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The Ledge Jan 30, 1919

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Array y
Provincial library i
Vol.   XXV.
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,   Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Life,  Fire, Health and
Real.Estate, Ranches and
Mining Broker
Charles King
GREENWOOD,       - B. C
Around Home
Wilson  is   acting-
|     Stock Reducing Sale of Teas     |
g Dessia Golden Tips 80c. Liptons Choice Ceylon 80c af
g Deki Julia 65c '3
��= EMPRESS.   MALKIN'S   BEST,   NABOB   70c or 21bS for $1.35 =3
C~ BRAIDS BEST at 65c 3
Gloves,  Mtts, Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
g BLUE RIBBON 1 21fc pkge 35c
f~ BLUE RIBBON 3It tins $1 85
���~    Choice Bulk Tea 60c per lb.
BLUE RIBBON lib ckre 65c :~3
��BLUE RIBBON 51b tins $3.00 3
Choice Spider Lee Tea 70c    ~-
B Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN      |
gr Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ~2
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each,
60 Watts   -   ���   ���   $1,25 each
100    �����      ���   -    -   2.00  �����
200   ��     *   *   *    3,50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Choice Goods
Cigars,   Tobaccos* Cigatv
ettes, Pipes, Fruit and
Suitable for tbe Holiday  Season
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in me
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam"and
electricity/ Fine sample rooms, Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters,
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the ��� wire
H you want rooms reserved.
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
: Christian Science service will be held
in theMELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ii
a. m. All welcome. ��� Every Wednesday
at 8 .p.m., testimonial meetings -will be
held lis the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents Tor Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck.motors.     ~    Garage in connection.
C.V.O.. LL.D., D.CL, "Prwidehi
SIR JOHN AlWXCer^Mina^rr
H. V. P. JONES. Aw'i GcnXKinifir
is ttiaft�� to; ptoylde
You   can   get   a   bargain   io
envelopes at The Ledge office.
Hot lemonade is good for influenza, we have fresh juicy
lemons on hand.  Rendell's Store.
At" the City Council meeting
last week Mayor T. M. Gulley
called attention to the anniversaryof X2V years', service of;.the
City Clerk, G. B. Tavlpr, paying
a tribute to his faithful: service
during this period and his assist-.
a'ace to each/;new /council;;? He
-aggested that some presentation
would show Green wood's: appreciation of his services and also
some increase: in'; his: saiary,X /On
the -motion -of , Alderman King,
seconded ;by Alderman vJeiikih
and:carried /unanimouslyacheck
for ;$50vwas; ^presented to: Mr.
Taylorahd; aii;.:increase -in his
salary couimencinig January-l:;/;:-v-^
William C
D. L. McElroy has moved from
Fife to Clinton.
\__ ��
J. H. Goodeve is on a business
trip to Princeton.
%At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ryan have
returned from St.   Thomas, Ont.
Theodore McCammon returned
to Phoenix on Monday from England. >
���A Soldiers friend is Dad O'Dell
at the Province Hotel, Grand
A. Pontesso expects to move
his family to Grand Forks,
E. F. Smith has moved his
family from Mother Lode to
Ladies woolen and heaPy cotton underwear at Rendell's Stocktaking Sale.
Jack Holmes returned on Monday from a visit with his brother
Herbert, at Beaverdell.
For that nasty cough use Syrup
White Pine and Tar. You can
get it at Goodeve's Drug Store.
Dr. Ferguson, superintendent
of missions for British Columbia,
was in Greenwood on Tuesday,
The Boundary Womens' Institute have donated $300 to the
Red Cross Drive, for this district.
Fresh fruits and groceries,
quality and prices guaranteed.
G. A. Rendell, Greenwood, B. C.
Mrs. E. E. Gibson of Grand
Forks passed through Greenwood, Saturday, on a visit to
F. K. McMann has sold his
billiard parlor at Cashmere,
Wash., and may locate in Merritt
or Princeton.
Remnants in velyeteens, velvets, braids, insertions, etc., at
Rendell's Stocktaking Sale.
The Greenwood Hockey team
were victorious in the hockey
game in Phoenix on Wednesday
evening.   The score was 3-2,
Make your own. Oranges and
Grape Fruit at a price that reduces considerably the cost of
your marmalade.    G. A. Rendell.
Malcolm Morrison who has
been in the Grand Forks hospital
has recoyered from his illness,
and returned to his home in Midway.
The many friends of James McCreath will be pleased to hear
that he is recovering from the
illness that has kept him at home
for some time.
James D. McCreath, Jr., will
arrive on Friday from Vancouver,
having made the trip from England via the Panama Canal, on
the Empress of Asia.
Mrs. G. B. Garrett arrived
in Grand Forks on Saturday,
after an exteaded visit to her
home at Maple Creek. Mrs.
Garret reports summer like
weather on the prairie.
A new shipment of white and
coloured flanelettes, sheeting,
sheets and pillow cases at Rendell's Store.-
While pn a   joy ride   up   the
North Fork, with  Harry  Light-
fpots's   "Bone Shaker",    Frank
Wooley of Grand Forks met with
a painful accident by  having his
face   badly   lacerated.    How;  it
happened   is   quite   a.mystery
as    he    was    : found    wandering in a  dazed condition on the
Kettle Valley track, and taken tp
the   hospital   in -Grand   Forks.
The Greenwood ;Rink ��� Di rectors wish .tor acknowledge /receipt
of $60,000 / from;. tbe ���Greenwood
Hockey / VClub.7;c';;Tbe ^Directors
wish to express their satisfaction
at the .prompt  and./ business; like
way in which the; boys have con-
d ucied; the a ffairs of, the/:'Ri uk
this; season.     The) $60.00 -men-;
tibned pays  for  the /Insurance,
and the: boys undertook  to see
that-this;wpuId be paid."x.Xi.Xx
A flask of whiskey in San Diego
costs from 40 cents upwards.
Ife is easy feo get married in
California, and just as easy feo gefe
Business is dull in San Diego,
and the population is elowly decreasing.
The streets of San Diego are
poorly lighted, except when the
moon shines.
Western News
Merrfefefe wants a Board of Trade.
Tl ere are 1200 men employed at
the Trail smelter.
Mining News
Ife has nofe rained this month in
San Diego, bufe fehere is sfeill plenty
of water in the ocean.
Ife is reported thafe the Burton
mine, west of Elko, will resume
���    The   Ruth   Mines   Limited,   of
In Prince Ruperfe coal is selling P'0,    has   gone    into   voluntary
Berlin Bill is not cutting much
ice these days, although ife is reported thafe he is sawing wood in
By proper advertising British
Columbia can obtain a great increase in its tourist trade from the
United States.
Fresh eggs are 60 cents a dozen
in San Diego, and will likely reach
40 cents next month. The best
butter is sfeill 68 cenfes a pound.
The Flu is still on fehe increase
in California. Many fleeing from
Los Angeles to escape fehe plague
are constantly spreading, the disease in San Diego.
Mme Schumann���fleink, the
great diva, is touring fehe United
States, and will nofe returned to
California until June. She intends
feo build a residence at Coronado.
Thousands of young people are
willing to leave California for British Columbia, if they coald better
feheir conditions. There is little
chance to progress in California
unless you have plenty of money.
The people in Mexico are indignant aboufe the proposal of some
politicians in the United States feo
buy the fcfeafee of Lower California
from Mexico. Governor Cantu of
Mexicalli considers the idea, on a
par with England asking to buy
California from the United States.
No "Flu" in Greenwood
Editor The Ledge
: tn reference  to   fehe
report appearing in fehe Kelson
News of Thursday, Jan. 23rd. re
Flu Ban, on Greenwood, B. C.
The following wire was sent to the
Nelson News. "Flu Ban reported
on Greenwood in News Thursday
absolutely wrong no flu cases here
since Nov. 14th, 1918. Citizens
very indignant.'��� A letter confirming this telegram was sent as
follows: "It is to be regretted that
such a report should have been
sent and I cannot understand what
kind of person should have been
so absolutely careless in inventing
snch an injurious report.
The leading people of the town
came to me at once with a protest
hence my wire.
You of course have your informant and I presume you  will deal
accordingly with such false news.''
In reply to fehis letter the following appeared-in/the ;News of Saturday, Jan. 25th.    "The ban has
been  lifted from   Greenwood   according ";to   information   received
���rrThis; in^ifeself was ,:not ;a very
generous    refutation;   of V;such; a
thoroughmistatement as)npV/..ban
was. on Greenwood to be lifted^ ;XX
XX ;:CHARLES;"klNG,;:-:;:|rr;7
r Correspondent to the
xXXX Nelson-News.;
Get; a /Float for; 25; cents;:at
The Ledge office', ;;and send;to
your/friends; in order;:/to/ cheer
them duneg the :dark days of
the win ter, y;
for $16.50 a ton.
The    Federal   parliament
open on February 20;
Three Forks  may   have   their
post office re opened.
Vanderhoof may  have  a pulp
mill in fehe course of a year.
��� Nelson lost $3,000 in the operation of its civic railway during
I The Provincial Government will
float a loan of $3,000,000 this
During the Caoadian Red Cross
campaign, the Nakusp district gave
The New Peoples' League formed in Vancouver will oppose prohibition.
The City Council of Penticton
will operate for the present with
one man short.
Wheafe* shipped from Kamloops
feo Vancouver now brings from
$63 to $76 a ton.
Canadian Collieries, Ltd., are
planning to open np new mines on
Vancouver Island.
Manager Louis J. Ball of the
Vernon News, has been re-elected
alderman of that cifey.
Shipping freights from New
Zealand feo Great Britain have been
reduced by 25 per cent.
During 1918, 1,882 vessels of
2,721,281 tons were constructed in
the American shipyards.   ���
Rossland's Council went in by
acclamation for the first time in
the history of tnat city.
The Trail Board of Trade are
making an effort feo bave a Federal
building erected in the smelter city.
An airplane patrol for forest
fires may be used on the B. C.
coast during the coming summer.
Canada's wealth is estimated at
$16,000,000,000 and agricultural
products at $2,000,000,000 for
A total of $1435 has been paid as
amusement taxes in Nelson during
fehe period from June feo October of
lasfe year.
Lieufe.-Col. J. Sclafeer, D. 8. 0;,
is the new Prohibition Commissioner for the Province of British
During fehe month of December,
1918, B. C. exported to the United
States, 136,343,200 shingles, valued afe $571,767.
American farmers produced in
1918, 1,340,000,000 pounds of
tobacco, an increase of 110,000,000
pounds over 1917.    /;
The new brick school building in
Rossland���to replace the one destroyed by fire lasfe year-^-was
opened fehis month.
After spending five months in
the dry dock afe Esquimau, under
repairs, the Japanese liner Canada
Maru, has again taken up fehe run
to the Orient.
Thomas A- McGowan, pioneer
resident of Alaska, died in San
Francisco on January 22, affcer a
15 months' illness. He spent 21
years in Alaska.
Private Kenneth Duncan, Independent candidate, was fleeted; fo
the; Provincial Legislature /oyer
Major F.B.. Edwards in Saturday's
byelection in Cowichan.  H
The mildest ever is a Naramatta
com men fe on the general character
of the January weather, but the
pessimist���another "First Settler"
raises his eye-brows over his wide
open eyes, and says to look out for
February or March.
/Tbe oldest living woman in the
worlB, eo far a* is known,; lives in
Ppsen.;//She/is 134 years of age,
and bet: birth is substantiated by
records. She was a young woman
when/Napoleon swept over/Europe,
Afe the time of her birth Frederick
the Great; was sfeill alive and the
United States had been born abont
eight years.
For the first three weeks of this
month, the Trail smelter received
21,371 tons of ore.
The Silver Standard mine, the
big silver-lead property near New
Hazelton, has closed for three
months, due to unsettled freight
The Mountain Chief Mining
Company, Limited, non-personal
liability, authorized capital of
$50,000, with its registered office
in Nelson, has  been incorporated.
The Alamo concentrator near
Sandon, is tearing completion, and
is expected to be all ready for
operation about fche first of March.
It is being built by Clarence Cunningham.
A new hydraulic plant and 2200
feefe of pipe line are being installed
afe fehe property of fehe Gibson Mining company, operating aboufe 12
miles from Kaslo. The property
is a silver-lead and zinc proposition.
Tbe Granby company has posted
notices at the Grand Forks smelter
of their intention to reduce wages
according to schedule affected by
the reduced price of copper. The
official price of copper has not' been
Bob Griffith, veteran Alaska
"musher" with a heavy armed
guard and two dog teams, arrived
in Se.ward, Alaska, recently, with
$400;000 worth of gold dust from f
fehe Iditarod for shipment to
Seattle on the Steamer Alameda.
The Princeton Mining and Development company, operating
near Princeton, performed 200 feel!
of development work, erected a
house and built a railway spur in
1918. Two carloads of ore are
ready for shipment to the Granby
Three teams are now hauling
ore from fehe Neutral mine, on
Copper mountain, four miles northeast of Chesaw, Wash., where 10
men are employed. The ore is
iron and goes to Chewelah for fluxing afe the Northwest Magnesite
Works. The Neutral is owned by
W. T. Penrose of Spokane and
The report of fehe Standard Silver-Lead Mining company, of Silverton, for October, just issued,
showed a surplus of $293,649 and
a net profit of 842,899 for the
month. The surplus and the earnings are the largest in several
months and are sufficient to defray
expenses at the current rate for
a long period.
Spanish influenza, a strike and
a fire are therefore to be held responsible for a loss in production
in the coal mines of British Columbia during the year that has jusfe
closed of 2(58,000 feons. From the
"Flu" cause alone there is a loss
of 15S.000 tons, while the remainder of the drop was caused by what
may be dubbed more or less natural
The: Northwest Magnesite company of Chewelah,   Wash., will reduce ife3 production of calcined and
forrp-magnesifee by 50  per cent to
parallel the reduction  in steel production.    This will dispense  with,
the services of nearly  half of the
300 employees.    The reduction of
fehe employees will not be so heavy
afe this quarry where improvements
are feo be made.    The curtailment
of production is  expected  to  continue until improvement appears in
the steel trade.
