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The Miner Sep 21, 1898

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Daily Edition No. 115.
Nelson, British Columbia. Wednesday Morning, September 21, 1898.
Ninth Year
Q^  REMOVAL   SALE  ��tf>
The first of October we move   into  the   Beer
Block, next to Jacob Dover, the Jeweller and
for the balance of September we will offer our
stock of
Boots and Shoes at Greatly Reduced Prices.
So for your pocketbook's sake don't miss this sale.
Bargains that {jive you a " Glad I went there " feeling.
Reference   to   Belyea's
Ho  Warned the  Northwest   Terrotories
Representative Not to Issue Licenses at Daw-'on.
Montreal, Sept. 20.���Tlie Herald tliis
morning publishes an interview with
Major Walsh, who is at'Brockville, in
reference to ths Statements in Belyea's
report presented to the North West
legislature on Saturday night. The
Major says lie met Belyea at Lake
Bonnet on his second trip to Dawson.
Belyen, ho said, was going to issue
licenses when ho arrived at Dawson
under the territorial act. Walsh urged
him not tn do so and gavo as his
roason that parliament liad under consideration a bill which would separate
the Yukon from the territories, and
tliat when this bill passed the polioy
in reference to liquor could be formulated. Belyea went to Dawson lirst
aud when Walsh arrived ho was surprised to lind that he had issued
licenses to the extent of $83,000. Meantime legislation passed at Ottawa
separating the Yukon district from the
territories. Naturally the major took
prompt action to remedy the existing
atate of affairs.
Major Walsh says that these are the
straight facts of tlie case and is prepared to stand hy liis action. He was
pained hy Belyea's actiion in view of
the faet that they wore old acquaintances.
sumed at the October term of the
supreme oourt. Eddy appealed from
the decision of tho Queen's bench of
Quebec, to the Privy council, while
Mrs. Bessey took an appeal to tho
supreme court and tho case is set down
for hearing. Effort are being made to
have tho supreme court oases deferred
until tho Privy council decision is
Ottawa, Sept. 20.���Louis Uoste,chief
engineer of the department of public
works returned from the Yukon today.
He made an inspection of the Stiekine
route and has reported as to its practicability. The first detachment of
tho Yukon in iii tary force, he. says, has
reached Fort Selkirk safely, but the
detachment is stranded on Hootalinqua river, owing to the destruction
of the boat plying between the head
of Teslin lako and Fort Selkirk. Owing to lack of transportation facilities,
this may delay the progress of half
of the force for a  month.
mv, v f. can r.f. nminnuni
Conflicting   Reports   Come
From  Paris
No Information That tho Major and His
French Force are at Pashoda or Have
Boon There Recently.
Belfast. Sept. 20.���The body of Dr.
John Hall, of New York who died in
this city, will lie removed lo Balfour
tomorrow, where it will be embalmed.
lit will then be shipped to Liverpool,
' whero it will bo put on board a
steamer sailing September 24 for Now
York. The burial will take place in
the Woodlawn cemetery. The body
being placed beside Dr. Hall's son.
Paris, Sept. 20. ���Tlie report is published here, but not officially confirmed, that Major Marchand has been
ordered to retire from Fashoda, leaving the place in possession of the
Anglo-Egyptain forces. Le Matin
discredits the report, declaring that
there is no reason why such a course
should be taken. On the other hand,
a telegram received from a French
source in Cairo, says there is no information there confirming Major
Marehaud's occupation of Fashoda,
The French papers say tlie minister of
foreign affairs has received no news
confirming the report of the presence
of Major Marchand in Fashoda. The
rumors circulated by fhe English press
regarding alleged instructions sent to
Marchand are therefore false.
freely admitted by the conservatives of
tho party that the governor's strength
with the people will compel the support .of republicans, including those
who do not approve of all the governor's acts.
Ottawa, Sept. 20.���Among appeals
inscribed for hearing at the Supreme
court sitting, October 4, is that of
Quebec against the award of the arbitrators appointed to adjudicato between the provinco and the Dominion
in regard to Indian claims.
Berlin, Sept. 20.��� in the course of
the emperor's first day's shooting at
Hubertastock, his majesty brought
down 10 splendid stags, seven with 14
Toronto, Sept. 20.���The ladies' mix
ilittry of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen concluded tlieir biennial
session today, aftor deciding to recommend to the convention DesMoines
for the meeting place in 1809.
The Oldest Town on Slocan
Desirable  Place  of   1-esidence���Well
Equipped   Hospital���General
Mining News-
Boston, Sept. 20.���The session of
the Sovereign Grand Lodgo, I. O. O.
V., opened with a full attendance of
delegates. After considerable routine
business had been transacted, the balance of the session was devoted to tho
election of officers. Hon. Alfred C.
Pinkerton, of Woeorcester, Mass., was
unanimously elected grand sire of the
order. Four candidates wero placed iu
nomination for deputy grand sire, A.
C. Cable, of Ohio; A. J. Otis
Humphrey, of Illinois, John L. Norton, of Tennessee, and W. G. Nye, of
Minnesota. Cable received 1)8 votes
and was elected. J. Frank Grant, of
Baltimore, was re-elected grand secre-
i tary and Mr. Richard Muekle, of
Philadelphia,   grand    treasurer.    The
| convention adjourned, after voting to
hold tho next  session of the Sovereign
| Grand Lodge at Detroit in September,
Ottawa, Sept. 20.���William Stewart,
Ottawa, who has the contract for
ereoting Ihe bank of commerce building, at Dawson, has returned. He
speaks highly of the Yukon, and says
that country will afford a good living
for able bodied men williing to go in
and work.
Meeting of the Eoyal Oommission to Look
Into Payments Made to Contractors
for the Parliament Buildings.
Victoria, Sept. 20.���The Royal
oommission appointed to inquire into
the payment for extras on tho parliament buildings contract, made to the
legal representatives of the late Fred
Adams and of Richard Drake met today, Chief Justice McColl being the
commissioner. Mr. A L. Belyea, who
stated that he appeared for the crown,
asked for an adjournment until Monday in order that ho might got further
inquiry into tho details. This was
The Fickle French are   Now   Strongly
in  Favor of  Revision.
New York, Sept. 20. ���A despatch
to the World from Paris says : Paris
is quiet outwardly. There seems to
bo a sense of relief because a revision
has virtually been determined on. But
there is a great commotion among
the chiefs of the annv. Tbey undoubtedly have the disposition if not
tho courage, to try to prevent a revision at tho eleventh hour by a militry
coup d'etat. M. Cavaignac. who resigned lately as minister of war and
has cast his lot unreservedly with the
army, is pointed out tis a possible dictator, but the public sentiment will
be a most effective bar against such
designs. It has veered around completely in favor of revision and justice, whieh everywhere is recognized
now except by a couple of anti-Dreyfus organs.
Estorhazy's promised confession is
awaited with the keenest curiosity,
though uo one will believe a word he
says unless he is supported by independent testimony.
Jules Perries, a leading member of
the French bar, comments upou the
present legal status of the Dreyfus
case as follows: "Jutlically, tho ministerial decision to refer the case to
an examining committee of three decides nothing in the light of recent
events. The committee's findings
will determino whether there shall
bo a revision or not. Tho decision is
only important particularly in that it
reveals and approves tho sentiment of
the coun       in favor of a revision."
Inventive Minds Have an Opportunity
to Win   ��2000.
.New York, Sept. 20.���John Holmes,
a commissioner from New Zealand, is
in the city for ihe purpose of inducing
Americans to compete for a prize of
��2000 offered by his government for
the best process, mechanical or chemical, of treating the nativo fibre, New
Zealand hemp, known as phornium
tensax. Mr. Holmes paid a visit to
Mayor Van Wyck. The mayor expressed his appreciation of the necessity of establishing closer trade relations with New Zealand. After a
visit to Washington Mr. Holmes will
return home via Vancouver, visiting
some of the chief American cities eu
Dedham, Mass., Sept. 20.���The
I ravages of disease are gradually sap-
fping tho life of former Ambassador
J Bayard, and he continually loses
[ground, although his wonderful con-
Istitution makes a strong resistance.
