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The Ledge Mar 20, 1919

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' H" * *,V'
Vol.   XXV.
No. 36
Come In AhcL See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,   Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28-    ''A:        GREENWOOD, B. C.
5~ - Choice Bulk Tea 60c Ber ib.      Choice Spider Lee Tea 70c   "3
1 Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN      I
���~     c ���^��� nss
S~ Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ^3
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
��������.;.      --    .**
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps-r75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts   -' - *���   *���   $1.25 each
100    �����      /   -   ���   2.00  "
200   M   \>   m ���'    3.50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Gloves, Mitts* Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
MIDWAY      -      -     B. C.
Dealer in,
Orders Promptly Filled
Around Home
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ii
a. m. All welcome."' Every Wednesday
at 8, p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday. School
every Sunday morning.
The ban' was lifted ia'*Graijd
Porks last week.  '
Geo.^ Clerf of Allenby, is on a
visit to his family.
Thomas Brown has lett Phoenix for California.
Horace Strutzel of Phoenix, is
now in California.
At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
Andy Johnson of the Tulameen
hotel, Princeton, was in Phoenix
last week.  . v <
Four hundred men are working
on the Copper Mountain railway
_" Full line 'of fresh bulk, pure
sugar chocolates just' iu. At
Goodeve's Drug store. ,".v
D. McPherson, a former C.P.R,
agent, was a passengers' on Saturday westbound train. Y
������''���'" Pi.
-Sergt. Alex Dayison is now in
England, and expects to return
io Greenwood, yery shortly.
H. R. Bidder left for, Allenby
last Thursday, where, he is in the
employ of the Canada Copper.
The trunk that was recently
stolen from The Ledge building,
was returned on Saturday night.
Roy Connor has purchased the
Similkameen Garage and Repair
Shop in Princeton from Wells &
Burr.      /
Miss Gladys Jackson, of Midway, was the guest of Mrs; H.
McCutcheon for a few days this
There was no hockey game on
Thursday last. The > Phoenix
team failed to" put in
Output Low in February
The Granby 'Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power company
produced 2,610,735 pounds of copper in February, according to a
New York report. This is comparable with 3,156,486 pounds in
January last and with 3,842,686 in
February, 1918.
The earning in February of this
year were probably the lowest in
any month of recent years, due to
the shortness of the month, the
low price of the metal, as compared
with costs, and the production
which is the lowest since AuguBt
laBt. The costs have been 10��
cents or more at Anyox and about
19 cents at Grand Forks, accord-
to the statement of stockholders
when copper was sold at 25 cents a
pound. The cost at Grand Forks
has been reduced by a redaction in
wages within recent weeks. Idleness .was/'forced ...on the Anyox
plant by fire early in this month,
but another furnace was blown in
at Grand Forks. The damage,
estimated at $50,000, may be repaired within a few weeks.
The Power Line
Agents for Chevrolet. Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
Tlie Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelling and Refining Department     -   -   "~"
- .' ' "=  '   ..- .   TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Purchasers of/Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers  of Gold,^ Silver,   Copper,. Bluestone,  Pig Lead and Spelter..
"TADANAC", BRAND'-���--"
You'can get a, bargain in
envelopes at The Ledge office.
Get a Float for 25-cents at
The Ledge office, and send to
your friends in order to cheer
them during the dark days of
the-winterr--    --   -V-     -
p. BERN5 <fc CO.
'  "   DealersTin Fresli and Salt Meats, Fish \\
and- Poultry. . Shops: ia; nearly all the
towns of the Boundary \ and Kootenay.
Greenwood Farmers'
AU Members of the Greenwood
Farmers' Institute can obtain Seed
Grain, by applying to the Secretary,
Charles King- '
Prizes for tbe Gopher Killing Competition will fce announced April 1st
^ankitig Service
VOUR banking requirements may
���f be entrusted to this Bank with '
every confidence that careful and
efficient service will be rendered.
Our fadiities are entirely^ at your
���������':������ disposal.   Xxx'i-'. i-X" -'
Greenwood BrancK t; L; E. Brawciers, Manager
Work will commence ��� very
shortly on the power line of the
South Kootenay Power & Light
Co., between Greenwood and
Copper Mountain. The Vendome
hotel in Anaconda has been renovated and will be used as a
boarding and bunk house for the
men working on the construction
of this line.
au appea'r-'
For Sale
Improved Ranche, 68 acres, 25
cleared, one miie from Greenwood
and four from Phoenix. For particulars apply owner, Wm. Jenks,
Bos 393, Greenwood,'B.C.   ..; .;..;"
'ixx^xl $9& Szteiii 'i^W S
-Light   farm ' -wagon . and /"set
double' work., harness,   apply;to
..": r'i ixyx w.;;c. .wilsonI; ;-
Just in, a shipment of prints,
lawns, nainsooks. White cottons
for underwear, etc. G. A. Rendell, Greenwood.
Duncan Mcintosh and Pat
Crane left on Saturday to attend
the-mining convention in Vancouver.
Elmer Swanson who has been
seriously ill with influenza followed by pneumonia-is improving
Bert Beer a former C. P. R.
engineer, who went overseas witb
the 54th Battalion has died in
England, *
A new shipment of white and
coloured flanelettes, sheeting,
sheets and pillow cases at Rendell's Store.    *
William Buddy died in>Graud
Forks ��� last*;week, after a long
illness. He was an old-timer of
the Rock Creek district.
. Lieut. R. H. Sinclair, Pte.
Ludy Frankovitch, ��� and - Pte.
Donnelly returned , to Grand
Forks last week-from overseas.'
The Ledge is $2. a year iu
advance. ~ When not paid' for
three months it, is $2.50, and
when paid al" end of year it is S3.
"' Walter Frith, wife and family
have moved from Allenby to
Keremeos, where Mr. Frith will
go into the mercantile business.
Try Aunt Jemina's Buckwheat
Cakes for breakfast, with either
honey or syrup. We have a good
variety to choose from G. A.
Rendell. * -
Cecil Dawson of New Denver,
who recently returned from overseas, is the guest of his aunt
and uncle; Mr. and Mrs. G. B.
Chris Eaton returned from
overseas last week. After spending a few days in town Chris
went to Bridesville, where he is
visiting Billy Johns..   .
Rev. ;E. Maclean,. . Sunday
School Secretary* will preach in
the.Presbyterian church, : Green?
wood,;next Sunday. 23rd, at; 11
aim.'-.'; Members- of, the Sunday
School and Bible Glass .and ..their
parents'are particularly requested
tobe present.   Welcome to all,. :
Information Wanted
Western News
Stamps    make    thrifty
Mining News
The whereabouts of the sister
named Emily of the late Jack
Hadfield/or Hoadley, is requested.
Hadfield, or Hoadley, died in Mesopotamia last fall. Emily is married, but.her husband's name is
not known. She had friends in
Greenwood named Johns or Jones.
Communicate with Frank Hampton, Princeton, B. 0..
Wrong Number
"Did you ever get a proposal,
Auntie?" "Once, dear." A gentleman proposed over the telephone, but he had the wrong
number. - - -��� ���-
A Kamloops soldier at present in
England says in a letter that just
before beginning his letter he had
quit a game of poker. An English
soldier raised him 'toopence
appeny" and he couldn't k translate
it into Canadian.
On sale this .week, Ladies
Whitewear, ��� consisting , of' our
stock of night dresses, Princess
slips, brassieres, drawers, etc.
G. A; Rendell.   ;
The Ladies Aid of the Presby-t
teriau Church will hold a Sale of
Home Cooking, Candy and Ice
Cream in the Red Cross Rooms on
Saturday afternoon, March 29.
Tea will be served.   -
After the 31st of March; no
further subscriptions will be received bv the Canadian Patriotic
Fund. All who are in arrears
are requested to remit same to
the local treasurer.
Bob Perry (The Lone Canadian) who has been mining around
Beaverdell all winter left for
Vancouver on Saturday to attend
the mining convention. Bob
will be away two weeks'.,
The Grand Forkscity council
has been informed by the Provincial Water Rights that there will:
be;a?. charge of $200 for .taking
Two million gallons of^water per
:day>;fr6m,:the -Kettle; .river.for
domestic .uses, in ' Grand   Forks.:
Heretofore that city had obtained
its v^ater' supply from - the, river
'free of xuarge, ,.-.." ,'''"':'���.���; "'��� ������;
Kelowna has a branch of the
Moderation League.
The C. P. R. has acquired the
Nakusp & Slocan branch.
Louis Degero an alien was expelled from Penticton last  week.
Seventy|five returned soldiers
are employed at the Trail smelter.
A late report says that all Canadian soldiers will be home by
The Great War Veterans of
Kelowna have 56 members in their
A branch of the Canadian Bank
of Commerce has been opened at
Merritt city Council granted
$100 to the local board of trade to
help finance it. \
Mrs. Greig a resident of South
Vancouver for 20 years died last
week, aged 75 years.
Scarlet fever has caused the closing of several public schools in the
Arrow lakes district.
The Montana Legislature has
authorized the borrowing of $15,-
000,000 for good roads.
One hundred and fifty seats have
been added to the Westminster
church, South Vancouver.
Passports are required by travellers proceeding from Dominion
through United States to farther
The legislature at Victoria is
considering construction work on
an irrigation project for the Grand
Forks valley.       __
The school teachers of the Ke-'
lown district have formed a branch
of the E'ederation of Teachers - of
British Columbia.
J. Donaldson, of Sandon, pleaded guilty and was fined $500 in
court in .Nelson recently for having
a still in'his possessipn.
The Provincial Government has
made a grant of $400 to the Nicola
Valley-General Hospital, at Merritt, to cover the loss in operation
of the emergency hospital daring
the influenza epidemic.
An Anti-cigarette bill has been
passed by the Utah legislature.
The bill is very drastic, and prohibits manufacture or sale of cigarettes or possession by dealers of
them, or the "makings" for sale
within the state.
Daring the year 1918 the pack
of " British X Columbia" salmon
amounted to 1,616,157 cases, the
largest on record. Of this total
527,743 cases were pinks and 497,-
615 cases chums, and only 276,459
cases of sockeyes.
Word has been received in Vancouver to the effect that Alvo von
Alvensleden, former large property
owner and unofficial representative
of the ex-kaiser i a Vancouver will
be deported back to Germany with
thirty other criminal aliens who
are behind the bars at Fort Douglas, Utah.
" During 1917 there were built in
Canada 87 steam vessels, of a total
tonnage of 130,600, and 97 sailing
vessels, of a total tonnage of 155,-
780, or a total of 184 vessels of
286,380 tons: according to the
shipping report of the Department
of customs for the fiscal year ended March 61, 1917.
Twenty-six thousand Canadian
soldiers have succumbed to the
charms of the blue eyes and rosy
cheeks of the English maidens and
the casualties still proceed at the
rate of a thousand a month. Canadian spinsters when the next war
comes will have to devise some"
protection for the lads going overseas. ���Vancouver Sun.
A Swede working on the Copper
Mountain railway construction at
Princeton was killed recently by
falling ,bver 700 feet down the
mountain side. He was standing
on a ledge just over the top of a
ptecipice.: doing some rock work
when a.; falling rock struck and
broke .the; rope which, was tied
around -; his waist, letting him
1 crash down to his death.
Work has
Diamond Vale
reBumed    at    the
coal mine at Mer-
There will be great mining activity in the Beaverdell camp this
The Canada Copper has reduced
the wages of the men working at
Copper Mountain and Allenby.
Mcintosh & Oliver shipped two
carloads of ore recently to the
Trail smelter, from the Bell mine
at Beaverdell.
The Waterloo mine, No. 2,
Lightning Peak camp, 'recently
made a 10 ton shipment to the
Trail smelter.
There is said to be a big mining
deal pending on tbe Swede group,
a very large silver-lead property
near the head of the Coquihalla.
The Providence mine shipped 16
tons of ore to the Trail smelter
last week. This shipment made
up a carload lot of the Don Pedro
and Crescent Fraction.
About 36 tons of ore were shipped
from the Castor mineral claim near
Beaverdell. This claim is under
lease by Bob Perry, R. D. McKenzie and George Hambly.
J. A. Kennedy will do some
placer mining on the Similkameen
river, above Rich Bend near Oroville. Everything is aboufe ready
to start placering soon as the
spring breaks.
Four standard diamond drilling
outfits will work in the Aspen
Grove camp this year.��� The-drills
arrived at Thelia on the K.V.R.
and will be taken to the property
of the Aspen, Grove Amalgamated
Mines Limited as Boon as they can
be transported there. They will
be set np at once and will explore
the " above mentioned property,
which is under bond to Toronto
and San Francisco capitalists.
