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The Ledge Mar 27, 1919

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������*w.''." ��\\' ���'��
f>^   fl***1
!. /
ix> xm
, / rl-.
Vol.   XXV.
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,    Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
|     Stock Reducing Sale of Teas     |
��= Dessia Golden Tips 80c. Liptons Choice Ceylon 80c g
B Deki Julia 65c 1
S�� EMPRESS. MALKIN'S BEST, NABOB 70c or 2 lbs for $1.35 ~s
��r BRAIDS BEST at 65c =2
ST BLUE RIBBON 1211b pkee 35c. BLUE RIBBON 111) pkee 65fr :~S
S= BLUE RIBBON 3It> tins $185. BLUE RIBBON 511) tins $3.00 ^
����    Choice Bulk Tea 60c ser lb.      Choice Spider Leg Tea 70c ' ~s
1 Phone 46    _ LEE & BRYAN     . j
S~ Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 "zS
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each,
60 Watts
100   '������
200   ��
c- t> ��� $1.25 each
.-.-   2.00  "
3.50 ��
* ..*����� ��*
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Gloves, Mitts, Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
MIDWAY      -      -      B.O.
\        Spring
X      Millinery
On display commencing
Tuesday, March 25th
You   Are   Cordially   Invited
W. Elson 8 Co
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Around Home
-'Christian Science service will be':fael.l
ia the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ri
a. ni. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. tn., testimonial meetings will be
Held in the same block, Sunday School
every Sunday morning. ������.'..
Agents for Chevrolet,; Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillnc cars, and -Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
1 .. .. Offices, Smelting and Refining Department     ^.
y Purchasers of _Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
:  . Producers  of Gold,";. Silver,  Copper,' Bluestone,  Pig Lead: and 'Spelter
You can get a bargain in
envelopes at The Ledge'office.. .
Be sure and send a.Float to tlie
boys-in France. 'Get one at The
Ledge offi ce.   ; ��� - -,      :- ^ ,"'
'"'   " "" '"   "     " ���!
������ i
XX il
��� :i
-��� > W
'Dealers in. Fresh arui Salt Meats,- Eish'
��� atid Poultr^;: Shops in nearly all: the
towns of the Boundary, and (Kootenay.
For Sale
Banking Service
"YOUR banking requirements may
A be entrusted to this Bank with
every confidence that  careful  and V
efficient service will  be  rendered.;
Our facilities are  entirely at your
.-���'._ disposal..-.. X xii'-X...   i;x. xxiXi:-'"i- Xyix '--���"'���
���'i'i- :*-AiXX
'Improved Rariche, 68. acres,-25
cleared, brie mile from Greenwood
and four from. Phoenix. .For. particulars, apply owner, Wm...Jenks,
Box 393, Greenwood, B.C.        .   .
Greenwood Branch     L. E.
A Bit Meteorological
"You are the sunshine  of my
"You reign alone in my heart."
"Darling!" .xXyX-X'i
"With you at jpayi side, I: could
weather any storm.",    ..       _:_ .
"Excuse,me,. Jack, but,is this a
weather report or; a proposal���
Bystander; ��� /:���'-. .xX^XXyxX- XX./XX'-
;������ i The; i*adies.. Aid "of 'the; Pre^b.y-;
Home Cooking,;'\Cahdv;-: and ��� Ice
Gream. in;the Red Cross Rooms on
Saturday afternoon,-. March :39^
.^.Tea-will-be;served.;' 'ixyry'x-X-
George Clerf returned to Alien-
by on Saturday.
The Ledge has always room
for one more ad. ,
Steve Swanson lett for Copper
Mountain on Saturday.
Mrs. Jack-Holmes is visiting
her husboud in Trail.
Mrs. W. E. Wilson and family
are visiting in Vancouver.
At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
Wagner apples. The last shipment for the season. G. A. Rendell.
Arthur Murray aud Mike Plecash went to Princeton on Saturday.
Mrs. James Bush of Midway,
is the guest of Mrs. W. H. Docksteader.
Bob Lee returned on Tuesday
from a business trip to Trail and
,The Providence mine shipped a
canload of ore -to the Trail
smelter last week;   ���
Pte. Murray Janes is expected
to arrive iu Grand Forks this
week from overseas.
-Mark Christensen & Sons are
hauling SOO ties from their sawmill to the railway at Boundary
Miss Ethel Fraser was the.
guest of Mrs. George Staufield,
of Grand Forks, for -a [few days
last week,
\W. C Wilson has resigned as
assistant postmaster, and Geo.
Swayne has been appointed to
the position.   ./' �����"*���������
Just in, a shipment of prints,
lawns, nainsooks. White cottons
for underwear, etc.. G. A. Rendell, Greenwood.  ;. -
. S. P. Dixon and Geo. Inglis
returned to town on Tuesday
from Meyers creek,..near Midway,
where they cut 250.0 ties.
The. Boundary . Women's Institute acknowledge with thanks
$10 from the Central Ward Fund;
$3.50 from Mrsi.D. Mcintosh.:.""
The Ledge. is $2 a year iu
advance. When, not paid for
three months it is $2.50,. and
when paid al end. of year it is $3.
Pte. 'Dodson ,has returned to
Grand'Forks from overseas. He
.was_wpunded four .times.'and [had
two brothers-killed .in the Great
War.,  x.-'x   x.Xi; yXX';"'/ "'".'> .;;''';
X . Try Aunt Jemiria's Buckwheat
Cakes for breakfast,.-withy either
honey or;syrup.. We have.a good
variety to ..choose from G; .A.
Rendell.' yv-;'."        '-'"'���" .'*-.'- ���;
,". Mrs.,.,A..C. Mesker,.who has
=beeh yisiting with Dr. and "Mrs.
Griffin, of Kaslo,- for. some-time
past,, returned to her home in
Midway.last week.   .'--;���_">'   '���
...After; spending.- three- weeks'
boliday "in, Vancouver,- -T. ...S:
Kuigtit returned to town on Monr
day, going to Phoenix . the same
day, where he iis teller in Canadian Bank of Commerce.   .
On. sale this week, Ladies
Whitewear, consisting -of our
stock of night dresses, Princess
slips, brassieres, drawers, etc.
G. A. Rendell.
The Canada Copper have commenced operations at Copper
Mountain and haye 50 miners and
other laborers at work. . Several
families have moyed from the
company's townsite at Allenby to
the mountain.
. An .Ottawa dispatch says that
the Daylight Saying biiihas been,
4ropped:, on account of such.;an
oyttw.helming^ opinion,- from the
rural.constituencies against a .renewal of the" measure. . The'Day-
1igh t ,sa vin g^ 1 a w -wi 11. be yeff ectiye
in the 'United - States "on'. March
30; when "the clocks will - be tu r hed
ahead an hour;
Keep the weeds out ol your war
Camp Kearney is to be made a
permanent army camp.
About 10,000 soldiers will arrive
here this month from France.
It is a dull day when somebody
doos not tell me how the Americans won the war.
The naval training camp at
Balboa Park has been closed.
Some of the exposition buildings
will now be torn down.
Sam Stooke is going to the oil
fields in Texas. For some time
past he has Buffered from imflam-
mation in his right eye.
On March 12 snow fell on the
hills, ten miles back of San Diego.
This has been otfe of the coldest
winters ever knowui in  California.
Two boys were ,arresfeed in Los
A.ngeles last week for snowballing.
They got the snow from the tops
of eome railroad cars just in from
the east.
Greenwood people should, get
ready for the big boom that will
come to that town when the
Boundary gets rid of its sleeping
Western News
A chambermaid at an hotel in
San Diego is driven to her work
every day in her own auto, by her
husband. She earns $10 a week,
hae-'tliree children- and : a cripple
husband.    Can you beat it?
The marriage of Sergfe.l A.,-N.
Mowat, formerly . of Greenwood,
and Ethel Winifred, daughter of
Prof, and Mrs- J. E. Whiting, of
London, Eng., took place at St.
Leonard's Church, Seaford, on
February 24, 1919.. - The .ceremony wag performed by Rev. 8.
Shelhorn. The bride who was
given away by' \r# father was at-"
tended by.the Misses Edith R/iper
and Dorothy Cox, the groom being
supported 'by two. comrades with
whom he.had: foughit7side by side
in prance,; Lieut. Geo. .Sargeant
and. Quarter Master. Arthur Carlisle,.both of Grand Forks. After
luncheon the happy couple left for
Lewes, Brighton "and -London on;
their -honeymoon amid the. congratulations of a host of .'friends."
The. bride is well-known in. the
Boundary country, having resided
with her brother, -Mr;' H. W.
Whiting, of Kettle Valley, previous; to. the outbreak of war//
Vacant house'sfare very scarce in
The Flu ban was lifted in Penticton last week.
W. C. Murray has resigned as
fire chief of Trail.
Rossland will organize a branch
of the Great War Veterans.
Revelstoke Board of Trade want
a Federal building for that town.
There are~30,492 telephones in
Vancouver and 10,355 in Victoria.
There .is a talk of a Catholic
church  being built in   Princeton.
The old Hererou Ranch, at
Ellison, has been purchased by
returned soldiers'.
A $25,000 addition will be made
to the J. A. McDonald jam and
candy factory in Nelson.
For having liquor in[]his possession Oratio Toffolo was fined $100
in Rossland on March 15.
There will be"no more contributions to the Canadian Patriotic
Fund after the 31st of March.
Eight thoueand Chinese were
admitted to Canada through Victoria in 11 months ending February.
The",Board of jTrade at Penticton
are making an effort to have a
Federal building "erected in that
The provincial government of
A.lberta has>oted4 S200,000tifor the
purchase of a site and erecting a
provinciarschool of technology and
art in Calgary.
It is rupaored that a large linen
plant capitalized 8^.82,000,000 will
be constructed in Western Ontario
for the manufacture of the flax
fibre"which is"now"sent abroad.
"Thomas Argyl'e, died in Victoria
on March 14 in his 80 th year. He
came, to B. C. in 1858 with the
royal engineers. Mrs. G. R.
Thompson, of Trail, is a daughter.
During' 191S, the Salmon Arm
Creamery, manufacturedT117,629
pounds of  butter,  an .increase of
No. 37
Mining News
The Mary Reynolds, Nicola, re-
:ently shipped thirty tons of ore to
ihe Trail smelter.
C.F.Caldwell, of Kaslo, is examining some copper properties in
thejiorth country.
The California mine in the
Slocan recently shipped 75 tons of
ore to the Trail smelter.
P. E. Crane has taken a lease on
Revenge mineral claim near
Beaverdell from George Barrett,
About 870,000 was disbursed in
wages on Friday at the Trail
smelter, for the first half of this
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho lead miners have accepted a reduction of $1
a day in wage scale, being still 50
cents above the' sliding scale
adopted some time ago.
W. H. Yawkey, millionaire, of
Detroit and New York, interested
in the Minnesota Silver Company,
which operated the Ivanhoe mine
near Sandon quite extensively sev<
5ral years ago, died suddenly in
New York on March 5.
17,200. over   1917.    The
was   51
Made A Hit
Judge���You say this man was
at-the'performance last night and
that he took aim andI firedy ah egg
at you? '.
Actor���Yes, your honor.
Judge���And was it bad?  .
Actor���The egg was, your honor,
but the aim was hot.
Get your job
.Ledge;; before
gone.,,. ;''.'���.
printing; at The
the-paper is" all
Called Back
"No,'' said *he, "I can only be
a sister to you.:"'; ,���,-;���; -., ���;-", .- - ���". ' ���.;;
';��� "Very. well,".said. he. -, '.%must
begoing. I had expected a different answer .from you,v but-rr
welI,.goodnight!'',y .    -,. -v.\    ;V"'-
' 'George,'' she... faltered, y as..; be
started -,.qafe'-. into rfehe yuight,;
"George!" -���' ;. ���:'.'""���'.'' v-y. '"'      :,'-":"���-���
"What..isMt?"' he.aeked very
;   "Aren't "you going to kiss, yonr
sister gbodnigh't?-__^SVray Stories.
price, paid  for   butterfafe
- Fifteen dollars ���' per ton is the
price which the canneries at
Kelowna are said to be offering for
tomatoeB this year, as compared
with $20 last year, and $16 the
year before.
