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The Ledge Nov 21, 1918

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 r <*".���*���'T""*AI?I
r^jfi.y>7*y>yyt���J^y ���w.'^iwf^rfff^y
7iaoi*l Library j
tpt i r?
4.--i-' ���*��*?>
.' -'.r .r';^i;V?^
-.�� -' - '-i-TKl-SSS '
..  ���;:..; ^jny;
Vol.   XXV.
No. 19
Come In And See Our
Large-And Well Assorted Stock] Of
Carpets," Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.  Etc.
Many;' kinds *of Oil, [Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28       \Xi      GREENWOOD, B.C.
B Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ~��
-B- ���?-  g
B        The   Food   Board  Asks   You  to  Save-        3
B ' 3
��~ We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals ~3
B  ��3
�� We specializelingTEA and COFFEE itfpkge or bulk If
1     LEE & BRYAN     1
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 watt Lamps���75c each.     -..
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each,
60 Watts   -   '   *   $1,25 each
100    "     >   -    -   2,00 "
200   ��*     *   *   *    3,50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Life, Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Broker
Charles King
Gloves, Mitts, Socks,
Boots, jShoes and
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city* and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam'and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
C.V.O, LLP..&.GL.Vnddeat
SIR. JOHN AflRD. Genend Manager '
H. V. P. JONES, Am'c Gen'!. M��n��a*
CamtalPaid Uf.$i5tooa,ooo^Rese^ve Puns, ��� $(3.50o.ooo
Every effort is made to provide the bank-
in-service required by miners.   A
current account facilitates the
handling of business rer-r
ceipts and paOTient&
'���.....��� L. E BRAWDERS, Manager, -iX
For Fall
Now Showing New Arrivals in
Suits and Over-Coats
Comfort    doesn't    rule   where
style, quality and character
are lacking
Get into a
and be comfortable
W. ElsonfG Co
Change of Firm
Having purchased the Cigar
Store from R. J. MUIR. I will
fce pleased to furnish the public* at reasonable prices, with
Tobacco, Cigarettes, Cigars,
Fruif. Confectionery, Etc*
/Around Home
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at n
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday'morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors.'        Garage in connection.
VISITING  HOURS   2  to   4
At other hours by arrangement
Autos for hire at the Palace
Good advertising: has saved
many a town and district from
an early death.
It will soon be time to send
Christmas presents to the boys
in France, A copy of Float
makes a present that is always
welcome anywhere. Copies can
be obtained at The Ledge office.
Send your distant friend a copy
of Flo a*. You can get one at
The Ledge office.
, Aii urgent call for clothing for
patients ip the Isolation Hospital
came iir Monday/-night,"- too late
to call a meeting of Red Cross or
Women's Institute,. so ' ;'a few
women met at once, and decided
to canvas the town for the necessary articles to fill the want, till
something definite could be done
when the real requirements were
known. Everything required fof
the present has been sent in. but
clothing suitable for boys and
giris from one to thirteen years
will be; gratefully received. For
J particulars phone i 69.X All who
wish to help; in this matter are
requested ;to meet /at /the Red
(Cross Rooms;;Friday at 3.30.ixi
Mrs. Thomas Rowe left for the
coast ou Monday.'
Don't get your feet wet. Lots
of Rubbers at Rendell's Store.
Neil McCallum is tbe new
police magistrate at Grand Forks.
Rev. M. D. McKee has accepted
a call to preach in Salmon  Arm.
The Granbv smelter at Grand
Ferks wastimed to resume yesterday. ,
Shipment just in of fresh bulk
chocolates at Goodeve's Drug
A Soldiers friend is Dad O'Dell
at the Province Hotel, Grand
Send a $1 to The Ledge and
get 10 different copies of Lowery's
The Sunday train from'Marcus
to Rossland and Nelson has been
cut out.
Buy your sHoes at Rendell's
store.. 15 per cent reduction on
all lines,
The Canada Copper Co. bought
$10,000 worth of Victory bonds in
Bert Taylor's house is quarantined owing to the illness of
his son Tom-
George Murray returned on
Saturday, having had tbe Flu for
six days in Princeton.
H. V. Fuller is developing a
mining property at Skookum
Creek, in the Nicola district.
The Rock Candy mine shipped
its first carload of ore to Trail
last week from Lvnch Creek.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler. Goggles and auto glasses on hand.
Hot lemonade is good for influenza, we have fresh juicy
lemons on hand.  Rendell's Store.
Dominico Tinarelh died in the
Forks from the Flu. He had
been working at the B. C. mine.
Arthur Nelson, Mrs. Vick aud
her six children, all from the
Mother Lode are in the Flu hospital. '
Born.���On November
-tins- Greenwood hos pila*-;-
and Mrs. W. 1).   Stewart
way a son.
During the past  week
McLaren, R, O.  Vick  and,Mike
Vorzich died at the Mother Lode
from pneumonia.
W. Jenks and W. Williams returned from a successful hunting
trip up the Main Kettle river,
bringing in four deer.
Dr. A. R. Cunningham of Hal-
fax, N. SM was i'u. town for few
days last week, visiting his sister
Mrs. P. H. McCurrach.
Do not allow your feet to get
too cold. Some other company
may buy the Greenwood smelter,
and operate it fall blast.
T.he far famed Rexall hair
tonic can how be obtained at
Goodeve's. If you want a really
good hair tonic, procure at once.
Mrs. Thomas Layis, the eldest
daughter of Mr, and Mrs. G. A.
Smith of Grand Forks, died in
Victoria on Sunday, November
Donations of linen, fruit, vegetables, etc. will be thankfully received at the Sacred Heart ^hospital for the use of the Flu
Get a Float for.25 cents at
The Ledge office, and send to
your friends in order to cheer
them during the dark days of
Mr. H. B. Larsen, has volunteered to act as cook at the
Sacred Heart hospital, as long as
it is necessary to keep it open for
Flu patients.
The old Sacred Heart hospital
has been re-opened for the care
of Flu patients. On Monday 12
were removed to it from the
Mother Lode.
The Ledge stated last week
that Al Morrison paid $6 for a
piece ot rope that hung the
kaiser in Greenwood. It should
have been;$10. V .'-���:.,.,-
;-.' -Miss -'���:EddaXx Traiunweiser.... of
Grand Forks died in Calgary a
few days ago. She- had been
nursing /influenza patients in a
Banff hospital.Xi x'i'iXyXiii'iX X;.x.
F. A.  McRae of North Vancouver is acting manager of the
Bank of Montreal for a few days, j
J.: V./Mills and J./G./McMyrn!
are'on a hunting/t^ip//���r������v:���:::V^^7'::/^r^/.
<Last week an S^O.S.  call
nurses was sent: to
14, at
to Mr.
of Mid-
The Smelter Quits
The Greenwood smelter will
close down some time next week,
md H. E. Van Wagenen, manager
for the C. C. Co. informs The
Ledge that he 'regrets to say that
the close-down will be a permanent one. There is not enough of
pay-grade ore to carry on smelting
operations here, and not enough
ore of a fluxing character to warrant concentrates from Copper
Mountain being treated here,
hence it would not be advisable to
build a reverberatory furnace in
Greenwood. The Greenwood smelter and Mother Lode mine will be
dismantled, unless some other company wishe>to purchase and operate them. There is still plenty of
resources undeveloped around this
town to make it a prosperous community, but work and capital is
necessary to bring this about.
Necessity is etill the mother of invention, and this is a good time to
iufcern the Micawbers and gefe busy.
Flu Quarantine
At tho Union Hall, Tuesday
evening, committees were formed
to look after the Flu, and
the emergency hospital. 0.
King, T. Jenkin and D. McLeod represent the Health Boardj
Pat Crane the C. C. Co., while L.
McKenzie, F. Axam and O. Hartland are acting for the Miner's
Union. Fred Axam is chairman,
and Chas. Hartland, secretary.
Wm. Lakeland has been officially
appointed quarantine officer at a
salary of 85 a day. The quarantine is to be enforced in fehe cifey
and district. There are eight
patients from the Mother Lode in
the emergency hospital. Two or
three city people are confined feo
feheir homes with the Flu or something like ife.
Owner of Cabin
Dawson News: Mre. W. W.
Clarke, owner of the Robert W.
Service cabin, situated on Eighth
avenue, in this city, arrived yesterday from Fairbanks, en route to
the coast, Mrs. Clarke has extensive interesfee   in   the   Fairbanks
country, and plans feo refeurn there.
She is hopeful of much activity
there and elsewhere in fehe North
after the war. Mrs. Clarke has
determined to keep the Service
Cabin as a shrine for the admirers
of the writings of the famous
Klondiker, and alweys has been
generous in allowing the patriotic
societies of Dawson the free use of
fehe cabin nnd grounds for the raising of funds for fehe oause."
The estate of the late Jacob
Fleishmann, paid 21*4 cents on
the dollar. Jake was one of the
old-timers in B. C. He was interested at one time in a-Phoenix
A; E. Savage and Leo Mader,
have ceased working the Cariboo
dump at Camp McKinnev until
spring. They shipped a carload
of concentrates to the Granby
The Victory Loan quota for
Greenwood was ��50,000. It went
$Sl,0p0. Considering the industrial conditions here this is probably the most remarkable showing in Canada.
In a letter to The Ledge, Oscar
Lachmund says, in refering to
the closing of the smelter.
"However, this should not mean
that there will be no more smelting at Greenwood. There is still
enough ore left in the Boundary
to smelt at a profit at Greenwood."
On the 18th of November before W. R. . Dewdney, S. M,,
Annias Saul; Saul Alex and
Edward '-Shuswap ; (3:: Indians)
were each fined :$25 or two
months in Nelson goal'.'for having
in their possession a deer under
one year of age at; Cranberry
creek.": xXXy .i -'^ XXX:-.,.--
Mesdames   Rendell,'^ Fleming,
.Morrison and Goodeve are giving
���vi their services at the Sacred Heart
ior j Hospital,: and Wm. Lakeland has
Vauccuver.' volunteered his services/iia  any
Nurses: were . not -needed for: delirious cases. Johnnie/Meyers
Greenwood, but: for the Mother land Thomas Brannigan aire day
Lode mine where there were sev- j and/night orderlies.     A-  Sater
very generously granted the hospital the use of anything in the
eral cases of Flu. No nurses
arriving from the coast, Mrs. G,
A, Rendell and-Mrs. A. J. Mor-:
rison bravely volunteered to take
care af the sick at the mice. ./
Norden Hotel. Many ladies have
volunteered their rcrvices if needed.vK 'iiXiX.
Western Float
Canada can do without titles and
R. S. Lennie is again in the law
baeine8s at the coast.
The United States is cutting out
orders for wooden ships.
Up feo November 7 Vernon had
225 cases of Flu and five deaths.
M. L. Grimmett will build a
concrete business block in Merritt.
Dr. McPhail died in Lillooet
from heart failure, caused by overwork.
At Merrifefe, Sam Jackson picked
ripe strawberries in his^garden this
In order feo save paper publish-
ers'inuflfc-cutfofl: all delinquent subscribers. *
Afe Prince Rupert, Archie Albert
was fined $50, for having liquor in
his rooming house.
Thomas Somerville, provincial
constable afe Lytton died lasfe week
aftes a short illness.
Miss Edith Menzies died at Merritt, after nursing Indians with the
Flu for several weeks.
The logging camps in this province, should be visited regularly
by a sanitary inspector.
J. G. Powell died in Hazelton
from the plague. He was assayer
afe the Silver Standard mine.
Lillooet has sold over 30 carloads
of potatoes this fall, at prices
ranging from'$28 to $30 a ton.
Owing to its excellent methods
of prevention their were only six
cases of Flu in WeBt Vancouver.
Harry Sibble. aged 62, died of
the Flu in Vancouver. He was a
noted seller of radical literature.
Hardly a country producers more
fish than Canada. Last year the
catch brought in more than $52,-
Mr. and Mrs. John Dunn died in
Merrifefe from pneumonia, leaving
fewo children. Dunn was a returned soldier.
John P. Murphy, Sfrbo died last
month afc the 141 Mile House, was
the oldest and mosfe noted native
son of Cariboo.
In the Yukon the proprietor of
the White Paes hotel was 'fined
$100. for selling liquor after hours.
No��after hours in B.C.
The Kettle Valley will run
trains all winter through the
Coquihalla Pass, owing to completion of^the snowsheds.
Flax in carload lots is being
shipped from Ontario feo Ireland.
8ome day perhaps Canada will ba
shipping linen to Belfast;.
About 600 foreigners are working around Princeton, ^although
quite a bit of English and American is still spoken in that town.
