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The Miner Nov 11, 1893

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The Mines in
Kootenay nre Anions
(he Richest in
\''.���';.������'"*es   are
���-Isrls--<��� ><& in ��o!d,
Silver, ���>ppcr,
ami  le;nl.
Whole Number *Sq. y^\"
Nelson,  British Columbia,. Saturday,  November  n,   1893.
Subscription Price $2 per Year.
Ready Cash is the .
Rest Introduction .
To Present to ... .
Should you wish to Secure
any of the Bargins which
his Big Stock of Gi'oceries,
-Liquors,    Hardware,   and
Miners' supplies afford.
LI, Ai
ast  Baker Street,
Carry Complete Stocks of all lines of
General Merchandise, except Hardware.
Liquors  and   Cigars  handled to the
Trade only,
Agents for Anheiiser-Bush (St. Louis)
Beer, the best Made in America.
a^clies^   ^Socksj    ^Jei,vreUeB*yj
"_Vai3r-_iir'oosjas   ol
>���' h ^
! n ^s=^
V>' %&
-,-��������.������-���_! ��� .-..  -nuijj.y.m ������������^���������.
Great Bar gain can be had for Cash.
The Trade Laying Would ��eenpy Only a
Week but There arc Tour lirirtgcs to he
HSuilt���An All-Winter Konfe Will he
Hailed with Delight.
If there is no change in the present
programme laid out by president Cor-bin
of the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railroad
the. first train will be run to Nelson on
December 1st. The track laying would
not occupy so much of the time, in fact
could be finished in a week, but there
are four bridges yet to be built, and
these cannot be finished much before the
first of the month.
The N. & F. S. road will connect with
the Spokane & Northern at Marcus.
The usual service will be continued between Spokane and Marcus during the
winter, but the train over this end of
the road will probably be up one day
and back the next, at least until spring
when a daily service will be put on.
The road will reduce the run from Nelson to Spokane to eight hours..- Close
connections will be made with the boats
and Kaslo should be reached in about
eleven hours from Spokane. The winter terminus of the road will beat five
mile point, and not until next spring
will the road roach the level of the town.
The entire road is about 200 miles long,
and the heaviest grades are a few miles
out from Nelson on the Salmon river
summit. The greatest elevation reached
by the road is about 3600 feet above the
sea level.
The road is bonded for $20,000 per
mile, its cost of construction being about
the average for such routes through the
mountains. A- considerable amount of
traffic is expected by the owners of the
road for the winter, as most of the Slocan business men , have laid in short
stocks instead of the heavy ones of last
winter, as thejr now depend on the road.
It is not cilone as a means of all the
year round communication with the
outside world that the N. & F. S. will be
valuablecto Nelson. Tin's road will run
through some of the most promising
placer and hydraulic ground in the province. Those, "diggings" were known to
be good many years ago, but were abandoned owing to the fact that being far
removed from any base of supplies, and
difficult of access, expenses of working
them were brought up to such a high
point as to eat up the margin of profit.
Lately these grounds have been opened again with most encouraging results,
and now that provisions and all kinds of
tools and supplies can be landed at their
doors, those who have claims in this
part should be able to do well. This region is naturally tributary to Nelson,
and its prosperity would materially advance our own.
discussed. A design of a miner, waiting
to load up a steamer with "sacks of ore
was submitted by the committee, talked
over and tabled.
The "Scotty" affair, noted elsewhere,
was then temporarily disposed of by being referred to the city's legal light.
O. T. Stone and G. T. Kane were
named as a licensing board, and Mr.
Stone was duely selected for treasurer,
and will henceforth look out for the city
The council extended a pressing invitation to A. Fletcher and J. Walmsley
to take the organization of a fire brigade, pledging their support.
It Will Come up Again at the Regular Session
of Congress.
Washington, Nov. 8,���There are rumors that Vodrhees will introduce a
free coinage silver bill at the opening of
the regular session. Voorhees declines
to talk about the matter, but it is pointed out that he has always been an
alleged silver man, and has declared during the debate on the repeal bill, that he
was "no less ��� the friend of silver than
At any rate it is thoroughly understood that the silver question is not
shelved by the passage of the repeal bill.
On the contrary, the silver men say the
fight has only begun. When congress
assembles they propose to keep it well to
the front in connection with every
great issue between the parties, from the
tariff to the repeal of the federal election laws.
Every page of the tariff discussed will
be punctuated by pertinent queries by
the silver men tending to prove that it
was the demonetization of silver, and
not the McKinley tarifi, which caused
the financial depression.
Indeed it is intended that the silver
men shall act as a body of obstructionists, as did the Parnellites iu parliament
till silver shall receive a hearing.
Only a Most Fortunate Chance Saved All on
Board from a Watery Grave. The Cargo
Was _ight and Tart of it Will Probably
be Saved.
Further Shipments of First Class Ore From
This Property.
Late information from the Slocan is
to the effect that two shipments of ore
amounting to 40 tons, have just been
made from the Dardanelles mine. The
ore went out by way of Bonner's Ferry
en route for Great Falls, Montana. In
all this makes about, six car-loads of ore
shipped by this property. The returns
on the various shipments have ranged
from 248 ounces to 500 ounces per ton in
There is now about three feet of snow
at the Dardanelles, and the weather is
growing colder- every day. A solid and
lasting freeze is expected and anxiously
looked for just now. The roads'are in
very bad condition owing to the recent
rains, and a cold snap would be of great
benefit, to the mines. The Dardanelles
is at present, employing '25 men, and
; his force may be; increased as the winter advances.
The Ontrai I'oint of She  .Sioran   is  (.s-owing
Very   SCapirfly.
Among the various progressive points
in the Slocan, the Three Forks appears
to be easily holding its own. A gentleman recently from that point reports
that some 35 houses have been built, in
the,Forks during the past month.
The Galena Bay Trading Company
have erected a large, store in which they
will carry a general stock. Mi-. Pitts is
running a gent's furnishings store, and
R. E. Lemon a general merchandise
establishment fully stocked, so that the
Three Fork ers should not lack for supplies during the winter-.
This point is especially convenient to
most of the leading Slocan mines, and
the business men of the place should do
a good trade with the miners and construction gangs, as a number of men
will be kept busy in the neighborhood
all winter.
S.raisgeBy     Httough   She    Deputy   Attorney-
Cueiierai   Says the  Same.
When the Nelson   authorities refused
to take one of Kaslo's vags under-  their
tender care, and promptly handed  him
back the  Fxaminer   grew   very    warm
in the collar-, and hinted that the mayor
knew what he was about, "the-MiNKR
to the contrary" notwithstanding. Now
the city council of thai great and only
burg have, received a communication
from A. G. Smith, Deputy Attorney-
General, saying "that he could not see
what other- course, was open to the government agent at Nelson than to send
the. prisoner back to Kaslo."
