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The Miner Apr 1, 1893

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 ���������&*���������  m-  f n  Tbe Mines in  JKooteiuay are Among  '      the Richest in  America.,  2TOMBEB 143.  ������������  The ������res are       I  Hlgli-Ciratfe In Gold/  Silver, Copper,  and JLead.  MAY HAVE A-THEATRE ALSO  A. J. MAKES  HAS  COMPLETED  AEBANGE-  MENTS FOE ITS EEEOTION.  ls^^iJ^^^^^^^ir^^[^m.  The Plans Provide for the Erection of in *<* omi  Kuildin^ Which iS to Have a Seating^CapacU^  Five Hnndred._All That is Reqnired *������?*&������  Government license. ftC  Galbraith was laid low some time ago, a stranger in this city without nioney and without  friends. His awkward predicament secured for  him the sympathy of the proprietor of the Madden House, and he received every attention.  When he had sufficiently recovered topermit  removal his father, in Spokane, was acquainted  with the facts, but he replied that he could not  aid him. Rev. T. H. Rogers then started round  with the hat and secured $32.50 worth of practical sympathy which was to send the invalid  to the Spokane hospital.  The  brother's  offer of assistance renders  the  :penditnr^ nf +Mo *-   U "A YEAK  exDenditnrA ������f /^"    ���������     <wsfi,ISLance renders  the   ^^ ^rct,A*iv ui xu.onrreal.  Would it hot be a good thing to leave it I here  until all Galbraith's obligations have been^dis-  charged. If those who have entailed expenses  on the invalid's account have such . amounts  made good to them, then it. would be fitting to  subscribe the amount as a starter for the Nelson  hospital fund.  There is every reason to believe that Nelson  will have.a theatre in the near futere, and one  which in point of architecture will do credit  to the leading city of West Kootenay.  The scheme has gone beyond the talking  stage and all that is required to ensure the theatre's erection is the government license.  A Miner representative was allowed  to  take  TvSlI t^fidt ������%������*������������!d5������   aLADST0NE.GN BI-METALISM  erent elevations as they appear in the drawings.  They provide for a building 35x100 feet, with  an auditorium and balcony, and having a combined seating capacity fpr 500 people.1 There  will" be nothing omitted.in the way of mechanical effects behind the foot-lights. The stage  will be 35 x 30 feet, thus.giving ample room, and  Will   H<* fnpiiu^'^   ���������":i1-    -  YEEY FAULTY AS A OEARTEE  IS THE TEEM WHICH MAY BE APPLIED TO  THE ffELSOtf WATEEWOEKS A0T.  The Consumers* "Waterworks Company Has Plenty  of Time to JLoaf Under their Charter so That the  System Weed not he l������cine<lic������I for two Years if  the Share-Holders so Desire.  DELiaHTSTHE HOUSE WITH A BABTEBOTO  speech of mtjge .mmiiGAmk  'V -ii u i . ,"���������-"'������������������ -��������� -.ft^-M'g aujpio room, and  A w.llbefurmshed.withan artistic drop curtah,  & from tho  hr.���������cu   ~e   ~    ..  -. ,      .   ,   "'"^  murrain  J| from the  brush  ? j  3  of   a.  celebrated  scenic artist  ^ The scenery, of the house will  be set  upon   the  > most approved mechanical floats, and will "'coin-'  i prise some very.artistic settings.  1"    That the theatre will be an ornament  to  Nel-  Jvson's buildings is attested by the  fact  that   the  Ai'projector has announced his willingness to spend  |s$8000 upon the  structure,   and should, his  plan  ],go through, the erection ofit will   be  placed in  |the hands of  George N..Taylor,   the  Fairhaven  ^architect wTho has lately taken   up his residence  I in this city..  I   Last.winter  furnished  sufficient evidence  to  ^convince anyone that a pleasure resort of some  ^description is sadly needed in Nelson.    This im-  i|pressed itself * upon  A. J. Marks  of  the  Nelson  l&otel as strongly as upon   anyone else, and   the  Joroposed theatre is his remedy.  y. He proposes to manage the theatre in  person,  naving-had'years of experience in   the business,  lind no better guarantee'could be had that there  fyill be no rowdyism within the precincts of his  V/heati-e.    Marks is not a stranger   (o rhe, people  tff Nelson, nor indeed fto the'people..of  the; province.    His reputation of four years  in   Nelson'  an be enquired into, and after that his residence  j] Vancouver.    Thus Nelson's claims for  such  Solace of ,annia������mon<-  ^..~  . ....��������� ��������� '  The   ������. o. M.   Represents   the   fcelin^   ������#��������� <r * ������ ������  51 place ot amusement a?e  much   ^^Mu en <-=   uiiu-n  stronger   than  %ose of other places which are urged by strang-  Ivs.    The reasons why  Nelson should   have  its  theatre may bei summarized:���������  '? The city sadly needssome place of entertainment.    ' The.r huildingf -which" Wi11 -i5e' Romanesqiie in  tyie. will be a creditable addition to the city.  The -'character of the  theatre  can   bo  guar-  nteed.  ��������� It' it  does  not comply  with the  law  it  can  e closed.  If Victoria is to have its $600,000 buildings for  !.ie annual Provincial Comedy, surely Nelson  ���������.in. have its. theatre' when its citizens., pay  'ie.shot.  '"���������   ������������������'"*��������� ,\ l"-. c- :  HIS EEQTHEE,:WILL ASTE.JDP. I  >  the  Money  Collected  from   kelson's   Charitable  Citizens Memalns Witltont and Ohject.  Wo id was rec'i ve(|,v in, Nelson toda>y tro m a  pother of E. F. Gralbraith, who has been on the  ������int of death, in the Madden House, that he  111 defray the invalid's expenses. I  it -��������� ���������  Mr GUdstnne maintained  in a recent  speech  that to pve silver a share in fche monetar^tS  dard would be disastrous, for silver  was sn,b ect  to more extraordinary variations than anythhl  else; and even the  mover of the resolution  be  heved those variations were going to  increase  How was.t   possible to. improve a standard  or  value which had not varied  more than three or  four per cent, by associating With it a standa 1  wh,ch had varied so enormously?   If the ratio  of value  were fixed one day the force of cir'um-  stances would  soon compel  it to  be changed  It was true, he said, that England was the great  crednor country of the world, and it was ~.  .in* increasmgly so. To put British in vestments  abroad at one thousand millions would probaWv  betoolow.-Twq thousahd; millions  x^���������kr^  nearer the mark.     He looked  with   nmfoonl  admiration on   cosmopolitan   principles   ,n^  would go  great lengths in   modei-X.n t f -e  was a serious matter to nroDos^R  "\.b,,t ll  iter* that]they should taC^ayu^f^'ttV-d'  money.    The consolation throuZut   t* ?I  would be g;r���������.    The splendid ^iri"  of  nhZ ?"  thiopy could not  be   fit)   highlv to raised   w^l'  made a present to the world of 50or 1ZTmiiT 'Ch  but he..rather  thought that  eratit,Tw , ll1i")as>  benevolence would %, mixed^lVh^V^'T'  missr.vings as to our   wisdom.    They   oLh    f  think once, twice, thrice before depl.tin? ft  ������  the solid ground on which   within i.P ii     g   l0111  they had Greeted,,, ^XihS1 'v CieDtui*  ���������in the history of the worJd  a   1 t!, t ,L nnkn"������'n  except su-h i they could Vj' Unufc u? ?.h^  own under^anding,  and  that  of their feiw'  ;=try,nenaS wellas those-who  w^d^  TIIROUCilf TO THE  FEKitY.  The Upper Kootenay river has opened at last  and   the O. & K. navigation company  decided  to dispatch the   steamer   Nelson   to  Bonner's  Slock! " \SouveninR: The ^e]s"u 6ail?ai se-������  The contemplated action  of Insurance  Cona-  panies in cancelling policies  in   Nelson, caused  by the,inadequate water supply, makes the dis-  gracefur condition of the waterworks a question  of serious interest to property-owning citizens.  