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The Miner Feb 15, 1896

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 ���������.TVTn.v/.rtf���������__���������  J'  r ���������  THE MIMES IN KOOTENAYJ.ARE  AMONG THE RICHEST IN  AMEBIC A.  j$j0&^0?^m?^ THE ORES ARE HIGH-GRADE  N-  ^^���������^Hai^i-^4 ��������� ������������������   GOLD, SILVER, COPPER  AND LEAD.  .  Whole Number --_*&.  f\  Nelson,  British Columbia, Saturday, February 15,   1896.  Price Five Cents.  METAL QUOTATIONS.  NKW YORK.  Feb.���������  8  10  Slt.VI'll.  Lkau...  .078.  ..������7'4  .300.  11 l_i 13 ll  ,...(.75.. U.S li7.J....i>"J  .. .300.. .holiday, .steady 300  -Ol-I-Kli.  From lames Lewis k. Suit's Annual Report.  Consumption.-'!.'!!'!!''!. has been a ^<^f'  able increase in this during lho yeai, o.Mi.ou.ill'  in tlio United States, whore, however, it is very  ditlicull, to ascertain what it real y is owmgto  the fact, of no reliable retm'ns ol alneks bi-iiiK  made. Tho estimate of tlie New . oik Mel. 1  Kxolianiro shows an increase ot nearly -i.dllO  tons in the latter, wliicli would give an lnerens-  edco sumption of over 30,000 tons There is  no doubt Unit, with the groat ex tension ol  electric traction, and in tlie -i_iiln.coiii.-iit; or  Copper for Iron telegraph and telephone wires  :.. ,_'._ n.,__-_,_��������� sii.iiits during the nasty ear. tlie  In  Llie  increase there lias boon very K^\-  same direction there is likely to be a laigo _o. -  tiimption in Kiigland nnd on lho Goiiuiiuiir.  during the present year, while, wi h theini-  provenienf, in Kiiglish trade now nking place  and for the additions to bo made to Llie world  generally, more Copper will bo runuired.    .  The future valuo of Copper continues to  depend entirely upon the extent of American  production which the past year has shown In  be capable of great oXpanMon. lhe cost ot  production at the principal American .Vines  annears t" average about ������3.> yer tun, butv. it h  S selling price below ������10- thi-. A���������*������������������  would not give a very high ratoo inlercst on  the large amount of capital invested mil.'  and works, and would not. allow ol a Sinking  Fund for the extinction ot tlio cost of these  works or to provide for the exhaustion of the  mines. As it is move prolllablo I or them to  sell a moderate iiuantity ot Copper al. a hi-'lic  price than a large quantity ata lowprice hui  wisest policy wool,, be to restrict 1 on t* > u<���������  tion within reasonable limits and only siippl  their own and Riirou'-iiii murkols v. ith as, miic I.  Coppsr as can lie absorbed at a (pim ���������*!  would give thorn a fair return on then oill. s  of capital. A range of prices beu;'ee .1.1 ���������nil  ..50 per ton for good nii'rcliaiiiat.le si.cn-,  therefore, reasonable to exjiect liuniifc' the  coming year, as it would not givu i " ^'^O1  profit. to producers and would m no way interfere witli consumption.  prodtjcFoFtiie mines.  NEWS OF THE CAMPS.  RETURNS ������OR 1896 UV TO DATE.  OKE TlfEATED IN KOOTENAI'.  1,021)  At Nelson   At l'ilot Bay   OKE ExrOHTKB.  From Slocan via Kaslo   Slocan via Nakusp..-   Trail Creek (gold ore)   Ainsworlh   I.Slll  li,01"  l,.i!������  HSi  1,0'Jl  I-   2.S71S  SLOGAN.  Worked is .topped on the Ajax mitl  Ruby Silver,  Tlie union tunnel on the lliircpaii-  Goodetioiigh claim, is nearly finished.  Two new tunnels are being run in  on the Cumberland. One is already in  :������U feet and the other ISO feet.  Cue hundred and fifteen cars nf ore  went out over (he Kaslo and Slocan  railway in Jaiiu.-u-v, The value of the  ore nearly reached" .-.200,000.  The Grey Eaglo has been stocked for  $250,000 and the -hares are now being  put on the market in Spokane. ��������� Col. S.  Wharton the manager is calling for  tenders Lo sink a 50 foot shaft on the  property,  Many preparations are-being made  for activity iu the neighborhood of'  Slocan Oily during the coming season.  Aylwin ������.���������_ Co. anil Gething & I-leuder-  ���������im are applying for liquor licenses,-  Bourne Bros.. Hill Bros, and others  will open stores. .Lovatt will move  his sawmill from Sandon. W. H.  Brandon .will pnt up dwelling houses.  On the claims themselves work will be  commenced as soon as the snow clears  oil.  TOWN OF TRAIL.  LOCAL   NEWS.  MIKING ENGINEERS 01 B. 0.  Mr. R. C. Campbell-Johnston who is  well known iu the Kootenay bas been  elected president of the newly formed  society of Mining Engineers of British  Columbia. It is reported tliat Mr.  Campbell-Johnston who is at present in  California will give up his busiuess iu  Vancouver and come to reside in Nelson.  He is interested largely in Kootenay  mines.  CANADA'S   LOYALTY.  Total Tons   l'K-DUCK OK SMKfiTr.KS.  Nelson (Hull Mines) Matte-.-   Pilot Bay, silver lead bullion........  ORE SHIPMENTS.  Itvlnriis Since lasl -Week.  VIA MAKUSr.  Rucecau to Everett.. ���������'.   Slocan Star to Argentine   AUr.no to Omaha   "Monitor to Tacoma.   Kucccau io Kverett...   VIA  KASLO.  Noble Five to Smelter   Last Chance t.o Smelter   Slocan SUU- to Kverell   KnUi'lo ,. '   Sloean Star to h\oiell   Headman to Smelter  ���������  Last Chance '"    Whitewater to Kverett   Slocan Slav t,p Kyeretl.-��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  .Mountain Chief (Payne), do.  Ruth to Smelter..  Noble Fi-'o to **"  Slocan   Hoy  8.8-1J  M'ON'S  .. -115  ..    ISO  Jan. 23.  - Jan. 20.  Jun. 26.  Feb. 1.  Fob. 2.  Feb. :i.  Feb. 4.  Feb. a.  Feb. 0.  Feb."  . Feb. 8.  Smeller...  to Kverett.  Feb. 3. . No.'.!  "Whitewater,  Rueccau  Last. Chance to Smeller   Whitewater to Kverett   11. E. Lee '          Noble Five to Smelter   Headman "..    ���������������������������������������������  Northern Rello lo bineller.  Slocan Star to Pueblo   lleudnian to Smelter.. ....  Wellington  to I'.vercit   Slocan Star to Pueblo.......  -via-A l"N S-W LiK'i'lf.���������'-^  lo l'ueblo   15  -to  ���������to  20  20  17  ;J2  15  15  15  -17  ;������  i:t  15  :������  15 '  io  ���������in  t.ij  is  15 ,  15J  HOI  i:������l  15  17'  :\i  15  131  00  15  In the Dominion Parliament last week  the following resolution was introduced  by Mr. McNeill, seconded by Hon. Mr.  Uavies and curried unanimously; that iu  view of the threatening aspect .of foreign  affairs, the Canadian parliament wishes  io express ils unalterable loyalty aim  devotion to the British throne aud eon-  -tiiutiou, and to repeat the otteu expressed  desire for the maintenance of friendly  relations with the "Uuited States. Sir  Kichaid Carlwright, and Mr. Davies  uuited in declaring that in tne event oi  war Canada would face the consequences.  Sir Hector Laugevin vouched tor the  loyally of the French of Quebec.  MINING NOTES.  From our Exchanges.  Twelve'year's ago Moody's -farna",- now  the sue of Johannesburg, was ollered to  IJuron Grant lor $250,000. His expert  however made an adverse report and the  matter dropped. It is held uow at a  thousand million dollars.  Iu "1895 there were 901 mining companies registered iu England with au  aggregate capital of S536,lJ3-,S*05.  Under the Transvaal law any person  guilty of rising or rebelling agaiust the  government forfeits all his mining rights.  This is what may happen, to members ot  the reform committee both English and  Americans who were arrested iu Johaii;  uesburg. As most of these men are  holders of the richest properties in the  !.-lauil their trial will cause great excitement.  VALUE OF SLOGAN OKE.  12  737  and  The following are   the contents  values ot tbe ore now beiug shipped iiom  tho principal Slocan mmes: .  MINI  Dcadman..-.  ���������Noble Five..  Black Fox..r*.   Last, Chance   It. ti.T.eo...   Goodciiough   Washington. ..:..-  Northern lielle   Whitewater ���������  -Ml. Chief (l'ayne)  Slocan Star   Hnth   l.nrkrJim  :  "830 bags  shipped.  \pprox.  A'alue  S71 00  ���������Hi 30  101 00  S3 no  V.'li 30  1S1.25  11)1 00  in no  ���������Jl 00  77 00,  S'.l (il)  ill 25 '  115 SO  SI 50  THE RAILWAY WAE IN SLOCAN.  The dispute between, the Nakusp &  ..locan, (or C.lMi.) and the- Kaslo Slocan  Kailway which culminated hy thi latter  tearing up and destroying the works of  tbe former in December last, has been  brought before the railway committee ot  the Privy Council at Ottawa. The C.F..U.  was represented by Mr. Abbott aud Mr.  Clarke aud the Kaslo Slocan iby D. J.  Muuii of New Westminster, W. J . Taylor  of Victoria, and.). H. Gray,���������'engineer of  the line.  Tbe evidence of Mr. Gray showed that  the laud iu ipicsiiou wtis not necessary to  the C.P.-R. uud that other routes weie  open to.them.  The case was adjourned.  RECENT LITERATURE.  A Chinee at This Important Smelting Voint  on tlie Columbia.  The look of pained astonishment on  the faces ot the several thousand people  whose remark "You kuow the Trail Creek  country ot course;-'", only produced a reluctant negative, may be held directly  responsible for this letter. Th.it look  grew in intensity. It haunted me. I  turned and fled. Happy day. A ringing  "yes" cau now supplant the faltering  "uo", aud a paternal "ask-away-I-know-  all-about-it" air is mine own.  Your correspondent found himself the  other day tripping down the bank to go  on board the little Illeeillewaet for a run  to Trail Creek. Out into-the stream  swung the sturdy little craft aud the rush  of tbe rapids shoots us dowu like a big  toboggan.' On either side the ranges  rise from, the cool gray shadows of the  wooded shores to the sparkling, sun  bathed,, summits. We have our stride  now and faster and faster swing down  the current. Every turn of the winding  river reveals some new and picturesque  combination of fir clad slopes, time riven  crags and snow clad ranges agaiust the  blue beyond. It is wii h a ' feeliug of  disappointment at pleasures so'' soon  past tbat we round the last bend and  run in under the steep bank.  "Yes sir, this is Trail.Creek. Can't you  see the Dig smelter on the hillJ yonder?"  and here we are.  Trail Creek country and the towns of  Trail and Bosslaud have been so often  described- that details are unnecessary.  Your correspondent will therefore confine himself rather to impressions than  descriptions. As the natural river outlet1  for the surrounding region, the town of  Trail is now and always will continue to  be one of the best poinls in tbe district.  This verdict har been rendered by those  who should know aud the present trip is  nrsearoh of reasons.  Even its most enthusiastic admirers  are forced to admit that the townsite is  rather rough aud broken, but enough  good gouud exists for all" busiu ess purposes. As for the remainder, the place  has the usual rugged attractiveness ot  the Kooteuay with, the added beauty of  ihe river and the Trail Creek canyon.  When one'- remembers that a t^v  months ago this town consisted of ti  hotel, a restaurant and a grocery store,  theu stepping from tbe boat is con-  frouted by from fifty to sixty places of,  busiuess from bauk to meatmarket, sawmills, stores; restaurants, hotels, newspaper/customs house, brewery, bonded  warehouse and so on through the list,  one becomes simply a walking interrogation point. Tbe answer is up youder on  the hill above the towu. Let us go. and  take-a-look atifc.       ��������� . -----    ~     '���������'  Mr. F. Aug. Heinze, the Butte smelting  capitalist, secured a contract from the  Le Koi and other properties at liosslaud,  tor about 75,000 tons ot ore. He then  proceeded to' the details of his little plan  which includes a smelter, a railroad and  a few other trifles.  Standiug ou the edge of a bluff of the  Columbia river, aud some 100 feet above  the level of the town, are the smelter  buildings. Through the kindness of the  foreman G. C. Munro, your correspondent was shown (-through ihe -works,  and something of their purposes explained at length.  Beginning with the roomy office buildings we pass down the hill. Here are  tbe ore bins, twelve in number, holding  100 tons each. The ore runs through  the usual processes from bin to breaker  to the rolls of the sampler, then to the  big rolls, iuto the bins, roasters for'cal-  cining  and  tbe. matting furnace. The  two 14x00 tubular boilers in the power  buildiug are as yet ample for the rope  transmission, but may be added to in the  NEWS OF  THE   WORLD.  of this high grade ore have been  THE WKATlLKtt.  ��������� The Iweek. opened with some sharp  frost*-, but on Wednesday ii chiiiook  set in It continued on Thursday  with warm winds and rain and lasted  over yesterday.   This morning a little  " is falling but it cleared "',  x. in.  e ���������'       THERMOMETlSK.  llin.  snow  at 10  off  Feb.  ....10-  ....10������  ... 37������  ....:n������  ....43 =  ....50 =  YY.Y.u0  ..."...ii3  .22 ������  Y.YYYYn'   30������   32o-  9���������Max  10���������  " 11���������  " 12-  ���������' 13-  "     11���������  ���������'     15-         ���������>"���������'"'    These readings are taken at !) a. in. and c-on-  -caueutly represent   the  highest and lowest  ��������� teXcra-Jr- l*������ur*-  THE MINER PEJZE COMPETITION.  Up to the time of our going to press  four essays have been received. The  signatures to these are:  "Pro  bono publico,  honorque  vinciai."  '���������Toad Mountain."  "Agenda."  "Canadian."  We hone during the dav to receive  others. After the last mail arrives  this evening the essays will be handed  to the judges, 3Iess*rs. J. A. Turner  "and J. H. Bowes who will make the  award.  In a busy wotk-a-day conntry like  British Columbia it might be supposed  that books were tit a discount and that  no one hud auy time lo read anything  except the local newspapers. This is not  the case. Books of all kinds are eagerly  bought aud "eagerly read, aud as far as  light literature is concerned oue is just  as hkely to find the latest novel iu a  miner's "cabinin Kooteuay as iu a London  drawing room. We did actually thus iind-  Dodo iu a Kootenay cabiu at a time when  it was hot from "the press in Euglaud.  But though -we British Columbians are  ready to read anything, few ol us have  time to write, but we have.one or two  authors amongst ns ..whose uames are  already well known.  Phillipps-Wolley  Ot these Mr. Clive   li _      is   easily     the   first'.  tlis latest book "The Queeusbeiry Cup"  (London. Methuen & Co.) will certainly  inciease his popularity. It. is essentially  a book for boys, but grown meu may-  read it too aud be all the, better for it.  The story deals with the adventures of  two .English lads from their school days  to  the   destruction of  Wilsons gallant      band in South Africa.   The whole book | j-'j^'g ei"-ht  future. The plant proper consists of oue  50 ton blast furnace, two O' Hara calcin-  crs of GO tons capacity each; two reyerb-  eralory furnaces surmounted with four  rotary calciners each, dust chambers and  stack. When fully completed tbe plant-  will have a total capacity of about 300  tons daily, but it will be some time  before that desirable figure is reached.  The plans of the plant are very com  pleto.a'id the system is the latest and  most successful." With practically unlimited quantities of ore to draw from  the future of the venture has already  assumed that roseate hue so pleasing to  a man of "Mr. Heinze's artistic taste.  The row about right of way which has  kept the two townsagogfor several weeks  appears to have been temporarily adjusted aud the tramway people are now  advertising for men and material sufficient to double the pteseut gang. Home  rather heavy rock work remain  doue aud it will bo well along into the1  .Spring before tbe mighty output of precious rock rolls over the rails from Rosslaud to Trail, and "The drivers cease  from swearing, and tbe mule teams' are  at rest."  Iu the towu of Trail busiuess is good  and j;etting better every day. So soy all  those who are in it. Trail hicks in many  ways that tang of frontier spirit so dear  to those who know and love the "good'  old times in tbe good old camps", but she  means' business in the most modern sense  and has as littlo time for "frills" as any  of them. "  The sodg or the six shooter never warbles in the ears of, the gentle Trailite.  lie is too busy getting a move on in  chase of the nimble u'ngget to find time  for such nonsense. The traveller need  not fear for creature comforts in the  town. Seven hotels and several restaurants oiler- their sheltering arms, and at  or   teu  general "merchandise  The bond on the famous No. 1 mine  at Ainsworth has been taken up by  the Nova Scotian syndicate who now  own the property.  The report* that have been going  about to the effect that contracts have  been let by the Hall Mines for bringing ore down by teams are premature.  Yesterday was the feast of St. Valentine and Wednesday was the Chinese  New Year. The latter was celebrated  with the usual display of fire crackers  and other noisy pyrotechuics.  The formal opening of the Royal Hotel  will be celebrated with the usual appropriate ceremonies by Messrs. Cherbo &  Booth in the new building at the corner  of Silica nnd Stanley streets this evening.  We regret to hearof the death of Mr.  Green senior, father of Mr. Robert Green  of Kaslo. ' The remains of the deceased  gentleman have been shipped to his late  home-in Pembroke, Ontario.  Mrs. Ironside died at her husbands  residence ��������� on Victoria street this  morning and will be buried tomorrow  afternoon at 3.30 p.m. The deceased  lady had been ailing for some,time.  Mr. A. M. Johnson who recently  passed his final examination as a  barrister and solicitor was presented  to the full court in Victoria on Saturday last by Mr. E. V. Bodwell. c He  will probably return to Nelson during  the coining week and open an office  here.  The s.s. Nakusp got rather a severe  handling during a storm on the  Arrow Lakes on Saturday last and  consequently had to lay up, over one  trip, for repairs She was however on  the route again yesterday and left  Nakusp for Robson at noon. Her  passengers will arrive here today,  Superintendent Johnson has nearly  got his smelter ready for work again.  Certain iron work Is to arrive tonight  from Spokane which can quickly be  adjusted. The work of fitting,new  sheaves and clips to the tramway is  still going on and will probably be  finished on Tuesday when it should  be in working order again.  The ranks of our professional men  have been augmented by, the arrival of  Dr. Syihonds. The new doctor took  his degree at Edinburgh in 1884 and after studying further at Dublin andLon-  don passed intothe Royal Navy in 1885.  He came to this country as one of the  surgeons of H.M.S. Royal Arthur the  flagship of the Pacific squadron.  After eight years of service he retired  on a gratuity and established himself  at Donald, but being attracted by the  tame . and growth of Kootenay has  now come to Nelson and settled down  amongst us. His offices are in the  Bealey block.  A NEW LODGE.  ���������vf Court of Independent Order of Foresters  Established in Nelson.  A Court of the Independent Order of  Foresters was instituted, at Nelson on  Wednesday evening last by Mr. W. F.  Swannell. Mr. Swannell holds the office  o* Deputy Supreme Chief Ranger of the  order. The Lodge opens with a strength  of 21 members. This successful organization which is an offshoot of the Ancient  Order of Foresters, has no less than 85,000  members in Canada the United States  and Great Britain aDd has also a surplus  81,500,000. The head office of this order  is in Toronto. The increase of membership last- year was no less than 25,000.  The establishment of a branch of this  order in Nelson is very much to be commended. The following are the officers  of the new lodge, Chief Ranger, D. G.  Eaton, Vice-Chief Ranger, A. G. Shaw,  .Past__ Chief-Ranger,_M.._J._,McGrath,  Physician, Dr. Arthur, Chaplain, F.  Short, Recording Secretary, W. B. Shaw,  Financial Secretary. W. Hudson, Treasurer. \V. Graham, Senior Woodward. W.  Wilson, Junior Woodward, S. F. Jefiers,  Senior Beadle, J. Henderson, Junior  Beadle, A. W. Sharp.  Yale is to send a crew to England to  compete at the Henley Regatta which  takes place on July 7. 8 and I).  During a violent gale at Denver  Cnl. a railway train "was blown from  the track.  TRANSVAAL DIEMCULTY.  PRESIDENT  VISIT  KRUEGER  ENGLA-iU.  WILL  Mr.  Chaniherlaiji's    Views.  Prisoners.  TrinI   of   tin*   ������������������  The bid of the Morgan syndicate for  the United Slates loan at $111,687*  was accepted for $-3,211,500 the remaining 8-tt,778.6_0 been awarded to  other parties whose bids were higher.  The premium on gold in New York  has increased from i to _. This is tho  natural result of raising the recent  loan in the country.  Mr. Justin McCarthy has retired  from the leadership of the Irish Pa rim-,  mentary party in tbe House of Commons. The choice of his successor  lies between Thomas Sexton, Edward  Blake, (of Canada) and John Dillon.  The selection is likely to take some  time.  The intention of introducing a big  navy bill into the German Reichstag  hasbeen finally abandoned.  Professional pugilists are not having  a good time of it. The United States  Congress has passed a law making  prize fighting a crime; Thereupon  the sports cross the border into Mexico  and endeavor to bring off their mill at  the town of Juarez, Here they are  met by the Governor and 1000 soldiers  who absolutely forbid the fight.  Meanwhile the National Sporting Club  of London telegraphs an invitation to,  them to come over to England and  fight it out there, in the club, which is  the finest Sporting club in the world,  and backs its invitation with a purse  of $25,000.  NEWS OF THE DOMINION*  A dividend of 10 per cent has been  paid to the creditors of the Commercial  Bank of Manitoba.  W F. Mathewson has been elected,  president of the Winnipeg Board of  Trade.  There are 16091 miles os railway in  operat ion in Canada.  Arrangements are being niade in  Toronto for the visit of the British  Association for the advancement ot  science in 1897. The Dominion government and the government of "Ontario  will contribute Targe sums towards the  necessary expenses.  - In consequence of the number of  "fake" sheets started to take advantage of the free postage accorded to  newspapers, all journals in the Dominion are to be registered. It is extraordinary that this hM not been done  before. '. " "r   THE NEW. GAS FEOM AN ELE0TEI-  0AL STANDPOINT.  THE SKATING OAENIVAL.  Pro-  breathes a spirit of manliness, courage; st6res he cau  buy most necessities   aiid  aud honor,* qualities   whose   possession : nianv luxuries.  alone could-make the heroes who died i . -j;i"ie n.-.ual predictions are now in order  together on that memorable day.    When j Traji wjh he a town' of 3,000 before  the  all  the Empire is ringing with loyalty, i, end of the -.e:ir-    ^ wjh  (j0 j^e  usmal  i when Tenniel writes beneath his cartoon; < business ofau important point in a busy  i "Come the three corners of the world in arms,   mining region.    .She has come to stay. '  i And we .-hall shook theni:  nought shall make ,     jjc, jandj for this  time. .The  driver  is  yelling "All aboard". A moment later  the restive span plunge away over the  snow and wc are wrappi*-:. the robes  aivuml n������ for the seveu mile spin to *tne  town" of Rossland.  Ciiek Chako.  The Carnival at the rink last Thursday  would have been a greater success if the  character of Jack Frost had been better  represented. As it was the chiuook  wind took charge and the chilly monarch  was scarcely in evidence. In spite of  these unfavorable conditions the rink  wtis crowded and there were a number of  dresses which showed considerable ingenuity in their conception and manufacture. The following were the prize  winners. Best Ladies Fancy Costume;  Mrs. MacDonald (snow) 2nd, Mrs. Ball  (Hospital nurse.) Best Ladies Comic  . ������U7���������, i Costume; Mrs. J; A. Turner (n news-  'paper) '2nd, Mrs. Baxindale (bride.) Girls  Best Fancy -Costume; Miss. Etta Muir  (Klootchman) 2nd. Miss. Sansom (Miner.)  Best Lady Skater; "Mrs. Johnson 2nd  Mrs. Ball. Best Gents Fancy Costume;  Mr. P. Turner (cricket) 2nd,. Mr. Squire  (sailor.) Best Gents Comic Costume;  Mr. Ball (American abroad) 2nd, Mr.  J. A. Turner (Canadian..winter costume.)  Best Boys Comic Costume; Oscar Robinson ~(Pierrot) 2nd, Clarence Goepel  (Mother Hubbard.) Best Gents Fancy  Skating;'H. Dbuough, 2nd C. Donough.  "church NOTICES.  Sunday, February 10, 1896.  " Methodist Church, Corner Silica  and Josephine Streets. Services at 11  a. in. and 7.30 p. in. Sunday  School 2.30 p. m. Prayer meeting  on Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Ep-  worth League of C. E. on Tuesday  evening at 8 o'clock.  