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The Ledge Jun 5, 1919

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Array Bo
'"     <'
P f."   - ,{'  'V tL -   '
J" ***,.
���c v
Vol.   XXV.
No. 47
Come In And See Our
.   Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,^  Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
AGENT FOR      *
Before biding see me about
Motor tractors and complete*line
of Farm implements
MIDWAY      -      -     B.O.
|~     Stock Reducing Sale of Teas     |
H Dessia Golden Tips fffrc. Liptons Choice Ceylon 80c _
��|        ���     o       Deki Julia 65c -3
5~ EMPRESS. MALKIN'S BEST, NABOB 70C or 2lbs for $1.35 -5
���� BRAIDS BEST at 65c      " , .   "3
g BLUE RIBBON 1 21b pktre 35c. BLUE RIBBON Ut) pkee 65c 3
��~ BLUE RIBBON 31b tins $185.'. BLUE RIBBON 51t) tins $3.00 ~3
S^    Choice'Bulk Tea 60c ver lb.      Choice Spider Lee Tea 70c    ���zs
I Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN      ]
���fr Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251  - !~5
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.        ���  -...        , ,.
���* '    60 Watt Lamps���75c each,   - -"*
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each,
60 Watts   -   '   -   $125 each
100    *     /   -   -   2.00 �����
200   ��     -   *   '    3,50 "
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
The WINDSOR HOTEI, is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable bome for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you want rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete- with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the boundary and .Kootenay.
Banking Service
VOUR banking requirements may
A be entrusted to this Bank with
every confidence that careful and
efficient service will be rendered
Our facilities are entirely at your
^    Easy Terms
Mason & Risch Pianos
Victor Gramophones
and Records
Mall orders promptly attended to
the Singer Store
H. WEBER, Met- ���_
P.O. Box 152.GrandForks, B.C.
Poo! Room and First-Class
Barber Shop
Cigars. Tobaccos, Soft Drinks.
Ice-Cream Parlor in Connection
Come in Often
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors   /     Garage in connection.
Get your job printing at lhe
Ledge, before the paper is all
Old newspapers for sale at
The Ledge office. Get some before they are'all gone.
U. S. Tourists Prospects'
Canada should at once pay attention to the big stream of American tourists who, according to the
information received by tha Canadian Trade Commission afe Ottawa,
will this year be unable to go to
Europe, Mexico or Sonth America,
and who do not want to go to their
own West.
Jack Townsend, 17 years old,
Mesa, Ariz., ia, herewith awarded
the juvenile hunter's medal. In
28 days he killed 22. wild animals,
including three wolves, 15 coyotes
and four lynx.
Greenwood Branch     L, E. Brawders, Manager
A. J. Morrison has purchased
a. McLoughhn car.
J. P." Flood will open a moving
picture show on one night a week
in the Greeawocd Theatre.
After serving with a Field
Ambulance Cosps in France, for
many a month, W. H. C. Bryant,
the yousgest son of Mr. aad Mrs,
Lewis Bryant, returned home on
Around Home
P. H. McCurrach has bought a
Chevrolet car.
Batt Boone has moved" from
Princeton to Vancouver.
Nelse Lemieux has returned to
Phoenix from Vancouver.
At McEImon'.s. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
Ernie Bidder arrived in the city
on Saturday from.Marysville.
School supplies can now be obtained at Goodeve's Drug  Store.
Wm. Neary of Victoria, is the
new teller in the Bank of Commerce.
/For m Sale.���A" Perfection A,
wire-stitching machine. Apply
to The Ledge.
In Penticton, W. R. Weaver of
Oroville, was fined $10 for stealing auto rugs. '
We have received another lot of
navy and light colored prints.
G. A. Rendell.
Dr. Arbuckle, .of Vernon, is
visiting the hospitals in Toronto
and New York.
Grand Forks w"auts all children under 18 years of age.to be at
home by 10 p.m.
Chas/Hatpmarstad and daughter, Nellie, motored in from Spo
kane on Monday.
Mrs. Duhamel of Ketchikan,
Alaska, is visiting her son,
Joseph Duhamel.
Full line of fishing tackle at
Goodeve's Drug store. The fishing season is open.
..Fresh strawberries and other
fruits, aud lettuce, three times a
week. ~G. A. Rendell, ��
-These days it would be verv
convenient to have a night operator at the"C.P.R. depot.
W. H. Rambo has gone to Spokane, where he will undergo a
facial surgical operation.
George Boag is in from Lightning Peak. On the way down he
encountered plenty of snow.
Louis Klinosky is in the hospital at the Forks, ^te-tally blind
from drinking wood alcohol;.
J. A. Morrin and George Rumberger, are interested in a furniture factory iu Vancouver,
Fresh killed beef and veal for
sale every Saturday, 20c upwards.'
J. Meyer, Government street.
Owing to a lack of coke, the
Granby smelter at Grand Forks
will shut down in a few days.
A prominent citizen of Midway
was fined $350 on Tuesday, for
operating a still in his cellar.
- Mr. and Mrs. Lachmund autoed
in from Spokane last Thursday,
to spend a few days in the city.
Chas. Bing, of Midway, now
owns a Ford truck, which he intend to deliver vegetables with.
White canvas ladies _axfords,
whitecarivas -girls slippers and
boys running shoes at Rendell's
' Mrs, P. E. Crane has moved to
Beaverdeilj where her husband is
interested in some mining claims.
E. S. Silcox, formerly of Princeton, is in Florida trying'to re-,
cover .from the^effects of the Flu.
Mrs. Amos Thompson died in
New Denver"""on May 20. Her
husband is postmaster in that
W. D. Matthews, president of
the company operating the Trail
smelter, died in Toronto last
The Leslie Hill ranch of about
1000 acres at Osoyoos, has been
bought for $��0,000 by a Penticton
Charles Cruse returned to Far-
roti on Monday, after spending a
few days amid the busy scenes of
Spokane people are making a
deal with W. H. Rambo, for the
Rambler and Standard Fraction
at Beaverdell.
Bob Robinson, has gone to
Idaho, to search for some, mineral ground that he saw in that
state 30 years ago.
Colonel Bob Stevenson, is still
suffering from the after effects of
the"Flu. He spends most of his
time in Princeton.
Mrs. Lester McKenzie who
was renewing acquaintances in
Greenwood during the past tea
days has returned to Allenby.
Royal Household Flour, made
by the Ogilvie Flour Mills company is the Standard for Canada.
Gret a sack from G. A. Rendell.
On the 24th of May, more than
1000 people and 150 autos were at
the baseball games in Keremeos.
That town is noted for moving
ozone, bloodthirsty mosquitoes,
baseball and big red   tomatoes.
(Greenwood Central School \^s^^s4s^^^^^^^^
May, 1919 Report
Perfect attendance:
Daisie Axam, Mabel Axam,
Selma Benson, Robert Jenks, Roderick Mcintosh, Frank Maslonka,
Harold Mellrud, Irene Mcintosh,
Roderick McLeod, Ivor Potts, Ena
Potts, Thomas Williamson, Mary
The following have askfed to be
permitted to write the Government
Entrance Examinations beginning
June 23. Robert Jenks, Harold
Mellrud, Ivor Potts, Irene Mcintosh, James Lane, Daisie Axam,
Wilfred Docksteader, Roderick
McLeod, Robert Cufehbertson,
Mary Gibson, Ethel Lane, Ruth
Anderson, Colin McLaren, Thomas
Williamson, Lottie Tanner, Ena
Potts.    , ;
Perfect attendance: Gertrude
Dixon, Ethel Fraser, Dolly Granberg, Gordon Jenke, John Kerr,
Gabrielle Legault, William McLeod, Sylvia Price, Donald Johnson, , Louise Johnson, Edwina
Smith, Allan.Fraser, Isaac Pleacash.
Western Float
The Women's Institute will
meet in the Red Cross Room on
Friday afternoon at the usual
hour. All members are requested
to attend.
Dr. Driver is now the resident
doctor in Phoenix. Miss Knowl-
ton, of Vancouver, has been appointed matron of the hospital in
that town.
On Monday the provincial
police seized a quantity of liqubr
at Westbridge belonging to L.
Clery. He is charged with keeping it in a building, other than
his dwelling house.
��� Barney ( Cosgrove is in town.
,He is .manager^ for ..a syndicate of
Seattle^ and" Vancouver people,
who are developing".^ lead mine,
between the Morning aud Hunter
mines, at Mullan, Idaho.
While trolling on Loon Lake
near Coltern on May 24th, Charles
Hanna and Wilfrid Tromelson
landed a 221b silver salmon.
This is the seconding fish to be
caught this season, Mike Kusick
lauded the other.
Charles Walker, representing
the greatest daily newspaper in
Nelson, was in town last Saturday. Charles|is^the personification of optimism, aud a welcome
visitor wherever he] goes, even
when he is collecting* money.
At the assizes in Vernon last
week, R. L. Miles, the Negro
merchant of Carmi, was tried for
causing the death of two Indians
through selling them wood alcohol. The jury in IS minutes
found him guilty of manslaughter. He was sentenced to ten
years in the penitentiary.
W. B. Willcox has sold the
Trail News to J. J. Clarke and
Elmer D. Hall. Beach will probably go to Spokane, and blow in
his good Canadian money" upon
fruit farms or something else that
he knows nothing about. He
has beeu a noted figure in B.C.
journalism for many years, and
his old friends do not like to see
him shoot across the line in order
to hide his bankroll under the
folds of "Old Glory."
Lieut. E. McMynn, of Midway,
who went overseas with the
famous fighting 102nd Batt. returned home last 'Week and on
Tuesday called on some of his
old comrades in Greenwood.
Lieut. McMynn went overseas as
a'private, later transferred to the
Flying Corps and received a commission about a year ��� ago. Mr
McMynn is looking hale and
hearty and tells many interest*
ing experiences of his flights in
the air. He spent the last six
months in England as a tester
and instructor of flying machines.
The strong wind on Monday
brought down the ball- from the
Court House flag pole. Some
years ago when the Duke of Connaught was at the coast he was
much take wilh the flag poles,
and noticed that in nearly every
case there was an ornament of
some sort above the Union Jack.
He remarked that there should
be nothing above the Union Jack,
and shortly afterwards these decorations were ordered to be removed from all flag poles at or
on public buildings. In some
places these were hard to remove
UilK����. ~��� ���& .-~ �������*,,��* but not so in Greenwood as lhe
The Ledge has ne subscribers in elements removed the sphere from
ihat burg, although manj of the the flag pole of the local promts-
inhabitants can read.
cial building this week*
V iv
The-. Ledge needs a few more
The sawmil at Gerrard employs
75 men.
Kaslo pays U a day to its cifey
In Kamloops buttermilk is five
'cents a glasB.
The"  Chinks    consider
I meat a delicacy.
J. Claude Sexson died in Oroville lasfe month.
O. H. Carle is building a residence in Keremeos.
Kaslo and New Denver will soon
nave a fine cherry crop.
Doc Welch has returned to
Quesnel from California.
Sergt. Price Ellison, Jr., has returned to Vernon from France.
There is some talk of building a
first-class hofeel at JtfisBion Cifcyr
Mrs. W. K.  Carpenter died in
Trail last month, aged 54 years.
���  An auto road will be built some
day,  between Kaslo and Nelson.
Ife is against the law in Kamloops, feo seirgas or aufeo supplies
on Sundays.
The North-wesfe Mounted Policeman gets 81:75 a day, and the staff
sergeants $8.
A 275-acre orchard afe Wen-
atchee, Wash., was recently sold
for 8100,000.
From a tourist standpoint British Columbia is not surpaesed by
any country in the world.
Alfred Swanson died last month.
For many years he kepfe the Fraser
Hotel in New Westminster.
One mill afe Alberni, is shipping
150 carloads of lumber a month, to
the prairie and further east.
Men waiters are again employed
upon the C. P. R. boats, on fehe
Arrow and Kootenay lakes.
Mrs. Cbinhall of Clinton,- died
lasfe month aged 92. years. She
had lived 45 years in Clinton.
There is nofe a vacant house in
New Denver, bufe there is sfeill
plenty of room to pitch a tenfc.
