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The Miner Jul 30, 1898

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 Daily Edition No. 71,
Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday, July 30, 1898.
Eighth Year.
A��_ * ji
A Shop unequalled anywhere. A Pattern after which all others model. Employing experienced workmen who are
specialists, Make a shoe complete, lie-
place any worn out pari. No delay nor
long1 waiting', livery job satisfactory or
no pay. Half soling and heeling from
Best Leather at Lowest Prices. Free
Laces. Free Paten) Buttons. Free
Billion Hooks.
Tin' Disposition ��r tin. riiiiliiplnoH is Hit
i-iiiiiruii roiiii coaling Statlnua in
llu- I.iidriiiii-, mul Gorolluea l>irldrd
X Latest Novelty,
8 * KID (1L0VUS. * ���
��� ���������������������������'������������������������
<��� BLACK �� FANCY **
X      PARASOLS at %
*i> ���*>���
t Reduced Prices, t
We will oiler for the next ten days all of ourentrre stock
at reduced   prices   with   Special   Reductions   on    the
.   .  .   following' lines .  .   .
Men's Underwear.
.Men's Washington Ties.
Summer Dress Goods.
Warm Won ther Fabrics.
Ladiea Shirt Waists.
Ladles' I) & A Corsets.
Ladies' and Ohildren's Undervostf
Ladles' silk and Kid Gloves.
Duties' Silk and Alpaca Skirts.
Sailor HaU, Half Price.
Men's Vijgligeo Shirts.
.Men's Kaney Cambric  Shirts.
Men's Black Sateen Shifts.
Men's Duck and Flannel Suits.
Men's Straw Hals.
Men's Pants and Overalls.
I Our Stock is Complete in House Furnisfiinos. x
Tlir luileutlflcnllon ��r llrnr <. nil In id
-Certain. -Jewel* nu ���� Olll l.ady
Itl-arrlbrd.    I    GlrlD    Hud}    I ollliil-
Bodlca vt'iy Hindi l>ecouii��o��eil.
would novel' know there was a wnr in
progress. The blockado at Havana thus
far lias nut proved effective, The
( farms around the city furnish nil th"
I supplies' necessary. Tlie soil is so
j fertile thnt crops can bo produced iu
III) days. There is uo scarcity of provisions iu Havaua nor lias thero lieen
any perceptible advance 111 the price of
food. There are 40,000 regular soldiers
and 25,000 volunteers in tho eity.
About 3000 men are working night and
day strengthening Havana's fortifications under the personal supervision of
General Blanco. A few days before I
left lhe cily lhe captain general told
ine Havana wonld be well nigh impregnable and that talk of its fall after
six mouths of bombardment was sheer
nonseiisv. "
St. Johus, Newfoundland, July 89.���
T'ho port officers have refused permission to examine the articles taken from
tho bodies of the La Bourgoyne victims until today. The articles were
tnken from tho bodies by the crew of
the schooner Delight, which arrived
yostorday. The bodies which were
flouting nonr the scene of tho wreck
wr.ro too decomposed for recognition,
hence the articles from the bodies wero
taken to aid in identification, The
identification is positive in the ense of
Reno Gaillard of Now Orleans, lie
wns bound for Paris. His purse with
his namo on it, his passage ticket,
baggage checks, money and letters
Were tnken from his pocket, also his
gold watch and a letter apparently
from his wife, written from New
Orleana on June 21) bidding him a tearful good-bye.
An elderly woman, aged ahout 55,
with gray hair, wns dressed in a black
skirt wi,''!> a green lining, n hlnck
jacket, knit bloomers and wore three
rings, a gold wedding ring, another
gold ring with pearls and two dla-
nionds, while the third ring was one
of iron. A girl about 25, dark, slight
mid well formed, apparently u French
or Italian gentlewoman, hnd on a gold
ring, which wns removed. The ring
hud a plain dark stone, almost BqutU'fl,
This woman hud on gold ear-rings
Shaped like twisted wire, hut they
were not removed, as it would hnvo
' cut the flesh. She wore a while dress
and white blouse and had cuff-studs
inlaid with a circle of gold.
Tho Stuart  River   Country Is Coining
to the Front.
Tacoma, Wash.. July 20.���Four
thousand men aro spreading themselves
ovor the Stuart river oountry with
picks and shovels,according to Edward
Lang of Haverhill, Mass., who arrived
froni Dawson. Lang believes there
will soon bo several important new
districts open on Stuart river upper
waters, A town called Stuart River
has been laid out by the prospectors.
Island No. 1 on the Yukon river is
three quarters of mile soulh of the
Stuart's month and two miles south of
the Henderson creek.
Tho richest diggings yet found about
Circle City were discovered July 1 by
a man who was trying to trace a live-
foot coal vein along Goal creek, which
flows info the Yukon 1(1 miles south
of the Circle Cily.
Not    a   Whit     Alarmed   About    tho
Chaiicos of  Bombardment.
St. Louis, July 29.���August Grape,
I ono of tho foremost merchants of
Cuba, who has lived in Havana for 24
1 years, stopped here today eiirouti; to
I Germany on a visit. In an interview
1 Mr. Grape said :
' "When I left Havana two weeks go
| tho inhabitants wore not in the Blight-
I est fear that tho city would ba bom-
[barded. Infnct, everything was going
I on tho sumo us usual. The theaters,
I dancing halls and business of overy
I character was flourishing and but for
I tho presence of  troops in the city  you
San Francisco, July 29.���The dry
season has caused great loss to the
stockmen iu rhe Sierra foothills, lt
is estimated that 176,000 sheep have
been driven into thc forest reservations
after tlm withdrawal of the United
Stales cavalry, sometime ago, Recently n force of deputy marshals forced
Ihe stock owners to remove their cattle
nnd  sheep  from   lhe     reserved   land.
Some herders assort thai there is nn
grass and little laud can he found elsewhere, At least 100,(100 sheep must
perish of starvation or thirst.
Ottawa, July 21).���Miss Perrault, who
lives near Pembroke, attended the
shrine of St Anno do Bcnupre, Quebec,
recently and passed through hero yesterday ou her way home She had
used crutches for three years, hut she
threw theni away liefore (he shrine and
now walks wil bout them.
Escanaha, Mich., July 21).*���Four
Sisters of Charity cf the, county hospital are lost in the dense woods east of
Maywood, eight miles norlh of here.
The Sisters went to pick berries. Up
to a late hour last* night the searching
parties had failed to locate them.
Washington, July 21).���Nearly five
hours earnest discussion by the president and his constitutional advisors of
the nature of the response to bo made
by the government to the Spanish overtures for peace brought no conclusion,
and the subject was necessarily post
poned for further consideration to another meeting of the cabinet to be held
tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. Such
wus the tormai statement of the situation made at the conclusion of tho
day's work by oach member of lhe cabinet who was questioned upon the subject.
A final conclusion, however, is much
nearer than this statement would seem
to indicate, uud indeed there is little
reason to doubt but thut an agreement
has been reached upon nil the substantial points at issue, uud that whieh
remains to bo done tomorrow is rather
to smooth away inequalities and adjust
some very minor points of difference
hel'ore making the answer expected by
M. Oambon, The point under discussion during the greater part of tho
meeting was what disposition should
be made of the Philippines, On the
other issues unanimity developed.
There was to be independence demanded for Cuba, Porto Rico was to
bo ceded lo the United States, coaling
stations woro to bo acquired at Guamo,
La-drone islands, and ono in tbo Caroline islands. These, propositions wero
disposed of quietly, but when it came
lo iho Philippines SCinfl diversity ot
opinion was revealed. As near as cau
lie gathered, this did not relate mainly
to tho retention of the islands. On this
proposition a majority of the cabinet
was speedily recorded in tho negative,
but regarding the broad proposition
lhat Spain was to be allowed to keep
these possessions. Other questions
of importance developed, and it was
folt* tbat these must, be answered definitely before tho subject conld bo
disposed of
There was no question as to the
propriety of demanding the coaling
stations in the Philippines. Tho perplexing problem was what form of
government should be substituted in
the Philippines, and what should be
the nature of the guarantee required of
Spain that the new government should
liberal und autonomous in character.
