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The Miner Sep 22, 1898

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 [Daily Edition No. n6.
I he first of October we move  into   the Beer
Block, next to Jacob Dover, the Jeweller and
lor the balance of September we will offer our
stock of
j^oots and Shoes at Greatly Reduced Prices.
So for your pocketbook\sake gin , t miss this s.lle<
Nelson, British Columbia. Thursday Morning, September 22, 1898.
Ninth Year
Bargains thai jjimv
''Glad I went there "  feeling.
It is   Reported That  the
Egyptians are There.
Member for West York at
encounter ensued on the deck of tbe
steamer amidst horrified passengers
who woro unable to interfere. Finally
tho mate who had boon cut in numerous places, succeeded in shooting his
antagonist. When medical aid arrived
both men wero dead.
The Paris Press Wish the Question Sett'ed
by Diplomacy and Not by Force
of  Arms.
the loss of nine wickets and the local
players had only made 49 in their first
inning. The game will be resumed at
11 o'clock tomorrow morning.
|B.e is There to Represent the Manufacturer's Association of Canada on
Tariff Matters,
Quebec, Sept. 31.���Olarke Wallace,
|vl. P., is horo on a non-political and
non-partisan mission to the premier
I on I other members of the British com-
ruission. Tho former minister ot disjoins, has a lotter from J. J, Cassidy,
[secretary of tho manufacturers association, of Canada, in the following
'In view of the fact that the intor-
Itiatioiial convention in endeavoring to
lirrive at a modus by which some
���measure of commercial reciprocity
{iiuvy be brought about betwoen Canada
Bind the United States and desiring
(that the British commissioners may
Ibe duly advised regarding the enorin-
y>us manufacturing industries of this
countryi it is desired by our assooia-
Ition that yon proceed to the city of
IJuebuc ami put yourself in eoniinuiii-
fatioii with Sir Wilfrid Laurier, premier of Canada, anil oilier British coin-
iniissioners and remain there ils long as
Von deem it in the interest of   Canada
i do so.    I   am   instructed to   say, iu
baking  you to look aftor Canadian in-
Iteresta, that this association has evory
BOnfidenoe in   your knowledge, ability
lind discretion.'and   that   they   do not
pesire to restrict you iu  your   liberty
uso yonr best judgment in any matters that may arise in your intercourse
���with the   British   commissioners, not
Tio interfere   with   your complete freo-
kloni, as  an   independent  member of
(the parliament  of  Canada.    Members
if tho Association nf  Canadian Manufacturers generally believe that  a cer-
ttain  amount  of   tariff   reduction   is
Virtually   essential   to   the  successful
fcarrying  on  of   their  respactive  industries and it is because thoy believe,
nudging from all previous acts of your
���public lifo that  you aro thoroughly in
% coord with them in   this  belief, that
thoy so confidently confide in   yon this
Important and delicate task."
Mr. Wallace says he  has no thought
[if making a party issno at Quebec and
,if  this he   assured   Sir Richard Cart-
upright, with whom   ho  had an inter
Iviow yesterday.
The Result of  Eating Canned Beef   at
a Church Social,
Niles, Mich., Sept. 21.���Nearly one-
tenth of the, entire population of Plain-
well, a little village, in Allegan county,
is ill from eating canned beef at a
church social. Fifty-five persons wero
poisoned, 20 are dangerously ill tind
four are expected to die, the doctors
having expressed no hope for tlieir recovery.
Those iu danger are Mrs. Ethel
Clancy, Mrs. J. M. Travis, Mrs. John
Bishop and L. W, Souls.
The ladies of the Presbyterian church
gavo a supper and about 150 guests
wore present, all of whom had supper
and partook of canned beef. So far
oO eases of poisoning have been reported and in each case it has been
learned the patient had eaten of the
beef. Some were violently ill and it
was thought at one time that at least a
dozen would succumb to the poison.
Steps aro being taken to mako a
rigid investigation into thc food, the
doctors believing cither the meat was
diseased or the combination of tin
and beef resulted in poisoning.
Washington, Sept. 'jl.���The retirement of Sir Julian Pauncefote, British ambassador,from active diplomatic
service would have occurred today had
not the foreign ollice, ns already announced, extended his term of servie3
until next April in recognition of his
long nnd callable services aud the acceptability of his administration to
th authorities here.
New York, Sept. 21.���The infant
daughter of Commander and Consul
Booth-Tucker, of tho Salvation army,
died yesterday. The burial will bc at
Woodland cemetery today. Commissioner Eva Booth of Canada, the national stuff band and a large number
of officers and cadets will be in attendance.
Bridgeport. Conn., Sept. 21.���It
looks as if the mill pond mystery
was about to be cleared up. Last night
tho body of the woman was indentitied
as that of Emma Gill, of Southington,
und tho police havo under arrest a
young man named Walter 0, Foster,
iif Hartford, Conn., who is alleged to
have been an accomplice in the crime.
Mussulmans aro Tardy in  Bringing iu
Their Firearms.
Candia, Crete, Sept. 21.��� About 1600
ferearms have thus far boon surrendered
uy the Mussulmans, in response to tho
lleinand of the British admiral, Tho
luost credible reports placo the num
lier of rifles iu possession of the
���Vlussuluiiins at about 85,000, wliich is
Jtxelusive of 15000 Martinis, the property of the Turkish government. Much
llililculty in compelling the surrender
]if nil these arms is expected.
Sir A. Bilotti, tlio British consul,
lias visited the Christian chiefs and
Informed them that Great Britain had
���undertaken tho protection of the dis-
lirmod Moslems and warned tho chiefs
}hat any attack on tho Moslems would
ho regarded as an attack on the British. Tbo chiefs promised to abstain
���from attacking the Moslems.
St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 21.���Word was
Ireceived here of a desperate and fatal
lluel botween Mate Bart Davis and
JNightwatchman Baker on board the
Lteamer Mayflower, which left last
flight for Memphis. Both men are
���lead. For some time'there had been a
Feud betweou the men and last night
Ithey decided to settle their differences,
��� me being armed with a knife aud the
Ether with a revolTer.   A desperate
The Man With   a   Bag of Lead Works
it Most Successfully.
A new bunco game has struck the
town, says the Victoria Times, and it
is said that some of Victoria's hotel-
keepers now look tit a Klondiker���no
matter how big his gold bags are���
with distrust. About a couple of
weeks ago a man, garbed in Ihe regulation niackiuaw and eorduroyrfpeoolinr
to the prospector, strolled in to a local
hotel and planking down a heavy and
well filled bag of what appeared to be
gold, asked tho clerk to put it in the
safe for security. The miner lounged
around the hotel during his stay in
the citv and told all kinds of stories of
his rich claims, his store of treasure
in the north. Tho best in the hotel
was Ins, for had ho not a storo of
wealth in the safe? Theu suddenly
there came a day when the stories of
the Klondiker wero not heard and (ho
picturesquely garbed miner lounged
no moro iu tho hotel corridors.
Search was made in all directions,
but no sign was fouud of the man
whoso sack filled a compartment of the
safe. After waiting a few days the
hotelkeeper took out tho 'gold, for if
the Klondiker chose to disappear leaving his wealth behind him that was
no roason why the houso should lose.