Cause and Result
Mrs. Noel���My husband has had
dyspepsia dreadfully of late.
���i Mrs. Nock���I  am  sorry,   bufe I
had no idea you  were without a
rook.���Boston Tr&nacript.
4 |tafc��
THE   ledge,   greenwood.
b. a
Comforting- relief from  pain
makes   Sloan's tho
World's Liniment
; Will Be Given Free Passage
I Dependents of Soldiers to bc Brought
This /unions reliever ot" rheumatic
aches, soreness, stiffness, painful
sprain.-:, neuralgic pains, and most
���jthcr external twinges thai hnmanity
suffers Iron, enjoys its great sales
because it practically never fails to
bring syeedy, comforting relief.
Al'vAvs ready for use, it takes little
to fiinctrti'c
ducc results,
in   Canada,
large bottle
-fithoul rvbl'iiiu and pro-
Clean, refreshing. Made
At   all   drug   stores.     A
means economy.
or write Lyman-Knox Co.. Montreal, P.Q. PriceC5c.
now prevail
Vye Also Buy HIDES and SfNECARDOT.
to Canada
'J'.t.awa.     ���     Approximately
thi.iii.iand dependents of Canadian
diets overseas .ire in tlic Britisii
at   the   present   time,   in   add)ion
some 22,000 already returned lo Canada, according    to    official   estimates
Under lhe gu\ ei'itnem's policy as j
'announced, these 50,000 will be;
brought lo Canada at public expense, j
The number includes wives, children
and other dependents of all oflicers,
non-commissioned officers and men oi
lhe Canadian expeditionary force still
serving overseas. In addition to thi
number, oilier dependents U) the number of pos.-il.-ly several thousand, who
have come to Canada since the signing of tlie armistice on :v;v. 11 last,
and w ho 'i;>.\ e paid their own ocean
and railway fare's, will have the money
expended refunded by th.e eovep.;-
nieiit, the regulations being retre'tv.:-
li\c  to  that date.
Anxiety Caused
By Labor Strike
I Ask Abdication
Of Grand Duchess
Three Great Conflicts in Sweden at
Present Time
Stockholm.���There arc three great
labor conflicts in Sweden at tiie
present time. Thc seamen, telephone and telegraph operators aud
ocomotivc engineers arc on strike to
enforce their demands Xor better pay
and  labor  conditions.    Thc  seamen's
May Be Obliged
To Occupy Berlin
J Marie Adelaide of Luxemburg    Has
Decided to Leave Her Country
Met,  - A   large  crowd    paraded'British    Military   Authorities     Have |  &J ^t^ff^^
;before   the  grand  ducal    palace     in Delivered Ultimatum to Ger-        ;
J Luxemburg requesting the abdication i man Command |
of the grand  duchess  and  the proe-i    r,aris. _ Thc qllcst;on whcthci. thc j
ilamat.on ot a republic. Ia���ics wiU bc obHgcd lQ Qc^,)y i)cr.l
A committee   on   public safety has',;���  is    bccoining    continually    more!
beeu    appointed    and  quiet is being urgenl,    It is pointc(l oat lh,t  Gcr. j
....   _..���       _ .maintained   everywhere    in    Luxcm-  many is far from having fujflUcd thc J
strike, which is thc most serious, has!1���   '|hc P:ins *latl�� on January <*  material  conditions  oi" thc armistice,:
resulted in laying up a large number  \c����r\cfl  th,atT &ran? Duc,h<,fs , M.a,rI�� j particularly as  regards    the    turning!
   .,     materials.      Feopk !
her country owing to     f'
Carried Million
Tons of Oil;
Louden!. .���--  The  nwuislry  of
ping states  that during lhe war
of ships.    In  some cases the officers
re manning the ships bound for foreign   ports.    Should  tlic  strike    continue  it   is   expected   that     the   liner
Stockholm  must  be   manned    by     a
cratch   crew  of Americans  collected
n  Scandinavia for the  return trip.
The success of the Berlin waiters'
strike is producing a disturbing effect
here   and  it  is   not  unlikely   that    it
Watch your children's sklna.   Aa
soon a-, you seo tho sligbtes-; trace
tho sore place from Infection, prevent It from spreading end healing
soon follows.
Careful mothers always keep
Z&m-Buk on hand for their children's injuries���it ends pain bo
auickly and prerents any possibility of festering. Best for cuts,
burns, scalds, bruises, ringworm,
scalp sores, eczema and teething
raah.   All dealers SOc box.
over of railway
are continually asking whether thc'.
Berlin government really represent;; j
anything, and how peace can bc nnde'
Germany is Innocent
i Astounding   Declaration   by   Promi-
I nent German Business '.
; Men .. j
|     Loudon.  ��� ���  Germany  is   still   mme-
ipentant,  still  insisting  that  shc  is utterly  innocent  of  causing  lhc    world
war, and still  placing the ve.-pon-ibil-
lity on  tiie "jealousy''    of    the   allies
i and   particularly   that   of   Lngland.
I     .V  message  of more      than      -1,0(10
] words transmitted  through   the   wire-
i less stations of the German    govcrn-
jmenl makes tbis perfectly clear.  It i;
liii the form of interviews with prominent  Germans      collected      by    the
j''Americanische  Korrespo'ndenz"      of
j Berlin and telegraphed from that city
: to the New Vork Times.   .Some typical  extracts follow:
!     Franz von Mendel.-ohn) president of
ithc Merlin chamber of commerce and
head of thc banking    firm of    Mendelsohn.���"All    German business men
were  firmly convinced  that Germany
was not the aggressive party in   this
war.    It is only Ibis belief, with which
the entire German people were    permeated,    which has enabled  them  lo
hold out    for    so    long under   their
terriblc burdens and the fearful moral
pressure    exerted    by the consciousness  that thc   whole  world  had     become their enemy."
Professor Dr. Riesscr, president of
lhe Hansa Bund.���"This peace is to
be dictated under the active co-operation of those enemies who, accord-
your town, where thejinK lo the firm conviction of the
overwhelming majority of. lhe G.cr-
man rpepplc,: ;s;li nd: Iongagevrprepared
a million tons oi fuel oil were carried I will be imitated. Unemployment .is
from the l.'niu-d Slates U Great I causing considerable anxiety in Den-
Britain by seven hundred and sixty-1 mark where the number out of work
one carg.. -H-aiiicr^, specially fitted I is 63,000 with the prospect that the
out  to con\cy oil in  double bottoms i number will be increased.   These are
or  ballast   tanks.
Fifteen thousand tons of nil were
lost by rmm_\ action and I'.OOO by
marine  lo--.-.
��� !
Bad Breath
"Bad breath is a sign of decayed
teeth, foul stomach or unclean
bowel." If your teeth are good,
look to your digestive organs at
once. Get Seigel's Cnralive Syrnp
at druggists. 15 to 30 drops
after meals, clean up your food
passage and stop the bad breath
odor. 50c. and $1.00 Bottles.
Dm not buy substitutes. Get
thi genuine. 6
ruling [u'oplc can
Ua'.licr, \\'c buil'J
F.-iiall Subles , for
homes; atiilVlrug-:
cr ones for pub.
lit r<)o;:5s:r;Kqi!'Ii-
. tirent free. VVrite
'.lis'.: iit once for
frill. .������;iv:i:t.i's;'ul'ior-i.'.v���.-.;
.:������ SAMUJEL MAV & COX
Adelaide VSi i'.VfX,   Toronto'".:
The mini-'ry points out that
experience thus gained will certainly
be valuable in connetcion with thc
development uf petroleum as a fuel
f"r  steam.-is  after  the   war.
Its   Victims    Are    Largely    Among
Weak, Anaemic People
In the epidemic of la grippe, or
influenza, that has swept over Canada, in common with the rest of the
world, it has been noticeable that its
earliest victims were thc thin-blooded
anaemic people whose power of resistance is greatly weakened because
of the watery condition of their
blood. When a person is strong,
hearty, aide to enjoy a brisk coid
flay, chills and infections are set at
defiance. But when the system is
run    down,    when    the    nerves     are
critical times in the Scandinavian industrial world on account of the general uncertainty as tb economic developments through the reslitiflling of
the markets and lhe impossibility of
catering to thc needs of the eastern
Baltic markets. Man}- manufacturers, who normally arc great exporters with systematic chains of foreign
connections, arc now trading from
hand to mouth ignorant of whether
the nr.Xi month will bring a large
demand for their products or none.
There is an optimistic feeling
Sweden that this country has a great
outlet for its energies in the war devastated regions of Esthonia, Lithuania and Poland, but as yet no concrete opportunities havc appeared.
Christiania is experiencing
political situation there,   which    was
said  to have become unfavorable   lo
her.    During last  November  it    was | ^"���7a'tion" "w'hicii"l
reported  that  her  abdication     would j g0vcrin���cill,      At    lhc  sanu.  vim=   a
be demanded by  the  parliament^ and j Gcrman    ncwspapcr>     tlic    Deutsche
the people.    I he_ grand.duchess ,s 24 Tagcszcitun      luakcs    thu    curiouslv
icks a   slat
ycars of age and has been the ruler
of Luxemburg since June, 1912,
Kasily  and  Quicldy  Cured  with
Tor   Sale   by   All   Dealers
Douglas &  Co.,  Prop'rs. Najiance, Out
Cheque for Million
sensational   statement   that   thc   firit
ish military authorities in lhc Baltic New York- ~ A cllcck for $1,000,-
provinccs of Russia havc delivered ; ,)0�� was received from thc American
the. following uilimati'm to the Gcr-j Kod Cross by the National Tuberculoma:! command iu those r?r;ions:;ih Association. It is claimed to bc
"Either the German troops will op- jthc ,:irScst check ever written for pub-
pose the advance of lhc Bolshcviki .lio lleuUh work in tlle United States,
forces and reocciipy Valk and Wen- ! Tilis chcck 'l* thc ih'^ installment of
den or else the entente will enter jan appropriation of $2,500,000 made
Germanv." ! ^^   l'le  ^cd  Cross  for.   tuberculosis
Commenlii.i;  on    this despatch the \ WOrk  hx  1,U:     Suited  States    during
wcll-inforr.ied  faris journal, Des De-j 1'-)19-
  :bats,    says     it has mason to believe] "~
Now Have a Mileage of Nearly 14,000|that [i is ll'lle. a;,<!- l!'-'l!; "' s��ch should i
Canadian National Railways
Miles Reaching From Atlantic
to the Pacific
The name of the Canadian Northern
Railway has been change',; '..-> C.'.;na
dian National .Railways vhie.h new
111 j have a mileage of nearly \ '-.Oi.-O ;j,i:cr.
reaching from tlic Ali-'::i!;c to thc. Pacific coast, Halifax to Vancouver.
This change, of name was necessitated in the transferring oi lhc o3>cni::..:.
the     C.iiud.uf,
���prove to be lhc case .-onsiderabJe op-
j position may be expected from the
��� liberal elements in France and Eng-
1 ia:ul to the idea of Irving to fore?
k'o.-i.inny lo light ih; Bolshevik.
otbing   Can    Touch
03o:ic In Curing Quickly
.i3VH.i:.ig'.vation oi:
its scv-iarRl  management   of
crest meat famine in the memory ot ' government line, including the L?iCi-
man. Most of the butcher shops 'colonial Railway and ils rec.tnth ac-
havc closed and thc majority of the 1 quired branch lines, thc Prince EX-
restaurants arc unable to provide pvard and the National Transconti
meat. Despite three meatless days a:��cntal Railway to thc board of dircc-
u-eek,   little  betterment  is    expected [tors. Canadian Northern Railway.
before   the American  and Argentine
shaky    and    the    blood water.v.    the, sh;pnlcnts arrivo
germs     ot    influenza    are    quick   to
seize  their opportunity.     It  is  therefore good policy to keep  lhe    blood
always rich, red and strong, and the     , .  .     .   . -,   ,  .
nerves well nourished    by llic usc of  ^'?.?^1.t *��J,&k_c*s SUPT> so,that fcw
There is nothing repulsive iu Miller's Worm Powders, and thcy are as
such a reliable tonic as Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills.      People    who  lake
_     ^ j children will refuse them.    In    some
these i c;lsFs   ^"r^   cause   vomiting    through
their action  in  an unsound stomach,
All the lines included in this mileage arc operated as cue system and
under one management. This system is not administered by a department of thc government. Ils opera-
lion is to be kept absolutely free -from
(���arty political interference.
The mileage of lhe co-ordinate lines i
! Vou may dislike taking medicine���
j but coughs arc best cured Avithout
W->rPi'i'?r,��wi!!:""(''i:'llt '���Th'- modern treatment is
W��U J-A^nU^'Cararrhozonc"���it   isn't a druS���it's
-r,,   " V  -, ,   ia healing vapor full of pine essences
.;:=an'js Planning to Comc to |and ,lcaHng bals;uns. it spreads over
/ijr.euca as Soon as Possible [ihe surfaces that arc weak and sore
.v.aiegton. ��� Thousands of Ital-j'rroin coughing.' Every spot that is
::.���.: d Austrian war prisoners arc \ c��llS'csted is healed ��� irritation is
t    ..���.���   4     ���. ..   .: soothed away, phlegm and secretions
to come to America r.s soon  are c,cancd ^   ^    alr symptoms
of cold and catarrh arc cured. Nothing so quick, nothing so sure, so
pleasant as Calarrhozonc. . Beware
of dangerous substitutes meant to
deceive you far genuine Catarrho-
i zone.      Large   size   which lasts two
v.'_:o visircdUnoiitlis,. price $1.00;  small  size   SOc;
:���.! liim, Mi-J?r,!:IP'c size'25c, at all dealers.
'yds jiossiblc, John B. Dcnsmorc, dircc-
;tor of thc federal employment scr-
Ivics, lold the house immigration coin-
imilicc, at the beginning of the hear-
!i:ii;s of bills to prohibit in��� migration.
i A Red Cross v.-ork
. the prison camps u:!criy:-;X li;tn. Mr.
