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The Miner Jan 28, 1893

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 (     1  ..���������::������������������.������������������^J-,-y".': '��������� '/ V';/>"'  .��������� '^w������'-x -      '������������������������������������)���������:t<y- ���������.  \ ��������� 7- ������������������"��������� .'-V-  -:r:i,* -..',-���������*  v,;/'-!'*K  '-. Cv7  ��������� :r-.^'  TSie /Mines in  Kootenay mc Aiiiong  tine __iclaestf. in  America.  Tlie Ores are  -liglL-^irade in &ol<l,  Silver, Copper,  and Lead.  NTJM3EB 134.  NELSON,   BEITISH   COLUMBIA,   SATUEDAY,  JANUAEY 28,   1893.  $_ A YEAE  ~^%$'  A STftOSG LETTER.  F  v  ���������ffnilge   Sproat  Comiaierce-  Writes   to   tlie   Spokane  Chamber of  -6>oes Not Mince HiS Words.  The following letter from Judge Sproat shows  his stand on the Canadian-American question  clearly. So long as McKinleyism was rampant  unrestricted reciprocity could only have meant  political annexation. Canada's taxes would have  been imposed at Washington. Canada must  always maintain an independent position in  tariff as in other ma rs; "but we agree with  Judge Sproat in thinking that as tariff .reform  ideas gain ground in the States-a? corresponding  movement will take place in Canada, to the  benefit of both countries :  Spokane, 29th December, 1S92.  C. E. Burns,   Esq.,   President of the Spokane  Chamber of Commerce:  Dear Sir.���������I am sorry that the accidents, of  travel prevented my receiving your letter in  time to enable me to be present at the banquet.  I. thank you much for your kind invitation. It  would have pleased me greatly to have had an  opportunity of expressing to your chamber the  gratification'which all must feel in thegrowthof  commerce between southeastern British Columbia and the region of which your beautiful  city is-the natural metropolis.  As  an   out ana out free trader, who  regards  trade relr tions as the strong ligatures of peace,'  good will/and   union   among men, I   rejoice  in  that increase.    I have always  desired, and now  desire, that   British  Columbia  should   De, commercially as one of the States.    This is the wish  of   the   great . majority   of  the   youth   of   the  Province, to whom   its  future  belongs.    From  one point of view, your country is the  greatest  example.of the benefits  of free  trade   that has  been seen.    'Che breaking of the -.-barriers., of intercolonial   tariffs   which  prevailed  befoi e t he  war of independence, has been -one of the   main  causes of the  extraordinary  energy  and  prosperity of America.    It opened  careers   to   men,  and forced the improvement of communicat ious,  which  had   the effect of  spreading on the table  of every citizen the products  and - com modit ies  of a richly and. variously /endowed con ti stent. Is  not this, indeed, the true bond of union  among  the States known/ as " United ?" Of what avail  your polities,   were the  several  s- ates   bucking  against one another with   hostile  tariffs,   as of  ,' yore ? What limited Chances would your young  men have ? What  kind  of  a  career  would   be  open to the million' or so of Canadians  who are  how.in the United States���������fugitives   from fogy-  do m ? With them   and   with   ourselves, we  of  the semi-stagnant north, wish   to  shake  hands  and trade freely.    That in time we shall do i his  is certain, though I may not live to see it.    Our  difficulty in the Province is that we  are a  part  of a whole; we provincials are. not masriTsof'our  destiny,    we '-are   chained   to   a   failure.      We  struggle against medieval systems and methods  of restriction which ICh stern Canada adopts and  upholds, and which, if.not ungracious to say it.  your own people lately were by   many   believed  to-bo'uph )1 ling.    The oily hopeful fact to   my  mind in this sterile mediy is, that Canada, seems  much to follow the lead of the United States in  fiscal ���������matters. The influence also .of the "vandle-  and-turnip" men is waning.    Continental  ideas  more and more govern the continent.    As your  restrictions go, ours will tend to disappear.   :  Again thanking you, sir, and  those of  whom  you"are the influential  representative, for your  courtesy to   me  as  an   old  timer  among  your  neighbors to the north, I   beg  to remain, yours,  very truly, Gilbert Malcolm Sproat.  SHIPPING OSE PAYS.  To say that the Slocan District is rich is a.  waste of breath. Every one'knows it by this  time; but the following figures may not be  un  interesting, being based, as they are, upon no  mere assay, but being the result of a shipment  of over 300 tons of ore taken from the Freddie  Lee. To simplify matters, we have taken an  average of the total shipment, and treated it as  one ton. The smelter returns show that the  3(X) tons averaged 70 per cent, lead, consequently  each ton of ore contained 1,400 lb-, of lead.  Deduct 70 lbs. from this for waste, and we have  1,330 lbs., valued, say, at -0335 cents per lb., or  $51.20 per ton. In addition to this each ton,  on an average, was found to contain 125 oz. of  silver, which being valued at 80 cents per oz.,  means $100. The total value, then of-f a ton,of  this ore is $151.20. With thousands of tons of  such ore as this in sight a man might well he  justified in thinkingthat his fortune was made,  ��������� but, unfortunately, he has to consider the means  of getting his mine to the smelter, and it costs  something to do this. The figures below show  what the actual cost of transferring ore from  the Slocan to Tacoma has been, by  freight routes :  PER TON.  Mining and sacking  $10  Freight to Kaslo  40  Kaslo to Tacoma, via, Nelson -. ..A  15  Duty, He. per lb. on 1,400 lbs  21  Smelting  and refining an'd freightfof bullion, to New York. /.,:.".  22  Sacks V ,  2  Office expenses . ... 1  existing  monument  testifying to  , which will last  long after  Total.......    '._....:..-.   $111  These figures form a  Ms-1. Wardner's pluc  the Freddie Lee has been woiked out." This  shipment has only been "an experiment, and  when it comes down to real business, and the  mine is turning out 50 tons per day, as it will be  doing in six months time, the cost of shipments  will be considerably modified. It is calculated  that the total cost* of shipping to the smelter  ancl treating a ton will be $38, made upas follows,  and, mind you, these figures are not imaginary  estimates, but are actual rates offered by the  transportation and. smelting companies :  Mini n g and sack ing-.  'e>  Freight to Kaslq  $ 5 00  7 00  To Tacoma, via Great Northern or Nelson  &��������� Fort Sheppard...... .... .'..........-. . .  Smelting, refining,  etc  Sacks...".... ::./.��������� '.V.. ���������--.,".,  Office expenses..... ..../  7:  50  16  00  2  00  50  Total.... ...:./.........:....,... $38 00  The duty on lead is not included in this calculation,-.as it is considered that.by. I he time these  come into force.this tax will have been abolished.  Taking  these  figures   as  a   ba^is   on   which   to  work, mine'owner*'in-  the  Slocan   District   can  spend   pleasatit- overlings   in-'reckoning,   what  they wiil be worth in 'a. year's' time.    Fifty tons  of ore per day, yielding $113.20  profit  per  ton,  will result in a year of 300 working  days   in the  sum of $1,693,000,   a  very  pretty  income  for a  mine that  will, not, when   this sum   shall have  been earned, have been discovered for   two and  a half years.    And when one considers that it'is  not one mine alone that can do this, but   practically dozens, one begins to feel a confidence and  belief in  the future  of  the  country Which   no  temporary or local depression cau shake.  -VES_Y F6JNSY.  The following extract is from a letter sent by  the manager of an * insurance company which  has been doing business in Nelson:  "The circumstance, of which we were previously  unaware,   that  this  place  is   simply a  -mining depot and likely at any moment to be  practically deserted, makes the business of so  extremely speculative a character that," etc.  There is a certain amount of humor about this,  unconsious humor, and a great deal of pitiable  ignorance. This sapient man of business speaks  of Nelson as a mining depot,   not camp, so that-  some faint glimmering idea of the fact that the  whole Kootenay country must burst  and   go to  ruin before Nelson could become practically  deserted   must  have  reached  his  hide-bound intelligence.    And here we have a man, a business  man, one whose interest  it  is  to  look   out for  new   developments; who,   at  this stage  of  the  game is so grossly ignorant of his own   country  as to be afraid that the bottom may drop out of'  the mining industry  of   Western   Canada.    He  has only just learned that-Nelson is in a mining  country.    All that  has  been   said about   West  Kootenay, the stir that followed  the  discovery  of the largest surface  indications, on   the   American   continent���������on   Toad  Mountain; tlie intense excitement marking.the discoveries in the"  Slocan of a  mineral  belt   in   size  and richness ������  unpara lied in the history of  mining, have  only  now brought home the fact to this  enterprising  man of business that West Kootenay is  a  mining country; and   to  him   mines,   mineral   nia- .  ehinery,    railroad's,    roiling    stock,    smelters;  steamboats, arid towns are all the  unreal phantasmagoria of a disordered dream likely at any  moment to  disappear   in   the  gray   light  of a  Canadian morning. In what quaint and curious  back   eddies of  the world's  progress  do  those  business limpets of the  Fast   make  their habitation.  