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The Miner Aug 19, 1898

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 Daily Edition No   88.
Nelson, British Columbia. Friday Morning, August 19, 1898.
Ninth Vear.
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tern nfter which all  others   model.     Em- jQi
ploying   experienced   workmen  who   arc H
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X Reduced Pi'ice&, 1
We will oiler for the next ten days al
at reduced   prices   with  Special   R
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eductions   on   the
Sergeant Seiwe Speaks of
Santiago Fight.
Cowardly  Conduct  of  the   Seventyfiist
.New York���Bad   Arraugements-
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Manila Was Bombarded on
August 13.
Spauish  Officors   Ketaiu  Tlieir   Swi
Guards   Placed    ou   Foreigners'
Houses   AugU'ti's Escape.
Hont; Kong, Aug. 17.���The American collier Zalirro from Manila, which
arrive here yesterday, is anchored in
Junk huy. Sho left Manila on the
14th. A typhoon is raging uud it is
impossible to land the mails with details of the battle of Manila.
It is learned however, irom uii
American naval officer that when
Admiral Dewey on August (5 demanded
the surreuder of Manila withn 48
hours the Spani, li commander replied
that, the insurgents being outside tho
w ���*��'*'> he hud 110 safe place for the women * -1 children who were in the city
and 1 iked for 24 hours delay. This
Admiral Dewey grunted. At the expiration of the specified time Admiral
Dewey und General Merritt consulted
and decided to postpone the attack.
On August lil the Amerioan Bquadron formed in line off Manila. The
Olympia fired the first shot ut the
Malate fort. The shots of the Americans fell short and some time was
occupied in finding the range. Thou
the Cullao, ono of the. gunliouts captured by Admiral Dewey from the
Spuniurds, got under the fort and sunt
in a hot fire. Great destruction wus
done with the rapid fire guns. The
lost failed to reply Imt fired on the
American troops that were storming
tho Spanish trenches. Thn large
Amerioan ships were ordered to cease
(iriug after an hour's work, owing to
tho failure, of tho fort to respond.
The fighting in tho trenches was
most fierce. Fifteen minutes after
the Spaniards wero driven to the soc-
oud lino of defense, thoy wero forced
to retreat to the walled city, at whioh,
seeing the uselessnoss of resistence,
they surrendered and soon after a
white flag wus hoisted over Manila.
The Belgian consul at Manila, M.
Andre, boarded tho Olympia and returned with au American lieutenant
to the Spanish military governor, who
agreed to surrender.
General Merritt proceeded to the
palace at 8 :!J0, and then the Spaniards
formed in line and formally surrendered, but tho officers were permitted to
retain   thoir swords.    The  American
loss is reported to be six or eight.
-IriHi d r.nrt I!) woun.u d. TMe V.puni.sh
loss was considerable, but tin- exact
numbers are uot obtainable. The
trenches were filled with badly
wounded Spaniards.
Manila is now under martial law
with General Merritt us military governor,
The California Ked Cross Society
rendered valuable aid to the sick und
wounded. Perfect order prevailed in
Manila on the evening of August 18,
As the Americans marched in, guards
were placed around the houses of all
foreigners, ill order to prevent their
being looted,
Tiie insurgents were not allowed to
take part in the attack upon the eity,
but were kept in the rear of the Americans. Tu order to prevent bloodshed
they were forbidden lo enter tho city
after the surrender unless they wero
liefore the surrender the Spaniards
burned the transport Cebu in the Pusig
river, ft is supposed that Admiral
Dewey wus unaware of the departure
of Governor (ieneral Augusti. The.
Zafiro's officers first beard the news of
the governor general's flight on their
arrival here. General Augusti's escape is considered to have been prearranged, us he brought* with him liis
family and suite.
Ohicago-St. Paul   Roads  Cutting Into
Its Business.
Chicago, Aug. II.���Another blow-
hus been struck ut* the Canadian Pacific by the Ohicago-St. Paul roads.
At this season there is always an exodus of farm laborers from Ontario
und Eastern Canada to Manitoba and
tliis year it is larger than ever before,
over 8000 passengers having been
hauled in one week. Formerly the
Canadian Pacific had a monopoly of
this business. It was able lo load all
of ils own trains with 80 passengers
lo lhe ear. Now the American lines
have gone in us competitors for the
business and liave succeeded in di-
VOTting a large amount of the business
via Chicago and St. Paul. Dast night
���11)0 of these passengers were brought
here hv the Grand Trunk.
Will   Take
the   State
story based upon a despatch from
Aden, Arabia, to a St. Petersburg
paper of the protectorate over the
whole of South Arabia is nonsensical,
us Great Britain has for many years
exercised a protectorate over the tribes
around Aden, and there has been uo
change in the situation for the past
two decades.
Portfolio  Next
Loudon, Aug. is.���United States
Ambassador Hay came to the embassy
from the country, whoro ho has been
visiting and after transacting some
accumulated business of a routine
character he. returned to continue his
visit. To the correspondent of tho
Associated Press he said:
"I have been offered and accepted
the post of secretary of state. I shall
leave London in about u month."
Rome, Aug. 18. -r-The Vatican asserts
despite the reports to the contrary, that
tho recent illness of the popu was
merely a transitory indisposition and
ho has resumed his customary duties
and is daily receiving deputations.
Coeur D'Aleno, Idaho, Aug. 18.���
Sergeant G. Seiwe of Company G,
Sixteenth infantry, formerly (he provost sergeant at Fort Sherman, returned lust night from Key West, via
Missoula, where he hud been in a hospital from a wound received in the
first day's battle before Santiago.
Sergeant Seiwe has the distinction of
being the first soldier shot in his brigade in tho fierce fight on July 11.
Questioned in regard to his experiences
he said -.
"During the early morning work on
the 1st I whs acting ns Colonel Theater's orderly und body guard and whilo
the Sixth was advancing and orders
were being given to the Sixteenth to
hold themselves in readiness to advance to tlieir support, if necessary I
petitioned the Colonel to allow me to
join my company, so as to be with
them in case we were ordered to the
front. A little group of officers, among
whom were. Colonel Tbeaker and Captain Robinson, were standing talking
under, somo trees and I was holding
the colonel's horse as I made my request. He was not inclined to let me
uo and as I ropeatert my request, bullets began to hiss by ns. Somo sharpshooters off to one side had located us
and began to give us (heir attention
and settled my part of it. A Mauser
bullet struck me breaking the lower
lHine in my forearm,aud I had to walk
11 miles to the rear before I could get
it dressod.
"I am not accusing any particular
person, but somebody some day will
Ihi held up for the scorn of the entire
American nation by the Associated
Press for the unprepared condition of
the hospital corps during this battle,
and I would hate to bo in the man's
shoes that was responsible for the, useless loss of lives among our gallant
officers und brave men tlmt performed
what we have ulwuys been taught to
be an impossibility���that of capturing
an entrenched stronghold without tho
support of tlie heavy artillery.
"Wo had nine siege guns not far in
our rear and a few well placed shells
from any of them would have routed
the Spaniards and our men would not
have had to stand the deadly storm of
their bullets. We had no business at
all to carry Sun Juan heights and if
they had been defended by anyone elso
than tho. Spaniards we would never
have done it. They hud been so usod
to seo tho Cubans take to cover every
time they eanie into conflict that the
steady rush of our men demoralized
them. While I was lying at tho hospital I heard nothing but praiso for
the cool work of the regulars, and in
particular that, of my own regiment.
Everybody wus tulking about, the Sixteenth and their gallant charge and
expressing thoir contempt for tho
cowardly action of the Seventy-first of
New York, who dropped back until
they were entirely out. of range of the
enemy. Their officers also disappeared
from the scene and a bearer of orders
to their commander could only find on
second lieutenant ro deliver theni to,
and it took a longer time to find him
I than it did tlie Sixteenth to reach the
| firing line.
"The great mortality among our
officers and niin-coinniissioned men
was attributed (o tbo white stripe on
tlieir uniform which mado theni
I special targets for the sharpshooters.
