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The Miner Jul 15, 1893

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 W, v  Mwfifuiw.nww.iii.il  *..������._= ;WSt������c  TteM?  *  Ifi'  Tlae Mines in  Kootenay are Among  . tBie Kicliest in  America.  ____ T&eOres   are  Silver,  Copper,  anil !Lea<i.  STJMBEE 158.  NELSON   BEITISH   OOLIJMBIA,  SATUEDAY,  JULY 15, 1893.  $2" A YEAE  Iff.  Sfv1-  W  i*..  ri  OUE EEB-LETTEE DAY  At Last There is Breaking O'er  '������������������[���������/���������>������������������*'/ Kootenay,  The Light That's Forerunning  Nelson's Red-Lett     Day.  The Voice of the Kicker Wow:  is; "Hushed in the Land  As Nelson a Winner Trots Past  the G-rand Stand.  This is, a red letter day in the history of  Nelson. To those who have fought the waiting  fight, who in the dull times have had the courage of their con victions and hopefully' held on,  the reward is near. The gathering rumors in  regard to the final adjustment of the sale of  the Silver King property, hn,v&&S\ttsti?afceh a  definite form, and are now assured facts. .  The news reached Nelson a few days ago in  the shape of a London cablegram from official  sources to local parties interested in the deal,  and there can be no doubt of the authentic  nature of the information. In substance, the  cablegram is as follows :  " The Silver King and associated claims have  been floated in England under the title of "The  Hall Mines, Limited, British Columbia," with a  capital of ������300,000 sterling, divided into 50,000  seven per cent, cumulative shares of ������1 each,  and. 250,000 ordinary shares of ������1 each.  "The following are the directors :.. Sir Joseph  Trutch, K.C.M.Gr., chairman; James Roberts  Brown, Esq.,;������������������'��������� London-; J. R. Drake, Esq.,  Sydenham ; Rankine Dawson, Esq.,M.A.,M.D.,  Robert Day, Esq., High Sheriff of Cork ; D. H. ,  fcKbb,- Esq., Isle- of Bute ; Walter"Neilson, Esq.,  Eisenfield, Ayr ; Secretary, F. Ramsay,. Esq.  The offices of the company are at 111 Wool Exchange, London, E.C.  TJie Silver King.  The original discovery of this now famous  property forms an almost unique chapter in the  romance of mining history. In 1886 Wm. Hall,  Osner Hall, Win. White and some others were  slowly cutting their way through what was  then an almost unknown country. The party  gradually���������"worked their wray up.the head waters  of the Salmon river in search of placer ground.  A difference of opinion arrising over some  trifling matter the party divided, a portion I  returning south by way of Beaver creek, and  the Hall brothers and White continuing on to  the foot of Toad Mountain.  One day the pack animals having strayed  away on the mountain side a search followed  which resulted in the discovery of the lead now  known as the Silver King. The final location  was made the following season, and a small  amount of work was done on the property. As  the work progressed it. became more and more  evident that the lucky accidental find was destined to develop into a bonanza for those concerned in its location.  The fame of the new and wonderful discovery  soon spread abroad, and many were the experts  who breasted the steep hill to view the treasure,  and    many   were   the   tempting   offers    held  out to the owners to induce them to part with  their find.   All  equally unsuccessful.    Failing  to receive any satisfactory offers on this side of  the world the owners resolved to seek a market  across the seas,, and for over a year negotiations  have been pending.    Many are the rumors that  have found  their way over from time to time,  all  tending to  show that sooner or later the  venture  would prove successful, and last of all  ���������comes the positive  information quoted above.  This places the  matter beyond a doubt, and  opens a new era, not only in the history of the  Silver   King,    but   adjacent  properties   which  have  been held back:, all awaiting the outcome  of the deal.   Locally, the effect of opening this  property will be felt almost at once.    Renewed  ��������� confidence on all sides  will push ahead many  ��������� ventures  that have  been neglected during the  dull waiting  t imes.    Nelson, with a lively and  'prosperous mining camp at her  doors,   has a  future of renewed activity most   pleasant  to  v contemplate,    espepially   by   those   who   have  ! stood by .the town   during comparatively  dull  .;.. times.        ..  ���������;���������,/r;��������������������������������������������������������������� .-,. _:  v       .-'"':   .���������" -.- ��������� . .... ������������������>������������������.'        ���������    ��������� ������������������ ������������������ ���������   ���������  ;': :.;:\., ���������������������������': .:  A-Visit to .the Mines.  'The'Silver King 'group lies onthe east side of  Toad Mountain, about five miles in a direct line:  south of Nelson. The elevation is a little over  4,000 feet above the level of Kootenay Lake.  The group consists of three claims���������the Silver  King, the 'Kootenay Bonanza; an eastern ex-1  tension, and the American Flag, lying just east  of the junction of the other two.  The Silver King and Kootenay Bonanza are  on the main lead, while the American Flag is  either on a parallell vein, or what is more probable, a spur of the Silver King.  The silver-copper ore bodies of the Toad  Mountain appear to lie in three main lodes  which run parallel in a north-western and  south-east direction. Of these three the ore  bearing the Silver King and Kootenay Bonanza  lies farthest north and east. The Silver King-  ore consists of barnite or variegated copper and  tetrahedrite or grey copper, and carry silver to  a much higher grade than is usual with this  class of ore. The exact nature of the ore is  shown by the following figures, taken from the  analysis of three samples submitted to Messrs.  Johnson & Maltby, London :  1.  Copper  47.000  Silver     2.360  Iron     7.300  Zinc     1.300  Manganese :.;     1.200  Antimony     1.400  Cobalt and Nickel.   Traces Traces Traces  Lead       .100   Traces    1.700  Arsenic      3.100  Carbonic Acid     Nil.  Lime     Nil.  Magnesia 700  Alumina     Nil.  Sulphur 22.900  Phosphorus     Nil.  Siliceous insoluble matter.    9.200  Traces   of    Gold,  Oxygen  Water and Loss.........    3.440  2.  24.900  .232  12.200  2.400  5.100  3.400  2.100  6.000  5.200  Traces  .200  22.000  Traces  8.800  3.  40.100  1.292  1.800  5.700  .400  15.600  4.500  Nil. .  Nil.  Nil.  Nil.  27.200  Nil.  1.000  7.468       .708  Considered from the standpoint of an ordinary assay the samples in the above analysis ruri  671, 76 and 422 ounces of silver .per ton. The  gold in this ore ranges from $2 to $5 per ton,  and some assays have been obtained that run  much higher.  As to  the extent of the ore body it may be  stated as  Practically Unlimited.  The Silver King has a surface showing of 30  feet, and as no attempt has been made to crosscut for the walls it is probable that the actual  width is even greater than this. In the main  tunnel, the face of which represents a depth of  about 300 feet from the surface, there is a  .splendid showing. About 16 feet of the lode is  clean, high grade shipping ore, and the remainder 20 feet is good concentrating ore.  Three shipments were made after the mine  had been opened, amounting in all to about 100  tons, The returns on these shipments show an  average of 30% in copper and a value of $300 per  ton in silver and copper and about $4 per ton in  gold.  Sufficient  work  has   been done on the Silver  King to demonstrate beyond a doubt the extent,  and permanent nature of  tlie lode, which is apparently  a zone  of mineralized, rock  containing veins and masses of rich, argentiferous cop-  [ per ores, which the history of'mining has shown-  usually continue to great depth.    Thousands of  tons of this rich ore are practically " in sight "  and under able management the output of the  ��������� property  for  many years to come need only be  limited to the desire of the owner's.  The Kootenay SSouaiaza  Belonging to the same  group  is  an  eastern.  extension   of  the Silver King.    This claim contains surface showings quite equal to the Silver-  King.   In addition to the long tunnel, a portion,  of which  runs through this property, the work'  done so far consists chiefly of .surface stripping.  The  result, has   been to show that the ore body  is, wider, but not so well concentrated as that of  the Silver   King.      The   American  Flag,   still  further east,   is  a spur from   the Silver King.  The character of that ore is the same as the remainder of the group, though the vein is much.   '  smaller.    But little work has been done on this  claim as yet.  These three properties make up what will,  hereafter be known as the " Hall Mines, Lim-.  ited."  