Steam shovels were used at Calgary to dig graves for yicfeims of
the plague. It was impossible to
secure men enough to dig graves.
Steam shovels will work all
winter on fehe P. G. E. Track-
laying will soon be finished feo
wifebin six miles of Horse Lake
Summit. V
_ Fernio is still entitled to be
called the Cifey of Calamity. It
has had 2,500 cases of Fin. Fernie has now had everything except
German shells and ah earthquake.
At North Vancouver, Rev. FE.
Perriri was fined 810 for keeping
his church open, contrary to the
orders of the Health Board. Two
others were fined for attending
A carload of pickles was seized
afe North Bay, because ife contained
810,000 worth of whiskey en route
to Winnipeg. Pickles is a good
name for booze. You get pickled
when you gefe too much of it, au
event of rare occurrence in Greenwood.
The Princeton Star was recently
enlarged in size, after being printed for nearly 19 years on a Gordon
press, page at a time. With the
country full of foreigners, and
some rubber stamp business men
tho Star will not put much fat on
ifes bank account.
George Patterson of/ Chilliwack
went out afe night- to hunt a bear
that had been robbing his garden.
He was accompanied by Nelson
JohhsoHj and succeeded in wounding a big black bear. The bear
started to run away when Johnson
fired at it. The shot went wild
and killed Patterson instantly.
It took Mrs, E. T. Alien six
months; to reach Yakima from
Persia. She travelled on nearly
every kind of a conveyance from
camels to Ford cars. The British
soldiers took her through Mesopotamia on a Ford, and give that car
credit for winning the carnpaigu iu
Mesopotamia. The most weird
Bight she saw on her long journey
was everybody wearirg gauze
masks ir. 'Frisco.
The Smelter Situation
Dr. MacLean. provincial secretary, came to town on Saturday,
to discuss the smelter situation
with the president, consulting
engineer, and general manager of
the Canada Copper Co.
Some weeks ago a committee of
the cifeizens of Greenwood submitted a proposal to the Government
which was thought would prevent
the company from terminating
their operations in this district.
This proposal was to the effect fehat
the Provincial Government should
guarantee fehe bonds of the company to enable them to immediately secure sufficient funds feo erect a
reverbatory plant at Greenwood feo
treat the concenferates from Copper Mountain at the local smelter.
It was also hoped that in addition
there would be a small amount
available, from tbe bond issue, to
do some development on the company's Phoenix mines.
Dr.'gMacLean submitted these
proposals to his colleagues in the
Governmant, and was assured of'
their co-operation, provided it
could be shown thafe the security
for said guarantee would be ample.
After hiB arrival in Greenwood he
discussed the matter with Mr. Van
Wagenen, bufe the general manager
waB not in a position to decide on
this important matter before discussing fehe same with his principals.
After fehis latter discussion took
place Dr. MacLean was again call-
en in, and was informed, that
while the Government's offer was
greafely appreciated; the company
did nofe feel ��� justified in accepting
ife, as they were not satisfied that
such an undertaking would be a
financial success, owing to the
doubt as feo whether a sufficient
amount of fluxing ore, suitable feo
smelfe fehe Copper Mountuin concentrates was available for a permanent operation in this district.
Dr. McLean wi-b������������fcaturiiiy kaenj^
disappointed, but is hopeful, thafe
while the smelter is ceasing for the
present, that the large ore deposits
in this district will be developed
by some company.
The cifeizens of Greenwood and
district greatly appreciate Dr. Mac-
Lean's efforts in fehis matter. The
CG. Co. are willing to have any
company take over and operate
their smelter and mines in district
on a royalty basis. No douM the
government would render all assistance possible to any company-
wishing to operate the smelter and
mines in fehis city and district.-
Patriotic Fund
The local Treasurer of the Cana*
dfan Patriotic Fund wishes to acknowledge receipt of the following
subscriptions from October 10th
to November 8, 1918:
Central War Fund ..;	
J. L. White ,	
Duncan Mcintosh	
R McLeod	
2 20
J D Yeatman....'..'	
3 40
M J Dunn	
4 45
H E Bedford	
2 50
FD Wilkins	
3 So
Geo Winters........	
3 20
Clyde Jory	
2 60
F.J Conyers	
5 40
E Herrick	
2 45
T Lamb .-.-	
4 00
C.Priuiin'alle.'...'-. .:
1 40
Canada Copper Co ...._................
100 00
T Keady ;-..	
4 00
Q. Grosvenor ;._	
3 25
A Legault ���.:..........
4 75
H. Bolingbroke ................. ........
j. V. Mills::;..;:;; :......,;;....   .,..���.
5 00
W.;R. Dewdnev.....	
P. H, McCurrach."	
Boundary Police '..
13 00
Hon. J. D. MacLean ...:..
20 00
Charles King .................;.	
3 00
PW George.	
OB Taylor ;.'...-...:.....
6 00.
G Swayne     ...:.... ;...
ro 00
G. W. A. Smith..., ..;..
..-"���,-.. Hon. Treasurer.
Canadian Patriotic Fund.
His Contribution
Sir, I am collecting for the pb?ts'
j hospital. Will you contribute
\ anything?
:-'' Editor���With pleasure! Call fe>
; night with the ambulance, and I
* wiil bave a poet ready!
vfl��^��      , the  XlEdg&   qeeenwood.  b. a
t n i mn i iin i ���������!������ i ininii umu
The Human Tripod
-tort,    Ri-i:'-.i-i'
���-JV,   '.���O'.i'.::::���)
iiirita:i:-::   !;���.!:
ii   i'!rii)vu.To! s
-i    loro::;
i-.,!    l.e.-.i
]!..'.eN   ;���<���:   vou'
-   ;������ re-   ':oU"l   for
���'.    li..i:l    o::v    ���:���:.;���:.{
i   -V.'.'i.pi;;^   eer.iie,
len iiiMeu.
on   io   J.ajics   ;.._..
.lie   /u;:c
|  GEO. WRIGHT & MACK   CARROLL,   Proprietors   1
TTllSHH'i (SlItlM: !ii _:.! II" li}1.::!; ii! "Ai ;i Ji !iU ::it:fiiisj;; Ui'.'iJ'i.r ���.;:-������')���������.���< -,.'��������������;���-���   ""
Gunner Decorated for Daring
Wonderful bravery was ilisi'l.iycd
by n iinu'.hine n'linner recently. The
Liritirdi had taken a piece of wood,
anil a machine y.n:\ and crow were
sent lo clear thc ilank. The crew
look np its position, but on account
of a fold in ilie ground it was found
t'i'.t tho g-'ir. could not he brought
elleetive'y into action against thc
enemy's  strong  point.
The sergeant in charge did not
hesitate a moment. Hc stood up in
lull view of the enemy, made a back
as ior leap fro;-;', :i:id in a second the
'-tint was mounted <;.n liis shoulder?,
and  lire opened  against  the  enemy.
'"or fully three minutes lie stood 3
"(', while the. Germans concent rat- ] J
tlicir   lire   upon   him,     in   an      en   P'
to lirini;- linn di
;.';ot homo, and
k was done, before
lild take :w!i ant,.L;e
upoti nco a company
!iad     taken   the   posilli
vii,   aim
he   fell.
o r    the
)i  rirlc-
itt   the
Are YOU saving Sugar Ly using
;:i vi:
witli  pure
d    to    I
���jninn r w l>o
���' by Ids h.
nly wotnidi tl,
e   ilcO'rated   i.
The C:
o.ic'.a Food Hnnid recommends
m.; ;:nii ; uu^m^.
Syrup {Whirr) tor
Revive the jaded Condition���\\ !.:���
i'.-..���.   and   lhe   ca i e -.   oi    liiiri ���
���ci.na:     nK-.o-.oe;      wlioi      tin
vs'.eui    i.s   out
In 2, 5,
Also Jc>iciou:i lo: nil tabu  purpo:;i-.y.
10 ana 20 ib. tins, etc aii dealers.
; M lea
i r.Mts and
then- ������; ���.���.. m-ral d.cpn'���sion, iiy i'ann-
ilre's Ver a lahle 1'iils. ihey i.iil
iiip.i'ate i'li aeiioii ot a de rancid
st��� 'linn h and a disordered liver, ami
mak-.: yon feel like a new man. \'o
one ne.-d suffer a day lioin debilitated digestion when so simple and effective :t pili can be got at auy deny
' sic re.
Mode] W'oi iters' Houses
Wonderful Mode] Dwellings for Artisans   Erected  in   Rome
In answer  to  a  [ilea  for  the "nursery school," a  corresponded, writing
The Windsor of Geimany
Potsdam    Can   Be    Reached    From
London by Water
The principal royal and imperial
residence is in Berlin, the capital of
thc empire, so that Potsdam is to
Berlin somewhat what Windsor is to
Thc principal residence of the British royal family is Buckingham Palace in London. Windsor Castle is a
secondary residence, a sort of rural
retreat, and, all things considered, the
most picturesque royal residence in
the world.
It will be a surprise to most readers to learn that there is water com-
i nnmicalion between London and
Potsdam, but such is the fact. This
connection consists of the River
Thames, the North Sea, thc River
Elbe- in  Germany, and a canal which
'connects the Elbe and the river Havel. Ami Potsdam is ou the Havel.
Jt is interest'.ig to recall the fact
that in 1832 a small frigate, the. Royal
Louise, named after lhe Queen of
Prussia, and built at Woolwich, England,  wa.s  presented  to  Prussia.
From lhe Thames it was towed to
Rotterdam, Holland, and thence sailed by a crew of British blue jackets
up tlie Elbe and through the canal
to Potsdam, where the gift was accepted by thc Prussian royal family
and  lhc  Prussian court.
It was in this model craft that lhe
present   emperor    and     his     brother,
ill n"
were first initialed in-
V. C. Heroes of tne War
war no
Crosses   1.
he past four years of lhc
fewer than -17-1 Victoria
ive     been       awarded       for
deeds  of  valor.      ll
Pain? Hirst's will stop it!
Used for iOycars to relieve rheumatism, lumbago, neuralgic, sprains, lame1'
back, toothache, earache, swollen joints, soro throat and other painful complaints. Have s bottle in the house.���;. All dealers or write us.
HillST REMEDY COMPANY. Hamilton, Canadaj
to the .Scotsman, points out that at
iiast iu one conntry in Europe ideal
home aud attention lor the little
ones are provided. "1 refer," he continues, "to the wonderful model
dwellings lor artisans erected in
Rome iu pre-war days by Signor
Talmo, engineer and social worker
who, uitli a limited liability company in Rome���over 60,()UU persons.
The dwellings consist of large blocks
built round a square, with gardens, , Learn
and a large green in tiie inner quadrangle. .-\11 are lilted with electric
light, steam heating, and hot water.
Stringent regulations as to cleanliness are    cniorctd,    and    so  aii  are
; kepi i'resh and airy.    <jOod baths are
ir | installed,  for     which   a  small   charge
. is   made,    and  many   household     ar-
I rangements whicli space prevents me
from quoting. For the needs of the
over-worked mother and thc little
ones from 3-6 ycars of age'a nursery  school   with   mistress  ami   assis-
! tanls is provided on thc premises,
and teaching given on the Alontes-
somri method. Attendance varies
from '10-70.    Medical care and
n  the  first  year  ot
were    awarded,  and
j t he* second year furnished 78,
the enormous growth of (he
lighting   forces   in   all   the  theatres  of
I war the number increased to 145 ir.
the third yeai.aml there was another rise to 168 in the fourth year.
Compared with such a record the
1R2 V. C's for thc Indian Mutiny. Left Weak,
11 for the Crimean War, and 78 for
the South African War seem insignificant, but in comparison to the
number of troops engaged the Crosses awarded during the last four
years have been fewer than in previous wars.
I nne
lo the .ift of seamanship; it was in
her thai they made tlicir first cruise
on the hoard, island-dotted reaches
of th.e 'Havel; and, in fact, it was on
the qtt..rier deck of the Royal Louise
���sister vessel to the Royal Adelaide
frigate on Virginia Water���that the
kaiser first conceived thnt bounding
ambition of sea power whieh was to
inspire him wilh a determination to
.dispute Britain's mastery of thc
liritish   1U;ij���.
For taking the smears
and stains off painted
woodwork Old Dutch
is unequalled. Use it
for cleaning cooking
utensils, floors, bath
tubs, sinks, and anything else that is hard
to clean.