Captain Lasiter and Lieutenant Sorly
of my own company were severely
wounded and all but Iwo of the noncommissioned men, and other companies fared still worse, and if the
Spaniards had used heavier calibre
guns many who were only wounded
would have been killed. I do not like
tlu- Mauser gun us well us I do the
Krag-Jorgenson.as I think they are too
small. If I had heen shot with tho
littler or even the Snringfield my arm
would have been torn off instead of
only the hone broken, and many others
who nre on tho road to recovery aro us
lucky as I am. It was the wish of ull
the boys thut they wonld hi) allowed to
return hero after their return from
Cuba and I know thoso that receivo
furloughs will come, so wo may expoct
them to be dropping in from now on
quite regularly. "
Sheriff und Attorney Tulk of  the Cor-
bett-McCoy Contest.
Buffalo, Aug. 18.���The commission
of ministers recently appointed to
visit the district attorney and sheriff
to tender assistance in their efforts to
prevent the proposed contest between
McCoy and Corbett. visited those
officials lust night.
"I assured them thut I would stop
it," said tho sheriff when spoken to.
"You etui say for me thut there are no
' ifs and ands' about it. If I am
sheriff this fight will not be pulled off
in Cheoktowuga or any other section
of the eountry.''
"What of the erection of Ihe club
house by the Hawthorne club?"
"It cuts no figure. This fight will
not go on.''
District Attorney Kanift said :
"I can not say what tho sheriff will
do, bnt I can repeat what the sheriff
has so well said. This fight will not
take place while I am district attorney. ''
J. Fred Hume the Minister
of Mines.
Dr. McKechuie Minister Without I oitfolio
His Becord���Teirible Accident at
Treat .River Bridge-
Contract for a Tunnel on the Northern
Light Group Awarded.
At a meeting of the directors of the
Bright Prospects Mining & Development company, held on Mondny last
in the eity, a contract was let to Mr.
J. W. Wright for the driving of a
500 foot tunnel on the Northern Light
group of the company at Forty Nine
creek. The work has already been
commenced, and according to present
appearances and indications the whole
tunnel will run in ore, and will givo a
depth of 400 feot or over on the ledge.
So fur by former workings two con
tacts, havo been uncovered, and the
main ledge has been found and prospected ovor three claims of the company, thus giving them tbis ledge as
well as t*re TORtawr-now- tietiifr Worked,
which Assure runs the full length of
one claim and on a portion of another.
Tho lead now under development
has every appearance of being a truo
fissure cutting the main ledge and
showing at seventy feet a wall abso
lutely perpendicular; it has been dis
covered up the mountain over 500 feet
abovo all former discoveries, having
thero as elsewhere on the surface a
width of 80 inches. The assays at the
70 foot depth show an aveiage of over
$00 in gold, with tho copper that at 35
feet ran threo nnd one-half per cent,
reduced to a mere showing.
Many persons have examined the
property of late giving the most favorable reports in every instance, and the
prospectors in that district speak of it
as one of the best showings of the Nelson district. The company has lately
registered under tho new companies
act with a reduced capital of 500,000
shares of $1 each ; and bringing the
company under the speciully limited
liability clauses of that act. Steps aro
being taken to securo tho building of
a trail up Forty-Nine croek on the
lower levels for the accommodation of
ull properties und so give a much
easier grade than is found on tho one
now travelled.
Victoria, Aug. 18.���(Special to The
Miner)���Matters political are evolving
themselves but slowly, and thero has
been no definite addition made to the
cabinet today. Yesterday, however,
Dr. R. E. McKeclinie, representative
of Nanaimo City, was sworn in as a
member of tho executive council without a portfolio. Dr. McKeehnio was
born in Brookville,Ontario, and graduated at McGill University, being gold
medallist of his year.
There has been considerable speculation as to who will be appointed
minister of mines in Mr. Somlin's
cabinet. It is generally concoded that
this post should be filled by one of the
members from tho Kootenay, Mr.
Hume, the Nelson candidate, is generally spoken of as likely to be offered
this portfolio. This rumor has been so
persistent that your correspondent has
been at some troublo to verify it. Tho
result of enquiry in responsible quarters is that Mr. Hume probably will be
asked to act as the new ministor of
mines. In fact, your correspondent is
in a position to say, that while no announcement to this effect has yet been
made, the appointment may be con-
tideutly - expecteii tomorrow,..or next
dav at latest.
It is rumored that ex-Premier Turner and his associates intend to appeal
to Ottawa on the subject of their dismissal by Lieutenunt Governor Mclnnes, but it has beeii impossible to
find any foundation for tho report. It
is extremely doubtful that the ex-
premier ever had such an intention,
but it is tolerably certain that suoh nn
action, if evor contemplated, has now-
been dropped.
There was a terrible tragedy here
yesterday which resulted in the loss
of several lives. A loaded train of the
Union Colliery Coal company went
over the Trent river bridge, owing to
tho giving way of a span. The traiii
was precipitated from a height of
nearly 150 feet. Alfred Walker, engineer, Alexander Malado, brakemuu,
Richard Nightingale and William
Work, who were employed on the
bridge, were killed, as were also two
Japenese. The fireman, Hugh Grant,
had his leg broken, and Miss Home
and Miss Grieves wero seriously injured. Matthew Piercy succeeded in
jumping from the train in time and
sustained no damage.
Been Invented   Which   Adds
the Speed of the Horse.
Thero is u new racing saddle wliich
has been used surreptitiously in several
races and has proven a success. The
uso of this saddle is likely to produce
many surprises in sporting circles, us
it apparently develops great and unsuspected speed in a horse us yet*
without a record. It is likely to make
a fortune for its owner, if ho can successfully keep it a secret. This saddlo
is to ull appearances an ordinary light
weight racing saddle, exactly like uny
other saddle. But it is furnished with
an electrical appliance which is calculated to produce animation in any old
plug. Speed is involuntarily produced
by simply turning on a magnetic current. As the shock chases up and
down the spine and down into the legs
and up into tlie brain of the horso tlie
tingling sensations give bim ambitious
thrills that greatly increaso his speed.
This current can bo manipulated by
the jockey at his discretion, and tbo
horso thus becomes an electrical machine impossible to beat.���Tho Empire.
Northport, Aag. 18 ���A gentleman
about to leavo here for England will
take with him when he goes a dozen
of tho small variety of wood squirrel
commonly known as the chipmunk.
These little animals are to be presented
to the zoological gardens in London,
thoy not* having any of this variety of
squirrel. Mr. Edwin Durrant of
Rossland is sending thc little animals,
and at tho present time the woods in
this vicinity are being scoured for
the little nut crackers.
London, Aug. 18.���The Pull Mall
Gazette comments this afternoon on
tho extraordinary action of the Germans iu assisting the fight of General
Augusti from Manila, saying:
"This Manila incident is uncommonly nigh a flagrant breach of neutrality und is certain to he regarded as
an international discourtesy,if nothing
London, Aug. 18.���High   officials at
tho  foreign   office   declare   that    tho
It is reported that emeralds aro
steadily disappearing. In tho fifties
and sixties emeralds were tho favorite
jewels, and wore worn strung on a
thread like pearls. Now emeralds are
no longer polished into a round form
but aro polished like diamonds. Faultless stones of a deep color, have always
been as valuable as diamonds. Tho
reason of the scarcity of emeralds in
the decrease in the production in the
Ural mountains. Emeralds wore first
discovered on the right bank of the
Tokowoler, near Kathnrineburg, in
1830; and in the first years tho harvest
was a rich one.
Ottawa, Out., Aug. 1!.��� Tho dominion customs depart ment reports that
a quarter of a million dollars was collected in duties during tho fiscal year
just closed on miners' outfits at tho
boundary lino in the White and Chilkoot* passes leading into tho Yukon
territory. Tho collections wero chiefly
made from Americans.
Vancouver, B.C., Aug. 18.���Chinese
Ambassador Shir, formerly minister
nt St. Petersburg and nlso at. Berlin,
arrived here today en route home. He
docs not* think tbo troublo botween
Great Britain ond Russia ovor China
concessions will amount to much.
New   York,   Aug.    18.���Bar  silver, THE MINER, FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 1898.
llu Jtlinri.