Presiiiyterian Cnui.en. Services at  11 a. in: and 7.30 p. m. ' Sunday School  at- 2..0. Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p. in. . Christian  Eifdeavoi Society meets every Monday  evening at 8 o'clock.  On the 15th ult., at the Milwaukee  meeting ot the Northwestern Electrical  Association; J. C. M'Minn.in a paper on  acetylene gas, thus'summed up the situation from an electrical standpoint:  This is a new gas, havlug an illuminating power much greater than that of  common gas. No investment for street,  mains is necessary, hence the gas com-  paaies must use it.either as an enrichcr,  or as an adjunct to ther present system  to supply isolated buildings which can  be reached neither by their present  mains-nor_by--el-ctric__lig__^._It__they^  obtain the rights for this gas, they will  have a weapon which will be as much  stronger than the Welsbach burners as  the acetylene flame is stronger than the  Welsbach light. To produce this gas or  calcium carbide the gas companies must  put in electric plants, whichwhen not in  use making carbide can de placed in competition in electric lighting.  There are places, and many of them,  where nothing will ever supersede the  use of electric lights, but when you, consider that only five per cent of the residents of south Wisconsin are- reached by  gas and only thirty per cent are reached  in Milwaukee, that even less can be supplied with electric lights, there is a field  open which is wonderful in the possibilities for successful investments aud large  business.  Most of your lighting plants are idle  during at least half the time, and could  thus be made producing plants for the  whole time, and;you could reach a territory which cannot be reached by either  the"gas companies or yourselves without  large outlays for extensions, and in most  cases not reached at all.  Of the following facts I am certain:  1.   The gas is intensely.brilliant.  .2.   It has a decidely disagreeable odor  if it escapes without being burned,  aud  when burned emits no odor nor smoke. "  3! The gas can be distributed for  much less cost (considering the.interest  on the investment) in the cities and also  to every resident of the state, whether in  the city or country.  4. The same amount of light can be  produced for much less cost than by ordinary gas or electricity, for one-third  cubic foot of acetylene gas burned per  hour gives more illumtnation than, a  sixteen caudle power incandescent light  or five cubic feet of ordinary gas.  Allowing a maximum cost of 850 per  ton for carbide, delivered either as a  liquid or as carbide, sixteen candle power  with acetylene,(oup-third cubic foot per  hour) costs .0016; sixteen candle power  incandescent costs practically .006; sixteen candle power ordinary gas, at 81.76  per 1000 cubic feet, with four-foot tip,  .0070_; or acetylene costs .IG of   a  cent  In a despatch to Sir Hei ciiles Robinson Governor of Cape Colony, Mr.  Chamberlain, Colonial Secretiuy outlines the present condition of affair...  He points out that the mining interesr  the mainstay -of the9 country, is  mainly in the hands of thc Uitlanders,  who are debarred by legislation from  the rights of citizenship, and .states  that the whole direction of.aliairs and  the right of taxation remain a monopoly in the hands of a decreasing  minority of the population engaged in  agriculture, whilst the majority, who  raised the revenues, from ������75,0(10 to  ������2,000,000, ai'e denied any voice in the  government ofthe Transvaal and ai ������������������  unable lo obtain redress foi- the formidable grievances' hampering and  injuring them incessantly.      .> ���������  -Mr. Chambeilain " emphasizes .ch'n  pacific aud above-aboard character uf  the Uitlander agitation and asseiis  that the Uitlanders' petitions weie -  rejected by the Volksraad amid.scon,r  ful laughter, one member of that body -  challenging the Uitlanders to take up  arms aud tight. -:'  ��������� " ' .  He then proceeds to state the position of Great Britain and- her claims  toward the Transvaal, saying: "Since  lhe convention of 188. Great Britain  has recognized the Transvaal as independent, ;internally, but its external  relations are subject to the.control'6������  Great Britain. There is no reason thub-  a foreign state will dispute out* rights,  but it is necessary tn state clearly that  the government intends to maintain  them in theii:. imegi iiy. Interna,iy  Great Britain is justified by her inLi.r-  est in South Africa as a whole aud liir  the stability of thu Transvaal, and tu  lend, her, friendly councils regarding  the ' new comers, mainly. British  subjects."  The dispatch then deals at. length  with the grievances of.'the Band and  expresses .Chamberlain's ..belief that  the difficulty of naturalization and the  franchise is lo be met by'granting the  franchise after five years' residence  and' the removal of the objectionable  features of lhe oath of allegiance,  which would still deprive the oath-  takir of his status as a British subject.  As the settlement involves so many  details which are easier, settled by a  personal conferen'ce, Chamberlain  suggests to President Krueger.that if it  is convenient and agreeable to him he  should conn* to England.        .   .-.-.  This invitation has been accepted  and a special meeting of the Volksraad  will probably be held to appoint "a  Commission to accompany the President to England. -'-"���������''.  The trial of the members of ...the  reform committee'is proceeding ! at  Pretoria. The cases of the Americans  arrested are under preliminary examU.  nation, the formal trial will probably  not be held until April 21. ;All,..the  prisoners ��������� including John : .Hayes  Hammond are out en bail.  CORRESPONDENCE.  18-6.  Kaslo, B.C. F_b. 11,  To Tbe Editor of Tiik Minkk. ;.    ' - .'���������  Iii you1, issue of Feb. 8th��������� among-the  "Mining Records" it shows that James  Yuill transferred to J I. "Cody a J^. interest of Iron Mountain on Jan. 20th. t  I beg to contradict this statement- as .1  have not transferred to H. Cody any interest in said claim, and will ask   you to  publish this contradiction.   Yours truly,  James C. Yuill.   [Mr. Yuill is   mistaken,__- The, transfer  is duly recorded as stated by- us. . It is���������  dated 28th August,  1805, although not  recorded until 20th Jan. 1896, and the  signature, ib attested  by H.    Lancaster.  ���������Ed.] " -    ���������'"  ME- RHODES AND THE CHARTERED  COMPANY-  , . ��������� \  After a brief stay iu England Mr.  Cecil Rhodes is off again for South  Africa: His return was not announced  until after an interview with Mr.  Chamberlain. It is generally believed.,  that Mr. Rhodes succeeded iu convincing the British government of his  freedom from complicity in- the law;  raid into the Transvaal.  The charter of the company has not  been revoked, but only modified. The  territories of Montsia and Ika'n'ning  have been withdrawn from its control  and placed directly under the charge  of thu Imperial authorities. These'  territoiies- lie adjacent to - "the  Transvaal.  Us rue.  It Kuglaucl to it-elf do rert hut true.  this book comes very opportunely. Tjt  may safely be placed in tlie hands of our  boys as a code r_eco_d only to tbat sacred  one upon which the strength of our  Empire rests.  RoJiAN Catholic Chorch.' Services   per hour as compared with electricity at  .6 ot a cent and ordinary gas at .7  ot a  cent'  The above figures are based on the  present method of manufacture and maximum cost, and no allowances are-made  for the improvements that must ueces-  first and second Sundays of the month  at Nelson. M.iss at 10.30. Vespers  at 7.30.  Church'of England. No service  on Sunday next. Ash Wednesday  (19th). Morning service and Holy Communion 11 a. in. Evensong and  7.30 p. m.  THE NEW PHOTOGRAPHY.  Professor - Roentgen's discovery is  not unnaturally attracting a very  great deal of attention'. ' By it organic  substances which are' usually opaque,  such as. cloth, wood, tinman flesh,  leather, etc., hecoine absolutely transparent ' so that a picture is obtained of  any metal or similar substance  within. Thus in photographing an  ordinary person the only things thac  show arc the buttons on his elot.heii,  the gold in :his teeth. Lhe money or  keys in his .pocket, and his skeleton.  Though this latter is organic it conu**>  out .somehow.' To the physician the  vaiue of -this discovery is immense.  He can locate, and deteimiiie the exact  natii-J of a fracture. He can discover  the'lost bullet without probing for it,  Professor Michael -' T. Pupin of  Columbia College writes, "One of the  most peculiar feature about the .-'X  ray' is.that it is so subtle that even  glass becomes opaque in its presence  This was demonstrated today by a  photograph which I took of a pair of  eyeglasses enclosed in a leather case.  In the picture there was scarcely a  tiace left of the leather: the rim and  other -metallic portions of the spectacles showed quite plainly but most  distinct of all was the glass. This  indicates that the  *X ray'   acts upon  sarily follow experimentation  by pract-1 objects in  a   chemical manner eating  ical men. ' {its way through them like acid. {, THE MINER, NELSON,,!-; .&, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15 i������96  mamiMm  ���������__T-TTfn1  ���������'ina- is ngnt." ne as������*i_,:__. "������___s_������  really was no need of a consultation; you  had. mastered the case so completely. I  must confess I should never "have sought  for the trouble in that direction."  VV.  -a near, specialist, associates wren  Wrench nere." ������������������ ���������  ���������.'Maj. Pas.inore looked's'earchingly from  Dr. Lancewood to Helen.'  "Is this Dr. Plyne a  recent  graduate?"  he asked.  He is, and as a matter of fact, I believe,  a relation of yours."  .         m_ uu u           "Oh, I see, I see," cried Maj. Passmore,  I-leasura-ie "enTotVon'st-uggled" wit     her !'his \ace assuming a verm Klion hue. "Hum I  CHAPTER II.���������Continued.  .From him this flattery came to her like  some delicate perfume, and  though- her  (Continued' from   Last- Week.)  "I do, decidedly."  "Have"you_examined her?"'  "Yes.   More'than once."  "And yet you have not hit upon tha  source and cause of her prostration?" '  "Oh, yes, I have," with an air of triumph. ���������' .  "Her lungs are tainted with���������"  "Fudge!   Not the slightest."  "Well, upon my word! Such���������such  downright egotism is���������"'  "Quite masculine," sarcastically:  "Bab"!' i I'll throw up the case!"  '.���������Tliank;you_"  "I thank thp fates-our affairs.nevtr' got j  beyond -a���������a���������flirtation. "  "Sojdo I; a mere flirtation."-'  "Enough of that," he said, completely  baffled hy her indifference. ' "Let us consider the patient."  "But I understood you to relinquish tho!  case." ,  "I do, I doi" mechanically putting oh his1  gloves.   "Heave it to you."  '.'Thanks." I believe I can satisfactorily-  conduct it."  "To the undertaker," he said sneeringly, j  pacing the room, as he struggled' 'with*his!  gloves. '  "No| to the church," she' retorted' smil-!  log*1     .  "The churchyard," sarcastically.'  "So, to the chancel," a whimsical smile;  playiiig'about her lips.  "Eh, chancel ? What do you'mean?"' Hei  paused with'his hand on the door knob'.  " Tha������! concerns my patient,'" disdain-'  taUt        ,  "But I have to make some report to Maj.;  Passmore^" ' ,  "Tell him we disagree," she replied," u_H  disguis-dly enjoying his dilemma.  "Now, Helen, why will you not be re*-j  aonkble? You are concealing something-  from me.' In spite of your perversity, I���������I'  love'ryou."' -.., ._.. ,-  She could have' melted then, ��������� but, with1  ���������n effort, calmly said:  . .  "Letups stick to the patient; please."  "No,1 confound the patient! I've'given*  *��������� np the patient. Now sit down, Helen, and'  I'll listen to'your opinion with all the r������-:  spect I'd giv. to^-"  "Will you, indeed?" archly  "Yes, I will. .Now, do be seated. I'm1  anxious, to know what you have discovered'  about Miss Passmore."  "And you Will listen to it, without prejudice?" she asked, mechanically taking ai  seait on the opposite side ofthe table.  "Certainly I will."  "Very "weirthen; since you concede' I'm'  entitled to an opinion, I will give* you'rny  diagnosis."  