The new C. P. R. depot afe
Moose Jaw will cost $250,000.
Work^on ife will commence this
Just 25 years ago this week a
cyclone blew down many houses at
Kaslo, and other towns in Kootenay.
The Prince of Wales will visit
Canada in August, and open the
new parliament buildings in
, L. P. Sullivan has bought the
old Prospector plant at Cranbrook,
and has started a paper called The
Cornelius O'Keefe died near
Vernon last month aged 87 years.
He had lived in the Okanagan for
52 years.
W. 0. Duncan died in Duncan
last month,--aged -83"yearsT ��� He
was born in Sarnia, Ontario, and
came  to   B.  C. in 1862.
Captain Donald'Bellew of Vancouver has been awarded the Vic
Mining News
Good   blacksaiithing   coal
been struck afe Valley, Wash.
Ife seems strange, that more steel
is not made by the rolling mills in
Port Moody.
Robert Wood and George White,
are doing some work on the North
Staj near the Jewel mine.
The power plaufc beingjbuilt near
Oroville will add greatly to .the
development of the mines near
that town.
The slag dump of the smelter at
Greenwood, contains more than a
million dollars worth of gold, silver and copper. No cheap process
has yet been discovered to treat
dumps of this kind.
Near Carmi, a boiler is being put
in afe the Carmi mine, and several
miners have already been employed. The future oft the mines in
this district depend upon the operation of the Greenwood smelter.
0. H. Dickie of Duncan, is shipping 20 tons of manganese ore from
his claims at Hill CO, to the smelter afe Tacoma. With modern
machinery and methods of working
these claims should pay a handsome profit.
At Bossburg, Wash., the new
mill of fehe\Young America is running. This mine was located 28^
years ago.-' The ore is rich in silver content. All the old'dumps
will be milled,"and much development done on the lower levels.
The product of the mine and mill
will go to Trail.
Afe Paulsen the Molly Gibson has
let a contract for a crosscut to "tap
the ledge. A. P. Jackson will
work the Contact Consolidated.'
High-grade silver-gold ore has been
struck on the Jennie Lind..and
Golden Age. Two feet of ore has
been struck in the Yankee- Girl,
adjoining the Molly Gibson. The
Inland Co. is resuming operations'
this week, and the shaft will be
deepened to 500 feet.  ���
toria Cross for a deed in the second
battle df Ypres, four years ago.
Much honey is being produced
in the North Thompson valley.
It is estimated that ten tons of
honey will be produced this year.
There is a little booze in Nelson,
but no poker. The cbarcbes are
full on Sundays, and many of the
inhabitants ' say feheir prayers
every night.
The salary of Premier Oliver is
$7,500 a year. When Bowser sat
on the throne he had to get along
on $3,000 a year, bufe, Billy was
always a good financier.
At New Denver, Ole Johnson
was fined $50 for having deer meat
in his possession. In these days
of H.C.L. mosfe of us at times have
dear meat in our possession.
Tho Empress of Russia arrived
at the coast last week from Siberia,
with 1500 officers and soldiers.
There were two eases of smallpox,
and one of scarlet fever on  board.
Tourisfea and others will find feho
Newmarket Hotel at New Denver,
one of the best places in the west
feo stop at for a few weeks. Under
the management of Andrew Jacob-
son this famous old hotel is a delight to all who travel in fehe
The Hudson Bay Co. has bisen
in business 249 years, and still has
240 posts in North America. Ife is
gradually closing some of its stores
in B. C. Ife closed the Quesnet
store last month. This efeore was
started in Alexandria in 1807, and
moved to Quesnel in 1859.
H. R. Van Wagenen, general
manager of the Janada Copper Co.,
is one of the bright lights in the
mining world. Ke began life as a
newsboy in New York, and
through industry, push and brains
has reached hk present position as
manage? of a great eompasy. .
In Spokane the other day J. D.
Farrell said: "The Le Roi mine-
was a life saver to, Spokane, At
the time of the rich strike in the
Le Roi, Spokane was certainly a
dead town. - The fortunes made
from the'Le Roi gave a new lease '
of life to the struggling city."
8pokane owes much to the mines
of B. C, and there is a chance
nowfor the mining magnates to
play-back-by-doing all-in their
power to revive the smelting (industry afe Greenwood. A prosperous town afe Greenwood means
much to Spokane and many a town
on both sides of fehe line.
The Kaslo Kootenaian says:������
Alfred LeBlanc claims that he has
found pitchblende in the Lardeau. -
���25 men are working at the Rambler-Cariboo, and this number will
be increased when the mill starts.
���A one-ton motor1 truck will haul
ore from the Neepawa to Slocan
lake.���The Golden Gate at Poplar
Creek is in operation. It is close
feo fehe Lucky Jack.���-E. Mobba ib
driving a lower, tunnel on the
Morning at Rapid Creek.���The pile
of z'nc afe fehe Rosebery mill is getting bigger every day. Jack
Thompson m working the Lincoln.
He got returns of over $4,000 from
onecarlead last year.���This winter Sam Cavanaugh worked the
Silver Cup dump near Ferguson,
and gofe aboufe 20 per cent, shipping
ore.- O. V, White says that the
outlook at the Silversmith is very
satisfactory. The mill is again in
operation.���Some work is to-be
done on fehe Bondholder on Ten
Mile, by a Bostou company. Scott'''
price has charge of fehe operations.
���The tram afe the,Wonderful near
Sandon is half a mile long, and
has one span over 1000 feet without a tower.���Thc Wakefield is
now in charge of Clyde White.���
A tram is being bnilfe from the
Sovereign to Sandon. Part of the
Wakefild tram will ba used hi
bnilding Ibis new tram���Scott
Price is trying feo have a wagon
road built from Kitchener, into
fehe White Grouse eoeatry, south
of Sanaa.
#      f
<*> fi.ry-,:
. >'fi
/p. I
x X\
.' ---vL->
* ^ L
- ����� " VSM
x -rn
������'' '/M
:��� fM
yzys^^^XXXzyF* .X *���y_^y-Xyf __ ���� y��_ q^ MM
3SS    _^EBG&    fiRRE^WQQgw   ^L jQ.
New Mines Opened
Plan to Improve Horse Stock
Manitoba Department of Agriculture
to Assist Horse Breeders '
The  Manitoba department of agri-1
���culture is making    arrangements    to |
assist liorsc breeders in the province I
to   secure   tlie usc  of  improved   stal-l
lions.    Tlie department of agriculture i
is arranging Lo purchase, wherever it:
is necessary to go    for    them,    high I
class stallions of thc draught breeds.!
to be sold to farmers al actual  cost. I
As an initial step a survey of thc pro-'
viuce is  being  madc  with  a view  toj
ascertaining the requirements..   Farm-'
ers desiring  to go into horse raising j
are expected to -supply full particulars!
as  to the. hind of stallions    rcquirccj
and the number of such horses needed.    The horses will bc selected and
purchased by competent horsemen in
Eastern Canada    and      the      United
States.   They will then bc brought to
Winnipeg and distributed to thc purchasers who  will pay cash    covering
zncrcly  thc cost of the animals plus
administrative "expenses.
The present Prince of Wales is the
first of his title to see active military
service since the invention of fire
Output of Coal in   Alberta
Edmonton. Alta. ��� Some interesting figures have been compiled by
John T. Stirling," chief inspector of
mines for Alberta, showing the output
of coal in the province during the
past year and shewing its relation to
that produced in all Canada. During
the year the consumption of coal in
Canada was 37,237,065 tons, of which
22,057,065 tons  were imported    from
Live Stock
Market Active
Increased Business at the   Winnipeg
As at the stockyards at Calgary
i and Edmonton in Alberta there was
also a considerable increase in the
number of cattle handled at the Union Stockyards at Winnipeg, Mani-!
toba, in 1918. Compared with the1
previous-year, 320,207 head were   re
Children Love
Candy cathartic  is harmless
to tender stomach, Hver
and   bowels
the United Slates and of that 2,559,- I ccived as. against 286,651.    There, was
1041 tons were imported into Western !aI?�� an increasc in    the    number   of
Canada.."., j sheep handled, 38,762 having, been re-
During thc year 6.148,620 tons    of i ccived in ^918>  .as    compared     with
���oal were produced  in Alberta,   ino _! 23.575-in  1917.     On   the other hand
was a decrease in the number
As a vermicide there is no preparation that equals Mother Graves-
Worm Exterminator. It has saved thc
lives of countless children.
Annuity for Lady Laurier
Ottawa. ��� A movement is on for
the capital to have-parliament provide
Jin annuity for Lady Laurier. lt is
understood that thc proposal lias
been tentativ 'y advanced on behalf
of the government, but it is not
known if Lady Laurier would accept.
While Sir Wilfrid Laurier vvas not a
man of wealth, it is stated that he
carried considerable lifc insurance.
Vour eniKl is bilious, cunsti,.u ..i
and sick. Its little tongue is coated,
breath is bad and stomach sour. Get
a 10-cent box of Cascarets and
straighten the youngster right up.
Children love this harmless candy
cathartic and it cleanses -the little
liver and thirty feet of bowels without griping. Cascarets contain no
calomel and can bc depended upon to
move the sour bile and poison right
out of the bowels. Best family cathartic because it never cramps or sickens
like other things.
1-70 tons of briquettes, 32.858 tons of.
coke and 9,898 tons' of shale for the!of ll0KS and ho"rses received at the
making of bricks. There were 7 687'yards' 362,168 of the former having
tons of bricks sold; There were, dur-' ^cen handled last year as compared
ing thc year 191S, 317 coal mines .in'with 372>16S the year before, while of
operation in thc province of Alberta,
and two copper ore mines and
shale mines.
Seventy new mines were opened
during the ycar, also as well as nine
whicli were re-opened. Offsetting'this
to a certain extent there -were 71
It  is  interesting  to   note  that. to
two!thc yards in ^18 as aSainst 13,574 in
Most of the animals handled at
Winnipeg originated in Manitoba and
Saskatchewan, thc majority .of those
originating in Alberta ��� passing
through thc yards at Edmonton and
Calgary in that province. Saskatche-
operate these mines on an average iwan farmers wcrc the biggest sliip-
2,633 persons above ground and 6,144  pcrs,' no less than 166,856 head of cat-
Didn't Shop Enough
"Was papa the .first man who ever
proposed to you, mamma?"
. "Yes, but why do you ask?"
"Twas just    thinking    that     you
thc    latter only 7,951  passed through I might  havc done better if you    had
persons below ground were, employed.
Resume Attacks Against Poles
Posen. ��� .The Germans, aftcr three
days of comparative quiet, resumed
attacks along thc line upon thc Poles,
according to reports from the Polish
German frontier.
New Labor Charter
It   Neutralizes     Stomach    Acidity,     Prevents
Food    Fermentation,    Sour,    Gassy
Stomacn and Acid Indigestion
Doubtless it you arc a suRcrcr from mdi-
fjcsiiun, vuTi havc already tried pepsin, bis-
siiuui, socia, chaico.il, Uiiiifs and v.uions digestive aids and yuu kuovi lliusc clunks will
not cure your troume���in some cases do not
even give relici.
Hut lieiore giving up hope and deciding
you arc a chronic dyspeptic just try the
elieet of ;�� htlle Disuraieu uMgnebia��� not the
culinary commercial cai Donate, citrate, OMdc
oi milk, but tne pure bisuiatcd magnesia
whicli you can obidiu fiom practically any
druggist  m  cuhei   pywueicd  or  tablet  tonu.
'} .ikc a teaspoonnil of the powder or two
compre���,ed tablets with a lime water alter
jour next ni"*a!, and sec what a diflcreuce
this makes. It will instantly neutralise the
dansrerou-, harmful .,cid m me fto-iidUi ivlucii
now causes your lood tc ferment and sour,
making gns, wind, liatulence, heartburn and
the t>lo.aed or heavy, lumpy. Jceling that
Mcnis to tuiloiv most everything jou eat.
Vou will fine! thai provided you take a'little
bisur.-ucd magnesia immediately after a meal,
you can eat almost anything and enjoy it
without any clanger 0f pain or discoiulort to
follow and moreover, thc continued use of
the -bisuratcd magnesia cannot injure the
stomach in .iny way so long as there arc any
nymptoms of acid indigestion.
