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The Miner Nov 24, 1898

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Array Daily Edition No  170.
Nelson, British Columbia, Thursday Morning, November 24, 1898.
Ninth Year
for Men, Women and
At 50 Cents Per Pair
You can walk  our slippery  streets with ' perfect  ease and
safety if you wear them
Who  Would Surely Have
Whipped Him
Sharkey Was in Better Form Than Oorbett
tnd the Latter's Seoonda Saw Defeat
and Broke the Rules.
New York, Nov. 23.���Commenting
upon the Sharkey-Oorbett fiasco nnd
the action of MoVey iu jumping iu the
ring, the Sun today says: "Tbe soli:-
tion that seems most logical with a
majority wss that there waB a fear iu
the Corbett comer ilmt lie might be
beaten summarily, aud that by breaking the rules in tbis way ho oould lose
the fight in a manner th%t would not
bring discredit upon his reoord Tbere
waa 110 doubt iu the nine rounds Sharkey wns stronger, more aggressive un1
more powerful in notion than Oorbett.
The latter boxed in the oleverest possible manner and scored repentedly on
Shnrkey's faoe and body.but thore was
no stenm in hiB punches nnd those
who had seeu him whip Sullivan six
years ngo said he bnd gone baok. He
did not look as strong as when he appeared in the Madison square garden
just prior to his meeting with Sullivan. Be looked drawn, his legs wero
thin aud his body did not seem to bn
as muscular as it used to be. In fact,
after the fight had gone a oouple of
rounds, there were many Corbett men
in tha house who feared -the worst.
All the punching that Oorbett could
give Sharkey had no effect on him.
Oorbett lauded squarely ou the point
of the jaw with both hands ou several
occasions, but he oould not phase thc
sailor. The lntter on the other hand
put in some tremendous smashes on
Corbett's head nnd body, which undoubtedly made the lntter fearful of
tho result.
"It was in view of nil this tbat the
inpression gained ground that Oor-
b t 's handlers belioved tbat he might
1 ejbenten. There is no question of
doubt thnt ho eoald uot stop Sharkey
inside the limit, for in the 8th round
he fought himself nlmost out, landed
the hardest blows of the fight, nnd yet
found the smlor bobbing up in front
of him just tbe same."
They Meet at Syraonse aud the Lntter
is Badly Beaten.
Syracuse, Nov. 28.���Tommy Ryan,
the champion welter weight, went
against Johnny Gorman, of Brooklyn,
before the Monarch Athletio olub, in
this oity tonight, nnd was awarded
the decision by referee "yank" Sullivan, Gorman's mnunger throwing
up the spon. ���"nt the end of the eighth
round of whnt wns to have been n 20
round go. Ryan stnrted in from the
beginning of fight nt Gorman's stomach and wind. In the third round
Gorman landed on Ryans' head several times and warmed the welter
weight ohampion up. Gorman wns
slow but gnme. Ryan's punches on
the wind began to tell in the fifth
round. In the sixth nnd seventh Gorman was severely punished and Rynn
hnd him going when the gong sounded.
Gorman seemed quite fresh when the
eighth round opened, but Rynn went
nt hihl haramiSr and tongs. Gorman
was soon unable to defend himself and
when Rvah lauded with right nud
left hard in the ribs in quiok succesi
sion, Gorman fell to the floor. He
tried to rise, but seemed unabW to do
so. Tbe gong sounded to oount and
his seconds carried him to his corner.
A physioinn examined him and de.
olared that one of his ribs was broken.
Gorman was clearly no mntoh for
He Has Mnde Reforms at Dnwson Oity
Thnt are Appreciated.
The Dawson City Miner, of Dawson
City, in its issue of Ootober 15, -contains a report of n meeting whioh delegates of the  miners'   committee  had
with Commissioner Ogilvie. Various
matters were discussed, P. R. Ritchie,
of Vancouver, being one of thoso who
took part.
Col. MoGregor asked questions concerning the post office and was told
that nobody except officinls were now
allowed behind the boxes and that a
large amount of work had been done to
facilitate the dispatch of mnil. (Hear,
hear.) Mr. Ogilvie further stated the
pleasing news that letters could be obtained at the Forks by those who gave
tbeir names to the postmaster. It wns
uot neoessary for anybody to pay a
cent to anyone to have their mail delivered but, of course, people could do
so^if jtlieyjlikeil to pay a person to get
their mail for them, but tbat mail
oould only be obtained in the usual
manner now in vogue���namely, in
ront of the boxes.
Dr. McDougall spoke strongly of
many oases of hardship which had occurred to miners through tbe incompetency iu tbe gold cominissoner's
office in which he was supported by
Mr. Armstrong.
Mr. Ogilvie assured the deputation
tbat since coming into (he oountry he
bad done his best to mnke things
straight, (hear, hear), and that when
he foui.d anybody iu the government
employ noting in nny dishonest man
nor be would immediately suspend
him nud, if proven guilty, would mive
Ihe offender punished, Vague charges
had been made ngninst tlie clerks in
the gold commissioner's office; some
definite charges he bad already investigated and acted on thom, and he was
anxious to hnve all thu records made
public as soon as possible so that nny
miner could get into the office and by
paying a very small fee could look tip
the history of every claim. He hoped
shortly to publish a list of vacant
claims for the benefit of the publio.
He wishes to Avoid the Dishonor of Sui-
rondo'iug   Ouba to  the  United
Wnshington, Nov. 23.���No surprise
js expressed iu government circles here
nt the news of General Blanco's resignation. It is known thnt some time
ago the general sought to resign the
office of Captain-General of Cuba and
he was induced to retain that post
only by appeals to his patriotism on
tbe part of the Madrid government.
It in supposed thnt his purpose is to
avoid whnt he mav regard ns the dishonor of surrendering the gem of the
Antilles to the United Stntos. The
Caption General of the Philippines
took the same course. General Arolns,
the second in command, is likely to
hnve .the unpleasant duty of surrendering Spanish sovereignty ovor Cuba. Ii
is believed thut Bluuco's notion will
not in nny wny effect tho evncnatioii.
save in the possibility it contains of
inciting trouble nmoiig the Spnuish
Washington, Nov. 2!!.���The wur.department today issued the flrst of tho
general orders looking to tho occupation of the central und western provinces of Cuba bjLUfaited Stntes troops.
The order contemplntes tho eurly be
ginning of tbo movement, as tho Spanish troops aro oxpoctod to havo made
progress with tho evneuntion movement early in December.
The following is a sketch of the
career of Mr. H. A. McLean recently
appointed deputy attorney general for
British Columbia:���Mr, McLean was
horn at Woodstock, New Brunswick,
nn December Oth, 1857, and is there
fore now nbout 41 years of age. He is
a decendnnt of U. E Loyalist stock.
He was educated at the Ottawa grammar school and collegiate, and studied
law from 1878 to 1883 in the law office
of Stewart, Crysler & Gormally.of that
city,* He was called to the bar of Ontario in 1883, and went to Manitoba the
same year and practiced law ih connection with Messrs. Martin & Curtis in
Portage la Prairie. Ho was appointed
to the office of deputy attorney-general for Manitoba In 1888, and con-
tinned in the position up to the time
of liis present appointment.
Terrific Explosion at Louisiana, Mo.
A  Number of Live* Lost and Muoh Property Destroyed���The Oause of the
Disaster Unknown. ��
Louisiana, Mo., Nov. 23.���A terrific
explosion occurred at the Hercules
Powder Works near Ashburn, in this
county, about 8 o'olook this morning,
causing the oarth'to tremble for many
miles around.
The packing house was completely
demolished, several otber buildings
damaged and at least six men killed.
The known dead are: Willie Wilson,
jr., son of tbo superintendent; Will
Charlton, J. Hollingreen, Abest
Wengle, Lloyd Smith aud Albert
The cause of the explosion is not yet
definitely known. There was u terriflo
roar nnd the walls and roof of the
pn 'king house wore thrown into the
air, ns though shot from n volonno.
Window glais wns shattered for a radius
of 10 miles. The employees were
thrown into the air by the force of the
explosion and their bodies fell baok
amid the wreck and burning debris.
Half a dozen persons were injured by
ffyiiig timbers and a number of nearby houses were struck. One house,
hnlf a mile nwny, wns almost demolished by n huge muss of briok nnd
mortar that fell upon it, while it was
still rocking from the foroe of the ex-'
plosion. Rescne parties ure at work,
trying to rench the buried men. A
speoial train wns made np in Hannibal
and a lnrge number of citizens hastened to the scene.
by the qualified voters of tbe island,
hut there will be property aud educational qualifications imposed on those
who voted for members of the upper
house of the legislature. The franchise
will not be extended to the Japanese or
Chinese in tbe islands, bnt the Portuguese who become citizens will not be
exoluded under the restrictions imposed. The commission will present
full ^details of the property a-Squired,
the income from tariff taxes, Hnd other
important fnots benring upon the government of the islands. Tbey estimate
that the property Beoured to the Unit -
��� 1 States will amount to more thin
110,000,000. The publio lands alone
are believed to be worth about five
million dollars. The report will be
presented to congress soon nfter it convenes.
Col.   Doinville Snys   the   Government
Will Build it. -The Royalty.
Toronto. Nov. 28.-An Evening Telegram cable from London says, Col.
Doinville, of the Dominion parliament
said the Canadian government propose
S-etate-irided railway from Skagway
via tbe Dalton trail to Selkirk nnd
Dawson, and predicts that the government will either reduce or remove altogether the royalty tax.
The Company's.Intentions Not Known
:. ..In New Haven.
tiondon, Nov. 28.���A Toronto Globe
cable says, the Daily Mail's Montreal
correspondent cabled yesterday that the
Canadian steamship company hnve ar-
ranged for conneotion with the Great
Western railway in stitrting the fast
Atlantio liner running to Milford
Haven beginning with ivt Paspabiao
in December. The company is not
known here nnd the -people well informed regarding the affairs of the Great
Western railway profess"Jignor��nce of
nny such arrangement, though the
compnnv js undoubtedly interested in
Milford Haven,
London. Nov. 28.���A despatch to the
Times from Athens, says that five
Tnrkish officers, who are charged with
the work of removing war material
from Crete, have arrived in Suda Bav.
