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The Miner Aug 31, 1898

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 Daily Edition No. 97.
Nelson, British Columbia. Wednesday Morning, August 31, 1898.
Ninth Year
WITH $5.00
In your pocket
We'll give you $5.00 worth
of Shoes, or your $5,00 back, Is that plain ?
No there's a hole to Wriggle out of, if wc
wanted lo wriggle. We'll make it plainer
yet; you shall be the judge of tlie $5's worth.
We want thc job of covering' the feet of all those young' men (or old men)
wc see who pay enough for tlieir shoes to be well shod.
We have a Beautiful Line  of Shoes at  this
price.    You should see them.    Lower  priced
ones too, $1 00 to $5.50
Opinions of Prominent People
and Papers.
Sir Oliarles Dilke'B Opinion���General Disbelief in Success of Ozar's Proposal.
Is Not Disint��rested-
I latest no*. |pre(j |rvjne6Co. h--."i
Z     VEILINQSnnd      J"    ���***%*.������   IIIIVUVU     ^
'*     dry goods. I Reduced
Pricea, 1
�� Grand July Clearance Sale
only four  powers agree the conference
will be held without the others."
Loudon, Aug. BO.���The Times, in
its financial article this morning says :
"The czar's circular 1ms had a good
effect on the markets as indicating
that there is no immediate probability
of war. Many pxiple remark tlie fact
that the proposal appears when
Russia's power to borrow freely is almost euded, and when she has placed
herself in positions iu China and elsewhere whioh can be defended only at
great cost.':
We will oiler for the next ten days all of our entire stock
at reduced   prices  with  Special   Reductions  on   the
.   .   .   following lines .  .   .
Summer Dress Goods.
Lad ics
Weather Fabrics.
Shirt Waists.
I) & A Corsets.
and Children's Undervests.
Silk ami Kill Cloves.
Silk nnd Alpaca Skirts.
Hats, ll.ilI' Price.
Men's Underwear.
Men's Washington Ties.
Men's Negligee Shirts.
Men's Fancy Cambric Shirts.
Men's Black Sateen Shirts.
Men's Dtiek and Flannel Suits.
Men's Straw Hats.
Men's Pants and Overalls.
Our Stock \h Compfete in liou6e Furnishings.
Friction Between Americans
and Natives.
The Cavite Shooting Scrape- Gonoral Mor-
ritt Blamed���A Memorial Sent to
Lord   Salisbury'
London, Aug. illl.���A despatoh from
Manila to a news agency,dated August
35, via Hong Kong to day, says :
The friction between the Americans
and the natives requires exceptional
ability to avoid total alienation. I
find that several high American ollieials of medium education aro utterly
unacquainted with Oriental ideal) and
tumble to understand" the primitive
races. Most of the Americans arc deficient iu patience, and numerous (rifling misnndersandings intensify Iho
friction. I believe, tho Americans too
hard. The American censor absolutely
prohibits tho sending of a single word
about, the Cavite incident of yesterday,
and he threatens to expel any correspondent who mentions it*. A deputation from the press is going lo General Merritt* to protest against this
action. The affair began in a drunken
American sliooting.and native sentries
tried to shoot him. In consequence of
the melee four natives and one American were killed, and it is now generally misreporteil ns being a deliberate
inauguration of hostilities. General
Merritt returned their arms to Iho
company of natives who fired upon the
Americans, presumably inadvertently.
Tho natives assert that Aguinaldo
forced Merritt to liberate them and return their weapons. Tho Americans
condemn General Merritt's conduct.
The samo correspondent cables that
the Americans aro only partly patrolling thc town.
The residential suburbs aro full of
armed insurgents, and several personal
yendettaS have been .rcportod. Tho
inhabitants are greatly alarmed. There
was firing in tho streets of San
Miguel, last evening. Tho Spanish
troops attended mass yesterday fully
armed and patrolled tho streets of the
London, Aug. 80. ���Tho Manila correspondent of tho Times says :
Tho leading commercial men have
signed a memorial to Lord Salisbury,
urging him to uso his influence to prevent  the  Spaniards   from  regaining
supremacy 111 the Philippines. The
conduct of thc American troops is
admirable. The town since their occupation has been wonderfully free
from disturbance. Genenl Green has
Veen ordered to return to. v'ashington.
Ho will sail witli General Merritt.
Ho and   Jack   Daly  Fought   Twenty-
five Rounds.
New York, Aug. 80.���"Kid" Mc-
Pnrtland of this city got a well earned
decision over Jack Daly of Wilmington, Del., after fighting 26 rounds before the Greater New York Athletic
club tonight, Tho last time these two
men met Daly got the decision in a
foul in the seventh round at the Lennox Athletic club, and since that timo
MePartlaud has always claimed that
he. hnd Daly whipped then. He insisted that on tlieir next meeting he
would demonstrate his superiority over
the Delaware man, and ho did this
effectually when the opportunity presented itself to night. Both men were
in splendid form and showed that they
had trained carefully when tliey
stripped in the ring. The bout was
devoid of foul work and was one of
the cleanest and cleverest exhibitions
over given under the Horton law.
There was little to chose between tho
men at tho end of the "go, " but as
MePartlaud had dono moro leading
than his opponent, the referee's decision in his favor was fair. Daly's
friends lost a lot of money on the result and a fow bets wero made in the
early part of the fight at 2 to 1 on rho
Delaware man. At no stage of tho
contest were theso odds warranted,
and it was evident at the 12th round
that the fight would go to the limit.
General Kitchener's March is a Splendid   Achievement.
Wady Humid, Aug. 80,���The Anglo-
Egyptian expedition has left* hero, and
the advance hns commenced to El
General Sir Herbert Kitchener's
achievement so far is a brilliant operation. Some weeks ago he announced
his intention to concentrate his forco
at Wady Hainid on August 22. He
arrived there on the 24th. Wady
Hainid is a village -1(1 miles above
Mateinmeh, and between 50 and (it)
miles from Omdurman, It is at the
foot of the long sixth cataract, the
head of which i.s (lie Shabluka. Considering the difficulties of moving
24,01)0 men and impedimenta over the
desert and along tho Nile under a blazing sun, thc achievement is proof of
tlio splendid organization of the ex-
epdition, and argues well for the final
overthrow of tho Khalifa's power.
Major-General Archibald Huuter commands tho Egyptian forces, which
comprises two-thirds of the expedition,
and which critics agreo now form
capital lighting material Major-General William Forbes Gatacrc commands
the British forces.
New   York,    Aug.   lit).���Bar   silver,
ul)7,); Mexican dollars, 46J��.
London, Aug. 110. ���Tho papers nre
filled with discussions, coniircuts nud
opinions aa to the circular of the emperor. The most world-shaking event
could hardly have produced suoh a
coup as the suggestion, the fmition of
which is regraded on all sides ns an
absolute impossibility. This being
holiday season it is difficult to obtain
the opinions of public mon on the
subject. Tho religious world, however, loudly welcomos and praises the
czar's initiative. Numerous bishops
have already expressed tlieir views in
that sense. Among statesmen interviewed, Lord Kimberly, the liberal
leader.declined to express a hasty opinion, beyond saying that the proposal
was one of the utmost importance.
Tlie Marquis of Ripon said: "I
heartily wish tho proposal all success."
Sir Charl'.'s Dilke, radical member
of tho parliament for tho forest of
Dean, remarked: "The Russian peaco
footing of nearly 1,000,000 regulars exceeds tho peace footing of Germany.
Austria and Italy combined. Thus, it
has beeu in Russia's power to reduce
tlio land forces by diminishing her
own in connection with similar action
on the part nf Germany.
"French public opinion is not prepared for disarmament, which would
mean, as things stand now, an acceptance of the Alsace-Lorraine situation.
"Naval disarmament would be
dangerous for Great Britain. Any
formal plan would involve subsequent
breaches of faith, bnt if Germany and
Russia will coase increasing tlieir forces
wo can follow without a formal agreement. ''
Lord Frederick Roberts of Kandahar,
commander of the forces in Ireland,
said in reply to a request for his opinion : "It woultl bo most satisfactory
if it cau be carried out.''
Tlie Earl of Crowe calls the ozar's
suggestion an "historical uttorauce"
and earnestly hopes that Great Britain
will not object to a conference.