Accordingly the sack was opened, but
mine host did not secure any gold,
for it was not the reddish-yellow gold
of tho Klondike that* filled the little
leathern bag, but dull gray leaden
shot. A portion of the alleged "gold"
has gone into the two barrels of a shot
gun and an irate hotel man is looking
with gore in his eyo for that Klondiker.
London, Sept. 21.���It is reported in
government circles that news has been
roceived that tint Egyptian flag is flying over Fashoda. The fact, however,
has not been officially announced.
A despatch to the daily Graphic
from Paris says tho Sir F. J. Manson,
tho British ambassador, in the course
of an interview with Delcasse, minister of foreign affairs, casually referred to the reports that Major Marchand, at the head of a French expedition, was at Fashoda ou the Nile. M.
Delcasse assured the ambassador in
tho most friendly manner that tho government w-as absolutely ignorant of
Major Marohiuid's whereabouts. He
added that if the expedition was in
the neighborhood of the Nile, its object was geographical rather than
political, but ho begged the ambassador
not to regard this as an official communication on behalf of tho government. The correspondent recalled that
M. Delcasse was minister of the colonies when tite Marchand expedition
was equipped, and that he made a
motion in the chamber of deputies that
the sum of $-100,000 bo appropriated
for the expenses of tho expedition. It
is consequently presumable that he is
aware of the object of tlu* expedition.
Paris. Sept. 21.���Tho Paris press
generally holds Hie opinion tbat the
settlement of tho question of the occupation of Fashoda ought to be brought
about through diplomacy and not by
force of arms.
Leclair says it is in a position to
fully confirm the falsity of the report
that Major Marchand has been recalled.
Lo Matin believes that the British
received timely information of the
occupation of Fashoda through socret
Ls Gaulois does not* believe that any
troublo will grow out of the Fashoda
affair, but feals certain that an
amicable agreement will bo reached.
At the cabinet meeting yesterday
M. Delcasse.minister of foreign affairs,
explained tho foreign situation and
communicated to the council full information in regard to the mission of
Major Marchand in Africa.
The Depache Coloniale, which is a
strong national newspaper, comments
on the Fashoda matter as a pettifogging affair. It says that the possession of the place would bo of no
practical utility to Franco nnd it is
ridiculous to suppose thnt holding it
would lead to a settlement of tho
Egyptian question. The paper appeals
to tho press to abandon school boy
tricks, which, it says, consist of decrying their neighbors when they
think them too strong to bo attacked
with safety. It feels sure that M.
Delcasse, the foreign minister, has a
higher conception of what ought* to bo
the foreign polioy of a great country.
He Again Explains His Action Regarding Liquor Selling iu the Yukon.
Ottawa, Sept. 21.���Major Walsh in
an interview replies to Belyea's statement.    He says:
"On arriving in Dawson I was surprised and disappointed that Belyea
had issued many liquor licenses. I
scut one of our men out to ascertain to
what oxtent these, licenses had been
issued and he reported Unit Belyea had
collected from 182,000 to 188,000 for
licenses. I understood that quite a
number were selling without license
and Belyea entered actions against
these people. At this time an act had
passed the house providing for the
government of the Yukon separate
from the territories and I considered
Belyea had no authority whatever in
that district. I accordingly instructed
the officer commanding the police that
those people were not to be prosecuted. I informed the people
that in a short time we would be
officially notified of the passage of an
act of separation and would then decide on a policy for tho district in regard to the liquor traffic.''
Tho Men Demand   a   Ten   Hour  Day
and Overtime.
Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 21.���The Post
today says that for some time past rumors of a big railroad strike have been
circulated, but nothing definite was
learned until yesterday, when it developed that the conductors anil brake-
men of the roads entering Pittsburg
want to be placed on an equality witli
their brethern in other ports of the
country. To accomplish this object two
branches of the Brotherhood Railway
trainmen yesterday presented the
officials of till railroads entering this
city with a scale of wages and an
answer was requested within !!('. days.
The demand calls for ti ten hour day
with extra for every hour put in beyond that
New York, Sept. 21���Capt. P. F.
Warner's team of English cricketers
began a two days' match against a
representative eleven of New York
players on tho grounds of the Staten
Island Cricket club, Livingston, L. I.,
today. At the end of the day's play,
the visitors had such an overwhelming
lead, it is almost certain they will
win by au inning tind have many runs
to spare. When stumps were drawn
at half past 5 o'clock this evoning,
tho Englishmen had  made 41 runs for
Dominion Returns Show
Surplus of $1,575,381.
Preparations at Ottawa  for the Farewell
Functions to His Excellency
Lord Aberdeen.
Hotels and Saloons   May Open During
the Day of Voting on Prohibition.
Hamilton, Sopt. 21.-Frod Walker,
license inspector here, after consultation with the crown attorney and.the
police magistrate, has come to the conclusion that hotols and saloons may be
open for business on September 39, tho
same as on any other week day.
Loudon, Sept. 21.���Zola, who is in
this city, recently told au interviewer
that Dreyfus would be freed. "'"Nothing that has happened has surprised
me," he said. "I know of Henry's
guilt. I kunw Esterhazy u id Duclam
are equally guilty. I also know that
Dreyfus is ab-olutely innocent. There
must be a new trial with open doors;
nothing else v> .11 suffice. Should sec
reoy be reverted to I shall be compelled
to renew my campaign. I shall intervene ouly if fresh attempts aro made
to strangle the truth and to rivet
chains on the innocent. To shelter tho
guilty from the vengeance of the law
forms tho cause of delay, and I shall
bide my time in seclusion until justice is done or there is fresh evidence
of the reign of iniquity."
Valleyfleld, Que., Sept. 21���A banquet was given to Hon. Mr. Tarte last
night. One hundred and fifty guests
coming from Montreal. Tho minister
told of an intorview he had had with
A. F. Gault, Jr., on the revision of
the tariff, during which Tarte had
promised tho cotton king he would
have his good will iu this. He had
kept his word. The tariff, Mr. Tarte
said, was not* perfect and would be
retouched, although in principle it
would remain intact. He claimed
that next- vear tbey would have a surplus of $2,000,000.
London. Sept. 21.���A despatch to
the Daily News from Berlin says, at
tho recent army manoeuvres at Alsace-
Lorraine, Captain Count Stolberg-
Weruigerodo reprimanded Sei % taut
Scheilhardt for bad cooking. The
sergeant is alloged to have answered
rudely whereupon the count boxed his
ears. Tho sergeant turned sharply
when ho was hit and the count drew
his sword aud pierced his subordinate's neck, killing bim. Tho count
was arrested,
is   a
Toronto, Sept. 21.���Following
speoial cable to the Evening
gram, dated London, Sept. 21 :
The final in the Thames championship sculling match, professional, was
| contested on the Thames today, Barry
I winning from his competitor, Towns.
I Iu the preliminaries rowed Sept. 17,
I the first heat Towns won from Bubenr.
I Barry's victory in thc final today
' gives him the professional sculling
championship of Kngland.
