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The Miner Jan 7, 1893

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 smasmmmmm  \  I  I  I  ������������������.*������������������  4  1  On several occasions of late we have thought  it our duty to call attention to the manner in  which the C.-& K. S. N. Co. were running their  business, and on Monday last a Miner representative started off on the trip down to North-  port to learn by personal observation the difficulties that beset the course of the steamboat  company. Nelson was left at 9 a. m., and at  11:30 the Lytton started from, Robson. She  touched bottom slightly in the Kootenay rapids,  so slightly, however, as to be hardly noticeable,  and made the rest of the journey without further mishap, arriving at Northport at 5:30.  The most interesting point on the way down is  Wanita, a placer camp on the Pend d'Oreille  River. The boat only waited here a very few  minutes, so that it was impossible for us to  . learn   much  from Mr. Ellis, who has put in the  summer and fall at this point: and two gentlemen who came on board were far too exhausted  by their trip from the camp to the river���������or  from other causes���������to be able to give much information on the subject. The placer ground  consists of three bars on the Pend d'Oreille, the  highest and richest of which is rive miles up  the river. A wealthy American company is at  work building 13 miles of flume, and intends, in  the spring, to work the ground on an extensive  scale. It is said that by washing, 10 cents a pan  can be made, and if this be true, the company  ought to make a good thing of it.  Northport is a town   which   has only existed  since last July, and already has some half dozen  saloons and a newspaper.    There are at present  from 500 to 600 men at  work  on the  Nelson &  Fort Sheppard Railway in the immediate neighborhood, and they give the  place  that appearance of a railway centre which every inhabitant  is confident the town will continue to be   for all  time.    From   this point  to  the  Pend d'Oreille  River, D. C. Cor bin has camps all along the Columbia, which are engaged in clearing the right  of way for the N. & F..S. R. R.    The sitefor the  bridge across the former river has been  located  and cleared.    This  stream  is  one of fthe  most  sensitive in  the country,", and  shows signs  of  being affected by the  recent  thaw,   which are  not noticeable on the  Columbia,  the waters of  which were at precisely the same level on Tuesday evening as they were on Monday   morning.  The  return journey  was commenced at 6:30 a.  m. on Tuesday, and  the first serious  difficulty  was encountered at Rock Island.    Captain Gore  made an attempt to rim this  rapid, and though  he handled the steamer  as  only  Captain  Gore  can handle it, the .effort was  unsuccessful,   and  the boat had to back down into the slack water  at the foot of the rapids and make preparations  for lining up.   This operation was performed in  about 17 minutes, and it was not until  we were  within half a mile of Trail Creek that   the windlass again called into play.   This time 25 minutes  were spent  in  traveling some  300  yards.    The  last half mile of the journey took 45  minutes to  make, it being found necessary to  make   use of  the line for about 200 yards of this distance; and  several times, in this length  of  the river, it was  a toss-up  whether  the   boat would  be  able to  stem   the   current without  assistance  or   not.  However, Robson was reached at about 4 p. m.,  the time of the  return   trip  being the  best  on  record since the water has been   low.    With regard to  the possibility  of  keeping  this   route  open during the winter: To the uneducated eye  of the newspaper man, it seems that there should  be nothing to stop boats from making theronnd  trip   until   the  Columbia has fallen  from   six  inches   to   a  foot  lower than   it is at present.  There is no denying the fact that the river from  Northport to Robson is  difficult and, in places,  even dangerous to navigate, but. with a skilful  pilot and a stout rope, both of which are at this  moment in the'service of the company, there is  no doubt but that the trip can be madeforsome  time to come���������that is always presuming that  the river keeps clear  of ice.    Upon  this point  there appears to be some difference of opinion  between   white  settlers  and the Indians,  the  former declaring that the river never freezes,  whilst the latter state  that for some  miles on  either side of the boundary there is solid ice for  some few weeks during the winter.    The fact of  the matter seems to be that  some of the company's most valued and useful officers are homesick.   They have been away from home all the  year and want to  have  a look,  once  more, at  their wives and families.    This  is a perfectly,  proper and natural feeling, but still���������.  We believe that the C. & K. S. N. Co. are  doing their best to further the .welfare and interests of the country and that they will continue to do so, by keeping this route open, as  long as practicable. We Are also of opinion  that the people of this country will not forget,  when other routes are open, that one good turn  deserves another^ though, to be sure, the company ought not to find it very hard to do its  best for the country and its inhabitants so long  as the doing so results in financial profit to  itself.  Finally, we must express our sense of the kind  and courteous manner in which our representative was treated by the officials of the company.  From first to last the trip was enjoyable and  instructive, and our two days' trip on the Lytton will always be rembered with pleasure.  I_ETIM>SP32CTIVE.  A new country lives in its future. Its past  has little interest for it. And yet it is useful at  times to mark time for a few minutes while progresses reported.  Nelson. Buriiig 1S92.  No one  who  compares Nelson  in   December  1892 with Nelson in 1891 but must be struck with  the  tremendous  advance which  the  town has  made.    The fine   blocks   which  now  ornament  the corners of Josephine  street,   Stanley street,  and Kootenay street were then only in embryo,  and there w^re not wanting those who  did not  hesitate to say that tenants  would not readily  be found to occupy them.   In addition   to  business  blocks, the residence portion of the town  has been wonderfully developed, and handsome  houses are now dotted over the outskirts of the  town which wTas backwoods and wilderness last  winter.    Very  few, if any, of these houses are  vacant, at the present time,  although  we are  now in the depth  of  winter,   the reason  being  that the permanent population of Nelson has increased beyond all expectation.    A few  of the  new enterprises  located  in  Nelson during the  year may  be enumerated.    First in  time and  importance comes the establishment of branches  of the Banks of Montreal and British Columbia.  Previously all West Kootenay's  banking  business had to be transacted through Vancouver or  Kamloops.    Now it is firmly established at its  natural headquarters���������Nelson.    And  when it is  remembered that the payments of nearly all the  capital   invested  in   the  Slocan  country  have  been made  through  these  banks,   the  imbo.rt-  ance to Nelson of their  being established  here  cannot be overestimated.  In wholesale and retail trade, the past year  has seen the introduction of a branch of the  Hudson's Bay Company and the large dry goods  warehouse of T. A. Garland.  Messrs. Van Ness and LaBau, old citizens of  Nelson, have started a bottling business here  which is handling a large amount of goods.  They claim that theirs is the first steam whistle  located on the Nelson townsite. It will not be  the last.  During the year we have had a great influx of  professional and business men. The legal profession is now represented by Messrs. McLeod,  Bowes, Elliott and Muir, of whom only Mr.  Muir was located in Nelson in 1891. While in  general real estate and financial business,  Messrs. Edward Applewhaite, W. A. Jowett  and H. Ashby are  newcomers during  the past  year. Mr. Jowett, along with Mr. Chadbourn,  is engaged in extensive mining operations on  behalf of an English syndicate, and has found it  necessary to be where he could communicate  with London within 24 hours, hence his location  in Nelson.  Two new firms of civil engineers have also  been added to our list, Messrs. Perry, Gray &  Davys and Messrs. Kirke & Ritchie. Their business throughout the country has been very extensive, but their headquarters have been and  must be Nelson.  A land office of the C. P. R. land department,  under Commissioner F. Fletcher, has also been  centred here. .  Nor must we omit to mention, as evidence of  our social and religious progress, the building  of a handsome schoolhouse. and the completion  of the Presbyterian church, the Episcopalian  Mission Hall, and a church for Roman Catholic  citizens to worship in under the Rev. Father  Bernard. It is from Nelson that the Rev.  