It's better and cheaper than soap or any
other cleaning
Two Surprised Kaisers
Lives    Havc    Eeen
Under a Delusion
Disheartened    and
Easy Prey to Other
Seed Grain in Caaaua
Proving Greater Problem Than Was
Representatives of mortgage companies havc hold a conference with
the government of Saskatchewan in
regard to the seedgrain situation
which in some parts of thc province
is proving a greater problem than
was at first anticipated. The system
of administering seedgrain relief is
for thc rural municipalities to borrow
such funds as they require to furnish
their ratepayers witli seed and to
take security in thc form of mortgages on tlic crop which take priority over all other encumbrances with
thc exception of first mortgages. In
addition they have a seedgrain lien
on thc crop for two crops from the
land seeded with llic grain advanced
on credit. They havc not experienced difficulty in borrowing in thc past
except in a very few cases where the
provincial governments have bad to
guarantee the loans of thc municipalities to the banks. This year some
municipalities iind    it    necessary    to
Those two kaisers of Berlin and
Vienna probably are, says the Kansas City .Star, beginning to wonder
whether they are urcaming or are
waking up out of a dream. The
world th-L o'icc /seemed so solid
under their feet, a world of realities
in which they and their systems
were the realcst of all, has gone
topsy-turvy, with nothing fastened
down any more.
l'rob. ' v they had really come to
believe that thc people whom they
ruled existed    ior    their benetu. Thc
A Nova Scotia Man Tells How
Found New Health and
If   you   havc   had   an   attack  of   la
grippe, or  Spanish  influenza  you  arc
not out of danger until your blood is  borrow large sums, far beyond their
restored  to normal. ability lo finance.    In such municipal-
Passed!     lnlltienza leaves  behind it weaken-  itics thc government is    giving    the
led vital powers, thin blood, impaired, mortgage,  companies  thc    choice    of
digestion, and over-sensitive   serves, j letting the government advance    thc
.In thi- condition thc system becomes : seedgrain and take a lien which would
au  casv prey  to  deadlv    pneumonia, j nave priority over all other forms of
bronchitis, nervous prostration, rheumatism and even consumption. Ask
anyone who has had an attack of in
security and thus impair the security
of first mortgage, or let the mortgage companies    themselves    finance
killed ! shock  ol  learning  that  tlicir    whole
nursing  arc  given -free  pf  charge  to j lives   have; been: passed  under
the littler ones,     ihe  rental ris\.ubo.iit'|.hisrp^^ the body, and through t
:AA important Precedent
��� Stately;':Swanr,Can 'Put -a"Spurt
xil, ; When������ Required^;X.
���:���:������;-"'������-:..'���:":   r '   :'���'': ���.���-'������>:
���:���:. Inland /lakes  ���.;-.. und. : watciN gholcs
r bounded; by  swii'mps it;^
Vnesting:7; places' "X.gi-X. V)l4'' xX^^^yi
�� wan, r says, .'���, agebrrespondent -in '.y'-.Xlix,
iSydney7 litdletfn; y(ju:rd:liC;;siill
:grass/^pilcdr .I'Xfpom^
:; tpnsga'ii'd.'������;���.Xi X ahi'ti:eti VK'r&li;uoy ;iiitixyip*
r;;t <^rl:;.'rr to;; !if t;i;<iii';, i.ivr'tr.y^rNvli'i.t err e:.?gte I57 ;-i*fl-^r
^laM^rtb r;gua.f tRr^
rUli e;:;_=';.v a nip;-.1 i a*y^
'Ueneineutrr jfasN a'r'vv ox'rvriwl;:7' fmliKgrrvSlrfn
*"^Cntnes Cbmrtiittedrin'W
.   ._'r:-;;:'7'rr.::';;:P.Urilshedr.'^:.':';:r'r',r.rr.r;'
per. month
fprgcach   rbbm^
iluenza what their present condition I their debtors who require seedgrain.
of health is and most of them will' Representatives present at the con-
answer "Since 1 had the grippe Ijfercncc favored the later pobcy and
havc never been really well." This Itncir Jlcad offices are being consult-
gencral feeling of weakness will con-! cd. With the exception of the soulh-
timtc until the blood is built up again,!west part of Saskatchewan, the proband for this purpose nothing can !lcm in this province is not at all scri-
i equal a fair treatment with Dr. Wii- oiis.
Hams' Pink Rills, From first to last
jlosc these pills make ncw, rich,  red
���   . a'TdSSttangcrhd^
^rc of 2,r3 or;4 rooins.:;;;  Ihcrve^
is  ruii  on; co-ppcrative lines, itobled theiri peoples,      -    -  ������-
,..,.....       ......      ......... .,f, ..... ... .,,. . .'�� ^lt irf :^?y r^'S'it Ithy, happy; men: ancL women
a;nu. ;is/:a.'s:ou.'nd-.;.:b^ Among the    riiah.^"? victin
its priceless ^-:.-j ...      '.....
.tlic -/workers-,xcducaliprial]j%���.'
and ^physically,, words ' 'fail
iiiorallyi  his pybple aS; cpmpletely as. these 'two
.,    ..���.,._..{*���-uie,- many ; victims���:��� "of rda
ever   tooled; grippe \\ho proclaim the value of Dr.
bushwackers- ;;\v.li0fco.iii;M:^
\var;;tihier.arc punished just as: if:there   uy r^ill,s:rcauitftj"i..ure,    -
. :lV:j\vcri};Ho;:w^
M-'iter���'.' ������'-;������ '���-''������"������ i xi ���  ���'���'���������'���'���*_'      :br:rr-r ������;��������� x'X- :        \l caurrti     suuvi.ers    loe    .the" past     thirtv-hvc
altyYof^rtlteirrrcjiineSr;': When1 peaeC^iS/j^eliubfc.reiiieayiioi:;Catarrh. ::.' Halts' Catiiriii
iliiule."r; Such: era
.;'. 'yi'.'i ;������'-. ���."���������" ���        rr ..rr     'r; ������'. ���������',-'.... '   .,���' --.',-���������<'������-. euii.iea.s, expilhuy i lie ;l'oisoi  iio.h uie iiiouil
Leiiisitri^rrsfiptaU; rrnprr/go: ii
T'he-::way 7fbK;7tri:e-17 Tiunis!^
I   V'1- ;>;r(>VV  '*;- -i   :^ :ibleilo.:r.U.r  '
|:;h.y.;::V;hey.rT--ilU.t,:.d.:r;St;i:t:cS ..tIV^::t^b���^���E^���Sc;^������to.r;l^;v.:b��?l.^!ij^':.i4.M;H��ii\iiti^iis..';.v5^;..:':.v;; '"iX'xXi'iiXxxX-Xl
Itatiptirifi'vlfen^ XiXXXiyXXxXXXXii
���......... . ,.. ...........  ,,.,,,..���,���-,,  ,-. ..,���,..,........ ������'���ii&i-i.g<.'5':-..-.dr.-;'.w.at..:!l6tt-g'i:vrte.i''--.-.tl\ie.-w :X-yx--:xi:;....:xy:	
pole^rlheniselves; ;\\iiliaiii;: knew; bf
cpurse, Ihai his,race- had receiyed no
divine  ordinance: rto ;:rulc; T-'He  knew
thiit: liis ^incestprr.was;a',;��� simple.rrnark;
of; Rranbenburg,: \yho got a grantrrjt;
his: lancb thrpugh    a ;   very;     hiimail
agcifcy.; ;A subsequent Hohcijzo'liern
gptTiimself /iiiade  a -king 'by :;soino
lnuiiiiirery',:c4U;il.iy liinnanrand cfvcrv-:
tiring':; that;r was::,ad7ded:r: to/ 'thiit ;king?:
ship.."; by'   successiye: 7: Hbheiizolierhs;
was added by ; violence : rind ^in plain
cbtilraaiciipu'. ��� tb.yvhat. litis/been ; re-:
^pgnized/asr/lieayen's; first daw.  rAVil-7
liani;7' -k i> q\ v:/': a'l i;.,:;. .tlij's, :-Vfl -ii <l: ;V y <2.t>-������ i i e:V.v -ii arP
Vyilliams' Rink/.'I'ilis'-,.-: is/rMiy Arabs
Katilback/7 of rPcitit^; Riviere,; N;/rS.i
wlip says:^"l; was taken dp>vn witli
a, severe. attack of la grippe, or iii -
lluenza. After aTime tlie early symp^
tortis ;pf the trouble left nic; but I did
notrregain,; my /usual/strength,.-';.and,-;,': 1
had always been a strong lnan. Tbere
Were tinics \yiic'n'..':i;;'icl't.::l'';cpuid;djardT
ly ..:crawl;/:abput^;'and; 1;: was; 7sp "'.run
do>yn 1 cotild;; scarcely go about/ rhy
business,/  T//continued/ -faking  nicdi
Hun Bruiatity at Sea
Wanted the British to Murder Their
:; Own...Men ;XX'yX-.;-.X:'-.,x
A story/of :Huii--brutality at /sea,
contrasting in the sliarpest possible
way with: the British chivalry .was
���t.ol.a--by Staff Payinaster: Gollingwooa
Taken Prisoner by Kuse
Supplied With Tobacco   and    Bread
by Americans���Eager for
Larger Shares
Americans now count among
prisoners fifty-one members of
second German .Landwher, who arc
the most sadly disillusioned men
from the German emperor's army.
Thc men still ai;e convinced that thcy
were played a shabby trick in being
taken prisoner, though they are
quickly becoming reconciled to their
lot by lhcir generous rations of food
ind tobacco.
The Germans for several days' had
been coming forward unarmed out ot"
their trenches, creeping forward to
a point midway between the two
lines, where thcy had been given
bread and tobacco. ,
Thc other day when they came
over they were told that the nex'.
time each man would receive five
sacks of tobacco instead of one sack.
The opportunity was too goo_d to bc
lost and instead of groups of. three,
fonr and five, as heretofore, fifty-one
men came in a group, eager for the
tobaccc and food.
The Germans were hospitably re~
ceived at the customary rendezvous, _
placed into small groups and invited
to come to another spot where the
distribution would take place. That
spot proved to be thc intelligence
office of thc American division, where
the Landwhcrs were informed that
they were prisoners.
The Germans indignantly demanded to bc sent back to their lines immediately, together with their rations
of rive sacks of tobacco and bread,
biit they gradually came to renounce
their demand lhat thcy bc returned,
especially when thcy saw the treatment accorded to the American soldiers to them and even to the other
prisoners. The Landwher will receive their extra rations as per
Don't Submit to Asthma.   If  you
���suffer without  hope  of breaking the
chains which bind you, do not put off
Hughes;  R.N.V.R.,/of the   naval un-  another day the purchase of Dr. J. D.
tclligence division   of    the admnalty.jiellogg's Remedy.   A trial will drive
in a lectm-c    at the  Royal Club  forla>vay' ajj  doubt  as  to  its   efficiency.
ladies and beyond the seas
One ofr our patrol boats, lie /said,
when put in the Atlantic, discovered
an enemy submarine which ��� had be-
co mc der cl i c t. '';'��� / r; Af t c r. ��� r es cuing ly tire
crew tbe cornnianderv dfr the patrol
boat asked tlic U-boat commander if
���'fbrtsKrA:}! /'//tkerrbflrghu'
���. ]iili.i';s*lfr.:/:"ai'):^'r'''bniC'l7ef.
::;:.:;th';e rt-; T':'teariiVd/':;tft
:.::r/a n il i :''s,i'.;'t:t e!yr;s yi'XXX y air;/l)'vi.t;;'/a'./^pi'irtr;/i:)n;.:
'-.;������ alpft,,r'^n'd:7;;tli;i::;^;tt-iitnp:ei
:';r/:lake.'r?ii lew7;-a ..'''greUt-7. ��� ,f afiy/d Xyiyi X3X^XXx
���plit.c.t'-ri'-.U'c'fXiyXiXX'ifiuliyii'yyy ��� rcpuitiri:ss;iPiir   ...