WOS-SiS*':. FAEB MSSEStAl  EXMHHT.  Mr. Ohas. F. Law was ih Golden last, week,  says the Golden __rn, and very carefully.inspected all the specimens that, are being got ready  for the World's Fair. Mr... Law was much  pleased .with the display, and has gone to Chicago looking forward with pride to the day when  it will be. under his charge there. West Kootenay,. which   indues  Cariboo,   Yale,   Kamloops,  Slocan, Illecil'lewaet. Kaslo,, Nelson, Trail Creek  Nakusp, Lardeau and Fish deek* sends  a  fine  collection   of  ores,   mostly  galena, all   running  high   in  silver.    Fast,   Kootenay   contributes  a  very fine and.-. creditable lot of specimens.    Tlie  specimens, some   400   in    number,   will   occupy  every inch of. space allotted at the fair, as many  are of enormous   size, and  the  average', will be  far from   small.    The   samples, which  are now  'being assayed,   will- each   be  ticketed, and   the  following  information   attached  and  certified :  District;, name of camp, name  of  claim, owned  by, and width of vein; also the gold, silver, copper or lead contents, and in the case/of coal, fixed carbon, volatile matter, and. coking  quality,  with the post office add rests'of each contributdr.-  The  specimens   will   be   assayed,   packed   and  ready for shipment by March 1st., and it' is requested thai any person who wishes  to contribute any ore will do.so as  early as  possible, and  see that i! is in-Golden-uot later than the middle  of 'February.      ___  ���������       .  T3I3B SPteASSS   SMELTER.  Word has just been received in Spokane from  a prominent, mining man   now in .the  east t hat  t he Spokane smelter   will    be  blown   in   in   the  spring or early summer.     While it   is   not well  known,   it  is  a  fact  that  enquiries   have been  made as to the ore supply available, and   the result of the investigation has been very  satisfactory; so much so that men have been found who  are willing" to  put   in   the   monev   necessary to  start and operate the smelter.    The. low price of  silver and lead has caused mine, owners to study  economical means and   methods, and   the most  important to the producing mines  tributary to  Spokane is the. starting of  a  smelter.    Cceur d'  Aleue mine owners   will   assist  in   every  legitimate way, aud other owners will do what they  can to put the smelter in   operation; there  is no  further question of ore  supply   of  all   varieties  wanted.    The mine owners are, except   in a few  cases, free to  ship   where   they  please,   as   the  great uncertainty in the price of the metals has  made them hesitate in   contracting  to supply a  specified amount of ore to the smelters per day..  taWSSrf**  Bjaiwswm.v.'w.  ,-.    -J V,     ���������.   ..��������������� -U       _-. ,1*',    .  ���������&&  _9SHH93_3_9CS3BE rt������ilfa*s������4;.i_*SiA_iKR  aftfi*fe_a_^w^  ������  ISSHs  _������  ii  flit.  Iter  mm  Hff  I  ills! -  V'Kraft*' t;  111  fill  ^_&>'  f!  I!  1  I  fifes  ii  &  1  fe  ll  THE  MINEE:  NELSON,   3.  0.,   SATUEDAY,  JANUAEY 28-1893.  KASLO   NOTES.  Nothing of auy great, importance has occurred lately, except that we have had another  stabbing case. McDougall was the victim and  Cosgrove the. attacker, I am told, but when.  sifted the case seems to have shrunk to an insignificant size, and though I should like to enlarge on the harrowing scene and wallow in  gore foi* the sake of the sanguinousiy disposed  of your readers, my regard For veracity prevents my doing so.  , ' ��������� r.  Last Tuesday there was a concert which was  very weii attended, and the various items given  were much appreciated. These little social  meetings do much towards drawing us together  and are, so lo speak, the germ from which will  grow in time the large and stately tree of society in Kaslo. This last metaphor should, I  think, be worth a few cents extra.  Next Saturday, the 2ofch January, the Nelson  will run a special trip so Lardo and back, aud I  understand that in the spring and summer she  will make regular trips. I shall probably go  myself and will unfold a tale of considerable  complexity in consequence.  .Kaslo and Lardo are both booming and there  i every appearance of prosperous times for us  dwellers in the Lake villages., Even, at. this time  of year a considerable number of people come  in. Thirty or forty at a trip is by no means uncommon, and freight arrives in large quantities  and finds a watery grave, occasionally, on the  hoary and romantic ruin which we call a wharf.  It is said that G. Kane has disposed of 85  acres of land in the townsite of Kaslo to VVard-  ner, but the price has not been disclosed.. I  hear that the townsite company intend to clear  the remainder of their property and to put it  on the market, which will be a very good thing,  for, as you may imagine, we are badly cramped  for room to speculate in. The number of lots  now open for sale is hardly enough to go round.  The Hotel Phair and Jasper paid us a short  via it the other day, but could not be persuaded  to stay long, though many persistent efforts  were made.  You have, I think, heard that the Solo mine  is looking very well and, I hear, improving all  the time.. It is anticipated that the prices paid  for claims in the sprmg and summer will be  higher than ever.  'I.-unde.istand that there is under the licensing  act'no. chance-for a man who has not resided 12  months in the country 'to', start a hotel. While  this, no doubt, is reasonable enough in an old  and .-settled-, country, it seems a ridiculous restriction in a new country, and must perforce  stop -enterprising men who-can and would run  good houses from coming in.  The antiquated grand-dams who sit in feeble  wisdom, in Victoria ought to have their attention drawn to the fact that there is such a a district as West.Kootenay, that it has wants, and  that unless the law is to be ''brought into contempt it would be as well to endeavor to  moderately satisfy those wants. Animain rneam  liberavi (Latin grammar. Ahem!) If I am  wrong in my statement, I take it all back.  A miner, who has been working on the Idaho  mine, tells me that the indications are very  satisfactory, and that it looks as though it were  going to be a thoroughly good mine.  We are ail anxious to know where.the railway  station is going to be in Kaslo, though many  say that these speculations are premature, but  remembering the prophecies of failure of the  trail and wagon road, one may, 1 think, reasonably suppose that'the prophecies that no railway will be built are also destined to be fal-  si tied.  G. B. Nagle has been chartered, I believe, by  the committee here to collect; specimens of ore  for the'world's fair, and those who know the  gentleman in'question agree that a better man  could not be found.  Can you, Mr. Miner, inform me whether the  Silver liing has been sold or not ? I should really  like to know, fori saw some ore from it to-day,  and it reminded me. of it. I see so .constantly'-  allusions to its having been sold, but so far they  seem to me to lack authority. Now, if you  would assure me from your editorial chair (I  allude to that dangerous three-legged obstacle  in your office) that the sale is really accomplished  I should sleep more peacefully o' nights.  General   Founders,   Engineers,   Boiler   Makers,   and   Manufacturers   of  All  Classes of Machinery.     Sawmill and Marine Work a Specialty.  SOJLE    MAXUFACTKJKEKS    OF   THE  Kendall Band Mill, B. 0.'Shingle Machines,  Steam  Log  ���������^ fir  z iv:  We keep in stock a full supply of Engineer arid Mill Supplies, such as Pipe and Fittings, Brass Goods, Sheet and ot  Packing- Rubber Valves, Rubber and Leather Belting-, Oils, and "Lubricants, etc.  HOISTING ENGINES AND .SINKING- PUMPS FOR MINES.  Comer Alexander Street and Westminster'Ave., VAFCOUVEE, B. 0.  JB E��������� W. SVIACFARLAIME,  J. W. CAMPION,  Agent West Xootenay.  Secretary-Treasurer.  Manager  A. H. Buchanan and F. G. Christie have been  paying us a visit, but have only stayed a short  time.  The following prescript ion for producing red  | light to illumine tableaux vivanfs washandedtby  I a scientific gentleman iu Kaslo to one ot the  getters up of the entertainment on Tuesday,  who had asked him for one: '"Take half a pound  of .stick giant powdei, pulverizing thoroughly  in a mortar with 4 oz. potassium-chlorate and  sulphur in equal proportions,, mix to a paste  with one quart of oil of turpentine and half a  bottle of Eno's Fruit Salt. Put on a clean dish;  garnish with fulminate .of mercury, inserting  here and there percussion caps, like almonds in  a tipsy cake. Serve hot. Leave the room hurriedly and watch results."  y-.cr  We are all impatiently-awaiting the sprin  when the various schemes now being hatched  will le;ive the. egg. Many of them, much to  the owner's surprise, will :cio well, for- this is a  country .when circumstances .a re often too strong  for a man, and he succeeds: while other pr< rjects,  ugly ducklings in the beginning, will fail, and  grow up still uglier ducks.  fJP.JCW������"Jf **_!W<7Jary3Try^ **C18,  Baker street, Nelson, B. C.  HAS  ON DISPLAY A FULL RANGE OF  Plain and Pancy Worsted Suitings and Scotch and  Irish Tweeds and Serges.  PEIOES TO SUIT TZEHZIE] TXIMIIES  ,. C. Campbell-Johnston  (of Swansea, India, and the United States.)  AMD   MINING   ENGINEER.  Properties reported on. All assays undertaken. Furnaces and concentrating plants planned and erected.  