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The Miner Jul 2, 1898

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 Daily   Edition, No. 40
.Nelson,  British Columbia. Saturday Morning, July 2,   1808.
Eighth Year
A shipment of thc famous
Julia Marlowe
American Footwear
Come  Early and  Secure a  Pair.
-.-,-.... ,--*,., 1~
BLACK   &  FANCY ���
PARASOLS at     %
nu       9
!S. * T
t Reduced Prices.
I Grand June Clearance Sale j
We will offer for the next ten days all of our entire stock
at reduced  prices   with  Special   Reductions  on   the
.  . .  following lines . .  .
*. Summer Dross Gnnds.
��� Warm Weather Fabrics,
T   Ladies Shirt Waists.
1 Ladies' D & A Oorsets.
Ji Ladies' nnd Children's Undervests.
T  Ladies' Silk and Kid Gloves.
Ladies' Silk anil Alpaca Skirts.
Sailor Hals, Half Price,
Men's Underwear.
Men's Washington Ties.
Men's Negligee Shirts.
Men's Fancy Cambric Shirts.
Men's Black Sateen Shirts.
Men's Duck and Flannel Suits-
Men's Straw lints.
.Men's Pants and Overalls.
Our Stock is (ompfete in House Furnisfiings. i
1891 For the Eighth Time the Citizens of 1898
Will Celebrate
TWO   DAYS,   JULY   1st and 2nd.
$2000.00^1n"* PRIZES.
Horse Racing Prizes $500
\ Committee: John Houston, II. Ashcroft, J. A. Turner.
Drilling Contest       Prizes $325.
Committee: John Houston, H. Ashcroft, J. J. Malone.
Hose Reel Races        Prizes $300
Committee: J. Thompson, J. Dover, F. Irvine.
Lacrosse Match Prizes $125
Committee: II. IRVINE, S. NEELANDS, J. Kirkpatrick.
Baseball Matches       Purse $125
Committee: C.  A. WATERMAN, F, IRVINE.
Bicycle Races Prizes $50
Committee: JACOB DOVER.
Boat Races Prizes $100
Committee: J. Dover, S. Neelands,
1 Caledonian Games      Prizes $75.
Committee: John Houston, J. J. Malone.
The simni-.il Hum Retreated ��> Slboney.
Tlm   American   Losses Severe���Two
Nlinnlftli (ulIlirs   llnrr   Entered  tlir
Suez cu imi.
Free For All
PRIZE $25-00
Calllthumplan Parade and Procession of Decorated Bicycles. (Irand Boll and Fireworks
Both Evenings. Nelson and New Denver Brass Bands will be in attendance both
days.   Reduced Rates on all Railway and Steamboat Lines.
lf(       Kntrlcs for homo rncos oiiil drilling contests must bc nmilo with tho Soorotary not later than
1-)   10 p.m. on June 30th.
Prosidont Chairman hce rotarj
Music Committee : C. A. Waterman, F. Irvine.
Incidentals : J. J. Malone, C. A. Waterman, R. S. Lennie,
J. A. Turner.
Washington, July 1.���The warde'
partment has reoeived the following
despatch from General Shafter, dated
nt Siboney:
"Wo hud a very HeaVy engagement
today, which lasted from 8 a. m. until
sundown. We have carried the outworks and are now in possession of
"There is now about, three-quarters
of a mile of open ground between my
lines and the eity.
"This morning my troops have been
entrenched. Lawton's division and
Bates' brigade, which liave been engaged all day in carrying Elcanay,
and which was accomplished at 4 p,
m., will be ill line and in front of
Santiago during the night.
"I regret to say that our casualties
will be above 400, but of these not
many were killed.
(Signed) "SHAFTER."
Port. Said, July 1,���Tlie Spanish colliers Colon and Oavadonga have entered the Suez canal.
Siboney, li :SiO p. m., via JPlaya del
Este, Guantanamo Bay, July 1.���At* 1
o'clcok this afternoon, after] live hours
of terrific fighting the Spanish began
to leave their entrenchments and retreat into the eity.
Many Americans were wounded.
Ono man had botli anus shot off and
was wounded in the hip.
Washington, July J.��� The cabinet
was in session for two hours today,
but no important* action was taken.
The session was mainly occupied with
the discussion of the news from Santiago. General Shaffer's despatch was
read aloud before the member of the
cabinet. Thoro was a general feeling
of gratification shown at tho co-operation referred to by Admiral Sampson.
Careful plans to this end were made
in a general way some timo ago,
though leaving to Sampson the greatest discretion. After tho cabinet meeting Secretary Long said the fleet under Admiral Sampson was co-operating
to Uie'fullest extent with the. land
forces and that* he expected great results. He suggested that* there wero
two conditions contained in the Santiago question.
One is, he said: "We will surely
win, and the other, tliat it will como
about after hard lighting. Of this we
are certain.''
Tho sentiment in tho cabinet was
that thero was a strong possibility that
the fall of Santiago might* bo announced at any time. Assurance was
given at today's session of tho cabinet
of tho expectation of the administration that Germany would nut
interfere at* Manila. There was some
discussion on the point* but both the
president and Secretary Day said Ihey
had received assurances that, there
was no unfriendly action contemplated
ou ihe part of the German empire.
The}* expressed the belief that there
was no real foundation fur the reports
of the unfriendly attitude of Germany
and of the radical stops contemplated
by the government,and indicated their
personal conviction that there need be
no serious apprehension on that score.
Several membtTS of the cabinet do not
share Ihis confidence in Iho German
attitude. The adniinistration|[hiis much
confidence in tho judgment and the
acts of both Admiral Dewey and General Merritt, The latest, advices reported to the cabinet woro that Admiral Camara's Spanish fleet would
proceed throgh tlio Sue/, canal on their
journey to tho Philippine islands.
This, however, is discounted by previous expectations and preparations, and
there is confidence in the arrival of
tho Monterey, Monadnoek and tho
Charleston oft' Manila before Camara
can possibly reach there.
A   Split
in   the   Insurgent  Party  Is
Hong Kong, July 1.��� According lo
private letters front Cavite, dated June
87, the insurgents occupy tho wholo of
Bulucan province, Occasional skirmishes occur. Tho insurgents have captured a Spanish ship while sho was
landingtfive hundred troops.    A   stub-
...SATURDAY. JULY 2.1696.
9 a. m.
Bicycle Race; % mile; 2 in 3.    First $35, second
Drilling contest; free to all ; (35 inches must be
drilled); entrance  fee   $5.      First  $225,   second
Hose reel race; wet test; free to all.    First $225,
second $100.
2:30 p. m.���
2:30 p. m,-
4 p. m.���
7 p. m.
9 p. m.
10 p. m.
Horse racing; 600 yards; free to all, 2 in 3.   First
$150, second $50.
Lacrosse Match.    Prize $125.
Horse racing; % mile; (Nelson  horses only); 2
in 3.    First $50, second $25.
Quarter mile; (Slocan lake horses only); 2   in  3.
First $50, second $25.
Quarter mile pony race, under 14 hands.    $15.
Quarter mile slow mule race.    $10.
(Entrance fee 10 per cent on first money.)
Tug-of-war; free to all.    $25.
Grand Ball at Hume Hotel.    Admission, $1.
Fire Works on the Bluff.
born fight* ensued, in which the Spanish commodore, a lioutenant colonel,
was killed. Tho insurgents havo captured the governor of Bulucan together
with his wife and children.
General Aguinaldo placed under arrest tho rebel leaders Arichie and Sen-
drico for having revealed the fact that
tho steamer Passo recently seized by
the Hong Kong authorities, was laden
with arms for tho insurgents. Sen-
drico applied to Consul Williams and
was liberated. He is now on board
tho Nanshan. It is feared that the incident will causo a split iu tho insurgent party, as Sendrico is influential
and tho only insurgent capablo of administration. The insurgents fear that
General Aguinaldo will shoot Ar
tachie unless Admiral Dewey inter
feres. Aguinaldo was suspicious thnt
Sendrico and Artaohie intended to
form an opposition party.