The foreign admirals hnve forbidden
them to land. They bave also prohibited the removp.1 of the cannon from
Fort Izedin, which is to be blown Op.
San Francisco's Famous Hostelry
Totally Destroyed By Fire
There Were Over'Eight Hundred PersoDsin the Houbq
at the Time and Some of Them Had Thrilling
Experiences���A Brave Man Loses His
Life���Courageous Rescues By
....    Firemen.
Mux Lazar Told His Secret to   a   Gir
and She 1 etrayed  Him.
New York, Nov. 28. ���Tbe jury in
the case of tbe United States against
Max Lazar, the diamond denier, for
the forfeiture of about |40,000 worth of
diamonds which, it wus cburged, were
smuggled into the country from Europe
liy wny of Montreal without the payment of duty liy Lazar, returned n verdict todny forfeiting the diamonds to
the government. Lnznr is uuder indictment on the criminal charge of
having smuggled diamonds nnd his
nttornoys preferred to hold their do-
fence until the trial on the crimiual
charge cniue up, believing they said,
ilmt to hring forward their witnesses
now might* be to the disadvantage of
Lazur. A feature of the trial of the
suit just ended was the testimony giv
eu by Miss Ivy Crurede, an English
girl, who said thnt Lazar induced her
to travel ou the steamship with him ns
bis wife and to whom he showod the
Col. Piquart to   Be  Tried   by  Court
Pnris, Nov. 28���Mndnme Dreyfus
has received a letter from her husband
iu his own handwriting.
It is reported that Gonoral Zurlinden, military governor of Paris, and
former minister of wnr, bus signed n
decree directing tho Irinl of Colonel
Picqunrt by court martial for forgery
und divulgiug secret documents concerning tlie snfoty of the stuto. Tho
trial has been fixed for December 12.
Colonel Pioquart's examination before
the court of cassation in the Dreyfus
affair will be continued tomorrow.
Boston, NpVj 2n. ���A message received nt Hnrvard college observutory announces the discovery of u faint comet
by Mr. Ohiiso. assistant of the Yale
observutory, New Hnveu. Its position
nt the time of discovery. Nov. 14, wus
72.9 Greenwich time, right ascension
ten hours, seven minims, four seconds; declination - horili, 22 degrees,
a!) min,iles. 'Ho comet has a daily
motion In H A uf 24 minutes nnd iii
declination ft ur seconds.
At a meeting of miners held on
Tuesday evening, nt Sandon about 260
were present. It wns deoided to or-
gnnize a union and a committee was
appointed to ascertain the proper steps
lo secure a charter and promote the
suocess of the union by a canvas for
finances. The adjourned meeting will
be held pn Saturday evening, Nov 20.
The Commission Recommends a  Territorial  Form.
Washington, Nov. 23.���The commis
sion appointed by tho presidont to recommend a form of government for
the Hawaiian islands, as a part of the
United States, met at the Capitol tonight for the first time since leaving
Honolulu, Senators ('alien nnd Morgan, representative Hitt and Ji.dgo
Frenn being present. The commission
will reecommend n regulnr territorial
form of government,, with a governor,
a delegnte in oongress and a legislature.   The legislature will  be eleoted
Speculations as to Whether the United
PtitoB Will Adopt That Polioy in
the Philippines.
London, Nov. 24.���Tbe Daily News
in nn editorial in reference to the
"Open Door" policy in the Philippines
and tht constitutional difficulty it presents to Amorica, says: "In the United States, themselves, opinion is sharply divided over tbe futpre of the Philippines. Enthusiasm for American
expansion will bo considerably abated
if it means n proportionate extension
of the Dingley tariff. "
London, Nov. 23.���Tbe Madrid correspondent of tbo Daily MuU says:
"The ministers deny that the Americans have offered Spain equal commercial privileges in the Philippines.
Tbey declure. on the contrnry, that
the United Stntes commissioners hnve
only offered to negotiate, nfter a peace
treaty hns been signed, a speciol com-
mercinl trenty witb regard to Spanish
commerce.. The Americnns hnve demanded nn island in the Caroline group
as a coaling und cable station. "
London, Nov. 24.���The Berlin correspondent of the Times remarks this
morning on the 'scepticism of Germnn
critics regarding the sincerity of
America's intention to ndopt the open
door policy in the Philippines nnd
''.tiling iiiienliim to German speculation on the prospect of protection in
the American possessions in the Pacific says: "Tbe Neust Nachrichten
draws attention to tho treaty of 1877
between Spain, Great Britain uud Ger-
mnny, securing freedom of trnde in the
Suln*. archipelago for Anglo-Oermnn
shipping aud snys thnt Prince Bis-
mnrck nt thnt timo successfully contested Spain's claims to have the
.Stilus regarded ns belonging to the
Philippine group."
The correspondent draws attention
to the fact thnt n section of the German press"hastily assumes thnt America will clnim tbe Sulns" nud suggests thnt this is n point upou which
an understanding with Great Britain,
with a viow to joint aotion, appears
Paris, Nov. 23"���Baron de Courcel.
French ambassador to Great Britain, is in London to present his
letter of recall and arrange a dat*
for presentation of the credentials of
his successor, M. ''unbon.
Duluth, Minn.,Nov. 23.��� The steamer Tampa is reported wrecked on the
north shore of Lake Superior. The
crew.nccording to a despatch received
here from Two Harbors, is safe at
Heaver Bay. The Tampa is s large
San Franolsco, Nov. 28.���The Baldwin hotel caught fire at 8 :2�� a. m. and
it bus been entirely destroyed. Tbere
were|800 people, guests aud employees,
in the hotel when the fire broke out
and a number of the people are
thought to have lost thoir lives. A.
J. White is one of the victims-, but
before he gave up his life, tho gallant
fellow saved the lives of three women.
The fire is said to have started in the
kitchen, located iu the baaenient, on
the Ellis street side. The fire worked
its way up through tbe flue to the
sixth floor nud before the alarm wns
Bent the fire hnd gained great headway, The flrst nlnrm was followed by
others in rapid succession until fivo
call* had I.een sent in, summoning
every piece of npparatus at the com -
maud of the department. Thousands
of people were attracted by the succession of alarms and the glare of the
burning building and before the polico stretched the cordon ropes, the
orowds al most blockaded Market, Eddy,
Powell snd Ellis streets.
For years the Baldwin has been regarded' by the Are depnrtmeut as the
most dangerous fin-trap in San Francisco. Built of wood, six stories high,
with n unrrow and tortuous hallway,
it is a wonder thut hnlf of the people
in the hotel this morning escaped.
Tbey were slow to awaken, many were
dazed and stupefied by the smoke when
the pi lice, the firemen und tbe hotel
employees, hurrying through the hull
ways, kicked open doors and notified
the people of their great danger. When
Ihey managed to roach the windows
and flro escapes, there were uo lndders.
Many attemptod to jump from the
windows to the streets, hut were
warned not. to do so by the crowds below. Then the firemen got up their
hidden- and commenced taking the
people to the ground, rescuing many
iu this manner. In the interior of the
hotel un explosion in tbe theatre caused thut portion of the building to oavo
iu. This explosion also extinguished
the electric lights throughout tbe
building. There were manv people in
the upper halls uud corridors at thnt
time uud firemen und policemen were
trying to lead them to the Markot und
Powell street windows. The entire
top of the hotel was n blazing iihish.
Those in the street bolow could see
through the rifts in the smoke nlong
lliu uttic cornices, forms of men unit
women crouching and clinging to the
woodwork, which was already beginning to smoulder. Streams from 80
engines were boing poured upon the
blazing bnildiug from overy point of
vuuluge, but without auy apparent
effect. Explosion followed explosion.
Tho rqof of the building collapsed, tuk -
iug wilh it buck into the building n
number of thoso who bud been clinging for life to the attic gables.
The death of White was most dramatic. Three women appeared on tbe
cornice of tbo fifth floor on tbe Market
street side of the hotel. The firemen
could not reach tbem with ludders and
they stood helpless, screaming with
terror. Suddenly White came out of
a window carrying a small rope. With
this he lowered tbo women into the
arms of the firemen, who were waiting
at the windows, to the noxt floor, |,th��ii
he started down the rope, hand over,
hand. Half way dowu, the ropo parted
and the mnn who hud just saved three
lives was daBhed to the pavement. 100
feet below.
'"Lucky" Baldwin hud u narrow
escape from perishing in his own hotel.
Amid all tbo din he Blept peacefully
until his room was broken in and he
Was dragged from bis bed. H. I.
Kowalski, a well known attorney, wos
also dragged unconscious from bis bed.
He will recover. One of tbo most
thrilling incident of tho tire was the
rescue of A. H. Christie by fireman
Keogh. For a few minutes Christie
ran to and fro on the cornices of the
fifth floor, seeking in vain for Borne
way to esoape the rapidly approaching
flames. Fireman Keough, after many
efforts, managed to reach Christie and
bring bim down in safety.
The bnildiug of the hotel  began   in
1878 and it was finished in 1877. its
total cost, including ground pnd furniture, being $8,C0J,000. The building
was In the French Renaissance atyle
with Corinthian columns and Mansard
roof, six. stories high and with -the
principui dome 1(12 feet high. Tb��
hotel ocoupied the lot on the corner of
Market and Powell streets, extending
about 2C0 feet ou Market. 400 feet on
Powell and 800 ou Ellis street In the
building was tho Baldwin theatre
The street' floor of the building was occupied by tbe hotel, offices, barroom
und a number of stores. In the basement was un elnliorately fitted cafe.
Tho Baldwin theatre was completely
demolished by the falling of the fifth
floor. The entire effects of the "Secret
Service" company, whioh was filling
un engagement at that theatre, were
destroyed, nothiug whatever being
saved. The w-"ii,j ��� ,1,1 Htage settings
were vely v��lil...-;[.: A great deal of
jewelry nud money, belonging to
members of tho company, were also
lost. Tho Columbia theatre and plaoes
of business opposite the Baldwin were
damaged by water to the extent of
E- J. Baldwin, owner of the hotel,
is prostrated and unable to toll muoh
about bis affairs. He says he will not
��� 6'able to estimate his losses for some
days. H. V. Lake, manager of the
hotel, barely monagad to get out with
his wife nnd children, He says there
were 302 guests in the hotel.