Theso two questions hinged on a
primary discussion whether to interfere at all by pressing a chango in tho
conditions in the Philippines. Some
members of tho cabinet* felt that the
insurgents under Aguinaldo, having
acted independently of the United
States from the very begining of the
insurrectionary movement and having
latterly shown a disposition to make
trouble for the Americans, bud no
moral claim upon tho United Statos in
settlement of the terms of peace. Ou
the. other hand, it wns urged thut the
government should lose no opportunity
of extending its principles throughout
tho world, nnd that this would be done
iu the present instance, iu requiring
of Spain a genuine autonomy for the
Philippines. On just such points us
these the discussion proceeded ull day.
Tho point thnt wns quickly established was that there should bo no
reference of any phase of the question
of the disposition of Ihe islands to any
concerted or individual action by
outside powers. Another point that
was settled, though there was no formal
ael ion taken on it, was that no protest against the continuance of military or naval operations ponding tho
peace negotiations would avail  in  the
slightest ;    that   there   would     be   uo
armistice, no suspension of operations,
nor any modification whatever of present plans until the Spanish government
had agreed to tho tonus proposed,
Incidental to the cession of Porto
Rico and tho recognition of Cubanjin-
dependence by Spain, was the, decision
that every vestige of Spanish government and authority in the Carribeiin
sea and West. Indian waters must be
removed, thus effecting ihe acquisition
iif numerous islands on whieh tho
Spanish flag flies. One of the most
important is the Isle of Pines. Beyond
this sweeping change of authority
from Spain to tho United Statos in
near-by waters which is to be effected.
Also a quit claim deed, is demanded of
all indebtedness issued by Ihe Spanish
government and charged to those
islands, so far as the United Statos is
concerned, and all commercial treaties
now existing between the Spanish government and her possessions there, and
outside powers are to be extinguished.
Somo discussion arose as to the probability   of   tho   Spanish acceptance of
the American terms. The views
differed, though it can bo stated that
several of the most influential momhors of tho clabiuet boliovod that the
terms substantially agreed on would
not be accepted by Spain at onco.
Whilo bclieviiigjthat the propositions
should in ull reason constitute the
minimum to bo considered, somo expressed tho belief that Spain would
not bo immediately disposed to roach
an ngreemont on them, and that possibly a considerable lapse of timo would
I uke place before Spain would yield,
in the meantime seeking a compromise
wliich it is asserted was not to bo entertained for a moment.
The factor in the protracted discussion of tho Philippines problem was
the absence of advices as to the existing situation there on this dato, a
point that might be of considerable
importance in the adjustment of tho
question. Tho unconfirmed despatch
reporting that Manila hnd surrendered
wus read and commented ou as indicating that definite notion, without
knowledge of the exact situation in
Manila, might causo a statement regarding conditions flint did not exist.
The formal paper orystalizing the results of the sessiou today will be reudy
for action tomorrow. A formul vote
will then he taken, and the answer of
this government is likely to be communicated to Spnin before nightfall.
The most important news received
nt the war department was the cable
from General Miles, announcing the
immense progress being mado iu
southern Porto Rico aud the capture of
Ponce. Tho navy department also received a cable announcing that tho
navy had captured the city of Pouce
and had landed the forces under General Miles. The department expects an
easy conquest of Porto Rico, and notwithstanding tho overtures of peace
mado by Spain the war will be prosecuted vigorously on that island. The
belief is general in tho war department
thnt General Merritt has lnnded in
Manila, though no cable information
to (hat effect bus been received.
The Spaniards Are  Only  Anxious  to
Avoid an Indemnity.
New York, July 29.���A despatch to
tbo Word from Madrid says:
Presidont McKinley can get peaco
within !M hours, including surreAd-Pr
of Manila aud Porto Rico, if he will
waive indemnity money and uot be
too hard in his terms respecting tho
Philippines. Tho Spanish people are
gloomily resigned to peaco, having
lost confidence in all the political
parties, their statesmen and their generals. Even the press has sadly lost
prestige because it has systematically
led peoplo to believe castles in the air
both before and during the war. So
now nil classes only care for their material interests and are anxious to escape from crippling the country's
financo hy a heavy war indemnity. It
is remarkable that the majority of the
nation seems to regard it as a foregone
conclusion that the Queen and the cabinet will accept almost any conditions
in order to secure peace.
The ministers and generals have
como to the conclusion that thoy havo
little to fear now iu the way of military insistence and discontent, which
would be formidable only if led by
Weyler or if it assumes the form of a
Chinese Rebel  Declares  Himself,
Loses Wun Gun.
% London, July 29.���The Hong Kong
correspondent of the Daily Mail says:
The viceroy of Canton has unnounced
to tho foreign office tho complete suppression of the rebellion in those districts. Ho hns unnounced also that
four cities havo been reoccupied by tho
imperial troops.
London, July 29. ���Tho Hong Kong
correspondent of the Times says:
Li Yip Yan, the leuder of tho rebellion in the province of Kwang Si,
has proclaimed a uow dynasty, styled
"vast progress. ' His proclamation
states bocauso a grout and pure
dynasty is weak, because the mandarins ure oppressive and bocauso foreigners aro taking Chinese territory, he
has rebelled, and thut* heuven has signified its approval by causing several
cities to fall into his hands.
According to a telegram from
Wuchou.the city of Wun Gun has been
captured and 1000 rebels havo boou
slain. The rebellion iu Kwang Si
province is almost quelled.
San Francisco Merchants Do Not Want
to Give It Up.
Paris, July 29.���A despatch from
Madrid to the Paris edition of tho
New York Herald says tho Spanish
government has received a cable message announcing the surrender of
Manila to Rear Admiral Dewey.
Sun Francisco, July 29.���Tho Mer-
chunts' Association have adopted a
resolution petitioning the president to
hold and retain the Philippine islands.
Similar action will probably bo taken
in tho next day or two by the chamber
of commerce and other business organizations.
A   M>li-lie<l   MklriuMi.   lm-ui-ii   Un'i Item
Occupied,���The .Siumim-d* Retreat.���
The     I'oimlnlton    Entllllllaitlc. A
trench Jolirnnllll'l Oplniou.
Washington, July 29.���Tho war department has received the following
despatch from General Milos:
Port Pouce, Porto Rico, via St
Thomas, July 29.���To the Secretary of
War, Washington : On the 20th General
Garretson hud a spirited engagement
ou the skirmish line. Our casualties
were four wounded, all doing well.
Tho Spanish loss was three killed and
IS wounded.
Yacuco wus occupied yesterday,
Henry's division being thero today.
Lust evening Commander Davis of tho
Dixie moved into the port followed by-
Captain Higginson with his fleet early
this morning. Goneral Wilson with
his brigade is now rapidly disembarking. The Spanish troops ure retreating from the southern pnrt of Porto
Rico. Pouce und its port have a population of 50,000, wliich nre now under
the American flag. Tho populace received Iho troops and saluted the flag
with wild enthusiasm.
The navy bus several prizes, including 70 lighters. The railway stock
wns partly dostroyod, but is now restored. Telgraphic communication
also is being restored. The cnble instruments wore destroyed, so I have
scut to Jamaica for otliers. This is a
prosperous and bountiful country. The
army will soon bo in a mountain
region. Tho weather is delightful und
the troops are in the best of health and
I anticipate no insurmountable
obstnehM-- in-the future." Th* .u-nulls
thus far have been accomplished without tho loss of a single life. Tho Span-
ish retreat from this place was precipitous, they leaving their rifles find
ammunition in tho barracks and 000
sick in the hospital. The people ure
enjoying a holiday in honor of our arrival.
(Signed) MILES.
Paris, July 29.���A correspondent of
the Temps at Sun Juan todny criticizes
the inefficient condition of the equipment of the Spanish troops in Porto
Rico. He, says thut if fighting occurs
it will nmount to little, us the Spnni-
ords are in no condition to resist tho
Washington, July 29.���The navy department has posted Ihe following :
St. Thomas, July 29.���The Dixie,
Annapolis, Wasp and Gloucester left
Guanico on July 29 to blockade Ponce,
and captured GO lighters for the
United States army. Tho city of
Ponce and Playa surrendered to Commander Davis upon his demand. At
12:H0 a. in., July 28,tho American flag
was hoisted. Tho, Spanish garrison
evacuated. By the provisional articles
of surrender until its occupation by
the army, first, the garrison is to bo
allowed to retire; second, tho civil
government is to remain inforce;
third, the polico nnd fire departments
nro to bo maintained without
arms; Jfourth, the captain of the
port is not to he mndo a prisoner.
