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The Miner Nov 23, 1898

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 Daily Edition No  169.
Nelson, British Columbia. Wednesday Morning,  November 23, 1898.
Ninth Year
YOUR : : : :
Are here.    Xome  and inspect them.
No trouble to show goods. . . .
Rubbers,   Overshoes,    Overgaiters,
and Leggings from
An   Investigation  Refused
the Suspended Officer.
Q. Hall Will Be Oity and Stipendarj
Magistrate and Ur. Lampman Will
Take the Small-Debt Oomt.
Victoria, Nor. 32. ��� Magistrate Mac-
R��e, who, some time ago, wns suspended by the attorney general for
wrongful conviction of the; sailor, Liddy, was today formally dismissed. Mr.
MacBae requested an imparti*il investigation into the affair bnt this linn
not been granted him, no answer being retnrned to either of tbe two letters in,wh'ch he made and pressed
this request.
The vacancy caused by tbe dismissal
of Police Magistrate MacRae has been
filled by the appointment of Hezokiah
George Hall, barrister, of this city, to
the post of oity police magistrate and
stipendiary magistrate, and Jthe selection of Peter S. Lampman as ' magistrate to conduct the small dohts court.
Hitherto the police magistrate has been
paid by the city $200 a month, while
for his work at tho small debts court,
hs was reimbursed by the fee system,
the income from this source being
large. Tbe separate salary for the
stipendiary magistrate'was (SOO. By
the new arrangement Mr. HaU, while
discharging the duties of magistrate,
is permitted to follow his provincial
practise and the salary is reduced from
|S00 to $100 a month, payable > by the
city. He also disobarges the dtotios of
stipendiary magistrate without auy
additional emolument and is ex-officio
a member of both licensing and police
boards. In reference to tbe ainiill debts
court, tbo fee system of paying the
magistrate has beeu abolished and
henceforth, the fees will revert to thc
provinoial treasury and Mr. Lampman
will receive a salary   of   $400  yearly.
Mr. Hull, the new police magistrate,
is 40 years of ago and was bom in Bin-
brook, Wentworth county, Ontario
He came to this provinco in 18b0 and
to the city of Viotoria in 1888. Mr.
Hall has long takeu a lively interest
in moral reform, and the appointment
to his present position gives lively satisfaction among those moving for n
change in tbat respect.
Mr. Peter Lampman was bom in
Thorold, Ont., in IH87, ami took his
degree as bucholor of "arts in Trinify
University, Toronto; Jul 888. He h lis
been secretary of the >law society for
three years and offloial reporter flitoce
August 1.
Successfully Produced by   the   R.   E.
French Theatre Oo.
Those whom the inclemency of the
weather or the fear of a play in darkness kept from the rink last night
missed a real treat. Tbe "Danites"
wai the attraction billed and it was
put on the boards in right good style,,
but the audieuce was thin, a fact
whioh appeared to produce an allrouud
depressing effect. R. E. French as
Sandy, had all the dash of the man the
author intended, and went through1 the
varied soenes. whether as the protector
of Nanoy Williams or Billy Piper, or
the Widder's accepted, with the rough
and ready grace of a free miner. Miss
Blossom Bordman was particularly
pathetio as Billy Piper, especially in
the scene where hor identity is discovered by the widow or school ma'am.'
Miss French mado up well as Captain
Tommy, and acted the part to perfection. The parson was done amnio justioe to by C). A, Smiley while Kinney
McLeod and Fred Richards did effective work as the Danites. Wallace
Hoper was a typical judge ever loud iu
the praises of "tbis glorious climate of
California," but Paul Bordman is
Wishee Washeo, somewhat overdid the
part. He, however, provoked considerable mirth by his interpretation of
the character. All the characters were
very creditably sustained, and  a per
formance so excellent deserved a better
house. There were the usual high
class specialties between acts, Miss
Blossum, Mamie Holden, Jo epbine
Strong and Paul Bordman being the
���contributors. Tonight "Dad's Girl"
will be produced for the benefit of the
Nelson Hookey Club, and on Thursday
"A Fair Rebel," with matinee.
Being Restored to Her Former Pestige
and  Beauty.
Rev. J. Irvine, rector of St. Michael's church, Vancouver, who is here
in the'interests of the Ancient Order
of United Workmen, says tbat the recent fire at New Westminster has
created quite a boom in tho Royal
���city. Building operations are very
active, and alre.idy some very substantial business blocks are being run np
on Columbia avenue and in other
quarters. The money which the insurance companies paid ou policies is
being freely emended, and at uo distant date tbe oity by the Fraser will
haTe attained her old prominence.
Several water front lots have been secured by theCostollo company.who ire
erecting a largo fish curing establishment, and (hero is every prospect of
the Brunette sawmill starting afresh,
"There is plenty of money in circulation," ndded Mr. Irvine, "and the
prospects for Now Westminster are
Toronto, Nov. 22.���A spocial cable
to the Globe says that Ceylon bos sig
uified wu intention of ni >v> .ng the
imperial penny postage movement;
In a telegraphic report of tho
Marshall assault case whioh appeared
i i yesterduy morning's Miner, Judgo
Forin's name was mentioned as the
trial judge, Tbis was a mistake as
Judge Spinks was the trial judge, tho
case being heard in Yale.
It is rumored tbat the Bank of Commerce will opeu a branch at Nelson
before the year is out. Au agent of
that financial institution has paid the
metropolis of the Kootenays a couple
of visits of late, and reported favorably. This will be the fifth bank doing business in Nelson.
Dr. Arthur, coroner, was yesterday
apprized of the fact that tho seven
month old infant of G. H. Beardsloy,
of Goat Creek, had been smothered
while sleeping with its parents. The
dead body of the infant was brought
to town-for interment. Having heard
all the circumstances of the case, the
coroner decided tbat an inquest was
not necessary.
'<Rev. J. Irvine, grand organizer of
the.Auojent Order of United Workmen
is in town ou a tour through the Kootenays, bis mission boing to stir np
the lodges to greater activity. The
A. O. U. W. is a modern beneficial
society, nud though but in operation
since 1868, now boasts of a membership of 1100,000. The sound financial
position of tho Workmen makes the
order a very popular one, and a talk
with the reverend gentleman or any of
the members caunot fail to leave a favorable impression. The literature of
the A. 0. U. W. affords interesting
%'        ���\it   i	
Mr. Henry Norman's cable letter to
the Times of Sunday put before the
people of this country a vivid picture
of -tlie -tremendous Enginery of war
which Great Britain is able to marshal
for the defence and Support of her pol-
| icies abroad. That invincible sea pow-
|-err is' impressive on paper as we know
it In naval annals. It is infinitely
more impressive when we see it
mossed, equipped, and despatched to
its station. This power is our closest
friend among all the nations of the
earth. Its interest, particularly its ii.tcr
eats in the far cast, are-interests it has in
common with us. A union of influence
and effort would afford a sure protection to those interests. They will be far
less easily and surely confirmed and
protected by independent effort. It
passes comprehension how President
McKinley could have committed this
nation to a policy of colonial enterprise in the far east without flrst com-
mp to a close understanding with the
great, power, whose alliance with us
would have heen a guarantee of peace,
the open door and industrial progress
throughout that joint sphere of influ-
euoe and beyond.���N��w York Times
The   Value   of the Fleet
The  International Conference May Settle
The Behring Sea Difficulty By Ratir
ing the Sealers By Purchase.
Washington, Nov. 22.���The Behring
sea question was the main topic before
the Anglo-American commission today, when it resumed its session after
several days recess. For the flrst time
the two sides were prepared to exchange tbelr estimates on the value of
the sealing fleet, the purpose being to
arrive at some fair valuation and retire
the fleet by purchase. The initio
steps in this direoton were taken
while the commission was at Quebec,
since which time Capt. P. T. Taylor,
on behalf of the Canadians, and Thayer
ou behalf of the Americans, have been
making the appraisement of the   fleet.
frer several weeks at Victoria, whore
the sealers rendezvous, Messrs. Tuylor
and Thayer have arrived hero, accompanied by Captain' Cox, who represents
tbe sealers. The two appraisers made
thoir reports to their respective governments nnd tbese reports in turn
were exchanged by the commissioners
with a view to common a ground of
agreement. It is understood that both
appraisals are considerably below what
was expected and instead of running
into millions, tbey do not exceed over
a half imUK-a U""3er tbe ���rirevwn-
stunces strong hopes ore expressed by
the members of tbe commission that a
sum may be agreed upon for the buy-
ing uf this industry aud the final settlement of this long pending and vexatious coutroversy. It is said, however, that there is still considerable
difference between the appraisals of the
Canadian aud American experts,
which will have to be reconciled before ou agreement is possible. After
tbo joint meeting if tha oommission,
a special committee, consisting of
Lord Herschell and Sir Louis Davies,
Senator Fairbanks and Secretory Foster, took np the Behring sea estimates.
Besides the written reports of the appraisers, the latter were called in person aud examined regarding the sealing fleet.
Furniture Ordered That May  Not Arrive This Year.
Dr. Arthur, secretary of the board
of school trustees, was seeu yesterday
by a Miner representative as to the
lack of accommodation, numerous complaints having beeu made as to the inconvenience which the children aro
called upou to endure. The doctor explained that so far back .is August last,
wben Inspector Wilson visited this
district, attention was called to the
overcrowded state of the school and
tbe want of additional desks, etc. The
requirements not having been atteuded
to, a letter was addressed to the educational department iu September, reiterating the wonts of the school.
Tbis communication appears to havo
been ignored by tbe department, and
again last month another appeal was
forwarded by the board of school trustees. A couple of weeks ago this letter was answered, aud the trustees
Vi ere authorized to secure the necessary
furniture for the additional class rooms
added to the building, a spocial appropriation of $350 being made for
this purpose. The ordor was ploced in
the hands of a local firm, ond by them
sent on to tho Ofrleo Spocialty Co., of
Toronto, with a request for prompt
Tho firm wrote back to soy that they
could uot fill tho order till ibe end of
the month, and then they were wired
to place it in the bauds of some person
who could fill it at ouce. Since then
nothing has boon heard of tbe desks,
and tho consequence is that in Miss
O'Reilly's room the children have no
school furniture. A few forms serve
all purposes, so that writing is out of
tbo question, and the slate work done
on the laps nf He little ones is unsatis
factiry. When' lhe desks will arrive
no one Hope: i���- lo have the slightest
idea. Thft'i aro five teachers on the
staff ot present, and school is running
on full time.