Published Daily except Sundny,
The Miner Printing & Publishing Co.,
Limited Liability.
be accompanied by the name and address
of the writer, not necessarily for publication, but as evidence of food faith.
Subscription Rates
Rally, per mouth by carrier 9 I -JO
per month by mail    1 00
Der half year by mail    5 00
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Subscriptions invariably ia advance.
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The -Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
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lie lu the Oflice by 4 o'clock p.m. lo
Insure chnnge.
Elsewhere will bo fouud a special
despatch from Victoria j-dving the
welcome news that, while it hns not
yet been announced thnt Mr. J. Pred
Humo is to be minister of mines, yot
there will be but a short delay before
the member for the metropolis of the
Kootenays attains cabinet rank. This
iB as it should be. With the exception of Mr. Kellie who is a candidate
for the speakership, Mr. Hume is the
only West Kootenay representative in
the new houso who can claim that
parliamentary experience and knowledge of procedure that is one of the
essentials in a' cabinet minister. Parliamentary experience is not, however,
the only or even the chief claim that
Mr. Hume has to a seat in the cabinet, and more especially to the portfolio of mines. Brilliant oratory is
not needed is such a position. There
aro more substantial requirements.
The Rossland Miner in its lust issuo
describes forcibly and accurately the
sort of man we need for the position.
It says, "What is wanted for this important position is a man who has
grown up, so to speak, with the mining interests of the province, and who,
through long residence, is in close relations with the men who mine, and
who knows to a nicety just what
measures will be necessary for the
fostering and development of British
Columbia's most important industry.
He should be a man who is so acquainted with tho topography of the
mining section of the province that he
will know just where trails, roads and
railways could bo constructed to best
subserve the interests of the mining
portion of the community. In this
position a man of business, of affairs,
nnd of practical, everyday knowledge,
and not a dreamer or mere theorist is
required.'' The above quotation not
only describes just what the province
needs, but it is also an accurate description of Mr. Hume and his qualifications. It is true that the above
article referred to Mr. Martin, as we
discovered with some surprise on reading to the end, but that does not alter
the force of our contention that in
choosing Mr. Hume, the premier puts
the right man in the right, place. Mr.
Hume is an old timer here. Ho was
in.the country long before Rossland
was ever heard of, or for the matter
that, long hefore Mr. Martin left the
North West Territories, nor has his
residence in Kootenay been in vain.
On the contrary, he has been very
successful in business aud shows his
confidence in tho country, by reinvesting hore everything he makes, and there
is every reason to expect that he will
administer the affairs of his department with the same success that he
has administered his own.
This appointment is not only a tribute to Mr. Hume personally, but it is
nlBO that direct recognition of the importance of Kootenay which has hitherto beon denied. Por the lirst time
West Kootenay gets cabinet representation, and for tho first timo she can
boRBt of a resident cabinet minister.
Long rango government from Victoria
for the benefit of the island is at an
end, and West Kootenay will at lust
got tho attention that her importance
and resources demand. All those who
supported Mr. Humo in the recent
arduous strugglo against Mr. Farwell,
have uow good cause to congratulate
themselves on their respective shares
in obtaining such a signal contribution
to tho future prosperity of the Kootenays.
We have previously had occasion to
draw attention to the very insufficient light that has latterly beon afforded
by the electric light plant thut is supposed to illuminate the city. When
the discussion on the by-law for the
purchase of this plant was in progress, the public were told what au
excellent and powerful plant it was,
and that any complaints that might
justifiably have been laid against tho
plant last full, would no longer ho deserved. It is with regret that we ob
serve that the promised improvement
is conspicuous by its absence. Without taking into consideration the future
needs of the city, the power now generated by the plant is woefully insufficient for present requirements.
Whether there has been a sudden failure in the water supply or whether
the plant is now being negligently
managed we do not know, but it is
certainly a fact that since the eity took
over their new purchase the light has
been disgracefully dim. Nelson is
paying an? enormous sum for the system, and the. least those responsible
for tho transaction cnn do is io see I
that the city is decently lighted.
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
.l^H,     ���������-" Good Value in Sponges.^^^^g^
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Official Directory.     |
Governor-General Karl of Abcrdeon
Premier        - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member House of Common?, Dominion Parliament, West Kootenny Hewitt. Bostock
Lieut-Governor - HonTBMoInnea
Premier - Hon J H Tumor
Attorney-General - Hon I) M Kberis
Com of Lands and Works Hon O H Marl in
Minister Mines and Education Hon Jas Baker
President Executive Counoil Hon O K Poolcx
Members Legislative Assembly tor West KooiT
onay���North Wiling J M Kellie
Soulh RidliiK - J F lliimi'
Options,   Bonds   and Sales of
the Last Week.
There is a pood deal of activity
among mine owners, prospectors and
investors. Packers are on the trails
continuously with supplies for the
mines and individual prospectors;
saddle horses aro in demand by experts, and the mines are adding to
their forces daily.
Frank Watson of Spokane and
Judge Spinks of Vernon have been in
camp inspecting the property of the
Willa Mining company, in which
they are interested. They left hero
with A. A. Webb and J. MeFarlaue
to examine the Sellers' group,on Coffee
creek, where there has been a rich
strike, made recently that lias caused a
stampede to he started over into that
A short option has been given to
Mr. Dawson on tho Edinburgh and
Essex claims, situated below the
Wakefield mine. He has six miners at
work proving up the value of the property, and so far he is satisfied with it.
Tho crosscut tunnel on the h. H.
mine is now in (58 teet and is all in ore
with a showing iu the faco that gives
returns of $224 in gold per ton. This
is a concentrating proposition, all the
values being gold, carried in iron
sulphide. The ore closely resembles
that of tbo Rossland district, and is
tho only ledge of that kind so far
oponcd up iu the is eamp.
Ore is being brought down from the
Emily Edith mine for shipment, and
considerable speculation is being indulged in as to how this ore is going
to run ut tho smelter. For, although
the ore is known to be rich, the assay
returns have varied from 150 to 1200
ounces in silver per ton, thus leaving
much room for speculation as to just
what it will run in bulk. Work is
being pushed right along at this mine,
and it will no doubt be a continuous
Assessment work on the Brunswick
claim at the foot of Apha mountain,
has resulted in the finding of a two-
foot ledge of fine ore.
The Comstock company is driving a
new tunnel on the Kentucky Girl, one
of its group, and has already encountered a showing of three feot of ore,
similar in character to that in its
other workings. The preliminary
work is being hurried as much as possible, so as to facilitate the erection of
their concentrator.
A strike has beeu mado on tho Tre-
niont claim,one of the Stuart group, of
a six-foot ledgo of concentrating oro,
with a streak of galena from three to
six inches wide. The ownors firmly
believe they hhve found tho Comstock
vein on their proporty, and if so, they
have a nood thing.
mul nil those who are trying to avoid the lieut of the cook  stove  these  warm  days
dnys by n��D�� -ometbing tnRty in Ibe line urComed MCill.S, FlStl and Poultry
will be greatly relieved and wonderfully benefitted by looking over tbe
following list.    We mention u few ot the most  popular Hues
all in tins ready for use.
f-iiriir.il lici-r. itmiNi Kerf, Chipped lirlril Beef. Boiled Million, Houst
Milium I.m il Tongac, l,nml>'�� Tongue, lintlcd Itnlibll, I I,irl.cn Pnt.',
Purtrlilgc I'ulr, Wild ��ink Vnlr, lUurd Chicken. Duck ami Turkey, .llorlon'it Klpprrrd Herring, Smoki'il ll-iliiui*. Marshall's
Si-olrli Herring mnl I'limnu llttildlr-i, Lobster, Hpnrl.mm-ii Sardine*,
Sjirilliics In MuHlui'd, rig;* reel iiUo Knlices, I'l,-Men, Catsups llrr.,-
IligN,   Koup*.   III'.,  Etc.
Have you tried the Geneva Sausage in Tins, very tine.
