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The Miner Sep 26, 1896

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 .- _, i _-.;-v*,;
*r-<-,'*.'. ..->"-
;" " "    AMERICA ������    *
the 0
- * *   **
������.->.' .-
r"% ���""���-
, if.-jt
--*�� -���-'"
,?__; **- _j_
���x^fc   ,.'-(-!
"""jr *-"*._
J"" --^i'
_���_���.. '*"'���..)>*
*���-     -*
-"**> '*-_<-1
_,p'T tr ���*"**���', 1
*-''-' ;,.
Whole NuMBEk-318.
Nelson, British'Columlsa,. Saturday,; September 26,1896.
Price, Five, Cen. si.
Sept.-   10       21      22 23      24
Silver. .Col... .6JJ.. .65*... .654... .C5|
Lkaw. .. .200... .260...260.. .200... .2U0
At Nelson 	
At Pilot Bay.'..
At Trail*	
...*. 21,504
���: 19,110 "  .
-From Slocan via Kaslo  7,<*2)"- *
Slocan via Nakusp  5,603
Ainsworth .f .';.... i.58'_       ���
Trail Creek ((told ore)  6,_32_20,10. J
Tons         -.73".970
* In addition 505 tons of imported pre have
been treated at Trail. ���*���:
Nelson (Hall Miiics) Matte .* 1779
Pilot Bay, silver lead bullion * 1012V
Trail Smelter -.-....1825.
" ���   *��� *" 1.17
Return* Since Last W c.K.
Lo Roi to Everett   ���	
Le ltoijtoTacoma.	
" '   -j * VIA nakusp.
Slocan Star to Omaha	
Idaho to Omaha ,.	
*  -      (Shipped.).
Trail Smelter IMattc] :'. 1C.J
For week ending 19 Sept; 1118) tons of oro were
smelted, producing 236 tons of Matte.   "
The Spokane fruit" fair "will have the
reproduction of ri mine at work. Men
are constructing a tunnel, in all 70 feet
in length, on the south side of the buildings, adjoining the Auditorium. It will
lead directly^into. the-main building,"
where the drilling contest will take pliice,
and at the other end will be a chamber,
where men will be constantly, employed
in drilling, thus* affording a practical object lesson in quartz mining.--^Outside
aud  connected witli the tunnel,'which
' will be live feet wide and seven'feet high,
tbe walls of basaltic rock, will be a shaft,
' 35 feet deep, from which ore from tbe Le
Koi mine will be-hoisted every day.
There are now two carloads of ore on the
Spokane Falls & Northern railroad track
for this purpose. -In-addition to this an
artificial placer miue will be operated by
the'hydraulio process. Inside will be a
mountain and.to heighten the effect native cedars,.piues, tamaracks and firs will
be-placed in position, giving the mine the
appearance of-gencrnl workings, so far as
possible to represent it artificially, eveu
��� to the-natural moss.   The design is un-
' .que, and the fruit fair management anticipates that the'miue will prove one-of
the most popular attractions od -the
grounds. -
.--The^-foliowing letter has been handed
to us for publication.       . ���  ,*
To the Editor, ._ -, -
Sir.���-I .presume that you have some
intention of using your influence with
the public to call attention^ to the Sanitary Regulations. It will be*a kindly act
ou your part to your clients and a helpful one to me, and if you do so, feir, might
I suggest that should lay special stress
upon the vital importance of pure water
for men'and for cows.- -      * '-<���
If cows drink polluted water and men
drink the cows milk, they are courting
typhoid./ Cows which water below
.slaughter houses aud pig styes where
olJ'al is ted to swine: cows, which wander
up Ward Creek ravine and drink the foul
stream which seeps through it, are not
. lit to be milked for human use, and if
cows are allowed to wander where they
please, unattended they will drink where
and what they please, unchecked.
1 am sont here" by the Government to
act' for tho people and with the people
and the people can. do more to help me
than I to help them. I should be extremely glad of puch help.  '
Public opinion can travel faster aud is
,'more effective than the most active and
���energetic inspector who could be
imagined.   I am, Sir,
** , ���" Tours faithfully,
, Clive Pni-iiips "WoliiEy,   -
Provincial Sanitary Inspector.
-P.S. It would be a wise precaution to
have all milk aDd all water boiled before
using it, *at any rate as Jong as there is
anv sickness in the town.
_ Kelson, B.C., 24th Sept., 189G.    _
If we remember right during the formation of ��� a miner's union at Rossland a
Mr.- Ed. Boyce was made a prominent
figure. We fancy we-can* remember a
speech of Mr. Bogle's in which the iamb
like qualities of this gertleman were
extolled. _ In spite of this we warned-our
readers against .having .anything to do
with - this person whose Coeur d'Alene
record hardly recommended bim as a
desirable citizen. *Hn has now turned, up
at Leadville, and has promptly been clap
ped into jail not because there is any
charge against him, so the telegram runs,
but simply for safe keeping. They are
evidently no more anxious to have this
gentleman'as a visitor there than we are
. NELSON.' '  ,-    ������-
The.Hall Mines has dropped the bond
on the'Iroquois.""'_.' ', .-*
Tho work of building tl*e,uew smoke
stack at the Hall Mines Smelter is^pro-
ceeding as rapidly as the nature of the
work will allow. j-.-   '  ���',
The'enormous mass of metal which
was fdiind at the bottom of,the crucible when the smelter was blown_ont
has at last succumbed to the power of
dynamite and.-has been broken up;
Some parts of it are extremely rich,
being almost pure silver.    "*      * \,*-"
H.. Gillie has come iu from his'claims
on AVild-Horse Creek. "This stream-falls
into the Salmon river from the eastward.
Mr. Gillis has,.,on his claims a four foot
ledge of free milling gold quartz, samples
from which have assayed as .high as $70.
There is quite a' rush of 'men into the
district and Spokane parties are bonding
properties for considerable sums.
At the Silver King the work"6f getting the new, machinery into position
is nearly completed. All the- boilers
and main engines are in place ahd the
work onlyawaits the arriyal of certain
air valves which have not.yet arrived.
When they come to hand they will be
fitted at once and the mine will start
work again and be in shape to largely
increase its output. -���
' BOSS-AND. -      "
. (Rosslander.) __
A ten stamp mill is being put in at tbe
U. K. tho only free milling olaim in the
camp. '..-'���'
*"*_���* *��� i
A- new -paper has appeared under the
title - of the Mining Review. ' It is edited
by D. B. Bogle.   ������**>������.
Tbe Black Rock.opposite the O.K. has
been sold by the Kamloops Mining &
Devel. Co. to Mr. Dahlof Seattle. There
is said to be free gold on tlie claim.'
'Assays from ore at 'the bottom of the
Deer Park shaft show a value of a $100 a
ton. At the.50 footlevel the ledge "has
been cro'ssciittfor 40 feet_without finding
the hanging wall. _  -     .  . .   '
* The townsite company it is understood
.has decided to place on the market the
southern part of-the townsite, never yet
offered- to the public. This will be surveyed and probably-an auction held for
uthe sale.   ~ -'_  ' ��� , *
Upon* search being made by Mr. Kirk
Provincial and Dominion Land Surveyor
for.the El .Dorfldo^mineral claim, belonging to the .Big Three Company, so small
au area was iouud vacant that it might
be said there was really no claim at all,
nnd none of the.El Dorado stakes was
near this piece of ground. .The Mascot a
very promising property, takes in part of
what was supposedtto be_the El'Dorado
nnd as it belongs to" those who were chief
in oignnizing the' Big Three Company, it
is probable that they will transfer that
claim to the company and so complete
the three,.tbe magic number.}
* The Prospector group of four claims���
the Prospector, Little Flo, Victoria aud
Handy���situated on Porcupine Mountain
a continuation of Record Mountain, was
bonded on Tuesday last to Messrs. North
and Govan of London England, on behalf
of a strong syndicate whichwill expend
$5000 in development work at once. If
the present indications are'realized the
vendors -will receive a sum ot six figures.
There are two immense ledges running
through the Prospector and Victoria, and
a big ledge on_the* others, with the usual
iron capping. ** Surface assays show about
82 in gold, $1 in silver and 7 per cent
copper. The group is about a mile" west
"of tire"Wallingf6fd,"_6n "Record*Mountain
which is down about 40 feet and has a
splendid showing of mineral, and' is
believed to be on,the same lead.
,   vf�� 8LOCAN, .'       ���     \"
- The appointment of Mr.* C. \V. McAnn of Kaslo as a" Q.C. has been
Mr. Harold Burnleager will build a
$25,000 brick hotel at Kaslo. He has
selected a site at the head of A Ave.
near the K. & S, traoks.
The Carnation a property at Sandon,
just above the Iluth has been sold by
Hugh Mann to the Mitchells of Winnipeg for $10,500.
The Black Pi ince, with two feet ot
free gold quartz, was sold on the 14th
to Osborne Pluiiketfc,pfor Vancouver
parties, by Heckman brothers and Jack
McKinnon. .   ~~
Dr. Bell-Irving bonded on Thursday
the Thompson group on <-Four* Mile
owned by Thompson Bros., Messrs.
Siege, Cleaver, Maurer, Teasedall and
Henderson. ��� $10,000 was the figure.
��� A* ledge of carbonate ore has" been
discovered on the Whitewater. It was
lirst found a few weeks ago atid was
then quite small but gave good assays
Following it up it widenpd out.to 30
inches and then to 48 at which it still
continues and assays 245 ounces in
silver. -   -'
The Wild Goose group, .including
the Corinth, and several other -.-laims,
havebeen bonded by Evans, Coleman
& Ev_,ns, through McGilvary, for an
English Syudicatp, who also have lh,e
Read and Tenderfoot group. .The
figure was $40,000, practically cash. C.
W*. Callahan reported.
(From Our own Correspondent.)
The s.tearner Lytton which has 'been
hauled up undergoing repairs is again
making her trips from Arrowhead to
On Monday night the steamer Nakusp brought down the big transfer
barge for repairs, one of the planks on
the bottom being split.
"Another scow is'on the way also the
new tug for the C. & K. S. N. Co. Thi.s
company are employing a greater
number of men now than for some
months past, and the ship yard presents a busy appearance.
Business in the justice of the peace's
court"bas been brisklately. On the 19th
-���*-..*�����=' - I--,
instant T. Wilson ..was up for stealing
a blanket from Bonsell Bros. stor"e,(but
as he stated that ho was under the influence of liquor at, the time, and did
not know any thing of it,-he was allowed to go with a caution. ���':'*..'
'On Tuesday the 22nd, before Mesara.
Jordan & Rusbdall, J. P's, two cases of
vagrancy were disposed of .with a fine*
of five dollnrs*and costs, ns the parties
have each had doctor's bills to pay, it
was considered by* the justices to ^be
sufficient.-. ~     -,_ ,-   i    %
Another case was" one of stealing
clothes; in which D. Colskyi'a peddler,
from Seat!If-, figured as defendant., A"
suit of .clothes-.wu. taken'from, tbe
Leland House litre, which was found
in Colsky's pack at Revelstoke.-"- Tbe
.justices thought he might have bought
then., so allowed htm to go, with a
caution to be careful who he purchased
clothes from in the-future... He .went
and ihe suit was restored to the party
claiming them.        -   \        "~""*r -- V} ���
_*5i"ov. officer Fauquier went to.Fire
Valk.y on Monday's boat -to find but
particulars of a body found by.Jridians
about one mile south of Sandersons
point on" Lower -Arrow Lake. '.The
body which was little -more -than a
skeleton evidently had been washed
lip duriug the high water,'on the-bank,
where wild animals had" pulled/iti to
pieces. Nothing-but the boots, socks,
and a portion of underwear clinging to
lhe boots, were left of the clothing.
One leg and one drill were broken, also
the skull over the right eye. The-'lat-
ter.appeared to have been struck with"
'some flat sharp instrument, or a rock.
Ib is supposed to be the body of- one of:
the men that were blown into the Columbia river by a blast on.the "Arrow
Lake R. R., last fall, but there .were
no means of identifying it. '
jReceht telegrams from Washingtbn-
stnte that the arrival of American * men-
of-war at Salonica is an, ordinary"troutine
movement, and that it" is not intended
that the United States will take any part
in-the proposed demonstration-against
the Sultan. *       .    -.'���..,
The Czar and Czarina of Russia landed
at Leith. Scotland, on Tuesday, last and
proceeded at .once, to Balmoral to visit
the 'Queen. The most extraordinary
precautions'were taken to guard their
Majesties - against, dynamite. "- At 'sea a
complete cordon was formed around the
Royal Yacht by torpedo' boats,, cutters
from the various men* of war and other
boats, while the harbor was guarded by
H.M.S. Majestic, Magnificent, Repulse,
and Resolution. Ashore, troops lined
every approach to the-station, 400 extra
police were in the town, every foot of the
rrilway line to Ballater was carefully' examined' and . guarded and the country
swaifiied f with "English and Rasbian
detectives." The "party arrived at Ba-
moral at 7:30 .and were received at tlie
door ot the Castle* by the Queen in person. As tbey alighted bonfires on every^
peak burst iuto, flames. ��Y
- The steamer Doric from -the Orient
brought news of a series of catastrophes
that have befallen the Mikado's realm
that are unprecedented in its history. In
Gifu perfecture/4000 homes were blown
down and along the Haji-Gawa 400 persons lost their lives: The severest storms
occurred on August 30." Along the- Iaat-
sugawa 84 lives were lost.
