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The Ledge Mar 6, 1919

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Vol;   XXV.
Come, In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware'
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        A;       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Gloves, Mitts, Socks, '>
Boots/Shoes and
MIDWAY      -      -      B. C.
Around Home
|     Stock Reducing Sale of Teas     1
H Dessia Golden Tips 80c. Liptons Choice Ceylon 80c 3
g Deki Julia 65c u3
g�� EMPRESS. MALKIN'S BEST, NABOB 70c or 21bs for $1.35 ~3
��5 BRAIDS BEST at 65c 3
{E BLUE RIBBON 121b pkee 35c. BLUE RIBBON lib pkjre 65c 3
��~ BLUE RIBBON 316 tins $185. BLUE RIBBON 51b tins $3.00:.=���
����    Choice Bulk Tea 60c ter lb.      Choice Spider Lee Tea 70c    =3
| Phone 46       LEE & BRYAN      |
g~ Canada ��pod Board License No. 8-6251 =2
went to Allenby
was in Grand
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.    >
100 Watt Lamps~$_L25 each.
60 Watts   -   ��   ,   $1.25 each
100    ������      x   .    .   2.00  ��
200   ��     *   /   ,    3.50 �����
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR .BI,OCK on Sunday at ii
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday,
at 8 p.-m., testimonial meetings will be
.hel.d in the same:blcdk;-*.-Gunday -'School-
every Sunday, morning.
Agents'for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample"? ooms.. Many
ofthe bedrooms contain electric heaters,
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want, rooms reserved. ' i '
Banking Servicf
VOUR banking requirements may
A be entrusted to this Bank with
every confidence that careful and
efficient service will be rendered.
Our facilities are entirely at your
disposal, YXXy:
You can get a bargain in
envelopes.at The Ledge office.
Get a Float" for 25. cents at
The Ledge office, and send to
your, friends in order to cheer
them during the/dark days of
.the ^winter,-,---- - ~--r :; -'-"--' ���X-
FRONT ST., .,, NELSON,     BOX 865
Greenwood Farmers*
All Members of tbe Greenwood
Farmers' Institute can obtain Seed
Grain, by applying to the Secretary,
Charles Kinsr-; '"-������; - '        /        ".'...;
Prizes for tbe Gopher KUlisgCompetition will be announced April 1st.
X      -':-"'���   CHARLES KINGVSec-
Greenwood Branch     L, E. Brawders, M^|^5
Allan Eustis
on Saturday.
'F. L- Peterson
Forks this week.
R. H.   Guise is on  a business
trip to Princeton.
At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches."' Boj>- Watches.
James Summers of Phoenix is
oh a trip to Londou, Oat.
G. A. Rendell returned from
Trail on Saturday evening.
Mrs.  Grey Pond returned   on
Tuesday from a visit to/Trail-
Lewis Bryant is in the employ
of the Canada Copper at Allenby.
J. Bowps has sold the Sunset
ranch near kelowna  for $55,000.
The Phoenix hockey team will
play in Princeton on Friday
We have receiyed a fresh lot
of Christies Fancy Biscuits and
Soda Biscuits in tins. G. A.
Rendell. ~~\
Born,���To Mr. and Mrs. Robt.
Mitchell, ofoDeadwood, on March
3rd, a daughter.
BoRpr.���To Mr. and Mrs, J,
Schindler, of Deadwood, on
March'4th', a son.
Full line of fresh bulk, pure
sugar cbrocolates just in. At
Goodeve's Drug store.
Joe. Strutzel.Jr;, of Phoenix,
was the guest, of the Morrison
boys over the week-tend.
Pte. O'Connor of the 2nd
C.MR, arrived in "town on. Tuesday evening from overseas.
Just in,. a shipment of prints,
lawns, nainsooks. White cottons
for underwear, etc. ' G.-A.Ren-
dell, Greenwood.      .".   ���  '
Grand Forks   will   be district
headquarters-     for    the    Royal
| Northwest Mounted Police. "
The Phoenix hockey team defeated the Greenwood team by a
score of 4-2 in Phoenix on Wednesday evening.
Dan McGillis, of Greenwood,
has bought out Mrs.H. B. Larsen's interest in the lease on the
Providence mine.
A telephone. was recently installed .' at the K. V. station at
Beaverdell and the residents of.
that place, are'now happy.
Make your.own. Oranges and
leVErtiit at ~a price that reduces considerably "the cost of
your marmalade., G. A. Reudell
The Ledge; is
advance. When
three months it
when paid,at end of year.it is $3
Two former Greenwood boys,
Ted and -Harold Hunter were
stars . on 'the. Empress hockey
team, which.won- the 1919, .Commercial League:.championsbip= in
Vancouver. . ;
Just across the line near Calexico
is the Mexican town of Mexicalli,
the mOsfe wide open town in America. Its revenue is largely obtained from those who worship at tbe
shrineB of Bacchus, Venus and
Chance. The Owl is the great resort in that town of excitement.
Along the right side runs the
bar. Double rows of gambling
games of all kinds extend down the
middle. Every table was crowded.
There are Mexican officers, resplendent and haughty, inscrutable
Chinese, Japanese ranchers and
adventurers, carefully calculating
Hindoos and a host of peons.
Watchful-eyed Americans, whose
pale faces were otherwise as graven
images, were running these games.
There were some who besought tbe
boys to "roll 'em out." These
were the presiding geniuses of the
craps games Bufe if one wanted
roulette there were Beveral accommodating men who were making
the wheels and the little balls go
round. ^Their dexterity in sweeping the board clean of the victims'
wagers was of the highest type.
Hard by are tables for keno and
black jack players. Inthe rear of
this temple of Atropos are Mexican
card games.
Throughout the nighfe these
games are crowded. The devoteeB
surge in by the thousands and are
so closely packed at times they
have to stand edgewise and the
rear rows lay bets only by reaching
over the others' shoulders.
Western News
Married at Vancouver
S2 a year - in
notv paid . for
is   &2.50,   and
The wedding took place in
Vancouver on-February 19, of
Miss; Maiidie' Amy, 'the -'"eldest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. J_
Eales of Greenwood, and Bertram
Douglas.'. Perrie. Rev. J. C.^
Switzer officiating. The bridegroom is well known in Vancouver, and the bride was formerly a postmistress in the local
postoffice. : Mr. and Mrs. Perrie
will make their home in Vancouver. ���'   '
Fire at Anyox
For Sale
Improved;. Ranche, 68. acres, ?5
cleared, one mile from Greenwood
and four from Phoenix. For particulars apply downer,. Wm. Jenks;
Box 393, Greenwood, B.C.
' ;Wm.; Johns receiyed ��� a letter
from" Jaffa, .stating that Jack
Hadfield, formerly.of Greenwood,
who .was serving with the Railway Corps,, in Palestine, has died
from pneumonia..
/ Grand. St, Patrick's.Ball under
the. auspices of Pythian Sister
Tempie: No., 12, in Masonic Dance
Hall, Monday, March i7.. Bush's
orchestra. Hot chicken supper to
be served at 10:30.
Miss- Vera Redpath -who has
been the guest of Mrs. T; Jenkin
for several weeks' past,, returned
to Nelson on Monday, accompanied by her sister, Musiel, who
had spent the week-end here.
. .A new shipment of white and
coloured , flanelettes, sheeting,
sheets and pillow .cases." at"Renders Store. y'X.   x '';'.'���: i-X-
v"-"The Saturday. Evening Post"
for less- tHan five cents 'ai copy
$Z50 *;{a������-year.y -.."the; Country
Gentlemen" .for- less.'than -;four
cents a copy $1.75"aXyearX-Including: postage. A, ;R. Dorais,
Autliorized Agent, .632. Broadway; Westi; Vancouver, 'B.C., ';X ;-.-.-
. Fire at the Granby Consolidated . Mining.& Smelting Co., at
Aayoxon March 2, caused a loss
to ore bins, . tracks'. and smelter
office, of $50,000. ; The Barnes
gained great headway; in a stiff
northwest, gale :and. the smelter
plant was saved with great difficulty.; .Operations^ necessarily
will be suspended for several:days.
until, the. damaged material can
be replaced. ' " The fire . started
from one of the conyerters and
spread rapidly./;.. r
yXxi-^ ';��� Copper    :yy:X'i'i[
According >.to ;. a ' Ifew, York
report all.. surplus government
copper., .will..; = be '.marketed, by
the.copper .producers' association
for a period... not to exceed. 15
months by agreement X with . the
directors of sales of the war deparfe-
.ment| "according to an ainnbuncie-
ment made on: March 3 by the
association, which represents 90
per cent of the copper production,
of the conntry. The agreement, it
is said, was tentative, and the copper would, bejsold by the producers
at market prices for the' period
stated - subject..;to ��� business conditions.', So far as could be learned,
no price was determined for initial
sales,5' but, ife "was indicated that a
15 cent'peiv.gound ;rate would pre-
vai 1:. in the iromediate future.
America's war  cost was estimated at 816,000,000,000.
/Buy War Savings Stamps and so
help yourself and Canada;
Tbe post of city engineer of
Grand Forks has been abolished.
Three thousand tons of honey
are stored in Australia waiting for
The three prairie provinces use
annually about 40,000,000 bushels
of seed grain.
Charles W. Tait a well-known
lumberman of New Westminster,
died" lasfe week.
Friedrich Ebert, president; of
Germany, will receive a salary of
$236,000 a year.
, Ben Tilled, M. P., British, labor
leader, and "dockers' champion"
will visit Vancouver this year.
Sam McKee an old-timer of
Trail died last week in Colling-
wood, Ontario, afc the age of 73.
A number of Servian residents
of Phoenix are contemplating an
early return to the land of their
So far this winter twelve feet of
snow bas fallen in Phoenix. The
heavy fall of snow last week was
general throughout the west.
Four Doukhobors were fined $5
and costs in Grand Forks last
week, on a charge of theffc^ of telephone wire from the B.""C. Telephone Co.
Louis Laundri, 64 years old,
was killed last week at Silverton
when he lost his balance and fell
from the lower terminal of the
tramway at ..the Hewitt mill.
A chain of 5, 10 and 15 cent
stores, well known in Canada and
the TJ. S., had a net income in
1918 of $7,000,000*, a decrease of
$1,167,000 from .the previous year.
A return shows that 12,523
miles of khaki cloth, flannel, etc.,
was issued for the Australian
troops. The number of horses
sent for military purposes was
William Young,  comptroller of
water rights in .the employ of the-
provincial government, has tendered  his   resignation.      Ernest   A.
Cleland of Vanconver,  may be his i
successor. I
The Brifcish admiralty has offered
as a gift to the Canadian naval
forces of two submarines, now at
Bermuda, Sir Robert Borden, in
behalf of the Dominion has accepted the offer.
Thejestimated wheafe production
in 1917 in Manitoba was 41,039,-
700 bushels from 2,448,860 acres,
as shown by 1917 Agricultural
Statistics, sompiled by the Dominion Bureau of Statistics.
Ten miles of the main channel
will be constructed this season on
the government irrigation project
in the Osoyoos district on the land
recently purchased from the South-
ern.Okanagan Land company.��� -
To replace fehe lost steamer
Galiano in the fishery patrol service on the B. C. coast the big
steam yahfe Stadacona will leave
Halifax, N. S. shortly, together
with three steam trawlers which
are also to be utilized in tbe fishery
service, bound for Esquimalt, via
the Panama Canal.
Mining News
The Nickle Plate mine at Hedley
has increased its working force.
The Leilose, of Alice Arm, made
a ten ton test shipment to the
Trail smelter last week.
Water shortageha9 forced O. F.
Caldwell to somewhat curtail the
extent of operations be has had
underway at the Utica mine in tho
������-������������������am. U
The Northport smelter closed indefinitely last week. Low price
of lead is given as the reason for
Ole Slaterbek and John Neyman
are    leasing   the   Mollie   Hughea -
claim near New  Denver.    This i?
a=high grade property and is owned
by    Hermann    Clever    of    New-
Oscar V. White has resumed his
former position as general superintendent of the Silversmith Mines,
Ltd. Mr. White is also looking
after the Wakefild, near Silverton,
for Clarence Cunningham.
The New Hazelton Gold-Cobalt
Mines, Limited, has just received
the returns from the government
ore testing plant in Ottawa on the
carload of gold-cobalt-molybdenite
ore shipped to Ottawa in August
last. The report shows thafe this
valuable. ore can be successfully
treated and practically . all the
values saved.' Some two months
ago this company shipped to the
smelter at Anyox approximataly
twenty-eight tons, which gave a
return-of 81.-090.00" in gold or
$53.00 to the ton net in gold alone -
after paying all railway and
smelter charges. They only pay,
for the gold content at Anyox as"
they have no meanB of saving fehe
other values.	
The drift on the tenth" level of
the Silversmith mine has- nofe -Tun
out of the ore shoot yet, according
to  a  report  from  Sandon.      Another carload of high/grade  shipping-ore is ready for  movement to
the   smeltery     This   will   be fehe
thirteenth "ear shipped  since   the-'"
resumption of operations and  will
bring the  net Bmelter  receipts to
875,000 or 880,000 on  fehe 90 per
cent preliminary settlement basis.
The value of the shipments   has
ranged  from  $4,000  to $7,000 nefe
feo the carload on the 90 per cent
basis, depending on the size of the
car and the ton valae of its content.    The crude ore contains upward of 40 per cent lead and 90
ounces of silver to tbe ton.
What Dad Said
With an air of great importance
the small boy of a  Sunday School
in Belfast imparfeed fehis happy fact
to-his-teacher:- ���''The-"devil" is"
dead," he said solemnly.
"What makes you think that?'?
asked the startled teacher.
"Dad said so," exclaimed the
boy. "I was standing in 'the
street with him yesterday when a
funeral passed, and when dad saw ife
he said���'Poor devil! He's dead!' "
Build a $50 Bond
Big and
Get-your job,':.prmtingv at 1__he
Ledge,  before.. the ;pa^>er,: is;. all
gone/?//-.; -:::.."".' '-";."���.': Xr:X- '"XXyX
A War-Savings Certificate, provided
free of charge with your first
War-Savings Stamp, has spaces for
10 War-Savings Stamps.
A War-Savings Certificate with a
W-S.S. in each space is a Dominion
of Canada "bond" for the payment of
$50 on January 1st, 1924.