Numerous policies have been effected  at favorable rates because of  the constant and   efficient  water supply.    But  now  that that supply has  broken down, not only during-the severe weather and immediately aftei*  it, but up to the present time, when there are no climatic conditio>i.s  to interfere, the Insurance Companies have been  obliged  to  take  steps   to   protect themselves.  The question has been raised, how far the water  company is liable.    ������47 of their charter provides  that, "The. Company shall, at" the request of the ,  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, phiee  proper hydrants  in   the main   and  other pipes .  belonging to them, at such convenient distances  (not being more than one  hundred  yards  from,  each other) and at such  places as may   be  most'  proper and convenient for  the supply of  water  for extinguishing  any  tires   which   may break  out in   the  said  town   of   Nelson."     And  this  would seem to imply that  the  public  have an  interest vested in the present hydrants, and the  consequences  to  the  water  company might be  serious in the event of a tire's becoming dangerous  through   their   culpable negligence  in  not  having the system kept in lepair.  But ������43 reads as follows:���������  "The construction of the said   works shall   be  "commenced within two years, and be completed  "(except as to the laying of additional pipes and  "mains) to the Government townsite of Nei^on  "within four years from the passing of this Act"  And as the date  of the  Act   is 23rd. of April  1892, it is difficult to see how  the  company can  be responsible for any act   of  negligence   when  they are not bound  to do anything at all   before  April 23rd. 1891.  In what has this water-works scheme resulted?  The securing by outside capitalists, whose real  interest in ihe place is small, of a valuable privilege is the result.    And it is a privilege  which'  apparently carries with it the   minimum of advantage to Nelson and the  maximum   to  those"1"  who  compose  the   company.    What   will  this  charter be worth in-four years from the time it  was granted?   And for four years the company  are apparently not  bound  to provide  a water  supply to the town, or to  maintain   the  supply  as already provided.  But there is one point of view from which the  matter may be looked at. To provide the town  with water is and must be a most lucrative investment. And if the present company are net  prepared to complete and maintain their system  it will not:be bard to organize another company  which will.  I;-  NTBRh?sa^tSOri' ba"^''r,former!,- of St. John,  wilfPV!^cefcPhlSIVSidenCein Nel���������    ^  OTnaastfflsiEiffisy^Sffi  ���������Vii. hi* -m ... ���������!������������������ gp ���������j-il.t-tt'���������fTg"s ������������������  ���������:������������������'*������������������   .'������������������V.tV'.r.g-'���������'.;V'jft.S?7t������ THE  MINEE:  NELSON.  B.  Qtir SATURDAY,   APEIL  i,   1893.  ! J.ITTJLE _LOCAL CHAPTERS.  Everyone   is   Hade Acquainted with the  },-������������������������������������ ^    '     *  In  Wliicli.  Movements of Everybody Else.  F. M. McLeod paid Kaslo a visit this week.  Captain Pitzstubbs returned from Kaslo today.  W. N.Rolfe left for Kaslo on Wednesday,  ancLrei urn eel today.  .C.o,mmqdpre Jim Buchanan took a party to  Argenta oh Wednesday.  W. Hunter, of Hunter & McKinnon, is in  town, laying in stock for the summer.  JohnTVT.'1 Burke accompanied by his son passed through Nelson on Thursday.  Mr. Fisher, the new manager of the Freddie  Lee mine, left for Kaslo on Wednesday.  Charlie Olsen, of Ainsworth was down buying  supplies on Thursday looking thinner than ever.  Axel-Johnson, of the Kootenay Hotel, has  rented a building and will start an Hotel at  Kaslo.  The Bonner's Ferry sleigh-road is finally  busted. The river is reported open almost to  the boundary.       -  The boats on the Lower Columbia now connect with Northport three times a week, but the  tiraecard is not yet on a settled basis. ���������  Jim Wardoer came iu on Tuesday, and left  for Kaslo on Wednesday; accompanied by Mr.  Griffiths of the Helena Smelting Company.  M. W. Wallace, superintendent of the Neosho  mine has returned to Ainsworth. He will  pay another flying visit to the Coast shortly.  C. E. Perry left on Monday to put two parties in the field, one at Argenta, and "the other  under W. McKay to survey Rand's Addition  to. Kaslo.      ;   '���������"-''���������': ; '';.V-'' ���������...- v.':; .'.; \  Mr. Roberts has been telegraphing to J. Fred^  Hume & Co., foiva supply of tents. It is expected that two  parties of   engineers   will   arrive  within a week.  A party of sports came down from Kaslo on  Thursday to risk a few dollars on one of their  number at pool. Their man found his match,  and the  sports returped -without  their dollars.  The exodus from Nelson by, t;he.,first boat included F. M. Chad bourne,, whq.ho^e,ver did not  make a long stay at Kaslo. He contemplates  visiting ft he States before long.' Mr. Chad-  bourne-yearns for better communication up  Slocan River , as that would put him in a good  position to supervise operations both at the  Great Western and at Fbiir Mile Creek from  Nelson as a centre.  LIQUOR   LICENSE  APPLICATION.  NJOTICE TS .HEREBY GIVEN THAT THIRTY DAYS  1>' from d&te 1 intend applying to the Gold Commissioner, for a license to sell liquor in my hotel, situate at the  south. vend of Trout Lake where the Government trail goes  to the Lake.  DISSOLUTION   OF  PARTNERSHIP.  VSJ'E,   THE    UNDERSIGNED,   HAVE    MUTUALLY  vv    agreed to disolve the heretofore  existing unregistered partnership between us.   From and after this date,  the firm of Ward & Dick ceases to exist, H. H. Ward paying the debts of the partnership.  A. W. GOODKNOCJGH, {1^^^  Dated this 29th clay of March, 1S93.  NOTICE.  Mail to New Denver will leave Nelson weekly  on  Mondays. W. S. MURRAY, Contractor.  FOR   SALE.  A good mule pack train with rigging complete.   Can be  seen at Savona's Ferry. For further particulars apply to  J. GLASSY,  Ashcroft Hotel, Ashcroft Station, B. C.  (Deputy Sheriff.)  LICENSED AUCTIONEER  NELSON, B. C.  Auction sales made at any point in West Kootenay  District. Town lots and mining claims bought and sold on  commission. A general real estate business transacted.  Office for the present at residence, corner of Carbonate  _nd Kootenay  treets. 134  *jwanswsarr-- *+*ur ���������_ 'wTiwwWyuwJi  The above Townsite is now placed on the  market.   It is situated on the north end of Trout Lake,   C _-r���������r : : ��������� T^ : " ~ " .    '.    / :   in the: famous Lardeau oountry, which is going to be  one of the richest mining regions in America. Numerous  _____        ___ . . - ...���������,' :       ~ ~7      '    ' ' '       .     .   .      ~ '���������    .;���������.��������� ���������    , ���������     ���������   ' :  rich claims have been found close to this townsite,  which  will make it the distributing point for an  o '* ��������� .    '' ��������� ' ' ' ������������������'"���������,.  ,...���������_-     i '���������/.-������������������'������������������.  immense tract of country. It is the only leyel land on  the north end of the lake. The owners intend to expend  money on streets and other improvements in the spring.  ___________ __ .        _   _____ ,       .     .        _     . __ _____        __  The  trail  from  Lardeau ;;;Dity, on Arrow Lake, to  ��������� v ���������'  ���������,--.��������� ���������- ..,-             ..  ���������  . , .  ���������'     i -p~i_ t���������: ��������� ���������"��������� ���������"��������� ���������������������������-' .  Kootenay Lake runs through this townsite. f For 30  days  from date One Hundred Lots  will be Sold for  .  .  ., < ,,.  > ' ��������� ��������� ������������������ ���������  ���������    ,     .                                           ".                                         /  '9  For Further Particulars Apply to  & c  At the Head Office, Nelson, B. C.  Or to'HENRY CROFT, Victoria, B. C  ���������'M_:r.vr; -7_^:?-,-r"-,E3ir:  v?.^ w:v7.;������;t~- f7"T7v"  l-S"' ?";v-. !*-  ��������� 1/ "rJ. ���������  .'*���������    f'--  ���������;���������      V-"WM    ���������  ���������'   T       -J-<vg31H   '1        ".yt ������������������������������������ Willi       ���������       .1     ������������������������-. IHWIIII IJIT-I ��������� __     ���������_���������   -���������   .   i^s      -1    ���������* ."������������������-._��������� "������������������.'������������������!������������������  .   tn.".* ._   . **-������������������.* ; ���������   To'a   " ��������� ^���������:,| ~~T~������������������ ;.,";   -n y,?*. ;.\ ���������t"3iv  ���������VTS'-TTO  . I, ^i|������ii|Vl������������H  J THE.MINEE:  NELSON,  B. ,0..,   SATUBDAY,  APEIL  1,  1893.  i  i  if  Ii  NN  ^  I  ������:  LES   FROM   KASLO  C������)  !r  IS  if-  I  Pfi  1.  \'i'\  The Distributing Point for the Duncan G-old Fields and Great Silver Ledges of Lardo  District. A Wagon-Road to Argenta at Head of Kootenay Lake is under Construction. A Trail will shortly be Constructed from Duncan to the centre,of the  Lardo Mines. Beautifully Situated. Level Land. The Only Point on Upper  Kootenay Lake.  V  ��������� ,Jir -" .r������h������������wJW*~*^"'J  tn on  in io  ]a  lys.  Mi  K--  r  it  Z_  XXX      X      XX  ,xx "������������������'__   X    XX    X    X  XX      X      XXX  n  '   i      " j        " |"l"���������~~������������������*  I     [���������a__7  am  T?.-  m  ion irom  ,,., connecting Duncan with tliis  angerous Navagation of the Lower Duncan  djUu. s  stance to upper Jiootie  :e seven Miles.  ?"%  7-  ��������� d  _  2_K3_  _������~  ���������T^r further Information as to Prices for Lots, Terms, etc, Apply to  ���������f.^r,Ttrgj^.|-r.-~i_B!^ni'irs?*r,K.'i'''ii,1. ������*^3_������iT.P#J$���������_M3_t_ft_^  4  THE  MISTER:  KELSON.   B.   0���������   SATURDAY,  APEIL 1,  The Miner is printed on Saturdays, and will be  mailed to subscribers at the following cash-in-advance  rates: Three months $1.50, six months $2.50, one year $4.  Contract Advertisements will be inserted at the  rate of $3 an inch (down the column) per month. A  special rate for advertisements of over 2 inches.  Transient Advertisements v,-ill. be inserted for  15 cents a lino for the first insertion and 7 cents a line  ' for each additional insertion. Twelve lines of 9 words  each make an inch. All advertisements printed for  a less period than 3 months considered transient and  must be paid for in advance. Advertisements of less  than 12 lines will be counted as 12 lines.  Letters to the Editor will only appear'.' over the  writer's name. Communications with such signatures  as "Old Subscriber," "Veritas," "Citizen," etc., etc.,  will'not be printed on any consideration.  Birth Notices free if .������������������weight of child is given ; if  weight is not given .'.-$1 will be charged. Marriage  announcements will be charged from $1 to $10���������according to the social standing of the bridegroom.  Job Printing in good style at fair rates.   Cards,  envelopes, and letter, note, and account papers kept  .   in stock.  TrlE HOSPITAL TO BE.. IN NELSON.  It is  now  more   than   a  year  ago since  at a  ^itizens' meeting a committee was appointed to  ���������*incorpor__te   a   hospital   at   Nelson.      At    that  meeting over  $1700  was  subscribed���������on paper.  The town is now asked   to  contribute  $1500 to  secure the immediate erection of  a hospital and  the use of the  Government's  liberal  appropriation.    Steps should ai  once be taken, to  collect  this money.    Nelson is  not only the  most suitable place for a hospital, being as it is the center  and distributing point for the whole district and  the point where competent professional services  are most easily to be obtained; but the  hospital  willalso.be  a   most   excellent   investment   for  Nelson.    As a  simple  business  matter  the  ci _-���������������������������,  izens should  subscribe  Jibt rally.    The  hospital  will add a fine property   to  Nelson���������a property  which will pay very  handsome dividends to the  town on $1500, and   the citizens should miss no  opportunity to  support  any   institution   which  goes to clinch the central position and usefulness  of Nelson.    Let there be   no   hint   this  time  of  co-operation with  the Lake country.    The-hospital while benefiting the whole district   will be  of peculiar benefit to Nelson, and if the citizens  cannot see this to the extent of $1500, then the  hospital will not  be built, and Nelson  does  not  deserve to have it.  KOOTENAY IS ALL RIGHT.*  In nine cases out of ten your optimist is the  pleasantest fellow to chat with. If you hear  hiin things are always going to turn up trumps,  but after all when your tenth man. when your  pessimist turns round, and yielding to facts,  admits that things look hopeful, it is worth the  other nine.  Today even the pessimists admit that Kootenay has a near future before it, such as even  the most sanguine optimists dared not have  predicted a year ago. The contract for the  construction of the Nelson and Fort Sheppard  line has practically been let, and in the words of  the most conservative financier of British Columbia, the fact that D. C. Corbin has undertaken this contract is the best guaranteee of the  prospects of Kootenay which any man could  desire.  Though an American, Corbin is no rash speculator, but a man who has built lines before,  and invariably at a profit to himself and to those  he represented. He is said, by those who know  him, to be a most careful and conservative business man, one who will not put a dollar into a  country in the way of a railway work, unless he  sees that he is going to get three dollars out for  the one he put in.  This is good for Corbin no doubt, but it is  good also for Kootenay, as showing that a level  headed careful business man has convinced him  self beyond a doubt of the development and output of which the country is capable. By September of this year, the president of the Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railway predicts that the  line's locomotives will  be running into Nelson.  .   THOSE NEW BUILDINGS.  The MiNERdoes not, and never has believed that  the province could afford such a luxury as a set of  $600,000 lesislative buildings. The sense of the  province as a whole is against such extravagence  though ''the legislature was not.  Had the appropriation been for $2,000,000 the  legislature, with its present excessive Victorian  complexion, would have held up both hands for  it just the same. This will explain the majority  the Government secured on the division.  Although the Government hastenforced this  expenditure upon the people the Miner does  not believe that the country will go to the dogs.  British Columbia has too much wealth within  her borders to be affected materially by the expenditure involved in the new legislative buildings, but it does not excuse the extravagence.  This a new province and it would undoubtedly  have impressed the people with more confidence  in their representatives if those commissioned  with the provincial welfare had shown more of  a desire to proseeut e public works, and thus aid  the development of the provincey rather than by  squandering public money to shelter such gigantic intellects with a, building sufficiently showy  to satisify Victoria's tourist trade.  THE GAOL  AT KASLO.  