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The Miner Dec 3, 1892

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 VI  II  ���������I  ii  f   0  /f  '/  The Klines in  Kootenay are Among  the Richest in  America.  The Ores are  Bffigh-jGrade in Gold,  Silver, Copper,  and Lead.  NUMBEE 126.  NELSON,   BEITISH   COLUMBIA,   SATUEDAY,  DECEMBEE  3,   1892.  $4 A YEAE  LOGIC GONE CRAZY.  I-  ,v v  The Kamloops Sentinel says: "If the assertions (of The Miner) that ore will go south are  true, it is quite evident to the Sentinel that  Toad Mountain ore will not come north on the  cars to Nelson and return again over the same  track to the southern destination, but that it  will be put on cars at the mine and go direct to  Spokane, and that Nelson will not see a pound  of it except as a sample, for exhibition. It is  also equally true that the Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway, owned and controlled by Spokane money and men, will see to it that freight  schedules will enable it to furnish every station  and camp on its line south of Nelson with supplies and mining material. We do not see how  this view of the matter can be fairly controverted."  Out of pity for the Sentinel we inform it of a  few facts which every man in West Kootenay  knows, but of which it is ignorant. We do not  wish to see the Sentinel make.such an egregious  fool of itself again as it has in this article. In  the first place, a mountain three thousand feet  high S3parates Toad Mountain camp from the  line of the Nelson & Fort Sheppard. Second,  the Nelson & Fort Sheppard's nearest approach  to Toad Mountain earnp is Nelson. Third, the  Nelson & Fort Sheppard is looking for stations  and camps north of Nelson. Stations and  camps south of Nelson and on this side of the  line there are none. The idea of putting ore on  cars at the Silver King mine is very funny. We  will have to wait for an serial railroad before  we can do that. The country in which the  Kamloops Sentinel is published is a flat. Its  editor resembles his country.  RAILWAY. DEVELOPMENT " OF   WEST   KOOTENAY.  The advantages of a railway up Slocan River  -.'-are. easily enumerated.  In the first place it would connect with an already established railway.  In the second, it would be the  natural  outlet  for the mines tributary to Slocan Lake.    This is  a statement which we are well aware has been  and will  be  vehemently disputed.    But,  after  all, what does the dispute amount   to.    The distance  between   the  head  of Slocan   Lake arid  Nakusp is 18 miles,  and  the distance  between  the  foot of the lake and Slocan Crossing is 32.  But compare the two even so  far as  a  trail or  wagon road is concerned. On the Nakusp route,  there is bound to be more  or  less  of an   uphill  grade both ways, and the practical mining man  knows what hauling ore up  hill  means, be the  grade   never   so   light.    On  the   Slocan   River  route there is an imperceptible down   grade all  the way to  Slocan  Crossing.    When   we  come  to speak of railways the contrast  is even   more  sharp.    A grade of two  percent,  is the lowest  possible on the Nakusp route.    We do  not  exaggerate when we state that a railway could be  laid up Slocan River as easily,   barring timber,  as it could on the plains  of Alberta.    It  could  be laid down practically in a straight, line.    But  on   the  Nakusp  road how many curves, angles  and t wis tings, lengthening out the road, would  be necessary is a question for engineers, not for  us.    But this we do know, that in   bringing the  Nelson & Fort Sheppard into Nelson  from  the  head of Cottonwood Pass, it has been necessary  to more than double the length of the line. But  the Slocan River is not only the  natural outlet,  because it can be made use  of most easily, but  also because it connects  more advantageously  than the Nakusp route  with  the  ore markets.  In maintaining that there  was  no   market  for  ore via Revelstoke,  we  everlooked one point.  Ore which it will pay be.-it  to   ship   direct to  Swansea, can unquestionably  be shipped  that  way.    This np doubt will be the case  with  the  coper matte from the Silver King,  and   it   may  be the case with some of the high  grade Slocan  ores, although that we greatly doubt.    But suppose it were so.    To have the ore at Robson is  equivalent to having it at Nakusp.    What difference does it make to the steamboat company  whether they ship ore from Nakusp or Robson ?  It is not the distance but the cost of transfer  from steamboat to car and vice versa that  counts. And given the Slocan ore at Slocan  Crossing, it can either be shipped to Pilot Bay  or to Tacoma by the Nelson & Fort Sheppard  or by the Lower Columbia, or to Swansea by  Revelstoke. It is at once placed in a position to  find its natural market. It will find that anyway in spite of everything, and the function of  a railway is only to assist it in so doing.  There are other considerations in favor of the  Slocan River route. It can be built very cheaply.  Its rolling stock can be procured very easily  and it can be operated in conjunction with the  C. & K. Railway at a minimum cost. The advantages of the road are so obvious, the means  of securing them so easy that we have every  confidence that one of the first moves of the C.  P. R. in this country will be to build it.  OPEN WINTER COMMUNICATION.  CLOSING   DOWN.  While the people of Bonner's Ferry are trying to raise money to keep an open sleigh road  from their town to the southern end of Kootenay Lake, and the Dominion post office authorities are expecting to send in   our  winter  mails  via Spokane, Little Dalles  and  the  pack  train  route up the river trail   to Robson.  it seems  strange  that the C. P:  R. authorities do  not  solve the question by the expenditure of a suaall  sum of money, and keep  an  open* all rail arid  steamer route to the outside  world.    It  is well  known thattheColumbia River is never closed bv  ice between the towns  of Robson and North-  port, and the experience of last   winter proved  that either the Columbia or Lytton  can  make  tri-weekly trips from   the latter town  to the  mouth of the Kootenay River uninteruptedly,  except  possibly  some few days  of unusually  cold weathor, when the  wheels  might  become  clogged   with   ice.     But  neither  steamer can  stem the Kootenay rapids or make the passage  safely without the aid of lines.    A  short  spur,  however, not much over amilein length,running  from   Sproat's Landing to  the  mouth of the  Kootenay,       would       enable       the     CC.       &  K.    Railway    to   transfer    freight    and    passengers   to    the    steamers    below the    rapids,  and  keep  the  route open all the winter.    It is  probable that there would   be  sufficient  traffic  to make the  small expenditure that  would be  needed to construct this spur, a profitable one  for the railway company itself.    The  different  mining companies  of the  Slocan���������the Freddie  Lee, Blue Bird and Idaho��������� have contracted for  the shipment of aboutl,500 tons to Kaslo city with  Mr. George Hughes, who will  be compelled to  ship from the south about 500 tons of fodder for  his horses.    Several other mines  are  intending  to ship ore with  their own   teams.    Thus with  2,000 tons of ore shipped  outwardly, and  probably one-half  that   amount   of   inward  bound  freight, the steamers on the lower  run  and the  Columbia & Kootenay Railway would be doing  a   better   business during  the  winter  months  than they have ever yet done.   We believe that  a bond can be obtained from responsible parties  that at least 1,000 tons of ore will   be furnished  and 400 tons of hay, grain and general merchandise for return freight.    We know that Captain  Troup  and  Mr.   Corbin  have   pronounced  the  scheme practicable, and are   willing to assist in  carrying it  out.    Let the governing officials of  the O. P. R. be fully informed of the facts.   