The Molly Gibson company, on
which Colnnol Rufus Pope has been at
work for some time past, has been. iu.
corporated with a capital of $2,000,000
in $1 shares. The registered office of
tho company is in Viotoria. The specific object mentioned in the, charter
is to secure the Molly Gibson, tbe
Florence, the Florence fraotiou, the
Lo Plato, tho Little fraction, the Aspen, the Nashville, the Charleston,
and the Westminster in the Nelson
Sharkey Wins. Evidently By
He Jumps Into the King to Tnterefere
With the Fighters-Referee Says
the Aotioi Waa Pre-arranged
New. York, Nov. 22., at the ringside, Lennox Athletic club.���The 20
round fight between Jamea J. Corbett,
of California, the ox-ohampion heavyweight boxer of the world, and Tom
Sharkey, of Dundalk, Ireland, who
first showed his prowess as a fighter
while serving the United States as a
blue jacket in the navy, drew an enormous crowd of sporting men to the
Lennox Atbletio   dub  honse  tonight.
In fact such a representative gathering of the sporting element from all
over the country was never within the
oity limits at one time before. When
the contest was certain to take place
without auy legal iutereference many
hundred admirers of the art of self defence were induced to make long journeys in order to be at the ring side
when tbe fight took plaoe. Nearly
overy city of any prominence in the
United States and Canada was represented by parties of at last a dozen and
in many instances delegations numbered over a hundred came from the
different sporting centers. A week ago
when the tickets fnr seats were first
put on sole, the shrewd people who
lived quite a long distance from this
city-pither wroteor wired for seats to
be reserved and by doing so thev saved
themselves a lot of trouble on their ar
rival here. Those who saw far enough
ahead to do this were only comparatively few, however, and for the past
few days there was a lively scramble
tu secure good seats. Today not a seat
was to be had at the club house after
1 o'clock and those wbo had not made
early provision had to pay exorbitant
prices to the wide awake speculators
who had snapped up the best seats
early iu the game. Tickets for seats in
the immediate vicinity of the ring
brought fabulous prices tonight. Tbe
original cost of these paste boards was
$20 eaeb, but tonight twice that sum
could not purchase one of them and tn
two instances they brought $100 apiece.
The otber tiokets costing from $5 to
$15 brought prices increased two and
three fold and the club management
did not put any of the $3 admission
tickets on sale. The anxious sports
who clamored for admission at the entrances gladly paid $6 and in many
cases $8 for the privilege of standing
up at tbe extreme ends of the building.
The doors of the big building were
thrown open shortly after 6 o'clock.
At that early hour hundreds of people
were waiting patiently in front of the
club house ou Lexington avenue. As
soon as tho first comers passed through
the turnstiles others took tbeir places
on the outside and tbis continued for
over three hours. The crowds were
kept in check by a large force of police
under the command of Inspector McLaughlin and Captain Brown.
Inside tbo building all was bustle
and excitment, hut at 8 o'olock the
house was scarcely filled. This was
easily accounted for by the fact that as
tho big event was not scheduled tu tako
place until about 10 o'clock, tbe holders of coupous for reserved seats were
in no hurry to get up town to be cooped up for any unnecessary length of
timo. The gambling instinct was in
evidence as soon ns tbe sports began to
.other in tho boxes.
The betting on the fight was $100 to
JW) in favor of Corbett and big wagers
were made. Both men were in splendid conditio::. Kid McCoy was admitted as a spectator under disguise. He
was immediately ejected by two police
detectives and be left quietly though
under protest, Sharkey weighed tbis
afternoon 175 and Corbett 183 pounds.
10:28 p. m.���The great crowd is notably patient and waiting without complaint for wbat is expected  to   be   tbe
greatest battle since the  Sullivan-Cor-
bett dispute in New Orleans.    Corbett
orrived at the Club house at   10:10 p.
ra. with MoVey and Considine.   Ohar-
lie Harvey, official announcer, entered
the ring at 10:25 followed by Sharkey.
Corbett bowed and smiled to the crowd
as he passed through   to  his dressing
room.    At 10:80 Sharkey and   Corbett
were both in the ring aud  wheu  Referee Kelly entered he shook bands with
both men.     Sharkey's  seconds  wore
Tom O'Rourke, Geo. Dixon and Jack
I Doherty.       Corbett's    seconds   were
j Charley White, George Considine  and
I Jack McVby-    Sharkey had  both  his
I bonds bandaged   whin   he  came  ou.
i Chief Deveny in full uniform   took   a
seat at the side of tne stage.    "Honest
John" Kolly, the referee, mounted tho
platform and shook hands  with  both
men. Corbett provided his own gloves,
whioh   t harkny   pronounced  satisfactory.    The men  discussed   as  to  the
rules to be observed,   Corbett arguing
I his own case.    The aunouncer stated
the terms of the contest to he 20
rounds, catoh weights, for heavy
weight championship of the world.
The men stripped at 10:55, both
looking well. Corbett wore a belt of
tbe national colors, whioh he removed
before the fight began. Sbarkey wore
green trunks with a flag for a belt.
Corbett wore white trunks. The referee
warned them tbat there must be no |
bitting in the clinches.
First Round.���The men fiddled for
several seconds and Jim made a left
lead for the head. Tom responded
with a left and right on the same spot.
Corbett led again, Tom responding
with a left swing for the head, which
landed. Sharkey ripped in left and
rights for the body with some effect.
Be kept forcing Jim into tbe various
corners, punching with right and left
on the body, which seemed to be his
objective point. Jim feinted and tried
to draw his man on. Sbarkey was
always ready with his left jab. aud
right swing, wbioh invariably landed
on the body. Corbett failed 'to show
any of the great cleverness which he
has been credited with. The round
ended with Sharkey at his mon.
Seoond Round.���Corbett landed with
the left lightly. Tben there was on
exchange with lefts and rights on the
head, in which Sharkey showed to
advantage. Jim kept trying to pnsb
his left mit into Tom's face and the
sailor would come right back with a
swing on tbe body. He was inclined
to be a trifle wild and was frequently
cautioned by O'Rourke, his chief second. Tom put a straight right on
Jim's nose, wbich seemed to bring
the blood to tbat member and then he
put in a right hand smash on the jaw
which sent Corbett down. He attempted to repeat the dose, but was foiled,
as Jim clinched. Tbe round closed
with Tom all over his man.
Third Round.���Corbett led with his
right for tbe body, landing, and Sbarkey responded in kind. Jim reached
the body several times, but Tom oame
right back with lefts for tbe head. A
right on the body staggered Jim.
Sbarkey whipped over a tremendous
right hand smash on the jaw. Tho
sailor's leads were ineffective, his
counters being the blows which cut the
flgnre. Corbett kept jabbing lightly
for the head and Sharkey came back
at him with a right smasher on the
Fourth Round.���The sailor was
rigbt after his man and assayed lefts
and rights for tbe head, landing every
time. Corbett clinched and acted entirely on tbe defensive. Corbett led
his left for tbe head, landing on the
neck and Sbarkey sent back a hard
right on the body. Corbett began to
do some punching and jabbed his man
at will, but at long range, Tom having
always a oounter ready. Corbett repeatedly led his left and damaged
Sharkey's faoe. The sailor charged
him into a comer and received a series
of jabs for bis action.
Fifth Round.���Jim reaches Sharkey's
month with his left and repeats tho
same thing twice a mon.ent later.
Tom reaches for Jim's eor. (Jorbett
counters with a right on the jaw and
tben lands two rattling upper cuts on
the jaw. Jim jabs his left on Sharkey's face and Tom chops bis left on
Corbett's oh in. Sbarkey misses a
swing but reaches Corbett's faoe with
bis left. Jim laughs. Tom scores half
a dozen misses. Jim jabs his left on
Sharkey's mouth as the gong sounds.
Sixth Round.���Sharkey rushes and
they exchange lefts on the head. Tom
lands his right on the ribs and then
jabs his left on Corbett's face. He
then swings his left to tbe jaw ond
pounds his right on Corbett's ribs.
Jim lands bis right on the stomach.
Jim lands twice on tbe stomach ond
Tom winces. Jim jabs Sharkey's
cheek and Tom puts his left on Corbett's jaw. Jim lands his left on tho
stomaoh, while Tom chops liis left on
Jims shoulder. Jim reached his left on
Sharkey's ear and jabs his noso with
the left. Tom gets back with u good
left on the chin. Corbett ducks a left
lead and jabs his left on Tom's mouth.
Sharkey plants his right on Jim's
ribs as the bell sounds.
Seventh Round.���Sharkey ran across
tbe ring and planted a right and left
on tbe head. Corbett acted on defensive aud seemed unable to withstand
Sharkey's rasheB. Tho latter whipped
in a beautiful book on the wind und
followed it up with a right on the
jaw. Tbe sailor kept doing all the
work und was always ready to mix up
on the slightest provocation. He alter
uately threw his left and rigbt on the
bead and body, occasionally changing
to left hooks on tbe wind which were
slowly but surely attending to Corbett's case. It waB Sharkey's fight so
for and the pace was tern tile.
Eighth Round.���Sharkey was the
flrst to land a left chop on tbo neck.
They clinched frequently aud the referee was kept busy separating them.
Tom tried a left chop blow which fell
short and Jim jabbed his left hard on
tbe nose. Sharkey Bent a rigbt straight
to tbe face which made Jim's head
rock, but Jim was ready witb a left
hook which grazed Sharkey's ear.
Both men foub d and clinched repeat,
edly. Jim hooked bis right burd on
Tom's jaw, half dazing bim. He
quickly recuperated aud wont bock at
his man, hammer uud tongs.
Ninth Round.���Corbett lauded  with
bis left, Tom getting right bock at the
same moment.   Clinches were frequent
and tbe meu refused to break together.
Corbett struck Tom rather low on   the
belly and Tom appealed to tbe referee.
Corbett shoved  Tom   from   him   and
said:   "Oh, you go away. "   The men
were in the centre of the ring  mixing
| it up in  a  lively  manner,   O'Ronrko
i culling to Tom not to  mind  Corbett's
' low hitting.   Just at this moment, for
! some  unaccountable    reason   MoVey,
lone  of  Corkbett's   seconds,    jumped
through   the  ropes,    protesting    that
Sharkey had done something wrong to
A Case at Kamloops to Be
Ho Went to Town Very 111, Oould Not
Get Admission to the Hospital
and Died as Stated.
