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The Ledge Feb 27, 1919

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^ v
Vol.   XXV.
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
|     Stock Reducing Sale of Teas     |
H Dessia Golden Tips 80c. Liptons Choice Ceylon 80c |f
��f Deki Julia 65c ||
���� EMPRESS,   MALKIN'S   BEST,   NABOB   70c or 21bS for $1.35 3
5~i BRAIDS BEST at 65c    ^ 3
��: BLUE RIBBON l-21b pkee   35c.      BLUE RIBBON lib ulcjre  65c ~3
��= BLUE RIBBON 31b tins  $185.      BLUE RIBBON 51b tins $3.00 3
����    Choice Bulk Tea 60c ��er lb.      Choice Spider Lee Tea 70c 3
| Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN      |
8~ Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ^
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each,
60 Watts
100   ������
200   "
*   *   $1.25 each
2,00 ��
3,50 ��
����   *   ��*
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
e,  Fire, Health and
ReaI.Estate, Ranches and
Mining Broker
Charles King
GREENWOOD.        - B. C.
Gloves, Mitts, Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
MIDWAY      -      -      B.C.
Dealer In'/.
Orders Promptly Filled
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and qjost comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample"rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches,*and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ii
a. m. All -welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. in., testimonial meetings willbe
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Around Home
Yankee   Girl  miue   near
Forks will  soon   resume
Eli Plecash arrived from Spokane on Tuesday.
G. A. Rendell is on a business
trip to Edgewood.
At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
Mrs. M. Hunter, of Chicago, is
visiting her daughter Mrs, J.
A Soldiers friend is Dad O'Dell
at the Province Hotel, Grand
Born.���To Mr. and Mrs. H.
T. Clark, of Greenwood, on February 20, a son.
Mr. and Mrs.- Paddy George
and family have taken up their
residence in Nelson.
Oscar Lachmund, metallurgical
engineer of Spokane, is spending
a few days in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Matthews
are in the Grand Forks hos-
pital with influenza.
Full line of fresh bulk, pure
sugar chocolates just in. At
Goodeve's Drug store. .   '
After an absence of four years,
Angus McDonald returned to
Phoenix from the States.
Dick Heilscher has returned to
Midway from serving with the
Canadian army, overseas.
We have receiyed a fresh lot
of Christies Fancy Biscuits and
Soda Biscuits in tins, G. A.
The Kettle River Club {Dance
at Riverside Hall, Rock Creek,
ha$-.been postponed froin Feb. 28,��
to March 7.
A new shipment of white and
coloured flanelettes, sheeting,
sheets and pillow cases at Rendell's Store.
Mrs. F. L. Peterson went to
Grand Forks last week on account
of the illness of her sister, Mrs.
Sam Matthews.
Just in, a shipment of prints,
lawns, nainsooks. White cottons
for underwear, etc. G. A. Rendell, Greenwood.
Mis& Sutherland, a deaconess
of   the   Presbyterian    churh   is
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors, Garage in connection.
You can get a bargain in
envelopes at The Ledge office.
Get a Float for 25 cents at
The Ledge office, and send to
your friends iii order to cheer
them during the dark days of
the winter,
are  now   plentiful   in
Cement ships are being built at
San Diegt>.    	
Hundreds of men are being discharged from the navy and army
in California.
A French army band is playing
here. All the members saw service in France.
Fred Burns still lives in San
Diego. He sold his interest in the
Brewster Hofeel five years ago.
Aboufe every fifteen minutes
somebody sings or plays the Star
Spangled Banner in San Diego.
The 65feh coast; artillery has returned from France, and fehe event
was the cause of greafe celebration
in San Diego.
Southern California has had fehis
month several Blight earthquakes.
Floods have done much damage in
fehe northern part of the state.
Owing to epidemic of rabie3
nearly all the dogs in Tia Juana
have been shot or poisoned. A
Mexican boy died in convulsions,
a few hours after he was bitten by
a mad dog.
Owing to fehe Flu and an unpopular president the Canadian
Society in San' Diego has gone to
pieces, and no longer holds any
dances or concerts.
Banking Service
VOUR banking requirements may
��� be entrusted to this Bank with
every confidence that careful and
efficient service \ will be rendered.
��� Ourfacilities are} entirely at your x:x
disposal. X X'yX' -.rXiXxi-iXxi;xxXxyi'xixyxx
For Sale
/^Improved Ranche, 68 acres, 25
cleared, one mile from Greenwood
and four from.Phoenix. For particulars apply owner; Wm. Jenks,
Box 393, Greenwood; B.C.XxXxX:-
Greenwood Branch     L. E. Brawders, Manager
i,:.:;MONU;MENTAl';CO.v LTO.
spending a few weeks' in town,
and is the guest or"Mrs. George
It is reported that Pte W.
Hadfield, a former resident of
Greenwood and Phoenix has died
in Palestine. He was with the
Railway Corps in the Holy Land.
Make your own. Oranges and
Grape Fruit at a price that reduces considerably the cost of
your marmalade.    G. A. Rendell.
The Ledge is $2 a year in
advance.' When not paid for
three months it is $2.50, and
when paid at end of year it is $3.
Lahce-Corporal Norman Shaw
returned to Vancouver on Thursday last. Norman was wounded
last fall and was in a hospital in
England when the armistice was
Grand St. Patrick's Ball under
the auspices of Pythian Sister
Temple No. 12, in Masonic Dance
Hall, Monday, March 17. Bush's
orchestra. Hot chicken supper to
be served at 10:30.
The Women's Institu'e of Rock
Creek, will hold a Sale of Work,
on March 29th, beginning at 2
p. m.,  refreshments to be served
by the, ladies and a splendid display of work for sale.
On ., Saturday^;;evening, afte*
skating, a number of young people
went to the home-of Mrs.: G/&
Taylor;X'? where;��� ,they : spent- -^
very pleasant time: y The affair
was in honor of Miss Vera Red-
path who is visiting in the city.
Refreshments were served soon
after the arrival of the skaters,
after which a number of games
were played. In the kitchen
guessing competition Creighton
McCutcheon   was    the-; J winner..
The force at Camp Kearney has
been reduced to 3000 soldiers. The
21st Infantry of regulars has been
sent to Vancouver, Wash,, affeer
being stationed here for many
It is proposed feo have a law in
California to close stores, etc., on
Sunday in California. If ife passes
it will be agains fehe law to sell
bread on Sundays, but not-cigars,
ice-cream or candy. Such fool
laws would indicate that the world
is going crazy. Perhaps ife is
caused by fehe planets. If so, we
should pass a law feo prohibit fehe
planets from butting into our
No. 33
Western News
Corp. J. D. Hunter, one of the
original fifteen who started for
the training camp at Valcartier,
from Grand Forks oa Aug. 27,
1914, returned to that city from
overseas on Thursday evening.
Miss Drever met with an
accident on Wednesday: last,
when she had her hip broken.
She was taken to the hospital in
Grand Forks by F. L. Peterson,
who made journey to that city iu
his auto, going by way of Midway.
"The Saturday Evening Post"
for less than five cents a copy
$2 50 a year. ''The Country
Gentlemen" for less than four
cents a copy $1.75 a year. Including postage. A. R. Dorais,
Authorized Agent, 632 Broadway West, Vancouver, B.C.
T. S. Knight, teller in the
Canadian Bank of Commerce,
leaves on Saturday evening for
his home in Vancouver, where he
will spend a three weeks' holiday,
after which he will go to Phoenix where he has been transferred. H. M. Glazbrook, of
Vancouver, arrived on Wednesday and has taken Mr, Knight's
position. ���'"':: 7v' \;.
xiCadet :WvE^ Jackson, _Vson of
John:R. J Jackson^ ��� returned to
Midway last week from overseas.
Cadet Jackson enlisted with the
Railway -Corpsi/three years ago,:
but after serving in France for
some time!, he transferred to the
Royal Air Force and when the
armistice was signed, was in
training in England to become a
flyer.'";;: ���
Two Dauphin men received $102
for four wolf pelts.
Revelstoke fire brigade has been
organized for 21 years.
The Canadian budget for 1919
will total $450,000,000.
Agricultural high schools are being established in Alberta.
Large quantities of U. S. and
Alberta eggs are sold in Nelson.
The Great War Veterans of Nelson are raising money to form a
F. A. McKenzie, a war correspondent, is on a lecture tour of the
��� The Penticton Fish and Game
Protective association has beeu
fully organized.
Police courfe fines in Nelson fell
of a matter of 84,000 comparing
1918 with the preceding year.
A horned owl, measuring six
feet from tip to tip of wings was
shot near Crystal City, Man.
Partly due to daylight saving income from fehe electric light plant
at Nelson laBt year was ��6,000 less
than in 1917.
Baseball was played and a
garden palyed at Medicine Hat on
Jan. 23. The thermometer registered 70 degrees.
The vacancy on the Penticton
council has been filled by the appointment of Murdoch Nicholson
to the council of that town.
White tail deer are getting scarce
in East Kootenay and it may be
necessary to establish a close
season for a couple of years.
J.'K. Batchelder, superintendent
of the refinery aft the Trail smelter,
died on February 22, of influenza,
after about a three weeks' illness.
Dr. David Warnock, has been
appointed deputy minister of agriculture, recently rendered vacant
by fehe retirement of W.  E. Scott.
Twelve enlisted men of the U. S.
army   who   arrived   at   Newport
News as stowaways were sent back
feo   France  for   court-martial    as
The death occurred in Penticton
on February- 12 of Ella Francis
Silver McDougall, wife of R. J.
McDougall, of the Penticton Herald and Princeton Star.
According to official figures, the
total number of Americans thafe
have taken up residence in Alberta
since 1905, inoluding five months
of fehe fiscal year 1918-19, reaches
In Greater Vancouver since the
outbreak of Flu something like
1000 deaths occurred, bufe the grip
of the epidemic has been lessened
since the first of the month, according to figures registered with
the government.
New Brunswick possesses' the
only sardine fishery in Canada. It
is carried on in the waters of
PaBsamaquoddy Bay and around
the Islands in the Bay of Fundy.
The fish are really young herring,
called sardines when canned.
Lieut.-General Sir Robert Baden-
Powell, chief scout and founder of
fehe Boy Scouts association, will
visit Canada during the month of
May next, accompanied by Lady
Baden-Powell, who is chief guide
of fehe girls branch of the Girl
Guides association.
Mining News
����� The Victory mine, of Smithers,
recently shipped 15 ton's of ore to
fehe Trail smelter.
The concentrator for the Rock
Candy mine, up the North Fork,
is nearing completion.
From February S to February 14,
the Trail smelter received 1140
tons of ore from the Emma
near Eholfe.
A second shift has been added
feo the crew developing the property
of the Colville 'Valley Coal company at Valley, .Wash., and the
employment of a larger number of
men within two months is rumored.
The Cork-Province Mines has
arranged for a loan of '820,000, of
which S12.000 is to be used for the
cancellation of anMndebtedness and
$8,000 for a workiDg'capital, says
a Nelson, report. The remaining
S8,000j"s regarded as sufficient to
maintain operations until May or
June,'when it is believed the shipment of ore will be resumed.
