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The Ledge Jan 9, 1919

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Yol.   XXV.
No. 26
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE.28        X       GREENWOOD, B.C.
Life, Fire, Health and
Real.Estate, Ranches and
Mining Broker
Charles King
GREENWOOD.       - B. C.
ftuv Seeflless Raisins 15c Per 11 oz Pksr 3
Panel Seeded Raisins-. 15c Per 15 oz Pke =3
Fancy Sultana Raisins 25c Per lb Bulk ^5
Fancy Cleaned Currants-. * 25c Per Ib  Bulk r���
Fancy Cleaned Currants A. 25c Per 15;ozPk* zs
W��.b1m haye received a shipment of Dates, Figs and Candied. Peels ~5
Call and compare goods as to quality and trices before    i~3
_^- ��� uurchasine elsewhere Z2
B Phone 46
Around iHome
Gloves, Mitts, Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
MIDWAY      -      -     Bi C.
located in
Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each;
60 watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each,
60 Watts
100    -.
- <>   $1.25 each
- -   2.00 ������
200   ��   ��� ^   <-    3.50 ������
All Well Again And
Ready For Business
Still showing exclusive designs
Get one for the Holidays and
enjoy yourself
Just received a fine lot of heavy
Tweed pants suitable for winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Go.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable^hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient ��� to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine samplefrooms, Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches,fand light
lunches always ready. Touch the*wire
if you want Zooms reserved.    '
C.V.O. LLD. D.GU Pmhfani
SR JOHN AlRD.Ceaer*IM��hiafr.V
H. V. P. JONES, Ass't, CWL'Mamfir
CAmM.PAIBUP.$I5.00O,00OT RESERVE FUND. . $13,500,000
Ev��xy effort Is made to provide the bank-?
lag service required by miners.  A      .'
current account facilitates the
handling of business re-
ceipts and payments.
L. E. BRAWDERS, Manager,
Choiceu Goods ���
Cigars,  Tobacfcos, Cigars
ettes, Pipes, Fruit and
Suitable for the Holiday Season
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ii
a.m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors, Garage in connection.
VISITING   HOURS   2  to   4
At other hours by arrangement
You can get a bargain in
envelopes at The Ledge office.
Get a Float for 25 cents at
The Ledge office.: and send to
your friends in order to cheer
them during the dark days of
J;      i;Strayed ;:; x^x ��� ���_���"
x Caime to iny place, oneit red \and
the same; by* paying.^vf^-v-this;
'i ad vr'jfef tisem^nit^ a0dv,leed Xo f-('the
animal; .XiXiXiXxXx.���:������.,..^iXXXXyXX
a X.X'';;XXxiXixixWM^JOHNS^f r
"-'���"Xiy'X   Bndteyilte B/C>
Grey Pond left this week for
The Phoenix school
last week.
A. E. Postill is jiiow
H. R. Bidder is on a business
trip to Trail.
At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
Corp. E. Kinahan has returned
to Nelson from France.
Chas. Norris is running the
"pusher" on the Farron hill.
The Idaho mine compressor at
Phoenix is being dismantled.
Robert Wilson and sou William are visiting in Vancouver.
J. L. Coles returned from the
coast on Tuesday's belated train.
Sid Storer is looking for a new
location and was iu'Princton this
Mens Lumberman's Rubbers,
socks and underwear at Rendell's
Get your job printing at lhe
Ledge, before the, paper is all
gone. >
' A Soldiers friend is Dad O'Dell
at the Province Hotel, Grand
Forks. "
Start the New Year with a
pair of hockey boots. You can
get them at Rendejl's store.
Geo. Murray has left for Van-
couyer, where lie will receiye his
discharge from the army.
Miss Helen DeCew, of Grand
Forks, is on the teaching staff of
the public school in Princeton.
For that nasty cough use Syrup
White Pine a:nd Tar. You can
get it at Goodeve's Drug Store.
" ITresh fruits^ and groceries,
quality and prices guaranteed.
G. A. Rendell, Greenwood, B..C
The second wave pf the Flu
epidemic appeared in Penticton
last week with a dozen cases reported.
S. P. Dixon and Geo. Inglis
left this morning for near Midway, to cut ties for" the G. N.
A new shipment.of white ahd
coloured flanelettes, sheeting,
sheets and pillowcases at Rendell's Store.
The Boundary Women's Institute, will hold their annual
meeting on Friday, January 10th
in the Ice Cream Parlor.
Just received a shipment: of
"Bobbie Burns" plum puddings,
fruit cakes and oat cakes packed
in tins for shipment overseas, at
G. Kay, of Phoenix, had the
misfortune to fall and break two
of the bones in his foot. It will
be some time before he will be
able to work.
Dr. Tanner died in San Diego
last month, aged 91 years. More
than a generation ago be became
famous by fasting 42 days. He
claimed that fasting prolonged his
life nearly50 years; He was broke
when he died, having lived in the
country poor-house for sometime,
At one time he did not take a
drink of water or fluids for 17
Owing to an unnsual amount of
rain tbe fields are green around
San Diego. The weather haB been
frosty all through California, and
smudge pots can be seen burning
at Di'ghts in the orchards. During
the last days of December the use
of smudge pots saved the citrus
crop, valued afc 850,000,000. Only
the young lemons  were damaged.
The Flu has just about deserted
San Diego, but it is bad in Portland, Sm Francisco and Los
Angeles. Masks are stiil worn in
Fresno and other towns. Cases of
Flu can be seen on every train.
This should not be allowed by the
Judge Crease of Nelson is visiting his brothers in Bakersfield.
Western News
Mining News
The Skating Rink
The boys of Greenwood deserve
great credit for the manner in
which they are providing opportunity at the Rink' for all those
[who wish to indulge in skating.
At the beginning of winter there
seemed very little chance of the
Rink being opened,, but the boys
got busy andtheaded by G. S.
Walters, formulated plana whereby
they undertook to pay for insurance, light, fuel, etc., and to do all
the [manual lobor themseiveB in
order that the popular winter pastime might get going. With Dick
Taylor and Ralph Pond in charge
a splendid sheet of ice is now
available and weekly relays of the
boys will have charge of the work
necessary for its upkeep. Season
tickets are being sold at a cheaper
rate than in previous years and it
gratifying to know the number being taken. Although no regular
schedule is being played there will
be a few hockey games with teams
from outside points, the first being
with Phoenix one night daring the
coming week.
On Saturday evening the 11th a
Masquerade Carnival will be held
in the Rink. Splendid prizes,
acknowledgement of which will be
made next week, have been given
by the merchants of the town, and
a number of ladies have signified
their attention of serving refreshments at the Rink, the proceeds to
be handed over to the boys, who
Hugh Nelson is working in the I are anxious for a big crowd on Saturday evening, so that they may
feel that their efforts at managing
fche Rink for the first time is being
appreciated. Carnival commences
���at. 8. p. m. sharp, unmasking at
S:45 p.m. Racing events at 9 p.m;,
finishing with a hockey game between picked teams of boys.
Coughlans shipyard,  Vancouver
He is a member ot this shipyard's
hockey   team,    and   is   holding
down the position o-f rover.
Mrs. Maslonka, formerly of
Greenwood, died in Merritt on
December 27. from lung-trouble,
after an illness that has extended
over a considerable period.
Peter McEwirig died at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. R.
Forrester, at Grand Forks oh Dec.
29, at the age of 74 years. He
was well-known in New  Denyer.
Hot lemonade is good for influenza, we have .fresh > juicy
lemons on hand;  Rendell's; Store.
X The K. V. XR. management
have decided that the Coquihalla
cut-off will not be operated this
winter. In view,of the condition
of the roadbed and snow -plow
and other equipmentX needed for
snow:: fighting, -it is
that   to; attempt: ;tp jopen:;
The Grand Union Hotel, at
Hedley, owned by Andy Winkler,
was completely destroyed by fire j
on December 31. Mr. Winkler
was in Princeton when the fire
occured. The building was insuredfor::$5,000.v: ..'.,-
Steele Patterson; died-in Eng-
land on December 31; of jaundice.
Before enlisting last spring, he
was a C. P.: R. brakeman, and
was well-known in the Boundary. A brother j. H. Patterson
at Penticton survives him. ������-;
considered |XX, Walter B. .Cochrane, who, for
the i the past ten years or more, has
blocked upline would ;be^eritireIy^beenpollce; judge of Grand Forks,
tooJ:-expensive.^ . The ^.tSpences; .is" ap^.a':',resident}; of.; Vancouver,
Bridge routeistobe: used ;for the ;:andrwin:practice: law" there, hay-;
K;V.vfefafl^-for :^
;ot the j Winter;;- ~ A^ new-: schedule. ;weH-kpown ���firm.cf ;;5Iai��and and
is ^nowunider: consideration  and ��� ^^'x^XiiXXiXXXXyXxXi 'X iXXX .   .  r	
this may change the time-fable of ;V;;;The^ abiy one of the best small towns
the trains in,this section.'.,' iXi;X'.\ for.one moTe'.zd.yixy'X:XxXXiyyx' fin'B. C.
More than thirty autos are
owned in Creefcon.
There   was   only   two   fires
Kaslo during 1918.
The C. P. R. will enlarge their
round house at Kaslo.
Victoria has decided not to open
fcheir Schools unfcil January 13.
A record price of $20.25 for
Christmas beef was paid in Chicago.
Kaslo trappers are looking forward to a large export of furs this
Total loss of Allied shipping
through war action was $15j053,-
786 tons.
British Columbia derives one-
third of her annual revenue from
her forests.
The Session of the Provincial
Legislature is called for Thursday,
January 20.
In the recent election in Britain,
over 130 candidates lost their deposits of 8750.
The Rossland medical health
officer reports 50 deaths in the
town's 600 cases of Flu.
Canadian soldiers in England
and France have subscribed $725.-
000 to the Victory Loan.
Forty-five miles from Dawson,
molasses have been made from
beets grown in the Yukon.
The Kootenay district produced
over $384,000 worth of fruit and
vegetables during 1918, double
that of the previous year.
Provincial Constable Howieson
has given op his government job
at Revelstoke, and will open up a
general store at Arrowhead.
W. A. Deveral, of Souris, Man.,
recently killed a pig that,, when
dressed, tipped the scales at* ��91
pounds. It was less than a year
A prize steer was purchased at
the live stock show in Chicago by
Wilson & Co. for 63,350. It
will be offered to President
Poincare for fche peace dinner.
For fche first time in a dozen
years Creston Valley had a Christmas ' without sleighing. There
seems to be a very light snow fall
in all of the towns of the interior.
Two boys of 11 and 12, Paulo
and Dan Sarach, of East Trail,
were sentenced feo five years each
in the industrial school. They
were sent up on a charge of burglary.
Three Ogema, Sask,, men found
drinking liquor on a train were
fined $10 and costs. A provincial
policeman was sitting near them
when they indulged in the cheering spirit.
The death rate in Vancouver for
1918 was considerably higher than
in the previous year as the result
of the epidemic of infiueuza.
Deaths recorded were 2322, an increase of 774 over 1917.
S. G. Blaylock, assistant general
manager of the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company afc
Trail) was married to Miss Kathleen Riddle, of Danville, Quebec,
in Calgary on December 31st.
John Dougall, well-known'. ironmaster and one of tbe dwindling
band of early settlers in British
Colnmbia died in Victoria last
week at the age of S3. He bad
been a resident : of Victoria for
sixty years.
Tracklaying on the P. G. E. has
now nearly reached the 100-Mile
Honse, which was the objective
aimed at last year. It is intended
to complete 12 miles; of light grading this season, and the goal set
for this year is Williams Lake,
which wiJl most iikely be made a
freight and pagsenger division.
This point will no doubt be the
most important station between
Squamisb and Prince George owing
feo fehe broad stretch of conntry for
which it will be the distribution
centre. In addition there is a fine
farming region directly tributary jy0QJ. bath?"
to Williams Lake, which makes'
certain the establishment of prob-
The B C mine near Eholt is
shipping ore to tht smelter at
At Prince Ruperfe 181 crown
granted mineral claims were sold
for taxes.
The Copper King mine, near
Whifeehorse is shipping high-grade
ore to the Tacoma smelter.
The Hedley Gold Mining company has declared a dividend of
$36,000, according to a New York
The Ikeda mine on Moresby
Island has been shipping about 50
tons a month of high grade ore to
the Granby smelter at Anyox.
The Continental mine afe Port
Hill has 200 men at work and with
an ample water supply expects to
operate continuously  this winter.
The Valerie copper mine, seven
miles from Whifeehorse, which had
a small crew of men doing development work, closed down last
month, with the exception of two
diamond drill operators, who still
continue to work.    ,
The Tidewater Copper company _
has been reorganized and will resume operations on tbe Indian
Chief group afe Sidney Inlet. The
mine is equipped wifeh a mill to
fereat 100 tons of ore a day, this being the first concentrating mill
erected on Vancouver Island for
fche treatment of copper ores by
The   B.   C.   Sugar  Refinery at
Vancouver is substituting pulver- .
ized   coal   for oil,as fuel.    It is
stated the Powell River Pulp and
Paper  company   and   the   Ocean
Falls plant of the . pacific   Mills 'ii
LtcLj will alsQ use the >amei kihd; :
j-o'f fuel.    This will cousidepahlyin^.;
crease the market for coal from the -i
Vancouver  Island,   Merritt , and -'
Princeton collieries.
A Washington, D.  C,   despatch
says:     "More than  $10,000,000,-  ;
000 worth of minerals were mined   '.
in the United States in  1917 and
1918.    This was shown by prelim-  ���
inary estimates for the year com-
bined^with final figures for  1917,
made public by the geological survey.    The total for this year was
estimated afe $5,160,000,000, against   $5,011,000,000 last   year   and
$3,513,972,000 in 1916.    The total
1918 output of metallic products,
including pig-iron,  copper,  ferroalloys, lead, zinc, gold, silver and,
aluminum,  was valued at nearly:;
Metals   and   other   by-products
produced by the Consolidated Mining & Smelting plant at Trail dnr-
fehe year  1918 amounted  to  over
812,500,000,  according  to figures  ;
of. the company  which  were   announced   by   officials   last   week.  ,
Over one-quarter of this sum rep-  '
resented fehe lead  output from the
plant for the last 12 months/when  '���
40,662,704 pounds  were produced
in actual figures worth 83,537,655.