Londou, Nov. 28.���The Pall Mall
Gazette this afternoon, commenting
OO the refereuco to the loyalty of the
French Cnnudiuna in Lord Aberdeen's
speech at tho Liverpool banquet, snvs
Jacques is now the pet of the oolonial
oflice and deserves it, despite of his
disposition to obey, without murmuring, a somewhat grasping ohuroh.
Utica, Ohio, Nov. 28.���The Wilson
bunk was robbed while the officials
wero nbsont for 15 minutes at dinner,
12.000 in registered bonda; $5,600
in coupon bonds, and $6,600 in
gold ujid currency being taken. Thero
is no oluo but trumps are supposed to
have done the work.
The steady advance in the price of
the white metal must be very encouraging to the owners of silver properties
as well as to tho residents of British
Columbia in general. Even if tbe
price remains as it is now. qnoted it
will mean the ushering in at au early
dare of a season of unparalleled prosperity for overy mining distriot in the
province. The silver pioperties of the
Slocun und Nelson division!, alone,
when extensively and systematically
operated, aro sufficient to produce a
most benoficinl effect npon the couatry
nt lnrge, whilo the results which will
bo experienced in Kootenny as soon ns
they aro bo worked will bo gratifying
in tlio extreme. The rise in silver is
uguin attracting the attention of tbe
investors in this direoton, and it will
uot be long until they take advantage of
the opportunities which await them.
Capital does uot require a great while
to look around in seeking for safe aud
legitimate investment, and if silver
continues to hold its own above the 80
mark, tbis fact will soon be demonstrated in the opening up of new prospects and the further development of
mines whioh have been lying idle for
some timo past.���Trade Review.
Mrlrorulojlml  Kcporl.
(DlmiTi-iii imiM Ukon by A. H. Holdich.I
LOW- BNOW     ��AB-
K8T     Kilo.  OSUTBt
Nov 17 Thursday 11. o ll.* *.n KM
Nov 18 Friday 10.S 33.6 111 M.M
Nov 19' Snturday 34.5 ��.0 0.14 tt.t��
Nor JO Sunday 33.5 ��7.0 0.01 ��� VM
Nov 21 Monday 30.0 85.0 1.00 98.00
Nov 22 Tucs,Iny J'2.0 25.t 8.06 17J*
Nor 23 Wcd'day 35.0 28.0 0.00 tt.U THE MINER, T HURSDAY,   NOVEMBER 24, 1898.
Wm ittiiur.
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on these husks, npou which   to  break
their teeth.    To some,  it   is  probably      .,   .
I  ,   . ..       .     ' ,r     ..   .      Notice is hereby given that  the un
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tion but as evidence of good faith. . . , . .   ,��� liquor, now held by Mrs.   Mary   Mal-
"""��� wh'ch requires a language of   its own lette on the prenii/ag situated   on  the
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Insure change.
Editor Nelson Miner,
Sir:���Will you kindly let me know
through the columns of your paper
what is being dene with the Bright
Prospects Gold Mining company's property and what is the shape it is iu at
present.    Yours truly.
[Work has been suspended. Con
tractor Wright has disappeared, and
pending a settlement of his nooounts
(whicli are forming the subject of litigation) nothing is being done on the
property. ]
The effect  of having a strong,   able,   Nov. 19.���
honest man at the head of affairs in
the Yukon iB well seen since Mr.
Ogilvie assumed the administration of
that region. His oharaoter as a just
and impartial man preceded him, for
at his approach, it is reported, many
persons of questionable occupation in
Dawson found it to their interest to
to flee from before him. It bas heen
noticed, too, that tbe scandals and
obarges of dishonesty whioh were rife
some time ugo; hnve oeaaed. To a deputation that waitod upon him the
other day, the administrator said tbnt
since coming into the oountry he bad
done his best to make things straight
nnd that when he found anyone iu the
government employ acting in a dishonest manner, he would bave the
offender punished.
One of the chief causes of complaint
formerly was favoritism and obstruo
tive tactics in tbe gold commissioner's
office. Mr. Ogilvie will have the records of that office made public, so
thnt auy miuer can go to the office aud
by paying a small fee cnn search the
title of any claim. There huve been
new rules introduced, also, in the post
office, which the deputation referred
to  unproved of us h.itisfuotory.
Had the government gfVen the control of nffairs in thnt country to Mr.
Ogilvie iu the first place, muoh trouble
aud aunnyunce would hnve been avoided. He is a mun whom experience
eminently fitted for the position, and
the fnct thut the government had to
call upon him ut last, showed previous
luck of judgment. Happily, he baa
beon able to evolve order out of confusion, and is one of tbe most valuable
offlciuls iu the depurtmeut. There is
a lesson iu tliis for tlie provincial gov
ernmeut. Tbere ure many offices in
tbia province growing iu importance
daily. Some of these nre vacant and
othera may be and they should be filled
by the vory best men at liberal salaries. A cheap service means cheap
Senona.���N. N. Nattstead, on
Stewart oreek formerly Yellow jacket.
Wild Horse���Same,   Same,   formerly
Wild Horse.
Nov. 21���
Morning Glory���E. Cole, on Enrrett
Snowflitke���A. B. Campbell, on Anderson creek, adj Kent.
Almida Fraction���E. Pnlmquist,
between Engle nnd Sandy creok adj
Happy Jack.
Pine Hill���Same,   on   Sandy   creek,
adj Golden Eagle.,
Nov. 22.���
Wilcox Fraction���Fred Hamlin, on n
side Wild Horse creek, adj Fourth of
Polly���Martha Callins, ou s w side
of Barrett creek, adj Hamilton.
Rockford���0. Lindborg, ou Dundee
mountain, 8 mi n e of Ymir.
St. Mary���Jobn Swanson. Paul
Greyerbiehl, on Toad mt, adj Elba.
Invinoible���Solumon    Johns,   on   w
side of Eagle   oreek,   formerly   Invincible.
Nov. 28.���
Port Ohnlmbers���Paul Greyerbiehl,
on Salmon summit, 5 mi from Nelson.
Monday���John H. R. Pool, Frank
Simpson, at Hall creek formerly Victoria.
A six room cottage, well furnished,
situated between tbe Fire Hall and
Victoria hotel, furniture for sale and
a cottage to rent. Also a corner lot
6fixl20feet, opposite Lake View hotel
at $20 per month. Inquire at Farley
& Simpson's store,    tf
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
Cheap for Cash���A valuable lot on  Victoria   Street  adjoining
business portion of the city.
The Birkbeck Investment, Security
and Savings Co.
advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 aad
8 years by monthly instalments.
Mrs. McLaughlin's,
Notice ls hereby glvon that John Bell, formerly of tho Nelson Saw Mill Co. has been appointed Nolson agent for Peter Genelle Sc Co.,
vice A. K. voung. Contracts in the future am
to be made with Mr. Hell or his assistant, Y,. O.
Beer, to whom all money due to the Arm Is Ito
The east is filled with news v hich
tbe papers on this coast yearn for and
for which their readers look dnily.
There aro the Dreyfus case and the
crisis in France, tbo Czar's peace con-
gresB and matters pertuining to the
same, the great movement in Britain
for union of tbe Anglo-^axon race, the
complications iu China und tbe nice
diplomatic work going ou there, the
probahlo renewal of tbo war between
Spain and the United Stutes and hundred! of other things that newspaper
readers would find instruction in,
which they must have if they would
be intelligently Informed on the events
of the day. And what do they get.
Through the kindness of tbe gentlemen who make up the Associated Press
despatches iu New York and elsewhere, they have two columns and n
bit of prize fight. Tliey are informed
tbat a Mr. Corbett biffed a Mr. Sharkey ou the uose, pounded him on the
jaw with both hands, punched him in
tbe stomach and hit him on the ear.
But all these dreadful things are not
done to Mr. Sharkey whilo he is in
repose. Ou tho contrary lie is exceedingly active.    Ho airily juhs Mr. Cor-
Slornii   City.
Nov. 3.���
Ki 0 No. 2 fraction���N. F. McNaught, ou 1st 11 fork Lemon creek
hoimdod on n by Kilo.
Fniirbnrn���William    Rrasch,   1   mi
west nf   mouth   of   2nd   fork   Lemon
ereek, formerly Golden ilex.
Nov. 8.-
Clyde���G. Millar, 1st n fk of Lemon
creek, formerly Mais.
Nov 9.-
Kiilph fraction���Mrs T. Moan and
B, \. Cameron lst n fk of Lemon ck,
boun<i"d on n by Black Horse s by
Whore no conni lenuion  in m-unod In irHnnferH
the nominal sum nf tl  ih In be under*-! ood.
Hluruii City.
Nov. 4.-
Chilkat���B. E. Sharp to Oscar
White, 1-6.
Delphian���C. Oliver to Oscar White,
Suendown fraction���Herbert. Bunting
and J. B. Stitt to J. Duff Wallace,
1-6, $16
Wanda���J. Gremscon to John Kow-
Tip Top 1-12; Pe Ell % aud Riga-
Joseph Sangalo to John Kowalski.
Arlington and Burlington���Assignment from Frank Wataou to Ross
Thompson, mortgage, $14,000.
Elk.���J. T. Beauohesne to Herman
Clever $250. 	
at   the
A Night of Comedy And Fun
Skating Rink.
Last night the performanoo of the
French Theatre oompany at the skut-
ing rink was for the bonefit of tbe
NoIhou Hookey olub. There was a fair
audieuoe present uud the plays presented were thoroughly enjoyed Owing
to the illness of Miss Holden, who
was taken suddenly ill after Tuesday
night's performance, tho play of
"Dad's Girl," billed for last night, in
which MisB Holden was cast for an
important part, wns postponed until
Fridny night, the compony substitnt
ing tho farce "A Tip nt the Races",
whicli was followed by tlie comedy
"My Mother-in-law." Itis doubtful
if there was ever bo muoh fun in , the
rink as the compauy created last night.
