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The Ledge May 22, 1919

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- j *n .
Vol.   XXV.
No. 45
Come In AriiTSee Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc,   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and Hardware
PHONE 28        A:       GREENWOOD, B. C.
|     Stock Reducing Sale of Teas   , |
^Dessia Golden Tips 80c. Liptons Choice Ceylon 80c 3
������� "       Deki Julia 65c " %
���� EMPRESS.   MALKIN'S   BEST,   NABOB   70c or 21bS for $1.35 ~3
C= BRAIDS BEST at 65c                                    3
g BLUE RIBBON 121b pkge   35c.      BLUE RIBBON lib tkee  65c 2
��~ BLUE RIBBON 31b tins $1 85.      BLUE RIBBON 51b tins $3.00 -���
S~: Choice Bulk Tea 60c per lb.      Choices Spider Lee Tea 70c    53
| Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN      |
�������� ,- Canada Fpod Board License No. 8-6251 ~*
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamp8���50c each,;  ' '
60. watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$L25 each.
60 Watts
100    ���; .
200   ��
x   -
<���   *   $L25 each
2.00 ��
3,50 ��..
*   *   *
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
The Consolidated Mining k Smelting Co.
^ .    of Canada, Limited    -^
-���-    ~ ��� Offices, Smelting and Refining Department - -"-/'-' <��� -
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers  of Gold,} Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,  Pig Lead and Spelter
���   "TADANAC" BRAND      -
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Pish
and -Poultry. Shops in .nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay,
Banking Service
\��V"OUR banking requirements may
���*��� be entrusted to this Bank with
eyery confidence that careful and
. efficient service will be rendered,
Our facilities-are entirely at your
Greenwood Branch     L E. Brawders. Manager
Before buying see me about
Motor tractors and complete line
of Farm implements
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
Smart and Comfortable
Any Style You Desire
���   Prices Right
W. Elson 8 Co
Easy Terms
Mason & Risch Pianos
Victor Gramophones
and Records
Mail orders promptly attended to
The Singer Store
H. WEBER, M*r-
P 0. Box 152, Grand Forks. B.C.
Christian Science "service will be hel<)
in the MELLOR BI.OCK on Sunday at ir
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday'tnorning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and" Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
-- -Old newspapers :.for/*,sale at
Thef Ledge offic��.^!"GeTsome ~b&-
fore they a*e all gonc'l-
"T C LOAT is not a periodic- Jl
<f�� al.   It is a book con- J^
����t taining 86 illustrations all "**
ju told? and iB   filled   with -4s
jT sketches   and   stories   of *j*
*�� western life.   It tells how u.
V* & gambler cashed in after ^
4�� the flush days of Sandon ; J*
������� how it rained in New Den- *^
ju ver long after Noah was 4s
T* dead; how a parson took a 4"
*** drink  at Bear   Lake "in -jl,
*��* early   days;   how   justice ^
��$�� was dealt in Kaslo in '93; J*
���I* ,how the saloon "man out- *9*
jj prayed the women in Kala- 4*
X. mazoo, and graphically de- .4"
j* picte the   roamings of a    &,
*** western editor among  the ^
4�� tender-feet in the cent belt. ?
��|�� It contains the early hiBtory ***
A of Nelson and a ' romance 4?
T of the Silver King' mine. 41
, ^ In" it are  printed " three ^��
��& western poems, and dozens j,
�� of articles   too   numerons ^
^ to mention.    Send for one **"
*P before it is too late.   The *�����
4* price   is   50   cents,  post- fy
Jfr paid to any part of   the 4>
& world.     Address  all   let- j,
T ters-to X
| R. T. Lowery 4-
4,     GREENWOOD, B. 0.    %
Around Home
��� Herb Neil has returned to
Princeton from Anyox.
Chas. Summers, of Trail, is
in Greenwood this week,
At " McElmon's. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
Mrs. A. J. Morrison has recovered \jfrom her recent illness.
. Bert Lane, is  spending  a  few
days   in   the  city from Salmon
Get your job printing at 1 he
Ledge, before the paper is all
For _ Sale.���A Perfection A,
wire-stitching machine. Apply
to The Ledge.,.
Full line of fishing tackle at
Goodeve's Drug store. The fish-
season is open.
Born.���To Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Watson, of Boundary. Falls, a
son on May 5. ��
- Mrs. W. H. Weber and daughters of Grand Forks, are visiting
friends in Nelson.
H. R. Bidder arrived on Tuesday from Allenby, making the
journey on horseback.
Fresh killed beef' and veal for
sale on Friday, May 23rd, 20c upwards.    J. Meyer, Gov't street.
Frank Shuster, of Rock Creek,
died in Grand Forks last week
from pneumonia,   aged  32 years.
Wagner apples. The last shipment for the season. G. A. Rendell.    -
Rev. A. M. Lloyd and Mrs.
Lloyd sailed from New York on
May 17, by S. S. Mauretauia for
After being absent for many
years, George "Davis aud Johnnie
Winter have returned* lo live in
The epidemic of influenza has
abated at Rock Creek. There
were over SO cases of the disease
ia ^hat section.      .���-.
Just in, 'a shipmeut of prints,
lawns, nainsooks. White cottons
for underwear, etc. ~G. A. Rendell, Greenwood.
" Sergt. "Alex. - Davisiun arrived
in Montreal from England on
May 12, and should reach Greenwood, "very shortly.
A stranger, "filled with Florida
Waten caused some excitement
last week, by having a fit or two
while he was in town.
Atlhe Forks, Charles Meggitt
was fined- $5 for allowipg an
animal to'run at large. Charley
should move to Greenwood.
��� Advices from Ottawa- indicate
that tlie prospects are not very
bright, for ge;ting. a through
mail car service from Midway to
the coa'st.
There has bee^i no new cases
of influaeza in this city during
the* past few days.   Those suf
ferlng from the disease are rapidly recovering.
J_Ye_ha?e\ received, _a.__car _of
Royal Household Flour, Rolled
Oats, Bran, Shorts and Wheat
from the Ogilyie Flour Mills,
prices right.   G. A. Rendell.,
The Hon. W. J. Bowser, will
address an audience . in Greenwood, in the Greenwood Theatre,
Friday evening, May 23 at 8
o'clock. Everyone cordially invited.
Lieut. R. D. Smith, of the
Royal Air Force, arrived in Montreal on board the "Canada" from
England, on Saturday, and is
visiting his brother, Gordon, in
Mrs. Cornish left for Roosland
this week, after a visit with her
husband, who is in charge of the
survey work on the Greenwood-
Fairview section of the high
power line.-   -
Ruth St Denis, America's
greatest dancer is playing an
engagement in Vancouver this
week. She is assisted by four
of her pupils, including' Edna
MaldSe of Nelson.
R. L. Miles of Carmi, has been
committed to stand his trial at
the Vernon assizes on \May 27,
upon a charge of murder. * It is
alleged that he sold wood alcohol
to two Indians, who died from the
effects of drinking it.
Try Aunt Jemina's Buckwheat
Cakes for breakfast, with either
honey or syrup. - We have a good
variety to choose from G. A.
After lunch last Saturday
afternood, Charley Gauvereau
laid down on the sofa and lit a
cigar. Iu throwing the match
into the cuspidor, the flame set
fire to. the fringe of the couch.
Charley did not notice it until the
sofa was in flames. He burned
his hand throwing the coach out
of doors, where the blaze was extinguished by-a copious application of water. Charley now
smokes sitting in a chair.
Greenwood -Tennis Club
The annual meeting' of the
Greenwood Tennis club was held
in the Court-House, Friday last,
when it was decided to carry on
during the 'coming season. The
following officers were elected:'
President, P. H. McCurrach.
Vice-Pres., R. C. Taylor.
Sec-Treas., A. N. Mowat.
Committee, C. K-. McArthur,
Ross Wood, P. Crane.
The court has already been prepared for the season- and playing
will start immediately, and alf
desirous of joining should inform
any of the officers. It is expected
to form inter-club games and also
games with the surrounding clubs
will be played.
The Flu has almost become extinct in this city.
The alfalfa and potato crops
promise well this year.
Somebody in, Phoenix should
advertise in The Ledge.
E. A. Black, expects to move to
Saskatoon some time this summer.
James Leslie has gone to New
Brunswick, tospend^a holiday for
three weeks.
For the past three months Joe
Darraugh has been running a meat
shop in Phoenix. -   .
What is the name of the yonng
lady who writes a letter every day
to her sweetheart?
Tom Brown is in North Vancouver. Lately he is somewhat
improved in health;  -
Beginning on June 1st, the
C.P.R. will run a daily train between Grand Forks and PhWix.
The G.. N. Ry. is cutting down
its passenger servioe between here
ana the Forks, to three trains a
J. J. Strutzel is confined to his
house with an attack of the Fin.
His youngest son also has that
Do not get alarmed.? Phoenix is
notyet% ghost city of the west.
Underneath the'city there are still
millions of tons of ore.
Last Saturday Gus Biner returned from Caspar, Wyoming,
where he. has been for . several
years. He will engage in ranching
near Princeton.
In order to keep- up his reputa-
tionfor working at-nighfe,-Tommy
Rnssell is night-watchman for the
Granby. .He says he heard somebody in Scotland had recently left
him 825,000. If1 this should be
confirmed Tommy will open an
office in Greenwood, for the purpose pf lending money to anybody
who looks honest, and needs a
meal ticket.
Doctor's Only Chance
Wife���Hello! Dr. Banynn?
Yes? Come right away, Mr. Little
has another one of his Bpells.
Doctor (hall hour later)���Why
didn't yon send for me sooner?
You should not have waited till
your husband was unconscious.
Wife���Well, as longas he had his
senses he wouldn't let me send for
Hooveresque Delicacies
"Neurasthenia," said Mrs. Big-
guns to her cook, 'I think we will
have some chicken croquets today
ont of that left-over pork and
calves' liver."
"Yea'ra," said Neurathenia,
called Tenny for short, 'an' we got
a little bread dresain' what wen6
wid the pork, mum. Shall I make
some apple sauce out'n hit, mnm?"
The railway laborers' strike
in Princeton, has been on oyer
SO days, and both sides are still
standing pat. These disagreeable affairs tie up the industries
of the country, but the sun will
be shining before many months.
Free Miner's Certificates expire
on the 31st of May.
Western Float I
Nelson is about to have a golf
club. <    .
There is room for a linen mill in
B. C.
Many Italians are leaving Trail
for Italy.        v 6
Oroville expects a bumper crop
this year.
Poison gas should be used to kill
About four autos a month are
sold in Trail.
Some houses are being built in
New Denver.
Many poles are being shipped
from Creston.
W. J. Bowser is making a tour
of the interior. """
Parliament at Ottawa will adjourn abont July 20.
The New Denver braes band is a
credit to Mr. Webber.
C. Clark of Princeton has bought
20 acreB of land at Sumas.
The Flu is rapidly wiping out
the baboons in South Africa.
The streams in B. 0. are being
re-stocked with salmon spawn.
In B. C. Orientals are not
allowedlo employ white girls.
Lieut. James Rankin is now a
provincial constable at Vernon.
Potatoes are being shipped from
Chilliwack to the United States.
The Cranbrook fire brigade will
have a 60-horse power motor truck,
New Denver is to have a drinking fountain as a soldier's memorial.
J. C. Holden, the shoe man,
died in Montreal this month, aged
86 years.
Industries are wanted along the
Fraser river. Also along Boundary creek.���-'',
D. H. McKinnon, the pioneer
lawyer of Dawson,.recently died in
At the station in Rossland the
G. N. Ry. has out down its force
to one man.
There are few vacant houses in
Golden, and business is improving
in that town.
The drug habit is ruining,many
boys in Vancouver. It is worse
th^n cigarettes. '',
Austrians are finding it difficult
to get jobs in.B. C, since the
soldiers came home.
General Sir Arthur Currie will,
return to Canada in Jnne, but will
not go into politics.
Returned soldiers can find plenty
of land at reasonable prices, not
far from Greenwood.
In Kaslo, Dave Kane is raising
mushrooms in his cellar, Kane is
always raising something.
John Quinstrom died in Trail this
month. For many years he had a
milk ranch near that town. '<������
A new fish hatchery will be
built,__at-a cost-of-S30,000,-n6ar
Terrace on the Skeena river.
There will be a presidential election in- Mexico next year, bnt
Carranza will not be a candidate.
The Kaslo Claim first saw the
light on May 12, 1893^ It lasted
16 weeks and had a sensational
Nine whiskey distilleries have
been raided this- spring in Vancouver, and probably a few are
still in operation.
Dr. Sibree Clarke died in Kamloops this month, aged 87 years.
Of late yeors he had kept a drug
store at Ashcroft.
Eastern jam makers are contracting for B. C. strawberries at 16
cents. The prices last year were
eight and nine cents.
Kaslo is progressing. They take
you to the hotel in that town in an
anto these days. Years ago a
wheelbarrow was used.
R. W. Troup, son of Captain J,
W. Troup, formerly of Nelson, is
now in command of an 8,800ton
steamer on the Pacific.
There is some talk in Nakusp of
making a hosdital ont of the Le-
land Hotel. The first part of this
hotel was built in 1892.
In Sandon last month Dan Morgan elept for four days without
waking up. He could not have
done that in that town 22 years
In .the past the C. P R. has sold
21,000,000 acres of land in Canada,
and indnced more than half a
million people to settle on( the
Two mounted policemen will be
stationed in Kaslo. That peaceful town now has more cops than
it had when the lid was lost early
in 1893.
The government may establish
a mask ox and reindeer industry
in the Canadian Arctic regions.
There are 4000 musk oxen on Melville Island.,
Mining News.   '
\      -���-.
There is a large coal area sonth
of Quesnel. J
The big stampede to the Slocan
took place^27 years ago.
The Galena Farm mill at Silver-
ton is running three shifts.
Near Merritt a shaft   is being
sunk on ihe Titanic iron claim.
Work has been resumed on the
Silver Standard, near Hazelton.  ,^-
In the near future there will be
lode gold mining in the Cariboo.
Several Aj3pen Grieve claims will
be diamond-drilled this summer.
-The Copper King near Whitehorse is again shipping to Tacoma.
No prospector up to date has
called a claim by the name of Flu.
Gypsum and sulphate of-'soda
claims are being worked near Clinton.
At Summit, along the P. G. E.
the Consolidated has bonded the
Fitzsimmons group.       '
Epsom Baits are "being shipped
from Round Lake, near Clinton.
Twelve men are employed.
The camp buildings at the Silver
Gable, in the Upper Duncan
country were recently destroyed by
fire. ' *
The Mary Reynolds at Stump
Lake bas shipped its third car of
ore. It is operated by R. R.
Large deposits of infusorial
earth, chromite, talc, _alum and
magnesite, have been found within
a few'miles of Clinton."
At 100 feet from the surface, a
big bodjj of zinc, silver, and copper,
has been struck on the Cas3iar
Crown group near Telkwa.
Bob Neil, Carl Carlson and Harry
Anderson have taken a lease on
the Bounty Fraction at Beaverdell.
They will begin work this week.
Fifteen feet of milling ore, and
20 inches of clean galena has been
struck in the crosscut on the
Wolsley mine near Albert Canyon.
A plant to treat copper ore by a
aew-process, -will-be -installed- at~
Whitehorse.     A 200-ton plant of
thaiame kind will be built in Van-'
.- Several copper claims have been
located, 35 miles north-east of Lac
La Hache; also at the head of Gun
creek. A branch railway may be
built from the P. G. E.
The Molly Gibson, near Paolsen,
has resumed operations. Ore will
be taken out when the wagon road
is in condition. Most of the stock
in this company is held in Rossland.
Walter Wartman will do some
work on the Bluebell and Crown.
Point. These claims are on
Sunnyside mountain, about thre*
miles from Greenwood. Values
running as high as $100 in gold
and silver have been obtained on
the surface.
Dr. S. M. Fraser and A. Pare
have acquired 23 copper claims at
Rainy Hollow, in the Yukon. The
time' of the bond runs for five
years, during which time a certain
amount of work will have to be
done, and payments made to the
extent of $500,000.
The copper discoveries of Manitoba are rapidly assuming considerable magnitude. Prof. Wallace,
Commissioner for Northern Manitoba, states that in" one copper
mine, as yet undeveloped, 20,000,-
000 tons of ore averaging 18.75 per
ton in value have been blocked out.
He estimates that when railway
facilities are available this area
will provide employment for 1,000
men for abont 15 years.
.   ->     JX-yf
-   >f-id
\ z"JZ
* <r f'
1 '-
7 X X">
-^rmx* XX^frr'jiiXiiXJ-.i
\\     >
THK     t.wtv.<tt.      r^rcw.\r\YOOT>.'    B.     0.
which arc to govern wilhin tlic nations themselves in their dealings
with their own people.
'Will ileiincd principles are laid
down under which the more, advanced
nations are to be entrusted -with nian-
A Giant Electric Motor
idatory powers over less advanced ter-
j ritories  and  less  enlightened  peoples.
\\ lu i e P' ciplf  ,11c  not   vet capable of
,sili ;iv eminent,  ihoi   rue  lo Ix   :,o  -
lined,   not   foi   the   hinclit     and     ,i<;-
t Hianih/enu nt of lhe governing   body,
but   l��u   llie advancement nnd   in
^vvillaio of the people  themselves
is   il   cli.ulv   delmcd   lli.il   ii
No Other Form of Power Can Meet
Every Demand
The driving ot" a rolling mill is one
of the heaviest problems which an engineer has to solve. In itself the machinery is massive; and thc work of
ioiling huge billets of ueel stage bj
Mage down to lails 01 beams ituolves
spasms of cnomioiis incigy at fic-
quctit mteivals. Moicovci, the mills
���ue usually kept luuning night and
dav, so that the dining plant must be
Relief for
las_   louiu i
Satin  Glos.
w Mt.ii    U < al> il
;i.>c>,   is   u   clc.ulv   delmcd   lhal   \v   all j ,d,'lblc as wcl1 '^ l'owcilul     1 01     a
'nations  lhc  man  who woik-,  with  Iu_> |lom?  tinlc  h   ^'^    doubled     whether
'hands, and puts his pliwc.il stiu.gth   <'lc<-tlic    P��wei     <-'ouli!
! m  his  ��,���!.    ,.  nr,  \rs���<rr.,   in  i,���    ,.-..   take  thc  place    of    llic
Berne.. ��� A Prague dispatch
states that 2,000 Ions of foodstuffs havc reached the Czechoslovak lcpublic by barges from
Hamburg. This lclie/ eases the
situation and lenders the Bohemian outlook far more hopeful
than it has been dining the last
few weeks, when famine menaced  the  counliy.
is  usi d
a >e-
wlieie   it
v i
Oi ni md   it   at
I i mumm . 1     I
'low   i an - u    I
i' in llie
s  oi   in
Domestic  Specialty Co.
, Mt*t��BatHaa����iNn��>w��M&a��ia4J��Mftii*Mi��
Charter of the World's Freedom
'1 It   pi,u<    li��.ii   ,   in^hulmj,.  a^     il
dins,  ill*   eowsiau    n'   i'-.c   Li.'uuc   of
Nations, which his bciu  pusciitul lo
Cicim mv   foi    sigii.iti'ii       is     without
question   one   (n   the   most   iinpoilaiU
doci'moils c v e i   diaitid m.  L' tc  hisloii
of  llns  (ild   wm Id       It   Likes   its  pi.in,
along  wilh   \l.._,'ii   thai la     and      lhc
Anuiuan     I )i i l.u itniii    ut     ImKpcii
deiuc as an   nMi mucin  ot   lhc
magnitude-ip  punidnu   im
i;'iardi'ii-   the   libcim-    ot
woik,  1-,  no  lougei   to  bc    ve-
���, tided  as  a   meic  lonunoditi   lo    '*o
used  101   piofit, but  as  a  human    lv-
iti-,', a i i.li t it�� i  in  lhe   ,\oild's  woik
\ii   longci   an    *.h(    sin ill  and   wc,'.
luilHi'is ut   the  wm Id  tu be   km i d  io
li\i   in lOiisiant die.ul irulei  Uie men-1
1 i
' ue of a  latth'ig  -noiil  in  the hands'
i ci I  a siiom,ii   ii il kiii    no  luugii     aie
ipiophs and mcis to be held subject
to   i inn i^n   \okt     no  longn   will  the
iiullilis^ Tin U In   allowed lo pui help-'
h ss   \i mi in ins tu ih'   in o and swoid,'
pn   I milii   vs til   it   In   iie<*<��sai\     that i
miliums rn" nun In   held in idleness in
htUi  i oiisi npi .ti ii'u s w 'du otlu i  mil-1
| lions   art    huulencil     wilh     la\is     to I
Tr   lii.imimn  tlu in  in idhiuss,  no hmcci I
=^v 1 is  the ihn.1  business nt   1 uiopi   to be1
wai   and  pii pai alio*i   toi     wai        'J he ;
pe'u e  tnal\   diila'es  thai  it is  to  be
, tin mn i ii itimii.l business of th(
wmld   to   iieitf    bellei    hvinc,   londi-
1 lions  foi   the  m.issi.s, ui piu\ule salc-
]'__,u,tit's tin tin he.ilih ot mankind, tu
p.il duvn slnii\ in all its foi nis, to
si i L tin <U sum him ot tht opnim
tialhi and otlui \kis���in a woid lo
build   up   .md   hi in lit,   not      tn      U ai
i d'"iv, n and  blight
I l*e peace hi il\   and tltc  l.eagiu   o
|\ it ions covenant .\'^ not peifcit It
is a liiiiuiu doiiiiiiint,   uul subject  lo i
| all   hum ,n   we i
take  thc  place    of    llie    niagnitKcnt
steam engines which Bntish cngineeis
had evolved toi  ioiling mill woik, hut
cvpci ionic  ptoved   that   it "could      be
made at least eciiialh   i cliable' w hile Uj TT
, . , ,, I Upon Vilna as Unjustified
was moic ciouoiiiK.il in powci  ,iiul in i * J
Isp.uc     .Special t\pts ol  nioloi  had to
he di signed  foi   lapid  iiveising
spenal  aicissoiiis   lo  supph   ill
itseive of powci   icipiirid  when"   th
billets   ittst   cnlei   the   mils      One     of
the  latest  and  l.u gist   ciiuipniiiUs   ot |
this   kind   in   in eat   U, Ham   is   d, iv i.. | K,tu c Wa* 1o'1 *'<>"'��* >""��� !��"��� ^'^.
l.y .in  lUiuic   .nolo,   ot  no l.si  i_.an!Ml   '1 ^>:tche, in liavmg <h noumed tl.e
\ilish  attack  upon   \ ilua  as  imjusli
Polish Delegates
Leave Moscow
, Representative      Denounced     Attack
Upon Vil
T ondon   ��� Moscow   vvuelcss    nics-
, i sages  deny  thai  the   I iniiish   govein-
iiunl  has  sent  an  ultimatum   to    thc
,i Russian   Soviet    itpuhlu       icgauling
Kauhaa   allaiis     A   fin titer   Moscow
message states that the Polish *opie-
2(1,1)00 hoi si   jiovvei       Ilieie is no niii-j
ci   tin m   of  powci   \\ liic li   can       ~i,||c<
(v civ   dt in uul   li om   a
diill  up  in  llie tolossal  i oiling   "ii
and   having   mloiniid   him     lli..I
'I hci e is no olh-
ineel J
linv   di niisf- i l,u'l>'"'itions   foi   his  depaituie    wcic
, oiling   ..,.11    I <-����'l>Mc-
  lhc   Moscow    goviiument   vvi'l al
To  Cure a  Cold  in   One   Day lu'l>- >>c  u'-uU- lllc   "^^'''^ ���nl''". to
Jake      IAKAIIVI.      KKOMl)      'Ji  IMM u   iiil'C   IU goti.'.Uons   foi   a     ccss.iliou
Ci'ililcls)      ]t   slops   the   Cough   .mil    ileal I    -   ,       ,  ...
aihe   Jii.l   VMiil,:,   ort     lie     Cold           I-     W ol    hoslllllli-s
liKUVL^   ML'Uuliiie  or.   c.ili   \>o\      10i. tiios
The qnality of Royal Yeast Cakes
is such that it cannot be improved, so we are imnroving the
package. The change from a
round to a square package will
be made as rapidly as practical.
The quality of the round and
square cakes is guaranteed to be
identical in every respect. Each
of the square cakes are wrapped
separately by machinery, in wax
paper, in such a manner as to
make them practically airtight,
and scientifically hygienic.
Condition of Russian Lines
between   the   two   coiin-
The Home Town
-\ttci   going  tlnough   the  v :u   without  healing    ativhoilv,   "the      fotinei
You  Havc a  Responsibly  Concern-1 l10wll   pilIUC    ���    nou   tlult,Cl!  wili,
whipping   his   wile���\ancouvCi    I'i fl
ing It
he  inn i ests oi   tow n
..nil   loimtt v i
i     Waits     will     icndu     the   pulticbt
pio-, hands   unsightlv       ("leai   the   cv-cres-
toncis  av^ay    hv     using     llollovvaj's
iciiin-   s^oiu   Cuic,   vvhiih     aits     tlioi oughli
and   painlcsslv
Preparing for Blockade
Pans ��� 'lhe supieme economic
council cotiMiicied economic measures
that may hc taken againsl Gcrnrany,
iu i.isc hei di'K gales refuse lo sign
the pc.ue Iic.it> 'J he pioject which
has Ijoi n p.cpaicd, having in view the
ic-eslahlishiuc'iU of a html bloi kadc,
will be handed ovci lo the council of
foili   toi   eventual application
Thc economic council has decided
to maintain a stiict blockade of lluti-
ga. v, so long as lhc political situation  iheie lcmains  unceilain
iitl Us lutenuon
, iiiinds in the vvoild hav^ luen icspon-
and   "���.ilc-iM|,|{   m,   lts  dufnns.       It  U1;U   |.ul  ,���
BoNheviki  may leason  that  it
can  niaUc   all othct   nat'ons as  lotlen
as  Kussia,    then     Ktissia     will  Dc  as
good as anv   othei   nation
Only 12 Per Cent, of Locomotives in
Working Order
Berne. ��� According to ..information
received in Switzerland recently, the
only railway line in Russia on which
traffic is anything like normal is the
one which connects Pctrograd with
Moscow, on whicli express tiains do
the journey of 600 versts in 15 hours.
