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Daily   lidition, No. 45
Nelson,  British Columbia.  Friday Morning, July 1,   180.8.
Eighth Year
A shipment of the famous
Julia Marlowe
American Footwear
Come Early and Secure a Pair.
1 * KID uloves. * t DRY  GOODS.
I Reduced Prices, |
I Grand June Clearance Sale I
We will offer for the next ten clays all of our entire stock
at  reduced   prices   with   Special   Reductions   on   the
.   .   .   following lines  .  .   .
[ir.-ii.v I'f.i^i'.'.r.'.i' ami Artillery CaiiKO iin-
Delay.���DUP-MUlon of llie Army.���
Tin- ri:ilniiiiiii Conception Has
Arrived Sufi'ly nt   Tunas.
Su ill 1 lii-i   Dress floods.
Warm Weather Fabrics,
Ladies Shirt Waists.
Ladles' 1) -V A Corsets.
Codies' and Ohlldren's  Qndervests.
Ladies' Silk and Kid Gloves,
Ladles' Silk and Alpaca Skirts.
Sailor Hals, Half Price,
Men's Underwear.
.Men's Washington Ties.
���Men's Negligee Shii-ls.
Men's Fancy Cambric Shirts.
Men's Black Sateen Shirts,
���Men's Duck and Flannel Suits
Men's Straw Hats,
Men's Pants and Overalls.
Our StocR icS Complete in House Furnishings. I
1891 For the Eighth Time the Citizens of 1898
~~    NELSON   '
Will Celebrate
TWO   DAYS,   JULY   1st and 2nd.
$209a#7jN~* PRIZES.
* .���      .       >* 9
Horse Racing.. Prizes $500
*   fcommittgf :��� JAn>-%I*s*N*#��-f,  H. AsiiCjidjjT, J. A. Ti'kni-r.
Prizes $325.
Ashcroft, J. J. Malone.
Drilling Contest*
Commi#**��p: John Houston, H.
Hose Reel Races
Committee: J. THOMPSON,
Prizes $300
Dover, F. Irvine.
Lacrosse Match Prizes $125
Committee: 11. Irvine, S. Neelands, J. Kirkpatrick?
| Baseball Matches       Purse*$125
Committee: C.  A. Waterman, F. Irvin^.       '**
Bicycle-Races    :-,.   '��� prizes $50
Contmittee: JACOB Dover.
On Board the Associated Press Despatch Boat Dandy. Off Santiago de
Cuba, Wednesday, June 2, (i p. in., via
Kingston, Jamaica, Thursday, June
80, 11 p. in.���The forces of tho American army arc being mobilized as
rapidly as possible in the vicinity of
Aguadores, four miles from Santiago
ile Cuba. The moment mobilization is
completed the attack on Spain's last
ditch in eastern Cuba will be begun.
When that* will be General Shafter
himself cannot say. Tho troops can
be moved without serious delay and
are pushing forward rapidly, but tlie
movement* of the pack trains, wagons,
ambulances and artillery is taxing the
endurance of the officers and men to
the utmost, From Baiquiri, where
the military is landed, to the present
point of concentration, the road runs
through a tangle of undergrowth up
and dowu a steep hillside aud over
treacherous swamp border streams for
a distance of 12 miles. Through that
continuous thicket the road of the
army is cutting its way.
Engineers are at work leveling the
track and filling pits, while a large
force of regulars and  volunteers  with
axes, aided by Cubans with machetes,
are hacking down trees aud clearing
out, the brush. A few light guns have
already reached this port, but the siege
guns are not within five miles of the
vanguard. Shatter left his ship today
and took up his quarters with General
Wheeler at the front. His appearance
there gave rise to tho rumor I tut an
attack on Santiago would occur tomorrow, but the staff ollicers tonight say
it* is impossible to get the army in
shape to strike a blow for several days.
About 20(1(1 troops are camped four
miles east of the besieged city and the
remainder of the forces are stretched
along the road from there to Juragua
Jind Baiquiri. The advance forces an*
iu a semi-circle, the left flank resting
about two miles from the sea. under
tiie command of General Chaffee, with
the extreme right, under command of
Colonel Miles, about a mile to the
��� Beginning with the Twelfth infantry
at the extreme left, the Seventh, Seventeenth, Fourth, Twenty-fifth ancl
Tenth infantry extend to the right in
the order named. Beyond them picket
lines are established three-quarters of a
mile nearer Santiago, being in plain
sight of General Chaffee's and Colonel
Miles' troops. Much amusement has
been caused among the ollicers by tho
l*'ge number of Ked Cross Hags flying
from buildings in Santiago. Seven
such flags could be counted today, and,
it is reported, that, OWO more were
hoisted tonight. They aro all flying
from the largest and most prominent
buildings and our offioerssav the Spanish soldiers evidently intend to protect*
every place in tho city offering a good
mark for thn American artillery.
Word was received by Rear Admiral
Sampson today tlmt the Spanish supply boat Purisama Conception, which
escaped from Jamaica recently, has arrived safely at Tunas, tho port- of
Sancti Spiritus, on the southern coast,
of the province of Santa Clara. The
naval ollicers here are much chagrined
over the fact* that tho steamer got
...FRIDAY. JULY 1.1858...
B(*at Races
Prizes $100
J. Doveij, S. Neelands,
Caledonian Games      Prizes $75.
'' *''   ����� -Comnife?: ^fiN Houston, J. J. Malone.
Free For All
t't       a *
PfflZE $25.00
Calll*Uiu*��pl��i?Par��<le and Procession of  Decorated' Bicycles
Both Evening/.     Nelson and New Denver Brass liarfils  ��
dayl.   Redwfld Rafe��on all Railway and Steamboat Lines.
1 inuul  Hull niiiii   Firework;
/ill  be   Iti   iilti-mlmuv   beal
��� >        * J* *���    *  1
Entries for.h-JWio ru<!?�� niul*fl|*|Hln"fc contents i
10 p.m. on June 30th. ' - -
*i '   '       ���    ' K'
.Music, Commie*
mst bo mndo with tlio
i Ch|lMnan
>��� iiot  lutor thnn
s^lTBnnie, "
���C4 A. \^VTEftMAN,  F.'Ik'vin^:
I  Incidentals ��� ij. J. Malone,
tr        ]\*A. TurnbV
C. A- Waterman, ]R. ?. Lennie*,
4:15 a. m.
11:30 a. ni.
1 p. m.
1:30 p. m.-
3 P- m.���
4:30 p. m.
6:30 p. m.
9 p. ni.
10 p. m.
12 nidnight
. w\v.x\V��.Wk. jMEOSB
National Salute of 21 Guns.
Procession   through   the principal streets to the
wharf to meet visitors from neighboring towns.
Match Foot Race���Dill vs. Thompson.
Hub and   Hub Race ( free for all).    Prize, $100.
Horse Race,   Quarter-Mile ( free for all).    First
prize, $100.    Second prize, $25.
Baseball Match.    Prizes, $125.
Aquatic Sports as per Program.
��� *
100-yard  Boys'  Race; first prize, $2; second, $1.
100-yard Boys' Race under 10; first, $2;'second,$1.,
100-yard Girls' Ra��e u'nder 10; first,r$2; second,$1.
100 yards ( free for all); fir-st, $10;'second, $5.
50-yard Potato Race; first, $7. second, $3.
Vaulting with Pole;, first, $5; second, $2..��   .+
Standing High Jump, first, $3; second, $1.     '��� r
Standing Long Jump; first, $3; second, $1. .
Running Long Jump; first, $3; secon^, $1.
Putting Shot ( 16 pounds ); first, $3; second, $il
220 yards ( free for all); first, $12; second, $6.
Procession of Decorated Bicycles on Baker Street
and  Recreation Grounds, with Bands Attending.