*���.���������������������.��� ������������f
Prompt delivery In nil purls of the city and special attention to Mail Orders.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
Mayor - John Houston
Aldermen���Chan Hillyer, W F Teetzel, J A
Gilker, J .1 Malone, E 1' Whalley, Thos Mail
Cily Clerk - - J K Strachan
Police Magistrate K A Crease
Chief of Police . A   F McKinnon
Chief of Flro Department . W .1 Thompson
Auditor ��� John Hamilton
Wator. Commissioner - T M Ward
ncalthOnioor - -        Dr. LaBnn
city Engineer - A. L. M'Culloch
City council meets every Monday, 3 p.m., at
city hall, cor Victoria anil Josephine st
Dr. K C Arthur. Dr. GAP Hall, Geo Johnstone.   Principal-- J R Greon.
President - J Roderick Robertson.
Vice-President ��� James Lawrence.
Sccy-Treas. - John A Turner.
A good story, of which Jobn Keudrlck
Bangs, tbe humorist, is tbe hero, bus
lately leaked out, says the New York
Commercial. Some time ago Mr. Bangs
received tbe following letter from a citizen of one of the Pacific StateBt ���
" John K. Bungs: Dear Sir.���I have
beeu asked to respond to a toast nt our
Board of Tride'j annual dinn r next
mouth and I write toeuquire what would
be your lowest terms for preparing a
good rattling funny speech for me to
deliver od thnt occasion. A prompt re
ply will oblige, Yours very truly, "
To which Mr. Bangs immediately sat
down  and peuDed the following answer:
" Dear Sir,���I um in receipt of your
esteemed favor of the ��� iust., and would
say in reply, lhat my regular rale for
after-dinner spaecbes is 85(H) per speech.
I have not as yet, however, opened up
this line of Roods iu the west, nud ns 1
am anxious to secure custom iu that pari
of the country, I will name you special
terms, namely, 82-3*) for such r.'i address
us you described, Ihe amount to be sent
ns soon ns shipment is mnde. If the
terms proposed are satisfactory, kindly
let mo know nt once; but iu thnt case,
1 would request you not to mention the
matter to Chauncey Depew or General
Horace Porter, as I should not like to
havo Ihem kuow thnt I nm cuttiug
rates.   Yours truly,
This letter was duly sfcnt and on the
���lay wheu it reached its destination Mr.
Bnngs received  the following telegram:
" Your letter just received. If Cbnuu-
cey Depew's speecbes nre written by you,
then I dou't wont one."
New York, Aug. 18.���The Corbett.
McCoy fight has heen postponed until
between September 25 and October 1.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regulai
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring- and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
Prosldont John A. Turner
Vice-Pros. \V. A. Jowett.
Secretary I). McArthur
Trous. - AII Clements
Modical Supt. . Dr. G. A B Hall
|     Duo
8.0(1 ii.in.[UnitedStates,Ontario.Que ,
beoand Kustern  Provinces
Points en N. & F. S. line.
Viotoria and Hnsslnnd.
Illl a.ni.|\'ew lienvcr. Sandon nnd
I. locan Lake Points.
Knslo and Kootenny Lake
Rossland, Trail, Nnkusp.
Itobson. points on main line
C. P. It., Vancouver and
5.15 p.m.
2.30 p.m.
7.15 a.m.
7.00 a.m.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.  R. STATION     .    .    .
A.    E.    YOUNG,   AGENT.
(A1MM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc. Cornwall I
Opposite Phair Hotel,
NELSON. B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
Extended experience in Chile and German
South Africa. Assays and analysis of ores.
Deporta and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plans kept
up by contract.
First Class In Every Respect.
The best place in the City
to get a good meal from 25
cents up.
Experienced  White  Waitresses Employed.
Y. H0SHI,       -        Prop,
When ldiuiiiiig thoroughly seasoned
limber should apply .to
The Nelson Planing Mill
In stock,l,000,000ft.of FJooring.Lining
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes and
every description of Joinery,
SI KIDV    HOOKS   AMI     lilMMIHS    H HUTU OltllF.lt.
office nouns.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; General
Delivery,!! a,m, to 8 p.m.; Registration, tuo
a.m. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Hank
9 a.m. lo i p.m.; Sunday 1 hour (10 to 11 a.m).
J. A. G ILK Kit, Postmaster,
Government Inspector of Agencies \V J Goepel
Gold Commissioner
Mining Recorder-Tax Col
Collector of Customs
Provincial Assessor
County Court Judge
Inspector of Schools
O. G. Dennis
R F Tolmie
Goo. Johnstone
John Keen
J A Form
E111 Slmplcina
William 1-turus
Warden Capt, N. Fitiwtubb*
First Jailer
Second Jailer
Third Jailer
Senior G uanl
lt. Liddell
Geo. Partridge
John McLaren
11, Incu
thinjj to do during- the hot
weather is to keep your
system from running- down
are among the best Summer Tonics.
Our Diarrhoea Specific
is a SUM cure for Summer
Property Owners.
Do you want the rocks, stumps
or rubbish removed from your
yards, or your lawns levelled
down? If so we can do it for
you. Will work either by day
or by contract.
Address T. VV.
Care "Miner" office
"Babcock" Fire Extinguishers
6 SAL. SIZE $30. 3 GAL- SIZE $15.
Including Supply of Chemical Charges
with each.
Delivered F. 0. B. at Portland, Ore.
The Babcock is the recognized
standard, universally used in the
Fire Department service. Each
tested to 300 pounds per inch;
working pressure 100 pounds per
inch. The Babcock has stood the
test of time. Full line of Fire Apparatus and   Department  Supplies.
I71 4th St. Portland, Oro
Church of Knoland���Matin 11 a.m.; Evou
Song, 7..-I* p.m. every Sundny. Holy Communion nn 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month after
Matins; on 2nd and Ith Sundays, at 8 n.m.
Sundny School at2.80 p.m, Hev. II. S. Ako-
hurst. Elector.   Cor Ward nnd Silica streets.
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH���Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.80 pin. Sunday School at 2.30 p.in.
Prayer mooting Thursday evening at ? p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Society nieels overy Mnn-
dny evening at 8 o'clock. Hev. It. Frew,
Methodist   Chdroh���Corner silica  and
Josephine Streets. Services at lla.ni. and 7.30
p. 111. ; Sabbath School, -2.3(1 p.m.: Prayer meeting on Friday evening at. 8 o'clock; Kpworth
League C, Y... Tuesday at 8 a.m. Uev. John
Itobson. Pastor.
ROMAN Catholic-Ciu-uch���Mass at Nelson
every Sunday at 8 and 111.30 a.m.; Benediction
at. 7.30 to 8 p.m.   Hev. Father Ferland, Priest.
BAPTIST CHURCH ��� Services morning and
evening at 11 n.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.; Meetings
are held in the scliool house. Strangors cordially welcomed.   Hev. G*. H. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation Army���Services every evening
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria street.
Adjutant Millncr in charge.
NELSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F. &A.
M. moots second Wednesday in -Sell
month.   Visiting brothren Invited.
G. L. Lennox, Soorotary.
I.  O. O.  F.     Kootenay Lodgo
st No. Hi, moets overy Monday night,
at  their  Hall,  Kootenay street.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
WM. HODSON, Secretary.
'NKLSON   LODGK  No. 25, K. of  P.,
Kmeets in Cnstlo hall, McDonald block
Jjjcvory second and fourth Tuesday eventing al, 8 o'clock.   All visiting knights
'cordially invited,
H. G. Jay, C. C.
(820) G EO. HosH K. of 11. and S,
NKLSON  LODGE,   I. 0. G. T.      Meet! in
Castle Hall, McDonald lllock, overy Monday
evening  at 8 o'clock.   Visiting TemplftiitOr
dially invited, Jo:in Tei.korii,
Chief Tomplnr.
J. F. Jacobson   Sec'y
second and fourth Wednesday of
each month at K. of P. Hull, MacDonald Block,   cor. Vernon   and
         Josephine streets.   Visiting brcth-
rn cordially invited.        Eiinest Kino,
Chas. H. Farrow, Worthy President
COURT KOOTKNAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meots
lst and 3rd Wednesday in each month in tho
K of P Hall. F W Swanell, C. D. S. 0. R.;JK
Green, O.R.: J. Purkiss, Secy.