The council promptly resolved to "sass
back" and the mallei-will be placed in
the hands of their solicitor- "the Deputy
Attornev-General notwithstanding."
The steamer State of Idaho is a total
Ever since this vessel was welcomed
in Kaslo by the booming of anvils cand
the wail of brass bands. Fate has had. it
would appear, a spite against lfei\ Sheriffs, receivers and officials, semi and full
fledged, haverlaid hands upon her. Successfully slipping'through their fingers
one after another the Idaho was just
settling down to a good trade when
hard luck dealt her a knock-out blow.
About six o'clock yesterday morning
those on board the steamer were aroused
by a splintering crash, followed by the
sound of water rushing into the hold of
the. vessel. Springing from their bunks
they tried to get out of their staterooms,
but the wrenching of the vessel had so
jammed the doors that they refused to
open. When the doors were battered
in by the deck hands, the sight that met
the eyes of the bewildered passengers
was far from reassuring.
The bow of the steamer had crashed5
into the cliffs on the shore of the lake.
That they lived to learn this was due to.
a mere chance. When the vessel struck
her bow ran up on a narrow shelf which
held the hull fast. The stern was hanging over- 300 feet of water, and if the
Idaho had struck ten feet to either side
of the exact spot where she went on. in
all prp.bability.she would have rebounded
and settled immediately with all on
board. As it was the rocks held the
stem fast and everyone succeeded in.
making their escape.
Beyond a severe shaking up no one
was seriously injured, except Mrs. Oakes,
who had her shoulder badly bruised, and
it is thought may have a broken collar
The scene of the accident is a high
bluff of rocks about one half a'mile south
of Ainsworth. Capt. Shaw had charge
of the vessel, and was at the wheel when
she struck. Though the Idaho was provided with an electric search light, this
was only used on the river, and in making landings. The light was not in use
at the time the wreck occurred and the
captain was steering by the compass.
At the hour,. 0 in the morning, day
must have been just breaking. It is not
yet known just how it came about that
the pilot made his fa^al blunder.
The greater part of the cargo had
been landed at Kaslo. There was on
board at the time of tlie accident a carload of flour, and feed for Mr. Farley.
Some butler- for It. 10. Lemon, and fruit
for Coi'fman. if the hull hangs on to
the rock for a day or two the flour can
be recovered, as only a thin shell will be
tiis;    Kaslo   and   some
Are now Settling Down in   the   Harness   in
iiootl Shape.
The Kaslo city council are settling
down to business in good shape, although no very extensive conflagration
has as yet been reported. At the last
meeting the selection of a city  seal  was
Of Valuable freehold Property in the Tom ii
JVelson. j
There will be sold on Monday the 13th
day of November-, A. I). 1S93, at the
office of Fdward Applewhaite, Esquire.
Victoria St., Nelson, at 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, by virtueoft.be power of sale
contained in a certain mortgage which
will be produced at the sale, Lot No. f)
in Block 11 in the government townsite
of Nelson according to the official plan
of survey.
Terms : one third cash, balance in three
and six months, with interest on defer--;
red   payments at eight per   cent.     For-'
further particulars a|>j>ly to J. H. Bowes. '
Solicitor, Nelson.
barges will be put to work on the. wreck
to-day, and a portitJn of the cargo may
be saved.
K.I-:. Lemon Will IMaee Another '.20,900 or  s<>
W it bin a tic will.
That this country [< not dead, or even
sleeping, is proven by tlie movemeai in
ore sacks at the present time. R. E.
Lemon, who is doing the greater- part of
this business at the present time, reports
that .the demand is still brisk, lie has
made such arrange i ue nJ.s with the Canada,
.lute Company as will enable him to
keep this part of ih<- mining country
fully supplied wit h ore sacks from now
A car- load of 20,(KM) ��acks has been
ordered, and wil! arrive about the 15th.
of December-. Cf tle-se one half havo
already been spoken !'<���������. ,:,,d new ciders
;ire coining iu a!ih'.>i tia.l_>. 1 he delay
in the receipt, of He- sacks was caused by
a. scarcity of raw material, which comes
from Dundee, Sc-'i land.
When it is remembered that these
20.000 sacks will bepiaerd \u addition to
IS.oW already recently delivered to his
various customers by Mr. L.-iiion alone,
it will be seen that the mine owners arc
confident, that they can >lill continue to,
produce not wit lis! and ing low prices.
F   '
  i \ _      jJvl ���* THE-MINER,   NELSON,  B. C,  SATURDAY, NOYElfBER" ir,   189  A BROKEN LEDGE    ������  " Turns Itlicm   to shape,  and   gives ��������� to   airy  nothing a local habitation and a name.���������Shake's  To anyone  with   an   orderly   turn   of  mind there is no more interesting  occupation  than   classifying,   or- attempting  to classify the various specimens of hu  inanity with   which one is brought   into  daily   contact.    For-   myself I   have  one  geiu-ral heading under- which the. majority of people come, namely cranks.    For  ordinary   purposes a crank may   be  defined as a person whose views and opinions  materially  differ  from   your own.  Having by the application of this simple  .rule discovered that the world is  full of  cranks, and being of the aforesaid orderly turn of mind, it has   naturally followed that something like classification has  resulted.  *  Al  new Railway  under Construction.  \Bwy:':fe  Centre   and  Seat cf Government cf  PVesif Kootenay.  Choice Building and Residence Bropertyf  REBATE ALLOWED FOR THE ERECTION OF GOOD BUILDINGS  Also Lots for Sale  in      NAKUSP DAWSON and ROBSON.  Apply for Prices, Maps, etc., to' ������  V    . FRANK FLETCHER, LandCommissionerC. & K. Ry.0Co., Nelson, B.C.  Broadly speaking cranks may be divided into three classes (he " HasBeens"  the "I Ams" and the " Sure to Bes." Of  course if one approaches the subject in a  purely scientific spirit many subdivisions  will be discovered, and branching out  into species and variety enough to stock  a florists hand-book It is sufficient however, for- a general paper like this, where  scientific accuracy is not vital to consider  the three divisions noted above.  solid ore of inconceivable richness, and  only need a lift to open.it up. Failures  cannot daunt them, they only come up  more serene and confident than ever.  Sure to win this time they plunge in  again. If fortune favors the Sure to Be  changes into an I Am in the course of  time. If reverses continue, as the years'  creep oh, a Has Been is the result, so,  all in all, the Sure to Be is perhaps preferable as he is.  a We-   Yo_; _5������*e^,  T-aet   r^ew  The   first of these is   the "Has Been."  