Thereupon Helen: related Connie's love!  8to_jr; and dwelt upon' how-she had im-;  proved since meeting Walter Ptyiie. -Wheni  reason, she was powerless to resist absorbing it.  "You will perhaps tell Maj. Passmore ot  our���������our conclusions?" she asked.  "Would it, not come bettor from you,  ���������being your case?"  "Oh, no; I fancy he would value���������that  is, your - declaration would have more  weight."  "Very well, if you think so. But let us  see; how can it be put? We can't say boldly: 'You must let your niece marry this  young fellow, or���������' "  ''Oh..-no,, that would never do; Maj:  Passmore is so dogmatical.  "Ah! I have it! We can say your niece  is suffering from u peculiar affection of the  heart, and we recommend that you place  her,under the ���������.���������are of Dr. Plyne, who has  made a special study of and understands  the complaint."'  "Oh, yes, yes, that would do splendidly!"  cried Helen. "But he doesn't know. Walter Plyne-is practising.".  "All the better."  . "But if, when he'learns who he is, he refuses?!'"  "We must abandon the case."  "Would you!'" *  "Decidedly, I should support you."  "And it would serve him right, for he i ���������  an arrogant'old  skeptic.   He has treat) d  me witli ill-concealed contempt*ever since'  I took the case."  "Oh,-he has, has, he? That must have!  sadly tried your patience," said Dr.' Lance-'  'wood,- with earnest sympathy.  "He has. He is not'the only scoffer.  There are masculine women, too; some;  who patronize, some who.sneer, and others!  so narrow-minded and cynical they make'  the career of a woman doctor positively1  unendurable!"  Tears of vexation were precions near, asi  ���������he - uttered- this passionate .protest; so1  near that his tender rejoinder brought!  them glistening and trembling on her long,!  dark lashes. -  "Yes, yes,'I can quite understand,Helen,:  the heathen bigotry you have had to con-i  tend with. It is crushing enough to a;  young man beginning practice, but to an;  earnest; sensitive'young woman it is cruel,!  atrocious, inhuman!"  She hastily brushed away the moisture!  from her eyes as she remarked: "Those'  are the only words of sympathy I have!  heard in my three years' practice." '  . "Oh, Helenl",he cried, passionately,'  grasping her hand as she "rose from the!  table, "if it had not been for my folly with;  Annie Grice, I might have saved you-from'  all this social torture."-  "It was not your,folly, .Dr. Lancewood,'-':  she said, turning away.  "Oh! yes it was, Helen."  "No; it���������it was mine. Annie afterwards  told me she had deliberately angled for'  you���������but���������but���������I'was too-proud to apolo-'  gize for the wrong I had done you���������I���������I���������  do so now," with ah effort to' suppress the!  tremor in her voice.  - Encouraged by her wavering manner he;  drew her firmly towards him, and said:  "Let "us forget that, Helen���������my dar-'  ling!" '  -There was a   moment's" resistant*-*, a  ..swift upward-glance from'her .moist e..-_.  'a  half-smothered  sob, a gasp; then v '  had - been   the haughty female physi  melted into the confiding, tremulous >v*  man, with her head pressed against .  heart.  "Oh! Helen, Helen! What precious  years of your sweet companionship I have'  lost!" he cried,' at length releasing her-  . "Yes, and I of yours, Gerald. And t%'  think if it had not been for this consultation���������"-  "It mighthavebeeii forever, darling. I  shall always., bless the day I was summoned here."    -P  "Audi.    "Oh! Gerald," she exclaimed^  she'had finished Dr  ed:'-'?.    -  -"-WelVI-- declare!  Lancewood exclaim-  -have'  should-neyer  looked at her case in thut light."  "Of course not. ��������� Men h'avft'*such"; tough,'  leathern' hearts they rarely think'ofthe  female organ being so much "more'fragile*  and sensitive." ^  "Then you believe her lungs are sbund?"1  - "Quite sound yet," but I adihit they are  deil-at..*"  ''There can be no doubt'of that," he said;  musingly, playing -with -the paper knife.  "Her^mother, you perhaps.know, died of  consumption.".  .   "Y.es-^so her aiint told uie.   But the girl  has no will power; she has-been 'petted  and. pampered from the cradle; every triVal  . disappointment she meets with she takes  -. to heart.. If she. is allowed to mope and  repine, as she has done for the last three  months, and further weaken an  already  delicate constitution,- we may  expect an  attack.011 her weakest organs,'the lungs.''  "Admirably  reasoned!    I  quite  agree  with you.'"-  Helen was flattered. In spite of an effort  at cool indifference, her cheeks , glowed  with pleasure at this spontaneous ack*  nowledgement. Still, she' tried to depreciate his compliment by saying: -  "That's only a feminine practitioner',  view."  "Nevertheless, rational.   Now what do  you propose doing���������what do.you-advisef".  .He saw the advantage he had gained;  and astutely, followed1 it up with defereh-  . tial'acquieseriee.'.'  "WelV-sald Helen, with that gratiflca-  '��������� tion wUA''every woman feels when.the  And you, Dr. Lancewood, iend yourself to  this feminine conspiracy?"  "Oh, Roger, don't say that," cried Aunt  Ruth, timorously.  "Hold your tongue, Ruth!" fiercely.  "I lend mysylf to nothing of the kind���������it  is my conviction." Then Dr. Lancewood  rapidly gave his reasons. When ho had  concluded, Maj. Passmore said:  "1 shall do nothing of the kind. I'll not  have him in the house.  "Very well," said Helen rising, "then I  relinquish the case."  "I am glad you do. Lancewood, you'll  manage it better alone."  "I shall have nothing further to do with  lt, sir. I agree with Dr. Glade. We have  given you our opinion; if you follow your  own, you must be responsible for the consequences. Good-day, sir; good-day, Miss  Passmore." And with dignified urbanity,  Dr. Lancewood followed Helen into the  hall.. ..  Maj. Passmore was beside himself with  uncontrollable rage.  "Lancewood," he exclaimed from the  door, "that girl's bewitched ' you; she's  leading you by the nose���������you've lost your  wits���������you'll regret this, mark my words!"  "Maj. Passmore," said Dr. Lancewood,  with'exasperating coolness, "I am sorry  to see you have permitted your habitual  brusqueness to degenerate into rudeness.'.  Before the irate major could reply, the  door was closed, and the two doctors were  gone..  ,    "Oh,- Gerald, you carried it off. splendidly," said Helen, as they drove away. '  Two days later Maj. Passmore sent Dr.  Lancewood a note asking him to call, and  . apologizing for his conduct.   At first' -Dr. ���������  Lancewood decided to iguore the- call, but  Helen said:  "Yes, do,  Gerald,   for  the  poor girl's  sake; think of our  own  case."   So   Dr.  , Lancewood answered the summons.  "Are you still.of the same opinion?"  asked'Maj! Passmore when they were together.  "Quite," ���������  answered    Dr." Lancewood,  firmly.   ' "Because' 'if  you do not the girl  may- not live' o year, for if her system be-  - comes 'reduced her' constitutional weak-  0 YOUNG TO MABRY TET."  lervene, and her decline will  1 ose my eyes to the danger;  ���������ui_.. .ing Plyne, I mistrust, is mer-  cena .,������.������������������  '' "You ate mistaken about that. I have  n���������-:\ him, and I have questioned Dr.  .v'rench about his ability. He will make  his way in tlie world. ' He has been a conscientious student, and he will make a  successful practitioner. If he remains  with Dr. Wrench he will ultimately come  into a valuable practice. Therefore, I see.  no reason' why you "should oppose his  union with your niece.  "She's'to'o young to marry���������yet."  "You may withhold your, sanction until  the irreparable mischief is "done."  "This is your own ' individual" conviction?'-' ������������������<��������� ^-^���������   "Itis."   "  "Then"! suppose I must submit, for  Ruth is of the'same opinion and never  gives'me any peace over the matter. I'm  anxious to do what is right for the girl, so  ���������so if you will be so kind you may bring  Dr. Plyne to-morrow."  "I will do so," said Dr. Lancewood.  "LET US FORGET THAT, HK-KM."  glancing in the mirror; "I fear my teari  stained eyes will betray us, when wc reT  port to Maj.-Pn'ssmore." ,.  . "Oh! no, Helen; you can, put on your  veil, ami-remain inthe- shade, and leave  mo to conductthe matter.'.'  ���������  "Very well.    Ring tlie belt,   and   let Us  'get it over.".  CHAPTER III.  :' ' MAJ. TASSMORE DISSENTS.    * :  ''.Wheu.Aunt Ruth and Maj. Passmore''  .came into the room Dr.-Lanc'ewood, in his \  grave, professional manner, said':' "After j  a long and serious 'consideration - of your |  . niece's case, I have to.report on behalf of \  -Dr. Glade and"myself,'there is nothing to!  bedone, sc-'faras we caii,aidh'cr." . ' ,|  ��������� "You don't mean tbsay,'.*"gaspc.d' Maj; (  Passmore;' "her case-is' hopeless:'"  .. \ \  \     "Well yes���������and'.no." ' ' ' .       ��������� ' ' j  j'   "Xo and yes.   "What do you mean?  Has  I her wise been, neglected?" . . t|  !     '.'Yes. , It has got beyond our control."  "I feared so!   I thought'Miss Glade did  I not comprehend it."''  i     "Ha! There you wrong, her.    Dr. Glade  I understood'the case much  better, than I  .! did���������than I ever should."  j     "Then why did she not tell   us   sooner���������  ��������� this is criminal negligence���������I  shall   hold  , her responsible!" flashing  a  look of contempt at Helen.  "Pardon me, Maj. Passmore.   Dr. Glade  , has done all that could be done."  i   ' "But if tlie case is hopeless."'  '     "In our hands it is."  Oiie morning at breakfast, six months  later, Maj. Passmore received by mail the  wedding cards of Dr. Helen Glade and Dr.  Gerald Lancewood.  "There, Ruth!" he exclaimed, handing  his sister the cards, "I told you that girl  _���������������- .������������������*-!~zr.zz -~ ''  Heavr  Drnft  Steamers.  Four new steamships are to be built in  England ..for employment in thu Anglo  Canadian mail service in connection with  the Canadian Pacific line. Thc vessels  will be '572 feet in length;62 feet beam,  with a depth of'hold of 42 feet and a load  draft of 30 feet, making them the deepest  transatlantic vessels afloat. This draft of  water is rendered possible by tbe fact that  the English and Canadian harbors have  deeper water than the harbor of New York.  The'freight carrying capacity of each of  the new ship's will be 3550 tons, in addition  to, a coal blinker capacity ��������� of 3000 tons.  Theengines lire to be of 21,000 horsepower;  working the vessels to a speed "of 20 knots  an hour.���������Philadelphia Record. -  NELSON, B. C  Watches. Clocks and Jewelry  SO__.Il>, IlMMIItl.ll OR -:\<:il .-4'ED.  SATISFACTION   GUARANTfn.   11981  MIMM'.   U'KMTS.  W. A. JOWETT  MINING & REAL ESTATE BROKER  ��������� >>l!ICA%���������i: llll������l  ���������������������������  COMMISSION .M'KXT.  VICTORIA ST..  -14  NELSON. B. C.  W.-FBLLBV SAfiTBT.R&Si  [llemb. N. Eng. Inst., M. & St. E.]  VANCOTJVEE,    B.   O-  Assays. Mill Ti'sls iiikI Analyses.  Samples li-caleii from  I i.muul to 1 Ion In weigh).  For particulars apiilyto E. A.POWY8 & CO.,  Local Audits, who will receive samples   US'-')  E. A. POWYS & CO;  Mining Agents and Sharebrokers,  Insurance, Real Estate,  Commission  and Mining Machinery Agents.   ���������  A Register kept with full particulars of Claims.  SALES NEGOTIATED.  202) '  mahon, McFarland &  MAHON,  L'D.  ltHOKKltS.  Do Not Waste Wood and Still Shiver.  VVT IX U.N'K OF  J'l.OlU'.: STBVK--OVS  PATENT DRUM HEATERS.  Costs little, saves much.    Gives   Comfort.     Removes Cold   and Foul  Air and Maintains same Temperature in all parts of the house.  The system is installed in The Miner Office.  Call and see how it works.  (2S4)  Thos. Dunn ������ Co., L'd.  i  DEALERS IN  ���������TUTU'  n  IS.tIC A NO SUICin   IKON, .MIM.KV  fUliS.  ni.M'.ts' siiovi'i.-. uiicr, uort.s.  OY.VAMITt:   l'lISK ...NI������ ������>ws.  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P.ntii's having rebellious Gold nnd Sii.a'eh Ores for treatment and want  ECONOMY combined witli BIG EX'JKACTIONS ul the precious metals  should send samples i'or mill tests and turthrr eiui'iiries as to full costs of treatment to the Experimental Works of the Ciiiip.-iny; a-dressed "  \y.   PELLEW-HARVEY,   F.  C. S.  "V"^_-ISrCOTJ"V"EJEl.-   3-   C,  120  the Mcdowell atkins watsoi co., m  -WHOLESALE AND RETAIL-S-v������.  