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The Ledge Feb 6, 1919

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Array I".
Vol.   XXV.
������ ^
No. 30
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many  kinds bf Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
S~ EMPRESS,   MALKIN'S   BEST,   NABOB   70c or 21tS for $1.35 3
g BRAIDS BEST at 65c 2
��= BLUE RIBBON 1-21bpk*e   35c.      BLUE RIBBON lib pkee  65c 2
��== BLUE RIBBON 31b tins  $185.      BLUE RIBBON 51b tins $3.00 =|
2~    Choice Bulk Tea 60c per lb.      Choice Spider Lee Tea 70c ~g
| Phone 46       LEE & BRYAN      1
���fr Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ~2
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
x-f ���'������'; 60 watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each,
60 Watts
100    ������
200   ��'
-   > :>   $1,25 each
��   -    -   2.00 ��
��   ,   ,    3.50 "
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood!, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in 'the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steanvand
electricity. Fine sample rooms," Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, "and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
Gloves, Mitts, Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
Choice Goods
Cigars,   Tobaccos, Cigatv
ettes, Pipes, Fruit and
Suitable for tbe Holiday  Season
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
C.V.O, ULD, D.CL. frtwkm
Christian Science service will. be held
in .the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ri
a.m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m-., testimonial meetings will be
held, in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection
Around Home
You can get a bargain', in
envelopes at The Ledge office.
Get a Float for 25 cents at
The Ledge office, and send to
your friends in order to cheer
them during the dark days of
the winter.
SIR JOHN AJRD. General Manage 1
H. V. F. JONES. A��t Gml Muugtr
CW^l^jJl^ . $15,000,000
Eyery effort IsiTia^
' x^in^serviGe;; i^uirerf: by; :ntlft^.||^|:|||
ixixffxiiixxixipei^ Sri^fi^yments|||fl
Greenwood Farmers'
Gopherj Killing Compel
Cash -prizes will ?te,; jrivein by tbe
afcove Institute for highest aumbisr of
Gophers Killed in tbe coming season,
lst^2nd, and 3Tdv:Amottots of prizes
will appear later./ Save tfie tails.XXX
J. H. Goodeve returned from
Princeton on Friday last.
At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches..,   Boys Watches.
Jack Ryan is a brakeman with
the C.P.R. at Grand Forks.
Miss Vera Redpath, of Nelson,
is the guest of Mrs. T. Jenkin.
A Soldiers friend is Dad O'Dell
at the Province Hotel, Grand
The recent snow fall was most
welcome to the tie-makers in this
Ladies woolen and heavy cotton underwear at Rendell's Stocktaking Sale.
Van H. Smith and bride have
returned to Allenby, from their
southern trip.
Remnants in velyeteens, velvets, braids, insertions, etc., at
Rendell's Stocktaking Sale.
Olof C. Skoldberg of this city,
has taken out a Life Insurance
Policy from Chas.,King.
L. P. Howe, well-known in
Princeton, died at McKuttch,
California, on January 20.
For that nasty cough use Syrup
White Pine and Tar. You can
get it at Goodeve's Drug Store.
Hot lemonade is good for influenza, we have fresh juicy
lemons on hand.  Rendell's Store.
Mrs. W. H. j Wood was the
guest of Mrs. C H, Niles, Grand
Forks, for a few days last week.
Arthur Walters, who left Phoenix for Cassi&y a few weeks ago,
is now in the employ of the
Granby at Anyox.
Lost.���Black wallet containing $21, all bills. Finder will be
rewarded $10 by returning sanie
to G. E. Stamper, Greenwood.
R. J. Muir was in town this
week. Bobby reports that business is good at Allenby, where he
has a pool room and barber shop.
-Make your own. Oranges and
Grape Fruit at a price that reduces considerably the cost of
your marmalade.    G. A. Rendell.
The C. P. R. has granted an
eight hour day to its agents,
operators and freight department
staff. It came into effect on Saturday last.
T. Jenkin, one of the oldest
employees of the local smelter
when it closed, left for Allenby
onSaturday, to take a position
witli the three C's.
Fresh fruits and groceries,
quality and prices guaranteed.
G. A. Rendell, Greenwood, B. C.
: E. B. Nelson, who has been
an assistant in the local post-
office, is now acting-postmaster
in place of Postmaster Matthews,
who recently resigned. W. C.
Wilson is the new assistant.
Major R. G, Hargreaves writing from Somewhere on the
Rhine, says that he had seen
Bob Murray and Alex Davidson,
two former Greenwood boys; in
Boon, a few days before writing.
O. R- Matthews who has been
postmaster in Greenwood for
some time past left for Allenby
on Tuesday. Ollie's many friends
were sorry to see him leave, and
wish him success in his new
The tracklaying gang on the
branch line between Princeton
and the mill site pf the Canada
Copper Corporation at Allenby,
reached their destination last
Friday. Eighty pound steel rail
were used. ���;
A new shipment of white and
coloured flanelettes, sheeting,
sheets and pillovy cases at Ren-
del IV Store.  >;;
7: There is a good chance for; the
boys of tble district to win 'prizes
during the coming snmmer in the
Farmers' Institute gopher killing
competition^ In ^helping-tp^get
ridofthisLpest ihe;boys Xwill7 be
doing -something.; th at-will cer^
tainlraiid the Jarmer in thissee-
tibn.'7v:'';'    ; r, ���"
British Columbia people are not
very numerous this winter.
San Diego harbor is full of warships, including 20 submarines and
sub chasers. The Oregon is again
anchored here.
The Flu situation has improved
somewhat in the South', but "California colds'' and other pesky
diseases are still rampant.
Numerous arrests during the
past week mark police attempts to
stamp out the deadly practice of
marihuana smoking. Reports from
Texas indicate an alarming increase in the use of the drug along
the whole Mexican border. The
number of Mexicans taken into
custody here with the narcotic
weed in their possession is evidence
to the polico that San Diego is
menaced. Three men arrested
within"the past two days by Detectives Sears and Elliott were
charged with having marihuana in
their possession. Others picked up
on vagrancy complaints were found
to be well supplied with cigarettes
of marihuana leaves. All have
the wild, insane 'stare common to
addicts of this strange drag.
Maribuna is a harmless looking
weed which grows luxuriantly in
Southern California'and the other
border states. In its' leaves is the
essence of crime, violence and sudden death. Users of the 'drug are
obsessed with weird hallucinations,
their moral sense is destroyed, and
they ��nfeer bodily upon fehe most
re vol ting cri m es. When smoked
in a pipe or cigarette, marihuana
grants the smoker partial JinBen-
sibility to pain and endows him
with superhuman physical courage.
For this reason the marihuana-
crazed criminal is the most dangerous of men. It is said that rebel
and bandit leaders in Mexico frequently encourage their Tmen fo
smoke marihuana before going into
battles. Hundreds of crimes along
the Mexican border have been
traced directly to the influence of
this 'terrible narcotic. The state
law classes marihuana with other
narcotics and makes it a crime to
possess the weed. Ife is commonly
grown, however,*by Mexicans, nofe
only for smoking but for bird seed.
Despite, fehe deadly qualities of the
leaves, the seeds makes one of the
best bird foods known. The police
here are determined to curtail the
use of the drug by the local Mexican population and thus prevent a
threatened crime wave. ��.
Returns to Phoenix -
Western News
Pte. W- Millington returned to
Phoenix on Tuesday from France.
He was given a rousing reception
on his arrival. Pte. Millington
left with the 102nd Battalion and
was IS months' at the front in
France, two of which being on
the firing hue. He received a
slight wound iu the right arm,
which put him-out of the fighting. Mrs. Millington and three
children reside in Phoenix.
���:JL little-girl at '-a'! cbiihtry school
w.ai; asked: by pher^te iclierjtp'-o^
:p;laih,St% >';meanin^
!;;:;:.; G��t ��� fpUT;. j^X^ih^'^XrktXXl^t
.i: L|d gej;: gtref^fe.:;''tte;;ypa'^
During 1918  Kaslo shipped
tons of fruit by express.
The number  of  beekeepers
Kootenay is said to be 175.
Coyotes carried of a lifefeer of pigs
from the barnyard of a Craigielea,
Manitoba farm.
In Revelstoke recently $155 was
realized by a tag day for the town's |
wounded soldiers.
Construction of the Vernon-
Kamloops Bail way will be commenced very shortly.
Total casualties of horses and
mules in the American army in
France were 161,631.
Miss Violet Archibald, formerly
of Greenwood, was married in San
Diego last September.
Fernie reports a shortage of
Sunday School teachers, and an
over sapply of scholars.
The Cranbrook Rod and Gun
Club will ask the government to
re-appoint game wardens.
A grape vine in Chilliwack last
year produced 1,383 pounds of
grapes thataold for $59.25.
The $633 commission on
tory Bonds in Rossland
donated to the Red Cross of
Lawrence Otfe is operating 30
miles of traps this winter, on the
Hammill and Toby creeks, near
Nelson's new mayor, J. A. McDonald, has clamped the lid down
tight in that town as regards
Major-General Mewburn, min-
ister'of-'militia, says that all the
troops "will be back in Canada by
the end of August.
Afe BonnerB Ferry recently a. four
horse team hauled in a five-cord
load of wood. The price paid for
the load was $32.50.
If it hadn't been for $750 received from the.Provincial Government lasfe year, theJ'Kaslo hospital
wouldihave had to close its doors.
Recently five hundred hogs, suffering from hog cholera, have been
killed by the Alberta government
inspector within the limits of Calgary.
Cranbrook ratepayers voted to
invest 83,000 of fehe towns cash to
buy the privately-owned skating
rink, and operate it free for the
citizens use. X ���
Thrifty parents at Kaslo have
flooded feheir backyards to provide
their youngsters with^skating, and
thus save the price of a season
ticket at the rink.
Some British Columbia fruit
growers see<ruin ahead of them if
express rates are raised. Others
boast of profit last year running as
high as $700 per acre.
The A merican Agriculturist says
thafe as soon as hostilities ceased
steel prices were voluntarily reduced by American manufacturers
by from $3 to $6 a ton.
A ban has been placed on all
dances, both public and private,
until such time as the second
wave of the Spanish influenza disappears from this province.
Frank Welle, who recently died
in New Denver, was born in Ohio
and served in the Civil War. He
had lived in the Slocan for 26
years, and was 79 years old.
Nelson and district gave almost
80S,000 to the Patriotic Fund daring 1918. ; In the same time tie
fund disbursed $87,000 to soldiers
dependents in the same   territory.
In Trail George Hi Green was
fined $100 and costs for keeping a
gaming boose. Sam Miller, Sam
Perchinec, James Barns iand Carl
Hicks Were each fined $50 and
cost oh a charge of being found in,
a gaming house without lawful ex-
cueeiX rXi'XxiXiXiXiiXii:',
��� Alberta hay was- recently quoted
at from $42 to $45 a ton wholesale,
at Vancouver, while native timothy
i? eelling ��� for from $1 to L $2 less.
Alfalfa is quoted at from $42 to
$45 a ton/ In some parts of the
province the price to consumers for
hay runs as high as $55 a ton.
Mining News
The Electric Point Mining company of Northport, operated at a
loss of $25,917 in 1918.
The government is doing 10,000
feet of diamond drilling on the
Snowstorm mine at Ashcroft.