S. A. MacDonald is the new
principal of the Summerland public school. He is a returned .soldier and. previous to going to the
war was' principal; of the Creston
Superior school.  .     ���������-���"
The famous .Princess Patrica's
Canadian Light Infantry, C. E.-.F.;
is nd.more. This unit wias demobilized ...last .week in Ottawa;.vwhen
Lieut.-Colon el A;. ,H.'-'. Hamilton
Gaultj organizer of the. unit, bade
themen farewell; ; ���'������ '���---';.
. R.y P, Rithet died in;Victoria on
March 19 ;in ,75; year. He", bad
been a resident of Victoria for 57
years, and. was mayor of that city
in 18S4, .and was ;:elected. to tlie
legislature ;in�� 189.4, retaining his
seat for four years.   . . ���.
Sergt. C. O.. Etafri8, who went
by.the name of. Osborne in- Trail,
and.-who; was recently taken to,
Victoria by military,- escort as a
tleserter^from^ Vernon some, two
yisars ago, has Been sentenced-to.
two years in prison.
Viscount Jellicoe, former commander of the British Grand Fleet,
is expectedJ to reach Vancouver
next autumn, being now on his
way around tbe world, , He is
travelling on , board the battle
cruiser New Zealand.
A pen of six mottled Anconas,
owned by F. E.' Pullen,;;of;.,Whon-
hockj which won first'prize in the
recently concluded Provincial Government egg-laying contest at Victoria,- was ..sold last week''to. an
Ontario ponltry.breeder.for.^300,
p^$5.0.;_per.<--pullet.''':';.This ipen of
birds', total, was; 1,QJ7; yeggs, in
eleven" months,, iwhich",-'"'were;' sold
The Granby Consolidated Mining
Smelting & Power company declared a dividend of. $187,481 on
March 1. Payment will be made
May 1 to stockkolders of record on
April 18. This will bring the
Granby's disbursements up to
The famous Deadman slide above
Sandon, came down Monday in
full regalia and war paint and
claimed its annual toll of human
lives. The victims of the slide,
were Wijliana McKnighJ and Joe.,
Sesil-Sonor. It.is doubtful if the
bodies can ever be recovered, as
the volume of the snow in- the
slide tbis year proved to.��be so
great that it may not melt during
the    sumrae;    and     fall.���Kaslo''
A despatch from   Sydney, N. S.
W-.,-say's, that- the .Cobar copper.,
mine of New South Wales is. being
closed down owing to the decline
in the - price  of copper.    No copper, from this mine has been sold ���
since the first of October.'  Elsewhere in Australia copper.is being-
similarly accumulated,   Altogether
about y 16,000 ton's  are  now- lying ���-
unsold.     Copper   stocks   are uneasy on the Australian  exchanges.
During recent years  Japanese visitors have closely" investigated most-
of the: low grade   metal proposi-"
tions of Australia which have been
frequently unworked owing to the^
cost of Australia labor.  -
The. productionyof ore  from  the
.mine,, long   an   important
shipper, has been resumed after au
interruptioii.'of' several -years,; according to a Republic,   Wash.,  re-.
port. /Stoping, has  been, in   progress, -.for-;several'.weeks'  and  tho
first shipment is. about ready.;. The
prospective   destination: has;  not
"been..made, public, but it'is .believed
to-, be ; Trail,.;although the." ore is
equally acceptable at otbiersmelters
bpcaqse   of "jthe.-."-.silica; it .carries.
The ore . ai'ssays  high in. gold and .
silver, ..and. the Jmine is credited
witb a yield of 39^.653 tons valiied ,
at;S492,'S43. . The force  has been
increased.io 25 men, and the opera-'
tions are .in' charge of W. G, C.
Lanskellof Montreal. '
Word reached Merritt this week
that arrangements have been made
by Mn Mr.,F. Keffer, manager of
the Highland Villey Mining.; and
Development Company, whereby.
.Mr. Hilb,! who represents Ohio interests, "and several of. his associates acquire large interests in the
company^ claims in Highland
valley.. Development work will'
begin on a genuine scale, accordinc
to Mr. Keffer's statement, arid a!i
requirements at the mill wii'l.bV-
provided.   "Prospects for -the com
pany are now; brighter ythan they
;for.S44.S7, wholesale market;''price.;ihaye.^ver been," writes Manager
A :;few .years Hasp farmers , in; the j Keffer in a .commnnication, '''and
E?>��fe Tyouldjhave; thought twice be--'
fore paying more than y -62. QQfqr .a
laying,pullet.-. -,';���'_.-y  ;"'..     X-:y-"������. X
we. expect to
as the yenow
for all its worth.
begin  work  as  soon
is gone,  and  push -r
-Merrifefe Herald. *  r
Memorials to Our Soldiers
A subject wl.ich is engaging tlic
attention oi' the people of Canada,
whether thcy bc resident in a metropolitan city or in tlic smallest hamlet, is the manner in whicli thcy can
best and mo?t appropriately commemorate the memory of their fellow Canadian citizens who, in the
6crvicc of their country ami .Empire,
gave their lives in the Great War.
There is no difference oi opinion that
fotne fitting memorial should by
erected in each centre of population
in this Dominion, largo or small.
There is also unanimity of opinion
that in cvery instance thc memorial
should be just as fine as it is within
thc capabilities of thc people to provide. The only question is what
form these memorials should take.
Recalling thc magnificent memorial monuments, shaft j, statues, arches,
fountains, museums, and other structures to bc found on every hand
throughout the countries of thc Old
World, one realizes that in this new
country of Western Canada there is
R sad lack of these artistic and inspiring structures. Of course "our
history has been brief, and but as a
passing moment in thc life of a nation. Wc have, of necessity, been
obliged to confine attention very
largely to the provision of thc more
practical and utilitarian needs of Qur J
pioneer condition. But the time has
now arrived when it becomes our
duty to commemorate in some permanent manner thc glorious memory
of our soldiers, and to do so in such
6 way as to provide a source of inspiration ior all future generations of
" In some sections of thc Dominion
there appears to bc a tendency to
exploit this universal desire to provide fitting memorials to our soldiers by erecting some building on
institution which is a need of thc
community in any event. This is not
thc right spirit, and it should be discouraged: ��� No attempt " should be
made to' capitalize public sympathy
.with, thc idea" of "a memorial in order
.-to provide some-service which sooner or later-.would have to be provided
in- the' public interest. Whatever
��� form thc -memorial may take, it
should be provided" because it. is,.', a
memorial,'and not because-cf "any
other mbtiyc.   .  ���
Each, community will,- of course.'de-
cidefor itself the form-and character
of the memorial to its-..own :-fallen
herpes. ������ In.some, places it has been
suggested, that, this should.take    the
form of an-endowment; fund for thc
."better education of. the, children    of.!
the poorer-people; .and -thus" , give
them an- equal-opportunity. with  the
; children-of the :more vS'cIl-tb-do'.-Th'.e
" establishment of y orphanages,'hospi-
talsand -.other".- philanthropic, iiistitu"-
"_'tions is'urged in "other " places...     .In
.  some of-the. smaller, 'cqm.muhiti'es .the
-erection of'.a simple'-tablet or,, monu-
- ��� menr-.is .advocated,  while .in ���'-.'. larger
centres';a lofty shaft, or"'stately "moii-:
.ument or magnificent, arch, 'is -felt to
----bcVmosiy'suitable.:- -- ;" X"'- X~~. r.y 7~;:rr
"-Th'c-cha'r'act'er'pf'.'tKe, memorial; -iin-
.'. portaut -as.it- may-be'j is,-after all,np't'-
"thc    most-'-important  - consideration'..
' Wliat .is7important'..is.-the spirit.'arii--.
mating ;thc'people -.in/providing :��� the
- memorial,-, .arid the Tasting , /effect it
���-'-' will have on; the" life , of-.'.the. 'com-
'_.. munit-y..- It" would, ,for example, serve
".   biif a'-poor purpose to. erect a-mbrui-
. hicnf which, .poorly -designed,' and-
,-.crudely executed,   would  be "a"    con-
- "stant cause of ir.rita.tign  to thc     be-
. holder, or,, having, erected a suitable
and "artistic, monument, to leave it in
.2."state of ...nc greet-    throughout     the.
-."years-uncircu for-    amid     unkempt
grounds' and surroundings.
.'-.-   -It.is not the object of this article
'   to  suggest  any  particular  form     or
... .forms, of memorials, to- our Canadian
y soldiers, but  rather  to  lay  emphasis
upon the desirability of the most
thoughtful consideration being given
by the men and women in cvery community to the provision of a memorial of the character best calculated
to impress, influence ancl inspire the
children of present and future generations; to inculcate in them a fervent
love of country; to develop in their
very souls a readiness to make sacrifices and render service to their
country and fcllowmcn, and to keep
ever before thcm thc glorious example  of  thc  men  of  1914-18     who
Police on Long Trail
Le Pas, Man. ��� Mushing eleven
hundred miles with a violently insane
Indian lashed to his sleigh, Sergeant
Thompson, R.N.W.M.P., arrived here
from Trout Lake, near Hudson Bay.
After capturing the Indian, who had
run amuck and caused considerable
! damage at thc Trout Lake mission,
the sergeant started for Le Pas with
three dog teams and three Indian
Shock Left Her
Weak and Nervous
When the system receives a shock of
any kind, the heart becomes weakened, the nerves unstrung, the appetite
poor,   faint  and   weak  feelings  comc
I over   yon;   you   can't   sleep  at  night
1 and  you wonder if life is worth liv-
countcd no sacrifice too great tlm^To all those who suffer from nerv-
liberty might bc maintained ar,a 1 ous shock we would recon-^f-nd Mil-
civilization live and flourish through-1 !n,r"'s Heart and  Nerve Pills as the
Latest French Idea
Paris. ��� In France dueling
has never become extinct and
even the w:ar seems not to havc
eradicated this traditional method of settling arguments between gentlemen. But thc war
has changed thc weapons. Instead of pistols it is machine
guns mounted on airplanes,
which according to the present
indications, will hereafter be
called upon to settle affairs of
out the world.
Our soldiers havc left a priceless
heritage to thc nation which should
be accorded a lasting commemoration
and ever remain a beacon light
throughout thc ages to come.;j
Huns Restore Art Treasure
Pictures Stolen   From    Lille    Have
Been Returned
Paris. ��� Art treasures taken from
occupied France by the Germans andito f?r1, ",;U t,,eV wore: doing mc good.
so  T  kept, on  unhl   T  had us��vl    six
best remedy to tone up thc entiro
system and strengthen the weakened
Mrs. J. J. R'tiiyan, Pilot Bn^c.
Snsk., writes:���"T have h��-><1 Mil-
bnrn\ H^nrt and Nerve Pills after
having suffered from a terrible shock-
to my whole svsteni. I was so utterly weak and nervous T could not
sleep at night, and mv apn^titp wns
verv poor. T could not- walk across
the floor wi<hoi't fumbling all over.
1  had    hot    flushes    and    fainting
When T was on the ser/ind box of
vour Heart and Nerve Pills. T began
removed to Brussels are gradually
being restored to thc original owners.
The Temps reports that three carloads of pictures stolen from thc museum at Lille have just been returned
and two carloads taken from the region of Laon have been sent back.
Among thc ten carloads unloaded
at Valenciennes, wcrc many rare and
precious manuscripts and archives
of the French government, thc belfry taken from the Guild Hall at
Cambrai and furniture belonging to
thc Prince of Monaco, the Marquis
of Havrincourt and other persons.
boxes, when I felt like a different
I am never without thctn in the
house. ��and highly recommend them
to all who suffer with their heart."
Mi'huni's Heart and Nerve Pills
are 50c a box at all dealers, or mailed direct on receipt of price by The
T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto.
War Cost 197 Billions
Total Deaths in All Armies Reached
San Francisco. ��� "Thc cost of the
war in money alone was $197,000,000,-
000 or $11,000,000,000 more than the
total property value .of all North
America," Secretary of War Baker
told a gathering at the commercial
club here, following his arrival with
General March, chief of staff, to inspect army posts.
"The deaths from wounds in battle
j numbered 7,300,000 and     the     total
Flight Across Roickies
To Demonstrate Practicability of an
Aerial Mail Service
Vancouver, B.C. ��� The Vancouver
World announces that, in co-opcratio i
with thc Aerial League of Canada, it
is promoting an aerial flight across
thc Rocky Mountains. The plans include a flight from Vancouver to Calgary by way of the Crow's Nest
Pass, then to Edmonton and homeward by way of the Ycllowhead Pass
and Kamloops, with a preliminary
flight to Victoria and return. It is
stated that only Canadian and British
airmen are eligible to compete, using
machines of Canadian or British
The flight is to bc under control of
a committee of the Aerial League and
thc World, and trophies and a purte
will be awarded. The flight is to demonstrate "the practicability and reliability of an aerial mail service,"
but the element of competition may
be introduced if more than one machine is available. Thc flight is to
take place as soon as machines can
bc procured from England.