Fire Works on the Bluff.
Grand Ball at Hume Hotel. ' Admission, $1: 4f .
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Oamaa^Repairs His Ships Bather
���    '      Than Leave Port Said.
,Oairo, JuneJ "J80.���The following
official .announcement waa made this
���ThetSpanish warships at Port Said
began 'coaling ^froin their colliers,
wlrtdp arrived- rftm Spain. The Egyptian government has notified them
that they eould nnt* allow tliis and that
jt must lie stopped forthwith, and that,
thfty' InusWilso leave Port Said, as the
24 hour limit has been greatly exceeded.      .
Thi! SflWIiiards then slated that their
ships WffatocL repairs .and, began dis-
chArging fhe eoal and other material
iuaorder to repair,
J^ ���    m!.     .
.   GAftOIAtfO-fBETrtEmiCHBD.
JIo   tfill   Go^With jlOOlT Men to   Stop
'    Pando's   Advance.
Spanish commander, who with 7400
troops, many pack horses and a quantity of cattle, has arrived at a point 71
miles 'from Manzanilo, going east toward Santiago de Cuba. Accordina to
information which reached the flagship New York today from Colonel
Kios, in command of the Cuban campaign, General Pando started from
Manzanilo on June 22 and i.s traveling
at the rate of 12 miles a day.
The distance to Santiago de Cuba is
\'i~, miles, aud the roads leading there
are rough and dillicnlt to travel. Tho
Cubans now opposing General Pamlo
onlv number about got) men. t*
Plava/lol Este
ansnjissioi^.)���It    is
iGepqral CalTxto Garcia
88 (Delayed in
believed   that
, whose forces
wero taken to the east in order to co-
operafe with tlie United States army
in 41ie capture of Santiago de Cuba,
will' be sent back with 11000 men to
stop tho advance of General Pando, the
' Americans'   Firo   Prevents the Cargo
BeiiiK Landed.
Madrid, June DO.���The governor gen-
! eral of Porto Rico cables that if will
be dillicnlt to save the cargo of* tho
Spanish steamer Antonio Lopez,which
was run ashore at Saliuan, near tho
entrance of the harbor of San Juan de
Porto Rico, to escape the United States
| auxiliary cruisers St. Paul,and St.
Louis, whioh prevented her landing a
cargo of provisions and war mat^riafr
He explains his inability to savo the
steamer's cargo hy the fact, as alleged,
that an American cruiser is ' continuously firing upon the stranded vessel.,,
A cabinet council, over which tho
Queen Regent presided, was�� held to'-
day. The ministers declined td nirnuih
any information beyond saying
they discussed the war.
San Francisco, Juno iiO.���The second
Manila expedition from this.city was
sighted Juno '2 45 miles this sido ' of
Camara Should Reach  Manila Before
the End of July.
London', Juno 30.���A Madrid special
says that Captain Genoral  Augusti re- '
newed his  request   for   permission td
promise tho  Philippines  extensive re- ,
forms.    The peace agitation is spreading   in   the proivnees, but not in Madrid.    Tho government has  comploted
arrangements  for  coaling and provis-   '
toning  Admiral   Camara's   squadron,
wliich   should   now bo  able to reach
Manila beforo the end of July.
If tho United ��� States imagine tlie
threat to bombard tho Spanish ports
will, induce tho Spaniards to recall
Camara aiid sue for peace, tbey wilt
bo disappointed. This, onlw sferyes to'
mako'Spain moro'dotonnineW to carry
on the fight to the bitter ond.
It ii ���generally believed here that the
German  squadron* will    npt   pormit
Dewey to boftbard Manila.
, i> *
Kingston, Jrunaica, Juno 130. ��� General Lhwton's headquarters are now
fife miles east of Santiago.', Tho
'Apiefican troops spont yesterday feeling for the%nemy.f It*is expected that
Oaney will be occupied tomorrow.
AJiout 500 Spaniards now occuiy tho
piaco. ��� t
���    , ���!���n 1	
m .
Nejv York, ,fune 80.��� Edward|Bpn?
dor,'a prisoner in tho^ombi, awaiting
trial for^ho killing ofcRichard Ben-'
nett,bommiited-suiclde��todliy \y hanging himself ��� in hitrcell. Ho made a
ropo-of medical bandages and'.caref ully
soared it ln ordor that'tho noose should
slip easily.   *
���  �� THE MINER,   FRIDAY, JULY  :,  1898
* *
"vEIxc Jlinet.
Published Daily except Monday.
Tuk Miner Printing & Publishing Co.,
Limited Liability.
Al.l. communications to the Kdltor must
be ticcoiupuuicd by Die name and address
of tho writer, not necessarily for publien-
Llon, but. an evldenee of good faith.
Subscription Rates.
-tf.iily, per month by carrier $ 1 00
per month by mail    I 00
per half year by mill    5 00
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Weekly Miner.
Weekly, por ball year 9 1 25
peryear    'J00
per year, foreign    -3 00
Subscriptions Invariably in advance.
Advertising rules mude known on application.
The Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
It is not long sinco Premier Turner
was here in Nelson and was given an
opportunity to put his past policy and
future intentions before the electors in
the most favorable light, Ho addressed
a crowded meeting, aud though his
audience consisted almost entirely of
his political opponents, ho was patiently
listened to for one hour and a half,
but his hearers went away with no
more definite idea of the government's
intentions than they had before. As
Mr. Cotton appositely remarked in his
reply, "thore was a great deal of
ancient history and very little inform
ation. on tho various points so vital to
the electors. " In his lame attempt to
answer the criticisms of the opposition
as to his method of subsidizing the
Nakusp & Slocan railway, the premier
devote a great deal of wind and energy to explaining���what everyone
knew beforehand���that the railway
was badly needed, but* in defence of
the government's action he could only
say that though he admitted the mistakes, he should not be blamed because
he eould not think of any other way
out of the difficulty.
Could there be any stronger evidence
of tho incapacity of the government
tli��n that thus afforded liy the premier
himself'/ After mature consideration
the Turner government could not devise any better scheme of obtaining a
railroad than tho extraordinary one <;f
practically providing all the money,
and thon letting -Jhe company reap all
the profits. , Is it*~to be wondered at,,
when the affairs cf the province aie
managed ih this way, that the electors
are "ttnxfcus to liave another hand at
tke heljn? ,
Othor matters which deeply interost
the electors of this district, such as
.the tax pn those who work iu metalliferous mines and the redistribution
bill, the premier did  not  mention   at
���all until ho was forced to. The premier then admitted the injustice of the
$5 tax, but said it had not been   taken
���off owing to representations from tho
mining districts! Tho ^Minor would
very much like to know what manner
oflpien these wero wild1 suftlioated
that thoy might bo taxed ! The truth
of the matter itkthat tho government
is at its wits' end for money; they are
running moro deeply into debt every
day, although they havo taxed everything in sight, and so they cannot
afford to tako tho tax off. Bnt why
should the workors of Kootenay have
to pay for the incapacity of the government '!
With regard to the redistribution
bill. Mr. Turner seemed to think that
bocauso Kootenay had more members
than it used to have, it had no cause
to complain, us if a man who had boen
starved onco should bo content with
ono meal ii day for the rest of his lifo.
Ho di* not attempt to explain the
singular Coincidence that all tho over-
represeutod districts aro considered I
^Hife government seats, while those left
out in tbl cold unmistakably sympathize with the. opposition- Htf was
wise not to  attempt   an   explah^t ion ;
���it��v��uld "tax tho rosoumps of a much
cloveror speaker than Mr. Turner to'give
any plausible reason^ ���
Iu defending the mqttgage tax, the
��� premier g��t in a worse mess tluui ever.
He stated that ho had once represented
a loifti company and had Jiad persolahj
knowledge of tlie (ffects flf the tax.