The great flood was preceded by a se*
vere earthquake. Then followed a downpour such as hjis never beeu experienced
before on the "island. The European residents were panic.stricken and sought
shelter in the highlands.
The Minatbgawa overflowed its banks
at midnight of September 26 and the waters��� inundated���the���streets -aud--fields,-
sweepinjr away 300 houses and drowning
300 people at, Kobe. After 12 hours' work
the broken embankment- were repaired
by sand bags.    r   ,. '-''.r
The fate of Kobe wag made worse by
a fire breaking out and fanned by a high
wind, spread over the entire eity. One
thousand nine hundred.blocks," including
2260 houses and 12' go-downs were des--
troyed totally, - and 10 houses, and two
police boxes,-one fire brigade'station,
four temples aud one theatre.'" The burnt
area comprises 10'streets. The totnl
damage by fire was .1.000,000 yen. -,
The prospectus ot the London Hill
Development and Mining Company will
be in the hands of the public in a few
days. The capital is $150,000 divided into 600,000 shares of- 25 cents each. The
price at which the company -is acquiring
the property, that is the four claims torm-
iug the Loudon group, is $100,000 payable $10,000 in cash and $90,000 in fully
paid shares. 100,000 shares will -be
placed on the .ma.ket at"once at par,
price payable on application. The proceeds will be u.ed to make the cash payment of $10,000 to the vendors, and the
balance of $15,000 will be used for working expenses. There will remain in the
treasury for working, capital 140,000
shares ot the par value of $35,000.
" The Loudon is well known and has
been very favorably reported on. Over
$10,000 worth of work has been done on
the claim, and returns.from the- smelter
show 150 ozs, 190 ozs, and 250 ozs of silver to the ton.
. The present owners are paying all ex-
penses'in connection with the formation
of the company including brokerage and
commission on the 100,000 shares now
about to be placed on the market.
C. Van Moerkerke and. T. J. Procter
will continue the management of the
mine, aud the secretary will be O. T.
Stone, to wlibm communications may be
Provincial Board of Health. " R
Victoria, B. C, Sept 19ih, 1896.
The Editor Nelson Miner.    .
Dear Sir:���I notice by the trend of
your editorial in your issue of Sept. 5th,
that you still fail-to understand what
is comprehended by the- different
methods of disposal nf liquid wastes
permitted-iby the* ���' "sanitary regula
tions."!*"I hope, -therefore, jrou will
allow me to restate the case iu other
language.    '".-'"���
It is, I think, acknowledged hy all
.that a system of 6mall sewer pipes affords by. far- the most" satisfactory
means ot,dispo_ing of these wastes. *I
have stated in a report to the government that such a system should 1)��-
adopted for the central or most crowded portion of the town. I hope that
the necessary work will be undertaken
before long. Owing to the expense,
however, it is likely to he some time
before the system is extended very, far
through the other portions of thi*
town. Some other system than sewer-*'
*age must of necessity therefore be
adopted in the outlying portions of
Nelson. _,
The liquid must either be removed
or disposed of on the premises.' As. to
disposal on the premises,"*the two com-,
mon ways" of doing so have only to be
mentioned to be condetned; these are
draining into & cess-pool or throwing
out of the back door. There it?a thiul
method*however, which "ib is claimed
by sanitarians, can be safely practiced
provided that spn.e is available'and
the land of proper character;, that, is
the method of disposal bv intermittent
application to the soil. I shall append
to'this letter extracts referring to this
method which shew, that it is perfect-
ly^safe and is applicable and intended
for dwelling houses such as are", to. be
found in Nelson in the outlying portions ofthe town.
Now with regard to the removal of
these liquids from the premises. In
the absence of sewers there* are .two
ways in which this may be accomplished.* The common way of laying a
wooden box-drain a_ far as the gutter
on the roadside in front of the noiise,
or to a stream is rightly forbidden by
the Sanitary Regulations. > The other
method of removal is by carting away.
This if properly carried out, has.-few
objections from a sanitary standpoint;
but the cost' of removing the whole
of this -liquid waste daily . would be
very great,* in fact.more expensive in
the long run than a .proper sewer. I
have now come to the point where
your ..views differ from
Regulations -��� issued by
You say,' "we., can at
"sdvenger's cart"; or in
you would compel people to go to the'
expense of paying a'scavenger to call
daily at their houses. The Sanitary"
"Regulation's on tbe other hand, recognize the fact that a certain quantity, of
these liquids depending on the-.chaiac-
ter of the soil, space available and
method of application, can be safely
disposed of on the garden and - that
therefore it is not necessary to put
people to the expense of scavenging
except where.the specified conditions
or requirements are not piesent or not
carried out;       ' ".*_"*
If you hav. the garden-space available
you can soon find out tor yourself by
actual trial the safety and expediency" of
the method,"' You will find thjtyour
garden will' not ..become "honeycombed
with tilth"; the liquids with the waste
matters in solution will be rapidly
absorbed and decomposed in tne soil by
natural agencies aud this without offence
or. danger to health. ->-
- One would suppose from your editorial
that everyone was to be forced to adopt
JhiB method^ 3"hi8 is not the case People
wiU'be allowed";""however���to**dosopro-"-
vided, tbat they have tbe required garden
space. But if they do not care to adopt
this system or if there is not sufficient
land available then there are but; two
other methods open to. them. lhey must
either have proper sewer's put, in or
employ a .scavenger hto remove these
liquid wastes.     < ���
There are.then, three sanitary methods
of. disposal. A choice must be made
between a system of sewers, a scavenger
system, or an improved method of application to land which .will be described in
a pamphlet shortly *nto be issued by this
board. As a matter of fact no oue of
these, means of disposal will be universally applicable. - Different houses iu
different parts" of the town will be compelled by circumstances to' adopt one or
other of them. "Tbe extracts I enclose
are; perhaps too lengthy for publication
but )ou will see that.they are all in sup-'
port of the. "Sanitary Regulations."
Explanatory remarks are made in connection with some ot these extracts. I
am yours faithfully,
-       , A. T. Watt.
[We have devoted this space to Dr.-
Watt because we believe in letting every
man be heard in his own defence. We
have already said all that we intend to
say on tbe subject, which must now be
considered closed.���Ed.]
The week  ha3 been fine and bright.
The first frost occurred last night.
Sept.20���Max (35��   aiin 33*
���'    21���        ��i��  '��"-'
_'*     2i���         G6=  IU"
"     23���         (i50  i-��
"     21���         G3��  ll3
*���    25���         B_��  'Si'
"    _o���         65��  31 =
These readings are taken at 9 a. m. and con-
equently represent the highest and lowest
emperature during: the preceding 24 houra.
the Sanitaiv
.this    Board.
least have a
other words,"
.P. J.P.Tynan, the long .wantedNo. 1
recently arrested at Boulogne" is appealing for protection to the United States
on the ground that he is an -American
citizen, ft "is to be hoped that nothing
will be allowed to* come between this
arch villian and the English gallows.
���M. Bossux, deputy public prosecutor
at Boulogne, in charge of the case against
P. J. Tynan, the alleged Irish dynamiter,
has received a violent letter informiog
him in the name of "the committee of.
Invincibles aud Anarchist Brotherhood,
that unless Tynan is released within 24
houre, he (Mr Bossux) will be blown up
with dynamite. The letter is written
with a red fluid believed to be blood,"" is
dated September 17, and was posted at
Loan, the capital of the department of
Aisne, about 80 miles from Paris.
The Daily News, iu an editorial thinks
that there is evidence in-what the Scotland Yard detectives have found out of
traces of a serious conspiracy, not against
the Queen, bnt possibly against the Czar,
and certainly against the peace and
safeiy of the realm- The Daily News
j thinks this evidence is coocl_-ive,_and
say3: "We owe a great national deliverance to the energies of the detectives."
' Annual Report. '
Nelson, B.'C, Sept. 1806.
Tp Hon. Jam$_. Baker,
^{Provincial Secretary, Yicioriti.
Sir :���   '"' -"      ���*���   ,.
I have the honor to irausmit herewith
a report of the operation of the Kootenay
Lake General Ho.pital. -%���,
Tho Hospitxl. Society year ends with
the monthly meeting in^March of each
year and our/account s^are closed*and
statements made up to that date,'    " * *"
In the year from March 12th, 1895 to
March'-h-t, 189. the Hospital admitted,
patients 35, treated 'out door patients 4_
"The aggregate days' stay ot patients io
Hospital Wjiw 880. ��� w-    - tf  '
receipts and expenditures.
i- ���_       ** j
becbipts:��� .-,,__
Subscription from - -
.  Hall Mines  1619.00   ,    -
"   C.&K.S.N.CO.'-  433 50
"     Sundry.Indiv- -"
*id-Rl_    2--7.11   1289.81-
$155.10 .
1000.00 *J      *.:
���  Pay Piitlents
Prov. Gov. Grant including
quarter.ending March 30th
Cash on hand March 12.1895
* Balance being net indebtedness at dato   \ *-..���"
EXPENDITURE.���       _,
.-Total cost of maintenance
For so much of the current year aft has expired
up to August 31st, 1896        _
Total number of patients treated . - 30
Discharged cured -13
-, Convalescent.     ., 9
Died               ��� ~-        .                  * 4
Kow in Hospital 10
Aggregate days treatment given 881
Total co��t of maintenance
Hall Mines Co. $173.00       ~   <
C.v& K S. N. Oo.      .'   . 450.00
Pay pationtf* . 129.35   ,
Individual Subscriptions ' ������ .-
,   .*.   , and donations 162.35
-. Prov. Gov. Grant, 'quai- '-J .
-..tor ending J une 30th 250.00  $1461.70
��� N��t dettclt March 21st to Au({. 21st,-G  $3.-6.51'
Since'April of this year the Hall Mine.,
Company'have ceased to contribute to'
our funds, having made other arrangements for the treatment of their men. ���
The Hospital staff is at "present composed as follow: ' Resident physcmn,
George A. B. Hall, M. D; House Steward, Mr. John Binney; and Matron, Mis.,
Blauey. ' These officials are highly com-,
pebent and efficient, and/are rendering
ardous services for very inadequate remuneration. A cook is regularly, employed and a night nurse when .eriouB
cases' ore under care. -      s
Within the last few.days the board.bnn
at a cost of'about $200.00 added an annex
to* the bnilding therebv making room for
four additional patients. -
The field of our operations is not confined to Kootenay Lake. Destitute patients are sent to us, from .the!. Columbia
river and .from Rossland. A great -in-'
crease of population is , now ocurring iri
South Kootenay and* we are likely to
have from this on a demand put upon us
for Hospital accommodation, i n comparison with which our resources of supply
will be quite inadequate.
*'      I have the honor to be Sir,
-   your obedient servant,
President Kootenay Lake General
Hospital Society.    '
Mails, close a.' the Nelson Post Office
as follows: For Spokane -and,allU. S.
points, Victoria, Rossland, Trail Creek
and Waneta. ut 6 p.m. on week days nnd
1_ noon on Sunday.
For Revelstoke, Nakusp, Robson,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and
Tuesday, oThnrsday and Saturday at 5
For Kaslo,. Ainsworth, Pilot Bay,
Balfour,. Sandon, Tlree Forks and New
Denver at 3 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday,
and Friday, and at 8 a.m. on Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday."
' It is imperative- tbat all matter for
Registration should be handed in half an
hour previous to closing of the mails.
. Sunday 27th September 1890.
Church" of England. Holy Communion 8 a.ui. Mattins 11 and Even
Song, 7.30.
' Presbyterian Church. Services at
11 a. in. and 7.30 p. in. Sunday School
at *2,30. Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p. in. Christian
Endeavoi Society meets every Monday
evening at 8 o'clock.
Roman Catholic Church. Mass
at Nelson on first and last Sunduys in
the month. Sandon second Sunday,
and Kaslo third Sunday.   .
j-Methodist Church, Corner Silica
and Josephine Streets. Services at
11 a. m. and; 7.30 P- m..' Sabbath
School 2.30 p. in.' Prayer meeting
on Friday evening at8 o'clock.
Speaking-at Liverpool Mr. Gladstone
said:  "I entertain a lively hope and a
stiong belief that the  present deplorable
situation is not due  to any'act ot fault
ot the government of this great country"
he  said.    (Cries  ot  "On*' and cheers.)
