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The Ledge Jul 10, 1919

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Array \t
* j
'       xi-      t
o P
fProvincial Library
Vol.   XXV.
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHbNE 28        iX       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Deki Julia 65c
�����    Choice Bulk Tea 60c per lb.      Choice Spider Lee Tea 70c    ^
I Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN      |
S~ Canada Food Board License Mo. 8-6251 ;3
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps-~50c each..
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each,
60 Watts
100    "
200   ������
'   /   $1,25 each
-    -   2.00  ������
/   ���    3.50."
Greenwood City Waterworks Go.
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and-travellers. Touch the
~ wire if you want rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
AADA FOOD BOARD LICENSE. NO. 113 .     7   7
.-,;     ' Dealers in .Fresh and Salt Meats, FisH ���   7
7 and Poultry.    Shops in nearlyiall the;      7W
towns o$X the Boundary /and Kootenay..
The development of the mineral deposits
throughout Canada js of paramount importance to tihgjxmxiiry.XzH
X Therearemany ways in which this Bank
caa assist miners.   Call upon us and let us;
explain what a complete banking service; 7  ���
���;mean3 to you, ��� ". ���        . -xi   '��� ���.:"���- -, XX-X;
Xareenwodd Branch > L. E^Brawders, Manager
.--Before buy ing see me about
Motor tractors and complete line
of Farm implements
MIDWAY    ���      -     B. C.
We Are Now Showing
Mens Fine Shoes
Mens Work Boots
Mens Tennis Shoes
Boys Serviceable School
/    Shoes
Mens Fine Hats and Caps
W. Elson 0 Co
Pool Room and First-Class
Barber Shop
Clears, Tobaccos, Soft Drinks.
Ice-Cream Parlor in Connection
Come in Often
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson, B.C
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillnc cars, and -, Republic
truck motors'      . Garage in ccmnectipn.
. For. .Sale.-���A',Perfection", A,
wire-stitching.;- machine.". /Apply
to The Ledge. 7.        7 -   77 .
did newspapers, for .sale at
The Ledge: office. Get som��s before they are all gone. , .7
Was It Fred^Hosking?
'" "Did .7you have a good time afe
the dance last night?"-'
.   "Kinda." ��� ,.J.;
���-.��� "Whip was -*ha6"handsome chap
I saw you with after the intermission?"
/'He.isa stranger-in.town.".
. ."Dashing," isn'fehe?'?7v / '"������:'Z 7
-'.'���' '.''Nerviest gink I everseen." ,:
"I. notice he had his arm rather
tightly about yovu'V^w 7- .77ix; '���':���'���
���-������'���'91 didn't mind that.sO" much.'7
;������,?������ What theii?" 'i-X'X ixyiy'Ax'yi
"- "Do yon know why he had me
clutched, that way?''77 'Xxi. ���: i
OX^6^i-.x%Xi Xx':X lxiXr.'yiy.
;;<< Well, /would yon. believe it, he
had me that way?so. Iiicouldn't
escape, and all the time^we : were
dancing he was trying to sell me
eome life insurance.?" ;; ..  y -Z-'��� i
1 Around Home
Ninety five degrees in the shade
on Wednesday.
Mrs. Alex Greig is visiting
relatives in Vancouver.
(Miss Alice Kerr will teach
school in Trail next term.
The potato crop in Anaconda
has a fresh green appearance.
The sound of the mowing machine is heard in the land.
At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
The Imperia-1 Bank has opened
a branch in Creston.
The compressor has been removed from the No. 7 mine.
Tim Sullivan has returned to
Beaverdell from Westbridge.
Frank Haverty has returned to
the Forks from Germany.
Caughey McCallum has returned to the Forks from overseas.
Miss M. Anderson, pf Vancouver-,' is visiting her parents here.
Mrs, F. A. Johnson and son
are visiting at Copper Mountain.
W. Mark DeCew is now manager of a sawmill at Hutton, B. C.
Roy Curran has gone north
from Grand Forks to work at
W. J. Pearson has- "been appointed a fire warden at Grand
G. Wv A. Smith, of the. Ledge
staff, is spending his holidays at
Christina Lake. .    ��
Soon as cars are available the
Providence mine will begin shipping.to Trail.
Peck MacSwain is spending
his summer holidays in Princeton.
We have received another lot of
navy and light colored prints.
G. A. Rendell.
On June 21 Osoyoos sent the
first B. C. Bing cherries to Calgary.
Full line of fishing tackle at
Goodeve's Drug store. The fishing season is open.
^Dancing every Wednesday evening.at Christina Lake "Pavilion.
Refreshments served.
The provincial government has
obliterated the tenderloin district
in Rossland.
Fresh strawberries and other
fruits, and lettuce, three times a
week.    G. A. Rendell,
Fresh killed beef and , veal fof
sale every Saturday, 20c upwards.
J. Meyer, Government street.
R, B. Masterton has gbne to
Victoria to attend the Summer
School for teachers.
D Frank Latham of Grand Forks
has gone to Moose Jaw to work
in his brother's store.
Mrs. Cuthbertson and family
haye moved to Allenby for the
-Mr. McPherson-came- in - on
Tuesday,-to again take charge of
the C.P.R. depot.
Hon. J; H. King, Minister of
Works, Victoria, will be in
Greenwood next Monday.
Mrs. D. McLeod and family
have gone to spend the summer
holidays at Copper Mountain.
Last Friday, John Butarac and
John Wilmes were drowned at
Trail when their boat capsized.
i-iP.y Burns & Co., will -deliver
meat twice a week-; in Phoenix,
irom their shop in'rGreenwoodiV
\ White canvas ladies qxfords,-
white canvas "girls slippers and
boys running shoes at Rendell's.
V..There are12 men working at
the Providence mine/, and /the
number will be. increased in the
near future/ ���: "._"'������..-.7'���"���'";.���.' -"'/--'
��� JBva:Murray has charge of the'
telephone office*, while"Miss Sinclair is spending her holidays , in
Butter, should not be eaten in"
hot weather. It hurts your liver
and is liable to. tear abig hole in
your pocket. ' ...     .
Royal Household Flour,, made
by the Ogilvie Flour Mills company -is the Standard for Canada.
Get a sack f rom G. A. Rendell.
The Ledge is $2 a year ih
advance. ;��� When not paid for
three - months.; ;it .is $2.50,7 and
=when 'paid'at end of year it-is $3.
;\ Paul Cauldrey Has beenappoin-
ted manager of the L�� Roi" Np 2
mine in-.Rossland. ..Ernest Levy
is going to.Cuba for Hill & Stew-
'artXxX;':--." ";Xyyx,yyyi Z-y'Xy-X; -
X"-In. Franklin Camp five- men are
working ..tat:, the . Union :��� mine-;
WhenDr..-KiBsgstp.H'smotpr truck
arrives shipments rwill begin  to
Trailh:'."i xyxyXy.XiX;i-X;XXXx;-Xy
x Cantaloupes,.. retail -". -for - five
cents .each "in SanDiego/f.-The
same.costs dealers in, Greenwood,
.cents.' -������.:- '-.: "��� XyxXyX'-x, ]rXXy.x
The people in Greenwood and
vicinity would like, a better
arrangement, in regard to getting
mail and express on and off the
early morning trains.
The telegraph service is rather
slow these-days. It sometimes
takes about 20 hours for a telegram to travel between Princeton and Greenwood.
For Sale���Excelsior two speed
motorcycle, cheap-for cash. Also
Perkins Cabinet Phonograph, 39
inches high, by 18x15 and 15 records, $40. R.J. Draisey, Phoenix
Last week the Consolidated began shipping fluorspar concentrates to Trail, from its mill at
Lynch Creek. About 50 men are
employed at the Rock Candy
mine and mill.
Alex. McLeod died in Nelson
last wtek from cancer of the
stomach. He was a pioneer of
the Ainsworth camp, arriving
there about 35 years ago. He
owned the Tarn O'Shahter mine.
H. R. Bidder received word
last week of his mothers death in
Marysville. He was unable to
reach Cranbrook in time for the
funeral, owing to it taking
about two days for a telegram, to
reach him from that town,
A fierce bush fire, started on
Monday near the reservoir and on
Tuesday night Jerome McDonnell
had great difficulty in saving his
farm buildings. He had to fight-
fire all night as the fire came
within 100 feet of his barn.
On Tuesday, sneak thieyes entered the home in broad daylight
of Geo. Bryan and stole all his
curtains, even7 unto the pins
thereof. When the thieves are
caught, it will no doubt be found
that they belong, to the foreign
��� Dr. Hodge, professor of geology
at the B. C. University will be in
Greenwood shortly,< and spend a
w_eek examining silver and copper
properties around this city. He
is much interested in the wonderful showings of mineral around
Grand Forks people should not
rest, until the rich land tributary
to that city has a thorough "system of irrigation. Rock Creek
and other points adjacent to
Greenwood would be more prosperous if water was more plentiful.
The Grand Forks Gazette says,
that the Phoenix School Board
will engage four teachers to commence the fall term.- Principal
Beal, Mr. Donaldson, assistant,
and Miss Fjeldsted will probably
remain. Mrs. Thomas and Miss
Munro have resigned.
Joe Brandon returned last week
to Silverton after spending
months in California. His many
friends say that Joe is not mentally unbalanced, although it is
reported that he paid $140 to ride
140 miles in an aeroplane. If so,
he should also have gone to Toledo and dug up $60 for a ringside
seat.   _ _    _ _ .  _     _   .
Buller's Dog and Pony Show
will, be in Greenwood on July 15.
-The show carries 100 head of
trained animals and a total of 100
people, while the performance is
further strenghtened by the ad-
ditionfjof some prominent circus
acts, including aerial artists, iron
jawllperformers, acrobats, barrel
jumpers and jugglers. No circus
would be complete without clowns
and there is a troupe of circus
clowns^and .jesters 'assisted .by
fun1 '��� makers 7 Buller's - Concert
Band will.also be in attendance.
Free street parade at 11 o'clock.
Hundreds of people-,from the,surrounding district-will be in
Greenwood oh July .15. ; Visitors
to the grounds are allowed plenty
of time to inspect the animals before tfaeperformance starts.
We have a hunch that there, will
not be a general strike in the min-
ihgeamps of. B.;C. -There   is no
doubting the higher efficency of the
soldiers ^returning > from   Europe,
compared with the labor we have
had during the war..   Nearly 250,-
000 men have   been   returned to
Canada since the first of the year.
Aliens are being rapidly discharged
by the-mines, and feheir places are
toa great extent being taken by
returned   Canadians.     .These   are
creating ..a. new   condition ; in  the
labor.sifenation, reducingthe power
of the,radically.inclined .aliens. /
7 7''Vegetables too close together
are as injurions to reach .other, as
weeds; "states a gardening expert.
W.haS worries the average gardener
is inducing the vegetablea.to' girow
withih.hpeable.; distance-; pf 7,'each
other. "X-yyr        ... - 7 xXXXX..;
I Western Float"
A new fish cannery is being
built near Bamfield.
The cut worms were . busy at
Keremeos last month.
Mayor Archer of Kaslo has not
drawn to a bobtail this year.
Two yellow bears were killed
near Christina Lake last month.
There are 79 autos in Nelson,
and some of them are paid for in
What is the name of the young
lady in Nelson who walks in her
Gasoline is 50 cents a gallon in
Creston. . Ife is 22 cents a gallon in
A. E. Axfeen of Kamloops, is
now manager of fehe Adelphi hotel
in Merritt.
Nelson people would do more
business if they would advertise in
The Ledge.
Deer are plentiful along the
highway, between Alberni and
French Creek.
"" At his bee ranch near Keremeos
Mr. Pedy will gather a ton of
honey this year.
George E. Eussell, made a trip
in a canoe, from Seattle to Prince
Ruperfe in 35 days.
During 1918, 223 vessels were
built in Canada. Of this number
79 were steel ships.
Float will soon be out of print.
Tbe Ledge sfeill has a few more for
sale at 50 cents each.
Mrs. J. T. Lowery, of Victoria,
was the first woman to fly across
fehe gulf in an airplane.
A Kaslo barber has a lemon tree
in his window. It produces lemons as big'as a small  musk lemon.
A Chinaman is putting up a
85,000 store building in ashcroft.
That town is full of rich Chinamen.
George H. Harrison of Nanaimo,
died last month from heart failure.
He had lived 30 years in the coal
A real^ estate office has been
opened in Ashcroft. The boom
must be coming back to fehe potato
town of the west. - -
W. G. Stevenson died in San
Francisco lasfe month. He ran
hotels in Victoria for many years,
and was a great admirer of horse
A. C. Mills of Ferry, Wash., is
the foremost dairyman in that
state, and is said feo have the fineet
herd   of   Holsteinsin the United
States. t v
British purchasers at Victoria
have placed orders in B. C, for
S20,000,000 feet of lumber to be
shipped via Panama Canal in demountable ships.
Ole Eenton was fined 8500 for
running a moonshine still at Lang-
ley.^ He made booze largely from
raisins- and���prunes.- - His hou3e
was full of '-red" literature.
Charles .McDonald, better known
as Windy, died in Kamloops on
May 30, aged 76 years. He^ went
to the Old Man's Home from"Slocan
Cifey a year or two ago. He was
an oM time miner and had been 25
years in Kootenay.
_ The Creston Beview claims that
Jim Sehofield is, the champion
hand-shaker in B.C., and not John
Keen, as The Ledge stated some
time ago. _ Probably Jim is a grip
or two greater fehan John,: but then
he is nofe nearly as old. The
writer is still positive that no man
in the political .world of Canada as
old in years can equal John Keen,
when it comes to'shaking hands,
kissing babies, or talking in a vigorous and pronounced manner.
An Indian, Simon .Gun-a-noot,
surrendered himself afe Hazelton
last month after being an outlaw
for 13 years, during which time he
made $75,000 - trapping " in the
Babine mountains. He is accused
of-killing Mcintosh a,nd LeClair at
Hazelton in 1906. In "the years
gone by the police spent over ��50,-
000 in trying to' capture this
Indian, who is strong enough to
kill an ox with a blow from his
The first passenger-carrying railway in Canada, the Champiain and
Sfe. Lawrence, was opened on July
23, 1S36, and the length of the
line was 16 miles. The line was
the only one in Cauada until 1S47,
when the railway mileage was increased to 54. In 1851 the mileage had grown to 159 and in 1861
to 2,146. At Confederation, in
1867, the mileage was 2,288." The
total railway mileage of Canada at
the beginning of each decade.from
1S71 to 1911 and in 1917 was as
follows: 1871, 2,695: 1881, 7.331;
1891,13,838;, 1901. JS,M0: 1911,
25,400; 1917, 38,604. according feo
the Canada Year Book for 1918,
issued by tho Census and Statistic
Mining News
The Granby will soon be doubling its output at Anyox.
The Ooregum gold mine in India
has a shaft 5,149 feet deep, ��'The
mine has 60 levels.
. Oscar Lachmund has been appointed general manager of the
United Copper afc Chewelah, Wash.
While prospecting for land in
the Lillooet district, H. S. Brown,
a returned "soldier, found Bome
good placer and platinum ground.
A despatch from Le Pae, Man.,
says: "Nearly a hundred inspec-
feors-and business men have left
this cifey for Mile 235, on fehe
Hudson Bay railway, to stake
mining claims where samples of
silver ore of big value were discovered a week ago by Louis Coteau,
a prospector, who has been in this
section for several months. The
sample of ore brought into this
city is similar to that found in
the Cobalt, Onfe., district, and ife is
the general opinion among miners
that the recent discovery will result in a big rush to this section.
Though there has beeu numerous
discoveries of gold and copper in
the Le Pas district since prospectors started coming in, this is the
first time reports of silver ore discoveries have been made."
The Kaslo Kootenaian says:
Carbonate ore shipments may be
resumed shortly by the Bluebell.���
Six different sets of leasers are
working the upper stopes of the
Whitewater, and 22 men are em?
ployed.-~In June 250 tons of milling ore were shipped from the
Whitewater to the Kaslo concentrator.���Prospective mining investors are vitifeing the South
'Fork.���Work may soon be resumed
on fehe Gold Cure, adjoining the
Gibson on the South Fork.���A. J.
Curie has received an order for two
carloads of manganese from fehe
Trail smelter.���Frank Helme has
bonded to E. F. Green and others
the Silver Bear group of two
claims on the South Fork for
8100,000, with a cash payment of
$10,000. Helme recently boughfe
the claims for $5,000 from Walker
and Jackson of Spokane. The
Bell and Sunsefe have been disassociated from the Utica.
-A mining deal of- importance-fee
the Salmon River district waa
made recently, when J. H. McDonald of Rossland, disposed of
the Rio Tinto group of mineral
claims to A merican capitalists for
860,000." The property is situated
iu British Columbia between the
main Salmon river and the international boundary line, in the Nelson mining division of Wesb Kootenay district, being on the same
veins as the Electric Point mine
near Northport, WaBh'., and the
Emerald- mine afe Sheep Creek,
B.C.. about midway between these
two well-known properties.
Mr. McDonald secured tho property a few years ago and has carried on'a course,of development
work since thafe time, opening up
a .large body of high-grade silver-
lead ore. The. strike -of the vein
being east and west and .dipping tb
the- south. The vein has been
opened up by a series of open cross
cuts for a distance of six thousand
feet, which shows a well-defined
lode laying between walls of echisfe
and lime.
There are two distinct veins on
fehe property and two crosscut, tnn-
nels have been driven to tap the
ore body. The new company has
confined their development work'
to the No. 2 tunnel, which will
tap the ore body "afe considerable
depfeh when completed.
The ore is characteristic to the.
Sheep Creek camp, carrying good
values in gold and a good percentage lead predominating. The lode;
which is over 100 feet ih width,
contains a vein-filling of sulphide
ore, carrying values in gold and a
good percentage in sulphuric acid.
-Rossland Miner.
���L4r^,5?i,#3a5 y.\--
THE    LiiiD^t;     f;-K.F.tt\-wnon      u.
RoyaJ Yea.st
has   beea  the
standard   yeast
in. Canada,    for
over 50 years, and it
is a well known fact
thai     breaud     ma^de
with   RoyaJ    Yea.sl
possesses a. greater
amount of nourishment than   that
made with any
[H.F'lMl1. ^l!_ll^lB__8l^_^iiii!,il!lllflllllll[lfl    w'u're fanuers with sous so failed to
!lHllllti!illl li_ilfiff,'^_!_l!S_ffl^lllllllllllllll   understand   tlic   psychology  of  youth j
thai when thcy themselves approached middle and old age not one of their
boys were to be found with them on
the land, all had drifted away into
professions, c-.v business, or become
clerks and workers amor.;; the masses
in the cities. Had these boys been
given the r.hunro at home, which they
saw for themselves away from home,
in a word, had the.y been afforded mi
opportunity lo do something for
themselves, many would have been
happy and content to remain on ihe
land. And all would have been better off.
In Western Canada, in particular,
where it is so difiicult to obtain sufficient and reliable farm help, farmers should exert themselves to the
utmost to retain the services of the
best and most experienced of all such
help, namely, their own boys born
and brought up on the land. It can
be done by a little encouragement.and
the providing of au incentive such as
i the boys find elsewhere-
And in the years to come, as old
I age creeps on, the farmer-father will
i find Ids reward, and a great and substantial one it will be, while as they
I grow up in manhood in the iiidepen-
I'armers who are the fathers of' dent life of the farm -and away from
boys who are beginning to show sonic! Uie strife, and unrest and more and
signs of restlessness on the farm, and! more intense struggle of the cities,
an inclination to break away to the the boys themselves will be happy and
cities or some faraway pasture which; thankful. And in the. larger sense, the
looks so green to them, should not be| whole nation will gain and be sod-
slow to seize the opportunity present-j ally and economically benefitted.
the industrial unrest  iu all  the; 	
Encourage The Boys
ed  by
larger centres  of  population  and  im-j Hungary Not Hostile
press upon the boys the many advantages which farm lifc has over citv
Life in our modern cities has degenerated in the case of tens of thousands
of nien and women into a struggle to
���make ends meet, to try and secure a
few of the comforts, decencies and
pleasures of life without going into
debt, to feed, clothe and educate their
children and at the same, time accumulate a little something against approaching old age.
To ���' other tens of thousands city
life has come to mean so many hours
of toil in oflice, store or factory in
order   to  obtain    the.   wherewithal   to
Toward Any Nation
Had No Desire to Attack Czechoslovak Republic
I London, England. ��� A Budapest
I wireless message gives thc text of the
��� reply to Mr. Cleineueeau's note which
! Bela Kun, Hungarian Minister of
I Foreign Affairs, has -instructed the
{ambassador of the Hungarian Soviet
! Republic   at   Vienna   lo  hand  to     the
chief of the French mission foi trans-
l mission. The note expresses satisfac-
' lion   that   the   allies   intend   inviting
Hungary to the peace conference, and
states that the Hungarian republic en-
i lertains     no
,- , .  . mi.' ltl "��'���>.->     ""-'   nostile   feelings     toward
live and as much more as possible to; . a
,   ,.,..,. ,    , ,,..    ��� anv nation,
spend m dissipation and pleasure. Citv
As the.  Hungarian government does
not adopt the standpoint of territorial
integrity, the. note adds, it had no desire to and did not attack the Czechoslovak republic. It was the Czechs
who, like the Jugo-Slavs and "Rumanians, attacked Hungary and whose
offensive was stopped not in obedience lo allied orders, but by a Htin-
'g;:inan:-,c.puntc^.-pfTeiisiwnth'c.'tFpops of
all- ..tliree7st;it'e's .bein'g'S.tilL'be'yond thc
tion  of  November   13.
The Hungarian Republic again declares it.-, readiness to cease hostilities
against all these 'slate's and'proposes
they should send'delegates lo Vienna
to .arrange an.'equitable understanding.
life is warping the nature and destroying thc character of these young people, and when it is too late they realize in bitterness of spirit that thcy
have missed the true and beautiful
things "of lifc.
Nevertheless,  city life  has  wonderful attraction; for youth.    It would be
foolish and a mistake lo shut our eyes
:riiaidens;;u''cr social
for friendships aud  comrades.    Their
wry  natures   demand   recreation   aud
happi!ie>s.      All    work aud    no play;
makes'.lack, n dull boy, and-a dull e"x-
islance is never-.a 'happy or coiiti'iited
one.      -.     ,'y '      -..'-'        "
It. behooves, the farmer who has
boys', al'home not to become "so absorbed in his farm'as to forget, that
hc himself was a boy once and had
a. hoy's, longing's- He. should ever
strive, to   retain., and ' understand   his
bov's   feelings,--and   create   conditions.}  ,
-������"-���:       - -      7 .     ���. - :,       7 i else
on  the   larm   .and" in   the   farm  homci
Long Trip
W.   A.    Campbell,   of    the    Royal
Northwest   Mounted   Police,   has left
Edmonton en   route   lo   Herschel Island, where he will'spend three years
���in thc lonely north   helping   to   keep
I law and order.   The route Mr. Camp-
] bell will take to Herschel will be via
| It D. and B.C. to Peace River Crossing, then by the steamer connection to
Fort Fitzgerald, where hc will be met
by other R.N.W..M.P. also going into
the Arctic region.    From Fort Smith
the R.N.W.M.P. will proceed to McPherson   in   their   own motor   boat.
| The Esquimos who were tried in Edmonton two years ago for the murder
of Radford and Street,  will be taken
New Order Of Life Foreseen
King George Declares That A Victory
In Peace Can Only Be Won By
Unselfish Co-Operation __
Leicester, England.���The King and
Queen arrived in Leicester recently
on one of the many visits to industrial
areas contemplated by their majesties.
In acknowledging the address of t'hc
townspeople, the King said: "In all
our historic past we have experienced
no such time of strain and stress as
during thc last five years, but by the
blessing of God and the united and
heroic efforts of our people, our country is safe and our cause is victorious.
To build upon the foundation of lite
past, a ncw order for our'common lite
must   be   our   task   for   lhc   future.
Ask for Minard's and take no other
on this trip    from    Fort    Resolution,.
where they arc now held, to Herschel | U'd^   we   Pr��crve   our   strength   and
Island. renew, those ideals of liberty and free
dom for which we have fought. Only
by unselfish cooperation of all classes
can wc win a victory in peace as wc
have in war."
Finally the King "expressed a desire to join with the people in'the
work of p-ace as they had shared
thc anxieties in war.
Justice Finlay to Visit West
Winnipeg.���Thc ' Right   Hon.   Lord
Finlay, ex-lord chancellor of England,
one  of  the   members  of   the  judicial
committee of the privy council,    has
accepted thc invitation  of  Sir James,
Aikins, president of tiie Canadian Bar  FaitlOUS  Monument
Association, to attend and address thc
annual meeting of  lhe  association   to
be held at .Winnipeg August 27 lo 29.
"Black   Watch"���The   Best   Black
Plug Chewing Tobacco on the Market
Cw>M r.��. It,. |
Tammany Against Bolshevism
New Vork, N.Y. ��� Tammany has
now come out against bolshevism.
On Charies F. Murphy's motion, thc
executive committee has adoplcda resolution dedicating thc organization
to the "active and energetic conduct
of a non-partisan campaign for America and American institutions," and all
democratic headquarters will, be asked
to promote this end, under direction
of a special committee. Tammany
declares that the rights of free assemblage, free speech and a free press
do not include or- permit organized
propaganda and attacks against the
Constitution itself which secures this
Left Unscathed
Minard's      Liniment
. Invariably, results . when ;you use "a
cheap .corn salve: , Be judicious, use.
"Putnam's," for' fifty" years it has
cured- corns'anil warts' that nothing
can"- .touch.. '.Ask-for" Putnam's
Painless. Corn ;-Extractor, only 25c at
May  Have  Found .Special  Favor  In
The   Militant German's
..London, England.���There is at Vil-
vordc, near Brussels, a monument to
thc    great    Englishman    and martyr,
William   Tyndale,   translator   of   the
Bible.    On   its low  flat  base  are  inscriptions   in    English,    French    and
Flemish, and the German invaders of
Belgium, with their known propensity
for vandalism, havc had ample opportunity during four years of occupation
to damage or remove the monument-
On the other hand, Tyndale, by virtue
of lus peculiar association with  Gcr-j
many, may have found'special  favor'j
in  thc militant German's eyes.