Then ho wont ou to say that the bor-
rowfl* contracted himself into payitig
the tax and hit did nqt Ilee yrhy the
govor^ineift should have to help him,
and that jf tho-tux was taken oft an-
otbef would havy to take itp place.
Then ho toiiuuitted himsel%to the extraordinary statement-: ^"Everybody
else is taxed, -frhy ndt 'fljo" money
louder '/"���' .The premier seAued tofhavo
forgotten thattw6 or ttiroe minutes
before he had admitted   that as a mat-
"er of fact it was impossible to prevent
the borrower having to pay the tax.
He wound up by saying that a royal
30mmissicHl had been appointed at
great expense to inquire into the effects
of a tax he had just been explaining at
lonsiderablS length.
His great argument in defense of
this tax was, that* if the government
were to take it off, the lender would
charge additional interest and the borrower would be no better off. This
irgunient is based on false reasoning,
and the premier knows it, or if he
does not. it is but an additional proof
if his unfitness lo tako charge of the
finances of British Colombia. The
lenders might charge additional interest for a short time if the tax were
taken off,1 but (hey would not do so
permanently for the simple reason that
the price of money.like any other com-
modtiy, is a matter of supply and demand. Therefore, as capital flows in
the rato of interest on money loaned
ou a given security will decline. The
loau companies can profitably lend
money now without receiving this extra percentage, so we can rest assured
that were it to be added, competition
would soon take it off again.
Were thoso all the blunders tbo government have committed, they would
stand condemned by all sensible and
unprejudiced men, but their name is
legion, as The Miner intends to show
between this and election day.
Today marks the thirty-first anniversary of the confederation of the
various provinces of Canada, though in
1807 thoro were but four provinces in
the Dominion, and the great work was
uot completed until 1ST!). The name
of Sir John Macdonald will always be
inseparably conneetedwith the founding
and rearing of that great national
edifice wliich Sir Wilfred Laurier is
now completing and beautifying.
A generation ago Canada was a collection of disunited communities with
little influence or fame in the world;
today sho ranks high among the nations and her commerce and wealth
havo increased until she has become
one of the granaries of the world,
while the value of her shipping is fifth
on the list.
Dominion day is a season of rest
and rejoicing throughout Canada, aud
our own fair eity will not be back
ward in her celebration of the event.
Todny our streets will be thronged
with ' eager sightseers and pleasure-
seekers from all the country round,
whilo tlio time is being beguiled with
%orse rapes, games and friendly eon-
tests of all descriptions.
Our Arctic Soda Fountain
Is the centre of attraction these hot clays.
c^r*      Try oar ke Cream Sodas, Made
with Hazelwood Ice Cream.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
it A. S. Farwell is an independent*,
as his supportors say lie is, why it it
that ho is not being supported by the
independent peoplo of the riding? Why
is it that his support comes entirely
from the mon who iu the past have
either voted for government candidates
iu- who now support tlie Turner government? Tho men who are supporting Mr. Hume are the men who voted
for opposition candidates at the last
election or who believe that the Turner government is merely an agent of
tho Dunsmuir family compact. If Mr.
Farwell was really broad-gauge, out-
Spoken and independent, would ho not
be receiving support from at least some
of tho woll known men who are opponents of the Turner government?
He surely would. But he is only posturing as au independent. He was
brought out, not by the people, but by
a little clique of politicians whoso
leader is holding dowu a berth iu tho
court house at Nelson.
The supporters of the independent
candidate in this riding are much
worried over five questions that wore
asked Premier Turner at tho joint
meeting at Nelson, questions   that  he
ioiled to answer satisfactorily to even
ire strongest friends. The questions
were written by a mining man of
acknowledged ability. Tho chairman
of the meeting, Mayor Houston, merely
read theni at tho request of tho gentleman who framed them.
A�� S. Farwell is so independent that
the people of Nelson have come to the
conclusion that he does not want to
be bothered with thoir votes.
Anyhow, it  does   uot look us if  he
.will'be bothered much.
Mr. Fh.rweH'8 friends say ho will
be a member of the government, which
ever party gets in.
��1     __________
fbW is ne going to vote with Turner
ieop his promises?
Another of Mr. Farwell's friends,
full of whisky |aud wind, was round
town last night trying to canvas*
Official Directory.
'���'��� ..   I   ."'
All kinds of Fresh and Salted Meats wholesale and retail. Fresh Fish received daily.
Mail orders receive careful   and   prompt   at
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
01i��suvo us from our friends !
In some way, to induce every man, woman and
child in thc country who buys in Nelson lo come and inspect our
stock and prices. Wc would have you do this for we are sure
that you would become onr customer and friend. Wc have the
largest and best selected stock o( Groceries in the city. The
famous products of every country in our line arc represented on
our shelves.
EVERYTHING FIRST CLASS. -Never behind the times. No retrograding
here. Our business is run to serve itB patrons to their best interests,
as well as our own, and you can always depend upon our best service
being afforded you.
Tha fairness of our prices throughout our entire line ilit .'ill times shows onr
grasp upon the market.     CAN'T BE BEAT AT ALL;   THAT'S ALL.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
Govornor*Genoral        -        Karl of Aberdeen
Premier        - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Mombor House of Commons, Dominion Parliament, Wesl Kooienay Hewitt Rostock
Llout.-Governor - Hon T H Molnnoa
Premier - ��� Hon J II Tumor
Attorney-General - Hon D M Eberts
('oni of Lands and Works Hon (1 B Marl in
Minister Mines and Education Hon Jas Hnkor
President Executive Council Hon 0 K Pooley
Members Lcglrlatlve Assembly for Wost Kootenay North Hiding J M Kollie
South Riding .1 FHume
Mayor - - John Houston
Aldermen���Chas Hillyer, vv V ToeUel, J A
Gilker, J J Malono, K 1' Whallcy, Thos Madden.
Cily Clerk ��� ��� JK Strachan
Police Magistrate - E A Crease
Chief of Police . A   F McKinnon
Chief of Flro Department . W J Thompson
Auditor - John Hamilton
Water Commissioner ��� T M Ward
Health Oflleor - Dr. Lallan
City council moots evory Monday, 3 p.m., at
eity hall, cor Victoria and Josephine st
Dr. K C Arthur. Dr. G A 11 Hall, Geo Johnstone.   Principal���J R Green.
President J Roderick Robertson.
James I-Awrence.
John A Turner.
President - John A. Turner
Vice-Pres. W. A. Jewelt.
Secretary - D. McArlhur
Treas, A H Clements
Medical Supt. . Dr. G. A 11 Hall
8.00 p.m.
8.30 a.m.
i.00 p.m
li.110 p.m.
Unltod States, Ontario. Out
mound l-.aslern Province
Points en N. Si F. S. Iim
Victoria and Rossland.
Vew Denver, Sandon nm
31ooan Lake Points,
ICnslo ami Kootenny Lak,
Kessland. Trail, Nakusp
Robson, points on main iin*
'. P. li.. Vancouver nil-
5.16 p.m.
2.30 p.m.*;
7.15 a.m 1
7.00 a.m.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring' and Ceiling, Turned Work and MouUliiUfiw
Shingles ancl Lath, Sash ancl Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
 , i, .im-im,' -.
OFFICE AND YARD C. P.  R* STATION.    ....     *   *���
A.  E.  YOUNG, aqejut.
Warden Otffe, N Fll/.stuhb..J
First Jailer ���% .    R Liddell.l
Second Jailer t   i    , - Qlco l'nrtridg
lli iiii Jailer    * - Jo'lin Moljiren
rftailbr'tiiiitrd'        '        ���- It Ince.j
Wall Papers,
Fishing Tackle,
Garden & Flower Seeds.