The Victoria Colonist says:
"The Horn Silver is the largest
gold-silver mine in British Columbia, and work has been going on
there for three years. While
development has been carried oufe
at the same time the mine has paid
well, producing 45 cars of ore,
which was shipped to the smelter
at Grand Forks." The Horn Silver is situated near Keremeos.
"Copper mining is now firmly
established as the most important
form of mining in the province,"
says W. F. Robertson, provincial
mineralogist. "In 1918 the value
of the copper mined in fehe province exceeded by over $4,000,000
the combined values of all metals
mined, and ife formed 38 per cent
of the total value of the mineral
produetien for the year."
The Deer Creek Mining company has completed fehe installation
of a 125-ton mill and will begin
operations as soon as water is
available for febe generation of
power, says a Lewisfeon, ' Idaho,
report. The mill was installed at
a cost of $125,000 and takes.the
place of a plant destroyed in 1916.
It is equipped for amalgamation,
concentration and flotation. The
values are in gold, silver and copper. The property is on Deer
creek nine miles from Forest.
The Kootenay Gold Exploration
company, which operated the
Granite-Poorman mine, is expected
shortly to resume operations says
the Nelson News. The company
which is composed of Spokane.
Butte and New York mining men.
has deposited ��1,000 in 'a Nelson
bank towards paying of local creditors and has offered to deposife
SI,000 monthly until they are paid
off. J. J. Malone of Nelson is
liquidator for the old Kootenay
Gold Mining company, jj.. which
bonded the mine to the Koofeeuay
Gold Exploration company.    . :jXx��
iiwiiiiii.in,M.iiiii.in:i;,i:^,n.':,:.,i..| ;  .. i��i  -.-n ...I J<^_X/     .* ^N. <-,
Notice how the cost-- arid the;
cash value--of the; stamp;advances each month until ��� on the
1st day of January,1924/the
Dominion of Canada is pledged
to pay $5.00 for each W-S.S.
J THE    XEBG&    OBEE22WOODL    B.   &
W% 'Asserts Submarine
fir-tfiilfc i ^riTiiinrift,-fl^-T""ra~ ���   ������'-
Wiil Ensure Peace
Engineer     Saya     Abolition i
Would Leave Cruiser Supreme
1'ari-?.       Cri'.ici/.iii:.-;     the     alle��vd
\;i:,',!<>-.\irt.T.w'.i_ idea of abolishm;.1:
lhc subm/uine irom the world, tin;
(._��� I;;i11or11   L''r;iM-h   . n;;ii!-.\:i'      M.   I.uu-
Easilv   a-id   Qr.:
I Doi:
A! I
'rop vs.
r hopelessU
ays 4ii:u   v. llnou
i'0'ii'h l.-u-.-y w'.:i\\d
o   lhc  Aiujlo-Saxon
submarine,   lie  maintains,  i.s
:;>:;:;is  ol   counUT-bataiioiui;
r  u;   uio   cruiser   and   its  a
would leave Ihe cruiser supremo.
nu-nt  that submarine  W arte iiiouh!  bo  forbidden bee.'ittsc tho
'.ionnvins  misused   it,   says     _N1.   I.nu-
o.im! ���  in-   reduced     to   ab-
Forecast  Victory for Portuguese
1'aris. -��� Complete vice ;y for lhe
V.irtugT.Ov.; r.-n:-l/lii:;tn forces within
i short time was (o i'.--~af->. in dij'ioma-
!ic circles here.
Slroii;... republican force-; are ��.;'at!i-
���-���rinif in the northern provinces,
where Ine monarchists s'.ill hold out,
while th.e blockade on Uie sea ports
controlled by the royalists is stiffening. The government at Lisbon considers     there    are  cuoimh   troops   al-
on  the
Japs Will Restore
Siberian. Railway
continues     i he! War   Minister   Cortcrcal
rinan     ���r.biii.i- ! Xit Lisbon     for the
useful  in  legitimate naval''.'astro    ami    other
!l  as   in  illeKiiivi:tl>:  al- I cabin..!   are   ,-���>:;.ccU'd  to
���:ank  lice  Ln^li-li cmis-j ~
Ireueh.  aud   four    J'n-llsh ! Minard's Liniment Cures  Diphtheria.
���red   ci'iu'vcr-,   three   Frond'     and
Italian   cruiser-,  and als
liie    in
ar:;i!ii:-       lhat      artillery j situation    v.ithout
n be   forbidden  because  the , petitionary  force
misused     it  in  iiriu;;     {--as ' 'his placed at tho <
i'.   truth
lhat.   th.e
tiie :
ex- ;
Gen.  Roc.-.-;
s    disposal, i
��� as   already |
fr��� iitt.    .President ���
ineiubc is  of  th.e j
follow   soon
Paints Gloomy Future
Horlii!. ��� The Weimar correspondent of the Lokal An-
ucigcr reports thai Prussian
Minister of Finance Sucdcktim,
:n U'.o co'iifi of a "discussion
v*iUi th.e financial ministers of
tlic federated slates, painted an
extremely gloomy economic future   for   Germany.
Herr Suedekum is reported
to have said that Germany
would bc obliged lo havc assistance; that a .state of bankruptcy was imminent ar.d that
affairs might reach the stage
-when each individual would be
compelled to in'vc up the major
share of his income to thc
state, being permitted to retain only enough to cover most
urgent  needs.
O.r 1111j'i:.��� i ���. '     "���'��� \   -���iniiKU.n.i!  W iiuni.i.n )
To   Assist     Russians    in     Regaining '
Normal Conditions j
Washington. ��� Acting Secreiary of!
.State   Polk aiiiioimcrd  that ilie  Unit-'
cd  States  hail  aceepte
of th.e Japanese  v'ovcrmiieut
gard.  te. plans  for  the  r'-.-tora.
railway .traffic  in  Siberia.
"Tbe purpose of thc ,i;ii\
Mr. Po'k's. statement said,
assist  ihe  Russians  in  Siberi;
niimbir  of aiiNiiiary   erni-e-'s,
f'oats  and  traii-,poi'i--..
Submarines, contends the i
expert, are 'he. only mea.Ub oi
ir:v.::c of .small nations aeainst
am! concludes; "'If the peace <
cm: c wishes to ensure v, orld peace
it i.ie^in by cdjolishini;' Goliath's
club and not David's slin;;\ li suh-
'-'���'= 'x>'. j marines are abolished let cruisers also
jbe abolished. Let our oelepates make
ment, t tiiis counter-proposition and see'hc-v
"is lo . ;t .,viH iJC received."
in  re- i
Want National Union
Headquarters Should Be at Winnipeg
Rather Than Ottawa
The remnants of a big prop;rai:i of
business  was  cleaned  up at  the  ses-
i   | sion of llic annua! convention of lhc
renchjii' China Should Make Public Secret, Western  Live Stock Union at Brando- i Treaties j . ������-       ,     r    .  ,. ���        ...
...    ,. ,        ,        . hion.    lor the. first tune since thc m-
yrent, I     Vvasluii.^ton. ���- Jajiau s .utitudc to-j
.uifcr-   ward
, i:ll,,o Japan Threatens
i t> M To Declare War
Germans Forced to Apologise
British Mission Scored   in   Incident
With Berlin Autocrats
Paris. ��� Thc Echo de Paris print.s
an account of n recent incident in
Berlin which tiii^in hiivc resulted in
) the withdrawal o.l tlie British prison'
ers' mission, IkkI an apology not been
offered by Count von Brockdorfl
Rantzati, the foreign minister.
According to the account, the chief
of the British mission for thc regulation of prisoners, found it necessary
lo havc a conversation with the foreign minister and proceeded to "WH-
helmstrasse and sent up his card to
Count von Brockdorit Rantzau. Thc
'secretary made his appearance and,
after excusing the foreign minister,
"However, you can tell me the object of your visit, and I shall refer
the matter to the secretary of state."
The Britisii officer declined this invitation and brought the interview
with thc junior official to an end. Im-
Here's ft chance to
prove to your own
satisfaction, and at
our expense,thatZam-
Cuk does end pain
���nd heal sores nnd
skin diseases.
Mail tbis advertisement and lc stan��p.
(for return postage) to
Zam-Buk Co., Dupont
St., Toronto, and wo
will send you free
- box*
First Boy���The last time I struck
niy little sister, I was ashamed of
myself  for a week or more.
Second Boy���You was?
First Boy���Yes. She yave mc. a
black eye tliat 1 carried for ten days.
  j mediately    afterward     he    informed
Poles and Huns to  Stop Fighting General    Duponl.    the French   cont-
Lomlon. ��� Thc allied governments imaudcr, of what had happened. Lat-
havc ordered thc Poies and Germans cr he drafted a telegram to Marshal
to .cease hostilities, according to | Foch, requesting that thc entire allied
newspaper reports received here from mission bc recalled.      This  despatch
ie  proposal! |
���ut    iu
gaining their normal conditions of
life, and have been readied upon a
definite understanding that thc railways are to be operated for the interests  of  tho people  of  Siberia.   The
Now Well and
Strong as Ever
After a Year of Great Suffering from
Kidney   Disease   and   Lame
Back���Two Interesting
���  . . , Lindale, Alta.,  Feb.  19.���It is only
Chinese    hastcrn    ts    concerned,   of aftcr sickness that one properly   ap-
United  Slates
Japan  have    ex
pressly voiced their disinterested purpose not lo infringe on any existing
right either of  Russia, or where the
ccption of the organization, five years
ago,   thc    presidency    has     changed
Dr. J.  G.  Rutherford
una  m   tne peace  coniereucc|
is causing grave apprehension among j
I hi: representatives of thc other as-1 hands. Dr. J. u. Kutiienora liavmg
soeialed powers. According to official | declared it was impossible for him to
diplomatic iv formation reaching here | occupy the chair for another ycar, he
Japan virtually has threatened war if was hoisted to the position of hon-
China makes public secret treaties jorary president, his successor in thc
between   the  two  countries and  fails ' chair being  Dr. Tolmie, of Victoria,
Berlin by way of Copenhagen.
to carry out an agreement to make
Japan the successor of Germany in
rights, property and concessions held
by  Germany at   the  outbreak  of  the
B. C. The stockmen placed themselves on record as in favor of the
formation of a national union, bnt
many were thc expressions made  to
Under  the  plan,  which  already
being put    into    effect.
.European war. China is relying upon; the effect that its headquarters should
the peace conference, where thc dele-ike  at  Winnipeg  rather  than  at  Ot-
gatcs are  said to have made  an  ex- j tawa.
cedent impression,    and    is    seeking
support  from  th.e  United States  and
Great  Britain.
Advices .from thc Orient through
diplomatic channels say American
Minister Rcinsch at Pekin, seeking to
'predates health.      Thc    writers     of
is j these  letters   show   how   they  appre-
.i,��� Q,l,.;.,1,lciatc the means whereby health    was, , .