IHe passed a restless night, aud today
swill bo considerably worse than at any
[tine during his sickness. The end is
[looked for in tho course of u few
[days, although he will probably have
|.t number of rallies.
St. Johns, Nfld., Sept. 20.���Premier
IWinter started last night to rejoin the
iQuebeo conference. The commercial
���interests of tho colony urges him to
Irotain complete control ot the bait
Isupply, unless tho Americans make
���general concessions in the shape of the
���free admission of our fish to United
���Stntos markets.
Bostou, Sept. 20.���A cable message
trom Dr. Kranz, of the European
Union of Astronomers, to Mesrs,
Chandle and Ritchie of Boston, announces the discovery of a star liko
constellation in tho centre of the
nebulae of Andromeda, by Seraphkiu
of Pulkowa. If this indicates a chango
in tho condition of the well known
object tlie discovery will be of importance.
Ottawa, Sept. 20.���The long con-
binned legal fight between E. B. Eddy,
inilionairo manufacturer, of Hull,
Ijgainst his daughter, Mrs.   Bessey, to
New   York,   Sept.   20.���Bar
01; Mexican dollars, 41\.
Copper,   quiet;  brokers' price,
exchange, $12.25 to ��12.82^.
Lead,   quiet  and  steady; Domestic,
$11.85 ; exchange, $4 to |4.05.
Tin,   quiet;     Straits,    116.1%     to
$10.25; plates, steady.
Pekin, Sept. 20.���The diplomatic
representatives of Russia, France,
Belgium, Spain and Holland have
called upon Li Hung Chang, to condole
with him upon his dismissal from the
Chinese foreign office. Much comment
has been excited by the action of those
Victoria,   Sept.   20.���Dr.    Goo.    H.
Duncan left today  for Dawson  City,
ecover property'iuherited by the latter j where he proposes to  practico his prouder her mother's will, will  be re   ''���-'������-
Sept.   20.���At    Boston���Boston    2,
Louisville 4.
At    Brooklyn���Brooklyn   0,    Pittsburg 15.
At New York���Called on  account of
darkness���New York 7, St. Louis 7.
At    Philadelphia���Philadelphia    5,
Cincinnati 7.
At     Washington���Washington     2,
Chicago il.
"At Baltimore���Called   on account of
darkness���Baltimore 6, Cleveland 5.
Berlin, Sept. 20.���Tho National
Zeitung asserts upon the highest
authority that tho personal estate ot
Prince Bismark does not represent as
much as 2,500,000 marks, about $500.-
Washington, Sept. 20.���Nearly 1200
of the American troops at Santiago are
on the sick list, aud General Lawton
reports 85 new cases of fever today and
seven deaths.
The Betting Eing at Eoby Will be the
Battle Ground of the Heavyweight Gladiators.
Toleda, Ohio, Sept. 20.���Eight men
wero cremated and eight more fatally
burned in the most disastrous tire that
evor occurred in Toledo. The spontaneous combustion of dust in a grain
elevator owned by Paddock. Hodge
& Co., caused terrible loss of life and
none of thoso taken out after the fire
were far enough from death's door to
tell any of the details.
London, Sept. 20.���A despatch to
the Central News from Candia says
that Col. Cherinside, British military
attache at Constantinople, and formerly the commander of the city garrison, who arrived there a few days
ago, ou board tint British gunboat
Halcyon, is continuing inquiries into
tho situation there secretly.
Laporte, Intl., Sept.20.���Roby,wliich
in past years was the seeno of many
pugilistic battles, may bo made the
arena for the fight between Corbett
and McCoy. Private advices from
Roby give the details of the proposed
meeting. Architects bavo been at work
for several days ou plans for the eon-
version of the betting ring at Roby
into a fighting arena with a seating
capacity of 10.000.
The arrangement of the details of
the meeting of thc gladiators is in the
hands of Stewart, Considine and John
Cougdou, of race track fame, aud a
secret meoting held at Mount Clemens,
Mich., resulted in Roby being solected
as the battle, ground of the heavyweight pugilists. It is the evident
purpose to keep both McCoy aud Corbett iu training without giving the
exact location of the fight, aud the advices revealing the arrangements in
progress of consummation have caused
a great, sensation in sporting circles.
, fession.
Detroit, Sept. 20.���Governor Prin-
gree's unanimous renoniinatiou tomorrow by the republicans is conceded to
bo a certainty by the crowds of delegates, party leaders, aud candidates
gathered iu the  hotels   tonight.    It is
Jacksonville, Fla., Sept, 20.-Col.
William Jennings Bryan, of the third
Nebraska volunteers, will shortly ro
sign his commission in the, United
States army and resume the discussion of the public qusetions. This
statement is not made upon the
authority of Col. Bryan, however.
When asked if the rumor was true he
said: "You might say that I am not
so enamored of camp life that I would,
at the close of the war, apply for a
commission in the regular army."
London, Sept. 20.���The Times Candia correspondent says the Mussulmans are only yielding up obsolete
arms and have not brought in any
Martini rifles.
New Denver, Sept. 20.���The town of
New   Denver,    tint   oldest   on   Sloca   i
lake,is beautifully situated about eignt
miles from tho head of  tbo  lake.    Its
ocation and the fact that hero are  local ed the government  offices  for  the
Slocau mining division,   banking  and
other commercial   institutions  makes
it  a   commercial   ceutre  for the  district and a desirable place of residence.
The townsite   is  comparatively level,
and the work of  street making is very
easy.    The founders of  the town however, made the mistake of denuding it
of   trees   and   instead   of,   as  iu  the
other  towns    alcng   the   lake,   thero
being  an abundance  of   shado   trees,
nothing   is   left    but   the   bare   and
charred stumps.    The  town, however,
contains a  large number of  fine  residences and the  citizens  have tho fullest confidence that it will   iu time become the   favorite  place of   residence
for the mining   operators   not* only in
the  immediate  vicinity  but those of
the Sandon district.    The   town   is at
present well supplied with hotels,business  houses, churches, school and has
one of the best   hospitals in the Kootenay  district.    On  a   recent visit the
representative   of    Tho    Miner,   was
through the   kindness  of  Dr. Brouse,
the   medical   superintendent,    shown
through   tho   institution,    and   found
everything in  f,r.~*   class   order.    The
hospital   has   accommodation    for   !15
patients, but at the timo of the  visit
only contained  six whieh   is   au evi-
deuce  of   tho   healthfulness    of    tho
Slocan district, and of these six, three.
were suffering from injuries  and  had
uudergono   surgical    operations.    The
hospital   is   certainly   a   boon to  tho
miners working in   the   district, who
are assured that should they meet with
sickness or accident they will   be well
cared for and as a result it is liberally
supported   by   the  mino   owners  and
miners of the Slocan.    Tho total number of patients treated (luring the past
12   mouths   was   807   and   nearly   all
were regular   subscribers   through the
mine pay rolls or the fortunate holders
of    annual   hospital     tickets.    Thero
have beemno   deaths   in   the  hospital
since the opening of tho new building
in August 1897.
The plans nnd specifications for a
new opera house to be erected in New
Denver by Mr. J. C. Harris, who recently sold the Bosun miue to an English syndicate, have been prepared.
The lumber for the construction is on
the ground and work on tho building
will be started this week. The building will be 70x800 feet and will have a
seating capacity of 800. Mr. Harris
is also contemplating potting in a
waterworks system to supply the city,
the water to be brought from a stream
a couplo of miles distant.
Of the mines in the vicinity the best
known is the Moliy Hughes, which
was at one time a regular shipper. It
was recently bonded to the North West
Mining company, limited, of Loudon,
England, represented by Mr. Sandiford
of New Denver. Considerable development work was done under the bond,
the time for the taking up of which
expires ou the 89th instant. The
syndicate havo asked for an extension
of time, and pending an agreement,
work has boen suspended. The California mino a couple of miles from
New Denver, owned principally by A.