Tbe ore receipts at the Trail
smelter for the month of January
will run well over 30,000 tons.
It is stated that there are 90,000,-
000 tons of ore in fehe Sullivan
group afe Kimberley in East Kootenay.
The Noble Five and Ivanhoe
mines in the Slocan, which were
practically shut down on account
of the epidemic, have resumed
operations with full crews.
The first international mining
convention on the Pacific coast as
far as the Dominion of Canada is
concerned, -will be held in Vancouver on March  17,   18,  and 19.
The Princeton Star says that
coal is being taken out of the
Osoyoos colliery at Ashnola at the
rate of about 20 tons a day. Several teams and trucks are hauling
to Princeton for local consumption
and for shipment to Hedley, Rossland and other points.
The Roseberry Surprise mill at
Sandon has been closed down, the
ore milled afe this plant will in
future be handled by the Roseberry mill. This is a decided set
back to Sandon, as ib constituted
one of feheir chief industries and
employed a large number of residents, mostly men of families, who
will be hard hit as a result.
The Florence Silver Mining company, operating at Ainsworth, received $27,200 net in preliminary
settlement for ore shipped in
December. The shipment amounted to 400 tons. The settlement is
at the rate of $68 a ton on 90 per
cent of fehe metallic content, leaving a payment for final settlement
subject to market conditions. January shipments amounted to 350
The Ladysmith smelter will resume operations in a very shorfc
time. The smelter ran for a while
last year, but closed down owing
to a lack of reserves of ore. The
principals in the enterprise, who
make their headquarters in Akron,
Ohio, now believe they are in a
fair way to overcome fehis difficulty.
They have made arrangements 60
acquire certain properties in the
northern section of British Columbia as a start, and also at no distant date they expect to begin development of other properties on
the coast. In this way they expect to bave EiifEcienfe reserves of
ore to keep them running steadily. *
The Rambler-Cariboo mines in
the Slocan has declared a dividend
of 317,500, according to a receufc
announcement. This is at the
rate of a cent a share on the issue
of 1,750,000 shares. Payment will
be made February 15 to stockholders on record February 5. The
forthcoming disbursement will increase, the total of dividend payments to $560,000. The company
has a surplus of $55,000, according
to an estimate. This includes ore
in transit and at the smelter of
which there are 60 tons of lead
concentrates valued at $7500 net
and 165 tons of zinc valued afe $20
a ton. Operation of the mill ha3
been interrupted by a enpwslide
that halted the flow of water. The
slide which came from Payne
mountain, covered the flume for
200 feet and to a depth of 20 feet
in places. The movement of snow
occurred oh Jan. 23, and on two
days of the week before. '. Thie
snow is4>eing removed with a view
of restoring the (low soon. Snow
has fallen to a depth of 3 feet at
the mine but only rain has fallen
at the mill recently. There is a
difference of about 1200 feet in the
elevation of the mine and the mill.
Little exploratiou was done in 1918
owing to the high cost of supplies.
tranBporfe ion and labor. 5IHE    USDGE,    GB&ENWOOBa.   J_k A
Almost any man will tell you
that Sloan's Liniment
means relief
For ;,r;u.ii<\i!ly every man i;:>s used
it who has suffered from rheumatic
;ic!r's, soreness of muscle;, stillness
���of joints, the results of weather exposure.
Women, 'oo. by the hundreds of
ihousr.iub, t:?e it for relieving neurit's, lame kicks, neiir.d^in, sick headache, derm, refreihin;;, soothing-,
cco:ui".iie:il, ijuicidy elective. >ay
"Sloan's Liniment" to your iirn&:j-.st.
Made in Camilla.   Get it today.
or write lymsn-KnojCo., Monlreal, P.Q. Price6Sc.
Prosperous Year
In Southern B. C.
With Minimum Labor   District    Accomplished High Maximum
Vancouver, li. C.���Based on accurate,
carefully   cheeked 113)  figures   of railway  officials,  the  Okanagan    United
Growers, the Mutual Fruit Company,
and other principal fruit shippers, lhe
1��1S Okanag-an fruit    and    vegetable
production closely appro.xiinatcd   $-!-,-
i 000,000,   by   all   odcis   the   most   pros-I
iperous agricultural  ycar in  Southern
liritish Columbia's history.      To    the
j amount mention could bc added sizeable  production  of grains,  hay,  livestock,  eu;gs  and  dairy products.  Tiiis
'narrow   liritish   Columbia  valley,  ly-'
ing   north   and   south,   with   beautiful
Okanagr.n  hike  stretching  the   lower
two-thirds, has a relatively small population;  its  cities, like  Vernon,   Kelowna and  Penticton, are really   only
. large country towns, except in spirit;
;.->ml if lhc $-1,000,000 plus production
i was  expressed    in .1 "devclopedacre1'
j average, the valley very likel3' would
j lead Canada.    Willi minimum     labor
! facilities,   favored   hy     fertile      lauds
'and a highly favorable climate,     thc
district accomplished high  maximum
To Command Allied
Army in Siberia
French    General    Jules    Janin    Will
Have Supreme Direction
Omsk, Russia. ���Unity of command
on the Siberian front has been arranged, and th.e French General Jules
Janin, who has been commander of aeroplanes for
the Czccho-Slovak army, will have
supreme direction of the allied forces
in Russia.
The appoinlnknt of Gen. Janin is
hailed as auguring the ultimate defeat
of thc Bolshcviki. General Knox, chief
of thc Briiish military mission, and
also in charge of thc commissariat, is
occupied in the task of selecting ;i
representative commission to study
and formulate a plan for thc election
Universal News
By Wireless
*E"1 #!_%__ I f?*tnk 's n�� more nece*s*ry
I   �� F&SiSaoI thou Smallpox.   Army
1 C   (8   |F,V(_# experience has demonstrated
thc almost miraculous cffl-
��Scy, amlhsrmlessncjs.of Antityphoid Vaccination.
Be vaccinated NOW by your physician, you sua
Jjrcrar fawily.   It Is wore vital Ihaa house insurance.
Aslr your pb;-s!cisr., drjcjlst, orsendfet "Havo
you had Typhoid?" telling of Typhoid Vaccine,
xccults from us , and dancer from Typhoid Carriers.
rionuciaa \,.cciKCi t iirux�� uxbss u. s, ��ov. Lionel
Sores Flee Before It.���There are
many who have been afflicted with
sores and have driven them awav
with Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil.
which acts like magic. All similarly
troubled should lose no lime in applying this splendid remedy, as there
is nothing like it. to be had. lt is
cheap, but its power is in no way expressed  by  ils low price.
Trt��RAPSOftS Ks&i^J
(reatiui-Lec;, c.unca i:h:i-,mc-.vc.��cssss.lost vjgos
��� VIM. KIDNXY. ��USfc!J, 1'ISUSiS, 1L03IJ roiSGN
riLKS. E1TIISII No. 'OXl.'-:o!j:<.!r.MAIt. I!. roST 4 CT1
tOUGXkA Co. 90. ��Cttlili/.X S i'. Niiv; YOy.Ko.-l.YMAN OKnl
roROBTO. whits ro% Fftet hock to t.i. le clepo
Med.Co.Havki\stoi:kRc, Hamkhiaj;-, Lonoon Ena,
y��YnavfPKAai!<ir*.sTJii.H.:a<rowt;oi'   ��.sv T0 TAI��
The hog is he cheapest producer
of animal fats. Don't send it to market in thin condition, it doesn't pay.
Minard's  L-'..intent  Cures  Distemper.
Thousand    Stations    Could    Receive
S.gnals as Easily as One
It is now known that the wireless
telephone was used by    thc    British
communicating    with
thc artillery in thc marvellous    work i
of  "spoiling'   'and  directing  artillery
fire.    Air.  Campbell Svvinton, in    his
chairman's address to the Royal Society of Arts, also recalls the success- j
ful  transmission  of articulate  speech j
by wireless between the United States
and Paris.    "Wc are likely, therefore,
to hear a great    deal    more     about
wireless   telegraphy  during  thc   next
few years.    Mr. Swinton sees no rea-
of .1 national assembly. ]son why, in thc near future, a irtiblic
Thc newspapers call attention to'speaker in Ncw York and London
the fact that the workmen's co-opera-j should not directly address, through
live organizations of Omsk and clse-.j the wireless telephone, an audience
where have proclaimed their support]of several thousands scattered over
of thc ncw government. The govern-, half thc globe. Hc also forshadows
I ment is actively negotiating with the I thc organization of a wireless tele's��^ j powers for recognition, and   also for I graph  news service  over long     dis-
 ��� I participation    in    the peace    confer-  tanccs to a multitude of receiving sta-
Englishman Invented Depth Bomb   ! encc.
London. - - The Express naval expert writes that the inventor of the
depth charge, which was one of thc
most effective inventions of the war.
was an Englishman named II. J. Taylor, who was formerly an instructor
in motor car engineering at the Eat-
lersca polytechnic. At the beginning
of the war he saw- some submarines
manoucvering oil thc Isle 01 Wight,
when the idea of a water bomb occurred to him. Hc worked on it till
thc following May, and then submitted a scheme to thc admiralty. Six
weeks later successful trials were
made of this invention, whose dcad-
liness soon became notorious.
Produce the Best
Sold Everywhere
Writs to-day for Catalogue���Now Ready
394 PORTAGE Ave.,   WIN8HIPE6, Man.
Catarrral Deafness Cannof be Cured
by   local   applications,   as   they  cannot   reach
Hog Production Profitable
Three breeds of pure    bred  swine
. ooYT.riAMr AitixtD
the    diseased    portion    of    the    ear.       There
is  only   one   way   to   cure  catarrhal   deafness,
and    that    is    by   a    constitutional    remedy.
j Catarrhal   Deafness    is    caused    by    an     in-
the   mucous  lining    of
be.       When    this  tube  is
rumbling sound  or  imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed, :
Deafness  is the result.     Unless the inflamma- i
_ high , tion can be reduced and this tube restored toj
T.o*. ��nd LeiigoKtei th��""wUoC   class animals have been got together i jts "��""!'1  condition,  hearing   will   be des
roupiy��t��m, unkeinew B!ot>4 1 . , ; . "      . troyeil  forever.     Many  cases of
old. Veins,   Cure*   Ktrvout
���feed's r&osx&ctli&s.
Th* Oftat Englloh iltmrdm,
T��b��a and taiigontc* tha whoU
urruutiiy>t��m. naketaew B!oo4
ia     "
ro*L'oB.s5?'i0_ii*M��2 1-ire "ow being kept at thc Manitoba I flamed   condition   of
I .      ���     ..        1       /-   11 it     ,    , ���       Ithc   Eustachian    Tub
-'--���-���. xx..--  ~. - I Agricultural      College   ���   Yorkshire,  illl1anic<l you have :.
j Berkshire and Poland China.    Dunn
the last year or two    several
Lyons. ��� Thc number of effectives mobilized by France
from thc outbreak of the war is
given as follows in the report of
Deputy Ecnazet on the war
budget: August 15, 1914: Officers, 92,828; soldiers, 3,780,000.