Reports are current in Merrito
says the Herald that the .Burns
Wilson in]eres$sf hav^Ttaken."- agC
option on the <i:Iron Dollar" group
of iron claims on Iron Mountain
and that energetic development
work will be started at an early
date. ,
Two deeds have been recorded in
the Ferry county auditor's office,
in Republic, each stamped with a
$500 revenue stamp and each conveying, by quit claim, an undivided
half interest^in the Lone Pine,
Pearl and Surprise claims, in the
Eureka mining district, to the
Northport Smelter and Refining
company for 500,000 ehares of its
capital stock, par value $1 a share.
"Two million dollars' worth of
ore will be Bhipped out of the Portland Canal country next summer,
and the district will have a population of 2,000," predicts R. W.
Martin, ol Seattle, one of fehe
owners of the Mineral Hill partnership group of claims on Salmon
river, three miles above the sensational Bush mine, which every
mining man who has examined
says appears to be fabulously rich;
News that fifty thousand dollars'
worth of ore per month is being
Bhipped oufe of the Salmon River
mining district in northern British
Columbia, is given ont by O. B.
Bush of Vancouver. The amount
will be steadily increased. The
shipments are from the old Salmon-
Bear River Mining Compaa's property, now being developed by R.
Neil, of Spokane. The ore body
was discovered by Mr. Bush in
1910, bufe very little work wa^
done on it till 1917.
"I hear James, your master is a
perfect lady-killer, especially since
he got his new auto."
"'Tain't so sir. He has run
over some, but none of 'em's dead
-���_>' '-��� i ',:'ak---"\i -
JLEDGE,    GSEENWOOB,    3��   &
MttS il/)
Airplanes Sold to Bolshevists
More Winter Coming
Weimar. ��� The German delegates
to tlic peace conference will be Count
von BroekdoriT-Rantzau, the foreign
minister; Dr. Ed mini David, majority Socialist ancl first vice-president
of thc national assembly; Dr. Adolph i*3
Warburg, Dr. Adolph Mueller, minis-
Davidson Gold lines
at.   tlii:   i'lt-c-
1012, .-.mi
jnovuicc ;
oi:r   rlii-iu-:   so   buy   I">;ivw?Min   stool.
I'd.-!!   i](-vcloi-,u:l   to   :,n   ailv;iiici'<l   stride,
lllv    1:1,1.-1    ���ll![)Ui,UlIl    di-vcM'tnenis    ,u    llie
���.-<���::���'I   lir.'.c.      Ilii;'.';!;.?   Iin-;   been   rlartcil  on
I lie   si'.->.;i   iit   the   ;uO-:-iot 'level,
fold  miiii-s yi  nonWri.  Ontario h.-ivo  mort-.KT.l  .��S,f!00,000  worth  o? ;;old  since
il   .lave   l'-'ii,   in   iltviileiu'.s   no   le-.^   than   ? 1J,ju(i,i'!lM>.     'I'lie   jruli.l   camps   ol   tlm
aii    i-oiiii>.-ir.iinciy   new;   they   ,-i.-,-.   C'\|iaiuliiiy r:,],i.lly.     Shi^.-UhI   trold  securities
Davidson   Mt  llie   ii'.os:   aliraetive   speciihitive  iiivusiuicnts   we   know.
If  yon   desire   furtl-.i-i-  inf-fniialiou   re;:ardim;   Davidson,   fill
ac-coinpanviny   coupon   and   ;:i,ul   inline   to   ns   witliuut   delay.
ouml the present price. I'lie
uul is now on a prothicm;; basis,
company's lii'.dory are inking place
the  extensive  vein  system  recently
name  and  address
Stock Br
12 Kin;: Su-
eet   K.I.;
,   ONT.
planes at Yilna lo the Bolshcviki [or
,000,000 marks.
j     The machines    were valued at 10,-
tcr to Switzerland;  Professor Walter 000,()00 marks.    Portcn then fled     to
bchuccking,  ot   Marburg    University,, Koem���3lnlrff|  and  headcd  a
and Herr Cdcsberg-, minister of posts ju  ^
jand telegraph, and thc Prussian min
London. ��� Lt. Portcn, formerly an port Arthur, Ont. ��� According to
officer in  thc  German  aviation    ser- some of thc Indians at Nipigon there J
vice, has been tried by court martial, j will bc lots of wi.itcr yet.    Recently [
according lo Berlin  advices  received it snowed heavily all day there.   Scv-
in Copenhagen, ancl forwarded by the Cral Indians were in Port Arthur with
Central News Agency, on a charge of their dog teams, and one said,'"Will
having sold an  entire park  of     air- be lots more  snow,  and lots     more
is thc best answer for all questions concerning Distemper among
horses_ and mules. .During the winter and spring months, when
there is so much change of weather and exposure to disease, a
dose of SPOHN'S each' clay will- keep your stable fiee tiom
disease. Give SPOHN'S before your horse is knocked out.
Equally good  as  preventive or  cure.
!     Professor S
conspiracy in tltc local workmen's council
against thc commander of the German garrison at Kovno.
Tlie plat was discovered ant
ten arrested.  -
Seeds for Russia
German Ships      I shipbuilding; m
To be Seized]
Prince Rupert
Merlin. ��� Th,.- mercantile fleet in,
vicrmaM harbor.Sj, tlie disposition oil
which would be decided at an early j
date at the food and shipping con-1
fcreuce at Brussels, consists accord
Prince Kupcri.���J". !., Mullen, president of the Prince Rupert Drydock
and h'.ngineering company, and F. P.
ScheUenberg.  his  engineer,  have,    ar-
meckiug late in 191-1
published a letter blaming Russia for
the  European war.
Berlin. ���'Jn official circles it is believed that the peace negotiations, in
which Germany  will take a part, are
very near at hand.   It is learned that  Start in Such Trade Considered Sig-
the instructions to German experts to! nifkant and Important
no Id themselves in readiness to leave. Brandon, Man. ��� TheJirst ship-
for Paris on March 17 or March 19; ment of garden seeds ever sent from
vvhh the German.delegates, were bas-j Canada to a foreign country, left
ed on a remark made hy General Nu-'berc last week. Tl consisted of nearly
idant lhe representative, oi Marshal j l^"�� l01is of beet, cucumber, radish,
F.oeh at Spa. In recent negotiations parsley, cabbage, onion and turnip
wills llie German armistice commis- ��� seed, two-thirds or it in one ounce
sion, General N'tulant is reported to packages and the rest iu three pound
have said that the allies probably I:lrul five pound sacks,
l negotiations
al the. prelim-
blow coming." Wintry and stormy
weather may be expected during the
month of March.
Good Lumber Outlook
cross,     feverish,     sick,     bilious,
clean little liver and
| rived front Pittsburgh to begin plans
Ito   start  the   building oi  iwo  21,801)-
to German figures, of 723 steam-!1011  ^cl "ships   here.    Mr.   Mullen  is
ers  of  1,986,700  gross  tons  and    134 jt0 !'e licrc :l nl0��t'i :i��tl Sehellenberg,
iling   vessels  of 52.000  ton's.      The!U!ukr whose supervision    tlic     ships
would  he.  able   to   he
about rMarch 20 and
inary  peace  might  be  concluded
April  10.
A laxative today saves a sick child
tomorrow. Children simply will not
take the time from play to empty
their bowels, which become clogged
up with waste, liver gels sluggish,
stomach sour.
Look at the tongue, Mother! If
coated, or your child is listless, cross,
feverish, breath had, restless, doesn't
cat heartily, full of cold or has sore-
throat or any oilier children's ailment, give a tcaspoonful of "California  Syrup of  FigS,"  then  don't  worry, ��� remove  the
because it is perfectly  harmless, aiut ,����� tftU1^'
a few hours all this    constipation I
Depression Which Many Expected
Has Not Materialized- -
Thc North Canada Lumber Co. Ltd.
reports that prospects for business
throughout northern Saskatchewan
are better today than in any former
year. The retail lumber business at
the company's numerous yards lias
been excellent since January 1 and
tlic. results of the good crops in the
north last year is being felt in all
quarters. Farmers arc making extensive improvements ou their premises and there is particularly good
business in material' for new barns.
It is reported from thc southern
parts of Saskatchewan that the demand is keen. It is apparent that
the depression in the lumber trade
which inany expected at the close of
thc war Jias not materialized.
Doctors, warn against- remedies
containing powerful drugs and &
alcohol. "The Extract of Roots, ��J
long known as-Alolhcr Stigcl's fo,
Curative Syrup, has no dope or 0*
strong ingredients;    it   cures jj
indigestion, biliousness and fj��
constipation. Can be had at any &
drug store.". Get the genuine. J*
50c. and $ LOO Bottles. 3 fe
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
cause.    There is only one "Jiro-
E.   W.   GKOVE'S   sicuature
sailing" craft and some of lhe smaller
steamers will, however, be left by the
entente to Germany for international
Thc steamer figures include steamers finished during the war, but not
the unfinished steamers, which tlic
Germans continue io insist cannot bc
demanded under the armistice.
We   have  been   using    MINARD'S
j LINIMENT in our home for a nutn-
,    ., .      , i ber of years and usc  no  other Lint-
ire to  he  built, remains here perma- , ment but MINARD'S, and we can rc-
uently.   Steel fron. Pittsburgh will be i commend   it    highly      for      sprains,
rolled in Chicago and fabricated here.
, . , ! chest,
shipment i ���  i-   '
,.      , . ache or
Employment is    to
Mullen  looks  for  lhe  first
within a month,
be given to 600 men.    Labn
obtained ou this ^o..sl.
to b
There.   i.��   more   Catnnli   in   this   section   ot
the   country   than   all   oilier  diseases   put   to-
The fate of Germany's steamers iu  [^Li^ "^ U""'5 " *as:*ui'i>��st��1  ,0 h<
neutral ports is not absolutely known
although many oi" litem have probably been seized. The German in formation regarding the action of neutral
governments is incomplete.
Thc total tonnage that mav bc stir- ?"3��� Surfaces of
, , , .   " ".   ; Dollars   reward
rendered to    thc    entente is approxt    "
mately  2,250,000 gross   tons.
Can Find New Health and Strength
Through the Use of Dr. Williams' pink Fills
It is useless to tell a hard working
woman to take life easily and not to
worry. _ To do so is to ask the almost
impossible.    But, at the same time, it
.; i s.. t,h q- .-.-rl u itf'-ipj '���- ev tityyrvXo ina'n',.'..tp- - sa Xor
��� -T^fceyie.r-'.oare's -asVlightiy-'as^may'/be-:
.-;L>trt:d;/:l^buil4-':U^ meet
.:.V&?iy.iu "tvsuupMein anjis .t\.:-It:-:is::"aJ.-.v'dKfcy:
\ '.'_'���$ h;evp w e s-' hKV;seK:, .and; ^;f"amil.y:^'.f o r,- -..h'et
';:,.:;���;To BU^rtP^gaiiist^t^pni^li^e;. Irfeak^
X'iXdmXfiyi-- beak ty;- tlie ;_pbfoo_ci;;; Mift't Xbe
tt^cftt.:'--'.:CiE.rft;"--!^V.c.dv"^ ;Ne>' :o;tlie-t;:
v-..tneckqlne-.icfecs'; this -.>s7e.:well"XX\,�� XiXXirx
"..": Wii 1 ia.ii iii'V- }Xi n kyii.'Xil XXX. Ttti's '���' xiiecl ici iie-
^cttially-'inakc^-;: -iic\y,- iyXXdiXi.-\4y><X^y
lnenraijle. Doctors prescribecl local rc:nt-<li;.s,
and by constantly failing to cure' with local
treatment, pronounced it nirtir.-iblc. Catarrh
is a local disease, greatly influenced by constitutional conditions and therefore rcquirrs
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cur;,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,
Ohio, is a constitutional remedy, is taken internally and acts thru the Blood.on the Wuc-
the System. One Mundicd
5 offered for any case that
Hall's Catarrh Cure fails to cure. Send fer
circulars   and   testimonials.
F.  J.  CHENEY  & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold  b>   Druggists,  75c.
Hall's  Family  Pills  for constipation.
construction that this country is . instituting in that devastated-land.