He is generally somewhat along in years,  and to his more or less shabby clothing  there  clings a  musty   smell   which  reminds one of an old coffin.    He  admits  that  judging   from   the  present   standpoint his life is a failure, '-but then"���������  flee for-your life, for he is abuul   it) pour  forth a weary screed about his   brihiaut  youth; his  wonderful   business  career;  the   money he has   made, and  lost; the  successes  he has achieved iu   that, dim  past wherein alone his memory dwells.  GOING FURTHER _TOETH  The world is going to wreck morally  and physically. If some man has achieved a recent success, he remembers him  -T/hen he was poor, and not vary honest.  No new mining country is quite equal to  those he tramped around in when a  young man. He knows a much better-  way to run any certain business than  the man who runs it. He describes with  infinite relish how-he once managed just  such a venture. He may not be very  flush with ready cash but good advice  is always ou' tap, backed by an example  from his own life. His days were all  "better- days," better than his own are  now and better than anyone else can  hope to be blessed with'.' Poor old, " Has  Been." Hasten the day when he will  join the great majority of other "Has  Beens" on the other side.  Fewer bj7- far in numbers but vastly  more important, in their own estimation,  are the "I Ams." The almighty I Am  is usually a man who started out in life  with nothing but his gall and a very  limited cargo of conscience. With a  light draught he has steered through  the troubled waters of life and made the  haven of success when many a nobler  craft has gone down on the. ragged reefs  of adversity. Now swinging lazily at  anchor, he deems his scow a clipper-.  What be has accomplished is a theme of  which he never- tires.  Scxl SjtraitK Prospectors Will try the B'cacc  y Jltivcr Country.  According to the Spokane Chronicle,  a new era in northwestern exploration  will begin next spring. So say the prospectors who are returning from the  Lardo, the Slocan aud the St. Mary's  districts. Next year-, they say, the army  of prospectors will cross the Canadian  Pacific, aud begin exploring the great  country which lies beyond it, from the  Canoe river and the head waters of the  Fraser, as far- north as the great Peace  river-, which lies almost on the Sitka  parallel.  Those who are planning to seek Peace  river gold, are, as a rule, organizing litt'e  parties of three to six men, and planning to take a big stock of condensed  provisions and ammunition. Their purpose is to set out for the river1 as early  as possible next spring, prospect until  snow falls and go into camp for the winter, returning to the United Stales in  the fall of 1895. A few of the poorer-  ones are only planning for1 one season's  work and will return next autumn.  ISSUED  BY-  UNCONJDITIONAIj  ]STGNFOKF__ITABI_E  ACCUMULATIVE   POX.ICY.  CONFEDERATION    LIFE  ASSOCIATION;  TORO-TTQ,     03Sr_7_A.:RI__.,  It is a simple promise to pay the sum insured, in the event of death.  It is absolutely free from all restrictions as to residence, travel and occupation;  It is entirely void of all conditions save the payment of the premiums.  It provides for the payment of the claim immediately upon -proof of death.  It offers six modes of.settlement at, the end of the Dividend Perioc  NOTICE.  fl OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT A. S.  FAR WELL,as agent for Oliver Durant and  Alex 11. Tarbot, has filed' the necessary papers,  and made application for Crown grants in favor .  of the " Centre Star" and "Idaho" mineral  claims, situated about live miles west from the  Town of Trail. Adverse claimants will forward  (heir objections within GO days from the date of  this publication.  .''.'���������"���������������������������-," '��������� "N.   FITZSTUBBS.  ,T . ".   ,, v<   r Gold Commissioner.  >.clson, B.C., Sept. 0th,,lS93.    :  id.  years.  The  insured  It is absolutely and automatically non-forfeitable. after two  being entitled to:.'  (a) Extended insurance without application for the full amount of the policy,  for t he further period of time definitely set forth in the policy, or on surrender to'a.  (b) Paid up Policy, the amount of which is written, in the policy, or after five  yeiirs to a ,'.". '., .,.    ' ���������" "t  (c) Cash Value, as guaranteed in the policy. "  Full information.furnished upon application to   the  Head   Oflice, or to any of the  J^" company's.Agents.    See this policy before insuring.  W. A. JOWETT, J.   D.  BREEZE   ttvucrnl Ajjcnt inr K. Cf.'���������   ���������.  Agent.-for Nelson. < 411 Cordova "Street.''Vancouver.  PANTS,v. PANTS, ;; PANTS,  To make room for Fall Stock  I will sell fifty pairs of Pants  at $7; $8; and $9 each, or  three for $20, $23 and $25,  also  suits from  $30,   up.    Now  TKA.VSBMHtTATION TBM.K' TAIELKS  WINTEK SUPPLIES.  = _____������_  The, Cheapest'aud Most Direct Konte, / '  Prom NELSON, KASLO and all Kootenay  Points - J  To the PA0IFI0GOAST and to the EAST.  T1MIXS    TO   ANI>   B'BtOSB ; NKLSON    1>AI_Y.  is the time to  save   money.  True-ie  Direct Connection at Robson every  .Tuesday, Thursday   and Saturday Evening,  With  Steamer for Revklstokr, where connection is  made with  Canadian Pacific Eastbound  ami \vcstbound Ihrougi. trains.  Through Tickkts Issued,  Baggage 'Checked to Destination,  No Customs Difficulties.  Equipment Unsurpassed, combining Palatial -  Dining and Sleeping Cars, Luxurious Dav Coaches,   I ourrst   Sleeping   Cars   and   Free Colonist  Sleeping Cars.  to  For .information as to rates, time,etc., apply  nearest agent.  "Self Made" is written on every line  of his  smug  visage.    " No  one   helped  him,   why   should  he   lend   a   hand  to  others?"     If   men   did   not   crush   him  when he was hi a  tight place it  was he-  cause they feared him too much,   He can  crush now, and he does at every   opportunity.    He  wonders   why   people  will  persist in remaining  poor-.    There is no  need for it, with such shining examples  as himself constantly before their eyes.  How he swells with importance at every  little public gathering.    How he likes to  figure in small anecdotes, with the moral  of   "He stands  before,  you"  tacked to  them.      Oh   mighty,   self-made   I   Am  would   that the job had been sub  letted  to a more competent man or never- taken  out of the hands that furnished the original estimates.  The flCain may Assist in fteUing Tu������ni iu on  Tame Yet.  