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The Ledge Nov 28, 1918

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Array �����      ^
I Pro
vi*cial h
Vol.   XXV.
No. 20
Come In And See Our
Large-And Well Assorted Stock; Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
B Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 3
The  Food   Board  Asks  You   to   Save
g~ We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals ~s
��?   3
fe We specialize in TEA and COFFEE in-pkge or bulk ||
LEE & BRYAN     1
Gloves, Mitts, Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
MIDWAY      -      -B.C.
Fpr Fall
Now Showing New Arrivals in
Suits and Over-Coats
Comfort   doesn't    rule   where
style, quality and character
are lacking
Get into a
and be comfortable
Around Home
W. Elson 8 Co
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each.
60 Watts
100    "
200   ������'
>���   *   $1,25 each
"-.   -   2.00 ��
/      e��     .*
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Change of Firm
Having purchased the Clear
Store from R. J. MUIR. I will
fc* pleased to furnish the pub-
He, at reasonable prices, with
Tobacco. Cigarettes, Cigars,
Fruit, Confectionery, Etc*
The Smelter^Question
Christian Science service will be held
in theMELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at vs.
a.m.- AH welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Windsor Hotel
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal^���dbwbt^bii^Ii&;v-IC ;S^iiiinK|^iei^-:,tita --Oa^"v
business hot��ses^^ ^
electricity, !F^
;';a^-"t Hotxbffee,;sarid
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
VISITING  HOURS   2   to   4
.    At other hours'by arrangement .:
irm W0l^i^iMSM
CV.Q. l_LD., &,CL-. l��r��W��u
H. V; P. JONES, A��'t Cim't JM4r��iw
^utos for hire at the Palace
Good advertising- has saved
many a town and district from
an early death.
it will soon be time to send
Christmas presents to the boys
in France, A copy of Float
makes a present that is always
welcome anywhere; Copies can
be obtained at The Ledge office.
Send your distant friend a copy
of Float. You can get one at
The Ledge office.
CAWTAlPAi&U^|i5,0O0#000i  RESERVE FUN��^ $13,500,000
|l|g||i5||P^ ilii:
Two 2 year-old red steers.
One has B-F on left hip, and the
other is not branded. Liberal
reward. Floyd Bros., Greenwood. Xixxx.- -.x.-xyXy
iiixxXiyiXx Strayed "���'���>
Came on my premises, a year-;
ling bull. /Owner can : have'.-the
same by paying\for this ..'.advertisement, and feed of the animal.
R.R; 2 Bridesville, B.C.
R. F.  Dynes is spending
winter in Princeton.
The sawmill at Billings has
shut down for the season.
Wm. Flson is recovering from
a severe attack of pneumonia.
Don't get your feet wet. Lots
of Rubbers at Rendell's Store.
Up to Friday the Flu had
caused 22 deaths in Princeton.
You can get a bargain iu
enveloges at The Ledge office.
Floyd Bros, recently sold 25
head of cattle to P. Burns & Co.
The Grand Forks smelter was
to resume operations this week.
Grand Forks had 28 soldiers,
who lost their lives through the
Send a $1 to The Ledge and
get 10 different copies of Lowery's
A Soldiers friend is Dad O'Dell
at the Province Hotel, Grand
Shipment just in of fresh bulk
chocolates at Goodeve's Drug
J. Erickson of Phoenix, died in
Grand Forks last Sunday from
the Flu.
Buy your shoes at Rendell's
store.. 15 per cent, reduction on
all sizes,
Harry Rovce is suffering from
the effects of a kick in the face
by a horse.
An Indian chief near Penticton bought $21000 worth of Victory bonds.
W. A. Ritchie, wife and family
have moved trom Boundary Falls
to Cascade.
John Croplev after living in
Greenwood for 2L years is moving
to the coast.
Reggie Cummins died in Rouleau, Sask., last week. He was
buried in Nelson.
The steamers Aberdeen and
Kaleden, on Okanagan lake, have
been dismantled.
Princeton has imported two
carloads ; of hay. from Ontario,
It cost over $40 laid down.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Goggles and auto glasses on hand.
Hot lemonade is good for influenza, we have fresh juicy
lemons on hand.  Rendell's Store.
The K. V. railway is extending
its line two miles from Lynch
Creekr, to the Rock Candy  tram.
There are 30 cases of Flu in
the Grand Forks hospital, all
from points outside of that town.
D. J. Matheson, formerly postmaster of Phoenix, is in the
grocery business at North Vancouver.
Just received a shipment of
"Bobbie Burns" plum puddings,
fruit cakes and oat cakes packed
in tins for shipment overseas.
The far famed Rexall hair
tonic can now be obtained at
Goodeve's. If you want a really
good hair tonic^ procure at once.
The smelter ceased operation
on Tuesday. Negotiations are
under way looking to a resumption of operations in the near
Get a Float for 25 cents at
The Ledge office, and; send to
your friends in order to cheer
them during the dark days of
The first real snow of the
season fell in Greenwood on
Tuesday. There has been good
sleighing in Phoenix four miles
away for a month.
Geo. Robinson wishes to thank
the members of the Women's
Institute for the Red Cross
Christmas parcel, which he re:
ceived 'while on leave here.
James G. McMynn and J. V.
Mills have returned from a
hunting trip at Steeve's ranch,
| bringing in three deer. Mr. McMynn shot two, while Mr. Mills
shot the other.
The grading of the railway
between Princeton, and a mile
beyond the Mill Site is finished.
Between their and Copper Mountain the work is heavy, and requires four tunnels.
Paddy George has retired from
business in Greenwood, and sold
his ntock to the David Spencer
Co., of Vancouver." He will remain in townAnd; probably lease
some-mine in;the spring.
Married.���On Saturday,   the
23rd inst, at Greenwood;   a.t the
residence; of ;L.   E.   Brawders,
manager;7of :therBa:nt:;ofCom^!
mercey  by Rev,- J;:���.'..:R.X��� ::;Munro,;|
of \ Commerce;, PiipenixV; son: of ^
L.; M. ^Morrison^ of--Vancouver,
and Janet May,  daughter J.  A.;'
Thompsoni M. D.y Vancouver.      '
The citizens of Greenwood are
getting busy in their efforts to
have the smelter -resume operations. Oscar Lachmund bas been
engaged feo take charge of affairs.
On Sunday Messrs. Lachmund,
Gulley and McCutcheon motored
to Oroville to confer with the Canada Copper Co. officials.
On Monday a meeting of the citizens took place, and committees
were formed to take charge of the
work in regard to the maturing of
plans to operate Greenwood's-prin-
oipal meal ticket. The C. C. Co.
will be further interviewed and
proposals made to continue the
smelfcer in operation.
The first proposal is to endeavor
to find a sufficient ore supply for
the smelter, and have the C. C. Co.
operate it themselves.
The second proposal is for an independent company to lease the
smelter, and pay a royalty upon
the ore used from the C. C. Co's
The third proposal is to buy the
smelter, build a lead stack, and
operate ib with copper, lead and
silver ores from B. C. and U. S.
With work and brains, there is
no reason why the smelter should
remain cold beyond a few weeks.
Public Notice
Tbe Emergency Committee of
the Greenwood Isolation Hospital
wish to inform the citizens 'of
Greenwood and District, who are,
or have been effected by the Flu,
that it will be necessary to charge
the fee of $10.00 in each case, for
the fumigation of their residences,
conveyance to Hospital, meals, bed
and baths, while in Hospital for
fumigation. In cases of families a
special rate of $1.00 per head extra,
to be charged-over and above one
person. Persons outside of the
above, who may have to go to the
Hospital for one night for fumigation, charges will be 50 cents a
meal and 50 cents bath.
C. W. HARTLAND, Secy.,
Greenwood Emergency Committee.
Will all Tradespeople and others
who have bills against the Emergency Hospital, please send  their
bills in for payment to the  undersigned on or before Dec. 3rd, 1918.
C. W. HARTLAND, Secy.,
Greenwood Emergency Hospital.
P. O. Box 514.
Splendid War Album
The War Album issued by The
Family Herald and Weekly Star
of Montreal is one of the best
souvenirs of the War. Future
generations will cherish this
book. It Will be a complete diary
of the great struggle and contains a whole mine of information regarding the Allies. We
learn the supply is limited. Auy
home that fails to secure a copy
now will regret it, $1.25 pays a
lull year's subscription to that
great weekly paper and a copy ot
the War Album. , Sample may
be seen at this office.
Geo. Robinson was in town on
a few days leave visiting his
wife and son. Geo. is a gunner
in the Canadian navy, having
been transferred recently from
the Atlantic to the Pacific  coast.
Any merchant can help his
business by truthful and suggestive advertising.
Up to last Thursday the Flu
had caused 19 deaths in Phoenix,
four in Greenwood, ahd three at
the Mother Lode. No deaths
have been reported from .all
points between Greenwood and:
Mrs. Geo. Bryan died last
Thursday from pneumonia, the
funeral taking place on Sunday.
She is survived by her husband
and fourchildrenV ^Two of the;
children are twins, born less than
a month ago.
In a letter from : Murray Janes
he; has this: tp say; of the- late
west. at;;; the* front7; inXAugust
\'He was-pne; of the ;best ;;pals a
man: cpuld;have.:; He was;; a -volunteer ;and did his: bit to the last/
He did not wa.it tiU the: thing
was over to come,"
I Western Float
V ft
The Flu affected half of the men
at the Trail smelter.
TheB. C. Legislature will assemble on January 16.
There are 243 telephones in
Trail, and 195 in Rossland. /
During October Kelowna had
six cases in the police court.
Jack Simpson died at Penticton.
He wasjmate on the Sicamous.
There is enough of Cariboo in
the Yukon to feed the Allied
In time for Christmas 10,000
soldiers^will reach Canada from
Fred^Grabam has been appointed
shift'boas^at the Le Roi mines in
You no longer require a passport to"get into the United States
from Canada.
A new tipple has been built, at
the Diamond Vale coal mine on
Cold water river.
^ In B. C. the total stand of saw
timber and pulpwood material, is
366 billion board feet.
W. J. Coulter, of New Denver,
was'married 'this month, to Mill-
icent Gallas of Argenta.
W. M, Holt died from the Flu.
He was manager of the B. C. Telephone Co. at Port Alberni.
W. T. Summers died in Kam-
loops'from pneumonia. He was a
native of London, Ontario.
Fine raspberries were grown at
Burnaby this month. California
weather must be moving north.
Peace killed the little town
bulletins, and the press censorship.
It has not yet knocked out the
At a meeting in Texas of the
Pan-American labor convention, C.
W. Moyer declared the I. W. W
to be "American Bolsheviki."
Some rich farmers from Saskatchewan have bought 600 acres of
timber north of Trail, and will install a mill that will cut 25000 feet
daily.".. ���
Epsom salts in carloads are being shipped from Clinton to the
Stewart-Calvert Co. in Washington. They go through the lines
The Chinamen at Kelowna believe the Flu is caused by the
spirit of six-year old boy. It
keeps them busy dodging this
Ife is reported that a man was
given 60 days in jail, for trying to
break-through the quarantine line
at Sandon. That town has been
free from Flu.
There are 400 people in New
Denver. They must be rich as
that town invested more than
8100,000 in Victory bonds.
According to information in the
hands of the Provincial Government American capital will be responsible for considerable coal
mining activity on the east coast of
Vancouver Island. A number of
foreshore leases have been taken
and prospects are in sight for business on a large scale.
The Port Moody Steel Works,
now known as the Columbia Steel
Work3. Limited, is turning out
considerable quantities of pig iron
from their electric furnace, the
majority being shipped: to Japan.
It is expected to commence operation of rolling mills shortly, turning out steel rod and bar.
Tom Moore, president of the
Dominion Trades Congress, when
asked for his opinion as to the appointment of Hon. Gideon Robert-
eon to the PortFolio of Minister of
Labor, said: "There is no man in
the political field we would sooner
see the appointment go to than
Senator Robertson. He started out
with the best wishes of the labor
party and we assure him our
hearty co-operation as far as possible,"
The world's record for long distance flying, today is held by
Major D. J. Boots and Lieutenant
Elmer Spencer of Detroit, who
landed near Yonkers last Thursday after flying more thau 700
miles in four and one-half hours
without stop. The average speed
maintained was 150 miles an hour.