The whole shipment was sent    express to caU-h the steamer "Cyclops"
iruiscs,   pain's   or  tightness     of    lhe  leaving Vancouver for Vladivostok.
soreness   of  the   Ihroal,   hcad-i     This order., follows a  recniest sent
invthmg ot   that  sort.      Wc!,,,  ,.     Ar���r      ���'.    ,, -      ,
not    he    without  it  one   .single!10  tlu" M<-^��*'�� <-0. about a month
day,    for    wc    get a  new bottle before    the    plher is  all  used.    = I  can
The order goes to Vladivostok, Si-,
bcria, tinder orders front the department  of trade  and  commerce  of  the   f-*-'-"^ >\ "  i^w^i-ijj   n.u .m^s, ����mj0��� t|,-c i,o:i.    30c.
l^TriZ f V;rin;.?U1' ,.amI    wH1 b��  Poison, sour bile      and      fermenting \Yalue  of Manitoba's Da'iry Products
u.-eil tiieu: hy the Canadian economic  waste  will  gcntlv  move  out  of    the/    ,,-, ,      c   ,, i        ,       -,      r
mission lo  R.tssia in lhe work of re-  bowels, and"'Voiriiavc a well,  plavful {     lhc  1"CpC""t  of   tIlC    department  of
child   again.      A     thorough     "inside, j agriculture, of Alanitona sliowsV that
cleansing"' is ofttimes    -all      that is:thc steady progress    which is    being
and COUGHERif!
Cock's Cotton Root Compound
recommend it highly to anyone.
La Have Islands, Lunenburg Co., N.
I ago Tor quotations and it was ob'ain-
:cd in open competition with the eastern seed houses. Thc telegram-ordering the shipment was received and
the entire orde
Airplane Evades
Customs Officers
AVashiugton, D. C. ���Customs authorities havc encountered thc first case
of an airplane imported into the United States under-its own motive power. An American bought a Canadian
plane,  and il  was  flown  aero
necessary.     It  should    be    the    first
treatment given  in  any. sickness.
'Beware, of counterfeit iig syrups.
Ask your-druggist for a bot'le of
"'California Syrup of Figs," which has
full  directions for babies, children of
all ages  and  for grown-  tips  plainly 'Mn"i XXX    ""   c      ii   ���'���'���>
printed on the bottle.    Look carefully *?04,912. .iiore Tor Uieir-us'
and see that it is .made by thc "California Fig. Syrup Company."
I - n you see a man. or woman succcss-
r was prepared, packed^ ])C giad 0f ;t    Don>t waslc timc
tnd delivered within a few d:>ys, mak
ing a record for such a pcrfomancc.
A superior quality of seed was supplied, thc shipment being subject to
government test.
This order is probably lhe forerunner in the development o'" a large
trade from Canada to Siberia. It is
apparent    that    seeds    suited to' this
.part of western Canada arc suited fo
thc j
belittling his success. IJsc your f.orcc
trying lo  equal it.
made in this industry in thc province
was.maintained last-year. . More than
a million pounds more, of butter
were exported in 1918 than' in 1917.
L"he''farmers'-  received-. af;-roixatcly
ii:3 ��� produce
thjin duriug-the previous ycar.     Thc
A safe, rtlfable repv/atina
medicine. Bold in three decrees ol Btrength���No. 1, SI;
No. 2, $3; No. 3, $5 per box.
Sold by all drupcists, or nenfe
prepaid on receipt of t-rico.
Frco pamphlet. ""''Address j
T0S0NTO.OHT. (Former!/ Wlitftir.)
-th��RA-pio:n ttu^s
rieat iucces��. cukes ciikomcwcakhesh.lost vioot
riLSS    SITHIK NO   DBUOOISTSor MAIL tl    fnST �� -ri
total value of dairy products amount-1 ked co haverstocero.hampbtead lomdom qno.
���   ' *r��nkwdraokeitasteless)��ormof  iasy ro tui
ed to $7,393,534.15.
Plot Against New State
.Miller's Worm Powders not     only
make  the infantile  system   untenable,
for worms, but by their action on the  Powers heard a statement    by     Dr
Extensive Plot Being Fon^..-=d.  To
- Excite a Revolution
Paris. ��� The council of  the great
C        ��� F>   I    1        Ti     ��� 1     Si      i' -^  ,     ���        Xi, ���'     ! similar    areas    iu    Siberia an-1 "this
Spartan Rebels runished j ?,ordcr 1,car Dclro;1-, 1hc ^"^'^iappHcs to other iiMCS 0f goods pcr-
- . ���- '"" anr0S(<: ��� t" W,.,Cthcr .lt ?V:lS ���dutI-1 hap*, pariicularly; along . agricultural
<->  i     ���*����� '-a-  i-i     ut <V'        ���       able,  particularly  since  airplanes   arc  ,,���,.,,, ������,,, ,      n      .    ,      -        .
Only Minor Fights   Now   Occurring1     t .       ,.-.._ ; development.    Russia has not'in   the
not mentioned ni tariff acts.. ,,_.<.    i������i.���,i    ,     r.       ,     , .     , ������
r    . ���-���������...,--    ,,        ... .,   ,  pasi-   looked    to  Canada for   garden
Customs   officials    final y     decided ;_������.,. n��� ... ,.        , .    ,
.,.   .,  . ���     ,   ���      ...     ��� T' ���.   i \kccds on other supplies    for   agricttl-
that  if  it  remained  in    the    Ijnttcd' ��
In Berlin
London. ��� A German government
wireless dispatch received here says
that according to official announce-
afii;iiglitiftg;''-.at-rywhe.^ci in.;B&:rliiv.yXy
thc^ggye'rnnVeut j'-tVod;p.^;.-.irt:--t'lrc-'\sub.tir)yj
oi oNfctikdlln'-'- was- .-./ruttr-ai ed.; '.i.'v.'i'h'erc*
:nl;Cn.tS;"i X'XXi a nl o. t- te6 nbe fg^nd^ariotts,
i^^gfts Mtv:icasr'IJei:iiiU:--H^
States it should be taxed as a "nian-
;ilfaetu;:.ccl article" ..at.'-t-lva rate,;.of; -,20
pi-ryeQfity'y 11 Hi flits -.?'ii*.,of-,^'t 1 r.c'r-corip-.
tryy within'::'siKi -.its6ii-i'Hs>"'"i't:i;.\v'il.l--:-bc ���?�����?
ga rdcxl^ag ;.;o ii ���' -toti ryytin (t'.\villv-_ipl;--:'.be-
Minard'.S:^^Linim.ent -.iGure&yBiifnSy&tcX.
.'.-'.��� iXB re wery iXoX Mak^ -/\Nut ^Butfer;
tural development,  and  this-start   in
such    trade    is considered significant
stomach, liver and bowels they correct such troubles as lack of appetite,
biliousness and other internal disorders that the -worms create. Children thrive upon them and no matter
what condition their worm-infested
stomachs may bc in, thcy will show
improvement as soon as the treatment .begins.
Cattle on the Ranges
"Cattle  on   the  ranges  are  as
today as thcy were in October," said
-1,-i^r.i.w .-..-ri----!������ ���";��--'���"-. ������-;.>���:- v;.--"-^,..--;uPrd'<^
-.appetite..-^ ���      ��� ��� -���   ���    -��� ���   -���
jf |i��y:^aivlft;ei*ii:Hcifr'Strcti^f ti vjiricLlicftp.-
'������tl is'das el ;aAV Xy\ by ;tli e ��� :dcca' s ion aL-U siX. o i ���
- -tlp'ij ex ty!<3 Ve;;.;tt> . v 1 i g litfti^'t.jiie^are&l'xff
;;yv eak; ;-\yi rtiEiiV: -('than;, vXiyi; ��Mv6.r;- i twecliS;
p L-tb ^;-Sjart|yeaji:s-;:iij;4|;:als'pr.tl^T*j;'i'^df
:}tid;-..-i(iip.6r:taht;..''-^li'at^ inspector^ w.li'o������.-":is
iilled :/they'o'|7:icr;--jrt'Sy;'-.a'I^
SX-iX?Xi.XXrxXiyi'.Xi "X'iiiiyXXx'XrXi XXy -em 'n>|irt;-;roi;5Aibc'rta;;: '���". "There, is'  .no
XXXr XX-XX:Xy':.:.yx-..X ������. X-f XXXyyxxy '-:jdangcr;rio\v.;-.biF.'-any;:great'Toss-.of-cat-
i ii^c^;����vk:y-yl\yXX device jiot^iiiorj^oiit -'te-���bft-iiv^M^reli'/^-E
:!����StJ^^&^:4efcp|ieriii% ^
^A;.;lSc^ery4iii::fchis :PPssibIfii;^-ijnlc.:^.irc-l^
i s;s tied;-7 s;vy|::;Ui e pir efos ^
;ffi^4��: -;sti4 gtt s'^altcr'.' s-cy cnCoifi^cidc k ;������ i tv;
.-;��� y-.f-T kiXiiii erli iv. -ftc w'sV. aiw: r7s;^ rXlyXXi .-.yisW'
���;Palch'X. c p :iU in iic's^/ay^-j��t'::ili^.TSpa-r'fa^
_c;i ji^;:;yi ��i|dd;vTI cittvSo's^
: J biji iyi. i:yv- f iffijiirs'; X t (i;:cft<5ivi7rg!3tjtP:;.iVeiice:
Be:Uvc:Gfi i;..SQ0;;:aii;dy pOQ'.pe.i^
efttpoly^il; \i\x the., cb iikc Rtp
ii^Xv]ii^y^rXM0i:iygbt^feak:',aiid^bad�� P��c$$y$Pp��?MQ&M$^ i':XXXMXxiMXiXiXXXXXXXyXiXXXiXX' ^^^^Ji^S^'^v^M?^;!?5i!^^te9^i4*^M<^V^-:
iyifxufif-dlfe^^^^ ^ngSti^^f^thciiMm^"^:^-XvyxXxXyXXyX;: "^nfo^ ^%i;Gat^rt.Wio'ws>lM ?_<tei_:i:(i:c\i-V!i_.iat'V^;tiv(l:
At:'thatt.^ti^e;.riix.ibaby.-.;Nva^^K;^mon;tis;U \-^:>---^v<-viliVer-:an'Uv.Mwel-s';'f^':''!i      x-rxxyrmxiy:;x.iyy.xy,:xxryf,^;yy:^r:xy"^.
bld;:anaS:thg:;ea|6?QKIC^ttMmp ��#V?$$&^^
^fa ��'^fc t!i:i fcf togM^^'^'^-u^
zne:^.::SuOTi>^;M;;.;^r::;:^|I - '-��� ��� - - ' -���- -  - "   ' -���'"	
ne:\v. :gra ss :cpmesv.
Bcnis', of the Czcclio-Slovak . delegation, on thc widespread conspiracy alleged to exist against the new slate
on three sides���X~r..XrLy, ..'Aiustro-'
Germany and Hungary, According
to documents found on _a Gcrm.ui
courier arrested at.,'Prague, anX��� C&
tensive plot is being fomented to ex:
cite a revolution and furnish arms
and ammunition.': to' _UiQsc ^seeking r.o
f;,(.'" overturn the new government.
The council regaVds. the,-cprcscnta-
tions.as.���seribi!S>,''attd'-:is'".tSkhig mcas^
urcs; to inveistigate and give adequate
security. :" The. cburicil^also'-;consider-���
cd. thc,'serio,tiS;.���"ihtcrnatiohail :.|.-.cohdi-
be .xpnliiiued; .whcu/Poland's' frontier
pii ���v'G'Qrifi'a.ny. VSv'ill- 'probably.. be-, -deter'-:
fiiiircSd.y- XiyXxx ,; XyX;Xi'.] XyXxrixi'. iX'
:-.;:"T_hc;yiiVdicatiotis:;arc -that,:Poland;.will
Baltic 'unci ;thc:V,;tcn:dciicy?;is;y^byyinclude
L>a tiiig ���' inj ,'tlie.- yjPp! is It;cpr rid er, acros s
PrussiaiK^-^'i'Av7;:': XyyX XXXXyyxx;
or write Lyman-Knox Co., Montreal, P.Q, Price 60c.
Rrmembcr thr name ii it minht not be fccn aeam
:: tli feAni -eK&t'iit / LtstltiXXXX p:f '.".]>. loctrjcivl
iCplp.il.0;bf::tAie ;Westei;m:Eleb^
;"p:aii^v-';'s;T4iey;'. ��� b'e.'i'te.vP.--^:tli^^^
ytblephtyiy -vjyill,'-. sup jil.eiueitfO'btii-i;:ii;Pt
:iive^.ve^iys.vaii'dyseti'te:r!epd ..tb di% -by ���:fi;^s
���ai);pli4aj.;ipii5:"ypL;y.Pifth'dni''s --.'yCorrV. iXXxX
t jiVgt or;, iXM XyX>X :XXXi XiX> y&itcX^tiis,
���p'aiiilbs;s 'S'c'iiii^dy, ~25c-'st:'. ari'.':d'eaieri'j-'.;'-=���
.Shpiytftprn; V :$"teer^;y::Hold:: XtXie X
rtS.iS^s'/R&pifd^'fpr' Cari^djt- Xx;
:yV'Sli:_? rtii briv ".:s tccrs';A'a re :-yg;t- ttin^:
.'7 '.-Mqos cr J aw^.'Sask.^Tlic .xpld .?\v. catfe.