'Densmorc said, ti:nt iiO.C-JO Aiietrians j
; were in Paly, most ot who it: cx-l
j peeled to drift  to  lhe United States i
Public Opinion
Behind Scheme
:as last as
ey c'lii, a*oi'.g
pills from     time to  time arc usually    "7,^���"  >"  an  "nsoiinu ston
..ia.,    t(1    ,.,.-;c*  ,-���i,i-     ;���n,���.���-,-,  .,Xa   but this is only a manifestation
Scr    nillS     S    ��ov     4"r 'thcir cleansing  power, no  indication ! is ns follows:  Intercolonial,  1,510.40; i
health   while    many about   tlicm" are   }Jiat  lh^ ;,r,e  hur;f��I-    TIlcJ'  can  be; Elgin   and   Havelock,  27.00;   Interna-1
weak, ailing aud miserable. thoroughly depended upon to     clear;{;onal  of    Ncw    ]3runswil.k,    111.30:1
; sands of lta
|.^.t��..��.��..t.4"ft-4--t. ���m������..#����h������ .
circling policy';: Avhicli- "rgrcw .: rijOre
;Alax you Sehiiiekeijr (.liri:ctor;rOf: tbe
Nordd:eutscli,e.���'������'���"���.H.ajik'; :iu'.^..j'r.alii.bur'g^.
'>'it;,'i.,s:':vaii.,\:ii.bs,gjlit.c.l\v;.'r;i"als^ jd'ca'..: i'o.
: '.'.:^.._: , -:-..���-'_ ;. _r ���,_"������  I'-r- -i yx.-.r...,;.   X.��� f-makcXitlip:���7kaiser-' rcspohsiblc 'tor ; the
;'.-) t^ rcimbtXfwi'iH'Xi���?^ devotee of'.. uca'c'c'; ���   Gerinanv;
xirui.: S'ndv.i .fl.irt-i'-'UC'iriv.--: >'t J ���'���'���'.."' r r .:������'     r    ���������',,���;��� '������.:������������':. ,:::        .���''-,'.��� '.''."'���-'��� :������.'���. :*J
tv^i,^iy.r-..y:,x:y\y- ysiycxp; : was forced loraijoplra ..:sl:rdii.ge,i:":itri'nEir
Ijiient'rsimply :thrc)irgii rtlie 'vxnclrcliiig
policy;o|;Kihg,E(Jwai^livJ't would::be
To those who havc been    attacked
by influenza,    the    after    effects    arc
more dangerous    than  the attack it- |
self.     Thcy .are., left at  lhe mercy, of j
rplapsgs and :complicalions.r:There is |
a .persistent rweakni'ss iof  the   limbs, j
shortness r of lire at Ik iit': the r least ckr.
crliOiT,,'poor digcsliou'and artendency:,
10 fake cold Easily, c   This rcontlition I
\\dll;:persisl:and:- vvili������'��� grow .worse fin
��  i
all  worms  front  thc  system. . ...     , ,  ,>    ,       ,      ,,,,���   v
 1  Uvlonctou and r.uclouche, 3-1.00;  iSew
TJ J       Iir Iir I    t iKrtius-.vick and Prince .Edward island.
lfiousands Were, .^punasaia&us; st. j0hu'S and Quebec, u^'-
X-Xyi'ix    '������������������. ::liX.��.r.X::. 'v'Sl. 'Marvin's 30.00; Salisbury and At-
Reign ,;of Bolshevismr:.in ..Berlin7:1s^beft, 45.00; York and Carlton, 10.50;
:xr'i--- C>ver     .   ;._���_:;.;...    ������;������-- J Prince ������'.Edwaird. Island, 277.78;     Na-; ,������^.+.M'��-**>*~A.*~t.+~..�����,..���+��t,+..*.,.��..
������ . dlerliu.:.-^. fierlin^s, long,:>V.f.c-k-;.-:-.qTJ���tion<ii:.:'j:'fan^onlincTita];.2f003:q3;'C?ni;'|. i You simply say to  the drug store
!I.plsiic\;isin:;:i__ :finah im. a (piartcr of an ounce
and:  rr there, x scattei'ed:rr:;despe 'riido'es,
iiiostly :youths,  Ktill :f!rc oc-rvstouaily j
���������,������,,���    j,.,.-       , ,,.������������! ������������.���i-i* :   ,-        jtrom some housetopSiranuaurnrg th.(
equal Dr. r Wilhains   I'mk. Pills.   1- rom     ...      V ^    ' v ' i ���     ��� xr ly: ?-'������������
: Sti.-
11 ������!
.���y:.'x:y\yy;- .
. iiy:p'-y:h'.)y. y-;ld^iy
r i��t.nir iMi-lsa^tn: Qii vctreint of
':li.ri'''Xl}:j>X iWinilrliiet. AdrlrtrSS
' ;T 11->>'���'COOK'.'; M Ki);j'C1X! v Cp:
Toronto^Qnt. iFqimctlij\Vindioi:\
a.; itiQii stToiis r7 rip jit sti:ce: X i.F? 'tiie.'" eii tehtc
.s'h.'O'u'ltl: attcpipt  to-b.itrd^iir.rGciriiiaJiy':
^p.v|::\yi:t.ii'-��������� t-.Uc's.C'i^.s't.S:;':.Q.f', llic,::,\var;''rjr:r.:r7:7\''7;rr^
fHl�� NEWFREMSH ItZMBOY. N.Y (M.2. N.3. X i. 'Mn?vXrlVligCllr.Gutlllaiin7, ^ireclOr-'Of
TH e:RA7Pi:OW:^^S#:^!''
��� visi. Krpsirv.^ BLA��Dt��, uistAShs.-Di.o.oD  roisos.     ���.     'rr    :: , : ..::.::
""  ""' :/i:t;.s:r:.i:it)ii9sti\:ir;tiiif^'rCtiiiftt'e-ly's-tisniiilly."" '
Files, .eitiikr .no..incuouiSTS'irHAii.SI.tost vers
tpBONTO.   vvniTE ro��TREE booktoDx. Ah Clero ' i V;iiii ! :(n    nrf'tiefVe ;   ill"- Tir^u i-h  'ind
: KED.Co.llA-'KRsToeivKDrHAMPsrEAD. London.���En*.:''1'^^''   5. ������'���'^";- ���:|*'>^^I>'H'.'^..l.!1-?<.;,.'''*;I.VIVL.lI   aIlu
QCYI-tlkltr irilXID TO -its. genujnk PACJUI*
Be:lgihh; '.������citics;i'.':',fr0ni;.'rV: sdcstrtictioti
th i; o ii g ji ���*'��� il i x '���: b o ni Ui'rdm:etft,r:of::ther::eiK:
������ III rlost, or: stoleiu  yavi: cet-ryour:rni6ney"'biok r^^^.; ; rr, .:xyyi:--x<x;::::-''v-v'r yix-x::.:;���;.���.������....
.���.��^_',. ���.''������.. ���".���!������ ���..::.. 'x:."\.xx.���". .;.'���'. x~". '���xy.}F\}M}w:$-''.K?yi-nQ<zy
"i ixXi ;7g:r's;;A Oidefe^epealed'?
less ,thqr blood  is ; builtvtip : and
this riyurpoSc: ihefe ' is ���'���', jib tonic
aiiis' PiukT'ills.   Fi,^^ ���   . ..���.        .,     ������,,   . :   .........���-.. ...
first: to'last ::dOs7(^;tli<se::: pills' h
he\\',rric!f,  red :blopd,7 which: 77reachf s .:b;ilids: of rthc  followers Otjljr. ;  Karl
every organr'and  every  nerve; iii the j Licbknech'tXi6'"revive tlie���'���'���'rci'SJi.'',t)f'i'.''.i<
driven :out, ;t he nppelitc :isr improved, 1 -'���������: ���"."..��� ������...'���.. ���,:,;., '. ���...���'....;:    '    '.... rx-y--'.
Whd'wcak, yesp6nx!ent:vi:tU
flueiizri are; transformed:^
man pnsoncrs iu  Silesia.! Le^uc Can Now Be Considered an
  i    ' Established Fact
Paris. ��� Thc league of nations can
now be considered as an established
fact. Premier Clemenceau, Premier
Lloyd George and Premier Orlando
are pledged to support thc basic ideas
in this regard. Public opinion in
France, Great-Britain anl Italy is
solidly behind the scheme,
President Wilson's plan as a whola
is unsatisfactory to the French because they believe it does not provide, sufficient economic penalties for
I of frcezone.''; This will cost verv little
but is sufficient to: remove every hard \ r- T, .. .
lorrsoft corn from one's feet: Germany.     Thcy   say his    proposed
;A '..'few'"drops ofthis' new, ether com-'Probationary,    inclusion    of Germany
���X-iy;p2; Y.;:;C:s_,"m- Canada;"; rr';':,
I.oiHion.;.-^ The .Dailv'Express has ,���,.-,   ,-       , ,      i���������,������ ���     ������    .     ,
analvzed iliC' list:   pf: Yicfcri\^Gr^ "P��li;.?, lol,dcr'���{ w'ou1d WT}Mt'tl,e counlry lo start up
"" " """"" "" ��� "~" ' 'ils; undamaged^ industries., in  compc-
..    ..���.,������,.,-..  ....,    _    .,   .,,.       ,        ,achingr corn:  should-rclicvcrthersorc-
wmnprs andrhnds Canada has: 62, ..Of ncss: instantly,:and soonVl.hc.   entire
healtliy,; hitj>py::jficiir iihil rwonteii.:   If
y��.ui' have jiassed ��� tliroiigh; an attack p'.f���.
i'n'fliieii���ssii iy 6ii.; \\"i 11; il iid.liXyXy A'Vi 11 iailis'
Piifkii'i lis ��� thi; one ,;thi n g: ;i i. jicil cd : to rc-
storo yourrfo :iiiU;rhealth and strength;
Ifslhesirouldeshas1 ;p:i>.scd;::you,  ybu;
.against. :its iii^idiousr; ad vaiicc-; by:. tlic
use: ^olrlhrs ...',.;sj|j if e'-;:',t"o"iii.C'-'-'.M.i c clic.iij:t"��J-'. ���'.',v'.'-.;'-':: ���
SrSJ'fcdiciiic ryea:l:ersr:rey'ery;\vhere':���''.���.���'.sell''
;;; ':lr?0 ii diXX XX:. r;.(;,; ���^ji; air^''; is;-.-1 -ab oiif?..:rto
whoiu :sIigliilyso7vcr; half1 arc: hot; na-
tiyes; of. ; the JJoininion.:: S 'Canada
cla'imssSpsasr natives,���/.'���'���.United sKingr
Ellgh'sll ���':
.batchSwercr born: iii::
���i.-Vrc'The CharlOttehbufg;police.'liead't
Vitiarter^ ; thp;: night after : thcy ::\vcrerj
takcii;;;by the: 'goycriinieiil: troonr?.   ;V
'���;. :.Dr,...Licb;^
cd;,and :Scyeral':|uindred��� rebels S: aii;
locked tip: aAVaiting rtriitl,;whichirirras-
claimed, ;inust:bc;: left'to:, t^
COurts.':r;;'v''::r';.7.:r::.Srr:r:'';':"'?       ' ���/������rS'.'S'/v.'-V.":v:':/'';'->!.ClVst<:>'tn^r'':..of.; i'liino
cOrh/rOot: and all, dries upaiif
be lifted bill .with7 TheSihigers, ':; :    r: :
:;  This7 licw way, torrid one's feet of
,...������������ ,,��.....,.���   ,    ���,������,,���������     , .corns  >vas introduced'bv a Cincinnati
dpip,:;2/;;   lsngland,.H
and Tiveland  thefest.  ; Higlit^of ;   the:^
��� ply shrivels   tili  tlic cbrh witliout in-
ilaiiiing or even  irritating    the
r6uudiiig.tisiuc: brSkin.
XDpn't let,father die of infoctipii: or
lockjaw from whittling at his corns,
out clip this out and make him, try It.
, a,npictciyi^hat British Want
(titiou with French and Belgian,
whose industrial plants were wrecked
by the Germans  themselves.
Senator Bourgeois, who; will head
the French section of the inter-allied
committee lo draw up plans for the
league, if the conference appoint!
such a body, made plain in a recent
exclusive interview 'with tlie United
Press.'that.Tic agrees with Clemen-
:tcauvon':thisr point. ; He favors r ex>
eluding the central powers until they
fulfill the provisions they must sign
a.t ;llie pcaccscbiifcrcncci ;: ;r/v������:;������ --x.
Ohly-rqughljv7 but it isrhelicyed;; that
th(Vy:;wilIrgrcatly_ c^tped ZQO dead aiid;
arthoiisand \i'c.:uucledI.Thc:;:p.ve.nvlieliiir.
i'lrr'7;!<j.-dvVrVr'rii'n.:;;'':i-:v)'iYn'Cilil<',*''SV:'^*S^ ilX^::X>X':y;xry-*-'-x::yyj:4-f^-.:^X^
'ix.XXyXXXXXXXXx.xXXxpiiTxXll^ ;ly.r:rxX:Xl^j'.iXrlX'i^ixiXirx
'��� ��� ��� """"���""���"""��� ................   - -"���"""tireless
��� groliibitiiig'riiit.
v|>otids,idebenffrre:s s
iiM6iy<XiXXiXi;xX:;x;;XyX'y:XXXX ':XX'X:X'lXi XyxX";
'. ;Tiie;;iibOve vfaclsrcaiVrbe^verified ;by:!
\Vritihg; lOr'ISm,,tp.;thcV Parish":Prics.t'
p'r;',;ihysv;pi.";.his.v neighbors...'-yxyX;
Golds Cause Grip and Influenza
rcinove the cau^'V r Tlicr.e. isonly one "IJro
iiio:: Quinine,'.': , E.   \\'.   GROVE'S   signature
.p^iii fiiir-c ilert^S:pre<y
.Opcration^^VrVrrS:.;.''.,::::;::'7; 'XXXriiXiXXXWiXX.
���jj.ri>xi:tji;vi;c X fXX-X-XXXxi r'T:h}'s.r:i.s:''':a:tivirt-v
iyiiH'-rciriiirbtvVheVvh^ .. .     . .. ,..