NKLSON LODGK, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meet*
every Thursday in tho LO.O.F. hall. F W
Bwanell, M,W.: W Hodson, Reo.-Sec; J. J.
Driscoll, Financier F. J Squire. Receiver and
P. M. W.
NKLSON L.O.L. No. 1002 meets in the McDonald block every Thursday evenii.g at 8
o'clock. Visiting members cordially invited.
John Toyo W.M.; F. J. Bradley, B.8. THE MINER, FRIDAY,. AUGUST 19,  1898.
BfiBBMS ������' - ' :'--
lillcl      Menlluu     nl'     Slninniiln; -,    In    I III-
iiimi'ici During ilie Pntt
, Few lliijs.
Hamilton Byers visited RobBon yesterday.
('apt. (lore left yesterday evening
Pot Nakusp.
E, K. Phair left yesterday evening
for Kossland,
,   A meeting of the baseball club will
be held ait the Are ball   tonight  at 8
James Vallance of Hamilton Byers
A Go's hardware store left yeS'crdiiy
ifor Hamilton, Out. on a business trip.
Tbe ship builders arc making good
kprogress with the new (*.IM{. steamer
I now in course of election at* the Nel-
| son .ship yards.
The Rossland Olub nre building a
[new club house on the corner of l.e
(Hoi avenue and Lincoln street which
I will cost fO,(X)0.
The Dewdney trail across the prov-
Iince is being repaired wherever ueees-
|sai-y.    It will he put in a   thoroughly
passable condition.
W. O. Simpson, late of Sandon, has
taken a position us accountant in the
ollice of Hamilton Byers & *-*���"-, hardware merchants, Nelson.
Mrs. W. II.   Simpson   and   Mrs. E.
Cordingly and children have returned
1 from Slocan junction where they have
been rusticating for the past weok.
.1. II. Jones, yaidinasler nt the C. P.
R. depot*   has "returned   from   a  two
[weeks' visit to Vancouver and will re-
IBUine his position on Monday next.
II, B. Burton, L. 0. Paquette, Goat
[River; II. Sancrofl Baker.London,England; Geo. II. Morkill, Oomplix; Way-
|land   Young,   Spokane   are    at    the
11 nine.
P, J. O'Reilly of the Nelson Kcuno-
jinist leaves on this morning's train via
ISpokane for a two months' visit to
iMontieal, Toronto and other eastern
Allen Forrester, provincial constable
[at Brooklyn spent yesterday in the
Icily, having brought down n prisoner
Ito the provincial jail nnd returned
Ihome last night.
Last night tho air was charged with
leleotricity and at frequent intervals
[flashes of lightning nnd peels of tliiui-
Ider occurred. The rainfall was, linw-
|ever, very light,
Hidden creek and Wild Horse creek
Kppear to be the favorite prospecting
[<round this season as will  lie  seen  liy
[.he list of new locations published  in
Ithis morning's Miner.
tt 11. Brown. Trail; R. J, McMillan.
[Nakusp; K. K. Williams, Spokane;
LTainei Jones, Vancouver; E. S. Ilus-
*,ey, Everett; W. McLaughlin. Kaslo
[are registered at the Queens.
I). N. McLeod, purchasing agent for
blann, Foley & Larsen, contractors on
the Robson-Penticton branch spent
yesterday in the city procuring supplies for the construction camps.
Franklin and Moran have a force at
ivork on the Smuggler and Mogul,
pear the Mollie Gibson, on Kokanee
creek. The supplies were packed fnnn
iVew Denver, a distance of 85 miles.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chambers,
I'Hinuel Curnost, Kaslo; E. J. Mathews,
Pilot Bay; Thomas Tobin and 1), Y.
Williams, Rossland and .1. T. Pronger,
Spokane are registered at the Phair.
Frank Britton und Arthur Campbell
are doing developenient work on the
Sadie and Jubilee mountains. They
report that the property is looking
well and improving wilh depth.
The Canadian Paciiic Exploration
company are employing all the men
they can secure at the Porto Kieomine
ns well as men lo work in getting
ready the foundation for tin iv stump
John Henry McManus and Selina
Augusta Andi'i'i-n were married yesteiday at Mr. Thielan's residence hy
the Hev. It Frew. The happy couple
will spend their honeymoon at the
Halcyon Hot Springs, Mr. McManus
is the well known bust of the International hotel at Brooklyn.
Mr, Pforde has brought a racing
pony hack from Goat river. The animal, however, has been over-worked
and very much knocked about, meeting with iun accident on its way over
from Idaho, It is extremely doubtful
whether it will ever be in lit shape
again for racing.
William Cummings, representing
Grenough & Larson, was in Ymir for
a few dnys last, week examining mining properties with the intention bf
purchasing some for his firm. The
firm is the owner of tbe Morning and
Hunter mines in the Coeur d'Aiene,
and also has considerable property
around Rossland.
Tuesday the body of Joseph McBride
was brought to New Denver for burial
from tho Queen Bess mine, where deceased was employed, Ile wus n, unlive of New Castle, England., 11 yenrs
of age, and bus ,-t brother, also u miner,
winking here. The cause of denth
was neiile iiill.'iiiiiiliiin uf the bowels,
and duration of sickness two days.
a lot of
Icecream Freezers
which no well appointed
home should be without
during the warm weather.
We have also constantly
on hand a full line of .  .
number's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offer-
The ultimate etl'eet of the Spnuish-
American war on the industry of silver mining will be extreme. The
Western Mining World believes that it
will lead up to the free coinage of silver or the discarding of silver us a
money metal hy the nut ions nf the
worlcf, except in ils restricted sense as
ajsnbsidiary coin. There will be to
half way business about it. It is ui t
impossible tliat the new era of expansion upon which otir country is
undoubtedly entering may lead to a
commercial activity and growth that
will make the larger use of silver im.
perative anil result in free coinage. If
it he true that the volume of business
is the measure of safety in the matter
of himi'tiiiisni then a commerce indefinitely larger than we now enjoy
mny convince all of the utility of the
joint use. of gold and silver at the
established ratio.
On the other baud if it becomes possible lo conduct the business of the nation through exchanges based on gold
values relatively smaller than now,
without distress ami with safety to
business interests, then silver will be
relegated to the buck ground and its
value full proportionately. Used in the
arts alone it will be mined only as a
by-produot. This is a crisis in the
silver milling industry. A short time
may determine a lino of action that
will elevate the white metal to the
standing it is entitled to hold in the
financial exchanges in Hie world, or
debase it beyond ihe immediate hope
of reclamation.
Seneca (1. Ketchum first darkened
the door of our editorial palace in tho
summer of 'till. We knew he was a
humorist before he made a sound. His
face was a deep rose color that always
denotes a florid complexion, and as he
sunk into the cushions of our old nrm
chair and threw his wistful gazo upward to where a bottle entitled Extra
Dry reposed underneath our Swiss
clock lie smiled us only a mnn afflicted
with humor can. At this epoch of his
plaid like career Seneca G. was suffering from great financial depression.
We assayed him nnd found that he
went (it) cents in silver, DO per cent
beer, and a trace of better days. His
stay was short in the. silvery Slocan,
bnt it wus very vivid. He wandered
away to Nelson, became chief of
police, and wound up by becoming
addicted to matrimony, which has resulted in the following sad paragraph
that he writes from Scdro, Wash :
"Please mention that thero was the
best-looking, (1-lb., red headed chunk
of humanity arrived at our house yesterday, 'It' is ot the mule variety and
positively the cutest thing that ever
happened.      Yours fraternally,
In a certain village school they were
having a Scriptural examination, the
lesson being Elijah offering np a saeriliee on Mount Ciu-nicl.
As (he children looked good scholars,
tho inspector gave them a question,
"Now, you have told me that Elijah
put the bullock on the altar; why did
he imt water around tlie altar?"
The children looked amazed, except
one little boy, who stood up and said:
"Please, sir, to make thu gravy."���
Spare Moments.
IVancouver & Nelson, B.C.