Messrs. Turner, Rogers, Reid and Father Bernard carry the doctrine of their various denominations into the surrounding country, and we  imagine from the goodwill they show towards  each other at home that they lay more stress  on the points on which they are agreed than on  those on which they differ.     0  The transient trade of Nelson has been   extraordinarily increased  during  the  last  year.    It  has  been  the   rendezvous   of prospectors and  mining men from all parts of the country.    The  freight returns, as  evidenced  by  the  books of  the railway  company,   also show an   immense  increase.    In short, during the year Nelson has  been steadily asserting its position as the centre  and distributing point  of Wrest Kootenay at  large.    If more proof were needed, the one  fact  that during October and November over $12,000  worth of meat wTas shipped from one meat market   in Nelson, woul������  be sufficient.    Of course  Nelson   has had   her reverses  and  drawbacks.  The real estate market has  been  quiet, though  steady; but the  withdrawal  from  the  town of  between $70,000 and $80,000 by the Government  and C. P. R. was not altogether an advantage,  Certain action taken  by   the customs  authorities against the merchants of   West Kootenay,  who were more sinned against than sinning in  the matter,was  another   blow.    And  the genT  eral stagnation   of  the-  speculative  market  all  over the Pacific Coast has not been   without its  effect.    But, in  spite  of  all, progress  real and  substantial has been made, and  the  immediate  future is full of promise of still  greater  things.  ToariL Mountain.  We   cannot   look   back  oyer the  history  of  Toad Mountaiu during  the past  year  and say  that the record has been altogether satisfactory.  It is just a year and a little more  since  the  extensive development on the Dandy was stopped.  The ledge was cut at an insignificant depth and  results did not justify anticipations. The owners  of the property still kept a smalt' force  of  men  at'-work,''and  as  the  ledge  was  followed  and  depth was gained,  mote, and  more satisfaction  was felt wirh the progress  made.    -4nd now arrangements have been completed for the placing  of a concentrator at work this year, and for the  Dandy taking rank as a producing  mine.    It is  also just a year since  the  first rumors  reached  us of an impending deal over  tlie.  Silver  King  group of   mines.    The  deal   is  impending  still.  But there is every reason to believe that it is at  last nearing completion.    On   the  Grizzly  Bear  and Silver Queen mines development  has   been  carried on without, any   very  startling  results,  but   with   sufficient advance  to   justify    their  opening up on a much larger scale*. Thelriquois  claim has quietly been  taking its place as one  of the largest propositions  in   West   Kootenay.  While a surprisingly rich strike on the Golden-  dale has Jed to the formation of the Toad Mountain Mining Company, which means during this  year to discover whether in  the  Goldendale  it  has another Kootenay Bonanza or not.  On the gold belt very little of any consequence  has been done.    The  Poorman   has,   as   usual,  (Continued on page 2.)  5~?0  *xm^^mmmmwmaawmiimmgs:���������t~  ^^re^rerr^ -fa- ?^.^������-������������������ire" ?T^ifflXff%i???^  ���������&mmsswm������Bm!g$gm!$^^fflffim$Mm THE   MINEE :  NELSON,   B.   0.,   SATUEDAY, JANUAEY 7,  1893.  -    (Continued from page 1.)  been worked intermittently.    The  Whitewater  is still in the field and only  awaits  decisive  action of some sort to become  one  of  the richest  mines on the continent.  Such is the record, small   in   itself,   but  great  in its promise of belter things in the near future.  In every mining camp there is  a  lull while the  capitalist takes the place of the speculator. This  is  especially   marked  in a camp which requires  expensive   machinery and   large  capital.     But  that lull cannot last  forever.    The  camp   must  either die altogether or become a producer.    If  there is any man interested in this country who  believes that Toad   Mountain   is  going to die���������  Toad Mountain with its ore houses full of thousands of tons of the  richest ore  ever known in  this or any other country, with its veins of  ore  of unheard of extent and richness���������if such a, man  exists, let  him pull up his stakes and quit.    We  don't want that sort of man   here.    But   we  do  not'believe that  those  who  know  anything of  Toad Mountain had ever more confidence in its  future than at the present time.  When another  year has  passed, we   venture  to  think  that it  will be of interest  to  compare  the  progress of  1893 with that of 1892, for those who at  present  have   not   sufficient    intelligence   to   see    the  MEEOHAFT MILLERS, M00S0MQT, Assa.  firrtt-WJvrTTrwr n^n������m ��������� .^  '���������nrnBmi*mir^MtswiM***Pm*T~*n������������*m*~t  8J>������  "Hungarian Patent,"  ''. "Strong Bakers,"  "Straight Bakers.  ))  Dealers in all kinds of  Chopped Feed, Oats,  Bran, Shorts,  Chicken. Feed, Etc.  Prices givenSacked or in Bulk.   The finest quality of OATMEAL and CORNMEAL can be  obtained many sized sacks.    Quotations cheerfully furnished on appUctd^  intelligence  promise of the future in the past.  (To be continued.)  AST KYE-OPB3SEK OSCOOAGE/  SPECIAL ."ATti  "jOftf '.GIVEN.' TO  ;ritis-h  1MB!  :;;:i;-yi;>^F5IOiBS;:,:  ,  Moosomin, H. W.I,y and 25 Park Street, Ottawa, 0n���������;  "  MAOB0JMLI), Agent for N.W.T. and Kootenay'District,; B.C.  *   Superintendent Allen, of the Butte and   Boston Mining Oninpany, of  Montana,   has  sent,a  letter to the Secretary of the Treasury  offering  to make any amount of much   better  silver ���������dollars for 90 cents apiece   than   are  at   present   in  use.    Mr. Allen takes (he position that counting  silver at 85 cents per  ounce, the  intrinsic value  of a dollar is only eo'71 cents.    He would put in  each coin 400 grains of pure, silver,   whereas the  present dollar only contains'871 _���������. grains, and he  would number and letter each coin, so that the  Government would not be  compelled to redeem  duplicates,   a  safeguard  now   neglected.     Mr.  Allen says  he  would   reap  a  profit  in   coining  while the arice  of silver  was  anywhere  under  129-29.    The letter adds:  " While it has always been possible  to   recognize counterfeit papi-r money, the present silver  coin can be  produced  at a profit of 53 per cent.,  and   a coin   that  cannot   be  detected.    This  is  true of silver money, whether' foreign or American.    Now, my position is  either to   withdraw'  ihe present silver money /before- .the  excess   becomes so large- that itw ill bankrupt, the Government to   redeem   it,   or  coiubine   with  foreign  powers who are equally in danger and make the  old standard of value,  $1.2929, which   will make  a coin which  cannot   be  counterfeited  without  the use of base metal alloy,   which is   easily detected,   and   for   which   the  Government'will  never have to pay a face value."  Ifi-a member of a mining partnership can sell  his interest in the concern to an outsider, and if  by so doing he makes the /purchaser not co-  owner but co-partner in the concern, then no  9tPJ{aHSt: ueed tr'onD!e himself to purchase. more  than ^controlling interest in a mine. He can  sell up his partners at his own time and price,  because the act make ���������: them responsible for their  share pro-rata of any expenditure he may think  lit to authorize.  Where is the heaven-sent jurist and legislator  who is to straighten out the mining" law of  Brit ish Colmnbia-? Echo answers: '' Where ?"  any  -DEALERS  IN������������������  ' feas  West Kootenay Electoral District.  .  -A Court of Revision and Appeal, under -the'f Assessment  Act, 1888," and amendments,  will be held at  the Court  House, kelson, on  Saturday,  the-,31st day-of December  1892, at the hour of 10 in the forenoon. '  '      ' -N. FITZSTUBBS,  ��������� xt i tv     Jlld^?_ fcfePourt of Revision and Appeal.  Nelson. December 6th, 1892.  Agents for Fort Garry Flour Mils  ..-..'-.Mara block,'.'  baker street;' ��������� -    -    nelson,b. c.  Mil. VAiY-'AND TtefS DAJLDANtotTLES.  A sensational  over Mr. (Jov's  mining  suit   is  likely  to arise  relation   to   the   famous Dardanelles  group   of mines.    Mr.   Coy,   it  appears,  owns 3-16. of the'mine.-    What Mr. Coy  paid for  his interest and how he became  possessed  of it  has got nothing to do with the case, neither has  tlie question as to whether he  ought   rightfully  to own more in the mine or less.    So long as his  title to three-sixteenths is undisputed he"'is   entitled to act as   the   owner  of  three-sixteenths,  independent   of   questions   of  ^rub-staking  or  anything  else.    