William   Tyndale   was   a   native   of:
Gloucester, but his sympathy with the
new learning .aroused-suspicion',  and
he removed to London.      Finding it, |
however, impossible  to  complete his j
traslation of the New Testament and!
the Pentateuch, upon which his fame!
vvilh   posterity  iests,  lie  removed  to!
Hamburg and later to  Cologne,-and |
hence became identified with the Continent,    lie began his printing in .1.528
in the very city which now forms the
headquarters of  lhe  British  army of
occupation on the Rhine.       -
Following "tl:e signing of the armistice,  inquiry  was  set  on   foot  as   lo
fate of the monument, and it now ap-
. pears that it shows no signs of nnile-
; rial, injury .7    Owing, however,-to.thc
,r    , .   .    . .  .        , . -absence .:of:anv protecting fence,  the
ilost infants arc infested bv worms,!-      " : '.; ... .     ���'"���������     ,. -,,,
which cause groat suffering, and if I10tj inscriptions,   which   were .lightly, cut,
promptly dealt .with may cause con- \ ',av.e become very mdisunc:."and may
las caused    much excitement    among  slitutional  weaknesses  difficult, to  re-'j have- to be cleaned and regiit.
,,      - ,,     '.' mi'        1 -im -    m.cdy..   -Millers   Worm   Powders   will 1 ���      ~  :__: : -''      ""
llic   - Russian .-Mohammedans.    ..lhe   ,-i���.,,.   ,i.���  -,., ^y -������j    k���...,.i_    -���ri  .    - -   .--. ;      . .
.. Plan To Benefit Fishermen   .
London; England ---The Admiiaity
brings City Styles to
Country Homes
Shoes enable women and girls on the farms
to wear the same smart summer footwear as their
sisters are wearing in the cities,
X^n^ir Shoes are restful, comfortable, and carefully
made for sturdy wear���and their low price enables
you to have several pairs for the price of one pair of
leather shoes. ~ >
There are also F^F^Shoes for men and boy's, for
\vcik and play, for every member of the family
Ask your dealer for X^T^ Shoes.
The name is stamped on each pair.
Capture Of Decca
Causes Excitement
London. England. ��� A Moscow
wireless message states that thc British capture of the   I'ortress  of Decca
0    When They Ate   -
Visitor (hungry): And at what time
do you have dinner, my little" man?
Boy: Soon as you've gone. ��� Lear-
sou's Wceklv.
married  a  self-made
Dora:  Agnes
man, didn't she?
F.lhel:  Yes, but  she  has compelled
hiin   to   make   extensive   alterations.
"Ot'lall  dealers.-'
.that will-.lcackto contentment ancl
discontent -on' the, boy's" part..'.' .���.'.'. },.   . - ,"-' - 7 -��� ���7 ���-~,���.' -'
.���'tlic.-.average boywil.l .'.be 'satisfied j".   ���'���-'-���        .'-^ Bit Behind
atid':take  tin 'cye.i7grdwing interest;iii | - ���"-''"V''Sl.nkc-"was'   .on,, aiid
the farm-if "hc'is: giveii an -.opportune-\ home-was,  '''-thc;; only'way:'
ity" where 7"hy- his \,own- .efforts-'- andjJoJ'^Pn'    arriyed ,,at-   his,'.',
.work',-' and T>y:' taking1 .an'active .inter-.; home 'in
,   W'heir
li'e'far"; north, in.,the ^small
est in - the- lann," lie". caii';.accuniiilate ���..hours'ynx"the .mopiiug, .he;sent'a wire
something'-that   he .Oan-.'c'air his', own, -.' to-.the office:'-_"-'-  ..   X'. y - '"; \;;;;-.    ;  ������
'It :ivoul;d seem to ile.;'wise7 therefore',} ";-"'���" WiJI'no't- be "at-; the-;"of_ic(* ".today.
tb",.as"ea'rly as possible; i'n'-;a boy's- life, j Ai" 'nor-home yesterday -y'cty""-'    ��� ��� -���������
-.allot - hint -it piece uf-bmd to be', work-." '  " "
, ed "by  hi 1.11  aiid - the. '.pro.fits;. froiii   the
1 Keep-.-.Minard's '.Liniment in /the. house
message, goes on to'.declare that the
only salvation for- the Mohammedan
world lies in ."iiuuVedialc. union and
combined action against, the -British
rule  by all  lhc "Asiatic peoples.",'-.
A Russian Soviet Government" message la'dd.s. that 'it is; now discussing by
what.means it can help. Afghanistan
in view of its remoteness.-
-. ���To;keep-;'cliildr'ei'i7h.eahhyi"tlie-bo\y
els niiist be kepf regular-ancl the sto-'
mach" sweet.; . Xi.ne-tenths, of. the ailment's- whi;:!i.'7aniic"t little5"' ones -.-are
caused'by'de'iangeuienIs of Ihc-b'owels
and stomach.���; No' other' medicine can
clear - thc stomach and bowels of I
worms and will, so .-act ''upon the sys-!
teni  tliat there will be no recurrence'
of .the trouble.   And not only" this, but j have under-consideration a project to
thcy."will repair, the    injuries  to' the i benefit-fishermen  who.served
organs that worms cause" and restore
them to soundness..
Brutatl Crown Prince
in  the
1 eoni-
Hohenzollerns'Are ^All Living;Up' to
THeirTReputations      -
���'the . Grand Duchess    Anastasia ofj
Mecklembiirg-Schwcriu',     mother '. of I
the German cs'-CroVvn-' Princess, ."has
just  passed  through" Geneva' on.  .her
way" from, the  Riyeria  to - Montreatix,
aiid has   'made thc    following  -statement: "l'do'��ot know if it'islruc that
as; reported," the ex-Crown   Prince' has
war.    It. is proposed to kirm
iiiereia!  company  in. whicli  fis!;ervi:en
will.lvc   shareholders.    Thc   Treasury
will be called iipon'to .'enct the. money !
i.'cccssary" to  start   the 'business   itnd1
Gone Are
the Days
equal, Baby's. Own Tablets in_guarding! applied id the" German courts'to annul
either.lhc baby or.growingchild from  h
the/ills that  follow, a 'disordered" con.-"
;<'!itiqn"_of .tlie -bp\v_els;.or. .stomach, -i'hey.
irea'iniid-but thorough" laxative and
is niar.iiage with inydaughl.er. Ilow-
e.vcr"'lhat - Viiay- be,. 1 .know." ;t'hat."niy'
d.augli'ter 'lr'as','takeii -steps  lo .obtain-a
produce", of- which, will'belong- to .hint.
Or giv.e-h,im;,-a-calf,- a .".colt, ii pig ;or
7t\vo,7'or,;s6nic"''poultry, to bc'-lii,s7'owii
.property and Jus special care", .Vu'dthc-
incr.c'jtSe.from vMiich is'-his..' ���   - -��� " '   '
And.-as-the boy grows iii-years -:lluli:.-Hn'.cj,as
'"".������'   The  Cheerful'. Giver ;."   '   "-.
.-."Tltc father, of a Si. Louis.lad had
-giv.cn - -hiiiua-ten.-c-'ent- piece -atul^-a
;c|irirle'r, i'cliing.hiiu , that'   he    niiglit
put one., or the 'oilier'-on'- the.   church
^   .   ���:���   , ������    -      .,..,.-,-���--       ^-..i-. ���>;i.. A-.I..HU i..^^.  .j.iu, s u��ni,i -   >-������-:,   ,   --  ���   -   ,-      ��� ....contribution ' plate'- At  .dinner.-, tlic
Dayrcm.'-Ul.io.^Iqv Con. tonncr..^,,^,^,. ovcri-thrcc.-^fs and have'b ^X^"���' <X .!'������� .iiicmbcrs: ot ,,the f:ilfler ;l^bd (Kc'i|ov ^hieh^oiiijte
chreeto.r .or air, service oi the Chinese j-ioun'd thcin the.'lJVs.t .'"medicine-" 1 'have '1.<1,!so ol ' l^he.nzoll^rn. winch prevent'-'-.^^j XyciL .;"\VCH" "fath.ei"-"" responded
arin.y, -nieniber-;of.h.i special- couimis- j-evei''"used for my- children.'- I never Led. her .from- carrying "out her.: iiitenV .."������-���.:- ��� .".'.-
sion'appoiistccLJiy l'lis-goOornuicnt.-.haslJl^;0'.".1^.;1^1''^^ toviuy ; lioiuX. '"ThVy'";iV.arocl"th
" Xi���X _1 "'- ..        ;'-    I ni;vc"r;.fail -'t.o 'give results.- .Concerning 1 divorce from  her:.'husbaiid. - -This  has
-China Buys. Aeroplanes/" -V'4 j!1l-0l'-ll^.,rfi:. ^V. ;B. CooJIedge,; Saniii,'M011^. 1;r^ir"ilCP ;lcs;rc; -aml-i.{'A\as oiih-
..;-".,,';-��� '" -,- ��� r- ���' > r : -" ' C'lit..- savs:. l-.lrave uscd.Babv s.'Own |,; ' , .- >-.���.���-';:...-*.,. ��� -. ." ��� yr,
/ron.-(..Miio.,--_. Iqy  Con,  l.ormcr. .--r.;,,^,,^.,. A<.^r'.,'u',.^\:,:,;--    .:���,, , -'i-.l'r. p.ie.ssurc- of _lhe  i.uembers  or.-the
���400- tra^yIcl���s ancLdriftcrs built'by thc
Admiralty during the war for 1,11 inc-
s'wcepitig- and patrol worlc wilh tie.
Iia-.idcd over to the fishermen as pirt
of the enterprise.. There is no intention of competing with .other companies and'the Admiralty, docs not-pro-
pose'.to- make any. profit, ouj... of- tlic
scheme."        '.-���'���, ���'   -
Couriers on horse back were good enough in *6I but they gave place
to despatch bearers on motor cycles when Pershing flattened the
St. Mihiel salient in forty-eight hours. ��� -   -   .
Castor oil, sails, mineral waters, pills and' such purgative* were
good enough-iii tlieir'day.    Today-they are giving place to Nujol.   '
-Nujol is entirely different from drugsasit does not'force'or irritate
the bowels.      ...
Nujol prevents stagnation by softening the food waste and encouraging
the intestinal muscles to act naturally, thus removing thc causeof constipation and self-poisoning. It is absolutely harmless and pleasant.
Nujol helps Nature establish easy, thorough bowel evacuation at
regular intervals���the healthiest habit" in the world. " Get a bottle
froKt-y'our druggist today.
11/m-nitttS* Nujol '�� sold only in
trutnmg. S(.aiea bottles liear-
inir the Nujn: Trade Mark.- All tlnig:-
tists. Insi.-t on Nujoi. V011 may sutTer
Nujol Laboratories
JO Broadway, New Vork
"Ttegular as
.Corfu'   '"
Tor Constipation
avc- sav.c/1   nic
\d\. the scandal
;trc.ated,';is a man-jin'd paid tlic*-. rewards
of liis labor a- niiy.-oiher-'man   would
rliltle.  oiies; 'an.d- they
"slfeiiirth   and '"b'cins totakc-ihe nlacc"���! "   -    \ '-.' ��� ���;���.:.-. -     ,"   .'. ���-'"���, '���' X.'"".'���' -.\n^i" -a .-doctor's  bil!.;' -My  advice   to     .,..     ...
..siicni,!.!!. .iiio.uyiis -fu^ 1 ike   111   1 .ice ,,(,rop|.llu.s .?tLlllI,.)(;(i u.u|,, i.,j)erly lUO-iSiIKmollu-rs" ���of Htlle 6'nes'is to keeira1 ,:M>^d. her  own
ot a.-ma.i.on;tho. larui,  lte;��liOuIcM.��e , ^iy^ "��� ". j [^ hKs ">lsp   ijcRptjatcill J>oi ^.of./tlie./l'ablets ""in'\he". house.':"; ^ts of;her.
Twith - :ui.ot!iei'.  i.-onn.airv';   inr-  -severai I Ji"'.-Tabh'is .are.^old; liv all  mcdiciij<\lc:_��:ion
i.dealers or .bv  mail  at  25  cent's a diox ��� . '���     1  -     -i 1      1 .���   ���   .   -
_  _;emen.ts -fr-,���,  -r,,���   ,<<:. '  \v-;i,;.". ���      l,     ���  ���'    ! ^�� unbeitrable ilial.ni'v -daughter
be  -iih   n.-.i heexneeled to-work'mere-  ...   "---       . - Irom    the   I -Jr..     Williams      Medicine,  ���..     ,, --���-      ���   *���-
jl. ami .not in  <.\pi etcUio woik mtM imnie. hato .-liDJiielit- to '.(���".;     h,-.-,,.l-.-:ii..   ���< .���".       - ." '- :   -��� [all.yfl
furs  liiessii-ge  states  that   the. 'Russian.
Sc'ivie'it- GoviTuiiu-nt's   liuilget   for   the
i were, made lur immediate .-hipjnent- tolC'u',
for'his board   clothes and" lodging- \ r-.i,:.-,.. *    ���
The .Tari'ner-fathe.r   whu. forgets   .the]    _��� _^ __. :y_      -   ���     '       .['
.aspirations, he. liiu'iseli*. .had   as "a ' boy | Budget of-Russiart Soviet Go.v'ernrheht''
.. arid-youth,  a'ml, .��Iio, 'keeps   hi> -sc>iisj   -.Copeuhage.n. Denuiark.���A  11
..'working .for him  with little or no .op-
; portifniiy.-to  heller   their  own   cor.di.-
"tiou-aiid accii'miilate smiiettiiug ior;,-,.;., .]l-..f|- 0f 1<>19, w hii-ti' was rec< litly
theinselv-es.. is p.rovid'ing not only an ^opted. estimates, the revvniie at
e">;.cu.isc. but a Mr.tug iiiilmV-nirnt. ��r-�� 7j(Jr0<)();(HKI,')(.)(l fid.ies. .md' the expei'd-
'th,.- boy.s. to have" the [arm home and ; ;,���,.<. al ^U.OIiD.ni'O.'liuU, It was rest like out fc'.r ilu-uisefves rlsf^.h, re.--|^oiv0(| Lft r()Vl.r ,lu. ([...fu-irncy by a
to.,   ���recjtienily.   alas,   .-/way   j'-roin   t.l.e   ,-���.���. ;,._,,.,. ,,,- ,):ii,(..r m0nc:>,
land ahogctiH-r iind in the le<-: Mai.na!' 	
and satisfactory  Ii rc - ot  thc  cities.     -7    If brevity is the  sole 01" wit, levity
���    Scores of examples can  be recall, d I must  be  the  upper.
the lad, "at-first it'sceiiicd as though
:^j)nscf|ucnccsj., :o��Riri:.lo-i����f a quarter'on thc plate,
ami ��� niy ��� d:iught.or,s:,c:,| bllL " jusl-;.;,, vliine- (> "rcillcu,bCred   the
.wislies:-tpMht7inler-{.s.lvit^...Th-e   T onl. ,ovcti'7:l' cheerful
iiisban'd.    But on. c>neoc- !
om.e-tiuie-ago, liiings-bfc-iuu
a tlu'-!
her; home,  and: almost
reaching " "Switzerland.
Dwindling Heligoland.
Heligoland  is,like  lhe stump-<a
eel iniiu
.'sue.'ceded in',
j.Orders had "been sent  from'.Berlin.to
! give'rt';and--I "kne\V ;1' could, give the'
le'n'-.ccnt��� piece, a great." deal." niorc.
cheerfully,'so".I'put that  inV- ���'
���- A. fish in., the, hand is-\Vo"rtlj-a dozen'
in. llie angler's -slorv.'.-".-7.7 .,  "."���
old   inola'r,  whieh  has  been
���:���with   fer-ro  concrete.    '.-I'll
.^100 Reward, $100
!     Heligoland  is.like  lhe st.iiup- ��f. *��� .'T^:'"1'1. h"i !l1"1 S,'��'i^"s ���VM\rH at
'."K-j   , ,  ,....     ..,...',    ,        ,.     . ,, ���       -    ...   the. (icnnan trontier like anv coininon
stoi pe.d   7   .    .     ,        ,        - ��� - .    .��� -    ,
e -e 1   1  '    .)��','"""l:il i'1".! taken-back'to Berlin 1111-
'diVd year's ago its cireiimlYre nee  cv as '' ��''/" '"S'l   S '-�� ^ '���!��� !'1" :,1*!-�� Ut {f hi'~      c-;,urrlr is ;, "i,k-.,1 di^asV-greatlv ii.flufi..-eii
1..H   tlie .t.crniiin courts overwhelnmig , |,y    f,ci,.tiit,ii0iK.l    lu.id'i'tioii-, ,-'- ft   -ihe.eiore
..... evidence against    -her husband        She "''"l--!'''^ v6nVtiiiitioii.il 'n<-atme.it.   -   IIAhl.'S
leasured   but   -1.-..      It   ^   mow   a   f|Ue- "      "   -'-       ""' "'-'       ���'-;. t'-A't Ait Itli   MKIM.CIN-|-:.is.t:,I;eu.-inteinaily
rn' acres   little more than  ''OU   or' *��  ,"-ov<> ',li:ill.v   l'ase<  of; .iii.l. w' tliiiiuKirtlic  liluuil. on  the  Mutoiis
l.t)  miles
live     centuries
���  w as .
irdinaiy    Canadia.n ;
t.ho    six
farm. 1
I.ell  l.u  nature, it  uotild soon    dis-|
appear   altogether,   ft   fate   anticipated":
Itlir grossest cruelty'against  him.   His ! yl'l^^.^x^X^y'y. Vy\h1-'* <-ATAKitU
MK.UICIN l'V   <lr.sir.iVs   j!.r   (uiindiitiuu   ol   tlie
and   there i ili-se-j.-.*.-. Kivrs  ibe'|utir:ii  >i"."r��it;ili -!���>'  improv-'
.....I ...'     ,;..   ";  .1 ...     ....    '.'inn' tlie 'seiicral   iiraltli   aii.l   ..svists   ii.'sture   m
UIMl.Ult  piO.o.ts Ol   thcm.. Ills I.rit- , .So_u��   its   \vork. ,     %W\\W   for   al.y    ease   o{
w;(s    atrocious, and,    on more i-*"1"11-  ��,��*��" -llAl.l.'ij   CATARKti   MED1-
in'lidelilie.s  were iiu.'m'erous
arc al
than   cm.'
Real -Seville
All Orange and Sugar~   .
No camouflage..
Boiled with care in SiherPam.
China---Rich, Yet Helpless
; New.: Westminster-Strike
;-New Westminster, K-'C-r-TSic strike
-Xo; man has coniputcd .thcin.' There !'c��H-was generally-obeyed by-workers
i.s' enough.coal' iur.'thc"bnc_ province, of! of Hie unions afliliatcii witli the Trades
Shansi'.  to last-'tlic .entire'-, world  for
jliv the-    exports  who propose    to  rc-; ,,,,1 ,.;,.. . .,. .    ���  ,
1 l '      ' I tiealed witli actual violence
^tiuove Xicrmau "stop'ping."    And what j.|)r (jS(.(j
What about the
childrens health
jaii   orgv.of  suiteriiig   - that   Teutonic j j,,,,,,;,,,,^ Wows.V
���dentistrv let loose on  the  world! |
.CINIC Tail* lo   enre.'-
lliy   daughter   was i      Druggists 7jc.'  "Te^iijiionials. frrc. ���
She was '     i' -''  C !:e!le>' i: to-' 'J'o'etlo; Ohio,
ud her face disfigured bv her
i   ���
��� r
Premier  Borden  Stays at  Home
Tourists In New Zealand
Visit of the Prince
Ottawa���[lis   Royal  Highness    tlie
i Prince of \Y'ales is expected .to arrive
1 in Canada during the. month of Aug-
Auckland.   .\./.-\Vh!i   the   coining.; ,^t> a���j wi}l be present: at  the oflicial'
(opcnitig of-'tlie new Canadian parlia-
to..the Canadian plenipotentiaries to j is again . rejoicing the hearts of Xciv,m,]lt lm]|dings. The following staff
the  peace  conference  as  it  is  lenov.n! Zealand   tourist   officials.       American'
I in Qltawa-is that the Premier, Sir Ro-  travellers are in  the majority; but
answer:    Tour
;.j.Wrt. Iiofden,   is. not; returning  to  thc
...j eonference'at.Paris.   ..Sir George Foster, is rctti'ruiiig tb .Canada'on account
of the,- serious, illness of ;Lady Foster.
Hon.-.A.-. L7Sifton. is. leaving- Halifax-
;'��� ���'�� i,a>a'ttchdi further sittings of; the.peace
conference.   .This,'hican's" 'lliauHpn.-- A-"i f
_';.;[ L; Si ft on and "Hoii.; C.-"TfiDoherty'wi]l
" b"e..the" stg'na|.orics';of ���tiie .pVace' trcaty
on- he.h a If;; of- Canada,-;a nd " that ..the
"draft, will ,hay,Q.'lo'-.b'c' furt.li.cr. a riien'clcd.
is,..expected that a large mnnber of
British- oflicers will visit. Xc\V. ZeaT
Iand's'tiicrinal regions and will enjoy
the'Do'miiiion. lakes and streams.'-.'-'7
'���- ;���"-..-���-��� . Lqni Nbrlhcliffelll' 7 .-':���.;
��� 3,ond6n7 y. "A'iscount", . -XccUicIiffc,"'
newspaper -owner, underwent 6n',o"per,i-':
atio'Ti;"'   His --'cori.dilio'n.is isatisfsctory.
It Will.Cure a;Cold^��� Colds are'the
coinmoncst.ailments of'mankind, ahd
if'sieglccted -may lead to;.serious"cbn-r
ditidns.":'" Dr/ Thomas' E.c-lect"ric:.Oi,i
will, relieve'- the bronchial 'passages"of
inflammation -speedily and tlio.roughly'
aii.d\wiil-sircngthen >thcm- against.siib-
scqiicnt,attack':', Ahid-'as it'cases .'the,
infla'm'matioh-;it7willi' stop, .the;-'"cough
because, it allays^ali irritation"in the
throat.-=- Try it'arid prove- it,."'   '-
'Iwill accompany him on his Canadian-
tour: Chief of staff, the Marquis of
Salisbury;' chief ' private "secretary,
Lieut-Col. ��. M. Grigg; assistant secretary,;,-Sir. Godfrey Tiiomas, Bart;
equerries, Capt. Lord Claud;Hamilton
and Capt; the-Hon-T.W/ Leigh. /
���"...':; .V "��� ." '���  '7 N67Choice ".". '.',,'-.', " XXi.:;
Germany -,car'cfully'.':ihspe'c.tiiig '..the
���Allies',, peace ..terms must imagine.-she
��� is", in "lhc -position pf-"t.he guest-in'- "life
Manitoba hotel .thirty years ,ago4 The
:-dinc-"luiiidreds-. of "years. China, has.
also .great iro'i'v niincs. The copper'
mines of Czccliwau and Yuannanar.e
very .rich atid may 'make 7'China . the
greatest copper producing "nation .in
the world.- Shc is now -producing, a
large aruounl:.of antimony. There-are
possibilities- of "gold .and-; silver" -in
North China aiid in the mountains of
Hastcni Thibet.
There are. even unheard of possibilities in Chinese" agriculture.. Their
land is constantly enriched and irrigated, and after 5,000 ycars the Chinese farms, still "average"" from "two.,to
four crops,.a .yc."aL~Vyor|ti.'Qutloqk.
and- Labor Council, and; "the. city-" is.
pretty, well -tied tip. . Street .'cars are,
not" . yet -replaced "by..an'-.-"organized
service of; jitneys,- ancl Svalking .is tlie
order ,bf. the day: .-:",-'.'.._
. -W'ith' retail clerks, inilk and bread
.drivers cxeniptcd and postal workers
and typo's 'remaining - at ;\vork fr..nu '
choice;'- .there-.is-comparatively little
inconvenience .felt from tlie -strike so
fxtr.���, The city ia quiet.
Colds Cause _Grip,anS Influenza   '
tcmW the- causr." -Tlicre is only one, ,"'Bro-
rao   Quinine.""   E. - W'.- GROVE'S   Sienaturt
oa., the-box.   -30e.';'������-;--' 4y ~ XX.X'Xr:- ���   . ;
Less War Drunkenness"
Loudon;���Convictions  for drunkenness in   Fnglaiid.and Wales have decreased .in- past four years under  the
operatiqns-,6f the liquor.control board,
;accordi'tig touts'-announcement , The
board states "tliat convictions, of men ���
andboys in' i915,-.wcre;. 35;457-; in 1918, ���'.'
6,99.0. . Tn the same "period convictions'
of ."women .������decreased ] froni  .15,915 to;;
3 211.- '���"- '���';-'''-'--XX--  -   :���---;.    yX  X'-'.;:-..���    '-���   '
.."-Vast tracts'in Western Canada',, rich i' : ���- 'Xy.. ���-'.������'���- "^ ���'���:,'���'���".' ;.:-" -. , .=��� ��� :,;'" -yX.
in imirier^Uepo^ts-and;;^evtimber, ^
are..shortly;tg be placed, under.; .'Jhe jcan .be-painlessly rooted.. outJby..'.us.ing"'7^'
.'scrutiny ot.experts.���tlir<>nglf .'thc.,us.e of r.IIqlloway's;' Cbrn''-Ctire.;.;7"''7'.'V-'7-.-..'""7;.'' x.yi
,ai,rcraft;?spec.ial!y'' constructed .forj'.the |
::iWhy shouldn't 7 soldiers 'sleep
their"- knapsacks ���*-'"���.- '���':-;  ���" XX'iX:Xi-
-waiter leancd,on the tablc.3nd7Jbrea.t";._:' .k^rposc.' -." XX
.ing4ic"ayi^..asked:;;"WhaL'ir.-ye';h^ ; 7- ���'* X
pie.-  -ox ,.puddin'.^:,'''''Tie"---7said\'th'ej."^ xXiXX- y.-iXX    i:ii XiX.
guest.    "Yeil-have. to.;Vake::puddin/-'ja dog'ngh.t/ to   I.uck.'for'.anythi;^
j replied^ the Waiter';,;"vvs'-,ii^ye""itp' pie"} glancing at it "po's'ses.ses triTe"< digiiity..J you'll'.'-be ���Iticky; it you get. it'- "7 X.Xy .'.; *, lyr
. >
TP"R    T.i^Tir:^     f^Tirrvwfsniv    r -;.~o.