General Miles nnd General Arisen
urrived at Ponce und Guanico with
the Massachusetts und the Cincinnati
nnd the transports. At (i :40 a. in. on
the 28th they commenced landing the
army, and somo sugar lighters wero
captured. Thero was no insistence.
The troops were weolomed by tho inhabitants amid great enthusiasm.
Sixty lighters and 20 sailing vessels
with 120 tons of conl were captured.
This Friendly   Society   Chooses   Distinguished Olllco   Bearers.
London, July 29.���Tho Anglo-Amori-
can League, recently formed for the
purpose of securing ''cordial and constant co-operation on the part of tho
two nations," today selected Right
Hon. Jamos Bryce, liberal member of
parliament for the south division of
Aberdeen, for chairman, and the Duke
of Sutherland for treasurer. Membership in the league is open to all British and American subjects, and
brunches uro authorized in all the large
cities and towns.
Washington, July 29.���Tho state department has just received nows of tho
death of Mrs. Ophelia Coleman, wife
of tho president of Liberia, in the
executive mansion at Monrovia on
Juno 24 lust Sho wns a uutivo of
Arkansas uud emigrated to Liberia in
181)5, where she was married to President Coleman tho following year. THE MINER, SATURDAY,  JULY 30,  1898.
Mc JJiner.
Published Daily except Sunday.
The Miner 1'ki.viino & t'ciiLisniKa Co.,
Limited Liaiulitv.
bo accompanied by tbo liuiuu mid address
nf the writer, nol necessarily tor publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Subscription Rates.
Daily, per month by carrlor $ 'lKI
per nioiuli by mall    1 ""
per halt yeur by mail    *"'r,(l
poryear  1000
per yoar, foreign  1300
Weekly Mined.
Weekly, per half year S 1 28
"      per yoar    200
por year, forolgn    :'li;i
Sub��;ii|ilioiis Invariably In advance.
Advertising rates made known on application,
Tho Miner Printing it Publishing Co.
JO AUVF.ltflSKltS.
Copy ror CUangca <>r Advertisement mini
lie iu tin- Oflice by I o'clock l>.:n. '���"
Insure change.
. asily havo very serious if not fatal results. Were a, man to Call ;i victim to
oue o�� tho accidents sn common in the
bills, nr lobe otherwise in urgent need
ni' medical assistance, and then be unable in gel lhe steamer to come and
lako him off, a very heavy responsibility would Iio on (he shouldors of
th" offenders, it may also bo meu-
tiouod in ihis connection Hint, within
the limits of their charter obligations,
those in charge of public, conveyances
suoh as steamers arc the servants of
the public and have no right to arbitrarily decide whom they shall receive or whom they shall refuse.
Either those navigating the steamer
saw the signals and wilfully disregarded them, or else such an inefficient
lookout is habitually kept that they
wero unobserved, In either case their
conduct i.s equally blameworthy.
IN":E~W~   *   G-QOIDS
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
jJl&fc^also (lood Value in Sponges.^at&&n_
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
j Official Directory.
I Governor-General        -        Karl of Abordocn
Premier        - Sir Wilfrid Laurioi'
Slember House ot Common*?, Dominion Parliament, Wesl ICooU'iiiiy Hewitt Bostock
Lleut.-Govcnior - Hon T B Mclnnes
Promtoi - Hun J II Turner
Alloi'ncy-Ci'iiurnl - Hon I) M Kberls
Com nt bunds and Works Hon G II Martin
Minister Mines and Education Hon Jas linker
President Exocutivo Council HonC K Pooley
Members Legislative Assembly lor Went Kootenny North Hiding J M Kellie
Sonth Riding                   - .1 F Hume
Branch Markets in. Eossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
The newspaper world of  Londou  is j
i very much excited ovor the  revolution
ni'  alleged  1 lackmailiug   scaudals  by j
Mr. Ernest Ti mh Heniey, the l-ani-:'-' Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
rupt company  promoter,    The Londou
The Victoria Daily Times in its
iusue of the 27th inst, has an editorial
answering an article in the Vancouver
World, which criticized some utterances
of Senator Tenipleruan's. We do not
propose to touch in any way upon the
political question at issue, bul both
articles contain statements concerning
the smelting industry at Nelson which
are hardly in consonance -with facts.
The Vancouver World quotes Mr.
Croasdaiie us savin*,' that the Hall
Mines smelter here t real,id 150.000 tons
of silver-lead ore, and thereon bases
the argumont upon which wo do uot
now intend to enter. The Victoria
Daily Time*; in reply expresses the
opinion that Mr. Croasdaiie was misquoted, asserts that "tho Nelson
smelter doos not treat the galena of the
Slocan," und takes v.p the position
that not one ton of the galena ores of
tho Slocan has ever heen I rented in
Unfortunately Mr. Croasdaiie is not
at present in the city.and consequently
we have not heen aide to secure ;i con-
finiiation or 'it denial of the statement
attributed to him. Nevertheless, thoro
is probably very little doubt that the
Victoria Times is correct in saying
that Mr. Croasdaiie was misquoted, fl r
the ore from the Silver King mine
does not contain lead. The Victoria
Times, however, is quite wrong in
saying that lhe Hall Mines smeller
does not or never has treated galena
About the middle of last March the
smaller of Ithe two blast furnaces was
blown in for tho purpose of treating
galena ore from the Slocan. As the
furnace was originally designed for
the treatment ot copper ores, the attempt was looked upon to n certain extent as an experiment. The alterations
that hud been made, proved, however,
to bo effective, and the venture was n
complete, success from a smelting point
of view. The run lasted for about six-
weeks, and it large amount of silver-
lead bullion was shipped. The Miner
is not in a position to state whether
the treatment was a financial success
or not, but the gem nil impression is
that it wtis so, und that the Hall Mines
smelter intends resuming similar operations in tho mar futuro,
Times has contributed its quota to the
excitement by its disclosure of the
methods of cert iin promoters of Klondike companies. Mr, Henry Hess, a
former well known South African
journalist, the editor of the Critic, has
joined in the fray, and there is a tierce
combat being waged between him and
Mr. Harry Marks of the Financial
News. The publio prosecutor has already taken stops against some of tho
more notorious blacklegs of the
"cily." and Mr. Hess litis stated that
if ho does not investigate Hooley's
charges, he (Mr. Hess) will do so himself. Mr. Hess has already attacked
the Klondike aud Columbian Gold-
fields and its subsidiary companies, the
company which enjoys the patronage
of Premier Turner. The sequel of this '
lnsi affair has yot to be heard.
Orders by mail to nny branch will have careful ar.d prompt attention.
.John Illusion
Aldermen���Chas Hillyer, W F Teetzel, J A
llilker. ,1.1 .Miilone, i-l I' Whalley, Thos Madden.
Cily Clerk
Police Magistrate
Chlof of Pollco
Chief of Firo Dopartmonl
Wiiier Commissioner
Health onicor
Cily ihevincol-
City counoil moots ovory Mopday, 3 pan., at
eily hall, cor Vlctorln and Josephine st
J K Straohan
K A Crease
A F McKlnnon
W ,l Thompson
John Hamilton
T M Ward
Dr, I.ailnii
A. L. M'Oulloeh
Our Orocerv Business has grown so rapidly dining thc
past few months we are compelled to make room Bomehow.
In order to do this we have fully decided to dispose of our
Entire Stock of Crockery and' Glassware at Prices which
have never been heard of in fhe District of Kootenay.
Ladies don't miss this golden opportunity. Call and look
through. There is sure to be something you will require before the Will is over.
When you come to look llirough the Bargains don't forget,
your Grocery List also, for as you well know, our slock is well
assorted and Prices Right.
Ladies come early beforo your neighbor gels ahead of you
and picks out tho best Bargains. All goods delivered promptly
free of charge lo any part o! the city.
Des Brisay & ���o,9 Nelson,
Several complaints have reached us
about the way Ihe steamor Nelson
treats those who wish to embark from
the shores of the lake where there arc
no regular landing places. Wo are informed on the besl authority lhat"ou
several occasions parties who had gone
to examine properties near I'ilot Bay
have heen passed by hy Ihis steainer,
notwithstanding bonfires and all other
possible melius of attracting attention.