51^' ""U^ittd!' 7^w
"    'bm:t1:ie/-boardfr-ffi:d'/��e*ci:^t^
".........:... ... .. .-.^, ..- :        ... -   .5 1, -i c      1 v/>/*fT    : Hin    fl lien      .-, 1 ' *.       H III) S lilt 1'tl
;a's;r .be'cii::;7'thc7,rrca.tis(;r:''p'|.//:;t;
S.n'd:;:.r,i{/.:cb;iy0et.e'dv; pu;rtsbe'dr;'';;::SeS
cpt'dingjy/.r7..-/'/:-' //r;;-.'//:'.:^.'v':r::/:'/:'-.-.":.;;.t;/: r;./',vr'7';'::,r:.''r:l.-:/\:"
Iji Ktli|-. '���: /but./7; f^as^^'VYni^.tliVc.7 rvCirpfi i;f tiif Ibriiuii^
��� th:b: ri\ih ;de X- jio'tiyil j, e'7;';'p:ris-b'ri'7 .^;inip:.;i'n.rfh.ife
fencc^'dcrpartnicnteof/.thc/ejuarterii ���/..-, ���>���..���.���.:.,���,.  . . ,....,:-���; ,   -;,..���
of .dlrkirt^::l^inW^edt;;Mcr: byrtobt
^i}'er:/de)Ti:illld//;foff':rCb 'S'''
in ci; e XX<.X I'ri/ti i c:: tiri ii y :/j)i:'r- 'sptinc I./:;.//*;;
cine but it did Ine no good.    Then 1 fall were safely/aboard; as it was thr
found the trouble was affecting;    iny I tended to- blow up; the enemy vessel,
digestion and the disagreeable fcelingl''Ycs/^ was the reply, ''tlicy arc    all
frbiir HiiS7 added, fo'rniygcncrai^^^
ery..Ir was; finally  advised  to   ta
to push piif before dropping"ik depth
charge when a /Uoisc of tapping was
heard.7/.',;:/r,'7:''-..;.;'7',.. ��� /,:'./; ������'���''
liX "Are;ybu quite/ surer thferc is/np one
Pti}board'ybtir; boat?" asked the BHt-
"^es^V; declared; the;
cided tp'/try/thtinir T /had'.pnly, been
/taking;; thc;pills a . lew weeks -/iy licit Vi;
: found/iiiyrslrciigth^rctu
petite ;ii!iprpved,,r;atid/ stillV/cpiiiinuing1
tlie ii&e;of:the; pUis;a few vvceks more
found ;:-!Viev;restprcd/:;ib:V^
:yigor.:V:V;;l:/caii; nipstV strongly:/fcfepni-VVU-boat 'captaiii;
jnend;;:lJr.VvWiniaiiis':rR;ink; Rill^
;whbVhayeV:pas?e(l ;thi:ough:3M
;bc-r ;br;;;by-Viiiail atV'50c;a:bpx
dfe7:','for r:/:$2.;5.07:rrV ^
..,.���. .Continued,; /and/Vthc
British Vcbnimaiider ordered; a Vscircli
7bfV';'-:tlic./ 'V^bQat,;/'.'.'wh:eri;.;;four':.-..Brifi's'
Sc'airicii were;fptind tied :up;as prisbri-
The sure reiicf that comes will con-
vince ybu more, than anything that
can be written. When help is so; sure,
why isufTer? This matchless remedy
is sold by dealers everywhere.
What She Was Doing
���:,-.-.XVfourfd a biopming bride one day
bending; with a stern and scyere air
ovcra dry-looking volume,,
''^VVhat/ arc you reading?" I asked.
"An/excellent   work," she    replied,
''called VHappincss in /Marriage,"'
/"'What adyicc/'rlsaid, ''docs;it.give
tOrr'wivCs;?"'.'--'..';7-:- iXi'y.X-xixXi
;"l:dpnUVlcnow,"Shc answered^ "I'm
reading the advice tp husbands.'//:
wa.r'..of.:::;s:cces-sib:n;r:';;ttidr-;;i're';;';'W'as.';^ :/- ;;-"���-^.x ���i,.'xx::ixy;.:���..
.ed,':pfVb'n!7:tail{;y':'tbV vVrA;nsry;vAfcr^                                                                                                                       .,.._., ;,.....-..",-.,..., ,
XXyX ;C;lfai:gk:;Vva��V:^ '���"���.':;''���i_^.?'^-^''^^?*Tr?,?:;.'ii:'^-;��^���-V:'.-;^^'v-.-'?_?^^*..
.Hr.fs:p;u:.-.V7e(Mniivaiidaii.ts;/. V:l/iU
:t'lip:-.,;grb.un:ilV;in; Vti'iy,Vta.se:V7of;;,i>ll//ex:cep;t.Vpf7 ..otlly'r/ilirecrvii^i'^
thi:s,7.;Ge,rhia'iiUjprii,;'rGbh'f\:dc         . 7,'i;i,i(";-;:h:a5. .li'ei:.u.::;gi'v:ei'i,V:'!tlr.e;V;:;G7er:triatiV:;^
war-\vnsr;yirf^ o'iV;fcjfctob"fiE'HV^vot;::-dPw.iv::aii:'Vu^
������������-��� .-��� -���������" ������ .i..._........ .-...-.,.....- ........v,:.;.. -,��..........-...;,.;;.' .,;...,,���:.��� . :.-���>::���..:x,.:, ���xi.i::,i.xX.X..:^:i::-~'c::A..:
itcdiciii6/ G;o^,- Brockviile,'VOhtV
rrettd:^r;::;iii VApril,7 1R65;.:; ^ivdvV-f'ffi^iall^ ^a:i.nie;(i;v\',dss -c;)pti
eni'gd by: '���'���'flic;'-' suxreuxlerrpf;;;thc; iasirr/ts/rfitory;;^
;('o)ife;(|e,rai;i:    arniy   iii : theVfollbwiiXi:; trlie b:dT<;pn -A'Vas'"killed/ ,!.'���:������
,M:;ty.   Srv rnofHTiA after tl/iVeiVdiiir; of'
ili'e War,; on 'K!,c>V>. i^i i-��'.^?v lietirv
j^vr.li;^ \i:;is rliant/ed lli the "Did Gapit'.d
���rpriio;!) at W.i;sl:iii;p:ti.in for "Viola/ion
v;ii;f: tlie laws of \\:ar. ��������� >ve;w .Vorfv
l "f'iiiies.
A  i
.; IH"
.!'  G;
to r
i ;���.
.   tout 'lAhfii'-. :C��mits���every, ou'noe ]:
of \viirk; yoU <"!.> lielpH some soldier who ,
is^fifilitinfi'Vovf'r tberel. Vl'liis way is bwiig !    ���.
fouglit; as truly -in the.lio'isehold and in   J.jl;ri
thework^hop as it is io tbe tenches, -y..- ��� X.-."./
i>jin<2   of   our  .Canadian.'- women���/��� are ]. : '
. l)onic   down. .phy^c:!;lly;Var!d;rinc:i;:illyV;i;'a.'.i;/
by the ' weakne-ses ��f: th��ir;>nXT v/T'hey '
KUlTef   from   baekadi*. ; dragging ��� sensation, vcrv nervous and pain in lopot head;
If they ^kt! --ir iKiKbbors.they will betolri;
���������'in  titke  a;;/Vr./nf*;VP^tntitiijTi,:r;of;;I>r.
rici-ce'ss wliieh hasbpeiiVso;welJ.;mdVfaVot>:
' jtt)lV known foT'tliep;ist';hnli/:fe!vtvii5.;%Vr
Vi'tak Women shpdl<i-try;ii injsvi;-;-:;f >onH
iit   iiiei.ir.iiie
���:'.-vW ��� tt;or;i;il IVxfe
Xy;ii.iitiiiiHV better
from the yvstetnr
ildven *'i
���:i'i"r dnv'-
Sold Flags to Belgians
Vtatit!- Begin todiry.;V;^!d3;woinan'r/;:'.^n1'^;
'.md iiep;ii;0':5wi1lVVbringV.y;im,V..vi;Kf>t
.���vftalitv.. !S('nd"l>r.V^7;;r5f/.i'ierf'eeliilfrul(5,;:.
i&. Y.VT��c'fG7r.triai'pkSj^t^
  JSPtt-XXXye;/S--,^q.rtr, Vyt^Ahv,.
I3id      Surreptitipus      Business
AVith Public of Zefcbrugge
X-X:iii:i- Before Leaving       . ;>
'"'��� Wiil'-'.i tiie :-<;ie'rinans wit'hd'rcw hast:
vly/-froriiirt.he-;-|rort:h: JcasliOrc"r):f:;:;Bei-
:;?T'Vi.ii;/-t;hi.;y-/' left ,'b-ieliitiT'iv'--a'.' seriei'/.'���''�����?':
'rpVli';;catiojxs'Vall the; \vayXXvirtxX&XXi
tif.V(K:r:.e.;tp::r-Xie;.upbrt.';/;;;.V.: ���'���'.���;' Xy; yXXXy-:,-
iVvVVi iVi:Ven-ji;K--;s|iofie./ isViMVe..:con:lih:upit3
iiiie;- o7f:^rf;doiili.ts,';.fC'!i;fiVi:c;fcvi;.; (���(���liircrefe/f
?;;ii"'_i;K?'!:'.:iU-ft'i:Vt:.f ,;.'.i\vi-tli:V-/^
eye ryV5();;j';ird:S^'\.'V;'l:lie.ViJert|ia!is/-;r;^rr
���'i-i'la r"g a "-nvrnibef rrlj-i'liiii'1!;;- -Wvi 'ilfl'V/vVo
fram Stifferihg hy Getting
Her Lydia E. Firtkham's
Pitttbtirgh, Pn.~"VFor thiiny moriths
I.was not able to do niy work:.bwing tp
a weakness which
isr;;i;r7dr'Kitii ; i'ltey r/iiiti:?;*;7; vvas ti; "J tli ^ j-; tVivf?! t vl i ii W'i i U -J ST? fl? V^^ i^1 ^ Vi^ft vici <l'Vo f /'<:! f
r.V::.ilHA/;:;Vin.ilV.:\i.i'V;7.^;.ist. ';\Vas;:fhpV'cltcahrA^^
trirey ;.;;ii,i;i,s.tV;Avlsii"V.:i:sV; Vif^isy^jHlyV-SllWtf^HiPV^
���they ri.KidhTV'Wa'kefl/iiiKr^
.cr-. '",/.:' '"-iix ;j;qi!art,ers./o.iV^
< VV"^"-'"""^""."^���^   :V:V      ;-:   ���������'''.|.;:c|;pa'i^'Ci.V.s..V-.ltiii;':'l;V'-'-?V'^'-VV"^i?.J^'-'.ii��� IT"'^'.iiify-':?:,**T;'^-.
���  '.-'��������� :C;rca't'-ii-ri^atibri-P'roji!:ct:' .;''V';.;:r.;::.7;!:;!)iiaivci$lV;.l;:i.udi;-; Vin;V;the-7^i'p.vi.n;e^;';tlie;r��;
v'.v-n'.'-V-'--   ��� M ���'���''_''_,��������� i------      'XX "'itX-jxi, ;;/:.! afe^./ijow rSirven /eitieSii:75-tfivvns, :/ 313.-
VVIiat ir, sa; d ;to he one -iof- t ho; lai'u-r xx,,':-.     ��� --...-, ��� :x :xx ..;;.;......., ..-.;V
..,- -,������ ���=-.���-.;..,;. ������-.-���      u-;: !���'.:���.' vs  aires* 30!) .rural unmieipahlics.���������
���est 'i;rtg;,r.:io.i.i.    .pr<:>jeets.. ..in.     \A' i'sterri, ] " -��� .-'-'/ ������-' /i-x-: /.-.;;;���-: ;..:--i:)-x[ 'x:X:.. ���;;-;; :;..
ira'iia'da'.Vl.s. now. rapiVlly ;ii',earittt: -rbtn'--'-!i^.,-... -.' ��� ,, X'X:xxyxyxX:-::x: Xy:X:i X.-;i-X:i
;Kli'd:ioM.,''in',';t;ltv:-.c^uuvi-y d^t
:i'.p. t.!.ie' iiti;ri-h;;'-.-nii:'��:l.  !AV<:<t.j;i'f'|ttVfi:tW.ViiiVi;.-V';V-v;---'     Xii i-'x-X'yi'"'X^iTx:Xxixi:llxX-XiXi i,
���.^.i'.)ti'i-ivi-'-'rti/ '' "rVljiiTla...:     - ','rh'iiv V.;p;rpje.ctVV'.: ;Coritrtte':VSHipV-Ends7-:7l_,ohg;''Trip";
Wifiidi  (rveiitmiliy    fe    cali/viheteilv   ;tb;j    Tli^;cbitci;./ti. slnpr Faith, liist of its
briirg: Water \y.. a   f(-)ialV.ol   soii;etliih^/;;type^Vfniilt Vfor bci-iiti  cargo    carrying
over 2i!.Sr(H)j) acrt'S Pi land; 'iiiyA-    how "it'ird; bailing 'froiii^au   Francisco, has
���i';c>c!'i'"-d- a   poiiil   vvhereV.  3(),<)'Wj /acres; nrnveil. safely atVaGnlf port, accord-
pf   .tlic    laibt    yill be   placed fitiderVing:  to  \vo;rd; recViveil  by  agents     of
Water the coinjiig .Spri!.tg. _.;\jj  pf ;,tJj.e Idler O^iefs;: ; 'Jvlvtj yessel, after carry-
ksnd alfected has been:    n;c);iv-pr��jji.v'4,c-i-l-ftip:' ���ii'.iiOi-i'JJtiO'..:i'o;<-:-i bf    lumber     from
tivc /liithertij. oW;ing;t(>:l;ick oi wrater. j ���al.}fos:i)ia to X/hjle, took on a had of
.      .��� '���"' ���-������  "��� "..". ���'���������-'-������".. i4.QUlJ loirs- '.of    riitvatc     attd     came
-Minard'srVLihinicnt Cures i}istcmper.:i ilirough.. tlic I'anariiia   Canal.