Expect To Prove
Soviet Regime
"Winnipeg.���Thc minister of labor,
Senator G. D. Robertson, smiled when
shown the report from Toronto that
the trades and labor council was demanding -his resignation^ because of
the alleged proposed summary trial'of
Winnipeg strike leaders taken into
custody Tuesday morning/ The minister remarked that thcy seem to bc
committing the offence thcy are taking exception to and y. condemning
without a trial at all.
"Jumping at conclusions .without
evidence or knowledge of the .facts
has led to-many wrong conclusions,"
hc said.. ,
"Tlicrc is no intention of denying
the accused a fair trial b}' jury and if
found guilty lhc immigration authorities will deal with thc question- of
"Say to laboi; men .that when thc
trials are held thcy, together with
the general public, will bc placed in
possession of evidence and'facts that
will cause every honest Canadian
citizen to,-experience, the indignation
felt by Winnipeg cilizes who suddenly found themselves under thc rule
of a soviet government lasting for
about four days."       ' ~
Germans Must Leave Russia
Ordered by .Allies to ..Evacuate All
Territory Her Troops
Now Occupy
Berlin.���General- Nudant, representative of Marshal Foch at Spa, in a
nOte addressed to the German "armistice commission on behalf of the allied
and associated powers, requested the
German government to take the most
speedy measures, first to prevent any
advance of- German troops .northward
in the direction of Esthonia_ and second, to '.bring about the immediate
evacuation of all territories, which be-
���ore tlie war formed part of the Russian empire-
The note makes the request in accordance wilh stipulations .in article
7 of the -armistice convention.-'-"--.-.
Backing of Labor Congress
Ottawa.���The Dominion labor congress is ready to back the Winnipeg
strikers with all necessary assistance
as circumstances may demand, but it's
up to the Winnipeg strikers of their
committee, or thc arrcslcd leaders
themselves, to ask the congress to
take action. Until'the Winnipeg labor men resume communication with
the congress, President Tom Moore
holds that it would bc indelicate and
uncalled for on his part to interfere
Labor councils all over Canada arc
standing by thc Winnipeg' strikers,
and are up in arms over the arrest
of thc leaders as shown by their telegrams lo Ottawa.    ^  ..--:   ;
Canada Sells 24.000 War Horses
Ottawa.���Sir. Edward Kemp, overseas Minister of Militia, draws attention to the fact that about $5,000,000
lias been saved for the Dominion b'y
the disposal of 24,000 horses, which
wcrc in France al the signing, of the
armistice, lo the Belgian, government
at $200 "apiece.
. Invented the Name "Anzac"/
Major Oliver Hoguc, of Sydney, the
man who is generally credited with
having -first given publicity to. the
name "Anzac," is dead. He was ".himself an-'Anzac- After" having comc
through the. Gallipoli campaign, without a -scratch, hc. died of influenza in
London recently.'
_-_".���-   Wilson Saw Battlefields";
.Paris.���President. Wilson and his
party have' arrived here "after- a", twb-
ilay trip tb Brussels and the.war zone
in Belgium.. ���'���-': ... ,'."-':'
The Strike Situation
Six   More  Arrests  of  Aliens     Have
Been Made
���Winnipeg.���There were six more
arrests of Winnipeg men charged
with seditious conspiracy. The men
gathered in were all of the alien class
and saidto bc active agitators.
The arrcsts<wcrc made by members
of the R.N-W.M.P., who carried them
out as quietly-and effectively as on
last Tuesday- morning-when ten of
the strike 'leaders.;.were taken into
custody and conveyed to Stony Mountain penitentiary.
The aliens afrcslccL were sent lo a
pcmtenliary_in Ontario pending arrangements for  their  (rial.
It is officially stated that there was
cvery probability of the six English-
speaking strike leaders released from
Slony Mountain penitentiary on bail
being Iried on Juc 25, as arranged.
Hno. G. D. Robertson, minister of
labor., expressed himself as being
hopeful of an early settlement of the
strike. The negotiations so far as the
metal trallcs arc concerned, hc said,
are making satisfactory progress. A
special, effort will bc made to break
the deadlock over the interpretation
of the employers' definition of collective bargaining, and thc minister of
labor i.s hopeful of its being successful.     "    '   .     - :'.'' X ' '     r    ���"_
Discuss Fixed Price
Conferences ori Grain Problems   Are
Being Conducted at
"   Ottawa
Ottawa. ���- No definite conclusions
were' reached at the conference held
between representatives of the transportation, shipping, milling and farming interests, the -members of the
Winnipeg and.Fprt William boards of
trade and the board of grain supervisors, and Hon. A--K. Maclean, acting
minister of trade, and commerce, in
respect to thc marketing of the present season's wheat crop. At the-conclusion of the deliberations, which occupied several hours, a sub-committee
was named.-to deliberate further. An
assurance was given.by the representatives of railways and lake carriers
that thcy would be in a good position
this fall to move Canada's crop to the
seaboard. - -
There was much discussion of the
question of the fixing of _ thc prices
and the government control, and it is
understood' that it was recognized
that if Great Britain should 'require
a considerable portion of the. Canadian wheat, crop this ycar it would
bc necessary to continue ;to provide
machinery for the purchase aud the
handling of.thc crop.. ' '       " .
.Uncertainty as to the probable
action of the United States .made.it
difficult for the conference to arrive
at definite decisions.- X
Strike Is Now
Nearer Settlement
7 . ��� - Canada's Problem ,
. -The W.innjpcg-Calgary-Edmontou
strike has"become a distinctly rcv'ohi-
tionaryproceeding, seeking to prevent
the departments of government from
functioning and to substitute;its own
power and permission in thc '.'protection" and regulation of all'private ancl
"public business, for the authority .of
the'hiw. And if the strikers/do win,
their success will be;a warning to thc
people' of/the United' States to-set
their owii, house, in order, in season.
On the-other-'hand,', if the revolution--
ar'y'""attempt is defeated'- by the'.sound
and conservative sense of.the,Western Canadian "people, ivc may accept
the defeat as one indication that sovi-
ctisus .docs not- readily take root .on
the. .'American - continent. --^--"Boston
Evening Transcript.' *'"/""���/.      7 ���-",
Arrested  Labor  Leaders  Given  Bail
and Will Have Fair Trial
Winnipeg.���Alderman E. Robinson,
secretary of the strike committee, has
issued a statement indicating consideration of a possible early settlement
Of thc  strike.
William Ivcns, R. B. Russell, Alderman A. A. Heaps and Alderman
John Queen, who were arrested with
six others on a charge of seditious
libel and taken to Stony Mountain pen
to await trial, were released on bail
of $2,000 each. It is stated that thcy
have given an undertaking not to take
any further part in the present general
As the following statement, issued
over the signature of A. J. Andrews,
K.C., representative of thc department
of justice, Ottawa, indicates the autlP
oritics have changed their policy with
regard to the trial of the eleven men
arrested early Tuesday morning on
charges involving seditious conspiracy:
"As representing the department of
justice, in order that "no citizen should
havc any cause to complain, that the
government was disposed to deny thc
following persons, namely, R. R. Russell, W. Ivcns, John Queen, A. A.
Heaps, George Armstrong, and E. E.
Bray., a fair trial by jury if they so
desire. 1 have decided lo postpone
any proceedings for their deportation until thc charges against them
have been heard. Having so decided,
and as.each of these persons lias undertaken to refrain from taking any
part, directly or indirectly, in thc
strike now in progress, and in view, of
the. fact that there is a strong possibility, in-'vicw_of thc statement'its to
collective bargaining issued by.thc
metal trades-employers, of the sympathetic strike being immediately called
off, r see .no, reason -why the. accused,
until they arc tried, shouUrbe detained in custody, and accordingly I am
consenting to their being admitted to
bail on sureties of $2,000 each.    ���
'Tt is understood by these persons
quite definitely that if thcy fail in
their undertakings thcy will bc immediately rearrested and placed in
The six men who arc heing let out
on bail will be tried in the civil
courts at. Winnipeg. The date for
thc trial will probably be June 25,
but this depends upon whether "counsel for., the- crown' and the accused
arc quite prepared to proceed with
the case al that time.
In thc case of tlic live men of alien
birth  wiio     are     being detained    at
Stony  Mountain,     Ihey     will     likely
comc: before an immigration board of
inquiry,   of   which.   Thomas    Gelicy,
acting   commissioner   of  immigiaiion
in  Winnipeg for the  federal "government,   has   been   appointed   chairman.
This board will not institute proceedings, just'yet, it was-officially staled,
as it is the desire of the authorities to"
get such.evidence' submitted showing
why the accused' should be deported
jso that  the  minister of "immigration,
j.Hon. J.. A..Oihh.r.  will have  no- oc-
jcasioii   for  upsetting   the, decision'.of.
I the .boin-d ' ��� "   '     '-  ,      - ���   "
| two New Varieties Of Wheat
;Expeits, Declare. Average .Yield  Can
:;���    " Bc Trebic3 and.Good"Fk.ur
j - ���  Produced  ' ���'..'."
| London. ���- It was announced thai
ithc plant-bri-cdiMg section of die Ui.i-
! vcrsity of .Ca/.nb'.-iJj.re,.' whicli is dose-
! ly '/s:-��ofi;;.U7d with, tlic board of.agri-
j culture, has succo.-dcci in" producing
; two "newv varieties""of wheat"" iuu;Tec!
ifcmmin and-yconjaii."- Thr.se we're dis-
: tributcd to .farincr.s',' and' il is rc^orUc't
j that the result has been; to treble the.
; average-yield. "One" crop produced %
��� bushels per acre.: 7\]illii.g. aiid"baking
'trials have shown'.that while ll:-.: yco-
j man variety is,not c.quahto ��ho famou'V
| red fife/from the viewpoint' of. milling
-.qualities, .'yet is .is si'it-icicniiy strong
] to .produce,- agoqcL loaf .without; tlic
addition-.of imported." wheat.--. ��� -.-X'.
Amend Naturalization Bill jWI Fight Action 01 Senale^^    Qf   Uwm
nother Drastic Act Proposed to Deal i Prohibitionists   Expect   Commons   toj *3>
Another Drastic Act Propo
With Aliens
Ottawa.���Sir Robert Borden in the
house presented the Naturalization
Bill. The purpose of the bill is to
consolidate the present Canadian naturalization acts and to incorporate
therewith thc provisions' of the Imperial Act of 1914 as amended by the
Imperial Act 1918.
Provision is made under thc bill
for revocation, of certificates of naturalization granted in Canada where
such certificates have been obtained
by fraud, where the.holder has shown
by act or. speech to bc disaffected or
disloyal to His Majesty; where the
holder during the war unlawfully traded.with the enemy; where he has continued lo reside abroad for not less
than seven years and not maintained
connection wilh His Majesty's dominions, where, according to the law of
thc slate at war with His Majesty, the
holder remains a subject of that state;
finally where thc continuance of the
certiiicate is not conducive to the public good. Provision is also made for
the naturalization of persons who
served "wilh lhc British forces in the
Mr. McKenzie, leader of the opposition, remarked that in view of thc
great importance of the measure, hc
feared it had been introduced at too {
late a date in the session. Possibly
it might stand over for another session.
Sir Robert replied lhal lhc purpose of the. bill was to make Canadian naturalization uniform with that
of the United Kingdom.
The provisions vvcrc framed with
that purpose ancl did not depart in
any  important  step   from   the  provi-
/ Aid Their Cause {
J Toronto.���Leading prohibitionists
there "express confidence that the
.'house of. commons will fight the scn-
'ale's action in amending thc bill prohibiting thc importation of alcoholic
��� liquors, so as to make thc prohibition j
'end when peace is signed, instead of | Supcrstitious Are Movcd By the Story \
Bolsheviki Has New Terrors
twelve months thereafter as legislat-1
cd by. thc commons.
Thc'efl'cct this amendment will have
on the coming referendum in Ontario
is a matter of speculation. :
lf the bill as amended is allowed
to stand and peace is' signed iu the
meantime, it is argued tliat many
voters-who otherwise would vote for
prohibition will'not; do'so'if the Dominion ��� government permits this
province to be flooded with liquor
from other provinces .or from the
United States.
Veterans Take To Farming
That Lenine Is
Christ ..
Paris.���The soviet government in
Russia is combatting a religious
movement, mystic iu character, whicli
has spread through the provinces of
Moscow/   Novgorod    and    Vladimir.;
Ottawa.���Charles Bir'kctt, seciet.iiy
of the Fort William and "Port Arthur
| Grain Exchange, told the cost of living committee of the commons that
no reduction in. the cost of foodstfiffs
need be expected until wheat was reduced in- price. * Hc said that wheat
at $2.24 at Fort William' did not make
bread very dear to the individual because it was "estimated that one pcr-
which is said to bc strong among tli
peasants, according to advices received  here, is  that Premier  Lenine     is
called the anti-Christ  foretold in  tlic j
Scriptures.   The Bolshcviki, it is said,
are opposing thc movement by means j
of an active propaganda.
Britain Must Retain Ireland
New   Soldier   Settlement   Scheme   Is; 	
Working    Fine,    Says 'constitutional   "Nationalism     Shows
W. J. Black s-gns of Rtvivai in Erin
Ottawa.-W. J. Black, chairman^ of      Dublill.���.sir  jai.ics    j.u,   AlacPhcr
the  Soldiers'  Settlement  Board,    has ;
returned from a visit of inspection t0 } interview   said
the western  provinces.    Speaking lo I
the. press, he stated that he found in-,
tense interest being taken iu land set--
llcniciit by returned soldiers.   Alicaiiyi the British Fuipi--
throughout thc Dcv.'.mioii  there have!    M]._ ^ucFh^' sai(1 ]lc
tions certificates, and of chese.
have been passed as qualified to I^rti-j dcpondc���f,rcpublic   in   Ireland.
, _ _      ..    was con-
been" 17;709 applications, lor -i��ahfica-. vinccd thc ]3].iUsil pcop,c wou]d ncvcr
j agree to the establishment of an  in-
cipate in-the.benefits of the act. j^^j thcTbelicf ���
���xhe neavKsc itisn oi applicants is | Fdn movclnciU   was
in   vns  western   provinces,'    saio  Mr.
i Black.    "I'n one day alone,  1,036 re
���turned men    visited    the    Edmonton!
sions of the Imperial Act of last vear.:. auv'l;u n,cn
It was extremely important that thc!olficc'  secionB  i��^>'"intion, and    tne
.; usual run at    present there is    from
j 700 to 800 men a day.   The organization of the    board is being    heavily
taxed to provide the required service
to meet this situation."
The majority of those settled to
j date, according to Mr. Black, arc
j farmers' sons'or men from thc Old
I Country who have worked on  farms
j proposals should bc carried into effect
at the 'earliest'".date. .    '
Curtailing Liquor Supply
I Physicians Have to Set Limit to Pre-
i scriptions in Alberta
I Edmonton.^���A limit of 100 liquor
i prescriptions a week from any one
I physician has been set by the attor-
| ney-general, pending a definite ruling
i to that effect from the. council. Under
j lhc new scheme of serially numbering
I prescriptions the doctors arc required
j to return their prescription book stubs
ito th'c'dc-paihncnt, and since the new I
j scheme lias been in operation for only
! about two weeks, comparatively few
| returns havc yet been made'.   In'some
in this.country.
Cannot Defy The Law
Defence of Arrests at Winnipeg Given
Out to Various Labor
, Men
Ottawa.���In reply to a telegram
from Secretary Hamilton, of the Toronto Metal Trades Council, with re-
,-.,.,,, ,   , .. ison used about one barrel pei   ycai;
One of thc features, of the movement,  .       ., ,      , .    ,
1 but  there wcrc also bran and  shorts
to be considered,  and    the  price  of
wheat was reflected on oats and bar-
j ley', so that meat, milk, eggs, etc , all
reflected it also.
j He believed tliat the open market
I for wheat would be better than the
present closed market. Grain men
had been having conferences in Ottawa with ; the. government, and an
effort was being made lo reach an
agreement. The .grain exchanges
were very anxious for the open market, but the farmers, as represented
by Messrs. Menders and Maharg,
wanted a fixed market.
His belief was if the fixed price was
removed thc price of wheat would
drop to normal. He considered thc
present price fictitious ancl believed it
would drop lo $1-50 or $2.00. Hc gave
reasons for this. Australia had aboul
117,000,000 bushels of millablc wheat
and Great' Britain had bought a large
portion of this, which was being sent
to India ancl Egypt. At present thc
United States had begun garnering
the winter wheat, which'was. the largest crop in its history.
Of the 1919 crop the United States
would have from 370,000,000 bushels
to 400,000,000. Last year's export was
200,000,000. 'This year Canada would
have probably from 250,000,000 to
260,000,000 bushels, leaving 200,000,000
for export.
Thus'1 there would be about 600,-
000,000 bushels for export from thc
two countries.
ir james
son, chief secretary for Ireland, in an
ic siil! was an unrepentant home ruler, I.ui that under thc
plan of home rule which he contemplated   Ireland   would   remain   within
that ' the Sinn
on the wane,
(having failed to accomplish any of its
! pledges, while its policy of abstention
from membership in parliament led
to neglect of Irish^intercsts at Westminster.
The chief secretary' said he saw
distinct signs of a revival of constitutional nationalism. He did not
believe the republican policy was
merely put forward as tactics to
[ coyer smaller demands, and that thc
' Sinn Fein leaders certainly were
genuine in their demands for a republic, notwithstanding thc practical impossibility of this.
Riot Among Canadians
Attacked   Epsom    Police   Station
Rescue Comrade Arrested   ,,
in Britain
London.���Unrest    among Canadian
soldiers  in  England   because  of  con
however,  thc -blanks i8^ t0 ^ iln"osis ��.f thc  Wi"����Pce tinned    postponement  of    homeward
i of these cases,
|havc been used up to such ah extent
! and..with such rapidity that thc dc-
: pai'tiiient has found it desirable to set
ja limit upon lhc number of prescriptions that will be accepted as legiti-
��� mate..  ��� '     . "
Coast To Coast Flight
strikers, Premier Borden sent thc following message:
'���'The persons arrested    in    Winnipeg have been    charged ' with    acts
which, under the laws  of  this country, arc serious olienccs.-.The govern-j'to.release a Canadian
ment intends to.maintain the knwand l]jectI 'arrested "
sailings culminated in an attack by
400 Canadians on liic Epsom police
station." Several - policemen ' wcrc
wounded, one so' seriously that he
.died." Thepurpose.. of thc attack was
oldicr'who had
to prevent and punish any' attempt
to subvert .the authority of the people as  established by  their represeii-
. British Donate ."Big Airplane Fleet to l-lill��vcs in parliament'.    Your .-assertion
���        ' the'Domihion       ���  -   .'       -j thai.the government has" been aninial-
!    Vancouver7-That  ihe.Brifish  gov-|(-cl.b>'K(lesi:"ct9:lssist lhe CIllplo>'i!lg
i'crnment. has donated   lo-Canada, free  .dllss or to inJ"rc t.hc labor movement |ults. aiui did other damages, accord
jot charge, 107-.airpktncs; "is thc news
;received "by. P..J. McLaren,'" Vancou-
jver, from his son, Maj. Donald. Rod
: crick' McLaren," D.S.O. an
To avoid further trouble, the police
released another .Canadian in whom
thc��� mob was interested.
-During lhc last few days there has
been, trouble iii the Canadian camp at
VVitley,     where   tiie   soldiers   burned
ere is. much son-
is absolutely contrary "to the. fact. No  ;nlr to  reports     Th
man in this country, whether employ- p;ahv-.here-for lhc    Canadian's,    who
cr or employee, is above the. law, nor rej)0atedlv have been given-dates- for
    ,  cr!iar;-M.C.|c:ul-an-v'sucll.Pcrson l-?c permitted to jhomeward -sailings,    only to be'lohl
j with '.two bars, French' Legion- .ofl'1???":11.1,0 annuity of the people "ns a j_tliat furtlier'postponcmcht ' was nc-
: Honor and Croix'" d'e Guerre .with'! - " ''��� "��� ' " ' - -.--'- [.cc'ssary . owing to strikes of dock
; palms:. He is- ku'son officer' with the!" Messages, of like tenor havc been U^rkcrs ";U Liverpool and other ports
��� Roval A'ir'Force '        ' "- jse,uto H. Knudscn, secretary ot the|or l^Qk of transports". '.;   '. "
I -' The  Canadian JVir'.'1-orcc is' to at- j st-rikc' committee ���' at tfew - Wcstmin,'
! tempt a -flight "from- coast, to   coast, | stcr> "a,uI W- Crai*v secretary of the
land  thc  frVe  gift if these' 'machine's l.t���<>��s:and.-hibon -council, at Brandon,
will, it is believed,-.l<4d:. the'   Doni-I^'? .a,l�� ?c!u ^IcBrams.oi protest-.to" ^v ZcalandersV
. The. unrest has not be'cii confined
to the Canadians: 'J'hcre.-have also
been  protests ..by .-.Australians,   and
nnon government to' take' steps to in- i
'���corporatc-the-Canadian'--.iir -force "as j
,'6uc. of the permanent branches of.de- j
'. fence.    ���- X '������-- .'-���'"..������.���''���* '���  "���   '. -    :'   '���:!.
thc  Premier".'
For Armament Reduction
Canadian (Gift to Prince
At the Canadian Officers' Club in
London thc Prince of Wales received
the loving cup subscribed for by
members of thc Canadian corps, during the stay of His Royal Highness
with thc corps in France- Sir Leigh
presided, the gift being made by Sir
Arthur Currie.
The _ Prince, in acknowledgment,
assured thc gathering that hc would
go west in his forthcoming tour of
the Dominion. "None of us enjojed
the war itself," said His Royal Highness, "but we did enjoy the. last five
weeks,-because wc knew wc had them
(the Germans) on tlie run."
Says Sinister Influences at Work
Atlantic City.���The American Federation of Labor .at a meeting of its
annual convention adopted a repoit
providing that all labor organizations
"in the United Stales should closely
co-operate -with, trade 'unionists in
Canada in establishing stable conditions and ..should give Caadian members of international organizations advice and-counsel and "call attention
to-the sinister-influences which a;e
working in Canada to split up organized, labor." -       -   -
Control.of Danzig
-'.Paris.;���Thc council of foreign ministers has under consideration at pre
sent a plan "for an inter-allied commission "To" "administer" . the.port of
Danzig, through .which Poland has
been given ah outlet, to. the sea. This7
���:,;   ..- .-Suppressing the Tr'uih   . ���. .'".;
; Paiis.--Thc .German- government,
::;icyorc'iirrg_ ' to 'i;c ports received ,"here
.has' ffa.'bhtd-eir'thc publication of��� "the
' i
"7":_" Matter "fof "League ~- '"X
Paris.���The confcrcncc' commission
| oil harbors and waterways, is enclcav
iV-'l'rr'.    ,      TT7"i o      -'"   "X -.'"loring to arrange for l lie regulation of! commission   would have- jurisdiction.
( F,rst,Top,c for -Initial Session of the . -^^  - ^^ : ��� - j..^- -. ^ j umU the, Lp:lgHC 0f Nations began to
.Trieste with.Vieiiiia.so that'.conditioiis  function and took .over the-task. ".: ..
be "satisfactory -to" Italy,- Jugo: |',7 '   . 7 ;'��� . y^���: X~~. ..."
Some".]7... '. .Maimed Germans Returned
Bcrji.e_���.Urdcr.'-a' new ' -af ra'ngeiiic'nt
I   7'  ..- - r .'   League
;: /Pa.ri's..���Inciicatioiis, are that; the--in-..
, itial project' for the limitations'of the'!-,-   ...   -,-.      ,     ^,  . ., .
;   -;       ..." '-���/.,-,"        '������.---��� ���-.     ','������{ '��� Slavia and - Czecho-Slovakia.
armaments-ot the great naval and mil- <       . .-.,.,,',,.    .....       ,
------- -agrecmcnt'is-desirable'beforcthe Aus-
inenjosrs    ol   lhc late. -Lieut. -Gencial  itar.v powvrs- \vill dc rcadv -to -present!-. ."���..;.-.- . ,-     ,   ,.',;   -',   ..     I  ���-���;���=',  =    ";,.   ������'���-AX'.      ..."
"v."-!..':���- i ���',.-'���- -,,   ���     ,.-   ,-,  ;_.--.- -���'-���'���  ���,."'���:---   ' -.-"  '    ���f*..-."-   V '   .'.; ..-Irian treaty .is. coinpletcd;-but-.the.-in-i with   the"  allies";   /00-invalid  .German
ion ..woiIko; cl:ier ot the. genera! stall -at tho. urst meeting of- the. League ot:-.,.     .������--   ���������-.'���:��� -x\   .-   .     .'   -'.,.-. ,-.-| .: .'. '  .   .-.-"���'..-;   -.-=',. ���:���      ,   ��� ",
.7,'  .. ������;.���-    ','-..-. '   .. r.'-      ---"^-  .���    -  -���     Vi-    "�� ��� '   .-" '  ���"���";���   ".   ���  '   ���meai!ons"arc that- the-matter -"will, -be prisoners-, interned ���--1:1  ��� 'Switzerland
it. tne out urea i-:. ci inc. war.---it is san.: A-atiuns-Mii'.��� \\ a.snmgton.-in: Uctooer..- .. .'  ---   ,"   '    .;���...-. , .. .-      ,  \- ... .     - -    ���        ���-    ,    ...   ���;--"-.,.
- New, ��� York.���'J'hc- Associated .Press
issues, thc following:. ���-..;'-.
���Failing to'sccure-a vote of..confidence in" the chamber of deputies in
-Rome, .on a detuancl by Premier. Orlando-tliat llic chamber in "secret session-' listen" t.o the "government's- icx-
planation Of its foreign policy, the.