At least one. class of people will not be  put out. by the recent rains. The. merchants are noting the.fact that the water  here has gained some depth   lately,, and  are in hopes that .the upper .Columbia  will do likewise. This would greatly  facilitate the getting down of winter-  shipments from Revelstoke. Only a  portion of the winter stocks have been  received, and unless the water, now  reported to be five feet lower1 than at  this time last year, comes up some of  the goods will have to go around.  In conversation with an employee of  the Hudson Bay company a few days  ago it was learned that this company  have about five carloads yet to come in  addition to several already received.  The shipment includes a carload of assorted delicacies in the fish trade such as  Oolacnans and Salmon . bellies from  their northern posts.  The butter famine is now at an end,  this company having received a large  shipment of excellent dairy and creamery butter a few days ago.  Corner Ward and Baker Streets,  MG  moer,  Get quotations on these  Materials from  ���������K4>WN tiKAKT AR*l*JM4JA'JrB'OKi  Or  iagent  ..I. MAiMBLTOX, Agent, Nelson,  to ������KO. Mc���������. IKBtOWN,  District Passenger, Agent, Vancouver.  The third division on the list is the  "Sure to Be" class. Rather more entertaining and generally less harmful, this  class have a "scheme" constantly on  hand. Continually dabbling into things  they little understand. Capital is all  they require. Under the magic touch of  their fertile genius the most commonplace ventures teem with millions. They  are always  discovering wide  ledges  of  Transvaal <;<>!<! Fields.  The gold fields of tha Transvaal Republic in South Africa yielded over VSG,-  0(J0 ounces in August, which is the largest  product yet recorded in any one month.  In round figures a year's product at the  same rate would he worth $32,500,000  which is about equal to the annual production of gold in either the. United  States or Australia. If the Transvaal  mines produce .$30,000,000 in 1893, there  will he nearly $40,000,000 worth of gold  mined in 1894 in all probability. It is  impossible to tell where the top limit  will be reached, but it is probably not  many years off.  NOTICE  Notice of Application for Certificate of Improvements.  Wellington Mineral Claim.  rpAKK NOTICE THAT I, AS AGKNT FOR  J- the Kootenay & Columbia Prospecting and  Mining Company Limited, free miner's certificate  No. 14,29S, intend sixty clays from the date hereof,  to apply to the Cold Commissioner for a certificate  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that adverse claims  must be sent to the Mining Recorder, and action  commenced before the issuance of such certificate  of improvements.  EDWARD WATTS  Dated this first day of August, 1893. Aug5  A  Financial  Appeal.  The following from a contemporary is  the most complete financial appeal we  have seen : " All persons knowing themselves indebted to this office are request^  ed to call and settle. All persons in.  debtee! to this office and not knowing it  are requested to call and find it out. All  those knowing themselves indebted and  not wishing to call are requested to stay  in one place long enough for- us to catch  them. All those not indebted are requested to call and become iudebted."  N<  NOTICE.  OTICE is hereby given that Frank Fitch, as  agent for Maxwell Stevenson, has tiled the  necessary papers, [and made application for a  Crown G rant in favor of the " Highlander " mineral claim.  The "Highlander" is situated about half a  mile south of Ainsworth, and one-quarter of a  mile from Kootenay Lake.  Adverse cl aimants will forward their objec  tions within sixty days from the date of this  publication. ^ FITZSTUBBS,  Gold Commissioner.  NOTICE.  MINERAL ACT, 1893,  Notice of application for Certificate of  Improvements.  "Bobtail" Mineral Claim.  HPAKE notice,that I, as agent for the Shafer  -*~ Gold and Silver Mining Company, free-  miner's certificate No. 43,040, intend sixty days  from date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above  claim.  And further take notice that adverse claims  must be sent to the Mining Recorder, and action  commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  THOMAS JOHNSON  Dated this 18th day of August, 1893.  Ainsworth, B. C.   . Aug 20  NOTICE.  COLUMBIA &"  KOOTENAY  STEAM   NIA.V.  (limited)  CO.  TJME   CARD    NO.   9.  TAKING   EFFECT   SUNDAY,   NOV.   5,   1893  Nelson, B. C, Aug. 23, 1893.  Aug 20  If your- eyes trouble you, especially at  night, call on Hunt & Dover who have  the instruments to properly gauge the  eyes and fit glasses. Spectacles from  25 cents up.  MINERAL ACT,  1893.  Notice of Application for Certificate of  Improvements.  "Jay Gould" Mineral Claim.  AKE notice that I, as agent for the Shafer  Gold and Silver Mining Company, free-  miner's certificate No. 43,040, intend, sixty days  from date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above  claim.  And further take notice that adverse claims  must be sent to the Mining Recorder, and action  commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  THOMAS JOHNSON.  Dated this 18th day of August, 1S93,  Ainsworth, B. C. Aug 20  NOTICE.  OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT SIXTY  days from date hereof I intend to apply for  a Crown grant to the "Etna mineral claim  situated on Toad Mountain, West Kootenay District. This application will be made under clause  35, " Mineral Act, 1891."  Copies of the field notes and plat can be seen at  the office.of the Government agent, Nelson.  CHARLES VAN NESS.  Nelson, B.C., July 10th, 1893. 158-8  REVELSTOKE ROUTE  Str. COLUMBIA connecting with Canadian  Pacific Railway at Revelstoke for all Eastern  and Coast points Leaves Robson���������Tuesdays, and  Fridays at 7 p.m.  Leaves Revelstoke���������Mondays and Thursdays  at 5 a.m.  Passengers from Nelson should take the C. &  K. train leaving at 3 p. m. Tuesdays and Fridays.  NORTHPQRT  ROUTE  Steamkk COLUMBIA, running in connection with the C. & K. Railway and theS. F. &N.  Railway between Nelson and Spokane, making  close connection at Spokane with Northern Pacific, Great'Northern and Union Pacific for all  points east and west.  Leaves   Robson���������Tuesdays and   Fridays at  5 ������1.111.  Leaves Northport���������Tuesdays and Fridays at  1 p.m. Passengers for Spokane should take C &  K. trains leaving Nelson at 3 p. m., on Mondays  and Thursdays.  Tourists from Spokane for Glacier, Banff and  other C.P.lt. resorts make close connection at  Robson with boats for Revelstoke.  KASLO ROUTE  Steamer NELSON  Sunday���������Nelson to Kaslo.  Monday���������Kaslo to Nelson  Tuesday���������Nelson to Kaslo.  Wednesday���������Kaslo to Nelson and i-eturn.  