Cold or Wet Weather May Start thc
Pains, But the Trouble is in
the Blood.
Every rheumatic sufferer should-rc-
alizc that rheumatism is rooted in
the blood and can only bc cured by a
treatment that will cleanse thc blood
of the rheumatic poisons. The old-
time belief that rheumatism vvas
caused by cold, damp weather, is now
exploded. Such weather conditions
may start the aches and pains, but is
not the rcal cause. Liniments and
outward applications may give temporary relief, but cannot cure the
trouble, because thcy do not reach us
source in thc blood. ������ The sufferer
from rheumatism
with       outward
i tic coming from this province as
compared with 137,357 in the previous
years. Manitoba farmers shipped
fewer cattle to..4hc stockyards in 191S
than in 1917, lhe numbers being 105,-
195 and 112,554 respectively. From
Alberta 46,961 head of cattle -were
received last year as .against 33,622
thc ycar before.    With the exception
shopped around a
troit Free Press.
little more."���Dc-
Nerves Shattered
4B.y Operation
A Most Extraordinary. Case of Extreme Nervous Exhaustion and
Keenest   Suftering   From
���Heauaches���Now Entirely Cured
George Hall, Meadow Brook
Vvesiasia       Valley,      bask.,
. "it is   with  great pleasure  1
few   -words oi praise lor   Dr.
Hours of Work Shall    Not    Exceed
Eight Daily
London. ��� The main proposals of
thc liritish dr.aft, adopted with minor
alterations by  the international labor
leaders at Paris as thc new charter of
Labor, arc given in a special dispatch
from thc labor correspondent of the
Daily Telegraph.
Thc provisions of this draft preclude the employment of children under fifteen ycars of age in industrial
occupations and of children    between
fifteen and eighteen for more than six
hours daily.   At least two hours each
day must be devoted by these young
workers to technical or regular cdu-
cation and thcy will not be permitted, Ulcy pun|y and sl        lhcn ;u an(, so
to work at night or on Sundays and] root out the    cause    of rheumatism.
Mr. D. Lewis, postmaster at  Esrum-
inac,   N.B.,   says:    "I   was    attacked
which    settled1 in
say a
Cnase's i\crvc I'ood
"rive years ago,,   while living     in
,     c . .Montreal,    1    suitiyrcd terribly    witli
ot a tew head from thc United States'a severe, pain  in  thc    iignt    temple,
the remaining catllc came from East- ^''or tour niontns  1  couiu. not    even
cm Canada, but thc -"vement'   from
this direction was considerably smaller than in  1917.    <
Assisting the Settler
A Policy Pursued by the Local Government of Manitoba which.Deserves the Highest Com-
:      mendation
(By W. W. Fraser, Live Stock Commissioner). V
I have reference to thc scheme
known (and at one time much ridiculed) as "The Cow Scheme." This plan
is being operated under an Act passed
by the present Government at the
Session of 1916, ahd was adopted because of conditions that existed in
sonic of the outlying districts of the
province, where thc struggling settler \yas known to dc-working-.under
extreme disadvantages, his mca-s not
permitting him to purchase, in some
instances , even one cow, and where
for.ee of circumstances meant that in
order that hc might receive enough
money   to   keep   his.  family  supplied
Airplanes Cheaper
i Than Automobiles
Toronto. ��� F. G. Erickson,    promoting commercial flying in Canada, ~
is offering airplanes to the public at
a figure less than the average automobile costs. . The machines arc be-,
ing offered at $2,000 each, and avia-
with thc absolute necessities of life, [tors can bc secured at present for
he was obliged to seek employment! about' the'same wages as those of a
fishing on the lakes during thc win-' chauffeur, he says. Mr. Erickson is
ter months, and    again    was    often \ to open the only airplane sales room
only wasting valuable timc and
good money in depending upon
such. <rcatmcnt, the trouble
still remains, and it is all the
time becoming more firmly rooted���
harder to cure when thc proper treatment is applied. Treat this disease
through the blood and. you will soon
bc rid of the pains and tortures. As
a cure for rheumatism Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills are unequalled. They act
directly on the impure, weak blood;
i thcy purify and strengthen it
with rheumatism
bend--or stoop clown to do anything
witnoiu lioiuiug tne rignt side oi
my    Head , wnn    niy: hand,:   tlie pain
.was so severe. Jbisidus thc head-
and ManitobaIacuC| there was a uischaigc trom
my rigm ear aiso, but it caused no
pain���-only the constant pain in my
temple. .."��� 1 could not sleep, and if
i lay down at nigut 1 couid not get
my neau up on the ���'.pillow without
my  liusuanu piuung his liand uuuer-
. ncalh thc back oi my neck to lirt
were received from Alberta last ycar'mc   up#     i   couUi   not    butr    a any
who   expeiimentslas  compared  with   109,360  the    ycar (longer.      Sonic    of  iny  triends  per-
applicalions       is; before.    It is easy to explain this de-' *>u����vi.ctt. ..mc logo to one ot tue lios-
' piiais    and    consult   a doctor,   so  1
went to tne ko>al  Victona Hospital
in lUouireal;    inure    tney    exam.. :~il
ine, ancl told mc that ic .would havc
to be an -indoor case,' that 1 "would
have    to    bc operated on...   Alter  1
nail been lucre iour  aays  they    op-
ieiaieci, and lound  that 1 had'a clot
loi    Uiood   on ine brain.     "iney said
lit    was    marvellous     tliat    1   puiled
1 Un'otigii atier uie. operation, as   m<iy
j had given me up ior over iour days,
j J.  was in  tiie  hospital it) weeks, and
'my uociors said l would always stiller -witli my nerves, because tne operation  was    such    a serious one -it
i siKuierc.l my    nerves    all to   pieces
Both Saskatchewan
farmers shipped-more hogs in .1918
lhan in H)17, the numbers from the
former being 177,643 as against 158,-
690, and from the latter, 123,58-t as
against   102,619.      Only    60,962 hogs'
crease, however, prices at thc Calgary
and Edmonton markets having generally been more favorable for hogs
than those ruling at Winnipeg. Besides these markets arc much more
convenient to thc Alberta farmer
than  Winnipeg.
Comparatively few sheep have passed through thc stockyards. This
industry is being built up, and farmers arc reluctant to part with any
more animals.than thcy are forced to.
Most  sales  are  made  on   the  farms.
Has Kept Record
Prince Rupert, B. C. ��� This is thc
mildest winter in 27 years, according
to James Adams, of Port Essington,
on ihe Skeena river, near Prince Rupert. He has lived here for- that
length of timc and has taken the
trouble to keep a record of each
���winter. There has been practically no
frost at all.
my elbo'v, shoulder and knee joints. A" tllrcc Prainc   provinces    shipped Aiter i came home i could not boar
A Saturday half holiday will be in
troduced into all countries and work
ers  shall  be  allowed    a    continuous land at^times caused me great suffer- ] fewer sheep to thc stockyards
weekly rest of at least 36 hours, while j ing
thc  hours of work shall  not  exceed,.      ,.     ,,,... ���   ,   r,. ,    _.,,
-.,,., ,���        ,, , 'ry l-)r- Williams'   Ptnk Pills.    After
eight daily or 48  weekly, and    even | taking    lhc    pins for somi. time   the
-     , .   --               than
The    trouble   was   particularly j they dich thc previous year.    A num-
' severe last spring
try Dr. Williams'
less lhan this in dangerous trades.
Arrange to Release German Ships
Paris. ��� Representatives of Great
Britain, the United States, France
and of the"other"powers have departed for Spa to "complete with the Germans arrangements for the release of
German ships in German ports and
certain German vessels in neutral
ports. Virtually all the details for
thc release of the vessels have been
arranged and it is anticipated that
they will be turned over under the
agreement without delay. .       . * -
General Pau's Appreciation
Winnipeg, Man. ��� Thc lieutenant-
governor is in receipt of a letter from
General Pau which contains the    following expression of appreciation:
"The welcome which was extended
to the French mission by the city
of Winnipeg and thc province of
Manitoba leaves in our minds a deep,
and lasting recollection. On behalf
of niy colleagues, allow me to express
to you our deep gratitude. It was
impossible to show us in a more
delicate and charming way the feelings of friendship and sympathy of
Canada for France. Wc now can
fully realize that thc tics which havc
been created on the battlefields will
last in peace."
and  I  decided   to j ^
rheumatic pains and stiffness in tlu
joints disappeared and I have not
since had any return of the trouble."
If you are suffering from rheumatism, or any trouble due tp poor
blood and weak nerves, you will find a
cure in a fair use of Dr. Williams*
Pink Pills. You can procure these
pills through any medicine dealer, or
by mail at 50 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-
rillc, Ont.
Western crops were under the average last year, but Saskatchewan's agricultural values were $350,000,000
greater lhan in 1917, through increase
of acreage, of live stock and dairy
production. The number of horses increased froni 888,673 to J,000,076.
cr of these animals came from Eastern Canada, and were taken up by
farmers who arc making a start in
thc business or increasing their
Thc comparative statement   as to
thc   origin    of    the    horses passing
through   the    Winnipeg    stockyards, j f�� s00"-
shows that the market for horses in' *
Western Canada is a good one. Despite the increased use of tractois, tho.
farmer here has    few horses to sell,
while he    is  still   importing a large i
number from the United States   and1
any noise or excitement, it thc children would shout or bang the door 1
would jump And give a sharp cry,
anu my naml wouiu Hy to my head.
iuy ncivous system was completely
exhausted and 1 had no appetite
wJiuievcr. 'l wo months after tins,
t had to follow my husband to the
iNortnwesl, where he had gone previous lo my UliiLSS. 'the doctors told
me i was lunniug ft great risk to go
however, i came-, and,
reached my destination in
Saskatchewan 1 was in bed for
some weeks with a nervous bicak-
doVn. "i was going nearly crazy with
my head. A friend asked my husband
to try Dr. Chase's .Nerve Food.    He
. ' Cautions Little Nations
London. ��� Premier Lloyd George
speaking at a Welsh-festival dinner
in Loudon warned the little nations
of the danger of emulating thc faults
of the great empires, hy a tendency
to annex territories not their own.
"This is a most fatal error for any
people, great or small," he said.
Thc.natives of Siam obtain pctro.-
leum-by -digging pits about 60 feet
deep and'dipping it out with pails.
Roagh and Itchy With. Ecscma.
Came in Pimples and Blisters, -
X Kept From Sleeping.
"My face got rough and Itchy, and
I was told I had eczema. It came In
piicptes, then water blisters, and my
Glein was sore and red.' My face itched
aad I had to scratch, and tt kept me
from sleeping. .The siin was dry and
seal/, and would bleed. My face was
an awful sight.    -
"1 saw an advertisscaenl for Cuticura
Soap and Ointment and I sent for a free
sample. I afterwards bought more, and
it was not over a week when I was completely healed," (Signed) Miss Annie
Forgue, Aiderson, Alta., Aug. 28,1917-
li your sMn is already bealthy and
clear keep "t so by using CutScura Soap
for toilet purposes assisted by touches
of Cutkura Oistraest to soothe and
heal any tendency to irritation, redness
or roughness of the stin or scaly. -
For F-fc-oample Each by Mail address post-card: "Catkura, Dspt. A,
Boston, U 8. A."   Sold everywhere.