Mr.   Coy   refused   to   bond  his  share of the mine to Mr. Davenport at the same  rate as the other owners of  the   mine  did.    He  now asserts that Mr. Davenport  threatened to  freeze  him   out,  and   is   now  carrying out   his  threat;   and  has  accordingly  taken   means   to  secure an   injunction   on  the  mine.    Whether  this assertion is true or not, we have at present  no means of knowing.    Unless an amicable arrangement is arrived at the matter  will   be  decided m a court of law.    In the meantime sentimental indignation   is  wasted on  Mr. Coy, Mr.  Davenport | or Judge  Walkem;   it  is  the   law  that   is    at    fault.     . A     law     which    makes  a mining partnership the easiest of all  partnerships to enter into and at the same time  places  the most extended  and  burdensome liabilities  on the members  of the  partnership, is  unjust.  ,!    TO. WHOM. IT MAY CONCERN'.  "Take Notice that I, Joseph Edward Boss, of the Citv of  Spokane, United States of America, (free miner's certificate No. dl6t2) being the lawful holder of the mineral claim  Young Dominion, recorded by H. Howson, on the 10th  day of June, 1892, in the recorder's office, New Denver  intend applying at the end of sixty days for a certificate of  improvements on the said claim for the ourpose of obtaining a Crown Grant therefor. And further take notice  that adverse claims, if any, must be sent to the Gold Commissioner at Nelson, and action commenced before the  issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 28th day of October, 1892. J- E- BOSS.  Hunt er Dover,,  JEWELERS   AND    WATCHMAKERS.  N.  Hot  and   cold water;   electric bells; billiard and club  rooms; baths.   All appointments first-class.  E. E. PHAIR, proprietor.  CROWN -GRANT   APPLICATIONS^ :  Notice is hereby given, that M. S. Davys, as manager for  the Cottonwood Gold Mining Company, limited, has filed  the necessary papers and made application for a crown  grant in favor of tlie mineral claim known as the "Golden  King," situate in the Nelson mining division of West  Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections within GO days from date of publication. N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., August 22nd, 1892.       Gold commissioner.  -   NELSON,- B.C.  ^Plasterer,   Bricklayer and  Stone-Mason  Contracts   taken   for work  at  all   points   in  West Kootenay.  ^iL:r_^_.j[sr   zcis  m  Plasterer and Bricklayer  Will contract for all kinds of work.   Materials furnished  and estimates given for work in any town in  Kootenay Lake Country.  2,H38������   FOK   SALES  At Nelson and Pilot Bay or delivered at any point on  the lake m any quantity.   Address P.O. box 47, Nelson.  Nelson   Music   Emporium.  Ob 9  Dealers in Pianos, Organs, Sewing Machines (Improved  Singer) Staple and Fancy Stationery, Books, School  Supplies, all kinds of Musical Merchandise.  Call    jaiwl    sec    us    in   our   new   stand   HOUSTON  BLOCK,    Baker   Street.  "Prevention is better than cure."   Every business man  should have a copy of "The Customs Tariff."  Nelson' anal Revelstoke,  carry full lines of all kinds of furniture for residences,  hotels, and offices.   Mattresses made to order, and  at prices lower than eastern and coast.  They are also agents for  Evans Pianos and Doherty Organs,  NELSON  STORE : ���������*  No. 4 B-ouston ������& Ink -Building, Josephine Street  f.-A'i ������������������������. At1** -���������������  ,i������"nk���������%'jS"_C"ir1 "in. *  ,'������������������-���������'.���������51-". *��������� '���������:-". sr  ve.'.:  j-j.-  ""' V.L*    t"VP  ' " '. 'miWt J _   .'���������!.    I  I VI"  " .1 ���������   ���������" __ tl     1   .   .   , Jf  ���������     ���������    I, II     1"!    iu"^"      1 "I ��������� 'ir-VL'i  ��������� !��������� I I. |   I LIU 111 - I ��������� I      ���������������������������!!-��������� ��������� ���������!       I   1.   II     -������.��������� imjuw���������if    ���������    n i      11 u       i       ���������������������. __ ��������� I    I        _  C������i.-i-<r- ��������� , '   -  ^?i- \'  Jt.~,   t' \v- *">s"i  'K t ���������t,.-<������   ",i \Jf*m.nA ..    ..J.1'        -A ��������� ".'it     .i'-I-j.-.���������,!*-i    .J  -i".*!- - \7'"������'.V'*V- \ T V"1-" I.���������. "ZVJTji ?* "s . ->��������� J     .���������/  -.l\\<,.-'..i  *������"������?", - -.1   V -������������������������������ ���������-'������������������������ ��������� *. -  x i" ������������������������������������?. *~. ��������� *��������� ���������*-- h r  mi  ft ^i^ i- ������������������������������      i     ��������� iTf * THE   MOTEB :  KELSON,  BL  0.,  SATUEDAY, JANUARY 7, 1893.  ������ <      i 4  ^  r-  <���������):  34  Lpro    i_r  :������  The Distributing Point for the Duncan G-old Fields and Great Silver Ledges of the  Lardo District. A Trail from this Townsite will bring the centre of the Lardo  Mines within 12 miles, thus saving carriage over 18 miles of Lake and Trail.  Beautifully Situated. Level Land.   The Only Point on Upper Kootenay Lake.  X    X    X     X      X      X  XXXXXX      XX  XX      X      XXX  <9  wN*  fe*-  iariy in the spring a trail will be built from this point to the foot  iper Kootenay Lake, Connecting Duncan with this town.  e  ?  0  -^9_  z&-  For further information as to prices for lots, terms, etc., Apply to 4,  THE  MINEE: NELSON,  B.  0.,   SATUEDAY,  JANUAEY 7   1893.  The Miner is printed on Saturdays, and will be  mailed to subscribers at the following cash-in-advance  rates: Three months $1.50, six months ������2.50, one year $4.,  Contract-Advertisements will be inserted at the  rate of $3 an inch (down the column) per month. A  special rate for advertisements of over 2 inches.  Transient Advertisements will be inserted for  15 cents a line for the first insertion and 7 cents a line  for. each additional insertion. Twelve lines of 9 words  each make an inch. All advertisements printed for  a less period than 3 months considered transient and  must he paid for in advance. Advertisements of less  than 12 lines will be counted as 12 lines.  Birth Notices free if weight of child is given; if  weight is not given $1 will be charged. Marriage  announcements will be charged from $>1 to $10-according to the social standing of the bridegroom.  Letters to the Editor will only appear over the  writer's name. Communications with such signatures  as "Old Subscriber," "Veritas," "Citizen," etc., etc.,  will not be printed on any consideration.  Job Printing in good style at fair rates. Cards,  envelopes, and letter, note, and account papers kept  in stock.  Subscribers in arrears will be notified by mail this  month, and are requested to forward their subscriptions before the close of the year.  EZJUTOKIAL    REMARKS.  It is impossible to overestimate  the   value  of  our mail service.    We do not mean  the value it  possesses as our means of communicating   with  persons on the outside, but as an   unfailing subject-about which we can kick.    If one be suffering from the reaction of the Christmas and New  Year's festivities it is the   most soothing thing  in the world to blackguard  the  postal arrangements of this district.    It is so safe, too, for it is  moderately certain that  whatever one may say  on this subject will have some grain of truth in  it.    The most recent complaint has   been  about  the Lake mail.    It has not gone  through  with  any regularity, so it is said, and there can be no  doubt  but  that   delays   have   occurred   which  might, with  a  little  management,   have   been  avoided.   AH the trouble has arisen, we believe,  not on account of any  neglect  of duty  on   the  part of the local postoffice authorities or of the  firm  which has the  contract for carrying'the  mails to the boat,   but   is  owing entirely to the  neglect of the central office in  Victoria to live  up to  its  promises.    We  understand  that  the  mail for Lake points  ought,   by  rights,   to  be  sorted at the Coast,   whereas   this  work  is  left  for the Nelson postoffice to do.   This, naturally,  takes some time, and if the train arrives at, say  6 or 7 p. m., it is 9 or ten o'clock before the mail  sacks are ready  to  be sent  off.    The teamster  has,   consequently,   either  to  keep   his  horses  standing around doing nothing for some  hours,  or to turn out at 5 or six iu the morning for the  sole purpose of carrying the  Lake   mail   to the  wharf, neither of which  he  can  reasonably be  expected to do in such weather as we have been  recently enduring, for the  remuneration which  his contract allows.    It is all  very  well   to  say  that when a man takes a contract  he ought to  fulfil   it.  but when  such  a  contract has been  taken on a certain understanding, and the conditions of that understanding are violated, then  is  the.  time  that  the kick comes���������and rightly.  