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The Miner Oct 31, 1898

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 Dailv Edition No   149.
Nelson, British Columbia. Monday Morning, October 31, 1898,,
Ninth Year
Is impressed upon ovcry pair of Shoes we offer the
public. In tbe first place we aim to buy only reliable footwear of reliable manufacturers, wbo are
prepared In stand by tbeir goods with their guarantee, which we in turn give with every pair of
shoes wc sell you. It is a safe way to do business
���safe for us, safe for you, and the stamp of durability protects us both, we in our reputation as
reliable shoe dealers, you In the amount of wear
and durability secured llirough your investment
in Footwear at our store.   A call will convince you
<*��   LILLIE BROS.   &p
A Well Contested Game and
Ideal Weather-
Nelson Wins By Fifteen to Seven���A Pleas-
sant Game���The Rosslanders
Wero   Hospitable"
This, tho first Rugby match iu
Kootenay, was played in Kosslund
on Saturday in ideal weather. The
game took place on the Black Bear
ground before quite a number of spectators, who evinced considerable enthusiasm during its progress. As the
gams was an initial one old footballers
knew it was useless to speculate as to
the resnlt. Both teams continued tho
names of several players well known in
the football annals of tlie Paciiic coast
of British Colombia, augmented by
recent urri"ttls from the mother country. So far as training and condition
were concerned uoi th,!'sido had any
advantage as the match was arranged
ou somewhat short notice, aud facilities for practice aro limned iu both
The teams faced each othor shortly
after 2 :30, the Kossland captain having won the toss. The visitors pressed
the home team but Tait, an old Midland county three-quartor buck, did
grand work for Rossland, who gradually worked the ball up to the Nelson
26, from which it was eventually
rushed over the goal line aud a try obtained. The place kick at goal was
After tbo kick opt the Nelson backs
were conspicuous for some good pursing, but they coujd not get past the
opposing three-quarters. Eventually
Tjtit of Rossland managed to obtain a
successful drop kick at goal. A splendid nisli of tho Nelson forwards
headed by Hector Sproat enabled that
veteran forward to secure a try wliich
was not converted. When the whistle
Hounded for half time the score stood :
Kossland, 7 points; Nelson,   :i   points.
Before resuming Capt. Haines of
Nelson decided to slightly alter the
position of his men, by taking Macrae
ont of tbe scrum and placing bim iu
the three-quarter division, a courso
which was justified by after events.
During the second half Nelson had
the better of the game, continually
foroing Kossland to thoir 25. Haines
scored a try, but the kick was difficult
and waa not oonvcrted. Later on Tod
dropped a neat goal. Rossluud made a
determined effort to equalize, hut Macrae again secured tho ball, and eluding the entire back division of Rossland, touched down directly behind
the goal. The kiok was again entrust
ed to Tod who sent the ball neatly
over the bnr. Shortly afterwards timo
was called. Score, Nelson, 15 points;
Rossluud, 7.
Considering the limited extent of
the ground and the fact thut neither
toam had ever played together before
the game was interesting from start
to finish. Nelson had nearly always
the bettor of the scrum, aud at times
tho baoks displayed good combination.
Haines at half played a great game
never sparing himsolf nud he was
well supported by Blest. Tod, Macrae
and Williams played well ut three-
quarters, whilo Sprout, Siirgennt and
Hodge wore perhaps the most brilliaut
of a hard  working  set  of  forwards.
��<U Rossland Tait at the three quarters played a sterling gamo and was
well booked np by Grogan and Beeches,
The veteran Oowper-Coles was always to the fore on tho forwards.
After the match the best of feeling
prevailed between the two teams Ross-
lnnd sparing uo effort to entertain
their visitors.
It is the intention of Rossluud to
play a return mutch in Nelson next
The personnel of the teams was us
Nelson���Digby, back; Haines and
Blest, half-backs; Wilson, Jeffs, Tod
and Williams, three-quarters; Sproat,
Hepburn, Cousins, Sargeant Macrae,
Stillwell, Taite, Hodge, forwards.
Rossland���O'Hara, baok; Wilkin
and Hobbes, half backs; Grogan, Tait,
Beoher, Butt, three quarters, Oving-
ton, Ridout, Dashwood, Sword, Johnstone, Beetun, Cowper-Coles, Marshall, forwards.
J, M. Scott iictod m referee,
An Important Decision Given by Mr.
Justice Martin.
Decision in the last of the arguments urged for striking out the petitions iu the protests against Messrs,
Builer, Duusmuir, Pooley aud Bry-
den nnd McPhillips, was givon Thursday at. Victoria hy Mr. Justice Mar-
tiu. His lordship agreed with the contention of Mr. Duff, who onposed Mr.
Oussdiy's motion, that under section (IB
of the election act of 1888, which empowers the judgo of tbe supreme court
to make rules for tho effectual carrying
out of tho net and tho object and intention thereof, the rule of August,
18114, was valid. This rale gave Ihe
senior puisne judge tho right, during the vacation of the office of the
chief justice, to appoint the prescribed master. Tbe effect of this is that
Mr. Drake's appointment us master
hy Mr. Justice Walkem is u valid oue.
The motion, therefore, to striko out
the petition against Bullen, which
was the test case, was dismissed. The
trial of the election case protest of
Jardine vs. Bullen conies up today
af Victoria before Mr. Justice Druke
aud it is understood that a great army
of witnesses, numbering 00 or more
have beeu subpooued.
Cooking   Lessons    Fov    Ladies���The
New Public Library.
A meeting of the National Couuoil
of Women wus held on Saturday afternoon in the lecture room of the Presbyterian church, and several Indies
reported ns to the success Ihey had
had in getting names for the couk-
iui' lesions which iye to he held in
Nelson. -July 20 names have been
secured, which aro uot enough to
make the venture n financial success,
but after some discussion it wus decided to go on with the plan inthe
hope tlmt other names will be obtained. It is earnestly hoped thnt ninny
more will take advantage of this unique opportunity of being initiated
into the mysteries of the culinary art,
ns nil profits will go to the fund for
the establishment of a public library,
w Inch is urgently   needed in Nelsou.
Tbe committee then discussed the
library question, and it was decided
to try to get a committee of gentlemen to take the matter up, and
give it the benefit of- thai** iuflueuco
and experience. As the gentlemen
named hud not been previously consulted tbeir names are not published
here, but it may be stated thnt the
proposed committee consists of representatives of the municipal authorities, bankers, professional and business men of the city.
Concluded at Rossland   After Occupying Noarly  Fonr Weeks.
The special sittiings of the supreme
court which have been in progress iu
Rossland since Oct. 4, closed yesterday, and Mr. Justice Walkem will
spend a few days in Nelson on business. With the summonses aud appeals tho total number of enses disposed
of wns over 00.
One of of the longest actions tried
wus the Nelson case of tho bank of
Montreal vs. Wilsou. The case consisted of 14 distinct claims, and was
very complicated. It involved the
���ale of time checks in connection with
the buildiug of the old Trail creek
tramway, now known as the Columbian & Westoru railway. The judge
deferred his decision until he could
hear the evidouco of F. P. Gutolius,
raporiiitoudcut of the road. He will
look further into tho case on his return
to the const.
The members of the Bittuer compnny
arrived in town yesterday afternoon
aud registered at the Huine. There
are 10 members in the compnny, 11
geutleinon and 6 ladies, and they come
with high recommenantions from the
press and tho publio of tho places in
which they have appeurd. The compauy opeus tonight with Bailey
Campbell's well known dramu "Tho
Galley Slave". The performnnce
which will begin nt 8 o'cloek iu the
skating rink, is a continuous out
with specialties between each not.
The Beats aro on sale at XV. F. Teet
zel's drug storo.
' The shipments from the Rosslnnd
mineB for the week ending Saturday
night again surpassed ull records.
Tha output of the camp reached tho
large total of 4,415 tous For the same
week last year, the shipments amounted tn|1425 tons. The Le Roi miue last
weok shipped 8475 tons, the Wor Eagle,
900 tons nud the Iron Mask, 40 tons.
On tbe busis of $S0 as the average
value of the ore the product of the
camp for the past seven days has
been $133,450 equal to nearly $20,000
per day.
The Case Will Be Ke-opened
and Inquired Into.
There Will Be no Suspension of Penalty
Ponding the Beh��aring of
the Charges.
Puris, 21).���The decision of the
court textmilly, is us follows: In
view of the letter of the minister of
justice, dated Sept. 20, 1808, iu
view of tho nrgnments of the punlic
prosecutor denouncing to the court the
condemnation pronounced by the first
court martial of the military government of Paris ou December 22, 1890,
against Alfred Dreyfus then a captaiu
of artillery attached to the general
stuff; in view of the documents iu
the ense, and also of articles 44!j to
���140 of the code of the criminnl procedure, amended by Ihe law of June 1,
1805, relative to the advisability of nn
application in proper form for revision. Whercus the matter has been
brought before the court by the public prosecutor iu virtue of thi express
ordor of the minister   of justice.
Whereas.the application comes within tbe cutegory uf the cases contemplated in article 8 nnd has been introduced within the period fixed by
article 444.
Whereas, tho judgment, a revision Of which is demanded has been in
foroe as n "chose jugee"
Whereas the documents producod do
uot placo Ihe court iu a position to decide all the merits of tbe case and
there is ground for making a. supple,
moutury inquiry,
For these reasons, the court declares
tho application to bo iu proper form
and legally admissible, nnd slates thnt
it will institute complementary inquiry uud declnres tbore is uo grouud
nt Ihe present moment for deciding
on the public prosecutor's npplicntion
for a suspension of the penalty."
The judgos of the court were occupied for three hours und a half iu considering the judgment. The publio,
whose admission to the court wns
rcguluted with the greatest care, uwnit-
ed the decision with marked calmness.
During the suspension of business
tho publio crowded into the lobbies
nud there was evident anxiety to hear
the result. There was no demonstration when the court rose.
Londou, Oct. 29.���An article iu the
National Review written by J.
Maxse, who bus previously showu himself to be woll informed in the Dreyfus
nffnir, hns caused some stir. He
nflirms thnt tho ozar is now become
convinced of Dreyfus' innocence nnd
is taking u sympathetic interest in
the prisoner of Devil's island.
Turbulent Chinese Troops iu the  City
���Tbe Dowager's Ruse.
London, Oct. 20.���News received
this weok from tho far oast has been
of a somo whnt disquieting nature. It
appears thnt tho residents of Cnnton
are iu a stato of alarm at the draft
going into that city of lnrgo bodies of
Chinese troops, us a counter poison to
the recent arrival of guards for tho foreign legations. Tho native soldiers
are very turbulent and coupled with
the anti-foreign riots at Canton, tho
situation has caused great uneasiness
among foreigners who number nbout
150. In connection with tho summoning n' n French doctor to examine
thc Emperor of China, tho Saturday
Heview says it sees in this a ruse upon
the part of thu empress dowager uud
adds that it wonld have been an easy
matter to palm off a sickly youtii of
25 on the European physioian, ns the
emperor is scarcely ever visible to
But Naval Preparations Continue on Both Sides.
