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The Miner Oct 15, 1892

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 Tlie Mines in  Biooteitay are Among  tlte Richest in  America.  Tlie Ores urc  RIigfSi-Gra������le i3i Gold,  Silver,  Uopyer,  NUMBER 119.  KELSON,   BEITISH   COLUMBIA,   SATUEDAY,   00T0BEE   15,   1892.  U A YEAE.  "MR.    KEI/ME   IN   THE   MKE   COSTN.TRY.  Mr. Kellie has been with us and is now gone.  The  object of his  visit  was to  find out what  miners thought of the mining law.    He found  unanimous condemnation of the present law; a  unanimous feeling in favor of the principles of  the act of 1891; but no desire to have that law  returned to except with its defects  remedied.  Miners do hot forget that it was under that act  that the system of snow and wild-cat locations  was in full play, and they have seen enough of  the effects of that system to be unwilling to return to it.   At mr. Kellie's Nelson meeting he was  naturally most occupied with mr. Sproat's letter, which appeared in The Miner.    This letter  was,  it seems  to  us,  a mistake in policy and  judgment, not to speak of: taste.    So strong a  letter could not fail to rouse a reaction in favor  of the object of  its attack,  and this reaction  was likely to become enthusiasm when mr. Kellie. showed, as he did show, that he had been on  the right side of every  question  affecting the  interests of Wpst Kootenay. But this fact does  not alter our opinion of mr. Kellie in the very  slightest degree. We have always given him  the credit of meaning well. We can give him  credit for nothing else. To any man who has  studied politics no fact is more patent than the  enormous influence wielded by the personality  of individual politicians. Take for example the  case of the late mr. Bradlaugh. He entered the  parliament of the United Kingdom having  violated every principle of that gentlemanly  decorum which rules the staid Briton so  strongly. He had struggled with porters, and  his name was a bye-word for iniquity with those  who did not know him. Yet, no sooner was he  in the house than the rugged splendor of his  character made his name a power, never to be  mentioned by friend or foe save with honor.  And when he was at the point of death, the  record of its own, not his disgrace, was, by  a Conservative house of commons, Obliterated  for ever.  To contrast small things with great, mr. Kellie was sent to Victoria as the representative of  a district on which the eye of the province was  fixed; and as such, he was received in Victoria,  with consideration and respect.    Is mr. Kellie's  influence now as great as it was in 1890?   He  has said that the agitation in this section over  the question of the 'royalties' bill' "voiced by  their representative" made thegovernmei.it submit.    We put it to the electors of West Kootenay whether agitation, voiced by mr. Kellie,  and by mr. Kellie alone, would be effective now.  That is why we have criticised mr. Kellie.    But  mr. Kellie has tried to make it appear that we  are the representative of a clique���������and has used  his influence to  foster a jealousy against men  who have not had the good fortune to be born  on  the  soil  they have   made   their   home;   a  jealousy of whose existence  we  have   always  been aware, but which is discreditable to those  who have given cause for it, and hurtful to the  interests of the province.    We have always set  ourselves   against   the  hostility   which  has  at  times being shown between the various sections  of West Kootenay.    We set ourselves  equally  against the pitiable feelings of racial antipathy  between   Canadians,   Englishmen and  Americans.    We have no desire to gain popularity by  pandering to such animosities, and we are prepared to stand by the consequences of taking up  an independent position and sticking to it.  New Denver Townsite.  Hitherto we have been very reticent on. the  question of the New Denver townsite. We  have been content with pointing out that if this  townsite ought not to belong to the government  now, neither ought the money paid for lots already sold, to be retained by the government.  This reticence nas apparently given rise to some  misapprehension, and we have been accused of  fovoring the claim of a particular claimant to the  townsite.    We have nothing  to do   with one  claim or the other.    Our duty is filled in criticising the action of the government.    The lifting  of the reserve was only a tardy act of justice���������  the land should never have been reserved.    But  like many acts of justice,   it carries  with it a  serious   injustice.    Those   who   bought  lots  in  New Denver under the impression that it was  to be a government   townsite,   had those lots  sold to them under false pretences,   and if the  government is so influenced by consideration  of abstract justice, the money paid should be  turned.   There are certain questions about t^ e  motives of the government in this matter which  require explanation.    Why is the reserve lifted  at New Denver, and not at the head of the lake?  Surely what is sauce for the goose, is sauce for  the gander, and what the government will do  for the contested claims of messrs.McGillivray  and Farwell, it shouldalso do for the claimants at  the head of the lake.    If this question can be  satisfactorily answered,   well and  good.    If it  cannot, there remains but one solution, namely  that the influence of mr. Farwell could secure  that which the right  of  the claimants at the  head of the lake could not; and that the government in this matter has been heaping jobbery  upon injustice, and corruption   upon the  original arbitrary exercise of power which resulted  in the reserve.  NO'   PROTECTION "AGAINST   FIRE/'  MINING . LIW   REFORM.  It was only lately that we became aware of  the appalling fact that the record offices at  Ainswortii and New Denver were unprovided  with fire proof safes. Is the government mad  that it entrusts to the risk of loss by fire the  whole of the records of the Slocan country, not  to mention the mineral belt behind Ainsworth?  This is a more urgent matter.than either the  mining law ormr. Kellie. It is enough to make  a man's hair grow gray to think of what would  happen if the records at those offices wrere des-  troyed. We sincerely hope that mr..Fitzstivbbs  will see to it; at once that fire-proof safes are  placed in those offices. >It is almost incredible  that they have not been.procured before. Without protection against destruction, a-record is  absolutely no.guarantee of title.  TSIE   BI,UEBIRB>   Will'   SHIP-  ORE.  Discovered in July -'will ship ore in November.  A contract has been let for. the shipment of  100 tons of ore from the Bluebird. Men are now  at work making a sleigh road to connect with  the Kaslo wagon road at Bear lake. The history of the Bluebird is a happy augury of the  success of th*3 Slocan mining district. When  first taken hold of, the Bluebird showed large  surface cropping.-*, which were, however, very  much broken up. A tunnel has been run to cut  the lode at a considerable depth and nob only has  a four and a half foot lode been found in place,  but the ore of which there is a large body, assays 25 ounces to the ton higher than the surface croppings. The Bluebird has gone down  and shows up better the further down it has  been worked.  Strcicli it I^uclty.  A  rich gold find  is said to have been made  near Northport by 2 laborers who- went, on   a  prospecting trip, accompanied by an axe and a  sublime trust in providence.  BSusiness  ���������InaMge. ���������  Bourne Brothers,   Revelstoke,    have   bought  the business which messrs. Hunter and McKin-  non established at New Denver.  Editor   Miner,���������Unless  we have favorable  mining legislation we will be at a great disadvantage in getting results from the ores in our  mines,   and   inducements   to   offer   to   capital  to   assist  in  developing  our  mines,   compared  with the  older districts in the United States.  The probability of a railway being built from  Salt Lake city to Los Angeles will soon direct  attention to that portion of western  Utah and  soiithern Nevada,  where numerous deposits of  low grade ores are known to exist,  and while  we  would have  the  advantage over them,   in  abundance  of timber and water,   they  would  have  the advantage of almost natural wagon  roacls, giving them cheap transportation of their  ores to the railroad, a better winter climate and  a better market for their lead than we have at  present.   