There can be no doubt but that the head  office  alone is to blame in  this  matter,   and  until  it  makes a gigantic effort and performs its duty,  the citizens of Pilot  Bay,   Balfour,  Ainsworth  and Kaslo may consider themselves lucky if they  get their mail with anything like regularity.  Latest advices from the Coast are to the effect  that business is very quiet. Perhaps this is one  of the reasons why Victoria and Vancouver  capitalists have shown so lamentable a lack of  interest in this country. That they are land^  poor is certainly about the only excuse that they  can now urge with any degree of truth. They  have been told over and over again of the richness of this district, and of the opportunities  they were allowing to pass by unimproved.  They have turned a deaf ear to the voice of the  charmer, charmed he never so wisely. It  seemed at onetime, it is true, that they had  realized that they were getting left behind in the  race for the wealth of West Kootenay, but  their j agitation was very transient and very  pitiful. What there was of it, too, was expended in an entirely wrong direction.  You people at the Coast : If you would interest yourselves in the country instead of������  shedding maudlin tears of fear at the thought  of our trade going across the border; if you  would only believe enough of the stories of the  value of our mines to induce you to find out for  yourselves how true they are, you would be  able surely to find a few odd dollars, which,  carefully invested, would enable you to make  back payments on your town lots. As it is, you  will wait until every claim of value has been  developed and is on the market at a high figure,  and yoii will be delighted to pay three or four  prices for a property that you could now buy  direct from the prospector.    More fools you.  Mr. Edward Mahon was interviewed by a  News-Advertiser reporter on his arrival in Vancouver, and gave a perfectly truthful account of  what was going on in the country, and.of what  were the capabilities of the district���������an account  which, on the other side of the line, would cause,  and has caused tremendous excitement, but  which, on the Coast, will not induce a single individual to give the matter a second thought.  It seems to be a sure thing that D. C. Corbin  means business. He hasn't got 600 to 700 men  at work along the Columbia between Northport  and the Pend d'Oreille River just for fun. Five  carloads of cement are not waiting at North-  port simply because there is a good market for  it at that point, nor is the Columbia held in  readiness to carry supplies up the river only in  order to find winter work for the C. & K. S. N.  Co.'s servants. The Nelson & Fort Sheppard  Railway is to go through and is to be rushed.  No one can tell with any accuracy the details  of the matter, because Mr. Corbin is back Bast,  and no one, except D. 0. Corbin, knows what  are D. C. Corbin's intentions until they have  taken the form of accomplished facts.  After all we are to have a lively winter. A  Mutual Improvement Association has been  formed, which promises to help us to pass a  pleasant.evening at least once a week, and we  hear that preparations are being made to give a  minstrel show for some charitable object, at as  early a date as possible.  C. E. Perry, M. S. Davys,  Mem. Inst. C.E., P.L.S. M.E.  J. H. Gray,  CE.,  P.L.S.  PEERY, GBAY & DAYYS  provincial land surveyors,  notary public, conveyancing.  OFFICES:   Room 4, Spencer's Arcade, Government  street, Victoria. Opposite Hotel Phair, Nelson.  NELSON  & Feed S  LLBAM   WILSO  PROPRIETOR.  HAY AND  GRAIN FOR SALE.  Omnibus and carriages to and from all trains and steamboat wharves. Saddle and pack animals for hire. Freight  hauled and all kinds of job teaming attended to".  Stable on Baker Street   Office with Wilson & Perdue.  J. Hoover, President.  c    (i   E. J. Dyer, Cashier.  THE  EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANK  OF SPOKANE,  STATE  OF WASHINGTON.  Capital  .$250,000  Surplus $ 30,000  FOREIGN AND  DOMESTIC EXCHANGES  BOUGHT AND  SOLD.  ACCOUNTS  OP MINERS AND MERCHANTS  SOLICITED.  Cable Transfers Made.  HOTEL  VICTORIA   STREET,   NEfcSOiY,   B.C.  Pleasant Rooms.   Well Appointed Bar.   Terms Moderate.  MILLS   &  REVSBECH, Proprietors.  ���������e LAKE-VIEW hotel,  MULVEY   &   CLEMENT,  PROPRIETORS.  WINES,  LIQUORS and  CIGARS.  Best Accommodation for Travellers.  Regular Connection by Boat with New Denver.  Finest Accommodations in the Lake Country.   Elegant  table.   Best of Liquors and Cigars at the Bar.  AKCRIE  FLETCHER, Proprietor ami Manager.  J.  AND J.  TAYLOR  TORONTO SAFE WORKS  KELIABLE, PEBFECT, TH0E0UGHLY TESTED  Every business man in a mining camp, where  banks are scarce and money and valuable papers  are plenty, should have one of J. & J. Taylor's  safes.  4������\Don,t wait till after a fire to purchase one. ���������  JVC  B  m  p  k  A  I  THE  MINEE:  NELSON,  B.  0.,  SATURDAY,  JANUARY 6   1893.  fit'  Pi  P  I:  I  P  'll!  '5'  I  1.  ���������2.  3.  4.  The Gateway of the Lardo-Duncan Mining Gamps.  The Only Flat Land, not Subject to Overflow, and the Only Harbor at  the North End of Kootenay Lake.  A Railway Point; vide 0. P- R. Reports  The Head of Navigation at the North End of Kootenay Lake  The Terminus of the Government Trail to the Mines  o:  :������  Examine the Map of West Kootenay!  Examine the Head of Kootenay Lake!  Examine the Townsite of Lardo! and  FACTS FOR YOURSELVE  Q:  :������  As over 150 lots have now been sold locally to business men  of district, apply early in order to avail yourselves of  prices, viz.:  TERMS: One-third cash, one-third in 3 months, and one-third  in 6 months.  The streets and these first 200 lots will be cleared free of cost; after which prices  will be advanced and farther improvements made.  , _B_t___Jiaa wAm   'BuT ���������imrfft ilium"  . mm flfl ���������   iiini ffiiiuii i ilTliiiiii ���������mffliMMinniil [������������������inhiii������������ni������_Milfiwn i Tl     i  Stone Block. Kaslo City, B. C.  MANAGING AGENT.  nmn-������< ���������*f~-"n7v" SF~  THE   MINER:  NELSON,   B.   0.,  SATUEDAY, JANUAEY_ 7, 1893.  General   Founders,   Engineers,   Boiler   Makers,   and   Manufacturers   of  All  ,   Classes of Machinery.     Sawmill and Marine Work a Specialty.  SOLE    MANUFACTURERS   ������F   THE  Kendall Band Mill, B. 0. Shingle Machines, Steam  Log Hauling Machines.  We keep in stock a full supply of Engineer and Mill Supplies, such as Pipe and Fittings, Brass Goods, Sheet and ot  Packing; Rubber Valves, Rubber and Leather Belling, Oils, and Lubricants, etc.  HOISTING ENGINES AND  SINKING PUMPS FOE MINES.  ..   Corner Alexander Street and Westminster Ave., YArTOOUVEE, rB. 0.  D.   OARTSVIEL,  Agent West Kootenay.  J. W. CAMPION,     - J. E.  Secretary-Treasurer.  Manager  CHURCH OF EXGJLANH) MISSION.  A meeting- was held  on Tuesday evening,last  to consider th<j affairs of this mission. The Rev.  A. J. Reid was voted to the chair, and gave an  account   of   its  financial   position.    It  appears  that most of the difficulties under which the institution is laboring have arisen   from   the  fact  that the majority   of  people who promised subscriptions in the spring have not ynt paid them,  and that on the security of the  subscription list  Mr. Reid gave, and   Dr.   Williams  endorsed, a  note foi- $897, to cover an overdraft in the Bank  of B. C.    The meeting on Tuesday night elected  a   financial    committee,   consist ing   of   Frank  Fletcher, treasurer,   and G.   R. Robson,   F. W.  Valleau,   T.   G.   Christie and F.   Irvine, whose  duty it will,fc>6 to devise  means  for paying off  the balance of this note ($297)  and  to place the  ������������������affairs of the mission on a sound financial basis.  On  Thursday evening   this  committee  held a  meeting   to  discuss  the  matter   of   ways  and  means, when it was decided to open a fresh subscription list, and to  allow  any  one either to  pay a lump  sum  down   or  to  donate  a  fixed  amount,,from 50 cents  upwards,   monthly.    It  was   also   suggested   that  a, considerable   sum  might be raised by means of some  kind  of entertainment, and we understand that steps will  be taken in the  near  future  to  carry  out this  idea.    The committee will  meet again on Tuesday next to report progress. c  DEBATE OF SOCIALISM.  On Tuesday night a debate on the question of  Socialism was held in the Presbyterian church.  The motion brought   before   the   meeting  was  "that legislation should tendcin the direction of  Socialism," and was'moved by Mr. Bowes. Mr.  McLeod then moved the direct negative, followed by Mr. Rogers for the motion and Mr.  Bogle for the negative. All the speeches were  listened to with attention and frequently applauded by an appreciative audience. The meeting adjourned after a vote of thanks had been  passed to the chair, which was occupied by Mr.  G. O. Buchanan.  APPLICATION   FOR   SPECIAL   Til  LICENSE.  