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The Miner Jan 15, 1898

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 $*  <?%v*  M  ''���������*y%?  Whole Number 386.  'V  Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday, Jan.  15, 1898.  Price Five Cents  EAST   WABD    ALDEKMEW     AfiE  ELECTED BY AOOLAMATIOtf.  Klrclloii In Most Wnnl lurried ttyttllker,  Madden   ami   Ylhallvy   t*������r  AliU-ruicii.  It isan old aud deep-rooled superstition that the bride will be bappytliat tlie  sun shines upon and us there does not  appear to be any valid reason why the  same Ihiug bhould not apply to civic olli-  cers. Nelson's new aldeinicu should be  exceptionally blessed during their term  otBervice, seeing that Thursday, tbe polling diiy. was by far tbe brightest and  nicest day of the wbole winter up to date.  Tho mayor aud aldermen from tbe east  ward were elected by ncclnmationas there  were no candidates named to oppose  them. In tbe west ward there were six  nominations which made an election in  that district necessary. The nominations  were made before Magistrate E. A. Crease  ou Monday, .Tannery 10 between the  hours of 12 a. ni. and 2 p. iu. Tbey were  as follows:  John Houston, for mayor, proposed by  Fred Irvine audscconded by Uobert A.  lien wick.  Charles Hillyer, for aldeiniiineast ward,  proposed by A. J. Marks and seconded by  Jacob Dover.  J. J, Malone, for alderman east ward,  proposed by Robert Shiell and seconded  by H. J. Evans,    .  W. F. Teetzel, for alderman east ward,  proposed by James McDonald and seconded by J. H. Matkeson,  Dr. E. C. Arthur, for alderman, west  ward, proposed by A. E. Hodgins and  seconded by A. H.Clements.  Austin H. Clements, proposed by Dr.  E. C.-Arthur aud seconded by A. O.  Shaw.  Frank Fletcher, for alderman west  ward, proposed by G. C. Hodge and  seconded by A. J...Hipporson and A. H.  Cietnents.  ' James \. Gilker, for alderman west  ward, proposed" by John A. Gibson Ji:nd  sec onded by C. A. "Waterman.  Thomas Madden, 'ior alderman west  ward, proposed by H- B. Tbompsan and  seconded by J. Tied Hume.  E. Percy Whalley, for alderman west  ward,' proposed by Percy Criddle and  seconded by E. C. Senckler.  The'polling took place in the empty  store next to D. McArtbur & Co. furniture store on Baker Street, between the  hours of 8 a. m. and 4 p. m. E. A. Crease  J. P. was returning officer, G. L. Lennox  poll clerk, aud R. Ben wick, C. Seeley  aod OB. Wolvertou were the scrutineers.  In tne early pni t of tbe week as soon as  tbe nominations were made it was  thought by many that Arnhur and Clements had a very good chiihid'of securing  a place on the council with either'- Whal-  ]ey or Fletcher for the other, but as pulling day approrched it was not n difficult  matter to seo that Houston's iufliiencc  was overcoming all 'objections and difficulties, The principal .bono of contention was the continuation of the payment  of the mayor's salary of ������2,000 a year,  nnd while tbe majority of voters consider  that a mayor should receive some compensation there were not a few who  thought that the amount he now gets is  out of all proportion lo the services rendered or the ability of the co-porntion  finances to pay it. That was nbont the  only difference of opinion betweea lo  the opposing tickets and thej*esiilt sliow-  ed tliatthe people are perfectly satisfied  to let everything remain as it is. There  was very little canvassing done by "Arthur  Clements or Fletcher which we thick is  a mistake because there are many voters  whose minds are not made up even when  they are at the poll and in any case like  to be solicited for their vote and. influence "Tom" Madden was.fully alive to  the importance of pushing a good thing  along and cutters could be seen at any  time daring the day rounding *p -supporters and seeing that they voted early  and often.  Tile city elerk did not let tbe grass  | grow under bis feet and. when lie ,,was  not assisting Tom Madden lie was going  around with acovered omnibus to sucb  outlying" place as the smelter., and bringing in tho sheep to tlie fold.-   Considering that it was at best onl/-the small  1 half of a contest there were quite- a. few  bets made, mostly nt about 2 to 1 in  favour of the Houston  ticket,  going;to  I show that there was a good deal of coii-  [fidenceou the street as to the result.. At  ;4 o'clock the poll closed atid about half  [an hour afterwards the figures were declared.  Thomas Madden 81,   J. A.  Gil-"  leer 67, E. P. Whalleyt������7; Dr. Arthur  4%  LA- H. Clements 33, Frank.Fletcher, v  The result, proved that "the. majx in  the street", was right the Houston ticket  being elected complete. It was not even  found to be necessary to make use of- the  14 voters who were transferred from the  east to the west ward at the Inst   minute,  iu case of nccideut wo presume*.  Tho successful candidates were naturally jubilant aitd headed by Mayor Houston nnd accompanied by A. J. Marks, J.  Dovor, "Jerry" Robillard and a few other  admiring friends proceeded to take in tbe  town, much to tho delight and profit of  the hotel nnd saloon keepers. After  making tbe rouud of the town and testing the difference iu the numerous brands  of whiskeys ifc was decided tc ��������� adjourn  for supper. After supper the excitement  of tbe contest bad apparently died out  and there was nothing more doing than  on any ordinary evening. There were  no speeches made at any time therefore  we must wait to see what effect the  magic influence of tbe council chamber  will have iu assisting our uew city fathers to disgorge from their fertilo braius  some of the gieat schemes for the  provement of our town which  sure they have in store.  ROSSLAND AND KASLO ELECT OITf  OFFICIALS FOB 1898.  BolU C'ltlcx   Elect   by  AccIanintUii.-E*.  Mayor Hcott Withdrew Rather Than  Serve Without sapport.  wo  ���������in-  nre  EETUSNED FfiOM KLONLYEE.  The London una ttrltish Columbia Gold  Fields Kxpcriltloii.  Joseph Pitrie who went into the Yukon  with Woods for tbe London and British  Columbia Gold Fields Ld., Las returned  with a report of the proceedings of the  party. Several very promising proper-  tics on El Dorado, Bonanza and Henderson creeks have been acquired for the  company.  Mr. Pitrie's acconnt of the expedition  nnd also of some of the salient features  of Dawson City and the surrounding  country is very interesting. The party  succeeded iu getting their whole outfit to  Dawson, though not without losing several of their horses. Tney shot all the  rapids on the way without shipping a  drop of water. ' Tbe country around  Dawson is described as a kind of table  land with bills only some 400 or 500 feet  high. The town contains about 2000  people and there may be 3000 in tbe adjacent valleys. The value of claims Las  scarcely been exaggerated. Mr. Piirie  knew of instances where claims on El  Dorado had sold for $150,000 cash. Own-  ess of claims sublet parts of their claims  to other miners who work them on a  basis of a rent of from 50 to 60 per cent  of the gold taken out. The system la  known as "laying". Mr. Pitre considers  that the richness'ofThe district b&s not  been exaggerated, lie objects to the  mining laws iu toto aud oomplaius of the  wretched mail service. Accumulations  of letters lay for weeks in places whence  there was frcque.4 opportunities of their  dispatch.  HOOKEY GAME.  Kelson Tenm Will H������y nt Kaslo Sulurdiiy  Evening,'  The Nelson Ifeekey Team goto Kaslo  this afternoon to play a mntcb with the  team there. The ice in the rink here has  been good and during the past week the'  team have trffeqn advantage of it and are  now in excelleut playing condition.  The boys are playing a'muchfisfer and  better game than they did on Christmas  day and when they again meet Sandon  tbey expect to make a different showing.  The team which plays at Kaslo tonight  will be made up na follows: C. Harring-  toD, goal; \V. Duncan, point;'G.Nunu,  cover point; J. Thompson, F. Smith, D.  Rutherford and W. Banning, forwards;  E*d!- MeOardia, mascot.  II. Irvine-, manager of tbe team, suys  be thiuka the boys will be victorious at  Kaslo and expects to take tlie team to  Sandon sometime iu the near future.  ' Tlie llitrm- r.iync t'onipitii)*.  The report of the second niin.Au!  general meeting of'the LUlobe't Fraser  River, etc., company is not a cheerful  document. There is none of tlie clarion  blast about ib which heralded Mr,  Iloruc Payne's approach to this  country last year. Its tone is what  may be called muffled, and we understand that the reports of the, meeting  which appeared in the daily papers  were also muffled.  The report commences by stating  that the Income and' Expenditure  account has/t debit balance of ������J3,!T95  which "yonV wiH note" (the shareholders . should scarcely require to.be told  this) "has been arrived at by writing  oli the sum of ������31,025 on account of  deposits on options, cost of work done  in * * * claims subsequently abandoned, and various, other expenditure  which must be deemed to have been  unproductive." Tho "must be deemed"  13 very funny. Turning to.the balance  sheet1 wo find a sum of ������1800 for directors' fees, and ������1024 odd for travelling  expenses both of" which we. should  think "must be deemed" to be unproductive. The value of the various  descriptions of mining -������-property  acquired is put down at ������173,901 from  which ������31,025 has been -.yrigien off  leaving the company- at pr(Renb in  possession of property which it values  at ������140,876. The company has ������55,-  370 invested in good funds.