Sept.   21.���At    Philadelphia-
adelphia 11, Cleveland I.
At  Brooklyn���Brooklyn il, St. Louis
At   Baltimore���Baltimore    8,    Chicago 1.
At Washington���Washignton !l, Cincinnati 15.
At New York���New York !),   Louis-
vile 14.
At Boston���Boston 7, Pittsburg 3.
Ottawa, Sept. 21.���The department,
of agriculture has arranged to conduct
tl series of experiments in feeding
swine, to ascertain, if possible the
causes producing soft pork and bacon.
Somo pork raisers and packers suspect
that feeding Indian corn is responsible.
Ottawa, Sept. 17.���There have been
several partial and incomplete statements already published of the fiscal
year which ended on June 111) last, bu I
the complete returns have only just
been made public. The preliminary
indications were all favorable and
there was every promise of a satisfactory showing, but the most hopeful
scarcely anticipated that the final returns would show the splendid surplus
of $1,575.88. After the long series of
lean years, with their annually recurring deficits and growing debt on
the one side, and no hope of relief or
sign of commercial elasticity ou the
other, this is indeed tm agreeable
change, except, it may be, to the
apostles of dire disaster and bluo ruin,
and to thoso who believed in their
Figures are proverbally dry aud uninteresting, but such figures as those
contained in Canada's balance sheet
for 1897-98 should surely prove good
reading to everyone who has the host
interest of his country honestly ttt
heart. During the previous four years
tho deficits had totalled nearly S��,250, -
000 but when tho present minister of
finance brought do,.u itis first statement a year ago, showing only $500,-
000 deficit, after he had paid up hundreds of thousands of dollars of arrears iu nearly every branch of the
service, and in spite of Mr. Foster's
prophecy that tho new government
could not possibly get through their
first year without a deficit of at least*
$3,250,000, it was a forecast of the
improved methods that had been introduced ; and this, the second year's
round-up, more thun justifies the
hopeful condition which was then beginning to manifest itself.
As a prophet, Mr. Fielding is a
bigger success than his predecessor in
the finance department, for while Mr.
Foster's predictions have all been falsified, every one of Mr. Fielding's estimates has beeu nioroj than realized.
Six months ago in making his budget
speech, the minister of finance anticipated a revenue of $311,000,000 ; the returns show that itis $40,275,70-1, an
increase of nearly $2,500,000 over the
previous year. Tho expenditure on
the consolidated fund account was estimated by the minister at $38,750,000.
but it is $50,000 less ancl instead of
$550,000 which he anticipated as his
surplus last April he has over $1,500,-
So much has been said about the increase of expenditure since tho accession of tho liberals to power, that it
is worth while to call attention here to
oue other point which cannot be to
strongly emphasized while conservative speakers and writers presist in
their contention that tho slightly increased expenditure is indicative of
extravagance. When the. liberals camo
iu to office they found that Jlr. Foster
had prepared his estimates for the
ensuing year and these estimates called
for a total (main and supplementary)
of $41,1)30,237. Wheu it is remembered with what facility tho extra
supplemcntarics were always swelled
hy additional items in every department, it is not hard to suppose that
that amount would have been exceeded
by two or three million dollars. In
addition to this, there was a number
of heavy expenditures proposed out of
the capital fund. Instead, however,
of that $41,1130,237, tho actual expenditure for that same year, after the
new government assumed control,
(main and supplementary aud extra
supplementary), was but* 188,885,086,
It should bo further homo in mind
that the heavy expenditures in connection with the government of tho
Yukon, which is an item hitherto unknown in tlio public, accounts, is in-
eluded in this total and another item
which is destined to prove an invaluable investment to Canada is the
money spent in deepening the St.
Lawrence canals. It hasfbeen pointed
out repeatedly in tho liberal press
that expenditure and extravagance are
not- synonymous terms under the present  government, though  they are so
(Concluded on Third Pago)
��� ���   1 in ������mw ��� ���.��������� !��������� ���>��� ��� ���
Tthe ittinci-.
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be accompanied by the name and address
of the writer, not necessarily for publication, but as evidence of gond faith.
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iiimiii* change,
prevent, the Kootenay pass coalfields
���from being exploited in competition
with his scheme. Be that as it may,
the government should now arrange to
have this coal region examined by experts and opened up if the reports
warrant it. The work could be done
by the government as advantageously
as it could be done by private enterprise and whilo the people would havo
provided for them an additional source
of cheap coal supply, the government
could secure the profits of operation,
which would be large.
Yesterday Hon. J. Fred Hume, min
ister of mines in the provincial gov-
enrineiit, returned to his constituents
for endorsation and was re-elected by
acclamation. This attestation of public approval of Premier Semlin's choice
in selecting Mr. Hume Cor the responsible position which ho holds in
the government, was altogether fitting
and commendable. Some time ago
opposition was spoken of but those
who had it in contemplation came to
the timely conclusion that it would be
useless to create a contest tho result
of which could be clearly foreseen.
Bye-elections usually go with tho government, but in this instance a minister of tho crown was concerned and
in all such eases it is considered unwise, as it generally is useless, to
set up opposition.
All tho ministers having been returned it is uow in order for thein to
set about the reforms which tliey have
had in view and to give this province
the effective and business-like government it deserves,and has waited for so
If the Victoria Colonist is understood aright no ono should be dismissed from oflice. Tho incoming government should accept without question all tho ollice holders the retiring
ministry should site fit to leave behind
them. If this plan worked what a
filling up of offices there would be
with friends aud relatives just before
the government stepped out. All the
incoming ministry could do would be
to accept patiently the hold-overs and
struggle along with thein as best they
could without onco glancing in the
direction of the official axe. This is
all very nice, but if the boot were on
the other leg, the Colonist would sit
in silence while another Turner & Co.,
proceeded to "turn the rascals out."
Does the Colonist mean to say that
till the civil servants in this province
are competent men aud have discharged their duties faithfully and
well? If this bo true then they must
bo au exceptionally clever lot of meu
and tho Semlin government should
step into departments conducted so
precisely that no change could be
effected without detcriinent to public
business. But the Colonist knows
that it i.s not true aud that it condemns dismissals it knows to be necessary in tlio interests of sound business-like government. Heads of departments are not supposed to find
themselves suited in every particular
by the office employes whom their predecessors left behind theni, and they
have right umm their side in arranging their offices to suit themselves.
Besides, with one exception, the dismissal of the office-holder in tho cases
under consideration, meant the abolition of the oflice as unnecessary.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
Money to Loan.
Rents Collected.
Official Directory.
Governor General Karl of Aberdeen
'Premier        - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member Houso of Common,', Dominion Parliament. West Kooienay
Hewitt Bosteok
Premier Haultain of the North West*
Territories in a speech to the legislative assembly recently, dealt with tho
subject of autonomy for the territori-
tiesandthe advisibilfty of taking steps
towards securing provincial forms of
administration. There is no doubt that
this will 1 eco:ne popular when fully
understood in the territories, where
population is increasing rapidly and
where the leading men arc desirous
of having control of affairs in their
own hands. But if would be an undertaking of great magnitude, to wliich
it might be difficulty at present to get
the people as a whole to consent. The
question has been agitated already in
some parts, but as changes of this
kind are usually associated in the publio mind with taxation, and tlie effects
in that direction have not been made
clear, the demand for provincial forms
is not by any means general, whatever
it may become in Iho future.
