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The Miner Oct 20, 1898

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 Daily Edition No   140.
Nelson, British Columbia. Thursday Morning,   October 20, 1898.
Ninth Year
We are now doing business in our
new Store in the Aberdeen Block and
extend a cordial invitation to our
many customers and friends to call
and see us. You are as welcome to
look as to trade t
Q**$   LILLIE BROS.   ���&*>
Dewey Said to Have Fought
With the Rebels.
He Contradicts  Agoncillo's
With Dewey That the Fillippino* Should
Have Absolute Freedom in Ketum
For Their Assistance
Paris. In reply Admiral Sampson personally dietated a brief note stating
emphatically that December 1 would
be the positive date in which Spain's
rights, claims aud sovereignty in
the island of Cuba would cease to exist.
Londou, Oct. 19.���Major General
Wesley Merritt who has arrived here
from Paris, where he has been giving
the United States peace commissioners
the benefit of his observations as commander of tho Amoricau forcos at Manila, iu an interview with a representative of the Associated Press discredits
the statement attributed to Agoncillo,
tbe agent of Aguinaldo, in an interview
witb a Globe correspondent at Hong
Kong, previous to Agoncillo's departure for San Francisco, Washington and
Paris. Aguiualdo's agent is quoted
as declaring tbat the insurgents had a
formal agreement with Rear Admiral Dewey, whereby absolute freedom was promised tliem in return
for their assistance. General Merritt
said that from conversations which he
had with Admiral Dewey, he was
satisfied that no arrangement had
been entered into with the Philippine leaders.    The   general added :
"That if the Filippinos were allowed
independence now. it would result in
fighting betweeu tho leaders, which
would be more disastrous than auy revolution which has hitherto broken out.
Aguinaldo's "following is slim and
if there was an election today I do not
bolieve he would be president. "
The   thread   of    General   Merritt's
view or advice furnished to the United
States peace commission at Paris may
be gathered from the  following state
ments which he made today.    "While
some  of the Filippinos are able, I am
not acquainted with  any one of them,
who ig capable of governing.    I do not
believe the insurgents will   resist  the
Americans but there is oue  certainty,
they will never submit to being  ruled
by   the   Spaniards.    If America takes
possession of the Philippine islands it
! will result in a new era in the Philippines and in our  own  country.   The
islands are of immense strategic value,
navally  and commercially,   and  they
: could bo easily   defended.    My   study
I of tbe British colonies  has greatly in-
f terested mo.   They ought   to prove  a
valuable subject lesson   to   the United
1 States.   The   British    system    is  as
I perfect as any devisable.
Washington, Oct. 19. ���Admiral
I Schley, was today by orders from tho
Jnavy department, placed in command
Idf the naval station at San Juan de
IPorto Rico. It is the intention of
Ithe department to send another officer
|to relievo the admiral of the command
cry soon and to maintain a perman
���niii station iu this most important
San Francisco,Oot. 111.���The transport
IValenca has loaded  hor heavy freight
lind with Colouel  Fife's battalion   of
|Washington troops  nnd the California
artillery on board, will, it is expected,
���ret off some timo this  afternoon.
Havana, Oct. 19.���A conference lasting threo hours was held this morning
Iietween General Wade, General Butler and Admiral Sampson, on the contents of five official notes delivered to
llie Amorican commissioners by the
Spanish evacuation commission. The
Kpauish claim it would be practically
Impossible to evacuate in the short
lieriod of time fixed by the Ameri
ans. They disclaim all authority to
teat of any political siftijects out-
lide the strict limits of the military
Ivacuation. Thoy insist that the sov-
freignty of Spain must continue until
He final treaty of peace is  signed   at
A Brief Sketch of the Late Correspondent of the N. Y. Times.
London, Oct. 19.���Harold Frederic,
the well known writer and London
correspondent of the New York
Times, died this morning at Henley,
of heart disease. He had been ill for
gome time but recently was much improved in health. Mr. Frederic showed
symptoms of heart failure early yesterday morning.
Harold Frederic was born at Utica,
N. Y., on the 19th of August, 1856.
Ho was the son of Henry Deraotte
Frederic and came of Dutch, French
and New England ancestry. He was
educated iu the public school of Utica
until he had reached the age of 13.
He began work as a draughtsman, became a reporter in Utica in 1876, and
editor of the Utica Observer iu 1880
aud editor of the Albany Evening
Journal in 1882. In 1884 he went to
Europe for tbe New York Times and
did correspondence work for that paper uutil his death.
An Unconfirmed Report Omnes hy Way of
Madrid of Troublo With the
Natives  at Manila,
A|Party Fiom Toronto Arrives inthe Oity
Yesterday Evening Over the
Grow s Nest Pass Line
A party of Toronto capitalists con-
si tiug of Mr. Robert Jaffray, '^Senator
E. W. Cox and Messrs W. G. Jaffray
and Aaron Cox arrived in the city yesterday ovening by the steamer Nelson
aud are registered at the Hume.
To a Miner reporter Mr. Jaffray,
who is a director of, the Crow's Nest
Pass coal company, stated that the
party had' a vory pleasant trip over
the Crow's Nest Pass railway, the
journey from Cranbrook to Goat river
lauding being made on a construction
train. A regular passenger service
extends from Lethbridge to Cranbrook.
At the coal mines 50 coking ovens are
nearly completed and 50 more will be
built shortly. The "company expects
to be in a position to ship coko into
the Kootenay as soon as the railway
is in a position to handle it, probably
about Novomber 15. The output of the
mines at the present time is between
120 aud 150 tons per day, but the force
of men will in a short time be increased by the addition of 200 skilled
miners from Capb Breton. Mr. Jaffray
expressed his confidence that the coal
will greatly exceed the expectations of
the company both as to quality and
quantity. This is his third visit to
British Columbia and on every hand
he sees great advancement since his
visit in April last. This was particularly noticeable in Nolson in the general appearance of which ho sees a
marked change for the better.
Manitoba and the North West territories are also enjoying a year of great
prosperity. The party will spend today in the city.
London Oct. 20.���Madrid con
spondeut of the Times says: "Captain
Aunon, minister of marine, has received
a despatch from Manila announcing a
naval engagement between the Americans and the rebels in consequence of
Admiral Dewey forbidding the latter
to fly the rebel flag from their ships.
The despatch adds that there were
losses on both sides, but that the
Americans oaptnred the rebels' ships. "
The scene of tho engagement is
not stated, but it is supposed to have
been Manila bay.
for himself and colleagues to request a
postponement of any further conferences until Friday next A courteous
reply was returned by Secretary
Moore on behalf of the American commissioners, granting au extension
of the time for the next meeting as requested. While the deferring of the
conference for two days in not in itself
an important request, the delay by the
Spaniards at this juncture, is something more than significant.
The game of diplomacy now pro
grossing here has reached a stage
which makes it interesting to watch
the next move to be made by the Spanish commissioners. They are confronted by the plain fact of tlieir protocol agreement to relinquish and evacuate without "ifs" or "buts. " It has
become clear here that the Spaniards
cherished the hope that they would un-
conditionallv covenant to follow a
given path and ultimately wander
elsewhere and do less or more than is
named in the protocol compact. The
American commissioners however,
have firmly adhered to the boundary
lines already mutualy established and
within which they injjst the Spaniards
as well as themselves, shall duly proceed.
The Cape Government Will Recognize
the South African Republics.
London, Oct. 19.���A despatch to the
Times from Capetown says that Mr.
