassador  at   Madrid, made  line through the   Gobi  desert connect- which has been specially soctircd for Four
��� -,i    ,1      *.      ,       *i , *,   1    1 Nights at an enormous expense
in the first week of August, just after ling  with   the  ti-unk railway at Lake
Baikal.    The rate of   Russian railway :
progress i.s  extremely   slow.   It took | Lacrosse and Baseball Matches, Mini years   to   build   the   4487 miles be- : ���   ���.     r. .     ,������,,*      c-ii,,..  ���..,,!
-,-1  ,.     ,   ,       11-11        11      cycle fleet, Aquatic, sailor ami
tween \ ladivostock   and   Khabarvosk, 1
and   the  line   to Port Arthur caunol
certainly be finished under Id years.
Dr. Smith added that   the   Russians
Milk Pitchers
Pie and Pudding Dishes.
Tea Pots all Sizes
Hutter Crocks
and a Full Line of CHINA & GLASSWARE.
Complete Supply of .  .  .
Groceries, Summer Beverages, I3tc.
resh Fruit and Vegetables every morning.
Special attention to Mail Orders.
'"el. io
Kirkpatrickand Wilson, ^'-^-
the initation of peace negotiations, to
release all of tho Spanish naval prisoners on parole for   prompt repatriation,
which was declined by Premier Sagasta, has had thc   indirect   result   of
(fc& The KING Hat
Caledonian   Sports,    Promenade
Concerts, Horse Races.
alienating most of the ordinary prison-
| were very suspicious of bis expedition.
ers,as well as many of tho officers from and   put   every   obstacle in   his way
their mother coun tiy. The general excuse was that the offici-I    The Fines!   Band:
Tho navy department   may eventu- ais could not   converse   iti  French   or will provide Music,
ally be compelled to abandon  the com- German, but   Dr. Smith   added   as  aj    8pocinli-.-it.es ovei
parntively  luxurious   treatment it has significant fact that in one ease an able-  Steamboat Lilies
accorded these men   and   put them  to de-camp who spoke  English  fluently
Dog Show.   Open to tiie World.
Something Dressy and Up-to-Date
Quality Guaranteed.
work. Thero are 1600 prisoners at
Seavy island in the Kittery, and in
the Manic navy yard, including nearly
all   the   ordinary   seamen   and   petty
officers who were saved when Cervera's   States   ill
had been sent away so   that   no   assistance should be rendered to   the   travellers.
Dr.   Smith   leaves   for   lhe  United
in   Ibe
all   Railway
I chained fov
Sn   enti'i
Premium Lists,   Entry  Forms,  am
full information on application to
fleet   was annihilated.    At   the Naval
hospital  near  Norfolk, Va., the  seriously wounded, :J00   in   number   have
been under treatment and most of theni j
are now  convalescent.    The  principal j
officers,    numbering   B!i,   have    been
quartered  in  Annapolis  in buildings |
which will be needed in  a  few weeks
for the officers and professors  attached
to tbe naval academy.
Tbo men at Norfolk are a burden on
the naval medical authorities, but the
navy department is principally concerning itself about the large force of
men at Seavy island. They are quartered in comfortable but temporary
wooden structures, which do very well
tew    days.
-Financial MAYO" owkns
:    ('hairituin Cul. ('tun
Whoro no eonsl leration  in named in trnnsfnm
tho nominal sum of tl is to be understood.
Pres. R, A. & 1.
Secy. Cel. Com.
Socy. It. A. & I. Sue.
\V. li. KKAHV.
Exhibition Commissioner,
Are Saving; Money every clay
on their Hardware Hills by
allowing" us to figure with tliem.
Get Our Prices
Aug. 30.���
Franklin, Norman���J. N. Stewart
to F. Provost,  }.,.
Franklin, Norman���F. Provost to X
Stewart, 1-6.
Franklin,  Norman���N. Stewart  and
lo 0
Rawdou���John  McLaren  to
Macdonald���A. H. Clements
Tryon and J, Love.
Brave    Hodson���T.   V.   Davies
Joseph Astley, *a, $200.
Aug. L'li���
Mugwump���John   Brown,     W.
Leitch, Hugh Brown   to J. A. Nittor-
Sunrise���John Brown lo Ad Sprager-
berger and J. A. Nettorfield, '.,.
F. Provost to Thomas Allen, l-(i.
for suninier.hiit which will cause great | Aug.  2:2���
suffering soon on account   of   the   ap-      Lamar���H. B, Martin   toll. ll. Bel-
proachlng cold weather, to  which the  lamy.