Zinc to the  value   of $3,023,290
representing an output 25,405,797
pounds was treated at the smelter
during the year.    Copper  was the '
next largest product in  order of
value,   9.951,7S1    pounds   having
been  realized at a total value of
$2,557,000.      The   total  valae of  :
silver and gold produced was near-   '
ly $3,500,000,   made up of 72,205
ponces of gold, valued  at $1,444,-
000, and 2,085,321 ounces of silver,
Sulphuric acid
3926  tons   was
made at the smelter and carries
with it a value of $98,150.    Blue-
stone    worth   815,676,   of   which
there   were   174,178   pounds  was
tnrued out.    The amount of lead
piping made was approximately 75
tons, representing a value of $15,-
worth 82,000,476,
to the amount of
A Moving Picture
Do   you   take    exercise   after
"Yes; I generally step on the
soap as I get oat."���Portland
Evening Express. Investments.    Be
pamphlet to-day.
ldvisecl.     Write  lor =
"jVTOTAXKS  are levied on your insurance
Write for pamolet to-day
(Agents   Wanterf   in   Jnrepres'-ntccl   Districts)
; 1 Montenegro Lost [ Allies Hope fWairi to Use Canadian Route
Keaviiy In the War!
FOI*   Ullit3rj    Ottawa. -     That at least a brigade
~ _____ j ._  *"   j of Australian fighting men should bc
= Many Have Died   Through    Starva- [Trying   to Get    Russian    States To- '��� retained to their native land via Cun-
E; tioti and Exposure I gether Again. jada, and lhat Canada should bc given
~" K ti:5i"  Niello!:".'; of _Monlc-|     i ,,���,?,.,,   ."ti,,.  .,,;,���v  ,.;,rii;,���.  r.f  illc  opportunity of    evincing  toward
thcr.i its appreciation of the deeds of
lhc sr.cn of tlic sister dominion is thc
i opinion of General Sir Sam HugheS;
i     t. any.
nci'.ro,  .ipcahitiif   lo    f't
Press,  said:
Thc whole oiicslioc. or
is under serious consideration
Canadians in Russia
Canada Must Not Break Faith
(A Ncw Year's  Editorial)
la T'lande.'-'s fields, the poppies blo\
Between  the crosses,  low ou row.
'J iial i::ark vur place; and in the sk
_ 'I he lark:.,
Scarce heard
;till   l>r;tve!v sini-.int;, Ih',
"The aspirations of Montenegro
.".re in common accord with those of
the. other peoples of the same race-���
to become a part of lhc kigo-Mav
; onfedcration, but preserve its oulon-
0111 y and customs. .Monlcncgro wishes
_ Kiiropc to make it possible for it lo
seas military authorities to the dircc-j hru.c its   own    int0]it.cU,a!    life,     r-'-
,'by the allies, .Renter's agency learns
Contingent   Employed    Consists
Three Parties
Ottawa. ���   ��� A cable from the over
t '> C   ��'il"S    I'CIOW
Wc arc  the  (had.    Short day-   niyo
We lived, !v\l d:i\\ n, .���-;iw sims<:i  i;hov.
i.cnvcl and wi:".: loved, and now v- <���
I-i    !'!;,:,(!,���:'.    fh '���! ���
'.I'.il-.e i:p oio- (j!:;.!. id \, ill.  ;���!(��� fin.;
To yiMi, Iron l.til'iif. bau.N, wi: throw
Tin-  torch,  lb- ) "It: s In  h(p!.i ;|   bif-ill !
li ye  hank  i'ailit   ui'h  !������   wk"   di.
Wc    shall   not   :.'o j'    ilioiir-.k   |.i.;r-i-.:.
Ix   kk.t.de,.-.'   f;,k:.
tor of public,  information states  that j ,iK)l,K|l   maintaining eo'alial   and   f.-a-j will
ihe Canadian contitipfcnt employed in | u.,.nal rcl.-.tioi's      with      neighhoriiiir |
Km-;!:, in Russia consists of three par- [,u.OJ,i���.    Moiitcnc-f;ro loi^ht he called
tie-'.    Thc  first and  third parties ;i'-cj,|lc  (}c;.ri     of  ihc  j,1Ko-Slav   p-coj-U-s. |
ni-iLrcd   iti   traini:.;- and  Jetuiit'K   H'C (] t w;ls ^rst to insure ils imlcpcndcurt:
lo.-a!  o.-.is in  AivliaiiLve! and    -Mtir-. f,v-l,iJnK-   f0r  Jive     centuries      at/aiu.-t I
Mussulman oppression for tie   liberie ���
(���f itself and  its  neif-'libo''-.
".Metife'icpfo v,.'S marly c.J.:���'.'��� (| d ,
by lhc sacriib-cs il maile d'.irmp Ih' j
Ihilk.-n wars, in which il lost l.!(t:'(M
mc and aim.".! all iis war materia!. '
The. new war e<.;mtitnl( a a. i.<-\\ scr-j
r in !, .-��� I io-o ' if;- (!>. ;���.(! on ih- b:i! I
ab..'j:      10.(1(1'),
���Voir, an authoritative liritish source. I w!l0 is -m Ottawa.    General Hughes
believes lhat it would be "good for
the boys themselves, good for Canada, good for Autsralia and good for
thc empire" to have a brigade of the
Anzacs pass through the Dominion
and visit as thcy go.
in tlic Rifjo. district Gcncrai Kras-
i.ofl''./ array is op era. tin;;;" under lhe
political control of M. llarkunoff, a
moderate Social Democrat. This gov
ernment is in close association   w
iiia:!-1; and in administrative, duties.
The second parly forms par! of the
r-.Ilii d < ^peditinnary lore?- ojieratuif,
{������'���)'��� Ai viiaiu a-', and iin ludiiu;, }]��� ad-
���I'l'-e: Iv I'.riti-.h :.; d I aiiMiliat: ci:.n
I !���::;( t'ls. Ana:'i; an, ii'cmk ;
s ia ���:   t'-orip;;,   v.iioae  object   ih
I l.a ;   thc   K'llssiasi   pi ople   fi''H,i
I ' hi vik!  ai.'d   i..i   i���:;������: t;'i'���   I he
!lhr    ���])���.,���:
the Kuban. RoyermaciH and both work
ie    provision;;! jroveminent in
Crimea with which they are in close
apycement.    In   Ukraine th.e  situation
ts very complicated.
There  is   reason     '..:   hope  that   the.
policy formulated  by  the    allies  will
promote unity between tliese various
:.,ovu':uiicnts  in  souther!,   h'nssia,  all
of  which   repudiate      lioLhevism  and ' bottle   of
I mated.
Muscular Rheumatism Subdued-���
When one is a sufferer from muscular rheumatism be cannot do better
than to have thc region rubbed with
Dr. Thomas' Eclcctric Oil. There is
no oil that so speedly shows its effect iu subdnini; pain. .Let tlic rubbing lie brisk and continue until case
is secured. There is more virtue in a
I  than   can   be  fully  esti-
���-iO.'TlllOti   Oi
A   hue    and
ciiifbi ������   a!"
(.f   p-is-.'ticr-
!'(..-.<   one object is I!n.
rdrr  in  the   eomitri.
atisfarlory   d<-veh'>pifent   lias  liet-.n
teatly fio.r of cniiimii? and loyal K'us
ia.-is of all ! ::��t;( s o   tiie direction '���
.ouden ami   I'.rri-   '!��� -  lhe  i'tirposc o
These  .' o::l slii ' in;1   c, -.ii' ���   h .
late C edoiel  Mv L'eea, eo.islii elinr
pocns   proo'.J1" .al   (titrmi
of the fmi
lhe war, found a responsive chord .'p
lhc hearts of the (.'.I'ladiau pc(-i>le, Jt
was a messave to them I'oni one crt
their own pnllant soldiers, who later
made the supreme saeriiicr. 11. called
CMlr bo3':> into the army; h ei'courag-
cd our civiliar. poptilaliou to sacrtl''ec
rtnd serve at home; il opened. the!
pocket books of all our people for
the Victory Loans aud every patriotic, fund. Ji inspired al! Canada lo
bold, high the torch of freedom and
"car'-y on" until victory was f;na!ly
il would be .'; mistake, however,
now thai lhe war is ended in a glorious victory, for liic people of Canada to conpratukitc themselves that
thcy did not break faith villi tlicir
heroic dead, and. that their task is
also cudi-d. It is only beet!?:. Tlie
niessaprc of the poem was no! for war
times only; it remains for the. Canadian people to still keep tlie faith.
During tlie war they caught the torch,
thrown to I hem and lifted, it high; it
One More Added
To The Great Army!',T'!Tdr'r,rt:rl"'!i,,i'"'"V,r!-t':
J ! siibiecl:;  bkelc     |o   come   beliue
iTivn   ami many m;cc!:ii
vat km   ami   e-;po.si:r. ."
When a ski d  (V'' his opinio:
, i tmc up a.n
^illi the i'oL
,������   ��� !   U-....A   A-
(j r :���:
lh( ;
hci :
.     I
I lie j
:e   |���(���:-.(���
to deal
.. and to
���   confer-
who   ark   shouttng    the
praises of dodd's
kidney pills
.11 n :
Saskatchewan Man's Kidney Trouble
Developed Into Diabetes���Story of
His Complete Cure.
Sir-mi;' The, S-isk. (Special).-   Sore
back,  vnich developed  into  diabetes,
lunt made life a Pitmen, to Maxim J1'.
Capustcn,  a  farmer    of    this    place. |
l >oin.l'i   Kidney   fills  cured  liim, and I
he.  i��  added   to   that   great  army    'X. \
(k'.iuulians who glory m telling    their
neighbors  that    Dodd's   Kidney I'ills
.arc  tin: one sure remedy lor all kidney ills.
"For  nearly five,  years     T  suffered
fro-to.    sore    back and headache," Mr.
"J hope lhat ! can live h
to sec such :: plan real ix
freedom of the seas, Montenegro is
interested only indirectly. I havc
not as yet studied lhe malkr sufficiently to give a positive view ou
such a complex subject,   i  think  the
would  make  mc perspire,  freely.    At
last diabetes developed.
".[ finally   came,   to the   conclusion :
that   my  kid   .ivs were  lhe cause    ot
my trouble, and decided to try Dodd's ' conference, according io  ll
,   .     , ,    ...   , .   , ,   Kidnev Fills. I col half a doreii boxes,' cofi-espoiideni of the IMatin.
is now their duty to hold it high and  nnc[   |���,fore  \    i,a<[     (i���jsi,cd     takinc. I    "Ormanv"    declared    the     c.otini,
vcars  that   thc-m I  was comrdetelv cured. I .   ... ,    '"',."     "   ���'.      .      ,      . ' .'
itirering as I did !   will keep lo thc preside:.. , pro-am
Mh-.ard'i,   _.;..ifnen.t  Cures   Distemper.
Norlhcliffe Gives His Opinion
Say? We Must This    Tcagr.e of Nations
I'aris.   ������- '.i'oday  I  had a   .a!k  wilh
I hord NorthcliflV, considered by-some.
 ��� ,".'".""" ---/���--. . i|o be the loos!  jrov/erfitl      man      ia
right of seli-dclcrmmat.on should  rr-i       ^  .^^   ^^ f(f  .^ fo,)lro,
granted to  <^1-"^^ ��� |���f li;aay daily,    weekly  and monthly
Nn in ji        i    ji.'iiblicalions, frc.ni s��. ns;;tioua! tc-   the
A  ICnCernea   AbOUt  KUSSia'mo.i conservative.   A certain milder
  I determination in liis method if hand-
in I ling his    papers    leads people lo suspect   hiin    of   uncontrolled nn'bin.v!.
.v;. Iblis influence    with    j'liblic  men  like
accepted    the    presidetitV      fourteeh I f.loyd Cieorge causes ttiin to be fear-
has had the slre"g'.h
!ig  thr'  y.-riv  to  tbriit
Count vo:i   r.cnisiorif.   former     Cer- ' in competence iu his own government
man ambassador to the United Stales |;iml the stupid censorship v. I icii pcoin  giving  his  opinion   of what   Cf jlecfed it.    .1 congratulated him or his
m.'inv's altitude would bc at the peace 'appeal    in   (.be Daily  Mail, for ptthli;:-
Allies Must Look After    Affairs
Paris. -     "All the belhgi-rmis b
Capustcn.   says,  m   givmg  his  expert     ,      ,	
ence.    .1 hada bad ta = te in my niou !���:,     hlls atu,   n.c ou)y (|1,(.M;(,n   (o  be ' ed.  Yet he alor
m the mornings,    and    J. was always' .. , .     .   .    . ,.���������;,'        ��� i    ���
tired.    .My muscles would cramp, and  discnssi-d is thev .ntcrpiela.toi,,    s.ue   ril;a courag.' curmj.
I i\;:s nervous. ..nd the least c.\-.ertiou
f-:o mainttdn  it during  the
arc. now before them.
Thc chitv of the soldier
is rearing
an end. Soon they will return
their be.iiiis and pieparc to rcviiine
(heir phce in civilian liff. Thcy have
kept lhe f-'.i'k. I'uI tiie. obligation
still te.'l.-. I'poi. lhe people of Canada
not to briak faith with those y ho
liiwi fallen. Live; must llic;1' mem-
- ory be kept i:rc.n and fresh by our
people. Tl'iii loved de[icndent-. must
be cared fir'1 and protected as a sacred legacy left to the nation. Their
comrades returning mamicd, broken
iu heal lb, suffering from sin 11 shocic
und Ihc-mar.y d 1 abilities of war, yes,
those rcitmib'g i" bralth and strength.
aih'tsi- anvone:
to use. Dodd's Kidnev Fills
K'.hich grants each jicofde of
All   Mr.   Capuslen's    troubles ca'ue ' (al groat
from diseased l.-idney-. Thev speedily '
o'.'im il when lu1 cemmu need    to    use
the  one  sure  help   for  discard  hid
lies   -.Dodd's   Kidnev   i'ilis.
lis-   right   ('���  O'spfv
(���'  il ���
it./ in the peace con fere tire and asked:   "What do you think about ���seen-!
treaties and the league erf nations?"