W. P. Schreiner, the new premier,
aud leader of the Afrikanderhund,
made a statement of the policy of the
new colonial government in the Cape
assembly yesterday. The government,
he said, would reoognize the independence of the South African republics
aud work harmoniously with them,
leaving external relationship with them
to be dealt with by the British high
commissioner, whom the government
would support in the de,, elopmeut ot
South Africa. Tbe government
would also carry forward a bill for a
new onstoms convention with the
South African republics and introduce
a proposal for a contribution on the
part of tho colony in support of the
British navy.
Springfield, Illinois. Oct. 19.���The
grand jury iu Carlingville, 111., today
commenced an investigation of the
Virden riot, with a view to indicting
the guilty parties. Fifteen prominent citizens of Virden were summoned
as witnesses.
New York, Oct. 19.���Memorial exercises in honor of the late Prince Bismarck were held last night in the
Metropolitan Opera house uuder the
auspices ot the United German socio ���
The Youth Who Will Win the Queen is
Prince William of Wied and it is a
Love Match
Loudon, Oct. 19.���Mr. George Wynd-
ham, conservative member of parliament for Dover, has been appointed under secretary for war iu succession to
the right honorable, William St. John
Brodorick, recently appointed uuder
secretary of state' for foreign affairs,
in succession to Lord Curzon, of Kedleston, the new viceroy of  India.
Mr. Wyndham, who is in his 86th
year, is uow reckoned to be oue of the
risiug young men of the conservative
party. From 1887 to 1892 he was private secretary to Mr. A. L. Balfour
and has been known as that gentleman's alter ego,
Scrantou, Pn., Oct. 19.���Within
two weeks 25 children, pupils in the
public school of 28, have died of what
was believed to be diptheria. Investigation shows that a sewer pipe leading into the building had been tapped.
The sewer gas which accumulated at
night was fanned into the class
i rooms through the cold air pipes during the day.
New  York,   Oct.   19.���A   despatch
to the World from Paris says:
It is reported directly from high
court circles that the engagement of
the young Queen Wilhelmina to Prince
William of Wied is a settled tact.
Youug womeu all over the world will
be glad to learn that this is a love
match. Prince William is 22 years of
age, four years older than his royal
fiancee. He is Queen Wilhelmina's
second cousin and his mother was
Princess Marie of the Netherlands who
married the reigning Prince of Wied
in 1871. Prince Wiiiiam's father was
conspicuous at all the brilliant and
joyous ceremonies attending Queen
Wilhelmina's coronation early lust
month. Tho young queen and her
mother will go to Stuttgart next week
to be present at the marriage of the
Princess Pauline of Whurtemburg and
Princo Freiderick, of Weid, Prince
William's elder brother. This wedding takes place on October 26, aud it
is probable that the announcement
of Queen's own engagement will be
made tben.
Important Utterances by the
There Will be no Sacrifice of Oanada s'Dig��
n;ty to Secure a Treaty With
the TJ. S.
Paris, Oct. 19.���The Spanish peace
commissioners were unable to meet the
United States peace commision ut
a joint session, arranged for today aud
the next meeting of the two commissions has been fixed for Friday next,
Judge Day, president of the American
commission received a communication
this morning from St. Norrios, president of the Spanish commission, saying that advices expected but not received from Madrid, made it necessary
Reports of   Havoc   on   the   Shores
Newfoundland and Labrador.
St. Johns, Nfld., Oct. 19.���The entire coast'line of the island has been
swept by the recent storm and it is
feared there has been great devastatiou
the northern mictions and along
the Labrador coast. It is already
known that two men wero drowned at
Rose Blanche, 225 miles west of St.
Johns, and it is feared many others
have shared the same fate, because a
number of vessels were driven seaward near that point. Owing to
the fact that most of the smaller harbors have no telegraph lines it is impossible to obtain details, but serious
damage to shipping is inevitable.
The steamer Merrimac, from Montreal, for Liverpool, is now passiug
Race. She reports a stormy and
boisterous passage across tbe gulf of
St. Lawrenoe and through Cabot
Extraordinary Utterance of the IParisian
Journalist in His Paper Anent.tho
New York, Oct. 19.���A despatch
to the World from Paris says:
Henii Rochefort is believed to have
gone crazy over the Dreyfus agitation.
The repoited decision of the court of
cassation that Madame Dreyfus' lawyer shall see the Dreyfus dossior has
caused Rochefort to demand in his
paper, L'lutranigeante, that the
members of the court of cassation
having beeu previously drawn up in
single file an executioner duly trained
to the work should cut off their eyelids so as to leave the eyeballs denuded
and then spiders of the most venomous
kind should be enclosed in nutshells
and applied to tho eyeballs, properly
fastened behind  the   culprits'   heads.
The spiders in a famished condition
would slowly and gradually feed on
the culprit's eyeballs until nothing but
ghastly cavities"remained. This done,
these hideous 'blind men should be
chained to a pillar erected before the
palace of justice, and on their chests
a placard affixed bearing the words,
"Thus does France punish traitors who
attempt to sell her to the enemy.''
The Protestant Church is  to Found   a
Bishopric There.
Washington, Oct. 19.���The house
of bishops of tho Episcopal convention
took final action today on tho establish
ment of a bishop in Brazil. There
has been a division of sentiinnt as to
whether this bishop should bo directly responsible to the church in the
United Statos or should be freo from
responsibility here. A compromise
was finally adoptetd by which tho
church in Brazil will remain directly
responsible to the authorities hero
uutil it has advanced to the point, of
having three bishops, at which time,
by the joint action of thoso threo, a
national church for Brazil, Independent of the supervision of the United
States, may be established. The bishop
will hold a special eommunieou servico
at St. John's church tomorrow moru-
ing, after which they will proceed to
elect four missionary bishops, uamely
those for Brazil, North Dakota, Sacramento aud Boise.
Kingston, Ont. Oct. 19.
course of a speech last night in
to the civic address, Sir Wilfrid Laurier said: "You speak in this address of another subject, tho great international conference which has been
sitting iu the City of Quebec to settle
differences of opinion between us and
our neighbors to the south. Sir, I
can say, I can claim only oue thing in
regard to that.
I claim no merit or credit in regard
to the commission, save this, that I
have doue my best to bring about
such a conference and to give us an
opportunity of settling our differences.
I claim soineth ing more, I claim that
at this time we are presenting a spectacle to the world at large that is
teaching how a simple colony can becomo a nation not by revolution,
but by evolution. (Cheers). We. exercise today a power of sovereignty.
We are negotiating, or trying at all
events, to negotiate, a treaty with our
neighbors. This we do with the
sanction of the mother land. We give
the further lesson to the world that it
is possible to be an independent nation
while maintaining our colonial ties.
(Cheers.) This is au example whioh
was never given in mr- part of the
woild ei in my i\r*'iS. xon would
search in vain the annals of all humanity and you would not find such
an example. As to the result of this conference, I will not venture to predict.
IJiave hopes, but I have no certainty.
Inave hopes we will be ablo to meet
our neighbors to give aud to take and
be able theroby to settle our differences
aud improve our relations. You say
very truly in this address of yours
thut wo want to be on terms of
friendship with our neighbors, aud
we should, make no disguise of it.
For my part I have abundant and deep
sympathy in my heart for the American republic. (Applause.) I love England well, I love Canada best of all.
(Cheers.) But Sir, while I hope that
we shall be able to obtain an honorable treaty. I say I am not disposed to
obtain anything from our neighbors
except by an honorable concession
which will stop short of our national
dignity. (Cheers.) We will do tbe
best that is possible to settle our differences and to have immediate peace betweeu us, but wo shall not either
now, or at any time, purchase that
great boon by the sacrifico of our
manhood or the loss of our national
dignity. (Cheers.) Lot me hope,
however, that wise counsels will prevail on either side and that we shall
do something to bring together the
two great branches of the Anglo-Saxon
race. If we fail, we shall not be discouraged, bnt wo shall meet the
situation liko men. And let me tell
you we shall thrivo and we shall be a
nation yet. Tho fate of this vast
country is not dependent upon the result of the negotiations wliich have
taken place at Quebec and which are
to be continued at Washington. Thoy
may help. I hope they will, but if
thoy fail, wo shall continue' to be a
nation as we are at the prosont time.