It is Believed That Marchand Beceived i
Hint to Leave Fashoda and That
He Will Not Beturn.
It is Auuouuced That the Powers Will
Send Delogntes to tho Confercnoe.
Loudon, Oct. 29.���It is announced
from St. Petersburg that all the powers
havo uow accepted tho czar's invitation to soud delegates to the proposed
disarmament conference. Each power
will be represented by three delegates
and it will be n record diplomatic assembly iu point of numbers. Count
Mouravieff, the Russinn minister of foreign affairs, is going to Livudio, where
bo will confer with tho czar ou tho
outlines of the programme which
will be submitted to the delegates of
the powers. The Russia�� minister is
very optimistic us to the result of
the couferonoe.
Washington, Oct. 29.���Sir Julian
Pnuncefote, the British ambassador,
nud postmuster general Smith todny
affixed their signntures to the pnrcel
post treaty between the U. S. und the
BritiBh colony of Trinidad. The treaty
is drawn up in the regular form of
the universal postal union.
London, Oct. 29.���Tho arrival of
Major Marchand nt Khartoum, ou
his way to Cairo with tho portion of
his roport which wus uot finished
when Oapt, Bnrutier left Fashoda, is
regarded us a rift in the clouds over-
h tinging Anglo-French relations, for
iu spite of the semi-officiul denial issued in Paris thut orders were sont to
the major to go to Cuiro, it is fully
believed bere that the French otllcor
would not be ou his way to Curio unless he had received n hint to that
effect from the French government,who
cousider thnt his leaving Fashoda will
take the sting out of the situation
nnd at the samo time prepare France
for the eventual withdrawal of the
whole expedition, which now consists
of seven * officers aud 120 men. Tho
British view of the latt st. move is thut
the Marquis oi Salisbury and bis ministers are delighted to afford Major
Marchand facilities for reaching Cairn.
but thoy would hurdly cure to send
him back excepting on the cupaoity
of guest or scientific explorer; that is
to say, that France would first hnve
to renounce ull political claims based
on his mission. In the meantime ou
the voluntary return nf Major Murch-
uud, the French minister of foroigu
utfuirs M. Delcasse, uud the goveru
ment of Frnnco have got over n ares
difficulty from u diplomatic, lnmom
propre.poiut of view. M. Delcasse had
declared tho Frcnoh government could
not do tho impossible, thnt is to sny
recnll Mnjor Marchand ; therefore, the
latter's return hus enabled tho French
government to "change face", as tho
saying goes. It is recognized, however, that even if tho tri-color of
Frauce is hauled down nt Fnshodn,
tho uiniu subject of dispute remains
aud may causo ai.xious moments in
both countries before loug.
The Bnhr-El-Gnhzal question ' is
settled aud there has beon u confident
feeling for the last few days that war
will bo avoided. Tho Frcnoh ministerial crisis nt first iucrensed the feeling of nuxiety which prevnilod ns
to tho prospects of a peaceful solution,
but in the list of probnblo now ministers the British newspupers see n body
of experienced nnd capable men wbo
nre nhle to lend French opinion. The
retention of M. Delcasse at tho head
of the ministry of foreign affairs, however, is not regarded favorably, us ho
is the father of the so-culled Marchand
adventure. Tho French newspapers
seem to havo little faith in Russia
helping ber ally in the present* crisis,
whilo Russian despatches to tho British papers affirm positively that tbe
czar is decidedly opposed to war and
has counselled the French government
to abnndon its untenable attitude. It
is even said tbe czar has characterized
the French attitude ns reckless. Iu
the meanwhile, military nnd naval
preparations continue on both sides of
tho channel. There was talk at Dev
oiiport today of u flying squadron he.
ing commissioned, but a reassuring
feature is tho departure of Sir William Whito. the director of naval con
struct inn for thu British navy, on a
two months visit to Egypt. No cx-
tioino measures, therefore, are expect
od by the admiralty officials at the
present moment nt nil events.
Mr. George Wyndhnm. conservative
member of parliament for Dover,
speaking to liis constituents, has made
a compnrisou between British and
Americau aims. Ho said in Egypt we
were actuated by the very sentiments
which actuated America in' the recent
war. In the case of the Philippine
islands, Americans could not tolerate
the situation there and having undertaken the task she objected to being
hamperod by Goriunny, und so mnde
it pluiu. thut since sho is engaged on
n laudable enterprise in a sphere in
which another power felt itself called
upon to meddlo, she must have a froo
hand to bring it to a successful issue.
That is precisely Iho position of tho
British in the bnsin of Upper Nile.
Paris, Oct. 29.���Cnptnin Baratier,
the benrer of Mnjor Mnrchnnd's Fashoda report, started for Egypt today
with the government's instructions to
Mnjor Marchand.
Berlin, Oct. 29.���The French crisis
is uuxiously watched iu Germany,
In the Fnshodn question the German
government as well as tho German
newspapers, distinctly side with Great
Britain us BritiBh dominion over
tho Sondnu is held to be in every respect better for Germnn interests nnd
especially from a commerial stand
A Meeting Thut Expresses  Sympathy
With the Men.
London, Ont. Oct. 29.���Last night
a mass meeting wns held in the interest of the striking street railway
mon. Thero were about 800 present
nnd among tho sneakers were Muvor
Wilson, Ooi, Levs, M. P. P., T. D,
Hogius, M. P. p., uud ex-Moyor Little, ex-Mayor Essery nnd Rev. j. W.
Pedley mid Rev W. J. Ford. The
chief speaker declared general sympathy with the cuuse of tho strlkors,
nud a resolution, pledging tlie moral
support of the citizens to tho men wus
carried unanimously amid loud applause.
Mayor Wilson wns chnirmnn uud
condemned the compnny for its ue-
'tion uud presented n' schedulo of
wages received by thn men which
showed thnt u lnrgo numbor received
only $2.85 per weok, while 'the average received by Hourly ono half tho
employes wns ouly n trifle over $6 per
Mr. Leys, M. P. P., snid the mnn
who acted as Cnrr hnd done wns not
a fit man to he a citizen of London
nnd should be given so many hours
to leave town. He was ready to put
up $100 to help the men iu their fight
for justice.
Ex-Mayor Little announced that Mr. i
Everett would bo hero today and prob-
bnbly n settlement would   then   lie arrived ut.
He Would Not Permit Liberals to Celebrate.
Toronto, Oct. 21). ���The Muil nud
Empire's Montreal correspondent
snys the club National, the French liberal club of Montreal bas got. into
trouble with Monseigneur Bruuohasi,
Catholic archbishop. Tho troublo has
arisen over n proposal to hold a celib
ration nt the tomb of ex-Premier Mur-
cier in tho Cote des Neiges cemetery ou
Nov. 1, but the ollicers of tho club
were politely informed by thut nrch-
bishop that he did not wish the ccle-
brutiou tu interfere with the ceremony
attending All Souls dny. It is likely
lhe visit of the enthusiustic young
liberals to Merciers tomb will not be
mude until the regular religious exercises nre concluded at the cemetery.
St. Johns, Nfld., Oct. 29.���The Newfoundland government hus unnounced
its policy regurding the winter her.
��� ing fishory around the south und west
con-t3 of tbe islnnti. lt bus decidej
thut uo herrings shall be sold to
American, Canadian, or local fishing
vessels for less than $1.25 per barrel,
which is 25 cents higher thnn bus ever
been charged before. The government
explains thut the gradual depletion of
the herring supply compels the colony
to complete its interest in this manner, All American vessels in colonial
waters have agreed to pny the iucrensed prico.
Borlin, Oct. 29.���The big canal hill
to which Emperor William bus publicly referred is rendy for introduction
into the Diet during the coming session. It provides for the expenditure
of four million mnrks. When the
scheme shull have been executed the
main waterways of Prussia will be
connected from tbo eastern extremity
of the empire to the harbors of the
Germnn ocean,
Toronto, Oct. 29.���The following is
n cnhlo to tho Evening Telegram,
dated London 89: The Broad Arrow
refers to the alleged failure of Mnjor
General Gnscoigno to dischnrge his
duties ns commanding ollicer of the
Oanadian forces. The major general's
appointment to thu post at Hong Kong
the paper snys, wns no doubt intended
to convey a direct expression of approval of his conduct in Oanada.
Toronto, Oct. 211.��� Mayor Shaw has
asked Lord Aberdeen lo exert his influence with thu wnr otllce to hnve
the 21st Lnncers, who, nfter returning
to England, nro to set out for India,
puss llirough Oanada on Iheir way
Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. B0,���Throe
distinct* earthquake shocks were fell
in Ihis city todny, each being uhoul
10 seconds in length. The tremors
were nnt severe enough to be notice.1
generally, except in tall buildings
und in Seismographs.
The Pilgrimage Excites the
Ire of Russia.
Eussia Will Not Suffer Turkey to Make any
Cession to Germany and Will ilock
That Country in the East
Berlin, Oct. 29.-Tho official rola
tions botween Germany' and Russia
hnve been ruffled recently. This fact,
although denied by tho government
organs, wns obtniued from a person in
high standing nud one of the most
striking proofs of the accuracy of tho
statement is thnt Count Mournvioff,
Russinn minister of foreign ull'uirs,
has just visited Paris and Vienna, hut
ho iguored Berlin. The German newspapers havo remarked nnd have commented upon tho omission.
Othc*' significant fncts nro tho ul-
most out spoken hostile tone of tho entire Russinn pross, in which the re
upproachment betwoen German and
Great Britain is described us au uuder
hand plot against Russia, whioh the
latter is justified in keenly resenting
in view of her friendliness to Germany
iu China and tho recent tariff negotia-
lions. Moreover, Emperor William's
visit to the Orient is characterized ns
au impudent attempt to undermine
Russian influence inj Turkey nnd the
position of tho orthodox church in Palestine. The Russian clerical unthorities
fear German Protestant rule in Jerusalem, where the orthodox pilgrims uro
often limes more numerous than those
of all other creeds together. It is snid
that Russia, in order to counteract
un Anglo German agreement has como
In a ci .--or utiilcri.i.'.iidinx with Austria
by winch these two"1 cuu-uLi-ca nud
France will jointly oppose the increasing influence of Germany in tho Orient and will in no case permit Turk-
���isutions to  Germany.    Tho bulk
ish i
Toronto,     Oct.     29.��� The     petition
against the return of I). R. McDonald.
conservative member for Glengarry,
was this morning dismissed nt Os-
goodc Hnll on evidence offered.