'���������-,.. ..   .      ."������������' '-'XXxX "���'.'������*'        ���'���������'��� I.    X'Ik  Faith,  ��� v,':,li.ivli     \\a^    "ponied"
X '-.' The FoodVValue Of Ghet��<i'������������'..���'��� Irather than liuiit, st.iod thc tea is-
������'���:������'������ (Vlieese -Is XX only . real sti'lvsfiviit.c ' perieticfe.-withotit. daiiiage. lur a-1 nt-
fof-  !i)c;itV:V"l>rt:ri'!;''ai-il;c!i<'esK U.   .in- [said, and ;i.s ready  to  -ail i\^- ;,:i.j'.1ili'
Caused b a c k ac h e
art (I hesda.clies. A
friend called i*i7y
attthtipji to one of
your newspaper
advertisemerits arid
irnm edi ate ly rfiy
jitisbahd bought
three.'!bfo-ibties ��� of
Lyd!ct;Ei Hhl.itaW*.s-
VV ege table. Cpm-
After:./taking ' two'[..fairly-'-sa::!-fa-'f0;Vy.'aiYV'rnati
bottles I iali,.. fine; 11c:"f':".;':'.11':VtUi:i-AVvit'';:.P_;i--ii'l-151iitri;t't-,-i"'--.r.VV'i'ict-^-'V-"
���J-rt':.'i<l. anilr^heese is,    ui:-
uet/il,- a most fi rfefi-'d'iet. - Men  have.
haiiitoa Ity.- dyti i <;.-'... inany :*;������ 51 ��� >t:rs' -... h;a rd
1 tiiaiuiai;/Work; with 'bread: aud -rlVee^e
j:asV.ttVeir-_s'bief.. iorid.x ������y\IW'&ith\kx is
port. x�� ->ooi-
rclt'iiilni;: i-i'
e,r  tUiie
Fitting V'P'iii^'^V|o'/;His?V::'Se
���'.'/VV: :;iV;;;V^|V-\;;;v ^:i;/;'r_riii|:lEey^ ^;S^.^5vSVV;'.;;?fe^
;V';lt:V!nu.s t Vliayfe; h&^
f ip h;; tp. /Xit f r'c,ri;i 1 r.;To wns li e !idV;:I.\;h0',-:rV.'as/i:
rt p/-tl fc/^/i'11 r k s;;;;t ^
audrlity' rilbyvurrtlicir; iiriii'S.- ;; ������'XyxlliyXy
there is little doubt that they neves
lost heart, or confidence in the ultimate triumph oi the I'rilUh arms,
and have been looking foruaid lo the
day when lhcir Turkish captors
would in turn be forced to surrender, and surrender, not because of untoward circuni-iiaucos mor which
they had no direct control, but forced to aii unconditional ? .irrcndei
thiw.gh t'.ttcr ; nd cwiupb'te det'i.t.
The i\ork    which    tiincra.U Town-
shmd   and   M;uide   bega
completed   by   Glium.iI
n:ici;iidiiional  s'.irrend.i r
at iis! :cd.
'���rit'-h   i
r"   'I ..tl.
Wp^fienVwhp rsuii er;frOm-atiy; fofhi' ;bf
rwpaknessyas iftdscatedby ^
:icnarrifcation; ti!?eratibnyirregtil&itic3i ^-j.,-;.,
hSciisciie.,. h^rulache1?,. .rierycusni?3 Vbr ir-.j^
P-i'iil;;hii:Tiii^-'.Yeg^ta'bie; -'CbBS|:otin't|.,';a>j-/;. T.
���thbr-ough'.-'trial.7 -���/'.      ;'!;'-        XX-yy-x,, x'XXix
.";-7i/<3r;&:��? Vfqrt7?; ..,fcy^3X}X:/^ii^XtXXX: -
rov'storih'ii3\-.coiii.jillcsli'6'ri'3v '���WTite; XXXtXX'*/-"
;C.o.j':.Lyii.Sy7-J!aM. ,/;..';��� ������"������'���i'XXX
i hV Qrfebe/rVV: Vrii C-'
���'������'<������!': ti.rv'.:t':':r
VnaVla. I,v's4 VanVjr-
���-    tin'   t>i
'-ii   mi- :-1 -.; 1 ���
rinitin* i d
..��� e or llie
l"1" 1   ot   lhc
if Tin I.'-
;"i"i.' '���!
m l.ici.
to the .
; in:'
,��� to
;    ;   '';."-�� i-i_-������..-:tt   is   :-i\mg   "\ay   i,e-
forc  'die   I ���:���'-���-;  and  the   i'iag  cf  freedom, our  ov, n  glorious   Union  Jack,
-upplants the td<l Turkish cin'dem ol,
oi-nression, ctuelty  and  massacre.
Xever aeain will the Turk be allowed to woik bis ">\ ill on the people
of Armenia; .".--ver again will the
Holy Land be polluted by his presence. And to be tlie bearer in' the
t :i --age to tH- \\"rld C'l'tLir-HL, the
tk.d   tidin:,'?.  tl'a.t   Uliso   thi'if;'-      l,!1!
be���ti-.t't   the Turks  h.,<i  l
���;1 _t
'all th;
���   1,
ir.t.\:lable    and    aen.::t'_d
t��� wr.s   -r.rclV     ifiic     ri.-.
:o Ocncial Tov nsl.e:; i" for
I:a��  undergone in    nccrt
���.'.as a littit'g rlin'ax to !::���;
ll:.t-  far-off ih;n'>    of  u-.c .
Two SizesSOc and $1
Ua ordinary .emollient can compare with Ingram's Milkweed
Cream. For it is therapeutic and
curative in effect as well as softening and cleansing. Used daily ���
it keeps the complexion free of
blemish, tones up the delicate
tissues, and holds thc youthful
color and freshness oil women
want t-> retain. There is no substitute, no "just as good."
Ingram's Velveola Scsveraine
Face Pov.-ucr (SOc.) is a delicate
tiiie-te:;turi.-d powder that blende
and harmonizes with tbe complexion. It conceals little defects
in the complexion, banishes oili-
ness. and shine and yet can
scarcely be detected. There ia a
complete line of Ingram's toilet
products, including Zodenta for
the teeth (25c.) at your drug store.
A Picture
With Each Purchase
Each t;ir-r y^u buy a pecVace of la-
erair.'s Toiltt a:d�� or PerftTrse yn r
drJ fcffpst w. :11 c< ve y oo. wixho-u t ch atcc,
alargep^rtrr.itofaworld-firatdnxn.i n
picture actress Each time yoa tt' A
- differjtit pcrtrt-it "o ynu mat 'accIU^
Won fsrycur hrzzi. As^yo-.tAme^itu
F. F. Ingram Co, Wind*��?, Out.
I1W - ntrr
THE    LEDGE,    GREENWOOD,    B,   a
How to Tell a French Officer
"Best  for   hard   Water."
Royal Crown Soap Coupons eost you nothing whatever ��� remember tliat ��� it's our
v ty of advertising. Coupons will be found on or iu all the following products:���Royal
Crown Laundry.Soap, Washing Powder, Lye,   Cleanser and Naptha.
You get Quality, Quantity AND Premiums when you buy Royal Crown products.
Here are a few samples.
Over GOO pai?5s���-'J1,;, hy 7��;
Inches in size, of u.scfuj recipc-a
and household Informal'mi.
bound In white oilcloth.
Postage    Paid    by   us.
.lust as shown in cut. Nice!.y
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MM cil with a. change purse yn.1
Or $1.25  Cash  and 25  Wrappers.
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Kxaetly as shown In cut. A
beautiful and useful article of
rcal good quality.
Or $2.50 Cash and 100 Wrappers.
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No Wonder Civilians arc Puzzled by
Military Details
A French paper, a soldier's sheet,
sets out to explain how to tell an
officer when yon sec one. ]t is evident that not only civilians are puzzled by such little military details,
and not much wonder! Look at the
right shoulder, says thc poiln's paper;
if tlure is nothing; there, look at the
lower part of the upper right arm. If
there are no chevrons he is a general, for generals wear their insignia
in lhcir lints. If he has nothing in
his hat, then ho is a private, unless
he has two wings, and then, of
course, he will hc an aviator. As for
thc chevrons and the subtracting oi"
their number froni the number of
stripes on the hat, it becomes a veritable problem in mental arithmetic,
and even then you are not certain
whether you are speaking to a captain
or a major. The top of th.e hat is
important and simple of interpretation. If red, it denotes infantry; if
blue, with sold braid, cavalry; and if
the man in question wears no hat,
well, then he may be a Serbian eol-
joitcl without liis hat! -��� (..'hriitian
..Science   Monitor.
Miller's Worm J'ov.d?;-- attack
worms in llu: stomach and iiie-stiiies
at '.nice, and no worm can cum; in
contact with tliem and live. They also correct the unhealthy '.���cndilioiis
in the digestive ore. tins that invite
and encourage worms, selling up reactions that arc: most beneficial to the
growth of the child. They have attested their power in hundreds ''i
cases ami at all tiroes are thoroughly
! Show True Spirit j
| Of Co-OperatioRJ
i Farmers Turn  in  and Harvest  Crop j
of Neighbor Who Meet:;
With Accident
the  riltr;
kind '
*t o-opcrntion or tlie nitrai
was recently exemplified amongst the
Clrain Growers of ihe Blaine Lake
district, according to ;i communication recrived at the central office, Regina,  says  the  Leader.
During harvest operations Roy
Miner, a charter member of the
Spetrs Grain Growers' association,
had the misfort: m: to lose his left
hand.    Mis fellow members rallied to
i a
Waste Good Food
his assistance wit!
aid of ten  or twelve
remainder of his
out  wilh   mowers
will and by the
binders cut  thc
rop. Others turned
and      rakes       ana
Write   for   HKJ   FKK1C   l.L-,1   uf   New   Premiums���mention  this. Paper  when  writing.
Tlie iioyai urown aoaps, Limited. Winnipeg,
Look for the Red Front Premium   Store at, 654 Main Street, WinuipQg.
Honor President
Sorry She Was Married
"Ami   when
toh!  him   I     was
Czecho-Slovaks  Change    Capital
,,     "Wilsonstadt"
The Czccho-Slovak council of state
has decided to make I'ressburg the
capital of  Slovakia.
Prcssburg__Ls situated on the north
bank of the Danube, 34 miles south-
cast of Vienna. It is beautifully situated near the western extremity of
the Carpathians, and is one of the
finest cities in Hungary. Hungarian
kings were crowened at the Cathedral of St. Martin at Pressburg for
centuries. The population of the city
in 1900 was 61.537. It was announced
recently that thc Czceho-Slovak council had changed the name of Press-
burg to Wilsonstadt in honor of
President Wilson.
to ! married," said the girl who had jilted
him.  "did  be  scent  to
he sorry
I Huns Mr.at Stop
Departing Civilians
gathered  together enough  hay  to sec
! him through  one year.    Nol content
  ! with  this  ihe  execuiivo of the   Grain
Alien Loggers Kcfuse to Eat Warm-j Growers'  association  ibcidcd to  hire
ed   Over  Food 'a  "U1!1   :uul   I'���'���'���>���'   llis     ������'���.���ages    for     a
. . .      j month.
( unsiderable    attention    ss     being I     ])_   j .m���] ���,    <-,
paid  on   lhe   Pacini;  coast   at   present j <;_ <j.~ local,  in
to the subject of food extravagance Jn'(li,i���. winds up hi-, Liter with the
m the lugging camp*. Lvidcnce lias :rtln:irL: "I believe a -pint like the
been paired that shows that the | above permeates liic entire personnel
H'ggers, a large: majority oi whom j 0f our ;(s:.'n.-iaiions in Saskatchewan."
an.-  aliens  exempt   from   military  ser-
Sloan's   Liniment   has   the
punch   that   relieves
rheumatic twinges
Tills warmth-giving, congestio;:-
scattcring circulation-stimulating remedy penetrates without rubhhuj right
to the aching spot and brings quick
relief, surely, cleanly. A wonderful
help for external pains, sprains,
strains, stiffness, headache, lumbago,
Get your bottle today���costs little,
means much. Ask your druggist for
it by name. Keep it handy for thc
whole family. Made in Canada. The
big bottle is economy.
ia ry    of  tiie   Speers
ruariiing ibis  infor-
; vice,   will   not.   wor
'. with  ihe very  hc;i
i that tins., gentry
jat   a   u anned-iiver
i   , .