;;wit!t:S#)>ii!S;':.;v'r.Vr^:^;r''AlntIn;i:^ WXy t h 9 :1 yi/; :f j ro <111 t-ti ^ ii :at;; tir.; fVGrt, ' io V
;:'VVo..iriiV:riV'>:t:c:fiiiituv.t:<)iy,...;V'r:-;;,:;r'i. -xilry.y'i .;';iaOhs',.:an''(iI'-i;('iiistit!iteS'.tbC b.igg:'e?:i.ryiti7(l7j
lfyili?;iOj'*.::0.ir:thc:;;provili'(,":e,r: :.���       ';s.'ri
X-:: .:.ltSi>rX:'i\X'XnX'X :���-_��� 'i.i'eri kX-kI:: :\r!\X'lin<l:<jy(ix
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Xi 'pcn'n.i'ssio;i;:::fyi''.viiii.i'. si.If(..;tiiit
-i:: .etay:::;i;;.'sj.ir.riV::;tiuH;'' yx 'XrXydXX.
<l ;plicatioj)r:ri':;vs:,VI):s.:P.n .V;t>tra;uiSrd-
';;'::-:. '-'xirio ii
ai^put,:;;v:::^uHo^1:'r:li:!:^vVsV'H*': '^i-^V^'r-'VvTtli
'Rtissi'fii .:��� ivn.ilrr't.l s ciVvitii I i,t arj^V. 'tii.a7tcv;V.;ei fs-\va, r
;e.ni.e:h'i;'t,y liiji. 'i.>i..:j?r^tetfiiiM;s,IjUir:..v^\Vii
.^..'':.'::rf'7''r,ssAwaidedV'FOod, .'.';;..
'���..' .IrOHdoii/ '~x: "il'diX xXXXiiy iip^-rtiyet'i.
,us:,.0:hi!i^ Vienna; ii'nd
'.t'Ii,C(''a''-ii .sir. (>X   ;G:c.rini<'urA:usiri;7!     nhtil
Feb,;T5;"' declared sail '��� :ofli:ci;'i:I    dyX.
:7.7:::;7 ''s;Gdbi: iDe$errt;X'tXXX'XxXXX
:.d^'i:tViii<''t;-sKS. 'hri'l. .���'do;fs'|:u'_''kid.~:a'-'Sr.'k,'o;Hrr
Embody Views Regarding   ;'
XP&ce rTerrns; XxX.X;::Xx.x
I'aris: Prcpiicf: iilp'y.d'.. Gedrgc >vas :giy-
en n: nicmoraudu hi issued by .'''lli.ci'asr.
socialed chamber7of 'cpinmcrcci reixi-
bodying the'Vic\ys:7oi'chani!)ers ill rail
Aviators Leave for Vladivostok
San; Fraiiciseo;' -y- Three 7:V 'hundred"
French7 niHitary    aviators   ; and    nie-
partsrVofSihescountry reij^
u;;^cd;r.:i:nsthe'Vhiciiio>.':':rVr77.sV;;ssS'y'r';^:' rvsjwithstltcuis airplanes,7 r armored ;:cars,
agarirslrS vine '���. ���;;ij.Jitiliii;tTv':
;tia ciV-ivi'i])'St IroS^ Ijt.r co p:i,V'c o
VllitsVr ira'Spari^
iX\iXXiXi:>XX>'���:ii'-hi;I'}��� uingr a;;siihV fcpiesfht'iiis
iViiaiiiilnoi-ivilfCvCOSt s:ifr.idi7';pciih'ibits.';.i>aid;r.i'0'
11 i^S:C ;'s;iici. [i li'':S: rS ;^rtV.SS'ri':i !^
jVI.-ivjici 'j*jT;I i-is-^'ji ic,'.:V.i;v^..^<>Yv<.'VT !:J.i i(.sf.: 'ii'j j'".;l'<-��-';f ii'i i.clv
.Com ilii tui ii;i ti oil V iyX^ X XXX17oi-"^i.U;li iii
Chi.i.i^v;:.i!i;i';��.i:Ug'li:.:.r .ihis..v:;;v;iisdc.ssSV>ys1.c:ii;;
^;itiiiii^;iiV Xisw:-.,ii;.QiiiA!.'->S; in ^tvciiilVror'r-'i.Hii ts
;s'i'ii.:g" asycar ;oi"rillorts
'iehdv int
'X''���;l,'jp;tl;C:h'  rciiiivcd  irqilir X'.'i'Cli'i.iU'i'
;V.'Oubli be
Srie<it sired;
:;Miriar:d's":Ij'!dment; Cures Dist-iiipei,
Cothpensatioh for NorNyegiari Ships
slrohd.'ui, -^ Hdiward %.��� Tlurlcv and;
jdoiiid: ���(."liiv.yii'fj;;'    '.'ii-jilanss"7   \vcie;sr iiS't;
V''.:*i.r-'';:.lii'sbd'ri'..: ::ifa.'Sr -G)"v<i.r!C.6mp ��� ^"rd-able
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��tcivcd..v.'ir<)...vj''. -iylph:.,^. .a:!!in'-<tni.Gvs.' ""��� liif:'
Siitpprcss.i<.u,.ofjrt!;s insurrection-   Tlrii
:despatcli ;iddsV t h,';ji' tlic ���ji'.a^v'ii; rarscnal
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;vrjiavc: been, reiralit iiSed by tlir faith ful;
sfrao^S. thpsnivai arsenal ".meiv- and
X.picXy.r.c-\v of- jli'V7 destroy"- rrsvrevoliftdv
.rTbe'^iiotcsiddf ilra:i Xhc'yrXyipyyy are
-quiclXyXXcXA iu, . $:iU.trfir;:;!7;.,.^vlK:j<:.
V."rl til:
XK. XX ^t.evtru <;.f the A'.i'-fi'c'.r'i'c.ii!'.
;ipii!gS XyiinI,���'.;i?\\-y (���;'������(vihircnoes
ft prvsenrtatixys ��� oi the; - Jvorw^gia1;)
f;Iijp:ping iissacivdioiiv hiiyc iigryXdi. that
tlift TJnjjird Siatcs shall. iniuVcdialelv
pay the .iN'or'w'c'gian' rsliipowhefs $1I,>
OOlij'oM Avhich- X Xy smQU��t,tii:c-Norwegians actual'Hshrrd inv/rsted in yX'iy
t-r<i.cts,; .���;ri:ttcri.aiVs_i.ii'fl ��� ships' 'Avijivn thty
werc:-:recpr!siiio!iVs.:i vV !iy.,Sthc"S L'niti ���<!
>yii'.r,.:ss .-tlHrs. 'i.'.vri,il vf; rj;; i ls'.��s."'l-.c-i:i-;.;7:i'-^?.^''.ti'K '.'I-
\rri]:^tV::'t.iii7:':^:.S:vS:ei:i&.n^ ;yl;XmX "  ���.
&i';��'r6T.V;CJ!ii5,:,:i''!X'.'.iCl:;;'l;ol(rJd,S , ��� .-, ..   ..   ,.        ..... ,,........-, ....
^r:;;vrI.Uca'sr;V.C6.i5iuj;;':r'isV'i;'':r':;V XiXX:X:-x:.Xx      .   ,;j IC1 r s IV ';i 111S i;.V: tl 1 < ? ' (lis la; !;s:lr;' S<-VS ti'
':': VFranli:.")-:- ;iht;nc.yS:''n:fi5r.;3;   .6^)1 ��� ^iyXx^XixXrXrXXXrXi ���XX'XXnkXXXX'X'ti
.j'.&;r:Cp.:iS.db:ngv,t,:!-?hc.rys!if;th;c"rCrty 6f:S']'v 1 edii'|v.l:'rii:i 1 sptrriji 1 i.' 11 r ':\<t   i^irrV   ill.
��������� couiu/'Vasid: J:f;it;   a!or;;a!JV   aatl.:':t!;st''':;B'iid'SS.S.-.'''" .���'..., ,        '���'.'   V: r.- '������'x'i'C-X; :.������������..:.��� ���.;���:. -rr
fhrni: ��';il: 'Xi' XX: xi-xroi u^li^llU^;u;^Ei^!:hi'^l,',Vl;ds t.v !va:rro!.is,:.p9i;iits n  .Jisavy
.|:.'L)^;i;.i.-^iV;i iiori ���''icX Xt^y '.eyiti.y- 'Case,"i>l.;:<Sa:
tarnV   ;l:ntS:ca|iSov   !..��   'vuriil���'"tX/ '.lie'���''-��ie'; -iiX ,       .
ilA?lii>'S '���'Sj-'AT.s;'"K:(Mlrr <r:t';K.&'"r.S:::":';r'"."S:" ��� '>":..:'.:iA'.a'ilabh<, .���
.s '.ivKAxii j. 'ciin^j^Y.-.-.-X '.ix::-,,-'.'.. ..-..    ,,,.    v;:-s ."S,,
SWoru t'ft 'y^pryy:c''^dxi^sXiy^::a-rtrif:'l . J-'dlown��   liic  r.riMiary
.prt.spu.cir.,'Uii.'s' u';  4ai .'P,i- Ji��Krnb��r, r'A.:. p:,V:%vhi;cii  uie.    reiiiiired. rii'r-g.'-.iitiv
1686, A,  WV CLKASMN.     ^ :,.:,,      /S .,/    ,'        '"
���{���Hili rNotary l'u!,j,t I ino^sthickly'inhapitc.L x-a-rts
llaii's Catarrr.!;; i'xii?: is- ta!:cn:"���.Isii'e.'r'i.'ally ^P����,: t **r 11   Olli'l'i'1   til
acts throygit \U: lt!o3rfS,pir..".tlie.' Al:Uirsjus  S^'i       ' "'"  '"'
ficcs of -ihe Sj'st'cat'
itct. ���  '
���%, j. ciiyysyyy- a go.,
iXy \
::V\ V7 li c! 1 v;:a '.'-V-i.'si a ji. Si s ;;look ih gi
r'.;sV ViSrr,fr:J., 1 i'sal ileni eii t^
S j :tii(lr I>yST,li<>;;'dis6rgaii.izai;ioiii;i>t;7iiit-;in.4s
liyil's iSr.n
rdciz.i: 'tiit le'ii.waoruE
'���rojiiin, -'O.
fti'tj for. xoyi-t'i:tXqiX
���'������::> us'ibc.
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wiri.d'if.*'.; "\V.i-11,' .'bv    puf
; iii   ..pcrVititJu 'across ilfcV/Golii iiescTtSJ
; Tu; ���'������o'ii'rry Hie iKccsiar}"7, iii.sia'1 '��������� 7\v��rk j
';.a".i!.d- Avis: 1>oth  i)vci .gnd ;foii;yciig;i!;i;:d ;
i|ii;i::idl;cy-i,age;>;  ^rjlj i]:,;-.  uscdr    it  wi:!i|
She-nScftssary lev vs.iirpl'.y the largcsi:!;
iaifpfoucs carrying" several: .ton*    -H:>rS
��������� . ftorg' distances .to ira'n^,p.��rt; thr licayrj:
V'VMi-'iUag iistin ^;o,:S;'sii't;'.^rtiohs:r.i-rt!ie -^irchrHs:   iovxiriX
Ivc-t    .S:iV..->VtrcIrIa'.n'd.v';i''^'t'^^
thisu-und jiicn-rSaiidjs'-r^17'-11^^^^ wifl-sooii
;,b.OA>'';tf|i:ijdo^ X>>    ilong
;pa:in::r.'C.iii':es,;:fiv'c;-thovv��;u^ .'t'hrj.l Kong. y;hcresth^g:iw!l..bc:.asscsp
Make Big Reeord
n(;ctim'.;v\';iih ;.fs..
iir :f.recentXf'iy
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.... ?'-r-:avi'ds-t th.c-:!no?(5e'nt.r.o
Virti' ���jii^iSV'iit.:
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;���;yXiyy-xy :y(yrc.X:py>x\ ot; tl.
,;^yXcXXiX-pXlyX-ifi l'-Jt}ii}i
XXXXpXX'X?...'s.'.r':jiice��;_::!,. XX
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RSSS ra.!;f;;:.I..-S?:S<:'r
s ;i,.. z. r t X: :i oXryxx-
V.prompl.. .Jtrrival
cs i'i i a I c-ii als S visim
;S;l;l):c rpayincnit
;h Ii..dv; Ij'vli'rj ^ t'.ii nV.'SJ 1
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Minard'Srr^iriinTcrit,:: Giires,sCbidS;setc.::
V':;rV^May,:vPccupys.'Gerrha'n7;'. Pprfs ^
rJsp ndohs XX- A lli a;v5se=sipir; of 'Viii?.7
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.s.ii'^-!4yV^'ti<'i!i':'.'.:'''.Vi .''i's.:-'.itv_i.:vil.e''''.':,tiiat:.'-);t-li't.''
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r, Co riling   t��.v
;��� ���:.::vSr:Siv<:;-:;g:sii.f:st'_'ayel!'cr5;;:'7.^
iijiiiSPprtii'gal rsfbe, i
If tliesSoajj is used for every^day
toilet purposes assisted by occasional
X,touches; of': Coticura; Ointment to first
rs^signs of:pirnples,' redness,..rougbness
;r'lpT dandruff; r'TJo not. cpnfounil these:
X frag-iantvj'feiper:: ���; creaniy;':semOllient3:
l^erous7 preparations7 urgedsaS'' substl^'V 1
Siunola Eath Fr����t fey M��il. A<idre9�� posi-
tard:   C����jcai��, 0:c|>t/''Nw Bestcm, O. S. A/��
deakrsttroughdut the WorkL:'*:S :.-���
Fripel Bolsncviki
���.���*--. ii;-:;iS'v:'i���.���ox:p.ci'l'tSil'.
