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The Ledge May 15, 1919

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Array -^^ , .  '- <~. -c      %r . -���   -.   JTT ^ \ .
J- -      .   t.\ "
Vol,.   XXV.
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of -
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
I PKone 46      LEE & BRYAN      3
g~ Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 -zS
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���Si^ each,
60 Watts
100    f
200   ��
-N ���*   ���   $125 each
/   -   -   2.00 "
3.50 ��
Greenwood Gity Waterworks Co.
The Consolidated jining & SmeltiDg Co.
of Canada/Limited^
Offices, Smeiting"and Reining Department ___
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers  of-Gold,^ Silver,  Copper,   Bluestone,  Pig Lead and Spelter
Dealers'in Fresh and Salt Meats, Pish
and'Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Banking Service
"yOUR banking requirements may
be entrusted to this Bank with
every confidence that careful.and
efficient service will be rendered.
Our facilities are entirely at your
Greenwood Branch ,   L. EL Brawders, Manager
Before buying see me about
Motor "tractors and complete line
of Farm implements
MIDWAY    ,-      -,     B.C.
Smart and Comfortable
Any Style You Desire
Prices Right
W. Elson 8 Co
Easy Terms
Mason & Risch Pianos
Victor Gramophones
and Records -
'Mail orders promptly attended to
The Singer Store
H< WEBER, Mer-
P.O. Box 152, Grand Forks, B.C.
Christian Science service will be held
in the MEIXOR BLOCK on Sunday at n
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at8 p. m., testimonial meetings -willbe
held m the same blocks Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge,-Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
_01d _newspapers _for _sale__at
The Ledge office. Get some before-they are alLgone.
4* 4^ 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4��
C LOAT is not a periodic-
^ al. It is a book containing 86 illustrations all
told, and iB filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells, how
a gambler cashed in after
the flash, days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver, long after Noah was
dead; ho,w a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in 93;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the wonien in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver Sing mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is 60 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
+ K, l.L&wery*
��$>     GREENWOOD, B. C.     <����
4*4* 4* 4* 4* 4s 4* 4*4* 4* 4* 4* 4*
j Around Home
Wm. Frith is building a residence at Keremeos.
Harold Walters has returned,to
the Forks from France.
H. R. Bidder was iu town for a
few days from Allenby.
There are several Flu patients
in the Phoenix hospital.
At, McElmon's. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
Mrs. Davidson, of Midway, is
in the hospital at the Forks.
- Tom Brown, formerly of Phoenix, is now living in Vancouver.
Sergt. George Hartley has returned to Phoenix  from  France.
Wagner apples'. The last shipment for the season. G. A. Rendell.
Get your job printing at lhe
Ledge,  before  the paper is  all
Chief Fraser is kept busy with
police business in Princeton this
Mrs! H. H. Huff of Princeton
is visiting friends in Iowa and
John E. Benson shot a young
grizzly bear, up Boundary creek,
last week,
Mrs." W. B. Cochrane of the
Forks, has joined her husband in
Grand Forks will celebrate on
the 24th, under the auspices of
the fireman.
Geo. W. Rumberger and Nelse
Lemieux are spending a few days
at the coast.
For _ Sale.���A Perfection A,
wire-stitchirig machine. Apply
to The Ledge.
Full line of fishing tackle at
Goodeve's Drug store. The fish-
season is open.. -"
The Bishop of Kootenay will
preach in St. Jude's church next
Mr. and Mrs. Ted McArthur
and family returned from Vancouver, last week. "
- W. Whippier,- formerly of .this
city, ���was recently married at
Seaford, England.
Charles Haitch came in from
Allenby on Monday, to act as
chef at the Pacific.
In Phoenix last Thursday,
Leonard Adams, age 36 years,
died from pneumonia,
Owing to the Flu, the schools
in Greenwood, have been ordered
closed for a week or more.
Fresh killed beef and veal for
sale every Saturday, 20c upwards.
J.   Meyer, Government street.
Thomas Jenkin has returned
from Allenby; having resigned
his position with the C. C..Co.
Charles Dempsey had a successful surgical operation, performed in Vancouver last week.
���After- visiting -friendsin_iown
for a few days, Mrs. F. Reid, returned to Grand Forks on Monday.
There being no resident doctor
in Phoenix, Dr. Traux of the
Forks yisits that city twice a
Several American soldiers in
uniform were in town last week,
taking orders for enlarging pictures.
An ounce of prevention -is still
worth a pound of cure, so be careful while the Flu is lurking in
the city.
Mrs. J. McKay and daughter,
Violet, of Phoenix, were weekend visitors with Mr. and Mrs.
J. Gibson.
^Walter Wartman has rented
his ranch, and will' do some work
at his claims on Sunnyside
It will take a year to complete
the railway between Kamloops
and Kelowna. It will be 133
All interested in' Tennis, are
requested to meet at the Courthouse, at 8.30 p. m. Friday evening, May 16.
Just in, a shipment of prints,
lawns, nainsooks. White cotfbns
for underwear, etc. G. A. Rendell, Greenwood.
The Ledge would like to haye
a few more ads, in order to keep
the wolf trom chewing the latch
off the front door.
It snowed in Phoenix on Sunday, and hailed in Greenwood on
Monday. The weather has been
wet and cold this month.
J. V. Mills, manager of the
Bank of- Montreal has bought an
Overland 90 car. It is a beauty
and his friends are,happy.
We have received a car of
Royal Household Flour, Rolled
Oats, Bran, Shorts and Wheat
from the Ogilyie Flour Mills,
prices right.   G. A. Rendell.
C, J. McArthur returned on
Monday from Victoria, where he
has been under treatment for his
eyes, for many months' past.
The G. N. has discontinued
hauling ore from Phoenix to
Grand Forks, aud the C. > P. R,
will put on an extra ore train.
Mrs. George Owen, of Trail,
was in Greenwood for a few days
last week, visiting her son, W.
Owen, on her way to Vancouver.
Mrs. Ashby went to South
Slocan on Wednesday, where she
will spend a week visiting
friends. ,
In order to kill the cut worms,
Paris Green has been strewn on
the postoffice lawn. People owing stray cattle please take notice.
Try Aunt Jemina's Buckwheat
Cakes for breakfast, witli either
honey or syrup. We have a good
variety to choose from G. A.
Lieut. Donald Smith, of th&
Royal Air Force is on his way to
Halifax on the transport Canada,
and' should reach Grand Forks
this month.
It-is reported, that W. Powers
has received a contract for a
million ties from the G. N. Ry.,
and that most of the ties will be
cut near Greenwood.
Dan McLennan, of Vancouver,
is visiting his cousin, A. D. McLennan at Rock Creek. At one
time Dan and Dad Black ran the
Windsor Hotel in New Denver,
Corp. P. McWha, the noted
hockey player, has returned alive
from France. He was reported
dead some months ago, but the
"Monk" says it was not a fact.
The Hon. W. J. Bowser, will
address an audience in Greenwood, in the Greenwood Theatrer
Friday evening, May 23 at 8
o'clock. Everyone cordially invited.
The party who recently picked
up a package of laundry on the
Phoenix road -is "known, and to
avoid further trouble should immediately return it-to James
Leslie, Phoenix]
William and Robert McMillan
are visiting friends in town.
Billy saw much service in France
during the,past-two years, fortunately , without receiving any
serious Injuries. ,
Sergt. A. N. Mowat is recovering from his recent operation at
Dr. Woods' hospital. He had a
piece of shrapnel extracted that
was shot into his leg near Cambrai last September,
Pedigree Senator-Dunlop strawberry plants, hardy northern
grown stock. Ten dollars per
thousand. One hundred plants
postpaid for $225. Monrad
Wigen, Wynndei, B.C.
Tommy Russell was in town
yesterday from Phoenix, where
he is' in the * employ of the
Granby. He has been 22 years in
B.C., and has not yet entirely
lost his Scotch accent.
Isaac Crawford, the leading
merchantkingof" Carmi was7in
town this week, wearing a smile
that would not quit. No doubt
Ike now has golden dreams about
the coming boom in Carmi.
Mrs. L. E. Brawders and children are spending a month in Vancouver. Miss Brawders accompanied them, to spend a few days
at the coast previous to her departure for her home in Charlottetown, P. E. I.
Captain J. C. Carruthers was
in town this week selling goods
for Turner, Beeton- & Co. He is
one of the oldest and most respected commercial travellers m
the west. When the war broke
out he joined the 54th and saw
much service in France. His
many friends are much pleased to
again see him on the road.
John James Campbell died in
this city on May 10, after a brief
illness. He had been a resident
of Hedley and Phoenix for the
past eight years, and was employed in the latter city, as a
blacksmith at the Granby mine.
The deceased was born' in Cape
Breton, 48 vears ago, and leaves
a wife and two children in Greenwood, to mourn his loss. The
funeral was held on Monday,
Mav 12, services were conducted
by Father Cocola. Interment
took place in the local cemetery.
During the past week there has
been six returned soldiers in
Greenwood looking for a suitable
place to settle under the civil re-
^establishment plan; but all left
Greenwood on the next train as
there was no one interested
enough to show them the advantages of this place for farming.
At present there is a Pte. Evans
here who was sent from Victoria
and if he gets a ranch in tbis
neighborhood he will bring four
other soldiers with him to take
up land. Many more will follow
once it is known that Greenwood
has suitable land for soldiers.
Western Float I
The tax rate in Enderby is 31
The tax rate in Vernon is 34
Bunbury is chief of police in
The biggest strawberries grow
on top of the box.
At Whitehorse, the Yukon river
opened on April 22.
The Flu killed over five million
people in British India.
Returned soldiers will organize
a brass band in Rossland.
It is reported that the K.V.Ry.
may build into Kelowna.
Robert* Tait died in Penticton
this month, aged 44 years.
Crow hnnting parties are the
order of the day around NKelowna.
Billions of feet of lumber will be
cut in B. C. for the English market.
Three cars of bulls," were recently
shipped from Alberta to the Cariboo.
This month the police have
seized considerable opium in Chilliwack.
More than 100 games of poker
are running every night in Vanconver.
J. H. Mc Waiters died in Penticton last week. He was buried
in Seattle.
One shipment of 30,000 dozen
eggs was recently sent from Regina
to Montreal.
Arthur G. Jarvis died last
month, at a wagon road camp,
near Clinton.
Harry Tweddle has leased for
three years, thelMcCurdy ranch at
Similkameen.    l
Alex Beatty is driving 6he municipal auto truck in Penticton for
$100 a month.
Many fruit and stock ranches
around Penticton, are changing
hands this month.
What'is jke name of the lady in
Nelson who' never heard of. The
Greenwood Ledge?
���Wm. McNair of Armstrong, has.
opened a branch fruit and vegetable store in Penticton.
Victor Boisverfe, of Frank 14
years old, killed' four bears on a
hunting trip, 14 years ago.
Alwyn Weddell has returned
from overseas, and is again in the
customs office at Kelowna.
The wool association in ' the
Thompson valley, near Kamloops,
handled 52,000 pounds of wool last
At Ottawa, Bob Green is likely
to enter the cabinet, as minister of
mines. Martin Burrell wishes to
CharieyTwigg, formerly of New
Denver, is now .a professor on
animal husbandry mt an English
agricultural college. V
- The men���who- went-to the-war
from the Yukon, were heavier and
larger on an average, than the m9n
from any other part of the world.
Abont five miles north of Grand
Forks, the Douks occasionally have
a parade in the nude. They would
draw a crowd if they would advertise the dates.
Alex Coward runs a trading post
on the McMillan river in the
Yukon. He drove to Whitehorse
this spring, 500 miles, with a dog
team laden with furs.
��� The United Statss sold in  Canada lasfe year more than 8400,000,-
000 worth of goods and  products.
No wonder Canadian money is be-'
low par across the line.
In a little over 1500 years Germany invaded France 39 times.
They invaded France for the first
time 100 years before Christ.
None of us will likely live to see
the next invasion.
The fixed price of wheat for this
year in Canada will be $2.24i a
bushel The residue froni last
year's wheat crop, amounting to
15,O0Q,00O bushels, is being ground
into flour and shipped to Great
Beer and wine is being sold in
Quebec. The red eye and its relations were cut out on May 1st.
AH Canada will watch Quebec for
the next few months. Pea soup
can still be sold in that province
without a license.
John A. Mould killed himself at
Keremeos while temporarily insane from ill-health. He never
fully recovered from the privations
he endured in the Boer war. He
had five bars to his South African
war medal.
Four thousand letters are at the
Great Lakes naval training station,
Chicago, awaiting Daniel Tolman,
reputed heir to $1,000,000 left him
by his uncle, Daniel Tolman,
known as "King of the Loan
Sharks." He has been posted as a
No. 44
Mining News
There   is some mining activity
near Keremeos.
��� -**J
The Northport smelter is timed
to resume this week.
Last year Canada produced 23,-
700 tons of chromite.
Unset diamonds can   again   be
imported into Canada.
The bed of the Chemainus  river
is beiDg drilled for coal.
In 20 years the Granby has paid
811,136,307 in dividends.
' ii-
'    ^1
The Meteor at Slocan  City *has
shipped 76 tons this year.'
Several    copper   mines   in   the
Yukon will be worked this year.
W. R. Will is doing some work
on the Capella, near New Denver.
About 100 placer claims have
been located this spring at Teslin
Just now the Trail smelter is not-
receiving much ore from American
J. A. Poyntz has taken a lease
on the Utica, a famous silver property of the Slocan.
-,'��������� .
' "'VCr|
- *"i    ���
u  * ���
v  ,"t-|
Along the creeks around Dawson, hydraulic mining for gold is
very active this spring.
At Loon Lake, Wash., the Bine-
bird has struck high grade copDer
ore on the 200 foot level.
*������ .'*!