Ottawa, Oct.  29.���The magnificent
majority Minister Gibson secured in
enst Wellington distinctly improves
the chances of Minister Dryden in
South Ontario nnd the feeling that he
will be elected on Tuesday next is now
Havana, Oct. 29.���The Spanish mail
Steamer Villuvurade, now en route for
Vera Cruz,is expected to arrive hereon
November II. Her cabins aud state rooms
have been completely refitted and tho
vessel hns been placed at the disposal
of General Blanco to carry himself nnd
his Btuff to Spnin. General Blanco
will probably sail betweeu the 10th
and 20th of Novomber.
of German newspapers express the
opinion thnt emperor Willium's trip
will yield litllo tuugible good but will
create much jealousy upon the pnrt of
the Interested powers, who will endeavor to destroy any Germnn projects
in Asia Minor. Tho German comic
papers are ulso poking fun nt the emperor nnd tbe uew crusnde is leading
in some cases to prosecutions on the
charge of leso majesto. The polico
confiscated the last number of Siinpli-
cissini owing to its compilation of a
poem entitled "In tbo Holy Land,"
ironically congratulating Palestino
ou receiving such august visitors and
saying Golgotha will bo ablo to boast
uoi only of hearing tho last words
from tho cross, but tho first of Emperor William's. Tho Gorman newspaper correspondents with the Emperor
William highly praiso the lavish hos-
pitnlity of tbo Sultnn of Turkey which
however, bus crented intense dissatisfaction among the Turks. Placards
hnve been posted on tho mosques aud
iu the streets of Stamboul denouue-
ing lliu extraordinary sums spent ou
the emperor, which money, it is further pointed out, comes out of Moham-
luedall pockets.
It is said thut the Sultan offerod to
present Emperor William on tho occasion of the latter's arrival nt Jerusalem, with the famous "Chamber of
the last, supper" hut that tho German
emperor thanked the Sultnn nnd declined the proposal on the ground that
the building also contained Turkish
religious relics. The emperor, it is further asserted, will got sumo other
valuable present instead.
Another roport snys tho Sultan insisted upou paying thn exponsen of
the emperor's tour out of his own private purse. Tbe German newspapers
iu asking for u denial of this report
declare thnt whilo tho emperor wns
ul Constantinople ho had for rensous of
foreign policy to bn the Sultnu's guest*
but, they add. thnt so soon ns His Majesty set out on the holy Innd pilgrimage there wns no longer anything common botween him and tho Sultan nml
he could not remain the lattor's guest.
Their iiuperiul majesties have been
receiving addresses from tho German
colonies nt cuch town they hnvo visited. Replying to tho Germans nt
Saronn, tho emperor said he was
pleased to seo that the good relations
lm had maintained with the Sultnn
nud the Ottoiunn empire hud beuelitetl
his German subjects in the enst generally. Continuing the emperor remarked that the moro the Germans iu
the east clung to their native country
the more they constitute a civilizing
und useful element in tbo Turkish
empire nnd it wns in recognition of
this fuct that the Sultnn hud extended
his benevolent protection to Germnn
Jlrlroroloxlral  Brporl.
(Observations taken by A. II, Holdlch.)
Max.   Min,
Mnmliiy,   "
Tuosday. "
Saturday, Oct. 29  ...
Sunday, Oct. 31)  46
Barometer, Oct. 30
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Insure change.
Correspondents of tho London Times
stationed iu foreign purls, as those
at home, nro usually accurate in their
reportB nnd seldom send out anything
thnt cannot be substantiated by proof,
if necessary. Tho correspondent at
Rome on Friday last sent the following despatch to his paper:
I learn that Princo Louis NapAeou,
who was supposed to have rejoined
his regiment in Russia, is really nt
Genevn, whore he bus raised, on special security, a loan of such dimensions
as excludes the hypothesis of its being
required for privuto purposes, Princo
Louis has long been a candidate of the
Bouapartists for the French throne
in preference ' to his brother, Princo
We roforrod in Saturday's Miner to
tho fact that this prince stood high in
the estimation of thu czar for some
reason and we predicted thnt ho would
shortly nppenr on tho European
stage to play u   most  important  pnrt.
It is evident thnt this timo is nearer
than wo supposed. Prince Louis
Napoleon has hnd six mouths leave
of absence from his military duties iu
Russia. What ho hns been about in
that period bus uot been mndo public.
Ho should hnvo rejoined his command
somo time ago, but did not do BO.
Now thc information conies that he is
nt Ooueva, and that he has raised a
large sum of money for some purpose.
It is romarknblo thnt army intrigues
in Franco huvo become bolder within
the past fow months. There has heen
a tendency on thc pnrt of the military loaders to supercede tho civil authorities and they have over-ridden the
civil authority in tho case of Picquart.
There aro rumors, too, of plots in
whioh the Josuits figure, to completely
ovorturu the republic aud declare n
military dictatorship. That such a
plot wns afoot and failed of execution
because of the discovery of a suspicious
letter to General Zurliuden, commandant of Paris, was denied, but the
Times oxprosses the opinion that there
was gootl evideuco that such a plot
was afoot, nnd tho Times would not
put forth nn utterance nf thnt kind if
there wus no foundation for it.
How fur aro these strange und ominous occurrences to Franoe traceable
to the intrigues of those who wish to
substitute Bouapartist rule for that of
the republic? Geneva is not so distant from Paris thut it would not bo n
convenient pluce from which to foment n revolution, nor loo remote us
tho waiting placu of the ohief conspirator in the game of winning an empire. Tho Bonapurtes iu the past
were adopts at coups d'etat and if
family traits bo strong in this young
mun, ho, too, must bo a proficient iu
the art. Tho fact Hint ho hus raised
a large sum of money is un indication
that thero is something unlownrd
afoot. What* can u colonel of Russinn artillery need Hint he should raise
a large loan ou speciul  security*'   Was
it with tho intention of buying ihose
in position in France whom [lu uld
uot win hy persuasion? However,
the secret must come out liefore long,
nnd it would in no wny he surprising
to thoso who hnvo watched events to
seo Prince Louis Bonaparte enter
France, pluce himself ut tho head of
tho army und seize the power thnt his
great uucle ulovcd so and so grossly-
If this prince he llie man the world
is looking for, the man who will head
tho foroos of evil, thon destiny hus
cast him tor oue of tho most melancholy roles that over it wus the lot of
man to play. With his accession to
empire should ho achieve it, we may
look for troublous times such as tho
world has uover Been, of widespread
and bloody war affecting every nation
on the globe.
may ho ours. The party press, that
is the party-first-of-all press, tho "are
ye wid us or agin us" liberal nnd
conservative papers thut are always
looking for a fight, proceed on the
assumption that ;i sacred duty impels
them to combat by every menus in
their power nny nssortion mnde hy the
other side without regnrd to its truth.
Therefore wo have the spectacle presented to us of a press which should
he about more conimeudublo business,
uetuullly defending grout public
wrongs against criticism nud the i s-
snults of those who know them to be
wrongs uud seek to sweep theni
away, A politioan is acoused of conduct unbecoming an [oflice holder nml
a gentleman nnd immediately the
press of the purty to which the poli-
ioian belongs hastens to repel the accusation, without making any enquiry
whatever ns to the truth or fulsity
of the cliurge. Tho system of ethics
which is supposed to govern our actons is framed nfter and founded upon
tho toachings of men of old, whether
divinely   inspired or not it is not  our
provinoe  to   determine,   They have
long been regarded us the fouutuin
head of wisdom as to what is seemly
und righteous in human action aud
among othor things thoy taught that
wo must not justify tlio wicked for reward. Yet this is what the partisan
press does continually whenever an
effort in made to bring an offender to
account. Wc have it upon the highest
authority that it is good to hide the
fault of our friend, but wc nro nowhere told thnt when tbo faults of that
friend become so glaringly offensive
that they call for public reprimand or
punishment thai.*} it is good for us to
riso up and vehemently protest that he
is entirely without fault, nnd thut
whoever says that he is not is n fnlsi-
lier nnd a scoundrel. Yet' those nro
the taotios of the party press.
If u yellow dog belonging in tho
entourage of a politician should he accused of boing too yellow, tho press of
the purty to which the politician nnd
yellow dog belonged coultl be depended
upon to como valiantly to the defence ; to indignantly protest thnt the
tlog wns not nearly so yellow us the
green eyes of hatred pictured bim ; to
aver thnt those gross chnrges against
the complexion of tho dog wore instigated by those who wanted tho dog's
position ns yellow heeler to the politician ; to proclaim with glaring eyo
tlint this wns n cowardly and huso ut-
tuck upon tho government with tho
tlog ns a vehicle ami to solemnly demand that, tbo miscreants   who had so
foully aspersed the huo of  the dog
should produce proofs of their chnrges
or stund forever condemned ns despicable viliflcrs.
When men consider such vagaries of
minds diseased by over-iudulgenco iu
pnrtyisin, is it nny wonder tlint* their
belief in thu truth, the fuirnoss, lie
honesty of thc press is shaken? And
is il surprising that a press running to
absurd lengths of deolnmation in defense of ils party, right or wrong,
should find that it is losing or has
lost its grasp upon public utloiition
nnd permanently impaired the power to
sway tho opinions of men il i ncc po.
The Victoria Colonist says, there is
somo truth in The Miner's assertion
that tho intensely partisan churacter
of the purty press has done more thun
anything elso to destroy the power tho
press ouco hnd. We nro glutl that the
Colonist sees even a inotlicmn of truth
in what we fluid, for the Colonist hns
been an offender in this direction and
perhaps the rowurd of those who lend
���the erring into  ways that are straight*
Tho remarkable action of Justice
Wnkem in giving judgment for n defendant company after a jury bad
fouud against it, is certain to excite
widespread comment. His lordship
justilies his action ou thc ground
that tho jury was a subservient one
and did uot tuko into consideration
points of law applying and laid down
aud consequently their verdict wns not
a sound one.
The action was one in which a mun
sued, uuder thu employes liability not,
for damages sustained in a mino, duo
to uileged negligence on the pnrt of
tho compnny owning the proporty.
It is woll known thut jurors in such
cases nro prone lo decide against tho
compnny involved   nnd   few nctioiiB of
that character [fail of substantial damages whenever tho jury is oom posed
of workingmen, becuuse of sympathy
for tho plaintiff. Iu this case, us we
understand it, the jury brought in a
verdict for -funto damages and the
courl recorded it, Iwo days after which
his lordship   gave   judgment   for   the
oompany for the reusous  mentioned,
Should not the procedure, to he legal,
have boon to dismiss tho jury without
accepting their verdict nud to order a
new trial? It strikes us that n jury
oase is a jury caso nud cannot he made
n non jury caso after the evidence hns
heen submitted to tho twelve on]pan
nelled men and a deliverance given
upon that evidenco. Tho jurors wero
sworn to "give a truo verdict according to tho evidencu" and if they vio-
lute their oath tho onus was upon thom.
Justice Walkem8' unusual way of
trusting tho mutter is certain to hegot
protests against his disregard of the
duties of jurors, which, if generally
adopted by the bench, would mean tho
destruction of that sucred right, trial
by jury.
city, if ho neglect to settle his road
tax he is (lis lualified ns a voter. No
man having property in the city
or u business or any interest iu its future welfare should be in rhis position.