On the remaining lines, only 12 pcr
cent, of the, number of locomotives
which were miming at thc beginning
of the war arc still in working order.
The i aihvay ^vorks at which locomotives are repaired employ three times
more woikmen than in 1914, while
tlicir productive capacity has dimin
ished tenfold. On the main line from
Moscow to Pctiograd, about 40 per
cent, of the rolling stock is still in
woiking order. On the other lines,
thc percentage of available tolling
stock vaiics from 5 to 15 per cent,
and thc situation becomes worse from
week lo week.
UfcQ.t��H  !������
GO R E  C6w?3v
l;or Sale by all Dealcis,
Douglas & Company, Napanec, On!
thcy ,
For Peace Day '    '
\\ innipcg. ��� Major C. F. Giay has
icccived an official notification'" fiom
GaTnct Jivans, sccictaiy to David
Lloyd Geoige, the Britisii pi line min-
istci, to the effect lhat the proposed
celebration of peace  day was    being
,, -,,  . .consideicd by a committee of the wai
Ktissia     will  bc  -is! J -
Magna Ch.tii.t   uul till
Di i l.u ation ot
liulopi ndi iu i won to, thc lutghsli-
spc.iUing people i>t tin vvoild ihote
lights and hbci tn s wI.kIl we pri/c so
I'tglih and in difinu of which wc
aic cvci u.ii'x '(> Ia\_(h>vMi om lives,
and thev had i'tu (.tint on othei
niliot's Um llli tK.ltv of \ Cisfullc?,
191��, is (lisiomd 'ri cuaratilce tht
ileitis and hbiitus not of one iacc'
oi one nation, hut ol .,11 tacts and .ill I
The penal1 k -��� iiuposu
its  w holi'  ohteil
i i suit   fiom   ,i  l.u U
to   attain   shc(cs<     li
of  a   wot Id s   fi( edom
aic so inU i win in  that only the "gil-
'togcthei"   spmi   lhal   iis'ilis   m     con-
r! ceiled  ai Hon   can   pioniole   tin
Igicss  thai  bungs  good   lo  all
Don't loitfcl this ]>i im ipul in
nessis   .mil    liailitics I����-'   ^lt"   -H tili.<K   tow aid   vou
is good   .ind the b(sl   lo\\n i      Oiplomacj     is     llic    ,.it  ol   making
That   home   town" ma*      nol   hi   all   olhets  believe  thai    jon  ically  don't!
J lhal   vou   would  hki   il   to   he        Hut   wanf boiuethiug  that  vou  can't gel.     j  .	
don't tin n against it on  that account  ' ,.���.        ,,        T.   .    _   .
��� M ,.,..,  Minard s      Liniment
efioit   Ixciiiciuoci. it  is    join     lionu-  town���-|      Whatsocvei   a ni.tn  i caps  sonic one Friend 	
the   chaitc. j* vital pa.t of you,  cointnumtv     \o,,'imw have plantid I ���- | Bolsheviki Refuse to Cease Hostilities
(onti.icl   of r"'ul l  >l|l��ri1   1��  have   il   (lecliiu,     anv,  ���- I     As  we undci stand  it  now,  we also {
Read  the   interesting
commencing in this issue
.,,,   | cabinet, and  that as-soon  as  Lhe    ai-
| langcinents  wcrc known,    details    of
j ihem would  be sent  to  cvciy    huge
serial   story * city tluoughout flic cmpiie. ^_
mt  f.'iluie  will  not
,   of   smceie    ��n��.i   "
"Black   Watch"    The   Best   Black
Plug Chewing Tobacco on the Market
i (.lease   fiom   the    ige-old     riui'e
wai      lt   lem.tins   101   the   masses
the   peophs   ol   the   wosld,   who
the  teal  suiunis   m   all' wai s,   to
stst   that   il   be   hvn
u-spci ted
can't  allord   to  have   il   declnu,     anv,
0f,nioic   than   vim   (an   altoul   to     have
0fipait   ot  vim,   coiuiiiuiiitv   leiiiaiu   un-.
|s,uiit;uv      lis neainess liicieascs     lhe
I pi ice of \ ciii  land, and deireas^s iln
Child Had
St. Vitus' Dance
icnleicd the wai Lo keep Funnc away
| from thc Italians ��� Delioit Free
! I'i ess
1   up   to   ,uid   fullv
lost ol gcttiag  voiti   pioduic  to m.u-l 	
kct     ft gives vou (asv   at cess io lhc   And Was Losing   Contiol   of   Arms
A Boon for the Bilious.���
is  a  vciv   seusative  oig.tn   and  easilv
on Cieitn.uiv ' deiaiigcd        When   this  occius   thc l e j change
inidui   scintion of bile    and
winch are w ,u ranted to speedily collect the disouler. Theie is no belter
nudiiuK   in thc cnl'tu- list of pill pie-
a*e   sevcic   but   who   will     tay
.uc not iiisi and  lurc^.tn ?    lusofai
as   Get many   is   depmed  c>f   Lenitoij
in  llliopt, it it taken away fiom her,
not in a spuit  ol  tc-vingc  nor of ag~
gianciijcnietu  on  lhc  p.ut of  the allies, but in otdc   lo  light  vviongs inflicted In   (iciiiuii)   on oihcis in    the | pniatiotis
hci day ot hot au'oirati' mihtaiy povv-  ~"
ci.     She loses   hci   colonics     because, ��$el<>'ilim Claims
she denionsliated  th^t '���lie was not a
fit nation   to bc  misted  with    poweii
ov ci   subject  pmples ot   native laces.  Dltl)clieves Tha7~G��at Biitain
Thc   Ocimaji   pco]ilc   have      shown
down tlnough thc centimes, Lime and
isfivice   cil   doitoi,   ddit'sl,     duiggisv
i and uiiichanl.    Tt pioiiucs a conven-
lienl inciting placi   wheic   vou tan ( \-
ulias ami  gel    the     bioadci,
the | healthici   point  ot   view     thai     social
and Legs  Because  of  Exhausted     |
Condition  of Nerves���Doctor   .    J
Said He Could Dof Nothing
But Complete Cure Was
Cotdova, Man   Mav  2o  ���   To paientsi
The Only Way to
Attain Prosperity
l'aiis ��� A wiieless message received hcic addicsscd lo Di. Ftidtjof
Nanscn, head of the commission to
feed liussia, fiom M. Tchilchcrln,
P)Olshciiki foicign minister, and -rc-
layeirby the foreign office at Bcilin,
announces lhat the Bolshcviki refuse
Ito icasc hostilities as a condition of
i piovisioning of Kussia by ncuttals.
ladies Perfume Your Sldn
With Cuticura Talcarn
Antiseptic, prophylactic, deodoriz-
jn&i fragrant and refreshing, Cuticura Talcum Is an Ideal face, skin,
baby and dusting powder. Convenient and economical, takes the place
of other perfumes for the person. A
few grains sufficient. One of the indispensable Cuticura Toilet Trio for
keeping the skin pure and sweet. -
CuUeora Soap 25e.. Ointment 25 and Wc.TiI-
cum 15c. plus Cannalindutlea. Sold everywhere,
���-.or ianipl�� ����chrrMtuidrea��: "Cmtl����, Dtpt.
0MiOD�� U, St A*
Calgary Will Have
Valuable Industry
Calgaiy, Alta. ��� Thc work of ihe-
toy and novelty making industry cs��
tablishcd here by Capt. IT. E. E. Bai*
ley some time ago for the employ;
incut of non-skilled and disabled vcb
ci.ms and tlieii families lias increased
in volume so rapidly that steps are
now being taken to secure laiger
picmiscs. A considerable pioportion
of the ivoik is devoted to the design
and 1T1 aim fact arc of display stands for
stoic windows and counters. Thc rc-
liiincd men employed havc picked up
technical skill in lemarkably quick
time aud have always evinced a keen
interest in their 11 ork Captain Bailey is supervising thc iocal industry
and is quite optimistic over thc fit- '
tine of thc toy^making business . in
these parts, lie feels that the toys
and other novelties manufactured
hcic will meet -with a" big demand
thiotighoitl'lhc country and Calgary
-will havc another valuable industry
which is already showing rental kable_
grow th.
Thc Hun assumption lhat necessity
knows no law overlooked the law of
ictribiTtion ���Washington Herald.
Foi  a merciless critic commend us
lo thc successful author.
j George    Merrick    Speaks    of    Real,
tlici   lb
acini  liquid   Mows   ,,ito   the     stomach j C01lUl t  vuth  xolll   f(_now nu,n  dcvei
and  ''OUl-  ll      ll  is  a   lllOSt  dlsll CSSing I ., , ,. .,        ,,1,,-.   ni> -iiimoik, ni   unirwd  'ilioiit   tlip
, , ���   ,      .     :.   r^'ops       t  1-   ogicallv  10111 commuuilv.   ^"o aic anxious 01  vvoi iicd auoui tue
.uluicnt, .uul mani  aic pione to it��� Tn , ,      ��� ' ,      '   ' health  or then   -1 oiv -ug childien  this '
this  condition  .1  man  finds  the    best; In  piacticallv  cveiy   ��,i, \um   ho,,,t-, ]rlu,1
rcmedi  in I'aimclec's Vegetable Pills,   town holds pt event  01   pos��,ibk   good
Souice of Wealth in Western
Oeoigf   Mcintlc, of Mi 11 ivk-Andci
toi vou.
Btcauac it is 10111   luiiiie
bccau.M  its vMli.uc means su much to'
1011,  yon  Have .1   icspo'isibibtv     con-
iiitisl pioie ;* nii'vs.igc of good'
theci So many lines su,ubu lo .this ( ^on, well known Winnipeg Winnipeg
one have come to our attention that 1 wholesale metihant, who foi years
we .uc fuiccd to consider Di   Chase's ' ji,,s i;i]^u ,x ,iCCp pciso'i.d micros,t in
all   matters   rcl.tlmg  lo  ngiiculture  in1
thc   C01WIC-,
matters   relating  lo  nj;
c\\>i esses
German East Africa j
Been Appointed Mandatoiy
tunc again, thai in their hands powerL ^  t s"llcj
was misused and abused, tliat thcy
thoior.ghly bclicicd ui and acted
upon their docliine that -Slight i\a��
Jlight Theicloie, power has bee;*,
taken aviav fiom them, lhcir army
and navv chstroicd. and thc most
drastit   piohibiticm  imposed  in  ordci
Thc     Belgian    delegation
u note  rclatne   to    Great I
town, and
N'erve   I'ood tl.e mo^i elTectne tieat-
liienl tu.ulahle   loi     St    \ ituv'  Oance    I
land all  sin h  i ouditions.   whiiji  usuH   !,lls   l'i"o\incc
ccrnitig 11,    \ ou owe it yo,u   support   Mom notions cviiaustiun        ' tion   th.it   the   public   nun  of   Canada
���join   co-opeialion   with   the   town'sj     '1 o    (hilduii     who     aic     n.itiiiallv   and a  cieat  manv   olhci.s aie putting!
t0  nieivous   the   stiam   of  school   lite     is   lllc   emphasis   in'this
than   thc 1   cm   hear,  and , . .   ,      ,,,. .
ate    seen  u*     headaches,   1" "1011  'll   tl,c   ��r<>"B  IH'int.     llns   is
loss of appetite and m-,:t**  aguculttiial  piovince,  with   a   nch
aud llie vveallli which
1 cais
busim ss   nil ti        Smceie,   earnest
opeialnni     liclweiu     lhc    r-iowu     anil
coituliv  people of anv  cotnmunslv   will
1 not vous   the
j often   moie
I llie 1 csulls
1 ei c ti oubles
tiec   that (ouuuiuiitv   tiom  <tll  ot   thc ] digestion.     Liu   use    ot   lli      Chase's   ancl fottiie soil.
Biitain being    appointed    mandatory
;;ow th ���L\i hanire
piospnoni   Nerve   I'ood at  such   turns soon  puis   !ls  J1( op|c  ui)j   \uni   jn   ful���I(.
.them    oi\    then     nil    ami     icstoies,      ' . , ^ . ,,     .
',     ,,, 1 ' must bc got iioni   he t.tim.
, health ami  v it'oi 1 ��
Qui   govei iiiuent spei.ks about ck-
reconstruction Weak People Need a Tonic, One Which Acts Directly
Upon the Blood and that Does Not Weaken the Body
By Useless Purging.   ,v
lhat  thej   iit.iv   nevci   again   cncLuigci
the peace of the 1101 Id.    It has been
lound necessaiv   to even ciiciunsciibc
and lejti'ut  thc 11=1   thev may make
of economic weapons, because, in the
past,   Get mans   manipulitcd     then   finances, industries, li .uisnonation systems,  shipping,   trade  and _ronuiicice
as  p.uts  of then   militare machine,    ,j
"lhc  huge   sum-  ui     money     which
C.oinunj" must i*ai   to  the allies   aicj     ^ o  olUM   ^100ioo   foi
not cstoitcd fiom hoi _is  was the in-  catanh   that    lannot
demnity which  (iermani   imposed on
Fiance in  1S71   Gcnuanj   then imposed  a  fine  on   Franco,  but  today    the
f��r r���,imn   t-ist   a fiii��i   ��.-iv;nrr th ui I     ^,!''    ^sn    -M'111.    toulin.i.     Man,
for  Gciman   Last Atnca, sayu g  that,     You wU1 be sure tQ bc mtrfesteil ml ���rite<1.
it is '���unable  to  behove  that  this ac-  oul new serial story appe,uint*; m an-       "My  htth   "ill,   tin   \' .u s   old,   was'
lion has been taken bv   thc council ot   othei   column. | not    veil     well,    and  1  noticed so'iio !
Jiathcr odd *v 11s   about   In 1    S'ie uscej^'
j to act vciv   sii.uigilj   at liine.s   1  ask-!
' cd the   doitoi  what could ���)(   I lie mat-'
XT   .   o       . ���.�� .r.   , . r'tci,  and   lu   said   she     had   Si    Vitus'
to instue the conquest of Oci-jNot Signing    Means     fightemng   of ( Da;k(    1q , (( p hot  ^[n   ^ ou[ of_
ipendiluics     on     i.iilwa.vs,  on   canals,
I four'
"hi    new     of  ]>clgium'��  itnpoitant
nulil.ui opci.itions 111 Africa, hn vie
1 dice
man East Atiica and thc fact that her
situation has given hci  lights ou llu' j
Must Sign by Compulsion
Blockade, Hunger and Death   '     UC\U)0\       \ [0   s.ud   ticatinenls  vveicn't
Beihn    ���    "1 ven      it      iiiipoilant j anv use lot  her     She vv \s alteeted in,
continent." the note sav s, "Belgium isjchanges ate not .ua.l,  bv thc ncgoti 1-  tin's vv.ii   to.  a icu      [ thouuhl some-1
uniblc    to    -ulmit Hut Geiunn   ha I  ��i"��".   ������<����'����  at   \ e.sailles,  there   )e.j thing oucrh   to be done. s0in looking
unaoic    10    aiunu mat oa 111,111   1 a n o lover JJr   ( h.ise s Altnan.ii   1  read scv-i
ctal testimonials from people who had
d \\ tions  begun  at   \etsailles  there   le-
I mains no choice but  to bow   to coin-
admit that Gci man   1
Atiica could be disposed of by agice
mulls  111   which   she   has   not   pai tin- \ pulsion and sign  the tu'alv,
pa led ' ���
sav.s an
_ ���        'appeal of the tential coiumiitec of t'v
  j I nde pendent  Socialist    p.uiv     in   the
HOW'S THIS? ipailv   oig.iu, Du   Imheit
"'Not  signing,"     continues     t'u   ap-
liieans   the     leleiition   of   0111
piisoneis  01   vv.u,   tin* o< rii|>.ui..it    of
0111       i.iiv       liialeual     distiup.       tho
aii3    case
bc     cuied    by j peal,
lis   taken   intcrnalh   and  acts  tlnough,      , .       ,,     ,     ,
Ithc Blood on thc  Mucous Stu laces of tightening    ol    the    block  dc,    .num.
alii, s aic but compelling Geimani   to (:jlc Sjstoiu. iploiincnl.     luuigi 1     and      doai'i     in
make  JCititution  and  lcpaiatiou     foi       Sold   bi   e'umgisls   foi    ovci     foi tv ' masse Ir  is   the     pio'itaii..      that
the v anion de-stii't ttou s-hc has  cans-   %0*"s      _.        ��� , would sulri 1     tin   ;.ios'   1   'u'dv
,   ,      .,  . . .      ,. ,'      i'ihp   /"*e       Icliininii, h   lice .
cd   111   Belgium,   1 i.uicc   Se 1 bia      and!     {.   ,   che,u^   vv;  to,   1 oh do,  Ohio Itlu   l,ulllllsUl"-,v
olhei   countiios   md   tin     thc    cimicS| "  .  j     "i'cici-    ts  hud   uul   *s   op,!
coininittcd against     muiti i'-iv 1     non-. Britain   Is   Urging  Pooling   of   Ships   1^ u  Uiav   in, is .1  nui-.iij   assump
used Pi Chase's Xeive I'TTod 1 sent
for si\- bo\e<_ and st.u ted_tlu\ treatment ivilh in* d.utghtei Refoie shc
hail tinishid the fiist bo\ I could sec
a great change in hei, and bv thc tunc
she had takiu tht s*-v boxes Ote was
, complete lv imn| Slu is 10.il well
'now, and tronm to school ciciv day '
1 "Anothci daughtei of mine has
found   Di. ^'base's   Catanh   l'oivdeis!
1 erv  bom tiei.il.   and   we
alvvavs  keep
on   baud   .is
101    backache,
combatants   conti.uv    to   all   the
copied usages oi v.ai
The peace tic at}, howcvci, is nuuh
moie than  thc  iuilictmu  oi just  punishment on Geimany foi   thc hoirorsi
and  sufTciings  she  biou^hl  upon   thc^hasis ot  tonnage loss dining  the
tiini   tiom   lhe
I Pans ��� Renewed cUnits ,111 beitu,
made hi llic lbitish dclegalion to scenic .,n :*gicement cilliri; foi tin
pooling ot  loii'ioi   Get man    moichanl
icss<ls  aiul   theii   distribution     on     a       The    unpial
ival"! lii.iu 1 ition     i*l
ti rnis
voihl  and   the   111 foi ee", cut   ot   mn
anteos against .. lepetilnui of the   oat- M..ti ���
j age       Wilh   us   league   c��T     X.Uioiis ! pi nu
covenant it is a dci lai.uinn 01 ptiuci- v .11
pics   for  thc  guidance   ol all  nations,       1\.',
hupc  and   -mall,    m     iln ji     tle.-ihngs llu     war-Iups    sm. t ndi iod     b
with one anothci      lt does cien more uiaiiv       She  pi i soiled  her claims
than   lhat���il   lavs     down     pnnciplcs ��� the council of foicign  ininistcis
ol   tin      i��lan   of   the-   I'mtid   peace
ict.uiunc     all      -hips   iii'.ointd   de tii.uid
In     that     luli'iliv   inten.i'_r  tin    lOii'itiit
a   w 01 hi
md    is laving tlum  lo s,,mr of
warships    sin.
iiiss.hibtv    01   iihiule'
111 ^.   (nu   soiial   ami   tto,*omii"   lilt      m
tlu   spiru   ol   the  11 v ohilion 11 v   i>iol<-
is pu ! 11 od bv a i!"
tin sivnUv of i'n
11  t 0111 bull s     w uh      1
the    kidnei-Kivcr   Pill
a  hott-sc hold     11 modi
1 el 1 ''
t mi. 1      ,'    ', , .. 1-      ,     -,,
Hi    (ii.ocs   Velio   I'ond,   s()    cents
ia  bo\   ,1   full    ticatmc.nl  ot   l>   boxes
������sue    ten   $2/1     al    ill   dealers,  01    Ldinan-
' son,   Ilati
Oo   not
siibsiitnii I iiiilalions      onlv   dis,ip-i
\  ( it,  Limited,   'loionto. I \\ ho  icitciatcs  thc  pluaso of a  Iani-
e    1 dked  into  atntiling  .i|0lls    l>riiish   slatcsnran,    "I'loduclion
production, and agam pioduction."
'ihcic aro iliousahils- of 'people
thioughoiH Canada who aie without
ambition or strength to do their day's
woik, and who aic always tired out,
havc" but little appetite ancl a pooi
digestion Thcy cannot get a lcfiesli-
ing night's sleep ancl arc subject to
headaches, backaches and nervousness, because their blood is impure.
To men and women in this condition
Di Williams' Fink Pills give quick
relief and permanent cure because of
Ihcii diicct action bn thc.blood, which
thcy build up to its normal strength.
As thc blood becomes lich and red
it stieugthcns the muscles,-tones up
thc nerves, makes the stomach capable of digesting food, and tepaiis
thc -wastes cutiscd-by ivoiry or woik.
In a ivord, tlic use of Dr. Yulhatns'
Fink .Tills means icstoiation to perfect health
Miss Jessie McLean, Trenton, NS,
says;_"I vvas as weak as it was possible for ?ny one to be, and yet bc
able tc; go about. My blood seemed
to have turned almost to water. I
was pale, thc least exertion would
leave line breathless, and when 1
went up siaiis I would have to *lop
and ic"=t on thc way. 1 often had
sevcic headaches, and at times mv
heail would palpitate alarmingly. _A
good friend urged me to tri Di. Williams'  Pink Pills    aud  [ havc ic-ason
ate caused 1110 intense pain aud sonic
cln>s_I did not touch a thing but a
cup of cold water, and oven that distressed mc. As a result I was very
much tun down, and slept so poorly
that I dreaded night corning ou. I
was continually taking medicine, but
was actual!)- gi owing worse instead
of better. Having often read llu
cures made by Dr. Williams' Pint,
Pills.-l finally decided to give them a
trial.^.l havc had great cause to bles*
this decision, for by tho 'time I had
Used a couple of boxes there was no
doubt the pills were helping me, ancl
in less tunc than I had anticipated
the pills bad cured mc and I was
again enjojing not " only good digestion,-but better-health in-every-way '--
than beforp."
The wondcifursucccss of Di. Williams' Pink Pills is due to thc fact
that thcy go right to the root of the
disease iu the blood, ancl by making
the vital fluid rich and red strengthen
every oigan and cvciy ncivc, thus -
driving out disease and pain, and
making weak, despondent people
bright, active aud strong. Mr. YV. T.
Johnson, one of the best known anel
most highly esteemed men in Lunon-
bitrg_ County, NS, <>ays:���"I am a
Provincial Land Surveyor, and am
exposed thc greater pait of the yoar
lo very hard work tiai oiling through
tho���  foi ests hi   day and camping   out
< ..=.."   ?'"", -----    ���- ,     .     _,,,������      ,inc���  ion-sis 01   <iay ana camping   out
  ,_ to bo grateful that.l took the �����Uicc.;by ni(J,]t>    ^^ ]  fmd fhc 0I\h.^|i;nt,
Not Much Grain Foi  Elevators       l.������l  ������- the   building  of  vessels    and  Soon    after beginning U.c u��c or ����t-|tj1;ll  w;n keep mo up  Co  the mark iv
.���dmo������m-\(iv-    bul,     ,-,ai���     is ' til,   t oust, iu tion   of    lailwai     ctfi.ip-! ^"^^^"^^^'^ ^kcM^^vcn'��,o^   f ' T1""  XVilli'"��^   ^'^    ''^     ^l������l
,,                     ,                                   ,               .                 ,                     , llic  time   1   nan  laistn  miui  hum     i   leave home for a tnt> in  the woods  I
, mg  ,0  tin     I dmonl'm    elevato.s   ���1(,!t,..u,d  so  ��.u,.S    emploj ir.ciu  io'fcU tl,ai    I w;as again enjoying poo,l;am .^ intcrost���i in ,|iivi      ���lv s    '���,,
in   fiiniii-   111   the   sin i-oiiiiibnc   ins-   siildwiv      hut   n.irl.iiio     .ilwnit   iirnihu-   iTf.illli        T   llltlik    Dr.   \\ llliailis     I ink i ..r     'u.   ..��� .._^,. :, :      1   _.."..   '
llu    Wvukuii iv   01       a1'
auainsi   1 .ij.it ilisin   tor
11 v (ilulion
(,,,., A'sk foi   Minard's ancl take no Other.
is easy t6 digest
because it is baked and
rebaked for over twenty
The result is a
food full of sustaining
value. ^
Wonderful Flavor
Sturdy JV&urfshment
1 on
tiotii  funui-  m  the  sni rouiiduiL  tiis
Hut   it  tht   pn'siiii  tune, and a niuii-
hii   of funis h.ive  ilosed  clou 11    until
nu   iu vv   1 all   whiiil   begins  to    ni"\f
, i'.h i.itoi   man.igc: =   allnbati     dlibuss'lo  bc   led
ot   tin-  uiaiit   H.idi   just   uovv   to     tin        "-j']lc  uewspap. is  tail  us at, well as
cause   whieh  onlv   seems  eatiual.  the | <nlr public   men     I  was  west  of  this
wilh spring secd-jaii   :estcrdai,    calling    ou    an    old
and  I  vvas told how  much land
was    bdii con     Winnipeg   and
soldicis. but n-uhniK about prodiu
lion, noili.n,; abort the two-jear-old
1 hciiei, nullum.- /hout the i>oultiv.