VANCOUVER,   B.   C.  A full stock of Drugs, Patent Medicines, Chemicals and Toilet  Articles, Wholesale and Retail. Goods Right. Prices  Right.    Prompt attention to all orders.  the Mcdowell atkins. watson. oo.  10 ANP 12 CORDOVA STREET,  600 GRANVILLE STREET. ':  417 HASTINGS STREET 127  VANCOUVER, B. C.  "I AM StJBPBISED, HELESf."  m������n ���������___��������� loves appeals to her judgment,  "vre* should advise Maj. Passmore to  withdraw hU opposition to her lover. If  he doesn't, we cannot be ___poa_iW������ far  -   .-���������.._!*>-*.-���������  In another  direction.   In   a  word, Miss  Constance is suffering from a peculiar  affection of the heart."  **Oh, it's not the lungs, then?"  "_No.   Now we recommend you to place  h������. under the care of Dr. Plyne. "  "Plvne. Plyne, Dr.- Plyne���������who is he. i  "������ aiue or I'leiis-nt Surrounding-.  A'party it women once had the privilege' of inspecting a faotory devoted to tho  | manufacture of spool thread.  Their cicer*  , ono was "the ��������� proprietor lof  the factory,  i which is one of the'largest and most com-  j'pleto in'the world.    Bnt what  most im-  - pressed the Visitor, was not the size and  ! evident, prosperity of the .plant,  but tho  I beauty of tho place. ��������� Not only was every  i hygienic and commercial comfort attend-  i nd to, but, so -far as possible,   every  aesthetic consideration was observed as woll  Around each wall of the.spacious,  woll-  ] windowed apartment! where the work wai.  dono   ran   a broad,   exquisitely painted  frieze.  Tha figures upon tha frieze were a  dainty dancing   company,' beautiful   In  ' color as well as in form, and fit to grace  " the walls of a dwelling rather than a mill.  ! Finally,  one of the women, a praotioal  ! plain-spoken dame, asked tha mill owner  I3uc there is hope" why he made beauty suck an object.   "I  Ceperley,  Loewen & Campbell  VANCOUVER,  Are Prcimro-11<> liilro-lnccIMiiilnii���������"���������������������������-���������������������������'���������  . lion*, n-oiii'the ko-lciiiij' to  ENGLISH AND  EASTERN CAPI i ALISTS  To handle REAL ESTATE in the new  towns and otherwise act in the interests of owners^ in the B. C.Mining  Centres."  The above is the Only Firm on the  Coast doing Fire Insurance Business  and having Agents in the Towns of  Kootenay. U66)  Uneasy Sleeps the Man Who -,  Has Not Got a Gale.���������Shakespere.  THE BEST MATTRASSES in. the WORLD  GALE'S Wire Mattrasses, Over Mattrasses,  Pillows, Combination Iron Mattrasses.  The above goods can be put up  in very small compass for packing and can  he obtained from Messrs. Gale's agents,  D. MCARTHUR & CO. Nelson,  and CAMPBELL   BROS.,   Rossland.  or direct from George Gale & Sons, Waterville," Que.  j Iron and Wood Cot Beds for mining'camps a. specialty  Can be made to weigh under 35 pounds.. (160)  don't see the use of a friez* Ilka tliat in a  factory like this," she said, bluntly.  "Why do you have It?" The mill owner  smiled. '���������'Well, come to think o* it.it is a  very practical reason." he said. '"\. find  that it make, better thread."  THE DIPLOCK  LIMITED.   "WHOLESALE ���������  VANCOUVER,  B. C.  ��������� SOLE At'f'-TS FOB -  Brinsmead & Nordheimer Pianos-  Dixon,' Borgeson & Co.'s Show Oases.,  Self Opening Bags, Wrapping Paper and  Twine. 1m   i  CARPETS ������ HOUSE FURNISHINGS!  SNAPS:  BRUSSELS CARPETS at $1.00 PEE YARD.  TAPESTRY - - at 50 Cts. PER YARD.  UNIONS and WOOLS, 50 Cts. to $1.00 PER YARD.  inofher lot of those 4 foot Curtain Poles with Brass Fixtures complete for 25c,  Blankets and Comforters.   Letter Orders Receive Prompt Attention.  SNAPS:  OPAftTJE WINDOW SHADES.  7x3 feet with Spri'-g Roller for 50 Ct_.  Lace Curtains, 40 cts. up.       -     Cheneille Portiers, $2.50 up  Tahle Linen from 25'cts. per yard to $2. 50, with Napkins to match.  A full Line in Sheetings, Pillow Cottons, Etc. -  COPE  & 3rOTTIsrGI--  137 Cordova Street Vancouver.      g  1 *--.----���������. THE MINER; NELSON, B. C.<SATURDAY, FEBRUARY-:1MM/  yiiUMHi.i  _-M-M  ^lu Jfliiur.  THE MINER is printed on Saturdays and  will be mailed to any address in Canada or  the Uni'ed States, for one year on receipt of  two dollars.    Single copies five cents:  CONTRACT ADVERTISEMENTS inserted at the rale of S3 per column, inch, per  month.  TRANSIENT ADVERTISEMENTS inserted at the rate 0] ij cents per nonpareil  line first insertion, and ro cents per line for  each subsequent insertion. Advertisements  running for shorter periods than three  months are classed transient.  ALL COMMUNICATIONS to the. Editor  must be accompanied by the name and address of the writer, not necessarily for  publication, but as evidence of good faith.  PRINTING turned out in first-rate style at  the shortest notice.  Address  TheMiner Printing apublishingCo  NELSON,    B.C.  THE HOSPITAL.  We are glad to hear that the Hoard  of Hospital directors have arranged a  scheme hy which this most valuable'  institution may he kept alive. It, has-  been found that the public only.  wanted to be asked in order to show  its interest in the attair to the extent  of putting its hand into its pocket.  Mk.> Ciioasdailti; of the Hall Mines  has taken the matter, np warmly and  has promised to do his utmost to  secure the subscriptions of the large  number of men the company will  presently 'employ. The employes ol  the C. -fc K. S. N. Co. will also return  to their allegiance and many new men  will come in. A canvasser lias been  appointed to go round the district and  ask those who are waiting to be asked  for their subscriptions. Meanwhile  we beg of everyone not to wait to be  solicited but to go to the treasurer 01  to any of the governors and hand in  his name as a subscriber. It is believed  that the Government will contribute a  larger amount this year than it ha>  previously done. Hitherto the  hospitals at Kamloops and Golden  have received about twice the annum 1  that Nelson has. Looking to the  amount of revenue received from West  Kootenay. this is'hardly fair.  FREE SILVER.  Free silver men have decided to hold  a Convention at St Louis on .Inly 22  for the purpose of nominating a presidential candidate. At a conference in  Washington at which this course was  decided upon, an address was framed  declaring that "tlie paramount issue  at this time in the U. S. is between the  gold standard, gold bonds and bank  currency on tlie one. side, and the  bimetallic standard, no bonds and  government currency on the other;''  and that they "are unalterably  opposed to the" single gold standard  and demand the immediate return Lo  the constitutional standard of gold  and silver, by the restoration by this  government, independently of any  foreign power, of the unrestricted  coinage of both gold and silver into  standard money, at the rat io of 10 to 1  - and-upon terms of exact equality as  they existed prior to 1S7.'3; the silver  coin to be a full legal tender, equally  with gold, for all debts and dues,  public and private."  This simply resolves itself into the  -question���������whet her-the-United-Stat os-  is strong enough to make other  countries accept silver for her debts to  theni which she has promised to pay  iu gold. Were she able to do so it is a  little doubtful if she would wield the  power, as the action is not strictly  honest. The American nation is too  honorable to do anything underhand  in,the matter apart altogether from  tbe disastrous eil'ect such action would  have on its credit. AVe are much afraid  -that the millenium of 10 to I-will not  come" until there is a general agreement among all nations in favor of it.  A VICTORIAN HERCULES.  Victoi ia has got a Pa men uhst. The  Rev. Mn. Trotter has taken up the  matter of the city's iniquities and like'  ���������a moral Hercules is going to clean  out the Augean stable.- He began by  preaching a sermon in which he gave  a description of gambling dens and  other abodes of vice in Victoria.    Now  1 people who are interested in this sort  ['-   of thing would do "well to watch Mit.  Trottek.      It" mav  be that' he   has  nothing but the salvation of souls iii  : hia mind. But it must be remembered  that' parsons like newspapers live  largely by notoriety. When either  takes up a .subject that is novel,  especially interesting, and has a little  ���������of the flavor of forbidden fruit about  it, it takes at once. The church is  filled to'sutt'ocation in one case, in the  other an extra large edition is printed  and sold. The result is the same in  both cases���������cash. Now it is perfectly  well known among' newspaper men  that nothing draws like a big divorce  ���������case with plenty of filthy details. The  social evil, as it is called is equally  effective, but decent' journalists forbear to soil their pens with corrupt  matter of this kind. Mr. Stead is a  notable  example.     His   dabblings   in  . the dirt of great cities are well known  ���������and though he has a large following of  a certain  class,   he has entirely   lost!  caste amongst  his   fellow journalists  'und with the bulk of people generally.  We are rather inclined to believe, that  Mn. TnoTTKii is simply ��������� among the  notoriety seekers. The sermon that  he preached was not fit. to be listened  to by sisters and daughters and wives.  If he has all the evidence that he says  he has, his object was not advanced by  preaching a sermon on it. He should  take it first to the authorities and lay  it before them, if they decline to net  then his only recourse would be to stir  i*,p public feeling on the matter by  publicity. But we are afraid that the  bulk of public feeling in the matter is  mi the side of leniency. It likes to be  tickled as to its sins but dot's not relish  the prospect of a perfectly moral town  where it is always Sunday afternoon.  THE POSITION OF SIL VER.  During the recent shocks experienced by the money maiket owing to  Venezuelan threatening!), Transvaal  troubles and German impudence, silver  has steadily maintained its price. Jn  February lust this quotation for bars in  London was 27.]d per ounce. Since  January 1 of this year it has lirmly  .stood at .i(Md or a little bettei. The  New York prices at the same periods  were 501 cents in February 18i>5 while  now they are keeping up pretty well  10 07.J. The rise here is somewhat  higher than it has been in London.  At the end of the war between China  and Japan it was thought that the  necessities of the situation would  lequire a large quantity of silver to be  ���������-en. to the far East. These anticipations were not fulfilled. Japan cer-  ainly did purchase some little  amounts, chiefly in India, but the  transactions were effected so quietly  as not to affect the market. Still the  price kept up. Other causes for its  strength must therefore be looked for.  The London Statist is now regarded  as an authority of the highest standing upon all financial questions, and  ! his; is what it has to say upon this  matter; The silver market has been  very firm although India, China and  Japan, aro not buying. Considerable  orders have been placed for Franc-,  and the United States is holding back  ���������he metal for higher prices. All this  points to the beginning of another  -peculation in silver, and, in fact there  is an inclination upon the Stock  fix-hange to buy all kinds of silver  securities. The principal reason, no  doubt, is . that the belief is now  becoming general all over Europe, and  is shared to a considerable extent in  the United States itself, that ^silver  will before long become the real  standard of value iu the United States.  If so, it is argued, the Indian mints  will be reopened,' and there will be a  very sharp rise in the metal.   ���������  This is most cheering reading and  we wish tliat the Stalest had'left it at  that. Unfortunately however, it  proceeds to warn its readers against  placing any too great .reliance on the  iheory. In this the Statist is right.  