It is not likely that the territories
as they exist at- present will bo erected
into a province. It i.s probable that
when the matter comes up for adjustment, that the borders of Manitoba
will bo extended west and north and
thero is   no   good
Columbia Should not have an extension
of territory lo the east. As it is a
Very valuable portion of Peace river
oountry, including the grand prairie
near Dunvegan, 380,000 acres in extent, is in this province. This being
the case why could not British Columbia have a strip along the east of the
Rocky mountains through which ready
access could bc had to the possessions
of agricultural and mineral land on
her northern borders? It is a matter
wliich would bi' worth looking into
when the time for division comes.
Hon. Joseph Martin has gone to
Ottawa and will go thence to Quebec
to attend the conference. The interests of this provinco will be safe in
liis hands. He should have gone as the
representative of British Columbia
when tho conference opened, but the
lato arrival will carry as much intellectual power and astuteness to the
conference as any who attend it.
The Birkbeck Investment,  Security %
and Savings Co. %
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fc 8 years by monthly instalments. ^
Arc Saving Money every day
on iheir Hardware Bills by
allowing us to figure with theni.
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given.
Lieut. Governor Hon T R Mclnnes
Premlei - Hon Chas Semlin
Attorney-General       -       Hon Joseph Martin
Ministerof Finance - Hon F C Cotton
Minister Mines and Education   Hon J F Hume
Pros Exocut ivo Council      Hon Dr McKeclmie
Member Legislative Assembly tor Nelson Rid-
inff . Hon .1 V Humo
Tel. No. 21.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Ma; kets in Rossland, Trail. Nelson, Kaslo.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mail to any branch vill liave careful nnd prompt attention.
Thu Viotoria Colonist lias discovered
that Mr. Bostock intends to gerrymander this constituency. The Colonist is so etisily misled in its judgment that one of these dnys someone
will load it up with a gold brick.
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M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
Mnyor - ��� Jolin Houston
Aldermen-('has Hillyer, XV F TceUcl, J A
Gilker, J J Malono, E P Whalley. Thos Mad-
City Clerk
Police Magistrate
Chief of Police
r* ��� -����� mt Vlro Department,
Auditor      *" '
Water Commissioner
Health Oflicer
City Engineer
City council meets every Monday, 3 p.;n., nt
cily hall, cor Victoria and Joscphino st
Dr. BO Arthur. Dr.CAll Hall. Geo John
stone.   Principal- J R Grcon.
It was hard for Spain to accept defeat at the hands of the United States,
but harder still must it be to endure
the attention of tho American newspaper paragraphers who now have the
(il 5-16;
York, Sept 21.���Bar
Mexican dollars, 47>*a'.
quiet; brokers' price,   $111.20;
r  why British I^tange, 113.36 to 113.83^.
Lead,   quiet;   domestic,   $11.8o;  ex-
lange, $4 to $4.05.
Tin, quiet; plates, steady.
Ottawa, Sept. 21.��� Dr. A. B. James,
is still engaged stamping out hon cholera, although he has slaughtered 86
hogs and has quarantined r>7. Since
the cholera was first discovered over |
:',nO hogs have died in the vicinity of
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough ancl Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
STATION     .    .    .
London, Sept. 31.���A despatch from
Brussels to a local news agency says
that King Leopold has addressed an
autograph letter to the czar, urging
the designation of Brussels as the
meeting place of the peace congress.
It has been well known for some
years that there are deposits of coal in
the South Kootenay pass and the probabilities tire that the coal measures uncovered in the Crow's Nest Pass extends southward to the boundary. For
some reason not explained tho
government reserved this region and i Koby, Indiana
no claims of auy kind could be located | foundation.
thoro. The inference is that the gentlemen who were so liberal in giving I
away the public domain held this laud I Toronto, Ont., Sept. 21.���ThoBroth-
for future disposition. Perhaps Col. erliood of Locomotive Firemen this
Baker, who was as a minister and is morning agreed to keep the figure of
now as an ordinary member, l���gclv ��� i����w����ico at $1500; and also to give
J '    ^��   -    the   wno   and   children   of   deceased
interested   in   the   Crows  Nest ooal | members priority  over  all   othors  in
company, may have deemed it wiso to tho matter of benefits.
Chicago,   Sept.  21.���Dan A.  Stuart,
said  last  night, that   the story   from
the rast   to   the   effect that he was in
I company with others  making an offer
former | to bring off the Oorbett-MoOoy fight at
is   utterly   without
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
.. FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowest, Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
J K Strachan
E A Crease
A F MoKinnon
XV <I Thompson
John Hiitnillon
T M Ward
1 >r7l?n ilictrv
A. L. M'Cullocli     '
President - J Roderick Robertson.
Vice-President - .Tames Lawrence.
Secy-Treas. - John A Turner.
President John A. Turner
Vice-Pres. VV. A. Jowett.
Secretary 11. McArthur
Treas. - J A Forin
Medical Supt. . Dr. G. A li Hull
8.00 p.m.
S.30 a.in.
l.tto p.m.
(i.dO p.m
United States, Ontario. Que
���and Eastern Provincrs
Points on N. & F. S. line.
Victoria and Rossland.
Mew Denver, Sandon and
-ttoenn Lake PointH.
Kaslo and Kootenny Lake
Kossland. Trail. Nakusp.
Hobson, points on main line
('. P. R.. Vancouver and
6.15 p.m.
2.30 p.m.
7.45 a.m.
7.00 a.m.
Lobby opened from 7a.tn. to 10 p.m.; General
Delivery, 8 a,m, to 8 p.m.;   Registration, 8.30
a.m. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Hank
fla.m. to 1 p.m.; Sunday 1 hour (10 to 11 a.m).
J. A. GILKKIt.l'oslni'istor.
Government Inspector of Agencies VV J Goepel
Gold Commissioner
Mining Recorder-Tax Col
Collector of Customs
Provincial Assessor
County Court Judge
Inspector of Schools
0, G. Dennis
H F Tolmie
Geo. Johnstone
Jobn Keen
J A Forin
William Hums
Warden Oapt, N. Filr-slubbs
First Jailor ���                              H. Liddell
Second Jiitler Geo. Partridge
Third Jailer -                 John McLaren
Senior Guard   R. luce
Church of England���Matin 11a.m.; Even
Song. T.BO pin. every Sunday. Holy Communion on 1st and 8rd Sundays fn the month after
Matins; on 2nd nnd 4th Sundays, at 8 a.m
Sunday School al. 2.80 p.m. Rev. H. S. Akehurst. Rector.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
Piikkiiytkuian OnOBCH���Servloosat 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evoning at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endoavor Society moels evory Monday evening nt 8 o'clock. Rev. R. Frew,
Mbthodibt   Church���Corner Silica  nnd
Josephine Streets. Services at 11 a ni. and 7.3D
p, in. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.; Prayer mooting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Epworth
League O, E., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rov. John
Robson. Pastor.