D'Annunzio, making his record
Sight, flew 600 miles continuously
without stop, while flying over
Bruce White, the well-known
Slocan mining man, was one of the
first Flu patients in the Isolation
hospital at Kaslo. ; In a short time
he was eo ;far recovered that^- in
spite of all; Dr. Read could do to
stop him. he insisted upoh getting
time;after;he reached; Nelson he
was,taken violently" ill: and died in
four days^ >His; end r was - so calm
and;; -peaceful,X; that vr'thle ;r nurse!
thought at ;fir?t that he -had fallen
B. C. Mines
in the
37 per
Platinum and asbestos have been
found near Okanagan Falls.
It would be good business to
diamond drill the mines in Franklin camp.
A carload of manganese, was recently shipped from Kasla to
There  will  be an
mining convention  in
on January 8.
A new natural gas field haB been
opened up, 30 miles east of Lethbridge, Alberta.
The price of iron ore
United States in 1917 was
cent, more than in 1916.
At the Mountain Con near
Sandon there is much ore awaiting
the safe rawhiding season.
At Burnaby Lake, on the coast,
a diamond drill is making a test
for oil. The hole is drilled 25 feet
a shift.
There is a chance for mining
men in the United States to obtain
a smelter and good mines at
In order to help prospectors the
B. C. Government will do 10,000
feet of diamond drilling wherever
good surface showings exist.
Three companies are operating
in the copper belt at Loon Lake,
Wash. Formerly some ore from
this camp was shipped to Greenwood.
The Florence Silver at Ainsworth shipped 186 tons of silver-
lead ore to Trail early this month.
Most of the shipment was high-
In October the Granby produced
2,549,474 pounds of copper. The
large decrease over September was
caused by the Flu at Phoenix and
Anyox. ';
For the first ten months of this
year the Trail smelter received
271.417 tons of ore from 122 mines.
The receipts in Gctober were 49,-
975 tons.
Life is chequered in Fernie, but
never dull. After having 3000
Flu cases, the Ne. 1 south mine in
Coal Creek is now on fire. The
closing of the mine is serious.
The starting of the Northport
smelter two years ago broke the
Gugg monoply in the Coeur
d'Alenes. Sometimes it is a good
thing to have a smelter handy.
For the year ending September
30, the Le Roi No 2 at Rossland
shipped 19000 tons of ore. After
many years of exploration ore has
been found in the old No.   1 mine.
Captain Sweeney was killed in
France October 3. He was the
youngest son of the late Charles
Sweeney of Spokane, the most
romantic figure in the history of
Idaho mining.
The Rock Candy on the North
Fork of the Kettle river is making
regular shipments of fluorite to
Trail. A tram is being built to
connect with the: railroad spur,
above Lynch creek.
R. A. Brown will sink a shaft on
the Volcanic. Brown once told
the writer that there was enough
of ore^in'andjaround the Volcanic
to keep a hundred smelters going.
May be a future chance^to get ore
tor one smelter at Greenwood.
So far^thisfyear/'the shipments
to Trail from Boundary  mines has
been the following tonnage:
Black Diamond,  Beaverdell   '-.-. 2
Hennessy, Carmi       -
Lakevale, Lakevale
Rambler B, Beaverdell
Standard Fr, Beaverdell
Sally, v Beaverdell;; XX;-i
Bounty Fr, Beaverdell
Providence, Greenwood
Bell- Beaverdell;  / .-.
Emma, Denoro
-        id'
'i- 9
You look  so strong and well���������
it's   hard   to   believe    you're    a
wounded soldier.:-..-,
;  No, lady,   I'm  worse'n that���I
am one of the "missing."
���m \fflra ift&Dom, (&Em3K0QS^
Anti-Aircraft Sport
to   Fine
Work   Has   Been   Reduced
Like every other branch of thc
service. ".Archie'1 (the anti-aircraft
gun) is :n;i!iiH'J hy a cheerful young
hand of warriors who .swear that
their game has no equal in the whole
of France. Tln-ir theory, however,
is supported hy the opinions of many
hunters,    who admit    that
tn <.f
Old Novon
Hun   11ns   Ruined    Historical
An.]'   having  luvn   ior  uioiill
Muni]   '���ciitve   in   ll i-;   dimmer's
.���.���nil"  i'i   war, and afii r  many
v'   I lun  iKissessi.-i'i,   ii   is   doubt ful  i;
rmieh   that   was  fine above  Xoyuu  rc-
���mains   uiiniincd  or,  at   anv   rale,   un-
Jamaged.    And before  the    war    tlic
5ittle  f.iwn,   with  its    population     of
about   ' ix  thousand,   possessed    considerable iliat  wus   fine,    much    that
uncieni and historically most in-
-ling-.    For instance, tlie Hotel de
-the  iowu  hall, as    we    would
sport thcy are hopelessly
outclassed wlien it comes to polling
at Hun planes, and also that the fascination of firing with :i 13-poundcr
cannot be compared with lhat of a
450-300 H.V. double barrelled ritle.
The trophies of a good day's "Archie" shooting in.ade it quite conceivable that in thc near future we
may .see hung in the stead of antlers
(and heads broken struts and iron
crosses cut from the wings of downed planes. Of all the somenirs from
France, none are quiie so precious
as the crosses cut from downed
planes which just previously had
been pumping from their machine
guns  little  pills of  death
It is cjuite
suppose that the only object of "Archie" i.s to bring down planes, for
thc chances of accounting for u
plane for every shell fired are very
few, chiefly because no one can decide, exactly in what direction he
Avill turn next.  Consequently     allow-
Of Chinese Railroad :i��"* :ii<-   ��i:��iu   win<-h   win either
turn him awav or else make him fly
Prompt   attention���careful   feeding
quick   returns.
The Sword is Sheathed
Modern   Devices    Have    Supplanted
Old Weapon
There is a curious kind of irony in
the fact that, a weapon, once so universal as tlie sword should now
have become hardly more than ;i metaphor. Wc speak, and write, of "victory by the sword," or of "a peace
imposed by the sword," though the j
sword is now more a decorative ob-1
ject for parade, functions than a piece
of tempered steel for killing purposes.
Shrapnel, high explosives, poison gas,
and the rest of the too ingenious
modern devilries havc left thc more
heroic, weapon to rust in its sheath.
Yet it will probably never bc supplanted as a metaphor because it is
picturesque, and has a bite in it
which no other word possesses. Certainly poets are not likely to substitute anything else for ily��--Loiidon
Daily Chronicle.
Wood Substitute for Cotton
In    1917  handled
an    erroneous idea lo lover  nine  million  dollars   for  stock-
;To Chang2 Gauge
rail it��� was a handsome edifice, built
during thc ycars from 1-185 to 1523. It
was   commenced    before      Columbus
crossed thc Atlantic, and it  was  finished  twelve   years    before    Jacques
Cartier  sailer] up the  St.  Lawrence.
Thc Cathedral, too, was a bcauti-
iul building in the Transition style of
the twelfth century. It is associated
with thc memory of a man whose
preaching and writings havc profoundly influenced the religious convictions of millions of people.
; Proposal  by  Japanese   Is   Demurred
a ; at by  Chinese Authorities
M]    ���     Tiie japar.c-e have proposed to thc
11101  .Chinese authorities thc change of the
: gauge   of  the   Chinese   F.astcrn   Rail-
; way   to  conform  with   that   of      the
i South   Manclmrian    Railway,      which
j would facilitate  the operations of al-
jlied  forces  westward.    The Japanese
(promised to furnish thc rolling stock
j from   their own   surplus.    Thc   Chin-
iesc  replied, however, that thc Japanese had no such surplus, which must
come  from  the   United  States.    Thc
Chinese   fear  tliat   thc    proposal  involves Japanese  supremacy  in  North
Manchuria,  which  would  prove   cm-
the  final settlement  ot
Jt was in this old town of Xo
yon, |
\rc  thc most
The    com-
tn Picardy, that John Calvin was
born on July 10, 1509. His father
was procureur-fiscal of the district
���the solicitor for tiie revenue, department, a law officer of the crown.
.Me was also secretary of thc diocese.
His three .sons were "bred ecclesiastics; and ihe reformer himself, while
still only twelve years of age, was
appointed to a chaplaincy in the
Cathedra! church  of   Noyon."
Noyon is in the department of Oisc,
sixty-seven miles northeast oi Paris
by rail.
It was the Noviodunum of Julius
Caesar's time, and in the Middle
Ages a residence of two famous
kings.���Charlemagne and Hugo Capet.
Your Asthma, Too. The efficacy of
Dr. J. D. ..Kellogg's Asthma Rcnicdy
is not something that is merely to bc
hoped for; it is to be expected. It
never fails-to bring relief, Mid in your
own individual case it will do the
same. So universal has been-the success of iliis far-famed cure tliat every
oik; a ilii clod with this disease'owes-it
to himself to  try it.
Truth That Outrivals Fiction
Two Orphans Were Children of Her
The following . story,- the- truth of
'���which .has .been- verified,-. Iius���been
tent lately.; to' ihe .'Belgian relief
"Among the people of the United
States who offered' to adopt the Belgian, and . French orphans . sent to
New- York was a... lady in Denver,
���Colo, .She. -wished one. child only,
lint,, on learning tliat' th.e. only child.-
r'civ- remaining on the lists' were
twins, boy and girl, who did -not
want to'bc separated, she decided to
julbpt iio'thi ' A locket worn by the
little'-girl attracted her attention,'and
on' opening .it, much to her auiazc-.
incut, she found., the .'portrait!'of-.her
own sister, who had gone to Belgium several years .before, -married a
Belgian, and for sonic reason had
ceased .communication with her family. It is' hardly .necessary to add
lhat the 'children have.' found a-safe
Thc summer months
dangerous to children,
plaints of that season, which arc
cholera infantum, colic, diarrhoea
and dysentery, come on so quickly
that often a little life is beyond aid
before the mother realizes he is ill.
The mother must bc on her guard to
prevent these troubles, or if they do
come on suddenly to cure them. No
other medicine is of such aid to
mothers during hot weather as is
Baby's Own Tablets. They regulate
the stomach and bowels and arc absolutely safe. Sold by all medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Reindeer a Food Factor
Alaskan Animals Double Their Number Every Three Years
There arc more, than 200,000 reindeer in the Alaskan herds. When the
ice left Behring Sea this year, thc
first ship of a fleet of cold storage
vessels started from. Nome for Seat-
lie with a cargo of reindeer meat,
to be sold in competition With beef
and other moats. The . average
weight of the three-year-old deer,
dressed, is 150 pounds.; More than
10 per cent, of the reindeer in Alaska
are surplus males.
The amount of reindeer to. be
shipped this ��� year, to be sure, .will
not he .sufficient-to' make an appreciable dent in the price of other
meats, but considering that reindeer
double, their number every three
ycars, besides leaving 10 per cent, of
the entire herd for the market, it
will be seen that- these northern-ani-.
nial's soon will -'become a factor in
th.e economic affairs of the nation.
.Counting Coins by Electricity
:. Much -labor  is  saved  daily  at   the
offices.of the Detroit  street  railways
by automatic coin-handling machines.
���A bank -.of- machines handles iin'aver-
agc of 200,000 coins  each   day.    Tlie
inacliir.i s  arc operated hy    one-third
horse-power motor?.     Th.e  coins  are
placid in. hoppers at   the top, in  all
denominations,    ju>t     as     lliey   come
from    thc    fare    boxes    on the ears.
Without   j'siriher     attention,   battered  ,..,.. i ,   ���,..���   i, .
i .    ii ��� , ;l,ilil<'.  may   He
and badly    worn pieces arc     thrown jj        Unt   jt   lias
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc,
Russia's Industrial Losses
A Renter's message from Pclro-
grad says the commisarriat of commerce-has issued a 'summary of what
Russia-, has lost by the peace treaty
pf B'rcst-Litd.vsk. The losses specified are: . Seventy-three, per cent, of
tlic total iron production; 39 per cent,
of the total coal production; 268 sugar refineries; 918 cloth factories; 574
breweries; 173 tobacco factories; 1,-
685 spirit distilleries; . 244 chemical
factories; 615 paper factories; 1,073
machine factories; 21,530. kilometers
of .railway's- (one-third of all the railways oi Russia); 56 million, or 32 per
cent, of the whole population, and
.780,000 square kilometers.of territory.
r else make
too high to do any serious work, and
the official figures showing thc number of "birds" credited to these gunners give ample proof that their
work has been reduced  lo a fine art.