February 15, 1915: Officers, 97,-
753; soldiers, 4.900,000. January
1, 1916: Officers, 109.814; soldiers, 5,096,000. January 1,
1917: Officers, 115,004; soldiers,
5,026,000. January 1, 1918: Officers, 128,372; soldiers, 5,064,-
000. On January 1, 1918, thc infantry numbered 2, 106,775; artillery, 899,654; aviation, 59,285;
cavalry, 166,422; engineering
corps, 185,110.
Large Returns
From Wool Clip
Bulk Payment to Be Divided Among
Individual Producers
Winnipeg, Man. ��� Final checks
have been issued for thc 1918 clip of
Manitoba wool as sold on thc cooperative basis by the Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers' Limited.
At-the request of    the    Manitoba
Sheep    Breeders'    Association,     the
Manitoba department of    agriculture
took charge during the past year, of
' Makes Breathing Easy.    Thc con- jthe assembling of the wool at Winni,
striction of thc air passages and thc  Pc��. wI>crc it was graded, and    for-
strugglc for breath, too familiar cvi-  warded in bulk lots to bc sold by the
tions.      In wireless   telegraphy,     he |
points out, it costs no more to send
signals to a thousand receiving  stations than to a single one.- Thus Lis-
i bon, Rome, Gibraltar, Calcutta, Cape
I Town, Buenos Ayrcs, Ncw York and
many  other towns might  have  their
��� tape machines simultaneously recording messages from. London.    In  this
universal distribution of news, rather
, than in thc transmission of    private
��� messages, he sees the great field for
wireless progress.
deuce of asthmatic trouble, cannot
daunt Dr. J. D. Kcllogg's Asthma
Remedy.   This is thc famous remedy
Canadian Co-operative Wool    Growers' Limited.    This company,     after
which is known far and wide for its  se'ling thc product, has turned over
complete effectiveness even under
very severe conditions. It is no untried, experimental preparation, but
one with many years of strong service behind it. Buy it from your
i nearest dealer.
deafness  are
an    inllamed
teart, Failiw Memory.   Price tl per box, ol
���r|5.    Oa*willpl����o��,nix willaur��.   Sold'
'from herds that arc making names for ��� caused   by  catarrh,   which
 ,_.:__   _{ llR.   ni
acts   thru   the   blood   on
Ubility, iitntal and Brain fPorry, jbmpon. ].. ���������  ,   ,    .     ,,.     , ,-> "    ,     c    .      i condition  of  the   mucous    surfaces.      Mall's
Itnttf, lA>B��<tf Xnercv. i'mJftUntUn cfth* j themselves in Western Canada. Swtnt: j Catarrh  c���
'jil.tl !arc kePt at the college primarily for;m^,ous surfaces of the system.
-J-.--i-.tf.ji��-i-i.-��v--    .b:r'4    ���     . . T    1 , We  will   give    One   Hundred     Dollars  for
^^!^V?��^a^^^WKJooS    lnStrUCtlOU   WOrk-  a,,d   nls0  t0   supply! any   cas?  0,   Catarrhal   Deafness  ih��t. .cannot
ICINI CO~teiG!iTflL0lfT. tfumeisWUtej   the dormitory with pork.    But    over
��� seventy breeding sows are now on
hand, and thc choicest of them will
lie sold to farmers in the spring.
MOf\i����*   UKDJiKS
Send   a   Dominion   Express
Thev  arc  oav.ih'e  everywhere
Money   Ordsr
French Planning
he  cured   hy   Hall's   Catarrh   Cure.    Circulars
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1\ J. CtlliNKV  & CO., Toledo,  O.
Portugal is in State of Siege
Why Can't I
Get To Sleep?
'Almost Tied the
Prairie Provinces
Raise two crops of pigs a year.   It;Cabinet Has Taken Vigorous Meas
is the common practise in the eastern and central states and might well
be a more common practise in Canada./;
ures to Maintain Order
Paris. ��� Circumstances of the outbreak of the monarchial revolution in
Portugal are given in an agency despatch  from   Lisbon.    It says:
To  Cure a  Cold in  One Day "Tllc minister of war, with a ntim-
fhip-iTjkc,/LAXATIVE     UROMO     QUININE bcr.of officers, took a train to Oporto
,     ,' i t Tablets). ���   It   stops   the   Cough   and . li&icl-'       , .     ,     , . '
France  had  lost ache and  works-off   the    CoM.       E.   \Y.  ;ul(l were  received at the station   by
(iRO VIC'S  signature  on  each   hox.     3(K\
Cattle Owned   on   British   Columbia
Ranches Increased Since 1913
Vancouver, B.C.���According to statistics recently compiled by the fed-
Thousands of   people   all over the j crai authorities, the total cattle own-
country  ask  this   question,    but  still 1   , ��� ... ,   ^ ,     , ��� ,       , ���
continue to toss night after night oili.cd on Bnt,sh Colunlbia iancIlcs has
a sleepless bed, and it is impossible  increased over 80 per cent, since 1913,1
for them to get ? .till night's refresh-;the biggest increases being in    1917'
ing sleep. and 1918.   Following slight decreases j
borne      constitutional    disturbance, '���    ln,.   .. .- ,'
worry  or disease h..s so    debilitated\\m 1914' thc" were continuous annual
and irritated the nervous system that' increases.   Thc percentage of increase
thc bulk payment to bc divided    by
the department among the individual
Over 900 men contributed wool to
Alberta as a Coal Producer
The Chief Coal Producing Province
in Canada
Alberta is now the chief coal-producing province in thc Dominion of
Canada. This is shown by the latest
official figures. Hitherto. Nova Scotia
held first place, but the figures for the
first Miine months of last ycar show
that Alberta had tlic lead on Nova
Scotia by about 125,000 tons. Up to
the above date the Western provinces
had produced two-thirds of all the
coal mined in Canada this year, and
Alberta had increased her production
over last ycar by nearly 40 per cent.
No doubt this remarkable advance has
been due largely to the restrictions
placed on shipments of anthracite coal
to the West. In Manitoba, especially, Alberta coal has found a new and
largc market.   It remains to be seen
. whether this will bc held to anything
the sale, and the total weight    sold like the samc cxtcnt when conditions
Paris. ��� M.   Uuisson,' commission
tr ��� for'merchant  marine,    discussing
thc   reconstruction, of  French
ping, .declared' tit
during- the war almost two-fifths of
her merchant fleet, which was al-
re.i'iy greatly inadequate for the requirements- of the French trade. Tlie
commissioner  suggested  thai  Franco;.,. ���    r-       1 ..1 1
,,     ,    . ... ���;,   ��� l rorcc in Canada was taken when over
should  obtain  as  rapulv as  possible;-inn    r .1      i-    i- t   ..   ���  ���        <. rr
'      -   , ! J'JO of  the Lncrhsh training stall
compensation    ior    French    tonnage
destroyed   by   submarines    and    -the
prompt carrying  out  of  the  cosiven-
British Flyers Leaving
Toronto. ��� Another  step    toward
lcmobilization  of    thc    Royal     Air
officers of thc garrison who conducted them to headquarters. There
they were informed tliat ?. monarchy
was about to be proclaimed in Opor
it cannot bc quietened except by thf
pernicious  use   of   opiates    or    narcotics.    Or  again,  you    have ���  heart
palpitation, and sensation of sinking,
a feeling you are  going  to die,    or
perhaps  you  wake .up in  your sleep
feeling as though you were about to.
choke or smother, and the onl>   way
you can get reiicf is to sit up in bed.
To  all   who   suffer  this   way,   Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills offer an  increase, and almost lied thc
inestimable  boon.    Thcy   bring  back'
the much-needed night's rest by im-1
tion. with Great Britain with regard
to shipping which should increase
France's tonnage by 5W,0(!Q tons, in
two- years.
For year* -Mother Graves' ;"\Vorm
/Exterminator has ranted as the most
effective, preparation manufactured
and it always, maintains its reputation.
the mechanical wing entrained at
North-Toronto station 011'their-.way
back to England.
Minard's ; Liniment Cures, Colds, etc,
iprovin     the    tone    of    the    nerves,
,  , ���        ..  . Istrengthen  the   heart,   enriching   tho.
md  his  suite were  bl00(f and making th'c-whole 0^ani.
able to take a. train for Lisbon.    On zatiou  act    in    harmony���then    you
their way thcy   received information .sleep as peaceful as a child.
of the proclamation of a monarchy in I ���<. Mi's\ Jas.  Latimer, 39 Leinstcr St.
q      t (St. John,  N.B.,  writes:���"At  nignt   I
;  ",_, -���    ���' ' - - j could not sleep.    1   had  to sit up in
"J he monarchist manifesto calls bed, my heart beat-so fast, and when
upon the population to fly the old' 1 walked up stairs I would get all
blue-and''white royalist banner 'out of breath.   A friend recommend
"The minister
for the province was equalled only
by the three prairie provinces. In
Ontario the increase was slightly
over 10 pcr cent., in Nova Scotia 43
pcr cent., in Ncw Brunswick 33 pcr
cent., and in Quebec 65 pcf cent.
British Columbia exceeded all the
eastern provinces in percentages    of
prairie provinces,
Thc number of cattle owned is approximately 246,130 head, as compared with 135.7S2 in 1913,
"The cabiiict    has    taken
led  Milburn's  Heart and  Nerve  Pills:
Men are Restless
Everybody Is Dead Tired and Anxious to Get Home
London. ��� "We are eager, to  get
on with demobilization to save     the
May Seize Monies
Berlin. ��� The national-ministry of
finance..is said lo have asked Berlin
banks to report on deposits belonging to: members of. the. Spa'rt.icus. lea-:
gue or -their wives. The ground is
taken that /such monies is .Russian
Bolshcviki money and-, '-rubject- to
coufiscalio.:!.     .
���,'������'   Australia Sends Wheat
���Delhi, India. -The Indian govern-1 ���   "liic; cabinet--lias    taken   vigorous |an(iaftdr lising  two boxcs     1    cau ,..,,-
ment has 'concluded an  arrangement j measures to .maintain'order.   A state !sleep' all -night  and  am  not out    of restlessness which the men arc show
diverting    certain    Australian    wheat jof siege has been proclaimed through-  breath  after  walking.'/ J ing,
shipments   to   India  mainly  for  mili- jPUt the country..   The warships Vasco
tary. use and for. Bonibaj and Calcut- i<lc Cama and    Guadiana    have been
la flour mills. This arrangement will-
free India's crops for- district's .'where'
scarcity prevails. There is still no
sign of ..the winter, rains. ...
Acting Under Orders
Saloniki. ������ Buigar soldiers "continued plundering the dwellings and
shops.of Greeks at Democrata, Rum-
clia, according to advices received
'���Iicrc; It is reported that- soldiers, who
nre .participating in tlie work declare
they, arc acting in obedience to orders from _ their superiors.
No death is -11.10 re., certain .than thc j
end  that  comes    to    cvery    offender'
treated by  Putnam's Corn Extractor.
Out   comes   the  corn  or warts,   root
and branch."..' Insist    en "Putnam's"
only,, it's  the
and painless,
called home and   two other warships
have, been scut to Oporto. ��������� .
"The Lisbon garrison remains loyal
to the government."
-The  message      stales      lhat      the
troubles arc not; of a Bolshcviki nature  but  are  merely due    to    iiitc'r-
Starving Workmen Parade Streets
breath after  walking.'/ (ing." declared General Turner to thc
Milburn's   Heart   and     Nerve. Pills ��� Canadian Associated Press.   The lat-
arc 50cT a box at all dealers, or mail- reliablc cstiraatc here is that    all
ed direct .on receipt of price by 1 he   _ ���     ,. .,, , ....