Portsmouth, Ohio.^ I sultered from
irregularities, pains in my side and was
80 weak at times 1
could hardly  get
Sround to; do   my
work, and as I had
fqurv iii my family;
and three boarders
.it niado itTerv hard
; Pinkbam'a SrVcge-rr:
rtablo: Coinppu nd
���: was sTpcoinniendcdr:
and it has restorisd
Vrhy;;;hcnUH.:; v Jtrv'ja;'
ineciicine for: vrorr.an' s" ailxnehts.'������ t��� ever
������..:,    .;- ~ .:-     rv. rt:rv.",. ..,.., r   ��� ..   ���    ,S^J'^XMTB. ' - SAKA',' SBAW,   Ri.r?NO.��" 1^"
oand ot Russian Bolsheviks iollQwing-t'pQrtgm^u'i^^
3fjrs.s?hawvproyed the inerit ofvthis
the' example .of the French-andsSvis
autltoritie,s. ������'.Twenty;:.qi?tliosc: '.S'Scnf
gan'da whiicrbiing-cngagptt;ostensibly
a.9/.'lve.d.K0r6'sss::\vb.rker.3'.;;:V,.,.,.'; ...-.'��� i-:X :
XI::. A:n.Sivig:uiiif itts iss;3;;':>vQriiy. Xyi\i eih'o'd-
1 "*:'
���^���^ "r.
medicine and wrote this letter iabideir
that ��thei* safferirig women may find
relief a3vsbc.;didi':
Women wrho aresnfferingasshe was
should not drag along from day to day
witboTit giving this famous root ana
herb remedy, LydiaK PJnIihain's Vege-
��� ... ,��� ..= ,- - ���..���������,..-./,....>���,, ..-...:-.���. -   -������. ���.- -:.���������   'table Compound, 'a' trial.   For special
���   to Lydia E. PinkhamMedicine Co.,Lynn,
Vr .^ ;��� S;:K> rs��-^.^_^^ year*:.
^$$t��y?iniJ0^ .aervi^ s ���- ���
uX$iX;?xiyi!X^X>XixyXXXX xxXxwyxxtSi'r. 1.1UX1' si?4J:"''.    ���
���ii.��i.^fiJKJ:'y -���:'-".- .-a.M��rj{iyu!i^.r:"����,^A.|
t^^iX^y'ix-���'l>.i'.&*��!*-^''H<��� ��� -X'X ni, ,,X-:x:' .~5*
rmrti.y iS#S
"SHE    LEDGE,    GREENWOOD,    B.   0,
Berlin Will Retain
Troops for Safety j
Assets Increased by $10,000,000���Deposits Cain ��� Liquid Assets  H��-d Been Collected for   Threatened
Larg2& increased ��� Bank in Strong Position I Troubles in East
. . I     London.���-A German wireless nus-
I he. large increase in   -urrcnt loans I ..,,,. . ,.,.���- i  1, ,.      ���       ,,    .     n
���11     i .-   -       i >;itjc  lecctvcd  lice   savs   that  al   eiv-
will also  prove a  source  ot  satista:-J .,. ...  . ,   '
tion tu the directors and management : m;u,s ;vl]l" bc ^meu to del end Boras a further indication that tlic bankjhu. Gustave Xoskc, in charge of the
is doing a very large share in catering to the business requirements    of
The j-k'.t ar.nual report of the Union Bank of Canada, covering the year
ended November 30th, 19LS, shows
very striking progress. Possibly thc
first and most noticeable evidence ot
lhc growth of the-Bank is shown by
the $10,000,000 increase in total assets, which now amount to over $153,-
J00.000. As thc figures just quoted
cover 3,'war year, it is interesting to
note that during thc four years war
period the assets of this baiik have
increased by nearly $75,000,000. In
addition to thc largc increase in total
the communities served by its various branches. In 1917 current loans
amounted to less than $59,000,000, in
thc year just ended these totalled
over $74,000,000. The bank's conservatism is shown by marking down its
rcal estate holdings, other than bank
premises   to   $268,000;   its   mortgages
assets the bank shows-"gains    in  all  to $141,000; overdue debts to $327,000
other departments; net profits for tiie
ycar just ended amounting to $824,174
as compared with $763,463 for the
previous ycar. Thc net profits together with the balance of $106,000
carried forward from thc previous
ycar makes $930,000 available, for distribution. Dividends took $450,000, thc
sum of $200,000 was transferred to thc
rest account, $75,000 written off bank
premise.', account and-$10,000 contributed to thc officers' pension fund. In
addition to that various patriotic, and
charitable, appeals wcrc supported to
the extent of ncarlv $20,000, while
war tax took $50,000', leaving $126,000
to be carried forward.
A feature worthy of continent is
thc large note circulation of thc bank,
amounting to over $12,134,000 which
is one of the largest in proportion to
. capital of any Canadian bank and
furnishes striking evidence of thc
confidence placed iu the Union Bank
and of the profitable nature of its
connections. Interest hearing deposits stand at $68,437,000, ' while
non-interest bearing deposits amount
to $58,805,000. Total deposits amount
to $127,242,000 and show a gain of
$10,000,000 over thc figures for 1917.
and bank premises $1,237,000.
lt is, however, in regard to quickly
available assets that the bank makes
its most remarkable showing; these
amount to $72,368,000 and bear a very
government's defensive measures delivered a speech in front of thc foreign office, thanking thc troops for
what thcy have accomplished. He
said troops had been collected for
threatened troubles iu the cast, but
thcy had been employed in Berlin instead.
He added lhat as soon as Berlin
was normal, the troops -would" be
sent to their original destination but
a sufficient number would bc retained
to safeguard thc elections    for     thc
high   proportion   to   the  bank's   total  assembly.   Thc speaker concluded bv
liabilities to the public.    Of thc liquid
assets,   gold    and     Dominion     notes
amount  to  over $16,000,000,  deposits
in the central gold reserve $7,800,000,
notes of other banks    $763,000,     and   jono  everything   to  protect
cheques   on   other  banks    $3,817,000.
Other  items   making   up   lhc   quickly
available assets afc, balances due bv
banks in Canada, $92,000, and abroad
$2,933,000, Dominion and    Provincial
securities    total   _ $12,527,000,     while
municipal  securities  amount  to  $15,
I German Officials
Recommend Trial
STio timo to cheek Rheumatism, i��
at the very first symptom*. Gia
fills save days of needless torture.
60e. a lox at all dealers,     va
German Raider Jailed
saying thc German government had Paris. ��� A French court martial
not forgotten for an instant its duty' Las sentenced to imprisonment for
to its brethren  in  the east and    had'life   the   German   named   Holts      and
Austrian  named  Kanmelich,  who
the  future  security      and
against Polish despotism.
them  in'the
The Oil of the People.���Many oils
have comc and gone, but Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric  Oil  continues  to    maintain
720,000, railway and other bonds held, its position and increase its sphere of
by the bank amount to $2,501,000. > usefulness each ycar. Its sterling
Call and short loans in Canada to qualities havc brought it to the front
$6,508,000, and call and short loans I and kept it there, and it can truly bc
abroad to $3,3S9;000. | called thc oil of the people.    Thous-
All  together  thc  report  shows  in-  ands havc benefited by it and would
in 1917 attempted to invade French
Sommaliland from Abyssinia at the
J head of a force of native troops. Molls
was secretary of the German legation
in Abyssinia and Kannelich was his
assistant. French troops put to flight
the native force and took the. leader;;
Have Proved Kaiser One of Principal
War Makers
Berne. ��� A German commission
appointed to determine the former
kaiser's responsibility for the war has
officially recommended that he be
brought to trial, according to information received from Berlin. The recommendation was presented by Herr
Krautzsky, who was appointed by
lhc present German government to
direct examination of documents in
thc archives of tbe foreign office.
"Marginal notes in the kaiser's own
hand writing on the most important
papers in the foreign oflice proves he
was one of the. principal war makers." Krautzsky said, "It is necessary to bring him before a tribunal."
crease in net earnings, in total deposits, in current loans, in liquid assets, and in total assets, the whole
furnishing conclusive evidence that
the year 1918 was an exceedingly satisfactory one in so far as thc Union
Bank was concerned.
use no other preparation.
Suffering from
���lassitude, low spirits and
loss of appetite will find renewed strength, brighter
looks, better health and
clearer complexionsbyusing
Beecham's Pills. They give
you the very help you need,
and are a natural aid to the
stomach, liver, bowels and
blood. Gentle and positive
in action, without any disagreeable .after-effects���Use
are worth a
guinea a box
Direction ef Spc'til Vila* ts Wouun are witk Et*ij Bos
SeUoninriKXc.  laboia, 25 canto.
Norway Asserts Claim
Will Ask Peace Conference to Award
Them Spitzbergen
Chrisliania, Norway. ��� It is reported that the Norwegian government will present its claim to Suitz-
bcrgen at the peace conference and
the people strongly support it. The.
Norwegians discovered the islands in
the time of King Svcrrc Sigurdson,
iin 1200, and gave thc land the namc
of Svalbard of Cold Mountain, by
which name thcy have always been
known by tbe Norwegians. In 1600
thc Dutch found their way to these
islands and called them  Spitzbergen.
Norwegians assert that they havc
always carried on hunting, whaling
and fishing there to a greater extent
than any other nation and that thcy
havc worked thc mines and produced
coal for export. Thcy now have the
largest mining works there and Norway is geographically nearest to
them. Through thc last century this
country has repeatedly asserted ils
claim.to Spitzbergen as Norwegian
territory. As a seafaring nation accustomed to hard conditions of ��� life
thc Norwegians arc especially fit for
settling  there.
Negotiate for Crop Sale
Ottawa. ��� Negotiations for the
sale of the 1919 wheat crop arc under
way in London between Canadian
representatives aud- the British authorities. Official advices, so far, do not
convey word of a definite agrccm
having been reached.
J. A. Maharg, M.P., of Moose Jaw,
and Dr. Magill, of Winnipeg, arc
;now overseas, approved by thc Do-
' minion government as special representatives of agricultural interests.
Thcy arc co-operating with Sir Robert Borden and his colleagues with a
view to a satisfactory arrangement
with the British government.
To Asthma Sufferers. Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy comes like
a helping hand to a sinking swimmer.
It gives new life and hope by curing
his trouble���something he has come
to believe impossible. Us benefit is
loo evident to bc questioned���it is its
own best argument���ils own best advertisement. If you suffer from
asthma get this time-lried remedy and
find help like thousands of others.
Another Jap Delegate
Victoria. ��� On board tlic liner
Fushimi Maru, from thc Far Fast is
Baron Kempee Kondon, president and
managing director of the. Nippon Yu-
scn Kaisha, who is on his May to
Europe as a delegate to the peace
conference at  Versailles.
Canada Now Has the Opportunity toj FAIN TING   SPELLS
" To guard the baby against colds
nothing can equal Baby's Own Tablets. Thc Tablets arc a mild laxative
that will keep the little one's slom-
"jach and bowels working regularly. It
1 is a recognized fact thai where" lhe.
stomach and bowels arc in good ord- , .
er lhat colds will not exist; that the (worship over press messages
health of lhc little one will bc good
and that he will thrive and be happy
and good-natured. The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at 25 cents a box from Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine  Co., Brockviile,  Ont.
Holloway's Corn Cure    takes
corn  out by  the  roots.    Try  it
prove it.
Mob Attacks
Arsenal at Lima
Lima, Peru, ��� A mob of strikers
attacked thc arsenal here but wcrc
driven off by thc troops. There were
also many small encounters between
No Censorship on Press Messages
London. ��� The. Briiish  foreign oflice announced thai the    government
does not intend to exercise any cen-
the peace conference. It states that
it has also received a similar assurance from the French government.
England is Overstocked
Orders for Canadian Meat are to Bc
Ottawa. ��� Thc Briiish    authorities   in   Ncw  York  report  that   they
havc  official  information   that   orders
When the Kidneys
Went Wrong
The Back Ached Severely and There
Was Trouble From  Dizzy
Spells���Had to Quit
Rounlhwaitc, Man., Jan. 22.���To bc
- j0 i ycars owmg
for Canadian meat arc to bc stopped   forewarned is  to bc forearmed,
as reported in  the press.    The infor-jknow ^symptoms  of    kidney    dc-
, . ,     ,      '       , , .    rangemeuts   and the  best method of
malion, which  thc    packers    have  is  ln:atinent  may  enable you to
from' private sources. much  suffering  and  to "greatly
It is intimated" that thc ministrv of  long your life,
food in Loudon  fully realize  the'dif-1     Mr- Stevenson    found    lhat    back
ficult position whicli  would  arise    it
Make Her Export Position
The war stimulated the export
trade in Canadian live stock products
to a degree, deemed well nigh impossible five years ago. Exports of beef
increased 6795fA, of bacon and pork
products 571%. Total exports of live
stock products in the fiscal ycar ending March 31, 1918, were valued al
$172,7-13,081 as compared to $53,3-19,'-
119 in 1914.
Canada has the opportunity of
holding this trade and increasing it,
for our meat products Avon a splendid reputation in Europe during thc
war, aud Canada is in the position of
the favored nation.
The price of feed has been high,
and llic cost of producing live stock
has beeu correspondingly high. But
the market price of finished animals
bas also been high. The. price may
decline gradually, but the price of
feed will decline also, and tbe percentage of profit to tlic fanner should
thus remain about thc same. Indeed,
if tlic cost of feed declines first, the
profit, of the farmer will be increased.
1. E. Brcthonr of Burford. Ont.,
who won thc first prize for export
bacon hogs a! lhc winter fair at
Guelph, says that with the relative
prices of feed and bacon then pertaining, there  was a good profit.
"With standard k-ad at $.v a ton
aud hogs at $16, live weight, i make
a profit of over 20?r,'' said Mr. Brcthonr. "It is thc profit that counts,
not the selling price, and profit depends upon thc rdalion of the price
of feed to the market price of lhe
finished animal.''
Mr. Herbert Hoover, chief oi the-
United Slates food .administration,
who is at present in 'Europe investigating conditions at first band, cables
as follows:
"Every pound or pork products we
can export before next July, Europe
will need, and as soon as the. ini.ial
chaos of the sudden economic change
from war to armistice can bc overcome there -will be  over-demands."
Authorities sa3' that tbis demand in
thc case of beef, even more than that
of pork,  will  bc abnormal  for many
to the fact that Europe
Those feelings of .faiuApats, tfiosc
weak, "all gone" sinking sensations,
which come over some people from
time to time, are warnings that must
not go unheeded.