BASEBALL,   ,   '.
g^es- -z.-'t)        *��    '
When requiring thoroughly seasoned
timber should apply to
The Nelson Planing Mill
*'. W. GRAY.
In BtoelH3i5eo,000 *t.of Flooring.Lining
Monldinfif^Doors, Sashes and
. every description nrJohiery.
*�� ��tl.K\   IIOU1E*   IMIl   MIMtOVTH    .U.ldl'.
Purchase ># .
Your Tobaccos,!^*
* ��� AT THIJ^���       , '       ' t
���\' ��� I0 Post Office
*J-^Cigar Store
Where  you  will  alwajs fln-i % well
assorted  stock of Imported ��� and   .
Domestic Cigars, Cigarettes Te-
baecoH and a full ,stoek of
Pipes ut reasonable      ���
Prices. ,    ��
S. J. MIGHTt)N. d-"'>
Brewers or Fine.Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and  see   us.
9 '.**"+  '    '
Sealed lender;! Addressed to the underpinned
will be reoeived up to BaturdsH -fth, July
for tho Imiiijirih' of 1141 addition to tlu; 'Nelson
Court HouV   ' ���^   ������  I"
PHhH nnd apeciflcationH can be seea^it. tho
ol|lce of tho arcJiit'.-ct, Mr. A. K. nodginii,
linker street.*     n ,
Tho lowext, or any tender not uccessnirily
nccoptcd. ,
��� .    .' O. O. Dennis.
tO-tit - Gold Commissioner
okfiob iiotnts.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Generall
Delivery,X a.m,  to S p.m.;   Ueuislration, S.Ufl"
11.111. lo 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Hank t
!l 11.111. to 4 p.m.; Sunday 1 hour llu to 11 a.m).
J. A, GILKKII, Postmaster.j
Government Inspector of Agencies W J Goepel
Gold ('onimissioncr
Minion Hoqqrdor-Tira Gol
Collector of Customs'
Provincial Assessor
County Court JiiiIkc
0, G. Dciitiiit|
H P Tolmlof
Geo. Johnstone!
John Keen!
J A Korln.'
K T H Simpkinsl
Church or England���Matin 11 a.m.; Evan
Song. 7.H0 p.m. ovory Sunday, Holy Coinmtinl
ion 011 iNt and 3rd Sundays in the month afton
Matins; on '-.'ini and 4th Sundays, nt 8"n.m.J
SupdftyjiohqolW.2,30 p.ifl. ��Rivr. U.-S. Ako-'
hurst* Itccfcy.   toi"WArd and Allien, streets,
Pkksuvthikn Cinncll-SHervicesnt.11 a.Ill
and   7.:i0   p.m.     Sulnay School at 2.30 p. in
Prayer meeting Tlmrsdny Evening at 8 p.m,J
Christian Kndeavor Soviety nieels every Mon-j
4\ny  evening   at  8   o'clock.     Rev.  11. Krov
Pastor. *
Methodist    Ohuroh���Corner  Silica  	
Josephine Streets.   Services at 11 Ikln, and 7.3(1
p. ui. Sabbath Scliool, 2,30 p.m.: Prayer meet
lnjum J'"rij*y#   eLening at 8 o'clock; Knworil-1
LeWiie^.w7'Tin!sday,(*t8a-.iii.   Rev.-Geo. 11,1
Morden, Pastor. I
Human CATHOLIC OHUSCIk-MaBil at Nelsoul
every Sunday at 8 and 10.30 a.m.; Iloncilictloal
nb7.80 tuSp.fti. 'Rev. Father Ferland, Priest,   t
llAi'TiST  ClIUROH ��� Services   morning audi
evening at 11 a.m. and 7.30 11.111.; Prayer mect'H
ing Wednesday evening M 8 p.m.;    Meetings |
are held in the school house.   Strangers coral-
ally welcomed.    Rev, G. R. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation Aiimy���Services every evenlngl
at 8' o'clock in barracks on Victoria street^
Adjutant Millner in chargo.
NKLSON LODGK, No. 23. A. F. liA.]
M. moets second Wodnesday In each
month.   Visiting brethren Invited.
G. L. LENNOX, Secretary.
I.   O.  O.   K.     Kootenay Lodgo
No. Hi, meets every Monday night, j
at   their   Wall,   Kootenay st-*oot..
Sojourmng Odd Fellows cordially invited.
\\'M. HODSOMfcSijoroturjr.
NKLSON   LODGK  No   25, K. of  P.
ingots in Castle hall, McDoflaid block
tlevory  Tuesday  evening  at.  8 rfclock
ill visiting knights conriaUy invited,
J. J. MALONfc, 0.0. ���
,   Gf.o. Partridge, k. of It.and s,
NELSON J.ODGK, I. O. G. T. Meets in
_nstlo Hq)l, McDonald lllock,'ev^ry, Monday
evening  al 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cor
dially invited,
John Tki.kord,
Chief Templar.
George Nunn    Sce'j
-*�����.�� . g    I '��   ' *
���SSSs-,       NELSONS   QUEEN   NO.  241
^S\   SONS    OF   ENGLAND,  lucotn
second and fATrth Wednesday of
each month in K. of P. Hall, Mao-
Donalil  lllock,   cor. Vernin   and
'         fctV
*w^~^y   Josephine utrfiet8.-P Visiting brct-
 u..ii.w4.,..rt.., 1.*,.........   ii*,.*..
rn cordlallMdnvited.
1. H. Fai
mcsT Minis,
aow,     "worthy President  m
Scetetarj* �� . J
COURT kQQ��ENAi* 1,0,1, S'O. 3138 meets 1
1st and 3rd vlBAcs'Bay In eacn month in the (
S -4P HiJk   P W Swanell, (1 D. S. C.R.; Jill
jrcen. C.lT:; J. Purkiss, Secy. 1
....     jit  ..   ..    fa0tVi:   ������     -- ���
every Thuraifey iti tho f.O.O.I^ hali F W
Swiptai, M.\%.: W Hodson, Rec.-Sec.'; J. J.
Driscoll, l-iniyi-jln Jf. J Squire. Rcceifer and
P. M. W.
NELSON I^).L. No. ?6S��2 meets In fhe U,
KloclrS' every Thursdas evening aT
Visiting mombers cordially invitci
John Toye, V.M.; F. J. Bradley, R.S.
o'clock.   Visitin
���*?'  '..�� 1
I' '
Illlct      million     ill'     Happening-,    III    lh,
Ill-Ill III   DiiiIiis  llu-  I'UHl
I'm   l��n.T��.
Heath Jaokson of Winnipeg is at the
Mr. and Mrs. Mathews of Ymir are
at the (Queen's.
A. B. Morris and M. Hieks, Kaslo,
are at the Queen's.
R. MoQuiro, of the Molly Gibsoil
mine, is at tlie Hume.
Mr. and Mrs. N. MeFurhine of
Brooklyn are in tho oity,
J, B. McArthur and son of Kossland
arrived on last night's train.
P. J. Walker, mining broker, of
Kossland, is registered at tlie Phair.
Allan Cameron,distriet freight agent
of the 0. P. K., Vancouver, is at the
H. Brelich, 0. A. Burgess, D.
Carrie, of the Last Chance mine, aro
in the city.
The Hall Minos smelter have shipped
two ear loads of copper bullion (luring
the last, two days.
H. Kingsmill and 0. P. Jackson, lato
of Bruce county, Out., now of Kossland, are in the city.
L. M. Livingstone returned yesterday from the new town of Brooklyn,
whore ho intends opening up iu business.
Aldormnn Hillyer leaves this morning on the N.' & P. S. railway for
Rossland, to be absent* a couple of
W. P. Anderson, traveling passenger
agent of the C. P. K., returned yesterday from a visit to Ainsworth, Kaslo
ami Kuskonook,
J. Widl, Sandon; H. Roberts, Vanoouver; W. H. Stewart, Seattle; J.
C. Dunlop and K. W, Gibson, Ymir,
are at tlio Grand Central.