We  are    sure   that  Mr.  Abbott and Mr.  Marpole  would gladly see life and  activity encouraged  in the Slocan mines.    The  mine  owners would  be able to forward their ores to Tacoma by this  means without a delay of three or four months  in Kaslo, and would consequently save interest  on any advances which the smelter people may  make upon ores which are stored  in   that  city.  And, better than all, the fact would  be proved  that the Kootenay country  is  no  longer  to be  considered  a sealed  bool������ for four  months in  each year, the  entrance  into  it  being encompassed by the same privations and dangers as  were experienced by our early prospectors.  The steam scow left Revelstoke at the same  time as the Lytton, on her last  trip,  Thursday  week.    For some reason  or other it had to tie  up at Hall's Landing, and there it remained for  three days.    On Sunday drift ice  began  to run  in the river, and progress became impossible.  Eventually, however, the scow drifted down to  the mouth of:the Upper Arrow Lake, where it  was met by the Lytton and towed to Robson.  Meanwhile the lake country was without connection with Revelstoke, where mail matter  and winter supplies are massing "more rapidly  than they can be handled. On Wednesday  Captain Troup made the attempt once more to-  reach Revelstoke. His intention was to tow  the scow as far as possible, and if the Lytton  could not make the whole journey, finish it  with the scow.  The state of affairs in,the Lake country is  very serious. A sudden frost may. at any  moment cut off the Bonner's Ferry route, as  the C. & K. S. N. Company cannot be relied on  to keep the river between Robson and Little  Dalles open for more than a few weeks.  This winter, instead of having to furnish supplies for Nelson and Ainsworth and Balfour  alone, not only those places, but Pilot Bay,,  Kaslo, Bear Lake City, Watson, New Denver,  and Nakusp, have to be provided for. There is  a very serious risk of supplies' running short.  There must be five times the resident population in West Kootenay this year that there was  last. And there is no evidence of five times the  provision being made for their support. And  not a tap has been done this summer by the C.  P. R. to provide increased facilities for winter  communication.  Here we have an inland country  with seven  or eight towns in it, varying in population from  50 to 700 people; mines,  such  have  never yet  been   seen   in   the    world;    millions   of   capi-  tar invested   in   their   development;   a  large  smelter nearing completion, and' the only connection  we  have  with   the  outside  world for  four solid months is a trail 60 miles long.    In no  other   country,  except  Canada,   could  such   a  state of things exist, and here only  because all  the power of building railways is  vested in one  monopolist  corporation.     If this  had  been   a  free country, the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway would have been completed long ere now.  But there is no encouragement given to foreign  capital, no guarantee to private enterprise. The  only foreign capital allowed to  operate  is  that  which  controls the  C. P. Ri.,   and  that is all-  powerful, because it has taken the  wise precaution of stifling  the conscience and purchasing  the vote of Canada's body politic.  RUMOR, MERE RUMOR.  The   Spokane Review  is  responsible  for an  article declaring that the  Silver King mine  is  sold.   The report is circumstantial but   without  foundation, unless it be that  Durkin   has  completed the transfer of his interest.    But it must  be remembered that the  buyer of Durkin's interest is the present  Kootenay Bonanza  Company.    Of course, if his interest has   been   purchased and the   money  paid,   it  points  almost  conclusively  to  the fact that the big deal is on  the point  of   being completed.    This   may  be  true or it may not, it does  not justify  the Review's positive article. And nothing can justify  the romantic nonsense with which the article is  padded. Two millions sterling, cash on delivery!  Why does not the Review get out and  say that  freshly in in ted sovereigns are being shipped out  to Spokane to pay the purchase  money  with.  Twice this year  has the Review  spread  itself,  once about the Crow's Nest   Pass Railway, and  now about the  Silver King mine.    The same  imaginative hand is visible in both reports. Too  much of   that sort  of thing injures a paper,  especially when it is read by  the people who  know better.  IA THE  MINEE:  ITELSO-T,   B.  0.,   SATUEDAY,  DEOEMBEE 3,  1892.  _E?_E3I_EI!   3_T.^__,TT__?,-A.X  TJ-EP-EPXj".^  T  The above townsite has two never failing  streams of pure mountain water running  through it, affording sufficient  water power  FOR   GONGESMTRATIMG   WORKS  and city purposes.  IS  NEARBY   COMPLETED,  And will be Ready to receive guests by the  20th, of this month.  Is beautifully located near the centre of;the  -Principal Mines.      a   '   a  -Joining the  _E  ___  Only 350 feet from the Famous  And only 1200'feet from the  3bx?_  ARE NOW ON THE MARKET  AT    PRICES .     ,  -  RAP^GIMG   FRQiV.   g.QQ   TO   S2DO. -  Terms���������One-third cash, one-third 6 mouths,  and the balance 1 year, after which prices will  be greatly advanced.  For further -particulars enquire of   /^.  H OTEL, FREDERICTON.  ILLY, General Agent, found at the office of F. M. McLEOD, NELSON, or GRAND VIEW  MERCHANT MILLERS, M00S0MIF, Assa.  3________B__3_2_I  ___D-EQ_2e_BC_SS  " Hungarian Patent,"  a  trong Jtfakers,  ������  ii  Straight Bakers."  Dealers in all kinds of  Chopped Feed, Oats,  ran, Shorts,  Chicken Teed, Etc.  y* j-ii^---jj.i������i-iL-iL__ii--i������tLJ'>'JJJJ������j'j."-JLfy.--!i..-..i ������....isijjai.....-n . ���������.rillM__|l.���������������i.n.������ju.mi,..rj|  Prices given Sacked or in Bulk.    The finest quality of OATMEAL and CORNMEAL carl be  obtained in any sized sacks.    Quotations cheerfully furnished on application.  SPECIAL ..ATTENTION   GIVEN   TO   THE   BRITISH .COLUMBIA,'TRADED  OFFICSS =  Moosomin, N.Y^.T., and 25 Park Street, Ottawa, Ont.  M. MACDONALD, Agent for N. W.T. and Kootenay District, B.C.  CORlSItf Iff VICTORIA.  Mr, D. C. Cprbin, of the Spokane & Northern,  is in Victoria  on  business  in  connection   with  his present and projected lines.    To  a  reporter  Mr. Corbin gave a number of interesting points  concerning the Kootenay country in general:���������  Ci The only trouble," said he, "is the difficulty  in getting outside capital  interested in the first  steps  for  developing  the  resources  of   a  new  place.    From the fact  that  local  capital  often  prefers to make safe and remunerative  loan investments, it is necessary to go abroad for capital to  develop,  and  this,   after  all,   is   a good  thing,   because  once  having put   money  into  mines, railroads and real estate, the only  thing  that can be taken away from the country is the  net profits, which are generally much less than  those on loans.    When the  mining regions of  British Columbia are  opened  by properly constructed  railroads, the  result will be a most astonishing progress in all lines  of business  during the next two or three years.  "The Kaslo-Slocan country is growing very  rapidly. During the past year a number of  practical mining men have entered the country  and their work has been intelligent and of a  lasting nature. Six or seven of the Slocan mines  will be run during the entire winter. The only  thing now wanting is such transportation facilities as will enable the miners to get their products to market at all times of the year. Permanent work will thus be encouraged, and  much   greater   development   done   in  a given  time. '   _ .  "At   present,  the  transportation  outlook  is  good.    