J. Marks and P. Burns of Nelson is
showing up well under development.
Eight men aro employed and last
week 800 sacks of high grade oro were
shippd to Aurora, 111., and a similar
shipment will bo matte about the end
of tho month.
Oher properties in the vicinty aro
showing up well and prospects are
that a considerable quantity of high
grade oro will be shipped from this
point during the winter.
Although like the other towns along
Slocau lake,business in New Denver is
quiet at present, tho peoplo are hopeful that with the rise in tho price of
silver and the further development of
the mineral resources cof tho country,
there will be a return of the good
times of two years ago.
The baseball players of Nelsou hereby challenge the team that played last
Suudayat Rossland, to a friendly gamo
on the recreation grounds next Sunday
New York, Sopt. 20.���At a conference held this afternon, it was decided
to chango tho date of the Lavigne-
Erno fight beforo the Greater New
York A. C. to Wednesday, September
"-j-j         i-JI j nrr afid good   Will of  the United  States,
V^lll    gjll' lit I ��� lmr .1S WG H;li(i before, she is not likely
 .  to    make   any    sacrifices   to    secure
Published Dally except Sunday, either.    The progress  of  Canada is in
The Miner nt.NTi.N.t  & PouLisuimi Oo, uo way dependent on the  good or bad
Limited Liaiiii.itv. will of  the United Stales.    Canadians
ALL COMMUNICATIONS tbti.o Kdltor must know the  value of what  they  possess
be accompanied by the name and address and are fully   alive   to the favored poof the writer, not necessarily for publico* sition they occupy   on   this   continent
tion. but as evidence of good fall b. im(1 1b(,h. g0vernment being   a respon-
Subscuii'Tiox RATES sible one.    thoy would   suffer   no   re-
Dnliy, per month by carrier 5 l eu linquishinent of   any advantages   they
per month by mail    1 00 j      t   plaoate ���ny pc0ple, u0 matter
per half your by mall    -5 0(1      f"        A     ..   .   '.{..*,
mrv,  what mav lie their attitude.
peryear...  l'J imi
per year, foreign ..130(1      Alliance   of   the   Anglo-Saxon   raco
w ., will undoubtedly   come, and it will be
the Amerioans who will  seek  it.    At
Weekly, per half year $125 . ,
peryear 2 00 Present they regard themselves as being
per yoar, foreign   3 no  courted and consequently  pervorsoness
Subscriptions invariably in advance. may lie looked for.
Advertising rates made known on application, -j������������������������������������������
The "liner Printing & Publishing Co.      The Miner has  long  contended that
NELSON. B. C. Kootenay, the most important district
 . ��� in   British   Columbia,   should   have a
resident judgo that the administration of justice may be expedited and
the legal profession spared much
trouble and expense, wliich ultimately
falls upon the client. There are many
districts in the east not a quarter as
large or one-tenth so important that
receive much more attention in this
respect than Kootenay has received,
aud it behooves the member for the
| constituency in the Dominion house to
. mako such representation to the government as may induco action in accordance with tho wishes of tho public.
^wmmwiTr!Tfi?f!?rwrTrnf^?^?f!tfi?f^fnfmnrnr^fVf!?r!tr^ official Di re
to Ai>vi:itrisi:us.
Copy for I'lini.KVH of Advertisement must
bc In the tMllce liy 4 o'clock p.m. to
insure change.
In substantiation of our reference
yesterday to Sunday labor, word conies
from Winnipeg that tho Labor con
gress in session there has taken tho
matter up through a resolution from
the delegate from Hossland, Mr.
James Wilkes, seconded by Mr. Flett,
of Hamilton, he moved as follows :
That, whereas the supply of labor in
most localities is fully up to the demand and in many communities considerably exceeds it; and in the opinion of this congress there is positively
no necessity for seven days' work per
week in this or any other country,
and, whereas the seven days' work per
week system obtains and prevails in
the metalliferous mining industry of
British Columbia in direct antagonism to tho expressed' sentiment and
wishes of organized labor in the localities most affected ; therefore, be it resolved, that this congress instruct tho
executive committee of the aforesaid
province to urge upon the legislative
thereof the advisibility of adopting
suoh legislation as will speedily and
offectualy secure to the operatives of
the mining industry in British Columbia, tho benefits of one day's rest* in
The resolution was objected to ou
the grounds that legislation was not
necessary in a matter which men could
settle themselves. It is true that workingmen could settlo the question themselves, but the law could settle it much
easier aud with no difficulty whatever. So long as Sunday labor is permitted men will have to do it whether
they like it or not. Work is a necessity with them and if refusing to work
upou Sunday would jcoDard their
employment through the week they
eould not be expected to make a stand
against it. We aro satisfied that if
tho mine owners were consulted they
could devise a way of suspending Sunday operations without any loss to
themselves and at the same time permit their employes to havo the full
enjoyment of the day of rest, which
should be indisputably theirs.
Very trying are the troubles of the
great. A few months ago Aguinaldo
was a free and rebellious child of the.
jungle, whero yams, bread fruit,
ooooanuts and bananas grow freely
for the uses of indolent man, and
every one gavo him a wide berth ou
account of his killing ways. Now,
wheu he has achieved greatness he has
to go around with a body guard and
lives iu daily dread of poison in the
soup. So it would be difficult to
choose between the position of a successful insurgent chief and the Czar of
Russia's risky job.
Vancouver having elected two min*
j istors by acclamation it is now in
| order for Nelson district to follow suit
by confirming Mr. J. Fred Hume in
his seat, so that good government in
| this province niay go successfully
' along, as it is bound to do.
Sir Charles Tupper predicts a sweeping victory for the conservatives in
the next election. What was it Sir
Charles predicted previous to the last
Dominion election? Wasn't it something that didn't occur?
Col. Baker has reached Winnipeg on
bis way to England and tho way is
too long and too wet for a commission
of enquiry to catch him wheu he gets
The British will go to Fashoda and
say to Major Marchand, "March" and
that will settle it. The French on the
Nile question will bo euded.
Word conies from Washington that
thero are 15 points of difference betweeu the United States and the Canadian commisioners at the Quebec conference and that President. McKinley
is extremely anxious that they should
be speedily settled and a satisfactory
agreement between the two countries
arrived at. It is hoped that it niajT be
so, but Canada will not bo likely tn
mako any sacrifices to pleaso tbe
United States. There has been a great
deal of gush in English papers and by
public men about an alliance with the
States, but no such alliance will take
placo at tho present, timo unless Americans see in it some advantage to themselves. Englishmen profess to find in
the United States feelings of sympathy
and fellowship with the old land.
We in Canada know that there is
little basis for this belief. Canadians
would have detected it long ago did
it exist. Among the upper official
class there may bo the kindliest relations, hut wilh the great niiiss of the
people, in whom self-glorification is
the chief characteristic, friendship for
Great Britain or any other country unless it bo for Russia, is very lightly
esteemed, if it be thought of tit all.
Canada has experiucetl nothing but*
unfriendliness from the Statos, an unfriendliness not without its uses, however, for it has served, as nothing else
could, to draw us nearer to tho
mother land. This litis been
somewhat disappointing to the
United States, who thought that
tho restrictions it put upon Canadians
at tho frontier would havo resulted in
a desire for annexation with the republic.
Of courso Canada  wants   tho trado
A surplus of upwards of a million
and a half is quite sufficient to establish Mr. Fielding's reputation as
tt finance minister.
Tlie Khalifa is running yet, but liko
a clock will run down and stop suddenly one of these dnys.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
Money to Loan.
Rents Collected.
-^   Governor-General
���9��   Premier
Karl of Aberdeen
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member House of Commons Dominion Parliament, West Kootenny Hewitt Bostock
% The Birkbeck Investment,  Security %
B and Savings Co. 3
*= IS
fc   advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable! n 5 an d    -^
Si 8 years by monthly instalments. rS
Are Saving Money every day
on their Hardware Bills by
allowing' us to figure with  them.