"Secret   treaties,"   hc   replied,    "dc
Oxford Ts Again Glorified by   John
Murray Gibbon in His
Latest Book
.'Ml educational insiitntions of
whale; er grade, perhaps merit criticism from one or another angle. J.Uit
Oxford is again most gorgeously
justified and glorified by John Murray
Gibbon in "Drums Afar"( John Lane
Ci'.. New Vork.). Not flamboyantly
in the American fashion, but deftly,
subtly, casually. Class room work is
given but negligible mention, properly so since the Oxfordian's -4>riu-
eiple text hook is lis intercourse with
men of did'eret-t lijihringing-, circinn-
staiices, character, ideals, manners.
Civ-ford's real value lies in its social
life and. activities, and She precious
fc,- years there should be devoted to
sponi and goodfellov.ship. Al least
this is Ihe .(''.nglish view. Eccentric
Americans "dig" .nnd then capitalize
their degree at SS.000! Ful it is a
very fascinating picture of Oxford
Mr. Gibbon gives bis readers, one to
make each, long fo- th.e experience
and to appreciate the actual value of
college affiliations. Mr. Gibbon appears thoroughly familiar with Oxford, and wilh social England of the
Oxford plane. .. Also wilh Germany
along the Rhine, with Ari'.crica~-.Ne\-,
York society, Chicago business, the
tior'.aevn" woods, and with Canada. Fie
selects a grout' cl s-; or eight types,
carries (hem  through all these conn-
Germans Still Squealing
Again Appeal to U. S. for Pood nnd
Easier Terms
Washington. ��� In spite, of Secretary Lansing's emphatic admonition
that such communications must not
be addressed to the United States
alone, the German government has
sent another appeal to the American
government for modification of the
armistice terms and for food. The
receipt of thc note was with the explanation that it would not be made
public, because it did not differ from
previous appeals and was in violation
of thc decision that communications
must bc addressed to all the governments associated with the United
States in the war. While it is realized that the situation in Germany is
far from good, the persistent appeals
arc regarded here as a part of propaganda by which the authorities at
Berlin iiopc to escape thc results of
With the Fingers!    j
Says Corns Lift Out j
Without Any Pain {
��W��*'*''��"��''l"l''t"��''l-*.��"��" ���������������< ti. ���tr��.*y..����t..tMf*
Sore corns, bard corns, soft corns
or an3'- kind of a corn can shortly bc
lifted right out wilh the fingers if you
will applv directly upon the con^ a
few drops of freezonc, says a Cincinnati authorilv.
It is claimed that at small cost one
can get a quarter of an ounce of frcezone at any drug store, which is sufficient to rid one's feet of every corn
or callus without pain or soreness or
the danger of infection.
This new drug is n ether compound, and while sticky, dries the
moment it is applied and docs not inflame or even irritate thc surrounding
This announcement will interest
many women here, for it is said that
thc present high-heel foot-wear is
putting corns on practically cvery
wo.    n's feet.
In Interest of Blind Soldiers
London. ��� Sir Arthur Pearson
leaves London ou a visit to the United States aud Canada, the main objective of which is to confer with
those responsible for the care of
American soldiers blinded in tiie war
and with (he Canadian authorities'regarding the future welfare of Canadian soldiers trained at St. Dunstaii
Hostel for blind soldiers.
$1000.00 Reward Forfeited if Remedy Fails
We hope this notice will reach tht
eyes of people who are troubled witli
constipation and bowel trouble. Dc
Hamilton's Pills have been guaranteed to cure any case within thre<
days, and the above reward will b(
paid for any casp resisting this greatest of all remedies.
No prescription ever written could
surpass Dr. Hamilton's Pills of. Man-
drake and Butternut. For years thej
have been curing the most obstinate
cases of constipation, biliousness,
headaches and sour stomach. Here il
your chance to test Dr. Hamilton?i
Pills. If they fail���your money back
for thc asking. Be sure you get th��
yell 4 box, and insist on being supplied with only Dr. Hamilton's Pills
of Mandrake and Butternut, 25c at all
���'.ol concern. America.    \\'c must have'ipics ;:nel dees  Misiice lo  each  coun-
Lord Weir Says International Flying
Should Bc Organized First
London. ������ T on' Weir, minister of
air, in a speech at Manchester, said
wc now havo substantial numbers of
airplanes and scap'mes able to carry
7 of a crew nd 30 passengers, without stopping, at a speed of 100 miles
pcr h-ur. Hc suggested that big
shipping and 'her transport Organizations should actively interest
themselves in the development of
commercial aviation, and, when peace
was concluded, the state should sell
its superfluous airplanes, suitable for
conversion to commercial uses, to
private firms cheaply.
His lordship said that the air
board must reorganize. Thc first essential step of the new ministry
should be to organize international
flying. This would be involved in an
international air convention. The articles of this /ere already drafted,
and were being submitted to the allies. If they -approved the convention, an international air conference:
should bc held, and hc had.'fca&pii to
aaticipatc that within the. next fouti
or five months the principal nations
would '-avc reached an agreement on
this momentous question.
Mexican Rebels Have Slim Chance
Afe:aco City. ���-- The Mc\iian g"c-
crc.i-ieiit has sufticieid ('���oops ic the
city of Chibauhau to suppres-, any a! ���
tempt ut revoh'.'ion  (here, Cen.  Rio?,
a   hagur
bri.i-clic- ii
��� ;   ���i.'it'ft
me 1
Ashed if he thought  llu   ] ������!-i(h lit'--  hr;.i-cho- in  l!
prograis: \iOiild  itirnkb   the  ]>::<���> i  for;,,,,.  <....'"licit nt.
a la-ting pi .-.iv. Count von  Ci'-v'-li.-ll t u> ..hahc your
-di'-iigged  his  sh'H'.lder'.. , .-av, 'Vou nnif
*'Thi<: i- the only fmi   ehii h car  !���' ,c0i;   v'ill,  j '. rli.t]'
anc j,-/;  ,-;   weapon
U'l'b' I fc r ia'.iancc,
pri-.pc-cd ai prc-cnt,"   l.cad'hc
ihle   aUcuipt inust be  made t'">
<r.v.  \
dl ro:
huge ;   a I  a
not do tin.;.' tin
.be   i, ���.���!-.    ef
Ji ru
mm- i   h.avciiry ip  liis-  vuicl  p-c<;emotion    of  its j *~
lev isial ������.���<���'f.-Vtoms and pcoj'c.    O-.ct   id!,     the!
itfli-.-isry i.-'v,-ild iniisic of war plays softened by j
���ranee. The- auth  ..
--. r'lih   the good:   v=~    .-
in eiiarge o" lhe    Mexican
part'i.eut  stated,
railroad lines were  ('.!':'('
by  fulcra:  forces.
it.    At any rate, wc shall Nippon it
"When he. was ;i^kcd by the corn
I aminaUoi
n-'iM-r .ui'" ! elisuuice and tvniciv.
���ation endjev i^ hind.    Hi.  '-ec
' oy . ���.-, iirilcx or  U  not  j ood is  not     worth
"\c j iu iIk ling  about. 'Urun.s      Afar''
li". islicers  Mr.  Ciibbon  as    <rfe.cti\-c     in
<:���:���  stoiy   writing  as  Ids    foniT"--     ���. f.'d
both  foiu'c!  lo  be- d< -  "f!'_;,i:s and J-'accs."
e 1. '.-ri e lu
rniril force,
id  Cliib.  on
Kios   didared  ai' Iponeh-i
,hat attitude < !ei"i:rwv would
to bcg.ii'  I'lV.  au'.iv,  must  be accord
cd the s\mjjalhetie. consideration, at
tcntic.:!   ar.d  a.'sistanec   c.f ;<   g"aiefn!
Nor is this aU.    Our glorious da:.d
tn l'hvtidcr.V fields be  the;-.: because,
tn l:e(()ing the   fa;ti'( fiey gave  their
all  foe C'anad;..    They died that liberty  iniyht  live.    'J'hey  counted     no
sacrifice too great lhal Canada might
continue to hc glorious'v  free and independent.    They  laid    down     tlicir
lives  in   the   cause   of   frccdo:-1,   and
for Canada, i".i any isolated section
of Canada, but this v. hole, magmficc :i��.
Dominion, and in ouhr lhal throughout it?  vast  c-.panse. of  tcrrilory    it
i-hoiild ever be the    borne    of a fice
united, happy and prosperous people.
KnWrbig a ncv year, a ncv/ year cf
peace, confionlcd  with  grave    problems of reconstruction, wilh al!    thc
inevitable unrest and upheaval     following a great war, arc the people of
Canada still  prepared  to keep - faith
with their dead  in-Flanders'    fields?
If, in  t!if   year vpon  which  v.r-   now
outer, am! in tie year? to folio v.-, Unpeople  of  Canada,    individually   and
collectively,  display  a  greater  tolerance one.  It-ward  the other;  if tiicc
i* less of racial and i;ccd bitten.c-s
and prejudice manifested; it there b
a wide pre ad deshe to entourage and
develop a  grfilcr  unity    it-  national
purpose; if thee is Ics of i��di\ h'tial
and sectional selfishness aid 'no:e
an  clToit  toward:-  l'-r  lende-iiig     of
f.atriolie scribe  lo the .'^n;< ;   '    ''���-
fine M-'.rit cf sacrifice aid sci'iire e--
gendered by the v.ar is ran in', i'ti-,
the years of pcaee.; if, in a v-'-rd. the!w-1-'
torch, of freedom so  caio,o;r-!y I,< lei J '���';'"_
and    carried    by   (.ai-'.-.d-*'*    soidier>, ; ;"M
through Fla-.iitc.ts' f-clds, is s!i:i b< b'. I ���"���'������_
aloft ir. Canad;.. (i'.cn, and only thru,!  ���''���"
fchall v.e bc keeping faith v.itii t'.oscji^/'
vrho sleep viu-T tic b'ood J'd "
Vies grov.'.
Rev. Dr. Chapman l��pad
Mcrf York. -  IU;. Hi. K-. Y-.    Cl
man, noted cvaugeiist, c';ed Ice
Clirisf.'Tis dav Ji<- -,.,.<- (; e.: in' > ���
Minard's Lir.irc.ent  Cures   Garget   in
Minneapolis ihuis  Red Flag
Minn' apoli--.   -    The   city    co;n,cii
pt.ssed, by .-. vote of ?.\ to 4, an ordi-
tiance  \--liicli  f-rbids  the  public    display of "red dags," the emblem     of_      x  ,
i:d>hc\iM'i, "black  flags,'' and
!inc.mai, ju-t cut (l'i;r cables and
talc   the ni   completely.
,:'\<;  for    f-ctdi'.-.i    <>f  the  si as,  v,c
ot gi\C up oar fleet for other
\'.ive, any natii'r c-c-nstrsn-tiuj:   surrep-
iiioti'-ly a    fe\'/    subijiariues,      mignt
starve us iu no lime   1 dc- no". bel/Tvc
,'that  yoitr  preside!:',   c ^:pc". I.s     us      to
Sgi\e.  up   our  fir"!.     He  occupies
- as go <-ible thc inic gnt\ j ^t;,..;;ou j,i;t.!,   ul> ,.,, 0(i,(r  m:i:.  hae
lory, c'-.nsulting   at     the ] i,cf0,-c j,, j|;(  .a.rJ,i   .1 le is an arbitra-
O"  iiiid bis  position  in  history  rests
banner or lnsiguut liavmg upon it any
iii.ctiption tiiitage-nistic or opposed le;
tlie: government of the ("nued Stalls,
or of the state of Alinnesola. l'"our
Sociali-t aldrrrnc' voted agti'i's! I!lc
mcasur- ,
adopt inward tli   ca.M, hc replied:
"All thc qncetions concerning ti,(^ :, ( UJ,I
new stales which have, sprung up ou
tin: Russhii: from- :ire the .-'flairs of
thr allies. T ct t'u m di.-eit'agle ihiugs
as he?! ihiv (an. We wash cur haucl'-
of Kus:-;a.      W'f   are   (onteiit lo safe \tx,sc  up   our  fie"!,     lie  occupies     -i
guard as far as vo <-ible thc inle nrit\ j..: .;���,.   ,,.,.',   .,   ....  ,.ft,, ,.   i,,-..,  ?,-,,!
of  t-ltr   terr
���.:-.me   time lhc -v. ill of lhe people."
out the While Jiook \vbhl
( a'I kauls'cy i- said (o be prepariii;.
In   1'er'i". C'ouiu \e."   I'.irm-Wii-n' s.'iid
"1 don't think (l;c book v il! re veal j ..j,^ it;if.llt f)f . raions, I lu.pe that in
London  Air.   Wilson   v.ill   lay    down
i*'.a:r cl C'T'io, t'lfy oJ Tctnto,
I ( ucas   County,  es.
._ j      Fratilt  J-   Clicr.ey    raakts    ostli  li.i:., fit  ��
I ;cmr.r  (.aituct  c!  liic  firm of  b'.   )���   t;hrae>
" I & Co., uoii's htiwacss in tdc City of Toledo,
. ! l.e-.int-j   .-.'id   isL-ite" ciorc-a'.rl,    ant!  thai    sa:<i
tirni  wi!!  [>ay  llic tutu ot  OXE  ii UMJttKL*
UtU I.ARS   lor  c;:ch   anc?  ercy   esse  ol   Catarrli   tliat   cim.-io!   l-e  cnre'i!   Lv   llie   u.;e    oi
UAi.l.'t   CYiiAJUtll   Cl.'KK.
I'ltAMC J.   CliEXKY.
Sivorn to Ic'.o-e tv.c p.:iii sub.icnbcd in ray
liretciice,   t'i;��  tt'.i   day  o;   Dcrcni'fcr,   A.   u..
J Si!'.. jV  \V.  Gi.JiA.SOW.
Just a drop or two of l'utnain's
J-'ttractor on a crusty sore cora is all
you need lo take away th.e pain.
Simply wonderful how Putnam's
peels oft" a troublesome old offender.
No half-way measures cither. Putnam's is a real sure cure remedy;'
costs but a quarter in an:!' drug store.
Get   a  botttlc  today.