- Amongst  its assets appears the curious item  Loans on Securit>\������7544. .It-would be  interesting to examine this security,  and il/is the first time we have heard  of a 'mining' company going into the  money lending business. *  A Card ������r Tliiiuk*.  The Ladies Hospital Aid desires to  extend its thanks to the Kaslo Dramstic  Club and the citizens of Kelson for the  entertainment and patronage to the  entertainment whereby the Ladies Aid-  realized $&5. The proportion of the'proceeds for 'the. Ladies Aid was"$8J, but  Mr, Fraser kindly presented them with  $45 for their share. ��������� =���������  Death i>l*a Wisll-K'iowii Contractor. ������������������������  ������������������We regret, to have to record the djat b  of Dan Dunn, of acute Bright's disease,  fit New Denver. He was well Known all  along the main line of the C.P.B. and  was foreman of construction on theC,&  K. railway iu 1.--90-9L After leaving  here-he buiifthe extension of the Nakusp  Municipal elections at Rossland have  caused much more excitement than those  iu our city. Ou Monday there were two  nominations for mayor, H. S. Wallace  proposed by Robert Hunter and Ross  Thompson, and Robert Scott nominated  by J. Fred Ritchie and J. A. Smith. The  aldermen on H. S- Wallace's list were  first ward, A. S. Goodeve, C. O. Lalonde.  Second ward, Ross Thompson, J. A.  Barrett, third ward, John S. Cliite. Jr.,  J. Edgrea. Those proposed in the interest  of-'Col" Robert Scott were: first ward,  Hector McPheison, Francis Joshua  Walker, second ward, J. Fred Ritchie.  It appears Unit at the last minute  Frank Walker and J. Fred Ritchie withdrew leaving Col. Scott with only one  alderman on his list. Evidently he did  not consider he would be able to carry  out his ideas if he were elected with but  one favorable alderman on the board,  having at least a two-thirds majority  against-him, so he conclnded to withdraw also, It must have been exceedingly  nunoying to his friends that the "Col."  decided not to face tbe music for another  year. ��������� There can be no doubt .that  tbey would like to see bint have tbe  chance of steering the city through tbe  shoals and quicksands of finance by  which it appears at the present time  to be surrounded.  We were rntber surprised to see J.  Fred Ritcbe in, town on ��������� Monday as we  were under tbe impression that he was a  strong supporter of Col. Scott but on this  occasion at any rate he appears to have  gone back on his friend possibly having  i'i mind the old adage that "he who runs  away may live to flight another day."  In consequence of tbe backsliding: of  the Col's .friends his wbole' ticket was  withdrawn and/ ,H������: S. Wallace, and.his  alderman were .elected by acclamation.  In the course of tbe evening the'city took  on a festive ait and the friends of Mr.  Wallace celebrated tbe occasion wilh a  torchlight procession of some 250 or 300  people, consisting of the band, the volunteer fire brigade, and a crowd carrying  torches, who proceeded to take in tbe  city bringing np finally at tbe Brunswick Hotel where the band discoursed  tweet music from the balcony interspersed  .with* remarks from Mr. Walece and  Messrs. Goodeve, Rolt, Lalonde, and  .01 ute. Daring tbe evening Mr. Scott  informed tbe Rossland Miner that the  ejuise of his withdrawal from the contest  was the retirement of the candidates who  ke^expected would support.him in.the  To'uncil, and not wishing to serve a year  in office without any prospect of harmony, although assured cf victory at the  polls. It was known to all Mr. .Scotts  friends that be was not anxious to run  again.  The Rossland Miner appears to have  up a very active crusade against the Col.  from the commencement of tbe contest  and upon the electiou by acclamation of  H. S. Wallace the Edition received quite  an ovation as the procession pawed the  office of tbe paper, being "cheered" by  the "boys" in the procession, after making a little frpeaeh complimenting all  concerned upon the result of the contest.  KASLO.  The citizens of Kiaslo did not appear to  take anymore interest in the municipal  election than those of Nelson. The nominations were, for mayor, Charles W;  McAnn proposed by Augustus Carney  ^.nd Gilbert Hartib, M.D. Eor aldermen,  Dr. Harlin, John D. Moore, Fred E.  Archer, A. W. Goodenough, George  Whiteside and D. Yv7 Moore, there being  no other aspirants for civic honors, thos'-  ���������named were declared elected by acclama-  tiou. It should be well for the m'a'riage-  meat of the city's affairs, that a mayor  and alderman should be elected who������t  appenr^tb' so thoroughly- represent the  wishesrof the citiezns. ���������  & SI; can railway from Three Forks to  Sandon aud was latterly employed on the  Sloean City branch. In an account of  the West Kootenay district written by  Julian Ralp and published in Harper's  Magazine in the -autumn of '91 his portrait was given as..representing a typical  western railroad contractor, as undoubtedly ho was, a big man physically, with  a heart quite as large in proportion.  Another -Sawmill.  Architects and builders and all those  intending to build daring the coming  season will probably not have to wait eo  long for material as has been the eaae  hitherto. Richard S lackey has commenced the construction of another sawmill on the water front opposite the  north end of Cedar street. Tho building  when completed will be 26 ft. by 60 ft.  nnd' will coutai-i besides u 48 in. circular  saw, a planer, latb mill and shingle mill,  run by - a 25 horse power engine. He  intends getting logs either by water from  Kootecay lake or by the CP.R, tbe  track .adjoining the premises. There is  evory .chance of doing a good-business.  HOTEL PflAIK IMPROVEMENTS.  GENERAL LOCAL NEWS.  EVENTS OF 1HTERE8T IN  ABOUND NELSON.  AND  Imp*  G. C, Plmlr Contemplates Exten-tlve  proremratH to ll> Hotel.  We understand that the owners of the  Pbair hotel are arranging to make some  very considerable alterations and improvements to that hostelry in the near  future, to enable it to provide the kind  of accommodation which has become necessary to our city and incidentally, no  doubt, to compete successfully ;with the  new Hume building. The whole of tbe  dirt facing Stanley nnd Victoria streets  is to.be taken away and a brick or stone  foundation is to be bnilt under tbe house  making a ground floor 16 feet high to  contain- n hall, dining: room, billiard  saloon, bar aud kitchen, etc. It is prob-  bable that the whole building may be  brick- veneered but the plans have not  been definitely agreed upon yet Mr.  Phair is at present at Vancouver whence  he was sent for to consult with the architect as to the best way of arranging the  house., -    '      -    .   ,    ,   Hospital .pratlM.  .   Nelson, B. C, January Jltb. 1898.:  Editor Minier: -,, '   .  ',, Sib ������-Kiiidly.i allow.. me epaoe, for the  correction of a statement which frequently appears in the papers of Nelson. In  announcing a death which has occurred  in any hospital in the city, the term "tbe  hospital" is used without specifying  which hospital is meant. The majority  ot people take it for granted that tbe  General Hospital is referred to. Such a  statement appeared iu last week's papers  and ������s the result the public have credited  the General Hosrutal with another death  which it is not entitled to. Tbe remaik  is Ireqaentiy beard that there mn6t be a  lob of deaths nt "the hobpital," meaning  the General Hospital, when as a matter  of fact there have been ouly four deaths  since February 1807. It is only fair to  the institution and those intimately connected with it to make this correction.  Of course there can be no intention to  convey any wrong impression and it will  only be necessary to call attention to tbe  matter to prevent its recurrence.  Yours very truly,  Geo. A. li. Hall,  Hospital Physician.  in-IVtict- of IlrltlNli Columbia,  A meeting was beld on January 4th  in a room over the Hiidsor's Hay Go's,  store to coDbider the question of organizing a militia regiment to assist in tbe  iulfiiul defence uf the province in the first  place and incidenfly <o strengthen tbe  general defences of tbe empire. - There  were about fifteen gentlemen present.  Dr. Quinlau was voted to the chair and  Frank Smith was appointed secretary.  The secretary was Instructed to communicate with the mayors of Rossland,  Kaslo, Sandou and with representative  uien iu Revelstoke. Donald aud Kamloops  with the object of forming companies iu  those towns. A. reso'ution was  adopted to obtain 'permission to form a  mountain battery;. ������-A'   committee was.  Brief   Meatloa   or   Happealagx   la  lhe  Mutrlet Bariaa* t������������ ran*  Bevea Bay*.  of  an  A.'E. Hodgins, AV. A.rfiaUiher, Dr. Quinlau, John Hirsch and, G. R. Iiobson, who  met in tbe same room Thursday evening.  A letter was ordered'to be written.to Col  Peters, D.C.O., asking for instructions  iw to lhe proper ..way to" proceed in" the  formation of a mountain battery. A  notice- df (he next 'meeting will appear  in this paper and it is hoped that all the  )*Gni)g Britishers will enter heartily into  (lie idea and spare.no 'pairjs'to make it  the success it should be.  George Woods died Wednesday at  Spokane.  On Tuesday last the wife of Mr. A.  J. Miller, steward uf the Nelson Club,  of a, son.  Mr. A. II. Buchanan of the Bunk  Montreal returned this week from  extended trip to California.  A social will be Riven in the Presbyterian church, Friday," January 21,  under the auspices of the Ladies' Aid.  Mr. J. J. Campbell has been appointed head accountant and assistant manager of the Hall Mines office in this  city.  Mrs. H. E. Hall left Tuesday evening  for Perth, Scotland, via Liverpool  England, for ������ six month's visit with  her parents.  