Viotoria, Nov. 22 ���An inquiry is to
be held by the attorney-general respecting th death at Kamloops last Saturday, of Dan Toomey.a rancher of Den-
man oreek, near Savonas. The story
of the case has been laid before the
attorney-general by Mr. Deane, member elect for North Yale. Toomey, it is
said, arrived at Kamloops very ill on
Saturday morning, and took refuge in
Costley's livery stable, where he was
visited by Dr. Wsde, who gave him
some medicine to ease the pain An
attempt was made to get him into tbe
hospital, bnt during the delay caused
by the formalities reqnirod, the man
died unattended in the lookup, to
which he had been removed.
Ottawa, Nov. 22. ���Rev. A. J. Viu-
ing, superintendent af Baptist missions iu Manitoba, the N. W. T. and
B. C., 6poke on mission work in the
Baptist church yesterday. He said
that the progress of the Galician immigrants would surprise Canada and
that these people were rapidly acquiring the spirit of tbe west. Ue entered
a protest against what he described as
a union of church and Btate involved
iu the large contributions by the Dominion to denominational mission
work among the Indians.
New York, Nov. 22.���Bar silver,
iii)*'',,; Mexican dollars, -t7>u; silver
certificates, B0J�� to ��1��.
Copper, dull; brokers price, $19.75;
exchange, $12.75 to $12.90.
Lead, dull; brokers' price, $8.50; exchange, $3.07 to$3.72>��.
Tin , easier; Straits, $17.75to$17.80;
spelter, quiet; $5.55 to $5.70.
Albany, N. Y., Nov. 22.���After a
hard struggle for legislative and executive approval, and after varying success in the lower courts, the so-called
an'i-sralpers low has been declared unconstitutional by the court of appeals
aud is, therefore, inoperative.
Paris, Nov. 22.���Senor Castillo, the
Sponish ambassador to France, was
seriously injured in a runaway yesterday.
Ottawa, Nov. 22.���Oolonel Panet,
deputy minister of militia and defence,
died at 1 o'olock this morning.
Dinner to Be Held at tho Queen's Hotel
iu Honor of the Patron  Saint.
A mooting of tho members of the
Nolson St. Andrew's nud Caledonian
society was held ut the Phair hotel
last, night for the purpose of arranging
for the St. Andrew's dinner on Wednesday night, Nov. 80. Those preseat
at the meeting were Messrs. A. L.
McKillop, W. W. Howe, J. Burnett,
J, R. McLaren, R. S. Kinghorn, J.
ljannerniau, J. A." Gibson, Rev. R.
Frew, G Kydd, A. Stewart and J. N.
McDonald. A bill of fore for fa St.
Andrew's dinner was submitted by
Mrs. Clarke of the Queen's hotel and
was on motion adopted. The dinner
will therefore be held at the Queen's
The tickets and the bills of fare for
tho dinner will be issued in a few
days. The committee of the society
who have charge of the programme,
guarantee an entertaining Scotch
"Nicht". On the Sunday night following St. Andrew's doy, Doc. 4, the
chaplain of tho society. Rev. R. Frew,
will preach a sermon suitable to the
occasion in tho Presbyterian church, to
which all Scotchmen in the oity are
ConUnuod ou Fourth Page.
Met-vorolocleal  Urporl.
(Obuervatlons tnken by A. II
1.  Holdlch.)
dat       mon-   LOW-
KHT         EST
Nov 1��
Wed'day   34.0     31.0
Nov 17
Thursday 41.0     SLO
Nov 18
Friday       40.0     33.0
Nov 19
Saturday   31.5     89.0
Nor 80
Sunday     33.5     27.0
Nov 21
Monday    30.0      25.0
Mot M
Tuesday    32.0     26.0
Hhc Mm.
Published Dally except Sunday.
Tuk Minkr Phintino Sc Pum.ibhi.xg Co.,
Limited Liability.
.11.    COMMUNICATIONS to the Kdltor must I
accompanied by tho name and address
0{ the writer, not necessarily for publloa-
ttoa, bul as evidenco of good faith.
Subscription Rates
Dally per month by oarrior 9 100
per inniil li by mall    100 I and it
oer half year by mall    fiOO
per year  W 00
per year, foreign  13 OO
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Weekly, perl'.If yoar t IM
por J cur     2 00
por year, foreign    8 00
Subscriptions Invariably In advanoo.
Notices of Births,   Deaths, and Marrlagoa
Inserted for 50 cents each.
Advorttnlig rates made known on application
The Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
an arrangement can  be  entered into
, through concessions upon both sides so
much the better, but j we   do  not  see
how tbe company could  b*   forced to
' do what Nelson1 wants done.   The Canadian Pacific railway is a very power-
I ful corporation aud experience  teaches
thot when one conies into dispute with
one    stronger  force,- the  very
course to 'tiike   iw  to   compromise  ill*
some way^ Nelson should avail   itself
of all the advantages that can  be  got
out of the Crow's Nest   Pass  railway,
can   do  this"Iy  immediately
Application Tor Transfer or License���Mal-
lelte to Lemon.
opening negotiations with the company to. if possible, moke this the
western terminal of that iailw'ay and"
the eastern terminal of ,-the-Robson*
Penticton line.     .'���''.' '
"Notice is hereby given thst the undersigned will apply to the board of
License commissioners at their next
best sitting in the city of. Nelson ior the
transfer to hiin of the license to sell
liquor, now held by Mrs. Mary Mal-
lette on the premises situated on the
west half of lot S and the east half
of lot 4, blook 1, in.the city of Nelson,
to the 'I uilding situated on lot 12,
block 1, fronting on Ward street in the
city of Nelson.
Bated at Nelson   this   14th   day  df
November,  1898. *
ap for rhHiixcH of Advertisement mast
be In the Office liy 4 o'clock p.m. ta
Insure change.
Tomorrow, Thursday Nov. 24, has
been set aside by the Governor-General
as a day of thanksgiving to God, for
tbe blessings he has bestowed on this
fair land. On the same day
the people of the great nation to the
south of us will also render thanks for
the great benefits they have received
from Him who said "seed time and
harvest shall not cease. " lu Canada
this has been an extremely prosperous
year. From one end of the country to
the other tbere has been generol activity. Miners, farmers, merchants, and
laboring men have profited as they
never did before. Tbere has been an
immense yield of grain iu the agricultural districts; there has beeu a general
revival in trade; lands foreign in their
remoteness if not in their relations,
have taken more from us and sent us
more in return than for many years
past and tlie good effect has been felt
everywhere. The year has nlso seen
a great expansion of tho mining industry, placing Oanada among the
foremost mining countries in the
world. And it is in these two lines
that Cannda will win great eminence���
in agriculture and in mining, the oniy
millings thai produi o something from
nothing, the only callings that arc deserving of all lhe protection possible at
tbo bunds of the government.
There ore few cnuutrios in the world
where there is so much prosperity, so
much comfort, as there is at the present time in Canada; no land of the
same population where so many, from
thc highest to llie lowest, own there
homes and where the home life is so
staid, so peaceful, s�� happy, and. the
home with the Anglo-Saxon is tho
foundation of the state. Through the
mountains, over the great plains1 and
by the hikes and rivers of the enst,
from ocean to ocean it may be said,
there is a buoyant, hopeful, confident
population, patiently and���persistently
working ont the great destiny of this
country under the guidance of Him
whojiolds the world in the hollow of
His haud; as virile, as true, as trustworthy a race of men as any country
could present. Tlieir land has been
productive and llie work of their
bonds has been rewmded. Pestilence
and famine, great calamities and persecutions, have troubled othei parts of
the world and the dismal roor of war
is hoard around the eorth. but they
havo dwelt in peace, secure under
God's providence from tbe afflictions
nnd misfortunes that beset the natious
leading wayward lives.
Canada has every reosou to observe
this day of special thanksgiving, enfolding ns it dues the principle that
men dn not live and prosper of their
own wills, but that thore is some
great directing powor that it is eminently proper Unit we should recognize
with praise nnd gratitude and devoutly
render thanks to fnr guiding ns with
unseen bunds intn paths of pleasantness  and peace.
Au investigation should be held into
the granting of bail to MnGinty, one
of the men arrested in connection with
the outrageous attempt to forcibly expel Chinese from the Saudon district.
It appears that he made application
for bail to one official who refused-' it,
but that a second one, a magistrate, to
whom application was made, grouted
on order. McGinty, upSn regaining
his liberty, immediately disappeared
and as there is little likelihood of his
return, he thus escapes punishment
for his offence, if he be guilty, whioh
he probably is. Bail should not hp.ve
been given in thiB case, arid' wiry it
wss given, thus affording opportunity
to the accused to escape, Bhould. be
enquired into.
The Chinese are not wanted here
and there wonlij be no regret  if tbey
A six room oottage, well furnished,
Bituated between the Fire Hall ond
Victoria hotel, furniture for sale ond
a cottage to rent. Also a corner lot
50xl20fcet, opposite Lake View hotel
at $20 per month. Inquire at Farley
& Simpson's Btore.    ti
Mrs. McLaughlin's,
Real Estate and Insurance Agent. -
- Cheap for Cash���A valuable lot on  Victoria  Street adjoining   ~SZ
' business portion of the city. Z
\ The Birkbeok Investment, Security i
j and Savings Co. 1
- advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in �� and    S
Z 8 years by monthly instalments. S,
Notice is hereby Riven that John Bell, formerly ot the Nelson Saw Mill Co.  has beon  op*
were deported in a body and told never ^"g1!*���^^^^^?,,;
to return.    But the  law   allows   them j to be made with Mr. Bell or his assistant, JC. G.
to come here nud they purchase their
admission at the port of entry. This
certificate entitles them to the. same
protection as any other denizen of the
oountry can claim. Those, who undertook to drive them out of the Sou-
don district were from the Coeur
d'Aiene country, where mtn oreoccusi
tomed to toke the law into their own
hands, but here Ihey set themselves in
Jeflance to British law, which is a
very different matter. Whenever a
mob in China assails English or American missionaries or travellers * the
representative of oither country nt Poking demands, an apology, compensation,, and the punishment of the offenders. A man of war drops around tn
give emphasis to the demartd. On tlite
same principle tho Chinese government
would bave good cause to demand reparation from Canadians' and Ameri-
niius for any wrongs perpe'troted on the
Chinese in this country. But they
happen lo be. weak aud snob a demand
on their port would bo laughed . at.
But the law here is no respecter of
persons and whoever offends against it
must take tho consequences.    .     . .
Beer, to whom all money due to the firm ia ^to
be paid, *    PETEfa GENELLE Sc CO. ���
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in  and see   us.