No excitement is discernable at tho
foreign office. It is understood a
spocial message was sont from St.
Petersburg recently with full explanation of tlie czar's proposal. Naturally
all persons and societios connected
with poace, and arbitration movements
are jubilant.
The pope wired his congratulations
to Emperor Nicholas immediately and
offered overy assistance in his power
to promote the proposed conference.
London. Aug. 110.���The Berlin cor
respondent of tho Daily News says:
"Germany will accept the suggested
conference, but  expects   nothing  will
result from it.    Mr. Jackson, the  sec
retary of   the American embassy, does
not* believe in the practicability of tho
proposal.    Ho assured me  that, speak
ing for himself only, he folt  suro that
America would not permit the Philip
pine   question to be submitted to such
a conference, nor did he believe it would
be possible for any power  to begin the
work of disarmament."
The Paris correspondent of the Daily
News says: "A diplomatist assures
me that Emperor William intended to
revert to lhe subject of disarmament
while at Jerusalem in tho doming
autumn, to attend tho dedication of
the church of the Redeemer. In addition to taking the wind out of the
kaiser's sails, tho czar is the only
Russian sovereign who has traversed
Siberia, and he must have seen such a
population of political malcontents as
might easily be induced by American,
Japanese and English influence to declare for independence.''
According to tho various correspondents of tho Daily News, tno Russian
emperor's proposal is the revival of
a project of Alexander II of Russia,
which was mooted to Emperor Frederick of Germany, but not publicly,
owing to the passionate state of public
feeling in Franco on tho question of
Ono correspondent says: '' Emperor
Nicholas has in mind the prospective
activity of the United States and
Japau in the world's affairs, and has
1 ascertained that Great Britain is absolutely determined to imposo upou
China a complete military and naval
organization.   I  understand   that   if
A Farewell Dinner Given by the Corps
to Sergeant  Parkes.
A farewell dinner was given at the
Royal Hotel yesterday evening by the
South Kootenay Rifles to Sergeant
Parkes who leaves this morning for
the old country. Mr. Parkes who is
well and favorably known in Nelson,
has been up to the present connected
with the Hudson's Bay company, aud
is on his way to England to enjoy a
few months holiday.
After a most excellent dinner had
been disposed of Captain A. E. Hodgins. who presided, proposod the health
of the Queen,which was most enthusiastically responded to, everyone stand
ing, nnd singing God Save tho Queen.
Tho next toast was "tho Guests,"
which was followed by a song,
"Nancy Lee," sung by Mr. Simpson.
The president then gave "Tho
Ladies," a tonst wliich was witily
icknowlcdged by W. Watson. Norman
McLeod next entertained the company
wilh that old favorite, "Put me off at
Buffalo. " which was well contrasted
with a pathetic song by H. A. Ger-
van. H. Sims, then proposed the toast
of the evening, "Bon Voyage to the
Parting Guest," and hoped that Mr.
Parkes would uot return from England
done. Mr. Parkes in his reply disclaimed any intention of immediate
matrimony. The toast of tho "Press"
was then given, and H. Moore briefly
replied. H. A. Gervau then gave another song entitled "On the. Banks of
the Waba.ih," which was received
with applause.
The party shortly after broke up sing-
inn '' God Save the Queen.''
In this connection it may be remarked that several of tho speakers
laid well deserved stress on the fact
that though the company had been
formed in March last, no. uniforms or
rifles have yet been forthcoming from
headquarters. Tbis gratuitously neglectful treatment has naturally caused
a good deal of discontent.
Among those present were: The
president, Captain A. E. Hodgins,
non-commissioned officers,   T. Brown,
E. Parkes and W. Watson and Messrs.
C. E. Beasley, H. D. Cameron, S.
Neelands, Jasper Phair, H. A. Ger-
vnn, F. J. Bradley, H. Sims, H.
Houston,   J.   Kennedy,   W.   Cookson,
F. J. Painton, A. G. Simpson, C. W.
Riley, C. Gordon, J. McMillan and
H. W. R.   Moore.
Further Details Concerning
the Rich   Finds.
The Claims are looking Eottcr Tinn Ever-
A List of Eecorded Claims
Up to Date.
First of  Hor   Sex Ever Appointed  on
the Medical Staff.
Washington, Aug. 110.��� Today for
the first time in the American army a
woman was appointed a member of
the medical staff. Dr. Anita New-
coiub McGee, wife of Prof. W. J. Mo-
Gee of this city, nnd a daughter of
Prof. Simon Neweonib, formerly of
the naval observatory, was regularly
sworn in as an acting assistant surgeon. This, according to Secretary
Alger's general order, would eutitlo
her to the uniform of second lieutenant without designation of rank. It is
not likely, however, that Dr. MoGee
will avail herself of this privilege.
Her appointment while a novelty,from
a technical standpoint, is not the beginning of Dr. McGce's service, with
the war department. Throughout the
war sho has been in charge of the
selection of women nurses and of TOO
or more now in the field, most of them
havo passed muster at her hands.
Assistant Surgeon McGeo goes to
New York to select iiO graduate nurses
for service in Porto Rico.
Dr. McGee has regularly practiced
her profession in Washington for some
years and is well known in medical
circles throughout the country. She
contributed several articles to Iho
American Association for the advancement of science and to other scientific
The excitement regarding the Rover
creek placers continues unabated and
there has been a regular stampede of
prospectors to the ground to secure
Parties returning to the city report
that the creek is alive with peoplo and
that in a few days the entire ground
will be staked. As tho placer mining
laws allow 72 hours after location and
24 hours for every 10 miles distant,
only a small proportion of the claims
staked have as yet been recorded, but
yesterday tho staff in the Recorder's
office wero up to their eyes in work.
All day long tho recording of tho
claims went ou, and when The Miner
reporter left, there were still numerous applicants awaiting their turn.
The claims that* aro being worked aro
daily turning out richer and richer,
and largo cash offers aro being constantly refused by the confident claini
Appended will be found a list of the
locations up to date, and in this connection it may be of interest to remark
that since (ho middle of last October
until the recent strike no placer locations have been recorded iu this mining division. All the placer locations
of this seaseon are from Rover creok
and the half of them are uot yet recorded :
Aug. 2il.��� Last Chance���(Discovery;
���Martin Anderson, Geo. W. Mtiddim
and Wasli C. Miller.
Aug. 20.���Eva���J. J. Campbell.
Wapito���Eva Campbell.
First Fry���James Sullivan.
San Bias���James T. Gronwood.
The Grubstake���Oie Skatbo.
The Nelson���Frank Fletcher.
Little Yankee���T. A. Mills.
Tho Black Dog���T. O. Skatbo.
Aug. 21.-���Bunco Brown���H. B.
Lucky Joo���J. A. Paquette.
Tho Nugget���E.  G. Beer.
Aug. 2S).���Fortuna.���J. L. Purdy.
Paradise���A.  H.  Jones.
War Horso-R. R. Hedley.
Goodenough���A. H. McDonald.
Badger���A. Jeffreys.
Yellow Kid���W. W. Blackwcll.
Anna-J. D. Elliot.
Harry���T. Dempster.
Zeta��� W. Stables.
Ruby���T. J. Lancaster.
Blue Bello���J. G. Clark
Two Fools���W. S. Clark.
Aug. 30.��� Black Bear.���G. Vebnrg.
Gold Grip���H. B. Mackintosh.
Stobic���H. Graham.
Edith R���W. E. Wassou.
Mary Evelyn���R. H. Bradley.
Geisha���E.  G. Smyth.
B. T.���Wm. Telford.
De Watt���J. A. Gilker.
Detroit, Aug. ill).���Iu a severe storm
yesterday near Poverty island, the
steamer Superior parted with her consort, the schooner Sandusky. The
Sandusky arrived here today and reports that the last seen of the Superior
she was flying signals of distress. The
Superior is owned by Mr. Bradley of
Cleveland and is a wooden boat of the,
older class, having been built in IHTii.
Sho registers i)(!4 tous. With the Sandusky thc steamer was bound from
Escanaba to Toledo with iron ore and
carries a crow of 14 men.
Port Townsend, Aug. ill).���Andrew
Larsen, a sailor, shot two Indian women this afternoon and then killed
himself. One of the squaws is fatally
wounded, the other seriously. They
were inmates of a disreputable house.