Italian cabinet resigned..
...Such.action probably will still fiir-p
thcr "complicate- the work of the peace
conference, especially in straighten?
ing out the tangle that long has- existed as regards Italy's claims to Fiume
and the Dalmatian coastal regions:
. The vote of lack of confidence in
the government was an. 'overwhelming one,, being 259 to 78.   Prior to the
.vote,; the Premier in a statement to-
the chamber had announced that thc
Various economic and financial question concerning Italy had been solved,
!��r were about to be solved.-.   .,....'.
,"' - Rome.���^The Italian government has
jesigiicdj" following :an adverse vote
agains��^it;in the 'chamber of deputies.
'..-'Premier Orlando", in.'announcing-his
-"resignation > and- thatf.of.thc '.cabinet,
;said. King--; Victor linimanuel had -re-
"ecrved decision; "as t6.-.acccpiance..-7 '.-'.-
"-Prior- to "th'c..vQtc,--Prc:mie;r Orlan^dp,
-" ;-'-HIre/--$mg the7-;chaiub,cr . of ' de-
.-. ."Italy's-peace with' ..Ge'rinany"/"_-and-
Austria- has--been" solved, in a liianher
with which, on" the whole, l-fecl'satis^
FicdX-x y'-'i ;.-,., ;:".."; xly'-iX-; \':
..'-Jinsisting >��� "on llic-; technicality of a
secret.session, the" premier7declared,
that thcjgoveriiinen.t- needed, greater
confidence and. would.treat his inotion
for-a secret session as a-question of
confidence. The Socialists .immediately opposed this,
Sigrior Orlando, in his address,
saici Italy's position had been considerably aggravated by international
events-during the second fortnight of
April. He referred to President Wilr
son's'speech regarding thc Adriatic
-The- Italian delegation at the peace
conference, thc Premier - said, had
followed this policy:
"First���maintain with firmness all
the essentia! points, of the Italian
claims, without which Italy is convinced peace will be neither just nor
a.dequatc.7-,.to the'iiin'aiense. /sacrifices
suffered.;''-;;,.'���."���','i ;..-��� '.'���'" V" ,.'yX"..
--��� "Secpnd-T-Remaih"faithful 'in., your
"duties, tpwa'rd.'the .Allies.:..-; 777 . '.
'-"Third���-Avoid.:,.:any-;:blind^'forni;.' of
obstinate." \intran?igcance��t. ';.'-.Ind.c.c.d;
facilitate"-' ..cpnciljatory .- ".suggestions
capable- of; producing': sccord-inj-thc
iCohfcrchce :7ovcr'.thc-pripbk;r:is7..:ronr
cerning:;Italia"n'fr"6nt��ers."<7.7-''    -. 7."-.
!7Black .Walch'���. The   Best- Black-
Plug Chewing Tobacco, on the Market
'ilia':, ' lh>7nic'i!i";ri"s .contain'-.' passages.;-^'' idle thc
.conoVs'iiing-   .cvciils-,.in    1914- ..whi.e!
;\yould pfoJ-.c": an..unfavorable- in;pres
,     -ilctrrreci for decision nv.thcT-caguc Cl   were
to the-; ..    ,. ' ,. - ���    ��� ��� -.   .. -    ���  ��������-.- - - . ���
... --,- ...      ... ... ..'." .' ' ..Nations'.' .-.-     ". -.    ���;-"��.'.- '  --   ;��� .-'-     -'train.
Mgning and'rauncation. ct the trcatv;;
pians are. subject
started . for. hosne '. by"special"
���7. C.P.R..-Men to Settle- '
Win'nipe'g..���rStriking -rarnien of' lhc"
���Canadian -Pacific-.Kailv.-ay arc considering! lhc advisability "of" returning; to
work.-, They. have, forwarded:,;i eo:.i-
inimicatior.'.'tq .the central"strike 'com-
hiitfe'c ' -at-; the-labor- " temple," urging
-settlement- of ;thc sympathetic ..strike,"
and-indicating their intention to "lake
such action as lliey. decjn .advisable'-'
in the -event of "the .strike'.continuing.
Th'c.'Canadiaii ��� National. "Carmeit
have .also passed '-'a-, resolution*, a.nd
forwarded -it to the .-central, strike-
committee-expressing the opinion that
the original cause ol" thc sympathetic
strike .was settled-by. concessions ou
collective'.bargaining, advanced by the
metal  trades- employees/
>ion in t.
question ._
j.-.a'i.y' with .fe"g:-.rd.
"ivii r"' r c's-pon^ibilit y..'
io   tile
,-��� Eomb-Terrbrr. to Coiit".hi:'c - _
''V\'a"f'!iii'i:.;;��',!L-^;i-!-.<' n";.7;;;ce ���i')f:iJv!ii'vr
p.Vitra'gv s "s'ili !i.��n;.* -jvt-r i!ie7coiiir:.r7.',:
i:> the b..lief ri oiii.'-.a's-of' Uic-ti-'i-aii-,
..nniit of justice. 'ill.- \'v;. J." i'Jyiin,.'.,
cMiiefof the dej.arl'meul's.' bin'eaii
information; <ai.| there ". "wore" -htore
'.bombs to couie, hut said' it was.'im-
possible Jo say wh.'ii the a.Ucinpt lo]
crcaic a riign oi terror by e-\j)!osi"on"s
::;ight  lie  icadc.. : --
a ntiiiiUc'r ot..coinmitleci; are 'pr'rpar-.;.���
ing-a general butiini, of'v.orkVwnicii.
'wi!!"'in:Tnd.e besides.<>rg.ir ixation many -
iniporiant .sii'.Sjc'cts iiiuier the d.ir>'--i.
lion o 1"-'i lit- leagiK';, .v.i'.'-.hi'liiigulisai nia-i
:i;ivn!..        . - -'  ���.���     .. -��� v.   -,... ���    ���' i
ie allied ' r.ci>ly.
i-'.ii'.n-er:pro|)osaK -
sl:ii'Jm.'iit that."t���:<���'
ii; ...:,i ni mediate
the   ""German
Ul..';!.'.'     tin- dviii'nite
allie-.-.   iiiiV:-'I.  to
'(jf.l-.bcgiiV; - .'.'uimedia!':   .negi.'ifs'.io'sis" -'. ;'��� >t j
'��� t!:>V ii:uiialio"ii,.oj .;ii';ni:;nienis. ,'lt -was I
1 ;-\plahi^d in ��� cor.fi'i'ei'7e <m;.itcr^ that
' t.hv   iiin..ic;diatc ucgjotiati'ons .���'conteui
p.la'ec'1 were to bc'undcr.the Lcac'JC.i ships.-.Vand    financial   -and-  ecoifor.iic
Paris'.���The   plan
! ."i.-.so.riatcd    p'oc.\'"f,.rs
American Money to' Aid Strikers
Bellingham, Wash���Financial support of the strikers of British .Columbia was unanimously voted by the
Washington State Federation of Labor, after an address on the subject
had been made by. J. Kayanagh, president of:the;British Columbia Fidcra-.
tion o.f.La.bbK: A^7motion.^also, was
^passed,asking all affiliated- orgahiza-
tionsiof thc>federation' to lend .the
strikers-their-'Lhioral and financial ;Sup-
pqrt.'-7- ���'���:'���;-'''; iXXfX ' .X ry..yX--. .--.. .-
y'i'A /collection7 totalling(.."$559, ',\yas.
[taken7-up-J'.'an.o'ng.; -'the', delegates and
-v-sll .hcA'iu'r.r.f.d- o\;er..:'to .the Canadian
s'tr'ikc'.'fun'd. -; -;.7 - XiXXXX ':'  -';  ' -. ';/
For New Farmers' Colleges
KdmonlGii.-���Tcndcra ar-; op.-.ncd for
three ncw agricultural schools .u Raymond, Youngstown and Gleichcii.. The
successful tenders aggregate .$1S0,419
and are awarded to Sinith Brothers
& -Wilson /Lethbridge, at $144,000;
Ross Brothers,.Edmonton, for plumbing, etc-, $33,000;-;.and H. H. DcpcVv,
Edmonton, electrical work, $3,419-
Closing Down Sniehers I -;..
;"-- Grand Forks, fi!,.C:���With the forced
closure of the; Grahdpy.Consolidated
-Mining 7Smelting.. and-Power ..company's snielter here,; ifrqmjack of coke
on account of the. strike iii 'the-Crow's
Nes't-^.Pass^ coal mine's; '.the-Grandby
'company announces it "will cease-bpcr-
ationsi.perfrianently.:both. at the'smeli
tef :here-"and' at-the -.Phoenix" ininesV '",
:-N'-"" v.
of Xa'.ioi'isr, and that
ready- to present at tire 0-:
ions lo Germany'-witlr regard . to,'.he }
"thev allied'and ..tin;-urgent -need' of "ra.w- matcri:
make    >"onc<,-'.-7fori:. new; sliijis could-bo built.'-'.-'   ....   ..
.- .Est.i;i;atcs .ranged'.'between' uvc.nty-
feve and-.'thirty per ccnV.bt  the .ycs-
lt..is'. under-
i-plan vvould.bel-e^rcs   it -sne .signed ' ihe, '.Pwccr .
obcrincct-i terms   was   doomed   advisable   to   ��-,    ^     {      .,       ^ - -^       ^
sure- Gcrmanv a certain amount ol h-> .      ���--   .-���,   - -?��-������ -.-. 3-\
������ 1    . -1 ." - ���    ��       ,- .-������  [ to.-permit". tiie-'Gcrmans to" defer 'dc���
nancial and economic - working-capi-!-..  ���, ;-������    ,-.  ,  . ���
' r.vciy 01   .a,.higner percentage . until
two   years ..after    ratification of the .
1 ,-.                ..    .-.-���           ,        ;, ��� .-            .             ,,    1 trcatv. ��� All vessels  in  this  category'
encc ot German competition, a large tn;s or pav reparations.   Among the...        -                                              -   fe    - .
,��� , ��� c                  . ������    ' 1        -                  ~>.   - -^          1          1                  i in existence at    present   arc    to    bc
contract for constructional  c;ig;:ccr- concessions, ��^ "'^�� '"""''   ���"���*���* .-i-i-��.                                '-
rhtans Cut -Prices
���Evidencing  t'uc  recrudes-
tal,' without which.it would " bc  im-
possiblc for her to resume her ind-is-
ing in Holland has been acccp'.ed-by-a| lo permit Germany thc use for"  two;
German .firm at twenty pounds sterl-.years of thirty per cent, of her mcr
ing per.   .ton-below, leading .; Briiish j chant  shipping and facilities  for ob-'
compatiy's offer.   Thc Times refers to
thc mysterious.lowest German tender
which is actually below th'1: price of
raw" material delivered by British roH-
ing mills/1'.'���:.  ���-���'.' -'-       ;";   .-���--������,"-."���'
! surrendered ultimately.
X-iXi X Turkey^..Places.Blame "
- "P-arSs'.-rThe- Young Turk's,7thc 'for-,
mcr. German ��� emperor .and-; Russian
greed for Constantinople-.were resppnV.
'sible;for; Turkey's entrance, into/ihe'
v.*ar-,'according, to _the.statement of .the
taining certain ores and other-raw
materials, as well.as. thc-jclcritidh-p'f"
her goId"rescr>;e in.'o'rcIer;to.-.'rnaihtain
the.-German currency, systcni" and. for-,
cign credits/ ��� - ", -yXi'- .X, r-..'X-'Xy:~.
Tt Ayas-originially'���coulcniplated .'to
include r.in; .the'.'reply;;given*;thc Germans" ...Monday a: definite, and "detailed
statement on. these.-co.ncessios. .There
was/'cphsiderablc discussion' between
'^British'-ind/other-. cx'pcrts.-as;;to;th'C:
.ahipunt- of .general .7 tonnage; /' which
-The French also    agreed    to    con-;',
cessions,    giving  -the _ .Germans;\lhe--,
right to .purchasc.-'oirifavorabl'c: term's. :
minct fc .orcs'j-.obtained, be fore "tlic war"
from -French, and." .Gc'nnah.   Lorraine,
and which' must be mixed .with Ger7
man low grade'ores'to obtain a good
quantity of .iron and steel.' ��� ���  . -
������. The-contcmplatcd assurances. ; concerning ;ra>y",niateriais from overseas,
it is;said;.aVc of'the sanic general 11a-
.turc. '-.'All the-conccssions.'will be coni-.
;ni'unicatcd --' tp; Gcririany. '��� at.an. "early."'
,dat.c" a{t?r-'lhc'7.'sigriing;..pf;.tlie .treaty,.-'
firobably.; at .'one''.of-the.first7'confer-.
ences v.ith. the", permanent' reparations''
.commission/'-'.."-,-':-;.- '"���-'-.'; ������    " "   ' '���--," ;��������� ...
���Ti    , '
__. -..--���':.-->.'.;'....-.ii..7^^ /
X .-   ;**
<    >
WHEN it comes to the creation of evening
gowns and wraps, fanciful and all as
fashion permits them to be, the clothes
artist finds himself limited by convention. But
when it comes to conceiving new beauties for
milady to spend her leisure hours in, then may
the clothes artist translate his dreams without
change into tangible things. '
He may use such delectable mediums as
glove silk, dazzling white satin, cloudy chiffons
and georgettes, and the most exquisite things?
thai come off the lace looms. His color mood
just now is in the yellows and the greens, and
the yellow-greens like canary and citron.
Again he contrarily expresses himself in the
lurid reds.
mes arc most whimsical of all.    Imagine
anything tailored going^nto the boudoir and
���looking appropriate.    Yet, most tailored is
the petticoat that is topped off with the primly
pretty short negligee.     And still it looks the
boudoir part, doesn't it?
But lace, exquisite Irish, perishable Venise,
enchanting Chantilly, that is the stuff that lingerie dreams are made of. Fancy a coat of
Chantilly, will you, completing the airy-fairy
picture of a nightie madc of chiffon? And
what negligee could help being beautiful for a
cape of wonderful laciness.
So when she goes away for the precious
respite between activities, let milady indulge
in tangible dreams.
y"1       *<&*.*'*;** 4
-> <-j - *..
--il        ^
" * �����
2   *
*. - -
' -"���'ex'*"-' '��� '/j,w*/Q!��Kr'~
Tt , s^Vf   v "* ZvXjKf'  ���" t
'- y^x"'^'v^MH
ff/s d��s>re'J}//��'/)//e/MOhose6
j^x? Oifcrcfress ofL&ce.
&^  I
' * *7$l
* Lowfip ess of$f��
Pett/codf P/pfe/isi
< yvx,
1     ��^B^~1f'
faffs Z&&i/
&. t:
-f -
XX.    ~A\( J   XX*      ;:/
"**: ^ Y-X'^   -'":
-i      -.^ ���>   s ,7
:/  ^>>->V^      /
_.. x1,       ^    ^ ���- A        ^
t   <X y   \i
^\^X;Xg; Xf
X       \^.
-/' -  ^J1-#5
���$���" --s 1"":
hemfy  ,
atgS^ y
One hears of the affection of wild
creatures''and their devotion' to one
another, sven unto death. -This is undoubtedly true in many instances, bul
to my mind more wild animals die
through displaying bad temper than
through gentler sensations. I have
seen a grand .ten-point black-tailed
"deer brought down while bullying a
game little spike buck; 1 have lain
on the edge of deep pools and watched a' surly pike ram his head into a
net while attempting ,to intimidate a
big bull trout. Moreover, I once saw
a"grizzly thai died because he had
lost his temper -when a man approached as llic bear ,-was eating, and I was
once an active participator in thc
death of a lynx that would hare escaped unscathed had it not stopped
to claw up a dog that il could have
outrun on three legs.    .
On the oilier baud, there arc many
stories of affection. Once 1 was an
interested'observer of a she-bear putting a fast-climbing Dane up a Ircc
and keeping him there -while her twin
offspring climbed neighboring saplings, and were, in her opinion safe.
I havc been told of devoted trout that'
committed deliberate suicide because
their males had taken the hook. I
know of enormous bull walruses off
the coast of British Columbia who
personally .see to it lhat even'the
smallest pup.is driven into the safety of the black waters when danger
threatens. Then there are tlic talcs
of the male salmon .guarding thc
spawning beds from buccaneering
trout while llic female salmon deposit
eggs; ancl sailing men have told mc
of mother whales sheltering calves
under their great flukes while lhe
harpoons were reaching deep for thc
A Group of Rocky Mountain Sheep.
mother's vitals.     Al! thesc^ue worth   keen appreciation    of what    followed
telling, and may bc told, but at picscnt the subject is temper leading- up
lo fhe demise "of lhe mountain sheep
whose cighlecn-inch horns had been
the ambition of hunters for llirec long
Hc ranged lhe peaks a score-of
miles below Palliscr -where, from the
highest pinnacles of his range he
could loqk~down Jjic fair sweep of the
valley and sec C.P.P. trains toiling up
or roaring down the grades. He did
not know, what lliey were nor did
thcy bother his mind much. To him
they--may havc been crawling flics-
Mis simple lifc did not include them,
his chief annoyances were the self-
imposed duties of whipping young
and ambitious bucks, keeping his'band
of ewes in proper subjection, and
avoiding the two-legged creatures
who crawled so clumsily about the
rocks and frightened one with sharp
noises, followed by high-pitched
whines- Once, when he had heard
lhc sharp sound and did not hear the
whine, his side had hurt for a long,
time and the blood had (lowed as il
does when an caglc-or.a mountain lion
rips the hide, and he did not.want lo
repeat lhal experience. So he was
very watchful.
One clay he stood on a wind-swept
slope ancl gazed, high-headed, over
the broad valley. Nearby his band
A youthful and in.-
ovcr to a
charming young female ancl butted
her playfully. She loo displayed
frivolity, she shouldered him away invitingly. The king of the baud saw
these, carryings "on aud .stamped a
stern warning. Thc voting buck and
lhe  silly  ewe   sprang'apart     with   a
browsed pkicidlv.
judicious    male ' edged
outbursts of temper by the lord and
master. A small'stone., loosened by
the hasty feet of the young buck, rolled and ' clattered down the rocky
Around behind a distant shoulder
of rocks a .man who had been fruitlessly hunting all afternoon had turned toward his valley camp, warned
by. the lengthening shadows of late afternoon. He licgrd a distant clatter
of a rolling stone on loose shale and
paused a moment before dropping to
his knees and creeping noiselessly toward lhc point from whence the clatter came. The big buck, high-headed
and watchful, but raging and foaming
with auger, was just stepping down
toward'Mire impudent young male
with every intention of inflicting
merited chastisement when the rifle
cracked. The animal turned ancl fled,
blindly and fast, half stunned by thc
blow thai smote his shoulder and
burned his interior. He ran instinctively upward while his band also
scattered to the* heights by other
routes, and the white man, breathless
and panting, followed the blood drops
that marked the path of his prize. He
followed to lhc snow line and beyond,
his hunter's soul gladdened by thc
crimson clashes on the white mantle'.
Ancl al la'sl, a half mile from where
he had raised the band, and a thousand feel above the spot, he came
upon lhc bighorn chief's body, half
buried in the pure while ot a heaven-
clinibing slide. One little display of
jealous temper had ruined thc lifc of
the most astute Rocky Mountain
sheep ih the whole hunting country
south of the C.P.R. main line.���L. V.
Germans Have
No Stability
Standards Are "Different from Those
of Other, Nations
If they were not what thcy arc, one
would say. that thc position taken by
Schcidemann, Ebcrt and Von Brock-
dorff-Rantzaii had made it impossible
for them, at least, to sign the peace
treaty.' Thcy have assured tlicir parliament and people that'Uiey will not
sign. Thcy have ^denounced the
treaty in thc most unmeasured terms.
Thcy have left themselves no defence
in their own political bailiwick if now
thcy turn around ancl attach tlicir signatures to the document at Versailles.
Judgccf by general standards, their political future would bc killed past all
hope of resurrection by such an act.
It may be.that these standards do not
apply in Germany at present. Wc have
too often in these recent years seen
Germans changc^from arrogance and
defiance lo cringing obscquiotisess,
and back again, lo assume that on any
subject thcy hold themselves lo the
same stability of mind that is expected of nun of other nations. Our soldiers learned too well that a German
could cry "Kamcrad" in the most cowed and abject manner and in an instant become a daring and treacherous savage and thrust a knife into the
back of tjte man who had trusted him.
We saw thcm mourn like humane persons over lhc devastation which thcy
had wrought to Belgium and l-'rancc
had brought to Belgium and l-'rancc
at the same time that thcy were (level-,
ing new forms of atrocity to increase
lhc horrors. Three times the United
States had their promise lo cease submarine lawlessness, and cvery lime
that thcy broke lhcir word thcy could
comc back wilh explanations thai appeared to bc entirely satisfactory both
to their spokesmen ancl lo lhc German people generally. It is conceivable that this peculiar quality may enable lhe present leaders suddenly to
reverse themselves and not only sign
lhc treaty, bul win a general outburst
of applause and gratitude from the
German people for signing if���From
lhc Buffalo Express.
Evangeline Returns To Grand Pre
(1) Evangeline's Well
(2) Philippe Hebert's Statue of Evangeline,
What lover of poetry has not
dreamed of visiting the places made
immortal in song? And what song
has roused this longing more intensely than the story of the gentle Acad:
ians and their Great Banishment?
Many have realized this ambition, for
Nova Scotia is easy to reach and
each succeeding summer sees more
hundreds making the pilgrimage to
"The Acadian land, on tiie shores of
the Basin of Minas,     "'
Distant, secluded, still, the little village of Grand Pre."
There ihey find the meadows, dikes
and orchards of which Longfellow
sang, and thcy try lo.retrace the action of the poem by using as a guide
lhe still remaining well whicli the
poet described as
"Farther  down,  on   the  slope  of  the
hill, was
Bucket, fastened   with   iron, and near
it a trough for the horses."
The piece of ground at Grand Pre
on which is the well of Evangeline, together with the old willows, has been
bought by thc Canadian Pacific foi
llie purpose of preserving it for posterity.
Before he died last year, Philippe
Hcbcrt, the greatest of French-Canadian' sculptors, was "engaged on a
statue representing Evangeline leaving lhe'1 land of her childhood and
looking back in  sorrow-
Philippe Hebcrt was himself an
Acadian and, although a perfectly
happy exile in Montreal, entered inio
the spirit of the poem as no othe'-
sculptor could- Thc .model of his
slaluc has been purchased by the
Canadian  Pacific, who havc commis
sioncd Philippe's son Henri Ilcbcit,
also a distinguished sculptor, to complete it, lifc size in bronze, to be
erected beside the famous well.
Thus will be added one more'attraction to a land full of attractions
for artists, devotees of romance aud
matter-of-fact sportsmen. The artists
find an inexhauslable supply of subjects ranging from many mile-long
vistas of apple blossoms to uncouth
but picturesque fishcrfolk; the romantically inclined find a land of legends
and sleepy beauty;- the sportsmen find
fishing and hunting such as is seldom
equalled and never excelled.
Russia Tired Of Tyranny
There- Is Nothing But Excrtmes In
the Russian Character '
If Bolshevism should collapse as
suddenly as the. revolution came,
what' sort of government or, rule will,
follow" the Soviets?-, Will the pendulum swing clear to tlic'.oihcr side,'
-" and bring- in a return to absolutism?
Arguing on what" is    known'   of thc
"Russian ' character-as a basis,-that
migh.l indeed be expected. There is
..nothing'bul extremes in the Russian
character. Russia- might logically bc-
cxp'eclcd to. follow , the example of
France, which, after .it. had killed its'
.King, .as'. Russia ��� has killed its -Czar,
leaped into thc arms of a. ruler who
was still more absolute".'  But at least
-  a resolute attempt    will hc   madc by
'-' the moderate party in Russia/which
in "this -will be. sustained' by.the ' influence .'.'of __lhc- Entente. .and-Anicrica,
to-kcep. lhe principles of'thc revolution intact.- The.- land, under the
Omsk-proposal;- will bc. left in the
-hands of-the peasants", \ and a. republican government maintained, .on'(he
-basis 7 of
- elected' by...univcrsal'suffrage.  I f Kol-
'. chak is;recognized",.it. will .be on this
'  .basis."    Russia    has.- had/chough -.of
- "Czarism; ;>H" wants democratic"' iris.tiV
.  tutions���but it-wanlslibcrly" a'nd.-frcc
,"��� represent at ion,-r and hot'.the" tyrannous
.dictation of a sigle" class; be lhat class
-.���'..ah:a_ri.s'toeracy or a "proletariate���Fjoiri
- '-the'Bbstoiv Transcript.    '.' '- "."���;_.
the ' supremacy,'   of-/the"
of 'a   constituent   assembly
Renner Protests
""77      -"        - ^ ' ���
Claims Austria Is Stripped of Means
of Livelihood
Berne.���Chancellor Renner, head of
lhe Austrian peace delegation,' in-an
interview 'while returning from Fold-
kirch to St. Germain, described", his
country as-"a big-".land owner from
whom "factories, fields ancl mines have
been token, and who. has been; left
with,only aii empty castle" and the"
debts and .taxes of.his former., extensive properly."- ' --'.,
. "What inost"'surprised.us was; that
the. peace conditions for Austria'wcrc
incomparably more severe in comparison than those for 'Germany,",
said Renner: "_N*ol ��� that avc claimed
milder treatment,.hut wc were sttrcly-
juslific'd, in expecting au. equal, fooling.. I'i is uselessUo 'talk-of self-determination" and similar, ideals when
countries'' wit Ir a "liutul red" per" cent."