Huron, S. D., Oct. 19.���The snow
storm which has raged the past 24
hours covers most of the state east of
the Missouri river and seems now to
have extended to tho Black Hills ro-
gion. From threo to five inches is reported in the eastern and southern portions of the stato and these figures are
exceeded by two or four inches in tho
central southern districts. The telegraph   wires   aro   down   or   working
Vancouver, Oct. 19.���Tho body of
A. L. Puudier has been found in tho
woods of Queen Charlotto Sound with
a revolver clutched iu his right hand,
evidently a caso of suicido. Mr. Poud-
ier was from Victoria, and very
widely known on tho Pacific coast.
He had a syndicate of papers he wrote
for on mining matters and was credited with being an expert mining man.
His last work was writing up tho
Ashcroft trail for the Spokane Spokesman-Review, as tbo best route by
wliich to reach the Klondike. It is
believed hero that being naturally
molaucholy wheu not actively employed tho depressing influence nud
awful loneliness of tho woods of Queen
Charlotto drovo him temporarily insane.
Queenstown, Oct. 19.���The White
Star steamer Majestic arrived off here
at 8 o'clock this moruing from New
York. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain,
British secretary of state for the colonies, who presided at a concert given
during the voyago, made a brief
I speech iu which
.     . ... -   ho wished good luck
badly and commuuicatiou   is difficult. | to tho Anglo-American alliance. THE MINER, THURSDAY,  OCTOBER 20, 1898.
Wm Jtttntr.
Published Daily except Sunday.
TnE Miner Pkintikq  Sc Publishing Co.
Limited Liability.
, were strictly enforced there would
be an improvement, but what is
needed is some way of putting an end
j to the custom of treating which is an absurd custom,and one to which is largely
attributable the excesses that are so
COMMUNICATIONS to tl.e Kdltor must disastrous to men. There should be a
accompanied by the name and address law upon the statute book making it
ot the writer, not necessarily tor publico- a misdeineauor for one man . to buy
tion, but as evidenco of good faith. liquor for another   in a   barroom   and
Subscription Rates '��� the seller should be equally responsible
Daily, per month by carrier $ 1 00  with the consumer.   Abolish the treat-
per month by mail    100   ing custom   and  while there may   not
per half year by mail A 00 ' bo less liquor sold, there will not be   so
. ,...,.   ..." *.   drunkenness   as   is   met   with
per year, foreign���  u> w
Weekly Mineii.
Weekly, per half year $-125
peryear    2 00; 	
por year, foreign    3 00
Subscriptions Invariably in advance. Speaking at Tilsouburg recently, Mr.
Notices of Births,   Deaths, and Marriages  j0ilu Charlton,M. P.,Baid that if Can-
lnserled for o0 cents each. , ,, ' .     ,
..     u, . , ....      ada could secure   trade relations   with
Advertising rates made known on application ,,..������-. ... ,, ,
the United   States   that would be ad
The Miner Prlnting&PublishingCo.  v.lutageons and honorable fo.thia coun|
NELSON. B. C. | try  wo   would   gladly   secure   theni,
������ ��� I but if not, no interest of Canada would
to ADVERTISERS. ! be allowed to suffer.  Those acquainted
Copy for Changes or Advertisement .....st' with the efforts  of   Mr.   Charlton   in
be In lhe oflice by 4 o'clock p.m.  <" \ behalf of our   friends   the   Americans
Insure clinnxr. \ iu the past   will be glad   to hear   that
    he has come to his senses in so   patri-
WILFRID'S  PATRIOTISM.      otio a way.    Mr. Charlton   was at ono
  time  so intensely   American   that  he
Sir    Wilfrid   Lauder's   speech    at  was looked upon  as an   annexationist.
Kingston had the truo   ring   about  it  Tho wav in wliich he opposed  an   ex-
port duty upon saw logs, aud how he
lobbied at Washington to secure legislation uot favorable to the lumbering
industry in Canada were inexplicable
until it became known that the mem
ber for Norfolk had saw mills in Michigan and New York wliich he supplied
with Canadian logs. Mr. Charlton is
a temperance advocate, a Sunday observance man and author of an aot regarding seduction, and he regards the
world as having been made especially
for him to get all ho can out of it.
Accordingly, to aid John Charlton's
business he was prepared to deliver his
countrymen to the Americans. Ho was
a prominent member of the annexation
I coterie that Sir   Oliver   Mowat  dealt
and he enunciated sentiments which
must find an echo in the heart of every
patriotic Canadian. Trenching as he
did upou diplomatic questions, the
premier could not be explicit in his
references to the progress made by the
Quebec conference, but he said enough
to assure the people that Canada's
interests would be fully protected. He
voiced the national fooling wheu he
said that there was a deep desire iu
this couutry to establish the most harmonious relations possible with the
people of the United States. Canada
would probably go to great lengths to
bring this about ou the prinoiplejof give
and tako, as the first minister points
out, but auv concession having a semblance of deference to the Americans \ with so forcibly and that Sir Wilfrid
would not aud could not meet with Laurier brought into line for British
public approval. In this spirit, so connection, and when we find John
strong in Canadians, is seen the effect Charlton speaking for Canada and
of the repressive measures which the | not for tho United States wo may take
United States resorted to from time | it for granted that annexation no
to time to force conviction on Canad- longer pays
ians that they were   a   dependent peo
j^i Real Estate and Insurance Agent. 3
��   For  Sale,   Cheap   For  Cash   H
fc: =3
Pj; 160 acres on Kootenay Luke for sale,  with   50   tons huy ^j
���^ stacked on ground.   $1,000 cash takes it. =3S
% The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 3
E and Savings Co. %
^   advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and    ^S
fc 8 years by monthly instalments. 3
pie whose only   salvation was annexation  to   the ���republic.    The many rebuffs Canadians   have suffered   at   the
hands of Americans and patiently   endured, imparted self-reliance to   them
and all attempts to weaken their alleg-
ianoe to their sovereign but   served   to ]
intensify    their  loyalty to   her nnd to I
the mother land.    Today, us   Mr  Wil- *
frid   Laurier   shows, and  with  pride |
that   appeals   appropriately   to   every
citizen, Canada is a   nation within   a
nation    and    dealing   independently
Items of Interest Gathered  From
Parts of the   Country.
A Winnipeg despatch says that no
fewer than twelve Pinkerton detectives are working on tho Molsons Bank
robbery and that every person connected with the institution is being
OttawaV   population   has   increased
1659 during   the   past* year making  a
total population of 55.886.
The   contract for   tho statue of Hon,
Alex. Mackenzie to be   erected in   Ot-
with the people who have alwuys held I town has been awarded to J.   M.    Mc-
.-*-,      A,      1    i.i _,i���i;������   .,���   ������;   1 Carthy of Toronto and for the pedestal
up Canada s colonial relation   as   ovi- L   p    Herbprt rf Montreal.
deuce of   her   weal ness,   a   defect Kof      r. Beaulieu,   formerly   a    discount
which she should rid  henolf. clork in the Bank   Natiouale,   pleaded
It must be intensely gratifying to j g>Nty to a charge of embezzling about
the people to havo a liberal leader j At a largely attended meeting of the
speak as Sir Wilfrid Laurier has*spo- Winnipeg liberal association K. D.
ken.    There can be   no   doubt   of   the | Martin, brother      of      Attoreey-
sterling   worth   of   the    devotion   to i General Martin of British   Columbia,
, . ,    ,       . .       I was  elected   president  for   tho   \ ear;
country to which   ho gives expression. , >T   M  ohiBho4i H  G stovel ,,ml   T'
Through him and by bnn Canada has q, Mathers vice-presidents; D. W. Mc-
heen elevated to tho foremost place | Kercher, secretary, and H. Cameron
among the colonies of the empire and
through him aud by him we hope to
see her raised to a station among the
peoples of the earth second only to the
proud position occupied by the old
land to which we owe fealty, to which
they that never saw it look endearingly as "homo."