And you invest less than $41'
to secure it���pa5Ting as it proves
convenient to you.
War-Savings Stamps cost $4.02
in March, $4.03 in April and -
$4.04 in May.
Fill up s'our THRIFT Card (16
Thrift Stamps at 25c. each). Thrift
Stamps earn no interest, but a filled
card represents $4 when you invest
in a War-Savings Stamp,
- ai
Sasmsmm iMmim.  QSEjmwooik  &> a
No Matter Whether
SPOHN'S distemper compound
is as effective in the treatment of one as of the other for DISTEMPER, PINK EVK. TNFUJKNZA, COUGH or COLD. The
stallion in the stud, thc horse in tlie field or on thc rond, ami
the baby colt are all protected from disease by au occasional dose.
Buy from your druggist
Canadian Troops Not Suffering j Heligoland Forts   }
Must be Destroyed
Military Authorities Look After Men
in Far North
London. ��� Renters learns from thc
latest arrivals from the Murman coast
GOSHEN, INDIANA, U.S.A. i that  the allied  troops of  the' north
kusssian expeditionary force arc
���ji wi'.t4iymi.-<-Kn3x Co., Monti-til, P.Q. PneeGOc.
itfinriiinct thr iian.r  aa il nil^ht nol hc .fc��   ar��lli
Helping the Soldiers
Stock    at    Lowest    Price
Returned Men
The British Spirit
Foe   Is In-
Generosity for    Beaten
,    The British were an imperial race
Fortifications Are of Armored Con- far back ;n thdr hjstory). but never
crctc and Steel
London. ���The final armistice terms
:n I which the supreme council is consict-
did they manifest it so, superbly as
on November 21 of immortal mem-
,ory.    Not even the genius of Shake-
good health conditions, and the mili-,crhlg win be nla(|c puLKc bcfoJc 1hc  spcarc Qr AE,chvhls  cver conccivcd
tary authorities arc doing everything- cnd of lhc moiU])i accord;ne 1o var.
lo alleviale the discomforts of lhc ex-1
Ircmc cold, combined with lhe Arctic
-���-. j 20-hour nigln
ious  newspapers, and  lliey will     in-
Ottawa. ��� An organization is being
brought into effect al once in connce-
jtion with the operations of lhc soldier
The temperature was nearly -10 degrees below i-cro Fahrenheit in January,    aiid there    were only three or
sclikmrnl board, whereby soldier set-[four hours daylight during the month
tiers   on   farms   will   be   sure  of   full .at Port Murmansk, which is 200 miles
of 3. setting so vast and magnificent
of the whole world as an unseen audi-
clude, among the naval conditions, thc   encc, as  it were,    or    of    panoplied
demolition of the forts on Heligoland
and Kiel Canal, the surrender for purposes of destruction of thc German
warships now interned, and thc opening of thc Kiel Canal for civil transport.   .It is staled   that Germany will
MONKY   OKUblts'
trainload lots, thus obtaining lhc ad-jduh.
vantage of low prices that  could  nol
.be secured if ilie soldiers 'A<'r<
j b'.'y in the open market.
Semi   a
!Joi:::ihuii    i*..\p. c-.
ui.ty    Urilei
Historical Museum Proposed
J'or Preservation of Alberta's Records
and Relics
Kdmonlun, Alta. ��� That a nius/,n:n
be established for the preservation
and exhibition of lhe histo-ical relics
and records per.Uiinmg io the early
development of Alberta, was the suggestion made at a meeting of tl.e Alberta Historical Society, which is
about  to  be  reorganized.    The    pro-
vi:i<-i;il government may bc asked for (this  letter  must  prove a   message  o
sonic assistance in the way of a grant! good  cheer.    So  many cures  similar
with  which   the  work can bc  financ-it0  ll,is 0,,c havc come l0
cd.    The idea was supported by   the
value for their outlay for live  stock. I within the Arctic circle.    The troops | jJC ]cft whh z'fcci^ go'eno^h for
In alliance with the livestock branch | arc mostly accommodated with wood
of tlic department of agriculture, thc lined log barracks or collapsible huts
board wiil M-emv the best class of, fitted with sleeping bunks and Rus-
stock al  the  lowest  price. isian  stoves.
It is also intended  lo    standardize |     Various    entertainments    are     fre-
bniidings  and   r(|uipmeni   as     far    aslquontly organized and  winter sports,
l possible, and    purchase    supplies     in ' especially skiim;,    are frequently    in-
cd in. There arc comparatively
few cases of frost bile wving to lhe
special  fur clothing supplied.
The north Russian aili<d troops
arc garris'iinng .3(10 miles from the
Murman railway. Supplies for outposts are dispatched from the rail
head some times 200 miles distant, by
reindeer   idedges,   which     arc     often
drive,, by the women folks.    Two ofl Passages aud ihe roads leading up to
the latter have received the Military'll,0,1)  ru5  a,01,�� g^cries which    are
might on such a vast scale. Bui
there was little material in the impression given by the unprecedented
spectacle in the North sea. It was
mainly spiritual. The soul of thc
navy, lhe greatest expression of thc
soul of Britain, dominated everything,
defensive purposes. j la  thc  hour of ils  long-delayed  tri-
The naval correspondent of_ lhc j umph its conquest over a deadly ene-
Daily Mail, writing of the immensely , my was thrown into high reiicf by its
strong fortifications on lhc island of  conquest over itself.   The vanquished
Heligoland, says:
"Th.e summit of the island is one
immense bomb-proof, and the batteries  arc  so  placed as  to  bo  invisibl
was brought captive to the Forth in
silence, lint it might be thought lhat
such restraint was due lo discipline.
That was not  so.    For civilians    on
lp11 iii;
Child Had
St Vitus' Dance
from thc sea.    '.Pin- heavy-guns there  sma11 Clafl' w]i'1^ crowded the river
���11-inch and ll'-inch weapons���prob-!as tl,c naval procession entered, were
ably were reinforced during the war! equally restrained,
by 15-inch guns. The guns arc mount-  1S
cd in steel turrets of great thickness.
All  the    batteries    and    observation
posts are connected by subterranean
And Was Losing   Control   ol"   Anns
and  Legs  Because  of Exhausted
Condition of Nerves���Doctor
Said Ke Could Ho Nothing. But Con.'plct.-.
Cure    Was
: \f
eda! for gallant conduct in repelling: shell"in'oof
Cordova, Man... March A. ---- To par-
���cnts wiio are anxious or worried about
, thc health  of  their  growing children
{enemy raids on food convoys. * ! "Th<; K"ns arc mounted after the
i Murmansk is an ice free port, buM'sual German fashion so as lo give
| thc forces at Archangel arc complete- jlllenl an immense range, probably
My cut off from thc outside world f0i ifroin 1cn to'twelve and a half sea
I six months of thc year. ' Inter-com- j miles. To enable the island to stand
inuinicalion between the two forces!lllc concussion of lhcir discharge aiid
. commaud-d hy General Ironsides is ''""ist fire directed against it, ��6,000,-
only possible in thc winter time      by   -)0�� is ��aicl l0 Iiavc keen sI)c��t before
1910, and subsequently      other largc
?ieutenant-governor. Mr. Brett, who
pointed out the desirability of preserving the historical records of both j
northern and southern parts of thc i
province. Thc establishment of a society for historical research was also
At  the    present    time  there  is  no
aeroplane.   Major Sir Ernest Shacklc-
our ait'en-, ton is attached lo General Maynard's j sums were allotted.
"Thc immense   seaplane   sheds arc
f  said to have been of the disappearing,
,    ,,        , ,��� ��� Can-dian officers    and    non.comnlu  I type, which could bc low-cred as a pro-' "age of over $180 a head and    Mr.
s' Dance and al   such conditions   ^"..man  onieus    ami    noii-iommia-I -,���..,:���,., i,���,r ,..,��������� �����,   >n, ���.
sioned  officers,  all    experienced     5" |t��-ttion against long laugc (ire.  Ihei<
tion   that  we arc  forced   to  consider, headquarters  as  adviser    on    Arctic I
Dr   Chase's Nerve Food the most ei-j       ;       ,.t      , ;, . j  f f ���
fee.tivc   treatment  available     for    .St. ' ���'       . ' .    i
Playing the game
national.       It  is  nol  sophisticated
sense of knowing the right thing    to
do, but instinctive, springing from   a
generous heart.   Thc German as a foe
wallowed in deviltry, but in the hour
of his abasement Britons, ........i    and
civilian, added nothing lo it lhat was
not absolutely necessary. Chivalry
was out of the question, so was pity.
i There was nothing for generosity to
take refuge in but silence.
Alberta Beef Brings Highest Price
Mannscll Brothers, of Macleod,
sold their beef a few weeks ago, shipping their choice slccrs to the Chicago market, where Ihey obtained the
highest price yet received for prairie
fed beef.   The trainload netted an av-
Comedy Well Staged
Britain's Comment on Action of German Cabinet
London.���Thc report that the German cabinet had decided not to sign
the renewal of the armistice is the
subject of comment in - the London
newspapers. - They call Lhc action of
the German government a "comedy"
and say it was well staged. .The newspapers say that Germany has always
had faith in the policy of threats and
bold talk and that the failure of tins
attitude in the war has not prevented
her from continuing it in defeat. Thc
papers declare that thc allies have
no intention of imposing upon Germany terms comparing in severity
with those Germany imposed on Russia and Roumania a year ago. The
Times,.in an editorial, points out that
thc Frankfort Zeilung and thc Vor-
waerls of Berlin last ycar rejoiced in
the. terms which bound Roumania to
Give   way   before the penetrating effects cf Sloan's
So do those rheumatic twinges and
Jhe loin-aches of lumbago, the nerve-
'inntrmmation of neuritis, the wry neck
lhe joint wrench, thc ligament sprain'
the muscle strain, and tlie throbbing
The ease of applying, the quickness
of   relief, ��� the , positive -results,, the
cleanliness,    and    the . economy    o��
Sloan's Liniment make-it universally,
preferred.   Made in Canada.
whicli  result  from
nervous    cxhaus-
lii |
although there arc several splendid
collections of relics of the early days,
and of the Indian work, which is rapidly deteriorating. It was at one time
suggested that the old Ft. Edmonton,
situated on thc banks of thc Saskatchewan south of the legislative buildings, bc restore1 and utilized for this
purpose, but in the spring of 1914 thc
buildings were torn down and the
ground upon which they stood leveled in accordance-with tlic scheme of
landscape, gardening._ being' worked
out on the'grounds -of- the legislative,
buildings. ��� -':.'.
t'on. ! Klondike conditions, is attached     to
To    children    who    arc    naturally 't])C force as histructors in Arctic life,
nervous  tlie  strain   of school  life   is  ,,, .. ,     .      ,        , ,      ,
often more than tlicy can bear, and lcan,s 01 Ill,sk>' do-'s llavc also bccn
thc results arc seen in headaches, specially sent out from Canada for
eye troubles, loss of appetite and in- transport work, though the reindeer
digestion.      The   usc   of   Dr. Chase's  w]l5cj, ronm in ]lcrds ovcr lhe    Lapp
country arc chiefly used for this pur-
museum of this kind in thc province .Nerve  Food at such times soon pu's
arc store shops and repair works with
all the usual equipment of a naval
base. . The fortifications presumably
will be blown up, but their clcsfruc-
lion will bc no easy business.    Tlicy
Mannscll is delighted with thc result
of his shipping to .the stock market
in thc southern city. Thc balance was
bought by the P. Burn's Co., and arc
being shipped to the Pacific coast
markets.    Mannscll Bros, are    noted
and     restores
- 1918 Salmon Pack.
.Victoria, B. C. ��� Vancouver, B.C.,
advices  report-"a' total . of    1.616,157
.cases of salmon were; packed.by the
canncrs of. British Columbia, - during
the .season of-1918, being!;58,672 -more
_ than' in -1917.. Twenty-one - per' cent.
of thc "total were sock-eyes and red
springs,-the "'balance being of'a-lower grade, fish. -,.-'.'"'--.
I Cost of War Amazes Gercnans
them  on    their    feci
health and vigor.
Mrs.  Wm.  Matt.    Cordova
"i\!y little girl, ten   years old, was
not  very   well,   and   1   noticed  some
rather odd ways about her. Shc . Amount. Is 161 >000,0C0000 Marks Says
used  to act very  strangely at  times. _...��_.
I asked lhc doctor what could be the ' _     Minister or Finance
matter, and he said she had St. Vi-' Weimar. ��� Thc German people
His' Dance; to keep her quiet and generally do not understand clearly
��"1  ��.l S-h0��\    .He,said  liniments  the financial situation  in which    the
arc  of armored  concrete  and     steel,lfor their quantity and quality of the
and a very largc quantity of explosive l>cef thcy prepare for market, and so
will be required.
"Thc fortificaiions al either entrance to tlic Kiel Canal are of immense strength and are lavisMy supplied witli the heaviest guns in steel
There is more Catnn-li in this section of
the country thnn all other diseases put together, and for years it was supposed lo be
incurable. Doctors prescribed local remedies,
and  by  constantly   failing- to  cure  with   local
-Adds tp His Reputation
London. ��� In one of the most remarkable statements madci.from' the
German, side since the close..of ,'.the
war, the' former ;Crowri ;Prince.-slami.
the-- late .ds'irig. -Edward- VII .for provoking .the"-conflict". John T. Parker-
son,"- correspondent--'of thc Daily''Ex'-'
prcss, wire's -an"-, interview . witli i , the
younger;"-Hqhcnzollcrn.'from his ;place
of-exile','Wei-irigcn,,.Holland. ."        "!
..  ren't any use for her.     Shc     ...... iir, ,    1  j  -- ���>   = ���  �� ���
affected  ill     th*s     wav     for a  "Car      I , war   ilas   'ctt   them,  and   thcy   arc   too   treatment,   pronounced   it   incurable.     Catarrh
.thouaht something oudit to b'e done, j optimistic, declared Dr. SchifTer,   the &,��,��$ JS,S T,S��d &���?��
so  in  looking .over  Dr.  Chase's  Al-      '  " "  ~ ... _.....
manacl.   read,   several   testimonies
frotp    people   ..who    had'   used    Dr.