IBER  Notice is hereby given that I have made application to  the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, for  a special license to cut timber on 640 acres of land, situate  on the outlet of Kootenay Lake, directly opposite G. O.  Buchanan's old millsite, commencing at a stake marked  W. W. W., N. E. No. 1, thence west along the water front  1-^miles to stake marked W. W. W., No. 2, thence north ������  mile to a stake marked No. 3, thence east 1������ miles to stake  marked No. 4, thence ������ mile south to place of commencement. W. W. WEST.  Dated at Nelson, November 30th, 1892.  FOR   SALE.  An assayer's outfit and laboratory, complete in all its details with office fittings.   Price, $400.  Apply Miner office.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 60 days from the date  hereof, I intend to apply for a crown grant to the " Try  Me" mineral claim,situated on Toad Mountain. This  application will be made under clause 35, " Mineral Act,  1891." Copies of the field notes and plat can be seen at  the office of the Government Agent, Nelson.  Nelson, B.'C, Nov. 26th, 1892. HAROLD SELOUS.  Notice is hereby given that at the next Session of the  Legislature of British Columbia, application will be made  for an act to incorporate a company for the purpose of  constructing, operating and maintaining a line of railway,  commencing at a point near the town of Nelson, in Kootenay District, thence following the West Arm of Kootenay  Lake to Balfour, thence along the west shore of Kootenay  Lake to Ainsworth, thence to a point at or.near Kaslo,  thence running up the main fork of Kaslo Creek to Bear  Lake, thence to a point at or near the Forks of Carpenter  Creek, with power to build branch "lines to any mine or  mines adjacent to the line of railway, and with power to  build wharves and docks and erect and maintain telegraph and telephone lines, and all necessary work.  BODWELL & IRVING,  Solicitors for the Applicants.  Dated the 14th day of December, 1892.  Notice is hereby given that application -will be made to  the Legislature of British Columbia at its next Session for  an act to incorporate a company with power to construct,  equip, maintain and operate a railway from a point near  the international boundary line, at or near Bedlington, in  the Province of British Columbia, thence following up  the Kootenay River to Kootenay Lake, thence along the  west shore of Kootenay Lake to its northerly extremity,  with power to construct branchos to the headwaters of  the Lardeaux and Duncan rivers, in said Province, and to  construct telegraph and telephone lines and to equip and  operate the same in connection with the said line of railway, together with the usual powers to acquire lands,  privileges, bonuses, or other aids from the Dominion or  Provincial Governments, and to make traffic or other arrangements with railway, steamboat or other compaL���������':"���������'';  and for all other usual and necessary powers rights" ? "d  privileges.        JOSEPH HETHERINGTON BOWES,  Solicitor for Applicant-.  Dated at Nelson, the 16th day of December' 1892.  SHAFER   GOLD   AND   SILVER   MINING  (Foreign.)  Kegistered   the   16th   Day   of   December,   1892.  CERTIFICATE OP REGISTRATION.  This is to certify that I have this day registered the  "Shafer Gold and Silver Mining Company," (foreign)  under the Companies Act, Part IV, Registration of Foreign  Companies, and the Companies Act Amendment Act,  1889.  The objects for which the company is established are:  To cany on the business of mining for gold, silver, copper,  lead, zmc and other minerals, in the State of Washington,  in the Province of Britisn Columbia, and at other places  in the United States and in British North America, and  of operating quartz mills and smelters for .the purpose of  working the quartz and ores from mines owned or worked  by said company, and ores and quartz brought to such  mills and smelters by other persons or corporations.  The amount of the capital stock of the said company is  Four Hundred Thousand Dollars, divided into four hundred thousand shares of one dollar each.  The term of existence of the said company is Fifty years.  The place of business of the said company is located at  Ainsworth, Pnovince of British Columbia.  In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and  affixed my seal of office this 16th day of December, 1892, at  the City of Victoria, in the Province of British Columbia.  /'Seal of the Registrar on C. J. LEGGATT.  ���������< Joint Stock Companies >-      Registrar Joint Stock Co'ys.  \    British Celumbia.     /  NOTICE.  Slocan Boy Mineral Claim, Slocan District, West  Kootenay, B. C.  Take notice that we, E. J. M. Hale, free miner No. 40257;  Jno. W. Goss, free miner, No. 42784; S. K. Green, free  miner No. 40277; S. J. Silverman, free miner No. 42490; intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Gold  Commissioner for a certificate of Improvements for the  purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that adverse claims must be sent  to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before  the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  N. E. LINSLE Y, Agent for the Above.  Dated this 30th day of October, A. D. 1892.  NOTICE."  The Columbia & Kootenay Railway and Navigation  Company will apply to the Parliament of Canada at its  next session for an Act authorizing it to construct and  operate a railway between a point on its present line and  Revelstoke, together with such branch or branches, not  exceeding in any case thirty miles in length, as may be  hereafter authorized by His Excellency the Governor in  Council, and for other purposes.       J. D. TOWNLEY,  Vancouver, November 24th, 1892. Secretary.  crown grant in favor of tlie mineral claim known as the  "Hidden Treasure.', situated on Toad Mountain, West  Kootenay District. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections within 60 days from the date of this  notice. N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B. C, Dec. 3, 1892. Gold Commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that James Fox, as agent for A. H.  Kelly, E. S. Topping and A. M. Esler, has filed the necessary papers and made application for a crown grant in  favorof the mineral claim known a> the "Ollie,"situated  on  Toad Mountain,   AVest  Kootenay District.    Adverse  claimants, if any, will forward  days from date of this notice.  Nelson, B. C, Dec. 3rd, 1892.  their objections within 60  N. FITZSTUBBS,  Gold Commissioner.  Notice, is hereby given that Henry Anderson, as agent  for John N. Squire, has filed the necessary papers, and  made application for a crown grant in favorof the mineral  claim known as the Tiger, situate in the Ainsworth mining  division of West Kootenay.   Adverse claimants,  if  any, .will  forward their objections  within 60 days from  date of publication. N. FITZSTUBBS,  Gold Commissioner.  Nelson, B. C, 7th October, 1892.  Notice is hereby given that Harold Selous, as agent for  W. R. Will and R. G. Tatlow, has filed the necessary  papers and made application for a'crown grant in favor of  the mineral claim' known as the " Ivanhoe," situated on  Toad Mountain. West Kootenay District.  Adverse claimants will forward their objections within  60 days from the date of this publication.  N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C, Nov. 26th, 1892. Gold Commissioner.  Notice, is hereby given that Harold Selous has filed the  necessary papers and made application for crown grants  in favor of the mineral''claims known as " Yankee Girl J  and "Annie," situated on Toad Mountain on the divide  between the east and west forks of Give Out Creek, West  Kootenay District. ,  ,-' Adverse claimants will forward their objections within  60 days from date of this publication.  N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B. C, Nov. 26th, 1892. Gold Commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that E..D. Ainsworth, for himself and as agent for E. E. Brockhausen and D. C. Joslyn,  has filed the necessary papers and made application for a  crown grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the  " Copper King," situated on Toad Mountain, West Kootenay District. Adverse claimants will forward their objections within 60 days from the date of this notice.  N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B. C, Dec. 5th, 1S92. Gold Commissioner.  Prospectors'location notices for sale at The Miner office  Notice is hereby given that M; S. Davys,' as manager for  the Cottonwood Gold Mining Company, limited, has filed  the necessary papers and made application for a crown  grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the " Golden  Wreath," situate in the Nelson mining division of West  Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections within 60 daj's from date of publication. N.  FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., August 22nd, 1892.       Gold commissioner.  