"The present movement is based on the
broad grounds of humanity  and is not
directed against the Mohammedans, bnt
against the Turkish officials, evidence of
whose barbarities rests in credible oflieial  reports.       No���   to  the   guilt  of
the massacre is added   the  impudence
ot denial,  which will contiDue just as
i"long    as   Europe   continues   to   listen.
! I doubt if it is an exaggeration to say
' that it was in  tl**** <-*iltau's palace, and
; there only, that the inspiration has been
'supplied and the policy di vised of the
whole series of massacres.     When the
sultan carries the massacre into his own
capital under the eyes of ambassadors, he
appears to have gaiued the very_ acme of
i what it is possible for bim to do."
*3_.r_ -Carrie , Stoyle _whp recently ���;
appeared before a .Nelson iiiidiencc-is^.
playing fn Spokane. >' * *"*
- The Buffalo Express of 6th September
contains an illu.tiated article, on this,
country. > - ".*,'.'
An old mail named Martin" died j*��
t he-Hospital on Sunday last t-t'the.*i(<e
of 72. The Roman Catholic coiunioisiy
buried hint in Monday.'- He made a
Verbal bequ-'st > of all ' his. personal -
belongings to the Hospital..-��� '..
Mr.-A.MacLean of the flrmot Mfic'V
L��an & Co., Lead.nball Stieet, London;
Uutiluud, Mining "Ageuli��, is   in   to**u.
.The firm has Ix-cn^ for many'years' _6"u-~"
.uecled .with mining in Australia.-New
Zealand and other parts of the world.
The road leading from tbe .-end .of
Baker Stieet to the C.P.R. station is in
a terrible condition. 'Many heavy, loads
have to be pulled np it' and it. is pretty
steep.- If only out of thoughttulnese for -
the noor horses' the Government Agent ,
might well spend a few dollars on it.
We nre'requested by the -Government':
Agent to say ihatr the fact of [the-Crown'
Grants of the lots - ri cently sold at auction not being to hand, need not inter'e e"
with business.   Intending borrower** emn *
give the bauks or other lenders writteu
authority to" receive._-.he Crown Grants'
when issued.  ���'      '" ...���*,'',
Mr: .Robt'Kerr; Traffic Mana_ger <>( '
the.; Canadian '.'Pacific Rail v. ay, ��� in -
passing thi ough Revelstoke the other,
day stated that he ' bclievedthe Lib-.
eral -Governnient- was earnestly desir."-.
ous of constructing the-.'Crows Nest
Pass Line "and thatarraagements for :
its'coii~tiuclion by tbe C.P.R." would
he shortly completed.
Mr. AngusoShaw was driving his express wagoirdown to tbeC. P. R��stnti<in
on Tuesday evening, when his horse took
fright at the engiue'and bolted. \ Tha
harness .was rotten and the traces giivo
way." The horse - plunged free' of the
shafts and Shaw- nut wishing to let him
go held on lo the reins and jumped after
him. Somehow or other iu that jump he
managed to break' his leg - badly. just
above.-the. iinkle., He is under the ca:e
of Dr. Arthur.      -^       ���'..,.*"     "
Mr! .'Hewitt.Bostock. M.P. for -Yale-
Ciiiiboo has given notice of the follow-,
ing resolution  in-the House of Commons: .--That in  the .opinion of this
House it, will   be   in   the interests of
immigration .and thc development of -
the- Dominion  that the Government
should   collect,  through   the Depart- .'
input of Agriculture,' all infoimillion,
possible with relation to the mining
interest of the Dominion and publish'.
it.   - *-"<*��� "   '   ;
���The Spokesman Review has a paragraph  headed  "An English M. P. iii -
Jail."   The paragiaph comes from St.>
Louis and stittvs'thal-Dr.-W.-H'Diiii-
raven who states that he is a member
of parliament and a brother of _U��i*4
Dunravcn,  is   in < prison.   A little enquiry on' th�� pait of the paper would
show, that  if this man wero u brother
ot*   the' wi-ll known   yachtsman,   his
name wonld_ not be   Dunraven,   and ���
there is no person of lhat name in the
House of Commons.
There are unfortunately several, cases
of typhoid fever iu the town, and tho
Sanitary Inspector is taking vigorous *
means to check any further extension
of it. It was found that the* cows
which supplied the town with milk actually fed niong'the creek into which
drains from tbe infected part ran.
Orders have now been issued that no
cows or* pigs are'to lie allowed loose
about the town. In the day time they
are to bi* in charge of a cowherd and at
night they are to be shut up.. This
order will be welcome to those people
whc^hav"e~be"en~ keot awake night-after-
night by the jingling bells,  or whose -
gardens have suffered from the deputations of wandering cattle.
' All over the town new buildings are
going up and lots are being cleared for
building purposes. There is still a demand ior lots and the local lumber
supply cannot keep up with the de-'
maud. Mr. Wallace is putting a new
front into the store next to tbe Madden
House and will open ii up as a dry
goods and general drapery. At
the west end ol Baker street, the Mara
and Goepel blocks ' are approaching "
completion und T. Ward is building a-
small house. At the corner of Josephine and Baker streets J. H. Clements*
is putting iu solid stone foundations
on which to build his new .brick buildings. It is probable thai Mr, Hodgins
and Mr. Goepel will soon b.gin to
build on their lots next to Capt aiu
Troup's residence, and Mr. J. R. Ilob-
ertsonand Mr. A. It.* Sherwood will
put up residences on the lots on cither
side of Mr. Fiud Hume's house. Dr.
La Ban is buildiug oi Stanley street
just ahove'Mr. Goep'els piescnl house.
The Chinch of England community
bought two lots next to lheir present
properly and it is hoped that brfore
long they will be able to build a church
capable of accommodating the largely
increased congregation.
������*-    *���>'*.
- -' .���_,*������-*-/
- , _ f **  ' _       *���* *
'. ���:-'. '-I
,,-- :. *-._���'���"��� '.���
On the 22od Dongola was reachpd
and fell almost without a struggle into
the hands of the Anglo ��� Egyptian
foicei. Large amounts of grain
were taken as well as the dervish
treasuie dies*. So far Dongola has'
been the objective point of the expedition and it now remains to he seen
whether the British Government intends to push further South and what
measures will be taken foi .the preser- -,
v.ttion of peace in the Soudan.
The directors of the Red Point Mining Co., of Rossland. publicly disclaim
any conned ion 'with a prospectus of
the company which was recently published in iln** Toronto papers, lhey
further state that the prospectus was
misleading in important particulars.
The Nanaimo Mail advocates the
huiidiiif. ��f a smelter in that citv.
The reasons it gives .why one should
bp built are its proxniity to Texad;.
Island and Alberni' and the fact lhat
its inuncipalily imposes no^taxe* on
improvements. A smelter wants more ->
lban these, it requires oie lo smelt. __-*i_E"S.'fc'_33!_  ___te__*__s___B____"'*������ci_M____������;  T^^SS^^^^^^^-'^-'W  n  *������  THE MINER, NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1896.  THE LEADVILLE STRIKE.  FIVE MEN KILLED  AND  BUILDINGS IN FLAMES.  Soldiers From Denver Restore Order.  Leadville, Colo., Sept. 21.-The bloody  - phase of the . great miners' strike has  come. Three men "are known to be dead  and two dying. The Coronado shaft  house and machinery are in ashes, and  four innocent householders are homeless,  the result of an attack by parties yet unknown upon the Coronado and Emmett  mines in the dark hours of the early  morning. The Coronado is only half a  dozen blocks from, the postofiice and  surrounded by residences. The Coronado  shaft house was built on an embankment  of earth, enclosed by logs and machinery,-  some fifty feet above the street level. A  heavy, plank barricade was erected  around the machinery and shaft -house.  when the mine resumed operations lost  month, and the house'was well stocked  with provisions, Winchesters and- ammunition.  Beyond assaults upon the workingmen  seen coming from the mine at divers  times, no overt acts of violence have  been attempted against this mine till  this morning at-1 o'clock, when a few  ballets strnck the barricade, and the  ,' men on guard prepared for actio j. Shots  come scattering at first, then faster and  faster. All the streets west of the Coronado were deserted,' with the exception  .of three or four persons attracted by the  shooting. Suddenly, after 25 minutes of  fighting, a sheet of flame burst out, foi  lowed by a terrific detonation. Evidently the attacking party were -using dynamite. East'of the engine house weie  several tanks of fuel oil. The attack  was concentrated on this point, and  finally succeeded. "  The engine room was soon in flames.  Fire engines came, but* armed men held  the firemen, at bay. Meanwhile tbe  flames grew' fiercer "and fiercer. The  men in the shaft bouse were finally  driven from the fort,-bat fonght to the  - last. As tbey ran: over the high trestle  work a dor-en shots were fired,, but the.  men reached the damp in safety and escaped.   By this time a great crowd had  : gathered.   Hundreds were ready ��������� to assist, but. were held at boy. by the rioters  Jand firebugs,concealed in the car build  ,. ing.- ��������� Presently^ as great sheets of flame  rolled'over the buildings, it was apparent  that'unless there, was timely action tbe  buildings in the vicinity were doomed.  _ The firemen rallied, and'hundreds of  citizens armed with rifles, appeared nnd  guarded the fire department and volun  teers All attention was devoted to  saving houses, in the vicinity*, but in spite  . of every effort at least four dwellings on  East Eighth street were destroyed.  The strike began on the 19th of June.  , It has paralyzed business, caused hunger  aod-sufTering in hundreds of fumlie������, and  bas oat down the.mineral output of tbe  camp more than one-half.    This morn-  . jug's bloody battle is believed to be. the  last .desperate attempt of the radical  _ element of tbe strikers to force a stoppage at the mines for not paying the  - increased scale of wages demanded by  the union.. Many strikers have asserted  that tbey, would clean out the state, and  even government troops if brought here,  ' rather .than see outside labor come to the  camp.    l  . QUIET AT LAST.  Quiet prevails here, now, and no fur-  ' ther rioting is anticipated.   It is. gener-  ..  ally believed - that - the men who fired  '-' the. Coronado shaft bouse this morning  . and attacked the Emmett miue, but were   therejepuUed, have: fled Jo. the moun-^  -, tains and"will be" seen Lere, no more.  * They are said to be miners from the Coeur  d'Alene couutry, who engaged in the  riots there io 1892. It looks as if the  backbone of the strike was broken, and  the outbreak ot violence .the final demonstration of the lawless element.*  FIVE LIVES SACRIFICED.  of Brigadier General Brooks, are on duty  in this city. Some are doing guard duty  at the Maid of Erin and other mines, but  the main body is encamped near the.  Denver & Rio Grande depot awaiting  developments.  The ..city,, council and citizens, at a  joint meeting this afternoon, decided to-  take vigorous measures to rid the town  of the lawless element, numbering about  200 men. A committee was appointed to  obtain legal opinion as to how this cau  be done.  Citizens have made requisitions for  troops for use tonight in rounding up the  lawless meu, who will be'driven out of  .town. General Brooks granted the  quisition.  re-  THE BRITISH IN EGYPT.  Fighting' on the Nile.  On Saturday last the.Anglo-Egyptian  expedition reached Kerma a small town  only thirty miles from Dongola. At J p.  m.' the news reached the expedition that  the Dervishes alarmed at the size of the  column, had deserted the position in  front of the army. A "party of seven  Dervishes ^crossed the river at 7 o'clock  arid the artillery, commanded by Youn^,  opened fire against the west bank, where,  the Dervisnes were in force with camel,  foot, cavalry, armed sailing boats and  one armed steamer. -The'fire was excellently aimed and compelled them to  leave their positions and their boats.  