German population, like South T^-rol,
are "annexed-without .the slightest' attempt to justify, such an act of violence. 1 represent the: Austrian Socialists- who'fought-during .lite.war..for
the-lofty principles", "of: international-
justice"whicli .President'.\\'ilsbii,-lalcr,
promulgated. ... -; ."' '.-,.-.,��� - -"' '
;. '-'"Where; arc"'--.his ' fourteen. ��� points
how? ''in ; iBohe.niia," .Moravia', .'-'and
Silesia-we lose'3,500,000 of our, co-
nationals, which.is ' more. ..than.' thc
population of'-'S.wit-zerlancl.- '-In. Tyrol
we:"lost ,:250,000 and"'in';'''Syria-.150,000.:
What, remains ' is the tragic ' remnant
of ouc'-of -Europe's, capitals, -su'rrouii'd-
ccl.'.by a b.'irrcn.-moui.ii'aii.ioiisVcuiiilry
���rimab'le. -to jive -aiid not -allowed to
die 'quickly.'- One "would haye thought
that" "such a c'ripph'd,stale would receive, special; -liiiahcia.r-considcrai.ion,'
instead of..economic terms even w.orVc
than those given.Germany'.'.'  ���.   ,
Tlie Good Luck
. Of A Horseshoe
i ..
i .'���
t !'���
Pea'r'Trbuble-in Shanghai -
Tokio.���Advices received .here'from"
iiina." thauiherc: -has been' a."serious
-" spread;-oJ-'anti-Japanese agitation'.- es-
:, pceially iit- .Shanghai, -Satigkow, -.W'an-
. king'and" Canton, indicate th';il;it.may
���"develop,   into-a. general- ��� anti-foreign
inbve.nie.it/       "-.-'' -   ..   ��� x -���':.   X - Travelling Fingers"  .- ���
' Several warships of-the Japanese- Tvpisls' fingers arc the most aiuaz-
X'hina squadron have been hurried tbl:;ng travellers in .creation",, and arc ck-
Shaiifihai.--' Shipping'at- Chinese, ports j pab]o of going tremendous distances
has virtually ceased, owing, to a boy-j withoht the fatigue that would come
cott. resulting in groat momentary ��� t0 [IlC fecl :iml lcg- ;h porforuijng a
' losses tc s.leamshjp conipaiiies and ex- sinlHar. journey. In ordinary type-
porters, j writing-the hand'may travel, aceord-
"  ,, to an expert, 10,000 mil.es a
Recruiting Men for German Army
Berne, Switzerland.���iGreat.  activity-
is displayed in Germany in" recruiting
men   for  the  army  and' in  gathering
ammuition," tire  Independent Socialist-1
Die Prcihcil of Berlin says. -
.  According to the Socialist Abendi
of Vienna, German recruiting agents
arc-busy in Austria. ���'   _
,..'-.The N'achrichten of Basle says that
the German. recruiting bureaux arc
.offering,.as Inducements to enlist pay
���' of/nine, marks...a';.1 day -.-and: ^''fidelity
.'preiiinfms.''''"���..."-   X" .X" X -   X'x'X.
Back-Of Almost Every Legend And
Superstition Is" An Intcr-
'.esting Story
' . Il is. a" safe guess Ural.' fully' t'wo-
thiids of thc.farm.barns havc a horseshoe nailed ��� over . the door!. How
many oT our- readers know: tlic origin
of this custom or- superstition? An
explanatioh'of it'will be found "cjiiitc
intcrc'slijig.    - ..';--- -'
It s.ecms that St. -Dunslan, famous
for. his skill in .horseshoeing, one day
was visited- by'lhc" devil," who .asked
him to; shoe liis "single-hoof. "Recognizing his client, the saint tied -him
up and -begitn ' operations, .purposely
causing him so much pairixthat the
devil roared for'mercy.- "Whereupon
St. Dunslan bargained with him. lo
complete the; job painlessly on-.condition that "lie never-afterwards entered
a building, or jnolesleda person1 protected by the.display of a 'horseshoe:
.... Perhaps .not .one in'-a'-'liiousaiuPof
the -farmers or farm boys \\hoC nailed
the horseshoe ovcr'.t'h'c'"b;ir.n""dqpr ever
heard of this legend,-or-of. St:. Dun-
stair hiniscl.f,', for that .matter.' '��� Back"
o.f-almost' every"' legend and:.supcrsti-.
tion, is an inlercsting story, if v/conly
knew il.7-There,-scoius; to be a^mOrc
plausible, explanation ..= for the .horseshoe -legend!than applies in..many/of
the -cases,'- however. :.. I'lie. iicxl'limc
you- pick .up a, horseshoe, or-see one
nailed, over..a," barn -door, just- remember this . lit'tic incident ancl "pass. it.
.along; ' .  '���'���  '      .-. ri ;-...��� ���
British To Dispose
Of Old Warships
To Help Soldier Settlers
Militia "Department Arranges Method
of Payment in Accordance
1  With Reque'sts
Ottawa.���Au arrangement has been
made wilh the department of militia
and defence whereby the soldier settlement board may, in specially approved     cases,     accept     war   service
g-.amity on account of initial payment  aiul   m2i    ;uul   n^sc  oili:cr    vessels
of ten  per cent,  on  the purchase of  w|,jcll wcre arcll3tomcd to fly thc British flag in the outer seas before', in
As Soon as Arrangements for Sale
Can Bc Completed
London.���The admiralty is going to
dispose of about 160 men-of-war of
various lypcs as soon as the'arrangements for their sale can bc completed,
and others also arc marked down for
the scrap heap at early dates. For
the did Victorian navy i.s passing ���
the men-of-war whicli figured in thc
great reviews al Spilhead in 1887J 1897
land by soldier scalers. The settler
will be required io execute a power
of attorney -appointing-the district
superintendent oL the board his attorney for thc purpose of receiving
ancl cashing his'cheques from month
io month ancl applying the proceeds
as slated. .        '/    ���' .  '_-
Where the ���settler-has-a dependent
who. is receiving, a separate-' cheqne
from the department- -..of militia and
defence," and whose" portion, is also'
assigned, the' .power of attorney
should be jointly signed by settler
and his dependent.' Thcy will also be
required lo" sign a letter-to the department of militia and defence requesting .tliat cheques-in' their favor
bc forwarded to the district superintendent. -"When' the district paymaster
acknowledges receipt,"the superintendent of' the board is icmpowcrcd . to"
proceed with-the" transaction.
This action on.lhc;pa'rl. of the board
is-at the .request."of .a number' of, intending settlers who: may have suffi-
cicnt"cash"ayaiiable for the initial pa��
mcnt; but. desire, to;'.hold.it "as a-grubstake.'      :--'.-":-   " ..'������"���. ��� ' '..-"'-.���
Grieves Will Not
Make Second Trip
German Dye Plants
Unharmed By War
Educational Conference
preparation,  for Armageddon,  we be
ga'n   to."call  home  the  distant  squadrons' and  concentrate  our  power for
thc diicl with" Germany. -   .
It. is about fifteen ycars since-Lord
Fisher, then recently "appointed first
sea- lord, ..enunciated' '..the .'principle
that:aship which had.small chance'of
fighting successfully against fair odds
or of running away from an overwhelmingly superior opponent, should be
done away with- They were death"
traps for lhc officers .and .men; they
might-lower our.'prestige in war; and
thcy iiivolvcd.hcavy.annual charges in
peace for upkeep-'- For you cannot
keep an old ship without a'yearly bill"
for. repairs, aud'even a skeleton crew-
costs "money. -Scores of admirals ancl
captains ou thc wrong side of the mc-
ridian of life shook .their heads when
i.t was announced lhat a number ,6.f.
thesc obsolete ships were about to be
broken iip7" .Now, .after the war, wc
caii iii!- bc-wis'c.-and- it is realized" thai
llic defect" of tlic . policy . was" that it
was not- carried- out with '"sufficient
rtfthlessncss; many ships were.rclain-
ecl .in deference to'iininslrtictccl opinion."- -���;-'-'���' ���,-   :'      ','������,.'. -".
Hawker's Navigator Will Not Go
With Fredk. Raynham
St. John's, Nfld. ��� Frederick P.
liaynham's brightest hope of finding
a new navigator for his second attempt lo fly between the ncw world
and lhe old in the Ala.rtinsyde biplane
which crashed on its first start has-
turnccUlo disappointment. Licut.-Coni-
mandcr Mackenzie Grieve, who appears lo havc been so successful in-t-
navigating thc Sopwith biplane up lo
thc lime mechanical failure compelled
its descent in mid-ocean, has refused
Raynham's request that hc return to
Newfoundland and try' thc. trans-Atlantic voyage once more,' this time in
the only singlc-cngincd- rival of lhe
machine which failed that has thus
far appeared- at the, "hopping off"
place.    :.-'���-
mg to an expert, iu,UUU mu.es a ycar
and not indicate any impairment in
.efficiency. This refers, of course-, to
th.e average typist in an office.
. ���.���Newj-Idea Potato Growing ":
lt_i> 'ratlicr': curious , that, all over
the-'world.the-" gathering-of the1 potato
crop is :carried"* o'ul' with . the destruction of ihc'p.kint/ .It-has lately, been
"proven', to" u.\:that". an .e'normoiiis' -increase in the-yield-uiay-be jiad if-the.
pkn.iof 'picking tlic" potatoes is .adopted. . Thcfbllowing .was tested.in England, with good results. When the
potato plants '.had grown to a ' fair
size, the. largest tubers were grubbed
out.. Be careful not to- injure the remaining roots.
the1 tubers  v.as
later. After the., tubers had been
picked lhc; plants started to grow,
with renewed Vicjor.
The farmer who has-money to ".invest in get-rich-quick schemes . can
get rich - by putting his money into
farm improvements.
The undoing of the. work that.Satan
"finds'fbr. idle hands' to 'd.o ".furnishes
employment. for-, other people. - :'   .'-.
.iiA.yXclrvo.ior atlachnic.nl :-t.o_" the. fanr.
."nir.g. .mi!]." together. with"'.";gas-cngirie
���-po,iv'?j]' lirikei'-.grain cleining. a\\\ hole,
.-lot erisic-/:v.'./':'-'..,. "'-XX:. X.   ���'.������������������'--\-. yX'-
:' It's'.ahy'ays necessary:to, pass around
the collectioh-'plat'e- 'in'., order -to get
the''cfhts"..o"f ^h'c inecting.'-7' ;, /--'."' .-.
''""S6,rii_p. 'people'..-rn'ake.: the . 'best
everything and other's, take it/-:--
Leading Educationalists of the Four.
,. * , -Western"Provinces. Were ".
--,.,.' ".--".--'-���. .���.Present/:, ."'..-. . .'���7-:-'.'-'
.; 'An- important - ,'aud ""representative
conferencc of "Noritial"7school'prin-
cipals;.was .held at- F.dii.ionlon'-.recent--
ly,-- Leading- 'educationalist's : pf -" the
four1 western province's, were -present,
and thc -gathering -was .held,iii. .".the
committee room' "of" the provincial.legislature-. The purpose' o�� the confer-,
eiice 'was "to devise, some -, practical
way of \ccuring 'uniformity.' ii7 -the
western -provinces iri'the, matter'' of
"normal- school management, .'.witli' a
view lo coniplcte'reciprocity in'first-
class , teachers. It having .already
bccn.rdecidcd that the Kbrm'ah course
is'to be. lengthened next- fall to eight
months. ' instead of four months, it
-Avas necessary to work out a course
of. studies for the new system, and
al*o tonuike arrangements fora teh!-'
.porary short course, for which, ".interim.certificates will be given as an eui~
i ergency -measure during the transition
It -,wa's "Raynham's -hope that
Gricvc'-s - demonstrated skill and the
priceless- experience which hc " alone
of all thc- men in the -world has had
���for his navigation-.with only a-scant
equipment was" quite a different rnat-
,tcr front that of the-' "United -Stales
navy-seaplane navigators"-���" might be
turned'to "good,account in: another try
at a'npn-slop flight across the ocean,
but Grieve'has said^'No.'.'  - .-7-
Britain's Army
Of Unemployed
A second gathering of j period- The aim is to .'aise the stan-
made about a nionth-l^ird in the'tcaching profession, but
step? wvrc taken- to guard against too
suddenly interfering with the teacher
Mipply in the iirsi year. . The.conference- Went thoroughly into all'these
questions, and worked, out~"sonie definite way in which the training of-teachers in the west'may be standardized-..7 XyxiyZyixx'^X-X" '';���'?
��� Manitoba'-'was,-;'.represented, at .the
conference ;7by.;if a jor-.N-.K. 7, Nrw-
combe, superintendent; .of cducation;
and.Dr.' W7AVl-McIntyre^ principal of
the/provincial Xorrnal schools".
.'The vacancy caused by tlie "promotion- of ��)r. J. H. Grisdale to Deputy
Minister of Agriculture, has been filled
by the appointment of Mr. E. S. Archibald, B.A., as director of experimental farms-   "  ' -.. --'/-,'    -:,
j .,-Jhrec. hundred years ago.'any "man
absent frpni' church;.oh Sunday Vwas
fiii'ed-a-shilling.;. What-a��'wa'r/rey'e.mje
that would ^roduce/lpdav': ':
i -' Lot.4'.:bf.ijriglit' -hope's .a're;v "exchanged
for 'gloomy, experiericr=':   :':,.-;..'.-��� '.'.'-./-    '.'
.- r Try- the' Kaiser. - \ v. y' V
"" The justification^- .for bringing'���' thi
man "lo" trial is cpniplclc.1 "By .a;major
ity". the''coiiriiiission'','declare, that, the
traitor Perclinand. of Bulgaria;-Tirpitz
of. U-boat, infamy, and-Kissing," .-the
tyrant, of. Belgium.-.can' bV-haled .before'.- an ii'it'eriiational .court.- The
course, of justice ni.ust nol bc i'm'pedr
ed-because'; the -arch..criminal was-ah
emperor. ' .1 f the war. criminals'/' go'
free the.-'moral 'authority 'of .the League of-Nations, is Shattered before'the
ink is".dry on I'rciiclen'i Wilson's.covenant:- .. Nothing-will .more certainly
save"'Ku'rop'e. from tl.ic horrors of an-;
other' blood batl/than'to convince the
war plotters-and war-criminals', by a
plain example -tliat"their"'.fate "will' be
sure ahd terrible-: ���_ London Daily
.\faii. -���.'.'-'
Paris Gets Croix De Guerre .
Paris, -f- _Mx. Clemenceau has informed, the president of lhc city; council that hc has1 decided to Confer "the
Croix de Guerre with palm on the city
of Paris: The biVtow.'d of thc decoration will be the- occasion of a solemn
1 .The city.of Paris already carries the
Legion of Honor on its coal-of-arms.
Classification-of Army Demobilization.
- Forms Np Light Task
7..!London, .KnglruicL���The .Mini'stry-of
Labor.-states' that 10,000,000 ."'receipts
for'unemployment have been' sorted
and checked,-from'Nov. 25 last up to
the end of'March and the work'is still
in progress.- The-mere'classification
ofthe.army demobilization forms' ac-
cordingto occupation-and': the rcsort-
iiig'of thcsc-fornis under the- names 'of-|
some '27,000 towns and villages a'rotind
cmployinent-exchanges; ' is no. light"
task', sonic.' 150,000 of"suchTornis .during" -busy . periods being': -dispatched
each day.; -The'.alphabetical' index,
consisting of. loose-leaf, registers of all
insured: ���workers, -'contains ' -10,000,000
'names, of which, thousands1' are ide.nr
tical.-' Some 6.000 names, for example,
arc. John Smith;- 2,000 John/Brown,-
2,300;'.\V':'11iam Brown;"-1,300 -', Wi/liam
Jones," 1,000-John Macdonaid,. "and
1,000 AYilliam Davics. .Tlie'statistical
.section,--with its. wonderful accounting
and tabulating' machinery, .driven, by
electricity, is of gr.eat'aid in llie present pressure, of. work.". In this depar.t-'
nicnt'figures are transferred -tO-spe-
.cial.cards, by holes punched in certain
-positions', and thecards. arc sorted by
'machines into . groups,,  as" '.'required.-.
Are Seeking to Regain Grip on World
The German dyestuff plants, all of
which were unharmed by the war, are
seeking to regain Germany's grip on
thc world trade, according to Major
T. W. Sill, of the.United Slates Chemical Warfare Service, who has.just
returned from the occupied Teuton
territory on both banks of the Rhine,
where are situated thc most important of thc country's chemical strongholds. Major Sill was a member'of
thc Interallied Commission appointed
to investigate thc production of war
materials in the German .chemical
plants in the areas. occupied by the
American, British, French and "Belgian forces.
Major Sill found the dye factories
undamaged by tlie air raids of the
allies and any other results of the
war, y.'ith machinery, in perfect condition" and .with an adequate personnel of science experts and of trained
operatives ready on the ground-to
turn their "entire activities into the
manufacture of colors and mcdicinals.
"Germany starids today,"- said the
Major, "practically as efficient as ever,
because she had all'of her man-power
registered and classified in accordance
with her pre-war-system,-and was.
"able from the outset to avoid thc mistakes- , made, particularly by British
and French, and by retaining for these
plants thc highest type of trained labor to .insure maximum- efficiency -of";
operation./. This..labor-has.b"cc"n-carefully,conserved- throughout .the war
.- "The Germans utilize to full'capacity thc equipment already .on hand
suitable for the manufacture "of high
explosives""and ' intermediates," and
rapidly, .constructed in the vicinity of
the ^mother plant the necessary new-
buildings and equipment to-increase
their production . on -a~' tremendous
scale.""--1"."' " "7-   : .'-"���'"' - - - '
Opportunities For
; Canadian Flax
Russia Now .Out;oF Market and Other
>   .,' Producing Countries Have
'-'"..''",.-'.. """'��� - Chance','.' "-,-
7'Canadian flax- opportunities arc outlined iti .'a statement .issued by the
Canadian -Trade'. Commission, -Ottawa,
a.body appointed- to "foster all. classes,
.of/'tradc aiid-production in the "Do-'
minion, which'-is-taken from a/British banking reviewV-of. the flax .Jifclusr"
try.. It.states:   ".',���,.'.  .���'..   . '        '"   ���-,
' "Before.the w:ar Russia;.which"theii..
produced about'.'600,Q00 t'oris of flax, or
soughly'80-per. cent/of the. nvbrld's.
These groups of ca.rdsnrc then "passed total -output..- supplied1 ���' thrc'e.-fourihi
through, a machine which prints the|.of. the.'1^000;-.-tons'absorbed every-
details from each card .on .to rolls -of | year by the -linen.manufacturers of-the
paper,, atthe same time a".ccbrtU'li'-tMgi United .Kingdom.' Its inability .to'ex-.,
the "figures a'nd .producing a to'-il a^p^t owing-to the disorder prevailing'
any.given point. j;,,  ^  country .lias .naturally  strcng-'.
" ' 'hencd'the British production of"flax."
Prepare for Record Wool Clip
Thc  - Alberta     Provincial ���   Sheep
Breeders' Association, like other sisn-
riic. audition of the Croix de Gucrrciilar organizations, expects  to .handle
will-.involve a slight alteration in the"
shields  on'public buildings.
���ii. Japs.Send Cruiser to. Shanghai/_;.���
��� Loudon, .'.Lngiand,-^-A. .Tokio mess/
agjv-an Bounce's that 'lhe Japanese crui-"
scr'; jSii-u'ia and 'ihe,"gunboat-"-Saga" ,'htive.
been di'spatched-to ^A'uhti ancl Sha-ng-
ii,..t respectively,-,; for .the. ;p'-irp.o?e'"of
I;'iiJafii>n -tnj'y. -be ihe ��iac.crCit'.-'k.i.Tid' protecting 'Japane-s"e';.Hfc.. and property.
Of;tl.itt.-;rV.,- b'at. .-.iKire-'-'-'mexi /.acitiire] v-'hich/."..if: -is." alleged." a re "'/in';-'dan a cr;
v.'eattf:. by .do'ir. g ".a <'-.'*. h^V Vec-" o". ;.rr - X d >.{ tli rough". lU'e; Chin c ?c .boycott, foil 6'.'.'-"
'not/do.-' - -   -XX- '���������_   ',. :-���-..''���'���'���;"���;���.'.���������'j ing t.hc-'-Shantiirig:;d?c'i?icjir.'." -   -'." -; 7
a'much larger wool clip this ycar than
last". There will .be many new contributors this year, while-older contributors haye.given notice that-they
\i ill: haye "niorc- .wood- ".The "association
is - making, ptepa'ralibns.'.to. handle" a'p-
pr.oxiniafelr' twice as.nuich.'woql as'.if
hancilert".la",si'.y.car". .���.--'. 7/.'7; 7-"!"- -"'���'' ----"
:-Women hever'.crijicizc tJie'Jiidgnjcnt
oi jncii':^ ho.'pay'.thc'ni cornpHments;,; ~
' 1269/'
a  good- resolution
has been
shattered by a single "smile."   -' .' ''."
Ten Thousand W.S.S:.Sold iii Regina.
Regina, Sask.���Ten. thousand War-
Savings-, .ifamps", pr $40,000 . worth,-
werc reported sold in this city. This
is' tltc'prcrvincial per capita record-
:Moose Jaw follows close, on.a PQ?u- -.
lation .basis, with 2,220 Baby Bonds.
sold,-and'/Saskatoon is third wiitjj
3.008.,;./Chris is- the number of War-
Savings stamps sold,... and does'not
take.into account a nearly equal value
in -Thrift'.stamps; whigi}' latc-v.-iti be
rcdeenicd" for the".larger .\Var-Si\ing5
.stamps.- ���.'.'..-7'-.;'--; "7/.���.     XX'-.yX.-   ...
' -"-^l
i XM
'.'-;��. --4^S?Vl
-&?��.'ZJ��zrx~r- -p---^ ��� THE     LFBfJE.     <"tUF;EX"\V0OD.     ]).     C.
Women Can Fortify
Their Health
With constantly aching backs,
weary, dragging-down pains, dizzy
and nervous headaches, women have
a hard burden to carry. It is wise
for evcry woman to fortify herself
against those derangements which arc
present when extra demands arc made
upon tlic system by Nature's laws- No
better remedy exists for woman's
peculiar ailments than DR. HAMILTON'S PILLS, which possess tonic
properties that act upon the proper
organs at thc proper time. To prevent headache, to overcome dragging
weariness, backache, nervousness and
pallor ��� to look well, sleep well, eat
well and enjoy the manifold blessings of sound, regular health, every
girl and woman should regulate her
system by Dr. Hamilton's Pills, 25c
per box.
Lost City Discovered
The Forgotten People That Once
Lived in New Mexico
A lost city of 20,000 homes has been
found in a great canyon barely forty
miles from lhc city of Santc Fc, N.M.
It is reputed to he. thc first known city
of the Cochili tribes of Pueblo Indians
of the Southwest. The place is called
Kito dc los Frijoles, or Tyu-on-yi, and
is one of the world's wonders. Here
in little caves in the. sides of gigantic
cliffs, dwelt the prehistoric cliff dwellers of America in communal dwellings that were almost immune from
attack by cither man or thc giant
beasts of thc stone age.
The great ceremonial cave of Kiva.
where thc people's councils evidently
assembled, is located two-thirds of the
way up the side of a cliff, in a cave
inaccessible save, with ladders. The
temple is carved out of thc solid rock,
partly by nature and partly by hand.
Little is known about the forgotten
people that once lived in this beautiful
retreat in Ncw Mexico, although
many of thc symbols of a race that
was arc visible in the. interiors of the
recently discovered home*.
Height Of Bird Flights
The Height at Whicli Various Migrating Birds Are Accustomed
to Fly
In spite of their difficult and exacting task, a few airmen have found opportunity to observe and record thc
height at which various migrating
birds are accustomed to fly. Thus,
from French soldiers of the air it is
learned that swallows have been observed to maintain an average altitude
of 700 yards, and wild ducks one of
1,800 yards, and that green plovers
have been seen at a height of 2,150
yards. Incidentally it may bc mentioned that thc ducks were moving at
a speed of sixty-five and a half miles
an hour when flying upward and sixty-
nine miles an hour when flying hori-
zotally. Another aviator, when flying
at 9,500 feet, saw swallows high above
him. And another, v.ho made his observations at a height of 6,000 feet
during a heavy bombardment, with
anti-aircraft shells bursting all about
him, says that hc saw 200 golden plovers, perhaps driven higher than usual
by the fact that the vicinity was an
unpleasant, hell to cross.
"Black   Watch"���The   Best   Black
Plug Chewing Tobacco en the Market
Co-Operative Horse Sales
Are Proving Very Successful in Saskatchewan
The series of co-operative horse
sides instituted this year in Saskatchewan havc been so successful that tli ca'
will probably become one of the annual events of the province- Plans
are already under way to hold a much
larger scries in  1920.
The number of horses raised in the
province   is   steadily   increasing   each
year, and the object of the co-operative sales is-to cultivate    thc    home
market, by bringing buyers from those
districts.where insufficient horses for.
local    needs :irc   produced to    those
where a surplus is-raised.--   This is
done"by-means of sales held.in diffcr-
-cnt parts of the province.:. Thc first
.scries-of sales, which'took place this
year,  were  on ��� the  whole   successful,
although held.rather late in thc season.   . From   thirty 'to   sixty"   horses
"were offered,  for sale at each,   place.
��� Some of- the" contributors evidently
looked upon the sales as a-means of.
disposing.-of  their older  animals  for
"which thcy had no further use, but ou
thc whole thc quality-.of thc. offerings
������..was=good. -The: general opinion is .that
sales'-'of/this kind- held annually will
play an important part in the dcvclop.-
meht of the-hbrse'induslry in . -Sas-
- katclicwan. ' Statistics' .show   tliat   in
��� 1918 niorc than'3,200.. stallions '.were'
,= enrolled .in, the- province" ancl the n'umr'
,-bcr of colts this, ycar'is authoritatively-estimated as "ovcr-.1.5;00.Q'. head/- 7.
Why Can't I
Get To Sleep?
Thousands of people all over the
country ask this question., but still
continue to loss night after night on a
sleepless bed, and it is impossible for
them lo get a full night's refreshing
Some constitutional disturbance,
worry or disease has so debilitated
and irritated the nervous system lhat
it cannot bc quitcned except by the
pernicious usc of opiates or narcotics.
Or again, you have heart palpitation,
ancl sensation of sinking, a feeling
you are going to die, or perhaps you
wake, up in your sleep feeling as
though you wcrc about to choke or
smother, and the only way you can
get relief is lo sit up in bed.
To all who suffer in this way, Milburn's Heart: and Nerve Pills offer an
inestimable boon. Thcy bring back
the much-needed night's rest by improving the tone of the nerves,
strengthen the heart, enriching thc
blood and making thc whole organization act in harmony���then you sleep
as peaceful as a child.