Catiioiic Church���Mass at Nelson, lirst
and third Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m.; Iloneillc-
tion at 7 30 to 8 p.m. Rev. Father Ferland,
���Baptist Ciiuhcii ��� Services morning and
ovening at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting Wednesday evoning at 8 p.m.; Meetings
aro held in tho school houso. Strangers cordially welcomed.   Rev. G. R. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation Aiimy���Servlcos every evening
nt 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria Rtreot.
Adiutunt Millner in chargo.
NELSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F. & A.
M. moots Hocond Wodnosday in oach
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. LENNOX, Socrotary.
I. O. O.  F.     Kootenay Lodgo
g No. 10, moets overy Monday night,
at  their  ���lull,  Kootenay street.
Sojourning Odd Follows cordially invitod.
A. H. Clements, N. G.       Fred J Squires, Secy
NELSON   LODGE   No. 25, K. of   P..
���SinieoUi In Cnstlo hall, McDonald block
nevery second and fourth Tuesday eventing at, 8 o'clock.   All visiting knights
'cordially Invited,
R. G. JOY, 0,0.
(820) Uno. Rohs K. of R. and S.
NELSON  LODGE,   I. O. O. T.      Meets in
Castlo Hall, McDonald Hlock, overy Monday
evening  al 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cor
dially inviied, John Tklfori),
Chief Templar.
J. F. Jacobson   Sec'y
^===5^      NELSONS   OUEEN
Iff 1}|   SONS    OF . KNG"
Victoria Street - NELSON, B. C.
NO. 241
__ GLAND,   meets
second and fourth Wednesday of
each month at K. of P. Hall, Mao
I Jl)   Donald Block,   cor. Vornon   and
^=*--*==^*y    Josephine streets.   Visiting brcth*
cordially invited.        Ehnkst Kino,
Chas. II. Faruow, Worthy President
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meets
lst and 3rd Wednesday in each month in tho
K of P Hall. F W Swanoll, C. D. S. O. R.; J R
Green, C.R.: J. Furklss. Secy.
overy  Thursday In thoI.O.O.F.  hall.
G  C
Williams, M,W.: W S Smith, Rec.-Sec; J. J.
Driscoll, Finanoior F. J Squire. Receiver and
P. M. W.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1092 moets in the McDonald block every Thursday evening at 8
o'clock. Visiting members cordially invited.
John Toyo W.M.; F. J. Bradley, R.S. THE MINER, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER a, i398
"���f    ��li iiiliiii    ��f    Happenings   In   tin
IklKfrict llnriiig Die I'nnl
Few lliij h.
Jonh L.   Retallaok   is   registered at
e chair.
IM. A. Bucke, mining  engineer,   of
lislo, is in the city.
���Work on the St. Saviour's church is
pgressing satisfactorily.
-J, Vi. McArthur of   the Porto   Rico
pgistered at the Hume.
[''rank Darling left yosterdtty eveiu-
V cm a business trip to Rosslaji'i    *
���Mr. and Mrs  >    ,,",'" fy ,
l]���,i��,    9. . Arohlmld have   moved
..���   new    house   on   Kootenay
baptain   G,   H,   Mulldorfer of the
llitiliasca leaves town on this iiiorn-
j'P''s train.
|\ oarload of machinery for the coru-
fissor at  the  Dundee  mine has  ar-
ed at Ymir.
papt, (lore is now   in   command  of
steamer Knsslniid,running between
jrowheiid and Hobson.
jlohii A. Muni-. ex-M, P.,   for  Yale-
|iotenay, left yesterday evening for a j
sit to Trail ancl Rossland.
JE Ferguson  of   the  firm of  H. J.
���Vans & Co., left   yesterday   evening i
Ir a business visit to Brooklyn.
I Hev. A.  W. Sheppard,   Presbyterian ������
lissionary   at   Ymir, leaves on Mon-1
liy for Montreal to complete his theo-
Igicill studies.
IH. Roy and J. J. B. Gosselin left on i
lsterday afternoon's boat to inspect
Ime mining properties in the White
���rouse country.
��� Judge Dugas of   Montreal, who will |
leceed   Justice McGuire as judge of
Yukon district will   leave  Ottawa
lis week for Dawson Oity.
I.Mr.  and   Mrs.    J.   B.    Krophy   and
Ijitily.who have been residing at Kus-
Iniook   for   the   summer months, left
fsterday evening for Ottawa.
Mr. and Mrs.    A.    H.    Binns,   who
been in Nelson for the   past   two
eks, the guests of Mr. tind   Mrs. H.
Vincent left yesterday evening   for
loir home in the east,
|(1. E. Woods, surveyor on the Orow s
st Pass railway, accompanied by H.
iWiddioombe, leaves town this morn*
on the steamer Nelson on a survey-
Ig trip up Kootenay lake.
[Among those registered at the Phair
M.    R.   Rathborne,  Silverton;   R.
Igby,    St.    Marys;   W.    II.   Cowan.
Jisslttnd;   H.    B. Williams.   London,
I'l B. A. Duncan, Australia.
|Aniong those registered at tho Hume
A. M.   Campbell, Chas.   ,1. Morse,
1 R. K. Neill, Spokane; R. R.
Jtgen   and   A.    Hickling,    Hossland,
tl A. ,1. Stewart, Trout Lake City.
|The   Co.-tgrove  compnny, who   havo
���n   appearing   in various   towns  of
Kootenay with great   success, will
liy  tonight  and   tomorrow night at
Skating   rink, under the   auspices
[the baseball club.
Ilohii   A.   Turner,  secretary   of   tho
ith Kootenay Board   of   Trade, was
sily engaged   yesterday   in   labeling
jl shipping the samples of  oro   from
mines in this district for tho New
I'stmiuster exhibition.
(Hie Rev. G. R.Welsh leaves for Tor-
Jto on Friday to complete his
jidies. An informal social meeting
111 bo held this evening at tho
Iptist ehureh to which Mr. Welsh's
ends and well wishers are invited.
IThe  marriage  of   Miss Alice Maud
ckinlosh, daughter  of  Hon.  C. H.
Iickintosh,   ex-lieutenant-governor of
North West   Territories, and mailing director of tho  B. A. O, to H.
B. MoGivern will ako place today at
Vancouver, wherolhe family of Mr.
Mackintosh aro atireseut residing.
The rain last nigit interfered somewhat with the sucotss of the birthdav
social in the Methdist church. There
was however, a far sized audience
who thoroughly enjoyed the excellent
programme of must), etc, and the refreshments providd by the ladies of
the church.
.Tames Jiicknian appeared before
Police Magistrate Crease yesterday, to
answer to the charre of being drunk
and disorderly and was fined $5 and
costs. For carrying concealed weapons
James Carty was Ined $25 and costs
and for being druni $5; the fines and
costs amounting in all to $112.25.