Treatment for ores given. Ores bought and sold. Box  731, Vancouver, B. C.   Terms cash.  FOR   SALE.  An assayer's outfit and laboratory, complete in all its details with office fittings.   Price, $400.  ^ Apply Miner office.  ompany  ���������v&m.' ga^-.s*k-*a_^casa_t tur-wrtfiATtn i>ia������, ��������������� t*i/rkatv������t**&A&:  -DEALERS IN  Agents for Fort Garry Flour Mills  3yL_A.3sri,x,o:B___._  BAKER STREET,  NELSON, B. C.  3  : NELSON, ���������.B.C.; , V  Plasterer,   Bricklayer and  Stone-Mason  Contracts  taken  for work  at  all   points   in  \\7est Kootenay. f  Plasterer and Ericklayer  Will contract for all kinds of work.   Materials furnished  and estimates given for work in any town in  Kootenay Lake Country.  l_���������ie.-for;'-sai__'  At Nelson and Pilot Bay or delivered at any point on  the lake in any quantity.   Address P.O. box 47, Nelson.  ���������Jas. McDonald & Co.  Nelson and  Revelstoke,  carry full lines of all kinds of furniture for residences,  hotels, and offices.   Mattresses made to order, and  at prices lower than eastern and coast.  They are also agents for  Evans Pianos and Boherty Organs.  NELSON   STORE :  No. _ Houston _fc H������k HSniltling, Josephine Sti*eet.  APPLICATION   FOR   SPECIAL  Til  LICENSE.  IBER  Notice is hereby given that I have made application ta  the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, for  a special license to cut timber on 640 acres of land, situate  on the outlet of Ivootenay Lake, directly opposite G. O.  Buchanan's old millsite, commencing at a stake marked  W. W. W., N. E. No. 1, thence west along the water front  ljmiles to stake marked W. W. W., No. 2, thence north %  mile to a stake marked No. 3, thence east 1������ miles to stake  marked No. _, thence ������ mile south to place of commencement. W. W. WEST.  Dated at Nelson, November 30th, 1892.  i*  t*i  t  w  ?  'I  u)  t  1  wtofitoAg  i _____m__I____h_j____i__������_i^^  vmmmmamma TEE   MINEE:  NELSON,   B.   0.,   SATURDAY, JANUAEY 28,  1893.  __i>_gna__iq������_Jt������_������uucE3������  4=___^������  -r~5=  _?  *f        rait        ������  _ B_SS!  Ej__3  tS22CTE_5 P^W5  1  ^j  ������s  iJ?  ������:  ASLO'-  :������  SLPlObi  The Distributing Point for the Duncan Gold Fields and Great Silver Ledges of the  A Trail from this Townsite will bring the centre of the Lardo  /lines within-12 miles,-thus saying carriage over 18 miles of Lake! and Trail,  beautifully Situated. Level Land.   The Only Point on. Upper Kootenay Lake.  X     X     X      X      X  F3  g_aB  XXXXXX      XX  X      X      X      X     X     X  ims^z  Jte^'a  ST  ������*&  ^ disss'     a  -3=������_JJ-  r��������� ^      i  2|lu������W*������*v*^  i-B^_uo-4aJUi^_iM_u������i^o^Ci_l*_u^^  gata* 'rjtrxvtBamxLm  _������ _L  rlvinte  J.  aer  i  ^   _i  ��������� -a  e -S'  JiDotenayLa  o i^  UD irom  ins:  -S-  us Domii. io me loot- ox. Hie  u  n  unoan wim  tMstown  Chli9  pi  *e  ?������--9  _38  s=-  For further information as to mices for lots, terms, etc, Apply "to  /p*^  ^P������*5^B  T^i-V' I-"'-1' ="^���������T.Tr;'=?'7p,."."TiT7i.:T.,:rTi!j=,-'^':>,r  -������������-* ���������-   'i  "1 Vl  ���������������������������^  V.'-l. T.  1 ���������_.;j-  ������������������ ������������������������*������  ��������� 1 ���������������������������rr-M  '���������5f>*  ���������;f{- i.  ��������� ���������������������������!",���������  !.���������.��������� "..*  -I     .i.������ i  :.*���������>������  KT������������������<J iflllr  fflRS'-.r-" THJ  ���������ft"''-J  11 -, ���������������  K������ ' 1  11 ���������-������������������*'  i_f'is        ������i~  g������/'|i'0   '14  11       #  11       $  mm-- $ <  Wk-"%  WtiM   .    w  HM        3'<  _������: H      ������V  H'l. ^  Mm ��������� ��������� s?  Si.^ . '��������� & ~  sKai-ES      Si.  mm   &  HI   v  ���������_������& - r'  __il    sa  h9*  I    i-  _fp  1 H  HP  >������    ' o  V  1    ?'l  Sit  HESf;  *H      fnl  1111   i   .  KS     P  !_.-_=_^'iiii"-akaiis)i:  "������nyvciM������rft7<f.*r.:'������)ia'>a������.H^n.v  -.,^������~-nm������������i������.������^i-aww...^t<w.^_"imi^^^ >  IB?  I  S:  5*3  ���������H  IB ������  1  9 _Vj  m  IP PI  'I  ! ##  ������  if-H1  Ji  I*  I  if  ������_  !_���������  nil  if  II!  _  THE  MINEE:  NELSON,   B.  0.,   SATUEDAY,  JANUAEY  28   1893,  The Mixer is printed on Saturdays, and will be  mailed to subscribers at the following: cash-in-advance  rates: Three months $1.50, six months ������2.50, one year $_.  Contract Advertisements will be inserted at tup:  rate of $3 an inch (down the column) *pcr month. A  special rate for advertisements of over 2 inches.  Transient Advertisements will be inserted for  15 cents a line for the.iirst,.insertion and 7 cents a line  for each additional insertion. 'Twelve lines of 9 words  each make an inch. All advertisements printed for  a less period than 3 months considered transient and  must be paid for in advance. Advertisements of less  than 12 lines will be counted as 12 lines.  Birth Notices fiiee ie -weight of child is given; if  weight is not given $1 will be charged. Marriage  announcements will be charged from ������1 to ������10���������according to the social standing of the bridegroom.  Letters to .tub Editor will only appear over the  writer's name. Communications with such signatures  as "Old Subscriber," "Veritas," "Citizen," etc., etc.,  will not.be printed on any consideration.  Job Printing in good style at fair 'rates.' Cards,  envelopes, and letter, note, and account papers kept  in stock.'  Subscribers in arrears will be notified hy mail and  are requested to forward their subscriptions at once.  EKWHTOKff A JL   REM. AStKS.  If the calculations made by Mr. Wardner in  the article in this issue headed ''Shipping Ore  Pays," a:*e at all   correct,   it will   be absolutely  , unnecessary for the man who owns a mine in  the Slocan country to worry about the price of  silver.    If lead only continues as valuable  as it  "' is at the present moment, and if his mine carries 50 per cent, lead, he can pay all working  expenses and ship to the smelter, without loss,  and will enjoy the proud privilege of selling  whatever silver he may obtain as   a by-product.  'Certainly, sj loa^a.3 silver re.ii.iia_ above 450c.  per oz"., he should not be obliged to follow the  example .of many mine owners in the States,  and shut down his property.  The Eastern papers are at present engaged, in  threshing out the question of Canada's annexation to the States. The Toronto Globe seems to  be especially enterprising in collecting evidence  bearing on this subject, having sent out two  commissioners into the rural districts of Ontario to find out the views of the farmers of that  province, One of these gentlemen said to a  commissioner, "I have one of the best farms  that- the sun shines on, and give me the markets  of the United States and I-..will make money,"  which is all nonsense. There are .1,000 times as  many farmers in the Eastern States of America  as there are in Ontario, and every one of them  has as much difficulty in paying the interest of  his mortgage and making his bread and butter  as has his Canadian  brother.  The same thing has been urged in this district-  many a time as an argument: in favor of annexation.    Who   has   not  heard  it  said: "It*  these  mines were on the other side  of   the  line, their  value would be three or four or fifty times what  it   now  is,   and   Nelson,, Ainsworth   or   Kaslo  * would be towns of from 5,000 to  50,000 inhabitants."    We have,   during  the past year,   been  able   to   watch   pretty   closely   the   American  methods of-doing   business, and it is easy to see  that it-is not the being on the other  side  of the  line that is going to  increase  the  value  of our  mines, but that it is the push, energy and enterprise   that'  is   characteristic  of  the  American  that has been lacking..   Capitalists and "speculators   from  the   States  went  into   the   Slocan,  where they liad not half as good a show to ship  ore on a paying  basis  as  had Toad Mountain  mine owners, and yet they did it, and  mean to  go on doing it.  Where   the   fascination  of   this   annexation  question comes in we fail to see. , Our taxes are  lighter, our privileges greater, our  administration of the law  more perfect and our country  more important than would  be the  case  were  we  to become part and parcel   of   the United  States.    In British Columbia, especially at the  present time, things are in a far  more healthy  condition   than   obtains   in   States   possessing  characteristics  similar   to   those    of   our   own  Province.     Ranching   pays,   lumbering   pays.  The mining industry is not,   its  true, so far advanced, but certainly has a bright future before  it.    On the other side of the line, hardly one of  these can be said to   be  in   an  active condition.  And, above all, there seems to be  no  good reason for supposing that the   majority  of Americans has any more desire to see   Canada  come  into the Union than has the majority of Canadians, and  until  there  is  a clear  majority on  both sides in favor of this step being  taken, all  this frothy talk peems to  be  rather a  waste of  time.;  MARKS ES>,  Dovr-Goodwin.���������At the Phair Hotel, Nelson,  on Tuesday 2_th inst., by the Rev. Thos. H.  Rogers, B. A., John W. Dow to Sarah Ellen  Goodwin, both of Kaslo.  eanar3csw.^w*s*TirT*-*,"TPT3*-?oT5^  ������_x*? ���������T������ac*������_!������^c,''i.Tii ������!.-c,rrr_^__sa  C. E. PejRBY, M. S. Davys,  Mom. Inst. C.E., P.L.S. M.E.  