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The Ledge Jan 2, 1919

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! >
Vol.   XXV.
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Life, Fire, Health and
RealjEstate, Ranches and
Charles King
GREENWOOD.        - B. C.  1
No. 25
Patriotic Fund
__ P��Mr CeefteM Raisins 15c Per 11 oz Pkz :3
tZ- Pucr seeled Raisins. 15c Per 15 oz Pk? as
���EH ttui Sultana Raisins 25c  Per lt>;Bulk ���%*
fc Pair Cleaned Currants 25c Per lb Bulk ^3
fc Ptscr Cleaned.Currants 25c Per 15 ozPksr ^3
P�� W�� tlM hart r��ctlved a shipment of Dates, Pigs and Candied' Peels ~3
5    Call and compare goods as to auallty and prices before    i~2
St. surcbasiojr elsewhere ... ��3
I Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN      |
Canada Food Board .License No, 8-6251 25
Gloves, Mitts, Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
All Well Again And
Ready For Business
Still showing exclusive designs
Get one for the Holidays and
enjoy yourself
Just received a fine lot of heavy
Tweed pants suitable for winter
1$ to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 watt Lamps���-75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts   - .*   ,   $125 each
100    �����     /   -   -   2.00"
2(30   ��    �� .,   *���  3.50 "
W. Elson 8 Co
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
| wmmmm^mmfowttoimMMW
Choice Goods
Cigars,  Tobaccos,. Cigars
ettes, Pipes, Fruit and
Suitable for tbe Holiday   Season
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and conrenient to all
business houses, Heated with- steam and
electricity, Fine sample^rooms, ��� Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
on the way
Order At Once
AV.4. ILSW fcSUL. PrwUbv
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at n
a.m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
VISITING   HOURS   2   to   4
At other hours by arrangement .
�� JQFfrf AJRD, C��*��lM��n___aef Y
H. V. P. JONBS. Ami G��ni tfuu&r
Cakmlto 1*tym*^UM& nm* . $13,500,000
hmy-'Mott^U mad# to provkS* the bank-
k* *wyic* required by miners.   A
current account facilitate* th��
handling of bu*ln*M r��-
caipts end payments.
You can get a bargain in
envelopes at The Ledge office.
Get a Float for 25 cents at
Tbe Ledge office, and send to
your friends iii order to cheer
them during the dark days of
Came to ray place, one red and
white bull calf. Owner can have
the same r by paying for this
advertisement, and feed oiy the:
animal, ���"���
Bndesyille, B. C.
J. L. Coles is visiting1 his  family in Vancouver.
The  Skating Kink  opened on
Wednesday evening-.
Robert Lee expects to spend a
few weeks iu California,
Chas. Dempsey and Frank Ion
have gone to Vancouver.
At     McElmon's.       Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
Harold   Chapman is   working
lor the Granby at Cassidy.
Mr.  and Mrs.   Harry   Twells
returned to Trail last week.
John Cropley and  wife departed for Vancouver oa Monday.
Gunner Geo.  Robinson was in
Greenwood on a few days leave.
The funeral of Captain A.  R.
McMann took place in Princeton.
Gus Christensen arrived in
town on  Tuesday  from Oregon.
Frank Anderson is tending bar
at the Tulameen hotel in Princeton.
Miss G. Lee, of Vancouver,
was in Greenwood ; for the holidays.
Mens Lumberman's Rubbers,
socks and underwear at Rendell's
A Soldiers friend is Dad O'Dell
at the Province Hotel, Grand
Andrew McCulloch is acting
general ""superintendent of the
K. V. Ry.
Boen.���To Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Maletta, of Anaconda, on December 25th, a son.
Rae Lane of Calgary, is on a
visit to his father, Bert Lane, of
P. Burne-& Co.
Ladies silk scarves and hand
bags, handkerchiefs of all kinds.
G. A. Rendell.
John McKellar was in town
last week getting a turkey dinner
and some matches.
Geo. Clerf returned to Allenby
on Monday, after spending Xmas
with his family here.
W. Wamsley, C, P. R. agent,
leaves to day for Rossland, where
he has been transferred.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Childrens and Babies Gold Rings.
Hot lemonade is good for influenza, we have fresh juicy
lemons on hand.  Rendell's Store.
Owing to the tough climate,
several men have quit their jobs
at Anyox and returned to Greenwood.
Any persons wishing to contribute to the Emergent Hospital
fund, may leave same at Bank of
Start the New Year with a
pair of hockey boots. You can
get them at Rendell's store.
Born.���Oa December 18th, afe
the Greenwood Hospital, to Mr.
and Mrs. C. P. C. Rock, of Midway, a daughter.
Over in Princeton the Hotel
Princeton now-has an auto bus,
and Joe Whitmore is happy. He
does not drive it.
Born.���To Mr. and Mrs. O.
Wheeler, of Rock Crqek, at the
Greenwood Hospital, on December 30th, adaughter.-?v
? Greenwood is free of 'influenza;
and all restrictions.'. .-."have;: been
removed.:X Schools openedv/ on
Thursday, January 2.
; Tom Hare died in Princeton
last month, aged 67 years. He
was one of the early day prospectors in the Slocan.;
At   the   Tulameen   Hotel   in
Princeton, Big  Andy Johnson is
feeding about 100 at a meal. ? He
deserves a big business.;
? Fresh ; fruits, -and ? groceries;
quality and ? prices   guaranteed.
G. A. Rendell, Greenwood,x&XGi
?EmU Larsen, proprietor of the
Proyince   hotel, ������ Grand   Forks,
died in that city on December 25,:
after an illness of several months.':
For that nasty cough use Syrup;
White Pine and Tar.   You can;
get it at Goodeve's Drug Store.
The local Treasurer of the Canadian Patriotic Fund wiphes to acknowledge receipt of the following
subscriptions from 22ud November to 26th December, 1918:
Duncan Mcintosh $   5 00
Central War Fund  184.15
J Keady      4 00
P Mytton       4 00
G. Grosvenor      400
A Legault      4 75
II. Bolingbroke      3 ao
Clyde Jory         1 g5
FJConyers      580
Geo Winters      280
M J Dunn      4 65
ESpraggett      3 3��
J D Yeatnian      3 90
E Herrick      400
C Primnialle      400
A I, Price      335
HE Bedford       250
T Lamb      400
G McCabe      250
J A Connor         70
W. R. Dewdney      5.00
P. H, McCurrach      3.70
Boundary Police    13 00
J. V. Mills        5 00
Greig & Morrison     1000
Hon. J. D. MacLean     2000
W Jenks     12 00
J C Boltz      6 00
Charles King       300
Central Fund    81 65
P W George      5 00
Hon. J. D. MacLean    20 00
G B Taylor      3 00
Hon. Treasurer.
Canadian Patriotic Fund.
Negative Electricity
My sister Maggie is a very fortunate girl.
Yes?   Why?
Dunno. Bufe she went to a
party last night and played blind
man's buff all the evening. The
gentlemen hunt round and And a
girl, and then they mast either
kiss her or give her a (shilling.
Maggie came home with thirty
shillings and a war bond.
I Western Float |
Murrayville has a toy factory.
Have you a job for a returned
In 1858 chickens  were $4 each
at Yale.
There is a big tungsten Held in
Wool is 41 cents a pound in
There are 29,323 telephones in
The signs point to an early provincial election.
Eggs slipped down to 75 cents in
Kaslo last month.
J. G. Ewan has been elected
mayor of Blairmore.
Punch Hunter has returned to
Kelowna from France.
Edward Stoker died in Armstrong from pneumonia.
In Vancouver fehe grafters even
put water in the whiskey.
F. H. Hawkins, the assayer has
moved from Silverton feo Anyox.
Beware of fehe Flu. Ife is not
like Jim Jeffries. Ife can come
There is eome talk of again
opening the posfe-office at Three
Fred Graham was killed in the
Le Roifmine afe Rossland, by an
air blast.
With ten cases skill in fehat cifey
Kamloops lifted the Flu ban the
other day.
.Booze is $15 a bottle in Prince
Rupert, and about $80 a case in
Wheafe shipped from Kamloops
to Vancouver now brings from $63
to*$66 a ton.
B. C. Mines
been started in
A lead war has
United States.
Leo   Long,   assayer,
Seattle last month.
The Kaslo mill is running on
tailings from Whitewater.
Ore from the Arlington dump,
near Slocan City, is being shipped
to Trail by M. S. Davys.
The Blue Groufie afe Cowichan
Lake is shipping steadily. The
diamond drill is  on  the fifth hole.
Two miners bave taken a lease
on the Mollie Hughes at New
Denver. Ife seems strange that no
one takes a lease on fehe Mouufeain
Sidney Norman, editor of the
Spokane Mining Trufeh is one of
British Columbia's besfe friends.
Sid was one of the romantic figures
in the early days of fehe Slocan.
The Bosun mine near New
Denver employs aboufe 80 men.
The mine is more than 20 years
old. Bruce Kirk is foreman, and
Dan Tattrie shift boss.
The Sunloch Mines Limited of
Vancouver is diamond drilling its
property at Jordan River, Vancouver Island, the development
work being in charge of R. H.
Stewart, M. E., of Vancouver,
formerly of Trail.
At Ainsworth the Florence employs 50 men and the Highland 15.
The No. 1 has 10 men doing development, and leasers are working"
small crews on tha skyline, Maestro, Gallagher and Little Biiil.
The old camp is fairly active this
Going Strong
The Family Herald and Weekly Star oi Montreal is having the
best year in its  history.   Their
subscriptions   for the month of
November exceeded by almost 200
per cent, the same month of any
preyious year.     December   will
also be a  record breaker,   The
Family   Herald   Publishers   are
perfecting   plans   for   elaborate
improvements. The public should
not confuse that   great   weekly
with a small daily paper of similar   name  now   in   liquidation.
There is no fear of such a thing
happening    with    the    Family
Herald.     The   word   "Family"
should not be obmitted  in the
address of that paper.   We are
informed that their offer  of  a
War Album free  to all  who subscribe still remains good, but the
demand is so great that it may
haye to be withdrawn soon.   The
Family Herald is big value and
the Album is most attractive, so
it is no wonder they  are securing
thousands of new subscribers.
The far famed Rexall hair
tonic can now be obtained at
Goodeve's. If you want a really
good hair tonic, procure at once.
Mrs. G. B. Garrett left Grand
Forks last Thursday for Maple
Creek, Sask., having been called
there through the serious illness
of her mother.
'.:��� Geo.: Boag was in town for a
few days from Lightning 'Peak,
G^o.; stales that there is four feet
of snow at the camp, and that
he made the trip but to Edge-
wood oa skis.
Just received a shipment of
"Bobbie Burns" plum puddings,
fruit cakes and oat cakes packed
in tins for shipment overseas, at
Miss B. M. Cummins died in
Vancouver on December 28. The
deceased was well known in
Greenwood, haying lived here a
few years ago, had been a most
active worker during the recent
Flu epidemic at the coast and
had become fun ; down, thereby
falling aa easy prey to the disease
she had striven so bravely tp
combat. Interment took place in
'. Soaie wild ducks are still flying,
around'B.C. They better hurry
soufeh or'they will be ehofe.
The 0. P. R. bonghfe fche King
lumber mill afe Yank, and bas
made anjinifeial payment of $100,-
000.7 "'
The provincial government has
bought 22,000 acres of land in the
lower Okanagan for soldiers settle,
Keep away from crowds
avoid the Flu. The store
does not advertise is a fairly
On January 16, Johnston Hark-
ley will be tried at Prince Ruperfe
for murdering Frank Martin at
Swamp Point.
The Victoria Colonist, was 60
years old on December 13. Ife is
the oldest paper in B. C, and a
power in fehe land.
The scope of the Mounted Police
will be extended from Port Arthur
to Vancouver. There will be a
barracks at Nelson.
The big fire in Kaslo happened
February 25, 1894. Most of the
men were drunk the next morning,
and Big Georgie danced the Highland Fling on the ashes of the
Noble Five hotel.
For fehe first time in the West if
not in Canada, a soldifer has been
sentenced to life imprisonment for
desertion. Privafee Demitro Gelen-
zyn is fehe man. He is now serving
his term at Sfeoney Mountain Penitentiary, Manitoba.
T. Eaton Company of Toronto
will on February 1 commence in
Moncfeon the constrarfeion of a reinforced concrete building 240 feet
wide and 240 feet long, Ife will be
sik-stories i in .height.-:"._:It_..'is, expected to be coin pi e ted by the
m'ddle: of- the 8ummer;----'.;;The
building will be used as a distributing warehouse for the maritime
provinces, and will employ between 500 and 600 persons.
Canada possesses perhaps the
most extensive fisheries in the
world, those of Norway and of the
British Isles aione disputing the
supremacy, whether for excellance
or the abundance and variety of
feheir product. The fertility of
Canadian waters is indicated by
ihe fact that the entire catch of
salmon,   lobsters,  herring, . mack
The Hydraulic Company of Philadelphia is operating, a plant on
Twenty-mile creek, -*a tributary of
the Quesnel river.     Gold values
there occur as fine particles , disseminated through a 425-foot bank
of gravel, boulder  clay and silt,
with    black    sand    concentrates,
which are said to carry platinum.