"My Mother-in-law" is filled with
ludricous situations, the dialogue io
sprightly nnd the notion all through
was spirited. The improvised cbnract
er of the performance rendered the
programme for the night useless and
without a printed caste it was difficult
bett in the mouth, punchos him in h I  ^*disti"n*i?n^Bh lo whom   the  different
wind, swings on his cranium and   np- characters were  assigned, but tbis did
per outs bim iu the chin.    The pioture | not prevent the   action   being
presentod is Mr. Corbett working  like
action   being  closely
'followed.   Where  ull   did   so  well  it
,,,,.,, ,.     I would   be   hard to designate, one   art-
a piston rod aud Mr. Sharkey working . jM wbo uxcelled the otber in eontribu-
like a flail, und tbe report breaks with ; ting to the buccobb of tho performance,
the sententious observation   that  Mr. [ They all, too, entered into   tbe   spirit
ot Ihe fun and they sent tbe  audienco
Sharkey is "at his man." It seems to
have beeu meat for Mr. Sharkey and
the other fellow. Again, no man oi
distinction *oiilil have sucb attention
in detail as these two thugs receive at
the bands of the compilers of tbe report. At 9:80 or thereabouts they were
testing easily, at 9.35 one of tbem appears in a place tbey call tbe ring, at
9:37 one of tbem bows, at 9 :38 tho
other one smiles, and so forth.     These
are some of   the   hardships
newspapers   are  exposed.
away in a very happy frame of mind.
The building was well heated and
the electrio light stuck to business like
a little man.
There will bc a matinee this afternoon. The doors will open at 2 o'clock
and the performance will begin at
2 '30
Tonight "The Fair Rebel" will; be
given. Thia is said to be a vory strong
play tbis company having won golden opinions everywhere by their performance of it. and those who   attend
to  whioh  may expect a clever and ortiBtic enter
They are tainment.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Drop in  and see   us.
B. C
24 Pages �� Weekly 1 Illustrated.
1 House
1 House
1 House
1 Shack
$10 per month
$12 per month
$25 per month
$ 5 per month
1 House
1 House
1 House
1 House
1 House
TEltMg TO Hll T
: lll'FII'i: VlfTOBM ST., ON UKIIM.f;
Sewing By The Day,
Hotel Hume
Taking Effect Iiiwio'rlock a. m., September
���sse.    Paciac or  I'-ioili Meridian
West Bound
First Class
Loaves Dally
S.30 a. 111.
8.65 a. in.
11.45 a. 111.
111.00 a. 111.
10.08 a. in.
10.20 a. 111.
10:94 a. m.
10.36 a. in.
10.4*5 a. in.
Arrivo Dally
Kim* Bound
First Class
Arrive Dally
3.30 p.m.
3.06 p.m.
3.10 p.m.
1.60 p.m.
1.38 pm.
1:23 p.m.
1.23 p.m.
1.16 p.m.
Leave Dally
Mired Mixed
leaves Dally Stations Arrivo Daily
11:00a. m. 8andon 11:69 a.m.
11:10 " Cody Junction 11:80   "
11:26 " Cody 11:35  "
Arrive Dal Lo eve Dally
IM) Q, V. a P. A Superintendent.
Tlmo Card No 2
Sept. lst, 1898.
South Fork
Bear Lake
Pa j ne Tram
Cody Junction
IS DRAWING NEAR. You will have
company for dinner and you will require
something out of the ordinary line of
Groceries.... .... .... ....
Remember.   .   .
Goods. Truffs, D'Anchois, Pois Moyens,
Caviar, Champignons, Sauces of all kinds,
t��S����} k Cross & Blaekwell's Jams, Jellies, Marmalades and Pickles, McLaren's Cheese,
Lobster, Mackerel, Brook Trout, and
English Prepared Mince Heat.    .   .
M. DesBrisay & Co.,
NELSON, B. U, Aberdeen Block.
Official Directory.
Governor-General        -        Earl of Aberdeen
Premier ��� . Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member Houso ot Commons, Dominion Parliament, West Kootenay * -    Hewitt Bostock
Dep Col. Inland Revenue F VV Swannell
Lieut-Governor ��� Hon T R Mclnnes
Premlei ��� Hon Chas Semlin
Atlorney-Gen.ral - Hon Joseph Martin
Minliterof Finance - Hon F C Cottnn
Minister Mines and Education Hon J F Hume
Pres Executive Council Hon Dr McKechnttt
Member LeglslativoAssembly tor Nelson Rid-
In* - Hon J F Hume
Mayor - John Houston
Aldermen-Chaa Hillyer, W F Teetsel, J A
Gilker, J J Malone, E P Whalley, Thos Mud-
den. v
City Clerk .      -    J K Strachan
Polio Magistral. E A Crease
Chief of Police . A   F McKinnon
Chief of Fire Department , W J Thompson
Auditor John Hamilton
Water Cominlsaloner ��� T M Ward
Health Olltcer - - Dr. LaBau
City Engineer . A. L. M'Cullooh
City council meeta every Monday, 3 p.m., at
���ity nail, cor Victoria and Josephine st
Dr. E C Arthur. Dr. G A B Hall, Geo Johnstone.   Principal���J.   Hostley  Soady. B. A.
President - J Roderick Robertson.
Vice-President ��� James Lawrenoe.
Secy-Treas. ��� John A Turner.
President John A. Turner
Tlce-Pres. W. A. Jowett.
Secretary F. W. Swannell
Treas. ��� J A Forin
Medical Supt. . Dr. G. A B Hall
Warden Capt, N. Fitistubbs
First Jailer ���                           R. Liddell
Second Jailer Geo. Partridge
Third Jailer -                John McLaren
Senior Guard R Inoe
Surgeon -                       Dr. Symonds
Government Inspector of Agenoles W J Goepel
Gold Commissioner ��� O. G. Dennis
Mining Recorder-Tax Col - R F Tolmie
Collector of Customs       - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Assossor John Keen
County Court Judg* J A Forin
Registrar E T H Simpkins
Inspector of Schools - William Bums
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Gimps supplied on shortest notice nnd Lowes  Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelsou and Ymir.
p. burns & co.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Hossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
The   Crow's   Nest   Pass   Coal   Co.
is now prepared to receive orders for
Domestic and Steam Coal and  Blacksmith's Fuel.
PRICE :    Domestic   and    Steam  Coal    $5.75   per   ton
Blacksmith's Fuel $10.00 per ton.    Delivered $1 per ton
Order*   Received at C. W. West A C*1*. ���Mica
CHARLES Sf. BARBE, General Agent.
The   Northern  Pacific Coal  Oo.
Is not only prepared to receive orders hut
can rill them promptly.
For Domestic Coal, the best in the Market, $10.50 per
ton delivered.   Orders taken at Telephone 86
GAflBLE & O'REILLY      q��� *-*���
IAIMM. MFIME., K His. inoo. Ooraw.il.)
Opposite I'hulr Hotel,
P. O. BOX 583.
Extended experience ln Chilo nnd German
South  Africa.   Assays and analysis of ores.
Comer Ward nnil hilIn. su.
has taken over the practice of
Dr.    H.   E.   Hall and  is  prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods. . .
Broken lllll Klock Bafetr li.
Until further notloe no passengers will be
carried over the Une of the Crow �� Nest Puss
Reports and valuations on mineral proportles i uainou utdi tun im. v. .u*. ....... -*. .-.���*. ....
Underground gurveyingMd oIm plani kept' �����*# between Kuakoaw* and g��M&g|
M0 p.m.
130 Mp.
4.00 p.m
6.00 p.m
United States, Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Provinces
Points on N. & F. S. line.
Viotoria and Holland.
New Denver, Sandon and
Slocan Lake PointB.
KuhIo and Kootenay Lake
Holland, Trail, Nakusp,
Robson, points on main line
C. P. R., Vancouver and
6.Id p.m.
2.30 p.m.
7.15 a.m.
7.00 a.m.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 101
Delivery, B a,n
���itttian Endeavor Society tt:
at 8   o'olock.    Rev. it' Frew,
r meetft overy
,ui. to 8 p.m.; Registration, 8.30
..ni. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Bank
a a.m. te 4 p.m.; Sunday 1 hour HO to 11 a.m).
J. A. GILKER, Postmaster
Church or England-Matin U&.m.;Even
Song. T.:<0 p.m. every Sunday. Holy Communion on )st and 3rd Sunday* in the month aftei
Mutiny; on 2nd and 4th Sundays, at 8 a.m.
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m. Rev. H. S. Ake*
hur��t, Reotor.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
Prksbytrrun Church���Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m,:
Christian Kndi"- ' ��
day   evening
Pan tor.
Mkthoi>ist CHURCH-Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets. Services at 11 a.m. and 7,90
p, m. ; Sabbath School, 2.36p.m.; Prayer meeting on Friday ovening at 8 o'clock; Epworth
League C, K.t Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rev. John
Robson, Pastor,
CATHOLIC Church -Mass nt Nelson, flrst
and third Sunday at Sand 10.00a.m.; Honedic-
t inn at. 7.HO to 8 p.m. Kev. Father Forland
Baptist Church ��� Services morning and
eveningatU a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting *VVdnesday evening at 8 p.m.; the B. Y.
I'. V. Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Strangers
cordially welcomed.   Rev. 0. W. Rose, Paator.
Salvation Armt-S ��� te s every evening
vt 8 o'clock In barrn cks On Viotoria streot.
tdiutant MUlner in charge.
LUiJOL iH;,'���i.iiiS.
ELSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F. & A
meets second Wednesday ln eaoh
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
O. L. Lknnux. Secretary.
jgB^.    1*  ��-  ��*   f-     Kootenay  Lodgo
-���E    mf No. It, meets every Monday night,
^���^^  at  their  Hall,  Kootenay street.
Sojourning Odd Fellows oordlally Invited.
A. H. Clements, N. O.      Fred J Squire*, Soc.y
NKLSON   LODGE   No. 86, K. of  P.
.meets ln Caatle hall, McDonald hlock
very   Tuetuiay evening at 8 o'clock.
All visiting knights {cordially Invited,
R. O. Jot, C. O.
Geo. Robb K. of R. and S.
NELSON LODGK,   I. O. G. T.      Meuta in
Castle Hall, McDonald Block, every Monday
evening at S o'olock.   Visiting Templars cor
dially invited, John Tklkord,
Chlof Templar.