Away With Depression and Melancholy.���These two evils-arc   the accompaniment of a disordered stomacli!
and torpid liver and mean wretchedness  to  all   whom   thcy  visit.'      Thc
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Sweden Cancels Treaties
Government "Wants to" Make" Change
in. Commercial Relations
Stockholm.���The commercial treaty
w-ent tb-town (which is fifteen miles
,-.,.���      ~       , , .| from here) and brought two boxes. 1
eastern Canada, the number rccciv- commenced taking them, and cored from outside points being nearly Kainly felt, much benefitted. I took
four times as great as those' received s,'.-^, 1-,oxes '" all> a,ul 1 now feel Hkc a
from points' in the prairie nrovinces ' d,ffc,rcnt. woman. 1 have no pain in
��� Of thn i.,1       Ln Ponces.   my hcadi JHy systm is buiU d
Uf thc cattle 119,561 were disposed 1 can sleep like a top. My appetite
of locally, 78,607, went to Eastern is splendid, the children can make as
packers, 44,449. were taken'by west- j "iuch- uoisc as they 'like, and-it Iocs
cm farmcis, and some 77,000 went "ot. 1\olher ��'����� i am certainly cured,
��om1i t~ ii.,-,   i c. . t>   V     and ..I  want to express  my .heartfelt
south to United-States points.-By.far appreciation of-your wonderful medi-
Uic greater number of thc hogs and cine. I shall always rcconimcU it
sheep were disposed "df "locally, but" a andtclrothcrsabourit."."
I considerable number went to Eastern I    Pr#  Cha/nS  Ncrvc   FoocI'  S0 Ccnls
.,.!,������     ,i,  \        , , , 'a box, a full treatment    of   6 boxes
(packers.    Western farmers also took" for $2.75, at all   dealers, or  Edman
forced to return to the city during the
summer months and labor: Particularly was this true of the settlers between Lakes Manitoba ancl Winnipeg,
\vhcrc the majority of the cows furnished under this policy have been
placed. It will be readily seen that
these conditions necessitated the absence from home of thc bread-winner
during the greater portion of tlic year
and as a consequence his faniily were
'deprived.of'.his .influence and parental
care, and thc required improvements
on thc homestead had to bc foregone.
Very often this family was forced to
live in a onc-ro'omed shanty . with
scarcely any improvements on the
The above scheme permitted these
settlers to receive from the Government, by way of*a club, or a number
of settlers going together, coivs up to
thc number of five to each settler.
In each case an. inspection is
in the world on King street cast. It
will be conducted on the same prin-
ciplc as that of a large automobile
concern. "       '
If cross, feverish, Bick, bilious, clean
.little liver and bowels.
Children love this "fruit- laxative,"
and nothing else cleanses, thc tender
stomach, liver and bowels so nicely.
A child simply will not stop playing to empty its bowels, and thc result is, they become ^tightly clogged
with waste, liver gets sluggish, stomachy sours, then your little one becomes" cross, half-sick, feverish, don't
madc i cat, sleep or act naturally, breath  is
lief. Thcy have proved their usefulness in thousands of cases and will
continue lo give relief to thc suffering who are wise enough lo iisc
Wins First Prize for Wheat
' Winnipeg? Man. ��� The rural municipality of Portage la Prairie won
25 prizes in the collection of exhibits
at thc Winnipeg Seed Fair. D.-.Mc-
Vjcar captured the first prize for registered Marquis wheat in the provincial competition. Though Mr. Mr-
Vicar came to Manitoba from Scotland late in ycars.'hc has proven himself to bc a very successful farmer.
Prior to ' coming to Canada lie was
engaged in" pedagogic work.
ginning of 1920. The Swedish government has declared itself-ready to
enter into discussions for the provisional regulation of commercial relations W thc period dining which the
present treaty lapses, until a new one
is signed. It is probable that thc
reason why thc treaty has been canceled is thai in the present uncertain
conditions the,, Swedish government
wants to he frcc to make a change in
Swedish-commercial relations, and the
treaties -with England, France, the
United States, and Russia havc also
been cancelled.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Pleasant Prospect   -���
Husband ��� Hurrah!      I've got   a
week's vacation:
Wife���How nice.   Now you can dig
the garden, clean out thc ctllar, and
whitewash lhe kitchen..
Mail by Airplanes
London. ��� An aerial postal
service has been instituted between England and the continent in order to carry mail to
the ar...j\ of .occupation. Thc
mails" thus carried will reach
Cologne in ten hours instead of
five daysj as heretofore. The
mr.ils arrive at- Folkestone hy
train, arc taken by lorries lo
the airdrome Tvhcrc the" machines are in rcadincj- io load
up. Twenty-three bags "prerc
taken on ih.c' :"rst. journey bj?
foar machine;. ' '    -
Attack Premeditated
Paris. ��� Emile Cottin, who
recently .shot and wounded Premier Clemenceau, will be tried
by court martial on March 14;
Captain Bourchardon, head of"
the Paris' military court, continued his interrogation of the
premier's assailant. ~ Cottin admitted that the attack had_ been
meditated for several , months,
arid declared that if he had hot
been stopped he would have reloaded his revolver and fired
/    Canada's Gift
Message Sent by Lady Borden to
, Princess Patricia
Ottawa. ��� The folio whig cablegram was' sent by Lady Borden - to
the IMncess Patricia on tlie occasion
of her marriage lo Commander Ramsay:
"The people of Canada by contributions'through the wives of tho, lieutenant-governors, have arranged    for
a wedding gift to Your Koyal High-)Do not make thc mistake of waiting
ncss of Victory Loan bonds which llfor ?-sti,n,a to wear away by itself,
shall forward enclosed in a silver box! Wlli,lc you, ar-e wail5nS" the disease is
in the near future 7��� *��� , ,. i sur,cl>' gathering a stronger foothold
acccutanrJ ��f .1 "     t. ���^���* ���* V��� ��vc ��� danger of stronger and
acceptance,of this gift as a token of!yet stronger attacks.    Dr. J. D. Kel-
Saskatchewan Heaviest Buyer
Calgary, Alta. ��� Of Alberta's total
coal production of 6,148,620 tons in
1918, 440,620 tons was sold in Alberta. Saskatchewan was the next heaviest buyer, taking 1,372,439 tons, and
Manitoba took 511,168 tons. Ship,
nients to Seattle and Spokane markets', that havc been served in small
quantities for several ycars, totalled
133,276 tons.   .
}   Asthma Doesn't Wear  Off -Alone.
the   warm", regard   of the   Canadian
people towards Your Royal Highness,
11 desire to convey the assurance of
I tlicir deep interest in thc happy occa-
, sion and to   again    extend   our best
wishes for your happiness and welfare."
The princess icplied:
"Please .convey to people of Cana-
jda my heartfelt appreciation of their_
good wishes..Deeply touched by 3-our(
announcement "of wedding gifc which (
is being sent."
logg's Asthma Itcmcdy taken early,
will prevent incipient condition from
becoming chronic and saves hours of
awful" suffering.
The Russian Trouble
There would bc less hesitation
about extending thc "helping- hand"
to Russia if there was any assurance that she would not bite it-
Vancouver Province.
, Spantingdoesn'tcurebed-wetting
r ���the trouble is due to weakness
of the internal organs. My successful home treatment -vviif be found
helpful.   Send r-'^oney, but
- write ine today, jjjCy treatment
is equally successful for adults,
'���troubled with tirinary difficulties.
Taxes Help Patriotic Fund
Calgary, Alia. ��� The wild land tax
collected in Alberta last year amounted to $429,68S and the amount collected on thc increment tax was $102,-
684. - Under thc supplementary revenue act, $6"i3,269.47 was paid to thc
government and $997,328.94 is still
owing. - The amount of money csti-
To Cure a Cold in One Day
(Tablets).    It   stops   the   Cough   and   Headache  and   tvorks   oii     the     Cold. E.   W.
GROVE'S sii'tuuure on cadi box.    20c
' Education of Illiterates
New York. ��� The recently organized intcr-racial council,   .-which    bc-
Jiievcs that questions affecting the foreign-born population- of the - United
Slates arc of extreme importance just \
now, announced at its first meeting,
mated to be collected, under this act! that it indorses a bill to be presented
was ��1,000,-000.    The patriotic    fund!to congress proposing the education
-vas paid 5800,000 of this fund    and of both foreign-born and native illit-
i$55,S03.0S was granted for otlieF fkl- crates and asking^hat $12,500 bc ap-
jnotic purpose ' jpropriatcd for tlie" Trorfc.
to determine the capability of the individual as to thc numbei- of cows hc
is in a position to care for, aflcr
which inspection, cows are advanced
up to thc number of fivc(< as above
stated, according to the Irian's ability
lo care for Ihem. Thc terms are five
years,-the-first payment falling due
November 1st, following the-year in
which thc cows arc purc'-^'d.   '
Thc cows are all purchased with
cither calf at-foot or due rto calf- within a very short time. A new,avenue
to lifc i.s opened to the settler thus
receiving cows and hc is shown thc
path of escape from previous hardship. "Milk is provided foi his children and hc can ship his small can of
cream from the nearest station to the
dairy. The cheque'for the cream,is
received and he is able to purchase
the necessities of lifc by paying cash,
instead of being forced to- leave -his
home to earn money. Usually the
family can do the work in connection
with the cows while the man carries
on the improvements, bring under
cultivation more land from ycar .to
year. Thus the land becomes, more
valuable, the offspring of the cows
arc growing up ahd adding , to the
herd, m^at is provided, for thc family,
and in all the home is put oii an economic basis. Encouragement is
given to the father and mother as well
as to thc children, and instead of thc
previous desolate home a real home
of thrift and industry is established.
In this -way the entire settlements
where these cows-havc been placed
are put on a new basis.
Where one creamery was in operation, there are now five and havc
been for the last two .cars, two of
of butter each per week, Whereas an
importation of 55 car loads of butter
was necessary to meet the requirements of thc province in the ycars
1912 and 1913, there was an exportation during the year' 1918, of 175
cars of butter and the above mentioned act is unquestionably very largely
responsible for this change, the benefit to thc country from which will bc
readily realized. .The. consumer at
largc is a direct beneficiary, as beyond
a doubt thc price of butter has been
regulated by this vast increase of the
As above slated, the.-first of these
cows were placed early in July, 1916.
and in November, 1918, about 3,842
had been distributed and the' department had a record" of 6,000 of . their
progeny. Thc added' \vcaltli io thc
province from this vast, increase will
bc readily s��cn and is extremely grat-
I know of no act. that' has h.*id a
more direct bearing on the communities at largc, not only from a financial
and economical standpoint but as a
moral influence.
Much credit is due the Hon. Valen-
���tine Winkler, minister of agriculture
and immigration, for his untiring energy and efforts in connection with
the said "cow scheme" or "settlers'
animal purchase act" as well as inany
othcr profitable schemes for thc advancement of agriculture and particularly of the live stock industry.
Mr. S. G. Sims, purchasing agent
of "the settlers' animal purchase act"
is responsible for the successful prosecution of - this valuable and - commendable.enterprise, which puts thc
possibility-of success within reach of
the man and family who, because, of
environment could not .help themselves.    -
bad, system full of cold, has sore
throat, stomach-ache or diarrhoea.
Listen, Mother! See .if tongue is
coated, then give a teaspoonful- of
' "California Syrup of Figs," and in a
few hours all the constipated waste,
sour bile and undigested food passes
out of the system, and you havc a
well, playful child again.' .
'Millions of mothers give "California Syrup of Figs" because it is perfectly harmless; children love it, and
it never fails to act on thc stomach,
liver and bowels. "-
Ask- your druggist for a bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs," which has
full directions for babies, children of
all ages and'for. grown-ups", plainly
printed on thc bottle. Beware of ���
counterfeits sold here. Get the genuine, made ,by.."California Fig Syrup
Company." Refuse any other kind
with contempt. _   .
Sympathy for
"Noble" Kaiser
Hun Commander Resented Treatment of Former Emperor
- The Hague. ��� The reception given
by the German legation here in honor
of General von Lcttow-Vorbeck. -the
former German commander in German East Africa, before his departure
for Berlin, resolved itself into a man- .
ifestation of sympathy f<3r thc former-
German emperor. ��� s
Thc chairman of the meeting, a
German business, man in Rotterdam,
paid tribute to "the noble and unfortunate kaiser, whose reign was the'
period in which Germany became one
of the first nations in the world, and
W'on a leading position in thc domains
of science and art."    _
General von Lettow-Vorbeck, in
.reply, said that he deeply resented the
treatment of tli<^former emperor, and
added:���"Is that-all the-thanks--'he-
German'motherland has for all, that
the Hohcnzollcrn - dynasty has done
for'Germany? Wc-must firmly kc'ep
to ��thc principles of thc former army
if-wc wish the German motherland to
recover its ancient power. Men, not
fate, make history."