They mean an extremely weakened
condition of the heart and a disordered nervous system.
When the system is in this condition there is no time for delay. One
fainting spell ma}r bc recovered from
���will the next? One dizzy, spell
may pass off, but thc next may bc
more serious. '
Those who arc tvise will start-taking Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills,
before their case becomes deep rooted and perhaps hopeless.
Thcy will act directly on the disordered heart aud weakened nervous
system and restore ��� them to full
strength  and  vigor.
Miss Mary McCoy, Algoma Mills,
Ont., writes:���"I was awfully troubled with fainting and weak spells, and
I could never get any doctor's medicines lo help me. One day a fiicnd
of mine was at thc house when J
took one of those spells, and shc got
me a box of Milburn's Heart and
Nerve I'ills. That was six ycars ago,
and from that day lo this I have never had any of those spells. I would
r.qt bc without your pills for any
money, and can highly recommend
them to any one."
- Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills
are 50c a box at all dealers, or mailed direct on receipt of price by The
T. Milbtiru Co., Limited, Toronto,
Germany Should
Not Know Details
ache    became so bad that lie    could
not   turn   in   bed,   and   had   to    quit
Canadian   orders   were   stopped     but j work  entirely.   Other   symptoms   are
strikers  and  troops  throughout     the j thc position in   England is  that  thcy i headache,   dryness  and   harshness   of
ire. seriously over-stocked and   have  l.hc skl."'  P!����f��l and frequent urina
ls estimated to be short of over 115,-
000,000 head of live stock, of which
28,000,000 represent cattle, irreplaceable iu less than five ycars.
Appendicitis and Liquoritis
Prince Ratibor Leaves Spain
Madrid. ��� Prince Ratibor and thc
city. The strikers made an unsuccessful attempt to burn the Callo railway station.
Hotel employees joined the strike
and virtually all the hotels and restaurants arc closed. The food problem ���-. threatened', to become serious.
Communication with Morocha, where
the  copper miners  struck,  when     a
difficulties in dealing with tlic 'quantities going forward. The whole
question is now in the hands of the
iiitcr-allicd food council in London.
Very strong representations ''on the
subjects haye been cabled by the acting . prime  minister.:
f\m mx umzm
. Baby may- fc ick nnd splash as he pleases;���..-:
the surface, smooth as a porcelain tub,
will never scratch or hurt liim.   Keeps
the water warm, too.
makes an ideal bath-tub for tlie little
tots. It is safe, convenient and easy to
handle. Wooden tub*become splintery;
metal radiates heat quirhlj', and is too
cold ortoo hottnt'.ietoiirh. Vour dealer
lias this light, convenient, economical,
double-purpose tub. Yon will be highly
pleased with it. .
The E. B. Eddy Co. Limited
HULL, Canada
���A'sj Makers af the Fatitaui
Eddy Matches. C��
chief  members  of  the  German    cm- .Sonera!      strike ' \" was        proclaimed
bassy "staff left    for    Germany,    via throughout the republic, has been in-
France and Switzerland.    There was  terruptcd.
no  demonstration  at  the    departure,
which remained unnoticed.
'X Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund money if 1'AZO OINTMENT fails to ciire'Sttching, Blind._ Bleeding or l'roli'udiiiK l'i!i.'s. *S: Stops Jrritatmn.;���
Soothe*Sand Heal-i,7;������'���'XVou, can, fcet re.siful
sleep....after the lirst, implication.:,".Trice 60c:
x'-'xyi- Teuton Ship at Toulon
'��������� T6ulon,Vr:Frances:^- TheyAlistro-
Hungarian7 battleships S;ilzburg,7;V requisitioned by France, has arrived: at
this port.7 Shcsisrthc firstr^ncmysliip
to drop anchor in. French 'waters.  V
Minard's Liniment Cures   Garget
.-���',���  .CowS. x-l i-: XXi':x'y;.Xx
To Interest Men in Agriculture
Educational   Courses     Have     Been
Started and Lectures Given
German Expansion Cut Off       V
:S Paris. ���^German expansion '-Upward'
tlic vflaikan stales and sRii'ssia'-' vyil'l bt
effectual^, cut . off by, the -establish-:
���nicht of a new: "niittclctirOpa^Vstrctch-
tion, looseness and constipation of
the bowels alternating, dropsical
swelling of the limbs, feelings ol"
fatigue, nnd'pains and aches through
the body and limbs..
It is  now  generally 'conceded  that I
Dr.   Chase's  Kidney-Liver   Pills    are'
the "'most, satisfactory  treatment  .-��� obtainable'.-'- ���   Vou, will  find  plenty    of
proof inVrthcrlctters ��� appearing    fro:iv
lime to time: in this 'paper. ������:'.
Mr.    George ���  Stevenson, y'llotintli-,.
waite, -,., Man.,'������ writes: '-..:���' "For    seven
months-   F, sniftered   : from  :  kidnev
i trouble, backache : and    dizzy
..and  could "-get's'iip relief, s.-s.My, ��� Vuy.v-r,
:v'Tours,- France V-^v VA���'������ ''backVto  tlic '��� ached so; severely yiha't 1,1 could hot
land"', service Jias ��� been started 'among i '��rn in bed, and filially -I had:; to quit
j works,-..;. One day  I   rcceiycd,:a>cOpy
' of; V)X: Chaser's Almanac  through the
the American soldiers under the: aus
pices of the: gardening service 'wfythc;
il,  andV after  reading .how yiiiglily
expedition; iiir'a.h,iieipalibn of thcS-iu-S; Diss Chase's  Kidiiey-LiycrV Pills  were
terior-depart!^ ;gayesthem a: trial,
soldiers ion  farms v.it-homes SrEdlica
I shad V tried..'.! various s-olher; pills and
.-������    r ,     ,,   ,., ���..-;,���   i ���      , ,.,       , ....      ,        ,        i remedies-; with Vnos effect1 whatever,
ing: front: the  Aicditcrrancau::to  : tlic r fional courses ; have    already   V nccii i |)Ut i^j,^^^^^!,,]^ s�� sfartccl iisinir  Dr.
��� Balltc!S;iis.>y��issr^
: SThessuccess r6f.;Y Ih-'eiu^^
The Pain and Loss    and    Shame  of
This Terrible Evil
Once  upon  a  time   the  body    became sick; and the pain was very severe.    One  after another its    members, said, "The cause is not in inc."
After careful examination the trouble
was located in the. appendix, and the
surgeon said, "It must be removed,"
But- the appendix, raised: : it    fearful
howl, protesting that it was an out-
rageSatid: declariilg"its belief in--personal rights,''    11 yrgiied, s'T aiu X av
turns, I mernbe-r Of V'this'..vbody,-'- you liavc V no:
back. r.iglit''..'1.0-..'<lii.Miy^
just as I vpita'sc,''. 'The surgeon^ however;- was. firiif.;: and replied,: -'The
vvholenicmbcr is diseased,; You: arc
a" nieiiaccVlQ; tlic: other iheiubcrsS You
arcV.killihgVfhc wdiqlcs-body.'vVTlicrc ;is
only one -CQurs(vt6 pursfic. v:';Vdii must
be 'rentoved/'vaiidv'forthwillivvh
ceededv ;to - ".'cut votit V tip, .and Srqo t V the
diseasedva:hd rotting'member.}
Problem of Relations Between Delegates and Press is Delicate
Paris. ��� "Thc problem of thc relations between the peace delegates
und the press, that is, between thc
governments and the. public opinion,
is made particularly delicate," says
tlhc Temps, by the following considerations:
"Oa one hand, equality of treat- .
ment by press of all countries must
be assured. As thc United States and
Great Britain arc reluctant to im-.
pose, restrictions on their newspapers,
the only course is lo allow the wid-
est tolerance, to all.
"On the    other hand, it    would bc
harmful to  lay bare  to    tho    enemy
government  differences     of    opinion
which must inevitably arise in    discussions  between  delegations.      The.
very essence of every debate is    that
j contradictions    should    arise.      Such
j contradictions   will  assuredly   be   rc-
f concilcd, but it would bc very unfov-
i Innate that Germany should know thc
details day by day and seek to make'
capital out of them."
��� ���me.;
I Country: have, been Uniccd - to.-':
The Death Warrant Delivered
No defence can be offered when
you apply Putnam's to a sore corn���
lhc offender has lo die. Nothing so
certain to quickly cure corns as Putnam's Corn and Wart Fxtractor; try
Putnam's, it's free from acids, and
painless. 25r bottles sold by all \
Mitch.'.s'bf .rt.heY
���������������! ,x ��� .--.:���.   ���-.-i-���:������ ..i   .,.::,.-    -.-..���.   -..-.: r ���  , r, o hnn i   J-)f. vt^hase's/Kiducy-Liver -.''Pills,, one I trouble,  ihsaiiitvv.and : criiric  in :; this
of Grecccnisrcachuigran^^;  a s.��. ,."'s��V��^: -uiu,. euju*. ,m    ,ruus
wdf liSr Serbia, VPoumania,vthcrCzccbo-r
Slovaks and v.hc   Tugo-SkivsS-sregaril- Uuidcrr Icas^ , sPhercsa:rcsimitatioiis,s:but
ing :
; Express Regard for Canadians
London. ������ A movement is afoot ii
Buxton, 'the   beautiful   little     J)eiby-j
shire town  where r.o many  Canadian j
wounded ami incapacitated have btvti j
cared for,  io'"gi\e public iix.pr��-.-sio:i |
to the feeling lhat wc arc grateful- ior:
the excellent  behavior .and    manage-j
iiicnt of the  troop*."      Public   . i-.- r-:
tnce is made to the  nianncr.-in   ,v''    ': j
Canadian ofiic* rs  havi- endeavored   to
ill ten:*!. tin.- inhabitants in  lb.-, tro-.'p-.. i
by sports and h.ospiialiiy.; ���    !
English Mail by
Airship in 1920
Flight Across Atlantic Will Be   Accomplished in May
���'London.'��� General  Brancker, who
is giying up his post as master general of personnel in  tlu- air -ministry
to.."devote   his : time .  lo   '.commercial
aviation,  in  an .interview'    with :  !hc
Daily   Lxpress  asserted   thai  a  flight
across   the: Atlantic -probably    would
be accomplished' in  _\lay.    lie  added
! that the tiii> was-feasiblc-ai the ores-
! cut .-moment', as  there  were three    of
; four  lyp'i-'-.  of      airplanes      available
future policv, laid rllicr fouiidas!   vThcrservWcV consists-of VtliirtVVofi
,       ,,   ., :Xi xiX.':������'.r . '..-I.; SSr-rr,,...,-,: _���������-',, ::.-:-��� '..-.-���'.'..., -..-:���.-'...'." ���.;���������.������,     K/hase, .jl.'D. -r-arerron'::everV:,:bOxr:ot-
tor  tlic   Balkan     coniederation re ers ; ands WOSiucn  under' t..;apt;,rJohn | ^jj^jj-, >    ��� SV - r":s x.i.x
aud established  thc  soiithcriv-portrionS'Co
oi this "miliclcuropa." iyXX'������riqr.>;'in'U:lie.'SHib^ XrfX:iRe&i-.-S'ister-Murdcrcdv-'S.^ is',-77-
Negoliations    arc    nowrjjrpcccdiiigi versity7 ;itr Blooii^^^
successfully for the purpose of Hniiigsby: KehybnSVButterneldj sprcsidcht":.',61 j';ijierS'��ost;''.ra,ctiye's vofr-U'bo-'V;7.Spartacan
up Poland    for the    northern section ;vthcr;��Massachiisettisr-rAgrvad
of the block.    Consummation of this Vjcgc  atsAmhcrs^-:'^
plan would thus constitute a barrier;1
against whirl'. Teutonic aspirations;J
would  be  pow t rless.
���jycriivVrtlicsfirst Vi)^
Aincricav:'tos:,a'rrivc>rnt": Frattce.Sr ;,Avcrc:;s^
vcseorlcd rto'Sthcsc.arri''ps:;:by:, Ljcii
'ktnl'VH.' ���'^���"'^v^"?'"^1'^^ --.'���-:.'- r,x-y ���'���::'��� xxy-y-'Xy:: xxy
ouivVVof V;:f h;cv v^-iti^
capable  in", making     the
Employ German Prisoners
Paris. ��� The cabinet decided that
German war prisoners henceforth
should bc employed in reconstruction
work in the -.liberated districts. Thc
measures ndopti-d provide that a minimum: of .ViO.Otli) will be. ���working- in
the devastated  regions  b
General.f'rackner said lhe time was
not far distant when airplanes would
bc owned ami driven a< automobiles
arc'-today.;. j
The  Evening  News  says  a  regular;
airship mail service b<. tween  F.nrdnnd !
���       ���     ' . -. ' ' ' . ��� '
and. the  United   States    dijrhu
March 20. I summer of 1020 ib regarded
!tain bv.'. airship builders.
Minard's: Liniment Cures ��iphthtrfia.
May Establish Republic
London. ���.A despatch to thc Daily
Mail from.-'Luxemburg:,., says that the
Grand  Duchess  of   Luxemburg  abdi:
catcd  and .that '.tlu;"pppulntio'iv'n'u'rn-
j be ring:' -
.: to.. tvhet
lie . csl-al
IOO/bVi, ^ as
her one or
io   the   !'!
.-. i
y; divide.] 'as
An unequalled Soda
Serve when and how
you will.
���Salted or Plain
���Instriped packages
North West Biscuit
Co. Limited
:-. Edmonton        ".   Regina
V Saskatoon    .       Calgary
- Vancouver
_ X tio. V.-1S2.: -
: '���)'; I iXiXXiXx Suburb; '��� S,arrduhded:'s;ss.::v:v:^:��
;liV'S':l-ivrli:nVssVVS:VY. rl";:^''l��^n:l:,^l':-triVir..jis.,Vh-:ts:
L; rbi-cilrVt brOxSii'SSviroii'ii "dv-ll icv'ssul'li rb:S-ro:f
V.-lydusl'rlalr section��;<:'.'
V r,f i-),r;St !|cV;pU:,r:i*os:::rV''o i
for;". Is
:j>l a cc.'s for:- v;-a)l
^ttoiftroi;; :i.-i;.:-;Ui,ii.