July 1.���At Chicago���Chicago 4,
New York H.
At Pittsburg���Pittsburg 7, Brooklyn
At Cincinnati���Cincinnati 14, Philadelphia 2.
At* St. Louis���St. Louis 4, Washington 3,
At Louisville���Louisville 0, Baltimore 2.
At Cleveland���Cleveland 12, Boston
Now York, July 1.���Ben Jordan of
England, after fighting 20 hard rounds
with George Dixon, the colored champion, was awarded tho decision tonight at tho Lenox club. Both boys
imt up a splendid fight- and there was
litttlo to choose between them.
Washington, July 1.���General Greeley
has received the following despatch
from Siboney:
"Saw a balloon up near Santiago
last night from tho flagship of Admiral
Sampson, where I was observing it.
(Singed) ALLEN."
She Was Constructed for the B  A. C.
for Use on the Yukon.
Victoria, July 1.���The stern-wheel
steamer Marquis of Dufferiu, built in
Vancouver for the British America
Corporation for use ou tho Yukon, became a hopeless wreck early this morning while in tow of the Progress betweeu Cape Flattery and Cape Dealo.
The Dufferin, it appears, could not
stand tho towing strain and smashed
to pieces.
The crew escaped in boats and woro
taken on tho Progress to Barclay sound
and thence on the Willapa to Alberni.
The C. P. R. steamer Tartar, bound
inward this afternoon, sighted tho
wreck of tho Dufferin floating bottom
sido up about 12 miles from Capo Flattery.
A Young  Nova   Scotian   Perishes   in
tho  Stikine.
Victoria, July 1.���Word was brought
by tho Tartar, arriving from the north
tonight, of tho death of a young Nova
Scotian named O'Brien,while proceeding up the Stikine river on his way to
the Yukon gold fields. He was sitting
in his canoe steering it, while an Indian on tho land with a tow-rope
pulled it against the swift current. At
a place whero the bank is some twenty
feet high a great boulder became dislodged and fell, striking O'Brien on
tho head and killing him instantly.
New York, July 1.���Bar silver, 57%
Mexican dollars, 45}��.
Copper,   dulL    Brokers,  $11.75; ex
change, |11.75 to $11.82^.
Lead,   strong.    Brokers,
change, $8.97>�� to 1*4.02%.
Tin,   quiet.    Straights,
$3.80;   ex-
$15.75 and
Washington, July 1.���The president
has Bigned the bankruptcy bilL THE   MINER. SATURDAY, JULY 2. 1898
ALhc Jttiiur.
Published Dally cxcopl Mondny.
Tin-: SlI.NKU I'iuniim* & PUBLISHING Co.,
ALL COMMUNICATIONS t'i0"- Kdilor mu-t
be accompanied by tho naiiio mnl address
of tho writer, nol iioeosmii-ily for publion-
tion, Inil iw evidence of good fuiili.
SonsciUTTIoN Ratios.
Dully, per nuiiilli liy carrier  $ I'fl
per month by mail    I ""
per half year by mill    B OQ
peryear  1000
per year, foreign  13 UO
"Weekly Miner,
Weekly, per half yoar 8 12-5
Iter year    *00
per year, foreign    3 IK)
Subscriptions Invariably in advance.
Advertising rates made known on application.
Tho Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
Yale, told rhe electors that they would
be foolish to vote for the liberal candidate, Hew itt-Bostock, as ho had no
chance nf being elected, and even if he
were elected, liis voice would have no
influence with a conservative government, whieh was equally bound to bo
returned to powor. ll need hardly be
added that Howittt-Bostook was
elected and the conservative government defeated. History repeats itself.
A local contemporary advocates Mr.
Parwoll's cause on exactly the same
grounds, and with, wo venture to predict, exactly the same results.
to ai��vi:utisi;i:s.
ropy for Change* <>r Advertisement must
lie lu the Ollice by 4 o'clocK p.m. ����
Insure change.
In another column will bo found a
declaration signed by the opposition
candidates of the Island of Vancouver,
pledging themselves to endeavor to
have tho scandal arising'from this
grant removed. Wo doubt if it is as
generally understood3 as it should be
in this district what a grave abuse tliis
laud grant is, and how under its provisions, as at present construed by its
holders, uo less than one-third of the
island of Vancouver escapes its just
share of taxes, wliich consequently
have to be made up by the other sections of tho province. Tho opposition
is pledged to work for the removal of
this anomaly.
The facts aro briefly these, and they
will bo peculiarly appreciated by the
mining and farming community. The
company makes every prospector who
locates u claim pay them 8260 for surface rights, whether the claim has any
ascertained valuo or not. This would
be .hard enough woro thoy acting
within thoir rights, but as a matter of
fact, it* is extremely probable that
they havo no such right. No individual
prospector could afford to fight this
wealthy company, and so far they continue to fatten undisturbed oh the
hard-earned money of the working
man. The farmers are even worse
treated, if suoh a thing is possible,
Tho company will only soil inferior
land to settlers, at exorbitant prices,
and then the land is cumbered with
provisions which tho farmer frequently
does not understand and which may
make his land practically valueless.
Clauses are inserted in every deed
which resorvo tho right, to mine on the
laud on giving compensation, and also
to tako any land they may want for
their railway, nnd all the limber they
want for railway purposes without giving auy compensation at all. Those
last ��� two clauses havo the effect of
making slaves of the population; for if
any man offends thom politically or
otherwise thoy can take away the land
he has paid for, or cut down all the
timber on his place, and it must* be
remembered that on Vancouver island
the timjier is 'frequently worth more
than tho land.
This scandalous abuse of power is
the moro inexcusable in that there is
Btrong reason to boliovo that tho land
does not belong to Iho company, who
merely hold it as trustees to sell as
crown lands.
Tho opposition is determined to put
an end to this state of things. Is
British Columhia to be administered
solely for the benefit of tho Dunsmuir
oliqueV: The Dunsmuirs . know this
and aro straining ovory nerve to got
as many of their henchmen as possible
iuto the legislature. There are at this
moment uo less than five candidates
either members of the Dunsmuir family or iiii'l' r their control. Theso are
Jam ������*',, nsinuir, head of the Duns-
mui-t* tumily; Dr. Walkom, the doctor
of the Dunsmuir collieries; James
Bryden,,..Duusmuir's brother-in-law;
C. E. Pooley, solicitor to tho Dunsmuirs, and Joseph Hunter, tho manager
of tho Dunsmuirs' railway.
The province has been governed by
ono family long enough, the people aro
tired of it, and let everyone remember
that when they voto for the opposition
candidate; they aro voting for freedom
nud equality, and are voting against
the tyranny of the purse.
In the lato dominion elections in
1806, Premier Turner, iu advocating
the  candidature  of  J.   A.   Mara  for
Every^traveller through the mineral
regions of British Columbia, whether
expert* or novice, is impressed with the
great extent of the territory over which
this wealth is distributed. Nowhere
in the world liave mineral deposits of
such richness been shown to exist
over so groat an area. We are just beginning to uncover these vast deposits,
and overy year for a long series will
show an increased export of the ores of
gold, silver, copper and lead. The
metals and minerals schedule of exports was formerly of comparative insignificance, but since 18911, when the
Kootenay exports began to tell, metal
and mineral exports havo increased
from two and a half millions to about
fourteen in the year just* closing. All
of this cannot be credited to the mine
alone. Wo should not be at all surprised to learn that agricultural implements to tho value of over a million
dollars figure in the total, for our exports of reapers have been increasing
rapidly. But taking metals and minerals and manufactures of these together and discounting materially the
glowing stories of progress that come
almost dailj- from the mining districts
we see no reason to doubt that within
five years our mines will be more important as a source of exports thtm
either our forests or our fisheries, vast
as both of these aro.���Toronto Globe.