"Archie" work in Fiance is only
boring ou a "dud" day, when for
various reasons there is no flying.
But even a "dud" day has its compensations. Football can be played
wilh impunity, for after a "Clean
Parade" at 9 a.m., and perhaps an
hour's cleaning of the guns and position, there are no duties to he done.
Matches arc soon arranged between
the various sectians, and consequently old friendships are renewed,
making life very tolerable indeed.
During fine weather life becomes
one. perpetual bustle. Men arc placed
to keep thc lookout and to work the
various "gadgets." Blue spectacled
they stand searching the skies
for "Jerry," until the signs denoting
that one has been spotted bring the
whole  position  into ant-like  activity.
Thc range and height finders are
soon busy calling out their readings
and thc gunners train their guns on
to thc target. Thc only person who
seems to bc taking things easily is
thc section commander, who patiently waits_ for the "bird" to get
into firing distance, wdien with almost alarming vivacity hc raps out
his orders, Fuzz 22, Up 4, Right I.
Go on." Immediately both guns rattle and roar as thcy pump shell after
shell towards the incoming plane.
Only when the "bird" alters its
course do_ they stop, when the commander gives his new deflections.
There is nothing quite so exciting
as the sight of the little white puffs
of smoke appearing around the
"bird" as the shells burst, but the
greatest excitement of all is reached
when a hit is scored and the plane
topples .over'and, like a paper butterfly, flutters to earth.
Winnipeg or Edmonton
Taxi Habit Dying Out
People arc Growing Accustomed   to
The taxicab fever which gripped,
London, England, so long has evidently died out. Even now, wdien
cabs are scarce, there is no noticeable competition. People havc got
accustomed lo walking or paying a
penny or twopence for an omnibus
or  tube.
Cabs can constantly bc seen on
thc ranks, and at the railway stations the old array of people with
luggage waiting for cabs has dwindled to small proportions, for the
public is carrying but little luggage
Minard's Liniment  Co.,  Limited.
Gentlemen,���I have used MINARD'S LINIMENT on my vessel
and in my family for ycars, and for
the cvery day ills and accidents of
life I consider it has no equal.
1 would not start on a voyage
without it if it cost a dollar a bottle.
Schr. "Storkc," St. Andre, Kamoura-
Of Great Advantage in Present Emergency
A paper mill at Neonah, Wis., is
making a product which is likely to
prove of advantage in the present
emergency. It is a substitute for
absorbent cotton, made from ground
wood. It is being turned out at tlic
rate of three or four tons a day, and
advantages arc claimed for it, in the
fact that it can bc applied directly
to open wounds, and also thc cheapness with which it can bc manufactured and sold. It appears in the form
in which cotton batting is usually
produced, except that thc ground
wood is spun or rolled out up.on thc
machines, in thc form of sheets of
the purest white, of gossamer thinness and of such lightness in proportion to its bulk that four thousand pounds can bc loaded in thc ordinary freight car. Layer upon layer
of these sheets are placed one upon
the other, simulating very closely thc
appearance of the cotton  product.
Feet of Birds
Substitute economy
IOF    WllSte�� Use only such foods
as contain the greatest amount of nourishment, with the least
possible 'waste. No food meets these
requirements    more    perfectly   than
A Picture
with Each Purchase
Each time you buy a package
of Ingram's Toilet aids or Perfume your druggist will give
you, withoyt charge, a large
portrait ofaworld-famed motion
picture actress. Each time you
get a different portrait so you
make acollectlonforyourhome.
Ask your druggist.
Face .Powder
No matter how clear and colorful your
complexion may be a few minutes'
work or an hour in a hot kitchen will
bring forth the perBpiration and make
the skin oily and shiny. To avoid
this use Ingram's Velveola Souveraine
Pace Powder. Just a light touch will
stay on until washed off. And it overcomes the shine and hides tiny imperfections.   SOc.
Ingram's Milkweed Cream is a dainty,
preparation that Is cleansing, softening and soothing to the delicate skin
tloeues. It ��1eo has an exclusive therapeutic quality that 'tones up" the akin and
keeps it in a healthful condition. Two sizes,
SOc and $1. At your drueelst's you will find
a complete line of Ingram's toilet aids including Zodenta for the teeth, 25c.
F. F. Ingram, Windsor, Ontario
Corns and warts disappear when
treated '.witb Hollo-way's Corn Cure
without leaving a scar.
A Pen Picture of Gen. Haig
Is a Student as Well as a Leader of
When you first sec General. Haig
���-or such is my experience ��� you
think what a handsome man he is.
When you next sec him you feel what
a strong man he is, in body and
character, When you have seen him
often and at close quarters, though
you do not lose the first impressions,
you find his master attribute to bc
doggedncss, qualified but not. camouflaged by the quiet manner of a modest gentleman. Nevertheless,.! speak
within my knowledge when I say that
no man iii.this war has accepted criticism, even from civilians and politicians, with a more open mind or so
overcome military prejudices in obedience to the demand of new events.
A remarkable-example is his . rapid
promotion during the last six.months
of civilian soldiers and . his entire,
whole-hearted acceptance of the war
correspondent, to whom at one period he was more .vehemently opposed
than any soldier in high command.
The history of generalship ought
lo'.be., written .by a physician, . sonic
The Concrete Ship
Is  Notable for Its Wonderful Durability
General interest has been aroused
by the success of the new concrete
ocean-going steamer "Faith," whicli
is plying between Calitornia and
British Columbia ports, but not many
know that the concrete ship has a
long history and passed thc experimental stage  many years ago.
So. far back as 1849 a concrete
rowboat was built by M. Lambot of
Carces, France. It was exhibited at
the Paris Exhibition in 1855 and is
reported to be still in service. . A
large concrete vessel pf rowboat
type, thc "Zecmccuv," was built at
bas van Gent, Holland, in 1887. It
has been in several collisions . and
has been frozen in thc ice many winters, but it is still in use at Amsterdam. From 1897 to 1905 Carlo Ga-
bellinis of Rome built various types
of concrete scows, barges, and pontoons, some of '.them of 150 tons. The
first ship of the kind in Germany of
which there is any trace was built in
190!) at Frankfort-on-Main, a freighter oi 200 tons, for river service.   .
To Canada belongs the honor of
building the first concrete boat in
North America, according to Thc
Scientific American,-from, which these
details are taken. It was the scow
"Pioneer," constructed in 1910 for
use on thc Welland. Canal.. Its dimensions are eighty by twenty-four,
with seven feet draft. It has been
employed chiefly, to carry stone, and
at times whole carloads of this material  have been  dropped 'upon'-���  its
Generally Related to the Length   of
Their Necks
The foot of a bird shares with the
wing the duties of locomotion. Birds
with highly developed wings have
poor feet. Thc swallow, an aerial
bird, is an example. The chimney-
swift has a tiny foot, but enormously
developed wings, and if placed on a
flat surface is unable to support itself. All aquatic and terrestrial birds
have excellent developed feet. The
loon is so thoroughly aquatic lhat it
cannot walk on land without the support of its breast and wings. The sea
snipe has a foot especially fitted for
swimming, and can be found a
Good Price for Furs
hundred miles off the Atlantic coast j bought ""furs" last'"wiriter "for cash"
White Foxes Plentiful Along Arctic
Officers of the R. N. W. Af. P. at
Hcrschcll Island and Fort McPherson, report tha't white foxes were
plentiful along the coast last winter,
and large numbers of pelts have
been taken by the natives.
In thc delta also a good catch of
fur is reported. In tlic vicinity of
Fort McPherson foxes and marten
were the principal furs caught in any
Competition by American traders
has enhanced thc prices of furs.'
Caribou have been plentiful, thus providing food for the natives. Traders from Fort Yukon  and elsewhere
the'    remaining   corns   rirc |
>  their
out    asid
sorted ipl" their respective denoti
illation's. The?'':, are accurately
couiiU'il and proprrly wrapped- in
roll's 'ii any desired ai.iiLimt-f. Thus
a great deal oi time "i* saved and
lhe i-.li-uieiit i't Li'r-'.'r'is..redu!-.< d lo a
i:ii ti i ��� i aiiii.   .
White Corn Syrup for Canning
For home preserving, thc pure
white corn syrup gives thc best results. Thc yellow or golden corn
syrup, witli which many people are
familiar as- used on the breakfast
mplovi'd   in   pnscrv
which   makes   it
in flocks  of  hundreds  of  thousands,
perfectly at home in the water.
The foot is generally related to the
length of the neck. The flamingo
wades out into the water, and is able
to duck its head and secure its food
with the aid of its particularly constructed neck. In securing prey the
foot also plays an important part.
The great horned owl and the duck
hawk havc enormous grasping power
in their claws. In our grouse or
partridge a horney, fringe-like growth
appears on the toes late in the fall,
serving as a sort of snow shoe during
the winter, by which the bird is enabled to walk on the surface of the
snow. This growth is shed in the
Pain Flees Before It.���There is
more virtue in a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil as a subducr . of
pain than in gallons of other medicine. Thc public know this and
there arc few households throughout
the country where it cannot be
found. Thirty years of usc has familiarized the people with it, and made
it a. household medicine throughout
the western world.
These  men   were  paying   big   prices
The Sultan's Consolation
"Shining Stone"  Still Remains  Brilliant
Amid the many menacing perils
that threaten his thorny throne- the
new Sultan of Turkey can find consolation for all Moslem diseases by
contemplating the "Shining Stone"
in the Mosque of St. Sophia. This
is a slab of translucent marble,
brought from Persia, which has been
fixed to the western side of the gallery. It emits rays of dazzling brilliancy during periods of Turkish prosperity or of religious triumphs for
Islam, but becomes black and opaque,
however cloudless the skies, whenever some calamity is about to befall
the Ottoman fai.th or empire. It has
not hitherto been darkened during
the present war, though the Sultan's
for pelts and a largc quantity of fur  armies havc so frequently been    dc
was taken by them to United States fcatcd and thc power of Islam sccm-
Conserving Typewriters
Shortage Would Be a Very  Serious
England is suffering from one inconvenience of war which we have
hitherto escaped. That is a shortage
deck form a twelve-foot trestle with-Iof typewriters. Here there arc ma-
out injury to the! vessel, which is still ..chines enough, though many of those
giving satisfactory service. In 191ijwho operate theui may be drawn in-
���\V. N; Dowscy-of. Iron River, Mich.,  to other occupations.        There      thc
one said in writing of Napoleon's last, .... . r . . ,
battle. I suppose no one has borne itherc Is atl>P information have
the brunt of war more continuously
or with less visible loss of youth and
power than General Haig; Scarcely
for a moment .has his health wilted,
and he attributes much of his energy
to lhe calvalrymari's love of the saddle... Every day at the,front, except
when the battle was hot, you could
see him riding out from ���headquarters wilh a lancer or two in attendance and all who saw him pass, from
j French civilian to Britisii officer, said
in effect:. "There goes a man who is
every inch a soldier."
-.      . 1'laitr, too, is a student as well as a
distinctive     flavor:ii;ri(ier; and alwa'vs was. Soon after 1
less     suitable    llian (had enjoyed my first considerable' iiv-
':iCltrrview with liim, Tasked an old and
Captain Only Man Aboard.
German ships.are arriving ai- U.lya
v itli tlicir capla-ms':'-.tk.!: :- only X men
aboard; .office!'.���=, engineers', and..stokers being ail women.-.-'This" illustrates
the'shortage of German manhood.:'.'-
white  corn   syrup.      The     fruit _  _    _ _     ^ _
should be  filled  with    the    prepared Ihimoits instructor of ilm Staff College
raw  fruit,  then   covered     with   syrup   whether, ou  the whole,  the best stu-
aud (misled off in the usual way,        j dents   while  al  tlie  staff college  has.