There has lately been quite a revolution of feeling in tlie United States on  ihe silver question. In several States  where no one but silver advocates  were in it at all, the agitation has  completely subsided and men are left  out in the cold who were at the very  height of popular favor. Iii all pro-  liability the real reason for the firmness in the price of silver is the one  generally put forward in American  journal? namely the large increase in  the production of gold. For us here  in ' Kootenay and especially in the  SlocanV" the:-reason-for "thVrise iirthe*  price is a secondary consideration, but  there seems every probability that the  present satisfactory price.will not only  be maintained, but will gradually  harden. To what figure it will go no  one dares hazard a guess.  ���������.    NOTES.  The Parliamentary" papers, so far as  they have yet reached us contain-little  I hat"is of interest to Kootenay lo.ally  or to the business of mining in general.  Petitions havo been received for legislation permitting ihe establishment of  water works at Sandon, and electric  light and water works at Rossland,  also from the Nelson Electric. Light  company for matters affecting their  charter.  Dr. Cyrus Edson a well known  physician of New York has discovered  what is apparently a cure for consumption or tuberculosis in every form. It  was ascertained that a week solution  of carbolic acid killed the germs of  this disease which had been at tificially  produced in the laboratory. The difficulty to -be solved was how to apply  (he remedy to the germs when at their  deadly work inside the human body.  After much research Dr. .Edson bas  produced a fluid which he names  aseptolin." This can be safely used as  a hypodermic injection and as far as it  bas been tried on 217 persons has been  successful.  It is quite natu-al that the people of  the United States should feel a  national pride in the successful raising  of their loan among themselves.  That however is "not quite what they  wanted." The object ofthe loan is to  pay the country's debt's in Europe and  elsewhere. The subscribers t.o the new  loan will have to put up their good  gold which will be at once shipped out  of the country, [t was in the hope  that this .. export of gold would tie  stopped 1 hat the loan was thought of.  What they leally wanted was that  European countries should subscribe  the money.and thus put off the drain  of that amount of gold for 30 years, or  until the loan was,repayable. President Cleveland's warlike message of  course at once put an end to any idea  of raising the money in Europe and so  ii had to be done in America which  lenders the whole affair a complete  failure.  AVe have received the annual report}'  of-the Public Schools of the Province  for 1801-5. It is a bulky volume of  statistic- containing 349 pages, and an  appendix of 128 pages more. It is an  absolutely uninteresting compilation  of ut-eles."- details which we venture to  asssei t no one except perhaps a few  faddists will ever read.' Its sole merit  is that it is out in good time. We  await the report on th/* mines.  Heaven only knows when this will  reach us. Probably not until its information is long out of date. It will be  interesting to compare it when it does  come witli this other one just to hand.1  They are both issued under direction  of the same minister.  The Statistical Year Book of.Canada  for 1801 published by the Dominion  government is being quoted far and  wide The portion that attracts  attention is that which treats of  Canada as a farming country. This is  going to be changed. We have just  got to show that the mines of British  Columbia are as rich as the whole of  the rest of Canada put together. It is  a big job but we can do it. The government of the Dominion is against us  at present. They have voted $750,000  a year towards a fast Atlantic service.  This is mainly to encourage exports of  cheese and other farm produce. The  money which is a large sum al! goes  into the one pocket and is something  worth having. Our efforts to build up  a smelting industry are helped by a  paltry $00,000 which seems likely to be  split up among many pockets and is  worth nothing to anyone.  The person who makes up the  English news published in the Colonist  probably resides in Alaska, or Tiro-  buctoo or the wild forests of Borneo;  No one who lives in a civilized country  or who knows any'hing about, current  affairs could possibly compose such  terrible trash. In a recent letter it is  announced that "it is well known"  that the Queen desires to confer  peerages on Cecil Rhodes and Dr.  Jamieson, and has brought her personal influence to bear on Lord Salisbury on the matter and won his  support. This has occasioned a coolness between the new premier and Mr.  Chamberlain, who is pledged to bring  Dr. Jamieson to a fair trial. It is  further hinted that Mr. Chamberlain  may again "change his coat" and  return to the Liberal ranks. Now this  is on the face of it such an absurd heap  of misstatements and ignorance that  it is scarcely worth while to point  them out. As to the peerages, itis  scarcely likely that a man whose  antecedents were so shady that even  the Prince of Wales could not get him  into the Travellers Club, would be  raised to-thar dignity, while as to Dr.  Jamieson, he has never done anything  whatever to begin to be eligible for  the honor. Men who know have not %  good word to say either for him or  Cecil Rhodes. Mr. Chamberlain has  never yet changed his coat and is not  the sort of man to do it. When these  things happen J. Fred Hume will be  asked to take Chamberlain's place in  'he British Cabinet and Porcupine  Billy will have a seat in the House of  Lords.  ROYAL HOTEL,  ���������  Cur. Stanley anal Silica SI reels,  3STEXiSO_ISr_ _B- O.  HOUSE, FITTINGS and  FURNITURE   ENTIRELY  NEW AND FIRST CLASS.  licit Locution Iii Town.   Hcaiitil'iil Ylews.  Bar   now   Open   and   Stocked with  Choice Liquors and Cigars.  Unequalled in Kootenay.  Give us a trial and   be   Convinced.  CHERBO & BOOTH  *'9ir  HOTEL   SLOCAN;  ic_-_sx,o.  Till-;   M*AIHN������'   IIOISK XS   Till* CITV.  Visitors to Kaslo and  the  Slocan   will  will find every accommodation.  EDWIN CUMMINGS,  (280) " " '.    . .  Proprietor  GOTO  TH E BON TON  FOR  _?_=._i!S___i  EASTERN OYSTERS  IN  ANY STYLE.  Open ..from lp. m. to 6 am-  -vciss--ye. -un.  x_)-a-F_?Tr,  l'UOritlt'TKt'S!-*.  SIMPSON ICO.  DEALERS IN  Groceries, Feed, Farm  Produce; Butter, Cheese,  Eggs and Poultry.  A Few Car Loads of  Timothy Hay for Sale..  -STiELSOIESr. -B. C-  (52) smi'SO.V.V; CO..   -"rojtMctor.*".  OYSTERS\  IN ALL  STYLES  AT T. BOOTH'S  TROPICAL  -TIR-CXIT   STORE,  BAKER STREET NELSON.;  A Iflrjj. stock of IMpeH and tlgini.  MINING   MACHINERY!  FOR SALE.  Two new English Portable Engines,1  8 and 12 horsepower, wood burners.    .,  One Stationary 'Engine and Boiler.1  One Engine and  Boiler  for Steam  Launch.  Galvanized   Tanks,   Mining ..Toolsj  Steel, Iron, etc. .  Delivered at Victoria on wharf.,       ''  Apply to HEISTERMAN & CO.,  |  75 Government St.,.  6pp Bank of Montreal.   Victoria, B.C;  U79)  A Large Importation -of those,.,Famous  Goods direct from! Sah Fianciscb just  received.  Blue Denim Overalls, .      Blue/Denim Pants,  Engineers' Overalls,. Blue Denim Jumpers*^  Blue Denim Smocks,    Blanket. Lined Jackets,  and the Latest Thing .Out  .,  NO.   2 COMBINATION C<DAT.  The only Store in town earring-a Full  Stock of these Unrivalled Goods.;������������������'.. ������  A. T. OARLaSJ^  Page Ponsford Brosi  nii-ilug- Street, Vancouver, >B. C.  DIRECT IMPORTERS 0P ALL HIGH**  CLASS ENGLISH MEN'S.  FURNISHINGS  Such as Christy's Hats, Dents  & Fowne's Gloves, Dr. Jaeger s  Cartwright & Warner's Undert  wear, Scotch Rugs, Flannel,  Matting and Crepe Shirt  Trousers, etc., etc. ,:  MAIL OBDEK- PKOMPTLV ATTENDED TOl   ____'  Notice of Application for Grown Grant. ���������  TAKE Notice that Frank C. Loring has filed  thc necessary* paper- and made application for a Crown Grant in favour of the mineral  claim "St. Elmo," situated in tho Trail  Creek Mining Division of the District of -Vt est  Kootenay.  Adverse claimants, if any, must file their  objections with me within CO days from the  date of the first appearance of this notice in the  British Columbia Gazette.'  N. FITZSTUBBS.  Government Agent.  Dated Nelson. Feb. 1, 1890. [2854,2,6]  Notice of Application for Grown Grant- .;  TAKE Notice.that Oliver Bordauhas filed  the ncce-isary papers and made application for a Crown Grant in favour ot the mineral  claim "Lily May" situated in tho Trail Creek  Mining Division of West Kootenay District'.-'  Adverse claimants, if any. must file their objections with mc within 60 days from the date  of the first appearance of this notice in the  British Columbia Gazette.  N. FITZSTUBBS, >,-  Government'Agent.  Dated Nelson B. C.. Feb. 3,1896.    (286-8.8.6) ,  "VT OTICE is hereby given' that application  _13l will be made to the Legislative Assembly  of thc (Province of British Columbia at itg next  sitting for an Act to amend "The Vernon and  Nelson Telephone Company's Act, 1891," so as  to enable tlie company to construct telephone  lines anywhere on the mainland of the province  and to amend thc schedule to the said Act relating to the tarifl" or charges of thc said  Company.  WILSON & CAMPBELL,  Solicitors for the Company  Vancouver, Dec. 10, 1895. (255>  Notice ot Application for Liquor License.  Wo hereby give notice that* thirty days after  thisdalel intend to make'application for a  license to sell wines and liquors by retail at  thc Royal Hotel.  CHERBO & BOOTH.  Nelson. Jan. 24,1895. ���������      (278)  Notice of Application for Liquor License  The undersigned  give notice tkat they in  lend applying lo thc Stipendiary Magistrate of  tlie District  of. West  Kootenay  for i a- retail  liquor license for their hotel at Sandon.  J, W. SWOTZER.  C.B. McCLUSLY.,  Sandon, Jan. 18, 1896.  '���������' (275)  Notice of Application for Crown Grant.  rpAKE NOTICK that T. J. Lendrum, as  X agent for It. S. Howo rd and Louis Grune-  wald.has tiled tho necessary papers and made  application for a Crown Grant in favour of thc  mineral claim ."Ohio." situated in the Ainsworth Mining Division of West Kootenay.  Adverse clitinianls, if any, must file thoir  objections with mc within 68 davs.from the  date of this publication in thc British Columbia  Gazette.  N. FITZSTUBBS,  .,    Government Agent.  Dated at.Nelson. Jan. S, 18tK. [268-11,1,6]  CKKTIHC.m'*     OF    I-irKOVEMKNT.  o YORKKE JOKK MINERAL CLAIM.  Situate in tiik is'kl-ON Mining Division ok  Wkst Kootknay- District.   Whkkk Lo-  '  catkd���������Toai> Mountain,  rflAKB NOTICE that 1, VV. A. Jowett,  _!_. us agent for E. Mahon. free miner's  certilicate No. -1,'J-I, intend, sixty days  from tho date hereof, to apply to the Gold  Commissioner for a certilicate of impro.'e-  ni-tit.'', for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  grunt of the above claim.  And further take notice, that adverse claims  must bo scut to tho Gold Commissioner and  notion commenced bofore the immune, of such  C-rlil!ealeof Improvements.  tinted this 25th duy of January, 1S!������'.  XV. A. JOWKTT.  (216-22. 11, 5) Agent for K. Mahon.  CUMBERLAND MINERAL CLAIM.  JOHN   HIRSCH,  Provincial Land Surveyor.  Office: .  NELSON   AXD   EOSSLAND, B. C.  lid  Situate in tiik Nki-son Mining Division ok  Wkst Kootknay District.   Wiikkk Lo-  CATi;l>���������TOAI> JlOUNTAIN.  rriAI-K NOTICE that I, W. A. Jowett, as  X agent foi K. Mahon, free miner's certificate No. 51,9111, intend, sixty clays from the date  hereof, to apply to tho Gold Commissioner for  a certilicate of improvements, for the purpose  ot obtaining a Crown Grant of thcabove claim.  And further lake notice, that adverso claims  must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and  action commenced belore the issuance of such  certificate of improvements, *.  Dated this25thday of January, 1896. ������  XV. A. JOWETT.  (295���������1, 2, 6.) Agent for E. Mahon.  -v^-rro-v���������  u  Hunting, Survey, Prospecting  PARTIES AND OTHERS   THE   NEW.    FAST   STEAM LAUNCH "FLIRT"  Can be CHARTERED by day or week  on reasonable terms. .Oiders sent-  trough the pursers of the steamboats  Nelson or Ainsworth, with whom arrangements can be made, or by mail-or.  telegraph to 0. W. Bask, Balfour, will  receive prompt attention (19)   .  Levi Strauss';. 0vei?alll,  ������������������"'.V' u  (211)  i ���������  TURNER. BEEM1 ;.GB.|  ��������� -^-*-������-'': ������������������ .       "��������� ������������������      m  AGAR LOAD OF  JUST ARRIVED,  I Write for Samples; and��������� Prices.;  NELSON, fiCt  RIESTERER'S  ��������� ���������.