- "xm
-.-. .~i','j\ ��
Some machinery frota Chesaw
is being, installed at the Maple
Leaf, in Franklin Camp.  -'
The Standard mine at Silverton
made a net profit last year of
$114,764, against"��377,494 in 1917.-
So,far this year the B. C. at
Eholt has shipped 120 tons to
Trail, and the Emma 11,968 tons.
Last year ' Canada produced
about $9,000,000 worth of asbestos.
A total of 3,074 men were employed.
B. C. produces a little over 20
per cent, of the metals and minerals of Canada, and Ontario about
44 per cent.
Last year Canada produced 377.-
850 ounces of molybdenum. 16
was sold at an average price of
$1.15 a pound.
M, J. Bryne has bought the
Gem and Church silver plaeer
claims, near Three Forks, from
Frank Edwards.
���.' a* j
I     ���** -     I
. -V--KI
Thie year the Petty mine at
Three Forks - shipped 22 tons to
Trail. The Molly Hughes at New
Denver shipped 20 tons.
In 191S Canada produced 25
fine ounces of platinum, valued at
$2,560. There is some of this
valuable stuff in the creeks around
Canada produced in 1918 metals
and minerals worth a little over
$210,000,000. The state of Arizona alone produced about tbe
same amount.
The price of silver is higher than
it has been for- 34 years, and may
go to $1.25 an ounce. The silver
mines around Greenwood should
get busy and reap a harvest.   '
' During the first four months of
this year, the Trail smelter received 124,894 tons of ore from 65
mines. About 86 per cent, of this
came from the mines owned by the
The Gold production in British
Columbia daring 1918 was 187,069
ounces, vs��lued at - 83,867,059
as compared with 133,742 ��usees,
valued at $2,764,693 in 1917, an
increase of. approximately 40 per
- ��1
W-fa VHE     LEDGE, ' G.UEENWOOD.     B.     C.
nevertheless, in practically every
community, r.o matter how small, certain prominent men, a group ot" willing workers, and a fair_ amount of
available money for any good work.
Combining these resources it) a number of communities located within
reasonably accessible distance of each
other, and binding tlic groups of
workers in each community into an
Association brotherhood and pooling
their financial resources, provides lhe.
way for efficient administration and
the cuiplojrmcnt of .an expert secretary lo train, direct and supervise
volunteer leaders at each point within  the district organization.
Such a plan is worthy of the sym-
____�� I pathetic aud enthusiastic support    of
J the  people of. Western  Canada.   Thc
real   strength    and   spirit  of  a  eom-
jnumily  docs   not  consist  in   what    it
receives from outside, but that which
it develops within itself.    The plan of
organization   outlined   for   this  Town
and   Country   Work  will  not  provide
tlie substantial buildings, gymnasiums,
Bombard Allied Positions
Archangel. ��� The Bolsheviki
continue the bombardment, of
the allied positions ou the upper Dvina. apparently in lhe
hope of driving tlie allies out
before the. allied gunboats can
reach the scene. In the meantime, thc gunboats arc fighting
their way up stream through a
river filled witli ice and it will
be several days before they can
reach   the  vicinity   of  Bcreznik.
Fiume Question Settled
London. ��� According lo a dispatch
to   the   Exchange    Telegraph     company  from   Paris, tlic    question     rc-
I garding Fiume has  been  settled     in
'full agreement with  thc Italian gov-
l eminent on the    basis,   that    Fiume
shall remain an autonomous port for
, two  ycars,  when  it  will  be  assigned
i lo" Italy,
France Satisfied
With Alliance
With Two Most Powerful Nations in
the World
Pari-.  -��� "1  have dfnie  my best.    I
think it is a good peace."    This declaration was made lo the editor of the
Now Well and
Strong as Ever
After'a Year of Great Suffering from
Kidney Disease and Lame
Back���Two Interesting
Limbic, Alta. ��� May 19. ��� It is
only after sickness that one properly
appreciates health. .The writers of
these letters show how ihey appreciate the means whereby health was
regained, aud  recommend  the  use ol
The Value of True Manhood
i.f any one thing was demonstrated
by the Great War over all other
tilings it was value oi" the individual,
all-round, young man, that i.-?, the. man
who was developed ancl lit physically,
morally, intellectually. In saying this
it is not to he assumed that the man
who was lacking iu physical strength
and development, or had not enjoyed
the advantages  of education,  or,   in-jand  au   earnest effort  made
found   in ( I'i
in   these
doing   for  themselves.     What      is j immense    advantages    she will
for  men���aud   for  communities j from   collaboration   with   Great
aiu and the
and  other equipment  to be
cities,  but  too  many  people
days   make,   the  mistake   of
things to lie done for iheni
of   " "
as well���is apt to weaken Ihem; what
they   do   for   themselves   is   sure      to
strengthen.    The old   Bible saying  is
still  true���it  is more
than  to receive.
It  is also true  thai
for   every   man  and
community   and   a   bo\
cvery  task iu  every  community.  The
maximum  benefit is  derived  by   man
or hoy and by the cyminunily when
within   the   community     these     men,
boys  and tasks arc brought together
d   to
111 ere  is a   ta
joy     iu     every
or     man   for
by     th
deed, the man who was not as sound  development of the. abilities    of
morally as he ought to Lave been, did   former  to  eliminate   waste   ,aud
not do his duty, do  it   well,  and  ac- der service,
complisli great things.    Thousands of     ' The Y.M.C.A.
such  men played  a   noble   and  glori-   iaictl^ now Iviu
;aro by L'remie.r Clemenceau. The
editor adds that from details he has
been able to learn lie. is convinced
that all   France, is  weighing  well  the
I'nited States.    If it is a
od   peace,   the   editor  continued,   it
i j is also a, better one because il is an
��'alliance  '"with the two most  powerful
nations  of the  world.
Referring    to     the  meeting  of   the
.(French  cabinet,  the editor says  that,!
after  the  peace   terms  were   read byj
Captain  Andre    Tardicu,    a      speech
was   made    by  Premier  Clemenceau, i
who outlined  the efforts he had had \
to  make,  often  under   most    difficult
circumstances,   to  elaborate   the   text
as it now  stands.    The
(.jie!gavc a complete statement on the ne-
rcij_ I gotiations with, Italy over Finnic aud
j on the   'late
I'M".   Chase's   Kidney-Liver     I'ills
i others. j
|     If kidney disease is  to  be cured  ilj
.must   bu   taken   in   hand early,      audi
I lhal   is   why   lhe   warning  given
(backache,   headache   and   urinary
rangemets  should    be    heeded
treatment beirun  at  once.
Mr.  C.   K.   Kaymus,   Lindale,  Alta.,
I writes: "I   was a meat sulTerer from
'kidney disease    and    lame back    for
\ wove than a year.   A   friend of mine
'one day told mc of Dr. Chase's  Kid-
j ney-Liver Pills, and, acting upon  his
| advice. I tried them.    After 1 had tnk-
j en   one   bos   1   felt  belter,   so   I   con-
| tinned until I had used live boxes. 1'y
this time  I felt as well aud strong as
ever, aud am glad to recommend Dr.
Chase's   Kidney-Liver   PilU   to    anyone suffering as   I did."
"1 know Mr. C. K. Raymus, and
believe his statement in regard to
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills to be
true   and     correct."���John    Torbett,
"It's Nice to Get Up in the
Morning���But St's Nicer
to Lay in Bed"
Especially on a No. 1 Health
Brand Mattress. See it at
your dealer's and watch for the
label ��� it is your guarantee.
"Use it on a Banner Spring.
Sold by all good dealers
!>y Brothers Won
London Sees Parade
Of Overseas Troops
General Currie With His Staff Headed the Procession
London. ��� Residents of the west
end of London turned out in force-
to -welcome 11,000 overseas troops,
who marched through the main
streets-, and were' reviewed by King
George at Buckingham Palace. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South
Africa and Newfoundland wcrc represented in lhc parade, while famous
Canadian airmen-flew overhead.       ^
General Currie, of the Canadian
army,, with his staff, including
Prince Arthur of Connaught, headed
the procession, each unit was. headed
by commanding officers and their
staffs. The parade was one-of thc
many demonstrations designed to
announce the coming of peace.
Thousands iicwcd thc parade, and
special-facilities were'-provided for
Victoria Cross
im's   io  enlist      thej
latent    throughout
premier also) I'oslmasler.
'     Mr.   Thomas    Austin,    Earl  Grey,
[ Sask., writes:    "[      wish    to let you
| know-   what     Dr.   Chases's    Kidney-
t    dispatches    exchanged j |,i\ er  I'ills   did   for  me.      Last  suui-
uith  lhc   Italian delegation. I nier  my  back  ached  so  much     thai
  jl  not only could  not  sleep at night,
, but could not lie
Words King Addressed to Mrs. Bradford Were Sympathetic
London. ��� The King's investiture
at   .lluckinghum   Palace  recently   was
notable for one feature of a character
finite     unprecedented���the
upon a bereaved mother for the second  occasion   of  thc   Victoria   Cross,
won by a son who had met his death
[in action.   This mother of heroes was
Mrs.  Bradford, and the Cross  which
the King handed lo her was awarded
to her    son,    Lieutenant-Commander
George Bradford, for his gallant con-
An Oil That Is Famous.���Though
Canada was not the birthplace of Dr.
Thomas' Ecleclric Oil, it is lhc home
of ibat famous compound. From here
its good name was spread to Central
and South America, the West Indies,
Australia and New Zealand. That, is
far afield enough to attest its excellence, for in all these countries it is
ou  sale and in demand.
Miss Flora Boyko
Tells How Cutksira
Her Pimples
"My face vms very itchy at first,
and after that It was covered with
��k pimples that disfigured It.
\\. badly. The 'pimples were
* w) hard and red and they were
small, and they were Beat*
tered all over my face and
were so itchy I had to scratch?
and I could not sleep.
"These bothered me nearly a year
. before I used Cuticura Soap and Ointment and when I had used five cakes,
of Cuticura Soap and five boxes of'
Cuticura Ointment I was healed."
(Signed) Miss Flora M. Boyko,
Gardcnton, Man., Dec. 26,1918..
Having obtained a dear healthy
skin by the use.of Cuticura, keep it
clear by using the Soap for all toilet
purpose3, assisted by touches of
Ointment as needed. Co not fail to
include the exquisitely scented Cuticura Talcum in your toilet preparations. ��� Splendid after bathing.
. For free faroplo etch of CuUcora Soap Ointment ��nd Talcnm address pest-card: "Cnunn,
Dipt. A, B'ltos, V. B. A."   Bold everywhere.
, , , ,   , - ���������!-���     -���������    v...~,.te.��� ���-���>���-jT T      ������.     -i     -,-,        .   /   ; out coma not tie. in  comfort in bed.
ous  part,  but  many  other   thousand j our s,���:iilcr towns,  villages and  rural | Increase   III   fetOCK   KeceiptS   I   tried several  remedies,
���lU1 j districts  in   the  work    of  developing l . ~
_ t!U'  all-round   boys   and    men     in     thesC      Kdmouton, Alia. -
many thc-sands  more  or less  illiter- j communities,' boys and men who will.) slock'yards  during
not able  to   commam'!
wcrc rejected by army  doctors  fro
thc opportunity of active service,
ate men were not" able to couimauu 11,
���the responsible, positions which otherwise might have been entrusted to
thcm. The all-round man had the
better chance. He may have been wo
braver, or keener, or patriotic than
others, but he had the ��� equipment of
an all-round manhood to do things,
and he was entrusted with the doing,
and hc did it.
J'.ist as the war called for lhc services of such men, 'so docs the many
and varied problems now to bc faced
call, and possibly even move iinpcra-
ecotnc  the  future  leaders    of
'great Canadian commonwealth.
this  March
;md iinally
sent for three   boxes'' of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver   I'ills,     but     was quite
cured bv    the    time  I  had used one
the    month     oljj)()X_      j    n\w:iys    recommend   these
SJ3 cattle, as com- ��� I'ills lo anyone suffering the same as
Defaulters' Penalty
Ottawa.' ��� Hon. Arthur Mcighcn,
bestowal j ac.ljng minister of justice, gave formal notice of his intention to introduce a bill'respecting .the-disqualification of male, defaulters. Defaulters
will be disqualified for a period to be
announced by Mr. Mcighcn when hc
introduces lhc bill.
cCorns  cause much    suffering,    bul
lolloway's Corn Cure offers a speedy,
Receipts at the
i pared  with  1,408 for the same month j f 'hd. as  1  am satisfied and  thankful
i last vear, and.this did not include 588   ""tf/r?' eT-e-r��\"C-"  , -    " iv���      '""
; ���       '   . .        , . ;.        Dr. Chase s Kidney-Liver Pills, one
j calves,  which was  more  than  double j p;n a dose, 25c a box, ar all dealers,
j lhe number of last year also.    Hog! or Edmaiison, Bates & Co., Limited,
IN  VftUR   HftMF7'rcccipts"'l'or Miuxh   19V)- -wcrc    way|Toronto._Do not-be talked into ac-
' down,  the figures showing
compared   with 4,(570    last
Is  there a  baby or young-.children   March. Sheep receipts were 2.410 for
in your home? If there is you should   XI      ,    ]m  .,, conip!irClj with H the
not be -without a box of i'aoy s Own '     . .
Tablets.     Childhood     ailments comc  year previous,    and  horses     passmg
quickly-and means    should always bej through the yards this year were 534, j
at    hand0  to    promptly    fight  ihem. j as'compared   with  203-last!  vear  for
Baby's    Own   Tablets    are   the ideal"
home remedy.'-     They regulate     thc
' 7'i)     .'-j ^epttiiff a substitute or imitation. Thc
"' """    '.''^ j portrait  and    signature      of    A.   W.
