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The Miner Jul 16, 1898

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Array A
Daily   Edition,  No. ����$.
Aelson,  British Columbia.  Saturday, July 16,   i8g8.
Eighth Year
^^  &%Pat$
A .shipment of the famous
Come  Early ancj Secure a  Pair.
BC    ��
��� ���������.^������������������^������������������^���"������������.i^
��� Latest Novelt
��} Vlill.lNtiSi'.nJ I
���f -K KID OLOVES. # ��
��� ���������������-**>������*������ + ������������
�� ��������> rj '.i-�� * S    B fl ����� ���.>�� if'fc if ' M fi *3 fl"* f3> M *<,"1 iOs   6T <S 1 -Oi
ai ano June ucai once sane.
\\',. ������ ill ofl'< r for the nexl ten days all of our entire slock
al  reduced   prices   with  Special   Reductions  on   the
.   .   .   following lines  .   .   .
> BLACK   &   PANCV -<���
��      PARASOLS ut       |J
X Reduced Prices. ���
���A  _ ���* .    ti
Miiildr Mvpiils I'IiIii^'.i Will Sonii lie
Si IMl'll Scil'i eillli'l' WIIN AllftOlUlC���-
Slllltta^o    is    ill     Ikalliti'l'     nl'     Hlllrr
Summer I Iress Goods.
Warm Weather fa In ii s.
Ladies Shirl Waists.
Ladies' 11 & A Ciirsels.
I.allies' .'imi Children's  (Jndervests
Ladies' Silk and !\iil !Iloves,
Ladies' Silk ami Alpaca Skirls.
Sailor Hats, Half Price,
.Men's Irntlorwear.
Men's Washington Ties.
Men a Negligee Sll i-t-8.
Ale i's Fancy (lainlirlc Shiiis.
Men's L! ii k Sateen Shirts.
Men's I link and Flannel Suits.
Men's Straw Hats.
Men's Pants aud Overalls.
Our Stock is Complete in House Furnisfii
���Crui'i'iii Toral liml Been TcuiiioHzliii; for
in 0113s. Tin- iii'i:t> was ni' (Broiil
si-riire 10 ilie iliimrlcaiis. -Tuesday's
Blitrl*\il'M   Cll'i'lsivi'.
time 1ml live eases have resulted
fatally. If any report ol' additional
oases was rocoivotl today, tho ofiloialf
deeliued to make it puhlie. Metui��
while Surgoou Sturuburg is making
iviTaugomeiits to supplemeut tho working force df immune phyuii ians and
nurses at Santiago, lie announced
today thai on Monday a vessel would
leave N'ew York, carrying an additional UUlllhor of this class of workers
and 11 largo consignment of hospitoJ
Washington, July 15.���The following
bulletin   has   lieen    posted   al llie war
department from Gonoral Shafter.
Headquarters, Santiago, Via Playa
del Esto, July IB.���To the Adjutant
General, Washington, D, 0, "Sent
you several telegrams yesterday as did
General Miles in regard to the surrender, General Toral agreed yesterday positively to surrender all tho
forces under I his command in eastern
Cutni upon a distinct understaudiug
that they were to he sent to Spain hy
lhe I'nited States. That surrender
was authorized by General Blanco,
and iis postponement to tomorrow
was merely formal. The commissioners to orraugo details wero appointed.
Wheeler, Lawton and Smiley act for
the United States. Several points
were immediately raised by th" Spanish eommisssionei's. The discussion
lasted until 111 o'clock last night. My
commissioners think the mai ter would
lie settled today, and next mee! at 0:80
o'clock this morning, There are
ahout, 15,000 troops iu the city and
ahout as many more in the surrounding district, 35,000in all will be transported. General Miles was proseul
and said the surrender was as absolute and complete as possible, it eannot    he   poSBible   thai  there   will he a
failure in completing arrangements,
"A water famine in the oity is imminent, as their supply has heen cut.
This was told Lieutenant Smiley by
tho English commissioner. Will wire
frequently while the negotiations are
progressing (Signed) SHAFTER,
Major General Commanding,
Only 11 Pew Fatal Cases���Additional
Staff of Immune Doctors Sent.
Washington, July 16.���The reports
which have reached the war department show that there have heen some
mortalities from yellow fever in Shatter's army. This, however, has been
light as  it  is said up to the present
An*   Matched
for  $20,000
to    Fight
at Buffalo.
New   York,   July   15.���Articles    of
agreement   for   a   fight between J. .1.
Corbett and Kid McCoy,   lhe match to
take place at the Hawthorne Athletic
Cltih, at Buffalo on Septoniber 10, weio
signed in ihis city today.
Mcd'ray signed for the Hawthorne
Athletic club, [George 1". Consilium
for Oorbetl and W.B. Cray for McCoy.
The purse is to be $20,000, the winner
to lake all.
(live Up   Cuba and Discuss Any
Reasonable Proposal.
Li nu Ion,   July   in.���The .Madrid correspondent of the Daily Telegraph says :
The govornroeul has definitely de
eided to open peace negotiations witb-
nui delay, proposing as a basis the
renunciation of all rights over Culm,
and the immediate discussion of any
other reasonable proposals tho Uuitod
Slates may make.
Four Men Come to Nelsou on a
(lor for Professional Aid,
Yesterday a man camped near Ymir
shattered his forearm while handling
11 shotgun. His cries were heard and
Pete, ihe packer, and some others
brought him about 10miles into Ymir.
The doctor desired professional aid
and accordingly Pete, Hie packer, and
three others look a hand car arriving
in Nelson at II :!I0 this morning. Dr.
Forin floes out to Ymir OU this morning's train. The injured man's name
could not bo learned.
July 15. ���At Washington���Washington I, Cleveland (i.
At Brooklyn���Brooklyn I, St. Louis
' At Philadelphia-���Philadelphia .,
Cincinnati 8,
At Baltimore���Baltimore 10, Chicago I).
At Boston���Boston 0, Pittsburg (i.
At New York���New York ;4, Louisville a.
General Shaffer's Headquarters,
Santiago, July 15.���General Shafter
boars his] honors modestly. To a correspondent of the |Associated Press he
"The enemy has surrendered all
territory and troops east of Santiago.
The terms were dictated from Washington. It has been a hard campaign,
one of the hardest I ever saw. The
difficulties were groat. The character
of the country and tho roads made it
seem almosl imposailho to advance.
The problem was hard but all difficulties have been satisfactorily surmounted. Ouv troops behaved gallantly.
They fought like heroes and I am
proud to have commanded them. Darin:;' all ihe hardships they have suffered, ihey have shown great spirit.
They tlosorvo to conquer.
"The resistance ot Ihe onomy has
been exceedingly stubborn, General
Torn! has proved hiuiself a noble man
worthy of any man's steel. The negotiations which culminated in the
surrender have been dragging on fer
ti ii day,', with intermissions oil Sunday and Monday, when onr batteries
aud fleets bombarded the enemy's
positions. Throughout theso periods
of truce General Toral has shrewdly
played for time, always dgolining to
surrender unconditionally and finally
when hard pressed, fell hack on the
statement that he was merely a subordinate and eould not surrender without
the sanction of his superiors, except
under penalty of being eourtmartialed.
At 1'ie same timo he seemed to intimate that personally he thought it
hopeless to hold out any longer."
Il was at the personal interview held
by General Shafter with General
Toral yesterday that the Amerioan
general made the Spanish commander
understand thai the temporizing must
cease, and before noon today a categorical affirmation to his offer must be
received or the bombardment of the
oity would begin in earnest. In the
meantime all the plans had been perfected. The delay was utilized to good
advantage. The American lines had
been extended until Santiago was
nearly surrounded and the light batteries had been so posted as to be ablo
to do more effective work. In addiiton
arrangements had been made to laud
troops at Cabanas, the western entrance of the harbor of Santiago.
Tho Spanish batteries opposite Morro
Castle were to be bombarded and
stormed. Their guns were thou to be
turned upon the city. General Law-
son's division'il the same time was to
fall on the enemy's flank under cover
ol our artillery tire, we could then
havo   invaded     their' lines,   and have
driven them into tho city.
(leneral Toral must have realized that
ho was trapped anil that to hold out
longer must mean a useless sacrifice
of his nun. Still ho made ono last
effort to gain more time this morning.