Chase's  Nerve  Food.    I  "sent  for six
boxes    and    started-'this    treatment
with rhy .daughter.     Before she    had
finished the 'first    box..I  could  sec a
rrreat change iii her. and "by. the-time
she had taken- thc six bo'xes she was
have many bidders for whatever thcy
havc  to  sell.���Lethbridge  Herald
Men and Women Alike Suffer From
This Serious Ailment
"No heart for anything" is thc cry
of thousands of men and women who
might bc made well and strong by lhc
new, -rich red blood Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills actually make.
Misery day and night is the lot of
hosts of men and women who arc today the victims of weak nerves. Thin,
pale, drawn faces and dejected attitude tell a sad'talc, for nervous weak-,
ness means, being tortured by morbid
thoughts and unaccountable fits of depression. These sufferers arc painfully sensitive and easily agitated by
some chance remark. Sleeplessness
robs them of energy and strength;
their eyes are sunken and their limbs
tremble; appetite is poor and memory often fails. This nervous exhaustion is one of the most serious evils
affecting men and women of today.
The only way to bring back sound,
vigorous health is to feed the starved
nerves, which arc clamoring-for ncw,
rich blood. This ncw blood can be
had through the usc of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, which fact accounts for the
thousands of cures of nervous diseases bronchi about by this powerful j
'blood ..;' builder and nerve restorer
Through a fail
30c.    OUc,    $1.20
Bavaria Faced
By Internal Trouble
Berlin. ��� The Bavarian     government of Premier Eisner is faced with
a serious internal situation, according
to   dispatches   received    here.      The.
Munich  correspondent  of thc Anzei--
gcr Zcitung says    tliat -the garrison!
in  Munich  and  Nuremberg    arc   recruiting troops for llie express purpose of opposing Eisner, his Sparta-
can, and Independent Socialist follow-.-
ers and thc soldiers' council.
The same report.states . that ,the
Sparlacans- who are temporarily-." in
control at Nuremberg, will be thrown
out by troops, brought .in-from" the
outside if necessary. A Munich dispatch to thc Vorwaerts says that ?.-
solution of thc . government crisis
cannot bc delayed longer.
'*Wireless Lighthouses"
For Flying Pilots
Will Be of Great   Value   in   Foggy
Weather. -.       .-.- ;     ���/.
At present, the weather is thc. great'
natural enemy of. aviation, but before
long it will be fully .conquered.   Two
use of this medicine I things'are needed for victory. One. is
ihous.-nds of despondent people ha.v.c4hc .]mlUipj;cat;on of meteorological
been made bright, aetiv^ and strong,    ... . .���-_,��� -     -
'minister  of finance,   in   an  address  to   constitutional treatment.   Hall's Catarrh Cure,
,-.       r* .���        ,"'--11        v ���.'��     .manufactured by K..J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,
llic   German   national   assembly.        Hc . Ohio, is n constitutional remedy;, is taken  in;
apparently astonished the. house when. ter��a% ���������� ac? *l'ru'he Blood bn the Muc-
.    . ���-,-.-      .   -.' -���- otis   Surfaces  oi   the   System.     One   llmnl-ed
, lie gave the SlatlS'iCS to.show, that the   "Hollars   reward   is  oflfc">d   for  any  case  that
war had .cost 161.000.000 000 marks."        1"-!,!1's'-Cat��r?!' c"rc tails {�� cure'  Send for
.   Dr. SchijTer, then tasked    that    the
assembly vote a  credit in  the    form
completely cured. ' .She is real'well, of a loan" for 25,300,000,000 marks,
now-, and goiter .to school everv d-'v. ] the greatest loan "the German people
.."Another daughter of: mine ".'has- cyer havc bccn askcd |o ^^ Hc
found1 Dr. .Chases Catarrh Powder. ��� . - .,,-.,.- x. -, .
.vervbeue.Rci:d..;-and we",alwav=- keep explained, that last October the.gov-
'the -Kidnev-Liver- Pills "on hand as crnm'cnt-stood'on the verge of "finan-
a   household, remedy"    for-, backache,  cial exhaustion.    It "asked fof a credit
c1ia'   '/-, -   ', ��� -K-  -'   ' V- \' -ii -   -;  ! of" 15,000,000,000 "fnarksV'bu't when this
,���  -Dr. -Chase's  Nerve  Food.  M cents i ���;. ���'��� ���-.    -   ..  ,   ; .        .
a .box. a-full..treatment of 6- boxes was- mused raised it by means of
for %?..7S,I at" "all dealer's.'.'or Edmari- bank'note..issues. .The speaker was
son,. Batcs_&- Co.; Limited, Toronto. I applauded -'whe'ri ' he"" remarked that
pirciilars   and"-testimonial1?,
V. J."CI1KNKY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
��� Sold  by   Druggists,  75c.       -   .'  .
���  Hall's  Family  I'ills for. constipation.
Northern Manitoba's
Fur Production
;'���.. -Millcr's-Worm    Powders ' do', not
' need tlic.~aftcr-.hclp .of -'castor -.oil ~-or
any , purgative!,: to .'..'complete '���"���, th> if
: "thorough if ess.-���ibecause they are- thorough, in .themselves. ..One. .dose  ;.-of
tliem',ati'd  tlioy will" be .found- paint-,
iddc by all ^children, 'will, end the worm
trouble.' by -making" the stomach. . and
."bcQi-cts untenable .-to ���   thc 'parasites.
'���=-A't\(1 not  only ..this, but'the-powders.
,' v,*i'.i...l)e cer.taii'n to"'exert mosvbenefi'cial
. Influences, in" the. digestive organs.   '
.   Women. Want-Prisoners-Released
���  .. Berne. "���- .An     intcrraliohal     wo-
'jiiVn'i conference, at which delegates
from  the-entente, countries and    thc
-central  powers   wcrc present,  passed
-a resolution demanding that all    war
prisoners.-and. interned pei;sons be released.    It" was decided, by  thc cori-
fcrencc to send a-delegation'to Pr'e_>-
- ' jdc'ii.t Wilson to-promise him suppo.-t
for.'lus peace program,, and also    to
.'-.request" thc elimination of militaristic
; -.tendencies in school teaching.
i,   iJULv.-i  ui.-v.w.,   L.1111111-U,    .luiumu. iHnpiuuui'ii    wnen    ne    r.emaiKcu  inai
--npt.-'be- talked-into, accepting a. :tr{nK ,arid-   opcnness ' sbbuld- bc thc
is'itute.   , Imitations   only    dtsap- ,    .    ��� r ��� ,,-.     ... , .   -        . -���  .
n(. - .-   .   ,-;-,-'    ..-.,-. basis of all-politics'and,-finance.
Belongs to
Socialist Party
Is a Source pf Considerable. Revenue.
Yearly :
Fur. production in - tlie. northerly
parts of. thc. Prairie Provinces'is: a
source of considerable revenue year-
Worms cause frctfulncss and rob
thc infant of sleep, the great nourish-
er. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator will clear the stomach and intestines aud restore healthfulness.
Chance for Naval Men
Ottawa. ��� Thc department of tlic
naval service has obtained from the
marine department a decision to thc
effect that riicii serving during the
war on ships of thc Canadian - navy
will thereby _ obtain the necessary
qualifications for obtaining certificates
in the mercantile marine:- Thc decision .recently given'will enable-a num-
ber'of .men - who.'havc served during
the war to-conic up for.examination
and-obtain their navigation certificates. -       ''   ' : '
imontr these is  Miss Bibianc-.-Chias
son, South   Beach. Que., who says
stations  so. that    aviators  may  have
forc-khowlcdgc of the- weather condi-
"I am a teacher by profession, sand | tioiis thcy arc likely to meet on long
probablv due lo the close confinement nights. Thc second is thc use of di-
snid arduous nature  or  inv dull"?     I ,       ..      r   ,: .    ,    ��� ;���������
1 rection-nnding       wireless     appartus,
'This apparatus is a British war product" and  is.at present, a .secret, but
became much run down and suffered
from extreme nervousness. Thc least
nois'1 would st^rMe mc.tand my heart
wmdd be;>t violently. Indeed my condition was an unbappv one. T IismI
of'^n   beard    of Dr.   Williams'  Pink
Fi'ls. as a cure-for ..nervous, troubles   , .   t ,    ,    , - .
and decided to give them.a fair trial, i instruments which' indicated thedis-1.
I am nanny to say that +lii_= rnpclirinc | laucc an(f direction  of  wireless   sta-
completidvrestored mv henlUvr'and  l-i.�� -.     i ���    ,���        <����� -     -->   ������"   -j
can  conf.d-nMy recommend it  to all  ����ons_on land.    Aircraft so equipped-
suft'erintr fr0m nervbiis troubles;"- ���    - j ca�� hx- lhcir"posiiion. frequently, can
we shall soon learn all about the
mcans by Which British inventors
y;cre able  to provide aircraft     with
When all men' arc what thcy .pretend to be- - the. millennium problem
will be easy.        ;.    ' .   .'    -'
The dairy industry in Saskalchc-
: wan is assuming large proportions,
with a sum of $41-4,629 invested in
plant and ' buildings, according lo a
return brought down to the legislative assembly. Tiie estimated value
of the co-operative plants is $115,184,
''  The daily ��� expenditure ..during, thc
war, Dr. SchifTer. added, ,ra"r.g?d from
49.000,000 "marks '"in'-1914 ,to- 135 000,-
', 000,-in 1918.."" The minister", explained
  jthiit  there'had. been ,a;.  steady-.   ,de-
���.,..."   "'-��� -   . "U-.i , . ,   t-i'-i '   ���''-'���    crease- in "expenditure^, since. the;;sic"n.-
-Wci.mar. r- tricdnch  Ebcrt, presi-j- ���   -        ��� - - -    -
dent- of  Gerifiany,. in his '.speech"acr
ccpting the presidency, said:   '���
--"-1- will -administer itiy-office-, not as
the leader ���-of a single party, but'   I, ��� ....    ���  - ���        ...  :,-.,-���       ,
:������ ���,-��� -- <  -- -   -,     -��� - ���. ..    .       -   .- ��� "/'desperation.".  He said that the-- sol-
belong    to . .the--Socialist,partyj. and ,,..-;,-,  -,'-������.,"  ������--',-, ���-.,.   -.
cannot forget that, origin and J tram'-.
ihg...^,'- '���_��� ���,'...-;���"        ���   ; ";;-���-.-;-'". .-"
ing. of ,t!ie" armistice
.���._Tlie.'.minister ��� condemned' the' 'waste
throughout'lhc .War and cliar'-'^Tiz^d
the war finances -as ""a-.'.program:. of
. "The. privileges., of;-birth, already
have .been" eliminated���;. :from politics
and are ���being-eliminated... from,1 social
diers'"���'.and .workmen's' councils since
the war had'at:times -.-been*' accused
unjustly but unfortunately "too. many
councils wcrc'not'.of advantage loathe
���government,���financially.' '" -';-.--   ; - -*/" '
life;  : '.��� -;-'.--;,'��� X- . :��� ���  yXXy    ._
"��� "Wc shall'.'combat '.domination, by
force' l"6 ��� the  utmost,'-from---whatever i-
Tonnage Lost by France
direction' it .niay.cofne,
found bur-state only on thc-basis of
fight .arid on our freedom  to ..shape
our    destinies    at  homq "aiid abroad.
Wc Wish to j 0nly,One-fifth of That   Suffered, by
Great Biitain' ....
Paris. ���" A full list" of tlic  French
naval  losses in  the  war, -whicli ' has
However ^.arsli may be the. lot threat-,bcc!1 published.-includes .four"."ba':tle-
ening the German people, wc do not Lb^ tflc, nouve't, SufTrcn,"' baulois
despair of Germany's vital forces."    |.ancl Daiiton; four armed, cruisers, the
They Soothe Excited Nerves.���Nervous  affections  are  usually  attribut-
,     . ���, ,     -   , ,i     r ... jable to  defective'digestion,    as    the
ly. The .value-, of .the fur production Utomach domina<es the nerve centres,
in Manitoba, last .year amounted to A course of Parmelce's^. Vegetable'
more than .a-million and .'a half fdol-"l T*ills will still all-disturbances of this
la'rs, -which  indicates -the  iniporfance7charactcr' a��d, hV restoring the stom-
v 1,-.    r '   ��� i:    -r .1 ���      , .'.ach to normal ac*ioiv.relieve the ner-
of-this branch of the,.province's re-,VPS fronl lrrit:Uion. - There is no se-
sourccs. .The. following/table-shows; dative like them and in the. correc-
thc ��� "value; "of ;'fur'of .'the different i tion of irregularities of the digestive
kind of animals .caught-last year.;     {Processes,.no preparation has done so
Oticr:..::;...:.:.:.:::..::..::^...:.....:..:;.$'64 880!{,ffe5lUVe work, as.can bc testified to
���--������-         '-'         -���"'            .   ���   XX. ���-hy thousands.   '                 - /--
Beaver-..���...:..v...:_-:....ir.���_..^._ .-.221.100)   -Xy, .  __- ���.
..���.���87420-,'Piers Become Government'Property
;-��� :'38;50_;)|-   -Victd"ria,-"B.".C. ~ Piers~number 2
." j 11 720 j and 3, the. big concrete docks at tlic
.'.105,400! entrance-.to .Victoria harbor have'.becn
. 522 9.0J turned oyer to the-Canadian National
Railways  (C.N.R;)  and have become
part and parcel ,of the' Dominion government transcontinental    transportation system"; ','"-;'--���-".'���.'    ,'-.-:".''-'"". X--',
Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills are    sold
by all dealers in .medicine, or .may be
��� had-by mail at 50"cents a box-or six.
boxes for- $2.50 from The Dr.    Williams' Medicine. Co., Brockviile, Ont.
- A-jury recently met-to inquire into
a case" of suicidc_ After-silting through
thc .'evidence the twelve men retired,
and, Ji'te'r deliberating, returned with
thc following verdict:   , . '     - .