-,������     .  ~ ���   ���     . afterwards  proved  the  best    oflicers.
t.aliiornia lias but two  species. ofjTo tell  the  truth, 1 rather expected,
native  trees  that    are   normally     of ;lJul :ii,1Iost wished liim to say no. His
built a stone boat, the fust in. the
United States, and. another in.'.1914,
which is now touring inland waters
on a recruiting mission for the navy.
Most of the concrete,boats of which
notable for their, durability..; There
jire many iii use in Europe, particularly, on the canals of Holland and
England. The first ocean-going concrete ship was a Norwegian, but the
"faifh" is the biggest of the type yet
launched. Last year saw scores of
concrete boats building in the shipyards of the world. This class of
ships has apparently come to stay.
Canada has a direct interest in
concrete boat-building because of its
great deposits of marl and its well-
established cement industry. It has
all the resources necessary io " enable it to play a leading part in this
new  development. In    steel -'ship
building it has taken��� a long stride
.during'tlic war. In concrete shipbuilding it li;is also a promising .future.���Toronto   Globe.
German Efficiency Outwitted
One   That   The   Hun   Censor Could
Not See
So-called German efficiency finds
more than its equal in American ingenuity. . When American prisoners,
who arc placed. in thc various forts
throughout Germany, seek to write
relatives or friends in their native
country, their messages must undergo the rigid, inspection of the efficient German censor,: who often believes that he is permitting only
"good news" to pass through. Real
descriptions of the situation arc effaced.
A son of a wealthy riiiladclphian,
who has been captured recently; scut
word home that conditions on thc
whole were very satisfactory and
American prisoners were being treated well ��� but that hc would . much
rather bc back in Laurel Hill.
The young man's relatives were
able to understand his meaning, . as
Laurel Hill is a cemetery not far
from home. Splendid treatment! ���
From the  Wall Street Journal.
cd to suffer eclipse. Thus thc mystic stone, ever shining, proves to
believing Moslems, that, _ however
fate may frown, the rcal victory remains with them. ��� Manchester
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria,
Chain Armor
Part   of
Protects Eyes and Upper
An ingenious improvement lias rc��
cently been made to thc already familiar steel shrapnel helmet in usc at
thc war. It is designed to protect
the eyes and the upper part of the
face from splinters of wood, stone,
sand and metal. thrown up by exploding shells. The new device is
merely an adaptation of the chain
doors which have been introduced into metal, chemical and glass works
in recent years to protect thc workers from "the heat of the furnaces
and the splashes of molten material.
It consists of a frige of separata
short lenghts of fairly heavy chain
which effectively arrests thc flying
particles. On account of 'its looseness it docs not seriously interfere
with the vision.
How  to loosen a tender com
or callus so it lifts out
���'-.-. without pain
weeping habit. One is Qucreus Lo-
haia, the valley oak, having its most
southerly "range.- near Hurbank. The
other is ��� l'icc'a Rrcwcriana, the weep^
ing. spruce,'. which is-found in a few
irolatcd mountainous sections in the
northwestern corner, of the staU:.
:    Conserve Your Money
XxiixXXiX   Conserve Your Food
A glass of milk and a few Biscuits make a good
lunch on a hot day.
answer was complete. "Much tlic
three best students 1 ever had were
Haig, Kobertson and Rawlitison, in
that order of merit." ��� \V. ilcacli
Thomas, in Harper's Magazine for
���hi p.c.
���Salted or plain
���In striped packages only.     33
Edmonton    Regina    Calgary
Saskatoon        Vancouver
Cauda feoii Beard License Hq. fl-4&2
"//7Lapse of Memory
'���Giie.evening a business man who
had .married his pretty stenographer
went-te). his-room to dress for a session of his "favorite lodge. A few
minutes later he was lieaid calling at
the head of the stairway:
"Jessie, dear," said hubby, in a
kind and gentle tone, "can't you
ome here for just,a minute?"
'T suppose I can," indifferently answered Jessie, rising from her easy
chair and starting for lhe stairway.
"What do you want?"
"There is a little ripped place in
the 5-hirt that I want lo wcarto
the lodzc tnnight," returned hubby,
"t'rtn't iou sew it up for nie?"
"Of   course   not,"   was  thc  prompt
rejoinder  of  wifey.  "I  will  get  Jane
\ r.�� scf-m to forget that you
a  t>pewriter, not a.   *ewing
"'���Davton Xf"'\ s.
Salt for the Fisheries
Thc  Canada food board  has     succeeded iiy securing a second cargo of
salt from the Mcditerranian for    tlic
Nova Scotia fisheries.
Are V/e Coming to This?
"I've given up smoking, and now
my olel cigarette case comes in handy
for carrying iny lunch."���Tlic Passing Show.  ������;���.
do it.
.,rrif d
��� "���li-.A
It is true that women squeeze their
.'c.l into frnall shoes���but their heads
never get tco largc for their ha<S,
British typewriter manufacturers can
do no more than supply the government,, and importations from America
and from Germany arc alike, cut off,
il for different reasons. Since thc machine is largely an American product,
and a large number of. those sold in
England have been .made by American concerns, on either side of thc
water, it is clear that, thc shortage
must-be. verv. serious.. A correspondent of the New York Tribune says
that "machines which .; ordinarily
entitled to old age pensions are being collected and overhauled, injected with a vitalizing sertiin and sold
for more than the price they brought
iu their prime." The kind,of work
they do and'the effect upon their users-may be' left to ihe imagination.
Nor is there any prospect of relief
while the i/ar lasts.   .
Should not 'Americans -lake, warning
iii'time and conserve their machines?
The enormous'hulk of typewritten
matter that comes from Washington
suggests a heavy draft upon the
source of supply. The stoutest keys
cannot stand hammering forever. Besides, who can estimate the comparative wear upon the machine of different types of cony? Inanimate objects often display a (juality akin 10
temperament. Ships and locomotives
arc familiar examples. The user of a
typewriter finds no other machine
quite as responsive as his own. It is
quite credible that keys which have
been the vehicle of thr novelist's or
poet's fancy havc a different touch
from  tho^c whicli  have ground    out
political  arguments or dull  statistic*, j , w bc  foond  complctcI
1 here is h^rc a broad field for spcc-l---   -        ��� ��� ��� ���    ���        l        J-
illation which some deep ' thinker
should cultivate attentively. Meanwhile it is plain that a shortage of
typewriter5; must bc a serious matter
to a generation whicli has almost for-
cotten  the  u=e  of  the-  pen.      Absit
Let folks step ou your feet hereafter; wear shoes a size smaller if
you like, for corns will never again
send electric sparks of pain through
you, according to this Cincinnati
He says that a.few drops of a
drug called frcezone, applied directly
upon a tender, aching corn, instantly
relieves soreness, and soon the. entire corn, root and all, lilts right
out.   -
This drug dries at once and simply
shrivels up the corn or callus without even irritating the surrounding
A small bottle of frcezone obtain;d
at any drug store will cost very little
but will positively remove every
hard or soft corn of callus from one's
If your druggist hasn't stocked
this new drug yet, tell him to get a
small bottle of frcezone for you from
his wholesale drug house.
The Private
Trench Making in the Sandy Desert
Mr. W. T. Massey writes in his
book, "Desert Campaigns": "To make
a trench three feet wide you havc to
open sonic fifteen feet of ground, put
in battens with canvas backs and
anchor them, and then refill thc
spaces behind with the excavated
soil. . . . When the khaniseen blew,
as it always docs at intervals from
March  to  May, a whole    series     of
Glamor and Pathos About Young
An officer writing home says of
the private soldier: "There is a
glamor and . a pathos about the
private soldier, especially when, as
often happens, hc is really only a
boy. When you meet him in the
trenches, wet, covered with mud,
with tired eyes, speaking of long
watches and hours of risky work,
lie never fails to greet you with a
smile, and you love him for it, and
you feel that nothing you can do
can make up to him for it. For you
have slept"in"'a much more comfortable place than hc has. You have
had unlimited tobacco and cigarettes.
You have had a servant to cook for
you. You havc fared sumptuously
compared with him; You don't feel
his superior. You don't want to be
'gracious without- undue familiarity.'
Exactly what you want to do is a
bit doubtful���the major said h��
wanted to black his boots for him,
and that is thc best way of expressing it,": ��� .'__-���_."
In America the highest altitude by
an airplane in 1917 was made by
Caleb Bragg, Sept. 19. He reached
an altitude of 22,000 feet, about four
miles. In Europe no better record
has been made than that of Guidi, an
Italian, who flew to 25,180 feet in
ouio'!��� Philadelphia Ledger.
Cheering Him Up.
Scrgrant Instructor (to Cadet)���
Na, \X\\ no mak' an officer. But it's
just possible if thc warr keeps on a
whi'c an' ye prrartipc harrd���vcrra
harrd���v. e micht���niichl, mind ye���
begin io hae a .glimmer that ye'll
never kin the "r-rudiments o the
filled up in a night and the game of
[shoveling had to begin afresh. Somc-
l times when the wind vas carrying
jwith it so much of the desert that
| the sun was hidden by thc dust
cloud*, the tetnperature went up to
115 and 120 dfgrers, om's skin became" hoi, lips cracked, and the daily
scanty allowance of water did not
rtiie\e parched throats for au hour."
Negro Sergeant ��� When I say
'"Bout face!" you place dc toe of yo'
right foot six inches to. dc rcah of do
heel of yo' left foot and jus' oozs
around.���Boston Transcript.
A 'lew process of kr:ittii:g ! o.irry
which makes it possible to'detach the
feet and r.ltach new '������nr= has her ii-
vntcd by a  Bflfrr-
Novel Target Employed by Gunners
In practicing aerial Rimnrry, cadets
at one of the fljiMg >chooU direct
>-trcarns of bulh'.s at - J-.n - unusual
erouud target w..il- riMiouvcring in
thc upper atmosphere. It is a water
tarcct of the sdiapc nnd general size
of an aeroplane, and is built within
a limestone circle. Thc spla-hing of
th.e    v, ater    indicates  t" thc    gurncr
No other remedy wHJ so
surely and quickly correct
stomach ailments, regulate
the liver and improve the
general health as a dose of
���;g t!:c
Larf act Sale of any Mecfiosr in (&��� "tVorM,
Sold inuiubm.  In boaea,25c
W.     N.     U.     1225
> XHH   JJBSDSB.   BBMSWQGD.   &  ll
Mother Goose
Lived    in
Furnace Dust Gives i otash
a Real Person and
Perhaps the most famous woman
that ever lived was Mother Goose.
Other women, particularly a few
bad ones, have enjoyed celebrity,
but she achieved immortality.
She is called Mother Goose because that was her name. For she
was a real person, and du it in tho
city of Boston. She lived in a little
one-story house with a roof that
sloped almost down to the ground���
just such a house as one might expect Mother Goose to occupy���not
far from the Common.
Thc house vanished long ago, but
thc church in which she was accustomed regularly to worship still
stands. It is thc famous Old South
Her maiden name was Elizabeth
Foster. In fact, she was an old maid,
twenty-eight years of age���quite elderly for an unmarried woman in
those days���when, in 1665, she met
and became the wife of Isaac Goose.,
She had children and grandchildren, and it was for the latter that she
wrote her rhymes, which were first
published by Thomas Fleet, her son-
in-law-, in Boston, in 1716.
Mother Goose died in 1757, aged
" - rr _
Each Month    That    Passes    Makes
England Independent of German Material
_ The board of trade Journal publishes a remarkable article on the
British supplies of potash, showing
the important progress which has
been made during mc war in the production of potaslt in Great Britain.
One of the most startling sources
of thc new supply is from blast furnace dust, from which potash is obtained by a cheap and simple process consisting primarily in an addition of a small proportion of common salt to. the charge of the furnace, which releases the potash present in the ore and causes it to bc
volatized with thc emerging gases as
potassium chloride.
As a result of experiments on a
large scale it was estimated that it
would bc possible to recover 50,000
tons of potash salts per annum from
blast furnace dust alone, enough
practically to meet thc needs of the
A factory already has been erected at Oldbury, near Birmingham, designed to produce 400 to 500 tons of
potassium chloride weekly from
blast furnace dust and a conversion
factory is to be added where .chloride, not needed for agriculture, may
be converted into other refined potash salts. Other factories are in
contemplation, and it is expected to
obtain especially large quantities of
potash from the important Cleveland iron district.