, , L1 , ;re-ained, and recommend the usc of! reassure the Chinese foreign minis-
railway system, which, includes Uie|Dr Chase's Kidney-Liver Fills to i ter with statements ol" the friendship
Chinese Fasten railway, is to be sup-j others. j ,.,f the Ullilctl States government, was
Banished by the   Wonderful   Tonic
Powers of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills
In almost every case the victims of
crvised by an  inter-allied committee,!     If kidney disease is to bc cured ill     ,,, r,.,���ui., ,unt. ,i,��� [������;,���. m;,,:,,���u     " v     -"-. -, --'   "~f-
I must  be  taken  in  hand    early,    and jto!d fiank'y that lhc foreign minister ,ia  g���ppc,  influenza,  fevers    or  con..   _ ,
ilhat    is    why the warning given  by j ^  not  see  how  at  this   time     the'tag-ous troubles, are left weak, ailing kcop str;ctiy t0 thc application of-the.
with a Russian as chairman. In addi-
The  Kova  Scotia "Lumber   King"
"I consider MINARD'S LINIMENT the best LINIMKNT in use.
I got my foot badly jammed
lately. I bathed it well with MINARD'S LINIMENT and it vvas as
well as ever next day.
Yours very  truly,
Case oi' Fiume
Hard to Settle
Italians and Jugo-Slavs Both Entitled
To Possession
Paris. ��� 1 am able to state, says a
U.S. correspondent, that despite a
two-hour conversation with Premier
Orlando, President Wilson has not
changed his original view regarding
the dispute between the Italians *.id
Jugo-Slavs,    In other words, he   will
had hardly been handed in when
Count von Brockdorfl Rantzati sent
an urgent message to General Dupont, saying thc foreign ministry was
anxious to sec General Dupont in
person in order to apologise for what
had occurred.
"Helen,"    said    the    teacher,
you  tell  mc what a 'myth'  is?"
"Ycth,  ma'am,"  lisped   Helen,
itli a  woman  that  hath  not  got
huthband."���rPipe Progress.
A Pill for All Seasons.���Winter and
summer, in any latitude, whether in
torrid zone or Arctic temperature,
Parmelce's Vegetable Pills can be depended upon to do their work. The
dyspeptic will find them a friend always and should carry them with
hirn everywhere. _ They are made to
withstand any climate and are warranted to keep their freshness and
strength They do not grow stale, a
quality not possessed in many pills
now on thc market.
tion to Russia, Japan and the United
itain, France, Italj
asked   to bc  reprc
i backache,   headache   and   urinary  de-
States,    Great   Britain,   France,   Italy   rangements    should    be. heeded    and
and China havc
sen ted.
French Are Uneasy
Fear    That    Germans    May    Renew
treatment begun at once.
Mr. C. E. Raymus, Lindale, Alta'.,
writes: "I was a great sufferer from
kidney    disease    and    lame back for
one day told me of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills, and, acting upon
his   advice,   I   tried   them.       After   I
! United States or Great Britain could i���"! despondent after the disease   it- |pr;nc;,jles lai(l down in hi,
! diver,  A* .a,.**  ,o  ,���c  Ori=�� $ ,!;;��trS'S"!!c,rS,J0 i3 plUtci^Ti;,'" ,tousi
when    thc    l.uropean   situation    <^-(remain tired listless ami discou-aged.  reasons.    This steadfastness on    Mr.
manded  so much attention. (The   one and   only reason for this is}Wilson's part is the more interesting
When the Chinese peace delegates {tliat the blood  has been impoverish-[as jt ,)rcsages t]lc  attitude  hc    may
thc      disease  , , ,.       .,     ,-     . ,      , ,
take regarding the French    demands
more than a year.   A friend of mine  arrived in Paris, thc information now ixc,d W tlie ravage of
.   ^ithrough which the victim has passed.
'   .'l! Strength and full activity will not re-
available  discloses,  they  staled
their    copies   of    the secret   treaties j turn until thc blood has been restoi-
iad taken one box  1   felt better,  so'were stolen from their baggage while'cd to its normal condition. The blood
tans. ��� lhc demobilization of the j i continued until I had used live : t],cy WPrc I)a.sing thromrh Japan and',ca" bc c^iched anil purified by no
French army has not been st-sprcd-; boxes. Bv this time I felt as well I ._���..,.,,',,���;'.,.,. ty~ ���,Xn ������.,m\ ;n i��-t,l(,,i medicine 'as quickly and as
cd but is proceeding on scli^'-lc ac- ' and strong as ever, and am dad to ! <-��"^<luc"M> .t,!^ W01C ,un-lbI^.t0 surely as by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
cu,    in ,s piocLcmng on scmi...K, ac , j     n       Chase's      Kiilnrv-'""/    0llt  tlieir l>��rPosc ot    making ;T6" enrich  the  blood  and  strengthen
cording to a statement
Associated Press by a J
made  to  the
:'.nch official.
at the conference.
Since Marshal  Foch's    announcement'!     "f  know  Mr.   C.   F.
before, the armistice-commission that
the Germans could mobilize -2,000:000
men "in  six  weeks,   there -.has  been   a
feeling   of  uneasimss  expressed     by
thc French public.    Pessimistic virws
have been  openly discussed as    also
havc b
Liver Pills to anyone suffering as  I i them puhli
did.". .'      "   ���      !   'Officials-of    thc stat
....       t  Kaymn?,  /������� i declined  to  niake  any  formal
believe his    statement    in  reirara   to i .       ..,���,.
Dr. Chase's Kidncv-Liver Pills to be j mc,u on  Ulc  filiation,     fhc imprcs- , them  weak
true    and    correct."���-John    Torbett,: sion was given  that  the whole mat-
for ihe inclusion of thc Sarre basin
in Lorraine and the naturalization of
the left bank of thc Rhine.
It has been thc hope of thc Italian
'liberals that some compromise could
be reached on the subject of Fiume,
the  nerves is the  whole mission    of i but. none seems to have been brought
these puis, and thousands have found
department;  "��c ]��">������. *���   "o^aiios nave lounji   ou, ���p ,0 thc prcscnL Thc lr0llblc in
j them beneficial in bringing    strength j ���.
co"    iatid  energy  aftcr  disease    had      left   i'u""e
is   that two of the American
;md    run    down.      Miss! principles arc here in conflict.      Thc
Win Prizes
Saskatoon, Sask. ��� At the Saska-
:oon poultry show, with 2,000 utility
' ' rds exhibited, in the Black Leghorn classes, Graham Brothers, of
Edmonton, and Tom" Gibbs, of Moose
Jaw, took leading places. Rose Comb
|      Cause of
I   Early Old Age
v The celebrated Dr. Michenhoff,
? ��n authority on early old age, 7
f lays that it ia "caused by poison*  9
k generated   in   the   intestine."  4
L When your stomach digests food  ^
a properly it is^ibsorbed without   l
v forming poisonous matter.   Pol-  v
^ sons bring on early old age and
f premature death. IS to 30 drops
�� ot "Selgel'S Syrnp" after meals
& makes your digestion sound.- io
oi wntstyman-Knox Co., Montreal, P.Q. Pries60c
RrmfinDcr thf name as i�� miyhl nol be ��ecn again
Will Not Invade Russia
London. ��� Lord Curzon, president
of the council, said in thc house of
lords that none of the allies is prepared to invade Russia to cxtripate
the Bolsheviki. "It would have
meant a new war," he said, adding
that, as an alternative, the Prince's
Island conference was proposed.
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot be Curet!
b/ local applications, as tliey cannot reach
the diseased portion of " thc ear. There
is only one way to cure catarrhal deafness,
and that is by a constitutional remedy.
Catarrhal Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining oi
the Eustachian Tube. When this tube is
inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and wheu it is entirely closed,
Deafness is the result. Unless the inflammation can be reduced and this tube restored to
its normal condition, hearing will be des-
r �����l,^,���o at���i��� t ;.,,!������ ����� i\r��i��� i.j troyed forever. Many cases of deafness are
Leghorns, I*els -Linden, of Wetaski- caused   by   catarrh,   which is   an   inflamed
win, and K. PIT Thompson of- Strass
bourg; White Plymouth Rocks, H. K.
Gollnick, of Regina, and Mrs. J.
Spindlcy, of Vanscoy;"\Vhitc Wyandottes, J. McEachcrn, Grand Coulee,
Man., and Dr. S. A. Mcrkley, Edmonton.
Mr. Thomas Austin, Earl Grey,
Sask-', writes: "L wish to let you
kr.ow what Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills  did  for me.      Last su'm-
tcr was being; handled in  Paris.
Strangled with Asthma is the only
expression that seems to convey what
is endured from an attack of this
trouble.    The  reiicf  from  Dr.  J.   D.
; infill      wi..'.n.     cum        mil HUWII. 1VI15S    I"��'"l'i>"'    ���" -"    "*���*��.    �����'    *.v.ii��wi.l. A.H., ...    -
Beatrice Cassidy,   Yroomanlon. Out., j city :secms to be predominantly Ital-' Kc,,osg s ^s,Lhma' ^,cmCfJy " bp-��.nc
says:-" From, my   own   experience    i';,,, ,nd therefore   on thc nrincinle of I m CaSUre'    WhC,"Cr ""    V*    s"ffcr,"E
can   speak "in  tlic. liiKhest  terms    of i131.1,'T    lhc.rclolc- 01 tle-Pnncipje or |thcr? comcs comfor t and.rcst. Breath
:'praise of Dr. Williams' Pink Pill*    I i scli-dctermmation, should be given toj ing becomes normal and the bronch-
TakeAction t�� PrOClire Land ! passed  thro'iich  a  severe  attack "" of! Italy.   But it is the only suitable out- >al tubes  completely    cleared.     This
unequalled  remedy is -  worth    many
j scarlet  fever, front which  I  did  not: let to the sea for the Jugo-Slavs and
for  frequent-bhi-nks   in   their   papers.-;']^;
due  to  censorship.
y-I.iver IMlls,    Imt    was    quite -prpcurin
cured  bv    th.e    time  I  had used one'
: box'.'     I   always    recommend   these
of  land  for  soldier  settlement.    The. minister  of   the   interior
time a friend advised mc to t:d<c Dr. |Qf Lhis dilemma has yet to be discov-
; Williams'  Pink  Pills, and    followint
tlie advice, T soon felt the pills wcrc i
ercd and   Europeans would,-perhaps,
I'ills to anvoiie suffc-rint,' the same as  '��as UIldcr preparation a bill  for pre- j lirlpinW"-""iV,~ and "after  taking'" t'vVm | ^-justified in asking .Mr. Wilson to
il  did, as l" am  satisfied and 'thankful -I'scntation to parliament at the coming  for about  a  month   I  found    mvself j produce this formula himself.
To'Extend Telephone Lines
Regina,  Sask. ��� Construction     of; tluit thev cured inc.
rural   telephone  lines  is   expected  to j     Dr.^Chase's    Kidney-Liver��� .���.^"���V t .bor,rd   t0  acquiro
be most  extensive    in  Saskatchewan - one-pdl.a dose, 2?c:a box. at all-d.-al-i    .....
j session   enabling   the    soldier   scttlo-
farm      lands
fully restored to my old time health!