"The    jury    arc all of one mind������.
temporarily insane 1"���Jersey Journal.
report to their base at any moment;;
where they are,'what course thcy arel
steering-and whether thcy:arc in any.
difficulty. Thus the imperial "wireless;]
chain" will be an indispensable factor^
in the organization of long-dis'tancc;;,
flying. The direction-finding w>re-.;
less instruments will, of course, be of-'
great value to shipping in" foggy, .
weather or when thc clouds prevent"
the steering of a cbursc'by.itlic'st'arsf',
Despite the fact that the precipita-
Proposed   departmental    buildings t;on ;n'southern Alberta in' 1918 was."
!fpr whicli plans have been   prepared !the lowest on record, - SHrjmcrfallow-f
by the .Alberta-governmeht will not j cd^land-   produced .wheat crops'run-!
be proceeded with" this-year.   . They! nhig ^    high as 35 -bushels''to' the
acre,    while  .-20-bushel   .'crops    were
Skunk. - ......-���.
Marten   .:1,1���;_...
|-W6lf . -:.,.X..:.i.���
Fox v-:..:....:.....-...
Lyii'x, .'...������.........'.
Ermine - .���.:..::
arc "to -.bcerccted on the capitol
grounds at Edmonton at an estimated
cost-of $250,000,
Men.", who accomplish ��� most.never
seem in a hurry, no matter how much
thcy-have to do.      ;���        'V .���
quite common. These results were
obtained on a precipitation through^
out the season of ,7.37 inches, ...s'recorded" at the Dominion experimental
farm at Lethbridge. ���'������-,-
- 20,280
'. 34 420
- 25;250
'' 1:570
. Only One "BROMO QUININE" ;
To cat the genuine, call (or full name I.AX-
-for" signature of E. \V.: GROVE." Cures a
Cold  in  Oiio   Day:"    30c
Minard's  Lv i.r^ent Cures. Distsmper.
... Manitoba Has.Revenue Surplus
" Winnipeg,- Man.'1��� Provincial'treasurer. Hon; >Edward.Brown,, staled,, in
thc.;legislature -that, the hooks, will ;.be
closed.'-.for.'-1918, with  a' revenue, sur-
^linard's Linimtnt Cures.  Colds. *tc.
Counter-strike   Used as  Weapon
Berlin. ��� Twenty .thousand   store
employees  in   Berlin   have gone
������; The' work laid out -by., the Alberta
legislature in connection with". roads
and" bridges  for ..tire ..ycar^ will  takt
$1,000000    and there is-an:.extensive
building, program bcsidi-s. ' The.' gov- i P-his of $322|867. -The' salient" points
crnmeni's desire is tb pfovidc as.much ;of iiis Statement;are;- Revenue-surplus
Admiral Gambelta, Admiral "Charms, .'"employment as-possible-on .neccssary.!$'322,867;: surplus: of ;assctsyover .Iia-"
Clcber and Dupctit Thouars, and-one ' works- and as soon as.'.'tlie estimates ;bilities, $3-1,200,000; net .debt afler.de-
f'tsl cruiser the Chateau ' llemtiU havc bcc" Passcd. stcPs wiH'be ;takcn<l��ciing, cash., and sinking fnnd,'.,r.$13,-
. There  wer^  besides,  fourteen- -de^,t<? *>n:I,arc iov'a[ bl'^  "sprin!?   'a,,(1- 00t'-00b;- - revent^bearing  dcblv'^lS,-
slr'tkc  for higher wages.     Leipzigcr-1
OS) :tfoyers,   tiglit    torpedo-    boats-
' fourteen   submarines   lost.    One
wrasse, where some of thc big .stores!'1^ subinarincs. the Duiic,  was     re-
afe  closed, is  occupied    by    troops, ��� n��atfd ^ thc cncI">'' b,u was subsc-
summcr.   Operation's, will' bebegu.n as 3;>(),Q00; expended"., less than-estimated
0f  early in  the season as weather con-j hist.year,-. $364,000.
��� dition'.s will permit.
who are maintaining order.
Spartac.'ins arc indulging in promiscuous firing in the newspaper
qucntly recovered.    The  minor ships:!     Before  lhe war  Norway  possessed
r    ,. ,    , ,.,   ���.,     ,��� .   ,    ,empire, workers   strikes arc met
of which  tlicre  arc 19.   1 he 19 mdc-     ^K^       ...       .       ,    t ..  ^.,.���r.
-.t. counter-strikes by  doctors and Other
e1 a t -
professional- classes^.
which were sunk  were five auxiliary;ow     Rross    ton    of shipping per m-
CTiiiscrs, four gunboats, 72 submarine dividual,   as    compared   wilh^  abaiit-
��� , , , ,    ,rhaser��   one  -doon and seven    small '.one  ton for cvery  three    individuals
Lvcrvwhere throughout thc -.cnascrs, oin. bioop .ir.iiuui    sma".. ..   .
* '��� - in Great Britain.-
pendent.plants have $299,44-5 in phi
and buildings
Typhus in Moscow
Washington.,;��� Information reach- !
There   arc    salt   mines    in Poland
that have been .worked for more than j c(]  Uic' ��� state-department    from  Hel-
six centuries.   -,.    ' ' i .XX- '.'-��� i.'sinfofs that7 a'party of French, Brit-
by  craft. .--������ .   ;
Thc loss in  tonnage- was   110 000
tons against 550 000 tons for Britain,
76,0(30 tons for Italy and 17,500 tons
Ifor'the United..Slates. -  -      j
Should Submit
Terms to People
., London. ��� Thc view that the terms
of "peace with Germany' should be
settled.before the .organization, of a
society.;of nations is dealt, with, was
expressed in thc- house of-.commons
by Horatio W.'Bottomlcy.'
"',��Thc .speaker declared .that the- g'pv-
.criimcnt.;w.ould" lose a large -part of.
its majority if it brought to the house
the draft of- a" peace treaty, wliich-.had
to be a.cccptcd^ or rejected, without-al-.
-tcration. -Tlie preliminary treaty,"he
said,"- should . ;l>c. iniiialcd- and- then
siibiniltcd. to ahc ������'people ot chcli
country. .  "' ;. -'-"' "-,'-.- . ". ��� . -,,
. Mr. Botlpmley saidhh was'no't-'Sure
that if that.%vere'. done, President Wilson would. - find that he- spoke- with
such absolute authority for; the
Unjtcd Slates.'"-;" "' . "
:     Influenza"in "Paris :"~"     ^
Paris.. ���- There has becni a great
increase during the past week in .the
number of cases of influenza report*
ed.- - In Paris' the 'number of deaths
registered during the p3st three weeks
���from the discase^_pr .maladies result^
iiig from it were re^pc"Ctively~2at,-376.
.and 550.'' ���'' Xi-
In "llic'   glorious'.feasUof-knowlcdsc'i
ish,"Belgiari,."]taHa'vi -''and    American."
Alberta Headquarters for Mounties .'
.   Lethbridge, Alta...��� According   to
advices received here,' Lethbridge". is
'*omci.,.rvOp5c: ,.-\n.veD.-R<-t;,any
than 111,0 .'s-jt-.i';.-1.';-"':',"-V.,.V'^-.;:.:
ivr-tlrcr--'-.- - .
iimmm mm helpj
../"Sp.iJikni^.upesi! 'tc-u're.bed-wettjiig.'
���'-,-^r-'tlie:,ir<.-ubie;is clnii !tp:jv.c;alities3;i.
reiicf'-.'workers ���'returning- from.;^Mos-, finally fixed as  the  headquarters    of.
cow ��� tpV'St.ock-holm,!;. reported    there j the new jso\ithern'. "Alberta division of'
���:':V;-;^ivvercXi Vthousand ncw'f'cascs. of "typhus-j the,-Mounted,Police*-which is' to. cni-
- ������-., :  .-jjn Mo?cp,w.-.Weekly antl.thaVrthc.hos- | brace .-the;^pl.d,,Calgary - and-.'McLeod .-
FI" P' '��� V'^-M -wcVe>iiriabie\tp"."care for" the" pa-!'districts.: v This.\ncw, "divisipn; will  be
- j known as' K7'the',.British' Columbia as.
'-.-..   '.'���".' -������-*���"'"'    -_���; '" '' . J'E, -jlie old -.Galgary.-title!   :and     the'
, .Ir.c;ymes yi- t>cr.s'i-'jn;ers,a:nd .thf-ir de- j-Mfmitoba division is to- be 'known," as
pe'r.dcnts.'i.l.v.ing - in��� Saskatchewan,   f o-] f)f jf.p c]fi \\acL.eod title.    Tt, is��� fix-
i<-X.s' ;t!ic "yp.cnXvpvX.. . are -conrerncd |pCc'te.d!t!iaf :llierc'.will"hc"-'2O0yihtn..:,p..
...        yXittxXci rx'''-mi;t;frofii   -irinnieipal...; inf i'This'divjsibn, :'     .'".   "  :"   ":"".' '    ' '
.*���;?���- ireat^:J':' !-cpmW;t.-.?;"   t'hisj   iirmci^-bcmg -as; j        -    '-.   ,���/ ,;/���,; --.~. .,..-   .
���^^sft?i.;^-a<^ts? \rXriril-ki an A^ci'idhVcnt to ;i:c    vil- j    'It: is. said    that " liquor,   -intprbves-
;^trou!.)^d,-^itU;.yr^uaiy.<ii;i:i>:U;ti^ ']:,:,c. :ttu v.l'iu-h'-will" alio-be':na'<!e to-'^it'i -ag-r. W.i .soa;sm'en.-don't care tf)
, IP.i.]LVriWihr,%LulnX -;;WtBdser,QcU--jvt," .^X y;..^.^^ irii, ���.- - -.^4;. ���..'"'
- ^fuL-IibViie'treatincntyvM '���
X Jicljjfj.il-'"' - if'vii.d.'-s.io.'.-inoncf,' but, j
:,-write ine;-'to-��Iajr!:'.;.
;���-'is" Ct]ii:xUy
France is Grateful
Victoria,     B.  . C, ���' General
;Paul  Pau, head of thc  French
mission-to Canada, in an     address "before 600 persons, at    a
��� Canadian'.-club; lunchcon,: told of
..the; gratitude, of his country to
���the;Dominion, for her., part in,
".the"war..   He spoke in French,-
' liis - remarks' -being- ..interpreted .
���'for. '..his 'audience. - The "'.object.
��� of ;his," mission, he', said,- was' tb
strengthen the.ties-of friendship
betwe-.n    France,, and ". Canada.'".
Mr. Andre: Siegfried," a "member"
of th.o. commission,   "who...-also'
s"pck;:; - paid."a-, high  tribiitf; ���;" to
thc' prowess. '0^ tlic, soldiers' oi
��� the H'-itish-rac'ei"       .    -   ���     . -.'
Heal Two Weeks Old Baby
Of Skin Trouble.
"V/ben about two weeks old niy
baby turned blue, and in a couple of -
days broke out- in a rash." -
���Then   lhe   turned-   sore
sround her eais and on   -
the top of her bead, and
on her arm's -and  legs. '
The skin was red and she
scratched till she made it
bleed. She could not sleep,
���'- "I wrote for a free sample of Cuti- .
.CHta. Soap and Ointment.,   It was a .
'.'"great relief, so' I "bought .more, and I -:
- -used two cakes of Cuticura Soap and  -
three . boxes iof = Cuticura - Ointment ;
-when -. she  was  healed." "-(Signed) -:
. .Mrs. Alfred-' Ryan; 107A ..St. Martin;.
'. Ct.;, Montreal, <2ue.,'August 10, 1017. -.'���
. -, For every, porpose of the toilet Cuti-;J;
cora Soap'aad Ointment,arecuprfce.",';
For Free Sample Each by-Mail ad��,".;
���  dress pbct-card: f'Cut terra, Dept. A.
. Jlostpn,U. S. A." Sold everywhere.
Declare State of Siege
Easel.���\A state of siege has'been
declared at-.Hamburg; Germany, until
the people of that city have surrendered-all arms in their possession.;
. Patrols, demanding these '.arms,'
are faking action against those'who
resist. . "-"-.""."
Gustav Xoske, .minister in charjge
of military affairs in- thc Ebcrt cabinet, has telegraphed to thc. president of the soldiers' council at Hamburg;-^saying:; .that ; he'-"will not" take
military measures'agaihst that .city
as the" soldiers' and workmen's .council, is; restoring .order.;-.' ':- . -' ' ":  '���-.'"
~:;i"VX,.-x\'\\i% dp.-ypil' aHvays.iri'iti.^":'. j.
my singing.y.-hen.Jfr.;Brinile>;/c6riii>; j'
hcTX?XXXXiXX.yyxyi;xi 'X X'.,XX\.
���'-'-'Weill t'-'don't 1 i ke; "��� VQ" <"oii.ie r ,"rigrit j"
ont,-'and. tcll.-'-^iin-'...'lb " 'go/'r-Bosten j:
; Transcript. .V, -��� ..:::.. yXr XI. X; -",., 'i.X
If ijouf usual
digest easily
and uou wart
of a i^adij-tb-
eat cereal dish
rrtent at
cost, try
'w-;'.';.jj;'  u.   12*' j S   ;,* <""*���>;<]
THB    JLEDGSk    GBEEtfWOOD.    B.   &
si/). S
Secure  a $5,000  Protection  and  Savings Policy* ��, Gillian Strikes OTe  Political
Age 20���S108.9C        Age 30���?13CU0 Annually =!will Be Maintained    Until   Goveni-
Age 25���$118.50       Age 35���$J44.70 Annually g ment Troops are Withdrawn
Write for pamplet today ��      Berlin. ��� The general strike in the
WINNIPEG     SASKATOON     EDMONTON     VANCOUVER   ~   ]arge o majority    of    the    miners  as
I Rheumatic Pains I
��  Are relieved in a few days by ��
���) taking 30 drops of Mother Seiget's (���
C��  Syrapr/termenlt and on retiring. ��D
Iit dissolves the lime and acid ��
accumulation in the muscles and (���
joints so these deposits can be 9)
expelled, thus relieving pain and �� -
soreness.  Seigel's   Syrup, also (��
known as "Extract of Roots," e}
containsnodopenorotherstrong ^
drugs to xill or mask the pain of (j,
rheumatism or lumbago^ it re- ���")
. moves the cause.   50c. a bottle $
at druggists. It tf
K<<jrfS25nervoiitii"fU,Di, itmbi'S ucvl.im .1
t.w*w^��^��jn   0|j  y,;.,^    c,.r(S   J.crvoua
Vrb; il]f,T,:cnt"l nnd lirai'i IVarr'i, J.cjjon-
denrn, I n��i ef I.nirrv, 'J oT~)i.'-lion tf the
Jfto>ttI<'"Uint Jl.Vjmn-)'. 1'ric'o Ct P'-'r bos, ti-:
for��3. OnQWi'.lnl'.'CJV.iixirulruro. Uoldlyull
uruEi;i��ts or mailed in pl.-.in pbg. on roer.-t of
Rricc. jV>ii w'viph '<���< muHcil Irce. ~��Y.�� VVOCO
\Eoi~.ir-. co...TCRcriT3,ta. (:��=>��:��v.itiscrj
fug HEW M5N'JH REMcDY. N.l.rt.2 N-3.