Mrs. M. A. Harvey of Kossland, accompanied by her son, Kd Harvey, is in
the eity. the guest of Mr. and Mrs. S.
L. Sherlock, pressman on Tlio Miner.
A. W. Ross, inspector of the B. C.
Underwriters' association, is in tho
eity on insurance business and will remain several days.
There will bo no services at the
Methodist church next Sunday morning on account of tho reopening service
at tho Presbyterian cliureh.
On and aftor tho lst of July the Hall
Minos Company, Limited, will reduce
the wagos of day laborers from 25 cents
to 20 cents, both at tlio mine and thoir
Tho regular meeting of tho Ladies'
Hospital Aid society will bo held ou
Monday, July 4. in tho Presbyterian
cliureh, at !5 o'clock. All mombors are
requested to attend.
Tho steamer International is billed
to leave Kaslo at, 7 o'clock this morning, and tlio Kokanee will leave about
the same time or a few minutes later.
They are expected to arrive in Nelson
about 10 o'clock.
Tho grandstand on the recreation
grounds has been erected by*I. Hutter
and J. McCardia, aud au admission of
215 cents will bo charged for seats
therein. The stand will accommodate
500 people.
Tho Miner learns that applications
are already being made for offices and
stores in tlie brick block now being
constructed by Q, Prank Beer. It is
probable every   room will bo lot beforo
a lot of
Ice (ream Freezers
which no well appointed
home should be without
during the warm weather.
We have also constantly
on hand a full line of . .
Plumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offer-
ingat very low prices.
worl; on the main building It begun.
Those requiring offices must* govern
themselves accordingly.
T. J. Lendrum of Ainsworth returned to Nelson today from tlio coast.
Ho says Unit Ibo government party
loaders aro afraid thai, they will lose
two government seuts in Viotoria ;
that Kellie will sweep tho Revelstoke
rilling, and that Wells has Neilsi n
beaten in tlio north riding of Last
Dr. Hutch, the woll known h'outh I
African mining export, and H. E. |
Haultain, M. 10., of Rossland, are ou
thoir way to tlio north shore of Lake
Huron, western Ontario, on mining
business. Tliey expect to return to
Kootenay within a month, Luring
his absence Mr. Haultain's business
has boon loft in charge of Maurice
Bucko, mining engineer, of Kaslo.
John Wedlake aud William Kent,
working in llie Silver King mine,were
injured yesterday by the explosion of
a shot in No. 4 tunnel. One of the
shots had not exploded, and Wedlake
tried to dig it out with a stool spoon.
Tho chargo exploded immediately.
Wedlake sustained very severe injuries,
while Kent, who was standing a little
way oil, was only slightly hurt.
Tlie wrestling match between West*
and O'Neill, advertised to take placo
last night at tho hall on Vernon street,
was postponed by mutual consent until
tonight at 9 o'clock. As the event
promises to be interesting and as there
is considerable money wagered on tho
result, a largo attendance is expected.
Tho hall has boen fitted up with comfortable seats for tbo spectators.
One of the most novel and attractive
window displays in Nelson, is a model
of the firsteliiss battleship H. M. S
Royal Sovereign. This cleverly constructed model is made of the various
articles sold in a hardware store. The
armor plate is composed of cross-cut
saws, thc turrets of the new patent
mouse traps, whilo thc funnels are of
piping. Altogether it is oue. of the
most ingenious contrivances of tho
kind that has been scon lately.
Entries   for   the    Quarter-Mile   Race
The purse in this race is worth $126,
with $100 for tho winner and $2~i for
the second horse. Thero will lie five
heats, and tho winner must win three.
The horses entered are:
Jack���Owner, G. R. Wilson, North-
Molly���Owner, T. J. Lendrum,
66���Owner, R. O, Edwards Leckie,
Greasy Buck���Owner, L. W. Remil-
lard, Slocan City.
Kossland���Owner, Claude A. Cregan. Kossland.
Fred���Owner, J. Bowes, Silverton.
The races will take place al I :'M
o'clock today.
The following are tlie cmttoiiM returns for tho port of Nelson for tho
month of Juno, as compiled by (Customs Collector Johnstone:
Imports dutiable  ?V..\4.'iT no
Imports free      -2,057 00
Total imports
Duty collected ..
Other revenues..
$11-1,514 00
$!),471 33
���Kill 00
Total revenue  *9,!)iU 1S3
Exports- Tho mino  $21,7110 00
Tho forest  80 00
Animals and their produce.. 220 00
Manufactures  866 00
Vancouver & Nelson, B. 0.
Total exports  $22,855 00
Total duty collected for  year ending
Juue ISO, IKON, $260,834.88.
Tho play given last night by the
above company was a stirring melodrama called "The Castaways," written by Mr. Lindley himself. The attendance was largo and enthusastie.
Mr. Lindley played tlie part of Tom
Edmonds in his usual happy style,
while tho acting of Misses Mat lies
and Nathan and of Messrs. Chapman,
Young, Marsh and Lewis was ospeciiilly
good. Among the specialties of the
evening wero a dainty butterfly danco
by Miss Clara Mathes and a song by
H. R. H. Gibbons, both of whom secured well deserved encores. The piece
tonight will be the "Master and
The following program of aquatic
sports has been arranged for this afternoon, in commence at 1180, to take
place from the club boat house :
Scratch four-oared nice for purso of
Single scull raee, $10.
Doublo scull raco, $10.
Doublo canoe race,, $10.
Pour-paddle race, $20.
Bow raco, $10.
Single-paddle, smoking cigars, $5.
Further particulars of each event
will bo given at the time of starting.
The    Premiers   Meeting   Favors   tho
Opposition Candidate.
A political meeting was held at
Sloean City on Wednesday evening to
hear Premier Turner defend the actions
of his government. D. J Young occupied the chair and introduced the
speaker, W. White, Q. C., government
candidate for the Revelstoke division,
and in the course of his address stated
that the government had boen blamed
for running the province into debt,
but he^did uot care so long as his district got a large share of tho money
to spend.    Augustus  Carney  followed
Marry Lindley Comedy^
The most laughable comepy-drama, Myrtle Fkrns or
"Master and Man"
The Host Comedies, The Newest Songs. Artistic Dancing.
Tickets on Sale (it The Canada Drug & Book Co.     Prico 75 cents.   Genera
Admission BO Cents.
Thr liink is being niade weather proof and comfortable.
Visitors to Nelson
^��~^ Should see the^^.^
io   Round   Boxing  Contest
c��   J��
of Australia
W- H- West ��L this cu
For a  $400 Purse.
Saturday Night, July 2.
In HaU on Vernon st., next door to Kootenay Hotel.
^ZDMISSXOlSr $1.00
in behalf of the candidature of Mr,
Green, and roasted the previous speaker
most unmercifully,
Premier Turner was  well  received,
and explained the railway policy of his
government, especially   in   connection
with   the  Nakusp   & Slocan railway,
which, he said, would prove   ;i   profit-I
able investment to the  province.    Thc ;
same policy would be continued iu tho
future   if   his   government   were   re- I
turned.    He then spoke  of   the   great
increase of revenue from the Kootenay
country   and said should he lie retired
from publio lifo. it would  be   pleasing
to him to remember the. great develop
ment   made   by   the.  Kootenay during
his  administration.    Ho    also   stated
that ho was sorry that he was an Englishman,
C. Cliffe of Sandon followed, replying to the premier's arguments. Ho
said he had at lirst been inclined tn
favor tlie government, but could not
support their financial policy. Ho wont
into the details of tiie balance sheet* of
Iho province, showing that items put
in as assets oould not properly bo Pon-
���sidoreil a�� such.