In view of the ncw importance
thus given to blast furnace dust,
dealings' in this raw material were
placed in August, 1917, under government control, which is working
very smoothly.
Large quantities of potash can
similarly bc collected from funics
and dust from cement kilns, and
potash now is being sold by many
cement manufacturers wdio hitherto
had no idea that such valuable material could bc so easily collected.
While these promise to bc the
greatest sources of potash the article
also describes other sources the development of which is not being
neglected.   The article concludes:
"Each month that passes renders
Great Britain more independent of
German potash and more able to
disregard Germany's . continued
threat of holding other nations to a
ransom for potash. In her attempt
to starve her enemies by withholding
potash manners it would be as difficult for Germany to achieve success
as it was in her recent attempts to
Starve out Great Britain by U-boat
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget
No Food to Waste
Food Economies are Still Necessary
At Present Time
Thc fact that the restrictions on
the usc of bacon and other pork products have been removed for the
time being does not mean that food
economies are no longer necessary.
The facts arc that there is not an
ounce of food too much in the world
and that every man, woman and child
is under the sternest necessity of
saving whatever he or she can of
those foods most needed overseas.
Any temporary relaxation of the restrictions, such as in the case of pork,
must not be construed as notice to
the public that extravagance in . any
food is again endurable.
Cardinal Mercier'g Lament
Teach Children to
Use Cuticura Soap
Because it is best for their tender
skins. Help it now and then with
touches of Cuticura Ointment applied
to first signs of redness, roughness,
pimples or dandruff. If mothers
would only use these super-creamy
emollients for every-day toilet purposes how much suffering might be
avoided by preventing little skin and
scalp troubles becoming serious.
Sample Each Free by Mail. Address post,
card: "Cuticura, Dept. N, Boston. V. S. A."
Sold by dealers throughout the world.
Aged Prelate Is One of the Heroes
of War
Neither ecclesiastical nor lay camouflage neither civil nor military
twaddle, can dim the eye or influence
thc judgment of Cardinal. Mercicr of
Belgium. He has lived throughout
the horror of it all, and what he has
seen he is not afraid to tell. Because
of his loyalty to truth and thc cause
of humanity this aged prelate will
ever stand forth as one of the heroes
of the war. This is wdiat he says
of the work of the Germans in his
"Wc can neither number our dead
nor compute the measure of our
ruins. Families hitherto living at
case arc now in bitter want. All
commerce is at an end. All careers
ruined. Industry is at a standstill.
Thousands upon thousands of workmen without employment. Working
women, shop girls, seized and deported, old men without the means
of earning their bread, and poor souls
forlorn in beds of sickness and fever
Co.d Feet in Germany
Fatherland Has No Leather or Substitute
Thc citizens of Berlin have been
officially warned that they must prepare to do without boots. The summer has passed its zenith. The chill
autumn days will soon be with us.
Winter itself is not far off. and Berlin in winter is a bleak and chilly
city. To wander along Untcr den
Linden bootless on a real North German cold day will be more than an
uncomfortable experience. The open
confession that the fatherland has no
leather and no leather substitutes is
proof sufficient of thc effective resuh
of the blockade, and, too, of thc fact
that, unless she can secure overseas
supplies, Germany will be industrially
helpless after the war. There never
was a time when England was so
well shod as today. Here is a dramatic demonstration of thc meaning
of sea power.
Only Fifteen Feet in Width
Midget Airplane Is  Similar to    Big
The smallest Briiish airplanes now
being manufactured are actually of
less space than the largest birds. Tltc
great albatross has been known to
measure nearly 18 feet from wing tip
to wing tip. A certain type of midget airplane recently exhibited in
London is only 15 feet in width.
"These are the machines which wc
may expect to see after the war carrying our mails," declared Maj. Orde
Lees of the British Aviation service, "and they will be almost as universal as the smart automobile mail
vans of pre-war times. These small
machines will bc largely used by thc
postal authorities, on account of the
existing limitations of storage and
starting grounds in our great cities.
Postal aerodromes, like railway stations, must be near the post offices,
at least in the initial stages of the
"Later thc problem may bc solved
by the usc of pneumatic tube communication between the central post-
offices and the postal aerodromes. In
delivering letters to distances of 250
miles or more, thc big types of air
plane will be used, but for local
work small machines are likely to
bc much  more serviceable.
"Dropping the mail bags by parachute will be given a good trial, and
this, if successful, will be of great
assistance. Bags may also bc picked
up while flying after the manner in
which mail bags arc now caught by
express trains."
crying, 'Oh  Lord, how
It's the Other Way Now-a-Days
It seems strange to us to think of
a man's being flogged for kissing his
ivifc; but during the early days of
Puritanism, in Massachusetts a sea-
captain, just returned from a long
voyage, was given a public flogging
for kissing his wife in the street,
where she had comc to meet him,
the statute law declaring legal such
a punishment for this open demonstration of affection.
Chicken Raising
"How much is them chickens?" asked the housekeeper of thc farmer who
was marketing his surplus fowls.
"Dollar ten, Miss."
"Did you raise them yourself?"
"Yes, Miss, thcy was 95 cents
You get real action on a bad corn
when you touch it with a drop or
two of Putnam's Extractor. Out
comes the corn, all shrivelled up,
peels right off the toe, roots and all.
It sure is real happiness to get an
old. offender removed so quickly. Putnam's never fails, doesn't hurt when
you're using it, never hurts afterwards. Nothing else Su quick, so
sure or painless. Costs but a quarter
in any drug store. Get Putnam's today.
Refuse To Leave Belgium
Birds Return Each Year to Old
^. Haunts
For four seasons now the migrating birds, accustomed to breed in
Belgium and Northern France, have
returned to find the once peaceful
country noisy with hideous war, the
air once vocal with their sweet songs
filled with thc thunder and smoke of
Undiscouraged, however, they persist in coming back to the old haunts.
Hopefully their cheerful songs still
ring out over the wastes of war. A
member of a Canadian Highland
regiment wrote home:
"As morning was dawning the colonel led us back to thc trench we had
captured. We began to make ourselves more secure by digging deeper
and building the parapet in front. As
morning broke the birds in the woods
beyond broke into happy song,
"1 stood up in the trench and looked across to the battlefield of thc
night before. What a night! The
bodies of Highlanders and Germans
were lying all around, having paid
the price of war. What a contrast.
On one side peace and tranquility, on'
the other bloodshed and death!"
Another soldier wrote: .   :
"Wc have- a- favorite blackbird that
sits up in a tree above us ajid^ answers when the men whistle to it, no
matter how heavy the firing may bc.
I was amused to watch two old mag-
pics the other day. Thcy wanted to
cross over to thc German lines, but
every time they   started    to. leave.a
So many people, both men and women, suffer from skin troubles, such
as eczema, blotches, pimples and irritation that a word of advice is necessary. It is a great mistake for
such sufferers and those with bad
complexions to smear themselves
with greasy ointments. Often thcy
could not do anything worse, for the
grease clogs the pores of the troubled
skin and their condition actually becomes worse.
When there are pimples or eruptions, or an irritating or itching rash,
a soothing boracic solution may help
to allay the irritation, but of course
that does net cure the trouble. Skin
complaints come from au impure condition of the blood and will persist
until the blood is thoroughly purified.
It is well known that Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills have effected the best results in many forms of skin disorders and blemishes. This is due to
the fact that these pills make new,
rich blood, and that this new blood
attacks the impurities' that give rise
to skin troubles and disperses them;
so that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure
skin disorders from within thc system���the only sure way.
It should be added that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have a beneficial effect upon the general health. Thcy
increase the appetite and energy and
cure diseases that arise from impure
You can get these pills through
any medicine dealer or by mail at
50 cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. Williams' .Medicine
Co., Brockviile, Ont.
beginnings of Some
War Munitions
Saves Time,
Worry and
and a lot of discomforts when "
���the morning cup
rather "than
-fcea or coffee
Pos*turn Is
free from caffeine, is made Jn
amomerrbjs delicious, and -the
acme of-table beverage   economy.
For a chants iry
Food in Italy and France
Meats   are   Scarce   and Prices  Extremely High
As bread and wheat products
formed 52 per cent, of .the French
diet before the war, it has been a
hardship to substitute other foods
there. That is partly due to the fact
that home baking is not customary
and has not been for generations.
Moreover the strain of years.of war
has made the people less adaptable
to substitutes, even when they arc
comparatively easy to obtain. Until
recently there : were"'three meatless
days, a week, but conditions have
been improved there.through conservation on this side al -the Atlantic,
so that tlic restrictions have: been
Inr Italy the ministry of food has
requisitioned the 1918 crops of
wheat, barley and rye. The grain
shortage has worked great hardship'' to Italy, because of the large
part that bread and. macaroni formerly played in the diet. Now macaroni is made with 45 per cent rice,
and .the entire, cereal .consumption
of the nation has been reduced by
Large stores of grain were taken
from Ttah' during the German advance in the fall. In January there
was a time 'when only one -week's
supply of food was on hand. But
imports of grain have increased.
Refugees from thc invaded districts have caused a severe drain    on
Overseas Soldiers
In England
Think Whole Country Is Garden of
Said a Canadian in Kent the other
day: "Why, your fields arc hardly
big enough to turn our implements
round in." The Australians marvel
at our hedges, advertising, as they
think, our restricted boundaries. But
it remained for an American to
crown all.
He is Yankee through and through
Modern Appliances are    Old
Brought to Light
The submarine, with whieh wc arc
now so much concerned, is the result of long-continued research. It is
a far cry from Buslincll's and Fulton's early efforts of the beginning
of last century to thc wonderful submarines of the present day, and many
were the steps from [he crude at-
tcrfipts of those early days lo the
successes of today and many brilliant minds were at work upon thc
problem in the principal maritime
countries of the world. Nordenfeldt
aud Garrett in England, Goubct,
Zede and Laubcuf in France, Holland, the Irish schoolmaster, and i
Lake in_ America, Laurcnti in Ilal)-���
to mention only a few of those who
havc contributed lo solving the problem of submerged navigation���were
all men who success was largely due
to an incurable thirst for that knowledge which is acquired by patient
and diligent search.
The torpedo, an old idea in conception, was taken up seriously by a
landsman, Whitehead, who by his research and pcrservcrance made such
a"~success of it that it was quickly
added to thc armament of our own
and foreign navies.
The steam turbine���to Sir Charles
Parson's perserverancc and tenacity
of purpose in carrying on methodical
scientific research is due thc practical and commercial success of the
steam turbine. In friendly competition with him De Laval, Rateau and
Curtis havc conducted research with
the impulse turbine, and it is only by
such means that they have attained
success. Later on Sir Charles Parsons developed the idea of reducing
the rate of revolutions of screw propellers to obtain high efficiency in
them without reducing the rate of
thc turbine, by connecting the
driver, to the driven with toothed
wheel gearing. The higher rate of
revolution of the turbine now possible with such an arrangement has
much_ improved its efficiency, so that
the little loss <\uc to the modern
gearing has been much more than
made up by the gain in general efficiency of the system.
By continued research other engineers havc made the further improvement of double gearing, whereby
with a rate of revolution of screw as
low as that obtaining in the large cargo steamer, the turbine itself may bc
run.at as much as.4,000 r.p.rn.
Peevish, pale, restless, and sickly
children owe their condition to
worms. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator will relieve them and restore health.    .