The tender affection of Mrs. Gladstone for the dead statesman was characterized by implicit   faith and rover-
end devotion.    An English bishop was
a guest* at Hawarden Castle, and joined
iu a conversation with Mrs. Gladstone
and others   concerning  the  Anienian
atrocities.    "There is one   above   wbo
knows," piously concluded the bishop
I "Yes," replied Mrs, Gladstone, "he'll
\ be down in   a  minute   or  two.    He's
I upstairs washing  his   hands now."���
The Empire.
They  have I
averages tm j
Niiics   From the   Busy Quartz
Creek Camp.
nud Morgan who have been
; (he Gold King on Boulder
ereek, one and one-half miles from the
railway, brought down some fine
specimens the otber day.
a two toot ledge which
iu gold.
The British America Corporation
nre at work mi the Mist fraction on
Mercer creek and adjoining the Ymir
mine. They hove run a tunnel IIO feet
and have struck a fine body of oro
averaging over four feet. They have
stripped the ledge for a considerable
A. J. Taylor, the well known
Boundary merchant, is in town uiul
will at once start to work on one of
his claims on Wild Horse creek. Mr.
Taylor is tite gentleman who recently
received un $80(10 assay from the Boston on Hull creek.
���A large force of men is now employed ut the Ymir mine building
hunk houses und several other build-
ings. As soon as work is commenced
on the large stamp mill a hig force of
men will be put to work.
Al Hughes and N. Riverre have
been working on tlie Silver Lake on
tho south fork of Porcupine creek.
The}' have a ledge of live feet of splendid ore and expect to have a shipping
mine at an early date.
Tom Flynn lias a foree of men at
work on the Johniiio claim on Jubilee
mountain. He has sunk a 85-foot shaft
on this property and a five foot ledge
has been struck.
Engineer McClotcher has just finished surveying the Planet, Comet and
Rocket claims, flvo miles from town
on Bear creek. These claims nre
owned by the Duncan  Mines, limited.
Ed. Ohaffey is doing considerable
development work on the Rising Stnr.
This claim adjoins the Friday and hns
n three foot ledge of solid ore that
assays $28.80 in gold. Mr. Ohaffey
says he has'something that beats Klondike.
A cricket match has been arranged
to take place on Saturday afternoon
hetween an eleven comprised of members of Nelson Boat Club and an eleven drawn fnnn members of the Nelson
Cricket Club.
The elevens nie: Boat Club.���AV. F.
Brougham, II B. Hiiiues. C. B. Winter. F. A. Macrae, C. E. M. Brown, H.
J Evans, .1. Fiusei', E. C. Senkler, E.
V. Thomson, John Elliot and W. II.
Nelson 0. C���-TEL McKenzie, Fred
Elliot", G. 1!. T. Rowley, N. Carmichael,
I). Wilson, E. Wilson, II. .7. Wilson,
Geo. Johnstone, P. Criddle, G. B. Gumming, F. Fletcher and A. I). Sykes.
lu Carload Lots
Slocan River Mills, Slocan (Mty, B. C.
Sawmill for .sale, Correspondence Solicited,
NOTICE is hereby given that tlio partnership
heretofore existing between J. S. McClelland
and II. II. Ashcroft under the llrm namo of
Ashoroft & McClcllanil in this day dissolved
by mutual consent. J. H. McClelland retiring.
II. 11. Ashcroft slill continues lhe business and
ig liable for nil indebtedness from Aug. 1. All
outstanding accounts must bo paid to Ihe firm
of Ashci'ofl Si McClelland on or before Aug.
Ifl. And all accounts against the llrm must be
presented hv that date.
Nelson, 11. ('., Aug. (ith, 1898.
j. s. McClelland
Manufacturers of
Halcyon Hoi springs Wnicr Aerated und
(supplied to ihe Trade.
#  BUY IT.   #
The Miner is on sale at the following- news stores at live cents per
Qilbert Stanley Nelson
Thomson Stationery Co Nelson
Canada Drug Ss Hook Co. Nelson
Hotel Hume News Stand Nelson
H. Campbell Ymir
O.F.Nelson NewDenver
J. F. Delaney ltoxoberry
Sloean News Co. Slocan City
]���:. O. Nelson Silverlon
Slocan News Co. Sandon
.1. M. Patterson Kuskonook
W. Parker Hrooklyn
Thompson Tiros. Vancouver
Hotel Spokane Spokane
M. \V. Simpson Kossland
and   News   Agents  on   boats   and
trains out of Nelson.
Going WKST, Daily           Uoino East.
Leavo 8.00 a. m. Kaslo           Arrive 3.50 p.m.
'���     8.30 a. in. South Fork       "      3.15 p.m.
"     9.3(i a. m. Sproulo's            "      2-15 p.m.
"      9.51 u, m. Whitewater     "      2.00 p.m.
"    10.03 a. m. Hear Lake         "      1.48 p.m.
"    10.18 a.m. McGuigan         "      1.33 pm.
"    10.38 a.m. Cody Junction   "     1.12 p.m.
Aro.  10.50 a.m. Sandon        Leave   1.00 p.m.
Leave 11:00a. in.   Sandon      Arrive 11:45 a.m.
Arrive 11:20  "        Cody Leavo   11:25   "
284) G. F. & P. 4 Suporintendunt.
Perhaps during the
excitement your supply of Printed Stationery has been
used up. If so we
shall be pleased to
fill an order for you.
Letter Heads,
Bill Heads,  Envelopes,
Posters. Dodgers,
Shipping   Tags,    Etc..
are right in our
line of business
and while we do
not claim to do
work at the
cheapest price,
Good Work
Pair Price
We keep in Stock
nearly all Custom,
Legal and Mining
Forms and will print
anything you may
To Eastern and European Points.
To Paciiic Coast and Transpacific Points.
To Rich and active Mining Districts   of Klondike and Yukon.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points
Tickets   issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To  Rossland and Main   Line points
0.40 p.m. -Leaves���N KLSON���Arrivcs-10.30 p.m
liiiiiti'iiuy Lake���Knslo Itouic.
Stu. Kokanee
Except Sunday. Except Sunday
4   p.m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���11   a.m
Calling at way ports in both directions.
KoolPliny It!ver Itoulc.
Str. Nelson.
Mon. Fri. Mon. F
7 a. m.���Leaves���NELSON -Arrives���8.00 p. m
Tues. Wed. Thurs. Sat.
7. a in���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���10.30 p.m
Outward connection Pilot Bay with Str. Kokanee, but inward such connection made Mondays and Fridays only.
Str. calls way por's in both directions who
Trains  to nml from  Slocun City. Handon
and Slocau  Lake   I'oluls.
(Sundays Excepted)
9 a. m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���2.20 p. m.
Ascertain Peesent
Reduced. Rates East
and full information by addressing nearest
local agent, or GEO. S. BEER, City Ticket
Agent, Nelson,
Trnv. Pass. Agent,      Dist. Pass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouver.
Tenders for the purchase of the property
known ns thc Methodist Parsonage, being lots
15 and lli, block 16, with the house thereon, aro
invited by the trustees of tho Methodist church.
Sealed tenders addressed to the secretary of the
board, F. XV. (Swannell, Box 71, must be in by
August 31st.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Tho owner of the Free Gold, Forty Nine
creek, wants shaft now down 2.5 feet to be continued from 20 to 50 feet deeper, work to be
done as soon ns possible. Tenders lo be mailed
by September lst. A proposition to purchase
or develop the prospect for a part interest
would be considered.
J. FOLINSBEE, Strathroy, Ont.
������������������� ��������������������������������+��������������������
The Daify Miner
is meeting with good
success and if not on
our list you should
be. We deliver it to
your home for one
month for one dollar
or six months for
five dollars.
Can  We  do  Business
with You ?
Zhc   flfoiner
ptQ, 8. JpuD. Co.
For One Cent a Word?
l You can find a buyer for "Any X
f Old Thing" if you advertise.         j
y <iassiiird Advertisement*.          i
r   ���*
��� All advertisements in,   is column nro   ���
�� 1 cent a word each Insertion.   No ad-
* vcrlisenicnt Ukcn for less than 26 cents.