T rt fc R A PIO tf !%&������
ffi-atSlin ���������. CbKUS CIIROMC WEAKNESS, lost vicos
rOUGEKA CO. 91). UKI-KMAS ST M.W t Ollii or LYMAS Blmt
ronoNio. wmiti: ron FttGE iiuokio Dr. Lk Cli-.uo
Mto.Co, H*vu��!.roi:kKi>. Hami'S-kad, London. Eng.
sar: ANn
'lit   THAI    I HADE   MA,<*M)   HOM   ' THtPAPION     IS u*
bui.euvT.siAur a.tusdto all as.-uimcpAnmi*
"Mounties" Coming
Vancouver, B. C. ��� Within a few
weeks thc North West Mounted
Police will be stationed in Vancouver.
Soon the striking and historical uniform of these "scarlet riders of the
plains" will become very familiar to
thc citizens of British Columbia, carrying with il thc traditions and thc
honor upheld by these men in maintaining law and justice fearlessly
throughout the great northwest of thc I against
read in    spite
~  large o majority
shown by voles taken al many places
opposed the movement. Coal production in the region is virtually at
a standstill.
The Socialist Vorwacrts and thf
Bourgcoise newspapers declare that
thc strike is a political movement instituted by Sparlacans and independent socialist leaders.
Spartacans from Dusscldor, gc-
cording to reports received here,
have disarmed thc police of Muhlcim
and taken away canon and mine
throwers from thc barracks for use
the    government    troops   ai
Dominion for ycais pasl. Thc Vancouver exhibition association, at a recent met
���*..-. ��jj-Mj i t'Miii vimnmi'm.aujm jihiuimbb
Easily and  Quickly  Cured  with
For   Sale   by   Al!
Douglas  &   Co,   Prop'rs.
Ncipanee,  Ont.
Dorslen.     The    Spartacans at   Mui-
hcini announce    the    strike    will  bc
ing, received  an application  maintained    until     the     government
from tlic North West Mounted Police j troops are withdrawn from the Kuhr tuitions will, according to the
for accommodation at Hastings Park'district.     They    say lhal if food be- ibail's Paris correspondent, include in
Germans Wanted
To Reject Terms
After Consultation with Party Leaders, Decision Was Changed
Weimar. ��� The German cabinet
voted to reject the allied terms for
the renewal of the armistice and
take chances of an allied military advance being ordered. After consultation with thc parly leaders, however,
the decision was changed, and orders
were issued that the armistice bc
signed.   "
London. ��� Thc terms of the ncw
military treaty to be imposed on Germany in lieu of thc monthly armistice,
:ind as a part of the liual peace con-
'called upon    to gh'c up I hoi restores.
The   Spartacans    announced
lificalions of Heligoland and the  Kiol I ,jrn iim;ls.
in order to eslablLh their permanent  eoim-s scarce the    bourgcoise will ue j:i<I<litioii to the destruction of llic fort-
quarters  there.    Thc application asked  for accommodation    for  150 men
and thc tame number of horses. It intention of carrying thc sliikc from!10 l��"a��ic, tlic mimciiiaic &ii'��:nl'.- 01
was stated that the force wished to, the Khinelaud into central C.crnnnyJ^'tain warships which have not ycl
bc established in thc city by the first; for  a  "final     struggle  between  labor,hvc"   Kiv0"   "P. ">  required,  and   the
SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Australia Ofcrs Sympathy
Ottawa. ��� The acting prime minister received   tho    following    cablegram from Hon. \V. A. Wat!, acliug
1.    Thc Spies Sent Out  (13:17-20).! prime  ministcr"of Australia,  exprcs-
Lcss than two ycais have    passed  sing lhc  commonwealth's    sympalhv
sincc    the    Israelites    were delivered  in thc death of Right lloi\. Sir Wil-
from  Egyptian  bondage.      They arc  frid Laurier: ^
now at Kadesh-Duinca, within sight) "Government and people of Aus-
of the promised land. Moses urges tralia deeply regret the death of Sir
them to go in and take immediate Wilfrid Laurier which has brought lo
possession (Deut. 1:21) but the\ fail a close a long and outstanding career
because of their unbelief (Hcb. 3:19)., of eminent empire statesmanship, lu
There was a threefold purpose in'this vonion of His Majesty's domiu-
sendiiig out the spies: (1) to see ions ,ie W;IS hdd 'm the "highest es-
whether the land was as God had U:C1" orl ^<m��t: of his talents and
told them (v. 18); (2) lo sec wiicthcr,d!slill��uished services.   Please convey
the people who dwelt there were
strong or weak, few or many (v. 18):
(3) to sec whether the cities were
made up of strongholds or tents (v.
19). What folly! If God has spukm
to question his word is simply unbelief.
2.    'J lie Commission Evented   M3:
to lijs widow and family an expression of our very sincere sympathy."
season    is    a hard one
Capture Leader of Bolshevism
The winlci
on   the  baby.       lie    is  more or less  fircbrand 0f  thc   Russjan
confined to slufiy,     badly   -\eiuilated
rooms.   It is so often stormy that the
t molher'docs not   get him out in thc
They    enleied    the   land from thc | fresh air as often as she .should.    He
somli anil    traversed it to its north-  Relics    colds    wliirli    rack his little ��
....               ,  ,          ,        .     svsleiui'his stomach and bowels gcti,
Ihey .spent loily days iii',,���i  ���f ..���i i i,.. u ���- ���,.,..:,-i. ! Ih
Radek Pleads With Guards to Sparc
His Life
Berlin. ���  Radek, at one  time  lhc
and since Karl Licbkneclil's death tlie..
secret power behind the Bolshevist
menace in Germany, wept and pleaded on his knees with thc ginuds in
Moabil  prison  to spare  his  life.
if".it.i  -,.,,i  ii,..   -,.*..,���,;,,,, ���r .i,���  ,..,,,-,i1  ,. . -���----������   - - out of order and he Incomes peevish!
tlK.ll.;i.inal .uul  the   opening  o.   d^c.  (ai..d j lllIS ,ilVesiiR-itiiig exploration.^ t is a  and cro.-s. To guard against this lhc Since   his sensational capture by   the
intention of carrying thc sliikc from,110 lr;l'hc, the immediate sinnm!',-    -
of March.
Object to Destruction of Ships
Iconversion of the status of the Ger
Farmers Need Oil
and capital.
The police    and    local    mili'ia .al',nan llcct '" l,lt' Sc:,l,a I;,cvv fr0111 lhal
Mclserikirchci! have risen against thc|of i"tcnmient  to  surrender.
Paris. ��� In  connection  with      the | Sparlacans and driven them from the'     I1 '"!>y be taken, the    convspond-
statcment of. thc London Daily Mail  buildings    which    thcy'had occupied jent add*, that these surrendered ships
that Germany's      surrendered      ships, earlier in the week. eventually will bc destroyed, the idea
sad  comment    upon    human    nature ' mother should keep a box oi Baby'i I Berlin police thc man whose signature
when men must spend forty days   in'tJw".   1'ilhhns    in the hoiise.      'J'hcy' condemned thousands to    deaih dur-
,-��� i;������       ...      ... -���. .  ,.   .,    regulate tlie stomach and bowels and  .        .   - .,      .     .       .
rmiling out tlie truthtulncss of Goci s  ^rc.,]{ up c���itiS-     Thev   are    sold bv  inS '"e tcrror m Russia, has been in
word,   On their return from the riorll
eventually would bc destroyed,
Temps remarks that there is no
parent   difficulty  in  distributing
objections lo  such an act.
German, Austro-hHingarian,     Turkish
  -        and Bulgaiian craft   among thc    cn-
Urge    UptJir- Government   Develog- lentc nations.
ment of Western Canada's '-The newspaper adds that tlie    dc-
Resowrces Istruclion of these units has not    yet
Saskatoon,  Sask. - "Whereas   tljbccn considered by thc peace confer-
usc of petroleum products is-n-p-'dly i CIIC0 ai,d t,iat t,,crc is vcr-v    scn0,,s
increasing, and whereas a home sup
' ply would materially reduce the cosi '
of  fanning operations    and    corn's
pondingly stimulate agricultural     dc- ���
^yelopmcnt,  therefore  bc  it    resolved
that  this convention  urge upon    the
Dominion government   thc    develop--
menl  of  Western   Canada's    oil    resources  as an    economic    measure."'
The torcgoing resolution was passed 1	
at the conven'ion of thc Saskalche- You seldom see a woman who is
wan agricultural societies here and pale, dull-eyed, thin-checked, and ul-
has been sent    to    the    government, j tor'>'  worn   ont,   who  doesn't    suffer
Discussing the resolution Prof. R. D. ,'7.orc,.or lc" fro,r' '"-^dachc and con-
'stipaiion.    Her poor looks a^e   more
the      Al  u meeting of representatives  of, of dividing    then)    among
ap jthc    national,    slate   and    municipal'having been abandoned,
the j employees  throughout the  Ruhr'district it was decided to strike if    the.
Sparlacan domination continues.
What Mrs. Pankhurst
Says of Electricity
-Women have been active   |              ihlh'
here  is   *.����������������-����������������-������������ ������
With the Fingers!
Says Corns Lift Out j
Without Any Pain I
Ihey gathered some specimens of the
fruit of the land. Two of them, perhaps Caleb ;tnd Joshua, bore a clu.slci
of grapes upon a Ma IF between them
as a witness that God had spoken tlu1
the alliesj tnith about thc  land.
j    3.   Thc Spies Rendered
! (13:26-33).
On lhcir return  this committee
i I medicine  dealers or by mail    al    25
cents a box' from The Dr.  William'-'
Medicine Co., Brockviile, Out.
report  to   the
Jt    was    not
Have I?osy Cheeks!
Look Prettier!
Feel Better!
Simolest Th'ns: in the World to
Do at the Small Cost of
a Quarter
in  thc   election   campaign. " There  is   *������������"���-����������������-������������ ���..���"���*��..!..���..��... ��..���.*,.��..��.,..
intense livalry between     Mrs.   Lloyd,     bore  corns,  I .r<\  corns, soil  corns
George aud   Mrs  MeKcnna,   wife ol" or aily ki|id of a corn can shortly be
the former     chancellor    of   thc    ex-  liflMU ri}\lu ?.ut w,kh lhe ""p1'1'" h y0U
, ,      .    ) , 'v.ni  appJ '  (l'rcctiy upon  tlie corn   a
chociuer, who is a staunch supporter fcw drop; of frcezone, b.i\�� a Cincin-
of Former  Premier
Asquith. Sup
porters of Premier Lloyd George
havc conducted a vigorous campaign
in South Wales recently, attacking
McRemia in thc hitter's own constil-
ucncy,~and those of MeKcnna in reply,'criticising the prime minister.
nan aullioiitv
. lt is claimed that at small cost one
can iret a cjuarler of an ounce of freezone at any drug stoic, which is siifli-
cicnl to rid one's feel of eve:y i-orii
or callus wi.Iiout pain or sorcner; oi
the danger of infection.
This new ding   is    an    eth^r com-
>r     T        ��� ��� ,   .,    .   nr. .       c   oui/ii'iuii.     iju   puui   iuiiks  ;irc   more   *���*     "��-��������-     w��     ���.*-.   ^1^   mrti   m<
MacLaunn said that  70 pcr cent, of largcly (hl0 to ncglcct tha��� anythjngi electors   sometimes   made   candid  re
...       ,,..    ,   ., . ,       ,   .        .pound, and   .Jiile sticky,    diies    the
Miss    Llizabelli   Asqt.ith    admitted   moment it is aoplicd and does not in-
111    some    of    her speeches that the  (lame or even irritate the surrounding
the world's oil  supply was produced 1 else.
in thc United States, while, Canada j Most women can have spaiklhvt
produced only one fivc-himdrcdths of .��>'es and rl,b>' chcrks if they, will
1  ri-,- /-rtit ' l',ut    usr rcgtilarlv a blood    cleansing
1  p��.r cent. ,u,c, ];,>a!jvc ,n<n!i...,-nf, ]ikc Dr   Ham"-
 ���    ' <iUon's Pills.   Just follow these sim��de
directions. Tonight tjike two Dr.
Damilton's Pills and note how much
fresher 3-011 t>el tomorrow morning.
Your face will bc clearer, your ap-
your    spirits  brigh'er.
father, but,    she
.      ,, j many women here, for it is said that
mind.        Bonar'thc present    high-heel    foot-wear   is
Liquid Air Plant
Vancouver, B. C. ��� The manufacture of that marvel of modern science
���liquid air���is to be one of the chief i petite^.l>ntter,
commodities turned out in a new in-! tffirt^nu-hl take one or perhaps two
dustry  to  be established  in   Vancoii-'pi,!s aKa-!"- Gradually reduce the.dose
,       ,. , as mentioned-in th
ver very shortly.    Vancouver has    a ijorl.
number of unique industries established on a fairly laigc scale, but
work is to bc commenced at once on
a new factory to house (he most novel and up-to-date irntjstry that has as
yet located in the city. A permit for
thc construction of this ncw factriry,-
the first unit of which is lo cost $25,-
000 for the building alone, has ' ecu
issued by thc city building inspector
company's direc-
It Has Many Qualities.���The man
who  possesses-a-bottle of Dr.  Thomas'  Eclectric  Oil is  armed  against
many- ills.    It    will  cure    a    cough,
break a cold, prevent sore throat;_it
will reduce the swelling from a sprain.