At the same time the Silver King was located  James Fox made a location of the westerly extension of the same lode and named it  Tlie Wandy Jfline  The ledgf, which is well defined, has  been opened by surface work along the full  length of the claim, with most encouraging  results. Work has been carried on by means of  five openings. A shaft with a depth of about  50 feet ; a tunnel now in some 80 feet, and  another tunnel in over 170 feet, in addition to  wnich is a cross-cut tunnel run in some 200 feet,  striking the ledge about 100 feet in depth, and  thence following the main ledge both ways.  This has been run 150 feet towards the Silver  King, on a well-defined-vein. This shows for  the full width of the tunnel a body of ore of the  same character as the Silver King, except that  there makes  in  a small amount galena.    This  ff&j^sAaa^^^^  I ���������.- ���������   i'ir      ���������"... V . THE MCTEE: NELSON, B. 0, SATURDAY, JULY 15, 1893.  begins on the west end of the Silver King, and  grows stronger as it runs into the Dandy.  As a result of the work already done on this  property there are now some  Fifteen Hundred Tons  Of ore piled on the dump awaiting a more favorable  opportunity  for shipment.      This  is  a  concentrating ore which can readily be worked  in  a 4 to 1 ratio,  and the concentrates given a  value of $150 per ton in copper, silver and gold.  Several tests have   shown   that this  ore runs  about $4  in  gold,  and  it  has   run- in selected  samples up as high as $12 and $13 per ton.  The principal owners are at present A. H.  Kelly and James Fox, and these gentleman  naturally feel elated over the good news regarding the Silver King, as now it is only a question  of a short time when arrang-emenls will be  made whereby the output of the Dandy can be  sent to market without having to pay the present ruinous lates for transportation.  The Ollie, a westerly extension of the DandyV  is also a good looking piece of property.      The  work on  this claim is but little more than surface as yet.      A tunnel has been run in 25 or 30  feet ; a shaft sunk about 15 feet in depth, and  an open cut of 15 or 20 feet.     The general character of the ore is the same as that of the Silver  King and Dandy mines, though the ore body is  smaller.    There is no doubt but that it is on the  same lead.  Just west of the Ollie is the Last Chance  claim, and from this the locations extend westward for a mile and a half, the croppings showing here and there. It is quite probable that  some of the claims will in time become producing properties. u  Situated about  900 feet to  the south of the  Silver King,  and  running parallel  with  that  ���������  lode is _ ���������  A Secon<l Strong JLode  Apparently as  well defined as   the first.    The  Iroquois  is  the principal property on this lode  and gives promise of developing into a valuable  mine.    The work up to date consists of a tunnel  in  90  feet,  and an   open  cut of about 20 feet.  The ledge contains from  12 to 14 feet of vein  matter, of which 4 feet is a fine grade of ore of  ���������much   the same  character as   the  Dandy ore.  Bunches of good concentrating ore abound, and  there  is  every  reason to warrant a prediction  that this  property wTill develop into one of the  leading mines on Toad Mountain.    J. E. Boss is  the principal owner.  The Union Jack, owned by J. Durkin and H.  Young, is an easterly extension of the Iroquois.  A shaft about 40 feet in depth is down on ore of  much the same character as the Iroquois.  While the main features are the same as the  Silver King ore, this second lode contains more  galena, and is accompanied by a greater  amount of gangue. Copper and iron pyrites  are found in connection with the tetrahedrite  in which lies the greater amount of silver carried by the ore.  The Newmarket is the westerly extension of  the Iroquois. The shaft is now down 40 feet,  showing good ore.  The Hidden  Treasure  is the westerly extension of the Newmarket.    A cross-cut tunnel has  been  run  in  a distance of 50 feet,  cutting the  ledge about 30 feet in depth.    This shows a well  defined  lead of ore very much resembling that  of the Dandy.      The owners are F. M. McLeod,  J.   F.  Ritchie,   Gr.   W.   Richardson   and   J. A.  Turner.    For  the  amount  of  work  done the  Hidden   Treasure   shows   good   prospects   for  making a valuable property.  Still further south and running parallel with  the general course of the other two is  ATliirdlode  Which  contains  some good-looking prospects.  The  Goldendale is  the leading claim  on this  lode. This is the property of the Toad Mountain  Mining  Company, consisting   of J. N. Glover,  of Spokane,   president,  R. W.  McLean,  F.  B.  Morse, C. VanNess, A. H. Kelly and others.  On the Goldendale is' found a mineralized  ledge fully 60 feet in width. This is defined  towards the hanging wall to 4 feet of good ore.  This  carries  a small amount of variegated and r  .'- ������������������������������������-.��������� ,  grey copper and the same general characteristics as the lodes further north. A tunnel and  open cut has been run in about 60 feet on the  ledge and a good body of ore exposed.  The Democrat is a easterly extension of the  Goldendale, with about the same sized lead and  the same character of ore. ������������������  The Jim Crow is located on the same ledge  about-3,000 feet further west.  An important point to be remembered is that  the ores of this section are of such a nature as.  to render them but comparatively little subject  to fluctuations of the silver, market. The copper,  and gold which they contain will carry them  successfully with silver much lower than it is  ever liableto^go.  In addition to this silver-copper belt the Toad  Mountain district carries  A distinct HoUlSielt  Which lies just north of and parallel  with the  Silver King lode.    In the immediate vicinity of  the Silver King and Dandy mines this gold belt  is  narrow,   but it expands in the neighbornood  of Eagle creek.     The belt consists of pyritized  schists  occurring near the contact between the  diabases and  the granite.    A small amount of  copper pyrites  and  minute  specks  of   galena  occur here and there, but the small quart veins  which run through the schist carry chiefly iron  pyrites   which  are  auriferous.    On the surface  this  ore has  become oxidized,  sometimes to a  depth of from  20 to 30 feet.     This renders the  ore  very  easy  to handle in the ^surface  workings. l  perity  in   this   section   such  as it has never  known before.  Tlie Poor Man Mine  Is  also  one  of  the  many  valuable properties  which  may be properly considered as directly  tributary to Nelson.   This mine is located about  four or five miles west of Nelson on Eagle creek.  The lode is from twenty inches to three feet in  width, arid the gangue which is a milky quartz,  contains auriferous copper and iron  pyrities, as  well as free gold.    The   mine   has  been   shut  down for some time owing to financial   difficulties, but is on a better basis now, and has again  begun  to  turn out the yellow metal.    Development work On this property has  proven its permanent nature and value, and it will  doubtless  become ���������������������������another of the steady producers.  The Whitewater is the name of gold a property  situate about 20miles from Nelson on Rover  creek. It has always^ been considered a valuable property. A Huntington mill is on the  ground, but for some reason the property is now  idje. It is a fair low grade ore. The property  is owned by an English syndicate, represented  by M. S. Davys of this city.  To   those   who   desire   to   try   their hand at  placer mining  The Mall Creek diggings  afford   an   opportunity.      These   diggings   are  located along  Hall  creek which is on the south  side of Toad Mountain.    A  number  of promising  claims are  taken   up  along the creek, and  the present  season will be an active one in this  vicinity.  Prospects have been obtained ranging  from a color to several  dollars per pan, and one  claim worked in the most primative way for the  past two  seasons  has yielded over $3000 worth  of the yellow dust chiefly the result of the labor  ofonemian.  jS^ss;  The Victoria claim is located on the gold belt  just down the mountain side from the Dandy.  An open cut and tunnel of some 40 feet shows  a strong and well-defined lead from which  samples running high in gold have been obtained.  The Iron Horse, an easterly extension of the  Victoria, and the Starlight, a westerly extension of the same are both good looking prospects. The Victoria belongs to the Silver King  Company, and E. S. Topping and A. H. Kelly  own the Starlight. Axel Johnson is one of the  owners of the Iron Horse.  This gold belt is located on the wTest as far as  the Poor Man mine, and on the east to the Gold  King.  The Gold E&isig  Contains  a large  body of low grade gold ore  which has been worked for some time,      In all  probably $15,000 have been spent in developing  and working this property.  