Mr. Turner ropliwrl, cti%fradioing
Mr. OlifTo's statements,
No voto was taken, but the preponderance of the meeting was in favor of
tho opposition candidate. Tho meeting was very orderly, and every speaker
was accorded a good hearing.
Messrs. Green and Retallaok, the
candidates, wero not present at the
meeting, as they were attending a
meeting of tho New Denver political
'���'in-  ."3or:il>ri-  of Un*  Legislative Assciulily
(iii- llu-   Nelson  ICii'.iiiK or West
Btootcnny District.
Aili>ii(i-ii  by Delegates in Convention ou
'lhe ���Itst ��>ny ol'.lnuc, 1898.
Interesting News Items Prom tlie Busy
Quartz Creok Camp.
Jack Curtain has about completed
his contract of driving a 100-foot tunnol on tho Jubilee. Mr. Curtain reports
that, the Jubilee is showing up well.
Andy Burgess aud John T. Prico
havo made a good strike on tho Porcupine ereek. They aro sinking a shaft
on this property and aro now down
some la foot and have encountered a
fine body of ore.
The London and British Columbia
(lold Eields are* having tho bridge over
the Salmon river repaired preparatory
to transporting tho heavy machinery to
the Ymir mine. It is stated tbat one
piece of machinery will weigh upwards of four tons.
Archie McDougall and Jack Dewar
are at work for tlie present on the Ymir
Bell, on Wild Horse crook. On the
surface the ledge was only 14 inches
wide, but at tho depth of eight feet it
has widened out to throo feet. The
samples brought in show up considerable copper and the owners aro satisfied tliat they will have one of Ihe host
claims on Wild Horse ereek, as soon as
moro work is done.
Captain \V. O. Forrester and Walter
Askew bavo sold a one-half interest- in
tlio Oold Ireland*mineral claim to Mr.
Arnold of Ceylon. Tho consideration
was spot cash and tho amount is said
to be considerable. Tho property is
situated close to tho Dundee mino and
was purchased by Captain Forrester
last summer from Malcolm McDonald.
Only ono assessment work has been
dono on tho Gold Ireland, but Captain
Forrester informs tho Miner that at
least $1(100 worth of development* work
will be done on tho property at an
early date.
Ymir has at the present time the
brightest futuro of any mining camp
in British Columbia. Within a short
time the Ymir, Tamurac, Porto Rico,
Wilcox and several other mines will lie
working a large force of men, tind our
pay-roll will be double what it* is at
tho present timo. The business men
of Ymir have no cause to complain, as
they all seem to bo doing a fair business at tbo present time, with tho assurance of a large increase in tljo near
"Whereas, The Turner government
by its elass legislation, (1) by imposing a tax upon tho output of metalliferous mines not imposed upon the
output* of coal mines; (2) by refusing
to remove the tax imposed on mon
working in metalliferous mines;(8) by
denying tiie people of tho provinco
equitable representation in tho legislative assembly, lias proven itself unworthy of further confidence or oon-
tiiuimjoe in office ; and,
' 'Whereas, Tlie railway policy of the
present administration is inimical to
the best welfare of the province as a
whole therefore bo it
"Resolved, That, tho interests of the
Nelson riding of West Kootenay distriot. demand that tbo electors return
as their representative in tho next
provincial legislature a man wlio will
uot ouly strongly advocate but will
also use his influence witb tho members of tho legislative assembly opposed
to the present, administration to secure
tlie following reforms:
"First���An equitable plan of representation in the legislative assembly on a
basis that will recognize that an elector in one portion of tho province is
the equal of an elector in any other
portion where like circumstances prevail.
" Second���Equalization in taxation
with respect to mines, so that if the
output of tbo metalliferous mines be
taxed, tho output of till coal mines
shall lie treated in the same maimer.
" Third���Repeal of tho special tax
imposed upon working miners in the
metalliferous mines, which partakes
of the nature of a trado tax and is an
unjust exaction.
"Fourth���Au amendment to the assessment act which permits what is
virtually dual taxation, under the indefensible mortgage tax, or tax upon
"Fifth���The passage of a general
railway net, which will allow the
building of railways by bona fido railway men without cost to tho province
ei tini- iii cash subsidies or land grants.
"Sixth���The starving out of railway
charter mongers liy refusing to grant
any further land subsidies in aid of
railway construction, and by insisting
wherever cash subsidies are granted
that such subsidies shall be by way of
loan secured by a lien upon the railways
when built.
"Seventh���The absolute prohibition
of the immigration of Chinese into the
province, and the exclusion of Chinese
from employment by any company receiving any concession whatever from
the erown.
"Eighth���That in employing labor on
public works preference be given to
citizens of the province, and also that
all government offices bo filled by
capable bona lido residents of the district where the vacancies exist.
"Ninth���Due recognition of the fact
that the inining industry is the chief
attraction for outside, capital to tho
province, and is responsible for tho incroaso in its population; that this industry may bo vitally affected by* legislation, and its importance demands
that we should havo in tho cabinet a
practical rather than a theoretical
'' And with a view to securing the
abovo reforms, we, pledge ourselves to
support by our votos and influence tho
noiniypo of this convention.''
Gentlemen,���I offer myself as an independent candidate to represent you
in the next Provincial Parliament.
Should I be fortunate enough to secure your support I shall endeavor to
bring about the following reforms:
(1) A chango in the Mineral Aet to
compel all partners in a inining claim
to bear their share of the assessment
work oi- forfeit their interest.
(2) An amendment to cause litigants
to put up reasonable security for costs
before adversing applications for certificates of improvements,
(3) Regular promotion in the Civil
Service, avoiding the injustice of the
appointment of outsiders over tho
heads of men already in the service,
all vacancies being filled by our own
(4) The removal from the Statute
book of the discriminatory tax of $5.00
per annum on mechanics, miners and
others employed in our metalliferous
If returned I pledge myself to work
to the best of my ability to secure a
local expenditure of public monies
in proportion to the revenue collected
in the district, and to ensure such expenditure being laid out to the best
possible advantage.
Tho inining interests of British Columbia have now reached such proportions that, it is desirable they should
be administrated liy a separate department under tbe charge of a minister
who would devote his undivided attention to the subject.
I shall endeavor to rescind the legislation of '00, by which mining suits
woro taken out of the jurisdiction of
the County Court and relegated to the
Supremo Court, thereby entailing increased costs and interminable delays.
During the past eight years Kootenay has been represented bv straight
government supporters and by an out
and out oppositionist, the result in
neither case has been satisfactory. I
consider the time has arrived when all
the Kootenay members should join in
advocating measures for tbe benefit of
this district as a whole and for its
special industry, without regard to
Y. HOSI1I, Proprietor.
Green Onions
Chicken Broth
Fried Halibut,
Anchovy Sauce
Radishes Ixsttuco
Consomme a la Quonello
Boiled Salmon.
Calf* Tongue,
Pigs Feet,
Sirloin Beet, Yorkshire Pudding.
Saddlo of Mutton, Braized Mushrooms.
Loin ot Pork Apple Sauce.
Roast Turkey Roast Duoko
Fillet of Veal and Dressing
Supremo of Chickon with French Peas.
Lamb Pot Pie.
Lamb Currie and Rico.
Macciironl and Choose, a la Italian.
Fried Tripe, Nepolltan Sauco.
Scramblod Brains on Toast.
Apple Fritters, Queen Sauce.
Creamed Snow and Steamed Potatoes.
SwootC'orn.      Lady Cabbago.l     OreonPeas,
Apple,   Apricot   Pumpkin
Rhubarb,        Custard,       Cream Lemon Plea
Steamed English Plum Pudding Brandy Sauco
Lemon Ice Cream.