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given.
Lien!.-Governor - Hon T K Mclunes
j Premier - Hon Chas Semlin
Attorney-General - Hon Joseph Martin
i Mlnislerof Financo - Hon F C Cotton
} Minister Minos and Education   Hon J F Hume
Pres Executive Council Hon Dr McKechnic
I Member Legislative Assembly tor Nelson Riding - Hon J F Hume
I Mayor - - John Houston
\ Aldermen-Chas Hillyer. W F Teetzel,  J  A
| Gilker, J J Malone, E P Whalley, Thos Madden.
! Cily Clerk - - J K Strachan
I Police Magistrate E A Crease
j Chief of Police . A  F McKlnnon
Chief of Eire Department   .    w J Thompson
Auditor - John Hamilton
Water Commissioner - T M Ward
Health Olllcer - - Dr. Lallan
cily Engineer - A. L. M'Culloch '
City council meets ovcry Monday, 3 p.m., at
city hall, cor Victoria and Josephine et
Dr. E C Arthur. Dr. G A B Hall. Geo John
stone.   Principal���J R Greon.
Tel. No. 21.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
p. burns & co.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Eranch Mai kets in Eossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon. Three Forks. Now Leaver and Slocan City
President - J Roderick Robertson.
Vice -President - James Lawrence.
Secy-Treas. - John A Turner.
President John A. Turner
Vlce-Pres. VV. A. Jowett.
Secretary D. McArthur
Tren'. - J A Forin
Medical Supt, . Dr. G. A BHall
I 'loso
S.tm p.ni,
8,30 a.m
l.llt) p.m
11.00 p.m
United States, Ontario. Quo-
beoand Eastern I'rovinoct-
Points on N. Sc Y. S. lino.
Victoria and Rossland.
Vew Denver, Sandon nnd
Slooan Lake Points.
Knslo and Kootenay Lakc|
Rossland, Trail, Nakusp.
Ilnlison. points on main line
lO. P. R.. Vancouvor and
5.15 p.m.
2.30 p.m.
7.15 a.m.
7.00 a.m.
Orders by mail to any branch will have can lul and prompt attention.
Word (tonics from Vancouver of a
Iuul necident on the Mission branch of
the C. P. R., a few days ago. Three
band cars witb LS men started out on
the line and when about four miles
out waited at a bridge for the freight
coming from Huntingdon. Not hearing the whistle they preoceeded and
all three hand cars were crashed into
and completely demolished by the
freight engine -which had approached
silently in the fog. Most* of the men
jumped and escaped. On the second
handcar a man named Furnell, was
fatally injured and death is expected
hourly. T. Paulano, on the third car,
wns almost instantly killed. Paulano
lived at Mission Junction   and Furnell |
I has relatives residing   on Oppenheinir
! street.
and nil those who are trying to avoid the bent of Ibe cook  stove  these  warm  dnys
days by using something tasty in the line nf Corned MeatS, FiStl and Poultry
will he greatly relieved nml wonderfully bem tilted by looking over the
following list.    We mention a few of the  most  popular  lines
all in tins ready for use.
Corned Itccl. Itonsl Kiel, Chipped Hi led Reef. Boiled Minion. Itonftt
Million i.in.'l Tongue, l.miili's Tongue, milled IIiililill, Chicken rule,
Partridge rule. Mild Diick I'nte. Honed Chicken. iMiek and Turkey, .Morion's Kippered Herring, tinokcd llalilnil, .Marshall's
M'nirli Herring ami Finnan Huddle, l.olisicr. -liiirlMiiin Surd Inc..
SnrilliM's In Mustard, rigs It-it also HnnccH, rickles. Catsups Hress*
Inn*. Simps,  ttr.. Etc,
Have you tried the Geneva Sausage in Tins, very tine.
Prompt delivery lo all parts ot the city nnd special attention to Midi Orders.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
Wc are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regulat
prices ancl carry Rough and Dressed ' Lumber, Coast
Flooring- and Ceiling:, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
office nouns.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; General
Delivery, 8 a,m, to 8 p.m.; Registration, 8.30
a.m. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Hank
'.Im.in. to 1 p.m.; Sunday 1 honr(10 to 11 a.m).
J. A. GILKKIt, Postmaster.
Government Inspector of Agencies XV J Goepel
(.old Commissioner - O. G. Dennis
Mining Rooordor-Tax Col       -       RF Tolmie
Collector of Customs        - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Assessor John Keen
County Court Judge - J A Forin
Registrar - K T H Blmptditt
Inspector of Schools -        William Hums
Warden Capt, N. Fitzstubbs
First Jailer            - R. Liddell
Second Jailor Goo. Partridge
Third Jailer              ��� John McLaren
Senior Guard   R, Inco
Cinnciioi'ENtiLANii-Matin 11 a.m.; Kvcn
Song, ":'0 p in. every Sunday. Holy Communion mi lst. anil 3rd Sundays in thc month aftor
Matins; on 2nd and 4th Sundays, at 8 a.m.
Sunday School at 8.90 p.m. Rev. II. S. Akehurst. Hector.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
PitKKnvratiAN Chuboh���Servlcos at 11 a.in.
and 7.30 p.m. Sundny School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Society meets overy Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. R. Frow,
Methodist   Chuboh���Corner silica  and
Josephine Streets. Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
, p. in. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.in.; Prayer meet*
I ing on Friday ovoning at 8 o'clock; Kpworlh
[Loftgue C. K��� Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rov. John
1 Ii bson, Pastor.
llu 'AN Catholic CiieitCH���Mass at Nelson
ovcry Sunday at 8 and 10.30 a.m.; Benediction
nt 7.30 to 8 p.m.   Rev. Father Ferland. Priest.
BAPTIST Ciiuhcii ��� Services morning and
even ing at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting WeanesdAy evoning at 8 p.m.; Mooting!*
are held in tho school house. Strangers coral-
ally welcomed.   Rov. 3. R. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation Ahmy���Services every evening
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria Btroct.
Adiutant Millncr in chargo.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.  R.  STATION     .    .    .
NKLSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F. & A.
M. moots second Wednesday ln oach
month.   Visiting brethren Invited.
G. L. Lknnox, Sooretary.
James A. Harvey, barrister of Fort
Steele, wbo is in tlm city for tbe pur- !
pose of defending Phillipps, oharged
with murder at Elko, came across :
from Fort Steele along tbe lino of const ruction of tbo Crow's Nest- Pass
railway, Mr. Harvey reports tbat last j
Sunday tbo rails were laid to tbe summit about balf way between Goat
river and Moyie and tbat the steel will
be laid to tbo landing on Kootenay
j lake about tbo end of the week. He
reports mining operations in East
Kootenay as being brisk and that the
advent of tho railway has given a
great impetus to inining and otber industries. Fort Steele is making satisfactory progress and will remain as in
tbe past, tho commercial centre of
East Kootenay.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
dumps supplied on shortest notice and Lowest Prices
Mail Orders receive ('tnefiil attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in slock.
Markets nl; Nelson and Ymir.
Victoria Street
I.  O,  O.  F.     Kootenay Lodge
^ No. HI, meets evory Monday night,
at   their   Hall,   Kootenay street. '
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invitod.
A. II. Clements, N, G.       Fred J Squires, Secy
i, NELSON   LODGK  No. IS. K. of  P.,
Ameels in Castlo hall,  McDonald block
laovory Hccond and fourth Tuesday oven-
'ling at. 8 o'clock.   All visiting knights ,
cordially Invited,
R. G. Joy, C. C.
(82'll GKO. Ross K. of R. and S.
NELSON   LODGK.   I. O. G. T.      MeeU In j
Castle Hall, McDonald lllock, every Monday^
evening  at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cordially invitod, John Tki.kord,
Chief Templar.
J. F. Jacobson   Soo'yi
second and fourth Wednesday of I
oach month at K. of P. Hall, Moo C
Donald Hlock,   cor. Vornon   and!