Yesterday Emperor Nicholas Reviewed
tho Troops.
Moscow, Aug 110.���Following tho unveiling of thc monument to Alexander II yesterday. Emperor Nicholas
gave a grand gala banquet* at the
palace of the Kremlin in the evening.
Today the czar reviewed the troops iu
the presence of (he imperial family
and a large company of distinguished
guests. Later in the afternoon the
imperial party witnessed thc laying of
thc foundation stone of the Alexander
II line arts museum,
Speaker Shot   in   Mistake   for an Obnoxious   Landlord.
Kingston, Jamaica, Aug. DO.���Advices received here today from the
island of Barbadoes,belonging to Great
Britain, roport widespread potatoo
riots Riotous gangs of men have boon
devesting the plantations during the
night. Following the shooting of thc
speaker of the houso of assembly, in
mistake for an obnoxious land lord,
these demonstrations are considered to
bo of a serious nature, and troublo is
London. Aug. ill).���Hay, retiring
United States ambassador, went (o
Osborne, Isle of Wight, this afternoon,
to dine and sleep there, and to bid
farewell to Queen Victoria. Mr. Hay's
letter of recall has not yet arrived, and
will probably be presented by his successor. THE MINER   WEDNESDAY,   AUGUST 31,  1898.
��� I
Ulie Jftitur.
Published Dally except Sunday.
Limited Liabilitv.
ALL COMMUNICATIONS to the Kdltor must
be accompanied by the name ami address
of tho writer, not necessarily for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Daily, per month by carrier 9 1 W
per month by mail    1 Of
per half year by mail    5 0*-1
per year  I*)*)')
per year, foreign  1300
Weekly Miner.
Weekly, per half year $125
���'      per year    '-' 00
'���        poryear, foreign    300
Subscriptions invariably in advance.
Advertising ratos made known on application.
The -Hiner Printing* Publishing Co.
to use (heir public position and the
public money to keep themselves in
Copy r��r Changes of Adverllsouieul
he In Ihe Ollice
Insure   rilling!'.
hy  4  o'clock
p.ill.   In
Among the reasons adduced by the
Colonist for the assertion that on July
18, the lieutenant governor could not
"by any possibility have been in possession of the requisite knowledge to
enable him properly and conscientiously
to form any conclusion whatever," is
the assertion that at that time a recount was in progress at Nelson. It
may interest the Colonist to learn that
there was no recount held in Nelson
after tlie late general elections.
It has hitherto teen n cardinal
article of faith with most, if not all,
inining men in British Columbia, that
though there was an unlimited quantity of tho precious metal hidden in
the mountains of the country, yet
placer mining in Kootenay was a
thing of the past. It has remained for
Nelson to demonstrate that this is a
fallacy. Within 12 miles of this city,
on Rover creek, are to bo found placer
claims, which will compare with any
placers in any oountry on which a corresponding amount of work has boen
done. Within 12 miles of a prosperous
city with every natural and climatic
advantage, claims are found going 75
cents and $1 to the pan ou the surface,
and the values improve steadily as led
rock i.s approached. What more can
the most avaricious mortals desire?
As if desirous of proving at onco
that Rover creek is not the only placo
where rich diggings are to be found
in the Kootenay, yesterday news was
brought into town of another rich
strike on Lemon creek. And who
knows but that in other creeks also,
the old time prospectors missed tho
real pa3Tslreak, and left behind more
gold than they took out?
Verily this is a favored country.
Our mountains are honey combed with
ledges bearing gold, copper, silver and
lead, our mountain sides are clothed
with limitless forests of valuable tim-
bor, our low lauds are fertile and, as
has been aptly said, need but "to bo
tickled with a hoe to laugh with n
harvest,'' while the sands of our creeks
are daily proviug themselves to bo
likewise full of a golden store. Here
is "the Tom Tiddlers land" of fable,
and to those who live in it, aud know
its resources, it passes understanding
that the outside world do not rush in
iu their thousands to share the  spoils.
Happenings in and About   the   Grand
Prairie   City.
Charles Cummings, secretary of the
Grand Forks Townsite company, was
awarded the contract for tillinn iu Ihe
sloughs on Bridge street and Riverside
avenue at the last session of the oity
council. Tho contract price for the
work is J8760. There arc over 9000
yards of earth iu the two (ills. The
entire work is lo be completed in (il)
days. The council will allow Mr.
Cummings weekly estimates of 86 per
cent of the work done.
The work of filling in the sloughs
started yesterday and every available
laborer in the city is employed. The
wagos are $o a day for man and team
and $2.60 a day for men alone, and
every person wlio wants to work can
get employment.
A sub-contract covering live miles of
grading between Cascade Oity and R.
R. Gilpin's ranch on the Marcus stage
road has just been lot and work on the
grade has been commenced. There
aro 70 teams and 400 men employed.
Another grading oufit will be on the
ground within a week and will grade
to tho city limits.
Word reaches here from Cascade
Citv tliat the citizens are clamoring to
have a resident provincial constable
stationed there, as thero is great need
for such an official. At present Constable Dinsmore of this place attends
to police dnty both at Grand Forks
and at Cascade City.
We have had occasion beforo to point
out the remissness of the militia department as shown by the way it is neglecting the South Kootenay Rifles. On
March 15 of this year, Captain A. E.
Hodgins was authorized to form a
company. Volunteers came eagerly
forward, wore sworn iu, and Captain
Hodgins' task is complete. It is now
the iilst day of August nnd neither
uniform nor rifles havo beon provided
for the corps. The men have done tho
best they could under tho circumstances. Thoy have drilled regularly
and generally have made the best of
things. Thanks to their keenness and
the great personal popularity of Captain Hodgins, the corps has been kept
together; but this cannot go on indefinitely. If the authorities take no
interest in the corps, they canot expect
tho men to go on taking interest, in
the service. Again, is the corps for
uso or for ornament, If it is for use.
whether against foes abroad,or (roubles
at home, it should at least be armed.
If it is for ornament, tho men ought
nt any rate to be provided with uniforms. Tho department should soo to
the matter of equipment and that soon,
unless it wishes the militia to be tho
laughing stock of Kootenay.
Well Known Kootenay  Men  Supposed
to Havo Been Lost.
Great anxiety is being felt at Vancouver as to the fate of the many
passengers and large crew ou board Ihe
Stickcen Chief, which was wrecked on
the voyage north from Fort Wrangel,
last week. The vessel which was
owned by J. A. Mara, was under command of Captain Nesbitt. well known
as a former captain of the Nakusp in
the Oolumbia river service. There
were also on board Purser Shields, M.
Mara, the owner; and Mr. Brownlec,
wlio are all supposed to have beeu lost
with the vessel.
Tho captain, purser, owuer nnd Mr.
Brownlec are well known iu Nelson
and should the reports wliich have
reached hero of tho loss of the crew
and passengers prove true great regret
will bo felt nt their untimely ond.
A Rich Striko Has Just Been Made on
Lemon   Creek.
M. Markeson of Slocan City spent
yesterday in Nelson making arrangements for brick and workmen to rebuild his store which was burned early
yesterday morning. To a Miner reporter Mr. Markesou said that a rich
striko of placer gold was made ou
Lemon creek and before ho left home
yesterday he was shown sonic very fine
nuggets which wero taken out of a
claim on the creek. Experienced prospectors with whom be has talked stato
that there is rich placer ground from
the head of Lemon creek to Slocan
river. This he claims boars out his
statements made last spring to the San
Francisco and other coast city papers
that there are as rich placer grounds in
tho Kootouay district as thero aro in
tho Klondike.
Confirmatory reports as to the worth
of tlio new finds in tho Atlin lake district of British Columbia are brought
by Mr. Hale, travellor for Messrs. Gil-
more & McCandless, who returned on
tlie Topeka from a business trip to
Dawson Mr. Halo while he did not
liave time to go into the Atlin lake
country himself, had the Opportunity
of seeing several men who had just
come out, among thein Mr. Olive, wlio
came out to Skagway on the l.sili.
That gentleman s(a(ed thai there was
no doubt that there had been very
large finds, and that the three creeks
already discovered all prospected well.
