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The Ledge Aug 7, 1919

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Array ft*
"itj* <
..Provincial LibtB*ji^^TlYE' Jo^,
��� a.
"^i 11219
te'O-r-^ .- f'y
*""&. -      * '' X-       X w*
'%"'��Tu *J?~^Z.r^.v7%'*''y^,*
Vol.   XXVI.
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictured,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
.and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Before buyiug see uie about
Motor tractors and complete line
of Farm implements,,
MIDWAY      -     -     B. O.
1     Stock Reducing Sale of Teas     1
g Dessia Golden Tips 80c. Liptons Choice Ceylon 80c 3
1 Deki Julia 65c 3
We Are Now Showing
Mens Fine Shoes
Mens Work Boots
Mens Tennis Shoes
Boys Serviceable School
Mens Fine Hats and Caps
�� - %
W. Elson 6 Co
I Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN      |
S~' Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ~*
Laco Tungsten Lamps
���15 to-��TWa��;ESiaiS��*-^SOc':each,
^   \:        ��� \  100 Watt Lamps���$L25 each.
Pool Room and First-Class
Barber Shoe
Cigars, Tobaccos, Soft Drinks.
ice-Cream Parlor in Connection
Come in Often
60 Watts   -. ��   *   $125 each
100    ������     ���   -   -   2.00 ��
200   "     #���   *   -    3.50 ������
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
1;^ 0_P,ANY  fSSUE OF, THE. DO-r-
/��� m'iiTd^O'M^G^Am^A^
P. O. Box 1102     -      Nelson, B.C
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
. The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms, A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you want rooms reserved. The buflet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
���    ��� ��� I
TaBfey meals and comfortable rooms.    Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.   Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Pool hall ia connection.
W. D. RUSK, Proprietor.
jiffAKE your banker your financial
***- adviser. Let him help you to --
shape your affairs so that he will be
warranted In giving you ample credit
to operate your farm efficiently. Our
aim is to assist you in every way
Owing to shortage of water it will be
necessary to use every care in sprinkling;
otherwise the sprinkling service will be
cut out entirely.
���; C.M.G7
Autos sold and repaired.  - Agent for
Chevrolet, Dodge and Studebaker cars;
also Republic and National trucks:
Greenwood Branch     L. E. Brawders, Manager
Christina Lake.
Across the lake the tie and pole
camps are busy.
Bill Beach may spend the winter in California, far away from
the roving bovines of Fife.
C, H. Niles has rented the Had*
den cottage for a month.
Mrs, Jeff Davis and family
spend many pleasant days on
their house boat.
After a pleasant visit with Rev
and Mrs. St. George Smyth, Mrs.
Bisley has returned to Trail.
Miss Annie Stanton, of Rossland, is visiting the Misses Gilpin.
S. G. Blaylock has bought the
building known as the Phoenix
After helping Bill Beach in the
store for some time, Howard
Cameron has returned to Penticton.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hamage
have returned to Spokane after
visiting for' a week with Mr. and
Mrs, C. A. S. Attwood, Mr. Ra-
mage left a few fish in the lake.
Grant Chase, G. and W. Wilson
are building a trail from the head
of the lake to Faith mountain,
north of Lightning Peak. After
the government grant is used up
they will, if necessary, finish the
line at their own expense.
We have just received another
carload of flour and feed from
the Oglivie Flour Mills Company,
Now on hand of full stock of
Royal Household Flour, wheat,
shorts, chicken feed, etc G. A.
Rendell.    .
| Around Home
Ei. A. Black has moved- from
Phoenix to Saskatoon.       ^
Major Keen intends to build a
sawmill near Fairview.
Get behind   your   local
and keep it full of ads.
The bush fire quit, so Joe Sey-
more she now cut de hay.
Mrs. H. McCutcheon relumed
on Tuesday from Victoria.
At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches,   Boys Watches.'.
Norman Morrison, of the Pacific hotel, is ill with pneumonia.
Last week the wind blew (lown
nine telephone poles near Greenwood.
Mrs. G. Robinson and son.have
returned from a visit, !to Grand
We have received another lot of
navy and light colored prints.
G. A. Rendell.
Walter Wartman is<speriding
the week in Vancouver cm business.
Mrs. W. H. Wood returned on
Monday after spending^" month's
vacation at the coast;    'y
Mrs. J. Keady and daughter
May, left on Monday for a few
weeks around Nelson.   '
-' Arrangements are uuder way
for a daily stage between Greenwood and Phoenix.
After spending three pleasant
weeks in Trail, Miss Nellie Axam
has returned to her home.
< Editor Loye, of the Grand
Forks Gazette, was a'--visitor in
Greenwood on Saturday.
' A second-hand furniture dealer
has purchased the contents of the
King's hotel at Phoenix.
The Windsor Hotel Cigar Stand
has a fine line ot cigars, cigarettes, pipes and smokers sundries.
Mrs. Running and daughter,
Thelma, of Molson, Wash., are
the guests of Mrs. A. Sater."
'inJS,<R.\.Wagenen, ^^nager of
tEe~ttrree~C's"left-Saturday on a
business" trip to New York.
Full line of box and hulk chocolates. Absorb early while they
are fresh.   Goodeve's Drug Store.
Autos can now be shipped three
times a week on the Kettle Valley
Ry., between Hope and Princeton.
George W. Rumberger has gone
to the coast. He will visit Regina before returning to Phoenix.
Oscar Lachmond has bought a
residence on Cedar street in Spokane from C. W. Winter for $14-
Bob Murray has returned to
Vancouver from overseas, and
should reach Greenwood this
- -Fresh killed beef- and -veaHor
sale every Saturday, 20c upwards.
J. Meyer, Government street.
Dancing every Wednesday evening at Christina Lake Pavilion.
Refreshments served.    *
Jack Greenwood has opened a
barber shop in Keremeos. He
sold his shop m Princeton to Sid
Carlson, Neil and Anderson
who recently leased the Bouutv
Fraction, have 20 tons ready for
At the Forks a Douk was fined
$5 for stealing water. He would
probably have got liie if it had
been whiskey.
Richard Eustis has returned
to Greenwood from Allenby.
Dick says there is no better place
than Greenwood.
The government is building a
pack trail from the head of Christina lake to Faith mountain, a
distance of 15 miles.
Mrs. L. E. Brawders, who has
been in ^Vancouver during the,
past two months returned to
Greenwood on Tuesday..
Boys' and mens' hats and
caps. A good and varied selection to choose from at G\ A.
W. H. Farmer has been appointed inspector for the Standard Life Co., in Southern B.C.
He will reside at Penticton.
Guy Channel of Princeton was
found dead at Keremeos last Friday. He evidently shot shot himself to death with a reyolyer.
Joseph Nesbitt of Penticton,
bought several carloads of furniture in Phoenix last week. He
finds it difficult to obtain cars.
One night last   week   two  attempts were made to break into
the Phoenix club.   Night watchmen frightened the would be bur-
Copper may be 30 cents before
White canvas ladies oxfords,
white canvas girls slippers and
boys running shoes at Rendell's.
' Mrs. John L. Coles and family
have moved from Vancouver to
Merritt, where Mr. Coles has
been in business since he left
The Providence mine hasj put
in a new hoist and extra men this
week. As soon as the new pipe
line is completed, still more men
will be employed.
The C.P.R. or the Providence
mine should have a watchman.
Somebody stole about two tons
from a car that.was being loaded
with Providence ore.
With the exception of some
some stuff that might be called
junk, the Canada Copper Co., will
not remove any more material
from, the smelter or mines in the
Billy Bennett came in from
Boundary Falls last week to get
a" load of provisions. ^He stated
that conditions are tranquil at
the Falls, with good- prospects
for a lively winter.
Tom Brown formerly a merchant of Phoenix and Sandon.
died at the home ot his neice in
North Vancouver on July 28. He
was a native of Scotland and 55
years old. i
About 30 tons of cleanings
from the floor of the converter
building at the Greenwood smelter, haye been shipped to Trail.
It contained much-gold, silver
and copper.
Among the stolen junk that
the police seized last week, was
75 pounds of old type, and some
cuts, evidently used years ago by
Robert Keffer when he printed
the Anaconda News. Allen says
that he took it out of an old shack
in Chinatown.
Wm, Thomlinson,- the well-
known mining expert of New
Denver, and S. A. Ritchie, an
engineer for the Consolidated are
examining mining properties in
Franklin Camp. That camp is
attracting much attention among
mining men this summer.
A'band of.gvpsies with $12,000
worth of automobiles, are travelling through the mountains in
search of easy marks, who will
dig up a franc or more .to have
their fortunes told. They assayed
Green-wood recently getting a few
values but no chickens.
Archie Aberdeen returned to
his Bridesville ranch last week.
Archie is 90 years young and one
of the best pedestrians in the
world, One night last year he
walked 20 miles in order to catch
an early morning train, and, he
had slenty of time to fight mosquitoes along the road.
Andrew Poggi, father of James
Poggi, died in Italy last May,
aged 73 years. He was a well
known mining man, having located and sold many claims in B.C.
Years ago^ he_sold_the_Glacier,
Bunker, and North American
near Ainsworth to a Chicago syndicate.
The high cost of living has
reached the police court in Grand
Forks. Two weeks ago the fine
was $2.50 for allowing your cow
to chew up the scenery in that
beautiful city. Last week the
fine was raised to $5. It may be
$10 next week, so get your cow
cases before Neii'McCailum soon
as possible.
A few days ago Fred Axam
notified the police that he had
caught a man near the smelter
with a bag of junk. Chief Fraser
and Constable Stewart located
the man. lying on a blanket in
Zack Watson's old cabin. He
gave his name as Louis Allen, of
Vancouver, French Canadian and
said that he once worked at the
Mother Lode mine. He had 54
keys and a lot of pliers, wrenches,
revolver, etc, in his possession.
He was arrested and fined $12.50,
which he paid, for carrying a gun
without a permit. Upon him
was found way-bills showing that
he had shipped at Midway 1500
pounds of bras^'and copper, and
a box of rubber to his address in
Vancouver., .- The police seized
this and brought it to Greenwood.
The box shipped as rubber contained shoes, shirts, hats, scissors,
cap?, blankets, etc. The 26 sacks
contained fittings in from the
Mother Lode, Smelter, Fremont
and Providence mine. The compressor in the Big Tunnel, rented
to tbe Providence had been
stripped. On Sunday Alien started a fire in his cell and then pnt
it out with water. He appeared
before W. R. Dewdney, S.M. on
Monday and was committed for
trial upon a charge of stealing
from the National Hotel and the
C. C. Co. Oa Tuesday he was
also sent up for trial upon a
charge of stealing portions of the
electric hoist at the Fremont
Western Float
In Canada, 55 per cent of Ihe
cattle are shorthorn.
Work on the dry dock at Esqui-
malt will start this fall.
The Okanogan fruit crop this
year is worth 95,000,000.
Mosquito hunting is still good at
Sicamous and Burton City.
.  Oiling the streets has proved a
success in North Vancouver.
New Denver and Silverton have
not yet signed tbe peace treaty.
,   It ia estimated 20,000 American
soldiers got married in France.
In Kaslo, it is a close season now
for editors with Jack Garscadden.
C. R. Garland, of Vancouver,
h*s opened a law office in Creston.
The O.P.R. ie building a new
million dollar dock in Vancouver.
Efforts are being made to put in
a hydro electric plant at ShuBwap
Oroville has a jitney service,
operated by Joe Ashby and Glen
The Royal Bank; also the Bank
of Montreal have branches in Paris,
A New York paper says that
France has presented Vimy Ridge
to Canada.
In Creston a rancher was recently fined $25 for not cutting thistles
on hiB land.
Canada should make all its pulp~
into paper, before shipping it out {
of the Dominion.
It takes a long~ stack of yellow
chips, to make Billy Mack lay
down a pat hand. >
'About 140,000 shingles are
shipped daily, from Lynn Creek to
Eastern points.
Many farmers in Alberta propose
to boycott goods made in Cauada
under the protection of a tarriS.
There are no vacant houses in
Gerrard or Trout Lake City. The
Gerrard sawmill employe 150 men.
The bounty on cougars has been
raised to 125 in B.O. In the United
States there is no bounty for shooting the bull.
What ie the name of the young
lady in Nelson, yvho recently won
$300 playing bridge in the city, of
tightwads and Voeee?
At Yahk Ben Biley has added
18 rooms to his hotel. He has also
put in a barber shop, pool ball,
laundry and sample rooms.
George Patchett died at Enderby
last month from pneumonia. " His
eldest daughter was the first white
child born in Armstrong.
Knockers, whiners, tightwads
and non-advertisers never build up
much of a town. They act like
mud on the wheels of progress.
During the past year Vancouver
increased ite population 10,000.
That city now contains about 175,-
000 people, eome of them web-
The Kettle Valley railway__will_
build south from Penticton to the
Washington line. It "will pass
through Kaleden aud Okanogan
Booze is pretty well oat oat of
Canada, but still we are to have
5000 red-coated policemen ou
horses, and a regular army of 25,-
000 men.
The after effects of the nervous
strain caused by the war, is one of
the causes of the unrest iu the
world. This world needs a rest
and a tonic.
Unless the ChinkB and Japs are
roughed locked they will in time
run and control the fish, fruit and
vegetable business of B.C. A law
in time saves nine.
Vyvyan Hsdding, the youngest
soldier to go overseas, has returned
to Duncan. He went across witb
the 2nd C.M.S. as a buglar when
he waa 14 years and six months old.
The potatoa crop in'B.C., will be
fihorfe this year, running from two
to four tons to the acre. Tha
Chinks will make money out of
their spuds, as they' raise 70 per
cent of the crop in this province.
Probably tourists would have expended a million dollars more iu
B.C. tbis summer, if our govt, auto
roads hgd been completed. We
are losing money in this province
by being slow to take advantage of
our opportunities.
A dollar marked "I live in Nelson, B. C." was recently Been in
Greenwood. No one can explain
how it got away from home, even
the police being unable to solve
the mystery. Perhaps it blew out
while the  guards  were  changing
Major G'S. Goldman, M.P. of
London, England, has bought
several more ranches between Merritt and Nicola. - Ha now! owns
8600 scree. He is a leading journalist of England, and o&s of the
owners of the Outlook. Soon as
lie can settle up Mb affairs ��u England be will become �� permanent
resident of B.O.
Mining News
Good ore is showing on the Rob
Roy at Beaverdell.
Tne coal mine at Midway has
The Tacoma Smelter is shipping
9000 tons of copper to the Orient.
The Bluebell at Riondel resnmed
shipments of carbonates last month.
Last month the, North Star,
Greenwood, shipped two tons to
The wash ou the mountains
around Greenwood covers hundreds
of blind leads. "**
Charles Haitch expects to ship a
carload of ore this fall, from his
claim\near Long Lake.
Last year the Nickle Plate at
Hedley mined 67,313 tons of ore.
The reserves 263,000 tons.
In the East Kootenay, a wagon
road is being built from Parson
Station to the Tarheel mine.
Work is being resnmed at the
Lucky Mike copper claim on Shuter
creekj terf miles from Merritt.
It is more than 15 minutes now
since Clarence Cunningham bought
or bonded a claim in the Slocan.
The tunnel on the Queen at
Sheep Creek is in 12,000 feet, and
has crosscnt the Yellowstone lead.
The Spokane and Athabasca Oil
Co., will drill two wells on the
Athabasca river in Northern Alberta.
At Camp McKinney, Mader &
Savage are planning to use a flotation for the ore on the dump of the
At the Standard near Silverton,
20 men are working looking for a '
new ore body.   The mill is cleaning np the old ore.
Many'prospectors are working
along Siwash creek in the Cascades.
Several good finds of free milling
gold are reported. ,    .
Gold quartz claims are being developed on " Proserpine mountain,
four miles from Barkerville. The
Cariboo gold fields n embrace an
area of 7,000 square miles.
Chas. Dempster has bought $11-
000 worth of auto trucks at Oroville, with which he will transport
ore to the railway, from the end of
Copper World Extension tram.
In the Cherry Creek district,
Okanogan, hydraulic machinery ia
being installed on some old placer
ground near Fall Creek. The St.,
Paul mine is being examined by an
- In-writing to The Ledge, Henry-
Lye, 615 Pender Street, west, Vancouver, says that be owns the Hecla, Sissy and Key West mineral
claims near Greenwood. He would
like to join with others iu some
arrangement, whereby these aud
other claims adjoining could be
profitably worked.
Forty six mineral claims were
staked in the Nelson mining dis-
triot since June 1, most of them
being located in the east Kootenay
lake, aloug the Cro w, though the
Sheep Creek district is also well
represented. The names of the
new claims are strongly reminiscent of the battle fields of the
weateru front.
Some interest is being manifested
by Vancouver mining men in coal
developments iu tbe neighborhood
of Oyster Bay, following the publication of ten notices of application
to prospect in The British Columbia
Gazette of last week Harry Whitney Treat, of Seattle. This Seattle
capitalist has taken the lead in the
coal prospecting in that neighborhood in the past year or two and is
now reported to have run through
coal at Chemauius iu two drilling
positions, while it is. recalled that
pn the Granby property on the
north end of the harbour & peam
averaging 10 feet in |bicknesa was
proved up by Mr. Treat and sold -
to the Granby Consolidated Company. This coal is from what is
called the  Upper Douglas seam,
and is being sold in Vanconver sfe
present, tbe waste being coked for
us�� at tha Graaby smelter at Anyox. J
* fe,^:��_a*s>n3af(15Lt:
For Sais ��� Raspberries, Red
and Black currants. Delivered
when fte&b. picked. Wm. Jenks,
phone 7L.
����_��___��&�� -\-
TE.E     LEDGE.     GREENWOOD,    B.     C.
Good Roads A Necessity
Canada, and especially that greater
nnd now Caii;ul:i comprised within
lhc three L'rairic Provinces of the
West, have numerous problems to
work out in order lo promote the
development of our great natural resources, encourage immigration and
permanent settlement on the land,
ensure the prosperity and comfort of
llie people, and attract visitors from
all parts of the world. To solve tlicsc
many problems will require patience,
courage and capacity on the part of
Governments, municipalities and people, as well as large annual expenditures of money.
It is important, therefore, lhat all
works inaugurated should, as    far
comparatively light fall of   fine,    dry
snow, the roads generally    would   be
1 swept clean by thc winds.
Then there is the saving of time,
gasoline consumption, wear and tear
which comes with good roads. Thc
problem of getting to market for supplies and repairs, and from the farm
lo market with produce, is essentially
a tanner's problem. In many cases
his success in solving it determines
the amount of his year's profits. A
largc motor truck manufacturing concern in the United States recently
made a scries of tests to determine
just how much gasoline and lime
was wasted during a trip over unimproved highways. A two-ton truck
started under capacity load. It travelled ten miles���about the distance "to
town,"���and back again. It was over
an  average  country  road   with    dirt,
France  Wiil
Restore Churches
Beast Of Mystery
For London Zoo
Help Has Come From Every Nation
of Allied World.
Paris. ��� Over 3,000 churches were,
either completely destroyed or seriously damaged by thc German inva;
sion of Northern France. The state
in which these martyred churches
now arc found varies from those lhat:
havc been absolutely wiped out to
others which suffered only the damages of occasional stray shells.
The work of restoring the churches
has begun. Thc first annual .general
assembly of the Society to Restore
the Churches of thc Devastated Regions was held in Paris recently. At
that time Vicar Odclin of Paris recently reported that over $265,000
had been  expended  in  beginning  thc
ing this ten-mile trip, two gallons and
one-half pint of gasoline wcrc consumed. Hut' in covering the same
distance over hard-surfaced roads,
the motor required only one gallon
and one quart, a saving of almost a
gallon. It also look the. truck forty-
two minutes longer to make the trip
over the unimproved road.
Multiply this'saving by the. number
of trips made during a season,'and it
it easy to sec how good roads regulate the farmer's bank balance. It
ought to be sufficient to convert
every Western Canadian inlo an enthusiastic good roads booster.
is  trouble known as asthma know what
possible, be of a permanent character,!:1 is lo long with all their hearts for
well  planned, scientifically  construct-  ��fcilP.c  :is  fr��'��  :l  \?���n\.    Never  do
lliey know when an attack may comc
ed, and their upkeep and efficiency
maintained. In this article it is not
the intention to deal with more than
one of these many and diversified
problems. Some people, may think
thc creation of good roads is not the
most pressing of .Western problems,
but few, if any, will deny its importance. "
During the past half century Canada has been busy building railways,
���an enormous and burdensome task
in view of the'magnificent stretches
of territory lhat had to bc covered,
with great barren spots like the north
shore of Lake Superior and the
mountains of British Columbia t.o be
bridged, with many and great rivers
to bc spanned, and with bit: a small
population to bear thc expense, a .id
provide traffic for 'the completed
lines. It is not to the discredit of
Canada, therefore, that in this Dominion less attention and money has
been devoted to good road building
than is true of other cr-untries."
With the advent of the. automobile
and ils general adoption for both passenger -and freight carrying purposes
within the past .two decades, a revolution has been  worked in .the'.primary means'of-transport, rind what was
regarded-as a good road a. few years
-ago-  will    not, under, modern' cbritfi-
. tions of automobile, traffic, stand thc
strain,-. The'lime-has eome, therefore,
-wlicti  the people of Western Canada
must ;face the necessity  r- '   the expenditure involved in abandoning .the
-old-dirt roads and creating permanent
.highway's.    "To.  . continue    spending,
largc" sums-of money annually on dirt
roads is now a -wasteful   -procedure,'
.because the "cost of upkeep .in-a fc\y
years : equals,    if it. does" not execed,-
thc original cost,-and if the roads arc
not 'maintained the "whole expenditure
is waste.     - ������,.���-.
-  The-magnitude of, tlie"task may*, be
-judged, from  -a-   few. Saskatchewan
figures. There.are' over 200,000 miles
of road in'lhat'Province.- A- Government survey'   of,   lV    Province    lias
��� established the .fact that there: is little
;_sl6nc!.-available-for. -crushing- tp-bc
used  as macadam; suitable sand'-aiul
gravel -deposits arc. few -and' -far ��� removed, in most cases from where   it
would be  required in road  construction.    On the other hand. Saskatchewan, has .'-now"./over-"52,000 licensed
.  automobiles,'- and the number., is'.,'in.-
creasingjr.cvery -week, ;fuIIy--two-tliirds
'_ of-which arc. owned.by, fanners; "The
.,. Provincial-''r'cyehuc  froiii  license  fees
"tolaih- from"$750,000 .'to , one "iiiillio'n
.dollars .a year.;. The situation in" Saskatchewan is proportionately; true  of.
thcothcr Western .Provinces.'
'.    Thc> automobile'is..no longer VluxJ
hry.but a necessity, but its-.valii.e.  to
.the fanning community-of the .West
./depends "largely on .good" roads. --.'I he
' .'"old-style  dirt  road 'will "/not .-suffice;
;.. Afteiva rain-they a rl .useless' and the
. automobile is lied ".up.   In "winter.tlicy,
���frequently .bi-conie. impassable.-     Per
-maiicnt.'roads would ,be available .ram
��� or shine,    while inrivinteri'-with-'-our
sand and gravel predominating. Dur- w&rk 0f restoration.    He stated   that
sixty-three churches have been adopted by individuals who will personally
bear all the expenses involved in lhe
work of rebuilding-. Help has come,
said the Vicar, from the United
Slates, from Brazil, from Tndia,-in
fact evcry nation of the allied world
is helping France counteract the
work of the destroyer.