Keeping" Biennial I
Vegetables for Seed
Must Be Stored   First Winter   and
Replanted in Spring
By the term "bi-enniai" vegetables
is meant one which takes two seasons to produce seed, writes thc Dominion horticulturist in a leaflet giving" advice on the "Selection and
Wintering of Biennial Vegetables for
Seed," which can be had free from
the Publications Branch, Department
of Agriculture, Ottawa. The vegetables must be stored over the first
winter and replanted for seed production thc following spring. Some
well-known A-cgetabIes of this class
are beets, cabbage, carrots, celery,
parsnips, salsify and turnips. Seed
from these can easily be grown in
Canada if the vegetables to be -so
used are kept in good condition over thc winter. Unless a rigid selection is made, each ycar, of specimens
which'are true to type, it will not be
long before a larger proportion of
the crop will be not true to type;
hence great care should be taken lo
select well-shaped, medium-sized
roots, typical of the variety, of beets,
i carrots, parsnips, salsify and turnip?,
firm-hcadcd cabbage true to type,
firm stalked and di��casc-resistant
plants of celery, and firm, shapely
onion bulbs, lf this is done and varieties arc kept far enough from others s o that they will not cross the
crop, Canadian grown seed should
compare favorably with imported
seed in regard to_ purity, as it docs
in other characteristics.
The methods of wintering vegetables for seed will vary in different
parts of Canada, but in most places
it will be necessary to give them some
protection. When possible, it is best
to store them in a frost-proof cellar. But, if necessary, the vegetables may bc stored outside, both in
small and in large quantities, except
in the case of onions, which must be
kept dry, and stored in a cool place
where there is little or no frost.
When buying your Piano
Insist on Laving an
Otto Nigel Piano Action
Start a Club in your town, where tho
young people can
gather. We build
small tables fof
homes, and litre*
er one* for public rooms. Equip*
ment tree. Writa
us st once iof
lull  particular!.
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A taft. rcllatk rtguiatlnt m$&
elm. Sold In three decree* of
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druggists, ot sent prepaid ia
plain package oo receipt at
price. Free pamphlet  AddrcM
Toronto, Oat iFtrmtriu WiaimfiT
. but still England is his Old Country,
row of poplars just below my shelt-|aiKi bed and board are at the disposal
cr there would hc a crack from some
rifle and back thcy would turn and
perch again to chatter about until
thcy had plucked up courage for another try. Then the same thing
would happen all over again."
And a member of th^- London honorable artillery writes:
"Just by our trenches there is _ a
wood, and although it is riddled with
shot and shell both day and night,
you would be surprised to know how
full of life it is. There.arc two oi Jplaincd
three nightingales that sing most
beautifully,. at least one pheasant,
one green woodpecker, a tree creeper,
and of course the usual thrushes and
blackbirds. Isn't it strange that thcy
should choose a place like that to
of any visitor who carries west a
letter from the 'Motherland. Whet?
asked what hc thought of our farni-
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper,
Some Low Priced Meati
Good Recipe Books   Tell   How
Cook Cheaper Meats
Certain parts of thc butchered carcasses which, provide us with meat
are comparatively low in price. These
parts have not been generally popular in this country although they are
in great demand in Europe and also
iu thc United States. Beef hearts,
livers, tripe, ox tails, sheep's heads,
calves' heads, pigs' feet and many
other parts of thc carcasses might
well be used more freely in Canada
than they are, thus relieving the
pressure of the demand upon roasts,
steaks and other higher priced cuts.
Any good recipe book will tell you
how tu cook these cheaper meats
and make of them delicious, tempting
Uiedio Frcnti
Hoipitali with
tss, lost viaoa
. mart. *i*mt uwuulo so *u. outline i acuta
money" ORDE f?S
Buy your out oi town supplies with Dominion Express Money Orders. Five dot*
lars costs  three cents.
Water Power Iceland
Always Serviceable. ��� Most pills
lose their properties with age. Not
so with Parmelce's Vegetable Pills.
The pill mass is so compounded that
their strength aud effectiveness is
preserved and thc pills can be carried
anywhere without fear of losing their
potency. This is a quality that few
pills possess. Some pills lose . their
power, but not so with Parmelce's.
Thcy -will maintain their freshness
and potency for a long lime.
High Temperature Prevents    Rivers
From Freezing Over
Although all the waterfalls in Iceland have not by any means been
thoroughly examined and their capacity ascertained, it may be considered that the island possesses water
power to an extent of about 2,500,-
000 horsepower. _ This averages 25
horsepower per inhabitant. A company recently formed in Copenhagen, known as the Iceland Waterfalls
Company, controls about one-tenth
of the country's aggregate water
power, or some 250,000 horsepower.
Iceland, considering her northern latitude, has a comparatively mild climate on account of the warm oceanic
currents, and the rainfall is greater
than her position would lead on; to
expect, especially in the southern
part. Owing to the high average
temperature prevailing, the rivers
hardly ever freeze over and they carry water throughout the ycar.���Engineering.
Miller's Worm Powders work so
effectively that no traces of worm's
can be found. Thc pests arc macerated in the stomach and pass away in
the stools without being perceptible.
Thcy make an entire and clean sweep
of the intestines, and nothing in thc
shape of a worm can find lodgement
there when these powders arc in operation. Nothing could bc more
thorough or desirable than their action.
Regulations are Being   Enforced
Within the last few weeks many
fines and closing up orders have been
inflicted as penalties for violation of
ing,  he chuckled,^ ''Farming?"    I've jfhe  Canada  food board's  regulations
���n yarjolI- parts rjf Canada. Some of
thc convictions have" been obtained
by the Canada food, board's own inspectors, and many more by municipal police authorities. It is.the duty
of local officials to see that these important regulations arc enforced, as
thcy havc the full authority of law,
no    use
Her Comeback
Hc  (savagely)���Bah! It's
arguing with a fool.
She (sweetly)���But I wasn't arguing with you, dear.���Hamilton. Times;
Women Suffer at Home
Toronto, Ont.~"I consider Doctor
Pierce;"��' Favorite
Prescription the
very best of woman'b tonics. I
suffered k serero
nervous '-break?:
down. I could not
sleep, was weak
and tired all the
timo. I took tho
'Prescription' and
juit a few bottles
completely built
ine up and relieved
mor'of my nervous
'condition.'   It is a good medicine arid I
am glad to recommend it.;���Sfus. Alfkid
Sheppard, 259 Scatou St.
Niagara Falls, Out.���"I  can safely
say   that   'Favorite   Prescription'   did
seen none yet.. Why, you're only
market gardeners," he said. Time
passed, and hc was about to leave
us. "I've seen Quite a lot of Hng-
land now," he said. "What I said
about thc farming may stand, for the
whole country's just one lovely Garden of Eden," he "apologetically cx-
Londdii Daily Chronicle.
The Road to Berlin
It Is a Straight Line Through
'   Air- '
From thc western front the shortest route fo Berlin lies thorough Belgium, crosses the.Rhine at Cologne
and continues north via JM.indcft,
Hanover and Spandau. The wear
and tear of. war doubtless . has .deteriorated the roadbed "and the rolling stock. It. will lie a long, .hard
road to travel.
There is another and shorter road
to the capital of the German-empire.
It lies in a straight line through the
air.   .   .' . ..'���_....
���', A man on a .suburban train was
.'discussing, the'war.; "I wish," he
said, raising his voice, "that a thousand American bombing planes, were
going to drop bombs on Berlin at
two o'clock tomorrow afternoon."
The whole car stirred. A thrill
passed through every one at the very
thought. Tlic road to Berlin lies
through the air.
Any afternoon at two o'clock that
a thousand American bombing planes
drop bombs on Berlin, that afternoon
at three o'clock the war will be over:
The bomb lest that will end the
war is not as near as it should be.
But it is coming, and the German
high command knows it. When it
is over, the waves above the Lusitania will erase shrilling
gcance and will gently
There is more Catarrh ta this section ot
the country ��bsn all otliti diseases ��::* together, and for years it was. supposed to Be
incurable. Doctors prescribed local remedies,
and by constantly failing to cure with local
treatmect, pronounced it incunible. Catarrh
i.' a local disease, cteatly influenced by constitutional conditions and therefore require*
coiistiuiiooal treatment. Jlall's Catarrh
Cure, suaiiufacluicd < by. F. }. C!;e::ev & Co,
Toledo. Ohio, is a constitutional re'medv, is
taken internally nnd .cts through Die Wood
ou the Mucous Surfaces ol the System. One
Hundred Dollars reward is o/iercd lor any
case that Halt's Catarrh Cure iails to cure
Send for circular* and'testimonials.-
. If. J. CilliNBY.& CO., Toledo. Ohio.
Sold by^ Oruifgists, 75c
.Hall's  1'anuily   Pills  for constipation.
Enough for Two
" X.ora had been guilty of what-' was
considered, an. indiscretion, so the
mistress of the house had licr on the
carpet. "If such a thing occurs again,
Nora," said, the- lady,'. "I shall have
to get another M-r.vani.".. Whereupon
Nora, with .a grin, responded: "I
wish you would, man;���there's easily
enough' work for two of ns.''
Doesn't Pay This Time
tor  ven-
Much Better
Lovcmall  had  been    playing
thc food supplies  of the rest of the
country. Meats arc scarce and the ' mo. a lot of good. I at one thna de
prices extreme. In May thc food ! veloped woman's trouble; my nerves wero
ministry was authorized to rcquisi- I completely shattered, and I becsiasweak.
tion meat for thc civilian population/! had severe backache and pains ia my
as well as the army. Triers of re-' side, extending down into my limbs. . I
quisitioncd {oodr- arc generally less doctored
than of thc oliur^. I ailment
In  sugar nnd  butt'r supplies Italy > began tak   ���
is the poorest oi tin- allien   There is ' Bcription, and it so completely cured me      '"i-urned you down
no uniform  Micar ration, but  in   the I and restored mo to heslth and strength !..c.<cj a" lrit-nd    "Wd'l   old'ch"
citie* prople    ran    obtain    only from] that! was.able to do-all my "own work '-'ct{Qr  to have Iovc<l  ' and  !o,t
two to four ounces a week. [.arid :.oilers ��� besides.,   I  do recommend^     _   rr<n :,        -,,.,...j,^,,,, -V: .
.  ������|:?worft��J?rcj^p^^^
Will Use Canadian Platinum  ::./ ��$��^ ior^.Toii-
)���:,,rf.,in((H!!���-ri,!��hrvn!T���f,l..'"-..'.- ��� ..-.'.on.cv aiitlioritirs/ljie Jl.nrift,. tue mcs-
Helpful Corporation
Pat���This is the first time intiy of
these corporations hcv done iiniythiiit;
to ���biuncfit' llie w'o.rkinpm'an.'���'
Mike���dlow is that, 1'at?
I'at^-It is this���'siven-cint fare-. I Iiev
bin. walkiii' to and from me work and.
savin' tin ciiUs,. and now I kin save
fourteen cinls."���Boston Transcript.
Shortage of German Crops
Grain and Cattle Being Taken  from
All the troubles of thc. kaiser and
his aids are not confined to thc Sois-
scns-Rhciuis sector. . as is indicated
by the reports of food crops in Germany which arc.coming this way.
In-middle German)-, and especially
in Mcchlenbtirg and I'omerania, the
dry weather lias curtailed or destroyed the vegetable cropsi and importations of foodstuffs from other parts cnicr��nscs:
of the empire have already
found necessary.
To complicate thc situation in the
drought ridden areas, plagues of insects have attacked tltc potato crop
and all but destroyed it. Thc cabbage crop has suffered heavily in
this respect, too.
In some sections of Germany an
excellent fruit crop is reported, while
in other parts it is mediocre and
scarcely 'Sufficient io meet thc needs
of the civilian population during thc
summer mouths.
In the face of the shortage Germany is sending soldiers equipped
with threshing . machines into thc
Russian-' grain- country, harvesting
the crops and taking-, what she desires, usually, all, . and-., giving, the
peasants little. In Poland aiul Lithuania horses and cattle are being
seized along with .'limber,--witli no
payments'-made and no receipts given
for the supplies the German's '-rcqui-
War Is Worst Kind of Bad Business
For the Kaiser
One of the sayings of the kaiser
that found much favor with his deluded people was this: "Manufacturing pays 5 per cent.; international
trade, 15 per cent., but war pays 1,-
000 per cent,"
He was speaking; of previous wars
when he said that, and holding out
hopes concerning this. one.
In former wars against Austria,
Denmark, and France, the Prussian
militarists got results which enabled
them to talk to business men about
war as ihe biggest of all business
There were provinces
bccuian<^ seaports, rivers, canals, mines
and ore deposits to be annexed; there
were rich territories to be looted and
great war indemnities to be levied.