Mrs. Jas. Latimer, 39 Lcinstcr St.,
St. John, N.B., writes: "At night 1
could not sleep. I had to sit up in
bed, my heart beat so fast, and when
I walked upstairs I would get all out
of breath. A friend recommended Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills, and
after using two boxes, I can sleep all
night and am not out of breath aftcr
walking." ,.
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills arc
SOc a box at all dealers, or mailed direct on receipt of price by The T-
Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
Bolshevism And Farming
.'Million.Dollars'pn Public Works-
" -7A "million "dollars'"is - to"b.e^spc'iit "oil"
public" works by the; city of Calgary.
-The work- includes"'extension1 of . the
present gravity- system,-ci new' sewage-disposal-and the.paving of . inany
- sJtrects'i'and will bc'proccecle'd with as
soon- as .possible.,- "��� - ���' - .  7 .';' ''.'.-7 '���'"
Oh t. Such
P ai-n:!
di zzy~
d o w ii. ?
With  dull
headache, ���
.backache.-���'- rack-:
ing with, pain here ;
or there :��� poor '
woman, she's one .
\i      m\mp  of many. On those '
j      flisf    "a3's ^ch month,
I       v\ Tvheu in othsr cit- ,
eumstances she would go to bed,
she must still be at the deek or
Some,-of-the Absurdities of the Reds
as Evidenced in England '
/Mr-. John. Maclean,-the "Bolshevik-
Consul".and strike leader "at Glasgow,
who.is openly anxious to start a Red
revolution on the Russian model," in
the course of his .trial in Edinburgh
last May,:said he had told "the "workers'', that if. thcy received all the
wealth thcy created wc shc.i'd have,
and'should .need, no foreign-markets.
He is.quoted ih his indictment as say-,
ing also that-the farmers should' be
"compelled" to produce, food for the
workers. "If they ..refused," .their
farms should bc-burnt." -7 I do not
know, whether 'it- wa]S. explained.' how-
Britisli ; farmers .could,'produce-'foo'd
enough for..all- the.-British "workers"
.(the. bourgeois) no'���doubt," as,.in Russia, would.be expected - tp/gp, without
eating)j:"even when-their efforts had
been.-'stimulated.;;by the7 burning of
their' farms/'/,.'. ��� ���; '.. ;.""". . '''-. 77
/.."Jf'.th.ey could (.though'. tlicy could
uot) grow'enough, wheat, and rcar'.'cri-'.
oiigh. cattle,- ,',to supply .' the" working
:iii aii "".with'; bread and," beef, .tlicyccr-
-tainly: could "not furnish hiin'with; tea,
cotTce/cocoa, sugar and tobacco, not
to speak of-other .trifles such., as-1 cot-,
loir and "rubber. -.'Biit/ one -.need not
-argue against such ab.surdit.ics'iu these
.pages:"'.Unfortunately; their' fiill: absurdity -is, not-;'yct" apparent, to./ :thc
younger-.;--workmen' who " have 5 been
brought.up to .inherit'the.Marxian t'r'a-.
!.dition'.. - In that .'.ncute.and.- suggestive-
��� book, "/Law and" Public.-Opinion, in'
! England,', Professor Dicey haspoin.t-
ed"out that, new'political and econom-
j.ic theories usually affect the geiiera-J
'tion to' which they" are1 addressed less
.than the generation which follows."���
The method of review will largely
bc determined by the grade of thc
6chool. Thc primary teacher can use
the material which shows love to the
Heavenly Father; the junior teacher,
that which teaches about God; thc intermediate teacher, thc marks of a
Christian; the senior and adult teacher, the fundamentals of faith and
practice. As illustrative of thc method for the senior and adult, note
thc following:
Lesson I���God who was before all
things is the cause of all things. Thc
universe came into being by thc will
and act of the divine personality. Man
himself is a creation of God, not an
evolution. All things continue to bc
by the preserving power of God- This
great being is the Father of all who
believe on Jesus Christ. Wc should
give him our undivided affection and
trust hinpfor food and raiment.
Lesson 11.���Jesus, thc Son of God
[and LsraclVMessiah, is thc lamb who
jborc our sins. Out of God's love he
' was given, and "whosoever bclievcth
Ion him shall not perish, but havc everlasting life."
Lesson 111.���Jesus Christ rose from
thc dead, liis resurrection guarantees:
1. The integrity of lhc Scriptures
(I.  Cor.   15:20).
2. The reality of "the divine person
(Horn. l.:-l).
3. The sufficiency of Christ's atoning sacrifice (Rom. 4:25).
4. Lifc ancl immortality of thc believer (I. Cor. 15:20).
Lesson I.V.���On the clay of Pentecost thc Holy Spirit was poured out
upon the disciples, baptizing thcm into
thc one body of which Christ is lhc
head. Thc gift of thc Spirit peculiarly qualified the disciples to bc his
Lesson V.���God created man in His
likeness and image and placed him at
the head of creation.
Lesson \'I.���Through thc fall of.
Adam sin has passed upon all men,
bringing death, physical ancl spiritual.
Lesson Y1I.���Lost men arc saved
absolutely by God's grace. His grace
mcans his kindness toward ���men
through Jesus Christ.
Lesson VIJ I.���At thc preaching of
Jonah thc people of Nineveh repented.
Because, of their repentance, God's
wrath was turned aside. Those who
repent of their sins and cry'to God
for 'mercy through Jesus Christ shall
bc saved.
Lesson IX.���Jt is only through
faith- that man can- please God.
Through faith the mightiest .victories
[have been wrought. The grand exemplar upon. whom, faith can-rest, .is
Jesus Christ..
Lesson N.���The "grand incentive lo
obedience is love to God. . Calling
Christ'Lord'will not answer for disobedience tp-His. will. Hearing" and
doiiig His' teachings is building upon-
the solid rock. Such'' building can
never-be "destroyed'by flood.or storm.
Lesson" Nl.^-T.h.c right motive in
praying is. not to attract man's-attention,-but to:hav"c fellowship;with God.
God- is pleased with persistency "in
prayer.'   ���        ....    '".,'..'
Lesson-."XI I.���Tho greatest, of .the
Hbl)r Spirit's, gifts' i*-" love���the. love
of, God'shed ..abroad, in'"-our-, hearts.
Love is,not.a "mere sentiment or. emotion, but;- a 'mighty-dynamic.--which
transforms thc'lifc., .expressing/itself
in practical' service to men. .It abides
for~;cvcr.   "-.-.��� ""'-;"-7 "������'/��� 7 >"���.,���"-''   '/'"-
Reconstruction Of
Devastated Homes
Once Rebuilt, They Will Need to Be
��� Paris, France���-Much is being said
just at present about lhc reconstruction and reorganization of the devastated districts, yet no one is perhaps
displaying a more useful activity in
this direction than Mr. Morain, Prefect of the Somme. During thc critical ancf anxious hours of thc fight for
Amiens, Mr. Morain ..revealed a remarkable firmness of character, and
he has now turned his energy and
organizing qualities to the great task
of assuring thc reconstruction of
Picardy, which is under his administration. Whilst studying the best way
of setting to work, Mr. Morain was
struck by the undeniable fact that,
once the destroyed homes have been
rebuilt, thcy will need to bc refurnished, and hc conceived the idea of
organizing at Amiens an exhibition of
simple furniture and of all the objects
necessary for thc temporary reconstruction of a home.
This idea was soon put into execution, and thc Place Longucvillc has
been transformed into a complete village in wood, each building of which
���church, mairie, school, and farmhouses���can bc taken to pieces, a fact
which will assuredly greatly interest
all the visitors.
In thc great hall of the fine old
Museum of Picardy concerts and fetes
will bc held, whilst another largc
room of the same building is now a
Theatre des Cabotins-���the celebrated
Punch and Judy show of Amiens ���
which is renowned in France as the
Guignol of Lyons.
The organizers of this exhibition
I have been continually hampered by
thc transport crisis, still extremely severe in France. ���Nevertheless, an important, number of large furnishing
firms took'part in this scheme, and
each day Mr. Morain and his collaborators  found  ncw adherents.
This exhibition only comprises the
products of French firms, which were
asked to exhibit objects characterized
by'usefulness, .solidity, cheapness and
good taste. If lliey realized these
conditions, the exhibitors were almost
assured of doing an important business, for thc Picardy peasants are for
thc most part well-to-do, and are quite
j willing to bti3r furniture, and also
wooden houses, sheds, stables, and
granaries, whicli will enable thcm to
tide over the timc until their former
homes arc rebuilt.
The exhibition at Amiens will
doubtless be appreciated as much by
the inhabitants of the towns as by
the peasants, for it will enable thcm
to acquire, at . comparatively low
prices, all thc.objects they need for
thc reconstruction of their homes,
whilst unconsciously obeying a' general  .artistic    direction :-which'   thc��
Y.M.C.A. Notes
"Y" Hut Should Be Preserved and
Copied in China
That the "Y" hut of war-time days
in France is a good thing which
should be preserved and copied in
China-is thc decision arrived at at a
conference of some 69 Chinese Y.M.
C.A. secretaries Who: were appointed
to work among the hundreds of thousands of Chinese coolies employed as
laborers in France. It was the first
timc that any of them had come in
contact with thc work of thc association, and they have been so impressed by thc work accomplished that
thcy have ��� decided to carry on the
work of the association, which now
reaches chiefly the higher classes,
among the coolies and others. China
was well represented at the conference. Delegates came from widely
separated parts of thc republic, such
as Manchuria, Shanking, Kiangson,
Chi-Li, Hupch and many other places.
r    -EWB X
Armed Peasants Revolt
wotild ��� lack if
left to  tlicir- own de-
Kh   Sidney
how  in  Fortnightly    Re-
TheU/S. Bomb Outrages
Criminally '." Minded '.Think" "."to:'Accom-
'���'���'-, plish Their Purposes, By"1   ."
-..""". '.'.   'X Z   Killing,''-:..;" "." '/, -'.:"-
Smoother Ships For Speed
Welded- Ship Having " Smooth -' Skin
. Can Carry More Cargo
. From the considerable amount of
experience that -has been "obtained in
England on.the construction 'of steam
ancbn'iotor ships wilh.cleclrically welded joints there, is every reasoiito believe that welding will become onc^of
the standard processes in", shipbuild-"
iiig. By thc elimination of. rivets'and
riveting 'much material and a great
deal, of'"costly-and "tedious labor are
saved.-,The "welded ship, being lightcr-
anci haying a. smooth skin, can'carry
niorc" cargo; and make higher; speed
.than a vessel.-jviih-riveted joints-"' The
..welded"joint"-can? be .made' much. su-'
pcriorlo tlie'-.rivetcd joint in compact-
u'css/and/.'sti-tngth.- ".."At present-.-"it
would.-npt bc.wisc.'to. have a w.cl.ded
-vessel built .by.-other., than a.'firm.' of
the .highest-repute;-'  but' there,is" no
"When, the '--"govcrnmci!ts'\of';' .ibc-jilotibt ..that a first-class "shipbuilder,
using all-thc resources at-his. disposal,; can' turn put a-welded "ship which
offers'   more', advantages',,   structural
than- are' obvious fro.m
.world; have been "preaching-.'_ force
.without"?-.stint-for'.".five' years?" ai the
means''pf accomplishing their aims
and desires,  it,is' not7 surprising-that j'a.nd .othexwis
-unbalanced-' or- criminally miiHled.in;- i a'firsf consideration of the problem
dividuals should likewise thiiik.-to accomplish,    their purposes    by  killing
and--destruction.       The fresh     homb
Outrages arc
--"'...-���   !No. German Soviet.-;'    -   '���
|"    Weimar���The  'Socialist. ��� congress
llic most uiihiipny illus'-j.has'.rejected a" proposal Tor. a ^Soviet
Against Hungarian Communist Government and Hungarian
Vienna. ��� A serious revolt against
thc Bolshevist regime is reported
from western Hungary, which was
started by a hussar regiment. Counter-revolutionary movements arc reported from other parts of tlie country
by farmers, burghers and members of
thc working classes refusing to.recognize Bolshevism.
The ncw Hungarian minister has
opened negotiations with thc Vienna,
socialists regarding thc transformation of the Budapest government.
London.���Armed peasants who re-
volutcd against the Hungarian communist government and Hungarian
troops have, been engaged in heavy
fighting in western Hungary, which
resulted in the defeat of thc peasants,
an Exchange Telegraph dispatch from
Vienna says. Four thousand peasants
assembled near Ccdcnburg (Soph-
rony), between Zinkeudorff and Kol-
lorhoff, with the object of displacing-
thc Soviet government in Ccdcnburg.
Thcy wcrc intercepted on the
inarch near Zinkcndorft" by^thc communist garrison from Ccdcnburg,
armed with artillery ancl machine
guns. A bloody.battle.followed and
the peasants were driven back and
surrounded in Kollorhoff by thc red
guards- After a short siege, it is
added, Kollorhoff was stormed and
many of ils peasants slaughtered. Thc
entire Cedenbtirg district has been declared in a state of siege and a military dictatorship proclaimed.   .
For Table Use and
All Cooking Purposes
Everybody's happy when there
is Corn Syrup oh the table.   Do you
know that there is a White Syrup as well
as the delicious, golden
Crown Brand is unequalled as a Syrup for Pancakes, Muffins, as a spread for bread, for making
candy, sauces, and in cooking, generally.
Best for Preserving and Marmalade making.
It is a clear white color and "jells"
Sold in 2,5,10 and 20 pound tins
The Canada Starch Co., Limited
Montreal 209
Rural Thrift Clubs
Ninety of Them Among the Children
'',-.       of Saskatchewan. ' ,
/Regina, Sask.'-���Rural'school children of this province new arc'organized into 90 Thrift clubs, with a membership, of 1,724. Every ..one of these
youthful savers buys Thrift and War-
Saving's stamps regularly, through thc
schools of the province, and is an enthusiastic booster for the little stamps
which enable- them to save nickel by
nickel,, if; they cannot, afford more' at
a liine, aiid.which, assoon as the sum
of tlieir "savings begins to-top- $4,
brings thcm higher interest than any
savings bank..'.    '"...'��� -
No less numerous are the-, commercial Thrift clubs'organized in business
institutions, witli the co-operation of
the-heads of these institutions in the
province- "The.nickel at a-time system
is exclusive- to Ithc. children, but-business- men and women,. . clerks and
other-.employes buy the .little, stamps,
25 cents- worth at a time, and many
by-this system, have, accumulated sums
whose size''surprises them; and.arc on
the-'.road-:to.-prosperity through- their
almost ��� insignificant- -but consistent'
.saving.";;';'   ., ... ..-   --..'.'.   "'-" ������'-'".-   '   '''
J Tribute- to Porridgi
' A wonderful old iria.ii i* Mr. James
j Xi.-ol, who has just Celebrated his
100th birthday in the Kentish village
wUzrc he lives, and is still going
I strong. Mr. Nficol, who is a Scot, was
ibouj iu Tullibody, Clackmannanshire,
Counter,   or   Struggle   through   ibe [and joined tiie 74th  Highlanders dur-
day as best she n?'sy with her-;��"g the reign of William iy., later
housework or her family cares. i'-k:-"K' pan in suppressing the Indian
"Usually she who feels vhose drag- i ,mi,iri-v-  Hc "" do tIiC Highland fling
png-down or dkzy symptoms, and }^'en ytt' hc sa-vs' �����Xl*>��� ��'�� the
traticni, possible of l.hc 'hateful idi-a 1'govcr.iiineu't for (Icrmaiiy. Thc'pro.-
tliat the way to aeliii vc reform is'iposal rccc-i\cd only one. vote; .7 The'
to usc-violence There, i.s. no .pl'ace-'j congress adopted a resolution- dcclin-
in America for tc-rrorisin'of tiiis;sort, (ing to give prnsions;to.'mcmbcrs of
and not the slightest need-of i.t;  for-former royai  families.1 '"���'���'
thc Anglo"-'S:iNon  way of'altering so-j '      ���= ���-,/   j -��� '���'   ,:.',.     -
ciai'and political institutions  by free'
debate and     discussion    remains  the
only sound and safe one.    What these
fanatical bomb throw<%s will accomplish is nothing less than further restrictions on immigration,' the inline-'
diatc passage of. severely restrictive
and reactionary legislation at. Washington and thc strengthening of the
hands of \is10nlcss legislators. ��� The
_S7c\\  Vork Nation,  ..
The man \\ h07-prefers-' --'praise .to
money is happiest-when he- is. working
for tlu- good of others:-'
...Combatting the Cutworm
'7-E'.1 H. Strickland, '.government 'cty":
niologist-:.at. the"; ���'���x'pcrimcntal farm,
Lethbridge:,- is "investigating the' ap7!
pcarancc', of cutworms reported- _a_t
Rct!a.\\V-' Tn- addition.to , this locality
cutworms-have, bechreportecl/at work
in Blackie and -High River/ Superintendent" -Fairfield "of thc."cxpcrimcrital
farm, -urges- farmers ,: who' n6ticerlhc
pest at work-in their .fields""to-report
at'onccby telephone to , Mr. .Strickland .at -thc-cxpcritnental .farm," so that
Merchants Bank
Makes Progress
Net   Earnings   Greater, And   Total
Assets   Show   Very   Satisfactory
Gains���Many New Branches
- The annual report of thc Merchants
Bank of Canada, just issued for the'
ycar ended April 30th, 1919, is the
most satisfactory in the history of this
bank. Not only wcrc net earnings
greater than "in the previous year, but
deposits, both interest bearing and
non-interest bearing, current loans,
quickly available assets and total assets all show very satisfactory increases. Net earnings increased from
$1,236,000 to $1, 383,569. Total deposits in Canada now stand at over $138,-
000,000, as compared with $113,000,000
for the previous ycar. Quickly available assets stand at $62,750,000, a gain
of over $5,000,000 as compared with
the previous ycar. Current loans in
Canada amount to $95,874,000, a gain
of almost $20,000,000 over the figures
for the previous ycar and furnish a
striking illustration of the large part
the Merchants Bank cis .playing in the
business needs of thc country. Total
assets of $166,725,000, compared with'
$141,000,000 last year.
Other evidence pf progress were
shown by thc fact that since thc close
of-the war the Merchants Bank has
opened many ncw branches and sub-
branches. It is thus doing everything
possible to provide adequate banking
facilities to thc country,- and at the
same time absorb its officers now returning, from overseas-' Sir-H. Montagu Allen, .the President of the bank,
in'his address' reviewed the balance
sheet and spoke of the death of Andrew A.- Allan, one of the directors.
General manager D. C. Macar'ow referred to thc satisfactory business
which had been transacted during thc
year, .and the promoting outlook for
thc'.coming year. Altogether it Avas a
report which reflects the highest credit upon the management of the bank.
Further evidence of the shareholders'
confidence.in the'directors was shown
by their authorization, of an increase
in''.the bank's capital, from $10,000,000
to $15,000,000.7. This increase" is to
provide for .future' expansion. -Tlic
president 'explained there was. no. in7
tcntioh" of issuing any stock, in the
near, future. -
The Wool worth Fortune
Competent Judges Places Its.Value at
rBetween $35,000,000 and      .,
7    .' .$40;000,000 " ,;-:
, "While-iio inventory has as yet been'
made pf'the';csta,tc.of Frank AV: Wbol-
worth,' ��� founder..of ��� ih'eVfiyc-- and "tcii
cent slor.c business, competent judges
place its value,at. between $35,000;000.!
:md ���.-$40,090,000.'.---'! - ' 'y.X'Z "'' ''Xy. yX
Practically-all '.Mr. W&olwortli's' investments .were in his'two "big-cuter-
prise's,, the" F.-' W...-\VooKvorth' Co: and
Isc may be in a position.-to help: coin-; lhc  U'oolworlh  Building,  llic' former
Horseshoeing   is    a   very    ancient
ccipc" for, lotig life is. porridge when ' practice, and William the  Conqueror
young,-'Tic .did not know the
taste of "meat-or tea till he was over
seventeen.,.vMr.-N'icoI married'his second wife when he was 93.-     - -    --".'
introduced horseshoes 'into England
Stirrups were, however, unknown to
the ancients, who had posts erected
on their roads to enable, horsemen to
mount/'''; .--."��� '. '���','. - '/'���'    "   ." '-���   ''���-.' ----'~
other pains caused by womanly j
disease) caia be cured by. Dr. I
Pierce's Favorite Prescription... Iti
cures the cause of these pains, j
Faded, jaded, tired, overworked, |
weak, nervous, delicate women are : :7  io-LX"" *-""���"" * 'X ��� "���"
.���.��-?r?>'"      v -    _��i.        j  u��� nu i.   1   >   - Ripting-.m  Austrian   ^^.^     .
helpg;.to/Strength and -health by- ��� cppcnbagch;.-In; rioting^connec:
;Dr. RerceVPavonte Preoption. lion with!a-cbmniunist^demonstration
-;;It .ffi.akesvweai��.women Strong and   ;n V.;c.nna Sundav/.cight.pcrsons were
eick women well; Injjquid or tablets.;���; i-nicd and-687 injured: ; The..trouble
7- Chatham. C*T,->B��fee;i na��* .l-.h��T?>d lj,^an" when 'six-; thousand^dcmoiistra-
.CktV'i.rieoniiriend.it'to-ity'patient* ��ad it.feau   tors -^ttempted  to obtain the. release-
��� kasrtr of a c��E*
.��&<> -ji < u��!'ar
fcarre  tsioi'.jt       . .      ,    .        .
*����*������ -tea���ritac'rJ^a-Enn lfooM.'|."?>*?'-   -.^/.c-idcn.pnstrators -succeed- satisfactory,.:in;; -,the\using; ind' out
���m B*n?Si**et:x-;y\';X.X/y "-;.-r-"i--.'-_ if-.-;V\^'i ��.4-'1^}relezsiTig-the.rornrnunrist leaders;|Jasts:.oiie?s-'patienc���'..��n"d?siEtjsfaction^''
Laugh When Peopie   -j
Step On Your Feet j
' this    yourself   then
It along to  others,
it works!
/ ���A chemical ��� for preserving art' objects in good .condition has/been devised by Dr. .Chikashige, professor of
the Kyoto, university../It has-.proved
very effective^ in;-'protecting .wall pictures ahd.Qthcr.firie'-arts,' .'���-.;-. ���_. "-'���" '-���'
"-A'b.arn' or aVhottse-built -witho'ui.a-
j>lan is .expensive; to. begin Tfith, un-
Ouch ! ? ! ? ! ! This kind of rough
talk will bc heard less here in town if
people troubled with-corns will follow,
thc simple advice of. this Cincinnati
authority, who claims that a few drops
of a drug called freezone when applied
to a.tender, aching corn stops sore-<
ness at once, and soon the corn dries]
up and lifts right otrt with'but pain.*;.-.
7 Hc says freezonc is an. ether compound which dries immediately .and
.never.. inflames._.or"'.even irritates' the
surrounding tissue, oi;. skin..,. A .quarter
of. an ounce of:freezone;will cost very
little sat.any.,, drug store,"'= but- ia sufficient to remove; every hard.: or soft
Hops 7of American>.: women -will wel-
comc7th��s: anriouncenien'f since" the.in-
| aisgiirg-tJori of -the high Ji eels.".'' -���".' -
bat the 111:,
The niglit was dark, the pat.li'.'was
rough,-and the old fellow was. in.- 3
state of unsteadiness: But hefought
his way home bravely, clutching-thc
turkey that his -wife had commissioned
him. fo buy. "Kvcry:'how and then.the.
bird dropped from his grasp." Every
time1 it fell, he. picked it up. and struggled gamely ou'his; way.
"Have.you brought the turkey?" his
wife asked, when lie reached "home, at
"The turkey," he hiccoughed. "Yes.
eleven of 'em."
."Nonsense, I only, see one," . she
"That's" funny," he said, "1 know I
picked tip eleyen.*'
not r
-.''-.No '-Reason-To-Be-- ,"':,���;'-':".
"A -confirmed, woman;""hate"r",' ;is- he
Oh) rXo";replied J..iFuller. Gloom-
"He:'haa- never'-been married."-rrr"Exchange.; -xxxXxX '���������"���"; f xx; ���.'. X; x'X'
having a"niar'kct value of approximate-
ly $17;000,0(.)01 aii.d the Woohvorlh
liuilfliiig; beitig-worth-about $15,000,-
000:        '   x-x :'"' ��� Xyiy "7. ''-.VV '.
The only will, left.-b'y thc deceased
was one signed -July 31,-'1899, "long
before he had aniasscd7-his. fortune,
ahd was very, short, leav'ing^his. en-
tirc.estatc to-liis wife aiid naming-her
as solcj trustee. Hc was- working' on
another will at.-the time of his dcath,-
but- it, was-never coniplcted .or signed.
A committee is.to be appointed to-execute the property, as Mrs. Wool-
worth has1, recently been-declared incompetent,���Wall Street Journal.
Send us two photos; wc do the
Return passages secured.
"Write   us    early.      Satisfaction
Jules Hone Travel Agencies
,9 St. Lawrence Boulevard
- ACure for Pimples
"You don't need mercury,potash
or any other strong mineral to
euro pimples caused! by poor
blood. Take ��xtract ofr Roots���
druggist calls it "Mother Seigel's
Curative Syrup���and! your skin
will clear up as fresh as a baby's.
Itwillsweetehyourstomachand -
regulate your bowels." Getth*
genuine. 50c. and $1.00Bottles.
\>  At drug stores. .  _
L ������-.���������
Send  a  Dominion   Express   Money
They are  payable everywhere.
Thimbles Are Scarce
The war.is-rcsponsiblc for a dearth
of metal . thimbles. France, Italy,
Spain, and Portugal . arc absolutely
without supplies. Before thc war
-Lille, Nuremburg and Vienna: manufactured thimbles for all those countries, and there are only four manufacturers-in England ���- three at Birmingham and. one at Redditch ���: but
tlic metal shortage.has brought their
business almost :to a .standstill. The.
trade docs not consume a-great deal
of metal, but the number of thimbles
on order -looks formidable enough.