:er;-p���y-the;-;pastyiweek; in sputhern ^SasT
triaip rUy i.p;Lcas es:A iie;paltle:- an d-'hor sfis!
..,  . ''^.'{."hav-e"^'bt^ii^abicvtb-vfpragcvfpr^therii
xy; tkc^X'-iiyyirgy \v cir'^o i.^9;:i ;sM.s^MwHp to vc^
Siia(iy--::ynpt;y6Ke.tt::- slee:i^tfgy^\i&Ii;:;^tuiS;rojj
���yGpnipTi hvy;;m^ftagf igy'p^VtUttsys^te'iriifiy
t'lrtoiiierea'sedj^crca1!''       '  ���-"������' :������   ------ -s   ������--���-���-      ......-.���-.
;Ltt^i7^|;;a!'pt^i J IS
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���ia:k^ifC'.siS:l|b^E.s ;#^r^
:y:bfy;3je:altiii'-r'77Wb^:.;l: ri^v'e'iVif^-'io'"^^.
V^^*CWiri',Bfe^.-^VSll_ii^5t ifirik; :Pills;
Xx \yXii n'; arrj?.:::pfi-;j?t y:-;' &|.en <\yr 51%.'-. n tlju'i'^'''"'
;>yy.;;y S'b-U ������ ������'eXm:'- gift',; "&n, ''^WihiiWXBinK.
XiSiitiXXtQirt anv -djMe'r m ^mextfq'iiio-, or
���..-li^'-iriail at 5'8-eent"s a ban ot-'sfx bbxejs
: i0xX .;��,!����� .i>oi�� -!'he flf, VVi'lfiams^
y;/5;i:(id.ieia:c XXo.^. ihr'&AvV^yy^ym,.'
'XXr:^^ij^'C^-j^i^\^s^6:'cp^x -jf
WXXci.X0kx:i\X<X-idlied'-iKSr'cpimiiLy;'in '
���Paris' has- draSded -feat ilie'   Gctnian
ships irt'l-eru-edXn. -Chile ska-Kid be,d��--
j-ivcred l-o tlie ���Ut.j-itujl Sta:tes, The .g"a**
^thar'tTc7:ybiKe$ftSis :it tveyeji'vgiiiptfs:
sieljeiiVy'likS'b^her.iclUtigs:''.' X-
yFlii !takfes--fieayv'TbiL
3hvb:5: -vV��t��TfcJvSi-"-" ys^fli; :"111 ��s:" ylifeti'is^s
IjtiatyisSBSf s'ftri'w' fhat' n;i: tlfe -jji-^v.-i-iife|''M**?-y'r,i'A"'^'y ^^'^W'ft^^V^^^f-^ttf
��������f'Saskat-elTO-s^ti tfti-itivg lite-'m^iYthtseff^
}mpea'i7ber:,�� imf     l-l)5m:     -.vi
cnjiVieE'tyi:* -a��it-i:tui.g it.dciiiarid" i^bn'v
iltatiis. .frotn' Si��;iilkh -bt-Hivcixynt,.
tltc' ftSi^fpr'-iflre dulyiv^fy' hf 'tfie.'-v-ir��-
sidSv' "   ���'"'.'���:���       '   ���""* '������' :
'���'������': Ai^^)s-:itv;:Sil3'enk:.- '������������������
���"��� ������i\^.tdivpstblc. *a Tltc st'Saaisl.iip -ifeiu-
������������iiiteSS' pf J'aprcii,. ivite arritfitl ter-a, with
'd'e-taija <rf  signaflpr^ wid .ftfcniy''   *er-f ' Cif -LOQfl; spuesK1*' wf ���fl&xrahv. Mi
^/icey-ep^ps "f-br t_he Cfi-wadum coiirin- |wlutc+ ii23- -yrtiew, Z2i$ red:,   II:-Pb
;:gint��� "Mr.  feift[Hv.-tii'j-, hBanSjal   cx-.{^ virdvt:^   36- -grefB.    li
;Jl>ert -of fbe Canixfe-H  cveon-P-ivnc  ntte-- brsu-H, .;aitl -2- Wael.:..
���S;ipji--oi- Silieria, ids�� was-a passfyger
ii* rti the niH' ol IJv i>.er ..1_;W)
ilS!'';n��'S'6US   rrrefg^; ^ijl.c-^fe'.-'. Ptfef
^i-dy.-"-"trili*-.".4"ilift**?u!'��� fe-^VS-'titc"<^"gfi=i"iv       ... ,   .....    ... ......	
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itl ������ilU'.t^ttin'iivcji iutd' Ifi^e.rf/iUiCyy'ie;.^ "" :"" ,.-,-.-.. ������-> 	
IV t-hrit caft-.-f>e,.\'ts��J��t
^witliputvi&aying-}a:;:s6ar>y:; X. X ^X XXxXX
:^:gn^iift:uis yeatches^thtf
....,...-, .........^... . ... .,., ....,���,. ,,.     -..- :iii7':MJ5ins:-:and'';tftake^
:op eiiSiii pzKp&iriXSXX.i XXXXXXXxXyAXXy.
XX&yi ivfe -^^^ft^ii; ii tc& Sli pwif li clcl^
: m ;^ aft uS r y :ya;;ipft
iiWPftls-tiaiu'  y.Tl*fe fett^-Hw    "��.Vi"iVK'i1?: 7f, ff^T;I}t^^V/K:'-: >T'^'4^^
\m^& oi d^ths.irai��- fIti,'Xa:t,Se ^iiSSISiipk^SSS
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f LOt'ltJ ni
t -litem.
vy" ^t.i'is-y-a'jtHa.tf'ivlio n^tt^wpis
ysAic    iftamle y of- 'grcattifSSj is.
lipfflt-ed- xti thejfife" iyiXXXx-:"'X-
t'i3--3.0J2 in ife :ii.i-Si;v*!fee far Hw itoe-tf-.ilstisi; ^-ho p^
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���t^-vo .dvAth' mlv -fc.atrg' -i./i vr^t'i ^
the'Jfa|'-tiia-t.iOi:i:,iof  that   \
��� y ix-:- '���-.  ���\_i_rt__;__r_J;,^i.'i. ��� .        . ��� ���      liou. . Tfe; ���:f!V;KTtenig-?- natj-ttv; vl   ..Vfu
- .Thri'M: of {!iC"-'i'lKJst" iisiphriaut- hanks .drs��sfe C3.it-W \ct:U Hi-AlerAtow'l whcii., rj ..... -,   .    ,- f,    ��� -,,.    ���.,.,.....-.  ���
��-.'   yx . ������' ' -  .'   ,. 1 r ��� ���  r- '.'������! :-i  ' , ��������� ������ 1 , ������'.. . -i.    -- .. ,-i        ,.-., ���    --! J'rittfi'i awl t-sruitch.g'overriTnci^
m- Ltjrapct, fxyxn;.-. ttsun.<,!etl-:by.- Septs-- t.H/1- rr^urziMt ttea;.ii��rnig. iht- wfaik �� ' ?>--       "���      ���
uwij;-;��� ���vi'Jf.'-: '..the- lyv-nks.. bf   Kngi.snd:,'ti'1;1*';-yii'ar  J'.fl-S"tbe  toia-ly ittfiribi-r   ybl
:F^a��^OxTind;.V.iviirpt;���'���������'���'; ''*.; -   '.'��� -{dtfiihs i.ivthe-Kt^-'y'hi-iie ftsatu all:,differs
_     : ...   r_ Xtr.
C��iftiiyv     -------       ������* - ���-���' ...1.... ..���-	
A Dominion Exprtss Money. Order for five
tlollirs -costs  three  cents.
lioJand Climate Disagreeable
Ex-Kaiser Desires Change    on    Ac-
,-':���: ..." y,/cpuntroi HealthyX
"Geneva. -���"It is - reported from
Basel ...that the former G.ernlau crn-
pcrpr, has y cbijuplained against his
residence itiyHolland. 7. It isyasserted
that fic.;has.'declared that "the climate
is....'disagreeable,1, atid- that he desires to
go.fb;.theVReviera'pr Egypt, on ac-
count of .his -health,,: and. that he has
requested Matliias;Erzberger,.hcad of-
the Germaii:armisticc7"eonimission,"_to
make::.representations to. the:.allies to
this:';cffect.^y'vy,:,Voi,-!-XXX-. i-X-'XXfixr.:-X;
Miiiaid's iiinimeht:>fb)r.yy ^e;y;every-y
'XXX'Xyrln&xeLyX'* x' fry XXXy ''X '"XX" XX
XX; Eppr Fur.:7Harvest-''y Xxi:x
/; TJawspn, ,^j;Mbuntcy:'yp^
ingbfrpmyythe- yAyrciic ^saiyypprijyilac^:
children, bw^-sy^their^-y'cpndit^n^^
^brms^Mptlier;: Graves'. ^ormyyyExiy
store;U:ea!th,y^;':;-;: :-������������;���:; i iiriXiXXXXXXiixi
t . ,In>:t|ic-y.Britisliy;niUsetir^
veh y'yitiiyd f ;.Bahyi^.n,-,|v'W.hich.^
t hbuglV^tlTC y> .a ji'ci Xy "iXyduH ynbt-ylnirn:.
6 r-ybat e:-. tjiciii, jybu t'.;d ^
���sxM^rXXXiyrX^xXf if XXXXXiy'r ;y -yy
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.".-.   .. ..,:..���  ���,..: , ,   '   }'���   i.h.e.vc js:;i- reason v-b^stortl'iorns
it-jr-. now Ijwttg'idi^evissed- by -rii- -.-      .:. ��� ;.., ir:.y-*.   v-;*' :T'- V   :'   f
...--,.   .-'������      -.    .. ..:.   ".   ..,  ,-.:       .', <.,.:r are. appreciated ������by:;vt.ec��h;rs..   Ivote-the
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tppunds,   aePojnpjiiii7ed..'V-;liy, ������-���.iijtial'it^;'
rwJneji  cphOnands^ibpy--niiai|lv*j:t- .prices
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tiiiXXk'ri'&ry'' -  x;.X'y.y ""'i' ���   ''������ ���-������''
Alberta's industrial, rbiypbrtaiicc ���������: j.
Bcpiindeiit bn ?!#ritij|.Uirst :^-vc.l.Q.iii j...
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yy^iajiy^l t%t thb-urinespil
)i gct'sltiij^'h aaft ^ '"'
twinges.and "pains of lumbago-,'rheumatism and gout.   The,urine i? often, cloudy,
1;pf'sedimenjt; channels.often p:et.sorc and.sSecp Lj.di-.turbcd/two or-three-tireci -.".-,
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Ktl   "i
m$sx THE    LEDGE,    GBEE&WOOD.    B.   ���L
Disarmament :of
Huns Important
Perfection in Disinfectants   Tree Wanting      ^
On Irrigated Farms
Liquid Can-Be .Made Non-Poisonous
By Electricity
'It is stated that since the New
York department of water supply added a small amount of chlorine to
the -water, not a single case of.. ty-
ph'oid'fever has occurred which could
be traced to the city water. A-far
more remarkable achievement in water purification, uuwever, is presented
by thc equipment devised by British'
chemists for the use of^the army, in
France. It was so perfect that an
equipment on a barge could pump
foul water from a canal and deliver
it in large quantities purified for
drinking purposes. In view of thc
New York success, it is proposed that
chlorinated water'be used for spriiik-
! ling the streets to prevent the spread
nil.    -i ���  a     ���     ���    -r.      ���    it     t 4  of infection.   This proposal has been
Bolsheviki Armies in-Russia Directed!      .-".        ,        .. ��� ���   L    l
(anticipated--to some,extent    by     the
Poplar  Borough  council  in  the  cast
by German Generals
Paris. ��� Among the officials of the
peace conference it was openly declared a week or so ago that the Russian question, which was regarded as
the mo'st pressing, would be taken up
immediately. Il happened, however,
thatk conditions in Germany-were so
alarming that speed was needed in
drawing up a treaty of peace. Hence
disarmament was thc important topic
considered first.
It was brought to thc attention of
the council lhat the idea of immediately drafting the article of-the treaty
dealing with thc disarmament of Germany was needed iu order to expedite matters. For the last few weeks
the delegates have been hurrying everything in the hope of getting-the
preliminary peace settled. It was
agreed that although Russia was tre-.-
mcndously important, Germany was
no less so and therefore between tht
two evils thcy chose the latter. This
has resulted in criticism in: ^certain
quarters where it is believed, that
Russia should have been dealt with
An interesting sidelight on German affairs was given by Prof. Geo.