,and_ strength.    T. therefore . stronirly' fo Abolish Us��
''ulvise anyone who feels.weak or run "" '��
or Ediuan^on, Bates & Co., Lim- :;'within 'settlement  districts,'   and     as;|tiowll   ^0"���;vc     pr_   Williams'     Pink
.this  year. .'-. According     to ��� ��� rs'.ini.aiob,; jv^, "Toronto:   Do ii'bVbc "talked i'nlo ' well-to acquire stock and implements "j Pills a trial and  1. feel sure thcy will
prepared by leading contractors., there ��� aere'pting.a subsiittite    6r:   imitation. | for Sal0 on specially favorable terms :"��_t  regret it."
will   be  at  least  .8,000   miles   of  new j "XV,': portrait and. signature of A,
���telephone, extension .  undertake:], cs
Of All.U-Boate
British Admiralty Favors Prohibition
of Submarine Building
London. ;���. In  reference    to    the
h" portrait and signature of A. W.���! .     "", ,  ���..,)"'���' .      r "     "��� ���     Rich red blood is the whole secret
7n,:,se. M.D., -nrr'.-on7every box of the!10���.���r.clfirnca solUie.s, . :        _     ,of poo;j.iu..niti1>.;;l,1j from the ftrstMo
...,.,.      ,.                  -.   .-       ,    .genuine. r ��� j ������ It is-understood-to bc the intention |t|,e .i:ist   dose ��� Dr. . Williams'     Pink
elusive oi long-distance cxlcm-ions Dy-;.- ___ . __ ���. {Q  p],cc thc boar(1 ;���.,,   position   to ; Pills .-nrieh and purify the blood. You  suggestion of the abolition of. subma-
TllP March  at th? t)p&t\      'provide'soldiers wilii-Tand. sufficiently lean get-these pills through any med-  rincs,: which   has  been    before     the
lilt mdivn in use uwu       ,i. _ ,.���������������..,..-������������,������������! icme dealer-or bv mail at 50c a' box.
:. ��� V' , -^'i- ~�����XX-       ���.     -,:'   :sopn for ,1,,s S"a��0"S ope.ations   m-!or sJx. box���- for-$2.5o7frou> The-Dr.
4 Nev/ York Editor. Tries to Visualize; der the war measures act, and parha-:- Williams"   Medicine   Co:,    Brockviile,
Allied  Loss        .-.''������'-'.'   'nient  will be asked to ratify thc ac-1 Out.
ii.i-this way tl-c New York Tribune ji.hv-i "taken'by the gdvernment by the
the .provincial  governpient, at a cost!
Of about $2,500,000,.".. It is -said    that!
ample  funds arc  available and     that
with a: freer  labor' supply,  the   only
drawback will be a temporary short- j
age of poles.   ��� |
Paris conference, Renter's learns    on
times its price to all who use it.
Ebert President of Germany-
Basel. ��� The German national assembly elected Fricdcrich Ebert
president of thc German state by a
vote of 277 out of 379 votes, a majority of 102. Herr Ebert accepted
thc election. , Count' von'Pdsadoiv-
sky-Melincr received 49 votes.
The federal and the. Alberta provincial governments will co-operate
to construct a new. tuberculosis hospital for central Alberta.
A prominent merchant was discovered a few days ago brandishing    a
high: authority   that   the   British   ad- razor at- midnight.^   His  wife   called
niiralty^ strongly    favors    the     total j for assistance, but found her Hubby
tries to impress American people with ; pas^atrc  of  ;i
bill,  practically. . along [German   Army   Still Strong iof the use of the submarine in
"The   three   Prairie     Proviirc'cs -use
"annually'.about -10,000,000 bushels    of
��� sded-gr-iin'. 'according  to' Prof.'-'IJ'rac-
ken, of the Saskatchewan  College- of
prohibition of submarine building and
1 the immrnsely grer..ti;r sacrifices -ni.*;de.; the, same  lines as the order in coun- !    _ "    .'.-"..'_'_ y~^���~"       . .... i fare.    This  naturally   would be.
by their allies.   Aflcr saying:-tliat the 'cil.'just cnacicd. j Eighteen Divisions   Concentrated   oh ; jcct t0.-'a gcncrarintcrnational. agree
: I ini'ted .States   dead   reach  a  total   of;     Th" rou'rs" has hern urged on  thel.. ....:.      .   ...West .Front    ..' j ment  to. vighl .guarantees,  and    safe
; 52,000-it says: ! mfnKirr liv ilu- Great \V:ir, and Armv!    London.: __ Britisii newspapers   of: guards.    This attitude of the British
!    "N'pl  more   than     100,()')'J
. liate  liV'iched  in  the preale.st  parade '-. huye
that Fifth Avenue has cVer .known
l Our preparedness'parade, p-.t'\ pos-
; sibly ' tlio'Third Liberty Loan parade
Th? con;-?" has hern urged on  the
! minister by the Great. \V;ir, aiid Army.!    London.: ~ British ''newspapers.- of j guards.
persons'and' Navy Veterans' associations, who !-dl   shades  of  opinion   are     devoting | n'avy has all the more point in view
'������"       .;',,:  .���       , .1 ..'���.   i   i of the fact that  Britain  is  far ahead
s< nous  at ten turn   to      tlic      attitude1
ow Manu of
^Kbur NeiqW>ors
Drink   D
Yoa know of some,bul
wAu- do ttieu drink it ?
lis Because tea and
coffee disagree wifn.
Next time a v/akeful
night, nervousness,
heari:-flutter or stomach disturbance
follows tea or coffee
drinking ���
Think of Postum
| totalled that number of marchers. All
;day long thcy-marcher!, .-hi1, until a-'t-
|-cr. sundriwii.    ^^^��� thrilled at the sight
jot these l'ivint; Americ:'.n=.
j     "Let us \ihiiali/e  the march oi lhe
i Ijrilish' (l-rid.    At daybreak they start
: down  Tilth -Avenue,   twenty  abreast.
j Tlicir fallen comrades a few paces be-
I hind, in close marching- order.    Unlil
! sundown   thc'-:c   uku  who have 'gone
|-wcst,:'marrh'do"iViv the avenue.    The
next day there  is  a similar     parade,
and the next, and the next.    For ten
days the British dead pass in review.
"For cle\cn d.iys more thc French
��� le.i'l fib' down  the avenue of the al-
lii- .    Three '.\ecks r.f marching dcs.c'.
"The   Ru--ia��n  v,ho  died    fighting
for their empire lhal was would rc-
j ���"inire lh>' dajlight hours of five weeks
I more.   And for thc other brave allied
IiightiiU' men v,-e mu��t ri.-crvc a fort-
ill  alonr,'
in <���'.*  project
borird     every
taken a keen  interest
and are rendering the;
assistance     in       tlicir
adopted  by  thc  German  governnv nt j
of ail7 other nations iii regard to the
i actual possession  of submarines
jtoward the armistice conditions., lhe  of l]l(,;r  potential  productioi-
;Dnily . News      1'arj.s      correspondent
'sends   a  'drspatcb   from   authoritative
sources   on   lhe  subject  iii   which   he
says  his informant  lord' him  ihal.be
iii^'l'i.    Tv,o
;:hr  rlli-'I .!-:
iMtilks   and  a  half   for
I 'n mireli pa-:-.   'X' ��� "1
Cos: of Living Climbing
".'.?    - -   .V..itist'e~   T'T'-jtilrii
-ho-'.  11';.:
You know the signs���a
licavy head, "sick stomach,
bad taste in the mouth,
latent dyspepsia. Pay strict
attention to these symptoms
and get prompt relief by
using Beecham's Pills, A
few doses will stimulate the
liver, help the stomach, regulate the bowels and make
a great difference in yout
general feeling. Nothing
will put you on your feet so
quickly as a dose or two of
The Canadian Iron Corporation
will in the near'future-alter and extend their pipe: foundry at  Fort VYil-
had   thc  best  reason   to  believe  thai  liam at -n .*:osl of $125,000, estimated.
Germany   is   n<>t  continuing    to.    d<
was,only paring bis corns.    Far bet
ter not to risk blood poisoning���use
Putnam's Corn  Extractor, 25c at all
condilion of thc mucous surfaces. Hall's
Catarrli Cure acts thru the blood on the
mucous surfaces of the system.
We will (five One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot
bc cured by Hail's Catarrh Cure. Circulars
free".    All  DruKgists,  75c.
P. J. CHENEY ;& CO., Toledo, O.
Portugal Shells Royalists
Vigo, Spain. ��� Two Portuguese
republican warships bombarded thc
town of Vianna dc Castcllo, north
of Oporto, according to travellers
who have arrived here, A republican
tug boat bombarded a passenger
train on the railroad between An-
cora and Affile north of Vianna dc
Castello. The engine of the train
was destroyed. The passengers fled
across the fields. There were no
Corns cripple, the feet and make
walking a torture, yet sure relief in
thc shape of Holloway's Corn Cure is
within reach of all.
When a young man advises a girl
to take boxing lessons she need not
waste her time in figuring on a proposal from him.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Garget  ia
Nihilism Shows
Warsaw. ��� That Bolshevism is in
ils critical stagej either turning to
imperialism, with perhaps Leon
Trotzky, minister of war and marine,
as the new emperor, or slipping ba.de
to thc idea of the old nihilism wi*h
a sort of orderly disorder is thc impression given .by many refugees of
all nationalities who have arrived
here from Ktissia.
>r <!';
ih:  ���
iiiiil-   Lr.'i;.ti
so is   ;���'
1 ? .'
"She has concentrated more th;��-:
eighteen divisions under-von Hindenburg- on the western front," thc correspondent quotes ilis informant .is
Wheal Yield Shows Improvement
London. ���; A cheering prospect is
provided by the omcial estimate of
the probable jiold of this year's
whept harvest in the international
crop report, which shows a Kra"d
lot.d ut !���! importing and exporting
! countries of 57,0OO,0&0 tons, as compared with 49,500,000 tons in 1917.
- Sir James \\ ilson, formerely delegate for the Britisii empire at the international institute of agriculture at
Rome, has roughly estimated that all
the "importing cnviitrlcs of the woild
are likely to import during the year
ending in July n*-x.t not more than.
16.200,000  ton-    ?.s    compared    with
No nian is.   ever '-g'rea
neighbor's point, of view.