Nol a ivoiel lli ,v is lhc vvoi 1,1 going
health.     I  tlimk   Dr.  Williams    '">'M(1f piUs as provisions, andon'such'...
Fills arc a blessing to weak trirls am Vasious   I   take thorn  icgul.ulv       '! I .���
I  shall  alwais    wariulv     iL-ci>iiniictichrmlIt ^ T .[ln ;lKviys fl,   j ^-^   ( ,, (,
them." cold, and can tliuost all kinds of food
RHEUMATIC   PAINS |sUcli as wo havo to put up with ha��t-
��� r , ,��� iilv cooked in the woods. Having prov-
"11"   sufTcKr from  nieumat.sm who   pd  thc  VA,UC  of  Df_   WilHailIs.  lrillk
Tyrol's Stipulation
loponhigin   ���    \   Htiliu   li'iss.igi
st.iies  thai  tho  national   assuublv    of
, Tv roi has icstihed  to  mfoiin  tin "cn-
|teu',e  povv 01��   lh.it   the     population  is
jwilliiu;   to  pioiTaiin   Tiiol's   mdcpoi-
elcucc and  separation  Irom     (nnn.ii!-
Auetri.i   if Tunli.in   lirnuyi   tein.'iuis
undiiidcd     Should, hone 1 o, -uutluni
.'lirol  be  assigned  io   liali,  northern       -o       -   t_ ���     .u_ r?-.^~      r-
^                      -          .                 Requisite on the harm.���hcu- tpr-*
J 1 roi will lollovv  tui ni,,n-\iis)na and '    '- ���-���--    -��� ���1-1  <--"_-        '
iv 01 k ol  the l.u nu 1
uit,  and  his  ibsue  10   hold  bis  it 1 run ' fucnel
I until  he  has ail  the  sciel  he  iec|uirc-> 'ihoie
lh_leiatois  anticipate  lhc  iclea-e of   a
; htlle" moie  gram   from   the   lariuors'
'bins aftt I   the scediiur is 01 ei, but elo
. nol  think  there an   uij   Iaiire  c|iian-
tliie s~ to  bi    sold.
1 ------                  --  -   j mcr aud  stock raisci   should keep    a
adhere  to  (jcinnni. ��=upply  of  Dr   'Ihouias*  ErJectric <">il
 on liancl, not only as a ready remedy
Belgium's Present Army        .   1 for ills 111 the family, but because it is
BrtKsek - Belgium's    army       at!a horst an'1 cattl.c medicine of great
1        -,.nnn�� , ..-  'potencv.    *\s a substitute tor sweet oil
present mmibcrs 210,000 men and ln-jfor ilorsc   tllld ealtlc affected by colic
lhe min-'it far surpasses anything that can be
000 have been cb mobili/cd,
istcr of war informed pat Lament. The
minister ��aid lie would do his utmost
to reduce thc Belgian military forces
to 100 000 men as ^oon as possible.
Some men arc like silver plated
knives. Tliey look bright, but are
usually dull.
Four Killed in Quake .      . , ,. ,
t       ti 1 .....   <"_���.,..,. j^-i^^jr     tt������.'     ihe Jrankucss with wmch a seven-
Las Faunas, Canary Islands.���rour, . ,        ,.
people wcrc killed ir. the earthquake! "cn-ycar old girl refers to herself as
which shook the island of Fuerlavcn- :i" old ma,d is ccrta!I1,:'  -""""ng.
lurz several days ago.    Thc bulk of
thc population of the island has fled.
W.     N.     U.     1264
Fortage I.i Fume which had nc\e;r
been nuclei thc plow. Why don't the
ncvvsjMpeis jack lis up and tell us
who arc 111 the city and who haic a
little mouej to go out in thc country
and arrange to get some of jhis laud
under cultivation*' There arc hunch eds of men in Winnipeg who could
lake an interest directly in agiicul-
tuie with the best results both to
-themselves and the people of this
pi 01 ince.
"Someone called on me a few clays
ago and asked mc to talk about better business. I replied that thc tiling
-which I was most interested in at the
moment was thc wonderful cow
which was on exhibition a", thc industrial bureau. Wc have been thinking
too much about business and not
enough about thc cow. It is the cow
that must make the province rich
and prosperous, and give the pco;
of the province what  they require.'
experiments with outward applications is only wasting -valuable time
and good money in depending upon
such treatment, the trouble still ie-
I mains, and is all the time becoming
more firmly rooted���harder to cure
when thc propci trc.itmcnt is applied. Treat this disease through the
blood and you will soon be rid of thc
pains and tortures. As a cure for
rheumatism   Dr. Williams' Pink Fills
Fills as a tonic and health  builder,  1
am never without thcin and I lose no
j opportunity in    recommending    them
to weak people I meet."
Mrs. W. Ritchie, Farkbeg, Sask.,
savs:���-Two years ago I was attacked with eczema on my hands. I tried
almost  everything   that   was advised,
arc unequalled. Tbey act directly on |but as the trouble was growing worse
the impure, weak blood; thev puiifyjl consulted a-doctor and took his
ird strengthen it, and so root out lhc j treatment forborne time with no bct-
rcsttlls.     Bi   this   time  mv  bands
and strcngl .���
cause of lhcuiiuitism.   Mr. D. Lewis, j cor _
postmaster at F^cuminac, N.B, savs:,Ycre ? ���a�� ��! *�����-s aild 1 l��B?n to
"I'm as    attacked    with    iheumatism, .despair ot   finding   a cure.    Amend
which settled in my elbow, shoulder t^0"?1^- .ad��?,cd ",C, \�� ,lry-Pi ^{}'
and nee joints, and at times caused Iiai��s *& Pl��S ��'d I decided lo do
nc errat suffering,    lhc trouble was  so-     After,  using two boxes I could
mc groat suttcring
particularly severe Ust spring and I
decided lo try Dr. Williams' Pink
Fills. Aftcr taking the Fills for sonic
time thc rheumatic "pains and stiffness in the joints disappeared and I
have not had any. return"of tire-
see an improvement and I got a further supply.     I used altogether eight
boxes, by which time every trace of
thc    eczema    had    disappeared     and
there has been not a single symptom
of    the    trouble    since that time.    1
gladlv recommend Dr. Williams' Pint
Fills'for troubles of this kind."
Dr. W.illiams' Fink Pills should bfe
;Kepl in cvery home, and their occa-
Mr3��� William Dale,   Midland, Ont.,; sional u��;e will    keep   the blood pure
sAys:���"I  suffered    for    a long time I and ward off illness..   You    can get
icu  from    a    severe form of indigestion,! these    pills    through^ any    medicine
t    and    had    doctored so much without dealer or by mail at Sdc a box or six
V,! benefit    tbat   I bad all but given up {boxes    for   $2 50 from The Dr. Wil-
hope .of getting belter.   Evcjjthing I;'.iams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Oat.
u J?J...\r^'  >'-.  ,
*.V      -,.-., (*
.v ���-
, -",     "    *  '    ~>
~s   '
THE     LEDGE,     GRKEX WOOD,     B.     C.
-"* ��� *���" .-    - -"��� ' ' X -  >'���- 'xr '��� *-\-;x ~X'h\^YVx'Xxf'x^W&
Want Proof They
Started the War
Bcilin. ��� Thc note which Count
von Biockdorff-Rantzau.'hcad of thc
German peace mission at Versailles,
handed to Premier Clemenceau . as
president of thc conference, dealing
with thc question of lcparations and
responsibility for the war, declared
that Germany had obligated herself
to give compensation based on Secretary of Stale Lansing's note of November IS, independently of the question of responsibility for thc war. Thc
,. German delegation, the note set forth,
could not recognize that) from any responsibility of thc former German
government for the origin of the,war,
there could bc .deduced on the pan of
allied and associated powers the right
to claim indemnification for losses
buffered through thc war.
The note declared further that the
peace terms pro\idc no proof of Germany's responsibility for the ivai'aiid
requested thai the reports of all the
allied commissions which investigated
the responsibility for the' war should
bc communicated to thc German delegation.
Another note of thc three handed
in, that dealing with territorial questions, declared that the portion of thc
'treaty dealing with lerriloiial annexations was nol in accordance with
President Wilson's fourteen points.    '
Under the financial and .economic
conditions of thc treaty, it was further set forth, it seemed it would be
impossible for Germany to have
enough gold on hand at- lhc end of
15 ycars lo repurchase' thc Saar val-
,ley mines from France and that if shc
did, .the indemnity commission would
not permit this gold to bc used for
such a purpose.
The note suggested negotiations
with the entente with a view of affecting an ^alternative arrangement lo
meet France's claims by the delivery
of coal from both the Saar and the
Ruhr regions.
Steamer Brings
Interesting Cargo
Consisting    of   Guns.   Captured   By
' Canadian Soldiers
Honlical. ��� The-steamer Viudclia
" brings an interesting and historic car-
go in  port, consisting of a score  of
captured guns which    were    w'icstcd
from the Germans by-Canadian _soI-
diers.   Among thchcavy artillery is
a big gun whicli is labelled: "Second
- Canadian Division, 2.4th battalion, No.
_930,"  ancl  this  is   consigned   to    thc
Victoiia Rifles,    Montreal.     Number
917 is for thc 21st Canadian battalion
and it is addressed to thc licutcnaut-
,    governor, of  Ontario...    Number 960
was captured by. lhc 3lst battalion, a
western unit, in August last, and it is
consigned to thc~ lieulcnant-govcnior
of Alberta.    Number 933 is the property of the 25th battalion of No,va
Scotia.   There were others, but thcy
wcrc in many cases illegibly mailccd.
Get the first of it. In another
column appears the first chapter of
our new serial story.
To Maintain Order in ^chleswig
Paris.���The council of foreign ministers is considering a plan prepared
by thc allied military and naval authorities to maintain order in Schlcs-"
wig, after the evacuation of that tci-
ritory by the Germans.
The plan contemplated is to use an
_aljicd naval,force stationed.at Firms-.
burg, in which Great ��� Britain, thc
United Slates and France will join.
Several battalions of infantry will
also bc employed for the policing���of
thc territory. Thc selection of an allied commander for this force is under considciation.
Will Not Strike
Lethbridge. ��� Civic employees who
voted some clays ago to go on strike
havc rescinded such action and have
applied for^'a Dominion board of arbitration to settle thc dispute.
Case of Turkey is Next
Enforcement   of  .Terms    of   Peace
Upon Turkey May Be Done
With Show of Foi ce
New York. ��� The Associated Press
issues^ thc following:
"" That thc allies arc preparing for the
eventful day when thc Turks arc to
bc reckoned with in a peace treaty is
indicated by thc fact that British,
French, United States, Italian ancl
Greek warships, with landing parlies,
have begun a great concentration at
Smyrna. Allied troops arc also being massed at Saloniki.
The concentration at Smyrna is
connected with the mandate given lo
Greece by the peace conference to
administer thc affairs of thc Turkish
seaport, while the belief is expressed
in Paris that thc peace negotiations
wilh Turkey and also,with Bulgaria
arc expected to take place .in Constantinople,- Saloniki or sonic other
city in the near cast,   ���
To Keep German Ships
Secretary Lansing Hints They Will
- Not Be Sunk
London. ��� Secretary of State Lansing, talking with United States correspondents with regard to Germany's ships, said:
"There has bccii no agreement in
Paris^on the allocation of thc German ships, bul I do not think that
there is any doubt but wc will keep
our German ships." " ��
"Black   Watch"    The   Best  Black
Plug Chewing Tobacco'on the Market
Germans Will Hold Out
Ebert Hopes U.S.   Democracy   Will
Not ^Accept Treaty
Bcilin. ���.Declaring that the terms
of peace presented by thc allied and
associated governments rjto Germany,
"contemplate lhc physical, moral and
intellectual paralysis" of thc German
people; that Germans were "hypnotised" by statements made by President Wilson, ancl that hc, himself, is
looking forward to the fulurc "with
gravest apprehension," President Ebcrt said that he"still hoped, lhal the
United States dcmocracy-.would not
accept thc treaty framed at"Tlio peace
conference. Hc iejected with disdain tlic suggestion that the present
German government would resign
rather tlnm accept or reject thc terms
saying that thc government would
"hold out to thc end."'
r Ships Lost in War
Britain Lost -2,197    Merchant    Ships
WiriTa Tonnage of 7,638,000
London. ��� The ministry of shipping announces the number and tonnage of allied merchantmen lost
through enemy action as follows:
Britain 2,197, tonnage _ 7,638,000;
France 238, tonnage 687,000; Italy
230, tonnage 742,000; Japan 29, tonnage" 120,000; United States 80, tonnage 341,000. In addition to lhc foregoing 20 British vessels, tonnage 45,-
00 ton.s, were lost on admiialty service
Chinese Cabinet Resign
Paris. ��� Thc Chinese cabinet has
.resigned, but the president.iias-rcfus-
ed to accept the resignation, according to a telegram from Pokin to thc
peace conference. Thc conference at
Shantung between representatives of
northern and southern China, the telegram adds,-has been broken up.
May Be signed in East
Paris. ��� ll is quite probable that
the Turkish and Bulgarian peace
tieaties will bo negotiated and .signed
in Conlanlinoplc, Saloniki or some
other convenient city in thc near cast,
arcordiug  to  Renter's  Paris  office.
Germans Prepare
Counter Proposals
Will Submit Substitutes for Teims of
Paris.���The  German  peace delegation   i.s busy   prcpaiing   voluminous
Winnipeg Paralysed by Strike
Greatest   Labor   Struggle   in   City's
History Now in Progress ,
\\ iunipeg.���Winnipeg is now in lhc  Welfare Stations Established in Var-
lluoes of the greatest labor struggle
Public Health
Nurses in Alberta
of all   her  history.       Estimates  vary
widely as lo the total number of woi-
ious Parts of the Province
Edmonton.��� Thuleen public health
j nurses  will   shoitly bc  appointed    to
counlci-pioposals    for submission  to |kcrs out on stiike, these running fiom | wcllaic  stations in diffeicnt parts  of
the  allied  and  associated  powers  as  15,000 to 27,000. j llic piovincc for ihe purpose of car-
At a mass meeting of lhc G.W.V.A., rying on the campaign of health and
Afghan Advance
Stopped by British
substitutes foi terms of thc peace
treaty. Scvcial economic sub-committees of thc delegation met, including the one on coal supph.
The Council of Four, composed of
Premiers Lloyd George, Clemenceau, Orlando ancLFicsident Wilson,
considered the question of the imposing of the blockade on Geimany in
case that country declined to sign tlic
peace treaty. The subject was under
discussion at two separate meetings
of the council. On the other hand,
it is anticipated that thc blockade will
bc entirely lifted immediately if the
German delegation affix their signatures to the treaty.
A note on reparations does not
piotest against thc payment by Germany for^thc devastation wrought in
Belgium and northern France, which,
it says, Germany is ready to do willingly. It is added, however, lhat
Germany will not pay reparation for
this damage on the principle that shc
was responsible for the war.
Haig Believes
In Racial Equality
Would Give All Races British Freedom and Justice
London.���Field Marshal Haig has
been installed -as rector of St. Andrew's- University. In his speech hc
said that if wc wished^.o avoid a repetition of the catastrophe of a world
vvar-wc must bc prepared to actively
prevent it. The seeds of future armed conflicts could bc found everywhere in tho woilel.
Among the more obvious possibilities o'f strife was the problem known'
as thc "yellow peril."
The Chinese must eventually demand a place in the European labor
market India was beginning to
turn toward industrial anel political
development. He suggested lhat the
solution was lo give all races British
freedom and justice, thereby in thc
course of many years levelling thcm
up to our standards of life. Thc
league of nations could never absolve
from our mission as an empire.
Alien Homesteaders
To Be Investigated
Action Taken to Make Them Available for Soldier Settlement
Ottawa. ��� Dominion lands held
under homestead entry by aliens and
others whose duties arc in default will
be checked by the" Dominion land
agents and -action taken to make
them available for soldier settlement.
This action is the rcsdlt'of conferences between the department of interior anel soldiei settlement board.
Tt also has been decided to-xbeck up
laud held under the temporary reservations which might now be discontinued.
The soldier settlement board will
take steps ,at once to enlist the cooperation of municipalities in ascertaining from local sources information concerning such lands.
An absorbing    romance    in    aerial
form commences in this week's paper.
More Production To
Solve Labor Unrest
Ottawa.���That there is a .shortage
of food in thc world; that-Canadian
prices    arc    regulated    by    demand
-:abroad; that there is no great surplus of food supply in Canada- that
thc duty of Canada is food production
for ihe benefit of itself and thc world,
that the government may present a
program to regulate thc cost of living, and that industrial unrest can bc
traced to thc cost of living, were
stated in the senate by Hon. G. D.
Robertson, minister of labor.
Hon. Mr. Robertson said tliat there
appeared to be a great deal of misunderstanding in Canada as ind'eated
'by press comment and resolutions
calling for enquiry to reduce tlic cost
of living and charging present high
prices of foGd to hoarding for profit,
Mr. Robertson said the people of
Canada should know there Is no surplus of food in Canadi, and unless
production was increased there "was
little hope for such reduction of food
As lo food in cold storage if at once} within a ycar.
rcali/cd, little would bc done to relieve thc situation. If all lhc butter
in storage on May 1 wore divided it
would give each Canadian 1.7 ounces;
a division of oleomargarine would
give each Canadian less lhan a quarter of a pound. Thc quantity of butter in cold storage was 838,234 pounds;
oleomargarine, 315,764; cheese, 1,-
064,318 pounds; eggs a little over 3,-
000,000, or a third of a dozen per
head: pork two and a half, and beef
three and a half pounds pcr person.
What portion had been sold for overseas consumption hc could not say.
He gave the figure-: to show thc incorrectness of thc idea that thc present
high price of butter, for instance,
was due to there being large quantities in storage held for the benefit of
the owners. This was the season of
egg production when usually they are
collected for storing, but today eggs
wcrc not forthcoming, and' therefore
only small stocks are being laid away,
Uidcss production increased there
was   thc prospect of   an egg famine
_; Murdered _By Sinn_ Feins _
Attack by Armed Gang Near Limerick Robs Lives of More Custodians of Law
Knocklong, Ireland. ��� Four police
oflicers who were taking a Sinn Fein
prisoner to Cork were attacked by an
armed band at the Knocklong station.
Thc aimed men rescued thc prisoner
and killed one of the policemen and
seriously injured another. A third
policeman is missini;.
Knocklong 'is a small low n in Limerick county about eighteen miles
southeast of the city of Limerick. It
is on thc Great Southern and Western  railwav.
Army & Navy Veterans and Imperial
Veterans of Canada associations, including all mciVof thc military and
naval services, a resolution was passed te^ lhc effect thai every legitimate
means would bc used to preserve law
and order; and providing, ftuther, that
when thc present trouble has been ad-
adjustcd the returned veterans and labor representatives will discuss thc
deportation ,of the undesirable enemy
The mayoi ancl city council are
grappling with the problem of maintaining the essential sciviccs of public
utilities, police and fire piolcclion, as
the tie-up grows. Every walk of industrial and commercial life iu Winnipeg is represented among the strikers.
Wholesale and retail stores arc affected, ancl in a number of cases closed.
Thc large departmental sic res experienced only a p'artial walk-out and arc
continuing lo 'give service. Thc biggest of these, employing -some 6,000
hands, Jost thc assistance of about 700
employees, including engineers, teamsters, grocery clerks, butchers, and
lunchroom waitresses and kitchen
With only the postmaslei, his deputy ancl three stamp clerks remaining
on duty, the post office is tied up���269
postal wotkers having quit at eleven
o'clock. Street railway service is at
a complete standstill, while thb question of the city granting lhc jitneys
permits lo again operate i.s under \d-
Free automobile rides for pedestrians arc again being offered by auto
owners. The fiic brigade-is oiit to a
man, except for thc clnef and his deputy and district chiefs, thc department being manned by volunteer help.
Nuincious fire alarm calls have been
answered, but nothing of a serious nature had to bc coped with. All thc
civic clerks, with a few exceptions, arc
out on strike, and there i.s not an office at thc city' hall where you can
even pay a bill.
Light and power and^ waterworks
employees arc out, but efforts arc being made to continue ihe water system anel to ensure at least enough
power for domestic lighting pui poses.
More than 4,500 men, including clerks,
car checkers, etc, are out in the yards,
offices ancl shops of the C.P.R., C.N.R.
and G.T.P. railwavs.
welfare education inaugui.ilcd last
yeai. A new class of nine muses, in
training under the general direction
of Dr. Herbeit .l.iniieson, is this
week taking clinics fiom the public
school health officeis and in city hospitals, and-will bc ready in the
course of a few weeks to go out with
the four muses .ibcady in service lo
thc several points to bc occupied as
working ccnli es this summer. Il will
bc lhc duty of the muses to look
aftcr the health inspection of schools
in their districts, thc general promotion of child welfare, pre natal work
and mothers' meetings and thc intention is that thc stations shall bc
more or less permanent. It is a
ncw departure in Alberta, and is expected to work out-with good results.
Assassination is Threatened
��� Should Have National Land Flags
Ottawa ���During the discussion    in
committee of supply on an item    of
$5*,000,000 in.thc house,  Mr.  MeMas-
Western Canada Fair
Western Fairs Making Their Plans on
a Big Scale "*'
The "Western Canada Fails Association, which includes the five big faiis
of thc prairie provinces, in Class A
circuit, eight smaller fairs in Class B,
and the Vancouvei and Ncw Westminster Fair Associations, announces
that its combined prize lists and
purses as olTeteel at the 1919 summer
exhibitions will total" more than
The Class A and Class B fairs havc
been arranged in two ciicuits, the big
circuit commencing at^Calgaiy on
June 28th, followed by Edmonton,
Saskatoon, Brandon and Regina, ending at the latter place on August 2.
Two Class B fairs ��� Swift Cuiient
and Wcyburn���then comc in, on Au.^.
5 lo 7. Thc second circuit "Commences at Reel Deer on July 12, followed- by--Cam rose,- "Lloydininster,
North Battleford, Prince. Albert ancl
���The 'western faiis arc looking for
big things this year, and are making
tlicir planS on a big scale. A number arc negotiating for additional
buildings and alterations in the present equipment: Sou��a's lamous band
has been engaged to play at tho five
big fairs, and with thc best attractions and midway obtainable, and
vciy attractive prize lists, Victory
year promises a big increase in at-
icnd.mcc at the summer fairs, in both
circuits, which arc not only thc annual holiday time for the westerner,
but take a largc part in thc development of tho -various, industries of this
rapidly growing section of the Dominion'.")
Astounding State of Affairs m Ireland
Due to Sinn Fein Proclamation
London. ��� An astounding state of
affairs in Ireland was revealed by the
Lord Chancellor in 'moving the second reading of thc criminal injuries
(Ireland) bill in thc house of commons. Thc bill provides compensation in the case of any officer of the
law who i.s killed or injured while on
duly. In response to a government
proclamation in Tipperary a counter-
proclamation was issued, which declared .that any person in lhc pay of
England,, magistrates, jurors, and the
like, would be deemed lo have forfeited his life
Civilians who gave information to
thc military or police would be executed���"that is to say, shot or hanged." Volunteers were also called upon
to contemplate the possibility of offensive action, more strenuous than
iu the Easter rebellion. Thc men who
wcrc exposed daily lo such risks,
said the Lord Chancellor, should be
protected by thc whole foicc of the
country, and, if thcy became thc victims of assassination, adequate provision must be made for their widows
and families. Lord Crcwc, however,
thought the situation bad been exatr-
gcralcd. Political sympathizers with
the party of violence had taken a
step to the left, and were less inclined lo support the cause of law anel
older, 'lhc bill was read a second
Foch Has Been Sent to Rhine
To   Take   Action   If  Treaty   is   Not
Paris.���Immediate mcasuies tending to thc further subjugation of Geimany, if its delegates refuse to sign
the peace treaty, were indicated by
thc announcement that Marshal Foch
had been scut to the Rhine by the
Council of Four to take such action
as may become necessary in thc event
lhal the treaty is nol signed.
Three new notes fiom Counl Von
Brockdorfl-Rantzau havc been referred by the Council of Four to special
committees. The report of the commiilcc ou the German note lcgaiding
changes in the labor convention has
been approved and sent to the Germans. Close scrutiny of the treaty
revealed several omissions. The
council corrected one of these by deciding to insert a clause providing
for lhc withdrawal of representation on the reparations committee on
a 12-inoiitlis' notice.
War Expenditures
London. ��� It is learned that General Barrett's troops occupied Dakka
fore in Afghanistan on May 13, This
is a most important operation and 'is
regarded as a most serious blow to
the Afghans. It has definitely, stopped thc menace to Lundikolal and is
militarily legaided as showing that
the movement will fizzle, out. Dakka
is situated al a very important point
on thc Kabul river, where tbe road
leaves ^the stream Its losses will
greatly damage Afghan prestige.
German Chancellor
Appeals for Sympathy
Says British Cannot Intend Reducing
Them to Slavery
London. ��� I'lnlipp S-'chc-idernianii,
tho Gorman chancellor, has. sent
through the Berlin correspondent of
thc .Daily Herald, an appeal to lhe
British people to icali^c the "appalling positron Geimany is placed in by
the peace conditions."