Thomas Blench and Miss Lydiu J.  Anderson, both of Sloean City were  married at the Phair hotel last Tuesday afternoon, Rev. George H, Morden officiating.  Captain' Fitzstubbs who has been  lying ill in the Jubilee hospital at Victoria has undergone an operation. It is  to be hoped that this will restore the  captain to health nnd strength.   :'r -  A. J. Marks has been suffering again  from a slight attack' of "la grippe"  but not so badly as he has done before.  By adopting the ".Kootenay cure" at  once he was soon ciut*d and is out on  the street as usiunV ��������� ���������. ->; v.  Major Barnes the well known storekeeper and politician of Ockonook,  Idaho, came in on the Nelson Wednesday. _ He rode over the_ trail to  Armstrong's^ Landing on Kootenay  lake andreports very little snow.  W. H. Armstrong the Crow's Nest.  road contractor, come in on the Nelson  on Tuesday with a sprained leg, the  result of a slip on a piece of rock. He  is still confined to his room at the  Phair Hotel and will not be able to  move about much for a few days,  -li. Brant working for R. Stuckey  met with a painful accident a few  days ago. One of the sills of the mill  fell on to his side knocking him down  fortunately without breaking any  bones. He is not yet able to work,  although not contined to his bed.  The current number of the B. C.  Mining Record is full of interesting  information about its special industry  and contains several portraits of local  celebrities. There is also an excellent  view of Nelson. This journal is a  credit to its editor and the Province at  large.  Judgement was reserved in the  appeal of Chamberlain vs. B. C. Smelt  ing & Refining Co., Trail. The case  was heard before Judge Forin', and  was for $500 damages for. injuries  received by an explosion in the smelter at Trail on January 10th, 1806.  Mike Monaghun was in town this  week^from Sandon, He says things  are very quiet in that city owing to  the fact that all the miners appear to  be saving their money to enable them  to get up to Alaska in the spring.  Distant pastures generally look^ery  green-���������  The company of amateurs who came  down from Kaslo last Saturday to  play "The Private Secretary" in Nelson were greeted with a house   big  appointed consisting of H. E. Croasdaile, plnough to cheer the heart of any actor  *U'lson the ItisirlljiUiiig Poiul.  Ths C. Pi'R.:-have completed arrangements to ship freight from this point to  Fort Steel via Armstrong's Lauding that  -will entirely shut out either Golden or"  Kalispell as competitive points. Porter  Bio?, have the contract from the Landing  and' It. B. Harstone is the agent at that  point. P- J. Russell this week shipped a  large consignment of butter and eggs  over ilie ioiite to Port Steele and expects  to" do a cood deal more business in that  district very shortly. ��������� Andyet there are  some malingerers amon������St?us who fail to  see the great future in store for the  metropolis of tlie Kootenays.  and the show they put up was w*prthy  of their exception. We * understand  that they are coming again and the  people of Nelson -will,,-be glad to see  them. - ���������  Skating both indoors and out has  been the order ���������' of the week. The  weather'has been unusually fine for  that kind of sport and it has been a  very pleasant' sight to seethe young  iadies and their .."beaus" learning the  jntricasies of the "outsifle edge" or the  ���������'Jrape vine" nob omitting the art^bf  falling gracefully. ���������  What a beautiful hunting ground  our municipality would make for a  dqgeatcher on the Jook-out for -big,  stftrng dogs that would haul a sleigh  ������rom Djjrea to Dawson city. It is a  pito some one does nob go into the  business. There is money in it, and  we are almost certain a. few, jusba few,  could be easily spared. ��������� t  JThe business of the Confederation  Bife Insurance   Co.   is increasing' to  such un extent that it has decided to  appoint a general agent apparently  for this upper country. Mr. Melville  S. Parry of Winnipeg lias received the  appointment and will be here shortly.  It is not known yet whether he will  make his headquarters here or in  Kamloops or Revelstoke.  Inspector G. C. Sanders of the Northwest Mounted Police has been paying  a visit to Nelson. Mr. Sander's father  was one of the first gold commissioners  ever appointed in British Columbia.  He himself was l>orn at Yale and  educated in England and he is now  stationed at Fort Steele. It is a novel  sight to see Her Majesty's uniform in  the streets of Nelson.  On January 11th before a full court  at Victoria an appeal was heard. in  the case of Garvey vs. The West  Kootenay Land Co.���������The original  action was to enforce the carrying  out of a contract to sell some lots at  Salmo and was heard before Judge  Forin who gave judgement for the  plaintiff with damages $75.' The  appeal was allowed with costs.  Now is the winter of our discontent.  Not so with Charlie Etter,   he is not  exactly making hay while  the sun  shines, but he is doing the next best,  in the shape of making and securing  all the ice form^on the Electric  Light Co,, at the dam.   The natural  ice formed to the thickness of three  inches, but by dint of a lot of hard  work at night Charlie made it a foot  and is now praying that the frost may  continue so that he can get it all well  stored.  Superintendent Hiissey of the Provincial police came in on Wednesday  night's train. He will remain here a  few days to supervise the finishing  and furnishing of the new County  jail and to install the chief jailor Mr.  Robert Liddell who comes from Vic-r  toria with eleven years experience of  that kind of work. Mr. Hussey left  head quarters two weeks ago and bos  visited in bis official copacity, Revelstoke, Golden, and Kamloops where  he has also, put a new jail in shape to  receive visitors. .  Richard Stucicey- narrowly escaped  veir, M-rious accident o^ Tuesday  ���������*���������    He had been mmhtinm-M ^kiag  i a smoke stack in Gray's mil} and  a  last.  down a smoke stack in Grky'k miff anil  was leaving by way of the C. P. B.  track now under construction, when  be walked within a few feet of a blast  of giant powder, not having heard the''  usual warding.  He was struck on the '  head by a pllcc of frozen dirt receiving a severe cut but considers himself  very fortunate- in > escaping so'easily  considering the very dangerous position he was in.  .������  Mr. H. A. Barton who left Kelson ���������  few weeks ago to attend tbe meeting of  bis company, the Gresham Syndicate, in  London may be expected back shortly.  At the meeting be spoke strongly and  well in favor of Kootenay in general. Of  Sloean in particular, these remarks were  quoted at some length in tbe Financial  News. He said that if the directors  would give bim a free band he would  recoup them for oil their-Australian  losses.  THE LA8T MEETING.  Nelnaa Cltr Coaarti Adj������iae4 Mae B4e  taut Mastf*)'.  The first council of the city ot Nelson,  held its last meeting on Monday, January 10, but as the members looked forward to 8 reunion in tbe very near future  Jbere were none of the tearful leave takings that might otherwise have obaracter-,,  ized the meeting. A small amount- of  business was transacted and tbe council  adjoined Bine die.        .,  Auction bylaw No. 22 was amended so  as to require all auctioneers, bawkert,  peddlers etc. to obtain tbe written permission of tbe mayor before applying for  a license to do business. Tbe bylaw was  finally adapted.  Permission was granted to Hume and  Kirkpatrick to erect a corrugated Iron,  ice house on their premises bsck of the  Hume hotel on Vernon and Ward streets.  Adjoined sine die.  The fccpaltlle Ship*.  A carload of Republic ore was shipped  to the Hall Mines smeiter at Nelson last  week. As near as can be estimated it  will run about $150 per ton in gold and  native silver. i;The Republic is located  on Robinson Creek about three miles  from this place, and is owned by Tom  Montgomery and Dave Sutherland. The  carload of ore just shipped was taken out  by themselves and a small force of men.  The Republic was another of the properties in this vicinity which" wot bonded  and thro wn up.���������Sloean City .News.  ir.;,"  An assistant teacher for the Nelson  public school is advc-rtisecl for in  another column. I  *������������������.  I  t  4  THE MINER, NELSON  B. C, SATURDAY, JAN. 15, 1898.  "Site iHmei*  THE MINER is printed ou Saturdays, ami  : will bo mailed to any a(ldres������ in Omula, or  tho United States for ono year en receipt of  two dollars.   Single copies fh-e cents.  CONTRACT Al>VEnTlSJ'������KXTS inserted  at the rate of 93 per column Uicli per month.  TRANSIENT ADVKRTISKMENTS inserted  'at tlio rate of lacenUs per nonpareil line first  insertion, and 10 cents per line for each subsequent insertion. Advertisement* running  for xliorlcr period than three monllis arc  classed transient.  ALL COMMUNICATIONS to tlio. Bailor must  l>e aecompanled by tlie name :m<l address  of the writer, not necessarily for publication, but as evidence of good faith.  THE I/AUEii on your paper shows tlio date on  which your paid up subscription expires.  If in arrears kindly remit and see that tho  date is changed, which should be gutlluiont  receipt.  PRINTING turned out in flrst-nito style at the  shortest notice.  Aoonass  The Miner Printing* PublishingCo.  NELSON. B. C.  LODGE MEETINGS.  NEliSON LODGE, No. 23, A. F. ScA.  M. meets second Wednesday in each  month.   Yisi ting brethren invitc3.  G. L, Lenn-ox, Secretary.  I. O. O. F.    