Admiral Realty
Wiil Tour World
i ���
\clu.ji\' o:
liie resulls cf t'li1- peace
I ccl'iTi iu c. Wii'-ther hc is able (o
!put   through  :m   effective   aril   -cork-;
li'iooc- i-t Uie Mucous  Sur
Ciii.     tre-.ui   u>r   lc-.tnnoni:tl->
aru   ItireiiKl:   I
tatco  c:   llic   t
j       r. ;. ctinsrv & to
t-old by sll etiuKi'io;?. ?.ic
Ila't's  r:.xi!y  1'iIIj  for  court'pa tion.
loicilo,   O.
individual    l esponsibilitie-. of the
T'Ci-.-on.-   \;lu'   e'ire: led     Germany    iu
19M.    It   wiil   rr.lb.T   since-   the.   co!
Jccli-, e faulls  of the" '-leiine.
"i do not    fa-coe    I^anding e - er the
Pills-That Have Benefited Thmus-j l;[],cl. _t,% lhr   ..,Hl<,     a ,.r>vt.n:.,., ;.
ands.���Known far and near as a sure.'' '                  ., ,    ,      ,, '    . ..
remedy  in  thc  tuatmenf  of  indiges . | '^'- tc^C'^UU- for the poic rimer.,
tion  and all    deraugcmenls    of    the  -
ScrAS rmsui��e/h,$Zre.: i Mounted" Police Organization
lief lo thousands when other specifics! 	
havc f.dh-d.      Innumerable testimon-1 p-OIXC.  will Be    Recruited    Up    To
ials can be produced to establish, the; Strength of 3,200
;.lj |     Ottawa. ���  - The hcacie|uartt ;> of the
lhe i new   jiiott'i'.ed   police   force" in   Alaui-
the  law
deorge  and
hitr. tba
.    I.
v  -met
bave   -ach  :
Extra Pay for Entering Sub-Infested
Waters to Be Discontinued
Washington. ��� Bonuses     allowed
.for entering thc    once submarine-in- -.
fested Avatcrs of llurope will be discontinued after Dec. 22, thc shipping
board announced.
Licensed deck" and "engineer oflicers, however, will receive the extra
pay until Jan.'1, unless in the" meantime thc wage adjustment committee
of the board shall establish new
wages for thcin.
Allowances heretofore made to all
members of ship companies, except
licensed officers to cover loss of effects as the result of submarine activities will be discontinued in the
cases of all men signing ships" articles on aud after Dec. 22.   ���
truth of this assertion.      Once  t'ied
they   will   bc:   found   supfiior   to
other  pill-j  in   the.  treatment  of
aihnc-:','- !���"��� vb'<-b the ��' aic  yer
Did Kissski Finance
German Revolution ?
lob:, will be WimmP'
has bee;  reachid.
Headquarters    if    sot
!.a!< 1c vai   wiM  la   begin;
Feeling in Commercial Quarters Han
Become Vzry Ter.se
Lot-den.    - The-  LcmcIoi. �����< nv spou-
dc:t C'f    the    Mamhcstcr    fiu:-relian
���-uggesls thai 1'resident Wilson's ^\">d-
1(1(1'   dctei-Jiiiiinli'.n   (o   cc>it-(   i('   l-.'ig
Fleet to Visit Dominions After .Peace
Is Signed
London. - - It is reported that lhe
.r*?;1 r      ���/- ���    N^-r)r ,Vub!;lc;! admiralty views  favorablv  the    stig-
tjaU s Cr.u-fl'. ( r.'K 15 ja-:ni  mtriiiall]' arm | ��� "   "
gcslion-that a largc part of thc British fleet, commanded by Admiral Sir
.David llcatty, should visit the United States.
-Il  is  assert. f.  however, ,that     no
dale     r the visit bas been fixed, but
it is understood that '>* wiH '.'��� 1 '
iin mediate^ after peace has been
Subsequent!- the fleet will make a
tour of the British Dominions.
Thc war cabinet ancl thc admiralty,
on the suggestion of the minister of
the Dominions, have decided lhat
Admiral Viscount Jcllicoe. former
chief of-thc naval staff, shall visit thc
Dominions and India in February-, lo
advise thc respective authorities on
naval matters.
te-   hi.-   df-f-irc   lo   consult
Ciba Displays Red Flag
People of    Island   Concerned    Over
I (ana; a. Cr,I>.v -Two general strikes
in  Cuba  wilh a period  of 30    days,
(omplctcly lying up labor of almost
every dcseriiiiiow,    cith    demonstrations in ivhieh (lie red flag is displayed to thc  exclusion of the    national
emblem,  are   causing  serious  consideration heic about bov it is ;ill to end.
Thc question is being asked whether
Cuba is to  fall ?. victim e>f thc Bob
sb.evihi, or il .-urh leudcu'ics .\rc to
iproM'kc a.M-ther American   intcrven-
Jap Financier to Aid China
Washington. ��� Information that
Baron Sakatani, one of the leading
financiers of Japan, has been appointed financial advisor to~ the Chinese
government was received at thc state
department from Ambassador Morris'
at Tokio. Baron Sakatani, in accepting the appointment, Mr. Morris
said, gave a statement to the newspapers saying hc intends lo effect" ��
currency reform by adoption of the
gold standard, with an ultimate view
lo better trade relations between Japan and China.
the   I'-rili'di gc.vi rt'tiiinl regarding tie
iticui, or ii the- people- will come to a
Question  Ts Agitating   "Political Cir
a!.-o e on
(jUa'-ti rx
the (i( ruia.!-
;|W..   ions,!:.
(���lo.-. She
d< p"':i!ei
'.      (     (iIW'-p(.
���( ���- cdi't'OI:   1,
I llill'.
li'i;-! ci d
T'i i,ici
!(.-s; of
j,.f   ii""'
the   ge.M r..l  hi ad
-,   ('" l'-c-ftlii : ii  Sa1 ';ate bev an.
.Albcl  -.���:!! be  ibi   liead^uatt-
Sf'ttiheiii Ali.erl;,,   (,et hbridi. ( :
i- ; gili'ti'U- .j'li'itica'
tl.ai lhc-
ii.d      !;.
i '-.
I r.|r.ti(.ii !���'���:'
Sf-cial'-' ��� ' i
fj-i-ii b''.t'.s;; ���. sia
i,u,���.(;,.<-   u.     <'���
X. Vuh'-i
Ir. ic;,l
If...   I
the-" M'.c
( obi" '-;..
I!  e ���< ������
i'-i ( v :."('
���'.a.   I i.:tii(-:ilo!':
V. '���! e.:i' ' :   <      li:<
���fae :ec('. I'.: lib '"; ('
I'i ;
. ill i
-<>' >: 'i
'' <:
- . (le-pa'i .'i
J'c..'<.hi 'i!.
.. to Ri-- h.v
. of tire <���
u. v. fi r, e-r
'.(-���t ; . iei *'
;.-.- ,y..,K-y.:
1 ,    ,     ���:
h I'
ve p-e
!::���! t'
J '. 1'
���  1'
i ��� '
: ��� i.-M>ai"-'-'
��� d ti. be :
L-lph Jofi're.
i-ii.'.t've i-i
ace! Jf.igc
c JolX
tr-l-l .
Tag a-...
- Hi be i"> ich'1.
I' i. t. Kc-tl e- '
;i-f hitlc   f-a-t     C '
soiilii    Alh.-ita
L'f'OU' xy.    tX.r
of   r.-iti-l.   t "hi'
���   ai"  line  ef the
I'pi-e-   {.'o'ti-'.'-hi
;.f..-. '
( r i-'ui
-'���   c
������.   'I i '���;������  ^���;!'  !������    n<
Vi.--:!-���.'.(::  ( ���..'��� -'"-���
\>    1 be   M; :m|ii1 ;i   :'.\^
^.".'���l  .'1. ':.'  -.,11        \.i1!
"i'i tbc'i' Nfi.i.'tol..;..
i.:M ta!:e ;-- est
soi'tbe a-U 11' i.c::x..
d-ia a' d ak't-g the"
C.l'.h'. ;..- if ix fl"
ir.n hi foif tin pre luuiii- j
���e: 1 1 con fere '.ct. 'i he ; (_.
point - to iia- 1 .Vi .ice
I i-n.'i I'li-iuii - Kcr-
I ;.ul N. Mih'ke.b.' fon-u 1
cii :. liijii'.te: i-nci h :,dcr
|(.; im i o' <.t'tt th'i'.'i! 1'e I'.c.eriit--. He
i.-l-i <al!s ;.i|euti(.p te- l\etli'!.'!ao
JM..i min' by \'i-.n.;:i-t .NJiii-er, the
is: 1 t;u> 11- war, O" tnr l-'n:--!;-.;. sit-
ji ation, \.!:���':.  i'i   .-'.���;.'   v. as
i.''i'--vi-; sitaa:
ai-cs ti- I1''' 'j
i''-r;'i->l>('i' h !.'
,i:    Lc'iuU.'.   e
,' i 1 ;. ���>!.;   ai 1!
'. h'u-si::"   -i
1 ..'alii-.alion  of thc dangers thcy    arc
uu'-.ig,  a:;d call a.    halt    in    lime,
e.'i.e    C'f    lhe     ("ubai..     n^wsj'aricrs
(���.'ipi '
; i'i'.--;
I l'.:f
.���   I'll  the- labor ch-.vi-iils    liifit
ru   r'-i:::!;   tin   i cry    iudeiictiei-
of    llieir eoutilry; e-lhrr m-v.s-
-  <,U-\:   t!:i   situa-tii". as imlv
���:   :.!l':.it, ; ed evpies.- thc belief
II wi:! vo-L out all r'.'.\\.
VM. ;..- if 1.
,(���-. Xc-tbiti
���:.r: of tin   ?:
1 e
0 few days .-go. M^r May ; 'l'. : c
ftas been niMic-ator of t;c gciir.-I
BSStmbly of the. rics'-rt'.:'.,- rin.ch
i-t the United M. tcs.
'i. Mirr
���x nc (>' ���
���] bre.n iL.-fd at
c (*'   i .:..   ' c'.-r-h.'
I  -
��� .f|.  ,   '.
; intended   '<���   (.r'-pa'C   I'm
, t \ei'l..  to  eoi.'i."
,     "Rumor-    o'    : ;
;ag;ii.-.<t  Ri.:--!::     are
I the    e one ^pr.ii(:Lnt
I f- elint.',    no'    oi'iy X
' iii: 1  jr   cr.a.me vce- '   e;
1 : ' c ��� '\.c    '���. < 1     le us
I    'vn.t ���'''  ���'     i.t's:-
\<X 15"  ailit d ii.- '-e
. ..e- .        ,-; ��� 1 r,-].|u
j      \fnliic ���  (iif.ves'   V\'C"':>;   J���".>.'< riltiii;:-
jtf'   will  drive  worms   Iron:  the  s\s-
io~  tell'  v-ilttou* injury to  ll'c chile!,  bc
c.-.tsi   it.-. ai:t:c::. v. idle f.tHv  c'Tcc'ivc,
:s  mild. I
UV.iiUfd    pobCV  ;
.������o-ivbi'- daily." Foch Takes Finn Stand
I'liiii.ta ���-.    ''.\:ui      ( e.pe i.!iage:>. -���   Marshal  Foil:  has
i..!o;   e;'.;ailers   i-vu^ed   perii\'--io-;     fc-r     \corl::.;f-i's
lei-, too. h.v;'.VMi .������c.ieiic'-s'  drlcgiles  freu-i  the  oc-
(���.'���   1 i\l'cupied districts  io participate ir   ilie
Live Stock Industry Growing
]luring tlic first four  months,   of
1015, 1,421 head   of   stackers    were
shipped back lo Manitoba farms from
the Linton Stockyards   at Winnipeg.
In   ific  year  1917, during    the  same
four  months. 2,7$7 head    were     returned, while during the same period
"Jr.r l��Hc\ r.o fciccf than    4,202    head
"jwetc returned in the same    maimer.
Thus is thc development  of the cattle industry demonstrated, and competent authorities aro of the opinion
that the movement will centime    to
nsaif.lait'. litis rate of growth.
Sir Douglas Haig's Escbrt
London. ��� Sir Douglas Haig-, when
returning to England, sailed on the
Belgian hospital ship,: Jan Brcydcl,
instead of His Majesty's Ship Termagant, as previously arranged, and was
escorted by destroyers and a squadron of aeroplanes. The guard of honor at Dover consisted of seamen from
the monitors Terror and Elicbus, and
of men of thc royal light infantry.
��� '  ��� -      ' ��� .     ���    '. .a
n.c    ii"i 1 ti s : -ru ii-   (in.pr'i;d  e or,f(.' ence.   decla;
(.������. '- Itiie   fi' tr-jft'C i)<,:tsc!'r. Alhguiierp  'Aiturg.
Kochak  'Mu.-i
: ',11.1,1
c cli^r.c--!
i : C
- ride
.:-.<-.' f.i,
WfHN�� Granulated Eyelids,!,
���relieved by .Murine. Tr> itln J ;-[,���  ;.-. ,-"cep? n ������:������>/
' your Eyes aad in B��by'�� Eyf��. ;.
HK��Swrii��8.ia��tEreC��ae{Mt' '"
! 1 : '.
t' c
cr'" f a..'-/    r-
t-     Ilur-j Ji:' -e dcti--
b*om*..i��7��i>��sc- r��rlif��*^������*ij-ri��fc;.-h.iiki    *T.-i = -':rv'5   r'l'i-,!i
. t'.i r��
rr.r- Ru^.a r.-i'IjT>c
l-, JofTc'-i ��-..;;:-1-��!