Thc provincial, police in. the Saskatoon division in January had" only
125 cases to deal with. This is the
best" record for" any snaking   in  12
�� Barley
sound nourish.-*
menfc and a
sweet nut-like
flavor impossible in a product made of
wheat alone,
W.     N.   -U,     125* t
xx     "       '<       ���-','-,
>,-; klK
> -^^4i-i����-, Vf_
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Secure _ a $5,000 Protection and Savings Policy 5
"  Age 20���$108.9C      ' Age-30�����130.20 Annually j|
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WOUBU* .-IT 15
OTTAWA     ^-r^r-=^>   ^CANADA
Cobalt and Porcupine
T]]J�� raining camps of Cobalt and Porcupine have produced enormous
wealth. The output of. Cobalt dining thc pasl fourteen years has
been 300,000,000 ounces of silver and the camp has. paid over
$90,000,000 iir-'dfvidoiids. Tlie gold mines of Ontario have produced
about 5_45.00O.000 woith of gold since 1911 and have paid in dividends'
about $10,000,000.
The gold camps of Ontario arc comparatively new; they are expanding rapidly. Selected gold mining securities such as Davidson-Gold
Alines and Tougli-Oakcs .Mines arc the most attiaclive investments we
know.    Write for detailed information.
- Mining and Investment Brokers
12 King Street East Toronto, Ontario.
1   'Ihe  Need of the Gtks of  Refuge (10:1-3).
Justice everywhere ciied "An eye
for an eye," "A tooth foi a tooth,"
"Blood for bloov., and the avenger
of blood was chaig"d with the duty
of satisfying this, cry. While Justice
should no't be allowed lo miscany it j
���"- most    important    that    there     bc   -
Didn't Call Him Names j
Officer ��� How Ib this, Murphy J
Thc seigfiaut complains that you.
called lu in names.
Private Murphy ��� Please, surr,    11
never called him  ony names at all.'
All "I said was, "Sergeant,"    says   I,
"some of   you   ought   to be   in the
mcnageiie."���Pearson's Weekly,
mercy shown. Sometimes just men
foi get to bc mciciful. In ordei that
thc innocent be protected and mercy
shown to the unfortunate aud yet
justice bc done the cities of lefugc
were authoiized. .It was not a
scheme by which the criminal "was
screened from justice, but a pio\ibion
whereby the innocent was protected
2, Regulations Touching the Cities
of Refuge (20:4-6).
1. The right of enhance not lo be
denied (v. 4). It was obligatory upon
the rulers of the city lo admit upon
demand thc one who fled hither,
pending a trial  which would-disclose
It Works! Try It
Telia   how   to   loosen   a   sore,
tender corn so It lifts
out without pain.
Good news spreads rapidly and
druggists here arc kept busy dispensing freezone, the ether discoveiy ot
a Cincinnati man, which is said to
loosen any corn so it lifts out with
thc fingers.
Ask at any pllaimacy for a quarter
ounce of fiec/one, which will cost
very little, but is said to bc sufficient
to rid one's feet of every hard or soft
corn or callus,
You apply just a lew drops on the
Move Against Jews
Saloniki. ��� An .uiti-Sennue
movement of serious proportions in Bulgaria is rcpoilcd in
the Jewish newspaper, El Liberal. Recently a bomb was
found in thc central Jewish
synagogue in Sofia. It was timed to explode al a lime"when the
edifice would ha\e been filled
witli worshippers, and it is alleged thai it was placed thcic
by Bulg.n i.uis.
for all cases of DISTEMPLR, INFLUENZA, PINK EVE, and
for COUGHS or COLDS in any lorm Man ifaciured according
to the Invs oi medicinal science, it has been tested for a quarter
of j. cmtun by the ablest horsemen. No inattei in what isolated
district diseased horses are found, SPIION'S has made scientific
treat.-j(.nt possible.
Your druggist can tell you.
>" >?y-i
Fourteen State Banks
In Minnesota Blow Up
Outcome Expected to Be   a   Heavy
Loss to Depositors
Repoits from Minnesota announce
the failure of 14 State Banks. The
list of these banks is an interesting
one, as follows
Augusta State Bank, Augusta ..   ..' $10,000
Chanhasscn State Bank, Chanhasscn    10,000
Fai mei s Slate Bank, Cologne ���     12,000
Farmers State Bank, Frontenac     10.000
Farmcis State Bank, Long Siding     10,000
soreness is relieved, and soon the corn
is so shriveled lhat il lifts put without pain.    Jt   ia   a   sticky   substance
thc fact as to whether the crime had  whicli diies    when applied and never
inflames or even irritates the adjoining tissue.   .
This discovery   will prevent thousands of deaths annually fiom lockjaw
Marine Mills State Bank, Marine-Mills..
Farmers State Bank, Ncw Prairie	
lender, aching com and instantly the   Farmers Stale Bank, Skyberg	
Should Educate Foreigners
Winnipeg, Man. ��� Drastic steps
should be~"taken immediately to educate all children of foreign birth in
thc country -id prevent the spread of
crime. This is thc advice of thc Manitoba grand jury after inspecting all
governmental institutions.
Thc jurymen claimed that eighty
per cent, of thc c imc coming up'for
hearing before thcm in this assize was
committed by those of foreign birth.
Most of thc cirls and boys_appearing as witnesses could neither read
nor write. By a more forcible method of compelling the children to attend school the amount of crime in
Manitoba would decrease.     N
There is more Catarrh in this section ot
the country than all other diseases, put together, and for years- it was supposed to be
insurable. Doctors prescribed local remedies,
and'by constantly failing to cure with local
treatment, pronounced it incurable. -Catarrh
is a local disease, greatly influenced by constitutional conditions and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. j. Cheney {t Co., Toledo,
Ohio, is a constitutional remedy, is taken internally and acts thru thc Blood on the Mucous Smfaces of the System. One Hundicd
dollars reward is offered for any case that
Hall's Catanh Cure fails to cure." Send for
circulars   and   testimonials.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
-- Sold by   Druggists,  75c.
Hall's  Family  I'ills  for constipation.
Record Price for Seed
Regina, Sask. ��� The grain growers of Manor in February, 1918, organized a co-operative system of shipping live stock and they have shipped to the Union slock yards, St.
Boniface, 749 hogs and 260 cattle, on
which was realized $46,000. A. Kcl-
loh sent a Durham bull which weigh
cd 2,375 pounds and sold for W/t
cents pcr pound, or a total of $248.37,
��. record price for this class,of beef
.Hock. J. \V. Cunningham superintended thc_ shippmg_for_lh.e_associa-
Strike Spreading in Germany
Virtually All the Miners Are Out at
Amsterdam. ��� The 'strike movement is making progress throughout
Germany, according to advices received here from Berlin.* The proposal for a general strike at Gcna, . 12
miles southeast of Weimar, put forward by leaders' of thc woikingmcn,
has been canied.
A general strike has been begun at
Eisenach, 44 miles west of Weimar,
where the situation is reported serious, rioting having broken out.
Virtually all the miners arc out at
Hamborne, the advices add.
Berlin. ��� Government troops occupied lhc city of Halle between Berlin and W dinar aftcr sanguinary
street fighting, in which thirty civilians were killed, according ro an aviator who has arrived here by airplane
from Halle. Thc troops also suffered
casaultics. -," "
Report Luxemburg Formed Republic
Paris.���An unconfirmed report was
received here that a republic had been
proclaimed in Luxemburg and that
Grand Duchess Charlotte had fled.
Appendicitis Prevented
Life Lengthened
Health Maintained
Thousands  Finding  Wonderful
Benefit in a Simple Home
Remedy That Costs But
a Quarter.
been intentional or not,
2. Thc security of life one who entered thc city (v. 5). The rulers.of
the city did nol dare to deliver thc
man slayer to the avenger of blood
for punishment until a fair trial-had
been given; neither could thc avenger crossover the threshold of the
city to touch a hair of the one who
had taken refuge in it. ,
3. The right~of fair .trial (v. 6).
This provision of mercy made it so
lhal thc refugee could be safe while
careful investigation was made as to
whether lie" had killed "unwittingly"
.ir by wicked purpose, lf il should bc
piovcd rthat the man was guilty of
murder he was delivered over by thc
authorities to thc avenger of blood
that justice might.be clone.
4. The innocent slayer must remain in the city (v. 6). Even though
the trial should exonerate him from
intentional-killing, yet hc must remain in thc city in order to bc saved.
So grave is thc act of taking a human
lifc that even thc innocent man was
obliged to be separated from his
home and friends at lea*t until the
death of the high priest. This deprivation enforced the obligation to-
shield lifc.
3. The Appointment of the Cities
of Refuge (20:7-9).
1. On thc west sidc of Jordan (vi
7). (1) Kcdesli in Naphtali on ,thc
north; (2) Shcchcm iu Mt. F.phraim
in "the centre; (3) Hebron -in the
2. On the cast sidc of Jordan (v.
8). (1) Golan in Bashan on thc
north; (2) Ramoth-Gilead in Gad in
the-centre; (3) Bczer in Reuben in
the south. In this, distribution there
was a place of safety accessible to
all. 'These cities were not only in
reach, but goo~d roads, well marked,
led to them so that - the refugee
might reach a place of safety before
being overtaken (Dcut. 19).
This beautifully illustrates the refuge which sinner has in Christ: (1)
It's necessity.    Since by accident or
and infection heretofore resulting
from the suicidal habit oi cutting
Fishermen at Rock lake have been
making good catches during the past
few weeks. One disciple of lsaak
Walton a few days ago caught with
hook and line three pike of an aggrc-
Peoples Stale Bank, St. Bonifacius	
Hamcl Stale Bank, Hamcl _	
St. Louis Park S.atc Bank  20,000
Merchants & Miners Stale Bank, Power..,..'.'.  15,000
Waconia Stain Bank, Waconia   10,000
Fanners & Merchants Slate Rank, Watertown  15,000
$ 88,447
40,94 S
Constipation Cure |
A druggiit ��ay��:   "For nearly ��
thirty years 1 have commended \
the Extract of Roots, known as f|
Mother Seigel's Curative Syrup, for g
the radical cure of constipation /
and indigestion.   It is an  old ft
reliable remedy that never fails &
to   do   the  work."   30   drops \
thrice daily.   Get the Genuine, S
at druggists* -��� 2 H
$166,000     ��1,439,961
Regiments to beReorganized
Regina, Sask. ���- Col. J. A.  Cross,
D.S.O., Regina, .has received instructions from Ottawa to reorganize the
gate weight of 30"pounds! ~6nT"of'��our cil>' milit_La regiments in Saskat-
thcin was over three feet long
weighed lV/< pounds.
Xo matter how deep-rooted thc
corn or wart may bc, it must yield to
Holloway's Corn Cure if used as directed.   -
Feels Safer in Austria
Vienna. ��� Former King Ludwig, of
Bavaria; foinicr Prince Leopold, of
Bavaria, formcily commander of thc
German army on the Russian front,
and other members of the former Bavarian royal family, havc arrived in
thc Austrian Tyrol. The former king,
it is said, intends lo live in thc Oclz
valley. The former prince, who was
accompanied by his wife, will live at
Reuss., <
Prince Leopold is said to have left
Bavaria because he was threatened
with internment.
chewan, the 95th Saskatchewan Rifles
in Regina, the 60th Rifles in Moose
Jaw, the 105th regiment in Saskatoon
and the 52nd Prince Alberl volunteers. Steps toward the reorganization of these units havc already been
taken. A scheme is being worked out
in Ottawa at the present time, according to word received al Regina,
lo perpetuate not only the militia
regiments, but thc overseas units as
Worms arc, encouraged by morbid
conditions of thc stomach and bowels, and so subsist. Millei's Worm
Powders will alter these conditions almost immediately and will sweep the
worms away." No destructive parasite can live in contact with this medicine, which is not onty a worm destroyer, but a health-giving medicine
most beneficial td'the younger constitution, and as such it has no superior.