Sonic of thc churches will never
bc restored. Some arc gone, completely shot to bits, leaving barely a
trace of their former location. Others,
famous cathedrals such as those of
Reims and Amiens, may bc Jcft as
thcy now stand as a warning to posterity and as an indelible record of
the savagery of thc past five years.
In importance^ architectural beauty
and size the ruined cathedrals and
churches vary from the stalely ruin
of Reims, which will always symbolize the barbarity of the Huns, to the
little,  country  churches.
Beside  thc   mound    which    figured
Goodbye to Asthma.���Persons  suffering    from   thai    extremely    trying
and thev know that lo struggle un
aided is" vain. With Dr. J. D. Kcllogg's Asthma Remedy at hand, however,' they can say goodbye to their
enemy and enjoy life again. It helps
at once.
Combines Traits of the Horse, Giraffe
and  Zebra
London.���Europe is to have a real
live okapi for its very own. The
mysterious animal, which, combines
the traits of the horse, thc giraffe and
the zebra, is on its way to London
Thc first European to get a glimpse
of thc elusive creature is said to
have been Mr. Jeannctt, a" young
Swiss, in the service of the Congo
State, who was supervising road-
making when he shot the animal, but
only being wounded, thc okapi made
its escape back into thc Congo forest.
Sir Harry Johnston, administrator of thc Uganda protectorate, devoted much timc to the search for it.
Hc efitcrcd the Congo forest,.. but
the atmosphere was unbearable, owing to the swamps and the smell of
decaying animal and vegetable matter in the her.rt of the tropics. The
expedition had to turn back without
thc okapi. One, however, has been
recently secured alive, and it is hoped that it will bc seen iii Great Britain shortly. ���
Electricity On The Farm
Fanner Will  Use Electric Power to
Save Time. ���
Farm work is not just a matter of
taking a team to the fields and putting in so many hours a day plowing,
harrowing, seeding, harvesting or
whatcver the task might bc. There
arc also thc chores and farmers arc
coming lo realize more and niorc
that valuable timc can be wasted in
doing chores; that is, where folks
persist in doing them in the old way.
In the field, modern machinery is
employed to save, time and labor and
to make possible short cuts, so that
fewer hands .can do the work and
keep the farm production up to thc
standard that has been set for it.
Why isn't il just, as reasonable to
employ short cuts about lhe-barn hi
lhc chore work as in - tlic" regular
farm .'work in the fields? ,.-     '..'
A great many farmers'arc' coming,
to decide'that it is, and your up-to-
date farmer, is using modern equipment about tlie-farm buildings just
as. he is using modern'equipment in
the field work. One of the most important of the" time- and- labor, saving
forces he is using today-is electricity.
Generally he gets it. froriiN. one. of
those small individual plants that can
bc installed in thc tool house or gar-
day ��� aftcr day in tlic war communiques, as "Hill 304," in the midst of
what used to form the quiet village
of Esncs, just to the right of Verdun,
stood the little church. It. was "almost
demolished by the terrible effect of
the artillery during thc Verdun
struggle of 1916, but until late in the
summer . of 1917 the altar of the
church still stood unscathed. Thc
roof-and walls of thc church had long
since been shot away, but the wca-
thcrbeatcn, unprotected altar continued to give solitary evidence of
thc former presence of a house of
Food Waste From
Winnipeg Strike
More little ones die during the.hot
weather than at any other timc of
thc ycar. Diarrhoea; dyscntry, cholera infantum and stomach"'��� troubles
come without warning, and when a
medicine is not at hand to give
promptly the short delay too frequently means that the child'���-'���.ins
passed beyond aid. Baby's Own Tablets should always bc kept in the
house where:' there arc young children. An occasional dose of the Tablets will prevent stomacli and bowel
troubles, or if the trouble comes suddenly the prompt use of the Tablets
will relieve the baby. The Tablets
arc sold by medicine dealers or by
mail af 25c a box from Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Leaves Politics
For Business Life
Mr. MeKcnna Has Held High Posi-
sition in  Cabinet.
London. ��� Reginald MeKcnna has
been elected chairman of the Lpndon
City and Midland bank in succession
to Sir Edward. Holden, who died in
Scotland. _M,r. MeKcnna has decided
lo abandon.politics '" and has withdrawn" his candidacy for lhe scat iu
parliament for Fontypool.
Mr. McKetina long has been prominent in- British-politics- and has held
at various times high positionsin tlic
cabinet. He has been- chancellor - of
the exchequer, .home secretary,, first
���lord'of- thc admiralty, and - president
of the bank of England; In May of
the present" ycar he" was. elected" a
director of the London. City and Mid-
Women Work On Nets
Twenty    Tons    Destroyed    in    Ten
Days and Mayor Suggests
Winnipeg. ��� The unanimous opinion of the city food and dairy officials expressed "is that the deplorable
waste of food now being reported
from day to day is a direct result of
the recent general strike. Thc health
committee is utterly powerless to do
anything, even if it decides to recommend a probe.
On Tuesday another five tons of
foodstuffs was ordered destroyed.
The total quantity, of food condemned in ten days runs lo twenty tons.
Officials stated that it was nothing
more than could bc expected as it
simply piled up during the strike and
is now being sent in and the railways
arc not to blame.
Mayor Charles F. Gray has sent a
request to thc health committee requesting lhal a probe bc started immediately and a commission be sent
by this committee to the Dominion
government asking the prosecution
to the fullest extent of the law of
such men or companies as arc responsible  for  this  waste.
Navy Personnel Fees
Receive 50 Cents  for  Each   Box
Spread on Reel.
Potlland, Maine. ��� 'It would
appear that every line ���" of labor is
open to women. They arc now seen
orf the Avharv.es in this city as gill-net
spoolers. Each day, aftcr a trip to
the fishing grounds, the gi"-nets havc
to be dried, and these reels arc so
arranged that the nets lie across
them and are- wound up similar to a
piece of thread on a spool, "iii fact,
thcy arc gigantic spools.' One reel
will hold a great many nets and arc
ready for use again in 24 hours. Women arc now doing this sort of work.
Many of them arc wives- of - local
fishermen. Tlicy receive 50 cents for
each box- of gill-nets which they
spread on- the' reel. The women
average from "$4 to $4.50 a day.
Demobilization   Making   Remarkable
Change in Britain.
London. ��� The public is so engrossed with political and industrial
anxieties that little attention is being
paid to thc remarkable evidence presented iu commons of thc demobilization of Britain's navy. Following
upon peace, thc personnel of the
navy decreased since armistice from
407,000 to 180,000. This compares
with 151,000 which was the number
of men actually sanctioned by parliament in thc last ycar before the war.
On armistice day, the navy had 302
warships and 806 auxiliaries under
orders. Heavy cancellation since has
been made, including three battle
cruisers of thc Hood type. Ships now
being completed arc: One battle
cruiser, 14 light cruisers, 4 destroyer
leaders, 33 destroyers, 32 submarines,
110 auxiliaries, all being essential to
replace old ones or ships so far advanced that it would have been' bad
economy to scrap thcm.
Liberal critics who have always
watched jealously any increases in
tlic navy, warmly congratulated the
government upon thc rigorous reduction of the naval programme as one
of thc first fruits of peace. At thc
same timc the ministers clearly indicated that economy will not bc
permitted to carry the navy below
thc absolute standard of safety. One
Unionist member representing a
naval port, exclaimed indignantly,
"What, arc we to go back to days
of thc little navy party."
m ���
e AlonA a   ��
FOR the Gillette owner, life is one long holiday
from stropping and honing. It is a round of
daily luxurious shaves. The shaving quality
of the hard-tempered, keen and lasting Gillette
Blade is a never failing source of satisfaction.
You, who are planning a vacation, should include
one- pleasure you can enjoy twelve months each
year���buy a Gillette Safety Razor. Free your
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The new Kit Set���the Pocket Edition Gillette
Safety Razor���in a limp leather roll case, complete
with twelve double-edged blades and a mirror,
takes only a few inches of space in your kit
Remember how the Gillette was the choice of the
soldiers of all the Allied armies. You will need a
Gillette to remove your open-air growth of beard.
age or-in any other convenient place  iand,bank ...lilU on  tl,c (lcath
about the preimscs; . -   Edward. Holden   was
This-electricity lie uses lo""iight his.
home, first of. ail, "of course. Then if
he and-his hands arc-to-work efficiently, he will light-his .barns and
.stables and. the , surrounding" yards'.-
Most'.of the. chores in certain seasons
arc' done after dark, by-the aid of a
lantern.' "More of, thcm' wotild bc
done after dark :(f bright electric
light." \vcrc-providedr -. and-thal--mtich
more time "wotild bc, left-for work" in
the fields^ -Then >t!ie ���'���'farmer-"-with
electricity will use electric'power to
save steps; save' work and save timcv
EIc will use electricity-to' pump the
"water. He will have this, water stored
under,pressure.so that it, is forced :to
the'.faucets,'".cither at' the house, or
barn, ;"and-no. 'pumping, or-carryiug- is
necessary. .'.If there arc. many .cows
to' milk, he. will-"run ;-thc-milking machine, with an electric i"notqr,-:tu'd the
farm- boy who';, otherwise -.wonTd." "be
tempted to leave" the ;'farnr to escape
an'-uncpngcnial job -will be .satisfied
to stay-aiid supervise" so.-interesting
an. operation".as.'.milking .by-" ineehan.-
ic.-il-'means. Then .this electric, power,
will.'.tise.. to 'Mirii.'liis'grindstoiif',.; .uhc
corn :shc-ller or-grinder ��� thc '/clipper.-*
for.- clipping mules "or horses,-..for
cleaning .-seed; '.for ii. dozen different"
uses' - that". will", suggest themselyes
.wherever clectricilv is" available;' '"..-���
the. probable-.successor- of this prominent financier. -
Minard's     Liniment
in Cows.
Cures   ' Garget
Commission's Findimgs
On Bulgarian Crimes
No one need endure the agony of
corns with Tlolloway's Corn Cure'at
hand to remove them:
Farm. Loans in Saskatchewan
."Farmers in Saskatchewan ' located
in all parts of the province have-been
loaned $2;SOb,000 by-the Saskatchewan Farpi Loans Board siucc.it started operations in the. summer of 1917.
In these, loans more'than 1,500 farmers, many living in newly settled
districts 'where- the mortgage companies are'sometimes reluctant to
make loans, have participated. The
money derived from the loans is being used for breaking land, xrecting
buildings- and securing livestock. .
Repatriation Of
German Prisoners
If tea or coffee disagrees
iKesure way out is %>
loss of pleasixre; JSori
a disiinct 6aki irvhe<
Not an e^eriment;
No Raise iri Price!
Macedonian - Population'' .Were
V    Slaughtered, and. Deported,
/ ' to Total of 132,000.
.. Paris.���. Bulgarian oppression to
eastern Macedonia during the period
of occupation of that territory resulted" in'the reduction of-the population
by well on' toward. 100,000 and" the
death opsonic" 32,000 inhabitants- in
the course .of the three-years'of .Mini
and.'. Hulga-rirui "occupation, ���'according
to the..report' of:an .inter-allied ' commission, just-.submitted./ '.. -. v.
��� "This. eoin!nissi6n,.'courprisiiig-.de!e-,
gales of j lie .British', 'Belgian',-' |-"roncli,-
Serbian and Greek;1 governments', ap-
poinle<l-to.-'eiitiuirc-.iiilo ��� cl^irges'./of
violation of X\*c fights "of* nations" by
thi'.-Hulgaraiii' armies "iir cii.i'teni! Macedonia.; found.-that- it ,'tlu-. ,:iiii'ie .' of
the 'Bulgarian-'invasion- the-popularioiv
tptajicd'-305 .OIJO ������_ "inhabitants," aiid--'is
now- Vjfdiict'd to [ 225,000.'... 1 n"- addition
to "the- 32,000 . wiio died,' -; the "report
States;-, about.���ftJ.OUO,were deported to
Bulgaria., ''/UWKJO : to, '12!o'()0 emigrated
to Bulgaria .to escape famine. 'About
.12,000 '.'of';. the ^'deportee's and immigrants.died in Bulgaria',-and between
8,000. and'10,000 of ..the 18.0bo,-Mussul-
mans enrolled in.".:thc-. Turkish-' and.
-Bulgarian, a'rinies-l.iave ., hot: .'returned/
"S]ccp--is" thenjrcaT-'nourillier "of. infants, and without peaceful, sleep ,thc
child will'iiot thrive' This cannot bc
got. if the infant be troubled ;with
worms.. Miller's Worm Powders will
destroy worms and drive them from
thc system, and afterwards thc child's
rest"' will be undisturbed. .'��� The powders cannot injure.the most'delicate-
baby,.and there is nothing so effective'
for restoring" the health of a worm-
worn infant."     - -  ,"
Clear the Skin
A beautiful complexion is the outward mark of
good blood and a healthy body. When the stomach,
liver and blood are in good order, the skin is clear, and
lovely. Unsightly blotches, pimples, -eruptions and
sallowness show the"need of Beecham's Pills to stimulate
and regulate the vital organs and improve the circulation.  Good health and better looks soon follow the use of
are worth a guinea a box
Sold averrwbere ia CaniuU Md U. S. Amtrica. Ia box**. 25 cent*.
Switzerland to Convey 300,000
. Through Swiss Territory
London, Eng.���A German wireless
message slates: A German reconstruction department is being csUib-
lished which will bc under' thc control of thc Foreign Office, while thc
Ministry of Economies will supervise
its administration. A housing coni-
iWissary will deal with thc construction of new houses and will consult
representatives of employers and employees of the various trades in the
. Negotiations havc taken place al
Berne between French, German and
Swiss-representatives- regarding repatriation "of German war prisoners
from France. Switzerland has expressed readiness to undertake thc Thousands more arc being squccz
c    -rnnnnn      ��� > cd by aching corns which can bc cur-
conycyance of    3.00,000 prisoners    to ed quickly with Putnam's Corn  Ex-
Gcrniany through Swiss territory and \ tractor.       Being-free  from  caustics,
Work On Stockyards
Alberta Company to  Spend $300,000
on Yards at Calgary.
J. M. Cameron, -president of the
Alberta Stockyards company, has announced that the company has started improvements in the yards,- and
on the erection of a modern office
building, and will spend this ycar between $250,000 rind $300,000.
Thc yards will be extended and
new pens erected, and all thc work
done will bc strictly modern and up-
to-date.. The yards * will bc paved
and sewerage put in, and thc older
portion of the yards will be modernized as far as possible.
To Increase Wireless
Rights- 'Of''Provinces
Three Important Test Gases Are Before Privy Council. ; ���'������'..'������'
London;; Vt-' Three - petitions- -for
leave "to, appeal 'involving important-
questions' whether the company's acts
of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario arc intra vires of. the provinces
were before theprivy council. Before
council opened their addresses, Lord
Haldane-intimated on behalf of ihe
privy council that their lordships
we're ready to grant relieve and expressed the desire that all three appeals be consolidated and only one
set of arguments be heard. Counsel
promised-to arrange this.
Will Resume Trade
v : With Germany
Canadian Trade Mission States That
..License Has Been-Issued.'^ '   ii
Ottawa.T,��� - Trade with, Grrmaiiyi
aiid (lerin.'iii-Austria "is/now allowed,
and a., cablegram recently .received
ii'o.ui i.hc Canadian" Trade.-Mission' in
;London,-states that" a. license permitting-trade .'with :th"c enemy,.has been
issued' liy. Great -Britain.-and. that all
goods-not on--the- "conservation" list
are..".dlowed to . be shipped ' without
individual export, licenses.
-, Information ,comes at ..the same
"lime from the jTrade Con/mission at
Washington? to tluv effect, that^a'g'cn-
,cfal enemy trade- license is being issued iii.-the "United" States Government,' enabling "all" persons";tpv coin-
muhjeate and trade- with person's rc:
siding iu- Germany.*' Hungary ' aiid
Bolshevist Russia arc. not included
in  the permission.' ;-���_.   '...--'.
four trains  will bc  run  for this purpose  daily.
-The German Government has announced in the press that it is under
no- necessity to resort to compulsion
for supplying workmen for reconstruction work in northern France,
and lias been negotiating with workmen's organizations for sonic months
with a view to obtaining the requisite
number of men by contract, stipulating, the -conditions of work and
wages.      ,
Putnam's is painless,
fully for fifty years.
25c at all dealers.
Used success-
Use no  other,
United   States -Likely   to   Establish
Radio   Stations  to   Relieve
Washington. ��� The request of Secretary Daniels that congress organize
powerful   naval   radio   stations    for
commercial messages seemed to meet
general "approval in the bouse as the
secretary's letter was-referred to the
naval   affairs    committee.     Chairman
Butler stated he   believed    it   wouli!
prove to bc thc only way of-rcducing
congestion on the cables.
Minard's Liniment Cures -Distemper;
i Providing Against
A German Attack
' Always
.-..'"Kditli i>< one of tho'-e girK whose
interest in a man is governed by hU
. "I sec; the greater the principal the
greater the  interest."
'"'��� Odd and Ir��t��resting Facts!  *���
Five is considered- a sacred" number
among the Chinese.
There are fewer daily newspapers
in Spain than in any-other country in
It ij a singular fact that, while
hares are excellent swimmers, rabbits
cannot swim.      " .."   .
-Wise   is r the    married   man-/who
keeps his private affairs to himself;
Easy as Rolling Off a Log to Stop
a Cough or Cold With
Nq more medicine for thc stomach
W.       N.
--^���that isn't where your cold is lodg
ed. . Just breathe in the healing vapor
of Catarrhozone���a soothing, healing
medication that acts instantly. Colds,
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Every spot   that   is-*'congested   is
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phlegm and   secretions   are   cleaned
out, and all symptoms of   cold   and
catarrh are cured.   Nothing so quick,
so sure, so pleasant as Catarrhozone.
Beware    of    dangerous    substitutes
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Catarrhozone.     All dealers    sell Ca-
, j tarrhorone,    Iar^e sire, which    lasts
jlwo months, pnce_$l.O0; small size,
150c; sample size, 25c
Mr.   Clemenceau   Says   He   Prefers
Treaties    With    America ' and
Britain to Shine Occupation
Paris, France.���Mr. Clemenceau
made a statement to the Parliamentary Peace Commission concerning
[lhc guarantee pact pledging the United States and Great Britain to aid
France in thc event of tfn unprovoked attack by Germany. ..Replying to
attacks ou him for his alleged failure
to obtain the fulfilment of Marshal
Koch's demand for a prolonged occupation of'thc Rhine, hc said that hc
preferred thc protection afforded by
the pact to thc proposed bridgeheads
which French soldiers alone would
guard and whicli might lead to political difficulties. Had the guarantee
treaties existed before 1911, Mr. Clemenceau continued, the war would
, have been averted even with a strong
j Germany. Hc went on to point out
} tliat thc German army wiil now bc
reduced to 100,000 men and can make
no movements which might be considered provocative within 50 kilometers from the frontier. French security being thus assured, thc government will bc able to consider a
change of conditions of military service.
A Million Dollar
Farming Concern
The Noble Foundation, the name
under which the concern of which C.
S. Noble, the celebrated Alberta
wheat grower, is the head, is now a
milliou dollar corporation, its .capital
having been increased from $750,00(1
to this figure. -This company is farming between twenty and thirty
thousand acres in Southern ' Albcria,
growing all kinds of grain, and this
year has about twelve thousand acres
in crop.
Investigate Arrest of Hon. W. Scott,
Ottawa. ��� Sir Robert Borden, it
is understood, is communicating wilh
thc British embassy in Washington
requesting that enquiry be held into
thc arrest of Hon. Walter Scott, ex-
premier of Saskatchewan, by a Unit-
���cd States immigration official.- Mr.
Scott has protested to thc prime
minister against thc treatment hc received.
'Two miners went on a fishing expedition. But they were novices .-��*
the game. "Hoo are ye gettiu' on,
Jock?" asked one.
"Och, simply rotten!" was the re*
ply. "I don't believe my bloomin'
worm's  trying."
It's surprising what a number of
practical things are impracticable
when you try them. *
A warship goes on a whaling voyage -when it starts out to whip somebody.
Over-sleeping and over-eating hurt
more people than over-working.
Spankingdoesa'tcure bed-wetting
r���tbe trouble is due to weakness
of the internal organs. Mysuccess-
fui home treatment will be found
helpful. Send no rnonej, but
write me today. My treatment
is equally successful for adults,
troubled with urinary difficulties.
SSS, M. S9MMEIS, Sis 42 Wiaiwr.Sii, p-t^U'%ffi*:*V^y-^ .^i&k-'.^rf-^.^ffi^^
 ���"":". xx""yy~~~~T   ' ,1-" -���'"ii,i"|w-w<.'w.i.j!'j'whi^^
LEDGE.     GPEEXWOOr*.     B.     C.
London, r-r The Westminster Gazette says that thc question of the
trial of the cx-kaiscr. by the allies deserves to bc examined somewhat
closely from thc Dutch point of view.
~. Several official announcements, on
thc subject havc been made lately,
and their affirmative character seems
to imply that it is taken for granted
that Holland will consent lo extradite
the cx-emperor.
The  bulk  of  public  opinion,   however,   misunderstands   entirely    Hol-
'   land's position as a neutral state, and
is  under a wrong impression  as   regards her obligations.    Quite recently the rumor was spread that the ex-
,   crown prince had "escaped" from his
:  island, and Cecil Harmsworth  afterwards  informed   the  hotisc~ of commons that    thc    allied   powers    had
.  drawn   thc Dutch   government's   at-
.tcntion'"to the advisability of keeping
;a closer watch on the kaiser to prevent his returning to  Germany.
It should be pointed out that  the
ex-kaiscr and his son arc not prisoners  in  Holland.   When  thcy" crossed
the.  Dutch    frontier " in    November,
1918, a residence    \vas    assigned    to
them  by thc   Dutch  authorities,   bul
thcy  were  not  considered  prisoners.
If thcy arc guarded if is not because
thc Dutch government   wishes   them
to remain in thc country.      On    thc
contrary, it'is the sincere wish of the
Dutch government that thc fugitives
leave Holland at the earliest possible
moment.   They are a source of great
embarrassment    to   the Netherlands,
and nothing will bc  done  to  induce
them to remain if thcy~ decide to go.
Any foreigner is  allowed   to  leave
Holland whenever he   chooses,    and
this rule applies to the ex-kaiscr and
the cx-crown prince.   It is, therefore,
difficult to understand   why    thc   allied powers,  who must bc aware   of
this fact, have    invited
watch .-the    ��f-kaiser
Compulsion Still
For Australians
Will Adhere to   Qld  System  of
Universal Training.
London. ��� General Monash, commander of the Australian expc 1 lion-
ary corps, in the course of an interview here, says that Austrajia will
adhere to her old system of universal
training. Future training, he says,
must conform strictly to that of thc
British home army and every unit of
the. British overseas forces must'.be
The    Australian     authorities     an
nouncc that any soldier absent without leave aftcr August 5, will forfeit
his-return passage. About 30,000 Australians still await repatriation.
Tornado Swepl
New Brunswick
Saskatchewan Beef for Italy.
Seventeen carloads of carcass beef,
worth approximately $170,000, were
forwarded direct from Saskatchewan
to Italy at thc beginning of this
month. Ten cars Avcrc loaded at Regina, four at-Saskatoon, and three af
Moose Jaw. This consignment was
the first of the part of a contract secured by a Saskatchewan packing
firm'for thc supply of beef lo Italy.
The cars were taken on a , special
train to Montreal and shipped direct
to Rome.