Heir Scheidcmann in his appeal
makes various points simiiai to those
in speeches of his-th.it h.n c already
been repoitcd, and in  addition  says:
"We cannot belici c thai follow
human beings, hotvever much under
the influence of a wicked war, can
really intend to reduce :i kindred civilised people lo slavery, for that is
what these conditions mcalC r~
"Wo Germans call upon you ];ug-
lish not to foicc us to sign away our
birthright'and lhc peace of Europe
in oiu  hour of weakness."
Britain Spent a Large Amount
Canada During Wai��� Period
London. ��� In the house of commons, replying to Sir J. Morton-Griffiths, Col. Emery, under secrctaiy for
lhc colonial office, stated that the war
office expenditure in Canada vvas approximately ��225,000,000 stciling; in
Austialia ��291,000,000; in Now Zealand ��75,000,000; in South Africa
��23,000,000; and in Newfoundland
Will Import Canadian Wheat
Minneapolis. ��� Julius II. Barnes,
executive of thc, United States Giain
Coipoi ation, who conferred with mil-
leis here, announced that the coipor-
alioii'h.id arranged foi a modciatc
importation of wheal fiom Canada
lie slated that a uiodcialc downward levision of price*, in foodstuffs
was anticipated, anel th.il sufficient
wheal vvas available to keep lhe price
of flour from soaimg above $12 a
barrel, lie added, howcvei, that no
radical price levision could bc expected until thc American cxpou demands wcic greatly leduced.
Would Pool Foe Ships
Paris.���Renewed efforts are beiu^
made by the British delegation lo secure au agreement calling for the
pooling of former German merchant
vessels and their distribution ou a
basis of tonnage loss during thc war
instead of the plan of thc United
Slates retaining all ships interned
prior lo that country entering the
Reds Attempt to    ^
Kill Paderewski
Attack on Premier Upon His Return
to Warsaw
New York. ��� A Warsaw dispatch
reports an attempt by Bolshevists to
assassinate Premier .ttiel Mrs. Paderewski. Few details of thc attack on
thc premier arc(lo hand although it
is stated that the attempted assassination loolc place as he alighted from
his train upon bis return io Warsaw
from Paris.
The attempt followed a scries of
demonstrations of approval ancl welcome accorded to M. Paderewski at
thc towns and cities through which
he passed on his ictuin lo Warsaw,
these receptions being a tribute lo
thc vi oik for Poland which tho p.e-
mier had done at the Polish conference in Paris --���
The Poles aic satisfied with thc decision on the Danzig question-and are
also'pleased with the solution of the
Silcsian boundary problem. In the
decision on the Tcschon -coal field,
some disappointment is expressed.
Allied Troops Sent to  Smyrna
Paris. ��� Advices to (lie peace conference say lhal tianspoits    carrying
Greek troops have sailed from Saloniki foi  Smyrna.
Jn connection with the military and
naval ino\ email at Smyrna, L'lntian-
sigeant says thai .illicd troops have
already been debarked." It says that
the conccnliation at Smyrna is being
taken against the clay when lhc peace
conditions imposed ou the Tuiks will
be put into effect and when the Turks
may bc united  lev leave.  Europe.
Will Mediate for Italy
Paiis. ��� Negotiations pending for
thc adjustment of thc Adriatic control cr��y contemplate a direct settlement between Italy ancl Jugo-Slavip.
through United Statsc mediation. By
this-plan, thc Austrian treaty would
not specify the disposition to ���be
made of Dalmati.i, 1 stria or Finnic,
beyond detaching them fiom Austria.
Afghans Violate Treaty
London. ��� A Russian govcruitenl
wireless message received sais that
,m Afghan mis.sion h.is .urived iu
Moscow to establish relation*, between   Afghanistan   and   Kiu-*>ia.
This is in violation of thc truili
between Afghanistan .uul Great Britain, under which Afghanistan is rot
allowed to enter into relations with
aiu foicign country except Great
Must Not Attack Foreigners
ter urged that consideration bc given      Berlin. ��� The police authorities of
to tho question of a national land flag
for land purposes. Australia aud
Ncw Zealand had a land flag, and
Canada should have one also. It
would help to create a sound national
spirit. Our soldiers were proud not
only of being British citizens, but
also of being Canadian citizens.
New Proposals Regarding Fiume
Paris.���M. Trumbitch, thc head of
thc Tiigo-Slav mission in Paris.,had
a conference with Col. K. N. House
and Mr. Page, thc American ambassador to Italy. It is understood that
thc conference discussed thc formula
of a proposed compromise regarding
Ties for H. B. Railway
Ottawa. ��� Contracts for 250,000
ties, to be used on the construction
of thc Hudsoir Bay Railway, havc
been awarded. G. W. Cann will supply 75,000, H. F. Borlh 150,000 and
John Dione 75,000. All contractors
are o�� The Pas. The contract price
is sixty cents and thc tics are of
: spruce and pine, mostly thc former.
Berlin haie issued a proclamation
warning tho public against demonstrations hostile to foreign residents of
thc city.   The proclamation says:
"Wc arc fighting against thc nefarious policy of imperialism, not against
individuals who arc not to blame for
the policy of thcii governments. It
has been determined to punish such
excesses with thc utmost severity,
and auy who instigate disorders will
also be punished."'
Accuse French of Syping
Paris. ���= An official note issued
says that a German correspondent
sent to thc Ncucs Wcincr Tagcblatt
a dispatch that the hotel at Versailles
where thc German delegates 'are
housed is full of spies acting as hotel
attendants and that microphones
have been installed in all the rooms.
Thc note brands thc report as an
odious and calumnious invention and
sajs if it is repeated the French gov-
vernment may find it necessary to
expel the German correspondents.
W.     N.     U. ,   1264
Recruiting for R.N.WsM.P.
Toi onto. ��� An appeal fur rrciuits
to enter the service of the Royal
North West Mounted Police is being
made in this city owing to thc great
shortage of man power in thc west.
Inspector W. P. Boyts, of Regina,
lisitcd thc office of the proiincial
government employment bureau in
search of any available men. He stated that during thc past three years
they had lost fully 900 men, 750 of
whom served in France and thc remainder in Siberia. Thc need oi increasing the force has been placed
before the authorities who arc offering a splendid opportunity to physically tit unmarried returned soldiers
or civilians who arc desirous of securing outdoor  employment.
A Six-Room Bungalow
t s> * -- ."V
;��� �����* -v - ~    ..
w r s,,,0n ^ *4t*i-:(��r
The aboic bungalow shows a lay-out  which  is ample  aud at   the.   sams
lime convenient, with praiically no  space wasted.
Germans Arrested in Salonika
Sa'oniki. ��� The military governor
of. Saloniki has issued a statement announcing thc arrest in various districts of German officials and soldiers,
and many Bulgarians wearing thc
Italian uniform in an effort tc escape
Scleral Comitadj's wearing the
Italian uniform met transported on
Italian military auto trucks were also
Must Dismantle
Armament Works
New Vork.���Thc Associated Press
issues thc following:
Although thc peace terms which thc
Allied and associated powers arc to
present to the'Austrian delegation arc
virtually complete and report has it
that Wednesday has been chosen as
thc day when the Austrians arc to be
called before the peace congress, the
negotiations may be delayed by reason of thc fact that Hungary, where
extiemcly unstable conditions still
exist, has failed to appoint delegates
to go to St. Germain.
The Council of Four continued discussion of lhc military items to be
embodied in the Austrian compact.
These, it is asserted, not only will re��
quire demobilization of the Austrian
army and prevent future conscription,
but will call for thc dismantling of the
famous Skoda work*=, Austria's great
armament factories at Vienna and
Prague, where the monster howitzers
and other big guns r.scd by the Tetx-
j tonic    armies during    tic war were
~ xxxwi
'       'kf2lM
,>-��� ><**
-*-l>X.??r- =ssaH5a?^!!a^^
II*' ]:\T-;i: theic was a mode that
ie.ill> consicU-i eel I lie tleMi-es
ami l li ti slioi IconiuiKs ot tho
home drt-sMnak&r, lhci it must
bo the mode of printed .slufls. Foi',
given a rgiued material .to begin
ivitli, even the moat meager of sew Ins
abilities can end vvilh something ot
a dress, success, vou see the print
telH its e>u n story in a circs where
too obvious line might be considered
nn inti'i liiption. 't'oo obvious 1 rimming is oilber artistically unnecessary or .'i positive breach All ot
whicli makes matleis veiy easy for
the  girl   who  "makes  her  own."    _
Cpi-l.iinly there la a lninliuum ot
cut and iloooiation lo lhal lust inoelct
with the split nunc. As ion can suo
for loin.sflC it is bill the combining
or a coiivenfioual kimono blouse with
the suaiiibtest of scsiiil skirts. Its
distinctiveness, can bo tniced to the
little touches, like thc splitting of
the iiuiio ;it one side, ami lhe effective use of plain innit'iiiil in a
snuutly conspicuous tolkuuif, anil
culling. "What do > ou think about
having the cIicsm proper In a grav-
and-blui* Hutu oil cotton loile, then
lepeatuu; the blue in ihe organella
ot llic collate eufts, .stnnis sash and
binding '
- O-Q^O
Toil might fanev- a decorated Geoig-
ette foi the making of lli.it coated
affa'r vvilh lhe letchmg flaie to iis
sleeve. (leo'-getle has pioven its right
to be included among 'be practicalities. This year it does it�� v er> piet-
tlest fiom :i decorative viewpoint besides Combined ivllh either chiffon
or a plain deorgeiu* it ought to make
a stairluiKlv lovely thins of the (rock
under discussion. Most any tunic
blouse pattern with open Iionl anil
sleeve-ni-one ought to be of vast help
tor the cuttiucr liere. To give it tho
smartlv unufciial line of this you will
make it almost froutless, MibtiaclFntf
a good lim bit from the overskiic
part anel "pointing" off the bodico
part. The underskirt explains itself,
' and the les-tee is cut on the Sjnuo
conifoi tabic plan of any other icstee.
But can't vou just see a brown and
yo'low scheme here? Thc pliin >el-
lovv goes into vesleo and underskirt
and   giaccful   cuffs.
Somehow, joli can't imagine tins
quaintnosp and closeness oT-ihe Crock
with all the demure ribbon business
about its throat" In anUhing but
calico or fin old-fashioned silk. Assuredly thcio -are enough nfvv old-
fashioned foulards anel taff'-las to be
had, and the calicoes aie as acceptable as oi fi. Build your bodice on
-snug iijuiic'-i'ool.ecl lines. }.>-cfera')ly_
with it*- long anel deep-culTcd sleeve
happening in one. Vour stiaight.
Skimpy unelriskirt you will make on
a. sham and (op it olT with an equally
i!liai:;ht but slightly fuller tunic.
Making the ovcrsklrl stutight is, of
course, the easier way to dispati'h it.
But there is no rules 'ftgaiii*-t having
it hug the lups closely, it you wisu
further io carry out the ciuiunt old-
time air of it. If you lashUm it ot
cotton, i,iii might treat the neck and
the sleeve end.s to taffeta, repeating,
one color of the print. And should
you piefcr making the tli ess of sill:
In the Hist plae-e, what moie Incon-
grimus-lv piotlv way t�� intiodur-o
contrast than in organdie at slecvo
ends anrl neck?
There !.�� decidedly happy opportunity to use red when it comes to
planning that fetching tliUig with the
hint ol a Chinese oierj-icket. For
more or less formal summer wear,
can't you see tho china-l>lu��"-:i!id-
vvhito figured part in a foulaul���one
where the "ground" is while, nl
i-ourP". Jiinl tin* sash. s-kitt In in ami
Kle*ve�� m ��'hincsi' i ed loiii-..' You *-<-e
that tacleet (-floor is the <".((���< t, ami
nothing moie, of in e\:mg.'! all d-
rrtgian out to the sleeve* Making
thorn <��* .iRolhiT stuff, of (ouite.
helps out the .simulation Thr* n-st "f
the cliPss thi'ii. Is i'lus'"-v "l\< d bodiou
with ron tui :u ck, and sti.1:.-; b', tight
o-^o    .
Paslics are doing mor->< ilii's'li"'tnlly
lovolj ihlsics ev��'ij d.ij. Consider
the tuimisl ikabli- ---lsiiing'of :hi- i\ eo
-dross with tii<" Uigly coil.Mcd bit of
a-s'luari- in1, k. Thou' i�� iveclous
little un to tin?, dies-. to be su'-e.
It is sii'ipl" ����� ousli for a fbst U-sson
In dressmaking Vet.'i\ ithiis. it compels Interest, aim ivhile u grrat deal
of that intor,���t mus; center in t'ie
print, not a little tan lie c edited to
the ea.-h Tho model .<.Kiit�� out with
tlie conventional c!osf>, s!i-e\ e-in-or.e
bodice; Uien to an " ob*=v- straight.
Scant skirt. But just to obviate anything like monolonv- o; "-t'lmd s.m-
jil.iuv    lhc-:e   is   t'..<"     sas'i      a     vv i'!��.
You can express these in cotton or silk
crushed length of contrasting material, wrapped close about the flguro
to simulate a. modish length of waistline, and trailing off into streamers.
A black taffeta, figured In blue or
yellow or violet, would be just the
s.lufC to' make this frock of. Anel a
plain taffeta, in a matching blue or
yellow or -violet ought to help out
tremendously with the sashing.
���       ��� o-v>o
Shall it be two chillons for the development of tho attractiveness with
the laced overboclice and the revers?
Or, perhaps, you might-prefer putting
the   very   popular    moire    with    the
printed chiffon. Let it be a navy-and-
���whlto schema this time, with the
most of the navy going into the solid-
colored fabric, and the ground of tha
figured part being white. Jlero i
another notable Instance of where
the sell'-decorated fabric can make
for charm, -where plain stuffs, following the same directness of Hn��
might be uninteresting In a summer
dress. To begin with make the boellco
close and rather generously oval of
neck. Also havo it close at the sldo
and finished with revers. Which last,
done in the printed mateiial, Siiggost
that the whole of the bodice-back be
of tho printed material likewise. Now
that will leave the front to the navy
moire,'and after that the yoke and
hem of the'skut. Make the-tall collar of the chiffon, tho, for motives
ol "softness" about the neck.
Ifave you fallen In love wilh a be-
iv itching polka-dot? Maybe you are,
undecided between that and the fascinating: moiies which are returning
so noticeably. Well, why not satisfy
both desires in one frock? T,liere are
two very chic polka-dot ideas for
you on the page, both onlisling tlie
help of a, plain material for the sake
of contrast. The one with the mod-
ishly curtailed sleeve ought to male*
a stunning thing in navy-and-whito
where tlie "ground" ls navy and the
plain stuff the same. There is little
that jou need bo told about the plan
of the frock, except that the contrast
between bodice nnd sleeves is made
more noticeable by joining them with
fagotting or glorified hemstitching,
and that moire used ribbonwise and
looped at the sides is responsible for
the   happy   pannier   simulation.
Let it be a <wh!te-and-blue foulard,
the ground ofNvhl'te and the blue a
china shade, .leaving It to a crisp-
"ttroi'rc taffeta in the same shade to
make the chic, flaring; cuffs, and the
effective, irregular banding of tho
tunic. As for the matter of cut, you ���
will dispatch that on- the most direct
and most tailored of lines. There'13
no draping to bother aliout���just fit.
And now, do you think you_ find a-
printed creation to your type?
Smart Ribbon Ways to Treat Your Hat
Tl 110 mushiooni hat, big and st.1T,
makes a very "binart -sunshade
for lhe la'*e below its ample>
brim. Wide soil grosfuain ribbon travel*1 tho sti.u(;in nnd n.irio-.v
path about the ciovvii, but there is a
bit of buttfrlli hi ihe soberest ribbon,
and so behold the bow cm the side buck!
It Is so pertly gia.vlul il.u mie 'imis
In its iinslii a m,ii!;eil s|mil,-uiiy to a
bi.ileilly allghlin^ mi ronvj Howe.- lorr
the spate ut :i inilUiU' or.two And the
(Oloih aii> Mi'itc in '.n'l'uiil, fo: tbi'v aie
very sti iklug. The ������fiVcl. v,lii*'h :i
(JininiliW, iJ iiod'uei! b.v tin- i .-iiiibina-
tlon   C)t   ikljihnu'   hi at-   v.ith   pui i Ie
The poke i" ilei'idedli ni.iosi.e. The
ribbon nsed hwe i., ler.ilm-sociit of shits
The brim Is loiinoil of low upon row
of lirigut vulory blue ^,<tin ribi-on. The
ei own nnd f-icms uif of ;i Chinese red
satin i"il'd with a vletorv bhiy chiffon
Tlioic is a stieul.u fold <,f the unveiled
satin .ibout ihe, odjre ol the biim. If
vou piefer. jn.i'iui use a straw liraul
of <-:',1ier llie rwl m blue. The ribbon
,irourid I'k <io.vn-'.s tif 1 in tiie back,
for ' b.n k bow-j ' aie ver>   iiioii'sli,
The ooar-e .��travi hat with tlie turped-
up  hiini'l-*   vi."   I'.'iii'n  a   li   mod-.  .I'ld
IJeas for every type of hat
���-ii   hi'Jlllv   vi;|.|,i(i(.!V   fin    *���
i. ."g ,e fit-, t    nri.    .v   di,.-   u.   i,
cl"\cr lo-v on the .=!de. The leason It
on '-Q artfuliy deceivo one into thinking it .1 v.iik is p'.mplv lipe-aive th.e
one end i.- virecl. The i'iljbou Is ��aml
eok). j:rosgi-:iiii and the hat i.s n:ivj"
A really noiel effeet for the iiiJ"-
linmn.rd .S|i.j; t Hit ;c aoliievr-il 1>V ioll-
>"^ uniis-iu utir ni '���''>** ~ont fr-ui *he
i inv-'  fi .-   *o   it  ibo'it  l.nt.v.iv   en tile
brim anel then equippim: it with a
s-croll to meet tne critical i��vcs of the
ra.slidiouF mademoipellc. -The r-olor of
it? It i.s a solid purple pieferably, be-
cat!��-e that color he>s been 8ho>vn a
great deal of partiality i*y Uame K;is|i-
ioii, a i'i ncit in order of prefeicnce it
can be either a {solid biack or a sol'd
Tiie   'fi'.T ���    'n;    "-   i   f.. if roil   mod-1.
POl.l.Y 1JKAR. '
(Hi. tiioie h mili n lot of
news fci your pi colon?, ias'*r e.trs
Hum vvec'V that me fears this letter is
coin? to be a dreadfully heterogeneous
thing. There aie '.unleitiling? and out-
eithings, and then ivworlel of odds and
ends that you simply must know about
jf ion aro to keep strictly a la mode.
So hear ire.
If you recall, I said something about
while palln undies last week. I s'mjiiy
"s.ml something'-' about them. This
neck I'm going to repeat that bit of
i-.pv.-s anel elaborate on it iusl to emphasize the bisc beautiful Xnct of the
all-white mid, r-iv rudrobe. They may
be tailored or luxuiiously decorated.
\\ hen thcy ai�� <i��>t gofng to make up
th.-   tio.isM'iii   t   ������-.   .u,'  -Ai<j *!y  niiU'im-
mcd�� except for maybe a string: o!
French knots, maybe a bit of feather-
stitching. But when they aro trimmed���ah, then they are little poems.
Whnt else can you Hunk of Mummery,
silvciy while tatin, and real filet lace,
and then dabs of pastel-tiiitecl ilowera
in chiffon?
However, that must not J>�� taken t*
Imply that everything is satfn andNvhlte
among the^rtiodish "Intimates." Thora
are perfectly adorable cottons and in
a galaxy of charming cole)ra. Dotted
swiss in every pastel abstracted from
tho rainbow is going into the making'
of some delectable summer underwear;
chemise and ankle-bloomers, too. They
tell ine that, weather permitting, or In- -
sistlng, ratheij^we are going to ��������
flanelettes, too. So just wait and aes, .
Bul t0 gossip about things nearer at
hand, there ,-are the gingham frocks,
tubes for the .most Pait, aria delightfully fetching, coming as thcy~-do this
year In combination with unflgured linens and voiles, and so on. Two that I
saw   the   other   day   were   tho   most
" adorable things that ever .happened tn
Use way of organdie and gingham, and
handkerchief linen anel gingham". Tha
organdie made the long- puff of the
three-quarter sleeve and three delight*
- ful rows of puffing on the skirt T>6��
tween waistline and hip. And the Iln.
en-trimmed one, ' if you please, wab
bound with a&tln about its collarless
neck and the ends of its short, flaring
Speaking of the unexpected touch.on -
frocks, there is openwork embroidery
on the dark taffetas, and let me tell
you,,.-it is stunning. Also-t'aera is a
_cut-out scroll business done in 'navy
taffeta on a gabardine capo that I sair.
This scroll business is used border-
wise and is tha very" most effeetlvs
thing that you ever snw.
, Speaking of capes reminds me to tell
you about one thftt J met and wanted
very hard for you to meet at the time.
It was perfectly stiaight, and gathered
to a fence collar that came ratne'r low
on the shoulders. It was striking, and
so I couldn't help analyzing the attraction of It. Then it was that 1 realized
how v<5iy like a straight skirt this capo .
was./- Truly youscpuld wear the garment for a skirt and no one would ha
any the wiser.
Polly dear, can you make a charming
mental picture of a perfectly simple
little white organdie frock posed atop
ot a, slinky black satin slip? I know
tliat it sounds rather*���well, homemade,
but it looks tremendously smart. You
-see,���the-organdie-part doesn^t-follow --
the demure lines expected of organdie,
for it is sophisticated))*- round and ~��n-
collared of neck, and almost extremely low of waist. This gown didn't hava
a single bit of trimming to its cretllt.
But the lady who wore it happily woia,
a wonderful string of jets, too, ^
Another lady, all dressed-up in a
string of beads, so to speak, was wearing a black moire blouse-suit. She appeared to havo a great barbaric string
of red and buff egg-shaped beads about
. her neck, but closer examination prov- v
ed them to be actually embroidered on
the suit itself. There's a happy idea
for you and that somber- suit you vera
telling me about.
My, but the summer suits ate beautiful, tho. I have told you about -tlia
silk ones, Irbelieve, but I don't think "
that I havo dwelt upon the linens. I
saw one on close ohlc box lines lhat
I know you' would tiill straightway in
love with, for It had quantities of real
baby Irish on the edges of it and
charmingly adown the front of the
vest,   ladder-wise.
Something flse thnt 1 just must tell
you about before I go Is tho tinted
pearl buttons 'that somo delightfully
clever person is putting- on the on-
trftneing new pastel Mouse?. As I salel
before lliey are-truly pearl, but they
are treated to a dye bath to make them
match the Mouse they go npon.
I thought perhaps I might have a
few moie inches to squeeze in soma
fascinating hat news. Afraid that you
���will liavs to bridle your curiosity until
next week, tho. cherie. Until then.
Your own.        CAROLINE HARPEH.
j 6
It is moire!   Precisely now, that isn't exactly new, for moire was
-"in" years ago.   Byt it never was in-such a variety of silks, and it was
never centered exactly youthful..  The moire products of this year
are simply without limit, age limit or otherwise.   You are going to be
charmed with the moire possibilities on thb page next Sunday.
11 V
���* i
Thcic aie many who believe that
all big corpoiations and industiial
concerns only look lo the matciial
side of things ancl woik machine-
like for the pioduction of wealth, regardless of the winter's snow and unheeding of the summer's bloom. This
is often an cnoneous^ idea, for it is
generally realized lhat man does not
altogcthci live by offices ancl pens
and papers and engines and othci
accoutrements of laboi���he lequircs
trees and shrubs and flowcis and
the loveliness of natiuc.
Thc Canadian Pacific Railway has
al\va>s paid consideiablc attention lo
thc dciclopmcnl of garden" plots
along its hues. It is just thirty ycars
ago since fi C.P.R._ employee niised a
few "vaiictics of "flow ci sc^ds in his
owff gaidcn, and    distributed
Germans Still in
"    Spanish Morocco
Government Proclaimed Decision to
Purge Country of Undesuable
Tangier, Moiocco ��� Il is staled in
thc Ficnch press thai infoim.ition has
been icccived fiom a 1 citable souicc
that thcic ,ue still Gcimaiis, to thc
niuubci of 20, in the ncighboihood of
A Leila, Lai.ichc, and El K'sar Ihcie
seems to have been some contiovcrsy
on llu> point bclivccn a certain section ot the Ficnch and Spanish pi ess,
the latter having claimed thai there
-vvas not a binglc German left in these
pails owing lo the action of the
Spunisti government, which had publicly pioclauncd its decision lo���puigc
the countiy of this undesirable clement, thcic having been a complete
change in policys in rcgaul to' thc
Spanish /one dm nig the last few
The Ficnch pi ess lather saicasli-
cally observes that this is a most in-
lercsling avowal conccining the action of Spain dining lhe preceding
pciiod of tlie war, bul, as a mallei of
fact, with vciy iaic exceptions, the
Geruians vvho were told off by Kali-
boi and Kallc lo seivc in the Spanish
/out al lhc commencement of hostilities, and who weie oflicers in llic
German anny, arc still at lhe posts
assigned then). Very few Gcimans
havc left I.arachc besides those whom
Cot sonic reason, the Gciman government had no moic use, and the women and children. By yielding, ap-
paicully, lo the demands of llie allies, the Spanish government managed
to help thc enemy to obtain a safe
conduct to Cadi/.
Mystery of Rouher Papers
Seized When Germans Invaded
France and Never Restored
Paris. ��� Thc clause in the peSce
treaty calling upon Gc-man to return to France papcis taken in 1870
belonging to Eugene RoulTei, a piom-
ment Fiench statesman under the
empire, has caused much speculation
as to the natiue of th^ documents
Mr. Rouhct, who was minister of justice when the 1 lanco-l'iussun war
broke out, had sccielecl a great numbei of pi iv ale uul official documents
in his chateau. llicse were seized
ancl earned away by the Gennans
when they invaded France, and wcrc
never lestored.