A small mill was erected for the treatment of  decomposed surface ore, and the results have  been such that it is probable that an attempt  will be made to treat this practically unlimited  ore body by means of concentration and chlor-  ii/ation, the deposit being of such magnitude as  to warrant the outlay for treatment on an ex-  tensivd scale.  These and a number of other promising prospects on Toad Mountain will all contribute to  the making of an active and remunerative  mining camp within a few miles of Nelson  and in  the near future create a general pros-  A  NOTICE.  SITTING     OF     THE    COUNTY   COURT    OF  Kootenay will be holden at Nelson on Thursday,  the 20th day of July, 1893.  T.H. GIFFIN,  Nelson, June 12th, 1893. Registrar.  RESIDENT   PHYSICIAN  CARIBOO DISTRICT.  APPLICATIONS FOR THE POSITION OF RESIDENT Physician for the lower part of the Cariboo  District will be received at the Provincial Secretary's  Office, until Saturday, the loth dayvof July, next.  Government stipend at the rate of $600 per annum.  A. CAMPBELL REDDIE,  Deputy Provincial Secretary.  Provincial Secretary's Office,  28th June, 1893, 157-2  LIQUOR   LICENSE  APPLICATION.  VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THIRTY DAYS  1>l    from date I intend applying- to   the   Gold   Commissioner, for a license to sell liquor in my hotel, situate at  New Denver, B.C.  Nelson, B.C., July 3, 1893. HENRY SHERAN.  NOTICE.  IVf OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT SIXTY DAYS  .13 from date hereof I intend to apply for a Crown  grant to the " Etna " mineral claim situated on Toad  Mountain, West Kootenay District.  This application will be made undor clause 35, " Mineral  Act, 1891."  Copies of the field notes and plat can be seen at the office  of the Government agent, Nelson.  CHARLES VAN NESS.  Nelson, B.C., July 10th, 1893. 158-8  M  " ���������*   ..���������     *������*'���������������.    su     ���������        -   iz ������i "*i    \. - j    . .*.    ���������*��������� *t* ?+��������� -��������� ljui w        ���������������.#  c j * i     * -       -     . .'i   ^ i     t*     j'   *��������� *       i .,r,������.." i������   *   ���������������   .   i i1 ������������������   ������ j    - * i   *     . ���������     ���������     ���������   . ������  --j     i    ._ ���������*.   ������������������*...    *���������'."'*.���������-ic   * i j j Tj^ra v*-! i������.-< .���������/. :i    .n^v.--. i. *������������������������������������&��������� . -.-11������ * .-.-������������������i.1   -������..- *-...:.���������?  ::-,���������. -.*. -..*.. feltssg&aisii������$Ksia^  I ^ffift^yjff^y^i^yr^  m  lit  r >-��������� ��������� *?������������������  Up-  p &���������  if,  mm  ������?*���������<  ?������:  m.s  ���������������:.  .$'������������������.  &r  $������������������������������������  CI/:  1;  *������������������������������������  $���������$  ft,  J'  p  us,  P'i-  i  i;  ���������I  THE MINES: NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, JULY 15, 1893.  Townsite  is now on  urveyed,  held at  ots   should   com  Syndicate  the Townsite in hand.  ifii  SS  an age r,  i  ^-^y^A:^^^^^ -*a������.., wste* Tszssgr. ������������������ ��������� *������������������* ��������� v- - ���������.-������������������. :^.vt^?t^ft.'. g*?7.y-^Tre  .. i������  "T1-  {'���������  ^rrrr-rr^-xfti ^ 4  THE MINES:    NELSON.  B.  0,  SATUEDAY,  JULY  15,  1893;  Thb Miner is printed on Saturdays, and will be  mailed to subscribers at the following cash-in-advanee  rates: Three months $1.50, six months $2.50, one year $������.  Contract Advertisements will be inserted, at the  rate of $3 an inch (down the column) per month. A  special rate for advertisements of over 2 inches.  Transient Advertisements will, hr inserted for  15 cents a line tor the first u^e^"! <nti 7 cents a line  for each additional insertion. Twe.'Vf lines of 9 words  each make an inch. All advertisements printed for  a less period than 3 months considered transient and  must be paid for in advance. Advertisements of less  than 12 lines will be counted as 12 lines.  Job Printing in good style at fair rates. Cards,  envelopes, and letter; note, and account papers kept  in stock. V  ddress The Miner Printing & Publishing Co.  NESLON, B.C.  THE HALL  MINES LIMITED.  The news that the Silver King raining property has been placed   in   England to  a strong  joint  stock  company   reached Nelson  several  days ago.    This news, though confidently looked  forward to'for some time was none the less welcome.    There have  been   many  who predicted  that this deal, like many other attempts, would  end in failure owing to the lack of harmony between   the demands  of   the  various   owners.  Fortunately this has not been allowed to block  the last plan of campaign which is now fast taking on the form of a victory.  The floating of the Hall Mines Limited means  much more to this country generally and Nelson in particular than would at first glance appear to the casual observer. It is a well known  fact that in any mining community the presence  of even one large and remunerative property  will act as a wonderful stimulus to general activity along the lines of prospecting and development work to say nothing of the much greater confidence felt by investors of capital, if  alongside of their purchase is an example of  what it may by a fortunrte turn, prove to be.  One big mine closed down, on the other hand,  has a more depaessing effect than the loss of. a  dozen fortunes in the properties in that particular section. How often have the residents of  Nelson, when speaking of the possibilities of  the town and pointing out the value of the  Toad Mountain properties, have met the question: "well, if these mines are so valuable, why  is the most promising property allowed to remain idle?"  The Nelson man might understand very well  why such was the case, but the more he e'ndea-  vored to explain the stronger the feeling of  distrust might become.  The first ton of ore that comes down the  mountainside from the Silver King under the  new order of things, will be the richest ore ever  mined in the Kootenay. It will assay about as  follows :���������Silver and copper, $300; gold, $4 ;  increased value of adjoining property, $100,000 ;  renewed confidence and business activity,  $50,000; increased value of Nelson property,  $50,000.  One important point which is brought out by  the information just received  from  England is  that of the erection of a smelter for the reduction of the output of the mines  will  be  one  of  the first considerations  of the  new company.  In fact when Mr. Roepell, the company's expert  was   here   making an  examination of the pro-,  perty, he looked over the ground around Nelson  and selected a site  which he purposed recom-.  mending   as   the   spot   on  which  the  smelter  ghpuld be built,     ,/ V   1  The sum of ������60,000 has been set aside for the  purpose of erecting this smelter and putting the  mine in a condition to ship ore. This large sum  cannot  be  expended  in  Nelson without a con  siderable portion of it remaining in circulation.  Of course no definite answer can as yet be  made to the question as to how long it will be  before active operations are commenced, but it  is reasonable to suppose that the large amount  of capital, which will be accumulated by a successful sale of shares, combined with what is  already subscribed, will not be allowed to remain idle any longer than necessary, more  especially when an opportunity for making it  return 30 per cent per annum has presented  itself.;; '���������  The most reasonable conclusion is that the  property will be put into running order as soon  as possible, and that during the present season.  THE SITUATION BECOMING SERIOUS.  The silver   situation   in   the   United   States  remains/practically  unchanged.      During   the  past   week   silver   has    dropped   about   three  points,  but there has been no indication of any  rapid or steady decline for the near future.  ������ A, number of  the  smelters which were shut  down during' the flurry, have resumed the purchase  of silver  bearing ores, and  a portion of  the mines closed down seem to be  preparing to  resume  production    as   soon    as   the   market  becomes  at  all steady.    The greater number of  them however will not be  able   to  resume on a  paying basis with silver at any point   under 80.  In the meantime the friends of silver have not  been   idle.      On   ail   sides   Bimetallic    League  branches, and  other pro  silver clubs are being  formed,  and  the  most   prominent   men in the  west are actively engaged in pushing  the  campaign for free silver.  In their enthusiasm some of the speakers at  the conventions are not specially choice in their  language in which they denounce those whom  they hold responsible for their difficulties. A  fair index to the popular feeling is the fact that  the more defiant and revolutionary the speeches  were, the more pronounced grew the signs of  approbation on the part of the audiences.  