E. Herron in the form of an anecdote of Kurt Eisner. Mr. Herron
met Herr Eisner when the latter was
attending the Berne Socialist conference three weeks ago.
"In the course of a talk on the sit^
nation on thc cast front," said Prof.
Herron, "Herr  Eisner   told "mc  that
end of London, whicli for many years
has provided, under the direction of
thc medical officer of hcnlllh, free
supplies of such disinfectant produced
by an "electrical process. It is freely j
used for ^public institutions, for
flushing drains, and for other sanil-u-/
purposes. Electricity is passed
through a_ solution of certain "salts,
converting the liquid into an effective
non-poisonous disinfectant which.can
bc stored unimpaired for long periods.   .
Asthma Cured
To Stay Cured
Thousands Testify to the
lasting benefit secured trom.
One of the, finest discoveries in
medicine was - given to the public
when '-'Catarrhozone" was placed on
thcr market .about fifteen years ago.
Since then thousands have been cured
of asthma and catarrh. An interesting
case is reported from Calgary in a
letter from Creighton E. J hompson,
who says: ,    ��� -... -
"Nothing too strong can. be ..said
for Catarrhozone. I suffered four
years, from .asthma  in a    way    that
Is Recognized As Having Vast Practical Importance
The following comment on the Canadian Pacific Railway^ Company's policy of supplying trees to larhi'Crs on
irrigated lands, is taken from the
Canadian  Forestry Journal:
"A~ far-seeing scheme of tree planting has been put into effect by the
department of natural resources of
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company on the irrigation block cast ot
Calgary. Naturally devoid of any tree
growth and yet with great potentialities in agiicultural production under
the stimulus of an irrigation system,
it was early realized by the -management that no matter how fine'thc
building that may be put up on the
j bald prairie, it can never be a_���rcal
home unless there arc some'trees and
shrubs upon the ground. Most of the
settlers coming to the irrigated lands
had their origin in well treed districts
and all of their old associations aic
'very intimately connected with the
j trees growing about their old homesteads and - thc lcaf-siiadcd lanes
through which thcy played as children.' .   ../ V
"Thc aesthetic side of prairie farming is coming to be rccogued as haying vast practical importance;. For
example, il a settler can be induced to
become interested in the appearance
of his farm, particularly to- the point
where hc will plant a grove "of trees,
it is reasonably certain that he will
soon have something more than a
transient'business'interest in thc property. Once that attitude is developed it is but logical to assume that the
settler' will, not start-out to ''mine"
the soil with the object of getting as
much quick money as possible and
then selling out. The Canadian Pacific" Railway Company has done a
splendid service in encouraging plant?
ing_ of trees around the homes on the,
irrigation block and hits -distributed
each year, without .charge, quantities
of trees which have, beenfouiul by experiment to be hardv in theclistrict."
Comforting_relief from pain
makes  Sloan's the
World's Liniment
This famous reliever of rheumatic
aches, soreness, stiffness, painful
sprains, neuralgic pains,. and most
other external twinges that humanity
suffers from, ��� enjoys its great sales
because it practically never fails to
bring speedy, comforting relief.
Always ready for use, it; takes little
to penetrate without'rubbing and produce results. Clean, refreshing. Made
in Canada. At all drug stores. A
large bottle means economy.
due.   ouc,   $1.<JU
German Delegates Go to Brussels
Copenhagen. ��� The German delegates are going to Brussels to learn
thc decision of the allies concerning
the turning over of the German mercantile fleet and the conditions of the
food supply that is to be given Germany in return.
Weimar. ��� Under secretary Brann,
speaking of the armistice negotiations
at Spa, said:
"Wc. consider the rupture of the
Spa meetings-simply a measure permitting the opposition delegates to
demand fresh instructions from tlicir
governments. Our situation is serious, not desperate. Fresh negotiations will conic." -
Decisions Becoming Known
Military Conditions for Germans
Given Out in Instalments
London.- ��� The personnel of the
German fleet is to be restricted to
fifteen thousand, the supreme council
has decided, according to press    des-
Joshua, knowing that his. life was
drawing    to    a close, summoned thc
leaders of Israel to appear before him.  patches from Paris
He knew the tendencies which the nation    was    developing    and the peril
which faced"it as his leadership was
The military conditions to bc imposed on Germany includes guarantees that no  tanks will be built and
coming to an end!     His jealousy for j ��o  more  poison    gas    manufactured
God and solicitude for thcin prompted Und that all German    war     material
With Headache
This   Relief  From . Suffering   Fully
Appreciated by the   Wiiter of
���   This Letter���Tells Others
How Cure Was
���. ,.. ..Effected
South Fork, Sask., 'March 25.���Mrs.
Letts of tins piace has a happy experience to refute, bne suttereu ter-
iiLiiy: with iiuiiuHciics,- but headacne
iiii_uieiiits' never seeuieu to help her.
The  trouDIc    came  . trom'    torpid,
y Coca-Cola Factory   .  ,
Regina, Sask. ��� Construction work
'on the new factory to be erected here
by the Coca-Cola company for the
manufacture of the:delectable    drink ' sluggisn 'action oi'tlic liver,   kiutieys I God's la
him to assemble thcm and point out
the great dangers which confronted
.1. A Review of What God Had
Done (23:2, 4). "
.1. God had fought Israel's battles
(v. 3). He gave them victory over
thc strong nations which inhabited
Canaan. Striking evidences of this
arc the capture'of Jericho and victory
at Gibeon, when the sun stood still
at Joshua's command. This victory
had been secured quickly, which indicates that God had interposed in
their behalf.
2. God by thc hand of Joshua had
apportioned the land among the
tribes (v. 4) for an inheritance. In
chapter 24 Joshua rehearses '' the
wonderful things God had done for
thc nation extending from Abraham
down through the-ages.
2. Points out thc Promises as yet
Unfulfilled (23:5-10).
1. "He shall expel thcm before
you" (v. 5). Thc actual possession
which God had given was lhc pledge
that hc would give them full possession. God's promise was the guarantee of this. In view of God's faithful
performance of all his promises there
should bc no room for doubt.
2. "One man of you shall chase a
thousand" (v. 10). Thc reason of
this was because the Lord God wouid
fight for them. To have the - Lord
fight for us is lo havc thc assurance
of victory regardless of how few or
how many.   -.- V
3. The condition upon which these
promises would be realized (1) . "Bc
very courageous" (v, 6). At a time
like this it required courage to look
1 to God lor all the nation's needs. (2)
"Keep and do all that is -written in
the law of Moses" (v. ,6). Fidelity to
must be handed ^vcr and destroyed.
It is added that allied commissions
will supervise the carrying out- of
these conditions; ' _      ^   '"
When the Germans are summoned
tp Paris, the Evening News says, the
���treaty will bc read to them and they
will be invited to sign it. There will
bc no discussion with a view to alterations of thc principal articles of the
treaty. If it is thought necessary,
questions involving thc adjustment of
details -will be referred to a special
would beggar description.      I
the Bolshcviki armies of Russia were., through  everything that man
has commenced.    Thc factory is bc- !:mu' "ow.uis, and when
��� ���'  . i   -n ti      "'"" i    -i      /   _--      ; i was.- overcome    by    th
and when  mis condition
w    was   essential.      Turning
For Sale by all Dealers
Douglas d- Company, Napanee, Ont.
Manitoba's Surplus
In presenting his annual budget before the provincial legislature at Winnipeg, the Hon. Edward Brown claim-o
cd that the province had. a revenue
surplus of $322,876 on hand in cash.
Manitobans possess $44,000,000 in
Victory bonds, which means that every man, woman and child in the province has produced for the nation
$140. The amount subscribed, added
to patriotic contributions, totalled
$84,000,000, Mr. Brown said.
       .....  ll ���.-���._._
Teach Children to
Use Cuticura Soap -
Because it is best for their tender ..
skins. Help it now and then widi
touches of Cuticura Ointment applied
to first signs of redness, roughness,
pimples or dandruff. If mothers
would only use these super-creamy
emollients for every-day toilet pur-
poses how much suffering might be
avoided by preventing- little skin and
scalp troubles becoming serious.
Sample Each Free by Mail.   Address postcard: "Cuticura, Dept N, Boston, U. S. A."
Sold by dealers throughout the world.
��� .iwtfc
Where There's a Will���I
0 Licut.-Col. A. Balfour, lecturing at
the Royal Institution recently, told
how Gen. Birdwood in Gallipoli once
came across an Anzac washing himself in a mug of water. "Well." said
thc general, "are you having a good
wash?" to whicli the soldier promptly
replied: "Yes, sir, Kv.i I wish I was
a blinking canary."
Baby's teething time is a time of
worry for most mothers. Baby's little
gums become swollen and tender;
his bowels get out of order and constipation, colic or even diarrhoea sets
in. To make the teething peiiod
easy Baby's Own Tablets should be
given the little one. Thcy sweeten
the stomach; regulate the bowels and
keep baby good natured. Concerning
them Mrs. Marcel D. LeBlanc, Meiu-
ramcook, West, N.B., writes: "1 have
used Baby's Own Tablets for the
past six years and have found them
indispensable. To my mind nothing
can equal them in allaying the fever
refreshment to drown his conscience i accompanying teething.     I wouid not
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
A.man may'take in sufficient liquid
temporarily, but it will be on hand
ready to resume business thc next
went  ing built on the east side of    Corn
'un '-aside in any particular would forfeit
being directed by a start' of German
generals through Ludendorff who
was not in hiding." N
Prof. Herron declared that it was
his conviction that thc Germans must
bc put to work as the only mcans of
stopping Bolshevism.
could j wan strcct    between    Eleventh7
suffer.    I   was  told  of  Catarrhozone   c    ,i   ,, ., ,,     . - ...        e t ,.
by a clerk in Findlav's drug store and I Soillh KaiIway, the joint .valuation ot tell
dollar package. "It  was | building and machinery being in the  uenciitcu,
Clia^e's iviuiiey-Liver .rills, the head-
and acnes 'disappeared,'  and    Airs.   Letts
tnat    tier    lictnui  was    greatly
worth hundreds to mc in a week, and! neighborhood of $100,000. The build-
Arab Prophecy Fulfilled
There is an Arab legend -which I
heard often out in the East, says
John H. Finley, in Scribner's, that
not until the Nile flowed into Palestine would thc Turk bc driven from
Jerusalem���a picturesque way of intimating that the Turk would stay
there forever (as in Virgil's First
Eclogue) a like prophecy was ��� made,
two thousand years ago, of the impossibility of thc Germans reaching
the Tigris.
But Uic Nile now flows into Palestine, not metaphorically, but literally.
I have seen    the   plant at   Kan tarn,
-where (under thc direction of a
Canadian engineer) thc sweet water
of the Nile is filtered and started on
its journey through a 12-inch pipe
across the desert toward Gaza. The
mound of sand that protects if is
visible a few yards from the railroad
"all-thc~~way " from" the"Suez"lo "tlic
edge of Palestine. And thc Turk',
lias been driven from Jerusalem by
thc same forces that caused the water
of the Nile lo flow into Palestine.
I place a priceless value on thc benefit 1 have since derived. I strongly
urge every sufferer to usc Catarrhozone for Asthma, Bronchitis and
The one-dollar package lasts,two
months; small size, 50c; sample size,
25c; all storekeepers and druggists,
or the Catarrhozone Co., Kingston,
ing will be a-one-story structure    of
Medicine Hat tile brick and  will bc
.   Mrs. A. F. Letts, South Fork, Sask.,
"I  suffered    from    terrible     hcad-
tches, so severe i thought sometimes
erected by Carter Hall & Aldingcr of j1   ��oul(L ����  cnlz>'  fro"1   thc����-      No
wi-.n^inrrr ' ti     ~i- "V -.. ���.   i 4-   l remedy   I ever tned helped mc until
Winnipeg.     The plant is-expected to I a     USifd    ^   Qiasc,s
be completed and   in    operation   by
April 1.
Still u^oses Lav/
Toledo, O., ��� In what may be his
The   Ncw  Zealand  government   is  farewell public address bctorc hc be-
planning to drain two areas of swamp 1 ghis serving a ten years' sentence '"in
land, containing 60,000 ahd 65,000
acres respectively, aud convert thcm
into grazing land.
Rumania's Plight
Land Sales Brisk .
Saskatoon,    Sask. ��� Real
Bolsheviki Forces Bombard Allies
' Archangel. ��� Thc Bolshcviki forces began ncw tactics, carrying out a
night bombardment for thc first time
of the allied, positions, on the railway-
front. The enemy shelled these positions from.11 o'clock until one in the
morning without doing any .damage.