Tho British ambassador to St. Petersburg is tin important person in these
days, and Sir Charles Stewart Scott,
K. 0. M. G., 0. B.,who has just been
nominated to that post, will occupy a
position of great responsibility. Ho
has been just forty years in tho
diplomatic service. Tho greater part
of his work has been performed in the
smaller German courts, aud there is
no man in the service, today with a
more intimate knowledge of the German empire and its complex constitution than tho new ambassador. Ho
has also served in Washington and in
St. Petersburg, and now returns to the
latter capital after an absence of four
and twenty years, lie has always been
one of the quiet workers in the diplomatic service. Making no claim to
brilliance, ho has done a great deal of
work in dull posts as in imjo. t.int conferences with that thoroughness which
is his main characteristic. In a long
service of forty years it is great*
achievement to havo mado no mistakes. As a subordinate ho was hard
working; as a chief ho knows how to
attract his juniors aud how to extract
from them their best. Ho is an Irish
gentlemen, whose leave is exclusively
spent in his native land. It is iuterj
esting to noto that he is an old con-
ferre of Count Mouravieff, tho two
having been together at the court of
The custom of having warships sail
"under scaled orders" has arisen from
the dosire of maritime powers to prevent their plans from becoming known
to the enemy.
In the American navy such ordors
come from the president,and are delivered to the commander of a ship or
squadron by a confidential messenger
who knows nothing of their contents.
Sometimes they aro in cipher, but
they are always sealed with tho official
seal of tho navy department, and tho
package cannot be openod until the
timo marked on it, which is usually sov-,
eral hours after tho hour of leaving
By tliis precaution the newspapers
are prevented from disclosing prematurely movements which may be of
the greatest importance, and the spies
of the enemy arn rendered useless so
far as their ability to discover tho
secret of such movements is concerned.
Sailing under sealed orders is now
thojconimon naval practice in time of
ThOBO instructions aro found in the
packet of "sealed orders" whioh are
opened when well out to sea.
Tlio [cause of the federation of the
empire is continually being promoted
by tho trend of current events and
influences, amongst which may certainly be included the gain by distinguished colonial men of positions in
one or the othor of the imperial houses
of parliament. We, thorofore, record
witli satisfaction the recent well
earned promotion to tho uvuks of tho
houseof lords of Sir Arthur Haliburton,.
late permanent British under secretary,
for war. Sir Arthur, tho son of a'
literary distinguished sire, who, under
the sobriquet of Sam Slick, wrote racily
of the old time people of tho maritime
provinces, is himself a Nova Scotian
by birth and proud of the fact of being
Canadian born, has taken for tho placo
of his title, his native town of Windsor. So he will sit in the house of
lords as Lord Windsor of Nova Scotia,
and wo trust thoro long coutinuo to
aid two other well known Canadian
peers in the discussion of matters
affecting tho empire at largo, whilst
speaking with special knowlodge of
our own self-govorning Dominion
within tho empire.���News Advertiser.
Our Arctic Soda Fountain
Is the centre of attraction these hot days.
r>f<^      Try our Ice Cream Sodas, Made
with Hazelwood ke Cream.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
All kinds of Fresh and Salted Meats wholesale and retail. Fresh Fish received daily-
Mail orders receive careful   and   prompt  at
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
In somo way, to induce every man, woman and
child in the country who buys in Nelson to come and inspect our
stock and prices. We would have you do I liis lor ire arc sure
that you would become mir customer and friend. We have the
largest and best selected stock oi Groceries in lhe city. The
famous products ot every country in ov.:* line are represented on
our shelves.
EVERYTHING FIRST CLASS.���Never.behind the times, Nn retrograding
here, Oui' business is run to servo itti patrons to their best interests,
as well as our own, nnd you can always depend upon our best service
bt'inK afforded you.
Tlie fairness of our prices throughout our entire line at all times shows onr
grasp upon the market.     CAN'T BB BEAT AT ALL:   THAT'S ALL.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles mid Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.  R. STATION.    .    .    .
Wall Papers,
Fishing Tackle,
Garden & Flower Seeds.
When requiring thoroughly seasoned
timber should apply to
The Nelson Planing Mill
In stoek.LOCO.OIKIft.of Flooring, Lining
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes and
every description of Joinery.
s< iu:i.n  noons  imi   window*  iimi;
Your Tobaccos.
AT TUB ���
Post Office
Xigar Store
Where  you will  alwujs find a \yell
assorted, stock of Imported   and
DomesticCigars, Cigarettes To-
buccos and a full stock of
PlpeS at reasonable
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
Scaled tenders addressed to thc undersigned
will bo reoeived up to Snturday Oth July
[or the Imllcllng of m> addition io the Nelson
Court House.
Plans and Hpecilleations cnn bo seen nt tho
ollice of llie architect, Mr. A. E. Hodgins,
Hnker street.
The lowest or any tender not necessnrrlly
0. 0. Dennis.
SO-lit Gold Commissioner
Official Directory.
Govoruor-Gouerul        -        Earl of Aberdeen
Premier        - - Sir Wilfrid Laiirior
Member House of Common.', Dominion Parliament, WobI tCoolenny Hewitt linstock
Lioul. Governor Hon T lt Mclnnes
Premier - - Hon .1 II Turner
Attorney-Qonoral        ��� nonllMKberts
Com of Lands and Works Hon G li Marl In
Minister Alines and Education Hon Jas Baker
President Exenntlvo Counoil Hon C K Pooley
Mombors Legislative Assembly tor West Kootenay North Hiding J M Kellie
Sooth Itidimi                - J PHume
Mayor - John Houston
Aldermen-Chas Hillyer. W P Teelzcl, .1 A
Gilker, J J Malone, K 1> Wluilley, Thos Madden.
City Clerk - . J K Strachan
l'olice Magistrate ��� E A Crease
Chlof of Police . A  1-'McKinnon
Chief of Flro Department . W J Thompson
Auditor - John Hamilton
Water Commissioner - T M Ward
Health Officer ��� . Kr. Lallan
Cily council meets every Monday, 3 p.m., al,
city hall, cor Victoria and Josephine st
Dr. IOC Arthur. Dr. GAB Hall, Geo John-
lone.   Prinoipal- J lt Green.
President j Roderick Robertson.
Vice President . James Lawrence.
Secy-Troas, ��� John A Turner.
Prosldont John A. Turner
Vicc-1'res. w. A. Jowett.
Secretary n. McArthur
Treas. a II Clements
Medical Sept. . Dr. G. ABHall
( lo^e
8.011 p.m.
Ol a.m
1.00 p.m
11.00 p, in
United Statos, Ontario, Que-
��� '���uiul ICastorn  Province!
''"ini-j on N. St  F. S. line
Victoria and Rossland,
���few Hcnvcr, Sandon and  2.30p.m,
iloenn Lake Points.
Kaslo and Kootenny Loki   T.laa.in
Points I
Kossland.  Trail.   NnkuspJ 7.00a.m.
tolwon, points on main Iim j
P.  I! .   Vancouver andj
*\ Innlpug
o.I.i p.m.
oi'i-'ion hours.
Lobby opened fiom "a.m. to 10 p.m.! General
Delivery..'; a.ni,  to 8 p.m.;   Registration, 8.30
���i.in. to 7 p.m.! Money Orders and Savings Hank
0n.m. to l p.m.; Sunday 1 hour(10tolla.m).
J. A. GILKER, Postmaster.
Government Inspector of
���igonolcs W J Goepel
Gold Commissioner
O. G, Dennis
Mining Roobrdor-Tax Col
1! F Tolmie
Collector of Customs
Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Assessor
John Keen,
County Court .Indue
J A Forin.