While nominally yielding to the torms
General      Shafter   proposed    before   8
o'clock he sent 0 communication to
GeneralJShafter ouclosing][a copy of 11
telegram from Captain-General Blanco
explaining that the surrender of such
an important position as Santiago, and
lhe abandonment of eastern Cuba,
would require tho dircctjsanotion of the
"Madrid government, and requesting
thai time to hear from Madrid be
niven. At the same time Blanco authorized General Toral, if it was agreeable to the American general to appoint
commissioners on each side to arrange
tho terins of capitulation of the forces
under the command oil the conditions
of Iheir parole and transportation to
Spain,pending the sanction of Madrid.
He also communicated the names of
the commissioners he had selected,
namely Mr. Robert Mason, British
vice consul; General Torol's staff,
Colonel Fontaine   and General Escara-
jao. This communication was so
ambiguous that it might all he upset
by tho refusal of Madrid to sanction the terms agreed to by tho com
missioners, audJGeneral Shafter resolved
to have, all the ambiguity removed before proceeding further.
At 11 o'clock he mounted his horse
and together with General Miles and
his staff, he rode, to the front. At
General Wheeler's headquarters General Shafter, General Miles, Colonel
Mans and an interpreter lefl their
Tetiuue and passed on over Iho Amerioan trenches with a flag of truce lo
the Mango tree under which the interview was held yesterday. They
were soon joined b.- General Toral,
his chief of staff and the two other
commissioners appointed by him.
General Miles took no part in the
negotiations. He has been careful
since his arrival here not to assume
the direction of affairs, or to detract
in the least from the glory of General
Shaffer's achievements. General Shafter insisted at the outset that the
commissioners to he. appointed should
have permanent authority to make
and conclude the terms of surrender
in accordance with the general conditions of the Amerioan demands.
After some parleying General Toral
acceded to this, explaining that since
his last communication he had received
direct authority from Captain General
Blanco to do so.. This being the
main point the interview concluded.
Before parting General Shaffer complimented Genoral Toral highly on the
skill and gallantry of his resistance.
Upon the return to General Wheeler's
headquarters the news of the complete
victory was communicated to General
Lawton and to General Kent and to
the brigade commanders. A scene of
general rejoicing followed. General
Shafter held a regular levee before he
dismounted, and was congratulated
and complimented by all. He immed
lately appointed General Wheeler
General Lawton and Captain Smiley
to be the commissioners on liis behalf
to treat with those appointed by General Toral. He then issued orders to
permit tho Americans troops to retire from the trenches, but absolutely
forbidding any soldiers and aivilians
going into the Spanish lines. The
refugees areato bo permitted to return
to their homes, but neither the American troops nor Cuban authorities are
to be permitted to enter the city at
present. The order as to the Cubans
is very specific. They have shown a
'disposition to loot everything and any
place, but they are not [to have the
privilege of glutting their appetites
for plunder in Santiago. A guard is
to be maintained about the city, and
the camps of the Amerioan soldiers
aro to be removed just to the front or
to the rear of theMines as is most practicable in the various cases. The
change of camp will undoubtedly improve the health of the troops.
Tho whole purpose of the American
commander now is to protect the
health of the army, and especially
from the dread contagion. It is claimed
there is no fever in Santiago, but
Ihe eity is full of tilth and stench,
and if the United States troops are
allowed to go in, it will undoubtedly
become a pest hole.
Washington, July 15.���There was a
long and anxious wait todayjto hear
further news from the commissioner.
For is hours no word came from either
(Icneral Shafter or (ienoral Miles. Wheu
the cabinet met at 11 o'clock there
was positively nothing from tho front
which wonld serve as a guide for the
deliberations. It was thought the cable
had been interrupted but on inquiring of General Greeley he gave assurance that the cable was not cut. There
upon Secretary Alger sent a despatch
inquiring as to how far* the surrender
had proceeded. No answer came,
whilo the cabinet was in session.
Meanwhile General Greely cabled to
Santiago and an answer was received
at* 2 :28 p. m., and indicated that the
negotiations wero yet in progress,
but as the despatch was submitted to
the president no details wero given
out. Toward the middle of the afternoon despatches from General Miles
and General Shafter began to arrrive.
Such portions as were made publio
showed that* the Spanish had raised
some rathei unexpected questions.
The   most   important  of these was an
(Concluded on Fourth Paf?e,)
Emiiit'iisi' Alliouills ol' iai[ilk|[|'iniKlil Um. 11.
���li.-iir a Million Collected in Homily.
���Sim|i.v Sinilti Sluil    \1 !:lii    lEeslsiiiijt
till'   1,111V.
Victoria, July 15.���The steamer Cottage City wliich arrived here tonight,
brought the first of this season's gold
from Klondyke, having on board meu
who left Dawson as lato as June 28.
They came it)) the Yukon on the
steamers Ora and Goddard which made
the run from Dawson to White Horse
in five and a half days. Included in
the party were Dick Butler and threo
brothers who cleared up ��400,000, and
others who did nearly as well. The
clean up cannot be estimated as tho
men gave incorrect figures to escape
the royalty. The Dominion government, they say, must havo collected
half a million dollars in royalty.
Soapy Smith, the notorious confidence man, was killed at Skagway
last week by Frank Reid, tho city
surveyor. A returned Dawsonite robbed a, sack of gold and Smith defied
the authorities to arrest one of his
gang. lie whipped out* a Winchester
with which he shot Reid through tho
hip, Reid replied with a revolver, killing Smith instantly.
Committees  Appointed to Arrange for
Lord and Lady Aberdeen.
A public meeting of the citizens of
Nelson was hold last night, in Che Fire
hall for the purpose of making arrangements for the reception of their Excellencies, the Governor General and Lady
Aberdeen ou their visit to Nelson next
J Mayor Houston was on motion appointed chairman of the meeting and
W. A. Jowett secretory.
The mayor exclained the object of
the meeting and asked for suggestions.
An informal discussion followed as to
t he best course to be taken.
The following committee was appointed and was given full power to
make all necessary arrangements for
a suitable reception:
Mayor Houston, Judgo Forin, Dr.
Symonds, Dr. Arthur, Messrs. Dennis,
Crease, Croasdaiie, Buchanan, Holt,
J. A. Turner, J. Roderick Robertson,
W. A. Macdonald, W. A. Jowett, J.
F. Hume, M. P. P., F. Fletcher,
Aldermen Teetzel, Gilker, Madden,
Whalley, Malone, and Hillyer.
Tho committee met at* the close of
the meeting when Mayor Houston was
appointed chairman of tho committee
and Vi. A. Jowett* secretary.
Tho following sub-committees wero
on motion appointed by the chairman :
Committee on Address���W. A. Macdonald, (j. JO., E. A. Crease, O. G.
Dennis,   W. F. Teetzel,   J. A. Gilker.
Reception Committee���Judgo Forin,
Dr. Arthur, Messrs. Croasdaiie, Holt,
Hume, Fletcher, Robertson, Turner,
Madden and Whalley.
Decora!ion Committee���Messrs. Buchanan, Hillyer, Malone, Dr. Sy.
The mayor was requested to send a
telegram to Lord Aberdeen, asking the
date and time of the arrival of tho vice
regal purty iu Nelson and the full
com mil tee were requested to meet at
the board of trado rooms today, Saturday, at 1 o'clock, to decide upon tho
form the reception shall take.
Vienna, July 15.���The international
chess tournament advanced another
stop today when the thirty-first round
was played with the following results:
Maroczy beat Trenchard, Burn and
Steinitz drew. Wohlbrodt lost to Marco
aud Schlechter beat Alapin. Baird
and Halprin drew and Tarrasch beat
Schowalter. Schiffers and Blackburne
drew, Janowski defeated Pillsbury and
Lipke lost to Tsehigorin. Yesterday
the three adjourned games left unfinished in tlie previous rounds of the eon<
test, wero concluded, when Janowski
beat* Steinitz, Burn beat Halprin,
Wahlbrodt and Maroczy drawing their
game. THE MINER,  SATURDAY, JULY   t6,   18gS
^Ite iHintt*.
Published Daily except Monday.
Tiie MiNisn  Printing  Si Pculisiiini
Limited Liability.
questions   now   agitating   the   public
mind   are   Russia's advance in China
'and     the    Anglo American     entente, I
which   was recently advocated by Mr. :
Josoph   Chamborlam in   his  now his-;
lorical     Birmingham    speech.      This
speech   was bitterly attacked the other :
day   al   Leeds  by Mr.   John   Morley, J
who  compared  Chamberlain's  action
ALL COMMUNICATION'S to tlio Kdilnr mu-t
bb accompanied by tho namo and address
uf lhe writer, mil necessarily tor publioa-1 to thai of a business man, who being in i
lion, but na evidence of good faith. difficulties, went round tovarious remote
relations   asking thein on   the   ground
of eomoinn ancestry to put their money
Subscription Batei
Dully, per iiionlh by carrier,
per month by mail,
per hull" yeur by mall.