Quiet prevailed on the Vnga and other sectors.      ,
By-the time .a girl gets old enough
to believe that men don't mean the
nice things thcy, say, she is so. old
that thcy don't say litem any more.
Too many of the things we ask for
arc not worth having-.
Buy an Eddy Pail
TKE next tiine you need- a
pail���a milk pajl perhaps or.
an ordinary household pail for
washing windows or scrubbing'
floors���ask your dealer for
You w.ii find that ft will giTe J'oa -���
better sat.-.TiitZo-.!. KiMv'�� 1'ait* arc"
Sigi',1, copvement economical.;.-Thrjr--
' arc ca'y ro !i ft, -a��y to clrnn'e. .-WiU-
cot "sprlnic >aks. ard caanot'beccme ���"-
battrriii er ��!eatsd. -' ���',v ;   "
Asiyoitr dta'irr for thtm.   ,
The E.3.F.DDVCO. LinilteiJ ::
HULUCan-ida    ���"���'-'-:,
ll��*krr$t) lha Fsmou* E&iy M'efc*����",'
Queen Says Only Food   Will
the ��� Country
Taris. ��� Queen Marie of Roumania,
declares lhal in spite of the plight of
her country and thc sufferings of ,the' two months from persons intending
people in thc war,' there is no danger I to purchase Saskatchewan farm lands
of Bolshevism there   if    supplies   of
I'ills. bince using these lccan say I
am never troubled with headaches
now, aud feel, much better generally."
"11ns statement is endorsed by Mr.
O. P. Cole, Postmaster at'South Fork,
Mrs. F. L; Harris, Kcatley P. O.,
Sask., writes:
"i was suifcring from liver trouble
���had a heavy pain under one
shoulder-blade all the time, and was
nearly as black as dirt around thc
eyes, so'l concluded to try some of
Dr. .Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. 1 did
so, and before 1 had taken one 25c
box the pain had left mc, and I commenced to gain in flesh, and by the
time I had taken two boxes i was
completely cured and felt like a new
dealers^ report that many inquiries person. My trouble was caused by
havc been  received within    the    last I heavy work out   of   door's,   and, - of
' course,-   heavy eating, and    constipa-
poscd by thc federal court here "on a
charge of violating the espionage act,
Eugene V. Debs, socialist leader, upheld thc Bolshevist rule in Russia and
referred to Lcnine and Trotzky as the
"foremost statesmen of thc  age."
tlicir claims upon him. (3) "Keep
a.oof from the Canaanites" (v. 7).
This separation was to ob'.ain with
reference to (a) marriage among them
(b) idolatrous customs. (4) Cleave
wholly unto  God  (v. 8).
3. Solemn Warnings Issued (23:
1. Takevgood heed that you 'o/c
God sincerely (v. 11).    Love to God
be without them and can strongly recommend them to other mothers."
The Tablets are sold by medicine
dealers on by mail at 25 cents a box
from Thc Dr. Williams* Medicine Co.,
Brockviile, Ont.
Great Waterway Across Europe
Chalons-Sur-Saone,    France.  ���   A
congress of chambers of commerce at
all point  to  me  laet  mat eituer tlic
|hean or nerves, or ijuui, a^c not what
,     .   , , , -     I tuey Siiouid be.   ..ruiy o- mose contli-
is the sum total of duty toward lum.| U0IlS smH:iu ue renamed i.mueuidtely
2.      Refrain      from    intermarriage'
Utf HtK bHbAFH
ot^Stabdi^^l^on'r^^ Scssi- ��� ^rc approved the pro-
side, leeiings as it smothering, op-'Jcct t0 Join tllc Rhone river with the
pressed leeimg in the rnest, eizzy and' Rhine by coupling up the Rhone with
taint spells, tired, ft tak, _ worn out Saone. Thc purpose is to create a
teeiutg, invoumtary  tvvucning  of  tne-        <.    ���t ��   . .,     >.   ,^
muscits, slceyU-MJCM,   restless,   etc.,  ��reat Mte���y between the Mcditcr-
ranean sea and central Europe,
among the Canaanites (v. 12). For
God's people lo intermarry among the
heathen is to set in motion influences iconsutut.ion, SiiViigurei:
Could Hardly   Live   for   Asthma.
oruiu wnote system,
Mnburn s  rteart
win tiring cucigy io
and Nervo Mil J tiltough Dn J" D< Kel!oSg's Asthma
;o tiie w-Jni Remcdy' Now he knows how necd"
?ten ana ;JS"J  ks! !??�� been hJS     .�������&i    This
food can bc secured. Speaking" of
conditions in Rumania during "the
war, the queen said:
"Wc suffered even worse than did
Belgium. She had Great Britain and
France by herside,- and '-behind them j""-" ,-.--_^_-���-- -..- --���-.;- -���     ,
stood the-United States, while'we had    fT��c ��� for *her ^arm.er--�� .bo"lc
.    ,    t>-     ��� -   .     , ,- ,,,,       of Dr. Thomas' Eclcctnc Oil in the
only Russia   to depend upon;-   WhcnjfanT1 ho.lsc win savc: many ajojirr-y
the    Russians   came    to assist us all'for' the doctor.    It is not only good
Three local companies state'that thc
majority bt their inquiries have come
from thc Unilcd States. Selling h_ts
been fairly good during the last two
months, and it is expected Cat it will
be uiu'sually brisk during March.
thcy did was to-cat our food. They
were never of any real aid. German plotters saw to that, and when
Russia broke wc were absolutely isolated." ' '<''";
Switzerland so strictly protects rare
plants that to bc found in the, possession of specimens illegally obtained is a penal offense.
for the children when taken . with
colds and croup, and-for the mature
who. sutler from -pains'-aiid aches, but
there arc directions, for'its-use bn'sick
cattle. ���- There should always, be', "a
bottle of it. in thc house:"   ,-���_���_
tion. I would advise anyone suffering
from Kidney or Liver trouble to give
Dr. Chase's Pills a trial."
"Dr. Chase's Kidney-Ljvcr Pills, one
pill a dose, 25c a box, at all dealers,
or Edmanson,- Bales & Co., Limited,
Toronto.' Refuse substitutes. The genuine bears the portrait and siguaiurc
of A. \V. Chase; AI.D., on the label..
.Western.Copper Mine.
' The Pas. ��� Copper-ore.' to.
amount of ten thousand 'tons,
been  hauled from-the  Mandv'
which would issue hi confusion and
3. God will make the heathen
snares, traps and scourges instead of
giving victory over them (v. 13). ���
���4. Evil things will comc upon them
just as good things had been done
for thcm even to their destruction
(v. 15).
5. Thc-wrath of God kindled against
thcm (v. 16).
tlie heart, and tone up tiie ured, over-
strained nerves,
Mrs.    Vvilnam    Steeves,    Chemical
I less has been his      suffering.      This
*�� matchless remedy gives sure help to
all afiiieted with asthma.    Inhaled a3
smoke or vapor_.it brings the help so
Thc Indian -women of the six   na-
Roau, N.B.,  writes:-"!  have  been a ;iony u^iL    Eve/y d��alcr'has it or
great suiierer trom    nerve    troubles i car gct Jt for >r��u from hls wholesaler,
and palpitation ot  thc heart,    \*lnch '
was so baa 1 had to sit stiaigiit up in
bed to get my   br'eatii.    I could not
he on my lett side zi all.   1 tried doctor atter uoctor, also-several dirtcreni
rcncUics, Dut got no help trom thcm.
My   inotner     insisted  on   in*z   liying
Aiubuui s Heart ami Merve rills,   ily
tne time 1 had used one box, I   was
feenug very much better.^  1 took in
alt mice boxes, ana now Tarn m per-
Itoad Drag Competitions
Open to tne Councils   of   Organized
Rural Municipalities  .
Road dra"g competition:! havc been
carried on for several years in the
prairie provinces of    Canada.     Thcy
,. , ,. ..      , feet  health  and  can  enjoy  a     aoodiarc generally open to thc councils ot
tions arc sending a wedding  gift of- "��-����>����� ���    ���     . J  J S"     i ���    j i .....
.,        . : ,,   w  i      /[sound sleep, and can Ue on my lett  organized rural   municipalities,
an oil painting of tlie, old Mohawk
Church of the Six Nations Indians,
to' Princess Patricia, ��iiosc~father is
a chief of the tribe.
���XX-   ; Early'.Seeding-in- Alberta -: ���
'Calgary, Alta. ��� A testimony of the
wonderful weather-which    has - becii
prevailing and- a record in agricultural
been, made    by - Mr.
Not;.'.Wantcd-,in" Sweden ;--
Washington; ���' -Wihiani Ilohenzol-
lcrn'iw.6/-months'Jji.iorc'.'tlic armistice-
was, signed'-planned an ���' asylum^ . in-
Swedcn,-' but was,- prevented i.ony gd-"
ing. io'lhat- country by the--Swedish
authorities,', according" to-, -diplomatic
advices inade-;pu1)iic. -   "" .; '     -
German Plotter Gets Appointment
Weimar. ��� Dr. Heinrich F. Albert,
privy councillor, and formerly general attache pf thc German embassy
at Washington, has been, -appointed,
an under secretary of Stale and given  ing.or  I'roifuiiiiis"'riles. .'.Stop:
.,,... ,    , ; ,,' - Soothes   anil;. llenK    -   Vou   t>n
mine  operations  lias  been-made    by
north of-here "to Sltirg-con' Lake docki^ailcC.wh'o'iarms-in Turin, Alta. Hc
since  January, .' -The '- transportation U>as ."jiifi completed putting,in-a "crop.
problem.was-sblyed by the use,of 17-5
two-horse teams, and, one caterpillar
tractor. . This: ore will.be'brought-to
Thc Pas by/water iif"the" spring.arid
shipped to Trail,"B.C., for smelting.-".
having beehyengaged in. seeding
To Relieve Catarrh, v
Catarrhal; Deafiness
side without" any  trouble."    ,
Milburn's "Heart and Nerve Pills
are 50c a box at all dealers, or mailed
direct oh receipt of price by The T.
Milburn Co.,- Limited, Toronto, Ont.,
attiliated automobile clubs, and
Pian Has Failed
Persons " suffering . from   catarrhal' 'dcitn'c
or. iino-.:itc-K' owiu's-.hawr oi ,licariiig.,a'na have
'hcaii   ��ioi>.<:i -will' b��   (fiwl ,to.
tliC' direction of the chancellory
In investigations conducted in this'
country since thc entry of the United-
States into the war, the name of
Heinrich F. Albert has been 'closely
connected with various plots in ' the
���4*iies Cured in 6 to 14 "Days    '"?'":
DntKgists   leliind   money    it ;l*A7.Q    O'INT
MliN I._'fails."to .-.'cure " I (chine,. Uim'rl.   IJIeeil
:" Tilts.     ' Stops -lrrit;ii:on ;'
e:iK    ���   Vou   '--���ltl   t'ct '.rcotfisl
sleep'aftcr  lhc 'lirst '. -pficatio.s.'    1'rice  cOii
-   '"'..-.End Chop-Sueys,
The,Manitoba -legislature'has""" pas-
1 scd-a .bill "putting' put -of-business' all
Chinese restaurants \- -u\-_     Manitoba.
GcrmaVi'inlcrcst "in conjunction" with j���.>;^.done; in order to protect ho-
:X Horse.Sales to'Be' Held ���'''.-" .
'���, Moose.' Jaw,-.Sask".-\-4 A-.series .of
co-operative' horse "sales:;will be. held
under-the" auspices of the ..agricultural
societies "throughout -tiie older settled
'parts-of, the' province- by the. Saskatchewan; department'of .agriculture, the- limy -tie.i"e.n at nome.':i>y an, mie
���- i -   X.t  '���' ~ iJ. C-...I-, -n.'nCini-i-    i !cme tuiti iii itiii.iV" instances.li.is. eiieeteit co.ii-
Object-being 10 find ^profitable  b?me ;.'piclc-icll;(., :ltter^tl,er treatments.-tovc tailed;
market for the Surplus of farm horses ' >u'.iei��.-rs.. wni>.-cduul -se'aieeiy hear Ijavc Dad
: .   ,-     ���'-".���.     . - ; -'���- \"   --- f   -   ,     Ijueir iiearuig .roiorcd to mkIt an c-xieilt  lhat
.Which   exists   111   CCrtain'partS-Ol-..   the j t���e -uck^ol a'-iv-tcii'-ti-as iilamiy  iiiu.m.e -seven
oreigiit iiuliei away, mini cuner car. llicre-
lore, ix vou Know oi'someone who is tiouutcJ
iviilj hc.nl-iiQi>c?.ov eaiarrnal de.tttiess, cut Out
authorized good road associations.