With the  completion  of the  Nelson &  Fort Sheppard Railway���������which will be during  the coming year���������direct communication will be  opened between Nelson, and Tacoma, and the  frequent handling of goods, now so expensive,  will be done away with to the reduction of  prices and the great benefit of the country.  " The Hot Springs, Blue Bell and Toad Mountain mines are all in good condition, and generally there has been more work done in the  Kootenay during the past year than ever before.  "With the completion of direct communication, Victoria will be in a position to compete  successfully with any other places for the supplying of the mining regions. From present  arrangements it is safe to say that the bulk of  supplies will be drawn from this city."  Mr. Murray was in town this week, full of a  scheme to build a sleigh road from Slocan  Crossing to Slocan Lake. He. undertakes to  put it through for $500. If Nelson business men  are not blind to their own advantage, they will  take this opportunity of demonstrating- the  value of the Slocan River route. By all accounts the Nakusp road will be, comparatively  valueless when completed, and supplies must be  got into Slocan Lake this winter. There are  scores of rich mines tributary to Slocan Lake  and to Slocan Lake alone. If the Slocan River  route can be established, Nelson is bound  to be the distributing point for all the camps on  Slocan Lake. Is a sleigh road worth while trying or not? Certainly it is.  -DEALERS INt  Highest Cash Prices Paidjfor Furs.  MARA' BLO'l  BAKER .STREET,  NELSON, B. C.  'fflunf- & Dover,  fEWELERS   AND   WATCHMAKERS.  NELSON,  ^.C.:  Plasterer,   Bricklayer and   Stone-Mason  Contracts  taken   for  work. at all   points   in  West Kootenay.  X.X.  Plasterer and Bricklayer'  Will contract for all kinds of work.   Materials furnished  and estimates given for work in any town,in  Kootenay Lake Country.  .   B.MSE   F������R    SALE  At Nelson and Pilot Bay or delivered at any point on  the lake in any quantity.   Address P.O. box 47, Nelson.  I C\   Oj  ano  Jas, McDc  Kelson aii'I S-cvelstol-G,  carry full lines of all kin/ls of furniture for residences,  hotels, and offices.   Mattresses made to order, and  at prices.lower (than eastern and coast.  They are also agents for  Evans Pianos _ind Boherty Organs.  NEI SON   STOKE :  No. 4 S5o.us.io_i a& I115-- B5._il������_i_*g, Joseplime Street.  rfji^ w.  _0jfe^ THE  MINEB, i   NELSON,   B.   0.,  SATUEDAY, DEOEMBEE 3,  1892.  /hp\  TZEEEIE   TO  TSTSITIE  oif t:  E  h  Terminus of  Townsite  the Kaslo-Slocan Wagon Road.   Post Office Centre,  ich can give Agreements of Sale.  JOHN L RETALLACK, Agent.   .  BEAR _LAK.E CITY NOTES.  The first of the silver-laden sleighs arrived at  Bear Lake Citv on December 1st.  Fifteen head of cattle have been drawn up to  Bear Lake City, by Wilson & Perdue, to be  slaughtered.  Mine owners and others should see to it that  supplies are hauled in to Bear Lake over the  snow transportation, as over snow is more  economical than over a muddy road.  The Kaslo Transportation Company has  moved its headquarters to Bear. Lake City. Two  acres of land, free, was the inducement which  led G. W. Hughes to desei t Kaslo.  COME BAC3_.  Mr. E. E. Coy paid Nelson a visit yesterday.  The result of his shipment of 10^ tons of Dardanelles ore gave $5,000 gross, and over $4,000  net profit.    Good enough for anyone.  Notice is hereby given that James Fox, as agent for H.  Kelly, E. S. Topping and A. M. Esler, has filed the necessary papers and made application for a crown grant in  favor of the mineral claim known as the "Dandy," situated  on Toad Mountain, West Kootenay District. Adverse  claimants, if any, will forward their objections within 60  days from date of this notice.    >  :.������ . ���������' N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B. C, Dec. 3rd, 1892. Gold Commissioner.  NELSON.  Hot   and  cold water;   electric bells; billiard and club  rooms; baths.   All appointments first-class.  E. E. PHAIR, proprietor.  Vernon Street, near Josephine, opposite wharf,  NELSON, B. C.  PROPRIETOR.  THE HOTEL OVERLOOKS THE KOOTENAY  its guests thus obtaining splendid views  of both mountain and river.  THE  ROOMS  are comfortable in size and  newly furnished.  .. I  li e.    i .  LE  is acknowledged  the best  in the mountains.  NEW BED-ROOMS. BAR JUST ADDED,  is stocked with all brands of liquors and cigars.  East BSal-er Street, Nelson,  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district,  and is the headquarters for prospectors and  working miners.  The Table is not Surpassed by that of any Hotel  in the Kootenay Lake country.  At the Bar is Dispensed Pine Liquors and Cigars,  and the bed-rooms are newly furnished.  MALONE   ������&  TI-.EGILLUS.  ...PROPRIETORS  (Notary Public.)  ining and Real Estate  BEOKER,  Auctioneer and Commission Agent,  ������������������  REPRESENTING   The Confederation Life Association, the Phoenix Fire  Insurance Company, and the Provident Fund Accident  Society ; also the Sandy Croft Foundry Company, near  Chester, England, makers of all kinds of mining machinery, air compressors, rock breakers, stamps, etc.  So."' 1,  JOSEPHINE  STREET,   NELSON,  B. 0.  Lots for Sale in  3?  Adjoining the government townsite of Nelson  AT $125 AND UPWARDS  With a rebate for buildings erected.   The best residential  property in Nelson, values sure to increase.   Apply  W. A.  Jowett, agent for Nelson and district,  or Innes & Richards, Vancouver, B.C.  W.  A.  JOWETT,  Mining & Real Estate Brokers, Auctioneers & Commission Agents.  , ... vA/rt JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON, B.C.  Prospectors'location notices for sale at The Miner office  EEVINER  & WATSO  AINSWORTH, B. C.  PACK AND SADDLE HORSES  FOR   HIRE.  on tracts taken for hauling supplies, machinery, ore, etc.,  to and from mines in Hot Springs district.  ALL  TEAMING   WORK   UNDERTAKEN.  Telephone 96.  R C. Campbell-Johnston  A (of Swansea, India, and the United States.)  ETALLURGSST,   ASSAYER,  INING.  ENGINEER.  Properties reported on. All assays undertaken. Furnaces and concentrating plants planned and erected.  Treatment for ores given. Ores bought and sold. Box  731, Vancouver, B. C.   Terms cash.  j. A. KIRK  J. F. RITCHIE  KIRK & RITCHIE,  Dominion    and    Provincial    Land  Surveyors.  Office  over  Bank.;   of   British   Columbia,   Nelson,   B.C.  Corner West Vernon and Stanley Streets, NELSON, B. C.  Telephone 43.  PIRST-CLASS   IN   EVERY   RESPECT.  The International has a comfortably furnished parlor fo  ladies, and the rooms are large and furnished  newly throughout.  THE  TABLE   IS  MOT  SURPASSED  by any hotel in the Kootenay Lake country.  A share of transient trade solicited.  THE SAMPLE-ROOM IS STOCKED WITH CHOICE CIGARS  AND THE FINEST BRANDS OF LIQUORS.  PROPRIETORS THE  MINER:   NELSON,  E.  C,  SATURDAY, DECEMBER  3,  1892.  ������  The Miner is printed on Saturdays, and will be  mailed to subscribers at the following cash-in-advance  rates;; Three months ������1.50, six months ������2.50, one year $>_:.'  Contract Advertisements will be inserted at the  rate of $3 an inch (down the column) per month. A  special rate for advertisements of over 2 inches.  Transient Advertisements will be inserted for  15 cents a line for the first insertion and 7 cents a line  for each additional insertion. Twelve lines of 9 words  each make an inch. All advertisements printed for  a less period than 3 months considered transient and  must be paid for in adyance. Advertisements of less  than 12 lines will be counted as 12 lines.  Birth Notices'free if weight of child is given; if  weight is not given ������1 will be charged. Marriage  announcements will be charged from $1 to $10���������according to the social standing of the bri^  etters to the Editor will only appear over the  writer's name. Communications with such signatures  as "Old Subscriber," "Veritas," "Citizen," etc., etc.,  will not be printed on any consideration.  Job Printing in good style at fair rates. Cards,  envelopes, and letter, note, and account papers kept  in stock.  