It was estimated that fully 1000 people
had already gone to tli* scene of the
discoveries. ���The Colonist.
The special issue of the British Columbia Gazette containing the correspondence which passed between the
governor and Mr. Turner concerning
the latter's dismissal from oflice, i.s to
hand. A perusal will suffice to convince auy fair minded man that tho
govornor was amply justified in his
action. More than that, iu the light
of recont disclosures his Honor would
have boon failing in his  high trust, if
Surveyor Anderson of Trail lias re-
��� turned to town after surveying (lie
[Winipeg and Eureka Mining company
land the Baltimore Development Company's claims on Toad Mountain, Mr.
I Anderson reports that the claims are
showing up very well, and brought
| back some good looking specimens.
j The. ore carries copper and gold.
:    Grand Forks, B.   G,   Aug.   80���Ex-
mayor   John   A.    Mauley   arrived   in
town last evening from   Rossland   nud
| reports   that   Alfred   Woodhouse    hns
just arrived in London and is  endeav-
I oring with   all   possible   despatch   (o
,    , ' close   tho   deal   which   involves    tho
ho hnd uot   dismissed tho gang of cor- ; building of a ."lOO-ton smelter at Grand
rupt politicians who were endeavoring Forks.
USTIE^W"   *    GrOOIDS      Official Directory.
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
also Good Value in Sponges.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful nnd prompt attention.
 -   _. '.         ������������WHH^WH
Governor-General        - Earl of Aberdeen
Premier        - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member Houboof Common*?, Dominion Purlin*
mont, West ICoolenny Hewitt Bostock
Lieut,..Governor - Hon T It Molnnes
Premier - Hon Chas Semlin
Attorney-General - Hon Joseph Martin
Minister Mines and Educntion Hon J Y Hume
Pres Executive Council Hon Dr McKcchnic
Members Legislative Assembly tor Wesl Kootenay��� North Hiding J M Kellie
South Riding                 ��� .1 F Hume
nml nil those who are trying to iivo'.i the heat of llie cook  stove these  warm days
days hv using pomething tasty in the line of Corned Meats, Fish and Poultry"
will he greatly relieved nml wonderfully benefitted liy looking over the
following list.    We mention a few of the moat  popular  lines
all in tins ready for use.
Corned Beef. Ronsl Beef, Chipped Dried Heel', Boiled Million, Rons!
A! iilliin i.iii'il Tongue, In nib's Tongue, Boiled Its, Mill, riiickcii l'��lr.
Partridge rule, wild Duck I'nie, Boned Chicken, Duck nnd Turkey, Marlon'* Kippered Herring, Smoked Unllluil, Marshall'*
Sindli Herring mid Finnan Huddle", Lobster, Sportsmen Sardines,
Sn iii i ms in Mustard, rigi Feel nlso Sauces, Pickles, Catsups, Dressings, >'iilips,  lie., Itr.
Have yon tried the Geneva Sausage in Tins, very tine.
Prompt delivery lo all parts of tbe city ami special attention to Mail Orders.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
Mayor - - John Houston
Aldermen ('has Hillyer, \V F Teetzel, J
Gilker, J J Malone, K P Whalley, Thos Jl
City Clerk
Polieo Magistrate
Chief of Poliee
Chief of fire Departmonl
Wator Commissioner
llcallh onieer
City Englnoor
City oounoil meets every Monday, 3 p.m.,
eity ball, eor Victoria and Josephine st
Ur. IIO Arthur. Dr. GAB Hall, Ceo Jo
stone.   Principal' J R Groen,
J K Slruehnn
K A Crease .
A FMoKlnnon
\v* j Thompson
John Hamilton
T M Wind
Ur. Lalliiu.
A. L. M'Cullooh '
President . j Roderick Robortson,
Vice-President Jamos Lawrence.
Seoy-Trcas. ��� John A Turner.
Wc are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.  R.  STATION     .    .    .
A.   E.   YOUNG,  AGENT.
(AIMM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc Cornwall)
Opposite Phair Hotel.
NELSON. B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
Extended experience in Chile and German
South Afriea. Assays und analysis of ores.
Reports and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plans kept
up by contrnct.
Pint Class in Every Respect.
j When requiring thoroughly seasoned
timber should apply to
The Nelson Planing Mill
In stoek,l,000,0001't.of Flooring.Lining
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes and
every description of Joinery,
S��lti:i>   nooi:-  AND    WINDOWS  MADE
TO okdi it.
The best place in the City
to get a good meal from 25
cents up.
Experienced  White   Waitresses Employed.
thing to clo during the hot
weather   is  to   keep   your
system from running clown
are among the best Summer Tonics.
Our Diarrhoea Specific
is 11 sure euro for Summer
Property Owners.
Do you want the rocks, stumps
or rubbish removed from your
yards, or your lawns levelled
down? II so we can do it for
you. Will work either by day
or by contract.
Address T. VV.
Care "Miner" ollice
"Babcock" Fire Extinguishers
6 GAL. SIZE $30. 3 GAL-SIZE $15.
Including Supply of Chomloal Charges
Willi cuch.
Delivered F. 0.11. nt Portland, Ore.
The Babcock is the recognized
standard, universally used in the
Fire Department service.. Each
tested to 300 pounds per inch;
working pressure 100 pounds per
inch. The Babcock has stood the
test of time. Full line of Fire Apparatus and   Department   Supplies.
I71 .1 Hi si  Portland, Ore.
Mcdicnl Supt..
.John A. Turner
XV. A. Jowett.
I). MoArlhur
A 11 Clomonts
Dr. G. AII11.11
8.00  I'.lll
8.30 11.111.
1.00 11.111.
8.00 p.m
I'nited States, Ontario, Qui
iH'i'iinil Unstorn Provinces
Points on N. & K. s. lii
Victoria and Rossland.
\'uw Denver, Sandon and
���Hoonn Lake Points,
Knslo nnd Kootenny Luke
Rossland, Trull. Nakusp,
Robson, points on main line
C, 1'. it.. Vancouver und
���A Innlppg
2.110 p.i
7.15 n.r
Ol'FIOK nouns.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Gonoral
Delivery, 8 u,m, to 8 p.m.; Registration, 8.,'to
a.m. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders nnd Savings Hunk
iln.m. lo i p.m.; Sunday 1 hour 110 to 11 a.m).
.1. A. GILKER, Postmaster
Government Inspector of Agonotes VV J Goepel
Gold Commissioner
Mining Reoorder-Tnx Col
Collector of Customs
Provincial Assessor
Cojuily Court Jltilice
Inspector of Schools
0. (I. Den
Ii Y Tolmie
Geo. Johnstone
John Keen
J A Forin
KT II Slmpklne
William Burnt
Warden Capt, N, Fitzstubb..
First Jailer ��� it. Liddelll
Second Jailer Geo. Partridge!
Third Jailer . John Mcl.uronf
Senior Guard ][. |nc,c
Ciuiu'ii op England���Matin n n.m.; Evoi.
Song. 7.M) p.m. every Sundny.   Holy Coiumiinl
Ion on isi nml 3rd Sundays in iho month after!
Matins; on 2nd nnd Ith Sundays,  at   8 am"
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.    Hev.   II. S   Akc
hurst. Hector.   Cor Ward nnd Silica streels.
Presbyterian Church- services nt, ii a m I
and  7.30   p.m.     Sunday  School nl 2.30 p
Prayer ifioetlng Thursday evening at 8 p.ra.l
Christian Endeavor Society meets overy Won"
day  ovoning   ut  8   o'clock.     Hev.  H.  Frewj
Methodist   Cnnnos-Corner Silica ,.,.,.
Josephine Slrcets. Services at 11 a.m. and 7,3'1
p. m. ; Babbath School, 2.30 p.m.; Prayer moot!
ing on Friday evening nt 8 o'clock; Epworlr-I
Longuo O. B��� Tuesday at 8 a.m. Hev. Johnf
Hobson, Pastor.
ROMAN Catholic CHURCH���Mass nt Nelsod
every Sunday at Sand 10.30 n.ni.; Henedicliolj
at 730 lo 8 p.m.   Hev. Father Ferland, Priest.