B. C
The people or Nelson ure desirous
that this city Bhould beoome a divisional point on the Crow's Nest Pass
railway, and the city council and tbe
board of trade will take action with
that end in view. As these matters
are regulated by distance, the railway
company may not be found williug to
acquiesce iu Nelson's wishes in this
respeot.    Divisional points are   plaoed
from oue hundred to one hundred   and
twenty miles apart, that being deemed I tlio emperor went to Koine with
The Emperor William has taken his
departure from the domaivs of 'tberSul-
tau, nnd the unhoppy subjects of that
potentate are now left to reckon up the
cost and settle with the tax-collectors.
The festivities incidental to the visit
of the imperial freak have eaten the
poople up. The magnificent presents
which tha Sultan gave his royal friend
will be remembered for many a day
by the Turks who will have to pay for
them. The generosity of th?' Sultan
cannot be doubted, but it is of the
Bame order ns that of tlie philanthropist, who out of compassion, gives
his overcoat to some coatless man he
meets in the street and then borrows
$20 of his nearest acquaintance with
which to get another. Whatever the
Emperor admired the Sultan gave to
him. Tho piece of laud at Jerusalem
which was graciously presented to the
German, was forcibly token from the
owner, who will not oniy not receive
anything to cover his loss, but may,be
severely punished for disputing the
Sultan's will. This is a way absolute
monarcliB hove. No wonder Europe
loughs at the royal pilgrimage. The
Sultan iB the hobo of continental royalties, and liko the common hobo he waa
extremely liberal with that which he
filched from those about him, nnd the
Emperor gravely accepted everything
us a tribute to his greatness. And he
leaves an impoverished people and deep
curses behind him.
One is remiuded of his unwelcome
visit to Italy some years ago. When
King Humbert and Queen Murguerito
arranged for the celebration of their
silver wedding, tbey decided that
thoso invited should be confined to
their immediate connections of the
house of Savoy, because tboy were poor
and could not afford an entertainment
consistent with their purse, they were
astonished to receive from Berlin an intimation that the Emperor oud his
suite would nil end the proceedings.
Tin ir feelings cau   bo imagined.    And
sufficient run for an ongine. Nelsou
is more than this distance from
on as a divisoual point, und is a much
less distance from Kootenay lauding.
However, the company conld stretch a
point iu favor of Nelsou if it wished.
Still, to make this departure from rule,
it is probable thot the compauy will
look for some inducement and what
that shall be lies with the board ot
trade uud the city couucil to  say.      If
Inch has been decided up-  and home
five persons in his suite nnd nearly eat
aud drank poor Humbert out of house
In presents nnd items of entertainment it must hove coBt the
economical king a fine penny, all of
whicli William accepted as his due.
But in private when Hurabort aud his
estimable queen come to go through
tlieir depleted bank book therej must
have boon comments strong enongh to
warrant penal servitude for life for
lese niujeste.
24 Pages j Weekly J Illustrated.
1 Hciise
1 House
1 House
1 Shack
$10 per month
$12 per month
$25 per month
$ 5 per month
1 House
1 House
1 House
1 House
1  Houso
10 Rooms
8 Rooms
7 Rooms
0 Rooms
5 Rooms
i i:hhh to suit.
S=  **A++***+/*i*t*/***+A**i*Ai'~
Sewing By The Day.
Hotel Hume
Taking Effect lioo o'clock a. m., September
Isl,   isns.
Wkst Bound
First Class
Loaves Dolly
8.30 ii. m.
8,96 a. m.
9.45 a.m.
10.00 a. m.
10.08 a. in.
10.20 a. ra.
10:34 a. in.
10.36 a. m.
10.45 a. m.
Arrive Daily
Lcav<$ Daily
11:00 a. m.
11:10  "
11:25 "
Arrivo Dal
Paciiic or laoth Meridian
East Bound
Flrat ClasB
Arrive Dally
.     9.30 p.m.
s  3.05 p.m.
2.10 p.m.
2.00 n.m.
1.50 lun.
1.38 pm.
1:23 p.m.
1.22 p.m.
1.15 p.m.
Leave Daily
Arrive Daily
11:59 a.m.
11:30   "
11:35   "
Lo ave Daily
26*11 G. F. fc.P.4, Superintendent.
Time Card No 2
Sept. lst, 1898.
South Fork
Bear Lako
Pa] ne Tram
Cody Junction
Sahdon   *   '
Cody Junction
IS DRAWING NEAR. You will have
company for dinner and you will require
something out of 'the ordinary line of
Groceries.... .... ....
Remember.   .   .
Goods. Truffs, D'Anchois, Pais Moyens,
Caviar, Champignons, Sauces of all kinds,
c��gg�� Cross & Blaekwell's Jams,  Jellies,   Mar-
. . malades and Pickles, McLaren's Cheese,
Lobster, Mackerel, Brook Trout, and
English Prepared Mince Heat.    .   .
M. DesBrisay & Co.,
NELSON, B. U, Aberdeen Block.
Official Directory.
Governor-General - Earl ot Aberdeen
Premier        ��� - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member House ot Common;, Dominion Parliament, Weat Kootenay    ���    Hewitt BoKtick
Dep Col. Inland Revenue V W Swannell
Lieut-Governor - Hon T R Mclnnen
Premier - Hon Chas Semlin
Attorney-General - Hon Joseph Martin
Mlniiterof Finance ��� Hon F C Cotton
Minister Mlnea and Education Hon J F Hume
Pre* Exeoutive Counoil HonDr McKochnle
Member Legislative Assembly tor Nelson Kid-
but ��� Hon J F Hume
Mayor ��� - John Houston
Aldenneii-*Chaa Hillyer, W F Tooteel, J A
flllker, J J Malone, IP Whalley. ThoB Madden.
City Cljrk ��� J K 8traclian
Pouce Maiilitrate E A Crease
Chief o( Police .        A FMoKlnnon
Chief of Fire Department . W J Thompson
Auditor John Hamilton
Water Commissioner ��� T M Ward
Health Officer . .        Dr. LaBau
City Engineer . A. L. M'Culloob
Citv council meets every Monday, 8 p.m., at
���Ity hall, oor Viotoria and Josephine st
Dr. E O Arthur. Dr. G A B Hall, Geo John-
stone.   Prinoipal���J.   Hostley  Soady. B. A,
President - J Roderick Robertson.
Vice-President - James Lawrenoe.
Secy-TreM.    ,        ��� John A Turner.
President John A. Turner
Vtce-Pres. W. A. Jowett.
Secretary F. W. Swannell
Treas. ��� J A Forin
Medical Supt. . Dr. G. A B Hall
Warden Capt, N. Fitzstubbs
First Jailer ���                              R, Liddell
Second Jailer Geo. Partridge
Third Jailer .                John McLaren
Senior Guard R Inoo
Surgeon ���                    Dr. Symonds
Government Inspector of Agencies W J Goepel
Gold Commissioner - O. G. Dennis
Mining Recorder-Tax Col - R F Tolmie
Collector of Customs       - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Assessor John Keen
County Court Judge J A Forin
Registrar E T H Simpkins
Inspector of Schools        -        William Burns
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Gimps supplied on shiniest notice and Lowee Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets nt* Nelson nnd Ymir.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Hossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Skndon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attentlea.
The   Crow's   Nest   Pass   Coal   Co.
is now prepared to receive orders for
Domestic and Steam Coal and  Black
smith's Fuel.
PRICE :    Domestic   and    Steam  Coal    $5.75   per   ton
Blacksmith's Fuel $10.00 per ton.    Delivered $1 per ton
Orders   Received at C. W. Weat A Ca'a* Office
CHARLES ST. BARBE, General Agent.
The   Northern Pacific Coal  Oo.
Is not only prepared to receive orders but
can till them promptly.
For Domestic Coal, the best in the Market, $10.50 per
ton delivered.   Orders taken at Telephone 35
GAflBLE & O'REILLY      22522! A"nto-
(AIMM.  MFIMF., M Min. Aasoo. Cornwall.)
Opposite Phuir Hotel,
P. O. BOX 583.
Extondod experience in Chile and Oerman
South Africa. Assays and analysis nf ores.
Reports and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plana kept
up by contract.
lorucr Ward and ttllle* Sta.
has taken over the practice of
Dr.   H.   E.   Hall and  is pro-
pared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods. . .
Broken Hill Block Bake* St.
Until further notloe do pasaengere will be
carried over the Une o( the Crow's Niet Paaa
railway tiolwoc. Ituakauook and Cranbr��ok.
iw ampaa.
I.IW p.m. United States, Ontario. Quebec and Eastern ProvtnoeB
Point* on N. & F. S. line.
Viotoria and Ko-inland.
I.M a.m. New Denver, Sandon and
Slocan Lake Points.
4.0(1 p.m. Kaalo and Kootenay Lake
(l.OO p.m Kossland, Trail, Nakusp.
Kobson, point-son main line
C. P. K.. Vanoouver and
6.16 p.m.
2.30 p.m.
7.16 a. hi.
7.00 a.m.
office HOURS.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; General
Delivery,8 a,m, to 8 p.m.; Registration. 8.30
a.m. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Bank
0 a.m. I* I p.m.: Sunday 1 hour 110 to fl a.m).
J. A. GILKER, I'out mam or
1'Hrncllor England-Mat in II a.m.; Eveu
Song. T.M0 p.m. evory Sunday. Holy ('omnium
Ion on lat and 3rd Sundays in the month aftei
M-Atina; on 2nd and 4th Sundays, at 8 a.m.
Sunday Sohool at 2.30 p.m. Rev. H. S. Akehurst. Rector.   Cor Ward and Silica atroeta.
1'iiKKnvTEituN Church���Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer mooting Thursday evening nt 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Society meets overy Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. R. Frow,
Methodist Cmmon-Corncr Silica nnd
Josephine- Streets.   Services at 11 a.in. and 7,30
fi. in. ; Sabbath School, 2.30p.m.; Prayor moot-
ng on Friday evening at 8 o'clock: Kpworth
League (', K , Tuesday nil a.m. Rev. John
Kobson, Pastor.
Cathoui' CnuRCH-Mass nt Nolson, first
and third Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m.; Honodlc-
tlon at 7.30 to 8 p.m. Rev. Father Ferland
Baptist Church ��� Services morning and
evening at 11 a.m. and 7..1(1 p.m.; Prayor meeting tVednesday etoning at 8 p.m.; tho lt. Y.
P. U. Monday ovening nt 8 o'clock. Sti-angcra
cordially welcomed.   Rev. c. \V. Hose. Pastor.