'  cure   the  most  persistent  sores    and
will  speedily  heal  cuts  and    contusions.    It is a medicine chest in itself,
. and  can be-got  for a quarter of  a
��� dollar. ���    - -     _
New Income Tax
Winnipeg. ��� Income tax, yrhich is
calculated will bring between $1,000.-
000 and $1,500000 to the city cofTers
will be an established fact in Winnipeg by next fall, according to Leo
W. Donley, assessment commissioner, speaking at thc special meeting.of
thc city's legislation committee,
Of Impcrtance
Three litres and Out.
By Nru.lli L. _McCI,UNC.
This ii the story of Private Simmons ami his three attcniiits to escape
from (liflerrut German fVUous as' lie
tohl it to Airs. MeCluutf. Vou will -
enjoy readmit 011c of the movt tliniiinx
stories oLlhc War. Clolh.    Price $1.S'J.
The I^t of Kin.
This Vus one of list year's h:g successes, and is still in popular demand.
A copy of Mr��. McClu. ? s Nett of
Kin should be in every Canadian home.
Cloth.    Price $1.25.
Willow the Wisp.
This Rrcat Outdoor Story �� probably thc most .widely rev ewed book
this year. If you enjoy Gene Strattoa
Torter's book-;, buy thij one at once.
Clotfi.    Price $1-35.
Love cf the Wild.
Thc title iiij.niies tlic atmosphere 01
this boofc. It is ono~6f Mr. McKtsh- '
nie's earlier successes and lacks nonft
of the qualities that has made his recent Willow Thc Wisp a success. Ask
yonr Boot seller for a copy at once in
thc rebound cd.itio.i. Cloth.    Price 75c.
Harbor Tales Down North,
AKD   ,
Battles Roval Down North,
These two booVs arc the last manuscripts of Xorn.-m Duncan, ai"l arc
considered !u> ^eit l��it<rador ' Tale^.
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Hamilton's  Til's  of    Mandrake    and
imuks    about    Imt -
adued, "he    doesn't
Law's daughter at Glasgow also toolc put tint' corns
part in tlic campaign. Aliss Christabel, woman's feet.
Pankhnrsl, the noted suffragette, promised ihe voters that when thc woman's regime prevails in parliament
every iiousc, no matter how small,
will hc lighted, heated and served by
The " British    parliament,  she
scrted, will    be' "responsible    for
announccmcpt    will    hitorcM
on    piactically  every
The Polish Question
Germany    Says    Allied    Commission
Must Remain Outside Frontier
London. ��� Thc Rerlin" government
as_ wireless  states    tliat    a    note  'from
t]lclCount von' Brockdorff-Ranlzan,     for
Mavimillian Haiden says the kaiser
was a mere tool in the war. He
might havc added thai the Crown
Prince was a sort of monkey-wrench.
Chicago News.
explorers    rendered
] whole congregation.
1. Thc majority report (v. 26-29).
(i) "The land flowelh wilh milk and
honey" (v. 27). As a proof of il thcy
���exhibitcd tlic fruit. Thcy all bore
witness that this iu.! in accordance
wilh wh;U God had said. (2) "Thc
people who live there are btrong" (v.
28). They seemed to stress this fact,
unbelief dwells mainly upon difficulties. (3) "The people live in waljei! 1
cities" (v. 2G). They argued that il j
was impossible lo capture them in
.such, sure defenses. (4) '"The land
was inhabited by giants" (\\ 28 cf. v.
33). Thcy saw themselves as gross-
"toppcrs.    Furthermore, they saw  the
Another Case of Blood Poisoning
Persisted in paring his corns wilh a
razor. Foolish when cure is so painless and sure wilh Putnam's Corn
Extractor. Use Putnam'.-, only���it's
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st;ite of collapse.
'"Don't lynch mel" hc screamed to
the guards as hc was being led to thc
police superintendent by his captors.
"I have done nothing." At midiiignl
the slight, narrow shouldered figiuc
{peering in tcrror through thick iuised
glasses and supported by four powerful guards, vvas conducted through the
silent streets lo a heavily barred cell
in thc Moabit prison.
"We havc with ns the germ of Rol-
scvism,". said thc captain of the
guard as they passed us in thc ro;>d,
pointing to a little, trembling figure,
bare headed with curly black hair and
a small Van Dyke of recent oiigin
and dressed in a uniform of a German officer. "Herr Sobelson, of Ga-
grown in Canada last year was oats, j licia, alias Herr Barabclum, of Switzerland, alias Herr Radek, of Russia,
alias Dr. Richaidt, of Berlin, Bremen,
Weimar and Hamburg," explained the
captain as thc party passed on. I
learned thc details of Radck's capture.
Since the death of Karl Licbkncchl
and Rosa Luxbourg, the police and
the government soldiers havc constantly been hunting for him, 500 gcv-
Record Oats Production
The largest    grain crop in bushel:
of which thc total ciop was 456.733,-
900 bushels, harvested from 14,790,-
.336 acres, as shown l.y the preliminary estimate nt ihe Dominion statistics bureau.
A Real Asthma Relief.    Dr. J.   D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has never
been advertised by extravagant statements.      Its  claims  arc conservative,
people so distributed���the Amalekites i5nc,r,(;tl> wht-'n Judged  by    the    cures | eminent agents combing the  Sparta-
in the south  country,    thc    Hittitcs. I ^V^,,,11, P"10"'18; , ��x^ct .ro:l1  rc", c��� cc��tr�� in Bremen,    Dusscldorff,
U-busilcs -uul -Ymori'tes in the mom,-.      .  1  '   pcrmaycnt 1fncfit wIl"1 y01 | Hamburg and Berlin.    The police in
jiijiishcs aim .u-ionith in un. iiiotin    i,Uy  this  remedy and you    will    not1,,, , ... ...'    .
tains and  the  Cauaanitcs  along    the! have  cause   for'disappointment.      jt j Warsaw^and Vienna v/cre likewise on
sea���thai  it  was  impossible  to    lake j 8\vcs V'-nnancnt relief in ma.ny cases , ajliunt for him and for a month  the
: where other so called remedies havc
1 utterly failed.
electricity that turns "the mangles, j transmission to the allied repcesenta-
cooks the meats, and warms ihe|tivcs"at Spa, promises safe conduct
houses. Why should women drag ioT l,,c illlic(1 commission to Poland,]
coal scuttles about, asked she, s'and,out declares that the German govern-
over steaming washtubs, spend hours'mcnt "does not intend lo go beyond
Butternut.     Sold everywhere in    25c;over old-fashioned ranges, which not tJ,e  conditions imposed upon  her by
Archangel Front Quiet
Bolshcviki   Offensive   Was
By Allied Troops
Archangel. ��� Since    Feb. 11     tlie
Bolshcviki havc    made    no    attacks
against thc allied forces on any sector of  the Archangel front,
airplanes which are continually aloft jARD'S LTN1_5.II��NT a very sup'-rior
only cat up coal but cook thc cooks, !t5ic  armistice agreement.'*      In    this
when  by   legislation    and   electricity connection, it  stipulates   rather,    lhe
thc   burden
lifted. ���
of   thc    world rouhl be
Fairville. Sept. 30. 1902.
Minard's  Liniment  Co.,   Limited.
Dear   Sirs,���Wc     wish    to   inform'is exclusively    thc affair of the Gcr-
note continues, that thc activity of
the commission shall manifest its-lf
outside thc state frontier laid down
by the armistice agreement.
Application      of   sovereign    rights
within those frontiers, the note adds,
them.    This,  no .doubt,  seemed   reasonable from lhc human side, but thcy
displayed lhcir folly in that thcy left'    The blanket was first    made
God out of the question.    The   same | used by Thomas    Blanket,    r.
God who said to them, "Go, possess | Flemish merchant, in 1640.
thc hind,"  would go  along -to    fight
the batiles.
2.   Thc minority report  (v. 30-33).
In part,
liist; it docs not ignore the difficulties, nor dispute the facts. It denies
the conclusion of thc majority. Thcy
did not minimise thc task before
them, but asserted that with     God's
To Cure a Cold In One Day
T.-l;e     LAXATIVE      BROWO      QUININE
iTablets).    Tt   stojis   the   Couch   and   Head-
~     "        " '" E.   W.
tliis  rfnnrf   -lp-rocc   wilVi   tli%   a{"'lf   an<1   works   off     thc     Cold,
tins  leport .igices  W UH  tlie   GROVE'S signature on  each  bo.t
Allied 1 you  that   wc    consider  ycur    MTNT-
man  government,    and    the latter i<-
ronort that there has been no'movc-!:lrf!fIe-   a"^   wc   use it as'a sure re-ilmablc !��, .rcc<^nizc   tI,a*   thcTC U0Vl
icpott that were lus been no move ,ljcf fof sore .lhroat aml dicst_ w..eili<a,st within the    state  frontiers, any
enemy  j  tej] you j woi,jj not i3C without it | Polish authorities   and   a public fife
��� if  ii,.  .!_:,._  '���-..  ,i_ti.--_  1.-.HI.  !.-.-. ���     .    .-     ^ -
lief for sore -throat
Dps  Dcmnu  uie     enemy
lines since the Bolshcviki withdiawal; if lhe price was'one dollAfa bottle, j independent  of  thc  German   govern
ments of  troops behind  the
1  rnryn  il.
south from Sredmakrenga.
While the 'Cessation of attacks has
been coincidental with the Bolsheviki
offer to attend the Prince's Islands
peace-conference, their offensive was
checked by thc jillied   troops.      The  p C J
allied military leaders do not behove j befHISflS  r6ai'Cu
that thcfBoIsheviki acceptance of the! - rt
invitation to thc conference caused
thc Bolshcviki inactivity of thc last
four days.
Commenting " on the ��� Bolshcviki
message of acceptance thc  Vozrosh-
Yours tru*-
mcnt. The peace treaty will decide
(the final nationality of the regions
j which Marshal Foch designates as
1 German Poland, and until then "Ger-
] many declines any directions on tin-
part of her opponents regarding the
attitude    of   her authorities in these
Teims of
Armistice    Were    Signed
Under Pretest
Berlin. ��� The    German     govern-
Minard's Lintmen* ^'tres  Ciplr.hrria-
' May Become U.S. Citizen
Geneva. ��� A'report received
Charles of Auslii.i is a prisoner in the
castle outside Vienna, where hc is bc-
denic Sicvcra    (the   Resurrection    ofmyus reason ior accepting thc strm-  from Innsbruck says former Emperor
thc North)'says:   "From the note of,gcnt��� teims  for the  renewal 'of  tin
Minister TchUchcrin it appears clear.-'armistice, as outlined in a Weimar dis
ly that    thc   Bolsheviki are ready to' patch  lo lhe    Kord  Deutsche Allge-jiug guarded by th.' Socialists
sell  Russia at  auction., They   intend  n,ci,,c Zeitunir, is that a renewal    of'    I'1'*-' reports add that    Charles cle-
lo arrange this nicely at the Piince's  military oper.uions  following  refusal  sires to emigrate to,America with his
Islands." - , ; lo jjfg.,  would  le.ul  to  thc  coinplele 1 family as a eiviliiir.
The Holiheviki arc increasing their1 moral collapse of the German people, j tune'is said to h.ive been  placed
efforts to    destroy the morale of the  Tlic    absolute    conviction    prevailed  the "United Swte*..
ncw Russian conscript soldiers as well  that refusal to sign, or dilatory tuat-  ~
as of the American and Briiish iroops.  mcnt  of   the  proposals,   would  meet   Tt! j Q    ilVsPI-PTfPQ
Bolsheviki propaganda, well   written | ^hb an immediate advance of thc al-   j ULL J    UlUrLrSlUU
and printed iu English, has been jhs-, ]��cd armies beyond the Rhine, involv-
tribtited - mysteriously   .among"    thc, i���g the occupation  of thc  most im-
various allied'units.   While there .has 1 portant ami  indispensable    industrial
been no appreciable cfTcct because of f district's  of west Germany
the Bolsheviki piopaganda, thc allied
help thcy weic well nble to get possession of land, ancl urged immediate
action. The ten had their C3'es on
thc- difficulties, but Caleb and Joshua
fixed their eyes upon God. Caleb
lived to see his suggestion 'made real.
Thc decisions of the majority are not
always right, just two men against
many  thousands, hut  the    thousands
Brandon Winter Fair
Several New Features for   Juveniles
Have Been Added -
Winnipeg, Man. ��� Prize lists for
lhe Brandon winter, fair, which opens
ou Maich 3, show that this popular
mid-winter exhibition has lost none of
its popularity. Manager W. I. Sinale"
and his board of directors have lost
no time in shaping their program to
takc_ care of aftcr-thc-war phases, and
when the stockman     gels     to     thc
officers wcrc continually on his heels.
Socialists Would
Make Concessions
were wrong and the two were right, j Wheat  City he will find    added in-
Feel Germans "Should Not Suffer
Under Sense of Bitterness
Paris, ��� The question is now being
asked what voice the Germans will
have in thc final peace treaty. Hitherto it has been assumed by well informed observers that thc allies, aftcr
tin ashing out all the differences between-themselves, would simply summon thc enemy-states, place the program before them and ask them what
thcy have to say before the program
is put into execution. In other wo.ds,
the scene would resemble less a council chamber than a court room and
occupy very little time.