Awards in the competition catricd
on by the department of highways
of _.thc._ province of _Saskatchewan_in_
1918, havc just been announced. Five
prizes,-aggregating ?500, wcrc offered
France, Gives.Up Idea ���;of- Pooling-j-'n-cach ot six districts.   Three   grand
prizes, also aggregating ^jlJO, were
oiFercd in-adduion, ope-i to ihe wholtj
province .' In-the competition there
were . sixty-six entries, as compare*'
with forty-four' in 1917.', lhc fiisS
\yas ' won by the raral
municipality of-Marriott, for the second' year- in ..succession. An automobile'club-and'*a good roads association each.jvon.'a"wards.    "' .
Know tltat   tins
bc   success
mMreiMiitf   ni;iiciio:i-.��.an   UMiany
mieuiBi   meili
I ���
Count  von   Bcrnstorff,  the     German
tci nie.ii.- The"membcr.s claimed these i
ambassador to thc United States. -Dr.'plac'c-S- ^erc-all-night resort's
Albert was extremely active   u - Gcr- j'"^ ^nifid.cvil habits.     ���
jnan   propagandist    work and in   the'
promotion-of��� various  German financial 'schemes in this' country,-
'Russian Prisoners Escape
Berlin: ,-=��� While soldiers who had
been called to suppress rioting, in
Sahdau were absent from the Ruhle-
ben .camp, about 5,00.0 Russian prisoners of, war-in. that camp.made their
escape;- TltcRussiansyare .now wandering about the country tb The'terror.-Oi the couiiuyy. folk. .--���������'.;'-    -,'.
\ "A- Kcston . citizc.;nrhaV'ya,hc"u -'that
!ialciicd-'out':a>brb6d of bltickcn^" last
week*;.-. He.-claims- tlie.. championship,
of������ Manitoba:in this liiic' x.i ���. .' -.-. -;'
states i
a -.
A- report .from Copcnliagcn.
that the, German ministry-of1 defer
has drafted a bill providing for
standing;' army: of ' froni 150,000 to
175,000-men. The army will be formed on the volunteer basis.-   .
Miria.rd's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
'��� ;Or.c ..idea".of iz .loudrmouthld'  .man.
is/bney-whei,. is/.ablc-to ijiakci<-himself
W      N.     U.
heard' in."a..rpom:
dozen  women.; ?,
-where there-arc a'
Aviator Makes Quick Flight
' TQulotise,-���Lieut.. Lem.aitrc,- a leading -Frdnclv "aviator 'during tlic war
ha'scbnipretcd-,3. flight-frorn Toulousc"
t.q Casablanca," on the ,.v.esiern Vcoast
bi-JMoroccp, avd]5tanccJ;A';.-,9_00 ki!^-.
inetrcs. (approximately -1,180. miles) in
eleven houfs'-'yactual-flying,,time;���'."Ti'ii
liciitcnSnt;and."yaypa=scngcr.y.left Ton
"'.Wilt Attempt Rescue
- -Daws.on; - Captain Petcrsfiit,
with the gas stcainer. ticrmaii,
will ma-he a determined effort"
to "reach l.anl-j Laud to rese'e-
three white men and fotir native families marooned there,
according to word brought here
by the K.X.YV.M.1V It is reported they have supplies Sot
three years. Tlie Hct'man tried
to- reach Banks Land Ibis year.,
but was forced back by the. iec
before.reaching. Cape Parry,;
War Debts
: 'Paris. ~->; France, has-abandoned,: for
the present at least, any hope of'having'-.her- great war .debts.,shared ..-by
the-allies. "-It'"is authoritatively   "-as-,.-
���-I-i"   ���-'��� "  -  r" ,i   "a-   '���-. . -; grand-."prize
scrte.d by one. .of-the. Americans .-at- "    "
tending- the conference'-" that. " what'
had been an" embarrassing-possibility,
has' no,w been'..,definitely'..; eliminated
fromy.thc. deliberation's,"alllioiigh it .is"
possible that/France .might :at..:- some,
future time, attempt, to secure/assistance.' ' ���" ���' ��������� - ��� "���;.'' ,
.."-The project has ii'cycr,-bccn formal-i
ly presented at thcy conference'; but
conversations, hchK'at ^intervals- since
the. conference.began -have Served' as
a nie.diuiii" for the presentation of-;th.c
French point .of view. ..-'
y ;T��c Britisii" and United Slates delegations, have .been- ���qititeVfrank"- in
their dispute,-'and.have'openly :said
the. people .of. their countries would
be slow, to endorse such, a plan. -X -.'-���
this loiinula: "and'-.hand il lo tliciii ami you
may- have neon the hieans oi tavms iomi!
jioor suneicr peihaps-irom total deainiss. The
inccninion i-ah tie i>re;>arc<l at ^hoaie" and is
jnaae as follov.-s-:. ;
^ci:uile ttoin ytmr :t!niRs;iV.t 1 oz. 1'ar.tnint.
(liojiolc'-Sireiif^th). 'J a he tin*" home-and aad
to il t-1 junt- oi hot w.iier an-J a little gianu-
l.nnl- '-iip.it; ��� Mir 'iinlil d:-."(.>lvved.- '- Tate- on<J
*.-.!.i.'&iioi.ni'tii  Jour, turns  ,i   day.       '
1'ariiiint   ��.-   u---cd   in   4ln��   v.-ny   not   only .to
rciluce   I'V   tome   action   the   miianiination and \ ���.,  .. ������������__.,!  ;,.   f���,.���   \r_
sweiimi:   m   lhe   l-iistaclii.V:i   Tilbrs, .and   thus   w ho  SCCUred tt  from-Mr,
to"ruuaii*c the a>r t>i-c-SBtire on the ilium, buijjt has been forwarded to "that cour-
to   correct - any   txtew   ot   accretions   m   tlie'
'A request for two" biishelsVof- Marquis, whpat"' came -from . Sotttli - Africa
recently- fo R. Charles, of MijtncdosS,
Fcaj-ce,- and
middle car, and the results it give* are nearly
always quic!; and rftective.
Kvery penon who has catarrh in any form,
or di-trfs-sitilr. ru:iiljHii(t', li'i'sing founds in
thrir ear.-. ;-liouUt give this recipe a trial.
, Is Ex-Czar Dead?
York. ���'Bernard Xaumbc'rg
; a .-lawyer;'" was. named    by' - ^Supreme
Court Justice  Benedict in " Brooklyn!:
try. It is to bc uscd'-for seed, and. tc
determine its suitability for thc climate there.
Thousands Die in Petrograd
Berne;.-t- During'the  months." -pii
December. >and -.. January ,"-vn'cdriy.- 100J-
000 persons'in;'thcecity bff-rctrogra'd
j'dicd from liitngcj- and as the-.result of
Spanking "doesii't curebed-w-etti"'gT-:-
-'-rthe .trouble������is', due'.to-.���freatn'ess..'
.;ofth'e.interita.Votg^nsvMy success* ���
IuVliqiiie!tiejLilmeiit \yill be found
louse 'at'.hopn-Satti^ Helpful;;;-S'eVi.'d "Bo"=iinpney,;.biit
'Ca.rabVnca-:'at;.-n.yc.''a'ciockV-Whii"y^ ;My'treatment.,
afternoon.'fhc . whole.. .yov'age'"which1-'iSj equally -Successful for adults, ;���
lastcd-29 .hbiTfW,-.vas". madel-in  "two|;troubledyw-ttii uriu'wy.^ifficaltjesy:
as".-a conunittec.of" one to'  ascertain!  ���-.,-   -'���-   ��� - "=>. ,���' '"'-;   'x-.x'y;
-..    ,       ��;..-   -,---�� >-���".-'-   -       'epidemics, according- to Piacial slat
.witel-acr ^lOuo!as -Romanoft,.- tdrmcr; --    ;    ���-���..-   V�� .'-'V'-'i""'c . ���    --'-'"������'
:,-:..-.    -.    . - ,   .-,  ���    ��� ,, ��� .-������  :, -..  ment?,--as rcportvd bv-hwrss retucei
C7ar. ot l\.ussia,j5 dead oryahve. and it;.;;, --.��� ������-' :.-���..-.��� ������   y, -���-���/. .��� -���-.,-. <���>������  y--
After Being Relieved of Or-
ganic Trouble by Lydia E,
Pinkham's Vegetable
."- Orogon. Iii'.���"I took Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Comjxnmd for aa organic trouble which
pulled me down until I could not put my
foot to tlie floor and
could scarcely do my
work, and as I live
on a small farm and
raise six hundred
chickens eye.ry year
it made it very hard
for me. ���
"I saw" the Compound advertised in
our paner. and tried
it.   It has restored
statr.es. ���
rdcad^'who-'.s^'.-n.ex.t; of.--k.hvr ��;-���;. '
. '--.Mr.'"" Xsumbcrg .is'.-.eagerly.-." loUkir.c: 1
tor sonic-one"'\vho;;c?jiyysolycylhe. -rid-"
..'die for liiiii'/'for''oii.'its'.solu'tip.v! rcVis"
the colkctabi-l.uy or'-"hp" cb.I-lect\lv.!i'ly
pt ri -?ilT,430. judgment" tvnic'i..- Mr-.
Nauir-bcrg' -ccchtly" obtained-.a'g.'iiit.sV
ilri Rcmar.'ofioii' b'cliali 6x tlie-Marine:
���Transportation .Service Cofr'ora'u.on.'
rhy health so I can do all my work ��nd
I am so grateful that I am recommend-
c  ! ing it to- mv" friends."���Mrs. D. M.
=   1 Alters, R. R. 4. Oregon, III.
....... ..,.     . c- !"'���-" Only women whohave suffered thetor-
j.\ylio.; arrived- from.-.Kv.s; ia; -There y.crc j tures of such troubles and have dragged
j.400'"of'-tlVc;r(;fu-'oc,^.��n,itlic'-;rartv,;-"r'..; ''alonq'from day to day can realize the
tejief which'thi." famous root and herb
remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
'Compound:- brought to Mra. Altera,
-y JS'omiBTi'.'evervTvhsrc in Mrs. Alters'
- ''i-'iircai. -that���;:._Jir.;-..ar.d--:Mcs.-'!Jiiu:
were "���'vcrv: '."ahsrv", with: their.cii'auRl- condition should.p.ont by her recom-
fcur 'w:.^>t!ieraito;'overiyirned::-'as; weridation, and if there are any corn-
��� --   x ���:,���;.-���'-        ;.:���.'���'--pncat-iorB-writs Lvdip L. Pinkham*
that soy ' X-.-X-Xxi '������-.: -;
, y^\\"eli,.;.lic.iwas/,<nutc
.'5hc.'v.'a= 'i'.ycry ir.'ic'!i-'ttp
, ...Medicine Co,v. Lynn, Mass.. fcr advice.
; ��� The result of their 40 years experience
��� i is atyotjr .service. I
Is $2 a year strictly in advance,   or $2.50
when'not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always ��2.50 a ''year to  the  United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7 00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, aud S cents a Hue for
���sach subsequent! insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription  is due, and
that the editor would be'pleased
' to have more money.
Accordiug to a statement prepared and issued by tbe National
Council of fche Y. M. 0. A. regarding fche receipts of tbe 191S Red
Triangle Fund, the following
amounts have been received from
tbe different communities of tbis
district up to January 31, 1919:
Copper Mountain - S 84.00
Fairview        -       - 38.00
Grand Forks - - 1,963,00
Greenwood , - - 1,137.43
Hedley      -       -       - 700.00
KaledeD - - - . 57.75
Keloivna - - - 3,434.40
Keremeos -       - 341.77
Naramata -        - 114.85
Okanagan Falls - 50.00
Peachland -       - 249.65
Phoenix -        -       2,080.00
Princeton -.,     - 462.95
Penticton   .        -        -       1,643.3S
.'"Westbank- - -'     - "'   -      '" r73.10
���West Summerland'     -   '   1,964,25
Mrs. C. J. Lundy held at'her
bome in Midway, recently,(a farewell luncheon to Mrs. Claude H.
Martin; who has moved to Hedley.
Those present were, Mrs. R. D.
Kerr, Mrs. Dosland, Mrs. j. O.
Thompson, Mrs. James Bush, Mrs.
C. E. Moll, Mrs. Ernest Goodell,
Mrs. Wm. Stewart, Miss Mona
Mutrie, Miss Emma Thomefc, Miss
Esther Martin, Miss Helen Martin,
Miss Ethel Thompson, Master
Goodell. A very delightful afternoon was spent, during which
those"present enjoyed one of Mrs.
Lundy's exquisite luncheons.