Old papers at Tiik  MINER'office.   25 cents
per hundred.
FOUND.���A small key. Nnlioniil Cash Register.   Apply "Miner" ollice.
MUSIC LESSONS.��� On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. VV. J. Asilcy, Hobson street,
two doors west of Stanley.   P. I). Hox 180.
SITUATION WANTED-Ily a young mnn
of good address. First class salesman and
stock keeper. Understands bookkeeping and
conducting correspondence thoroughly. Six
years experience in a general store, two years
in dry goods. Sneaks liolh languages. Address "M," 271 Hlcury St., Montreal, Que.
Buker Street.
Cook (woman) for  small euuip; $-ln.
Girls for Housework.
15 men wanted.
De La Warr and Bradshaw
De La Wan- Gives Mis Hooley ��1,000.
Accused Acquitted on Paying Costs.
Justioe Wright's Comments.
London,   Aug.   18.���Inutile Queeu'
lieneli division of the high court of
justioe today. Justice Wright acquitted Earl De La Warr und Mr.
Bradshaw of the charge of ooutempt
of court in an alleged attempt to induce Ernest Terah Hooley, the bankrupt company promoter, to falisify his
evidence in tho bankruptcy court.
The learned judge said, however, i
that both were blaniablo nnd he
mulcted theni in costs. Justice Wright
said while he niust absolve Earl De La
Warr of the'eharge of bribery, he must
hold that the earl had wrongly tried
to induce Mr. Hooley to correct sonic,
statements made by him in the bankruptcy proceedings and had wrongfully
promised to help Mrs. Hooley.
Mr. Hooley the judge said, ought
not to bo regarded as a mere liar,
scattering statements and accusations
without foundation ns had been suggested by the respondents, but as on
the witness stand he was reckless and
rash, inaccurate, appearing sometimes
to be suffering from illusions in a hopeless attempt, to disentangle the true
from the false his evidence was unsafe to act upon, especially in a csae
of such importance.
Mr. Bradshaw's evidence as to the
Earl De La Warr's proposal to help
Mrs. Hooley was remarkable although
Mr. Bradshaw had no cause to testify
falsely. It must bo remembered the
judgo continued, that the earl had an
overwhelming motive for obtaining
Mrs. Hooley's retraction. He could
not believe that it was out of pure
charity that the Earl Do La Warr had
promised Mrs. Hooley ��1000. On the
contrary he was forced to tho conclusion that the promise of the earl was
connected with Ihe carl's strong
and natural desire to clear himself
from Hooley's accusations. Nevertheless, ho acquitted ?Do La Warr of
the imputation of inducing Mr. Hooley
to testify falsely.
With regard to tho alleged bribery
lie could not wholly absolvo De La
Warr. With regard to tlio money tho
earl received possibly the latter believed it was received for services
rendered, or as a gift from Hooley.
Tho judge said he supposed that
was generally the way names were
paid for, but as these proceedings weiti
only intended to vindicate justice, it
would be sufficient punishment for the
Earl De La Warr's indiscretion if the
court ordered him to pay costs.
With reference to Mr. Broadley's
case Justice Wright considered him,
lie said, much more guilty in asking
Mr. Hooley falsely to say that he had
made a retraction without communicating with Earl De La Warr. Mr.
Broadley was guilty of subornation
perjury and whilo he (the judge) was
in doubt whether he ought not to deal
very differently with Mr. Broadley, ho
had concluded to make the same order
in Broadley's caso as in the Earl Do
La Warr's.
Conuought���E. J. Stauley, on Clearwater ck, adj Wexford.
Klondike No. 2���F. W. Jams, on
Toad Mountain, adj Klondike.
Aug. 12-
U. tt. ��� V. Van Aanten, on n fk of
Salmon river, formerly Pot Entry.
Minneapolis���C. J. Ditter, w fk of
Barrett ck, near Porto Rico.
Golden Cross���D. Dewar, n fk Salmon river, H mi n of Erie.
Copper Glance���T. Payne, on Granite ck, formerly Black Jack.
Victor���Same, same, formerly C.
& C.
Examiner���II. Skining, L. E. Mc-
Farlane, on n fk of Salmon river,
formerly Richmond.
Grey Eagle���J. Harrison, on n fk of
Lemon ck, formerly Wisconsin Boy.
Vesuvius���T   R.   McMahon,   n  side
of Wild  Horse   ek,   % mi from Ymir
Aug.  18���
Lost Boy���W. Wilde, '���*. mi n e of
Hall Siding, formerly Gold Bug.
Lone Star���C. M. Wilson, ou Mount
Vernon, adj Nevada.
Thelma���H. N. Cox, 2 mi s of Silver
King, formerly Birthday.
Cornucopia���R. McCann, on e fk of
Nine Mileck, 7J2 mi from West Arm
of Kootenay lake.
Anna L���T. L. Lillie, s side of Five
mile ck, formerly Oriental.
Minnie L.���W. G. Lillie, on Anderson ck, adj Anna L., formerly Occidental.
Alberta���(1. Holbrook, E. Field, s
side of Porcupine ck, 1 mi n of Porcupine ck, 1 mi n of Big Patch.
Little  Ted���C.   K.    Milbourne,    on
_ ivernment   tra:
Formerly Star of the West.
Aug. 15���
Constance���B G. McLeod, on n side
of Kootenay river, 1 mi w of Nelson.
Highland���J. Sturgeon, at head of
Duhamel ck, 1 mi w of Monument,
adj Iron Wood.
British Lion���A. M. Seed, G. A.
Johnson, e of Lower Arrow lake,
formerly Good Hope.
Two Friends���T. McCardell, % mi
from w side of Lower Arrow lake, (i
mi above Robson.
Spilker���A. G. White, near Boulder
ck, formerly Klondike.
Colorado���A. Harvick, on w side of
Cottonwood ek,.formerly Ada Mary.
Oro Denero���J. 15. Baxter, botween
4!) and Eagle cks, formerly Mable.
Amphion���J. L. Stamford, on divide between Anderson ck and N. &
F. S. ry, formerly Jessie.
Phaeton���M. Heddle, same, adj Im-
Imperious���E. A. Harris, same,
formerly Charlotte.
Leander���J, Philips, same, adj   Im-
Aug. Hi-
Two Brothers���O. Anderson, on s fk
of   Porcupine ck,    -,*,   mi   from Uniou
Iowa���E. Bollinger, on n side of
Wild Horse ck. adj Good Hope.
Christina H.���E. Harkness,   },*, mi s
of Kootenay river, formerly Annie M.
Annie���J.   W.   Harkness,     between
Bird and -III cks, formerly Beaver.
Midday���Same, samo, formerly Gold
Ottawa���Same, between Rover and
Bird cks, formerly Royal Kootenay.
Le Rio���L. Morin, on Sheep ck, adj
Queen Galena���P. Downie, same,
adj Le Roi.
St. Anne���L. Moriu, same, adj
Double Joint.
Duncan���D. R. Matnn, J.Wostgate,
e fk of Copper ck, near Little Joe.
King of tho West���H. Selous, on s
side of Hall ck, adj Erin, formerly
King of the West.
Royal Keystone���T. M. Beamish, on
Granite ck, formerly Hastings.
Toronto���W. B. Pollard, at forks of
Hall ck, adj Bonney.
Jenny���F. J. Squire, same, formerly
Erin's Isle.
Aug. flair William���G. Morris, n fk of Salmon river, adj Did Get There.
Robin Hood���A. Campbell, 1 mi n
of Second Relief, adj Moonshine.
Day Light���J. Campbell, same,
Wesley���E. C. Traves, ou Porcupine
ck, formerly Jennnie J.
Aug. 10���
Powell���W. F. Edgar, n side of  and
tf mi up Hidden ck, adj Gloucester,
J Wai-.iwright���E.   Todd,   n    side   of
and H mi up Hidden ck.
S. D.���S. DesBrisay, same, adj
Gloucester���T. C. Woods, same ndj
Legal Tender���W. Wiitsnn, 8 mi s
Of Salmo.