'    '       ' i Pol-  f,
as dirc-'l^r of the Or:sk govern ment
r.-.d v'th v ho:r, cFo>-ts lave been
;i-adc to reconcile hi:n, has fnallv
agreed to K?ve Admiral Kc-cl.ak hi=
r-'co^riticr1. p; O". :dcd-Ad:i<ir..i j^ocliak
fierce-, tc rrtire ir. favor of   Cr-rcrp!
et.in*, [ cz'Ux.-f of i'.,z f'-'-t: Cc-3-
:, Irut':cd''-<;',Iv
Montenegro and Serbia United
,\mttrrdn��'2.   --   fr-Ci'   c:"     Mct.tc
ui--    i-:.n     re-j negro with Serbia bas been < fficially V--^ "^'l"'""!;'
dmiLl   KoJ.ak'p-ocIaimcd by lhc MoLlcncffiif .V��ip- mtI_l s .""a ��-Wic.s
c'ltina (parliam'ul) a Belgrade des
l"c.ci. :��. ;-;.'<! lo \.u\c i;,!.cn t!.;s,
s;..;i<! ;������ ;-cp!yi-:e: ['��� eji:e' !;;���;.? from'
M.iibi..s   Vr-A'erf'f. chai'pn.aT.  cf  tiie
patc.s r.nnoi;pcen.
In  rcspor.5-  {r
i.t t deaij! of R
o ������'���
if    u.   m*
-. ? -
o5 t..e I'-'-i
-���   i.mc'.;oi is   cr-  -..hirb
irctcd cf the fines cast ?.?��. \r<\. aid  by r-
!!=     r. ���]-,-     i -;.;idi:K !     ( 'I I
Nichob.3 lhat bc bad beer, dethroned
the rcusprpcr ?;���!��� ot: Pjr.'.va pab-
lisl.es ar. tf'l.I..I stalcJi.cat, ucclar-
irc   lhat     ti.e     ra-ic.-al     r.sicrr.bly.
:c: si 1
'.-.;ct    e f'ii".-,!ssic.i:.    rc-
j.j^ aliilJi'le te-v.ard ls:e -,'.ork-
Keep Your Health
iOMGin' 'tRY
Minard's Liniment
..��  -.an' raw
C-.r.crii!  S*i. to,1? as s  traite-
J-'r I ' ������- ���
l.c-!rrf.'-: th- CO
I?mf5  tf^wr
-A   r
r;,.; r(-
_'3   t-S'   CiCC
cr t!.e r co;,!c.
]X-~    by    I.Is flight
ty I. s V-a<-,r. a -.ay bis
l.'.c  r rr.Jcer. rl'  rfia-j
��� -     s'-'.-x '-'.  -il.  j
&r I'.al Cc-id fl 1i:-d f\''fS.
Ctt Well, Keep Well
Kill Ppar.kh riu
./ i:"ii��r the c��Tp r,T,r.TAUi_r__.
yi'r.KP-Ti'S J.IHIMKKT CO.,  Tti.
V��:r.oa:U ?��' ?���
Socialists Resign
I'i.tif. ���-- Nine Socialist iiicmbers
cf the chamber of deputies from the
army committee of thc chamber l>c-
caitiC Deputy Renault, president "of
the co'miiittce, refused to call upon
Premier C'lrmcnceaii for au interpretation ou <'.e::-C'i..i!i:'a'.'0!i of {he Cier-
man ;.cn ..
Albert TI:(.i:.a.c. former ininistrr of
munitions, ar.d .Pierre K'er.audel, leader of the majority Socialists, ia llic
chamber,, were among ihr-se \cI.o refused to serve longer c��i th.e eonr.-
Spain's View of France
Paris. -- Count Koinanoncs, fiie
Spanish premier, tisited the invaded
-egioa in C'ltampagne and a'so
jRIiein:?.' On I is return thc Spanish
j s*.atc.cmar 5aid tliat all Spaniards, r.ho
{would view the scenes, of desolation
fvrc.i'phl l>y the f<cr*nans, -would feel
'the ��amp itdicnation as he felt for
!(ierniir. rcr.duct ar.d the    <ame    ad-
1 :ri'r?.'.tori
��� ;rr,,;.,,-;   -t.
Our Canadian
nurses ore needed "over there"
now as never before. This ia thfl
timo to learn
how to take care
of the wounded,
the sick���or any
emergency. You
deal by obtain*
ing the "Medical
Adviser" from
your nearest
druggist, a book
of 1,000 pagea,
bound ia cloth,
terson First Aid,
Anatomy, Hygiene, Marriage,
Mother and Babo; or send 50c to Dr.
Pierce, Courtwright St., Bridgeburg, Ont.
Thousacda of women in Ccnsda Iuvs orrrcomt
tieir auSttiap. *Qd ti��ro breo cured of woman'*
ill* by Dr. Piwce'�� Favorit* Prescription. F&ict-
isg tpelts, ohili�� or crest p��io ��t recuUr or irref 1-
iar Lnt��rr*U ihuuid bf coirroted, and e-rtrf
women who ruffers from bftrkarbe. iieadaobs,
onvoiMiMes, should l��te this "FfeKription" ol
Dr. Pkrce'a. Send tea cenu for trial packan tu
Ur. Piwoo'a Invalids' Hotel. Buffalo. N. Y.. 0*
braneh, Bitdfeburs, Ont., or writ* for fraa eoo-
Weatiai medical adrvt*.
Tgrtnt*. Ont.���"A��
a toaio tad builder I
cao highly resommend
Dr. Pierco'a Farorit*
Prescription u�� tired
���nd run-down women.
1 am the toother of
pijht children and bars
freauentty had need of
aurh a tonic but did
not kcsir what to take
uctil my ��j��trr cars
ir.e mii�� of the 'Faror-
ite Preacription' whieh
���he heraell had found
to b�� cood. It m
���zactl? tha tome toy
syniw required aad
osvfcoUiediitWiMwbnifiMiae.at ( Uke pwa��are ia
teSisx otfcera. hoping that they ��'iJl fire ti>�� 'JPr��-
aoojttisia' a Ui��! and bc beavfitvd jcat ����� * ft��*
��� iT~^" JSSkS
Heals Pimples With One
Cake Soap and One
Box Ointment.
f face never free from them for two
Off three years. Were sore and often
became large and hard. Left dark, red
blotches that disfigured face. Nothing
did much good till tried Cuticura.
Helped from first application and now
dace is healed.
From signed statement of Miss
ILorena Kennedy, R. R. 1, Williams*
Sown, Ont., March 7,1917.
Use Cuticura Soap for toilet pur*
- poses," assisted by touches of Cuticura
Ointment to soothe and heal any tendency to irritation of the skin and
scalp. Byuslng these fragrant,super-
creamy emollients for all toilet purposes you may prevent many skin
nnd scalp troubles becoming serious.
For Free Sample Each by Mail address poBt-card: "Cuticura, Dept.A,
jBoston, U. S. A."   Sold everywhere.
A New Nation
Has Risen
Plain ThingsToSay
| And President Wilson Wants to Say
Paris. ������ After lhe conference he
has had in Paris and the personal examination he bas made into, thc situation here, President Wilson has come
to understand fully why thc peace
conference cannot get under way before the first of the year The mere
task of getting thc Ami .an mission
to the'conference settlev n its offices
is a tremendous job. It might almost bc compared to thc task of
shifting the contents of a building
housing one of the great emergency
Portugal May Have Revolution
President Was Assassinated for Suppressed Liberty
Tatis. - Thc assassination of the
Portuguese president seems to have
fcecn inspired by the republican party
whicli charged Dr. Pacs with exercising a reactionary dictatorship and
suppressing liberty.     ���
Thcy declare lhat since hc came into, power more than 5,000 republicans
bave been arrested and still remain iu
prison,-, including numerous distinguished officers and civilians. Thcy
add that llic present situation in Portugal is little belter than anarchy and
���' predict a republican revolution in thc
Bear future.
Out of the Welter of War Comes a
Force That Demands Higher
Toronto. ��� "There is a new nation.
In it arc British and Americans,
French and Belgians, even Redskins
land Japanese. They do not live in
their own countries; you will find
them all in France. It is thc nation
of the Gentlemen of France, and you
will find them lying under the forests
of white crosses, in shell holes, in
buried dugouts, and sometimes thcy
don't lie anywhere. If ever we forget, if ever we let selfishness creep
back, thc Gentlemen of France, rising wearily, will come back lo rc-
fight thc battles we hadn't thc sense
to keep when they'd won."
So said Lieut. Coningby Dawson,
the ivcll-known author, when addressing thc Canadian club. Licttt.,
Dawson. who is well-known in i
'British Columbia, and who has
(loin: much literary work for tlie
Biitish government, has been wounded several timr-* while serving at the
"lhcrc arc st vcti and a half million
uira coming back to Great Pritaiu,
who arc not afraid," be said. ".Men
who arc not afraid ate going to do
more for the revolution of righteousness that! Cromwell's Ironsides. We
have, to be very careful. These chaps
who are willing to die for vou won't I"'cscnl!llK" P��Hic opinion,iu
and France,    the   president
When a mother detects from the
writhings and fretting of a child that
worms are troubling it, she can procure no better remedy than Miller's
Worm Powders, which arc guaranteed
to totally expel worms from die system.    Thcy may cause vomiting, but     _	
this need cause no anxiety, because it,f       ��� \ . .**������������ T	
is but a     manifestation     of     their'fcu "shlcousncss for
thorough work.   No worms can long
exist whc'i'c"-these Powders arc used.
A Negro's Appeal
Negro troopers, were going overacts when a storm'hit' their transport. Most of ������ thcJnr came from the
cotton fields and were afraid of. the
sea. One great dusky fellow vvris so
frightened that down on his knees he
went and this was his prayer:   .
"Good Lord. I knows when there's i
so much a-doing in.the heavens you
haven't got no lime to attend personally to a pore, nigger's prayer, but
"I do wish, you'd send down the swif-
est angel for lo call these here waves
io attention."
want to do your chores. Wc havc got
to keep our ideals more pure in peace
time than when wc were trying to
lick the Hun. 1 think there arc only
a few men who have not learned to
bc 'white' over there, and thc boys
will continue to play the game when
thcy comc back. It is up to the"
peace world to sec that thcy havc
ideals, not merely that wcrc- worth
dying for but that which is harder-
worth living for.
"You Canadians know what your
country did in this war. Just as you
Canadians wcrc the troops over there,
now. you should bc the storm troops
ideals iit thc
war organizations in    America    and
setting it tip in a new place.
Meanwhile,    tlic    informal  conferences    which mean so much and decide   so  much  in  laying   lhc  groundwork for such a task as is before the I
peace   conference,    will    continue to]
make    progress.      The    president  i.-> i
seeking  to  gel  acquainted   with     the
men wilh whom be. is lo deal, so that
he may discuss with the greatest freedom the  problems    arising    .".nd    develop    the     value    of   the    pi-ruma!
From tin- prcsiih ul'.s point of vi- ..;���:,
it is indicated, there arc plain 'things
to be said, and he wants lo say then
and avoid antagonism, because, ;b
spite all the. points to be den ml up,
and upon which wide divergences-of
opinion have been expressed    as   : c ���
is confident that    au    acceptable  agreement
Will Consider \
French Plan'
Principle of Society of Nations Will
Be Brought Before Peace
Paris. ��� Baron B'Eslournellcs do
Constant gave the Associated Prcsd
thc French plan for bringing about
a society of nations, which thc baron
and Senator Leon Bourgeois, formerly French premier, presented to Premier Clemenceau a, few days ago. Thc
French premier <cvc assurances that
thc principle of the society of nations would be brought 'before the
Peace delegates.
Explaining the. details of thc plan
presented to Premie; Clcuicr'.ccait.
Count D'Esto. /nclles dc Constant
said lo the Associated Press:
"The essentials of thc plan ::x :
"First, compulsory arbitration  without  limitation ' or    cireplio;:.      '.litis
(leave.-, mil the oh! c\< cMion of questions h'volviuj..     i!;'.'i-.'"'i.  loia-r    aud!
dignitv. j
.    ..    i
imilaiiiM.   ui   ; :i";n'
' -.l;;b!isbi!'(-u!      '
minis! I'Mioi:   oi   tbi
i\'i-iiiuhitiofi of i'.c
diii'i'isiralir'-  I'.'-'l
proecd !i:'C
Troops Return via Panama Canal
London. -- Canadian headquarters
state that liritish Columbia troops
will yo borne \ ia the Panama Canal.
Si-vi'.'-id thousand soldiers will, therefore, reach home without: nd! '.ravel
aci'os  < ::T:-1<I:..
���..'  i till; I e;-
��� rerf
will be reached before l!
ference adjourns.
ie pcaci   emi ���
University of Toronto Has  Plan  to
Fit Men for University
/Toronto. ��� The authorities of the
University of Toronto have..now dcfi-1':u,di"g in Great Britain is concerned.
U. S. Cannot Control Cable
Britain Declines to Allow  American
Postmaster General to Invade
New York. -- Thc British government has notified the" Commercial
Cable company that it may assist the
Western Union Telegraph company
in thc handling of cable traffic from.
Great Britain, while the Jailer's service is interrupted, "only on condition
that.no control be exercised from
America," according to a statement
issued here by \V. J. Dccgan, secretary of thc McKay companies.
"This means," Mr. Dccgan said,
"that the cable companies must
ignore any instructions from Mr.
Burleson or his representatives, in so
far as  the operation    of the    cables
sitcly decided to open a.special school
<tf instruction for soldiers,- who havc
��ot as yet reached their matriculation standing. This, special' class will
foe opened in February.
^President Falconer says the scheme
h to-fit" the men who comc back to
���ehtcr the university as "soon as possible. Tt would be very. difficult, he
declared, for such men to go back
to" high' schools and collegiate institutes and be in-llic "same class with
junior.'pupils'.". ' "
/ The schools will bc continued this
.cummer, and it is tipped that, by the
opening of the university next October many of thc students .will be
iin a position lo enter upon their varsity career.
Would Abolish Titles ���
���"' Munich. ��� Thc new Wurtcmbergcr
'.government, says a Stuttgart despatch, proposes to abolish nobility,
titles and powers.
This message knocks  Mr. Burleson's
cable control 'higher than a kite.'
Thc British government refuses and
rightly refuses, to allow the Amcri-
c n postmaster general lo invade
Great Britain just as the American
government would object lo any attempt of-the British postmaster general to dictate the operation of the
American ends of thc cables.
The Popular
People of cul-ture.
taste and refinement are keen for
health, simplicity
and contentment.