-;.:���������..: .j iv  -"   -���������   .��������� ��������� ������   ilf. l.'iZ'l  ���������-.:h->    I .  ; v.-  mill STRginVr;������;  NELSON, B. O.  Is now able to supply tlie townand^istript with \  a first-class quality, of Draught and Bottle- ������������������������������������; ���������%  ������ n':'"-.'i,.V|Cj'A V.' -;'if;������  Draught Beer ax 50c. per g^c^lx,Q^) ^V-'ft  Bottle Beer at;$10 per Barrel,  i  . ?  wkiii-K- vax ������: M-fT AT iiiJ-i������'������������ ii.������H..K.. -q   TJTTOTTrDTU   T_L������ '  -Iail oRwitft pito-nrir atti*������m������; TO.     ��������� It. -tlJjol-jJtXiXlvXTQT).  93     ��������� * ���������'���������      v  *     BOBfSLEI^IiS  ^ ^     VBiEST CANADIAN MAKEStV^--  For   Ore, Lumber and General Purpose.  WRITE   FOK   PRICE   LIST   TO "  E. G. PFUOB .& CO.; Ld.  PARTIES^GAN ALSO APPLY TO       '    '    -  A B. GRAY, NELSON, KOOTENAY AGENT  ALBION IRON WORKS Go,  -Bj_sro-iisr__i!-E_RS.-  * *������������������.  IRON FOUNDERS, BOILER'���������i$._KERS; _      .   o ,   * *  MANUFACTURERS. OF MARINE AND ' :. Y,Y,  LAND   ENGINES"' -BOILERS. ..ETC., % _,./.      ,  FISH CANNING    AND   MINING. "J;''  ;   MACHINERY, HlDRAULIChGIANT'S,.  V  * * *     : Erf-ES.   AND SINKING   PUMPS   i OR   MINES  French Ranges, Stoves, Grates; Etc:  -OLE AGENT* VOU. HENRY   U. -trOU-HIM'TON'S   STKAM   PI MI'l*   A.\I������ I.VKEUWI In  KOCK HIUU tO.'S -TEAM   KO������.K   ������KIM.������-.  No.-6 Chatham and 71 .-Store Street,  .-������:-.'  P. 0. DBitWBft' 12  "ftOTORIA, B. 0.  <205.  M:^5MffiH^XO,  /  ���������. ��������� Y: Biscuit, J3������an^facturers.  'iTT^-ETE. jJPO_R   ERIGB. LIST.  VICTORIA*     *--*       B. C. '22 I i  THE MINER,   NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY r5, ,1896.  |p <:  I _- 1  Iii-:-  ANSWERS   TO   OORSESPONDENTS-  N. C. Hull Mine--. Nelson; Your ji<i**t  obit' o the 7th only renched ns yesterday  It b"re tlie Wiinetii pout mark. Yiiur  V������l>nr iu po-ited regnliirlv aiid very p{*_-  sibly in sei ti>n similpr little trips before  i e'icl'iaij y< u.  Th������ Horn V-lml_u_I. :  I ������rrlvfK.' in Pari* la 1861, a, tt*/, ~Htk  my head full of philology *_fd ������as_pMHr>-  tive physiology. I loon HW that ,������*���������  moat M-ioua lack In this ioI.bmm wm that  of r-natomloal and anth-opoh-jloal kabw>  ledc*. Tb������> were itudylng luanlty la  K*n*.r*U without studying lndlrldual l.n*-  tloi. I Inil-ud that wt ihoull study  lunatloa aa we would a spoolal variety of  th* human race, noting tha thin, tha  form, the .kull, and parttaularly tha function ���������. ''a-nalblllty,1 etc. My oollaaguaa  laughad at me and called ma tha "Doatot  of tha Hteelyard.'.' Little by Httla tha ldaa  prevailed, and now they alaoat aaam ta  have forgotten who It waa that latroduoad  the new -otnatlc achool. I hay* a Mrong  de-ire to atudy the morally Inaana who  have alnee bean ihown to ba tha horn  criminals. It waa a prlnolple of min* to  deny everything which I did mat aaa, apd  as there wera none of these in our olinie I  waa lnellned to deny their . existence.  Nevertheless, to nek. sure of tha fact,' I  ooinmancad to occupy myself with crliuln-  als, to frequent prisons, and carefully to  gather skulls and brains of prlaonera. One  , evening there died In ons of tha prisons of  the city a celebrated brigand, tobber and  Incendiary, who had often aaoaped by  means of his great agility. Upon tha  death of this man, who waa a true type of  the born criminal and morally insane, I  .. examined hia skull. It presented an enormous median, occipital fossa in place of  tho occipital median spina which ooours  In the Interior of the -kull. Thla ta a characteristic wanting in the superior apea  and existing In all vertebratea. I made  the autopsy In the yard of the prison In  the early hours of tha ��������� ornlng. Tha day  was very foggy, in tha winter of 18-4.  The weather and the place did not permit  me to make a thorough autopsy, but I recollect how, at that moment, the whole  idea of my future work rose before me Ilka  a picture. I Instantly perceived that the  criminal must be a survival of tbe primitive man and the carnivorous animals.  The Idea, though yet embryonic waa perfected a few daya later, when I was called  as an expert by tha tribunal of Bargain*  in the cue of a sort of Jack the Ripper���������  one Verzentl. This young peasant, with  cross eyes and enormous.jawa, waa possessed with a desire to disembowel, chaw  and eat morsels of wumaa, young and old,  who happened to cross hia path. Ho afterwards confided to ma In secret tha groat  erotic pleasure which ha ������������paAe>iaa4 ia  this.���������Forum.  '   PMO__-'E--IO.Y.L  CAKIM.  HH. SYMONDS. M. 1)., (J. M.. (Kdinburgh)  ��������� Physician and Surgeon. Offices���������Bealey  -Mock.   ��������� ���������(-������������  ALKX.: SKINVKH- l_vw   Offlce over   Dr  Arthurs   Drug   Store,    linker    Street,  Nelson. B. C. (2921  FOR SALE.  THAT DESIRABLE PKOPKKTY 'KNOWN  as the Residence of Mr. G-. O. Buchanan,  situated on Victoria Street. Nelson, containing  9 rooms and occupying a lot and a half, with u  frontage of a"J feet. The houso contains all  conveniences and has a splendid view of the  Lake.   Kor particulars, etc., apply to  0.0. DUCHANAN.  (288) Nelson or Kaslo.  BRANCH   HOUSE.  H. M. HERRIN & CO.  COMMISSION .I-EK-HA*.-.  DEALERS IN  CALIt'OUMA A.ND WASHIXKTO.'V  .'K.IHTS AND VEGETABLES  RITTEIC,    Etil'S   A\l>   POULTRY,  HAY, URAIN. FLOliU and MILL FEED.  NELSON  B C  <ii22  WEST   KOOTENAY   DISTRICT.  ALL   PLACER CLAIMS   AND   MINING  Leasehold*- legally held in the District  may be laid over from ISth October, 18SI5, to tho  1st Juno, 18:Xi... .        .        ;  NAPOLEON FITZSTUBBS,  Gold Commissioner.  Nelson. B.C.. Nov. 23. 18!1C. (245  ���������ASfiJ  '' '*������__'-'  ���������   _f ������L^-c  ������__ i ~c-1 a<a______c  NOTICE.  A SITTING OF THE COUNTY COURT  of Kootenai* will be holdcn a:. Nelson on  Saturday. the 29th day of February: nt. Knsln  on Tuesday, tho 3rd day of Miu-rli, and at, Rossland on Tuesday, the 10th day of March. 1XJS.  T. II. GIFFIN.  ' Registrar.  Nelson, B. C.,20th January, 18D0. [2771  (No. 180)  CERTIFICATE   OF    THE   REGISTRATION  OF   A FOREIGN  COMPANY.  "Companies   Act,"   Paut   IV.,   and  Amending Acts.  "The Invlcla <'*.1������1 Mines, L'ld" (Foreign)  NOTICE.  Notice of Application for Grown Grant.  rpAKE. NOTICK Hint J. F. Ritchie,  Jl. as agent John C. Gore, has tiled the  neceHsury papers and made application for a  Crown Grant in favour of the niinnrnl elaim  "C nnd C," situated in I he Trail Crock Mining  Division of West Kootenay District.  Adverse claimants (if any) must 111*' their objections within fiO days from the 'date  of. the first publication of this i otico in the  British Columbia Gazette.'  N FITZSTUBBS.  Government Awent.  Nelson. B. C. Fob. 13. 18UK.      , .Win; 15-2.8,)  ANTOINE^MAURIN.  Ml ai Rprii,  Pry Goods- Clothing, Etc-  WW A*9 HEtO-ll NASI*.  NELSON  (293)  B..C.  JAMES   WOWAT,  CARPENTER mo BUILDER?  -ST-SLSOISf, 33- c.  I'l-ins,   Elevations,   Details and   Estimates  furnished when required. ., _  :. Orders    left   at   Turner   &   kirkpatrick *>  Vcrn-n Street, will receivcpronipt attention.  (Mil  Lease of Timiier Limits, West Kootknay.  SEALED TENDERS, will be received by tlio  Hon. the Chief  Commissioner  of Lands  and Works up to noon of Tuesday, 3rd  Alarcli  Sext, from persons' desirous of leasing Lot 987,  roup 1, Kootenay District, continuing 1.400  acres, for the purpose of cutting timher i herefrom,, subject io the provisions of the "Land  Act" and amendments thereto.  The limit is situated in Sproule Creek Valley,  about one mile north ofthe Kootenay River,,  below thc Columbia and Kootenay Railway  Crossing. .  .  Tlie competitor offering ,the highest ������������������ash  bonus will be entitled ton lease of the promises  for a term of twenty-one years.  Each tender must be accompanied by a certified bank cheque to cover the cost, of lhe survey, f_70.n0, the lirst year's rental, ?21U.OO, nnd  the amount of the bonus tendered. Tlio  cheques .will be at once returned to unsurcCfS-  ful competitors.  W. S. GOUE,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands and V orki.  Ijtnds and Works Department,  Victoria, B. C, l_th January, 1890. 27  t>)  NELSON DIVISION OF WEST KOOTENAV,  DISTKICT.  rpKNPEUS for the. purchase -of a lirst  ' 1 class hydraulic plant in place on ihe  ground, and an unexpired lease in.West. Kootu-  nay will be received up to noon on the Ititn  March'next. No tender necessarily accepted.  For further piirtieulars apply- -  ���������IIV DUAL* LIC."  (���������K14) rare Tiik Minkk, Nel*>oii.  NOTICE   is hereby given,   in  accordance  with    thc    Statute.,   that   Provincial  Kevenue Tax and all taxes levied under the  ���������'Assessment Act" are now due for the year  I8_G.    All thc above-named  taxes   collectible  within the Nelson Division of West Kootenay  are now payable nt my ollice.  "."--SS-Ss-dt-Wesur-^c611ectible~at"the"foIIow--  ing rates, viz:  If paid on or before tlie 30th June. 1890:  One-half of one per cent, on real property  One-thirl   of one  per cent,  on  personal  -  property.  ��������� ���������.Twoper cent, on  assessed value of wild  land.  One-half of one per cent, oninconie.  If paid after 30th June, 18915���������  ' Two-thirds ot ono per cent, ou real property.  One-half of one   per cent,   on personal  property.   -  Two iind one-half per   cent, on assessed  value of wild land.  Three-fourths of one per cent, on income.  Provincial Kevenue Tiix,' $3.00 per capita.  O. G. DENNIS,*,  .-.' Assessor and Collector.  January.', 18M1. &%>)  WANTED  Men With Money to  Come to Nelson and  Make Money.  Th. iv   arc openings   for commencing  ���������'.���������   Business or   for   Partnerships  in  several line..  SAW MILL BUSINESS.  IRON FOUNDRY AND  MACHINE BUSINESS,  . SOAP MANUFACTORY,  STEAM LAUNDRY,  HARNESS MAKER,  ETC., ETC.. ETC  J" nfm-iiiiHoI. *���������������������������* i,G   *-l,eel'f-'--*v ������*ven j  oii upplicai iop to...  Vy.A.dOVyETT,  ___ -..:yiOTORiAJlT., NELSON,r,       j  Registered the 13th day of January, 1896.  1 HEREBY CKRTIFY that I have Ibis dny  regislered "Thc Invicta Gold Mines, Limited" (Foreign), under' tho "Companies' Act,"  Part IV., "Registration of Foreign Companies,"  and amending Acts.  Thc head office of thc said Company is sil -  uatcd in England.  The objects for which the Company is established arc :���������  (_! To adopt and carry into eH'eot, with such  modifications (if any) us may bo agreed upon,  the agreements mentioned in article 3 of the  Company's Articles of Association:  (/������������ To acquire any gold mines, mining rights  and auriferous land in British Co'umbia and  elsewhere, concessions, grants, decrees, rights,  powers, privileges or contracts from any company, state, sovereign or authority which may  sceiii to thc Company capable of being turned  to account,- and to work, develop, carry out,  exercise, and turn to account the same :  (c) To search for. prospect, examine, and explore any territories and places in British  Columbia nnd elsewhere, and to employ nnd  equip expeditions, explorers, experts, and other  agents:    .  (rfl-To locate or otherwise acquireany mining  claims, mine's mining rights, and metalliferous  land in British Columbia, and lo explore, work  develop, and turn to account the same:  [.] To crush, win. get. quarry, smelt, calcine.  refine,. dress, amalgamate, manipulate, and  prepare for market auriferous quartz and nre  and mineral substances of all kinds, whether  auriferous-or not, and to carry on any other  metallurgical operations which may seem conducive to any of the Company's oh.ioets:  (/) To buy, sell, refine, nnd < eal in bullion,  specie, coin, and precious metals:  ll?) To acquire by grant, selection, purchase,  lease or otherwise, and develop tbe resources  of and turn to account any land sand any rights  over or connected with land belonging to or in  which the Company is interested, and in particular by laying nut townsites and "preparing  the same for building, letting on building lease  or agreement, advancing money to or entering  into contracts with builders, tenants, and others  clearing, draining, fencing, planting, cultivating, building, improving, farming, irrigating.  