CROWnTgRANT  APPLICATION.  To All Whom it May Concern:  Be it known that we, James Richey, (free miner's certificate 41,883) Matthew Guthrie, (free miner's certificate  42,677) Jno. Fitzgerald, (free miner's certificate 41,738) and  John King, (free miner's certificate 40,954) being the lawful holders of the mineral claim Okanagan, recorded by  Matthew Guthrie aforesaid, on the 2nd day of June, 1892,  in the office of A. Sproat, mining recorder, Slocan, intend  appplying for a crown grant of the same by purchase, as  provided in section 35 of the Mineral act, 1891, as amended  in 1892. J AS. RICHEY,  M. GUTHRIE,  JNO.    FITZGERALD,  September 5th, 1892. JNO. KING.   Notice is hereby given that at the next Session of the  Legislature of British Columbia application will be made  for an act to incorporate a company for the purpose of  constructing, operating and maintaining a line of railway,  commencing at a point on the international boundary, on  the right fork of Sheep Creek, thence running north along  said creek to the Trail Creek Mines or, more particularly,,  to Red Mountain, with power to build, maintain and  operate branch lines from any point or points on the main  lines or branch lines to any adjacent mine or mines, and  with power to build wharves and docks, and erect and  maintain telegraph and telephone lines and all necessary  works. IBODWELL & IRVING,  Solicitors for the Applicants.  Dated this 14th day of December, 1892.  r  H^flE^fl^PPP^  S5K  K&  "T?7^!:  il^CVi&Llllii  3v!IP  .���������VU9IUU9J ������_ll JflMIPI'TVi'  23jfMf������$_������!5_i_  :OM<3.'.i-tlSr.,Ji.!!SMi*������J!'S5  jiSi_.B-.~5 IP  B  !'��������� i  ������*%'  M  ii  m  !>'  i  1  fci j  it  f  113  i  |tv     *  THE  MINEE:  NELSON,   B.  0.,  SATUEDAY,  JANUAEY 7   1893.  i^__:esj":d   idieie^A-IRTIivcieidtT;,  This Company now Offers for Sale a Number of Choice Business or Eesidential  Lots on Easy Terms.   Eebate Given for G-ood Buildings on -----���������  BUSINESS     PROPERTY.  FOR PARTICULARS APPLY    -    -    F.   FLETCHER,  LAND  COMMISSIONER, NELSON, B. 0.  __ASiO   NOTES.  E. E. Coy has just returned from a trip to the  Dardanelles. It is said that Mr. Coy claims  one half of the mine, and has served a writ and  interim injunction. Whatever the trouble may  be it is to oe regretted if it results in tying up  this mine in litigation.  In Spokane it is confidently stated that the  people of Kaslo are starving and that provisions  are almost unattainable. This is not perhaps  absolutely true, as it is still possible to obtain a  meal at the no doubt famine price of the familiar four bits. We have to do without the  luxuries of the table and to be content with  beef, ham, eggs, pork, vegetables, pie, eic, but  no doubt this will be remedied when communication is once more open, and we shall then have  our usual delicacies, such as canvass-back, duck,  strawberries and cream, whitstable oysters and  other things. In the meantime we have to grin  and bear it.  The trail from Lardo, connecting with the  Government trail, is nearly finished and was  described to me the other day as wide enough  for a sleigh. When this is completed the owners  intend to set to work to clear the townsite. I  mention these facts because I hear a report has  been circulated that a trail could not be cut and  that the townsite might not be cleared, both of  which statements are, I happen to know, quite  .false. "-.if  ..���������'  A large contingent of Kaslo's citizens and  citizenesses lef t by the Nelson on Wednesday to  attend a ball at Balfour. Not being a dancing  man and also not having been asked, I decided  to remain at home, but in spite of my absence,  I am sure they all enjoyed theuiselves.  E. Applewhaite, of Nelson, is in Kaslo. As  this is his second visit within a short interval,  I presume he sees that there is something in  Kaslo and intends to invest, though I understand he is also quite loyal to Nelson.  C. F. Hamber, of Nelson, paid us a visit last  week, and reports having done great business  in'-the tire insurance line hete.  New Year's eve was celebrated with the customary solemnities at Kaslo; and by the time  this reaches you I think everyone will be ail  right again. A prominent, citizen beating the  big drum on Front street at 4 a. m., aided by an  amateur on the trombone, fitly ushered in the  New Year, and, as we lay in bed listening to  them, thought of celestial choirs proclaiming  peace andt- good will.' I believe the drum got  "bust." ^  Ore coming down from the mines is now such  a commonplace occurrence that it hardly seems  worth while to record it.  I hear that things are quite lively at Watson,  Bear Lake City and the Forks of Carpenter  Creek.  E. McNaughton trudged over from New Denver the other day. He reports his mine as  looking very well, and expresses great faith in  New Denver. He says there are a great number of men in the mountains, at the mines and  various "cities."  J. M. Burke & Co. have opened their bank on  Front street, where they have an imposing display of filthy lucre, guarded by a prominent  business man and a revolver. A large new safe  came up to them the other day and, I understand, refused to open to the combination which  had been sent to them, but after a considerable  display of ingenuity and temper (?) at length  succumbed. May they have a successful career  as bankers. They certainly deserve and will,  without doubt, obtain success, and will be of  great convenience to the community.  Postoffice Store, Nelson, IS. C.  AND GENTS' PUE-TISHBTG GOODS.  ALSO,  FULL LINES  OF  ATENT  Toilet Articles and Stationery.  (Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1862.)  CAPITAL (paid wp), ������600,000  (With power to increase.)  $3,000,000  KESEKVE FUM������,  ,������220,00������      .    .       1,100,000  "*'      oria, B. C, San Francisco, California,  Vancouver, B. C, Portland, Oregon,  NewWtstminster.B.C,   Seattle, Washington,  Nanaimo, B. C. Tacoma;, Washington.  Kamloops, B. C.  HEAD OFFICE: 60 Lombard street, LONDON, England.  AGENTS AND OOREESPOFDENTS:  CAN ADA���������Bank of Montreal and branches;  Canadian Bank of Commerce and branches  Imperial Bank of Canada and branches;  Commercial Bank of Manitoba ; and  Bank of Nova Scotia.  UNITED STATES���������Agents Bank of Montreal, NewYorK;  Bank of Montreal, Chicago.  SAYINGS  DEPARTMENT.  On ^nd after 1st January next the rate of interest on  deposits will be 3������ per cent, until further notice.  Address,  Nelson  or  Kaslo, B. 0.  ;MK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL (all paid' up), $13,000,000  REST,        .... tf,0O0,0O0  Sir DONALD A. SMITH, '. President  Hon.  GEO. A. DRUMMOND, Vice-President  E. S. CLOUSTON, : General Manager  Nelson Branch:   N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Sts.  Branches in London (England), New York and Chicago  and in the principal cities' in Canada;  Buy and sell sterling exchange and cable tranf ers;  Grant commercial and travelers' credits, available in any  part of the world;  Drafts issued; Collections made; Etc.  SAVINGS   BANK   BRANCH  Rate of interest at present four per cent.  A.  H.  HOLDICH  St.  CO.  (Of Swansea and Wigan.)  Analytical Chemists and Assay ers,,  REVELSTOKE.  Mr.  P.  C.  STOESS, Nelson, will receive samples from  Kootenay Lake District.  Physician, Surgeon, and Accoucheur,  Telephone 45. Office:   Stanley and Victoria Streets  P. O. box 69.  Telephone 24.  Edward Applewhaite & Co.  S. E. corner Baker and Josephine streets,  NELSON, B. C.  rr"v  I I J������^K^/    JL    JL   JL   JL    J_/J  FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE AGENTS.  Loans negotiated on Nelson property.   Collections made.  Conveyancing documents drawn up.  Town  Lots  Lands  and   Mining  Claims  Handled  on Commission.  WEST   KOOTENAY   DISTRICT.  All Placer Mining Claims in this District, legally held,  ma/ be laid over from the 15th day of October, 1892, until  the 1st day of June, 1893.  N. FITZSTUBBS,  Gold Commissioners  N )lson B. C, November 15th, 1892.  i    x I*  !  I*,  P  r  B  8  THE   klNEB,:  NELSON,  B.  0.,  SATURDAY, JANUAEY  7,  1893.  ���������������  is*  le  I  M  m  p  w  Pi  m  r  Jfe  P  if'  IP  I:  V  s  ft  I  B.t'  US'-,  er-  m  Hi  fe*'  J 1.  fe.  m  it  My  .i"i  Flour, Feed and Hay,   Groceries of all kinds.   Hams and Bacon.  Dry Goods, Ready-Made Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps.  P1SH1KG TACKLE AND FANCY GOODS.   WEST BAKEE STEEET, NELSON.  A CREDIT TO SPOKANE.  The Spokane Review publishes a  New Year's  .number which contains  an   exhaustive  description of Spokane,   and  of  the neighboring  districts, and also a carefully compiled  and accurate account-of every mining camp  from which  Spokane may derive henelir.    Speaking of  the  La deau it says:   "Extending  from  the  north  end of Kootenay Lake to the Upper Arrow lake  on the Columbia river, is a long, low  pass, having at its summit a considerable  body of  water  known as Trout lake.    