BAPTIST  CHURCH ��� Services  morning ii-
eveningnlil n.iii.nnd 7.30 p.m.; Prayer nun
lng Wednesday evening nt 8 p.m.;   Meeting*!
are held In tho scliool house.   Strangers cordi.
ally welcomed.   Hev. G. R. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation Army���Services every evcninJ
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria Direct]
Adiutant Mlllner in charge.
NELSON LODGK, No. 23. A. F. Si J
M. meets second Wednesday In eaclj
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. Lennox, Secretary.
I.  O. O.  F.     Kootenay Lodge!
^ No. ill, meets every Monday nighll
nl,   Iheir  'lull,  Kootenny Btroot|
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
A. II. Clements, N, G.       Fred J Squires, SO'.
NKLSON LODGK No. 25, K. of I'l
Jimeots in Castle Iin.ll, McDonald bloc]
tjevory second und fourth Tuesday ovcil
"ling al.  8 o'clock.   All visiting knight]
cordially invited,
It. G. JAY, G. C.
Quo, RobbK.of it.amis.
NKLSON   LODGK,   I, O. G. T.      Meets
Castle Hall, McDonald Hlock, every .vtondu
evening  nt 8 o'clock.   Visiting Tcmplnrs c
dially invited, John TELFORD,
Chief Templar. 1
J. F. Jncobson   Seel
SONS     OF     ENGLAND,   nice]
second and fourth Wednesday
encli month nt K. of P. Hall, Mnl
V m   Donald Hlock,   cor. Vernon   nil
^=*&y    Josephine streets.   Visiting brell
rn cordially invited.        Ernest Kino,      f
Ciiab. H. Farrow, Worthy Prcsidci]
COURT KOOTKNAY. I.O.F., NO. 3138 mod
1st and 3rd Wednesday in each month in tH
K of P Hull. F W Swanell, C. D. S. 0, It.; J |
Green. O.K.: J. I'urkiss, Secy.
NELSON LODGK, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., mo|
every   Thursday in tho I.O.O.F.   hall.    G ,
Williams, M.W.:  XV S Smith, Hcc.-Sec; J.
Driscoll, Financier  P. J Squire. Receiver ail
P. M. W.
NKLSON L.O.L. No. 1CII2 niecls in tho ll
Donald block every Thursday evening ntf
o'clock. Visiting members cordially invin|
John Toyo XVM. | F. J. Bradley, U.S. THE MINER   WEDNESDAY,   AUGUST 31,  1898.
uri.-!-    Mention    of   Hnppenlnfis
District During tlie I'ltst
B'Yiv raj's.
dipt, (lore left yesterday evening
for Hobson.
Oivpt, Troup returned lust night front
ti visit to Vanoouver.
Mis.s M. MoDonald, Scotland, in
registered at the Phair,
MisH Bessie Middlemas of Vanoouver, i.s visitin;,' Miss Lillie of  Nol-
W. V. Anderson, traveling passenger
agent of the 0. P. 11., is in Bossland
on a business trip.
Mrs. Doyle, Hall Siding; Mra. A.
D. McLennan, Trail; Mrs. Frey, Eric,
arc at the Queens,
A ileal is pending with nn English
syndioate for the contraction of a SCO
ton smelter at Grand forks,
Vi. A. Macdonald, John Elliot and
D. M. Oarley left yesterday evening for
Victoria   to  attend   the   conservative
Tho Steamer Lytton is now busily
engaged  in   towing   barges  of wood
down from the Waterloo camps to   the
Trail smelter.
Clayton Miller. Spokane; Marcus
Moses, Rossland; K. Fulhain, London,
England; R, P. Fortune, Winnipeg,
are registered at the Phair,
0, Lawrence, Vancouver; W. C. Car-
sou, CJoat River; ,J. ,1. Stubbs, Kelowna and .T. Lynch, Coffee Creek, aro
registered at the Queens.
Hon. Cul. linker, provincial secretary in tho defeated Turner government, intends leaving Cranbrook this
woek on a visit to England,
The Odd Fellows excursion to Hal-
four, advertised for this evening, lias
been postponed until a future date of
which due notice will be given,
Tlio directors of the bank of Toronto
are contemplating the establishment of
n branch ot thoir bank at some point
in the Kootenay probably at Nelson.
W, Orr Paterson, a mining mau
from the Coat river district was iu
Nelson .yesterday. He reports great
activity ' in mining all over the district.
The Salvation army has appointed
the dates of this year's harvest festival
celebrations to bo Saturday, Sunday,
Monday and Tuesday, September 10,
11, 13, and 18,
David Brown, Spokane; H. M. Fttl-
lerton, Branti'ord ; P. Welsh, Spokane |
H. E. SnoWing, Lt.-Col. Gardner,
James Hutchison, Montreal, are registered at llie Hume.
Four Indians found guilty of tlio
murder of William Medium in the
Klondike, have been sentenced by
Jndge McGnire to lie hanged at Dawson on November 10.
W. Muir returned yesterday evening
from a prospeoting trip up Rover
ereek. Ho panned all the way up the
creek and got good colors in every case.
He staked four clams.
Hon. T. Mayne Daly and D. M.
Bogle of Rosslniid have gone   to   Vict
oria as delegates to the provincial conservative conference to bo held Thursday and Friday of this week.
Hon. Joseph Martin, attorney general in tlie new government continues
lo surprise the clerks and other officers
in the department by going down to
the office at H o'clock in the morning,
Tho hills in the vicinity of Rossland
are already taking on tne garb of
winter and prospectors report that the
nighls are so frosty as to make sleeping out in the open very uncomfortable.
Rev. T. W. Cunliffe of Maple Creek,
who spent a couple of weeks ill Nelson, the guest of R?v. H. S. Akehurst,
occupied the pulpit of St. Peters church
Revelstoke on Sunday last on his return borne.
I. tt. (',. Van wart of Calgary, has a
notice in the Alberta Tribune stating
that he will apply to the parliament of
Canada at its next session for a divorce
from his wife who is now a resident
of Oakland, Cal., on tlie ground of desertion.
The British Columbia Gazette contains a notico of a vacation of the
county court of Kootenay from Aug. 10
lo October l.hoth inclusive,also a notice
that the plebiscite on tho prohibition
question will he held on Thursday
September 21).
A labor day celebration will lie held
in Kossland on September 10. Among
the other events will be the firemen's
races, for which a purse will be
offered, whioh it is expected will attract teams from Nelson, Trail, Knslo,
Sandon and Northport.
The welcome rain of yesterday appears to have been general over tho
Kooienay district, and besides cooling
the atmosphere has the beneficial effect
of subduing the forest* fires which were
raging on the mountain sides in different ports of the eountry.
To a Winnipeg reporter, Hon. Geo.
Foster, who visited Nelson a short timo
ago stated that business in the inining
regions is now down to a practical
basis and though there are some who
are not doing well the great majority
of Ibe miners are milking money.
A fire occurred at Slocan City yesterday morning at 4 o'clock in which the
bakery department of Mr. M. Markc-
son's store and an adjoining building
belonging to J. Bruer of Nelson, were
burned to (he ground. Had it not been
for the rain which was falling at the
lime, Ihe whole city would havo been
General Manager W. Whyte of the
western division of the C. .P R., and
(ieneral Superintendent Marpole, will
be in Nelson aliout the cud of the
week. They will also go to inspect
the work of widening the gungo of
the Columbia & Western railway.
Nearly one-half of the work of widening tbe   truck   has ulreud.v been rum-
President J. J. Hiii, of the Great
Northern railway, accompanied hy
Messrs. D. O, Corbin, president of the
N. & V. tt. railway; O. Shields, vice
president of the S. F. & N. railway,
and other railway officials are expected
to be here on Saturday or Monday next
to arrange for the transfer of the railway to the Great Northern and to inspect the line and make arrangements
for improvements iu the service generally.
R. McGuire, assistant manager of
the Molly Gibson mine, arrived in the
city yesterday evening. Mr. McGuire
was requested by the South Kootenay
board of trade to bring in a specimen
of oro for tlie mineral exhibit at the
New Westminster exhibition, The
specimen sent in by him to John A.
Turner, secretary of tho board, assayed
481 ounces in silver and 54.8 ounces in
lead to the ton and is one of the finest
samples of silver lend ore over brought
to the city.