K T II Slmpklns,
Capt, N Filzstubbs.
i' irst Jailer
R Llddell,
Second Jailor
Geo Partridge
Third Jailer
John McLaren
Sonlor Guard
ciuucii in- England���Matin ii a.m.; Even
song, i.m ii iii. ovory Sundny. Holy Communion on isi and 3rd Sundays In lhe month aftor
Mums: nn 2nd and ith Sundays, nt 8 a.m
.-umlny School at 2.30 p.m. Hev. II. s Ako'-
hurst, Rector.   Cor Ward and .Silica streets.
PUB8BYTB1UAN CiiUBon- Services at 11 a.m
and l:M p.m. Sunday School at 2,30 p in'
Prayer meeting Thursday ovening at S p.m ���
Chrlstinn Endeavor Society meets every Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Hev. H. Frew-
METHODIST Ciii-iicn-Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets. Services at 11 n.m. nnd 7.30
p. m. ! .sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.: Prayer meeting on Frldny ovening al. 8 o'clock; Epworth
LpnBil0lt.lt-... I tic-day at 8 a.m. Hev. Geo. II
Morden, Paslor.
Human Catholic Cliuncn���Mass nt Nelson
every Sunday al 8 and 10.80 a.m.; Ucnediction
at 7.30 to ,'i p.m.   Hev. Father Ferland, Priest,
IIAITIST CiH-ncn _ Services morning and
ovening at 11 n.m, and 7.80 p.m.; Praver mooting Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.; 'Meetings
are held in the school house. Strangers cordially welcomed.   Hev. G. R. Welch, Pastor.
SALVATION Aiimy���Services every evening
at 8 o dock in barracks on Victoria street.
Adinlnnt Millncr in charge.
lodhkYeetlngs. ~
NELSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F. &A.
M. moots second Wednesday ln each
month.   Visiting brethren Invited.
G. L. LENNOX, Secretary.
I.   O.  O.   F.     Kootenay Lodge
t No. lli, meets every Monday night,
nt   their  Hall,   Kooienay street.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
WM. HODSON Secretary.
X2X NKLSON   LODGE   No, 2a, K. of  P.,
M'ieV\ui<-(*ls In Castle hall,  McDonald block
���/.��*.9<'V<:ry  Tuesday  ovening  at 8 o'clock,
KK��ryAH visiting knights cordially invited,
^wUby 3, J. Malone, o.o.
(8201 Geo. Parthidok, 1C. of R.and s.
NKLSON LODGE, I. 0. G. T. Meets in
Cnstle Hall, McDonald lllock, every Monday
evening at S o'clock. Visiting Templars cor
dially Invited, John Tki.kori),
Chief Templar,
George Nunn    Sec'y
second and fourth Wednesday of
each month at K. of P. Hall, MacDonald lllock, cor. Vernon and
Josephine streets. Visiting brcth-
���n cordially invited. ERNEST Kino,
Ciiab. 11. FARROW, Worthy President
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meets
Is! and 3rd Wednesday in each month in tho
K of P Hall. F VV Swanell. C. D. S. C. R.; J It
Green, C.H.: J. Purklss, Secy.
NKLSONLODGK.NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets
oviry Thursday In the I.O.O.F. hall. F W
Swanell, M,W.: W Hodson, lteo.-Sec; J. ,T.
Driscoll, Financier F, J Suuire. Receiver and
P. M. W.
NKLSON L.O.L. No. 10112 meets in tho Mc-    If
Donald   block   every Thursday  ovening at 8   '���)
o'clock.   Visiting members cordially invited.
John Toys, W.M.; F. J. Uradley, R,S.
Mention   of   Uupiirnlngs
llisliiel itiiring Ihe I'ksI
1-,-iv nny*.
j night. The performance throughout
was n most enjoyable one. Mr. Lindley as nsuiil oreated most of the merri-
i ment, liis impersonation of the Irish
servant being a. most humorous one
Miss Clara fitathos was a charming
and vivacious Chick, and Mr. Chapman's Percy O'Neill vns manly mul
earnest. Mis,-; H. Lonard looked anil
acted well the port and the enst was a
most excellent, one in every respect.
The specialties of Mr.   11. E. H. Gib-
--bons,   Little   Mystic   ::nd   Ethel   und
aeniorita  Garcia  were  nil    received
ll0JAvitH marked  favor.   Tonight's bill is
���. "The Hold King," n comedy-drama
that lias lieen highly praised,und (hero
will be many special features,
T. Kane of Brio is in tlio city.
V. It. Byron ol' Silverton is in the
T. s-',. (loie is registered at tho
The Slocun City baseball team put*
up ut, the Hume.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ewort of tlie Poorman
mine are in tho city.
Tlie New lienvcr J lacrosse team are
staying at the Hume.
Hold Commissioner J. Kirkup of
Rossland is at tlie Hume.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Southeringale of
New Denver is iu tlio city.
J.M. Henderson, F, P. Mitchell, K.
McLean, Kaslo, ore at the Phair,
Mr. mid Mrs. V. T. Short* of Slocan
City are registered at tlie Hume.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Brandon, from
New Denver, are registered at the
(1. A. Mitchell, traveling passenger
agent for the Great Northern railway,
is in the city.
Among those registered at tlie Phuir
are P. P. Sherwood, l-'poknne; V.
M. Henderson. V. P. Mitchell, K.
McLean of Kuslo.
The Rossland hose team arrived hist
night and are anxious to make a hub
and hub raco witli ihe Nelson team.
There wiil lie no services at the
Methodist church next Sunday morning on account of the reopening service at llie Presbytorian church.
Among Hie visiting newspaper men
in tlie cily are I). J. Young ol' the
Slocun News, A.Willcox of llie Kuskonook Searchlight, mnl D. W, King of
the Kootenaimi.
Chief of Police MoKiunon is to be
congratulated eu the excellent order
observed throughout llie day, uoi a
single distance of disorderly conduct
being observable.
Tlie rogular meeting of lhe Ladies'
Hospital Aid society will be bold on
Monday, July I, in the Presbyterian
church at ii o'clock'. All members nre
requested to attend.
Tho directors of the Bald Mountain
intend to prosecute further development work on thoir properties near
Donald as soon as tlie snow disnppoars.
More tunneling will be done.
Special arrangement shave keen made
witli tlie 0. P.H. for :i passenger train
to leave Nelson on Sundny morning
at 0 o'clock for Slocan Oity, Visitors
from Slocan may thus remain over for
the second dny of the celebration without fear of having to remain until
One of the most novel and ut tractive
window displays in Nelson is a model
of the iirst-ehiss battleship H. M. S.
Royal Sovereign, which is to be seen
in the window of tlie Vancouver Hardware company, This cleverly constructed model is made of the various
artirles sold in u hardware store. The
armor plute is composed of cross-cut
Haws, the turrets of the new patent,
mouse traps, whilo the funnels are of
piping. Altogether it is one of the
most, ingenious contrivances of the
kind that lias been seen lately.
"MyrtleFerns" drew a large and re-
lined audience to the skating rink last
a lot o(
Ice Cream Freezers
which no well appointed
home should be without
during- the warm weather.
We have also constantly
on hand a full line of .  .
Plumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offer-
ingat very low prices.
ffffl Cl.
Vancouver & Nelson, B. 0.
There are three entries for the, dialing contest today ns follows:
N. ]<\ Mcl'Iichols und B. Stevenson,
of tho Wur Eaglo, Rossland; W. McLeod Ress nnd Hurry McMullen, of
the Porto Rico in inc. Ymir; Mike
Burns und William Fallon, of the War
Eagle mine, Rossland.