Subscribers in arrears will be notified "by mail this  month, and are requested to forward their subscriptions before the close of the year. ,     A  ������_>ITOREA-L   REMARKS.  For some month's past there have been rumors  that Sir John Abbott was on the point of resigning the Premiership of the Dominion. It is  now stated, on the authority of a Conservative  Senator, who says that 'his information comes  direct from the Government, that Sir John has  positively resigned. A cablegram Has been received, it seems, by some one of his intimate  friends, which announces the Premier's intention of spending the winter in Egypt, and states  that he will not be able to take his place in the  Senate next session. Sir John has been in  power but a short time, and his ill-health has  prevented him frem doing much either good or  ill for Canada. -  The Tacoma. News states that E. E. Coy has  been in consultation with the officials of the N.  P. B,., with a view to inducing them to extend  their line from Bonner's Ferry to Kaslo..  Whether he succeeds in his efforts or not, one  thing is certain, that West Kootenay is on the  eve of an era of railway development which,  in a year or two, will cause her to be the home  of the capitalist and the bond-holder, and which  will help her to be the best known, as she is  even now the richest mining country in the  world. .  Professor Gr. W. Adrian has  returned to Minneapolis from his third visit, during the  past  year   to this district.    He says  of the  Slocan  country: "I have examined the principal  veins  and they are  true  fissures,   their course being  northeast and southwest.    The surface showing  of 25 claims can not be surpassed  in  any  country.   There are three or four blanket veins near  Bear Lake  carrying Bismuth in large paying  quantities.    On this  same  range gray  copper,  brittle, bromide and black sulphite of silver are  found, assays running from $600 to  $1,200 per  ton.    These ores are  found  in   veins from ten  inches   to   two   feet.    Beautiful   specimens   of  native copper have been taken from these veins."  The account of his last trip is  hardly of the  nature of a "report;" it is so  entirely free from  everything of a technically abstruse nature and  is so plain  and  unvarnished   a   description  of  what he  did and saw and what he thinks of it  all,   that   one    might   easily read  it  through  and never have the faintest  idea  that  it was  anything half so dignified as a "report."   The  professor is at one with  ourselves with regard  to the route which will eventually be the one by  which  the   vast majority of our ore will be  shipped. He is strongly of opinion that as many  of the Slocan mines are tributary to Slocan  Lake, and as water always finds its way from  a high level to a lower one by the shortest road  practicable, so it will be found that ore, in this  respect, at least, resembles water. The professor winds up by remarking, very truly, that  "what we want is capital" and recommends  every one who has the interests of the country  at heart, to go out and rustle a capitalist, and,  having found him, to hang on to him and, if  necessary, terrify him into investing, acting on  the belief that if the man of money ddes'nt  know what's good for him, we do. First catch  yoiiFcapitalist. . '������������������������������������..������������������. '���������>��������� "  The Inland Sentinel has  been  talking to the  Vernon News6in. a fatherly manner, as  to what  the editor of the latter paper doe?   rid does not  know on the subject of a land registry office for  the Interior.    The News  has  been   urging the  establishment of such an office in  Vernon, and  argues   that   that   place   would   be   a   much  better site than Kamloops for that purpose. An  appropriation has been made and a large amount  of work has been done with the intention of es"  tablishing a registry  office in  Kamloops, and,  according to the Sentinel, it will be in   working  order  before long.    Kamloops  is  certainly an  improvement on Victoria, but we could do with  a  land  office even nearer  home; and,  as ���������Kamloops seems to base its claim  chiefly on the fact  that four lawyers  live there, we see no reason  why we should not have an equal right to this  convenience, as  Nelson  can  assert with truth  that four members of the legal profession  live,  have their being, and collect  their fees  within  her walls. -  We want a land registry office here, badly.  We also want a court house. It is hardly decent  that, in a district of such importrnce as is West  Kootenay, it should be necessary for the court  to go running round town to find some place in  which it may sit, as if it were a seventh-rate  theatrical show. The cases at the last session  were numerous and important, and at the next  court held here the cases will be still more  numerous and still more important than at the  last.  C. E. Perry, M. S. Davys,  Mem. Inst. C.E., P.L.S. M.E.  J. H. Gray,  C.E., P.L.S.  PERKY, G-RAY& DAVYS  ENGINEERS.  provincial land surveyors,  NOTARY PUBLIC,  CONVEYANCING.  OFFICES:   Room _, Spencer's Arcade, Government  street, Victoria.  Opposite Hotel Phair, Nelson.  NOTICE.  WASHINGTON   MINERAL   CLAIM,   IN   SLOCAN   MINING   SUBDIVISION.  Take notice that we, the undersigned, Tom Edgar JefFer-  son, free miner's certificate No. 41,870, Samuel Kinsley  Green, free miner's certificate No, 40,277, and William  Lynch, free miner's certificate No. 39,754, intend, 60 days  from the date hereof, to apply to the gold commissioner  for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And, further,  take notice, that adverse claims must be sent to the gold  commissioner and action commenced before the issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated, 18th of October, 1892. T. E. JEFFERSON,  S. K. GREEN,  Wm. LYNCH.  NELSON  PROPRIETOR.  HAY AN"B &EAIN FOR SALE.  Omnibus and carriages to and from all trains and steamboat wharves. Saddle and pack animals for hire. Freight  hauled and all kinds of job teaming attended, to.  Stable on Backer Street.   Office with Wilson & Perdue.  J. Hoover, President.  E. J. Dyer, Cashier.  THE  EXCHANGE NATIONAL BMK  OF jPOKANEr  STATE  OF WASHINGTON.  Capital..  Surplus.  ... ,$250,000  .... ..$��������� 30,000  FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGES  BOUGHT AND  SOLD.  ACCOUNTS   OF MINERS AND MERCHANTS v  .SOLICITED.. ' . " ,''.'  Cable Transfers Made.  H0TE������  VICTOS-IA   STREET,   NEILSOtf,   B.C.  Pleasant Rooms.   Well Appointed Bar.   Terms Moderate.  MILLS  &  REVSBECH, Proprietors.  T��������� LAKE-VIEW hotel,  MULVEY   &   CLEMENT,  PROPRIETORS.  WINES,  LIQU0KS  and CIGAES.  Best Accommodation for Travellers.  Regular Connection by Boat with New Denver.  Finest Accommodations in the Lake Country.   Elegant  table.   Best of Liquors and Cigars at the Bar.  ARCHIE  FJLETCIIIEi.,  Proprietor and Manager.  The Balfour Trading Co.  BA-LFOBJB., _Ji?.C.  Merchants, Mining  and  Eeal  Estate Agents.  A complete Stock of Merchandise and Miners' Supplies  Constantly on Hand.   We make a Specialty of  English Goods of  direct importation.  We have several very desirable lots in Balfour for sale  FOR   SALE.  An assayer's outfit and laboratory, complete in all its details with office fittings.   Price, $400.  Apply Miner office.  m$.  ffli  AS*  ^pe  1  ���������v. i;g -,s? js-eM  KJ^___a"' i_i____L_^i_������"*rJ_J1' -<>':'Jh:LK>ri'-A*- <���������=*���������  v.-s fitful  ,:"������ Si". ?-"?-��������� '" 1 1  THE- MINEK:   NELSON,  B.  0.,  SATUEDAY, DECEMBER 3,  1892.  Xi_A---Nr-D    3D-EI]-P.A--EF-T-l_-C-E]--Sr T-    ^ZEllSOJsr.  This Company now Offers for Sale a Number of Choice Business or Residential  Lots on Easy Terms.   Rebate Given for Good Buildings on  BUSINESS     PROPERTY.  POR PARTICULARS APPLY    -    -    F.   FLETCHER,  LAND COMMISSIONER, NELSON, B. 0.  KAS-LO   NOTES.  *' Ye did na ken there was a chiel amang ye takin' notes."  