Aug. 23���
Bertha���J. Traxell, }., mi from head
of Grohmnn ck. formerly Bertha
Cairngorm���J. P. Roberts, on
mountain, formerly Glenoairn.
Aug. 24���
Mono  Fraction���E. Melley, at
of Kokanee ck. adj Vieetis
Spencer���A. Peterson, on n fork of
Salmon river, adj Domingo.
Norway���E. Nelson, at head of
Whiskey ck, formerly Canadian Chief.
Jack Pot���.7. P. Swedberg, on w
side of Eagle ek, adj White Swan.
Greenwood���O. Johnson, on w side
of Eagle ck, adj Hardserabble.
Josie���A. Whittet, ou  Toad   mt,   %
mi n of Silver King, formerly Grand.
Aug. 25���*
Sitting Bull Fraction���Salmo Consolidated Gold Mining & Development
Co. Ltd., between Sitting Bull and
Yellow Jack mineral claims.
Sadie���A. J. Campbell. F. Britton,
betweeu Bear and Porcupine cks,
adj Calgary.
Maria���j. H. Campbell, on Clearwater ck, adj Queen.
Queen���E. L. Page, same, adj Mackinaw.
Pittsburg���W. Feeuey, on
1% mi e of Silver King,
M.   Ross���,T.   J. Driscoll, oou  Toad
mt., 1 mi e of Silver King.
Aug. 20���
Dewey ��� Franz Unfred
Sheep and Bear cks, adj Clipper.
Wonder���Walter R.'Cox, on Bear ok,
10 mi from Salmo.
Gem���John A. Thomson, William
Riley, 1 mi s e of Erie on Gilliam ck.
Golden Bar���Jas. Astley, on n fork
of Clearwater ck.
Lorano���Josoph Ginehet, on Slate
ck, !i mi from Salmon.
Glenora���Same, same.
West Rover���T. O. Skatbo, on e side
of west Rover ck, % mi from old
Whitewater trail.
Schley���Oie Skatbo, same, same.
Bandicoot���W.    H.   Bam bury,   near
head of Sandy ck, 5 mi s of  Kootenay
Aug. 27-
North Star���A. Campbell, between
n fork of Salmon river and Rover ck.
Dunlop���E. B. Dunlop, ,T. B. Thompson, at head of Six Mile ck. adj Swiss.
Goldfinch���N. Evcrson, at month of
Wild Horse ck, adj Black Hawk.
Manila���E. Taylor, on Sheep ck.
ndj Kusty.
Santiago���T. A. Gossett, same, for-
nierlv Bryan.
Ethel Ii���T. L. Lillie, between
Anderson aud Cottoywood cks, formerly Empire.
Lanark���Same, on e fork of Cottonwood ek, formerly Jennie.
Gold Hill���P. McBrido, on Barrett
ek, formerly Annex.
TjiieViiwiiiiiia���I. J. jMoMullnu, same,
Oregon���O. Johnson, 5 mi w of Hall
Toad mt.
past Chce
Perhaps during thc
excitement your supply of Printed Stationery has been
used up. If so we
shall be pleased to
fill an order for you.
Letter Heads,
Bill Heads, Envelopes,
Posters. Dodgers,
Shipping   Tags,    Etc..
are right in our
line of business
ancl while we do
not claim to do
worlt at the
cheapest price,
lot of
Ice Cream Freezers
which no well appointed
home should be without
during the warm weather.
We have also constantly
on hand a full line of . .
Plumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offer-
ingat very low prices.
Work Progressing���A   Railway  to
Built to Open Up the Country.
J. H. Love of Nelson returned yesterday from a visit to tlie Lardeau
country, accompanied by 0. R. Tryon,
a prominent banker and grain dealer
from Manitoba, who is largely interested in the President, group on Houser
lake. They inspected tho proporty and
report good showings on tlio different
claims constituting the group.
The Gold Hill company are working
a number of men building trails and
opening up claims. A party of surveyors are at w'ork on Houser lake locating the twelve miles of railway
from Argenta to Howser, the charter
for which is held by the K. L. D. Co.,
and which is expected to be completed
this fall to give an outlet for the ores
of Ihe district.
Some American   Soldiors  Made   Good
Their  Deadly Threats.
Among the minor incidents of the
war have been the frequent racial
quarrels betweeu the American soldiers and negroes. Tlie latest, and one
of the worst, instance of this occurred
last week in Chattanooga, when a
negro peddler was stouetl to death in
the camp, and two others wero badly
injured. One will die. Tho trouble
started Tuesday night, when Quartermaster-Sergeant Jacob Frank, of tho
New York 9th was knocked under a
train at Chattanoogo by a negro named
Cattrolle and fatally injured. Tbe
members of the regiment swore thoy
kill any negro caught in the vicinity
of tlieir eamp. Yesterday two negro
pedlers took up tlieir usual stand near
tho Now York Regiment. They were
immediately surrounded by au angry
mob of the soldiers armed with sticks
aud stones. The colored men attempted to escape, but a shower of
rocks stopped them. Ono of the men
was killed and the other recoived injuries that it is thought will prove
fatal. A negro pio vendor ventured
into the camp of the 1st New Hampshire later on. Tho wagon was looted,
and but for the timely arrival of tho
guard tlie negro would have beeu
Vancouver & Nelson, B. C.
At. the meeting of the city council
on Monday afternoon the city engiueor
reported that the water of the east
fork of Anderson creek had been diverted into the west fork and that this
had increased the supply in the resor-
voir by 200,000 gallons. At present
the supply of water in tlie reservoir is
not, in his opinion,sufficient to supply
tho requirements of tho city and also
supply the Hall Mines smelter. As an
agreement has been entered into by
tho council to supply the smelter with
water it was suggested lhat several
creeks in the vicinity of Cottonwood
might be turned into tho electric light
dam and the extra supply be used
either to increase the elliciency of the
electric light scrvico or to supply tho
smelter witli water. Tlio capacity of
tho present water works reservoir is
1,000,000 gallons, which was estimated
at time of construction to lie sufficient
lo supply a city of 10,000 population
but at this season of tlio year the supply is always short.
Manitoba is within easy distance of
assuranco that her granaries will have
to accommodate at least to, 000,000
bushels of prime grain when tliis harvest is threshed, and the clean-up of
the granaries means the placing of a
great volume of money in actual circulation in this province. Tho last
official report upon the crops must
carry much satisfaction to the business
men as well as to the farmers in tho
province, promising as it does a jubilant harvest-home and consequent revenues to all tho commercial and industrial interests.���Winnipeg Free
The Globo referring editorially to
the questiou raised as to whether barrooms must be closed on tho day of
the prohibition plebiscite, quotes section 0 of tho Plebiscite act, and section Hi) of the Dominion elections act,
and says certainly the bar-rooms must
bo closed under tho act.
To Eastern and European Points.
To Pacific Coast and Transpacific Points.
To Rich and active Mining Districts   of Klondike and Yukon.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Poinls
Tickets   issued through and Bag1-
g-.tgv. checked to destination.
To Rossland
G.lflp in.-Leaves
md  .Main   Line points
N ELSON���Arrives-lO.JO p.m
Kootenny Lake���Knslo Itoiilt'.
Stk. Kokanek
Except Sundny. Except Sut.day
I   p.m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���11   a.m
Calling at way ports in botli directions.
Mon. F
liiiiili'iniy Rlvrr Itonle.
Str. Nelson.
Won. Fri,
7 a. m.���Leaves���NELSON-Arnvcs--8.00 p. m
Tnes. Wed. 'I'liurs. Sat.
7. a m���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���10.30 p.m
Outward connection Pilot Bay with Str. Kokanee, bul inward such connection made Mondays and Fridays onlv.
Str. calls way ports in both directions wh
Trains  lo nud rrom   Slocan City, Sandon
ami  slocan   lake   Poinls.
(Sundays Excepted)
9 a. m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���2.20 p. m.
Asceiitain Present
Reduced Rates East
and full information
looal agent, or GEO.
Agonl, Nelson,
Tray. Pass. Agent,
by   addressing nearest
S. BEER, City Ticket
Dist. Pass. Agent.
Good Work
Fair Price
We keep in Stock
nearly all Custom,
Legal and Mining
Forms and will print
anything you may
The Daifu Miner
is meeting with good
success and if not on
our list you should
be. We deliver it to
your home for one
month for one dollar
or six months for
five dollars.