France alone is in want of 450,000
gross. ".-- "\    .���
LEMON JUiCE IS    "  ^
Girls! . Make    This . Cheap    Beauty
..   Lotion to Clear arid Whiten  7
- Your Skin
.Squeeze .the juice of .two lemons
into a bottle containing three ounces'
of. orchard white, shaTcc well, and you
have a quarter'pint of thc best freckle
and tan lotion, and coniplexionbeau--
tifier, at very, very, small cost. _���".
Your grocer* has the; lemons and'
any, drug store or- toilet! counter will
supply- three ounces' of orchard-white
for a.few cents. -Massage.this sweetly -
fragrant" lotion- into '-tlic face,'' neck,'
.arms, and hands-each day'.and; sec how -
freckles.and blemishes disappear; and:
how/clear, soft' -anil -white tlie skin tier.
comes.   ,Yes!    It is "harmless.   _
German Agents Tried
Zurich.���The trial of the pro-German, agents and .anarchists which has
been in rprpgress fo.r: sonic days' has
ended.'.' Sentences- will be.imposed on
those .convicted shortly. ...The public
prosecutor;iii .his address.said he .regretted that several of;, the. defendants,
including;.Hindii.'anarchists, had es;
caped .oyer, the frontier. Their absence
from; the tria!,.; he- declared, Lad"pre-,
vented7iniich.. evidence . from -,being
brought" out:VV-'f--.-.!,777VV .'.-',; \7-7
..Allies-Tabulate Criminals of War "
Paris.���The' 'Allies liavc-' promise^-
G.crrnahy to deliver.within onc.iubntH
a list of  persons-; whom 'they"- intend"
to' try. for the rcsponsibjlitj' of the. war...
and vioIatidn7of:the. laws of;war^-
'.Henry's Street Cars
- Henry.. Ford -.announces' a proposal.
to^build gasoline-driyeri street- c'ars;-
saying street railway traffic-would be
doubled at least if short headways-arid
low' graduated fares went hand in
hand. The Ford street car will' be so
light its fuel consumption on rails
will be extremely low-- Instead of 4
or S-incli" axle, it will have a 2-fnch
axle of strong steel, and the same proportions will apply to other dimensions^���Wall Street Journal. . . .    >~
B   ��UP!UiB   Eye* snoLuned by expo*
���    ^**"***   *uretoSmsBwiandSla��
E�� y ���j^ ^> quickly relieved by HnrlBfi
V f5S EytBearfy. NoSmutisg.,
��� 4f ,^^\ran Ere famfort.    At
Vocr Drcggitts ��r by nuul 60c per Bottle
For Beak ��1 tke Ef�� free write -.-���'- ".-mi
Hierlse Eye; 3em^4y ���a~, Chicago.
;W--J:--N.'"' '���' U.   ! 1269
-   I
Mrs. Lilian Taylor
Tells How Cuticura
Healed Her Baby
"Our baby was two weeks old
when his face became very red and
terribly*" Itchy, and he
waa fairly crazy rubbing _ and scratching
till the skin broke and
bled. He could, not
sleep, and did nothing
I butcry. Hisface looked
as though he might be disfigured
for life.
"I thought I would give Cuticura
Soap and Ointment a trial. I found
the free sample so good that I, bought
more and two cakes of Cuticura Soap
and a f-fty cent box of Cuticura Ointment healed him." (Signed) Mrs.
Lilian M. Taylor, Box 99, Brace-
biidge, Muskoka, Ont., Dec. 30, '18.
Cuticura Soap to cleanse and pur-
rify, Cuticura Ointment to soften
and soothe and Cuticura Talcum to
powder and perfume are ideal for
daily toilet purposes. --.
For frea'iuapl* each ot Coticora So��t>, Otnt-
merit and Talcum addraia Doit-card: "Catlaara.
Oapt. A, BaitoB. U.S.A."   Soldor��rywh��r��.
Cook's Cotton Root Cofflpounfl
A *afe, rtliabl* renidating
medicine.   Sold ia tlireo de-
froes of strength���No.  1, $1;
to. 2, $3; No. 3. ��3 per bor.v
8old by all drui;gi��ts, or sent
prepaid on  receipt of  prica.
Frea     pamphlet.      Address:
TORONTO, ONT. (Ftmerir WMitr.)
f��at luccesi, conns cii.ionic weak-ness. lost vigor-
M��d.Co.iUvkb3ioi;kRd, HAUp��r��AD. London, kmo.
THERAPIOIM *��?ino'cum.
Do not suffer
j. another day with
Itching-, Bleeding-, or Pi-otnid'
I inff Piles. No
. surgical operation required.
Dr. Ciiaso's Ointment -will relieve you at once
and as certainly cure you. 60c. a Dox: all
dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited,
Toronto. Sample box free if you mention litis
paper and enclose 'lo. stamp to pay postage.
Feathers Wanted
Highest prices paid for best grade
new goose, duck, <��� chicken and
turkey feathers.
Geo. H. Hees7 Son & Co., Ltd.
267 Davenport Road, "Toronto
Whenever you sensea sick
headache, or feel a bilious
attack coming on, ward it
off by the timely use of
LsrcaatSaU of any Medietas fa tba W��U,
Sold ��v*nrwa*ro.   In boss*. 25c
Spanking doesn "t cure bed-wetting
���the trouble is due to weakness
of the internal organs. My successful home treatment will be found
helpful.. Seud no money, but
'.'write��ae today.. ^My-treatment
is equally successful for adults,
troubled with urinary difficulties.
MRS. Ml SUMMERS, Box 42  Windsor.On!,
Want British Girls
Profit In Feeding Lambs
Feeding of Young Lambs Is st Paying
The Dominion Experimental Farm
at Morden, Manitoba, recently sold
six lamps, weighing- 380 pounds, at
24 cents a.pound, or an average price
of. $15.20 per lamb. The oldest lamb,
which was born January 20, weighed
over 80 pounds"at thc time of sale.
This sale emphasizes what many
farmers in Western Canada have: long
ago learned, namely, that the feeding
of young lambs is a paying proposition, yielding profits.as large .as in
any. other phase of farming in the
Thc above weights were obtained
without any, special pampering. The
mothers were very ordinary ewes,
descended a few years ago from as
poor a type of animal as could be
found anywhere on the range. During
the fall and winter thcy were given
considerable pea and bean straw, together with culled peas and beans-
Thcy preferred this to any other feed
and thrived upon it. After the lambs
were born tlie ewes wcrc given a
little bran, oats and ensilage, in addition to the hay previously given- The
lambs soon learned to cat these feeds,
and in three months reached the
weights mentioned.
This experiment is quoted because
it shows what is possible along these
lines. Many farmers have obtained
as good or better results, and there is
a good market for all'the'lamb's that
can be produced in this manner.
You May Be
About What Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food WiU Do for You, But
Here is the Evidence.
Florida Sunshine
The..Tunc brides arc mobilizing.
Wallflowers arc seldom pressed.
- Attractive is the flirt with an arched
eyebrow and au arched instep-
It's strange how some: inch can be
so tight with their loose -change-
In spite of the fact that it is her
funeral,'.Germany wants'to sit on the
front scat of the hearse and take the
reins out of the hands of the driver.���
New York'Tribunc.
School Exhibitions
Guelph Chamber of Commerce Takes
^  Steps^.to Secure.Them _.......1.'.
������- Guelph, Ont;���The . Guelph .Chamber of" Commerce has ..taken formal
steps to induce-the immigration - to
Guelph. of several hundred British
���girls: It' lias been estimated that. 100
girls are needed here at' the present
time-for domestic purposes, and''300
'niorc'are'.required in- the- factories. 7
"'' y   Too Rapid .'".'   . '";��� '-.
..��� "Tlie-'yuiing detective wascnlluisiasr
tic" but,inexperienced.   --Rushing into
_his "chief's office'in .great, rxcitcnic-nt,
;'he cried':': ���"'-' .-." -  ���'-'"' '.-_;" '' ���. ' X'i X i
"I've-'foitud Ihe'-assassin!.-'I've .got
hiin.'-cornered   so"  tliat   lie r''c;in't~ escape." yy'-y '-' ' ���     -'' -'   '-': '   '���''   - "; '- ���'������
- The chi.ef regarded" liitu". with withering: seorn. - -.        ".. ��� ���'���' ���....-���
.'7 "Allow mc," he .said,'"U�� draw your
��� attention'.;lo -the.;fact  that  at present
,w.c are. looking','.not��� for the .y^sassini
but.ior tlie cl'cws.'V;';   -.         -    ,.--"--���
Many   Exhibitions   to   Be   Held   in
It is expected that between 225 and
250 school exhibitions will be-held in
various parts of Saskatchewan during
the summer and fall. The school fair
inbvcuicnl lias, become very popular
throughout Western Canada, not only
with the boys and girls of the province, but also -with thc adult population. Largely as a result of thc
growth of tliis movement has been
the organization of rural agricultural
associations. These associations were
first organized in 1916, and mere arc
now no less than one hundred ur thcm
established in Saskatchewan, ancl the
prospect is .that many more ".will bc
organized this year. Their constitution is very elastic and permits a wide
range of work. Thcy were organized
primarily to assist the.school exhibitions,' but their activities have outgrown this field of service,, and" tlicy
are developing into general community centres, where, matters..- for tlie
general.Improvement of thc community are' discussed.    "���   " .     - -   -    .   .
A Pill That Lightens Life.���To llie
man who is^ a'.victim of indigestion
the transaction of business .becomes
an added misery. He -cannot concentrate his mind upon-liis tasks and loss
and vexation attend hint. To. such, a
man -Parmclec's.. Vegetable Pills' offer
relief. A course o.f treatment, according^ directions,-will convince him of
their great, excellence'. They'are con-
will do ail-that :is claimed.for thciih:
Don't think that because a judge'is
small he.isn't a fine imposing man. :
Minard's Liniment used by .Physicians
Treating   -       :     7
-A man'should' uqver bc-.ashaincd "to
own !a\lsas;becn in-ths: wrongj which
is-biit saving,"in other.words, thai hc
is-wiser'today-than lie. was yesterday.
���Pope.   ���-��� ' " '- ��� ���'    ���   '���'    '
-: -The man who ha's.a little and -wants
less":is richer than' tlic man who has
much and wants..-more. -
/yyx<'-iyXx'xX. '-r^ryxy���y-.-y^kr'
Russian/Bolshevism'"Has -Nothing -in
. '   Common .With Civilization   .7
...-Russian- -Bolshevism,- aptly- described' us-a ''product." of .the ���Iriipc,rial'',Gci>"
uiati !J:ink - and liic criminal "'soul; of
��� William;'1 -''has,- noiliiiig  -in ;cointnon
with' civilizhiion.'.'.- Any manifestation-
of'   inclination    to- recognize'7111 c: 1111.-
jianged'-}V.v��U*Iics who have devastated
Uti^iti simply eiicouragrs l.enine ;iud
Trotzky -'.0, perpetrate  additional   atrocities.; ...    ..."  The   revolt" against
Bolshevism isgiowing; the'defeats of
Bolshevist armiesjby thefore'es or law
and order point to the' establishment
of a- government based-on sanity.' 'It'
j/-.:iiipos.sil>I<';t<( believe'lhat the vast.
K.15si.au country will always bcdoni-
-iiuitt'd. by tlie Reds. Meanwhile . 'tlic
least lhat the allied nations, caii do is
U> r^fii^c'to meet -any Bolshevist- at,
th<; council tabic '.ind to ein'oui-age the
forces'which are. cotnliaiiilg Bolshevism:��� Providence, journal.
When ��� the - Wood gets thin and
watery, when the nerves become
weak and exhausted, when your
vitality Ib run down and you reel
weak and tired it la because
nourishment is lacking.
You may be eating as usual but
your, digestive system falls to obtain from the food you eat the elements from whicli new blood' and
nerve force is created.
.Because Dr. Chases Nerve Kood
supplies this element to the blood
and nerves" it' ls the most successful
of restoratives.
While personal experience with a
medical treatment is the only absolute proof that it will benefit
you. still we are all similarly constituted and what will help one wlU
help another under similar conditions.
This is why it ts 30 interesting to
read the experience of other people,
end many will find in this letter
their own  conditions described.
Mrs. Thomas Williamson, PIcton,
Ont., writes: "For the last twenty
years I have had trouble with my
nerves. I suffered from sleeplessness, and, of course, my system was
often in a run-down condition from
nervousness. At different times
when I would have severe attacks, I
was under tho doctor's care, but
this only gave.me temporary relief.
Twice I was to a sanitarium in Toronto, where I secured some relief
at the time. This past summer I
suffered from another nervous
breakdown, and it was then that I
commenced using Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food. I took a treatment of-this
medicine and can now get up in
the morning and do my work, -which
was something- I could not do. previously, because I used to get
strangely confused. My appetite is
good, and I can sleep well, too..
Generally speaking, I am so much
better tha} I. am pro.ud of my Improvement, ft cannot speak too
highly of the splendid results I have
secured through the use of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food."
. Dr. Chase's Nerve. Food, 50 centa
a box,.,a full treatment of 6 boxes
for $2.75. at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited. Toronto.
From Side Line
To Main Industry
The poultry industry hitherto considered a side line in Western Canada
is gradually creeping to a position of
first importance, and one on which
farmers can rely to bring them steady
returns. Last year Saskatchewan
farmers received over $3,000,000 from
this side line. In the past most of the
farmers have, contented themselves
with raising poultry for their own
needs only and have not paid much
attention to their stock. But there are
now signs of a greater interest in this
phase of farming, and with them will
comc greater production, for no country is better suited for poultry raising.
Ex-Kaiser and Son to Go Home
London.���The-'former German emperor and the former crown prince
will return to Germany as soon as
the peace treaty is signed, according
to a well-informed German source in
Amsterdam quoted in a wireless dispatch.
What Empire Meant
At the Call of War to Fight for and
to Save the Motherland
It is our national.characteristic to
make little of great things. No British soldier may be found to confess
that he "did his bit" (pedestrian and
humdrum phrase!) for.any great or
noble motive. He will always assign
to some cheap and unworthy motive
what should bc ascribed lo the pure
flame of an exalted patriotism. We
do not "gusli." But in our habitual
reticence and deliberate self-deception
wc often injure our own great cause.
An instinct io frown .upon a succes-
sio of military displays as something
hysterical and even tedious .may be
sound enough'. But wc cannot, and
should not forget that at'the call of
war men rushed froni the,Dominions
lo fight-for and lo save tlic Motherland. This was the. climax of all that
empire means, a confusion which our
enemies never expected, a triumph, of
race and character winch we scarcely
yet appreciate' at its true worth.- ���
London Daily .Express."     ������'..,
An old   lien   never fears opposition
fr.oni."an czz plant. ..
Where Wives Are Cheap.
AVhat'is thc market in'wivcs? 3 tis
said tliatainoug the Ainus, the- price
of one is.a bear ham. The Kaffir figure varies, irom" four lo eight -oxen,
according to. the,competition for the
particular bride.    -
--~A-.scoi;c"_of cartridgcs'biiys "a wife"iii"
Uganda, and thc Australian black
gives the.-weighl of his better half, in
butter, while.-.the" Tartars-in Turkestan gel as inany wives as. .thcy want
at the-price of a.box of .-matches each.
Looped the Loop 457 Times
Tlie War'Department at Wasliiiig-
toit has been notified thai Lieut.
Ralph J. 'Johnson, pilot, with- I.ie'ut.
'Mark-fc. Woodward as passenger,
had established a''new; .world's, record
for looping'the loop"iii"mid-air.'- -.'! -
.In th'c presence "of aii.official board"
of o'fliccrs.appointed to-witness.their
flight and'-looping, these, officers on
Ma\7 16th:, Xi Ca'rlistroiii; I'"ieId;}Ffor-
i\to".7Jo'op'rdViltc 'loop..457;-'consecutive
,,liiij"c��.: The looping, time ,\va"s.,114 sninr
MtyX 10 Vcrondf.-aiid. their;frying."was
UO.v minutes';".: .:Thcy.7". consumed '. 2-3
quarts;of oil,-59 gallons ,'of gasoline,.'11'
gallons.,of- water, "and ..the .speed'.of
their \riK>tbr7 was ' 1,500 revolutions'-a
minute.'--' : " .- y~-.X-.y- -.- ���.'..<:!.--'-' ���...-
Come Through Keeping the Blood in
,;'.'.' a Richr Red and Pure .. .
'���" ; "-.:"' .,'; Condition 7. y
: When' a. girl���or7a woman���finds
her color failing,, wl.irivjt'c.i".. clicoks"aiid
lips,-grow'pale, and she gets, short of
breath .easily and .her"heart palpitates
after the slightest,-ykcrlioir.cpr" under
the least excitement,'it means that she
is. suffering "fro.111- anaemia���:tliiir.: watery- blood..;" - Headache.:-aiid backache
frequently accoiiipany; this.' condition,
and. nvrvoiisness is often -present.-
' 'J'hc remedy -for. this t'ondition is. io
build "up7the blood, -and for, this- purpose there' is'.'no medicine tliat' -. caii
ct|u:il 'Dr.:Williams: I'iiikJ'ills. ..Thcy
build -,up and " renew . the blood. - bring
brightness -to. the\cycs."\ color- to .the
checks,-, and., a .general', feeling of renewed 'health' aiid- energy. "The only
other', treatment*" needed is plenty of
"sunlight, ��� TTnodorate; exercise -and
good, plain' food; The. girl- pr woman
,whb- gives 'this treatment-a fair trial'
will' soon -.find herself-" enjoying pe-r-
fect"-health." Mrs^ Hiram Sli'ook...R.R,
Xo. !-.- Tiyndhurst," says': "I cannol-
s[>eak, too-highly ;. of Dr. -Williams*
I'iuk F'-ills. :for" I helievVd .they saved
liiy datightcr's life; She. was. iii--a
terribly-run-down condition', pale, wan'
and -despondent, ahd people who saw
her considered her.; in; a" decline. Thc
doctor who treated her did ot help
her-.anyj and then L decided to Rive
her Dr. ��� Williatns'. .Eink Pills. - -This
���decision proved a .wise, one,; for before
six!:boxes were, used*^ she .was iuuch
better,- 1 got six more boxes,.and'be-?
fore they were gone she was. in' the'
best- of- health. When she. began the
use of the pillsshe weighed only 90
pounds,'':-.atu_T .under their use ' -her
weight.-increased - to .' 127..'pounds'.'/.'"/; I--
s!rdrig{y.7iir'ge *7aII ��� mothers ."of'weak
girls -to'-give', them Dr.' Will Lams* Pink'
.Pills:r?v^ XXZXXX^ :;.'���"::- '---:Xi���''���'��� Xx
x-X You - ,can.7get - Dr. . Wiliiams',.';Pink
Pills frorn .any.-'dealer iii' medicine,'or
by mail post paid at SOc a box, or six
boxes -for $2.50-from The...Dr.;;Williatns' Medicine Co:j Brockviile, Qnt.
Choked for Air.���Some little irritant becomes lodged in thc bronchial
tubes, others gather, and the awful
choking of asthma results. Nothing
offers quite such quick and positive
relief as Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy. The healing, soothing
smoke or vapor penetrates, clears the
passages and gives ' untold reiicf.
Usually it completely cures. It has
behind it years of success- It is thc
sure remedy for evcry sufferer.
The young girl with her hair done
up for the first time possesses more
awe-inspiring dignity than a floorwalker in a dry goods store.   r
If some men were to accuse themselves of being liars, lots of lhcir acquaintances would believe thcm.
Too often whena man's good deeds
speak for themselves he spoils thc
effect by going around with his mouth
Other Tablets Not
Aspirin At All
���   O '
Only Tablets  Marked  With   "Bayet
Cross" Are Aspirin
If You Don't See the "Bayer Cross"
on  the Tablets,  You are  Not
Getting Aspirin��� Only
Acid Imitation!
. Genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
arc now made in Canada by a Canadian Company, .No German, interest
whatever, all rights being purchased
front the United Stales Government.
During the war acid imitations were
sold as Aspirin in pill boxes ancl "various other containers. The "Bayer
Cross" is your only way of knowing
lhat you arc getting genuinej Aspirin,
proved safe by millions for Headache,
Neuralgia, Colds, Rheumatism, Lumbago,'Neuritis, and for Pain generally.
- Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets���also
larger sized "Bayer" packages can be
had at drug .stores. ��� "'
Aspirin is the trade mark, registered
in Canada,'of Bayer "Manufacture of
Atonoaccticacidester of-Salic3rlicacid.
More Automobile Users
'More aulompbilcs have already
been granted licenses in Alberta' to.
date than; through lhc. whole of last
year.. In Saskatchewan last" year's rc?
cord"is being,rapidly reached and: is
likely-to bc passed .before the end-of
this month". In "Alberta 29,250 licenses wcrc-issucd.'in' 1918; while by-the
middle of May .this year -.more" than
30,000 had "been granted.. Saskatchc:
wanes'figure jn 1918,was <_6,880, which
will soon be overtaken as. 44,000 had
already,been issued up to fifteenth of
May.; - No fewer.. ..than. 18,150 ..new
licenses"wc-rc issued in .this "province
during April,   -. "'".   -'./'   ..  ._--/   ,
Gives Effective Relief io Five Minutes, and
Cures Perfectly
It was their inability to reach the
real source of catarrh and bronchitis
that caused the medical profession to
drop liquid cough medicines and
adopt "Catarrhozone" instead. This
wonderful inhaler provides a method
of breathing into the lungs certain
rare medicinal vapors which are so
healing and comforting as to entirely
banish coughs, catarrh and throat
trouble in a very short time.
The most wonderful thing about
Catarrhozone is, that no matter where
the germs of bronchitis or catarrh
are hidden, Catarrhozone will reach
and destroy them.
Get the large size, lasts months, is
sure to cure you, price $1.00; smaller
size, 50c; sample or trial size, ?5<.\
All dealers.
Aviatrix Makes Record
French Flier Ascends to Altitude of
15,700 Feet
Paris.���Announcement is made that
Baroness de la Roche, a widely-known
French aviatrix, driving the small biplane in which the late Jules Vedrines
landed on the roof of a department
store here last January, has reached
an altitude of 15,700 feet. Reports, of
her flight have been recognized by the
French Aero club, and she is given
the record for the height attained by
a woman flier. The level she rcched
is over 1,000 feet higher than the best
record made by Ruth Law. .<
When you begin to criticize a man
you must not forget that he is growing. By tomorrow he may have'
quite outgrown the quality which
vou dislike.
Preventing Thc Growth
Of Cast Iron
This Characteristic Believed to Be
Due to Internal Oxidation
Amongst thc fascinating problems
which make engineering, science at
once a most exacting and a most
fruitful study the characteristic behaviour df metals under varying conditions provides many curious cases.
For example, grey cast iron grows
appreciably in volume when exposed
to high .temperature. This characteristic, which causes .much trouble in
cast dies, valve scatings ahd other
parts, is believed to be due to internal
oxidation caused by the penetration
of hot gases into the metal. A remedy recently suggested in England is
lo eliminate free graphite, from ' the
surface of the 'metal, this being the
cause of its porosity. Successful 'results have been obtained by annealing
the parts for several days in iron Tust
at a temperature of from 1,650 to 1,830
degrees' fahrenheit.
Use Soot Water
Soot water, made-very weak, may
be sprayed over the foliage of chrysanthemums, ~swcet peas and most
hardy plants, flowers or vegetables.
It will check greenfly caterpillars,
leaf miner and other troublesome
Soot water is also a good fcrtilzer
and 'may .be adulterated with liquid
sheep or stable manure lo advantage-
Thc latter, however, mut not bc applied to the foliage, but only on 'the
soil about the plains.
Salvation's free, .but it's probably
because the attention of lhc trust promoter has nol been called to it.
The. average woman doesn't believe
in equality of thc sexes; she thinks
she is a'little-more than equal."
Yes; Hazel,-a man is the" most .important piece of furniture -in a woman's air castle. '". '   '.
People who never liiakc .mistakes
arc .dangerous persons to associate
with. ".
Southwestern France has deposits
jf iron ore that were exploited as far
back as the time of the Roman occupation, and which still yield some of
the purest minerals found in that
Good Financial Standing
"Why, -Maggie, Sandy's  growing a
fine pair of legs in his old age."
"Nae.doot they're looking gey big.
Ye  see, sir, it's whaur he keeps his
War -Bond's!" ��� The Passing Show,
London. ��'
I was cured of Bronchitis and
Lot 5, P.E.I.
I was cured of a severe attack of
Rheumatism by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Mahonc Bay.      JOHN MADER.
I was cured of a severely sprained
Thrift Slogan Is Get A
Stake Out Of Canada
Sympathy For Lenine
Resolution   Before   U.S.   Federation
u Urging Recognition for Soviet
Atlantic City, N.J. -r- Resolutions
urging recognition of thc Soviet government of Russia and the lifting of
lhe blockade against that part of thc
country under its control, were among
200 submitted by delegates attending
the convention of the American Federation of Labor here, texts of which
are madc public. Indications were
that when it comes up for discussion
on lhc floor it is likely to precipitate
a bitter controversy.
Nearly all children are subject to
worms, and many" arc born with them.
Spare them suffering.by using Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator, the best
remedy  of the kind lhat can be had.
All men are created equal, but later
on thcy-divide into two classes���those
who have the price and those' who
charge it lo. account.
"Black  Watch"���The. Best. Black
Plug Chewing Tobacco on the Market
The man who-thinks he can make
a success' of anything he undertakes
is apt to be an unsuccessful thinker".
Children Go to Land for Summer to
Earn to Buy Thrift Stamps
"Get a stake out of Canada."
This is the new slogan of thc school
children of the West. For five months
through the schools, the stores, the
banks, the offices, they have done
wonders "getting a slake in Canada,"
as the slogan was.
They    did this buying    Thrift and
War-Savings stamps with their spare :
nickels and quarters.
Today, following a campaign
launched by the War-Savings'committee of the West, they are literally getting their stake out of Canada. Thcy
are planting gardens, working on
farms, raising live st.ock, and produce,
and piling up savings for themselves
by buying Thrift and War-Savings
stamps- with the proceeds.