Our informant lells us that on one
occasion the steamer did not stop although he had previously notified Ihose
in charge that he would bo there, and
notwithstanding tho fact that he vigorously flagged ihe steamer, with tho
result that he had to slay on shore the
greater part of the night until the
steamer of a competing line arrived.
We arc also informed on rclial lo
authority that on ono occasion a
gentleman who had at other times
flagged the steamer in vain, embarked
in an old and rotten boat thai he happened to find on the shore aud rowed
to within about 100 yards of tho
steamer, which oven then declined to
stop. It is perhaps hardly necessary to
point out that such behavior on the
part of those in charge of tho steamer,
while invariably a source of great discomfort    and   inconvenience,   might
It is but a   few weeks since   Edwin
A.  Abbey was made a royal academic- j
iait. and  he   has   just   been elected a
member of the   Prussian   ltovc.1 Academy ot Arts.
Associate Justice White is said to bo
the only member of   the United Slates ;
supreme court who now rides a wheel. :
He goes out for a spiu every  afternoon \
after the adjournment of court.
High church Anglican-: are. much
disturbed over the course of Archbishop Temple of Canterbury recently
in visiting the gonoral assembly of the
Established Church of Scotland (Presbyterian) and accepting au invitation
to speak at one of its sessions.
General Venukofl,   a Russian,   has i
discovered   a   magnetic  polo   of  the
earth     or    something    like    it    at  OFFICE AND YARD C.   P
Kotchctowka, m the government of I
Koursk. The magnetic needle freely i
suspended becomes vertical there.   But
at B0 feot from   the  center it   inclines * i'il.      -        ...
one degree from the vertical.
toiuutttttcuuuuut*: ARCHITECTS, BUILDERS
We are prepared to iurnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
'.������������I. ��� am. i j-. jfcT    niii���p ^~-xr*^..-*..
R.  STATION     .    .    .
A.    E.    YOUNG,   AGENT.
\iy. t:i' Arthur. Mr. i: a ii Hall, Goo John-
stone.   Principal���J Fl Groon,
Prosldont ,l Roderick Robertson,
Vioo-Presidenl James Lawrence.
Scey-Trens. John A Turnor.
I're'i leiil. John A. Turner
Vleo-Pi'oK, XV. A. Jowett.
Secrotiu-y D. McArtliiu-
Treas. A II Clements
Mcdlonl S'lpt. . Ur. (I. A llllidl
K.iie imii.|i'niledstiiius,Ontario,Quo
hectui'l ICnstcrn  Province*
Point- on \.  & K. S. liiie.
Victoria nml llo-.-hunl.
8.30 u.in.jKrw 1)< ever, Sandon ani
Slocan Lako Points,
1.00 p.m.jlCnslo nml Kiiiiieiiuy Lak(
no p.m.|Ilosslaud, Trail, Nukusp
Lobson. pointson main lint
'. P. II.. Vancouver and
��� i.l.'I'.ni.
2.30 p.m.
7.15 a.m.
7.00 a.m.
mi* ico unlit;-.
lei.1 y opnnoil from 7 a.m. tn in p.m.; Gonoral
Deliver}',S n.m.  tn s p.m.;   Registration, 8.30
ii.in. io7 p.m.; Monoy Ordors and Savings Bank
0n.m. to l p.m.; Sunday 1 hour(10tolla.m),
���l. A. GILKER, Postmaster.
Government Inspector of Agonolos VV ,1 Goepel
Gold Commissioner
Mining Reoordor-Tax Col
Collector of Customs
Provincial Assessor
County Courl Judge
Inspector 0{ Schools
O. G. Dennis
It P Tolmie
GCO, .luhllslone
.lohn Keen,
J A Forin
KT HSlmpUlii8
William Burns
Warden Capt, N Fitzstubbs.
First Jailer - RLlddell.
Second Jailer Goo Partridge.
Thiol Jailer - John MoLaron
The eminent pathologist, Dr. Fried-|S
rich vou Zenker, who was thc first to ] ^
discover in 1860 trichinosis in the hu- j -^
man body, died recently at Erlangen v<
at tho age of 73. After having been ^
active as a physician af several hos- uj
piials 'c was appointed in 1876 pro- S
fessor of pathological anatomy at the ^J
medical academy of Dresden, and since vj
1862 he had occupied the post of stato I S
medicine at Erlangen. j S
"In the fall of 1868," says tho I5os-1 ^
tou Transcript, "when the. war depart-1 ^
incut authorized the formation of negro ; ���*<
regiments in eastern Tennessee, Shafter , ^
was commissioned colonel of one -^
organized nf Murfreeshoro, although n
Goneral George 11. Thomas declined S
to recognize the formation. Within uj
four months Shafter had taught every S
negro under him how to rend and I Jj
write, nml he drilled the organization ;^
until it became the show regiment at \*t
Nashville, Tenn. The regiment dis- ' ^
tiuguished itself in the battle at Nash- '^
ville." S
C When requiring thoroughly seasoned
K i timber should apply to
The l'aper of the People.
Everybody Reads It.
The Largest Circulation.
Best Advertising Medium.
Marquis Camilio Polavioja, who has
been called io Madrid to lend his coun-
sol in tho government  in   the   present
crisis, may he pushed to lhe front'over
(Ieneral    weylor   and     may     himself.
organize   a cabinet    instead   of   being;
minister of war   in   the cabinet of (he i
new    government.   Polavioja    is    a
strong man in many respects.    He was
born in the city of   Madrid and inherited vas! wealth from his   father, who
made his fortune in I lie trade with the
Philippnes,    The   son   was set   (o the
islands as captain   general   after (len-1
end    Blanco   was   removed   from that I
post.    It is hard to  sny which   of   lhe I
three���Blanco,    Weylor   or Ptillivicja���
proved the most merciless, The ttt ii -n
marquis entered the army in 1808, and \ W CllL IciperS
was an officer under (ieneral Campus
in Santiago dc Cuba when the Vir-
ginius affair look place. He was later
made governor of the province of Santiago dc Cuba, and lifter the ten
years' war he was elevated to the position of captain general of the island.
Ho was very popular with lhe monies
in the Philippines, and did everything
lo ndvani o Iheir interests.
What Polavieja   would   do were   he
placed at ihe head of   the   government
is a question not easy to answer. Some'
seem to think that he would   stand for!
peace, whereas others, whose  opinions i
arc of value, believe  he   would   bein
favor of   fighting the war to the bitter
ond,    Spain   at   present   regards   him
with great hope. aj LIMITED
The Nelson Planing Mill
Senior Guard
R Ince.
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes anil
every description of Joinery.
'���'��) OKWE-IK.
JYour Tobaccos.^.^m
��� AT TIIK ���
Post Office
<5s*-��� Cigar Store
Fishing Tackle,
Garden & Flower Seeds.
Where  you wiil  alwnjs lind a well
assorted  stock of imported   and
Domestic Cigars, Cigarettes Tobaccos and a full slock  of
Pipes at reasonable
"Babcock" Fire Extinguishers
6 QAL. SIZE S30. 3 GAL- SIZE $15.
Including Supply nf Chemical Charges
with each,
Delivered F. O. B. ut Portland, Ore.
The Babcock is lhe recognized
standard, universally used in the
Fire Department service. Each
tested lo 300 pounds per inch;
working pressure 100 pounds per
inch. Thc Babcock has stood the
test of time. Full line of Fire Apparatus and   Department   Supplies.
A. (i. LONG,
I71 4th St. Portland, Ore.
Ciicitcn tn* IO.nih.am)-Mnlin II a.m.; Even
Song, 7.:����� p.m. every s'.iindiiy. |[uly Communion en 1st ami Hnl Siincluys in the month nfter
Matins; on "Jn.l and uh Sundays, at s n.m
Sunday School at 2,30 p.m. Hev. II. s. Akehurst, Hector.   Cor VVard and .Silica streets,
I'kksii'.tkiuan Church���Services at 11 a,m.
and 7,::ii p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer mooting Thursday evening at S p.m.;
Christian ICndonvor Socloty moots every Muii-'
thiy evening at S o'clock. Uev. It. Prow
Mbthodibt Cnonon-Corner Silica and
Josephine Stroets. Servlcos at 11a.m. and 7.:iu
p. m. ; Sabbath School, 2.30p.m.: Prayor meeting on Friday oventng al 8 o'clock; ISpworth
Longue O, lv. Tuesday at8a.m. Kev. Hoo. II,
Mtnilen, Pnstor,
Roman Cathouc CHoncn���Mass at Nelson
overy Sunday at s ami 10.30 n.ni.; Benediction
nt 7.;i(l 10 Sp.ni.   Itov. Knllier Kei'liinil, Priest,
I i.m-i* 1 st O110K011 ��� Servlcos morning and
evening ni 11 a.in. nml 7,:io p.m.; Prayor meeting Wednesday evening nl 8 p.m.; Mootlngs
nre held in llie school house. Strangers coral-
ally welcomed.   Kev. ti. it. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation' Aii.mv ���Hci-viees every evening
at X o'clock in barrncks on Viotoria i-ireet.