J. P\ Jaoohson   Seo'y
(JUKKN    NO.   241
second and fourth Wednesday
each month at K. of P. Hall, Mao
Donald Hlock, cor. Vernon and
Josephine streets. Visiting breth-
Ully invited.
Chii. H. Farrow,
IkI sini.li.. .'Mneuday in each month in the
K of P Hall, f 'V Swanell, C. D. 8. C. R.; J R
Oreen.C.R.: J. I   rklss,Seoy.
NKLSON LODGK, NO. 10 A.O.U.W.. meet
���very Thursday in the I.O.O.F. hall, a C
Williams. M,W.: W S Smith, Heo.-Sec; J. J.
Driscoll, Financier F. J Squire. Iteoelver and
P. M. W.
NKLSON L.O.L. No. lira meets In the Mo
Denald block every Thursday evsntng at 8
o'clock. Vlultlng members cordially iavtted
John Toy* W.M.; F.J. Uradley, R.S.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson dt Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
up ky OMtiMt.
Ths oulj all nil route without ohang
���f oan betwee* Nolson and Bossland and
Spokaie and Rossland.
Leave 6-20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.35 p.m
"   12:05 "   EOSSL'D    "  U:20
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   3.10 p-m
Train tbat leaves Nelson at 620 a.m
makes close oonneotions at Spokane toi
all Paoifio Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle River aud Boundary Greek, connect at Marcus witb Stage
O. G. DIXON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Attempt to Wreck the Royal
A Barrioade Plaoed on a Bridge Whioh the
Train Had to Orbss on Its Way
From Copenhagen.
Berlin. Nov, 28.���A despatch from
Elbing, "the seapdrt of West Prussia,
says nu attempt was made upon the
life of the Czar while his majesty was
returning from Copenhagen. JuBt before the Oaar'gspeoial train crossed the
bridge' between Boehmonhoefeu arid
Lngern, a switchman discovered that
the bridge had been barricaded. By
almost superhuman efforts, as a result
of which he is now iu the hospital,
the switohmau, it appears, succeeded
in removing the obstacles sufficiently
to permit of Ihe passage of the imper.
ial train. An investigation, whioh is
being condncted in seoret, is still proceeding.
OondensedlNews of the Happenings of the
Week In and Around Onr Busy
City and Kootenay.
Tom and Jerry today at The Office. *
Six car loads of Crow's Nest Pass
coal reaohed Nelson yesterday morning.
Material is being placed on tbe
ground fo- a sidewalk on Ward street
from Baker to Viotoria streets.
The snow, the beautiful snow, still
continues to fall, and the "oldest inhabitant", concedes that winter is on
Ml\ McClelland, of Kuskonook, is
one of the many names meutioned in
connection with the gold commission-
ership of Nelson.
Lnrge consignment of eastern apples
have been reoeived during the past few
days. The choicest qualities are selling freely at $0 per barrel.   .
The Merchants' Bnnk of Halifax has
opened a branch at Grand Forks, with
Alex. Miller, lute accountant in the
Rossland branch, as managir.
"Goldie" Goldstien left town yesterday, and will lie in Kaslo tonight,
where his theatre company (the K. E.
French) will appear next week.
Y. Hoshit of the Nelsou Cafe advertises a special Thanksgiving diuuer, at
which all the choicest delicacies of tho
season will be served from 12 to 8
Mr. Roderick Robertson's new residence on -Baker street, west of thc C.
P. R, offices is rapidly nearing completion, and will be one of the handsomest in the citv.
Through some mistake or other the
dealers of Nelson did not receive tbeir
consignment ot Thanksgiving geese
yesterday. Turkey nnd other fowl
were in demand. ,
Thanksgiving turkeys were on exhibition yesterday, but geese were not
in it. Certain people got a turkey out
of the dice box, but other birds were
not to be had.elsewhere.
The police magistrate had no case
ori his books yesterday, but he is accustomed to this sort of thing. There
are two policemen nn duly in Nelson,
but they know their duty and do it
Tbe ladies of the Methodist church
will hold their bazaar and salo of
goods in the building on Baker street
recently vacatod by M. DesBrisay &
Co., on Thursday and Fridav, December 8 and 9.
Brick is scarce in Nelson, and this
fact is realized by building contractors. "There is no sun to dry" said Mr.
T. G. Procter to a Miner man yesterday "and we cannot keep up with
The Cascade City Maple Leaf, pub-
lished bv Nesbitt ft Sanders hus made
The Committee of the Nelson Musical
Society have arranged the following
programme   for   the   concert    to   be
given on
THANKSGIVING     DAY,    NOV.    24th
in aid of the Hospital and Public Library
1 String Quartette and Piano���"Moment Musicals" - Schubert
2 Double Quartette���"Sweet and Low" - Barnby
3 Song���"Robert, Toi que j'aime" - Meyerbeer
Mits. Melville Parby.
4 Introduction and Scene 1 (Act D)��� "Tannhauser" - Wagner
Wolfram and the Pilgrims.
Wolfram���Mb. R. M. Macdonald
5 Solo���Violin
'��� . Mons. Bebnabd Walther
6 Song���-'Mary Morrison" - ).'���"���.        , M.V.White
Mb. Kydd.
7 Part Song���"Song of the Vikings" - *    .   ' : Fanning
8 String Quartette and Piano���"Minuet Celebre" -     .        Boccherini
9 lst Part Scene 1 (Act 2)���"The Flying Dutchman - Wagner
10 Song���"Ohe Fino" from " Orphee" - - Gluck
Mrs. Brougham.
I - Words by R. M. Macdonald
11 Part Spng���"Kootenai IdylW
{ - Music by W, F. Brougham
12 Solo^-Violin
Mi ins. Bernard Walther
The Robin" -   ��� .       ' Neidlinger
13 Songs���|
Snow-flakes" *������ ���-'��� . Co wen
Mrs. Melville Parby.
14 Chorus���"Hallelujah" from tho ���'Mount of Olives" - Beethoven
((a) "1
"1(b) "!
its appearance. Mr. Nesbitt was the
late publisher of the Kuskonook
Searchlight und from the appearance
of his latest venture, it will doubtless
prove a success.
The C. P. R. are putting in a siding
for -their-lake front track, extending from Kootenay to Ward streets,
to accommodate the new warehouses
in that vicinity. A contract was yesterday let for the supply of piles, a,pd
the work will be proceeded with forthwith.
The date of the initial trip of the
new 0. P. R. steamer Moyie to Kootenay landing hns not been decided upon.
The local offioials are awaiting instructions from Montreal as to tbe date upon which the time table on the Crow's
Nest Pass railway will coine into
A number of railroad men are still
in town awaiting definite information
as to the Nelson & Bedlington contract. It has been let to Folliett &
Oo, with Mann & Foley and the Porter Bros, backing up tho contractors.
A certain little deal hus to be clinched
before work will commence.
Yesterday afternoon a number of
cars of freight for Nelson arrived on
the train from Sloean City, having
maae a record trip from Arrowhead.
The cars left Arrowhead ou Tuesday
night about 12 o'clock and in fifteen
houis arrived in Nelson, having made
two transfers from barges, one at Nakusp and one at Slocan City.
Tomorrow Mr. H. B. Taite starts on
a limiting trip to the Arrow lake country. If he reports big game plentiful
he will be joined next week by Mr. W.
F. Brougham, who is a keen sportsman, and the two will hunt in company for a couple of weeks. It is expected that there will be a liberal distribution of venison stenks on their
Mr. B. 0. Alexander, representing
the British Columbia Loan and Savings company of Vnucnuver is in the
city in the .interests of be company
and will remain here until about the
end bf next month. In conversation
With a Miner representative Mr. Alex;
under expressed his fullest confidence
in the future of Nelson, and considers
it a desirable field for the operations of
his oompany.
A full rehearsal of the programme
or the Thanksgiving concert to be
held this evening in the Presbyterian
church was held last night. Mons.
Bernard Walther, violinist, was present
nnd rendered great assistance to. tbe
orchestra and chorus. Mr. W. F.
Brougham, conductor, expresses himself as well satisfied with the result of
the practices aud feels confident that
the concert will be one of the best ever
held in Nelson.
Thanksgiving Lunch
Roast Turkey,
Cranberry Sauce
flam Sandwiches
Potato Salid
Headcheese and Sausage
Hard Boiled Eggs
Olives,      Pickles.      Beets
Cheese and Crackers.
if anything in the Hardware line
longer than it will take you to reach
W store and don't burden yourself
vith a lot of money when you come
_*> buy, because we don't charge high
firices for anything.
rncoinr Harflware Co..
Importers of
paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
JtoiwV Supplies
Mr. and Mrs. K. 0. Beoton are registered at the Phair.
Mr. Joseph Thompson arrivod with
his bride last night from Revelstoke.
Kev. J. Robson, who is laid up with
an attack of fever, is progressing favorably.
G. A. Mitchell, travelling passenger
agent of the Northern Pacific railway,
is at tbe Hume.
A. Devitt, travelling auditor of the
Dominion Express company, is in tbe
city on his regular official visit.
F. X. Ganthier, Coffee creek; F.
Wait, Kuskonook; T. Peters. Victoria;
Frank M. O'Brien, Cascade Oity are
registered at the Hume.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Walther and
Miss Eschelman arrived in tho city
yesterdny forenoon, having eome down
iroui Kaslo on tho steamer Kokaneo.
P. Larsen, Helena; John F. Stevenson, St. Panl; P. Aylwin, Spokane;
John Twohy, St. Paul; B. Hannington, Crow'B Nest Pass railway are registered at the Phair.
P. Larson of Helena, Montana, a
member of the firm of Mnnn, Foley
Bros, and Larsen, railway contractors,
arrived in the city yesterday and left
for the Robson-Penticton Hue on the
evening train.
Oapt. W. P. Short, of the steamer
Kootenai on the Columbia river, arrived in the city last niglit, accompanied by Mrs. Shorten route to Portland, Oregon, where Mr. Short's mother is dangerously ill.
There Never Was a Minute When The Office Wasn't
ia it-
| Coughs
! Colds::
? are prevalent at this time X
* of the year. If you are *
X troubled with either we X
ij wish to inform you  that J
* you will find a full line' of ?
i ��
7 the popular remedies at      ?