The cost of raining supplies is much  less than here.    In Colorado's new camps,  for  instance,  (Creede and   Cripple creek) powder,  (No. 2, giant) costs $18 per 100 pounds,  while,  here it costs $25.    Fuse, there, $5.50 per pound ;  here it costs  $9.    Caps,  there,   $6 per  pound;  here they cost $11.    Candles, (Goodwin's) there,  $4 per box of 40 pounds ; here for the same, $8  per box.    Our success depends on showing that  we have larger  bodies of good  ore;  that our  claims  are   well defined,  and our titles  good  that the conditions of cost of mining as well as  of  smelting and the  market for   metals   will  rapidly improve.  To do this it will be necessary,  I think, to require mineral to be found before a  claim can be legally located, and the same development work should be done on it, within 2  months from the date of location (say a shaft,  or open cut, 8 feet deep) and that an open path  should be cut out 6 feet wide, through the timber,   if   located in  the  woods,  for a couple of  hundred feet  on   each   side of   the   discovery  shaft on the claimed line of the vein or deposit,  which discovery shaft and center line should be  determined  by   instrumental survey   and   the  field notes connecting it with some older claim  or established mineral  monument (or natural  object easily identified) to prevent changing its  position or  courser should   be added  to,   and  made part of,  the  original record of location,  sufficient time and space on the books of record  being given for that purpose.    The fees for recording should be reduced, so that mining in its  earlier stages should not  be hampered..   I enclose a list of  the  rates   charged  in  El Paso  county,   Colorado,  this year.    By  it  you   will  notice the fee for recording a location of mining  claim is 75 cents, of mining deed $1, power of  attorney, 75 cents, and for miscellaneous documents 30 cents per folio, per first 100 words, and  7& cents for each succeeding 100 words, with additional charges  for  each name above one in  deeds, etc.;  indexing 30 cents, and 25 cents for  each full copy of acknowledgment (above one)  on.   each   document.    Compared   with  ours  in  British   Columbia they are  reasonable.    More  work and less fees should be the policy, and no  taxes, only on the net output of mines, and, to  foster  mining,   that  should be a light tax, especially on rmnes of limited annual net output.  No  mine can   run  long unless allowed to pay  some dividends.    My first  mining was in  Gilpin county,  Colorado,   in 1860,  where fortunes  were  made  out of claims from 100 to 300 feet  long,   on  gold quartz  veins,   so I may be prejudiced in favor of small claims.    It is not the  countries in   which  large   tracts   of   land   are  granted   for   mining   purposes    that    mining  flourishes.    It is where the claims are small and  the mines worked and compelled by law to be  worked or else revert back to the public domain.  Although the United States mining law of congress of 1872, allows claims as large as 1500 by  600 feet to be located, the state law in Colorado  limits the size to 75 feet on each side of the cen-  .'!  7  MwmtmtatlWlBIMMMWm^  '""MMM^ !$i  as  ���������W  ������7  TEE MUTER:    NELSON,  B.  0.,  SATUEDAY,  OCTOBER   15,  1892.  ������  f  S7  {������:.'���������  tre-line of the claim in Boulder, Gilpin or Clear  Creek counties, and to twice that width in other  counties.      Just one-quarter and  one-half the  limit allowed by the United States law.   Most  of the other mining states and territories of the  United States have allowed claims to be located  to  the full congressional limit.    The result  is  that Colorado, though probably not any richer  in minerals, nor larger in area Of mineral lands  than  any of them,  hasf it is   claimed,   more  capital invested in her mines than all the others.  English capital seeks  Colorado as   a favorite  field for investment.   If it was simply mineral  ground that was wanted, larger claims could be  purchased cheaper elsewhere; but it is the mineral and   favorable conditions for working it  that attract the miner and the capitalist.   Kich  mines of the precious   metals  are  always and  everywhere very limited in extent, though the  area of mineral lands may be extensive in the  region   where  those few profitable mines are  found. And it is only by development that they  are known������to exist.    But few pay in the surface.    Many do  not extend far enough below  the surface to pay for extensive development,  roads, etc.    Itdhas been the general experience,  I think,  in all mines of the precious  metals,  that but few rich ore chutes extend over 500  feet along, on, or hear the surface of a permanent  vein.    That 1000 feet is enough for one claim on  a lode is shown by the large number of claims  that are staked off much less than the 1500 feet  allowed���������especially in  a rough and   timbered7  country.    Under the old Spanish laws of Mexico a mining claim was 200varas (about 550 feet)  in length on a vein, and a shaft about 10 yaras,  (about 27 feet) had to be sunk on the vein before  it could be "denounced" (located) and it was ^required to be worked by at least 4 men, for not  less than 8 months in each year.    Under the republic  of Mexico mining has not advanced as  rapidly as it should with the abolition of the old  Spanish royalty tax of one-fifth of the gross  output; but within the present year the size of  claims has been  reduced to 100 metres square,  and it is likely that with the start given to Mex-  Ticah smelters by the McKinley tariff, the mining industry .will soon be flourishing there.    If  the price of silver and its rate of coinage should  soon be established by international agreement,  as  we all hope it will, and with good mining  laws, British Columbia will hold its own with  the best of them, having much -more "known-  to-be" mineral country,  unlocated, than all the  i-est of the continent.    A little more of the repressive policy and others will get the start and  the pull away from us.    A friend of mine went  into the Slocan district to prospect this summer,  and after going, as he thought, beyond the farthest snow claim, he went to work, and, after a  while,   found some good looking galena.    To  make sure the ground was open to location, he  made   diligent  search  through  the woods   all  around and finally found thrft some "gobbler"  had been on the adjacent ridge and with his axe  and lead  pencil  had located a claim 1500 feet  square, which included the galena he had found.  Disgusted at the discovery he covered up his  galena float and left that section, going to the  United States,   but   intending to  return  next  year, and if the ground was then vacant re-locate it and work  it.    The chances are that if  anything should be found encouraging, this fall,  in that vicinity, it will be re-located again without  work  for another year,   by another  lead  pencil prospector. R. Irwin.  Ainsworth, B. C, Oct. 8th, 1892.  C. E. Perry, M. S. Davys,  Mem. Inst. C.E., P.L.S.        M.E.  J. H. Gray,  C.E., P.L.S.  PEKRY, GBAY & DAYYS  CIViL AND  AIMING  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYORS,  NOTARY PUBLIC,  CONVEYANCING.  C  Late of Swansea.  ^-"3T     OITH'TOIEL  Mining properties reported on.  Mines bonded and developed.  OFFICES:   Room 4, Spencer's Arcade, Government  street, Victoria. Opposite Hotel Phair, Nelson.  J. Hoover, President.  E. J. Dyer, Cashier.  -THE  EX0HANQE NATIONAL  OF SPOKANE,  STATE OF WASHINGTON,  Capital.....:":.:... ~77T~7~7.........,...  K_7 1.4. X    I��������� X 1-4.0   ���������    ������������������*���������*��������������������������������������������������������� ���������.������������������������*������������������������������������     ������������������������������������������������������     ������r<  .$250,000  ���������;$ 30,000  foreign and domestic exchanges  bought and sold. -''/',��������� '  Accounts of miners and merchants  solicited.  Gable Transfers Made.  /--\'V-7;-\ ���������;';���������; \^.notioe/.'; ���������;.���������������������������,������������������.  