In. the meantime three of the Anglo-  Egyptian gunboats hove in sight, steaming slowly toward the Dervish camp,  firing rockets, nine-pounders and maxims.  The Dervishes replied with the fire of  two. seven:pounders, one ot which was  quickly silenced by the Anglo-Egyptian  batteries. Commander Colville, ot* tbe  British navy on the river gunboat Tamai,  pressed forward and was suddenly subjected to a very hot tire from rifleman  hidden in pits. Commander Colville  received a slight wound in his wrist, and  retired slowly out of the enemy's range  in order to use his maxim guns with  more effect, which he subsequently did.  The Anglo-Egyptian side of the river  was then engaged, a few companies  opening fire, and aB they did so a field  battery of the British -artillery, which  had taken up a suitable position further  north, followed. Both of. the Anglo-  Egyptian batteries directed their fire on  the enemy's fort, where a second of their  seven-pounders had been plaoed. Three  successive shells from Young's battery  fell right inside of tbe fort. The Dervish  loss must have been considerable,  While covered by an attack on the  Dervish fortification, the Anglo-Egyptian  gunboats and steamers moved steadily  past. These boats are now steaming as  fast as possible in the direction of Dongola. The loss ofthe Anglo-Egyptian  forces will be comparatively trifling.  BRITISH  AMERICAN  GOLD  PROPERTIES.  The Red Book,    ; Price $4. per Copy  "    , The Only Directory of the Province in Two. Years.  A COMPLETE GAZETTEER  ** of oyer 500 points in British Columbia, many of which have never before  ��������� appeared in any Directory or Trade Reference Book  -*-������������������     ���������   with Location, Population &c.  BANKING TOWNS TELf92^������������^r.eli  RAILWAY STATIONS * EXP������?._������f SorS!! OFFICES  POST OFFICES - MONEY ORDER OFFICES  A POCKET REFERENCE BOOK  OF ALL THE  TRADES, PROFESSIONS.    INDUSTRIAL   AND  MINING  ENTERPRISES.  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French; Ranges, Stoves, Grates, Etc. -.  SOLE ACENTS FOR HENRY   R. WORTH.J.GTOVS   STEAM   PIMPS  AND .Nt-KB-OLX  ROCK DRIU CO.-S-STEAM ROCK DRIIXS. '  No. 6 Chatham and 71 Store Street,  P.O.DMWER'12 ,.-    VICTORIA, B..0  The P. 0. Store.    GILKER & WELLS.  (205)  THE MCDOWELL ATKINS WATSON CO., L'TD  ey_-^WHOUE8ALE ANO RETAIL'S*?*--������  : Five lives at least were sacrificed in  . fighting aud in the work, of destruction  at tbe Corouado mine and Emmett mine.  Tbe following is a list of -the, dead and  injured; -**  -Dead���������Bert Meir, James Benson, both  miners employed at the Coionado, killed  by an explosion; they  were  identified  > ouly by papers found on their bodies.  . Tbe dying���������William O'Keufe, foreman  of Hose Company No.  2,  shot through  the stomach; J. Higgins. miner, employed at the Corouado, shot eight times in  the arms aud stomach; John Mahoney,  miner, shot through the stomach; Frank  Teller  and    Martin   Scott.     Coronado  miners, injuries not fatal.     Mahouey,  who was shot near  tbe  Emmett  miue,  ' claims be was there merely as a spectator.  At least three of tbe attacking party at  the Emmett were  hit -with bullets, but  were carried away by comrades.  The  Coronado* people  heard of  the  -coming trouble last night, but the supposition was that the attack was to made  at the Emmett **���������  . Soon after the destruction commenced,  many citizens responded quickly, armed  with rifles and,shotguns, but they could  do little fighting with fire and dynamite.  Foreman O'Keafe was shot from behind,  just after he had turned on a stream at  the Coronado.     ���������  -- Today hundreds  of miners  say  tbey.  .will go to work at once.  They bitterly denounce the extremists,  and say that their action has lost tbe  , miners the strike. ���������-The arrival ofthe  militia is anxiously awaited, despite tbe  apparent calm. The local companies  have been sent to the hills and armed  citizens are patrolling-the streets.    The  - city council today decided to aid the state  - officers in apprehending the rioters.    At  ..-the mass   meeting   this   afternoon the  lawless element will be denounced, and  " it will.be  demanded that troublesome  men leave tbe camp.  Leadville Sept 22.���������The city council  held  a special session  today at which a  committee   of   citizens   appeared   and  ���������asked that all vagrants and suspicious  '    characters be driven from the city.   The  council postponed action until the regular session' this evening, when it  was  decided not to. take such action, but to  ask tbe governor to declare martial Iaw  ' ". at - once,  which  was  officially done.to-  Ovrr a thousand members of tbe Colorado National Guard, under the command  The following letter   appears*" in ' the  Financial News one of tbe most important money papers in London:  Sin:���������In   your .'editorial    notes .this  morning,"commehting upon the discovery  of. gold in Newfoundland, you appear to  think** that if a certain^ rumoured 3 oz.  reef is confirmed capital willruph in just  as it has   done in   Western'Auulialia.  There are in    British   Columbia'. ieefs  which-laugh scorn at 3oz reefs, which  think nothing of 10 oz to 20 oz to the tou,  which ��������� pay Yankee . investors   monthly  dividends of. 30 percept, and up wauls,  and "which are worked at an expense o������  from'5s. to 15s. per ton. "These bouanz._.  are British property,-under our flag, and  are governed by our laws; ' but where is;  the rush of British investors?   No, sir!  A prominent broker on the London Stock  Exchange, upon being questioned about'  thes mines last week, innocently replied,  "Bless my soul! where is British Colum-.  bia?"   And, upon being informed, said  "Is it under British protection?"   Pro  tection,.indeedl -___���������_..__:������������������,_,.- -���������._______  " In Rossland, British Columbia, since  its discovery barely two years ago, the  Le Roi Mine has paid $200,000 in dividends and the "War Eagle $157,000. Not  far off, the Slocan Star has paid $250,000;  the same may be said ot many others.  How many of these are now quoted in  London or known to the general British  public? >Just none. The gold in all the  republics of South Africa is a fleabite to  what is 16 be,found under tbe Union  Jack in that corner of oiir possessions.  Those innocent people who, when  spoken to. ot British Columbian invest-  ineuts, mutter doubting suspicions of  "thope American concerns," have yet to  learn that there' is a boundary between  British North America and the United  States. Until they have learnt that  lesson there is not much hope that Newfoundland's 3 oz reef will be of much  benefit to the British investor.���������I nm, &c.  R. M. C. Mateeson, Assoc. R.S..I.E.  September 4.  -     We are now Receiving Weekly Shipments of  Creamery Butter in; One Pound Pats  WliclU BBiiciii if: Iii of Superior QB������dit7  s  BAKER   STREET, NELSON!  VANCOUVER,   B.   C.  A full stoclc 6f:prugs, Patent Medicines, Chemicals and Toilet  Articles, Wholesale and Retail. Goods Right. Prices  Right.   Prompt attention to all orders. *-   ...     <-"-  (*5:  THE McDOWELL, atkins, watson, CO  VANCOUVER, P. C.  10 AND 12 CORPOVA STREET,  600 GRANVILLE STREET.  417 HASTINGS STREET ������������  ���������' GAZETTE NOTICES.  IFrom the B. C. Gazette of 17th Sept., 1896]  The appointment of Terence H. Giffin  as District Registrar of.the Supreme  Court is cancelled and he is reappointed as a deputy fof the District Registrar of the Supreme Court at Victoria.  LEGAL PROFESSIONS ACT.  Mr. R. M. MacDonald of' Nelson  gives notice that he has applied to the  Benchers of Law Society for a call to  the Bar and for admission as a Solicitor." .    '      " **. "  NEW  INCORPORATIONS.  Beaver Quartz Mining Co., Ld.  Capital,.$1,000,000"in $1 shares; Head  office, Vancouver; Directors James F.  Cook, James A. McNair and Robt.  Hamilton, objects, general mining. .  Colonna Gold Mining Co., Ld. Capital. $1,000,000 iu $1 shares; Head  office, Rossland. Directors, Geo. E.  Phnnder, "Albert Klockniann, F. M.  McLeod, Louis Leineman and Charles  Schmidt. * Objects, general mining,  Gold Hill Quartz Mining Company  of Fairview, Ld. Capital $750,000 in  $1 shares. Head office, Victoria.  Directors, A. A. Davidson of Victoria  jeweler. Alfred Dier, of the ; same  place agent, and Arthur Reaves of the  same place, cooper.  Portland Gold Mining Co. (foreign)  Capital ������600,000 in $1 shares. ' Head  office, Spokane.  . Vancouver and B. C. General Exploration Co., Ld. (foreign*! Capital  ������25,000 in ������1 shares; Head office 20  Thread-needle St., London, (Eng.)  OTTtET * HOTEk,  OPPOSITE BA1F0UB,.;  Best pishing in'Kootenay Outlet-  Lawn Tennis Grounds.  Sail and Rowing Boats, *     . ^  .  ������       - -' '������������������ - -, **    *r n u  Enlarged and Improved.: Specially Suitable  ���������-���������, for Banding and -Picnic Parties.  J.  E. HOUGHTON, - - - Manager.  ('KEEN BROS.,...Renin at K-Hlo.  ������'II_KEK * WEU., Bole Agent* for Nelson.  t- -.������_.������.- ^m-^..^  ,. HUJiTEK BROS.. KEKII.U.K nml ���������0., Ageati- at Ko������������lan������l.  .IIVS-EK, McKIXSOX * CO., Ajtcnl* at TUrcc ForkM.   ~THOS. WILSOSf, A������ent nt Jrall.  DUDLEY D. LANCASTER. .  N. B. BUCKLER  BUCKLER & LANCASTER ;  Will "Buy and Sell on; Commission  MINES AND STOCKS IN TRAIL.0REEX  BOUNDARY CREEK and SLOCAN CAMPS  and all Legitimate Properties Elsewhere.  hekJ  MR, SMITH % CO.;  Biscuit Manufacturers.  "WI-tlTIE   FOB   PBIOE  LIST:  VICTORIA        -        B.O..        0'*) "���������'  KOOTENAY.; LAKE   GENERAL  HOSPITAL SOCIETY      V  WKITE TO IIS. "*!        BOOMS 301-302 HIDE BIOC'K,   ..  LIEKEK*.   TFXE������K.4PU1��������� CIPHEK./ S_=0_k__V-N'-E3 - *W;_A.S*EC.  THE MINER mmnt  Is the Best Advertising Medium in West Kootenay.  All persons contributing- $i.oo  per month or $10.00 per year will  be entitled to receive the full benefits ofthe Hospital; in addition the  $10.00 subscribers will secure the  privilege of voting at the annual  election of directoi s.  A. H. CLEMENTS, Treasurer  J. BLANEY, Collector  Nelson, B. C, August 14th,  1896.  -     (119)  RAND & WALLBRIDGE  MINING BROKERS  SANDON,       -      B.C.  %  AH* Kinds * of * Fin6 * Job *Printing  - For.Mining Information and News of the Camps, Take  THE MINER  Piai)0 Lessons  < Given by an experienced lady teacher. Apply  at Thomson Stationery  Co's Store, Nelson.  137  We have much pleasure in  announcing that we have opened an'office in Sandon, B. C,  and are prepared to handle  any legitimate minings properties that may be, brought to-  ourattention. .  ���������122 !���������  Silver,       ORES...  c-S.*-.   WANTED.  "Write for Prices.   Give assays, etc.  State Ore Sampling Co.,  DENVER, COLO.,  ������������ f'-l  .1  '.'I  i  ���������(k_"l  i  m  ���������il  a  'I **..:  m 'r ;. sJf ���������  '"��������� THE:  ���������fi-Mtttfttt  '*���������.,:   's  -H,y .v'.^-:;;^'.'!,'* -'>Si\^-^7 -"r^'--_i***> C:>- .,-"*;.* -.*������������������������ ^^���������^���������T'^'^^L'V**!  ���������MlftER; NELSON B/^^^ ���������   .; ,:"!     ; - , "    .:   ; ^^-V / ;; /'  *.  v,-  ' .' ',__  ���������-������' y\ \y:i-  -*i^>i.;S^".t*-;_i'  ** ���������������  V^r's^M  ^���������^_,^_*. -fc/  ' '" **.  .   v.- _X(-^*- "i?  *-'   ..������ /rts r'-SLtl**'  . _--.