James Young Ba bcock is the name
of the unknown who was killed near
North Bend recently. The official report of the accident said a tramp has
been killed and his only property was
an old valise. Now it transpires that
a new valise was contained in the old
one and on the new valise was the
name of James Young Babcock, while
inside was a new suit of clothes and
The returns of the voting on the pro-  travelling   toilet,   a    picture   of  two
hibition   question relievo the  Laurier j pretty girls of 14 and 16 years old, and
government of   a   great responsibility
and shelve the question for many
ye:.rs to come. Had not Quebec rendered so decisive a verdict against tho
proposition, almost wiping 0111 the favorable 'majorities in the other provinces, there would have been a demand for legislation which would havo
proved awkward for Sir Wilfrid nnd
his advisers. They know and every
intelligent man knows that prohibition would be impracticable and would
croato evils just as great as now exist
under legalized traffic in liquor. Our
temperance friends seem to argue on
the assumption that total abstinence
from liquor is the basis of morality
and that if liquor were abolished this
would be a happy and peaceful world.
If all men voluntarily agreed to refrain from tbo uso of liquor and to
prohibit its manufacture  and salo this
a leather note book containing au account of Geo. Bndborough, Z. A.
Harmon and Geo. Barnard, all styled
American anarchists. All the names
wero underlined, It is thought the
dead man was connected with a large
society of anarchists and socialists.
Deceased's hands indicated that he
never had dono manual labor for a
A despatch from Edinburgh brings
the nows of a wonderful piece of heroism on tho part of a workman to save
a passenger train ou tho Wick & Inverness lino on Tuesday afternon. A
road gang was repairing a part of a
railway near Althabrac, when the
train was heard anproachiug. A huge
tool box lay across" the track and the
gang of eight men struggled to remove
it. As tho truiu drew near all but
oue of them ceased their efforts and
fled panic-stricken. The hero, John
Morrison, a giant in strength, re-
with   superhuman
pleasant, state of affairs might result. XTs'Utmliy shoved the'box from
but wheu compulsion is brought into the track. Beforo he could straighten
play opposition is immediately aroused, up the locomotive struck him and he
and where there is opposition there was ground to pieces. The embauk-
. ,    ,    , ������. 1 ment at this point   is   very steep  and
cannot bo harmony. j ,]ad   ^   ^   strnck thfi box  death
If the laws at present on the  statute j wouid havo resulted to scores  of  pas-
book   regulating   tho     liquor    traffic engers.
Don't Let the Moss Grow on Your Feet
Keep Abreast of the Times, That's Our Motto.
Next week you will find us in our new quarters, just one door east of the
old premises, where we will lie in a better position than ever to cater to and
supply the wants of our many customers, both in the line of close prices and
prompt attention.
We have been neglecting some of our customers during the past week, having had two carloads of goods lying at the station awaiting the completion of
our new premises before unloading, thereby causing a little delay on thn part
of filling ordei'H. However, we are pleased to say that the goods are all in our
warehouse now and next week we will have theni on our shelves, disposable
at the same low prices as have always prevailed here and brought our name so
prominently before the careful buyer.
To the Private Families
We would say that our stock will be the finest and most* coin-
' plete in B. O. in the line of Fancy Groceries,  Biscuits,   Bottled
and Canned Goods.
To Close Buying Mining Camps
We would say that our stock is larger than ever in our line.
See our warerooms. A glance over this department will convince you that wc are your money saver. Our prices are so
that we defy competition where full weight and honest measure
is considered.    Call and get acquainted with us anyhow.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
Pursuant   In   "Creditors Deeds Act" mnl
Amending Act*.
Thomas \V. Gray, of Nelson. British Columbia, mill owner, has, hy deed bearing dato
tho loth day of Seplembcr, A. D., 18i'8, as-
sinned all hiH personal est Mo, credits and effects which may bo seized and sold under execution, and all nis real estate, to Thomas Martindale Ward, of the said cily of Nolson, ageni,
in trust, for the purpose of paying ratably and
proportionately and without preference or
priority, the creditors of Ihe said Thomas W
Gray, I heir just debts,
Tho said deed was oxcculed ty the snid
Thomas W. Gray, the assignor, and
the said 1 homos Martindale Ward.the trustee
on the lfith day of September, A. 1). 1898, and
tho said truBteo has undertaken Ihe trusts
created by the said deed.
All porsons having claims against tho said
1 homes X\. Gray are required on or before the
6th day of October, A. Ij. 1808, to deliver to the
said trusteo full particulars or the samo duly
verified by Statutory Declaration, togcthor
with the particulars of the security, if any
held by them.-and all persons indebted to the
said Thomas W. Gray, are required to pay the
amounts due by thom to the said trustee forthwith.
And notice is hereby given lhat after the
said 6th day of October. A. 11, 1898 tho trustee
will proceed to distribute tho assets among tho
parties entitled thereto, having regard oni-
to Ihe claims of whioh he shall then have had
Solicitors for the Trustee,
Dated at Nelson, B. C. thit 16th day of Sen
tcmber. A. D., 1898.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber) Coast
Flooring' and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in  and see   us.
B. C.
For   New   Goods, Gloves,
Laces, Silks, Drapes,  Corsets call on
Mrs. McLaughlin,
.iiiMi'iiivi: yr.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.  R.  STATION     .    .    .
REAL    I SI All:   ANIt    INS! KAMI    AUENT
u��.\i:i to loan at ores cent.
Valuable Baker Street and  other excellent property for sale.
<>nice I in in r lie. il.li Block, Nelson, B. ���.
Official Directory.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
Church ok England���Matin ll a.m.: Evon
Song. 7..W p.m. every Sunday. Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays in llie month after
MaIIus; on 2nd and 4th SundayB, at 8 a.m.
Sunday School lit 2.80 p.m. Rev. H. S. Akehurst. Rector.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
1'hkrbvtkrian Cnuncn���Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.SU p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayor meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndeavor Socloty meets every Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Rot. R. Frew,
Methodist   CmiRcu-Comcr  Silica  and
���fN 1 ���) TT 1 Josephine Streets.   Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
XtQ"\X7"9 VT C! H OQTOT'C!   P- '"��� : ��abbath School, 2.30 n.m.; Prayer meet-
k3 UC W dl U O        llCd UC1 IJ   "iK on Friday evening at 8 o'clock: Kpworth
I Longuo ('. E., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rov. John
Rolmon, Pastor.
j Catholic Chuhcii-Miiss at Nelson, flrst
1 and third Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m.; Ronedic-
* tion at 7 30 to 8 p.m. Rev. Father Ferland,
I Priest,
I BAPTIST Church - Ser* ices morning and
evening nt 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayor meeting Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.; Meetings
aro held in tho school houso. Strangers cordially welcomed.   Rev. O. It. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation AiiMY-Servicos every evening
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria street.
Adjutant Milliter in charge.
A carload of Coal Heutersdirectfrom !
the Factory   arrived   on Friday.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Oumps supplied on shortest notice and Lowest Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention,
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats nnd supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir
KLSON LODGE, No, ��. A. F. & A.