Notice is hereby given that application will be made to  the legislature of British Columbia, at its next session, for  an act incorporating the applicants and authorizing them  to "erect and operate a system of water works in and about  Kaslo City and its vicinity, and for that purpose to divert  and appropriate water from Kaslo river and its tributaries;  and, also, to lay down pipes necessary for conveying such  water from the place or places of diversion of such water  to Kaslo City aforesaid, and in and through the said Kaslo  City and parts adjacent thereto.  E. C. KILBOURNE,  J. THOMPSON,  Dated 9th September, 1892, T. J. ROADLEY.  ��������� NOTICE. ;,���������'���������.  The undersigned, hitherto trading under the name of the  DAVIES-SAYWARD SAWMILL COMPANY, having  disposed of their businsss to a joint stock company, it is  necessary that arrangements be made for the settlement of  all accounts due them on or before the FIFTEENTH DAY  OF OCTOBER NEXT, payment to be made to OAPT. S. C.  SPALDING, PILOT BAY, and after October loth accounts  will be collectable by messrs. CORBOULD, McCOLL,  WILSON & ELLIOTT, solicitors, Nelson, B.C.  JOSHUA DA VIES,       :  W. P. SAY WARD,  Pilot Bay, B.'C., September 13th, 1892. Per J. D.  NOTICE.  Great Western Mineral Claim.  Take notice that I, Thomas McGovern, owner, free  miner's certificate No. 41,782, intend 60 days from the date  hereof, to apply to the gold commissioner for a certiiicate  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant of the above claim. And .further take notice that  adverse claims must be sent to the gold commissioner and  action commenced before the issuance of such certiiicate  of improvements. THOMAS   McGOVERN.  Dated this 13th day of September, A. D. 1892.  Notice is hereby given that a sitting of the County Court  of Kootenay will be held at Nelson, on Tuesday, the 18th  day of October, 1892. T. H. GIFFIN,  Registrar county court.  Nelson, B. C, September 16th, 1892.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that we intend to apply to the  next session of the legislature of the Province of British  Columbia for an act to be incorporated as a joint stock  company, under the name of the Kaslo City Electric  Light and Power Company, Limited Liability, for the purpose of erecting and maintaining electric works and establishing an electrical system in and about Kaslo City, in the  district of West Kootenay, British Columbia, the electricity generated to be used to provide light and motive-  power for Kaslo City and its vicinity; further, to have  conferred on us power to take and use so much water of  the Kaslo river as may from time to time be necessary for  the purpose of generating electricity to be used as a motive  or illuminating power, and for any other purpose to which  electricity may be applied, with power to do all things  necessary or proper for generating or transmitting electricity and for other purposes, with a capital of $50,000  with power to increase. S. H. GREEN,  E. E. COY,  B. H. LEE.  Dated at Kaslo City, the 29th day of August, 1892.  DR.   C.   E.   C.  Will be at the Nelson hotel for  October 7th.   All desiring dental work will  early appointments.  BROWN  a few days from Friday,  please make  FOR  A good Mason & Hamlin organ (6 octaves.) Price, one  hundred dollars. Apply to RICHARD IRWIN, Tarn  O'Shanter mine, B. C, on east side of Kootenay Lake.  DISSOLUTION  OF COPARTNERSHIP.  The partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned has this day been dissolved by mutual consent.  Grant Thorburn has sole charge of the hotel business, and  will receive all moneys due.       GRANT THORBURNE,  HARRY PHAIR.  Nakusp, September 15, 1892.  LIQUOR   LICENSE   APPLICATION.  Notice is hereby given that I intend applying for a hotel  license at the next sitting of the licensing board to sell  liquor at the Stanley hotel, Nelson. T. W. CLARK.  Nelson, September 24.  The Kootenay Mining and Smelting Company,  (Foreign)  Registered the twenty-third day of August 1892.  certificate of registration.  This is to certify that I have this day registered "The  Kootenay Mining and Smelting Company " (Foreign) under  the Companies Act part IV Registration of Foreign companies and the Companies Act amendment Act 1889.  The objects for which the company is established are to  transact the business of mining milling and smelting gold,  silver, copper, lead, ores and other ores and minerals, in all its  branches, atKootenaylakein Kootenay mining district British Columbia and in the territory of Idaho, and in other minr  ing districts of British Columbia and the United States of  America, also to purchase, own, work and develope the  mines, mining claims and mining property known as the  Blue Bell Silver King Surprise and Black Hawk lodes located at Kootenay lake in Kootenay mining district, British Columbia, and to purchase, own work and develop, other mines, mining claims and mining property at other places;  to own, buy, sell and deal in gold silver copper lead ores,  and other ores and minerals, also to obtain, buy and own  the franchise and property of the Toll road from Mud  Slough to a point on Kootenay river near Bonner's Ferry  Idaho territory, and to maintain and operate the same; to  buy, own and hire steamboats and other boats and to operate the same for the transportation of freight arid passengers ; to buy, own, hire and lease water sites and water  priviliges; to buy and own, lease and construct and .maintain buildings, roads, bridges, canals, flurries and other  water courses necessary or convenient for the prosecution  of said business; to buy and own. and hire real estate,  machinery, tools and other personal property necessary or  convenient for the prosecution of said business and generally to do all things incidental to said "business and to the  proper management thereof.  The amount of the capital stock of the said company is  Thirty thousand dollars, divided into Twelve hundred  shares of the par value of Twenty-five dollars each.  The place of business of the said company is located at  Pilot Bay in the district of Kootenay, Province of British'  Columbia. - - ���������  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and  affixed my seal of office this 23rd. day of August 1892 at the  city of Victoria in the province of British Columbia.  C.J. LEGGATT,  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  The Kootenay Lake Eeductioii Company (Foreign).  Registered the 23d day of August, 1892.  certificate of registration.  This is to certify that I have this day registered "The  Kootenay Lake Reduction Company" (Foreign) under the  Companies Act, Part TV, Registration of Foreign Companies, and the "Companies Act Amendment Act, 1892."  The objects for which the company is established are to  carry on the business of mining, milling, smelting, concentrating, reducing, and refining gold, silver, copper, lead,  and other ores and minerals, in all its branches, at Kootenay lake, in Kootenay mining district, in British Colum-.  bia, and in other mining districts in British Columbia and  the United States; and to own, buy, sell,-and deal in gold,  silver, copper, lead, and other ores and minerals, bullion,  and refined metals; and to, purchase or hire such real  estate; and to purchase, own, work, and develop such  mines, mining claims, and mining property as may be  necessary or convenient for the transaction of said business; and to buy, sell, and own all such machinery, tools,  and other personal property as is necessary or convenient  for use in said business and to the proper promotion and  management thereof. .  The amount of the Capital Stock of the said Company is  two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, divided into twenty-five hundred shares of the par value of one hundred  ' dollars each. .' _    ,  The place of business of the said Company is located at  Pilot Bay in the district of West Kootenay, Province of  British Columbia.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and  affixed my seal of office this 23rd. day of August 1892 at the  city of Victoria in the province of British Columbia.  C. J. LEGGATT,  Registrar of Joint Stoek Companies.  CROWN   GRANT  APPLICATION.  To All Whom it May Concern:  Be it known that we, James Richey, (free miners certificate 41,883) Matthew Guthrie, (free miner's certificate  42,677) Jno. Fitzgerald, (free miner's certificate 41,738) and  John King, (free miner's certificate 40,954) being the lawful holders of the mineral claim Okanagan, recordedby  Matthew Guthrie aforesaid, on the 2nd day of June, 1892,  in the office of A. Sproat, mining recorder, Slocan, intend  appplyingforacrown grant of the same by purchase, as  provided in section 35 of the Mineral act, 1891, as amended  in 1802 JAS. RICHEY,  M. GUTHRIE,  JNO.    