-  ^;_^^-i>:  -**',/���������'������������������ -*  ������������������"fiT -I*  V -; ������������������  7wr >~ "���������*-���������* j^*  V  "Site -Jttte.  THE MINER .is printed on Saturdays-and  ~ will be-mailed t  uny address in Canada or  the Uni'ed States , "or one year on receipt of  two dollars.    Single, copies five cents.  CONTRACT ADVERTISEMENTS /'������"���������*-.  sertedatthe rate of $3per column inch,per  month.  ���������   .'  TRANSIENT ADVERTISEMENTS inserted at the rate of /J cents per nonpareil  line first insertion, and to cents per line"for  ������������������ each subsequent insertion. Advertisements  running for shorter periods than 'three  vionths are classed transient.  aLL COMMUNICATIONS to the Editor  must be accompanied by the n%me and address of the writer, not necessarily for  publication, but as evidence of good faith.  PRINTING turned out in first-rate style at  ,;., -. the shortest notice ���������  AODR-SS  Thi Miner Printing, _, publishing. Co  nelson.  b.c.  AMES HOLDEN CO.  Make First Class  Boots  #  ������������������*  and   ������������������  , Shoes  For riiners & Prospectors  ���������   ���������       (.18)  THE BEGINNING OF THE END.  Affairs iu the-* East seem to bo ap-  prqaching ft, crisis,'and'one tbat will be  eagerly watched by the whole world  The misrule of t.he Sultan has reached  such a pitch that it has become unbearable to all civilized people. There  are people who ask what business ib is  of ours or any one. olses. What .right  has England or France or the..United  States to. interfere in . the internal  affairs, of the- Sultan's*-Empire.  Would either of these .-countries permit the Turk to interfere in their  private matters? - In this"case miglil  is right. The might gives us the  power to enforce  those rights which  0a lofty molality.induces us to impose.  It is given to us and to other European  nations'and to the United States to be  gifted with a nobl. civilization, great  wealth and vast strength,. It  is the  * noblest attribute of a strong man* to  exercise his powers for the protection  of the weak and helpless. The greal  nations of the world stand today, in  this position "towards the suffering  Christian subjects of ��������� Abdul )>tiii.  Damned. ��������� *-  ' Hitherto the Porte has been ready  to promise anything and everything,  well knowing that the internal* dissen-  'sions among the powers would prevent  ' their- enforcing a fulfillment. It. is  an actual ��������� (act that Russia has never  yet been able to collect a single cent  of the indemnity awarded after the  last war.' But it seems now as if some  agreement had been come to among  the powers which will permit one or  more of them to teach the Sultan a  lesson.. The announcement that the  ������������������United-States -will-take a hand^in_tbe_  job pointe to the Absence of European  complications.     England    as    usual  _. seems to be taking a leading hand in  ' "the business. Her Mediterranean  Squadron'is at Salonica. Here it will  be reinforced by some United States  ships of war and an Italian Fleet.  .They will insist on the inauguration of  'certain "-reforms with guarantees foi  their continuance, or theynvill forcibly  depose the Sultan, and set up some  new ruler, or possibly a new form of  government altogether, the nature of  which bas doubtless been already decided upon. ,  ' ^ ���������    _.  represent actual cash. But itis quite  a different thing' when- a mere prospect worth a few thousands is^stocked  for a million, being- ostensibly bought  from its owners tor that sum. There  is an impression abroad that although  the original allottee of the shares may  be liable for the difference between the  ���������price he pay&arid the,face value, "'any  person who buysfrom him is not liable.  We believe this to-be a popular error.  If I he shares originally carry a liability,  that liability sticks to them throughout a hundred transfers.  Whether the shares are liable or not  to*assessment is of course doubtful,  though we have no doubt in our own  mind on the matter, but there is an  uncertainty.' As long as this uncertainty lasts wer-may be sure, that  the market for them will .be confined  to local investors. There is not tho  least chance of any European capital  being induced to invest itself in such  extremely flimsy stock." . __;   *"*���������  It is therefore quite refreshing."to  see a company like the London com  ing out on a fair arid square basis and  offering twentyflve cent shares to the  public for twentytive cents. There  is no .uncertainty s. about this, and  the value of the shares dependsentirely'  on the value of the mine.    -.'���������������������������      ~3*.  In this" connection it is noticeable  that very few of the companies ^registered in,Washington, have the magic  words "limited liability" at the end, of  their titles. ' Unfortunately we "are  notable to get at a copy of the raining  laws of that state*, but on this side,  the omission of the words from its  title would render the shareholders of  a company liable for its debts not  only up to the-face value of the shares  they hold,' bub every'"'shareholder  even ^though he, own only  one share would be individually  liable for every cent that the company  owns though the debt amounted to  millions, *"     ���������-"** <*��������� .  being made, Mh/Houston announced  that he represented several holders of  property in the immediate" neighborhood of thc pi oposed-hotel, and that  the granting of (he license wouM loyv-  er the value of this properly and increase lhi������ insurance, thereon. 'Upon*  this statement'which was n*M' even  supported liy the oath of the" deponent,  .the Stipendiary Magistrate refused the  license. From his decision there is no  appeal to any court of law, but,the  matter is likely to be,.heard;of in''another place.' The affair, is highly unsatisfactory and if the facts are as.  reported to us, it certainly deserves  further investigation; The rights of,  a citizen seem to have been trampled  on without any reason being given.  It is even said that Mn. Houston himself does not own any property, at all  with buildings on it in the immediate  neighborhood which , might give  him' a locus standi in the case.   -    ���������"'  ** STRIKES.  LIMITED LIABILITY.  The height of absurdity has probably.  been'reached in stocking a company  which owns an undeveloped mine for  ������w enty millions of dollars. This, it is  , to be hoped, will be the last straw that  breaks tbe back of the present absuid  Bystem of stocking companies that has  hitherto, prevailed iu thir country.  Our eonte__porai.es are almost unanimous in their condemnation of tbe  system, and our Rossland namesake  reiterates what was long- ago pointed  out in these columns, that though the  alleged non assessability of stock may  hold good as against directors, it will  fall to the ground at once* before the  demands of creditors. There are many  arguments which can be used on  either side and we suppose that some  day some test case will 'find-its  ���������way into the courts. When it gets  there one thing is certain .that the  law will not allow any pretext or subterfuge to protect a share holder from  his liability for any unpaid balance  on his share. A genuine exchange of  valuable " consideration for shares  would doubtless hold water.- For instance suppose the present owners of  the War Eagle were to agree "to sell  their mine for two million dollars, it  being well worth that sum, and were  to accept in payment one million in  ���������cash and one million in fully paid, up  -sharesof a new company, these shares  *would carry no liability because they  A proposal is being made .iiianating  from London to organize, a" strike  among clock labourers on a scale hitherto unprecedented. The, great dock  strike in London in 1880 which involved 100,000 men was practically .successful, but since then others have failed  of their object, for the simple reason,  that when trade was blocked at one  port the organization of owners permitted it to be can ied on at another.  The organizers of the present contem-  templated , war "are determined to  allow uo such tactics to defeat their  object this time, -ind are endeavoring  to secure the co-operation of their fellows not-' only throughout' Great  Britain, but'in every part of Canada,  Australia and the United States. The  contemplation of the suffering and loss  to private individuals who have nothing  whatever to do with 'the quarrel and  no power of aiding in its "settlement;  is not pleasant. It finds relief however in the conviction that no organization can control so vast au area, und  that the plot will tumble to pieces like  a badly boiled pudding.  Another stiike is actually taking  "place. It is one of the, good old blood  and murder sort that gives both to us  and our American set tiers comfort to  think we are in- British territory. At  Leadville in ' Colorado, the. miners  strike has assumed these ..serious proportions and has lesulted not only, iu  th_-dest.iiuction_of_mu^h_\*aluableprop^  erty but in the loss of still more valuable lives. The event is not without  meaning to us, if only to point out a  condition of affairs which is possible  even in this country. '*It is known  that there are in the mining camps of  British Columbia, some of the worst  men whose names were'not long ago  ii curse to 'the Coeur d'Alenes. There  are also", we regret to say; human*' firebrands amongst us who have exhibited  an inclination to start the'fire.' It is  to be hoped that reflection has shown  these worthies t.he error of their ways  and that.while being always ready* to  support the "miners in any fair and  reasonable demand they may have to  make, they will exercise their authority, above all, for the maintenance of  law and order. If power Is their ambition, this course of conduct will give  them their fill, / :  Mr. Heinze has returned from London without having bepn successful in  raising the money for his* railway  scheme. He says that nothing c<*n be  done until after the United States  election. Enormous masses of capital  are accumlating in Europe,' awaiting  the result, aiid it is generally felt that  if Mr. Bryan "is elected there will be  one of the worst financial crashes ever  experienced. This is tlie view that we  have always held, aiid Mr. Heinze's  failure to secure his' loan may .be regarded as the first shadow of the* impending disaster. The blow will fall  most acutely on our silver-miners, but.  our silver ledges-are so wonderfully  rich that it is possible they might still  be worked even if all other silver Inines  were to shut down.   At any rate they  would be among  the last to suspend  operations..  PHOFE_8_0-*iA_L ,���������ABD  K06temy:_;;lake  .. 'saw--Mill".��������� -: v.  ' ,?', ' ** * ' - _ * * -  Nelsori J Off i<r^; and''Yard  - FOOT OF HENDRYX STREET. .  Builder, -are. invited to inspect my  stock, of Rough' and .Dressed   *s  Lumber,   Shingles,  Laths, - ."  Doors, Sash; Mouldings   ���������''"  r.        ��������� Turned Stock, ,'&c.' .  ORDERSiPROMPTLY .FILLED.  ���������'.r  G_ 0> JUichaqaii  413  GEO.  A. Ii.  HALL,   PHYSICIAN .AND  Surgeon;  Office C. & K.' Building,  up  stairs. . " 1350]  AWHEALLER.    BARRISTER    AND  ���������   Solicitor, Kaslo, B. C. 314  ASSAYING.     UOBBINSfe LANG."   -AS-J  savers to   War Engli*.  and Associated  Companies, Hossland (354);  ���������VTOBMAN & NORMAN, MINING AND  _1__M Stock Brokers Hotel Spokane. Spokane,  Wash-   Telephone 027.     ,,       .     - [405]  MAHON, McFARLAND & MAHON. LTD.j  Mining and Share Brokers; Vancouver,  ju. _..   Members Stock Exchange. 