Immigration Into the West
Winnipeg, Man. ��� Although the
immigration figures for the west for
January, lrJ19, show a marked decrease as compared with thc same
month, last year, there is an indication thaf thc immigrants arc of a
wealthier class than usual. Thc immigration dcparlnit r.t issued ;i st.ue-
inenl  of   lhc   number   of  iunni^r.iiiU
who arrived at wcs-Uin po'ils      ,,
Januarv.    ���.Llu- loial is U1A.   Jn   |jm;-.',;,rl ,jf l,!C ��'lt s''1"'1 rcquirenients of
|ary,   I'M8.   there   ue,e     1,371     ;���,.���;. 1 W^t. rn Canada this year, according
jirraut^.     Ihtrc   \\< re   17  c.ir-,   of    d-
Pdes Cured in 6 to 14 Days
DniKKM'' refund money if PAZO tHNT-
MEM' f.iili to cur<: Itchin��r, Blind, Uleed-
inir or PiotrudiiKT Piles. Stops Irritation;
SoolU-- nnd Ileal]. You can get restlul
i.I< .jj i  ;Jlcr  t.he  liryi  i .~iilic.itio;it     Price   60c
- Oat Seed for Canada
;in.i,   Sask.  -- ?dimicapolis,
ditrinirl l'lt: 1-'li't(;'' Elates, will btipply a large
feel.- ;.s  compared -.\itii 35 last  jc;:r.
t*'S��*t S��I�� of ��ay MedJeSn* to dia W<v��j-*.
Sold tvtrri'iw-  Ib box**. 2-5r.
A  i,o . '���:"
;0 rounds
! Maxim co-_!
ith^r  ?!?if  s
.c   of icroo/'OO i
-.-:���; ii'':nt tion    containing
."ird:s   27   lbs.,    and    a
; it
l'j  J*ss
Tfcin En iy Hair
A scalp cared for by Cuticura usually
means thick, glossy hair. Frequent.
shampoos with Cuticura Soap are excellent. Precede sh ampoos by tonches
of Cntkura Ointment to spots of dan-"
draflF, itching and irritation of the
scalp. Nothing better for th.e com-
I^exion, hair or skin.
Smtnpf* Each Free br M��U. Address post-
Card; "CaticnrK, Dept. N. Boatoa, U. S. A��H
6o!d hy dealers throaghcut tlie world.
��� '���   "- i��     i"     ��i  mm
Mills May Have to Close
Victoria, IL C. ��� According to information received by Premier Oliver from creditable sources, unless
the lumbermen can gel new orders
within three weeks most of thc liritish Columbia mills will have to close
do\Mi as thcy cannot get tonnage for
possible  Briti-h  business.
German Loan Proposed _
. Stockholm. ��� A Copenhagen incs-
_'c.i��jc states that thc German govern-
jment intends to raise a groat loan in
j Scandinavia," ?ud -though tke details
I are not known, Denmark is enpected
���to help with a sum npproxim&tely
1250,000,000 marks.   Disaproval of the
to V i'.. Wilson, chairman of the
iJoiiiinion seed purchasing commission, who bas -made arrangements to
secure 300,000 bushels of No. 1 Minneapolis oats. Agents havc been appointed in Minneapolis, where the
oats wiil bc cleaned and inspected
and shipped direct Ho their destination-.
schemn is  expressed in    Danish cii>
A r.om.'i! school building
erected in Saskatoon,' T!:c ���:
cost is $250,000.
Minnesota Aliens to Be Deported
Minneapolis. ��� Radical and undesirable aliens of Minnesota and tho
northwest arc bcins; rounded up preparatory lo being deported, it became, known here, and a number already are in custody of immigration officials, although where and
how manv was not disclosed.
*���tho trouble is due io weakties9
oftheintenialcrgans. My success-
mated ' *"' h��nie treatment will be found
he.'.phil.   Send no money, but
wiitft tne today.   My treatment
orrc ^ T]a9 advancd th" ��f--t-  is coually successful fr-r adults,
lid? theory that there is-notbinr so I *���ui>Wl with urinary difficulties.
Tr.onctorous a; monotony. | MRS, % JUMPERS, 5��   .     Wfldjcr.Ost
������Ji.*aS ,yV.'&"Jri-fir'
!TEsasr5����r��rrs��! yj;-ff,i��.
fflEQB    IBDGR.    Q&MXTWOOJX    fit   CL
When your horses are subjected to cltatigin-j weather conditions
of winter and spring, tlicir systems Dccome run down, with the
result that thcy arc very susceptible lo DISTEMPER, INFLUENZA, PINK EYE, COUGHS and COLDS. Sl'OIIN'S will
Itecp your horse iu -good condition, so his system call ivard oft
Invention Purely Britisii
Navy Adopted ahd Developed Depth
Charge and Method of Defence
London. ��� Official attention     has
been called to statements made in the
Buy of your drueRist. (press to the effect fiat America was
SPOHM MEDICAL COMPANY.   GOSHEN, INDIANA, U.SA. ;mainly instrumcntal j��� _dovclop;ng the
depth charge method of defence
against submarines, and so did a great
deal toward thc eventual overcoming
of the submarine menace. The actual circumstances are as follows:
The commander-in-chief of the
grand fleet recommended in 1914 the
addition of a depth charge defence,
and experiments and an investigation followed. The Vernon experi-
i mental school took the matter iu
(hand and the submarine attack committee  of    the  admiralty    ultimately
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B. C. Iron and Steel
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A sir/e, reliable ivrv.'atint/ [
No Large  Quantities    of   Iron
Have Been Blocked Out j
The    British      Columbia    advisory!
committee for scientific and industrial,
research has reported to thc research
council ai Ottawa, the preliminary results of an investigation into the pos-
j sibilitics  of developing- an  iron    and
I steel  industry  on   the   Pacific    coast, j
The   general   conclusion   reached     is i
___  recommended the  adoption  of a  de-
, sign which was practivally that used
throughout th.e Avar.   There were iut-
q    Iprovemcnls    from   time to time, but
j the   British  navy adopted and developed the depth charge and method of
defence    two    years  ago and  before
the United States came into the war.
The liritish navy also led the way in
the    use    and    development    of  lh<:
! weapon  and    on    the  fitting out     if
: special  vessels  for its  intensive,   cm
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Indians Indignant
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The invention of the "thrower"
and other devices in connection with
the mines were purely .British.
medicine.  Bold in tim-o dc-i plant,-provided  that it  is assured  of
|jrVK">eV��5Vb'i.:|t!K'.  whole  of  the  Pacific  coast mar-
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THERAPION ks.S5"����
lux. ooVT.trrAu'r *r;ixiD to all gx.nl ine paokm*
not warrant the establishment of
more than one plant. No large
ciuantities  of iron  ore  havc  been  so
on  tlic  bos
NINE    Tablets
icrc  is only  one   "Pro-
\V.   GROVE'S   signature
Less  than  si>r. weeks  have  dap&ed |
since Israel  took the oath  of allegi ���j
ance to Jehovah.    In less than forty ;
days thcy flagrantly break the     lirst i
and second comma.ldments. i
1.   The lolden Calf (32:1-6). j
1. Moses'.delay (v, 1). This they in-j
terprctcd  to mean  that their    leader
had cither lost his    way in the darkness or had perished in the fire that
hovered  over the  mount.
2. The people's demand (V. I). Thcy
demanded of Aaron that he make
them a god to go before them. Their
profession of allegiance to God col-
bpsed as soon as the strong personality of tlicir lender was no longer
3. Aaron's cowardly compliance (v.
2-Yi. lie was an eloquent man, but
lacked moral courag.'. Many lodi'v
can talk fluently, but y.u'ilate before
the rcal issues of lift. In order 'o
gain time with the rebels l.e demand-
Demands of Socialists
far blocked out at any one place in : Which are to Be Submitted to Peace
British  Columbia.     There arc     now Conference
two rolling mills operating in I3ritish| Berne. ��� After considerable fruit-
Columbia using-scrap iron and steel,  less argument on    the    war,    during
and there is a possibility of this start-! which  the  Gennrui delegates  refused |dians."      The  lax- becomes
ing  an    electric     smelting    furnace.! to repudiate militarism, thc   Socialist ��� Oct. 1 this ycar.
There docs not seem to'bc, however, conference   worked on   the   demands | 	
much likelihood of the iron and steel which are-to be submitted to thc'peace
industry ever being developed on the | conference. These include an eight-
Pacific coast to any large extent.       j hour day, restrictions on thc  work of
���; j women   and   children,   emigration of
Cycle Idea Never Fails , paupers and home    work under sani-
Scager Wheeler, thc world's chain-j tary conditions. These conditions, it
pion wheat grower, looks for a bump- is contended, should form a part in
cr crop  this  summer.   He, bases    his j thc peace treaty.
prophesy on thc "fourth cycle" theory j    A permanent committee and a per-1 Quebec Man   Who   Suffered From a
���a big harvest    every    fourth  year, imancnt international office of control'    Rundown System and Kidney Dis
Over    Proposal    to    Charge    Them
License Tax to Trap Fur
Winnipeg, Man. ��� Anirer and hostility is rife among tlie Indians over!'-''-1 th;lt they >:;ii-'t off t' cir jewelry and
thc proposal to charge them a license luring it to him. Perhaps he thougi.l
tax to trap fur. The Pas tribe men|l'Ult 1,irir 1l,v(; for u would cause
met in council and drew up a strong J l',ci" io forego their demands, but
resolution, condemning thc proposal ihey cheerfully gave, up their jewelry
and asking for its immediate cancel- ,or a ^'se god. Aaron, like triany
lation. Chief Constant, of the tribe, I00"1 roiuising men of this age, open-
declared it is a'violation of the treaty)"1 a" <-lo,Jr which hc could not shut.
made with them -by Queen Victoria | 'I- Wanton revelry (v. 5, 6). Seeing
in 1S76, when the representatives of i their disposition, Aaron erected an
the Queen told him "that so long asi^tar and proclaimed a fast unto Jc
lt is always s>aie to hcu a Dominion c%
press Money Oidcr, Five dollars costs
three  cents.
Hun Socialists
Defend Germany
the sun shines in the skies, and so,llov-ah. He no dotibht wished them to
long as the Saskatchewan river runs, | worship the Lord through the image.
the White Queen will protect the In-j but lie had made a god for them nnd
tctivcjil was n very sr,ort step to the heathen orgies connected with idolatrovir:
'2.    God's Burning Wrath (32:7-10).
God's nature is uch that he catmoi:
tolerate :t rival. No gods shall lie, before his face. Thc rival inns' bo removed or the people must be. consumed with divine wrath. God does
not o\vn__thcni as his people, for they
had cast him off.
3. The Meditation of Moses f32:li-
The declaration of a divine purpose
to destroy thc Israelites did not deter
Mr   Wlw^W l*"",r; ' "'   "^"T"-"1    "     *"��� 'in  this vicinity every  day to    prove \ Y��S" ,���,in ""��Wn?-intercession for
i\tr.   w tnci-r; called once a year. Chairman benncc-i ti,at for rundown people there is no  them. - What was his threefold plea?
Evidence Crops
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ALSO   MAH.IS   Of   rs-liCK-i-.-EU  Fib��JE-.V/.����   AKfl   I>��rEK firECIAtTIES
Ireland May Follow Canada [Canada's Exhibit
Attempt  Being Made  to  Work   Ont]
Plan for Unity
Dublin. ��� For the"momem Jiviaud
seems divided into two parties of cx-
trcniists,   otic  side    demanding-      ihe
At Lyons Fair
overthrow  of  everv  veptii:
The cycle, idea    was  first  recognized   for the  protection-of    the    working
ease Finds Quick Relief.