! Hone's Dn Store I
k k
The following is a list of the oro
shipments from Sandon, over the K. &
S. railway for the week ending Nov.
18: Last Ohanoe, 40 tons; Payne, BO
ton*.   Total, 80 tons.
the strength of the little ones we
have allthe' materials. Our stock
of these goods, from Nursing bottles, Nipples, etc. to Prepared Food
for Infants is large, well assorted
und contains everything approved
of by the medical fraternity.
Look at our line of Infant's
Combs, Brushes, Teething Puffs,
Powders, etc. You will be pleased
with their quality and price.
Canada Drug & Book Ga
One Solid week  and a  Special  Matinee on
Thanksgiving Afternoon and Saturday ofthe
E. French Theater Co.
"R afatr IRebel."
The Strongest and Best Show ever seen here.
Giving the following repertoire:
j foforoafional Narigalioii 4' Trading Company
Monday, Hands Aerosa lhe Nrn
Thursday* A Fair Rebel.
Wedneadny, Dad's Girl.
Mini-day, Arabian Nighl*.
Tuesday, Tbe Danltes
Friday, Ticket or Leave 9lan.
No tiresome waits between acts.   Introducing High Class
Specialties, Song, Etc.
POPULAR PRICES, 60, <�� 75
H>. flfocBrtbur & Co.
At Reduced Prices for Cash lo make Room for new goods
Bedroom Sets - - $15.00 and up
Parlor Sets Wilton Rug - $60.00
Carpets, Ingrain - *   .. 30c per yd. and up.
Full line of Household and Office Furniture at a liberal discount.   Undertaking and Embalming a Specialty.
4   NO  WASTE   4
.   There is no waste of effort to keep
the fire going
There is no waste of fuel, no waste of heat,
no waste of labor with a " Famous" Stove
or Range. You get the most heat with the
least fuel, because the " Famous" is scientifically constructed. You |get more service from a '��� Famous" because it is built of
tbe best material in the best way. Everyone gets the most satisfaction from the
"Famous" Stoves and Ranges because they
are perfect in every point. We have them
in all sizes and at all prices.
���tax. fflHarb ���& Decntm -Hts.
IReteon... VJ8%<L
Finest Hotel in tie Interior.
Steam Heat and Electric Light in every room.
Large Sample rooms for Commercial  Travellers.    Rates Reasonable
H. D. HUME, Manager.
����������������� ������������������t����������������������������������������
First Clasi in ever? Mttpftot
fiiii AiiAAAt*iAit*i*iA*itiAl
IROM I* TO �� I'. M.
Y. HOSHI        ��� ProprieUr.
TU I.I1..1M. NO. SI.
Manufacture��� of
All carbonated waters.
Halcyon Hal Springs Water AeMMd amd
m��)ll��l l�� Ui. Vend*.
This popular hotel is being
thoroughly refitted and refurnished and will be open to
the public on Thursday, November S.
D. I TAYLOR, Propritior
IK 41     1*1 ATI)   AMU    I MM! KAMI:   A��iENT
and rrwAKi.x
Valuable Baker Street and other excellent property for sale.
Oaae TurniT.llatul.il Black. Nc.non. B. C.
Hummer Card.
Effective June JO, ISM
Subject to change without notloe.
South b'nd.   H. 8. International.   North b'nd
Read down Read op
Train Lvs 1.60 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Ti ..in Ar
"  Ar 3.M' "    -Kaslo    8 00   "       "    Lv
Boat Lvs. 3.80a.m. Kuslo    8.30p.m. BoatAr
"    1.80   " Ainsworth 7.30 '
"      "    6 00   " Pilot Bay (U5   "       "    ���'
"      ",    630   "   Balfour   6.10    "        "     "
"    Ai  6.M   " S Mile Pt. ��.ffi    "       '���    "
"      "    7.15  "    Nelson   US   "        "   Lv
I'-aln "  10.05p.m. N'thport 1.65    " Train   "
"    ���'  11.10  " Bossland 12.05 a.m.   "       "
"    "    3.10   " Spokano   8.30    " "
Sandon-Kaslo train dally.   Boat and   Spo
kane train dally excopt Sunday.
8. ��. Alberta.
Train Lvs 1.00p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Trxln Ar
'���   Ar  3.46   "     Kaslo    8.00   " '���    l.v
Boat Lvs 6.00   "     Kaslo    1.00   "      Bout ' f
"     "    6.20 "Ainsworth 11.40 p.m.    "      '��
"     "    7.00   " Pilot Bay 11.00   "        "    ' ���
"  10.00  " Kuskon'k 8.00  "       "      '
'���'     "   12.00 m.Oont River 6 00   "
"     ,"     1.00a.m.Bonndary5.00   "        "     '*'
" Ar     8.00' " B're Ferry 2.00   "       "    Lv
Train Lv 11.40 " B'm Ferry 1.15 " Train At
" Ar 2.45 p.m. Spokane 7.50 a.m. " Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Boat leaves Kaslo
for above points Tuesdays and   Saturdays
Returning on Wednesdays nnd Sundays.
Special Konlrnny Lake Service.
Commencing 20 June, 1808.
On Monday,  Thursday and   Friday  8.
Alberta will lea ve Kai-lo 5 p.m.. for Ainsworth
Pilot Bay and Nelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 a.m., Tuesday, Friday and
Saturday tor Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and Kaslo,
calling at all way points.
(All times are sobjeet to ebonite without notlo
Meals and berths not included.
Passengers on S. s. International from Ne
son, Spokane,  cto., for points on  Kootenay
Lake Bouth of Pilot Bay. will connect at that
point with tbeS. S. Alberta.
Passengers for Nelson via S. S. AInerla. from
points south of Pilot Bay, can, by arrangement
with purser, have stop-over at Pilot Bay or
Ainsworth, or connect with S. 8. International
at Kaslo.
The company's steamers connect Kootenay
Lake and Slocan points with all points in tho
United Statos and Canada; by way of Spokane
and Kootenav River.
Tickets sold and baggage checked to all
pfllnts by purs re on steamers or at our otticu.
_, ��� a. ALEXANDER. Oan. Mgr.
P. O. Box 122. Kaslo. B.C
First clnss ahd Tourist Sleepers
through from Pacifio to Atlantic
and to St. Paul daily.
To  Rossland  and  Main   Line point*
MOp m.-ljcavo-i���NKLSON���ArrivoH-I0.30p,m
Kootenny Lake -Kitnlo ttoulc.
Km Kokanee
Kxcept Sunday. Kxcept Sunday
1   p.m.���Leavori���NKLSON���Arrives���11   a.m
Keolrnuy River Roate.
Stk. Nelson.    .
Mod., Wod., Fri. Mon,, Wed., Fri.
7ft.m.���Leaves���NKLSON��� Am Yen--A 90   p.m.
Makes connection at Pilot Bay with Str. Kokanee in both directions.
Steamers on their respective routes call at
principal Landings in both directions and at
other points when signalled.
TralHH   lo and from  Hloran City, Handon
and Sloean  Lake  Point*.
(Sundays Excepted)
9 a. m.���Leaves-NKLSON���Arrives���9.80 p. m.
Ascertain Katkh
and full information   by  addressing nearest
local agent, or **'**���'        ...���-..    **-..-
Agent, Nelson,
local agent, or GKO. S. BKKK, City Ticket
%w -
JOHN HAMILTON, Agent, Nelso*��
Trav. Pass. Agent,      Dist. Pass. Agent
Nelson Vanco'.irar
II Im tbr Moat Modern In Kqulpmrnt.
II In Ibr llravical II.ill.il Line.
II bsH a Hock-Bailout Hoadbed.
II CroM-RH No Hand llrmi-firtii.
II In  Ibe Only Line   Kunnlng   Luxurlom
Club Boom Cant.
II la Noted ror Ibo < nurlfi} ��T IM EuploJM.
II In the Only Une HcrvIng Mealn  ������
a la Carte  Finn.
Capital Paid up > n.,***,*��*
Reaerva ��I.����e,0��o
U. 3. Howlanb ��� President
]���). F. Wiliib     -    Qeneral Manager.
J. If. LAY, JWUnamb,
Attractive Tonrx during Season of
Navigation ou Great Lakes via Duluth in
connection with Magnificent Passenger
Steamers Northwest and Northland.
For mapa, tickets and complete Infoimatlon
cul 1 im or address Agents, K. ft S. Ky., C.ScK
8. Nav. Co., N Sc F. 8. Ry., or
II. A. JACKHON Ventral Agent
Spokane, Wn
r. 1. wi-utnk*. ��i. r. a i. a., THE MINEK   THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1898.
Dear heaven's latest gift to me,
My baby, lay upou my knee,
A little son, tbe seoond gift
Which heaven had sent my heart t�� lift
In gratitude that te my cur��
Be deigned another soul to spare.
"Now have I two to love I" cried I
Aud smiled to think how by and by
My baby's sister, the wee matt
Who for three years had daily flayed
The part ef queen among us alf.
Would oome so gayly at my call
Aud welcome with a laugh of joy
Her first look at our baby boy.
Bhe came, and, standing by me there,
Bhe viewed him with a wondering
Then, turning anxious gaze ou me,
"Did he bring hia mother?" question*
���Harper's Baser.
Cynthia regarded the flashing little olr-
olet with evident delight. It waa on* of
the many that sparkled on her dalloate
white hand, but lt bore a slgnlfloaaoe beyond the others. It meant tbe dipping of
butterfly wings; the waning ot the homage due to a beautiful and marriageable
heiress, and which, though often mnde th*
subject of scornful wit, was ever accepted
and acceptable. It meant the ratification
of a sweet and binding contract with the
chosen one���the man to whom wealth was
no object and rank no allurement, and,
for that reason, tt dazzled eyos familiar
with tho radiance of gems.
The fingers that had just bestowed tha
gift still clasped hers with tender pressure,
and. for the first time, she noticed their
single ornament���an oddly shaped gold
ring, that found fault in her fastidious
"Why do you wear this?" she naked.
with a curl of the lip.
"Because I value it," replied her loTor,
seoretly resenting the little sneer.
Her curiosity was roused. Though she
felt thut for some reason he would prefer
pot to talk aliout It, she persisted.
"Did you buy ltf"
"No.    It was given tome."
"By a friend-?"
"By the best friend I ever had."