;wv).rKs;..-, one -m- ;i
JriVSV.Sli'itOhg:   flic
i'voii:il fo-rCSvimS
jitiorniitg.   Siniil
Siriijl Usst*.- strSl:
For-a; lOngStinic: thcsCnhadiait people
suffered virom: "liquoritis;" '������. Mothers,
bnsi!icss^V:nien,;v;i]iaiiufactiirOrs,r.lifcv Insurance ���.ni'.ciij'; leaders in ;thc arm}- and
tiayy ��� sSvitli.: Von c ,v voice , .;���: e ri ed ��� "cu t
o'tit.";'r���.'"���N.jt;sq','.! -say:--tli
ii f a ci! tli re f-s. ; V,":l  bei i cvt;; '���'..' sin ���'���:' per
rights." '��������� 'i"XXXXXXxr'' sav's; ���'��� ther-r.sli^uorvi
politiciitn;;; *-Tlic:li<tnoyb
all iWi_cl^.VtV>i> Pfetr-Ul C-Vi ii:V.officC.'':rr.r'lispt',
'.so;,'*'VVSsays; -;th:c.: ''jii.t\ysi>:i��i;^r;sV::.'-'S(wSvii:
WcXXXiX'-' '-i 'MsXjXfioi nXiXyirXXirXiXlyXXX.
l';;,i i.ns'goi'iigs't o.Vristi^i-irj.'sS-d s'b'cli c ���v'e/s.in's.ii'tT'
���iVr'-:S-W'i;'.l;s;.;iitr- .:;il.!-'^'^-:i,.:^^VrM:'^Xv:r7 -L >'"!'sii';:^^;u:0''v- i:;vr
.v'iiigVbod y So fslb eV'^
_    ��� ���V's!i':tiriL?'.-'i'v>:.fWilvj^i'V''1{-..or-rit
���>%\rr ' ��� f  --'':--^^---: X ���" '.a'''-- V-       ' 'r- --'::������;;.:������ rr:--'.",---..-rr������:���:::-- ���::::::::
'r*'^'iy>''y:'''i^i'^N''>^:>=^'i:'oV Vand'
2&:;--���KX^x'XXr'XxXxXX: 'Xx'x ix-xr-ix. v:v:rSS":^v;',:V':��vSVss;.S''Vv��V;'V:;r..vr'-:: :;.:���:���;���'
'Hx.yixr X ys XyX: X: X.X Xxx"' xi'iwtXiXXiiXiX^iXXXXyXX'XXXXiX^^XXXX;
. .  ,.   ,-...   .       rvwoni'chV' \\dlo'���':h':ivcsuscd������r;.l)oc���tor;:;Pleree���:s.:;:,:':���^f-^���^':v:':'v''''''V'������r V���Vsi.vS^s;:'''*rr���V:���-^::sS:'::V���;:S.'���:';l���r:Sv
Restrictions Disappearing
Stocks of Food in London   are Increasing Daily
London. ��� England's war time
food restrictions arc slowly but gradually disappearing. Early in thc new-
year the sugar rations were raised to
12 ounces. Lard is obtainable without coupons; all restrictions arc .removed- from making and selling sweet
pastries and cakes, as well as restrict
tionson .afternoon .teas "in restaurants"
, and vfcav shops. ^ F'urcy bread is still..
forbidden; -but::'.'white'.:.bread : iss now
supi>licdV'in hotels- and private houses,
���Avh ile.-., white: flour'is : obtainable al-
most^iuiywlicre.v r-,v
r ;Stocks:Vof: .food" in London Vnrc i""
creasing daily.sMorcVtlia.it 40,000.tons
of \vhcat ilrc ruiidcr discharge at the
docks;;meat, is arriving;:by;"the ship-
loatl; .thousands of box.es of oranges,
nutss^rid:apples arc' arriving, arid
iiiorcsarC'Vafloat. vVr;:;S;':'."-'r'S '.���";
VVr,Teavvapnears Vto-hc riu -grealer: supt
pljV thansdeniaiid,v.ahd-people are .belt j;iiig7;iirged-to: buy.:.Sugar-stocks    in
liquor; inan-  London alone arcv20,000 tons in pub- .
sonalllicv nnds^O.QOOton? :in, private; Avarc-
X; PlernyvVofScxcrcisc-helps :;to^'^-p^
(���:x:C^sivC'rfalrics__;-:in:rbro.od -SOws. ������ Ar-,
:rangc:pens,:Vfccdstrdiiglisrand: sleepihgv
quarters "so: that .soinc exercise must
.i,vi,:i;it^S ;in.il.rVSifr'i V
Vis.-'iC'Si ori'.yu,-:
ii.C nio
Sl;; .riulical ���'..���bb.'d'i
1 'if liii r . prolcta fi aii s ,-
ys >rk ':��� iir -:\-\'cdhe>dUy
if: SictiiSrt-iflsSi: TUit ,;;;!
'��� xX .vh'r.- ������r.i:i-1-M':i".;v' ''<'',Xx-
iSh:' ������������p^r.iu.'i.UVc'i'iiJVr
':. l'>rpartiricht.Vo.i
Xx    XX,i
Crisis-in  Portugal
1 ,;i-^l,"S)i:..'.:-���.������-: Tl'tc   IVu'tiigticsv .t;i
Vnt, i'cfii-:ed .t.'i-J ii'v.-.e.tf(ia:t"c'.'..'\v.'ilji''.'
j rifid Ion .... ..  .   ....    . ...	
ISslifp.' v6h'Vr';y'Sv-o:ii'��7ri>'yr?trcitf:tli.' .���''Kyp'TvjSi.-tij-i'i'r's'
r wonjan should rinakevhcrselftitr . .......
vVoidl  atrshohicSoi-:7, abroad':; rMhorV^hoiildri^bats'by lcp:!,s.la.tiye":eii:icl;)n<-ii't
y<ibtain; :.a: vlvoak':;-: yollcd7 :il��_i: '*:^feilical
;: ;Vdviscri"':"..,'��� cither ''aK.'/'herr:iil^rcst ydhifj
iStdrcVor'l.yV^cndmg '$(.V-<>niKef-ft;'t;. sfjiihps to.,
:XY>n.Piciyy,.- .vAmtt'>vfiglit''-hsv, Brjdgcburgy-
'������'   ! 0nl.,V:fiir --VliB lvookSjvhi^h-tcllsv abftuts
:'y^vursiiiir,  lfaivdkgmg^sViiatoniyr, t1-y_,ir>lTS.
,.. ,.y.egy.;r'Xia:ri:i:ijrev . ..-
\xiv-1 :���* Th��.)!l'i..?siv-:j:s' of weiiicti- in-Csn-yia. 'haye'-:
rcvO'yoy^yiisyslieirpu^criiigs. find 1;a vc ibe'en---'
��� ���'- r^r.
!C : ,"Oi).':..
.. ���RefuscdrG.^birie'tr Office ':,,'��� ... i
ifidoH. ;^;1^;fc:phyiiS\V:;n7H!.i XXXyrrX
raS rcfuscd':'io7'Siyc<'yt; his,. :i:i;.pri;iS:.- ���'
cyy. ;*���;;���-��� v ��� y.y.
Trotzky V Revives ,0-d: Law;s:'
miliary; 1
:lu:ti6iiiyts;'SWiUv .:vsy-.t|t'e!ivpt!rig XX 'X'
si a 1 _,.- as"v,ra diyaL sniisistry. V . Tlicrev.'}ya:?
.iicy- rftghting.vbtitrrsy:o:1y<!>i^Vtic>ri;S:iyof j;pjp^:^:r p^a|0  j^
goycrntuciifMfoppy (���ofitipu'e'if. ;It tbe] _---.-���������������
rebels' iXiilXX.. '-i;5-i:i,:hd;CT.���:i!hr*Jii:dii;io,y:-..j
cured' lyX'. \>':::".n?*n^yi1,'^..- XXl :Pgs Pisycc's
Fayori t yr lyycM X pt iomv!y>ol X hy.. df'ii^i^ig;
.inyliqiiid-7 or.,.- tablets';,. V^ondrvDf. Ay: i^tir
"''''"' '' " '"���"'���''���   *'" x' slOciior triar.pkg.i
'Chaiharn-.-'jpnl'i. ���t.'.'I:.
it S,w,aS
vysOOyKaiedyin rrRidtss
������ sik'e,yr;d��?��?1"dei;s 'XXX)X
y ordingy toyddvicy s
p^'Sdepartsrien;ts -;; O f
���; r-s-ceiv? si;.:feat hi erit
V':s'-yTri"y^i<lc.H!'-:i7iy'yii:y iXX^TdXy-(Xi'XXiXy
box' yypi'C?c.iU.ati:v.cs y ;'iriytiie;; VgSvCiui-- j-
ihchv -rvpl'viiriyd rb.y.....premiers -vXdciyd]-
t;cii_;g:ej,,y:ympayc.iytO;:yign:( ������ is "   ihe }'
'lVtcvlOV:S'yailiiiirnis:i'rat:i';"'i3:;";yX::Xy. . yX
:SSm. rvteT^-.^iilid- ;in<i��p��J-.
-"':t^;adil ;tiy TFi-onirrtriti-S
':y-*:her�� ;i>a': hav.? fv-iitiil '
Srs^li'-yinyjy vSrii.e.Pr^',':
:,��� *cr;pt iori.'...;.^flf'r .nWthS,:
S rrhS.vi Si;y'TO'iMy T.oi :"������
���;��� pro'^Vy';:;;,! *-ii��i!i'\r'..'my. | 	
>��� "tr-enst !���,;,-��I -ys vvf-ry, ���;;; i-S'S cu;. jarpi ing:. ,3 s:- py -many n t
SyVeik- aria;Spyv:o\uSiil8<>;iS:" ' -���������������������
��� ^flii.r&StrrrSb-pr;: <-x\?yr
;.IX was: "y-Srys: r,-iis^'ralile
:):n<];'-th;itVvVtihyutspl*TitySQf ���' Iis
Xy. \;X:l]
'./il<ys'i,:.e<i.''"5��.-..;.'',B?-4T'-k �� d' ��V
,_.......,.            Slid gaii>h(!<i:pM':b"tt!ifV';
���tri��P.t.ttp.iM'Bt*;*ci3,��,��S.fon5pii;te!}': ?%-<"iici my
eouffi ipcl:it:h-y:it',ni;erKT>'in.a:eC::-<i -'Bfal-.h'
���Z( IS  pi^OT
���v I 'iXX -ii
'F��*orite ��� Pr'saCTiptior.'r.if. Cns-.
S,C��W.'"rrJ<>��..,,:G*'VS -If a
'*i#<t'y-ir.': :*'lbi '-
��� vraviwz:' Y��X'
W.     N.     U.     J2+- ��� ��fg��fJL> ������l^nifjir?6T^|
1 a ycar strictly in advance,  or $2.50
ii nol paid for three months.    If not
'. for until the end of the year it is $3
always ��2.50 a year to  the  United
es in advance.
Editor and Financier.'
.Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices       7 00
ijsiray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more; than one claim ap-
"j*ars ir notice, J5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent' insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
t hat the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
British Columbia Mine Output Gains Last Year
The value of minerals produced
in British Columbia during 191S
was $-il,0S3,093, according to a
preliminary estimate at Victoria.
This is an increase of $4,072,701
over the production of 1917, equivalent to 11 per cent.
The production of 1918 has been
exceeded but ouce, in 1916, when
it was 842,290,402, an increase of
2 per cent.
The copper yield in 1918 was
G3,.387,610 pounds, an increase of
4,379,445 pounds over 1917. The
value in 1918 was 815,681,946, as
compared with ��16,038,256 in
1917, the decrease in value resulting from a lower average price in
1918 The increase in production
was 7 4 per cent and the decrease
in value 8356,310.
The estimated production of lead
in 191S was 43,949,681 pounds,
valued at 82,944,627, as compared
with 37,307,465 pounds, valued at
The zinc output was 36,149,894
pounds in 191S, as compared with
<ii.S4S,513 iu 1917, a decrease of
5.69S.619 in 1918.
The estimated quantity of silver
Tv.otfuced. in 1918 was 2,8S6,S61
���''c-:uicos, as compared with .2,929,-
516 ounces in 1917. The higher
market price increased the value
by $336,371 in 1918.
The placer gold produced in; 1913
is valued at 830S.000, as compared
. with $496,000 in 1917, and.the
lode gold. $3,250,895 in 1918, as
compared with $2,367,190 in 1917,
an increase of 38S3,705.in 1918.7
The estimated production of
coal in '19 IS was .2,572,811 gross
tons, an increase of 174,069 tons
over 1917. The coke production
in 1918 was 190,656 tons in -191.8,
. an. increase   tf 30,751   tons  over
��� ."ipi7.   '������: ..;...;:-
Red Cross Expenditures
-Detailed account of-expenditures for
Red Cross, January 9, rgiS to January 10,
1919.. '
Rent for Kennedy's and Masonic
��� :..��������� Hall....... :............,. $   51-00
puel ,,............, ........      11 00
S Material, wool, flannelette, etc...    751 32
Music for Dances       7500
Printing 'and advertising......... ..      17^0
Telephone, for Secretary       18 95
Janitor, cleaning room, washing
. dishes, etc        79=
Express oil ice-cream & material     3165
Ice Cream ........     27030
". Y. M. C. A.     181 68
Navy League       75 00
Armenian Relief .....;.......   .. 25 oo
Halifax Relief ...;���'_'..:'...;.,Xi'25 00
Prisoners of War Fund...............     56 05
Gauze for Masks.X. ..../......:......    22 30
Leslie Grossmith, Concert       50 00
School Sports. ;.....".:'.'���   2500
. Stamps and postage on Christmas :;.
parcels .-..:....... r
Rent for pianos ._.   .;.........;
.. Christinas parcels for soldiers '....:-'
. .Secretary's salary for 1917������'..-.'.;X.iyr.
Secretary's salary for 1918 .xr.r.X.X
Gulley;fbr fixing windowr;;..:.::;..