Miguasha  Point,    Qui:.,    Feb.    17.,
(Special).���More evidence, crops
by Mr.   YYlv:elcr m    1906,   and since .classes is anticipated, as also is an in
then  has worked out with    unfailing ! teruational  labor parliament    to     be
regularity,    he    says
does hot look for a very early spriur, .bcrgcr said  the conference did     not | remedy to equal Dodd's Kidney Pills
but says a lot of snow will fall  yet.  constitute a quorum and that it had'Anio,,K  tlle  "unv who  have     come
  not been regularly    summoned,    but  (onrard with statements is Mr   Paul
Landry, a well-known resident, whose
Bay Nation   Declared Wa:   Because
of Russian M-biLzation
lit erne. ���  The    German    majority
socialists,  in  opposition  to  ibx  ������"<�����-!:'
that, nevertheless, it  would  continue
Jits work  and submit  the  results    to
Mothers,  whcTyOTr baby is.cross !the Peace conference.
���when he cries a great deal and no I ,,���      "���~
i amount of attention or petting cheers lhnft. Clubs for Schools
i linn up���something is the matter.   It
lis not the nature of the little ones to
Regina, Sask.��� The department of
education will encourage thrift in th.e.
testimony can easily be corroborated.
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mc.    After  taking four  boxes   I   felt
lution introduced by Albert   Thomas,: Kaby
..... .      . ,     ��� .  ibc well again.
calling for investigation of res:,oiibi
rr��,-'!>e Ci��SS andi ���??T?ll"V',C WCV chi,,l! schools in a systematic campaign  lo! like myself again".'    I advise all  per
icso-,,s q hnptiy child. Give him a dose of,   ....     ..      -  .       . ��.       I ������ fi. ��... .���  i.:.i  .!:_:.._.
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sons who suffer from kidney disease
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Ilie department   will;    i>,,iii��� v t        t>:h i
1 .        Dodd s Kidnev Pills arc popular, a
(v. H, 12, 13).
Moses knew full well that ilie people deserved to die, therefore he could
not plead any merit on their part. Tli;;
plea.Ayas based wholly on God's purpose, for Israel. Through, his intercession God relents.
- 4.y Judgment Falls (32:15-35).
1. Moses broke the tables of testimony (.v. 15-19) emblematic, of the
breach of their covenant with God.
2. Moses destroyed the image (v.
20) and made the people drink of the
They cure
j Selves
Kiev Changes Hands J
Copvidiutrcn.  ���  Kiev,   the   Ukr;isiv ',
inn  capita"),  is again  in  liie  hands   of i tromfovt fror.
ro     iv- ' 	
will be given in the method of    or-'the impurities out of the blood, and
ganizing thrift clubs,    so    that     the jthe 'n,r-: hl?od c:,rri��s nutriment   in-
,.,,..,,      , ,       ,        ! stead ot poison to all the nerves ant'
(Children of Saskatchewan who, have; muscIcs. You have, never heard of a
s a no.v; Savcd for four ycars for patriotic pur-j person Dodd's Kidney Pills harmed.
",m jposis will continue saving for thcni-jYou  hear of  thousands    who    have
benefited by them.
policy during the hut dec-'e   but  it I r;onccri"2ls lh��" .M��. Alphons.:  La-  Crs  and  senior  pupils of    the    5.000|Thcv do this'naturally.      _..w   ....
polity uu in? tiiL M.t tke    e, nut  u    , ^.   Apollme,   Que.,    writes:  schools in thc provi���ce.   Instructions; the kidneys.   Cured kidnevs strain all
was the duty of tlie socialist to    es-.   My     baUy     rnnl     contimially    but ...        ���>. . ......
fililU'i   the  in,"-."cV,-:,.   r-i'i--.-��       'ri.,-.! Baby's    Own    Tablets    soon set her
itioii?>u   tue   liii.t.^ui.^te   ed jm t*.        x ,,*      .   . - , ,      .     P ,  . ,s
,    . ,, ,    ,    i right  and now she is iat and happy.
resolution says that tne envis-s o; lhe|The  ���,���.,,],.,���    arc    soU1 ])y ,nr-dicim:
war were  the Austrian  nliima.um  to. deal.'is or by  mail at 25 cents a 1>
Serbia,  the  general  mobiliyatiou     in \ from The Dr. Williams' Mcdi
Russia and Germany's declaration of j Brockviile, Um. ^	
war as a result of liusrdan mohiliza-j
lion.    Thc Gcriuuu soci-dist-, liie res-i
olution   says,  demand  a  full   iuvesti-1
gation of  the  facts  to  c*la'ji:-h  coi-j (ifc,,.;,,;,.,,  forci.Si aCcordiiiS
icctive and pers-.irtl    rcsjionMbi.i.ics, | ports  rPceiv'.d  through  Berlin.
but wait for their comrades in oilier j  _. .	
countiies to demand a siiuil.-:- in-.cs- j     The indicitions of worm;; ar.- icst-
tigation in   their countries. .'essness, grinding of !l:n teah,  pir-k-
The German socialists dwlarc that! '��R of {ll<- "��:"' ^irnnr. peevishness
, . ��� ���.!-,,  :of'en convulsions.    L nder ilie.se eon-
ihc entry ol German troops into Bel-1 ,lilions  tIl0  bost remedy that can  be
Common sense extracts more solid
ife than genius does.
Huns Want Warships
London, ��� Representatives  of  the
'German government have asked permission   from  the  armistice  co;mnis-
gium was a violation of tin
of peoples whieh nothing :h
occurred since has justified.
Japan Makes Denial
Paris. ���  "ihe 1 lavas A.'uncy gives I :A tack-
out a stateim nt by Yiscouni  Chinda,!
the Japanese  ambn<s:uIor    lo    Great ���
Britain, who is now represi mitig bis1
country    at    the    peace    e<mi'i:ri:'!ce|
here,  declaring the  i-'port to be  ui.-
trtie,  lhat  Japan  lias exercised  pres-;
sure on China to restrain  tiie action j
of the Chinese delegates to  die conference.
rights ijjot is Miller's Worm Powders., They
tt has: will attaek the worms a�� soon as ad-
' ministered and will grind ihcns |o,
j atoms that pass away in the <v;;cna-
[ ii<nT=. The little sufferer will be im-
j liicdiatclv cased and :i return --m" tUe
1  not  be  Ii!.e!y.
HiKdeaburg Asks
For More Troops
limtrgeney   Action Hastened  by   Jn-,
creasing Menace of Poland
Berlin.  ���   Consent-!ion   of  viirious
classes of vii.n up to l'nriy-(ive years:
. ���.��� , of  age,   will   shortly  lie   dt creed.    .:(.���'
The only substitute for a chunk of; cording to ir.formaiio?' gi\��n ii'!   cir-'
rt spotuh ni.
The atithoiily in li Is direction, ii is:
eNpected,  will    bc giv> n  thc gov.iu-,
[ ment by the national assembly in tli��
Incur future, and it is understood th ii
I Gtislav Xos.ke, who is meniioned for,
i the  post of minister of national  de-!
fence, will proceed forthwith to adopt}
thc   measure   needed   to     rc-cstabii.sh i
the army and  put  it pn  an  elK-etive:
footing. j
The rccniiiin^ of volunteers, w!:ic'i'
has    been    proceeding in    haphazard j
fashion   during  the  prist   lew     week
Accept Japanese Offer
Vladivioslok. ��� Reports from
Omsk state that the Russian
government has accepted the
Javr.i-e-ie oiler of men, money
and arms to settle the Bolshe:
\iUi difiieully. Tliis step is due
to reports that the allies are to
withdraw their forces from Siberia, and .d--o to a fear that
the e<>e,ferc:ic-" " at Prince's Is-
lmd.wiil r< M-ll in reeogri'i, m
of i'i' i_ i/i.-li;\i..i.- In return
"for :'i!s aid the Japanese se
cv.---' i-.';i and cord conei ssio:-.-
ir.  ii'<    P-i-.'-i.mr  dislrict.
t  water which contained ils dust, thus
making them to experience in a phy
sieal sense the bitterness which results from sin.
3. Moses showed Aaron that he v.a;
inexcusable for his part in lhe disgraceful affair (v. 21-24).
4. Moses called for those who would ,
take a stand for the Lord to gird;
��� heir swords and >lay all who stood ���
out in rebellion. The tribe of Le\ i j
ranged themselves on his side an'! be- j
came the instrument by which God j
chastened his people  (v. 25-29). !
5. Moses confessed th.e i;rc.it sin of"
the people aitd begged that :Gp'lwould
BriiUh rule, and the oilier demanding
the maintenance of the existing system of government, to be varied, if at
all, by au actual extension of union
principles and the. treatment of Irish
counties as if they were British si'.ires.
An attempt, however, is now being
made to tackle tho problem in a
manner intended to reconcile eon-
iiicting interests by working out a
plan for unity in diversity, such as
obtains in  Canada.
A moderate centre party lias been
formed in Ireland io advocate thc
solution of Irish home rule through
the principle of federalism. Before
Ireland swung over to Sinn Fein, the
most .familiar demand of those Nationalists who were dissatisfied with
.Mr. Asquith's home, rule act was for
Dominion home rule. The new Irish
centre party proposes to... meet that
demand., Tlic scheme 'has been drafted which ih the.-'main-follows: ���'the
Canadian model. or", 1867. The religl-
otis diffcrinces between the provinces,
the. variety oi their character and
needs, it \-, argued, are no more acute
in Ireland than they were in Canada,
atid the Canadian experiment has
been a great success. Ireland is declared, by the. sponsors for the plan
to be largo enough to provide for
local divi.-ions while niamt.'.ining its
national, unity. There are in Canada
parliaments for province;) containing
a much .smaller population than th.e
smallest of the Irish provinces, and
in tome, cases a much smaller area.
Seventy Booths Will Be Occupied by
Canadian Producers
Paris. ��� Preparations are now well
advanced for adequate representation
of Canada at the Lyons fair, which
opens on March 1, and lasts for fifteen days. This is the trade fair organized early in the war to supplant
the great fair formerly held at Leip-
Xny, which latter was always largely
attended, and at which sales to thc
extent of hundreds of millions of dollars were made.
For the coining fair, the Dominion
government, through thc department
of trade and commerce, has made extensive arrangements, and exhibits of
thc various products of Canada will
be. made in a considerable scale.
Though this is not in strict conformity with thc plan of the fair,
which aims at grouping exhibits by
class, the Canadian authorities havc
succeeded in having all exhibits from
the Dominion massed in a group,
thus securing a much more impressive showing than wonld otherwise
bc possible.
The government, itself is making
sample exhibits of agricultural, fishing, 'mining, and forestry products.