Ailiutuut MlUner in charge.
,)\   NELSON 1.01)0 K. No. 23. A. F. &A.
jf M. meets socond Wednesday In each
month.   Visiting brethren invited,
ti. L. Lennox, Secretary.
��� ijjJSjBfo..    '���  "���  O.  F.     Kootenny Lodge
-    -jtftr^e -N"- "'��� meets every Monday night,
'���''���"     nt   Iheir   Mull,   Kootenny   'troel.
���ojoiiiTiing Odd Fellows oordlally invited.
WM. HOD80N, Secretary.
Aineets iii Onstle hall, MoDonald blook
jrjspvory Tuosday ovonlng nt, 8 o'olook,
- tJMI visiting knights cordially invited,
.1. .1. Mai.oni-., CO.
(8201 GEO. Pahtuiiiiik. K. of It. and y.
NKLSON   LODGK,   I. O, G. T.      Meets in
Castle Hull, MoDonald Blook, evory Monday
evening nt s o'clock.   Visiting Tomplaraoor'
dlally invited, John Tki.i-iiuii,
chief Tomplnr,
Georgo Nunn   Sec'y
SUNS ok ENGLAND, meets
socond and fourth Wednesday of
eaoh month at K. of P, Hull, Mao-
Donald Blook, oor. Vernon nnd
Josophlno stroets. Visiting bro thru cordially invited, Ernest Kino,
iiiias. II. Farrow, Worthy Prosldont
lst nut
K of 1
RT KOOTKNAY. I.O.K., NO. 3138 meets
1 3rd Wednesday in each month in the
Hall,   F W Swanell, O. I). S, C. It.; J B
CU,: J. l'urkiss. Secy.
NKLSON 1,01 Hll'., NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets
every Thursday in tho I.O.O.K. hall. F W
Swanell, M.W.! W Hodson. ltce.-Sec.; J. ,1.
Driscoll, Financier 1''. J Squire. Receiver nnd
P. Al. W.
NKLSON L.O.L. No. 10112 moots in tho McDonald block every Thursday evening at 8
o'clock. Visiting members oordlally invited.
John Toyo W.Mii F. J. Bradley, U.S. THE MINER, SATURDAY,  JULY 30, 1898.
ilVJiTPIHT     TOPS AT     WT1WH    a* 8:15 o'clock, arriving at   Balfour at 1
'PA,      .Mi    NHWX PO-    A first-class  orchestra has been I
JbUlillAli    LUUMJ    iUlH ll.   ougaReil, aud a cliuice will   be givcu at I
The return trip will
o'clock.     Pare  for
IIC'C,   fj.l.
Uriel'    .Ill-Ill',in    nr   Happening-*!
Uislrlcl inn-tug Hie l'��-,
1'i'iv On.vs.
at thc
Wheeler ot Vancouver li
! of  Spokane i.s registered
registered at the
P. .1
, Phair.
'    J. S. Tryi
ial the Phair.
John Dean, \'mi]'
Hume yesterday.
P. Vi. Burns   is   now in   charge  of |
Qilker's storo at Yiuir.
H. S. and \V. R. Gallop of Kaslo
Iwere in the city yesterday,
Chief of Provincial Police Mountain
^Icl't yesterday evening for Brooklyn.
Jasper Phair left yesterday for a few
days' visit to the Halcyon hot Borings.
Wanted. ���Twenty-five axinon. Ap
^ply at Silvor King hotel.  W. W
J. L. Retallack returned yesterday
levoniiiK from a business trip to Spok-
Rev, H, Irwin, the genial Father
Pat, returned to Rossland yesterday
E. E. Phair, niauager of the Halcyon
[hot springs, left yesterday evening for
Ithe springs.
T, 0. Gray, Vancouver, and Charles
iParker, Kossland, registered al the
I Hume yesterday.
the Outlet hotel
leave Balfour at
round trip cud
J Ji-. LaBau, medical health officer,
rotprued on Thursday evening from a
visit to ii]) the lako poinls, where he
wont to investigate reports of the outbreak of a contagious disease among
the Indians. Investigation, however,
assured him that nothing moro serious
than measols was prevalent, but us a
precaution he had all the Indians along
the lake returned to the roserve.
Dr.   Fletcher of Ottawa  is giving
lectures ou weeds in British Columbia, where the farming interests aro
evory year increasing in extent, and
whore the weed problem is an issue as
it is in Manitoba. He will bo engaged them until August ���'.. Tho
weed tent which was taken from Winnipeg to the Brandon fair, proved to
be one of the noticeable features there.
���Freo Press.
re no eonsi ici-Hiimi  in named in transfers
nominal sum of iti Is t-.o bo understood.
Joseph Pannerniau,  manager  of
^Vancouver   Hardware    company,
���yesterday for Brooklyn,
Kev. Vi. ,1. Sipproll,   il.   A. B.   D.,
principal of   Columbia  Methodist col-
oge. Now Westminster, will preach in
tho Methodist church on Sabbath m xt.
morning and evening.    At the close of
the morning  service  the sacrament of
the Lord's   Supper  will   bc  administered.    Mr.   Sipprell   will   lecture  on
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock  in tlio
Methodisl   church on "Thc Worth of a
Man.''   The. professor  is   a very   able
White. I lecturer and knows how   to handle his
| subject   well,    A   collection   will    bo
I taken up to defray I ravel ing expenses.
| Mining and Other Notes From lhe
Quartz Creek Camp.
Billy Baeom and Dick Groen have
made a strike on the Nuggel and will
set a forco of men lo work immediately.
Morris and Winslow have increased
the force on their North Pork properties, Several men left hore Jlonday to
work on I hem.
D. A. Cameron went oui to tho
Union Jack   on   Tuesday.    Mr.   Cam-
July 20���
Vi. P. Egarr, on divide kot Hidden
and s fk of Porcupine cks, adj Happy
Mistake���0. Creamer, '.< mi from
head of Sixteen Mile ck.
Brooklyn���H. A. Van Buskirk mid
V. Carson, on Wild Horse ck, adj
Kumsliorn���V. Carsou, same, adj
Iron Colt.
Ida Fraction���J. P. Swedherg, on e
side of 2 mi up n ik of Wild Horse ek,
adj Hidden Treasure.
Salisbury���W. Feeney, on Toad
mountain, 1 mi s fo Silvor King mino.
'. J. Mighliui of   Nelson has
several   men
ll.egion   and
Horse en ek.
to   work   on
Annie  Maud,
Work on the new  lilock of the
fence   Hardware   company   is
Lushed rapidly abend under the
{vision of Contractor Hillyer.
The provincial district  nn cling will
o  held in  tho Methodisl   church  on
Wednesday, August 8.    All the Mci hollis! ministers of the Kootenay district
Ivill he present.
W. S. Keay, formerly customs col-
SOtor at Trail, now stationed at* Wordier, B. 0,, is in Spokano for medical
treatment in the hope of fully recovering from the effect of a severe attack
M fever.
The Washington Marine baud is ex-
booted to arrive this evening and will
five an entertainment at the Salvation
���iriny barracks. They have hail
Irowded houses in every town they
lave visited, and it is expected they
,'iil draw a big audience ill this city.
(1. II. Sproat, wbo was up till ro-
lentlv superintendent of the engineer-
lug department pf tho 0. P. K. flee! at
Vancouver, arrived in the city on
Wednesday to lake charge of tho placing of the engines in position in the
lew steel   Steamer   now    in   course of
pustruction at the Nelson shipyard.