PEREY, GrM.  J. H. Gray,  G.E., P.L.S.  'UAVYB  civil and mmrna  .^,&_BTOa  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYORS,  NOTARY PUBLIC,  CONVEY.ANCING.  OFFICES i   Room 4, Spencer's Arcade, Government  street, Victoria.  Opposite Hotel Phair, Nelson.  Hunt & Dover,  JE WELERS  AND   WA TCHMAKERS,  TEMPERS.  Which must be mailed before the Stst January, will be  received by the undersigned .for the construction, before  the 20th of March next, at or near the boundary line, on  ivootena3r Itiver. ot a hull 70 feet long, 2_������ feet wide, and 5  feet deep, to carry steam dredging1 machinery,  with cabin  for crow.    All necessary lumber and timber will  be sup-  ' plied to the contractor, but no other materials.   The plan  and specification can be_secn at the Hotel Phair, Nelson,  and at the office of the Kaslo Examiner, Kaslo.  The Alberta, and B. C. Exportation Company.  GEORGE ALEXANDER, Gen'l Mgr.,  Calgary, Alberta.  '    "notice  Wonderful  Mineral   Claim,   Situated   on  Miller  Creek Slocan District.  Take Notice that we, Nathan E. Lay, free miner's certificate No. 425513, William T. Jones, free miner's certificate No. 42631, and E. Smith Miller, free miner's certificate  No, 42(532, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that adverse claims must be  sent to the Gold  Commissioner and action commenced  before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  JOHN ELLIOT, Agent for Applicants, Nelson.  Dated this 18th day of January, 1893.  13'i  8  PROPRIETOR.  HAY AND  GKAIrT FOR SALE,  Omnibus and carriages to and from all trains and steamboat wharves. Saddle and pack animals for hire. Freight  hauled and all kinds of job teaming attended to.  Stable on Baker Street.   Office with Wilson & Perdue,  J. Hoover, President.  E. J. Dyer, Cashier.  EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANK  OF  SPOKANE,  STATE  OF  WASHINGTON.  Capital , $250,000  Surplus $ 30,000  FOREIGN AND  DOMESTIC  EXCHANGES  BOUGHT  AND  SOLD.  ACCOUNTS  OF MINERS  AND MERCHANTS  SOLICITED.  Cable Transfers Made.  I  JL    JL_* J__  it��������� Jf"5  ViiiUTOmgA   S'S'S-BSBST,    WISSLS������_tf,   K.C.  Pleasant Rooms.   Well Appointed Bar.   Terms Moderate.  MILLS  &  REVSBECH, Proprietors.  THE  OFF V  ;    2 _lJ^O=.s,A.JL_J -   ?  nrrnT  XjXj  a      a  s[     *  J  MULVEY   8i   CLEMENT,  PROPRIETORS.  WI35TES,. LIQUOES  and  0IGAES.  Best Accommodation for Travellers.  Regular Connection by Boat with New Denver.  ^Jt B  J.   TAYL  ONTO .SAFE WORK  SELLABLE, PEEPE0T, TH0E0TOHLY TESTED  Every business man in a mining camp, where  banks are scarce and money and valuable papers  are plenty, should have one of J. & J. Taylor's  safes.  /������^Don,t wait till after a fire to purchase one.  J.  A.  KIRK  5>-  J. F. RITCHIE  illLHliV  Dominion    and    Provincial    Eand  Surveyors.  Office  over  Bank   of   British   Columbia,   Nelson,   B.C.  m  ft.  in  * ���������  'i:  ail  G il  V.' THE MINEE:  NELSON,  B.  0.,   SATUEDAY,  JANUAEY  28 ,1   3.
i..'., .���
-��-���.-    -
*       *   *   N
���   *  \     >   ? *
The Gateway of the Lardo-Duncan Mining Gamps. ;;;;< :.
The Only Flat Land, not Subject to Overflow, and the Only Harboi'at
the North End of Kootenay Lake, ;\";..;?S':...
A Railway Point; vide 0. P. R. Reports ; v  ,
The Head of. Navigation at the North End of Kootenay Lake
The Terminus of the Government Trail to the Mines
��-   ,, j .
.^'j-vWrt1   "i��* J^r^J ��*v    ���r*r~'
.  > r        <���'
xamine tlie Map of West Kootenay!
xamine the Head of Kootenay Lake!
xamine the Townsite of Lardo! and
eviouslyannounced by notices
st 200 lots  having been s
already ���pu-blia
/prices are now
'.. .5"
.    -    -1 ���.'"'���'.    . '
BMS: One-third cash, one-third in 3 months, and one-third
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_Ba_eSa_n_aadi      ���r_f_r_m    mm__m
; Stone Block. Kaslo City, B. 0.
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%    :->'a.v.
I'-itU rm!i������VmV.m.c*.-xx  ��������� ���������*������ir>!(������'1l!_,y?ft''W*I*'!(*  w*Sii^^wwrfiBtfteiiunrfa_t-_s:  rr*������������KTJM ^,,^fc,_. a^^fr-\K^'s[^._fefr _...  f'ajg  *5  1  i  1  i  nl  si  E    B  ���������?f?  1   *  Jw  II  6  ii  II  ^  m  m  W  ip  b_H  H_  ip.  IP  PI  jsftfj  'a?  illy  IMP  &p  Sip  Ip  life  111  Mil  IMs^  'IP  ftp  'fp  THE  MINEE:  NELSON,  B.  0.,   SATUEDAY,  JANUAEY 28   1893.  TOA������ MOUNTAIN TO TIttE FKONT.  Messrs. J. A. Turner, F. M. McLeod, Geo. W.  Richardson, and J. F. Ritchie intend  to make a  trip up to  the  Hidden  Treasure  before  long.  They are satisfied that tlie  property is  a good  one, and intend  to  start   work  on it at  once.  The vein, which assays high in silver and copper,  has a breadth  of from 5 to 6 feet  with  clearly  defined walls, and has been   traced  foi'300 feet.  The owners will  drive a tunnel of fi'orn 50 to 60  feet by which means  they   expect   to   tap  the  ledge at some 35 feet below  the surface.    If, on  the completion of this work, the mine shows up  in  good shape,   they  will drift on   the ledge.  .Tames Fox Will superihtend the work.   In these  daysj when the attention of mining men is  given almost exclusively to  the  Slocan district, it  ia satisfactory to note that there are local capit-  r "alists who believe that as good  properties exist  on Toad mountain as are found   in   other  parts  of the district;   and  who  realize the fact that  more work has  been  done  on  Toad Mouutain  than in all the rest of the district put together;  and the one realty .great mine in the country; up  to the present, is  the  Silver King.    There  can  be no doubt that there are  many mines  in the  Slocan which will develop into immensely valuable properties, but they  must   have   a  lot  of  money spent, and a great deal of.work done, on  them before they can equal the  gigantic silver  and copper proposition which exists "up on the  hill."    We wish the owners.���������;<:>������ the Hidden Treas-  ure evrery success  in  their  venture.    They  deserve it if only  for  the  strenglh  of  mind  and  for*esight they display in not 1 *eing carried away  by an exciten/ent which, though'��������� perfectly.j'us'ti-  flal)le, has   nevertheless   causedh many valuable  properties to lie idle  during  the  past summer.  notiqe.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have deposited with the. Minister of Public Works at Ottawa a  plan and description of the site of the wharf proposed to  be constructed by, them upon the front or foreshore at  ' mean high water, of lots 20, 22, 23, 24, block B, Third,  Fourth, and Fifth streets, block A and 1, and along Kaslo  Bay 800 feet west of the <west side of Fifth street, Kaslo  City, District of West Kootenay, Province of British Columbia, being- a distance of 2,400 feet, and that a duplicate  of such plan and description has also been filed in the  office of the .Registrar General of Titles at Victoria, and  that the same persons have applied to the Governor-in-  Council for approval thereof, in accordance with tlie provisions of Chapter 92, Sections 5 and-(vilevised Statutes of  Canada. It. J. BEALEY.  JOHN HIKSCK.  HORACE W. BtJCKE.  Dated at KaslOj this 12th day of January, 1SJ3.  ___________  Richard Sjjea, Plaintiff; E. H. Hughes, David Porter  and S. W. Ii ugiies,.Defendants.  By virtue of a warrant of execution issued out of the  County Court of Kootenay, at Nelson, on the 20th day of  October, 1892, against the goods and chattels of Richard  Shea, for tlie sum of $515, and to me directed, I have  seized the right, title, and interest of the said Richard  Shea in a certain mineral claim known as the "Dunder-  bird," situate on Carpenter Creek in Slocan mining division of West Kootenay District, and being an extension  of the "Idaho" mineral claim, which is an extension of  the "Blue Bird" mine, which interest I will sell to recover  said amount with costs, less the stun of $200 paid on account by said Richard Shea to the defendants' solicitors.  Sale will be held at the court house in Nelson, in the said  district of West Kootenay, on Tuesday, the 31st day of  January, 1803, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  Terms of sale, cash.  W. P. ROBiNSON, Deputy Sheriff.  Dated the 21st day of January, A. D. 1893. 134 1.  ~~   NOTICE.  Springfield   Mineral  Claim,   Situated   on  Miller  Creek, Slogan Districts  Take Notice that we, Nathan E. Lay, free miner's certificate No. 42556; William T. Jones, free miner's certificate No. 42(331; and E. Smith Millei*, free miner's certificate  No. 12(332, intend, sixty days after date hereof, to apply to  the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the aboAre  claim.  And further 4ake notice that adverse claims must be  sent  to  the Gold  Commissioner and action commenced  before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  JOHN ELLIOT, Agent for Applicants, Nelson.  Datcn this ISth day of January, 1893. 134-8.  ifVaRISSOVEIVSENTS.  Ciaim,   Slocan  Mining  L���������[CERTIFICATE   OF   I  Mountain  Chief   Mineral  Division.  Take Notice that I. William H. Smith, free miner's certificate No. 40200, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvements, for-the purpose of obtaining a crown grant  of the above claim, said claim being recorded by me at  the Town of Nelson, District of West Kootenay.  And further take notice that adverse claims must be  sent to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced  before the issuance of such cortificate of improvements.  WILLIAM H. SMITH.  Dated this 24th day of January, A. D. 1893. 