From this  lake  streams  flow in two directions, the one to the north and  west being known as Fish creek, and that to the  south  and  east as, the Lardeau.     For several  years it has been known that  there   vyere large  bodies of galena ore  in  this  section,  generally  supposed, however,   to   be  low  grade.    During  the latter part of last  fall  several prospectors  returned from this section with samples of high  grade ores and a mining excitement as  marked  as that which occurred in  Kaslo  and Slocan, a  year ago, is now looked for in this country next  spring.    Nothing sufficiently definite is  known  of the value or extent of the new  discoveries to  to warrant a prediction as to how they will turn  out, but dozens of prospectors and miners are to  be found who are  confident  that  the Lardeau  country will yet put all the  other camps in the  shade.    Should their predictions'' prove true, it  will substantiate  what  Professor Dawson, the  Canadian government geologist^ surmised from  a cursory examinationi of the country."  Everycamp in  the  district receives  its  due  ^share of notice.    Of  this neighborhood the Review remarks  that   fc'the headquarters of this  district is the City of Nelson,   which  nestles at  the foot of Toad Mountain, on the  west  arm or  outlet of Kootenay Lake.    It is the terminus at  present of  the  Columbia and  Kootenay Railroad, which conuects  the navigable  waters   of  the Columbia River at Robson   with  the  navigable   waters  of   Kootenay   Lake   and  River.  From] Robson connection is at present made by  steamers on   the  Columbia  running  to  Revelstoke, on   the  Canadian   Pacific  Railway,  and  Little Dalles, the terminus  of the  Spokane &  Northern Railroad, while steamers from Nelson  run to all points on   Kootenay  Lake  and  Bonner's Ferry, where the transfer is   made   to the  Great Northern Railroad,   which  has  its   western headquarters in Spokane.    The  Spokane &  Northern is to be extended this  year   to Nelson  by way of Salmon River and  Toad  Mountain."  On the subject of the Slocan  country, the Review is as enthusiastic as is every one   who has  ever seen the magnificent properties  that have  been located theiv:  *k The centre of interest in the Kootenay country during the past summer, as well as the scene  of the greatest activity in mining circles, was  the Slocan basin. This marvellous region, which  was discovered m October;, 1891, after the excitement of the successive finds on Kaslo Creek,  has been visited oi late by hundreds of raining  men, experts, both as regards theory and practice, and of late no voice h?s been raised  other  wise than in terms of commendation. On all  hands it is believed to have a future before it  rarely if ever before  equalled  in   the annals of  mining.  m  THE  There is no disputing the fact that this number or the Review would be a credit to a city of  any size. The only drawback being that so  much information should be published in so  transient a ;form. There is enough matter in  this issue to make an interesting and invaluable  book of reference for mining men.  POODLI  e Sawmi  ������enay  KASLO, B. O.  LUMBER, ROUGH AND DRESSED,  SHINGLES/LATHS, MOULDINGS,  SASH, DOORS, GIG-SAW WORK,  TURNING-LATHE WORK  o ���������   ON   HAND  OR   MADE   TO  ORDER   ���������  The Best of Shipping Facilities.   300,000 feet of Lumber in  the Nelson Lumber Yard.  ������. ������.   BUCHANAN.,  P.O. address, Nelson or Kaslo.  COR. BAKER AND   WARD   STREETS.  o.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS,  DAY OR WUGHT  MBS; W. 0. PHILLIPS, Proprietress.  .    BUSK,  Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., _M. Can. Soc. C. E.  PROVINCIAL ~;~ LAND -;~ SURVEYOR.  BALPOTJR,    _3_   O-  Telephone Connection.  (A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.)  0IVIL EtfGINEEE AND AKCHITECT,  V?������torisi. St.,: Next.'Boor to Motel 'Phair; Nelson, B.'C,  ���������e BLUE BIBG-E H  Ten miles from Kaslo on the trail to Slocan mines.  Pirst  Glass  Accommodations for Travelers.    Best  Brands of Liquors and Cigars.  TIME   OAED-OOMMEFOIrTG- DECEMBER  19.  .Golimbia'^ % GO. Ltd.  PRICES   MODERATE.  McDonald Bros.  Proprietors.  Notice is hereby given that at the next Session of the  Legislature of British Columbia, application will be made  for an act to incorporate a company for the purpose of  constructing, operating and maintaining a line of railway  from a point at or near the town of Nelson, in Kootenay  District; thence westerly along the Kootenay River to the  Slocan River and Slocan Lake to a point at or near the  the town of New Denver and on through the Nakusp Pass  to a point on the Upper Arrow Lake; with power to construct, maintain and operate branch lines from  any point on the main line to the headwaters of  Carpenter Creek and Four Mile Creek and, with power to  build wharves and docks and erect and maintain telegraph and telephone lines and all necessary works.  CORBOULD, McCOLL, WILSON & CAMPBELL,  Solicitors for Applicants.  Dated at Nelson this 7th day of January, 1893.  LAKE   ROUTE  t-p.tt���������  TiTTiTarv-RT   ��������� ("MONDAYS...... at 11 A. M.  LEAVES NELSON  i Wednesdays ... at 6 a. m.  ^SATURDAYS at   6 A.M.  TTiATT-n^   -rr a m- r.     (SUNDAYS. at   2 P.M.  LEAVES KASLO  |tuesdays/........-.at 10 a. m.  t WEDNESDAYS.... at   2'P.Mi  COLUMBIA   RIVER   ROUTE  STEAMER   COLUMBIA  Leaves Mouth of    f Mondays ........ at io.-30 a. m.  Kootenay '-Thursdays ..;at io:3o a. m.  __     , f TUESDAYS at   6:30 A. M.  Leaves JNortnport  ^FRIDAYS.  .at   6:30 A. M.  SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT FUKTMESt  WOTICE.  Jb      ������wb        b atwi   j>  Nelson, December 19th, 1892. Manager.  >v   '  r 11'1 '  1.'/ !  Ptl  I'A I  It  5):  ''It  ill  THE   MINEE:  NELSON,  B.  0.,  SATTJEDAV   ,��������� :jfJA&������ 7,  1893.  If  ITE  ...*'  in1, n-1-]���������?"  >^"  ^i  ��������� :���������������.���������.?  a. j*. ku -.v*?. .-t^������sv"*'>ri-������C"W*wM:T.  1  I '  P  f \  ,',1  ������  _*~ '  |J*  9(   -  5*1  The Terminus of the Kaslo-Slocan Wagon  l.   Post Office Centre.  1711  inr     ������.'       B H  trs; .  ^'?  .-v*������  gent.  MINING NEWS OF T5IE WORLD.  A party of prospectors, who recently returned  from the'Big Bend  to  Revelstoke,   were  eight"  days in making the journey.    They traveled on,  snowshoes  and  slept  in  their  blankets in the  snow.    But few men are spending the winter in  that mining district.  Al. Mills, just returned from the San Juan,  Utah, placer gold diggings, says they are the  richest ever discovered in the United States.  The pay dirt is 30 miles long and a quarter to  half a mile wide. The rush to the gold fields  from Salt Lake is increasing daily.  Pyrites are often met with in the mines of  British Columbia, but are neglected as of insignificant value. The Age of Steel says that the  Pyrites industry is rapidly becoming a source  of increased interest and enterprise in the  United States, and that the present production  barely supplies 10% of the demand.  A. McKinnon, the owner of the Maple Leaf  mineral claim at Illecillewaet, in West Koote  nay, made application recently before Hon. Mr.  Justice Drake, for an order to extend for a  period of 60 days the time within which to commence proceedings in respect of the adverse  claim filed by him on Nov. 10th, 1892, against-  the issuance*of a certificate of improvement in  favor of MP. Snowden, for. the Lanark mineral  claim hi the said district. His Lordship granted  an extension of 30 days. "  SOLS* "IN SPOKANE.  The close of the year witnessed another important mining transaction in Spokane. James  W. Ryan conditionally sold the Exchequer and  the undivided one-half of both the Copper Belle  and Grown Point claims, in the Slocan country,  to the Spokane and Gr'at Northern Mining  Company. The properties are situated on  Seaton Creek, just below the Great Western  and Washington claims, and as the result of  limited development are said to give promise  of great strength.  S__D  JlIiU  Baker street, Nelson, B. C.  HAS ON DISPLAY A FULL RANGE OF  Plain and Fancy Worsted Suitings and Scotch and  Irish Tweeds and Serges.  ZEPZE-IOHUS TO SUIT THE TIMES  East Baker Street, Nelson,  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain \-l  and is the headquarters for prospectors  working miners. f  The Table is not Surpassed by that of p<_y  in the Kootenay Lake country.  At the Bar is Dispensed Fine Liquors ai:.d \;.. :j 3,  and the hed-rooms are newly furnish;���������..-.  31 ALONE   ������fc  TREGILLITS.  .PU^mTU:-:  \>'**-:>*l  (Notary Public.)  mmg  t-afo  i <���������? Si  J.U'LUUU  Auctioneer and Commission-' Age  ,-. 4-  REPRESENTING  The Confederation Life Association, the Phoenix Fire  Insurance Company, and the Provident Fund Accident  Society ; also the Sandy Croft Foundry Company, near  Chester, England, makers of all kinds of mining machinery, air compressors, rock breakers, stamps, etc.  