Tho Molsons'bank informs its shareholders that a dividend of four per
cent, and a bonus of oue per cent, upon
the capital stock has been declared
for the current half year, aud that the
same will be payable at the ollice of
the bank in Montreal, and at all its
branches, on aud after October 1 next.
"^ Before leaving Rosslnud on Monday
tho volunteer firemen of the Kootenay
organized an association under tho
lliiine of the Kootenay Firetnens' Association of B. C. The officers elected
wero: President, E. A. Rotilf, Rossland ; first vice president, Chief
Thompson, Nelson ; second vice-president, Chief McCarthy, Trail; secretary, Chief Fletcher, Knslo: treasurer.
Chief Sewell, Sandon.
Mr. and Mrs. Melville Parry, returned to the cily on Tuesday evening
ne.oinnanied by Miss Pridhani, a sister
of Mrs. Parry. Mrs. Parry has spent
tho summer months at Winnipeg and
Rat Portage and Mr. Parry went to
Glacier last week tS meet her. Miss
Pridhani is an accomplished vocalist
and an especial favorite, with audiences where she has sung in the east.
She will be a decided acquisition to
the musical circles of the city.
The polling stations in the Nelson
eleotoral division for the prohibition
plebiscite to be held on the 89th inst.,
have been fixed as follows: Nelson,
Court house ; Silver King mine. Canteen ; Hull's Siding, Algonquin hotel
ollice; Erie, N. & V. tt. railway ollice;
Ymir, Stanley Hall; Waneta, Custom
house; ProottVs Landing, Outlet
hotel; Kuskonook, burlier shop, corner Kootenay avenue and Seventh
street; Rykel'ts, Custom house.
Mrs. Stucket is Acquiring Material for
Lectures on This Country.
Mrs. Coleman Stucket. a lady who
has achieved a considerable reputation
as a speaker niid lecturer, is staying at
the Hume. She is making an extended
tour of the province with a view to
acquiring data for a series of lectures
she intends to deliver in England
next spring.
" Mrs. Stucket is a lady of considerable talents and charming personality,
who will not fail to carry great
weight with any audience she may
address. After she has viewed Nelson,
it is Mrs. Stucket's intention to proceed to the coast.
Hon. J. F, Hume  Ratified   as  a Minister of the Government.
Yesterday; Hon. J.*F, Hume, minister of mines and provincial secretary in tho Semlin government, returned to his constituents for re-election, as the law provides. Tho returning officer opened the poll at thc
court house at noon and was there for
one hour to receive nominations. The
nomination of Mr. Hume was made
by John Houston, seconded by Vi. H
Grant, and the document also bore the
names of W. A. Galliher, T. Madden
and D. McArthur. There being uo
other nominations the returning officer
declared Mr. Hume ejected.
Hon. Mr.   Hume will loavo  for   the
capital today.
(Continued from First Pnge.l
Another  Miner  Looses  Jtis  Life   By
About 1 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, Ed. Johnsou. employed as a
miner at the Hall Mines, went down
the Kootenay Bonanza shaft on ono of
the claims belong to tho company.
The unfortunate man went down to
examine tho effects of a shot, but did
not allow sufficient time for the poisonous fumes of tho powder to escape.
When about eight feel from the bottom of the shaft he became dizzy, fell
out of the bucket nnd broke his neck.
The deceased was an experienced
miner, and had worked for some time
in the mine, where ho was employed
as foreman,
inn-lit y counts for more in this class
Hardware then in any other line
life of ti building depends on it.
Jiur stock is first clins.   It has been
(hered  from  manufacturers noted
the  excellence  of tlieir product.
ll there is entire absence of "cheap"
lids in the collection,
���'rices are not higher than you often
for poorly made goods.
importers of
Lints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
often used interchangeably by oppositionists, and this very material faot
cannot be too constantly borne in
mind in considering the report of the
finance minister.
The High Joint commission will resume its deliberations in Quebec next*
Tuesday and it is confidently hoped
that tho commissioners will be prepared with definite proposals upon
which action muy bo had. Though
the commission has been adjourned,its
critics havo not* taken a holiday, aud
numerous lugubrious prophecies of
failure havo been given publicity. One
section has persistently reiterated the
assertion that there is no possibility of
any reciprocal trade arrangement, another has declared that there is no
hope of settling tlie Alaska boundary
dispute; while the sealing controversy,
the inshore fisheries trouble and other
momentous issues are declared to be
hopelesly involved, and impossible of
settlement. It is very satisfactory
to realize that the commissioners are
statesmen, who will go about their
business and attend to tho duties of
their high office without regard to
those croakers. Patriotic citizens
whether of the empire or republic are
still firm in the belief that substantial
and lasting benefit will result to all
parties before the commission finally
Preparations are well under way for
the farewell functions in connection
with tho rapidly approaching departure of the Earl and Countess of "Aberdeen early in November. It is proposed to tender the governor-general
a banquet at the Russel house as was
so successfully done when Lord Lans-
downo was leaving and the local
Council of Women are arranging a
social at which tlie Countess will say
good-bye. Iu other parts oi' the province and in the east, the public manifestations of esteem, and regret that
the gubernatorial term is closing, will
be as general and widespread as they
will be gratifying to their excellencies.
Window Shades, Shade Cloths, Cornice Poles
and Trimmings, Brass Rods, (Extension and
Banner), a lot of Sundries, Curtain Stretchers
Step Ladders, Etc., Hearth, Counter, Floor
Brushes, Etc. Fifty different styles of the
Latest and Finest Shades to choose from.
The Largest and Finest Stock ever Brought
to Kootenay.
In addition to our present well assorted stock
of Fine Furniture and  Coverings,   we   have
now on the way
3 Big Palace Cars of Furniture
ol illl kinds rrive next week, the whole of
which will be
Sold at Popular Prices
All welcome.    Come and see the Stock and ask for prices.
All new goods.    No old   stock.     Remember   the   address.
The New Furniture House.
Applewhaite Block Oor. Baker and Kootenay St.
The Nelson Furniture Co.
It its  stated   on   tho best authority
that P. Burns has bought out   all   thc^
butchers in tlie Boundary district.
An effort* was made last night to see
Mr. Burns iu this connection, but he
had left town for Rossland on the
(i :40 train.
On tho Thursday following tho New
Westminster fire, Messrs. Coporley,
Mackenzie & Rounsfell, general agents
of the Phoenix Firo Assurance company, handed to the local agent of tho
company, James Cunningham of New
Wostminster, a cheek for $44,250, covering the individual policies held by
him on property destroyed by tho fire.
This is but a portion of the Phoenix
loss, whieh ainountB to over $80,000
and the balance will be paid i.s soon as
tho proofs of loss are completed.
The Phoenix company also cabled
their agents to contribute $500 to the
New Westminster relief fund. The
generosity of this compauy under tho
circumstances is highly commendable.
A. R. Shorwood is the Nelsou agent
for the Phoenix.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and  see   us.