FITZGERALD,  September 5th, 1892.       JNO. KING.   WARNING   NOTICE.  To Whom it May Concern:  John Lane and W. C. McLean have, without any authority from the undersigned, obtained a certificate of purchase in our names, for building condition, lot 14, block 14,  in town of Nelson. The only party to whom we have  made a transfer of our interest in said lot is mrs. Jennie  Muir, who holds the purchase receipt issued by the assistant commissioner of lands and works at the time of the  sale of said lot, on October loth, 1890. Intending purchasers are therefore warned not to purchase said lot from  John Lane or W. C. McLean, or their assignee.  HOUSTON & INK,  Nelson, B.C., Sept. 28th, 1892. per John Houston.  APPLICATION   FOR   LIQUOR   LICENSE.  Notice is hereby given that 30 days from date hereof, I,  the undersigned, will apply to the stipendiary magistrate  at Nelson, B. C * a hotel license; said hotel business to  be carried on i lot Bay, West Kootenay district, British Columbia. J. BLANCHARD.  Dated at PUot Bay, this 1st day of October, 1892.  \H������  frSs  ms^ffimmmmmMMmmmmmmmmiwmwmm THE MlffEE:    NELSON,  B.  0.,  SATURDAY,  OOTOBEE   15,  1892.  3  ���������  Ta^LJXTJD    JDJB2&&LttT3&J3i2&Ti;    USTIEILiS OJST.  This  any now  Lots on Easy  FOR PARTICULARS APPLY  for Sale a Number of Choice Business or. Residential  Terms.   Rebate Given for Good Buildings on  BUSINESS     PROPERTY.  -    -    F.   FLETCHER,  LAND  COMMISSIONER, NELSON, B. 0.  ,m  JOHN JOHNSON,   Proprietor.  Extensive Improvements now  Completed.  All   Rooms   Refitted and Furnished.  House unequalled for comfort and elegance  by any in the city.  Finest wines, Liquors and Cigars in the Market at the Bar  THE DINING  ROOM   IS   UNDER  THE   SUPERVISION  EXPERIENCED   chef  Special Attention to Miners.  Rooms First-Class. Rates Moderate.  KOOTENAY HOTEL  Vernon Street, near Josephine, opposite wharf,  PROPRIETOR.  THE HOTEL OVERLOOKS THE KOOTENAY  its guests thus obtainingsplendid views  of both mountain and river.  THE  ROOMS  THE TABLE  are comfortable in size and      is acknowledged  the best  newly furnished. in the mountains.  NEW BED-ROOMS.  BAR JUST ADDED.  'JL'-EjL Hi   _E3_c5l._Ex*  is stocked with all brands of liquors and cigars.  Leaves Kaslo for Nelson at 6:30 a. m., daily,  (Sunday excepted) calling at Ainsworth, Pilot  Bay and Balfour.  RETURNING  Leaves Nelson at 1 p. m., calling at way ports.  The Smelting Establishment for the Nelson Division of West Kootenay  For information as to town lots, apply to  W.   M.   NEWTON   Resident Agent.  B  %\  (Notary Public.)  Mining and Real Estate  Auctioneer and Commission Agent,  REPRESENTING  The Confederation Life Association, the Phcsnix Fire  Insurance Company, and the Provident Fund Accident  Society; also the Sandy Croft Foundry Company, near  Chester, England, makers of all kinds of mining machinery, air compressors, rock breakers, stamps, etc.  Mo.  1,  JOSEPHINE  STBEET,   IELS0N, B. 0.  Lots for Sale in  Adjoining the government townsite of Nelson  AT $125 AND UPWAEDS  With a rebate for buildings erected.   The best residential  property in Nelson, values sure to increase.   Apply  W." A. Jowett, agent for Nelson and district,  or Innes & Richards, Vancouver, B.C.  W.  A.  JOWETT,  Mining & Eeal Estate Brokers, Auctioneers & Commission Agents.  JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON, B.C.  B  {Of Swansea and Wigan.)  Analytical Chemists and Assayers,  REVELSTOKE.  Mr. P.  C.  STOESS, Nelson, will receive samples from  Kootenay Lake District. \  'urniture and Pianos!  Jas. McDonald & Co.  Nelson and Revelstolie,  carry full lines of all kinds of furniture for residences,  hotels, and offices.   Mattresses made to order, and  at prices lower than eastern and coast.  They are also agents for  Evans Pianos and Doherty Organs.  NELSON  STORE :  No. 4 Houston ������& InBt ISuilding, Josephine Street.  cIMT  IFOIOIDTIEIIEIR  AL and STA  Corner ISlufT and Ward Streets,  NELSON, B. O.  Will undertake any work or.contract in which pack animals or teams can be used.  WILL   CONTKACT  TO  OAEEY PASSENGEKS  and baggage to and from hotels; also, freight  to and from steamboat wharves and  railway depots.  CONTRACT TO GRADE LOTS IN NELSON.  Stove and Cordwood for Sale.  Hunt & Dover,  JEWELERS  AND   WATCHMAKERS.  ARCHITECT AND SUPERINTENDENT.  Plans furnished on application and estimates given free.  Carney Building West Baker Street.  Physician, Surgeon, and Accoucheur,  Telephone 45. Office:   Stanley and Victoria Streets.  KOOTENAY  LODGE,  No. 16,  I. 0. 0. P.  Meets every Monday night at 8 o'clock in Hume's Hall,  Vernon St. Visiting members cordially invited to attend.  G. W. Aldous, N. G., Wm. Hodson, Recording Secretary.  Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians of London;  Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.  Corner Silica and Ward Streets, Nelson. Telephone 40. ���������  TURNER BROS.,  Opposite Hotel Phair, Nelson, B.C.,  Have  opened   out a select stock of  Stationery, Books,  Bibles, Sheet Music, Small Instruments, Sewing  Machine Needles, Oil, etc., etc., etc.  BELL  AND   NORDHEIMER   PBANOS,  BELL  ORGANS  SINGER  SEWING  MACHINES  Tuning and Repairing promptly attended to.   Prices Reasonable. I i  &   V  C   7  5   J'  ������ a;  fe" <.<  if    Vs.  * ft"  1^  If fe\  is-  $ c>  s <-  ft-  if:  if', i'i '  IS,  |W >-  &������������������������"'  S3-  safe  is  P  111  to  Pi  is  I?������  m  m  4  THE  MINEE:    NELSON,   B.  SATURDAY,   OOTOBES   15,   1892.  . The Miner is printed on Saturdays, and will be  mailed to subscribers at the following cash-in-advance  rates: Three months ������1.50, six months $2.50, one year $4.  Contract Advertisements will be inserted at the  rate of ������3 an inch (down the column) per month. A  special rate for advertisements of over 2 inches.  Transient Advertisements will be inserted for  15 cents a line for the first insertion and 7 cent's a line  for each additional insertion. Twelve lines of 9 words  each make an inch. All advertisements printed for  a less period than 3 months considered ^transient and  must be paid for in advance. Advertisements of less  than 12 lines will be counted as 12 lines.  Birth Notices free if weight of child is given; if  weight is not given $1 will be charged. Marriage  announcements will be charged from $1 to $10���������according to the social standing of the bridegroom.  Letters to the Editor 'will only appear over the  writer's name. Communications with such signatures  as "Old Subscriber," "Veritas," "Citizen," etc., etc.,  will not be printed on any consideration.  Job Printing in good style at fair rates.   Cards,  envelopes, and letter, note, and account papers kept .  in stock.  The following agents have been appointed and  are authorized to collect money, to receive advertisements and transact all business, in their respective localities, connected with The Miner arid Hot Springs  News: Ainsworth, Bremncr & Watson; Pilot,Bay, C.  B. Howell; Kaslo, B. H. Lee & Co; Carpenter Creek,  E. C. Carpenter.  Address all Letters :  The Miner, Nelson; B. C.  EHMTC2JSAJL   f EEM AKKS.  For the past month or six weeks we have  been short-handed. In consequence our editorial hand has been playing like a lambent  flame over a case of brevier, whilst another  editorial foot has been working like a jig-saw on  the treddle of the press. Also as a consequence  we have considered ourselves lucky if we got  The Miner out by Sunday evening. "All  work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." And  when one has to work all the time for nothing  the danger of becoming dull, and thin as well,  is doubled. The Hot Springs News lias been  run at a loss for . a long lime past. As we are  not in the newspaper business solely and entirely for the sake of the fun of the thing, we  came to the conclusion that the News had better die, and died it has. The time that we  spent on this sheet will be spent more profitably  in collecting and publishing details of local interest in a manner more complete and. full, '  even, than before. We have to apologise for  the cramped appearance of our pages this week.  By next Saturday we hope to issue a paper in  which some changes will be apparent-���������changes  for the better, we believe.  