No.   1,   JOSEPHINE  STREET,,   NELSON, B. 0.  Lots for Sale in  53  Adjoining the government townsite of Nelson  AT $125 AND UPWARDS  With a rebate for buildings erected.   The best residential  property in Nelson,  values sure to increase.   Apply  W. A.  Jowett, agent for Nelson and district,  or Innes & Richards, "Vancouver, B.C.  W.  A.  JOWETT,  Mining & Eeal Estate Brokers, Auctioneers & Commission Agents.  JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON, B.C.  :     few!*  AINSWORTH, B. C.  ���������r  ^t'j-'   i  jntracts taken for hauling supplies, machinery, ore, etc.,  to and from mines in Hot, Springs district.  ALL  TEAMING   WORK   UNDERTAKEN.  Telephone 96. ,    ,  1    a,. W. RICHARDSON  i Nelson, IS. ���������.  il. J. BEALEY  Kaslo, B. ���������.  RICHARDSON & BEALEY  Real Estate and Financial Agents.  ON EEAL ESTATE SECURITY.  J.  A. KIRK  J.  P.  RITCHIE  KIRK & RITCHIE/  Dominion    and    Provincial    Land  Surveyors.  >������������������*  Office  over  Bank    of   British   Columbia,   Nelson,   B.C.  Vernon Street, near Josephine, opposite wharf,  NELSON..IB. ���������.  PROPRIETOR.  THE HOTEL OVERLOOKS THE KOOTENAY  its guests thus obtaining splendid views  of both mountain and river.  THE   ROOMS  THE  TABLE  are comfortable in size and       is  acknowledged   the best  newly furnished. in the mountains.  NEW BED-ROOMS.  BAR JUST ADDED.  TH33]  Is stocked with all brands of liquors and cigars. - r-^4*si. ���������-������--<v._X'.>  IS  ������s������;  i$������**  Hi  feff  _M'"bS,'~  C>"  M  I  10  THE   MINER: NELSON,  B.   0.,   SATUEDAY, JANUAEY 7, 1893.  Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Pr  ovisions, Canned Groods, Hardware, Etc.   Miners' Supplies a Specialty.  The stock is full and complete in ev^ry Department, and the Dublic will find it to their advantage to call and insuect G-oods  and compare Prices. ��������� . -  i  ps *n  Telephone 27.  7, 9, and 11 East Yernon Street, NELSON, B. C.  LOCAL AMD PERSONAL.  J. Tolson. is paying Spekane a visit  O. D. Garrison left on Monday for a six week's  visit to his home.  J. L. Retallack and H. Twigg have gone down  5to the Coast to frivol for a month or two.  Palsy Clark came in on Tuesday and has gone  up to the Ruecau.  ; :Billy McKinnon, Secretary of the Slocan  Lake Navigation Company, is in Nelson on important business.  Dan O'Neill came up from Wallace, Idaho,  early this week, and is now installed as managing foreman of the Bluebird. c  E. C. Carpenter is in Spokane on his way to  New Denver. He reports that it is an absolute  impossibility to sell a mine in Victoria.  M. Landrigan returned on Tuesday from  Spokane where he has been celebrating Christmas and New Year.  Mr. and Mrs. Burton -went down to Kaslo on  Wednesday morning. We understand that  Mr. Burton intends to settle down in business  at that point.  Among the recent arrivals are R, A. MePhail,  A. J. Bern is, L. B. Redor, of Kettle Falls; Chas.  Dougherty, of  Wallace,   Idaho; A.   W.   Grant  and C. J. Marlow, of Spokane.  f>     '      . _  The Rev. William Wilcox Perrin of Southhampton, England, has been appointed to the  see left vacant by Bishop Hills' retirement. It  is probable, that he will rind on his arrival that  a little surprise has been prepared for him in  the shape of a protest against his assuming the  title of Bishop of Columbia. When doctors  " disagree, etc.  There are a great many deer along the bank  of the Columbia^ between Trail Creek and the  boundary. The crack shot of the steamer Lytton generally manages to bag one or two on the  trip up. At Robson, too, they seem to be  numerous. Baptista, the Indian, ran into a  band of six black-tails on Monday afternoon  last and shot two of them.  / Jim Wardner has for some time past been  steadily shipping out ore, and now he is beginning to ship in machinery. This week he  brought up from across the line an engine and  boiler which he intends to use to break up the  ore of the Freddie Lee into pieces of a size  suitable for sacking. If, as a sanguine steamboat man asserts, every ton of ore shipped out  of the country brings in a thousand people in  the spring, Jim Wardner will have quite a big  family to look after by that time.  j Rory   McLeod   has  returned    to    Ainsworth  after a short visit to the other side of the line.  i  ;Dr. Hendryx has returned   from a fortnight's  visit to Butte, Mont.  Mr. E. Applewhaite returned  to Nelson from  Kaslo on Thursday.  Thirty tons of Freddie  Lee  ore  was  shipped  from Nelson on Monday.  George Levasseur has  not  yet  recovered the  $1200 he lost,  The Rev. Mr. Rogers has been on a visit to  to the Lake country.    He returned on Tuesday.  A six-pound char was caught yesterday  morning by Messrs. West and Procter.  W. McKay, R. E. Lemon and A. H. Buchanan'  left this morning for Kaslo, returning   in   a day  or two.  Lane C. Gillim went down to Northport on  Monday to see about getting in feed for his  pack train at Kaslo.  Link Davenport, during the past week, paid a  visit to the Poorman, and went up to Kaslo by  this; morning's boat.  The ball at Balfour was a huge success. Some  30 of Kaslb's most beautiful and best helped to  make the the affair pass off well.  Pat Gallop and Billy McKane shot a cariboo,  opposite Balfour, on Monday last, which, partially dressed, weighed 700 pounds.  The continued thaw has renewed the water  supply to many householders in a way more  forcible than pleasant.  A joint service of the Presbyterian and Methodist bodies was held in the Presbyterian -church  on Sunday evening last, the Rev. Messrs. Turner and Martin officiating.  '*��������� A new railway charter for a road from Nelson  to Slocan Lake, via Slocan River, thence to  New Denver, and having its terminus on the  Arrow Lakes, is advertised for in this issue.  Frank Fletcher has a long letter in this  month's Western World, in which he gives an  account of the country, of its railway routes,  and its resources.  When Si Johns was walking down Stanley  street on Monday night he fell and fractured his  leg near the ankle. He is being treated in the  shack lately occupied by Mrs. T. B. Lewis.  A. L. Davenport has left the festivities of  Portland to spend the rest of the winter* in Slocan. It would seem, from what he says, that  this is not the only place on the continent where  the snowfall has been deep, as on the Pacific  Coast towns there has been  two  feet  of snow.  A. P. Woods, who the summer before last  was staying for some time in one of the fishing  shacks, was drowned in the recent wreck of the  P. & O. steamer Bokhara off the cost of Formosa Island. He was a member of a cricket  team which was traveling* from Shanghai to  Singapore when the accident occurred.  Last year the mill at the Poorman crushed  250 tons of ore, some of which was picked, which  yielded gold bricks, 816 line, worth $5,000. This  result is considered so satisfactory that it is intended to do a considerable amount of work on  this property during the coming summer, commencing operations about April 1st. A tunnel  will be driven 400 feet, tapping the ledge300 feet  from the surface.  Hugh Mann expected to start for. Nakusp  early this morning. He has secured 2,000 ore  sacks anp means to start bringing out ore from  E. Ma lion's claims as soon as he can get his  sleighs transported to the head of Slocan Lake.  To reach Nakusp it will be uecessary for him to  go up to Kaslo, take his sleighs to pieces at  Bear Lake and have them packed down to New  Denver.  <'ftl2LSOV SOCIAL .AHTE LITfiSkAI-Y CLiriS. : :  A meeting was held in thePMission Hall of the  English Church on  Thursday evening for  the  purpose of organizing a social and literary club  in   Nelson.    About   25   were   present.    It was  agreed that the club should be called the Nelson  Social and Literary Club and that it should  meet once a week during the months of January,  February and March. Those present were enrolled as members, and it was decided that  ladies should be eligible for membership, that  there should be no entrance fee, and that new  members should be added by being proposed for  membership by any three members. The club  is to meet on Tuesday evenings at 8 p. m. in the  Mission, the use of which Mr. Reid has kindly  granted for the purpose. For Tuesday first a  programme of readings has been ari^anged. It  only wants a little energy and interest on the  part of members to make the club's meetings a  source of interest and enjoyment -to many during the winter months.  E.G. Campbell-Johnston  (of Swansea, India, and the United States.)  METALLURGIST,   ASSAYER,  AND   SVHNSNG   ENGEMEER.  Properties reported on. All assays undertaken. Furnaces and concentrating: plants planned and erected.  Treatment for ores given. Ores bought and sold. Box  731, Vancouver, B. C.   Terms cash.  \ . ."V��������� ��������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������


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