Hawkesbury���D. R. Martin, J.
Wetsgate, at head of n fk of Salmon
Bruce���D. a. McBeath, ������>,'.-, mi o of
Hall Siding, formerly Buzzard.
J. C. P.���E. S. Glasford, on Eagle
ck. formerly Mabel Clare.
Maybe���F. Britton, n side of Wild
Horso ck, l)fj mi from Ymir, adj
Victoria���T.   O.   Skatbo, on   Whitewater ckj formerly Miner Boy.
Aug. 11 ���
Hilltop���C. II. Mackintosh, J.
Danielson, on Boulder ck, adj Josephine.
Governor���Same and W. McCul-
lough, 5 mi n of Boulder ck.
Aberdeen���C. H. Mackintosh, J.
Donaldson, on Boulder ck, adj Hilltop.
Iron Cap���Same, same, adj Iron
Happy Boy-C. H. Mackintosh, H.
tt. Council, same, adj Aberdeen.
Iron Mountain���Same, same, adj
Spokane  Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
1898      PROVINCIAL     1898
under the direction of
The only all rail route without ohange
of cars between Nelson and Bossland and
Spokano and Rossland.
(Daily Except Sunday)
Leave 6-20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5-35 p.m
"    12:05 "   SOSSL'D    "   11:20   "
"    8-30am. SPOKANE   "    3.10 p-m
Kirkpatrick b Wilson �� ��
are receiving Seasonable Goods
for the best trade of Nelson in
the lines of
The quality is the best and prices
right.      As always, our stock of
New Westminster I crockery and glassware
is full and being added to as needed.
Kirkpatrickand Wilson,BAKER STREET
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial
Society of British Columbia.
OCT. 5 to 13 Inclusive
lu oonjuctlon with the
Citizens'GrandYearfu Celebration
$18,000 *���- ^��$18,000
The Premium List in tho Wgest*
ever ott'oretl West of Toronto.
Pyro-Spectaculnr Bombardment ol  SantUgo
de Cuba and Blowing up ol the "Halne."
Followed by nn up-lo-diile Firo Works llisnln)*,
which hns heen specially secured for Four
Nights at un enormous expense.
Lacrosse and Baseball Matches, Bicycle fleet, Aquatic, Sailor and
Caledonian Sports, Promenade
Concerts, Horse Races.
Dog Show.  Open to the World.
The Finest Bands in the Province
will provide Music.
Special rules over all Railway and
���.Steamboat Lines.
No entrance fees charged for Exhibits.
Premium Lists, Entry Forms, and
full Information ou application to
Chairman Co), Com. Secy. Col, Coin.
Pres. R. A. & I. ?oc.      Secy. It. A. & I. Soc.
Exhibition Commissioner.
Repaired, Altered, Cleaned, Pressed
and Dyed by lha New I'kocksh at
Reasonable PrlceB,
STEVENS, Tiik Tailor.^mssS*
Room I). Hiu.ykk Hlk., NELSON.
P. S.~Ladies Wool llress (tends Sponged
before Making Up.
Waff Paper,     Sporting doods
���   Hammocks,   ���
Cameras, Kodaks,
Photographic 5uppfies
Thomson Stationery Co.
OOL . . .
for Nobbiest and best and Save KASH.
Are Saving Money every day
on tbeir Hardware Bills by
allowing us to figure with tbem.
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given.
Tel, No. 21.
has taken over the practice of
Dr.    H.   E.   Hall and  is  pre-    '
pared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods. .  .
Krokru lllll Klork
linker HI.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   aud see   us.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and (ieneral Agents, Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public,  Etc...
FOR SALE .������w\\\��.
Corner Lot on Vernon St���, with Building. 12 Lots in Block
���111'���Cheap.    2 Lets Cor. Josephine rind Robsoh.
FOR PHA/T^__.wxvvvvx��.v*.
2 Lots and Dwelling near Coi-Stanley St, on Observatory
St., $12 per month. Dwelling on Silica St., near Cedsir St.
$20 per month.    House nnd 2 Lots, Houston St.   $15 month
Call and see our full list of property for sale  in   "Hume',
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street,  NELSON,  B. C
Train Unit leaves Nelson nt 0:20 n.m.
milk en close coinieclioiis nt Spokane for
nil Pacific Const Points.
Passengers for Kettleltiier nml Bound-
nry Creek, oomieol at Miitons wilh Stage
Uso a first elasK line in traveling between
Minneapolis, Ht. Paul anil OhloagO, and
tha principal towns in Central Wisconsin
Pullman Ralace Sleeping  and Chair Can
Sorvlco        .....
The Dining Cars arc operated in tho interest f
ils patrons, the most elegant, sorvicc evei
inaugurated.   Meals nro served a la Carlo.
To obtain lirst elass service your ticket should
road via        .....
Direct connections nt Chicago and Milwaukee
for all Eastern points. . ...
For full information call on your nearest tlcko'
agent, or write . . ���
Jam. A. Clock,        or       Jab. O. Pond,
(ieneral Agent, General Pass. Agent
2411 Htark Street, Milwaukee, Wli
Portland, Ore.
Steamship Lines
Krom Montreal or Quebec
Denver Line���Lake Huron .Aug. 3
Heaver Lino���Lake Superior Aug. 10
I ih,minion Use���Vancouver Aug. ti
I l imi, in nm Lino-Scotsman Aug, 13
Allan Lino���t'alifornlan July '28
Allan Lino- -Nuiuidlan Aug.  I
From New York
While Star Lino���Teutonic Aug.  .1
Whito Star Line���Britannic Aug. 10
Cunarfl Line��� Luoanta Aug. (I
Cunrrd Lino���Ktruria Aug. 13
Allan Stato Line   Statu of Nebraska. ..Aug. 28
Allnn Slate Line   Mongolian ..Aug. 12
Anchor Line���Kurnessia Aug. 20
Anchor Line���Anchoria Aug. 13
t 'ublu, (43.00, ?.iii. tn,, $70. (Ml nnd upwards.
Intermediate, (114.(XI and upwards
Steerage. $22.5(1 anil upwards,
Passengers ticketed through to all points !>i
Great Britain or Ireland, and at special!? low
rates to nil parts of tho Kuropenn conti lent.
Prepaid passages arranged from all point! .
Apply   to  OKI).   S.   IIKKU,   CP.lt.   1 cie.
Agent. Nelson, or to,     WILLIAM STIT'I
5841   General Agent, C.P.R, Offlces. Winnipeg.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty (IiO! dsys
aftei date I intend lo apply to thc Chief Coin,
missioner of Land and Works for permission lo
purchnso three hundred nnd twenty (320) ucres
unreserve crown hind, moro or Ior*:
Commencing nt t* slako marked "B. W.'s N.
R, north-Mat corner", thence eighty (W) chains
south; thence forty (40) chains west; thence
eighty |��0) chains north; ihenco forty (40)
chains ea��t to point of commencement: Hliuated
nonr tho head of Koknneo Creek about ten
miles from Kootoray Lnko, Nelson Mining
Division, West Kootenny District,
;    Dated this 2nd August 1898.
I Nelson, B. C, Aug. % 189B.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia busines
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager .,,-,,   -^.r    ^    *
S. S. Fowler, E. M, NELSON,  B.C
Mining Engineer J                                    m
Charles D. J. Christie
Houses to Rent at $8, $14 and $15.   Furnished House $35.
FOR SALE���A 2 lot corner Ward Street, $:��>.   2 lots, garden and fence
Victoria Street, $000.   7 roomed house Silica Btreet, $28(X).
A new House, lirst story stone, 2nd rough cast, 7 rooms, Electric Light��, Ba'J
hot and cold water.    Finished in first elass rummer, ready ubotll
10th August.   Three minutes from post ollice.   Prices
quoted at my ollice.
Typewriting and Stenography Work Done.
Agency 13. C. Acetylene Gas Machine Company.
PABST : : :
A Trial   will   convin
that the  World's   Leadii
Beer loses none of its go.11
qualities by   being  bottl
in our own country.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.
Victoria Street - NELSON, B.


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