Huge Irrigation Scheme in A'berta
Calgary. ��� F. H. PcteVs, of thc
Dominion irrigation branch, has presented to thc board of directors of
the United Farmers of Alberta, the
outline of the surveys for thc Milk
River and St. Mary's River project
in Southern Alberta. This scheme
will provide for thc irrigation of
wicked purpose men did kill, in order! 350,000 acres of land in that district.
to be saved  from  the avenger these i 	
cities of necessity vvcrc appointed. All ..QfyriTiO' "WVlVrlft nf
have sinned and are exposed to    the fc"*11 *"*"&    *" *** ��-*0  ^*
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff. ..
Selling Out Air Equipment
Toronto. ��� An auction sale of thc
entire equipment of the Royal Air
Force at thc plant of thc Canadian
Aeroplanes, Ltd., marks thc passing
of the Royal Air Force from Canada.
It is expected ti.at at least three days
will bc requh-ed lo complete thc dis:
posal of thc 154 carloads of equipment which have been brought to Toronto from the camps of the force in
Canada. There wcrc more than 5,000
people attending when thc sale opened.
Doctors say   if
bowels  in  proper
wrath of    God.'-^therefore if any be
saved a place of safety must be provided in  Christ.    (2)   This provision
people   kept their iwas by divine appointment.   "Of him
order there  wouldJarc yc in ChrisVjcsus." (1 Cor. 1:30).
(3)   Tlie cities were accessible to all.
They were so distributed that wherc-
evcr    the   unfortunate    circumstance
should occur the slayer could flee to
the city    before      being      overtaken.
Christ is not far    off.      Thc.   Bible
"shows  what great effort God makes
men.    (4) Thc one- who fled
be no such disease on record as ap
pendicilis.-   It- is-due -solcly-to- neglect, aud is therefore preventable.
Jf you havc constipation, bad
breath or headache you need njedi-
cine right away.
Thc moment you suspect your bo\v.=-.
els ate clogged you should take  Dr.
Hamilton's Htls, the smoothest regulator of   them   all..     They move thejt0 save
bowels  'and   cleanse    the     liver
Bee-Keeping Profitable
Production of Honey in Western
Canada Steadily Growing
Although thc production of honey
in Western Canada is steadily growing, there is room for a considerable
increase. Very few arc thc places in
Canada where thc industry cannot bc
carried on profitably. At all thc government experimental farms, a, considerable quantity of honey has been
produced yearly for a number of
years. White and alsikc clovers havc
been the principal sources of honey
at all the farms, with thc exception
of that at Lethbridge, where most of
thc honey is produced from alfalfa,
which is grown with irrigation. Especially to lhc farmer on irrigated
land is bee keeping proving a profitable side line, foi in addition to alfalfa
hc can grow largc crops of white and
alsikc clover and most other crops
favorable to the production of large
quantities of honey of first class quality.
Army Included
125,576 Farmers
A Guelph Veteran e,r*?**]
*_  |12j,576 fa
He Says Dodd's Kidney Pills Saved
His Life
smoothly  you scarcely notice thc ef-'to thc city was secllr.e-   T'ie avenger
feet. B
the same
ut yon can get thc action just did not dare cross over thc threshold' ulCnt without
nc. Taken ��tt night you wake up of the  city.    Kvcry one  who is     in'    "1 suffered
Xo one can lay
Bank of Germany Report
London. ��� A dispatch from Berlin
says that a statement issued by thc
Imperial Bank of Germany, as of
Feb. 15, gives its total holdings oi
gold as 2,249,549,000 marks."'"""
Go after it with Sloan's
liniment before it gets
dangerous- "
. Apply a Utile, don't rub, let it pcnc~
trate, and���good-by twinge 1 Same for
external aches, pains, strains, stiffness
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Instant relief without mussmess or
soiled clothing. Reliable���thc biggest
selling liniment year aftec year. Eco
nomical bv reason ot enormous sale?.
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SOc.   60c,   $1.20
next morninfr, clear-headed,   hungry,
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CIr> isl is secure.
James Blackat- the  Age-of-Eighty-
Five is Shouting the .Praises of the
Great   Canadian   Kidney   Remedy,
; Dodd's Kidney Palis. ���..|
Guelph, Out., Mar. 10th. (Special).
���"I would havc had to undergo an
operation, or bc. dead only for Dodd's
Kidney Pills." These are strong
words. But Mr. James Black, an old
gentleman who moved here recently
from Maidstone, makes the state-
from    Kidney     trouble
;iI1y���iand pain in my back," Mr. Black goes
Ion to relate, "and a friend told me
Calgaiy. ��� Information obtained
from thc government by Secretary
Higginbotham, of the United Farm-
Alberta, recently shows that
farmers enlisted in thc overseas forces. This is about one-third
of the entire force; 70;155 volunteers
and 55,421 draftees make up .the total.
Thc figures for-tliis province were not
Hc who thinks marriage is only a
lottery is still a bachelor.
The control of the small capital
stock of these banks was obtained by
a couple of adventurers, who then
used their stock control to borrow-
some $910,000 from such banks on
noles and other securities much of
which arc worthless. Thc outcome is
expected to be a very heavy loss lo
thc depositors, whose deposits aggregate about $1,439,964. The menace
of a banking system which permits
banks lo bc started on very small
capital could scarcely be more effectively illustrated than by this occurrence in Minnesota.
At the recent convention of the
United Farmers of Alberta a lesolu-
tion was passed in favor of petitioning llic Dominion government to
sanction thc establishment of local
banks with provincial chartcis. In
speaking to this resolution, Mr. Yere
Brown, western superintendent of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce, drew
attention to the fact that the first
���responsibility of thc government of
Canada was towards those whose
money is deposited in the banks, and
hc p&inted out that taking at random the case of our nearest neigh-
boiing stale, namely, North Dakota,
there had been failures of small banks
in that state alone since 1893 which
had involved losses to depositors aggregating $301,000.
The echoes of thc Alberta convention have hardly died away, before
the above failures are chronicled. Imagine what the eficct would be if a
similar occurrence had happened in
any one of our three western-provinces���imagine depositors at 14 different places in Alberta, lo an aggregate of $1,439,000 facing the loss of
a large part of their savings.
Whatever disadvantage may exist
in the sen-ice rendered the western
farming communit. by our chartered
banks, it is questionable if thc introduction of local banks -as suggested
by thc farmers of Albcita would bc
a successful or desirable remedy.
The Orrat English JTewrrf;/.
Tones oiul invigorates tio wliolo
nervous byitem, makes ncw Elood
in old Veins, Cureu J.'crvoua
Debi.'ily, Mcnlnl and JSrain Warm, Lcrvon*
fienni, r.ois of JCncrry, J'alpifntion rf the
Heart, J<'iilinq Memory. Price $1 per box, ei*
forS5. Oco will please, sii wiil euro. Sold hy nil
druggists or iriailf J in plain pkf^'on rec<"-t of
iirioc. N"npi'mp!ilrt mailed free. TM2 VJOOO
WEDlCINECO-.TOROHTO.ONT. (forcetljWlndiorJ
the facts nbont SHORTHORN CATTLE 1
The breed fir tlic farmer or rancher Wrif e the Secretary to-<iny for FHEB PUBLICATIONS, nnd gc��
your name on our ireo mailing lut.
W.il.Drydcn I'rrs. C.E.Day.Scc.
Brook Im. Ont. G'ictpli, Ont
When ordering goods, by mail, send" a Dominion   Exprc":'.   Money  Order.
Subs To Be Destroyed
London. ��� A number of German
submarines lying in a British port are
to bc handed over to thc allied gov-
cwiments, sonic being sent to Italy,
Japan and othei countries. Forty-,
seven of all sizes up to the big oceangoing submarines have been held under condition that they must be broken jp. The admiralty will first remove their engines. ���
Mrs. Alfred Tranchemoulagne, St.
Michel des Saints. Que., writes:���
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Tablets are a sure and safe medicine
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If you have roarhiff, buzzing noises
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your drufi-ffist and get I ounce of Par-
mint (double strength), and -add to it
1-4 pint of hot water and a little granulated suijar. Take 1 tablespoonful
four times a day.
' This will oftc'n briny quiclc rclicS
trom the distrcssiu/T head noises. Clogged nostrils "should open, breathing
become easy and the mm us stop di op-
pin s into the throat. It is eaty to
pieparc, costs little and is pleasant to
take. Anyone who has Catarrhal
trouble of the cars, is hard of hearing
cr has bead noises should gne this
prescription a trial.
Power Boat Built for Eskimo
Edmonton, Alia. ��� A large power
boat is being built at Edmonton for
the Eskimo living at the mouth of
thc Mackenzie river. Thc ciaft is 40
feet long, and will cost $2,700 by thc
timc it has been delivered. A number of small schooners havc been
built for these Eskimo in previous
years-by-Edmonton builders. ���	
tliiiifr   in   thr.  rliii��<  ~f   r~'a> .   ���!��� i ' ��" t�� J'ciaic,   aim a jriciui xoici me to
}TU     ���   , ,g S C,CCt- i try Dodd's Kidnev Til!,. When I had
(o)   Hie individual must flee to    the I used half a box 1 began to pass sand
day   and    try    Dr.   Hamilton's Pills., city.    Thc manslaycr would bc    ex-'and gravel.   1 have half a pound of it
Tlicy   work   so easy,   just as nature I posed to danger if he remained     atiin a b��Ulc to show people,
would order,    never   gripe   or cause j1vrtm- __ ������lc:fi��� ftf .,,��� ���;,���   n..r     . "1 also  had cramps in mv legs so
headache.     Finest -thing    for   folks homcor outside of thc city, lhe sin-L,iat l cmM    not ��       at -���;,��.    j
ner, if hc would bc saved, must comc!tlS0<i 14 or 15 boxes of Dodd's Kidney
to Christ.   There is no' place of safety Pills, and now  I am cured    of     all
Production on Indian Reserves
As a result of thc greater produc
tion campaign on thc Indian reserves late the bowels and stomach thus re-
of Western Canada, the Indians arc V\CY},S all the minor ills from   which
, .  - ... ,    .. ^      children suffer.    Ihcv    are    sold bv
becoming wealthy and, thc    country ( mcdicine  dcalers  or "by    nl;vil  :lt  ft
generally is benefitting to a consider-, cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
able extent.    Altogether about 60.000  Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont,
iicres-arc ready for crops
for those who remain away. Thc safc-
tliat arc out of sorts, depressed,��1hrk-
ing in color and spirits.
Folks that use Dr. Hamilton's Pills
HaiS;. Sd AXSnc^;.^ in-ChAt h C��� ��*" "*' �����
because their system is   clean, regulated and healthy. This j'ou can easily
prove yourself.
this ycar.
Thc value of last season's crop" approximated a million and a half dol-'
these ailment?." -
Mr. Black \<ho is in his eighty-fifth '
ycar, is confident    that    hc owes his
that in  these cities.     To    him    the Hfc to Dodd's Kidney Pills, and ncv
guilty can ilec v.ith the assurance of
German Language Not Favored
Adelaide, S. Aus.���A striking j>roof
of patriotism in study isattorded by
the latest examination figures in connection with the Adelaide University.
TIie German language, since the war,
lias fallen into marked disfavor. In
1913 thc number of students who sat
for German in the junior, senior, J vcyor,
higher aud commercial tests was 264 ,iL.������
and in the same period there were
353 candidates in French. The proportion has changed from about two
to otic (five years ago) to 10 to one
at thc present. Only OS students took
German as a subject this year while
thc number of those examined in
French was 661���the highest in thc
history of thc university.
Minard's Liniment for    sale
er tires of singing their praises.
"Thcy are worth twice their weight
m Rokl," hc says.
Dodd's Kidney Tills havc long ago
earned the name of "The Old Folks'
Friend/'     For the kidneys  arc    the
Faris. ��� As a result of representations of thc United State? oflicials,
iars. in addition to this a profit of'tllc British government has conscnt-
$10,000 was made on 3S4 head of cd tb the reraoval of a11 censorship
Blockers which were purchased last,011 business, commercial and all oth-
March and giazcd on one of thc re- cr n'-cs"aSfcs-
serves. When sold recently tlicy
showed a gain of 100,000 pound1;. Thc
Indians of Western Canada own ab.iut
20,000 head of cattle.