B. C.
Steamship Lines
From Montreal or Quebec
Beaver Line���Lake Huron Oct. s
Beaver bine���bake Superior Oct. 12
Dominion Lino���Vancouver Sopt 17
Dominion Line--Scot small Sept 10
Allan Line���Oallfornlan Sept 22
Allan Line���Nuinidian Oct.  1
From New York
White'Star Line-Teutonic Sopt 28
White Star Line���Britannic Oct. 5
Cunard  Lino���Lucania Oct.   1
Ounaril Line��� Etruria   Oct.  8
Allan stato Line���Stato nf Nebraska... .Oct. 21
Allan Statu Line���Mongolian ..Oct. 7
Anchor Line���Furnessia Sept 21
Anchor Line���Anehorin Oct. 22
Cabin, $16.00, $511, Sim, $70. $80 and upwards,
Intermediate, $34.00 and upwards
Steerage. $22.50 and upwards,
Passengers ticketed through to all points lu
Great Britain or Ireland, and at specially low
rales to all parts of the European conl i lent.
Prepaid passages arranged from nil point!
Apply  to GKO.  S.  BEER,   C.P.H.  1 eke.
Agent, Nelson, or to,     WILLIAM 8TIT1
55t)   General Agent. C.P.R. Olllccs. Winnipeg.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
Kl'.ll,   IMATK   AM>   I.VSl ItANtT  AGENT
Valtiiili'e Baker Street and  other c
cellent property for -aiile.
Oflice Turner llocckli Block, Nelsou. IC.
1*111 Niiuitt   t.i   "CreditArn Deed* Act" and
Amending Acta.
JA Thomas W. Gray, of Nelson, British Columbia, mill ownfM", has, hy flood bearing dale
the 10th day of September, A. I)., 18;��8, as*
algned aU hia personal estate, credits and effects which may be sei/.od and sold under execution, and all hi-* real estate, to Thomas Martindale Ward, of tbe said eity of Nelson, agent,
in trust, for the purpose of paying ratably and
proportionately and without preference or
priority, the creditors of thc said Thomas \V.
Gray, iheir just debts,
The said deed waa executed by the said
Thomas VV. Gray, the assignor. and
the said Thomas Martindale Ward,the trustee,
on tlio Kith day of September, A, L). 1898, and
the said trustee bas undertaken the trusts
created by thc said deed.
All persons having claims against thc said
Thomas W. Gray are required on or before thc
8th day of October, A. if. 1898, to deliver to the
said trustee full particulars of the same, duly
Verified by Statutory Declaration, together
with thc particulars of the .security, if any,
held by them, and all persona indebted to the
said Thomas W. Gray, are required to pay tho
amounts due by them to thc said trustee forthwith.
And notico ia hereby given that after thc
said 6th day of October, A. 1). 1898. the trustee
will proceed to distribute the assets among i he
parties entitled thereto, having regard only
to the claims of which he shall then have bad
A meeting of the creditors of thc said
Thomas Gray will bc held at the oflice of Ward
Bros, on Baker street, Nelson, B. (.'.. on Thursday, tho (ith day of October, A. D. 1898, at the
hour of 2:30 o'clock in tbe afternoon.
Solicitors for tho Trustee.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., thia 16th day of Sep
tcmbcr. A. D., 1898.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
Subacrihlo for The Daily Miner, it
costs you hut One Dollar per month,
delivered at yonr residence.
The only all rail route without change
of oars hetween Belson and Rossland and
Spokane and Eossland.
Leave 6.20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5-35 p.m
"    12:05 "   EOSSL'D    "  11:20   "
"    8.30 a-m. SPOKANE   "    3.10 p.m
Train that leaves Nelson at 6:20 a.m.
makes nlose connections at Spokane foi
all Pacifio Coast Poiuts.
Passengers for Kettle Biver and Boundary Creek, connect at MareuB with Stage
C. G. DIXON, ti. P. & T.A.
Spokane, Wash.
ir Vmi iintc a iioiiiiy lur Koine partioular
Medlolno or Uniu and dont like to bo offorod a
substitute, come hero whan you need a new
supply. We are pretty sure to havo It. Everything that a well stocked Drug Store usually
carries,nml a Ureal Mnny Tiling* Hislilis
can be founil on nur shelves.
Tho purity of the Drugs aold by us and tlie
accuracy of out' prescription department insures to our customers just. " What Ibo Doctor
Canada Drag & Book Oo.
Repaired, Altered, Cleaned, PrcBscd
nnd Dyed by the Nkw PkOCESS at
Reasonable Prices,
STEVENS,  The Tailor.
Room 9. Hillyer Due ,  NELSON.
P, S.���Ladles Wool Dress Goods Sponged
before Making Up.
I .i_M traordinary meeting of the Shareholders
1 of the '' Exchequer Gold Mining Company,
j Limited Liability." will be held ttt its bend o'f-
I lice, on Baker street, In the oity of Nelson, B.C.,
. on the 2(ith day of Septomher. A. II.. 181)8 at the
hour of eight o'cluek in the afternoon for the
1 purpose of
ill   Considering propositions for the working and further developeinenl of the mines.
I    (2)   Ratifying a certain agreement of tlie lith
1 September, A. D.��� 1898.
(3i Appointing Trustees and Ollicers for tho
said Company and lo transact such further
and other business as may come before the said
Dated this 10th dny of September, A. P.,
(AIMM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc. Cornwall I
Opposite Plin    Hotel.
NELSON. B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
Extended experience in Chile and Gorman
South Africa. Assays and analysis of ores.
Reports nnd valuations on minora] proportlos
Underground surveying and mine plans kept*
up by contract.
illl IIIOM   NO. ,11.
Manufacturers of
Hnlryou Hot Spring*  Water Aerateil mul
Supplied to the Trade.
Experienced Tie Makers can get steady work
nt Nakusp, Apply Immediately to
Nakusp, 11. C.
FOUND.���A small key, National Cash Register.   Apply "Miner" oflice.
MUSIC LESSONS. ��� On piano organ or
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flTTTinPT'in1        nnnnUl iTll(' witness thought he really helieved
The Prisoner Tells an
traordinary Tale-
rroneous, and he could not
lm convinced of its error, his reasoning powers niust he defective.
By ilie  judge���Even so he would l.e
conscious he was committing a crime.
Patrick   Fitzgerald,    tho     prisoner, I
then took the stand to   give   evidence i
', on  his  own behalf.    His story was to j
j the effect that on the morning of July :
! Dl ho went into the Anderson house at'
TNT<5 A TtfTT V W A ft PT P A PiPT) i Brooklyn.    There were about 40 or  50
lJNbAJNll I VVAurjj��iALUj.U men in- the bari aud thoy UC(,USP(1 hhll
I of instilling the waitress nt breakfast,
and about 20 of them threatened to do
i him up for it. To get out of their way
ho went to the. Exchange hotel, where
J he stayed all day and had a couple of
i drinks.
Ho retired shortly before  midnight,
' and   beforo   he   was   undressed  Hays
j came to tho  room  with   a carpenter's
' axe.   Witness got behind the door, aud
' Hnys thinking he was in bed advanced
to the.  bed   holding   up the axe  with
Loth bauds.   He had no quarrel with
. ,   , ,       *,,    T   ,.      ���*���.*., ,.   Hays,      He    cttinc      to      Brooklyn
trial   before   Mr. Justice   Irving.   f],mu   ^   Cr()w,s  Neg). pMg  raiW
.  prisoner who,  had   been treed on  spending about  a week   in  Nelson on
1B98      PROVINCIAL      1898
He Thought He Was Being Pursued���Victim Has Disappeared���lorme ly
Bore a Good Character.
under the direction of
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial j
Society of British Columbia.