I the .-IniicM'ncy oi
j bilious   issued   by
le  nnP'ss     j.
food available and
urn  up their noses
tli - h.     In  view  of
board,  and    which   t
zi-iis are endeavoring
.- rules and Vegu-
c.   Canadian   food
he  ordinary  cili-
lovallv to carry
When Aiberta Was a Ranch
''Ves,''   replied  thc  oilier,  "lie   sai.i
he  was very sorry���although  he did
n't  know   tho   man  personally."���'.fit'
> i
So Annoying
The following is a part of the diary
of a U.S.A. soldier who had promised to give daily accounts of his experience on board ship.
"Tuesday, 17th, 8 a.m. Feeling fine.
Full of good cheer and porridge."
"Tuesday, 9 a.m. Still full of good
cheer. Minus porridge." ��� Everybody's.
"Loafer married quite unexpectedly"
"Yes; lie read that everyone's got
to work or fight." ��� Boston Transcript.
Minard's   Liniment   Co.,   LiniiteJ.
Gentlemen,���Theodore Dorais, a
customer of mine, was coinpletolv
cured of rheumatism after five
years' of stiffening, bv lhc judicious
The above t;icts can be verified by
writing to him, to the Parish Priest
or any of his neighbors.
A.  COTE,  Merchant.
St.  Isidore, Que 12 May. '<��. '
German Traps on Every Hand
The Americans are still lintjing
goods and hidden explosives in Cha-
t.l-Chahcry. The latest trap of this
kind was an innocent appearing walking stick, suspended at thc entrance
of a dugout, as if il had been left by
its hurriedly departing owner. Investigation showed that a fine wire
ran from the cane to a nearby rock
where it was connected with a 2?
pound  charge of  high explosive.
. The.    Pr
tested  to
Serves    Notice    on    Berlin
Citizens of Laon Must
Be Returned
iMich government has prb-
Gennauy concerning the
away by force of civilian
of. Laon, and has informed
that thc repatriation of
Uermun civilians from France will
stopped unless thc Laon civilians are
returned immediately to the keeping
of the  French government.
The action of the Germans in
carrying off tho civilians of Laon. including Mayor F.rmant, was in violation of the agreement concluded between France and Germany last
April. Tito Germans also carried
aw.ay 300 French civilians from
Food Value of Milk
There is undoubtedly no food ��o
essential lo the development of mankind as milk. First, it is the onlv
food which man can lake from infancy r-nd pjotlucc growth to maturity. Second, milk if taken in
liberal quantities is thc greatest
disease resisting food found in thc
entire category of foods; and third,
it is one of the most economical of
all foods. Milk is still thc cheapest
aninipl  product on the market.
Interspersed With   Beautiful    Mountain Streams and  Lakes '
Alberta iu 1RSJ was, says Mr. A.
S. Carlos, writing iu lhc Kdmonton
Bulletin, one immense range, interspersed with beautiful clear mountain streams, lakes and springs. Port
Macleod, Calgnry and Edmonton
were the only places of any importance���three genuine   western   towns.
In 1882 and 18P4 many large
ranches were established in the
Macleod country. At Pinchei" Creek,
30 miles southwest, there were many
small ranches which carried from
three hundred head, besides tlie
large concerns, such as thc Cochrane, thc VValdron aud Winder in the
Porcupine Hills north of Pincher
Creek. Thirty miles north of Macleod was Leavings, headquarters for
the Winder ranch on Willow Creek.
The Cochrane ranch people, besides
having a ranch southwest of Macleod, had a lease of all the country
from Shaginappi Point, three miles
west of ihe. present C.P.R. station, to
jut.  public  innignatioit is  strong
| no  attempt    has     been  made  to
j in a similar maun
j camps.      Imperial
[camps  included.
jlhe   Vancouver   Is
! condilii.ms  there:
jsolutely good  foe,
! after every meal,
jand   of   thi
! pails could
r wilh  tlic logging
munition      board
A cook in  one
ind  camps  said  ot
Three pails of ab-
are   thrown  away
iiiif:    pails a day.
(t'.atitiiy,     not   over   two
>c regarded as legitimate
be  ri.
Sale   Eve
unify   ri'i. i"
Or. "'ilium
as'      1:
who     do
elect lie
though they arc
tew an
!  far !,<",
vi v'.ei'i,
liese   uiuv
t   that
oil   is   jus
t   as   go
od.     'II,
:rc  is
:g  so  goo
1  as a 1
million t
or as
au in
e rn a I   nied
iciiic   in
re rl.iiii
im   other.
The  .
for   it
- ih.'.!  it i-
Die on
v  popul.
>.r oil.
Will      *&rsr
of I Uritish to Improve Canals
Government to Improve These  Com
mercial Arteries
for   Ihe   garbage  tin.    All   the   rest   is ! tl
.'ieiit. use
tiling   'me   ti
of   Finland
ee.-i   jor
's  canal:
ai:   em-
ie wav lhc i
rit ish
government  curly-!
j thrown away because of the rule that1 took over the  whole  system  of  thos
; food is not to be served  on the table ' commercial arteries and now propos
1 ACnreiorPimpIes
a tec.ond  tune.
| The ailments of childhood���co
jpalion. indigestion, colic, colds, etc.���
can be quickly banished through the
use of Baby's Own Tablets. They are
a mild but thorough laxative which
instantly regulate tlie bowels and
sweeten the stomach. They are guaranteed to contain no harmful drugs
and can bc given to the voungest
babv      ��� '
ials to improve the waterways tire re-���
i ceiving considerable attention. Tlic j
i authorities are believed lo favor iu- i
j lionalization and a policy of widening j
���an extension to bring the inland wai - i
! crways up to the same standard of j
i efficiency as those oti lhe continent j
| oi Europe. It has been suggested.;
���that iiiis .scheme be made one of tlie j
(.prominent items in the work of re- i
i construction immediately after the j
i war. The proposal is that the. pas- ;
i sage of barges up to one hundred |
ons capacity should be made utiiver-i
"Youdon'tneed mercury.potash
or any other utrouc mineral to
r.urii pimple* canted by poor
blood. 'iakc-Mitractoifitoots���
drugijict .it. iis it "MOUier Scigcl's
Curative Syrup���anc your ��kii��
tt-ilt elcaV up as fYeah fcs a baby's.
__twili3westenyour stomach and
regulate your bowels." Get tho
genuine. 50c.and$1.00Bcttles.
At drug (tore*.
Corns cause much suffering, but
Holloway's Corn Cure offers a
speedy, sure, and satisfactory relief.
Only Afraid of Name
Prince of Wales  Is a Very Popular
The Canadian corps is charmed
with its "young stall officer, the Prince
of Wales. His simple maimers, keen
interest and gay youth win him
friends wherever he goes, and this is
pretty well everywhere. From dawn
to dark- hc visits divisions, brigades
and battalions. It is an open secret
that he is never so happy as when up
in th.e forward areas, and his A.D.C.
must be the most worried man in
France. He pops up unexpectedly,
but his natural vivacity sets everybody at ease. It is nol a state secret
to say that many members of the
Canadian corps viewed with "some
alarm tlic coming of thc heir to the
throne and there was great researching into forms of addre-s and etiquette. Now they have taken him to
their hearts and he bids fair to become the most popular young' officer
in the corps. Commenting on thc
embarrassment caused by one of his
sudden incursions hc remarked:
"They can't be afraid of inc. It is
only of the name." It is a happy
augury that our future king should
be loved and honored rather than
wilh  perfect   safety.     Concern-!     ,, ., ,-      ,.-,      ,       ���       ,       .   .
ing them Mrs. Alcidc Lepage, Sic.' PIly I'^fV1'"- ���� th,e othcr ^"'VM
Beatrix, Que. writes.���"Babv's Own 's argued by -onic that even tl liic j
Tablets were" of creat help "to my i Pna,s v.erc made smtinle for lieav-
babv. Thev regulated her bowels : ief ���l ^nd mechanical propulsion ,
and stomach and made her plump ja(,'"'li ,J- c;ul,aI transport %can never j
and  well."    The Tablets are sold i,y ; compete  with  transportation   f..y  rail-i
Remit by  Dominion  Express  Money  Order,
It  lost or  stolen,   you   get   y-our   mortis  hart.
Painting* Salmon Red
medicine   dealers   or  by   mail   at  25c I
way or road.     lust how-  far '.he  stib-
i_ box from The Dr. 'Williams' Medicine  Co., Brockviile, Out
Very Successful Until Health Authorities Interfered
j stili; tion   of  motor  for  horse  traction!
'will  develop   is   difficult  at     the   mo-|
���incut to  forecast.      Thc    number of-j     Rc,d is the preferred color for sal-
Boosy Ure-anan  (trvin-   blarney)���  o:-irscs, l, '��� c?.n .pa?s   tl!rolIS'.h      an>" i mon  flesh.    It is the "dog" salmon's
It's^ a  foine   bv   ver     on or ^'7' lock ',S 1,;",,Vtl aml, an  'n��',ili-j imsforlune  to have meat of a    dirty
J��dsc-yo��Hrc>  right,    and     the ! l^:/^1 ?i?_ ^r?.e,,b^��,nd'.^ I sravish hue, co that it is almost un
amount  of  yours  will  bc    $10.-
Augelcs Times.
Minard's Liniment Cures   Garget   in
The Farmerette
''Oh, Jones,'' said the botanist, "1
see a pair of overalls working in the
lield. I wonder if il's a man or a
woman ?''
given Jock is limited and an
in the speed of a barge beyond,  say, !
.      j five miles an hour is said to he  quite j nitirkclable.
-��   ! impracticable.  j     Recently," however, a fish dealer in
I Boston made a delightful discovery.
i It was that some salmon-colorid
A bookseller advertised for a. port-: Paint (which he happened to be user for his bookshop. Among the ap-! ing ior painting a truck) would
plicants was an Irishman gifted witli j transform a dog salmon offhand into
more njuaclc than wits, ile walked j a fish of ihe most expensive variety,
into tlie' shop and glanced about' '-l'le v,'av
rather uncertainly. Finally his eyes ! rnarkable.
rested   on   a   big     notice     suspended
Dickens Could Havc  It
bookseller advertised for a
"You say
woman!"' ���
j patch.
it s worKuig
���  Liichtuoiid
? Then it is a
! Dinner Cong from Bulgaria
high   above
covered  with
die   door
Works   All
for  Si?.teen   Shillings."'
This   Week-
it worked  was reaitv  re-
It  appears  that  thc   stuff
was    a    coal  tar product, and     v.Jim
freely applied    with a brush  so  saturated the meal with dye as to give
salmon-red     tint
"Whatever is the Matter, Jack,
You Don't Look WellF*
II, I'm all right."
"But you're not.     You   lock so
worried ond tired."
"Well, I haven't boon sleeping very well
lately." "
"No, and yon don't seem to have any
.\pyetite. I.think you ought to take something to tone up your system."
"Oh, no, I don't need any medicine. I
j,'uc.'.i I .will soon bc all right."
"Rtit yot: should not neglect yourself,
for ih;-4.. ia just the way I was before I had
nervoua v.i a-M ration, and you know wh3t
a long time I w��s laid up."
"Well,-1 haven't any time to be laid up,
that's a sure thing."
"I knew what I am going to do. I am
going to buy half a dozen boxes of Dr.
Chafe's Nerve Food and see that you take
it regularly.'''
"'You !-jio\r. Jack, that nothing seemed
io help me like Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
and I am sure it will be just as good for
"You will take it, won't you?".
'Til do most anything to yet feeling
better, for I know I hav-,- Iv-^n losing my
grip on bu.sine.ss lately."
"I get up feding timi in the mornings,
and have to drive myself to do the work
that used to be a pleasure f"-' me. I have
got in (he way of putting ou' matters that
need attention, and hate to meet people
when I know that somo energy will be
required to discuss businops deals with
"You'll   take   tho. Nerve   Fcol,   won't
"Oh, I'll let you be.the doctor, ar.d if
the Nerve Feed builds me up like it did
you I'll soon get back my old-time vigor
and be able to make things hum. I have
been rather discouraged lately, but I can
see now that the trouble is in the condition
of my nervous system. So you get the
Nerve Food and we'll see what it will do."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents a
box, 6 for $2.75. all dealers, or Edmanson,
Bates.& Co., Limited, Toronto. Every box
of the genuine bears the portrait and signature of A. W. Chase, M.D., the famous
Receipt- Book author.