[James McOreath  has  sold his hard-
uro business in Nelson and intends
devote his entire time in tlie future
his  mining   interest around Ymir,
fr. McOreath intends to start a force
men to work on the Tennessee ut an
.rly dato.    The   people of   Ymir will
eartily welcome  Mr, McOreath back
tain,���Ymir Miner.
\A moonlight,  excursion and ball will
given on the steamer Nelson to Bul-
ur  on   Friday   ovening,   August  5.
fie steamer will   leave Iho citv wharf
a lot of
;e Cream Freezers
llvliich no well appointed
home should be  without
[during the warm weather.
We have also constantly
[on hand a full line of . .
lumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we arc offer-
ingat verylow prices.       *
eron is having considerable work done
on this property at present.
Richard Diamond has sold a ono-
hnlf interest in the Kentucky Star to
V. Carson. This property i.s situated
on Wild Horse ck about live miles
from Ymir,
Charles Rollins has sold to Grant
Morris and C. M. Hanna the Lvtton
No, 2, Did Get Thore and Black
Prince This property is situate on
tho north fork of Salmon river.
Mr.Richard Diamond has sold a one-
third interest in the Mollie Gibson
mineral claim to Spokane capitalists,
The Mollie Gibson adjoins tho Flossio
K., and is considered valuable property,
James Oalhihor and Bou Nesbitt left
Tuesday to do development work on
the Big Bob on Midgo creel,-. Thoy
have secured several good assays from
Ihis claim and intend to work this
property nil summer.
Prank Carriban and Gilberl Peon
wire down from thigliig Pour Sunday.
They have built a large hotlSQ for winter quarters and are jubilant ovor the
claims and expect to work this prop*
erty during the winter.
Prof. .1. C. Garvin returned on Saturday from Xelson where ho was ?nii
by a Hamilton syndicate to examine
lhe Delight group of claims on Toad
mountain. lie says the mining interest around Nelson is quiet, hut the
city is beautiful and is growing very
James Astloy and Swan Nelson arc
working mi the Golden Queen, which
adjoins the Jubilee. Messrs. Astley
and Nelson have done over $1000
worth of work on this property and
expect the Golden Queen to join the
line of shippers before a great while.
They have over five feet of ore in the
shaft, and have run an open cut ami
also run a crosscut on the ledge, which
shows a body of mineral ore over lit)
fee in width.���Miner.
At one period during the rebellion
thero were no less than 74 major generals and 210 brigadiers on the rolls,
which was far moro tbim there was
any use for. President Lincoln recognized tins mistake before anybodyelse,
hut he consoled himself by joking
about if. It is recalled that on ono
occasion, when one of those superfluous
generals was captured by tho enemy,
with a number of mon and horses,
somebody undertook to condole with
the president on the subject, remarking tliat the loss of the captured general's service was u great misfortune
to tlie government.
"Pooh I" replied Lincoln, "it's tho
horses I'm thinking about. I can
make another brigadier gonoral in two
minutes, hut horses are, scarce, and
cost $200 apiece.''���Kansas City
When Mr. Gladstone and Lord
Tennyson paid a visit to Kirkwall and
wished to see St. Magnus' cathedral
tliey had lo get the assistance of the
United Presbyterian minister to show
it to them. "Iwas," Mr. Gladstone
said, "such a doubtful character that
oven in Iho company of Tennyson I
was not sufficiently respectable to bo
conducted over it by the proper authority. " Tlie story is told by Mr. Patrick
Campbell, for so many years Mr.
Gladstone's agent in Midlothian.���
Westminster (lazotto.
The building commltteo of tito Roman Catholic church aro asking Tor i>i<!s for Uio purchase
oM wo lots awl u house, hitherto used as tho
Kniiiam Catholic church. Thu lota are situated
on the corner of Josophlno and Silica streets,
opposite tbo Methodist church. Rids for tho
proiKdv must lie addressed loll. J. Williams.
1'. 0. box iH, and must bo In on or beforo li!
o'clock noon Augusl X Tho committee reserve
Lhe riirht to refuse any or all bids. 71
Perhaps during the
excitement your supply of Printed Stationery has been
If so we
pleased   to
used up.
shall  be
has taken over the practice of
Dr. H. E. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods.  .  .
Ilrokru Itlll Itliirk
Butill'  It.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   und see   us.
In addition to the improvements to
their plant already chronicled in The
Miuer, the enterprising owners of this
concern, Messrs. Roisterer & Co., intend making still further additions
tn theii already extensive accommodations, The plans for a large ^niitl extensive addition to their present building have already heen received and
approved. The new structure will he
built of brick or sione and will present
a handsome and imposing appoarance.
The estimated enst is in the neighborhood of $10,000.
liileriiiitioual Navigation k Trailing Company.
Summer Cord. Effective Juno 20,1898.
Subject to change without notico.
[ancouver & Nelson, B, G.
Work nn the construction of the
Crow's Nest Pass railway he!ween
Macleod, N. \V. T..and Kootenay lake,
is progressing rapidly, and Iho iniliea
tions are that the rnatl will he completed to Kuskononk early in the
autumn, Traoklayiug has heen completed froni Macleod westward to Elk
river crossing, a distance of l-l-M miles
from the former place and Ills miles
from Kooienay lake. It will thus bo
noted, says tlie Kossland Miner, that
the line is supplied with steel  a   little
over half the distance. Between Kuskonook and Moyie lako the work of
clearing, grading nnd preparing of the
tracklayers is well advanced. It is
said that OOUtraotS have been mado to
deliver unbroken carload lots in Kootenay over this route by the middle of
next October.
"Why is Ihe territory now owned
by the United Stales like an egg?"
asked the Cheerful Boarder,
"Is il something about Plymouth
Rock and Black Spanish?'' asked iho
man with spectacles.
"Pshaw, no; it i.s because, ils sun
never sets on it. "���and ho left the
table quickly.
South b'nd.   8. S. Iiili-rnatioiiiil.   North b'nd
I tend down Head up
Train l.v.- 1,00p.m. Sandon 10.60 a.m. Train Ar
"   Ar   8.45   "     Kuslo     8 00   "       "    Lv
Boat Lvs. 3.30 a.m. Knslo    8.30 p.m. BoatAr
"    4.HII  " Ainsworth 7.80   "       "   "
"    5 IHI   " Pilot Huy 6,48	
"    6 30  "   Balfour   ii.in	
������    Ar   6.40  " BMilePt. 6.25 '
"      "     7.IS   "    Nelson    4,46    "        "   Lv
Train "   10,05p.m. N'lliport 1.55    "  Train   "
"     "   11.20   " Hossland 12.IB (i.m.   "        "
"     "     3.10   " Spokano   8.110	
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Hoat and   Spo
kane train daily except Sunday.
8. IS.   Ulil'lla.
fill an order for you.
Letter Heads,
Heads, Envelopes,
Posters. Dodgers,
Shipping   Tags,    Etc..
are right in our
line of business
and while we do
not claim to do
work at the
cheapest price,
Good Work
Fair Price
We keep in Stock
nearly all Custom,
Legal and Mining
Forms and will print
anything you may
To all Eastern and European
To Pacific Coast and Transpacific Points.
To the Rich and active Mining
Districts of Klondike and the
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points.
Tickets   issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To Rossland and Slain   Line points
II.tO p.m.-Leaves���NELSON���Arrivcs-lO.UOp.ni
ii iiod'iin.i Lake���Kaslo ltouiv.
Str. Kokankk
Except Sunday. Except Sunday.
I   p.m.���Leaves-NELSON���Arrives���11   a.m.
Calling at way ports in both directions.
BimiteilllJ Itivir Koute.
Str. Kklsox.
Jlon. Wed. Fri. Mon, Wed. Fri.
7 a. m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���8.80 p. ni.
Runs to Kuskanook (formerly Armstrong's
Landing* culling at wny ports making closo
connections at Pilot Hay with Stonmer Kokanee. Steamer makes additional trips when
vided bustnesB warrants.
Trains  to ami from  M.icim (ily. Sandon
ami Slocan  lake  Points.
(Sundays Excepted)
9 a. in.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���2.20 p. m.
Ascertain Present
Reduced Rates East
and full information by addressing nearest
local agent, or GEO. S. BEER, City Ticket
Agent, Nelson,
Trav. Pass. Agent,      Dist. Pass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouver.
Write for Klondike folder and Map.