The proposed location of the gaol at Kaslo has  not been pronounced the most suitable by the  representative of the Government. It is too far  away from the centre of the town. The school  site, on the other hand, is admirable. We can  not see that the Government has any cause to  complain. Kaslo was ignored when the necessary land might have been secured in a suitable  place. Now Kaslo is in a position to say to the  Government "You must take what you can get."  That is all. And with what it can get the Government will have to be satisfied.  CURRENT COMMENTS.  The Government has this year provided salaries for five ministers of the Crown. As there  are but four salaried posts in the cabinet this  may be used as a bail to keep the faltering ones  up to the line.  Premier Davie got the members of Victoria  up a very high tree with his bill for the new  $600,000 legislative buildings. It hoped that the  strain which Economist Beaven's feelings underwent, when he supported the bill, may not prove  serious.  Just through what course of reasoning our  own Mr. Kellie managed to arrive at the conclusion that it was advisable to spend $600,000  for capital buildings, is a problem he had better  get to work on right away. There might be  some people who would like to know.  If the Government decides to give the province redistribution, Westminster, city and  district, should be left alone. A few more members of such calibre as the present ones, with the  same fondness for^ talking about their Winchester repeaters, would tend to supply our readers  with more humorous matter than they could  stand.  W. C. Green, of Kingston, Ont., has located  a valuable vein of mica near Arden station,  from which he cut out a piece 10x12 inches. He  has refused $20,000 for his find.  NELSON  Livery & Feed  Stable  >  WILSON & WILLIAMSON,  PROPRIETORS.  HAY AND  GRAIN FOR SALE.  Omnibus and carriages to and from all trains and steamboat wharves. Saddle and pack animals for hire. Freight  hauled and all kinds of job teaming attended to.  Stable on Baker Street.   Office with Wilson & Perdue.  J. Hoover, President.  E. X Dyer, Cashier.  -THE-  EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANKi  OF SPOKANE, ���������  STATE OF WASHINGTON.  Oapitai.... . .���������.. .......  Surplus ;C..'���������.'���������. .��������� ].. ���������. 'w  .. $250,0001  ..$ 30,OOOl  FOREIGN  AND  DOMESTIC  EXCHA    GKES  BOUGHT  AND  SOLD.  ACCOUNTS  OF MINERS AND MERCHANTS  SOLICITED.  Cable Transfers Made.  W. M. L_A0_ONN0N, C^E  (Ass. Mem. Inst. C. E.)  Water Supply, Irrigation, Water  Power,   Bridges  Structural Work, Etc.  Office over Bank of British Columbia. 133-tf  VANCOUVER, B.C.  J.  AND J.  TAYLOR  TORONTO SAFE WORKS  RELIABLE, PERFECT, THOROUGHLY TESTED]  Every business'-man in a raining camp, where!  banks are scarce and money and valuable papers]  are plenty, should have one of J. & J. Taylor's]  safes.  _���������_rD6u,t wait till after a fire to purchase one.  J.  A.  KIRK  J. F. RITCHI1  KIRK & RITCHIE,  Dominion    and    Provincial    Land!  Surveyors.  Office  over  Bank    of   British   Columbia,   Nelson;   B.C  IB  ENGINEERS.  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYORS,  NOTARY PUBLIC,  CONVEYANCING.  IB    O. I  I  T-1  18  I?  I.  Is*  I  9  4  Ir  r *  IVi - ���������..'  _k>.  fa1'  THE MDIESj. IfELSOH, B. 0.,  SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 1893.  A  THE  1.  4.  5.  The Gateway of the Lardo-Duncan Mining Camps.  The Only Flat Land, not Subject to Overflow, and the Only Harbor at  the North End of Kootenay Lake. *  A Railway Point; vide 0. B E. Reports  The Head of Navigation at the North End of Kootenay Lake  The Terminus of the Government Trail to the Mines  - ii  :������  Examine the Map of West Kootenay!  Examine the Head of Kootenay Lake I  Examine the Townsite of Lardo! and  D  ������:  As previously announced by notices already published, the  first 200 lots having been sold, prices are now advanced to  -^������L  _s^-  TERMS: One-third cash, one-third in 3 months, and one-third  in 6 months.  )  1..-'.���������,1 -, ���������1 |    | \ * i,_,ff,.i.���������..iiil     _____���������_-__--���������   _������__n__S-___��������������������������������� ^^Iiii���������! i _aB^^L__---���������--tfi ������������������ML������am������^ual���������Mum^SLm-7mmS^���������___. ^^bw^ct���������^^  -__������---���������_--_������ mm  Stone Block. Kaslo City, B. C. MANAGING AGENT.  -sa_p*_ri  __r_  ��������� -������->-_-  BssnssrBSBssassxssssssmss^S^sma^^^SS  ���������-' -v T3-  ���������   S.'W-  *{������������������  i ������������������������������������*������������������  '��������������� f: ���������������������������������������������  St   .  i * i;:"  ii--::--  THE MIliER : UELSOK,  E. 0,,   SATURDAY,  APRIL 1, 1893.  If:  W-  I  I  y  Iflf  '4*:  ftp-  If--  ifflv  Ir?1  i  II'-  It"  III:: -i.���������;'������������������''.'  _1':-'-'--;:-  ff^.-'r:-.'--;.-  k ;���������/-:���������'���������-:.���������:.  BE:  Rfe  i ON THE MOVE,  Some of tlie Early ISirtls are Outlooking for Worms.  TlieWornas Badly Seared.  "Signs are not wanting that the hibernating  season is about oyer. People1 are beginning to  tire of the lite of compaiative sloth and inactivity that they have been living for some months  pest. The tender beef and succulent potatoe  turn sour in their mouths, and they yearn for  tHe wild, free, life on river, lake and mountain,  where thf-yaie at liberty to _now a piece of  bacon rind without having to pay four bits cash  for- enjoying that privelege.  John Hirsch and N..Townsend went up to the  head of the lake by Wednesday's boat, taking  :> supplies for three weeks andM canoe. It is believed that they mean to make tor the Upper  Kooteiiay lake, though what they mean to do  when they get there is one of those .things that  "no fellow can understand."'  O. W. "West also has tired of the 'flesh-pots of  Egypt' and longs to be| up and doing. He started to make Balfour, firmly resolved to knock the  stuffing out of any ice that come in his way, but  on finding that the ice was also resolved to  knock the stuffiing out of him and actually began to do s������������, he  thought  it   was  time   to  quit.  And he quitted.  TO BE ROWED OPT KOOTENAY.  _as--___s9  of  Revel stoke   Talks or 5__$ Coming  Race  ~witli. one Albert Hansen.  JV W. Haskins, of   Revelstoke,   has   been   in  Victoria for. the past two weeks, says the Colonist, training for a race with Albeit Hamen.  The  details  for  the  race have not been arranged as  yet but Kootenay Lake will probably be selected  for the course which is to be three miles, one  and one-half with a turn. The trophy will be  $200, or $250 a side.  WAS DISAPPOINTED AT KASLO       v  So Iffe Wrote a Little -Sol;e About'.Mail's;'Inhumanity  and 'Started for the Court-Mouse in the SB_y.  T. L. O'ponnor, a newspaper man who visited  Kaslo a few days ago in the hope of starting a  newspaper there, committed suicide in the Palace hotel in Bonner's Ferry last week.  A paper containing morphine told the route  the unfortunate man had taken. He was at one  time connected with the newspaper- business in  Kalispell, Moot. It is thought that failure to  secure backing for- his newspaper scheme in  Kaslo led to the suicide.  John H; East took some fine specimens from  his claims on Boundary Cieek to Spokane last  week. The ci'oppings are said to show up well  in gold.  furniture and  Jas. McDonald & Co.  Nelson and  __eve!stol_e,  carry full lines of all kinds of furniture for residences,  hotels, and offices.   Mattresses made to order, and  at prices lower than eastern and coast.  They are also agents for  Evans Pianos and Doherty Organs.  NELSON   STORE :  No. 4 Slouston ������& Bnk -Building, Josephine Street.  TI ATE  Address,  Nelson  or  Kaslo, B. C.  