Thc whole thing was so simple that
even the stupidest German could
understand it. War paid against the
Danes, Austrians, and French, and it
was but necessary to be ready, strong
and ruthless, and on a much larger
scale it-could bc made to pay enormously.    So at it thcy. went.
It isn't going to pay this time.
That is one thing that the world
means to make sure of���that this
war does not pay Prussia and German)-, that it has not been good
business, but bad, disastrous business, and a class of undertaking never again to be thought of as 'a means
of 'profit- and' advantage. The Prussian big business method has got to
be discredited in Prussia.
Jt is not enough, therefore, fof
the Huns to,get out of France and
vacate and restore Belgium. They
cannot be allowed to "make war
pay" at the expense of Russia. They
The bcrt ptigar crop in Germany is      - - .       ,,
about  1,000,(X)0  tons   short,  although | llavc  got   to  couie^ out  of  this   war
a: price of 32 cents a bushel was air, knowing- ^that war_docsnt _j>ay,.but is
lowed to-the farmers as a means of |t"c
worst, kind of bad business ever
Mrs.  Xoel���My-.husband''has
dyspepsia dreadfully  lately.
Mrs.  Nock���1  am so sorry,,but
had -no   idea   you  were     without
cook.���I'oaton  Transcript.
:d, but did not get relieved of my ;-,,. h -t;ikci.  aml ,I3|,
t and Tvas .own and out when I ��� SjHrTUiinq:. all-.lie had
taking Pr. Pier��i:s Faror.to Pre-   e      ^i^i ilinl.
s: r.ccr
'��� oonii"'i"lioi:rr.
tV, ICC   a*' li;.":I
! ing  wc-kcc;: tlty:cannot gefc; a better !t;
17nedicino^"'-4Mis.:.''.T03iK 'Lcckhaet,- 26 '-VJ*
K-ooimt <>i tne cutting oft of thr-i Terrace-Are.       ���'..'��� _ . ...    _ '���'������',.,.'.-
!eupply i'f platinum  from    thc    usual-}'- -'Favorite Prescription is an iuvijjcr&t-
j source*. Great  Jjii'.ain .md her allies "������ ing,' rcstorativo - tonic,: -a.' -soothing .'-.and.
aro now forced to i--ok to Canada for-f strer.gthrnirg.  nervine   isbd./ a. 'positive '���
'tlii--  u'i t.sl.     hi  i':.hi     to    >ti!!u:!,itc. remedy for -tliiy^hroriic.'.TTealbcss.es. poca-;:
pr-'di:v-ti\,n.  lhc  t'an.:(!i.::i   (U partui-v.t-'; Ji&r': to 'rwcrrien./: '���: XXXXX'XXyl.   X'x'xii
,.-,t !!:i;ii i has an.Mjifid for the Juir-"; X This'���o!.I.-'rrf:si''ription-:6f Dr-JPierce's it���}���
\-ha<c of plati:".'m at the Dominion'[ exiracted-if-oiii riots' a'r.d.D��Ks:.by..n:eans !.
'govcrummt a^av- r-; f.''_ic.- ir.     Van-; of -Burn-z!TC��-ine and is;a- teniper3.eee��� can^proplc,':by..ab>iin'-u'ce," saved --l.-S'i.
.' - *_ .T- ���'.��� ���-     -'..._..���_���_���-_      er. 3-. n.>,-* , ,,-,
���'^Seeing-Sugar Planis Through
���'Out-.'o:'',*!ic-:-.i.-ist'..-Jiar."c.i:i-;-'lbie: 'A rue
i-o;:ur.    TI;i�� nil! bc c-i ad\ ant^f^o'to" rsmedT.'offfb T��aT��' gooii.staudin^-Sead:- '(\VVA^'-bushcIs'.:cif;.'v;-':ca't' to'';.;'cc.d.-''i!:cj
t'anr.dirn   platinum    1 r-d:i-:crs     -a'ho ! 10c for trial pig: of 'tablet* fo:Dr. Y.'H.'  hungry" "allied Tati.-v!s;-.a;':.d. t!_c?c.si!i^;j
"" ino<=t c." t_, i.- r;oJ::ct'5'j Pierce. IirHtlids' .'Hotel,-������ BuCal.o,','N: T, lyo'rl-varc goirg. to"^\iy-right-on--.The;'
States,' r7':: \pt_ Bridgebiijj, -On*, 'i.'XXXX, U--g'a.rV;'-V.;ind, see: ly. through:. .iXyxy;*
! i ir:
;i-i  t
= old
L : r.-
stimulating its production.. One of
thc -causes of failure in production
was: found in the shortage of coal at
the sugar factories'. . Many of them
were uiiable to obtain coal at all and
used fodder from tlic fields-and other
similar materials fof fuel.
A. report (in thc.tal.de allotment,'of
sugar in Germany which has reached this country shows that from six
to seven -ounce's-a. week for each person is allowed'-by-flic gover/micnt,-
This is almost thc same <��rantity.:
:ih;it is allowed to the people of the.
} United States under the licw sugar
conservation regulations put into effect by thc food administration.
The V.sr of sugar in jams, preserves and other canned fruits h*;
been forbidden and all sugar is being used only to meet the table needs
tiiC-Gfriiian population.
Virtually all thc VfgelaLJc_; -that
being, grown iu Germany arc being produced by-.women and girls.
Men, regardless oi their ages,;have
been sent to the "'mu'ii.itiytss';plants'
unless. previp:ii>K>c:i!!cd on K'r' 'military:. se.rviVe.'... .-.;-.
An -official "of th'; . 'military-'>yst.":'i'i-
oe^pying. a".i'0>i;,;.;:i-:, '���;-.-'.rrt spending
!'"> local twod.-dictat.or, -is.-:��!i'tcrn;i:iii:g
.rei.ilde. er^ji. ��� '   '
ttemptcd. Talk is of no use in this
matter. They have got to be shown
that war is a thing out of which they
emerge very bad losers. Then they
will settle down to: a new way oi
Needed the Rain
'During  a very dry season  a fruit
;_fe';ov.'cr was  rejoicing because of    a
;sudden downpour of rain, when     he
mw one-of his men leaving the house.
'���"Why don't you stay iu out of the
r:��n?" inquired   lhc fruit' grower.
*Oh. that's all right!" 'replied tha
man. "A little dew-like this doesn't
bother mc a bit; I <:an work away
just the same," "
''That  isn't the    point!'' exclaimed;
rbe fruit grower.    "The next tirne:;lt
rains you come into   ...the.'-.-'.house. ���.-.-"I
want all the-.v-ati-r: on. the": land.1''
..' ir.rov.
garden . a:v: j
io- .vj-rodiiccrs !
.:���';: ���.���.':. arc!.'" the I;
��� Fen.t.L'ir.i'bvih'e j ���
there' or'-.'canr '
the   front.   |
:'i.d.."for.:tran"spi>��,t;t!ioR- tn'
���~:'-.-\;'.'i",.t,hcr':.W.f��� the."severe:-h'��rf'ship's'-.to '
which.-t'ie-;.Gc -:yi.i :i;-.e.:yi.Iia'n';;'pop-!;3atiori
is' beitig"subjected-i~ in :the shortage7
' ;IiubJJiiv"--.tov-:.oLtrJn,vcati'��ti:--'
o.t.jur.-'r.-.greuicnts.. u^cd;.
ing 'b-i'.r'viriup.Hy tr.r^fj,
."-.'. n year strictly in  advance,   or #2.50
-vhen not paid for three months.    If not
jiaid for until the end of the ycar it is $3
Tt is always ��2.50 a yearTo  the  United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier.
.-.":-,::iijiient Co-Owner Notices $25.00
���.le-i and Oil  Notices     700
"_,.   ray Notices 3.00
��� .1:1 rls of Thanks     1.00
^eriificaie of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and S cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Subscription of 85.00 will be received, by the committee mentioned below, to defray expenses incurred in the possible resumption
of operations by the local smelter.
Any surplus will be dealt with by
the committee.
Phoenix Mines
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
lhat the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
W1:  have   plenty of  liberty, but
must keep a rough lock ou license.
T.\ New York :>0 years ago there
won '20>2 telephones. There were
liOne 50 years ago.
Ir prayer would stop tbe Flu,
al! the churches in Canada should
havo- been kept open day and
Keep your mouth shut, your
bowels open, and your feet dry.
An armistice has not yet been
���=igued by Spanish Flu.
Tiie Canadian soldiers will come
home with more than war souvenirs. About 1000 a mouth are getting married in Eugland.
Tiik Grand Forks Sun says, that
snakes in tbe grass are beginning
to crawl around prospective candidates, which is usually a pretty
f-ure. indication of an approaching
TiuciiK was a  big  row  in Kaslo
hist week  because  a  church  kept
open   contrary  to  tbe   law.    No-
���.���>>.. ly was fined, and   tbe members
? the.other churches have become
onciled.    Verily, blessed   is the
meals could be had at 37 cents
American money, serves nothing
now but a plat du jour and coffee
at 10 francs (2) the plate���nothing
else at auy price.
Hotels and pensions in Switzerland, which before the war furnished good accomodations at
$1.50 to S2.50 per day, are charging no less than three times these
prices now. In fact, any suggestion of a rush of travel Europe-
ward will doubtless be tempered
by such imformation as  the above.
The condition will grow gradually more and more acute during
the winter and early spring, and
suffering among the mass of the
people will be terrible, beyond
doubt. This is due to be the most
terrible winter ever known in the
modern world. After next spring,
conditions may be expected to improve rapidly.���W. H. P. in San
Diego Sun.
Slocan Mines
The Granby Consolidated Mining
Smelting and Power company has
produced 12,814.946 tons of ore
from its Phoenix mines since the
beginning cf production 20 years
ago, according to an official report
of the company. From tbis ore
its smelter ac Grand Ferks, B.C.,
produced 636,291 ounces of gold,
4,330,345 ounces of silver and 271,-
079,000 pounds of copper, haviDg
an approximate value of $55,550,-
000. The capacity of the smelter
was increased until it reached 4500
tons daily, then becoming the
largest copper smelter in the British empire, a distinction it retains.
In the mining and treating of
the Phoenix ores the company paid
$25,000,000 in wages and $20,000,-
000 for supplies and freight, leaving a profit of 3 per cent for its
There remainB in the Phoenix
mines 3,274,996 tons of ore, averaging .85 per cent, copper and 75
cents a ton in gold and silver.
Tbe cost of producing and marketing copper from the Phoenix-
Grand Forks properties waH 22i
cents a pound when the United
States government price was fixed
at 23i cents, leaving a margin of a
cent a pound. An increase of 2i
cents in she price, now 26 cents,
has been more than absorbed by
the increased railway freight rates
on ore' matte power and labor
costs. The company, it is stated,
will operate the mines and smelter
so long as it is possible to make
both ends meet.
Religion and War
No one can tell you whether
there will be a shrinkage or an enlargement of the content of faith as
a result of the war, but there are
certain to be many sharp reactions
against ecclesiasticism. No foible
of our intricate social structure has
been hit harder than sectarianism;
wherever the frightful drama which
is to reshape the race is being played out, such things, Presbyterian-
ism Methodism, Episcopalianism,
���yes, even Protestanisra and
Crtholicism���3eem to be an irrelevance and an impertinence.���Atlantic Monthly.
Front St. Next to City Hall, NELSON
P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Auto    and   horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Estimates   Given   on all Kinds
Granite and Marble Work
Palace   Livery   And
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
.?-irriN<; of the ban in many
-���!-rn cities has increased the
���ij-her of Flu cases. The health
'horities should not oblige the
public too soon. It is possible to
have the Flu more than once, and
m; is strictly a crowd disease, that
stacks equally the saint in a
..sov.ie, and tbe sinner in a church.
i.ii.ee the epidemic broke out the
-.:ilMi authorities in many places,
'��� ���.':-���:.(�� been annoyed by parsons
.'' . needling them -���'. to leave the
���. iiurches open. The sky pilots
who'll Id know better. Some of the
brave ones have taken their coats off
and ilsked their health and lives in
mir-! �� tlie stricken, instead of
.=tan ���' \g around and whining because their churches were closed.