Spaniards are wholly unaccustomed. Golden Treasure.   While Iron, Vesn-
Sonie of   the  Spanish   ollicers have vius���T.   It.   Machau   to  \V.   il. Mo-
written home thar ihey   hope   the war Mahon, :i.,, ��100.
will continue   another  year  in   order I a   ���  ���-_J"
that tbey   may   continue   to enjoy the
treatment they   have   been   receiving,
but others, notably   Captain   Conchas,
wlio has  been in   this  country longer
than any of   his colleagues,   have   recently   caused   considerable     pressure
from various sources, chiefly political,
to be brought   to   bear upon rhe   navy
department to consent to the return of
the officers to Spain.
Naval officials make no concealment
of their anxiety to get rid of Captain
Conchas and all the other ollicers at
Annapolis and Norfolk who are now
on parole, but there is no intention to
release the officers until Spain makes
somo provision for the ordinary seamen. Spain's reply to the president's
original offer to surrender all the
prisoners on parole was as follows:
"Owing to the existence of a Spanish law to the effect that any Spanish
sailor accepting a parole in order to
procure his release is liable to punishment, the government is unable to act
upon the suggestion of the United
States and remove the prisoners captured by the destruction of Admiral
Cervera's fleet, to Spain."
It i.s the impression in the navy department, as Spain is more particular
about prohibiting ordinary seamen to
accept parole than in the case of superior officers that some ulterior motive
must be at the bottom of the matter
and that possibly if her ollicers were
returned home, the Spanish government
would take no further interest in the
sailors but leave tbem dependent on
the charity of the United States.
It is certain therefore, that the officers will remain under restraint as
long as the men arc confined ami if
Spain continues indifferent it is possible that, soini! of the luxuries will bo
takon from   the officers and   thev will I Presented by tlmr dato.
be made to feel iu a measure that tbey     N0U "'l " A"��'      'fi.'f,'. ASIICUOF1
are in fact prisoners of war. .1. S,
Repaired. Altered, Cleaned, Pressod
umi Ilji'd I iv ilin New PllOCKSS ill
Reasonable Prices,
STEVENS,  Tm-: TAii.oR._a=ss==r
noon 0, lln.i.vKi; nut.,  NELSON.
I-. s.   Lnilles Wool Dress Uoods Sponged
before Making Up.
Tel. No. 21.
������   e'A
Estimates Cheerfully Given]
A Large  Variety   below   the
Ordinary Priee.
Satchels, Grips, Valises
Thomson Stationery Co.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and (ieneral Agents, l:ire and
...Insurance Agerils, Notaries Public,  Etc...
;c OR   SALE     .M-ivoMelYIKKBk
Cornel' Lot on Vernon Wl.. with Building,    12 Lots
II!''   ('heap.   2 Li Is Cor. Josephine and Kobson.
FOR RENT __ ,��u��vn.vak
2 Lots and Dwellin]
St., 812 per month,
$20 per muni I
near Cor Stanley St, on ObservatoH
Dwelling on Silica St., near Cedar Sw
House and 2 Lots, Houston St.   $15 imintll
I.nil TED
will be given at
has taken over thc practice of
Dr. II. E. Hall and is prepared to c!o all kinds ol Denial
all and see our full list of properly for sale  in   "liiime'l
ancl "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street,  NELSON,   B. Q
Work   by latest methods.
Broken tsill itliii'k
Hill..*!*    SI.
Thursday   taino   Sept,   I&M HEBTERER ft'CO.,
All are Cordially Invited.
NOTICK is horoby glvon that tho partnership
heretofore oxlRliog botwoon .1. tf. MoOlolland
anil II. Ii. Ashcrofl under tho llrm namo of
Ashcroft .Is MoOlolland is Ihis dny dissolved
hy ii'.iiliinl consent. J, s. MoClellnud retiring.
Ii. 1). Ashcroft still oontinnos tho buslnoss mid
In liable for all Indubtodnoss fnnn Aug. I. All
outstanding accounts must bo pnid lo lliu linn
of Aslici'ofl & McClolland on or beforo Am:.
15,   Ami all ucoounts ottalnst tho llrm must do
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Drop  in   and  sei
B. C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia businesi
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General  Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining- Engineer
' n     Wo      >w ure   r, v.i
A   Considerable   Russian    Permanent
Population Seitleil in the Distriot,
Kroin Montt'ool ov Qtiobeo *
Reaver Lino���Lako Huron Oot,
CLI'.LI.AMI   Heavor Ltno-Lako Wuporlor Oot, 12 : FOR2RENT    Fnrninhe(l House iuul 2 lois. Cor.  Cedar anil Victoria, 920.C1
-  -dominion Lino   Vancouvor 8��ptjl            | ,. ied House, 814.00.   4 roomed House, $15.   8 roomed  Houa
tlnmlnion Lim*   Scolsman Sopt 10 ,,      ,.      , , ... ,     ���     *,.���,,���,      ,1 i,       i*      n &.1- *
Allan  Liiii'-Ciilil'inninii Sopt22 Cor. Shinley ami \ ictiiiia, |2(),00.    A largo Boarding House, $3o.|
Allan Line   Niiiniiliiui Oot,   1 '
FOR SALE   5 roomed Cottage, 2 lots, Oor Kooienay and Observatory, hnl
finish, painted, good fence, 81250,   2 good Lots, Addition '-A"*ll|
Leavo 11:00a, 111.