; Rouhci was a lcfugee in London
duiing thc Fiauco-Prussian war and
was among thc followcis of former
Empiess Eugenie. He returned to
franco in 1871, HJul Thieis had him
conducted to thc fiontiei. Afterward
he became a member of the chamber
of deputies and was active in attempting to rcoiganue the Bonap.utist
Canadian Battalion's Colors
(1) Cranbrook Station, B.C.   (2) EJowers Beautify the C.P.R.
at Calgary. (3) Guelph Junction. Ont.
amongst his friends in the service of
'the company, -vvilh the object of pio-
moting flower "gardening at thc vaii-
ous station plots of thc lailway. A
vast advance has been made since
then; and now thc company possesses
a florarticpaitmcnt wilh hcadquaitcrs
at Windstor street station, Montreal,
and a floral committee which embraces members from thc eastern and
western lines. It is under the guidance ot-this department that the various station plots and other propcitics
of thc company are cleared up and
beautified. Thousands of packages of
flower scedsj bulbs, tices, and shrubs
and laige quantities of grass seeds
and fcililizcis have been distributed
during thc last few ycais to station
agents, section    foremen,    caictakcis
of loiind houses, and all employees
living on the piopcrty of the company. Tiavellcis on the line observe
the happy results achieved. Thc cultivation woik is done in all cases by
thcm  thc employees themselves,    who     in
most cases acquit cd thc ait of ama-
tuci gardening bj iaking their lessons
from leaflets issued by the floral department. The best material is ..always provided. Amongst the varieties
of tices supplied arc: Mrplc, birch,,
beech, pophiK and catalpa. Some of
the shitibs aic: v,cigelia, barberries,
lam el leaf, willow and sumac, <-Ter-
cnials distributed aic: Oriental" poppies, iris", phlox, veionica, gaillardia,
lark spin, columbine, sweet william
and pinks. Bedding plants used include: gci aniums, colctis, cannas, pan-
sics, asters, verbenas, pttinias, and
castor oil plants. SUndaul seed packets sent out contains Nasturtiums,
aljsstiin, mignouettcr sweet peas,
'phlox and kochia, Feins and house
plants are given    to thc largei    sta
tions. T/hc cslablislicmc.nl and maintenance of the gardens and selection
of the seeds, bulbs, ancl plants arc
supci vised by Mr. B. ~M. Winnegai,
forester of thc company.
Thc cncouiaging influence of -flower giowing on the C.P.R. during the
last Unity ycais has in a laige mcas-
uic assisted in the iiuuguiation _of
floral societies al lover the countiy.
Thcic aic hundiedsiof C.P.R. officials
connected with these societies, and
most of thcm received thou fust Ics
son iu flower culture at the C.P.R.
flower beds. Flowers havc improved
tli��_ lailvvjiy stations, and inspired by
the beauty of tlic stations, lcsidcnts
of the towns have planted flowcis and
impiovcd thc appcaraiiccs of their
homes. In cveiy division of the C.
P.R. prices arc given cvciy ycar foi
the bcsl displays, and many of these
amateur lailway gaidcncis havc tiicd
their products with success against all
comes at thc big Canadian and Amci-
ican ilowci   exhibitions.
Presented as" Recognition of Pan It
Took in War
London ���>Thc seventy-second battalion Canadian infantiy has been
piescntccl , vvilh colois as a lccogni-
lion of the pail il took in the wai
Under the sistcin lhat piciails in the
Canadian foiccs of linking up ccilain
battalions of thc militia with famous
battalions in thc home foices, the
seventy-second aic affiliated wilh the
Scafoith Highlanders, a lcgimcut
with a great lcpulatiou for gallanli-y
and long sen ice. Thc sevcnli-second
themselves have no mean iccoicI iu
the Euiopcan wai.   They wcic chafl
To Free Russia
Anti-Bolsheviki       Government
Southeast Russia Tells of Its
Paris ��� Gen. Denckino, thc head
of the Cossack anti-Bo'shcviki government in southeastern Russia, has
communicated his piogram to repic-
scniativcs  of the allied powers.
The pifncipal points of the program
To continue llic snuggle against
Rcsloiation of law  and oiclci.
Recognition "of a unified and indivisible Russia
Convocation of a constituent assembly Lapsed upon universal sur-
L.u gcr lcgional autonomy aud the
establishment of self-governing districts.
Civil and religious hbcrlv.
Immediate agiaiian reforms.
Adoption^of measmes tending to
protect workeis against exploitation
by the capitalists and against government abuses.
Large Number of Muskrats Frozen
Thc   Pas,  Man. ��� Game    Warden
deoigc Feiguson, of The Pas, has ic-
poitccl that a laige numbei of musk-
cd ovciseas in August, 1916, and bc-  ,als VC1�� frozen to death this spring,
foic long wcic in the thick of it on
the Somme front. Since then thcy
havc been lluotigh most of the big
battles on the western front, including those of Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, and Cambiai. As patt of the
fotiith division they have seivcd undci Gen. J. H. Claikc in France, which
lliey arc e\peclcd lo leave about the
cud of June on theii wav back lo
Wilson Policy
Rouses Preacher
Rev. C. A. Eaton Terms It "Squirting Rosewater at Germans" \
Ncw 'York. ��� In as bitter an ad-
dicss as has been heard from V* Ncw
-York pulpit in many years, the Rev.
Charles A. Eaton, well-known in Canada, flayed President-Wilson's foreign
Speaking for the last time at thc
Madison Avenue Baptist church,
which he is leaving, the pastor ���'accused the president of "squirting
rosewater at the Geimans."' lie said
that lhc intellect and genius of the
country was not behind its national
Dr. Eaton dcploicd foicign inteifcr-
encc which, hc said, amounted to
"slicking our nose into^ thc affaiis
of a friendly nation.%
Hc said thc people arc ashamed of
thc  presidents  policies,  and   that    if
Italy -wants Fiume she should by all!
mcans have it.
Behind Dr.- Eaton sal Capt. Ales-
sandro Zap'clli, of thc Italian army.
former governor'of Italian Somali-
land anil from time to time tluj^pastor turned to-him nnd^aid, ;is his'
church echoed with ajiplausc, ~ "You
--sec what tlicy all think about it.'
".We wcrc late getting into the
war," hc said.   "Other nations   with
"We -want a league of nations of
some soil for the piomotion of om
international friendships, but we do
not want lo bc set up as thc schoolmasters of thc ivoild. Wc want to
stop-- sticking our nose into other
people's affairs.
"Fuithcrmotc, I have no usc for
this tenderness towaid the Germans
Get many-filled-the^-world-with - suffering and shc should now take her
belly full. I say 'to Hell wilh the
So heated did lhc"pastor become
lhat at this point lie said to his congregation, "This may sound strange,
but theic is no reason for being
mollycoddle, 01 a fuddy-duddy, simply because j on arc in a church"
To Encourage
Mixed Farming
l&+-t���*ina, Sask. ��� The depaitment of
agriculture, villi a -view lo cncoui aging mived fanning, will supply farin-
cis with bleeding slock at first eo*-t.
The depaitiucul lias al Regina 24
pure bred bulls, mcluilinir Shorrhorns,
PoIicel^Hcrefoiels and Abeidecn-An-
gus. Keen interest is no.v being displaced in all pails of the piovince in
mixed farming and a very largc nuni-
��� ber of farmers      arc     preparing    to
No More Big Ships
Monster Vessel   Is   Gone   for   the
Montreal. ��� Elimination of Germany as a factor in shipping means
the lestoration of the industiy to a
normal and practical basis. Thcic
will bc no more ships built of" thc
cnoi motis -tonnage of-ihe- Vateriantl
and the Aquitania.
Geimany tried lo outdo the world
in building these huge vessels, but
the Cunard came back with even
lai gci ships. This line is iiow having, built a dozen or moie new ships
which will be patterned aftci thc
type of the Cai mania. In tonnage
thcy will not exceed 25,000 tons.
All the shipjaids of England arc
booked up 101 at least two ycars
Contiacls <hc made at cost plus a
profit of from ly. to 10 pei cent, to
thc bulkier. Laboi conditions arc unsettled, and prices of mate rials unsteady. In this state of alT.iiis there
can be no fi\cd chaige pei ton, but
thc present cost will not eveeed ��23.
I aboi is the chief wony of llic shipbuilder. The Wuge increase ha*, been
115 pei t��\nt., while the cost of living has incrcv-td onl} 90 per cent.,
:.;iel still there i* tiniest.
Canadian Credits Safe
Need iBe No Anxiety Regaiding Security Advanced to Rumania
According to thc authorities in
Pans, theie need bc no -anxiety ic-
garding thc security of Canadian
ci edits advanced to Rumania, if
theic is no fiuthci delay Undoubtedly the people of lhat-unfortunate
country arc in due distress, but there
is cvciy chance of a quick rccoiciy
to a fiim basis, pioviding immediate
iclief is afi'oielect. Theic is icpoilcd
to bc no fc:u of Bolshevism within
thc nation, while the ai my is admit -
ably situated to deal with an> tin cats
fiom either Russia or ifungaiy.
The withdiavval ot troops fiom thc
north bank of thc Dncisler rivet, is
by no mcans a set back. Thc Rumanians mcicly threw outposts across the
lbci in conjunction- with -tlic Ficnch
occupation of Odessa. Wilh thc
evacuation of Odcssa,-thesc-spiotect-
ing outposts v ere no longei necessary, so the caiahy returned acioss
thc Dncisler. v
lhcir bodies being seen .as the ice
bleaks up in thc lakes and swamps.
Thc cause of this disaster is due to
the low watci. As explained by Mr.
Feiguson, when tlie water lowcis the
lals aic unable to get out of theii
houses, the exits being tiozen up and
thc tats themselves ani frozen by
thc feet lo the ground He stales that
thc loss is considerable.
Ducks Plentiful in Manitoba
Biandon, Man. ��� Ducks and geese
are moie muneious in noithcrn Manitoba this spring than ever before
noted, sfalcs thc chief game warden,
Fiank y-Iogan. Geese were seen on
Giassv nvci, making for thc baircn
lands, and ducks are plentiful in the
aica surrounding The Pas.- ->
change from stiaight giain    giowing
blood had purchased llic right to sct-|t0 ���'���A farming
Ue their   various    tcmtorial    claims,10  r:dsc bccf cattlc. au<  engaging in
long before wc ever fired a shot. Ycti(Iairy>"S ��r stalling with small flocks; Zclency,   another peasant  leader,
wc arc now* trjitig to lake thai right
from thcm.
_ Russian Reds Reinforce Troops
Vienna. ��� Russian Bolshcviki for-
Many arc starting Ces have met with ncw defeat* from
.the Ukrainians led by Simon Pcllura.[ticcd iu this vicinity during the past
Rumanian Order for Canadian Firms
The executive of lhe Canadian Association of Gaiment Manufacturer,
has secured confiimation from the
Rumanian and Canadian governments of an ordei that will amount
to SI,600,000 for shirts and overalls
to bc shipped to the Rumanian government.
Thc Rumanian order is for one
million garments, one half shirts,
and one half overalls, of stiong, serviceable kind, such as'used in iural
pails of Canada.
'flic order was appoitioncd among
ihe various manufacturers.
To  Estabilsh  Dairy  Testing   Station
Moose Jaw, Sask. ��� Although definite airangenicnts have , not been
completed, a bianch, dairy .testing
station will bc established in Saskatoon Il has nol 3 et been decided
whcic tlic bianch will be opened or
at what time.
Milk Goats
By Alex.   T.    Macintosh,   President
Manitoba Milk Goat
Since the dawn of hisloiy the milk
goat has been a constant friend and
companion of mankind, and has been
one of the greatest assets to -the
human race supplying much nutritious
milk for infants and adults, >ielding
its savory flesh for food, and pioviding the material foi garments 01
rugs as thcy were requued There is
no doubt that the goal was domesticated al a much eailici period lhan
catllc, picsiunably because thcy were
smallci, and milder in their disposition. -As. an efficient converter oi
weeds, brush, and the various grasses
into nulrilous food material, thc goat
has no superior among the domesticated animals of today,,and when it
is lcmcnibcrcd lhat a good milk goal
will yield nearly iwcnly times her
own weight in milk in one year, it
will bc realized how valuable an asset she is to thc world of today.
In eastern lands ancl in thc continent of Euiope, thc milk goat is an
established fact, and probably her
absence would be felt more keenly
than anv othci animal. On thc Noi tli
American continent she is rnpidl}
coming into hci own, making a place
foi hei self that in a shoit time would
indicate thai shc ivould hc second to
none. Pei haps the goat has been
maligned more, than any othei single
annual on the Notlh American continent, it has been .the butt of thc vulgar crovvd,_ancLe-l'cn today thcic aic
prejudices, against her that prevent
the public fiom taking thc intelligent
intcicst in this little animal tliat thej
should. She has been designated the
poor man's cow because she was
cheap to buy and because shc convened cheap giadcs of feed into food
of the highest nutritive -value.
The demand for milk goats on thc
Noilh American continent at thc
picsent time has caused a change in
this title, and no longer is she known
as thc poor man's cow, some even
suggesting lhat she has become thc
rich man's hobby, but lo the author
it would be moic concct to call her
the sane man's cow. No family can
have a bcttci asset than a good milk
goat. The avciagc milk goat will provide in the neighborhood of three
quails of thc richest kind of milk per
day. This milk is more like human
milk than lhal of any othci animal.
It is more easily digested than cows
milk and many pcisons who cannot
digest cow's milk ,can icadily digest
the milk of thc goat. This is on account of the fat globules in goat's
milk being so^ smAll, in fact, goat's
milk is three times moic easily digested lhan cow's milk. Again, goats
are practicaly immune fiom tuberculosis. In pi oof of this 800,000 carcasses havc been carefully inspected
in Fiance and the United States of
America, and not a single carcass has
been found to bc effected in any
small degree. Thc analyst to the
Royal Agricultural Sociejy of London, England, gives -the following
judgment: That the cicam globules in
goal's milk aie smaller than in cow's
milk, and as the milk is more concentrated than cow's milk, the cream
globules aie contained in a more perfect state of emulsion than cow's
milk; in consequence of which hardly
genburg, and the Saasen. The Angfor
Nubian originated in the east and i��
well known 111 Asia and Africa, while
thc Toggenburg and the Saanen have
been developed in SvviUcilaneJ. The
\11b1an is the^largcst of thc tailk
goats It provides richer milk than
the others. Professo*? Washburn, in
lii*^ recent book, "Productive Dairying," says. It is a good goat of any
breed that will average two and one-
half quarts of milk a day foi eight
or nine months of the yeai One that
will give more tlnjn this is specially
desnable 1 he Angora goat, which
is.jiot considcied a good milk animal,
gives fiom two to three quarts of'
very rich milk bul for a comparatively short time. Thc Nubian, or African goat, produces fiom five to ten*,
quarts per day. Thc yield oftlic best
goals of Switzerland averages about
four quarts daily.
Thc Island of Malta has also become famous as the developer of a
breed of*goals known as lhc Maltese,
and theic arc other biceds pccuhai to
ccitain localities 01 countries in Etu-
ope, butjhc breeds that aie best
known in this country aic thc Nubian, Toggcnbuig and Saanen. As a
companion for childicn, ad as a
means of education, no animal is of
gi cater value than a milk goal, and
lhc writer is of opinion that if in this
country milk goats wcic more common, and thcicforc theii milk more
geneially used, that thc infantile mortality would bc gically decreased. Thc
Manitoba Milk Goat Association are
at thc present time taking a census
of all those who clcsiic lo get milk
goals.. The sccictary of this organization is T. R. Young, 290 Garry
St, Winnipeg,"and those interested in
thc development of the Manitoba goat
industry of this province are asked to
get in touch with Mr. Y'oung.
Germans Hand Over Boats
Allies Have Secured Over Thousand
Ships From Huns   .
London. ��� In the house of commons at qucs'tion time Leslie AVilson
stated that 22 -German passenger
ships of 168,889 tons, and S9 cargo
ships, of 663)210 tons, had been handed over to Gieat Britain.
Hoii. McXamara stated that at the
time of thc armistice 15 German cargo ships, of 2,251,439 tons, were interned abroad. Ecsides these, 290
German vessels of a given tonnage of
91,231, had been captured by thc allies. The figuies included ships op-^
crated by thc allies.
A woman may not bc able to drive
a nail, bul wljcu it comes to" driving
a baigain she is in her glory.
any cieam arises to the suifacc on
allowing goat's milk to stand for 12
hours or longei. It is litis quality of
goat's milk that explains the fact that
it is more casilv digested by young
children than cow's milk.
Thc three principal families of milk
goats are the Anglo Nubian, thc Tog-
Getting Rid of Gophers
One thousand dead gophers in one
day is thc rccoid fiom thc farm of
J. A.'Russell, of Swift Cm rent, with
the strychnine porridge which he has
specially mixed for setting out on
his land to catch the pests. Many
farmers haic taken cx.tra precautions
against thc gopheis this year and reports comc from various school districts that the pupils are going after
the government prizes for gopher
tails in earnest. It may interest some
leaders to learn that last ^ycar,
through thc medium of p?izes offered to school childicn, 864,246 gophers
were destroyed. This ycai it is hoped that a million and a half 'will be
'accounted for by the schools, and no
doubt as many moic will bc destroyed in other> ways.
A married man ncvci realizes what
lie is missing unless hc counts the
change in his pocket night and morning.
Don't annoy a silent manj he may
be a lcformcd prize fighter.
Presence of Gulls Good Omen
Swift Curient, Sask. ��� Ft>r thc first
time since the spring of 1915     large
flocks of fresh-water gulls were 110-
"Thc fault lies' not with our people, but with our leader-;. From thc
way~Tii��y arc now making peace jt
w'otild seem as if they are making
war. Wc havc enough trouble at
home and it is about lime we attended to some of it.
Aftcr sidestepping our own  duties
"in Europe as long as we did we ire
cerlainlv  in   no   position to go over
there   and   say to thcm,   'You set -e
this our wai.'
"Thc Italians don't like it, and wc
don't like it. Wc arc heartily ashamed of it. We never had anything lo
do with Fiume. As far as we're concerned, if Italy wants it she should
havc it.
W.     N.     U.      1264
and it is with thc inicnlion of cncoui-*leading ficsh revolts throughout thc
aging this that the livestock branch t govemnirnts of Kiev, Tchernigov and
of the depaitment are making - lhc 1 Poltava, and thc Bolshcviki have been
above offer. Western bred heifers j foi eed to icinfoicc their troops in
will be supplied during the    suminci' those ehsliicts.
bulk of tl.is  clfts*��,     Thc  government
oftc.cel    on     the, has scut
central markets.    The fmi chasing   of  the   release
and fall when  the
of stock arc bcinu
week, and their piescncc is a good
omen. These feathered iricnds arc
never found lo remain where thcic is
a de.iith of water or impending
drouth During the spring of 1915
thc ��.ulls  were  pie sent in thousands
western bred heifers is recommended
not only to thc farmer who intends
to lay the foundation of pure bred
caltle, but also to the men who prc-
,fcr to milk their cows, raise calves by
hand and ship creaia to one of the
co-operative or other creameries in
thc province.
Want of tact is an incurable infirm
as a-' rule    go by con
1 mission to Italy to secure
of prisoneis held thcic
who, it is planned, will bc sent to
leinforce tho army fighting against
thc Bolsheviki.
Thc American Woman Suffrage Association has organized a non-political nbn-niilitant, non-sectarian women's voters' league. But then at
that there's Mill chance for considerable activity.���Detroit Free Press.
of  Yv'c-t  Ukraine l+articulaily    noticeable    at      Ontario
According to lhc old saw, "Every
clog h?s his day." So has cvery saint,
for that matter.
Place,  which  wa-,  under  water
greater portion of  that  summer.
(1)    Sheep at Vermilion, Alberta.
(2)    Group of Yearlings in Feeding Experiment
Death Roll of Fiench Air Force
Paris. ��� Thc    casualties    in     the
French air service in the    wa:   zone
during the war wcrc 6,328, it     was
oRicially announced.      The casualties
An intei e-ting experiment is being
worked out in soulhe-n Albcita. An
cftoit is being made to evolve an entirely new breed of sheep. The man
who is lcsponsiblc for this experiment is R. C. Harvey, of Lcllibticlgc,
Alberta, who for many icars has
been ont 01 thc foremost .sheepmen
in thc p. ov nice   Mr. Harvey bcl.cves
were divided as follows: Killed, 1,945; J hc can evolve an entirely new   breed
wounded, 2,922; missing, 1,461. j0{  sl.ccp,  which  will  be  particularly
- Of thc missing it is stated 700 must  well st'itcd to Alberta conditions both
be considcied to have lost their lives.'fT-om a  ,.iutto^  as well as    a    wool
O.itside the   war   zone, thc casual-; ct��nelpoint      For many ycars he has
tie3 lOlalkd 1,227. bringing t!*c aggrc
careful selection of the breeding evves  the owner   of    thc   largest  flock ot
pure-bred Romncy-Marsh sheep on
the American continent, -his flock
consisting of more than four hundred registered animals brought together without regard to expense from
al! parts of thc world. Besides thesf,
he has a large number of Ramboailjet
rams and thousands ���of    cross-breds.
from this cross. Every two vears wiil
sec a step forward toward thc ncw
tjpe, and as it will take six ciosses lo
fix it, the whole process will take
eleven 3-cars.
Plans and charts have been drawn
up, ai.d a set of registration books is
being    opened    in the    animal    hus-
bandrv branch of the department of-Last year the wool from his'Rotn-
agrici-Hure at Ottawa to keep track! ncy-Rambouillet crois-breds -was sold
of the -various families of the new!on the American market for th��
breed, so thit-there may be no   in-{high average price of 74#  cents    a.
ite ior
>vuoie   air
.r-,ii_e to bot.'ll''
and ultimately no difficulty j pound on a consignment of
J been c^penmcnling with the     Ram-Jm registenrg the. tvpe. tpotmds.    As high as "8^ "cents    a.
rams and Romrcy eves, andj    Mr. Harvey is well qualified for Ms J pound was  paid for h?S  fine itapled
e n<->v   t>pc is bdn�� bred up bj  a1 great   task.     IK   is rcglited    to    be'wool.
1 *v\
- *--���
����� >��i
. i
^-*-iSt*iSf=s** SSSls^ffili
THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,     B.    "0.
!     J
Just   Breathe    "Catarrhozone."
Its Balsamic Vapor Does
thc Rest
It's a tiny germ that sets up the
irritation lhat makes colds so disagreeable Colds die. quickly if Catarrhozone is used, simply because
the vapor of Catarrhozone instantly
destroys the genu thai keeps the.
cold alive.
Every breath you draw through
the inhaler tills thc whole breathing
apparatus with pure pincy essences
that stops colds at their very beginning. You experience a pleasant
sensation of relief at once. Soreness,
congestion and irritation leave the
nose aud throat, the head" is cleared,
and every trace of cold or catarrh is
cured. Catarrhozone- is so sure, so
pleasant, such a safe rcniedy for
winter ills that you can't afford to
do without it. Gel the dollar outfit,
it lasts two month* and is guaranteed to cure; small siv-.e 50c; trial
size 25c, all dealers or The Catarrhozone  Co.,  Kingston,  Canada.
Filling- His
Own Shoes
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement  wilh  Thos.   Allen,
^ T��"'""" *
The piercing notes of thc porcelain-
mender's pipe shrilled out from down
thc street, and Rugglcs stretched,
yawned, and ran his fingers ' through
his mop of yellow hair, with the disagreeable duty sense of a sleepy soldier on hearing the first echoes of
thc reveille.
The vendor of water cress had passed twenty .minutes before, and    his
melodious howl, which'said-so  many, ;���  ���IC sha,Cj as gCent;       Ulc fl,      it
different things lo diilcrcnt cars alo,.g|spr!mg fonvacd wilh a snort oi cagcr.
mess.    Rugglcs lowered his head and
skin shoes lacing from the toes. Fully equipped, hc had thc appearance
of an English or American undergraduate off for a continental holiday. Hc spoke , good colloquial
French, which added to thc impression that he was a young fellow who
enjoyed educational advantages.
Three or four hours later found
Rugglcs pedalling blithely along thc
towpath of the pretty Maine. Thc
day was perfect. Thc forested hillsides glowed with the delicate purple
of mounting sap beneath a billowy,
greenish cloud of tender infant foliage, while the lush pastures were
smeared with thc golden yellow of
primrose, wild mustard, ancl dandelion. Thc soft air was sweet with
Mother Nature's baby perfume.
Riding cheerily on, Rugglcs lent his
mind to romantic fancies inspired by
his surroundings.
lt was five hundred years ago, and
[lie, a  knight in  shining armor,     was
j ambling down the bank of thai twist-
ling stream astride  a great     charger
j with arched neck and blood-red nos-
In-ils.    Then   down   from   the wooded
slopes,   to   dispute  his 'Passage  came
Jr. grim, mailed figure with black, wav-
!.)UK. pinnies and visor closed, to  wail
| like   sonic   equestrian   figure  wrought
in iron, silent and sinister, thc bright
sun shimmering on his burnished helmet and emblazoned shield.    Ruggie.s-|
recognized him at once from his device���le Sicur Morgaunt dc la M'arnc,
a  robber baron  of ill  reptile,    a pillager  and  ravishcr,  in   thc dungeons
of whose castle back there in the forest languished many a'wretched victim, of whom  perchance the wife or
daughter or sister served as a   handmaiden in Morgaunt's gloomy lair.