330 *-  SIBBALD " AND PEASE, .GENERAli  Coiiimisuloi. and - Fowurding Agents,!  Wholesale Jobbers in Groceries nnd Provisions  Kevelstoke Station. (302)  T ION EL'"C. BAP.FF, Mining Broker of the!  -|_J Victoria Stock Exchange o. British Col-'  iniibia, Ld. Lbty.. Oilice, 32 Langley street,  Victoria, B. C. -    * .        874  GEO. SHEDDEN. STOCK AND SHARE  Broker, Victoria, B. C'(Member of tho!  B. C. Sock Exchange of Victoria.) Clients1  interests "carefully guarded and settlements  promptly made. Snares ut latest quotations.  Do You Want To Borrow.  It is as easy to pay off a Loan on our plan as  it is to pay rent. A $500 loan costs $7.50 per*  month and pays off principal and intcrebt iii  8 years, othor sums in proportion, .time of pay  ment limited to 8 years. First mortgage  improved property only. Ask tor prospectus. ,  **    W. J. G DICKSON,    .  Agent Equitable Savings & Building Association, . 384  RAINBOW  ��������� TISSUE  JUSTICE.  - We have been informed that .ertain  remarks of ours last week under this  heading have been taken as casting a  reflection on Captain Eitzstubbs.  No such thing was intended. He did  not make the law. He has simply administered ib according to the lu'sst of  his ability. The trouble is that there  is no appeal from his decision, which  was]unsatisfactory to the applicant for  the license. It appears 'that Cai'Tain  Fitzstubbs announced that .lie would  hear the application for the license on  a certain day at 11 o.clock in the forenoon. At the appointed time the applicant's counsel was duly present,  and now occurred a remarkahle thing,  so we are informed. It is so strange  as tb be'scarcely credible. It is related  to us that the constable was then sent  by Captain Fitzstubbs to fetch Mb.  John Houston. Twice was the emissary sent forth. What on earth  could Captain Fitzstubbs want with  ���������the presence of his ancient enemy?  After waiting nearly an hour Mr.  Houston arrived and the Captain  then declared himself ready- to go on  with the case.   Upon  the application  RAINBOW  For lamp Shades and Artistic  Decorations.  "FOR SALE ONLY BY  THOMSON STATIONERY OO. LD.  NELSON, -       ���������:     -      r'B. C,  also VANCOUVER. - . ;     1362]  MININfi. A4JENTM.  W. J. G. DICKSON.  *    ,   ���������    ��������� _ i  REAL ESTATE,  COMMISSION AQENT,  MINING  BROKER.  BEALEY BLOCK, BAKER ST.  DSTELSoasr, b. o.    .a.  W. A. JOWETT      ,  MINING & REAL ESTATE BROKER  < v   INslIBANCE and  * COMMISSION AUENT.  VICTORIA ST.,!;  '*   NELSON. B. 0.  *I*lt  THE BON TON  RESTAURANT.  Open   Day   and .Night:  y l TABLE)D' HOTE.,  BREAKFAST/;     "-      - '���������_'_.-        T T0?1*  lunch,    ��������� - " \. ia ro s  DINNER,    ' - . .t*'    e.TO:B  BOARD FROM $6.00 UP.  MISS  3M.  ______   X>TJE*_B*-_r,  PROrklETRES-.  -      (230)  -  FOR SALE,  BAKER ST-  ' Two'LotB with Three Stores.  BAKER ST.  One Lot with Two Stores.  VERNON ST.  Several Lots (Fifty foot frontage)  403        .     ~f. J.'������. IMck-MM. Baker 81.  ANTOINE MlURlN.  :__NF_Ei_-_i  > " -.,:��������� '   ,  r _ -J*  DOORS, SASHES and^jnBDL-.WJBt1'';'/.''':!  BUCKETS aud OFFICE FTC"_1NGS.  ���������".���������**���������  SATISFACTION   ClJAltANTEEp.  RRICES REASONABLE.  5 B. C.  --".-' ���������"- ---!���������  E 5; TOPPING  TRAIL, &C.  Bas for sale lots in Trail and Deer Park.   Also  Mines in all parts of the Kootenay Gold Belt  Can furnish stock in legitimate propositions.  Ro not Monket) With Wild -Oats.  Will be pleased to  answer any business  enquiries.  -.-,.- - . *-. 14211  **��������� ���������* ' -/  ' '  **.,   -A  /  '���������' /*.������.  -  .  >7 -r ���������_���������>��������� **���������  ���������c   '  '���������/v* -  v *_?_;���������  *���������-  ���������*  '  ,: -rsp  ��������� ���������  <.    ������^s  o    r  ���������C, Jl t--  _. ���������   "  *���������-__,-**' llf  ^  1 '...���������_,���������  "-   *������������������ *- *_���������*.  " / A \ ���������"  anil BiJDairii,  Dry Goods. Clothing, Etc*,  - *   NEW AND SECOND HASP.  NELSON  (293)  B. C.  to  Birbeck Investment,  Security &,, Savings bo.  Arthur R. Sherwood,  AQENT,  Nelson, 3. C.  383  BOTAl H0TI3L,  '   Cor. Mauley n*4 Mile* 'Street*,  NELSON, - ��������� ,   O. C.  HOUSE, FITTINGS and  -      FURNITURE* ENTIRELY  ������������������ .NEW. AND FIRST CLASS.  Bent locution Im Town.   Henntimt View..  Bar  now  Open  and  Stocked with  Choice Liquors and*.,Cigars.  ._____. Unequalled-.in-Kootenay. .     _  Give us a trial and be Convinced.  CHERBO & ^OpJ%tf  E.A. POWYS & CO.  ���������_N-EX_,.S03Sr, 33, C.  Mining Agents ami Sharebrokers,,  Insui ance, Real Estate. Commission  -    and Mining Machinery Agents.  A Ileijislcr kept with full particulars of Claims.  SALES NEGOTIATED.  P. G. LIDNER  MINING   ENGINEER  AND   METALLURGIST  SPECIALTY  Gold Mining & Gold Extraction.  *    NELSON, B. O. 396  Clarke Hotel,  Josephine St,, Nelson.  Enlarged, redecorated and  fitted throughout with -. the  electric light. Every modern  convenience. Special rates  for boarders.  The Har Ik hiipplleil with 1'lieteext Brnntl**  ������r U .Mom a ii<l Cigar*.  a  MRS. OIiAEKE,  Late of.Eoyal Hotel, Calgary  LAWRENCE HARDWARE ������0,  ��������� Our stock .is1 now very complete in .   -\.. -,-.  *,HMfafeoia;������Miiifii5  of almost every description.      J  We are here to do business.      If wc have not what-you want"!  )we will get it tor you.    Give us a trial for Goods and Prices..  TINNING AND PLUMBING.     '";,'  ���������_?_bQ*__.__3*E������*KC02Sr*E3 _sro. 21-. f  102  WANTED Golfl. Mm, Oner r CetiPTOBJIHr  WILL BDY or promoteMwr to ta_e-o.8.  WILL HANDLE Bondsof Eleclnc Steam or Ko se Cat Railways.  Mill .liimfirb or Floal Bonds tun. '  Manhattan Investors* Securities Co.; Ld.  - ** - ������       <> ���������*  17 and X9 Broadway,  379  KELLY, DOUGLAS & 00.  "V-A.ISrCOXT'V^EI., B.O.  WHOLESALE   GUOCEItS    AND   DIRECT  IMPORTERS FROM  China,   India  and Japan.  A Full Stock of Groceries, Cigars. CiRarettes,  Tobaccos, Etc._   .      . *  Prompt Attention to All Order*.  [329]  NELS0NJ-OTS.  NOTICE.  Having appointed W. J. G.' Dickson  local agent for addition A to the town-  site of Nelson, intending -aurchasers of  lots or parties wishing information,  plans or price list of the addition will  please apply to him.  400 F. C. INNES.  I TURNER; BEETON & CO, I  M WHOLESALE MERCHANTS^^mm*. -  m .' ' ���������    m* ���������" "���������'' IMPORTERS  g A LARGE STOCK OF   . :.M  i ���������*mam.urnsi^s:rwm%  M JXTST' IJST *" - . W.  A Car Load of  1 portlaMp   ceMeNt.  i  ORE BAGS ALWAYS IN STOCK  Victoria and Ne'scn, B C. ar d London. Eng. il  "j2A8)_������ m  JOHN  HIRSCH,  Provincial Land. Surveyor.  Office:  NELSON   AND   BOSSLAND, B. C.  UO  Fred J. Squire  HAS RECEIVED HIS SPRING STOCK OF  SCOTCH TWEEDS, SERGES, WORSTEDS  '   AND TROUSERINGS.  #  . PRICES 4-  TWEED SUITS      - - -      $25.00 UP  SERGE SUITS - : $27.00 "  cor. baker and ward STREETS. so  NELSON, B.C. THE.MINER, NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER :_6, 1896.  MINING TRANSFERS.  l!  -?  I.  !  Where no consideration is named in transfers  -  the nominal sum of $1 is to be understood.)  NELSON.  September 11���������  Sweet Lilly���������A Myers to R Keldip J_.  Oro Fiuo���������G Birlch to T J Duucari  8300.       _   . --���������    .  Sept 12���������  Calgary���������P Carr to H Brown etal %.  ��������� Regina���������W T Mitchell to H Brown et  al %.  : Sept 14���������  Tom Thumb���������Geo Atchison to Helen  Parker % 8150.  Gottenberg���������A Modigh to F Kaiser et.  al % 8500.  Rover, York, Gussie, Queen of Quartz,  Plata���������R E McTCeobnie claims 1-6 on  ginbatake contract. ''  Rosebud���������F C Thompson to David Oit  $100.  Sept 15���������  Violet���������Alex Hodgson to J Irving }0  825.  Violet���������Same to J.Reith % $25.  . Violet���������Same to A Hessen % 825.  Aberdeen���������N Nattestadto H Healey J.  $250.  Amie���������R J McDonald to A F McDo'n-'  aid Yi.  Caledonia���������D R Marshall to Geo Atchison $100.  Farhnam���������J B Davignon to J C Spellman J_.  Alida���������Same to same 4��������� ���������  Cleopatra���������R S Lennie to A H Kelly  all bis interest.  Exchequer, Cleopatra���������A H Kelly to J  C Drewry $500.  Copper King���������J E Donaldson to E C  Traves _ $100.  Sept. 16-  Bigr Four���������P H Kennedy to J Clark et all }.  Annie L���������Same to same J.  - John L���������J Clark to P H Kennedy etal \. -  Hazel Dell���������same to samel.  - ��������� Blend-A Campbell ta F Fletcher \,  Sept 17���������     '  Golden Cross���������W B Leitch to A Zetlar 1-1.  Ida, Neptune���������John Mc Gingle ct al to W M  - Newton 1-2. <  Sept.18���������  Darnelly���������A Reith'to Dune McFarland 1-3  1150.    '.  . Brian���������Same to same 1-3 9150.'  . - Lyts���������D J Jackson to W A Archer $1000.    ,  Annie���������A F McDonald to P Thibodeau i.  Aspen. Molly Gibson, Florence���������J F Reilly ct'  al claim grub stake interest.  Sept 19���������  North Side, Orlando���������A Lovcll to E D Brown  etal $1000. -'.  Sept 21���������  Peterborough���������W Moore to J C Hooker *.  East End, Sunnyside and Badger���������J Hooker  to A B Adams.    .  Ashland, Caledonia, Great East, Peterboro,  Hillside-J H Wright to A B Adams.  - Star-J W Johnson to W H Swedfcgcr 1-8.  S-*pt_2-- , t     .-.  .   Brian, .Darnelly-A Rcith to J Noonan 1;3  9*100.  Rod Horse, Blue Grouse���������E W Hughes et al  to J T Wilkinson et al I.  Inv.st.r-BR C Walboy to H J Phair 1-2  ���������800.   ,     . ���������    - _     -  Investor���������Same to same 1-2 $250, -    -  -'   Michigan-H J Phair to  B RCWalbyl-4  $180.  ���������Intercolonial���������Same t. same 1-2,  . Sept 23��������� '  Tommy���������G D Root to P Brush J. -  Tommy���������Same to J M Miller 1-3.  "   Freddy. Panhandle-P Brush to J M Miller  1-a.    .  Ontario���������RW Craig to J L Parker bond.   .  -Bedrock���������J W. Parker to P H Peterson option  for fiO days. -   - ' .  '- Josie, Ben Hur���������0 L Shankland .to D McLennan*.  White Hone, Annie, Maud���������A Christmas to  8 J Mtgh ton etal 1-2,  Wilcox. Bywater-Phillip Whito to E D.  Brown,: bond, $40,000 payable $.000 in 25 days  112,000 6 Feb 1897, $12,000 6 June W, and $12,000  BOctl8B7.  Rossland-Hugh McGlynn to W Caldwell 1-2.  Indaina���������J Curten et al to W J Noble.  Sept 24-  Mullan-W N Dunn to F McDonald.  Violet���������D Roop to A M Campbell 1-2.  Sept25- , .. _..  Wild Horse���������John Cameron to W L Germaine  l-a $100.  -" ' BOSSLAND.  September 1��������� .   _  Albany��������� W  B Dennis to the Little Jumbo  Gold Mining Co.  *��������� Tbe Ettie���������A Preslar and Alex Constantine  to J J Hand $250.  N P-B Sculle.   D K English and JCMc  Crarey to C Tetley.  Uresbam���������James Burke to A A McMillian |  ���������*���������������������������������  September 2��������� *  Spokane Girl���������Joe Fltzharris to W Finn J.    J J Hand to Chas Tetley, .,  -Marta-H Marymont.to.G-Winehall������,  - Grand���������Wm  Fitzpatrick to A B McKenzie  > and A N McKenzie \.  Ottawa No 1 I Michael Kealey to J F Ritchie  and A B McKenzie.   ' _  Grand���������Wm Kirkpatriok to N II Greene ..  New Girl���������Row Thompson to M S Thompson  i$50. .- '      *  St Lawrence L Iron Colt i. OldlDominion I���������  . B Atkinson to E J Noel, $2000.  - Electa���������E L Knudson to S H Bryan.  Electa���������S H Bryan to Robert Scott.  Heather* BeH,   Glad store, Livingstone and  Ramping Lion���������A W Wright to A E Denison .  interest in option.  Jersey-WE Harris and T LHenry to W H  Finlaison \:  Jersey {. Robert Wright}, Venice |. Marino  1-2, Breckenridge No 1 1-2, Bicyclo J, Plow Hoy  1-2, Lucat 1-2, Pino 1-2, Homo Rule, 1-2, Fircns-a  1-2, Buffalo No 3. B_ 0,1-3, and Mikado-W  E Harris to J M Harris.  