We are still  without water works,  and the  primitive method  of  bringing  water from the  fake is consequntly in vogue.  To. those fond of alterations and surprises, the  changes in the steamboat service is a subject for  congratulation, and further developments are  anxiously awaited.  The atmosphere is thick with new buildings,  real estate deals, mining deals and new town-  sites, and a good deal of money is changing  hands in consequence.  It is rumored that provisions  may  be scarce  before the winter is over, and some of the care-  . ful  ones are  in  consequence laying in a stock.  I_et us hope that our fears in  this  respect may  be unfounded.  Among the well informed on such matters it  is rumored that Paddy, theobliging head steward  of the Ainsworth, is about to change his condition, in fact that he will soon promote himself from knickerbockers to trousers.  Kaslo boasts a large and increasing number of  real estate agents. The fraternity must now  number ten or twelve, but it would be invidious to mention names, besides you wouldyprob-  ably charge me advertisement rates for so  doing.  A short time ago Messrs. S. (jrreen, H. W.  Buche and A. Fletcher were elected to the onerous position of fire wardens, and on Wednesday  evening a firemen's ball was held; at which your  correspondent was unable to be present, but  which was reported to be a great success.  We are still content to drag on with the old  wharf, on which the incoming passenger steps  gaily into the slush and debris, while the freight  is punctually delivered occasionally into a few  inches of water when the amount is too large,  which often happens, for the capacity of the  wharf.  Front Street still maintains its proud position as our main street, and new buildings arise  continually. The severity of the straight side  lines of this street is agreeably diversified by  the greater height of one side, and what the  grade will finally be, "no feller" can tell. In  the meantime people build on trust arid on the  solid earth.  Next spring there will probably be a great  rush to the|Lardeaux country, and preparations  are already being made. Messrs. Davies and  Nagle have already sent lumber up to construct  a building on their townsite and intend putting  up another building. I hear, too, that considerable improvement work will be done on it, and  a trail cut from it.  Mr. E. E. Coy has returned from his trip to  the States, and appears to be as full of life and  energy as ever. I understand he has published  a long and eloquent letter in the Spokane Review, setting forth the advantages of Canada in  general and British Columbia in particular over  the United States, all which tends to make those  among whom he is making his home purr with  satisfaction.  Notice is hereby given that W. J. Goepel has filed the  necessary papers and made application for a crown grant  in favor of the mineral claim Whitewater, situate in the  Toad Mountain mining division, West Kootenay district.  Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections  within 60 days of publication.        N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., October 3d, 1892.        Gold Commissioner.  aiLKER & WELLS  -Postoflice Store, Nelson, B. C.  AND GENTS' PUBLISHING- GOODS.  ALSO, FULL LINES OP  PATENT   MEDICI  Toilet Articles and Stationery.  CIGARS   AT   WHOLESALE    ONLY  The boy stood on the burning deck,  When all but he had fell;  He sold his peanuts by the peck  And hurrahed for the Dardanell.  *- *  And it all happened a long time ago,  In the beautiful bay at the City of Kaslo.  If you wish to sleep well, and be free from all noise,  Go to the Dardanell, kept by the Coys  At Kaslo.  RITISH COLUMBIA  (Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1862.)  CAPITAL (paid up), ������000,000   .    $3,000,000  (With power to increase.)  KESEKVE FfiJft_>,  ������220,000  1,100,000  B^t^-isroiaiEis =  Victoria, B. C, San Francisco, California,  Vancouver, B. C, Portland, Oregon,  NewWestminster,B.C,   Seattle, Washington,  Nanaimo, B. C, Tacoma, Washington.  Kamloops, B. C.  HEAD OFFICE: 60 Lombard street, LONDON, England.  AaENTS AND CORRESPONDENTS:  CANADA���������Bank of Montreal and branches;  Canadian Bank of Commerce and branches  Imperial Bank of Canada and branches;  Commercial Bank of Manitoba; and  Bank of Nova Scotia.  UNITED STATES���������Agents Bank of Montreal, New YorK;  Bank of Montreal, Chicago.  SAVINGS DEPAETMENT.  Interest at the rate of 4 per cent per annum will be allowed  on all time deposits at present.  H__"  r  Baker street, Nelson, B. C.  HAS ON DISPLAY A FULL RANGE OP  Plain and Pancy Worsted Suitings and Scotch and  Irish Tweeds and Serges.  Spring goods now on hand.  PEICBS TO ST-TIT TZEECIE TIMES  BANK OF MONTREAL  CA1������ITA������ (all paid up), $12,000,000  REST,       .... 6,000,000  Sir DONALD A. SMITH, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND, ���������. .Vice-President  E. S. CLOUSTON, General Manager  Nelson Branch:   N, W. Oor. Baker and Stanley Sts.  Branches in London (England), New York and Chicago  and in the principal cities in Canada;  Buy and sell sterling exchange and cable tranfers;  Grant commercial and travelers' credits, available in any  part of the world;  Drafts issued; Collections made; Etc.  SAVINGS   BANK   BRANCH  Rate of interest at present four per cent.  HOLDIC  (Of Swansea and Wigan.)  Analytical Chemists and Assayers,  Mr. P.  C.  STOESS, Nelson, will receive samples from.  Kootenay Lake District.  9  Physician, Surgeon, and Accoucheur,  Telephone 45. Office:   Stanley and Victoria Streets  P. O. box 69.  Telephone 24.  Edward Applewhaite & Co.  S. E. corner Baker and Josephine streets,  NELSON, B. C.  FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE AGENTS,  Loans negotiated on Nelson property.   Collections made.  Conveyancing documents drawn up.  Town Lots  Lands  and   Mining  Claims   Handled   on Commission.  WEST   KOOTENAY   DISTRICT.  All Placer Mining Claims in this District, legally held,  may be laid over from the loth day of October, 1892, until  the 1st day of June, 1893.  N. FITZSTUBBS,  Gold Commissioner.  Nelson B. C, November 15th, 1892. I'?!  \n-  IS  THE  MINEE:  NELSON,   B.   C,   SATUEDAY,  DECEMBER 3,   1892.  BONING   NEWS    OF   THE    WORLD.  I  I;  ���������ft;  San Pablo mining district is  located  on   the  north side of the Gila River, twenty miles from  Yuma and a few rniles from Gila City, Arizona.  The country has been  prospected  and   worked  a little ever  since  1858,   but  like  many other  promising sections, has lain practically neglected  for want of capital.    The district had|passed almost out of mind until  within   a year  or  t-vyo.  In that time prospecting work has been carried  on by L. O.Moreland and bids fair to develop a  second Harqua Etala. The deepest shaft is down  . about fifty feetin   a well-defined ledge  full of  pay  material.    The rock  is  something seldom  seen, being so soft as to hardly  require  milling  at all, and is the freest of free milling ore.    We  had the pleasure  of holding a Handful of the  stuff a few days   ago,   and   gold,   decomposed  rock   and black  sand   seemed to   be  in  about  equal proportions.    A few bushels  of it   would  be all a person would heed for inoderate wealth.  Of course  the  pay  streak  is not  all like  this  sample, but there is enough to work tlie ground.  From every mining camp in Arizona the news  is encouraging, and in nearly every one great  improvement will be made during the coming  season. There seems to be no great rush in any  one district, but each and every one is attracting the attention of the investor. The East is  slowly waking up to the fact that, Arizona has  mines as rich as the .covintry has ever known,  and those who appreciate the fact are taking  hold in a way that means the development of  our mines in a manner most flattering.  