Though the schools arc-closed,
though Thrift clubs havc temporarily
been disbanded by members losing7
touch with their organization as they
go about their summer activities, the
children of-Western Canada are learning thc thrift lesson just as llioi-
"Getting a stake out of Canada" is
trebly a duty. Besides forming a ncsl-
egg for the "stake-getter and helping
finance Canada's rc-establishmcut activities." it increases production and
brings thc day of beforc-the-war conditions nearer. Every loyal little:
Canadian who "knows about it is bw>y
getting his stake. - ~. -      '    -   .
Get" a stake out of Canada���Grow
produce���Buy W.S.S-
r;Gct your W.S.S. from the" land ���
S.6.S���Buy W.S.S. . 7-7,. _."
' -Don't be a land slackcr-r-Hcip production���Buy W.S.S." with- tfcc proceeds'. . '      -    .
..Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days' 7
"TJrugKistr? refund-.iiiori'iy." if' PAZO" "OJN'T-
MKNT fails .-to- cure-:luhin(r,- Blind,' Bleed;
isig or I'rotruding '���.File*. -' Stops 'Irritation.;
Sootlie-*. and ileal-!.-. You-can cct' restful
sleep- aftei;  tlic-firstvapplication. .  i'rice   60c
.   Kansas Alive To Danger
Attorneys to" Assail I.W.W��� Agitators
���XX :-i '��� V Wheat Belt 7; -7'
" -Kansas City..���County" attorneys .in
the Kansas wheat belt- wilbiiicct-.at
Tlutclrinsoiu Kansas, ior .combat the
I.WAYV agitators, reported active in
that-section of the stale. / .Further re..-
ports" 'that llic" wobblies arc", ���'jiiugling!
up" (mobilizing) continued' .to. reach
the. ofiiee of-U..S. Attorney. KobVrtson'
-The agitators arc -. avoiding ��� the
cities', and-gathering in small ground
holdings, meeting in the woods,-
v.here they plan their campaign. " -
So far no aet*; of violence .. have
been reported, but Attorney-General
Hopkins has issued instructions to
all local officials throughout the state
relative to handling agitator.^
Increase Canada's Standing Army
Ottawa. ��� Major-General Mcwburn
in~the house introduced ar bill so as
to amend, the .Militia- Act as to provide for a.permanent force in Canada
of" not- ; exceeding 10,000, instead .of
S,00Q; as. -at present. 7. The^ bill'_, "was
read; a--first tinj?:'-.,   ���'-'.-"'���-'.-.
��� 'ixy ' X. .-'What "it 'MeansXXyX X'X ���
'.. 'It..has7cc!;n;c; to:-tlie.point. '..where.-a
body.has .tp.Varn.twice.'aS .iriuch-as he
is worth -in.order tb'get' half��� enough
to live-on.^J.effersan.. City Tribune,.
=:Mcah7 w.clii .do;
yourself disliked."-'.
.ahd.7.you'n  get"
Statement of Liabilities and Assets at 30th April, 1919.
:   I,   To the Shareholders.'. - 7
Capital Stock'paiii in...' ."- .;..'.,..: ,*"......-..;.,",....'.,....;..
Reserve Pmul ." .- '....'.v..."..."...........'.....'..
Dividends declared and unpaid .7 . .7 '..".....
"Balance of Profits.as per Profit and Loss Account ..." ;..:.:.
2.. To the Public ] -'. ���;'.'.���
Notes of-; the Bank.in Circulation:!. 7.......... 7..'....'.
���Deposits-not bearing interest.." .'X. '���' -; .;.;.'���.:".
Deposits bearing interest .(including "interest-accrued
.''. -- ��� Statement).'..."-....... .'7 '.....-.. -.,'. j.'..." ,'.-"..7-
.Balances due'to-bllier Banks in-Canada..-..:..-...'..-.'.
Balance's, due to Banks aud Banking Correspondents
.."-���-Kingdom.;and- foreign countries ;.: .7 .-.".;.."... "_.-..
.Bills-payable. : '.XX ...... ���...}.'..... X.... 7...-.."..'.:..."..".-.
-Acceptances 'iindcrTL.eUcrs of'Credit:...-. X 'Xx.'.[.;..
Liabilities not' included; in'the foregoing .':. .*. X. X.: ...
- 7,000,000.00
- 194,10100
$ - :7,000,000.00
' 7,000,000:00
'������-������ 176,900.00
. 7-   437,973.92
$ 14,768,^87.82 .' . > 14,614,878.92
to date - of  7
in:, the: United"
,; 13,316,033.00
- "91;904,993.S7
:-"���-' ';."ai��14,��Hi.��4.
3166,725,404.9-5' ���   3140.937,T>14i)7
84; 886,747.83
.""-'" :   X   X'X-   .  '-���".-' ;;���   ."-."'  " ASSETS   ���
Current Coin-,-..-...-..-,-..'. 7. :.-.,-���:..'.",....;.........-. :��� .-.,.-.... ...7".'.. . ..;.;.-.
Deposit- in- tlie: Ccutral.'GoId Reserves.  '..���'...-."-..'_.-...";. .-..^".7 7..;....,...
��� Dominion, Notes.-..'.-. y._.. L-.-';-. .._���.-, v.���;>.".... J..':...-.-. :-. y.'.y..... .7.
.- Notes of "other -Banks.."., .'.=....".>.'..."...";��� 7...."-.,...'.../..:...,.,...-. .���.-..:.
Cheques o'ii": other' ISauUs". -'.'.'..";;.'.'.:.;.__.....'. :V'.V..'"..."."-..;.-.-........'.... X.
Balances due by "other ;Bai)k,9 iti -Canada'..'.-..'... X..-...-'; ..,,..,..-...... .-.-
'Balances' due by Banks arid-T.Banking,Correspondents' in the .United .
"Kingdom ";...-. ..-...-.:'.,..".."...-...- ,;.������'..,,"..".'."....". ��� y.-.y...... '..X. .���-..
, Balaacesdueby Banks and BankingCorrespoiidents elsewhere tlian-ih
. ^Canada and the. United -Kingdom.'.-'......"..,';' '...-,. ,-:.X. .���:.?.
Doiufniou and-Pro'vtjicial-.Govern'tuentSecurities, not exceeding'market-.
".' -" value....:......-...... x, X. Xx..'.'..... ���... X.......'. ...'���'.,-,- .'.	
-Railway aud other Bonds,,Debentures aud Stocks, not exceedi1ig.111ark.et _
"value.-. ;'-..'..-...:.-.' I .....;;.-./.-. .7 ....   ...-.'.���..:...-...,'.'-... yXXr-.
Canadian Muuicip'al Securities and British, lforeigri and Colonial Public
-'" Securities other than Canadian   ������������.  .--���...-. ��� --..
Call Loans in Canada on Bonds, Debentures and Stocks".	
Call Loans elsewhere than in Canada -....- ; ;..;	
Current Loans and Discounts ia Canada (less Rebate of Interest)....
Current Loans "aiid Disconnts.elsewhere than in Canada (less Rebate of
Interest) ' -..	
Liabilities of Customers nnder Letters of Credit as per contra..	
Real Estate other than bank premises. -	
Overdue Debts, estimated loss provided for .'...-	
Bank premises at not more than cost (less amounts written off) ......
Deposit with the Minister tor the purposes of tlie Circulation Fund.
Other Assets,not .included in the foregoiug,.....
7,000,000.00 '
;   4,S9O,O0i:S6
- .6,000,000.00
���'���'   893,076.00
. ;     4,704.37
.' l,857,Slo.,03
..76,4S.>, 164.66
.;: 4,060,204.70
7 5,2i;>,953.SS
'-   .355,000.00
__________        ������������'-310.6j5.02-'
S160.7ir>.4O4.S5.  $140,937,544.97
\   -1,90S;*(M0:10'
: 6,005;573.65'
/ '4,119,705.32
5.134,690:7L :
$ 62,750.188.94
. 95,874,426.01
. 366.000.00
��� ,, ; '-""y'    :'   President.:
:' General Manager,
'���'������ Report ofrthe Aud��tor�� to.the Shareholder* of The Aierch&ats Bank ol Canada
���' ' Tn.accotilanee wttti tbe prov-ialons of liib^Sections J9*nd 20 ot Section 55 ot the Baafc Act; -?ra report to th�� shareholders a.t
WtOTTS:��� ���"'"- ���' '   ������-     '' .'   "-���  -    --���--���-   "���:"'" ���'-'-.���-������ :'"',':.;=���-.-- ���- ���.:���- ���'.*--;��� ������-.' >   ���.-.*-.-     :.rr"-:-   ."���;   "������
-:    :VS'e h��re essmln'eJ the ibore .8��">��nce Sheet with the Bootsbr Account ��nij otheT records at the Chief Office of. th�� B*iifc
aad ^rith the sljiied returns from th* Branches end Afelicits aad hara checVc<t the cash and rertSed thie seccritiesof th�� Bank at
tha Chief OEcb against the pntrica injesrard thereto ia the books tit tho Bank tt 33th'.April. 1919. &nd>t a different time dtsrirar'
the'year aa<t fo-jiKl theia to agree with such entries.   We alio attended ntfrnmac? theErsncheadurivig'tKe v��r and chected-the
��� rssii and verified the s*curitii�� hc-M.at the <Utei of crar atfeadances and fours* them to arree -with the entries ia regard, thereto in
:th�� books of tMBs-nk.-vf =_--'..:-.-"��� -:  -���-  ���'.���'.'  :'-���  ->' ��� "X-'x" yxX-y-��� ;���     r '���' -...-;.       -"'-.',- -     .-     ���--"
~  "      "       " " nr opinion, tha tratissctions of the'Estik
! BaSsuce Sheet U prftoerir drawii up
_     _, ��� four Jafona&tiaB aad iheeirp!��r.a;ioas
pTsxto us, aad t*shoini by tbebootsof theBaalt,  X-x.- ��� .-���-.-- . . -.,-���-.-
'-..-���:'. :������-���������'.'     "-""-' ���'       ���"-���:;'''   ���-'.���'.������ ','������->"- -:-: ,:-: ';Vm.vK haecoTrt. \  '.-^.y.-X'' -������ ---
Vo^iAi,-���Sri.StijyiiXt.-y. . ryXyi   ��� ���;, '���-,. -; ��� -���;-. ���        -. ;:-  -.'.tof thefiriiri of Deioitte, P3<ad*r, Gr!SUu&C*.^
~ Z-tXxxt yg$%&m
:: ' ,-;.':i4��S8. ':'
��� X-:f i
-'.".'j-rl-i I
'���:���'��� :ySm "***��- vi/*���������*���;��
���^���" ja^Bft-iTOafS-s ^--s.-jMJtaiMfatfpit^* f^M^rirr^^a.-fytjtfi
��� .1 year s;ricUy in  culvance,   or ��3.50 j
-.: ''.01 }k;id for three uioutbs.    If not
;i.i- \ixX.l iii-.: end of the year it is $3
:f-v.ay.--. f-2.50   a  year to   the   United
������;'���: in advance,
Editor and Financier.
/*..} v ?- :V 1 toi i'i U  ntA a .tb
-.���Tiniiiier.t  Co-Owner Notices.. $25.00
;.il and Oil  Notices     7 00
'���...-<:>' Notices 3.00
:'-'.is c-.f T!u\:il:s     1.00
(-���r'afic.ii'e of Improvement  12.50
'-. litre more than cue claim ap-
��� :i.-;> h- iKiiice, $5.00 for each ad-
:i;onai claim.)
Al! other !e��:il advertising, 12 cents a
i.e. first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
ach.    s!il)��!.\]iien:    insertion,    nonpariel
The iilut! cross means that
v air snb.-'.eriptioti is due, and
:i-_ it the editor vvould be pleased
to have more money.
'���av  no   oranges   will   be
Ti ticket?, California..
��� i icu pnecR ana senna tea aro 111
��� :-I'-iir: dass.    It  is   hard to get
'!'"i  7''\Vi2.
Httk ;t mitribor of people in the
y. - i.i'/Ktn ii.-iiiifj  water as a be.v-
;���;��������� X-Xy nv.i-th.
TrtK <"-YC--Xi of profiteers, and the
i'.' <-f ;���!(!.: inasses are fc'ae cause
i.he ri:-e-si->nt unroi-f. in the worlds
:���(���;r labor or capital   should
���'���.    We  muiit  be  pait-
brcli-.erp,   in   order   to
avii harmony.
a:i lia-li of the people in
oiatc.-i do not know why
������"���i- She Foiu th of July.
i-.aif do iKit know why
dhuifl" :-hout themselves
:hi". First of July.
To Employers
Have you any Austrians, Germans or other alien enemies working for you?
Has a returned Canadian, able
to fill an Austrian's job, applied
for it?
Have you turned down the returned soldier?
If you answer yes to any of
these questions you are not doing
your national duty. It is up to
every employer of labor to get rid
of this Red element and replace it
by a Canadian. Perhaps you think
yon do not owe your existence to
any single Canadian soldier. You
do owe it and everything you have
to the Canadians and other British
and Allied soldiers collectively.
Get away from the idea that you
may save five cents a day by keeping a foreigner on tho job. You
owe him notliing,'but you owe the
soldier everything. Perhaps you
have replaced a large number of
alien enemies 'that you admittedly
had to hire in war time to keep
going, but you haven't done your
duty until you have rid of every
alien of his job if a Canadian
applies for it.
Fire fche Reds. Make B. C.
You can generally tell an expert
by the width of the shoestring on
hia eyeglasses.
It is predicted that among the
exports that will show a large increase in Canada's next trade reports will be Bolshevists.
Many people would like to place
among their souviuers of the war
the pens which were used to sign
the peace treaty.
Orchids and Mignonette
A woman lived in a garden once,
On a quiet village street:
Where the grass  was   green   with   the
tender rains
And shaded by elms from the heat:
Where primrose and daisy and mignonette
Grew riotously at her feet.
But the woman who heard of the  jungle
Where strange young orchids grow.
(Why women will do these foolish things,
Only God in his wisdom can know.)
But���she left her garden and took the
That leads where the wise don't go.
Oh, yes, she found tjje orchids,
But women don't ever forget.
And she dreams in the heat of the jungle
Of a garden with clean rain wet,
And over the scentless orchids
Drifts the odor of mignonette!
FRONT ST.,      NELSON,     BOX 865
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
_ Synopsis of       fe
Land Act Amendments
Annual Meeting
"Mary," said the man to his
feick wife, after the doctor had pronounced it a case of smallpox, "if
any of our creditors call we shall
at last be in condition to give them
* *+* * * * * * & * * ��*>
The Annual General Meeting of the
Greenwood City Waterworks Co., will be
held at the Company's office at Greenwood on Wednesday, the 23rd day of
July, 1919, at 10:00 o'clock iu the morning, for the transaction of the general
business of the company and the election
of a Board of Directors.
hugh McCutcheon.
C LOAT is not a periodic-   ��
*^    al.    It is a book con-   1
Mining News
�����,  taining 86 illustrations  all
��*���  told,  and  is   filled    with tj^bo
T sketches   and    stories   of ��(���   Ra"?
��!�� j '1.. ...... '     pinch
~T western life.   It tells how ju
���a* a gambler cashed in after .
���j�� the flush days of Sandon ; ^
Jjfk how it rained in New Den- ***
A ver long after  Noah  was *{���
j.   dead; how a parson took a 4��
/�� drink  at Bear   Lake   in &>
*** early   days;   how   justice ^
������j*   was dealt in Kaslo in  93; "j[
��$�� bow the saloon  man out- "s8
ju prayed the women in Kala- 4*��
.   mazoo, and graphically de- af6
J*  picts the   roaminge of   a J,
*** western editor among   the
'p. have met  thousands of peo
vho patted ua on the back, and
thai; wo were  a  genius.    We
��� ri11--r. dozors.s of people who said
��� ui" X"������.;, into their jeans,- and
'���"��� :' v.X the price  ot - an ad or a
u.'piiou-..   Vr-fiiHtt ai:d appneia
.;.;<��� fAf::;l-!e;'.!-.-bui;, without the
; : ".'.���.'���;:��� ,p:r-t'.;--j'hme!it,,t:hey res'em-
;��� .i"'r-;hi'v;tio>!';;iH fizz,. Every"
:j.'\n H'-_!hU. ih':v��rin.-. 7 ... ." -'    ~
New  capital  has   acquired   the
Athabasca mine at Nelson.
In seven years, the First
Thought mine at Orient, Wash.,
produced .SG00,000 in gold ore:
This mino^ has been; sold;by P.
Burns & Co.,' to a Spokane.company. It has been shut down ������ for
nine years, but operations will be
resumed at once. ..There, are nine
claims in the group..'
���'!   f-inl
iKiiiBcnt's-. Premier  Trained
- Ti.tt3i.n2^c.����^ift��zrzuK��M^xfXttt3rjrx^t.
"^      "^*->
f) it
K-UJ> ���^.-.-jS'
'i,-^-<:\   .- '/CSS>w r^i'acw'.1
nut: nttdnt-TCttMro^a^a
liiimal Talent Galore   18 Piece: Band
oed  Preforming Animals
'\fj-:iil!.ri;r KEDEW and his Troupe of GO  highly educated
:i;i'i'-S ri.'i;ic��-a-iid dancing Tangoing.high school horses.
yr, I'F.i'FORMIKCi   OA:NiNES���captivating, pleasiiig dpg-
"i.:-. :\ ii'ifi-:rkyh](> .-eri#'R of wonderful exhibitions.
Smtb Pony Military Drill of the Allies
ah)y' ���>'.
i.' T.- v>;
ifjir, active:,   agile,   chattering Simians,
ij-ii-:-.n in.U'.';i-r actions and antics.
ij ii'':.'. !''.: i!i th-fvnig circiif, aerial and iron jaw artists.
i J > i^'i'Kl:- -Talkh-q   lior.'e.      K EL L Y���Biding   Monk
i-TtJUT"���Wi:_c Walking I)ag.    JANUARY���Bucking Mall
I'-LVTCU-~,Lc(-p the Loop Monkey.
I'; t xcclled ireupe   cf acrobatic barrel jumpers and hand
-m((^-. ' JiPgular troupe of old fashioned clowns and   cirens
S 'it."
Daily as each peiforrnance -Xx
��J�� tender-feet in the cent belt.
e���� It contains the early history *
,*, of Nelson and a romance 4s
���^ of the Silver King mine. ��j��
^ In it are printed three ��g*
ju western poems, and dozens ^
�� of articles too numerous T
^* to mention. Send for one j
"��* before it is too late. The t*
��J�� price is 50 cents, poBt- ��f��
Jjp paid to any part of the ��g��
^ world. Address all let- jl
^.ters to.' ;.. J;
t R. T. Lowery *
4�� ���'���'������������ "���.- -4?
4��     GREENWOOD, B. C.     ����
. '.''--���<������' ^ ���
>*���"-'��� ��� ."*
���f & ^ 4 $��� 'fr *f 4* 4 *f ���.+4=
Deceased. AND IN THE MATTER of the
"Orflclal Administrators' Act,"
TAKE   NOTICE   that  by  Order of  His
Honour Joint  R. Brown,  Local Judpe of said
Court, made tlie 10th day of June, A.D. 1919,1
was appointed Administrator to tlic Estate of
the said Robert Gillian, Deceased, and all par-
ties having claims ng-ainst the said Estate are
hcrebv required to furnish same, prooerly verified, to me on or before the 21st day of  July,
1919; and all parties indebted to the said Estate
are required lo pay the amount of their indebtedness to me forthwith.
Dated at Greenwood, B.C., this30th day of
June, 1919.
Official Administrator.
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview: and situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Charles Graser,
ff Boundary Falls iu said District, occupation,
ucher, intend to aopiy   for  permission  to
chase the following- de'scribed lauds:
Commencing1 at  a post  planted  at  the
South-East comer of Lot 1028; tlience North 20
chains; theuce East 20 chains; thence South 20
chains; and thence West 20 chains, and cou-
tainlujr -10 acres more or less, the same io bj
utilized for crazing purposes.
Dated at IJoundarr Falls, B.C., May 30, 1919.
E. W...\VIDDOWSON, Assayer'and.
CkemisV.-Box BiioS, ".Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each.. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
$2;6o .Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
for other metals, .etc!; on application.'
PHG^NE  13
Auto a nd Horse
Daily to; Meet Spokane and
''.-���'i.-'.: Oroville trains
Autos,for Hire. The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary,
-; Light and -.Heavy Draying
Pate   Livery  And  Stage
(Diversion and Use.)
TAKE NOTICE that John Portmann and
Josephine Portmann whose address is Greenwood, B. C, will apply for a licence to. take
and use 2 miner's inches of water out ol a small
un.nanied stream running through Lot 312 S
which flows southeasterly and disappears into
the ground South of the South line of said Lot
312S. ,
Tlie water will be diverted from the stream
at a point about 100 feet South and 400 feet East
of the North-West corner of said Lot 312 S, and
will be1 used for irrigation purposes upon'the'
land described as Lot 312 S in the Similkameen Division of Yale District.
This notice was posted ou the ground on
the lltb day of June 1919.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act,' 1914," will
be filed la" tlie office of the Water Recorder at
Grand Forks, U. C.      . -      ���
.Objections'to the application mav be filed
with the said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Wator Rights, Parliament
Uuildint!-, Victoria, B. C, within thirtv days
after the first, appearance of this notice in a
local newspaper.- . ���    -
The dale'of the lirst publication of this notice
is June l'Jth, 1919.
'.    .      JOHN PORTMANN,"''
"���    '   Applicants.
Minimum price of flrst-class land
reduced to (5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption. now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
And which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ' ��
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation, of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be ^Issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained In
less than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. m*
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homes ites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may bo purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, ls made.
) ACT.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege is also made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26 1918
Taxes are remitted for five years
Provision for return of moneys "accrued, due and been paid since. August
4, 1914, on account of payments, fees
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions
Interest on agreements to purchase
AOi^nJ��i0,ty lots lwld b>" members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31, 1920.
- Provision made for issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase interest and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
whole .-area. Applications must be
made by May. 1, 1920.
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic
development of livestock industry provides for grazing districts and range
administration- under Commissioner..
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; prloritv for'estab-
llshed .owners. -Stock-owners may
form Associations for range mahage-
��� ment. Free, or- partially free, permits
for settlers, campers or, travellers,  up
' to ten.head.
.There is no better,lime than right now to. buy that wheel you' have had iir
mind.   You'will enjoy, better health,  have more time to  yourself when
'..,!'��� you ride a wheel ���,..-.
It does not cost much to keep'a bicycle.' .That is if you buy[the right kind.of
':��� X '.-..''. a bicycle :,. .. '-. "      .'������-
,A Cleveland, or .Red.,Bird equipped, with.Dunlop tires will last a life" time.
..We sell.them, also high grade accessories,; lamps,-.and everything else,  iu :
��� ': -��� .". the Bicycle and Motorcycle" line,       -   ��� -     x '
������'���-' '..    ' First class repair work, and our prices are. right.-''
J. R. MOOYBOER,    Grand Forks I
"-.-"��� . ' " - -���,.'���      -- ���(
'Blacksmith  and   bicycle   dealer,   oxy   acetylene' welding," brazing   and-
' yX-'. .;.--.".;       '   all around repair.shop- --,
��� '.-'��� All Work Guaranteed  .".'
;���;;���.',    ,-''-;   , ;agent-for ";.;".
Chevrolet, Dodge, and Studebaker Cars;
Also Republic arid National Trucks  .
Your Cutting Machinery -   Binders   -   Mowers
  and Rakes
We handle the McCormick and Deering   Line
and will be pleased to order repairs
for all makes of Machines
Get our prices on Barb Wire and   Nails.     We can
save yoii money on large or small lots.
Ship us your hides.   We pay cash and remit promptly;
Midway, B. G.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Go.
of Canada^ Limited
Offices, Smelling and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers   of  Gold,   Silver,   Copper,   Blueslone,   Pig Lead  and Spelter
NECESSITY may sometime compel you 'to'sur-^
���render   your   investment   in. War' Savings
Stamps, but should this happen you get all your
money back, with a good rate of interest in addition
for   the   time  in   ^hich you' have lent it to the.
Government. /.'���".."    ��� .s  _    -  t    -������
y   '' . Sixteen 25-cent Thrift Stamps
���-    " will buy a $4.00 ..War Savings
���'-Stamp" worth  $5.00. in   1924.
,    ���:' ' (British -Colnnitriii Division) '   .  ��� ".
. Vancouver, B. C
ar t Stamps
First -your called by a man who believes that gruffuess aiid
impatience bespeak-the real man of business,.   From his intrb-   ,:
... diiclory."IIeilo" lo-hiscurV'pood-bye", you've~a growing  re-..
;,..'��� .resentment of his manner., ~\ "   '     ' .'.',' .    X   ���
������ -���..''    Then a second-call!   This man ihdentifies himself "at once, , ".
- ���"-. venturing a""good morhiiig" perhapsr."There's-"a"note"of geni:' -
"��� - "./ally in his.vpi'ce.,'-Without overcloing.it;.he-seeuis "to .hold, out " ,, -
-.. 'his hatid lo you.-.- '    - --'.-'��� "��� - ';.'.  ''.'''.;     '   - -.      -     '-" ���'���
'-'"".;    .Can.it be suuied up.better than that Courtesy? -.
"One'of-the. largest hotels In
.the city.; '-Beautiful.locution,
��� <-fjue rooms and lasty.moaln..
a: 0. JOHNSON,
-CLOTHES CLEANED   .   -   . X
1 IvOP. j <K>l>^KK><>O<><>CK>O<KKKX>O<XH>0<KK>  >.
$*'*$?4>:4>i&4'4f<%"fy'4>'fc'&'&x ���i-^4r'jh[i^'^4p4'.^'\f':^Kx'
'����?- ^bbl' ������-���-���"" '-���- - '-'"''���-".        :-'"'-*|*
*'������- ���/.������������.;.'��ftd$ibiis' B.Z.    " '���"" if
��� x  ��� ������ ���       -..-.'-  - -". . . ���"'v-
The only op/to/date Hotel in the interior,    First-class
in every respect,
- *
U Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in,
'���' each room.
:;. ZpOQteS. WITHrPJRIVATB.-BATHS, ���:y-X '���
, i


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