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into   his   business,   without,   hope  of
return, to save him from bankruptcy.
Weekly .Minim;.
Weekly, per half year	
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Subscriptions Invariably in ailviun
Advertising rates mado known on application.
The Hitler Printing & Publishing Co.
NELSON,  ���. C.
Copy for Mintigi-s of Advertlsoiueiil musi
lie In llu- Ollli i* li.v I o'ctni'k p.m. In
Insure chttugc.
in ihi Though Mr. Morley slated that he
" would welcome closer relations with
ihe United States, yot from the whole
tenor of his speech attacking Mr
Chamberlain's advocacy of thai
alliance, il W0Uldrseem that the liberal
Joo leadors in Great Britain are thinking
of making the Anglo-American alliance
I party question al the uexl general
.$ I
ZtsTIE^W   *   C3-OOI3S
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
iiii      also Good Value in Sponp-es. ���^gjk
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B.
Wholesale and Retail Meal Merchants jr-���
Official Directory.
Goveriior-Gcuoral - Hurl of Aliei'ileen
Tn niier Sir Wilfrid Laurlor
Momber House nl' Common-', Iiuniiniiiii Parliu-
.in-ill. Wesl Knot ei uiy Ilowitl lio-loik
Licut.-Governor HonTRMcInnos
I Promlot . lion .1 II Turner
j Attorney-General        - Hon DM Eberts
Com uf Lands unii Works        Hon (I It Martin
Minister Minos and Education Ilon Jus linker
j Presldont Kxociilivo Council    Hon C K Pooloy
Mombors Legislative Assembly tor West Kootenay   North [tiding J M Kolllo
So'itli Hiding -l !���' Hume
Tl i; jnsl a wi ok si uce eln ition lay,
and it is now I'm the firsl time bogin-
uing to dawn on the Holonisl and other
government papers thai the Turner
government bas suffe; ! defeat al the
polls. Not that tie** h ."*��� the c mi -. i
to acknowli,!:*'' I':' fin t, bul they are
basing iln ir perti u : cl liopos of a fn -li
lease of ofiici foi the present government, not on iucorrojt election results,
but ou tin antii ipated results of futilo
olection petitions which ii is asserted
will be brought forward,
The Colonist asserts lhal | rati * ���-
have or will 1"' en 11 i d ill North Yale.
Bast Vale, Rovolstoke and Nelson hy
Messrs.. Martin, Graham, White and
Farwell respectively. It also seems !
to think that tho substitution of a
government representative is the necessary corollary of a protest against an
opposition man. We bave no personal
knowledge of bow the oilier elections
were conducted against which protests
are filed, but we can assure the Colton
ist that to enter a protest against Mr.
Hume's election would lie throwing
good money after bad.
Whether the Colonist is right or uot
with regard to tho institution of these
proceedings, it may be of interest to
remark that tho government will not
have all the fun on their side in such
matters. The opposition have, after
carefully examining the evidence befoie
t'.iem, decided to tile protests against
the election of several of Ibe successful
government candidates. Three important instances in poinl are tho election
of Bootli in North Victoria, Eberts
in South Victoria and Pooley and
Bullen in Esqcpiimault, and the evidence obtained seems ou the face of it
to be sufficient to unseat those gentlemen,
It will be M'vn in another column
lhat preparations are being made In
ensure a fitting reception to lhe Governor General and the Countess of Aberdeen on iheir approaching visit to
Nelson. While exact details have uot
yet been decided upon, an influential j
and representative committee have
been elected to receive Ibe distinguished visitors and to superintend
the preparations. This is tbe second
visit that Lord Al.erdcn has paid tothe
city, and ou the former occasion he
expressed himself as much gratified at
the hospitality accorded him. In the
interval thai has elapsed Nelson has j
mure than doubled in size, wealth and i
general   attractiveness,   and.   tbere   is
ovcry   reason   to  believo   thai the tu--  EVEi  :"���'���:������ ��� <���    ���',; *     , i \.
rangements   For   the  reception of tin
vice   regal   party will   Icon a corres-
p aiding  scale.
Branch Mai^kets in Rossland, Trail, Kelson, Kaslo.
Sandon, Three Forks, Few Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
���Inlin Houston
Aldermen Chas Hillyer, W F Tootzel, .1 A
GilkoivJ .1 Malone, E P Whalloy, Thos Mad-
City clerk ��� - .1 K Strnohan
Pollco Magistrate IC A Croase
Clilofot I'uii,,* .        A  F McKlnnon
'iii ii t'iie Ueparlmonl    .     W .1 Thompson
Auditor John Hamilton
WalurCommissioner 'I'M Word
lleilllll lirtiier III*.  Ullnll
Cllj Engineer A. 1,. M'Cullooli
City council moots ovory Monday, ;i p.m., nt
city lm!!. oor Victoria mul Josophlno st
In   some   way,   to induce every man, woman and
tbe country who buys in Xelson to come ana inspect our
child   in
stock and prices. We would have you do this for wc are sure
that you would become our customer and. friend. We have the
largest and best selected stock of Groceries in the city. The
famous products ot every country in our line aie represented on
onr shelves.
school trustees,
Hi'. II (' Aril,nr.  Dr. GAB Hull. (Ico Johnstone.    I'l Inolpnl    .1  II llrccll.
, Prcsldnnl j Uoderlok Robertson.
Vice President JnmoB Lawrenco.
Seey-Trens. John A Tumor,
l'i'  ' '--I''. .Inlin A. Tumor
Vici  Pros. w. a. Jowott,
Secretary n, MoArthnr
TreiiR. A II Clomonls
Medical Supl, .             Hi*. (I. ,\ BHnll
It has long been felt thai Kootenay,
considering her si/.e, resources and the
special industry of which she is Ihe
center,is entitled to cabinet representation, Hitherto Kootenay, having a due
regard for her own interests, has been
perforce represented liy opposition
men and cabinet representation was
thus out of the question. Xow, bow-
ever, things liave changed. Wbat was
once lhe opposition will soon be tbe
government, and Kootenay's claims
in this respect should be, and no doubt
will be, heard. The member lor ibis
riding, Jlr. ,1. Fred I In inc. has st run::
claims lo a seat in ibe cabinet about
to be I'oi'ined. He lias had experience
in Ibe legislature, and while uoi aspiring to oratorical gifts, his strong coin-
July 11-
Ethel C.���Vi. Barbour, I '., mi se
of ��� loiionwood lake.
D. D.��� T. Boman, at mouth of Tulip
Ko/enteal���1. ('. Butler, at head ol'
s fork of Lemon creek.
Samson���T. Merirll, ii mi from
Robson and 2 iia e of Kootenay river.
Mandy 0.���(K .limes, I1;, mi se of
Cottonwood lake.
First   of  July��� R. ('. Wilson. Ill mi
up   Kokanee   creek,     formerly   Molly
.July 12���
Sepoy���W. F. Edgar, 8 mi up Wild
Horse creek.
India���F. E. Philips, same,formerly
May Flower���T. P. Hughes, u side
of Mt. Hughes, adj. Violet.
Hume���A. W. Crittenden and J. Fry,
on Tamarac Mt., 1 mi w of Tamarac,
Eliptioal���Same, same.
Strong���.J T. Armstrong, between
s fork and main Porcupine creek, adj.
Union���A. J. Hughes and N. Riviere, same, adj. Silver lake.
Triple Joint���,1. Kolstad and F. I).
Le Mieux, at Sheep creek, adj. Joint.
Monte. Cristo No. 2���H. F. Arnold,
2 mi e of Deer Park.
Nevada���J. B. Stover, >..{ mi s of
Porcupine creek, formerly Guttenburg.
Gold Leaf���A. E. Crossett, 1 mi w
of Cottonwood creek, % mi s of Hall
mines smelter.
Hobson���(loorgo McKay and J. F.
McKay, on n fork Salmon river, formerly Frisco.
Summit���T. Trolson, on Bear creek,
-1 mi e of Ymir.
('upper Bottom���Same, same.
Terminal���Ii. McGuiro, on Kokanee
creek, J i., mi vv of Molly Gibson.