In the Spokane Review of the 10th -instant, is  a letter from mr. Frank Fletcher*, in which mr.  E. C. Carpenter gets a severe dressing down for  having made certain statements in the Spokane  Spokesman.    As a  matter of fact,   and  as explained in our issue of the 1st instant, mr. Carpenter never, to his knowledge, saw a Spokesman reporter during his stay in Spokane, and  most  emphatically denies   ever   having   made  any such statements as are attributed to him in  the interview  in question.    Mr.  Fletcher's letter, as a refutation of the opinions expressed in  the article in the Spokesman, is fair enough and  just enough, but, after the explanation given a  fortnight ago,   to jump  on   mr.   Carpenter for  having   made   those  objectionable  remarks, is  neither fair nor just.      Owing to pressure of the local matter the  "editorial remarks" this week are shorter than  usual���������at which, we presume, there is no kick  coming���������certainly not from the writer.  The following is a letter from mr. Kellie. We  ask mr. Kellie's pardon for making a few necessary alterations to it:  Editor Miner,���������I have been informed that  G. M. Sproat was at the public meeting or outside the building while I was refuting the state  ments made by him in a, 2-coIumn article in The  Miner. A man who lacks moral courage to  meet a political opponent and substantiate  charges made in a newspaper over his signature  ���������is beneath contempt. It is cowardly in the extreme. I have too much respect-for. myself and  my constituents to allow myself to be drawn  into a newspaper controversy to besmirched by  arguments which savor largely of the pole-cat  style.  ';. y ���������"      ' ' ; '���������������������������',''���������.> J7 M. KellIe. ���������  '".,'���������.   :VTIM..E.'CARD   FOR   TRAVELERS/'  liie h>.  & Kootenay  team >]favis:atioii  T,  Operating the fast and elegant steamers  COLUMBIA; KELSON, LYTTOF & X00TEEAI  ���������;.;^-REVELSTOKE ���������������������������BfiOIJ'FE:. ';���������/ "     7:v  One of the above steamers will leave" REVELSTOKE  for Nakusp and Robson at d- a.m. on MONDAYS and  THURSDAYS, arriving at Robson at 6 p.m., where connection is made with the C. & K. Railway for Nelson and  all Kootenay Lake points. RETURNING, leaves ROBSON for Nakusp and Revelstoke at 9 p.m. on TUESDAYS  and FRIDAYS, arriving at Revelstoke at' 3 p.m. on  Wednesdays and Saturdays, where connection is made  with the G. P. R. for all points.  ;:   .,; MTTJLI3 Ip A^L^SSS   SSOSJTK s ; 7 "    '  The same steamer will leave ROBSON for Trail Creek  and Little Dalles at 5 a.m. on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS,  arriving at Little Dalles, at 9 a.m., where close connection  is made with the S. F. & N. Railway for Spokane. RETURNING, leaves LITTLE DALLES same .-day, on arrival of S. F. & N. Railway Company's train at 12:30 p.m.,  for Trail Creek and Robson, arriving at Robson at 6:20  p.m., where close connection is made with the C. & K.  Raiiwa3?' for Nelson and lake points; and continues on.to  Revelstoke as per above schedule.  ELL"  Vertical  Stocks are held at -UELSOS", Geo. Ii.m Keefer, Agent,  and at AIE"SW0ETH, S. Fawcett, Agent.  SpaMing, -  ���������K.OOTEWAY. .LAKE; AN������  ���������STEAMER NELSOL.  Bay, Ainsworth, and Kaslo at 8 a.m. on TUESDAYS and  FRIDAYS, returning via * these ports same day; leaves  Nelson for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, Kaslo, and BONNER'S  FERRY at 3 a.m. on SUNDAYS and WEDNESDAYS.  RETURNING, leaves BONNER'S FERRY for Pilot Bay,  Ainsworth and Nelson at 3 a.m. on MONDAYS and  THURSDAYS.  Regular Passenger Service has been inaugurated on the  Great Northern Railway, and in order to make close connection with trains the above card has been adopted.. Passengers for all Kootenay points leave Spokane at 7:30 p.m.  on Sundays and Wednesdays.  ESSg  East ISsifeci*.. Sircct, ?������Tclsoi5,  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district,  ���������������������������.���������'    and is the headquarters for prospectors and  working miners.  The Table. is ��������� not Surpassed by that of any Hotel  in the Kootenay Lake country.  At the Bar is Dispensed Fine Liquors and Cigars,  and the bed-rooms are newly furnished.  'MAIONB   ���������&   Ta6E���������MiI������l[JS  Pii^PSSEESTOKS  ?*osi.������l3Icc Siorc, Nclsoit,  IS. C.  ASH GENTS' FUEEISHIJG GOODS.  lioote  leaves NELSON ior Pilot  Willbe Sunning a oout August 1st  and will be the largest and best equipped Sawmill in  Kootenay. Large stocks of lumber now on hand at Kaslo,  at the old mill site and at Nelson.  A carload of Sash and Doors for sale.  ������.  O.  K9J���������I5AATA^r..  P.O. address, Nelson or Kaslo.  NOTARY  PUBLIC.  Seal Estate &' Mines, Conveyancing  Agent for  Town Lots, Lands and Mining Claims Handled on Commission.   Conveyancing Documents Drawn Up.  HfflnA . SELOUS   BLOCK,  . UIIlUp ������      Corner Victoria and Stanley Streets.  P. O. box 69  Telephone 24.  Edward Applewhaite & Co.  S. E. corner Baker and J osephine streets,  NELSON, B. C.  ALSO,  FULL LINES OF  r^  te������3  Toilet Articles ?und Stationery.  s^a  FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE AGENTS,  wm  Prospectors'location notices for sale at The Miner office  Loans negotiated on Nelson property.   Collections made.  Conveyancing documents drawn up.  Town Lots  Lands  and   Mining Claims  Handled  on Commission.  gaSi  m  t THE  MOTEE:    NELSON,  B.  0.,  SATURDAY,  00T0BEE   15,  1892.  MERCHANT MILLEES, MQOSOMIN, Assa.  Dealers in all. kinds of  "Hungarian Patent,"  "Strong Bakers/'  "Straight Bakers."  Chopped Feed, Oats,  Bran, Shorts,  Chicken Feed, Etc.  ESBSSEGEBa^BBCaClSaSlRSEBlBBCmSQSEBI  BBSESSZXPSSE  Prices given Sacked or in Bulk.    The finest quality of OATMEAL and CORNMEAL can be  obtained in any sized sacks.    Quotations cheerfully furnished on application.  SPECIAL   ATTESS5TEOM   G3VEM   TO   THE   BRSTISH   COLUMBIA   TRADE.  OFFICES =  Moosomin, N.W.T., and 25 Park Street, Ottawa, Ont.  M. MAODONALD, Agent for N.W.T. and Kootenay District, B.C.   ��������� \m m \midw itm n ii1 i1  w m rriTnrTriwv***������������������*'*****^*-**   -DEALERS  IN-  Highest Cash Prices Paid for Furs.  BAKER STREET,  BLOCK,  NELSON, B. O.  A 1ST" X>  ALL KINDS OF GROCERIES, CANNED GOODS AND  MINERS' SUPPLIES KEPT IN STOCK.  JAMS   AID   JELLIES   A  SPECIALTY  Large stock just arrived.  ALILDOTXS   ZBIROTZEailEIRS.,   ZF>:R,OS.  ���������tr*   >   i  PROPRIETOR.  HAY AND  GRAIN FOE SALE.  Ornnibus and carriages to and from all trains and steamboat wharves. Saddle and pack animals for hire. Freight  hauled and all kinds of job teaming attended to.  Stable'on Baker Street.   Office with Wilson & Perdue.  T^ BLUE RLDQE HOUSE  Ten miles from Kaslo on the trail to Slocan mines.  First  Class  Accommodations for Travelers.    Best  Brands of Liquors and Cigars.  PRICES   MODERATE.  McDonald Bros.  Proprietors.  PEACE   RITEK   AND   ������BMNJECA.  Joseph A.  Letoy has returned  to   Victoria  from  a 4 mouth's trip to the Peace river and  Omineca districts.    Being an . old Calit'ornian,  he used his "gold eye" in  that northern country, and  reports  as follows:    "What puzzled  me most in all my travels of exploration in the  Peace river and Omineca districts was that such  enormous wealth, almost at the doors of Victoria,   should   have   been   unprospected.     The  prospectors in these districts are a mere handful,  while the larger portion still remains untrodden by  the feet of the 'pale face.'    I  am  confident that next year will see a great boom  in those districts,  and I will tell  you my reasons.    The prospectors this year have made exceptionally  good 'finds' and the news of their  success has traveled far and wide through the  medium --of/'t'he  press.    The  moiiied   men   are  now casting their eyes in this direction, where a  few years ago they thought it sheer nonsense to  ���������invest;'they now seea big profit behind their  investments.    Grold is found in paying quantities extending from the Cariboo through to the  Peace river  district.    The  country is literally  flooded with it, and every day is revealing mor-e  buried wealth..   There  are 2 routes  by   which  this district can be reached.    One up north and  through the Skena river, which is the shortest,  and with the building of proper trails would be  the easiest.    