134-8  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 60 days from the date  hereof, I intend to apply for a crown grant to the "Try  Me" mineral claim,situated on Toad Mountain. This  application will be made under clause 35, " Mineral Act,  1891." Copies of the field notes and plat can be seen at  the office of the Government Agent, Nelson.  Nelson, B. C, Nov. 26th, 1892. HA BOLD SELOUS.  Notice is hereby given that at the next, Session of the  Legislature of British Columbia, application will be made  for an act to incorporate a company for the purpose of  constructing, operating and maintaining a line of railway  from a point at or near the town of Nelson, in Kootenay  District;, thence, westerly along the Kootenay River to the  Slocan River, thence northerly along the Slocan Riverand  Slocan Lake to a point at or near the town of New Denver  and on through the Nakusp Pass to a point on the Upper  Arrow Lake: with power to construct, maintain and operate branch lines from any point on the main line to the  headwaters of Carpenter Creek and Four Mile Creek and,  with power to build wharves and docks and erect and  maintain telegraph and telephone lines and alt necessary  .works. ���������������������������'������������������' ��������� . .':  CORBOULD, McCOLL, WILSON & CAMPBELL,   .  Solicitors for Applicants.  Dated at Nelson this 7th day of January, 1893.. 131-6  Notice is hereby given that at the next Session of the  Legislature of British Columbia, application will be made  for ah act to incorporate a company for the purpose of  constructing, operating and maintaining, a line of railway,  "commencing at a point near the town'of. Nelson, in Kootenay District, thence following the West Arm of Kootenay  Lake to Balfour, thence along the west shore of Kootenay  Lake to Ainsworth, thence to a point at or near Kaslo,1  thence running up the main fork of Kaslo Creek to Bear  Lake, thence to a point at or near the Forks of Carpenter  Creek, with power to build branch lines to any mine or  mines adjacent to the line of railway, and with power to  build wharves and docks and erect and maintain telegraph and telephone lines, and all necessary work.  BODWELL & IRVING,  Solicitors for the Applicants.  Dated the 14th day of December, 1892.    .  Notice is hereby given that application will be made to  the Legislature of British Columbia at its next Session for  an act to incorporate a company with power to construct,  equip, maintain and operate a railway from a point near  the international boundary line, at or near Bediington, in  ���������the Province of British Columbia, thence following up  the Kootenay River to Kootenay Lake, thence along the  west shore of Kootenay Lake to its northerly extremity,  with power to construct branchos to the headwaters of'  the Lardeaux and Duncan rivers, in said Province, and to  construct telegraph and telephone lines arid "to equip and  operate the same in connection with the said line of railway, together with the usual  powers to acquire lands,  '-privilege's,' bonuses, or other aids, from the Dominion or  Provincial Governments, and to make traffic or other arrangements with railway, steamboat or other companies,  and for all other usual and necessary powers rights and  privileges. JOSEPH HETHERINGTON BOWES,  Solicitor for Applicants.  Dated at Nelson, the 16th day of December' 1892.  TO WHOSV3 IT EVIAY CONCERN.  Take Notice that I, Joseph Edward Boss, of the City of  Spokane, United States of America, (free miner's certificate No. 41642} being the lawful holder of the mineral claim  Young Dominion, recorded by IT. How-son, on the 10th  day of June, 1892, in the recorder's office, New Denver,  intend applying at the end of sixty days for a certificate of  improvements on the said claim for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant therefor. And further take notice  that adverse claims, if any, must be sent to the Gold Commissioner at Nelson, and action commenced before the  issuance of such certificate of improvements.  J. E. BOSS.  ^ Dated this 28th day of October, 1892.  SHAFER   GOLD   AMD   SILVER   MISSIING  COMPAMY.  (Foreign.)  Kegistered    the   loth   Day   of   December,   1892.  certificate op registration.  This is to certify that I have this day registered the  "Shafer Gold and Silver Mining Company," (foreign)  under the Companies Act, Part IV, Registration of Foreign  Companies, and the Companies Act Amendment Act,  1889.  The objects for which the company is established are:  To carry on the business of mining for gold, silver, copper,  lead, z nc and other minerals, in the State of Washington,  in the Province of Britisn Columbia, and at other places  in the United States and in British North America, and  of operating quartz mills and smelters for the purpose of  working the quartz and ores from mines owned or worked  by said company, and ores and quartz brought to such  mills and smelters by other persons or corporations.  The amount of the capital stock of the said company is  Four Hundred Thousand Dollars, divided into four hundred thousand shares of one dollar each.  The term of existence of the said company is Fifty years.  The place of business of the said company is located at  Ainsworth, Pnovince of British Columbia.  In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and  affixed my seal of office this 16th day of December, 1892, at  the City of Victoria, in the Province of British Columbia.  /'Seal of the Registrar of^ C. J. LEGGATT.  -< Joint Stock Companies >���������      Registrar Joint Stock Coys.  V.     British Celumbia.     J  IvsoticeT ~  Thirty days from date I intend to apply to the Gold  Commissioner for a liquor license for my hotel situated  on Carpenter Creek at the mouth of Sanders Creek.  133-4 A. G. KIRLIE.  FOR   SALE.  An assayer's outfit and laboratory, complete in all its details with office fittings.   Price, $400.  Apply Miner office.  OTiOE.  Slocan Boy Mineral Claim, Slocan District, West  Kootenay, B. C.  Take notice that we, E. J. M. Hale, free miner No. 40257;  Jno. W. Goss, free miner, No. 42784; S. K. Green, free  miner No. 40277; S.J. Silverman, free mirier No. 42490; intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Gold  Commissioner for a certificate of improvements for the  purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take.notice that adverse claims must be sent  to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before  the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  N.E.LINSLEY, Agent for the Above.  Dated this 30th day of October, A. D. 1892.  '     NOTICE. ��������� ���������������������������  The Columbia & Kootenay Railway and Navigation  Company will apply to the Parliament/of Canada at its  next session for an Act authorizing, it to construct and  operate a railway between a point on its present line and  Revelstoke, together with such branch or branches, not  exceeding in any case thirty miles in length, as may be  hereafter authorized by His Excellency the Governor in  Council, and for other purposes.       J. D. TOWNLEY,  Vancouver, November 24th, 1892. Secretary.  Notice is hereby given that Harold Selous, as agent for  G. H. Col well, B. Thomas, ������J. A. Turner and F. M. McLeod,  has filed the necessary papers and made application for a  crown grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the  " Hidden Treasure,', situated on Toad Mountain, West  Kootenay District. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections within 60 days from the date of this  notice. N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B...C, Dec. 3, 1892. Gold Commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that James Fox, as agent for A. H.  Kelly, E. S. Topping and A. M. Esler, has filed the necessary papers and made application for a crown grant in  favor of the mineral claim known as the "Oliic," situated  on Toiid Mountain, AVest Kootenay District. Adverse  claimants, if any,will forward their objections within 60  days from date of this notice.  N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B. C:, Dec. 3rd, 1892. Gold Commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that Henry Anderson, as agent  for John N. Squire, has filed the necessary papers, and  made application for a, crown grant in favor of the mineral  claim kiiown as the Tiger, situate in the Ainsworth mining division of West Kootenay. Adverse claimants, if  any, will forward their objections within 60 days from  date of publication. N. FITZSTUBBS,  .'���������-��������� / Gold Commissioner.  'Nelson, B. C, 7th October, 1892.  > Notice is hereby given that Harold Selous, as agent for  W. R. Will and R. G. Tatiow, has filed the necessary  papers and made application for a crown grant in favor of  the mineral claim known as the "Ivanhoe;" situated on  Toad Mountain. West Kootenay District.  Adverse claimants will forward their objections within  60 days from the date of this publication.  N  FITZSTUBBS  Nelson, B. C, Nov. 26th, 1892. Gold Commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that Harold Selous has filed the  necessary papers and made application for crown grants  in favor of the mineral claims known as " Yankee Girl J  and "Annie," situated on Toad Mountain on the divide  between the east and west forks of Give Out: Creek, West  Kootenay District.  Adverse claimants will forward their objections within  60 days from date of this oublicaiion. .  