Victoria���J. A. Fox, 1 mi se of Cottonwood lake.
Garafraxa���D. J. Steele, between s
and e forks 4!) creek, formerly old V.T.
Formosa���W. J. Thompson, same,
formerly Eastern Star.
Queenston���Same, same, formerly
American Boy.
Atbara���IJ. J. Steele, same, formerly McKinley.
Kmpiiv���Same, same, formerly Federation.
ver behind the times, No retrograding
here. Our business is run to serve ii s pal rons in their 1 csl in! crests,
as well as onr own. and ymi can always depend upon our best pervicc
being iitl'oi'ded you.
fairness of oui' prices throughout our entire line at all times shows onr
grasp upon Ibe market.     CAN"!' BE BEAT AT Aid.:   THAT'S A.I.I..
��� :;n n.m
snsay cc co., rNeisc
���*. :*.!.-o\ post <u*'i' ui*.
I niledStales, I Intnrlo,Quo
i" * iuul lush rn I 'rovinci h
i ''in - ei, '���:. .-*. i*'. s. iii,,*.
Victoria nntl Kossland.
\Y*,v ii, ie i :*. Sandon and
-i"**,.*i lillkl' I iiint*-.
'" ' lo nnd Koo! nny Lake
llosslnnd, Trail, Ntikut p.
' lull ..' point "' main Iim
'. I'. !' . Vancouver .ne
5.15 p.m.
-'.iin p.m.
7.<i0 n.m.
���    PETER GENELLE g   CO.
Wc are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coasl
Flooring and Ceiling, Turned Work ami Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
oil ni: iiiiii-s.
Lobby opened from 7a.m. hi 10 p.in.; i,imoral
 "   I'.S n.iii.  in 0 p.m.j   Kegi-i union, 8.30
n.m. In 7 p. iu.; Money Orders nnd Savings Bnnk
ll ii*in* .'i I p.m.; Sunday I hour (10 mil a.m).
���i. A. GILKKR, Postmaster.
Govcrnmonl Inspector ot Agonclos \V .1 Goopol
i Oold Commissioner
* Mining Kl'e.oi-iler-'l'.ix Col
Collector of Customs
Provincial Assessor
| County Court Judgo
Inspector of Schools
ll. (I. Dennis
11 F Tolmie
Geo. Johnstone
John Keen,
,1 A Forin
KT IlSiinpkins"
William Burns
���-�����=���- ���-���-,-
STATION.    .    .    .
A.     E.     YOUNG,    AGENT.
Tho party that confiscated Mr. Thus. May's
umbrella nl tho rink Wednesday ovoning is
iiuin sense and  administrative ability   known nnd will bo proBOouted to ihe full extent or I he law If said article is not roliu-iieil hy
When requiring thoroughly i
timber should apply li
Warden Capt, N Fitzstubbs,
-���""���' Jnllor \\ I.iililell.
Socond Jailer Oeo Partridge.
Third Jailer John MoLnron
Senior Guard RIuop.
CliriiOH OP Kxni.Axn Matin 11 ii.in.; Keen
Son;,'. 7.MI p.m. every Sunday. Holy Communion mi i-i nnd 3rd Sundays in lhe niniiih after
Matins! on '.'n,l ami llli Sundays, ul. S a.in
Sunday- School nt 2.30 p.m. Kev. M.S. Ako-
hurst, Heeler.   Cor Ward mnl Silica stroots.
Pricsbyterian Cuuncn   Sorvloesal Iliv.iu
mnl   7.30   p.m.     Sunday School at  2.30 p.m
Prayer meeting Thursday ovonlng nl. S p.m.-
Christian Endeavor Society meets every  Mon-
il,'   nl   s   o'clock,     Kev.  It.  Frow
The Paper of the People.
Everybody Reads It.
Best Advertising; Medium.      ^
The Largest Circulation.
Me'I'iiodibt    Cnnncu-Corner  silica   amt
T.  AV. GRAY. Josi'phlno SU'Oots.   Sorvloosat lla.tn. and 7,30
p. in. ; babbath School, 2.30p.m.i Prayer moot-
  Ingon  Friday ovonlng nl 8 o'clock', Kpworth
Longuo C, 15., Tuosday ai Sn.m,   Kev. Goo. H
[nstoek.l10G0,C00ft.ofFlooriiig,LininK   Mp/don, Pastor.
,-,,���,. ., .*    , i    ' Roman CatholicCuuacii-Massat Nelson
Mouldings, Hours, bashes and
every description of Joinery.
s< ItlXV   HOOKS  AMD    W1N1MMV8   it aim;
tw <nei>i:ic.
would ena'i'le bim in successfully promote the best interests ol' the distiot
where he has lived so long, and with
whose needs be i.s perfectly familiar.
When the lime comes for lhe distribution of portfolios tbe claims of Mr.
Hume can hardly be overlooked.
The fact that the extensive reforms
introduced in Grcai Britain during
tho last decade have temporarily taken
away almost all excuse for internal
agitation, and the- recent predatory
excursions indulged in by some of the
great powers have caused popular attention in England to be rivettod upon
questions of foreign policy much more
closely Ihan is generally the ease. So
much is this so,indeed, that no less an
authority than Jlr. John Morley recently stated tbat the next general election over there will turn on Lord Salisbury's     foreign    policy.      The   chief
Saturday noon.
CM.     P.M.     I'.M.
N'o. .5 No. 3 No. 1
I'.M.     I'.M.     I'.M,
No. 2 No. I No
-l-t.i fl:00.. HOBSON.. .8:110 2:30
5.110    2:0(1    10:1)11...TRAIL....7:110   12:35    1:15
3:16    11:16. ROSSLAND.G-.00  12:00 m.
No's. 1 and 2 connect wilh 0. P. R. main line
Bl earners, nnd trains to nnd from Nolson at
No's, 3 mnl i are local trains between Trail
mnl Rossland.
No's, .I and li are looal trains botwoon Trail
nml Robson.   No. 0 connects with train No.
from Kossland.
All trains daily.
1S971 Wall Papers,
Fishing Tackle,
Garden & Flower Seeds.
F  I'. Gt'TKLIUS, Gen. Supt.
Brewers of Pine I.af.
lieer and Porter.
Drop in   and sec
B. C
Your Tobaccos
- AT -nil*:
Post Office
every Sunday nl Sand 10.30 n.m.; Bonodlctlon
nt 7 mi in s p.m.   Kev. Fnlhor Forland, Priest.
Hai'tist ('uracil - Sen iees morninir and
evoiimgnl 11 a.in.and 7.30 p.m,; Prayor ineet-
int? Wednesday ovonlng nl S p.m.: Mootlngs
me held in Um school house. Strangers cordially weie eil.    Kev. (I. It. Wolch, I'uslor.
Salvation Aumy��� Sorvloos everv evening
al 8 ocIock in barracks on Viotoria sircuf.
Ailniiiint AIilliii'i- in charge.
�����,\    NJ5LSON l.OIKJl*:, No. 23. A. F.&A,
if'.M. meets second Wednesday In each
month.   Visiting brethren Invitod,
o. K. Lennox. Soorotary.
I-   0.   O.   K.      Kooienay  Lodge
.*>    No. in, moots ovory Monday night,
nl    thoir   Mull,   Kootenay   street.
Sojourning odd Follows oordlally invited.
WM. HODSON, Soorotary.
NELSON LODGE Nn. 26, K. of I'.,
funnels ill Cnslle hull, Mi'llnnnlil hhiek
i'very   Tues'lay   evening  at,  S o'clock,
jggyAll visiting knights cordially invited,
,i. .i. Malone, 0.0.
(82(11 (li*.'i. I'.MiTiuniiK, K. of K.mul s.
isiic Unii, m
'enlng ni 8 i
ilinlly invileil,
I. O. 11. T.      Meets in
C\(V7li' QtcWP '; <*''!>!'il�� Hall, MoDonald Blook, every Monday
>-^LI��UI   lHjVI v | evening al 8 o'clock,   Visiting Templars cor-
Where   you  will  alwajs  find  a  wel
assorted  slock of  Imported   and
Domestic Cigars, Cigarettes To-
Imccos and a i'ull .stock  ol'
1'ipes at reasonable
John TelkoiId,
chief Tomplor.