It should be his lirst care to make certain thot nil the power Iho franchise
gives him is his. Therefore every rate
payer should make or cause to he
mndo inquiries at the city ball with u
viow to learning whether or not his
name is on the voters' list. If it is
not, then ho shnuM tnke immediate
stops to hnve his name entered as a
qualified voter. A citizens committee
will shortly he formed for the purpose of tuning these mutters in haiul
and to devise such plana BB are necessary In effect much needed reforms In
the government of tho city. This was
deemed the htst wny to nroiise the
people to the responsibility that rests
upon them to provide lhe municipality with the best government that
cm he got. Property holders and
those who have embarked their capi-
til in luihlings or businesses owe it to
the people to lestir themselves in this
They have allowed ninny important
matters to go by default too often. Nelson is no longer the small und uniiii-
p irtant place it was. It is now a
city with ns fnir n future us uny iu
Canada, and that future should not be
marred hy methods of government
such ns exist at present. The citizens
have the remedy ill their own bunds
and is will Le their fault it they do
not apply it.
n                       Real Estate and Insurance Agent. ^
|                     FOR RENT |
SS.       Four Ronme.I House on Observatory St.    $15 per month. ^|
W~              Kijjht roomed furnished house, Observatory St. 3
I The Birkbeck Investment,  Security ^
p               and Savings Co. 3
t^   advance money on Improved Rent Extnte.    Repayable in 5 and
gr 8 years by monthly instalments.
The bazaar is dosed. "The lights
nre out, the garlands dead," and all
the pretty girls und lovely Indies who
for a whole week mailo the bazaar a
busy mart, have depai'ted. They gave
Iheir scrvice-i freely for charity nnd
they operated their freehooting methods with naivete so charming,with ingenuousness so attractive, that one never
knew he wus being held up until iu
tbe culm after the   encounter   he   cast
up  accounts.   Big  strong men,  who
would be terrible in their Wnys if thoy
suspected that anyone wished to "do"
them, were ns puling infants in the
hands of Ihe fair ones aud rendered up
iheir tribute without 11 struggle. The
wury man of tho world, versed in
the ephemeral amenities of bazaar experience nnd Iheir attendant cost kept
severely aloof from Iho vicinity of the
attraction, but tbe uninitiated wander-
lug urount! iu que-il of knowledge and
allured by the music and glimpses of tho
gaiety within, walked iuto the web
before they know they were iu the
toils. II wus interesting to study the
feminine wny iu accomplishing n
man's linniiciiil ruin. The winning
smile, tho assump ion of deep friendly
interest in the victim, the air of gen-
i il familiarity, the pleading tone, did
it and the man who thought he was
la-ing by his liberality the foundation of life-long friendships was surprise I to 1 n I llnit the latlies who impoverished bim did not know hint all
hour afterwards or were so busily 1 11-
gaged on other subjects that they out
him dead. Thoso aro tho ways of
the buziuir und Ihe dear and enterprising creatures who coiiiliicleil it p'!ui
proudly to Mm $1000 or so in iho I roi s-
ury us evidenco of tho'.r pnwirs in Hit
nrt of 111 ney getting
As a result there arc many young
men in tho town and ill ones.too,who
liave in their possession wooley night
shirts that refuse absolutely to stretch
their dimensions so thnt they cnn
be worn, slippers that uo shoe-horn
could conx into places, smoking cups
thut were never meant to fit und mnny
other things that were never constructed for utility. And for these
articles they gave up their money
nnd wont nwny poor. But remember
tho OOUse, Who would resist the plea
of charily when made by a pretty w
man in lhe cause of a church.
is now complete and as
large as any
Kindly bear in mind
... our ...
��* Store Closes at 8 O'clock iB*
every evening except Saturday.
Have you
tried  .' .
The new ....
Breakfast Cereal.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regulai
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring1 and Ceiling-, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
���i������       ��� i  i     ti in.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P. R. STATION     .    .    .
A.    E.    YOUNQ,   AGENT.
uv r.sixc
Stewart's Heaters
A cnrloiid of Coal Henlei'siiirectf oni
the Factor*,   arrived   on I'liday.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
Tenders nre invited for tbe pnrohase
of Lot I, Hlock "I" with improvements, situate in the Town of   Ymir,
Rented for $12 per month. lenders
to be sent in on or before November
in, 1SUK to JOHN   DEAN,
Administrator of tbe Estate of Silas F.
Ooileniwortbi ymir, B, 0
I i
Cl If yon wil 111. lo Rent, Buy ^2
fc: or   Build   it  House,   soil ^
fc yonr I, ts,sell your I louse, z��
^ Insure yonr Property or -^
S: your Life, borrow money �����
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
CivniPH supplied on shortest notice and Lowest Prices
Muil Orders receive direful attention.
Nothing hut fresh nnd wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets nt Nelson nml Vmir
^        SEE ANNABLE       ^
Again wo would press upon citizens
the importance of having their names
put upon the voter's list, so that they
mny take tbat part in selecting a council for this city thnt it is thc duty of : g OFFIM VICTORIA ST., OM RRIIK.K ^
every good citizcu   to take.    Whatever "~"
rates   the   ratepayer  mny puy to  tho
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
e^sr- ������������������������ s?*j)
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Brewers of Pine Lnger
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and see   us.
B. C.
C. W. WEST & CO.
will fill no orders for Wood
Coal or Lime unless
accompanies order. All accounts of over thirty days standing will be put hto the hands
of a collector.
Official Directory.
Governor-General - Karl   f Alu-nli'i'ii
Premier - - Sir vt ntm! Laurier
Member Hmiseof ('oni ,., Dominion 1'nrii.i*
ini'lit. Wesl Konlenay llottiil Unstuck
Lieut-Governor HnnTlt Molnno-
Premie' ��� Hon Chus Kumlin
Allnrney-Ooooriil Hull Joseph Iturlln
Mlulslcrof Finance llmi Kr loi iiiii
MinisterMIiiohiiiiiI KlIllOHtlll" Hon .1 F Hume
Pres Kxooullvu Counoil       Hun In* McKechnie
Member I.Oghlalivo Asset,,hi)* lm-   Nelson  Kid-
ln�� Hon .1 r Hume
Mjiyer - .hlu, HniiHlon
Alileriuon--1 linn Hillyer, VV F Teeltol J A
linker, J J M.iliiiii', K P V luillcv. Thoi Had'
('Uy Clerk J K Slri.clinn
Pollen Miu'l-I nih* K A l'r< n *.,���
SPW��{!.9"0S ��� A   F McKlnnon
(liler of Fho Depart mom    .    \v .1 Tii ,������.���
Auditor ��� John lliinillion
\\ at, i* ( iiiii,mi**.i"iii*i . T M Wind
Ili-alih Olflaor - -        lir. i.nii,,,,
City Kiiglnoor - A. L. M'l'nllocli
city council moot*"every Monday, 8 p.m,, ut
cily hull, cor Victoria and Josephine hi
Ilr. KC Arlluir. Ilr. I! A B Hull. Geo John
stone.   Principal- J   Houdy.
President - J Rodorlalf Robertson,
Vlce-Pri'Hliloiii - James Lawrence.
Secy-Trees. ��� John A Turner.
Prosldont John A. Turner
Vlco-Prea. IV. A. JoM't'it.
Secretary n. McArthur
���!.rc?,H' , ��� ' J A Forin
Modioli] S'ipl. . Or. Q. AHHiill
Warden Capt. N. Kltiwtiilili,
First Jailor R, Liddell
Second Jailor Geo. Partridge
Third Jailor - Jolm MoLaran
Senior Guard it  i,l(.,.
G irermneiil Inspector of Agenoloa WJ Goon 1
U Id r ii'i-.*.i"i,.r . O.O. Delink
> Imi,*.' HoonrilO lux Col ��� II F Tolmie
I'n.lieiiir of Customs - Geo. Johnatoi o
Provinoial Ahboksoc John Kein
Count} <-uiiri JuiIl'o j a Forin
Roglmror K T II Hlinpkhiv
Inspector of school*. William Burn.
8.00 p.m
s.:w a.m
1.00 p.m.
11.00 I'.Ill
L'nlledSlnlcH, Ontario. Qiie
hei'und KiiHiern Provinces
Points on N. Sr F. 8, line
Victoria and llo-islaml.
Sew Donvor, Sandon ami
Slocun l.uke Points.
Kuslo und Koolonay Lako
liossluiid.  Trull.    Nakusp.
Itotison. points on main line
('.  P.  R.I   Vunoouver unit
1.18 p.l
2.30 p.m
7.15 a.m.
7.00 a.m.
Lobby op d from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Qeneral
Delivery, 8 a.m. to S p.m.:  Ileirlstrallon. 8.:m
n.ni. tn 7 ii.in.; Money Orderi and Savings Hank
(lu in. lo I  I'.in.; Sunday 1 hour no to 11 a.m).
J. A. QILKKIt, I'ostni'iKlor
Ciiiiiciiiik ENOLAMl Matin II u.m.; Kvon
Son*. 7 II p in. every Siiiulny. Holy Conimun-
Ion en 1st umi :trd siiniiiiv- In Iho month aflor
M.iiliii-: on Snd and Ith Sundays, al, 8 am
Siiiiduj* School nl 2,80 n.ni, Rev II. s. Ako:
hurst. ReOtl'JI  Cor Waril and Silica streets
PllRaUl TKlRAN Cllini'll -Services nt II a in
and ::m pin. Sunday School nl. i.10 ii ni
Prayer meeting Thursday evening m 8 ������'<
Clirlsilnn Kndeavor Society meola every Moii*'
dnj evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. R, Frew
Pnstor '
iMktuoiust   Cm'non-Corner Silica and
Josephine Slrcels Services al 11 a m. and 7 SO
p, in. ; Sabbath School, ii.80u.ni.: Prayor moet-
lng on trlday evening nt 8 o'clock; Kpworlh
League C. K��� Tuesday at 8a.in. Rov; John
Robson, Paator,
Cathoi.ic Cmmcn-Mami at Nelson, flrst
and third Sunday ul 8and 10.00 a.m.; Ilonedlc-
lonatr.SO lo 8 pA Rov, Father Ferland
IIai'TIst Ciiukch - ScMccd morning and
oven ng at lla.ni. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayor meeting \\ ednonday ovoning al 8 p.m.; -MootlngB
nre held in the school houso, st rangers cordinlly welcomed.   Hev. O. R. Welch. Paator
Salvation Akhv- Services every evening
at 8 oclock in bnrrneks on Victoria Btroot.
Adjutant Millnor in chargo.
KLSON I.OIIGK, No. 23. A. F. &A.
M. meets second Wodncsday in ouch
month.   Visiting brethren Invitod.
O. L. Lknnox. Soorotary.
I. O. O F, Kooienay Lodge
No. III. moots overy Monday nighl.
nl   llieh   Mull,   Koolonay street.
Sulournlng Odd Follows cordially Invitod.
A. H. Cloineols, KG.       Fred J Squlrea.Seo.jr
_.NEL80N   LODGE No   2.1, K. of P..
Aftmeela in Cnslle hnl], MoDonald blook
Jaevory second ami fourlh Tiioh'Iii t un-
Wing at 8 o'clock. All vl.Hliig i ul mis
r cordially invitod.