J. C. Hill, a well known mining man of  Weiser, Oregon, accompanied by a party of  several gentlemen, Colorado capitalists, is now  engag-ed in prospecting the bars on the Snake  River, below Huntington, Oregon, for tine gold  placers. Mr. Hill has already located his party  on 320 acres of gold-bearing lands, and it is the  intention of the company to employ in the  working of its rnines a new machine, particularly constructed for the saving of fine gold.  Mr. Hill says the new device will handle and  save the gold from 98 cubic yards of dirt and  gravel per hour.  There is great activity in mining circles in  Eastern Nevada this, season. A great many  good sales have been, made there during the  year, and more prospecting has been done than  for ten years past. Ely is livening up, and  at the Black Metal mine at Cherry "Creek, 600  tons of ore have been shipped and are on the  dump, that run over $100 a ton. There is a great  future in store for Eastern Nevada and the  Deep Creek countrv.  Judge Malihot recently rendered a decision  declaring the Quebec tax of. one and a half per  cent, on sales of mining properties, illegal.  The new tin mill of the Harney Peak Consolidated Tin company, (limited,) of Dead wood, S.D.  was placed in operation on Monday, November  14th. The machinery in the new mill, which in  every detail is of the latest improved pattern,  has sufficient capacity for reducing 250 tons  of ore daily.  A carload of ore from the O K mine at  Trail  Creek has been shipped to Helena for treatment  Some fabulously rich samples have   been taken  ;rom the O K, and the returns from the carload  of ore are awaited with interest.  The Wallace Miner reports that quite a number of people of that town are going into the  Kaslo-Slocan country. The good reports and  the good luck of several Coeur D'Aleners who  went in there last spring, and who are at present in "Wallace, tends to excite those who had  an^idea to go eight months ago, but didn't.  SUSV8.VIO.NS.  In the supreme court of British Columbia, between  John A-. Mara, plaintifF, and Yee Tong\ defendant.  Whereas, John A. Mara of Kamloops, B.C., has commenced an action against Yee Tong of Nelson, B.C., in the  supreme court of British .Qolumbia, by writ of that court  dated the 11th day of January, 1892, which writ is indorsed with a claim for $94.87 for debt and interest.  And whereas, an ord,er. was. made in this court on the  31st day of August, lS92,~for substituted service on the said  Yee Tong by advertisement in/������___; JVIiner newspaper for  3 successive weeks. ������������������-..        Notice is hereby given  that -the, said defendant, Yee  Tong, is required to appear in this action Within 8 days,  otherwise the action will proceed against him, and judgment may be given in his absence.   The said defendant,  Yee Tong, may appear to the said writ by entering an appearance personally, or by his solicitor, at the office of the  district registrar of the supreme court at Kamloops, B. C.  FRED'K J.  FULTON, of Kamloops, B. C.,  Solicitor for the plaintiff, John A. Mara.  Kamloops, B.C., 3rd September, 1892.  Nelson   Music   Emporium.  TURfMER   BROS.,  Dealers in Pianos, Organs j Sewing Machines (Improved  Singer) Staple and Fancy Stationery, Books, School������  Supplies, all kinds of Musical Merchandise.    ���������  ''.'Call    and    sec   ������������������us,"������ in   our   new   .stand   IffOUSTO-S  ������������������.������������������;���������,-, .!-,RL^CM,   Baker/..Street. .���������/.���������  "Prevention is better than cure."   Everjr business man  should have a copy of "The Customs Tariff."     ,  m\-/*l  COR.   BAKER AND   WARD   STREETS.  _������  MEALS AT ALL  HOURS.  DAY OR MIGHT  gg jaw.: Phillips, proprietor,;  a?x_r__u  ootexiay Lake  '__.<Wj  LUMBER, ROUGH AND DRESSED,  SHINGLES; LATHS, MOULDINGS,  SASH, DOORS; GIG-SAW WORK/  TURNING-LATHE WORK,  -   ON   HAND   OR   MADE   TO  ORDER   -  The Best of Shipping Facilities.   300,000 feet of Lumber in  the Nelson Lunlber Yard.  ���������   G. ���������������, ISEJCHA-VAN.  P.O. address, Nelson or Kaslo.  (A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.)  CIVIL EHGIEEEi. AMD AEOHITEOT,  Victoria St., Mext Door to __otcl PItair, Kelson, B5. C  CROWN   GRANT   APPLICATION.  To All Whom it May Concern:  Be it known that we, James Richey, (free miner's certificate 41,883) Matthew Guthrie," (free miner's certificate  42,677) Jno. Fitzgerald, (free miner's certificate 41,738) and  John King, (free miner's certificate 40,954) being the lawful holders of the mineral claim Okanagan, recorded by  Matthew Guthrie aforesaid, on the 2nd day of June, 1892,  in the office of A. Sproat, mining recorder, Slocan, intend  appplying for a crown grant of the same by purchase, as  provided in section 35 of the Mineral act, 1891, as amended  in 1892. J AS. RICHEY,  M. GUTHRIE,  JNO.    FITZGERALD,  September oth, 1892. JNO. KING.  TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.  Take Notice that I, Joseph Edward Boss, of the City of  Spokane, United States of America, (free miner's certificate No. 41642) being the lawful holder of the mineral claim  Young Dominion, recorded by H. Howson, on the 10th  day of June, 1892, in the recorder's office, New Denver,  intend applying at the end of sixty days for a certificate of  improvements on the said claim for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant therefor. And further take notice  that adverse claims, if any, must be sent, to the Gold Commissioner at Nelson, and action commenced before the  issuance of such certificate of improvements.  J. E. BOSS.  Dated this 28th day of October, 1892.  CROWN   GRANT  APPLICATIONS.  Notice is hereby given that M. S. Davys, as manager for  the Cottonwood Gold Mining Company, limited, has riled  the necessary papers and made application for a crown  grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the " Golden  King," situate in the Nelson mining division of West  Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections within 60 days from date of publication. N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., August 22nd, 1892.       Gold commissioner.  NOTICE. . ;."��������� / v  SLOCAN STAR, SLOCAN KING, JENNIE, MINERAL CLAIMS.  Take notice that I, Byron N. White, free miner certificate No. 40226, intend 60 days from date hereof to apply to  the gold commissioner for a certificate of improvements  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claims! And further take notice that adverse claims  must be sent to the gold commissioner and action commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated, this 26th day of September, 1892:  NOTICE.  Slocan Boy Mineral Claim, Slocan District, West  Kootenay, B. C.  Take notice that we, E.J. M. Hale, free miner No. 40257;  Jno. W. Goss, free mirier, No. 42784; S. K. Green, free  miner No. 40277; S.J. Silverman, free mirier No. 42490; intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Gold  Commissioner for a certificate of improvements for the  purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that adverse claims must be sent  to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before  the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  ...AN. E. LINSLEY. Agent for the Above.  Dated this 30th day of October, A. D. 1892.  Notice is hereby given that M. S. Davys, as manager for  the Cottonwood Gold Mining Company, limited, has filed  the necessary papers and made application for a .crown  grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the " Golden  Wreath," situate in the Nelson mining division of West '  Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections within 60 days from date of publication. ;    N.  FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., August 22nd, 1892.     ' Gold commissioiier.  Notice is hereby given that H. Anderson, as agent for  Irwin, Hopper & Cov has filed the necessary papers and  made application for a crown grant in favor of the mineral  claim known as the " Tarn O'Shanter," situate on the east  side 6l Kootenay lake in the Hendryx camp, West Kootenay district. Adverse claimants will forward their objections within 60 days of this publication. A  Nelson,-B.C., August 24th, 1892,     N.  