Kootenay Lodge,  |������ No. 1G, meets every Monday night,  at  their Hall,  Kootenay street.  Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.  WM. HODSON, Secretary.  ed almost before the people ib most  affected -knew its details. It will also  be lomeinbered how Mr. Turner  attempted to throw dust in our eyes'  by his celebrated telegram asserting  that there was a tax on coal. Probably  no ono was more surprised than the  Premier himself at the storm that  unfortunate telegram produced.  Whatever qualities as a politician be  may lack no one can accuse Mr. Turner of being anything but an honest  man. The real author of that telegram  sits close by him at the council board  and in all matters of Dunsmuir interest plays Mepbistopbek's to Mr. Turner's Faust. But this is wandering.  What we wanted to say is that we  trust the government will give the  people some opportunity of expressing  an opinion upon any proposed legislation before it is too late. As a matter  of fact they are still painfully ignorant  of all matters relating to mining in  Victoria and upon this subject at any  rate the people of Kootenay may  reasonably expect to be consulted.  KOOTENAY'S PLACE IN B. C.  WANTED.  A Youhk Girl as nnreo maid.  Afternoons  only.   Apply Mrs. Cowan, Hotel Phair.  PKOrESSHMAL CA.M8.  I^LSON     IRON *  * WORKS  NELSON, B. O.  Iron and Bras* Cutttlng* of Every ftencrlp-  llo-t.   Kepalro nnd   Jobblac  832 A SPKCULTT.  r. C. GAMBLE !.!>.  M. Inst. C.E.    M. Can. So  ..NELSON   LODGE  No. 2.5. K. of  P.,  v^mccts in Castle hall, McDonald block  jvery Tuesday evonltiK nt 3 o'clock,  All visiting knights cordially Invited,  J. \V. TlIOMl'SON. C .c  Geo. Raht-udo)*, K. ot E.and S.  NELSON  LODGU   I. 0. G. T.      Meets in  Castlo Hall, McOonuld lUock, cvcTy Monday  evening  at 8 o'clock.   VUltlna 'Icmplars cor-  dially invited. Jo,,*JL3���������F!ar.  John Tklfokd, Sec'y.  SATURDAY, JAN. 15. 18������8.  HOUSTON'S LAMBS.  Once more the farce known as a  Municipal Election has been enacted  in Nelson. In other words Mr. Houston  has asked the citizens to return him as  mayor and to send him n council who  will follow his beck and call, and they  have done so. The east ward made no  attempt whatever at independence,  and sent in their three lambs without  a murmur. In the west however an  effort was made aud three sturdy  candidates were put forward who refused to bow to , the Houstonian will.  But the master proved too strong for  tbem. He produced three more lambs  and an obedient people promptly sent  them in..-It -is possiM*-*that oneoj  thesoJambft.-fcfr. Whalley.niay develop  some little spirt nt first but As he is  alone and therefore helpless he v/ill  soon see the futility of his kicking and  either resign his seat or treat the  / ���������whole affair with contempt* Unfor-  -, tunately he has Mr. Fletcher's experience before bim. He-made a brave  effort ������o instill some backbone iuto the  council. He might as wellhare tiled to  chill rock with a stick of candy.  ia all representative institutions it  has been found advisable to have an  opposition. There is no necessity to  go into the reasons here, but it is a well  known fact. Nelson however has seen  fib to deliver herself bound Kaiicl"and  foot into Mr. Houston's hands, for  better or for worse. He has always  professed devotion to tlie town and  has shown it. He has now an opportunity of proving it up to the' hilt.  Meanwhile the public are watching to  see whether the first object of his  affections is Nelson, or John Houston.  ASSESSMENT.  The new provincial assessor is a man  of energy. He is apparently something of a prophet. Judging by his  idea ot the values of certain properties, he has got wind of a good time,  coming, bub even if his information l.c  correct wo have yet to learn that prc^  perty owners may lie taxed upon pro*  pec-live values. At the court of revision there will probably be'some lively  times and plenty of business on hand.  We have heard of instances where property is being assessed at double what  its owner is perfectly willing and is  trying hard to take for it. There is an  excellent system in vogue in a sister  country from whom we have many  lessons to learn. The government  collects'n small property tax and for  this purpose ,m'epares the assessment  rolls of the whole country. Thea  owners can object if they like, bub the,  government has the right of adding  ���������ten per cent to the valuation and buying the property at once, n This rule  acts both ways. If the government  valuers make mistakes by putting on  too high values it is all the better for  the owners, while if they go too low  no one is liable to grumble. Thepfov-.  eminent assessment rolls are used for  municipal and all other taxation.  When  Mr.  Walkem was  premier,  and no astuter politician ever guided  the provincial destines, he told a friend  that the secret in ruling British Columbia, lay in securing the votes of the  two Kootenay members.   These two  men therefore practically   ruled the  province,  only they did not know it.  Mr. Walkem took good care that they  should be ignorant of the power they  possessed.    In those days Kootenay  was not what she is now.   She was  then almost an unknown district with  a  flavor   of   by-gone    mining  days.  The creeks and canyons of the Rockies,  where now the C.P.R. shrieks and yells  and rolls its freight cars down thesteep  slopes, had yielded up ages'before their  millions   during a   short lived rush.  Forty Nine creek was as hard to reach  as Klondike.   Nelson and Ainsworth  even were as yet unknown and only  the ancient Hudson's Bay Co. carried  on its antique trade at a few points.  The   member   for   West   Kootenay,  there was only one then, was returned  by the votes of twelve constituents,  and even then Kootenay ruled British  Columbia.  Things are somewhat different now  but there is no reason why Kootenay  should not again wield her power. In  fact it is easier for her to,do so now  than it was then. Today she is the  busiest part of the province and the  wealthiest. There is nob a poor man  within her boundaries-except a few  voluntary paupers who prefer whiskey  to wealth. She contributes largely to  both the Provincial and the Dominion  exchequers. She is more widely  known for her particular industry  than ever Cariboo was, or any other  part of B. C. is. Her" population is  increasing by leaps and bounds and  she returns three members instead, of  two and ought to have four.  AH that is necessary for Kootenay  to regain and hold her old ascendency  is for her to choose men as her representatives who have some ability and  whose ideas will command attention  in the House, and it is further absolutely essential that they are all on one side  of it. It does hot really matter which.  Three men of ordinary common sense,  with the- power and wealthof-Koote-  nay behind them could easily carry  everything before them in Victoria.  With all respect to the gentlemen  who now represent us, they are not  the kind of men we want. They are  in no respect representative of Kootenay today. They are not in touch  with the men who are engaged in  making Kootenay the richest aud  greatest mining district of the world.  Standing drinks all round in a saloon  hot the only qualiQcation required  PKANCIS J, O'REIU.V.  __    Soc. C.li. A;.si>c. M. Iiisl. C.E.  M. .Am.Soc. C.E.   I'.L.S. for II.C. I'.l-S. tor B.C.  (Law R������s. Iinif. Drp. of I'ub. Vks. KukIukI, ll.C.  of Canada In ll.C.)  Nelson, B.C.  GAMBLE & O'REILLY  C1Y1L KMUNEKRS,     9     9     0  ������      PU0V1XCIAL LAN1> SUHVEYORS.  Accountants and General Agents.  Agents Insurance Co. of North America.  KELSON -       (7871        - B. 0.  '���������Just  Opened"  THE FERN  CldAR   STORE  Next door to Spokane Northern ticket offlce  We carry a full line of        TYkltar-'/'nc  English and American    ' UDatCOS  Imported and Domestic CIGARS  Glru^n MOHERfe BLISS  823  ANN ABLE. INSURANCE.  'lotiUl Ag������ui." District  Agent   Canadu   Life   Assurance   Company.  Money to loan.  Office opposite Pottt Ofllce. 7<0  CHRISTIE & ���������i-.; - . ,-.���������,-.-  Real EsUtc wid K?l>t������.L_??,"S.'  ^rTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTrTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT^  r**  All HOLDICH. ASSAYKU AND ANA-  ���������   lytical Chemist, Hall street, Nelson. 7*1  L.  R.   HARRISON,   BARRISTER,   Notary Public, Sloean City. 45i  M.  1*. c.  L. GHIMMETT, LL. B., BARRISTER,  Solicitor. Notary Public, Etc., Sandon  EM. SANDILANDS, GENERAL AGENT  ���������   Kire  Insuranco and   Mining  Broker,  Sandon, B. C. 460  LETCHER S. ANDREWS. BARRISTER,  F  dian Eire Insurance Co.  Mining properties for sale,  Solicitor, etc.   Sole Agent for the Cana.  Ileal  Estate and  Sloean City. B.C.  (Ml>  f-\ ORE. BURNET & CO.. PROVINCIAL  VJT and Dominion Land Surveyors and Civil  Engineers. NcIhoii. B. O. Room No. 4, ovor  ThoiUBon & Co.'s Book Store. 611  ���������^>  H. M. VINCENT  Merchant Tailor  NEW YEAR  flusical   Instruments  VIOLINS  GUITARS .  MANDOLINS  BANJOS  The Heintzman & Co. Piano has  that soft, sweet, full tone which is  only found in the genuine "Heintzman & Co." Piano.  Call  and   see  them  at  Thomson Stationery Co.  LIMITED. ������Cg  G. D. CURTIS  ^^AftOrilTECTC-L^:  625   OVEft THOMBOm- BOOK CTMtS,  After....  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We are also ag*ents for the Victor Oil Co.j Ltd., manufacturers or  Monarch Cylinder Grease (Solidified Cylinder Oil), Monarch Lubricants  (or Solidified Oils), Insurance Company of North America, The Imperial  Insurance Company,   Ltd., of London, England, The Canada Accident  Assurance Company. ���������  m  Plate  Glass Assurance THE MINER NELSON, B, C, SATURDAY. JAN. 15, 1898.  