The three great Canadian railway
systems will also be represented by
attractive exhibits. In addition to
these, others will he some seventy
booths whicli will bc occupied by
Canadian producers, or their representatives, with samples of goods and
catalogues. Interpreters will be provided io facilitate thc exchange of
The powers that bc too frequently
sit down upon an evil as if it were
an inverted tack.
sion at   Spn,  to  be  al!o\ved :;to :vusc .ipr^
warships against the .Bplshcyiki wdi0:;;f^ : pps-
are seizing towns on ;th;c,;Ba!fie :co.-st,Jsibie;"
according to an Amsterdam:;despat<:h;^
to the Central  Ncws;.:;:.A'g<m'c3%'&
Germany has    also ^reqUcsfe(l"-the |;(y; 3p^35);77 ;: X'yXXX'XXiX'XXXif XXXX
support  of allied warshipsV^^
 ^���������xx-lxix'ri'iXiyXX'4XXxxX'Xiii':'Xi'XiiX :XXx:XX;xXX'XiXxyX:''r
A     Corrector       bf--;':----sPulmonaiyd^._\,fe 'lXXxX:y���,r.X-
Troubles. - Many t^monMXl��Qu}.Xi^
be  presented show,ing''>::.the;::greatV':etl^ "iXXiXXiiri
cacy of Dr. Thomas';. Eclcelric^iLm
curing disorders of :'7thev^
procc;iscs, but the best :tcstimdnial::;is-���-���x-yX-iix:���-y-���-.'��� [.x ���; '���.:;;":yxx\,,x���-.:- iyx:::::;:--f
experience and lhe Oii:'is^eco.iime,fdi',;^
ttl to all who st'iTci ;froi?i;>He:s^ydi^
orders with  the coi'1'ri.int.y;:Tlm.y'::f^lTicyf'. .'ifiie;7Lord'.-'Gody���''iiiC:!;Cifttl:';:;::;::aiid,;grae-;
wisdom is a chunk of silence.
GAS IN ihe mm
i'.ill   find   relief.    It" wilt :nd'a;y: inflam:
iiiation in  the  |)ro!iohjai^;tnhfs;S.f^:VVti'
���>;her preparation  x^KnyXifiXxXliXil,
Chinese Attiltifc
Cabiiiet      Approves v-7b��::::;^
With Japan's Wishes
l\kin.--Preside-.!t ITsd:75!idi:;Clrai?
loit^littij. sfviidsyifQ^^
liy'/.mt/i ne aM'S^cd eitr^
t l.i e: siniti jt i t'yi'.o f ."Ah :y ������: fatl XyX ���% honX) liXXi:
' e.-1UlU:ro;:i:.;. tiii t-v vtt-i:
Should Read Mrs. Monyhan's
Lsiter Published by
Her Permission.
lias taken a Inm staiia'tnstlie:'���.c'j'ui'l.r.i.Jr.'!
versy  whieh  ha.- :ii-iserl;:be.t:\yt:ea;    thi;
Chinese     y.tu_  Japa-'csc1 ^goveriioiehts
re;;;'- ding   the action ;of���; the    ChiiiCsv
Recommends Daily Use of Magnesia to Overcome Trouble.
Caused by  Fermenting
Foori  and Acid
l<klei,;He- at  the !������ itce": ctiilfeence 'in
~        " ' I Pari:-,    lie i^   eiuiiely: biit  Of -agreed
during Uio time I 1'hat the t.hmese peace dclega|es to
vvaslookinfjforward ; thc conference be restraitied iii theii-:
tolliocociinsof my I lctivilics.
htlle one tnat I am       ^.. .      . .,   .      -   ,x,x. .,..": ,.--r,   -,.-.-
reeommendins it to I    llns ^titude .u  the .president has
othercxpectant .strongly emlorsed  tliroughout   t
[:,'' vAI.otli'ci-^;^:afe eS'-.';i.l.y::!-::'V.-i:;v-^
,;-e-.|i-i.l'i-lt-^t i ���;: v r:i' ;'t rot 1111 c�� 1-. ;\\--i'v!-.v .w
ItXiXy X'X xy \ yi,i\ liii y 'i i.i; i'XXX v'i s-i'g
,-'.   Thfe'.::wi.fc ;otv;a/':';h'.ci)pe,c'k^
ifiasn'f -ruttfli '"t.p>. c:r:6w-vovc:rv.;
Minard's Lenient Gtires Disteinper. ;;S
Air Postal Route I
rrcattng so-citle'!  ''acid  indigestion." !
Acid   .-iSo'.ricl-.b   ,'irc   tiati^crons   becati=c   too
���\   contemplated
iiur.h .-iciil ijri'.it-:- the Jciic-'.te liinsiR of thc  has  now been  hastened  by  the     in -
toiiipcii,   ofton   l'-i<hni(   to   t-astritii     arro-n-' . .  T.   ,       , ,
lanicd by serious  .loniach ulcer?.    Food iVr-   creasing menace oi Poland and more
an antt-
monts niM  -oi.:--   creatine  lhc ^trcssinp  P.is|urgcnt   nec,l   for   forestalling
which  di-stenns  llic  btomach   ami   hampers _ihe |    . ...
roi-mal lmictioiw of tiie ut.,1 i-itcriial o:;*;,; cipaled Bolshevist invasion..
CiTif^J?on%? to :���.,:��! -,���-, J.   Vou Hindenburg has indic-��u ,
Etri'iotis   ccii'Iitiim   or   to   t:. ic   uith   or<l:r.,.i\    |t   would   require     four   wcli-equipped '
<)i��'ti-e  :�����! ;  v Incli .Ii;e. e  no   i;e-iir��iir!nc  tt- i . ... ,, ,      '
feet c;:  tl.e .-tni:...cli  ::ei-!-.     Jr-tr.-.-l, pel   :'-u. : ' e.tniies   to   sol\ C   the   problems   OH   the j
any itr.Tt'Ci-..  .-   '"(.'-' nenct.^ ef Jli.Tir:tc<i  >?.ik-
ncsia   :u,<l    t.i"t;   .1    tv.'-i'(��nif-il    in   :i   .|i:.irtci
sh-;  of  '-."' r   iiv-'-t   nfivr  rntiiv'   'I"'-'-   ^ill'these
" " ' "   H.'..t   n   '
���t-i. -'\ " not live,  out ait-T ',.,;.,-..
^-'���"S takir.? three J.-ollIea ! " ''!,' '    , .
Vf    ]o( J.ydiaE. Pink- j    Ti" ^ ';��"=<" ^���'"���!
<triic   tr."   K-e
the -boje, t-.fi'cii- i!.e -I'-- ���;!,'., ie 11
tlie i.e.- - :i"l .''!'.���! j;fiei:i :!���, iij:'-"ii<i:i .i.i.i
tlie:e i�� ao o-jr:,'--- <..- j.s-4i. l!i--ji.'tr.i Jt..^'-
��e-ia fin po-.i'ei- i>r I ib'^t icim-rt'er Mqui.l
���r mill, I 1- h-rp'l.-- ;���> ���'���<: -ton.::'-!,.- ;:-r-.
jjensive to :.i\e .-,-tI lhc- 1j--: form O! :..3v;-
ne:,Tri for sto:n ��� 1 r'.'r;>o-r-. ^ It :s 11 "o i 1,-.-
0.O'nir.'i   L.-'   ;,-opio    ���-. 1:0   f !>>;���    tl't.r
eastern bord�� r.  -ft   is estimated that
nrps -   w'O'tld   afccytte   ^|'""i,-
'��'��'> tv.cn. '  '     '  '""
i.e men ;
Labile _1
N.      U.      1251
Tin provincial police of th-: bas-
Kaioon division handled no Its* !!:,.������!
2,105 caics last year.
around and do all J
! my house-work, ivly baby vrhen seven '
i months old weighed 19 pounds and I feel j
,- j better than I have for a long time. .1 I
j never had'any medicine dime so
i much good."���ilrs. Peam. Mcxyiiah, ���
��� ' Mitchell, Jnd. ;
" ' Good health during maternity 13 s
arc most imnortant factor to both mother
end child, aad many letters have been
. received by the Lydia E. Fihitham
Medicine Co.," Lynn, Mass., telling of
health restored curin?this trying period
by the use of Lydia J-J. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. " j
���-iH'pI,iatid. arid Belgium are to Be Con-'a
?�� :;^S .^^S^nftte^ ..-."-vS
ci as ;;;;:W7I-iOl:e:';_7p^ --.;. 'i^hr   HagttH ;*';:':;--Vpfcor^ ��
rii.t-,.5vi-fIt:::J:apaiv's-','!-:el-j'fc;,'i"W^ '���";-iif��l-?'"->3:\*lc-'-'i:-.S
.Nid:e:h-.t-.-;is-;\iuiyi'^Itfc-^ air ;S-
':.-hy-4hJ^Pre-l]U^ftlt*-^ ::5
and was able to~jro j '-linard's Liniment Ctire^/.xCQld^'-etC;7-! tiyfl^
ham's Ye getablu j?rove.r oi an
t Compound I was en-   wj^h.-^.  l.-^f t!
I tirely relieved of
neuralgia,. 1  had
gained in strength j
IS   Sllppev; ,(-
Allies Wt
.CyX djsld \; _ X i-lii X\ lyXXXXA XXXX eXXX
]������ 'A -.
i e r.  ���
��� i  i-u   V'
i'.u :
i\ c-i
��� i:������'." y ���"
e.1  ll.C
��� a
f trf-:;ttftB;rit-;ti;;
������ iiiysXXXxXXiX^iXX.
i tnav xx. (ior X s t vijti ���:'.
. ��� . Tldeiid^r^ays7 XX
��� i:e'::s^nrc'5v:d:eriHi5-g-
. iSiiiM^f-Xioy XX-
C'rl "
fir st��� i-:gTe-S; XiXX XtiQiiXXXXX>XxiXj'yvQiXii
;H i'iigianli'-.'t '& ;]l ;ra i ii^^Ti.ieSBwtfej'tr-n-rin^
Xy ii;rf;i:i:��-tv.;j't1-t; Iiiitc!.i-.-jen-jisJ-,;?o'r -iiXi^X-.-
Xi'��-XXyX\i .XXlXStyXxyiXXicX 'tfit.
I fid j XyfX i! ixi00:; n y. XXyx
gran.d:'::'roi;'te;,.;'b:j-:- '.-'jt
I Remember Dad's Advice:     |
"Kill Those Potato Bugs Early/51
\"o.' rcnembir J")'tti eha-ii:g yo,. -i.tt into tlie potato patch -ahen 2
yon v. ere a boy b:.ek '".'��� :hc foi:;1, ar.d ids quaint advice, ."Get those 5
potato Ivgd i-.ov.- or v,e get rio potatoes later.''    Drv.J v.-a= rigli:���lie ~
If-^w!    (jit tho biurs rarlv before  ;i;<v ���-< ���   a   st.-'-r.       " K
= Acco is sure and sudden death to every species of insect that   ^
5    devours potato plants- - Easy to handle." Acco sticks and kilts. =
��� Sold at Seed, Drug and Departmental Store? ^
J Harold F. Ritchie & Co., Ltd. |
1       10 McCaul Street - - TOROXTO, Ont. 1
':V--!i^.:i:;'i^.ve'd-,-V;^lt-li..'^ . ._
t^ti^:^iV^^:h^;_^hi:��^?i--.^rir.; '���r'^t^��iV:--^^-er>^;'.:>^3i'-S ' S��k Agents for Canada
Is $2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
whcttjiot paid for three months.    If not
j'aid for uutil the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
00?.'. and Oil "Notices     7 00
������-.ray Notices 3.00
(.'-.   Is of Thanks    l.oo
'"_���., J ficaie of Improvement  12.50
ere niore  than  one claim ap-
1 -.- it> notice,  $5.00 for each ad-
1:1 al claim.)