George Nunn    Sce'y
i%.       NELSONS   QUEEN   NO.  211
>S\   S'JNS     OK     lON'OKANl),   meets
SOP'"'   Kl!,J(."id anil fourlli Wednesday of
I will sell at cost for (he balance ol' the season all trimmed
millinery, children's hats and
bonnets, sailors and shirtwaists.
Josephine st., Nelson.
each mouth nlK. of P. Hall, Mac-
���A Jil   Ilonald  Block,   oor. Vernon   and
*s��==^    Josophlno streets.   Visiting brct.li-
rn cordially invitod,        Ernisbt Kino,
CHAS. H. FARROW, Worthy President
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meets
I-l mul 3rd Wediii'silav in each month in the
K of V Hull. W XV Swanell, C. I). S. O.K.; J K
Groen, O.K.: .1. Purklss,Seoy.
NELSONLODaE,NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets
every Thursday in tlie I.O.O.K. hall. K W
Swanell, M.W.i \-,' Hodson. Uco.-Sec; J. J.
Driscoll, Finanolor F,.I Squire. Rocoivor and
1'. .VI. W.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1002 mccls in the Me-
Donald block every Thursday evening at 8
o'olock. Vi-iii ing members cordially invited.
John Toye, W.J1.; I-'. J. Bradley, R,S. THE   MINER, SATURDAY, JULY i6, 1898
iii wlii local mm
Itriii    mention   ��i'   Uniipcuiiiffs  in   llie
District Dining llie l'li-*:
l-vw llnys.
A. P, McKenzie. Roasland, is in the
Mr.    and    Mrs.    1'.    tt.    Andrews of
Slocan Oity arc al the Phair,
,1. A. Gillcor, merchant of 'Nelson,
lias opened a brunch store al Vmir.
II. I!. Cameron leaves tonight for
a   shorl stay at the Halcyon spring*;.
Miss Lain a Lowo lofl on Weclnnidiiy
ovening for an extended visit to the
B, E, Phair left yesterday evening
for a couple of days' visit to tho Halcyon springs.
('. Sweeney,inspector of the agencies
nf the Bank of Montreal throughout
tin* provnlce, is al tho Phair.
A. B. Gray, ugenl loi' Braeknian &
Ker, lilt last night for a business trip
io Brooklyn, Trail ami Rossland,
,1. T. Lawrence. Nakusp; M* ���''.
Jephcott, Pile! Bay; Mrs. Allen,
Kaslo, registered al ' ll'..' Phair lasl
il. lv Macdonald ol' ill" C. I'. R.
freight department, Vancouver,arrived
in the city last nighl and is registered
at Hie  ! iimi'..
Miss Kai.' X. .'le ie I, ii i ���' of !h"
Neelands urothi rs, li n ��� I rday evening Cor a iwo months visil *>, i ������ 'onto,
Loudon ".ini iletroit.
R, Paura lias opened up an :*:::in*.
office on I'ire r Htn ������: to In' ** afti r   the
interests   of   tin    I ans i sidonl    in
Nelson ami vicinity.
��� ,1. M. McGregor,Rossln i'l; P. Chap
man, Revelsl iki ; H. H. Boi in r and
A. McDougall, il ri Istoke, regi I i'i tl
al ilie Queens la.-*: night,
('. ('. Beuu 'tl "I \ .im ouver secretary
of ilie Peru Gold "; iniug oompany,
arrh ed 'a the citj y sli rday ami
loavos today for thc mini *
S. .1. Mighton return il last uight
from a business visil lo Brooklyn. He
reports overything lively iu the uev
town and that llu* population is now
aliout L'llOO.
William Hodson, baggage master al
the 0.   1'-   K-   depot,   lefl   yesterday
evening for a Iwo weeks' visit to llie
Halcyon hoi springs for llie benefit of
his health.
Jailer Mitchell of Kossland. brought
over on Thursday night a man named
William Clifford, sentenced to two
months in the Nelson jail for habitual
Arthur Poolo, Torouto;R, 11. Bryce,
Winnipeg; B. Lawrence, Toronto;
,1. 11. Kirk, W. R, Kirk, Mr. and Mrs.
A. 1'. Way,   Chicago, registered al the
Hume last nighl.
The members Of Courl Kootenay. I.
(1. P., will attend divine services in
the Presbyterian church tomorrow i.t*
11 o'clock when a speoild sermon will
be preaohed by Kev.  K. Frew.
L. A. Campbell and G. (*. Hay, who
arc connected wilh the Wesl Kootenay
Power & Light company at Bonnington Kails, arrived in the city last night
and are registered at the Phair,
Captain Turney, wlio has for some
time tilled thc position of timekeeper at
the Hall mines smeller, left last night
for Kngland where he will lie associated in business wiih his fathor.
,!. ft. Larue;, Okouook, Idaho: K,
��� K, Purser, Viotoria; G. M. Booker,
I Grand Forks; Arthur Poole, Toronto,
.registered at the Hume yesterday.
Thero will Ke a. cricket practice this
I afternoon   ai 2:415, on   (he  Rocrention
grounds, ill whioh  all members of the
chili ave rotjuostod lo bo present.
(in   tho   first of   next mouth the Le
Roi mine a!, Kos.daud will increase its
sliiniuents to lino ions per day, which
will mean the employment of 373 men.
Tlie Ymir Miner says that there has
not been an arrest in that Iowa for
the nasi six weeks. This i.s certainly
a very croditablo record for a mining
'l'li"   Ladies   Guild   of Ihe  English
church   are  arranging   lo   hold  iheir
! annual   sale  of   work   on Wednesday,
July :',. in   the public school, Stanley
street.    Fuller  auuouncemonts  wil he
made later.
A meeting of the Nelson Par Association was  held recently for tho purpose
I of requesting tho governmenl to grant
a courl vacation during August and
ft iptember I'm' tho Kootenays, on similar conditions io the oilier portions of
ihe provinco, A resolution was passed*
tu secure llie co-operation of  the Ross-
j land association and u meeting of ihe
latter will bo held shortly for the
same object.
A case adjourned from I lie last
county court, was tried before Judge
Forin yesterday. ,1. A. ami W, P.
11 om *y ma li of this city sued Louis P.lue,
���vim carries on lumber manufacturing
al Hossland aud Vmir. to recover >;*(i*"i
for work dune I'm' the Ymir mill.
Judgment was given for tho plaintiffs
for their claim ami costs. E, A.
Crease appeared for (he plaintiffs and
I*'. 0   ���'��� iikler :''" tin  di fondants.
Monarch���H. J. Crocket to ',-. B.
Crocket.  %,
Beaver���Same to same. Jil'-
Riverside���John Beaton to F. L.
Mercer, $200.
Berlin���Mary Jane Aldous to Hull
Mine.-', limited,
.Mountain View���M. C. Monoghan
to R. B.  Ksnouf.
Westminster, Nashville,! Iharleston���
John to W. L. Collanau, '*.������
Sana���John T. Kelly to same, i.f.
Gold Quarts-i���H. P. Witter to L. G.
On   and   alter   Monday,
April  i uh,  1898, Meals
will he served at
at The
Corner Slanluj and silica Streets,
General Kales,   $1.00   P01'    Day
10 Cents.
E. J. CURfeAN, Prop.<^
a lot ol
Ice Cream freezers
wliich im woll appointed
heme should ho without
during iho warm weather.
Wo have also constantly
on hand a full lino ol   .   .
Plumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
I of every   description
which  we are   offer-
ingat verylowpriccs.
1,1 ."*.'   STl  !BCi ���������������:
\   6 rea I   Deal of   Dovelopmoul  Work
i *. ing I lone ou Pro] erties
Cli re aro ten m u al pn .** nl work-
in ou the Por opine I rail. The frail
Iin * : 'in Iniill up nbonl eif-'hl miles
from   tho   railro id and will gbo  eonti-
. :i;:, i!   lo the    I ll"   I   cli basill.     A Sllb-
i.ni i::! bridge  im*  lieen buill over the
South   Fork of  I',".*, apiuo creok.   The
:- i ping dom   under the supon '���-
��� ;.:i   .if   I i. a. : : it ������:��� ii, of  the Ymir
I ;���.**. I'lopmeul i ompauy.
Ti n 'i' a are al pi esonl working ou
tiie Tumsirao i,ii"'. (in account of
surface ,vater worli was sliul down mt
ihis property early in tho spring ,,;*.*
Tamarac is considered tn rank wilh :
i"*si proper! ies aronnd ymir, nud il is
thought this mine will bo :: shi] ��� t
before a great 'u hilo.