At Green Lake [are three properties, the Fitsimmons group, now
under development   bond   to  the
Consolidated Mining and Smelting
Company Limited; the Green Lake
Mining    and   Milling   company's
group,    and   the   King   Solomon
group.    The mineralization on the
Fifesimmons gronp consists of copper and iron sulphides, zinc blende
and magnetite in altered limestone
intruded by dykes,    ore  occurs iu
indefinite bunches  up to 20 feet in
widfeb.    A dump of 20 tons will
average 3  per cenfe copper.    Gold
values  are   reported   np to $20 a
The Emergent Hospital Committee will meet at   Mr.  Chas.
King's,  oflice,   Friday,   January
3rd, at 8 p.m,,   for  the  winding
up of all business in connection
with the  above Committee.    All
members are requested to be present.    Any   person   having   bills
against  above,   will kindly have
same presented  at this meeting.
Persons    indebted   to   Hospital,
kindlv remit as soon as  possible,
as money  is  needed   to pay  off,
bills.   .... '   i '  .':
' yX Fred. H. AxAsr, Chairman,
Chas. Hartlaxd, Secretary,
Emergent Hospital Committee.
New Weapons of Warfare
At Camp Severe a captain was
putting his company of recruits
from the mountains through rudimentary drill, when the officer on
inspection spoke to him sharply.
'���The faces of a number of your
men are all scratched and bleeding." he said. "What ia the matter? Has
j The captain smiled sadly. "No,
i there has been no trouble/' he
j answered. "Those fellows have
jjuat been
there   been trouble   in
���. .  . ,���-  ^._��  learning   to   nse   feheir
erel and  sardines,  nearly all the knives and fork*."
haddock,  and  many of the  cod, : ���'���������
hake and pollock landed are taken      American trade with Canada re-
ten or twelve   miles from
suited in a balance for the Dominion of $31,700, UO0,
M&jjESEmM&i*) 1
.Tm   &&D&EL   GmmWQ(XQ^J8LJ&
A. Nation in it ^ Homes
Not   K
: Judged  Entirely
���ill, how does a r..-iti��i!i iKmd
moro truly tli.in in its
li* public appearances arc
iroiu;".'.tly acceptive It is what it is
at home. A low years ago we heard
a good ileal about France as degenerating or at least becoming a static
civilization. Men had
taken the scintillating-
I'arisian boulevards lor
had left out of account
honsands oi happy anc
irtiR-al lire-ides in hundreds ot small
towns or tiny hamlets dotting thc
gardens and ��� iie'ds of rr.ral France,
I each one representative of hard work-
jinu lives <>i peasantry and middle
us, each one potently sicnilieani  of
���ual  -pirii It:  is
to jtidL,re  a   nation  bv
an rl     ���'oia.ei   the   rnra
3 Cakes GuticuraSoap
and 4 Boxes Ointment
Heal Itching Pimples On
Shoulders and back,
���   ..I ���������^
"For two years I was troubled with
itching pimples on my shoulders and
back. They were hard, red
dnd very painful, and were
scattered.    I could not rest
i at night on account of thc
...-. "1 tried several remedies
"^ but they failed. Then I
used Cuticura Soap and Ointment,
and I used three cakes of Cuticura
Soap and four boxes of Cuticura
Ointment and I was completely healed
in six weeks." (Signed) Miss Kate
Young, Melrose. Man..March 30,1917.
Having obtained a clear healthy
skin by the use of Cuticura, keep it
clear by u..ing the Soap for all toilet
purposes, assisted by touches of Ointment as needed. Cuticura Soan ia
ideal for the complexion.
For Free Sample Each by Mail address post-card: "Cuticura, Depi. A,
Boston. IT. fi. A."   Sold everywhere.
Red Ots:�� Donations
Th$ Precious Ruby
Is Ten Times More Valuable   Than
The world's ruby centre is Mogofc,
in Upper Burma, sonic sevent}' miles
north of Mandalay in India. Hare
arc the great ruby mines, one of
Burma's most valuable monopolies.
Indeed, not only does this country
produce the iinest of these coveted
gems, but they are recovered in such
quantities as to enable her to dominate  the market.
Few  are    aware    that,  weight  for
weight, a ruby is more valuable than
a  diamond.  Jt  is  estimated that  one
the color of pigeon's blood, weighing
five   cara.ls,  will  sell    for    ten   times !
the value of a diamond of the -same j
weight.    Furthermore,   the   price,    in- j
creases  with   thc  size  of  the   stones. !
As the "byon," or earth  containing j ~~
tlie  coveted  gems,  is  taken   from   the i
ground,  it  is   placed   in  great   rev*k-��� !
ing tubs. Mere it is screened and alilof domestic animals under lire, a sol-
the loose earth removed by water, i dies says: A big black mongrel caim
The residue is theu lipped on to llie- ! intn our improvised trench kite one
sorting   table.       A     white      overseer ', afternoon.  He had  survived  a ten ine
Pigmy Elephants
Poor Dog  Under Shell Fire
In  a  letter describing the behavior-
Considered a Most   Important
logical Discovery
Two specimens of a hitherto unknown species of elephant, a read
dwarf variety, havc been captured
in Africa and were reccnlly taken
to England. This is considered a
most important zoological discovery,
comparable with that of thc okapi
in the. Congo forest several ycars
ago. These pigmy ..elephants grow
to bc 5J-'i or 6 feet high; that is,
{half the height at the shoulder oi
!an ordinary African elephant. The
JUisks of thc two divan' vlej/nants
now in England are eery dark, and
I display evidence of wear aud tear
land of exposure to ". wet or muddy
jhabiiaU Thcy arc abnormally small,
i Those of the' female weight about 1
i pound each, and those of the male
3J.-J pounds each, compared wilh ill)
pounds as the weight of one tusk oi
a  grown   African  bull  elephant.
You don't have to rub ft in
to get quick, comforting relief
Once you've tried it on that stiff
joint, sore muscle, sciatic pain, rheumatic twinge, lame back, you'll find
a warm, soothing relief you never
thought a liniment could produce.
Won't stain the skin, leaves no
muss, wiystes no time in applying, sure
to give quick results. A large bottle
means economy. Your own or any-
other druggist has it, Made in Canada.   Get it today.
I careful
I the  jru
! sorting
1 >ands  o!   dollars,
hand  flic yield may be
pounds   or   two.     The
1'if   rubies   from   these
mahout S-IIHUMIH.
y examines tiie pile, selecting i
gems from the worthless do- ���
f he _ * lucky he may at one j
find gem-; worth, many llion-j
f  dollars,   while  on   ihe.   oilier :
uul ;
Wliethi i the corn be of old or new
|gro\vlh, it must yield lo llollowavY,
���Toin (.'lire, the -'MpFst anil hi -; cere
' offered   to  the  public.
".> io the quaint and -��� ocived from t
ionics lli:!.t breathe j Saskatchewan
uietv   and      homely j only province
lorry idossoms
lore, throughout
.giiom, K.t him \\a
now streets of the
nountain villages after nightfall an
look through tho thru rice paper sho-
jis to find Japan, lie will see large
I families, tlie grandfather at the scat
of honor, and about him his sturdy
sons and grandchildren; lie will hear
the glad laughter ci children, and the
strumming of the samisen, and in
that shadow-picture about the braziers, he wii! see in truer light the
strength and promise of the. nation.
���Clayton Sedgwick Cooper.
Saskatchewan  Contributions   Amount
;        to Nearly as Much as All thc
| Kest of Dominion
I     The   province       oi"       Saskatchewan,
ha-.ls   ( an:.da   ia   Ked     Cross     dona-!
! lions   Lu-  ihe  year   ending   .Vptembcr j SlTUl I   JEt'OIlOmieS
i-l,  accoriiing   to   word  just     re-
nadi:i:i     In adquarters
aised  iJi.l.i.S.O.M,      the! 	
��� Cana.j;i  p> n..oh the ! England Saves Pulp by Conservation
Saskatchewan , of ^a-,er
compared  with
ten hours' bombardment of shell and
gas, and sank down by my side- utterly exhausted. 1 lis body became
inert and nothing, not run the t'-n-
deic.-l hits of bully beef, would make
him move. His brow ii eyes looked
mournfully into mine as if longing lo
toll me som .-thing. Just then the
boche ''onimoneed strafing am; at every i .\-plo<iou a shiver ran through
his body. ! do not know \vh;i i became of the poor beast. There was
au engagement soon afterwards and
thi-;  big,  black niongril  dij-appearod.
Keeping in Practice
JLndy-VW hat are yuti cr.'.iug for.
my  Jiltlo  mail?'7 i
Hobby "Mv father ba-> bin bca'dti'j
tn-." ' '
)..ady--"\Vell. don't cry. All fatheia!
bave lo beat their hi tie boy* .-,01110-!
Ib.ibby���''Hut jny father isn't
like other ' -fathers. He's in a
b-b-bras- band and b beats the [Ay
Minard's Liniment Cures  Diphtheria
Had Important Information
Produce Jtiig- Re uits I
tlie     Mississippi
senate,   said   iu     a
Checks 300 per Minute
Electrical  Machines   Handle   Thousands of Cards
Tbe Cauada registration hoard issues the. following description of an
electrical machine which is used by
the board in checking and transferring thc huge number of cards used.
Corresponding to tbe card of every
registrant, there is now prepared a
code card, to whieh all the information upon Unoriginal card is being
transferred by moans of perforations,
executed by a machine which registers .villi exactness. The purpose of
'his can best be understood-by explaining that were there brought to-
gfghcr the. cards of 100 males, all
British subjects by birth, all _ 29
years 01 ago, all single, a:.d all without, apparent physical disabilities,
the punch holes for those particular
pieces of information would show
. clear through the 1(}0 cards
These perforated card.,  ........ _.    ,, ,        , ,   .
��!.,(��� 1      ,,.:ii   1  ,   . ....   ��i..-n.., 1,     ,������,.:������ i lul  results  ia  catarrhs!  couditioaa.
plelcd,   will  be put  through   sorting I,ei>Im.ollU]3> lw-
Byron Harrison
candidate, for the
recent address:
"The Germans claim to havc culture, but to my mind it's pretty |
scarce. It's like the ham in the sand- j
wieh. I
"A  boy  complained  (o  lhe  attendant in a cafeteria:
"'Say,  there   ain't   110  ham  in   this
here sandwich!'
"'You haven't come to it yet,' consoled thc attendant.
"The boy munched ou for a while
then he  said:
" 'There ain't none yet.'
"'Oh,'  was  thc  reply, 'you've    bit
over it now!' "
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
��ritl> i.Ul-AL Ai'i'LiwlMUi'iift, ���� fJiejr
.aniiot reach the scat 01 tlic disease. Cztaun
ia h local disease, greatly influenced Oy cob-
ttituiiotial conditions; aud 111 order to cur* 12
rou must utc an mterual remedy. Hall's
Latarrh Lure 1.1 taken internally and acta
through tlic Dlood ou the mucous turfaces
��] the system. UallY LatarrJi Cuie <vas pre.
enbed by oue ol the best physicians m tliu
���wuiitry lor ycars. it is composed ol dome
���i the best ionics known, combined with
iouie  ot   the   best   blood  puritiers.     1 lie  pcr
inn dollar marl
oil this amn-aiu
only $l,6.r...',l)0o lor ;:
Dominion combined
provinces arc as 10
British <_"olm;ibia..   ..
Alberta    ..
New  Hrunsw ick   .. .,,
Nova Scotia	
i'rince  Hdward Island
Tolal ..	
The Dominion's
est o
is  a   liniment  that   lias  the   blessings
of half a continent.    It is on sah' everywhere and can be found wherever
impiy reducing    the    size  ol  tlie j enquired for
\cl   by   hah   an   inch   lhe
e.-iiuiy   council   reports a   saving    of'Double   Entry   Bookkeeping  Ancient.
ii.ii; tons oi pulp per annum. j     Jt comes as a surprise, very often.
JrSOini     X\   thread   manuiaclurer    in     Great J t0 r111(l how'far back in  lh�� cciiturios
; Britain  reports  a saving  of  IsO tons!sonlc 0j t]10 ordinary things of everv
lu 1
sire :t
.ngla.nd every passenger on the
ears anil oniniluises receives a
ticket   in     receipt  lor liis  tare
of  th
.oiidoii j
The Friend of All Sufferers. -Like j Brave French  Woman  Risks Life to
to "lhe. shadow of a roek in a weary
. land"' is Dr. Thomas' Lclcetne Oil
ito'all those who suffer pain, ll holds
;oiit hope lo everyone and realizes il
j by stilling suffering everywhere. It
7.50:) i
s; 1,000
S>, 785,000
Natural Kesourt'es
Potenvial Wealth ot" Canada Brought
ot   pulp   per  annum     by  affixing
one  tiny  label  on    the    end    of
spool 01 thread    in    place    of one Hi
each  end   as  lorumrly  was  the  practice.