/ill other legal advertising,   12 cents a
c first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
.i.-eh    subsequent1   insertion,    nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Logs are being towed here from
tbp Columbia river.
Arbifical ice  is 60 cents  a 100
pounds in San Diego.
Over 10,000 Canadians held their
annual celebration afe Santa Monica
this inonth.
Eggs are now 42 cents a dozen.
Butter is away down, bufe fche price
of feed is still high.
Drilling at Voigt Camp
The Consolidated Mining and
Smelting. company, of Trail, has
began diamond drilling operations
on tbe Voigt group of copper
claims, says a Princeton, report.
Drilling is in progress at two points
under the direction of R. M. Mac-
aulay, mining engineer.
The Voigt group is on Copper
Mountain aud is near the property
of the Canada Copper Corpoi ation
which was developed to a point of
large response by Oscar Lachmund.
The ore of both properties is said
to be similar in their low copper
content and recoverable quantities
of gold and silver.
The extent of tbe drilling that
may be engaged in is suggested by
the operations of fche Cauada Copper whicb drilled to a depth of 500
feefe vertically and for 1200 feet
horizontally. Many such holes
were made in probing the property,
the work required several years.
The Canada Copper has completed construction of a railroad to
its millsite at Allenby. This may
make possible the installation of
machinery by the middle of the
summer. Six months may be
occupied in building the railroad to
the mine.
sold to a firm of well-known
jewellers for ^22,000 the money
going to the British Red Cross.
A Good Borrower
."Who's  thafe  woman  you   just
bowed to?"
"Our next door neighbor."
"She didn't return the bow?"
"No,   she   never   returns   anything.
All   the   latest   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   B.C.
It has been raining in the South,
and the Flu is waning. It has got
down to four new cases daily in
San Diego.    	
Mexico has reduced the export
duty on cotton from 832 to 85 a
bale. Carranza did this on a request from Washington.
Mexico charges $10 a ton duty
on lay. It is still difficult to get
into Mexico unless you have real
business in that country.
The war vessels, Albany and
New Orleans are leaving here for
China. They saw much service in
the North Atlantic during the recent war.
Tako it. all the year round British Columbia has a finer climate
than California. That province
needs to do more advertising..
Thousands of people here have
never heard of New Denver or any
r 'ter town in B. C.
an. *~*
I For Good |
j Job Printing |
H ���Economy and Satisfaction |f
f| combined with Promptness fl
% are the features which go to ||
% make up the Service we give %
1= v    our customers.^    Are  you =1
| one of them?                         j
B. C's Set at $5,000,000
The returns for the first month
of the National War Saving Committee, British Columbia Division
were about ��25,000 with no returns
from 271 units* out of 587. The
quota set for British Columbia" is
85,000,000 for the year 1919. This
means that the returns will have
to run to afe least 8450,000 a
month for the rest of the year, in
order to reach the quota. The committee however, point oufe that
most of the month was occupied
by organization work; thafe very
few committees had been formed;
that most of the divisional organizers were waiting for the conference which took place on February
4th and 5th. that practically no
advertising was done in the newspapers and that therefore under
the circumstances, the returns are
nothing to despair of.
Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
(Ruled or Plain) zS��
Envelopes, Billheads, 3
(All Sizes) ^S
Statements,{Business Cards, %
Posters,  Dodgers, &c, &c. 3
The Ledge.     PHONE 29     ��
Job Printing Department    3
Pre-emption now confined to surve, -*
lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, ahd has made proportionate improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
i/hprovements to extent of 5300 per annum and records same each year. Failure to make improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims in
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, Including 5 acros cleared
and cultivated,- and residence of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, if he requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
land. C
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may bo leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
The scope of this Act Is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act is extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege Is also made retroactive.
Provision Is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover in proportion to the sale price of -
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate -allotment jointly. If it Is not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands in the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of aU taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands in respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
is final. The time for making application for these allotments is limited to
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date -will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and lands of the Crow/�� sold
��^J|gj)ggjg����   ^ r_
For information apply to any Provincial Government Agent or to
Deputy Minister of Lands,
Victoria, B. C.
Peace Is Here
Everybody will want to celebrate and unless
you have the Flu you can't do it in the old fashioned
way. But we can all celebrate with a good
New Year and anticipating this we will have a ship/-
ment arrive in a few days ol Everything thats good
all the trimmings for a good old holiday feed.
If an increase in Business of more than Double
is a sign of Square Deals and reasonable prices we
are all there,   Come over and see for yourself.
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building
Myncaster, B.C.
^SS^sfSSS^s^SS^S^S^S^S^S^ <
The Ledge has always  room
for one more ad.
The auto keeps up its deadly
vork. The other night an army
'������; tick bringing 25 women , from a
dance at Carpp Kearney went over
:.n embankment and killed three
���^voraeii. Mrs, Dr. Griffin of Van-,
couver was one of the victims.
Just after she had sung to 20,000
people in Kansas City/Mme. Schumann-Heinle received word that
August, her oldest son, had died in
Germany. At one time he waa in
the Germany navy. 8he still has
fonr sons in the United States
Los Angeles is a city built on
boom talk and newspaper boosting.
It is tho cheapest and dullest cUy
in California.���: Its streets are filled
wifeh returned soldiers and others
.looking for work. Many of them
haye no money, and there are five
-men for every job.   ������
What There Was
_V-The teacher told his class that in
writing compositions they should
not attempt any flights of fancy,
bnt only-what_is inJShem. v X
X'rAs. a result ��� "of ��� this:^ advice/ a
tenderfoot wrote the following:/;/
���;^Iehall not attempt any flites
6f fancy,-but';wright just what ib
; in- me.Xy In ine)there; is  my;stum-
/iiiicky- .lung's, liver,; two apples, two
cakes-/and my  dinner."���Ladies'
; Home: Journal.
Try It!
Tie a string about a yard long to
a common door key and take the
string in the right hand, holding it
so the key would clear the floor
four or five inches. If you can
hold the string steady enough the
key will begin to swing back and
forth in a straight line. Let another ^person take your left hand
in his and the motion of the key
will change from the pendulumlike swing to a circular swing. If
a third derson will place his hand
on the shoulder of the second "per-
Bbn the key will stop. Try it and
then explain if you can*
A Pearl Necklace
Following the famous sales at
Christy's last year when jewels and
precious bits of art were auctioned
for the benefit of the Red Cross,
there was inaugurated the idea of
collecting pearls for the most precious necklace of all. Princess Victoria undertook the work of collecting; aided by public spirited
women of the "Empire. Queen
Alexandra, Queen Mary and all
the -ladies; of the Royal Family
contributed their ^choicest pearls
and the string grew to almost: un-
widely;; length; ^The Counted������ of
Norbury gave the clasp ; consisting
of-a:huge rose diamond siirrounded
by smaller stones. The signing of
the armistice came at about the
time the string was completed.
On December 19 the necklace was
Make The Returning Soldier Welcome
- "... N
THIS' is an important hour for Canada. The
nation is entering on a new era. It is passing
from war to peace. Let us start this new era right.
There are thousands of soldiers returning from overseas. The Government is doing all in its power to
get these men back to civil life.
It is giving a War Service Gratuity���more than
any other nation���to keep the soldier going till he
gets a job.
i: xlt  gives   him a pension���where  his  usefulness is
impaired by his service. \
It teaches a man a new trade when his service
unfits him for his former trade. *
It gives him free medical treatment when illness recurs, and supplies free artificial limbs and
surgical appliances.
It is bringing back to Canada at the public
expense the soldiers1 dependents now overseas.
But the Government, however willing, cannot provide
the personal touch needed in
this work of repatriation.
That must be given by the
people themselves.
The men who went from
these parts to fight in Flanders deserve a real welcome
home���the best we can give.
In most towns committees
of citizens have already been
organized to meet the soldiers
and their dependents at the
station, to provide hot meals,
supply automobiles, afford
temporary accommoda tion
;;;;when;;necessary XiXiXXriXXiXXX-
iXxGei your job printing at 1 he
?Ledge,; .before the; paper is-: all
Igc^iXxiXxiXyixiiXi; :iiX iiii'XXX^i:X
Optometrist and Graduate Optician, certified by provincial Board of Examiners;
;:: Jn; addition",���' many
/towns  are organizing   social
gatherings to give public weir
come to returnwl men after
thcy    have -been ;; tome   "i&x
After he has rested, the
soldier must be provided with
an opportunity for employment. In towns of 10,000
population, Public Employment Offices have been established to help soldiers, as well
as war-workers, secure good
jobs quickly. Where these
exist, citizens should co-operate. Where they do not exist,
the citizens themselves should
help put the soldier in touch
with employment.
*  ������'*..#
The fighting job is done. It
has cost many a heart-burnings But iti has /been; well
done. The least we can do
is to show our appreciation
in no uncertain/manned
X. ?Don't'^
P. BtfRNS & CO.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Pish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
^�������4*4��4>^>4<4>4*HM<4<4* <$��4*4*4'4*4**&"&"'$"��*���&*���&*��$>
tne Hotel
nelson, B*����
The only up^to^date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
st��f����f����?����f����l����f��4��*^^>��l*��f*��j'��f*��f**l' ���$*���!��� ���$������$��� ���J"!**?* ���?**?**��
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
It is often a temptation to call telephone numbers, from memory.
In a surprisingly great percentage of csises this results in serious
-     losses of time, the referring of calls to special operators, an unex-   .
plainable annoyance to those called in error.
There is no better insurance on effective service than the two
following practices:
. FIRST���invarably to consult the directory and call by number,
slowly, one numeral at a time;
'.SECOND���to evidence ^he'sauie consideration   and . politeness  "'
that is shown by the operator when  difficulties arise,   *
.    regardless of their origin.,
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box BI108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$i.dq. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead $1.50. Silver-Leail-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for other metals etc
6a app) ication.' ��� ���
Leading Tailor of; th?;; Kootenays^
'���..'"'.'.'    NELSON, BrCXXX.:xyi
X xx ^MINING.-:-:-..:."
",Gopd advertising;; has -saved
manjx a town and:-district from
tulameen Bo tel
One of the largest hotels In
the city. Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
A. O. JOHNSON   X-     PEOP.
PHG^fE  13
Auto Vand   Horse   Stages
Leave  ^Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos for Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
^Light andHeavy Draying
Palac||Liverp|na|; Stage
;; Old ,newspapers "for   sale "at
ThieiLedge office." ^Get-some be-
1 fore they; are all gone.    /


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