Chase, M.J)., aie on every bos of the
genuine.     *
duct ou the Iris at Zeebruggc.    At a i sure,  arid  satisfactory  relief.
previous   investitureo Mrs.   Bradford  '
had received from His Majesty thc
Y.C. won by her other son, Brigadier-
Gencriil Bradford, the youngest officer
in the British army ,to attain that
rank, whicli hc gained at the age of
Thc few  words  which thc Xing
addressed to Mrs. Bradford in handing her the decoration were of an
especially cordial 'and. ���- sympathetic
Cheering Information
Man in Chair���[fere, bc a bit more
earcfpl wilh  that   razor;    that's    the
second lime you've cut mc.
Barber���Well, well,, so il is; but
there! I always deduct a cent for
every...ctit.' Why, it's nothing for a
man lo go out of here having >yon a
dime oil me.���Boston Transcript.
Punch and Judy shows    originated]
in   Ttaly during thc 17th century; and
were probably -introduced"into;..-England in tlic crcign of Charles   II.
Minard's      Liniment
through the disclosures of thc army
medical boaids, thc necessity of further safeguarding thc health of thc
people, and Governments everywhere
arc devoting attention to the subject. In the army emphasis was laid
on the fact that the educated man
was a better soldier than thc uneducated one, so the army conducted
schools to tiach illiterate men to read
aud write. The effect of a man's
moial standards on his whole character soon displajcd itself. The cumulative effect has been to impress on
the nations certain facts aud important lessons which, iu thc general
industrial and commercial race after
the dollar before the war, people
were largely ignoring.
Before tlu war there was one great
organization which had not lost
sight of the importance of developing thc all-round man, a man strong
in spirit, mind and body. During thc
war such an organization inevitably
came into greater prominence , aud
found open to it a still greater field
of activity and usefulness. ���Tlic reference is to llu V.M.C.A. But whereas prior to thc war its cneigics wcic
largely confined lo the cities and
larger town?, the necessity for thc
expansion of its woik to thc smallei
towns, villages aud country parts is
now seen, with thc result that a Town !
and Country Work depaitmcnt lias
been created by the National  V.M.C.
as comparer with ^UJlasi year
thc same month. The cattle receipts
for JCdironton this year to date show
a wonderful increase, considerably
break up colds :md simple fevers���in j Iuorc [i,^ doubling U,t vear's figures
fact they relieve all the minor ills ot j fof    lhc    samc iod_      Thfi     fi
little   ones.      Concerning them  Mis. ���
tivelv, for nicu of thc all-round type i"onlc, rcmeciy.       .incy regulate     tlic
-.���������"    ,-.   ,....,.,���-������-.:.,.,��� .���-,.-    ,;-.'  ���    bowels;-sweeten-the   stomach;     :an-
of. manhood.,-.1 he; war has, taught,ns,; ishv. .cJnslll);ltioll\/. and   ��� iudi^stie.v;
through, the." disclosures ��� of-,thc-- army (break un colds :,ai\ simn1<v fevers-���in
e. ones,
Moisc Cadottc, Makamik, Que.,
writes: "Baby's Own Tablets arc thc
best remedy in the world lor little
o-.cs. My baby suffered terribly f:om
iudigc��riou and vomiting, but thc
Tablets soon sot her,right and iii.w
she is ii pcifect health." Tlu Tablets arc sold" by medicine dealers or
by mai at 25 cents a bcx fiom Tue
Dr. Williams' Medicin.; Xo., Brockviile. Out.
Norwegians are Good Citizens
Moose Jaw, Sask. ������ Thai thc Norwegians in western Canada, of whom
there arc 34,960, present no language
problem is thc statement of O. K.
Thomasscn, editor of Norden. lie
says that of these people only 711
arc tmable to.speak and read English.
Ue also states thai thc criminal record of these people is equally creditable.
urcs for this year are 12,917 cattle, as
eompatcd with 5,24S hut ycar. These
totals include 1,234 calves this year
and 720 last. Receipts of hogs for the
same period show a deeicasc from
12,375 last ycar to 10,411 this year.
Sheep receipts lo date this ycar are
8,9-W. compared to 155 in HUS, and
horse receipt'- al 1,272, arc nearly four
times the receipts of ljsi year for the
panic period.
"Black   Watch"    The   Best   Black-
Plug Chewing Tobacco on the Market!
Miller's Worm Powdus aie sweet
and palatable _ to children, who show
no hesitancy' in taking them. Thcy
will certainly bring all worm troubles
to an cud. Thcy arc a sticngthcning
aud stimulating medicine, correcting
the disorders of digestion lhat - the
worms cause and imparting a healthy
tone lo thc system mint beneficial to
New Electrical
Methods in Medicine
Seeking Laud of Doukhobors
Grand  Forks, B.C. ������ Twenty   relumed soldiers    from    T'hocnix  City
aro  making application  through
Grand   Forks    Great   War   Vete
association for    land    now     lit Id
I Doukhobors in this  valley.
Peace Treaty
Will Protect Europe
Prevents an Alliance  With the Russian  Bolsheviki
L'aris. ��� The tcrritotial status of
Germany as definitely settled by the
council of three, says Marcel Itutin,
iu the F.eho de Paris, will in the view
of the council protect the general
security of Europe. The chapter iu
which these decisions arc incorporated, hc adds, puis an effective velo on
thc "Drang Naeh Osten" movement
which lhc Germans desire to pursue,
prevents au alliance with the Kussian
Bolshcviki aud forltids the incorporation in Germany of German-Austria.
As regards German-Austria, M. Itutin says that its peace delegates will
certainly bc called to Paris and Austria will be made a neutral republic,
under the aegis of lhc league of ua
tions   wilh  lhc prohibition   that    she] ,   ,       .  ,
,   ,i       .    ,, ��� _    ,     ,        ,-' able to do am work ior eight nionlui.
shall  not ally or  mcorporate. herself, . .      ;  -.      ,    i t i  M-n   ....
J ' 'A cousin ot in nc had taken. Mill) tin.4
Strange Post Office Names
Strange names havc been given to
post offices in^ lhe United Stales according to tlic list issued by the post
office department. r
In Missouri there is an Ace; in
West Virginia, Affinity; a Barefoot
in Georgia; a Bigfoot iu Texas; in.
Idaho" a  Blowout;    in     Missouri'   a
Carolina;- a Difficulty ,in . Wyoming;
in Texas a town called Mud.
Heart Palpitated
- Could Count Every Beat
When the heart begins lo palpitate,, . ,
il will beat-fast for several secondslTPraKgiulocio;    A    Chuckle    m Noi;th
I hen slow, then start lo flutter, and a
feeling of titlcr depression will comc
over'your whole system, accompanied
by weak, fainting and dizzy spells.
When the heart gets into this condition, you become weak, worn and
miserable, and are unable to attend
lo cithei social, business or household
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills
will give prompt and permanent relief
to all sufferers from any heart weakness or nerve derangements.
Mrs. Walter Greives, Apsley, Ont.,
wiitcs:���"I had beeu run down, and
doctors (old mc I was anaemic, but
did not help mc with their medicines.
1 could not sleep nights, my heart
palpitated so, aud I could count everv
"I used lo h.uc such dis^y spells 1
would have to gn  to bed.     f  was not
with German}.
Thc council of three, M. Huliti declares, also adopted a chapter in tlici
peace  treaty  defining  tlie   status
Alsace and Lorraine which are given  ihey have done for mc, so that thev
absolutclv lo  France. j may   try   this  great    and     wonderful
The outline of the new frontiers ofiu:u,cd-v-    [ hc'1/' M"" "��i>M��rov��- good
to-soiui-oiie-wlio i.-*-$uftcring-uic way
Heart and Nerve Pills and told me
what thcy had done for her. , I look
eight bo^es of Ihem, and now   I am
'"ijable to help c\ery day with the work.
ul | I am so thankful to tell others what
have done foi
Germany "wcic presented to the council in a report by the special commission  composed of   Viscount Mor.
I did
Milbunj's   rfearl   and     Nerve   l'i'ds
i arc 5(\' a bot al all dealers, or mailed
ley, rep: cseniing Great   Hiitaiu:  Cap- | ^Y?. ..^V?"!1-1 .?.f. ?"".}!?, ?\e. T
lain Andre Tardicu for  Franco    and
Milburn   Co.,  Limited,  Toronto. Out.
Ingenious Instruments- Invented and
Manufactured in Great Britain
Elect!icity, as is well known, plays
a large part in the treatment of disease, but its usefubuss in diagnosing
faults and bieakdowus in  the human
machine is lcs> familiar, except iu the; h:ilf of  the United  States 	
case of  X-ia^ss  foi   tin-  detection    oi i  .  !
  i fractures and fmugn bodies.     Sever-!   RF    vm!P    rCPT   pai I nt.ccn 0':Bel*ian Councillor Fined for Sending
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house. \d    inguiiou.    electrical    iusfruments:AHt    YUUH    PtLI    CALLOUSED?- Birthday  Greetings
[���rofessor chades [[^la.ki.w, on bd!Communicated With Kaisur
md manufactured'     l"^y [" I0,1,o*c lumps by applying;     nnsseldorff. ���  CoiiiitSerc.ial   Coim-
i.ir  H-'iti". accurate   l'.1.11*1.'**}-"1"  "'V*1, ,XV Strt   J^lracU��r-   cillor  Cndcrbcrg  ���f Mocrs, P.clgium,
mi   i-i.in-, .au-.iraic   []lh  [>m.|v   Mjgclablc   lcmedv     acts      , . i      n      i      -
rect/riLs  oi   tl.e  ueait's  action  and  of  paiuh >.-,Iy .md  is  guaranteed.     Insist   *vllo^('  estate abuts  lhe  Dutch    in-si-
���^ih'jlhe temp'etature ~<<\  the body.    When   on 'Tutu,mi'.-"  only, 25i   per boule.     tier, ""instructed his gardener lo cios-,
thc country and  smaller  towns    and j lhc.  moisture    conditions    east     and  ., cun-CIil ,,f i-h enii:it.\      i-      passu! ��� "  r^  I the border and dispatch a message <>f
southeast, in  what   la>t   vear  was     a ! ,i,,.,,11lr|,   ,|���.   i���,([v  hiUw <.om     tin-   e\-i Applications For Loans I birthday greetings to the former Gcr
A. Council of Canada, and  a plan  of |     .                  ��  : havc b<\ if iuvi.utw
oigani/aiioa outlined  i>>\' earn ing un I           Moistuie  Down  24   Inches -    , ;,,  <_',r(;ii   |>V;LU;
such   woik.       "           -                        '   i     Calgary, Alta. ��� In its second ctop | rc.C(/l-ti;,- 0f  ti,
Thcic is  now   bung  inaiipiKtUd  in j leport   the   L< thbiidge   lleral
To Allow Amateur Wireless Stations
Ottawa, ��� The wartime regulations
cancelling all licenses issued for the.
operation of amateur wireless stations throughout thc-Dominion have
been rescinded. Thc amateur wireless
operator may, therefore, once, more
resume his experiments, subject- to
the pre-war'rcgulations. There were,
at the outbreak of hostilities,- sonic
hundred, and leu licensed amateur stations in Canada. These licenses were
all withdrawn as a war measure, and
amateur stations have not been operating iu Canada since August, 1914.
Russians Sent Ultimatum to Rumania
London. ��� The Russian Soviet government has sent "an ultimatum lo
Rumania, demanding the evacuation
of Pessarabia.
A -wireless dispatch from Moscow
says that the Rumanian government
is-gi\cn forty-eight-hours in which^to
make its reply.
FOR $1.00
Wc will send you prepaid the
following seven song's with our
complete list of popular music
on-receipt of price:-
"Kissable -Child."
"Nobody Else Will Do."
-- "Red Cross Girl of Mine."
"Sometime Between Midnight
and Dawn."
"Alabama Ball."
"Virginia from Virginia."
"Wait for Me."
"I Want to See if My
Daddy's Come Home."
Send the Dollar TODAY and
get the music by return post.
We then will put your name on"
our mailing" list and 'you will
thereafter receive notice of all
new songs as issued.
Ideal Music Publishing Co.
17 Adelaide East Toronto
Wc pay market prices for junk
of all kinds? Write lis andjiave
your name put 'on our list.
Cor. Powers & Sutherland
'    T, J. POWELL, Manager
Formerly Purchasing Agent -
Dominion Metal Exporting Co.
Soldiers Purchase Land
��� "Moose Jaw, Sask. ��� Nine returned
soldiers who enlisted from Regina and
district and just recently returned
from overseas, have started-a "back
to the land" move in the vicinity of
Atwaler. The men, two of whom
are Canadians by birth, one Australian; one American and five English,
j have purchased a half section each,
paying on an average "of ��27 per acre.
They moved onto the land on April
19, each with au outfit of five
horses and equipment in proportion-
The farms arc all improved ones
and 100 acres arc broken on each.
"What kind "of mining arc you doing, gold, silver or diamonds?" "I'se
doing kalsomiiiing, sah."���St. Louis
Sunshine"^ will  eventually  puncture
tbe thickest cloud.