Thc question of senseless waste of
paper iu the matter of handbills was
'dea.it w ith and it was estimated that
more than 1000 tons of pulp were,
absolute waste in this connection
since more thai half the handbills
were a mere litter in the streets and
on front porches, and never read.
By making railroad tickets half the
thickness Lngahul has saved -IfJO tons
01 pulp.
By  using postcards  instead  of  pa
ints. I tcct  combination  ol   die  ingredients  111   iiall'j
S   when  ciini-'tJUrili  Cure  is  what produces such   wonder-
S:ud ior
b 1
and tabulating machines, cadi
speeded up to handle 300 cards per
minute. By means of electrical contacts, the machines can be set for
any ctnnbiiation desired; ;for example, wcrc it a case of securing
the names of military prospects in
the city, of Ottawa, the ..machines
would be set for a combination
similar  to  that mentioned above,  ex
F. J.  CHENlil   &  CO..  Props.,  Toledo. O.
All Uruggiitt, 7ic
Hail's !��� iir niy  tills lor constipation
to Attention of the Royal Gee-
graphical  Society
At a  rercut meeting of" the.  Royal
Geographical   society,   tiie   lion.   Ar-
llmr .MiigiKii read a paper on '"ilie! per and envelopes thc numerous so-
JNaturai Jvesourees of i.auad.t.'' lliSjCietics and organizations in Great
audieiict. toinpri.sed most of those j Britain have saved 600 tons of pulp
public  men  who  take a lively  inter-  a year.
c-.l  in  the  greaiet   Britain    overseas,! 	
and the close attention with which Dragged Down by Asthma. The
llie speaker was ioiiowed seemed to man or woman who is continually
promise graiiiymg results later on. j subject'to asthma is unfitted for his
Any   111:0.1   wiio  is  pmikged  lo    au-lorhci   life's work.    Strength departs
hp-t:day life cast their roots. It may not
t,lc|be generally realized that double
entry bookkeeping, for instance,!
adopted in 'most large businesses of
the modern world, originated, or if it
did not originate, was practised,
among the mercantile communities of
Italy in thc fifteenth century. Au
early exponent of the method was a
Minorite monk named Luca de Bur-
go.othcnvisc Paciali, who wrote and
published a treatise on llie subject in
Venice in the year 1494, three years
before Sebastian Cabot landed in
America. 'Llie system survives as
Luca de Burgo established it, with
thc exception of the few alterations
necessitated by four centuries of
commercial evolution.
Butter for Siberia
A   shipment of  Sasnatclicwan  but
ter is on its  way to  Siberia, having ! ly-)jy jeet-
been-bought  by   the  militia    depart
ment  for  the  use   of  "tlie    Siberian
oree.   It.comprises two carloads and
dress the. membeis. of lMigiauU's premier body nl geographers is- certain'
oi a distinguished ami .inliueiitial audience.
. While little thai tiie minister of the
interior said wouii; strike any Canadian, possessed ol average niloriiia-
tioti as new, ii u>ay have been quite
otherwise under ilie. riii uiastaiiccs ol
its deli\er\-. It so it served an excellent purpose.-.' Our . natmai resources are great; this ive know; lhe
next str-jj is to see. tliat those who
may help develop these resources also  realize  their importance.
.He spoke of the tremendous mountain  ranges,  not    forgetting to  mention  that    Mount  Logan,    in  the Ste
hlias  raiige 01  the   \ liKon, towers to
of  tiie  great  waterways;
<;cpt that the sorter .would in one op- is the first shipment of butter to.Kus
eratiou throw into twelve different
pockets th.e cards of persons whose
ages were, say, 29 to 40. As each
perforated card is being typed with
thc iiamo and address of. the person
of whom it is a record, it follows
that information of a most valuable
kind can be furnished oh remarkably short notice.
The board hopes to be able to complete this week the clerical work involved in-' the preparation of. the
cards for use. by these machines.
Then, and not until then, '.will . lhe
real 'usefulness, of registration begin
to be appreciated. .
sia ever, made from this, province.
The fall, weather is the most severe season of the year for colds-
one day is warm, the next is wet and
cold and unless the mother js on her
guard the little oiics are seized with
itolds that may hang 011 all winter.
'Baby's Own Tablets arc ltio.thers'
test friend in preventing or banishing colds. Thcy act as a gentle laxative, keeping the. bowels,aud stom-
I  was  cured  of    Rheumatic'   Gout
Halifax. ANDRLW KING..
I  was.   cured    of Acute  Bronchitis
:   Sussex.
I -.was ...red of Aeiite Rheumatism
Markham, Ont.   C. S: BILLING.
LakefiHd,  Que., Oct. 9, 1907. ''.'
the lakes, almost seas, and of tiie
600,000,001.) acres of Jorest. Our coal
reserve is ''.'placed by Mr. Meiglion at
l,^j4,000,000.,00g. ions, or equal . to
sevcn-toiiihs of all "the known coal, deposits under liie liritish Hag, oi which
the Canadian reserve in /\lheria is
thought to. hold lour-liihs. Happy
Alberta! "
It appears we, bine,, according to
the latest census, enough caribou
roaming the. so-called- barren . lands
to feed  lhe allied nations for years.
Dr.  \V. Aliller, provincial geologist 1
for. Ontario, spoke at some length, on   .- ,,
the'��� mineral      .ourees of the D.omin-' n"011t Uu:r0
and energy is ���..'ken away until life
becomes a dreary existence. And yet
this is needless. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy has brought a great
change to an army of Miilerers. It
relieves the restricted air tubes and
guards against future 'trouble. Try
Champ gne Catacombs
Millions of Bottles of Wine Hoarded
in Vaults
Thc glory of Rbeims is undoubtedly its mediaeval.cathedral, and all ils
associations, says the Yorkshire
jl'ost, but 1 must confess that J was
almost equally interested in what
might be called .its'-modern cathedral
structures in. the shape of the mile-
long vaults gerving as storage cellars for thc champagne' bottle���millions .upon'million's of them���hoarded \\\i there. A walk through those
Gothic-arched vaults ��� their walls
all frescoed with illustrations ot the
worship of Bacchus and the history
of viniculture���has an interest -for
some minds not inferior to that with
which' the tourist contemplates the
painted windows and. plaster saints
of the above, ground cathedral itself. Jn all the area of the western
arc no such capacious,
and    seductive    dugouts
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Transferring the Bad Luck
A. visitor on a Britisii battleship
was dining with a group of officers
when his foik accidentally struck a
glass tumbler. As thc glass resounded the oflicers shouted as one
man, "Boche.!; On asking for an explanation the visitor was told lhat
the ringing of. a glass meant bad
luck. One officer declared that on
one ship hc formerly commanded every time a glass was rung a man fell
overboard. This is why the officers
i now cry "poche" when a table accident occurs, ihey hoping to transfer
their bad luck to the enemy.
ton,  but  unfortunately,   his   remarks, I ffCUr*V    a"U    sc.duc'��vc     dugouts" as
���������������-��� "the    deep-down,    miles-long,   Goth <:
Everybody Is  Doing  It
1'roteering we learn with- relief, is
hot only ;V United State X monopoly.
Herr -Victor K:irl Adels of the iuar.-
nesniann Arms and Munitions- factories lias been fined $375,001) arid sentenced to six months in jail for pro-
j iiteciiiig, in three vears,.to the ex-
I tent of at least $1,375,000. His meth
,    ,��� ,        ���  .   ���   . -.     ������    ���     ���,jo<!s appear to have been the familiar
ach  tree   and   sweet.    -An- occas.omu X    ,nminissio-tl    ,)roki        and
owing to an oversight, .could- not be
reproduced with ibose of Mr. Mcig-i.., ���
hen. The latter, seeing that a better 1 inoic^sl
authority was to deal with, them, did
little'-more, than touch iipon our
nickel, copper, lead, gold, copper and
other stores .-'..-���
.Many realize that,, hitherto, settlement has iniid.c 'far greater strides in
an   r;i<t nnii .  west . lino   th.tn. from
'south  to north.   In  fact, "Canada,, so
jfar as    settlement is concerned,   re-
iseii.ibles somewhat a long, straggling
jslrcer.     From   Halifax to   Vancouver,
and from A'aiieouver to Halifax the ;n,!H. ,11;l���ivc and impressive pile,
traveller tares the setting or the tiie British Museum, has, after a
rising siin-iievorlhe pole star. Yd, ;-|aps(..0j ,hree vears audiuore, open-
as Mr. Meighen mtiniatod, our aiui .,.-��� its K:Ucs to visitors, the first: to
should, be J., add .depth to onr oecu-! l:lk(; ;l(ivantage of it being some Au's-
palion, and    to    enter; into and fully j t,-alinn''soldiers  who    entered    under
vaulted cellars containing all the
vintages of the sparkling
valley %-of the Marne. No wonder that
in' 1870 the ./Prussians found " their
Cajiua in Rhcims, to which thcy
.moved, their- iiead'-iartcrs immediately after Sedan;
The British Museum
Help Allies
The devotion of a French woman
to her country Mas recorded recently
nt one of the American headipiai tors,
to .which a woman whose name cannot be mentioned, had .ma.do her way
through shell lire- and o'vei" a region
filled with gas and traps to bring to
the allies information eonceriiing the
With her mot her and young'' r
brother the young woman, who is
not yet twenty, had lived at Soulevii
farm s^nce the day it fell into tin.
hands of the Germans four years ago
Four other brothers are in thi
French army. The mother, daughter
and boy were forced lo remain within the German lines and witness the
day-by-day conversion of lhcir property into a German club bouse.
During these four years the Iwo women endeavored lo placate rather
than to antagonize their captors.
Froni German officers who frequented thc ' farm the young woman
learned information which she recognized to be of thc utmost importance. AVlien shc heard lhc barrage
she determined to run the risk ol
crossing the nearly three miles separating her home from the allied
Telling her mother and the others
lhat she had work to do in the .garden, the young woman left the
house. She slipped away toward the
American lines, although every road
was swept by allied and German
gunfire. After many difficulties and
narrow cjcapcs the young woman
reached the' A ni cricaii' lilies and told
her story.
In return- for the information she
brought she asked that every- effort
bc made to rescue her mother" and
brother. The Germans attempted to
maintain' their position at Soulcvre
farm, but the Americans overcanr
them in desperate fighting. ;'
The mother and brother ..-were'
brought to American headquarters
'uninjured.'and there was a joyful re-
'titiion.   ���
Left Only-the Table
Guests    Carry   Away    Cutlery.
The keeper of a restaurant frequented by Bcrlincrs when taking
their outings in thc suburbs raises
the following plaint in the Berliner
"You have no idea what our guests-
carry away with them. Wc cannot
hand out teaspoons without demanding a guarantee sum beforehand.
Drinking glasses are stolen more
than anything else. When I; took
stock in March I counttrd 352 glasses,
but a week after Whitsuntide T had
only sixty:foiir"left. It is eniite thc
same with coffee pots_; I have lost 152.
enamelled pots. Knives, ,,forks and
spoons disappear in the same way
without number?
"A short time ago I handed'iout a
dinner of eight portions. As the party
appeared to be rich people arid ran
up a big bill, the waiter did not remove the things immediately after
thcy had finished. When he did so
a little later he found that the knives,
forks and spoons- had disappeare*
from all thc covers but two. That is
only one example, from many. Under; these circumstances, thc prohibition "of the use of tablecloths and
napkins came as a read godsend for
us. If it had not come, there would
soon have been not a scrap of table
liiien p.inong all us restaurant keepers. It goes without saying that
keepers who try to keep poultry or
other smalt animals suffer from
thieving attacks."
Has Again Opened    Its
Gates    To
medicine.    I   had   tootaehe  yesterday.' proportion,. the German I'inatizininis
and T vvfiit home and niy loving wife j lenuni   w.iiild  turn green  with   envy
kissed   ine  and  so  consoled  me   that J ���: ;	
tin-   rain-soon   parsed  away.      Why Naval Nicknames
���lout  vou  try  tlie  trick!1 ���    .        :   ��� , ,-
:. :��� SiifWr-I  think  I  will.     Is   *��.*      ��---nous  nicknames  arc appb
was  never  much   more   than
conjured up  by the timid.
110111 e
irow?��� Vancouver
$iXPiMi$' :'rM
Ciirious  nicknames  arc applied    lo
vrssels of the British navy. The Ariadne is,known as tlic "Hairy Annie"
jor "Maggy Agony.'' the Narcissus as I
" ."Nasty  >isler,"   the  Cressy    as    the
:; '��� j "Greater/."  the  Inconstant;    as      the
������Jv-Isikstaiul," tin
he Iphigem'a as the "Sil-
; Jv fane/' the I.ucifer as the "Match
���Box,';.therllecateras'tlic <_lle Cat""or
���I "Tlie ''��� Toin" rand ..the'.. Neptune as.'the
1 ")<ivX> JlprpXy-xi'X ; iiiyX;. -Xi''
;. .In the "United Stales navy similar
[nicknames have ben used to sonic
[extent/ The-Sas.sa.cus- was known as
;tlie.-"Sassy-/Cuss-,""the Miantono'nioh
j as "Mj-'-Al-nt-Don'l '��� Know/ Yoii,"': tlie
.���AYissahickon-. asW.ihc:;."Widow- : Higr
vWc/know  She. Goes
 OV.HrCI ' ���!
lhat: ran :b<-
\: ,x' '-
( -..-"..���'���
;i)i;tt3-;i;as rbren;iivvc-i.ted;
eolored a^ desired - r.nd j
���rarer '-'ecu    it is tp';b.c.'