General   Founders,   Engineers,    Boiler   Makers,   and   Manufacturers   of   All  Classes of Machinery.     Sawmill and Marine Work a Specialty.  ������������J_E    IttA.F.aJff'ACTIJKEKS    ������F    THE  Band Mill, B. 0. Shingle Machines,  Steam  Los: Hanlins:  We keep in stock a full supply of Engineer and Mill Supplies, such as Pipe and Fittings, Brass Goods, Sheet, and oi  Packing Rubber Valves, Rubber and Leather Belting, Oils, and Lubricants, etc.  H0ISTIN& ENGINES  AND  STAKING PUMPS  FOR MINES.  Oorner Alexander Street and Westminster Ave., VANGOLTVEB, B. G.  D.   GARTfiVlEL, J. W. CAMPION, J. E.  Agent West Kootenay. Secretary-Treasurer.  er  "THE      LONDON      MERCANTILE      ASSOCIATION,  LIMITED"   (FOREIGN).  Registered the 24th Day of Februaky, 1893.  certificate of registration.  '"THIS is to certify that I have this day registered "The  -1 London Mercantile Association, Limited " (Foreign),  under the Companies'Act," Part IV., "Registration of  Foreign Companies," and the " Companies' Act Amendment Act, 1889."  The objects for which the  Company is established arc :  (a) To carry on a mercantile, commercial, banking, and  financial business, both as principals and as agents :  (b) To purchase, apply: for and otherwise acquire or  make advances upon (either for the purpose of obtaining or,  when obtained) any Acts of Parliament; concessions, permissions, licences, or grants for any public or other works  or undertakings, and to dispose of the same, either for cash  or for shares or bonds in the said works or undertakings,  or in other works, undertakings, or companies, or in Gov-  i ernmeht,; Municipal, County, State, or Provincial secur-  i ities, and to found or establish companies or associations  [ for carrying out the above, or for any other objects, and to  ; assist, by procuring capital or otherwise, any company or  association. }        <  (c) To purchase or otherwise acquire any business or  other undertakings or property, either in whole or in part,  and to amalgamate with any other company or association!  (d) To purchase, hold, extinguish, or again re-issue the  shares of the Company, at the discretion of the Directors.  (e) As agents or as principals, to purchase or sell any  stocks, shares or securities, and to act as agents for collection of dividends or coupons, or in any other transaction  whatever.  (f) To carry on the business of contractors, or of agents  for public and other works, or other businesses or undertakings.  '(g) To' purchase, lease or otherwise acquire, any land,  works, property, effects, stock-in-trade, and good will of  any person, fir in or company.  (h) To sell, let, demise, lease, exchange, or otherwise dispose of or deal with all or any part of the property of the  Company.  \ (i) To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them  The amount of the capital stock of the said Company is  fifty thousand pounds, divided into five hundred shares of  one hundred pounds ea.ch.  The place of business of the .-aid Company is located at  Nelson, Province of British Columbia.  In testimony whereof I   have hereto set my hand and  affixed my seal of office this 24th day'of February, 1893, at  the City of Victoria, in the Province of British Columbia.  [l. s.l C. J. LEGGATT,  Regist7-ar of Joint Stock Coinpanies.  NOTICE.  j\J"OTICE is hereby given that the Miner newspaper  including the plant, stock, and goodwill of the business  heretofore carried on by the firm of Bogle & Wiialley,  has been transferred by them to Clive Phillips-Wolley  of Victoria.  By the terms of the Bill of Sale all accounts due to the  Miner for advertising and job printing prior to March 1,  1893, are payable to Mess us. Bogle & Wiialley.  All accounts for arrears in subscriptions, and accounts  for advertising and job printing (after March 1) are payable to the Miner Printing and Publishing Company.  (   DAVID  B.  BOGLE,  (Signed)      <    E. PERCY WHALLEY,  ROBT. A. REN WICK  Mngr Miner Co.  NOTSCE.  Thirty days from date I intend to apply to the Gold  Commissioner for a license to sell liquor in a hotel situate  on the Government land 10 miles above the town of Lardo.  A. C PEARSON.  \  NOTICE.  Springfield  Mineral  Claim,   Situated   on  Miller  Creek, Slocan District.  Take Notice that we, Nathan E. Lay, free miner's certificate No. 42556; William T. Jones, free miner's certificate No. 42631; and E. Smith Miller, free miner's certificate  No. 42632, intend, sixty days after date hereof, to apply to  (he Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant,of the above  claim.  And further 4ake notice that adverse claims must be  sent  to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced  before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. <������������������;  JOHN ELLIOT, Agent for Applicants, Nelson.  Daten this 18th day of January, 1893. 134-8.  GERTIFICATE   OF  IMPROVEMENTS.  Mountain   Chief  Division.  Mineral  Ctaim,   Slocan   Mining  Take Notice that I. William H. Smith, free miner's certificate No. 40200, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of iin-  pi'oveuients, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant  of the above claim, said claim being recorded by me at  the Town of Nelson, District of West Kootenay.  And further take notice that adverse claims must be  sent to. the Gold Commissioner and action commenced  before the issuance of such cortificate of improvements.  WILLIAM H. SMITH.  Dated this 24th day of January, A. D. 18t)3. 134-8  NOTICE  Wonderful  Mineral   Claim,  Creek Slocan District.'  Situated  on   Miller  Take Notice that we, Nathan E. Lay, free miner's certificate No. 42556, William T. Jones, free miner's certificate No. 42631, and E. Smith Miller, free miner's certificate  No. 42632, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of  the above claim.  . And further take notice that adverse claims must be  sent to the Gold  Commissioner and action  commenced  before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  JOHN ELLIOT, Agent for Applicants, Nelson.  Dated this 18th day of January, 1893. 134-3  NOTICE.  QUEEN BESS MINERAL CLAIM.  To all whom it may concern: Take notice that I, J. H.  Moran, free miner's certificate No. 42,748, intend, 60 days  from the date hereof, to apply to the gold commissioner  for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim, and further  take notice that adverse claims must be sent to the gold  commissioner and action commenced before the issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  J. H. MORAN, New Denver.  Dated this 28th day of January, 1893. 137-8.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have deposited with the Minister of Public Works at Ottawa a  plan and description of the site of the wharf proposed to  be constructed by them upon the front or foreshore at  mean high water, of lots 20, 22, 23, 24, block B, Third,  Fourth, and Fifth streets, block A and I, and along Kaslo  Bay 800 foet west of the west side of Fifth street, Kaslo  City, District of West Kootenay, Province of British; Columbia, being a distance of 2.400 feet, and that a duplicate  of such plan and description has also been filed in the  office of the Registrar General of Titles at Victoria, and  that the same persons have appliad to the = Gj2__e_r,nor-in-  Council for approval thereof, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 92, Sections 5 and 6, Revised Statutes of  Canada. R. J. BE ALE Y.  JOHN HIRSCH.  HORACE W. BUCKEL  Dated at Kaslo, this 12th dav of January, 1893.  m  m  w  __$ THE  MBTEE:  NELSON.   B.  O.rSATUEDAY,. APEIL  1,   1893.  __������K9 C_TX���������  X-_A___nTI3     X)____?____E__!__v_C_El_Dq'  TT1  i-T-EOXiSO-Csr.  This Company now Oilers for Sale a Number of Choice Business or  JL i_-  Eebate. Given  Lots on  Terms.  ___;  FOR PARTICULARS  APPLY  Good Buildings on  LAND  COMMISSIONER, NELSON, B. 0.  OVER THEIR EVENING PIPES  THEY ilAY DO. AND BAY MUGS WEIGH WILL  INURE TO QUE BENEFIT.  TIsss Refers  to. .lie jSEeBa.wers of ti_e An-jl������-A___ei*s<_,a3__  B.asiness   B_xe__ange, aiiel   ___������-.__���������' Mji__y' Visitors.���������  _"t Promises Ut _2eco������ie -flic   _.osl   I____mEC__Ii._j!i_   Wr-  &;i_!iza~_o__ oi's.s S_._5_sl in 4__e l*i"ov������i_ce.  The Anglo-American is the name of a'now  club or exchange 'which hao been lately estab-  lished in Victoria.  The men who have formed this club aimed at  creating a great exchange, such as in the old  days, under the name of the Denver clab, built  up the fortunes of Denver and Colorado. They  have realized that at last, the day of British  Columbia's prosperity is ai h.-mel, that the province is really breaking its shell at last, that its  present and ilspasi'are insignificant -compared  to .that era of prosperity I hat. is just dawning;1  and that it Is the duly of the men"of today to'  combine to help forward such movements as  the development of Kootenay, the encouragement of railways, the protection and extension  of our fisheries, and the publication to the world  in general that B. C. boasts of something nioi'e  than " grand and picturesque scenery."  The club has already arranged for an exchange  of   privileges   with   all   the  leading  Au'H^ricaii.  clubs, and   the   membership, has already passed  the respectable total of 260, and is growing with  ���������increasing rapidity every day. .  To show that West Kootenay has not been  forgotten it may be stated "that arrangements'  have been made for the exhibition of a cabinet  of specimens, in the smoking room. Owner's  of prospects, and mines, are requested to forward small specimens to the club secretary, or  through the Miner, each specimen to be accompanied with reliable statistics as to assay and  extent.  It would appear to be worth every mine  owner's while to comply with this request, and  to make the exhibit'of the ores of this section as  complete as possible, since scores of in'^r'ha'v'iiTg  money to invest would thereby have an opportunity of becoming interested. Kooteuay's  ores are well worthy of exhibition,   -  EXHIBITS Off THEIR WAY.  Tlic Ore Exhibits of -lie Province Ilsive SSccji Snipped  to the WorI������i\s Fair.  The Brit ish Columbian exhibits have been sent  on their way to the World's Fair. The first car  contained samples of coal from all the Vancouver  mines, including  two   solid   lumps of  over  three tons each, from the Dunsmuir mines. In  the second car are the forestry, fish, game, and  mineral exhibits, and a collection of 5,000 miscellaneous views of British Columbia. There are  two cars yet to go forward; These will carry  fruit and perishable goods, and a collection of  building, bridge, and ship timbers.  P. O. box 69.  Telephone 24.  Edward-Applewliaite & Co.  S. E. corner Baker and Josephine streets,  NELSON, B. C.  I  r  FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE AGENTS,  Loans negotiated on Nelson property.   Collections made.  Conveyancing documents drawn up.  Town  Lots   Lands   and   Mining  Claims   Handled  on Commission.  B  iy  NELSON, B.C.  Plasterer,   Bricklayer and   Stone-Mason  Contracts  taken  for work   at all   points   in  West Kootenay.  ___ ie-  lumber, ROUGH AND DRESSED,  SHINGLES, LATHS, MOULDINGS,  SASH, DOORS, GIG-SAW WORK,  TURNING-LATHE WORK,  -   ON   HAND   OR   FVIADE   TO  ORDER   -.  The Best of Shipping Facilities.   300,00  feet of Lumber in  the Nelson Lumber Yard.  d.  ������.  BUCHANAN.  P.O. address. Nelson or Kaslo.  A_D_fTA_j (all naiii tap), $12,000,000  KEST,        .... 6,000.000  Sir DONALD A. SMITH,... ...President;;.'  Hon.  GEO. A. DRUMMOND, Vice-President -  E. S. CLOUSTON,    .* General Manager  Seison Branch:   3ST. "Wr, Oor. Baker and Stanley Sts.  Branches in London (England). New York and Chicago  and in the principal cities in Canada;  Buy and sell sterling exchange and cable tranfers;  Grant commercial and travelers' credits, available-in any  part of .the world ; '    . .    ���������  Drafts issued-; Collections'made; Etc.'  t*  G  Rate of interest at present four per cent;  spaa  '4 I  M.  _TB'*<  _   e   _ >ej_*' a eg  Physician, Surgeon, and Accoucheur,  Telephone 45. Office:   Stanley and^Yictoria Streets  n  (Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1862.)  CAPITAL. <pai<l up), ������600,000  (With power to increase.)  $2,920,000  ���������B-KSERVJB r&JNIV-������200,000      ���������   ������������������        I,2������5,-������3������  KELSON' BEAiTCH:.  \  1^  BEAITCHES =  Victoria, B. C, San .Francisco,'California,  Vancouver, B. C, Portland, Oregon, *.  NcwW< stminster.B.C,   Seattle, Washington,  Nanaimo, B. C, Tacoma, Washington.  .    Kami oops, B. O.  READ OFFICE: tiO Lombard ������'.rect, LONDON, England.  AGENTS AND CORRESPONDENTS:  CANADA���������Bank of Montreal and branches;  Canadian Bank of Commerce and branches  Imperial Bank of Canada and branches;  Commercial Bank of Manitoba; and  Bank of Nova Scotia.  UNITED STATES���������Agents Bunk of Montreal, New York ;  Bank of Montreal, Chicago.  SAVINGS  On vnd after 1st January next the rate of interest on  deposits will be 3^ per cent, until further notice.  BALED HAY_F0R SALE.  ORA TONS Baled Hay for Sale on Road or River Bank,  AD\J   Address M. H. BACON, Bonner's Ferry.       138-tf  cs  "'t  v-.i  I1  3:  oil  '���������Kit  i  1  ��������� ��������� _s. vr-___5__KmH_x_t_as_8_  _U^A.%_J.������._?n^_t._&^Ai3_--^iu.-_r_^-u  __  .. Ill il !���������! L_i 11 11 I   11 1 ��������� I   U -L'n n"T_ I ��������� T   ��������� _ I    I      I*'" 1  ^,__a^^������_.'^^T*S������^E^i <*���������=&** ���������;** l_������ffi__i.  _.s',v_^__i������a_*r_.'i_an,������._i_ti������i!_! s -__>__x.-^IM.  ti  "it* _____���������   v.sn_-l  .#ifc_r_. _T*ura__j_ !_  ft  n  ,1-  8  THE  MINEE;  NELSON.  B.  0���������  SATUEDAY,  APEIL  1,  18S3.  i  _���������  \$  1  I  _T_EE_I!   TO  IT_E3   O-F TIKIS  The Terminus of the Kaslo-Slocan W  agon  JOHN  oad.   Post Office Centre  ETALLACK, Agent.  ALL ABOUT THAT  SMELTER  THEY AKE OHLY KTJMOES BUT THEEE MAT  BE MUCH TRUTH IN THEM.  Reasons are Advanced WMcIa May Explain Wliat  tlic Belay in Regard _o _!_e Pilot Kay Smelter  Construction Mean.���������Slave tine Promoters Taken  it Into Their Meads to Locate Here *?     There are many rumors  going  the   rounds at  present concerning that smelter at Pilot Bay,  and those who think they can put two and two  together have solved the smelter riddle in many  ways.  Some week or two ago one of our leading  merchants invented and spread a story to the  effect that it was the intention of the Kootenay  Lake Smelting and Refining Company to shut  down work at Pilot Bay and begin all over  at Bogus town.  There is certainly no want of coloring within  the realms of truth for these rumors.  The smelter is not in a good location at Pilot  Bay. In fact some people affirm that it would  be difficult to pick out a, place less favored by  locality.  Franklin Farrel is interested to a large extent  in the Pilot Bay smelter, and the same gentleman is also a large  shareholder  in   the Silver  King, The men who are pulling the strings of  the Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railroad own a  lot or two in Bogus town, arid would not be  very vexed if a smelter were to be erected there.  The smelter at Pilot Bay was to be one for the  treatment of galena ores.  There is every reason for believing that the  Silver King will be worked this summer. The  treating of this ore could not be attended to by  the Pilot Bay sm* Iter machinery.  Then there follows the stoppage of all work  on the Pilot Bay concern.  