      Josephine streets,  visiting breth*[
rn cordially invited. ERNEST Kino,
Ciias. H. Fakkow, Worthy President
COURT KOOTKNAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 mooul
1st and 3rd Wednesday in each month ln t Imi
K of P Hall. F W Swanoll, C. D. S. O. R.i J I<|
Green, C.R.: J. Parkins, Secy.
NKLSON LODGK, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., mee-j
every Thursday In the I.O.O.F. hall. G Cf
Williams, M.W.: W S Smith, Rec.-Sec; J. ,IJ
Driscoll, Financier F. J Squire. Recolvor ant)
P. M. W.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1602 moots in the Mel
Donald hlock every Thursday ovsning at 9
o'clock. Visiting members cordially invited!
John Toyo W.M.; F. J. Bradley, R.8. THS MINER, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER ��{, 18981
lii'lcf     Ml'lltlnll     of    llapill'IliilKs    111    llu'
Itlslrli'i IMiring llie I'll"!
Ti'iv Itnys.
J. E Jackson of Spokane is in the
Fred Irvine returned yesterday from
A. J. Walters of Spokane, is on a
visit to Nelson.
J. E. Amiable spent a couple of dnys
in Hossland this week.
H. R. Cameron has returned from   a
business visit to Rossland.
Mrs. Daniel Wilson left yesterday
evening on a visit to England.
Mrs. Nickolls left,yesterday evening
for a visit to Innisfail, Alberta.
Joseph Tasse, manufacturer of the
well known Bahama cigar, is in the
Work is progressing on the addition
to the Nelson public school, which is
expected to bo shortly ready for uso.
James   \V.    Moffat,   of   Moffat   and
Church, bas recently started development work on the Bartlett group on
Pour Mile creek near Silverton.
The Northport smelter "blew in"
yesterday. About -100 tons of oro nre
now being received daily nntl there are
now about SOCIO Ions of roasted oro on
P. M. Chadbourn left yesterday for
Windermere, Past Kootenay, where
be lias several men at work on the
Matterhorn group. He will be absent
.about three weeks.
The nomination of candidates for
the provincial bye-election in the Nelson electoral district will be held today, it is not likely that Hon. J. Pred
Hume will be opposed.
R. B. Wood wbo recently returned
from Dawson City, whero he was
representing tho London and B. C.
Goldfields company, leaves this morning for the old oountry,
Attention is drawn to the advertisement of the Nelsou Furniture Co.,
who have opened out in business in
Ibe Applewbaite block at the comer of
Baker and Kootenay streets.
A recent arrival in town reports
that yesterday the steel on the Crow's
Nest Puss railway was laid to within
three miles of Coat river crossing.
There is a largo crew of men nt work.
The steamer from Victoria was delayed for an hour yesterday through
fogs. Tlie result being that hist* night's
train,which connects with the steamer
���tit Vancouver, was correspondingly
A literary entertainment was given
last night in the Methodist cliureh
under the auspices of the Epworth
league tit which an excellent programme of music, readings, etc., was
A birthday social will l.e held in the
I Methodist church this evening. No
[admission will be charged, but each
person attending is expected to eon-
I tribute one cent for every year he or
[she is old.
Did you see that "Carload" of Wiu-
lidow Shades, etc., at the New Purni-
lture Store, corner of Baker and Koot-
leniiy streets? Seo tbem! Tbey are
lifine I   Tlie Nelson Furniture Co.     *
Among those registered at the Hume
Lure D. W. Wood, Trail; G. W. C.
Illowan, S. Omaha; Mrs. Coleman
Istucket, Lindsay, Ont. : H. Roy, Ross-
lland; j. B. Gossely, Stanbridge, and
|11. Krack, Walla Walla.
The majority stockholders of the Le
lltoi mino have filed notico tbat tbey
(will appeal from the recent decision of
Mr. -Justice Iving. dismissing W. A
Carlylo from the receivership. Tho
appeal will come up for bearing at
Victoria ou October 5.
Among those registered at the Phair
are A. B. Fraser, Silverton; Mrs. and
Miss MacWilliam, Spokane ; Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Brophy, and Miss Hearn,
Ottawa; J. R. Wray, Vancouver: Mr.,
Mrs. and Miss Ferrier, Montreal; W.
G. Blackstock and G. E. Gooderhan.i
of Toronto.
A circular has been issued by the
Dominion Express Company to their
agents, stating that on account of the
recent destructive fire in New Westminster, parcels of money, clothing or
supplies, for th" relief of fire sufferers,
consigned to i.ie relief committee,
New Westminster, will be carried free.
Mrs. Wm. Hodson and family left
yesterday evening for New WesV
minster to be present at an operation
to be performed on Mr. Hodson, which
it is hoped will prove beneficial to
him. Mrs. Hodson desires to thank
tho friends of her husband for their
many kindnesses to him during his
illness and also to herself and family
since Mr. Hodson was taken to Now
The Nelson Copper Fields tire vigorously prosecuting developmeutjwork on
three claims, the Great   Boulder, Last
Ohance and the Huron.    A rumor was
current in the city this week   that the
compnny intended to close  down their
operations in   a couplo  of   weeks, but
tbis Mr. Wilson, the   manager, says is
entirely     unfounded.    Tbn    company
have   not   the  slightest   intention   of
suspending  operations  either   now or
j tit.   auy   time   in    the  future.    Their
I properties never looked better and they
; liave the  fullest confidence  (hut thoy
will develop into good mines.
The company have opeuod up two
fresh properties, the Belle Canadian
and tho Empire, one quarter of a mile
from Ymir, which they bonded three
weeks ago from Mr. Collins. The
contract for a 50 foot shaft has been
let and development work has uncovered two feet of good ore.
The last issue of the Rossland Miner
contains nn account, nearly a column long of the race for the wet test
which Rossland won, and a few lines
recording the victory of Nelsou in
the hub and bub race.
In those few lines it stated that Nelson by "a final spurt" barely bent
Rossland. Tbis is incorrect. Nelsou,
wbo only ran seven men, led all lhe
way, finishing about 10 feet ahead of
Kaslo, in 18 seconds, thus establishing
a record and winning the prize of f 150
and the championship of Kootenay.
Rossland, instead of being second, as
stated in tho paragraph referred to,
came in third and last, finishing about
five feet behind Kaslo.
A largely attended informal meeting
of creditors iu the assigned estate of
T. Vi. Gray was held yesterday at the
Hume hotel. Mr. Vi. B. Houeynian
was in the chair. The principal subjects of discussion were, first, the assignment having been made without
any consultation with creditors, secondly, as to the expediency of tho appointment of Mr. T. M. Ward as assignee A motion disapproving of Mr.
Ward's appointment was carried by a
very large majority in value of the
{Quality counts for more in this class
Hardware then  in any  other  line
tie life of tt building depends on it.
���Oni' stock is Hist cla-s.    It litis been
JihiTcd  from  manufacturers noted
Ir (be  excellence  of their product.
Td there is entire absence of "cheap"
toils in the collection,
'rites arc not higher than you often
[.y for poorly made goods.
Sept.  14.-
St. Jolm���Samuel Marshall, and John
DesirBau.on Granite mt opposite Jtown
of Nelson, adj Good Hope, 1600 ft n
of powder magazine.
Sept. 16.���
Brant���G. W. MacDonald, bet the
forks of Clearwater cks, ubout 5 mi e
of N. & F. S. railway.
Iron Band���J. M. Hickey on Blend
nit near Rover ck, formerly Czar.
Aberdeen���J. D. Tinkiss   and W. S.
Ault, on   w si of and 3 mi up (i mi ck
from w arm of Kootenay lake.
Sept.  10.���
New York���E. Cole, J. J. Mullen
and J. J. Roets on the u fork of Barrett ck about 1J�� mi from Porto Rico.
Sauda Rosa���Gilbert Peone and
Jacob Stierle, on n side of and (i mi
up Hidden ck 1 mi s w of Bighorn
O. K. ��� Louis Ottoson, n side of Hall
creok, 1 nu w from Hall Siding, for
merly Queen Kate.