AlbertaContributed Millions
Edmonton. ��� Thc people of Alberta during thc war contributed thc
total of $42,000,000 toward direct financial aid in thc war effort of the
j Dominion, according to an announcement made in the legislature by Hon.
C. R. Mitchell, provincial treasurer,
in concluding his presentation of the
annual budget.
The bonds purchased in the ycar of
1918 reached $19,000,000 and thc total
contributions to thc Red Cross and
other patriotic causes amounted to
$5,-180,830.     .
Britain's Powerful Warship j
H.M.S. Hood Will   Be    Mine   and
Torpedo Proof j
London. ��� Details of the biggest
and most powerful warship which is
being built on the Clyde for tho
British navy can now be told. The
j ship is His Majesty's Ship Hood,
whose designed speed, the representative of the London Daily News learns
on official authority, will be thirty-
two knots, and which may be increased during her trials to 35 knots.
Details of the vessel hitherto have
been secret. She is a battle cruiser,
and her length will be 900, or- only
one foot less than the Aquitania, the
largest of the British liners. The
Hood is expected to bc in commission within six months. Since the
keel,was laid down several striking
innovations in naval shipbuilding havo
been made, chiefly as the result of
the lessons learned by the experts |
during 1918, and these have necessitated alterations in thc ship's internal
She will bc mine and torpedo proof,
her hull being surrounded by a
"blister" or outer cushion, and there
will be steel armored walls inside the
vessel which will be an additional
Says Empire Will
Be Resurrected
They Can be Had by   Keeping
Blood Rich, Red and Pure
Every    woman���cvery   girl���wants
pink cheeks.      Thev    mean not only
beauty but good health.    When a woman's blood is scanty or anaemic, her | deaths in all  the armies  reached 9,-
color fades, she looks   debilitated, is 1000,000," hc said.
short of breath and her heart palpi-1 t. r ��� , ,i ���������������,i i���������.,,. ~r
tatcs.aftcr slight exertion. Sometimes! .Rcfcrrmg to the proposed jeague of
-this trouble,is accompanied by seveic- nations, Secretary Baker said: .'.-
headaches, .'or. pains "in the back.or . "Unless such an u.'r-.<nization was
.sides. This condition is entirely due {ormcd(-undcr 50mc lmme. and-under-
to weak, watery blood, and can only .     -. - ,    -      .
be cured by making the blood, rich, j some  constitution, anarchy bred , by
red and -pure;-   For.' this purpose there j disease,  hunger  and  despair'.   ..would
overwhelm thc earth.
"No child born,in a civilized nation
in.the next hundred years will escape
paying a ."considerable portion of thc
debt this war-has brought-about."'
is nothing can equal Dr.. Williams'
Pink .'Pills,- which . act directly upon
the blood, and in. this;', way bring;
new. health" and.strength, to- weak; ail-
ing people. Mrs., Anderson, Hearst,
Ont., says:���"Before coming to Canada from England, I 'was'-a. sufferer
from anaemia for upwards of a year.
I had been gradually, getting paler
and wcakcil I did not realize that I
was sick, but felt-constantly .tired and
worn.out. I had no ambition for anything, and; grew so while that my
brothers .'used, to cair.me "snowball."
At this1 stage my mother decided that
'shc,"\v6uld get".' Dr. Williams'' :Pink
]-Pills, which, ar.e a favorite medicine
in .England, as, well .as.in" Canada." On
the. day  _. :.  '__  ...���  Wtir*
fainted   oii: getting , out  of. bed    andjb . . ,.     .._ ...   .
mother,urged inc.-to stay .in-bed" for"} ���  At the-moment it is hoped to' have
a'.few   days.';, I  really." felt-so -..weak.! the-pcacc -'-.'conference
that-: I,;was. .glad  to  take .her, advice. ��� ,,;,,���,, ���f :,Tl-���'u���ri��"
1 -looked more .like a corpse than"' a}
living person".'   !������ remained in bed -fori the
May Imitate Suffragettes
Sinn Fein Party Contemplates Similar Campaign
-/London. ��� The more aggressive
section of the-Sinn" Fein party in Ireland'contemplates a campaign 'similar'
T.    - .-. ,    -,������-���  ., , ! to. that adopted 'bv thc militant sufffa
��� I. commenced taking them ��� I j" '        -      "   '
Ruling Classes of Germany Hopeful
of Retaining Power
Paris, ���v The German, empire will
be resurrected more rapidly than
most people think, Dr. Richard von
Kuehlman, former German foreign
minister, declares in a letter quoted
by Echo De Paris.   .
According to the letter, von Kuehlman says that thc former ruling
classes of Germany arc still hopeful
of retaining power.
Thc letter says that events are
moving as the writer anticipated
earlier iu the year, ,>vhen he wrote
that Marshal Foch had sheathed thc
sword and it would not be necessary
for Germany -, to fear France longer.
Under favorable conditions, ' von
Kuehlman is quoted as saying, the
Germans will-be in Paris before 1925.
. Wooden Steu..-.or Launched
Vancouver, B. C. ��� Thc French
steamer Champlain was successfully
launched at the Northern Construction yards. The ship is a wooden
vessel of 1,500 tons, and is thc first
of five being built by this company
for the French government.
"It Freed Me
of Headaches"
- In view' of the great development
in the livestock industry in northern
Saskatchewan, this ycar, American I remedy ever known
breeders of prize, cattle will, invade
the .province' during the coming summer and'will. show, stock at thc Sas.-
katchewan industrial exhibition, July
14-19. "X
To get the genuine, call for lull-name  LAX-
TIVK   BKOAIO   UUINiNE  Tablets..     Look
for   signature  oi   E.   VV.   GROVE...' Curca  a
Cold  in  One  Day.    30c.
a w,cck,; taking the. pillsregulhrly,. aiid
then I felt-that -I- was able to', get "up.
though not 'able to go about". .'From
that yon".;; hpywe.ver, Jlgaincd;::sircngth,
daily, and -in. -a little more; than a;
month .-'I was feeling.'as well'-'as ;evcVy
T did/ - The color returned.' to" ;;-my
'che'eks' and lips,-"and my ^friends' were'
all surprised'at my rapid-recovery.'" I
-took'no . medicine but 'Dr. Williams'
Pink-Pillsj-'so; that .tlicy deserve.-all
the- credit'fbn iny' r.'cst'oration-' "to
health." - < . -,- y .-." - :">-" . ',-; -'.
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Pijls. through, any dealer in "mddicinc,
or""by' mail at".50-cents'a' box or six
boxes- for $2.50 from-' the-" Dr/'Wij-
li'ams' Medicine Co., "Brockviile,"Ont.
Heals Skin Trouble With
One Cake Soap and Two
Boxes Ointment.
Terrible ftching on back of neck.
After three week"3 got flaky and be- ,-.'
came sore. - Was red and scratching.
. caused sleepless nights. Got Cuticura, J
-'."..Soap and Ointment.'  Itchingynot SO'T
.; XI: "bad'"after using them.   Now healed. ,.
";Fram"signed" statement of Mrs.-Wii-;:
liana Quigley; Windsor, N. S. v-.   r. .;
If Cuticura did ho more than soothe y
��� sndhealeczemfls.rashes.itchingsand
���Xx} burnings, bringingyspeedycomfo'rt-to".
..."  :  tortured, disfigured men, women and ';
���-  children ..It would be entitled. to the .
X.; .bighest praise.' But it does more. By ;
���f. y using the,Soap -exclusively;ipiytbilet
'.Xi ;';jmrppses,.-allow'intf .ho! other; soap to..
;; .;-.toucbyour, skin,youwillin manycasesy.
��� "prevent theteyidsstressins.experierices.o
For Free. Sample Eich by Mail ad��
. dress post-card:"Cnticura;'Depf.A��
-.-   Boston,Xr- S.A." . Soldeyeiywhere..
Aluminium in Norway
Christiania-, Norway. ��� A Norwegian  factory has succeeded    in     obtaining, aluminium from what .is. locally known as Labrador stonCj which
is found in large quantities in-    thc
western pnrt of the country.   Hitherto this stone has been looked
as having no -commercial value what
behalf df V'Ireland?'" This'" will; bc for
purpose- q|:;;focussiiig-. public -at-
'tcntion on the demands-'of.;th'e7.party,
according; to' dispatches received, by
the Pr'css^Association.- ���     _' '        X.
The-authorities,- however;-, arc prepared- to���...afford, adequate 'protection
to  life and '.property, "ahdMhc: belief
.is expressed-that with  tact', ahdy'.de-.
terminal io ii"'. i t,-. will.'1. be' abl c'.-'to. tide
over the-threatened: trouble.   '. -
;'"It" is.tindersibod  the
docs; not intend, furtl
consideration.- of   the'-home rule bill
which1 was   .suspended    by, .'an- -act
which '' automatically -  .expires 'six
months rift'er  the -treaty of. peace' is
���.. A'Jpltfor the Ex-kaiser,
. Amcrongen.'���;<JonsiderabIc;excitement was created- at Amerongcn castle',' where, former .Emperor .VVilliam
intervene' -in-j is' staying,', when six- airplanes appeared, suddenly-from, behind a; baiik,',' of
clouds., -They-camc'yfrom -the cast/and
after circlnig ilie -castle twice,' idisnp-
pc'aredun a' ndrthcrly'dircction. .The
nationality of. the -'machines-.could:"not
be .distinguished- owing.- to- the." ov.e'r-
cast :W'c.athcr,..but :it'is generally-" assumed, that, th.cy .were-. Dutch.'-f /
This Is What,Many   Thousands   of
People Write About Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food���Not Mere Relief, But Lasting
Chauvin, Alta., April 1. ��� When
the human system gets run down, the
blood thin and the nerves exhausted,
one of the most constant and distressing symptoms is headache. There
is always a temptation to use strong
drugs to case thc pain, but such relief is only temporary,- and is obtained at enormous expense to the nervous system, and the headaches return
with increased violence.
Rcal cure is only obtained when
thc vigor of the nervous system is
restored by such treatment as Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food.
Mr. Rene Page, Chauvin; Alta.,
"I have used Dr.. Chase's Nerve
Food, wilh splendid results. Some
little time ago I seemed to lose my
appetilCj and suffered from frequent
headaches. A treatment for the Nerve
Food soon put me on my feet again.
If helped my appetite, freed mc from
headaches,, and. restored my health.
I feci like a new man now and think
Dr. Chase's-Nerve Food; the greatest
1 also havc to
thank Dr, Chase's'Ointment for a
speedy cure of barber's itch. 1 have
used it for pimples and_burns, too." .
Certified to by Lcgcr E. Roy. J.P.,
Chauvin, Alta. ���
Mrs. C. H. Christoffcr, Grccnbricr,:
Sask., writes:   . \.  -
"It is a pleasure to me tb write you
in-praise of Dr. Chase's hcrvc Food,
Almost any man will tell you
that Sloan's Liniment
means relief
When Hollo way's Com Cure is applied to a corn or wart it kills the
roots and thc callosity comes out
without injury to the flesh. ;
British Aviators
Ready for Trip
Have Secret Machine to Make Journey Across Atlantic
London. ��� British aviators are to
try for a flight across thc Atlantic.
A secretly built airplane, accompanied
by Harry Hawker, as pilot, and Commander Grave, royal nav'yj. as navigator, was shipped from England,for St.
John's, Newfoundland, from -which
place it will start at the earliest possible; moment, iivan attempt to win
the Daily Mail prize of ��10,000 for
thc first machine to fly across the At-j
The machine is a Sopwith two-
seater biplane with a 375 horsepower
engine.     The fusilagc is boat-shaped
and will support the machine   in the
���  o  . ���     .
Pilot Hawker said he'believed that
thc flight would; occupy about- ' 19^<
hours. The machine, he added, had
flown 900 miles in nine hours and-five
minutes on one-third of its petrol
capacity and is capable of maintaining a speed of 100 miles an hour for
twbhty-fivc hours.