R. Q. Jot, C. C.
(820) Geo. Ross K. of R.and8.
NKLSON   LODGK.   1. O. Q. T.      Meets In
Castle Hall.  McDonald lllock. every Monday
'Venlng at 8 o'olock.   Visiting Tomplnm cordially inviied, John Tki.kokd,
Chlof Templar.
J. F. Jacobson   Sec'y
NKLSON 8 U17KKN NO. 2-11
socond and fourth Wednesday
oaeh iiionlh at K. of P. Hall, Mao
Donald lllock, oor. Vernon and
Josephine streets. Visiting broth*
rn oordlally Invited. Kiinkst Kino
,8. II. F.I * 	
Fakiuiw, Worthy President
Score lary.
, ���IIRT KOOTKNAY. I.O.F., NO. S138 mooU
HI and 3rd \\ uilui-sday in each month in tho
Kof piiaii.  f w Swanell,a d.s. c.r- j r
Green. C.H.: J. I'jrklss, Secy.
NKLSON LODGK, NO, 10 A.O.U.W., meet
every Thursday in lhe I.O.O.F. hall. 0 0
Wlllams M.W.: W SSmlih, Reo.-Seo.;J. J.
Drlsooll, Flnonoler  F. J Sniilre. Rooolvor and
NKLSON L.O.L. No 1002 meetl In tho Mc
Donald block every Thursduy ovjiilng at 8
ooiook. Visiting mi*,,,hen cordially Invited
John Toyo W.M.; F. J. Bradley, H.8.
Spokane Falls dc
Northern R'y.
Nelson  dc Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohange
of oars between Nelson and Bossland and
Spokane and Bossland.
Leave 6-20 a,m. NELSON Arrive 5.36 p.m
"   12:05 "  BOSSL'D   "  11:20  "
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   3.10 p.m
Train that leaves Nelson at 6:20 am
makes olose numieolioi s at Spokane (oi
all Paoifio Coast Point,,.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek, conneot nt* Morons with Stage
O. G. DIXON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane, Wash.
Agent, NeUon, ll. C. THE MINER, MONDAY. OCTOBER 31, i&g*.
ZINC BEARING   0   E ���
Results in a HandsomsAddi-
tion to the Fund.
What the Watch fraught��� Some Amusing
Letters- Exhibition of Antique
Ourios and Works of Art'
Tlio bazaar which wns held Inst wook
iu uiil of thu huililiiiK fnuil of the
Roiiiiin Oathollo churoh, closed on
Saturduy evening, und wns voted n
grent success in every wav. The contest botween Miss Simpson und Miss
Agues Campbell for the gold watch
and chain donated by Mr. Jncob Dover, was the feature of the evening.
On counting np tlio votes, which cost
10 cents npieco, it was found that
no less a um thun $11148.50 hnd been
oolleoted bv this means. Of this
amount Miss Campbell's supporters
had contributed 1800,50 nud Miss Simp
sou's $758. Miss Campbell was accordingly adjudged the watch.
The post office created a grout deal
of amusement during the week, und
especiully ou the Inst two nights.
Ouo gentleman iu partioular,a contrite-
or, culled for letters several times a
dny and wns seldom disappointed,
Space forbids the reproduction of the
letters but most of thom wero mousing, und some were oven iu rhyme.
Another gontlenmn who wus Scotoh
nnd, thorefore, of a practical ruther
thau n romuntic turn of mind, received a ring in u letter from his divinity. The divinity in question,
however, wns not on the premises, and
ho accordingly turned it over to n
fair lady on the spot, who doubtless
still cherishes it as n treusured possession.   A prominent and popular locnl
jeweller, too, seemed to stand high iu
tho estimation of the ladies of Nelson,
judging from the size of his mail, It
may bo Btated here, that for him us
well as for several others there ure
one or two epistles still uuculled for.
To tho ouorgy of the Misses
O'Reilly, tho two charming post mistresses, is duo the' sigmil buccoss
which the post ollice attained, and to
their ingenuity, it is whispered much
of tho witty contents of the letters
is to be also ascribed.
Another feature of the bazaar ou
Saturday night wns the flue art exhibition, it, being expressly stuted
that the priceloss exhibits were loans
and not for sulc. Tlio list is too-long
to bo given hero, but among tliem
were two ancient pillars of Greece,
by Phidias; the Lny of tho Lust Minstrel by Scott; the Merry Oriuder,
by Paolo Quiulano; Found Djowued,
hy Laudseer; Cnnght iu a Gale off
Vancouver Island, by Millet; A Fish
in Oils, by Du Maurier, aud a host
of other curious, beautful and ingenious
things, which hud to be seen iu order
to npprecinto the true inwardness
Friday   Night's Concert. Nets $:!7o  iu
Aid of John Wedlock.
Tho Silver King minstrels troupe,
who took part iu the benefit performance on Friday evening, have returned
to tho miue highly pleased wilh tlieir
reception iu Nelson und the generous rospouse of the citizons to tho request for assistance.
yesterday $1)75 was deposited iu the
bnnk as the net results of Ihe concert
aud this amount will bo lurgoly supplemented by voluntary subscriptions
whon the lists are all in. The company from tho mine consists of P.
Muuday, J. L. Morey, J. W. Brakes,
W. A. Clavis, F. Burt, E. Pollard. W.
Huzza,   J. Toms   nnd   D.  S.    Hardie.
Much of tho success of the entertainment is due to the porservornuce and
hard work of Mr. Hardie, although ull
who assisted with tbe programme deserve credit for their voluntary efforts
to help an unfortunate fellow workman. It shows tho sympathy existing
among the workmen in mines, who
aro daily oxposing thomsolvees to   risk
of aooident, which in the majority of
casos results either fatally or in permanent disability.
Until there comes a time of universal honesty
will be necessary, nnd we continue to
keep a large slock of them.
We can supply the builder with
Locks and Latches suitable for interior
or exterior use, by the dozen or hundred. And the individual who wants a
single Lock and Key or Blank Keys,
will And that ve cnn give him the best
for the least money.
Importers ot
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Suppliei
A   Very   Strong    English    Oompany
Formed   to Smelt Them.
Mr. Arthur Brown who is the representative iu this country of the bini'it*
ing Corporation of Liverpool iirrivei.
nt the Hume on Snturday with Mrs.
Browu. It was generally known thai
Mr. Brown was iu Kootenny looking
after zinc ores, but thero hns been
some misapprehension in to lhe objects of his mission, which Mr.
Brown's rare visits to town made it
hard to rectify. Mr. Brown informed
a Miner reporter on Saturday that
though he hnd heen looVint for zinc
hearing oros, yet, contrary to the supposition of many, it was not zinc he
desired to buy. The,fact of the matter was that the company lie represented controlled a new process by
means of wliich silver could bo extracted from zinc just ns ensilv us
from lead. Mr. Brown declined to
describe the process, contenting himself with saying that it wus a smelting process, nnd the flux used was
sulphate of sodium, known to commerce as suit enke. The introduction
of this process will render valuable
hundreds of silver properties which
are now worthless owing to tho pres-
nce of an exoessive nmount of z.uc
in tho ore. For instance ore bearing
fill ounces of silver, 80 per cent lend
and 80 per cent ziuc, can be handled
by the now treat nent so to lenvo tbe
mine owner a handsome profit. The
works of the company nre Situated betweeu Manchester and Liverpool, on
the Manohesster ship canal, and hnve
now a daily capacity of between 850
and -100 tons, a capacity wliich
can he ineroiiscd indefinitely us circumstances may require. There is
practically unlimited capital behind
the schema. Mr. Brown has entered
into several provisional contracts for
large amounts of ore, ami the only
thing that remains lo be settled is the
freight rate. If he cnn obtnin a
reasonable rate, nnd he ht's overy confidence in being unie to do so, the
new industry should attain large proportions. It is tho intention of lhe
company to have the oros sampled ut
the nearest s.impling works, mid the
full value of tlie ores, after deducting
freight und treatment chnrges,
will then be paid in ensh at current
English prices to the mine owners.
This will be n great help to property
owners without much capital, as nt
preseut they have to wait some time
before getting the full returns.
Col. Ridpath of Spokane is registered at the Hume.
J. H, Inkstcr, mining engineer of
Rossland is at tho Hume.
W. M. Gordon returned to Winnipee
OU yesterday evening's train.
J Captain Petty left on Snturday eveu-
ing for London, where ho will spend
the winter.
E. C. Erbsloh, secretary of the B.
C. Alliance Co. of London, is staying at tho Hume.
W. H. Armstrong, the contractor,
has returned from the coast nud is
staying nt the Phair.
It is stntedthtit A. M. Knee,a banker
from Ihe Slocan, is about to open a
bank at Grand Forks.
D. McLeod, purchasing agent for
Maim, Foley Bros., & Larsen. is
in town to procure supplies.
Howard Chapman representing the
Antes Holden Co. of Victoria, came
back on Snturday from a trip to Fort
S. G. Nee'.ands moves into his now
storo today. The premises he vacates
will bo temporarily occupied by the
Imperial l'auk.
Among those registered atthe Phair
E. St. J. Maunsell, Barkerville;
Frank Oliver, Rossland, and R. Musgrove, Victoria.-
Major Bennett, O. Turnor, manager
of the Two Frionds miue, nnd F. C.
Innes, who have been staying at the
Phait leave this morning for the Slocau,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Browu leave
todny for tho old couutry. Mr.
Browu, who represents the Smelting
Corporation, expects to be back here
by Christinas.
XV. B. Hearn, manager of the Imperial Bank at Revelstoke, loft ou Saturday evening for Revelstoke, accompanied by Mrs. Hearn. They hope to
return to Nelson today.
D. A. Smith aud C. L. McCool,
paymasters on the Crow's Nest Pass
railway nnd A. Siucluir, roadnuntor,
lmvo como in from MoLood ond are
registered ut tho Phair.
Among those registered at the
Queen's are John Philbert, Ymir; H.
Youdnll. New Westminster, T. H.
Boyce, Hobson; A. Goodby, San Francisco ; R. McDonald, Sandon; J. P.
< lordon, B, *C. S. railway, and J.
Laidon, Ouolph.
Among thoso registered at the
Hume are C. W, McArthur, Rossland ;
B. B. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. F. H.
Smith and G. H. Ramsay, Vancouver;
H. K. Johnson, Winnipeg; J. Lillis,
Winnipeg; W. G. Stephens, Macleod ; F. N. Dodd, Spokane, and John
Dean Rossluud; Mr. aud Mrs. W. W,
Bittuer, Mr. nnd Mrs. E. B. Kelly,
Misses Mnttie Choate and Milly Stev-
eus, and J. Waldron, L. Rose, N.
Mitchol, L. McLellan. O. Moran, W.
Fredericks and S. Duasbach, members
of the Bittuer Theatre company from
Toronto, Oct. 20.��� The directors of
the Canada Produoe Supply compauy,
are greatly disappointed over the failure of Canadians to subscribe for
shares. Fifty thousand shares are
called for, but so far ouly 5000 have
been subscribed.