3   Saldy Marks Fraction���������P Cunningham to A  T Montcith. y  September 3���������  Stratford���������H Fohlln to Krist.no Wiggom J.  -  ���������    " Kay to G G McKay f.  L C Dilman to F A William-  Columbia No 2  Ron . $75.  Gold Leaf and Bctraiid���������J C McNoal to J C  Sears 1-2,  Annie Lco-S L Saul to J P Moran i $200. '.  Gallant   Kate,   Wlnnlo,   Bessie   Lee���������Wm  Pugh.to John Humphreys J in In each.  Ethel. Red Top, Bannock, Le Blanc No I, Le  Blanc No 2. Le Blanc No 3, Northern Light.  * Drill and Elephant���������W G Paine to H E Lawry  1-10 in each $750.  Same Claims���������Evening Star Mining Co. to H  E Lawry 110 in-each $592.75.  ���������_   Same claims���������M B Dolan to H E Lawry 5-10  $1770.* ,-,  Same" claims���������W G Paine to M B Dolan o-io  $1  - Alma���������Chas Peterson to J E Alstrom i.'  September 4���������  Deadwood���������Fred Halliday to C W Callahan  Banjo���������A L Benton to Eliza Gangln 1-2 $50.  Vancouver No 1���������T H Tracy to A Williams -  Treadwell, Bluejay J, Inverness, Violin Lake  Australian Cornet No.3 i���������F W Baur to A Williams.   * .  Lottie���������S M Wharton to L C Crawford J.  Badge.-D K English to T McCafferty $1000.  Glencoe���������D A. Mcintosh. W H Lancaster and  C A Teasdale to F W Rolt.  Yale���������Geo Talbot to the Yale Gold Copper  Mining Co.  Standard���������W T Clark to Reginald Slade 1.  Geneva���������W J Enslow to It Slade.. .  September 5���������  Esther���������H E Miller to J W Wcnthworth I.  Iron-wood Fraction���������C Peterson to C AI Carpenter. .   J- '    ,  ,'    Shamrock���������T Caven to A Hackct 1-2 $100.  . Monitor���������W Kelling tp D W Higgins $1000.  Sept 8���������   ���������**  Pink���������T W Wren and H Stevenson to B F  .Shawbut, agreement for sale $1500 and crown  "grant.        *'  - Mascot���������Chas  Dundee to R II Pope and J P  Greaves agreement i $16,000.  Abraham Lincoln���������L Merril and W C Bealle-  to James Pearson $2000.  Woodstock���������R Hamilton to S ?.l Johnston  $200.  Superior No 4.���������A Madigh release of his interest.  Lauder���������Hugh McGlynn to 31S Thompson J.  Aomo���������G W Williams to J A Mulrony 1-2  $250,  Tiger and Uncle Sam���������J Cronie, T J Coffee  apd "ft A tkin_on to J A Finch $3000. Extension  djfbond.  Charleston __>o 1. Iron King and Jessie Xo 1���������  L C Crawford to G H Bayne 1-J2.  Sunset No 2, Gold Hunter and Alabama���������II  Conway to H C Waltci.,1-2 in each $8000 Sept 1  '96, and $10,001 Sept 1, '97. Extension of abovo  agreement: $2000 down $200 on thc 5th of each  calendar month, beginning Oct tith *96 balance  of $18,000 September 1,1897. ' .    *  Pilot Peake, Indiana Boy. Intrinsic, Oronno,  Knight Hawk, Lone Man, Wyandot; Golden  Empire���������A L Montcith to G N Bayne 1-2 in  each, ���������>  Leslie���������C L Capp to Lou is Le vy. *���������  Sept 9��������� *��������� .    -     *  Little Hazel Fraction���������Michcal O'Brien to C  P Robbins L H Long and Dennis Clark 1-2.'  Rangor No 1���������John Thompson and Thomas  Chatterton to W H Finlaison J. -���������   -  Terrecuppcc���������W IIB Anderson to R C Watson J.   ,  Missing Link-E D McKay to G G McKay 1-2  Missing Link���������G G McKay to J A Howes 1-2.  Sept 10���������  Superior No 2���������A S Hughes to It M Grogan.  Tidal Wave���������John Jackson to Geo Tcrhune  and R W Tcrhune. *  Orlaff-J Kirkup to Geo and R W Tcrhune.  Bortrand. Burnalea���������J C McNeall to J C  Sears 1-2 in each, work.  Charleston No 1, Iron King and Jessie No 1���������  L C Crawford to A T Montcith 1-12.'  Sept 11- *  Annie Loc���������S L Saul to James P Moran 5-24  $100.  Richard Turner���������J W Thompson to W C  Bcallc 1-2.  Cocktail���������N Campbell and D McDcrmid to J  M Clark.    ' ,      ,  Bobolink and Bluebird���������W Goodrand and H  E McDonald to J M Clark.    Cocktail, Bobolink and Bluebird���������J M Clark  to W L Parrish." , , -    .  Same claims���������W L Parrish to T W Beamish  1-5,  San Franciso���������Martin Salmon toF I Walker  Golden Shamrock���������Hugh * O'Hare to Alex  McKenzie I. .        , ... ._, ���������  ��������� Hattic-A E Price to M A French and W H  Germaine. '-.,  Annie Lee���������S L Saul to S A Madden h  Woodstock���������Chas Bates tu W J Green.  ' Lizzie Hughes���������N L Jackson to W CBcale.  Dip-ChasNicls to B Cardock .830.  . Atwood���������Mary E  Rammelmcyer   to A D  Provand 5-12.  Atwood-F W Hunt to A D Provand J.  Sept 12���������   '  Iron Peak���������V P Wiesonthal to J H Cox 1-2  $30, i  Bald Eaglo. Bald Eaglo Fraction 1-16, Nora  Darling, Mt Key No 2 J, Mt Key No 1 i, Burke  J���������James Burke to Mrs H G Anderson.  Highlander. Tacoma-Hugh Morrison to W  K Brown 1-8 $15,  Stockholm���������Harry -Fahlin to Carl J Thorsk  1-3.  Sunset No 3���������Noil Stuart to' S P Jones and j  Tr.ivers $1050. - -    ���������  Golden Gate No 2-W J Noble to G G McKay  Sept 14-  Pionecr-W B McCoy to J B Miller. .  Poscn���������Thos Joslyn lo John Barry 1-2.  Crescent���������same 1-2.    '  Bluo Copper���������C Bates to W F Hornshoe."  Superior No4���������W H Lane to C A Baldwin 1-8  Myrtle���������Thos Graham to John Callaghan 1-2  $:������o. - -   -  Marion and Rob Roy���������J A Mulroncy to  British Columbia Syndicate 1-2.  Golden Wes_t Fraction���������TS Gilmour to A D  Provand.  Superior No 4���������W J RobiUhon Deputy Sheriff  to R C Watterson;' notice of sale under execution of interest of H W Lane.  . Littlo Giant and Tillio H--Chas Bates to F J  Davy and Fred Halliday, option for 30 days  $4000.   $2000 cash. $2000 in six mouths.  Bannock���������R F Ticchurst to C H Debeck $3000  Sept 15-  Poor Property���������H B Wodsworth and Jas  Quillian to L Merril and E1) Brown agreement  to issue to parties of second part, 50,000 shares  of stock���������part of consideration of thc purchase  of property. *"- '---  Hattio Fraction���������H E Paulonicr to Lewis  Levy  Superior No 4���������R M Grogan to E B Hall l-2.-~  Copper King and Little vitte���������C Northbridge  and W F Hornshoe to H E Cover.  . Copper King���������H K Cover to W D O'Toole,  agreement to sell, $1000 in six mouths.  * - Vv".  KASLO.  Sept. 11���������     '.  'Solomon Lion���������C Von Moerkerk? to  T J Procter  M     -    -  Hazel C���������'G T Eves to M J Mahoney, _  Surprise No. 2���������W S Montellius to E..  H Rippeto J_. .        .. ��������� -,. -  Independent, Gem, Yosemite���������E B  Hosford to W R Ramsdell i   - ���������-"*'        -.���������_  Same���������W R Ramsdell to. A O Evans, %  8500.  Sept. 12��������� i-    --.  Granite���������W R Ramsdell to Clara E  Evans, % $200.  Slocan Chief No. 10, Kootenay Qi.. en���������  B Person to F LaCosto,-1-6.  Sept. 16��������� "-.-  Bryan Fraction���������J T Eves ro M J  Mahooey, J_  ,   -  Neosho Ledge���������J'' Henry to" J W  Adams, M -  Slocan Chief No. 10, Kootenay Queen -  E Carpenter.to F La Costo, 1-6     - .  -' '   NEW DENVER. .   *  Sept. _��������� ..  Elkhorn���������P Carrieri to F D Mitchell*  Sept 5���������   .       '*''"*'     ,     ��������� '-   ���������  Cameraman, Redornian and Summit���������  W Davies to M LGrimmett 1-10.  Real Idea���������J S McCarvill to R S  Hughes. . ���������   '.  Sept 7���������  Ruth Fraction,--^ H McVay to J Y  TJes__rll-6r.   . '"T     -'"""'' ��������� "    .        -'  Ruth Fraction��������� W H McVay to F P  O'Neil 16.     *.   ���������        -������������������--'  - Idea, Real Idea, No 2. and Pintpr-R S  Hughes'to J Hughes.  Wild Goose-S Ely to J  $1,000.  Wild Goose���������J Cronan to J Vallance  8125. .  ' .       - .  Lyda and Empress���������A Bartlett claims  M* * "   ' -  Chicago and Newcastle���������J Bulko and  Mike Mellan to J F Reilly. -   -  Chicago, Newcastle," Excelsior No 2,  Black. Prince, Gold Bank all interest,  Pringle ���������%, Blaok Cloud, 27, Anaconda,  Vancouver No 3-*J F Rielly to T Kelly  and W J Christie.      .    ���������  Black Cloud���������same, 8300.  Release on Black Bess���������J A McDonnel  and G O Foss to Frank Sexton $150.  Victoria���������J "Powers, to R Cordick 2-9.  Bimntick���������D McPberpon to'R Cordick  2-9. " '   ��������� '���������  Sept 9���������  Nnepawa and Baker Fraction���������A Mc  Gillvray, J_d Shannon; Jno Todd, D D  McGillvray to D Bell Irving bond for  $30,000.      ���������"  liendina-L, Anderson to Jas Woods "i  $ioo:  : Blue Grouse and Lone Star���������J L Retal  lack to E G Schmidt release of mortgage  $150.  Queen Bess���������W Glynn to J A Finch  and P Larsen % $5.  Queen Bess���������M W B Stacey and G-F  Gund to W Glynn $7,171.36.   ;  -Wild Goose���������E W Nettleton to-HE  Graves 1-96 8100.      .  SeptlO��������� '   "  -    **  Flood No 2���������J Ryan to E A Tomlinson  Silver Cord���������T McGovern and J Sheri-  dau to W A Hendryx $700.  Sept 11��������� -  Rabbit Paw���������J L Drumheller to E W  Nettleton 1-6 $135.  White Swan,  Sunshine. No 4, Black  Eagle, Young Dominion No 3, Maggie,  Little Darling, Ycung~Bear���������W E Ten-ill  to D J Weir 1-6 S500.  S.pt 12��������� .     ,  Comet���������T Finn to J Gillhooley.  Highland���������Jas Delaney to Mrs Nellie  Delaney **������.  Belmont���������C McNicholl to Mrs W A  Carlvle.  Sligo���������W Davies to M S McDowell 1-16  S400.  .Cronan %  \otlc. or Application for Crown Grant.  "ATTENDED.','  rpAKE NOTICE that T. J. Lcndrum as  J. agent for Alfred W. McCune and Henry  Giegcrich has filed the necessary papers and  made application for a Crown Grant in favor of  the mineral" claim "Attended" situate in the  Ainsworth Mining Division of West Kootenay.  Adverse claimants, if any, .must file their  objections with mc within 60 days from thc  date of this "publication in the British Columbia  Gazette. *��������� .  N. FITZSTUBBS,   '  Government Agent.  Dated Nelson, B. C, July 29, 1896..     <412,1,8,6)  "ELLEN." * '.-:;.  rpAKE NOTICE that T. J. Lcndrum as agent  JL for John H, FinK, Joseph Strict. Earnest  Harrop and Lowis R. Lindsay has illed tho  necessary papors and made application for a  Crown Grant in favour 'ofi the mineral claim  "Ellen." situated ,-in the Ainsworth 'Mining  Division of West Kootenny. _ .,  Adverso claimants,- if any, ��������� must file their  objections with me within 60 days from thc  date of this publication in the British Columbia Gazette.  N.. FITZSTUBBS,  -Government Agent.  Dated at Nelson. B. C. July 29,: 1896.    [4U.1.8.G]  "BUGABOO."  TAKE NOTICE that T. J. Lcndrum, as  agent for Alfred W, McCune and Henry  Giegrich,- has illed tho necessary' papers and  made application for a Crown Grant in favor  of thc mineral claim .VBugaboo," situated in  the ,Ain8worth. Mining Division .of West  Kootenay. . ..__...".'.  Adverso claimants, if any, must rile their  objections with me within ������J0 days from tho  date - of this publication in the British Columbia Gazette.  ' N- FITZSTUBBS, ;  Government Agent.  Dated Nelson, B. C, July 29,1896.    "    410,1,8.6  K  NOTICE.  INETY DAYS AFTER DATE. I, W. A.   Jowett, intend to   apply   to  the   Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works, for permission to purchase the following described  tract of land, containing threo' hundred and  twenty acres more or less:���������Commencing-at a  post marked "W, A. Jowctt's N. E. corner  post," situate close to tho cast bank of. Slocan  ���������River about 14 miles from its mouth, running  thence south eighty chains, thence west forty  chains moro or less to.the bank of the river,  thence north, following the bank of the river  eighty chairs more or less to a point due west  of the point of commencement, thence east  forty chains moro or less, to point of commencement. ' * "���������"'._- - "���������  Dated, the eighteenth day of June, A. D. 1896.  