The state of Colorado has figuratively hoisted  a banner upon which is inscribed "Free Silver  or War." The sentiment of the people was expressed at a mass meeting of the State Silver  League, held at Denver, Colorado, during the  week.  The press dispatch sent out from Denver,  regarding the meeting contains  the  following:  The call made for Governor Waite was taken  up and cheered to the echo. As the old grey-  haired governor started down the aisle to the  platform, the scene presented was beyond a  pen's description. Men whose future depended  upon the result of the struggle which they were  fighting stood up and yelled until exhausted.  The ex-Governor is reported to have said :  If the money powers shall attempt to sustain  their usurpation by a strong hand, we will meet  that issue when it is forced upon us, for it is  better infinitely that blood should flow to our  horses' bridles rather than that our national  liberties be destroyed. If it is true that the  United States is unable to carry out its governmental policy withont the dictation or consent  of foreign powers ; if we area province of European monarchies, then we need anothea revolution, another call to armsjand we have won the  battle. If war is forced upon us, we will send  to Halifax for an army, and establish armies  according to our population larger than our  forefathers sent there after the revolutionary  war. The war has begun. It is a war which  must be waged always against opression and  tyranny to preserve the liberties of man.  The address created a sensation and a scene of  great confusion followed, and the applause was  deafening. Judge Kerr, of Pueblo, secured the  floor. He endorsed the recent revolutionary  telegram sent east, in which it was declared  that if war upon silver was continued, it would  result in the west repudiating all her obligations, that 1,500,000 would  be paupers, and 500,  00Q on the verge of starvation, and a revolution  would be the final resort.  The convention endorsed the remarks of ex-  Governor Waite amid great enthusiasm.  Making the usual allowance for buncomb so  dear to the avarage American heart, it must be  granted that, such feelings as the above, entertained to a greater or less degree by the majority of the people of the western portion of the  United Statesf cannot but pressage the approach of a crisis of the most appalling nature.  The news with regard to the Silver King has  revived an interest in the proper! ies in the  Toad mountain district to such an extent that  the  Miner presents its readers this week with  a full account of the history and present condition of the properties on the mountain.  MOTSCE.  "^OTICE IS  HEREBY   GIVEN   THAT   THE   FOL-  -^V    LOWING additional Mining Recording Division in  ���������'���������the;'West Kootenay Electoral Dictrict has been established, namely :  8. Lardeau���������Daniel A. Lamey, Recorder���������to comprise all  the land on the Lardo river,r commencing at a point eight,  miles from where the said river leaves Trout Lake, and on  all the streams and rivers flowing into such portion of the  Lardo River, and on all the streams and rivers flowing  into Trout Lake and into the Columbia river, Upper  Arrow Lake, between Alcololex River and Half-way,  Creek, excepting the lands on Fish Creek lying north" of  Battle Creek, and on the streams flowing into the said  Fish Creek above Battle Creek.  Notice is also given that the limits of the Revelstoke  and Illecillewaet Mining Recording Divisions, as defined  on the 9th day of December, 1891, and the 4th day of  August, 1892, respectively, are altered by excluding those  portions of the divisions now contained within the aforesaid Lardeau Division.  A. CAMPBELL REDDIE,  Deputy Provincial Secretary.  Provincial Secretary's Office,  TN THE COUNTY COURT OF KOOTENAY  Holden at Nelson.  In the matter of the Mechanics' Lien Act, 1891, and  in the matter of liens filed by Frank Halpin and  Harry Bailey against the Le Roi Mine, situate,  lying and being on Trail Creek in West Kootenay,  District of British Columbia, about seven miles  from the mouth of said Trail Creek, and being  duly recorded in the office for the Record of Mines  at the town of Trail Creek, in West Kootenay  District aforesaid, and owned by Le Roi Mining  and Smelting Company, carrying on business at  Trail Creek aforesaid.  To Le Roi Mining and Smelting Company,    .  aforesaid :  You are hereby summoned to appear at a County  Court, to be holden at Nelson on the 20th day of  July, A.D. 1893, at the hour of ten o'clock in the  forenoon to show cause why the said Le Roi  mine should not be sold to satisfy the claims of  Frank Halpin and Harry Bailey, who have lately  obtained judgment in this honorable Court for  ������1126.80 for wages due them for work and labor  done in and around said Le Roi Mine, and for  damages connected therewith and costs of said  judgments.  Dated this 19tth day of June, A.D. 1893.  (Signed) T. H. GIFFIN,  Registrar of County Court,  Nelson, B.C.  F. M. McLEOD, Nelson, B.C.,  Solicitor for Frank Halpin and Harry Bailey. 155-4  TECUMSEH    HOUSE  Josephine Street.  iesfererf  Fropsff  V  i  ���������������'  u  ���������';���������$'  3  f  ;!  I  I  I  s  A, .^3is^i������^^^^^^^S&njiS3S^!sI^S^Si  ������|g^Sgl!lffPJ^  M'i 4'  nil  II  hi  fit s  ft r jf  1st '���������  IS 7-  f'   ^'  I".        I*.  n;  I/.  lip.  m  t  t  J if  H  IV*'  P'  I, ,;r  !?  "fif  i  1  THE MINEK:    NELSON.  B.  0,,  SATUEDAY, JULY   15,  1893.  >   '.,   '���������>    )  v&r yp t^y ^y t^ ny sy vp ^' *y iqfr "y^pr tiy  * ^y <y ttff i$r '^y \^y vy  mr \p ^ iqy ^ <&y s$y i|y tgf viy ^y *qy v*  A town that must  the great Slocan  its,location, be the Supply Point and Commercial Centre of  strict, a district in which are located producing mines like  Lee, IdahOj Slocan Star, Mountain Chie������ Bonanza King,,  a, Vancouver, Dardanelles, Lucky Jim, Northern  s in advanced stages of development.  World's  Belle; and half a  New Denver is not a town in name only, but already has stores, hotels, and other  business houses. Besides it is the Recording Office for Slocan District. It can  be reached by three different routes, namely: From Kootenay Lake, via Kaslo  wagon road and trail; From Columbia River via Nakusp trail and steamboat  on Slocan Lake; and from the Columbia &��������� Kootenay railroad, via Slocan River  trail and steamboat on Slocan Lake.  New Denvei will be connected by telegraph with the outside within four months  and by railroad within the year. A wagon road that will tap every mine on  Carpenter Creek will be built within 90 days; the distance from New Denver  to the mouth of Cody Creek being less than 11 miles.  Sampling Works, a B  aim TO MAKE  COUNTRY.  and a Newspaper will be established, all with the single  NEW DENVER THE TOWN  OF THE SLOCAN LAKE  50, $200,. according to Location,  M z balance in 3, 6. and 9 ..months  '9  9  f  B  ���������  "New Denver, June 27th5 1893.  HI  q  ? B  4,(1  (3-  ri*  t>  t?  i|ii  &  wzmmmz*smvm%$M^^ av.; o  THE  MINER:    OTLSOK   B.  0-,  SATXTBDAY,  JULY   8   1893.  9 ������  We carry full lines of all kinds of furniture forresidences,  hotels, and offices.   Mattresses made to order, and  at prices lower than eastern and coast.  We are also   agents  for  EVANS  PIANOS   AND   DOHERTY  ORGANS.  JAMES IVIACDONALD & CO,  NELSON   STORE:  No. 4 Houston. <& Ink Building, Josephine Street.  NELSON  WILSON & WILLIAMSON,  PROPRIETORS.  HAY. AND  GRAIN POE SALE.  Omnibus and carriages to and from all trains and steamboat wharves. Saddle and pack animals for hire. Freight  hauled and all kinds of job teaming attended to.  Stable on Baker Street. . Office with Wilson & Perdue.  COR.  BAKER AND   WARD   STREETS.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS,  DAY OR NIGHT  MES.-W. 0. PHILLIPS, Proprietress.  ��������� miWIIlW   "<IMIIM.II.   H-JIJIMIIBTOWPK  WATSON,   B.C.  Tlie TOWiV OF WATSOtf is situated between  Bear and Fish Lakes, on the Kaslo-Slocaii  wagon road, 20 miles from Kaslo and 10 miles  from New Denver, is the most central point in  Slocan district.  The WATSOK HOTEL is one of the best kept  houses in the entire Slocan country. The dining  room and kitchen are in charge of female help  of experience. The bar is stocked with the best  brands of Liquors and Cigars.  BREMNER   &  PROPRIETORS.  A YOUNG MAN WITH FIFTEEN YEAR'S EXPERIENCE in business, and now manager of a first-class  general store in the N. W. T. wishes to communicate with  some live man who is willing to.furnish half the capital  required to open up a store in some important town of  "kootenay, B.C.   Address J., care of The Miner.  ARCHITECT    AND    SUPERINTENDENT  Plans, Specifications, and Detail  Drawings Furnished.  Josephine Street, near Baker Street, Nelson, B.C.  General   Founders,   Engineers,   Boiler   Makers,   and   Manufacturers   of   All  Classes of Machinery.     Sawmill and Marine Work a Specialty.  SOLE   MANUFACTURERS   ������F   THE  Kendall Band Mill, B. C. Shingle Machines, Steam  Log Hauling Machines.  