Considerable Damage Done to Build-
��� _ ings and Wire Service by
Frcdcrickton, N.B. ��� Consideiablc
damage lias been done by an electrical storm and wind, which swept
over New Brunswick and reached
thc proportions of a tornado.
In  Carleton county,    by Florcncc-
ville and  Ccntrcvillc,    eleven    barns
were razed by the tornado, while at
East Florence, the warehouse   of   B.
F.  Smith and Company, Limited,    3
building about 100    feet    in    length,
was  smashed    and    blown    to    bits.
Fifteen, or twenty trees   in    its   path
were  uprooted  and   telegraph,    telephone and electric light poles   wcrc
blown    over   by" the tornado, which
swept over a territory about a quarter of a mile 'in width   and
everything-before il.
. In a number of cases it .is declared
that loaded 'hay wagons." which   had
been  left standing in barns with  the
doors open, wcrc lifted bodily    and
carried  along  by  the  tornado.     The
wagons being smashed and ..the  I
scattered about.
Proof Of Seditious Conspiracy
Letters Seized   During  Police Raids
Iri -Western ���'��� Canada.
Winnipeg. ���': The   Calgary   Labor
convention last March,   at which the
One Big Union was given form, was
packed with  "reds,", as  the members
] of the Socialist party of Canada are
known in labor.
An    official    of : th
Want U.S. Papers
Kept From Canada
Marshal Foch Welcomed
to    keep    him
She  has never
Holland to
more closely
against a possible "escape." Holland
has^no obligation .towards the allies
within thc frontiers,
madc any agreement
to that effect, and shc is consequently atf liberty���nay, it is her duty-
apply her own laws, ��� which pirt
restrictions on foreigners who wish
to go abroad.
* When thc dethroned Gei man rulers
wcntJ.o Holland,  the Dutch government was called upon by thc riews-
papcis in thc allied countries to send
ih cm back lo Germany.     Now
the  fugitives   appear  to
their departure the sam
enjoin  the  Dutch authoritie?
let them "escape."
As regards  thc trial, of    the    ex-
kaiscr, here again    the    problem ��� is
very  complicated.   There  is  no  pre
cedent in -history for thc extraordinary case, and thc Dutch government
can only be guided by existing treaties and the   accepted   international
law.    International- law  and  treaties
provide  extradition  only in  specified
cases, under which thc trial
cx-kaiser   cannot   bc    brou?
centuries Holland has
..   fugitives
of all nationalities, and the right of
asylum*is  a  sacred  tradition
Peace Proposals Not Given Lenine.
London. ��� Assertions by Liberal
papers lhat Sir Phillip Kerr, secretary to Premier Lloyd George, had
given a memorandum of peace proposals for the Bolshcviki Premier
Lenine, to Wm. C. Bullitt, attached
to lhe United Stales peace delegation
were answered iu thc house of' commons by,Andrew Bonar Law, government leader, with a denial.
Mr. Bonar Law said that Mr. Lloyd
George did- not , know of-Bullitt's
mission to Russia until Bullitt returned, and- hc denied lhat the British
picmici had given Bullitt any such
prepare   for
ie newspapers
London Cheered Great Dirigible.
-London. ��� The giant British dirigible R-34, which landed"at Pulham,
Norfolk, ,on July 13, aftcr making thc
first trans-Atlantic dirigible flight,
Icf t there for East Fortune, Scotland, thc point from-which it started
for the United States.
Thc R-34 circled over London at a
-not to Mow altitude during thc trip,; and was
seen anil cheerSd, hy excited crowds
of   thc
June Revenue.
Ottawa. ��� During June war taxes
collected by thc department of inland
revenue totalled .$1,378,025.   Thc total
revenue of the department  from   all
sources for the month was $4,586,088,
a largc increase over the month
June, 1918, when thc revenue amount-j (Cheers.)
cd to $2,993,630    "
Gathering in London to Honor Great
French General and Present
London.   ���    JMarsfial    Foch    was
given   a   most   enthusiastic welcome
by the city of London when, accompanied   by   General   Weygand   and
other  distinguished  French  generals,
hc drove in the state carriage    from
the Carlton hotel to thc Guildhall to
receive thc honorary freedom of   thc
city.    The streets were gaily  decorated.   General    Foch    was    received
with    loud    and   prolonged cheering
and thc playing  of   thc Marseillaise
when hc entered the Guildhall, where
a large and   distinguished    company,
including    Prince    Arthur    of- Connaught,      thc   'French    ambassador,
Field Marshal Haig, Sir Henry Wilson,    Right Hon. Winston Churchill,
Right      Hon.    Messrs.    Long
Barnes, and other membeis    of
government were'assembled.
The address conferring the -frce-
dom of the city described General
Foch as a hcioic-general, a model
for future generations of soldiers,
and paid tribute to his brilliant part
in thc war, his stern "sense of duty,
patriotism and supreme knowledge
of the science of war.
Acknowledging the freedom of" thc
city and thc sword of honor, Marshal
Foch, speaking in French, paid a
great tribute to the valor of the
Briiish soldiers, the skill of the British generals, especially General Haig,
and.ftlao the -wonderful work of thc
industrial classes of Britain in
viding the allies with abund
and munitions.
Dealing with thc great German offensive" of 191S, he remarked that the
British armies, though very exhausted, fought as brilliant    a    rearguard
0f | action    as    had    ever    been
c    United   Mine
Workcis of America, in a letter, suggested   that    "the only way wc   will
ever get anywhere is by thc use    of
force,    and   that the timc is coming
when   there   will   bc   riots and petty
little revolutions here and   there    all
oyer the. country.   In mentioning the
proposed demonstration    in   Toronto
pf 10,000 unemployed the writer said
he thought that if., these things could
be: organized to start in every town,
city and~villagc at one time,   with ' a
definite object in view of taking over
the reins of government, "wc would
arrive all right."
R. B .Russell saw in thc coming
unemployment situation a "glorious
opportunity to show thc 'plug' that
the only solution to the question is
thc situation in Russia."
..A veritable flood of propaganda,
including distribution of banned literature on Socialism and Bolshevism,
was distributed by R. B. Russell and
other members of thc Socialist-Party
of Canada.
This,vis thc substance of letters
seized by thc R.N.W.M.P. in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg and read in court at the preliminary hearing of eight Labor leaders
for seditious
Detroit   Seat  of  Newspaper Attacks
on Canadian Soldiers During
Windsor,  Ont. ��� The   entry    into
Canada at  the" port of   Windsor    of
the Detroit Free Press, carrying another Costello article has so incensed
the veterans that the executive.of the
Walkcrville and Ford commands  got
together in a hurry and passed a resolution to use force if necessary   to
keep the paper .from landing at this
The Border Cities' Liberty league
learning that organized resistance no
longer is a possibility but a certainty, despatched a telegram to Sir Robert Borden protesting thc government's-delay in taking action, and
stating "if publications containing
further Costello articles or editorials
alleging drunkenness',   cowardice and
mnipeg Was Nearly
Under Soviet Comtro
Yorkshire Mine
immorality be allowed to pass, wc, as
returned soldiers of His Majesty  the
.,.  jCSty
K->��g arc determined to remove
sheet by force from this part of
Bulgarians Seek Easy Terms
Ignore Leaders
For the Moment the Deadlock Is
London. ��� Failure of the attempt
ma'de at Leeds in a conference of coal
miners and their employers to end
the coal strike, .which has been in
progress for some time, caused, surprise and disappointment. The leaders
of the miners refused to accept the
government's formula to bring an
end to the controversy or to bc bound
by the action of thc Miners'- federation declaring in favor of a return to
Therefore,    foi
r    the    moment,  thc
deadlock is complete.    No    arrangement has been ina.de for the resumption of the conference as far    as
known and the outlook
as serious.
Riots In Chicago
State Troops   Established   a   Barred
Zone About Three Miles
Chicago. ��� Chicago streets arc being patrolled by soldiers    called   out
by Governor Lowden af thc request
of -Mayor  Thompson  for    the   protection of lifc and property threatened by.the race w7ar, .which for some
days has terrorized the city.
Thc State troops established a bar-
led    zone    about three miles square,
cmbiacing most of  the  colored
dcntial district on th
c southside. In
this zone they searched every person
whom-thcy met.for.weapons. No one
could pass in or out without militaiy
pei mission. Tlic district extended
roughhr from 122nd Street to
Street, north arid south
Michigan    boulevard
Hope That the Way May Be Made
Pleasant for Them.
Sofia,  Bulgaria. ��� An  atmosphere
of uneasiness and uncertainty is discernible here with regard to the outcome of the mission in Paris   of . the
Bulgarian peace delegates. Bulgaria's
claims  to  thc  Dobrudja and her aspirations   as   to Macedonia   are still
to the fore in discussion of the peace
terms,    and   despite    the     hints ; of
possible territorial .losses,'which have
caused    concern    and    brought    but
some  bitter  comment,;: there  appears
to be a general hope that justice,   as
it is viewed^hcrc, will bc  done Bulgaria in this respect,    and    that    thc
questions    at   issue will    be    determined  independently   of her participation in the'war on the. side opposed
to tlic allies.
Prominent spokesmen   among    thc
Bulgarians having
Coal Shortage Will Be Serious
Canadian Railway Board Warns That
Serious Outlook Cannot Be
Montreal. ��� Immediate   action    is
urged bylthc Canadian   railway
board in   connection  with  next
ter's supply of coal for Canada.
"The  impending shortage   is
its  seriousness  cannot.be  exaggerated" said an official   of   the Canadian
railway War board.
"We arc satisfied on that point and
the railways of Canada arc themselves acting in accordance with the
advice here given. * Rumors that thc
coal famine talk in thc United Slates
is a '-scheme of thc 'mine owners
bring about higher prices, arc
borne out by thc facts."
Jan t guns
, ,     t,     i   r Thc largest source
ht.    For  of revenue for lhc month was tobac-
- ����,llIKS m^xz ^:tetr���id'b���'*
in   her
Norway May Have Spitzbergen
Russia Is Willing That Spitzbergen
_m Arctic JBe -Given to-Neutrals.-
Paris. ��� The Russian political commission    in    Paris    has    advised thc
peace  conference  which  i��  considering the disposition of thc Spitzbergen
Archipelago, which lies in the Arctic
ocean  between  Franz  Tosefland  and
Greenland,   that    the    Russians    are
willing to havc Spitzbergen given to
Norway.   Thc belief is expressed by
thc   Russians,   however,  that  it   will
bc necessary lo havc an International convention for the purpose of protecting thc rights oT persons of various nations having property there.
To Get Out of Russia.
London.��� Thc British government
is arranging to send a naval force to
Russia to cover the evacuation of the
Archangel district by thc troops
there, il was announced here. A contingent of regular army troops also
is being-held in-rcadiness
there if necessary.
He paid eloquent tribute to the
magnificent qualities of the Briiish
and Dominion armies in thc great
counter-attack after August, 1918,
and said that their dash and bravery
wcrc unsurpassable. Thcy never stopped smashing the German war machine and would have gone through
to thc Meusc or the Rhine bul for
lhe armistice. (Loud cheers.)
and from
to Wcn>vorth
avenue, cast and west. This happened
when riots in the colored district itself had somewhat subsided, when
there was an alarm spread of disturbances outside. New York Central
railroad officials reported all their
traitfs^ bcing_liredL.on, _
Adjutant general Dickson, aftcr an
early evening trip through thc threatened district, declared the situation
was ominous, and his view was shared by the mayor's secretary, who accompanied him.
Hundreds of negroes appealed for
protection. Inccndiaiy attacks upon
negro homes increased through the
day and night. Negro leaders declared that many members of their race
faced staivation because drivers ot
supply wagons feared tb enter some
parts of the black belt.
given expression
of strong desires to sec peace brought
about through the visit of the mission to Paris, together with the hope,
as one of thcm said," that thc terms
would bc "something that we can
swallow." In these expressions both
Great Britain and the United Slates
arc alluded to as friendly, but" thc
belief in this friendship is varied with
less certainly than previously. Ut-
tcianccs indicating dislike of the
.French-are freely heard in the capital,
which, may bc explained as due to th
presence of French colonial
French Bond Sale
Royal Assent To Treaty
Will Be No Proclamation of Peace
Until   Three    of   the   Allied
Powers Have Ratified
London. ��� Royal assent was given
to thc German peace treaty and to
thc Anglo-French  treaty, whicli thus
of Issue ��� in View Totals
Paris. ��� Louis Klotz, the ministci
of finance, has just concluded an arrangement with a group of United
States bankers' headed by J. P. Morgan and company for the sale in thc
Ncw York market of French treasury bonds at sixty and ninety days,
similar to, the British bond now on
the maikct.
Thc amount of lhc issue in view
at p.rcscnt totals ��50,000,000. The
United Stales treasury department,
it  is  said,  was   consulted   regarding
the arrangement and gave ils consent
to it,
Winnipeg. ��� "My impression from
William    Ivens'    epeech    was    that
Winnipeg    was      practically     under
soviet control,"    said    W.  E.  Davis,
Minneapolis advertising man,    referring to a speech made by Mr. Ivcns
in Victoria Park on the second1 day
of   the    strike,    at    the    preliminary
hearing of eight laboi; leaders charged with seditious conspiracy. "It implanted in thc minds of thc audience
strongly the fact that the strike committee  were able  to  do  anything   it
pleased," he added.
Mr. Davis stood about 40 yards
from thc speaker's platform and R.
B... Russell and several other labor
men spoke.
"Ivcns first congratulated the audience on the solidarity of labor,"    hc
saitl, "and passed    in    review   points
which  showed  the    strong    grip    or
control  the'strike  committee had on
Winnipeg.    lie told    of    control    of
.'the.police,-thc. firemen, the telephones,    street, cars,    food,    particularly
bread and milk.    Hc said  the  strike
committee intended to limit    use    of
telegraphs'"arid- to close    the    newspapers, mails and control the waterworks." /
"He explained how he had got in
touch with unions connected with
the production of newspapers," said
witness, "other than the Typographical union, and that there would soon
be no dailies published unless the
strike committee published one.
"Hc said,    'I think wc havc Dafoe
(managing editor of thc Free Press)
and Richardson    (president    of    the
Tribune) now powerless to do us this
time what they did in past strikes,'"
said witness.   He went on:
"Speaking  on   thc  bread   and  milk
notj situation, he said thcy had   been   required to allow    partial    distribution
because of many complaints of sickness of babies.
"While recounting thc strong control on the community held by the
strike committee, he said, 'the parliament Of the city is now in the labor
temple instead of the city hall.'
"He said, 'the storm is about to
break, and this lime thc lightning
will; strike upward: instead of downward. Some of the brothers are talking about raising money to build a
ncw labor temple. I think thc parliament buildings on Kennedy street
would make a good labor temple, and
the way    things
soon move in.'
are   going   we    will
ew Dominion Loan
U.S. Submarine and Two Men Lost.] Sfr Th��mas Whi*e Says Last Victory
NTcw London, Conn. ��� The    U.S." Loan Mean* Sale" of  Crops.
as an
to    assist
New Field Marshals.
London.��� General E. H. H. Allcn-
b3% formerly commander of thc British forces in Palestine and at present
special high commissioner for Egypt
and Soudan, and Lt.-Gcn. Sir Herbert
Plumor, commander of the second
British ai my, havc been raised to the
lank of field marshal.
world owes no  man
but it'owes cvery man
ity  to  make good.
a living,
Will Prcbe Shoe Costs.
Washington. ��� A resolution directing thc federal trade -commission
to enquire into the increase in thc
price of shoes was reported out by
thc hou'-e interstate commerce commission.
lengress Is Peeved
Say Treaty With France   Calls   On
U.S. to Step in Without Their
. Washington. ��� Thc peace treaty
with Germany was discussed by President Wilson with four more Republican scnalois, all of them understood to be unwilling to accept thc
League of Nations in its
Demand For Harvest Help
London. ��� A question asked in thc
house of commons brought forth    a
statement from J. Austen Chamberlain, chancellor of thc exchequer, that
thc average expenditure of thc country during the period from April 1 to
-July 26, was nearly ��4,500,000 daily.
Sir   Laming- Worthington   Evans,
minister-of pensions,"   in   giving   the
house an explanation on the pension
���ituation, said that   at. thc   present
rate the pensions,would   amount   to
'��96,000,000 sterling in   a   full   year.
Sir Laming announced a ncw scale of
pensions   for   totally disabled single
men of 40 shillings weekly, and   for
married men, SO shillings weekly, being an increase respectively of 7 and
17 shillings   on   the   previous scale.
Proportionate increases,   Sir Laming
declared, were lo be given for children, widows and other dependents of
��oldiers. - '^
To Save German Navy
Ready to be Salvaged from Deep Sea
Says British First I*ord of
--London. ���   The   battleship,    threei
light  cruisers   aiid  fifteen   destroyers'
of the former German   grand   navy,
which were scuttled   by   their crews
at Scapa Flow in the Orkney islands
on June 22, are ready to be salvaged,
it was said in the house of commons
by Walter Hume 'Long, first lord of
thc admiralty.
Mr. Long said work was proceeding, on three other destroyers. He
said there was no intention of holding
a court of enquiry.
Both thc senate and the committee
had recessed over today nnd many
senators went over for lhc first time
thc ofncial text of the treaty with.
France, submitted for ratification by
President Wilson. Although most of
them reserved judgment, it became
���ipparcnt tliat thc treaty's ratification
would bc bitter]}- contested.
Two.objections about .wliich.dcbate
is expected to centre   are    that    thc
treaty departs from thc  tradition  of
no entangling alliances, 'and    that   it
violates    thc   constitutional provision
that congress alone can declare w
Those "v, Iio base their opposition
tlic latter ground    dccla
promise to go to the
immediately in case of an unprovoked attack on her from Germany,   all
future congresses would be deprived
of their power to decide for war or
peace  whenever    thc    treat}
were invoked.
Government Agent Says   Men   Hang
Back From Harvest Work for
__I_r__   -Higher-Pay.-      ~~ ~
Winnipeg. ��� Too many unemployed men arc hanging back in the hope
of getting $6 a da}' for harvest work,
and ha\i'ng  to  work only two-thirds
of the lime for their money, was the
declaration  of J. A. Bowman, supei-
intendent for thc piovincc of the employment  service  of   Canada,    when! Captured Town
discussing thc question of farm help.
Hc  expressed  the  belief  that  lhc  $6
maik would not bc approached,   and
become law
Ottawa.��� Although Great Britain's
king has given royal assent to the
peace ticaty with Germany, there will
bc no proclamation of peace until
three of the allied powers have lati
fied thc pact. This, thc Canadian
government has asked Britain to delay uutibthc Canadian parliament has
taken action at thc coming fall ses-
siom Therefore,     -thc-
submannc G-2, which is listed
obsolete craft and used for experimental work, sank with open hatches
in Long Island Sound, off Pleasure
beach iu Watcrford Bay and two of
jits crew of eight were drowned. Thc
other members of the crew, all of
which were from thc submarine base
here, were rescued.
,-���..    -i       , ' orders-in-
counciLunder thc War Measures a-t
will not be annulled until peace is
officially "proclaimed." These include prohibition, racing, etc.
King Albert at White House.
Washington. ��� King Albert and
Queen Elizabeth of Belgium, will bc
guests at the While House during
their visit to Washington this fall,
probably in October. Elaboiatc plans
for_their cntcrtaiitmcnr_arc~bcing prepared by the slate department.
Russians Gain Victory
.-.cut to farms   b\
ire    that    by
aid of France
"If any relief assistance is offcied
next winter the fust question should
bc, 'Did you respond to thc appeal
for farm help?'" He added that returned men were "prominent
the workers being
lhc department.
Crop failures in paits of Saskatchewan havc released men for woik in
Manitoba, said Mr. Bowman. On
Thursday hc was completing arrangements for the distubution of 400 to'
600 men for that province. Approximately 10,000 workeis are required for
the harvest fields of Manitoba
If you can't do anything else^
can at.least keep out of
fellow's wav.
the  other j;	
'   KolcIiak Buying War Material.
New York. ���"Representatives of
Admiral Kokhak's Siberian government were among the heaviest purchasers here when $40,000,000 worth
of surplus U.S. army .textures" were
placed on the auction block by. Captain A. A. Stewart, of the quartermaster's department. Total sales for
the day, in which 750 buvcrs participated, amounted to ?375,000 with
Admiral Kokhak's men and 'representatives of thc Colombian rcpubli
bidding for the lion's share.-
Chinese Clash With-Japanese
Washington   -   Sixteen    Japanese
officers and rua and three Japanese
policemen were killed, aud 17 Japanese soldiers more or    less    scriously
wounded   in   a   dash   with Chinese
troops  af'Kuangchcusku,   July    19
according   to   au official report    received by. thc Japanese cmbaSsv here
The losses of the Chinese were   not
The clash was said to have followed' an assault on an employee of the
South Manchuria Railway company
by Chinese soldiers.'" The report said
that the Chinese government expressed regret over the incident.
of Kamishin  on the
London. ��� General Denckine,   the
Russian commander, has    gained   an
important victory over the Bolshevik
and captured the  town  of Kamishin,
ou the Volga.   Fiyc thousand Bolshe-
\ik, nine guns and quantities of ammunition wore als=o Liken.
'     In making  this  announcement,  the
wai  office says    that    possession    of
Kamishin  qives  General  Denckine   u
tinner hold on the ri\cr and his main
objective over the advance  on  Saratov,  threatening  the  Bolshe\ik  communications with  Astrakan.
-��� Kamishin was entered by the anti-
Bolshevik troops on July 30, and thc
fleeing enemy   was    pursued    twelve
miles beyond thc town. ~~
Victory Loan Success.
London. ��� The recent British
victory loan scheme amounted to
��767,800,000, it was announced in the
house of commons by J. Austen
Chamberlain, chancellor of the exchequer. This exceeds the amount
previously announced by  ��50,800,000
Ottawa. ��� Sir Thomas White
slates that since September last credits to Great Britain aggregaing
$167,000,000 had been furnished by
the government for the purchase of
last year's wheat crop. In addition
about $25,000,000 had been supplied
for the purchase of other foodstuffs
and over $12,000,000 for timber.
It was last year's Victory loan
which enabled Canada to grant the
extension credits necessary for the
purchase of these products, upon
whose sale the prosperity of the entire Dominion, agricultural, industrial,    commercial   a��d_financial! _so	
largely-depends. Thc success of the
Dominion loan this fall is regarded
as of vital importance to Canada to
enable her to meet demobilization
expenses and also to provide in part
thc money for the sale of our wheat
and other products.
A 'man may bc all his wife thinks
hc is, but hc is seldom what he thi
enaces Britain
American Record for Aerial Height.
Min cola. ��� Although failing to establish a world's altitude record, Roland Rohlf, civilian aviator,   flying  a
Curtiss    wasp   bi-planc,    set   a    new-
American mark  when,    in  an official
flight from Roosevelt Field, he reached a" height of-30,700 feet, according
to thc figures on his barograph.    Thc
World's record is 33,136, feet, made by
Adjutant Casalc, of thc French army
in. a flight from  Villa   Coublay   last
London. ��� General    industrial   un-jhave decided to strike
rest in Great Britain, which has been jand now
seething   ever   since    the
seems at the present hour
reached a point which
commerce   of   the
. Women Get Vote.
Helena, Mont. ��� . Thc Montana
cjstate senate has ratified the federal
suffrage amendment to the constitution by a vote of 3S to, 1. The house
unanimously ratified thc amendment
Germans Buying Copper.