Saltation Arkt���S nie �� every evoning
at 8 o'olook in barm. i'V--on Viotoria atroet.
Adiutank Mlllnor in ohartfe.
LOi/ui, iiii, ViMiS.
BXSOM LODGE, No. 28. A. F. &A
M. meets second Wednesday ln each
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. Lennox, Secretary.
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodgo
No. 16, meet* every Monday night,
at  their Hall,  Kooienay eti-eet.
Sojourning Odd Fellows oordlally Invited.
A. H, Clements, N, Q.      Fred J Squires, Secy
NELSON LODGE No. 25, K. of P.
meets in Castle hall, McDonald block
every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.
'All visiting knights [cordially invited,
R. G. Jot, C. C.
Geo. Ross K. of R. and S.
NELSON LODGE,   I. O. G. T.     Meets in
Castle Hall, MoDonald Block, every Monday
evening at 8 o'olock.   Visiting Templars cor
dtally Invited, John Telford,
Chief Templar.
J. F. Jacobson   Sec'y
second and fourth Wednesday
each mouth at K. of P. Hall, Mao
Donald Blook, oor. Vernon and
Josephine streets. Visiting broth-
lally invited.
Ciui. H. Farrow,
COURT KOOTKNAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meets
��� -  - -  ���   '    tho
lat and 3rd Wednesday in each' month in tho
KofPHaTl.   " '	
F W Swanell, O. D. 8. C. R.
Green, C.R.: J. Purkiss, Seoy.
���very Thursday ln the I.O.O.F. hall. G C
Williams, M.W.: W S Smith, Reo.-Sec.; J. J.
Driscoll, Flnanolor F. J Squire. Receiver and
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1IK2 meets in the Mo
Donald bloek every Thursday ov suing at 8
���'clock. Visiting members cordially invitod
John Toyo W.M.; F. J. Bradley, R.S.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson  dc  Fori  '
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The oui/ all rail route without okaug
tf oan between Nelson and Bossland and
Spokane and Bossland.
Leave 6.20 a.m, NELSON Arrive 5.35 p-m
���'   12:05 "  BOSSL'D   "  11:20
"    8.30 a-m. SPOKANE   "   3.10 p.m
Train that leaves Nelson at 6:20 n.m
makes olose oonneotions at Spokune (oi
all Pacifio Coast Points.
Passengers tor Kettle Biter and Boundary Oreek, oonneot at Marcus witb Stage
O. G. DIXON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokano  Wash
���c��at*,N��l*Ma, B. ���.
Condensed News'of the^Happenings of the
Week In and Around Onr Busy
Oity and Kootenay.
Typhoid fever is very prevalent ;'in
Nelson at present. Most of the casta
come from outside-distriots. -
There were no cases at tbe police
court yesterday, whioh is very oreditable
to a city of Nelson's size and importance. '-
The last of the bodies were removed
from the old burial ground to the new
cemetery yesterday. Men are now at
work clearing np the old grounds.
There is a new town building up  at
the foot of Moyie lake, nbout 26  miles
' from    Cranbvoaok,    which  is  called
Moyiell.' One of the big buildings under way is an hotel.
About thirty-five of tbe young popple
of the Methodist uhnrch gathered 'last
night at the meeting of the Kpworth
League of Christian Endeavor." Tl.e
meeting was led by ,Miss Lillie.
D. Olark, of thtWOlark hotel. .Pilot
Bay, was in town yesterday.'.- -He has
heard the rumor as t the Shifting ��p of
the smelter, bat says that there aro no :
visible evidences of furnace: smoke ml
y��t.     .. r       ..- 2   ������'���   :���; ;.'[
A prominent contractor of the. oity
yesterday informed a Miner representative that he estimated that there
would be olose on a million dollars expended next year in new bindings in
Thanksgiving day will be observed
aB a holiday in the city and ns all the
stores will be closed, patrons of the
concret to be held at the Presbyterian
church are requested to seoure their
seats today.   -
Tomorrow, Thanksgiving day,, being
a statutory holiday, the business ollice
of The Miner will be closed, and advertisers are requested to hand in their
changes of advertisements before 4
o'clock this evening.
Dr. Quinlan .returned on Tuesday
night from Kossland where he took
part in the institution of a Royal Arch
Chapter of Tree Masonry. There were
13 chapter members and 21 applications
for admission were received.
S:7     > j   Th'e Committee ofthe Nelson Musical V  ;
'���'���'��� ..   Society have arranged  the following"" - >   -
programme   for   the   concert   to   be
��� ���      . given oi}., it ;    ... .
. in aid of the Hospital and Public Library
��� U PROGRAMME > .       ?
1   String Quartette and.Piano���" Moment Musicale" - Schubert
8   Double Quartette���'Sweet and Low" - Barnby
ft' Song1���'(Robert, Toi que j'ainie" ������'��� Meyerbeer
Mks. Melville Pabry.
4.-Introduction and Scene 1 (Aot. 3)���"Tannhauser"     ,  . .., Wagner
...  .'r       ���*.. Wolfram atl'd the Pilgrims.
Wolfram���Mr. B, M. Macdonald
iS. 'Solo-^Violin :   - - .
Mons. Bernard Waltheb
6 Song���-'Mary Morrison" '"   - '- M.V.White
Mr. Kydd.
7 Pa,rt Song���"Song of t}ie Vikings" ' - Fanning
r     .; part II
8 ^trittg -ftuartette and Piano��� "Minuet Oeiebre"   ���        - Boccherini
9* 1st PfirtSeenel (Act 2)���"The Flying Dutchman             -       ..   .Wagner
Ip-.Song���"Ohe Faro" from " Orphee"   * - ��� Gluck
If '*���* Mrs. Brougham.
���   ���    ��� .1 -.*.,'        .  ���  -   ���  Words by B. M. Macdonald
11 .Part Song���"Kootenai IdylU
",....'        ���  \ Music by W. F. Brougham
12 Solo���Violin
One Solid week  and  a  Special  Matinee  on .
Thanksgiving' Afternoon and Saturday of the
R. E. French Theater Co.
Benefit in aid of
" 2>ab's Oivl"
' Inleraafional Navigation i Trading Company
' The Robin"
Bernard Walther
Snow-flakes" -        ;
Mrs. Melville Parry
Chords���"Hallelujah" from the " Mount of Olives"
Tonight at the Skating rink the B.
E. French oompany will give a benefit
for the Nelson hockey olub. Already
a large number of tickets have been
sold and the benefit promises to
be a great suoiess. The play will
be "Dad's Girl."
Drs. La Bau and Forin have performed a most successful operation on a
case of appendicitis at MissOrickmny's
hospital. The sufferer was Miss Myrtle
Hagar, and it is pleasing to know
that the young lady iB on the high
road  to  recovery. ���
There is said to be some trouble in
securing the services of a gold conimis-,
sioner for the NeUon division. A reward oi $100 per mouth is offered for
the job, but no responsible wta seems
inclined to take it. ' Iu the menu rime
Mr. VV. J. Goepel, is looking after the
work of the ollice.
Thero will be n special matinee by
French's Theatre company tomorrow,
Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, when a
fine performance may be expected,, the
management promising one of their
strongest playa. The aoors will be
open at 2 p. in. and the performance
will begin at i ;80.
Dr. Forin bas built a toboggan slide
on the vacant lot opposite his residence, aud intends to make itavailable
for all well behaved little oues. The
slide is a safe one, and if the privilege
be not abused, it ought to add to the
sport of the children of the neighborhood nnd keep them'ont of danger.
In another column.will be seen the
programme of the* Thanksgiving concert to be held on Thursday evening,
Nov. 24. Besides the best local talent
of the city Mons. Bernard Walther,
the celebrated violinist will take pnrt
in the programme. Seats are oi sale
at thq Oanada Drug & Book Company's
Mr. F. M. Henneburg, architect,
Victorin, has beeu in the city for the
past couple of days. Mr. Henneburg
is here in connection with the plans
for_t.be new building to be erected by
the" Bank of Montreal next spriiig nt
the corner of Wn-.il and Baker atieets.
The cost of the building will be in the
neighborhood of f50,000,
J, H. Sibbeld was^ in from- Cranbrook yesterday, aud reports that the
timber is on the ground for the building of the round honse for which the
piles have been driven. Work will
be!coutinued during the winter. The
railway depot is receiving its finishing
touches from the plasterer, s; and'things
generally are lively at Cranbrook.
Harry   Williams,    the  anti-Chinese
of anything in the Hardware line
longer than it will.take you to reach
our store and don't burden yourself
with a lot of money when you come
to buy, because we don't charge high
prlceB for anything.
enthusiast who assisted in driving the
almond-eyed intruders out of the Slocan country, and who pleaded guilty
to the charge, was brought before
Judge Forin yesterday and sentenced
to a week's imprisonment. HiB friend
MoGinty; who also played n. prominent part in the undertaking, is Btill at
large, but wiH probably be gathered in
A party of youngsters monopolized
the Hall street sidewalk yesterday afternoon, and fouiiU'it to be nn ideal
toboggan slide. Starting from tho
corner of Baker street they enjoyed a
splendid slide almost to the water
front, and as they glided at lightning
speed down the steep incline, unfor -
tunate pedestrians'ba(J to clear the way.
Hall street is no exception to the rule
���venturesome boys with their sleds
are encountered on all hands.       i
F. London, Victoria, is at tho
Chas. 'Gray and A. Wiilles, Cranbrook
are at the Queen's.      ���
B. Thomas, wife and child of Silver
ton, are at the Phair.      ,
A- A. Young, Spokane, is at the
Hume, qs;is qlso 'John Dower, jr.,
D. J Beeton, Winnipeg, arrived by
last night'g train, and is registered at
the Phair.
T. E. Ehuerborg, Portland,' Oro..
representing the Standard Oil Oo., is
visiting Nelson.
Thos. Tomilspn, Silverton, and G.
H, Ireland, Toronto, registered nt the
Phair* yesterday.
D. McLeod, Brooklyn, is in town,
and reports everything as encouraging
in the new town by the lake.
Capt. Fitzstubbs is confined to his
bed ns a result of the injuries he sus-
���tained on Monday by falling on Ward
street. Hejis likely to be ou the sick
list for several weeks to come.
James Oroniu, Moyie Citv; Leslie
Hill, Vancouver; J. McKinnon, Ferguson ; Alex Munn, Ferguson, and B.
H. Jameson, Viotoria, were among thc
arrivals by last night's delayed train,
registering at the Phair.