OCT. 5 to 13 Inclusive
New Westminster
in conduction wilh thc
Citizens' Grand Yearfu Cerebration
Q PItlZKS  9
At 10 o'clock yesterday morning
case of Regina vs. Phillipps   came
tho |
bail, surrendered to itis recognizances
and pleaded not guilty. Several important witnesses were, however, unavoidably absent and the case was adjourned until Monday.
In this case Patrick Fitzgerald was
accused of stubbing one Matthew Hays
ou July 18 last. John Elliot again appeared for tho crown and W. A. (ialli-
her for the defense.
The first witness called was George
Holmes who at the time of the alleged
orime was provincial constable at
Brooklyn. On July 13 about 10 p. m.
he was summoned by Mr. Marcin,
the proprietor of the Exchange hotel.
On arriving there he found blood
marks on the bar room floor, on the
stairs und on tho floor opposite room
No. 1, whence it started.
Ho was told the name of the iiuin
and his description and started out to
look for him, tind found him iu tt hotel
sitting down in a card room. The
prisoner put out his wrists saying:
"My Clod, put tliem on, and keep me
safe," adding that he knew what was
done and would take the consequences.
Tlie small pocket* knife produced was
the one ho found. It was clean
when he found it and the prisoner said be liail wiped it. His
right wrist was bloodstained. Tlie
prisoner stated that a gang
him to kill him, .ind that
some oue.
When cross examined the witness
stated that the prisoner was very excited at times, and cool at other times.
Ho seemed to believe ti gang was after
him. He was very excitable at Ihe
preliminary examination next dny.
Dr. Ewing said he was practising at
Brooklyn on July li! and attended the
wounded nititt. The wound extended
from the back nf the neck to below the
enr, aud thence round to tlie point of
the jaw, and was apparently caused by
ti sharp instrument like a knife.
There were also two scalp wounds
which appeared to have been inflicted
with the point. The victim had not
lost very much blood.
Under cross examination the doctor
stated that the prisoner was very excited and nervous during the preliminary examination. Alcohol, insanity
or perhaps fear might produce suon
effects. Such a hallucination as that
of a gang following a man might be a
result of delirium tremens, and a man
in such a condition would probnbly not
appreciate what ho was doing. Delirium tremens may supervene after
the supply of liquor has been out ott",
and the subject need not necessarily be
drunk at the time, He might also tip-
pear rational in somo subjects aud
irrational in others.
When re-examined tho doctor said
he only saw the prisoner at the preliminary examination when he appeared excited.
In reply to  the  judge   tho   witness
said that his   replies   to Galliher were
reference to  a supposititious case.
Tho Premium List is the Largest
ever offered Wost of '1 oniiilo.
was after
he had cut
in   .	
Ho  did  not    examine    the   wount
sufficiently to   be able to pronounce on
tho   attitude of the parties at tlio iimo
they were inflicted.
Provincial Constable Mountain then
gave evidence in respect of the Whereabouts of Matthew Hays, llie injured
man. He had last been heard of tit
Ymir, where he had his wounds
dressed. At that time he represented
himself as broke, anil nu his way to
his home in the States. No traces of
him had been discovered in North] ort
or Spokane.
Counsel fnr the ernwii nt Ihis juncture desired tn put in lhe testimony nf
Hays, given at the preliminary examination, nn lhe ground lhat the deponent lind left (.'anada.
His lordship considered there was no
evidence that he bad left Canada, in
fact it seemed improbable that he had.
An adjournment was then taken for
half an hour until 11 till) a. in.
After the adjournment counsel for
the defense wished to introduce evidence of certain statements alleged to
have been made by the accused at the
preliminary hearing, tind which did
not appear ou the magistrate's notes.
After a legal argument of some length,
the court refused to admit the evidence.
During the adjournment. Dr. Ewing
examined the prisoner, and was
put iu the box by the defense
with a view to showing that the prisoner was not, sane.
The doctor's evidence was to the
effect that he had closely questioned
the prisoner as to his statement that
ho was being pursued by a gang, nnd
found  him   still rooted iu that belief.
tho wny. While in Nelson he stayed
at tho Lake View and was drinking
heavily, only eating about ono meal a
He had been badly used by the constable that brought him from Brooklyn. He tied him to the bed post,
gave him nothing to eat and threat-
I ened to throw him overboard. The
j constable also talked badly of him to
i the passengers.
In cross  examination   prisoner  told
! substantially the   same   stor3', though
'; he   was   considerably   confused   ns   to
' how his room wns lighted.  He thought
eventually that   there was  no lamp in
it, and   the   light came from one outside.
Hays threatened to break the door so
he did not lock it. He left the room
by the window for the Anderson house
to give, himself up and to get protection from the gang that was still
around. He had a right to uso a knife,
ns Hays had an axe.
George Holmes, re-called snid ho
saw the room after Fitzgerald had
left. There was a lamp in tho room
but* nnno on tho oustide. Tho room
was a small one. Tho prisoner when
arrested was not what he considered
The court adjourned until 2 p. m.
After tlie adjournment counsel on
both sides reviewed the evidence, W.
A. Galliher for tho defense making a
strong plea that the prisoner was
temporarily unaccountable for his
actions. His lordship then summed
up, and tho jury retired to consider
their verdict.
Tint prisoner was found guilty of
wounding, but before passing sentence
on the prisoner Mr. Justice Irving
read Iwo letters, one of which was
from Mr. Simpson, nianagor of the
Bank of Ontario in Ottawa.
Tlie letters wero to the effect that
llie prisoner had been for \2 years iu
the employ of tho Bank of Ontario as
caretaker nntl messenger. He had always borne a good character and had
been an exemplary sou. Ho had left
service of bank in 1889.
In answer to questions from the
judge he adhered to his former story.
He liad .$(10 when paid off from tlie
Crow's Nest Pass, hut when arrested
he had nothing.
In passing sentence his tordship said
it was a great pity that after his
former good character he should bo reduced to his present position through
drink. He helieved that the prisoner
wits suffering from his nerves through
over drinking whon he committed the
crime, but every criminal must be
punished. Ono object of such punishment was to make the criminal
suffer, nud another was to warn
Tho prisoner was then sentenced to
12 months hard labor.
The jury was then dismissed until
I) :80 a. in. next Monday.
After disposing of  the  case  against
Fitzgerald, Mr. Justico   Irving  heard
ti court motion iu   the   case of Town-
send vs. Graham.
W. A. Macdonald, Q. C., who np-
penred for the defendant, applied for
leave to pay oertain moneys into court
pending the decision of a question as
to title. J. H. Bowes appeased for
the plantiff.
After bearing counsel on both sides,
his lordship refused to grunt the application,
The court todny will he occupied in
bearing court motions aud chamber
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