Ncw York. ��� Moderate quantities
of refined copper havc been bought
for German manufacturing interests,
one of the leading selling agencies
here announced. Shipments have already been madc and are expected to
assume larger proportions. The financial arrangement connected with]
the purchase of the "metal   arc    not
to    have
menaces    thc
country   with at
least temporary disaster.     It is considered possible that  it   may   mean
thc downfall   of   thc    Lloyd George
An immediate strike of thc London
police was decided on tonight at
mass meetings held in various places.
The grievance of thc police is the bill
before parliament reorganizing thc
department." This provides for the
organization of a police union, but
prohibits it from affiliating with labor
unions and prohibits.policemen from
going out on strike under any circumstances, with heavy'penalties.
The strikes of the past month have
been serious enough, but they" are
merely symptomatic of thc dissatisfaction which appears to prevail
throughout the rank3 of organized
labor. Half a'million Lancashire cotton operatives were idle for irr&rc
than three weeks. Two hundred
thousand Yorkshire miners have been
on strike since July 20. The Liverpool dockers have paralyzed shipping
on   Saturdav
the London police arc about
to go on their second strike.
Thc worst movement of all    from
the    government   standpoint    is    tiie
threat of "direct action" by the triple
alliance of raihvaymen,   miners    and
transport workers.    These    powerful
unions arc taking a secret ballot   to
decide .whether they   shall    use    the
weapon of a general strike to try to
enforce their    political    program    of
the nationalization of the mines   and
railways and to end conscription and
.withdrawal from all participation    in
all Russian affairs.
In  these  circumstances,   words
revolution and Bolshevism    crop
in thc newspapers and .are  used
conservative    men   to   describe,
present    movement.     Some    of
newspapers   are   asking   where
there for two weeks, holding up bun'
Jdrcds of ships of all sizes. The bakers
money comes from to finance all tha
propaganda being rut-forth.
Thc government regards thc police
strike as the most dangerous feature
of thc prevalent unrest. It may prove
a crucial test of thc labor campaign.
The home sccretarj'i ����� Shorfr, has
declared that thc government is firm
and will consider no compromise Of
yielding to the policemen's demands
to have the status of
labor union.
an   ordinary
. r-. f
���**   TV*
t    ~*-iij
' Wi
^ ���' l#l
\&, My
1^*3 iiiilliil^^^PSi^^^plSPSi^^^^^��
VERY important to the late vaca-
���fionist   are   the   midsummer  additions  to  the  wardrobe.    However, tlie late vaca.tioui.st is not
the  only  one   who   needs   to  make  annexe* to   tier  summer   wardrobe  about
this time of year.    Hence,  these smart
things tliat follow the universally popular and the universally becoming chemise trend  become doubly interesting.
.). <[> <!, <|>
Particularly   fetching   aud   emtnently
practical   supplements   to   any  summer
outfit  are   the  two  blouses  to   the  left
of   the   bewilderjngly  attractive   group.
If yon  are  gloriously slim,   you  might
take smart advantage of a striped tus-
aah  and  havc  it   follow  the  chic  lines
of the blouse with the swinging panels.
The   less    "lit''    to   the   line   of   your
blouse  pattern,   and   tho   more   it  suggests  lhe  primitive straightness  of the
chemise,   the  more  distinctive  Is gotngr
to be- the linislied prod-uct.   Choose your
pattern   with   an   oval   neck   line   and
sleeve-in-one. Thereafter let it go along
the straighlest and boxiest of lines, the
front extending itself into panel lengths
at each side.    Can't yoii see the model
in a striking canary and  white scheme
with huge imitation smoke amber buttons traveling down one side?
<[. <j> $ <{>
The other blouse suggestion you might
carry out'vith success to a degree,  in
one   of   those   brilliant   crepey   sports
silks    or    in    a    citron-colored   ratine.
Which   last   would   be   wonderfully  effective   with  a purple-blue  satin  mak-"
ing that unexpected half stole.     Again
the    uninterruptedly straight    contour
holds, and tlie short sleeve-.in-one. But
the  neck  line  differs smartly in  being
a  most  individual cross between round
��� Contrasting'-stitching need not - stop
at decorating.' as witness the "wonderfully-clever- way it has or suggesting
lines that really "aren't" on .that frock
witli the stunning Hap simulations. They
are merely simulations, and nothing
more, effected bj- several rows of con- ,
trusting stitching .following -a triang-u-
- lar outline. Aside from all lhat,.'tho,
the. dress is a true chemise even if a
horizontal .line- in the '.region, of the
wulst .-does - suggest lhal it comes in
two. Again it's. only. :i -suggestion,
whieh may bo made most effective by a
bit df braid:- A heavy amber-crepe
de chine ought- to . make*" '.a Mtunning
thing of this frock with tlie aid of sonw
-tortoise-colored' braid ,and buttons .and
"stitching. ���..    '.-.���:���    --        '.-,.''
���-..',-.'  - -   .'   '}>���]>.<��� <iy -������_. y ' ������'-. "
-,-l.tit' a   real   chemise   whimsy- is .the
''neighboring fro::k -that' has a most unexpected   hint  of  the   baa<iue  about  it. _-
A-very _oharming ..coneeil.-ls -that-for-si
..chemise.       Coming    down     to. "brass
tacks,".'   Iho--or   dp'wii' to   the ,n lien iin
niigiit be better^use a se'mi-basque pat-'!.,
tern "for   the,, bodice-and ;jbin-*it'.Niod-'
ishly "below   the. normal .-Waist   lino   lo -
"a-   tilted,   two-piece   skirt. - There, is-'.
.charming  opportunity-to. use  contrast-,
ing stuffs   here.    You   might   try.'.satih
'_, " and  ratine  in ,a. color .scheme* of black' -.
, - aiid white. ;.' "���'"'        '  .-    ..      !���
':��� Z ..;"������"   .,-:: ' '-.-":    X'i '* 'fe.*. '���'-' ; -. f X ''.-'.". '_."-'
.'--.. Contrasting." bandings.'  like-  ooiitragl-
,^_iti"g ���Fi.titclipry.-'ca:i-do wonderful  things' -
:, In   the'matter  of  line.'' A" particularly'-
-attractive   example" is- thi* .dress ' worn-
'-> by ;the -lady so  calculatingly  backed  to -
"���"'Vthe'-niidienei*..,' If ���yb'u.-will. subtract' all \.
~yy'. Itiot banding" wiih "your mind's-eye yoii .
, '...' vvi!_.,come, dowii "to" .liie es.-'ential fact'of -
",   true, chemise .lincN-in   '.liis- dies?.-'. It's
. .an-'appreciably  "happy:   v.'ay'  lo- brittle'"-
. - "'with ��� fiiifrnsling  banding   w'li'at-might'
,." otherwise :he    a.-monotonous ������ siirfn'c".
. .-VI>(j   ilV.-a; iiio.��t.i,,(:ITo',-'t;vfViwa">:-. Ij; .1 in'--
-, ploy   .-ionif.'-  Jur<|unise;-g:-dsgr:i"n'--'.rihbof!i
' "   oil  a  .iii'ai'h'-(-b!o.red.s;ili:i  ground/ -don't
���-���--��� . you-think"'.'-.'     :'- .',"-,-'���   "  '.;'���'_ '���
���''    ' *.. , 7'    -..   . "������'     ���I'-*."}' ���!'���   '���.':-.-.
("an yoii,  tho";  have.-any  hitem doubt:,.
.; . : about   the   chemise--ilelin��*ation   of   tin*, '
h.n\il,.frock.'.' ��� It's so. very much chsjiiiise, ,-
-'-'.'- that: you "might ,-lAiil'J   It'oii  a  conven-'
���,   ti.onal nightie pattern, almost.  And  it's
- .. ''".just,, the -.type .of. thing- to. express   iii
. ���     'one of the  sweater stuffs. -;Theie  is a
variety.-'of jersey  weaves-in  ?iite~ wool
.S ��� -and.^silKrind,wool that may lie dopc-ml-
��� - ,-ed , on'.'to^'do  tlie  "startingiy   f.iic  bcre. ���
Try a dust color With handing apd but-
-'. tons, in-,jade. ���    '"-
ouse Lines That Simplify the Laundry Problem
e Gamut of the PastelsHere  .Decoration May Be a Matter of Contrastin
Ribbons or Applique.   ;   . . ::
"DK10.of-it .problem  than ever U
the'one  that  is  being, worked
' out in the. lauiid.ryj-. And  it is"
v- -up  to some  one to qlfer .help,
yii'icir the "little.. dressmaker.- i-an do
iii'fft 'successfully, -and. 'in "an entirely'"
Inoilfsli Way,"- if "site" will'build raiment
.along thi* : "pillari.I-y primitive llr.es of
these blouses, for I,iihIiiiu*c. .Strangely
enough, too, .these- seii'-sai'iiV-'blou-'cs .sn
'elite j'in" their julnillivfr*' lines. aiv a-l-
most- prohibitively p: ir���-��� r'i i'n llu- sliup.-i
"'���ii'ihiit vrsry .'icrriiinl. So iher.e again,,
the. unman prniil.T', who "iualics !u>:'
��� ow:.'."-  .    .
: ..All
inofiPls follow--,-the slioi-i
-iu-oue Man' an<l-. rounded neck
��� with variations. AH follow,- too. tliat
(.-liic but easy tUra:shl--from-l.iic-shoiil-
i1��m* delineation, and. <.-o.iiveirenily '-''.llat"
trimming gr,-easily reniovabie trim-
iniug is the ruloj'
.J. <f> d. .j,
The a.Iisence of even.. th<* lemotcst
coinplcxi'is- of- cut makes "tout ensemble'" discission, of-the lirst four in'odfkj
rather logical. The tiiSit of the s-trik"-
ing quartet has a most efTectivp way of
using ttiC banding th*t makes its very
decorative (Treek ' key border again" <mi,
the- sipeVes,     In   real;;.-.-,   il:o=e  ��!mw
are-.tlie .most .ccuivclitioiial, of .abbreviate!: -kimono uiodels, -but^ lhat e'ever-
baiidij-.g in a.t-onco decoratlve and-KUg-���
geslive of. an ar:nii(>le. -Ciiii'l you just,
si'i* llu; mode! iii a. viyid -yellow linen
v.j;.!i. i;-s baiidi.n.v: don'' hi Clil'lie.-'e blue
;;.ill'.'? .        -.'-���-' -
- iji>j>>!> <!>--      . .     .-',     . :.
, A uasb >-:i[in ��r ,-on'e of'lh'i* sporty
��� ���rj^ii- silk:- would be. perfectly "sl'i:!!-.
UifiK s'l'iff io tiuildr.t.he "iiexl':"mii'.I<'| -of.
v.'ilb xhty help of ..soni^-'rni.'fgrii'u ribboir.
lo d,> the jiloeVo.- nei-k and hem binding,
and |li��|-; ;ri lace Cif-u-girdlcwi.se. -Voii'
"mlgi'i .even make -the amusingly - <-oii-
\e:i:-iii:i.,i'i fj'->sy of."the ril.boii. too;
vvliii-.il" furilier suggests .that; the tri.ni-
mi'ng be tea-r'i.sc,color and-i.he.ground
jadv:.    . - " " ������
This liaudiiig 'is resj>o'i).��ibIe-' fpr' a-
���A-o;irjerful s'iriiiilntivn ability' in the
niatter of lines. ' Y}y wa>' of a most eon-,
vineing illusiratioii yoi.' have-no ���.-farther io look than- the t}i'''d blouse wilh
lhe. liblmnlaccrp at'nei:>* liiu-and lieni.
All' of which Ik -a .positive temptation
to r-niplov some ol-gnClle atid eome-
taffeta .ribbon. I,ef the'- narrbw.er: ribbon, fti. Uie lacing and Hie wider band
lhe sleeves, iiiid ��ur>' 'hi- line over to
the IdaUr.e front antJ-'-'ae!?-   Can-you see
gray   oigandie;- liere;
In. n- hap]iy .orange'.*: '-
���'-   .''      .'���' ���    ."-','.   ���+ '1> '!���
witli    decoration
'!' " 'X'X ���--'
.it's.- a y'erita'l'le '��� little --oriental
tin.*, brat, of rlip-.four. ajut vvitli
���charming possibii.ilics '.fur.'ii' .tunjuoise
lussalr and some -purjiii', linen..bandiiig".
Oval:: of "ihoiiinple Jiticn" wjth' a sprink-
Jiiig'of Iio.'ivy stjtehei y in ;or;ilige oit^hl
to be respDii;iible . for much -of ��� tho
>ti-ik!iigu'er-'s of.,lhis' gaiuiciit. I5t* I'lUlto
Hiiie'win-n'.-yau are ctitling th.'.'bottnm
line'of "-tin*' bjouse t(I cxf-n.'l t liv' front
:uid: liar!: .of'il to ;.l be .'panel rugge.i-tion
ot" lhe "pietiire..-' The _ biiijise' wont be
haifvso iliftinctive -v.-il fio.ut that ;hne.
'-.-'. '.,, ,'_' X; >1>'.<1> 4* *.'.-"���,":���.'";'-:; -
-. And now .for the lone bit -of charming complexity at. the end of: the .dif-_
trartingly '''pretty- ' row_. ,. Somehow- it
���'lonKs".' Kill; jersey bet'ori auglit .e!re,
doesn't'it? ''So. Hi!k, jersey .let- it. be.
���in "white or pearh color pr.-.beaver." Cut"
it on tlio usual Mini.', until you. reach
'tho region of the waist line., then split
it and extend it to that crossing'sash
distinctiveness.-.. You -will do-likewise in
bad:., and, join. Ijack1. arid .front.csaslies
at the sides.'. -Tortoise-colored buttons
would be stiinnm'g on" a beaver-colored
jer.<ey:, don't '.you;-think'.'. -  ' '.   . "'
What is New in Dress
and Accessories
. Oh, Just perfect oodles of good
things for you tills week, my dear.
Kut, true to niy promise of a week ago.
i am going to take, out the lilllc led
book mid (ell you what-it lies to .-ay
under Die chapter 0!I  milliner,.
The,stuffs that the. new hats ara
made of arc, eo far, mostly kid, felt,
duvetyn, some magnificent brocades
and then velvet, needless to say. I
saw a perfectly fascinating little tam
in white kid that I thought you might
, take more than tt passing interest in.
Jt w{!3 the kind of lam that suggests .
the beret of the Quarlier, you Know;
but it \vas moat Inconsistently and most
chicly cuffed with a striped kid in
black and white.
There is niucji ostrich going, and vl<
go, ou the headgear of the coming l
season. Among the unhiue u��es -of os�� '
trich, f would give the purse to *
wicked little tin ban tliat banded itself'
with the fluffy stuff and left the surplice feathering free to go searfwise
about a fair neck. There was a l>itf of
a muff of ostrich to complete the illusion.
Getting back to the cliapeaux, tho,
since T havo a few more bits to pass
-along to .vou-aboulllieni���ostrich"ifirt't"
monopolizing all the exterior decorating of hats; no, not by any means.
Coq is doing fascinating tilings, and
then there Is ribbon galore. Fancy
transparent ribbons, will you, and two-
toned frtnged ribbons, and -wonderful
brocaded things, nnd then a shaggy
kind of ribbon that lias an unmistakable nap aud Is "called  "monkey"?
Well do I know that the summer costume needs such changes to keep, it
fresh unto the end. The cloudy frocks
of the'wardrobe can prolit wonderfully for n change of nash. Which gives
ma a practical opportunity to pi-omoto
the fascinating velvet sashes that havo
attracted me the last few dajs. Then
there arii things that you can do to the
overblouse that have t>ovrer to change
itB whole  complexion.
And then I havc some more "advance"
news  for you that may help lo make
your  plans   for  a   new   s-eiison   just  a .
. bit   more   definite.     1   would   tell   you
particularly   that   a   Veiy   modish   and
.stunning   and    practical    eoat    ban   ita
jiaclc  loose.  Its  sleeves  capc-simuiativrt
"and  it��  straight  front   belted.     I   would
tell   you,   too,   that   manv   a   suit-coat
sleeve  is  to  have a  wonderfully smart
ami snmr kimono line.
Now think >ou tliat tills is an elegant sfuflcleneyV To be continued next
week,   elieiie.     Your  own.
Well, little mother, sojourning by the tnd sea waves, or way up
in the mountain*, or maybe in a refurbished .winter horns, school day*
-aren't very far off. Meaning, of course, that the necessity for getiing.
together eome school duds is right nt hand. _ Let them be the straight
"sensible*' sort, pretty in their color combinations and their striking use
of stitchery. Let them go the smart ways of the bevy- coming here
next Sunday. ^ ���.        .. l^��St^S^^My^yvffK
Growing Tomatoes In Alberta
The Canadian
Industrial Congress
Gathering Tomatoes in Alberta.
��� The   production   of    tomatoes    in
largc quantities on the-  prairie    does
not appear to havc been a success in
tlic past, but prairie people arc 'of.a
type'who   -arc   for ever doing .s'onie-
-   tiling which  was  never done before.
Messrs G. O. Kerr and J. E. Terrill,
of Lethbridge, Alberta, have observed foi   sonic ycari,  that tomatoes  in
small Quantities were matured in the
Lcllibiidgc  district and decided  tliat
there was no reason why the experiment should; hot be made oil a commercial   scale.       As  a   result,   about
two acics of tomatoes  were set out
"last .summer on  land farmed by  Mr.
Kcir, a few milcs^east of Lethbridge.
The plants  were started under glass
in Lethbridge and set out "on /unc 6,
7 and S, at which    time tlicy    were
from 6 to-8 inches in  height. ���Three
thousand five hundred    plants    wcrc
set in .the" plot,   some   of   them three
feel   apart and some four feel apart.
The  cxpeiience of the season seems
to indicate that the four-foot plant is
preferable. v
Thc soil secured was an old pasture
which had since been in alfalfa and
is protected by a wind break-of trees
on the western side. It is a very
lich loam -witli a gentle south slope,
and, of course, is irrigated. Thc land
was cultivated in thc ordinary "way
and iuigatcd before planted and
three   times   afterwards.
Thc iiist  of the    ripe    fruit    was
available seven weeks    aftcr    setting
out Jthe plants, or about the    end of
July.    During  thc  month  of August
from  five to six" hundred pounds  of
beautiful ripe fruit was taken off the
plot  each  day and this late of production     continued    into  September.
Thc total yield of the plot is estimated at 35,000   pounds   and a   icacly
anarket was found for the product in
'lhe city of Lethbridge, the early ripe
tomatoes bringing 25 cents a  pound
and the laltci crop 15 cents a pound.
The gross pi ice of 35,000 pounds at
the latter figure is $5,250.
According    to    Mr/ Kcir, no diffi
culties  wcrc  experienced in  thc production of this crop.   The vines were
trimmed   early  in  July  for  the  purpose  of producing heavier fruit and
also admitting more sunshine, which
ripened it very rapidly.    The tomatoes  were  as  largc  and as  well  developed   as   thc   best  imported  stock
from  British   Columbia  or  Washington and, being local grown, they, of
course, reached thc consumer in bct"-
tcr condition. Thc crop was so heavy
that     in   many  cases     the     support
stakes which had been put in for the
vines to climb on were broken down.
One  vine  was" noted   which   had   S3
tomatoes on: il.
Up to the' middle of Scptcmbei  no
damage  had   been   experienced   from
frost, although     as a   ��� precautionary
mtasurc flat stiaw had been dumped
about the plot, so that smudges could
be  started  if  necessary.     "Mr." Kerr
points out lhat the. essential thing in
the production of this crop  was- the
irrigation;  which  not  only   increased
the amount of fruit but by affording
ample   moisture ai the right lime resulted  in   early   ripening.       Without
irrigation it is doubtful if the experiment would ha\ e been al all successful, and'while il is not suggested that
cvery.persqri    can    go    into    tomato
raising in Southern Alberta and produce $2,600 pei  acre,  thc  experience
iu this case is at least instructive as
.to what these irrigated lands arc capable- of.      It is nol too much to say
that such lands,    it    located   in    lhc
mountainous   part   of the   continent,
would  bc sold  at  many hundreds of
dollais "per  acre,  but  because     they
are   found   in   Alberta iu practically
limitless  sweeps  of  prairie   tlicy  are
still sold ready for the plow al    less
than what would be the cost of clearing them in e\cn lightly timbered regions.    Tlicir veiy abundance makes I
il  difficult  to  grasp   their  value, bul'
there  is  little   doubt   that  some  day
they  will  be'the home  of  the  most
productive   and   closely  settled   agricultural community on  th
Notable Speakers and a Most Impressive Program
Calgaiy.���Details of plans, program and attendant features, of the
Canadian industrial' congress, to be
held at Calgary.on August 13 and 14,
and to include a tour of the province
by special train, has now been completely- worked out, and congress
headquarters, located iu the Palliser
Hotel, Calgary, announces that reservations are being made for the
special liain tour, for the congress
sessions, which arc to'be held "in the
Grand Theatre, Calgary, and foi hotel  accommodation.
The special train, il is. announced,
will leave'Medicine Hat on ihe-morning of August 12, will run to Lethbridge, fiom .-that city to Calgary;
will bc held here for two days during the- congress sessions, then will
run to-'Edmonton;'and from tlic capital city will move to Banff,;.arriving
in the Rockies on Sunday morning,
August' 17. v
Thc  theatre  sessions" will   open   in
thc 'morning at  10  o'clock  on   Wednesday, August  13, and will continue
until 6 o'clock that evening, with intermission- of  two  and  a  half  hours
for luncheon.    On  the  following day
(Thursday) it will open at the same
hour.    There will be no evening sessions at  the theatre,  that portion   ol"
the day being utilized with entertainment .and motoring.    The program is
perhaps    the most    impressive    ever
gotten     together     at  one  industrial
gathering   on   the   continent,   including   among  olhcia,   Sir  Kobeil   Borden, ' E. W. Bcalty,""D.  B.    Hanna,
Henry   Ford,  A*.   K.   Erskine
P. Mount, and many othe
leaders    of    continental    and
Congress    head
all   who desire
Water Power Unlimited
r industrial
quarters asks tliat
reservation on either
the special train, tlic congress sessions at Calgary, or for hotel accommodation write or wire to John M.
McGeevy, congicss manager, Palliser Hotel, C.ilg.iry, Canada, as early
as  possible.
Great Possibilities of Columbia, Mackenzie, Fraser and Other Rivers.
British Columbia's "boundless wealth
of water power is indicated by a report obtained by engineers of thc
conservation commission at Ottawa,
which estimates it at 3,000,000. horse
The report gives 610,000 24-hour
horse-power as the. amount available
on the Columbia river and its tributaries, 740,000 liorsc-powcr for the
Fraser river and its tributaries, 270,-
000 horse-power for thc Vancouver
Island water-powers; 650,000 for the
mainland' coast and coastal islands
and 250,000 -horse-power for the
Mackenzie, river and its tributaries.
In round figures, the total estimated
power, including about 400,000 horsepower'not counted in the above es-
timates,' because there arc economic
reasons against its 'development, for
an indefinite lime, is placed al about
3,000,000 horse-power.
The report adds: "One cannot hut
be impressed with the fact that'coasl-
al water-powers in  British Columbia,
which  to  the casual, observer appeal
lo bc of comparatively small amount,
'nevertheless may, when economically
and fully developed, yield several-fold
the estimate of power,    if   appraised
upon    the    same    basis . as    similar
streams in Eastern Canada.   Glaciers,
snow-fields, and heavy rainfall abound,
and, with  many storage possibilities,
constitute unique factors which  contribute    to    enhance    the' values   of
powers.   These    conditions,    on     the
other   hand   emphasize   the   necessity
of special and very careful cngincci-
ing investigation    and   expert  handling."