There is also a feeling abroad that Farrel has  something very much akin to a hobby for building smelters, and that the money spent at Pilot  Bay would not in the least deter him from putting up another with different machinery.  It would seem that the interests of the great  shareholders in both the Smelter Company and  the N. & F. S. Railroad would be well served if  the unexpected were to happen and truth once  again to prove stranger than fiiction.  One who should be on authority on the matter has recently been heard to state that the  Smelting Company had the matter under consideration and that it was not at all improbable  that such a course as has been suggested would  be followed.  Now when all these rumors are put into a hat  and shaken up, the fact is deduced by some that  the smelter is coming our way. What do you  think, eh?  (Notary Public.)  ining and Real Estate  BEOKEE,  Auctioneer and Commission Agent,  ������. W. RICHAR������SOW  Nelson, B. ���������.  _t. Jf. BEAI/EY  _aslo, B. CJ.  EICHAEDSON & BEALEY  REPRE8ENTINC.  Thc Confederation Life Association, the Phcenix Fire  Insurance Company, and the Provident Fund Accident  Society ; also the Sandy Croft Foundry Company, near  Chester, England, makers of all kinds of mining machinery, air compressors, rock breakers, stamps, etc.  Eeal Estate and Financial Agents.  $10,000   TO   LOAN  ON REAL ESTATE SECURITY.  No.   1,   JOSEPHINE  STREET,   NELSON,  B. 0.  Lots for Sale in  ji  Adjoining the government townsite of Nelson  AT $125 AND UPWARDS  With a rebate for buildings erected.   cThe best residential  property in Nelson, values sure to increase.   Apply  W. A. Jowett, agent for Nelson and district,  or Innes & Richards, Vancouver, B.C.  W. .'���������__.  JOWETT,  Mining & Eeal Estate Brokers, Auctioneers & Commission A  JOSEPHINE STREETS. NELSON, B.C.  COR.  BAKER AND   WARD  STREETS.  NOW OPEN���������  O-  _������  Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., M. Can. Soc. C. E.  AT ALL HOURS.  DAY OR MIGHT  MRS. W. 0. PHILLIPS, Proprietress.  PROVINCIAL r_~ LAND -_~ SURVEYOR,  BALPOUE,   _0_.   O.  Telephone Connection.  ���������_-  __  (BARREL OR   CASE.)  For any good Liquors, Oigars, Tobaccos, Hour,  Groceries, Etc., G-o to the  son s Bsa  BAKER STREET,  NELSON, B. 0.  East _Ba_er Street, Nelson,  I& one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district,  and is the headquarters for prospectors and  working miners.  The Table is not Surpassed by that of any Hotel  in the Kootenay Lake country.  At the Bar is Dispensed Fine Liquors and Oigars,  and the bed-rooms are newly furnished. THE MINEE:  NELSON,  B. 0.,   SATUEDAY,  APEIL 1, 1893.  Situated at the Head of Navigation on the Northeast Arm of the  Upper Arrow Lake, West Kootenay, R C��������� is  T  To the Richest Mines In West Kootena^ District, situated on Fish Creek, North  of Lardeau City, and in the Lardeaii Pass, Southeast of Lafdeau. The Mines are  reached by Trail from Lardeau, which is, naturally the distributing point for  supplies, and the shipping point for ore from these Kich Mining Fields.  Now on sale at the office of the.undersigned. The terms are reasonable,, and.there . is  every reason for stating that a handsome profit will be realized on all- lots purchased at  present prices. Arrangements have been made for the clearings of a portion of the  Townsite, for the erection of hotel and stores, and for various other improvements, so  that. Lardeau Giif will build up rapidly in the early spring/ Lardeau City is the  entrance point for the Lardeau Pass, which reaches through, to the head of Kootenay  lake, and application has already been made for a charter, to build a railway from  Lardeau Gity to lake Kootenay and Nelson. Lardeau|City is not a town. competing  with several other points in the same district. It is naturally the best point for supplying-the surrounding mining country, and there is a brighter prospect for it to-day  than there was for Kaslo a year ago. Lots purchased in the latter, last year, have been  sold this summer at an. advance of from, two hundred to a thousand per cent.- For  further particulars apply to ���������>  ��������� \  . .  iB  ; THEQ'S LITTLE JOKE EEOALLED.  Bio a. ���������o1������cB't   a.eavcii Tells'.'tlic Legislators how tlie  Premier-Sported _������ Ways &oi_e IBye.  The members of the  Legislature  were enl er-  tained  a few  days  ago  with a story by Hon.  Robert Beaveri.    It is  a  rather goodbilling on  Premier Davie, reciting how he tried to Shangr  .   hai a ������������������Government member on the eve of a-close  division   in   the  House in the hope of defeating  the Beaven administration.  Cold type-metal is not half sympathic enough  .:to describe that generous Bill-Nye-sort-of-srnile  which play'shide-and-seek  over Mr.   B^aven's  ; face and head when he is dispensiiig humor for  the house, so his words must he sufficient.  It was -d ii r in g the t i me that May or Dr u m ra on d  was a member of the Legislature and a supporter  of Premier Beaven.  There   were prospects of a very close division  in the House, and Davie thought if he could get.  Mayor  Drunnuond   to  leave  town there would  be a chance of defeating the Government. There  was  some* litigation   going   on in regard to lhe  Sumas  dykes, in which   Davies was  interested.  He  approached-Druiiunondj-and  asked hi in to  go to Somas.  Mayoi' Drummond, to use a vulgarism, " turn*  bled to the little game.". He accepted the proposition and was taken down to the steamship  jEnterrorise by Davie, who secured him a stateroom and went to other small - expenses. He  remained with Drummond until the latter was  presumably sound asleep* and then started up  town laughing.up his sleeve.  Davie had hardly crossed the gang-plank ho w-  ever when Drummond dressed himself and returned home, where he remained till a few minutes before the House was to sit.  Mr. Davie took his seat, and seeing Drnm-  mond's seat empty smiled a smile of satisfaction, but those who were present say that he  "more than blinked" when the member he  thought in ,Sumas walked in'o the house without cracking a smile, and sat down in front of  him. Of course Mr. Davie's defeat of the Government fell flat.  M-^AIMO-HAS, A CHAMPION.  n, B>.^S. IWc__eo������l isost  Mis wa.jf.tp' tlic   ISlacIt IMamowrt  ;^.:'; Citywitli a String of Victories'; ������������������'���������*'  D. S. McLeod, the strong man from Nanaimo,  is dh his way home frorn Australia, with a long  string  of  victories and  a pocket full of money.  : AsiDan Stewart he wrestled seventeen matches  ih^the Ahti'pbdies, winning sixteen and drawing  one. He is mp\v: regarded.'' asothe most likely  man to wrest the championship from Evan  Lewis, the strarigler, as he is known. A meeting between the two is talked of as a World's  Fair 'attraction. "'" ' "  Baker street, Nelson, B.C.  ^QTES EEOM THKOAPITAL.  ���������o_rc_--iss_oJier Vernon. lias -not yet 8>isclose������l Bfiis Plan  of f'aii-jmigii B-espccting- Oiir Appropriation..  ���������Mr. Ashby will return to Nelson in a few7days.  :.:"-.:J^o^hu_i Davies expects to leave- the capital for  Nelson in a few days.  Samuel Shultz, B. A., who has passed a highly  successful examination as barrister and solicitor  here, will locate at Nelson this -summer.  Victoria can boast of a,,\vell-seasoned policeman of some sixty 'summers, who enjoys (he  enviable record of" never made an arrest in his  life. .        .;  The Commissioner of Lands and works has  not announced his purpose as to how the appropriation of $30,000 for West KoOtenay's roads  and bridges Is to be expended.  Superintendent of Police Hussey has not yet  determined whom he shall appoint as Provincial  officer at Kaslo. Tin* '.position carries a salary  of hut $75 per-mo'-jl.