New York, Oct. 29.���Bar silver,
dl 8-l��; Mexican dollars, 7>�� ; Bilver
certificates, 10 to 1B2.
Tenders ntidrcsBod to the undersigned will
bc received up till noon of Monday, November
21s', for the purchased tho tailoring and ready
mauo stocks in the osulRiiod -estate of J. 0.
Tom. of Qoldon. Schedules vinCL lorms will bo
supplied by tho undersigned on application
personally or by lotter.
E. A. HAGQEN, Golden, B. C.
Condensed Jews of ihi Happening* of the
Week In and Around Our Busy
(ity and Kootein-.
Tonight is All Hallowe'en.
A new water hydrant for fire protection purposes has been placed at the
comer of Victoria and Josephine
The sidewalk on Josephine street
is being reduced to the established
grade of the street and a new" 10 foot
walk is being laid.
The Royal Arch Masons of Rossland
bnvo organized a chapter in that city
with a membership of about 20. The
members of the Kaslo chapter are expected to visit Rossland in a few days
to install the new lodge.
New advertisements in this issue���
J. E. Amiable, real estate and insurance ; C. D. J. Christie, real estate
and insurance; Jncob Dover, jeweller;
J. H. Vanstone, drugs, etc; E. A.
Haggen, Golden, tniloriiig business
for sale.
A stout gentleman insinuated himself into the group round the Phair
hotol fire yesterday evening, and the
company at firsr* thought it wiib some
jolly priest with missionary designs
upon Nelson. A closer inspection,
however revealed the fact that it wus
Dr. La Bau minus his moustache.
A beautiful glossy robe upon which
tho Hume Hotel register is placed,
haB been attracting a good deal of
attention the 11st duy or two. Many
are the speculations an to whnt animal the skin, wliich hi longs to Wallis
Brown, came from, und only the very
knowiug ouns hnvo nny idea that it
is a horses' hide. It is understood
that Dr. La Tua hus h's eye on it for
a cutter robe
Those who weie ubseut last uight
from the English church missed u rare
treat, in nit hearing Mr. Frank Oliver of Rossland sing Gounod's "There
is a Green Hill Far Awuy." Mr. Oliver when in England was one of the
Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal, Windsor, choristers of tho Queen, aud subsequently sang in concerts throughout
England. He is a trained vocalist,
and a very iiuo baritone who, we re-
get to say, is seen too little on the local stago. At the same service Mrs.
Davys' and Mr. Parry snug tho solos
iu the nnllicni.
I COUghS and !
! Colds::        !
are prevalent at this time X
ofthe year.     If you   are  *
troubled   with   either  we X
wish to  inform   you   that   o
you will find a full line of ?
the popular remedies at      J
k k
k k
Tuihtfi Dri Store
the strength of the little ones we
have all the materials. Our stock
of these goods, from Nursing bottles, Nipples, etc. to Prepared Food
for Infants is large, well assorted
and contains everything approved
of by the medical fraternity.
Look at our line of Infant's
Combs, Brushes, Teething Puffs,
Powders, etc. Vou will be pleased
with their quality and price.
Canada Drug & Book Co.
Inklnfc Effort 1:00 o'clock a. m., September
ml, ISOS. Purine or rioili Meridian
Westbound East Bound
First ClaHB        Time ('aril No 2 First Class
Passonger          'Sept. 1st, 18II8. Passenger
Loaves Dally         Stations Arrive Dully
8.110 a. 111.                 Kaslo S.30 p.m.
H.,u a. in.           South Fork 3.05 p.m.
'.1.1.'i 11. 111.               Sproulo'8 2.10 p.m.
10.00 a. m.           Whitewater 2.0O|p.m.
10.08 a. in.            Bear Lake 1.50 p.m.
10.20 u. m.            McGuigan 1.38 p m.
10:34 a.m.            Pa} no Tram 1:23 p.m.
10.35 a.m.        Cody Junction 1.22 p.m.
10.15 a. 111.               Sandon 1.15 p.m.
Arrive Daily Loavo Daily
Mixed Mixed
Leaven Dally          Stations Arrive Dally
IhOfla.m.                 Sandon 11:511 a.m.
11:10 "              Cody Junction 11:30  "
11:25 "                      Cody 11:35  "
Arrive Daily Leave Dally
Ml) II. F. Sc P. A Superintendent*.
2>. fllbcHrtbur 8. Co
Al Reduced Prices for Cash lo iniike Itooin for new good*
Bedroom Sets - - $15.00 and up
Parlor Sets Wilton Kng - $60.00
Carpets, Ingrain - - 30c per yd.  and up.
Full line of Household and Offloe Furniture at a liberal discount.   Undertaking and Kiiilinlining a Specialty,
to our New Block on West Baker Street, where we have opened out
a new stock of
Stoves, Tinware, Graniteware, Etc.
If you   are   in   need  of  anything   in   these    lines    come  and   seo   us.
We are Agents for McCLARY'S "FAMOUS"  Stoves and Ranges.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Repairing
A   Specialty.
Cor. Etl'.irb & tlrnion ��t��.
Welson... *UB. C.
Finest Hotel in the Interior.
Steam Heat and Electric Light in every room.
Large Sample rooms for Commercial  Travellers.    Rates Reasonable
H. D. HUME, Manager.
Victoria Street
This Space Reserved for
Pred Irvine & (o,
Watch  For   Announcement \
To-morrow. It Is toyour     %
Interest. \
at the
Skating Rink
the beautiful drama
"The Galley Slave"
by the
bittuer ZLbeatrc Company
Prices:    50 cents, 75 cents  and  $1.00.
Seats on Sale at W. F. Teetzel's.
No tiresome waits between acts.     Time  all  occupied   with
High-Class Comedy and Vaudeville Features.
The Wonderful Waragraph with   over  200  views.
Change of Play and Specialties   Nightly.
[oternatal Navigation k Trading Comfeny
Suinmcr Cord. Effective June :'(J, Uim
Subji'ct torlmnKH wil hunt notice.
South b'nd.   .-* H. liilrrnalloual.   Norlh h'ml
Road down Head up
Tniln Lvs I.tin 11.111. Siinilon 10.20 a.m. Train Ar
"   Ar   H.l.i   "      Kiwlo     8 00   "        "    hv
li" .1  Lvs, S.90 n.m. Knxlo    8.30 p.m. Hum Ar
"      "     1.31)   " Ainsworlli 7.30	
"     .100   " Pilot Huy IMS	
"    5 30   "    Hiilfimr   11,10    "        "    "
"     .Ir   6.40   " 6 Milo I'l. 6.25    "
"     7.15   "     NoIhoii    4.15    "
Truin " 10.05 p.m. N'thport 1,69   " Train
"    "   il.'.'u   "BoKlttndlJ.Ma.pl,   "
"    "    3,10   " Spokiinu  8.30	
Stiiiiliiii'Kiisto train dully, linn! and Spokane truin iliiily except Sunday.
8. ��. Alberta.
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 n.m. Train Ar
'���    Ar   3.15   "      Knslo     8.00   " "    l.v
Iini! Lvs 6.00   "     Knslo    1.00   "      IloatAr
"    11.80 "Ainsworth 11.10 p.m.    "
"     "    7.00   " I'ilot* Huy 11.00	
"     ������   10.110  ������ Etukonk 8.00	
"     "   12.00m.Oout lthnrll00	
"       I.Kill.III. llutlllll.llV.'l.lKI	
" Ar      8.1m   " li'rs Kerry 2.00   "        "     Lv
Train Lv 11.10 " H'ih Forty 1.1.1   "    Train Ar
"   Ar  2.15 11.111. Spokane 7.60 a.m.     "      Lv
SiuiiIou-KiinIo traiii daily,   Hont leaven Kaslo
for nliivo  points  Tuesday*! and   Saturdays
Returning on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Special Kooienay Luke Nervier.
Commencing 20 June, 1808,
On   Monday,  Thursday  and   Friday   8.   S
Allinrlii will leave Kaslo 6 p.m., tor Ainsworlli
I'iliit Huy und Nelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 a.m., Tuesday, Frlduy and
Saturday for I'ilot Bay, Ainsworth and Kaslo,
calling at ull way points,
IA11 limes are subject to clmnicc without'notlco
Mcnls nnd berths not included.
1'us-enKers on S. S. International from Nol
mn, Kpnknne, etc... tor points on Kootenay
Utke south of I'iiol. Huy. will connect at that
point wiih IdaS. 8, Alberta.
I'nssangers for Nelson via 8. H. Alborln. from
points south of I'iini Bay, can, liy arrangement
with purser, liave slop-over at I'ilot. Hay or
Ainswiirih, or connect with s. S. international
U Kotlo.
The eiinil'iiiiy's sleumtTH connect Kootenay
Lake and Slocan points with nil points In the
united siuies und Oanada; by way of Spokane
unit Kootenay niver,
'tickets sold and baKf-pigo checked to all
points hy purs'Ts oil steamers or at our olllco.
1'. O. Hox 122. Kuslo. II.C
To Eastern and liuropean Points.
To   Pacific  Coast, China,  Japan
and Australia   Points.
Tourist Cars
Puss Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) lo Bast*
em Canadian and U.S. Points
Tickets   issued through and Baggage checked to destination,
To Rossland mid Main Line poinls
S.40p m. U'avui-NKLSON��� Arrivo��-10.30p,m
Kootenny l,fikn���KrhIo Koute.
H'l'it.  KoKANKK
Bxoopt Sunday. Except .Sunday
I   p.m.   Loaves- NKLSON���Arrives���11   a.m
Kooienay Hlver Koule.
Btb. Nklhon.
Mom., Wed., Krl. Mon,, Wed., Fri.
7 n.m.- LouvuH-NKL.SO\'--Arnven   (1.30   p.m.
Make* connection al I'ilot Huy with Htr. Ko-
kanoe in tmih dlreotioDs.
Steamers on their ruHpuctlvo routes call at
principal IjiwIIukh In Imili directions and at
othor points whon Hinnaiiud.
Train*  lo ami  from   Klornti fl'Hy, Handon
ami HIim'hii   Lake  Point*.
(Sundays  Kxcoptod)
9a. ni.   Leaves- NKLSON��� Arrivoa��� 2.30 p.m.
and full Information by nddrnshinK noarcsfc
looal went, or OKO. S. BEER, City Ticket
Agent, NHHon,
JOHN HAMILTON, Agent, Nelson
\V. I'. ANDE1180N, K. J. COYLE,
Tniv. Pass, Auenl,       Dfifc I'ass. Agont,
Nelson Vancouvor
Valuable Baker Street and other excellent property for sale.
OOIcr Tui-iii-r.lli.rrl.il Block, NrlHnn, B. C.
For New  Goods, (lloves,
Laees, Hilks, Drapes, Cor-
setu call on
Mrs. McLaughlin,
11 li lhi' ii.,-< Modern In Eqnlpmi nl.
II ll Ike IIi'hiIi'hI italliil Line,
ii im. n itm i, Ballad iiiiiiiiiii ii.