There nre at present about UO men
i mployed al tho Porto Rico mine
repairing the road and clearing the site
for the 111 stamp mill which will he
placod al an early dale Sufficient ore
is in sight to keep Puis mill busy for n
long time. The in mber of men oin-
ploi' d after the mill is erected will
probably he 00 or lb. Work on the
2500 foot arid tramway will comnionce
probably   the   latter part of  this week
or lhe I'll-' "f lli'X.'. The cilllll'.lct for
Ihe building of lhe tramway has
already hi en let.
The Duncan Mines Co.. limited,will
do cousideral 11 development work during ihe summer on the Little George,
situate mi Wild Horse ereek. This
same company own the Wren mine.
froni wliieli qnito a large sample shipment of ore was made lo Loudon recently. The Wren has had several
hundred feel of development work done
mi ii. and ihe company is well pleased
at Ihe way lhe property is showing up
at the present.   The Duncan syndicate
also own sonic valuable property in
lhe Slocan cfmnlry.
Richard Diamond reports lhe sale of
a half interest, in'.lhe Midnight to Vancouver parties. This claim is situate
ou Hound mountain close to the
Flossie li., and was located liy Mr.
Diamond in January last. The price
was not staled to us. We are informed
lhat the Vancouver parlies will put a
force of men In work on the Midnight
al an early date.���Miner.
The concert given yesterday evening
j in lh,' Hume hall hy lhe Lasli-lfaiuil-
i I ai Concert Co., was fairly well
attended and was a very pleasing entertainment, Miss Lash has a rich,
sweet contralto voice, which was
heard to good effect, and her sinking
is perfectly natural and free from
Miss Beatrice Hamilton possesses a
flexible and well regulated voice and
her interpretation of tho pieces she
recited was admirable Miss Winlow
was especially plaasing in her selections on lhe 'cello and may lie   ranked
| as the must eminent  ladyj solo'collist
in    Canada.      These   talented     young
ladies will give another concert tonight
in  ihe  Humo hall and their efforts of
last night should ensure a, large audience. The ladies are artists iu their
particular departments and thc lovers
of high class entertainment will onjoy
a rare treat* tonight.
-< I--*,,,.,-**���*-*���>
ltmney Bros.
SS 11 1 S 1 Si S 1 s Llli iim lllll
Tl IE-
n Vs.��* .*
It In i In- Mont Modern lu Equipment.
It In the Heaviest Balled Line.
It lias it ICock-Knlliint Itoaitln-il.
It Crosses Xo Sllllll Ili'sm-i'ls.
It Is   the Only line   itiuiuliig   Luxurious
Club   llooni Cam.
It In .Voted Tor Iho Courtesy of ils Employes.
It Is the Only Line Serving Meals  on the
a la Carle   IMim.
Perhaps during the
excitement your sup-
pi)' of Printed Stationer}' has been
used up. If so we
shall be pleased to
fill an order for you.
Attractive Tours daring Season o
Navigation on Great Lakes via Duluth in
connection with MngDilioont Passenger
Steamers Northwest aud Northland.
For maps, tickets and complete infoiniation
mil on oi- address Agents, K. Si S. Ky., 0, & K
a. Nav. Co., N & F. S. Ity., or
c. (i. HIXON, General Agen
Spokane, Wash.
V. I. VUIIT.M'.Y, <;. I'. .V T. A.,
H I'nnl, Mian.
International Navigation & Trailing Company.
Summer Card. Effective June 20,1893.
Subject to change without notice.
si���-.. If---     I
Spokane  Falls  &
iortfaem R'y.
kelson  &  Fori
Sheppard R'y.
Red iVioyntssin R'y.
Tho only all rail route without change
of cars between Nelson and Eossland and
Spokane and Rosaland.
are right in our
line of business
and while we do
not claini to do
work at tbe
cheapest price,
] South b'nd.   S-*. S. International.   North b'nil.
Read down Head up
Train Lvs I.(in p.in. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
"   Ar  ii.is  "    Kaslo    noo  "       "    l.v
Boal   Lvs. 3.30a.m.  Kuslo    8.30p.m. BoatAr
"    I.lid   " Ainsworth 7.30	
"     5��)   "   I'iloi. Ilny II.IS    " "     "
"      "     SHU   "    ll.iil'.jiir   0.11)    '	
"     Ar   8.40   " 3 Milo I'l. 6.25    "        "     "
7.IS   "    Nelson    4.IS    " '���   Lv
Train "   10.05 p.m. N'thport 1,85    "  Train   "
"     "   11.211   " Kossland 12.05 a.m.   "
"    "    lil'i   " Spokane  8.30	
!    Siiiiiliiii-l-Iiislo  train daily.   Iloat and   Spokane train daily except Sunday.
M. ��, .Uliei'tn,
'Train Lvs Mill p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
'���    Ar   3.45   "     Kuslo     8.00   " "    Lv
Boat Lvs  5.00   "     Kuslo     1.00   "      HoatAr
0.20   "Ainsworth 11.40 p.m.     "      "
"     7.1HI   " Pilot Bnv il.llil   "        "
"   111.011   "   Kiiskiiii'lc 8.IID   "
"   12.00 m. Goat Hlver 8.00	
1,00a.m. Hon min rv.i.iin '
"Ar      S.OU  " B'rs Ferry 2.00   "       "     Lv
Train Lv 11.411  " B'rs Ferry 1.15   "    Train Ar
"   Ai-  2.45 p.m. Spokane 7.,10 a.in.     "      Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Hoat leaves Knslo
for above points Tuesdays mnl   Saturdays.
Returning on Wednesdays nml Sundays.
sr Mro il.
Vancouver & Nelson, B. 0.
Where no cimsijcrnlion  is named in transfers
the nominal sum of ��1 is to be understood.
July 12���
Widow���K. A. Williams to Edward
Colo mid Charles Ditter, %.
Ontario���F. M. Bowinau to Iho Ontario Oold, Silver & Oopper Mining
and Milling Co,, limited.
Blare Athol���John Riley to William
July IS���
Did (iet There, Lytton, Lytton Xo.
���J. and Black Prince���Charles Rollin
to U. A.  Hanna.
(Daily Except Sunday)
Louve 6.20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.35 p.m
"    12:05 "   EOSSL'D    "   11:20   "
"    8.3d a.m. SPOKANE   "    3.10 p.m.
Train Unit leaves Nelson nt C:'20 n.m.
makes elono oouueolious nt Spokano for
nil Paoiflo Count Points.
Passengers for Kettle River andBound-
ary Creek, connect at Marcus with Stage
Uso a lirst class lino in traveling between
Minneapolis, si. Paul and Chicago, and
tba prinolpal towns in Central Wisoonnin*
Pullman Palaeo Sleeping and Clinir Cars
yorvico        .....
Tho I)ininkr<'arsare operated in lhe intcrent of
ils patrons, tbe most elegant, sorvicf.1 over
Inaugurated.   Meals are served a la Cartn.
To obtain first class service yonr ticket should
read via .....
*     THE WISCONSIN      *
:���      CENTRA). LINES      *
Direct connections ni Ohlongo nnd Milwaukee
for nil luistiirn points.
Kor full Information call on your nearest ticket
agouti rn' write
Jas. A. Clock,       or      Jab, C. Pond,
General Agent,        General Pass. Agent
mi; stark Stroet, Mllwaukoe, Win
I'oi'lliinil, Ore.
Nicely Furnished House, centrally located, six rooms, bath
and ull conveniences, new
Just completed, well finished,
modern house in good location.
Six rooms, pantry, woodshed,
etc, Lot 45x120. Price low.
Terms, half cash balance in
twelve months,    Apply to
T. 6. PROCTER,     Baker St.
Six doors above   Hudson's
Bay Co's Store.
Fair Price
We keep in Stock
nearly all Custom,
Legal and Mining
Forms and will print
anything you may
Special Kootenny Iiiilie Bcrvlne,
Commencing 80 June, 1SD8.
On Monday, Thursday and. Priday S. S
Albcrtn wiil leave Kaslo .1 p.m., for Ainsworth
Pilot Ilny and Kelson.
Leaving Nelson S n.m., Tuesday. Friday nnd
Saturday for Pilot liny, Ainsworth ami Kaslo,
calling at all way points.
(All limes are subject to change without notlo e
Meals and berths not Inoludod.
Passengers on s. S, International from Nel
son, Spokane, etc., for points on Kootenny
Lakosoutliof Pilot Bay, will connect at lhat
point wiih theS.S. Alberta.