Jolly Roll.      Sponge Cake.      Chocolato Cake
|Nuts        Choeso        Plums
Fried Kidney, Tripe, Brains. Salmon.  Spring
Chicken, Spanish Omulet, Halibut, Strawberries, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Strawberry Short
Old papers ut Thk Minku offlco.   25 conts
POP hunilral.
FOUND.-A small key, Nationol Cash Regis-
cr.   Apply "Miner" ofllco.
MUSIC LESSONS. - On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. W. J. Astloy, Robson streot,
two doors west ot Stanley.   P. O. Box 188.
Fifty dollars will bc paid by mo for tho arrest
and conviction of any person for poisoning or
attempting to poison dogs,
I will sell at cost for the balance of the season all trimmed
millinery, children's hats and
bonnets, sailors and shirt waists.
Josephinest., Nehon, TMK MINER, FRIDAY, JU.tY;i, .i^S.
lYIi'gt-upblc   (iimniiiiil, iiiiiin    Has    Been
i Ksiaiiilshiil Willi Slinfler.-Snuipson
Will     Co-Opcratc,���Iti-iiiruri-fiiH-iiis
llnve Marled,
Washington, June 80.���The situation
at the close of the day was described
hy Socrotnry Algor as being such as to
warrant him in entertaining the expectation of something important at
any moment. There wore two parties
to a battle,and it might lie precipitated
by either side, and no one hore knew
what the Spanish disposition was.
Nor is much more known respecting
General Shatter's plan of attack, although in his messages of yesterday be
indicated a purpose to move early on
tho enemy, as shown by his declaration
that reinforcements could not reach
him before he offered battlo, and Secretary Alger was very much gratified
when be learned today that direct telegraphic communication now existed
between Washington and General
Shatter's headquarters at Siboney.
The opinion is held hero that the navy
will co-operate in the attack on Santiago and to that end part of Shaffer's
force is to move immediately upon
Morro Castle to capture tho forts and
enable the naval launches to open the
gateway into the harbor by removing
the mines.
The experience of tho vessels while
in Guantanamo harbor, in pulling up
the mines there, is expected to very
much facilitate similar work at Santiago. No telegram came to tho war department today from General Shafter,
and the understanding here is that he
is employing his time to the best advantage in taking artillery and making
ready for the fined assault upon Santiago.
It is not known how far tho Spanish
reinforcements have advanced since
yesterday but General Shaffer has full
knowledge of their movements, and it
is believed ho is not likely to delay his
attack until they have strengthened
the garrisons ttt Santiago by uniting
with Linares. Tho socond expedition
from Tampa to reinforce Shafter appears to have encountered almost as
man}' difficulties as the original expedition in getting away. It was confidently expected here that a start
would be made from Tampa last Monday, but one difficulty after another
has arisen to retard the movement, so
it was with feelings of relief tbat the
news came from Tampa tbat tho flagship of the expedition, tlie Hudson,
had swung out into the stream and is
ready to lead ibo procession of transports which it is believed by this time
are undor way for Santiago.
Despatches to Shafter from Oamn
Alger via steamer from Newport
News, Vrginia, reached him today on
the Harvard, and tho Yale is expected
at Newport News (he day after tomorrow, returning from her first trip with
Dunield's soldiers to take more reinforcements, The steamers will be
further availed of in pursuance of
Secretary Alger's intention to continue the despatch of reinforcements
aftor reinforcements to Shafter until
ho has an overpowering force at his
command. Major General Coppiuger
will probably command the Porto
Rican expedition.
In   Anothor    Attempt    to   Get   Coal
for Cuba.
Washington, June !J0.��� The second
attempt to transfer coal from an
American vessel to a Spanish merchantman in Mexico was made yesterday. Tho 600-ton schooner Capt. A.
Phinney, New Ledford, somo days ago
was authorized to clear with 700 tons
of coal from Mobile for Vera Cruz, on
affidavits of reliable citizens of Mobile
that tbe coal was destined for railroad
purposes, On reaching Vera Cruz
Phinney was directed by L. Jonhlanc,
the consignee at tliat place, to take
the vessel along sido the Spanish
steamer Maria Harrara.
In tbe presence of a group of excited
Spanish sympathizers Captain Phinney
bluntly refused, declaring with emphasis that no vessel in bis chargo
would ever bo put alongside of a ship
bearing the flag of his country's
ouemy.juuch loss supply her with eveu
a pound of coal. The captain with a
crowd at bis heels marched to the
American consulate and notified the
consul that tho coal exports of Mr.
Jonhlanc of Vera Cruz should ceaso
and that tho department should undertake to fix tho responsibility and punishment for tho deed.
But Will Do Nothing Without Dewoy's
New York, Juue ,'i0.���A despatch to
the World from Berlin says:
The World correspondent reports on
the best authority that* Admiral Died-
eriohs,in command of the German fleet
in Asiatic waters, is not to act alone at
Manila. His instructions have been
to do nothing without the consent of
Admiral Dewey and the concurrence of
the othor foreign commanders. Yet
private despatches from Madrid report
that tho Spanish authorities and tlie
populaco at Manila place their wholo
hope on Admiral Dioderiehs. Theycon-
fldently boliovo he will  not permit  a
bombardment. Offence is taken hero
because American newspapers belittle
the importance of German interests
in tbo Philippines. If is assorted that
iu Manila alone there are 100 German
Tbo   Siege    Guns   Are    Landed   and
Have Started to the Front.
Juragua, Juno 110.���Indications are
thnt Ibis point will cease to be tho
headquarters of the American army in
a couple of days. A sufficient forco
will bo loft to guard tbo placo, and tho
main army will move on to Caney or
Aguadoros. Tho railway from Juragua
to Santiago is being rushed forward.
Tbe siege guns landed at Baiquiri last
night havo started for the front.
Port Said, June 110, 2:10 p. in.���The
Spanish fleet undor command of Admiral Camara has not .yet sailed. It is
reported tbat he is waiting the arrival
of throe colliers and that the Admiral
will leave tbo torpedo boats here. The
Egyptian government has given its
sanction to the Spanish fleet coaling
from its transports. It had previously
prohibited the fleet from taking on
board anything more than enough coal
to return to Spain.
Sau Francisco, June iiO.���The steamer
Alameda reports tbat on June 22 and
211 she sighted tbe second Manila expedition 45 miles this side of Honolulu, and spoke tho China going under
a full bead of steam next day When
187 miles from Honolulu sbe signalled
tho Zeajandia, Senator and Colon all
in a bunch aud soon afterwards the
Belgic, all bound for Honolulu, was
London, June ,'iO.���Tbo Madrid correspondent of tbe Times says tbat the
Spanish ministers deny the rumors
that Spain is purchasing cruisers from
China or other nations. According to
El Impartial,the demand for cash payment* of canal dues delayed Admiral Camara's squadron. Tho duos
amounted, we aro trustworthily informed, to no less than 40, OOOOfrancs, and
are now paid. Duke Almodovar do Rio,
minister of foreign affairs, denied
that Italy refused coal to Admiral
London, Juno 80.���Inquiries made of
the British war ollice today show'that
there is absolutely uo foundation for
the Toronto, Canada, rumor that* General Wolseley, commander in chief of
the British forces, who is said to be
an aspirant for the office of governor
general of Canada, was suffering cancerous growth and "cannot live even
long enough to como to Canada.'' The
rumor is classed as being merely a
resuscitation of an unfounded story of
18 months ago.
June iiO.���At Chicago���Now York 6,
Chicago 7.
At Pittsburg���Pittsburg 5, Brooklyn
At Louisville���Louisville I), Baltimore 1.
At Cincinnati���Cincinnati (i, Philadelphia 17.
At Cleveland���Cleveland 5, Boston
At St. Louis���St. Louis 8, Washington 13.
St. Catherines, Ont., Juno 30.���A
little boy, 5 years of ago, son of William Cave, was drowned at this place
last night by falling into a mill raco.