M. meets second Wednesday In each
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. Lennox, Secretary.
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodge
.���___ 5 No. 16, meets every Monday night,
'**��� ' at their Hall, Kootenay it'oot.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially Invited.
A. H. Clements, N. G.       Fred J Squires, Secy
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
NELSON LODGK ho. 25, K. of P.,
Aini'.'ts in Castlo hall, McDonald block
Vsvory second and fourth Tuesday even-
'ing at 8 o'clock. All visiting knightr
cordially invited,
K. G. JOT.C.C.
Uko. ItUHsK.of R.andS.
NKLSON LODGE, I. O. G. T. Meets it
Castle Hall, McDonald Block, overy Monda;
evening al 8 o'clock. Visiting Templars cot
dially Invited, John Tki.kobd,
Chief Templar.
J. F. Jacobson   Sec';
NELSONS   QUEEN    NO.   241
SONS    OF     KNGLAND,   mcetf
second and fourth Wednesday
each month at K. of P. Hall, Ma
Donald lilock,   cor. Vernon   ami
Josephine streets.   Visiting brotll
rn cordially invited. Kiinest Kino,       f
Cms. H. Farkow, Worthy Presiden j
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meefl
1st and 3rd Wednesday in each month in Ua
K of P Hall. F W Swanell, C. D. S. C. R.; J .
Green. C.R.: J. Furkiss, Seoy.
every  Thursday in the I.O.O.F.  hall.    G
Williams, M.W.: W S Smith, Reo.-Sec; J.
Driscoll, Financlor F. J Squire. Receiver an
P. M. W. j
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1692 meets in the Ml
Donald block every Thursday evening at I
o'clock. Visiting members cordially iavltel
Jobn Toye W.M.; F. J. Bradley, R.S. I THE MINER, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1898.
The Couucil Discusses the
Matter at Length.
The Bodies Will Moved to the New Cemetery by Contract��� renditions of
the Cemetery.
Atthe   spe;ial   meetiug   of the city
council   held   yesterday  afternoon for
the purpose of considering   the   cemetery question thero  were   present   the
Mayor,   Aldermen   Whalley,   Hillyer.
Madden   and   Malone.    A   deputation
from the   I. O. 0. F. was also present
'with the object of  seourinf?  two ncres
'of ground   for the society in   the  new
'burial ground.
There  wan   a   good deal of   discussion as to the price per acre to be asked
of the churches and   tho   different  societies.    Aid.   Hillyer    .wai    of    the
opinion   that,  $200    would   be  a  fair
'price, but on the  expenso hitherto incurred by the city  being  figured  out,
���it was considered that the  figure was
* too high.    Eventually  ou    motion  of
Alderman   Whalley and Hillyer it was
decided   to  chargo   all   churches  and
societies $150 per acre.    This was   accepted   by the   Odd   Fellows' deputation.
It was .decided to   have   the   bodies
moved   from the   old  cemetery to the
new by contract,   and  the   conditions
I were agreed upon   by   the council.    It
I was agreed that   all  contractors  must
[provide a covered zine lined wagon box
[for the removal of  tho bodies, or   else
'.ine lined boxes   of   sufficient size  to
contain the coffins.    Lime must be put
fin tho coffin and   the   old   graves  nn-
l'ler the supervision  of an   inspector to
Ibe appointed   by   tho city.    The  city
[will provide the  disinfectants,   and a
marked check   for   $250   must accompany oach tender.
It was further decided that all bod-
j es for which tho city bears the re-
luoval expenses, will bo buried in the
mm num burial ground, but that all
I takes or other marks of iudeutifica-
[ion will be transplanted.
Those removing bodies must go by
lhe Water street route, and all conditions imposod on contractors will
I'pplv to private parties removing
I he bodies of tlieir friends.
It was decided to charge $2 for a
linglo grave and $4 for a plot and also
[hat all persons desiring to bury any
Ine in the city cemetery will le
[harged $1 for "a burial permit. It
[-.���as further agreed to appoint a grave
I igger and caretaker who should look
lifter such portions of the cometery as
Ire not* disposed of, and also dig the
lauper graves. The grave digger will
le entitled to charge $5 for digging
jihor graves.
J After instructing the city engineer
I) get out specifications for a fence to
lirround the cemetery tho council ad-
liurned until noxt Monday at the
final hour.
IFrank Oliver, M. P., of Edmonton,
Tberta, accompanied by Mrs. Oliver,
(rived last night from the coast.
Toy camo iu via Okanagan, the
Jmiidarv country, Bossburg and Ross-
Iid. The stage trip occupied five
lvs. ; Mr. Oliver was greatly iiu-
jissed with the possibilities of the
liundary country, aud expressed his
lonishment at the development of
liso parts of the Kootenay he had
Tu. He aud Mrs. Oliver expect to
|ch homo via the Crow's Nest Pass
An   Italian   Laborer   Expires   at   the
Kootenay  Hotel.
An Italian named Vincenzo was
found dead in a chair iu the Kootenay hotel yesterday morning. The
deceased came here from Brooklyn
on Monday night ana weut to the
Kootenay hotel stating that he was
sick and without money. He was allowed to sleep in a chair on Monday
aud Tuesday nights, but when the
porter went to waken him yesterday
morning he found that he had died
during the night. The police were
notified of the occurrence and Patrolman Thompson searched the body and
found $85, tied up in a handkerchief
which was wound around the dead
man's leg, below the knee. Au inquest will be held on the remains tomorrow afternoon by Dr. Arthur.
The following are the total shipments from the mines near Rossland
from January 1 to October 8, inclusive: Le Roi, 42,192; War Eagle,
32,084; Center Star, 1(175; Poorman,
59; Iron Mask, 2707, Cliff, 140; Velvet, 50; Sunset No. 2, SO; Deer Park,
(i; Giant . 114.    Total, 79,109.
The shipments for the week endiug
October 8 are : War Eagle, 750; Iron
Mask, 70; Le Roi, 3.289.    Total. 4,109.
lien Her Heart is Set on It
Oman  is sure to obtain just what
I wants.
lie Perfection Cook Stove which is
Tleader this season, is just the one
[���light the good housekeeper.
J: construction is perfect.   It profs the  greatest  amount  of  neat
' the smallest quantity of fuel and
���> are few parts liable to break or
[ut of order.   It is one of the best
|>s on the market at the priee.
Condensed News of the Happenings of the
Week In and Around Our Busy
Oity and Zootomy.
importers of
[its, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
The Nelson fire brigade had their
regular weekly practice run last night.
The Victoria Hockey club at Ross-
laud has been re-organized for the sea-
New post offices have been opened at
Kuskonook, Phoenix and Okanagan
Work ou the new church of St.
Saviour has been resumed and the
buildiug will be rnshed to completion.
The Montana Livery stable at Ymir,
conducted by C. Wild, better known
as Montana Charlie, has been closed
Another football practico was held
yesterday in view of the approachiug
match against Rossland, to, be played
here next Saturday.
The Rossland rugby football olub
will play a match with the Nelson team
ou Saturday afternoon next on the recreation grounds here.
Mr. and Mrs. Durward Lely appear
this evening at thn Presbyterian
church. They will give selections of
English and Scottish songs.
Seats for the Durward Lely concert
in the Presbyterian church tonight
are selling rapidly and the prospects
are that the house will be crowded.
There ure now 12 meu working on
the wa^fcu .road from Ymir to the head
waters of Wild^Horse creek. The local
business men are financing the
J. Baruos appoared before Police
Magistrate Crease yesterday on a
charge of being druuk and disorderly
on the streets. Ho was dismissed with
a caution.