FITZSTUBBS,  Gold commissioner.   '  Notice is hereby given that Henry Anderson, as agent  for John N. Squire, has.filed the necessary papers, and  made application for a crown grant in favor of the mineral  claim known a,s the Tiger, situate in the Ainsworth mining division of .West Kootenay. Adverse claimants, if  any, .will forward their- objections' within 60 days from  date of publication. N. FITZSTUBBS,  Gold Commissioner.  . Nelson, B. C, 7th October, 1392.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 60 days from the date  hereof, I intend to apply for a crown grant to the '* Try  Me" mineral claim,situated on Toad Mountain. This  application will be made under clause 35, "Mineral Act,  1891." Copies of the field notes and plat can be seen at  the office of the Government Agent, Nelson.  ���������  Nelson, B.��������� C., Nov. 26th, 1892. HA ROT/D SELOUS.  Notice is hereby given that Harold Selous, as agent for  W. R. Will and R. G. Tatlow, has filed the necessary  papers and made application for a crown grant in favor of  the mineral claim known as the "Ivanhoo," situated on  Toad Mountain. West Kootenay District.   c  Adverse claimants will forward their objections within  60 days from the date of this publication.  N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B. C, Nov. 28th, 1892. Gold Commissioner.  Notice, is hereby given that Harold Selous has filed the  necessary papers and. made application for crown grants  . in favor of the mineral claims known as " '  and "Annie," situated on  Toad Mountain  between the east and west forks of Give Out Creek, West  Kootenay District.  Adverse claimants will forward their objections within  60 days from date of this publication.  N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B. C, Nov. 26th, 1892. Gold Commissioner.  . _______  central city mineral claim.  Take notice that I, John A. Watson, free miner's certificate No. 44214, intend, 60 days from the date hereof, to apply to the gold commissioner for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant for the  above claim. And further take notice that adverse claims  must be sent to the gold commissioner and action commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 10th day of October, A.D., 1892.  -JOHN A.  WATSON,  Per his agent J. L. Retallack.  NOTICE.  This is to certifylthat Nelson W. Aldous and George W.  Aldous, both of the town of Nelson, in Kootenay District,  British Columbia, merchants, doing- business under the  name, style and firm  of Aldous Bros.,  have assigned in  trust, for   the benefit of their creditors,  to  William  P.  Robinson, of the said town of Nelson, deputy sheriff;, by  deed of assignment, dated November 10th, A. D. 1892.   All  accounts due or against said estate shall be sent to the  undersigned.  ...... :   .   . F. M. McLEOD,  Solicitor for Trustee, Nelson, B. C.  " Yankee Girl  on the divide  I  f  I  '. ..'t  "... )  ������������������'���������l  m  !������*_?  -.������ n  *VvE  '������������������' <  I?  / 1  VSfer  agij  lift  mourn I?  THE  MINEE: UELSO-T,  B.  0.,  SATUEDAY,  DECEMBER 37. 1892.  I lock my wallet on the 10th December. Buyers, get your agreements, quick,  from B. H, LEE, Kaslo, or me. Success phenomenal. Situation immense. Tinkle,  Tinkle! The silver-laden sleighs, along Hector street, day in and day out. All kinds  of business men wanted.   Final advertisement. .  ZMI. SIFIRO-A.T.  [TRIBUNE COPY.]  Nelson,  Dealer in Townsites.  TIME   CARD   FOR   TRAVELERS.  ^~  The Columbia & Kootenay  Steam Navigation Co. Ld.  Operating the fast and elegant steamers  COLUMBIA, NELSON, LYTTON & KOOTENAI  REVEIjSTOKI-    KOIITE:  One of the above steamers will leave REVELSTOKE  for Nakusp and Robson at 4 a.m. on MONDAYS and  THURSDAYS, arriving at Robson at 6 p.m., where connection is made with the C. & K. Railway for Nelson and  all Kootenay Lake points RETURNING, leaves ROBSON for Nakusp and Revelstoke at 9 p.m. on TUESDAYS  and FRIDAYS, arriving at Revelstoke at 3 p.m. on  Wednesdays and Saturdays, where connection is made  with the C. P. R. for all points.  LITTLE ' DALLES    ROUTE:    ,  The same steamer will leave ROBSON for Trail Creek  and Little Dalles at 5 a.m. on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS,  arriving at Little Dalles at 9 a.m., where close connection  is made with the S. F. & N. Railway for Spokane. RETURNING, leaves LITTLE DALLES same day, on arrival of S. F. & N. Railway Company's train at 12:30 p.m.,  for Tra.il Creek and Robson, arriving at Robson at 6:20  p m where close connection is made with the C. & K.  Railway for Nelson and lake points; and continues on to  Revelstoke as per above schedule.  KOOTENAY  LAKE AND 'BONNER'S; FERRY. ROUTE;  STEASVIER NELSON leaves NELSON for Pilot  Bay Ainsworth, and Kaslo at 8 a.m. on TUESDAYS and  FRIDAYS, returning via these ports same day; leaves  Nelson for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth. Kaslo, and BONNERS  FERRY at 3 a.m. on SUNDAYS and WEDNESDAYS.  RETURNING, leaves BONNER'S FERRY for Pilot Bay,  Ainsworth and Nelson at 3 a.m. on MONDAYS and  THURSDAYS.  Regular Passenger Service has been inaugurated on the  Great Northern Railway, and in order to make close connection with trains the above card has been adopted. Passengers for all Kootenay points leave Spokane at 7:30 p.m.  on Sundays and Wednesdays.  BANK OF BBITISH COLUMBIA.  NOTICE.  Mr. Grange V. Holt has been appointed Acting Agent  of the Bank's branch at Nelson, in place of Mr. R. Forrester  Daly' WM. C. WARD,  Manager.  Victoria, Nov. 15, 1892.  W.  Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., M. Can. Soc. C. E.  PROVINCIAL ~!~ LAND-!- SURVEYOR,  BALFOUR,   IB.   O-  Telephone Connection.  BACKS ITS OPINION.  The Spokane Review of the 28th ult. comments as follows on the Slocan country:  *' That Spokane people are becoming genuinely  interested in the Slocan-Kaslo country has long  been admitted, and the number of guests at the  Hotel Spokane who left on the Great Northern  train for that section last evening amply demonstrated it. Among others were Hon. John  M. Burke, who is on his way to make another  visit to the Bluebird mine, in which he owns a  half interest. Mr. Burke's canvass in Idaho,  when he was running for the governorship on  the Democratic ticket, has prohibited him from  seeing anything of his British Columbia mining  properties for the past 60 days, and rumor has  it that they have immensely improved in that  interval.  "Along with him were Messrs. 0. D. Hampton of Coulee City, Thomas Gatagan of Grouse  Mountain, Montana, D. G. Ramsay of Missoula,  Montana, and O. D. Garrison of this city. Mr.  Hampton is going up to Kaslo to look up a  location for a store; Mr. Gatagan is going to  spy out the land, as is also Mr. Ramsay, who,  by the way, is the newly elected sheriff of  Missoula county, Montana, while Mr. Garrison  has a number of mining interests there which  need his attention.  Besides these gentlemen, Messrs. B. E. Coy,  John Keen and J. R. Retallack, all of Kaslo  City, left on their return home after visits on  this side of the line.  PRESTIDIGITATION.  Since the Belmour-Gray theatrical company  gave its performances in Nelson in May last,  there has been no entertainment given by professionals in the town until Professor Martin  gave his show  in  Carney &  Barrett's  hall on  Monday and Tuesday last. The professor had  some difficulty in finding any place in which to  display his versatile talents. The attendance  or?Monday night, in spite of the bad weather,  was good,and-on Tuesday, also, a large number  of Nelson's leading citizens came in out of the  wet to see the show. The conjuring tricks were  as good as they were 50 years ago, and just as  inexplicable. The marionettes, whose antics  formed the second part of the programme, were  cleverly managed, and caused much merriment.  