NOTICE.  A   SITTING OF THE  COUNTY^ COURT  of Kootenay will be holden at SANDON  on Thursday, tho flrst day of October, 1896.-  Nelson,B.C.    . '  T. H. GIFFIN,  September 4th, 1896. "Registrar,.  The National Matte Smelter!  * A practical and simple method of matting  sulphide ores, such as nickel, copper, gold and  silver ores. In localities where, lead ores.and  fuels aro scarce and almost unattainable, our  pvritic, water-jacketed Matte Smelter' has  been recognized with highly"* satisfactory results, and has been-thoroughly tested on various pyritic, sulphide and arsenide ores, in .capacity of 2 to 80 tons per day. It is tho most  practical, cheapest and * simplest-, method- of  gold and silver ore matting and concentrating  that is known to-day.     "   . "      '-'    ,   ...-  It requires no" extraordinary skill, no lead  ores, no fluxing material, and no fuel of any  kind for the smelter after it is started, lho  sulphur in the ore is its natural fuel only, and  sits cost h,is no comparison with any other process of concentrating. _    ,  We aro prepared to furnish any size or capacity - plant' complete to substantial mining  people, set it up and furnish our men to run it  lor them on easy payments. -Prices and specifications furnished with references and testimonials on application. ..  . National Ore & Reduction Co.  5727.Cheltenham Ave., . ST. LOUIS, Mo  Manufacturers of Furnaces-for   ' '   -  Nickel, Copper, Gold, Silver and Lead Ores.  CWtTmCATE ������*. IMPROT'EMBXTS.  -   FERGUS MINERAI7-CLAIMr~7  Situate in the Ainsworth Mining Divib-  ;    ion -pv. West ."Kootenay   District.  ���������   Where Located:���������About One and Onr-  .' Half Miles North L'crf the Town of  ' Ainsworth: ���������'  ���������TAKE NOTICE that I, A. S. Farwell, act-  Ling as agent lor Alfred J, Marks, Free  Miners Certificate No. 73908, intend, sixty days  from tho dato hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of  the above claim.      '-.  '-And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must bo commenced bofore the issuance of such certificate of improvements,"  - Dated this 14th day of July .IIS*-. Y  ' "398-18-7-6 A. S.-FARWELL.    ;  LONG TOM MINERAL CLAIM.'  Situate on Toad Mountain in The Nkl*  son Mini.ng Division, West   Kootenay  District. *, - -  IT-iaKE NOTICE that I. Frank' Fletcher  A. Agent for E. A. Powys Free Miners certificate No. 65011 -and Wm. J. Lindsay Froo  Miners Certificate No. 65024, intend sixty days  after tho dnto hereof to-apply to the Mining  Recorder for a certificate of improvements  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant" to  the above claim. .   - -  And further take-notice that action under  Section   .17, must   be .commenced before thc  issuance of such certificate of improvements.  r FRANK FLETCHFR.  7th September, 1896. , (430.12 9 6)  FOR SALE.  Thoroughbred -    Pedigree     Rough  Coated   Yellow   Sable   Scoich   Collie  Pups   best  blood   in   the   world,   at  William Perkins & Co., Brokers,  Baker Street, Nelson.  ; Opp. C. & K. Land Office. 431  ii   *  .Co's'  N2.-1  Telegraph  MATCH  HULL,  CANADA  Nothing at all  the matter with  these matches*  J. M. CAMPION, Secretary-Treasurer.  Telephone 310.  J. E. W. MACFARLANE, Manager  _-���������    ,.   ���������        Telephone 449  B.G. IRON WORKS EQMPANY.  SOLE MANVF.-CTl'ItEKS OF THE    .  Kendall Band Mill,  B. C. Shingle Machines,-  Steam Log Hauling Machines,'.  Marion Steam Shovels,  Improvad'Winding Hoist,'  River and Harbor Dredges,  King Ditching" Machine, ,  Wrecking Machines,  Ballast Unloading, Etc  .UiKVT*} KI������R  Reeve's Wood Split Pulleys.  Cable Address: ��������� "Cove"  CORNER ALEXANDER  4iE_EIRAI. ; FOUNDERS,     ENCilN-  * EEUH-, 'BOILKlt  9IAKEK8,  and Manufacturers of  AM .llAfctl-   ������������' MAnUMlt.  Sn"\f Will rlu Murine "Woik a  Specially. ���������  AIL WOKK-UIIAKAYrEEIt  -  Keep in Stock a Full Supply of En  ginccrs'and Mil] Supplies, Hping  and Fittings,  Brass Goodn,   ���������  Steam Fittings, Etc. |  Ff-tiiriit'fi frr ToilrrK m.d crglnc.  on application.  Mail  Orders    Receive  . Attention.  '  Telephone :tltt.  STREET AND WESTMINSTER'AVENUE.  Prompt  P.O. Drawer 17R  7ST^_^l_TOOt_r^7"_B_R, _B, G:  All Agreements are taken subject to the approval of  and other delays  the Company at Vancouver, and are contingent upon strikes, accidents  unavoidable, or beyond our control. .   - (326)    ���������*-  CAMDIJl! PACIFIC KAILf AT  _fl__ST_->   SOO   PACIFIC   ROUTE..  Shortest ai Quite! Me to  Kaslo  & Slocan  Kailw&y  ,   *"*   TIME CARD NO. I.  Pacific. Coast ofl- Eastern Points.  St. Paul, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal,  St. Louis, Kansas City, Buffalo. New York.  Greatest YariBty of Routes, Bail jmL Stealers.  Leaves Nelson Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10.00 o'clock," making  close connections with Transcontinental trains at Kevelstoke. '���������]'���������'  Extra trains will leave Nelson Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 17 o'clock.  Passengers for points north will leave at .17 o'clock and for points south at  10 o'clock.-.   /.     -' _      ���������*' '*-���������_  J.HAMILTON, H. K MACDONELL, v        GEO. .McL. BROWN, -  Agent, Nelson, .    Trav. Frgt. and Pass, Agt.. Nelson.*    Dist. Pa_e. Agt. Vancouver  Columbia and Western Railway Co.  .'���������'   time table In Effect June 2nd.  Train,  ,No. '  v.  '3  2  4  Leaves.  Rossland. *  - ���������* v-  Trail  Time,*  7 -A. M.  3'p.m.'  8 A. M.  Arrives..���������.  Trail  Rossland  Time,  7*45 a.m  4 P_ M.  5:45 P.M.  9 A. M.  All trains run Daily, on Pacific Standard time.  00-NNE0TJ0NS: Columbuj, and Kootenay Steam Nav;  Go.'s Boats. Spokane Falls and Northern Railway via  Northport, Canadian Pacific Railway via Revelstoke.      ������  WEST  THE . SURVEYOR'S   CHAIN   MADE   IT  ,:'THE. SHORTEST '.  TRANSCONTINENTAL    ROUTE.  It In lhe "Host Motlcrnlut_iuliimenl.  It Utile Heaviest Ball-A Mne.  II haw a Kock-HiiUwtt _to������dbert. :  II t'r������*Me������N������Sand IteKRrrtii. .   "��������� "-*���������'"-  II 1������ lD������e Only Line Kunnlng  LuxarlouH  Club llooni Cam.   .  It Is Noted r������r thc Courtesy of ltd Employe*.  It i������ the Only Une Serving Heals on thc  -    a la Carle riaa. '--     ���������'  THROUGH    THE  0RANDEST # SCENERY  ' IN AMERICA BY DAYLIGHT.   ;  Attractive Tours "during Season' of  Navigation on Great Lakes via Duluth in  connection with Magnificent Passenger  Steamers Nogthwest and Northland.  'For - inaDS. tickets and complete information  call on or address Agents, K. & S. Ky., C. & K.  S. Nav. Co., N. & F..S. Ky., or   -��������� ,      .  V". ������. D1XOK, Ueaerai Agent,  Spokane, Wash.  F. I. "WniTSTEY, ������. V. * T. A.,"        ;   ���������  [351] *  St. Paal,>MlBB.  Tie S. 1INGERONA";  "Will make round trips*on  _D_A_IIj  (Except Sundays'])   BETWEEN   Spokane Fails &  Northern R'y*  Nelson & Fort  Going West. ..  Leave (',00 a.m.  8.36 fum.  9.36 a. in.  9.51 a, in.  10.03 a.m.  10.18 a. in.  10.30 a.m.  10.39 a. m.  10.50 a, m.  Daily  Kaslo  Going Kast.  Arrive 3.50 p.m.  South Fork      "    ' 3.15 "p.m.  Sproule's ���������' 2.15 p.m.  Whitewater      " ��������� 2.00 p.m.  Bear Lake '    - 1.48 p.m.  McGuigan " 1.33 p.m.,  Bailey's " 1.21 p.m.  Junction " 1.12 p.m  Sandon        Leave 1.00 p.ro^  Subject to chango without notice.  For  rates and  information   opplj   at th  Company', offices.  ROBT. HIVING, It. W. HRYAN.  (2641  Traffic JlanaRer. Superintendent.  Arc.  COLUMBIA &  KOOTENAY  * STEAM'   NAV,  (LIMITED "    "'  TIME CARD! No. IC_  Y'     ''-la. Effect  J������ae sth. I8M.  CO.  BEt'EXSTOHE BtHiTE-rMeaaKr "Kaku������p-  - Leaves Arrowhead for Nakusp Robson and  Trail Mondays,. Wednesday, and Fridays at  7 p. m.   - .  Leaves ..ai."for Robson. Nakusp,-Arrow  head and Canadian Pacific Railway points  (east and west.- Tuesdays,' Thursdays and  Saturdays at 1.30 p.m. -  Connection is made at" Robson with C. & K  Ry. for Nelson and Kootenny Lako points.  ,   NORTHroRT-TIUlI,  HOIITE  Steamer **I.yttoa."   ,,  Leaves Trail,-, for Northport Daily except  Sunday, at 8 a.' hi;, returning to Trail same  evening. -      .    ., -' r  Cnnnccts'.at 'Northport with S.* F. &N. Ry-  for Spokane.  NF-ISOVIU-DIO _ROVTE,----tr lioMwee."  leaves  Nelson for Kaslo Daily except Sun '  days at 1:15 p.m. _.-.*���������  " leaves Kaslo for Nelson Daily  except Sun  days at 5:80 a.m. ���������  ' Saturday, June 20th and every 2nd Saturday  following Steamer leaves Kaslo at 10 p. in., /or  Bonners Ferry; Returning leaves Bonner's  Ferry Sunday at noon.'-*-'  The right is reserved to change this schodule  at any tunc without notice. *.  For tiokots, rates, etc., apply.at Company's  oilice, .Nelson. . *-,-       i.  T.ALLAN,  ��������� "*  ���������" Secretary.  "3. W. TROUP,  Manager  Sheppard R'y>  AU MU to^^aBB/ Wasli.  ,: ONLY RODTE TO TRAIL CREEK AND ,  Mineral District of the Colville Reservation  Mod, Kaslo, Koottnay Lake k Slocan Point..'  Daily (Except Sunday) Between Spokane  and. Nelson* *   **  Leave 840 a.m. KELSON Arrive 5.00 p-m.  1'    7.00 a.m. SPOKANE   "' 6*15 p-m.  Passengers for Trail Greek mines con  Deotnt Northport witb Stage and Steamer  Daily.  Close connections nt Nelson with  Steamers for^ Kaslo and all Kootenay  Lake points. "~  .. - Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek, connect at Marcus "with Stage  Daily,        -'."���������".  Tbe Nelson & Lardo  STR- CITY OF  Pilot Bay and Sanca  (Granite Creek)  CaiiiIng at Davie and Ant Point ,,on  Tin. Uoote.  Leave Pilot Bay 930 A. M.   Arrives at  Sanca 12 noon  Eetnrnintr, Leave Sanca 1:30 P. M.  Ar.  -Pilot Bay 4:30 _P. M.  ������ PRESTON, Master.    D. &, KDRTZ, Purser.  In connection with the present-sailings will make regular trips to  SANCA  Commencing on or "before Mondav,  July 27th._  Leaving Kaslo on Monday. Wednesday and Friday at 8:00 a. m.  Leaving Nelson on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:00 a. m. *  NORTHERN*'  *L   PACIFIC^BY.  RUNS ."������������������..  Pullman Sleeping Oars  Elegant Dining Cars  Tourist Sleeping\ Cars   '\\������-  /���������H-.-rAint  ro  tflMMiAPOWS "  miLUTH  FAK������0  ������UA.\D   l'OKK>.  CROOKSTOM  IIKLKNA an*    '  BIIITB  THROUGH   TICKETS  -TO���������  cniCAee  WA.BIKKTOX  PHILADKLf-HIA  NEW V'OKI-  noSTON and all'  Points East, ^  West aud B-mth.  For information, time cards, maps and tickets  call on or write    ]'-'"    -  > F. D. GIBBS,  ' General Agent, Spokane, Wiuh  or��������� A. D. CHARLTON .  Asst. Gent. Pass. Agent Portland, Oregon  S.S. Alberta  The right is reserved to change' this  schedule at any time without notice.  - , ��������� m  LEATB KASLO for Ainsworth, Pilot Ba7 and  Nelson daily (Sundays excepted) at 7 a. m.-  LEATE NELSON for Pilot Bay* Ainswortli  and  Kaslo daily  (Sunday, -excepted)   ab  3.30 p. m.  * Close .oiinection ia thus made "between Lake  points and all outgoing and incoming trains Of .  the C. P. R. at Nelson.  *        -    -  The steamer is newly equipped in every Par  ticular, is lit throughout by  electricity, and  contains bathroom and all modern conveniences  fpr the comfort of passengers.  ' The above schedule is iu effect 1st of Apri!,-  1836 subject to change.  JAS. WAUGH GEO. F. HAXWAKD  Purser^. J___ter   ~  ,ii  if  *. 'I  ���������''I  '���������'������������������J  4  !4  VI  tt-ff  . v:  * n  _!  I  ! :1  )���������  y  /


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