II CrOISei No Hanil Ot*i��rrli.
II Ih iiiii Only lliu'   Knnnlni   Lnxnrlonn
I lul.   Boom (urn.
II lii N.iiiil f ir ihi' fonrlmy or lis Employen.
It in iln- Only Llnr Hrrvlnf Heal*  on
a la ('Arte  Plnn.
Attractive Tours diirinK Season of
Navigation on Great Iiiilu'H via Duluth in
connection with Magnificent Passenger
Steamers Northwest and Northland.
For maps, tlnkoUandconiploUitnfoimatlon
call on or tiddroiiH AgentB, K. & 8. ity., C. k K
3. Nav. Co., N & F. 8. Uy., or
��'. O. DIXON, Veneral Agrni
Spokane, VI'nub.
r. i. HiiiTM���.��, ti. p. a t. a.,
Paul, Minn, THE MINER   MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1898.
May Get That Ruler Into
The British Will Not Declare a Protectorate
in Egypt, But May Substitute Ma-
liaiiii'il Aii as Khedive.
Loudon, Oct. 80,���The rumor from
Paris of the intention of the British
government to deolare Egypt tinder the
protectorate of Groat Britain has attracted little attention us tin- general
feeling is thnt the moment is clearly
inopportune for such u step. It would
ouly bo playing Into the hands of
France. There is a probability however, of Great Britain adopting ex-
tremo measures towards tbe Khedive
of Egypt unless ho modifies his attitude. It is well known that he returns from eaoh of his visits to European courts filled with sinister ideas
against British tutelage. But every
net of petulauey has been met with
au iron hand. It is asserted; that the
Khedive hus shown no onpaoity for
government and is a mere puppet in
the hands of French Intriguers. Oon-
sequel)tiy it has heen mooted that he
is likely soon to be deposed in favor
of his brother Miiliiimineil Aii, who was
born is JHTii, and who is a brighter
and moro amiable youtii*
Tho plans for the organization of the
newly conquered Boudau, have already
been drawn up and the Egypt government has decided that iho lirst
credit of ��850,000 is to be chiefly devoted to extending ilm railroad to
Khartoum, and organizing a Kiiiiilan
polico forco.
Steamship Lines
From Montreal or Quebec
Beaver Une���Lake Huron Nov. ;i
Beaver Line���Lake Superior Nov 16
Dominion Line���Dorotnlou Nov. a
Dominion Line���I>abrador Nov. IJ
Allan   Une���Parisian Nov. .*��
Allan Line���Laurentian Nov 12
From Now Vork
WhitelStar Une-Germanlef Oct. 20
White Star Line���Ktmria  .Nov.   5
Cunard Lino���Campania Nov. L2
Cunard Une   I'mlirla Nov. 1!)
Allan Stale Line--Stale uf Nebraska... Nov. 18
Allan state Line���Mongolian .Nov.   1
Anchor  Line���Ethiopia Nov.   i")
Anchor Line���Aneliorlu    Nov. VJ
Cabin, 940.00, U0. (Mi, $70 $8Unnd upwards.
Intermediate, $:i2.'��oiiii'l upwards
Steerage, 932.00 and upwards.
Passengers tloketod through to aU point* Ii
Orftftt Britain or  Ireland, and ul special!How
rates  to  nil  parts of tlie Kuropean conti lent.
Prepaid passages arranged rrom all potnti
Apply   ta   OBO,   S.   BEER,   C.l'.lt.   'I rkr
Agent Nelson, or to.    WILLIAM stiti
004)   (ieneral Agent, O.P.R. OfflofiS, VvlnnlpOK.
The following are tbe prices of kviic-
eries, provisions,etc, as quoted by onr
j looal dealers.   It is the intention of
I The Miner   to   have   these prices oor-
I reefed everv week by trustworthy deal-
j ers, so that residents  of   the   city nud
I others may be   informed as tn the cost
of living in the city :
Ogllvle'fl HuiiKiii'ilui p< r -VI lb suck.. 1 75
Luke ot tho Woodi " .. 175
Snow Fluke por .111 Hi sank  150
(.1   In
Wheat por ton 32 munis im
The Day's Work
Rodeo's Corner
In Golden Sliakles
Fortune's Gate
St. Aubyn
Hi mkirn on
20 0HWJ8 00
211 H0��f28 IHI
���27 omgaooo
20 IKR.I32 00
lllll'     511
Eight roomed Ilnnse on Carbonate Street, $2000.
Four roomed  House,   furnished,
on Josephine St., t> 15110.
A four roomed,  a three  roomed
and a five roomed house.
A twenty-five light Acetylene tins
Machine, Wallace pattern.
chui'i ch Newton Owen and Thomas Hlov*
(iiiKon of (lie city of ICiikIo In tho province of
British Columbia, furniture Dealers, have '��>
4eed beurihtftluU! Die eiKlitceni Inlay of October,
t808,as8iKnoa all thoir reel and persona) proporh
except km therein mentioned to Frederick 1%
Archer of the Bald city of Kaslo, trader, in Irusl
for tho purpose of payliiKdnd niHinfyi"K ratably
or proportionutelv and without iircferenec or
priority, the creditorn of the wild Charles New*
con Owen and Thomas Stevenson or of either
of theni, Iheir just debU.
Tlie Bold deed wan executed hy the Bflid
Charles Newton Owon and Thotnan Stevenson,
the assIfrnorSiland the Bald Frederick K. A roller
the trustee, on the 19th day of October 1898, nnd
tlio said trustee lias undertaken tlie trusts
created hy tho said deed.
All persons having claims agalliBt the said
Charles Newton Owen and Thomas Stevenson,
or cither of them, must forward and deliver to
the said trustee at Kaslo, B, 0 full partleulius
of their claims duly verified together with particulars of security, if any, held by them,
on or before the 171 nday of November, 18!*8, and
dl] persons Indebted to the said Charles Nowton Owen and Thomas Stevenson or either of
them aro required to pay the aniounU due hv
litem to the said trustee forthwith. After the
snid nth day of November, 1893, the trusteo
will proceed to distribute the assets of tbo said
estate among the parties entitled thereto, having reKard only to tlie olaims of which he shall
then have bad notice,
A meet inn of the creditors of the said
Charles Newton -Owen ami Thomas Stevenson
will be held at thc premises lately occupied h\
them on Front street, Kaslo, fl. C. at 2,Qf)
o'clock i��. in. on Wednesday, the 9th day of
November 1898, for tbe giving of directions
with reference to the disposal uf thy Osiato.
Cameron Huildin^.
A Avenue, Kaslo, U. C;
Solicitors for the I'l US too
Dated tho 18th day of October, 181)8.
Brnn porton.
Ground feed per 'on
Com (wholo) "
Cum (cracked) "
Oals "
Oatmeal por 10lbs...
Rolled oats (B & Kl	
Rolled oats in & EC)8tbsaoK	
May (haled! per ton  19 00M
Potatoes per 100 lbs     1 (XR<( 1
Heels per lh	
Cabbnge per lb.	
Cau Uno wer per lb	
Onions per lb	
CERTIFICATE of mritovi:jii;ms.
j3meralda minerel claim.
siti'atk in thk si.ocan city Miming Divib-
i >n opWbbtKootenay District, Whbhk
Looatbd:���On Dayton chkkk.
PARK VOTIOK I bm 1. Fletcher B AndreWg,
Free Miner's Cl rtitleiuc No, I288A, &06-
[nt< as agen I for Thomn�� Cool: Gray, Free
Mlner'iCertlflcHtoNo, 152.13a ad Henry Mc
Kay, Free Miuer'n Cortifloate No- 11717a, intend, sixty dayo from the date hereof, io up-
io ihe Mining Reoordor for a Certincnio
��� impro\���fipii'nts, for the purpose of obtaining
a t vt wt) Qrant of the above Claim,
And fui-ih r take notice tlmt net ion, ui.du'
Section 87, mu*l he eommonoed boforo t he it*
une of siicii CorUflonto of Improvements*
Dated this 85th day of October, 1808
24 Pages  I  Weeidy  I  Illustrated.
MINING ��- Scientific PRESS
anion will lm iimiln In tin) IiiKlHlullvi'
Asno*nlil>-of Ihi! I'riivlii.niil llrilli.li ('iiliililliiil
at lllll IH!Xl rt.!HHi.ltl tlll'li'iif for Illl Act lO  llli'lir-
liornii! a Company witn powor in oonstruot,
iliuiii. oporato liy miy kind or kinds nl iiioilvu
powor, mul niuliiiuiii l'li hor a standard nr Nar��
row (tango liuilway for i in- purpono of oonvof*
ing paasongpn and freight. Including nil kinds
of niinrliiuiillii! from n point at nr hoar tbo
Town of Trail in thp DUtriol of vVetl Koot-
omvy, UrltUn Cniiiiniiln. lo the Town of Say
win'I on tlie I'nluinhln lli\.*r llu urn In Siillnn,
mill frntn I lint point foll'in itiK llm Hiilltinn
Uivi-r In il*. Jim, Ii.in will, Ihi' I'ill il'Oliillii
Hlvor liy iln* tnoi-l dlroot mnl fciiHllilu roiiln,
with iiowit to roiiHinii'i, onulp, oporato and
iiuiiiiuiiii branch iim*'' mnl all nooomary ruiuln.
briiluoH, wityii. forrlot, *.*. han it. ilorkn and ooal
biinkoi'Hiiiiil with powor to build, own, oquip,
oporato ami maintain tolograph mnl tolopnono
linen in oonnootlon with Bnid railway nml
branohos, mnl tn carry nn a gonoral oxprora
buHlncHH. mnl in imiiii mnl oporato iill kinds nf
iilnni for thn purpose "f supplying light, hont.
eleotrlulty or any kind uf  tlvo powor mnl
and with powor in expropriate lands foi- tho
pnrpoHtiH of tin: oompany, nml tu acquire lands,
ikhiuhch, prtvilegOS or othor ni'i- fnnn nny kov-
crnmont, muhlolpallty ur othor persons or
bodies oorporato, and to mako ir&IHo ur othor
arrangement!! with rail wny. Btoamboal or othor
companloK. nnd with powor tu hnil.t wagon
roads to bo lined in the construction of suoh
Railway and in ad vanoo of tin: Mime, mui in
lovy and collect tolls from nil partlos using mul
on all freight pinning ovor nny nf such roads
built by the company whol hor l.nilt boforo or
after tno construe!inn nf ttm railway nml will,
all other usual. DOOOBsary or Incidental rights,
powers or privileges an may he nucossary nr incidental or conduct ive ta tlie attnlnmonl nf tlm
above objects or any of tiicm.
Dated at lhe Cilv of Nelson, tin' -1'Mh dny of
August, A. II.. I8!W.
BM Solicitors foi Ain.liiiiiiis,
<;U*A .LjLi.U.��.i.��.��J.+*m.A.Ji��.JiiX.A
The Paper of the People.
Everybody Reads It.
The Largest Circulation.
Best Advertising Medium.