Mickey Bums has left town���at least
he has not been Been in publio for some
days past, and his more intimate
friends say that Michael has shaken
the dnst of Nelson off his feet and
started out for fields and pastures new.
Mickey was one of the best known
men in town and one of Nelson's oldest settlers.
Mr, "Goldie"-Goldstein, the energetic agent of the R. E. French Theatre Co., was ooufiued to his room in
tho Hume yesterday, from what his
friends hopo is nothing more than a
cold. Miss Mamie Holden, another
member of the company, became suddenly ill nfter last night's performance
aud Was removed to her hotol iu u
Take your Thanksgving dinner at
the Bon Tou Restaurant.
Turkey with Oyster Dressing and
Cranberry Sauco; English Plum Pudding with Hard and Brandy Sauce,
and New England Pumpkin l?ie aro a
few of tho good things which we will
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You can also get a good dinner served a la Carto from 5 to 8 each day
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Our kitchen is iu charge of an experienced white chef and everything
will be served properly. Open day and
night under now mniiagement,    *2
Use a flrat class line in traveling between
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago, and
tbs principal towns in Contral Wisconsin
Pullman Palace Sleeping  and Chair Cam
Service .....
The Dining CarHare operated in Iho Interest f
its patrons, the m<Mt elegant sorvic** over
inaugurated. . Meals are served a la Carte.
To obtain flrat class service your tlckot should
read via        .
importers ol
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
Direct connections at Chicago and Milwaukci
for all Eastern points,
For full Information call on your nearest tlcko'
agent, or write
Jas. A. Clock.       or      Jab. C. Pond,
i    Qeneral Agortl,        Qeneral Pas��. Agent
I MB Stark Street,
Portland, Ore,
Mllwaukoo, Wla
Situate in the Goat River Mining Division
ot1 West Kootenay  District���Where
Located: -On White Grouse Mountain
TAKE NOTICE that I/O. B. N. Wilkie, acting aB agent for myself, V. M. C. 33745a, Janiei
Ityan, F, M. C, 13363a, and Wm Ginol, F.
M.C, 1835a, hitend, sixty days from date hereof
to apply to tho Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for tho purpose ot obtaining a Crown tirnnt of the above claims.
'And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of bucIi Certifloate of Improvement*!.
Dated this 15th day of November. 1898.
Situate in TnE SlooaM City Mining Divis
ion of West Kootenay District. Where
Located:���On Dayton Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Fletcher SAndrews.
Free Miner's Ci'rtillcaio No, 4238a, acting as agont for ThomaR Cook Gray, Freo
Miner's Certificate No. 15253a and Henry McKay, Free Miner's Certificate No. 11717a, intend, sixty days from tho dato hereof, to apply to tho Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purposo of obtaining
a Crown Grant of thc above Claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section .37, must bo commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 25th day of October. 1898.       Ml
Situatk in the Goat River Mining Divis
ion  of  West    Kootenay    District.���
Where Located:���On   White   Grouse
Mountain.   .
TAKK NOTICK timl I. .los. BUnchard.Freo
Minor's Cortiflcatc No. 1U:i29a. acting aa agent
fnr myself nnd Geo. Nowol Froo Miner's Certilicnte No. 2X15a. Joseph Poirier No. 21625a,
Intend sixty days fr �����, i lie date hereof, to ap-
fly to tlie Mining Iti nler for a Certilieate of
inpt'ovcmentH for I l.u purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grim! of tho above Claini.
Anil further lako notice that action, under
sect ion 37, must be commenced beforo tho issuance of such ('erttficatc of Improvements.
Dated tliis 5th dav of November. 1898.
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Proprietor. ���
MamifRiaur.ru of
Hnlrjo�� Mal springs Water lenul nad
This popular hotel is beiug
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D. R. TAYLOR, Proprietor
Taluable Baker Street and  other excellent proper!, y for sale.
**%.. T��r��<T-��.rcfcU llloik. Nrlaun. B. ���.
Summer Card.
Effective June 20, UM
Subject to change without notice.
T nln
" 4 00
" 8 30
Ar 6.40
' MS
Train Ar
*'    ht
Boat *r
It            *
��� t           **
"   Vt
Train Ar
"     Lt
Capital P��M up
Ll. 8. Howland
D. B. Wilkih
Qeneral Manager.
South b'nd.  g. 8. Iniirnailoiinl.   North b'nd
Read down Read up
Train Lva 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
"   Ar  3.��   "     Kaslo    8 00   "       "    Lt
Boat Lvs. 3.30 n.m. Kaolo    8.30 p.m. Boat Ar
���'    4.30   " Ainsworth 7.30	
Pilot Hay 6.44    "        "    "
Balfour   6.I0    '���        "    "
SMilePt. 6.26
Nelsou   4.46
10.05 p.m. N'thport 1.66
11.S0   " Rossland 12.06 a.m.   "
'���    "    3.10   " Spokane  8.80   "
Sandon-Kaslo train dally.   Boat and   Spa
lune train daily except Sunday.
a. 1. Alberta.
Train Lva 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.6
'���    Ar   3.16   "     Kaslo    8.00
Boat Lva  6.00   "     Kaslo    1.00
"     "    (1.20 "Ainsworth 11.40 p.m.
"     "    7.00   " Pilot Bsy 11.00  '
"     "  10.00  " Kuskon'k 8.00
"      "   M.00m. Goat RlverBOO
"     1.00a.m. Ronndary5.00
" Ar      8.00  " B'rs Forry 2.00
Train Lv 11.40  " B'rs Forry 1.16
"   Ar 2.46 p.m. Spokane 7.A0 a.m.
Sandon-Kaslo train dally. Boat leaves Kaslo
for above points Tuesdays and Saturdays
Returning on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Special Kootenay Lake Service.
Commencing 20 Juno. 1898.
On Monday,  Thursday and   Friday   8.
Alberta will lea ve Kai-lo 6 p.m., for Ainsworth
Pilot Bay and Nelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 o.m., Tuesday. Fridav and
Saturday for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and Kaalo,
calling at all way poinls.
(All times are subject to chantcc wilhout notlc
Meals and berths not included.
Passengers on K. s. International from Ne
son, Spokane,  elc, for points on  Kootenay
Lake south of Pilot Hay. will oonneot at that
point with theS. B. Alberta.
Passengers for N'clnon via S. 8. Alberta, from
points south of I'ilot Hay, can. by arrangement
with purser, hnve slop-over at Pilot Bay or
Ainsworth, or connect with 8. 8. International
at Kaslo, *
The company's steamers connect Kootenay
Lake and Sloean points with all points In tha
United States and Canada; by way of Spokane
and Kootenav River.
Tickets sold and baggage cheeked to all
points by pure'Ts on steamers or at our office.
P. O. Box 122. Kaslo. B.C
First clnss and Tourist Sleepers
through froni Pacific to Atlantio
nud to St. Paul daily.
To Rossland and Main Line poinls
Kootenny Lake���Kaslo Stale.
Htr. Kokankk
Etcopt Sunday. Except 8unday
4   p.m.-Loavos-NELSON-Arrlves-ll   a.m
Koolmay itiver Boute.
8th. Nelson.
Mon., Wod., Fri. Mon,, Wed.. Fri.
7 a.m.-Loavcs���NKLSON -Arrives���fl.30  p.m.
Makes connection at Pilot Bay with Str. Kokanee lu both diroctlons.
Steamers on thoir respective routes call at
principal Landings In both directions and at
other pointa when signalled.
Train,  to nml rrom   Hlorun ��ity, Haadoa
aud Sloean   Lake Pointa.
(Sundays  Kxoepted)
0a. m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrivea-420p.m.
Ascehtain Rates
and full information by addressing nearest
local agent, or GKO. 8. BKKR, City Tiokot
Agent, Nelson,
JOHN HAMILTON, Agont, Nolson
Trav. Pass. Agent.
Dist. Pass. Agent.
It Is the Most Modern In 1 iiiilpTi'inl.
It Is thr llrai leal Hailed Line.
It bas a Itorl. llullaal Uoadbed.
It Crosses So Hand  Dessert*.
II Is the only  Line   Vanning   I umrloa.
.'lul.   Hooni 4'firs.
It Is Noted lm* the Courtesy or Its Kmployea
II Is the Only Line Nerving  Minis   vn
a la 4'arte   Plan.
Attrnctive   Tours   during   Season   of
H'.Viao.eoo  NBviKiitioti on Great Lakes via Duluth in
���i,hm,om connection  with  Mii��iiillc��iit Passenger
Steamers Northwest and Northland.
For maps, tickets and complete infotmatlon
call on or addross Agents, K. Sc S. Ry., C. ft K
8. Nav. Co., N ft F. 8. Ry., or
H. A. JAWRON Central A*e.t
ipokann, Wa
f, I. WIII'l'M'.Y, ti. p. a T. A.,
tt Panl. Mlaa.
[Oontinuod from First l'agc.l
Corlieit. The moment MoVey climbed
through the ropes Pnli��� Inspector Mc-
LtiuKliliu grnbhed hold of him, while
the oorwd frantically yelled, "Foul,
Curhett loses. " "Look at his second
in the ring.'' Referee Kelly seemed
to pav no attention to the matter, but
stood* looking at the fighters, who continued their aggressive work. MoVey
tried to pull away from the inspector,
while tho spectators kept yelling at the
referee, who finally separated the
fighters und ordered them to their
oorners. Corhott seemed not to understand why the referee should interfere
and protested, hut Kelly wa, obdurate
and stopped the bout.
Meanwhile the spectators stood up
atd yelled that bets should be declared
oft, as they believed MoVey committed
the breach of ring rules intentionally.
It looked for a while as if a riot would
ensue, but as soon as the referee declared Sharkey the winner <>n a technicality, ho announoed that all bets
were off, stating that MoVey's action
was undoubtedly prearranged. Aa soon
as this announcement was mado the
spectators resumed their seats and
awaited the departure of the men from
the ring.
One of the greatest fights of the century waa a disappointment to the vast
crowd assembletd to see it. The referee's decision declaring all bets off is
taken as an indication that ho believes
the tight to havo beeu a fake. Sharkey's admirers are greatly pleased.
���We met her at the railroad station, ten
miles from the fort���a captain and sergeant and his squad���and she made the rest
of the journey in an ambulance, seated beside tho officer. It may have been known
among the officers aud their families for
weeks that sho was coming���a blue eyed,
fair haired girl of 18 from the east named
Miss Boll���but the first wo heard of lt was
when we went to the depot as an esoort.