Thc Germans, however, apparently
consider    that    the peace terms can
It is not always true thai the "voice  duccment along thc lines of     mixed onIy be cllforcc<i if they accppt thcm
of the., people i.s the voice of God
4.    The    Rebellion    of thc  People
This  rebellion  began    by    crying
farming and stock raising. Jn the
boys' fat calf competition thc prize
list" has~bccif~exten"ded to allow of 22
Thcy   obviously ground their position
upon, their-interpretations      of  -the
! American fourteen points, which they
awards being made.   Several ncw fca-1 acccplcd   Nov>  n> 191R> as the ^^
Having left God out of thc question lu.resJ��r tl,e J���1.*" have been add-|of peiicc. Thcy %vi]] protest against
they now weep and howl. This weep-. cd; ^crc" J2" in P"zcs for stcers {beinff deprived of their colonics,
ing aud howling   was    followed    by    , vccI m  i91.A -r 6? cnps'  mcd' j against    not    being consulted in  thc
murmuring against Moses and Aaron. als lmd sPCC!a,s aro oficrcd m the formation of thc league of nations
They even wished that they had died !pnM. hat tIus yotln    'J ,,c anm,al ln,il  And probably against other things.
in  the wilderness or in Egypt.    God>ulc lb I)K('<1 l,�� t;ikc lv"�� dn>'s' Tu��-
Ulay and  Wednesday
No  date    h:
took them at their word; hc sent)
them back to wander iu the wilderness for thirty-ei^ht. years, during
which time they all died except Caleb
and Joshua. This was followed by a
proposition lo organize lor thc return
to Kgypt.. They proposed to select a; Bitterly Resent
c;iplain as their leader.    Theprotestj -      Latest ArmiStlCC
been set for the swine sale. -
No surgical operation is necessary
in removing corns if llolloway's Corn
Cure be used.
of Joshua and Caleb against this re _
suited-in  the proposition    to     stone'conditions Will Throw German Gen-',:iiil f "W^'W'. 1-o
'them.    At  this point Ged interposed
I in  lhcir behalf.    Ife  nui 11 ifelted     his'
Most of hi> for-'^ryJn u-re all lhc chihluis of Isiad
in viudictition of the hnahy r..' Jt^bua
aiid Cahh.
erals Out of Work
While doubtless, thc allies will pay
little heed to these enemy pro'ests,
thcie is n certain current of socialist
"feOiiig.in France and perhaps in
other allied countries which feels
that if thc peace terms leave Germany suffering under a sense of bitter injustice thc peace of the world
may again bc endangered. Thc .same:
socialists are inclined lo-makc ccr-
the Germans on
tlie'colonial question.   Thcy consider
London. ��� Advices received  from ilI,:u ll,is    w"ll,J h<i a' sn,a" 1>rke >>
!    The  representatives of  thc parties
soldiers are looking forward to some,wi,0  participated in-thc cabinet    dc-
lri" liberations  agreed unanimously   that
thc people as a whole v.ouhl neither
statement as  to  what the allies
tend to do with the force here
Minard's Lh^.imcnt Cures   Garget
Avoid   Indigestion,   Sour   Aiid
Stomach, Heartburn, Gas on
Stomach, lite.
"Cars \o:i keep a 'eerel, I\gs_y?"
"I eau;    but    it'> just my luck
tell things to other girls who can't,
H    rBT'trl1 tllinSS to oth
1]    f"i! j   Boston  TraiKcii
Value of Butter Exports
Sask.  ��� Butter    exports
i-rencliman  to compress air in a  -e-pinnies ol  occupation on  the  Rhine,
scrvoir as doors arc opened and  ^,sc I     These condition-., it  is coinplaincd,
il to wind clock.-, nvil throw out or woik thousands of
.    ri;diK<:<=t!oi ainl pr.ifuea]ijj all.   fon:;^    cf   , Gciman ofiicrrs, from c-encrals d��wv
lindcrstand, nor approve  such an  cut-' stomach  trouMe, i.i>   medical autnoniics, arc;     n-.      Allanli"    town of    \i li'vftcUi    ��-.r.l    �����.;i,.   il.,-  ,,m,-   -,." f(V i\,-,-\       1
due nine  time- out  af  ten   to  an  e\re-s  ofi ' ^ <Yl,,tI!ll��-    io.\n Vt     iH.u>\atcnj,   w.'rd,  Willie   lhc  a: niy 01  oU'sOUJ \ol-
come, and  that, therefore, there was hydrMiiionc acid   in   the stoiaad..    Oiromc'on the bordcis oi Russia, is peopled unteerB   rtnorttd    1��-    -he
110 alternative  except to sign    under ��� ""SL;*���,.?.?,., 'L^^l^ ^'V?!;0^:.:"8:1 i hv n,r��� rtn!r ; .      i-��
I protest.
Thc Berlin paper.- generally   <
men onlv.
stiffens  <huulil i!o  cither one  of  tuo  tiling ! OV
I      Wittier  thcy  rail   so 011  a  limited and  often I pnjranro   f},cr(.
f dioKfttaWc d-ct, aioidtinr food^ that iii��.-icrr.r I
11I1   them,   th.<t   iriit^te   the   stomach     and 1
_ - , ......   them,   tJi,.t   iriitite   the   stomach
from Saskatchewan durine 1918 reach- *�� the   same    conclu.-,ion, except ihe'lc3ti ,to "���";ces' aclJ s<-��eti���� or they can eat
ed a total value of $1,215,000 aftcr all  Conservative    organs,    such  as    the  tice to counteract the effect of the harmful
   ...im 1 .
Berlin by way of Basle are lo the Ti-1luy for Uu: chmlt!:l1101' of lasting bit-
feel   that  the     ran-Gcrman    milii.-ry ,'torn"s from l,|,: finhl ��>cace-
party, headed by  Ktel.l  Mar.-ha!    vou   'xzi.xix ���-��� -J. ���=_-.   ���-'      ���r-��
Ilindcnhurg, bittnJy u senth. llu. new
cl.iii'-es iu  tiie   ..irinistice-,    csptci.t'.iv
those* limitiir.;  the German arniy     to! 	
the s,i?c of a simple  police  force, llu - OLD ENGLISH RECIPE'FOR CATARRH,
snpenisio,, of control ol ammunition i         CATAnR���nD^J^S AND     ���
factories  anti   thc  demand  that   Ger-j 	
I It jpu I.now ')f wn'o ope vho 15 troubled
j ���M-itii C?tr.r.-h-d l)cafnc^��, head noire or cdf.
rary t^tanh cut out this formu'a and hand
it ti�� tlicnt and yoa ma> ua\e been ihs
���niir.s ol -r��m,' ioni; poor sufferer perhaps
iro.is total deafness. In Ens'ind scientiiU
:o. .i Ions; ti-nc past have recoj;2i>'zeJ that
cat.'rrli i^. i constitutional disey^e and ncccs-
' -. 1 ilv ^p<qairc-  i-oristitutionr.I treatment.
Sj.ivs, mhalerv .Tid nobe dciche- are liable
to trr.trfte the delicate air pas-apes and force
; the   duca'C   into   tl.e   middle   e->r  -'.-Inch   ��re-
i-iucnt'o   ncun total deaf:ic��, or c!-e the drj-
' e.i^e   jaaj   be   d'iven   dovn   the "air  pas?.ic*3
Apparatus lias been    imented by a "many pay thc expenses'of the    allied!
Women are forbidden ipre-s to"havc bc. n organized, must be
I disbiiiHii"!.
i home  requirements had    been
met. I Krcuse Zcitung- and   thc
AiWiiipi,,/.   acid and  p:e-.ent the  formaticn of gra=.  sour-
��v ,l  '"^ , ncss   ot   premaiuic   *crn cntanon   h>   thc   u=e
This is an increase in exports of $300-, Zcitung, which declare that thc gov-  of a Utile ih-urated MaKnes.a at their r.:eais
��������� . ���  _        ������.. . .' *     1.      1 1   t r        5 ���'     There i- pmoablv in belter, >-a.er or niorc
000 over 1917.      The production     of ernment should have refused to sign, rei,ai,��c stomach antmid than r,.=Urated 5td
butter for export totalled 97 cars or
about 2.r64,000 pound*.'
' -    No Ice on Thunder Bay       	
Port Arthur, Out. ��� Local ice
dealers" have' abandoned hope of get-
tiny their, usual ice crop from .Tbim-
dcr Bay this season as the bay is still
practically open. iCai/igation in and
out of port would have been easily
OQ5siblc rJi winter.
thc terms, .thus forcincr the allie
JO I !;c!
It  h:n no .d.rcct"
Saskatchewan ' Natural     Gas
nd  it 1-  i\u!el>   t.-ed  for this   p;ir;io-e.
,        , ..... .1  ..... no.direct "��� <������ c. on  thc  Momach  and
take the responsibility for a  renewal  is not'a dltrestmi.   liut a. icaspoorfui of the
nf niilJtnrv  nn^niinnc . ,'pov.drr or a coi.p'e ci 'ive ffrain  tablet? talen
Ot  mii.tnrj   operations.        - ��� -u a l.ttle wlirv,-!; t';e food v.-,H neuti.-Iuc
- ������ -1 - j the cue--  ,ic:dit>   wliii'i tnav  be pre��n>t  and
������ti-.p  <z**L-*trhn*.r*r. ��� v.*,.,.i   r_..-,pTe^r'i,c- f:!'i'". ivv'r���'.''- ^i" :c:>^^
t^c  ��.no'e crA'.'-f- o- yy trotiO.p sud   tie  i,-ea'
-d"thfnii>   n-ithout  need
gas at j-   Gci   a   fc-.��   o'ji'.i-  <-,'   iii^urited   M$^nc��.'.��
Regina thu year, according to 9a in- [ {^H "'.^'f- "   "'rcc^  '��"'
timation that has beep, received from-, liqs'd. ^-.n  o- t f t--   . ���'__ m-tt* bi-ursted
,1    ��� /-   '.     ���     rr-. * ��    .. : form   'S   r.ot  .1  Iti-i.'f       *ry   th,s   p'.si,   rr,d
Air,  Costs.        IJtC     company,  ,7o!rJS    a i tat   wait   }0-J-,tiii   3-   ���'-'iir   nest   wc.,;, and
company which is hestled by Luerer.e ,a ^'eM'" r,t'!"1!> ��� ,J     "!'' ?���''
_ "--.,,  ,'     -      . .,,-        . of per-m mil- c-  .-. ������ ������.'.  .i'ce
Costs,    will begm dnslins tor easati-   G.-i a  fc-.��   oup.i- <-,.  iii-an
, .charter from the city,      ' ��� ������
ti.i= is;
't   tT-
11 '.-.
Needs Allied Help
Washington, ,���Roger E. Sini-
mon=, who .recently relumed
irom,-a mission to Russia for*
thc bureau of commerce, told
thc senate committee inycstifcai-
insT'lawless ac;it*uion In this-
country' that if the American
and allifJ forces v,rrc vv-jij-.
diawn from northern Russia the
Bul-hc\ilt:. would engage in one
of ili.e bioodics: massacre 1 thc
���world had '���".er scc->.
hai    itldieiiatlQ'i ��� tivia^J- the  lung-;  which  is'equally  ss  dan-
���..���.,...,-, , '  'rciou^.    TI'c fnuowuig form-il-s which ib -j^cj
against .\tatluas i.rjbcrgcr OI1 the part   eiteu-.K-e!;-  in  the  dar-.p Englisl^cl-'mate K 3
of the military authorities is incrcas-1 const-��Vi"0"'V- tT?atmcnl-3r-^    sh��a\*    P��"ra
.   _ . .y..^aa  ) rupj-ciallv   cineaciotis   to   iufTerers     here   who
fltSr r"Ore  faTorablt cliniate conditions
1 Much success " has rewarded the
efforts of the, Saskatchewan employment .system, which <s operating
labor offices at principal points in
the'province, as- pa.t .of the De
minion-wide scheme" of co-ordinakd
!ab.->v omcee. Aftcr a week's operation th."' Saskatchewan system w.is
able to report- thri 37y2 pcr cen;,
of the applicants for work had be. 11
>et"ire 11 om jmir dicg'^ict I mmrr of I'ar-
mV.t tOouble ".tie-sfth). TaVe -h:s home ami
add io it 1-4 junt of hot vstT .-rd a tiftSe
Srirul.ired suffar: ssir ant.l on.ohed. Take
ore tabl'-pooiifiil fo'ir times a day. This
n ii: of'cn b'-mir quick rchef frcm 'hsJresv^"-
hzi.' r.rr^e*. Cl-->i?5cd postrds thoiild opt-n*
t-rcaf-,;!,jr t'eoonic easy and iisanrc iir.p'Tc,
-. lie .Hiram-nation in the custachisn tnbes
1-- tt-iin^ci ' I'..^:m: used i.j th.s way a*l��
I r'ct!;.-j t,p--n 'he Vood snd rmrci.. -lurface?
ct the '*- -*e~.i and hes a tonic action that
help' to oh'a-in <~.c dc-trcd tt��uiit>;. The pre-
paratioa .s C2<v to -naVe, co_n* little aid iv
p!e��=act tii tiVe,    Kicri?  pr-��on  ".ho has ca-
placed.   Returned soieliers ar^
j3 preference in all cases.
t-.r-b  or  bead   nei��e.-  or   i��   h3--vl
il'ould gife  th:s  treatment  a trial.
W.    N.    U.    l*?5!
��� ^ '^p'^J WPW
Is $2 a year strictly in  advance,  or $2.50
when'not paid for three mouths.   If not
paid for until the end of tlie year it is $3
It is always $7.50 a year to  the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7 00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more  than one claim appears ir notice,  $5.00 for each ad-"
ditional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a Hue for
each subsequent' insertion, nonpariel
tore going overseas he waB in the
Port Coquitlam branch of the
Bank of Montreal.
Gunner Allison lived in Greenwood a number of yearB ago, leaving here wifeh hia parents for New
International Mining
Convention, Vancouver
The blue cross! means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have morc'money.
Granby Smelter Not Closing
The Grand Forks Gazette says:
'���Granby 6melter afc Grand
Forks is operating, and will operate for roaoy moons to come���
countless dozens of rumors and
supposed authentic statements to
the contrary notwithstanding.
.. At least this is the sum and substance of the best information
.viiich the Gazette bas been able to
'..���Hain affecting the industry which
has put and has~ helped to keep
Grand Forks prominently oa the
map during fehe past 20 years.