Passengers for Nelson via S. S. Alberta, from
points south of Pilot Hay, can, by arrangement
with purser, linve stop-over at Pilot liny or
Ainsworth, or connect, wilh S. S, International
nt Kaslo.
The company's steamers connect Kootenay
Lake and Sloean points with nil points in the
United Stales nml Canada; by wny of Spokane
mid Kootenay River.
Tickets soid and baggage checked to all
points by pursers on steamers or at onr oHlce.
P. O. ISox 122, Knslo, B.O
mi do
Ik Daify Miner!want
is meeting with good
success and if not on
our list you should
be. We deliver it to
your home for one
month for one dollar
or six months for
five dollars.
Can  We  do   Business
with You ?
Zhe   /Iftiner
ptcj. & Jpub. Co.
��� For One Cent a Word?
Vou can find ;i Imyci- for "Any
���   Old Thing" if you advertise.
ClassMcd .-tiivi'i'ti.Hi'iiii'iiiH.
All advertisements in this column aro
1 cent a word each insertion.   No ad-
1   vcrlisciiient taken for less than 2;i conts.   ���*
��� ������������������������������*������������������������������������������.���-���.���
Old papers at Tin;  MINER oflice.   21 conts
per hundred.
Foil  SALE���Saw  and Planing  mill doing
good business.   Apply Miner olllec 62
FOUND.���A small key. National Cash Register.   Apply "Miner" ollice.
MUSIC LESSONS. - On piano, organ or
guitar, by Mrs. W. .1. Astlcy, Robson stroofc,
two doors wesl of Stanley.   P. O. llox 180,
SERVANT Gllil. WANTED-For general
housework. Apply to Jlrs. Neelands, Carbonate street. C2.
lots, corner Ward and Houston streets. A
small four roomed house. Lots planted with
potatoes.   A special bargain. CO.
FOIt RENT���An  elegantly furnished front
room or suite, on Stanley street,    Inquire
this ollice. THli MINER.  aAl-l/KDAY, JiJi Y.16   189S.
They Lost First rini-i- li.v Hard Luck,���
Very Fine Imlliiclllnl Bl'orrs.���Scorcx
of  ���l'nintillnii    Slnrlisnieii    In    Other
.Inly   I ,'i.��� Tin-   Eol-
lllll'll Sjll"'!ill Cllblo  "I
mini,    tinted   Ridley
Toronto, (int.
lowing is l! (Ir
tin' Evening Tel
Camp, .Tuiy lii:
Six teams compi tod for tlio Kolapoor
eup today, utuucly, (iiigliuid, Guuudti,
Gruernsoy, Victoria, india uud Jersey.
Though tlie CanadiiuiH were defeated
they did siiiui' oxcellout shooting, Ihoir
marksmanship being superior to thai
exhibited in lasl year's couipetition
for the cup. At tho 200 ynrds range,
Staff Sergeant Hayhurst led oft with 11
bull's eye und in this us well as tho
400 yard and 500 yard ranges, his
shooting wasj decidedly good. IJicu
tenant Ross who came rather low in
the 200 yards distance, recovered himself at 400 yards, milking six consecutive "bull's eyor, tho seventh shot being
an inner. Somo fine targets were
made by the Canadi ins at 000 ynvda.
Sergeant Broadhural topping tho list
with si:; bull's eyes and an inner. Ill
luck followed Lieuti muit Smith tit Ihis
range, his sec:',* ! ein c 21 out i f 11 p is-
sible 35. The match 1-1 uuuiud aftor
the rajah of Kolapoor with whom tho
event originated in 1871.
The compel ition i-' li raited to ��� Hi-
cient volunteers ;:i teams uf eight.
Ono team from tho motln ��� count ly, ono
team from tho militia or volunteers
of nny British colony or dependency,
and one team from thi un mbers home
on leave of the India staff 1 orps or of
the covenanted or am ovi minted sorvico
of Indian volunteers or all four. Last
year the cup was curried off by the
Australians from Victoria, a team
brought in Bisley by reason of the
jubilee celebration. Although ten
teams were ( ntere.l, the largest number taking part in this competition.
Lust year tbe Canadian team ranked
fourth with 7.^1 points. Today tho cup
wan won by the Guernsey team with
744 points, England and Victoria tiling for second placo with 711 points
to the credit of each, Canada following
with a seiire of 7ij*'i, while Jersey and
India got 718 and 7(1(1 respectvely.
Tho individual scores of the Canadians at the three ranges were as follows :
Hayhurst llli, McVittie, 83, Blair 80,
Forbes 95,, Ross 90, Broadhurst 98,
Hutcheson 90, Smith 82.
In the Centaur unsquadded competition, seven shots at 500 yards open,
Miller, McVittie, Blair. Hutcheson
and Smith e:ich today made possibles.
Sergeant Simpson in the Golden
Penny, seven short at 200 yards, made
a score of 84.
For the Association cup, seven shots
at 000 yards, Private Davidson. 08th
battalion, made a score of III'.
The weather today was very favorable to good scoring, although the
heat was excessive. There is much
disappointment among tho members of
the Canadian toam over losing the
Kolapoor cup. Captain Hutcheson at
the 000 yards range shot at the wrong
target, thereby destroying what otherwise would have been a most excellent
score. Sergeant Broadhurst, with a
total of 08, made the besl score of any
competition in the match, In the
Wautago rapid firing competition eight
shots, 200 yards, open to all coiners,
Private Swaino niade a score of 21,
For tho Gregory, seven shots at 200
yards, Lieutenant Forbes made 82,
no one was allowed ashore. Colonel
Allan returned this evening to Baiquiri to repair the French cable at that
point, and establish regular communication between Playa and Santiago,
s ' that the army will be in telegraphic
communication with Washington us
soon us tho city is entered.
The perplexing problem is bow to
carry out the pledge made by General
Shafter. It would have been no easy
undertaking to remove 20,000 men
across tho Atlantic under the best conditions, but the reports that indicated
tlie existence of yellow fever among
the Spaniards threatened all kinds of
difficulties. After aliil was decided
to bo only a matter of money, and
ii' the prico offered is large enough,
steamship Inns can doubtlessly he
found to undertake lhe transportation, In the interval a large force
will have to ke kept a! Santiago, but
no troublo is anticipated in making
the troops comparatively   comfortable,
An epidemic of yellow fever is not
Soorotary Alger said after Ihe eon-
fen nee thai the Spaniards will not he
r 'turned Iheir arms, ainl thai they
must surrender at once on the terms
oSerod, or an immediate attack on
Santiago will 1 e made.
V. HOSltl, Proprietor.
The Best Meals in tlie Cily
from 25 cents up.
Seasonable Goods
lov the best trade of Nelson in
the lines of
Chief of Police McKinnon has in
charge n savago Orioulnl with an unpronounceable name, who is accused
of assaulting and othorwiso damaging
one Al; Turn.
Tables   supplied   with    nil
the  delicacies of lhe season
"Babcock" Tire. Extinguishers.
0 GAL. SI2E $30. 3  GAL- SIZE  115.
including Supply of Chemical diargos
Willi Clllll.
lielivcral !���'. O, ll.ni Portland, Oro,
The Babcock is lhe recognized
standard, universally used in the
Fire Departmenl service. Each
i tested to 300 pounds per inch;
working pressure 100 pounds per
inch. The Babcock has stood lhe
test of time. Full line oi hire Apparatus and   Department   Supplies.
A. (i. LONG,
I71 4II1 Kl. Portland, Ore.
ic quality is tho best and prices
ihvays. our stock of
right.      As
is full and being added to as needed.
New York, July 15.���Bar silver fii)1;, ;
Blexicau dollars, 45%.
Copper���Steady; brokers, ll\;.
exchange, 11%.
Lead���Quiet; brokers, ��8.80; exchange, $3.05 to ��4.02.
Tin���Quiet; Straits, $15.65 to $15.75 ;
plates, easy.
Waif Paper, Sporting Goods
��   Hammocks,   @
Cameras, ftotlaks,
Pfiotooraphic Supplies.
Thomson Stationery Co.
For tiie next Thirty Days
. . . Also . . .
Flowers and  Hair Goods.
Room (i,   Tnrner-Boeckh   block. E 1 -
t ranee Baker street.    Open from
ti a. 111. to 4.80 p. in.
QniN'G What. Dally          Goinh East.
Leave 8.1KI n. in. Kuslo             Arrive 11.60 p.m.