Arrive 11:20 "
A representative of Router's ngenoy qoinh vvmht,
lias bail nil interview witb Dr. Jlonulil- '- \,,.���\,. 8.0f)n.n
son Smith, the American explorer, |j
wbo bus arrived in London ou his way
home to Philadelphia. Dr. Smith, accompanied by Messrs. ,1. B, and (1. Jj.
Farnum, also of Philadelphia, performed last year a very interesting
journey through Mongolia and Manchuria, across the Amur, into Russian
territory,details of wbicb bave alrcady
boeii publislied. Willi regard to Kussian enterprise. Dr. Smith says that
the Russians are doing nil in their
power to colonize Manchuria. K.\-
peditions political and commercial, are
constantly passing between Siberia
and Pekin, bulb via the Goih desert
aud also by way of Kirin. At Kirill
there is already a considerable Russian permanent population.
On the great Manchurian rivers,
Noiini and Sun^ari, both tributaries
of the Amur, Dr, Smith saw a fleet of
of five light-draught Russian steamers and a large number of steel barges
employed in the transport of troops
and also in trading With the Chinese.
Twenty   other    steamers   of    similar
ii Kast
Knslo Arrive ::..Vi p.m.
S.:��la. in.   Kouth I-'m-k       - ILIA p.m.
0.80��. 111.   Sm-oulo's " '...in p.ni.
11.51 11.111.   Vvhltowalor    " S.OOii.ni.
I'l.iilii. in.   Boar Luke        " LIS p.m.
H1.I8 a. in.   MoQulgan        " t.,'1,'1 j) 111.
Ki.ilSa. 111. ('miy J unci inn   " 1.1'J ',1.111.
10.60 a. in.   tiiiinlon Loave 1.00 p.m.
From New Vork
Wlilto|Rlar Lino���Teutonic	
While Slur Lino���Hii: 11 nn ic	
Cunard  Lino   Lucanla	
I'lilniri] Line    I'ill'lll'iii	
.Minn Stato Lino   St'ilu ofNobrasku
Bopl 28
Oot. '���
(let. I
Oot. 8
Oot. 21
Acelyleno (las Machine.
ROBT. IRVlJfH,       (iKO.F
201) G. !���'. & P. -V
HAItGIt STItUET, MISIt\. li. ��'
Call and see our Wallace
iii--i-.ii , nt, .1
Mian Stato Una   Mongolian Oct.  7
\ 11 cl mr   Li 111:-  l-'ni'iM'ssin Sopt 21
Anchor Line���Anclutrin Oct. "~
Cabin, H6.00,850. Stiti, J70 SSOand upwards.
Iiitormodlnto, tM.OUand upwards
Sleerago. 322.60 and upwards,
Passengers tickotod blirougn toallpolnt-s
Great Hritaln or Ireland, and at spoctall^low
rates In nil parts of tho European continont.
Prepaid passngosarranged from nil point!
foi'Ki.AMi.  yG!G!G;:o"G W!7h , ,, .        .  .   ...
SuporintuBdont. ' iv.'n   Oonoral Agont, C.P.R. Otlicos. Wlnnlpog. tnm   valuable nimeriil ingredients, but probnbly none m  Amciica, having l|
 . 1        some medical value, make such a line palatable beverage wheu bottled.
Arrive 11:1*5 n.ni
Leavo   11:23  "
St, Alice Natural Mineral Water
over Cniii-uiii.    Many Mineral  Waters  ('5
Subscribe for Ttie Miner
One Year
Half Year
One Houtli
I    Notice i.-i hereby u'ivon that sixty Hill' ilnyi
aftei dato I Intend to apply tothe ohiofCom��|
* missioncr nf L11111I and Works for permission In
purchase throo hundrod nml twenty 1820) aoros
$10.00 i unroservo crown Inml, lanicnr loss:
1   Commencing al a stako marked "B. "W,*s N.
<;- oq   15, north-enst coi-nor", tliencoeighty (80) ohnins
��"       ��out)i; thence forty   il'il clmins wost; thonce
����� nn  eighty 001  clmins  north;  ilicm-c   forty   (10)
$i,(io , clii'.inseu-t. to point of commencomont:situated
j ncir lliu head of   Koknuen  Creek nbout ton
j miles from   Kunlniny   Lnlie.   Nelson Mining
I Division, West ICootonny District,
1    Diil.eil Ihis 2nd August 1808,
 .��������   Nelson, 13. ('., Aug, 2, ISilH.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.
Victona Street = NELSON, B.


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