Tho first number of the Fernie
Free Press, a new journal to be published at the coal metropolis by G. G.
and M. E. Henderson, will appear
next week.
Rev. James Lawronco of Stouey
Mountain, Man., father of James
Lawrence, hardware merchant, Nelsou, has been elected moderator of the
Winnipeg Presbytery.
The 'final notice" to delinquents
sent out by Water Commissioner Ward
has had the effect of causing a large
numbor of ratepayers to visit the city
hall to pay up their arrears.
The last clean up at the Fern mine
concentrator on Oct 5 amounted to
about $10,000. The 88 days' run and
bullion amountod to $6,650 and a car of
ore shipped and concentrates are estimated at over $3,000.
The Anderson Bros., of Ymir
have returuod from a prospecting trip
up Wild Horse creek. They succeeded
in baggiug an old bull cariboo and a
two year old, thoj former after being
dressed tipped the scales at 500 pounds.
Jacob Dover has purchased the
Methodist parsonage on Silica street
and will make exteusive improvements
on the premises, affile managers of the
Methodist church intend ereoting a
new parsonage at the rear of the
Tho steamer Nelsou was considerably behind schedule time yesterday evening, thus missing connection with theb:40 C. P. R. train.
The reason for the delay was the exceptional amount of freight sho was
called upon to handle.
Today the ratepayers of Sandon will
vote on a by-law to raise $15,000 by the
issue of debentures for the purpose of
payiug the cost of limning Carpenter
creek. At the same time a vote
will be taken as to whether the comique music hall will be allowed to
continue business.
W. W. Leach of the geological survey of Canada left for Montreal last
night. He reports that the work of
the survey was uusatisfactory owing
to bad weather at the beginning and
end of the season. They were also
bothered by smoke all summer. The
timber on Macdonald and Snow creeks
is quite burnt out, and the fires were
still smouldering when they left a
week ago.
H. M. T. Pym returns to Ymir this
R. Shields left for the coast ou last
night's train.
Captain J. D. Petty has arrived in
town from Spokane.
H. McDonnell, of the C. P. R., went
to Rossland last night.
G. A. Mitchell, Portland, Oregon,
is registered at the Hume.
H. M. T. Pym, of Ymir arrived in
the city yesterday evening.
J. Gable, manager of the Reco
hotel, Sandon, is at the Hume.
Captain and Mrs. Troup left yester
day evening for a trip up the lake.
R. T. Lowery, editor of the New
Denver Ledge, was in the city yesterday.
Mrs. W. P. Robinson and Mrs. S.
P. Shaw are visiting relatives in Rossland.
F. Oliver, M. P., of Edmonton, and
Mrs. Oliver, are registered at the
M. S. Davy?, superintendent of the
Hall Mines, came back from Kaslo yesterday.
E. J. Curran, proprietor of the Club
hotel, started last night on a trip to
the coast
H. J. Sullivan, travelling auditor
of the C. P. R., registered at the Phair
last night.
E. Cronyu, member of the legal
firm of Macdonald, Clute & Cronyu, of
Rossland is at the Phair.
Harold Bolce, editor of the Kaslo
Kootonaian, spent yesterday in the
city, accompanied by Mrs. Bolce.
Mrs. D. Morris and children returned on Tuesday evening from a
three months visit to Vancouver.
H. J. Scott, provinoial manager of
the Hamilton Powder company, arrived at the Phair yesterday from Victoria.
M. J. Haney, superintendent of
construction on the Crow's Nest Pass
railway, has left for England on a business   trip.
Among those registered at the Phair
are W. Bowness aud W. W. Webster,
Vancouver; J. E. Jackson and M. H.
Cowan, Spokane; C. A. Steele, Victoria, and T. MacWilliams, San Francisco.
G. H. Ham, head of the literary department of the C. P. R., registered
at the Phair last night. Mr. Ham has
just returned from a trip through the
Bousdary country, and proposes returning east via the Crow's Nest Pass
Among those registered at the
Hume are W. R. Bigg, Toronto; Mr.
and Mrs. Bolce, Kaslo; E. Vi. B.
Snider, St. Jacobs, Ont. ; A. MoBan-
ting, Whitewater; R. K. Neill, Spo-
kaue; Miss Gallop, Peterboro; Mr.
and Mrs. Fraser McDonald, Toronto;
B. Trudol, Montreal; D. H. Andrews,
Crauo Lake; P. E. McMillan, Toronto, and Mr. aud Mrs. J. Fitzgerald, Slocau.
Section   of  Line  to  Connect  Nelsou
aud^San Diego Now  Working.
The longest section of the Sunset
Telegraph & JTolephono company's
telephone line, whichj is to extend
from Nelson B C.,to San Diego, Cal.,
has been completed and works splendidly. The section of the line completed is that extending from San
Francisco to Seattle and it was thrown
open for business on Saturday last.
The test of the new line was in ade
by F. C. Millard superintendent for
the company at the Seattle end and
President John J. Sabiu at the San
Francisco end. The voices sounded as
clear as if they were within a few
feet of each other. The estimated
cost of the line from Nelson to San
Diego is $250,000 and it is the most
expensive lino ever put up.
Toronto, Oct. 18.���Although Saturday was cold, raw aud damp, rugby
football was played with great snap in
all the chief cities of Ontario and
Quebec. The principal results were:
Toronto���Osgoode Hall. 19; Argonauts,
0. Ottawa���Ottawa City, 9 ; Hamilton, 1. Montreal���Varsity, 11; Mc-
Gill, 5.
KERR���In Nelson on Wednesday,
Oct. 19, the wife of Robert Kerr
of a daughter.
For Sule or to] Rent���A furnished
restauraut. Apply, P. O. Box 127,
or at the Miner Ofljce.      .. *
��� D. McArthur & Co. are opening
up a fino assortment of rattan goods.
See them ! *
Three good   house  painters   wanted
at once, apply to
* Nelson.
D. McArthur & Co. are clearing
out for cash a large stock of bedroom
sets aud Wilton rug parlor sets to
mako room for new   oods. *
General servant wanted, apply Mrs.
W. A. Thurman, ou Silica street, next
to Methodist church. *
S>. d&cHrtbur & Co.
At Reduced Prices for Cash to make Room for new goods
Bedroom Sets
Parlor Sets Wilton Rug
Carpets, Ingrain
$15.00 and up
30c per yd. and up.
Full line of Household and Office Furniture at a liberal discount.   Undertaking and Embalming a Specialty.
Victoria Street - NELSON, B. C.
D.   McArthur & Co.   are   offering
some bargains in cheap carpets.       *
The following are the prices of groceries, provisions, etc., as quoted by our
local dealers. It is the intention of
The Miner to have these prices corrected every week by trustworthy dealers, so that resideuts of the city and
others may be informed as to the cost*
of living in the city :
ORilvie's Hungarian per 60 lb sack.. 1 75
Lake of the Woods         " 175
Snow Flake per 50 lb sack  150
Wheat per ton 32 (XXS.-15 00
Bran per ton  2(100(��22 00
Ground feed per 'on  26 00(��28 00
Corn (whole)      "        26 00i��!28 00
Corn (cracked)   "        27 00(*f30 00
Oats "         80 0O((i.32O0
Oatmeal per 10 ll��       10@    50
Rolled oats (B & Kl  05
Rolled oats (B Sc K) 81b sacit  10
Hay (baled) por ton  19 00@20 00
Potatoes per 100 lbs    1 00@ 1 25
Beets per lb  24
Cabbage per lb  2}
Cauliflower per lb  2}
Onions per lb  03
Cucumbers    05
Salmon (smoked) per ll,      12J@    15
Oysters (Olympian) per qt  80
Oysters lEastcrn) per tin  00
Cod perlt,  08
Halibut por tli      124��    15
Smelts per II      12J��    15
Farm I'rodnce.