Por the 600-yard horse raco there are
six entries as follows:
Rossland, owner, Claude A. Cregan ;
56, of Rossland, owner, 11. G, Edwards Locike; Buruio, ownex1, G, R..
Wilson, Northport; Greasy Buck,
owner, L. N. Remillard. Slocun City ;
Pred, owner, J. Bowes. Silverton;
Jack, owner, ,T. R. Wilson, North-
Por tlie Slocun Luke nice tiie following entries have lieen mnde :
Greasy Buck, Little Buci;, owner G.
Sloan; Pred.
Por tlie pony race tho entries nre:
Jessie, owner, ,1. Sturgeon, Nelson;
McLeod's Kve, owner, R. Or. McLeod,
Nelson; Little Buck, owner, T. Sloan,
Slocun City; 55, owner, R. G. Edwards Leckie; Tuck, owner, D. Mclntyre, Boundary.
nsriEXjSOisr :ri:n~:k:
Marry Lindley Comedy^
The most laughable cotnepy-drama, Myrtle Ferns or
it. Tft/S ttt, /-��-4-,o��**��      m-wiA        T))Fi tn* +*% ' J
How Tilings Ave Paring in tho Newest
Kootenny Town.
S. V. Parr returned from Brooklyn
Thursday night and reports great
activity in that camp. Fifty-threo
buildings have lieen erected since (lie
15th of June, mid many mere uve in
course of construction, Tli*.- estimated
population m presonl is about 800. Ail
lines of busini ss uve fairly represent! d,
and al leasl seven business bouses ���av
doing business iu unfinished buildings.
Mr, Parker, the townsite ownor, bus
tlie largosi sieve in tho town umi is
doing tlie best business. Tho steamer
Lytton makes dnl:;.- trips from Robson,
No Chinamon nre allowed lo land at
Tne Best Comedies. The Newest Songs. Artistic Dancing.
Tickets on Sale at Tlie Canada Drug & Book Co.    Priee 75 cents.   Genera
Admission 50 Cents.
The Rink is being made weather proof and comfortable.
���__^Shouid see the
W- H- West ��* this city
For a $400 Purse.
Saturday Might, July 2.
in Hall on Vernon st., next door to Kootenay Hotel.
^iDMissiaisr $1.00
* islxn d"r ai lwtv\"( ; rrr.vir
Wo uve roquosted to publish the following :
"We, candidates lev lit" legislative
assembly of British Columbia, are resolved, without regard to party,to have
the Island Railway land grant administered in a manner consistent with
tlie welfaro of the country, and, if
necessary, by Hie government,
"Also, to h.ivo tho rights of   llie  E.
i'i N. railway   company   iu   tho   innd
grant fairly tested mm decided  in tlie
courts without delay.
".lime '.'o. 1898.
"W. II. 1; VYWARD,
"\V. 1>. HIGGINS,
"Candidates for Esquimault District.
"Candidate for North Nanaimo.
"Candidate for South Nanaimo.
"Candidate for Nanaimo ('ity.
"Note.���In  Cowichan   tlie question
is not in issue in tlie present contest.
Tlie Nelson lacrosse team for the
liiutch witli New Denver todny will be
composed ns follows: Goal, R, S.
Gray; point, Joseph Thompson; cover,
G. Nunn; fisrt defence, H. J. Tnylor;
second defence, D. A. Fraser; third
defence, B. tlilroy; center, Alf. Jeffs;
third homo, A. A. Perrier; second
home, L. M. Livingstone; first home,
John A. Fraser; outside home, Barney
Arehibold; inside home, I). J. McPherson ; umpire, A. W. Ross, of Now
Westminster; field captain, R. S. Lennie; timekeeper, James Dallas; spare
man, D. Rutherford; referee, W. A.
Tlie wrestling mutch between Jack
O'Neill und W. H. West, which wus
postponed on Thursday night, wus
pulled off lust night in the Vernon
street hall and resulted in u victory
for O'Neill. Both men were in good
condition und a lively contest wus
given, but O'Neill is u heavier und
consequently a better mnn, und West
could no,-* win out ou tlie odds given,or
in tact, on uny odds, us O'Neill is at
least* 20 pounds out of his class. Tlie
spectators present, however, got the
worth of tlieir money, for West made a
desperate struggle to put O'Neill's
buck on tho mat, and botli men did
some very clever work. The hold
throughout was oatch-as-catoh-can and
tlie match was very clean, excepting
the full ou whioh O'Neil won tlie last
round. The first full wus given to West
after !il minutes hard work. O'Neill
took the second and third falls in 4}-.��
and I'.j minutes respectively, and won
the fourth round on a foul, West having taken Hie strangle hold on him,
wliich wus barred before the contest
started. Prunk Brit-ton of Ymir wns
referee, und J. T. Donaldson of Sandon timekeeper,
West* took his defeat good nulv.redly
and made the statement afterward
tliat lie was outclassed in tlie mutch,
but still stood ready to wrestle anyone
in Briitsh Columbia at his weight,
151 pounds. West and Houghton havo
a ten-round contest in tiie same place
tonight for a purse of $-100.
"Some ten or move yenrs ago," snid
lhe gentleman froniTixas to a Star reporter, "we iuul occaison in our town
'oi send on" of our prominent citizens
;;i England to look after some busini ss
, ! *.: private nature in wliich he, with
half a dozen move of us, wus interested, lie was a i'J raw, us you might
Bay, but for our purposes he answered I
admirably, nml we shoved him to tho
front nnd let. him looso among the inhabitants of Britain. I don't know
what ho didn't do or say over thero,
for we could only get information by
hearsay. But an American told ub of
a conversation which ho iiud heard on
thnl occasion. There was a general
talk on (lie subject of Uie wild nud
wooley manners of tlio southwest and
(lie Texas idea of justice
" 'We couldn't have anything like
Hint in tliis country,' " said au Englishman.
" 'No. I veckon not,' responded the
Texan ; 'it takes a special traiuin' that,
you folks won', ketch up to for a gcod
many yenrs yit, I veckon.'
" ' 'Taint your fault, though,' consoled tho Texan, 'you can't expect lo
liave all tho best things over here, vou
"'Its a good thing, I know,' admitted Hie Englishman, 'imt yet I
think the system is most defective,
Judge Lynch is not always in tlie
" 'I don't know about that,' snid
the Texan, slinking liis head doubtfully.
" 'Now,' said the Englishman, conclusively, 'are you prepared to sny (hat
justice is always promptly administered in tliis manner?'
"Tlie Texan hesitated a moment and
showed unmistakable signs of upholding liis ease.
" 'I reckon you're half right, col-
one!,' ho said. 'Sometimes tlio ropo
brenks or a gun misses fire tlie fust
time, but* you oughtn't to hold tliat*
ag'n us, fer we never let the ous git
nwny.' "���Washington Star.
I'm- Mem Iter of (he legislative Assembly
for (Sic   Kelson  Billing of West
Koolcuay District.
In the old world the walnut is found
wild in the Banat territory of Hungary, in the mountains of Greece, in
Armenia, the north of India aud in
Japan, The Greeks neglected their native trees and hnporterto better variety
from Persia The Romans cultivated
it to a great extent and got. the first
trees from Persia. They throw nuts nt
weddings ns wo throw rice.
Just why walnuts are mimed us they
nre is a mystery, for the word means
"foreig limit," Tlie blnck walnut is indigenous to tliis country, and
probably received its namo from its
resemblance to tho English walnut,
says tlie Chicago News. Anglo-Saxons
coined the name in their own homo
before they came to Britain und found
tho nut, whioh the Romans had doubtless brought* over, as it wus one of
their favorite delicacies.