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
lemove the cause.    There is only one "J'ro--
mo   Quinine."     E.   W.   GROVE'S   sicnalurs
uij  the bo*.    30c. --
No Canadians to Go to Russia
London. '��� Xo applications arc beting considered from Canadians of any
rank for duty with the British forcci
operating in Russia. ,
villages', lacking Association building'; and crpnptucnt, Y.M.C.A. work'
on a plan of county or district organizations. Those sin ilb r roinmuiii.
tics are inrap;>blc individually ol
maintaining ,an ailt<|iiate Association
oigani'/alion. The c^pcnsi
impo.scs too scaui, .i iinauci.il burden, while at thc same time it is impossible to adapt mail} of the gin
cral or larger iity methods to these
smaller     communities.       There    are,
arc     most
vciy dry In It
.moisture bcin
JI inches ;n the iod, and failhei -in
suinmei fallow. Dreaking conditions
are ideal. Along tin- Aldctsyd.' line
involved the land i- uoiking up in good condition, but iht usene Mippl." of
nioi-ture i< small. From Macleod
ur-t  and  not lb  moisture    conditions
ers are r
��� i,
s p-.lsst.lt
iiitdy   lielv. i.en     ihL   e.\-
'"V"'-al)lc\i ti-emitii-s   of   the   limbs,   th,-     contra--
n-portcd down   IS  totioil ort,u,  h'.in   ,ju.Is  |lu   st,.|.I..,tll
| of tlu. i iirivnl; bj aii ii'gi ninus ���<--
, i.'iuui uieiit lhir> alii i ation, is made lo
| n cord itM If nu a photographic plate
A 'YardiogiMi'i' i< thu> -reined whiui
give- a il'.itri.MiMtic 'ai-i'iiiini ijf the'
, hi art's-  action  and  inahh.s  thc phj.si
cian to di I'd (oudiiiuiis which-rniirlit j
ire   pnieticaih-   normal   for   this   time ' '     .i -    t        .���   '     r     I u\a
1 ��� l1""-; escape <>|lu r  im au.s  of   <h tcction.   In il
'taking  tempi ramus  thi   usual metii  ' eni;ano(
Soldier laud  se< !,
Msk. ��� .-soiuicr lami s<:< i,-1 man  empercu
miuu  to  iiuiihiiu     haskat-       Tin-   latter  acknowledged  the  c<>m-
iclicwan i". -tr'.it niunbcrf, -o much stj  ^liuivn! on a postcard which fell i-m-
I lli.it lhc soldier settlement board  h.i-'tlu-  bauds of the   l'.il,ia:i  aullioriii'-j.
found   it  nici's^ary  to   reotv,a!ii'i - iln-: (.'iiib rberjj   was  prosecuted  and    ,sm-
and '���
) it, ami  lias  placed  a   pi i -' Kn- earrvine: o
' uianent   bo ird  iu  chaw,   ri-spuusiblc   tion, %\ it li  t1
liriet   lo  the  commissioners   ,^r     f H-'
affairs ,  ai   t.-m ed to'jail wilh a line of 100 frni.o
i lurliiiid'u er.inniutiiea-1
foi nu r i 'npcroi.
\.   .stall" of  eh
ot  eleven p< i>ons arc; ��� A Great Scholar
A peimaiRii board    under]     1 In- irai niiniolcr wa-> dcli\i ring his
,  .    .     ���        ,       ,,     , ,  ,     ,        ,   ���     'tin  -oldii r .settlement sthuui- has also' first -crinou.    Thc darkv janitoi   was
od is ii)  niMit a  t!u.'rii!-.iim tei  .it  in-i . , r . .
iccu  ai>pointeir at  Saskatoon.    SiVeu'a critical listener trom a back corner
Breakfast is Ready
when you have
a package of
for this tasteful blend of
wheat ��L barley is ready-
Not a bit of waste.
Usable to the last crumb
Usual  price 15^ per package."
-    - *~      o  ?
I tervals   and   to*    chart
1 drawing   shai^hl   lines
'points   a-certaint d.     With
t   work on   applica
! date  tlcctric .method,  tin
the up-lo-
lecord      is
i c<<ntinuou>. .showins? the slightest variation from n.iuutc t��.i minute. Much
new light has ln-eii thrown on thc
course of ft \ ers and other di-sea"1* by
thus chctrical ri rordf wliidi ifprc-
sents   jet   anotlat     contribution      of
j liritish scicntiiic and engineering skill
to the advancement "of lhc- heaiiny
Died in Fight for  Food
~ Loudon. ��� There have been serious
food riots at Stalsund, PomCrania,
says an, Exchange Telegraph company di>patcU from Berlin, Troops
were summoned and several wcrc
killed and wounded.
the    iccorde, |
between     thc 1 ms'" c.tol>-   ',u
tions foi   loans,.
Says German Mi'itarit.m Broken
,     Cobletiz. ��� "German militarism has
j bun broken  forever.,"  I> a statement
��� alliibuted    to    Field    Marshal,    von
tfindenbuiK, reports  of  whose resignation     ha\e 'bien     received     here.
Gvnei.d Grocner,' former head of the
department   of   munitions,   and who
I has    been    thc  field  marshal's   chief
successor, according  to  iicws  rc-cciv-
' cd here from Kolbcrg.
A man is seldom as black as he i
painted'or a woman as white
is rov.dered.
Minard's Liniment used    by    Physicians.
Japan if, supplying the South African railv.ajs with cotton canvas for
lhc- manuf.ittuie of tarpaulins.
Main--a  man  !i\cs  a    cat-and-dog
bhe . life.   ������ Ht   purrs  in  the    parlor    and
i bark3 m the kitchen.
of thi church. Thc minister's so in on
w:i�� (loiiuent and,his praj'crs seemed
to co'.cr the whole caia;_:orj- of human wants
After the service (,nc of the deacons asked the old darkey what he
thought of the new minister. "Don't
\ou think h ' otters np a good piaj'cr,
joe'"     -
"I mo��" aul.laiuly do- s boss. Why
dat man a\cd ue good I.crd fo' things
dat de odder preacher didn't' even
know lie Ind!''���Everybody's Maga-
A woman who is popular with other women is seldom a reigning favorite with  men.
There is no limit to the age at
which a man can make a fool of himself.
W,     N.     U.     1263
The Syrup for
A golden stream of
Crown Brand Corn
Syrup is the most
delicious touch you
can give to Pancakes!
In the Kitchen, there
is a constant call for
Crown Brand Corn Syrup
for making puddings,
candies, cakes, etc   -
Sad the day when you are
too big to enjoy a slice of
bread spread thick with
Crown Brand! -   ,
Could that��day ever come?
Ward it off! Grace your
table daily with a generous
jug of Crown Brand Corn
Syrup, ready for the dozen
desserts and dishes
it will truly acrown".
_ Sold ty Grocer*
2, 5, 10, and
20 pound tins.
The Canada
Starch Co.
-   Limited
m J' i���
1 >
TIIK     LEDGE,     GKEl^WOOD,     B.     0.
Hard Terms Do Not
Indemnify the Allies
Buusstls ��� Sonic of the Belgian
newspapers point out that Get many,
by admitting- defeat, must submit lo
the consequences. Ltoilc Beige is of
the opinion that thc hard terms do
not even, indemnify thc allies foi their
losses. Thc newspaper cxpi esses
surpiisc that thc proposed stipulation
regarding 'British and united support of France io^casc of attack was
not also made- for thc benefit of Belgium. / V
Thc Independent Beige says that it
"is- impossible for Geimany, to offer
further lcsistancc or to iefuse_ equitable reparation.     .-
The Socialist ncwspapci, Pcuple,
"Regarding the lcvision of the
treaty of 1839, it is desirable that
Belgium applj', as soon as'possiblc, to
thc rcal league of nations instead of
finding herself al the benevolent discretion of thc three nations," vand
considers that the distinction between
thc principal powcts and thc othcis
should bc removed.
Swiss Neutrality Assured
Bcrnc. ��� Thc Swiss political foi-
cign affairs department, announces
that as a result of an .exchange of
-notes and convcisations between the
Swiss and - French governments,
agreement has been reached on the
text of an aiticlc to bc iuscitcd in
thc. peace treaty, whereby thc guarantees of Swiss nculiality aic recognizee! as constituting international
obligations for thc maintenance of
peace. Thc guaianlccs to bc tccog-
nized aie stipulated in the treaties of
1815, especially thai of Ken ember 20,
which assures pcipctual neutrality
and inviolability _to Swiss tcnitorj-.
Canadian Cheese Not Wanted
Ministry Will Not Purchase Exportable Surplus of Canadian
i        Cheese
Ottawa. ��� Thc ministci of agiicul-
tttrc announces lhal a cable has been
icccived by the daily produce com-;
mission fiom tho Briiish ministry of
food, stating that it has been finallj'
decided that thc ininistiy will not purchase thccxportable surplus of Canadian cheese for thc season of -1919,
and that produccis aud dealers should
bc notified according^'. ^This means
that the exportation of cheese will bc
left to private tiading, as in pie-war
The dairy produce commission,
lluough which lhc cheese and other
produce has been handled foi thc past
two ycais, will now go out of business.
Cheap British Automobile
London. ��� An English manul.ictur-
ing company announces^thut it is
-prepared to put on thc niaikct an
automobile that can bc retailed foi
between ��50 and ��60. Scarcely any
wood will be used in lhc constiuction
of thc car, thc principal matciial be-"
ing a ncw substance which is described as "a kind of concrete," light,
but stiong and diuable, produced
from waste matciial such as slag,
clinkers, and sawdust, and covered
with a metal solution."
Work on Hudson Bay" Railway
Ottawa. ��� Hon. George Langlcy,
J. A. Maharg and J. A. Campbell, interviewed Hon. J. D. Reid, minister
of railways," in an effort to ascertain
if any steel would bc laid on thc Hudson Bay railway this summer. The
minister, while not making a definite
statement, declared that hc wus favorable to thc vvork-piocccding. He
said that the awards of tendcis for
tics would bc announced iu a day of
Revolution in Korea
Most Remarkable Example of   Passive Resistance in World's
Washington. ��� Dr. Syngman Rlier,
who styles himself "Sccrctaij- of state
of thc pro-visional government of
Koica," in an address here before thc
national popular government league,
declared that "thc revolutionary up-
lising in Korea is thc most icmark-
ablc example of passive"! csislancc in
lhc wot Id's history." Japan's gieat
claim to possession of Korea, hc said,
is the "pressure of population." He
"Japan has been dcclaiing lcpcat-
cdljr that she needed Koica for her
suiplus peoples. What about Koi-
cans? Though Korea is just as thickly populated as Japan, this makes
slight difference to thc inipcrliaistie
ambitions of Japanese ' statesmen.
They say thcy want an outlet -foV
their emigrants, and thcy dcclaic
'Koica is an easy victim,' aud thcjr
send lo our countrj- for colonisation
purposes  their lowest coolie class"
German Spokesman |
Refused to Stand!
His Speech Was Translated Sentence
by Sentence
London. ��� Dcscnbiug thc scene at
the Tiianou I'.ilacc when thc terms
of peace wcic handed to the Gci-
nian"delegation, a Paiis dispatch lo
thc CcntiaJ News saj s that Picmici
Clemenceau stood while making his
address; but that Count von Brock-
dorlf-R.int^au, thc .spokesman of thc
Get mans, weaiing big horn spectacles,
lcmaiucd seated while hc icad his
speech, which was tianslatcd sentence
by scnlenct.
Vcisailles. ��� The scene of the session, when the terms of the ticaty
wcrc presented to thc Gcim.in delegates, was an inipicssive one and thc
function was not without its tense
moments. Indeed the enliic half hour
which it took Count von Brockdorll-
Rauts-au to deliver his rcpljr was a
period-of tenseness foi Prciniei Clc-
uicnecau, J'umicr Llojd Gcoigc ami I
President Wilson, and in faci foi \ii-'
tually  everyone   picscnt. j
lhc speech was tianslatcd by the]
German iutcrpictcis, who did not fail |
to bring out with emphasis c\eiy|
sharp phrase in it, and the thicc al-1
lircd statesmen put their heads to-1
gcther iu evident angci at moic than]
one of thc German spokesman's cutting utlci.iuccs as if thcy wcic dc-,
liberating the ad\isability of an immediate answci.
At the head of thc tabic thc sti iking faces of Prcmicis Clemenceau
and Lloyd George and Piesident "Wilson- attiactcd every eye. Marshal
Foch, sitting with the French delegation at the head of one of the sidc
tables, was auothci conspicuous figure. Thc beaidcd faces of the Sci-
bian statesman, M. Pachitch, and the
Gicck prciniei, il. Ycni/clos, as well
as thc familiar head of Ignaec Jan
Padcicwski, thc Polish picmici, also
stood ont tioiu the mass of delegates. Thc iinpiessivc facts of thc
Japanese lepiesentativ cs, the Oiicnl.il
lineaments of the Chinese, tlic biown
countenances of the Ai.ibs fiom Hcd-
jaz, and'thc piescucc.cv en of the two
delegates fiom Libcna and Haiti gave
evidence that this \\��s icallj a woild
Belgian Claini&Jn Africa
Paris. ��� Aftcr Paul Ilymaus, head
of the Belgian delegation, lias discussed the lights of Belgium in German'" Fast Afiica. David . Lloyd
"George, the Biitish prime minister,
tclcgiaphcd Viscount Milncr, secretary for thc colonics, lo conic to
Paris. On his auival here, questions concerning -the East African
mandate will be considered again.
Japanese Fix Indemnity Claim
On Account of Destruction of   Tonnage During War
Washington. ��� Japan's claim "for
indemnity fiom Geimany on account
of thc dcsliuclion of Japanese tonnage during the war will amount to
not less than ��175,000,000, according
to advices from Tokio. The Japanese- steamers actually sunk number
26,,totalling 110,451 tons, and in addition, five vessels of 17,964 tons are
regaided as having been sunk bj'
German craft," although there is no
conclusive proof. Iu thc aggregate,
these vessels numbei 31, totalling 12S-
415 tons. ^ The amount of damages
desiied for loss of tonnage docs not
include personal damages due to thc
loss of lives.
Summary of Peace Pact
Germ inv   is  depuved  of   hci
Hci .ii my i-> cut to small is-
Mihl.'ij aspn .ilions aic pinned
Leonoinn. lcsinetious aie laid
down ������o" that sin. can paj indemnities
She  cannot  sti angle" rompcti-
' lion in  ti.ule.
Sapt basm coal output goe^ to
Fiance  foi   jcais.
She must make restitution for
damage to France, Belgium and
othci  countiics.
Heligoland must bc demolished
Kiel  Canal must be  fiecd
Alsace-1 on.iinc will be . ictuincd
L.\--k,usci Wilhelm will be
ti led
German    tcnitoiy.   must    bc
ceded on alt hands to suriound-
ing allied  nations
���   Fionliei of 1871 has to bc ic-
stoi cd.