The music was supplied by Messrs. Keefer and  Turner. The professor gives his exhibition for  two nights this week in Kaslo, and continues  his circuit by way of Bonner's Ferry.  NOTICE   OF   DISSOLUTION.  The partnership (unregistered) heretofore existing between Noel Sicotte and Louis Levesque, under the firm  name of Sicotte & Levesque, doing business at the Robson  hotel, has been this day dissolved by mutual consent. All  moneys due the above firm must be paid to Louis Levesque who assumes all liabilities and carries on the business under the old name. NOEL SICOTT,  LOUIS LEVESQUE.  D *JB  TAYLOR  TORONTO SAFEW0RKS  RELIABLE, PERFECT, THOROUGHLY TESTED  Every business man in a mining camp, where  banks are scarce and money and valuable papers  are plenty, should have one of J. & J. Taylor's  safes.  ������^Don,t wait till after a fire to purchase one.  HOTEL  JOHN JOHNSON,  Proprietor.  Extensive Improvements now  Completed.  All   Rooms   Refitted and  Furnished.  House unequalled for comfort and elegance  by any in the city.     -  Finest wines, Liquors and Cigars in the Market at the Bar  THE DINING   ROOM   IS   UNDER   THE   SUPERVISION    OF AN  EXPERIENCED   CHEF  Special Attention to  Miners.  Rooms First-Class. ^ Rates Moderate.  thbBLUE RIDGE HOUSE  Ten miles from Kaslo on the trail to Slocan mines.  First  Class  Accommodations for Travelers.    Best  Brands of Liquors and Cigars.  PRICES   MODERATE.  McDonald Bros.  Proprietors.  FOR   SALEOR   TO   RE  The Vancouver House, Ainsworth; 2_ furnished rooms.  To rent for one or two years. Terms reasonable. For  further particulars apply to  A. A. McKINNON, Ainsworth.  wrjjj-mBwww-jawi  ia������MK9*WWlWIB  IfSTWWWWWtW* 8  THE MINER: NELSON,  B.  C,  SATURDAY,  DECEMBER 3,  1892.  a ������*  OF-  Beady-Made Clothing, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes. I am leaving this line of trade and all goods in these  will be sold out at Cost. Terms, Cash Only. Now is the time for Bargains in Winter Woollen G-oods. Come  Early and Inspect my Stock. <  -LOCAL   Affff>    _������ERSONA__.  S. P. Tuck has returned to Nelson.  H. Twigg has returned from the head of  Arrow Lake. The O. P. R. survey party, of  which he was a member, haying been dispersed  on Tuesday last.  Harry Mahon came down from New Denver  on Sunday, and went out on his way to the  coast by Wednesday's train.  ,T. R. Robertson, who made so memorable a  trip into Nelson early last spring, is back again.  He is at present taking in Kaslo.  Gr. N. Perkins hasn't been round to this office  yet to claim his pocket book. Come along  George, you might just as well have it as not.  G. W. Richardson and R. J. Bealey have  entered into partnership as Financial agents,  carrying on their business in Nelson and Kaslo.  The telegraph line between Nelson and the  boundary was down again on Thursday.  Wouldn't it pay the telegraph company to  clear away the timber along the line of wire.  Ten shots were fired on Wednesday morning  at 2 a. m., or thereabouts, which seem to have  resulted in the killing of one of the editorial  dogs.    Poor Robin ! Hard luck !  J. A. Kirk, of Kirk & Ritchie, has finished  his work in the Slocan. On Wednesday he  started for the Coast, intending to spend part  of the winter there and part back East.  The C. P. R., we understand, has expressed  its willingness to provide a Pullman at Revelstoke, and if 28 men can be found who want to  take in the World's Fair, to take them down to  Chicago, feed them and lodge them in the car,  for a week, and return them to the starting  point for $60 each. This seems cheap enongh,  and there should be no difficulty in finding the  required number of men.  A big crowd of Nelson men went down to  Kaslo by way of Ainsworth on Thursday.  Charles Good, who has been mining and prospecting all over the American continent for the  past 20 years, has made a stake, and is on his  way to visit his old home in Cornwall, England.  N. Frederickson, a Swede, was working for  some time during the past summer on a placer  claim on Hall Creek. Finding that his health  was giving way. he sold out, and started on a  prospecting trip on the west bank of the lower  Arrow Lake, where he was joined by another  old prospector with whom he entered into  partnership. Whilst camped on Cherry Creek  trail, Frederickson went out for a day's hunting, and never showed up again. His companion  searched for him for 14, days and then came  into Nelson to report his loss and to return his  pass book to the Bank of British Columbia,  where he had a balance of some two or three  hundred dollars. Very little is known of Frederickson, where he came from, who he was,  whether he had any relatives or family is all a  matter of guess work. There can be but little  doubt that whilst hunting some accident has  happened, and that another prospector has  dropped out of the world, leaving no trace, and  having no monument, excepting a skeleton, to  be found, perhaps, years hence, which may  form material for a paragraph in the newspapers.  LOa&IJia CONTRACTS TO LET.  Two or three small logging contracts  will be  let by the subscriber.    Logs to be delivered dur  ing the -winter.  Kaslo, Dec. 1st, 1892.  G. W. I-BCIIAEtttSOtf  JVelsosi, 11. ���������.  R. J. BJEAM-EY  Kaslo, IS. ������������������  RICHARDSON & BEALEY  Real Estate and Financial Agents,  ON REAL ESTATE SECURITY.  Until the opening- of navigation in the spring, the Hotel  Phair dining-room will be closed. Guests can procure  meals at the Poodle Dog Restaurant at 50 cents per meal.  Rooms in the hotel can be had at the rate of $1 for transients, special rates for rooms rented by the week or  month.    , E. E. PHAIR, Proprietor.  Nelson, B. C, December 1st, 1892.  Notice is hereby given that Harold Selous, as agent for  G. H. Colwell, B. Thomas, J. A.-Turner and F. M. McLeod,  has filed the necessary papers and made application for a  crown grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the  "Hidden Treasure,', situated on Toad Mountain, West  Kootenay District. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections within 60 days from the date of this  notice. N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B. C, Dec. 3, 1892. Gold Commissioner,  l _  Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Provisions, Canned Goods, Hardware, Etc.   Miners' Supplies a Specialty,  The stock is full and complete in every Department, and the miblic will find it to their advantage to call and inspect G-oods  and compare Prices.  EE  i  Telephone 27,  7, 9, and 11 East Yernon Street, NELSON, B. 0  _������������_  i         "  _ uiLiiiii-L   in       >mi     ii --0-1��������� ���������        .       IU    -_""   -v---������������������^���������^������T^,7^3^^V'^^'^^r";^"���������        _'_i*���������"'.'.'->5- _    * IT'   !.' ���������'' -'��������������� *^"."5nr.~,i��������� u * IT""    TV-"' '*������������������. ~'-"^ i," "* ;**- ���������   "*  ��������� i-*"-"���������"' ,- 1    ' .���������������   ���������   >J.   'V.ifii1"   ��������������������������� jfj.tr - -Y-.������ ^ . i . -.g   ��������� i'kf Wt WA-, i| .���������pfcg..1'' "T^l" " IV i   ' " P '" '1 "- H ������������������ ) ���������   l   "���������     ��������� mill. I   H, II.  ���������   ������������������������_    c������. ���������*���������-*!"  -.Shi   .1.������1,: >>-.������,������   r-*'S.'V .; >i - -.    ii, T-i' -^. ���������������������������*,ii! <wr      ,o m7iS\!,J",.1*'i,.1'i:4''i   . t"    -i������?.i,'>    *   ,.j ^ i^--.'.'  \?'.* . -f. "'v'.'-'H '.,'.   --li- ���������   t" *���������������������������������������������������,/���������������������������������";,-������������.-"    -������ ."j* i-      )>!../���������.   '*   "- , V. ,.J i',. iJ>'~   '* ������������������ W.*������''/'*   "��������� " > *!'      r'" '    Aa ������������" >���������-,"���������������    _ ' ���������.������������������ft-?J .' "* >    _.,.-* :<-������i,-".   'r ;'j{j<  fl f  ���������������"-"    ���������   IM.I LMII.^    I ' *. *     T     if*       ^     ^


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