There could bc no parley with such
a miscreant. Rugglc's .mailed hand
rose"to ���his visor���hc gripped at thc
visor of his bicycling cap, where was
pinned thc insignia of "Lc Touring
Club dc France," to be a member of
which costs five francs a year and
protects one on thc road throughout
France���his lance was laid at rest.
"Havc at you, Sir Robber!" Thc
hoofs of his great war horse ground
thc edge of thc bank, not six feet
from where hc stood, and before their
dulled faculties had time lo realize
that the occasion called for defensive,
rather lhan offensive, action, thcy
foimd themselves splashing into thc
swirling river; one with his front
teeth badly loosened ancl the oilier
blinking and cursing and wondering
what had happened to his right eye.
The water was only shoulder deep
and Rugglcs, seeing tliat they wcrc
in no danger of being drowned, spun
about ancl grabbed the girl by the
"Can .vou  ride a bike?"  hc gasped.
"Then jump ou mine and beat il.
I'll follow with your stuff."
Hc grabbed up the bicycle and held
it while she mounted; then ran a few
steps and gave thc girl a vigorous
push. Shc started off, wabbling dangerously close to thc edge of the
bank; then found her pedals and
straightened her course. As Rugglcs
turned, hc saw a shock head thrusting
itself above the rim of sward, and
without pausing to reflect that he
might bc destroying a . masterpiece,
he grabbed up thc easel, canvas and
all, and smote. Thc head disappeared,
with another splash from below. Rugglcs seized the paint box and, forsaking the easel, which was merely a
flimsy five-franc affair, took to his
heels in purusit of the girl, who had
already skimme'd under the old stone
arched bridge and was out of sight
around the bend.
(To be Continued)
| Hurrah! .How's This |
 .  .     .
:  Cincinnati authority saye corns   ]
i             dry up and lift out . J
*                   with  fingers.
lhc narrow, tortuous street, had i
drowsily prepared Rugglcs for hi
own particular summons. No need
for alarm clocks in Paris! On working clays, the chair mender announced the dreary fact that il was time
to rise and shine; on Sundays Rugglcs usually wailed for the cress seller; hut on holidays for lhc "spending
of'which he had made .no especial
plans, lie was wont lo repose himself
up to llie advent of .the porcelain man
���And his pipe. ....   ' ���
Now, its he sal up in bed and observed the. square, patch of vivid .blue.
'���sky';;throiigir:lus'7witlc' Q'lVci.i.'-'mansard-
...wiii'dow; he ������was- inclinccV'tpsregrct his
"���sloth^Wu.'was' a'7Jcte::';dSj^;:';and;^;tlic
'iVea'thci.;''"perfect, "so r'fa'r';;'.as-- he. could
���:J)C%\y7CclOuds of; -tlic.. cv'cniii'g:--- .before
'���'I'i'a'cHobe.cn;-,:" rged���:ivvyay;!;by? tIie.-''Tivtle;���
���'. irortl^iVi'ii'd'-"/-s.q:.;dcar:',tp pt.Ii'c^hbarts.-.pT '
���:.;I:fejit!��-j>i��iVickcrsj.'--anel-i'lie; sini". ���[ was���
'��� idp'p-iv .ivwd$w^pcjcle:cl. .-.off- Jtis'-'prvjatiias
y.ui to pedal furiously. The next
instant he spun beneath an arched
bridge and .around a bend, where hc
pitched upon a tableau which went far
lo dampen his knightly ardor.
"Standing with her back lo an easel
was a slender girl with a pallid face,
a palette hanging from her thumb,
and' her ��� finger closed upon a paint
brush. Before her stood two lust}'
vagabonds in baggy corduroy trousers caught about their waists by soil-
eel sashes of.red flannel and with stout
cudgels, iii:;- their thick, grimy-.;..-.paws."
Tlie. group..was on theL. edge of., ix steep
banko-W-luch dropped ..almost' precipitously for. ten feet into tlie dark green,
.-.cchlyi'tig .wafer..'-. .It looked as if :.-���>: the
;iiad.;.foJIpw.cd:;'licr.;;r;:;''.:;-:;-;i':':::; XXiixiXix
situatioij'./shpt; '.liim;-- through''-,with\'>a:
1 iv'ej...in --F-r.aucc ancl:.'rcad"the .'claily;press
of/.that;Vc'puhtri:v:jhe ^had ���������.-.'noi-l' _thej
.^1 ig-1 iicsfc dcsire. in: ,the;world Jordan,
vcftcpii htcr.-'w t h;^
.any'/pf/ijveir liindi'-iTit-Xiiis^ic-is^hardT:
XyrX.6 lie- ���bhtiiicf.lj ^ijVccvii'e^t.cMi^ed-;'- as-
piic&^CiiartcXF.ptW anViiiif'; b��.,yjolc;uc'c,
iiHvhtfs":.-'np; ilea-pf' wIrcn-C74q'.''7sic}pV.; .At
Hospital records show _ that everj
time you cut a corn you invite lockjaw or blood poison, which is needless, says a Cincinnati authority, who
tells you that a quarter ounce of a
drug called frcezone can bc obtained
at little cost from thc drug store .but
is sufficient to rid one's feet of every
hard or soft corn or callus.
You simply apply a few drops of
frcezone on a tender, aching corn and
soreness is instantly relieved. Shortly
the entire corn can be lifted out, root
and  all,   without  pain.-
This drug is sticky but dries at
once and is claimed to just shrivel up
any corn without inflaming or even
irritating the surrounding tissue or
If your wife wears liigli heels she
will be glad to knoltf' of this. .
Exhibitionm Athens     JsUNDAY   SCHOOL   LESSON
Canadian Manufacturers are Being
"invited to Co-operate
Ottawa. ��� During the months of
September anel October, according to
thc weekly bulletin of the department
of trade and commerce, a large industrial exhibition is to bc held in
Athens, Greece, by thc federation of
British industries, which is a corporation designed to regain trade lost
during thc war. Canadian manufacturers arc being invited to co-operate
in this exhibition. A communication
to lhc Canadian trade commission
points out thc timeliness of the exhibition ancl thc favorable opportunities it will, offer lo "bring before
Greek, Balkan and Levant merchants
Canadian products ancl manufactures,
lt is believed that participation at the
commencement of trade relations bc-
1. Tlie Repentance of the People of
Nineveh (3:1-10).
Thc  following  steps  arc noted    in
their, conversion:
1. Hearing   the   Word of the Lord
(v.  1-4).
The Lord commanded Jonah to go
to Nineveh; a great and wicked city,
and there: "preach the preaching" that
he bade him. Jonah's runaway experience (see chapters 1, 2)was such
that hc was willing to obey God. His
chastisement was severe, but by God's
grace hc was now ready to execute
the commission. "Jonah arose ancl
went unto Nineveh, according to the
word of the Lord"( v. 3). -So..grcal
was the city of Nineveh that it required three days to compass it; that
is, to visit its very centres of activity.
Jonah, coming from Palestine, doubtless entered the city from the south,
thc Canadian exhibition one of thc land during an entire clay going froin
most prominent. Thc Greeks arc the j centre lo centre cried, "Yet forty
chief merchants and traders through- days and Nineveh shall be over-
out the eastern Mediterranean coast, thrown" (v. 4). Since the king's
Asia Minor and the Balkans,.and it is palace  seems  to  havc been  in     the
tween thc two countries will lead to
permanent trade. The friendliness of
thc Greek government is assured, and
the communication hints that there
will bc good justification for making
calculated that there is in Greece at
present an accumulation of   cash to
the extent of $300,000,000 above nor* _
mal, secured in war orders, and that-God bids him there wonld bc
merchants   arc   impatient to   receive j cities turning lo God.
south part of the city Jonah's message soon found its way to liim. Jf
cvery preacher would preach-   what
machinery and raw materials to carry
on national industries and' international  trade.
eccded to stimulate; his circulation -to ;.i��;_no control,'aiid the results-arc'often
the'accompaniment of song,- for thc[0f indescribable. - hoVror. Rugglcs
water was so, cold as- -to induce" vocal- j read ."Lc Petit I'arisicn""' and other
ism..' Thus iit his ablution's,, Rugglcs j sensational' journals,' and'was. \ quite
would have::, pleased .���I'raxitcile.s - or-j^y;,^: ^.j,], wi,al- sol-'t .���,- ;l siLuatipii
Michclangchv-'vvho might'have '���' inHhe l'iad-to-deal.' \ .,'���"'��� '- ��� ' .r ' ' ..-
jnqrtalizcd;.th&ymuhfi.l,synimctrv-e,fj;. K0vcrihcless.'hC-braked; ilismOunF
his wcll-knii figured inr.a. Hermes ^ |.cdi-undietrhis ' bicycle fall' upo.i-.its
von ol Laocoon: . :;-. . - ... . ,, ,- . -;sidc;- then - turned to the' "girl" a face
Ot medium height and phys...;aj pro- 1)C.u:,v as paIc .... hci. own/;;Hc saw
portions ,,n perfect accord with his' ^ rlgUuic0 thnli shc wn3 Englisj./ll0l
livcnty-thrcc 'years,;. Rugglcs could oh)v fromlh<i plln. All��?io.S:;x0n lvp&
have posed to the. credit ot any 0f hcl- blanched face-, but from.i.cr
young dem.-gbd.. .His .^cc, top,- was ^rcss. - Besides,-the-fact of licr .being
in keeping vvilh Ins body,- with - it^(iuitcai0���c iii so isolated a'spot slmw-
clcar,..Mxll-spaced blue c^s,' , sliorlr; cd,lhat ,^c' c6llld.;nol' possibly ' be
straight. nose,:m.rtl.fuI -.inoufli; and >.r -C]ldl_ .';,-,- two Voung 'tl.iu;s :hwl
resolute, dim. :- He;: vvas ;ahaudsp,,.c..-01-:cJlflliu0(] Ufcir^osilions af '-Rug-
loungstcr, not only?i��� feature, bill ;'��:j^-!^^ Approach; tl.cvVmciclv swayed
rvprcss,on,"and,wnh,h.s wavv;ycllowJ:,"; lluL,w:lisl; ;^lVc h;n, ;lKl,i,cn iook;
hair, -wliichysh-owMl coppcr;.toncs;:. ��]i j tilclr-,mUl(,nHl .something^that'Tciig-
certain lights, had put rcinaiuic." ideas
hi the- pretty"hr.'iel.^of" many ii ihidi-
���icttcWho happened..to. pa'fs'-hiiu-on
ihe boulevards. ' - "  -       ." \   .
j.hit -Ruggles- had ..no' answering .eye
lor' midincltcp. '-. His- allegiance, hael
been ..early given" to cine whose - various "portraits,, cut- from 'different ilhi.s-'l
tr:itr.d" papers,���'comprised -J he sole dec-
yialion- of the bare-.-:w��'il]A of li'i.s little
-naifsa rd /room: "���' - -. K ugg'lcs'. h ad' never
'ce.ir.fne original oi lhe.se.. nor. wris -his
adoration more than tliat of the liege
Mibject for his princess. But the rc-
rnotc-ideal luid so'.far tritiniphcd over ihe'prc-sen't'.rc'al "as.'i'o-have made
glcscould-not 'uridortsand.'���';"'."    ������.'.- :\
' "-Wliat. do thcy want':!'-;a"skocl -;: Ku'g-
Ics iii; l;nglish; 'of .the, girl.., ''.._    -, -.,...
'."They���-lliey -want liii'. .juirse,"'    sin:
atisvyercel unsicaclily.-   "J-_gavc- thcm.a
j.frai'iQ ciu.-h'-to'buy sdine " food,."   but
|,whc:n- I'" opened 'niy .purse, thcy-saw-
a -iwcutyVfrnqc- .fiirc'c���-and :now -'Ih.cy
wunt that.--;-Perhaps Pel-better give,-it
to-fiicin.!'' ,-:. ��� '. : - -   ;��� ���    ': "
Ruggh.'-s iooked_.ru jhc'traiftps. Both
ivcTc .yo'ting tnen, not    .more;      than
twenty at  niost,  s.warihy of   .{caiurc
anel with, the .heavy,-, clumsy ��� strength
of. a -certain  type of "French-, peasant.
I .-vi
Communists Encouraged
Believe Rumanians Undertook   More
Than They Were Able to
Vienna. ��� Reports from Budapest
say that the- position, of Uie Hungarian communist government appears
to have grown . stronger in the. lasl
few clays.  .  -     ��� ��� ,
.The' hall cil" the Rumanian advance
has encouraged the communists, who
believe that the. - "Rumanians ��� undertook-more than- thcy vvcrc able- io
accomplish if their .intention was to
reach Budapest. (Official 'amipuncc-
meiit has' been made" that the allied
troops-moving on Budapest vvcrc ordered late, last-week, lo .halt their advance .by-tlie peace, conference).,'The
Rumanians, however,-have cffectcc! h
junction vvilh '; iJie ���. Czee:,hdTSIov;ikia
and.-, have cut o(. -communication with
Budapest and Russia by way of tlic
. .Peace:.negotiations at Paris are:[.being watched closely by \- communist-
governments.. 'The: Yolks-Tinunc and
other ������newspapers in Budapest . denounce the peace treaty as "capitalistic." aiming" af. the enslavement'-of
"our "noble German brothers.''    .'--.' .
: Because-there "arc; no :olotl: factories,in operation, the Hungarian government'has,, ordered, further rcquisi-
fidns.of V.jolli.'colion, linen.goods anel
the. bed. and personal-eiothing of the
incn and -women . of the-Bourgcoise
for use in-making white/underwear
for the. red/ guards., army, onirii of
the bourgcoise-, are. being forced ,- to.
.make over -lingerie-into; shirts . and
other garments; "   .   ������'",..-_���: ', ���". ".'--..  '���'-���
Tlic - ComniunisC- goveiiin'ictit ap-
parciuly-.'is. w'orking agiiinst.' tiiue in
the!.iiopc-ilhat -the-.peasaiUs"of Ru-
.niahia'vvill i-evolt -andrelc'ct" a :C.o'm-
miinist' government.; * -'     v      -
,��� Religions^Schools.-in -I liingiiry';have
bi'eu seciilaiixed, imd -t j i'c-'o I oi; i c-:il" s o.i ti-;-
iiiari.es ' - a.ri:-.- closed. '-..K'epresc.ulalions
by .the. allies "have saved-the. convents.
��� Thc 'CoiuiiiiinisT- govcriunent-. -has
'made, an, aiiiiouncemeni.- 'that- .it. is
proud of" ;the/'f:ict:.tlier'(?-is iic.itllc'r
drunkeniiess'nor ljc'gging iii 11 ungary.
Exploring for Gil
In Great Britain
If It Exists It Must Be Obtained for
Home Consumption
Loudon. ��� Thc government has decided to explore.Great Britain for oil.
There is apparently no reason why
British battleships should not be
steaming on oil fuel got from beneath
the country's own soil, nor is there
any reason why some of thc motor
cars should not be driven by petrol
obtained from under the roads thcy
run upon. In the past Great Britain
has been too careless of the wealth
that lies'under her. feet. Petrol,
lamp oil, fuel oil from overseas were
sold so cheaply that no one was pro-
parcel to risk money in drilling for.
oil in England. But the war has
changed the entire, position; and petroleum lias become so precious that,
if it exists in-England,, it must be
searched for and obtained.
That it docs so exist has been proved on. many occasions during the last
century or two. At Clownc, near
Chesterfield, -there vvas a flow of 700
lo 1,000 gallons daily. Whilst a flow
at Coalport, mentioned in 1S36 by Dr.
Prcstwich, is staled to havc formerly
yielded 1,000 gallons a week.
Three Ships On-Their Way to Orient
"   .' - Now .  . ���
Washington. ��� The United Stales
has undertaken to assist the transportation of the Czccho-SIovaks. from
Siberia tp Czeicho-Sloyakia, at' the request'of .the authorities in Prague, it
was-learned recently.    As rapidly as
v    Made Long Flight
London.  ���' Licut.-Col.   Wilson,  of
the Britisii staff in Mesopotamia, ficvv
Thc final test of penit- j from ^losul to England in one vvcek.-
Hc crossed the-descrt from Mosul toward Cairo in one .day.
2. Believing God (v. 5).
3 They not only believed God would
visit judgment upon thcm, but believed in God, and put their trust in
him for mercy and salvation.
3. Repented (v. 5-9).
Tlicir penitence was shown in (1)
proclaiming a fast and pulling on
sack-cloth (vv. 5-7). These marks of
humiliation were shown by all, from
thc king on his throne to lhe most
humble man. (2) Cried mightily to
God (v. 8). In thc midst of lhcir
humiliation thcy cried with intensity
to God. (3) Turned from their evil
ways  (v. 8)
ence is-turning from sin; itjs haling
sin badly enough Fo-rquit it.
4. Accepted by God (v. 10). ' "When
the Nincvitcs turned from their evils
God refrained from executing doom
upon them. It averted judgment. God
is unchangeable Mis holy nature is
unalterably opposed to sin. When
men repent from their sins his wrath
is 'turned aside This is what is
meant by God repenting.
2. Thc Necessity of Repentance
(Luke 13: 1-5).
Repentance is necessary on the part
of all, since all arc sinners. "Thc
wages of sin is death" (Rom. 6:23).
While God is unalterably opposed to
sin he is infinitely gracious. His holy
nature compels Liiu lo cause judgment to fall upon those who will not
turn.from their sins to serve liim. Repentance is nol merely a matter of
privilege, but of absolute necessity if
one would escape the wrath of God.
Repentance- is thc only door of escape
fiom perdition. It is not a question of
how great a sinner one is that determines thc need for repentance,
since God cannot look upon evil: "F'or
tliou art of purer eyes than "to behold evil, and cans>T' not look upon
iniquity." (Hab. 1-13). No one can
ever sec him in peace unless he turns
from  his  sins.    Goel  commands   men
Real  Seville
All Orange and Sugar-
No camouflage.
Boiled with care in SileerPans.
"Filling His Own Shoes'
A Strong Story That Will Appeal to the Lover of
Wc offer to our readers ���'in
this issue a new serial story,
"Pilling His Own Shots," by
Henry C. Rowland. This is a
story that you will enjoy from
beginning to.end. The plot is
entertaining and leads to < some
very amusing complications.'
Commencing with this issue, thc
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Italians aire Irritated
Premier Was Ready to   Bring 'Italy
Into. Agreement
Paris. X Much comment has arisen
over lhc fact lhat Italy is not included: in the-proposcd agreement between Great Britain, the- United
States and Prance, for mutual action
against Germany, should Germany
again become - aggressive toward
France. It is said that Premier Or-
llando was ready lo bring Italy into
the agreement and lhat he took part
in sonic of the early "discussions, although the plans .were consummated
about thc lime of thc^ high tension
which removed Premier Orlando from
active participation in the council* of
Because of   Italy's   membership   in
the former triple alliance, it is said in -
some French quarters it was a seri-.
ous omission nol to include Italy in
the new Franco-British-Uniled States
ships arc.made available, the Czechs | to repent (Acts 17:30).
will  bc  transported until -all. arc  repatriated."        . . -
Three ship's are. ,on their- way to
the. Orient how" to bring several- thousand of these soldiers' across the Pacific. "Czechs have" all been withdrawn'fro'm the'fighting front,in Russia and -are- _ assisting - the    Kolchak
Japan and Korea
Japanese Imperialism Has Attempted
To Denationalize Koreans
As lhc facts concerning thc true
position in Korea slowly filler their
way'through a rigorous Japanese censorship, lo thc outside world, it becomes more and more apparent lhat
Japan ia seeking to maintain her
hold on thc peninsula iu a liuly
Japcnesc fashion. In spite of all official statements to the contrary, reports from many different quarters
are gradually establishing the fact
lhat thc Japanese authorities in Korea arc putting down the independence movement with a ruthlcssucss
all too reminiscent of thc Prussian
method in Europe ancl elsewhere-Indeed, as time goes on, it becomes ap-
paicnt that the Korean tragedy, for
il can bc called nothing Jess today,
is remorselessly compelling Japan to
reveal herself in,her true character,
"Japanese.. imperialism," declared
Dr. Lyngmau Rhcc, secretary of thc
Belgium Protects- Children
Trying to Re-organize   Industry On
That Basis
Washington. ��� Belgium had begun
to make progress toward safeguarding its children when the outbreak of
the war slopped llu's movement, it
vvas stated by Dr. Rene Sand, of the
ministry of labor of Belgium, at the
conference in "Washington on child
welfare standards. During the Ger- '
man occupation, hc said, no Belgians
worked more than thcy were compelled to, because -such work enrich-,
cd the Germans, and legal regulation
of child labor was not' attempted,
Now Belgium is trying lo' re-organize induslry^u a bas^s-that will'protect thc child, even though thc CCOr
nomic pressure due lo thc cost of the
war tempts thc children into industry.
Hc urged a -minimum wage law,
among other legislative regulations,
as esscnli.il to thc well-being of children as well as of adults.
���    Manitoba Has 170,253-.Males
According lo   tl
tralion board's
Dominion  regis-
statistics just    made
3.   The Blessed Results of Repcu
tance  (Acts 2:37, 38).
1. Remission of sins. Remit means!
lo send away.   The one vvho repents
is rid forever of his sin*:, for he is a
new man in Christ.
2. Gift of thc   Holy Spirit.    When
one is regenerated hc not only is rid
govt* rn men l_ at.Omsk and along the, of his sins, but God, thc Holy Spirit,
line of lhe- Siberian "railway to Vladi~ takes up his abode in him. Ho is his
vostbk. .-. '^ ^     -        ;.'.,'.   teacher, guide    and defender.   __TJi��sc
\'Xi here are "'"af pFcsen'fTin" Siberia ap-| blessed results ought lo move-one to
Rugglcs indifferent-lo such.X'har'iiis' as i Tllc>' seem p.c! .little, more than   brute
w ere. offered" in -comparison1 -to..' those ileasts,' and in -all    probability- .were
of-his ivory-tPwcred "goddess.        ..   -j for tltc,-moment far more "dangerous,
-He finished his. birdlikc bath    and;11'5 CVP,! ^'cr$ a,u1 hyena's do not in-
procccdcd to dress for-'his holiday ��� 0n ; fl?'"c ' thci"r savage blood    with'   ab-
thc  road. -  His  costume  was  siihplc,jsmthc and niarc.    Rugglcs,  watching.
hut cffcctiyc���a. loose-fitting   bicv'clc!tl,c,n warily, saw what was coming���
��iiit- of light- gray... worsted,  thc-coat. or> at .least, .what was being-planned
ifnh'ncd  anel oi;a.:Xo'rj'oIk--cut>"' ivitli|.in ihc slow-witted, perverted brains���
hide-kings, lo"" match  and gray   .IjVfc^-'^'i'ns'.W0^ osl tlicJ1?*? for hlm'
indescribably hpr:
then' soinc':crinic
m/-   . h Wh��ks��ae, CIutssTaff.:! rid.'.--SitrJi things, w.cre constancy ..be*
ft  *tf&U[8* "Refreshing and Becllcg'., i'ng.'fle'scribcd'in thc press.. ..True, the
M. *#����*   I.����*b��� Murine for Red-r^gl,ivcs \vcrc' always/taken' a", ./i.ew
L*H��h���Murine for Re*
ness, Soreness^ Granula-
l tion, Itchingand Burning
��� of the Eyea or Eyelids;
"%J)mpin After tha M.r.Ic*. Motoring' or.GoSf
fiSB wits yov.r confidence .A* Year Drusgict-
yr Mnrir.e wbiea your Ert* Need Car*. K-.U
Korifl* Er�� R��a��dy Co.t CJUcaso
W. ' .NX   VX. X12U
hours later'ty. the gendarmerie'" national -and ���.sometimes- punished - and
mpre often' not; this, laity. pJEJ justice
1 accounting-, no YIqubt,;,-fbi\ll:e iricrcasr
[ing-.prevalence;"bf-.-su.ch���'crimes'.'-Xi X.y
":';;;Eut.;iic./did"��� nqt"Vait'-'-for this >��lc-
r, oy.'f :.n e n {. ���   T h ct. pa i r.-. .'.vv r _rc: .a! most. *on
"Black ...Watch'.' /.The   Best   Black
Plug Chewing. Tobacco on the Market
Jugo-Slavs Clash .With".Austrian's''.'-.
,; .-London.'--- Thc'Jiigo-Slay andlAus-;-
trian' forces -have commenced hostilities-oil the Riyer-;Drav-c; but ah. official dispatch froni Belgrade demies'
lhat thc initiative- was taken- by .the
former, and alleges that the. Austrian
troops are guilty: of .daily attacks on
the troops and tcrrbriz.ation of the
population, which it was necessary to
deal with vigorously. The military
situation is hpt clear, but the Austrians appealed unsuccessfully.to the
Italian - troops, in the-Tarvis area'to
intervene. '   ' .'.-' ���   . ". :~- " '.- ��� -' .
pro.Nimatejy-'40,000. .Czech" soldiers,
representing what is left of the troops
who.'dcsc.rlcd.froin the Austrian army
aml-who fought first against thc:'ccn-
tral pbw;c'i-s-and'- then -against ��� the
Uolsh.c-viki. ;' .    - ...
;" The.;'expense iof -transporting- these
soldiers  lo.-Ozeeho-Slovakia is borne
\    ,-  --. ... ^,
r-by , the Cze.chq-Slovak" republic'; . but
Ithc '.United Slate's will-assist in .getting ihcnf iq'.l-uiropc' by directing-thc
transportation ������ from. ' Vladivostok
across tlic':P;ic-iiie:, -"the- American con-
titieiiL -anehih'e Atlantic;    -'-';--      ' ' >
'/Willing to Surrender Kaiser
Outch ��vpr.Getting Kid; of   Crovyn
;-.���,      .^Prince Too ���- ' ,.