The other is  by the Eraser river,  which river can be ascended" to near the Glacier  house from which there is a good trail into the  district,    Eleven  young  men  entered   by   this  rather circuitous route this spring.    They had  pack horses with them, implements and provisions.    Seven of their number will remain there  during the winter.    Four will return south for  stores and to bring up more miners.    I heard  .that these young men had done well and I do  not doubt that if they have a little pluck each  of them will make a small fortune.    The pack  road through from  Cariboo is 400 miles long.  And while talking of these young men I would  like to correct a prevalent false impression of  the intensity of the cold in these regions.    That  the winter is cold I am not going to deny.    The  thermometer often falls 'SO degrees below; but  the   cold  is   not felt.    Miners work   when   the  glass  stands  that  low  without   protection   to  their faces.    The cold is not felt at all severely,  and you never hear of such  a thing  as  being  frost-bitten.    I know that these statements do  not agree with the public impression.    Public  impression and facts are often as near akin as  right is to wrong.    Near Tom's creek or claim  silver nuggets have been found in large numbers as large a man's thumb, and gold nuggets  not much smaller and in scarcely less quantity.  In this region a fine quality of copper has been  located,   and  it alone would pay' the working.  On  Lome creek   the gold is coarse and heavy  and exists  in  large  quantities.    A  very short  time from  now  will  see a great rush to this  northern country and then look out for good  times.   A   second   California,   sir,  and   I'm   a  Calif ornian."  u JL.1  TR  CAPITAL (all paid up), $12,000,000  "IfcEST,        .... 0,000,000  Sir DONALD A. SMITH : President  Hon.  GEO. A. DRUMMOND, : Vice-President  E. S. OLOUSTON, General Manager  kelson Branch:   1ST. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Sts.,  Branches in London (England), New York and Chicago  and in the principal cities in Canada;  Buy and sell sterling exchange and cable tranfers;  Grant commercial and travelers' credits, available in any  part of the world ;  Drafts issued; Collections made; Etc.  if*%  Rate of interest at present four per cent.  (Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1862.)  ���������ABBSTAL <pai<l up), ������000,000    .    $3,000,000  (With power to increase.)  RESEBKVE FUND,  ������220,000     .    .        1,100,000  Victoria, B. C, San Francisco, California,  Vancouver, B. 0., Portland, Oregon,  NewWtstminstcr,B.C.,   Seattle, Washington,  Nanaimo, B. C., Tacoma, Washington.  * Kamloops, B. C.  HEAD OFFICE: GO Lombard street, LONDON, England.  AGENTS AND CORRESPONDENTS:  CANADA���������Bank of Montreal and branches;  Canadian Bank of Commerce and branches  Imperial Bank of Canada and branches;  CommercialBahk of Manitoba ; and  Bank of Nova Scotia.  UNITED STATES���������Agents Bank of Montreal, New Yoric;  Bank of Montreal, Chicago.  SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.  Interest at the rate of 4 per cent per annum will be allowed  on all time deposits at present.  To Miners and Prospectors  Li  MY NEW  JJ  Expressly built for the Kootenay Country, is admirably  adapted for the use of miners and prospectors.   It  is light in weight and shoots either ball  or shot equally well.  My ANNUAL CATALOGUE   is just out and will be  mailed to any address on application.  My Stock is Very Large and Complete.  Charles E. Tisdall,  IrHIOTIEIIl..,   KASLO.  Finest Accommodations in the Lake Country.   Elegant  table.   Best of Liquors and Cigars at the Bar.  AKCJIIE  FliETCHIESt, Proprietor and manager.  (A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.)  OIYIL EKGINEEE AND AEOHITEOT,  Victoria St., Next Door to Hotel Fliair, Nelson, Ml, ���������.  ?*r*F^r?rrT^;^^^ .:������ 7fw. ^a^s^ Mi  u:  it ������  ft*  R  f'rt  IN  i  ii  I Si!  s  lie-.'  p  1^.  is  p  i  .^'  THE  MDTEE:    NELSON,  B.  0.,  SATUEDAY,  OOTOBEE   1571892.  THE   JST^irTTtt-AJJl,  TTIE'IE'IIL^r   DPOIZtsTT  The above townsite, has two never failing  streams of pure mountain water running  through it, affording .sufficient water power  FOR   CONCENTRATING   WORKS  and city purposes.  THE GRAND VIEW HOTEL  IS NEARLY   COMPLETED,  And will be Ready to receive guests by the  20th of thisi month.  Is beautifully located near the centre of the  Principal Mines.  -Joining the-  E OSSi THE SOUTH,  Only 350 feet from the Famous  SILVER   kSNGSV!  And only 1200 feet from the  IROQUOSSB - ;  CE  BUSINESS and RESIDE  LOTS  ARE NOW ON THE MARKET  AT    PRICES  RANGING   FROM . SBOO  TO   $200.  Terms���������One-third cash, one-third 6 months,  and the balance 1 year, after which prices will  be greatly advanced.  For further particulars enquire of   ^  HOTEL, FREDERICTON.  , General Agent, found at the office of F. M. McLEOD, NELSON, or GRAND VIEW  FKOVlNCIAl* : M WS*  Rear admiral A������. '&-��������� ������%!%' will succeed rear-admiral Hotham in tHe"tomi$aBd of the Pacific  squadron. "\S"-. :  O. H. Macintosh, M. P. for Ottawa, is on his  way to his mines in the Selkirks. He is about  to publish a book on British Columbia.  The provincial government has appointed a  royal commission to enquire into the causes of  the recent small^pox outbreak, and to make  such recommendations as ma.y be considered  advisable, of rules and regulations as may be  necessary to prevent another invasion. The 2  commissibners named are sir Matthew B. Beg-  bie and dr. A. E. Praeger, of Nanaimo. It is  understood the sittings of the commission will  commence next week. Witnesses will be examined, and the results of the 'different'- methods of  dealing with the disease, as gathered from the  varied experiences in rhe different cities, will be  brought out for general information.  Very little news of definite character is obtainable regarding the lieutenant governorship of  British Columbia. It is understood that there are  only 3 gentlemen whose names are under consideration���������senator McDonald, and messrs Mara  and Dewdney.    The cabinet has not taken the  matter up, formally.    Strong influence is being  brought   to   bear in favor   of   mr.   Dewdney.  When mr.Bowell was at Victoria, a deputation,  consisting of messrs. Davie, Vernon andPooley,  waited    on   him.    They; urged,   among   other  things, the appointment of mr. Dewdney to the  governorship as the most acceptable man who  could   be  chosen.    It  is  said  that mr.   Bowell  raised the  point  that mr. Dewdney would be  looked upon as an outsider, and the reply of the  delegation is understood to have been that mr.  Dewdney was an old British  Celumbian, who  had been only absent from the province on his  official duties, and that his appointment would  be well received by the province.   The members  of the  provincial  government embodied   their  views in favor of mr. Dewdney in a  memorial  to premier Abbot.  CIEfBAJH   ���������>F   TSBE   WOIfcU^S   NEWS.  Lord Tennyson, the English poet laureate,  died on October 5th, aged 83.  The Greek government has established a five-  day quarantine against picket boats from Austrian ports, and an eleven-day quarantine  against persons from Buda Pesth.  Reports from Canton, Brazil, to a Philadelphia  merchant reveal a sad story of yellow fever at  that important seaport in South America.    The  epidemic has been raging for months and the  dead are piled in trenches.    It is claimed more  victims were swept away in and around Santos  than   died   in   central   Europe   from    cholera.  Three   hundred   and   forty-seven   vessels   are  awaiting their turn to discharge valuable cargoes shipped from all ports of the world, and  they will, it is claimed, be there a year hence.  GROWN   GRANT  APPLICATIONS.  Notice is hereby given that Wilber H. Hendryx has filed  the necessary papers and made application for a crown  grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the Plen-  dryx No,vl* situate in Ainsworth mining division, West  Kootenay 'district. Adverse claimants, if tahy, will forward their objections within 60 days from date of publication. N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., 17th August, 1892.       Gold commissioner.  Notice is:hereby given that Wilber H. Hendryx has filed  the necessary papers and made application for a crown  grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the Hendryx  No. 2, situate in Ainsworth mining division, West Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward  their objections within 60 days from date of publication.  