Harry G. Hawker -won the British
Michclin prize~for 1912 by a flight of
eight hours and twcnty-thrccininutes.
He has had many long distance flights
along the British" coast. He" established a.world's altitude record of 28,500
feet iiv 1916. ���_-,'"
'. Newfoundland lies nearer to Europe, than any other'part of North
America, the distance !being about
1,900 miles.
For practically every man has' used
it who has suffered from rheumatic
aches, soreness of muscles, stiffness
of joints, the results of weather ex-,
Women, too,-by the hundreds o��
thousands, use it for relieving neuritis, lame backs, neuralgia, sick headache. Clean, refreshing, soothing,
economical, quickly effective. Say
"Sloan's Liniment" to your druggist
Made in Canada.   Get it today.
.:.'.���..- Lixt-imLeirt .--.
v     K.iilS Paiia
JUc.    ouc, ~UM
Dancing Prohibited
London.- ��� According to a German
wireless dispatch received here, there
has been no important changes in thc
situation in Berlin. A dispatch to the
Exchange Telegraph from Copenhagen says that on demand of the Majority Socialists, a prohibition against
dancing has been issued in- Berlin.
The dispatch adds that during the
week while women and children were
being murdered, dancing in fancy
dress was going on in the streets.
She Tells Them
In the Post Office
That Dodd's Kidney Pills Cured Her
Quebec Postmistress Suffered for
Four Years But Her Pain Vanished
Before- A Short Treatment of
Dodd's'Kidney Pills; '������;.���'_
L'anse a> Brilliant, Gaspe Co., Quebec, March 24th, (Special). ��� Mrs.
Geo. Bfiand, the Postmistress here, is
a sworn friend of Dodd's Kidney
Pills. And like a host of, others she
has-a reason. '      .:
"I had a pain in my left side for
four years," Mrs. Briantl says in giy--
ing that; reason. "It licver left-me
for one single instant. :   "
"But after" using "two- boxes of
Dodd's Kidney.Pills, with two of Diamond Dinner Pills, tlic pain ceased,
and in over a year now it.has never
comeback. V
"I have recommended Dodd's Kid-,
hey Pills to*thc patrons pf this P.O.,
for I keep the post office here, as the
best medicine  I have ever used."
Dodd's Kidney Pills are no cure all.
Thcy are' purely and simply a-kidney-
remedy. They are credited.with cures.
of  sore back,  rheumatism,   lumbago,
heart disease, diabetes, and   Bright's"
disease.   Thc reason for this is that
all these troubles, sprang from    dis- .
cased kidneys.
Dodd's.Kidney Pills acting directly
on the kidneys, put those organs   in.
condition' to   do    their full  work "of .
clearing the   impurities   out"  of the '
blood and the diseases vanished with
thc impurities. "
.   Cheap Lumber, for Soldiera
, Regina, Sask. ��� By an agreement
reached   with   the   Western, Retail
.Lumbermen's association,the   soldier
I suffered for oyer twenty, years from | setticmcnt board" will offer    soldiers
rheumatism,, neuralgia, violent   head-i       ,". .. ... , i
- ��� ' settling on. farms lunibcr at    much
back ached,-1, could not sleep,    and: reduced prices.    Building'material of;
was always tired :an'd nervous.   I had i all kinds will be offered . at 10    pcr
taken a- great many medicines of one. cqnt. "advance - over wholesale    rates.'
Agreement has also been entered in-
. ~ New Type of Gun .
Troy, N.Y. ��� The Watervliet arsenal is-making a new gun to supersede
the . 155-millinielcr. type used in . the
war; The ncw gun is larger, easier,
to. make, shoots farther and .does
more damage.. It is called a "one
ninety four" and two guiis were ord-
aches-and palpitation of thc_heart. My |settling-on. farms..lumber at    ^^jeredas an-CXperimCnt.  Thc-first will
vCit^^OLMSJCiL D0iNG5V.:
To put through the. license -reduction-
ie. - go,ycrnnicn.t:jAvill-,rcquirc'''Sonfe'--talI'>hustIing.:,"l\teani'
ltr to  pb'stpdhc-j"l"Pc'lols;��l".'coC"s. vviirbc:"tfanipcd on.'
*-.'i,'A.^�� ,,'.i���- i^nl-'Ihe"'cure.is "-Putnam's"', thc bld-'.feli-
ablc.. corn;extractor" that"has been curing corns-and warts'-for year.?.; "Put^
nam's" -never 'fails, '25c .;a"t - aii "dealers.'
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff
Cannot Discuss Conditions
War    Will
Huns Must Sign or the
; Paris...���8- The present determination
in peace conference circles is, that
after'thc-'allied'land associated. -powers-have reached a. complete,'.understanding regarding the. conditions to
be' imposed yon. Germany; thc , German -delegates.;will' he;-called-lo Versailles, . but thcy-'wiir not' be-: allowed
'to' discuss-.' the-'���.Conditions/-th;c''-xntcn-
tip'n of" tlie' allied and ^associated po\v-
e'rs'be.ing.tb.'.di.etaic peace'.;:',-'" ������','.>; . -.
V-Eithcr;"thc-jGcrrnan "delegates' must
accept'the':."te"nris;��ind sign, br-'a slate
of w-ar;��� w.ill"Jcoii"tintic4-;'."".Thc"- general
opinion ���. here, is that, .in, viewy - of;, thc
interna!;..,situation.;in- .-Germany,-' the
delegates.'of, 'that^country, jy.il! -accept
rather ihm expose '.' the .country, to .".a.
gfnvcf- risk-��� and'-more drastic ineas-
vrci. . '   .   .  , ��� ��� ���'    ��� .-'
Huns Will Resist Poles and Czechs
Paris. ��� Thc-German military' and
civil authorities in Silesia arc making
preparations  to    resist    Polish    and
Czccho  claims  to- parts    of    Silesia,
upon) Military preparations are  said to he
under-General Grosnor,   and    volunteers are coming in from all parts of
Germany.   Thcy are well armed, and
'-are said to receive very good pay.
Reports from Prague say' that
trenches have been dug ar.d barbed
wire cntanglcni.ents constructed along
thc southern front of Silesia. The;
Germans arc said to be. well supplied
withguh,? and ammunition.
Canadian Steer
Many Prizes Have Been Won By
Shorthorns - ���
Shorthorns did well at-thc .Ontario
prbcincial winter fair and.' at' West
Toronto. At GucIplV, the grand
champion and reserve grand champion, steers .were both Shorthorns',
while at West Toronto the single
steer  grand  championship  and .  the
kind'and another, but never got anything, to. help ine until I- used- .Dr,
Chase's Nerve Food. - This did mc
niorc. good than all the medicines I
ever took, and"I cannot say enough
in praise of.it."  -        .     -.-:-.
This letter is endorsed.by Mr. J. C.
Bleich,:-Postmaster '.at Greenbrier,
Sask... -���"".���   '-. '���'���'" --,   ;'     ���' - ���   -'
'���'.��� -Dr. Chase'srNerve Food,-50c-a"box,
a full treatment, of 6 boxes for $2.75,'
a>all dealers, or "Edmanson',.Bates: &
Co.',' Limited," Toronto. -Do.nbt.be
talked into,-;' accepting- "a'substitute.
Imitations only ."disappoint. ...     .-,';.-'
j be"- completed' before the end of "the
inonth.   It is eight inches in diameter,
weighs 12 tons, has a range of    10
. .    .,, . .     r-*i   -1               ��� i miles, .shoots a projectile   weighting
to with a.number of..thc large agn- ..'.           .    -     ,  .    ���, ,       ,  ���    ,
,���     , ,.                      ,��       .     Il/a pounds, and is-21 feet o. inches
""'*���' machinery   - manufacturing |
firms to get machinery
prices.-   ��� ���".. -   ���'-     ���
at y-reduccd
France. Willing- t.o y Protect Lebanon
;- Ncw..York. '������ -The'.'.French, govern-,
mcnt regards, with.; favor ',the:', plea,-
that ���'���Lebanon, a" .'-province .of' 500.000
people, formerly" ���.within the bounder-
ics, of .Syria, be-granted independence
under .protection ��� of France,- -accord-
ihg. ;to, a-c'ablc-rc'cciycdy-hcre by .the
Lebanon-league.-: of ' progress .'from
Nalioum Makarzcl,- president -.of . the
league, .who-is,how in Paris:.. :  .
. Occupy City of Ufa '. _'���
' '-New .'York..'���--The- Siberian, army,
aftcr .strong attacks on; flic Bolshevik,
occupied, thc city of/Ufa .March 13,
according to information received by
thc.Russian.information.bureau from
Omsk.'   ''---',-'���-"--.-'.'     -.'   '-    'Xx-'xX
Minard's Liniment'
;."   .-where.'--' ,'.--
for, salc.every-
, No Asthma Remedy Like It.'".'." Dh
J. D.. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy is
distinctly.dilfercnt froni other, so-cat-
led remedies;y Were .this not.so it
would not-have continued��� its - .great'
work.'of rclicf.'until knbwii from pecan
to ocean fbr.-its.-wonderful value! Kellogg's, tlie' foremost and best -of -all
asthma remedies, stands upon a reputation, .founded in" the hearts'! of; thousands'..who ��� have known, ils-'bencnt. ' X
Under Red Regime
- .'Munich. ��� The police havc discovered a-plot, to- steal- army goods-va!--
li'cd at 11,000,000 marks.  Twenty-four.
persons were arrested.:
Typhoid.in Siberia
Ncw York. ��� Ty'phbid   is    being
spread throughout Siberia   by     Russians  from   German  prisons,  accord-
ling "to-a cable'from-   Consul-Geticralj'
Food Ready for Shipment
When   Germans   Transfer Merchant!
Shipping to Allies \     .   .
- JParis..,'-^ The British-- government'.
has. indicated that -immediately upon
the .transfer of''   German      merchant .
i shipping-tb the allies-it wijl be able.
j-to.'deliver' the'-following foodstuffs to!'
grand championship for three steers | Harris at  Irkutsk. Reived at'    the [jh,; Gfcrmans" Xh^^ii^sX^toii^b
. ..The.Beauty.of a Clear Skin^���The
condition of the liver regulates the
.condition-of the blood. A'disordercd
'liver-causes' impurities in;llic- blood
and these show- themselves in ,-bIeniT
jishcs'on the"skin." , Parmelcc's'���Vegc-
1 table." Pills in acting .upon; tlie, liver
act-,.upon, the blood and-.! a -clear,'
healthy skin will,;-follow intelligent
use of this, standard', mediciiVc. Ladies,
who will,"fully appreciate this, .prime
quality-of these pills, can use. ;thcm
with .the. certainty that, thc yeffect will
be most" gratifying. '���_. -XXiX X -��� ���:- '-���.'������
any weight, wcrc both won by ShoVt-
! horns, A Shorthorn calf also Won out
in the boy's s-tccr feeding competition. T. A. Russell, Downsvicw, carried, off thc three grand championships ..at these- two shows, and all
friends of thc,breed, will t-xlcnd congratulations.���G. E. Day, Sec. Dominion Shorthorn ;Brceders' Ass'n. '   '
redzpniSp1 ifeyftpfeXX '��� yX^yyiiiX^SfitiiiXik^isx.
headquarters of thc national war work '"
council of thc Y.M.C.-A.    Thc  - message said Y.M.C:A. work would bc appreciated and that there is the usual
I.drug famine.
��� ���'.;'��� X'iiTrpubtes.in. OdessaXXXX
"'; London.;'���.Official repbrts'TCceive'd
in .London ire.'to,J-t.he:- effect-1 that.. a
���critical- state- of-affairs. exists in Odessa., the ciiie-f-.Rusfian. port on! the
Black sea,.        ���.--'' -'   '    ,.,.'-���
'. No confirniatibh coiild- bc. obtained
in London'to. rumors that     Odessa
���': British. Squadron on Rhine .. -
X '.Coblcnz-i-T���:"-Lt.'.,W. Laidlaw, commander or five .British gunboats pn
their, way' to Cologne^ 'called ' upon
General, Dickman here The squadron came across. France by wayy of
the. Seine and .ilarne rivers arid.a-'scr-
ics of .'canals7 to-;thc Rhine and; is on
its wa^ down, .the .river to the base of
the .British-a'miy-:of," occupation-:-.^
Irish Appeal, to .King; George
London.. -^ A pctitibn," hak , beer,
submitted to King George"; signed by
a number of Ifiih. officers who served
in. the British arrhy. during the"   war,
was being'eva'cuatcd-by allied,fbrc.es,|praying'.'that.Irish :h"orn'e- rule- bc, stib-
{Hut. the r-"port,:is hot denied.