��� -1
C/7;   .123*7;:
to ���
���^.ii'si'T. to -presfi:: ..-vlnasi---.-:- to
'..- Therefore .itr,m'ust '..be:- easier
r.-Ivrry riiK.n:;tlian: a-'physician//
, phone are hidden away deep down in
j the cellars, and other priceless
I things, such as the I'arthciion frieze,
1 are sandbagged. But casts, so perfect that it takes the keenest experts
to'detect the difference from the originals, are on view. If it had not been
for thc protests of many sections of
the British public, the museum would
long ago.have been annexed to tlie
aircraft department. It must be congratulated./.for having . escaped .nn-
wclconteTattonupns from:; both, friend
and .foe."       '. ���' ' ^ ' ���'��� -: :;r ,..-'r:'
He Cannot Sleep
"Visiting Cards" at the North Pole
Tlic. silk flag which M/- Anumdscn
is taking; with- 'him to plant: at 'the
North' I'ole-^-"if thc. opoprtuiiity;' pre-;
sents.itself"J says the y :Lqri-don-'|.Ob-"
purely; iprmal/^purposes, -r; ���- fqr/; /the
rights .of the first: eqmer/beloiig: to
the/ United ..States, whose Stars -and
Stripes were.-: planted /there by. .Commander Tciiry on AprilX.6,-. 19Q9. Nat-
iirally,: every..Matiqii;'..which/." achieves
'cither Tolc'isfanxious to leave a visiting card.v.; When Scott reached.the
SoiUh/Folc on^:January:/l",;;;i912,/h;e
planted the Union Jack at a.spot half
a'iiiilc:from the Norwegian-flag.which
Amundsen had placed /there >. some
niofi'.h-s'-'earlicr. ." liXXXXy /. X-Xy
T isn't the body that craves rest, but
the mind.
������When.you are bodily tired you can
usually fall to sleep at the first opportunity.
But when the nerves arc irritated by
anxiety and worry rest and��pleep seem to
be impossible.
The mind seems to be most alert, and
you are thinking, thinking, thinking-
first of one thing and then of another���
often matters of little or ho-.importance.
But you simply cannot sleep.
Sleeplessness is the most common and
often: the first indication of a/breaking..;
dovyn'of ithorieryous /system;/-'-'. XiXXiXxXxx--
The object of sleep is to allow the body
to rebuild tissue and the nerves:to recover
tone.   Sleep is the ideal condition for this
"Process; //;;������./���/���/���'/ ;.-.:;,//.-���
//���/ If/you/cannot sleep you worry, and
worry' breaks down nerve cells at a tre-
mendous rate, so that instead of laying up
nerve force for the demands /of the day
you are using/up.the reserve. . V
:///;The;nerve centres are sometimes liken-/
ed to storage batteries// If you/continue;
to consume""the nervous energy in reserve*
without paying back, these centres become
sooner or later depleted, and you find your-
Belf/a-nerypuii wreck.
;/ /After; a sleeplesa nigfit you ffet up
feeling tire<l and lacking in mental energy..
Your day's v:ork seems more than you
can face, .-.and yon become down-hearted
The future is not bright, for you must*
realize that the natural result is exhausted
nerves, paralysis, locomotor. ataxia or
some form of helplessness.
In Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is found the
most natural and the most rational treatment for the nerves imaginable, because
this food cure contains the vital substances v/hich go to the building up of the
blood and the depleted 'nerve cells.
Z;I)r.:,/Gha'se's Nerve, Food does not in-
/duce sleep, but it does restore the nei-vous
system, and after you have been using it
for a few days you will begin to find yourself resting and sleeping naturallj\
A little patience is necessary if your
nervous system is greatly exhausted, but
you will be encouraged by the benefits obtained to keep up the treatment until the
exhausted nerves are fully restored, and
you feel the energy ahd snap which means
success and happiness.
/Dr. Chasefs Nerve Food, 50 cents a
box, all dealers, or Bdroanaon, Bates & Co.,
-limited, Toronto. To protect you against
Imitations the portrait fend signature of
AW. Quae, M.D., th�� tenons B��a��ipt
Book author, are on ��yery box.
y.< MkMt Mvr^iwmuMttifimi
X'^iXi &X'��XX X'XXM
X'i   ���  I  '.  \'~;   '        X'.  .���,���>_.".;*';. "���,;.';';
���~\ :i -V" " :'."'*:"
' -y*
NO. TAXES are levied on your insurance ��
Investments. Be advised. Write lor =
pamphlet to-day. ��
(Agents  Wanted  in   Unrepresented Districts)
Rheumatism, lumbago, neuralgia, sprains, lame back, toothache, car-v
nclic, More throat, swollen joints and all similar troubles are quietly
relieved liy Hirst's Fain Exterminator.  It has been sold foriO years,
mid should lie in every household���has a. hundred uses.
All dealers or write us. HUIST RUMEDY CO.. Hamilton, Canada.
j��HB NEWrRZNCH REMEDY. NO. ��.2. N.3.
reiti'tc.r.n.'., cuius chromic we��ksss3, lost viaoo
FILES.   EJTiir.K No. DRUSiilsruer UAILSI, POST 4 CT*
id.Co, 1Uvk.i^toi:::Ro, hmipstead, London, emo.
f��Y sew uhacke ctastu-km) romi or  iasv to taki
Th 3 New Peddler of Paris
Wood's ShaqphofiiMi
rh��  Ortat   English   Jiemrdt
Toco* and iorigorttci tba wbol
Four Year Old Sells Flags for
Peddlers  along  the   boulevards    m'
Paris ;u"'.' beside themselves \silh  cn-
xy ami  iiulkimition.  'Inhere  i?  ;i  now-
coiner  in  Un'ir niulst, wiio,  though
hail a jji
Dogs' Wool
Is Sterilized    and    Cleaned    Before
Thc spinning of doys' wool 1ms
proved ;i success, and several offices
have been opened in London to receive and prepare tlic combings. The
Ladies' Kennel Association, Belfast
Chambers, Beak street, Regent street,
W. receive thc wool, .sterilize it and
clean it, after which it is sent to the
central work rooms for spinning. The
wool from 1'ckinesc and collies is
especially beautiful; the old grey
sheep dog- is also responsible for delightful knitted jackets that stand no
end of wear and launder beautifully.
All soft haired dogs yield lovely wool
ami thc hair from wire haired dogs
is used to stuff pillows for the
wounded. The Countess of Gosford,
Koyal Academy, I'icadilly, \V., .lias
charge of this industry.
'������9\'rAi-r%'J* ISilX-
Saying the Waste of War f
Every Man Does His Pit in Salvage
in  tin- ways of vending, has
���riicr net revenue in the iirst
Tin:   most   fateful  years   in   a    woman's   life   are   those   between   forty-
!ive  and  fifty.    .Many  of   lhe.  sex  enter this period under depressing con
ditions   lli rough   overwork   <>r   worry
about  the  home, or th.rough  a cotuli-
���jiimi  in. which  the  blood  is  weak  or
'.watery   and   so   thcy   sinfer     heavilv.
���i   Among     the     commonest
Cambrai Has a Long: History
Until Recent Times Was Fortress of |     |
Considerable Strength
bank  of   thc
Utile  town  oi
up   the   slope
( .imhrai,
un   the
at   one
.  some   1
are   In ad
month of activity than the old-timers   piiaiion ot
The Ortat English Jiemrdf.
Toes* and iorigorttci tba whole
n��rvoti(i eyitem, ronkoa ncw Blood
in old Vcin��, Curt* tt'trvou*
pebilUjf, Mental and. Brain Worrv, Vtupon.
Meney, Lost of Kiurov, ValpUntion ef th* front ot'
ptart, faillttr Mamorv. Frioo f 1 per box, ilx
bi|S. Ont mil plesao, tis will cure. 8oldl>y��!l
Erutl!rtB cr milled in pUIn pkj. on receipt of
trie*. KfiDnttmphletma.ilettfree. THE WOOD
m/MSM. ��NE^___NB>H\VS/BNBNta
7 Constipation Care
A druggist say* : "For nearly
thirty years 1 have commended
the Extract of Roots, known as
Mother Seigel's Curative Syrup, for
the radical cure of constipation
and indigestion. It is an old
reliable remedy that never fails
to do the work." 30 drops
thrice daily. Get the Genuine,
at druggists. 3
have in the course of thc year, .\ot
only that, but he makes his sales so
easily. I here is no tireless am.1 tiring
wrilkini;- io and lro, up and down in
tlie cafe terraces, lie is not
subject to rebulfs. lie simply lakes
up liis position at a given spot, .and
remains there until his wares arc all
disposed uf, and Ihey certainly
quickly. |
Jt  miqlit be imagined that  the so- !
cret  lies  in  the nature of  the  wares,!
but  there is  nothing so vastly inter-i
esting    or alluring in small,    cheaply j
made liases of the allies.   The attrac-j
lion is in the  peddler himself. He is
one of the sweetest-faced little cherubs,  not more   than four  years    old,
with pink    checks,    clear,    sparkling
black  eyes, and  black hair  Killing in
curls down    over a spotlessly   white
little-boy   costume.      His    Hags   are
stuck in a basket which is suspended
from his neck by a while ribbon, ami
his   chubby  hands    are    kept      busy
placing tlieui in the hands of willing
lies,   feverish   fllislie:
the heart, dizziness,
symptoms   "r
ache,   depression  and  oilier   wel
cognized   disturbances   of   the
whicli   signalizes   lhal   the
, pat-|
back I
1 re-1
the  St.  (Ji'.entin eaiial,
norllieasl   of   I',  pnmne.   was   for
.tier  part   of  ils   history,  and
tpiite  recent tim--:, a   t'oi'ln-ss of
siderable   strength.        11   was,   in
������in!   of
I    Illlh'^
On the. battle from the palmy day*
of plenty are gone.
What was once thrown broadside
round the country in wasteful quantities, and left to rot or disappear in
the verdure of fair France, is now
carefully picked up and carted olf to
the salvage dump. Clothing, ammunition, .empty tins, fat��� in fact,
everything which may still bc made
useful ��� is collected at the various
dumping grounds, where it is sorted,
packed in suitable bundles, and-despatched to the bases to be utilized in
manufactures of all kinds.
Nowaday.-,  every man is    exhorted
individually  lo  do  his bit iu  tlie  salvage line.   In addition, parties are  engaged   specially     to     reconnoitre   the j
battle area for male rial-, that may be I
saved and used.
A few figures taken at random
irom salvage returns may serve to
.-how what diligenee and ������are will
ave the armies ami  the nation.
u one week it i.s csiimat-jd that
me division salved S500,iJ!)0 worth of
imnnmiiion   and   ovploHvrs.
se the left over meal
Even the smallest portions
can be made into appetizing
dishes when combined with
a small quantity of
Safety in Acquiescence
Head of the  House  (roaring    ^
rage)���Who   told  you   to    put
paper on thc wall?
Decorator���Vour 'wife,  sir.
Dead   of  th<'   House     (sub-idin;.
J'ret Iv,   isn't  it?���I'assiim  Show.
i Raids Made on Rhine Towns
around  'I,
and   theiier .onw an!
lood     re-'ur('s   prominenth   in   the     Iom
quires   attention.       Women   nri><-iillv j northern   Franco  as   a   place
,need   rich,   red   blood   all   iheiv " lives, I'"   'lisputc."     When   the   bait:
���but   never   more  so   than  in.     middle-I,lot   ]'X><\   between   rival     prim
jlil'c,   when   the   nerves  arc  also   weak | bome, or  when   (.'ainbrai
ami ovcrvu-ought. is<-'t   by   foreign   invader*.
Oi     VM,v    ..v,-.,.,,   M-iii.i.-ii  .-,,1   .-,i-,n-,.  :i.��� .seem:  of  the
���( ���!)
it lig-
ny ol
e was
es at
.���ilth ;'>"'
tin., j Ins
ling (tue
was not I)
it was the j
most violent hoviilitii s i
veen ilje Hishop of Cambrai and |
supporters on the one baud and'
citizens on ihe o lli or. The sturdy
woman can make by taking ))r. Vv il- j inhabitants, after keeping up the
Hams' L'ink' i'ills, for these pills ! >'.ruggle intermiitetitly for some three !
make rich, red blood, which-in turn i hundred years, finally, in the twelfth]
stimulates the -appetite, strengthens ] ecntury, achieved their independence!
the nerves and restores full robust j;ul(l wrested rights and privilege.-
heaith. Thousands oi women have Dm��� lhc great church dignitary who
found in Dr. Williams' Fink Fills j ,'llk'(.1 over them, which ever afterward  they jealously  guarded.
in th.' i-aine weel;
���..dved S,'U,(N!() v or:!'
kit: another salved
rillos.ar.''   b.ty.m.-.".:..