Thousands of these
people choose the
cereal drink
as then: table beverage in place of
tea or coffee.   *
W,     N.     V.     1244
Oldest Flag in Existence
2,000 Years Since    Jewish    Emblem
Was Displayed
Ilorbart, Tas.���A 'unique event jn
thc history of Australian Jewry has
been the celebration of thc jubilee of
tltc Hobart Synagogue, and the Jewish flag was llowjti for thc first lime
in Australia. Rabbi.Morris announced that the Jewish/flag had been flown
from the Tower of David at Jerusalem by courtesy of the British government, which has promised to restore their country, to the Jews.,Tbis
is said to be the first occasion, that
lhc Jewish flag has appeared, for
2,000 years, yet it is lhc oldest in existence. Tt has-been expunged from
thc. gazetteer of national flags, and
its design is preserved only iu Jewish
writings   -.
Europe Asks For Meat'
Secretary of the Chicago Live Stock
Show Calls for New Policy
"I sec a real danger," paid JJ. Af.
Ilcide. secretary of jhc JnlcrnalioiK.l
Live Slock Show. "Farmers' throughout the country havc been working
to raise grains. Thcy have neglected
lhcir catllc. Nov. tbcv pav the penalty.
"Furopc I�� a4.iug for '.-.cat, :.nd
will continue to do so for a considerable time. Sonth Amcric.v.i cattle
brcedi r.- have- Io-t slock tluou.gh foot
and mouth cli^c.-..-...-- uml droiig'i'
big dtmand foi hoc." products is ;,;
pror.i !.iii{. --hoi.- Mill h 1-,  s^ti^icd!
"The. only u.mody i- fii>- f.i-i   < ���-., . '
once   lo   li'"i>   ilicb-   vnergb...   (,.   r-.i--
ing more  cattle.      'i!n.n-    J-    ,-;������;���
grain  to ffed  Urn.', am! SranM'Oit;.
tion facilities will probably be   adequate for all immediate needs,"
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
V       .
Canadian Butter Helped to Maintain
Small Ration
Ottawa. ���- Right Hon. T. R. Ciync's,
food controller of Great Britain, bas
sent to Sir Robert Borden, prime
minister, a letter in which lie cypresses Great Britain's appreciation of
tlic assistance rendered by Canada
last September iu rorninandccrin;
butler for consumption oversets,
when tbe situation, was most critical.
Mr. Clyrics' letter is as follows:
"Dear Sir Robert Borden:
My attention bas been drawn to
thc action recently taken by tltc Canada food board in commandeering
butter for this country. I am titfotm-
cd by the .bullet: section of thc ministry that without the butter which.
Canada..supplies in this way, the butter ration, which, as you are aware,
is now only one ounce per he.id per
wee'k, might havc had to be discontinued for a time. Wc wcrc faced
early in September with tlie possibility of a serious shcv.tagc of supplies.
Our immediate difficulty arose tnai'n-
.Iy through lack of. freight on thc
Australasian route, which made us
almost entirely dependent for th?
time being upon North American
supplies. Jt was. in these circumstances that Ave appealed to Canada to
help us. to maintain our small ration,
10 which appeal Canada responded
by requisitioning the whole make of
ccatricry butter in certain provinces
for several weeks. Tlic requisitioning
of-.litis butter and its shipment'' to
Great Britain wcrc earned out with
remarkable expedition.
"Wc arc very jrafeful, indeed, both
to the offic'.ls who dealt will- tlie
matter.and to llic consuming population in Canada, 'for this timely assistance : t: the most critical period in
the rru.rtcr. of butter supplies which
wc havc ex; rienecd during thc war,
and I 'should lie glad if you would
kindly convey to tbe Canadian people
au expression of our-appreciation"' ol
the sacrifice made by them on-<>nr behalf in onr time of need.
Yours very truly,
'.".''-.. (Sg<i:> ��� j. r. c:r.\;.NFS;:
Fight Cereal Smuts
Agriculturists in Minnesota Combine
to Launch Campaign
"'Minneapolis'.'���-:-. riant .'pathologists
of .America ..will launch an extensive
campaign against cereal stunts in at
least twelve of lhe "principal ��� grain
growing regions of thc .continent during the next winter and 5-prihg wheal
seasons. A decision, to., litis, effect
was reached here by the planl. doctors in conference at lhc Usmcrsily
of Minnesota farm.
Ftpc rim cuts - !o dcU .mine; the
cause and methods of preventing
smut have been made for more than
a year in twenty-five stales. With
data thus obtained at their command
'"Seeotid,  I
"Third,   ti-
| < ouncil o:  ..i
lions  fur the
I liTiiatioii.-il  ,-���.
I national  1;.\
!     ''I'ourtl',   ill-:     fpt.'iratio:.
li-    '������'  f'-r    ;n:'.!.iiig    c-fl'ecliv'
ctMims of    the    society    of
' 'auctions' is a diplomatic c
meaning   the  various  steps   for
force-incut  of lit': compliance.
arc four-fold: " |
"First, diplomatic sanction, the so-!
ciely of nations shall break diploma-:
tic relations witb any recalcitrant na-1
lion, and give his pas-norls fo the;
embassador or minister representing'
that nation.
"Second, judicial sanction, whereby
the courts of all countries will be
closed lo a recalcitrant nation. It
will    thus    practically be quarantined
It Freed Me
Of Headaches"
' 1; S.
This fs  What   Many   Thousands   of
People Write About Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food���Not Merc Relief, But Lasting
i.'iiaa', ist.   A'ln.
hiiiiian   system
, Jan.   1.--Wlien  lhe
gets   run  down,
the pale of civili-
and placed outside
i:cd states.
"Third, economic sanction whereby
the economic means of all nations
shall be directed against any i
trant slate. This economic weapon
of thc united nations, will be a great
power in isolathig any offending nation, cutting off its foodstuffs, its raw
mater' 's, when it acts in defiance ol
thc. society of nations
"Fourth, mili'iry sanction-'-this is
the last sanction by whicli the joint
nations would    undertake:    to enforce
blood thin and. tlic nerves exhausted,
one of the iitosl constant and distres-
shv.'- symptoms is headache. There
is always a teniplation lo usc strong
drugs to case the pain, but such relief is only tc iporary, and is obtained at enoinKui.-. expense to the nervous system, ana i'^ headaches-return   with  increased violence.
Rent cure is only obtained when
the vigor of lhc nervous system is
restored by such treatment as Dr.
Chase's  Nerve  Food.
Mr. Rene Rage, CUaitvin, Alia.,
"I have used 'Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food, with splendid results. Some
little time ago 1 seemed to lose my
appetite, aud suffered from frequent
headaches. A treatment of thc Nerve
Food soon put me on my feet again.
against anv reca'ci- i11 helped my appetite, freed me from
'"     " " "     j headaches,   and.    restored my health.
j .1 feel like a new man now, and
think Dr. Chase's Nerve Food the
greatest remedv- ever known.- I also
have to thank Dr. Chase's Ointment
for a speedy cure, of barber's itch.
I have used it for pimples and burns,
Certified to by T.egcr JL Roy, T.F.,
Chauvin. Aha.
Mrs. C. II. Cl'.i-isi'of/c.-, Greenbrier,
Sask., writes:
"i.t ; a pleasure to mc lo write
you in praise of Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food... I suffered for over twenty
, ,. .-   ..    , .���.���        .       ,     ..years    from   rheumatism,    neuralgia,
delicate, of au the questions involved Vio]cTlt jicatjacllcs :ind .palpitation of
'in creating thc   ocicly of tiatior..?.'       1 ilie heart."   My back ached,    I could
and. /as always tired and
i had taken a great manv
Loyal To Britain
Editor Says India Prefers to Remain!
Within the Empire
Ncw York. ��� That thc people of
India have determined to remain under the sovereignty of the British
empire was the declaration made by
Kustom Rustomjee, formerly editor
of the Oriental Review, of Bombay,
India, ia an address at the twenty-
third street branch of the Y.M.C.A.,
in which he attacked Oswald Garrison Villard, editor of the Nation, for
having advocated the immediate application of the principle of self-determination in thc government of India at a recent dinner of the India
Home Rule League of America.
"I do not know how much time
Mr. Villard has spent iu my country,
or how deeply hc has delved in the
lore of the ancient and modern history of India," said Air. Rustomjee.
"I do, however, know that hc wrote
a book entitled 'Germany Embattled,'
in which he praised the greatest
criminal the world has produced.
"Thc principle of self-determination is a fascinating ideal, but like
all other ideals, it is capable of various interpretations and limitations.
If self-determination mcans the opin-j
ion of the people of thc country who|
are capable of giving their judgment
of lhe method of government, then
I say that we in India havc sclf-dc-
theitcrmincd to remain under the rule of
Great Britain.
"For if we had not sc self-determined when thc war broke out and
when India was denuded of all British troops, the people would at least
have tried to shake off the so-called
yoke of Great Britain," he continued,
"but instead of aggravating thc military situation ef England and trying
to renounce our allegiance to thc
British crown, w-e wcrc the first in
thc field to offer our men and our
money iu defence of the British empire."
Give   way   before the penetrating effects of Sloan's
So do those rheumatic twinges and
the loin-aches of lumbago, the nerve-
inflammation of neuritis, the wry neck;
the joint wrench, the ligament sprain,
the muscle strain, and the throbbing
The ease of applying, the quickness
of relief, the positive results, th��
cleanliness, and the economy of
Sloan's Liniment make it universally
preferred.   Made in Canada.
1^        PvaJurt.:X -.
30c.    60c.   $1 JO
ob: rvance
society of
sanction ;;
of    the decisions of tl
nations.     Tbis  military
thc    most difficult     and
| or write Lyman-Knox Co., Montreal, P.Q. Prle��6Sc.
Enraptured With Views
not  sleci
uic.'..ciiii-s of. one kind and .another,
but never got anything to help me
until 1 used Dr. ("base's Nerve Food.
This did ir.c: more good than all the
medicine? I ever look, aud I cannot
say enough iu.praise of it."
This letter is endorsed by. Mr.. J. C.
hick,,    '(.'bstniaslcr-��� at    Greenbrier,
Swiss Traveller Thrills Over
Scenery and Climate
On  lhat  beautiful  boat, trip    froni
Victoria to Yanco ver, I'.C, a Swiss
traveller  enraptured   over  thc   views.
Ii: w��s obtaining, remarked: "I have j ���>a,s;';-  ....       .   ���-       : ...     ,   ���.       ,
... i ,i ii      Dr.-t.h;.si s Kc,-\c i'oou, sOc a Ijok,
travelled pretty much over the world ;a f,lH lrcStfncilt of.f, boxes, for $2.75,
and throughout my country���and no j at all dealers, or Ednianson, Bates &
one who has been in Switzerland'ivil! .'Go.. I.iniitcih   Toronto.    Do not   bc
dispute the beauty of thc Alps���Lul   l^ked  into    accepting a    substitute
for sheer l.-iasrnifiecncc, for Nature
rim riot in chaotic splendor. I have
never witnessed Jinything so inspiring as this, nor set in sue!; a genial
As winter vacation resorts, offering
every manner -f outdoor and indoor
recreation, few, if any, cities on this
continent car. equal Vancouver or
Delightful -bungalows may be rented' reasonable, or accommodation may
be had either in the Jlotcl -Vancouver
of that city, or. the.Empress Hotc
Victoria,  two  of  tlic   largest,    fii
:ous' on.'
a ts appoint
the scientists
it out.
Wbcr.l   r,.;.:
is  thi-   -,
will c 11 dcai o v to v, ipc
i ��� :a~i c'
j *!..'���:
I     1  ,'. ;':    \
.. ' ;;<��� Per:' cxtrcmeiy
ye:-.i. i'.c scientists c!c-
tl'v.y oi-thncil a pro-
i ��� pt i'uh utaiior. 'I heir
V.--;    v ill    bc    i.aittd to
J a.!'.
, ���   .! ������
t.ile dele
thr  problem
, oik -���-:!! bc
German Ships Commandeered
Paris. ��� Le-Matin states that Admiral Amet, French high commissioner in Constantinople, has commandeered the German ships in Turkish harbors for the purpose of removing a number of Germans - nnd
Austrians who have caused trouble
in Turkey. Thcy will bc taken tc.
France and i"te:r.cd until f-'-ace 1=
France Wants to Buy
France, at thc end of the war, finds
herself with 2,_360.000 lcs3 cattle, 2,-
258,000 less sheep, and 2.815,000 less
pig* titan in 1914. She will be glad
to bay pork and hog products in
Canada ns soon as financial Lrrcnge-
ments as to credit in Canada can bc
arranged- Canadian breeding c.dlL
also are wanted. Carr.dr. lVtL. i-:-.\
country upon v,I:c=>r c.t'h. 1 r.r,,
i doc not *-iaint.-t;-; :-. cmbnrg.i.
and best appointed hosieries cither
in Canada or the United -'States..' j
Thrilling scenery and comfortable!
travel.through the Canadian Uockie?
is afforded by the trip oyer lhc P.:ai;i
line of the Canadian Pacific -'Kail-
way, with stop-over privileges at
Danfl. Two first-class trains -operate,
daily on this system with a service
and equipment par excellence. Consult any Cauadiiiis. Pacific, rcprcsci;kith c, who'will be glad lo tcU'yoti all
about it.
Minard's Liniment Cures, Colds, etc.
Canadians Aided
At St. Lucia Also
British Government Thanks Garrison
Sent From Dominion
Oltav.a. -- The following cablegram from Rt. Hon. Walter T ong.
r.rilish sccrclary of state for the colonics, has been received, here:
"No-w that the withdrawal of thc
Canadian gatii<o:.i from St. I.ucia has
been decided upon, thc lord copi-
missii'i-icrs of the admiralty and lite
army council \\i.-h to express
M'prcciation of lhc se; vices of
Canadian ifee*. cnploycd. to
fiis Majesly*- sbii - ;-nd thr
r-r.iii.e arc ii.ck'>lcc! fur th.e seise c
security vi ;ch t'u- c'.efon~c of
Castries has g:-, c . C.-' '������ i .���'
of hostilities. '
Huns Return -Plunder'
l.':.i-is. ���     Thc  Germans 'have .' 'rc-
.irned  slocks  taken  from tlic banks
i ��� Northern  France, amounting    'ap-
roximately to CX'OO.OOO.OOO francs.
Several safes.'weighing from five to
even-Ion's'each, which thc   Germans
ididn't open anc!   arc. now in Brussels,
[.ivill.be brought  back   shortly to Va2-
't nc.icnrics..