Eggs per doz       25       35
Butter (Creamery)       25��    30
Butter (Dairy)        20i<��    25
Cheese (Canadianl       13(*   17$
Cheese  Swissj       20(j{    30
Ham (American) per lb  IS
Hum (Canadian) per th  15
Bacon (American.) per lh  15
Bacon (Canadian) por lb       11@    16
Bacon (rolled) per lb       12-J��   10
Bacon (long clear) per lb  124
Shoulders por lb  12*
Lard per lb  12J
Beef per lb         8@    15
Mutton per lb       10��    18
Veal per lb        15��    18
Perk per lb      12J��    15
Bananas per doz       40��    50
Lemons (California) per doz       35��    40
Oranges (California seedlings)       10@    50
Melons (each)       25��    60
Crab apples per lb  05
Apples  04
Tomatoes       08��    10
Grapes      12J       15
11po t.Kaa
Pears (Bart'le'tts).'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.''7.7.'.'.7. 08 10
Pears (small green)  06
Plums (greengage)  05
Plums  04 05
Until further notice no passengers  will  be
carried over the line of the Crow's Nest Pass
railway between Kuskonook and Cranbrook.
Subscribe for The Miner
43. Harry Nickerson*
JEWELER ��� ��� ��� ���
Josephine St. Opposite Clarke Hotel
the strength of the little ones we
have all the materials. Our stock
of these goods, from Nursing bottles, Nipples, etc. to Prepared Food
for Infants is large, well assorted
and contains everything approved
of by the medical fraternity.
Look at our line of Infant's
Combs, Brushes, Teething Puffs,
Powders, etc. You will be pleased
with their quality and price.
Canada Drug & Book Oo.
(AIMM. MFIME., MMln. As oc Cornwall)
Opposite Phair Hotel,
NELSON. B.C. P.O. BOX 583.
Extended experience in Chile and German
South Africa. Assays and analysis of ores.
Reports and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plans kept
up by contract.
A First Class in every respect J
������������������������������f ������������������.*������������ ���*���+>���������!
J    Do you  want a good Square meal for  X
X     25 CENTS?    I
l     DINNER 12 TO 8     f
Eastern  Oysters X
received daily X
Cooked Any Style.     I
����������������������������� + �������� AA ������������������������������t
Y. HOSHI - Proprietor, f
t i
������������-M-f ���������������������+* ���������������"*���������������������
Aberdeen Block
One Year - - $10.00 3
Half Year -      -      -      $5.00
One nonth      ...        $1.00
Three Offices en suite large,
well lighted, facing Baker
Two Single Offices.
Victoria   Block
Three Offices, en suite.
One Office.
Two   stores,   facing   Josephine St,    Apply to
3   Room 1 Victoria Block.
C. W. WEST & CO.
will fill   no   orders   for  Wood
Coal or Li me tml ess
accompanies order. All accounts of over thirty days standing will be put into the hands
of a collector.
MUSIC MCSSONS. ��� On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. XV. J. Astley, Robson street
two doors west of Stanley.   P. O. Box 130.
Old papors at The Minku lofflce.  2i centa
per hundred,
* I ,4
Feverish Activity at the Toulon Dockyard.
The Pleet Being Supplied With Ammunition and Supplies as if For Immediate   Active Service-
Paris, Oct. 111. ���Iu spite of semiofficial denials, the Echo de Paris
asserts today that tho embarkation of
war materials and supplies continues ut Toulon, adding that extraordinary activity ruigus in tho arsenal
there. Besides the ironclads, JAdmirul
Techouard, 'Bouvines, Jenuapes and
Valmy, the cruisers Algiers, Lev-
rider and Carman, it claims, are getting ready for service aud embarking
ammunition and war materials. In
addition the paper asserts the transports Blenboa and Gironde are almost
ready for sea. All tho French naval
officers on leave of absence have
been ordered to return to their vessels.
The naval authorities at Toulon are
A despatch to the Petite Parisienno
from Toulon confirms the reports of
the Echo de Paris, and says the greatest activity prevails in the navy yard,
where work is proceeding witlrfeverish
speed day  and night.
London, Oct. 19.���At a speech at
Glasgow last night, the Duke of Dev-
onshie, Lord president of the council,
said that since the bluebook giving
the correspondence between Great
Britain and France concerning
Fashoda was issued, nothing had
passed between the two countries that
in the slightest degree modified the
situation. He did not believe the matter was likely to lead to serious trouble. The case was too clear aud the
facts were undisputed.
iginal band numbered a score or more.
They threw the boomerang, danced
and sang the corroboree. A showman
named Cuuingham got the permission of one of the Australian governments to take these blaoks to the
World's Fair in Ohioago. He made
money out of theni in a subsequent
tour of America aud Europe, but ono
by oue the aborigines died. The habits of wearing clothes and sleeping in
beds aud eating city food was too
much for them.
Tbe two survivors, who are now on
their way home, were found in the
East End of London. They were without money, and had been thrown
out of their lodgiugs into the street.
Thev had beeu iu London a few days
Their manager deserted them in
Sweden, after paying their passage
from Stockholm to London. The
ageut-general of Queensland, Sir
Horaoi Tozer oame to their aid and
secured their passage home.
Toronto, Oct. 19.���The following   is
a special cable   to the   Evening   Telegram, dated London, October 19: Canadian apples were   offered   for sale  at
iCovent   Garden   today lut upo i open-
I ing,   thoy wero found   to bo iu a  bad
| condition.  Many of them were spotted
| aud   practically   blighted, and   prices
were in consequence poor.    The  Nova
Scotia apples were iu   flue  condition,
Kings bringing from 17 to 21 shillings
and pippins 23 to 80 shillings a barrel.
The best   Blenheims   brought from 18
to  28   shillings,     and    Gravensteins
ranged betweeu 12 and 17 shillings.
Vancouver, Oct. 19.���Dr. Nordeu-
skold, professor of mineralogy at tho
Upsala University, has returned
from the Yukon gold fields where he
has been to report tor the Swedish government on the formation of the eountry, its richness uud future outlook.
He says tlw Yukon country is very
rich and will be productive for a
long time to come. "I have a very
large edlection of minerals for mv
government, I disagree with '.ill those
minoralostists before uie. I olalm that
huge deposits of quartz hivn or
will bi' found that ar.' responsible
for the vast ureas of auriferous gravel.
The gold at present found comes nn-
donbtedly from the old river beds, but
they aro very different from the Arctic
rivers ou the other side of the world.
The field must be limited. The
quartz will be low grade aud found
near by. The gold bus not been carried by glaciei'3. Tlwo will be no
other Klondike in the ' ^kou. The
Stewart river district is since, consequently disappointing tor gold. Pine
creek is uot rich. I have investigated
the entire country. Tho rich auriferous gravel is in a comparatively
small area."
New York. Oct. 19.���Bar silver, 60;
Mexican dollars, 4,6%; silver certificates, 6CJ^ to 61'.
Copper, steady; brokers' price,
$12.12yy, exchange, $12.50.
Lead, easy; brokers' price, $365;
exchange, $3.77}$ to $3.82.
Tin, irregular; Straits, $17.90 to
$18.50; plates, quiet.
London, Oct. 19.���Reports of shipping disasters continue to oome in
and the east coast is strewn with
wrecks. In most cases the crews have
been saved, but upward of 80 persons
have been drowned.
-Charles    Munroe    1
e  of
Pittsburg, Penua., Oct. 19.���Oil examination of the books of tho German
National bank, tho directors decided
uot to open this morning. They say
that if the depositors will only give
thom time, they can pay dollar for
dollar The abovo frauk statement was
dictated by the president last night.