Tliesi   .'"mures >!������ im
'.'epi'e-t .'il   the    liigb. '-'.
ed  in   "!)' -e   retares.
eonsii'er she number <
lhat niM..' be salved in
army ami the miml.er
have iij;h'ing m  llie
of  war,    we- In i;-m   to
In-mi ni'enis'     s'lviug
tions"   .ne.st  prove  to
.ine r  div ision |
e'lOtliin-/-  and '
Apply   a   few   drops   (hen   lift
corns  or  callur.es  off  with
lingers���no  paiii
\ aim s record-
\::.i   v. hen     we
>f ��� ''.hi i- ariicles
iln. iviiiv.' of an
of divi'-ii eis  we
.'.-���rmr.s llicaln's
re.'ili/.i1   wiial   a
"sah af"- ojier:;--
the annv.
Now    every  wom.-.n  can  prove
prompt  help  afforded  to  her    h;
by    renewing    :\n\\  imilding  up
blood,     ll  i.-,  a.   lest   lhat. any  a
can make by taking Pr.
New Troops
Are Doing Admirably
J iv :
oit   aiu
'.������ -iliioi ���;
;ui;. i
>oi e
at: All the Way From Cologne to Baden
I Successful Attacks Have
__ i Been Made
j British airmen during the pa.-::
; three mouths have wrought heavy
^�� I damage to military objectives iu
J i woieru Germany and enforced with-
jjdrawal of several enemy air sqi^'l-
jjrons from the battlefront in a vai:i
���iendeavor to j'rotert the raided te-. -
j ���rilory, the Jiritish bureiui of informa-
| !tio,i announced in a review of ih'"-
] i activities of the Uritish independi-nt
i 'air force.
* i
' i
-\   250-
iieiv health,
tiiese a new
in life.
So if you
once of thc
ment which
and  strenj
lli   and   witli i
iiui    interest
suffer, avail yourself ;jt
splendid home treat-
ivr.  William's' Fink i'ills
There always seems to have been
a I own' hereabouls.- As in Ihe case i
of most ancient towns, the ^ile is an j
.old one. Cambrai was Canibaracum i
in the clays when Caesar "overcame j
thc Nervii," aud Canibaracum was au
Welcomed  Warmly as Comrades by I
Veterans,  Who  Say  They I
] Are Fine '
i .
j In e. cable to lhc director of public j
] information at Oltaia, Fred. James,.;
jotlieial   correspondent   of     lhe   Cana-!
(lian  overseas   forces  in   l''r;'.nee,  pays
|hi.L;h  tribute  to   the    men    popularly I
! termed   "new'   troops." i
These   iiu   .   he   slates,   absorb   tlie. j
spirit:     ot     pride   and     lhe     splendid}
morale  radiated  by  tlie  corps    from ;
the  moment  of   their    arrival.     ��� Air.
Placing mem in tne nancis or wining :so. rasj)v   alfou]    .,n<l   you     wiH     b0ithc A'ervn," aud Canibaracum was an ",l-  ""���""-"  ul   u;,u     .��m.o.       -��-i.
huvcr.^     '1 lie  war-charily   for  iv.ncn; nul0       t-,1Q i,'    ^j.dcc in regained I :>'icient  Nervian   town    which     finds jJ^lV* (",b,cs,:.     ,,,   ���    r    ,,      ,���
the child is working should be nmclr hl,.,,th      Tlu,      ,)jll5 Jarc   aohi   ;)v  alij mention in the Antonine  Itinerary; .  yuy  'ee'.'ive.l   their  i.rsl  baptism
better  e<|uipped   with  funds  since  lie-idc.llcr;   in   lm,dic)ne; or  ,^y   be" had |    And  so   since     tl.e    time   that "the i ^  ^ a    An.ieus     and  have    been
b.!g.in.    --\lso  the woipan always    on ;hy n.ail at 50 cents a box or mx boxes i ^R����ns of the    great Caesar look it. j ."?"!im nt  "J :,'!1   Uu;  rcc��it    tcniblc
,-v   Cine;miuti    aui ri    di.v
covvrrd  this    ether    compound un 1 ���.���Miped it  !',-ce-
;ronc.    A;iy  druggisi   wii!
-II  a tiny  boille"of  free
zone, Hk'c here shown, ior
very little cos!.     Vou apply  a   few   drops  curcctly
upon   a   lender    corn     o;
callus.  Jii!.!':itlv tlic soreness      disappears,
shortly  you   will  unci   I'n:
corn  or callus    so    loo;-.
.hat  you  can  lift  it   >ig-';!
Frcezone is w oiiciei.I..'
It dries instantly. h
doesn't eat. away the corn
or callus, but. shrivels il
up withoni even irritating
thc surrour.ding- skin.
Hard, soft or corns between the toes, as well as
painful cailuses, lift right
off. There' is no pain before or afterwards. If your druggist hasn't
frcezone, tell him to order a
bottle for ;ou from his
drug house.
It of tin- Rhino \m>'-
iu wbi.:h are: located the primi-
pal <jermcM war industries atid 'ail-
way systems vital lo maintenance ''f
the Teuton lint s in France, has lie; 'i
brought definitely into the war one,
'.he slalemeni. said. Flier? of ihe independent air fire have raided enemy 'eriit..iiy XV) [j..i( ., ;>n,l dropped
Fl? tons of bombs on slralegi.;
points. Aside '"rom deslroyiug or
<hi:ii:iging munitions ami poison gas
lactones, railway .stations and trains.
il -.va.- staled the attacks have had a
wide-spread moral effect, demonstrat-
then di by dozens of public- meetings in
the Rhine towns, demanding cessation  of aerial  warfare.
All tiie way from Cologne to Baden, the British review stated, the
aviators have conducted successful
raids, despite heavy concentrations
of enemy machines. .'In September
of  be
21 Cerman industrial towns
raided and more than 100 tons
nibs dropped on them.
A Terrible Train
The Heart of a Piano is the
action.    Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
the fringe of "thc crowd watching
hiin as only a mother can, cannot bui
be satisfied that shc is vicariously
doing her -bit. "*
When   Piggkin  is Pigskin
Leatherwork Made From This Skin
for $2.?t) by writing the Dr. Williams'
Aiei.hrine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
down  past  thc     time     that     Charle- : "K'Umg,   and  have  contributed   their
magne   fortified  it,   right   through   tc- | "'^'"m to     1c Sl,cct-ss of t,,,; c;iusC-
the present dav CambVai, as has beeu |     'J lu'-v nra  warmly    welcomed
Nice Holiday
you  spend  your
wceiv s
| other  in  your  life  bought
Jpikskin 'leggings or putties.
{you know  they    are pigskin?    As
Bulgarian Outrages
Premier \ ciiizclos, iu visiting
Seres, Macedonia, which has been ; hrai,' during the fifteenth and six-
occupivd by <in;ek troops, found that; teenth centuries and for long after-
of the Z4,000 inhabitants, .S.OUU had (ward, was noted as a plaec'of trade
died of  starvation,  11,000  had     bcen;vuul affairs. The town indeed gave its
name     to     that  fine   linen,   produced
said, has moved in and out of French i '���'""jnules in arms hy veterans,   who
history. Most of its entrance's and cv-i declare the new men  to  be fine,
its have been warlike onvf, yet Cam
Nearly Indestructible
'robably you    have some time   or j deported  and 2,000 had  been  forced
a  pair  of*10  work on  military  roads    in     the
llow do  Bulgarian   occupation.      Thc   remaining inhabitants,      including      women
When ordering goods by mail, send a Da-
ijiiwio-   RrTi-f��  Mnnev Order,
matter ot fact there is no leather iu J dressed iu mourning, told the premier
the world just like pigskin in wear- I ol crimes committed against the
ing finality. A saddle, a holster, or.Oecks in the two years the Hulgar-
a .pair of putties made of this homely'j>����s held the town
material  will come pretty near prov
The K ng and His Cousin
George V. Most Deeply Attached to
,...'.. Former Czar
King George is sajd by some who
probably know nothing about it, to
have: been-deeply-overcome when lie
learnt of the assassination of thc cx-
czar. Of all the inoiiarchs in liurope
it was to his. cousin, thc Czar, that he
was most deeply attached: their personal intimacy was close, we are as1
sured on thc same authority, lt will
be remembered at thc time of the
revolution that it was staled how
anxious King George personally was
to offer immediate hospitality to the
deposed emperor, but was reluctantly compelled to perceive how_ impossible such a step would be diplomatically. ,That. does not tend" to al-
' leviatc His Majesty's grief. It is violating no secret, to say. that the king
never extended to the Tsarina any
greater measure of friendship than
due courtesy. His affection was. concentrated on  her husband.
Those Rich, Heavy Silks
Few women who are proud of the
fact that they wear hosiery, underwear and dresses made of silk realize that old ti.. cans contribute from
20 to 30 pod cent, in weight to the
glossy "silks worn by them, says the
Popular Science Monthly. The price
of silk has increased enormously and
to be able to sell heavy silks at a
price that would yield a reasonable
profit, and yet be within the ..means
of tlic average purchasers,- the manufacturers resort to the practice of
weighting''''the silk with tin tetrachloride, derived from tin cans.  Five
ing  indestructible.
There is one    easy
yon can always    tell
way by which
pigskin.      Ex-
Worms, .however generated, yrc
found in the digestive tracts, where
thcy  set  up  disturbances detrimental
amine. H. closely  and  you   will    him!t0 f|ic-health of the child.    There
that the little black spots on thc outside of the hide are always loca'ted in
groups of three. The whole surface
will look speckled, but these specks
will be there in groups of three, always and without fail, iu any hide
once worn by a porker.
Another part of the test is to look
at the grain sidc of the hide. Vou will
find here that there arc holes all the
way through. As a matter of fact,
the bristles of the bog grow entirely
through tlic skin, and arc nourished
not by the skin itself but by thc
fattv tissues of tiie animal.
bc no comfort for the little ones until the hurtful intruders have been expelled. No better preparation fortius purpose tan be had than Aiillcr's
Worm Fowders. Thcy will immediately destroy the worms and correct the condemns that were favorable to their existence.
Comfort lor thc Dyspeptic.���There
is no ailment so harassing and exhausting as dyspepsia, which arises
from defective action of the stomach
and liyei, and lhc victim of it is to
bc pitied. Yet be c;m find ready relief in Farmelec's Vegetable Fills, a
preparation that has established it-'
self by years of effective use. There
arc "pills that arc widely advertised
as the greatest ever compounded, but
not one of'4hem can rank in value
with   Pannelec's.
Thugs Were Once
A Religious Sect
Highly  Organized Community Lived
by Rcbbery
New Frightfulness Tried by Huns
Die Germans have been using in
lhcir air work a new type of itiliam-
nmble bomb, combining great effectiveness with lisht weight. A single
airplane, it is said, can carry 200 of .'Forte Fobcrt
then;  bonibs. ! ���
"'Thcy stop at nothing,"- the older
soldiers declare, 'and will follow
anywhere through thick and thin.
And they are staying in the game
without grousing.'
"Among those who have been
awarded decorations or recommended for such are the names of many
who left Canada this year, arriving
in France since Ma v."
going to
Were Prussian*
here in such abundance, in the fifteenth century, which in England
came to bc held in high regard under
the nainc of cambric, but in- France
as    batiste    after    the  name    of  its
inventor,  one   Baptiste,  whose  statue.! AdjMl Slid EV���
still stands on  the'"Esplanade."
It is some time now-since-Cambrai
decided  th?.t  its  fighting  days    wcr.c
all behind it, or at any rate that  its ' Sort of  Religion   Preached
fortifications were not of much value, j Churches
and proceeded to raze them, and the j
outbreak of the .present- great Strug-(-''pnly yesterday our pastor was .ex.-
gle found thc little city on the banks ' plaining in a convincing manner that
of the Scheldt an open town. The i Adam and Eve were Prussians. That
fortifications with which it was form- ,is easy to understand, for in the Bible
crly surrounded, had for the most jit is written that- our German
part   been  demolished.      The   fosses;has created lis according to His own
"J spent a day and a half
a place where 1. would have nothing
to do, one day doing nothing, three
days with a headache from doing nothing, and a i\ny and a half getting
back to where I could do .something."
Tin: writer, tlic daughter of a
eminent architect  iu  Germany,
"If,   therefore,  all   men     have
,rov -
The only \<ay of lighting 1hc fire
caused hy this ncw form of destructive weapons appears to be the isolation of the blaze set, as pouring
water on it is literally adding fuel
to the flames, ou account of
chemicals of whieh the bombs
Put There fer the Purpose
W'ai'er���"Do. you mind if I put
your bag out ot ihe way, sir? People
coming in arc falling over it.''