;    Watts ;ire unsightly blemishes, nnd
'! corn's .are' painful   growth;;.       Holto-
j ivav.V Cor.i  Cure  will   rc.iovc   thcin.-
Playing Traitor to Bohemia
Austrians Try to Deceive Peace Conference by Lies
Washington. ��� Charles Pcrger, diplomatic representative here of Bohemia, made public a statement from
the government, charging that at lhe
very moment Vienna was begging for
and receiving coal from Bohemia, the
information given was furnishing
arms to hostile enemies.
"The accusation that we failed to
furnish Vienna with coal is designed
to compromise us in thc eyes of lhc
entente," says the statement, "but the
government making thc charge is also urging the Germans to occupy thc
coal mines at Dux and Teblitz, in
order to prevent us from using the
mines and to create difficulties. The
German propaganda against us is thc
familiar one of falsehood.
"The Magyar attitude docs not differ from that of the Germans. In
Slovakia, thcy committed terrible
crimes. But on December 3 thc allies
ordered "theni immediately to evacuate Slovakia."
Should Help Russia's Coast Districts
London. ��� Limited intervention in
Russia and military assistance only
in those districts .where genuine democracy has been established, is
urged, by the Chronicle in a special
Thc Chronicle declared   that    the
International Air Rules Made
London. ��� The British air board
has drafted articles for an international air convention which will bi
submitted to the allies, it was ao��
nounccd by Lord Weir, secretary ol
state for the air forces. The draft il -
accompanied with thc suggestion thai
an international air conference ba
Denmark's Bacon Trade
Before thc war Denmark used to
send Great Britain 2,300,000 hundredweight of bacon pcr year. Today Denmark is herself short of 1,873,000
pigs. And her great hungry neighbor, Germany, is short 19.306.000
pigs. Britain will have to look elsewhere for the bacon Denmark used
to supply, and here is where Canada
will find a permanent trade opportunity with the mother country of no
mean proportions.
Was Pulled  Through
Ilrs. H. Mcu-bury, 325 Seaton St.,
Toronto, Ont., writes:���"I havc used
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills and
found them to bc of great benefit to
mc, in fact, 1 consider thcy saved my
life, nnd.'I. havc told many of m/
neighbors about them.
"Two years ago last November I
was in poor health. The doctor ^said
it was change of life, as I was over
forty 3rcars old, and that I would
have to be very careful of myself.
Shortly after that I received an awful
shock lhat nearly killed me. Thc doctor my husband sent for said 1 would
soon bc all right, and sent up some
medicine, but it only seemed to increase the trouble. I was then taken
to the hospital. The doctors examined mc, but could not understand my
case. ���   ���.   ���
Then thcy sent for a specialist, as
thcy began to think it was my minct
When the specialist came he waa
baffled, for I answered his questions
" :cu_
An Orange Invasion
Thc orange invr.dcd Europe frcrc
Africa aI)PUt lhc yesr 1Q&-, l* r^
not known in England till the sixteenth century, and was first planted
in Australia in 1/83,
Will Buddhism Die Out?
Dr. Danjo Ebina. a leading Jipsn-
>- = �� Christian pastor at Tokio, pi's-
>',. \~ t'iat B'.tddhisr:-. will die out when
.:,:b; ..\v.- r.-ut imperialism are sbol-
i-'i. d.      -.it- ( ",-'->i..r.ily will fcecomt
"'��� .ii.:: ti !'���v  '.'.psncsr,
Bulgars Fired on Greek Troops
.-Alliens. --- Bulgarian troops fired ott
the Greek.-pC''sts"near Troussova and
ivoi'mdod-three Greek soldiers, according to an official. despatch from
Greek Macedonia-. Thc Greeks, the
message .adds,- theu attacked and captured two Bulgarian--"posts. Several
Bulgarian soldiers were killed, the
Bulgarians retired toward the.slopes
.of-.Mont. Bc.lcs.   ..';':
German Constitution Similar to U.S.
.Berlin. ������-��� The' constitution for the
German republic, 'drawn- np by a co:u-
RiilUc headed by Hugo von Brass,
secretary of the.interior, follow closely the general-'plan of the American
constitution, it was :nu:ou!iccd.
The cer.CaJ and state governments
will bear exactly the same relationship to each ether r.s oblaius in the
United States. The ('resident's powers v. ill be somewhat iiiore restricted
than those of tiie Auicrican executive
The legislative body will bc composed
of i.n equal number of representatives
from, all the proposed 14 states.
Union, of German Austria with B'a-
\aria is planned in the outline of the
supplementary progrrm r.'.b'nilted by
lti-:-r  k"1 P-atockl
fullest economic help should be given j ^-i "ght.    Every day  I  vvas getting
'wcruccr, and when my husband came
he could sec that I was going, as I
to the frontier and coast districts.-It-
asked that'passports and news restrictions be removed in order that
trade and political ..information--.may
bc exchanged with Russia. Thc
Chronicle is Premier Lloyd George's
personal organ.
Jewish Scholars on Strike
Toronto. ��� Fifty Jewish schoolboys went on strike until their teacher withdraws the statement they, say
she made, that Jews are slackers.
Asthma .Victims, The mail or woman subject to asthma is indeed a
victim. What can be more terrifying than to suddenly bc 'seized.-with
paroxysms of choking which'seem to
fairly^ threaten the existence of- life
itself? From such a condition Dr. J.
D. Kcllogg's Asthma Remedy ha?
brought"many to completely restored
health and happiness. It is .'-.known
and "prized in.every section of thi?
broad land.....'
President of Slovakia Takes Oath
Prague. -- Prof. T. G,   Masaryrk,
president .of������ the Czccho-Siovak    republic, look.the oath of office a.= v--es-
ident in the Diet building:.
President Masarytk, who reached
here from, America by way of Paris,
was. presented on his arrival with an
address.by Premier Kramarz in the
names of the.first free.government of
the Ciiccho-Siovak state. The president's oath.'oa nspti':i:ing office vas
as follows:
: "I promise as president of the
Czecko-Slovak state on rny honor
and conscience' that I will, care fo?
the welfare of the republic ard" its
people a-id Tespcct :its.!aw?i". :'7-
could read his thoughts,.' but said
Ncj:t da3* a friend came with "a cab
and took me to their home. They
got a box. of Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills. I started taking them
and began to get better, and at the
end of two weeks,- I could walk
around thc room. I am now well
and able to do my own work."
Price 50c a bos at aii dealers or
mailed direct on receipt of price bf
The H. Milbum Bo.., Limited. Toronto. Ont.
Mounted. Police in Manitoba
Winnipeg. ��� Manitoba is to have a
strong detachment of the Royal
Northwest Mounted Police, according
to advices received by thc provincial
government "from thc acting federal
premier, Tien. Newton W. RowcIL
The-headquarters, of . the Manitoba
detachment wi:1 bc located at Pran-
don, it is announced.'..
The advices from Ottawa state that
a force of 1,200 men of tiie mounted
police tre to be located west of the
Great Lakes and that Manitoba's proportion is to be 200.
When crdtrlag goods by mail, tend a Do*
C7i'"ii>n  Expresa Mrmey Order.
itart a Club Ja your town, where tha
Toung people can
caehcr. Wo bmU
���Ball Ut>le�� (of
boats, anil l*rj-
er ones for pub-
tic room*. Equipment {ret Writ*
u�� it once lot
tu'.' particular!.
lOJ-tW AdeiUde  8��.   V7��  Toronto
Finish Your Stock 7
.- ��� Uncertainty ar:to.-the market; ivhen
the arrr.isticc: was. declared led tttany'
slock nicrt. forthrow b]�� .=*cc!j' 03 the
^^!tt."ii:;ii!?licd.3n llie.'cliort.io'.iiirr-.
his "aniraaig..into r.iorXcy before'prices
went '.down.:-.^ It.-.v?s. a poor -policy es
5Ventir.h5.ye----'ijiown;;';'--:Ther.e- has been
n.b .decline'i'n./th.e price';except'..v-.hen j
quaiity and'iflr.ish;.w'er'; 'ir.fcrtor,vThei
export -'ckrr.ar.d .regain?.J'rady.XX
���r��a��iaar������,cu*���� canonic irutiui urn noo*
m mat ���' "-
' " ~ "       ' OwdiaKrta.li
ftotpitala triih
����a, LOM noo*
rta*. aivasr. ��L*o��e��. ��icusib. bloob rcist*
Ltta. trrxii ������. oEuaawravr i"j; H, rcti �� cii
�� ��� ��� ����������������. Wi ."������ -'��� *^JU iZCZ "* **" * " r****
if_^Coikir��aaroc*RtrKi^maa'i>. LosDoa. ^a*
nTaatc-oaAaiaR*��m.tm>roavoy ttar to itxg
run t��*���� u*cec�� won 'fftumn a nt
.Vfrs.mwr a��ru��o w tu wxvj���� *�����**��
Xxi'XXiX'iX^ovitry'": ';X:
:Jie-rr\VcIl, you    were    ::o    *p
ict.icken when yen married me.
-"'  Sii<--rrs;<dce'd not, ���'   I   r&i a
XX'iXX-....}-(r'=r-i> -\Vfcklv-...
f%* Crept B**t(* Anrte
T**n ��s4 tvHcwatM tho wkois
Mrrww*7ttcai>H��lcMMw 3b*4
U, ��t4, Ttii*.- ��art* f>ert��s$ ���THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
Is ��2 a year strictly in  advance,   pr ��2.50
whcu nol paid for three mouths.    If not
y.iid for uutil tho end of the year it is ��3
j\ is always ��2.50  a'year to  the  United
.States in advance.
Editor and Financier-
Hnciiient  Co-Owner Notices {25.09
..! and Oil  Notices     7 00
ay Xotices 3.00
"s of Thanks       1.00
licate of Improvement  12.50
cro more, than one claim ap-
s w notice, $5.00 for each ad-
i::il claim.)
..1 oilier legal advertising, 12 cents a
..- inst insertion, and 8 cents a line for
X   subsequenti   insertion,    nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
t hat the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
History of Greenwood
Twent-two years ago in 1S96,
Colonel John "Weir, F. L. Uuder-
wcofi nnd James F. Tichenor, all
ot iN'ew York, associated theni-
s(.d\ es under the title of The Boun-
\Xiiy Mines Syndicate and bonded
a number of claims inDthe Boundary uistrict. Among theui was the
."Mother Lode upon which development, waa commenced in Sept.,
Jb'Jo, under the direction of Frederic Keller, now practicing his profession as consulting engineer and
geologist in this city. All work
was done by hand until March,
1S03, when the British Columbia
Copper Co., Ltd., was organized to
take over the assets of the original
syndicate. A steam compressor
plant'was hauled in from Marcus,
Wash., installed in June of the
Fame year, aud opening of the mine
for ore extraction commenced.
A two-compartment shaft was
punk to the 220-foot level and
drifts run on the 200-foofe level.
The work developed a very large
and continuous body of copper ore
and in 1S99 it was decided to construct a smelter forthwith. Woik
commenced in the fall of the same
year, with the late Paul .Johnson
���'ns dfsiguer and superintendent.
Only one furnace���42 by 150 inches
ac the tuyeres���was installed, at
first, it capacity being approximately 300 tons daily. . It was blown
in on February 17, 1902. Meanwhile development was continued
in the Mother Lode mine, a glory-
hole system of mining was laid out
:x..A the shaft extended. A 25-
1 steam-driven, compound, coning Corliss compressor was in-
- ;*���(!, together with largo hoist-
cngine-and other  machinery.
��� .bins,; sorting plant and other
improvements were built and
; ,'It. conveyor installed, so that
'rite time the smelter was ready,
���"'.'.��� i'!.piine was in shape  to produce
������'ft.requisite tonnage." ���'
A second furnace of similiar size
���v-cag blown in 1902. During the
.tsrsfc few years steam power was
--.sed at tlie plant,; but was super-
roaert' by electric : power from the
Cascade City plant early in 1904.
lV I ill that year the matte pro-
(lucrrcl had been sold to other, smelters,-but.-the company then installed
. a two-stand converter plant and
henceforth converted all matte
. into blister copper at the works.
Paul Johnson had resigned in
1903 and J. E. McAllister was
made smelter superintendent, the
convertor section being erected
under his supervision. The Blag,
which up to 1901: had been granulated, .was now taken to the
dumps in a mplben state, the slag
car holding five tons, thus effecting a great saving over the old
The company operated these two
furnaces until 1906, when it was
decided to rebuild the entire plant.
The old furnaces were scrapped
and in their places were installed
three fur paces, each .46 by 240
inches at the ; tuyeress. The sampling mill was rebuilt to,; take care
of greatly increased tonnage -and
30 ton slag - cars ..were sabstHut&d
for tbe 5 ton cars. ;The old system
of band feeding was replaced  y?ith
Corporation of the City of Greenwood
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby eivon to the
ejectors of ttie Municipality (,f the City of
Greenwood, that I require- the presence of the
said electors in tlie City Ihill in the City of
fi ret n wood on the lotli dayof January, 1!)19, at
li o'clock noon, for the purpose of'eloctinjr
persons to represent them in the Municipal
Council 113 Mayor and Aldermen, and far the
purpose of electing- two persons as School Trustees and two persons as Police Commissioners
for the Municipalitv of the Corporation of the
City of Greenwood.
The mode of iioinimitioif of candidates shall
he as follows:
The candidates shall he nominated in writing ; tiie writintr shall he subscribed hy two
voters of tlie municipality as proposer and
seconder, und,slmll he delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between tho date of the
notice and u p.m. of the day of tlie nomination
uu J in the event of a poll being necessary, such
poll will he opened on llie 16th day of January
A.D. lino, bei ween the hours of tl a.m. and 7
p.m. nt the said City Officii, of which every person is liereby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
The persons -qualified to be nominated for
and elected as Mayor of the City shall he such
persons as are male liritish subjects of the full
ana of twijiily-oni- years, and are Inot disqualified under any law, and have been for the six
months next preceding the day of nomination
tlie registered owner, in the Land ltt-fe'istry
Oflice, of real property in the city of the assessed value on the last municipal assessment
roll of OnoThousund Dollars or more; over and
above any registered judgment or chame and
who are otherwise duly qualified as municipal
Thepersonsqimlified to be nominated for and
elected us Aldermen, School Trustees and
Police Comniissioneisofsaid City,shall he snch
persons as are Uritish subjects of the full
iiKQ of twenty one years, and are not disqualified tinderanylaiv. and liave bcon for six months
next preeediiiK the day of nomination the registered owner, in the Laud Registry Office, of
land or real-property in the city of the assessed
value, on the last Municipal Assessment roll of
five hundred dollars or more over and above
any registered judgement or charge, and who
are otherwise duly qualified as municipal
Given under my handjit Greenwood this 31st
day of December, A.D. MIS.