He had been playing with his little
sister and foil into tho water. The boy
was recovered a short time aftor, hut-
all efforts to restore him were without
New York, Juno 30.���Bar silver,
59J��.    Mexican dollars, 45J-��.
Copper, dull. Brokers, $11.75; exchange, | 1,76 to U.W%.
Lead firm. Brokers, $8,7��; exchange, $3.95 to ft.
Tin, quiet. Straights, $15.30 to
$15.50; plates, barely steady.
Kingston, Jamaica, June 30.���A
newspaper despatch boat, the Fly,
went ashore last night on a rocky
point near the eastern end of Jamaica.
Sbe will probably go to pieces. Lang-
don Smith, a correspondent, was on
board of her at the time.
London, Juno 30.���It is said that no
doubt Lord Salisbury's speech last
night was a hint to tho powers of tbo
groat sympathy with the United
States, and it is intimated tliat it was
called forth by Germany's alleged attitude in regard to tho Philippine
Washington, Juno 30.���No word bas
come to the navy department from
Admiral Sampson making tbo slightest reference to the Spanish story of
tho sinking of the Brooklyn by a shell
from tho Santiago harbor defenses.
It is reported on good authority that
the B. A, C. are after another of tbo
big Rossland mines, the Center Star.
It is further stated that the prico
offered was $050,000, whilo the ownors
aro holding out for $850,000. It seems
probable tliat a compromise will bo
effected, nnd the consummation of tho
deal may be anticipated bofore long.
Tbe Distillers   to Consider Their Plan
of   Campaign.
Toronto, June 80.���The World has aj
special from Rossland saying the-.Li.1'
Roi deal is off and the half niilion dol-
laiylcposit was last night returned to
the British America Corporation, An
effort, will be made to arrange a new
deal on another basis.
Chief Justice Meredith this morning
refused the < iendron Bicycle company
nn injunction restraining Angus Mo-
Leod, the bicycle champion, from riding any other than the Gendron wheel
at the Peterboro meet tomorrow. Tbo
company claim that thoy had an agreement to tbis effect, but admitted it
was only verbal, and the judge held it
was not binding.
A group of Ontario distillers, including Messrs. Walker, Corby. Seagram,
Wiser and Whitney, met yesterday and
discussed a plan of action as to the approaching plebiscite.
The Mail and Empire has a special
from Ottawa dealing with the elaim
of Manitoba for the extension of its
boundary by including the district of
Keowatin, and quotes at length from
report, on tho distriot made last* year
by Lieutenant* Governor Patterson,
Chatham, Ontario, Juno 30.���Daniel
Carter had a very narrow escape from
a violent death whilo crossing the
tracks yesterday. Trying to avoid an
approaching freight train ho ran into
anothor train backing down the track.
Carter threw himself from his bicycle,
receiving a severe bruise on his knee,
where be struck the car wheel.
Montreal, Juno 30.���Judgo Delori-
mier this morning gave judgment
quashing the capias tind seizure at (be
instance of Detective Kellert against
Lieutenant do Carranza aud Senor Du-
Bosc. His honor held that not tho
slightest proof of any intent to defraud
on tho part of the Spanish visitors had
been shown.
Toronto, June lit).���There is a big
rise in the price of binder twine.
Twine was bought into Toronto Tuesday night for six cents and sold at
twelve cents yesterday. Tt is mainly
on account of tho war with Spain,
London, June 30.���Leopold de Rothp-
childs1 four-yea^-old filly Goletta, bj
Galopin, out of B.sertn. won the Princess of Wales'stakes stakes of 10,000
sovereigns at Newmarket today.
Oi ilie Slocan itklliijr ��r Wesl  Kiiotejiny
Electoral District,
Gentlemen:���At tbe request of a
large proportion of tbe community
representing every section of the
Riding', I beg to announce myself as a
candidate fo- your suffrages in tlio
coming elections.
In respectfully soliciting yonr votes
and support I declare myself a supporter and follower of the Hon. J. H.
Turner as the Leader of the only Party
in this Province witb a defined Policy
and coherent existence.
During my eight years residence in
tbis District I have heen a consistent
supporter of his Party in recognition
of their attitude in meeting, and in
eases anticipating the requirements
and expansion of tbis great inining
region. I am in favor of the following reforms:���
(1) The abolition of the Tax upon
working miners.
(2) Tlio abolition of the Mortgage
(3) Tho distribution of seats in tbe
Legislature in direct proportion to
(4) I do not approve of the Policy of
the lato Legislative Assembly in using
their influence to exclude foreign railroads, such as the proposed railroad
to Boundary Creek.
(6) I favor certain revisions in tbo
Mineral and Land Acts, particularly
some easy plan by wbicb the holders
of claims can advertise out tbeir defaulting co-owners.
((3) In filling all Government appointments I am in favor of appointing
bona fide residents of the District in
all cases where such can he found
competent to act.
(7) I believe that, the Provincial
Legislature should bring all tbe aid
and influence at its command to
I be assistance of tbo lead mining Industry, especially in the direction of
obtnining stronger recognition from
the Federal Government af* Ottawa of
the importance of this Industry and
the disadvantages under which it now
If you do me the bonor to elect mo
as  your representative I will at all
times endeavor lo protect and further
the interests, not only  of the prospector  but also of ail  those  employed
in and around our mines,  recognizing
lhat our entire community is dependant upon tbe mining industry.
I am, Gentleman,
Your obedient servant,
John* L. Hktallack.
Waff Paper,      Sporting Goods,
���   Hammocks,   ���
Cameras, Kodaks,
Photographic Supplies,
Thomson Stationery Co.
Kirkpatrick fe Wilson 11
are receiving- Seasonable Goods
for the best trade of, Nelson in
the lines of
Tlie quality is tlie best and prices
right.      As always, onr stock of
is full and being added to as needed.
Kirkpatrick and Wilson,BAKi;R STREET
���       ���       e
for Nobbiest and best and Save KASH.
Are Saving Money every day
on     their     Hardware   Bills   by
allowing ns to figure with  them.
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given.
Tel. No. 3i.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
Qambfe 8 O'Reiflij
(Mf Engineers,
Provincial' Land Surveyors
Real Estate nnd General Agents
Financial and Insurance Agents
Notaries   Public,   Etc.
e have for sale lhe   following-
Valuable Property.
Comer lul  on Vernon  Street   with
l,ols I'm-Hull- in all pari* of the Oity.
Cull ;iml see List.
Call and sec our full list of properlv for sale  in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street,  NELSON,  B. C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson, ..
General Manager m.Tr-<��   ~^��.r    -^    ~
S. S. Fowler, H. M., NELSON,   B. C.
Mining Engineer     J
Charles D. J. Christie
Houses to rent nt 815, 820, 880, mul
A two lot corner close in $(I2T).
A 0 roomed   House,  good garden,
$21)00.   Also of hers.
A first-class Stenographer, Typewriter mid Accountant always on
Repaired, Altered, Cleaned, Pressed
nu Dyed by the
Reasonable Prices,
and Dyed liy the New Pboosss at
STEVENS, The Tailob.    -���g
Room 9, Hillyeu Hue, NELSON.
P, S.���Ladios Wool Dress Goods Sponged
before Making Up.
1 nmimst���*: anil ��� ��� ���
(AIMM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc. Cornwall*
Opposite Phair Hotol,
NELSON, B.C. P.O. BOX 583.
Extended experience in Chile and German
South Africa. Assays anil analysis of oron.
Reports and valuations on mineral proportion
Underground surveying and mine plana kept
tip by contract.
Twonty years' oxporieneo in mining.
Thorough  knowledge of mines of BritiBh
Columbia,   Terms Koasonable.
"8 NELSON, B. O.


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