T.  Milburn  Co.,    Limited,    Toronto,  Canadians will bc repatriated by the
Ont. ..-.'.-...
was 361,585 pounds, worth over $200,-
French Censor Not
Controlling: News
Censorship Not. Exercised Over News
Destined for Allied Countries
Paris. ��� Thc semi-official Temps,
reverting to the question of publicity
of the proceedings of thc peace conference, says the French censor is exercising no control over news destined for the allied or associated
"Certain despatches sent from
Paris to American newspapers," it
remarks, "insinuate ' that thc French
government exercises control over
all news relative to the conference
and over all means of communication with other countries. These allegations arc erroneous. Censorship
is not exercised over news destined
for thc allied or associated countries.
Thc French press can render a service to the . common cause by denouncing to our friends across the
Atlantic the malevolent rumors by
which it is attempted io -alter the
truth." "	
Law is Repealed
become normal again.
France Grateful'
To Manitoba
People Out of Work are in no Danger of Arrest
Ottawa. ��� Thc anti-loafing regulations put into effect in April last by
the Dominion government owing   to n^s-DodTs Scy'Pills
the then pressing need of manpower,
One More Added
To the Great Army
Saskatchewan Man's Kidney Trouble
Developed Into Diabetes���Story of
His Complete Cure.
Strong Pine, Sask., Jan. 27th, (Special).���Sore back, which developed into diabetes, had made life a burden
to Maxim F. Capustcn, a farmer oi
this place. Dodd's Kidney Pills cured hiin, and he is redded to that great
army of CanadiansVvy".'��=> -glory-in telling their neighbors that Dodd's Kidney Pills arc the one sure remedy for
all kidney ills.
"For nearly five ycars I suffered
from sore back and headache," Mr.
Capustcn says, in giving his expert-.
encc. "I had a bad taste in my mouth
in the mornings, itnd I was always
tired. My muscles would cramp, and
I was nervous, and thc least exertion.
WQuld_ make me perspire freely. At.
last diabetes developed.
."I finally came to thc conclusion
that my kidneys were the cause of.
my trouble, and decided to try Dodd's
Kidney Pills. I got half a dozen
boxes, and before I had finished taking them I was completely cured.
"I advise anyone suffering as I did
to use Dodd's Kidney Pills."
All Mr, Capusten's troubles came
from diseased kidneys. They speedily
ceased when he commenced to use
the one sure help for diseased    kid-
end of July
Men    arc    being    returned     from
France to  England at the rate of a
thousand  daily.      Thcy  arc  sent   to
Kimmel Camp, Wales, and thence go
Work    Relief    Committee     Receives!for transport to-Liverpool.; Forestry
Letter from Republic !antl railway troops are chiefly being
Winnipeg,    Man. ��� According    to I
returned from France at the present
lime.     At Ripon, in- Yorkshire, there
best,  free  from    acids wireless    message      says:
, ���: ��� ,           ��� i"/-                                -.official figures the sum ot SI 10,624./>��� ,,       ,                     X     -r-  ���
London. ��� A German government \       ,             ..   / . -   ��.   -. ' ,     X      ,     IS now another largc camp for  Can
���        '             has been raised in  Manitoba for the L ,- ���   ,            t1      ,      ,    -.
Starving:       .     ,   '         ,. ,...                                  adians occupied    mostly    by drafts
t>-���'���->;-     .  ,ti-,i���.ri-     ���'. ,���   ���  ;, '   ,      c work of war relief 111 France, and the ���       'f ,-       ,      .    ���       x,      ,"
Price-.-'si-, at ad deal- i workmen are parading thc streets of: .   . , . ,��� ,'-.���, > sent from    Canada   during  the   last
Demand For Wool
Prairie Farmers' Wool Sold at. Satisfactory Prices
Though  they will not    receive    so
much  as .was  at one  time  expected.
Pctrograd and many riots have
currcd.    These were suppressed.
troops from.-China- and  Korea.   .
stages of the war.
Conference Over by April
Paris.���.French newspapers -which
have been consistently..pessimistic rc-
WINTER WEATHER   . 'much  as   was  at one  time  expected,  sarding probable length of the pea.vj
HARD ON LITTLE ONES j iarimrs of Western Canada w:ill    re- j conference,  predicted  that  it    might
  'ccive very satisfactory prices for their '���end..by April.    Tlicy based this pie-
wooh    Jlciivy' 'shipment^; from    Aus- j diction on the : appointment of    Pre-
���tralia caused-some delay in disposing , "ider Clemenceau as permanent
(if the-
association which has had charge of j
ithis work is in receipt of a very warm 1    T> 1   .^ r- ->t  t
,  .    -. '-.'.-,    .   ,   , ���   '    .- ���     '   .,-    Bramshott Camp will bc  occupied
letter ot acknowledgment   from  offi- .        ^       ,���      r   . ,���       .... ,
.--.-:    >   , .... ���-.-" ��������� -    .by a Canadian lighting division when-
cials 01 the republic. t���'   ���     ..  ,     .      ���   . ..        . .
��� _       ,���,-������-,      ������',   ���     , . ever it leaves France. A good many
Canada, by the valor of her    so!- l r ..i     ^-       i-      r ��n
'    J 'members of the Canadian forces will
havc been rescinded. In future people oti.t of work by choice or otherwise are in no danger of arrest and
The order in council rescinding the
regulations, of April last, and the still
more onerous restrictions upon all
persons in Canada' over sixteen years
old not usefully employed, adopted in
September last, state's that these
regulations have been abolished owing to changed conditions resulting
from the dislocation of industry since
thc signing of the armistice.. As a
result, of these alterations in industrial conditions there arc a large
number of people how'..unemployed,
dicrs and her continued chanty,    de- d(:sirc demobilization in England, and who arc unable, to find employment,
.-Our Canadian .winters are ^xli-cme-
ly hard on -lhc licalih "of liitle ones.
The weather is oft.cn y> severe that
the mother cannot-take the-little.one
out., for. an airing.^  The  consequence ' \.A kc(pi���v.- .,ri,;es
is that baby is confined to overlu-ated, |
badly .ventilated: rooiii.s;.  takVs   colds [''
wool, and were also influential
it a somewhat To w-
level  ib.a'ii indicated earlier in  thc
and becomes cross and peevi'sb. j season. ^ However, at the prices ob-
Baby's Own Tablets should be given j taincd, farmers will be well rcmuncr^
to keep the. little one healthy. They atr.l for their efforts in sheep" raising
regulate thc"ftomach and bowel-; and]     vr-,,,;-.���!->-,
��� 'i     . *"�����*�� 'I'll*       ' *UiIU'iU_Ji!
prevent 'or. cure .colds.    The   J ablets
are sold by medicine dealers or    by
farincrs     disposed     of
j._tf>l,?85 pounds of wool, which rc'aliz-
mail-at 2?< rents a box from Thc Dr. ��� cd  ?208,0W.    Tliis    only    refers     to
Williams' Medicine.  Co.,    I'rockville, 1 v-00i solj  through the  Wool Grow-
^fl'- j ers' Co-operative Society. It is under-
London. ���TeTs than 50 CanadLm | st00'1 that Eomc farmers sold    their
prisoners now  remain  in     Germany >'co1 Privately earlier in the season.
Some of these, it is feared, will never
be located, as they probably- have
succumbed through trying to esca >t.
A few are ill and a few more arc attending on them. Thc total already
repatria'cd is 3,400, <r!iilc.355 di;d i'i
Germany and 304 wcrc repatriated before the prmisti.-c.
nan.   lit
is noted as a "speeder un."
Soothes Irritable Throat
Quickly Cures Bronchitis
No Drugs to Take.    No Sickening Stomach Medicine
to Use
Just Breathe "Catarrhozone"
Count  ten���a bad  cold  is   relieved
clarcd the writer,'had made possible
the completion of the formidable task
by. which France had been confronted, but. bruised and bleeding as the
republic herself, she still needs, the
helping hand of her friends in other
lands. Hundreds of thousands of
wounded were still in the hospitals,
prisoners who were arriving daily
from. Germany were worn but by thc
atrocious treatment to which ��� tlicy
i had.been subjected; the regions in-
jvaded by the villages in ruins; the
inhabitants without even the prLi.iary^
necessaries of- life; the fields and
forests totally destroyed.
Iu thanking the people o'f. Manitoba
for their splendid  support     through--'
'out the    dark   days of the war, the
although .'the general policy    is     for
An average price of 61yjc a pound
was    paid    for    thc wool    marketed
through    lhe co-operated branch
the  Saskatchewan department of ag IvlDOr
riculture.   This branch handled   394,-)h,:jp_
by  Catarrhozone���wait    onr    ,njnntc, letter asks  that such  a.-sislaiu-e may
and  you   will  feel  its  soothing infln-.be continued  during  the  titanic  task!
encc  on a sore irritated  throat.    Koj(.,f reconstruction  by whieh   the pen
[dc of France are now confronted.
troops to be discharged in Canada,
only, thc authorities will grant discharges here for men born, here, and
having-no dependents in Canada..
It is understood that the imperial
authorities invited the Canadian and
Australian arnjy,to'provide two divisions each.for continuing the army
of occupation, but this invitation
has not been accepted.
Our .information, from ;thc corps
across the channel "is every afternoon is a holiday. Mornings are devoted to physical drill. . It is not a
bad life, but everybody is dead tired
of it, and anxious to get home, liven
England has little charm-for-them';
thev want Canada.
as well ; as many returned soldiers
who arc being discharged from service and who have been -unable to
find employment.
Under   these     circumstance's     the
Don't Want Class Legislation
Portalge la Prairie, Man.--A prominent member of thc Grain Growers,
in commenting on the action of the
convention recently held in Brandon,
states that a false impression has got
abroad concerning thc action of the
convention with regard to the fixing
of the price for the 1919 crop of
wheat. He says that the wording of
the .following resolution, which was
passed by thc convention, will con*
vcy the correct impression:
"Resolved���That wc do not ask for
a fixed price on the 1919 crop of
He states that the convention simply wished to go on record in its
pronouncement against the principle
of class legislation in favor of the
farmer or any other class.
overument. recognizes that it is im. Infections.on the thinf
for many people  to
. rcg
0f I failure with '"Catarrhozone"���it cures
because    you   .can breathe a hcalin:
to the   very jspot that need
and COUGHERif!
000 pounds of wool for farmers in
jvpriovs parti c-f the province, remitting them 45 cents a pound on receipt
j of thr, wool. The balance will be for-
]-",'.T'dcd  (���>  them at an    early    date.
i here ri''r, two kind* ot freedom���
: I'r.h'r, v-hcre a man is fr^o to do
,"t ]������- likr=; tli,: tru'-, whrrr p. jn��n
fr- ���   -o .!������> ������ 'i.-it- !��������� o:i:-st --( i;a."h ,
The bih' thing to remember about
Catarrhozone is this ���- you just
breathe a healing pmey vapor that
is full of the purest balsams, that
is rich in thc greatest.healing agents
known to science.
-  This    wonderful    vapor dispels all
soreness, kills- all germs, gives nature
la chance to complete a real cure.