Sept. 17.���
Star���Joseph Rush, Antonio Muraeo,
on Penticton branch of 0. P. R., 4 nn
s o of Brooklyn.
Copper Jack���John Bloomberg, at
head of Sroulo ck, i/2' mi n of Yellowstone.
Leadville���Malcolm Mclvor, J. M.
McDonald,on Clearwater ck, 1 mi n of
Apex miue.
Rossland���A. H. McKay, 5 mi w of
Tunnel���J. I. G. Abbott, 5 mi w of
Brooklyn. ���
Vancouver���Osborne Plunkett, same.
Fargo���Chas. Northridge. Tom
Flynn, on Wild Horse ck, formerly
Dresdon���Charles Northridge, James
McDonald, same, adj Bluo Jay.
Sunrise���W. C. Forrester, 2 mi n of
Vmir, formerl.y Lansing.
Southern Cross���A. J. Campbell,
same, formerly Easter.
Attwood���J. R. Cranston, n Toad
nit, adj Alhambra.
'Arizona���W. F. Hornshoe, Oscar
Johnson, at head of Sproule ck, adj
Big Giant���Same. same.
Pomeroy���C. D. Ogilvie, same, adj
Davy���John M. Ness, on w slope of
Morning mt near Sandy ck.
Aim���Samuel Marshall, Prank Pino,
about 11 mi n of Ymir.
Sept, 19.���
Cumberland No. 1.���William Rolls,
on n fork of Wild Horse creek, 1 mi u
of Elise. mine.
Knollwood���A. L. Sauvie, at bead
of s fork of Porcupine cli
Yosemite���Thos Benue
fork of Sheep and Wolf cks.
Copper Chief���Charles Anderson, on
w side of n fork of Wild Horse ck,
formerly Palmetto.
Iron Horse���W. P. Baker, on   s fork
of Porcupine ck, formerly Iron Colt.
Sept, 20.���
Mother Lode���E. P. Graham, N. Vi.
Keech, at head of Copper creek.
Cliff House���N. W. Keech, at head
of n fork of Salmon river.
First, Relief���Wm. McArthur, >n mi
s of Salmo.
Salisbury���John Dean, John McVicar, 2'., mi from Ymir, formerly
Pride of the West.
r ��� r i
Window Shades, Shade Cloths, Cornice Poles
and Trimming's, Brass Rods, (Extension and
Banner), a lot of Sundries, Curtain Stretchers
Step Ladders, Etc., Hearth, Counter, Floor
Brushes, Etc. Fifty different styles of the
Latest and Finest Shades to choose from.
Importers of
(tints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
rumunul   lo   "Creditors Deed*  Ael" nml
Ann'nillni; Arts.
Notice is beroby given that Thomas
W. Gray, of Nelson, British Columbia, mill owner, bos, by deed bearing
dato tho Kith day of Septomber, A. D.
1898, assigned all his personal estate,
credits and effects which may be seized
and sold under execution, and all bis
roal estate, to Thomas Martindale
Ward, of the said city of Nelson,
agent, in trust, for tbo purpose of paying ratably and proportionately and
without preference or priority, the
creditors of tbe said Thomas Vi. Gray,
their just debts.
The said deed was executed by tho
said Thomas W. Gray, the assignor,
and tbe said Thomas Martindale Ward,
the trustee, on the Kith dav of September, A. D. 1KII1S, and "the said
trustee has undertaken the trusts
created by the said deed.
All persona having claims against
the said Tliomas W.Gray are required,
ou or before the (ith day of October, A.
I). 1HIIH, to deliver to 'the said trustee
full particulars of the same, duly verified by Statutory Declaration, together
with tho particulars of tbe security,
if any, hi Id by them, and all persons
indebted to tho said Thomas W. Gray,
are required to pay the amounts duo
by thom to the said trustee forthwith.
And notice is hereby given that
after tbe said (ith day of October, A.
D. 1SIIH, tbo trustee will proceed to
distribute the assets among the parties |
entitled thereto, having regard only to
tbe claims of which he shall then
havo had notico.
A meeting of the creditors of the
said Tliomas W. Gray will bo held at
the office of Ward Bros., on Baker
street, Nelson, B. C., on Thursday,
the fith day of Octobor, A. D. 1898,
at tbo hour of 2:30 o'clock inthe
Solicitors for tbe Trustee.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 16th day
of September, A. D. 1898.
NOTICK I.S HEREBY GIVEN tlmt nn extraordinary meeting of l lie Shareholders
of the " Exchequer Gold Alining Company,
Limited Liability," will bo held at its head oflice. on Baker street, in the city of Nelson, B.C.,
on the 2lilh da" of September, A. I)., 18118 nt tlie
hour of eight o'clock in tlio afternoon for the
purpose of
ill Considering propositions for tho working and further developement of the mines.
(21 Ratifying n certain agreement of tho Cth
September, A. II., 1S1I8.
Cli Appointing Trustees and Ollicers for lhe
snid Company and lo transact such further
and other business ns may come before tho snid
1 >nted this 10th day of September, A. 1).,
#J. Harry Nickerson*
JEWELER ������������������
Josephine St. Opposite Clarke Hotel
Steamship Lines
From Montreal or Quebec
lienvcr Line- Lake Huron..,
Heaver Line-Lake Superior.
Dominion Line-Vancouver..
Dominion Line -Scotsniiin....
Allan Lino���California!!...
Allan Line   Niiiiiidiun	
 Oct.  ft
 Oct. 12
 Sept 17
 Sept 10
 Sept 22
 Oct.   1
From New York
White star Line���Teu  inlo Sept 28
Whito Star Line���Britannio    Oot. C
Cunard  Line- Lucnula Out.   1
Ciinnrd Line   Ktruria Oct.   8
Aliiin Stato Line-Stale of Nebraska Oct. 21
Allan Stato Line - Mongolian ..Oo!.   7
Anchor Line- Furuessia Sept 21
Anchor Line���Auelioria Oct. 22
Cabin, $45.00, 160, {Ml, S7H Still nnd upwards.
Intermediate, 13*1.00 and upwards
Steerage. |22.60 and upunnls.
Passengers ticket ed through to all point* In
Great Britain or Ireland, and at specially low
rates to all parts of tho European conti lent.
Prepaid passages arranged from nil point?
Applv  to GKO.  S.  BEER,   O.P.R.  'I eke.
Agent. Nelson, or to,     WILLIAM STITT
Soil   General Agent, O.P.R unices. Winnipeg.
Subscribe for The Miner
One Year
Half Year
One riontb
The Largest and Finest Stock ever Brought
to Kootenay.
In addition to our present well assorted slock
of Fine Furniture and   Coverings,   we   have
now on the way
3 Big Palace Cars of Furniture
of all kinds to arrive next week, the whole of
wbicb will be
Sold at Popular Prices
All welcome.    Come and see the Stock- and ask for prices.
All new goods.    No old  stock.     Remember  the   address.
The New Furniture House.
Applewhaite Block Oor. Baker and Kootenay St.
The Nelson Furniture Co.
To   llu*   Electors nl  Hie Nelson Killing (if
Wist Kootenny Electoral District:
Gentlemen: My acceptance of a seat
in the cabiuet of Hon. C. A. Semlin
has vacated the scat in the provincial
legislature formerly held by myself ns
your representative in tlmt body,
I now beg leave to offer myself as a
oandidate for re-election.
Although it is but n short time since
you honored me by electing me as your
representative, and I have every reason
to believe that my action in accepting
office has your approval, I regret that
the duties of office have prevented me
from meeting you and personally asking you for the renewal of that support which you have been kind enough
to extend to mo during the past four
Tho department of mines, which,
with the office of provincial secretary,
Hon. Mr. Semlin has entrusted to my
care, is a most important one, particularly to the mining sections of the
province,of which Nelson riding forms
so important a part, as by the careful
administration of this department the
welfare of this and other mining districts may be greatly benefitted.