MINING TBANSFERS.  Where no coiulderatlon Is named In transfers  the nomlnul sum of SI is to be understood.  Knaln.  Jan 5���������  COD and Triumph���������Robert Pollock to It J  Stenson,J. ,  Ida���������L A Lemon to S A Drake, _.  Kokv���������S A Drake to L A Lomon, _.  Black Prlneu���������J W Livers toL A Lemon and  S A Drake.  Bryan���������It McDonald to John L Mcltao, _.  Blocim City.  Jan 1 ���������  Montezuma-R M Covington to S Walker. }.  Jan 8���������  Viking No 2 and Phoenix fraction���������Goo H  Ajlurd to Viking Oold Mining company.  New Denver.  Dec 28���������  J MM Bciinodum to Wm McKinnon, i.U  lntorost of W L Price in all mineral claims  situated lit tho West Kootenay district, $1000.  Deo 29���������  Apis���������Kate Terrlll to Susan S Gibson, _,  Fountain���������Ira, W Black to Mrs Jonnio Knapp,  Jan 8���������  California 8, Clipper 3-0 J Marino to Patrick  Burns and \V J Wilson, agreement to soil,  *i_.ooo. \.  Jan 4���������  Lake View Fracjion���������J M M Bennedum to J  WmKyte, I  Ro__la-_il.  Jan3��������� .  Oriental���������D Dorg to Walter A Boultbce, }.  Same���������E Johnson to John Rankin, J.  Same���������W A Boultbee. J Boultbce and J Rankin to the Montreal & B C Prospecting and  Promoting Co, 82000.  Jan i��������� ���������'.-������������������  Copper World and Australia���������John Fraser to  Chester (Has., _.  Viking J. Putnam J���������W S Norman to W Mc-  Crae,  Jan5���������  Waneta No 2-John Ryan to B R Raymond,  .. $250.  Uritannlca, Majestic, Celtic, Gigantic /r, _,  Gigantic }���������Henry P Jackson and John Mc-  Novln to J B Dunn.  Extra-Pro*. InclMl CouipaulCH.    .  (I'ECUSTBATIONS)  Bean Pot Gold Co. Capital 1500,000  in 31 Bbares. Head office at Spokane. J.  8 G Fraser, Rossland, attorney.  Beaver Gold Mining Go. Capital  $750,000 in $L shares; Head offlce,  Spokane. J. C. Fischer.-OBoyoos, attorney.  Brtefirs-Pbiliipa Mining Co. Capital  $500,000 in $1 shares. Head office at  Spokane. B. P. Brings, Briggs-Pbillips  cabin at South Fork Kaslo creek, attorney. ���������������������������'���������-.������������������  Delewnre Mining and Milling Co.  Capital, $1,000,000 in 91sbarep. Head  .office at Spokane. J. S. C. Fraser, Rossland, attorney.  Elkhorn Silver Mining Co. Ltd. Capital $1,000,000 in 81 Bbares. Head office  at Spokane. C. F. Caldwell, Kaslo,  .attorney.-.   '^ '���������    .;' _���������_ ,."\, .. ..  " King Solomon rConsolidated Mining  Co. Capital 81.000,000 in $l" shares.  Head office at (Spokane. L. B. Lutlier,  Ainswortb, attorney.  Parcell    Mining    Corporation   Ltd.  iCapital $500,000  in  $1  shares.    Head  office at Spokane.    E. M.I Sandilands,  Sandon, attorney.  r Rossland, Bed Mountain Gold Mining  Co. Capital, $1,000,000 iu 81 shares.  Head officii at Spokane. C. Pringle,  Rossland, attorney.  Silver KiDgG. M. Co. Capital $750,-  ���������00 in $1 shares. Head office at Spokane. J. Atwood, Boundary Falls, attorney.  * SIocan-Iiiberty-Hill |Mining Co. Capital $1,200,000 in $1 shares.   Head office  SEEN FROM AFAR.  A Montana Paper Tells How Mr. How-Ion  Mnile PI.  The Anaconda Standard of January 6  publishes an amusing article relative to  Nelson's chief executive, lhe article in  fall is as follows:  Great Falls, Jan. 8.���������Gen. Andrew Jensen, who for many years was engaged in  the clothing business in this city, hat is  now interested at Nelson, B. C, has been  here for some time visiting old friends  and looking after business affairs. He  states that John Houston, who was recently elected mayor ot Nelson, is none  other than the man who was engaged in  tbe newspaper business in the early days  of Great Falls. At the lime the Leader  was started, 1889, he waa employed on it,  but through some trouble with the management bis connection with tbe paper  was severed. Being a man ot hasty temper and a printer besides, he took a form  ot vengeance which must have been dear  to one who had a knowledge of the  printing art. He entered the place  where the paper was set up and deliberately turned all of the type out on the  floor and mixed it up thoroughly. . It was  "pi" of the worst kind. Naturally he left  the town, and having started he did not  rest until he safely reached the Canadian  line. A posse was organized here to  pursue him, but the advantage of some  time and the ignorance of the direction  he had taken, tbe posse's efforts were  useless. ~ Last spring he headed the  ticket of the wide-open election in Nelson  and being a man who, in spite of a hasty  temper, still possessed fair judgment  and the confidence of the community in  which he lived, be was elected to the  office by a sweeping majority. In addition to being mayor, lie also runs a paper.  In speaking of the election, Mr. Jensen  commented on the] difference in the  methods used on that and this side of  the line. "You know," said he, "that in  that country no one ever runs for an  office. There are just as many peple who  desire the jobs, but it is not the custom  for a man to get out openly and say that  he is after a certain office or any at all.  Instead, you will see a man buttonholing  people on the street and telling him his  views on England's foreign policy or  naval affairs or any other subject equally  foreign, when he really means that he  would like to be picked out for an office  where he would be called on to look after  the sanitation ot the city and like matters.  But office there is supposed to drop from  heaven npon the shoulders of the fittest  man, and he does not need to rustle tor  it-  "When they hold their meetings they  always invite the opposition, and, in foot,  the latter always seem to me to have tbe  better, of the situation. They can denounce those holding the meeting, while  all the latter can do is get up and explain. After the speakers on either side  have finished, questions are asked from  the audience and there tbe 'opposition  gets in still more effective work. It is a  peculiar country to an American at election time. The franchise is held by only  certain classes of the body politic. There  are property qualifications for the different kinds ot elections, and the whole  thing is really quite complicated."  B. 0, MUTING. ENQINEEES.  r������pen an4 Subject* to 1������������ Preoeiiteit for  Plf-CHSlllOll.  The following papers and subjects will  be presented for discussion at.the meeting  DRESSMAKING, PARLORS  Miss Emma Smith begs to say  that she hits removed her Parlors to the Traves' Block,  Baker St., upstairs, where she  ���������will be pleased to meet nil her  old customers and many new-  ones.  812 ���������*-*____________������___MIS8 EMMA SMITH.  Do you want Type? Do you want laltf  Do you want to trade rrcuert  Do you want to trade Paper CaMcraT  Do you wnnt anything In the Printing Machln  ery Unci If bo write to  TOBONTO TYPE FOUNDBY CO.  600 St* Cardova. St., Vaaeeavcr, B. C.  JOHN McLATOHIE  Dominion and  Proyinoial^4*^  Land Surveyor.  649  nelson, b. c.  MILLINERY and<^_  -4^DRESSMAKING  Costumes Furnished  for any  Occasion   on   Short   Notice.  MRS.  E.  701  Mclaughlin.  Ye Olde  Fashioned. .  ENGLISH  GINGER  BEER  i    , i  Thorpe & Co., Ld.  Tel. 60.  Vernon St.  Have  You   Tried  Smoking Tobacco?  at Spokane. J, W. Farqnhar, Liberty-  Bill cabin at south fork Kaslo creek,  attorney.  St. Keverne Mining Co. Capital $1,-  (OOO.OQP in $1 shares. Head office at  Spokane. Geo. Kydd, Sandon, attorney.  'Trust. Mining ..Co. Capital $50,000 in  $1 shares. Head office at Spokane. J.  "W. Farquhar, Liberty-Hill cabin, attorney.  -    .    (LIOBKSXgj...     o  3.0. Exploring Syndicate. Capital  .������20,000 in ������1 shares. Head offlce Vancouver. A. St. O. Hammereley and J.  Cobeleick, Vancouver, attorneys.  British Kootenny Exploration Synfli-  Ltd. Capital ������10,000 in ������1 shares. Head  office, London, Eng. H. B. Thomson,  Nelson, attorney.  Ere Syndicate Ltd. Capital ������00,000  in ������1 shares. Head office London, Eng.  31. E. Lee Brown, Victoria, attorney.  Gold Fields of B. C. Ltd. Capital,  -������600,000 in ������1 shares. Head office England.   C. Wilson, Vancouver, attorney.  Kootenay Ore Co. Ltd; Capital ������25,-  000 in ������10 share's. Head office, London.  Eng.   Q. Alexander, Kaslo, attorney.  The Enterprhe Mine.  The Enterprise mine on Ten Mile is  now employing a force of 38 miners,  besides quite n force of carpenters and  laborers who are rushing work on the  new ore bins at both the mine and steamer  landibg. The bins are full to bursting;  the stopes are becoming blocked with it  and unless the new bins ������are finished  quickly, the men will have to lay off and  wait for them. This mine up to the time  of the shut down last summer, shipped  1,100 tons of OTe, all taken out during  development work, and of sufficient richness���������netting about ������100 per ton above  cost of treatment and freight charges���������  to pay for the mine and development  ���������work. They have done no sloping until  secently.���������Silvertoniau.  Appointments.  r. Morning and Evening Silver Mining  Co. A. J. Shirley, Rosslandj appointed  as attorney, " ��������� .  G. Kydd of Sandon, appointed official  liquidator of Noble Pive Consolidated  Mining and Milling Co.   -  oTIhe" British~C61umbia Association of  Mining Engineers, to be held in Badminton hotel, Vancouver, Tuesday January  18:  Notes on Mining Law and its Application to Mines and Mining Districts, by  Mr. Frank C. boring, M. E., Rossland,  b. c. \ r -  The Possibilities of Smelting in British  Columbia, by Mr. Robert B. Hedley,  Nelson, B.C.  