N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelsoii, B. C, Nov. 26th, 1892. Gold Commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that E. D. Ainsworth, for him  self and as agent for E. E, Brockhausen and D. C. Joslyn,  has filed the necessary pa.pers and made application for a  crown grant in favor of the mineral claimknown as the  "Copper King," situated on Toad Mountain, West Kootenay District. Adverse claimants will forward their objections within 60 days from the date of this notice.  N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B. C, Dec. 5th, 1892. Gold Commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that M.'.S. Davys, as manager for  the Cottonwood Gold Mining Company, limited, has filed  the necessary papers and made application for a crown  grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the " Golden  Wreath," situate in the Nelson mining division of West  Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections within 60 days from date of publication. N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., August 22nd, 1892.       Gold commissioner.   CROWN   GRANT   APPLICATION^  To All Whom it May Concern :  Be it known that we, James Richey, (free miner's certificate 41,883) Matthew Guthrie, (free miner's certificate  42,677) Jno. Fitzgerald, (freq.miner's certificate 41,738) and  John King, (free miner's certificate 40,954) being the lawful holders of the mineral claim Okanagan, recorded by  Matthew Guthrie aforesaid, on the 2nd day of June, 1892,  in the office of A. Sproat, mining recorder, Slocan, intend  appplying for a crown grant of the same by purchase, as  provided in section 35 of the Mineral act, 1891, as amended  in 1892. J AS. RICHEY,  ���������M. GUTHRIE,  JNO.    FITZGERALD,  September 5th, 1892. JNO. KING.   Notice is hereby given that at the next Session of the  Legislature of British Columbia application will be made  for"an act to incorporate a company for the purpose of  constructing, operating and maintaining a line of railway,  commencing at a point on the international boundary, on  the right fork of Sheep Creek, thence running north along  said creek to the Trail Creek Mines or, more particularly,  to Red Mountain, with power to build, maintain and  operate branch lines from any point or points on the main  lines or branch lines to any adjacent mine or mines, and  with power to build wharves and docks, and erect and  maintain telegraph and telephone lines and all necessary  works. ^BODWELL & IRVING,  Solicitors for the Applicants.  Dated this 14th day of December, 1892.  >1  ��������� j w  I ii  ��������� f :4  i. ������������������'���������i  t'P  m  r]  r  It IKE  MI_TEE:  KELSON,  B.   0.,   SATUEDAY,  JANUAEY 28   1893.  aniMJ.yrTW������ ���������_.������ 'jp c*  gyp_fl__ tcea fW-ri t  ���������_FjPw_r-_er  __  i ��������� m  !JL 'JtdL'_J_Li  mi  __ _._,*_#  *_  o  :7BX_^^^r3_a_da_a_Tif*!_na5!c_sera  ������-������ga^s_j^^_ivJOx__K3CT_gg_s3s-__gswf_fl_aasa  * 1  _S2WS2KS  S3 SS5_  ALLACK  ���������I__N������ NEWS OF T_K WOM������.  Another lost mine romance coiups from Old  Mexico. It seems that old workings of mines,  have been found near Ures, Sonora, where1- rich  ore was recently discovered. Now observers  jump to the conclusion that the dong-iost mines  from which the Aztecs obtained their treasure  have been found at last:. It seems that prospectors would rati)'r run after mines that have  been once found and then lost than hum- up an-,  solutely new ones.  At   the   Department  or   Justice   i?)   Ottawa,  several petitions have   been   presented   for  the  disallowance of  Nova  Scotia's  Mining1 Act, on  the ground that the legislation was confiscatory  by increasing the royalties on coal.  An order-in comicsl has been passed extending  the facilities by which settlers may earn a  patent to lands in the, railway belt of British  Columbia. A new form of affidavit was adopted, which will be'required to be made in support of a'claim for homestead entry in the rail-  way-belt by persons who have not previously  obtained a homestead entrv.  ���������   _d. Ogden dlscovei ed rich   diggiiigs, on .W<  nesday lasl;,   in   Matelot   gulch.  ���������d-  Coli.u.iibj a..  weignujg  lehied 16  five    ��������� .'      ���������i.             7 ��������� - ":      o ������������������..    ----- "-7     .V-'.'-li.  ��������� Several school children were prospecting.'"there.,  and Ogdeh asked r he in to let him try a paa. In  the first pan he /obtained nearly $4 in gold, in  the secop;d.$8,,und;i.u,tb^'t'hird'abeiit $100, making a total of about $180... Some excit(nnent was  created and claims in that sec;ion are very de-  si! able property.  A cliscovei-y has-been made at the Unico mine  at   Angels,   Gala veras  county,   of a  pocket  so  rich ������������������that h   28-pound   piece . of  rocl  pounds   of   gold;   another  pi  pounds held three pounds.  Mining assessments falling delinquent in the  United States in January amount to -.$280,700, Of  which Nevada mines want $270,700 and Caii-  for.nia. mines $10,000.  The tin mill at Hill City, South Dakota, is  now ..running1 at its full capacity���������250 tons per  day. The separator-of'the metal is said to be  satisfactoiy.  A.train of'burros, coining from trie Las Animas mine, Mexico, loaded with.si!ver bars, has  lost one of its number. The lost burro is valuable, as he has on his brick $5,000 in silver- bars.  There, is another chance for she   nrnsnerl or who  clai  u;s  pr  *5  the  is always hunting up **io*  Sight hundred miners were laid off for . ...  present at Aspen, Colorado, last week, in consequence of \he low price of silver.  In May last, Joseph Bourgois .considered-it.  advisable to go on a prospecting expedition-. Me  wanted a partner to accompany him a-nd asked  the nearest man to go. He accepted, and in a  very short time the North Star lead w.as discovered near Fort Steele. After having assays  made and the value thus made known, these  prospectors decided to record the claim. They  have been exceedingly lucky, as rhe North Star  has been sold for $_0,(.K)0, each having received  in cash $5,000, and on ih? 1st of July will have  placed to their credit $15,000 more apiece. The  two gentlemen are now the  envy  of  the  boys,  the former, especially, as he has gone to West  Kootenay, to pick up the balance of the cash  corning to him from a.similar discovery in Trail  Creek camp; there he was alone, and has received tor his lind,. already, $27,000, a.nd this  week will add,Jo his little pile $13,000. Bourgois  seems to deal in good luck and $40,000 transactions.  A new mining recording division is to be  created for the Kettle River District, taknig-in  the Kettle River, Rock Cieek and Boundary  Creek catiiDS with also Camp McKinney, the  water-shed between Okanaga.n and Kettle rivers  being the boundary line between the two districts.  ?^^^'*z^?l3C!&���������\^irjr^~?*vs2^jff*^\r^vrzrr?5>& -jcv  ���������r*i -rrj^-resTciwwwT-*  % gk S  far  E    /������353s.  K\  y $ b    s fea     otjy ^_#   ^ ������ t__   Os     k  ������,������-* _h _5T75_i Ciu^_y  ( If <^'  Notary Public.)  ������t t������ : -  Jj.LJi  ���������    n   *   ?   _   *   r. *-*������*  >-?*__ w .4*^w*(!_���������_������������������'&-��������� y~~  -V  1  Q7K]  T\  state  TT** :T% - r'~\ T7 T"l "T~\  ^ NrUK-RK  AJ'Xh \J A A- JLi JL t������ i  Auctioneer and Commission Agent,  REPRESENTING-  The Confederation Life Association, the Phoenix Fire  Insurance Company, arid- the Provident i^und Accident  Society; also the Sand7 Croft Foundry Company, near  Chester, England, makers of all 'kinds of mining- machinery, air compressors, rock breakers, stamps, etc.  No.   1,   JOSEPHINE  STREET,   ITELS0S", B.0.  ^.i  iiOts.ior oaie in  fj "4  liP?~_  yy  Adjoining; tlic'^'overnmcnt townsite of Nelson  AT $125 AND UPWABDS  With a rebate for buildings erected.   The best residential  property in Nelson, values sure to increase.   Apply  W.  A.  JowcLt, a^ent for Nelson and district,  or Innes & Richards, Vancouver, B.C.  W.  A.  JOWETT,  Mining & Eeal Estate Brokers, Auctioneers & Commission Agents.  JOSEPHINE STREETS,  NELSON, B.C.  NOTIGE.  Mail to New Denver will leave Nelson weekly on Mondays. W.S. MURRAY, Contractor.  5R   I  Prospectors'location notices for sale at The Miner office  Kelson, -B. C.  ICHAEDS0N& BEALEY  Eeal Estate and Financial Agents.  SEOiOOO   TO ��������� LOAM  ON,EEAL ESTAT  u  ij  SEOUET1^  JL X 1  Vernon Street, near Josephine, opposite wharf.  ."VKfeiSOJV. ES. a:.  AXEL -:J0HNS0N9  phopbietor..  THE HOTEL OVERLOOKS THE -KOOTENAY  its guests thus obtaining splendid-views  ���������-������������������:.-������������������      of both mountain and river.  THE   ROOMS  THE' TABLE  are coihfortabie in si^e and       is  acknowledged   tlie  host  newly furnished.     ��������� in the.mountains.  NEW -SISD-ROpMS  EAR JUST ADDED.  "~TT\  ___J       ____5^  -s., ���������g...  XJ  'Is'stocked wit'    all   brands of ..liquors and  cigars.  rf_# l_3 ��������� ��������� 8 ������ ^���������������������     ������ fe������k &  '..''.:���������;������   ?iu8i<ir  Slr<*<'t,   it<^so:������,  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district,  and is the headquarters for prospectors and  working miners.  The Tablo is not Surpassed by that of any Hotel  in the Kootenay Lake country.  At the Belt is Dispensed Fine Liquors and Oigars,  and the bed-rooms are newly furnished.  _ALOIVE   &   T_E������I__IiS E _<>1_JETdtftS  ���������..:p--Si.-;".^Vi'.^:!..���������.'���������:���������-��������� ������������������ss-vh ift -."���������,-;".,:V:Ca.,*1.y.;i*fi{-.".te\ * :-{^"( /r.-V's'" =;��������� ^\i.:i^-n1- /y;i,.-*i $?.?&���������-} :.-:':.:<>: *fc ^;^*.���������.i���������i^v-l;Ki���������^^^5���������i;*;5������������������������::���������ii\V vV  ttt,-?! rv.V  i"!"i"S"f������  t,ij ft,.,-V���������,yTi-"-.TF.TT^r._.  ���������v���������>*��������� . -.'ft::*��������� a-.."*, i\   .f.-  "i-VTn-.T'W  Iv. .i-i1 ������������������'^!r*Wi?^'-.,fl~"-^i! v'1"-*-1 fi'f a^.^it__L^-.������.������^������������.vM*w. ~  :    ** ���������  ^"'���������'-  t._eT_������i*...rfw_._^.������ft#^)^_4������"1ft^ _  -"'������������������'������������������-��������� .. .   .....,��������� ���������    '    , ., *������,"*  hkggafB  fi  III  m  HJBfc'-' i  mm I  Pv������r? !  #11 I  8  THE   MOTSB:  NELSON,   B.  0.,  SATUEDAY, JANUAEY 28, 1893.  Situated at the Head of Navigation on the Northeast Arm of the  Arrow Lake,  er  est ������  y, B. 0., is  TH  To'the Richest Mines in West Kootenay District, situated on Fish Greek, North  of Lardeau City, and in the Lardeau Pass, Southeast of Lardeau. The Mines are  reached by Trail from Lardeau, which is naturally the distributing point for  supplies, and the shipping point for ore from these Rich Mining Fields.  H  _���������_ _mj m ������_g1  Now on sale at the office of the undersigned. The terms are reasonable, and there is  every reason for stating that a handsome profit will be realized on all lots purchased at  present prices. Arrangements have been made for the- clearing of a portion of the  Townsite, for the erection of hotel and stores,, and for various other improvements, so  that' Lardeau City will build up rapidly, in the early spring. Lardeau City is the  entrance point for the Lardeau Pass, which reaches through to the head of Kootenay  lake, and application has already been made for a charter to build a railway from  Lardeau City to lake Kootenay and Nelson. Lardeau City is not a town _ competing  with several other points in the same district. It is naturally,the best point for supplying the surrounding mining country, and there is a brighter prospect for it to-day  than there was for Kaslo a year ago. Lots purchased in the latter, last year, have been  sold this summer at an advance" of from two, hundred to a thousand per cent. For  further particulars apply^to  i3_a  1  ���������- '._*_������������������������������_ &SSG T_K'!SA-i.3l_0^'..E_V35K.  However impracticable this task of dredging  Salmon River tor its concentrated treasure of  placer gold may appear to the unthinking  mind, yet anyone who has kept at ail, posted  with regard to the recent steps taken in scien-  tiiic knowledge, /brought to successful issues  through earnest invest igatiousandexperiinents,  cannot but acknowledge that by the use of the  lately-invented suction dredge, such a scheme  woi.id notoniybe feasible, but would bear the  stamp of success on it from the start.  If once the-bedrock can be found, the nozzle  of a dredger that will admit of the suction and  passage of everything brought under its influence' to the size of a pebble three inches in  diameter, will ride over its surface in a semicircle, taking in, of course, a fresh swath, as it  were,  at each new anchorage.  Ail the large boulders, of course, are cast  aside, the nozzle being made in the form of a  flange; convex, with corrugations that agitate  the snaface on which it is resting in accordance  with the number of revolutions it makes per  mile; powerful suction pumps attract the material to the deck of the dredge, where it is  treated as suitable to its condition.  The principal rivers of New Zealand are being  successfully treated in t his manner at the pi esent  day. Enterprise is all that is needed to bring  this industry to the front, and when once attempted, should the experiment prove that  Salmon River bed contains enough or the precious metal to make it a success, he who ii replaced it there can alone be the judge as to how-  much the community can be benefited by it.  ��������� aiwmini _~i "HiiTnn iirr~  e.c*_j_j������ s* v_M���������sa__��������������� _aam _a__-a_.ii������r ��������� _ i_ ._lh_mii������  *������S,  (A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.)  CIVIL ENCHNEBE AND AE0HITE0T,  fr;->cpr^  COR.  BAKER AND   WARD   STREETS.  nil .mill'\in_gqj���������jrmTTM*T������agBM  MEA-LS'AT. ALL HOURS,  DAY OR MIGHT  MBS. W. 0, PHILLIPS, Proprietress.  ___j_  ootenay Lake Sawmi  LUMBER, ROUGH AND DRESSED,  SHINGLES, LATHS, MOULDINGS,  SASH, DOORS, GIG-SAW WORK,  TURNING-LATHE WORK,  -   ON   HAND   OR   MADE   TO  ORDER   -  The Best ol Shipping Facilities.   300,000 feet of Lumber in  the Nelson Lumher Yard.  <;.   O.   BUCHANAN.-  P.O. address. Nelson or Kaslo.  TIME   0AED-00MMEisT0Bia  DECEMBER'.19.  Columbia & Kootenay S. N. GO. Ltd.  KQOTEHAY   LAKE   ROUTE  sars-A-ivL���������j-?. _nt_lso_"  Leaves kelson for Kaslo and Head of trie Lake Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9 a. m.,  connecting with stage line from Bonner's Perry.  Leaves Head of the Lake for Kaslo and Nelson Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,  TS.  SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT FUUTIIEBt tfOTIC K  F. Q. CHRISTIE,    ;  Nelson, December 19th, 1892. Agent.  rp  ��������� BLUE EIDGE HOUSE  Ten miles from Kaslo on the trail to Slocan mines.  First   Class  Accommodations for Travelers.    Best  -   Brands of Liquors and Cigars.  PRICES  MODERATE.  McDonald Bros.  Proprietors. THE   MINEE :  NELSON,   B.   0.,   SATUEDAY, JANUAEY 28,  1893.  9 J  R  1  _i__.3STID    X5_3_P____E?,T_d  T,    _"_LS02ST.  This Company now Offers for Sale a Number of Choice Business or Residential  Lots on Easy Terms. "Eebate Given-'for G-ood. Buildings on  FOR PARTICULARS APPLY  LAND  COMMISSIONER, NELSON, B. ,0.  NELSON'S SOCIAL AN������ _[T_SA___ CliUB.  Between 40 and 50 members assembled on  Tuesday night to discuss the question of  "Women's Suffrage." After a recitation had  been heard from the Rev. A. J. Reid. Mr. McLeod moved that the  franchise  be  extended to  women. Mr. McLeod's argument took notice of  the great work being done by women in many  departments of public life at present, and was  chiefly based on the refining and elevating influence the speaker thought women would exercise on politics. He was opposed by Mr.  Eliot, whose chief point was that women would  be injured in the present sphere by being forced  into political strife.  The debate was carried on by Mr." G. O. Buchanan, who made a telling speech for the negative; by Mr. C. _. Perry, whose sparring match  with the Rev. A. J. Reid caused great amusement, and by Messrs. Stoess, Fletcher, Bogle  and Rogers.  After Mr. McLeod bad made a.'most-effective  reply, a division was taken and there voted for  ' the motion 19, and for the negative 21, < he negative being thus carried by a majority of two.  For next Tuesday a mock trial has been arranged, and a -most amusing case is being drawn  up by the legal minds of Nelson. The president  will act as judge, Messrs. Whaliey and Robson  have been retained as counsel on one side and  Messrs Vaileau and O'Farrel on the other,  Messrs. McLeod and Elliot have been subpcenead  as witnesses, and will receive a taste of their  own physic in the box. The foreman of the  jury will be/ the Rev.; Mr. Turner, and Mr.  .Ham.per will^ act as clerk arid policeman.  CL    ~W\  ������_������'  j  Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., M. Can. Soc. C. E.  PROVINCIAL -;- LAND '���������-:- SURVEYOR,  BAL_OUR3   _3.    O-  Telephone Connection.  JUST ARRIVED-OHOIOE OIGAES  LA YINCEDORA, ;  HENRY CLAY,  EXCEPTION ALES,  SENSITERAS,  HIGH LIFE, &e.  Hudssxi's   Bay   Company.  .TELSOE",    _5_    O-  CROWN   GRAMT  APPLICATIONS.  Notice is hereby given that M. S. Davys, as manager for  the Cottonwood Gold Mining Company, limited, has tiled  the necessary papers and made application for a crown  grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the "Golden  King," situate in the Nelson mining division' of West  Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections within 60 days from date of publication. N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., August 22nd, 1892.       Gold commissioner.  V  T*"  ���������jr. -s���������g  JLI JL__ JLJ  I  Potitotliee Si,os*c,   XeSsoia,   E5.  il.  AND LEFTS' FUEKISHIJSTG- GOODS.  At,SO,  FCLL LINES  OF  _  W la    __   __?    B   S_c?  H   H   ������  Toilet Articles and. Stationery.  m  ._.  C������  M  (Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1862.) '  CAPITAL <pai<l iap>, JC6<M>,MM>    .    $3,4HK>,*W>0  (With power to increase.). w  KESEI_VEB^5JX3>,  ^220,000 .   .    .      .1,100,000  _3_?,__.__TO__EI3 =  Victoria, B.C., San Francisco, California,  Vancouver, B. C, Portland, Oregon, ��������� '..-.  NewWistminster,B.C.,   Seattle, Washington,  Nanaimo, B. C, Tacoma, Washington.  ..Kamloops, B. C.  HEAD OFFICE: 60 Lombard street, LONDON, England.  e  AGENTS AM) CORRESPONDENTS:  CANADA���������_ank of Montreal and branches;  Canadian Bank of Commerce and branches  ���������"���������' Imperial Bank of Canada and branches;  Commercial Bank of Manitoba ; and  Bank of Nova Scotia.  UNITED STATES���������Agents Bank of Montreal, New Yoi-jc;  Bank of Montreal, Chicago.  SAVINGS DEPAKTMENI.  On 12nd after 1st January  next  the  rate  of interest, on  deposits will be 3h per cent, until further notice.  E  -__r!  ;s  J_.__tf_-  ,f**  NEGOTIATED,  Address,  Nelson  or    aslo. B. 0.  250  BALED HAY FOE SALE,  TONS Baled Hav for Sale on Road or River Bank,  Address M. II. BACON, Bonner's Ferry.       133-tf  ���������AB������ITAL (a_ _mi������l ������_������>, $l^,OOOjOOO  'KEST,        .... ������,OO0,0OO  Sir DONALD A. SMITH '. .President  iron. GEO. A. DRUMMOND, Vice-President  E. S. CLOUSTON,  General Manager  Nelson Branch:   13*. W. Oor. Baker and. Stanley Sts.  