Shc nnisi ienounce lights to
all colonics
Dismantling of Rhine fortieses   demanded.
Assume pic-war debts ou ceded  leiiiloij.
Allow uuhindcied li.tnsil in
Get many.
Internationalize hci livcis
and ghc up contiol ol thc
Gcim.uij must also pa\ lo
thc limit the cost of the wai
to all allied nations
Unrest in India
'Afghan Tioops and Tribesmen Cross
Bolder and Trouble Expected
I    1 ondon. ��� Afghan tiibcsmen have
'efosscd  Uki Afghan  boulci   with  thc
'.assistance of Afghan icgulai    troops
i and   h.nc   occupied   tcitain   positions
Ion the Indian side ol  the boulci, ac-
]eoiding to a despatch fiom thc India
Ifoieigu  oflice       Militaij' piccautions
have been taken by the Biitish, wdio
have  addressed  a  vigoious  note     lo
the Amii
It has been lepoitcd foi some time
that the ncw Amu had adopted an
iinfiieiidlj" attitude low aids lhc Biitish and contemplated an invasion of
the noilhwcst fionlier and Khjbcr
Pass, thc piineipal noilheiii pass into
that coyntiy fiom India. No large*
numbei of tiibcsmen aic concerned,
but tIicy have occupied some heights
of impoitancc comma tiding two roads
leading acioss the fionlicK
Talk of Anarchy
Heard in Germany
���    v      - *>*���
.     i         -X   t. ��i ���
*s^-   v~ &
- -v ���~t^r--i1
,.    ^       ��
"   *lu
���-1 s ���
Prisoners in Russia
Ammunition Depot Explodes
Demobilization Complete
By End of Year
Mcwburn Says That All Troops Are
Expected Home by August
Ottawa. ��� Gencial Mewbuin made
the statement that bj' next Februaiy
the estimate was that thcy would bc
Ihiougli with militia hospitalisation.
Patients in militaiy hospitals in Fng-
latiel wcic being evacuated quicker
than expected. Undci 14,000 wcrc
still to bc relumed to Canada and of
these 1,700 were still in hospitals in
Fiance He said theic wcic almost
14,000 in Canada lie expected that
thc whole of the tioops wonld bc back-
by August, and by the end of thc
vcai no one would bc letaincd except
foi   lhc pioblcm of clcaiing up.
Many KSsS^Ce��vUansSedSouth of! Government Should Aid
Buisscls. ��� A. depot   of    Gciman
"Black  Watch"    The <Best   Black
Plug Chewing Tobacco on the Market  (j���2s w;u
Provincial Premiers to Meet "
Ottawa."��� A conference of pro\ in-
"ciarprcmicFs "(Liberal) of-tlfcir~rci>
rcscnlalivcs, has been called to be
held in Ottawa on May 17, lo consider with the' leader of thc opposition, thc chief whip and thc opposition committee thc details of natioiihl
convention to bc held here on August 5, 6 and 7.
Germans Would Massacre Jews
London. ��� An Exchange Tclcgi.iph
company dispatch from Bcrliu reported thai haired against thc Jews
has been displayed lcccntly in the
Gciman capital aud that placards
havc been distributed, asking thc citizens to massacVc Jews because, the
notices, assert, thc Jews killed 200
children at Faslci.     /
Clause Stipulates Kaiser's Trial
Severe Discipline
For Russian Army
Drunken Officers to Be Arrested and
Court Martialled
Vladivostok ��� Severest . penalties
have been prcsciibcd by thc Russian
imlitarv' command on the Ekaterinburg fiont for drunkenness among
officers and men of tho new armj-.
An older recent!j piomulgatcd b\r
General Gaida, commanding thc Siberian ainij', states that drunkenness
is on thc increase, and thai ofTiceis
and functionalics arc frequently met
on'the sheets and in public places in
a drunken condition, and declares that
"this practice must cease foithwilh."
Drunken- oificcis and functional ics
aic to be aucstc.d and <outt martial-
led at once. Officers and officials
maj- bc ghui tip to five jcais' penal
seivitude. Soldicis guillj- of drunkenness and-'Molcnce ma\ be shot.
.P.ms. ��� Thc clause rcgaidmtj'rc-
sponsibilitics which was nol acted ou
at the previous session of the plcn-
arj'1 conference, it is-undci stood, has
been  incorporalcel in  thc  final  draft
of thc treat}'.    This provides for the
tiial  of the foimci   German  emperor
lor a supreme offence "againsU iutcr-
lulional morality and, the sanctity of ,        ,    ��� ,   , ,
.      ,.    ��� , ...       ,  ��� ,     f 1 mcnt   has  decided   lo  asK   thc allies
treaties,    by a tribunal composed of!. . ... , ^���. 	
r-cpicsentatives of Great    Britain, thc
ammunition containing shells and |
bombs of c\eij' calibic and main
gas shells has beeu exploding al the
railwaj' station at Grocndacl, six;
miles south of Buisscls, where Canadian tioops wcrc inspected by King
Albeit eight dajs ago. The depot
has been under gu.nd of 150" Belgian
soldiers, and si-c bundled Gciman
piisoneis have been at work near it.
It is bclic\erl there aic m.iiij' killed
and wounded, but the number of vic-
not  bc  known   for  sevcial
In Exporting Grain Crop
Manv houses  in   the  i.cighboihood
ha\c  completely  collapsed  and   wiu-
W.  Wood    Says - That    Failme
Would Be  Crime  Against
Calgaiy ��� Unless at an eaily dale
adequate slips aic taken b\ the Dominion go-\ eminent lo assist in financing the export of the gram ciop of
1919, Canada wi| lbc ronfitinted wi'h
the grc.'tcst ioncci\able disaster, is
thc opinion of Jl. W. Wood, president of the United Faimcis ot Al-
beita "If piesent prospects arc fulfilled," said lie, "the haivesl of the
present season will bc the greatest in
No Exchange of Prisoneis Effected
With Bolshevists
Archangel. ��� The commission of
allied officers which went to Vologda
to negotiate for an exchange of prisoners, has ictuincd lo Archangel, the
mission having failed owing to the attempt of the Bolsheviki to tuin the
meeting into a political one and their
evasion of the question of prisoners.
Thc commission found the prisoners at Vologda well treated and well
fed, but objected to the constant Bolsheviki propaganda.' Thcic aie fifty
allied prisoneis at Moscow. Tlnough
thc cffoits of the commission these
men, who wcrc foimcilj* in piison,
ha\c been given liberty of thc streets
China Refuses to Sign
Pans ��� The Chinese delegation
has icccived cabled instructions from
J'eking not lo siun the Ucatj- of peace
because of the Kiao-Chau Shantung
Instructions to the same cftect
have beeu jeeened lroin the representatives of llic northern and southern, governments in the peace con-
feicnce at Shanghai.
U.S. Thank Offeiing
Washington. ��� President Wilson
issued through Secietaij' of thc
Tieasmy Glass, an appeal ��to thc
United Slates people lo make thc
Vittoij-Libcity loan "A gieat popu-,
lar tliank-ofTeiing."
Thc total of the  loan  went  above
Wipe Out Austrian Navy
J\ins ��� The naval tcims of thc
ticaty to be presented to Austria, as
thej' have been completed, entiielv-
wipe out lhe Austuan navv. All the
ships of that n,iv\', laigc and small,
aie to be suiiendcied Their disposition among the allies is lo be adjust
cd latei
dows and roofs foi two miles aioutidj01,r histoiy, and exactly for this iea-
thc scene of the explosion have been S011 il 's 0��r eluly and il is of the
shattered. This is especially the J utmost importance that steps should
case at lloejlacit and ncfeliboiing ibc takc�� t0 uiatiic that it shall find
towns  wheic thcic  aic thousands  of I:ul  olltlct
hot houses-.   Thc movement ot Uains'    "l C:U1 conceive ol no moic sciious
over the Nami'i .Luxcmbuig line has  ci��u,c against  thc    people    of     this
been iiilciiuptcd.   It is icpoilcd" that i countiy than  for the authoiitics     to
while    woikmen    wcic    unloading a|fail t0 ^kc lllc ncccss.uy steps
wagon filled wilh shells a detonator^    "Perhap.-,,"  said  hc,    "the   go\cin-
Hun Murderer Caught
London. ��� The captain of a Gciman submaiine arrived in London
from Spain lcccnilj- and was placed
m thc towci. The Star understands
hc was commandci of a U-boat whicli
sunk so\ei.il hospital ships.
New York. ��� The Associated Pns3
has issued the following-
Feeling appaicntlj' is running high
in Germany over what is tciincd lhe
seventy of the peace teims, and ��} review of the opinion in Berlin says
that the people aic discussing the
consequences of a possible lcfii'al to
sign thc treaty. "Rather anaiehv
than slaverj'-," is thc remark hcanl on
all sides, thc review dcclaics.
One ncwspapei ci edits Hen Gie ���
berts, a memb'er of the German delegation at Versailles, as asseiting th.it
thc only immediate solution i- a
peace wilh Russia and thc ejnplov-
mcnt of Bolshcviki troops bj G��i-
Meanwhile, the German pcac< di 1< -
gation at Vcisailles continues it- 101-
midablc task of digesting thc pi.interim handed to it by Pi emiei Ch-
menccau. According to lcport.s ong-
inating from a high Biitish soma in
Taris, the delegates are di\ided in
their views on the drastic conditioiu
laid down.
Berlin. ��� The pailiamentary lead-
cis of all fact,ons, who .ire in Biihn
to attend committee meeting'?, ..dinii
thai thcy were stunned by thc s<vci-
ity of the proposed peace terms Beyond casual comment, howcvci, thev
declined to discuss thc entente's eon-
���iilions or details oi to forecast the
asscmblj'-'s probable attitude.
A leading member of thc Independent Socialists dcclaicd the peace ol-
fercd was wholly dictatorial, and that
its revision was possible only tlnough
a world revolution. The people,
though fairly stiickcn dumb bj- the
peace terms, arc now recovciing sufficiently to declare that Germain cannot and will not sign the compact, no
matter what comes.
Strikes arc increasing anel Bolshevism and thc Spaitacan tipiising of
the past two months have, if anything, made Geimany immune to the
possible hoi roi s which arc to be anticipated if tlicy arc again plunged into war, according to the best opinion here.
There exists a small group of Gci-
mans, chiellj' Conservatives, who ptc-
fer to see thc entente occupy the
whole countiy rather than to h.i\ c it
Bolshcviki, but Ihcj- arc in the dw md-
ling minoiilv.
evplotled in the hands of a    Gciman
piisonci,    setting  fire  lo  the auiimi-
mcnt  has a  plan,   but  if  so,   J     ccr-
tainly havc  braid  nothing of il, and
nitron boxes. Aftcr  thc explosion thc it is of the utmost impoitancc    that
Gciman piisoneis biokc tlic    baibcd  lhc  faimcis  should bc   leassurcd   in
wire  eouion   ���miiouuding   the    camp
and fled in all directions   tlnough the
wood-?     Oulj' 150 havc been arrested
since.   Thc Belgian guaids at the dc-jll,ro
pot  succeeded  in   escaping  in  ��afitj.i
Thc explosions w'ci c clcaih- hcaid in^
13iu-ss<ls      - - ;
this matter. Thc vital intcicsts, not
only of the faimcis, but of the whole
commu'iitj, arc bound  up in  agiicul
Helium for Airships
Desirable Six-Room House
Belgium Asks ior Big Loan
Without Such Aid the Countiy Will
Be Lost
-  Brussels. ������The-Bel^ian -guvei it-
United  States,  Fiance
Italy,     and
Italian Question Not Yet Settled    , .   .
���      ..   ,        ���,,     . . ,   . .,        -man  indemnities.
_\ew lork.��� lhc Associated L'tessj. ��� . .
, ,,     . ,,     . tot  Belgium to icccne a pirorrtv
has issued the following:
Unofficial advices fiom Paris dcclaic that thc contiovcisy ovci Italy's
claims to Finnic and thc Dalmatian
coast is' far from being settled. President Wilson, according lo these ad-
\ic<s, is not in agicciycnt with the
compiomisc plan, by which Italy
would bc given .1 mandate to administer until 1923, and then take possession  of thc city.
Huns Will Now
Face the Inevitable
Berlin. ��� Official quarters in Berlin havc learned thc probable terms
of peace and a lengthy session of
thc cabinet followed, at which thc
action which German}' is to take vvas
discussed. It was considered in some
quarters that Count von Brockdoiff-
Rantzau woidd refuse lo sign thc
peace treaty and resign, b' ��� the opinion is general that Germany must accept, since shc is helpless.
,'Ihc resignation of thc foreign minister would only delay a settlement of
the question, for, if his cabinet left
office with liim, independents, it is
believed, would surely urkc up "their
positions and their first act would Lc
to complete thc tcrm��.
The first newspaper tn Berlin :o
publish thc forecast headed it, "Germany's end as a great power,"
Th* Tagcblatt says thc size of thc
German   astny   can only bc ""decided
by il:z league of r.at--ns and that it mands.
will bc impossible to pay ��1,000,000.-
000 indemnity. Thc newspaper calls
the. decision regarding thc Saar
"Hardly disguised annexation," and
says that it cannot be accepted.
tor an immediate loan of $500,000,000.
"Without such aid thc countij will
be losl,'' said M Ja*pci, minister of
economics, to thc Associated J^rcsS.
"This loan will bc secured bv' Gcr-
It will nol suflicc
demnitv  to  thc extent of half a bil-
' Largc  Quantities Will Be   Produced 1
Siberian Army Needs Clothes |      in Canada at Low Price      !