JNotes on Some West Kootenay Ore  Bodies, by Mr. J. C. Gwillim, B. A. So..  M.E, Sloean City,B.C.  Odd Notes ou Mining, by Mr. A. H.  Holdich, Nelson, B. C.  Mioinir Machinery in the Sloean, by  KDQTEMT  LAKE  1 saw mti.  si" ' , .      ���������������������������.������������������  Nelson Office awl Yard  FOOT OF HENORYX ������TBeCT."  Builder-5are invited to inspect my  stock of Rough and  Dressed  Lumber,  Shingles, Laths,  Doors, Sash; Mouldings  Turned Stock, &c.  ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED.  Mr. Howard West, A. R. S. M., New  Denver, B. C.  By special arrangement with the Canadian Pacific Railway, members of the  Institute, their friends, and all who desire to be present at these meetings, will  be carried at a special reduced fare to  nnd from Vancouver. In order to obtain  this concession tbey are requested to bny  a single ticket only and ask for a Convention Certificate, which on being signed by the Secretary at the meeting will  enable you to return either free or at a  one-third fare, according to the attendance at the meeting.  OHUBCH   NOTICES.  Church of England. Matins 11 a.m.  Even Song, 7.30 p. m. every Sunday.  Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month, after Matins; on 2nd  and 4th Sundays, at 8 a. m. Sunday  School at 2.30 p. m. T  Pbebbxtekian Chttboh. Services at  11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School  at 2.30. Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m. Christian Endeavor Society  meets every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.  Methodist Chuhch. Corner Silica  and Josephine Streets. Services at 11  a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sabbath School 2.30  p. m. Prayer meeting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Epworth League C.E.  Tuesday at 8 p.m.  Roman Catholic Church. Mass at  Nelson every Sunday at 8 and 10.30 a. m.  Benediction at 7.30 to 8.00 p. m.  Baptist Chtjbch.���������Services morning,  and evening at 11 a. m. and 7*30 p. m.  Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8  p. m. Meetings are held in the school  bouse.   Strangers cordially welcomed.  Ret. G. R. Welch, Pastor.  A WORP>*V  to the wiae���������������������������������������������  Oct prices from tlio  KASLO DRUG CO.  KASLO & SLOGAN RAILWAY  TIME OARO.  Sut-ject to change without notice.  TRAINS KUN ON rACIFIC STANDARD  TIME.  Dally  Kaslo  Going Wkst.  l*ave 8.00 a.m.  '    8.36 a.m.  South FOrk  9.96 a.m.  Sproule'f)  '    9.51a.m.  Whitewater    "  10.03 a.m.   Bear Lake  I'  10.18 a.m.  McGuignn  10.38 a, m. Cody Junction   "  10.50 a.m.  Sandon       Leave  Aro.  Going East.  Arrive 3.50 p.m.  " 3.15 p.m.  2.16 p.m.  2.00 p.m.  1.48 p.m.  1.33 p m.  1.12 p.m.  1.00 p.m.  CODY LINE.  Leave 11.00 a. m. Sandon     Arrive 11.45 a. m  Arrive 11.20 a. m. Cody        Leave 11.36 a. ro.  For rates and informaUoa vpphr at tho  Compan-r'a offloes.  ROBT. IRVING.      GEO. F. OOPBLAND.  Mil G. i\ ft P. A.        8������pottnUodeot.  Spokane Palls &  Northern RY  Nelson & Fort  Sheppard JTy.  Red Mountain R'y.  The only all rail route without change  of can betweea Nelson and Boaaland and  Spokane and Eoaaland.  (Daily Except Sunday)  Leave 9.20 a.m. BEL80N Arrive 5.35 p.m.  "   12.00 "  B088LD   "    3-50  "  "   8.00a.m.SFOZAHS  "   6.40 p.m.  Planing Mill!  DOORS, SASHES and TURNED WORK,  BRACKETS and OFFICE FITTINGS  SATISFACTION GlMltANTEBp.  TH05. GRAY  NELSON, B. C.     ���������  Passengers for Kettle Biror and Boundary Creek, connect atMarooo with Stage  Daily.  COLUMBIA k WESTERN RY.  Schedule  EFFECTIVE   MONDAY NOV.   22,  1897.  WESTBOUND  P.M.   P.M.    P.M.  No. 5 NO. 3 NO. 1  BASTBOUND  P.M.   P.M.   P.M.  No. 2 No. 4 No.������  3:45 9-00..ROBSON...8-00 2:30  5.00  -2.-00   10.-00...TRAIL....7*00  ltSS    1:1$  3:15    ll:15.R08SLANO.������������9 12*00 m.  No's. 1 and 3 connect with C. P. R, main line  steamers, and traias to and from Nelson at  Robson.  No's, 3 and 4 are local train* between Trail  and Rossland.  No's, 5 and 6 are local trains between Trail  and Robson. No. 6 connects with train No. 4>  froin Rossland.  All trains dally.  F. P. GUTKUUS. Gen. Supt  rtttM.  Steamers ���������-International" and^-'Al-  berta" on Kootenay JLake  and River.  Time Card in effect Oct 1st, 1887.   Subject  '    to change without notice.  Fire Mile Point connection witb all passenger  trains of N. & F. S. B. R. to and from  Nortbport, Rossland and   ;.".      Spokane. ������������������������������������������������������  Ticket sold and baggage checked to U. S. potnt.B  Leave. Kaslo for Nelson and way points, daily  except Sundays, 5:45 a. m. Arrive Northport  12:15 p.m.: Rossland 3:40 p. m.; Spokane 6 p. m.  ��������� Leave Nelson for Kaslo and way points, daily  except Sundays. 5:45 p. in. Leaving Spokane 8  a. m; Rossland 10*30 a. m.; Nortbport 1-50 p. in.  Kaslo, B.C, 1st Oct, 1807.  34 GEO. ALEXANDER Genl Mgr.  P. BURN5 & CO.  Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants  HEAD OFFICE NELSON, B. C.  Branch|Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,  Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Sloean City.  We are prepared to supply consumers with  all kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats at reasonable prices.  Order* by mall to any branch wHI have careful and prompt attention.   ������*>  Joseph A. SagWard  LUMBER! LUMBERII  All kinds of Rough  and  Dressed Lumber.  Lath, Shingles, Mouldings, Sash and Doors.  ���������T     PK0MPT DELIVERY TO ALL POINTS.  WRITE FOR PRICES.  m        ��������� PILOT BAY, B. O.  M.. R. SMITH & Ca  Biscuit  Manufacturers.  Established 1858.        ViCTOlUA, B. C.  Awarded Three Gold Medals aud Six Silver Medali? nt B. C. Exhibitioos.  Awarded Medal and Diploma at Colonial nnd Indian Exhibition, .  London, England, 1806.  We make a Special Biscuit for the Kluntillce, carefully prepared with finest vegetables  ' nicked in tins.   This is an excellent food for mining camps Mid for  Our Dug ftlkciiif is the cheapest and best in tbe market Try tbem.  in a condensed form and packed in tins,  thoee taking long journeys.  THIS IS THE DARKEST  BISCUIT FACTORY IN WESTERN CANADA.   212  .      i  ARMSTRONG &   MORRISON  ^MANUFACTURERS  Biveted Steel Pipe  Monitors  Ore Cars Ore Buckets  ^Grrizzlys, Jltc.  THE UM?QOT 8H^T METAL WORKS ON    *    *    *  #    *    *    *    ������    THE CANADIAN  PAOIFIO OOAiT  Write  us  at any time for estimates on partial or complete   *  ������ Hydraulic or Placer Mining Outfits.  715  HEATuer  AVENUE  717  VANCOUVER. RO.  ATUNTIO  SteamshipJanes  From Montreal.  Carthaginian���������Allan Line.. Nov. 13  California���������Allan Line......   Not. 20  Labrador���������Dominion Line...... ..Nov. 13  Vancouver���������Dominion tine ...Nov. 20  Lake Ontario���������Beaver Lino..  .Nov. 17  Lake Superior���������Beaver Line  Nov. 20  From New York.  Toutonic-WWte Star Line. Nov. 10  Brittinnic���������White Star Lino Nov. 17  St. Paul���������American Line ....Nov. 17  St.LouIh���������American Line ���������������������������- Nov.24  Umbria���������Cunard' Line   ..Nov. 20  Lucania���������Cunard  Line. Nov. 27  Stote of Nebraska���������Allan State Line... No v. 20  Mongolian���������Allan State Line Nov. 28  Fricaland���������Red Star Line Nov. 17  Kensington���������Red Star Line Nov. 21  Cabin, $45.950, ftt), |70, llOand upward*.  Intermediate, KM and upwards.  Steerage. 923.50 and upward*.  l'-isscttgcrs ticketed through to all points in  Great Britain or Ireland, and r.t upeclally low  rates to all parts of the European continent.  Prepaid passages arranged from all points.  Apply toClteo.  ��������������� M?lk C.P.R.__Tickct  748  Before you buy your ______  Dni������.n at. Wnll   Dh ywyr-' Agent/Nelson. or to,T   WILLIAM STITT.  JramtS Or Wail raper\m\  General Agent.C.P.B.O_Hcc8. Winnipeg.  CAMBIAN PACIFIC RAIWAT  ____T_0  SOO  _E������____OI_EfIO   _L_X3ST_Si.  The most diTect route to  All Points in Canada  United States and Europe.  DAILY   SERVICE  Purchase through tickets and have your baggage checked to your destination without change.  THE ONLY LINE.  Operating Tourist  Cars to Toronto, Montreal  i -f^and "Boston without change.     Also   Through  ' Tourist Cars to St. Paul daily.  Magnificent Sleepers and Dining Cars on all Trains  Trains leave Nelson daily for the North and Rossland at 18:40 (6:40  p.m.) o'clock. For Sloean City at 9 a.m. Call on nearest agent and  procure an Annotated Guide, which gives full information.  For Tickets and fnl1 particulars as to rates, time, etc., apply to nearest C. P. R.  airent or to GEO. S. BEER, City Passenger Agent, Nelson.     *  W.F.OARSON, E.J.COYLE,  Travciing Pass. Agt., Nelson. Dlst. Vtm. Agt.Vanoouvei  f tough as Wire  MghjtasKW.  Prospectors boot without  ounce of needless weight.  Unlined, Rawhide, Bluchcr cut,  laced to 15 inch top, with bellows  ;tongoe.  Soles and heels of Horse hide.  ���������Outwear three pairs any  .Jand.   Cone hob nailed.  Two pairs Rawhide laces with  [every pair of boots.  Finest   material  and  best  ! construction money can buy.  Name and price  [Stamped on the soles.  $8.00  ������������  The Slater /lining Shoe/'  A. ������UKEK, Hole Agent for Nelnon.   CS1   ������KCEK BK4������8.,  linliitKul)  +4>+4y*4>* + * + t + + ++4>+4++++++++4>++++*+++++++++++4y*:  IKCOEPOEATED  THE  1670.  Hudson's Bay Company,  FORT GARRY MILLS, WINNIPEG.  Many people claim to sell the best Flour.  We do not make claims, but only ask  the favor of a trial. Our Hungarian is  acknowledged by all unprejudiced people  to be the best value in Canada.  THE HUDSON'S BAT COMPANY  BAKER STREET NELSON, B. C THE MINER, NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, JAN;  15, 1898.  