The  province-s was  divided into
eight  districts   and  the   amounts
'*   received.-from   these   several dis-
" tricts up to January 3lsfc, 1919 are
given as follows: y     - ...."'.-
; - Vancouver Island   ."  -   $19,376.60
- Fraser. River - ' . . -  -  \V_M,640^22
Thompson River : ' -���'���,'���" 12,505.08
:' Upper Okanagan . ��� .."--.;. '7,845.62.
Lower Okanagan.:  "'-���"��� -.-���'"i4',.386j31..
;Kootena'y-Sipcan    ..'���>"  * 9;244"iS4
Crow's Nest - ". - -; : -" ".' ;;.;9,240.10
- Northern"      . ���'. -'. ' -. - ���'i.''8,718/08
Owing, to'..the-exceptional"'local
circumstances', "in   Vancouver .-no
_..  regplaivycanvassywap'.made/. for- the
.'.".' Red Triangle-Fund,, but the  effort
- -was . centered' on.v- providing,   the
-.   8450,000',-    required , to-complete
their badly needed : hew;.building/-
-   The campaign., resulted- in ���$205,-;
- 839/00 ' being;' subscribed, for 'the.
, "local ..work/: Xy-i ':': ���-'---'  -   ���'-'-. "..'���.'
.- -    ^inaudrte'tlstatemenfc of the re-
������;.'.'ceipts.���..and"  expenditures   in   the
-   ;-R6d- Triatigle-Fund  for  the  year
. \vill  be published, in/newspapers
..' and magazines within a few weeks.
"/;��� This;_3t'atement will, show where all
y the money contributed by the Can-
vadian people came from  and how
it was spent.
Coming Through The Rye
It's  6S years ago since Jenny
Lind sang "Coming Through   the
Rye."    New York went  wild,   as
did tbe whole country,   over  the
voice of the Sweedish Nightingale
who was raised  on  rye bread, but
what did it know, what did it care
about rye?   Almost nothing.   War
and possible famine were necessary
to make us give serious consideration   to   that   cereal.    When    we
awoke   to the fact that  a world
famine was possible, we paid court
to rye.    Campaigns were conducted  to increase its production because an acre of  rye  will produce
more food than one of  wheat.    It
is also hardier and will stand more
winter   killing.    When,   in   1917,
the wheat; crop was  small  because
of winter killing, the rye crop was
25 per  cent  larger than  the year
before  and,   like    a. replacement
regiment in  France,  filled   many
gaps in  tbe  first line of defense
against the attacks of hunger.    It
was principal replacement  because
it  is  bhe only   grain  aside   from
wheat from which  light bread can
be made.    Thus, it took an important. part"iu  fche last  two years of
the war; it will take a  still  larger
part in. the  coming, war.   againBt
hunger,   because  our production,
which has  almost  tripled. in five
years, will be the record, crop.���
Wall. Street Journal.     ' "
They Lie in France Where Lilies Bloom
They.lie   in  France
Where   lilies   bloom;
Those    flowers   pale
That guard each tomb
Are    saintly     souls
That   smiling   stand
Close    by    them    in
That martyred land.
And mutely there the long night shadows creep
From quiet hills to mourn for them who sleep,
While o'er them through tbe dusk so silently
The grieving clouds that slowly drift to sea,
And lately round them moaned the Winter wind
Whose voice, lamenting, sounds bo coldly kind.
Yet in their faith those waiting hearts abide
The time when turns forever   that   false tide.
In   France   they   lie
Where   lillies bloom
Those     flowers-  fair
For them made room.
Not    vainly    placed
The    crosses    stand
Within    that   brave
And   stricken    land; ,
Their    honor   lives,
Their   love  endures,
Their    noble   death
The   right    assures,
For they shall have their hearts' desire;
They  who,   unflinching,   braved the fire,
Across the fields their eyes afe lasfe shall see
Through clouds and misfe the bonds of victory.
���Percival Allen, in the New York Times.
It's The Truth
The  first physicians by debauch were
made; **^'
Excess began and-sloth. sustains the trade.
By chase our long-lived-fathers earn'd
their food; "'  .
Toil strung the nerves, and purified the
But we their sons a pamper'd race of men,
Are dwindled down to threescore years
and ten.
Better to hunt in fields for health un-
Than   fee  the-.--doctor   for   a   nauseous
The wise for cure on exercise depend:
God never made his work for man to
mend. v
���John Dryden.
Culattieeti Rotel
One of the largest hotels In
the city.   Beautiful location, -
fine rooms and tasty meala.
A. O. JOHNSON      -     PROP.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   horse   Stages
Leave.. Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Peace Is Here        -
Everybody will want to celebrate and unless
you have the Flu you can't do it in the old fashioned
way. But we can all celebrate with a good
New Year and anticipating this we will have ashijv
ment arrive in a few days oi Everything thats good,
all'the trimmings for a good old holiday feed,
. If an increase in Business of more than Double
is a sign of Square Deals^and reasonable prices we
are all there.   Come over and see for yourself.
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building
Myncaster, B.C.
j- ������...-.
Autos For Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
;    Nothing to Tell
X '.'What, did your father.- say
when lie. bioke his pipe, Walter?"
"Shall. I. leave out the wicked
words, mother?" .'-. ���_.,~~i;,,. .--"-' .'- - -
;'���._"��� Why. certainly','"dear. \'.' ;.-'.'.
1 '.'Then I don't believe there is
any thing.to tell.you. mother."." -";- ;
The top market price paid and equitable grading made
We are registered with and recognized by the United
States War Trade Board and all of the Collectors of
Customs under License P. B. F. 30, and you can send your
furs to us direct by our tag or any tag. changed to suit, if   /
marked "Furs of Canadian Origin" and your furs will come.
right through. "._ ��� '[,
..    The rules and ethics of the exchange do not permit of
sending out alluring orice-list3�� yet we will give you an i .
exact and excert grading and say you at a rate of five to
: twenty:five cents more on the dollar than the average
advertising fur company as we cut out all middle-man's      .
profit In dealing direct with you. :
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
Old newspapers for sale at
The Ledge office. Get some before they are all pone.
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
-   _.' ���    MINING
'.The Ledge -has always  room
for oneyniore>d.:_-_'_...;:_-_���! _: ' xy:_���_;___
v      Scares of Tramps
"Much bothered with tramps
out yonr way?"
"I was until I tacked up a sign
; on iny gate."
Ah! 'Beware of the dog,' I suppose." . .-
"Oh, no. Simply, 'Farm; help
wanted." ' -
She Was Probably Right
yX Mr/Styl.es-^Bat,/-really,, jou're
not going to wear that, .dress to receive your friendH?.. <   ,
'.���.;yMT8X'S^Je8-XWh^-noi?iJ.-x^ ...;
������...'-"-'?'Well ydear, it's.veryXaboft ,and
,', very, in neb J>ri, the '.decollete,." y y
.    ."Well, they?rey coming 'tp   see
me,'areD?t;tbey~-nbfc ' tbe= dress?"-'���>.
yp LOAT? iB hot a pf rJbdic-.
*���     al.    It is a  book containing 86 illustrations all
told,  and. is . filled i with
sketches   and    stories   pf
western life.   It-tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Den��
ver  long after  Noah  was
dead; how a parson took a
drink   at  Bear    Lake    in
early   days;   how    justice
vva9 dealt in Kaslo in '93;
how  the saloon  man ont-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts  the   roaminga  of   a
western editor among   the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Kelson and a   romance
of the. Silver King 'mine.
In;; iti are; printed    three
western poems, and dozens
of,; articles!; too ,' hhmefons
to mention.     Send for one
before it:is too.late. -The .
price    is. 25   cents,   post-;,
paid to  any pa,rt of.   the
world; >-��� Address; all
ters to'.."_-" XX'- i-X"xx
Good advertising- has saved
many a town and district from
an early death. ...
Helson, B.C.
The only op/to/date Hotel in the inter ior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
eachkocm.   v
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted. .<
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.  -
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
.'���-*>       y '. ��� .       X .
Everyone responds to courtesy, face to face or "telephone   -
to telephone."   Not one person in. a hundred is "set""in his
telephone   manners;   not   one   in a hundred will reply with
deliberate bruskness if the smile in our voice reaches him or her.     .   .
A genial telephone voice marks that, true, cordiality which
is the basis of successful business and real friendship.,'
��� i
���   .���       SYNOPSiO"  OF -
'    Pre-emption now confined.to siirv'e. "���*
. lands onlj'.
" Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural' purposes
and .which is non-timber" land.  -
Partnership - pre-emptions - abolished,
"but parties cf not more than four may
arrange for. adjacent pre-emptions, with
joint residence, but each.making necessary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors- must.occupy claims for
.Ave years and" make improvements to
value of $10. per acre, ��� including- clearing
and cultivation of. at least 5 acres," before receiving Grown Grant.' .
Where pre-emptor in  occupation  not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, - he may, because
of ill-health or-other cause, be granted
Intermediate certificate of :imurovement;
and transfer his claim.
-.- Records without permanent residence
may be issued-provided applicaritmakes,
improvements to -extent of- ?300 per annum and records same each year.   Failure   to   make. improvements  or - record
same will" operate as forfeiture. .Title
-cannot be'obtained'on'these riaims in
less than 5 -years, with Improvements of
- $10 per acre",  including.5 acres cleared
-and-cultivated,   and. residence    of.   at.
least 2 years. '..-..' .-.--.=,:'
-��� Pre-emptor holding Crown Graiit may
; record - another pre-emption, . if - he  re-v
?[ulr'es, land -. in   conjunction   with', his-
arm,-, without  actual  occupation,   pro-
-vided statutory-improvements made and
residence-maintained bn Crown granted
land.'.-'   /-'.        -���""."..' '��� '.-���-
:   Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding   20-
acres,  may he leased    as    homesites;
title to ..be obtained after-fulfilling.resl--
. dentlal and Improvement conditions. -,_
'���- For gr&sing and Industrial purposes, -
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
.by ona person or.company,   y-.-.y '���;. ���
�� T; ���; THOMAS
w-     ' ������"...��� o
All   the_. latest ^methods] in   high-class
- Dentistry. ,
E. .VI. WIDDOWSON, Assayer. arid
Chemist, Box. Biio8, - Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Goldi Silyer,' Lead or Copper.
ij.i_.each. -. GoldfSilver, -(single ��� assay)
^1.00. - Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead $1.50. Silver-LeaS-
Zinc $3.00.'. Charges for oth��?r metals etc
ou application.
The scope ot this Act-Is-enlarged to
ncludo all persona joining:.and-serving
with His-Majesty's-Forces.   -The-.timo-.
  ...��  ���.,��,., u ��'��i,ra.     o.ii��  time
within which thehelrsor devisees of a-
1 deceased  pre-emptor - may    apply for
-��� title under .this "Act - la" extended .from
one year from tb�� death of such person,-
-as formerly, - until on��.year after th��-
'. conclusion . of  tha.. present war. 'This
privilege Is also made .retroactive.. -.
-  ACT.    .'- -'_-.'
Provision Is .made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown .'of
.such proportion of the land, if divisible.
as the payments already made-will
cover In proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. -Two or more.persons
holding such Agreements .may .group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment jointly. ; If-It. is not
considered advisable to divide the land
oovered by an application-for a proportionate allotment.- an allotment'of land
of equal value selected'from'available
Crown lands in ..the locality;.may be'.
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due"' the
Crown or to any ��� municipality. The
rights of persons- to whom the purchaser from the. Crown bas agreed (0
sell are also protected: The decision of
the Minister of Lands in respect to .the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
ls final.- The time for making application for these allotments is limited to -
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this, date .will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and laij4s of the Crown.sold
���tJnljlf^a^Ugn 9 _   ' . . ��� _^   .
For information apply; to -any Provincial Government. Agent or to -
X g'/r. "naden, ./. .';. -��� ,.
Deputy .Minister.of Lands,
-...,���.;-���/Victoria," B.C.-..
.   Corner Abbott &|Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   B.C.
.Send a $1 to. The Ledge and
get 10 different\;opies of Lowery's
Claim."  '! ""'-''���' ."
-"-Economy and Satisfaction
combined with Promptness
are the features which go to
make tip the Service we give
our customers,
one of tK^w?
(Ruledor^Plain) .....
(All Sizes).
I vani some powder-'.'    V
���������*Mennen'"fi?M.       .
"No, viramen's."
"Np, I viil take it mi6 me."
ROOMtaX K.W.C. BLOCK '��� Xy
x-X-XNEjLSOtfiiBXZ.X. ,
Optonietrist and! Graduate OptidanVcertified by Provincial Eoani of Examiners.
Departineiif;; i_3.


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