Tenders for tbo purchase of the prcperty
knownas the Methodist Parsonage, being lots
15 and IIJ. block 111, with the bouse thereon, are
invited by the trustees of the Methodist church.
Sealed tenders addressed to the secretary of the
board, F. XV. .Swannell, Box 71, must be in by
August 31st.
The lowest or nny tender not necessarily ac
The owner of tho Free Gold, Forty Nine
creek, wants shaft now down 2', feet lo be continued from 20 to oil feel, deeper, work to be
done as soon as possible. Tenders to be mailed
by September lst. A proposition to purchase
or develop tho prospect for a part interest,
would bc considered.
J. FOLINSBEE, Strathroy, Ont.
Having bought the Kootenny Cigar Factory
from Ehrlich and Neelands. we hereto give
notice that we will be responsible for all debls
of thc late llrm and that all accounts are payable to us. All claims against said factory
must be presented bv the lirst of September.
Nelson, B. C, August 24, 1SII8.
The municipal authorities of St.
Petersburg hnvo issued orders forbidding women bicyclists to wear
skirts. They must wear bloomers or
tho "rational dress," as tho wind
blows too capriciously in Russia's
capital for skirts to bo worn with decency.
Can  We  do  Business
with You ?
Zhe   fllMner
ptfl. 8* Pub. Co.
1 DO
For One Cent a Word?
You can find a buyer for "Any
Old Tiling " if you advertise.
���rinssiiii <l Advertisements.
All advertisements iu is column are
1 cent a word each Insertion. No advertisement taken for less Ihan 25 cents.
Old papers at
per hundred.
Tun  MINERlofflco,   25 cents
FOUND.���A small key, National Cash Register.   Apply "Miner" olilce.
ML'SIC LESSONS. ��� On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. W, J. Astley, Itobson street,
two doors west, of Stanley.   P. O. Box 180.
Position wanted by competent lady as assist
ant, in general olilce, clerking, copying, or assistant in photo gallery city or country.
Address N., Miner olilce
mum   AGENCY.
Baker Streot.
J. H. Love. THE  MINER   WEDNESDAY,  AUGUST 31,   189S.
Some Gratifying Results of
Liberal Rule.
Canada's Best Trade is With Great Britain
Some Tory Lies Exposed   Eastern Eailroad Competition.
Ottawa, Aug. 27.���While the net results of the year's commercial trans-
actions hnvo been already announced,
the more detailed returns that are now
to hnnd offer some interesting figures i
which urojwell worth looking over.
The immense increase of the total
trade of the Dominion has already been I
made public and received with unqualified satisfaction by all true Canadians of whatever political stripe but
with imperial instinct so strongly
Upon us, it is a matter of no small
gratification to find how rapidly busi j
ness is developing with the empire nt
The total trade for the year is an-;
liounced at the unprecedented figure of ;
1804,091,730 a* against $257,168,802 or!
hn increase of nearly ��47,000,000 in the ;
year. Of this grand total the imports j
were $140,805,950 and the exports
$159,485,770 giving a balance on the
t'ight side of nearly $20,000,000. The
balance is growing for while the imports of 1S9S exceeded those of 1807 by
521,000,000, the exports have grown to
nearly $25,500,000. Upon this vast increase the duty collected increased i$2,-
064,663, in spite of the considerable reduction in the tariff.
tto much for the general figures; iu
the returns that have special reference
to Great Britain we find that last year
Canada imported $82,837,000 as against
$39,828,000 for the previous year. But
While imports from Great Britain were
ouly $82,827,000 the goods she took
from us ran up to $104,787,000 or a balance in our favor of nearly $72,000,-
000. With the United States the con
ditions were exactly the reverse and
in snite of  artificial  obstructions   the
DuUiiuUm    It-u-^-fo-x ir...*    *-���,���     t\i���    -....il,
$86,658,700, sending back in return
ouly $41,122,000 or in other words, for
every $1 tho United States spent in
Canada, Canada spent more than $2 in
return. Of this $41,000,000, mineral
aud lumber make up more than one-
half, agricultural products aud manufactured goods being only a small percentage of the whole.
That Great Britain is the market for
Canada's vast agricultural supplies is
most clearly shown bv the fact that
lust year she took nearly $40,000,000
worth of animals, $:)7,688,000 agricultural products, $15,688,000 in lumber, etc., $4,822,000 products of the
fisheries or a total of $07,782,000 out of
the grand total of $104,787,000.
Prom these figures it will bo seen
that the tendency of trade is most perceptibly turning toward Great Britain
nud when it is remembered that the
full effect of the preferential tariff lias
only now become operative it will be
seen readily that this tendency will be
very largely increased in the immediate future. In the meantime it is
worthy of note that every additional
return only emphasises the magnificent
prosperity and unexampled progress
which our country is enjoying these
It may be in the recollection of our
readers that some two months ago a
sensational article appeared in an
Ottawa paper and was extensively
copied in tho east to the effect that
mutiny had broken out among the
Yukon troops on account of the hardships to which they were being subjected, through the incompetency and
mismanagement of the department of
militia and defense. Tho story has
had time to reach Telegraph creek and
has been met by au indignant and
emphatic and most unqualified denial
from the members of tho forco.
Quarter-Master Sergeant Harris of the
Royal Canadian Dragoons, who is a
member of the force,writes to a friend
in Winnipeg characterising tlie statement as "a tissue of lies" and tlieu
proceeds to point out the very obvious
decrepencies in the details of the story
that the writer incautiously attempts
to give.   Sergeant Harris says:
"From the timo we left Ottawa
until the present time nothing approaching even subordination,let alone
mutiny, has occurred. Thoro is not
tho slightest cause for anything of this
kind. The men are being well treated
aud things could not have possibly
gone better than they have. We are
having a hard trip, but nevertheless a
splendid one. Our food supplies as
furnished by tho government arc excellent nud in ample quantities. Tho
men aro greatly indignant at such a
foul report, and feel for their commanding officer, who is looking after
their interests vory keenly, on this
hard trip. " Thus another calumny is
relegated to the silent ('i, majority.
The    transportation    question,   tho
most   momentous  problem which   tho J
Westorn farmer has to solve, is steadily j
becoming simplified.   Not only aro tho
rates being reduced by the C.   P.   R.,
in conformity  to  the undertaking en- J
lered into when the Crow's Nest railway contract was awarded, but direct,
competition is developing which cannot but have a most beneficial effect.
The   Canadian   Atlantic   railway  has
! completed arrangements by which it is
in a position to carry western grain
from Parry Sound to Coteau Landing,
thereby connecting the boats running
Oil Lake Superior with ocean boats
from Montreal. In addition to the
competition thus effected, the actual
distance is considerably lessened, and
so strong a competitor has tlie Canada
Atlantic become that the American
boats are even now complaining of the
\ manner  in   wliich   their  business  is
ibeiMg cut into.
Reference was made   in these letters
a couple of  weeks ago to the action of
1 the department of the interior in leas-
I ing a portion of the water front at
Dawson City to Mr. Alex. Macdonald,
nnd it was then shown that tho transaction wns an excellent business deal
resulting in  a substantial  gain to the
.public exchequer, lt now appears from
information received through an independent source direct from Dawson
Oity that   Mr. Macdonnld   secured thc
Ifranchise   in   public competition with
I five other tenderers, the successful
bidder simply obtaining thc   privilege
i because he offered   the  biggest   price.
i Moro than tliat, the lease is for one
year only, after which the property reverts to the government. These facts
have probably escaped the attention of
those win have been declaring tlint thc
! lease wns  granted   in  perpetuity and
! without competition.
Here is n choice note in the Mail
nnd Empire Iho other day: "Mr.
Fielding hns added five million to the
debt in one month.'' As experts in
arithmetic tho editorial writers of the
opposition press stand unrivalled in
this or any other age. Of course they
will attempt to explain that "one
month," sliould rend, "one year,"
but even then the statement lacks the
essential of truth, nnd the falseness of
ir, simply becomes a matter of degree.
1390      PnOViNCIA'-      1338
unilcr the direction of
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial
Society of British Columbia.