RnsinesR Locals.  1  See Ross' beavers apJ miltou*.  The C. P."R.Co.i.s ofl'_i'iitn very rf-Hsou-  -Rble.rates to tlie"Kiisl mill W__t ami old  eoantry. For rales ntid tiokota npi-lv or  write lo Gko S. I'i.kp.,  City Passeugerand Tick, t A_.eiit. Nelaou.  A (all line of fox serges at Rows'.  Seotck and Irish siiiiir.RS galore at  Robs'.  FOR SALE���������I_'������t aud furni&bcd ln>u_e  of four room.. Ceutrully sit-inU-.l. A  barftaiD. Apply to Gamiil.k ._ 0'i.i_n__iV.  la thin issae appears the ntlve tisemc: t  of J. Harris & Co., of Calgniy Ailii., who  handle all kind* nf grain nnd fire in n  position to supply Kootenny tuade at  lowest price..  First class senm. t r e _ r, cbil-lrens own  dressmaker withes _<win������ hy the day.  Qoodl refererrea. Address, 0. Brown.  Iioojbs, 0 ou J 9, over liargiiiv Store.  i Parties having for salea nicely located-  building site, or Rood, warm house, apply  statiog terms etc., to "M. I.." Tub Mineii  ofliee.  Competent person wishes eni|-luyi__eiit.  Would cook nnd keep house for several  gentlemeD, or widower ������ith children or  any kind of hotel work. No objection to  leaving town. Address, C.E B., Nelson  Minek.  Mr. George Kni._W is to be conjrratu-  lated upon the very tasty way in  which he has planned his new undertaking the Nelson Cafe It was until  recently'the dining room and offlce of  the Nelson hotel. They have now Iteen  turned into ono large dining room the  largest in the district, redecorated and  fitted with boxes on one side. Nothing but the best white'-help is employed and meals can be obtained at all  times of the day and night. Ladies  and gentlemen re-turning from social  functions etc, will find all they require.  Mining.- ..<<i_H Murket.  Ath,il>;xs'_u hat* torn the poller lliis week, ami  il is ilii-i nt llic prico quolerl. Sale, were also  iniiclo in Hall Miiiu-s. fern mill T'ooriisiui', Fern  lias .'-.lid i-ivneud .IjkIiII.v. ������ii<1 vt. look upon it as  on. of I lie Itost btij'M mi I lie market. A 4 per  cunt dividend li&n just li.u-i declared. Anions  the .Sloean-' proliably. the safe.-L inv__t.-i_ei>t. is  Plocaii Si ni. Wc havo a Week at a Knap figure.  The unurmuiis inve.iiiibnls ntnv belli j,' iimdeiii  lhe Kootenny arestinmlaling������n activeileui*lid  Tor good slocks mid |>ropert.ie>-, and ni. the  present low prices we consider, any of the  slauiiard clucks i__iod i iitn invest mei ti.  NKI.SO.N   DIVLSiOM  Hall Mines.  Ihiml.e   Kern   ������.T;  Vtliiiba.-ca 30  JriK.it, I'rwpoets..   .10  u'li.c Oltj  Tit.-II. CIIKKK 1MV19IO*.  Lc Hot   8.(Xi  WarKuKle  l.fc.  Iroi  Mask _4>  Jo-ic    .Mi  Monte CriKto    ._.  Mly May 20  Virgii,i:i Hi  si.oc.vs  -*lo<*nn Star... .... _.)������  ncco  1.7:  I'limbl.i-C'iiriboo..   ,'i  Colona Ill  Iron Colt Iii  Poorman    12  INscr I'nrk....  Great Western.,  Kvenlnif Star..,  Gnodllcpc   DIVISION  OnrdAiicllo.   ���������.obi. Five   iixxlenoiitfli   .11  ._������  .117  .IS  .12  .__  We invite particular attention to I lie following .nap., subject to twin:  1010 Ponrnian   lOOD Alliabasea,.  5WI Hornn Slur.  1000 Dundee   .10'  .27  2.10  M  100. Fern    .31.  ���������_a0 1* Itoi  7.75  1000 Monte Cristo. .21  > Guaranteed Treasury  stool*, of the "J_rij.l-t  IVospe'its" for sale.  A   riritl   flu*.   Mat of   l_rnl Entitle and  MlnlHK rmycrty ������r all kind* Fur Sale.  H Q. M'CULLOCH&CO.  .K������)     GENERAL  BROKERS.  B.lkK-t 6T.      -      SKL..OX. II..'.  I'.O. Ilex 40.1 ���������      ���������       rionxli-M 1'iMlr.  Mining News.  NOTICE.  A   qualified   assistant  teacher  is  required for Nelson Public School,  duties   to  begin   Feb.,   ist,   1898.  Applications received till'Jan. 25th.  Address:   E. C. Arthur, Sec.  J.  HARRIS & Co.  CALGARY, ALTA.  WHOT.BSA.LK 1>EAT_ER8 IX  OATS % and g HAY  Gar lots Supplied ou Short Notice.  <'4>rre������pon<lr_t.e millrlteil. 83.  F.Ll, 0SLER and J, W, GARWIN  Mining and  Real Estate Agents;  jsr-ELSozsr    -   m    -    _b_o_  DRESSMAKING  and Plain  Sewing  By   day  or   iu   room   over   Shaw's  grocery  store.    Reasonable prices.  Call after 6 o'clock in the evening.  828 Mietet   MEYER  NOTICE.  1EICHERT TRA_OTAYSa=S::  DOMINION WIRE ROPE COMPANY, Ltd., Montreal, Que.H*a������!8e  Colliery  STOCK CARRIED IN ROSSLAND, B. C, BY J. D. SWORD, AGENT. Wire Ropes  .XKIli-lt: VI" ������T llll'JMMK-lf.ST'*.  Nine men are beiug woiked on (be Fidelity by Mr. Kneebooe. wbo lately leased  tbe properly. A weinz. lias been suuk  40 feet and a foot ot solid cube galena is  abb wing un tbe bottom. Tic woik uf  drittiuj. will.be pushed rapidly nc osa ths  8warnp bottom, nnd iudicati >ur> are favorable for striking an immense b >dy of ore  on tbe mountain opposite tlio present  workings.���������Led >*e  Any one having a copper claim or mine  for sale should notice tbe adveriUtnent  of S. S. Rycktnau in this issue.  A strike is reported from tbe CLia 1 Iston  near tlie Wbitewater in tbe .Slomu. At  a deptJ> of 800 tot a ledge las been  /onncf carrying 700 onuces of silver and  43 per cent lead. Ibe ledge is said to be  42 inches wide. Tbe Charletou belongs  chiefly to the Mitchells of Winnipeg.  . Iu tunnel No. 4 of the Reco n Tend of  ruby silver bus beeu struck about two  ^2 feet, so it is reported,., in width. Tbe  Reco or* has always been celebrated for  richness but tbi-* Hud goes fioin 75 cents  to 91 a pound and is therefore worth  from $1500 to $2000 a ton.  The Silver Cup. in the Lardesu has  .hipped 108 tonB to Everett.  ������������Hcer*u������ lue*.  All Europe nnd tbe greater part of  America is laughing at the Emperor  of .Germany. He has recently sent  His brother to China on a mission connected with exacting some kind of  rccompoiH-e for the liniiflcr of two  <_t_r.uun iiiis.ionaries in that Country.  There is also supposed to be some kind  of menace to England andher sea power  in the expedition lint England is not  trembling much as yet. This fo-mid  utile fleet, a.pnvb of the iiavy that is  presently to sweep the seas of Bi-itiiins  effete navy managed to struggle as  fitras Spitbead. At least that was the  first land tbey saw when they had  drained the vile champagne out of  their eyes. Then the ehi<.f stoker or  some other'official came on deck and  asked if this was Cbin.i. Having been  informed that it was not he observed  that they had butter get more coal  ���������us they had burnt all they had started  with and sausages, as served nut to  the Germain navy, mado poor fuel So  they went into Spithead and the British Government kindly supplied these  wolves of the sea with enough coal to  struggle on somewhere els<>, just as an  organ grinder gets a shilling to move  iuto the next street. And so they  went on begging coal from port to  port and the fun of it is that all the  jiorts were British. Gibraltar, Matta,  Suez, Aden, Co.liitnbo, Singapore,  Hongkong, and all the coal was British  coal. If .our government is not equally generous in future the sbips will,  never be able to get back to Germany  at all. This proves that as far as  things go at present':any naval war  that Witless Willy may c int.mpli.te  can only be carried on with the (.���������oi:-  sent and assistance of England  The Britisli Columbia Soatlitirn Kutlivny  Company will niiply to Hut PnTlinni.n. of  Canada at it. next t-.ssion furnn Act conlli'iii-  ing a lciisc to llic '.'annitlnn l'aciflc Knihvuv  Company, with tho ji-ivilet.. of purclinso of  that portion orthfi Coiiipunj's r.-iihvity lii'twoiin  I hi' urtHlurn lioiindnry of Hi-itisli C:olnniliia:iii(l  Nelson on llic lei-ins'iiiul ..nititioiis .ct out, in  the aaidlcjuso and amending the A<*t ivspcct-  Uik tlie Company Ifi0-(>1 .Victoria,' Chapter :t>i) liy  in.-erliiiK l,li_ words "-itlier with or without, an  optiono( p\uclia������_" noxtafcor Ihu word *'i oni-  pany" in llie gocond line o. ill-Fonrili Clmise  of that Act.- U.CAMFUELI, OK\VA.I,l>.-  _1H ^I'C'-cliiry.  ]>aU>d at Montreal, Nov.mbiM' Kiwi, 1W!T.  LAUltliSCK    (KltAC.)   MtSEltAl-i  <;i_Al."\i.  S"iri7A'n-: in tub Nklsom Minin*oDivision'c\v  W'KST IvOOTKXAV 1.IST1UOT.���������WllEIIK    I-O-  C.\TU1>. --1I A1.H-      MILK'     NOIITII     VEST   OY  mouth  oi''  AVkst Foitic ok AVilij Hoiish  Ciiijkic,   _)ou.M)i;u   on  tub  South   hy  NOItA,    MUflWl'Mf    AX1>    OlHIMI-'I'BII.    ON  Kamt iiv Nkijsos asd Noha Axn os AVest  IIY OlIIIIAI.TKU allSKltAti CLAIMS.  'P VICE XOT1CK ihut AVc. 0or_, Uiinwit &  1 " Co., iiKcnla for London & iJrttisli Cohlin-  bintiold Fields. Lid., Free Miner's Certificate  No, !l.7i)0, intvnd. sisl y dnjs from llic date Unroof, to apply to the ilininf! liccorder. torn Ctrl i-  licnte of Jinprovcnionts, for tlio purpi>.o of  obtaining 11 Crown Oiuiit. of llio above ehiim.  And further tnku notico that notion, unrler  section :'7, must be commenced before the  issmu'eo of such CcrtiHcato of Impiovciiieiits.  CORK, BURNET & CO.  Dated this 2!)tli day ot Novenilier, 1897.   SDI  NOUA.   FUACTIONAI.   AN1>  POUNTNEY  FUACTIOXAL MINKRAI- CLAIMS.  SiTi-ATi: in niK Nwisox Mining -Division ok  AA'KST -KOOTKNAX   1. [STRICT.���������WlIEltB I.O-  ��������� CATED.���������llA_.FSII-.ENOl.riI WEST OF MOTTII  ok Xo'ktii Fork of AV'ilu F1oi.se Ci.efk.  n .AICE NOTICE that. AVe, Gore. Burnet, &  L <'o, n(.ei������l,s for i. It. Kobertson Free  Miner's Corllllcutu Xo. 81078, intend, sixty days  from the dnto hereof, to apply to the Ntinino;  Recorder for a cerlilioate of unprovcnients. for  tho purpose of obLaiiiing a Crown I 'rant of the  above eUiini.. ��������� ������������������'���������������������������        '  A\v\ further tnl.o notice Uiat action, under  .eelion :I7,  ninsfc lie  .ominenced before the-  i-suance of such Certificate ..of- Improvements.  