N.IM n. ni. South Fork      "      11.13 p.m.
"    li.;iii 11. in. Sproule's          *'     2,15 p.m,
!i..il��, in. Whitewater    "     2.00 p.m.
"    10.03 a. 111. Rear Lako        "     1.1811.111.
"   10.18 a. in. MoGuigan        "     1.33 pm,
Ui.3-1-i. 111. (.'cily Junction   "      1.12 p.in.
Aro.   11).3d 11. 111. Sandon          Leave   1.00 p.m.
Leave 11:00a. m.   Mm ilon      Arrive  11:1311,111,
A1 rin* 11:20 "      ('oily        Luovo  11:2s  "
HORT. IHVTNO,        GEO. 1'. COl'IOLAXI).
'/(tli II. I*'. .1: !'. \ Superintendent.
Continued from First Paso,
insisiance lhal the Spanish troops
should retain their arms when lliey
returned to Spain, Toral was willing
to give up the arms to Shafter, provided they were returned whin en
reaching Spain. This was attributed
merely to Spanish sensitiveness at the
humiliation involved in laying down
their arms, at the same time it was a
point which neither side appeared
ready to yield, but General Shafter
was confident a settlement would he
reached by the end of the day.
General (lively received another despatch nt 5 p. in. saying Unit Colonel
Allan had landed the shore end of the
Bignal corps. The cable steamer
Adrias was coming from an infected
distriot.    All were  well on board but*
steamship Lines
From Montreal or Quebec
Roavor Line - I,uke superior I uno 29
Beaver Uno   Gnlllu July (>
Dominion Line   Vancouver .Inly 'J
Dominion Uno   Scotsman July 0
Allan Lino���Oui ifor ninn luuu 30
A iln n Li iic   Numitlian July 7
From Now Vork
White Stnr Line���Teutonic Funo 2U
White Siar Uno���Uritannio July 2
Cunard Lino��� Lucnnin luly 2
Cunrrd Lino���Servia July ft
Allan Htnto Uno   Stato of Nebraska... .July 1
Allan statu Lino   Mongolian Jnlv lo
Anchor Line���City of Uomo Inly 2
Anchor Lint' -Anchorla July
(labin, $45.00,950, 9w��, S70, $80 und upwards,
Intermedial), $34.00 and upwards
Steorago. $22.r>o and upwards,
Passengers ticketed through to all liollltb 1*1
Groat Britain or Ireland, and at special! y low
rales lo all parts of the European conti ienl.
Prepaid passages arranged from alt pointi .
Applv  to GEO,   a.  BEER,   C.P.K.  'I cko.
Agont. Nelson, or to,     WILLIAM STITJ
aiti)   General Atfent, C.P.R. Odious. Winnipeg.
Subscribe for The Miner
One Year
Half Year
One month
���mEM'< y,-Ay*f ��� i.
Mi1'";tn.f-',.'.*.}.1.��.-,! '��� V
tiC^X*..- '.}xf~\
i WW *
Cpp   Bill
for Nobbiest and besl and Save KASH,
��� l~ttr^
Are Saving  Money every day
Oil        llli
alk iA'i nt
uw-n   :
���'���-������  -���
"���'..'-. ���
ith   thein.
Scaled tenders ,\ III lie rceiovort up tn July 20,
1898, addrosscdlnthufiohj Coinmi*.ioncr, Nelson, Cor I he cnnsl reel ion of n. wtigcn roud.
Section i * - Briu In Cmixtowu.
A Minikod checpi-a amounting to III por aunt
of tho amount ot the tondur to accompany
each lender, otlienvis.'i: Milieu !"��� rnoioved.
Speciflcal ions nl the (lovermnimt I'lurincur's
ollii'i'. Ncl-i.ii. nnd in Hi" l'o-i Olllco, Brie.
,,.,      , , ., 1 ( I.   IMI.  j. I
I ho lowest or any londor nol tniCiisuarily m-
(i.e. Ill-'.N'NKS
(lolil ( ti'iilnisMiiiin-.
Section 2     Ciuiirtn'A n lo lii In 1 }.i iiu*. 11 in!cr*-*'
toboaddrosflod toll. IC.   Ni'i.   N'olaon,  or m I
otllce of l-'iiii-li ,'c Campbell, Spokai <\ Wash
Get Oar Prices
Imates Cfre^Kuiiy Given.
rJiK ,,*m, -s,��*
Mm& ������:������*%��<���.?,
Tho litno for rocelving tenders for iho Addition to tho Nelson Courl Houso is extended
until Monday, ix July, lMis, owing to the position of the vault fur tlie Lund Registry Office
being changed ami enlarged.
Alltendors now in Govornmont Olllco will
bo cancelled.
Assistant Commissioner Lands and Works.
To all Eastern ami European
To Pacific Coast and Transpacific' Points.
To thu Rich and active Milling
Districts of Klondike and the
New Toiirist Car Service
Daily to Si. Paul.
Daily (except Monday) lo Hasten! Canadian and U.S. Points.
Tickets issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To Rossland and Main   Line points
(i. Ill p.m.-I.i'nves-N KLSON- Arrives-llUO |i,ni
Knot IV 111 lie    Kuslo IC,mil .
Stii. Iv ok .in un
ICxcopt Sundny. ICxcopt Bnnday.
I   p.m.    Leaves -NKLSON���Arrives-11   a.tn.
Calling lit way ports in I'mlh direction"!.
lioiiieuiiy Illver Itoutc.
S'l'lt, Nelsom.
Mon. Wed. Fri. Mon, Wod. Fri,
7a. in.���Leaves���NKLSON- Arrives 8.11(1 p. in.
Huns lo Kuskanook (formerly Armstrong's
Landing! calling at way ports nn.i makes close
connections nt Pilot Hay with Steamer Kokanee. Steamer mny make additional trips pro*
vidtd business oilers,
Trains   to ami from   Sloean t'Hy. Satiilon
mill Sloean   l.allc   B'lllllts,
(Sundays  Kxceplol)
I) u. m.���lA'ivves���NELSON���Arrlvos���2.20 p. m.
Asobhitain ritFsuNT
Reduced Rates East
and full information by addressing nearest
local ngont. or SEO. S. BEER, Cily Ticket
Agent, Nelson,
Tniv. Pass, Agent,      Dist. Pass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouver.
Write for Klondike folder and Map.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Laiul Surveyors,
Real Estate and General Agents, lire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public,  Etc...
FOR SALE ��.\\\\v*aKVtk
Corner l.ui on VtU'iinn St., with Building,    \2 Luis in  Block
III''   t'li''.i|i.   2 Lets Cor. Joseph! no and Robson,
2: Lots mid Dwelling near Cor Stanley  St. on Observatory
St., $12 per iniiul li.    Dwelling on Silica SI ar Cedar SL,
$20 per month,    House mnl 2 Lots, llou ton St., 1)115 mouth,
Call and see on\- full list of property for sale in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lois in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street,  NELSON,  B. C.
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505,, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson, ,
General Manager I ��,*��-,,,   -^��.t     -^^    ���
S. S. Fowler, E. M., j NELSON,   B. C.
Mining Engineer J                                   m
Charles D.
Houses to renl nl 815,820, 8U0, and 1 insurance,
A two lot corner close In $025.
A (I roomed   House, good garden,
$2000.   Also others.
A   first-class  Stenographer,    Typewriter  .'im!   Accountant always   on
Ropairod, Altered, Cleaned, Prcssod '      (AIMM.  MFIME., M Miii. Assoc. Cornwall)
mi   Dyed hv iho Nuw PitocKss at
HuaHonublu Pri
STEVENS, 'I'm*: T.viLoit. ���~=?
ltoiui 0, llii.i.vKk llu;.,  NELSON.
I'. S.- T.udios Wool Dress Ooods B|icnt;uil
lu.-foi'o Making Up.
INSIIltAKCE nml - - ���
CUMIIIIBSIO!*!  Kll.'.r.
Opposite l'linii- Hotel.
NELSON, B.C. P. O. BOX 583. '
ICxtondod experience in Chile iuul Clei'iimn
Soiiiii  Africa.   Assays and analysis of oros.
Hoports nnd valuations on mineral properties !
Underground surveying and mine plans kept 1
up by contract.
Twenty years' oxpetienoe In inining.
thorough   knowledge of mines  of British
VICTORIA ST., NELSON   B. C. : Columbia.   Terras Reasonable.
��Jt 718 NELSON, B. C


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