Diner���"Vou lea\e-it where it is. If
nobody falls over it, I shall forget it's
thousand tons    of tin
that purpose in.'191?.''
were used for
Told by Herself.   Her Sincerity Should Convince Others.
From the Chestnut Tree
|    "Free  seats  iu  churches    ought  t
I be  abolished."
"I'm  a'stonnih.'.  sir.  .-Why?"
I     "'hey 'make people  good  for noil
ing." "" ���".
io .word "liiitg" has an interest-,
ing historical.origin and cohk-s io us
froni. India. In a recent adflrcssKtid-
yard Kipling told tlie story as follows:-
"Once upon a time, a hundred years
ago, there vyas a largo and highly
organized community in India who
lived by assassination and robbery.
Tbey were educated to it from iheiv
infancy: (hey followed it as a profession., and it was also their religion. They wore--called- Thugs. Their
method was.lo disguise themselves-as*
pilgrims ur merchants and to join
with parties of pilgrims, travellers
and merchants moving about India.
Tbey gi'.y into tlic. confidence'of their', : Then: was never
victims, found mit .-what thcy  had ou ; rififes aad thc help of women were more
had been  tilled  iu  and the   ramparts,
in part, leveled to  make way, as the
suburbs       extended,       for     avenues
stretching out  on all sides. Thc chief
survivals of 1his energetic demolition
are the    hug
still   rises   to  the  east t
the rhalcau de Selles and such gates I Prussian*, or at least Geimans,   and
as   the   Porte   Notre   .Dame   and   the I everything-    that    grows     and   exists
should, belong to us. That is why otiri{ilc kings
! device is "G>>d with us and Germany
'over all.'
"Is it not idiameful tliat other peo-
square citadel, which jsceuded from a  Prussian  Adam   and
of   the    town,' from liis wife, there should only exist
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Garget
Hundreds  of Repatries    Sent
SIunIj Back to France
wholesale j    "Every  morning and  every    even-
jing,    week ends   excepted,    a    train
crosses tbe German  frontier and  cn-
I ters the station at Bale, whicli is ou
the right side of thc  Rhine.   It contains from six to seven hundred  repatries, being the women and children,    thc    aged    and  infirm    of  the
occupied  parts of  France.      As    the
train noisily clatters (remember they
are short of grease in -Germany) into
lhc    station,    its    occupants      begin
cheering, singing,    aud waving    their
j handkerchiefs,'   but    thc    cheers are
(never a  success;    they  unexpectedly
>: break off into sobs,    and the    hand-
i kerchiefs  are  withdrawn  rather  sud-
jdenly,"     says    a   writer in thc New
Statesman,,   describing     opinion    hi
"The carriage doors are opened,
the old and feeble arc lifted out ���
sometimes only their bodies can be
moved, because two or three days
in an unclean third"rlass ' ��afi..tg'.,
without proper attention, is not *ood
for invalids���thc babies are .enrried
off and bathed in a Red Cross railway ambulance car labelled 'Au
Bonheur des Dames,' everybody H
made clean, the old are put to bed
for a few hours' rest, and everybody
is fed ami freed for a few blessed
hours of pottering about before getting into another train���a clean,
French train, for France.
"The repatries arc looked after
while iu Bale by local, therefore German-Swiss Red Cross women, of
whom there are fifty to each train,
working two or three shifts awctk.
Those women arc not quite ideally
,   ., , it .neutral.      Repetition    of    thc    same1,
ony  both  narrowly  escaped     ����v����.% >SCCJ1C has not taught them lo repress
Just think of it���instant relief the
minute you put a few drops of Put-
>���,.    (nam's Extractor on    your sore corn.
j-*un jjytnam's makes corns dry up, makes
them shrivel and peel off. It doesn't
eat the good, ilesh, it nets on the com
alone, loosens it so you can lift it out
with your fingers. ''.Vomtcrful; you
bet Putnam's is a marvel, and costs
God but a quarter in any drug store. Whj7
pay more for something not so good
as Putnam's?
Narrow Escape of Two Kings
Sovereigns of Wurtemburg and Saxony Flee from Dadizelle
From civilians freed from thc Germans in Flanders it was learned thai
of Wurtcmburg and.   Sax-
I pies who -have  no right  to  exist  on
~" ~ ] this earth, should wish to reduce our
Learned Lesson from Brute!inheritance? we are the divine fruit u,. Wi,i,
  [and all others  arc but  weeds.    Thai
n -T���,.    .,   tj^���j    :.,    -c>:���v,i.    -,���,iji* wliv our great emperor, represent-
Dog Took a_ Hand    in    Fight    and in(, (;-0i, |)n -;irt])) ,ia��s (1(,cidcj tQ m
Vanquished Combatants j..n t,,.,[ ,,, :in tl,t.sc inj���stiecs and to
"Three men iu  Brooklyn,  neighbors | exterminate the  weeds."
and friends, were sent to St. Catbcr-
somcthiug happen to them at
zellc, northwest of Menin, Both
monarchs were iu (lie town when the
British guns suddenly opened up ou
i    whirlwind    bombardment.
eir ieelings
Thcy fled in a hurry, and, so   far as
ine's hospital  rercnily  suD'ering  with]_..Many mothers have reason to bios
Graves' Worm Kxtcnninator,
were sent
,���  stillermg  wiin^i     Jia
dog bites, and were attended by  thofAlothcr
surgeons.    Thc  men   were   sitting  in [because it has relieved the little one-,
tlie'backyard of the residence of one  of suffering and made them healthy
of  them    and  got  into  an  argument
which turned into a hvc-ior-ail light.
The dog of one of the men, who was
lying asleep, said to himself: "Js not
] A Question
|     Having finished his meal, thc diner
: called for his check.
:    "Let's  sec,"  s.dd thc   waiter, "what
{did you havc?"
!    "Can't tell you for thc life-of me,"
] was   the   reply,  "but  what  I   ordered.
'was minced chicken,''
F. Sontum, Canadian    coinmer-
agent  in  Norway and Denmark,
vc   no
ihis a   pretty  picture?  Men   ',;>
right to. make .brutes, of  themselves;
hunch less -friends  who have  no  rca-
! son : fer a diiter.ener,   j^m  since ������'-they
i really want  to  tight   so badly,   I  will
! teach them how  to do the trick."
{     And  so  he  rushed-in and .began' to
I bite: thcin   terribly,    ijtii���'-sparing    his
jmaste.r.       Sliini;   with   lhe   pain,  they
; turned ftoin km'ok'iiig. each    other to
Might the dog;    but  be was l����o imich
ifor thein, aln.t cleaned out the crowd,
t'oinptetety     vanquished,':." the    incn
'made  a   break   tor  a   high   fence   and
| climbed iipon that, but. tlie dug chew-j
led  the,calves, ol  .their7 Uvs - till  ihey j
: pulled tbemselve-; np ont otitis .reach j.'
j'atop  the  fence,     'the  dog' then   went., v
time irlicn the sac-i,,:i,-|cl'y l:is cnrv^ ^  ihmigh saying
is known, managed to get awav saie-
.Some      enlightening      information
vvas    gained    irom     these    liberated
j Flemings. Some of them from I.cdeg-
Jhein said that ever since, the Germans!
[first cauie to their town iu 1914 thcy    X
Iliad   forced  all   civilians  to  sleep   on   rial
| lhc floors, while huskv  Germans or-  has advised the department of trades
  icupiod  their  beds.    Twcntv-eiglit   of aud commerce of thc invention by a
Marshal Foch's Baton Ithc. villagers were killed bv thc Ger-  Danish engineer of an  explosive rc-
,e mars'J's    baton prcented to! "Kins.    One of these  was taken   out,! ported  to  exceed in  power  anything
.Marshal Foch   bv"  thc    president of U*��>��d against a wall and shot.    The ! ytt invented.      lhe inventor, K. W.
!the French  Republic is a vorv beau-h"I''<P.<:rs  were  fed  by   the Aniericvi j Biclscn, is working at the station, ox
hifitl and elaborate affair.   -The  staff. ' commission lor _rcliei     m    Belgium. ; Ski, near
Germans    always j .
rViVni' thcin and I
upon a rich ,.duc velvet ground, bear's [thcy   sn|d.   h"t   the
thii-.v chased "gold stars'    On one 'ot"; ��'-,c,k llils !or1:i  :l��"".y
the ends,    also    of    chased gold, are>r:-vc them their own  German ratmns,
engraved    th.e   .marshal's  name . and j which invariably were  bad and  tmiu
tb.e    date    of    his  appointment;     the ��� tp  '"'.���
other bears.the  traditional -device  of j     il   w:��s -on-Sepieinbov. 28  that, '.?:�����
French   mar-hal>:   -"Terror.-belli   do-  Germans    ordered    lhc villasc.--.-i    <-f'
i-us    pa.-is."'    It is a   'superb'work of ' Fodegheni  to evacuate,  the place, but
Vr[ ��� Muany. of   them .hid   in   collars'-or     in
������������������-���"���-������--������ |
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper
an, as' tiny
To the Point
Jiolpiiij;   |<>a
town,' where they
tlie iBiiiihh euti-re'.i.
Id   the  \ill:ire:s  that
i a-
were   n;o\ im.
i< n
to himself: "Xi
.;tte.:s   lliev
I vcrv
grimy old junkman yanio adomr.
llierc  anylhin^ .yoii  don't   noi'i!
1   migl'.t  laker" asked  the  griiriy
''!)���. 'i
ChriBtopher, 111.���"For four years I
suffered from iiregularlties, ���weakness,
nervousness,   and
condition. Two of
our beet doctors
failed *o do me any
good, r heard so
much about what
Lydia E. Pinkham 'a
Vegetable Compound had done for
others, I tried it
and was cured. I
am no longer nervous, ara regular,
and in "excellent
ftesltb. I believe tba Compound will
care any female trouble."���Mrs. Alice
Heller, Christopher, III.
Nervousneaa is of ten a symptom of
weakness or some functional derangement, "which may ba overcoma by this
famous root and herb remedy, Lydia
R. Piniiham'B Vegetabla Compoond, aa
tbtnuaads of women have found by
If complications exist, write Lydia E.
Pietism Medicine Co.. I.ynn, Mass., for
aogsestk>n�� in regard to your ailment.
The jreaoit of ita long experience '��
stripped the ctirpFo    ol all va
. threw it down  a  well,  or    buri
was^in a run down |ami ,TOtlt 0��� to. the next job'.-
they ��;a't over lhe. fire of an evening 'wilh chapters on First Aid, Bandaging, j gnawed out of them.     'i hey did not
with  a knotted  towel    --r a spceiaWj- Anatomy,   Hygiene,   care   of   the  hick,   want  lo tiKht.eaeh  <-l_her, ami    from
prepared '-piece ol   rope.      Thev  thenii Diseases of Women, Mother and BalKN . considerations, nt  p.-nstenc and  pru-
d the cyrp'i'    of   -11 vilirbl'e-- ' MarriaRn���to bc had .at some dniK-storea... donee,    thev    did not    even . wanfto
jt".orMnd50c.toDr. I'icree, CourtwrightSt., ifi-hi the di>^.
'   BridEcburp, 'Ontario.     X   X   .      ,,..'}.  ������-
Throwing Chalk for Luck
in'-throwing a.piece o<  elialk after
bis liien  for hick as thev poured into
,.        T-      out alcohol, which makes weak wmwi,tl'7,M<s   trenches   the   Irish  oed-
...      ..,:, ��� V;;-lK,V''l 'X '^ and sick women well-dtis thc X^X^ "'   ���^'V** :' ���Wrm>W.
like;nu��-l:;depa,:inents,tjiis   depart.;: precHpt;^lofD^tor tne     aueie-u
mem,: w..rued- well,;.aud alter -....maiiy., Jn'ac(i^ 1>ra<;ticc many vears and nowHdn'ys-. vx.-���:, hraeo, ������- wlicre lhe;.r-custo.:
kmp dc'Vvn  and.  hangmtr  "
If a woman sufTrrg from w��ik back,
"At last thin us trot ,^o b'a'd that  tlie ! ,-   ��� ���-       ���* ��� -������  ,m:���(
���������. .  f'r''i-    i    < .    ������.-.-   .,   ncn'ousuew; or ��� fliuzmess���u pains afflict
govern met of India lu., lo mterie;.-. , ��^> �� ^        } corrc��ctirc ifi one
I ike all poyornments n .crct ��,1 _ a ��� ,:- :'^u1'    of aativc hcrbs, and made with-
pailnient���the   department  ot.    I hue;-   *"->-"-_ i.   .       ... .? ,
roc��� to  ileal witli  the
Mother���Don't   cry,  dear.
of  the -naughty i>.>.\ s   was  it
Toniniy -;��� Ti'.c "lie'\yith t
I many . of  them
; lhe  -mburb's "f
I romained .  until
.Tlie  (icrn>an>   t
lliey   would   like   to   >
' Scottish   troops,..-.-In;;
] had.   tb'r   nasly. : habit
hroats   (>f. the' tieni;
; eaii.c'ht    them, .' anil,
. wore 'afraid it"   take
] Germans,     villagers-';1
Ithem     torriblci   things    .the
| would' do  (���>. lhc .villagers-, wii
' entere.il  tiie  town.