Vimy Ridge Remains
Shell-Torn Wonder
Salvage Corps Gather Materials and
Find Buried Soldiers.
Tlfc fact alone that the Canadian
corps took.such a gallant part, not
-only in the capture of Vimy Ridge,
but also in the*holding of this position during the great, German offensive, will no doubt be a reason why
no Canadian torn ist will fail to see
this historic battleground.
Th.e French; have already rebuilt
the, Amiens-Arras and Lille railway, j
which runs through no man's land
along lhe Ancre , river, passing
thrcSttgh the ruins of Albert, Beaumont Hariiel, Miratimont, and' many
other villages' made famous in thc
furious fighting along thc Somme.
Today the trains arc crowded v-'ilh
French villagers and. farmers returning again to find their homes. One
would not care to look upon a sadder sight than to see some of these
old French couples standing betore a
pile of bricks and stone or searching
'among the ruins of what wa"s once
their homes.
It is only some five or six miles
from Arras to Vimy.along that road
so well known to all Canadians who
took part in the operations' at' thc
ridge'. The French taxi-drivers were
nol slow to realise that this road
would be a  favorite  i
Compulsory Town Planning
To Settle A Horse Trade
Scheme Generally Put Things Right
and No One Was Wronged"
On several occasions I' have had
disputes about horse trades. A man
not knowing much about hoises
would buy a horse from a trader who
would say the horse was sound and
a good worker, and afterwards thc
purchaser would find that the horse
was unsound' and not able lo woik.
Hc'would complain that he had been
defrauded. Hc would get a summons,
ancl thc case would come before nic,
charging the trader with defrauding
him by false pretences out of the
price of the horse, say $100. The
facts would conic 'out before mc and
the evidence o"
veterinary surgeons
prove   that   the     horse   was
woi lliless.    I would then say to the
tradci, "What  have vou  tr. fm'"
Hc would
Finances Of German Empire
' Will    Come    Under    the    Imperial
Government's Control
Amsterdam, Holland.���The finance
ministers    of    the    German    federal
stales have held a conference in Weimar,  in   \\hich__sonie _of  thc prime
ministers and also the German-Austrian ambassador participated. A ncw
imperial finance program was discussed, and it is stated tliat as a result Nof the negotiations of Matthias
Erzberger, thc finance minister, trie
whole of the finances of the empire
will comc under the imperial government's control.
Mr. Erzberger announced during
the conference that the usual censorship of letters and telegrams sent
abroad would shortly be removed,
in the it��terc<.t of trade, but that thc
control over registered letter containing valuables would be retained.
Fresh measures, hc added, will shortly bc adopted to prevent the avoidance of the payment of tax<
Bela Kun Replaced
Radical Leaders at Head of Budapest
Vienna.��� ll was a triurtiviiatc of
radical -leaders that replaced Bela
Kun at the head of thc Budapest Soviet -government,-according-to " dispatches to Vienna newspapers.
Thc three meneconiposiiig the ncw
government aic Vega, former minister of social piotection; Moses Al-
pary and Tibor Szainucly. The new
government, according lo the reports
received here, ordcied lfabrieh, commander of lhc city, known as a
"modedate," lo
for    Ih
lave you to say
���eply, "The horse is
right."    I Mould sav,  "Vou
of lhat?"    "Yes."
"Is it  worth $100."
"Are vou sure?"
"Theu there
give    the
is    no    difficulty, you
lake jour horse back and
complainant thc ?100."
The man would object. I would
icmand the case for a few days and
say, "li you don't do that, then I will
know you intended to cheat him from
the beginning, aud 1 will know \\lr��i
to do."
 This_?ciicnic generally���put -things
right, and no one was wronged.���Col,
Denison, in The Canadian  Magazine.
Haphazard Growth of Towns Leads
to Serious Evils.
Town planning in Great Biitain
has so far advanced beyond the experimental stage that it has now been
decided to make il compulsory for
cvciy town, having 20,000 inhabitants,
or more, to submit a town planning
scheme for its own area to the Local
Government Board, not later than
1926. * Stich a sjeheme must embrace
the limitation'.of'population densities
per acre; define the portion of. a site
area to be covered with buildings, the
character of the buildings, thc lines
of arterial 'roads and the provision of
open spaces.
The Biitish people lealize that
haphazard growth of towns leads to i
serious evils and thcy arc determined
to conliol it. In future, land will
have to be developed so as best to
scivc the interests of the community,
which, in thc long mu, is usually in
lhe inlcicsts of thc landholders
themselves. Only thc land speculator is adversely affected. If the public
wish to put that individual out of
business, thcy cannot do it more effectively than by actively promoting
proper schemes of town planning.
In Canada, the province of Nova
Scotia took thc lead in making town
planning compulsory in 1915. The
only other province which has a coni-
ptiisoiy act is Saskatchewan. These
are therefore the only two piovinces
abreast of the Old Country in town-
planning pi ogres.*., enabling acts in
oute for sightseers. At least a dozen taxi-drivers
.stand outside the Anas station all
willing to take fares to the'Ridge' for
forty or.fifty francs.
Vimy Ridge today is much the
same in appearance as it was a yeai
ago, but what a difference. The silence and loneliness of this plain
uncanny. .Here''and there
haltered stretch of
thickly" with shell
can  scarce!}'walk
over   this
round, pitted so
craters    that    qn<r
roam , small   sections of a Britisii labor battalion still
digging among  thc  shell  holes,    salvaging war matciials and incidentally
rediicingNtIic numbers of the missing,
.while adding to the lists of those now
"officially killed in action."
It is an unpleasant task, as ,onc
j British Tommy told the wiitcv. "I
little thought When I ... helped lake
Vimy Ridge that they would keep ine
here two" years clcaiiin
we made of the place.'
The huge cross erected on> the
ridge lo the memory of the Canadians killed at Vimy, remains a lasting
tiibute to those who fell, and thc
hundreds of other neat crosses on
either sidc of this famous road, each
bearing tlic date April 9, 1917, tell, as
no historian can, the pari Canadians
played in this fierce stiuggle.
up tlie mess
f\��>ung Canada-
Be Prepared"
Mr. ]__. F. Mills, who for the past
three years has been overseas "with
the C.A.M.C, and has recently returned, has been appointed assistant
provincial' secretary cf the Boy
Scouts' Association of the province
of Manitoba. Prior lo his enlistment
with tlie Canadian expeditionary
forces Mr/Mills M'as on the' staff "of
the Notre Dame branch of the Dominion Bank. -He was scoutmaster of
tlie 9th Winnipeg troop, and during
his.-regime tliat" troop, was the premier lioop of tlie city. Mr. Mills,
prior to his coming to Canada eight
years ago, was assistant scoutmaster
of tlie 3id Midlothian troop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mr. Mills is an expert boys' man, and will be** decided
acquisition to the' scout movement in
the province of Manitoba and thc Dominion of Canada.
Labor And Liquor
Prohibition Accompaaied By Aspira-
..     tions of Labor for Better
Few social developments arc more
significant than the changed attitude
of orga-iji/ced labor to prohibition.
Two years ago the trades-and labor
councils of Canadian cities were
strongly arrayed in opposition to thc
various prohibitory flaw's, and. not tlie
least reason for this was thc distrust
awakened by the fact that prohibition was advocated by large employers for what workmen supposed to
be class purposes.
The working out of prohibition,
however, has had unexpected results.
Union meetings arc better attended,
and there is less~disposition to leave
early before the bars should close.
And certainly the new conditions under prohibition have made far more
sustained attention and study of the
problems of industry.
It is not surprising, therefore, tliat
prohibition has heen accompanied by
an emphatic re-asscrtibn of the aspirations of labor for better conditions and niorc effective organization
in support of those aspirations. This
explains why leading authorities in
the shipbuilding industry appeared
the U.S. senate
Airmen Impatient At Delay
Want Air Force Organized   or
finite Policy Announced.
Montreal.  ���  Dist
ctissing   thc   ques
tion of the retention of thc Canadian
Air Force, several of the Royal Air
Force officers spoke veiy stiougly on
the subject   heie   a   fe
Bulgar Officer Held for Crimes
Saloniki.���Colonel Asmanoff, former chief of staff of the Bulgaiian
10th division, was ordcied arrested
by the ministry of war, charged -with
complicity in alleged pillaging
For Bee-Keeping
������- .#
Interest Shown in Bee-Keeping Is
Greatly on the Increase -
-The interest shown in beelcecpiiig
in Western Canada is greatly on lhc*
increase. In Manitoba especially
good progress is being made. At the
end of  1918 the province boasted of
a lew days ago.
c want at least two or thicc permanent air squadrons," said an officer who had (lown for a" couple of
ycais in Fiance, "and besides that
most of the chaps who have won
their wings feel that it would be a
good plan to establish" a reserve
foicc, whoic those who did war service bul do not iciuain iu th
ufancnt force can
piaclice evcry ycar.      Then    Canada
would have a strong reserve of experienced men to call upon  when
cd.    ll seems lo us th
of folJyJo_losc thc
Kaiser Must Be Punished
The  Supreme  Council Cannot Make
Any Exception in His
Paris.���The  Supreme    Council  has
received a protest from lhe Sheik-of
Aidin, Asia  -Minor, concerning atrocities which the Greeks are alleged lo
havc committed upon Turks in    the
neighborhood of that city when they
landed there.   It Was decided to send
a mission    of experts  to investigate
the charge.
The council has taken no action
concerning the punishment of the
former emperor of Germany, and
does not favor allowing Field Marshal Von Hindenburg or anyone else
to be substituted for the former monarch.
The council appears lo be firm in
the conviction which is held by the
officials- of the entente powers that
William Hohcnzollcru must bc punished, as it will bc impossible to sc--|
cure the punishment of military, naval and civil officials in Germany,
who are charged with
the  former
before m<.-. . u.o. senate committee m
opposition to prohibition on the
ground that increased industrial- un<
rest followed the doing away of th(
liquor trade.
On the other hand, men like -Pro'
fessor' Leacock have; awakened dee.f
resentment by pleas that the, ordinary worker is far-more happy sitting
with his mug of beer than attending
to the duties of his union. And writers in labor papers have protested-
against the efforts of men conspicuous in financial circles to restore the
open  sale  of liquor. ���   J
It is therefore not surprising that
one labor council aftcr another has
placed itself on record as favoring
prohibition. While there. arc still
several who have not thus fully
changed their mind, and others who
would favor tlie provision for beer,
there is no doubt about a widespread
and definite change from hostility to
support of drastic measures for the
restriction of the sale of liquor.
Great efforts have been put forth
to secure from vaiious unions and
labor councils expressions of opposition to total prohibition, but the efforts, to maintain the old line-up have
been   quite  disappointing.
If prohibition brings as its first
result ~a more thoughtful and disciplined, and also a more ambitious,
spitit in oiganized iabor, every true
citizen  will   rejoice.
India And The Aeroplane
ie   per-
e quintessence
ity of establishing a   Canadian  fo
on the strong foundation   that
is   at
atrocities,  if
empeior is  exempted.
The problem of the force of occupation in    tlie    Rhincland    province,
arising     from   thc  withdiawal     of  a
majority of the British and American
fot ees, was also considered    by    thc
council.    Thc   question   of  principles
involved  has  been   settled.     Marshal
Foch's plan may serve as a basis of
settlement   of   thc   exact   number   of I
effectives, and the proportion of ihe
force to be providcd_by_cach_oL the
"Every man  who has flown  would
921  bee-keepers,    with approximately Ih^'V V""���'    *nd    ih^
But there u,U,"dSWh�� *ou
While the minister was making a
call, the little giil of the house was
busy t\itli pencil and paper. "What
are >ou doing?" hc asked, when her
mother had left thc room for a moment.
turn over the city to  other
thcm.    Volunlceis    for    the    "terror j invasion   of  Macedonia,  accordiu?
troops" havc bc< n called for by their the Athens  X
leader, who formerly wa�� Bela Kim's   rest followed tlu
bodyguaid. I said to be a memorandum b
The go\crning    ti hum irate,    it    is   Bulgarian official dealii.g \{
said, is convinced tin* allies arc eilhei , ber of incidents  that occurred under
(too  weak or  unwilling    to  intei vc ue' anllioi it\   of  the   Bulgarian  niinisliy.
forcibly. A number of other ofiictr.-.  weic said
Bela Kim's red army is declined toj to be involved in  ihe ch
bc  breaking up.  Money  is  d
mg in value rapid!}
"I'm making your picture,'' said the
e minister sat very still, and she
y and  food cowli-! K-*n��   Receives   Commander  of   j'-��4
tions are said to bc unbearable. 'j     London.   hug.���Brig-Gen    Fdw-rd
h^^ist*^ | LS:":";;1' 'X ""���-"<���< "<-
I ortland. - Nearly    s;x    hundred
15,000 colonies of bees,
loom for many more, as not five per
cent, of the available nectar is gathered.    The industry is, however, dc-
during  the   Bi-lgarianl veloping fast,\as it was only in 1916
lhat a start was madc wilh it, sixty
beginners    then    entering    lhe field.
The Department  of Agriculture     of
Manitoba believes    there is a    great
future  for the  industry in the province,  and  gives  beginners  assistance
in  the purchase of foundation stock.
In several    parts    of   Aibcrta beekeeping has been    carried on     with
much success. The alfalfa fields in the
irrigated areas of the south and thc
clover fields    in    the    central    and
northerly  portions     of  the  province
ews  Agency.     The  ;ir-
sei/tire of what was
v a high
\\i*h a mini-
Id take up Hying
as a profession if Canad.i would provide the oppoitunity. In the R.A.F.
there arc main' young men who loft
school to join. Thcy do not wish lo
go hack and take up another line of
work if'au opportunity is gi\en ihem
to go on with flying. If our Government would orguni/.e an air force, it
could paliol thc whole of the Dominion as the RAUV.M.P. docs
Western Girls Will
Instruct Soldiers
Forty   Are
wounded Canadian soldiers arrived
here on the hospital ship Esscquibo.
ihe number included 33 commissioned officers and four nursing sisters,
and 524 men of other ranks. There-
were 55 amputation, .".S cot cases, and
fully completed acioss the Atlantic
and Maj. G. II. Scott. who was i.i
command of the airship, were n ceiv-
ed by the King and ga*c him an account of their experience in cioss-
e men-ling the    Atlantic.      The    I
      T. . . i deeplv   interested  in  their
vvpr*   with   the   original,   and   shook. r.~ 'f. cst,I,,!�����l U-orc aic 3,000 more \ the journey and hc.irtilj
cd bolli u:i \\\k    s.tf
worked  away  earnestly.    Then      the j ~*4 tll��t'i cuh*r patiojies, alsft on
Httle  giil stopped and compared  hcr|lal C|1Se
ir.istry   o���   die   British,
diugible R-34, who kept its loir on the! S0Urccs  oi abundant  supplies  of
round trip that was recently success-!ll0ncy     ��[ the   hISl,cst     quality  and
most delicious tla\or.
Some Germans Still Defiant
"I don't like it much," she
said.    "Tain't  a  great deal   '"      '
'I guess  I'll put  ,i tail on  i
it a dog " /
like  you.
..nd tall
The German Whine
Apropos of the whines for incxcy
that keep coming out of Geimany���
Rhine wnines, as they arc called ���
Dr. Nir!tola= Murray Butler, of Columbia, said the other day:
"Germany reminds nit of a woman
tvIio, entering her little bo\ in a new
school, said to the teacher:
"JLcedle Fritzy he is delicate, und
so. if he iis badt���and he wiifbe badt
sonic time;���joost lick der boy next
i��.H;rt��. end dat vill frighten liyji."    {
an.uiian  casuaitie-s   to  pass   through
Portland, ��nd  thai  the ser\icc     will
continue  until  October,  thc  Essequi-
bo  and    the Arasu.tya    m
more  trips  each.
taking  two
A Complete Principle
"How long should a man keep his
Have Not Relinquished Hope of Resuming War.
Zurich. ���   The    Freiheit    declares
��� that    the- military circles    hav
Still another aviator said ihat mine
all this dilly-dallying and uriivitainty
was going on, the officers could not
wait for the decision, and were get- /
ting into other business, and returning to college to take up other lines
of work. But he added that the
K.A.F. instructors and officers, who
had been lent to the C.A.F., h
been returned to th
ad all
cir own units, and
from there most of them
Taking a Course
Week in Toronto.
Toronto. ��� So great has been the
demand for the vocational ward work
in iKc different military hospitals
throughout Canada that the Government has been quite unable to cope
with it.
It has been now found advisable to
start another class for teachers, consisting entirely of Western girls,
forty of whom are coining from Winnipeg and as far1 west as Vancouver.
Aftcr taking the course they will sign
up for a year's service in Manitoba
and Uie west. Thc course consists of
instruction in basket-weaving and
different forms of handicraft suitable
for men in various stages of convalescence.   It is an endless    source
'interest and amusement   to    thc
.Aircraft   May   Be   Used   to
| Dangerous Frontier
The successful landing of a British
army aviator at a hill station in Sim-*
la,  the first descent of an aeroplane
in  the  Indian hills, is probably prophetic   of  a   considerable  future   use
of airciaft    in guarding the    difficult
and dangerous Indian frontier. Aeroplanes  and    -wireless  will  no    doubt
simplify the British problem in keeping  watch and ward  over  thc  Kb}'-   "
ber Pass, and the wild tribesmen of
thc so-called    neutral    territory    between    India    and Afghanistan    will
doubtless   become    familiar with  the
sight  of a  British air patrol.    From
j September to June India is an ideal
country for flying, with perfect weather  nine   days   out   of   ten,  average
air-currents���of-not_inofc""than~lcir _
miles an hour, and a state of atmosphere that gives his landmarks unusually dependable visibility to the
aviator. To provide landing places
and fuel supplies in ihe level parts of
India will be easy; but to provide
them m the chaos of mountains
through vi hich the Khybcr Pass
makes its hard and perilous way -will
be quite another
likely thc present
Ameer of Afghanistan
question.      Very
activity  of     the
will    hurry
Recover Stolen Goods
had    been
Dropping a Hint
A  temperance  orator was     in  the
habit of holding forth in a workmen's
c    not; hall and  was constantly bein
\>ar, ruptcd..
ving ���'was
iccotint of
ry .   ���- . . .----...-.     _^....v,   ,.,lu  iie.iiiii\   coiicratn1 Jt_
- "���'  ternimaiion    oflpnen up hope of resuming
their i^ckyimdertaking, |    , {hc dun��� ^ , ,      ^ ^
Twenty  French  Casualties   Reported! HZt^��� 'T-   I'^r   ^  ^ hc cn**cd a P-eflghte    to si
P,rK  riance-.-The Temp, U  reli  '    , %      '"^       ��.1 ^ ^^  ia lh* &"<">   *<�� ^ep  order       ��t
ab^^imed     warding ��'pi^ ^  ���'"? W^T"��� ^ -"����?* *. clL^lent'S
incidents   that   on   July  6,   following ���,-���   V ��� ' PicC30��s	
on  an  attack bv a  crowd and      �� ^ P-r��VmCe lS  l��  Lc takcn
arm  around  a   girl,   do  you  think?"Hilary on a French guard of -. ������� l""01" C"VlTC- En��"sh of i>rolcsts
asked  ihe  sweet  young thing, ! plv shift beloneiW *n ,|��� ir���. /,'. "Tl0" 3,apcr; w"c "'"^ Ari> .���u must de
man     in
"Until    he  hears his wrist    watch
strike," replied thc youn
"Why. v.-iLt
do they?"'
"Of course not."
watches   don't strike.
ply ship belonging to the French mil-
Even   ihe
brunette   insists
oa iair
liary base, on i\hie-li the Italians
ed and the  French replied.
on t!ic French guard, and landed sailors who took part in the attack. On
that particular day the French had
20 casualties.
>o;ir province by   the   fore-c   of
arms.    Think of 1*53.   A nation    not
,-     ^ T"C  ft-iwiHiiu;  lo
warship Dante opened rifle ��re
N.       U.
home life with the squalor of drunk-
"What do wc want when wc return
home irom our daily toil?'' he asked
'jWhat.do we dcrire to casa our'bur-
,<icn*' to Gladden our hearts, to brinjr
��cr_ullinff in the  smiles to oclc   iips   and   jov *
countiy    is an un-J eyes7"
As the orator paused for breath <V
Prizefighter shook his fist at thc unruly members of the gallerv and
-.wnspered in a ioud undertone-
"-Mind, the bloke that says ''beer'
I U  tlirov,   outside."
turned men, as well as   a   means
livelihood.   This is thc fifth class    in
this useful work, and it will be given
bj\  instructors    from    the    Toronto
University at the University,    where
all the intricate machinery necessary
is available, and is under the auspices
of the Department ,of Soldiers'  Civil      Germans to Pay Tax on Wealth
Rc-establishnicnt.   The   members    of      ^cin,ar' ~ Th*   P">P<����m1
thc class arc paid $45 a month during j ordinary tax on   vcalth
instruction, and $60 while on duty in|,sPon f*,voral)I>-   by    the
the hospitals.   It is belie\ed that i!iis.stalC-
l,0OO,OG0    Tons    of    Material
Taken by Germany.
Paris.���Figures given in the course
of thc sitting of the chamber of deputies by thc peace treaty committee
show that offices set up in Wiesbaden
and   Brussels   to   obtain   thc    return
from Germany of stolen goods, havc
effected the recovery of 255,000   and
896,000 tons respectively, of material
of all kinds.   It was stated, however,
that this was but a small proportion,
of the things taken by the Germans.
As an example, it was asserted that
of 950,000 head of cattle carried off,
only 8,000 head had been recovered.
was voted
council   of
now  is to bc increased.
defence    of,  the
worthy and a doomed nsiion. The
Goerhtz reps of \oii-ntcers, a combatant part of the army of the empire, is called upon to fike part in the
di fence of Sil'-sia: S-II.'-ians cnli-t in
our corps."
Squeezed Dry
''Why did she leave her husband:
"He lost all his money "
"How ?"
"Shc spen
it is a sorry min
with  his  ambitions.
who catches up
Keep  ahead of
Matrimony is a great institution;
it makes a i.ian forget his other
slitting scale ranging from 10
cent, on property valued at 50,-
1000 marks up to 65 per cent^- on property valued about 300,000 niarks v as
among thc several plans proposed in
German financial circles recently, but
the exact nature of the tax referred
to' in the above Weimar despatch
lias not been made known in this
Although: a soft aaswer may turn
anay wralh, ther* are times wh��n
one derives mor* satisfaction f���w,
_,-'������������'-,--��� - ;: ".--. '"-i&"--i-'53��lilli
s^^iiis^^^^ffl ������A��y. t.n
THE     LEDGE.     GKEEXWOOIX     33.     C.
Dragging Backache
uickly Relieved
Permanently Cured
Painful back trouble indicates diseased kidneys.
Don't neglect the first symptoms.
When you can't -stoop or bend
without suffering pain���
When you notice urinary disorders,
dizzy spells ancl constant headaches���
When your back aches, morning,
noon and night, when langour and
restlessness oppress you���
Then will the telling merit of Dr.
Hamilton's Pills make you feel belter
Sn one day.
Dr. Hamilton's Pills exert a wonderful influence on tho. diseased tissues of thc kidneys. They heal and
soothe, give vitality and tone, put
new lifc into thc kidneys, and thus
prevent   a  return   of  the  trouble.