Spokane  Falls &
Northern R'y.
Neison  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without change
of cars between Nelson ancl Rossland anil
Spokane and Eossland.
(Daily Except Sunday)
Leave 6.20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.35 p.m
"    12:05 "   EOSSL'D    "   11:20   "
"    8.30 a-m. SPOKANE   "    3.10 p-m
Traiii that leaves Nelsou nt G:20 a.m.
makes close connections at Spokane tor
all Pacific Coast Points.
Passengers tor Kettle River and Boundary Creek, connect at Marcus withStace
Train Ar
"    Lv
Hoat Ar
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m,
'���    Ar   3.4S   "     Kaslo     8.00   "
Boat Lvs  .'iim   "     Kaslo    1.00   "
������    0.20 "Ainsworth 11.40 p.m.
"     "    7.IHI   " Pilot Bay 11.00	
"   111.110   "  Ivuskuu'k 8.1m   "        "      "
"  12.00 m. Goat River 0.00	
"    1.00 a.m. Boundary 5.00  "       "
"Ai-      8.IKI   " B'rs Kerry 2,00   "        "     Lv
Train Lv 11.In   " Il'rs Kerry 1.1.1   "    Train Ar
"   Ar 2.15 p.in. Spokane 7.511 n.ni.     "     Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train daily. Hont leaves Kaslo
for abovo points Tuesdays and Saturdays
Uoturning on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Special Kootenny Lako Service.
Commencing 20 June, 18118.
Thursday and
lave Kaslo G p.m.,
(in Monda)
Alberta will leave ICaslo'5 p.m., for Ainsworth
Pilot Hay and Xelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 a.m., Tuesday, Frldny and
Saturday tor Pilot Hay, Ainsworth and Kaslo,
calling al all way points.
(All limes aro subject io change without notice.
Meals and hei'llis not included.
PasRongors on S, S. International from Nel
son, Spokane, etc, for points on Kootenny
Lako south of Pilot Hay. will connect at that
point wilh theS.S. Alberta.
Passengers (or Nelson via S. s. Alberta, from
points soul h of Pilot. Hay, can, liy arrangement
wilh purser, havo stop-over at, Pilot. Hay or
Ainsworth, or connect with S. S. International
at Kaslo.
The company's Bteamors connect Kootenay
Lake and slocan points with all poinls in the
i'nited States anil Canada; liy way of Spokane
and Kootenay Rlvor.
Tickets sold and baggage checked to all
points by pursers on steamers or at our oflice,
O. ALEXANDER, Clou. Mgr.
. O. Box 122, Knslo, U.C
The Daify Miner
is meeting with good
success and if not on
our list you should
be. We deliver it to
your home for one
month for one dollar
or six months for
five dollars.
Can  We  do  Business
with You ?
Zhc   Afeiner
fl>tfl. & pub. Co.
I D0
| For One Cent a Word? $
X     Vou can find ;i buyer for "Any
t Old Thing" if vou advertise.
* < lilsklllcil 1,1 w i iimiiu nis.
T     All advertisements In tals column are J
^   1 cent a word each insertion.   No ad-   i
���   vortisoment taken for less than 25 conts.   i
Old papers at Tin*:
per hundred.
MINER otllce.   25 centa
FOUND.���A small key, National Cash Regis-
Apply "Minor office.
MUSIC LESSONS. - On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. W. J, AsUey, Hobson strec',
two doors west of Stanley.   P. 0. Hox 18(1.
WANTED.���Girl for general house work.
Easy place.   Uood wages.  Must sloop at homo.
Apply Jlrs. .1. \V. Stewart.
  R. E. Lemon's cottage
WANTED.���Twenty laborers at Erie. Wages
J2.50 per day.   Hoard. Sli per week.
Apply W. i>. BLAZE. THE MINER, SATURDAY,   JULY 30,  1898.
One Hundred IhousniKl Uollnra in Itu ���:
Aboard.- Tlie <ily iil'SciillIe F\|>rrli-il
With More.���FrilllU Slavln's 1'iu-luer
Hakes u rile.
Victoria, July 29.���Aliout one Iran-
dn-d thousand dollars in gold dnsl
reached Victoria this ovening on tho
steamer Cottage Oity Irom the north.
Gulesford brothers of Soattle had about
$50,000 and trn other nun had sacks
averaging $5000 each, A large party
of successful miners will arrive by tlio
Oity of Seattle probably tomorrow,
including the Frenchman Geiome, wl o
has sold a elaim on French gulch for
161,000 after extracting a fortune from
it. Geoger Burke brings n suck of
gold weighing ?-"i pounds, including
oue .nugget weighing 13 ounces, all
taken from French gulch. .Jim Bur-
gette of Ballard has $1,000,000. H. II.
Carter, general agent of the t'. P. R.,
is with the party expected by the City
of Seattle. He says a correct estimate
of the season's: output is about $20,000,-
000. .T.W. Boyle, tho partner of Frank
Slavin in Dawson City, says tho royalties collected by the Canadian officials on the gold taken out will amount
to between $800,000 and $850,000.
Tha royalty has retarded developmnt
in every way, and claims are nol
worked in consequence of it. Some
were opened up before the royalty was
put on and so much work had been
done that it had to be continued at a
loss. Theso were worked. On some
otliers only sufficient work was done
to hold them. Last fall a number of
claims would have been worked but
for fear of the present royalty. Some
of those idle are among the most valuable. There are somo on Colorndo
ereek that were not washed up this
season. Thero is one Canadian. If.
Darrell of Toronto, with lhe party
coming on the Beattie.
San Francisco, July 29,���The steamer
Portland arrived from St. Miohaels today bringing seven Klondikers and
about $250,000 in gold dust and bullion. Three Dawson mini' owners,
Kdward Lewis, George Davis and C.
McCabe, brought out about $200,000 iu
bullion representing Iheir joint labor
at Dawson during the pnst season.
responsible lor Ihe payment of bond;
and lit" money kings will not be slow
iu bidding for such desirable socuri
lien. Ii will 11' an easy matter for
.Mf. Hill In run up the price to 120
when it becomes known that the road
is iu a position to pay dividends, and
thi' profit on the stock will not bo inconsiderable.
Six per cent bonds of tho Chicago,
Bock Island & Paciiic are quoted at
120 to 180; Chicago & Northwestern
(I's sell for 1154 to I8fli��� ; Milwaukee &
Northern first mortgage li's command
I'-'l,1..,. Even West Shore 4's, guar-
anteed by tho New York Central, are
quoted at 108. For the last six months
iu 1897 the Spokane Falls & Northern
shows net earnings of $224,000, a spen
did showing for a road bonded at less
than $8,000,000.
The purchase of the Spokane Falls &
Northern therefore appears to have
been a clever financial transaction,
aside from ihe advantage it will give
the Great Northern in controlling a
branch line m a section fast growing
; richer and mere populous,���Spokes
Contends It Has Always Been Outside
the Sphere of War.
London, July 29.���The Madrid correspondent of the Daily News says:
The Spanish government will combat to the last against a cession of
Porto Rico to the United States. She
would much rather sacrifice one of the
Philippine islands, contending that
Porto Rico has always been outside of
the sphere of the war.
Aguinaldo's proposition to decorate
himself wilh a gold triangle by virtue
of his rank as chief of the Philippine
] insurgents is rather appropriate after
.all. He certainly seems to be a three-
cornered sort, of fellow. At all events,
there appears to be more than a suspicion thtit he isn't quite square.���San
Francisco Bulletin,
Y. llOSHI, Proprietor,
arc receiving' Seasonable Goods
for the best trade of Nelson in
the lines of
The Best Meals In the City
from 25 cents up.
Tables   supplied   with    nil
the delicacies of thc season
The quality is thc best and prices
right.      As always, our stock of
is full and being raided to as needed.
Kirkpatrickand Wilson,
Special attention paid to auditing
Company's books. Business accounts balanced and set in order.
For terms apply
Ottawa, July 2(1. ���Sir Wilfred Laurier
wired to Ottawa to call a meeting of
the cabinet for Friday next* and summon all the members of tbe government
within reach to attend. It is understood that matters affecting the Quebfco
conference will come up for consider-
1 ation.
New   York,    July   39.���Bar   silver,
s 8-8.    Mexican dollars, -liV.,.    Silver
| certilicates, 58J^ to r/l-.j.