I appeal, therefore, for your support
as a member of the now government,
which I am convinced, with the support of the electors throughout the
province, will be ablo to do much to
promote the general welfare of the
province and enable it to assert its position as the most prosperous of all the
provinces in the Dominion.
I  am, gentlemen, your obedient
Nelson, September 17th, 1898
Repaired, Altered, Cleaned, Pressed
nnu Dyed by ilie Nkw Process at
Reasonable Prices,
STEVENS, The Tailor..
Room 9, Hillyer Blk.,  NELSON.
P. S.���Ladies Wool Dress Hoods Sponged
before Making Up.
(AIMM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc. Cornwall I
Opposite Phtt    Hotel.
NELSON, B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
Extended experience In (.'hilc and Oerman
South Africa. Assays and analysis of ores.
Reports and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plans kept
up by contrnet,
1 I I I I'llllM    xo.  8|,
Manufacturers of
Halcyon nm Spring* Water Aerated nml
Supplied lo the Trade.
i ion llnv-Q a iiohiiy tor bodio particular
Medicine or Drug und dont liko to bo offered a
substitute, como nere when you need a now
supply. We aro pretty sure to have it. Kvcry-
thing that a well stoolced Drug Storo usually
earnestmmI a tirvnt tinny Tiling* itcshh*,
can be found on our shelves.
Tho purity of the Dnififs sold by us and tbe
accuracy or our prescription departincnl insures to our customers just "What the DootOt
Canada Drug & Book Co.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer nml Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
B. C.
Experienced Tie Makers cnn gel, steady work
nt. Nakuep,   Apply Immediately 'o
Nakusp, 1). C.
WANTED.*  Three or four roomed lintise
central location.   Address Miner oflice,
POUND.���A small key. National Cash  Regis-
ter.   Apply "Miner" olilce.
MUSIC LESSONS, - On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. XV. J. Astley. Hobson street,
two doors west of Stanley.   P. 0. Hox 180.
WANTED���A   position   al    general house
work.   Apply 11 HS. WALSH,  Wood's house,
FOR HAI.E-Hnmilton  Cash  Register.  Apply to HON TON RESTAURANT.
Btiker Street.
Wanted���i Woodohoppers.
13 Men, $3.35 per day.
���i Meu for unloading wood.
J. H. Love.
The Crown Failed to Make Out Iheir Caso*
Lawson and Scott fro loth Sentenced to Hard Labor-
Mr. Justice Irving opened the assizes
yesterday morning at 10 a. ni., when
n grand jury was empanelled consisting of the following members: If. |
B. Thompson, foreman ; Jolm A. Tor-1
ner, G. E. Martin, C. St. Barbl
(Janipbell-Jolinsloit. ,1. A. Irving, H.
Selous, T. Madden, 11. M. Vincent, R.
E. Lemon, A. R. Sherwood, (1. Bigelow, T. Gray, J. Hamilton, aud J. F.
The grand jury returned true bills
in the following eases:
Regina vs. Bruno; Regina vs.
Phillipps; Regina vs. Fitzgerald;
Regiua vs. Lawson; Regina vs. Scott;
Regiua vs. Oleson.
Tlie case of Regina vs. Kane was
tin-own out. Tlie grand jury on coming into court after the  completion of
their labors,informed liis lordship that
they had no presentment to make.
Beforo proceeding to take tlie criminal cases. Mr. Justice Irving heard
several chamber applications which
were, by consent, adjourned until today. Iu the case of Staynier vs. Hall
Minos, W. A. Macdonald, Q. 0., made
an application for a jury, Mr. Bowes,
for the defendants, agreed provided
special jury was granted and it was
so ordered.
The lirst case taken was Regina vs.
L. Oleson, the prisoner being accused
of robbing Erie Strand on the afternoon of August 4th, while the latter
was asleep on the grass beside the
Grand hotel. John Elliot appeared for
the crown, and \V. A. Galliher for the
Eric Strand, a Swede, was the first
witness called, and bo gave evidence
to the effect lhat he had drawn SI.10
out of the bank of Montreal on August
1. He had formed an aequuintence-
ship with the prisoner a few days be-
for he had lost his money, and had
given him money to buy food on two
or three occasions, as he said he was
During the morning of August 4 he
and the prisoner had several drinks
and about noon the pair went out nud
laid down upon the grass. When he
awoke his money was gone, as was
also his companion, His money consisted of $10 bank ot Montreal bills,
which he kept in a pocket book which
the prisoner had had tm opportunity of
seeing. He had $180 before he lay
About 5 o'cloek prisoner came back
and he taxed him with tlie theft. Ho
said: "If you think I have the money,
you had better search me. " Accordingly witness nnd two friends, Ake
and Johnson, went up to a room iu
the Lake View hotel, and searched him.
They only found $9.60 and a few
nickels. Prisoner gave witness $5, aud
treated the four twice. Prisoner then
said he was going to Robson, but lie
did not tis witness saw him next day.
Under cross examination the witness did not display a very accurate
recollection of what occurred on the
morning in (piestion, and throughout
he appeared to understand English
very imperfectly. He also contradicted
himself as to the sobriety of himself
aud his companion on that occasion.
Charles Peterson, tho bartender of
the Klondike, then gave his evidence
to the effect that he knew both parties.
Oleson had stayed at tho hotel on the
nights of July 20 and iiO. On August
3 the prisoner refused to buy a fivo
cent button hole because he had no
money. Prisoner was no* working at
all at tho time.
There was no cross examination of
this witness.
John Ake was then sworn, and said
that he had known Strand for nine
years, and the prisoner for four, though
he did not knew him well. The witness knew nothing of tho circumstances of tho alleged theft, his evidence being corroborative of tho
searching of tint prisoner and of the
finding of the $0. ill).
Gus Bieberg said hit was tending bar
at the Grand hotel on August ���!. The
prisoner and Strand were drinking together that morning in the bar, and
went out about noon, neither being
qnite sober. About two hours afterwards Strand camo back and said his
money was gone.
He had not sen the prisoner with
any large amount of iiiiiiii*y,luit he had
bought an.l paid for several drinks the
day before the alleged robbory.
The court then adjourned for an
On the resumption of the sitting at
2 o'clock, Chief of Police McKinnon
took the stand. He testified that he
had arrested the prisoner the Saturday
after the alleged theft, and on searching hiin had found on his person five
$10 Bank of Montreal bills, one $5
bank of B. C. bill and $4.25 ill silver,
which he produced.
The grass   plot whero   the theft was
supposed to   have   taken place   was   a ]
common resort iu   warm   weather.    It j
was surrounded by a  fence about four
feet high.
J. F. Riley testilied to having sold
tho prisoner two watches, one for $2.00
tbe other, a gold   plated  one,   for
The prisoner paid him with a $10 |
bill but he did not   remember of what
bunk.    He could not swear to the date
of   the   transaction, but   was   of   tho
opinion that it was on August 8.
r, ... j    tt     j��   ,    ���ri " This closed the case for  the  crown,
CompOSltlOIl anCl    V ertllCt   01  "nd as   the  defense produced   no wit-
T ni'sscs, Mr.   Elliot   proceeded   to  sum
the Grand Jury. up
Ho pointed out that before the alleged robbery, the prisoner was so broke
thai his companion, Strand, bought
bim meals, and that he could not buy
a fivo cent button bole. After the
'��� money was missed, ho was searched
tind $9. DO was found on him. He had
had plenty of timo to secrete the balance. He also bought two watches he
could not need, and when he was ar-
[rested five bank bills of the same de-
I nomination as those missing are found
'tin him.
Mr. Justice Irving said ho need not
call on Mr. Galliher to reply. The
'. crown had not made out a case. They
j had not connected tho prisoner with
; tho theft. So far tis it went the evi-
j deuce tended to show that the watches
wero bought before the money wns
| taken.
Tho   jury   brought  in  a verdict  of
not  guilty," his lordship remarking
r i that that was  the  onlv  possible  verdict.