Nelson, B.C., 17th August, 1892.      N. FITZSTUBBS,  Gold commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that Wilber H. Hendryx has filed  the necessary papers and made application for a crown  grant in favor Of the mineral claim known as the Gal-  conda, situate in Ainsworth mining division, West Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward  their objections within 60 days from date of publication.  Nelson, B.C., 17th August, 1892.      N. FITZSTUBBS,  Gold commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that Wilber H. Hendryx has filed  the necessary papers and made application for a crown  grant in favor of the mineral claim known as The Fraction, situate in Ainsworth mining division, West Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward  their objections within 60 days from date of publication.  Nelson, B.C., 17th August, 1892.      N. FITZSTUBBS,  Gold commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that M. S. Davys, as manager for  the Cottonwood Gold Mining Company, limited, has filed  the necessary papers and made application for a crown  grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the "Golden  King," situate in the Nelson mining division of West  Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections within 60 days from date of publication. N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., August 22nd, 1892.       Gold commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that M. S. Davys, as manager for  the Cottonwood Gold Mining Company, limited) has filed  the necessary papers and made application for a crown  grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the " Golden  Wreath," situate in the Nelson mining division of West  Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections within 60 days from date of publication. N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., August 22nd, 1892.      Gold commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that H. Anderson, as agent for  Irwin, Hopper & Co., has filed the necessary papers and  made application for a crown grant in favor of the mineral  claim known as the " Tarn O'Shanter," situate on the east  side of Kootenay lake in the Hendryx camp, West Kootenay district. Adverse claimants will forward their objections within 60 days of this publication.  Nelson, B.C., August 24th, 1892.     N. FITZSTUBBS,  Gold commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that Henry Anderson, as agent  for John N. Squire, has filed the necessary papers, and  made application for a crown grant in favor of the mineral  claim known as the Tiger, situate in the Ainsworth mining division of West Kootenay. Adverse claimants, if  any, will forward their objections within 60 days from  date of publication. N. FITZSTUBBS,  Gold Commissioner.  Nelson, B. C, 7th October, 1892.  Notice is hereby given that W. J. Goepel has filed the  necessary papers and made application for a crown grant  in favor of the mineral claim Whitewater, situate in the  Toad Mountain mining division, West Kootenay district.  Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections  within 60 days of publication.        N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., October 3d, 1892.        Gold Commissioner.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 60 days from date I intend to  apply for a crown grant to the mineral claim known as  the Minnie, situate to the south of the Kootenay Bonanza  claim, Toad Mountain. Copies of the field notes and plat  can be seen at the*government agent's office, Nelson.  August 29, 1892. JOHN McDONALD.  NOTICE.  Blue Bird Mineral Claim.  J. Thompson (Certificate 41879) and John A. Whittier (Certificate 41796) owners.  Sixty days after date we intend to apply for certificate  of improvement for the purpose of  obtaining a crown  grant. J. THOMPSON.  JOHN A. WHITTIER.  Slocan Mining District, September 10th, 1892.  NOTICE.  Mineral Claim Best, Slocan District.  Take notice that we, E. H. Hughes, of the city of Spokane, United States of America, free miner's certificate  No. 41858; David Porter of the same place, free miner's  certificate No. 39666; and George W. Hughes of the same  place, free miner's certificate No. 41800, all lawful owners  of the said claim, intend, 60 days from the date hereof, to  apply to the gold commissioner for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that adverse claims must be  sentjto the gold commissioner, and action commenced be-,  fore the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated, this 28th day of August, A. D. 1892, at Nelson.  B:E HUGHES,  DAVID PORTER,  GEORGE W. HUGHES.  By Joseph Hethington Bowes,  ' Agent for said applicants.  CROWN   GRANT APPLICATION.  To All Whom it May Concern:  Be it known that we, James Richey, (free miner's certificate 41,883) Matthew Guthrie, (free miner's certiiicate  42,677) Jno. Fitzgerald, (free miner's certificate.41,738) and  John King, (free miner's certificate 40,954) being the.lawful holders of the claims Antelope, recorded by James  Richey aforesaid, on the 15th day of June, 1892, in the office of A. Sproat, mining recorder, Slocan ; and Dardanelles, recorded by Jno. Fitzgerald aforesaid, in the said  mining and. recorder's office on the 15th day of June, 1892,  intend applying for a certificate of improvements on the  said claims at the end of 60 days for the purpose of obtaining crown grants therefor.        JAS. RICHEY,  M. GUTHRIE,  JNO.    FITZGERALD,  JNO.   KING.  Sept. 5th, 1892.  and  Two  NOTICE.  Maid of Erin, Payne,  Mountain  Chief,  Jacks Mineral Claims.  S. S. Bailey owner (No. of License 39798.)  Sixty days after date I intend to apply for certificate of  improvement on the above-named mineral claims, vis-  Maid of Erin, Payne, Mountain Chief, and Two Jacks, for  the purpose of obtaining a crown grant for each claim.  Dated this 5th day of September, 1892.  S. S. BAILEY.  FOR   SALE.  An assayer's outfit and laboratory, complete in all its details with office fittings.   Price, $400.  Apply Miner office.  We have in stock a car of rattan and willow goods, just  received. JAS. McDONALD & CO.  31  &  fj  VI  1*  iff  11  II  S^il^������U1lJUMMlU^UlilU.MII MlMMaiMM!^^  ftai^sj^BSBH^^  MMMfflMMMWM!!l������lWI!WtB������Kl  r*.i THE irarEEY   ITELSON,  B.  0.,  SATURDAY,  OCTOBER  15, 1892.  Corner West Vernon and Stanley Streets, NELSON, B. C.  Telephone 43.  PLRST-OLASS  Iff   EVERY  RESPEOT.  The International has a comfortably furnished parlor for  ladies, and the rooms are large and. furnished  newly throughout.  THE TABLE  IS  WOT SURPASSED  by any hotel in the Kootenay Lake country.  A share of transient trade solicited.  THE SAMPLE-BOOM IS STOCKED WITH CHOICE CIGARS  AND THE FINEST BRANDS OF LIQUOBS.  PBOPRIETOBS  This Space Reserved for  w. o. phillips:  TT3T TPT8  ZEITXZRODPE-AISr   3PH,-A.aST-  M. J. BROWN  PROPRIETOR.  The above house has been newly furnished throughout and  is now open to travelers.   The table is one of the  best in the the town.   The bar keeps the  finest brands of liquors and cigars.  NELSON.  Hot and  cold water;  electric bells; billiard and club  rooms; baths.   All appointments first-class.  E. E. PHAIR, proprietor.  HOTEL  VICTORIA   STREET,   NELSON,   B.C.  Pleasant Rooms.   Well Appointed Bar.   Terms Moderate.  MILLS &  REVSBECH, Proprietors.  ��������� LAKE-VIEW hotel,  MULVEY   &   CLEMENT,  PROBRIETORS.  WINES,  LIQUORS and CIGARS.  Best Accommodation for Travellers.  Regular Connection by Boat with New Denver.  General   Founders;   Engineers,   Boiler   Makers,   and   Manufacturers   of  All  Classes of Machinery.     Sawmill and Marine Work a Specialty.  SOLE   MANUFACTURERS   OF   THE  Kendall Band Mill, B. C. Shingle Machines, Steam  Log Hauling Machines.  We keep in stock a full supply of Engineer and Mill Supplies, such as Pipe and Fittings, Braub Goods, Sheet and other  Packing Rubber Valves, Rubber and Leather Belting, Oils, and Lubricants, etc.  HOISTING ENGINES AND SINKING PIMPS FOR MINES.  Corner Alexander Street and Westminster Ave., VANCOUVER, B. 0.  5 J. W. CAMPION,  Agent West Kootenay.  Secretary-Treasurer.  Manager  Eeal Estate and Mining Brokers,  Conveyancers.  IK-^SIjOj   33.   CL  KASLO LOTS FOR SALE  AND  WANTED.  Agent for the Nelson Sawmill Company.  B, Hi LEE,  Eotary Public.  OPPICE  Bear Steamboat Landing.  '���������!  