��� irittcd to the peace, conference.
Over 480,000 Boxes
Sold Each Year
This  ig  conclusive proof th"t thousands  fipd  relief  from   'Citlnc/ ��nA
-.   Bladder troubles ly csic^ -
ing; - '.-  _'.��������� i-
Bacon, 30,000; condensed milk,. 10,-
000; vegetable oils, 20,000; inargarine.)
2,000;  dripping?,. 2,000;    rice,,-35,000;'
Rangoon beans, 50,000; oatmeal, =15,-!-
000; and barley or rye flour, 10,000.   j
Tlie.  French   government  is: ready ]
to  furnish raw materials  which--willy
produce 15,000. tons of" palm oil, and
the United States can- deliver-    irojn
stocks in  Europe '10,000 tons of cereals and flour.   Of-the 1,000,000 tons'
lot foud shipped for    the    relief,   of
Europe since December    1    through
American food agencies, all. but this,
amount is pledged for the relief   of
liberated- pebple arid eahnbt be   "diverted.-:   .".  '-'y"-   XX'x'yXXi- )~- -"X'X? "���
.'-''Payment forythe food, will-be made,
by. the. Germans in gold or equivalent
securities,.^ ������    ' -'" Xy      y'y. -;���
;!  XTE'LLT jikeytlie���s'elfr"���
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i plicity that enables him    '.:
to clean his AutoStrpp
.  "Razor without: taking it...
��� -. apart; most of al! he'll.
be glad of the military- ;
like   efficiency   with ;;
which   the   AutoStrop
Razor - goes "over the
top" end removes the
toughest, "barbed-wire" .
beard   without   the
slightest "pull" or irri-
- ^tation. ���'-���'-���-
The AutoStrop Razor is
a gift hell be thankful
.. for every "day of his life
���a lasting memento of   ,
yotiry^oughtfulneiss.; ;
Jojubr -r~ Strop -r 12 blades --?X$$
SpK tT��ryvS����t fcr mt, * bsat.    ��
Farmers:.in Sa'skatchcwari'-w-ill- hayc-i
-better:"service in'-, hail '.insurance rn^tr!
tcrs this year, than; ever before, ' by
reason, c.f? the fact that thirty- coiis-
panies will "open ofiaces. at .various
pomls;'ia' Uic.-provia'ce,';.. '     Xx: .
': AutoStrop Pgitdlrg, Toronto, Canada
:' "- "-"��� . -'" '-.'..'-.. ���..������-'������.:.. Xxxxy , ��� ,-.-.-j;--
<~\t i ~
��� yy
3ES   XEDQfi,    GBEEEWOOft^
COLD among horse's "and mules. Twenty-five years' use anions
"the best horsemen "in America have given the COMPOUND an
enviable record as a preventive and cure. A few drops daily will
keep the animal in good condition and his system will resist
disease. Regular doses prescribed will cure Distemper.
Alberta Coal Possibilities
Local coal operators estimate that
$10,000,000 arc sent out cf western"
Canada annually for Pennsylvania
soft coal, which might hey supplied
by Alberta mines if a revision of .the
freight, rates could be secure1 and
other difficulties adjusted. Tlic Alberta bureau of industrial research
is asked to take up this problem, and
if a solution is found, Alberta mines
will have a market for 2,000,000 tons
more coal annually.
Wise mothers who know thc virtues of Mother Grave's Worm Exterminator always have it at hand,
because it proves its value.
Peace   River   Immigration
Has     Commenced    Several   Weeks
Earlier Than Usual
Edmonton, Alta. ��� Immigration into the Peace river and Grande Prairie
countries has commenced this ycar
several weeks earlier than usual. An
advance party of settlers representing
an initial instalment of prospective
farmers from thc western states comprised the party making thc first
spring trek. Some of these settlers
have already bought land in thc
north; others arc land 'hunters on
their way to seek desirable locations.
None of them are--homcstcaders, it
being their intention to buy farm sites
-on business terms. It is expected that
these first arrivals will bc followed by
many niorc during'thc spring and
Spankingdoesn't cure bed-wetting
���the trouble is* due to weakness
of the internal organs. My successful home treatment will be found
helpful. Send ito money, but
write me today. My treatment
is equally successful for adults,
troubled with urinary difficulties.
MRS M SUMMERS, Box       Windsor,Onf.
The  Great   English   Ecmedy.
Tones and ia'rigoratcs Iho vrholo
nervou3 Eystem, mokes neiv Blood
... -in   old   Veins,    Cures   A'crvoiis
Vebi.ili/.JilAtal and lirain IVorrV, JJcFpon-
deney.-J.nss of Kncrgy, J'alpitntion tf the
��� Heart, Fining Mtmnry. Prico SI per boi, six
for $5. ��� One will plea-c, six will cure. Bold by all
druggists or mulled in plain pfcg. on rccoiT-t'of
crico. A'rmpnmphlrtmailed free. TH3-V/0O9
|HEDICIN�� CO.,TORONTO, CKT. (Firaertj Wltf WJ
�����h �� RA PIO N SSS
rent lucceit. cukki chromic weakness, lost vi��o��
Ito CO HavxkstockRo Hampstcad U>bdor ��������,
THERAPION ��&��-.-
Asquith as President
London. ��� There is a strong feeling in political and diplomatic circles
in Paris in favor of inviting Herbert
H. Asquith, former British premier,
to become first president of the league of-nations, according to the Daily
No medicine receives such great
praise from thankful mothers as do
J-iaby's Own Tablets. . Onc��; a mother
has used them for her little ones shc
will use nothing else. The Tablets arc
a mild .but thorough laxative. Thcy
regulate the bowcTs and" stomach;
drive out constipation and . indigestion; cure colds and simple fevers;
promote healthful sleep and make
teething easy.' Concerning rhem Mrs.
Omcr LuBluc, Maddington Falls,
Que., writes:���"I am well satisfied
with Baby's Own Tablets ahd_vvill always use them for my little ones."
The Tablets aro sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockviile, Ont.  -
Russia Wants to
Decide Boundaries
Recognition Is Sought for thc de
.Facto Governments
Paris. ��� Thc Russian committee in
Paris submitted to thc peace conference, a communication signed by Scr-
gius Sazonoff,'foreign minister, of thc
Omsk government; Prince Lvoff, former premier; .Nicholas Tschaikovsky,
president of the provisional government of North Russia; and Basilc
Maklakoff, ambassador to France.
Thc "communication asked the peace
conference to adopt resolutions .-' declaring "all questions concerning the
boundaries of Russia, as thcy existed in 1914, excepting Poland, shall
not bc . decided without the consent
of the Russian people.
The communication also requests
that resolutions relating to the status
of nationalities situated within Russia shall not, bc decided without the
approval of the Russian peoples. -The
committee asks that the_ peace conference assist the various nationalities to organize anarchy by providing
a provisional regime to meet financial,
economic and iiiilit!,_ry needs. For
this purpose recognition is sought for
the de facto governments which thc
committee says have been inspired by
democratic principles and supported
by their populations.
Start a Club in your town, where the
young (iroplc can
Bather. Wc build
small tables - ior
homes; and larger ones {or public, rooms. Equipment tree. Write
us at once tot
  lull   particulars.
D��Z"C"    "}|!J       SAMUEL.MAY   4 CO. .
102-104 Adelaide  St.   W.;   Toronto
��� rDise&se*-
U-boats Seized
London. ��� Thc German submarine
U-39 at Cartagena, Spain, and the
remaining German submarines at Fer-
rol, havc been "seized by French
tugboats,", according to a dispatch
from Madrid.
Miller's Worm Powders arc par excellence the medicine* foi children
who are found suffering from the ravages of. worms. .They - immediately
alter thc stomachic conditions, under
which' the worhis subsist and . drive
thcm froni. the, system, and, at the
same time, thcy arc tonical.in their
effect upon thc digestive organs,' restoring them to 'healthful \ operation
and ensuring immunity'from" further
disorders froiif'such a cause.
the facts about SHOKTHOKK CATTLE ?
The breed forthe farmer or rancher ' Writ-e the Secretary t"-d��y for FREE PUBLlOATIONS.-��nd.BO��
your name on our ires mailins list.   '        -'-''.
W.A.Dryder.Pres.     - G. IM Day. Sec: .
V    Bnxililin, Ont.-:    .   ���, _;- ..-Guelph, Ont
; A Swift Flight
. Paris. X��� Major-General. See.K'y'of
the ��� British war office, flew from
:Folk,estonc__to_.Paris, _a_distance..of. .172
milcs^ in 74 -minutes, .estah1ishing-. a
new, record" for the flight, ""it -'was
learned. The airplane had the wind
behind it.'
Minard's- Liniment "Relieves Neuralgia.'
.. The' Regina board of " -trade: -. has
unanimously, endorsed the -movement
to 'urge-on tlic .government, to grant
a .charter-ti) the':C.P.R. to build-'a
line - from _ Lanigau to-.Cumberland
House- this- year, by- way of; -Watson
and MclforU." .'".-,.   ;      ���' .* :.  _"y~ '-:,.-'
.q S:
Paint preserves., the. wood.    - Paint   keeps   floors
sanitary and . healthful.      Painted  floors  iniike   the
rooms "bright and' cheery.    Painted floors are easily
cleaned���a damp cloth" keeps Ahem-free of dust and
������-"germ*. .. - . .     '
Admised Princess Patricias
Fine Body of Men and Appearances
Were Not Deceptive
Halifax. ��� 'Major-Gen. Sir Frederick B. Maurice, K.C.M.G., C.B., who
was a passenger on the Carmania, has
come over for thc purpose of delivering a series of lectures in New York.
Gen. Maurice stated he was glad of
the opportunity of coming with thc
Canadians, and especially with the
Princess Patricias, which happened to
bc the first Canadian battalion with
which he had anything to do. He saw
them first at Winchester and admired
them greatly. On January 8, 1915,
when they went into line, it was he
who had- reconnoitred their position.
They had impressed him as being an
excellently-fine body of men and appearances were not deceptive.
Discussing Col. Peck's statement
in thc house, Gen. Maurice said hc
had not personally known of any
unit in the British' army which had
revolted during the period of war. Hc
thought thc body of men Col. Peck
had reference to were a collection of
drafts, stationed at Etaples in. the autumn of 1917, and that no. complete
unit was involved. In any event .the
trouble" was very short lived.
Turning to the subject of the peace
conference, the general, who has come
immediately from Paris said that the
rumors of disagreement were due to
a  greater .extent  to  people
Famous Aviator 111
Roanoke,,Va. ���.Col. Win. A. Bishop, V.C., D.S.O.,, M.C., famous Canadian aviator, was operated upon for
appendicitis here. He was stricken
as hc was preparing to deliver an address. ��� His condition was reported to
bc satisfactory.
LESSON   FOR   MARCH   30,   RE-
Cx\) R E  CO W^S*
For Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont.
Factory and Garage for Calgary
The Benuet & White.Construction
company has been awarded the contract for thc ncw ?30,UU(J garage,
which is being built by Peacock &
Lceson. Thc garage will be 100 by
125 feet in size and will be built of
solid brick. Work will commence
immediately. Thc same firm has
been awarded the contract for ' thc
coca cola factory, Which is to bc
erected opposite thc Central school.