I    Odds and throat troubles can't last
jit.   thc   P'.'re   healing^ vapor    of Ca-
! {.irrho/'onc is breathed.    Catarrh" will
I disappear,
I -iT-<:>\  .;o':::
1 .
bronchial     a-tr^ks      will
l_s pr.d win;- r ills  wiil bc-
���ir  .ji
:..-_ mat _ >.
icri t    i.i
,   _       T
C   r .u, r-   ���
ir.  a  tiling  ot   the  pa��!
-   '       " 1. _
ioutt.t  la��t^  f
-i.= :il5-T -'<z<:  '.
. <l rd.rs    <-.r    'l\f
!  >.' ".-��.).."     '   I".*      ( '-
ro. ITiOnt!
:>!r;  samp!.:
'c,  ;:Ii
-   Co-
Farmers Ask for Statement
Saskatoon. ��� Thc most important
resolutions passed by thc convention 1
of Saskatoon agricultural societies
called for public statement of expenditures of -appropriations made by
the Saskatchewan government for agricultural extension, for-development
of the petroleum resources of western-Canada by the Dominion govcru-
m<:il, .-n--"1 ..-'dug that the regulation
1��:i;-iii^- ii,.- government grant to so-
'���ii-ti/ �� 'ii? ;',.- ,-iitcnd-inrc of delegates
-.'icp,;;,!, ,i ;:! \|tiv of thc recent influ-
��� ���;?.i ��� pi-'., ii!-.-. One hundred
ii'"'y .'.'���-  ! d i!io co."\ cntion.-
Grect Date in History
Paris. ��� Tli'1 Paris newsi'.:yn-.- :,r>:
unanimous in cousi'Irring S.-turday.
Jan. 18, as one of the greatest daies
in thc \v->rld\ history. All tlie newspapers remark on the fact that exactly 48 years to  thc day when  thc
For an immortal being to set liis
of this world
is like falling in love with a sparrow
with"  U.c     anti-loafing      regulations i:lsit . flics b>' lls an(1 out of si8]��-~
which 'render them liable to fine ami j M:UX"S A"fclM��v        :     .
iniprisonmcnt .through     iio     fault'���->'" "
their own, and that the time, has
come when thcy should be abolished.
The action was taken on recommendation of Hon; Gideon Robertson,
minister of labor.   '���"���'.'������"'
German empire was proclaimed     at
Versailles, Germany saw  the    entire
world turned against    her.    Parisien
sees revenge of "right against brutalJtiatio
British Troops to Leave Belgium
lirusscls. ���'���' In order to facilitate
the rcvictualling and reconstruction
of Belgium, which has.been hamper-
<d b:-r the railways being used ox-
duMvrJy /or military purposes, Marshal J'och, at t'te reijncot of ihe Hel-
:;inu :--,ovrnr.i;:jt, has decided to
wkkihviv thr Briiish and American
farces now iu Uelgium and employ
them elsewhere.
The food minister has left for
Paris to make arrangements for further .measures to relieve thc food sit-
Niins Cause Sensation
Am?trrd;mi. ��� Somewhat "of .1 sensation  was  caused in  Berlin, accord-
;jng Jo a despatch to thc Itnndelsblad,
hen   the  nuns  from     tlic - Catholic
Lindeustrs = sr.      ?ii.t. '���h-C-
in .1 gp">'.M-
ivA  Lyceum, in
to tia pel's
.Germany's Polish Army
Yi<-'nn:>. ��� It is announced in dip-
lom.".MC circles here that thc number
of troops the Germans are mobilizing under Field Marshal von \Vnyrs:!i
for counter-acting a Polish' inv.Tdor.
of < iennany, v ill raerecri' two
L-.rmy  corps.
Kept Awake at Nigbt
Itching So intense j
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Jises. Atdcatarsorvoriteus. HIRST REMEDY CO., Hamilton, Can,.
Winnipeg. ��� Kxccuiivo councils .of the grain exchange and
the Canadian council of agriculture held a conference here
last -week with Hon. Arthur
Mcighcn. The matter under
disctissivm was the financing of
Canada's grain crops, it being
felt by the grain inch that the
federal government will bc compelled to take active steps to
ensure this end, if an export
market is to be found for the
surplus grain grown in Canada.
Hon. Arthur Mcighcn promised
to take thc matter up with the
cabinet at Ottawa and give it
every support.
Needs Peace
Will Comply With Conditions Based
On the 14 Points
Italians Seized Ship
Hauled Down American    Flag    and
Substituted Italian Colors
Washington. ��� According to a report made public here by the official
Berlin.  ���  Chancellor   Ebcrt    told information   bureau  of  the  Kingdom
the United Press that Germany will of   Serbia,   Croats   and   Slovenes,     a
do cverything_io comply with   peace  Serb-Croatian vessel, the Dinara, fly-
conditions based on the 14 points  but ing the American flag and having a
that  if the  allies  make  further    dc-" navigation  license  issued      by      thc
mands he will not take thc rcsponsi-  American naval commander    in    thc
bility of signing the peace terms.        j Adriatic, was seized at Jelsa, January
Hc said Germany needs peace im-j16' '>>' Ulc Italian forces who hauled
; mediately that shc may get food and  down the American flag and carried
'materials so    her    people can go to  of* thc sl'-'l> mi(ler Italian colors.
The Dinara is shown by shipping
records to have, been an Austrian
vessel of 1,118 tons #ross register,
built at Trieste in 1388. There arc no
records of her recent movements.
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Peasants Mobilized
Answer to
British Note
Declares Germany Has Done Everything to Redress  Polish
Amsterdam. ��� In reply to a British note requesting thc German government to refrain from further provocation of the Polish population in
East and West Prussia, Poscn and
Silesia, the German government,   ac- i Possible to determine whether thc at-
Bclsheviki Prepared for Offensive in
Shenkursk Sector
Archangel. ��� Bolshcviki troops arc
heavily shelling thc farthest south
positions of the-American and_ Russian armies at Ust Padcnga, on the
Waga river, 30 miles south of Shenkursk. They also are showing' considerably activity west of Shenkursk
on the Tania river.    It has .been irn-
Hurrah!   How's This
Cincinnati authority eays corns
dry up and  lift out
with  fingers.
cording to a despatch from Berlin,
expresses agreement with Great Britain that the future of the German
eastern frontiers depends upon , the
peace conference.
Thc German note expresses surprise at the request to refrain from
provocation, and says that thc request "can only be attributed to the
fact that the British goverrfincnt is
Inadequately informed ' of events in
thc east."
Thc German note declares that
Germany has done everything to redress Polish grievances and accuses
��� the Poles of continually provoking
thc Germans. It says that Posen is
in a state of upheaval and that the
German population has appealed for
help to the German government,
which has been forced to take military measures to restore law and
Thc note asserts that while the
German government lias refrained
from action against Polish nationals
who "planned and committed treason
and revolt," it cannot "suffer ambitious imperialism to reign supreme."
Events in upper Silesia, the German
note contends, havc nothing in common 'with national questions, and regarding Fast Prussia, tRcrc can be
no talk, of a national Polish movc-
iiietH iitcrc.
The note concludes: "All measures
of the German government since the
conclusion of thc armistice have only
served to carry out the prescriptions
of the treaty toward unjustifiable
Polish attempts to bring the Polish
question to a settlement before thc
peace conference:"
tack will develop on a greater scale.
Thc enemy has mobilzied thc peasants in the vicinity of Vilsk, ancl apparently is prepared for a general offensive in the Shenkursk sector,
The enemy, under cover of heavy
bonibardmc.it, attacked with infantry
thc  American  and  Russian  positions
_ Hospital records show lhat every
time yon cut a corn you invite lockjaw or blood poison, which is needless, says a Cincinnati authority, who
tells you thai a quarter ounce of a
drug called frcezone can bc obtained
at little cost from thc drug store but
is sufficient to rid one's feet of every
hard or soft corn or callus.
You simply apply a few drops of
freezonc on a tender, aching corn and
soreness is instantly -relieved. Shortly
the entire coin can be lifted out, root
and  all,   without   pain.
This drug is sticky but dries at
once and is claimed to just shrivel up
work. Hc declared the Spartacans
lost their revolt and that no further
serious outbreaks "will occur if the
people are fed. If they arc not fed,
he said, "we must be rcadv for anything."
"Wc must havc a fair peace," declared Ebcrt. "We stand on the 14
points, which was thc basis on which
jwc signed thc armistice. Wc will do
everything lo comply with conditions
\ founded on these points. It is po.s-
j sible, though, that the enemy will
| j make further demands. Germany
�� 'cannot accept them. I could not take
the responsibility for signing thc
peace terms in that case. I could not
lake the consequences and I would
resign. I don't know what would
happen after that."
Asked what he thought of the responsibility for the war, Ebcrt said:
"That is a question I cannot answer off hand. Personally, I feel
lhat the blame was not Germany's
at Ust Padcnga.   The allied outposts  any  corn  without  inflaming^ or  even
withdrew,  but  thc   Bolshcviki  attack
on the  main  positions' was  repulsed
with heavy losses.
irritating  the  surrounding  tissue
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Simplicity Marks
Opening Scenes
Peace ConferencZMost   Momentous thc region or Dujsblirff. Rhenish Pros-
Meet.ng in World's History        isia' ann��un��s tnat allied troops will
Paris. - Thc opening of the inter- j ��CCUpy thcu  h**orus     and     landin*
allied peace  conference  was  iraprcs.,P^�� on the nght bank o   the Itlunc.
sivc in .its grave simplicity. The spirit'Dwsbure Wl" bc ��CCllplcd
Japs Start Dry Campaign
Tokio. ��� The temperance forces
here approve of the plan to co-operate in a world campaign by federation and will invite Kara Start Root,
of Los Angeles, formerly secretary
Duisburg Occupied  . of   the   Women's   Christian   Temper-
Amsterdam. ��� The commander oi  ance  Union  of Japan, to  inaugurate
the neutral zone,- east of the Rhine in,a campaign to make this country dry
by     two
A New Industry
Fish Oil Plant Has Capacity of 60
Tons Pcr Day
Prince Rupert, B. C.���One of the
newest industries established at
Prince Rupert, B.C., ii a fish oil and
fertilizer plant. Thc works arc located at the upper end of the harbor,
about five miles from the city proper, and at present has a capacity of
60 tons of fish pcr day. The parts
of halibut and salmon not fit for food
and bottom of ground fish, are made
nsc of in the process. The oil product is at present shipped in tank
Cars, largely to Chicago, where it is
put through a refining process, while
the fertilizer is mostly shipped to
California and Hawaii for usc in
the fruit-growing area. The industry
promises considerable development.
of- the gathering as expressed in the
speeches of the day marked it as the
most momentous meeting in the
world's history.
The new atmosphere, which President Wilson  in one of his  speeches
companies of troops.
Winners for Marquis Wheat
Saskatoon, Sask. -- VV. T. Mathie-
son,   of  Moose Jaw,  worr the     Iirst
prize for    Marquis    wheat    standing
field crop competition at the provin-
in Italy said must bc created, flooded ;dal  sced  fair>    This e;:ll;bitor     was
the grand  salon  of the   French  for- also awar(kd the first prizc ;n     the
by 1930.
cign office, where the new order of
thc world is to first take shape. The
whole proceedings c.iribodicd thc idea
that the purpose of thc meeting was
not to reap the fruits of a victorious
war regardless of the future, but to
provide, in President Poincarc's
words, a supreme guarantee by a
general league of nations against
future assaults upon the rights of
Marquis wheat open competition.