Accord in;:   to    the   villager-
Whieh ������*'c'i'niil1?   horses 'have   dii d  ill
,|,.Jt'i,;, uli'rs   because-, there
111,11    I'll  ; ,  .      ,   ��� r . l :    '
""iy  Kind   lor  tliciit,
irreiuier- !���
that  the '
of  c.-.i ti -
Ji>   wh.tn
a .'i-ha'iicc.".'
said, .r.lso
e  i
and _
���   the ���������
S.-.'MS     ;
r    ' ��� 1 .    >
'i-li'cv I
:hO I
Tl.     ' !
I   l.i'-   .
���"isiitl j"
\-\\\'A\ i
- .   -     i
. -'l-CV  i
- I
l-'ian- j
lood   of|
tlormaii !
Ft for
, ,  practice many .	
years  ol   tracknip down  and  liangm.v   ^,4 by'-alm^^t'cvrrj'druggist in the land,   onciiiated 01,  ma
upthe actual murderers, ami iinpriS-;iu hquid or in tablets.   &?nd Dr. Pierce, ; with.'.'a. white sion
oning   their-s-1'itj.-.  and    confederates.: Buifajo   N. Y.   I0c, for ��� " "    *        '*~ -��� ��� '���'-      ''--'-   ���
who included all  rank;? of snrieiy, iM pjerccrs Pl��asaiit Pcileh
put an  end  to. 'lhc .whole dullness; of  jj^4n^ bowel trouble. ..':..
Xhll'f-'trCC'.r|..' '  .-:, ,     M,   ' Slretferi.Onii���"Dr.
I*i��c��'�� FuTorite Pr*- jbciru
���rnpoon wm * ��r**t '
help  to  btw.   During
��� Protect Bird Sanctuaries ;���: i
Dr. R..-M.. Anderson of lhc' rcoloy-.
ical. sun-ey has left for the ...-western
provinces to complete the examination which he began last year; of-' the
sites reserved by tlie:..department; of
the interior as propo;cd bird .sanctuaries. Twenty-eight .'of -these-'.", "areas
known to be breeding j.laccs-fo'r wild
fowl have been, setiside and -'.'.'those
which arc found to be f uh Ale it is
proposed to det-rji^"'btni: sanctnaries
and Jbavc thcia 'ad'.^u*."*"-* tnottcted.
��n erp��et*.dt p��iiM
ber��me ��11 nin-dotm, .
vrtnk tad B��rrcui aad I
mbM    not    ��M���������� i
n��uef*t��d.- I ��l��o mil- j
fared *ith bueiuuho- ;
1 ttm * complete irr*rkj
���ad to doirn ��-!; is I
bed    ���mhta   I   b��t��a
teids^ *F�� rente I^*-
trriptxnk,' I ��oco eom-
*&i**d te feel Mpencir
sad H i����iJr tmwwi
m*    te    fcnBti    and
tttVK^it.   I t��jMAoMrii.y9oA*aifeiftAt.  I
j B^fcMhky^-Jfn. rime* Jw&rf, mtritfL
'nafkinjr'   lucky
erand unlucky'one*
with: a black one, ?ays .the ���:������ I.pndon
Chronicle.   ������������...
-������'���In. 'ils'icarly..;; 'yov.'th 'Ronic'Va'dopted
ilie.' custoii), and altiiou!.;'i' chalk,;, not
imlipenoiis, .wr.s'-'chief y:;known;
as ttsname; Crrla,.ii!;plies,7 avail; import; from'.r Crete, :;vit:; was generally.
used:"for.'...the liiitrkintr of lucky-dn'yE.'
v. a s
ci:ai\.   'ior.:
���'���-.��� '',^0 you:.sent'-nve'; 5hillings '.for'".--tliat
advertised appliance-to keep yourtras
biiir do>\n,./;Ayhat;-.d_id.-:,they/;,.send
yonrx x ;������'���-���'y'-' "xr
"A paper weight.'*���Tit-Bits.'     XXx
.J )."�����'.:
Argentinian  Sentenced-
fr<->n-.'.-Jvome ��� rrpe.rL ��� 11.
���������' a- iiiilitarj- .cv'urt. :i
j sed. a -sentence:-of
itli on f ui
Mroio lb .lira nie, an Ars;-, n'tiiiian'. v. h--
j is ntiv,- acting as the m.-m.i^er cf a
;ii��'riii.in pri.pa^.'inda iH'ii-i ;'L^:iey in
Ivui no.s Ay:u::. It was charged tliat
Beltranie, as an agent of the central
po'tyers, had sent inilitary information froni Italy to Switzerland. lie
was exrilcd from Italy two years ago,
and since then has been Br'iyc, .in.
the in.trrcfls oi Gerinanv.
Th�� Utile Doctsi- a'waTg rsadr
���r-al'TOTs on hand to relieve fcuf- ���:���-,
H>t and bladder troubles, and ���->'
ftelp rature pnrify tha blood.X'X-i
n�� UW^aal me h. Ckmietl Cfc
X   ��f *m*U, UmS&L, Tyrone.  1*
A man named Dodgin had Lccji appointed foreman in a brickyard,. but
ins name ivas rot.known to all the
crupioyc?. r,One day v, bile 011 his
round he came, across two men sitting in a corner smoking- snd stopped
near them. "Who arc you?" asked
one of them. "I'm Dodgin',. the new
foreman," he replied. "So are we,"
replied'the.othe, .workers. "Sit devra
and have, a smoke,''
brings cheer
"to many a
person who
wants his tea
or coffee but
doesn't drink
it because
he knows
these drinks
hurt hirru
W.    N,    V.    2234
w v"1
X y..ar strictly in advance, or $2.50
. not paid for three months. If not
A.r until the end of the year it is 53
'������c.-iys ��2.50 a year to the United
. in advance.
Editor and Financier'
..X-Iiiiuuent  Co-Owner Notices $25.00
���It-..: and Oil  Notices     700
'.ray Notices 3.00
������:..'Is of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
-, .'.'here more; than one claim ap-
���:--ars ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
Ail other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, uonpariel
Corporation of the City of Greenwood
|-   "   "���    irr-na
Five Years on Polar Diet
l'l'ISI.IO \OTICK is lit-n.-t.j- Kiven to the
elector.-: of tlie Miinici|>:ility of the City of
Ciroonwoi.il. that I rt'fi'.iirt-tlio prc.sencu of the
��:iul >.loetors in the City Hull iii the City of
Oivinnvooil on tho Ijtli day of January, 1!)19, al
U o'clock noon, for the pui'iiosi; of electing
ijersoii.-i to represent iheiii in the .Municipal
Council us Mayor and A Mermen, and far lhe
purpose of electiiiir two persons as School Trustees ami two persons as Police Commissioners
for Uie Mimicipalitv of the Corporation of the
City of Green wood.
The mo;!e of iiomiimtion'of candiJiites shall
he as follows:
The candiihiles shall ho nomiiintoil in writ
ins; the writing shall he suhscrilied hy two
voters of the municipality as proposer inul
seeoiulor, unil.sluill he ilulivei'u'l to the Kotuni-
111K Orlieor at any uuc hetwoen the date of the
notice inul -' n.m. of the day of the nomination
und in the event of a poll l.einff necessary, such
poll will he opened on tlie 16tli day of January
A.D. Jul'), l.etwcoii the hours of '.) 11.111. and 7
p.m. ��it thc silid e.'ily Ollice, of which every person is herehy required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to he nominated for
and eloetcd a" Mnyorof lhe City shall  he such
    persons us are mule Hrilish siihjecfs of tlie full
j aire of twenty-one year.-i, and lire [not llisquiili-
The   bine  cross  means that I *'1'1' ",ll^'r any law, and have heen fur the six
."'    .'   ' i mouths next pivecdin',' tlie  day of iioiiiiiialion
your subscription is due, and the reKlst.ie.l owner, in the Lund Ke^istry
thnt the editor would be pleased Wii"', of real property in (he city of the assessed value on the last municipal assessment
roll of One Thousand ll.dlars or more; over and
ahove any rc'i-ti-ie 1 judh'inent or charge und
who aro otherwise duly qualified 113 municipal
Tin-persons qualified L. he nomlnatud for and
olee'icd us Aldermen, School Trustees and
Police Coiuuiissioiiersofsiiid City,shall bo such
persons as are British subjects of the full
n��e of twenty one years, 1111.1 are not disqualified under any law. n in I have heen for six months
next preeediiiK the day of 110111 illation tho registered owner, in the Land Registry Office, of
hind or real property in the city of tho aascssed
value,on the last Municipal Assessment roll of
five hundred dollars or more over und above
tiny registered judgement or charge, and who
are otherwise duly qualified as municipal
Given under my hand at Greenwood this Sis.*
day of December, A.D. IMS.
to have more money.
Tin: turkoj' hung high last week,
with ihe goose a good second.
Tins week a great many people
are busy paving the way to Hades,
EunorK is asking for meat. We
are willing that it should have our
All   "Arctic     explorers     before
Stefansson  always governed their
operations by the amount  of food
taken with them, the general   rule
to go no further north than  half
their food supplies would serve for.
Stefansson   adopted   a new   plan,
that of depending on the natural
food supply of the Par North.    Because of the  loss of the ship Kar-
luk, with all its stores, Stefansson
and  his men   were forced  to put
bhe food theory to a more rigid test
than thoy had intended.    Indeed,
for the greater part of five years
they subsisted  almost  entirely on
animals and fish.    On  their bill of
fare were polar bears,  seals,   reindeer, tfuiak ox, and wolvea.    Only
one of the party oblected  to wolf
meat, and that on the ground that
it was against the  dietary  laws in
the Book   of   Deuteronomy;   the
others declared that the wolf meat
was the best food they had.   They
laughed to scorn tbe idea that tbe
Arctic regions are barren,   and declared that, in a sense, it is easier
to make a living up in  the Arctic
region  than  in  a place like New
York City.
It is reported that Berlin Bill
had nothing but crow for his
Christmas dinner.
Tiik church will bave to advance
In order to hold the interest of the
world. Too much moss on the
old ideas.
Hcturninf? Officor.
Two of a Kind
Nothing to do but work,
Nothing to eat but food,
Nothing to wear but clothes
To keep one from going nude.
Nothing to breathe bnt air,
Quick as a flash 'tis gone;
Nowhere to fall bnt off,
Nowhere to stand but ou.
Nothing to comb but hair,
Nowhere to sleep but in bed,
Nothing to weep but tears,
Nothing to bury but dead.
Nothing to sing but songs,
Ah, well!   Alas!   Alack!
Nowhere to go but out,
Nowhere to come but back.
Nothing to read but words,
Nothing to cast but votes,
Nothing to hear but sounds,
Nothing to sail but boats.
Nothing tc see but sights,
Nothing to quench but thirst,
Nothing to have but what we've got,
Thus through life we are cursed.
Nothing to strike but a gait,
Everything moves that goes.
Nothing at all but conimonsense
Can ever withstand these woes.
���Ben King.
Optometrist and Graduate Optician, certified by Proyincial Board of Examiners.
Cows in Korea
Booze Hypocrites
The Vancouver Critic say?:
"Mr. Fiudlay was named by the
executive of the prohibition party,
and upon their recommendation he
was a appointed. We all know
X:\o. results. How many more
; tiro prohibitionists are in Find-
"'$ class?
'." 7s:ippen to know that during
.'.!;���'. prohibition campaign, that
���;������:���ttiiii office of the Yorkshire
..:;:ig, ��� where .certain ' prohibit-'
.���;.- were  wont  to gather  that
��� r was  drunk and afterwards
i-iiiitbr "gathered  the   bottles,
.one night   they   became   so
. .-i'u.-tingly sick that the janitor
:...���: used to clean the office, and was
:"red for refusing.    The man took
Xii   position   of   jvaitor   through
:.:.'oe of circumstances.    He is  a
v.-.-'iter aiid  a  newspaper  man and
,��� yi]i-not hesitate .to make, an affidavit as to the truth of the. above
'-.-tateinent.'. While all prohibition's do not belong to this class, yet
there are  many who  do,;   It. is a
matter of dollar   and cents  with
I've Found A" Friend
I have found a most wonderful
It ie. a friend.
Strange! If I had found a million dollar bill, or bad been elected
president of the Pawnee railroad, I
should have made a feast and invited all the"neighbors'60 come and
rejoice.-with me..
.'������.-.Tf I had married a wife there
would have been great festivities,
giving of presents, drinking of
healths and go on in general.
If a baby had been born at our
bouse we should have celebrated
the happy event.
But here when I discover the
real "pearl of great price"' the
rarest and about- the best thing
there is, it seems to make no matter.