We keep in stock a full supply of Engineer and. Mill Supplies, such as,Pipe and Fittings, Brass Goods, Sheet and other  Packing Rubber Valves, Rubber and Leather Belting, Oils, and Lubricants, etc.  HOISTING ENGINES AND  SINKING PUMPS FOR MINES.  Corner Alexander Street and "Westminster Ave., VANOOUYEK, B. 0.  Agent West Kootenay.  J. W. CAMPION, ,    J  Secretary-Treasurer.  Manager  Split Cane, Greenheart and  Steel rods. Devon Minn ows  Oiled Silk and other Lines  Casts and Traces, Bait Hook,  (plain and on gut), Fly Books  Spoon Baits, Single Action  and Multiplying Reels, Willow Baskets, Flies and Pearl Spoons, expressly made for  the Kootenay Rivers.  Mail orders receive prompt and careful attention.  ,   Wholesale and Retail.  .GUNMAKER,  aim  '* Initial Post"   Notices, drawn up under  tlie.   provisions   of tlie    new   Mining:  Act, and giving- lucid directions 5������ow  to Stake a Claim under tliis Act may  l>e procured from  Turner Bros.  Gilker & Wells,  Nelson News Depot.  In lots of 50 and 100 at The Miner Office.  Ten Cents per copy.  rJ^HE SUBSCRIBER HAS IN STOCK  or en route from the Coast :  i  Carload Glass, Paints and Oils.  2  Carload Sash and Doors,  2  Carload Dry Clear Fir Flooring, 4 inch,  1  Ca?'load Dry Clear Fir Ceiling, 4 inch,  1  Carload Factory  Cedar,  An   Immense   Stock of  Common Lumber,  Shingles, laths, Mouldings, Etc., as usual.  G. O.  Kootenay Lake Sawmill,  NELSON AND KASLO.  B  9  8VSISMBMG    ENGINEER    AND  ZCsTELSOUST.     IB- o_  Office ;   Victoria Street.  SEE 0UR NEW  Violins,  Piccolos,  Toys at 20% Discount to Prepare  fob Fall Stock.  You Drink��������� Beer, of-Course?  Then Driitk the Best.  Be sure you get it. The best qualty  and lowest prices in Liquors, Cigars,  and Provisions at  HUDSON'S BAY C0MPT  BAKER STREET,   NELSON".  AGENTS FOR  Hiram Walker & Son's,       n   n       Fort Garry Flour Mills,  Limited, ana Manitoba.  JOHN  FRESH   BREAD,    PIES,  ALWAYS ON  HAND  Baker St., East of Josephine st.  ELS0N -:- EXCHANGE  Address- Nelson  or Kaslo, B. 0.  ���������i  I  m  'mmmMmmwiMmm$mMmimam!m\mjaiai,wmvmi El ft  PI p  If!' *:  ' ������  ft! 1  it' s  K* ft  . ^-ii^SSffl^^^ss^S^^SSS^S^^iSS^^^aSSSHss  iv.r-  it  If  J  U  if it  p.,  h  P  F  fa  f  THE MIffEE: NELSON, B.. C, SATUKDAY, JULY 15, 1893.  REPORT OF DEAL CONFIRMED  A Complete Smelting Plant will be Erected in Nelson as one of tne lirsi Moves of the Company-  Words of Praise for Toad Mountain ores from  an Eminent Authority on Mines.  The last issue of the London Mining Journal,  Railway and Commercial Gazette which has  just been received, contains a positive confirmation of the news with regard to the floating  of the Silver King, and some additional information which will be read with considerable  interest on this side. The London Mining  Journal is one of the leading publications of its  class in the world, and proverbially conservative  in treating such matters, which renders the  following all the more valviable :  In another column an abridged prospectus  will be found of the Hall Mines (Limited), British Columbia, the capital of which is ������300,000  in 50,000 7 per cent cumulative preferred shares  of ������1 each, and 250,000 ordinary shares of ������1  each. Of the preference, seven per cent shares,  40,000, and 85,000 ordinary shares are now offered for subscription, and it is announced that  interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum will  be allowed on payments made in advance of  calls.  The company has been formed to acquire and  develop copper and silver mines in West  Kootenay district of British Columbia. The  property include the Silver King, Kootenay  Bonanza, American Flag, and Kohmoor claims,  containing in all about 5(3 acres, less the exclusion of a l-26th interest, the owner of which,  according to the prospectus, is, under the mining laws of the province, prevented from interfering with the majority of the owners m working the property.  The company also acquires tlie timber and  buildings on the properiy, together with the  plant, the ore on the dumps, etc.  A report has been made on the property by  Mr. C. Roepeil, who is stated to have been  connected for many years with the Tharsis  Sulphur and Copper Company (Limited) as  technical manager at their mines in Spain.  According to Mr. Roepell's report, which is of  an eminently satisfactory character, the ore  bodies in the 900 feet of the mine now explored  will according to his estimate yieid 55,000 tons  of 21 cwt of shippiug ore, carrying 100 ounces of  silver per ton and 17������ per cent copper. This Mr.  Roepeil values at ������20 17s. per ton, which will  give a gross value of over ������1,000,000, and, to  quote the prospectus, "after the erection of a  smelter at Nelson, would indicate a net profit of  over 30 per cent per annum for seven years on  the capital of the company."  Mr. Roepeil states that *��������� the most important  ore body which has been opened up here is no  doubt the one which runs between 350 and the  530 feet. Such an abundance of high grade ore  as is to be seen here is seldom met with in the  richest mines."  In the foregoing estimate of the quantity and  value of the the ore Mr. Reopel states that  "this calculation altogether ignores the ore  struck in other parts of the underground workings, and especially the most valuable finds  which have been in the surface work in the  Kootenay Bonanza claim. It shows that by  adopting very safe figures large reserves of ore  are found to exist."  We are informed on independent testimony  that the property in question has been looked  upon in West Kootenay as being probably the  premier mine in the country. W7e should think  from the information which the prospectus  places before one, that this enterprise has an  encouraging prospect, and we ourselves, are  glad to notice that British Colombian mining  properties  are  now coining prominently under  public notice.  See next page for abridged prospectus.  THE HALL MINES (LIMITED) SHAEES NOW  ON THE MARKET.  roJcers  ������r&3 Miijii|g Eijgiijeersj  Ccrei$eraLi  J^gei^ls  los*  The Supply Town of the  Rich   Lardo-Duncan  District.  The Head of Navigation on Kootenay Lake,  and yon must go there to get into the  DUNCAN    G-OLD    FIELDS.  The   Centre   of  One   of   the   Richest   Mining  Regions in North America.  E. 0. 0AEPENTEE, Manager.  All the principal mines in Slocan District can be reached  in from two to seven miles from this hotel, which is  located at Three Forks on Carpenter creek.  The Dining Room is under the immediate supcrienten  dence of Mr. C. Bowcn, formerly of Windsor hotel of  Butte, Montana, and the Rogers' hotel, Missoula  who will see to it that the cuisine of the Three Forks  is not excelled by that of any other hotel in West  Kootenay.    Special Rates for Weekly Boarders.  Private Rooms for Transient Guests.  Double  Dressed,  Single   Dressed,  SHIPLAP,  CEILING,  LATHS,  RUSTIC,  FLOORING,  SHINGLES,  ALL DIMENSIONS  OF  ROUGH     LUMBER.  Having bought the stock of the  Davies-Sayward Sawmill Co'y. I  am prepared to furnish builders  with Lumber of the above lines.  Can't be picked up on the trails and  wagon roads of West Kootenay,  out he who works for them can get  them, and when you have them  just remember you can save them  when   buying Clothing by going to  FRED. J. SQUIRE,  Merchant Tailor, Baker Street, Nelson, B.C.  SPECIAL   RATES   TO  BUILDING   CONTRACTORS  Corner Lake and Ward Sts.,   Nelson, B.C.  NOT8GE,  THE     UNDERSIGNED     WILL    NOT    BE     RESPONSIBLE for any debts contracted under the name  of Alwin & Kirkup, from this date.  June 1st. 1893.  WM. KIRKUP.  m*m.Jt M    " * fc  1|T ���������  ���������������������������'������������������    _'__!_ _���������_   fc *���������'-��������� ', "*'l��������� t    I *���������    ���������������*���������    * ���������     "^l   l   ������f*������Pf  ��������� '������������������������%    ���������������  1     -    ������*>���������*������       ������������������    "������������������      - ������   -   *  " "     " "���������      ��������� ������������������������������������-��������� IIF" - -������ "-* ������     ****���������!���������      ������������������     ������������������������������������!���������   r ���������������������!������������������������ ��������� ��������� 8  THE m$ER :. NELSON, B. C, SATIJEDAY, JULY 15, 1893.  LOCATED   ON   THE    COLU  NORTH   OF   THE    P  ,    ABOUT   TWO  E   PROPERTY   OF   THE  3 TD-  IS   THE   TOWNSITE   OF  A Typical Site for a large City, Being level bench land, perfectly adapted for Building Purposes,  and is the SELECTED junction of the River and Railway Transportation.  is the only natural location for a Centre of Supply for the great Placer and  Hydraulic Mines of the Tend d'Oreille and Salmon Rivers, and the Gold and  Silver. Mines of Trail Creek.  is the Construction Headquarters of the Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway,  and will always be a splendid location for supply warehouses.  PRICES : $150 for Corners ; $100 for Inside Lots  TERMS : One-third Cash, one-third in 2 months,  one-third in 4 months, with interest at  8 per cent, on deferred payments.  