Salmon (smoked) per tt>       12)Q
Oysters {Olympian) per qt	
Oysters IKnslcrnl per Iin	
('nil per It	
Halibut peril, 	
Smelts per lli	
Farm 1'i-iuliiri*
Kggspor do��	
Bii'tcr U'reainoryl	
Hutter (Dairy) 	
Choose fC'iinudlunl	
(,'liee-o Swiss)	
limn (Amortoan) por lb	
Uniu (Canadian) pi-rtb	
liiu'on (Amerlonnj per lb	
Hncon It'iininlinn) por Hi	
Bacon (rolled) per lb	
Bacon (long I'lcnr) per lb	
Sliouldore per lb	
Lard per Hi	
Mutton per lb.... 	
Venl per lb	
Perk por lb	
Bananas por doz ...
Lemons iCalifornla) por don���
Oritllgos It'nliforiiiilsoedlingsl.
Melons (each)	
Cnlti apples por lb	
Pears (BartlotU)      08
Poars(small greenl       06
l'liiins (greengage)	
Plums      oi
12*1 i.i
\ DO
I For One Cent a Word?
J     You cnn And a buyer for "Any
Old Thing" if you advertise.
i Ii~hIii.iI (ilvirlls.iiii in-.
All advortlsomonte in this column nre
1 cent* a word each insertion. No advertisement taken for less I
irlloii.   No ml-   i
is I ban 2,'i cents.   *���
^�������������������������������������������������������� ������������'��������"���������*������
MU8IO liKSHUNS. - On piano organ or
Rttitar, by Mrn. W. J. Aritlcy, Klbpon street
! wn doors wost of tftunloy.   1J. O. Hox L30.
4  BUY IT.   *
The Miner is nn sul*,' at the following' news stores nt five cents per
Gilbert Btanley Nelson
Thomson Stationery Co Nelson
Canada Drug & Hook Co. Nelson
Hotol Humo Nows Btand Nelson
W ANTIC!)���To to rent a medium shied houso
unfurnished, reasonably near the business portion.   Apply at this olllco.
Iiiid n.iii.���s. s. Ainsworth arrives
from Bonner's Perry nml
way points cm Tni'-iluy,
Thursday nml Saturday)
(1:20 a. in.���Train leaves N. & P. S.
stiit inn fnr RoBslund, Spokane nml wny points daily.
7:i)(i a.in. -S. s. Nelson loaves for Kub-
lionook iuul way points
daily exuept Sunday.
7:l."i a in.~ S. S. liilci'milioiial arrives
from Kaslo and way points
8:00 n.m.- S. S. Alberta leaves for
Kaslo ami way points on
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.
0:00 a.m.���-Train leaves 0. P. R Station for .Sloean City, daily
except Sunday.
lliOO.'i.in.���.S. S. Kolunee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
exeepl, .Sunday.
1:00 p.m.���8. 9 Ainsworth leaves for
Bonner's Kerry and way
points, Mondny, Wednesday and Friday,
2:20 p.m.���Traiii arrives O. P, li. station, from .Sloean ('ity and
way points, daily, except
���1:110 p.in.���S. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, excopt .Sunday.
4:15 p.m. ��� K. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
5|85 p.m.���Train arrives N. & F, S.
statidn, from Spokane,
Kossland and way points,
0:10 p.m.���Traiii leaves 0/1?. II. station for Robson, Rossland,
and all Main Line points,
0:00 ]).in.- -S. S. Alberta arrives from
Kaslo and way points, on
Monday. Thursday and
10:110 p.m. ���S. S. Nelson, arrives fiom
Kuskonook, and nil way
points, daily exeepl Sunday,
lOtUO p.m. -Train arrives 0. V. II. station, from all Main Line
points, Itosslaiul nnd Holi-
BOU, daily
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angerona, Hed
Slur, llerenles, Surprise and others
ply on Kooienay lake to and from Nelson, Inil.bave no regular limes of arrival and de|t;.i'ttire.
Transportation Companies are reipiesteil lo
Klve notico In llii'. Miner of any alterations In
tin-1 iim- uf arrival ami ili'piii'liu-e Inim Nelson.
Tbe Fnlal Gift       Frank ford Moore!
Second Thoughts of an  idle
Fellow    -    Jerome K. Jerome
All Ibe newest publications at
iAIMH. Bl'IME., M Min. Assoc. Cornwall 1
llpposllu I'iiiilr Hotel.
P. O. E!OX 583.
Thomson Stationery Co.
.   MENT.
H Charles Tom. trading as Tailor anil
I'lnlhiir. in the town of llntileii. In Ibe I'rov-
incnof llrttish I'nliiinbin. lia- by deed dnteil
llu* lli-l ilnv i.r Ocliiber. litis, iis-luneil to nm
nil his personal es ale. orrdllH iuul effeet wbleb
iiiiiv be sn z.'il nml Mild ntnli'i' I'Xi'.'ii" inn. aii'l
nl his real I'stn'o fm liieL'i'lieriil I eliellt nf Ills
��� ivilitnr-, inirsllllllt lo lhe "CrodllllM 'IT1UI
lli'i'ils Ael."
A mooting of Hie rro'lltnm will be hold at nu
"iiii'l' in ilie sniil town nf ii-ihli'ii. nn saiuiilny,
Iho Wnd ilny of Ootnboi .1 h" lioiir of two
O'olock lu llie iifirnn. in. Inr llie uivlnn of di-
lei-lions with rurei'i'liei!'.. Hi    .li-posal  of tlio
All orodltorn are reouen.*' in forward full
luiilieuhirs of llu ir eliilins. ��� ��� nl.v v.nilieil, lo me
nn nr before Uio flfleonth ilny of November
16im. after wbiob dale I shall praoood to dls-
iribuie tho assets among ibe parties entitled
therein, having retrard only 'n tho claims of
wliii'h I shall I hen Inn e had notice,
Dated at Golden, H. C, October lst, IW.
Ki. iim'iiil AkciiI, Qoiann,
has taken over the practice of
Dr. H. E. Hall and is prepared In do all kinds ot Dental
Work  by latest methods.  .  .
Itr.ilii'ii lllll lllni'l. ItiiLl-r Ml.
X First CIh^s in every respect ���*
Do you want a goo'-l Squire m*��l for   J
|     25 CENTS?    |
DINNER 12 TO 8      J
Eastern  Oysters x
received daily **
Cooked Any Style.     X
!�����������������"������������*������������'������������ ������������������������������������-M'i
t Y. HOSHI        -        Proprietor. 1
I i;i.i:i'iiom: \t>. ��|.
Manufiicliii'ei's of
Ilnlrjou  llm Kprlmp   Wnler   lerul.il  nml
.Mipiilli'il tu (he Tnille.
Until further notioe no puriHBi��Korn will bo
carried over tho Itn�� of tlie Crown Nont, Pnsn
railway butwet'ii ICiinkonook nnd Craiibrook
Comer Wnnl anil Hlilra Mn,
Kxlended iixpertouoe in t'liile nnd Gorman
South Afl'im. Assays nnd iinaljsis of ores.
Reports nnd valuations nn mineral properties
Underground mtrvoj uik nnd mine plans kept
up liy eontriiel.
WANTED.���Tbo partial services of
correspondent mid bookkeonor who is
continuously resident in Nelson and
whose time is nt his own disposal to
attend at anytime of day as business
requires, Applicants will plenso state
whether they are stenofrrnpliers and
typwriters or either.    Address,
fi�� Minor Office.
Twonly > e irs' cxput fonco in mining.
Thorough  knowledge of mintis of Uritinh
Columbia.   Terms lteationable.
718 NELSON, B. C
. . . GOINa EAST
Uho a lirst. r)i\m line in traveling between
Minneapolis Si, Paul and Chicago, and
thd principal towns in Oontral Wiuoon-sin
Pullman Puhicc Sleeping and Chair Cars
Sorvlco .....
Tho Dining Cars art* operated in tho interest t
itH patron.", thu moHt elogant Rorvice ever
Inaugurated.   Mealtj are served a la Cart*.
T') obtain first class servico your ticket should
read via .... *
Direct oonneetinttH at. Chicago nnd Milwaukee
fur all Ka-iurn pnint:-. .        .        .
Kor full ii.foi'in;.! inn call on your nearest Uoke'
agent, or write . . .
Jar. A. Clock,        or       .Tab. C. Pond,
General Ageni. General Paa��. Agent
21<jSUu-k Stroct, Milwaukee, Wil
Portland. Ore.
of our Clothing is geherully sufllclent to
make a life long customer.
Wu d. n'L ofi'cr our goods bolow cost,
becaimo we havo no desire to lose
money. We sell at prices which aro
sufllclent lo pay for good material and
good workmanship. Tbo size and variety of our stock enables Uh to please a
customer both as lo style nnd fit. Indeed we arc particular on these points.
Woiathor loses sale tlmn permit un-
sntiwfactory gerincit���* 1 o leave the
i��t ore.
These valuci- cannot be surpaHned.
= -J. A. GILKER--
l>   O. MORE.
tf������**��?*������,��W******������to*��?����* fc*����o.��W��&��^**��a��*�������� ����tf5 i
��w Groceries, Crockery and Glassware.   ^��
IsTE^T   ���   &OOIDS
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
also (lood Value in Sponges
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and (ieneral Agents, Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public,  Etc...
FOR SALE  __���^v����vv��a.
Corner Lot nn Vernon Ht., witli Bnildlnif, 12 Lots in Hlock
44F���Cheap,   2 I.i t�� Cor. Josephine mnl Kolnon.
FOI? /?E/Vr____^v����wvv����.
ii Lots mnl Dwelling near Oor Htunley St, mi Olmeivatory
St., S12 per month. Dwelling mi Bilfeii St., near Cedar St.,
(20 per month,   Houie aud 2 Lots, Houston St. $15 month,
Call and see our full list of property for sale in   "Hump"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Wr have Tun Claims mi Bovev Ofpek For Sale, cheap.
Gamble &. O'Reilly, Agents,
Baker Street, NELSON,  B, C,
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
%*%^�� '%/W%^*V%*'%**"**VW%<
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S.  Lowi.er, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
St, Alice Natural Mineral Water
whose curative qualities lire known ull over Cunnilii. Mnny Mineral Waters cnn
tain viiliiiihli' minernl ingreilicnls, but probably none in Amerio.i, having II ���
Hume mi'ilii'iil value, make mich a fine palatable beverage when bottled.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.
Subscribe for The Miner
One Year         -      -          - $10.00
Half Year            ... $5.00
One riontb      ... $1.00
"v MAIL OK CARRIER ���    ���
The products of the Gold and Silver
mines,  the Diamond   Fields,  the
Cut Glass Manufacturer and the
maker of Jewelery  has  been
drawn on to complete an
assortment of
Beautiful and Unique
Ornamental and useful, suitable for
any presentation purpose.
We cordially invite an Inspection of
our Stock. The Watches, Olochs,
Jewelery, Silverware etc. arc excellent
in quality and particularly handsome
in design.
Watch and Jewelery Repairing and Engraving.


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