Although miners were said to be
leaving Phoenix like rats from a
ranking ship, that fehe existence of
the smelter was said to have been
educed to a matter of bufe a few
days, fehat the mine had petered
out and that costs were too high if
there were ore, forty dozen other
.reasons that had given riso to sen:
sational-: rumors, afloat; notwithstanding this and many other apparent clouds that hung, low, ..the
. Granby smelter blew, in an additional furnace this -..week���three
furnaces now..' operating���and a
notice was bulletined -at the reduc:
tion. works that .it was the. intention of the Granby management to
"continue operations as long as
possible.'-' While this statement is
undoubtedly undefinifee, ife may be
safely; assumed thafe it: is not the
intention of the Granby ^discontinue operations afe Grand Forks or
Phoenix.for some time feo come at
least."'"'"   "' -���   .:   -���'.'-"��� V'"'::";-.V.--'-"
Died in England
'.... News ' Vwas received in New
,Westminster   last V week .. of; the
, death of Gunner \WilliamKpderick
Allison/ youngest Eon .of William
Allison, formerly! auditor-general
of British Columbia, and a nephew
..ofJthe lafee. Sir . Richard McBride.
.He .was ; twenty-pine -years of age.
.���" He went overseas  wifeh  fehe 68feh
. Siege Battery ancl had served sixteen months in.France; His death
/occurred in Boxton; England.    Be-
When the programme of the
International Mining convention
which is to be held in Vancouver
on March 17, IS and 19 is published it will be seen that the men
who have been, so to speak born
in the mining game have signified
their willingness to be present and
deliver addresses "at^the different
sessions. Chief among these is T.
A. Richard editor of the Mining
and Scientific Press of San Francisco. Mr. Richard is one of the
highest authorities iu the world on
mining. He is perhaps the most
widely travelled mining engineer
in the world and knows more about
.the subject than most men. He
arrived in U. S. just about the
time the excitement was high in
Colorado and took part in the
operations there between 1885 and
He is a member of practically
every mining organization in Canada and the United States and he
knows B. C. like a book having
travelled very extensively through
the province. In addition to being
a mining man he is an author of
note and his works are looked
upon as standard books. Two of
them are: "Across fehe San Juan
Mountains" and "Through the
Yukon and Alaska."
He is scheduled to speak on
"Mining as an Investment" on
the first night of the convention
and there are few. men better qualified, to handle this important* sub'
ject. The address, should be brimful of enlighfementahd information.
The detailed programme willbe
announced within a few days and
in the meantime' the reports that
have been received from every district have.been fulL of enthusiasm
for the coming gathering.
Food For Donkeys
Parliamentary Candidate���We
must grow more wheat and���
Heckler in crowd ��� Yes���but
what aboufe hay?
Candidate-I'm discussing human
food now���but I'll come to your
specialty in a moment.���London
ROOM 18, k. W. C. BLOCK
Optometrist and Graduate Optician, certified by Provincial Board of Examiners.
All   the   latest   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -   -   -   BX.
Send a $1 to The Ledge and
get 10 different copies of Lowery's
Financial Cost of the War
This' direct cost of ,the; war is
estimated at- $200,000,000,000, and
the.indirect cost, of .diminished
kadeand of. financial disturbance
afe 8225,b09,00O,pb0.;; VastSaariw
have: been used for sheer destruction, and vast public debts .have
been incurred for which,fehere is no
corresponding property.. Throughout, two-thirds ioi 'the world the
work of useful production .has been
suspended during four .years -and
its place. has; been taken by the
slaughter of human lives and the
annihilation of accumulated wealth.
Five million pounds of corn
meal a mouth is being consumed
by the army.
', i.
- l)on!t.pass over the most important gathering of mining men ever held
in British Columbia���one of the most representative gatherings of mining interests ever assembled in the Northwest���
International     MI f\l IINJ _Tt
Convention        I�����'��� I HI I ^1 vJ
Held under nuspices of Chamber of Mines'of Rritish Columbia
; Vancouver, March 17,18,19
Report   on   development
and projected work by. the .
six Government Mining En---
gineers of B.C.���Gold min-.
ing   in   B.   C���Legislation
making "possible  reduction;
. q�� ores in   B.C.���Establish- :
-\njent ��� of Smelter and ]&fin-
"ery:   on; southern'-'= coast .of.
province.. ���--^-Taxation - :cf. ���
mining, .properties: -^ The',
prospector, ..and-' how _ to "
; epc6urage-hiin_
" Ful i display of Ores aud ��J��-t6--
���date Mininjf M*cliliery.   Flow- .
tion PUpt ani Coflccntrator; in.
"TnH.oceratioB-':-       .-��� " .Xi..'
Leading mining experts from
all parts of the continent will be-
present. Among the number who
are expected are officials of the
. Canadian Mining Institute arid
. men from practically every min-
: ing district of the Dominion.:.
;-:   Fr;iui."_the. States,-will come
-Deaii Thompson of the. Uniyer-
. sity.of Idaho, and,, leading min-;
���."-ing engineers ��� from California, .-
'������' Nevada, ,\:.aiid    other *"-, mining "
states, as well as'.representatiyes,
"\from-New.-York;';  .     ;���'. -.-'-XXX.
BEi ON'vHANb^yO.u'.CAN'T.:
Write J. D. Kearns
-'.Convention Manager ���. ���
-Rogers Bufldin?
Vancouver for. full particulars
and-'coricerning'arrange'ments  .
Executive Comffllrtse-A^M.WfiltesMe^Ch.v KIcol TtiociFsen, Dr. Edwin T.
Hodee::4. M. Lay.and H-P. McC��ney; Preerfmse Cpicsmtee^-Dr. E. T.Hodge.
(C6-i,Exhiblt!on Coimafttee-S. * Crocker, (CIO. Putlicity Director^T. 1. MiHves;
ResoiatloiJ Cominittee-A."M:W65t��s.ide�� fCft-J; Transportation CommJttee^-B. C.
:.Hawkins��'!Cb.J.- -'..���'���:,-.-.-.���.-..--'   -.'.'-.. \-\ ��� .,. ��� ,...'--.
Every person who in 1918 resided or ordinarily resided in Canada or
was employed in Canada or carried on business in Canada, including
corporations and joint stock companies.
1. Every unmarried  person  or  widow or widower, without dependent
children under twenty-one years of age, who during calendar year
1918 received or earned $1,000 or more.
2. All other individuals who during calendar year 1918 received or earned
$2,000-or more.
3. Every  corporation  and joint stock company whose profits exceeded
$3,000, during the fiscal year ended in 1918.
FORM Tl. By individuals, other than farmers and ranchers. ,
FORM TIA. By farmers and ranchers. '
FORM T2. By corporations and joint stock companies.
FORM T3. By trustees, executors,'administrators of estates and assignees.
FORM T4. By employers to make return of the names of all directors,
officials, agents or other employees to whom was paid $1,000
or more in salaries, bonuses, commission or other remuneration during the calendar year 1918.
FORM T5. By corporations, joint  stock  companies,  associations and
syndicates to make return of all dividends and bonuses paid
to shareholders and members-during 1918.
. Individuals comprising partnerships must file returns in their
individual capacity.
All returnsjnust be filed IN DUPLICATE.        .
Forms may be obtained from the Inspectors and Assistant Inspectors
of Taxation and from the Postmasters at all leading centres.
Returns should be filed immediately. s
Postage must be prepaid on letters and other documents forwarded
by mail to Inspectors of Taxation.
Addresses of Inspectors of Taxation for this District:
Assistant Inspector of Taxation.
Assistant Inspector of Taxation,
Inspector of Taxation,
Molsons Bank Bldg.,
Pre-emption now conflned to survo.---'
lands only. . _
Records will be granted covering only'
land suitable  for agricultural  purposes
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Y/here pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause; be granted -
intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes^
improvements to extent of $300 per annum and records same each year. Failure to make improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims tn
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years. *
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record" another pre-emption, if he requires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
land. C
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
The scope of this Act ts enlarged to
Include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the helra or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act is extended from
one year from th.e death of such person,
as formerly, -until one year after the
conclusion of the present'war. This
privilege is also made retroactive.
Provision Is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, lf divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover-in. proportion to the sale price of
the -whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment Jointly. If it is not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands in the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands in respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
Is final. The time for making application for these allotments is limited to
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and laiyls of the Crow;* sold
For information apply toljauy Provincial Government Agent or to
Deputy Minister of Lands,
Victoria, B. C.
Peace Is Here      \
i\ ��� .--
Everybody will want to celebrate and'unless
you have the Flu you can't do it in the old fashioned
way. But we can. all" celebrate * with a good
New Year and anticipating this we will have a ship/
ment arrive in a few days ol Everything thats good
all the trimmings for a good old holiday feed,
If an increase in Business of more than Double
is a sign of Square Deals^and reasonable prices we
are all there.   Come over and see for yourself.
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building -       -       - Myncaster, B.C.
The Ledge has always  room
for one more ad.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Pish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
}��++���&**4'4,'fr'fr4*ffc4�� **'fr*'fr'4''fr4��'4'��fr*4v��fa
* Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
The only up4o/date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
To Solve Canada's Employment Problem
- ��� *-     ' ' x    ��� ��� -     .......    ...       --"-...'
:     X^VERYONE in Canada should: understand just what
,]~ the:���'.Government is doing to solve the unemployment
���;.-; problems^ that  may arise through the demobilization of
;   bur'fighting forces.' ;;       .     .; ;;   : :;.-f;
-'-;,''- i,.(l) iEmployment Offieesixxi y ���':
';'. -      So   that. everyorie-^-male or
_,.--.feniale,:'soldier-; or.. .civilian1���rcan
get quickly  such. jpbs.; as :are '-.
X 'available the Government is: cp-7,
��� ~   ���:operating'with the Provinces in.
������;' -.establishing:a .chain of  Fublic
.    Employment Offices.   'Employ-:
_.: .ersare being, urged to make use'
.'of these offices to -secure any
/-';:.   help'-they heed:    FaLrmers,. for".
;    :..ex��iniple, who need hired men
. sh"oukl   applj' . to.  tlie ��� hearcst.
office.    There willbe, a  Public.
Employment,  Office   in   every
town   of   10J000   people���and
wherever the need for one exists.
There will be"(B'Ofdiffererit offices
in all���-:one-half- are already in
(2)  Employment Opportunities.
The war held up much work
that will now be carried on at
once.    Public works, shipbuilding, roadbuilding, railway work
,  ���construction of bridges, improvement of road-bed, making
of  new equipment���these   will
provide   new opportunities for
employment. In  addition,  the
"'���.   Government has sent a Trade
,. ISiission  overseas to. secure for
Canada a share ih the business of
:      providing * materials   and pro-''
': ducts  required, for ;reconstruc-
XX; tion work in Europe. It has,alsci
XXxi.% :.'set'aside-^the
���--'���-. X/X .^iargeTsuml."of'
$25,000,000 to be loaned through
/the Provinces to... encourage the
.building of workmen's houses.
��� This will mean much new work
'v,in;th"e;'sp>ing7rr'"'vTT":--"--'-Xy   '"/if;";
,. (3)\ Land.anci LoansXfor Spldiersx
'���: y To help; soldiers, become far-
'mers the . Government_has de-/
veloped ;a.   programme    that
; includes the proyio^ing of landr;
��� the. granting ."of loans, and .the.,
, training   and ' supervision,   of
those inexperienced in farming.;
.; At present, the soldier''is grant-.
; ed, free,.in addition, to. his of- :
dinary   homestead   right,�� one
quarter-rsection-'-"'of; ..Dominion .
lands.   He also.receives a loan'
up to the maximum of $2,500.
. These original plans are how
being broadenedi If Parliament
passes the new proposals during
this session, the Soldier Settlement Board will be able to buy
suitable land and re-sell it to
the soldier at cost
Land up to the value of
$5,000. may be bougjht by this
plan���the money to be repaid
in 20 years. The low interest
rate   of  5   per   cent,   will be
v charged.   These new proposals
. will also permit the Soldier
Settlement Board to loan the'
���., soldier-farmer up to $2,500 for
purchasing equipment,: etc., in
addition to $5,000; loan on his
Cfarm.--  X x'X X.AXi-x.X 'r-X-Xxx. -.'
ftpLtwri Comn0ie&x
1 ���������=-'-.- /ottMwai
each rooni;
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; ^Electric Lighted.
RATES 51.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
"  ...:. Officesi Smelting and Refining Department   - .
--_._.-������-��� TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA    '''.-" . .'.'
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper arid Lead Ores
., Producers   of  Gold,   Silver,   Coppej;,. Blueslo'ne, - Pig Lead: and Spelter
'  V    "TADANAC". BRAND    -     "-
:-- : -���:'".-- We-had'a complaint the other day that "Telephone.Information'-'
.- -:;could,ii9t answer a question regarding a person's phone number,, she'���
.-having replied that there were no'listingunder the name mentioned:
-    It.'was finally ascertained from the enquirer, that the person, wanted
.. Jived in p furnished house  and the ��� telephone was listed-under the  .
,-ownerVnanie,.not under7 the name.of  the-teuant. :: Consequently -la���,_.
.;. formation   could-uiot oblige, ;as. she-had no record showing who
occupied;the house. .    - ,xl
.;    ���;   ��� If a person has a telephone, you will always.find that Information ;
' can always, giyeybn the.nmnber.. Her aim is. to help you." ...
.T^  THOMiVa��
E. W. WIDDOWSON,,. Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. -C.
Charges:-^Gbld, Silver; Lead or Copper.
$z each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
��1.00. Goid-Silver . (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead ��1.50 _ Silver-Leacl-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for oth��r metals etc
on application.
Leading,Tailor of the'Kootenays.
i-i"' XX ��- "-.-NELSON; B." c:-'---.--' X xi X
:.��� '������-���'���-���'���    ^.mining. -;- yX'y.-xx
xiX-.. '"-  ���;. '^BROKER, -,;;;.;:- X;i'_ Xr -x
.;Gopd:-.advertising;, has /sayed
nianyv a- .town and dfttdctfrom
an early ..death.--.- ;; Xr .'���'.��� X'X-iXX
...;>.   One of. the largest hotels in
1 the city.   Beautiful locatioia, >"���_
fine rooms and lasb^nealc.
Auto    and   Morse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
DaiSy to. -Meet Spokane and
Oroviile Trains     -
Autos For Hire. The finest
Turnouts in the:Boundary.
'Light and Heavy'braying  ,
'ix 'XVGREEKWOOOb.^C'Vv; '.;;:;_
Wx $X. DOC^tEADER, PrbW :
V.Oldt newspapers.;;, for :;.sale; at -
The Ledge; office, i,' Get some ber
���fore.they are all gpne. '..yXXy/X--


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