TITLE   CROWN   GRANT  PURCHASERS   CAN  APPLY  At NELSON, to HAROLD SELOTJS  At SATWARD, to W. M. NEWTON  At NANAIMO, to MARCUS "WOLFE  At KASLO, to J. L. RETAI.LACK  At VICTORIA, Boom No. 7, Board of Trade building  Manager.  fOSHUA   DA VIES,  THE ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS.  Estimate   of the  Anajoaiiit  of ������res  in Sig'lit and its  Frol������al>lc Value per Ton.  The abridged prospectus referred to in the  Mining Journal is as follows :  This company has been formed to acquire,  work, and further develope the copper and  silver mines situate on the Toad Mountain  West Kootenay District, British Columbia,  locally known as "The Hall Mines."  Mr. C. Roepeil, M. E., London, who was connected for many years with theTharsis Sulphur  and Copper Company as technical manager  at their mines in Spain, has reported on the  property. He spent over four weeks in investigations at the mines last summer. An extract  from his report is enclosed, but the whole report is open to inspection, and applicants are  invited to inspect it.  The ore bodies in the 900 feet of the mine now  explored, Mr. Roepeil, after careful sampling  and assaying, estimates will yield 55,000 tons of  21 cwt. of shipping ore, carrying 100 ounces of  silver per ton, and 17^ per cent of copper, which  he values at ������20 17s. per ton, which would give  a gross value of over ������1,000,000, and after the  erection of a smelter at Nelson, would indicate  a net profit of over 30 per cent per annum for  seven years on the capital of the company.  When referring to these ore bodies Mr. Hoe-  pell says: '* The most important ore body  which has been opened up here is no doubt the  one which runs between 350 and 530 feet. Such  an abundance of high grade ore as is to be seen  here is seldom met with in  the  richest  mines."  And again : "At the same time I may mention  that there is no indication whatever that the  mineralization of the belt decreases or discontinues in depth, the large and valuable ore  bodies which have been exposed in the lower  levels promising well to be persistent." And  again: "There is no indication whatever in the  mine from the outcrop down to the lowest  working point that the assay value of the ore  decreases in depth."  Mr. Roepell's report shows that from the  development workings there has already been  taken out about 1000 tons of shipping ore, and  184 tons of this have beed shipped to different  smelters, which gave an average smelting  return of 190.88 ounces of silver per ton of 2000  pounds, equal to 213.9 ounces of silver per ton  of 2240, and 18.17 per cent of copper, yielding  net proceeds of $36,238, equal to about ������40 per  ton.  In the last paragraph of his report Mr. Roepeil  says "I have to state that I consider the mines of I  the Kootenay Bonanza Mining Company a most  valuable property, the value of which consists  not only in what is already known, but also in  its remarkable prospects for the future. I feel  confident that if properly taken in hand and  managed they will rank among, the greatest  and most profitable mining enterprises of their  kind.'"  Mr. Roepel estimated that to supplj?- to the  mines at once efficient mining plant, and concentrating works, and to provide for the erection of a smelter, from ������50,000 to ������60,000 would  be amply sufficient. The directors having carefully considered the subject, propose that there  should be provided at least ������60,000 for present  working  capital, leaving it  open  for them to  decide, upon further advice and consideration  whether the improving of the mode of transport, by tramway or otherwise, or the erection  of a smelter should be first dealt with.  P. ROBINSON,  GENERAL    AUCTIONEER,  (5^^ -NELSON,   B.C.  Wanted���������Consignments of Household Goods,  Surplus Stock, Etc., for Auction.  Prompt returns.  All business transactions strictly confidential.  BROKERS9 NOTICE.  From and after July 1st. the  undersigned will foe prepared  to attend to all consignments of  Goods and Chattels held at the  Outport of Nelson, B. C, for  payment of Customs' Duties.  C. HAMBER,  Kelson, B. C.  (  ggiflllllllf!^  jji������v'^ -V  ���������V.   "'   v.?' *". ��������� "-J 1*1  ���������urr <���������"*������* - If   Ci ������l M'.u.'-rs.-t'UdjC* i  ..-.._   ��������� J        t    *  z.v ri -_c_r v 4_. ^1  f*������   ft,  F *  Jr.-   v  M  Sri  tf 3  P  hi  ii..  if)' M  at  ?!  ft *���������  ������  b  [fait (���������'  li  it :'���������  ;  i  si  I  tf  1  IT  r  THE MUSTEK: NELSON, B. 0., SATUEDAY, JULY 15, 1893.  9  ^  ^<?zg/ Railway  under Construction.  Buy before the Market rises in the Railway  Centre and Seat of Government of  FPest Kootenay.  and Residence Broperty.  REBATE ALLOWED FOR THE ERECTION OF GOOD BUILDINGS  Also Lots for Sale  in    NAKUSP DAWSON and ROBSON.  Apply for Prices, Maps?,, etc., to '. :  FRANK FLETGHER, Land Commissioner C. & K.Ry. Co., Nelson, B.C  LITTLE   LOCAL   OHAPTEES  In  Wliicli   Everyone  is   Made Acquainted with th  :���������;���������������������������;'?   Movements of Everybody Else.  Superintendent Fisher, of the Freddie Lee is  in town to-day.  F. M. Ckadbourrie and W. A. Jowett left fort-he Slocan this morning.  J. Q. Graham, of the Hudson Bay Company,  Kamloops, visited the Nelson branch this week.  J. A. Mara, M.P., is in town this week on  business connected with the C. & K. navigation company. v  Surveyor Drury has moved his camp to Toad  Mountain. The wet weather has not materially  assisted photo-topographical work.  Capt. Troup of the O. & K. Co. is away on a  vacation. The captain will be absent for a  month or more during which time he will visit  the coast and take a trip to the World's; Fair.  THE IEW POET.  Tlie  SteasiBer  State   of Idaho   Must   in.   Fsitsire Bis-  cSsarge l*er Cargo at MelsoM.  The new customs offices  have been opened in  the   Selous   block.      Mr.   F,   Berry, who  is in  charge is busy getting things into shape and  answering the many and varied questions  attendant upon getting business settled into the  proper grooves.  Though Nelson is a sub port to New Westminster it is now locally a port of entry. The  effect of this will be that in future such vessels  as the Idaho will be compelled to discharge  carge here instead of carrying it through to its  destination.  This will mean that the C. &-K. steamers will  from now on handle the greater portion of the  Lake trade.  THE K. & A. L. EAILWAY.  Will Tbe Conupleted   tBiis   Season  Establishing the C.  P. K. Service for the Winter.  The work of clearking the right of way for  the Revelstoke and Arrow Lake railway has  been under way for about a week, and so far  good progress has been made. The line of rail  will be run along what is known as the wood  track on the west side of the round-house at  Revelstoke, past Robson's mill.  The construction work on the first few miles  is rendered comparatively light as the timber  has been cut off for saw logs, and some of it  cleared by fire.  After  the  Illicillewaet  river  is   crossed   the  work   becomes   heavier,    but    there   is   every  reason to believe that the road will  be  completed to arrow Lake before winter.  There are several points where trestles will  be required. At one of these, Montana slough,  a camp of fifty men is to be established.  It was given out at first thaa Mr. Nickson had  secured the contract for clearing a $3S per acre  but he has withdrawn, and Dan McGillivary  has the contract for the whole work.  INDISPENSABLE.  PROSPECTORS  Messrs.   Kirk &  Ritchie  Dominion & Provincial  Land Surveyors,    ,  Nelson,  B.C.,  Have published   in pocket  form an  Many claims were taken up     ABSTRACT    OF  past year by parties unable     r*a-***       V    w  to make the improvements  required by law.  These will  lapse One year after date of  record.    Doubtless many of  these claims will be found to  be very valuable, and there will be a rush to restake them  when they lapse.  The publication gives the date of record, name of locator  and a description of each claim.      * ,     .  The cost of getting the above information respecting  one single claim from the Slocan Recorder's office would  be greater than the price of this book.,  The Price has been lowered to $2.00.  Apply to Messrs. GILKER & WELLS, Nelson,  Or to Messrs. RICHARDSON & BEALEY, Kaslo.  G     "W.    ZBTTSZK  Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., M. Can. Soc. C./E.7  PROVINCIALf\~ LAND  -^ SURVEYOR  BALFOUE,    B.    O.  Telephone Connection.  R. 0. Campbell- Johnston  (of Swansea, India, and the United States.)  METALLURGIST,   ASSAYER,  AND   MINING   ENGINEER.  Properties reported on. All assays undertaken. Furnaces and concentrating plants planned and erected.  Treatment for ores given. Ores bought and sold. Box  731,Vancouver, B. C.  W. M. MACKINNON, C. E.  (Ass. Mem. Inst. C. E.)  "Water Supply, Legation,  Water  Power,   Bridges  Structural Iron Work, Etc,  Office corner Homer and Cordova sts., 133-tf  VANCOUVER. B. C.  j. a. kirk  J.   