The laconic replies annoyed her. She
dropped hi, hand, saying, "Well, I don't
admire it."
Ho accepted tho dismissal of the subject
without a word, and the conversation
drifted Into another channel���one of the
winding tributaries of love. Future plans
were discussed, and dates were fixed, to a
running accompaniment of jest and laughter.
Suddenly the ring caught her careless
glance again.
"ThareI" she said, pointing to lt impatiently. "It fascinates ma I am sure it
bus a history.    Tell ma "
She spoke as one who ls used to command and certain of compliance. Leaning back she closed her eyes languidly and
"Go on," she said at last with some
And Bt ill he hesitated.
"It ls a sad on*. Tou would not cars
to know it," he said finally.
Sho Bat erect, intensely curious.
" Indeed I would, now thut you are so
mysterious. Does it oontuin poison? Is
lt a Masonic symbol, or perhaps somo
weird sign of witchery?"
Kor once her gayety j.iiTcd on him, and
he w .is unable to answ. r ln the same bantering strain.
"My dear," he suid, "lt waa given to
me by ono who Is dead,"
She wns momentarily silent, then began
"I have never noticed It bofore."
"And yet I always wear It."
"Ah, Cynthia, you asked me that onco.
Becauso I value lt more than anything I
"Well, I will give you one qulto as
quaint and with un original Inscription.
Will you wear it for nie?"
Her pretty eugerness made him smile.
"Of course 1 will."
She flushed a little. "I mean, will you
wear lt Instead of this?"
"No.    I cannot promise that."
His answer startled hor. It was so grave
and resolute. She renewed th* attack:
"But, don't you sec, if I glvo It to you, it
would bo your most precious possession.
Don't you care for me better than any one
In thc world?"
Hu drew her to him fondly.
"Yes. I can answer thut with troth,
but you would not have me break my
"What promise?"
"I vowed to wenr it us long as Iltve. If
it be possiblo, It shall be burled with me."
"The dying have no right to catort suoh
promises from the living, "she remarked
scutontlously. " Your friend was extremely selfish."
"Oh, Cynthia, sho was an angel I"
There was more sorrow than anger ln
tho tone, lie did not look for much depth
of fooling In Cynthia. She had-been too
spoiled. It was his task to bring out the
lovable points in her nature that her luxurious life hud loft undeveloped and In
which his love dimmed eyes had foreseen
great and noble possibilities.
"Hbo was���your first wlfo?" asked Cynthia Blowly, and showing m, disposition to
retract her former opinion.
"Yes. The ring hail been In-her* family
for many generations. She considered It a
kind of talisman, and wor'j lt always, till,
dying, she bequeathed lt to me. Ther* is
���By story."
"It seems Impossible that you can fall
me ln so small a sacrifice, " she rejoined,
with a bitter little laugh "Still, you we,
���uch things may happen."
Hor air of calm resolution wa* maddening, yot he felt Instinctively tbat na word
of reproach or anger would help. Assent
was dishonorable, denial was difficult.
There was no way out of the Mia���
"A little time," he pleaded.
"Till tonight," Bhe said hurriedly. "You
must let me know your decision by than.
Remember, nothing can alter mine. I
only claim my right. But," she added
persuasively, "you can easily decide now.
Let me have my way. Ah do, and end
our flrst and last quarrel 1"
There was a subtle fondness ln her tone,
an undeflnable power ln her uw 1ft upward
glance that swayed his wavorlng heart,
but the golden tuken on his finger pre��ed
him under her clinging hand, and < b*
���hook his head.
"No, dear, such a tow Is no* y>'-b*
lightly broken. I must earnestly consider
your request. I wish you had asked m*
anything but this," he went on wistfully,
lacking sympathy ln her soft, dark eyes.
But Cynthia's tenderness had vanished.
She drew baok piqued, Ul at eaae, in her
���uppllant attitude, an ominous frown
darkening her fair forehead a* aha turned
'' As you will," she said coldly.
Momorle* that Cynthia's presence hnd
���bused for many months crowded vividly
Into the widower's mind as he strolled on.
Seedless of din or trafflo or tk* dbwMM
to be pursued. Her words of anger and
o-.ipusitiun had invented th* ring he had
almost grown to regard with the unthinking gaze of custom with new and startling
significance. It simply rivetad him to th*
past. He might discard lt, still holding
its purpose ln his heart, but the thought
was a base one. He knew that his dead
wife would have borne such a vow to th*
gates of heaven, and that no sacrtfle*
would have abated the strength and endurance, of the love whioh he dared not
weigh with Cynthia's impulsive passion.
He had hardly dwelt on it since she had
keen taken from him���at flrst because lt
meant hopeless heartache, latterly because
k seemed disloyal to his betrothed, but
tow at thia turning point he realized hia
loss afresh and wondered that the remembrance had faded ever so Uttl* in ths radiance of Cynthia's smiles.
Yet allegiance to the beloved dead meant
the facing of the old homeless life, the return of that morbid depression which Cynthia's infectious gayety and pretty, petulant ways alone had power to dispel
He had walked on, dreaming, far beyond
his original destination���tb* oozy set of
rooms presided over by his faithful valet
Suddenly he stopped with an involuntary
exclamation, for he stood at the very
threshold of his old home. What Impulse
had led his unconscious footsteps along the
often traversed road he knew not or how
he oame to look upon the house he shunned
since th* day of mourning, but having
aome he was glad, for the wrench of parting waa not the present pain. He was able
to recall the grim old mansion's joyful
as woll a* sorrowful associations. For tha
flrst time since his bereavement he felt th*
desire and strength to sea the room within
that had been hers, unaltered as ahe bad
left it, till Cynthia, resolute In hor banishment of rivaling recollection, should carelessly scatter and rearrange.
The old housekeeper started from her
lethargy of idle oaretaklng, answered hi*
summon* with olumsy alacrity and soon
ho stood at the bedside when some yean
ago he had flung himself in an agony of
grief and sobbed out a last fanwell.
A melancholy light itruggled through
th* curtained window. Th* knlokknacki
they had purchased together in odd corners
of th* world, the ytoturc* sh* had ohosen,
her favorlt* chair, the oouoh on which
she had lain to please him, with ��� thought
of reoev*ry, he law through ��� mist of
tears, for a gnawing hunger had crept into
hia heart in the ohlll and utter loneliness
of th* room ono* brightened by bar dear
presence. How happy thay had been I
Then wa* no death for suoh a love as
theirs. It walked and throbbed in him
���gain ln this room, where ah* had breathed
out her blameless life, and what had com*
between them seemed to him like a dream.
Cynthia wa* right. He mnst always be
making useless comparisons, for something
must ever be wanting in his life, something that never oould be replaced.
His brimming eyea sought th* spot
*tthA> the ooffln rested. H* oould see her
now, lying than, as sh* had looked for ths
laat time, white and aenne, her folded
hands full of flowers, the eyes that had reflected his loving gaze pitilessly sealed, a
strange smile on the Ups that often met
bis ln yielding sweetness. Ah, if he might
hear that low and gentle vole* again, if he
might pillow that weary, golden head on
his breast, and, asking forgiveness for a
fleeting fancy, repeat his vow with all the
fervor of the past I
He sat down, hiding his faoe in his
bands. With the reopening of this unhealed wound oame a revulsion bf feeling,
reproach for the self sought forgetfulness
his want of fortitude had mad* desirable,
remorse for the shrinking from pain that
made him swerve from so dear a memory
and for the wrong he did Cynthia ln
clinging to It.
But he hesitated no longer. The silent
hour of retrospect had brought him very
near to his flrst love, and with the bitter
ache of longing 'came a strange sense of
security and rest.
Unchanged she awaited him, fair and
lovely aa he had known her, this dear
angel, speaking through th* silence ef
heaven, to hold him to his vow.
For Cynthia he had no fears.   Tbat she
had been able to make their engagement
conditional on thl* breach of trust led him
I to hop* its dissolution would cause her little suffering.
A parting pang aualled him aa he penned the brief message of farewell, a dread
of th* creeping, gloomy years beyond
which his brightest hope beckoned, but be
lifted the talisman that wedded him to his
dead bride, pressing it softly to his lips,
aad the shadow fled.
Cynthia orushsd the note ln her hand.
Bhe waa hurt She was indignant. Sh*
was scornful. A hundred sensations,
mingled with no thoughts of surrender,
struggled for mastery In her breast.
But the faint, unconfessed regret that
struggled beneath the angry tumult, the
feeling that lias so deep in somo souls that
only agony may wring lt forth, the deadened walling of love that will not be stilled
���these were among the bitterest tear* she
���had.���Hilda Newman ln Madame.
A Thanksgiving lunch will liespreml
today nt The Offlcn. By mfprenco tn
tlio advertisement in Another column
it can bo hdbii thut thn lunch w ill bo
nn olnbortnte onu and it is snfe to sny
tbat it will be served in thc good stylo
in whicli everything in Mr. Emerson'h
well-found establishment is served.
The Office invites all its patrons nnd
the general public to be purtnkcrs of
the fenflt,. which will bn on nil djy.
The new custom regulations   changing the fomiB of oaths and declarations
of importers come into effect  on  Jnn-
iuaryl.    Importors will be required   to
declare thnt   each   invoice  represents
���tho nctuul   transact ion   nnd   t*'iit   the
i vulun shown on entry, not invoice, ex
i hibits the fair   market   value   of   Iho
! goods ns sold fur home consumption in
the country of export.
The following are the prices otgroc-
eries, provisions, etc., as quoted by onr
local dealers. It is the intention of
The Miner to bave these prices corrected every week by trustworthy dealers, so that residents of the city aud
others may be informed as to tbe coat
of living in the city :
Ogilvie's HiuiKiiriiui per50 lb sack..
Lake of the Woods        "
Snow Flake per 50 lb sack.... ���...
Wheat per. ton 32 no@35 00
Bran perton  ��i0082200
Ground feed per i on 28 O0@28 00
Com (wholfe)      "        2O0O@280O
Corn (cracked)   "        270083000
Oals ���'        8000(93200
Oatmeal per 10 tbe       lm    50
Rollod oats (B Sc Kl  06
Rolled oals (life K|8lt, men  10
Hay (baled) ponton |..  1�� 00920 00
Potatoes per 100 lbs    1 0041 1 25
Hcets per lb  21
l'abbatto per lb  2*5
Cauliflower per lb  21
Onlousperlb  03
Salmon (smoked) per lb...      12i@    15
Oysters (Oliniplnm per qt  80
oysters iKastern) per tin  00
Cod per Ib, I '..  08
Halibut per lb      12IO    15
dniolu por lb        121��    15
I'Hi-in Traduce.