Kidney sufferer, health awaits you
and happy cure is right at hand in
Dr. Hamilton's Pills. Note carefully
the above symptoms, if they fit your
case, don't delay, but go at once to
your dealer and procure the unfailing
Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake
and Butternut, sold in yellow boxes,
25c each.
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� BY ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
��� So the days fled past, and Rugglcs,
working hard, had but a single cloud
upon his fair horizon. This was due
to his learning that thc Vienna
branch was almost .ready to open ils
doors for trade, while he had as yet
received no official directions to hold
himself in readiness for a change of
place. Hc wrote again to the European general manager, recalling his
former application, and received a
rather brief reply, which contained
no .more than the information that
his letter had been received and
would bc duly considered. Still, it
was courteous in tone, and Rugglcs,
a born optimist, told himself that hc
was sure to get his promotion veiy
For ittigglcs was possessed of that
peculiar dog-like devotion to the big
industry, of which hc was an honest
though humble component part,
which becomes in some natures almost akin to religion. Flis belief in.
the company, from, its; head- to the
point" ��� of its'.well-shaped . toes, was
like the confidence of one. of Napo-
leo.it's.Jrudging private soldiers in thc
infallibility ' of ..the" Grande . Annce;
Rugglcs handled, one' of the .company's latest- models with thc loving.
' admiration' whicli the. aforesaid private 'might have bestowed upon a
new and-beautifully constructed arm.
It represented the weapon which was
-"destined to. make conquest.assured;
which wras going-to "make. Europe sit
*tip: and.-bcgi -And it'was outrageous
to.- suppose .that- tlic great" organization which was able to equip so well
its individual" units should 'lose-.sight
of these units as individuals.-  Therein, away,"- 'Darthca   observed
lay  thc, religious  sense;  the  faith  in
a recognition from higher up of hon-
-cst/and devoted service. .    .
Darthca   - needed: '���&. new-
pair of
shoes.   She had needed a hew pair for
a long time, as .Rugglcs had himself
observed to his great--concern;.   Dar-
= thea-might-have- necded-a -new;gown-
or a new hat or a new pair of gloves
or-a new pair of,almost anything,' for'
���that matter���-Svhich no -doubt'. she did
-���and Ruggles. would "have bccn.-able
to'endure, her. necessity-, .'with  fortitude... But he had "gr.own":.vcry .fond
.of Darthca, of'.'whom ,he:.had seen.- ia
' good deal, aiid' it'hurt him to- see" her
tri.-'need- of,some-nice new sho.es when
lie" lived-in'.aii atmosphere so rich'in.
tliis' commodity. '. Sometimes,   glancing surreptitiously at ".her dainty-feet,
his mind'would turn involuntarily to
go home and concoct something of
the same sort which looked much
prettier (on-her head) for about five.
But there is really nothing very
much to do about shoes except to
buy thcm, and this expenditure on
Darthca's part, representing thc
equivalent of a week's food for the
pair of them, it was a matter to bc
approached with great care and consideration. Darthca during her sojourn in Paris had been in the habit
of buying her shoes at the big department store, "Merrie England/'"
whicli was nearly opposite the branch
store of thc Walkeasy Shoe Company
on  the  Boulevard des  Capucincs.
Wherefore, accompanied by Miss
Challand, who was much more insistent than her niece on thc question
of fit and finish, and therefore- commanded a more painstaking attention,
Darthca set out to buy her pair of
shoes. The weather had been stormy
for several days, which rendered thc
purchase more peremptory, so thcy
caught a bus, descended at the Place
dc l'Opera, and walked up thc Boulevard to  "Merrie  England."
"I'm sure you'd do much better at
the Walkeasy shop across thc street,
my dear," said Miss Challand. "Their
shoes may cost a little more, but you
would get quite thc worth of it in
wear and comfort,"
Rugglcs would have felt like embracing her could hc have heard this.
"Possibly," Darthca answered, "but
I hate those pug-nosed American
shoes, aunty. Besides, I like to do
my buying in a British shop."
But alas for thc inscrutable ways
in which Fate controls our destinies!
A swift examination of their stock
appeared to demonstrate that Darthca's particular requirements were
thc only ones that thc Britisii shop
was unable to supply at that particular moment. Thcy were expecting hourly a ncw consignment of
goods, and if the lady could call again
in a day or two shc would find the
precise article for which shc asked.
Darthca did not wish to call again.
It was a Saturday, and she and her
aunt had an engagement to walk with
Rugglcs in thc Bois the following afternoon, stopping at thc Pre Catclan
for tea, and shc wanted to wear her
new' shoes. Wherefore, politely expressing their regret to the suave
youth who had waited on them, Dar?
thca and her aunt left the shop and
paused for a moment to open their
Fancy a man of any self-respect
spending his days on his knees taking ofE and putting on muddy shoes!"
said Miss Challand, gathering up her
skirt as thcy wailed for lhc traffic
policeman ,to blow his whistle. "I'd
rather be a* garcon de cafe."
"I never think of them as- men,"
said Darthea. "They seem part of
ihe.shop furniture.'-' - ' -
--"For .my part," her" aunt replied,
"I much prefer - to. be .wailed on .by
a woman."   ���
��� , "What docs ,it matter?" answered
Darthca indifferently.-. "Oh, dear, I
must have..niy shoes'for .tomorrow,
.to go,to, thc Pre Calel_an. We-might
meet, sonic of Mr. Ruggles's friends,
and..these, wretched things will be
.worse' than ever.aftcr this wading
"around in thc mud."   -
"You'll, find just what you want
across thc. street at the Walkeasy
shop,- I'm sure," said Aliss . Challand.
."The name. is. enough to lurn.one
' "Fancy!
'Walkeasy'!- It's not even -grammatr
Seal." .. ' .- .. ' ' ' '-
-" "Bill very American: Mr.. Rugglcs
.wears them, I'm sure.' People;will
look'at-your feet -and' take you for
an American."        .-���-.'- .   -
"/."Not if thcy "keep on looking and
notice my hat. and dress," Darfhca-
"answered sadly. "American girls.arc
mucli-inprc- chic "than "English;"-" -Thcy
wear;" their clothes. Wc hang, thcm
oil ourselves." -,. .. -. - '.'-.-',...'/.��� .���'
- "Nonsense! It's just- because they
usually: havc ' more" money to, spend
on.thcm. .1" could be chic myself if
I-had . about, a-hundred a year, to'
spend-oh".nothing but'clothes.": ,-' ""
-...The .:.policeman -blew, his whistle
and.~ra"iscd-"his'--white -' club,"'whereat
tlicj procession stopped, ;more or less.
At any .rale, -.it. slowed-;sufficiently to
enable the fp:ollr'affic-to dodge-across
witli no great.: amount-of' daiigcr,-
Dartliea-aiid her- aunt gained, the" bp-
the nations of the world that are not( Employers Cannot
French.   With a snort of disgust, for
thc  air  was   a  bit   oppressive,     shc
looked around     for her niece.     But
Darthea was not there.
Darthca was very much not there.
Darthca was, in fact, standing in a
trance-like   condition   at  the   foot  of
If Labor  Proves  That  There   Were
Honest Reasons for Winnipeg
Winnipeg. ��� Judge Robson,    head
the     stairs,  staring    with fascinated Lf thc royaJ comnlisskm   to    cnqu��re
eyes at Mr. Rugglcs, who, quite un- into thc - causcs and    effects    0f    thc
conscious of her near presence, was{gcneral strikc> struck a ncw note   in
down on the knees of his well-press-  the jnvestigation whcn he told a wit.
cd trousers at the feet of a swarthy
and perfumed individual who looked
as if his ancestry might have been
terribly confused in the Balkans,
where trouble is always to bc found.
His emanations were principally of
perfume, garlic, tobacco, cognac and
sachet pow'dpr���with due recognition
to the brilliantine on his well-carcd-
for beard and mustache.
. But Ruggles appeared as oblivious
to these aesthetic objections as a
dentist at work on a bad tooth or a
sweet young girl of small fortune and
large ambition ardently wooing an
elderly millionaire. Hc was so close
to Darthea that when he turned to
reach for the heated bunion-strCic'icr
a recumbent part of him brushed her
skirt���and she drew back with a little
shiver of almost anything. Her eyes
were as big as the peculiar egg-shaped blossoms in thc handsome and expensive Art JNTouvcati decorations of
the place, and she was quite unable
to tear thcm from Ruggles. His
well-shaped hands were slightly soiled from thc street slime (which is
composed of loo many ingredients to
attempt analysis) on the shoes of his
customer, but hc wiped them on a
cloth conveniently at hand, powders!
thc wet sock, of which thc fabric had
yielded a little over thc distal phalanx of the hallux (which is to say
the end of the big toe), and with his
charming smile slipped the pedal extremity into a slowr box-calf C-10.
(To  Bc -Continued.)
ncss, A.. F. Wood, that if Labor could
prove the fact that the recent strike
had been called solely on the demand
of collective bargaining, he could not
sec that discrimination could be justly shown by employers. This demand, said the commissioner, had
been conceded by the iron masters,
the citizens-committee and apparently by everybody except a few individuals, and cmplojrers could not
withhold employment from a man if
hc admitted that the reason for thc
strike was just. "Labor would have
to prove that there were no other
reasons back of the strike than that
one principle of collective bargaining.
All witnesses testified to a general
unrest that had been evident in
Labor during the present ycar. Thc
cause of thc strike was placed ou the
high cost of living, which one witness
blamed thc government for permitting to exist. Thc profiteering was
also mentioned as a cause of thc
strike. Witness Stevenson recommended thc formation by the government of a permanent commission "to
adjust the differences between Labor
and Capital.
If Germany Had Won
German High Command Had Decided to Control Belgium in Their
Terms of 1917.
Copenhagen. ��� The control of Belgium and possession of Liege was
the determination of the German
high command in 1917. Chancellor
Michaclis drew up a tentative plan
for peace negotiations, incorporating
in this the demand for Liege and adjacent territory and the economic
union of Belgium with Germany.
Thc chancellor, -however, planned to
hold Licgc only provisionally, as a
factor of security.
Field Marshal Yon Hindenburg
was opposed to thc giving up _of
Liege. Hc would hear of no talk of
indemnities nor would he indicate
Germany's intention lo the ciicniy.
General Ludendorff,..another of the
high military, authorities, was for
keeping the entire. Liege district in
German-hands. -, Hc - advised strong
military pressure and the driving
back- of the "British-, and' French
armies. .Only lints, hc contended,
could . Belgium become economically
and 'intimately.- connected with tlic
Germans.-'    .'..-.-'.'
The German attitude-was disclosed
by declarations ; read- "by' .Premier
Bauer, before the Weimar assembly,
whc'ir the peace overtures -to .Germany alleged" to have been made by
Great Britain and . France through,
the Vatican" in'"August, 191.7, 'were
again the subject of discussion.. -
��� Premier' Bauer, prior to his reading
of'- the declarations of Chancellor
Michaclis,". Von Hindenburg and Ludendorff emphatically-'asserted" that
the return of h ^monarchy in . Gcr-
.ntany would- be'.impossible. . Hc. also
declared, that" .,��� the . former -emperor
.would ccr'latnly'-.bc��� brought to "trial.""'
. Having made public these-, statements, the premier continued:  - -    ���
"At the same time .'the -so-called'
Fatherland party was 'formed,'- which
supported-the-demands, of. thc high'
command-.' It was" the members-, of
this ;par.ty- who'supported--liic annexationists'-.'and. 'drove, -the ���. German,
people ���"in'to-'.dcslructioni" ,',  " .'    ./ ' ���
the' box .'that-, con taincd-.'precisely, the
:.shape, ��� size .and  style  , "which", would  positc':sidc.walk sound of-liirb, though
- best serve and adorn thcm.   u   ...
.... Biit the -time came -when;Darthca's.
. -little feet .were..almost .on the.ground
-and the uppers <of"her shoe's-were in
such, condition as 5p make "resoling a
useless extravagance. ..This, question
.' pf getting shod'/Xyas. always a serious"
one .to;Darthca "and her aunt, because,
" though 7 they bought  shoes but scl-
-- dom, "thcy1 bought -good ones, which.
.. cost upwards.' of twenty-five - prime's
,thc'!-pair_ - ���  Shoes .and" :��� gloves-; ������ were
about-the';'only'item's of their wardrobes;,  which thcy,'were unable-,.to
make for themselves,' but;'glovcs arc
... not dear "in .Paris and caii.be-made to.
,-" last for a -long. .time.    The kid docs
"' ,'not ,%vcar 'out, aiid-as-it stretches! and
'  the scams tcar.it can be trimmed and-
slightly- spattered' by.' the. sticky slime
ground fronr":" tlic -.ereosoted;wooden
blocks'; and which caj.s, iii to- fabrics
.like vitriol, - .Opposite, the .hospitable
doors of the Walkeasy - shop-thcy
paused, for;".a .-moment.to'-Jook at tlie
handsome.display of samples. '
- "Why .'.do thcy-: put. . those 'silly
bumps'.on.-.lhc .toes?'-'. Dar'lhea. asked;
���'-' "I'm "sure -1 don't: know."; "For the
same-reason", tliat-the French make
their-shoes-, duck-billed; L suppose.
Because thcy think it's pretty.;' Any-
ho-w,-. they're jolly-comfortable ..and
wear "like,- ironi" Let's go in and see
if you-can find anything to suit yoii."
Miss Challand stepped tb. the door,
which 'was;-swung open in. .front ot
her.   "ity word," said she, "the place
Imperishable Deeds of War
King George's Address  in  Reply  to
Congratulations of Royal City
of Empire.       .
London. ��� Thc King and Queen
drove in state to the Guildhall to receive the congratulations of the corporation of London on the conclusion
of peace. Thcy were everywhere
cheered along thc route. The brilliant
assembly on the platform at the
Guildhall included the premier and
other ministers, ambassadors, Admiral Beatty, Field Marshall Wilson,
Lord Reading and other distinguished people.      .
Replying to the address, His Maj-:
esty, who wore the uniform of an
admiral, contrasted the circumstances of his visit to the Guildhall
a ycar ago, when it was impossible
t'o! foretell when victory would come
or how much it would cost, with the
situation today, Germany's fighting
power destroyed and our terms accepted.
' His Majesty incidentally expressed
the sincere hope that thc recent example at St. Paul's of several religious-denominations joining for - the-
purpose of expressing thc ' nation's
gratitude for peace might prove a
step towards closer co-operation of
religious communities'for .the spiritual lifc of the nation.
His Majesty paid a tribute to the
imperishable deeds, of thc forces- "of
the" empire anil the splendid services
of tiie mere a n tile: marine, ; The ' war
had ;emphasized lhat thc restoration
of-our overseas trade,-tlic recreation
of our mercantile -marine and thc
development of our ports -must bc
pursued energetically in.order to regain our old supremacy.        - '-.
Trade With The Enemy
Aland Islands       -
./. May; Be Neutral
formerly Held by.Sweden But Taken
,/Over,by-Russia ih 1809:    :' ,'."���-
May Be Warfare, Again or-in Time
��� Become Civilized.-
The haste, of American and '.Allied
traders1 to. re-establish commercial
relations wjlh the' Teylony andy_the
aiixicty-of the Teuton to reciprocate,
with the fate of. the, late ... Kaiser's
head-still undecided,-may seem gross
and ugly, to thc tender-minded;-but if
trade is-lo be-resumed at all.the man-
ner..of its ^happening is-' inevitable.
.Business is.quick and competitive.
The: important mailer is to know
.whether'.defeat in war, has taught.'the
Germans how to, trade on fair and. decent terms��� how' -to. distinguish; .that
is .to iay;��" between competition' and
conspiracy,."between, battle and' murder. Thcir-'code 6f"war was.-.a. .pcr.f
feet sublimation:'.of their' business
.codc~Pri.issi.any ruthless;-'and oblivious.; .'She' is; readmitted-"-to .corn-
Thc-Aland  Islands, is/an. arcHipclrJ-mcr'cial relations with a much   wiser
Mothers should look well after
their children during the hot summer
months, as this is the timc of year
when the young ones are liable to all
kinds of bowel complaints.
If your children havc any looseness
of thc bowels do not experiment with
new and untried remedies. GeL one
having stood the test of time. Dr.
Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawbcrrv
has been on the market for thc past
74 years.; Don't accept a substitute
and perhaps endanger your child's
Mrs. Willis Coupland, Stmdrid^c,
Ont., writes: "About four 3-ears a'eo'
my Htlle girl, then a baby two months
old, took diarrhoea. I took her to
thc doctor, but to no avail. After he
had given her up, I read of Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry and
���immediately got a bottle. Within
two days she was improving fast. I
cannot ever praise it enough. I hope
some poor sufferers will sec this letter and lead them to a friend indeed."
Price 35 cents. Put up only by The
T. Milburn Co., Limited, Tooi^o
Industrial Fiber On
Floor Of Sea
Germany Begins To
Re-Establish Trade
Offering Cutlery, Bicycles and Other
Articles on French Market
Paris.-^Gcrmans, through their
agents, and by circulars, arc offering
cutlery, bicycles and other articles on
the French' market 75 pcr cent, under
French prices, according to a statement during the debate in the chamber of deputies.
Soldiers who have returned from
the occupied regions of Germany, it
was alleged, are calling on French
merchants, and trying to sell them
German jewelcry, drugs, thermometers, cutlery and bicycles.
It was stated that some officers as
well as soldiers arc awaiting court-
martial, for engaging in this trade.
Joseph Claussat, Socialist deputy for
Slutblic Puy-dc-Dome, declared that
the military authorities were permit-
ling commercial propaganda in
France by. tlie Germans, while the
correspondence of the French merchants is still being subjected to control.
Paris.���rlii thc chamber of deputies
M. Clcmcntel, minister of commerce,
explained that by reason of the rale
of exchange, sonic German products
could be; sold at veo' low prices in
France, but said this situation could
not continue for long. Frcnch^-in-
duslry, he said, would improve with
the stabilising of exchange, and with
thc belter distribution' of coal.
Thc minister made rcfcicncc to tlie
efforts that are in pi ogress among
United States, bankers to afford long
credits to. French merchants. He
said a French mission would shortly
go to lhc United Slates to make
known, thc needs of France in commercial credits.
Deposit    Contains
Tons Dry Weight.
Adelaide, Sot'ilh Australia. ��� On
the seashore of South Australia lies
unused, and until lately ��� almost unknown, a very large quantity of valuable fiber. It is calculated that ""the
whole deposit contains 4,500,000, tons
dry weight. All this comcs'Troiii the
growth in thc shallow sea waters of
that region of Posidonia Australis.
This is not what is usually known as
a seaweed, but is entirely of the nature of a flowering'land plant, except
for its habits of growing submerged
in sea water. Ils value comes from
thc fact that when its long, , sritaw-
shaped leaves -wither, 'they remain
round thc stem as tufts or string-like
threads. After a time a dense, matted
bed of fiber forms on the sea bottom,
and the whole colony gets higher'and
higher in the water as this bed gets
In some places thc malted beds arc
seven feet thick and several square
miles in extent, so that a fine potential industry is foreseen by thc South
Australian Government. Three largc
companies arc already working at it,
and markets arc opening for Us sale
as insulating material for steam pipes
and refrigerating plants.
Restrictions For
Wheat Depots
Orders  Issued  By Board  of    Grain
Supervisors for Canada
Winnipeg.���Certain, restrictions    in
the unloading of wheal  at  Canadian
clevalors-.arc set forth in two orders
issued by  the board.of grain  supervisors for Canada.-
"' Order  No.. 97 -states   "that   no   licensed hospital elevators situated at
Fort  William or Port Arthur    shall
receive'   into    their    elevators    any
wheat of thej following grades without a-pei'iiiil-f.'oniTtiic board"of"gi-ain'
supervisors  for Canada:
- No. 1' Manitoba Northern, 2 Manitoba Northern; "3 Manitoba Northern
and A- wheat.   .
Order No. 98- regulates "that no
flour mill in Canada, west of thc
Great Lakes, shall receive into their
mills any wheat without securing a
permit from the. board" of grain supervisors for Canada."
Both order's arc effective from Tulv
26, 1919,! inclusive, until further notice. ' '
rc.stitchgd.;   Clothes can bc made and is jammed.!"
:: hats are easily managed by a person
of    observation..;and natural,  taste.
' Darthca could \valk.demurely;-.up the.
Champs Elj-secs, .- get "a.-: passing.
glimpse of- a creation    which -might
. have cost three hundred francs,, then
The Walkeasy "store was, in fact,
doing a rushing business, -principally
in the; sale of rubber overishoes, for
the-.continued.-.chilly rains, were. reapr
ing their; ' harvest of early ". autumn
colds; arid; the public -was"', taking: its',
precautions���a little .late,.as the pub-'
lie- usually docs.'.'..Miss .Challand, expecting, - Darthca. -t.o.vfollow'at her-
heels,' "made; ,,a,'-dive for the-.stairs
leading^'up to, the ladies', department,
only ito; find-Uu^placc "packed, with', in-
sistent; .customers,,'a./ good "half .of
M whom were French.-, The. other! half
IJeHss"Xy��lBe����*y Co.* Cb,*c��s����   appeared'to be- composed ."of-'niost of-
1/^mm Granulated Eyeiids,
��� fiSIJF Ey�� inflamed by txpo^
���M WAS eiictoSBB.UistafldWiail
ta ir^fc*"* gcsekljr relieved by Mwfae
-V6�� IjeEsaeiy; NoSnuutinj&
*& ^^jurt Eye Comfort At
Tecr Brujwi*** er by mail 60e per Bottl*.
For Bwk �� t&# Eye free *?fite
ago, of.'eighty!'inhabited islands''.rind.
a" vast number-'of. rocks and -islet's.'
The.! popiilalion is about 12,000. -.The"
islands- formerly' were: licld. by Sweden but .'ivc'rc' tak'en ov"cr';'by -: Russia
in 1809.; '"���'..���'"."���"'.��� '' " =>: v -v '. . '������
- ;Early in. 1918,when.the warfare be:
tween .Ihc-vWhite Guard and Bplshc.-.
viki forces- became active, in Finland,
it was reported- the' Germans planned
to "make "use of' the Aland Islands" X in
connection with tlicir '^operations in
Finland.--- Sweden'sent troops to occupy the islands. ' ' ' ; ;; ' "
After-the-peace- conference opened
'world'than .th.c'-idnc ";-she-, fooled so
long. ,'J.t - has' 'learned ithat- a' nation
cannot-live."by- one,"code - and - trade
by .another. -'As .people are so; thcy
trade..- . '---.. , -. ���- ... "";-   -', -
'-Trade- wilh Germany may be Warfare again; ' as", "it" was,, or'it may'in
'lime bcconic civilized. . That is for
her; to" saw '. .������'"'���':-  ;.   ,."���'-.  \
Japanese to.;Visit Great Britain
; .Tokio,.���Japanese newspapers-- announce that three brothcrsriii-law of
Emperor - "Yoshihito; .will  so in-.V'visit
Great "Britain, ..France and .the' TU.S;
in Paris a "delegation from - the Aland | for military inspection. .'Thcy will
Islands    presented.'   former.   Premier /stay-abroad,   for; about three'.'years.
German U-Boat Losses
Submarine    Warfare Destroyed - the
Morale    of"  the    German
Surface Navy
German Uboat losses were rigor
ously concealed during the war. The
allied governments wcrc also wary
aboul publishing estimates of U-boat
sinkings, since by the nature of the
case it was difficult to establish thc
fact that a submarine, supposed to
have been disposed of by a depth
bomb, was actually destroyed.
Figures which recently appeared hi
Berlin show that thc German submarine losses were startlingly high.