Thc factory is to cost approximately
?20,000. -
- There ia more Catarrh in tllis section ot
the country than ail other diseases put together,  and  ior jcars  it  was supposed  to  be
incurable.     Doctors prescribed local  remedies,)        ���      ���      prci1(>���
and  by  constantly  tailing to  cure with  local,""111  '"  uo&ui.n
Since Israel was a theocratic na- _
tion, perhaps the best method of re_'S
view will be to trace God's hand in-~
that nation's life. Israel was led,!"~
fe.d, clothed and disciplined by God. ���
Lesson 1. God's hand is clearly discernible in the   experiences of Israel
in Egypt.- Israel was to bc thc relig-1
ious- teacher of thc world, therefore.
the nation must sojourn in Egypt the,
most advanced in learning of any nation at that time. In order that Moses,
the great lawgiver, might be equipped j
with the best possible education, God;
used   Pharaoh lo oppress the people, i
This  oppression  served  a    threefold;
purpose:   (1) It served the testimony j
to the  Egyptian nation  that the liv- '���
ing God was thc God of Israel.   Thc
more thcy oppressed them, thc more
thcy multiplied.      (2)    It served    a
beneficent purpose in bringing the nation into ils own.    It required     thc
crucible of suffering to bring humanity into its own.    (3) It made thc nation willing to leave Egypt and go to
Canaan, thc promised land.   Had not
thc hand of oppression    been    upun
them thcy would have chosen to rc-
Secure a $5,000  Protection  and  Savings Policy's
Age 20���$108.9C        Age 30���$130.20  Annually ��
Age 25��� $118.50        Age 35���$1+1.70 Annually |
"Write, for pamplet to-day '��� =
treatment, pronounced it incurable. . Catarrh
is a local disea.se, greatly influenced by con-
��� ��� . j stitutional conditions and therefore rcquins
OUtSUie j constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cur;,
the conference than to tllOSC actually i manuiiiclurcd by F. J. Cheney it t,o., loledo,
,   . . .       , ,. tt   I Ohio, is a constitutional remedy, is taken  in-
taking   part   in   the   proceedings.     lie, ternally and acts thru the Wood on thc iluc-
ous bliriaces oi tlie System. One Hundred
Dollars reward is olieied for any case that
Hall's Catarrh Cure tails to cure. Send irr
circulars   and   testimonials.
F. J.  CHENEY .&  CU.,  Toledo, Ohio.
Sold  b>   Druggists,  75c.
Hall's  Family   lJills  ior  constipation.
personally thought the'members wcrc
co-operating in a wonderful way and
making every possible sacrifice for
the ideal thcy all had in mind..
To Cure a Cold in  One Day
(Tablets).     It   stops   the   Cough   and   Headache   and   works   off     thc     Cold. E.   W.
GROVE'S  signature, on  each  box.    30c.
Famous Island Sold
Lesson 2. When Israel was ready
to go to Canaan God hdd a leader
ready for thc difficult task. His parentage, education at his mother'j
knee and at Pharaoh's court, and
communication with God in the desert of Midiau had equipped him ior
this work.
Lesson 3. ..Though enslaved by n
powerful nation, God undertook freedom   for   Israel,   and   by ten telling
Veterans Grow in Strength
Winnipeg. ��� Thc Winnipeg Great ,
War Veterans' association decided to ' strokes-tho    plagues-he   tore
be placed under a Dominion constitution, owing to the rapid increase in
.membership.     There    are now over
Santa Catalina Great Show Place of 13 000 enrolled.
Pacific Coast
Los Angeles, Cal. ���.'.One-of tlic
biggest real estate deals ever put over
in California is now an.assured fact
and details can bc furnished by the
interested parties.
Mr. Wiliain Wrigley, Jr., 'manufacturer of the famous "Wriglcy's Spearmint," one of the chief stockholders
itr the'1 Chicago Cubs ball-team and
an officer and director in a total of
fifteen enterprises in various parts of
the United States, is the head and
controlling interest in a company
which has taken over Santa Catalina
Island. The purchase price is close to
$4,000,000 and several millions more
will bc spent to make the' island the
great show place of thc Pacific coast.-
' Included in the transfer are practically alLof the 48,000 acres'of thc
island, the ncw $400,000 Ste. Catherine hotel and it appurtenances, ten
thousand head -of sheep,- two large
steamers which " pi}' between San
Pedro and thc island, a fleet of glass-
bottom power boats and. other property- of the Santa Catalina Island
company.   ���'
A Floating Electric
Power Station
Used to.  Great    Advantage    During
���-���';".' the War  '
One of the. many British ."freak"
vessels produced during the war.is the
floating electric" power - station, officially known.as CD. 258. Although
it was formerly a ship, it was. under
the'control of the war oflice, not thc
admiralty, having been secured _ for
the'-service of the'Dii-cctoiatC-Of inland waterways and'docks.__l.ts_.func-
tion was. to; supply electric -current
when and .where required for the miscellaneous operations of this department ih'connection with docks,- harbors and canals' .used . for. military
transport. At.a distance .this .vessel
might paiss for a,, gunboat' wifjib.ut
guns; 'technically it is. described ..as" a
steel barge.-. A'rnidships is-a c.omplc.tc-
.elcctric power statiou--of-1-.000 horse
power,-designed so. tliat'.-practically
any type, of -electrical- installation cfin
be. fed. froiii -this'source.-. Two'-" pii
tanks,ycacli with acapacity.'of 20 tons
and'aii .ercct'iically- driven..'- workshop
-witi lathe, drilling'machine,'and-,oth-'.
er. repair plant,: complete, the 'main
"part.'o.F the' cquipincnU-" While"������ this"
"universal electric, provider" is tlic di-.
rcct'outcqni'e of'.war conditions,- similar .equipments '.arc': likely to -bc:vcf,y]
useful in-the construction of sea aiid*
.river works. "vThey arc. also ' worth
considering' for thfc 'permanent supply
of electricity tbrivcrsidetowns where
owing to the nature' of "the.-sub-soil
and 'oilier local .'conditions, aiV ordinary' power station- would, be difficult
of erection on- a. site convenient- far
water and fuel supply. In-, remote
parts pf the.world a floating" oil power electric station could pi'obably be
installed aritbruii much more cheaply
than a land station.
If cross, feverish, sick, bilious,   give
fruit laxative at once
Evcry mother realizes, after giving
her children ."California Syrup of
Pigs," that this is their ideal laxative, because they love its pleasant
taste and it thoroughly cleanses thc
tender little stomach, liver and bowels without griping.
When cross, irritable, feverish or
breath is bad, stomach -sour, look al
ihe tongue, Mother!- If coaled; give
a teaspoonful of this harmless "truU
laxative," and in a few hours all the
foul, constipated waste, sour bile and
undigested food passes out of the
bowels, and you have a well, playful
child again. When.its little Sfttcm
is full of cold, throat sore, has stoin-
ach-achc, diarrhoea, indigestion, colic
���remember, a good "inside .clcans-y
ing" should.always be thc first treat-
men given;'. "".--������ -.
��� -Millions of mothers keep "California Syrup of Figs" handy;, thcy know
a teaspoonful today q saves a " sick
child tomorrow.- -Ask your druggist
for a bottle of "California Syrup of
Figs,",which has directions for -babies, children, of all ages and grownups priuted'on the. bottle...-Beware oi
counterfeits sold here, so don't be
fooled.-. Get the genuine, -made,
".California Fig Syrup- Company."
U.S. Steamer Struck ..Mine y
-New York..��� Captain -Li. D. Adams
of Brooklyn", commanding, the steam:
er Ysclhavcn, sunk by a. mine;in-the
Norlh'sca.on March! 5, .'cabled' to the
shackles from their hands and set
thcm free. The Passover is a memorial of that blessed deliverance.
Lesson 4. God opened the Red sea
and made a path of safety for Israel
to cross, but overwhelmed Pharaoh
and his hosts in thc sea.
Lesson 5. Israel bitterly complained
when they faced the wilderness .without food. God sent thcm manna and
quails. The manna did not fail thcm
until thcy came into  Canaaiir
Lesson 6. God sent Jcthro to give
needed counsel to Moses. Thc
strength of Moses was about- to
break. God took one outside of the
commonwealth of Israel and through
him communicated the wisdom which
Moses needed to save him from collapse through overwork.
Lesson-7. At Sinai Israel is organized into a nation, and the ten
commandments ..arc given as their
constitution. In this conMitution is
clearly set forth.man's duty to God
and.his obligation to his fellow men.
Lesson 8. God's .hand is seen- in
his burning anger, against -the' nation
for turning away from him to. worship thc golden.calf. -' He is a jealous
God;- he will not tolerate a rival..
Lesson 9. Through" unbelief thc
spies are' sent to search out Canaan.
When ihey were urged to .take possession of thc hind according to
God's promise thcy rebelled. Because
of this failure' God' caused theni' to
wander in thc'wilderness for '38 years.
Lesson 10. When God's disciplinary
measures had' run their course . thc
people, were back again upon .the
bbrdcrs of' Canaan. Johsua was
chosen by God to-lead the people; as
Moses'-'time to "depart had come.
Lesson .11., In the-cities of refuge
God'provided that revenge should:not
take .the place'of justice.   - .-_  -
. Lesson \Z.-_ Before._ Josliua's death
THE lapse of time between thought and action measures the magnitude of success.
Failure is  often  due to procrastination.  _ We haivc  from time  to  time informed
our clients of  ccrtaii' important  developments on  the Davidson property  -which
have  since   favorably  affected  the  price  of  the  stock.
A  strike made several  days  ago of a  rich ore body on the  SOO-foot level of the
Davidson warrants our advising  immediate purchase���pending a detailed statement by
the Davidson  management, dealing with exact size and values of the find.
We have information of such a nature, however, that we do not hesitate advising
immediate  purchase  of  Davidson  stock.
Stock  Brokers  ���
12 King Street East
Name .,.,
Address ..
Riots Ended
Socialist Movement
Secretary of Winnipeg Party Fled to
Winnipeg, Man. ��� The Winnipeg
Socialist party has "officially" ceased
to exist as an organization, according
to the statement made by Gus Blum-
cnberg, formcr.lcadcr of the ultra radicals, who bore a closer resemblance
to the Russian Bolshcviki. The riots
engineered * a few weeks ago
by returned soldiers who objected to
thc expounding of Bolshevist doctrines on the market square effectually put the quietus on the Socialist
movement in this city. According to
Mr. Blumenberg, the secretary of his
organization fled to Minneapolis, Minnesota, when thc riots occurred, and
his resignation-has'-since .been received from that city. "We have no
secretary, wc. havc no club rooms, wc
havc no membership, so wc have no
party," declared Blumenberg.
���<<^��*��-'<o��^>e'^��*��>e-*>��'*��'0 -���
I How to Purify ,
the Blood I
4) "Fifteen   to   thirty drops  of ft
5  Extract  of   Root*,   commonly h
J} called  Mother  Seigel's Curative I
A  Syrup, may be taken in water A
f   with meals and at bedtime, for \
Q  the cure of indigestion, connti- y
*)  pation and bad blood.   Periist-
h   ence in this treatment will effect
J,  a cure in nearly every case."
A  Get the genuine at drugpists.   a
The Poor Man's Friend.���Put up in
small bottles that are easily portable
and sold for a very small sum, _ Dr.
i; Thomas' Eclcctric Oil possesses more
power in concentrated form than one
hundred times-the-quantity of many
unguents. Its cheapness and the varied uses to which it can be put make
it the poor man's friend. No dealer's
stock is complete without it.
U.S. shipping board' here that ;.ninc
members ;,of "th"ccrew_ were .lost; cightjGo<l through him. set-forth the. con-
having been"killed'by the 'explosion [ditions'.upon which, the-nation's w'cl-
and one-dying of. exposure in the'boal'jfar.c could ".be, ������ maintained,-' namely,
after" thc "ship had- sunk. "Thc 35 su.i'.-|.whdlc''hcartcd obedience to God, ahd
vivors  were.'.landed :,_ at;,, "Hartlepool,
England;'. ..".'���."-'..-.  -\: -"'"'--'-.  .'!  '   "-"-'-."-'
-Assurance iias'- been' * received at
Medicine"-; Hat. that;.' work, on . .'the
continuation' of; the; G.N.R.- line from
the Red-..Deer river to",Medicine 'Hat
\vill. lie- "co.niiilcnccd. as. soon..as .-.the
wcatlief. permits. ''      . ������_---        "'...-'
... ���-�����.��v����i>��v*^��r'*<i.��-6-��r*"*-��"��
-����������.������.�������..< _������..��.*
Hurrah I How's This; i
"Made in Canada"
Is all -ready to brush on���anyone can apply- it evenly
and smoothly. And it gives a hard, durable, lustrous
finish,, that stays', fresh and bright, and. wears, and
jK-parsj and wears.   ' -'.  "',"";���-..���"���-'"-'���.',"' - - -.,' :.--' .;..*>.,--'
. It costs' less to-use. i!i an any other "floor paint,
... because ir covers-more surface andwears.longcr.  '
:".'..;'We-haye Sen ou r's-Flo or Paints in" many'beautiful
/ colors, ysiiitablc .for every-:_f!oor.' in";thc< house." -from.-
-,kitche'n' to- garret. ������'. iyXX '��� 'yX'i.-- "������' '������' ii; '-"'iX- Xy. '���'���
;V.vAddrcs"s-- all ..inquiries': loyxX. ':"-���-, ..'/,;.:.' ������.-:"' hX-X. 'i.