'-_ -Calgary. ���..!���'. M." Watcher, general
manager of the Rotterdam-Canadian.
Mortgage'.bank;;who is.here lo-look
after Putch7' "interests;."'. cniplialically
declared thai.-Holland'.is -not', only
ready but willing"to".surrcnjlcr the.'ex-
kaiscr- to tlie allies. . He. stales-that
the -Dutch-people do not'ivaht-- any
repent.   The goodness of God ought
lo provoke men lo penitence.
Girls! Make this cheap beauty lotion
to clear and whiten your skin
Squeeze the juice of two lemons in-
[to a bottle containing three ounces of
orchard white, shake well, and you
havc a quarter pint of thc best freckle
and tan lotion, aud complexion beautifier, at very, very small cost.
Your grocer has thc lemons and
any drug store or toilet counter will
supply three ounces of orchard white
for, a few cents. Massage this sweetly fragrant lotion into the face, neck,
arms and haneK each day and see
how freckles and blemishes disappear
and how ckar, ��oft anel    white    the
i skin Jiccoincs.    Yes!    It is harmless.
Little Elsie (aftcrbeing punished)
���I.-think papa.is-dreadful. Was he
the only man. you could get, mamma.?
-^Edinburgh,.Scotsman.'. --'; -.; ,-,'���
:The_traris:Ati2ntic flight is progressing like "the German .march .on Paris;
���Torbntp Globf.. :-.-:���   ���.���.iXxi:j\X:Xi''
To Reclaim Land
is 170,253. Of this number, 110,390
arc British born, 29,053 arc British
naturalized and 30.S05 arc classified
as alien.
If people would reflect moic thcy
would bc brighter, and if thcy were
brighter "thcy would reflect more.
l\iy your out of tdnu accounts by Uomiiv
iou Express Money Older*. Five dollars
co.sts  three  tciit';.
provisional government of Korea, lo!oub,iC| thc toraL 11U,C population of
a representative of this paper a few | Manitoba, Id years of age and over,
days ago, "has for ten years, at-'
tempted to stamp out.Xorcan Unlive
civilization and to denationalize the
Koreans as a distinct race." And
how has Japan done this, or.attcmpl-
^|cd to-do it? In much thc same way
that Germany attempted lo do thc.
samc kind of thing in Poland, in
Schlcswig, ancl iu Alsace-Lorraine.
With the aid..of a spy system based
on lhc German model, Japan has
sought to develop every 'occasion lo
create dissension amongst thc Koreans-themselves. Shc has~carried~dul
a ruthless system of colonization, replacing native Koreans with Japanese
^coolies, in every way, as Dr. Rhcc
expressed it, has sought to make
Korea "more Japanese than Japan
herself racially, religiously ancl every
other way."
As long as the Koreans submitted,
all apparently went well. Thc outer
world heard little aboul the situation,
and .Tokio could send out, as it did,
ycar by ycar^ a'.veritable ilood of illustrated literature showing the
abounding piospcrity of Chosen under Japanese rule. Thc moment, however, lhc Koreans sought to throw off
the joke, a reign of terror' ensued.
Unresisting crowds were fired on,
and hundred* and thousands killed or
wounded; churches ^vvcie wrecked,
private houses entered, and young
men and women dragged off lo prison and immeieiiiilly flogged. This is
jonly   thc  mildcbt  part  of  thc  story.
I - - ��
|   Canadian   !
I GovernmentMuniapal 1
i and Corporation i
1       Bonds        I
i Dominion Securities i
1 Corporation Likited |
.trouble ovcr/hi.u'r and '.will"give him?mcnt of   highways    in    thc    Yellow
What promises to be. the largest I There are many other more shameful
reclamation work in the province of, details. And it all mcans, of course,
Saskatchewan for some lime will be I that Japan has not begun to learn thc
put in  hand  shortly by thc    depart-1 lessons  which  the" war    has    forced
up.. .He' says, in-fact, .'the feeling', is
very'strong .this; way,.-anel' is-'also
strong, in favor oPgctlirig rid of.,the
crown prince too-. " '-...- ���' ' X -������'
-Mr..Watcher is'here to.arrange'for
thc investment of one million-.in^Ar-
bcrta. mortgages. ."His/company already .has six. millions so invested. He
states that many "Dutch farmers arc.
wanting to come to. Canada to. settle.
Grass Xfarsh district.   Tenders    have
already been  submitted for thc con-
upon the rest of the world. Such
methods arc no longer possible, and,
no mailer how apparently powerful the
;'N.W.M.P.:for British Columbia
Victoria, B.C..~ The establishment
of the Royal North West. Mounted
.Police, in-British Columbia will Be
augmented by 50 officers and men and
their-horses,'..with headquarters in
Vancouver!..; The draft is_ in, charge of
Inspector.-Hill,-and it consists chiefly
of" officers '.anil men who have seen
service overseas.during the".war,--and
vrhcrsrcVjust returned to'Canada;   .--'
struction    pf    twenty-two    miles . of,'nation  that attempt* to make use of
ditch.    Thc water will bc discharged  them, thcy will, sooner or later, prove
into thc Souris river, and thc woik
will involve the excavation of 295,000
cubic yards of earth. Thc nature of
thc country will permit thc water to
bc taken care of by means of a ditch
alone, no expensive fiume work being necessary. This work will result
in the reclamation of some 14,000
acres of land, and the contract will
call for the completion of thc work by
December 1, 1920.
that nation's undoing.���Christian
encc Monitor. s
Sees Great Future fof Helium
Calgary, Alia. ��� Prof. McClellan,
of Toronto University, who developed.thc discovery of helium froin natural gas under arrangements with the
British  admiralty,  is  in  thc  city    in
confidential investigations.    Hc     believes the time is soon coming when
helium will have a great commercial
The trouble    with, thc disagreeable value and this will mean great things
things that people    say about Us   is  for western  Canaela.
that most of them are true. _  ,.	
~*~ ������ A girl may not be able to hit thc
Revenge is a gun that kicks harder side of a barn with a brick, but she
lhan it shoots. * c?n ahvayp throw  kisses straight.
I Rheumatic Pains f
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���) taking 30 drop* of Mother Seigel's (*
C�� Syrup af ter meal* &nd on retiring.
% It dusolve* the lime and acid
��D accumulation in the muscles and &
C* joints so these deposits can be  *)
5? expelled, thus relieving pain and ��
���) soreness, Seigel's Syrup, also (���
3�� known ns "Extiaetof Roots," ���>
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Sj> rheumatism ot lumbago, it re- ���)
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v   t.- t '���-'-%.. -  i       "I     -J
1 '���� -" ^
' '.*<    -/���-*-
THE     LEDftE      fflflT/RNWOrm      T*      rL
��� S3
Canada's Best Poultry Fencing
Tbe ihut-m a" I iLul-cut Fcrclnr���a poultry fence itroni enototh to withstand tha combined
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Almost a Miracle,
But Very Simple
Was the Cure of John New by Dodd's
" Kidney Pills
His Troubles All Came from Sick
Kidneys and He Treated Them
With the Old Reliable Canadian
Remedy, Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Hillside, Battlcfoid, Sask, May 19
(Special).���With a speed that -was almost miraculous, Air. John New, a
well-known farinei lieic, has been ciu-
ed of the kidney tioublc fiom which
he suffered for sc\eial j-cais
"Dodd's Kidney Pills cured mc," he
says. "I wish lo give them all the
Speaking fuillicr ot his Itoublcs
and their sudden unc, Mi. New-
says: "I think I inherited by kidney
disease fiom my paicnts, and 1 suffered oft and on foi sc\cial ycais I
had stiffness in the joints, ciamps in
the muscles, backache, and ncuialgia.
"I pei spued freely on the slightest
exertion and my pcispual^on had an
unpleasant odor. 1 was irritable,
often dizzy and was depiesscd and
low spirited. My skin u.is dry .md
had a liaish feci and L u.is often
"I took just one box. ol Dodd's Kidney Pills..   Tlicy cuied me "
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May (Object to Austrians
Berne ��� ���As <i icsull of a plcbis:
cite held in Voialberg, the wcslem-
most distiict of Austin Hungaiy, on
the question of uniting with Switzei-
land, 45,000 pcisons voted in favoi
of annexation as compaicd with 11,-
000 against such a union. '
Ovci hires to Suil/cil.iiul will now
begin, but thc Swiss stales themselves
are lo liavc a plebiscite on the question of taking in of ciown lands.
Fly fiom Vancouver to Victoria
Vancouver. ��� The Fust flight between Vancouver and Victoria was
accomplished lcccnlly by Captain Al-
ficd licklcy, pilot, and Captain Carl
Aull, of tlie aerial league of Canada.
'I he flight was made in a Canadian
I N. Foiu Cutliss aii plane and the
time, including a slop-ovci on thc island city, was llucc bonis and 41
"Black   Watch"    The   Best   Black
Plug Chewing' Tobacco on the Market
Report Is Denied
Copenhagen. ��� Thc V/orvvarts denies thai the foimei kills cd asked 1hc
Berlin government foi, pei mission lo
return lo Germany.  '
T cured a hoisc    of    the     Mange
Dalhousie *���
I cured a horse,    badh    torn    by
a flitch foik, with .MINARD'S LINIMENT
St. Pctci's. C.B.     l'DW   LTNLIEF.
I cured a hoisc of a bad swelling
Batfiuist, NB.    THOS. W  PAYNE.
Women Denounce Treaty
Paris. ��� The peace conference received from the women's international confciencc for permanent peace at
Zuiich the resolution adopted'by thc
conference denouncing the terms of
peace with Geimany. Thc resolution
declares thal-lhc-l��m*s-tacitly- sanctioned seciet diplomacy, deny thc
principles of self-dctci initiation, recognize the tight of the victoi to-thc
spoils of wai, and violate principles of
Justice. Rule of fear, it is declared is
continued by the financial and economic cLuiscs.
--The hand  that  ntles  the dv speptic
makes the pic.
Wash The Kidneys
After Bad Colds or Influenza
Look to Kidneys and Bladder!
Thousands of motheis slate positively tliat Baby's Own Tablets arc
tin* best medicine thcy know of for
little ones. Their experience has
taught Ihem that the Tablets always
do just what is claimed for thcm and
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rcinmg thcm Mis. loscph Therricn,
St. Gabiicl dc Brandon, Que., wiitcs:
"Baby's Own Tablets aic the best
medicine 1 know of for little ones. I
thought I would lose my baby befotc
trjing the Tablets, but thcy soon
made him healthy and happy and
now I would not be without thcm."
Thc Tablets aie sold^by medicine
dealer? oi by mnil at 25 cents a box
fiom The Dr. William's Medicine
Co, Biockvillc, Out.
Floods in Sweden
Damage Estimated at More Than
, 30,000,000 Kronen
Stockholm. ��� Noilh Sweden is experiencing thc woisl floods in. many
years, due lo abnoim.il rain and
s/iowfall. The damage is estimated al
mote than 30,000,000 kronen. Thcic
ha\c been avalanches and landslides
in the Tiomsoc district
The fauns weie swept into the
sea, twelve persons meeting death.
Two cities, Solleftca and Ilernosand,
aic isolated. The l.ulwny banks have
been" washed awa\ and the bridges
Thc town of Sundsvaal also has
been badly dam-aged. Two bridges in
the town wcrc cariied awa> and more
than one htindicd houses along the
water fiont arc submeigccU" Euttic
villages are isolated Horse.-, and cattle disappeared in the fust fuuous
Minard's Liniment
Used   by Physi-
Belgium Seeks Pledge
Will Demand Militaiy Security
Against Repetition of Invasion    -
Washington ��� Belgium apparent-
h will not iest satisfied with the gen-
eial security winch the league of iu-
nous is expected to pto\i<*e lo* small
and huge nations alike, but \ ill demand military sccuiity ogainsl the
i(petition of the invasion of 1914.
Pl< nipotcnliarics fiom Btlgium.
Fiance,    Gieat Biitain    aud Holland, ,colikl "��t ^ey-
No mallet what kind or whcic located, any com is promptly cured bv
Putnam's Corn Extractor; being
purely vegetable it causes no pain.
Guarantee with cvciy bottle of "Putnam's," use no othci, 25c at all dcul-
Huns Want Cheaper Food
Will Conditionally Abandon Demands
for Higher Wages
Bcilin. ��� Almost unnoticed amid
the c\citcnicnt incident to the iccciiA
of^Lhc peace leans, and piobably influenced, by them, a movement, in
which the workcis are lcccding fiom
theii earlier demands foi higher
wages and aie striving, to induce the
government to icducc puces, is gradually gaining ground.
The latest otganuation to a"dopt
this policy is thc Gciman tailway-
men's association, whose lepicscnla-
tives at a confciencc with Minister
Schmidt, agiccd lo abandon demands
for highei wages, if the government
would reduce food prices.
Don't tell all \ou know,
tic for seed
cccp a ht-
Miller's Woun Powdeis ncvei fail
Thcy immediately attack thc wotms
and expel them from" the system.
They aie complete iu themselves, not
onlv as a woini destioycr, but as a
highly beneficial medicine for childicn, correcting weak eligestion and
restoring thc debilitated system to
hcnlthfulnc-ss, without which thc
giovvth of the child will bc rctaidcd
anel ils constitution weakened.
Premier Borden
To Return
Sir George Foster and Mr. Doherty
Intend to Remain in Paris
Paris. ��� In view of the fact lhat
the principles havc been settled upon
whihe peace is to be established, Sii
Robert Borden and Hon. Arthur Sif-
ton have left Paris for London ai*d
will proceed lo Canada by the first
available boat,
They havc been absent fiom Canada moie lhan six months, far bc-
yo* d the period anticipated, when Mr
Lloyd George called thcm lo London
in November last. Thc date at which
the peace will eventually bc signed
is a matter of conjecture, but questions of importance awaiting eonsid-
ci ation in Canada necessitate his rc-
tut n.
/Su Geoigc Tostci and Mi. Dohcity
will lemain in Paris foi the present,
and it is possible lhal If negotiations
should be of a. prolonged nature, thcy
too will iclurn lo Canada befotc the
signing of the treaty. In this event
thc piimc minister and Mi Siflon will
doubtless return lo their duties Tn
Paiis at the end of thc picscnt session. -   "
Since lhe <urival of Sir Robert
Borden and his colleagues six months
ago, the overseas dominions have attained an entirely ncw stains. Their
position as self-governing nations
within the gieat commonwealth has
been internationally lccognizcd, first
iu theii admission lo the peace confciencc, and in the decision that thc
treaty should be signed on behalf of
His Majesty by rcpiescntlivcs of
each of the great dominions Canada
has undoubtedly led in thc effort to
wm this position, which cfloit has
been piolongcd, insistent and continuous It began in Loudon befoic
lhc auival of lhc French and Italian
picnucis in December hist It has
continued during the subsequent conferences both in London and at Paiis.
In the vaiious commissions and committees, Canadian ministers have
taken thcit places as lcprcsentativcs
of the whole ciupitc. Lattcily thc
status of thc dominions in relation to
thc council of the league of nations
and lhe governing body of the labor
convention has been under consideration, and, as a lcsult of thc stiong
stand taken by Caadia i ministers, the
position has been made both satisfactory and secuic. Canada has good
icason to bc congiatulatcd upon thc
place thus accorded her, and il is well
that her people should icalue that
this place has been won byjhc ability,
integrity aud determination of her
Damage Done
To Rheims Cathedral
Will Take a Generation   to    Repair
Paris. ��� In view of the conflicting
reports which have fiom time to time
been published with regard lo thc
damage done lo Rheims cathedral by
the German bombardment, the following statement has been icccived
fiom an authoritative souice:
lhc western facade and porlal arc
severely battcicd, the greater numbei of thc pinnacles of the southern
front have been shot away, thc loof
has several gaping holes in it, the
high altai is a formless mass of debris, and thc choir, as such, has ceased to CMst. Some of the glass has
been preserved, but most has been totally destroyed. All that really remains arc thc coie of the fabiic���
piobably considciably shaken and
weakened���and thc lemaikable scries
of statues within lhc west wall.
Nothing in the way"of restoration
has yet been begun, and the public
aic shown the church by a guaidian
who tells thcm lhat it will lake a genet ation lo repair it. It is hard lo
conceive any better reminder of the
German lhan the pathetic sight of
this monument of Gothic aie which
the vandals of the twentieth cwituiy
have left a shattered shell
A"new serial story commences in
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I'll ML  II
''' t'iy'i> '.'
in  I ft 11 him
Prevent Wear and Tear
on Axles and Harnesses
Mica Axle Grease
���coats axle spindles and hub,
lining3 with a glass-smooth coat
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banishes friction between the
metal surfaces. Makes loads
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tear.   Sold
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At Dealers
Will Re-establish
Petroleum Wells
The telephone gill has a speaking
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Why Can't I
GetJTo Sleep?
Thousands of people all over the
countiy ask this question, but still
continue to toss night aftci night on
a sleepless bed, and h is impossible
foi them to gel a full nigliUs refreshing sleep.
bome constitutional dislui banco,
worry or disease has so debilitated
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it .cannot be quietened_�� veept by. th^
pernicious usc of opiates or narcotics. Or again, jou have heart
palpitation, and sensation of sinking
a tccling von arc going to die, or
perhaps you wake up in your sleep
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Finding Market
For Range Horses
y _	
High Ficight Rates Present Greatest
Ottawa ��� At a gatheiing gf lcp-
lescntativcs of the livestock inlcicsts
of the Dominion here, plans wcic
consideicd fot the finding of a mailed foi Canada's surplus of animals,
more parlicnlciily of tarigc hoises in
the west.
Mr Aikell, Dominion livestock
commission?!, who ictuincd lcccnlly
fiom a trip to England where he went
to make a study of livestock conditions, icpoitcd among other things,
that,theie is a mailed in l^oland for
hall a million hoises if th*s could bc
.11 tanged "J his is the big pioblcm lo
bc solved for with ocean freight rates
at thcit picscnt high level, it would
be piaclicall) impossible to land
hoise? in The ruiopeaTi-niatket ~at a
saleable figuic and pay the western
fai nici a lcasoiiahlc figure
Manitoba Honey
Thc honey ciop of 1918 avetaged
64 pounds per hive, making in all
944,104 pounds of honey produced in
Manitoba. This yeat 180 bcgiitncis
started as bee keepcts. Alanitoba
now has 921 apiaiists, keeping apptox-
linatcly 11,736 colonies. Manitoba bee
kccpcis icccived from 25 to 35 cents
pei pound foi then honey in 1918.
To ijet the genuine, call for full name LAX-
TIVi:   BROMO   QUININE  Tablets..     Look
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Giving Back
The Eiffel Tower
Refuses to Receive
Irish Delegates
Premier Lloyd George    Has    Taken
Definite Stand
.       ,.        ,        ,   , London   ��� It was lc.iitied  111
and making-the  whole otgaui-i      . , ,   .     ,-.      ,    .
act    111    haimoiy-then    ,ou  cwl  W^c^  l'1*'1     l'��a.ik  1
Has Played Important Role in History of War
Talis. ��� Thc liiilcl Toavci of Paiis
has played quite an important 10k in
thc histoiy of thc wai, md this in
spitcof the fact thai, a few ycais ago,
lhc end of its catecr as a structuic
was believed to bc impending. Krcct-
ed in 1889 for thc exhibition of 1S90,
theic was a piesalcnl belief that aftci
15 01 20 jc.us the condition of liie
steel would necessitate thc demoh
tion of the towci; but lorluuatcly thc
evil day for the "highest building on
catth" was put off. At the beginning
of the wai, lhc h.iiYel Towci was
taken ovci by the mihtaiv cauthoiitics
as an anti-aiiciaft and obscn ation
post, as,well as a wireless station. To
the lonely walchei at the top of the
lower was confided the icsponsibtlity
of giving wanting of thc approach of
Zeppelins and Gothas Today Pati-
sians arc icjoicing ovci thc prospect
of getting their beloved tower back
to iioimal uses luirly this month, it
will bc thrown open to the public,
who, presumably,~wdl once moicas-
cend fo its pinnacle for lhc sake of
ils unique panoromas dud the novelty
of sending ol the familiar postcard
from thc lop of the towci. In thc
meantime, the various militarv sci-
vices which had tlicir quaitcis, round
the base aic 1 amoving to ��ome other
camping ground.
Destroyed  in  Effective    Manner
Time of German Invasion
Paiis, ��� Owing .to lhc shoitage of
matctials ic<iuiicd in oiderMo continue the work of 1 c-cstablishing thc
Rumanian oil wells, the total output
of pclioleum fiom the Rumanian field,
accoiding to unofficial statements received heie, now amounts to only 170
cailoads per clay. The wotks connected with thc Rumanian petroleum
wells were destroyed in a most ef-
fectiv c mannci al the time of the
Gciman invasion of Rumania, to prevent thc enemy fiom being able lo
use the wells, the oil from which
would have been invaluable for his
transpoit seivicc on the western
lhc itpi escnUUivcs of vaiious Rumanian oil companies have just held
a meeting at Buchaiest with a view
lo biinging picssttic to bear on the
government to speed up the te-estab-
lishinenl of the wells
Complete in itself, Mothei Graves'
Woim hxlei initiator docs not require
the assistance of any other medicine
to make it cflcctive. It does not fail
to do its woik.
Chinese dab in Honolulu
Honolulu. ��� "Chinese University of
Hawaii" is the name of aii oigani/a-
tion that has been foi med by Chinese-
Amciican young men of Honolulu
who arc graduates of some of the
leadyig colleges and imiveisiucs on
the mainland. One of thc objects is
l lo encourage Inghci education anfong
thc Chine->e students in Hawaii K
F   Luui, Colgate, is picsident
Acclaim Paderewski and His Wife
Ciacow. ��� M. P.vJeiewski ">f Poland, accompanied I.v his wife, icccived a lousing ��vdoomc from the
populace of Ciacow lis they passed
triough here on lIici. tirun, bou'id
from Paris to V.'j'j.h. The demon-
sl!ation was in t.tbtilc to the work foi
Poland which lhc premier had done
at thc Polish confciencc, wlmh is
considered-to have been���a -valuable
Allies to Attack Pctrograd
Stockholm. ��� Entente forces an
piepaiing militaiy operations with
Ilclsingfors as a base, for an, attack
upon "Pelt ogiad, according lo a Hel-
��itigfors dispatch to the Afton Tidni-
gcn. Eight thousand troops are cx-
pccted_lo lake part in thc operation,
according to the dispatch which sajs
llut French ciuiscis arc now lying in
the Gulf of Finlaturoft Hclbingfots
Spare   the  rod   and   miss   half   lhe
pleasuie of fishint*
i.it l-ia.ik ]\ Walsh,
l'.dwaid Dunne am! Michael F Rjan,
representative*, oi lush societies in
the Uiut< d SlaU*��, who liavi b< I'M
visiting Dublin and other cilus m
Ii eland, will not be received by I'rc-
Owing to bod
colds, over-eat-
ing or intemper- 1
anee, or to the
after effects of
acid and toxins
(poisons) are
stored up in the
body and cause
backache, lumbago, lheumatic
pam$ and stiS
It is most es-
seniial that
treatment be directed   towards
  ,..    I  had to sit up  in
1 .    ...   1 ,���      . .       .1 1 bed1, my beau bt:it so f.*si, ard when
aic scheduled tc get toguhe, soon, in   j   w:l!kJc<l  up   sUiI|,   ,   tt0,-,,(,   gct  .,���
I order   to   agiec   ou  an     anatigt n.cnt  ol,t of breath.    >\  friend momnicid-. ���,u,  Lloyd l'ieoie<   on their icturn to
'wi. eh will ,cplace lhc treaty of .S3<> ecl   Milliuin's. Ika.t  and   Ne.vc   Pills | 1><ms n0I   wlU lhtx   bc accordlli allJ-
and after  usuii,'   two   bo\cs,     I     tan,    .... .   -��� . , .  J
sleep  all  nigai   and   am   net  out    of.0'1^1*1'    or    sum-ottiaal    recognition
hitath  after  walking' I    According  to a   Rculci's    dispatch
MHbtirti's  Itcart   and     N'tivc   PilM-from  Paiis.   I ..I   K  M.  House, who
arc -,0c a bos at ..11 -hales, ���,  ���,���|.. ,)rom,vC,| lo endeavor to a.ra.igc
cd diMct 011 icrupt ot  pin.e I>\    llu. ; . ,        ,.        ,
T.   M ���'bin 11  Co,    Li.i.iicd,    '1 oronto, * *">    mtci\u*vv   bciv ecu     thc    Lmtcd
Out. [Stales dil'ti.iti*- and lhc  British pic-
has now, in \Uvv of their activi-
and pi ovule Vmuity for lJclgiuu*.
Belgian rcprescntativis v\ ill demand
Uial towns handed ovci to I'u'ssia b>
the congress of Vkuna be i*,nided
b-'ik to the mothei coi'ulr\.
Do Not Contemplate Attack        '
London. ��� Questioned in the house'
A Wonderful Clock
San Diego, Cal., has a wondoitul
clock with 20 dials, which tell simultaneously the time iu aU pacts ot thc
world, also thc days of the week and
lhc date 01 thc mouth, it ��tands 21
fc<t high, and four of its dials are
each foiu feet in diameter. Thc mas-
tci clock is enclosed in plate glass so
thai cvery action can bc seen, and the
whole is illuminated at night. It is
jewelled with touimaline ,topa/, agate
and jade, and took 15 'months * to
build. Thc motive powci 1* a 200-
pound  weight,,_ which    winds    itself
No Headache, Biliousness, Indigestion
or Sour Stomach. Where '
They Are Used !