One hundred and seventy-eight U-
boats were destroyed by the allied
fleets���eighty-two in thc North Sea
and the Atlantic, sevcnty-lwr off the
coast of Flanders, sixteen in the Mcd-
iterianean, five in the Black Sea, and
three jn the Baltic. In addition, fourteen were blown up by tlicir own
crews and seven ran for safely into
neutral harbors, where thcy were interned. The immense damage done
to allied and neutral shipping, in thc
course of thc German submarine
campaign could not bc concealed; thc
world was greatly impressed by it,
It would havc been less impressed
if the rcal German rate of wastage
had been known. This was, of
course, hidden even from the German public���perhaps from thc kaiser
and some of thc military leaders.
But what wasn't successful!} hidden
was thc demoralization of tlic personnel of thc German navy, caused
by the constant drafting of men for
submarine work. Thc sailors began
to look on thc U-boals as submerged
coffins. Thcy rose in mutiny in the
summer of 1917, and Admiral von
Schecr says lhat his plan fc- an attack on the allied' fleet in the fall o
! 1918 was frustrated by a similar mutiny. Thc submarine warfare thus
completely destroyed thc morale of
the German surface navy.
The revelation of German losses
throws a ncw light on thc problem
the submarine's offensive valre. Thc
U-boat was a nightmare for a timc.
But devices have been developed to
reduce its terrors. As things stand,
all naval policy is in a state of flux
_?!lc__ (t_iy.r_c_i-s _con fused
conference didn't outlaw thc sub
marine. And it is sa'fe to say that
thc airship now carries a greater potentiality of military f rightfulness
than thc submarine.���From thc New-
York Tribune.
;'.���""' .Mean'
,-..--,.--     '' -~-
--/Friend: Is her father the kind of a
man""who .would, pursue  you   if  you
eloped? .'.--. '    '  '      -
._= Jack'Poorer' No, he's the kind of a
nian who'd move so you couldn't find
him ��� when  you came back.
On Face and Hands;' Itched and
Burned. Cuticura Heals.
>' "My baby was only a month old.
when her face and hands started to
sgr^.   g6' red and scaly.    The
I'/P* s^N  eczema started in the form
I       .^J of water blisters and itched
'?c* V0 and burned.   She was so
yv���- ^r    cross and fretful'shc could
\TTVJ. not sleep.
, ^^^    "This lasted  nine
months when I tried Cuticura Soap
and Ointment, and I used three cakes
of Soap with two boxes of Ointment
when she was   healed."    (Signed)
Mrs.   Oscar'. Pillon, ��� Amherstburg,
Ontario, May 7/1918. .
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum are all you need for all toilet
uses. Bathe with Soap, soothe with
Ointment, dust with Talcum^
��.5??^Sa^?impto eMh of Cotlctmi Soap, Olnt-
Bent mid Talcum addrcua post-canl: "cStJoar*.
Bspt. A. Boiton, V. a. A." *Sold ^mrnhSeTyL
Tourists See Ruins
From Dirigible
Italian Navy  Has   Established Commercial Service for Visiting
Rome. ��� Tourists may hereafter
visit Roman ruins, thc Coliseum, Forum, Pantheon, Caracalla baths and
the basilica of Coiistantinc, St. Peter's and other Roman gems, not in
antiquated horse drawn carriages, but
in airships. The Italian navy has established a "commercial dirigible service for visiting Rome and its environs from the air. Thc venture has
met with complete success, for daily
the aircraft arc filled to capacity.
Thc correspondent saw Rome from
the Italian navy's dirigible M-l. Historic Roman landmarks viewed from
the air "gave thc eye an entirely different aspect of their' beauty and
form. The riches of Rome in hidden
gardens could only be appreciated
from above, il was agreed. " -
Looking at the Coliseum from the
ground, it appears to bc a circular
mass of ruined grandeur. From the
air, the elliptical proportions of the
second greatest accumulation of
masonry in history arc pronounced.
Thc proceeds from thc dirigible
service arc given to tho Italian funds
for those disabled in thc war. Tea is
served in mid-air, and letters accepted for postage.
Genuine Aspirin
Has "Bayer Cross"
Tablets Without ".'Bayer Cross" Not-
%. Aspirin At All
Get Genuine "Bayer Tablets  of Aspirin   in   a   "Bayer   Package,
Plainly Marked With the    '
,     Safety "Bayer Cross'
Tlicrc  is   not  a  penny of  German
f money invested in "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin,"  nor will  a  German   citizen
profit by its sale or ever be allowed
to acquire interest,
Thc original,- world-famous Aspirin,
marked  with  thc   "Bayer  Cross,"  is
to now made in Canada and can bc had
. at your druggist's in handy tin boxes
of 12 tablets and larger "Bayer" packages.
Gcuinc Aspirin has been proved safe
by millions for Pain", Headache,
Toothache, Earache, Rheumatism,
Lumbago, Colds, Grippe, Neuritis.
Aspirin , is-the trade mark, regis-
-Thc_peacc tcred-in Canada, of Bayer"Manufac="
ttire of Monoaccticacidester of Salicy-
Ministers Issue
Writs For Libel
The starfish has" no nose, but the
whole of its underside is endowed
witli-a sense, of smell.
Every square-mile of thc sea is
estimated-to contain about one hundred arid twenty.million fish.
Orlando of Italy Willi a claim" for-annexation to Finland based./on his:
tone,. linguistic, geographical and
commercial grounds.
.. The Swedish government on June
25; 1919,-sent a riptc- to'^ Finlan4 -?n
reply.,to.one from that- government
and in its. note.Sweden insisted.:that
the' future. i>f the Aland . Islands
should be settled by- a-plebiscite and
stated that as alternative .the question.
Would bclsubmittcd'.to'the peace .conference..;', './;. ;.' -   ���'...'������-;-  yXyXy
.".'Man j- peopIc:see:n'to-think that remorse spells-reform. . -'    fXX-y    :.
The imperial "��� travellers , are -Prince
Kitashirakavva . Asaka land .Hlgashi
Kuni., .'���-,.-.--
Turned to Account-.'���.."'",���,'���
..She (savagely): "Sir,.. I/understand
you said I had a face that -would stop
a -clock/'.' - -
He. (calmly) r "So I did. Any well-
regulated clock would pause and hold
up its.hands . in admiration at the
sight\of your,lovely face."
Cigars that are sometimes eighteen
inches.ih length are smoked by the
natives in the Philippines.  ���
--p-..��V.v."i;-i,^'iiii'-i.'is.i.; ���������<';��� ���-v
Specifications Concern Comments On
Charges Made By Weekly
London. ��� Writs have been issued
against thc London Daily News on
behalf of J. Austen Chamberlain,
chancellor"of the exchequer, Walter
Hume Long, first lord of thc admiralty; Sir Eric Gcddcs, minister without portfolio, and Sir Auckland Gcd-
des, minister of national service and
reconstruction, for alleged libel.
Thc specifications of the. alleged
libel concern comments on charges
madc by thc .Weekly. Nation, that
thc statesmen possessed shares in
various "Russian mining and development companies', some of which
were purchased since thc armistice
with thc Teutonic allies was con-
'���: eluded, and therefore while Great
Britain was hostile to Russia.
Ws      N,       U.       1275
'' Diplomacy
This.,story is credited to John Burroughs r "Thc Germans are the-'trick-
iest people in" the world. A German
at a dinner "party took In a lady-
whose name hc didn't catch. During
the fish,course he saw a man who
had showed him up the week before
in a crooked business deal, and he
muttered to the lady, ferociously: 'Do
you see that man to the left of the
epergne? . Well, if there's one man
on earth I hate, it's him.'
" 'Why/ said the lady, he's my husband.'
" 'Yes, of course,' said the Germam
'that's why I hate him.'."
Where Kaiser Prayed.
London. ��� The Berlin newspapers
say that the former German emperor
has written to thc archbishop of Poscn asking him to preserve the Pio-
tcstant chapel at Posen castle for
Protestant services and not to convert it to Catholic uses. The former
monarch said that it would bc unbearable to him to have Roman
Catholic services celebrated in the
chapel into which he had put his
whole soul, and in which he pfriycd
for victory for Germany.
General Byng to Retire
London.���The Daily Express says
that General Byng, 'formerly commander of thc Canadians, is going on
thc retired list, and will be appointed
to control the sailors' and soldiers'
relief funds which will be co-ordinated.
"Pat, here's thc dollar I borrowed
of ye last wake."
"Bcdad, Mike, I'd forgot all about
it." " ���      -
"Och,- whv the divil didn't ye say
so?"    -v."     -   '     -      .
Marrying a man to reform him -is
like trying to make a satisfactory
omelet out of a bad,egg.
Water on, the brain is seldom due
to a- thirst for knowledge.
The average man is to    bc    seen
everywhere���except- in the mirror.
Do not stiffs*
another dav with
Itching-. Bleed-
Jng. or Frotrad.
Ing Piles. Na
���nrg-icA] <rpe>
_    ���      ���   . ���     ation required.
Dr. Chase 6 Ointment will reli��<e yon at onc��
���nd ����� certnialy cure vera. aOc a box: all
dealers, or Etim&asan, Bates & Co., Limited,
Toronto. Sample 1x��x frae Jt 700. fiientlon ttdt
pagwr aad sacloso 2a gu&p to pay pgftag*.
*K-JA ju t>,    ,: �����. ^.
mm --�����
LE a
Shoe Dressing
rU!t !*i ��u y��"r shocs- Jt is economical-a little
on the dauber gives a lasting shine to your shoes.
No rubbing required-just put G6ld Leafon-it
srnnes as it dries.
In the big red package .
The Little ��'Bluebird"
Will Travel 22 Miles on a Gallon of
There are now small aeroplanes,
one called thc "Bluebird," which has
a wing spread of only -IS feet that
will ttavcl 22 miles on a gallon of
gasoline. It can be built
of $2,000,   and
Would Remove Sex
May Be Entitled to a
in the House of Lords
Westminster, Eng.���The Sex Disqualification-Removal Bill which has
been introduced provides.'that an individual shall not be disqualified,, by
sex from the ��� exercise of any public
function or from being appointed to
any civil or Judicial office or post or
from entering or assuming auy civil
profession or vocation, and shall not
be exempted by sex from liability to
serve as juror.
Thc King"may include in' letters
patent for lhe creation of peer of the
United Kingdom a provision to the
effect that where tlic holder of a
peerage is a woman she shall, if
otherwise qualified, bc entitled to a
seat, place and voice in the House
of Lords.
Cheap Harvest Rates
Transferof Farmers from the Dried-
Out Sections of Saskatchewan.
Regina, Sask. ��� As a result of the
conference between T. M". Molloy,
commissioner of labor for Saskatchewan, and the heads of the three big
railways in Winnipeg the latter end
of the week, tlic railway coihpanics
have agreed to put cheap harvest
rates in effectfor the transport of
farmers from the dried-out sections
of Saskatchewan" who wish to go out
harvesting this season.
It was decided to provide transportation for these farmers at the
special rate of one cent pcr mile, the
rates lojic in operation from August
1 to 20, inclusive.- The tickets .will
be good to any destination in Manitoba or^Saskatchcwan from thc following pointsr Swift Current, Maple
Creek, Kincaid, EastEnd, Cabri, Leader, Elrose, Rivcrhurst and
at   a cost
is no more expensive
for 'maintenance    than, a   low-priced
automobile.    It can land on a country road or in a back yard.  This machine only weighs    350 pounds,    including the motor,    if    will carry-an
extra passenger or over 100 pounds
of goods.    These   small planes,   it   is
claimed, will be the average person's
"Ford of the air."    Each farmer will
have-one for his home, and for long
distances  he  will  take    thc    mighty
air cruisers  plying on   thc-regulated
air-streets.    Rightly    may   we -ask
"Whither arc wc withering?"
'This generation will sec a marvelous development. The momentum
of progress increases from decade to
decade as the "range of knowledge
increases for its basis. Tomorrow
our exploits will be ancient history.
Wclivc thc present, and each generation adds its quota.���The Nor'-
Wcst Farmer.
Will Aviation
Become Popular
City Of Orphans
, Is Being Founded
Let folks slcp on your feet hereafter; wear shocs a size smaller if you
like,- for corns will never again send
electric sparks of pain through you,
according  lo   this   Cincinnati  author-
He says that a few drops of a drug
. callc'd freezonc, applied directly upon
a tender, aching corn, instantly relieves soreness, and soon the entire
corn, root and all, lifts right out.
This drug is a sticky ether compound, but dries at once and simply
shrivels up the corn ��� without inflaming or even irritating the surround-
-:ing tissue.
It is claimed that a quarter of an
ounce of frcezone obtained at any
drug store will cost very little, but
is sufficient lo remove every hard or
soft corn or callus from one's feet.
Cut this out, especially if you arc a
woman reader who wears high hecK.
Canadians Are
Delayed By Strike
Air Freight Line Planned
Bridgeport,    Conn.���Bridgeport    is
ready for thc establishment of an air
freight    and  passenger    line,  as  announced in New York by the National Air    Service Corporation,    which
plans to operate 'an aerial transportation system between" Ncw   York and
Bostoii with stops in this city    and
New   London.     Several   months   ago
the chamber of commerce appointed
an  aviation committee,    headed     by
former army oflicers.   A landing field
was selected.    This field will bc used
as  a  landing  place  for  thc air line,
according    lo    announcement    made
here.    Two biplanes will
the service.
be used by
'_ It is impossible to judge a woman's
like or dislike for another by the
manner in which thcy kiss when tlicy
London.���The- strike of the dock
workers at Liverpool caused a great
deal of inconvenience and irritation
to Canadians homeward bound where
cases have evoked much sympathy.
Fifteen hundred soldiers' wives and
dependents who were on thc Scotian
aud whom wcrc held up for six days,
were billeted in hotels and boarding
houses. The Empress of Britain was
sent to Glasgow. Thc officer commanding thc waiting Canadian troops
interviewed thc dockers' union officials in an attempt to get thc steamers released, but without avail.
anuivoisaries -\vc always remember are those wc would rather
Comes When  the Blood is  Weak
and Watery.
Thin blooded people generally have
stomach trouble. But they^ seldom
recognize the fact that thin blood is
the cause of their indigestion, but
it   is.
Thin blood is one of the most common causes of stomach trouble; it
affects the digestion very quickly.
The glands that furnish thc digestive
fluids aie diminished in their activity, thc stomach muscles-arc weakened and there is a loss of nerve force.
In this state of health nothing .will
more quickly restore the appetite,
digestion and normal nutrition than
good, rich, red blood.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills act directly on the blood, making it rich and
red, and this enriched blood strengthens weak nerves, stimulates tired
muscles, and awakens to normal activity the glands that supply tlie digestive fluids. The first sign of returning health is an improved appetite, and soon lhc effect of these
blood-making pills is ���evident
throughout the whole system. You
find that what you cat does not distress you, and that you are strong
and vigorous instead of irritable and
listless. You are on thc road to
sound, good health and care in your
diet is all you need. If,your appetite
is fickle, if you have any of the
distressing pains and symptoms of
indigestion you should begin to cure
yourself at once by taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
These pills are sold by all deale
Mechanical Flight Is Shown to Be
Regular .Subject in Colleges
London, Eng.���When the news of
Hawker's rescue was called by    the
newspaper    boys    in    the    London
streets on Sunday, May 25, the universal interest displayed in the eager
rush to read the'good tidings equalled some of thc biggest days, of the
war; and one could hot help speculating upon the measure of popular
interest    in flying in    Great Britain.
Hawker had not succeeded, nor was
hcjthe popular idol.. that Gustav Ha-
mel was in the heyday of his success;
Hawker could not be that, for during   .the war his name   has scarcely
ever'been before the public.
Allowing for thc advenlurousncss
of his flight, it is obvious that the
newspapers, in giving great prominence to aeronautical affairs, have cor-
rcctly'gaugcd public desire.
Mingling with thc crowds, and
overhearing their comments, one was
amazed at thc intelligence displayed,
particularly by boys of all classes of
society. Not a word was heard in
condemnation of the foolhardy clement in thc attempted crossing of the
Atlantic. Yet no more than eight
years ago, when the writer was learning to fly, he was painfully aware of
a very different altitude of thc public
He has
seen men gazing with unsym
pathetic eye at an aeroplane in flight,
and has heard thcm refer to the airman witli ignorant dislike. He ~has
heard flying seriously condemned, on
religious grounds, by apparently cultured and educated people. A complete change has taken place; and
now even thc solid man of business
discusses flight in terms of respectful
Willie: "Pp, ^-hal is the better part
of wisdom?"
Pa: "To know when you have said
enough, my son."���London Answers.
A Standard Medicine.���Parmelce's
Vegetable Pills, compounded of entirely vegetable substances known to
havc a revivifying and salutary effect
upon thc digestive organs, have
through years of use attained so eminent a-position that they rank-as a
standard medicine. The ailing should
remember this. Simple in their composition, they can be assimilated by
the weakest stomach and arc certain
to havc a healthful and agreeable effect on the sluggish digestive organs.
Tobacco Growing In B. C.
in medicine or you can get thcm by
mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2,50 from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
-   German Talk of-Vengeance.-
Tlie following appeal addressed to
liic German people in thc Deutsche
Zcilung is regarded as characteristic
of the views prevailing in German
Conservative circles.
"Today a peace of shame is being
signed in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, forget il not! In lhc \ear 1871
the German 'Empire arose in its old
splendour; German honor is today
being carried to ils grave, forget it
not! In uniesting labor thc German
nation wiil again rise lo regain for
itself its place amongst the nations
which is' its due. Then, revenge for
the indignity of 1919."
Most people arc sorry only after it
is  too laic.
As a vermifuge there is nothing so
potent as Mother Giavcs' Worm Exterminator, and it can be given to the
most delicate child without fear of
mm? guaranteed
have a
Acreage  Has Been
This Season
A largc number of farmers in thc
Okanagan Valley in British Columbia arc seriously considering tobacco
growing. A larger acreage has been
planted this season than for several
ycars, due to thc stabilization of the
market, which means the "assurance"
to tiie farmer of a fair return for his
labor and capital.
Tobacco is a quick crop in Britisii
Columbia. .. It is set out in June and
harvested about  the  middle of August, thus    taking about - 65 days to
grow.    This ycar there will bc about
175 acres in  this crop,  chiefly
Kclowna, -but Salmon     Arm,
strong aud  other points  aUo
small area. . '^
The cost of growing tobacco in
BritisTr"Columbia is from seven to
eleven cents a pound. It sells for
twenty cents a pound, raw icaf, aftcr
being dried. One of the growers last
ycar harvested an average yield of
1,500 pounds pcr acre, which brought
him a return of $300 to thc acre, or a
net profit of $185 an acre after deducting thc growing cost of nine
cents an acre.
The whole of last year's tobacco
crop was sold to an eastern tobacco
firm, and an arrangement has been
madc to sell the entire crop io this
firm again this ycar.
Thc eastern purchasers of the leaf
deciaic that it is just as goou as any
tobacco  leaf     which   , thcy     handle..
There is a demand for tobacco, and J
wilh fail  success no doubt more and!     ** Obituary Poetry,
more farmers and fruit growcis will] Wc df not print obituary poetry
be planting out tobacco seed, thus j,1,lIcss il is P:iitJ for :,t regular adver-
( establishing iu British Columbia still j tici,,e r:tlc*. "o (lo"'t S�� to tfie trouble
another industry which will help toi��'
make the  farmer prosperous.
Even in the elementary schools flying is the subject of simple explanations; while in.the secondary schools
and the colleges and universities mechanical flight is now a regular subject. Thc universities of London and
Cambridge both have chairs of aeronautics, and aeronautics is this year
to be one of thc optional subjects in
the examination for the Bachelor of
Science (engineering)    Degree (London). ,    Flight and ballooning arc a
long way first as space monopolizers
in  weekly and monthly     magazines
read by children and adults.   " The
British boy of today, like his American contemporary, can tell you something about the'reactions from the resistance of the air upon planes, and
the way it is utilized as "lift"; and hc
is  an  exceptional  boy if he  cannot
explain thc rudiments of the internal
combustion  engine, and  tell you  the
difference between  the fixed and rotary types.
Yet "for the present, to th.e great
mass of the people, flying remains an
unattainable experience. Even the
{facilities for obtaining flights on payment of the modest sum of ten shillings arc not popular enough to enfranchise thc gieat mass of the public. Thc working classes are restless,
and arc occupied by the closer problems of th'eir welfare. The contrasts
between the lifc of the rich and thc
life of thc poor were never so insistently discussed as they are today, To
a vast number
Will Be Inhabited by Syrian Children Left Destitute by Turkish
New York. ��� The City of Orphans
Is the namc of a town in Syria, which
will be inhabited by the Syrian.children left destitute by the Turkish massacres and the ravages of war.   Already the children are being brought
together in temporary orphanage's by
tlie American committee for relief in
the Near East.
Bayard Dodge, who recently returned from six years of relief work
in Syria, said that even if the best
and wealthiest government in the
world took over Syria, it could hot
care for the orphans properly, since
this is not so much a matter of relief
as - of reconstruction.
"The true horror of the famine h1
Syria," he said, "has. been the mor..l
breakdown. The horror 'of'havinj
thousands of neglected children
growing up without homes or education, thc victims of a demoralized
environment, is awful to contemplate.
In thc small area of Syria for which
I compiled statistics there are 349
villages, with 4,364 - orphans and 9,683
children with only one parent."
Mr. Dodge outlined the plan of
Dr. Stanley .White and Maj. James
H. Nicho'l, who. have been in charge
of local relief work by the Red Cross
and the Near East committee. They
intend to train a number of native
children as farmers, mechanics,
clerks,, artisans, and industrial .laborers, thus forming a nucleus for further educational work in the generation upon which will; fall the responsibility of creating a ncw nation.
As far as possible the children will
bc trained as Syrians. The American
influeiice^will be strong- enough to
develop efficient management and
high ideals, but not so strong as to
breed dissatisfaction or lack of patriotism. The committee in Berut hopes
to limit the number of children to
5,000, to group them into small families wilh self-government, to teach
them useful trades, and to
presentatives of different, sects
gc titer.
A "site will be chosen for the City
of Orphans, small houses will be
built so that they may be sold after
10 or 15 ycars, and American child
experts, physicians and teachers will
be obtained to direct the work.
Real Seville
AU Orange and Sugar���
No camouflage.
' Boiled wilh care in SlberPata.
a��k roun onocrit for it.
X  ^
Hong Kong Has
Great Buildings
Some of Finest Residences One Can
Find Anywhere.
The Hong Kong Club is an institution famous thc world over among
travellers.   It   is   one   of   the great
sights of China.    It is a Britisii institution,    organized  by   the   British
residents of Hong Kong, and, while
it is exclusive, it is democratic.   The
bar, which is said to be the largest
in thc world, is arranged  in   festoon
formation.   Frequently   it   is patronized by hundreds,  and  almost   evcry
known drink is served there.
Hong Kong, wfellc Chinese in
architecture and in every way, has
one part where a European or an
American would havc to rub his
eyes for a moment to realize that he
was not. in London or. New York.
There are great buildings and magnificent hotels. Hong Kong has some
of the finest residences one can -find
anywhere. 'Most of these are located
oil the cliffs facing the sea, and to
build them great quantities of rocks
had to be cut from out the_sidcs.
Cook's Cotton Roof Compouflfi
" ~'^f^r��'?l)^r��0"-'����*W
medtctne.   Sold in threo d��
Potrenatlv���No. I, Sir
���11 druggist*, or ��cnt
on receipt of pries.