Branches in London  (England), New York and  Chicago  and in the principal cities in Canada;  Buy and sell sterling exchange and ca_-e tranfers;  Grant commercial and travelers' credits^rvvailalne in any  part of the world ; '  Drafts issued; Collections mads-; Etc. .    ���������  r~-i,  _l  A������IiMG8   E  Rate of interest at present four-per cent.  fi__      %&������a  Physician, Surgeorly and Acopucheur,  Telephone 45. Office:   Stanley and Victoria "Streets  P. O. box 69.  Telephone 24.  Edward Applewhaite & Go.  S. E. corner Baker and Josephine streets,  ;   NELSON, B.' C.-\>'  FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE AGENTS,  Loans negotiated on  Nelson property.    Collections made.  Conveyancing documents drawn up.  Town  Lots   Lands   and   Mining   Olainis   Handled  on ��������� Commission,  WEST   KOOTEMAY   DSSTRSCT.  All Placer Mining Claims in this District, legally held,  may be laid over from the loth day of October, 1892, until  the 1st day of June, 1898.  N. FITZSTUBBS, _BS  Gold Commissioner.  Nolson B. C, November loth, 1892.  W. M. MACKINNON, 0. E.  (Ass. Mem. Inst. C. E.)  5t   .w  sV__  8  Water Supply, Irrigation, Water  Power,   Bridges  Structural Work, Etc.  Office over Bank of British Columbia.  J!1*"  _5  ii  ��������� jV'iAi  133-tf       K^j  :_1  "U.  c 'l��������� *  !<-ir'  sraS5SESS_!KB!SBSSS_5HraSmHM!3EBISISSBH!5!^  &mmmmmtmmmmmm4mi  T-t"?7f "n.'.!i!!, ^r,!-"'"' "S ; L ���������..."- * I ��������� ."'���������i'.1-r.1.   ������'." '��������� '.* EV  t ���������<nw f l--T1������T^aa,~aB���������_B_8_l,ti_tftg^  IJ  fi_.  p  111-  m  Jfe*  4MT'    ''  10  THE   MI_EE:  NELSON,   B.  0.,  SATUEDAY, JAOTAKY 28, 1893.  Dealers in Dry G-oods, Groceries, Provisions, Canned G-oods, Hardware, Etc.   Miners' Supplies a Specialty.  The stock is full and complete in every Department, and the r>ublic will find it to their advantage to* call and insrject Goods  and compare Prices.  fife?  m  ft  UN  s?_  ������������������._Soa  ���������vfe  tf_&������sb.';  m  m:  IIP  Telephone 27.  7, 9, and 11 East .Vernon Street, NELSON, B. C.  IiOCAIi AND PERSONAL.  B. H. Lee and D. Bremner paid Nelson a  flying visit in the beginning of the week.  G. W. Hughes has just imported 18 more  sleighs for use between the mines and Kaslo.  The Rev. A. J. Reid, on Wednesday, received  a. cable from England, announcing the death of  his father.  F. G. Christie and A. H. Buchanan took in  Kaslo this week. Mr. Christie intends visiting  Northport next week.  W. B. Fisher the new manager of the Freddie  Lee, -went up to the mine early this week and  has now taken charge.  The C. & K. S. N. Company has taken   a  contract to deliver 500 tons of ice in Kaslo from the  . head of the lake.  The packers who brought the mail in from  Robson on a hand car this week had a picnic;  A gale of wind right in their teeth, arid 30������ of  frost. ...������������������'-..'  Theinsulators for the telephone line to Kaslo  have now arrived, and it is expected that Nelson will be able to ring up Kaslo in the coarse  of a week or two.  The steamer Nelson to-day takes an excursion  party from Kaslo to Lardo." The public meeting to be held to-night in the Phair Hotel prevented many of Nelson's citizens from making  the trip.  A steam launch, 36-foot, keel, is to be built at  Gr. O. Buchanan's sawmill, Kaslo. A party of  Amei icaus are responsible. They say it is to  be a pleasure yacht. There are such a lot of  people in the country for their health that We  believe this.  When the writer first struck Nelson, the brass  band was in full swing. That summer was  chock full of crime. Two good 'robberies' and  one attempted, and rights without number, occurred. This past summer, no band, no violence. The band is to start up again, however,  we are glad to hear, under the tutorship of a  bandmaster from Creemore. Ont., so that we  anticipate having no difficulty during the coming year with thrilling tales of blood and  derringdo.  A new method of traveling from place to  place has been devised by one of Nelson's most  ingenious inhabitants. The idea is to rise above  the earth for a distance of some 45 miles, until  one is outside the strata of air which surrounds  us, wait till one's destination shows directly underneath, and then "drop on it." Permission is  to be applied for this session to incorporate a  company to carry out this scheme, under the  title of the West Kootenay ___rial Navigation  Company, limited (to one.)  Jim Wardner left Nelson on Wednesday for  Spokane, going out by way of Bonner's  Ferry.  The C. P. R. sent in W. F. Anderson, traveling auditor of the company by wTay of Bonner's  Ferry to inspect the Nelson and Robson offices.  A special train was run to Robson on Tuesday  for his benefit.  A tunnel contract has been let on the Hidden  Treasure, with the view of finding it. It was  on the Hidden Treasure that the ledge was  found while scraping out the foundations for a  bake oven within a few feet of the cabin.  Influenza colds are the order of the day. Mrs.  Traves, W. Wilson, W. N. Rolfe, and E.  Applewhaite are among the victims. Billy  Wilson has had a bad turn, but was able to be  out of bed yesterday, we are glad to say. . May  he soon be rustling round again.  Last night the outlet gave in and froze. For  two or three days frost and wind have been  bucking one another on the water, but the wind  has been frozen out and the surface of the lake  is now as calm as fglass. Good for the meat  markets and hotels, bad for the steamship companies. The boys won't have to pay two bits  for an iced drink in summer, after all.  * A CHAPTER ':.OP _GCI_>_NTS.  An accident occurred on the Steamer Nelson,  on Thursday afternoon, by which L. H. McDer-  mott lost his life. McDermbtt has been working for G. W". Hughes at Kaslo for some time  past, in the ore sheds, but was recently discharged, owing to his unsteady habits. On Thursday  morning he asked the mate of the Nelson if he  could allow him to .work his way down to this  town, and was told to retnrn later, before the  boat started, for an answer. He wrs then sober, but came on board, just as the boat was  leaving Kaslo, under the influence of drink.  When asked by the purser for his fare, he said  that he would get it in a minute, and went towards the stern of the steamer on the cabin  deck. Just about this time the engineer heard  a crash in the direction of the wheel, and thinking that perhaps one of the. buckets had broken  o_ the wheel, stopped the engine to see wrhat  the matter was. After an examination, and seeing nothing wrong, the boat held on her course,  and it was not until half an hour afterwards  that blood and small pieces of bone were found  on the pitman rod, and marks of a boot-heel  discovered on the broken bulkhead. At this  time, too, it became certain that McDermott  was not on board. As it wras known that he  came on board with the express intention of bumming a passage, his absence had caused no apprehension. It is conjectured, with great show  of reason  that the accident  occurred  through  McDermott's-.trying to get down from the cabin  deck to the rower deck by means  of the wheel-  guard.    It seems that when Mr. Hughes' horses  were being, brought   up  from  Bonner's Ferry,  and wpre crowding the  lower deck, that a ladder was placed against the wheel-guard in order  to facilitate the movements of   the  crewr.    Mac  Dermott was on board at  that time, and   it is  surmised that he made for that part of the boat  intending to evade the purser by  hiding on the  lower deck.    Finding that the iadder had  been  removed, he determined to get down without it  and in  doing so slipped  upon  the  ice-covered  battens,   feli   on   the  pitman  rod, was dashed  through the bulkhead, and was ground to pieces  by the revolving wheel.    No  pa.it   of  the   body  has been discovered   excepting a few bones and  a little blood.    McDermott leaves a wife and 5  children in Spokane.    This is the first  accident  that the   Nelson   has   had,   and   it is  impossible that any  blame  can  attach to  any of the  Company's officers.    This is the  third accident  that has occurred in the district during the past  week or ten days that has resulted   fatally.    On  Saturday night last, Edouard Barcelon was upset from a  small  boat/in  Pilot Bay, and  was  drowned.     On Thursday week  James  Mulhall  injured an intestine'by junaping from a springboard at Buchanaus' old sawmill.    He was bur-  ed an Wednesday last.  CO������ ON THE 'WARPATH.  Before Mr. Justice Crease, in Victoria, E. E.  Coy stated his case, last week with such effect  as to obtain an injunction restraining J. C.  Davenport from freezing Coy out of the Dardanelles for not having paid his partnership  assessment. It is a great pity that this matter  should not have been arranged without the law  being called upon to settle the dispute, as if it  should have the effect of stopping work on the  propsrty it will cause oh'j good mine to lie idle  at a time when every prospect, being worked,  would attract a dozen capitalists to the country.  (Deputy Sheriff.)  LICENSED AUCTIONEER  NELSON, B. C.  Auction sales made at any point in West Kootenay  District. Town lots and mining claims bought and sold on  commission. A general real estate business transacted.  Office for the present at residence, corner of Carbonate  and Kootenay streets. 134  'ox  ���������s.*l  * ii  .i  i   *'*!  ���������in  I    :fi  m  s  ii.  A:  t.t  < g li  _^^_.^AW7W!ft?TTffij|tA_^_^ %$������$������*  j_aawfJ_.j'>JMCT_j;y^*H_i_^���������l^3w^ fe������U.j*WTUH


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