Thursday���������Kaslo to Nelson.  Friday���������Nelson to Kaslo.  Saturday���������Kaslo to Nelson.  Boat from Kaslo on Monday and Thursday connects with C. and K. trains for points North  and  South.  Steamer leaves Nelson on Sunday and Wednesday at 3 p. m.,on Tuesday and Friday at 9 a.m.  Steamer leaves Kaslo at 9 a. m.  The Company reserves the right to change this  schedule at any time without notice.  For full information as to tickets, rates, etc.,  apply at the  Company's offices, Nelson, B.C.  J. W. Tbotjp, Manager.  ft-  ���������i        i  ftTsl  (!  'A  ��������� pi  aui_a������_MM_M_!i__iuiMW_������_g_������mi^^  BWM������������������__!_���������__������_T&amasBBMmMwwaswiiiMMjmmMmuaxmuMmi m  m  THE MINER,  NELSON,, B. C, SATURDAY.    NOVEMBER n,  1893.  Ii;  1  I  t  1  s.  iff  t  ____KS  ���������roi������������i wtm  Ollxe Jffiner  C^  The Mixer is printed on-Saturdays, provided  tlie staff is sober, and will be mailed to any  address in Canada or, the United States, for  one year, on receipt of two dollars. .Those  desiring sample copies will secure same on  receipt of ten cents. .    ���������  Contract Advertisements inserted at the rate  of ������3 per inch, (down the column) per month  and as much more as patrons will stand.  Transient .Advertisements, inserted at! the  rate of 15 cents per line first insertion, and 10  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  Advertisements running for shorter periods  than three months is classed transient.  thing when they see it and who have  pluck enough to get in.and develop their  property despite the cry that things are  going to the bad.  Quack, Gurc-All, Private Remedy, and Ncxt-to-  Pure-Reading-Matter advertisements are not  wanted.      '  Job''Printing-- of high merit turned out in short  order.   Prices to match, ������������������������������������;  '���������' -.-Address  The Miner Printing & Publishing Co.  NELSON,    B.C.  SO ME WHAT BETTER SITUATED.  Now that smiling Summer has packed  her.trunk and depai ted for a visit to the  -.,;. California fairyokl man Winter wil lsoon  be trying his hand at grinding out some  weather for this region. A gruff and  rather illlempered old chap, but few  ������������������favors can be expected of him when he  gets down to steady .work.  Tjast  winter  this part of the country  practically  shut up  shop,   and   did   the  ������������������"ground hog" act.    Supplies were hard  to -get at and travelling almost  out 'of  '.-;.- the question. .Our  rapid progress  cannot be better measured than  by a com-  parisbn between this year's outlook and  that of the same time last year.  ���������    To tlie north the unusually low water,  will   cause travel to cease at about  the  same time as last year-, though it is bare-'  ���������������������������������������������' ly possible   that   fne R. <ScA. II. 11. will  reach  a point sufficiently far   south  to  prolong the season to some  extent.    In  the intei-inountain district however, the  prospects for winter communication are  '   better by far than ever before.  The road from Kaslo to Nakusp will  not be difficult to keep open as it will  be converted into a sleigh road as soon  a.s sufficient snow falls. From Nakusp  to Robson and thence to Nelson should  be a comparatively-easy route all winter.  On the other side the C. & K. will  make every effort to keep clear water  between here and Kaslo. This with the  ._ Nelson and Fort Sheppard .road to, the  FROM THE SLOCAN.  Reports on the ore production of the  Slocan continue to be of a very encouraging nature.- Several miffing men who  have been looking over some properties  in that point, of the country, say that  the record for the next two or three  months will show better than ever before. A number of the mines not at  present shipping, are piling up ore awaiting the cheaper and more convenient  winter transportation.  All the regular- shipping properties  will continue to be worked, and in some  cases a number of men have been added  to the previous force. Investors have  been going about lately picking up some  of the many bargains in undeveloped  properties, on several of the more extensively worked claims have changed  hands at good figures.  The only drawback, lack of transportation, is being removed, and with the^  opening of spring an era of prosperity  should dawn on what is the banner min-  ing region of Canada.  Thanksgiving Entertainment.  The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian  Church will give., an entertainment in  Hume's hall on the evening of Thanksgiving day, November 23d. The best  local talent will take part in the programme, and the ladies will spare no  efforts to render the entertainment a  very enjoyable one.  isANKiXd; Eiog;si:.s.  BANK   OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  BRITISH COLUMBIA  IRON WORKS  General Founders, Engineers, Boiler Makers, and Manufacturers  of All Classes of Machinery. Sawmill and Marine.  Work a   Specialty.  (Incorporated by Koynl Charter, 1863.)  CAl'ITAIi <imi<l up), ������UU������,<>������()������   .  (With power to increase.)  KKSKItVE FUND,   ������2G<),0<><>  $;>,������> ;jo,o<������o  1,2<>5,33S  SOLK   IHAMIFACTIIItEKS   OF   THE  Kendall Band Mill, B. 0. Shingle Machines,  Steam Log Hauling Machines.  Corner of Baker and Stanley streets.  ZBIR^IsrOIHljES =  Canada���������Victoria, Vancouver, Now Westminster,1 Nanaimo and Kamloops.  United Status���������San Francisco, Portland, Taco-  ma, and Seattle.  HEAD OFFICE: GO Lombard street, LONDON,  England.  Why   BDosi'l You.  "Why   don't   you   run   a  that ?" said a merchant throwing  paper like  down  a blanket sheet daily.    "Why don't you  run a store like that ?" said the publisher  of the country sheet, as he turned to a  full pMge advertisement that brought  the ciLj'- publisher- $350 an issue. Just  then the country publisher* presented a  monthly bill for fj>5, and the merchant  began to talk of economizing by cutting  down his advertisement and stopping  his paper. He did both and now the  sheriff is doing his advertising for him.  AGENTS AND CORRESPONDENTS:  CANADA���������Canadian Bank of Commerce and  branches; Merchants' Bank of Canada and  branches; Imperial Bank of Canada and branches; Molson's Bank and branches; Bank of  Nova Scotia.  UNITED  STATES���������Agents Canadian Bank'of  Commerce, NcwYoric:  ' '  Bank of Nova Scotia, Chicago.  Traders' National Bank, Spokane,  AVINGS   DEPARTMENT���������  Deposits received at ������1 and upwards, and  interest allowed (present rate) at 3\ per cent,  per annum.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Nelson, July 17,1893. Agent.  