AINSWORTH, B. C.  Contracts taken for hauling supplies, machinery, ore, etc.,  to and from mines in Hot Springs district.  ALL TEAM8NG   WORK  UNDERTAKEN.  Telephone 96.  NELSON, B.C. .  Plasterer,  Bricklayer and Stone-Mason  Contracts taken for work at all   points   in  West Kootenay.  XiXj^AJisr   XiiE^-isr  Plasterer and Bricklayer  Will contract for all kinds of work.   Materials furnished  and estimates given for work in any town in  Kootenay Lake Country.  '-���������-  MJME.~'FOR . SALE  At Nelson and Pilot Bay or delivered at any point on  the lake in any quantity.   Address P.O. box 47, Nelson.  ������alfour Trading Co.  BAIiFOIJlK,    B.C.  Merchants, Mining and Eeal Estate  Agents.  A complete Stock of Merchandise and Miners' Supplies  Constantly on Hand.   We make a Specialty of  English Goods of  direct importation.  We have several very desirable lots in Balfour for sale  R. 0. Campbell-Johnston  --������������������': (of Swansea, India, and the United States.)  8feH������TALLURG8ST,   AS3AYER,  AND   MSN8NQ   ENGINEER.  'Properties reported on. All assays .undertaken. Furnaces and concentrating plants . planned and ' erected.  ���������Treatment for ores given. Ores bought and sold. Box  731, "Vancouver, B. C.   Terms cash.  HORACE W. BTJCKE  LAW    AND   CONVEYANCING  Office near  Steamboat Landing.  OFFICE.  KASLO, B.C.  O-   "W.    BUSK,  Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., M. Can. Soc. C. E.  PROVINCIAL ~;~ LAND -!- SURVEYOR,  Telephone Connection.  J. LAINSON WILLS, M.E., FOS.  Member of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, Eng., and of the  American Institute of Mining Engineers, &c.  <206 Albert St., Ottawa.)  Reports on Mines and Mineral Properties.  JOHN FIELDING,  CIVIL ENGINEER, PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR.  KASLO and THE  MINER  OFFICE,   NELSON,  B.   C.  LBEi  ASSAYER and CHEMIST,  AINSWORTH, B. C.  Is prepared to assay all kinds of ore.   Copper assay by electrolysis.   All orders will receive prompt attention.  Next door to Ainsworth hotel.  J. A.  KIRK  J. F. RITCHIE  KIRK & RITCHIE  )  Dominion    and    Provincial    Land  Surveyors.  Office over  Bank   of   British   Columbia,   Nelson,  B.C.  of San Francisco.  ASSAYERS, JOSEPHINE STREET  Are prepared to assay all kinds of ore.   Mines examined  and reported on.   Orders will receive prompt attention.;  ^���������-���������-^^ 8  THE MINES:    NELSON,  B.  0.,  SATURDAY,  OCTOBER   15,-1892.  ������2  AW'  8f  ^  ���������/;.',  Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Provisions, Canned Goods, Hardware, Etc   Miners' Supplies a Specialty.  The'stock is full and complete in every Department, and the nublic will find it to their advantage to call and insnect Goods  and compare Prices.  JOHN   ^_   TTZTIRNjEIR,   IMIGi-IR,-  Telephone 27.  7, 9, and 11 East Yernon Street, NELSON, B 0,  r.-G  &  S^^  J /St.-       ->  '���������v?   -';  |s������������   '.'  ft   ?  p-;l7^7"  IsJJ&rl.-'^Sii-'-'1-' '"������������������'���������'���������  fe|7|;;;,7;,.';  &  7 X  mm  li  13  iti i  p:  if:  ���������'a  Hi  If'  W'-'  Pi-  II  jV  #':  ||  |tr7  XO���������AL   ANO   PERSONAL  W. R. Angus of Montreal, is in town.  Mrs. G. E. R. Ellis is back in Nelson for a few  days on business.  It is said that there is a big demand for farm  land near Nakusp.  M.'S. Davys is through with his work on the  Kaslo wagon road.  W. N. Rolfe and R. H. Cavill start tonight on  . a trip to Foit Steele.  W. C. Ward of the Bank of B. C, is expected  in by Monday's boat.  Eight inches of snow fell on the Grizzly Bear  mine on Monday last.  Mr. Vowell, superintendent of Indian affairs,  will visit the district before long.  Reports reach us that.a man named Sandell  was lost near Duncan river whilst out hunting.  N. A. Parent; has gone down to Spokane for  the winter.    He is much pleased with his claim  ���������the Ajax.  Frank Fletcher left on Sunday last for Goat  river to locate land for the company, returning  to Nelson on Thursday.  H.E. Newton has returned to his old love-  Nelson���������after having paid flying visits to Vernon, Kamloops and Vancouver.  Messrs. Matthieson, Bealey and Richardson  on Monday morning left on a jaunt through the  Slocan country.' The weather, however, being  unfitted for jaunting purposes, they came home  on Wednesday.  We notice that Chas. F. Law of Golden, B. C,  is in Nelson, presumably to work up the mineral  exhibit for the World's fair. Everyone, we  trust, will give a helping hand to do themselves  and the district credit.  must stop. Mr. Norbury did his best to pacify  him and to come to some understanding, but to  no purpose. The Indians were decidedly hostile, though the chief has since expressed sorrow  for what took place, and has said he would like  to meet the Indian agent again and talk matters over.    What price, "fire-water."  Tine Crow's Nest Pass Road.  A statement is made in the Vancouver papers  on the authority of mining experts, lately returned from Kootenay, that the route of the  Crow's Nest Pass railway has been changed  from Goat river to St. Mary's river and Crawford bay. finding a term inus at Pilot bay. This  is probably all founded on a statement which  appeared in The Miner that a party of C. P.  R. surveyors was located at Crawford bay.  This statement emanated from Pilot bay and  has been authoritatively contradicted. So far,  we know nothing more of the mat tar, but we  think it highly improbable that the C. P. R.  would bring this road up short on the shore of a  lake 90 miles long, and, at that particular point,  3j miles wide.  KAS1LO    NOTES.  A contract for running a tunnel 190 feet has  been let, 3 good log-houses are being put up,  and work will soon be started on the branch  road to connect the mines round McGuigan  lake with the Kaslo-Slocan trunk road.  NOTICE.  CENTRAL CITY MINERAL CLAIM.  Take notice that I, John A. Watson, free miner's certificate No. 44214, intend,-60 days from the date hereof,.to.apply to the gold, commissioner for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant for the  above claim. And further take notice that adverse claims  must be sent to the gold commissioner and. action commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.     7>  Dated this 10th day of October, A.D., 1892.  ; JOHN A. WATSON,  Per his agent J. t. Retallack.  E {jlii, ������L0.  On the War Fatfli.  The trouble with the Indians at the boundary  is not over yet, as imagined. On the 8th instant, the Indian agent, mr. Norbury, called a  meeting of the tribe, at which mr. D. McLaughlin acted as interpreter, with a view to settling  any disputes and assessing any damage that  may have been, or may be done by the Reclamation company. The chief rose and said that  he would make no settlement and that the work  The plant for our new paper, the Kaslo Examiner, left Portland on the 8th instant, and is  expected in daily..  The trail up Spring creek to the Bluebird has  been started. It will be wide enough to be used  as a sleigh road. A contract has been let for  hauling down 100 tons of ore this winter.  The wagon road is now completed 6 miles out  of Kaslo, and in good condition for freighting  ore; nearly 200 men are at work pushing it forward ; the wages have been fixed at $3 a day all  round.  Everybody who knows him will be sorry to  hear that Jim Brennand is now lying very  seriously ill of malarial fever at his house in  Kaslo. Dr. LaBau is attending on him. He  has the best wishes of all for a speedy recovery.  T. E. Jefferson has secured a bond on S. K.  Green's interest in the Washington. This will  give him control of f of the mine, and he is determined to push work vigorously this winter.  THESE   FiNE   LOTS,  Of Sizes and Prices to Suit all Buyers, Will be Sold by Auction  by W. A. JOWETT, Auctioneer, at  ON  Tuesday, the 25tH October, 18^2.  Special Steamer Excursions on Monday and Tuesday.  Bed Eock Prices,   and 9 and  18  Months Time  FRED J. SQUIRE,  Baker street, Nelson, B. C.  HAS ON DISPLAY A FULL RANGE OF  Plain and Fancy Worsted Snitings and Scotch and  Irish Tweeds and Serges.  Spring goods now on hand.  PEIOBSTOSUIT THE TIMES  ��������� mi  iflu ii    UaX������i������ltli ������������������ill  imihH     P    i  FLOUR, FEED, and HAY.   GROCERIES  ALL KINDS.   HAMS and BACON.  ���������mad:  ^ISHMSTGS-   TACKLE   -A-ISriD   IF-A-HSTOTr   C3-0033S.  mmmsmmssm  ^y^^^  jasamesaaiBBaniimammmica


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