OCT. 5 to 13 Inclusive
Pints, Quarts and Half Gallons.
Tea Pots all Sizes
Butler Crocks
Milk Pitchers
Pie and Pudding Dishes.
and a Full Line of CHINA & GLASSWARE.
Complete Supply of .  .  .
Groceries, Summer Beverages, Etc.
Citizens'GpandYearfuCerebration:quality   nequaled prices rk inj
New Westminster
in Gonjtfction wiili tliu
q pmzrcs ��
The Premium List is the Largest
ever offorod West ot Toronto.
Pyro-Spectuculur Bombardment ol  Santiago
de Cuba and Blowing up oi the "Hainc."
Followed by an iip-to-dato Fire Works Display,
whioh 1ms boen speotally soeurod tor Knur
Nights at an enormous expense
Lacrosse and Baseball Matches, Bicycle fleet, Aquatic, Sailor and
Caledonian Sports, Promenade
Concerts, Horse Races.
Bog Sliow.  Open to the World.
The Finest Bunds in tho Province
will provide Music.
Special l'ntps over all Railway and
j Steam bout Lines.
No entrance fees charged for Ex-
, hibi;s.
Premium Lists, Entry Forms, aha
full informuMofi on application to
MAYOR OWENS        XV. ll. KimoNDS.
Chairman Cel. rom. Secy. Cel. Com.
Pres. It. A. & 1. Poo.     Beoy. R. A. & I. Soc.
\Y. II. KICAllY,
Exhibition Commissioner,
Strike  on   si   Nine-Foot  Vein of  $-10
Rock   in   Boundary.
Grand Forks, Aug; 80.���Pay ore wu
struck yesterday in thfe Riverside prop
erty near this plaoe. The ore is in a
solid ledge nine feet in width between
defined walls. It itssuys $40 in gold
und copper.
The owners of this claim, Messrs.
Bentley und Huntley, of this town,
have it force of miners ut work cross-
cutting the IjBdge.
The work up to this time consists
of sinking a shaft on the lead, the
bottom und walls of which ure now in
solid ore.
Rep&ired. AJtercd, Cleaned, PreBflod
und Dyed by ihe Nkw Process at
Reasonable Pl'tcCH,
STEVENS, The Tah.dk.    ���--?
Boom 0, IIii.i.ykk Hue,  NELSON.
P. S.���Ladies Wool Dress Goods Sponged
before Iliikiiij,' Up.
���Jaw   ^-iinr"^   mtaM^m-maS
Iii Carload Lots
Slocan River Mills, Slocan City, IJ. C,
Sawmill for sale, Correspondence Solicited.
A Large   Variety   below   the
Ordinary Price.
Manufncrurci's of
Iliilejiiii lliil Spi'liigfi M'nier Aerated mnl
Mi[i|,!leil lu llie Trade.
Satchels, Grips, Valises
Thomson Stationery Co.
lias taken over the practice of
Dr. II. E. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   hy latest  methods.   .   .
Itrnlicii lllll III.mIl
llakci' SI,
will be given at
Tfiur&dau   Euenino   Sept,   1st
All ure Cordially Invited.
NOTICE is hereby niven tliat tliu partnership
lioretnforo oxIbIIuk between J. s. MoUlellftBd
and H. 1). Asbcroft under the Mnn inline of
Ashcroft* & McClellunil is this chiy dissclvecl
by mutual consent. .1. s. McClelland retiring,
II. II. Ashcroft still continues lhe business anil
Is liable for nil indebtedness from Aiijjt. 1. All
outstandinK nccounts .. list be paid to ihe firm
of Ashcroft & McClelland on or boforo Auk.
16. And all accounts against Ibe firm must be
I'l'csenled hy that. date.
Nelson, It. <,., Auk. oth, 1898.
J. 8. MoCi.ELLA.ND
Corporation   of  the
City of Nelson.
_!_> persons using Electric I.Ight in the oily
and nol paying an "all night'' rate Iherefor,
will he cnarged an additional monthly rate for
such light, unless the same is iiirned oil' after
business hours in places of business and by 12
o'cloek midnight in private residences.
Hyoidc. J. K. STRACHAN.
1)7 Oity Clerk
Nelson, B, C, August L'G, 1898.
Brewei'8 of Fine Lager
Beer and I'orter.
Drop in   and see   us.
Steamship Lines
From Montreal or Quebec
Heaver Line   Lako Huron Oct.  fl
Heaver Lino���Lake Superior Oct. 12
Dominion Line   Vancouver Sept 17
Dominion Ltno  Scotsman 8-optlO
Allan   I.ine-Califoriiian Scpt22
Allan Line-Niiinidian Oct.   I
From New Vork
Whlto|Stnr I.iiic-Teulonle Sept L'.S
While Slur Line - -Britannia Del.  5
Cunard  Line   l.iicanla Oct.   1
Cunard Line    Elrnila  Oct.   8
Allan State Line   Stale of Nebraska... .Oct. 21
Allan Stale Line   Mongolian ..Oct.  7
Anchor Line   Kurnessia Sepl.2-1
Anchor Line���Anchorla Oct. 22
Cabin, 948.00, IM, Ibo, KO $80 and upwards.
Intormodlato, {34.00 and upwards
siceriigc. |22,00and upwards,
Passengers tlokotod llirough to all poinls in
Ureal Britain or Ireland, nnd nt spocial)y low
rales lo all parts of llm European conti lent.
Prepaid passages arranged fnnn all point!
Apply  lo OEO.  s.  HEEII,   CP.lt.  'I ckc
Agent. Nels or lo,     WILLIAM STIT'I
.'���641   General Agent, C.P.K. Olllces. Winnipeg.
Notico is hereby ulven tlmt jlxty (001 days
af lei date I Intend to apply to thr Chlof Com.
niissioncr of Land and \\ orkfl for permission lo
purchase throe hundred and twenty (320) acres
unreserve erown land, more or less:
Commencing at a stake inaikcd "H. "W.'s N.
E. north-east corner", thence eighty (W)) chains
south; thence forty (l'i) chains west; thence
eighty i80i chains north; ilionco forty (40J
chains ea*t to point of commencement; situated
near tho head of Kokanee Creek about ten
miles from Koote ny Lake, Nelson Mining
Division, West Kootonny District.
Dated Ibis 2nd August 18118.
Nelson, 13. C, Aug. 2, 18U8.
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables every morning.
Special attention to Mail Orders.
Kirkpatrick lul Wilson, ^
r St. * Tel. iol
0^ The KING Hat %&
Something Dressy and Up-to-Date
Quality Guaranteed.
P. 0. Store
Are Saving Money every day
on their Hardware Bills by
allowing us to figure with them.
Get Uur Prices Estimates Cheerfully Giveil
Tel. Nil.  21.
Lawrence  Hardware Co'}
Civil Kngineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and (ieneral Agents, Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries P-.iblic,   Ute...
FOR SALE  __�����Wsx\vts��N-k
('inner Lot nn Vermin St., with Building.    12 Lots i
���I II'' ���Cheap.   2 Lets Oor. Josephine and Robson,
FOR RENT _____��������,����
2 Lots and Dwelling near Cor Stanley st, on Olist
St., S12 per month. Dwolliug on Silica St., near Ce
82H per month.    House und 2 Lots, Houston St.   .$15
Call and see our full list of property For sale  in   "Hu
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street,  NELSON,  B
n ni']
I'Vlll I
All  Communications relating to British Columbia busini
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager ��.,��-<���   ^.^��.t    t-��
S. S. Fowler, E. M., NELSON,   B.
Mining Engineer J m
Charles D. J. Christie
FORIRENT���Furnished House and 2 lots, Cor. Cedar and Victoria, $|
���1 roomed Houso, $11.00. 1 roomed House, $15, :i roomed H]
Cor. Stanley and Victoria, {20.00,   A large Boarding House,
FOR SALE--6 roomed Cottage, 2 lots, Cor Kootenay and Oliservulory,]
finish, painted, good fence, $12i)0.    2 good Lots, Addition "A"J
Call and see our Wallace Acetylene Gas Machine.
PABST : : : I
A Trial   will   convj
that the  World's   Leal
Beer loses none of its
qualities by  being  boj
in our own country.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.
Victoria Street - NELSON, ll


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