We keep in stock a full supply of Engineer and Mill Supplies,' such as Pipe and Fittings, Brass  Goods, Sheet and other Packing Rubber Valves, Rubber and Leather Belting, Oils,  and Lubricants, etc.   '  HOISTINQ ENGINES and SINKING PUMPS FOR MINES  Corner Alexander Street and Westminster Ave., VAITOOUVEK, E. 0.  D.   CARTMEL, J. ������. CAMPION, J. E. W. MACFARLANE  Agent West Kootenfiy. Secretary-Treasurer. Manager  HOTELS.  medical.  WATSON,   B. C.  ^outside world will give two very desirable things. Communication between  Nelson and the principal mining points  in the Slocan, aud an all rail trip to the  outside.  Mr.   Corbin's  rotary snow   plow   will  cut an important fiigure in the keeping  off of the snow fetters of last year-.    By  the first of December the road snould.be  in to Nelson judging by its present location and rate of progress.  .   Taken all together-this  should be the  busiest season the Kootenays   have ever  known.    The   breaking   of snow   roads  will  stimulate to a material extent  the  ore output, and a much greater number  of men will be actively imployed in various'capacities.    Trade for the first time  since the country has  been   opened  up  will   probably   diminish but .very little  more particularly in the. town of Nelson  which   from the peculiar advantages',of  its situation  will   always be the winter-  supply depot for this entire section.  Wos-fh   Trying.  The  Dead wood   Pioneer  tells  how  a  prospector  in  Potato Gulch   makes  his  tests:    Take   one  pound   of   pulverized  ore, put in a vessel, add.water sufficient  to saturate and cover one-half inch, add  four ounces of salt, boil twenty minutes,  then continue at a slightly lower temperature until the pulp is reduced to  dryness, stir-ring continuously. As soon  as dry increase heat until the pulp is red  hot, the dash the same, in a gold pan  containing cold water-, pour in three  drops of quicksilver and then pan it  down, retort the quicksilver- and you  have the gold. Rub the pulp with the  fingers on the pan while panning.  Bank of Montreal.  CABMTAJt (ail paid up), $13,000,000  IS EST,        .        .   ,   .        . 6,000,000  Sir   DONALD   A.   SMITH, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  E. S. CLOUSTON General Manager  Nelson  Branch:   N.  W.  Comer Baker and  Stanley Streets.  The TOW.V OF WA.TSOX is situated between  Bear and Fish Lakes, on the ICaslo-Slocan  wagon road; 20 miles from Kaslo and 10  milesfrom New Denver, is the most central  point in Slocan district.  The WATSON MOTEL is one of the best kept  houses in the entire Slocan country. The dining room and kitchen are in charge of female  help of experience. Thenar is stocked with  the best brands of Liquors and Cigars.  BREMNER   & WATSON,  PROPRIETORS.  SrOKTIXJ KOOOS.  "JP    C. ARTHUR, A.M., M.D.,  PHYSICIAN,   Etc.,  CORONER FOR  WEST KOOTEXAV,  Office over Nelson Drug Store,  West Baker street,  Nelson, B.C.  LaBAU,   jtf. D.  Physician and Surgeon,  Rooms .3 and J,   Houston Block,  Nelson, B.C.  Telephone  42.  SJfKVKYI.VG.  A DSusy Winter.  Residents of West Kootenay will view  the approach of winter with far more  complacency this year- than ever before.  Instead of being snowed in tight and  fast they will enjoy unusual facilities  not only in the way of getting around  from one point to another- in this section, but in the way of connection with  the outside world. The continuation of  business and general traffic during the  winter will tie of great assistance to  business men and the public generally.  This will doubtless be the busiest winter  in the history of the Kootenays.  Branches in London (England), New York   and  Chicago and in the principal cities in Canada.  Christinas is G'oiusiig.  Turner Bros, have just received a good  assortment of fancy goods, toys, etc for  Christmas trade. Just the place to buy  presents for your friends, from a baby-  rattle or Christmas card to a  sewing maching or Bell Piano.  Singer  Buy and sell sterling exchange and cable tranfers.  Grant commercial and travelers' credits, available in any part of the world ;  Drafts issued; Collections made; Etc.  SAVINGS   BANK   BRANCH.  Rate of interest at present 3i per cent.  Maryville  Guns  -CjL<  S. GOING,  CIVIL  ENGINEER  AND   PROVINCIAL  LAND   SURVEYOR.  Houston Bi.ocic,  Nelson,  B.  C.  WELL SATJSPIED.  Among those who have spent some  time in this region during the summer-  probably no one left the country more  favorably impressed with its prospects  than Gr. R. Ennis. This gentleman, a  well known Philadelphia mining man,  has been looking over the mines in various parts of the Kootenays for some  months past. The result has been to  make him an enthusiastic convert to the  belief that we have here one of the greatest mining countries on earth.  Mr. Ennis will leave in a few days for  his home in Philadelphia where he is  confident of being able to secure capital  to take up some good investments which  have attracted his attention. While he  believes that there are splendid opportunities for speculative purchases in this  region this winter, his idea is to buy  solely for the purpose of working the  properties, as he claims that more can  be made in that way than any other.  It is men of this stamp that we need  in  th   i (��������� parts.    Men who know a good  The Nelson city brass band will give  their first grand concert'on thelGth inst.  instead of the 10th as originally intended.  The best vocal talent has been secured  in addition to various instrumental  solos, quartettes, duets, etc.  When your- watch does not keep  time  or needs repairing, take  it   to   Hunt   &  Dover who are fully equipped for this  class of work and who guarantee every  job turned out.  SHERIFF^ SALE,  Nelson, West Kootenay,       ~\ "O Y VIR-  Province of British Columbia. L-*-*tucof a  To wit: j writofFieri  Facias issued out of the Supreme Court of British Columbia at the suit of Canada Bank of Commerce and to me directed against the Goods and  Chattels of Mcsscrs. Sullivan & Savage. t I have  seized and taken in execution the balance of the  stock in the store of tlie defendants on Front  street, in the city of Kaslo, consisting of one  Hall's safe, a large quantity of household goods,  tinware, crockery, glass and hardware, etc., etc.  All of which I shall expose for sale on the  premises at Kaslo on Monday, the sixth day of  November, A. D. 1893, at the hour of eleven in  he foren oon.  W. P. Robinson,  Kaslo, Oct. 25, 1893. Deputy-Sheriff"  At the mouth of La France  Creek. The Lake Port  and Outlet to the Famous St. Mary's River  and the "White G-rouse  Country.  is.  Seven Miles from the Pilot  Bay Smelter, and 125  miles from Bonner's  Ferry on the i- Great  Northern   Kailway.  