It is the Cuban idea to belittlo in
evory possible manner every arm of the
Spanish service. Cavalrymen cannot
ride. Artillerists cannot lind lhe
range. Infantrymen cannot march ov
shoot. Their arms are antiquated and
their heart* is not in the flgbt. A
Cuban scout told me that if a Spanish
cavalryman galloped his horse he
would fall off; if any of llm Spanish
army heard a gunshot they would run
away. My observations have not
found this to lie a faet. however, and
I do not think: too much dependence
should be placed upon ihe prejudiced
word of tlie over-enthusiastic patriot
from across the gulf. The lime thai
wo spent on the Cuban coast showed
the Spaniards to be very alert and
ready for attack. They have an excellent signal service botli with wires
and with heliographs and {lags. The.
intelligence of our movements was evidently conveyed by this service each
day. Latteries had beeu placed at
every spot where a ship could lie
landed. Anything imt a landing in
force would bo the extremity of folly.
���Prom "The First Engagement of
American Troops on Cuban Soil, " by
J. F. J. Archibald, in August (Fiction
Number; Seribner's.
Loudon,    July   20.���Tbe Irish   local
j government bill passed   its third reading iu the   house of   lords  today with
some unimportant amendments.
IAIMM.  MFIKE , M Min. Assoc. Cornwall I
Opposite l'liuir Hotel.
NELSON. B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
Extondod experience in chile nml Oerman
South Africa, Assays uiul analysts of ores.
Heports ami valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and lutne plans kept
up hy contraot,
For the next Thirty Days
. . . Also . . .
Flowers and  Hair Goods.
Room 0,   Tuinei-Roeclib   block.Entrance Baker street.   Open from
8 a. in. to 4.80 p. in.
fov Nobbiest and host and Save KASH.
:f. o. stoee.
sag   gggga
a     ��
c      a
Are Saving Money every day
on their Hardware Bills by
allowing us to figure with them.
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given.
Tel. Nu. 21.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
Evelyn   Oeoil's   recent  election  for
I East Herts increases   Lord  Salisbury's
j family party in tbe British parliament.
j Tlie premier bus  now   in tbe bouse of
commons   two sons, Lord  Cranbourne
and    Lord    Hugh   Cecil;   and   three
nephews, A.   J.   Balfour, Gerald   Balfour and Evelyn Cecil.    In   tbe   houso
of lords he has a son-in-law, the  Earl
of  Selborae.   With himself these give
I a  total   of   seven, nnd   between them
! they share the not important offices of
t 'prime minister and foreign   secretary,
1 | lender of  the house of  commons  and
I first* lord of tho  treasury, chief   seero-
! tary for Ireland  and  under  secretary
tor the colonies.
Repaired, Altered, Cleaned, I'renspd
nm! lijril by iIm .View Phocebs at
ItOllhOllIlllll'  i'l*i(*l'rt,
STEVENS, Tun Tailor.    ���-~r
ltOOM 9. IIii.i.tkh Blk.,   NELSON.
1\ S. -l.ii(l les Wool Ilrws Goods Sponged
boforo Making Up.
Waff Paper,      Sporting Goods
���   Hammocks,   ���
Cameras, Kodaks,
Photographic 8uppfies,
Thomson Stationery Co.
Great Northern Has a Controlling Interest iu the  S. V. & N. Railway.
If any doubt existed that* the Great
Northern, through President James J.
Hill, has absorbed the Spokane Polls &
Norhtern railroad, it* is dispelled by
the following from the New York
Commercial and Financial Gazette
"Spokane Palls & Northern Railroad
���Great Northern Ry.���Securities Purchased���President James J. Hill of the
Great Northern Writes Us as Follows I
'Answering   vour   inquiry of the 17th j
inst. in regard lo the Spokane  falls &
Northern   Railway   company,  I beg to
say that th'' Greal   Northern company I
owns   a   very   large   majority   of   ihe
stock   and   bonds,    I do  not   know tit
present whether it, will be best to consolidate the whole  or   any   pari    of   it
with tin1 Great  Northern   or to maintain the Spokane Falls &   Northern us !
a   separate   company.    Probably    the
latter course will   be pursued for some [
timo to eome.' "
President Hill "bogs to say thai the
Great Northern company owns a very
large majority of the stock and bonds"
of the Spokane Falls & 'Northern. Iu
this quiet abstrbtion of securities of
thc road to the north there appears to
bo a big money making scheme. Men
acquainted with stock dealings are
satisfied that the. Great Northern '
bought in its Spokane Falls & North- '
Om stock for not over DO. The road is
bonded for $2,812,000, and the amount
of capital is tho same. The bonds
draw (i pel' cent interest and are due in
1989, or nearly 40 years hence. The
Great Northern   in control, it becomes i
Tenders for a lease of the Smelter
boarding house and for the purchase
of the furniture, otc., will be received
until Monday, August 1. at il p. m.
Information cau be obtained at the
general ollice of
Property Owners.
The Hall Mines, Ltd.
Subscribe for The Miner
Do you want the rocks, stumps
or rubbish removed from your
yards, or your lawns levelled
down? II so we can do il lor
you. Will work either by day
or by contract.
Address T. VV.
Care "Miner" ollice
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and (ieneral Agents, Pire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public,  Etc...
FOR SALE   ____^��xxv-vv*h.
Corner Lot on Vernon Si., wilh Building,    lli Lots in Block
lit'   Cheap.   2 Lets Oor. Josephine and Hobson.
FOR RENT _^������*����.
2Lots and Dwelling near Cor Stanley St, on Observatory
St., $12 per month. Dwelling on Silica St,, near Cedar St.,
$20 per month.    Ilousu and 2 Lots, Houston St.  $16 month.
all and sec onr full list ol' property for sale  in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "J [ume" Addition al a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street, NKLSON,  B. C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
s. s. Fow^X"^      NELSON, B.C.
nine Engineer    J
One Year
���         9
Half Year
One rionth
��������_.       BY 1
Notice of Application for Liquor License,
rpAKK NOTICK that we, v.'. II. Graham
JL mui.I. II. MoMunus, will apply in tho
Hold Commissioner of Wost Kootonay, is. 0.,
thirty days nfu-r date, for u license lo soli
liquor by rotail at our hotel, located nt Jirooli-
lyn, in the Went Kootenay district.
W. fl.'GRAHAM.
.1. II. MoMANUS.
Hilled at Xelson, 1). C, this 20th day of June.
16113. 1120
Steamship Lines
From Montreal or Quebeo
Heaver Line���Lako Huron Auk. 3
Heaver Line���Lake Superior Auk. Id
Dominion Line���Vancouver Auk. 8
Dominion Line���Scotsman auk. 1,1
Allan Lino���California!! July iS
Allan Lino���Numidian Ann.  l
Froni New York
While Star Lino-Teutonic Aug.  3
While Star Lino���Uritaunio Auk. 10
Cunard Line���Lucnnia Auk.   II
Cunri'd Line��� Ktruria Auk- IH
Allan Statu Lino���State of Nebraska Aug. 16
Allan stato Lino���Mongolian Auk. 12
Anchor Lino���Furnessia Auk- 20
Anchor Line���Anuhoriu Auk. ID
Cabin, $15.00, $50. ?(*), *70 ?80 and upwards,
Intermediate, 134.00and upwards
Steoroge. 9^2.60 and upwards,
Passengers ticketed through to all point* !m
Great Britain or Ireland, and at spoolall y low
rates to all parts of the European conti aont.
Prepaid passages arranged from all point!.
Apply   lo  GKO.   B.  BEER,   C.P.R. _X etc
Agent. Nelson, or to,     WILLIAM STTFt *
554)   Genoral AKcnt, C.P.K. Offlces. Wliiuipcg.
Houses to Rent at $14, $15 and $25.
Iwo Lots, garden and fenced,  Viotoria street, $600.
A 3 roomed Furnished House, well finished, on fenced lot, 87tKi.
A now House, first story stone, 2nd rough cast, 7 rooms, Electric Lights, Il.-ith,
hot and cold water.    Finished in lirst class manner, ready nbout
loth August.   Three minutes from post ollice.    Prices
quoted at my office.
PABST : : :
A Trial will convince
that the World's Leading
Beer loses none of its good
qualities by being bottled
in our own country.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.
Victoria Street = NELSON, B. C.


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