The, old proverb says that "he wlio
plants a walnut tree expects not to eat
of the fruit. " Tlio tree is one of the
slowest to come to maturity we know,
for it does not* bear until 20 years old,
An old farmer nnd tree-grower gives as
a rule for planting wulnut trees to
dig a shallow hole, place in a layer of
decayed leaves from the woods, plant
nuts with the husks removed, cover
witli a small licit]) of leaves und next
year you will find some havo grown.
In another yeur you nitty use your discretion nbout what saplings shall be
left to grow.
Ailoplcd  Uy Delegates in H'oiiveiitlou o��
rise lilst Hay of .Juue, 1S9S.
The following round   trip races have I
j been arranged to Halcyon Hot Springs
and  return, tickets  being good for ISO
I days:   Prom   Kuslo,     $10;   Rossland,
$8.80; Nelson, *s; Trail, $7. BO.
W. F. ANDERSON, T. P. A.     I
Nelson, Juno 24. I
"Whereas,   The Turner government
by its class legislation, (1) by imposing a ta?; upon tlm output of metalliferous mines not imposed upon tlie
output* of conl 'nines; (2) by refusing
to remove the tux imposed on men
working in metalliferous mines;(8) by
denying tlie people of the provinco
equitable representation in the legislative assembly, bus proven itself unworthy of further confidence or continuance in office; and,
"Whereas, The railway policy of tho
present administration is inimical to
tho bost welfare of the provinco as a
whole therefore be it
" Resolved, That Hie interests of the
Nelson riding of West Kootenay district demand that Hie electors return
ns their representative in the noxt
provincial legislature a man who will
nor only strongly advocate but will
also use liis influence with tho members of (lielegislative assembly opposed
to tlie present administration to securo
lhe following reforms:
'' First���An equitable plan of representation in the legislative assembly on a
basis Hint* will recognize that au elector in one portion of tho province is
Hie equal of an elector in any other
portion whero like circumstances pro-
"Second���Equalization in taxation
with respect to mines, so that if the
outpnt of the metalliferous mines bo
taxed, tlio output of all coal mines
shall be treated iu the same manner.
"Third���Repeal of the spocial tax
imposed upon working miners in tlio
metalliferous mines, which partakes
of tlio nature of a trade tax and is an
unjust exaction.
"Fourth���An amendment to the assessment* act whioh permits what is
virtually dual taxation, under the indefensible mortgage tux, or tax upon
"Fifth���The passage of a general
railway net, wliich will allow tho
building of railways by bona fide railway meu without cost to the provinco
either in cash subsidies or land grants.
"Sixth���Tlie starving out of railway
churl er mongers by refusing to grant
uny further Innd subsidies in aid of
railway construction, nnd by insisting
whorovor cash subsidies are granted
Hint such subsidies sliull be by way of
loan secured by u lien upon the railways
when built,
"Seventh���The absolute prohibition
of Hie immigration of Chinese into the
province, und the exclusion of Chinese
from employment by any company receiving uny concession whatever from
tlie erown.
" Eighth���That in employing labor on
public works preferenoo be given to
citizens of tlie province, and also that
nil government offices be .died by
capable boun fide residents of tho district where tlie vacancies exist.
"Ninth���Due recognition of tho fact
that the mining industry is tho chief
attraction for outside capital to tlio
province, and is responsible for tho increase in its population; that this industry may be vitally affected by legislation, und its importance demands
that wo should have in the cabinet a
praotical rather than a theoretical
'' And with a view to securing the
above reforms, wo pledge ourselves to
support by our votes and influence tho
nominee of this convention.''
Gentlemen,���I offer myself lis an independent candidate to represent you
in the next Provincial|Parlinment.
Should I lie fortunate enough to secure your support I shall endeavor to
bring aliout the following reforms:
(1) A change in the Mineral Act to
compel all partners in a mining claini
to bear their share of the assessment
work or forfeit their interest.
(2) An amendment to cause litigants
to put up reasonable security for costs
before adversing applications for certificates of improvements,
(8) Regular promotion in the Civil
Service, avoiding the injustice of tho
appointment of outsiders over the
heads of men already in the service,
all vacancies being filled by our own
(1) The removal from the Statute
book of the discriminatory tax of 85.00
per annum on mechanics, miners and
others employed in our metalliferous
If returned I pledge myself to work
to the best of iny ability to secure a
local expenditure of public monies
in proportion to the revenue collected
In the district, and to ensure such expenditure being laid out to the best
possible advantage.
The mining interests of British Columbia have now reached such proportions that it is desirable they should
be administrated by a separate department under the charge of a minister
wdio would devote his undivided attention to tho subject.
I shall endeavor to rescind the legislation of '90, by which mining suits
were taken out of the jurisdiction of
the County Court and relegated to tho
Supreme Court, thereby entailing increased costs and interminable delays.
During the past eight years Kootenay lias lieen represented bv straight
government supporters and by an out
and out oppositionist, the result in
neither case has been satisfactory. I
consider the time has arrived when all
the Kootenay members Bhould join in
advocating measures for the benefit of
this district as a whole and for its
special industry, without regard to
Y. HOSHI, Proprietor.
Sprimn Salad
Garden Onionx Cucumber Lottuco
Consomme n la Voluille.
Cream Asparagus Aux Inenollo.
Boilod Salmon,
!lnll.unl*i! *r
Log ot Mutton
Caper Sauco
Fried Halibut,
A la Alcnusudo
Corned Ilcof and
Canton Cabbago
Prime Ribs of Boat, Yorkshire Pudding
Lion Pork, linked Apples.
Saddln ot Mutton, with Jelly.
Turkey Ducks
Fricassoo Chicken, French Pons
Scalloped Veal Brained Mutton
Ragout Heef Hum Omelet.
Cream Snow Steamed Potatoes
Groen Peas Groen Spinach
Apple Pic, Cream Lemon Pic,
English Plum Pudding, Brand; Sauco.
Lemon Ice Cream Angol Cako
English Walnut Cako
Doughnut* Jolly Roll
Apples Oranges Chooso.
Fried Kidney,Tripe, Hrains, Salmon. Spring
Chicken, Kpiursh Omelet, Halibut, Strawberries. Cucuinb, is, Tomatoes, Strawberry Short
Old papers at 'I'm; Mixkk oIHcd.   26 conts
per hundred.
FOUND.���A small key, National Cash Regls-
tor.   Apply "Miner" olilce.
MUSIC LESSONS.-On piano organ or
guitar, liy Mrs. W. J. Astley, Hobson street,
two doors west ot Stanley.   P. O. Hox 18*.
Fifty dollars will bo paid by mo for tho arrest
and conviction ot any person for poisoning or
attompting to poison dogs,
I will sell at cost for tho balance of the season all trimmed
millinery, children's hats and
bonnets, sailors and shirt waists,
Josephinest., Nelson.
low Xclmtll Hon lii" Hub anil llnl>
Blnee.���Ac-eouii! nf dlo- Hume Knees,
tin- r.o.'il Knees iuul Oilier Uveitis of
Ihe Wayi
score   of   -0   to   <i   at   the end of  the
,-ighth inning.
The   potato   match  was won by II.
Further details are unavoidably held
I over until the next issue.
Tor eight years in succession tlie
Citizens of Nelson have celebrated Dominion day, and the ��ther towns of
ilie Kootenay imve uccorded the day to
Nolson's celebration and have joined
heartily in the event. The lirst day of
the eighth year of the annual Dominion day celebrution in Nelsou wus held
yesterday, and was tlie most successful in the history of Nelson, and must
have lieen especially satisfactory to the
citizens and the committee in charge
of the sports.
The principal business places of the
city had been handsomely decorated
and the streets wore a holiday appearance.
The citizens were awakened at an
early hour by the booming of cannon
to begin u day of thorough enjoyment.