, Sound Can Be Heard Distinctly Two
:   . Miles Away   - j;lji  thc  week ior  .-ixuen  .���Jnliinps   i
j     The kler.alo, u.,ed in lieu ,.f a din-: iK-   l-��'kes.     OH1   not.       V. "d    belle:
(nor horn, iu sonic part"; of the Unit-:'trlV0 J^iehens
.id   States, came  fmin   Bulgaria  ori_
jip.ally.    It is a piece of well-seasoned!
"!--  plank,  two  inches   thick,  six  m- ! (P'
it    a    line
This   announcement  al    once      in-j     Unfortunately, the local health  aii-
flained   the  applicant's  temper. j ihorities  lacking  appreciation  of   the
"Oi   came  iu   lo gii   the  job,"     he | fine    arts,    seized  tbe    fish  and   the
shouted to  the proprietor;  "but Oi'U j paint, and .shut up the studio,
not care  for it.    Dickens kin wurruk
.Aud out- he f.t' oi
] o
��� rhes
a u<
1 four feet  loner.    Bv a
lluih Women
"Place of Business" Has to Be Kept
"If you will i;ive mc >our office
"Sony, but I can't,"' interposed thy
woman lo whom I had spoken. "Vou
sci.,1 ant working- as a censor ot
mails for llu- govrrnineut, and we
arc not allowed tu tell anyone exactly   where  wc  work."'
This may i>- an inf'ulib: > ride, b:."
it applies to rpiitc a lot of peo] le
working in the eu;soi-hip service in
tht' idd ccmutiy���the CMict position of
th. ir "place oi hit: iiic-s" has to bc
kcpl a MTrcl, even frt.m their ncai-
lsi friend--. Since unoiiicial statistics i-ay that then- are about ion.
iiisii'S as many w��>uiin as. there arc
im n censors of h tti i'.- in l-.iir,l:iiid,
llis i> ;; nii'st cvci vtio-'al tributi' ki
the rcliccr.'-.- whiih v,"!i'.oi can p"--
S< -ss.
'lhc average per-Jn knows litlh
about women censors <X\ nails or tin
woi k thcy do. Morcovir, a woman
who is 'one of them"' told mc recently thai .here i.s small chance o1
such   di tails  t\er   In co.nii'u:   common
I rope passed :hroi!t;h a hole bored in
; the centre the plank is suspended
i from a limb of a tree. When the
!wood i.s struck with a mallet, first on
! one side and then on the other, the
i noi.-c produced carries farther than
i the ringing oi a large church bell.
| The sound can. under favorable cou-
jdilions, ii is said, be heard distinctly
| two miles away. Formerly a call on
j the klepalo broti.chl Unitarians to
i attention, and usually led them to
; Him their footsteps homeward. Rc-
\ cently, from all accounts, sounds tha*
j carry live times as Jar will not in-
! duce the Hul>;arian lo pause or even
��� Iool- around w In n irovinj; in .1 <;iven
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
You can peel
them out by the roots, do it withou
pain and <,uiei;ly, too, if you hr&t apply a few drops of Putnam's Corn
1\.\tractor. I'uinam'.s shrivels up the
corn, makes it look like dead skin,
uproots it completely. The beauty
about Putnam's lixtraetor is this���it
acts without pain���docs it's work
quickly and costs but a quarter in any
dru;; store in the land.   -Get it  to-day.
Settling of Discharged Men
knowledge, sine:'  secrecy i"> tl
.....  ..ram!
essential to liic successful c.ii'ryiuu
out of this work. She .Jso toh! un
wlvt I'.as since been :cpcated by a
pii::oi: of some authority, thai ;l-e demand for wnui'. n et n-oi's is ;'.:r he-
yond  the  supply ..>!   sn.iuble  v,oun.n.
It is most cniphaticiMv war W"rk--
work of great aud f.n-ri ,;rl:in .- im- '
portance. More th.tu om -.py ha-
heen irackcil dowv., m -re tl!.'.i'. ov.r
enemy plot fni.-ir��l< ���!, t!:i-o'-':li tiu
cutcnc.s.s and. alt-rtni-s ��ii the '.uii.i::
who censor the mails. 'I iu irui.'r.i!
t>ublic kumv- :i bole of these v. o-
uien, yet some of them h.cc i > ad; ���:-
cd conspicuous service to their country while sit lint: in n mere office chair
by the quickness of tlirii brain and
their feminine ability of readme; hi-
tween the lines md fut-.ir.-. t'.>. o .-"id-
two toeclhcr.
Navy No Mean Defence
Consists ot  Around 251 Ships   With
a Total of 45 Submarines
Au��tria-}Iun��;ary's navy, which"
cither must be delivered to ihe allies or disarmed under the terms oi
r. ... .the armistice that countrv has si^n-
oiii- corns oft, bit |cd, consists of approximately J51
ships, according to thc latest official
information reaching the navy rlc-
partuipnt. This figure Secretary Daniels announced was compiled without reference io iccently reported
losses  of  two  Austrian  battleships.
i'he total of submarines is placed
nt 45, with J.5 battleships, au erpuil
number of cruisers, 22 torpedo boat
destroyers, 10 torpedo gunboats. 67
torpedo boats, -15 mine lav ers, 11 river monitors, seven patrol boats, six
armed sUamcrs, six scorns, om- river
torpedo boat  ami  two  trawlers.
Bandroff Kills the Hair
Cutlcora Kills Dandruff
Try one treatment with CV '
and see how quickly it clear5? the
of dandruff and i:c!ii:i::. On rciir!>
/er.tly rub spot* of d.n.drvfT .-.nd ���������-h-
\\\% v.itl* Cuii.iur.l oi-i:ncit. Nv\t
inorniii^shni >poov '"th Cuticura Soap
and hot water. Kinse with i^pid
water. Repeat in two weeks. Nothing better or s.urr.
Snrap!��E��cb Free J?v Me:!. Afx're^S .
cr.i'': 'Ceticura, Dei>t. N, Bo��Snn, U.S.A.'
ir'.^!d 'iy dealers thrcchmA t'lf >"0!!-J.   -
of undernourished
people have
found that
"Food TT"
a sdervtif ic
blend of nour-
Her Master's Voice
Ilea.!  of the   II. ;.sc_"\M..-
\r.\\  ^oinr,  uiv   .h a: ""'
U-s     K.'-ttcr"    I'.'!:'    -    "\\:
Herd   "i the   ti.'--.- '      th:
\s :II   \ ou   !,.���>   ' ...-;- "
"His 1k':o !!   l." - ' \", , -.   1   ���
H\...":"-.i   ;��� .    11;.., -\;:.  ���
en's, ���     p.-,  i -������_', - i   ,.-'
cogk's corros. root compound
''e,~ if 'tui i r-gu-cttns imdh.
So'..i :d lhr�� itsret* ol
��ticn��lh No 1. SI. Mo 2 ti\
No 3. fi yti box Sold by ��ll
dnjSgisa. oz.fRsi crtratd la
pLarn "pecVsc�� on receipt at
price   Frer psmphle* Addre*
ritu cooa mhdichs's co
Tercrte. Ont '..fcmvriy tVlmtmrJ
ira:iy   ���
cicut  kuowhdsc   bu
[i.e: iofl would aiitnec"
p.   r-'.-X  ba^   aptitude
\ it- ���:   i.v  patlm.-  ur
.the Ir.'nl.. Hven'after \2
an  . agricultural   college
w ov.'.i   not  acijuirc     sufii-
t 1; =s  than    tliat
i show  whttJicr
5"u   "ersi-tri'-^
.' "
rHt��ltWFM;<CHRtM<����V. H.y M.I MJt.
r. eat f'-'r>i, ci'it!cs��:r:r r!��HK,u-. ; viic*
* vii. icr^MEi. ��la^:-eie. cisr^.si'V si-ccc po'sqi*.
fid   l;-r..zr *o. i��"wC;r.5cr ~��!L $;. rc��". < ��?*
fC.5H.ru  HltUm" ��T.KC'.- WiKEfiTl.I Kl^ IKA1
ro��c��iTo.   wmrsfoit PRXC *c<;x ro c��. Lc Cl.:**
W-l> CO.!-:��VI.��iTOCKRS.H��MMTt��0. LOVDOH. ��f��
r��r .irvciuGsit;tinini>retvor   tm ro nx*
mm ratt tcask ��<iii9 ��cit; 'iiimur:o��   ra oa
Believed in Signs
isnmg cereais
 ~ helps
in buiildin^
heal+h and
Needs no
a year strictly in  advance,   or ��2.50
not paid for three months.    If not
or until the end of the year it is $3
Iways ��2.50 a  year to  the   United
in advance.
Editor and Financier-
���:(|uent  Co-Owner Notices $25.00
.nl Oil   Notices      700
.v Notices.. 3.00
; of Thanks     1.00
eale of Improvement  12.50
re  more   than  one claim ap-
ii' notice,  $5.00 for  each ad-
nal claim.)
.-11 other legal advertising, 12 cents a
'. ."C first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
r.p.eb    subsequent    insertion,    nonpariel
B. C. Mining News
The blue cross means that
vour subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to bave more money.
WitKiiF. t-hft Flu   killed one,  fear
ami ciirclospness killed a hundred.
Ko king or queen in England
3ms vetoed an act of parliament for
uioi-o than 200 years. Might as
���we!! be a republic, and give everybody a chance to become the first
It was Shakespeare who said
that the poet, lover and lunatic
were created by imagination. Some
people get rich the same way while
others get poor. Half of Ota- disc-uses are created the same way,
and the balance by living in
Two weeks after it became compulsory to wear gauze masks in
San Francisco there was not a
single case of whooping cough,
scarlet fever or diptheria in that
city. The Flu in a little longer
time almost entirely disappeared.
This is some evidence in favor of
tho mask.
Tit rc days of kings "and queens
--re just about over,   except  in a
ookor game.    Even then you   will
'.ave to have a bunch of  them to-
!her in order to  hold  your own,
:'h a possible chance oE having to
lien teat   times  in  favor  of the
; ���-���!;��� spots on   earth���four   aces
.ii ?.he cuter as a body guard.
'ivi: an   individual  power  and
���.''""lines.a tyrant or a  madman.
���-���   Potsdam  Bill   for  instance.
���������.".'is great for prayer and  read-
the Bible.    He waB   a religious
.tic and no doubt gofe authority
m his actions from the  Book of
li'rei'onomy.    It is.never safe to
.volt a fanatic to haye any power
;;,?ver,   and . the people should
.-��� r tolerate them.    The world is
of fanatics equally as damnable
he  ex-kaiser   if  they  had   the
;c-r that he.once-possessed.
Considerable    miuiujr
done at Stump lake.
Work bas been resumed on the
gold mine at Usk, in the north.
The Triune at Gerrard shipped
4ti tons this inonth to Trail.
The shaft on the Last Chance afe
Republic is to be deepened 150
Two tons were shipped from
Lightning Peak this month to
The Telkwa coal miue will ship
50 tons daily to Prince Rupert all
There is plenty of ore in the
hills around Greenwood, but it
cannot walk.
Since it was discovered Cariboo
has produced over ��05,000,000 in
placer gold.
Iu tho Yukon a Granby engineer recently examined the Valerie
and Copper King.
John McKellar and his partners
recently shipped a carload of silver
ore to Trail from the Duncan.
Nickle, associated with copper,
gold, silver, and platinum has been
found in the Bridge River districfe.
Billy Bennett, one of the old-
timers of Sandon, was killed last
week by a snows lido at the Mountain Con.
Dull mining camps should organize development companies, to
3how up the resources of their
It will not be very long before
fehe mines in Rossland will be
operating upon a larger scale fehan
ever before.
The railway to tho Dolly Varden at Alice Arm was almost
finished when the contractors went
broke and assigned.
Two of the largest companies of
Cobalt, Ontario, are now operating
in B. C. One near Kamloops, and
fehe other east of Revelstoke
Gold mining will soon become
active. The yellow metal may go
feo a premium. Rossland will be
lively before many mouths.
The La Rose Co of Cobalt has
bought the Homestake, north of
Kamloops. This mine has been
idle 22. years. The flotation process will make this mine profitable.
Bruce White died in Nelson last
Friday from pneumenia aged 57
years. He was one of the best
known mining men in B.C.. In
company with John Sandon he
located the Slocan Star mine,
Octobej 7, 1891.. ������
Storage of Potatoes
Many have grown potatoes this
year who never did so before, and
consequently will be unfamiliar
with the best methods of protecting the crop.