;:J^Winnipeg.;. x ot; X i   YsLneoweT ��� '���'���
Experts Study Conditions
St. Johns, .Nfld. ��� A party of airmen and meteorological.experts from
England have.arrived here to conduct observations on air conditions in
connection with plans for trans-Atlantic flights.'. They expect to remain
several months,, making; a;- thorough
study of wind,currents -and"'rnetcoro-'
logical conditions generally,'..through
the spring.,and summer.).'-Members-of-'
the party, have.Ibcen assigned to": visit
various parts' of 'the island and to:."fix
"upon;tlic. njosti'suitablc- point'-;from
^yhich. to. conduct, observations..,
Cincinnati  authority says corns'
dry up and lift out
'.    with  fingers.. ���  .
separation' from- their  wicked   neighbors.    / :,,"" ;."������'. - X,'-".-: '     ,"��� ��� .;���.-.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.-
foj,Group;.found nothing to equal it;
sure. cure.   .""-.   --'.'���-"���..." . ...   .-"' - .-.
��� 'CHAS:  E.,SHARP. ',
Hawkshaw, N;B.',- Se.pl,/is;, ,1905.--.
To Erect Exhibition Buildings
Calgary, Alta. ���- The industrial exhibition is about to commence buildings at Victoria park. The buildings
to be erected this year will be. a cement grandstand,' seating eight thousand people, costing approximately
$80,000, and a fireproof cattle barn
and sale ring, seating, about"-eighteen
hundred people under the-same roof
as the cattle stable' Thc cattle barn
will likely'accommodate between-two
and three hundred head.
Ready Made Houses-
Regina, Sask.���A ready' made house
company.has located here, and since
thc "beginning of January have ".sold
the. material (ready cut), for 100
houses.    ������. ... -���"'.-      ...
or wntoLyman-Knox Co., Montreil,P.Q. Price 60c.
Remember thr namc at it mieM not be feen aeain
The safe way to send money by mail is by
Dominion   Express  Money   Order.
Bar Alien Immigrants
Ottawa. ��� Entry to Canada of immigrants of German, Austro-Hun-
garian, Bulgarian or Turkish races or
nationality has been prohibited except with the permission of the minister of immigration and colonization.
Cascarets Work
While You Sleep
No headache, biliousness, upset stomach or constipation tomorrow
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Normal School for Saskatoon
Saskatoon, Sask. ~ Proposals are
afoot to have the ncw $300,000 normal
sclioblbuilding, which is.estimated to
cost ultimately one million dollars^ in-
cludingan eight room practice school,
a twelve rooni practice school. building and a. gjMwna'siuin, erected iiv-lhe
city park, near thc thickly settled resT
identi'alarca,' rather than 'on, the' University grounds on "the east side- of
thc Saskatchewan fiver.    -.-   -",.-  .:;. ������
- . Establish Atlantic Telephone
London. ~-X The; establishment-
Spend 10 cents���feel grandl. Tonight, take Cascarets" to liven' your
liver and clean your bowels. Stop
the,headaches, bilious spells, sourness,
gases, coated tongue, bad breath, sal-
lowness. and constipation���Take Cascarets-and enjoy the .nicest,, gentlest
"inside cleansing", you ever experienced. Wake up. f.eeljng' fine. Casca4
rets "is best-cathartic for ��� children.
Taste-like .candy. No disappointment!
Thirty, million boxes pf this harmless,
famous cathartic "arc sold each year
now.'' ,      ...
.  Protected by Machine Guns
Berlin, ���"The diet at Munich was
opened, to thc 'accompaniment o* ; a
strong military display, according"'to
Munich dispatches to-the Zcitung Am
"Mittag. "All. the entrances to ��� tlie
-building" were strongly guarded, and
machine, guns" were" posted^""on"~the
'roof.- Militia and police were distributed, throughout" lhc. house."' ,
. Tlic deputies - and" . the" newspaper
men were, .searched for.weapons before- they were -allow.ed -XQ, enter. No
one-; was allowed.'iii'the. galleries, ex-
. .--.     ��� - .-   ,-. -    .--, -..-���,-���   . ic'ept tlic press'gallery:
.wireless telephony- between ..'Ireland'���""      -       ���     -      -
and-.Ganada'is.announced by-.tlie. Marconi "company, .  ..-':.;"    "'.-���'-.-'   '���'"!  ./ .--
No.7 Bread in the Caucasus
. New  York. ���" 'Thousands  of- men, j
women.'and.' children arc. s.tarviiig    to
death in .the  Caucasus,, according  to
thc first report  from: Dr.- Jaincs    L.'l
Barton, chairman of  the commission |
recently sent lo thai; region by    the
United States.
"There i< no. bread anywhere," says
the report, "the   government' has not
'- Hospital records show that everv
time you.cut a corn you invite Jock-
jaw or blood poison, which is'needless, says a Cincinnati "authority, who-
tells you ;tliat a quarter ounce- of a'
drug called frcezone can be. obtained
at little cost from flic drujf store but
is sufficient to rid one's feet.of every
hard or soft corn or callus. [.., po���nili .��rhcrc arc 45;000 people in
You simplv .applv   a    tew drops of       ' ,   ,,       . . ,        ,        ,   ,
freezonc on a tender,, aching corn aiiiiitr,van "hoI1>' without bread, and the
soreness is instantly relieved.. Shortly iorphanages    and   troops all.through-
the entire coin" can b.c lilted put, roof! eut   Erivan   arc  in   n  terrible  condi
and   all,   without .pain.
This  drug is .sticky but    dries    at
once and is claimed, to just shrivel up
any  corn   without inflaming  or even
irritating -the. surrounding tissue
skin.       ���-"���."...'���
If your wife wears, high heels she
will be glad to know of this.
Sinn Feiner,Escapes:
..'.���   Dublin.' ���: An.other Sinn Fein-
' nicmbcr of .the  house vi com-.
mons';'"R. .C;.-'B.'irtbn,  repixsent-
. ing -W.'cst AV'icklow, has escaped
frbin :.Mount.'   Joy . .'p.ii'sp-ii,' -in"
Diibliii.' .The  warders, .'found   n.
.dummy in-his bul' and the'window  bar- sawed  through.'.    :Mi\
Barton- is   a ;-!argc- land  Owner.-
He , formerly, was -aii -officer   in.
the   Dublin   Fusiliers,   Wi. -.quit'
tlic -army and'joined"'the  Sinn-
">-  Millions.to'.Bey Spent at Dayton '-'
Dayton,- 0.'���;Montgo'iiiery county
is- going, ahead -t,his'..'spring"1 with   the
construction'of bridges'-valued at $1,-
500,000, tc. replace - those "destroyed - in
flic flood.' 'Another, million -dollars .is
!'tq  be.'; spent  in tlfc-..dey clop ment.'of
.ilhe'W.rJgh't'-Dayto.n .airplane    fafcldry
!-coiner.'   Th.cse'/p'rojeel's!:will-   prpvidc
!.r.mployiiieiit---fp'r-' 1,500 inch.''      .';'--
;..'.-Three " cars.". of ���, -crciu'iU'ry ~-'Ifut'tcr
i-liavc been sent froiii' Saskatoon to the
jci.ty of ,Xc\v Yprk' as. a trial .>'i.iprricut.
jijriskatcljcwan iih'd,. Manitoba .; butter
jajtractcd the attention'of Nc"\y"."York
Iibuycrs -who were in" *��f.'-Pai *. roccnt-
ily, "and they' .immediately-decided to
.���order,'.- _a
��� shiphient ^for "lhc  eastern
= A--, joint... plowing ' match ..-vis-:Bcing
arrangcd.'by --���.four,.locals .01 .'-Grain
Growers.Jn the vicinity of Guernsey;
- , " .Still Building. . . . J;.
;. .In addition "to :thc number .of,. Grain
Grower- haH.S'-which.'.h.ivc'.becn erected
during tlic last two or. three sycars; in
Saskatchewan, afrangenicn'ts' arc bc-
jng"riiadc:for several more-during- thc
'approaching, sumnicr,    '.'.-; ,-���:,..-"-',
B.C. Catch of Fish Sets Record
Prince Rupert, R.C ^��� The Fcbrti-
oriary- fishing business- represented thc
largest.'catch for that month of any
year-since the industry began to be
developed at this port. Halibut to
the, anion nt ��� of: 824.S00 pounds passed
through Prince.;-Rupert: in"...February,
establishing^ a",new..record.;-''-!y.'���".������-. ":���'.
;^^otK��!^^*$r;t ivtX';:: a$X&i&Jv&k jtf
iftisyii is.i0; 0zeixX hx_ _};foy n.^| >i tly^fcBfe
W.-  :N.,'    U.     J2Z6.
Appeals Against.,Sentence, .
"- Paris. -���-An- appeal, has'been yen
tered against .the "death .sentence pas
scd-.on EiBtle Cottin,-the assailant of-
Prcni'icr-'ClciiVcnccai:'.- .��� '.-;, .-.,.
Gvef4,0QQ "-school children are; riot?
"enrolled in "the .public schools-of Re-
i.ginaw;    .;' ,'-;.''��� :���'-.;, -���.. XX.X "���Xyi. -'X'X-.
Stomachs tire of
same diet,    s
When -the appetite be-
comes faded; it's siir-
prisin^ how a^ickly the
digestion responds to
,"'a.'ysaucei^ 'ofyXxx^xx1 'x?'x'r
. .___a_ri*ci*-fe>eid! ^tni'iieaiSit.Wi HK8.;V
H .X,:?
"Is $2 a year strictly in advance, or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the eud of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices       700
Estray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5,00 for each additional claim.)
All other'legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent' insertion, nonpariel
James McGillivary, Dead
James McGillivary died at Cranbrook on Wednesday, March 19th,
from influenza. James has lived
in tbe Boundary and Kootenay for
the past 20 years, and was well
liked by all who knew him, who
will be sorry  to hear of his death.
He is survived by his mother
and sister, who reside at Chinook,
Alberta, and four brothers, two of
whom are overseas, Hugh of
Greenwood, and John who was
with him when he died.
'What Good is the Robin'
The blue cross means that
j'our subscription is due, and
that the editor would bepleased
to have more money.
Women's Institute
The   Boundary    Women's   Institute of  Greenwood are a very
active organization, and its members have  done a great works for
the boys'   overseas and at home.
In 1914 the members of the Institute decided thafe as there was
no Eed  Cross Society  here, they
would  direct all their  efforts to-
���wards that good cause.    They have
made an excellent showing and fehe
reader will have a good idea of the
work done when the last paragraph
of this article is read.     Now,   that
the fighting has ceased, there is no
great demand for Red Cross supplies overseas,  fehe Institute have
made their final shipment  to  Eed
Cross, Vancouver.    This does not
mean that they will Btop working,
but, in fature,  the Institute  will
Bfeill"carry on" and besides doing
their regular   work,,   feheir   main
efforts  will  be   directed   towards
helping local hospitals for Canadian
soldiers.    The average attendance
-.. of the members during the war
was  10.1,  and the  work done by
/ohem is as follows: ','������.
Red  Cross  $1,551.85, Prisoners
of War Fund  $128.05,  Y.M.C.L.-
���  $281. G8, Belgian-Relief $179,; Serbian Relief $25,   Armenian  Relief
. ��25,   Roumanian  Relief $10;.Soldiers Comfort-Bag Fund, $10; Hos-
,'pital Ship $25,  Navy -League $7.5,
Machine Gun Fund $100,V899 prs
of knitted  socks,  89 suits of pyjamas,-   845   operation "stockings,.
251. surgical ��hirts, 100 prs slippers/
47.0 personal.���> property; bags,   67
, -sheets, 16 draw ^sheefes, -108.pillow-.
{;. cases, 3.day: shirts..; 520 hotwater
' ..bottle covers;-104; T. bandages,  50
. housewives,   ,65 -trench   caps,., 4.
. 'sweatees,. 1  knitted   vest,   2   pre
knitted wristlets, i night shirts, 21
.: stretcher,caps,;6 handkerchiefs,, 19
"binders;, four pair' .of blankets,. 92
������; flannel .fomentation    clothe,   243.