The weather was perfect and everybody had au opportunity of enjoying
oach event to the fullest, extent. At 10
o'clock a procession headed by the Nelsou brass band marched to the wharf,
where they met the visitors from the
north. About ISO people came down
on the International from Kaslo and
way points, and an equal numbor came,
down on tlio Kokanee, which arrived
aliout half an hour later.
The train from the Slocan arrived
about 11 o'clock, bearing aliout SCO
more excursionists from New Denver,
Slocau City und way points.
The first item on the program wus a
match foot race between Dill of Kaslo
and Joe Thompson of Nelson. Owing
to some misunderstanding as to the details of the arrangements the race did
not take place,
The hub und hub race, free for nil,
then took place between the Kuslo und
Nelson teams, Nelson winning easily
iu 18 s< couds.
Tiie next item on the program was
tho quarter-mile horse race, free for
ull. This race, tile entries for which
were given iu our last issue, resulted
in a wm for Jack, a horse from North-
port. The race was run on linker
street, tlie winning post being opposite
ilie Tremont hotel, whose veranda was
used as tho judge's stand. Tlie Nelson
horse race, open only to Nelson horses,
wus run over (lie same course. After
(lie third bent of tlie free for all race
ihe jockey of Greasy Duck entered a
protest, alleging that the jockey riding
a horse culled 65 hud fouled him in tlie
race. After hearing witnesses on both
sides llie judges overruled Ihe protest.
Free for all Race, Quarter Mile-
First lieut���Jack, first; owner, (j. K.
Wilson,Northport; won by one length.
55 second; owner, It. G. Edwards
Leckie, Kossland.
Kossland, third; owner, Claude A.
Crogun, Kossland.
Time, iiii seconds.
Socond heat���Jack, first; 55, second ;
Kossland, third
Time, 2-1 seconds
Third heat���Jack, first; 55, second;
Greasy Duck, third; owned hy L. \V.
Hemillard, Slocan Oity.
Time, 24J*j seconds.
In tlie Nelson horse race tlie summary is us follows;
First heat���Wire Cat, first; owner,
George Patterson ; won by one-quarter
length ; Harry, second ; owner, Blake
Second heat���Harry, first; won by
one-half length ; Wire Cat. second.
Third   heat���Harry,   first;   won  by
three lengths | Wire Cat, second.
Tlie Nelson Lawn Tennis club celebrated Dominion day by a tournament,
in wliich members of outside clubs
were invited to participate. Suitable
prizes were given in every case, tho
visitors including ��� Mrs. Alexander,
Mrs. Leslie and Messrs. D. Dickson
und Musgravc,all of Kaslo. Thc results
sn fur are:
Gentlemen's doubles���L. C. Lawford
and D. Wilson beat II. \V. Pollock and
11. G. Pfordo, (>.'.', (i-l.
D Heathcote und II. Wilson heat
W, l'.t Dickson and E, 0. Musgravc,
0-0, -4-0, 8-0
Final round���L. 0. Lawford and D.
Wilson beat IS. Heathcote and H. Wilson, 6-a, 0-8.
Ladies' doubles���Mrs. Leslie and
Mrs. Alexander beat Mrs. Pollock and
Mrs. Goepel, 0-8, 0-5,
Mixed doubles���Mrs. Goepel and H.
Wilson heat Mrs. Wilson and E. O.
Musgravc. 0-2, li-1.
Mrs. Pollock and D. Wilson beat Mrs.
Alexander and W. P. Dickson, (i-l,
4-(>, 6-8.
The finals will be played today.
Gentlemen's singles���L. C. Lawford
beat II. Pfordo, 0-4, 4-6, when Fforde
resigned. H. \V. Pollock beat L. C.
Lawford. 6-4, 0-0, W. P. Dickson
beat D. Heathcote, 7-5, 6-0. D. Wilson beat E. C. Musgravc, (i-l, (i-2,
Semi-final round���H. W. Pollock
boat W. P. Dickson, 8-0, (i-l The
final to be is yet to bo played.
In the baseball match between Nelson and Slocan City Nelson  won  by a
Every    Constituency   Contested���List
of  Candidates Nominated.
Vancouver���P. C. Cotton. Jos Martin. Robt. Maophorsou and O. E. Tisdall, opposition; J. F. Garden, W. .T.
Bowser, ,T. T. Carroll and W. S. McDonald, citizen's ticket.
New Westminster���J. O. Drown,
opposition ; Alex Henderson, independent.
Nanaimo City���A. McGregor, government; Dr. Robert E. MeKechnie,
Nanaimo North���J. Bryden, government; Holier, opposition.
Nanaimo South���W. W. Walkem,
government; Ralph Smith, opposition.
Comox���Jus. Dunsmuir, government ;
W. .1. McAllun, opposition.
Alberni���G. A. Iiud', government;
A. W.  McNeill, opposition.
Westminster, Cbilliwhack���J. H.
Turner, government; Munroe, opposition.
Westminster, Delta���Benson, independent; Forster,  opposition.
Westminster, Dewdney���McBride.
government; Whetham. opposition,
East Yale���Price Ellison, government; Donald Graham, opposition.
Westminster, Richmond���McQueen,
independent; Kiild, opposition.
West Yale���J. ,f. Mackey, government ; 0. A. Semlin, opposition,
West Kootenay, Nelson Riding���A.
S. Farwell, independent;,!. P.Hume,
West Kootenay, Rossland Riding���
J. McKane, independent; James Martin, opposition.
West Kootenay, Slocan Riding���,T.
L. Rettollaok, government; Robert
Green, opposition.
West Kooienay, Revelstoke Riding
���W. W. White, government; J. M.
Kellie, opposition.
East Kootenay, Donald Riding���Wm.
Neilson. independent; ,T. F. Wells, opposition.
East Kootenny, Fort Steele Riding-
Col. Baker, government; Wm. Baillie,
Cariboo���S. A. Rogers, Jos. Hunter,
government; H, Helgesen, Major General Kinchant, opposition.
Lillooet West���A. W. Smith, government; E. S. Peters, opposition.
Lillooet Enst���D. A. Stoddart, government ; J. D. Prentice, opposition.
Victoria���J. H. Turner, II. D. Helmcken, A. B, McPhillips, R. Hall,
government; P. B. Gregory, Alex
Stewart, A. I,. Belyea, opposition;
Robert Beaven, independent.
Esquimalt���O. Ii' Pooley, W. F.
Bullen, government; D, W. Higgins,
W. H. Hayward, opposition; D. H,
Harris, independent.
South Victoria���D. M. Eberts, government; J. S. Yates, opposition.
North Victoria���J.P. Booth, government; T. W. Patterson, opposition.
Cowichan���W. R. Robertson, government; W. Herd, opposition,
Kamloops���G, B. Martin, government ; F. J. D. Caine, opposition.
17,744 tons, an increase of only 107
tons over January, 1897, while our exports were 11,080 tons, an increase of
1876 tons. In this same month
the European output decreased from
0696 fons n yeur ago lo 5550 now. Yet
England, Prance nnd Germany consumed more copper by 44711 tons thnn
the entire production of (lie United
States. The visible supply in England
nnd Prance decreased 2698 tons during
January nud February.
Higher prices for coppor stocks are
confidently predicted. Boston and
Montana has advanced from 15 in
July, 1898, to 188 in March. 1808, and
Calumet and Hecla between the samo
periods from 2.47 to 5.40.���Mining Industry and Review.