_I  '    London. ��� Piotcssoi McLennan of'
Unique   Plan  Devised  for  Providing ��� J oronto  dmeisilj-,    was invited bj'
Wearing Apparel
the  Biitish .���dnuiaUv in  1915 to
Vladivostok. ��� Thc Siberian army i\t>ligate thc possibibtj of large scale
needs underwear and the powers that ip.oeluction ot helium, found in l?rgc
be h;ivc devised a unique plan foi (quantities ��J!''_rhiblc in_iiatiu_al gas in
providing this weaiing apparel. Iii|Ontano and western Canada, pioduc-
biicf, this solution is consciiplion ol'abie .it a cost of a shil'iug per cubic
undciwcai. j foot.    'J he  United States also co-op-
Thc male population of the eitj is [(rated and gave large orders foi nia-
ordcrcd to piovide thc elotlnng on chinciy and plants 'lluis the possr-
thc following scale: |bilily of  seeming  huge   supplies    of
rJ hose enjojing a salarj- of 600 to indium was assmed .-imuliancou��ly
1,000 ioublc�� a month must supph j with tin piaetual detail-, of produc-
one set. Those v\ho cam  fieun  l.OOd  'ion
lion elollais.
foi thconriug
sum    will not be'
ito   1,500  loublcs  a   month  are  .iskci
\irslup~  .nfl.iled  with  helium  have
hold out lhat long.
Soviets Arrest Revolutionists
��� PLAN-
It is not nccessaiv that the small
inexpensive home should be unat-
11 active as to CMteiioi  or incomplcle
.       . , foi   two   sets.     Prom   l,s00   to   2,00.V|xin  developed bj     the  Biitish uavj
 , I1 \0"! ��� .  . yCai"S   loubles   the   ta\   is   three   sets,     and ' ,,���i  t|10  pmgiiss ni.ule  wai rants  thc
andrtis   rmpo-.blc .oi  Belgium   >"   f,om 2,0n0,oublc, upwaid, four sus   (1[/lnion l!)fU    in    ilIlolliri    >,:(1iargC|
Owncis   of  ical  cs| Ue  and  comiiicr Iqu.-ntiii^s of helium will be  produced j and inconvenient in thc intciior.
jcia! ami industrial firms have to fui-jin t'aivada at a low  piiee and helium-1     j]lc   tlc*>i_n     shown     herewith   dc
ni��h uudcrwcu on the ��ainc scale1, ac-1 tlnC(j .nrsliii)^ will ix   m  sln,oe
I ondon.��� A vvirtlc^s message irom
Budapest announces thc e\ccution b\"
thc rcvolutionarj tiibun.il of two
men and imprisonment for a long!
term, with In.td labor, of scvcia! oth-|
cr.s, under accusation or planning a
conspiracy' on a large ���-calc. In a
public speech, the Hungarian com-
missarj', Mr. S/amurlj-, has elcscnbcd
coidintr to thc intmnc of their business     A   s.t   of   undciwcai   con-i��us!        Sweden's Last Ycar Harvest        j
of  one  villi t.  one  pair of pants,  one|     Stocklu'lm    ��� In   spur of the  fact
pah   e>f  soiks  .md  two pans  im" Tootjtli, t  tin   umiU of l,i-i  vcai'��-  h.uvesti
i,ie;>. j in Swede u mi
|  J ilium   complied   wish   llu    h.irvet
monsttates     llio^e   two     l.lets     absolute lj.
A glance at the peispectne and thc
leader iiistinv lively  thinks  of  an  c\-
Munich Expresses Joy
���i i
the dutj of the Bolshcviki as the stir-j Munich ��� All Muureh cckbiatcd
ring up of revolution throughout thcilhc victory oact thc Soviet govcrn-
whole of h-uropc. iment. Tlic strc<ts were crowded with
 " i people  who  chccrcel      the      passing
Starving People Shot by Keds "troops or cave thcm rerrcshmrnts.
London. ��� Four htirdrcd persons ��� Captured Spartacans were hooted as
were killed in Moscow last week tluj- j\cre cscortcel tlnough thc
when thc Red Guards wcrc called' >-trcct��, bands plajcd national air-:
upon to disperse rioters, sajs an E\-| outside thc captured palace and the
change Telegraph    companj- dispatch'crowds sang patriotic anthem*
The Danzig solution also is dcclar-1 emoting advices from Hast Germany.: ���	
ed to be inacceptablc.    The decision The casualties   resulted when crowds, Germany Reuses to Pay  Indemnity
lit   be  desi'tlhotl
{ilium conipiteel wish llu h.irvi
l')17. thc nlnnel.tij value show*
gic.u i'ltrease ior no.ulj .il! kiiuN of
cmals nnd vegetables 'llu ctntr.il
bin can of statistics cslnnaics that the
total v.duc ot lhc harvest amounts to
the largc sum of 2,3oO,43J,<M)fl crown':,
an increase of over L(;00,<)00,000
crowns on tl-c* averaire o��" 1913-1917, |
the amount then being 1.223,287,000'
is me-  1KM1','V0  home,  but  look  at   the  Hoot J for  thc   sleeping
.-1 plans  and  it  will  bc  seen   1h.it    the I thc   sups  from  thc
of this home arc artistically Root,
and naturally thc architectural proportioning is coricct.
The largc living room with its open
fireplace is laid out so that furniture may be placed to display itself
to advantage.
Notice nm wel' be drawn to the
secluded st recned verandah anti thc
sleeping balcony. Height is obtained
balcony ceiling liv
room  floor  level
I housi i- onK twenty-two feel by |
tv,eiitv-ci(,ht fit I 'lhc expensive1
i fleet is eiuc to the laet that thc lines I
to the Jloor of thc balconj.
This is an altc>gcthcr to bc
small home.
s" Dutch Frontier Problem
Brussels   ��� In  rcplv to an rnvrta-
tion  from Belgian socnJists tc>   their
ust Pay
Xew  York. ���Llie A-sOCi ucd Pie>
as to German}'s former colonics is
arousing protests.
The National Zciiung publishes
v\hat it terms thc official standpoint
thc government expects to take regarding thc peace terms.
The government, according to thc
newspaper, will refuse to sign any
part of thc treaty whicli provides for
"Oppression of Germany." For instance, the entente's standpoint regarding Danzig and thc Saar Valley
will not bf acceptable. Thc German
delegates, however, Trill make every
effort Iq institute negotiations on
these and   other   unacceptable    de-
asSvUibled, demanding food
���diyutiiiK "Down with Lcnu.c
Another Canadian Loan
Ottawa. ��� In thc house of commons Sir Thomas "White intin.atcd
that the government intended to float
another domestic loan, probably in
September. Thc amount vvas not
Highest Spire in the World"
The highest spire in thc world is
that of Ulm Cathedral, which is 530
feet in height.   It was completed in
Paris ��� The German delegate* to
the peace congress declare that thej
will sign the peace treaty, but that
Germany will not pay an indemnity.
In thc discussion of peace terms bjr
Germany, through both her official
and unofficial spokesmen, shc has i��-
variabH" drawn a distinction between
reparations and indemnity, consiru-
irg- thc latter in effect as punit've
dit:i?gcs. It seems probable, there
fore, that the refusal to pay an "in-
demnitv" would mom in cFcct that
shc wonld decline to p?y what she
regarded as such damage*.
Dutch comrades to proceed to thc|,ssncs thc following
Hclri.i'i crystal rn O'-dci to discuss
the elillcrencs iclating to the disposal of frontier territories, the Dutch
socialists have appointed a delegation
for that purpose. It will consist of
Messrs. Suzc Grocncvveg, deputy for
Rotterdam; YHegcn and Gigant, mag
istrates  of Amsterdam,    and  Koode,
editor of thc parcr Het Volk.
W.     N.     U.     1263
Went to Conference in Airplane
Paris. ��� Paul Hymar.��, the    Belgian foreign minister, left Brussels in
fan airplarc at one o'clock and reach-
Ied here at Jw o i> r.i.T in time to attend the jlenary session o�� the peace
tions anel  tlic  rehnomshment of  termor j'.
While  the    German    peace   pleni-}    Estimates have been made m P.ins
potcntiarics arc digesting thc tc.\t of'that fvc billion crowns T.'ill bc     de'-
the lengthy peace treaty handed them
anel communicating wilh the "Weimar
government as to thc demands made
upon Germany- by thc allied and associated powers, lhc council of four
is engaging: itself with the formulation of peace terms for Austria and
The German Austrian delegation is
reported already to have started for
manded as indemnity from Austria-
Hungarj-, in addition to thc determination of frontiers. Thc pre-war debt
of the former empire and kingdom,
it is stated, is to be divided among
thc newly formed states which have
arisen, or arc to arise in their old
It is reported that when the term*
of peace with Turkey are concluded,
St. Germain, France, there to await ��� the United States is to be requested
the summons to Versailles to learn i to become thc mandatory of Armenia,
what is to befall the one-time d��:al'and tLat President Wilson will place
monarchy in the way of the payment! the matte? before cc-ngress in order
cf indennatics, the making of   repaid-1 *hat a decision may J>e armed at.
>   :-.ii
1 11
i,j, ^     ��� w- if!'-: Xi.-:
wry o^Mr   v&f- * >  4
dndFurmf J 4
Do?Al6oA/e3r / /
*\{frt/3fer     / ~*y
THEY are mightily fanciful thirds to lake a bath
h in, lo be sure. Bul they are of 1-iencji inspiration And ihey come to us thiu th? happy
medium of a Bioadway show. "Listen. Letter, is
the laconic bidding of thc show, sort of taking, it for
granted that 3'cn're going to stop and look, loo. when
all this gorgeous salt-watei attire conies on. '
Maybe j'ou're going to wonder, also; wonder
whcthei you will be ordering something like that for
your summer suif suit. It's not extravagantly improbable lhat you will, you know. Many, of our
modes come to us fiom acioss the footlights, you
know also. And why not such laimsnl for the sands>
Every ball can't bo a masqucd ball. City streets are
not exactly the <;ocd-taste place for indulging freak
mode?. But the surf is thc grown-ups' playground'
So off with the conventional, and on with ihe
fantastic! Awfully retching ideas ior you here,     n
you go in for things with real "point" to tfyem, ycu
are gciig to take quite bciiously the togs on that    j
dc!ect~blc tow c/ femininity. Twould seem as if the   I     f
ci rater en*..* fii-t a starush, n' est-cc pes? |
jr st what he saw before he saw lhe much caped
and halted young person is rather difficult to guess.
Theft; is no question, tho, about her seeing no
sporting chance of going near the water. That lady
is going to content herself with making sand forts
cr promenading; oh, there aie any number of "dry"
l-l-."ncr<? that shft ran An -tinrllincrlv v'Xi]   ,or��of-��-.-,��J J:l	
!Xz      ...��     Xlsi.^'Cr.     ��      4 W|*i;-*
things that she can do startiingly well, costumed like
And the ether two lene mermaids? Well, they
te��l their own s*ory. The important point is, tho,
wiil it be the French idea on this side of the water?