. -.P 3nrns'&:QoX'X.X---XXXi---.XX-X
Green wood G rocery ..:.;; XX. Xy .Xy
Palace Livery moving piano".;.... ;
A Very Close Game
Phoenix Hockey team visited the
Greenwood Rink on Friday evening and proved victorious over the
local boys by a score of 2-0. With
Hugh Nelson back on tlie team the
Greenwood boys kept Phoenix
busy all through the game and it
was only when the last period was
half finished that tho visitors
opened the 'scoring. Greenwood
had the edge on their opponents
during the ?econd period aud had
not "Bones" sustained an injury
to his right shoulder, just before
the interval there was a chance
that the home team would have
been in the lead. Phoenix has a
well-balanced team, all last years
players being available this season.
Greenwood team includes four
players who were juniors last
season, but all of them show promise of developing into real good
stick-handlers and great credit^
due to every one on the team for
the fine showing they made against
such strong opponents. Another
game is arranged for Friday evening, Jan. 31st and the boys look
forward to a record crowd to boost
for them.
The Dominion of Canada
Returns From the Front
Geo. P. C. Ellis of the 72nd
Battalion was visiting Mr. and
Mrs. H."R. Bidder for a few days
this week. Geo. arrived in Vancouver on Saturday on the Empress of Asia, via the Panama
Canal. At Colon lhe only stop
the vessel made, the American
gave the Canadians a grand reception. Thev were also well received at Victoria and Vancouver.
Geo. was iu some of the heavy
fighting last fall and received a
bullet wound iu the leg, which
put him out of the struggle. He
was in au English hospital for
some time where he recovered
from the wound; He left on
Wednesday for Kimberley where
his mother, resides.
at $4.00 each
during this month
And will redeem them for $5 each
on Jan. 1st, 1924
Every dollar will bc worth more.
W-S.S. can be registered
against  loss
25    cents    each
exchangeable for one W-S.S.
Optometrist and Graduate Optician, certified by Provincial Board of Examiners.
At my place near Bridesville,
B C, since August last, a yearling roan heifer with no visible
brand. Owner can recover same
bv paying for advertisement and
feed bill.
Bridesville, B.C.
In the Matter of thc Estate of George McLaren,
deceased, and in the Matter of the Administration Act.
The Latest Rumor
Take notice tli.it by Ortljr of His Honor J.
R, Brmvn, Local Judire of tlie Supremo Court,
made ilie Hid day of Jamnry, 1'H1). I was
appointed Administrator of tlie Estate of the
said George McLaren, di.-ceafcd; and all parties
linviui; claims ajraiust the said Estate are
herd), inquired to'furnish same, pronerly verified, to me on or before the 21st day of February. 191'): and nil parties indebted to the said
Kstate are rei|ured to pay the amount of their
indebtedness io me forthwith.
Dated llie 2i> day of Jiuiuarv, 1919.
Official Administrator for the
.Greenwood Electoral Division.
JL  "R LOAT is not a periodic- j,
J*   "    al.    It is a book con- J^
***  taining 86 illustrations all ***
4��  told,  and is    filled    with V
������ sketches   and   stories   of ��j��
,���� western lie.    It telle how ����>
t^ a gambler cashed in after ^
T the flush days of Sandon ; "T
***  how it rained in New Den- ***
^  ver  long after  Noah  was <y
IT  dead; how a parson took a ��$*
"��* drink   at  Bear    Lake   in ����.
4* early   days;   how    justice ^
��5��   was dealt in Kaslo in '93; T
��V how the  saloon  man out- j*
1^  prayed the women in Kala- "r
T  mazoo, and graphically de- ��$��
"**  picts the   roamings   of   a g����
���fc"'western editor among   the j.
Rossland Assessment
Peace Is Here
��� / Everybody will want to celebrate and unless
you have the Flu you can't do it in the old fashioned
way. But we can all cerebrate with a good
New Year.and anticipating this we will have a ship/
ment arrive in a few days oi Everything thats good
all the trimmings for a good old holiday feed,
If an increase in Business of more than Double
is a sign of Square Deals and reasonable prices we
are all there,   Come over and see for yourself.
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building    ,    -       -       -,        Myncaster, B.C.
NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance with the Statutes, that all assessed
taxes levied under the "Taxation Act"
and the "Public Schools Act" are now
due and payable for tbe year 1919-
All taxes collectable for tbe Rossland
Assessment; District and tbe Rural Scbool
Districts of Anaconda, Annable, Boundary Falls, Carson, Cascade, Castlegar,
Christina Lake, Deadwood, Eholt, Fife,
Gilpin, Kettle Valley Midway, .North
Kettle River and Renata, are due and
payable at my office, situate at the Courthouse, in the City of Rossland.
This notice, in term of law, is equivalent to a personal demand by me upon
all persons liable for taxes.
Dated at Rossland, B. C, this 24th
day of January, 1919.
Collector for tlie Rossland
Assessment District
S��^��^��^��^��^��^��^��^��^S��^��^��^&^�����S&^��^SS4S��^&^S^S& 4&&&4Z&5H&4
S & CO.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
aud Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.    *
?X:T A:\1LND--lBY
In a recent issue of the Piiuce
Rupert Weekly News the following
appeared. Evidently the writer
of this article does not know much
about the Boundary.
"There are persistent rumors
going around to the effect that the
Granby Company will develop tbe
copper deposits up the Ecstall
river. It is said that now that
the Phoenix smelter is closed the
plant will be moved from that town
to a point on the coast opposite, the
copper deposit and the smelter, and
town be built on salt water. It is
understood; that the company ah
ready has had a survey made of a
routa by which they can reach the
coast, which it is thought .-will- be
more conyient. than bringing, the
ore out by way of the Ej_.si.aih. Xo
matter what the location of the
smelter, it will be near enough to
Prince Rupert for tbin town to profit considerably by it.
Don't Stop
'When someone .stops advertisinjf,
Someone stops buying.
Wlieri someone stops buying,
Someone stops selling.
When someone slops selling-,-
Someone stops making,
When someone stops making,
Someone stops earn ing-.
Everybody stops buying.   .L
Keep going.--'.- iiXXr
''.'' -. Expend it u res ;. ........
-Balance in Bapk'.r.-r.'.:.:'.....
Total receipts	
The Red Cross workers made and ship-
pod 873 articles to Red Cross station,
The Red Cross wish to thank the Central War Fund for two cheques$37.75 arJd
Pre-cniiition now confined to surve ""'
lands only.
Records will be granted covcririK o:ilv
Ifiiid   suitnbtc   :'or. ;iyHe:i!Lur:il   pui,;>n--i-.-.
. ;ii;d ivl-.iili is !!Or.-tiiiil)or I.mmI.
I'urir.ori-Iiip 'pre-oinptionK al"-!!sl;^'i
bill parlies, of not more 1l1n.11 four Ui.'y
arranxu for- adjacent pro-eii'ip;io:i.'\ will-
Joint residence, but'CMcii-iiiakinjf s.!.���<���.-���.<-
ziiiry improvement:; oirrrKpirciive c!::.!;ii>;.
Pre-emptor;-; niu.st occupy elana.-; i"-ir
five year:- and make iniprovemu:;:..- P..
value of. ?10 per acre, includi:-*; cloaritiy
���and cultivation'of'at least 5. uurc:.', before receiving Crcnvn-Oraut,
. Where prc-em'ptor 'in occupation not
less tliajj :i years, and has' mado-propnr-
��� tionate ini'pi'OvenieutH, ho may, because
of ill-ln-allli or other: cause,' lie BTanted.
intermedial - ' ������'"". ���''-'o* improvement
and iviin^fc-i iX..> c.a...i. . ���'���."''.'
'. JlO'.-rr'.",: viiil-i^'tit ;::���:���:;:������ :���_������;���������! y. ���'������'��� ���-ca.-'
maybe' r:-::i:��!d pi'ovidcd applw-ai!'! ;. 1.1 V:r,-:;
improvements i.o o^Ser-it <>f ^i-.'1) -pi -r -:in-
liiim and record.-* same c-i'.eh v, ir...Failure to make impro. cine:.'..- >:��� record,
ffiliio. will operate as' forfeit; ���'. :. .Title
���Cannot be ohl'aii.c'.l -on Ihesi-.. .laim:-: ;!:'.
less than 5 years, with impivvemeats of
5.10. per acre, includin.;.; 5 acros cle.'ii-ed
atid cultivated, and rcsidoiiee of al
least -2 years.
Pre-emptor -holdii's'.Crown ("rant may-
record another ..pre-emption-,' if. lie.ro-.
'quires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, pro-
\ided .statutory impi-bvements made and
residence .maintained on Crown granted
land.��  -. .
Uns.urveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as hnrnesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For giftzinff and industrial purposes,
.are'sts exceedinp CIO acres may. be leased
by one i.erson or company.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The.time
within which tho heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act is extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as. formei-ly, until one year after the
conclusion of tho present war. This
privilege Is also made; retroactive,.
Provision Is made for the grant, to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements tb Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
coyer iu proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment jointly. If It is not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, ah allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands In the locality mav be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from  the Crown  has agreed  to    .	
sell are also protected. The decision of 5^
the Minister of'Lands In respect to the I 5^
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
Is final. The time for making application for these allotments Is limited to
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this. date. :will not he
. considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and lands 0/ the Crow/i-sold
a.t_j?ubliQ auction �� . : -. : ���
y: For information apply ..to: any : Provincial Goverimient Agent pr to ^���y.y^rXyXy'?
-.'���'��� Deputy -'Minister of. Lands, >"���������
^4, or lNeison ana a rumuuuu
T of the Silver King mine.
***''In   it are   printed    three
^ western poems, and dozens ^
T of articles   too   numerous T
���*   tn montinn.      Send for one   ^*
...... *
world.     Address   all   let
ters to
to mention.     Send for one
���3* before it is too late.    The
��j��. price   is   25   cents,  post-
��|��  paid to aiiy part: of   the
* R. T. Lowery *
4�� ��� ���  *
4��     GREENWOOD, B. O.     ��f>
Send a $1 to The Ledge and
get!0 different copies of Ldwerj's
NOTICE is lierebv given that application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia at its next
Session on behalf of The Cascade Water Power
& Light Companv Limited, a Company incorporated bv the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia under Chap. 51,
Statutes of B. C. 1897, for an Act to be entituled
"The Cascade Water Power & Light Company
Limited Aet 1897, Amendment Act 1918," giving
it power to reduce its capital from timo to time
as it may see fit by vote of a majority iu value
of the shareholders present or represented by
oroxy at a meeting called for that purpose, and
also confirming the reduction of capital heretofore made by the Company on or about tbe 6th
November, 1907, and also changing the time of
the holding of the Company's ordiuary General meeting from the third Wednesday in
July in each year io the third Wednesday in
October in each year, or on such other date in
each year as the Directors may from time to
timedetermine upon; and also empowering tbe
Directors of the Company to make bylaws,
rules and regulations to be observed by all persons using the water, electricity or electrical
appliances or other property of the company:
also rules and regulations for maintenance of
the Company's undertaking and for the collfC-
tion of rates fbr electricity or water supply and
rents for electrical lines and appliances let. for
Uire.and for fixing the time or times when,
and the place or places where the same shall be
payable, and iu case of default of payment to
provide remedies for enforcing the pa3-ment
thereof; and for such further and Incidental
powers as may be necessary.
Dated at Victoria, B.C., this 9th day of
December, 1918.
v  Solicitors for thc Applicant.
t B.C.
��g��  The only up/to/date Hotel in the inter ior,   First-class
���S��                                 in every respect,
4�� Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in  4s
All  the   latest   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -       -   B.C.
The Iyedge is $2 a year iu
advance. When not paid for
three months it is $2.50, and
when paid at end of "year it is $3.
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric lighted.
RATES 31.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains aid Boats.
���Economy andSatisfaction ||
combined with Promptness J��
are the features which go to Jf
make up the Service we give |f
our customers. Are you ff
one of them? . . =��
It takes brains'tabecarefnl.,;''  .;
Fine   feat hers . make   expensive
hate. .
Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
(Ruled or Plain)   :', ;..;   ..33
Envelopes, Billheads;   5       11
XyiXx^All Sizes) 'X:iXXiXx;y:.iXxiiXXxx:X:xX\ix:XiXXx;;xzS
Statements,!Business Cards, 3
Posters,  Dodgers^ &c^, c?:c. 3
Gorillas a?e clubs  when  attaek-J^- npr^   t��*Atnrk*
ing elephants. | ^     i HC   _LjC|UgC
Five    million   pounds   of   corn!���� GREENWOOD
meal  a month is  being consumed !
by the army. j
Jofc Printing: b^artnierit   3
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
The making of even the most ordinary, telephone call in- ������
volves a partnership of,-it least three persons.
The effectiveness of the service depends on the degree of
team-play existing; between these three partners���the person
calling-, who co-operates by consulting the directory and calling
In- number always; the operator, by making the connection
quickly, courteously and with the maximum : degree of human
.     accuracy; and the person called, by answering promptly.
. - The greatest satisfaction of service is attained when the
second partner, the operator, is accorded the same consider-
ation and courtesy which she.Js. always anxious to show the
other two members of the partnership.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assiay)
jr.oo. Go.id-Silver (duplicate assay)
fr.50. Silver-Lead $1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc $3.00. Charges foroth��r metals etc
on application.
Leading Tailor of fehe Kootenays.
���   xXXx'xsiELSdX, "B.-C;Xx'i'x
���':.."���   MINING'-
,;'BROKERHv^;:- x.y
. Gb'ou^.   a.dv:ertisic^>has. saved
many  a town   and ^district ;frbm
3?i e.&r\y:de!rthXXx.iiXiXXiriy ;:,.'Xxii,
Culamcen Rokl
One of the largest hotels in
the icity. Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
A. O. JOHNSON   ���;-���- PROP.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
OrovHIe Trains
Autos For Hire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
WX iEi. :��� DOCKSTEADER,' Pfop. j
.\^OId'^hewspapers-:-'.'for'':''saIe   at
TheXedgeoffice.;: Xy Get ;some.be-
Xfoie ithey are allgpne. -


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