When a young Laplander is iu love*
with a girl he and she run a race. He
is heavily handicapped, so thar, she
may win if she chooses,and if slie out
run him lie ennnot propose again. Of
course she suffers herself to he overtaken if slie cares for him,hut the eon-
sent of her parents must be obtained
before she can be married. Tlie law
of the land is very strict* ou (his point,
and in olden times tlie man wns subject to capital punishment* if he
married without the consent of the
girl's parents. After a Laplander has
chosen a bride lie sends her a present
of a girdle, a ring and a quantity of
brandy; lie goes so fur ns the door of
her liut, and remains outside until invited to enter, when a bumper of
brandy is offered to tlie girl's father;
if he drinks it it. is a sign lie consents
to tlie marriage, and tlie young lover
thon promises to give the girl some
clot lies, and pays a sum of money,
generally 100 copper dollars, on the
spot. Tliis, of course, is a remnant of
marriage liy purchase, wliich, in
primitive times, succeeded marriage
lij- capture. Banns are published once
in Lapland and (lie marriage ceremony is very short. Tlie bride wears
her hair loose and has a gold bund
around her head. Her parents and her
dowry are generally reindeer, and slie
and her bridegroom remain witli her
parents for a year after marriage.
Kirkpatrick h Wilson t t
are receiving Seasonable Goods
for the best trade of Nelson in
the lines of
The quality is the best and prices
right.      As always, our stock of
is full and being added to as needed.
Kirkpatrick,nJ Wilson,BAKER STREET
David Bisphum, tlio famous singer,
fells a good dialect story. Here is one
of a negro mammy who was forever
prating the extraordinary virtues nml
general wonderfnluess of her oharge.
Hh I" grunted hor wearied auditor,
"he���he���ain't Gawd, is lie?" Tlie
mammy pondered a minute. "Weil,''.
i she said hesitatingly, "he's young
yitl"���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
OOL . . .
for Nobbiest and best and Save KASH.
Are Saving Money every day
on their Hardware Bills by
allowing us to figure with  theni.
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given.
T.I. No. 21.
After a careful estimate Dr. Dawson, chief of tlie geological survey,
gave tho following figures to the Ottawa house of commons:
The total output, ho says, from tho
Yukon district has boen $4,100,500. Of
this total $2,500,000 were mined in
1S0T, $800,000 iuJKDli, $860,000 in 1895,
$l:>5,000 in 1894, $176,000 in l,so:i, $87, -
000 in 1893, $-10,000 in 1891, $175,000 in
1 SHI), and various small sums prior to
that time. Dr. Dawson says (hut thoro
bus up to tho present time, beeu no
reoognied method of obtaining statistics in tho district or of ascertaining
in regard to gold exported by the river
how much was derived from Canadian
and how much from Alaskan placers.
The main point that is, however, suggested by tho figures is tlio smnllness
of tho Yukon gold yield us compared
with the enormousness of the Klondike
rush. Mr. Liveruush.of Dawson Oity,
wlio lias boen sent to Ottawa as a delegate to protest against tho excessive
royalty dues and other Dominion levies,
fully confirms Dr. Dawson's moderation as regards tlie estimate of Yukon
gold yield. Mr. Livernush, wlio certainly should know whereof lie speaks,
says tlmt if tho simple truth were
brought home to many a poor fellow
now preparing for a trip to the Yukon,
much Buffering would be spared, the
output nntl probable wealth of thu
Yukon being vastly exuggeruted. Up
(o lust sumnier tlio country liad not
yielded more than $2,600,000, Lust.
year's gold output wus well within
$1,500,000. Work for tlio present winter will not bring more than $6,000, -
000,    Indeed,    the     largest      estimate
offered by any responsible party is
$10,000,000, made up as follows:
Bonanza crook, $4,000,000; El Dorado
crook, $-1,000,000; Hunker creek, $-1(10,-
000; Boar, Dominion, Sulphur and
other creeks, $1,000,000, and small
creeks and sidehill claims, another $5, ���
000,000. Mr. Livernash assorts that
every dollar thus far extracted from
the Klondike, lias cost ono dollar, and
moro than one half of the men who
wont to the Klondike last year must
be written down as failures. Thoy
are poorer Ihan when they entered tlio
country.���Mining and Electrical Review.        	
���ni tin* glocnu iifif.'.r. nt vPckI  Koolcnny
I'.iri-lttnil Olslrlri,
Gentlemen:���At the request of a
large proportion of the community
representing eve:".- section of tlio
Riding, I beg (o announce myself as a
candidate fo- your suffrages in the
coming elections.
In respect fully soliciting your votes
nnd support I declare myself a supporter nnd follower of (lie lion..). II.
'! urner ns the Leader of the onlv Party
in this Province with a defined Policy
and coherent existence.
During my eight years residence in
this District 1 hnvo been a consistent.
supporter of his Party in recognition
of their attitude in meeting, anil in
cases anticipating tlie requirements
and expansion of this great mining
region. I am in favor of the following reforms:���
(l)The abolition of tho Tax upou
working miners.
(li) The abolition of the Mortgage
(,'i) Tiie distribution of seats in tlie
Legislature in direct proportion to
(4) I do not approve of Uie Policy of
the lute Legislative Assembly iii using
tlieir Influence to exclude foreign railroads, such as tho proposed railroad
to Boundary Creek.
(5) I favor certain revisions in (lie
Mineral and Land Acts, particularly
sonic easy plan by which flic holders
of claims can advertise out their defaulting co-owners.
((I) In filling all Government appointments I am in favor of appointing
bona fide residents of tlie District in
all cases where such can be found
competent to net.
(7) I believe that tlie Provincial
Legislature should bring all the aid
nml influence at its command to
tlie assistance of tbo lead inining industry, especially in tlio direction of
obtaining stronger recognition from
lhe Federal Governmental Ottawa of
the importance of tbis Industry and
the disadvantages under which if now
If you do me tlie honor to elect me
ns   your representative  I  will  at all
times endeavor to protect and  further
(he interests,  not only of tlie prospector imt also or all thoso employed
in nnd around our mines,  recognizing
ihat our entire community is dependant upon tlie mining industry.
I am, Gentleman,
Your obedient servant,
John L. Retallack.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
\\Z^ have for sale the  following
'*' v Valuable Property.
Gamble 8 O'Reiffu
Civif Engineers,
Prouinciaf Land Surveyors
Real Bst-flte nnd General Agents
Financial and Insurance Agents
Notaries   Public,   Etc.
Tlio market for coppor stocks is
booming. While tlio Maine explosion
caused all othor securities to rapidly
decline tliey showed unparalleled
strength. The non-dividend payers
even aro advancing. Copper has advanced 12 conts a pound, which moans
enormous profits. Consumption of copper is greater than its production.
During January this country produced
Waff Paper,      Sporting Goods,
��   Hammocks,   ���
Cameras, Kodaks,
Photographic Supplies.
Thomson Stationery Co.
LIMITED ((122)
Corner   lot  on   Vernon   Street    wilh
Lots for Sale in nil parts of the Oily.
Cull .-md sec List.
Call and soo our full list of property for salo  in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street, NELSON,  B.C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson, ,
General Manager     |    VTr^,.   .-r,,*^.-,    --^
S. S. Fowler, E. M., (   NLLSON,   B.C.
Mining Engineer
Charles D. J. Christie
Houses to rent nt SI5, 820,  Silt), une
A two lot corner close in $626.
A 6 roomed  House, good garden,
IJ2000.   Also others.
A first-class Stenographer, Typewriter nnd Accountant always on
Repaired, Altered, Cleaned, 1'ronHcd
id Dyod by the
Reasonable Prices,
una Dyod by l.hn New PROCESS ut
STEVENS, The Tailor.   , g
Room o, Hillyer Blk,, NELSON.
P. S.���Ladles Wool Drest Goods Sponged
before Making Up.
1 >M K.l\< i: and ��� ���.
(AIMM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc. Cornwall)
Opposite Phair Hotol,
Kxtendod experience in Chile and German
South Africa. Assays nml analysis of oro��.
Reports and valuations ou mineral properties
Underground .surveying and mino plans kopt
up by contract.
Twenty years' oxperienco in mining.
Thorough  knowledge of rnlnos of British
Columbia.   Tonus Reasonable
ttt NELSON, B. O.


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