��� *~ * "' ;V     jTi14/^:-���-^*-: * ^"'   -^--V-^^ ,
-. 'J?/
-  *-H> XI ~X��*< t    4A JfsJp'i
* *  - -��4_Sa,tf t��^i*t-^a��.* .'v- - f_ i
I sm
Irrigation as a  source of wealth
Stolen Goods
Being Returned
Everything From Furniture to Brrc-
a-brac and Books
"Buijl.u tiains" aic now making
then \\ ij rnlo Fi nice 1 hcj aic
bringing back household ^oods 'lr>d
sc unities stolen fiom Iicnch homes
and bmk-, l>> lhc Gcimans 'J lie
boxes  anil  crates  unloaded fiom   the
London Will Pay
Tribute to Marines
Every  Shipownei   in  Country to  Be
Invited to Take Part
London   ��� On   Satuuhj, July   IV
London is  to hive an oppoitnnitj  of
paving lnbiitt   to the Biitish inert m
tile  marine   foi   Us  lnigmfitcnt     scr
vices dunnj? the v\ar    L ndci  the aus
'piles of a commrucc headed bv   Mi,
liains  conUii   cv civ limit,   tiom aalu-|
iblc  old  Uunitu.c  lo  br.t-ab.at  and  C  J   j^��b'c'����nt   i ha., man of I lojd's
1 < vv a0riitultuial disliut- li i\ c
giown lo piospenlv moie quickly
and lounc'ed it nunc substantially
th in tlic counlij tubulin lo I tth-
bndgi in sou thcin Albcita Dnving
tlnough tins ttniloiv lowatds llu
md ol li-t sunimci, a pionuncnt offi-
eial of llic Dominion government it
Otlaw i, vvho had been nfaking an extensive toiu of v\cstiiu Cmada, ic-
m.nkcd that hcie wcic tlic most pios-
pcious ag-iicullmal communities lie
had ^evei seen during'the \yholc of
Ins tup \ovv flu* i cm nk is i dative Ail ovci v\estern Canada thcic
aie vciv prospcious distiicts, w'heic
modem homes,, sp icious bains, well
filled giatiarics, good si/cd licids of
h\ cstoek and manv othci signs i cflcet
the v\clfarc of lhcir ovvneis Reason
uidj be given in one vv o'd���u ligation
Dnving i.i to one of these distncls
fiom tlie cast, one cannot help but bc
immediately lmpicssed /J he moie
compact settlement, the deep giecli
fields of alfalfa, m which hogs, sheep
or cattle aic pasturing, the substantial faun buddings, mostlv sunound-
ed bv ticcs.^lhc well fcucco fauns,
all these aic cvidcncc'of a piospciity
which is being built up on "sound
lines '\ measure of thc fast development of thc whole of llic tcinloiy
Last ot Lcthbudgc is thc village of
Coaldalc, foi this village has grown
with thc disluct But a'vciv shoit
_ >nnc ago a lailvvay siding onlj, Co.il-
tl ile is now an active business centie,
with a lumbei jaid, haulvi ate business, gencial stoics, hay maikct, clc-
yato; f.icihlics, bank and other businesses lhc eommunilj is also served hy one of the best and niosi up-
to-date consolidated schools in thc
Piobabl> no other community in
Canada has icccived moic-sctllcis
who hive pmchased lands at the.high
aver igc puce whieh has be/n paid
bv those v\lio have settled among thc
Co ildile community cluune tiie last
two vcirs Many of these scltleis
have comc fiom the ungated dislncts
of thc Slates, particulaily fiom AV.ish-
mgton, Idaho and Cahfoinii Au
lllusti.uioii will scivc lo show lhc
v due pliccdsbv thcm on the land m
this tei itoiv. 'A sctllcr w no purchased a hum foiu miles west of
Coaldalc at $102 an acic, icccntlv
bought thc quaitci section adjoining
him foi $100 an acic    llns w is vvilh-
One old Ficnth funilv owning a
chaltau ii what was thc wai jica
his just itccrved several boxes of
laic old volumes stolen fiom the
chateau hbrprv bv the boche lhc
books wcic m good condition cxetpt
lor the tact thai the boxes h id stood
out in lhc lain on some Genu in station plalfoti.i ind the bindings wik
badlj   soiled
Quantilus of siKci tablcw uc, v tillable paintings, and othei small house
tuimshings hive just been rccoveied
bv ufolhu 1 lcnth fanuh m anothci
vv is Ilcfoic the Gciman ndc leichcd
then eluteau, thc faniilv had part ol
one of the walls toin out on tht n-
side \11 thr family v iluables wcic
then pi iced in thi v\ dl and it was
again but! ed np \. piece oi tapcsliy
hid lhc spot wlicic the woik had been
done on the vv .ill Returning to lhc
thalc 11 after thc Gciman icticat, tht
family valuables wcic it moved fion
the wall, none the vvo.se ioi thin
loin   veils'  1 ui nil
A diftcienl sloiv is 'nought nou
Sc bn and Roumania Thcic, il is
staled; lhe Gtinians had established
scivants in thc homes of the  .vcalth-
cveij slnpovvnci in thc counti} is lo
bc ntxitccl to lAc put, and for the
hist tunc ackqiuU iibe of the Ihamcs
1 iiibankmtiit is contemplated lhc
idea is that from Bkcklmrs to Chcl
sea thcic shall bc a procession of
hnndieds of ship's hie bo its, dccoiat
eel wilh the colors of the aaiious
lines, anti nirnncd bv nun vvho again
and again nsked their lives m following their calling 'lhc newly foim-
cd league of arts foi national and
eivu ecicmoiv), *i8 Bei nets street,
Londo i, \\ T, will inidcnaki the dec-
oi.ition of the lhamcs Lmbankmcnl,
the pagcintiv, md the liuisie, on the
lines suitable to this tubule ot the
cpjtal ol  tht cmpiic
German Outrage Condemned
Attack Directed Against Valenciennes
Hospital Bcfcie Evacuating It
London ��� A lcmukablc instinct
oi lhc insidious methods emplovcd by
tne Genu ins wlulc m flic mv uled legions of northern I mope is told b>
the chief suigeon of the Dutch hospital foimeilv instilled m thc Bois dc
Boulogne,   md  since   tiinsfeiicd     to
out an j lnipiovcintnts except a tim-
othv meadow But the piopeilj could
not bc bought fiom its puichasti now
foi less than $150 an acic, and he has
been lit ud lo ltmaik he would nol
c.i'C  lo  sell at  that  puce
lhc numbei of tenant faimcis
thiotiBhoul the Lcthbudgc thstiitt
wiio aic purchasing ungated land at
similai prices is a g��od lllustialion of
its piodnctive value ilcn who havc
fanned land licit for a v cai oi two
on a icnt.il basis .ue puichasing it
now al ninety and a bandied dollais
an acic Instances ol snch pin chases
dining the last j eai o. tvvQ_aic becoming nuineious and the infcicncc;
is thai thc bujcis have made sufficient money out of then eiops_to be
able to pui chase the land on which
thev vvcie giown This is piobablv.
onc~of lhc mosl sinking facts in con-,
ncttion with the'jdcvclopnicnt of the
district, for the men vvho have
bought these lauds knew what thcy
were capable of pioduciig
As foi idling, the eltmand foi and
by tenants is turpieccdented, notwithstanding the fact thai rents have
doubled m ni.m> ^cascs during the
last thice vcais Whcicas at that
tunc ungated 1 md vvas being i en ted
at $t and $6 an acic, as much as S10
and $12 an acic vas p.aid m 1918,
while ovvneis who icntcd then land
on the ciop plaii'icccivcd much ipoic
th.Mi this in iuan> instances
The chstiict has been favoicd bv
the miival . nd sctllciiicnl thcic of a
huge numbei ot scllkis of high avci-
,'gc intelligence Host of thcm have
hid  cxpcncncc with nligation    clsc-
wheic and arc able lo make comparisons with other dislnctc llic'concensus of opinion of lhc=e men is lhal
the facilities for nligation in southern Albcita t-qual or arc supeiioi to
those to which thev lnvc been accustomed A farmer who e unc fiom
one of the liugitcct" distiicts in Ichiho
catly tins sc ison was al fiist somewhat diseouiagcd with conditions in
Albeiti But business inattcis ic-
quiiing his ictuin lo Idaho latci in
the season lie had ,u\ opportunity to
compare conditions o,nd ciops in his
Ithc genci il hospilil at \ akiicicnncs
.cr families as long as two vc us be-Mhc M11���C011i D, ,cl,i lionhovcn,
fo.e  the va.       The    wciUhj    Sabs I spokc m sll0nj? ^ndcnu]Mo,v lclmb
of the attack ductUd bv  tht Genitalis
against the \ alcncitnncs hospital be-
and Roumanians concealed then valuables in tht walls of then homes
Buwis soon as thc boctic annus appealed the Gciman servants immediately disclosed vvhcio the valuables
wcic hidden The walls were loin
out, and cv civ thine, la"kcn aw.iv
Veterans Projnote
A Big Scheme
\ lcloua, BC  ���A communitv  settlement scheme for vcteians, embiac-
toic evacuating it 'J hey opened thc
nitlci which conliols thc water sup
plv and suiioiiiided it with a com-
picsstd subst.'nec of a highly objectionable iidluic in such ,i v av as Ip
cause ginduil contamination vv'icn
the w itci was tinned on FoiltrnUtlv
thc outl igc was chscoveicd in lime
rV& wig Ginada^
"Be Prepared"
Scouting in China
forms���the brotherhood of \ta scouts,
"S^ouling is a new v.a; ot lookmj
at life fiom the bojs'- standpoint It
is practical Christianity Of course
it doesn't go far cno"gh, trif it is a
magnificent ioundation tc work upon.
It's not much use talking to bovs m
general terms aboul sin and punishment and salvation Gi.c thcm something positive, get tliti"- minds off
themselves to think of-otfccis, and
how what thev do affects others;
give thcm good things to think about,
set up an image of good btfert thcm
not .'s something th.it irowns when
thev go wrong, but as an ideal that
tasciiiatcs them, keep thcm busv and
useful "3 lit ri, having _rot tins ideal
thev find that Chi ist stands fot 'hit
and much moic "
Scheme for Tunnel      }
Formulated in 1867
Experiences  of  War  Have   Made  It
Nearer Fulfillment
j     London   ���   J hc    revived     i.itcitst
j shov n in  tht projeet of const)ucting
| a   tuniicl  uudi i   lhc   Sti.uts  of  Dovci
j lo connect  Lngland and  Fiance     by
I l.ulwaj     is-   a   Kinnulci     that     llns
stlitmt  was inst fon milled in  1867,
and th it only lhc cxpcnciiccs of the
Having Good Effect on Eoys of Istj w Vl   illKi thc'incic rsCd  fiicndslup bc-
Ilankov/ Tioop l tween   llu   two   countnes   on     cither
'J he  following  cxli.iets  fiom  a  ie-   .^    0f t!lc  0ila���,Ki    \un c    J1)a(ic lt
poil icccived bv  thc J ondon mission-  nt.nu   fuliillmtnl    Ivcr  since thc ic-
Insrsts  on Speedy  Restoration
Buisscls ��� Le'Sou sa) s lhc ciovvn
mg lhc  puichisc  of  7,000 acics     ot  l0iinci, ,ll<ucs lhc opinion thal lf thc
taiming  land  on    Vancouver   Island,
old    communitv    wilh    those    in l-ie ^    ,    ,, ,       ,     ,   ,.
,     .    ojL-vvhich  thev   alieulv   hold options
baekr    , " .   , , ,      .     ,
I cthbiidgc cliitnct, and he e unc
lughl>  cl ited    'Conditions m Albcita
aic cvci  so much bcllei," he said
Ihcsc ficts aboul the Lelhbnclgc
distncl aic lnlcicsting because they
lcficct the cnoimous possibilities of
the othci lingablc aicas ot southern
Albcita l-roni like conditions like
lcsulls mav bc expected And what is
being attomphhhed at Lcthbudgc cm
bc actomplrslicd in oihci pails ol
soullitin Albcita yvlicit similar conditions picvul It is only cluiing thc
list ftv\ vtais,thal people have begun
to appreciate at then piopei value
the nngabk lands ncu "Lcthbudgc,
but since thej have begun lo icahrc
llitn Avoith development of the goun-
tiv has gone on apace " lhc effect
of this development his been an
uvakciirng ol mlcicsl in otlui uriga
ble aicas in thc province and a moie
1 ipic'l settlement of thcm As these
aicas uc consulciablj l.ugci than the
Lcthbudgc dislncl the cftccl of then
development on thc promptntv ot the
piovmec rs lirtalcul ibk
is being piomotcd bv one hundred of
thc vcteians themselves lhc Dominion and piovintial govcinmcnls
will bc appealed lo in an cftoil lo
put rl tlnough themselves, having
foinitd a tom'pany capilah/cd at
^300,000, and ahead} arranged foi a
stock issue wilh an Edinbuigh fnin
Llic icsull ot this plan will hc thc
settling ol between 300 and -100 people ou this land, and the development ol manv lndu&tiics on thc island,'for the vctci uife inltiid to -make
a bid foi otlui business than fanning, although that will bc one ot the
mam    ssets ot the conimui.il}
final pcatc ticitj docs not contain
the ncicss.ii} conditions for the
specih usloi.ilion of Belgium bv
financial nicisi'ics and assuiances of
diplomatic suppoit foi demands vital
to Belgium s scciuitv, it will bc thc
dutj of lhc gov eminent lo lccom-
mend to pailuimenl that it ieject the
peace treat}
aiy soeietv from then lcpicstnlalivc
in China, \ii Stanley i- Boxci, ait
ot iiiltitst in showing what a good
efteel stoutint, is having on thc bovs
of the 1st Huikow tioop of thc
Chinese  Bo%   Seoul  association     <
"Anothci thing ] would note is the
giovvth of senousness miongst thc
bovs One bov boasts of the cxtia-
oidinaiv na nc of Ciccio XI sen 1
hcaid the ic.isou afleiwauls lie is
cxlicmcl} hnd working anel conscientious, and the fact thai in mj
physics" examination Ins maiks sunk
to" 11 out of 50 so impicsscd him
lhat hc decided to incoipoiate the
numbei in his name as a pcipctual
lemiiulci A he Lold to the scout-
maslci bj a scout made thc defaulter
so misciiblc lint, though rl meant an
cxliaoidinarv amount of loss ol face,
he came and confessed But thai
scouting has pi'oved a spiiiluil foicc
J have abundant pioof, and lhc whole
tiend of the movement is aw iv fiom
the base soichcl which kills iclit,ion,
and low aids sliaight living This
tcim his been one of the cvccptional
possibilities   foi   double,  but    things
port of the fnsi \nglo-l .inch committee was made on thc subject, active woik has been held up bj the
altitude of Bntish nirlitii} opinion,
lhat opinion, according to bn '\r-
thiu 1 ell, M P the chairman of thc
house ot commons channel tunnel
committee has now cxpciicnccd a
change, and fiom this change anscs
the hope of the suppo'lers of the
scheme, tint the const.i.ction of thc
tunnel m iv  at last be liken in hand
Y.M C A. Building for Negroes
St lours, Mo ��� A new Y M C A.
building, creeled at a cost of $200,000
foi thc usc of the laigc negro population of llns citv, was icccntlv dech-.
catcd, the mam address being made
by United Stales Senatoi Scldcn V.
Spcncci St Louis ncgiocs contnb-
uted  $60,000 of  the  funds
havc passed oft vciv smoothly? and'
this I atliibutc rn put, at least, to the
sliong link limning tlnough all    the
Small Powers Allowed
Puis ��� It was decided that thc
following delegations which were to
bc excluded will bc admitted to the
congicss al \ eisaillcs vvl en the peace
terms aic handed to ihe Germans:
Chin i, Siam, Cuba, Guatemala, Nica-
tagua,   ITavti,   Panama,
Libciia    and
Bavarians   Blow Up Train
Three Hurdred Dead Soldrers Taken
From Wreckage
London ��� Bavarian Spaitacan foi-
ecs Invc blow n up a train ciowdtd
with Republican tioops near Munich,
according to_thc Zurich coi respondent of lhc Exchange Telegraph com-
pauv Three hundred dead soldicis,
thc message adds, havc been liken
ficm the wreckage
Bcihn ��� Heavj fighting1 marked
the cnlrv of B?vanin and Gciman
government troops into Munich, thc
communist stionghold in Bnana,
and theu wcic heavy losses ou both
lhc -joveminent foiees cnlciid the
cilj aflci a conimunisl oftti to negotiate hid been refused ll'tv nut
Willi a ck-sptialt rcsistaiiet which
made it neccssarj to fuht foi cuh
]>ositiOii lhe attack ��� is timed out
bv combined Prussian I'avanan ,uu\
Win ten bin", troops
Decision Rcserted in China
Pans ��� Serious trouble has biok-
en out in China as a icsult of the
dcctMoi1 of thc con led of three vnth
lcgard to Shantung and kiao Chan,
iticoidm.? to news itctived fiom au-
thoritivt circles here
In  nots in  Peking, the house     oL
Tsao Yn Liu, miuislei of coniniumta-
tions, who  was fiicndly    to     Tap��m
was burned
Quiet in Egypt
Londo.i ��� Tlie situation tn Fevpt
is now outwardly quiet lhc total
mihl. iv c sualtus during the past
two mouths were live Bntish killed
.and 50 wounded, Indun t'-oop
Six 1 tlkd and 25 wouded '11-c ca>-
ualtrcs among tht rioters are estimated at undci one thousand, includ
ing prcditorv   Bcdouinc.