No cause is assigned, but the reason
for failure at this time of what for
years has generally been considered one
of the strongest financial institutions
in the state is conceded to bo the assignment of tho Alleghany Tanning
firm of A. Groetzinger & Sons.
Oct. 14���
Broad  Gauge-
mi s of Nelsou.
Nypsom���F. J. Squire on Toad
adj Calgary formerly Glenshee.
Hawkeye���James Brown, ou w
of Lower   Arrow   Lake   %   mi
Oct. IB���
Moua���Robert Corbett, 2^ m s
Snowtlake���H. McDonald on u fk
Wild Horse creek.
Copper Ledge���A. J. McMillan on e
side of Salmon river adj Jenny   Liud.
Railroad���Same, same.
Bltiok Bird���G. W. Jones on Bird
en ek. 1 mi from Kootenay river.
Hrntford��� Arthur Goving. 4}�� mi s
of Salmo,
Coventry���H Langman, 6 mi s of
Birmingham���Same, same.
Oct. 17���
Warwick���Frank Grantham, on w
sido of Wild Horse creek, 7 mi from
Bushranger���Ernest Wilson, ou Toad
Mt, adj Last Chanoe.
Montreal���J. L. Stamford, on Morning Mt, adj Metropolitan.
Ottawa���W. Gosnell, same.
Juno Fraction���D. Booth, Vi. T.
Watson, same, adj. Juno.
Lucky Boy���W. S. Wilson, on 8.
side of Porcupine creek.
iii.u-hom: ko. si.
Manufacture��� of
Vancouver. Oct. 19.���The British
ship Ilaia, loading salmon at Stevenson, reports that a mutiny occurred
on board. At Dutch harbor the crew
mutinied, a Pawuee sailor leading,
and attempted to seize the ship. The
British warship Ampbion was lying
in the harbor and Capt. Davis of the
Ilaia run up the signal for assistance.
Tho crew did not understand tho sig-
nul, and were preparing to run tho
"essel to sea when Captain Finnis, of
the warship Anipbion, put out to tho
Ilaia with a boat load of blue jackets
and boarded her. The Pawnee refused
to throw up liis hands, nud was
knocked down and put in irons. All
thoso who mutinied will be put on
Ilnlryim liut Spring.  Water Arinlril mid
HNPpll.nl to lhe Trade.
Subscriblo for Tho Daily Miner, it
(Mists yon but One Dollar per month,
delivered at your residence
The Habits of Civilization Too   Much
for Australian Aborigines.
A London despatch says; On tho
steamer Duko of Portland which
sailed from here for Brisbane, Australia, were the survivors of tho aboriginal Australian blacks who for years
had toured America and Europe.
Thero are only two of thein loft, a man
and a woman. A special houso was
built for them on tho deck.     The  or-
Use a lirst. claim lino in 'traveling botwoon
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago, and
ths principal towns in Central Wisconsin
I Pullman Palace Sloopinx and Chair Cars
Horvlco .....
Tho Dining Cars are operated in tho interebt f
llu patrons, the most elegant service evei
inaugurated. Meals aro served a la Carlo.
To obtain flrst claim service your tlckot Bhould
read via        .....
+     THE WISCONSIN     +
*     CENTRAL LINES     +
Direct connections at Chicago and MUwaukei
for all Kantorn points.
For full information call on your nearest I icke'
agent, or writo        .
Jab. A. Clock.       or       Jas. C. Pond,
Qcnoral Agent.        Gonoral I'am. Agent
2(11 Stark Street, Milwaukee, Wis
Portland, Ore.
A Large  Variety  below   the
Ordinary Price.
Satchels, Grips, Valises
Thomson Stationery Co.
Charlos Tom, trading aa Tailor and
Clothier, at tho town of Golden, in tho Province of British Columbia, has by deed datod
the first day of October, 1898, assigned to me
all his personal cs* ate, credits and effect* which
may he seized and sold under execution, and
all his real estate for the general benefit of his
creditors,piireunnt to tno "Croditors Trust
Deeds Act."
A meeting of the croditors will be held at my
olilce in the said town of Golden, on Saturday,
the 22nd day of October, at the hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon, for tho giving of directions with reforenco to tho disposal of the
All creditors are requested to forward full
particulars of their claims, duly vcrlfled, to me
on or before the fifteenth day of November.
18(18, after which dale I shall proceed to distribute tho assets among the parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to the claims of
which I shall then haTO had notice.
Dated at Golden, B. C��� October lst, 1808.
Financial Agent, Goldon.
has taken over the practice of
Dr.   H.   E.   Hall and  is  prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods.  .  .
Broken lllll Klurk linker HI.
To Eastern and European Points.
To Pacific  Coast, China,  Japan
and Australia   Points.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points
Tickets  issued through ancl Baggage checked to destination.
To Rossliind and Main Line points-
MOp iii.-Leave-i-NELiSO.V-Arrii'tis-ioSOp.m
Kiiotrnn.f take���Kanlii Uoulr.
Stb. Kokanke
Except Sunday. Except Sunday
(  p.m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives-U  a.m
Kooienay Illver llonlr.
Sth. Nelson.
Mon., Wed., Krl. Mon,, Wed., Fri.
7 a.m.���Leaves���NELSON-ArriYoB--��.S0  p.m.
Makes connection at Pilot Bay with Str. Kokanee In both directions.
Steamers on their respective routes call at
principal Landings in both directions and at
other points when signalled.
Train lo and rrom Slocan City. Handon
and Slocan Lake  Points.
(Sundays Excepted)
9 a. ni.-Leavea-NBiLSON-Arrlves-2.20 p. m.
Ascertain Ratbb
and full information hy addressing noaresl
local agent, or GEO. S. BEER, City Ticket
Agent, Nelson,
JOHN HAMILTON, Agent, Nelson
Trav. Pass. Agent,      Dist Pass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouver
The Paper of the People.
Everybody Reads It.
The Largest Circulation.
Best Advertising Medium.
SSttS S9S9S��S9eAe��*S9^*S96*9*S9e969*6Se9*69S9S969*e9eS*e9fi
of our Clothing is generally sufficient to
make a life long customer.
We don't ofTer our goods below co*t,
becauso we havo no desire to lose
money. We sell at prices which are
su ltlcirnt to pay for good material and
good workmanship. The size and variety of our stock enables us to please a
customer both as lo style and fit. Indeed we aro particular on these points.
We rather lose a sale than 'permit unsatisfactory garments to leave tke
These values ennnot be surpassed.
P     . STORE.
(sK Groceries, Crockery and Glassware.   -^
nsnEW * &OOIDS
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth Brushes,
also flood Value in Sponges.^
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and (ieneral Agents, Fire and
..Insurance Agents, Notaries Public, Etc...
Corner Lot nn Vernon St., with Building.   12 Lots in Biol
44F���Cheap.   2 Lets Cor. Josephine mid Rohgon. ]
2 Lots and Dwelling near Cor Stanley St, on Ohservatr
St., $12 per month. Dwelling on Silica St., near Cedar ^
$20 per month.    House and 2 I-iots, Houston St.  $15 mom
Call and see our full list of property for sale in   "Hum<
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
We have Two Claims on Hover Creek For Sale, cheap.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street,  NELSON, B.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia busin
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
(Cor. SHarb & Utrnon ��te.
Be I8011... <OB.|
Finest Hotel in the Interior.
Steam Heat and Electric Light in every room.
Large Sample rooms for Commercial  Travellers.    Rates Reasonable
H. D. HUME, Man At
PABST : : :
A Trial   will   coni
that the  World's  Lea
Beer loses none of its
qualities by  being bc
in our own country.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.


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