and by promoting immigration and the establishment of towns, villages, and settlements:  [/*] To carry on business as merchants, si ore-  keepers, miners, farmers, stockmen, graziers,  carriers.buildors.and contractors,brickmiikcrs  and all kinds of agency business, and any  other kind of business which seems calculated,  directly or indirectly, to further the working  and development of any concessions, rights, or  property of thc Company, or otherwise to  benefit the Company, and to undertake and  execut,'* ������ny trusts the undertaking whereof  mny si-cm desirable, and either gratuitously or  otherwise:  [/] To carry out, establish, construct, maintain, improve, manage, work, control, and  superintend nny roads, ways, tramways, railways, bridges, reservoirs, watercourses,  wharves, embankments, telegraphs, telephones,  saw-mills, smelting and other works, furnaces.  factories, warehouses, hotels, transport and  postal arrangements, stands, stores, shops,  stations, and other' works and conveniences  for the working and development c f any concession, rights, or property of the Company.  nnd to contribute to or assist in or contract for  the carrying out,' establishment, construction,  maintenance, improvement, management,  working control, or superintendence of the  same:  [.'] To purchase, hire, or otherwise acquire,  use, maintain, sell, exchange, or otherwise  deal with or dispose of and turn to account all  plant, machinery, live nnd dead stock, implements, stores, and materials of every kind  requisite for any of the purposes'of the Company, and to acquire-by purchase, lease, or  otherwise, any lands or buildings, real or personal property, easements, rights or privelcgcs  which the Company may' think suitable or  conve-iiei't, for any purposes of its business:  li] Tn ncquire and carry on all or any pari, nf  the business or property, and to .undertake anv  liabilites of any person, firm, association or  company possessed of property suitable for any  of thi* purposes of this Company, or carrying on  nny busine-' which this Company is authorized to carry on, or whieh can be'convcnicnUy  carricd on in connection with- the same, or  innv'com tothe Company calculated directly  or indirectly to benefit tins. Company, nnd as  the considerat ion for tho same to pay ciioli or t o  issue anv shares, stocks, or obligations of tbe  Companv. and to enter into working arrangements, contracts, and agreements with otlier  companies and persons:  ' ' [/.J To promote any other company or com-  pnn'csforthe purpose of acquiring all or any  nf ihe property or liabilities of this company,  or of advancing directly or indirectly the objects or interests thereof, and to" purchase,  subscribe for, or otherwise acquire, and to  hold thc shares, stock, "or obligations in any  company, in the United Kingdom or elsewhere,  and upon a distribution of assets or division of  profits, to distribute such shares, stocks, or  obligations amongst the members of this Company in specie;  li������.l Generally to distribute among thc  members any property of thc Company in  specie:  [n] To borrow or raise money for any purposes of the Company, and for the purpose of  securing thc same and interest, or for any  otlier purpose,���������to-inortgagc-or ���������charge���������thc-  undcrtaking, or nil or any part of the property of thc Company present or after acquired  or its uncalled capital, and to create, issue,  make, draw, accept, and negotiate perpetual  or redeemable debentures or debenture stock,  bills of exchange, promissory notes, or other  obligations or negotiable instruments:  lo] .To selli let. develop, dispose of, or otherwise deal with the .undertaking, or all or any  part of the property of the Company, upon any  terms, with'power to accept as the consideration any shares, stocks, or obligations of any  otliercompany:  I/] To pay out of the funds of the Company  all expenses of or incident to the formation,  registration, and advertising of the Company,  and the issue of its capital, including brokerage  and commissions for. obtaining applications  for or placing shares, and to apply at the cost  of the Company to Parliament for any extension of the Company's powers: - c-  1.1 To make donations to such persons "and  in such cases, and either in money, or kind,  as may seem expedient;  P[r] To carry out, all or any of the foregoing  obiccts as principals or agents, or in partnership or conjunction with nny otlier person,  linn, association, or company, nnd in any part  ofthe world:  [.] To procure the Company to be registered  or recognized in any foreign country or place,  or in any colony or elsewhere:  [/] To. do all such other things as aro inci-  denlal or conducive tothe attainment ofthe  above objects.  The capital stock of the faiil Company is  .tNKJ.UOO, divided into 100,000 shares of .-1 each.  Given under my hand and seal of otiice, at  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this  13th day of January, IS!*!.  [I..S.J S. Y. WOOTTON,    ~  (_79)        Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  S. S. Alberta  aOLD, SILVER and PLATED WARE  WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY,  KARN PIANOS, SEWING MACHINES  AND OPTICAL GOODS.  THE BEST OF EVERY LINE AT  JACOB DOVER'S, BAKER ST., NELSON.  .1203)  IT WILL PAY YOU  =3  -3  ~i To    Call   in and Inspect Our Fine Lines   of 3  TOILET  -A.K.TIC.I-ES-  PEEFtTMES,  _3T-__TI01sr__:_=- -T.,   ETC.  r: A FULL LINE OF SCHOOL BOOKS ZJ  ������= AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES       ^  ^ ALWAYS ON HAND. ^  a^��������� *--^-_'  1  THE NELSON DRUG STORE, |  WEST   BAKER  STREET.  247  ^UMUiUiiiiUiUiuiuiUiUiUiiiiUiiuuiiiiUiUiUiiiaiiikiiiiii^;  GILKER ������ WELLS.  :_\_i:o:r_e_ __sr_E-vsr goods.  SUITS i  SEEGES,  CHEVOITS,  TWEEDS.  1 PANTS  I  The Finest Goods and the Latest Styles.  A Special Line of Boys' Clothing.  s^Eici-A.Xi to t_e_c_e_] tie?>-_^:d:e-  We hold the largest stock of Cigars in town. Our own  brands���������'"La Progression" and "Pride of the West"���������are  splendid value.    Call and Inspect.  GILKER & WELLS, NELSON AND PILOT BAY. %  SPECIAL FOR       "  30 DAYS������������������  SUIT ., TWEED, FROM $27.00 UP. .  3������  SUITS, FANCY WORSTED, $35.00 UP  TROUSERS FR0M~$6.50 UP. - ~~~  A LINE OF ENGLISH WHIPCORD, (Bioi  USUAL PRICE $13.   OVERCOATS IN  PROPORTION.^  FRED J. SQUIRE, Merchant Tailor.  COR. BAKER AND WARD STREETS. ������o  CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY  ���������\   ____-T_D soo pacific   route.  Shortest and Quickest    to  MflQ-Coast and Eastern Points.  St. Paul, CMcago, Toronto, Montreal,  St. Louis, Kansas City, Buffalo. New York.  _R__-T__iS T__-__l LOTg"B3_.  Greatest Variety pf Mies, Rail ai Steamers.  Leaves .-Nelson--Tuesdays" and   Fridays   at,   11.30  o'clock,    making   close  connections with Transcontinental trains at Revelstoke;  Before buying ticket elsewhere see or write nearest agent.  J. HAMILTON, H. K MACDONELL,       "    GEO. McL. BBOWN,      '  Agent. Ne.]f*on.        Trav. Frgt. and Pas    \������t��������� NeV-cm.       Dist. Pass. As-t.Vancouver  Spokane Faiis &  Northern R'y.  Nelson  & Fort  Sheppard R'y.  to ~  Daily (Except Sunday) Between Spo_ane  and Northport.  Tri-Weekly Between Northport and Nelson.  Leave 7.30 a.m. NELSON Arrive 6.15 p. m.  Traius leave Xelson for Spokane every  Monday, Wednesday and Fkiday, return-  iiib leave Spokime Tuesdays, Thursdays  :iml Saturdays at 7 a. m., and making  close connection by S.S. Nelson with all  Kootenay Lake points.  Passengers for KettleBiver nnd Bound-  iry Creek, connectatMa-cus with stage on  Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays nud  Fridays.  Passengers.for Trail Creek mines con-  ���������*'���������-���������' nt Nortliport with stage Daily.  Kaslo   & Slocan   Railway-  TIME CARD NO. I.  Going Wkst. Daily            Goino East.  Leave 9.00 a. in. Kaslo             Arrive 3.50 p.m.  -..'"(in. in. irijuMi Fork        "'       3.In p.m.  "      !>..ltir.. in. Kpvoillo's              ���������'       2.15 p.m  "     9.51 a, in. Whitewater      "      2.'ll) p.'m.  "  ������10.0.1 a. in. Hear Luke         '       1.18 p.m.  "    10.18 a. in. McOuinun         ���������'      l..t.(p.m.  "    10.30 a. in. Hniley's              "      1.21p.m.  "    10.3!)ii. in. Junction           "      1.12 p.m.  Arc. I0.50a. in. Sandon Leave 1.00 p.m.  Subject, to elian^u without, notice.  For   rates  and   information   t>pply  at th  Company'- ollices.  UOliT. HIVING. XV. II. McGRAW.  (201)   Tialllc Mhiiukci. Superintendent.  COLUMBIA  &  KOOTENAY  STEAM   NAV.   OO  (LIMITED)  TIME CARD NO. 8.  Ill Effect MoiMliiy, Viv. 11, 1803.  ItKYKLSTOKK    K4IIIK-SU] iikr "Xitkiisp*  Leaves Wigwam for Nakusp and Robson  Monday.- and Thursdays nt 7 p. in.  Leaves Kobson for Nakusp, Wigwam and  Canadian l'aeille Itailway points on Tuesdays  and Fridays at (i p. \\\.  Connection is made at Robson with C. & K  lly. for Nelson and with Str. "Lytton" for  I rail Creek and Northport.  THAU. ^KICI'K-KOR-O.V   KOHTK.  Meniii-r "lyllon."  Leaves Trail Creek for Robson on Tuesdays  ami Fridays at, 10 a. m.  Leaves Robson for Trail Creek on Tuesdays  and I-ndays nt. I p, in., connects at Robson  with Str. "Nakusp" for Naku-p and Revel  stoke and with C. & K. Ity. for Nelson and  Lake points.  \Oimil--KT-TUMIL <B-|:K BOITK  ���������Sleiinii.r   ���������"I.'U-hi."  Leaves Trail Creek for Northport on Mondays, \\ ednesdays, Thursdays nnd Saturdays  at Sin. in.  Leaves Northport for Trail Creek Monduvs  Wednesday., Thursdays and Saturdays at 1  p. m.  Connects nt, Nortliport Willi S. V. & N Ry  for Spokane.  Xfr*r<M������_*t-K.._I.O KOITK.--'.Mr Xelson."  Leaves Nelson for Kaslo, Sundays at,  4 p. in., lucsdays at 5.30 p. in., Wednesdays a'.- 2.30 p. m., Thursdays at 5.30  p. in., I ndays at 2.30 p. in.. Saturdays at. 5.30 p  in. Conneetint; on Tuesdays, Thursdays and  Saturdays with N. & F. S. Ky. at Five Mile ..  Point for Kaslo and Lake points. i\  Leaves Kaslo for Nelson, Sundays at 8 1  p. in.. Mondays at 3 a. in., "\Vednes- \l  days al, 3 a. in., Thursdays at 8 a. in.,  -ndays at. 3 n. in., Saturdays at 8 a. in.  Connecting; on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays al, Five Milo Point with N. & F. S. Ry  for Spokane.  Connects    with    Columbia     &     Kootenay  Itailway at Nelson for points north and south.  The riRht is reserved to change this schedule  at any time without notice.  For tickets, rams, etc., apply at Company's  oflice, Nelson.  T. Allan, j. w. Troup,  Secretary. Manager  WHOLESOME  12  Ounce <-u_  bn.u  ���������lb  Ceuis.  bitut Deiiiand in Canada.  (213)  LEAVE KASLO for Ainsworth, Pilot Bay and  .  Nelson Monday, Wednesday and Saturday  at 8 a. ,in.; Tuesdays. Thursday and Fridays  at 7 a.'m.  LKAVK NKLSON for Pilot. Ii; _��������� Ainsworth  and Kaslo Monday. Wedne^iay   Thursday  and Saturday at 3 p. ni.; Tuesday and Fri-  dayat4p.ni.  Close connection i-thus made between Lake  points and all outgoing and incoming trains of  the C. P. II. nt Nelson.  Thc steamer is newly equipped in everv par  ticular, is lit throughout by electricity, and  contains bathroom and all modern conveniences  for tho comfort of passengers.  The above schedule is in effect 16th May,  1835 subject to change.  TEA!   TEA!   TEA!  . We know you have tried many times to buy G-ood  Tea and have failed, again and again. You have  never tried our Tea in  ONE  POUND  PACKETS.  "We are modest and do not like to' tell -what the  Governor-General said in praise, of the Tea at the  Phair Hotel.   It was ours.  AT0RTHERN  IN    PACIFIC R, R.  u  - s ���������;..  Pull/nan e  Sleeping Carst  Elegant  Dining Cars,  Tozirist  Sleeping Cars.  TO  THROUGH  /ST. PAUL  -IIN-'EAPOLIS  IHiLl.TII  FAKUO  CKAKD    FORKS  CROOK-TON  iri.\MPE*fi  J.KLEXA ami  L B.TTE  TICKETS  -TO-  JAS. WAUGH  Purser.  3*  GKO. F.  HAYWAI-0  Master  Hudson's Bay Company,  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  (258).  CIIICAttO  WASIMM'TOS  PIIILAUELPIIIA  NEW  YOKK  ItOSTOX ami all  Points East,  IVcsl mill South.  *  For information, lime cards, maps and lichts  call on or -jJrite  H.  G. STIMMEL,  -.-     T. P. Agent, Nelson,B.C.  .   F. D. GIBBS,  General Agent, Spokane, Wash.  or  A. D: CHARLTON,  Asst. Gent. Pass. Agent, Portland. Oregon !  - _**>*. ������-���������*���������


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