They Cleanse the   Liver   and   Move
The Bowels While You Sleep
ties in   11 eland,
intci media rv
deuded not'to act as
Leave for Russia.
ot commons regarding thc Stockholm j     London   ��� 'lhe first eontni^cnt of
report-that  the'entente powers    arc   the  volunteer army  raised [to relieve,
preparing.naval and military    opera-! thc ..men. who arc .fighting in     north j Keep'Minard's".Liniment in the-house:
1 tiofis .against ..'Pctrograd;   .Andrew j Russia..left-' X.cwcasile   ..recently-  -fot   '..   '   ....,-;-.���������^������--. -       '-.-'-:
B6nar-,Law, government leader in.th6:|Areiiangcr..".Fifteen -hundred, men, mVj Wool GtOWerS   to Blliid Mill
,'ii.u-.j-oni patty,-were
prompt casting out of the poisons from j house, 'of ���.commons.- said " :i   ������ British I chiditi" a' machine
organs-(the bowels, skin and kidneys)- \* long, tunc-to meet wn.atever cnicr-, lc:lVc.for ,north' Russia .-.lflnng... .the y. .  . . . -^monton - or  Calsaiv-'-
ahould be excited to-their best effoib?.   gcucicsMiiight arise, but;   no 'dehnite; week. ���
Etciy one should clean house���internally ; proposal" of the kiwi -suggested/is con-.! '-''-.    '     '   '��� '.-,-���;���   ���
-And thu3 protect one's self from .J^ny .; ,a   d      - ,-   mi>^,nr      ....-      :   .-.;.. sir-Robert. Returning
germ diseases, by taking castor oil or a...      ..... -
fleasant.laxative cueh, al Dr. Fierce'a ���- . ��� X"' y'X~~XX~~���-*---
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action. If you suffer from backache, irri- j     . "������: !________:	
taiion of the bladder-and.-the.lddneya,--]      Allies Sink Bolsheviki Gunboat
shown by the frequent calls to get out-of ,     ,    ,     -.., -   ,    ~      ��� ,,,     .,
bed at.night, considerable.sediment in :    Archangel. ��� One Bolshevik -gun-
Filing a will    sometimes rasps the
feelings of the heiis.
.: the water,- brick-dust.deposit, perhaps-j-boat is reported to have' been -sunk bn
headache ia the nwrnipg, you should uhc-Dvina .river 'duringi an    cngagc-
. obtain at the drug store  Anuric   (anti- . .-. '���     .> ' ��� ���'.-', . ������ ���    /,-.'��-
wufacid), first^ut up by Dr. Pferce.   ""=���� between the Bnttsh-nvcr flotilla
' -, To buildup the. stientth and. improv^   and land'battcntsf   and    lhc    enemy
said, to require, his. .presence; -Sir
George Foster probably will, take Sir
Robert's place as head of the jCana-
the blood,. take ah iron, tonic. such as
f'lrontic,"-manufactured by Dr. Pierce,
..fS>.be,ha4 intablets at drag stores, or
some g(H^J herbal Ionic- such as.Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical. Diacorery,
-mide from wild roots and barks without
idcohol. aad put np in tablets; or liquid.
and land; battctics and lhc
fleet. The allied flotilla, aided by airplanes, also -conducted a .brisk bombardment along the 'Yaga "river.
Don't,  wear.  High-heeled shoes-un-
.H.Sr yoii arc~ p.ir-iial to.' pigeon' toes..
- ,1'aris. ���.���.. Sir" Kobert.   Borden,.'.
Taiuidian  premier  ,is ' - returning
Canada, according to " Reuters,   ���
cause-tlic political .situation, there
thc 1
���Mo I
Vnohton .or. Calgary,
���V new; project has been "uiuk-rfak-.
en  by tlic  wool- growers  of. Alberta.-,'
aTc reported to-be planning- to.'
Some men tell' their vvives- everything1 that, happens; arid there'arc
others who tell them a great many
things that don't happen.
erect a.mill al, sonic coriv.euietit point,!
in "their province, which will nianu-!
facture their wool into cloth on- a j
co-operative basis. ������-    j
The sheepmen . w-ill selec'i a site
cither at Kdinonton or Calgary. The
wool grown in Alberta last year totalled 2,3C9,rS4 pounds and was 47 .per
cent, of all; lhc ���wool sold last year
through, the Canadian- Co-operative
Wool G;owersv.-\s.-ocialiori..
Under the ./proposed  -arrangement
Wipe Out Austrian Navy
Paris.������ The naval  terms -of -
the-.-treats;-, to  be  presented' to.:
Austria,'as tlicy have-.bcen Com-.
! plctcd,.-entirely- vyipc'.-"' out  -the-
Austrian- navy.   All ;il'tc-ships1 of
that navy, large;and--small, "are
to'be surrcndcred.'-Thi'ir disposition among the allies is .to-be
adjusted  later..- -'
 ���. ...--- }the farmers will _bc.paid the market
If^ the average than could live his' price for,their:.wool at the mill, and
life over, he would probably be a big- ������ will also share.:thc profits of manu-
ger. fool than ever.    '".; :., . Jfactiiring.      -.-"..:;;
���the trouble is due to weakness
of the fnternal organs. ~My successful, home treatment Tvill be found
Lelpful,.. Send, no money, but
write me today. My treatment
is equally .successful for adults,
troubled with urinary difficulties.
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Hainilton's Vi\h.
Ihey cure thc woi*t e.ises ait,
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give vou ne*a nioinmg thc freshest,!
briskest, h.ippicst feeling you have |
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most despondent sufTciei. I
Thcy will make, lircd out folks feel
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ills. .- _ ���   . |
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'-.'- Gymkhana Aifmsed Siberians .
-The Canadian .Gymkhana.w-'as -held]
at tlie, race.-tr'ack.at Vladivostok''oh!
May! and, was. a pronounced sv.c-.l
cess, 10,000 people-..attending., inchicl-:
ing. all'the allied commanders. The..'
2lst battalion won" thc ; inter-allied i
tiig-ot-vvar. The Royal "North \Vc>t
Mounted Police musical ride- was enthusiastically "received.
When \ ou are all out of matches,
and you go to the nearest
(.tore for a tresh supplj, 10 io 1
there're Lddy's.
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You strike a light���in the restaurant, the club or slef ping car���
10 to 1 >ou'll find tliat Hddj'a
name is on the box.
are priUiciU} inm.i\e?i��lu*etftr#uxh-
out Canada, A, match for every purpose,
lOd every match, fit f cr it* purpote. Tba
next ttmeyoubuy aatchei.ietUuitth*
- EdJy mine Isoathr. box. ItUyourlMat
gcarao-.ee ot tttkfictioc
Th* E. B. EDBY CO. Umited
HULL, Cu��da
Also tnakt-i cf InduraltiFUrtv&rt
&xiPe,pr~Si!Cial'.tts. C3.
��H�� NSW raXNSH RKMCBV. Nrt.��.2 H3U
. _   ,   . ..__ __ . , _ HWt��J�� nit*
ST��&t *��w, ��v��u csxonie VUIKtU. Uat Ttooi
_�� vim, Ejosit, at��BDcx, snuass, bums ycisoiv
rasa. - ermsK 'fo. bscogistk er acui. ft. tost ( ct*
��004E��AC��.M, WOXILL* ST.HCWTDKIsfV'nMMSfina
roxoHTo.- mitt to*rasfe *oox ro pa. ls awa
r��TxrwB��>oitxrr4t��tiM>Fo��Kor tiy, xo ���ju[j
���btt. wttM.r*rtvna t�� tit, asiraaa h��kr��
One woman- always .pays niorc attention to what 'another 'woman , has
on than to what - she- savs.'   .-. -
Charity' r.eycr begins a_t'-hoTiie w liile-
housrVclcaning'is going  oa.-    -"    \
Th* ������'-.��r��rf XE*Jilti& " Bimtdy.
Tones aed iavi|;or��U�� ih* trio*
nMToas ij-Bt^ot, SKskts oe��r Blood
ia': .-old ���. Vsiati-:-- <Jnrci -.- Xrrxa-ua
Dtbttitg. Menial a>ui Brain WvrrB.Dttponr
��e&ey, ton ��/ &#**&/.Xpitl&ilett&t nsf tk*
Bear*, faBim-Memory.X-Prtw %\ pet box, ��'��
lot %& Os�� vu1 sleae��.-��ts -win ew*, ."��� B��W. br jtQ
��Irns��i��iSi or-��B��is��4��a;-pitta;p%:e^w*ejpi ��t
���-xXi'- a-,   ��� ���>- eiffipSSSi^
i ���.
Is $2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to  the United
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Editor and' Financier-
^.'-..'   " '    ��� ��� '"   "   /"���������������     ���������'."
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Coal and Oil .Notices.....'...'....!     700
Estray Notices  ...3.00
Cards ofThanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir* notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
measurement. -'
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
lhat the editor would be'pl eased
lo have more money.
War Savings Stamps
During April, in the Greenwood
and Grand Forks .districts, 8378.82
War Saving Stamps and $81.50
Thrift Stamps were sold. The
amonut for each place in the district are as follows: Greenwood,
$8.0.60 W. S.,. $10.50 T. 8.; Midway, S60.45 W.>, $2.75 T.S.;
Boundary Falls, $8.06, W.S., $2.00
T.S.; Bridesville, 5.75 T.S.; Phoe-
nix, $56.42 W. S., $18.00 T.S.;
Grand Forks, $153.14 W.S., $31.25
T.S.; West Grand Forks, $20.15
W. S., $11.25 T.S.
The Home Town Sheet
Hk   who  does  not
never suffers much.
love deeply
The   live   ad   ia   the "key that
opens the safe of wealth.
Thb carrot is full of pep, even if
it does show a yellow streak.
We must not blame the.Germans
for inventing limburger cheese. It
was first made in Holland.
Never do the public for millions
unless you can get away with the
boodle without leaving a trail behind. '
Tom-cats have their use in the
eternal fitness of things, but as
sleeping powders they are howling
It takes vim, nerve, enthusiasm
and  generosity   to   build   a   live
town, and keep it from getting the
. rut fever.
A woman's heart is like- a jackpot. You may open it with two
jacks, and still be unable to win it
with four.
At a recent meeting of the Silverton Miners' Union, the decision
.was reached'to endeavor to get a
six hour shift as a day's work, with'
pay at the rate of $1 an hour.
The miuers should endeavor to do
better. By buying and working
'tho mines themselves they would
���be able to .secure all the profits,
and save much valuable time now
spent in passing resolutions.   ,'   .
All Work Guaranteed
Chevrolet, Dodge, and Studebaker Cars?
Also Republic and National Trucks
One of the largest hotels In
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.'
A. O. JOHNSON     -     PROP.
Western Float
Land For Soldiers
Found something good about
country papers the other day. It
vvas from' a' pamphlet entitled,
"Human Interest Stories,", issued
by the Equitable Life Insurance
Co\ Our old friend Walt MaBon,
editor of the Emporia Gazette,
penned the paragraphs, and here
they are:
"Our little country papers seem
drab and miserably provincial to
strangers, yet we who read them,
read in their lines the sweet ultimate storv of life. " When the girl at
the glove counter marries the boy
ih the wholesale house the news of
their wedding is good for a. forty
line wedding notice and the forty
lines in the country paper gives
them self respect. When in due
course we know that their baby is
a twelve pounder named Grover.
or Theodore, or Woodrow, we
have that neighborly feeling that
breeds the real democracy. When
vveread of death in that home, we
can mourn with those that mourn.
When we see them moving upward in the world, onto a farm and
out toward the country club neighborhood, we can rejoice with those
that rejoice.
"Therefore, men and brethern,
when you are riding through this
vale of tears on the California
Limited, and by choice pick up the
little country- newspaper with its
meagre telegraph service; when
you see its array of countryside
news, its interminable local stories;
Jits tiresome editorials on the
waterworks, the schools,, the street-
railroad, the crops and the city
printing, don't throw down that
contemptible rag with the verdict
that there is nothing in it. But
know this, and know it well: If
you could only take the clay from
your eyes and read the little paper
as it is written, you, would find all
of God's beautiful sorrowing,
struggling, aspiring world in it,
and. what you saw would make yon
touch the little paper"with reverent hands."-..
Ashcroft Journal has ,.in-
a new press and its subscribers are happy. None of them
know how or where he got the'new
world lever.
These days a town without a
newspaper soon slides out of public
notice. Editors can live on air
when it is mixed with live ads and
some, money.
The body of Wm. Bennett, who
was killed in a snowslide at the
Mountain Con last fall was shipped to Mount Forest, Ontario, for
This year it is estimated that 30
carloads of raspbeiries will be shipped from Mission City. One
dealer has sold 50 tons at 17 cents
crated to an Eastern buyer.
Henry Livingston of Horse
Springs Coulee is the oldest resident in the Btate of Washington.
He is 99 years old and is engaged
in mining not far from Oroville,
During last year six white girls
married Hindus in B. C. The
Federal government will permit
the Hindus to bring one wife to
Canada. The balance, if a Hindu
has more, must stay in India.
This province will be "a fine place
when we get half a ~-���"-���--
Hindus in it.
First To Holler -������
"Whenever you see a man rock-
in' de boat," said Uncle Eben,
you can pick his as de one dat'l
holler de loudes' for help when she
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Diet in Rheumatism
In the Matter of Mark Kay, deceased, and In
the "Matter of the Administration Act.    ,
TAKE NOTICE that bv Order of His
Honor J. R. Brosvn, Judge of said Court, made
tlie 2nd day of May.'1919.1 waB appointed
Administrator of tbe Estate of the said Mark
Kajr, deceased, and all parties having1 claims
against the said Estate are hereby, required to
furnish same, properly certified, to me on or
before the 23rd day of June, 1919, and all parties
indebted to the said estate are required to pay
the amount or their indebtedness to nieforth-
wlth. ���   ���      ,
Dated at Greenwood, B.C., May 17,1919. '
Official Administrator.
In the Matter of the  Estate of Eleanor mills,
deceased, and In the Matter of the Administration Act. .
Take notice that by Order of His Honor
John  R.  Brown, Local Judge of  said Court,
ma'de  the 2nd  day of May,  1919,  I was  appointed Administrator cum testamento annexo
of the. Estate of Eleanor Mills, deceased, and
all  parties having  claims   against   the   said
Estate are hereby required to furnish same, properly certified, to me on or before the 23rd day
of June, 1919; aud all parties indebted to the
said Estate  are required to pay the amount of
their indebtedness to me forthwith.
Dated at Greenwood, B.C., May 17,1919.
I ���-.....  ''   Official Administrator.
Editor'Ledge,    ���'���=.',���.
Deau Sir: As ^District Representative for the Dept. of Informs:
tion and. Service Branch: Soldiers
Civil Re-establishment, for . the
West, Kootenays,. I have been
asked to secure information re
" available land, ranches etc,, in this
r District,- for the'purpose of providing suitable lands for the Soldiers
Settlement. "��� I wouid be much
obliged if you would either give me
a list showing location, purchase
price, acreage and other, particulars
re such land in your immediate
vicinity, or failing the; knowledge
yourself, willyou please hand tbia
letter on to some, interested party,
faho would give me the desired information. . ; '.; : .���-/���,
. Thanking you in anticipation for
your interest ih this" matter,
,    ;  Yours truly," -   .. :.
;.     ' 'X.xi', ;w; a.; burton:,
Dis. Rep. Information & Service
Branch Dept..of S., C,   R, Nelson;.
.B.C. XXryy. X.  ' ..X;-'XX  XX '���  vW
v That Breezy Western Way
. They .were playing poker in a
western town. . One of the players
"was a stranger and = was getting a
nice trimming: .Finally, the snefcr
er saw one of the players give hi in-
/ celf three aces from . the bottom of
the pack.       >������--���- . ....   ���"-';"
The.sucker turned to .the ^man
- beside him and said:    f'Did yoa
" eeethat?"    -; ."'.;���. ....:���'    : . -
, "See what asked the man..' '-���''���_.���';
''Why, that fellow dealt.himself
three aces from the bottom of the
deck," said the sucker.
"Well,   what about it?'.f asked
the man.    "It was. his deal, wasn't
3t?"__Tit-Bit3.- .'     ��� ;.-. -"    "'    :
Man Has His Troubles
. While the pros?pect3 for placer
gold at Teslin Lake are good, the
find so far does not warrant a
stampede.   , ."''".--'
Man comes into this world without.his consent, and leaves against
his will/ During his stay bri earth
his time isspeht in one continuous
round of contraries and misunderstandings by fellow beings. In his
infancy he is an angel; in his boyhood he is a devil; in his manhood
he is everything from a -lizard up;
in his duties he is a fool; if he.
raises a family he is a chump; if he
raises a small check he's a thief
and the law raises hell with him;,
if ha is a poor mail he is a poor
manager and has no.sense;, if he is
rich he is dishonest, bat considered
smart; if he is ih politics you can't
place him as he is an undesirable
citizen; if he goes to church he is a
hypocrite; if he stays away J from
church he is a sinner and damned;
if he donates, to foreign missions
he does it for show; if he doesn't
he.is stingy and a tightwad. When
he 'first comes into : the.; .world
everybody wants to kiss him;' before he.goes out. they: -.all want to
kick- him.,.: If he dies young, there
was. a great future, before him; if
he lives to a, ripe old age^ . he is in
the way and living to save funeral
expenses. It,is a funnyold world,
but we all like, to live *in it just the
same, "so' in these reconstruction
times just be cheerful and keep going. .    '���';"'
.  JPrisoner-r-Smifeh. -X.Xx--
ir Prisoner���Locksmith.      r
: Judge���Officer, lock Smith up.
Boy's Life. "X '"y '���        ���-'"-'",, .
If there is a disease more than
any other that is caused by improper diet, and that can be helped
most oftien by a diet properly adjusted to the capacity of the
patient, it is rheumatism, in almost
every one of its forms.
There is a popular belief that
meat, especially red meat; is the
only archfiend that carries into the
system uric acid. and the other
members of the purin group, but it
is not coirect. Tea, coffefe, chocolate, cocoa, peas beane, asparagus,
onions and a few other foods all
contain the purin bodies to some
extent. Animal soups and malt
liquors are also guilty.
All alcoholic liquors are objectionable, some,; of course, more
than others. By many the white
meat of chicken or fowl is considered much less pernicious than
red meat, .such as beef, mutton,
lamb, etc. ;by others . this. is contradicted. Excellent authorities,
however, state that: whatever may
be true theoretically the so-called
red-meats seem moat objectionable
practically.. .
Increasing the easily digested
animal foods, allowing milk, eggs,
a small amount of cheese,., broiled
or roasted meats, beef, lamb and
chicken in small quantities , once a
day often bring a happy result.
Combine with these farinaceous
foods, such as rice, farina, tapioca,
wheafe bread,, etc., and -suitable
vegetables and/fruits. Such procedure may give just the relief the
overworked machinery is < craving.
During acute attaebs of rheumatism the diet should consist of milk,
battermilk, milk toast, grnele, etc.
This Bhould continue so long as
there is any fever. All meats and
other . objectionable; articles mentioned above, should be excluded
until recovery is;'assured. -Alkaline, waters are valuable,.-, and excellent1 results follow the use of
generous quantities (at least three
pints.daily) of any. pure soft water
taken /bet ween meals.   .
NOTICE is hereby given that the first
sitting of the Court of Revision, for the
purpose of hearing complaints against
the assessment for the year 1919 as made
by the Assessor for the City of Greenwood, will be held in the City Office,
Municipal Hall, on Monday, May 26th,
1919, at 10 o'clock a. m.
Notice of complaints must be given
in writing to the Assessor at least ten
days previous to the sitting of the Court.
"Dated at Greenwood, B. C, April 24th,
City Clerk.
Applications For Grazing Permits
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box *biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$i each. ; Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$x.oo. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead Jr.50. Silver-Lead-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for oth��>r metals etc
on application. -...
A Colored Man's Luck
Wife, after 'plane has risen
above the crolvd: */Joha, we msat
go back��� I've lefirthe gas. fire on
in the bedroom!*' 7 xXX'-Xi       . "
It would help 'matters. some if
more had the darkey's: luck. He
says/he waa married three years
ago and has six children. He was
married at Hanfeeville and the first
year his wife presented him /with a
beautiful baby boy. He then
moved to/Port Arthur arid. Fort
William, the ^Twin Cities," and
she presented him with twin boys.
Then he moved to Three Rivers,
and there, came into their lives
triplet's, three sweeft little, girls.
He now says heJH be dog-goned if
he'll take, & job afc the -Thousand
Islands. .     -"-     . ��� 7-
7       NELSON, B.C.
BROKER      .
The, Ledge has always  room
for one more ad.
You  can   get  a   bargain  in
envelopes at The Ledge office.
��� -   ������- ��� . -_-t������y-
All   the   latest  methods, in   high-class
��� Dentistry. --'-
. Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   - >   ;   B.C.
Auto    and   Horse iStages
Leave ; Greenwood    Twice?
Daily to Meet Spokane and
/OrbvHie Trains .'���
Ledge ad3 briQjf: resalta.;
Autos; for: HireV,  The/ Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Dray ing
.. Applications for permits to graze live-stock
on the Crown range within each Grazing District of the Province of British Columbia, as
established ty Order-in-Cbuncil, dated the 10th
of April, 1919 and published in the British Columbia Gazette on April 17th, 1919, must be
filed with the District Foresters at Cranbrook,
Fort George, Kamloops, Nelson, Prince Rupert,
Vancouver and Vernon, or with the Commissioner of Grazing-, Department of Lauds, Parliament Buildings, at Victoria, B. C, on or before Jnly 1st, 1919.
Blank forms upon which to submit applications may be obtained from the District Foresters at the above named places or from the
Department of Lands at Victoria, B.C.
G. R. NAD^N,
"��� Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands, Victoria, B.C.,
Mth April, 1919.
Pre-emption now confined to surve. ��� *
tonds only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agrlcultu. il  -jurposes -
and which Is non-timber lar<J.
Partnership pre-emptions* abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange' for adjacent pre-emptions, with
Joint residence, "but each making necessary Improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy ^.*ims for
five years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre. Including vlearlng
and cultivation of at least 5 aerns, be-
��� fore receiving Crown Grant.
Where pro-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made^prapor-
tlonate improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certiiicate of improvement
and transfer his claim. j
Records without-'permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
Improvements to extent of $300 per annum and records same each year. Failure  to  make   improvements   or   record
��� same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims in
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 xears.  ,-
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption,  If  he re-
?iuires   land   In   conjunction   with   his
arm, without actual occupation,  provided statutory Improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted-
Unsurvoyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title io be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
-���For srssins.-and Industrial purposes,-
areas erc��edlny 640 acres may be leased
By one person or company.
The scope of this Aot ls enlarged to
Include all persons Joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which tha heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act la extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of the present 'war. This
privilege la also made retroactive.
��� Provision Is made for the grant to
persou holding' uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion ��f the land, lf divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests, and apply for a proportionate allotment Jointly. -If it is not
considered advisable to divide the land
' covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected
__    ___ ._   ._ ^
. .     _ from available
Crown lands la the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to aay municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has.agreed to
sell are also protectod.   The decision of
��� the Minister of I��.nds In respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
Is final. The time for malting application for these allotments ls limited to
the 1st day of May. 1919. Any application made after this date -will not be
considered.   These allotments apply to
. tows lota aad lands of the Crow�� sold
**<JKl��&*����5ggn��     - * -
For information apply ,to any Provincial Government Agent or to
Deputy Minister of Lands,
Victoria, B.C.
K*^    ^*
./�����. ��;���!���{'
THE   Dominion   of  Canada - offers   VN-
you   every   safeguard / for ��� your
investment in Thrift and War Savings .
Stamps. -"  -
��.Yout postmaster will register every War Savings
Stamp for you, and if they are lost by theft, fire or
other cause, you can still obtain your money, with
the accumulated interest, at the office where the'
* stamps were registered." "  .
Sixteen 25-cent Thrift Stamps
���y will buy a $4.00 War Savings
'*     Stamp worth  $5,00  in   1924.
(British Colimililn Dltisfon) Vnueonvcr, B.C.
t Stamps
> Baugtng tbe receiver on the hook in the midst of the other person's
genial "good bye", is like slamming the door on a departing guest.
Don't think he fails to hear its clattcr.or nlisunderstood its significance.',
The telephone is a delicate instrument; otherwise it would not_ register
the human voice. It merits,careful handling; thereon largely depends its
satisfactory working. Aud, just as important to the us.er, the all-important
impressions which he makes by telephone���whether-in or out of business
hours���depend in great measure on the consideration he shows other people, up to the last faint elicit that should end the connection.
���             nelson, M.    ; *
T ~ '-- . -  ���
���fr ������ -^ ��� :  *
4* The only, up-4o*3atc Hotel in the interifcr,   First-class ��g��
inj2very respect
������r,���r..,jrr���    -     ���.-. , , %     -   *
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and. Telephone in ^
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Stea.m Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European PJati.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
' .}
|!|^|eiIwWp�� te> xx
i^xi^>mm!MJ>^. ^pop��'
I For Good I
I Job Printing i
S^z ���*��
H ---Economy and Satisfaction %
p combined with Promptness 3.
H are the features which go to %
% make up the Service; we give =��
H our customer^.     Are  you j|
H one of them?                          |j
 ���       ���        ' -������
��� ��� �����
. . ^^
Letterheads^ Noteheads,       3
^ , (Ruled or Plain) -    '      ^3      I
Envelopes, Billheads,' 3
(All Sizes) " ^3 >if*
Statements, Business Cards, g
Posters,  Dodgers, &c, .&c, 3
1 The Ledge       PHONE 29      |
g     GREENWOOD    .   Job Printing Department    3-
^luuiiuiumuiiiiuiiiiiii iiiuiaiiiiiiiiiiiyiii uimuiuuuiii^


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