A novel   beet   harvesting machine'
loosens   the   earth
His Preference
Shc   (fond  of   cheap airs) ��� Now
that you have looked over my music
first "to feel the'straTnT ofJ "advancing'what would you like to have me play?
[years.   Acting directly on thc kidneys.      He���Cards
from" around the and strengthening those organs, they
roots as it is drawn over a field'and  1,avc "lade man>" J
sharp points carried on a wheel penetrate them and carrs- thcm to a con-
e ���use -
U.     1254
War With Poles Ends
Faris, ��� The German government
has informed General Dupont, thc j
head of thc French mission in Berlin that it has decided to stop fighting thc Poles in Poscp. Thc government has sent officers to Posen
Jo enforce its order against fighting.
The patience cf the average man
doesn't get a chance to rest until
aftvr lie has acquired a monument.    {
many an old person shout
"I feel young again."
Japan Demands
Keturn of Arms;injured  her
maincd stiff
gaki, of the
in a statement regarding the Japan
esc  demand  for  thc   return    of   the
And square wilh the enemy cvtry
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and sure, 25c at all dealers.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,���My  daughter,  13   yrs.
old, was thrown  from a sleigh    and j
elbow so badly it  re
and   very painful    for
Recjrd Round Trip
Expedition - Makes   Thousand   Mile
Journey in Fifty-nine Days
Dawson, Y.T. ��� Thc Royal Northwest    Mounted     Police      expedition
which left here January 15 for Port
Rifles Go To Russia
Bridgeport, Conn. ��� Sixly thousand
rifles have left here bound for Vladivostok, where they will be used to
arm allied troops now fighting thc
Bolshcviki. Tbis is the second consignment of rifles to leave this city
for Russia within six weeks, making
a total of 105,000 rifles, worth $2,100,-
Most of the things people tell you.
are of no earthly benefit.
To j;e: thc Kcnuinc, call for Jull name LAX-
T1V1! UKUUO QUININE lableis.. Look
tor signature ol K. \V. GKOVE. Cures a
Cold tu  One  Piy.     30c.
Takes Time
"Charley, dear,"  said young    Mrs.
Torkins, "ltpve you    a   minutes     to
- "Vcs."
"Well, I -wi*h you would tell m��
exactly what is meant by a "league
of nations'' and "freedom of thc
tofc. ��� Brigadier-Gen. Ina-jthrce years.      Four; bottles of    Ml-' McFhcrson at the mouth of thc Mac-
P !a-ntif<n ct-iff in nih,,:,   NARD S LINIMENT complctly cur-l .     , ,,.,,,      ,,.,
e Japanese staff m Sabem,  e(J hcr and she has Mt bficn lr��ublcd kenac, has readied  lweivc Mile,    z
TJwy pivo inmediate relief trcna
Backache, Sfoeotr*, BHct 3>cFt de-
siU, tnj Bladder troubles caused
j congested Jsitoej-*.
arms and equipment of thc 1,500 Cossacks, rcvoltcrs of the force of General KalmikoiT, says hc is not concerned about what becomes of thc
Cossacks, although hc believes that
thc soldiers guitly of killing their officers at thc timc of the mutiny in
January should be tried. The grn-
lerars statement adds:
i "The arms and equipment
soldiers were furnished hy
ancse, who havc been assis
for two years
Yours truly,
St. Jospch, P.O., 18th Aug., 1900.
Don't meddle v,ith the affairs of
other people and you will havc that
much less to worry- aboul.
A Household Medicine.���Thci.
point 30 miles from Dawson, thc
nearest telegraph communication
point on their return jouinc}-.
Thcy completed thc round trip of;
1,000 .miles in-thc record timc of 59 {
d.nys on this    route    including     thc
crossing of thc Rocky Mountains.
All thc party are in  good    health
and report all Arctic posts the samel
as there has been no sickness in these
that i regions.
composed   of
amous  police
oi riitsuman XnsJ Co.. Kantfeai, P.Q. Puce60c
P.pmp.n?)*! thf oiiite a* it -nithsnoi bt ��een aerstia
       iinujiiti,    \^yu-'..��ii?n.>      > anco,    Cook.
;will  continue to assist thc Cossacks _ If" Is "trulv a household medicine and J Patterson, tvro Indian guides, and 20
Iin an uTort to build up the Russian'.as it is effective in dealing with mas:y'dogs,
ihcresore, v."e ins:
;am:s ar.d tquipment be returned   to
I j General KalmikoiT."'
ist that thc j ordinary complaints it is cheaper than i
.,.. _    j   .   \~- doctor.   So. keep it at hand, zs thej
i call for it ni.-.y comc roost tinexptci-'.
\ cdiy.
c wsse is suueient-
' if it is thc light -word,
THE HtW MttnCH REWtDV. Hit K*9 ��Jt
{treat racew. cures C8��o��icwt��^M lost ��ioo��
Fjt.cs   trrate no oxuscisrsarxMLSi Mn ��� -T*
roi!0������e�� ft *CEta*i3T *EwruBS��ei.rK��i>BsnV
S'iokto   wst-i ron FREE sofiRTO Dt L* Clx*��
ICO CO StVSBiroCKRS H��St-3TI/kO U>N80H  *���*
T*��J>iwaRAS��t<i��sTii,��3)rosiio!J 8j��t ro r&fli
tu rn*t xa&Dt witaxes woso   ncuuFioB   w em
*BH- IMTC St&HI- kfTUXS TO 4SJ. fcntSiJU f4CMt��
��� m
.I.' ;l
thaa Smallpox,  Xzxf
She tttscst sslOKrzkra tili-
CKT�� S^tsi^ts3rnes,orAiiRTP*��J4V��cclaiaea.
BewatoataJXOW hy ycar pSyildaa, too soft
yanfaoEy.   R!si3t��cv��zlt3a3&!3Se��r��xraace.
&& yoar Jfcrsidan, &nszfci.e tes&ta* *"&vre
T5QtKlT3r7J!w8t9" t*3h#cf Trol^ldVrfgbe,
settSsfcoarei ,cddaEgeifscil^SittaO- lea.
vst tarns usmxrmt, KBssxxt o&.
tWWMI tWgg �� SSXSXt *t��tt tf. J, Se*.USSUMf THE LEDGE
Is ��2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 ji year to the United
States iu advance.
Editor and Financier-
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices ...."....    7.00
Estray Notices ...3.00
Cards of Thanks    r.oo
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, aud 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
There is ho such a_ thing as an
independent press. Any editor
attempting to run such a journal
wonld be murdered, starved to
death, or have his paper shut out
of the mails. The world does not
want the truth when it hurts the
pocket or the feelings. Lie and
the world smiles on you. Tell the
troth and you get a bomb in your
Produced $55,550,000
The blue cross means that
yoijr subscription Is due, and
that the editor would be|pl eased
to have'more money.
Giv.i3   flowers   to    the
The dead cannot smell.
No live town was ever built
men who do not advertise.
Even the clocks, and baseball
players are striking in Canada.
The lack of advertising keeps
many a store and church empty.
Thought and action will build a
town anywhere. Remember this
when your home town gets dull
and drags its feet.
The Granby Consolidated Mining gmelting and Power company
has produced 12,814,946 tons of
ore from its mines at Phoenix since
the beginning of production 20
years ago, according to an official
report. Prom this ore its smelter
at Grand Porks produced 636^291
ounces of gold, 4,330,345 ounces of
silver, and 271,079,000 pounds of
copper, having an approximate
value of $55,550,000 The capacity of the smelter was increased
until it reached 4,500 tons daily,
then becoming the largest copper
smelter in the British empire.
In Old Mexico
Future wars are impossible, if
the men who work refuse tb participate iu them, but all the world
must be of the same opinion.
In- the United States there is one
auto to every 13 people. We do
not know the percentage of washboards and wheelbarrows.
Carpenters should find plenty
of work in Prance. It is proposed
to erect 550,000 buildings in the
devasted portions of that conntry.
The high price of bacon and
eggs has much to do with the
present unrest among the . men
who work.     'Give   us  plenty  of
cheap  mush,   or   give . lis /death. Ple8��'>  the soil .is sandy and.'of
-seems to be. the cry of the age.      '. eour^e fehe thermometer never goes
below.55 degrees and up to, 110.
La Paz is a most interesting
Mexican town of 5000 on the gulf
side near the end of the peninsula,
and 900 miles from Sau Diego.
It is a typical Mexican or Span-
ish town, like a picture out of the
old world, with every house of
concrete or brick or plaster, built
flush with the street, all the windows barred and tiny balconies set
out about two feet above the walk.
The entrances to the houses reveal
the real life of the people, being
furnished in comfort and in some
cases luxury, but nothing of this is
seen in the street as all the houses
are of one story and built around
expansive patios or courts, wholly
concealed from the streets.
No American may own land in
Mexico now, excepting that the
law is not retroactive and those
who formerly owned land, if they
still hold it are permitted to keep
jt. '
The climate of La Paz is delightful, very warm in the day time but
delightful. at. night with a cool
breeze blowing at night. It rains
very little, about the, -same as San
Needs Advertising
Miss Maud E. Pearson, of New
York, returned to Vancouver a
few days ago from a trip up the
P.G.E. into the Cariboo conntry.
"If the proviheial government
would adopt a foreign advertising
policy and bring people from the
east, the P. G. E. would become
one of the greatest assets of the
.province, she said. Miss Pearson
said she bad been astonished by
the beauties of the Cariboo and
Chilcoten districts. The scenery
up there excelled the great scenic
resorts of the United States. There
are 10.00 miles of good motor roads
up there and the country should
become a paradise for tourists.
Canada's Foreign People
As shown by the report of the
Canada Registration Board, there
are in the Dominion 109,093
natives of tho United states, 4,612
Frenchmen, 3,864 Belgians, 27,107
Italians, 42,104 Russians, and
174,290 other males of foreign
birth, who are 16 years of age and
over. Of these, 200,580 are
AU Work Guaranteed
Chevrolet, Dodge, and Studebaker Carsj
Also Republic and National Trucks
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting 60.
of Canada, Limited
��� Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers   of Gold,   Silver,   Copper,   Blueslone,   Pig Lead and Speller
In "Civvies"
.Since the war began the cost.of
runniug the B. C. Government has
increased in every line, except advertising. The newspapers,' in
. Bpite of the high coat of everything,
do not get a cent more than they
did in 1914, and in some cases the
purchasing agent of the government wants it for less money. ; No
government should puisne a nig-
" gardly policy towards the newspapers. ;-       -      ..   '"
The    great I  diva,.  Schumann?
Heink,    recently ( abandoned   her
--.".--coneert tour;   to. !go, back to San
Diego in order to sing free, for the
purpose of raising funds  to ,build
a memorial to the San Diego soldiers who lost their lives  in. the
war.    She. sang 12   of her   most
popular selections;to an audience
of 7'^000 on  May 24, and, insisted
. upon paying for the seats occupied
by her; own  relatives.  ���; She also
.gave, 9500 to the Salvation  Army,
;  and the mayor issued a proclamation declaring May 24.to be Schu-
mann^Heink Day, in honor.of the
best beloved woman iii..California,
and the,world's greatest contralto.
.   And yet she did not know, that she
-had a voice until she was a grown
'. woman, .and she did .hot sing in
concert until nearly 40 years.old.
���[ She says that every, child thafe, was
-.-;born,to:her brought a new note;
into her voice;   giving  her   still
'    more power to charm., the innumerable thousands who have  heen
; fortunate enough to worship at her
God-given shrine of heavenly song.
.  . What a Paradise.this, world; would
��� be if it  was entirely: filled -with ���
..people     like     Schumann-Heink.