... wash cloths,'3689 clothes  of various sizes. ,2  bales of old linen, 2.
bbla magazines overseas;   Bale, to
. Queen Mary's Guild containing 18
dresses,    15   bloomerB,   16   night
gownB, 13'pra boys pants 11 romp-.
ers 18 blouses 3 aprons,   13 shirts,
'���. .4. corset covers, 1  pr stockings,  3
caps; 125 jars of fruit to Balfour,
17 prs. knitted  socks  Balfour,   88
Christmas boxes to boys overseas,
35 comfort bags to  wounded soldiers overseas; box to Calgary containing 12 shirts, 12 suits pyjamas,
12 prs bed socks,  24  prs knitted
. socks, 2 dozen towels. .
"Now, what good is the robin?
Everybody knows the robin. A
boy came along the road wifeh a
.22 rifle, saw a robin sitting there,
and killed it. I went over and
picked the robin up. Two cutworms were squirming on the
ground; the robin had had them
in his beak. I held the bird up,
and two more fell out of hie mouth.
Remember, one cutworm will cut
down .five tomato plants in a night.
The cutworm does his work and
fehen hides under the soil; Mr.
Robin comes hopping along, picks
in there and pulls him out���and
turns him into a robin. If anyone
tells you that a robin will destroy
one hundred cutworms in a day,
take it from him that it is true."���
Jack Miner at the National Conference on Game and Wild Life.
They Lie in France Where Lilies Bloom
They   lie   in  France
Where   lilies  bloom;
Those    flowers   pale.
That guard each tomb
Are   ' saintly     souls
That   smiling   stand
Close    by   them    in
That martyred land.
And mutely there the long night shadows creep
From quiet hills to mourn for them who sleep,
While o'er them through the dusk so silently
The grieving clouds that slowly drift to sea,
And lately round them moaned the Winter wind
Whose voice, lamenting, sounds so coldly kind.
Yet in their faith those waiting hearts abide
The time when turns forever   that   false tide.
In   France   they   lie
Where   lillies ,bloom
Those     flowers   fair
For them made room.
Not    vainly    placed
The     crosses    Btand
Within    that    brave
And   stricken    land;
Their    honor   lives,
Their   love  endurt-s,
y Their    noble   death
The   right    assures,
For they shall have their hearts' desire;
They  who,   unflinching,  braved the fire,
Across-the fields their eyes at last shall see
Through clouds and mist the bonds of victory.
���Percival Allen, in the New York Times.
The Tons You Eat
The Millennium Guild takes the
daily average of half a pound of
meat eaten by each inhabitant of
the United Stages and finds that in
50 years the average meat eater
consumes four tons and a half, or,
to put it in another way, this average person, at-the end of 50 years,
has eaten enough tons, of meat to
the equivalent of 6 beef cattle, 15
calves, 22 sheep, 40 lambs, 10 hogs,
100 turkeys, 200 chickens and
ducks, one deer, besides pigeons
and small birds a goodly number.
What a. slaughter house, we have
made out of the world! Yet, two-
thirds of the population of the
globe, it is estimated, never eat
meat;."- Among these latter rare
irtillions.of sturdy, healthy toilers.
We" also know that the horse, the
ox, the elephant���-strongest of our
animal; .'workers, .build. . .their
strength on grasses.and cereals.   :
For Sale;
���,Light.--;iatni-- wagon atid set
double."work ���- harnessf . apply'io
xX;:\;.xyX 'w^:c.'WILSON; '"
The top market price paid and equitable grading made
We are registered with and recognizee! by the United
States War Trade Board and all of the.Collectors of
Customs under License P. B. F-30> and you can send your
furs to us direct by our tag or any tag, changed to suit, if .,-'..
. marked "Furs of Canadian Origin" and your furs will come
right through,       ,
The rules and ethics of the exchange do not permit of
sending out alluring price-lists, yet we will .give you an   .
".. exact and expert grading and pay you at a rate of fiyo tp;
twenty-five cents more on the dollar than the; average
advertising fur companyas we cutout all middle-man's
profit in'dealing direct with you.
4* * * 4* .�������� 4*4v$ 4r ���&�� $> 4�� ������
��� *
FLOAT ih not a periodic- Jju
\ al.    It is a  book con- jT
taining 86 illustrations ail "j
told,   and   is   filled    with 4��
sketches   and    stories   pf ��$���
western;life.   it. tells how ����_;
& gambler cashed in after ^
the flush days of Sandon ; T
how it rained in New Den- j
ver  long after  Noah  was "r
dead; how a parson took a 4*
drink   at  Bear    Lake   in ��|��
early   days;   how    justice ^
was dealt in Kaslo in '93; ��
,y,  how  the saloon  man out- *J
ju prayed the women in Kala- rt
"T mazoo, and graphically de- 4s
j�� picts the,  roamings  of   a ����>
���P. western editor among   the ju
Muddy Day
~X ii'tyHenrietta/''.   exclaimed;.-";.Mr;
Meektpn, all of a suddens .yXTm.
. ; going to pafc myyfoot down-f;1'V
������--.'".���'."!- was just- going; feo,";_speak - of
..fehat," she interrupted'. V'Youare
:.going!to,put both feet iiown���on
yyfebafe. mat^:.on...fehe. fronfe step  aiid
.-: wipe fehem carefully fehe; nexfe: time
;': in ton Star.'      ".���':' '""''-.     .. -' .
���;.,' WHen ay man
--never wapfes it
, want's a dgar.be
���$�� tender-feet in the cent belfc.
<���� It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of'. the Silver King mine.
"T In rife .are printed-rthree
juywestern poems, and dozens
-jT; of .articles" fepo .numerous
"|V to.mention.: Send for one
4*:. before: ife is. too late; The
�������:. price7 is.:y25 cents, post-.
:��J��: paid; t6': any part ofyy the
*������''" world,-, ;. Address 'all ' jet-,
,   ters to ,y ��� '"'/ "'  " X:
T '������
������     GREiENWOOBV B. C.,   ��^
���*���"���-:;:-:::        "������"/y-':.:.    *
It's The Truth
The  first physicians  by debauch were
Excess began and sloth sustains the trade.
By chase our long-lived- fathers earn'd
their food;
Toil strung the nerves, and purified the
But we their sons a pamper'd race of men,
Are dwindled down to threescore years
and ten.
Better to hunt in fields for health un-
Than   fee   the   doctor   for   a   nauseous
The wise for cure on exercise depend:
God never made  his work for man to
���John Dryden.
Tulameen Botel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,.
fine rooms and tasty- meals.
A. O. JOHNSON      ���     PROP.
Peace Is Here
Everybody will want to celebrate and unless
you have the Flu you can't do it in the old fashioned
way. , But we can all celebrate with, a" good
New Year and anticipating this we will have aship^
ment arrive in* a few days ot Everything thats good
all the trimmings for a good old holiday feed,
If an increase in Business of more than Double
is a sign of Square Deals^and reasonable prices we
are all there.   Come over and see for yourself,
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building
Myncaster, B.C.
S**4v4,'$"&,&,&"&,4"$'4"4' -4*4.4��4��4"4��44����fr4����i����4��4��
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts, in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Praying
Palace   Livery  And
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
Old   newspapers   for   sale   at
The Ledge office.     Get some he
fore they are all gone.
llelson, B.C.
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
V   ���   MINING
The only up^to/date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hotand Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each! room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
_ Steam Heated; Electric Lighted. ���   \
RATES $1.00 ger day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
+ .
Good advertising has saved
many a town and district from
an early death.     '
the Figures
Notice how the cost���and the
cash value���of the stamp advances each month until, on the
1st day of January, 1924, the
Dominion of Canada is pledged
to pay $5.00 for each W-S.S.
���-.;_��� ���     SYNOPSIS   OF      "
_' Pre-emiitlonnow confined to surve. ������*
!and3 only.
- Records'will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which is non-timber land."
Partnership   pre-emptions " abolished,'
but parties of not-more than four may
^ arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
joint residence, but each making neces- '
sary. improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims ' for
five years'and make  improvements   to..
value of-$10 per acre, including clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, be--
fore receiving Crown-Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation  not
less than 3 years, and has made "propor- .
tlonate improvements, he .may, because",
of ill-health'or other cause, be-granted.
Intermediate certificate of- improvement"**
and'transfer his claim."'  . -    -t"
- Records.wlthout "permanent"'residence '���'
.-'may be" issued provided applicant makes
"improvements to extent of $300 per. an- ���
-numand records same-each yoar.   Pail-
' ure-. to- make, improvements ~ "or. record .
same will operate as .forfeiture...~.TItle-
. cannot be obtained- on  these claims-, in --
less than" 5 years, with improvements of-
���$10 per acre, including'5 acres cleared.'
and   cultivated,   and - residence.' of ���_ at '.
���least 2 years.- .    -.    r-      '��� -.        ��� -��� --:'. ������;
'. - Pre-emptor-holding Crown' Grant may' -
-record another  pre-emption,   if. he. re-..
?[ulres"  land  .in" conjunction '.with   his. .
arm,'-without; actual, occupation, "provided statutory improvements made-arid
residence maintained on Crown granted.-
- land; '��� . , ''-",'���������.
' Unsurveyed areRS, not.'eiceedirig 20y
acroB,--.-may be leased- as - homesites; :
title to.ba-obtatned after.lulfllling"resir.
dential -and improvement-conditions.
' For grazing, and industrial purposes,,-
areas exceeding 640 acres.may.be leased,"
by one person or .company.
. .' The scope of this Act Is enlarged to.
Include all persons Joining 'and serving
with His-'MaJoBty'8--Forces, - Tho. time
within.-which the heirs or. devisees'of a:
deceased  pre-emptor    may  -ajiply for
title under this Act ls extended .-from-
one year from tho death of such person,
as formerly, until one year- after the
conclusion  of ' the" present -war;    This",
privilege is also' made' retroactive.
��� " Provision ls made for" the grant to
persons holding' uncompleted. Agreements to Purchase from the. Crown of'
such proportion of "the land, if divisible,
tis the payments already made will
cover-In proportion to tho sale price of
tho whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their Interests and apply for a proportionate allotment Jointly'. If It is not .
considered advisable to divide, the land
covered by .an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected' from available
Crown lands In the locality may be
made.. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality." The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from tbe Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision' of
the Minister of Lands in respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
ls final. ' The time for.making'application for these ''allotments is limited to -
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any. appllcal-
tlon made after this date will not be
considered. These allotments ��� apply to
town lots and laiyis' of the Crowyi sold
*0>5bJ!^*uoiypnG   ;, . ^   ..   ,   #.  ;
;  For information apply to any Provincial Government Agent or to     -
"-.'";."���   G. R.,NADEN, ;
Deputy Minister of Lands,
':��� .   ",-.;.Victoria,''.B.C.":";-
. V
Everyone responds to courtesy, face to face ' 'tal eph*ne
to telephone." Not one" person in a hundred is "ret" iu his
telephone manners; not one in a, hundred will reply with
deliberate bmskuess if the smile in our voice reaches hinforbor.
A genial telephone voice marks that true cordiality which
is the basis of successful business and real friendship.
"What makes von think all
wonieii hate each other?,?
."Because a woman 60 seldom
brings ap a son fit to be. another
woman's husband.'*-
- E. ]VI. _ WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist; - Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Chargesi���Gold, Silverj Lead or Copper.
$i. each. Gold-Silver,"" (single "assay."
jti'.oo"." Goid-Silver- (duplicate,-.,'assay)
$1.50;. Silver-Lead $1.50 ' Silver-Lead-
Ziric $3.00.. ��� Charges forpth^r.metals etc
on application". -~; "'-   ',' ���",".'
All   they_, latesttmethods] in   high-class
."Dentistry. ' '���
Corner Abbott &��Hastings~Streets.
;.Sead- a $1- to; The Ledge and
get 10 diflferent'copies of Lowery's
Claim.   ,'    ". .' ��� '-" '���
Optometrist and Graduate Optician, cerr
BOX 865 ' tified by Provincial ;Board of Examiners.
������Economy and Satisfaction
combined with Promptness
are the features^ which go to
make up the Servic^'we give
our customers. Are "yoii
one of them?
Letterheads, Noteheads,
(Ruled or Plain)
Envelopes, Bfflheads,;
,"**m '
;_____!!   -".  *'
ers, ; Dodgers^ &c^ &c. 3
g      GREENWOOD ':���       Job ^M^iQ^im^^^


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