Winchester Rides in 38-56, 40-65,  40-82, 45-70, 45-90, and 50-110 calibers with  ootagan barrel, price, $18.00.  Winchester Kifles in 44 calibres  either model of '73 or '72, price ������16.00 with  octagau, or $15.00 with round barrel.  Marliu Rifles, model of '89, with  octagan barrel, 44 calibre, price $18.00 -  Marliu Rifles, model'03, 38-55 calibre, octagan barrel, case-hardened mountings, price $20.00.  Tisdali & Greener shot guns.  Newhousc, Hawley and Norton's  bear, beaver, and other traps.  Rogers' Hunting Knives.  .vii.mxc;.  152-52  F.   BLEDSOE,  EXA-MINER    OF   MINES,  Nelson,  B.C.  twenty years' experience in  american camps.  THE  Charles E. Tisdali  ������il VMAKICIC,  VAN-COUVEE,  IB. O.  C.  CAMPBELL-JOHNSTON  (of Swansea, India, and the United States.)  METALLURGIST, ASSAYER,  AND MINING ENGINEER  Properties reported on. All assays undertaken.  Furnaces and concentrating plants planned  and erected. Treatment for ores given. Ores  bought and sold.   Box 731,Vancouver. B. C.  S.  DAVYS.  MIXING   ENGINEER,  AND ASSAYER.  i Ofl I cos Victoria Street.  31  I  III IM>I\<;   MlTIOItlAI;  NELSON, B. C.  TH-  A Limited Number of Lots  are now on the Market  m the above Townsite.  Prices $50, and ������75. Terms  third Cash, balance in  6 and 12 months without interest.  SUBSCRIBER HAS IN  STOCK or en route from the  Coast :  ai <"i iom;i:ks.  i  Carload Glass, Paints and Oils. \  i  2  Carload Sash  and Doors. \  2   Carload Dry  Clear Pir  Plowing, 4.- \  inch.  f  Carload D?y Clear Pir Ceilings 4 inch  I  Carload Pacto?y  Cedar, \  An   Immense   Stock of  Common  Linnber,    Shingles,    Laths,    Mouldi?igs.  I Etc., as usual.  W    P. ROBINSON,  GENERAL    AUCTIONEER  NELSON,   B.C.  Wanted���������Consignments of Household Good.?,  Surplus Stock, Etc., for Auction.  Prompt, returns.  All business transactions strictly confidential.  Apply to i  W. H. WALBY, Kaslo.  B. H. LEE, Maryville.  C. HAMBER Gen. Agent.!  G.  O. Buchanan,  NELSON  : LIYBROM FEEMTAELES  WILSON  Kootenay Lake  Sawmill  &   WILLIAMSON,  PROPRIETORS.  HAY AND  GEAIN TOE SALE.  rTelson, B. C.! nelson and kaslo.  Omnibus and carriages to and from all trains and  steamboat wharves. Saddle and pack animals  for hire. Freight hauled and all kinds of job  teaming attended to.  '''���������able on Baker Street.   Office with -Wilson & Perda  \  ft i ThjE  ^INER; ;^E^N, ��������� B;.fiKgAf y;RpAY};:NQVEMBpR; i1,  , ������?  Pt LAESON & GO;  r<? /^cz^ selling off ine remainaer oj inetr svomch  Hardware; Tinw^a^ at less>tkan half  tke ft  rices you are  FREE DELIVERY TO ANY  PART OF THE TOWN.       QUANTITIES TO SUIT THE SMALfcEST NEEDS.  EVERYTHING MUST GO  r THISMONTH  WAREHOUSE  NEAR THE C,  &  K,  RY. STATION,  ALONG THE ARROW LAKES  GLIMPSES   OF   A   NEW   AND  RICH SECTION.  ,VEEY  The Wild Country Along the Almost Unexplored Western Shores of the Arrow  lakes Said to he Filled with BUgh Grade  Ledges of Gold and Galena Ores.  The wild waste land lying west of the  snake-like Arrow lakes in British Columbia is rarely disturbed by prospectors,  hunters or" explorers. Two men, Rufus  Joues and - Charles Wilson, 'returned.  Sunday evening from a prospecting tour  along the western shore of the lake's*,  hrimging back specimens of rich galena  and gold bearing ore. They are satisfied  that ' a new district of great mineral  wealth has been discovered. . '  " It is a hard country to explore," said  Mr. Jones. "Besides the rough steep  mountains, the fallen trees and the dense  undergrowth there is a great deal of  swampy land that is almost impassable.  Even the plague of mosquitos has been  so severe as to drive spine prospectors  back from that country. There are no  roads or trails and no sign that anyone  .has been there since the trappers of the  Hudson Bay company moved north  thirty or forty years ago. I do not wonder that prospectors have never invaded  that district.  " We went as far north as-Upper" Arrow, lake, keeping within six to ten miles  of the shore most of the way. The whole  country is full of mineral. The ledges  are large and well denned, bearing steel  galena, ruby silver and some gold. I am  satisfied that much of tht galena is as  high/grade as the Slocan ores, and there  is every indication that it: will be a good  gold country.  " If deeper work gives as good results  as the surface showings promise, I believe this new Arrow lake country will  be a greater mining district' than the  Slocan. The galena appears to be as  rich even on the surface, and the ledges  are certainly, as large as those of the  Slocan. Besides this there is the promise of gold in paying quantities.  " Yes, we will return as early as possible next year and test some of our new-  discoveries by development. The seasons are. so short, there is no time to be  wasted. The ledges are hardly accessible before July, and there was heavy  snow on the ground when we started  south two weeks ago."  Just as Mr. Jones finished his description a messenger arrived from the assay  office bringing returns which he said  were from specimens of ore discovered  in the new country. The first assay  gave 193.6 ounces of silver and $10.54- in  gold. The. second showed 529.6 ounces  of silver and $12.-10 in gold. Mr. Jones  stated that the first ledge showed nine  feet, the second sixteen feet of mineralized surface width.���������Spokane Chronicle.  nual gold output of the United States.  The gold product of the State may be  still further increased, hythe investment  of capital in undeveloped properties.  Qne of ibhe maip objects of the proposed  display at the! coming Midwinter Fair is  to bring: proiiir".nenfly before' the public  the importance of the rnihing interests,  that the attention of capital may be attracted here. But, as stated, it is not on  gold alone that the miners of California  depend. Work in hone of the departments' of the mineral . industry has  ceased; it is still being carried on in all  arid with success. But only those directly interested understand oi realize the  importance of the different branches.  NEWS FEOM THE NOETH.  The Festive Trout Lakers are Getting Fixed  for  the Winter.  Erost appears to have set in in earnest;  half an inch of ice on the puddles this  morrii'ng/altogether the finest weather  we have had this year, clear and crisp.  ' The placer miners are all going ahead  and wonderful, to relate seem quite satisfied. Some five and six dollar nuggets  have been found recently, also" one  weighing eleven pwts. The gold is all  course and unusually pure, averaging  'about'900 fine. It is worth about nineteen dollars an ounce.  Marten trapping will begin on Monday next, when about a score of trappers  will bait and set their- traps. The barbarous' steel trap or ''gin" ishap'pily conspicuous by its absence this season.  