Asa: mother, singer, and. patriot
she is one of the greatest figures in
the history of tbe'Vworld.'���. She is
:   supreme in her love and... devotion
.  te her. children^  and- the. /starry
flag.     Her wonderful   voice   has
purified and uplifted the spirit of
millions, while her generous deeds
in the cause of liberty ,x justice and
democracy have endeared her. to
every soldier and sailor in the land
of the Star Spangled   Banner.   A
queen   who   needs   no   crown, is
Schamann-Heick,    the    grandest
v��'oinan in California;
They raise tomatoes, avocados
which they feed to the pigs foi;
want of transportation, and cattle
and sugar cane :which is ground
into pinoche brown sugar, but not
exported because the law does not
permit the importation, of white
sugar, and they have no more than,
they need;
��� They also expoit shells, pearls
aud. hides and leather. There is
fine tannery in La Paz manufacturing large quantities of the finest
leather and employing about 100
men, also^ several .smaller industries, but thjCgreatProgresso silver
mine,,; employing 6000 men .has
been closed down for six': years bn
account of the revolution ancl may
not open for another year although
plans are under way to . open it
sooner. , ..'_,:
La. Paz is suffering from the unsettled; conditions prevailing .over
Mexic6,; but, there has.Jbeen no disorder there, at any. time',"" .the"- government" is popular and progress-:
ive annd the splendid, climate and
rich , Boil. '��� must -'. be taken - into account in figuring on tbe future of
this country." Thousands of.,acres
of rich land are' sub-irrigated, with
unlimited quantities of water from
14 to 30 feet below the surface.
. Well Represented
. A couple of old,gents;got into a
quarrel and , landed before the
magistrate. , The loser, turning to
his opponent in a combative state
of mine!, cried:
"I'll   law. you   to  the   circuit
court."      .
"I'm willing said the other.
?*And    I'll    law    you   to
supreme court."
";Vi.?H;be,th'ap;5/'-, ,      .    ', .
;;(*AM;Vlti&w:joti to.?eII,">--/..'
'.'"My. attorney- will be   there,''
was the calm reply. ' ��� X .'
Where are the girls who use to smile
And the rides I used to get,
And where is the crowd that was very
To pass me a cigarette?
Time was I danced with the maidens fair
And captured.their hearts by storm,
But I've lost my pull  with the beautiful
Since quitting the uniform.
I've sunk my shoes into Turkish rugs
That only the rich can own,
At tables fine I have been asked to dine
r In the heart of the social zone.
Tn the cushions deep of a limousine v
I have rested my manly form,
But I've lost my graft with the tony craft
Since quitting the uniform..
I've been a king on the ballroom floor,
Au ace in the social whirl;
I could show my face in any old place
And never a lip would curl.
I could walk right up to the rich man's
And be sure of a welcome warin.^
But I've changed a lot, and they know
me not,
Since quitting the uniform.
Now   I walk _ downtown and the autos
. And nobody says "Get in?"
And the girls are shy when I'm standing
,-by,   -.      ".;"..���.���
And they give me the tilted chin.
And'nobody knows and nobody cares ...
'Whether I eat or how, _
Imust buy- iny chuck,   for. I'm out of
luck; . ���" ��� "-.-._
I'm-wearing the''civvies'! now.   ..
(Copyright by Edgar A. Guest.)
At Quesnel, H. V.. Harris, pro"
viheial policeman, shot and seriously wounded Evelyn. Moffatt,
because .. she went ..to a - dance
against his wishes, Harris was
sent to Kamloops to await trial.
In the Matter of Mark Kay, deceased, and In
the Matter of the Administration Act.
TAKE NOTICE tliat by Order of His
Honor J. R. Bron-n, Judge of sairt Court, made
the 2nd day of May." 1919.1 was appointed
Administrator of thc Estate of the said Mark
Kay,,deceascd, and all parties having claims
against the said Estate are hereby required to
furnish same, properly certified, to me on or
before the 23rd day of June, 1919, and all parties
in'debted^.to the said estate are required to pay
the amount or their indebtedness to meforth-
with.    '
Dated at Greenwood, B.C,, May 17,1919.
Official ^Administrator.
In the Matter of the Estate of Eleanor Mills,
deceased, and In the Matter of the Administration Act.
Take notice that by Order of His Honor
John  R.   Brown, Local Judge of  said Court,
made  the  2nd   day of May,  1919,  I was  ap-.
pointed Administrator cum testaniento anuexo
of the Estate of Eleanor Mills, deceased, aud
all  parties having  claims   against   the   said
Estate are hereby required to furnislf same, properly certified, to me on or before the 23rd day
of  June, 1919; and all parties indebted to the
said Estate  are required to pay the amount of
their indebtedness to me forthwith.
Dated at Greenwood, B.C., May 17,1919.
Official Administrator.
'"' \
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; and situate East of
and adjoining Lot 102 8. _
TAKE NOTJCE that 1, Charles Graser,
of Boundary Falls in said District, occupation,
Rancher, intend -to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands: "
- Commencing at a post planted at the
South-East corner of Lot 1028; thence North 20
chains; theace East 20 chains; thence South 20
chains; and thence West 20 chains, and containing 40 acres more' or less, the same to bi
utilised for grazing purposes.-
Dated at Boundary Falls, B.C., May 30, 1919.
Er. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemisfy Box biio8, Nelson, ' B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$i each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$i.oo. . Gbid-Silver -(duplicate assay).
$1.50., Silver-Lead $1.50 --Silver-Leacl-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for other metals etc
on application., ...    ���  ��� ;'
IFIdat I
4�� ���.     -  ��� ,: -.,..X
*f* D LOA.T is not a periodic- ^
e���� *iX"s\X It is a book con- j��-
Jfr.; taining 86 illustrations all ***
;<t, told,: and is ..filled ;.witK 4*
jT; sketches and stories' of <^��
.*�� western life. . It, tells how A
4* a gambler.'cashed in after .X
������ the flush days of Sandon ; jj"
.��, how it rained in New Den*. ���***
,4, ver long, after Noah ..was:"*�����
Culatneeti fiotel
One of the largest hotels In
the city.   Beautiful location,
-   fine rooms and tasty meala. *
A. O. JOHNSON      -     PROP.
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
MAKE.fyour money work and earn something.
. Sixteen Thrift Stamps are exchangeable for
(a $4.00 War Savings Stamp, and for every War
rSavings Stamp yotr accumulate the Dominion of
.Canada is pledged to pay you $5.00 in.1924.
[ C Invest the interest on your Victory Bonds and
make it work and earn for you. o
(British 'Columbia Division)
Vancouver, B. C.
t Stamps
Land Act fnunrfments
. ... _:_,.:::_. T.   lEROKER ���-.--    -
:,DENYTIST\'. '-". '���
the, latest  methods
. Dentistry,
in   high-class
j,   dead j. bow a parison took a
^ drink at iBear... Lake
Moth-eaten Advice
8honld n' 6 cr j; -over, spilt
milk."/-. . r_<;-.- . ..-, -..,...,,,-..;.
t./-"My: friend that remarked originated when milk,: wasn't ten cents
a pint.''������!Washington-.8tarI'..:;/,'-- .���'//
.*��* early, days; ������ how ..justice
"��j��.' was dealt in Kaelo in '93;
��|b how the saloon -man out-
��j prayed the women in. Kala-
JX mazoo, and graphically de*
^* picts.the . roamings of , a ,y,
4* western editor among., the ^
��J�� tender-feet in the cent belt.,.; JT
��^�� It contains the early history. j|*
- of Nelson and a romance. *P
of the Silver. King. mine. ��j��.
In it are printed three *fc
western poems, and dozens ,��,
of articles too. numerous. X
to mention./>; Send-for. one &
befpre.it is tdo late../The .v
4f price Is 60--'cents,"1 post- ��$���
��js paid to any part of the ����>
ju world.. ...Address   all. let- a
. . Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets."  ..
VANCOUVER,   -   ��� >   BX.
'^>^/;;MONUMENTS/// ^//
.':;    WONUJftENTAt/CO/. LTD^
FROST ST^.     WELSON,^  BOX 865
Minimum -��� price of first-class land
reduced to $6 an acre; second-class to
$2:50-an acre,  'y X ~. .  .
Pre-emption" now confined' to surveyed lands only.
Records will'be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
And which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may-
arrange for adjacent pre-emptlcftis
with Joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on. respective
claims.. " ��
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make Improvements to
value of ?10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less-than 3 years, and-has made pro-
'. portionate improvements, he may, be-
- cquse of ill-health, or other cause, be
���  granted intermediate certificate of im-
- provement and transfer his claim.
. ��� Records .without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to. make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. ���- Title, cannot be obtained in
;. less than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at.Ieast 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding- Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with' his
- farm, ..without actual-occupation; pro-
-vided   statutory   Improvements' made-
qnc. residence  maintained ' on  Crown
granted land. ���       #-
Unsurveyed.areas, not-exceeding 20 ���
acres,  may  be  leased  as  homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling-residential and improvement conditions.'
For grasing -and industrial, purposes
' areas   exceeding-"640   acres   may   be
.leased by one person or company. '
Mill, factory or' Industrial sites on
timber land  not   exceeding   40  acres
may be purchased; conditions include
.  payment of stumpage.   '^    *
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
. by existing, roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to thorn.- Rebate of one-half of. cost of "
road, not. exceeding half of /purchase
price, is made.
There'san obligation tbat .goes with party line telephone service���an
obligation shared by all persons ou the line, ,an obligation which each -owes
to the others. '       ���       ''
��� Inordinarily long conversations frequently cause annoya"ucev and even
grave distress. Sonic other person on the line may be trying to call a
doctor or make some similarly urgent call. Pejhaps, too, there's a most
important .message, incoming, for some one on. the line���perhaps eyeii' for
the person is who "holding things up." '   -
Think it over! The obligation is one that will appeal to; all who Tgive
consideration to, it. '      ��� . '
414.4.4.^.4.4.4,^4,^,^4, *'* * * * * 4* * * * 4.J*
Sleisoh, B.C.
The only up-tcdate Hotel 'in the interior,   First-class
in every respect,; ,      . __._
Hot and Coid Water; Steam Heafand Telephone in
- . each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted. '
RATES S1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bu3;Mcet8 all Trains aaSBoats^
Auto   and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
ters to
��� ������  ���������.. ��� -, . ���.XiiyX'XXyxX.xXirxy y&:
Autos for hire. The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Drayfng
��������    ' ��� ACT.--
The 'scope of this' Act is enlarged to
include all persons-Joining: and serving' with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
lot title under this Act is extended
from for one year from the death of
nuch person,.- tut. formerly, until one
year after the conclusion of the present
.- war.   This privilege is also made retroactive.-'
No fees relating: to pre-emptions arc
, due or. payable by soldiers on    pre-
.   emptions recorded after June 26. 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.;".
.   Provision.for return of moneys ac-
���- crued, "due and -been paid since August
4, 1814, on account of payments, fees'
, or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.-
'' Interest on agreements .to purchase '
tows or city lots held by.members of
.  Allied Forces, or dependents," acquired
direct-or Indirect, remitted from en- -
listnaent to March 31,-1920.-    -   ,
- ProTlsibn-   made-^'for ��� issuance.-  of
' Crovn' grants to. sub-purchasers,   of-
Cr'own Lands, acquiring rights from"
-' purchasers who" failed    to . complete'
Rurchase, Involving- forfeiture, on ful-
UiAent of conditions'of purchase, in--,
tertst and taxes.   Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original par-' -
eel,'purchase price due and taxes'-may '
���' b��. -distributed   proportionately .-"over-
whole  area.      Applications  must   be '
made by May 1, 1920.     -
Graking Act,- lS19,.-:for ByBtematic
".development of livestock Industry pro- ���
vides for grasing. districts and- range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits Issued based
".��n numbers ranged: priority for established owners. Stocks-owners- may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permit*
for settlers, campers or travellers, np
to fen head.. .
���Ecoh6my and Satisfaction
combined with Promptness
are the features which go to
make up the Service we give
our customers. Are you
one of them?^
And^; Stage
I*eading Taflor of fee Kootenays.
=.:V: Letterh
S :. .    (Ruled "op Plain).
~x Envelopes, omneaas,
5 (All Sizes)."    .;     ".-..'���. X-'-."       -.'     . --....-3S
I ^Stateinentsj1 Business Cards^3
\x' Posters,  Dodgers, &c, &c. |
I The Ledge       PHONE 29      |     j
g     greenwood        Job Printing Department: 1       f
^aiiyiiiUiiiuiHiiUiuuii luuiipimiiiiiui uaiuuiiiiM 1


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