*Ko did not know whether wo were to meet
man or woman until Captain Johnson
came out of the buildiug with her. We
oould uso our eyeB and talk to each other,
and we woro not two ralnutos in deciding
that tho now arrival was a "peach" and
that wo wero glad she was going to honor
tho fort with her presence. The escort
was more u matter of form than necessity,
although thero were rough, rude men on
thc frontier in thoso days, und there had
been Instances where half drunken men
had to be severely handled.
Miss Bell wub a regular chatterbox and
full of natural curiosity, and she'd hu\u
had a word with every soldier In tho escort
but foi the captain's admonition. Sho
couldn't understand ihowido gulf separating officer from private, but ln her awful
Ignorance a soldier was a soldier, no matter whether he carried a sabor or a swurd.
Being left ulono with Sergeant Larkins
for a few minutes While the captain sent
ofT a telegram for her, si ��� did not hesitate
to ohntternway as if she od been formally
Introduced pnd hod met before, and this
action of hers was to havo a strange bearing on after events. After a couplo nf
days wo noticed a chango in Sergeant
Larkins. H�� was a young man of 80, well
educated and evidently something above
the oommon, ar.d there wero rumors that
his father Was a wealthy Now Yorker and
that the son and entered tho army because
of a quarrel between them. Ho hnd beon
speedily promoted from private to sergeant,
and thero wero those who said that outside
Influence wns the causo of this. Howover
that may have beon, the sergeant was
prompt in h,s duties, respectful to his superiors and liked by all the men. I repeat
that wo saw a change In him, aud pretty
soon it came to us that he bad fallen in
love with Miss Hell at flrst sight. It wss
tho sheerest fully under the circumstances,
but these things are generally beyond oon-
trol. The feeling wns likely all on his
part, and military discipline would soarccly
permit him to use his eyes to see hor across
the parado ground.
A little ring of us laughed and made
merry behind the sergeant's buck, but later on lt sobered us to realize that he was
seriously in earnest. He committed a
breach of discipline ln placing himself
where he oould Bpeak to her, and he wns
sharply reprimanded for neglecting his
duties, and by and by half n hundred men
got to know that the sergeant had lost his
head over Miss Bell. If sho had ever even
mentioned his name after arriving at tho
fort, no one hail hoard of the Incident. Wo
came to know tlint she was of a stylish,
wealthy family, and we voted thot -Sqr-
geant Larkins ought to havo his Head
sandpapered fur making a dunce of himself.
Miss Hell Iuul beon at the fort about a
month when the Simtton the reservation
began to mako trouble, and tho Indian
police reported that a number of thein
had brnUeii away and woro marauding In
the foothills, Such stories were always
afloat, and no credence was given them
until some lined of vlolonco had been committed, lt had been planned by half a
dozen ollicers and their wives to hold a
picnic at the falls nf Buffalo river, and hut
for tao reports from tho reservation they
would have -tone w 11 bout escort. Tho colonel favored tho picnic, but Insisted that
an escort go along, and so Sergeant Larkins and llie same half dozen of us wire
again detailed. Without tho knowledge bf
thu ladies we were ordered to take u0
rounds uf cartridges per man, and all tho
officers weiv armed with revolvers. It
was 12 miles to tlie falls, and the picnickers woro loaded into two ambulances.
There were live offlcors, sevon ladles and
three children, and iho escort was ordered
to keep them In sight. While wo were
nominally under command of Sergeant
Larkins, Captain WiHinms would have
charge ln case ot any trouble arising. We
gavo the ambulance half tt mile the eturf*,
and then trotted after, and nothing worthy
of note happened on tho march out. To
reach the falls one hail to enter a gorgo
from a small valley and proceed up a narrow and rocky path on foot for half audio.
The ambulance and uur horses wero left in
this valley, and after two of the oscorts
had carried up tho baskets of provisions
they returned to us and we prepared for a
comfortable day.
From the first Sergeant Larkins sat
apart from us and soemod moody nnd
taciturn. There was no question butwbttt
Jealousy was at work, and he hadn't the
strength of mind to throw it off aud realize the situation. We had many a wink
��� and laugh at his expense, and yet wo felt
tc pity him As the wind blow down tho
gorgo we caught the luughtor of the women and the shouts of the children now and
thou, and tho hours passed away and we
twd no thought of danger.   We had bass
I The following are the prioes of groceries, provisions, etc., as quoted by our
local dealers. It is the intention of
.The Miner to have these prices cor-
jreoted every week by trustworthy dealers, so that residents of the city and
others may be informed aB to the cost
of living in the city :
Ogllvie's Hungarian per 80 lb sack..
'    Woo'
Like of the Woods
Snow Flake per 50 lb sack..  160
Wheat per ton 32 00*3*15 00
Bran perton ,  9��00e��3200
Ground feed per ton  MO(XBS800
Corn (wholel       "         200082800
Corn (cracked)   "        170003000
Oats "         30004J3200
Oiitmoal per 10 tbs       10*3    60
Rollod oat�� |B St Kl  05
Rolled oats (B Sc JC) 81b booh         .      40
*   ���     Peed.
Hay (baled) per ton  19 00@20 00
Potatoes por 100 lbs    1 OOffl 1 25
Beets per lb	
Cabbage per lb  ���,
Cauliflower per lb	
Onions per lb���  .....
Salmon (smoked) per Ib      124*6*
Oysters (Olympian) per qt .-;..
Oysters (Eastern) per tin v....
Cod per lb	
Halibutperlb     12i��
Smelts per tb     12J-3
Farm Produce.
Eggs per doz       25
Butter (Creamery)       26@
Butter (Dalryl       20��
Cheese fCanadian)       13��
Cheese BwIbs)      20<a
Ham I American) per lb	
Hum (Canadian) pi r lb	
Bacon (American; per lb	
Bacon (Canadian) per lb       11��
Bacon (rolled) per lb       1BJ��
Bacon (Ioiik clear) per lb	
Shoulders per lb	
Heefporlb         8��
Mutton por lb       10��
Vsniper lb       16��
Pcrkper lb     12J��
Spring Chickens each 	
Turkeys per lb       20��
Oechoporlb       16��
Duoksperlb       '8��
Lemons (California) per doz       35��
Oranges (California seedlings)       10��
Pears (Bartlette)       08
Pears (small green)       06 ���
told to go np for tho empty basketB e.t t
o'clock, and the hour had just gone 9
win u a fusillade of revolver shots,* followed
by the warwhuops of Indians, jumped every man to his feet. Ten seconds later we
woro following the sergeant up. the gorj-.i,,
and In five minutes we came up*"*" ��m6
women aud children hidden away anion'?
the rocks and stricken with terror. A
quarter of an hour before. tho five officers
had caught sight of a cub bear on the oilier side of tho falls. They had gone up
stream a few rods and crossed on a lopr,
but the shon we heard had not been flivd
tt t he oub. A band of 20 or more renegades 'Who wero hiding in the foothills
bad discovered the picnickers half an hour
before and wero planning a wipe out of every soul when the officers moved. They
played right into the hands of the red mon.
In their chase after the cub they left the
falls half a mllo behind, ond as they came
slowly back they found the Indians confronting them. There was Uut ono cou. se
���to make a dash for lt���and lt was gallantly dono. The Indians were too strong
and too well posted, howqver. A Ilouten-,
ant was dropped dead ln his tracks and a
major and a cuptain wouqded, That would
have left but two men against 20 but foi
our presence.
The flrBt move on our part, seeing that
the womon and children wero safe, was to
secure cover behind the bowlders and opon
fire on the Indians. They had counted on
a sure thing, and their yells of rage when
they knew of our presence were loud and
long. We had them between two fires,
and yet bo well were they sheltered thai
we could not get sight of a head. The redskins knew that we had no means of knowing that they had ,only two unwounded
men ln front of them armed With revolvers. The women told us about the officers
going away ln a body, but'although there
had been severe firing we hoped none of
them had been hit.
After wo had fired three or four rounds
apiece thc sergeant called out to know how
it was with the officers. The major' answered, giving the names of the killed and
wounded. Three of the five were behind
the same bowlder and could uso their revolvers. It was a curious position in
which the three parties were placed, but
as the Indians wero ln such strong forco
they could defend their front and rear ut
tho same timo. If we left cover to cross
tho creek, wo would be exposed to cortain
death. If they left cover to attack the
camp, we had only to shoot them down.
What we feared was that they would got
out of the tr-.p bytfashlng upon tho officers In front, or work to the left, and
finally take them ln tho rear. The women
and children could have boen assisted
down the gorge and sent off at onco, but
no ono thought of retreat until tho order
came from the major. Three-quarters of
an hour after our arrival he hailed us to
sivy that Cuptain Johnson, wounded by
tho flrst volley, was dead. Lieutenant
Blaine, wounded at the same time, was
now helpless, nud the Indians wore working to their rear on both flanks. The two
unwounded mon must fall buck, carrying
tho llculena.it with them, and hopo to
roach a more seoure spot; The sergeant
was ordered to send a-messenger to tbo
fort and at tho same time got tho women
and ohlldron to the nmbulanco nnd off. Tho
escort wns to see them to the fort, nnd the
colonel would order out a company to return.
A messenger wos hurried off, nnd while
threo men remained ut tho falls, tho other
throe helped the women and children down
and soon had tliem loaded up. Then two
of the three i.;en left* at the falls appeared.
Bergerfnt Larkins had remolded b. hind t
hold thc bridge. Tho sharp eyed Indiana
would get-on to the retreat in front cni'.
rear, and they would no sooner become
aware of tl.e movement from the fall
than they would follow on. Hoth of tin
other two hud offered to remain, but* tlu
sergeant hnd ordered them on. The'Bin
tmluncehad scarcely turned awheel before
wo heard t'io report of his carbine and
realized that t ho Indians wero spoking to
forco the crossing. Wo counted a scco: d
and third shot, and then started off, every
woman and child weeping and wailing.
At any moment we might run upon inert
Indians, and It was not until wo 'met :������
company of troopers within a inilo of th
fort that we felt safe. 'Ihey halted for .
few seconds to ask for particulars, um'
then tore nhcad, ond.lt wus uiidiil iht b.'-
foro we knew I ho result of tbelr r'..lo. A>
they reached tho valley where we of thi
escort had dismounted, they heard ���o-cn
uional shots from up tbo gnr~B. .Mo. :y
thom wero the reports of Winchesters', uu
now and then thoy caught the heavi
sounds of an army carbine.