F.  RITCHIE  KIRK & RITCHIE  )  Dominion  and    Provincial    Land  Surveyors.  PHOTO-TOPOGRAPHIOAL   SURVEYS.  Office   over   Bank   of   British   Columbia,   Nelson,   B. C  Plasterer and Bricklayer  Will contract for all kinds of work.   Materials furnished  and estimates given for work in any town in  Kootenay Lake Country.  JLIME    FOU    SALE  At Nelson and Pilot Bay or delivered, at any point on  the lake in any quantity.   Address P.O. box 47, Nelson.  OF  (Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1862.)  CAPITAL (Paid up), ������600,000   .    $2,920,000  (With power to increase.)  KESEStVE FVND,   ������200,000      .    .        1,205,333  BRANCHES:  Victoria, B. C, San Francisco, California,  Vancouver, B.C., Portland, Oregon,  New Westminster, B.C.,   Seattle,, Washington,  Nanaimo, B. C, Tacoma, Washington.  Kamloops, B. C.  HEAD OFFICE: 60 Lombard street, LONDON, England..  AGENTS AND COREESPONDENTS:  ���������-     v  CANADA���������-Bank of Montreal and branches;  Canadian Bank of Commerce and branches  Imperial Bank of Canada and branches;  Commercial Bank of Manitoba; and  Bank of Nova Scotia.  UNITED STATES���������Agents Bank of Montreal, NgwYotk;  Bank of Montreal, Chicago.  SAVINGS  DEPARTMENT.  On tmd after 1st January next the rate of interest on  deposits will be 3-������ per cent, until further notice.  CAPITAL (all paid. "!>)������ $12,000,000  REST,        .  .    .        .        . 0, ������00,000  Sir DONALD A. SMITH, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND, Vice-President  E. S. CLOUSTON, General Manager  Nelson Branch:   N. "W". Cor. Baker and Stanley Sts.  Branches in London (England), New York and: Chicago  and in the principal cities in Canada;  Buy and sell sterling exchange and cable tranfers;  Grant commercial and travelers' credits, available in any  part of the world;  Drafts issued; Collections made; Etc.  SAVINGS   BANK   BRANCH  Rate of interest at present 3h per cent.  NELSON,  B.C.  Plasterer,   Bricklayer and   Stone-Mason  Contracts  taken for  work  at all   points   in  West Kootenay.  If; 8  Si  I  I'  is*  I;  1  1  f : ^:^.Ml^/ii.si,i:.  6  8  .i.'Vi:  ^^^SBISOS, B. 0��������� SATUEDAY, JULY 15 1893  To jingHsSus Carney, of Uiv Town o3" Kaslo, in Kootenay District, ������i' Kritisla Columbia,   and   Albert  Barrett, of t3ie Town of Itfclson, in said Kootenay  District,  and tHe Slanlk of Montreal, at f lie said  Town of Nelson, and all Others Whom it May in  Anywise Concern :  Notice is hereby given  that under and by virtue of a  power of sale contained in a certain indenture of mortgage bearing date the twenty-fifth da}* of November, in  tlie year of our   Lord one thousand eight hundred and  ninety-two, and duly registescd in the office for the Registration of Deeds at the City of Victoria, in said Province  of British Columbia in Charge Book, Vol. 12, Folio 11, and  numbered 13S90,  and made   between   the said Augustus  Carney and Albert''Barrett,  therein described as of the  said  town of Nelson,   merchants, of  the first part,   and  Malcolm Mclnnes and Patrick Burns, of the town of Calgary, in  the District of Alberta, one of'the Territories of  the Canadian North-West,- cattle dealers, parties therein  of the second part, there will for the purpose of satisfying  the moneys secured by said mortgage, default having been  made in the payment thereof, be sold at Public Auction at  the premises herein .described,, oil .Thursday, the sixth  day of Jcji.y. next,  at te^ o'clock in the forenoon, the  lands /'arid,   premises mentioned and   described   in   said  indenture arid mortgage as -'follows : '  " Those lots of land  situate in the said town of Nelson,  '* and numbered lots  two and three in block twelves as  " said lots and block are marked out on the official map or-  '������������������"plan' of the said  town of /'Nelson,"   together   with  all  houses, buildings,  edifices and privileges thereto belonging.   ��������� , ��������� ������' - -  ';���������������������������������������������: '��������� ��������� . ���������.���������'. .. -    ��������� ���������  Dated this twenty-sixth day of May, A.D. 1893.  '    ��������� MALCOLM McINNES,    ,  PATRICK BURNS,     ,  F. McLEOD, Nelson, B.C., Mortgagees.  Solicitor for Mortgagees. ,  (Notary Public.)  Real Estate  The Cheapest and Most Direct Boute  From NELSON, KASLO and all Kootenay Points  To the PACIFIC COAST and to the EAST.        \  .TRAINS''. TO\ ANn   FItOM; .3VEJLSOxV - I������AfilL������.:   r"  Direct Connection at Robson .every.:  ���������        Tuesday, Tfi������B������\$<tf-iy' a������������l Saturday JEveiaiLsif?;,  With Steamer for Revelstoke, where connection is made  with Canadian Pacific Eastbound and Westbound through  ���������trains'.      . *  Through Tickets Issued,  Baggage Checked to Destination,  No Customs Difficulties.  Auctioneer and Commission Agent,  Sleeping ^c������,io.  For information as to rates, time, etc.", apply tonearest  agent, ������������������" ������������������:���������'���������< ^        ���������'' .  J. Iff-AJSL^LTON, Agent, Nelson,  ���������'"������������������    Or to "(GEO. -Mcli. BROWflj,' :  District Passenger, Agent, Vancouver.  No.   1,   JOSEPHINE  STEEET, . IJELSOl*,  B. 0.  ���������'" '������������������'' f  Lots for Sale in  TxlKE NOTICE that  the above sale is postponed to  WEDNESDAY, THE 19th DAY OF JULY,  at; ten  o'clock in the forenoon,  in front of the   Carney   block,  Nelson, B.C. /  Dated this 6th day of July, 1893.  MALCOLM McINNES, ���������''"'  PATRICE: BURNS,  F. M. McLEOD, Mortgagees.  Solicitor for Mortgagees. 157-2  T N THE COUNTY COURT OF KOOTENAY  Holden at Nelson : ;  To E. D. AINSWORTH, of Spokane, Washington :  Take Notice that a plaint has been entered and a  summons issued against you  in  the above Comity  Court by A. J. Marks and Charles VanNess, of  Nelson, B. C��������� for the sum of $210 upon a promissory  note made by. you, and for money lent, and an order  has been made that the publication of a notice of the  entry of such plaint in the Nelson Miner and Spokane  Chronicle, newspapers shall be   deemed to  be  service of the summons upon you.  The Summons will be heard at Nelson, B.C., on the  20th day of July, 1893,  at cen o'clock in the forenoon,  oh which day you are required to appear, and if you  do not appear either in person or by your solicitor at  the time and place above mentioned, such order will  be made and  proceedings taken as the Judge may  think just and expedient.  Dated this 30th day of June, 1893.  T. H. GIFFIN,  1   Registrar.       i  INTO  EFFECT MONDAY,   JUNE 26TH,   1893.  REVELSTOKE ROUTE ���������.":: .'.���������"������������������ '";,,;/ .f     /:  Steamer LYTTON, connecting with Canadian Pacific  railway at Revelstoke for all Eastern and Coast points  Leaves Robson���������Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays at 9 p.m.  Leaves Revelstoke���������Tuesdays,  Thursdays, Saturdays   at  4.30 a.m.  Passengers from Nelson should take the C. & K.  train  leaving at 3 p.m. on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  '      Adjoining the government townsite of Nelson  AT $125 AND UPWAEDS  , With a rebate for buildings erected.   The best residential  property in Nelson, values sure' to increase.   Apply  W. A.  Jowett, agent for Nelson and district,  or Innes & Richards, Vancouver, B.C.  W.  A.  JOWETT,  Mining" & Beal Estate Brokers, Auctioneers.& Commission Agent.  JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON, B.C.  P. O. box 69.  war  Telephone 24  .pplewiiaite  S. E. corner Baker and Josephine streets  NELSON, B. C.  w  i  i  NOTICE.  T\TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN~THAT   cstv-t^   ^  IN    after date I intend tcTapplv to t������ tt^F^K DAYS  missioner of Lands and Work?*for wS?-H������frable  Com*  for a lease of 2,000 inchesof Sr^  ^a?Dist?fc  Three Forks of Carpenter Orpni- V>f ��������� ?n trom -the  miles from the moutl?of Center Crcel^-T' alJoufc five  sed for milling,  mining,    Wkter  wnrb������ l i������ Wafcer to be  other purposes. S' cwa?i\H^ domestic   and  Nelson, June 19, 1893 CHARLES HLGONIN.  155-8  NOTICE  p-TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT ctvtv r.  IN after date I intend to apply to the Cnli nXTY- DAYS  of West Kootenay District for Drrm&Sn^nY���������ssio7ier  inches of water for a per od of 99 vj ?^l to lease 1.000  taken from Carpenter C reek ������t I nolnf 9-Lhe.)va^' to be  mouth. The water is to be used to ^ H}n H?S fvom &*  New Denver and any addition?"thereto     W7 th������ town of  New Denver, April 20, 1893. W9-S   ARTHUR C. DICK.  SflS^^i^^^ -^ the Great North-  ,    and the Coast! Astern points and for -Spokane  ;eaVeSi^SlfSayS ^ 5p'm" ^eBdayB'^'dThnrs:  -^^^S at 6 atn  Fridays at 7 p.m Mondays, .Wednesdays and  ^VGSaB^TI^y ~^>  ^-sdays and Satur-  Arnves^t^elson Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at  NORTHPORT ROUTbT     '  _     Union Pacific for al  poSti e?J?5;?