In this caso the prisoner was aicused
of stealing   a check made out in favor
of M. MoPhail, a miner.
MoPhail took tho stand and after
being sworn he identified the stolen
check, which was of the amount of
The cheek was dated March 1*1, aud
the witness had kept it in his pocket
book along with other papers. Ou
June 20 the witness came to Nelson
and put up at the Club hotel. Ho was
sure he had the check iu his posses
si on at that time.
The next day he moved to the Grand
Central hotel, and on the morning of
the 22uA he discovered his pocket book
coutaining that and other checks was
Ho wrote to the bank at New Denver stopping payment ou the checks,
and soon after returned to Ihe miue.
In July witness got word that a
check for $61.50 was cashed by a
James Scott. He returned to Nelson
aud had him arrested. He had been
working in tho mine ever since. He
had not advertised tho loss of his
M. Brown, accountant of the Bank
of Montreal at Nelson, was then sworn.
He testified that James Scott had presented the check ou July 16. The
check was cashed aud forwarded to
New Denver, whence it was returned
with the notice thut its payment had
been stopped. James Scott was known
at the bank as he had had a savings'
bank deposit there.
Witness found James Scott* in Reefer's cigar store. The next day he saw
him again iu presence of the prisoner.
Lawson said that he had found the
cheek on Stanley street. He had given
it to Scott- to cash. He owed Scott
$10, aud ho loaned him $20 more out of
the proceeds of the check. The prisoner and ho had blown tho money
in, and now had none left. Ho would
repay it when he could.
E. J. Curran, proprietor of the Club
hotel, said he had known prisoner
since last December, when prisoner
had worked for him. Prisoner worked
for him again in the early part of
June, but had left the house before
June 20. So far as he knew prisoner
was a sober, steady mau, aud worked
for him faithfully.
Mr. Justieo Irviug here remarked
that thero was nothing to couuect tho
theft with the. Club hotel.
There were no witneses for tho defense.
Mr. Elliot in his address to tho jury
said the case was clear. Tlie prisoner
should havo tried to find the owner
and he could easily have done so by
going to the bank. He got a man
known at the bank to cash the check
nntl they divided it.
Mr. Galliher for tho defeuso said
that he was aware the case was largely
a matter of law. and his lordship
would direct the jury as to what constituted larceny by finding. The
check was dated in March, aud so it
was a natural presumption that the
cheek had been lost for a long time, and
the "owner would be indiscoverable.
Counsel was proceeding to quote cases
to show the probability of being ablo
to find the owner was an ingredient of
tho law of laroeny by finding in such
cases, when his lordship objected on
the ground that the cases had been
overruled by statute.
In summing up his lordship said
that the facts were easy and indisputable. Conversion might occur nt
any time, and it was no excuse that
the original motive of tho finder was
honest, if he subsequently converted
the property to his own uso. The case
was practically undefended, but if tho
jury eould believe that the prisoner
thought there was no hopo of finding
the owner becauso of the date on the
check, they might acquit him.
After some deliberation tho jury
bn night in a verdict of guilty, and a
sentence of nine months' hard labor
was imposed.
The prisoner in this ease was the ono
associated with the man convicted in
the foregoing case. W. A. Galliher I
pleaded guilty on behalf of his client, i
and made an appeal for mercy on the
grounds that the prisoner had no idea
he had no right to cash tho check.
Iu giving sentence   Mr. Justice Irv- j
ing   said    that   thoso   who ��� commit j
crimes must be  punished   that  others
may bo warned.    Thoso who, liko   the
prisoner, run so close to the verge  of *
dishonesty, must   bo punished   when
A   sentence of   threo   mouths   hard
1898      PROVINCIAL      1S38 ;:i��*^C��SS^a?!i^.&��SJ*^S��*��1?(*^SSS
s Exhibition
nniler the direction or
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial
Society of British Columbia.
OCT. 5 to 13 Inclusive
New Westminster
in conjnotion with the
Citizens'Grand Yearfu Celebration
The Premium List is tlie Largest
ever ottered Wost of Toronto.
Pyro-Spectacular Bombardment of  Santiago
de Cuba and Blowing up ol the "Haine."
Followed by nn up-to-date Fire Works Display,
wliich 1ms lieen specially secured for Four
Nights nt nn enormous expense
Lacrosse and Baseball Matches, Bicycle Heet, Aquatic, Sailor and
Caledonian Sports, Promenade
Concerts, Horse Races.
Dog Show.   Open to tlie World.
The Finest Bands in tbo Province
will provide Music.
Special rates over all Railway and
Steamboat Lines.
No entrance fees charged for Exhibits.
Premium Lists, Entry Forms, and
full information on application to
Chairman Cel. Coin. Socy. Cel. Com.
Pros. It. A. & I. Foe.     Secy. R. A. ft I. Soc.
W. 11. KEARY,
Exhibition Commissioner.
A Flrat Class In every respoct ���
i -  X
���444444444 4444444 44.444,444 ���
of our Clothing is generally sufficient to
make a life long customer.
We don't offer our goods below COfet,
because we have no desire to lose
monoy. Wu sell at prices which are
sufftcionl to pay for good material nnd
good workmanship. The size and variety of onr stock enables us to please a
customer both as to style and fit Indeed we arc particular on these points.
We rather lose a sale than permit, unsatisfactory garments to leave the
These values cannot he surpassed,
= = J. A. GILKER ���
P. O. STORE. fi
Pints, Quarts and Half Gallons.
Milk Pitchers
Pie and Pudding Dishes. 4
and a Full Line of CHINA & GLASSWARE.
Complete Supply of ....
Groceries, Summer Beverages, Etc.
Fresh Fruit nnd Vegetables Every Morning.
Special attention to Mail orders.
Do yon waul a good Square nienl for
First Class Cook Employed
OysliTH    Kri'i'ivi'il    Dally.
('iiuUi'ii any style.
Y. HOSHI - Proprietor. +
++��++����� �����������������������������������������������������������
A Large  Variety  below
Ordinary Price.
Satchels, Grips, Valises
Thomson Stationery Co.
UMITKD 1(122)
When requiring thoroughly seasoned
limber should apply to
The Nelson Planing Mill
'l\ W. GRAY.
In stock.l.OOO.OOO ft.of Flooring,Lining
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes und
every description of Joinery.
Tea Pots all Sizes
Hutter Crocks
Kirkpatrickand Wilson,
Baker St.      Tel. io.
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
_a!so Good Value in Sponges.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real listate and (ieneral  Agents,  fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public,  Etc...
FOR SALE   _^���vwv.%vw*.v**.
Cornel' Lot on Vernon St., with Building. 12 Lots in Bloeft
I IF -Cheap.   2 Lots Cor. Josephine and Robson.
FOR RE/VT ^^.^sxvwom.
2 Lots .'ind Dwelling near Cor Stanley St, ou Observatory*
St., $12 per n on h. Dwolliug on Silica St,, near Cedar St.,.
$20 per month.    House and 2 Lots, Houston St.   $15 month..
all and see our full list of property for sale  in   "Hume"*
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Wc have Two Claims on Rover Crock For Sale, cheap.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street,  NELSON, B.C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Charles D. J. Christie
Agent for ....
The Dominion Permanent Loan Co. i
No Stock to be subscribed for.
A definite contract given. Loan
on the installment plan from 5^
years up.
mki:i:\ iMioits ami   Winnows M.UJE
TO OltlM.lt.
labor was imposed.
Tho flrst caso this morning will he
Rogina vs. Fitzgerald. Tho prisoner
is accused of attemptod murder.
has taken over the practice ot"
Dr.    H.   E.   Hall and  is  prepared to clo all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods.  .  .
itrohi'ti lllll Mock ��� Bukcr SI.
St. Alice Natural Mineral Water
���FROM THE���
whose curative qualities are known nil over Canada.    Many Mineral Waters
tain  valuable mineral ingredients, but probably none in America, having
Bame medical value, make such a tine palatable beverage when bottled.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.


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