Owing to the frosts, the fish are very,  shy and keep in the sheltered deeps so  that avery long line and still longer patience are necessary to the angler.  The Black Prince mine is showing up  well'and Messrs Hanfield & Co. express  themselves well satisfied with their purchase.  Mr. Jenkins arrived on Thursday in  companv with two members of the syndicate which he represents. Yesterday  they started up the Lardeau trail to inspect the work at the Silver Cup mVne  for the purchase of which property Mr.  Jenkins has been for some time in treaty  Should the inspection prove satisfactory  the negotiations will probably be concluded without loss of time as the season  being so far advanced any unnecessary  delay may occasion considerable loss.  Mr. Movvat has constructed an elegant  residence.-at the Forks. It. is built in the  style of architecture known as the. Pre-  Adamiteand is composed of shakes upon  one. side, and bark in all its native and  un regenerate splendor on the other three.  Mr. E. Mannsell returned last Sunday  carrying with him a sack full of small  pussv-cats of diverse ages colors and  sizes" The advent of the felines was  hailed with delight as the women in the  settlement are over-run with mice. ... A  classical symposium was held to celebrate the event.  Mr. Barchard has been digging his potatoes, an exceptionally fine crop.  ' -.-.^^Ve- have the largest and best assorted stock g  Groceries, Dryy^  Crockery and Glassware, in   the Kootenay District,  and as we- sell for cash only, we can afford to sell at  prices which defy  7, 9, and 11 East Vernon Street, NELSON, B;C.  your set  Telephone 27.  W. M.  JOWETT  ��������� lfci  B  AND  ^\  Auctioneer and Commission Agent.  REPRESENTING  Bna  s?a  MINING NOTES.  OALIPOENIA MINEEALS.  An  Ajuscal for a   Good .Shovriiiglat the .\lid-  W.i liter  Fsiir.  The following extract is from a circular letter addressed by the Fair Committee of the State Miners Association to  the mining men of California. It is certainly a wonderful record :  " The value of the total mineral products of California is about. $20,000,000  per annum. The record of California for  gold alone is one to be proud of, for- it.  leads all tlie geographical divisions of  the world and'eclipses everything in hiw-  tor-v. Over $1,250,(XX),(XX) in gold has  thii State uiven to the world in -18 years;  nearlv .81.300,000,000 added to the world's  wealth by this one State of the Union.  It is nol'.-.i. past record alone on which  this indusl i-y bases deserved recognition,  for though 'California has always since  the discovery, fai- distanced annually all  the other- States in gold yield, it to-day  turns out over- $7,000,0(X) a year- more  than any other State, notwithstanding  the decreased vield owing to the mistaken policy of closing down the hy  draulic-  mines,   which    produced  Slocan mining men are registering-a  kick against the railroad contractors.  These, latter are said to be piling up their  surplus dirt on the wagon road near  'Three Forks. This will be very annoying when it comes to breaking in the;  sleigh road. The wagon road will be in  to New Denver- before the first of December- at. the present rate of progress.  ��������� Development work on the Grady  group, up on Four Mile in the Slocan, is  progressing iu a very satisfactory manner. The force of men are at work  stripping the ledge. This splendid property shows up better- with every day's  work. Mr. McNaught, who recently  bonded a portion of this group, has l'-i  men at work.  ���������Rumor- hath it that work is soon to  be resumed on the Vancouver and the  Mountain Boomer, two good properties  on Four Mile creek.  ���������For the week ending November 1st.  over 100 tons of ore were sent out from  the Slocan via Kaslo. The estimated  value of the ore was a little over $17,000.  Perry' Prospectors' Map of  West  Kootenay.  Showing the Mining-Camps  of Kaslo, Slocan, Nelson  Ainswonh, Trail-Creek  and Lardeau.  No. 1, JOSEPHINE STREET,  NELSON, B. 0.  The Confederation Life Association,  the Phoenix Fire  Insurance Company, and the Provident Fund Accident.  Society; also the Sandy Croft Foundry Company,  near-  Chester, England, makers of  all kinds of   mining, machinery, air compressors, rock breakers, stamps, etc.  siTUn  "^ 9!  Adjoining the government townsite of Nelson  AT  S 125.00  With a rebate for buildings erected.   The best residential  property in Nelson, values sure .to''increase.'"Apply...  W.  A.  .Towott, agent for Nelson and district,  'or'lnncs & Richards, Vancouver, B.C.  W.  A. JOWETT,  Mining and Seal Estate Brokers,  Auctionea  AMD  and Ooinmissio \i Agen t.  k.  Pocket Form, $2.50.  Half Mounted, 3.00.  Full Mounted, ��������� 4.00.  .lOSKI'IIIXK STRKKTS.  NKI.SON, B.C  0> 0 ������ ������.  We carry full lines of all kinds of furniture for residences.  hotels, and offices.   Mattresses made to order, and  at prices lower than eastern and coast.  We are also   agents   for  EVANS   PIANOS   AND    DOHERTY   ORGANS.  \\  %*t\  ss*te  V  XKLSOX   STOW  .\'o. 4 EZ<)55s3oi) <V EjbSv KSisildssiy;,  HOTEL  ! The partnership heretofore existing  | between G. 0. Hunt and J. Dover, under  ; the firm name of Hunt & Dover, will he  j dissoh-ed about the first of the year. In  j the meantime cash will secure genuine  about i bargains  from a well selected stock  of  $10,0G<),(!(,0  more.     California alone produces te-clay over one-third of the a:i-  watches, clocks, jewelry, sewing   machines, pianos, organs, etc., etc.  A recently finished, well-  equippecl hotel at Duncan City  erected on two of the best lots  in the townsite, for. sale or to  lease.  Any one desiring the property can have immediate possession.  For tetms apply to,  C. HAMBER,  Nelson,  B. C.  -77  '3b Uu  ?z-'b  G-oLcL} iobi'uei- gjzcu ovn&i- 77?,ir/,es.a,7'c  Boin.e Q'ood. riorroG TiricLiffe'^eizi cuici.  Q.'he S3bme applzes vo J^UQ.xl'Eli.    Lets  lots of -isrid/i/jfei-eivb., (znd  cb fetu   BlLiVFj1~i  QTlze laMei' qclti only ~be f'oiuridL out tlie  [���������;, .Josephine Sire^l.  O.'-QlMTlci    1LS:  r>-  (JlldoCits.  -.UzlcbGCbt;  KIJ\TG-S..  X  A,  W1  Hiram Walker & Son's,  Distillers  BAKER STREET,    NELSON.  AOISNTS FOR  Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co.  Milwaukee, U. S.  Fort Garry Flour Mills  Manitoba  P. O. box GO.  Telephone 24.  S. E. corner Baker and Josephine streets,  NELSON, B. C.  REAL ESTATE,  FINANCIAL AND  INSURANCE AGENTS,  Loans negotiated on Nelson property.     Collections made.     Conveyancing documents drawn up  Town Lots Lands and Mining Claims Handledon Commission.  \


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