Kggsperdoz       25       35
Hutter (Creamery)      25(8    :��)
Hutter lUairyl        20��    26
| Cheese (Canadian)       13��   I7J
Cheese Swiss)       2ms    30
Te' ders will be received hy thn undersigned upjto li o'clock noon on Mondny, Nov. I28; for'tho-purchase nf the
picket fence BnW(rtnMlng die liurinl
plot of the , Odd Fellows nt the old
8* Secretary.  ���
���'  ������'        ��� '   ���"��� i/i:.- ���
Sitbscrlbe for The Miner
Ham (American) por Ib....
Hum (Canadian) p* r tb���
Hucon (American; per lb..
Hacon (Canadian) per lb. ���.
Hacon (rotted) per lb	
Bacon (long clear) por lb..
Shoulders per Ib	
Kuril per lb	
Hfeef per lb	
Mutton per lb	
Vct'I per lb..
l'crkperlb      12J8
Spring Chickens each   50
Turkeys per lb  20(9 85
Geese per lb  1��@ 18
Ducksperlb ���"���  18@ w
Lemons iCallfomla) per dos..  S50 lu
Oranges (California seedlings)  10�� 60
Apples         . "I
Hears IBarUetts)  08 10
rears (-mall Ki'een)   06 OS
6:20 a.m.-Train: leaves N. & F. S.
station for Rossland, Spokane and way points daily.
7:00 a.m.���S. S. Nelson leaves for Kus-
.  konook   and   way   points
Monday,  Wednesday and
7:15 a.m.���S. S. International al'rives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
8:00 a.m.���8. S. Alberta leaves for
Kaslo and way points on
Tuesday, Friday and Sat-
��:()0 :i.iii.���Train leaves C. P. R station for Slocan City, daily
except Sunday.
���1:0!';i.'ii.���S. S. Kolianeeaii'ivesfiiini
Kaslo and way piiinlt* daily
except* Sunday.
2:llu p.m.��� 1 lain arrives C. P. R.' station,'from Slocan Citv anil
way points, daily, except
1:00 p.m.���S. 8. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way poiuts,
daily, except Sotitlay.
4:45 p.m.���S. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way poinls.
diulv except Sunday.
5:35 p.m.���Train arrive!? N.' & F. S.
sla-lion, from Spokane,
Rossland and way. points,
0:30 p.m.���S. S. Nelson, anives from
Kuskonool*, and all way
points, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
0:40 p.m.���Train leaves C. P. R. station for Hobson, Rowland,
nnd all Main Line points,
0:00 p.ni ���S. S. Alberta arrives from
Kaslo and way points, on
Mondny, Thursday and
10::t0 p.m.���Train anives 0. P. R. station, from all Mnin Line
points, ltossland and Uoli-
��oii,, daily
Steam togs Kaslo, Angerona, Red
Star, Hercutet., Surprise nnd others
ply on Kootenay lake to nnd from Nelson, but have no regular times of arrival and departure.
Transportation Companies aro requested io
give notice to the Minor of any alterations lu
Iho time of irrlval nnddoDarture from Nolson.
����������������������������������������--�������� ���������������������������
For One Cent a Word?
You can find a buyer for "Any
Old Thing " if you advertise.
ClflMllltlfd AilvrrtlitrBirftln.
��� Al) advortiflcmont* in this column are
1 cent a word each insertion. No ad
verusotnent taken for less than 25 com
au-   a.
MU810  LK3SONS. - On  piano   organ   or
fultar, by Mrs. W. J. Astlqy, Kobson street
wo doors wesl of Stanley.   P. O. Box 130.
Office Diaries and
for next year  on  sale
Thomson Stationery Co.
i.l M men (d23
One Year
Half Year
One flonth
TO LKT���Large furnished room, bedroom
and sitting room, large wardrobe. Mrs: Bradford, Sllloa atreet.
WAN'PKD���General servant Apply to Mrs.
W. A. Macdonald, Viotoria atreet, between
Ward and Stanley.
TO LET���Two large rooms with good English table board,  lawford House. MMMM Bt
The only Decorators in
All  orders   promptly    attended  to.
���'. ��. BOX 141. IVKL-iOJi
���f our Clothing in generally sufficient to
���lake a life long cimtoiuer.
Wa don't offer our goods below cost,
becamse wo hare no desire to lose
money. We sell at prices which are
sufficient to pay for good material and .
good workuiaiishlp. The hIm and variety of o��r stock enables us to please a
custodier botk as to style and fit. Indeed we are particular on these points.
We rather lose a'sale than 'permit unsatisfactory garnenti to leavo tko
Tkooo valuo eannot be surpassed,
- - J. A/QILKER - -
r  �����. STORE.
������������������4++ �������������������������������������������������������������������
CD. J. Christie
��� 1KM ���KAXCK t
A   3 Roomed nnd a 1 Roomed  ���
House. J
The   Dominion   Permanent
Loan Co.
Advance  money  at terms  to
suit borrower.
\ C. D. J. Christie,  Agent z
t��+++**��+���� + ��� ��� ������*�����������������������������������+ A
Twflnt-J! MWtf exm fieiiee ir mining.
Thorough  knowledge of min-n of British
Columhhi.   Terms Itrii-onuble.
a*^ Charles fCuwton Owen and ThuHHw-Stevenson uf tin* cily of Knslo in tlio province of
���Hritlfili Columbia, fnrniinre Dcnlorx. litire by
i|i'.��lboiirinK(lftlo I he t'tehle.'iiili (lay of Ootober.
18'iB,i��ihlKnenall thelrrenlanri pornoim!yroperly
oxoeptaslherein mentioned lo Frederick K
Arch, i* of tin: Miitl etly ot Knslo, trader,In trust
for the purpose of piij iiuniiil satlnfyli'gratably
or proportionately and without preference or
prlo'iiy; the i'1'eilit'.rn of lhe said ClmrloM Newton-Owen and Thomas Stevenson or of either
of thein, Ihelr just debts.
Tho stthl deed was executed by the sold
Charles Newton Owen and Thonvui Stovenson.
the assl-jtnorn.'ond the said Frcdoriolt K, Archer
the trustee, on the 19th day of Octobor 1898, and
(lie said trustee has undertaken Ihe trusts
ereiited by the said deed.
All persons having claims against the said
( hurlcs Newton Owen and Thomas Stevenson,
or either of thom, must forward and deliver li'
Ihe suid trustee at Kaslo, B. C.full particulars
1'f iheir claims duly voritled together wilh par-
licillars'of security, if an;.', hold by theni,
mi or before the 17thdny of .November. 18!��. and
all persons Indebted 10 the said Charles Nowton Owen snd Thomas Slovenson or either of
1 lnni are required lo pay tbo amounts due by
ileni lo Ihe said trustee forthwith. Afler thc
sni'i 17th day lit November, 1888, the trustee
will proceed to distribute lhe asseta of thu said
cslale among the parlies entitled thereto, having regard ouly to ihe claims of whioh ho shall
l lien have had notice.
A mooting of tho creditors of tho said
t'i arlcs Newton Owen ai d Thomas Stevenson
will be held at tho promises lately occupiod by
I hem on Front streol, Kaslo, fi. C. at 2.00
o'clock p. m. on Wednesday, tho 9th day of
November, 1898, for Iho giving of directions
with roforonco to tho disposal of the estato.
Cameron Building,
A Avenue. Kaslo, B. C.
Solicitors for tho 1'iustoo
Dated Uio 18th day of Octobor, 1898.
Steamship Lines
From St John
Beaver Lino���Tongnrlro ..Oeo.  6
Dominion Llne���VanooUTer.   Nov. 30
Dominion Line���Labrador. Deo. 14
Allan . Llne-I'arislan iDeo.  7
Allan Llne-Callfornlan Dec. 21
From New York
Whito Star Llne-Britannlc Deo.  7
White Star Lino-Toutonic Nov. 30
White Star Lino.. Majestic  Deo  t.t
Whlto Star Llno-Cymrio ..Dec. U
Cunard Lino-Lucanlo ''S.ov- 23
Ounard Line���Ktrurla Dec. 3
Cunard Line-Campania Dec.* 10
Cabin, ��ls.oo, $50. tt*: 170 $80 and upwards.
Intermediate, $32.W and upwards
Steerage. $22.60 and upwards,
I'assengers ticketed through to all points In
Great Britain or Ireland, and at Bpoctull y low
rates to ttll parts of the Kuropean conti lent.
Prepaid passages arranged from all poluU
Apply to OKO.   S.   BBEB,    City   Tloket
A gont. Nelson, or to,     WILLI AM STITI
5-M)   General Awmt, C.P.R. OUtoes. Winnipeg.
Stock of Crockery 6 Glassware
now on display at
Call and inspect our Tea and Dinner Sets.    The
greatest value ever known  for  the money.    We
have the largest stock of Toilet Sets in town.
Upstairs over Grocery Store
A Full Line of Fancv Toilet
Sottas of all standard brands
If you want a sweet-scented healthful soap at a  reasonable
price you will make no mistake by buying it here.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer    J
Stewart's Heaters
A carload of Coal Heaters direct from
the Factory arrived  on Friday.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
Victoria Street - NELSON, B.C.
Storllag *llv��r Mualcur* Set*
Wltk Ir... . t. .14 Mmm   *���...*-..
Mala and Aaiethyst Sat*
Hand Mirrors, Hair Brushes, Boanet and Cloth Brushes,
Curling Tongs, Razar Strops, Combs, Shoe Horns,' Darning
Balls. Baby Toilet Sets with Brush, Comb and Rattle and
Brush, Comb and Puff Box, Gentlemens' Travelling .cases with
Strop, Razoi and Shaving Brush, Silver Military. Brushes in
A Great variety of Sterling Novelties. Though
Sterling the prices are Low and much lower than
can be had anywhere else.


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