G. 13. TAYLOR,
Returning Officer.
aud 2000 toni daily. Later, two
of the furnaces were lengthened
from 20 to 30 feet, the capacity of
the plant thus being increased to
from 2200 to 2300 tons daily.
In March, 1917, all assets and
liabililies of British Columbia Copper Co., Ltd., were assumed by
Canada Copper Corporation with
capital of ��10,000,000, divided into
2.000,000 of par value of $5. A
convertible bond issue of $2,500,-
000, running ten years with 6 per
cent, sinking fund provision, was
authorized and underwritten by
Hayden, Stone & Co. and Eugene
Meyer, Jr., of New York. Efforts
were concentrated upon development of the Copper Mountain properties through a 2900 foot tunnel
and equipment with a 2000-ton
concentrator. Jt is estimated that
these improvements will have cost
approximately ��3,000,000 . when
completed next summer. Arrangements for treatment of the concentrates, which require reverbatory
furnaces lacking in the company's
own equipment, have been made
with Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co., operating the Trail smelter
and, as the copper and silver values of the Mother Lode and other
company mines have been decreasing gradually for some years, while
costs.[have materally increased,
Canada Copper Corporation decided
to abandon its Greenwood smelter
and did so a few weeks ago.
Directors of Canada Copper Corporation, which is a Virginia corporation, are Lucius Mayer, president; Arthur J. Eonaghan, vice-
president; R.H. Eggleston, secre-
tatytreasurer; C. H; Burke, Newman Erb, E. L. Gruver, August
Hecksecker, Colgate Hoyfe, C. A.
Starbuck and C. J.Stralem. all of
New York. Offices are maintained
at 42 Broadway, New York. Oscar
Lachmund, general manager for
six years, resigned a few months
ago and was succeeded by H. R.
Van Wagenen. Frederick Keffer,
after serving as general manager
froni 1896 to 1905, resigned and
took up general practice in this
city. To him, Mining.Troth is indebted for the above description of
the plant and history of operations,
���Spokane Mining Truth.
Town Built of Glass
Cancer is of greater frequency at
ages over 40 than tubercnlosig,
pneumonia, typhoid fever or
digestive diseases. At <ages over
40 one person in eleven dies of
cancer. Yet cancer is not a hopeless; incurable disease.: If taken
at the beginning;-the;majority of
cases ire curabIe.%Practically: all
cases" will end; in death if left alone.
Cancer is:7 at first;;a-local: disease.
It is'easily- cured if promptly recognized and at once  removed by
competenttreatment.    It is-prac-
?ide-damping charge -cars and th^ ti^iiy^^ayg ^curable In its later
ore bios and track system, rem ode^
el.    The Cascade power_.plan|: Ik-, fore^li-impbrtank- ;
ing of insufficient ^capacity: forthe j
new  smelter,   electric/ power vyvasj   .. .7 ;"V.;7   ;;.".;.. ���
brought in from Bonnington Falls, j X Australian f; casualties   to   dsite
87 miles distant.    The new'eqQip ^531290,191 out of a forcepf 336,-
ment was completed late in 1906,1000mein;>.ent abroad; by:.the^Coni-
its capecity-being   between- 180OJ men wealth/.-^
Kelbeck, near Cracow, is a town
which is located underground and
ib cut entirely from rock salt.
There are 3,000 inhabitants, all
workers in the salt mines, and all
the Ptreets and houses are of the
purest white salt. There is probably in all the world only one town
built of glass, and that is to be
found near Yellowstone Park iu
the United States. The glass is
not artificial, but natural, being
formed by ages of volcanic action.
It is dark green or black in hue,
but in every other respect resembles the artificial product.
Easily cut into slabs and impervious to the weather, it makes excellent building material. Bareira,
in Portuguese East Africa, is the
only zinc city in existence. Zinc
is the only material capable of
withstanding the peculiar climate.
It only took some thousands of
people who make up the population
six months to build the place. Hospital, church, arsenal and every
dwelling is of zinc; the dead are
buried in zinc coffins, and even
most of the railway cars are zinc
The Goddess
No Time to Holler
"I want to have a tooth drawn,''
announced the small boy with tbe
steel-gray eye, "and I want gas."
"You're too young to have gas>
my little man," said the dentist.
"Besides, I'm sure you aren't
afraid of being hurt. Sit still and
be a man."
"It isn't that at all," said the
boy, "but I'm afraid I shall not
be able to help giving a bit of a
squeal when it comes out."
"Well, that won't matter at
all," said tho dentist. I won't
mind that."
"No, bufe I shall. Look out of
fehat window,"
The dentist looked and eaw a
lot of grinning lads standing under
the window.
"They're all the kids I've fought
and licked," said the customer,
"and they've come to hear me
A winter of starvation is predicted in Russia.
Fify-six people were killed in
New York by automobiles and 17
by trolley cars in October.
*Wp *flp Hlr *Wp ^mP ^n* ?Wp ^*\j     wP Tlr ^mP ^wf   Ti
4> =====
4, C LOAT is not a .periodic*
T r al. It is a book con-
'���*��, taining 86 illustrations all
���P told, and is filled with
���J* sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in '93;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent-belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
.���In/; it., are printed three
western poems,"and''��� dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention; Send for one
beforeiit is- too late^> 'The
:price:: is';;25"Xcente, posf-^
paid to;any;part of -the:
world. //Address-allVlet-^
;ters :��� to.: i ��� / ���
The Goddess of Liberty is
French not American, as so many
think. The phrase was given
historical importance on October
5, 1789, when a starving mob of
female furies, with canon, guns,
pistols and horses rushed out of
Paris to Versailles and charged the
palace where Louis XVI and the
members of his court were royster-
ing and feasting. A deputation of
twelve women was selected to present the appeal of the people, and
this group in turn elected a young
girl of seventeen, famed for her
beauty, as the leader of the delegation. As this revolutionary Joan
of Arc approached the king Bhe
fainted, but when she recovered
she won the goodwill of Louis.
She obtained his promise of relief
for the poor, and the king thereupon bedecked her with .flowers
and hailed her as "the Goddess of
Liberty."���Ladies  Home Journal,
Optometrist and Graduate Optician, certified by Provincial Board of Examiners.
Front St. Next to City Hall. NELSON
P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates  Given  on all Kinds  of
Granite and Marble Work
Pre-emption now confined to surve i&
lands only.
Records will be granted covering- only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
joint residence, but each making- necessary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and. make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
improvements to extent of $300 per annum and records same eacli year. Failure to make improvements or record .
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims in
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, if he requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
land. C
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may he leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
The scope of this Act Is enlarged to
Include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The t!m.
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act is extended, from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after th.
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege is also made retroactive.
. ACT. .;.r'X'"x-x-iX:X
Provision is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persona
holding such Agreements may group
their Interests and apply for * proportionate allotment Jointly. If it la not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands In the locality may be
made. These allotment!) are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due th.
Crown or to any municipality. Th.
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands in respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
ia final. The time, for making application for these allotments is limited to
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town Iota and lande of the Crow/i sold
at_publl^ auction        *    _ ;
For information apply tolJany^Provin-
cial Government Agent or to
Deputy Minister of Lands,
Victoria,^B. C.
Send a $1 to The^Ledge and
get !0 different copies of Lowery's
Certificate ef Imsrovements.
"T��u��y fractional" Mineral Claim, situate in
the  Greeawooi  Minl��er Dirieiou of Yale
Where located:   la Deadwood Camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett,
ae Arent for Jamee Heary Goodeve, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 69575B, intend, 60 days
front the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the parpoM of obtaining a Crown Grant of tke
above cUint.
And farther take notice that action, under
Section ti, ntatt be commenced  before   the
tfsne of sack Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 31st day of November A. D. 1918.
Peace Is Here
Everybody will want to celebrate and unless
you have the Flu you can't do it in the* old fashioned
way. But we can all celebrate with a good
New Year and anticipating this we will have a ship/
ment arrive in a few days ot Everything thats good
all the trimmings for a good old holiday feed.
If an increase ih Business of more than Double
is a sign of Square Deals and reasonable prices we
are all there,   Come over and see for yourself.
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building        ... Myncaster, B.C.
Wottc* T�� Delinauent Co-Owners
To W. D. Mortem and T. B. Turner, or
to any perton or personi to whom they
may baT�� transferred their interests in
tbe Gray Rock, Lucky Jim, Little Giant,
Black Baar, Balger and Tip Top mineral
claim*, HtMted al��af th* Kettle Valley
Railway, in Arlington Camp, Greenwood
Mining Di-rieion.
You arc kereby notified that I haye expended the sum'of Six Hundred Dollars,
($6oo.), for labor and improvements upon
the abort mentioned mineral, claims in
order to hold said mineral claims under
the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if
within ninety days after the date of this
notice yoa fail or refuse to contribute
yottr proportion of such expenditure, together with all coat of advertising, your
interest in such claims will become the
property of the subscriber under section
four af an act entitled, "An Act to Amend
the Mineral Act, 1900."
Beaverdell, B.C.
Dated this 24th day of October, 19I8.
NOTICE is hereto/ given that application
will be Bade to the Legislative Assembly of
theTroTlnce of British Colnmbia at its next
Session on behalf of The Cascade Water Power
A Light Cempasjr limited, a Company Incor-
porat** br the 'L*g-tel��tlTe Assembly of the
Province of British Colambia nnder Chap. 51,
Statutes ef B. C. 1W1, for an Aet to be entituled
"The Cascade Water Power ��Y Liffht Company
Limited Aet 1897, Amendment Act 1918," giving
It power to redace its capital from time to time
as it may see Ot bj rote of a majority in value
of the shareholders present or represented by
oroxy at a meeting- called for that purpose, and
also confirming the'redaction of capital heretofore made by the Company on or abont the 6th
November, 1N7, and alse changing the time of
the holding of the Company's ordinary General meeting from the third Wednesday, iu
Jnly In each rear to the third Wednesday in
October in eaen year, or on such ether date in
each year as the Director* may from time to
time determine npon; and also empowering the
Directors of the Company to make bylaws,
rnlea and regulations to be observed by all persons nsing the water, electricity or electrical
appliances or other property of the company;
also rules and regulations for maintenance or
the Company's undertaking and for the collection of rates for-electrlcity or water supply and
rsata for electrical lines and appliances let for
hire, aad for fixing the time or times when,
and the place or places where the same shall be
payable,and In cane ot default of payment to
provide remedies for enforcing the payment
thereof; and for snch further and incidental
powers as may be accessary.
Dated at Victoria, B.C.,
her, 1918.
this  9th  day Of
9��lleitM�� for the Applicant
The Ledge ii $2 a year in
advance. When not Cpaid for
three months it is $2.50,^and
when paid at end of year itjis $3.
Smmmmlttmmff! mrnmrnm mmmmiwm? mmm
5��~ _________
�� -TV.-.-. '���������'��� f** .::x-i.:H'���������-':������ i...xx....-.3
I ror viood i
*���". _��� ���.        - ��� ���        . '...������. ��������
'X'-":X xxy- :'-!yx'X.:y. -IXXXXX-' '������i-"--xy::^��r
���Economy and Satisfaction 3
combined with Promptness |
are the feairelfifcli^itl i
make up the Service we givie |��
our customers. .'Arerryou7||
one of them? 1
;Xx   (Ruled or Plaia|     ^
XX'lXiAll Sizes)/;/ .;-'v^
Dealers in Fresh aud Salt Meat��, Fi��k
and Poultry.    Shops in nearly all tke ,
towns of the Boundary and Jvootaiaj,
Cbe ftumeHotel;
nelson, B.C.
���The only upxtevdate Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
% -fr * 4* ���$������*��� * 4 4�� 4* * * * 4"fr 4 4,'fr4"fl"i"ft'���+*���������
I _..
t             First Class Cafe and Barber Shop *
���}�� Steam Heated; Electri�� Ught46. <|��:
^ - RATES $1.00 .per day and *p; lutpaM Fl*n, (   ��� X
a. Bus Meets all Trains and Boats. ^
**************** **********
Ti Consolidated Mining & Smelting C��.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refininf Depftiiwant
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,Copper, Ltad Mid Ziafi 0n��
Very often a subscriber will call* number and, if *| almost instantaneous connection i3 not eitablished, will hangup
and try again later. He feels that minutes hare elapses while,
in reality, it has been but a matter of few second^ y x
Remaing at your telephone until you fet a irepwt ��r tke        r
called party answers means the saving in the tinie and effort of
,.���   three parties.
GheJaiist, Box biioS, Nelspoi B.::;;r.G."
Charges-^Gold, Silveri Lead^ or Copper.
$r each. Gold^Silyer, r(sirigle; assay)
$i op. :Gpid-SilT��r (duplicate:; assay)
JiiSP. SilverrLeadr"rjSiigo 'Silver-Lead^
Zinci$i.pt>i Charges for oth*r metals etc
on ajpplicatiptiv '
Culamcen Bolel
||g|ittiNC|a(^^-7 ;,;;���?
Oat of tt��-l��fleit hettti* hi ',' ���   ~
the city.   B^��tiM laetAim*,';.
fiac tM��M aai tMty xumIb.  '
A."0.^:JQHNSOlf.^:ix-i XPXOP.':
^XiiRXiCAMmG^-, XX
Jifeadiiig TatlorXol lhe ^^feiiays.
Turnout* in the BoUiidary:
:.;'fe01d7 ������; flevspapefT'-: :f6rix*kUX��Jtx
The Ledge ��fic��.    Q��t ��woie ����-
^9Tt''tk^i^ti^-g9miXiX iiXxiiXii


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