Sergeant Larkin wob still holding tl '
bridge, still wailing and hoping. Fiji,
dismounted men rushed up tho fcoi'30 ycli
lng and choiring as they went, and lou.
or five Indians roso up from behind Rl
many buwlders and too',; lo flight. Tw<
of them wero brought down OS they rr.1.
The others escaped. Tlie sergeant, ha
scarcely been luft ulono when tho India::
attempted to cross liy the log. Ho sin
two of them, und then a dozen ur more ol
theni worked upstream to another crossing ond can 1 crawling down on his side.
Ho soon discovered what they were at, bl I
he would not retreat.    Tbey said hu coal.I
hove passed down  the gorge to the vn!l*���}
and hidden awnynnd suved his life, hut I 1
probably hold his place undor tho Idea thn
he was' giving the rotreating ofnuorfl .*
ohance for their lives.    Foot by loot Un'
Indians had crept  upon him, ami  us tin
cheers of tbo  rescuers were heard  ho re
solved the   falal  bullet.    He could spca:
wheu they lli'tcd his head.
"They aro over that way," ho replied a
they asked about, the major's party. J
Two minutes later, ns his own captnl 1
bent over him and spoke words of sympathy and Wiped the bloody foam from hi
lips, tho Rer^cant asked :
"Did thoy reach tho lort sofelyf"
"I was ofrold they would be wiped out
unless I held the crossing,   gho���slie l-W*
er spoke to 11,0 once, and yet I���I did it fol
Ver sake���for her sake I" .
"For whose sake!'" asked the Captain.
But tho sprgeant was dead.
They found thc major and his two com'
railes posted iu the woods a mile awoj
waiting for rescue, but   ready to light to
tho last, while the dead oflloers hud been
spared the mutilation URimlly Inflicted by
tho heartless Hends.   At the fort somo said
that Sergeant Lorkins did not act with
good  judgment,  othors  that he was   a
hero.    Wint Miss Bell snid, if anything,
wo never heard. Shu was doubtless thank-
ful, os.w'ei'e the other ladies, but she neve:
suspected that the soldier loved her and,
died thinking of hor alone,    Some ont
ooiil'dlinve told her, but he never did.���
C. B. Lewis.	
Life Is Good.
After all regrets, life is good. To seo the
fact of truth and enjoy the beauty of tears
and smiles, to know  oneself o mon and
lovo what* belongs to manhood���oil this la
a blessing  that  may console us for all ��...
L ,,. nml thai sir-knew ami sorrow and       TO   I,K,T-Lorge furnished room, bedroom
Wants, ond (hat sKkness and sorrow ana,   &nd ^        rem, ]argo wardrobe.   Mrs. Brad
uno may trust, death cannot take away.���   ford, silica street
John Sterling.
Thomson Stationery Co.
i.mi'i'i'.n (d22
The only Decorators  in
All   orders   promptly    attended  to,
l*. ������ BOX 144. NKLSON
7:00 a.m.*
7:15 11.111.-
8:00 ft. tf).*
11:00 a.m.*
2:2il li.tn.-
4:00 p.m.*
0:20 a.m.-- Train leaves N. & F. S.
station for Rossland, Spokane ond way points daily.
-S. S. Nelson leaves for Kuskonook and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
-S. 9. International arrives
from Kosln and way points
daily except Sunday.
-S. S. Albeita leaves for
Kaslo and way points on
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.
-Traiii leaves C. P. R station for Slocan City, daily
except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kokanee arrives from
Knslo and w��y poinls daily
except Sunday.
Iiuin arrives C. P. Bi station, from Slocan City and
way points, daily, except
S.--Si" Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo nnd way poiuts,
daily, OXCrpt'bundny.
4:45 p.ni.���S.S: International leaves
������������ -forK-asto*imi*way points,
'      -dadv except Sunday.
5:35 p.m.���Train ftlriv'es 'N. & F. S.
station,    from    Spokane,
��� "   Rosttlandwnd way points,
(S-.ISO p.hi.���S. S. Nelson, arrives from
Kuskonook,   and till way
Soints,  Monday, Widnes-
ny and Friday.
0:40 p.m.���Train leaves C. P. It station for Robson, Rosslaud,
and all Main Line points,
0:00 p.ni ���S. S. Alherla arrives from
Knslo and wny poinls, on
Monday, Thursday nnd
10:��i p.m.���Train arrives C. P. R. sln-
lion, from all Main Line
points, RoBsland and Iluli-
soii, daily
Stenm tugs Knslo, Angerono, Red
Star, Hercules, Surprise nnd others
ply on Kootcmly lake to end from Nelson, but have no regular times of arrival and departure.
'I'rniisportiitiiin Companies are requested lu
give notice 10 the Miner of ��ny alterations In
ttiot.lmeof iri'lval und dcunrluru from Nelson.
C.D.J. Christie
of our Clothing is generally sufficient to
make a life long customer.
Wo don't offer our goods below cost,
becatue we hove no desire to lose
money: We sell at prices'Which are
sufficient to pay for good material ond
good workmanship. The else ond variety ot oar stock enables us to please o
customer both os to style ond fit. Indeed we or* partioular on these points.
We rather lose a (sale thon Ipenhlt unsatisfactory gorsaents to leave the
TkMe values cannot he surpassed.
--J. A. GILKER--
1    Wf   0. STORE.
<��Rr. Groceries, Crockery and Glassware   ~>��
A   3 Roomed and a 4 Roomed
Dominion   Permanent
Loan Co.
Advance  money  at terms
suit borrower.
X 0. D. J. Christie,   Agent ���
�����>���*������� �����������������������+�����������������������������-������> �����4-��'��**��
Twenty years* experience in mining.
Thorough  knowledge  of  mines  of British
Columbia.   Terms Reasonable.
718 NELSON, Fi. C.
A Full Line of Fancv Toilet
Soaps of all standard brands
If you want a sweet-scented healthful soap at a reasonable
price you will make no mistake by buying- it here.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
All   Communications relating-to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
Chorlen Newton Owen and Thomas Stovenson of tho city of Knslo In tho provinco of
British Columbia, furniture Dealers, have hy
deed benringdoto Ihocighternihdayof October,
lSAosaigned all thcirrcul nnd poi-sonal pronorl.y
except OS therein mentioned to i redoriclt K
Archer of the said cily of Kaslo, trader, in trust
for the purpose of povieffami satisfying ratably
or proportionately and without prcforonco or
priority, tho creditors of the said Charles Nowton Owen and Thomns Stevenson or of cither
of thom, 1 heir just debts. 	
The said doed wua executed by the sold
Charles Newton Owen ond Thomis Slovensoii.
the assignors/mid tho snid Frederick E. Archer
the trustee, on thr 19th day of October 18.18, and
the said Iruslce has .undertaken Iho trusls
created hy Iho tald deed.
All persons having claims against thn sold
Chorion Nowton Owen and Thomas Stevenson
or either of thom, must, forward and deliver 0.
the said trustee at Kaslo, B. O.full [larticulois
,.f their claims duly verified together wilh por'
Mentor* of security, If any, held hy I hem,
i.n or before thc mhil'iy of November, I8!��, anil
all iicr-ons Indebted to the said Charles hfjtU
um Owen nml Thomos stovenson or either of
I hem ore required to pay tho amounts duehy
Ihem tn Hie snid trustee forthwith. After the
suid lith day if November, 18118, the trustee
will proceed to distribute Iho assets of Iho sal,I
estato among the parties ontltlod thorcto, having regard only to Iho claims of which ho shall
then  nave had notice.
A meeting of the creditors of the said
cvmrlcs Newton Owen a d Thomas Stevenson
will bo held at the. promises lately occupied by
I hem on Front Slreoi,   Kaslo.   B.   C.  at 2.00
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
DO ���'���'*
For One Cent a Word?
You can iindalmyerfor "Any
Old Thing" if you advertise.
I'liisslflril AdverllsiBirBls.
All advertisements in this column are
1 cent o word each Insertion.   No ad-
X  vorusement taken for less than 25 conts.
the (Ith doy of
with reference tn tho disposal of the osloto.
o'cloek   p. m. on   Wednesday,
November, 18118, for the glvlnj;
feroiicntn tho disposal c
of direction*
Cameron Building.
A Avenue, Knslo, 11. C.
Solicitors for the 1'iiistce
Dated the 18l*h day of Ooi ober, 18118.
Stewart's Heaters
A carload of Coal Heaters direct from
the Factory  arrived  on Friday.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
MUSIC LESSONS. - On piano organ 01
guitar, by Mrs. W. J. Astley, Robson street
I wo doors west of Stanley.   P. O. Box 130.
WANTED���Gonoral servant Apply to Mrs.
W. A. Macdonald, Victoria street, between
Ward ond Stanley. i
Steamship Lines
From tii John
Denver Lino���Tongariro Dec. 6
Dominion Lino���Vancouver ,... Nov. 30
Dominion Lino���Lnbrauor Deo. 14
Allan   Line-Parisian Dec. 7
Allan  Llnc-Coliforninn Dec. 21
From New York
Whito Star Lino-Biitannio.... Dec.  7
White Star Line-Teutonic Nov.:��
���White Kt��*Line..M'ijostio Dec 13
white Star Lino-Cymric Dec. H
Ounard Lino���Lucunla ., Nov. 211
Cunnrd Lino���Ktrurlo Dec.  3
Cunord l.ine-Canipanla .Dec. 10
Cabin, ? 1.1.00, $50. Sim, 870 S80 and upwards.
Intermediate, S32..10and upwards
Steerage. ?22.,10 and un-a ards,
Passengers ticketed through to all noincs in
Great Hrltnin or Ireland; ond at'special! V low
rates  to nil porta of the European conti lent.
Prepaid passages arranged from all point!
Apply to GHO.   f. ��� BKKH,    City   Ticket
Agent. Nelson, or to,     WILLIAM STlTT
5611   Gonoral Agent. O.P.R. Offices. Winnipeg.
Victoria Street - NELSON* B. C.
gtttllag Silver Maaletira Set��
| Wltfc tt.m �� Ui u PM*
���rtale ��n�� Awiethyst Sets
Hand Mirrors, Hair Brushes, Bonnet and Cloth
Curling Tongs, Raw Strops, Comb*, Shoe Horns,
Balls Baby Toilet Sets with Brush, Comb and Rattle and
Brush, Comb and Puff Box, Gentlemens' Travelling cases with
Strop, Razoi and Shaving Brush, SilVer Military Brushes in
Cases. .
A Great variety of Sterling- Novelties. Though
Sterling the prices are Low and much lower than
can be had anywhere else. t


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