There is ;>. place on every farm for
at least one sow and her pigs, because there is waste feed that thcy
ivill consume. Preventing waste and
producing pork is doing double service, aud making money two ways at
-Stubbornness is the strong card of
the man too lazy mentally to bring
Ids opinions up to date.
Some persons can do a favor with
a manner that makes them lifelong
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CO^ SELLERS, limited
Western Canada's Largest Coal
905 Union Trusts Building
Winnipeg, Man.
Intense Feeling x
Against Italians
Hostile Acts of Army Against Jugoslav Population Reported
Washington. ��� An official despatch
from Belgrade to thc Serbian press
bureau here, said popular feeling
against the Italian army grows cvery
hour in the Serb, Croat and Slovene
Left Weak,   Disheartened    and
Easy Prey to Other
Minard's  Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,���Last winter I received
great benefit from the use of MINARD'S LINIMENT iu a sereve attack of LaGrippe, and I have frequently proved it to be very effective in cases of Inflammation.
Sir Robert Borden
Refuses Place
Gave Seat at Congress to Newfoundland Premier
.���- i'.'ins. ���-' At the opening session'of.
the peace congress the  British  delegation held positions immediately   to       ....
the left ofthe president,    occupying  lfd b^ an  absolute  majority of
the votes of the : empire.
A Nova Scotia Man Tells How
Found New Health and
If you have    had  an attack  of la
grippe, or Spanish influenza you   are the head of the  table and extending
not out of danger until your blood is,down the side.   First came five mem-
rcstored to normal. I, . . ,.      ,,���..,
Influenza leaves behind il  weaken-:1)crs draw" from Ulc ^ll-BritisU panel,
ed vital powers, thin blood, impaired jtilcn representatives of Canada,
digestion, and over-sensitive    nerves, '
War Service Gratuity
Winnipeg. ��� War widows, dependents and next of kin of men "killed
in action' 'or died of wounds should
apply for the wav service gratuity
recently granted by order in council,
according to information received by
A. Pearce secretary of the returned
soldiers Manitoba commission,
President To Be
Elected By People
Must Havc Been a  Citizen of Germany for 10 Years
London. ���Details of the proposed
ncw constitution for' Germany,
drawn up recently at a conference of
widely known authorities on constitutional law, including the state secretary of the interior in the Ebcrt
government, are given in an official
despatch sent out from Berlin and
picked up here. It states that thc
empire is to consist of its former
component states besides any territories which by virtue of the right of
self-determination desire to bc received into the empire.
Thc despatch declares that the
people have the right, regardless of
former frontiers, to erect new German- free states' within thc empire
provided any such free state has a
population of 2,000,000. If thc people of a border country wish to join
the German empire the assent of the
German people shall be required.
The imperial president who is to
be elected by the people must be 35
years old, and must have been .".
citizen of Germany, for 10 years before   the   election.     He will bc elec-
Russian Rulers
Are Bankrupt
London. ��� Nikolai Lcniue, the
Bolshcviki premier of Russia, and
Leon TroUky, minister of war and
marine, speaking recently before the
Moscow soviet, confessed that the
Bolshcviki regime is bankrupt, especially regarding industrial production, finance and food, according to a
Helsingfors despatch to the Mail.
They said it was time that experts
from the middle class were invited to
co-operate with the Soviets. A similar invitation has been addressed, the
speakers said, to intellectuals, who
have heretofore stood <v.itside lhe
civil war.
A Kidney Remedy
Kidney troubles are frequently
caused by badly digested food
���which overtake* these organs to
eliminate tbe irritant acids
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Troops on Olympic
Were Comfortable
New System Was Used in   Handling
Men During Voyage
Halifax, N. S. ��� That all the Can-
jadians now overseas can bc   brought
| home as comfortably as wcrc    those
i on  thc  Olympic   is   the  opinion     of
Lieut.-Col. Yates, officer commanding-
Undermined    the    System    and    the J the troops on board the great ocean
Nerves Gave Way���Hospital
In this condition thc system becomes j Paris represent the pan
an easy prey to  deadly    pneumonia. !;t  S5r GeorKC Foster'ai
bronchitis, nervous prostration,   rhcu-l ,    ,     oc��r!=c ros��r ai
matism and even  consumption.    Ask j Arthur  Silton were  selected  lo  rep-
anyone who has had an attack of in-��� resent Canada directly in the confer-
fluenza what their present    condition ! ence.
of health  is and most  of them  will i
"Since  I  had  the grippe
The    president    will  represent' the
empire,    but    dcclaiation of war    or
conclusions  of peace   rest  with    the
The    four   Canadian    ministers   in! Keiehstag.      Treaties      with    foreign
el and    from! states  require    thc    assent    of    the
and  thc   Hon, | Reichstag.      As soon as a league of
nations,    the object  of'which is  the
exclusion of secret treaties, has been
formed, all  treaties with thc    league
was offered'' a j shall require the assent of thc Reich-
Treatment I'ailed���Read
How Cure Was
Preccevillc. Sask., Jan. 29. ��� This
I letter will give you an idea of what
' you may expect from this combined
treatment for catarrh. While Dr.
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catarrh, the Nerve i>ood enriches the
blood and builds up the system, so
that thc disease is entirely overcome.
This is the ideal treatment for catarrh and its ravages on the human
Air. lid. L. Jones, l-'rceccvillc,
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time with catarrh- and dyspepsia, and
my nervous system became quite
run down. My food disagreed with
me, aud I was constantly bothered
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Downs, J.P.
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j ferry throughout her recent voyage.
Col. Yates said he felt that this trip
had been the most successful yet
made by a transport bringing home
A new system was used in handling thc men during this voyage. The
ship was divided into three parts
with a major in command of each
and an adjutant as his aide. Thus
thc wants of the men might bc moro
readily noticed than in the case of
a ship under thc command of a
general staff.
Thc 5,500 troops arriving on thc
Olympic were disembarked within
eleven hours and fourteen special
trains were despatched within fifteen
hours. This is believed to be a record for this sidc of thc Atlantic. Thc
best previous record was made when
the Olympic docked on Dec. 14, when
5,000 troops were landed in twenty-
two hours and ten trains despatched
in eight and one-half hours.
Sir Robert Borden
Britishers Demand Full Costs of War
London. ��� The British empire producers' organization has written to
Premier Lloyd George, stating that
tlie affiliated associations of the empire, representing well over $5,000,-
000,000 of British capital, have now-
cabled endorsing    in    the    strongest
Women Ask Justice
Paris. ��� French women havc addressed a petition to thc members of
thc peace conference asking justice in
the. names of thousands of; women,
young girls and children, who it is
set forth, were systematically torn
from their families and subjected to
various forms ot ill-treatment at the
hands of the Germans during thc war.
It's awfully hard for a man to look
sad when his wife is making preparations to spend a week in thc country.
tituic until the blood is built, up again, .direct representation, hc  stood aside'office will bc for seven ycars   and his'thc central powers shall pay     Great
are transformed into cheerful, healthy.
Iiappy men and women.
Among the many victims of la
grippe who proclaim the value of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills is Mr. Amos
Kaulback, of_ Pcti.c Riviere, N, S���
who says:���"I was taken down with
a severe attack of la grippe, or influenza. After a time thc early
symptoms of the trouble left me, but
f   did  not
I Named as Capital
Britain an indemnity    commensurate
wilh the cost of the war
answer    "Since  I  had  the grippe    I,    ""  ""���"-" ""'"-"    "*" "���;-"���"   "j
regions occupied by thc-  Italian for-  have never l.een  really  well."     This P*ace  on  "1C  British delegation, but j sl,l>?'
ees and that open clashes occur daily.! general fecling_ of weakness will con-i inasmuch    as   Newfoundland has-no j    The  imperial  president's  tenure of | l'-���is ^lc organizations' demand that
"From all occupied towns and villages," said the despatch, "desperate
appeals to thc allied powers arc coming, asking for support and protection. Numerous hostile acts of the
Italian army against thc Jugo-Slav
population are reported, Serb and
Cro~at newspapers are advising the
people to wait in patience the just
decision of thc allied authorities, but
thc situation in thc meantime is very
dangerous for the preservation of
The worms that infest children
from their birth arc of two kinds,
those that find lodgement in thc
stomach and those that are found in
the intestines. The latter are the
most destructive, as thcy cling to thc
walls of thc intestines and if not interfered with work havoc there. Miller's Worm Powders dislodge both
kinds and while expelling them from
thc system serve to repair the damage they have caused.
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dose these pills make new, rich, red being    Premier Lloyd  George,     Mr.
blood which reaches every organ and] Law, Mr. Balfour and Mr. Barnes.
nerve in thc body, and through  this! 	
weak, despondent victims o." influenza'
Premier Lloyd   was present as  re-election will be permissible.
The imperial government will be
composedof a chancellor and ministers chosen by thc president of the
Reichstag. The government must
have thc confidence of thc house of
deputies and idiall be responsible to
1 the Reichstag.
Greece    Wants    Ancient    City    Set
Aside for Nation League
Paris.   ��� If   Greece   cannot    have
Constantinople  for ils  own  seat    ot'
government it wants that ancient city
Livestock Meatings Interesting
Brandon, Man. ��� A very good attendance of Manitoba farmers and a,illv.,t ���_, lim��� ,VMtll , lcll h cou
few from thc sister provinces, gath-j hardly crawl about, and I was so rim developed  during  discussion  of  Pre-
���   . -J ?��\ r,cSa,n ,ni3'  ,,sl,a!  strength, j to be set aside as the pcimancnt cap-
arul 1 had always been a stroncr man '-.ic.ii c      ,- i-, ���
Tl,.,-. <.  <:,.,.. .,i,i.   t i i.  I ,,'ital  of the league of nations.    .This
llieie ueie times when 1 felt 1 could i .
ercd  here  to  hold-the  annual  meet-1 down  I  could scarcely go about  m>
ings of thc various provincial    breed
associations and also  to  discuss  the
many vital questions at present    af
fecting thc welfare of thc livestock
industry. Thc meetings -w-ere most
educative and interesting; in fact it
might be stqtcd, that at very fc/,'
previous meetings of a similar nature
ha\ i- Manitoba stock-men entered with
mor. :'i"al and zest, and displayed
such keen interest in thc address.-1?
and discussions, as well as in the affairs of thc associations to whieh
they belong, as was evidenced at the
convention just closed.
mier Ycnizclos' presentation of
business. I continued taking medi- Greece's political and territorial a?-
cinc but it did me no good. _ Then ? -pi���1ions;
lound  the  trouble vv;is affecting     mv i     ,-      ,    , , , ,
digestion and the disagreeable feeling j Greek delegates p0Intcd out that
from this added to my general misery, j establishment of Cimstaniinople as
*. w;ls. (mally advised to take Dr. Wi'l- ; capital of th"     league     of      nation*
would  automatically  result in  it
, ,.l
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Took Peace
ews to Arctic
Livesay Eulogizes Canadian Troops
Montreal. ��� J. F- 13. Livesay, assistant general manager of thc Canadian Press, Limited, at Winnipeg,
who went overseas last August to
represent the Canadian Pruss with
the Canadian forces at the front, arrived in thc city, having o.-nic ov<r
on the Olympic, iir. Livesay, wh->
left for Toronto, cu route home,
speaks most enthusiastically of the
work of the Canadian army corps.