GORK, BUtlNRT & CO.  Dated tliis29tli clay of Noveiiiner, 18W.       803  coisrTiisrTJi_isrG"  My Discount Sales  FOR  JANUARY ONLY  For Cash.  Now's your chance to set  SILVERWARE, JEWELRY,  PIANOS and SEWING  MACHINES   at  JACOB DOVER'S  Jewelry Store.  COPPER  PROPERTY  WANTED  NOTICE  ?T.'"*nted to purchased a Copper claim  ���������.nine. Address, S.S. RYCKMAN.  Hamilton. Out  ������^'  FQR SAUg,  BAKER ST-  Two Lots witli Tbree Stores  BAKER ST.  One \m{ with Two Stores.  VERNON ST.  Several J.ota (Fifty foot frontage)  to_ w. j. <i. Dlr|i*io������t -Baker ������..  4.0. PATENAUPE  OPTICIAN &  WATCHMAKER  Eyes tested for Astigmatism.  AH   kinds of   fine  watch and clock  Ilepairing.  A.tT.'-'r-.CTIO-. i'l.iHiMI't'W w JWO-M-W  ki:i-i-.ur.u. ������������.  W.A. UOWISTT  MINING & BEAU E8TATH BROKER  |K_-|!|U!.CC ������IM.  ��������� ' ���������  VIOTORIAST.,  311  NCU8QN. B. C.  W. J. Q. P1CKSON.  REAU ESTATE,  COMMI88ION AGENT,  MINING  BROKER.  BEALEY BLOCK, 6AKER 8T.  NBLSON,B.O.     [335]  MINE8 EXAMINED  AND Kr.I'OllTKI) ON HV  F. M. CHAPBOUBN  pitlNCKSS MINliltAIi Cfi.UM;'  Xotlcc is hereby Kivcn thai applied! ion will  be made to the Le_;l.lativc Assembly of llie  Province of British Columbia at its next,. ������. _ion  (or an Act to incorporate Tit. Xoiiniuiii Tramway and Klectrio Conipaiiy. with pmv.r to!  construct, acquire nnd opernte rnpovrnyH Hiid  tranmnys for transportmion of frci^hi from  pointn on or near tlie Nakusp __ Slo.an Kail-  way unci branches thereof to mines and  mineriil claims in tho Mc(iiiii;aii (.'amp and  White water I(a������in and elsewhere in the District through -which Kiikl railway ami branches  EaM3or will pass and from points on the Coin m-  ia & Kootenay ltailwuy. Crow's _\'est line,  xjoiistrncttd or to be construcL.d, and branches  thereof in lh_ minintr district.- of Kust, and  West Kootenny, to mines nnd mineral claims j  in llic district!, through which said Railways  and branches respectively p;is_ or will pa.s;  unci to construct, acquire and operate works  and plant to generate and supply lieni. li_ht  and electricity in the Siiid Districts and cls-;-  whero in the I'r.iviiicc. and to dispose oi'such  henl -light mid elcclririiy; nnd to acqnir" and  hold all Kinds of r.al nnd peison.-il pi'upiirt...  together with Ihu power lo expropriate hinds  and all other powers and privileges tliiitnniy  he ncecssary. lncidentnl or advniila^eoiis to  the full exercise of the powers hereinbefore  mentioned.  Dated this lttli clay of December, 1807.  DAVIS. MAI .SHALL, Mac.. BILL __ AHROTT  827 Solicitor!) for Applicants.  SlTl-ATI* IN THK Nl-I-SOJ.  Ml.SI KB DlVISIOIf OK  \\"i:sr   Kootbvav Di^n.tcT.���������Wiikkl. 1_o-  _'ATi:i>.���������(>.\ 'I'OAlP JIOI'NTAIM U'AQON  Ito.vn, _*ol'l. MlI.KS SlIU'lll l)K Nm.BON.lt.  V.  rpAl������K NO'l'IOK tint. i. A. .1. G.rruri., of  JL tJiiy of Melson, i>nli-li Cuhi'iilikt. l'"rce  Miner's Ccrtillcate No. ..sU.>. inLeiui sixty days  from lhe date hereof to apply to tho ..lining  Itccordur for a (Jeriitlcai o of Inijirovcmcnts  fur the piirpo^c of (ibuiiiiii_- a L'rmvn Grant, of  I lie  nbo.u claim.  Ami furlhor inkis notico llml aeiion, under  section _7, must b������ commenced b fore the  issuance ������,f such ccrtilidlc cf improycinunts.  Dated this loth tlav of November. INI".   <7!)-!l  . KMMA MINKltAL CI,AIM.  ^mmTTnnnn^ffnTrT7TTTTTTn.>MiM>rMMTt?>f������fmtTT?rT..tt.rTMrr.TTnTTr>r?i>trtfn.>nnn^  y_AliAi_iiiilUUUU_i__U_-_lillli-_l_illiili_i___A__iiiiii_i_ia_i_i_iii_iUiiiiUiiiiii_l-tiiitt4_^g  NOTICE.  SlTUATU IN* TUB KELSON MlNISCl DlTlSIOX OF  AVlCST        KOOTUN'.VV       DlSTUlCl'.���������WllKKB  located:���������On the Mouth sti.i; ok Kootr-  SAY ItlYKKJ    AmiL'T 1> 5III.ES VVIIST FROM  KEI_30N   AM)    .    MIl.l_   IJAUK l-'KOM ItlV3.lt  ani> is an l.asti:hly __-ct_*nsiom of t11k  Anaconda.  AKK NO'I'ICK th-il. we. Core, Unmet &  Co.. agents for Jumi.". V. lluri'. Free  Ccrtillcate No. Si'lR, John J. linker.  Free Mincrn' Cortillcuto No. BX.'ll and Price  Mcl.mi-.ld, Free Miners' Ccrtillcate No. 11__a,  intend, sixty duvs from date hereof, tuapply  to the Mining liccorder for a ccrtillcate of  improvements, for the purpose of obtainiiifj a  Crown grunt of the above claim. '  And further take notico that action, under  section 37. must be   commenced   before tho  issuance of sucli Certificate of Improvement-.  ���������'  CORE, mrRNET & CO.  Dated this 11th day of Noi*emher, 1837,     (798)  T'AKl  I      Co  ���������Miner.-.'  NOTICE! is hereby siren that sixty  ofter date I intend to apply to the  Commissioner of i_ands __ Works for permission  days I  to tho Chief '  to purchase the following described lract of  unsun-.yed Crown lands. Commencing at the  north cast corner post of Lot 303 (J. 1. West  Ko.t_!_���������y district, thence west 80 chains,  thence north 20 chains, thence oast SO chains,  I hence south, _0 chains to point of commencement, and containing IfiO acres. B, S .OOD V,  January 10th, 1898. S3. ���������'"/.  . . HOLBROOK & CHASE . .  ������������������   CITY   SCAYENGERS  Are prepared to do all kind, of scavenger work  and chimney sweeping.   Orders left  with Kirl-patriclc & Wilson  will  receive  prompt  (821) nttcntion.   '  UOIKKOOK A <UASK, Ke|������_n, C.O.Hi-x ]H9  The  Pelton Water Motor  Is so superior to all others ���������������= regards strength,  durability, economy of water, in fact, in ������]l that  constitutes a High* Class Wateii JIotoii.nsto  admit of no comparison, adapted to every variety  of service and made o, sixes varying; fro* the  fraction of one to 100 horsepower,  Recent scientific tests made at tho MichiKan  university in connectien with several other motors  claimed to be the best on the market, showed .5  percent higherelliciencyin favor of the Pelton,  wliil������ the relative cost per If. P. to liuv was only'  one-third to one half that of others. Water companies desiring to make the most of their water  supply should dlscriinliiuto in favor of llic Pulton  One of these motors is now-runninKprcsscs of  Tiik Minkk. where it may be seen In opcnition,  , Write tor circulars.  The Pelton Water Wheel Co.  : 121-lSSf Main St. San* Piiaxcisco, Cal.  Twenty yea'h' experience it: niinlnsr.  h   len  Thoroug  Columbia.  718  nowledgo  of  iiiliuM  of  Terms Reasonable.  Eritieh  NELSON, 8. O.  W. J. TWISS,  MINING, REAL ESTATE  -BROKER.-  INSURANCE AND GENERAL  COMMISSION AQENT.  FRONT STREET.    -    KASLO. B. C.  .550)  JOHN  HIRSCH,  ?rovincial Land' Surveyor.  SF.I.80N  HO  Office:  ,.;,  A_NTD   ROSSLAND, B.  Go   TO  THE_  KOOTENAY HOTEL  And get a  Mr.   Itliino* Kc.i������ii'<.  At a meetiug of tbe directors of tl e  Koo^ay Lake G^ral hospital held in. Tom and j  the Phair Lotel last Tuesday, Mrs. B aney ���������>  tendered Iter resi^D at ion as-matron of  the hospital. The reeigDati.ii was nc-  cepted and Misa Eaton appointed to fill  the poBition.  Ueef Tea,  a _ or a Fine      Oyster Cocktail.  Best Liquors and Cigars.  Thos. Dunn '������' Qo.,I/d.  SBBS  DEALERS IN  ', BLAGKSffiTHB'  Itttt   IKO SIIKET  i:;������.V. Jti.MliV I'Hii.., Il.lUJill  MIEI'V 8TKEE,  ������ivi:kvi.iiovi:ii������. w.bk kopch. jiaxiih itorrj.,  t������v.\.*������r:E rr8B am> caps.  ...QUICKSILVER,  Write for Quotation... Oaljle Addvess, "Dimn."  ^r^___NTOOTir_v"_E_Rv _b.  (���������33)  o.  uire  MAS RECEIVED A COMPLETE STOCK.OF  ^/!NTER and SPRING GOODS  TWEEDS, 3 SEEGES, 'WORSTEDS,   Etc.  PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES.  SUITS  &25.QQ AND UPWARDS.  COR. BAKER AND WARD STREETS. ������o  NELSON, B.O.  God Liver Oil  Pure NORWEGIAN, WAMPOLES & STEARNS'TASTELESS,   =  SCOTT'S  and   D.   D. . EMULSION.  Also  Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil & Wild Cherry f  Made  fresh  as  wanted,   at  VANSTONE'S   DRUG   STORE  HAKKlt   AND   .IOSKPII1NK   STKKKTS  787  THE GENELLE LUMBER CO.  \re  now  able   to   fill   orders  in   any   part   of the  city with all  kinds  Roug-h   and   Finishin.*'   material.  ot  Yard  at  present  south   of C.   P.   R.   station!  Leave your order   with   Christie   &   Amiable,   opposite the   postoffice.  824 A.   E.   YOUNG,   AQENT.  NOTICE  The sale of Soap at 7 bars for 25 ceuts  will be discontinued Saturday evening  January 15 th.  Arbuckles Coffee will continue until  further notice at 20 cents per lb.  Look  up our Weekly Specialties.   Goods marked in  Plain figures aud Sold for____:  Cash OnliJ  *  'IWJ'  jih  We   offer  for SPOT CASH and prompt  acceptance:  3 Cars Mixed Hay... ... $18 per ton.  2    "   Manitoba  Oats.. $30  "    "  '-;    Shorts and Bran.......  Potatoes.....c........  All P. O. B.Nelson.    :  u  ii  H  ii  16-'  .. $21  ... $20  Quality Warranted*  ^ B.C. CO. D. GROCERY  822  FARLEY   &   SIH PSON,  PROPRliETORS  F.TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTk:  H Just Opened____ '���������>_   ���������������'"���������'!���������* ^  NEW GROCERY  STORE  Groceries, Provisions, Etc. i  A Full Line of  H  ������������������i  H  H  ���������4  New Stock.      Every thing'First Class.  Prices Right.  "Wc make a specialty of TEAS and COFFEES.   Give us ti call.  <T. "A.  IR-VI__STG-  8c   CO.  Baker and Kootenay streets.  riiiiiii  Applewhaite Block  Same  .lock as Bank of Montreal,  819  -<     _  H  H  H  H  -illliXIJJ.lllllilll_LLJ_il^l_UllJ_ililliliiiS  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  E. C. TRAVES, fllgr.  Fresh and Salted Meats  A Carload of  POULTRY  "^!Bnsnnn^Christn_as   Orders  NELSO'V. KASLO,  81S ..  filled   at.  SANDON,  To arrive Decen_bev 17  QUARTZ   CREEK  .A'


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