^Torthern and  Leaves Robson daily eiceS 4* ������/S ^ west-  Leaves Northv^^iw^^^I^ 4 -a-m-  Passenger? foi SpolST^shouldT^  feais^sf fe-������i^^ a"K-trains  ���������CP.lt.  resorts .make"close ocm^1"' Ban^and other  boats for Revelstoke! connection at Robson with  KASLO ROUTE    ~~~~  Steamer NELSON  Cfe  -"���������^ 'v-'    JL.   J.   JL   X   X���������/I  FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE AGENTS,  Loans "^^^^L,..   Collections made.  conveyancing documents drawn up.  Town  Lots   Lands   and   Mining  Claims   Handled  on Commission.  Subscribe   for  NOTICE.  JTOTICE IS  HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE  changing    the  name   of the   said   CmZv   fnSnfC]1  Dated this 11th day of April, A.D. 1893.  BOB WELL & IRVING  Solicitors for the City of Kootenay Land anrl TmJn  ment Company, Limited Liability/ d    i^l3  Saturdays at about 3 p m  Steamer SPOKANE  rLeaVCSsS:X.401af^)0m ������"   ���������*������������***   Th���������rsdays   and  LeayeSS^t?S" -   Sundays,  Wednesdays   and  LARDO ROUTE     ~  Steamer SPOKANE  ^"'"sSn^'a^a^at ������n  ^"^   Thursdays  and  ^-ffiSa^'atW ������n   TUeSda5'3'   Thursda*-S -d  FOr^'^:Z^ ������������������ *** at the  VICTORIA, B.C.  Szibscrlption, $io per annum,  In advance.  1S5  Subscription, $2 per annum,  In advance.  3  J. W. Troup, Manager.  Independent in Politics,  Fullest Telegraphic Reports,  Correspondents in every District.  Address���������  THE TIMES   PRINTING & PUBLISHING CO.,  VICTORIA, B.C.  WM. TEMPLEMAN, manager.  %������sz.           lilil ���������MWM&^rtWMNWrt-iS ���������,  pi  I  P   i  1 *  ������8ffiKK3saGd^SKM5������32Kg$  ; t   <  I.*     ������  S   *'  "I \,'  1  8  if  ���������1  ill.-:  1  IP  if,  THE MfflEB;    KELSON.  B.  0���������  SATUKDAY, JULY   15,  1893.  11  >B B  awing Wood  e are  to Say Something,  You know all about the Silver King Deal.  You know that there must he a live town near such mines.  We wish to tell you where that town willbe.  The l^lost Available and  for a Townsite near th������  ropuois, and  the   Princip  esirabie Spot  ilver  King*  ines of  ^������k ih ijhjjh rt*n -dK a dfa  <fe A A A iti, ������. a i^  is)  I  Within 350 feet of the Silver King Mine, and  adjoining the Dandy Mine.  Fredericton is the place where from 500 to  1000 Men will receive their pay, and  from which point draw their supplies.  1  9  For Further Particulars Apply to  Or Nelson Keal Estate Men.  f  a V.  y  12  THE MINEE': NELSON, B. 0., SATUEDAY, JULY 15f 1893.  General Merchants,  IS   OVERWORKED, and in order to give him a rest we  have   decided to close onr Books on the first of July, an<|  from that date on we shall sell G-oods for CASH ONLY, at greatly Reduced Prices.  CFOZEHTsT   _A  Telephone 27.  7, 9, and 11 East Vernon Street, NELSON, B.O.  !,  Ml  w  i.-l'S  Hi  .1(1  :1  I  B UEKE WILL GOME AGAIN  Tlie   Kaslo  Bank Manager is   Still Engaged in Mis  Hunt for Caste.  Geo.   A. Bigelow, who  returned   this   week  from Spokane, reports having met J. M. Burke,  of Kaslo fame.  tThe bank  difficulties  have  not impaired his  health, on  the contrary he takes up as much  room   in  the  hotel as he  did  in days of  yore.  He is the central figure in a group of ' colonels,'  and * judges,' from seven states.  His programme is 'to raise the wind' either  in Portland or California and then return to  Kaslo.  TOM COLLINS' LEVEL HEAD  Makes a Modest Hero out of Mini and Saves   Others  From Uncomfortable Experiences.  The old story of carelessly venturing too near  the rapids ait Kootenay Crossing came near-  having a tragic ending last Sunday. A boat  load of people had drifted into the strong current and were fast approaching almost certain  death  when Mr.  Thomas  Collins  happened to  notice their plight and hastened to the rescue.  He succeeded in drawing the boat to land after  a hard struggle. The two ladies of the party  expressed themselves as feeling a growing fondness for dry land and returned via. R. R. track.  LITTLE   LOCAL   CHAPTEKS  In  Which  Everyone  is  Made .Acquainted with the  Movements of Everybody Else.  The South Kootenay Board of Trade will hold  an adjourned meeting on Tuesday afternoon at  2 o'clock. _^_^_  The Kaslo Slocan wagon road is completed as  far as Watson, 20 miles from Kaslo, and the  men have been paid off.  J.A.Thompson, Government inspector of  boilers, has been looking over the Kootenay  lake steamers this week. He found them in  gsod condition. .  Two bars of gold bullion weighing about five  pounds were being shown in Nelson this week.  They represented a five days run of the 10  stamp mill on the Poorman mine.  C.A.Griffith representing a Montana smelting  company is in Nelson. Mr Griffith speaks very  favorably of the ores of this section. They can  in his opinion be produced with silver at a very  low point owing to the high percentage of other  metals contained in them.  Foster Magurn does not allow insurance  matters to obscure the wonderful possibilities  which may attend mining investments. He is  interested to a considerable extent in the  Thunder Hill, and consequently was well pleased  to-day  on  receiving a telegram  from the man  ager to the effect that everything is going  along all right. It is epected that the company  will have a return on their concentrates in a  short time.  SALMON EIVEE PLACEBS  J. II. fteid Endeavors to have Nelson. Connected'.with"  the Placers toy Wagon Road.  John H. Reid, the mining engineer who is in  charge of Sawter & Gorkow's works on t he Salmon river, was in the city this week to urge  upon the Gold Commissioner the advisability of  connecting the Salmon river country with Nelson by means  of a  wagon  road.    He  explains  that this can now be done at a minimum cost as  compared with   the  amount that   would have  been required before the wagon  road  built  by"  the   N.&F.S.R.R.    contractors  was completed  past the Salmon river.  T<?n or twelve miles of wagon road would  connect the principal placer grounds with the  railway wagon road, at an estimated cost of  $5,000. The mine owners on the Salmon are  willing to contribute half of the amount  required if the government will take the  matter in hand.  In providing direct communication by wagon  road Nelson merchants would be materially  benefitted and so would the large number of  prospectors and Owners of the hydraulic properties on the Salmon and its tributaries.  Mr. Reid brought with him some pretty  nuggets that had been washed out just a little  way up the river from Suter & Gorkows'  ground. -  The Kootenay Hydraulic company will commence washing up in a few weeks. They have  expended $75,000 on their claim. Reid says it  will average 50 cents a yard in the wash up.  THE N. & F. S. E0AD  Is Progressing in the Most Favorable Way to Ensure  its Completion before Snow Flies.  If there are any in Nelson who do not believe  that the Nelson  &  Fort Sheppard road will be  completed and running  into this city by winter  they should take a trip over the road and be  convinced.  This week Contractor McLean received his  instructions to proceed with the construction of  the work on the lower level connecting Nelson  with the upper grade at five-mile point. The  men were put to work at once clearing the  right of way.  The rock will be completed in about three  week, excepting those section which have been  subbed to station men.  A number of workmen have been injured by  flying rock and are in the hospital. None of  accidents threaten to end fatally.  The big smelter at Socorro, New Mexico has  sent out circulars cancelling all silver-lead ore  contracts, and, as a result, from 5,000 to 8,000  laborers are either out of employment or working on half time.  'TjV.'C. ARTHUR, A.M., M.D., '  ;; '   ::    PHYSICIAN,,   Etc.;   . ������������������    -'f-\  Goroner for West Kootenay,  o Office over Nelson Drug Store,  West Baker street,  Nelson, B.C.  T~V LaBAU,   M. D.,  Physician and Surgeon,  Rooms 3 and 4,   Houston Block,  Nelson, B.C.  Telephone 42.  A      S. GOING,  ���������E&-0 :���������.: '������������������'.���������;.V.  CIVIL  ENGINEER  AND   PROVINCIAL  LAND  SURVEYOR.  Houston Block,  Nelson, B. C.  SA.   ROBERTS,  Provincial   and   Dominion  Land Surveyor,  TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C.  O   P. TUCK,  CIVIL ENGINEER  AND PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  Nelson and New Denver, B.C.  vy������  H. ELLACOTT, B.A., Sc,  CIVIL    ENGINEER  ���������    AND  PROVINCIAL   LAND   SURVEYOR.  Mineral and Mining Surveying  a Specialty.  KASLO, B.C.  eJ ���������  F.   BLEDSOE,  EXAMINER    OF   MINES,  Nelson,  B.C.  TWENTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE IN THE  152-52 AMERICAN CAMPS.  ASSAYER and ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  Golden, B.C.  Appointed by the British Columbia Government to  make all Assays and Analysis of Specimens sent to  the World's Fair, Chicago, 1891-1893.  m.  T'O^^^^^T^^


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