.)��mphlet. Address:
TM0NT0. OUT. (F.r����ly Wlsfar.)
When ordering troods by inaii, send a Dominion Express Money Order.
Built Without Nails
bring re-
Montreal, May_29th, '09.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Yarmouth, N. S.
Gentlemen,���I beg to let you know
that I have used MINARD'S LINIMENT for some time, and I find it
the best I have  ever used for    the
joints and muscles.
Yours very truly,
The  Champion  Clog and  Pedestal
Dancer of Canada.
Band to Come With Prince.
London.���The Royal Marine Light
Infantry band, Plymouth division, has
been selected to accompany thc
Prince of Wales to Canada.
In Alberta, there is a village whosi
houses have  been  constructed  without nails.   The houses were built   by
Ruthenian immigrants. The buildings
are of the typical Ruthenian   style-
log, pitch-roofed, thatched and wide
in the eaves.    Even the door,   an affair   of   slender   twigs,    woven and
laced together, swings on homemade
hinges and is latched with a wooden
hasp.   The floor is of hewn logs un-r
nailed.   The    roof   is   a   wonderful
fabric   of   poles     and   cross-woven
wheat-straw, 10 inches thick,  packed
tight and solid, and laid   with   such,
care that it will endure any weather
for 20 years.
Automobiling may be the poetry of
motion until the machine breaks
down; then it is blank verse.
The Iron Road In
The Wilderness
Another  Example   of  Eastern   Conservatism as Invaded by Occidental Ideas.
In laying the last tic in itj railway
link connecting Jerusalem  and Suez,
the   British   Government   admittedly
has, of course, not exhausted the possibilities of obtaining speedy passage
over this historic wilderness.    When
an aeropi?no undertakes to soar from
Mecca  to  thc isthmus, as  will inevitably soon bc the case, the reckoning
in days may well bc    reduced    to    a
matter of hours;    yet    even the time
now    required ��� approximately   five
days���is shorter than was evrr hoped
for in  the days when  caravans alone
j plied the desert fastnesses   of   Sinai.
[There is another.c.\aiiiple of eastern
' conservatism  at,  invaded  by occidental ideas���a land of natural  barriers,
difficult to surmount in thc twentieth
century as in thc timc of Moses,   ins
awaited the latter-day Aryan and his
tamed steed, Steam,   before -yielding
to, the demands  of progress
of people the aeroplane must appear as merely another
instrument of oppression and of class
distinction; just as the motor car
seemed 20 year.; ago, and the car dc
luxe of today still appeals.
But even thc Labor newspapers are
nowgiving attcntion_to thc-devclop-
ments of flying, and some of the
warmest messages of congratulation
sent to Hawker on his return were
from Labor leaders. In a great population there always is, unfortunately,
a very big section intellectually ine'rt,
incapable of exerting the imagination,
and having no interest beyond their
more primitive physical needs; but
this section is no more obtuse to mechanical flying than it is to the 3'car's
academy or to thc settlement of
Europe af tei the w ar.
Wc cannot sec yet in what way flying can ever become popular in  the
sense  that motoring is.    Thc  means
have not been  discovered.      But 25
ycars ago much thc same    could-be
said of motoring.   At that time it was
proved, on paper, by experts, that thc
transportation     of    passengers     and
goods at cheap  lates  by automobile
was out    of the  question,    that the
auto  would  never  compete  with   thc
railway, and   that  a  motor  omnibus
was an impossible pioposition.   In 10
ycars thc price of a flight in an aeroplane has    comc    down    from    five
guineas to ten shillings, and the quality has,  moreo\er,    enormously    iin
proved.   We cannot sec the way, but
lit  is  not  altogether unreasonable   lo
'suppose that, similarly, there will bc
what   thc   French   call   a   "vulgarization" of Jiving.
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications as tlicy cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There is
only one way to cure Catarrhal Deafness, and |
that is by a constitutional remedy. HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICINE acts through the
Blood on the Mucou9 Surfaces of the System. Catarrhal D.eafness is caused by an
inflamed condition oi the mucous lining of
the Eustachian Tube. When this tube is inflamed you have a rumbling: sound or imperfect hearing, and -when it is entirely
closed, Deafness is the result. Unless the inflammation can be reduced and this tube restored to iis normal condition, hearing1 may
be destroyed for ever. Many cases of Deafness are caused by Catarrh, which is an inflamed condition of the Mucou3 Siirfs>r��-e
Perpetuate Names
Of Regiments
to Establish Militia Force
on New Basis.
OTTAWA. ��� The policy of the
Dominion government in regard to
the reorganization of the militia
forces of the Dominion is likely to
be definitely decided upon this aut-
lumn in time to bc announced at the
special sitting of the    house,    to   bc
convened in October for the   special' known."" " Massa^^s"   ^^
Make  a  Beauty   Lotion   for a   Few
Cents to Remove Tan, Freckles,
Sallowness '
Your" grocer has1 the lemons and
any drug store or toilet counter will'
supply you with three ounces of orchard white for a few cents. Squeeze
the juice of two fresh lemons into a
bottle, then put in the orchard white
and shake well. This makes a quarter pint of the very best lemon skin
whitener and    complexion
of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot be cured
All Druggists 75c,    Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Indemnity For
Rumania And Serbia
Paris.���Rumania and Serbia are
awarded the greater part of more
than-a-billion' francs- indemnify demanded under thc Bulgarian peace
terms which are nearly finished, according to the Excelsior; llic remainder of the amount will bc
Greece, the paper says.
of      ratifying    the    peace
given to
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Air Force Decorations
Investitures to be Made   by  H.R.H.
The Prince of Wales.
Toronto. ��� In connection with the
coming visit to Canada ,of His Koyal
Highness thc Prince of Wales, the
air ministry, London, England, have
made arrangements for the investiture of personnel of the Royal Air
Force now residing in Canada with
decorations won in any theatre during the war. Application for investiture should be made to R.A.F. headquarters, Toronto. 1
ago a special committee was named to consider the
question of thc after-thc-war militia
establishment. This committee is
now at work and wilh probably be in
a position to make a report to the
minister of militia within a few-
In connection with thc organization of the militia forces on a new
and permanent basis, it is proposed
to perpetuate thc names and traditions of all thc best known militia regiments before the war, as well as
the names of regiments which
rendered distinguished service in thc
war. The committee, before making
its report," will consult the people of
thc cities. towns and districts
throughout the Dominion with a
view to ascertaining their vicv s as to
the names to he borne by the volunteer military units to be raised by
these communities. By so doing, it
is believed that a plan of organization, satisfactory to the great majority of people, can be worked out. At
the present timc recruiting for the
ncw permanent force of the Domin
ion is progressing satisfactorily, ;
good class of men being secured.
_..._ fragrant,
creamy lotion daily into the face,
neck, arm3 and hands and just see
how freckles, tan, sallowness, redness and roughness disappear and
how smooth, soft and clear the skin
becomes. Yes! It is harmless, and
the beautiful results will surprise you.
The Way It Felt
The Dentist: Thought you said this
tooth hadn't been stopped before?
The Patient (feebly): No, it hasn't.
The Dentist: Well, there are traces
of gold on my instrument
The Patient (more feebly)
haps you've struck my back
For Burns and Scalds.���Dr, Thon*
as' Eclectric Oil will take the fire out
of a-burn-or scald-more rapidly'thaS"
any other preparation. It should be
at hand in every kitchen so that it
may be available at any time. There
is no preparation required. Just apply the oil to the burn or scald and
the pain will abate and in a short
time cease altogether.
Cop to homing clubman): "When*
arc you going at this time of night?"
Clubman:    "I'm���liic--goin'
lecturc."--Boston Transcript.
Under   the   head   of   joyful    news
comes thc Houston  Post's   observation that many men are buying talking machines,   but   more
ing them.
arc marry-
Notwithstanding the advance in
the price of paper a dollar bill remains the same, though its purchasing power is sadly'diminished.
The man who is not injured by
flattery is as hard to find as the one
who is improved by criticism.
It is said that  shoes can bc made
of any kind of skins.    Even
skins  make good  slippers.
Nothing makes a woman with ft
new hat so angry as to havc another
woman pass her without noticing: it.
W�� t�� t_ARK UHITI9 eOftYRCitl
L**m fa ��i.rt
Rural Motor Transport
Thc first rural motor transport in
Western Canada was established this
spring at Winnipeg, Manitoba, where
a service is maintained which mns
about forty miles out of this city. It
is intended to extend this service;
and with the general improvement of
roads that is certain to bc made during thc next few years, similar services will no doubt be opened at
other points in thc country.
copying or composing
you wiv.1, to pay for !
ed.       Ihe    doctor,    undertaker    and j carries the following from its corrcs
get  paid  for, their scr-| Pondent: Evcry  conscientious
it    unless
laving it print-
Release Conchies in Canada's
Winnipeg. ��� An   afternoon
preacher all
vices, but the printer is expected to
set obituary poetry   for   thc    fun ' of
thing.-Bordcr, M0., Telephone.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Sometimes a Tnan is
with building his house
but goes on and builds
lor outside of the exempt categories
arrested for non-compliance with the
military sen ice act has been released
from prison by the government except where misbehavior in prison or
resistance of aircst made their re
tention desirable. Thc larger part of
those remaining in prison have been
a garage on|arrestcd since the armistice on charges of desertion.    '
not   satisfied
on   thc sand
*r  \���4.
Yes, Thelma, there would be fewer
divorces in this vale of tears if there
j were more good cooks.
It is a good thing for some people
that the necessities of life do not include brains.
For Tomorrow's Dessert
The question of variety in summer
desserts never troubles the woman
who knows the possibilities of Benson's
Corn Starch, the choicest product of
the com.
Benson's Corn Starch is equally fine for crisp,
delicate pastries as il is for simple puddings;
it is good for cakes and for pie fillings to
nothing of Blanc Mange, Custards and Ice
Writ* far
Liasitei - Moatrtai
Try one of these recipes for
tomorrow's dessert���
w. ��jaawi"i
i. 'J-' (.��; t->,'^>7'
Is $2 a year strictly in advance, or #2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier-
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears iv. notice, $5.00 for each additional cluiin.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
All men are ignorant aboufe
some thinge. Hardly a learned
theologian in the world knows the
difference between a kilter and a
bobtail. It is also safe to say that
not one gambler in a million can
tell where the cuter is first mentioned in the bible.
- ���      ���  ��� iy . ���'��� .
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
The scentless onion lias not  yet
been discovered.
Women will be: women when it
comes to a matter of their ago. In
Hartford the other day, at a birthday party given in her honor, Mrs.
Frieda Kethe tried to convince
the guests that she was only 100
years old. Her family let fehe secret out by stating fehat she was 106.
One who desires good health
must be temperate in all things.
Food feeds not only the body but
tlie brain. Tho better the food the
better the thought, but to reap the
greatest benefit, either for mental
or physical work, there must be a
due amount of exercise.
It iB a poor high price tliat will
not work both ways.
In the game of life yoti can rake
In many a pofc by smiling.
Aftek bluffing all summer the
rain will probably ante in September.
In St. Faul a jimmie and a flashlight) were stolen from a police station, causing the dismissal of two
alleged burglars for lack of evidence. Nothing like this ever
occurs iu Nelson. Tom Long keeps
all evidence in the safe or a refrigerator.
We have quit drinking  out  of
anything   except a  bottle  in  the
Since Prohibition became chronic ('apk"    ^e   raftde   *l��is  resolution
Keep Your Baked
Foods Fresh
You can bake more at'a time when you
use Dr. Price's taking- Powder, and keep it
fresh longer because it is in the nature of
pure Cream of Tartar Baking Powder to
keep baked foods fresh. This is only one
of the reasons why so many women use
Baking Powder
Made from Cream of Tartar  .
derived from grapes
Contains No Alum���Leaves No Bitter Taste
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Hirev   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
even some of the bars in  the jails
have closed.
The make-up men on the daily
papers may be sober, but their
make-ups mosfe of the time are
since we saw a thin water snake
come out of a tap in this town. In
the wet days of Greenwood the
snakes were fatter, owing to the
habit of living in whiskey barrels.
Sojie returned soldiers object to
working on farms, because the
field officer never commands them
to "Stand afe Easel"
Many new industries might be
made to pay in Greenwood, but we
do not think that there would be
much money in a corkscrew plant.
Judging from a new line of fos-
-sils found near Field scientists now
claim that this earth is- over 47,-
000,000 years old. Here is a car
of food for thought.
Owing to the prevalence of mosquitoes,, the ladies of Keremeos,
Sicamous and Revelstoke, are very
sorry to learn that short skirts are
again becoming fashionable.
We serve ourselves by helping
others. Forget yourself by helping your neighbors, and you will
not need to prospect for heaven. It
will camp right at your door.
Since the cows deserted ns wo
have to rely upon a band of horses
to cut the grass on our lawn.' As
a rule the eqnines do not work very
long, owing probably to the water
barrel being empty. They are all
The British labor leaders say
that if there are any serious troubles in England during the next
few months it will be caused by
the lack of good beer. Evidently
beer is the soothing syrup of the
English worker, and they crave for
it just as much as an American
craves for hot cakes and coffee.
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Palace   Livery  And  StagTe
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
We need a cabinet minister afe
Victoria to look after the tourist
trade. With proper attention aud
advertising this province can secure an immense number of tourists every year from the United
States and other parts of the world.
We have the goods and the tourist
trade is all cash. This winter the
B. O. government should advertise
fehe attractions extensive]}', in such
places as Florida and California.
If you are tod fat and want to
get thinner eat lightly, and avoid
fried foods of all kinds fat meat,
milk potatoes, starch, pastry,
cake and sugar. -Exercise daily
and keep your bowels active.
In Chicago a woman committed
eulclda because her pet bull-dog
died. Women often "kill feb'em-
eelves upon account of a man, and
half of the men are not nearly' as
faithful or affectionate as a -hand-
some bnlldog. - 1
In the past the One Big Union
idea did not make the world dance
with joy. For 400 years the One
Big Union of religion darkened the
sun of progress, while the flames of
hell, scorched or burned millions of
people. The one big union that
crazy-Bill-set afloat - in- Germany
filled the world with tears and
blood for more than five nervous
and heart-breaking years, Com-
petion is the life and savior of the
universe. Blot it out in church,
state, or society and civilization
would hit a dyke in the formation
of progression that it could not cut
through. We would air have to
turn, back and prospect for the
cavea in which our ancestors lived,
before evolution stuck a thorn into
the human race and made it search
for better things.
For -Sauc.���A Perfection A,
wire-stitching machine. Apply
to The hedge.
Old newspapers for sale at
The Ledge office. Get some before they are all gone.
Beginning July 20
���Will run only on���
Wednesdays and Saturdays
as^ follows
Leave���Grand Forks, 8.30 a.m.,
Phoenix, 11.15 a.m.\ Greenwood
12.30 noon, arriving at Midway
1.30 p.m.
Leave���Midway 2 30 p.m., Greenwood, 3.20 p.m. arriving Grand
Forks 5 p.m.    -
Trains leave Gerrard twice a
week. Oh Tuesdays at 7 p.m. On
Saturdays at 7 a.m.. They return
to Gerrard on the same days.
W ���O^ 0WfE *Wp ^Wp ^&P tP ^1^   mP TB^ ^B* *������* W[*
TJ LOAT is nofe a periodic- ju
r   al.   It is a book con- ,T
taining 86 illustrations all "j
told,  and ig   filled   with ��f��
sketches   and   stories   of ��$���
western life.   It tells how ��{���
a gambler cashed in after  j.
��j�� the flush days of Sandon ;  jf
���j�� how it rained in New Den- "j
X^ ver long after Noah was V
7 aead; how a parson took a �������
*��  drink  at Bear   Lake   in <����
4* early   days;   how'  justice ^u
��j��  was dealt in Kaslo in 93; v
����i how the saloon man out-
ju prayed the women in Kala- 4*
7 mazoo, and graphically de- ^��
J* picts the   roamings of   a ^
���F, western editor among  the-j,
4�� tender-feet in the cent belt.  T
������ Ife contains the early history j*
-   of Nelson and a   romance *r
of the Silver King mine.  ��{���
In   ife are  printed    three ��{���
western poems, and dozens ���*,
of articles  too  numerous T
to mention.    Send for one "**
before it is too late.   The "r
price   is  50  cents,  post- ��f��
paid to any part of   the ��|?
world.     Address   all   let- �����,
feers to T
Order Now
Your Cutting Machinery  -   Binders   -   Mowers
and Rakes
We handle the McCormick and  Deering   Line
and will be pleased to order repairs
for all makes of Machines
Get our prices on Barb Wire and   Nails.-   - We can
save you money on large or small lots.- i
Ship us your hides.   We pay cash and remit promptly.
BROWNS     -
Midway, B. C.
ining & Smelting Col
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelling and Refining Department'
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
���Producers- of  Gold,   Silver,   Copper,   Blueslone,   Pig Lend  and "-.Spelter
���   .   /  "TADANAC" brand- -
Says a,subscriber; "I called up a number the other clay, and
almost laughed when Central queried a number quite different
from that for which I asked, When I had time to think about
it, perhaps she was nol lo blame, for it is probable that the
number was given indistinctly." '-
This is a frank admission and gives rise to the suggestion
th'at-indisliuctness may be the cause of trouble more often thaii
is thought.
Synopsis of
land Act Amendments
* R. T. Lowery *
<f     GREENWOOD, B. O.     ^
*W* "W* ^m^ ^w^ ^w^ Tr T ^ff* ^w^ ^9^ ^V* ^u^ ^T
Culameeti Rofei
One of the largest hotels In
' the city.   Beauti ful location,
fine rooms andlasty meals.
A. O. JOHNSON      -   ; PROP.
- o
Couldn't Believe It;
In England a Welsh householder
complained that some soldiers billeted ai bis house had stolen bis
gramophone. When the police
' aaked if thafe was all fehat had been
stolen he said, "Well, my wife, bat
the gramophone cost 55 dollars."
It is 1714 miles from the Canadian   boundary   line - at    Blaine,
Wash., to the U. S. boundary  line
at Tijuana,  Mexico.    Last month
Wells Bennett rode that distance
on  an   Indian   motorcycle   in 53
hours and 28 minutes.    His   average speed was a'little over 32 miles
an hoar, although at times he ran
75 miles.    He slept 30 minnles on
fche trip.
A camera man of the educational
department of a film company met
a Revelstoke farmer coming out of
a honse near where he was taking
a pictnre.-   "I've just been -taking
some   pictures    of   life   on   yoar
farm,"    he   paid   to   the farmer,
"Did you catch any of  my labor'
ers in  motion?"  inquired the old
man.    "Sure, I did,"  waB the reply.    The farmer shook his head
reflectively as  be   walked   away,
saying,  "Science 13 a   wonderful
Minimum price of flrst-cIaaB land
reduced to ?5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Kecor'ds will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
And which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may-
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements bn respective
claims. ' ��
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor inoccupation not
less than & years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as-for--
[elture. Title cannot be" obtained in
���'ess than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre. Including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements .^made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land'. 9
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
. For grazing and industrial purposes
ureas exceeding S40 acres may be .
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or- industrial sites on
timber-land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased;; conditions include
payment of stumpage.,
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. ^Rebate of one-half of cost of .
road; not' exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
P. BURNS <$c CO.
-Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Pish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and. Kootenay.
- The Penalty
'/How about that, telephone girl
who married for bve?" -. ' -
"The line's still busy.-" '.
'���What dp yoii'mean?" '
"She's doing the family' washing. "���Birmingham    Age-Herald.
* ACT.
troacttve ���   s    s also made re-
emptionsPrlcordedb>affer June��"6   ffiV
p5? .aFe rfmI"e<i for flw yeLs
'toLnntere*t on agreem^etse?oPpu?^aEO
AiS��,����CItJr lota heI<i by members 2f
Allied Forces, or deDendint. raf ?'��i
direct or indirect remitf��H **acquIred
listment to March 31  ?920     fr0m en"
?UB-f��"CHA8ER| OF CROWN   ��
Provision made for r��Ki.a������-
Crown pants to sub-purchSera' 2f
Crown Lands, acquirirsr rle^t ����� 0f
purchasers who fiiled to -�� trZ��m
purchase, involving foWtur/'S1^
Ailment of conditions �� parch^e ^"
terest and taxes. "Where *��h ^.\ln"
ers do not claim ^hol��'ot oritfiSfSS-'
# ��bMu?er^%i��^ E5'
ss? bra, u^^SLr&
Erasing Act,   1818.  for - ���>�����.��.��
development oi livestock IndnSSPSS0
vldes for grazing dtotrirtJaSSRiSS:
administration   under   CommfLEK?9
Annu��l graalng permits to^fe
lished    owners.      Stock-own*2o   ��_?!   '
form Associations for %g%?��L��2?
ment.   Free. Or partially^fL ^SS&Z
to ten htaA.   . ,
There is no better time than right now to buy that wheel you have had in'
mind.   You will enjoy belter health, have more time to yourself when
you ride a wheel
IL does not cost much to keep a bicycle.  That is if you buyjthe right kind of
a bicycle
A Cleveland or Red Bird equipped with Dunlop lires will last a life time.
We sell them, also high grade accessories, lamps,  and everything else,  iu
the Bicycle and Motorcycle line.
First class repair work,_and^our pric_es_are_ right.	
| J. R. MOOYBOER,    Grand Forks
���   Blacksmith  and   bicycle  dealer,   oxy   acetylene   welding,   brazing   and    ���
2 all around repair shop ���
I���HiHI��Mmilli..�� ���������������������� #J
+++��fr***4''fr 4-���*������*������$���  fc^*****^.*.!..*.^
me Rotel
nelson, B.C.
The only up^to^datt Hotel in the interior.
:'   in every respect,   .
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone In  J
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
The Wants of Man
"Man wants but little here below,    .
Nor wants that little long."
'Tis not with me exactly so;
But 'tis so in-the song. '   -
My wants are many and, if told, " y
��� Would muster many a scoie,
And were each wish a mint of gold, ���
I still should long for more.
I want (who does not want?) a wife���
Affectionate and fair;
To solace all the woes of life,   . -
And all its joys to share.   -
Of temper sweet.of, yielding will, '    - '���
!    Of firm, yet placid mind,-V
With all my faults to love me still -
With sentime'ntrefined.    -
I want a .warm and faithful friend,
. To cheer the adverse hour;
Who ne'er to flatter will descend, -'    -
Nor bend the knee to power,��� .
A friend to chide me when I'm wrong'
- My inmost soul to see;
And that my friendship prove as strong
For him as his for me.
I want the seals of power and place,
The ensigns of command:
Charged by the People's unbought grace
To rule my native land.
Nor crown or sceptre would I ask
- But from my country's will, -
By .day, by night, to ply the task
Her cup of bliss to SH. -  "''
These are the Wants of mortal Man,���
I cannot want them long,
For life itself is but a span, ~  ���
And earthly bliss���a song-.
My last great Want���absorbing all���
Is,���when beneath the sod,
And summoned to my final call,
The Mercy of my God. >������
John Quincy Adams.
Washington, August 31, 1841.-
RATES 31.00 per day aiid up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats,
One Reason Why: Dry Creeks, Poor Crops.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelscn, B. C
Charges:-^-Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-ljead
$2.00 Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
for other metals, etc., cts application.
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
KASLO      BC.
The big   hill   often   holds email
FRONT ST..      NELSON,     BOX 865
Subscribersare reminded that
The Ledge is $2 a year when
paid ia advance. ��� Whea not so
paid it is $2.50 a year.


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