Owing to the excessive rains this
autumn, potatoes in some districts
have been infected with rot, and
many have been harvested under
unfavorable conditions. In many
instances fehey have been stored in
cellars before being properly dried.
Potatoes showing any indication of
rot Bhould not be stored with
sound ones. This is especially true
if there are abnormal conditions of
moisture, as such conditions will
cause a greater activity of the fnn-
gus and, consequently, quicker
rotting of the potatoes.
Potatoes should be stored in as
dry and cool a place as possiMe
without freezing. The drier they
can be kept the less rot will develop.
Tbis year, especially, potatoes
should be carefully sorted within
from three to four weeks aftar
storing in the cellar, those showing
any signs of developing rot being
discarded. Tbis will protect fehe
remainder of the crop.
Drill Sergeant (sarcastically
kuocking private who is continually out of step)���Company, all
except Private JoneB change stepl
I haven't the heart to trouble him
This week fehe Rossland Daily
"Miner reverts , to a weekly. Its
editor deserves, the journalistic
Victoria Cross for the able ..and
heroic manner that.he has stuck to
his post through so many., trying'
-times, including the terrible Flu
storiii.. The efforts of ench heroes
of the pen are only appreciated by
those who think and know what he
has had to contend with in fehe
past four years. The day for better things, is dawning, again in
Rossland, aud the writer sincerely
hopes that the Miner and its brave
editor will yet obtain the recognition and prosperity that they so
richly deserve. We adjriiire an
���itiitor nf brains and nerve, especially when he lives* and moves
amongst �� community, largely
composed of mud-brained people
who cannot distinguish between
a diamond and a hunk of country
���    Useful 'i-xxiixxx.:.
A-'womau lost her little curly
poodle, and called on the police feo
find it. The.next day one of fehe
police force came with the dog all
wet and dirty. The lady was overjoyed, , and asked a number of
foolish questions, among othere:
"Where did you find my dear
"Why, ma'am,1? said the officer,
Vt fellow had   him  on  a pole and
.-! washing windows wifeh   him."
Coming Up
Louis Post in a recent speech
"There are plenty of people in
fehe United States who would be
glad to see the end of the war that
that would make the United States
fehe fame kind of militaristic nation
as Germany."
"Nothing is gained  if  we down
kaiserism and set ife up at home."
"Don't you thintthafe the soldiers, when they get back, will want
to know whose country ife is? Do
you think they are going to permit little groups in Wall Street to
own. the country they have been
fighting for?"
''We, the wagn earners, aud
they, the soldiers, will have no
great " difficulty in making all
understand that it is our country
thafe we've been fighting for and
not the possession of a small group
of monopolists."
Keen Observers
;;���.��� A long time ago, a .keen observer
of.' human nature puts on record
his discovery that a small.borrower
never leaves the doorway of a bank
without.looking one way aud walking the other.. A rival of this
observer has just turned up. His
conclusisn, after years of patienfe
observation is that one never sees
a small boy and. a brass band mov-
in opposite directions.���Christian
Science Monitor:
Courteous Explanation
"How did Solomon gefe his great
reputation   for  wisdom?"   queried
You'll have to work  or  fight, I Mr. Meekton's wife.
;;��.-''   ' j     "Oh,   I am suit',   Henrietta, it
>f-y  can't touch  me. sah.    I'b  was    not   through    anything     he
���..-u/tT of a laundry." ' thought   up   for    himself.      You
":.-..'n   the   name of the laun-" know he had  a  great many wives
iand he orobibly listened very care-
- ;Uia>" 'fully to all their advice.'*
Pat Casey's Prayer
An Irish soldier, after ten
months of hard active service, applied for furlough. His request
was granted, and then it dawned
on him that he had no money to
taka advantage of his holiday. He
wanted $100 to go feo Paris.
He was at his wife's end, there
being no time to be lost, when he
recalled his old mother's advice to
apply to the good God above in
time of trouble. So he wrote and
posted this letter:
"Dear Lord: Here I am after
fighfein' ten months in mud up to
me neck. The work is somewhat
unpleasant, but Ye'll be glad to
hear that I killed fifty Germans.
Now I'm a little tired and have me
furlough all right, but I have no
money left, having spent most of
what I had for prayer books. Ask
Father McCarthy if Ye don't believe me. So, Lord, I ask ye iu
the name of all the saints for the
small sum of 100 dollars. Sure,
ye'll never miss it, and if ye send
the money I'll never forget ye in
my prayers.
In'due course fehis appeal reached fehe censor's office which happened in this particular locality feo
be housed in the Y.M.C.A. quarters. The letter was passed around
and aroused considereble attention
and dicussiou and interest, as
Casey was known to be a brave
and cheerful fighter.
Contributions were sought, and
finally the snm of fifty dollars was
raised. This was sent to the applicant, without comment, in a
Y.M.C.A. envelope. The next day
the following acknowledgment
was received:
"Dear Lord: I've received your
50 dollars as per application for
furlough money, and I thank ye.
May yer shadow never grow less.
But I make so bold as to give ye
a word of warnin'. Send the next
money by fehe K. of C's.: Ye sent
the last by the Y.M.C.A. and they
hipped half of it on ye.
*'."���' PAT CASEY."
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Morse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Front St. Next to City Hall. NELSON
P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates   Given   on all Kinds   of
Granite and Marble Work
Autos For hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Seven carloads of heifers and
steers were recently shipped from
Edmonton  to fehe Bulkley valley.
Win. Summers'" died in New
Westminster this month, aged 76
years. He had lived there for 30
Applns 15427Faiid
Re Lot 2647 and Part or Lots 424. 425 aad
637, Croup 1. Slmllkameeu (Formerly Osoyoos)
Division Yale District
NOTICE is hereby (riven that I shall al the
expiration  of one   month from the date of the
first publication  hereof issue a  Certificate of
Indefeasable Title    to  the abote   mentioned
lands in the name of  Midway Ranch Limited
unless iii tha meantime valid objection is made
to me in writing.   The holder of the following
documents relating to said lands namely:
. Deed, dated 28th February, 1899, John Sullivan to William  Powers of part '1 acres of
.  Lot 424, Gronp 1. Osoyoos Diviaion.
Grant from the Croivn, dated 25th March,
- 1893, to Frank Henry Black of Lot 637,
Oroap 1, Osoyoos Division, Yale District,
Deed, dated 16 of May, 1893, Frank H. Black
to William Powers of S acres of Lot 637,
Group 1, Osoyoos Division. Yala District. ._
Deed dated Mth November, 1900, William
Powers to Bernard Leqnime of one half interest in - part 2 acres of Lot 424 and 5 acres
of Lot 637, Osoyoos Division, Yale District.
'- Release of Mortgage, Mort<rajje dated 14th
���November. I960. William Powers to Dora
Leqnimeof one-half interest in two acres of
Lot 4M and 5 acres of Lot 637. Release date
3rd day of April, 1908.
Mortgage dated 30th July, 1902, William
.Powers to the Bank of Montreal of 2 acre*
of Lot 424 and 5 acres of Lot 637 and Release
of said Mortfcapre.
Grant from the Crown dated  17th March,
1903* to William Powers uf Lot &47,   Group
1, Osoyoos Division Yale District,
Deed dated 2I=t April,-1903. William Power=
to LaTa Powars of Lot   2647. Group 1, Osoy-
oo-> Division Yale District.
I3 required to deliver the saaie tome forthwith.
DATED at the Land Registry Office. Kin-
loop*. B. C, this I2th day of November, 1918.
District Registrar.
November 2i at. jm
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEA.DE R, Ppop.
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B�� C. Cigar, Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled. The Cigar
that never varies,    .    .   ,
Have you tried one lately n
Optometrist and Graduate Optician, certified by Provincial Board of Examiners.
Greenwood Garage
Tires, Oils, Gasoline, and
all Accessories for
Motor Cars
Repairs of any kind, and
all work guaranteed
Phone 27
'���" ���    ���'������-���'���
Cbe Centra! Hotel
One of the largest hotels In
thecity.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms ahd tasty tnealo.    :
A. O. JOHNSON      -      PROP.
Notice To Delinaiient Co-Owners
To W. D. Morton and T. B. Turner, or
to any person or persons to whom they
may have transferred their interests in
the Gray Rock, Lucky Jim, Little Giant,
Black Bear, Bulger and Tip Top mineral
claims, situated along the Kettle Valley
'Railway, in Arlington Camp, Greenwood
Mining Division.
You are hereby notified that I have expended the sum of Six Hundred Dollars,
($600.), for labor and improvements upon
the above mentioned mineral claims in
order to hold said mineral claims under
the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if
within'niuety days alter the date of this
notice you fail or refuse to contribute
your proportion of such expenditure, together with all cost of advertising, your
interest in such claims will become the
property of��the subscriber under section
four af au act entitled, "An Act to Amend
the Mineral Act, 1900."
J. A. BRADLEY,    i y:.
���   .Beaverdell, B.C. \
Dated this 24th day; of October, 19I8. '-"-.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed
lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable Xor agricultural purposes
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
Joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, includiiiK clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and lias made proportionate improvements, he may. because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
improvements to extent of $300 pcr annum and records same each year. Failure to make improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims In
less than 5 years, with Improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, if he requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
land. r
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and ��� industrial purposes,
areas exceeding- 640 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
Tha scope of this Aot Is enlarged to
include all parsons joining and serving
���with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which tho heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act Is extended from
one year irom the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of tho present war. This
privilege is also made retroactive.
Provision Is mads for the grant to
persona holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, lf divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or moro persons
holding such Agreements may group
their Interests and apply for a proportionate allotment Jointly. If it is not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from "available
Crown lands in the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon .payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons to whom tho purchaser from tho Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands In respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
la final. The time for making application for these allotments is limited to
the 1st day of May. 1919. Any application made after this date will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and lands of the Crown sold
at public auction.
For Information apply to any Pr win-
elm Government Agent or to
G.  R.  NAi��rjN, L<
. Daputjr Minister of Lands.
Victoria. B   C
Peace Is Here
Everybody will want to celebrate and unless
you have the Flu you can't do it in the old fashioned
way. But we can all celebrate with a good
Christmas and anticipating'this we will have a ship'
ment arrive in a few days ot Everything thats good
all the trimmings for a good old Xmas feed,
If an increase in Business of more than Double
is < a sign of Square Deals and reasonable prices we
are all there,   Come over and see for yourself,
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Myncaster, B.C.
4* *$* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* *^ 4* *$* <���$*
C LOAT i8 not a periodic-
^ al. It is a book gqii-
tainirig 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories oi
western life.-- It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; : how justice
was dealt iu Kaslo-in .'93;
how the saloon man out'
prayed the woinen in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains bhe early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is 25 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
t R. T. Lowery +'
4�� ���^ 4>
4��     GREENWOOD, B. G.     ^
+.?Xp~::riixx' >
4* 4* 4* 4*4*4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4*
Promp^^ln arisWwng;th��telep&
esy showi?���the;ca|ler.'^3tisalsocia';hfelpr��tc)';7^h^:';rC>p��ratorripr.it';.XiXX:
enables her tp complete tbe:::Caii.and>;^r-;^yei;herj'attention^ipX XXy.
others,    X-X'XiXiXii.yy'Xi.XXyx'ixii :-x:.iyi'x ' x i'i '���''"XXXiii-Xi'dXiXX
Telephone Calls;should; be answered profflptly^ for; gomer' '
times the:Cal7l3ng-7;7:pe'rso;n;:::dp
this happensthe subscriber Who;faas "been tailed
blame the operator vyheri she:asks hitn to:-;"ea:cuse;ifc;please,"rX-'i
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Pish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
��s 4* 4* 4* 4.4* 4> 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4*  ��*r + 4"4'4'4'4'4'4<4'4*4'+>
tbe Bume Botel
Helsctit B.C.
4�� Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
The only up^to/date Hotel io thc interior,
in every respect. ,
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam HeatQjl; Electric. I/ig-hted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
��t 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4" 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* ^
Tke Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting aud Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, SiHer, Lead or Copper.
$i each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$i.oo. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. SHyer-Lead $1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for other metals etc
on application.
For Good
.���,.-:--.::: ������-���.3
��� v".;.. ;-3-
���x i  :��� -ix -3.
_====_. .-.-���/.���::: ���.:.:���: :a
���'������'���;    ~Trr~:". ���'""���3:
���Economy and Satisfaction 1
combined with Promptness |
are the features which go to H
make up the Service we give 3
our customers. Are you M
one of them?
Letterheads, Noteheads, =��
(Ruled or Plain).. ���3
Envelopes, Billheads, 3
iyXXxx;;(AilShes)yxyXX.. ��� ��� A..', 77" :��� 3:i


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