Hams' Pink Pills ar.d I decided to try wmllll ;u:tomat,oaiiv result in Us in-
them.    I  had onlv been taking     the"i .... , . ,
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of the pills a few weeks more  found ! silks of  ,,���.  StI.,;,   .,lin,,H  ,K, rla4.t.,]
Minder the control of the league. 'I bus,
freedom of tho   Dardanelles   and
Dawson, Y. T. ��� Special Indian
runner.s who were despatched by
thc government in November with
anti-iiitlurnya serum have arrived
back from the interior, completin.-;
the round trip of 1 ,()!)���) miles through
the  Arrtic   wilderness  including     the
A Pleasant Purgative.���Parmdec's
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vegetable substances the curative
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Canadian Cattle on U. S. Markets
Thc shipments of cattle through
North Portal, Saskatchewan, from
the. ranches of Saskatchewan and Alberta to the markets of St. Paul and
Chicago, havc never been equalled.
During the past two months and a
half-over 1,300 cars, totalling 30,000
head and valued at about $3,000,000,
havc been exported, ancl the shipments, owing to the mild weather,
still continue.
Packing Plants arc Busy
Growing Industry Slinging   Increasing Prospeiity
In   December,   l^lS,   tlm     dislmrs;-
ments  ot   one  of  (h-  p^rkimr  ; Itm'.s
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria*
Tlii. man who is aware of his ignorance knows a whole lot more than
qniii.' people, and he stands a better
cha.-iro O' making good.
at  Ldmonton,     -M'
ho^s sheej>, calv< >
gee---, ducks  crca
and      labor      .-onnoete'l
me vigor.   I
mo restored to my
ran   most  strouglv    recommend     Dr
Williams' Pink Pills to all who have I'�����
passed through an attack of influenza,
a? a sate medicine for renewing their
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills through any dealer in medicine,
or by mail at 50c a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brorkville, Ont.
idimiiiatiou of the Turk
U.     1248
Must Not Return Colonies.
London. ��� Premier Mas soy and
Sir Joseph Ward. New Zealand's
peace delegates havc rcachrd London en route to Paris. Premier Mas-
sey, interviewed, said: "Ncw Zei-
larulers are as insistent, as ever that
the German coloe,ic? iu thc Paeitk be
not returned to the enemy."
To Remain Complete Unit
�� >ttawa.��� Announcement was made
at a dinner of the. Patricia Club, com-
po>ed of members of tin: Princes-,
j Patricias Canadian Light Infantry,
jthat the r<gimuit would ahvajs remain as a complete unit in the defensive s"o:��s of Canada. Incidentally it was stated that Licut.-Col.
Hamilton Gault, the organizer oi the
regiment, who was wounded four
times ami lost a k;r, is now commanding the battalion on the Rhine.
from Europe,
A ret
���f  the
moimtams ,
broii;v!',l the fi:st r.e-ws from !li<. ,
��� coast sii--oe summer. flier |
;ook  t.��  the   Arctic  coast      th.-i
c'-icl;eo = .
���>r n-.-h-.ht
lhr-\ wi-h.
tecs     of    the    declaration
two important problems of thc peace J Pcaco-    Col.   Kni^lit  has  been  a
|ed by :hc  Fairbanks  hcahh eommis-
i sioner that th.e influenza is raging all
)���-���:������;'.,     .'Or     en'lie, I
r.,  and   /
.-.m. imtcd to i?l. J3 ?,'-'l'\ Th!-
i'o:ivi'v some idea . ����� ;!:-> :.n :it :���-
���jrowirg i-.r.portar.cc of thi-. i,'d'.'.��!i
to th-: city ard s'lrro'mdmg l -r-i'or
This territory is eap-blo of eor.-i-b-
settlement,   would   be   settled
Yonbclos would divide North  Kpi- .a,on"  lh,:  C'opprr liver
nis between Greece ;md Albania,   lie j Luliaas.
would      have.      tlie    Greco-Bulgarian i 	
boundary follow the Ardar and Mar-'    Tho   ���~l"  V-Jt'1   whicli
itza rivers, thus cutting off   Bulgaria
from .the Aegean
01 !
v;-.  ably greater p
j convoy-lent market-;,
; ment is being lookci
Th.e   er.-e  v,u*i   wmen   corns     ;,iu
wart.-, cm ho rcmo\ cd by  Hollnway'sj
Corn   Cure   is   iu   strongest     tecum-���
sea,  giving  Greece j jnCiid:.t:on.     It   seldom  r'-i.ilv.
ing tne
j eoiup:uiio> ar
|\olnpmi'it Lo
, ;hc!,-  ;>!_.i_t-.
m and v.ith '.he
i,roat de\ chip-
forward !o diir-
:w years. Thc packing
preparing  for this  de-
i-- -;-��� . -ing 'd'--   si,;       of
groat    portion    of ancient  Thrace.
i,i -i par.ite state, but the \illayets of' Paris. ��� Tl
Abnisa. ' Aidia, Sa.uj.iks_ and lsmud to im- league
v<jtli thc adjacint islands,  should  bejjcri
It is   not" generally   known    th
there   exists- in   tlie   Mexican   Gulf a
:,.'lmistio:i of i]
>i   nations  j-  '
-.���--���-i-i     in   ji- ,.oe
It's-a good thirl-
and it's a better  tiling
lid on them s.;,--.i-'.;r'.fs.
iO   KCcp
Minard's Liniment Cures  Garget  in
J. *���:.-  ,-.,' c ,  V
at  Dre-dc:-  ac
f*ori  Constincv'
125 casi-s
is  s?id to have
r.rrb"  of India mk  w.s ' Bohemia wl.er.
obUmid. - j rngiVfor ,r-,-.-
: Canadian Troops Enroute to England
I     Mor trial.���- Vd ilm Ci.���.dv.n troot,;'
jhr.ve   'iit   '.ho   o.-.-i:;>i,-,i   port'on-      oi
Armenia, he suggests should bo mad'-  May Net Admit Germany to League: (-.cr.    ]iV n.,j ...... ���,',... :,, i^^.;,.!. ;..;,��
Fr-.i-iCC   c-:\  vou to   i-1  X',^1 nd,      fr--'.'
ni.rrc   lho\    -,\ill   bo    .-ou;      U'ms ���        !0
'\i'.:.-..!::.  s;i;,.i    Maio; G-::   r: 1
annexed ^by Greece. -'While ih. > ..u :.. y.y academic, m;:A j (- ^ G ;U!; 0., the first milli;.
The city of Brusa,    however,     he  interesting \icws  have born dc\ clop-
would turn over to the new   Turkish  cd.
government,   t-'ccthcr  with  its   Mar-j    In thc opinion of Leon Bourgeois
moran port. ithc French authority on the Ic��ii.",,c o"j  . :
s ������  j nations,"   -.he kagu-  for tho  prcsf-.il. Have to Kurbish Guns   - :
Smallpox in Dresden jmv.st bo con.po=od cxcbisivjy of th"!    Roiccruam. ��� The Kr.ipp pkf.it   at;
Gui'-ia. ��� A  s/.dden and     '. iuLnt !as��ocLted   nations  n:i;I tko-c  neutral; Ls��cn began "working-for the Umtidj
epidemic, of st i l'pox has broken out .states vhjch sin.-,- l^l? havc adhere!  States    govern men    rccontlv. .   Thc!
crnor of Bonn, who
home after four yt-.-
thc Cinadiaii   troops
lias ju
te r\ ic
  -half brother to the cuttlefish of th-;)E!-,o
o have opinions iIndian Ocean, from which   formerly
A s.'-dden and     tiul
:i  l'rox has broken out
hig  to  a  telegram
Official      reports
il.c disease which
I to
i:u:  t
rule s  o;  ;'i,c
o ifcicr.ee  ;ir
v =: ~>
"C irom rorthcrn ' gatior s  of intcrr:-.
- r.rdlpox
.' reek?.
y obeyed 'hz
X"Xl richts
!er, M. Bot^cols fil's Gcroa-3
{pre- ���:   her  ii.;:   : ���>   ��� ":::j rsLip
v;^.ii worKii:
=k tmdertaken by the  Krupps  niv)
���h:r-;si-ts of making p;��ris for srv^iy-iv.-o j
obH-jinoo'vrlttc  car.non   rejected bv     thc j
1        - 1
lr*-;An-erican authorities as part 01   i.ic.
""S'l'v:: material nitcrei by the   Gcrr-.ar-; j
i-.:->r th- ' tcr:v.s -of the arr;istice.
Children Love
The natural constituents   of"
barley and .   .
wheat, sweetened by sugar
developed from
the grains themselves in the
making of this
famous food,
provide a true
buikiin$ nourishment not
found so completely in other
cereals . ��� .  .
Csn**> food Bcmra Urenac ftaZttV THE   LEDGE,   GEEENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
. yoar strictly in  advance,   or ��2.50
n.it paid for three months.    If not
p..i,i for until tile end of the year it is $3
Iii; always J2.50 a year to  the  United
states in advance.
Editor 2nd Financier.
Delinquent  Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices      7 00
Est ray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement.....'.::".  12.50
(Where more than oue claim appears ir notice, ��5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 ceuts a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, noupariel
The blue cross means that
your .subscription is due, and
lhal the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Kockey at Greenwood
"With a good crowd in attendance
arm first-class ice, the Phoenix and
Greenwood Intermediates met at
the local rink Friday eveaing.
The Phoonix boys got away with
several fast rushes aud scored two
goals the first ten minutes. This
r-eemed to waken up the home
players aud for the second ten minute-; of the iirst period a continual
i-U'tack was kept up on the Phoenix
eoal and ouly by a masterly display of goal-keeping by Blundell
���w-is th.e visitors score sheet kept
Manic. The second period was
evenly contested and was nearly
over before Alinstrom made bis way
past tho Greenwood defence and
scored with a hot shot from close
!n. Greenwood started the third
period with a series of bombardments on the Phoenix goal and
after masy well placed shots by
McCutcheon and Nelson the latter
planted one in the net. "Bones
:xiade a great'attempt after taking
the puck the length of the rink
and only missed a goal by inches..
Phoenix then took up the play and
Elmgreen who was playing a fine
game put in a fourth, for the visitors. Lance-Corporal McCamraon
recently, returned from. France
referred! the game and his decisions .seemed to giye general satisfaction to both teams. After the
game refreshments, were served to
the 'player^' who tendered their
thanks to the young ladies for so
ably looking after their welfare at
.the end o
Greenwood Central School
Jan. 1919 Report
No. actually attendiug -       30
Percentage 28
Perfect attendance: Daisie Axa m,
Mabel Axam, Selma Benson,
Robert Jenks, Harold Mellrud,
Irene S. Mcintosh Koderick McLeod, Sanford G. Pond, Ethel
Pond, Ivor Potts, Ena Potts,
Mary Gibson.