Nevertheless I am secretly
elated. Just to meet a man who
is genuine, human, liberal minded,
sweet sduled, hasn't any narrow
cranky notions, is} clean and decent and Gne���and likes roe���nothing crn: parallel  my feelings  but j
*Lt9 lines on ."reading Chapman's
^''ne waU'tpr of. the
""in felt"
��� l IICE
I C'S--
En soihe neV planet;swings iu^'
koafc Corteir-wben
Vitfcu eagle7
It is a fuuy thing to see the
cows at work in Korea as well as
the oxen. When we think of
Mooley and Sukey and Mrs. Jersey, it is of the fine milk and butter they will give us. But it is
not this wav in Korea. Milk and
butter are almost unknown in the
native homes of Korea.
A Korean might keep a dozen
cows, but if you asked him for
milk he would look at you in
amazement. His cows are to carry
great loads of wood or farm products to market, or to haul the
big, lumbersome two-wheeled carts
or the ungainly log plow. Just
thiak of-it! No milk, no butter,
no cheese!: Too bad, isn't it?
"Yet," writes a medical missionary, "it is doubtless a wise thing
for Korea, where no heed is paid
to sanitary laws. Milk, being one
of the most dangerous mediums for
bacteria, it is no.doubt best, after
���all, that the Korean, with" no re-,
gard whatever * for tha laws of
health, has never learned to use
it." Now the doctors are telling
us that even scarlet fever is traceable to impure milk, as it contains
the very germ���with a long unpronounceable name���that is present in scarlet fever.    This is why,
they reason, the disease Is almost
unknown in sections where raw
milk is little ueed, especially in
the tropics.
A Korean seeing butter used in
a missionary home, expressed his
loathing. To him it was not only
a "disgustible mess,'-' but it was
made from calf feed (milk).
Neither does tlie Korean eat beef
tb any extent. His cows are too
nseful as beasts of burden to be
A missionary, reaching his sta^
tion in one of the interior towns of
Korea expressed a desire to purchase a milch cow for the use of
his family. ; The Koreans to whom
he expressed his desire were
amazed, No euch thing had ever
been heard of around there, tbey
told him. No cow had ever had
milk drawn from her udder by
human hand. That was the calf'B
business. What was more, no
cow .wonld put up with it.
Undismayed, the missionary proceeded to select a cow with a
young calf. '-There's trouble coming to you," the man from whom
he purchased told him.
The moment the hand of the
milker pressed upon the cow's
udder, her hiud feet flew into the
air. Her feet were then roped,
and head and tail were held by the
missionary's native helpers; one
clinging'to each horn. Finding it
inapo=sibIe to get rid of that hatefnl
j hand, pulling away at her teats,
by either, horn: or "hoof; : she: stood
tremblingand bellowing incessantly, every,iuch.of her body.-, an put-
��� his j riged protest against ..the indignity
'Xyi. ���;.-..whieh.-'elie-was compelled.��� to.:sii.b"'
:> '������"thotti^ihe :mtssion-
'���X'^x. xxxx X' xXxs6xi��yentbe
miviiiXxyxX, ^'���K-'^'Hiwer
ing coaxing^f
a,vsoon bad bi?
An American spending his holidays in County Roscommon. Ireland, fell into a conversation with
a farmer who waa feeding his hens:
"I guess, Pat, you havan'fe as good
hens here as we bave in the States?
"Perhaps not." said Pat. "I'll
tell you," said the Yankee, "about
a hen my mother had. She went
out one day and ate a feed of corn
and returned and laid twelve eggs.
She went out fehe next day and ate
a feed of corn, and laid 12 more
eggs. She went oufe the third day
and returned and laid twelve more
eggs. She went out tha fourth
day and hatched seventy-two
chicks out of the thirty-six egge.
Now thafe is the kind of hens we
have in the States." "Well,"
said Pat. ' 'I'll tell you about a
half-blind hen my mother had.
She ate a feed of sawdust, thinking
it was oatmeal'; she went to her
nest and laid a plank 12 feet long,
Again on tbe second day she ate
more sawdust, and laid another
plank twelve feet long On the
third day she ate more sawdust,
and laid another twelve foot plank.
She sat on the three planks and
hatched three kitchen chairs, a
sofa, one table, a mahogany chest
of drawers. "Now" said Pat,
with a twinkle in his eye, ' 'that is
the kind of hen we have in Roscommon.
Molly���Pon'fc cry, dear. You
must be brave while Jack ib away
with the fche army. Remember,
the war won't lasfe forever, and
then he will return feo yon.
Betfey���Y-yes; bufe I'm afraid
fehat before he comes back eome
other hateful man will  marry me.
4�� 4?4* *$* �������� ���i' ���$��� *k 4? 4" 4* *fr+
^ C LOA.T is not a periodic-
T'���"   al.   It is a book con-
��� 1 'at tb-- ."".Pacino.. ��i     .
"''���' ':"itit^x .-wii-a-sur-
iaca"���'���otlier .*i��
-r-on a psa^ of Danen.���;��� ���
T      ���Pr. Frank Crane,
taining 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler: cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon; .
how it rained in New Den- ^"
yer long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in '93;
how fehe saloqn man ont"
prayed fehe wond^n in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in fehe cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mime.;
In ife are ^printed three-
western poems, and dozens
of articles %oo '"���. nnmerons
to mention..: Send for one
before ife is too late. The
price is 25 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all leisters to
**<$_> t����^i ���$�����$�����$��� ���$��� 4*
I . _. _u^   tthrnaa,��� A*'- ���uU
Pre-emption now confined to surre. id
lands only.
Itecords will lie granted covering only
land suitable f>>r agricultural purpoeee
and which i.s noii-timlitj' land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
Joint residence, but each making necessary Improvements on respective claim*;.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make improvement* to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing
and cultivation of at least 6 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 yeans, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
Intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issund provided applicant makes
improvements to extent of J300 pcr annum and records same each year. Failure to make improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims in
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, if he requires land in conjunction with his
rarm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding iO
acres, may be leased as homosites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
The scope of this Aot Is enlarged to
Include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or deriaees of a.
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act is extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of tha present war. This
privilege Is also made retroactive.
Provision is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, lf divisible.
aa the payments already made will
cover In proportion to the sale prloe of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their Interests and apply for a proportionate allotment Jointly. If lt i�� not
considered advisable to divide tbe land
Front St. Hext to City Hall, NELSON
P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates  Given   on all Kinds   of
Granite and Marble Work
Certificate of Imororeinents.
"Toney Fractional" Mineral Claim, eituate In
tha  Grcenvrood   Mining Divliiou of Yale
Where located:   Iu Deadwood Camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett,
����� Ageit for J*me�� Henry Goodeve, Free
Mlner'e Certificnte No. C9575B, intend, 60 days
from tho date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
Aud farther Uke notice that action, ��nder
Section 85,   must  be  commenced   before   the
issue of sack Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this Jist day of November A. D. 1918.
Peace Is Here
Everybody will want to celebrate aod unlets
you have the Flu you can't do it in the old fashioned
way, But we can all celebrate with �� good
New Year and anticipating this we will haye^ a ship
ment arrive in a few days ot Everything thats good
all the trimmings for a good old holiday feed,
If an increase in Business of more than Double
is a sign of Square Deals and reasonable prices we
are all there,   Come over and see for yourself.
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building ... Myncaster, B.C.
Notice To Delihguent Co-Otrners
To W. D. Morton and T. B. Turner, or
to any person or peraoni to whom they
may hare transferred their interetta in
the Gray Rock, Lucky Tim, Little Giant,
Black Bear, lulfer *nd Tip Top mineral
clafme, situated aloig tha Kettle Valley
Railway, in Arlington Camp, Greenwood
Y��u ar�� hereby notified that I hara expended the imtnjof Six Hundred Dollars,
($1500.), for labor and imnroYetnenta upon
the above mentioned mineral claims in
order to hold said mineral claims uader
the provisions of the Mineral Act,-and if
within ninety days alter the date of this
notice you fail or refuse to contribute
your proportion of such expenditure, together with all cost of advertising, your
interest in such claims will become the
property of the subscriber under section
four af an act entitled, "An Act to Amend
the Mineral Act, 1900."
Beaverdell, B.C.
Dated this 24th day of October, 19I8.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fi*k
and Poultry.     Shops in ��early all tht
" towns of the Boundary aad iLootsiay.
The only upsto'date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of Ian'
of equal value selected froni avallahl
locality may be
Crown Janda  in    the       _      .      ...
made.   These allotments are conditional
upon payment of    all taxes    due    the
Crown  or to   any   municipality.    The
rights   of   person} to who
persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has afreed to
sell are also protected.
���    ���  - '     of La   -
klnr ape
tion for these allotments Is limited to
The decision of
.     janda in respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
The time for making- applica
ble Minister
is final.
AJiy appllo* -
will not be
the 1st day of May, 1919.   Anj
tion made after this date wl        _     _
considered.   These allotments apply te
town lots and lands of the CrowA.soI4
For information apply to any^Provin-
cial Government Agent or to
���\G. R. NADEN,
Deputy Minister of Lands,
.Victoria,^. C.
Send a $1 to The Ledge and
get 10 different copies of^Lowery's
NOTICS is kereVr f tree tint application
will te aide to ik* legislative Assesebly of
tke Province ef BrltiaU Colaasbla at its next
Session on bekalf elf Tka Caecade Water Power
* Llrkt Compaar Limited, a Ce��ps��y insor-
porata* br tke legislative Aeoemklr of the
Province ef Britisk Columbia nader Chap. 51,
Slatates of B. C. 1107, for aa Aot to be eatltuled
,vTUe Cascade Water Power * light Company
Limited Ast 1WT1, A��tea��meat Act 1918," giving
it power to red ace its capital from tisaa to time
as it may see lit by veto of a asajority ia raise
of the skarakotdsrs yreseat or represented by
���roxy at a aieeting call** for tkat purpose,- and
also couflralag tke rednctlea of capital heretofore made by tbe Ceaipaay ea or aboat the ith
November, lN7, aa< aloe skaaglag tke tlaseof
the koUiag ef tke Compeer's ertlaary General meeting from the tkird Wednesday in
Jsly la sack year te tk* tkird Wed=��sday In
October la eaek year, or ea sack ether date iu
each year as tke Birscters mfty from time to
timedetsraiiae epos; aedt alee ossoT7erlar tke
Directors of  tke  Ceiaaeay  to  make bylaws,
ir *fr ���*�� ���������+4"fr 4�� 4p ��� ��� ��� ��fr
e fiotelI
ilelson, B*C��
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat aod Telepheit ii
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electris LifbMi.
RATES $1.00 per day and ttp; 3ftr��iMML PlM.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
 -���    ������ j-��� .   '.      ������ 'in ���1���wKUm
raise and nfalatietts t& be observed by all persons nelag tke water, electricity er electrical
appllaacee o* eibcr property ef tks compasy;
also raise and rognlatieas for maiateaaace of
llaacae o* eikcr property ef tks company
 ralee and rognlatieas for maiatenaace o
tke Company's andertaklnjr aad for tka collection of rates far electricity er water sapply and
rsnts for electrical lines aad appliascee let for
hire, aad for *xing tke time or times wken,
aad tbe place er places wkere tke aaose eball be
payable, and in ease o( defanlt ef payment to
prerlde remedies, for enforcing; tke payment
tkereof; aad for sick fartker aad Incidental
powers as may bs aeceesarr.
Dated at Tleteria, B.C., tkis 9tk day ef
December, 1118.
MWIM t*t tke AppikMt.
The Ledge is $2 a year in
adrance. Whea not D paid for
three months it is $2.50, and
when paid at end of year it is $3.
���Economy and Satisfaction |f
combined with Promptness M
are the features which go to 3
makeup the Service we give f��
our customers. Are you ��1
one of them? .3
Letterheads, Noteheads,
(Ruled or Plain)
Envelopes, Billheads,
XyXXi (All Sizes)    .\,.
Statements, Business Cards, =��
The Consolidated Mining & Smeltiog C��.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Load *%md Zim Otm
Do you ever doubt the operator when yon j��t this r��p��rt.
Her test of the line called is a very simple matter. Remember it'is easier and quicker for her to complete a call tham
to report back^to the person calling.
Bach operatorlaenses her unusual reapomibility and ia appreciative of every evidence of conalderatlon accorded ker
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Aasayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:-r^GoId, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1. each. Gold-Silver, (single: assay)
^1.00. Goid-Silyer (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silyer-I/ead $1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for oth*��r metals etc
on application.        -
PHONE^29       3
ix Job Printing Department    g
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B, C. Cigar, Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varies.    .    *"" ��
Have you tried one lately **
Culamcen Botd
Om of th* Wrpet k#M�� la
thedty. Beemtifal leoti���,
flae roewa aed Waty mm\t\.
A. O. JOHNSON     -     PJtOP.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Train*
Autos Per Hir��.   The Tlntst
Turnouts in-tiit Bound*ry.
Light ond heavy Or*ying
Palic��   LiTiij  ifid  Stige
��ftEEBw����oi. i.e.
W. JS..  DOOXiTIi^Ba, ?��r.
OH a* wept per* fer nl��
The Ledf ��� eftc* Got ran
fore ihf ar�� aii g��tt��.
- + #mi-*."=*-'


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