During this terrible epidemic: we
lire heartily ashamed of the way in
wb'icli. so many, clergymen; have
protested against the authorities in
liot permitting them to open their
places . of worship. , Praying can
always be done at home, if you
think that it will do you or your
neighbors any good.
High Prices
Some faint realization of the
���frightful'��� economic : conditions, obtained oven in the. most favored
parts uf Europe today may be
learned' from private correspondence that.ia now coming over by
every mail.
A letter I have just recefved
irom Henry Wood, at Rome, written Sept. 30, tells of one- hotnl,
-vliere splendid accomodations were
'obtainable, three meals and room
in 1914, before the war, at $13 per
week; where the cheapest accomodations are now 855 per week!
The plainest pair of shoes costs $18
&ud: the charge for  half soling is
��5. XXxX:iXXxx:iXX.X'i.::iXXx:Xx
������������:'"Living .accomodations;7 are ibeyond thc power  of; imagination,'?
writes-Mr.' Wood,������ ' -not only in
Home but throughout  Italy, and I
io not see   how   the /bulk  of  the
���-opulation lives at all.'-
-;."A nether .; letter    from   Athens,
':.-f e��e,' Sept.   20, -was shown me
-t'rrday.    It 'states that food, exiting  a   few- coarse' vegetables
h as mangel   wurtzels and tar-
=. are timply   unobtainable ex-
'   .ling   at    utterly      prohibitive
, -.es.    For example,   one restaurs, .t where, before the  war,   good,
i ..ratable,   three   and   four-course
A crosscut that was started
about a year ago to run from the
Bell mine to the Sunset lead is being continued and when completed
should open up some good ore.
After a two weeks' shutdown because of the breaking of the drive
cable connecting the turnine and
the concentrator, Cork-Province
resumed full blast again the first
part of the week. A new section
of cable was brought in from the
coast by express and a man was
brought over from Silverton to do
the splicing.
Charles F. Caldwell came down
on Monday night from the Utica
mine and reports that property to
be looking very satisfactory indeed, as a result of the work that
had been done in the upper workings. Good ore in considerable
quantities is being found wherever
anything is being done, he states
and the mine is being pnt into
phape to operate on a bigger scale.
He is fortunate in. having au unusually good crew of men.
A new crosscut is being scarted
this week on the Silver Bell mine.
This work is undertaken to get in
a hundred feet below the lowest of
the levels hitherto developed. Reports from the Silver Bell are of a
most satisfactory nature, indicating
that the ore showings are proving
quite remarkable as depth has
been attained. Native and wire
silver is reported to be plentifully
scattered throDghout the ore.
The Kaslo concentrating works
resumed work again on Monday,
after getting in a new casting for
the ball mill to replace the one that
broke two or three weeks ago. The
casting was made by the Nelson
Iron Works and it is stated that it
was an unusually good piece of
work, the numerous holes being
drilled in the outer rim with a precision that was most'. praiseworthy.
It is estimated that three eight-
car trains of Whitewater tailings
per week will be treated when the
plant gets settled down to running
There has never before been such
evidence of mining activity in the
South Fork section as there
ippearjjto be at the present time.
The C^k-Province is going again,
after thfe cable break of two weeks
ago b#ihg repaired. Further up
thjngs are shaping well with regard to the Gibson, which is undoubtedly one of the coining big
producers of the silver-lead belt;
good results are following develop-
mehfe'at the Silver Bell and about
half a dozen men are employed at
the Index. All of these properties appear to be heading for sne-
ce?s, and success, in their case
means not only a large payroll adjacent to Kaslo, but the develop-
menE of numerous other promising
properties in the same section.���
Kaslo Kootenaian.
Poison Gas
Be sure and send a Float to the
boys In France. Get oce at The
Ledge office.
Ife is contrary to the Hague convention to use poison gas in war,
yet the Geamans began its use in
1916 at Ypres and because of its
unexpectedness came very near
wining the war with it. Had it
uat been for the matchless courage
of the Canadians the Germans
would have marched unopposed
through the gap where the gassed
soldiers lay dead to the English
channel. French-Canadian troops
were rushed into the gap and held
A Canadian chemiBfe, Nasmith,
of Toronto, buickly diagnosed fehe
gas as chlorine and advised hyposulphite of soda and masks as a
protection. In a shorfe time the
grim defenders had some sort of
improved protection against the
gas.    -	
Get your job printing at The
Ledge, .before the paper is all
Certificate of Improvements.
"Toncy Fractional" Mineral Claim, situate In
tlie  Greenwood   Mining Division of Yale
.'. Where located;   In Deadwood Curnp. -..'.-
TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett,
as  Apcnt  for . Jamei  Henry   Goodeve,   Free
Miner's Certificate No. 69575B, intend, 60 days
from llie date hereof, to apply to the Milling'
Recorder for a Certificateof Improvements, for
the purpose of obtalning.'.a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And  further take notice that action, tinder
Section 85,   must  be  commenced   before   the
issue of such. Certificate of Improvements.
Dated tliis 21st day of Noveml>er A.  D. 1918.
AppSna 15427F and
��� ���   ���     . 15428F   ���
Be Lot 2647 anti Part of Lots 424, 425 and
637, Group 1, Similkameen (Formerly Osoyoos)
Division Yale District
NOTICE is hereby given that I shall at the
expiration of one month from the date of the
first publication hereof issue a. Certificate of
Indefeasable Title to the abote mentioned
lands in the name of. Midway Ranch Limited
unless in the meantime valid objection is made
tb me in -writing. The holder of the following:
documents relating to said lands namely:
Deed, dated 28th February, 18M, John Sullivan to William Powers of. part -2 acres of
Lot ii*, Gronp 1, Osoyoos Division.
Grant from the Crown, dated JSth March.
1898. to Frank Henry Black of Lot 637,
Group 1, Osoyoos Division, Yale District.
Deed, dated IB of May, 1898, Frank H. Black
:���' to William Powers of 5 acres of Lot637,
XX. Group 1, Osoyoos Division, YaU District.
Deed dated Mth November, 1900, William
Povrers to Bernard. Lequime of one half interest in part 2 acres of Lot 42* and 5 acres
of Lot 637, Osoyoos Division, Vale District.
Release of Mortgage, Mortgage dated I4th
November,-1900, William : Powers to Dora
Lequime of one-half interest in two acres Of
Lot 434 and 5 acres of Lot 637. Release date
3rd day of April, 1908, ..
Mortgage ��� dated 30th Jnly. 1902/ William
Powers to the Bank of Montreal of 2 acres
of Lot 424 and 5 acres of Lot 637 and Release
of said Mortgage. '��� ������.
Grant from the'Crown dated117th March.
1903. to.Wiliiam Powers of Lot 3647,  Group
1, Osoyoos Division Tale District,    : ;
Deed dated 21 ��t April, 1903. William Powers
to tula Pow��n of Lot 2647. Group 1, Osoyoos Division Yale District.
Is required to deliver the same to me forthwith.
DATED at the Land Registry Office. Kamloops, B. C this 12th day of November, 1918. v
C. H. DUNBAR,'���'������"
V .':.'.District Registrar.
November.21��t/l913'7\_-;'.-._   XXX   'yy
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B. C. Cigar. Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled. The Cigar
that never varies.   .    ,    .
Haveyou triedonelately ��
Optometrist and Graduate Optician, certified by Provincial Board of Examiners.
Greenwood Garage
Tires, Oils, Gasoline, and
all Accessories for
Motor Cars
Repairs of any kind, and
all work guaranteed
Cbe Central Hotel
One of the largest hotels In
the city.   Beautiful location,
6ne rooms and tasty ineala.
A. O. JOHNSON      -      PROP.
Notice To Delinquent Co-Owners
; To W.-'D. Morton and T. B. Turner, or
to any person orpersons to whom they
may have transferred their.interests in
the Gray Rock, Lucky Jim, Little Giant,
Black Bear, Bulger and Tip Top mineral
clatnis, situated along the Kettle Valley
Railway, in Arlington Camp, Greenwood
Mining Division.
You are hereby notified that I have expended the sum of Six Hundred Dollars,
($6oo.), for labor and improvements upon
the above mentioned 'mineral claims in
order to hold said mineral claims under
the provisions of the Mineral Act,-and if
withih'ninety days after the date of this
notice you fail or refuse to contribute
your proportion of such expenditure, together with all cost of advertising, ybiir
interest in such claims will become the
property of ��� the subscriber under section
four af an act entitled, "An Act to Amend
the Mineral Act, 1900."
Beaverdell, B.C.
Dated this 24th day of October, 19I8.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed
lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
Joint residence, but each making necessary Improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre. Including clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
Intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
Improvements to extent of $300 per annum and records same each ycar. Failure to make Improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims in
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, Including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record  another pre-emption,   if he  ro-
?uires land in conjunction with his
arm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
Include all persons Joining and serving
���with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or devlBees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act ia extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege is also made retroactive.
Provision Is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, lf divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover In proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their Interests and apply for a proportionate allotment Jointly. If It is not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands In . the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands In respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
is final. The time for making a
tion for these allotments is 11m
Peace Is Here
Everybody will want to celebrate and unless
you have the Flu you can't do it in the old fashioned
way, But we can all celebrate with a good
Christmas and anticipating this we will have a ship/*
ment arrive in a few days ot Everything thats good
all the trimmings for a good old Xmas feed.
If an increase in Business of moire than Double
is a sign of Square Deals and reasonable prices we
are all there.   Come over and see for yourself.
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building -       -       - Myncaster, B.C.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
lied to
the 1st day of May, 1019. Any application made after this date will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and lands of the Crown sold
at public auction.
For Information apply to any Prvvln-
elsi Government Agent or to
^^K^ mS^ ^^���a aI& ^^Ea gSa aKa _______________ a_S_____ a3________ _______________ ^__^______ J___fi__h
wg. wg. �������� ��0�� rf rf *jp ��y ��y ijfi TJ�� *p ^p
j, C LOAT is not a periodic- J,
T r al. Ife is a book cdn- T
*��* feaining 86 illustrations all
��j�� told, and is filled with
��j�� sketcheB and stories of
��fa western life. It tells how
o^ a gambler cashed in after
T the flash days of Sandon ;
"*' how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in '93;
how the saloon man oat-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver ]_ King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is 2b cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
<��     GEEENWOOD, B. C.     ��f��
...The furnishing of jprompt and ..effective.: telephone service ...
X As possible only when calls are made. by. number, following con-
���^;-^^suItotio'n;of,the'direi^^ '���:���'.'������ XX-XXXixXX'
X.X'-'- If the:, naineris : not. listed, ask; ;^In{pnnati6n.^':, She isal- y- y.;i
";-r^ways willing.to;helpyonv -XX.yXXiXXXXiXXXiXyXXiX i
Cbe Burne Rctel i
nelson, B*����
The only up/to/date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
9C 4�� 4�� 4�� ��fr *4* 4"&> *4�� 4" 4rir 4*
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone In
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plaa.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
^���f-,��*^,*tfc,^**^,,^-*f,-*fr*f,*f*Ht,*��**��**#�� ��|*��B��*|����|*,|,*I,*��*���f**l*H':
Tiie Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Anwwcr and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, a. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silrer, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver,, (single assa;)
$1.00. Goid-SUver (duplicate assay)
(x.56. Silrer-Leai ii.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc $3.00.1 |Charge�� foroth��r metals etc
on application.
I For Good
��^-   ;-.:xy:..:-:r'-*^m ������
H ��� Economy and Satisfaction ����
H combined Mrilii Promptness |!
H are the features which go to ||
ft make up the Sg$|^
�������;.' our customerli 1 m^y^0^^
B ohe.-Of-them?S^
I WE-PRINT' /":?Si3fi��
Letterheads/ Noteheads,
.���;.-;��� (Rnled or Plain). xxXXiX:XX;iX,i'XiiXXiXXXiX
Envelopes* Billheads,  1
(All Sizes)   ��� 'XiXX.X'Xx':XXXXXXX;iiX
Statements, Business
Posters,  Dodgers, 3c&*$$|cS
g     greenwood       M Printing DepirMflt '."���'"'31
^iUiUiliilUUUUUiUiUiU iiilliiUUiUiiUUIUi iliiMUiiiUUll


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