Standing on January examinations. Entrance: Robert Jenks,
Harold Mellrud, Mary Gibson,
Roderick McLeod, Ivor Potts,
Irene Mcintosh, Sanford Pond,
Lottie Tanner, Ena Potts, Ethel
Lane, Daisie Axam, Ethel Pond,
Phyllis Spooner, Thomas Williamson, James Lane, Wilfrid Docksteader, James Hallett, Norwood
Intermediate Reader IV: Roderick Mackiuosth, Ruth Anderson,
Ethel Parker.
Junior IV: Selma Benson and
Gari Intilla (equal), Mabel Axam,
Frank Maslonka, Emmet Anderson Joe Klinosky, Johnston
Beattie, Muriel Wolverson, John
Perfect attendance: Gertrude
Dixon, Horace Duhamel, Russell
Eustis, Ethel Fraser, Dolly Granberg, Gordon Jenks, John Kerr,
Mary Kerr, Lloyd Lane, Gabrielle
Legault, "William McLeod, John
McDonell, George Morrison, Alfred
Oliver, Sylvia Price, Cyril Robin-
sou, Ernest Wyder, John Wyder,
Jack Bryan, Phyllis Eales, Donald
Proficiency list.
Sn. II R, Jack Bryan, Phyllis
Jn. II B. John Wyder, Ernest
Jn. Ill A. Ethel Fraser, Cyril
Jn. IV. Gordon Jenks; Edward
Royce and Russell Eustis equal
marks in second.
Perfect attendance: Ethel Benson, Bessie Bidder, Doris Dixon,
Lloyd Eustis, Allan Fraser, Percy
Fraser, Mona George, Irene Inglis,
Edward Johnson, Helen Kerr,
Jack Jory, Bert Lane. Kathleen
McLeod, Tillie McDonnell, Leonard Pontesso, Bertram Price, Clarence Johnson.
Grand Forks May Suspend
Proficiency list,
a  fast and strenous j    Second  Reader:    Mona George.
Mary Klinosky, Allan Fraser.
First Reader:   Ethel Benson.
Second Primer: Edward Johnson, Bessie Bidder, Gertrude Nelson,   Jack  Jory, .William..Wilson.
First Primer: Leonard Pontesso,
Clarence Johnson.
Receiving Class: Irene Inglis,.
Helen Kerr, John Putzel, Percy
Fraser.  ���   .
The Gnuiby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power company
may soon suspend ita= smelting
operations afc Grand Forks, and its
mining operations on. properties
contributing to that smelter,, ac*
cording to a New York report,
says the Spokesman-Review of
February ~>.
The New York authority for this
news says  that Grand".'Forks has
.-��� not been producing-at capacity for
fiomel'inie, so its suspension  is not
expected to  reduce the  output of
.'the'company,  much.    The  cost of
production  at Grand   Forks   has
been  considerable   more than   20
cents a pound.
'���':���'.The'situation at. Grand Forks
has been understood and'discount-
X ed for a long time said a Spokane
���; stockholder yesterday.    The profit
has been small owing to  the  high
cost of. production and the low copper content of the ore treated. The
property .at: Hidden   Creek,; was
scfjuired .'in   1911   and   a  smelter
l'xiiifc at. Anyox in: anticipation  pf
t]XX, con tihlynxyiy x:xr xy-:-yyx
.'������..;... XrXiXX tereHted.'in;';the:;'prospe:rity
XXii]-x,y\rio��mpM ot:_eaeierB^British
ii'��� ;.:^!ij1bia-\;W;i{v:regfet:--fche' su=-peh-
.:-:}:-;/'iii':::-.ac'{:'i''rrii;Vg tp.-au;;.operator:';yes-"
iiXy'XiiXX~iiXIhy\X -ireXhpK -.without
���-.,.Ii'/'pei;'.':'o.f-vaV''Vepninp.tiQb; - ...as-'iythe
X 'GrinbyHii'i.-s"���'���'other.' properties7that
'; Jir'ght- contribute to the stnelfcer,
v fi"irt.'oi;g:-'_'thoru -the .Vel.vefe>m.ine:\at.
i Ru=iiand;;;cia.;:Wbieh. considerable
-vwork._has; been performed." iXr'Xy
PfiYflTF   0PEN 0R
30.00to 25.00
3.00[o 2.50
2.30 to 1.90
extbaio average
22.00to 18.00
2.25 to 1.75
1.80to 1.60
22.00to 18.00
16.00 fo 12.00
1.60to 1.30
1.50to 1.20
le.ooto 14.00
lO.OOto 8.00
UOto   .90
l.OOto  .80
12.00lo 10.00
9.00to 7.00
10.00to 5.00 4.00to 2.50
l.OOto   .75
.85to  .60
12.00to 6.00
9.00to 5.00
.50to  .40
.35to .25
N9 3
3.00to 2.00
2.00to 1.50
2.00to 1.00
For more than thirty-five ycars "SHUBERT" has been giving Fur Shippers an honest and liberal astortment���paying the highest market
prices���tending returns out promptly���rendering "better oorvice"���"quicker." Nolicense is required to f hip Canadian Raw Furs irom
any part of Canada to "SHUBERT." Shipments valued at more than $100 must be marked "GENERAL IMPORT UCENSE PB F 30."
"SHUBER!1" Wants British Columbia Furs���All You Can Ship
A "SHUBERT TAG ENVELOPE" on your shipment means "more money"   -
for your iurs���"quicker"���"the best and promptest SERVICE in tho world."
" There is .No Duty on Eaw Furs Coming Into Chicago from Any Part of Canada"
Peace Is Here
Everybody will want to celebrate and unless
you have the Flu you can't do it in the old fashioned
way, But we can ail celebrate with a good
New Year and anticipating this we will have a ship/
ment arrive t*v a few days ol Everything thats good
all the trimmings for a good old holiday feed.
If an increase in Business of more than Double
is a sign of Square Deals and reasonable prices we
are all there.   Come over and see for yourself,
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building ... Myncaster, B.C.
- 0;
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
iCTB-MttwmMiewaMMmnMeafnmaBLmiiV l
Pre-empMon now confined to surve. ������"
lands onlyT
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultunil purposes
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
Ave years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown  Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, lie may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certiiicate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
improvements to extent of .fllOO per annum and records same each year. Failure to makr fmnrovprnei'tw or record
same will operaiu as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtalnpfl nn those claims in
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acr��s cleared
and cuiiivu'.etl, and residence ���Jf ai
|pn^t  2 vpars.
J're-ei'nplor holding Crown Grant may
r��cord another pre-emption, If he re-
uuii'ub land in conjunction with liis
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made aud
residence maintained on Croirn granted
land. ��
Unsurveycd  areas,  not exceeding;   20
acres,   may  be  leased    as    homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling real- .
dential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
The scope of this Act Is enlarged to
include all persons Joining and serving,
with His Majesty's Forces. Tho time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act is extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege ia also made retroactive.
Provision is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
s.3 the payments already made will
cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment jointly. If it is not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands in the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown ha3 agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands in respect to the
adjustment of a: proportionate allotment
is final. The time for making application for these, allotments is limited tb
the" 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and lauds ol the Crowji. sold
For information apply to any Provincial Government Agent or to
Deputy Minister of Lands,
. Victoria,KB. C.
And Every Dollar
Worth More.
At my place near Bridesville,
B C., since August last, a yearling roan heifer with no. visible
brand. Owner can recover same
by paying for advertisement and
feed bill.
Bridesville, B.C.
Optometrist and Graduate Optician, certified by Provincial Board of Examiners.
j float 1
^ TJ LOAT is not a periodic- ^
T r   al.    It is a book con- j[
"** taining 86 illustrations all ***
4�� told,  and is   filled    with ��$���
4* sketches   and    stories   of ����
.���� western life.   It tells how ^
,*, a gambler cashed in after ��.
j�� the flush days of Sandon ; ^
how it rained in New Den- ***
j^ ver long after Noah was
T dead; how a parson took a ������
All   the    latest, methods   in   high-class
Comer Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -  -   B.C.
In tlie Matter of the Estate of George McLaren,
deceased, and id the Matter of the Administration Act.
Take notice tbat l>y Order of His Honor J.
R.Brown, Local Judge of the Supreme Court,
made the ' Uth day of January, 1919, I was
appointed Administrator of the Estate of the
said George McLareii, deceased; aiid all parties
having claims against the said Estate are
herebv required to furnish same, protierly verified, to me on or before tbe 21st dar.'ftf. Teh.
ruary, 1919; and all parties indebted to the said
Estate are required to pay the amount of their
indebtedness to me forthwith.
Dated the JO day of January, 1919.
CHARLES KING. . . . .     .    ���    ,     - ��� .���*<���,
official Administrator for the I when paid at end of year it is. $3,
'.'.-   Greenwood Elcctotal Division
drink at Bear Lake in
"����� early days; how justice
4* waB dealt in Kaslo in '93;
��&i how the saloon man ont-
ju prayed the wbtnen in Kala-
jT mazoo, and graphically de-
*��* picts the roaniings of a
���' western editor among the
4* tender-feet in the centjbelt.
eb It contains the early history
ju of Nelson and a romance
���jT of the Silver King mine. *$>
* In it are printed three <��>
ju western poems, and dozens ^
T of articles too numerous T
"�� to mention. Send for one "��*
4* before it is too late. The V
���$�� price is 25 cents, post- x*y
���{* paid to any part of the ��{��
j, world. Address all let- j,
T-tors'to .
* R.T.Lowery *
<$��     GREENWOOD, B. O.     4��
'+���'���     .'���' '    '��� ���������*
9**T* ���**v**T*****v*'*T* w**���*^***��� ^#
^���^���^^^-g-^^.^,^,^^,^, <$..$.4*4.4.<$..$.4.4,�����.,$,���$.����>
ume Rotcl
4��  The only upyto/date Hotel in the interior,   First-class
���5�� in every respect,
4�� Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in ��f��
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES S1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
The Ledge is $2 a year in
advance. When not paid for
three months   it   is   $250,   and
-���Economy and Satisfaction ||
combined with Promptness |f
are the features which go to |��
makeup the Service we give |f
our customers. Are you 3
one of them? 1
Letterheads, Npteheads r
il..- -..(Rilled or Plain) :��� ������ " XiXixXXyXy XX;
Envelopes, Billheads^ ifx ^
(All Sizes)
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold; Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
..    A telephone "cut-off," as it is called,  may be due to the
temporary disarrangement of signal mechanism at ��� the switchboard,   or just   a  plain   human mistake   by an   operator  at
.   "Central" or at a branch exchange board.
In either event, it is a source of no less regret to the oper-
: ator than disturbance to the person talking. And the connection may be re-established -with maximum promptness if the
person who was called will hang up the receiver, while the person who called wprks his receiver-hook slowly upand down, advising the operator what has occurred and considerably furnish-
. -        ing her with such imfbrmation as she may require.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
JSr.oo. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead Jr.50 Silver-Leai-
Zinc $3.00. ^Charges for other metals etc
on application.:'-7;^
���'.'...���. ',*-   -���
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
JoblPrinting Department   g
/Good    advertisieg   has   saved
tetany a town  and district from
I aniearly death.
Culamccn Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city. Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
A. O. JOHNSON     -     PROP.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   horse
Leave    Greenwood
DaHy to Meet Spokane and
QrovHle Trains
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Prop.
Old newspapers for sale at
The Ledge office. Get some before they are all gone.


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