-h';'"'' A- percentage on the  number of arrests -..might, prove a better thing  for the Kaslo officer this summer.  Fred W. taing, who was formerly a member  of the reportoiial staff of the Daily News has  branched out as a school teacher. While on the  News Laing completely exposed the shameful  treatment meeted out to the. Victorians detained  in the Vancouver small-pox suspect quarantine.  HAS ON DISPLAY A FULL RANGE OF  Plain and Pancy Worsted Suitings and Scotch and  Irish Tweeds and Serges.  PRICES TO S^J'D-'iV _r_E__T3 TIMES  % G. Campbell- JohnMoii  (of Swansea, India, and the United States.)  ;   SVIETALLU'R0IST3; assayer,  AND   MINING   ENGINEER?  ���������Properties reported on.. All assays undertaken. Furnaces, and concentrating plants planned and erected.  Treatment for ores given. Ores bought and sold. Box  731. Vancouver, B. O.  'Terms cash.   .  Ten miles from Kaslo on the trail to Slocan mines.  First   Glass  Accommodations for Travelers.    Best  .Brands of Liquors and Oigars.  PRICES   MODK11AT.E.  McDonald  Bros.  Proprietors.  ___.Xji___^isr   z___E_A_:Esr  Plasterer and   : ricklayer  Will contract for all kinds of work.    Materials furnished  and estimates given for work in any town in  Kootenay Lake Country.  LSJWE    FOR    SAIvK  At Nelson and Pilot Bay or delivered at any point on  the lake in any quantity.   Address P.O. box 47, Nelson.  J|_i_ I  s  M  Ail  ���������m  w  1  m  I  J* L  wm  ___,__.l__j,__. u,_UU JVlMll8JSg_tt_SS__!a__  "i; t" i 11 fu .1   .i.i  ,Tra��������� "���������TfTTF."7'  _���������___  '"1'<V* '  ./���������l  1ft   :i*' v lr*~> 1 mi-in _-_i 11������ -������  ft  I frit  Ik  ^     >"  ifei  in  m  1 *fl  hi:  M  P  P!  !_!���������  w  hi  10  THE METEE:  ffELSOJtf,  B. 0.,   SATUEDAY,  APEIL 1, 1893.  i  ir  i'  I?  f  &  i.  I1"'  :������������-  SE5S___  _e--  Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Provisions, Canned G-oods, Hardware, Etc.   Miners' Supplies a Specialty.  The stock is full and complete in every Department, and the rjublic will find it to their advantage to call and insnect Goods  and compare Prices.  cro:__:_isr _____ txt_r__nj-_e_i_r. _jvcg3-__^_       m  Telephone 27.  7, 9, and 11 East Yernon Street, NELSON, B.\C,  ABOUND KOOTENATS SHOEES  OR THE IMPEESSIOttS OP THE MIKHE MAN  ON THE LAKE TOWNS.  Balfour and its Company of Kip Van Winkles  Remain as They Were _Lefft East Year.���������Kaslo is  Ifiappy with its Front Street Blocked with Stove  Wood and its Population of Millionaires.  Your correspondent took tlie first opportunity  of looking round the lake country, and making  up for lost time when the Outlet closed the  door of civilization against Nelson, and left,  nothing for its citizens to do but gather round  the stove to discuss new townsites, and watch  the irbubbles grow.  The trip was made easier and the more enjoyable to him by the fact that he collected some  collateral on the way down, from a gentleman  of more dollai s than discretion, who laid money  that the steamer Nelson would not open the  Outlet before Thursday.  Among the notables on board was the travelling editor of the Spokane Chronicle, who when  not busied in his endeavors to extract a subscription from the Gold Commissioner graciously  sainted, smiled audibly, and exchanged a fraternal greeting with your correspondent. This  made him feel proud and happy.  Balfour looked much as usual, no striking  changes have taken place there as yet. The  same men were sitting there, in the same attitudes, on the same benches, engaged in the  same occupation as when your correspondent  saw them last.    And if the. recent cold weather  did not make such a supposition improbable  your correspondent would have inferred they  had been sitting there ever since. An air of  depressed melancholly was. spread over Pilot  Bay. This is due, it was stated to the, loss of  Hamilton Byers, late of the Galena Trading Co.  Ainsworth is showing signs that it will not be  left behind this summer. Prospects of considerable development work are good, and some  claims have recently been sold at good figures.  The machinery for continuing the great tunnel  is also expected shortly.  All was excitement when the great city of  Kaslo was tdghted. The whistle of the steamer  brought the whole leasure population of the  town down to the wharf to greet the arrivals.  The leasure population is very large���������mostly  millionaires.  The first thing that struck your correspondent  was the great number of buildings added to the  town during the past three months. Front  street Kaslo, is more built oh than any other  street in any town in West Kootenay. The  street would be improved no doubt if it were  not everyone's wood pile as well. But this practice favors the communial system in the matter  of cordwood, and is highly approved of by  many citizens.  The next subject of interest is the number of  reai estate offices. They simply swarm. Signs,  maps, price lists, descriptions, flaunt the air in  every direction. Long ago the wayfarer in  Kaslo saw nothing but a collections of mineral  specimens, and heard nothing but the taik of  mines. Now he sees nothing but real estate  maps and advertisements, and hears little but  the jargon of the trade. Perhaps this is because  the mines are now a certaintv, and much of the  real estate is not.  Mining men are begining to come in. Among  those noticed were Messrs. Wardner, Boss,  Taylor, Middaugh and Griffiths. The first of  these anticipates a big rush into the gold bear-  >������  ing district of the Duncan.    The country has an  effective boomer in J. F. Wardner.  Kaslo was in a ferment of legal excitement  over the Coy case. It was admitted that the  case, involving as it does the character of a public man, has not been surpassed in interest since  the great Crawford-Dilke suit. Justices Green  and Buchanan were objects of awe to the multitude, and bore their painful dignity with becoming gravity. This case is not yet closed, the  accused has been committed for trial, and it  would not be becoming to comment on it at  present. It is said some very sensational developments will be evolved.  The feature of the week has been the boom in  Argenta. It is hoped there will be no bloodshed  between thtrbackers of Lardo and Argenta, but  augurs ill the fierce way in which "sidehill,  and 4i snowslide," are bandied out. Your correspondent is not in the habit .of- tendering  advice to the unwary investor (he will tender  anything else from a mineral claim.,to a stack of  poker chips, provided he gets legal tender in  exchange) no office is more thankless. The investor generally disregards it, and some vendors  resent it. But if any one resents this advice he  is fitting an ugly cap on his own head. Let the  investor size up everything himself. Let him  have only himself to blame if he misses it. If  there are any vendors in this country afraid to  sell on this basis your correspondent has little  doubt but that the columns of the Miner, are  open for them to get out and say so.  On the return journey, when Nelson was  sighted, your correspondent heard a stranger  who had come in by way of Bonner's Ferry ex-  in astonishment, " Why it's as big as Kaslo!"  Archie Macnaughton, the well knoM^lacro^  player, and representative of ea^e)^^p:rj_j^b"ds  houses, is the first drummt^_f7?sta;^^rom Victoria for Nelson and Kasloj^-THe^^ripsacks "  may be expected in ful4rf������^|evw_lfii the Revel-  stoke rouie is opened. '   fg|9*= ;"'''���������  Terminal point on Slocan Lake.   Shipping point for all ore tributary to Slocan Lake.   Important point  0. P-Railway system of West Kootenay.   Corner Lots, $125; Inside, $100.  Agents, Nelson, B. 0.  mssBHwi-mspnttwsarra^^  bMMamaifly^^  __W4!W___tU!WUU  Mi_������l������l|_JttlMJI^^


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