Chinese Parliament Protests
Against Award of Krao Chau to Japanese
\rcw "ioik ���1 he Assoualcd Prcsb
issued the following
lire Japanese question has been
scttlcel_and rcithei_&idc to- the_con
lioveis} of Italy's claims to Fiume
and the Dalmatian coast hue evinced
anv intention of sceknig to continue
discission of thcm
Both houses of the Chinese paihamuli have piotcstcd against the
aw. id of Iviao Ch ui to the lapaicsc
and liqucstid tht untondition.il ic-
tuin ot this slutlegic seapoit to
China and Ii Kiwi's* the abrogation of
eonccssion ou tlic Shantung pemnsu
la Hint's delegates tc Ih-cTcacc
ton.o.cucc liiyt askcil foi m ofti.ci.il
statement ol the Kuo Chau do<-i-io'i
bv   thi   council of time
Weather Favorable
For Secdins:
Cal���'iiv, Vita ��� In tin. fir st ciop
icpoits icccived bv thc CPU, the
general ciop conditions llnoUtJiout
lhc tcinloi; iionnd 1 dntonlon a^c
considcitd vcij-good 1 hcTc is iio
seeding commented as vet, but thcic
has been some work on tht giound,
and ptobiblv wcic it not foi the
.ans ol the past coujlr of weeks
seeding would havc been r urlv gencial lhc weather is favoiible, according to thc lcports, and lhe lams
'iavc simplicd the Piycli-iiccdcd mois-
luic If is thought seeding operations yv ui be gcnci il bv mother week
In the Coion ition sibdivision conditions uc icpoiled excellent and seed
mg will  bc geuei il this week
Geimany to Keep Kiel Canal
I'.uis ��� J he council oi three his
settled tht statu- of the Kiel end
Giiirtmv piobihh will ret un piopin-
loislup ot the waleiv ,v but tolls foi
passage through tl will be levied und-'i anmice  Gin ull, rn'mbei
ei  inUni.itior.il co.iliol
I'rcnuci  David Lloyd George, P>i
mm  Clciuenccau atid Piesicknt \\ il
son have ^cllled  the qvcstion  of lhc
Gemia.i unclet*-ei cable-  lhc decision
was  i cached  thai  thc     cables     wcic
spoils of Vwii   and lulenccd  to  those
Break Up Fc bidden Meeting
I onrhni ��� Bi.tish tioops broke up
i foibtdvku nuetiiii, at \thluuc lie
hnd, bv ehiifiig upo l the e owcl
with the bivo.iCi \ nnn.bei ol petrous ��uc wounded ,\^d ."iiioicd t.us
'i. vc   take.i  |oss'��-io.i  <>"  tho    ]��1 ice
<n   p uha-
{ u   nl  foi   \\ < stncat'i
dduss t.ie mei liner
..lie   i'>led      to
pow cls
winch   look     possesion      of
0     Hungary to- Fight On
Copenhagen���'lac Ilungaiim conimunisl government his rciu-cd     thc
armi-ticc tt rms ofu u d bv     Km i i.ui
and has  decided  to light lo  liic    nl
mo-t, a dispatclj irom 13ud.ii est '-���v-
CongiCfcs Begins Sessions
Ncw  York   ���lhc   \s~ocialcd Press
issues the follow mg
lhe peace congress at \usailks
has torniallv b^.f.un itj sessions llie
ivcnluil d iv which thc woild has
aw uti d "-rncc the  signing ot the atm-
f,  Irs,
" DemobJszatron Nearly Completed
London ��� Il is announced that
Gcnei 1 Sn \i thin Clinic h is become i mc > bei of lhc milit.uy council at the ovciseas ministij Jt is
also stated tl al the dcmobihi ilion of
the Cnuhans trom Fi nice has now
i c uhed a s' igc winch icnekis ii u i-
ncccssir> lot the geticial's picsCncc
thcic lie will now can} out his woik
fiom I ondo l lhc ovciseas eouneil
was lonmd about twelve months ico
with Su Fclwaid Ivinip, Gencia's
luinci llosailh, lhackei, I ostcr
and Ross and othcis as Its mcm.uis
but uolhiiig much has been given
out rs to ils domgs as a bodv Lieut -
Col 'I homas Gibson has ako been
added  to  lhc ���< eUlncil    -   - -  ���
Briiish Women foi Canada
Ottawa���A. Bntish mission which
is Iookint, into the question ot oppoi-
lumties foi the stttlcnunl ot women
in Canada, is no a in the capital consulting witli lhc various government
dc-pailmcnts tonccincd lhc mem- p,0f,i ^hiring is often hind of in
bcis of the u ission an \\ Wvndh i> 1.c0 niftion with om mcuistiic^, but a
who visited Canada m 1915 to obU mi huge f.um opciakd on this basis
muniiion woikcis loi Great Bn m,(sounds iPogcllui homI Such a
\Li-s h    >l   Giidhr, adiMiiusti ,���(,,   o'^dicnic   his,     howcvci,   been   taincd
"'"'ion   wilh  cieat   s'ueess  m      soulhcin
'I'0! \lbcita for   i nuiuhci  of vcirs     It is
tl��j i hobby  oi (.    "s   ^ol>Ic, who in 101=!
m ulc   i tcputaiion  dl o^tr  the world
>\   In,vexing whit    was  cliuncd   to
bc   i lccoid tiop ol   v licit on   1,000
atu-,   tin    ivi'igi   vie hi  pel   aCit  on
this     He i vvoikiuv, out .it v ell    ov 11
fifty bu luls te> the   icu        I lus r- a
rceoid lhat has not      been    equalled
auvwhcit out��idc ot    Mbci'a, though
it is (lunicd    th  t    it wis surpassed
hv  . no'hci   l.unic  in Albcita in that
yen   ot  record enn corps
Mi   Noble h��s devoted tonsidtr-'ble
study   io   the  subject  of  piolit   shar-
rng     His bthei is lhat cvciv   vvorkcr
j .s  c.ititkil  to   i  shne  ot   the  v eallh
.he Cicile-s   .uul in th�� \obIc I'oui*d.i-
the   Womens   Kov ���!  An   lone,
.Miss  Gladvs  Pott,  who  dimn��,
war w.s tiavclhng mspccloi   fo
women s blanch ot the boaid of
eultuic  in  3 ngland
Renewing Trade iri Argentina
Buenos Aucs ��� lhc Argentine legation ai Bc-hu has labled that a
syndicate hari been oigant/cd m tint
citv lo make hcavj piuchiscs ol Ai-
gentrne meals, ccieals, and othei
loodstuffs lire German delegates
will sul lor this cit> immcch.itck
ihe legation s->vs thej .uc "cmpowci-
cd to co-opciate with German citizens and German banks in Buenos
Vires in obtaining food supplies "
Fort \\ llhan , Ont   ��� \\
wcvk since   \pril 19  there has
loaded  at   and   cle ired     from
isiirt on  \oi ember II  hist  v
i<  1 '-t arrived
iln    Gc   i,'.i  pure delcr Ics h->VLlior ei-tein port
Chinese Cables Cut
Pan's ��� L-iutcd States Mini��ter
Rcuisch, at Peking, has informed Scc-
rctarv of State Idnsi.ig that ail wire
communications out of Peking have
been cut except foi one wire which
goes to Siberia.
Kerensky Is in Paris
Pairs   ��� Alexander Kcrcnskv, the
former Russian premier, is in  Fans,
it bec smc known.   Hc has not, how
cvci,  riide an  appearance in     peace
conterince  circles. *
W.     N.     U.
Canadians Helped Take Bomb Men
\ ladivosiok   ��� An    attempt    was
m?dc with Iiombs en tic hfc of General Hoivath i-ecentlv. Canadian^ assisted m  thc  csp^urc  of the    a^spjl
-i   '  tn.     of the   allied jtoc.,  cinud   In   twelve  boats
' i>iyvc__-   <  il  icross tho,,,,; s   tli-   tlutc   wis    chared     some
I bit    ! ive  timed out[barlev,  flax   and   rve _  Xearlv   r.ll  ol
the first preliminary, winch probabl> fthis  grain is being shipped  on    ac-
iittlc    IP
i d -"ssix j  t   i
- in   bii'
thin    thc j
1 ,     Ition, the nine undci  which lis com-
')ecl1, . ,   , ,  .
p    .   pitiv   i- nicorporit��d,  i"c ''nd  lus as-
\rthui    2904,000    bushels ot    v hcal^0LllUs ,,"�� lntd to I,,U th,v U,corx
this being thc cai-]mto l,,',ctu" ' hls    ��-��n��P'1"*  ��^"s
will mean a return to actual peace in
the pot lar distint uiluie.
Germany Prepares to Export
Be^-hn ��� Dne-t confcro-ices be-
Ivvtcu bin ers ot the Ka'i potash syn
cheitc, to take place at Hamburg have
lucn urthon.'cd bv the government
lhc coal svi.dicatc has bc*n given
s'milai aut lorilv 1 his act-on is the
first <ii,< c th'" ^iinis'icc to indicate
that German funis are to be r>cr pitted to carry  on direct dealings,
count ot  the   export    ordeis.    Altogether tlcre arc 30 000,000 bu��h��db cf
wheat  to  be  liken  ovc bv   the  ex
port board, rnd it tins rate of irov
mg it will  soon he on  the waj.
Liebknecht Case
Bei i.c  ���^i\(v th cc wittesse
tcsi'tici m t' c tml ot the ri.io pcr
sons   t,h'-gc"l   w t1'   tic     riurdcr     ot
Kirl   fitbk. ult    and  Ki-i   I-iXttV
Imrg v hieh xvi'I b 2.t n   Bcrin   Ger-
C7i   VOl   llo'l      I V ill   pT'i'k.
p , iiui oi^ei^tcs fr.i.i piopctv, slopes
cl^vaiois to the vl,��c ol over two
null o l  do'l irs
Any employee who has been long
enough Willi the company to prove
Ins v ilue i lav become a pirticpint
in tlu sthenic uivl thc met hod ot acquiring t*oek is -vcr>\,in,plc lhc
employ Ct is required to p i> 1o- tin
jfcr cei t ol hi- stock in cash and
i-r.ve   a    note to   thc balance at eight
l ner   r. n.      in'iicq I'c   tl C11   n ,tkos
1 ivuicuts     of     a    certain
uri . ���> prv  oil the note, to aPic'i
al-c> lus di1 ulc ils lie    crcditcc'      Li
tins I. i-imr his s{oik rs paid oit i...
Ij   rapuili.
(1) Oats gi*ow well in Alberta.
(2) An Albeita wheat field in autumn.
Xecdless to sav, manv ofjhc employees .iv nl themselves of the op-
poilii'iiiv lo become uhaichoklers
Lust vcai thev d ew a dividend of
fittccn pet cent on lhcir mv csl.ncnt
despite tlic 1 icl 111 it la-t season vv i��
trcncrallv ccnsidcicd �� dry one In
1016 -1 div uie id ol tvvcntj tive pc
iviit wis paid, and in addition a c<y\
sideia1 le 4iiii yv s jlucd in thc reserve   tund
lhc results ol the operations o*
this compiiiv aic 1 striking example
ot the product,vc cipicilj 01 the soil
m southern Mbcrta and thc kind of
crops lhat ip.i_i be expected if cuc-
inl aud proper firming method- arc
lollovved It is q. c-lr<ui, I le 11 thc hind
t'uv o.mi is any better ilrn.il millions
ot .uts 01 other l-i d in the province, I sav incs
vet  last  vc r, whi .1  vv i-  the  <lr\ est   draw mc
tlurtj-eight bushels of wheat and
ninety-two bushels of oat*. With such
high average viclds as these the big
dividends need not cause any surprise
An instance 01 thc 'i.ogrcssiv eness
ot thc Noble rotndition aid its faith
in the countiv v as the purchase in
the nil ot 1917 01 a lanrc uuich of
iboLil JUOCO acrc= On this projrerty
ti'iiiv ,nc miles of graded road hive
been    constructed,     sivlv     miles    of
thicc wire fencing put up, several
first cla=s buildings erected, five
wells drilled and 16,000 acres broken.
Tne profit sharing scheme has been
successful bev ond expectations. Many
employee:,    have    availed themselves
of tl
opportunity to invest their
"i the com pa "iv and are
dividends    en their    stotk-
pivc jper ctin
, i\ ntlilv
sc-son ever r^rerienctd, tu^ rv c .?gc' \f >    Nc^Mc  has    proved t1 at a large
vicld ol wl cat y as tvvcitv to'f bt->h-,iarm can be opcratccLsucccssfulh  in
els  ot  v
ti.tv bi ���
, licit per ac'-c,
he1- ner a- r*
. rd 01     oats
Still more in
jtc-^-tinc: 1- thc avira^e io   tic vci-sjfit  ��.i,���-n
ll*>ll to 1917, v Inch was no less thanjy.i'!
��.00'' vcai- and ba I . r.dcr cood n<au~
and the futt f* of his   pro*
j scheme wnl be     watched
great i-tcrest
'IKl jn H
+~*< >
-X- ���*rc'-f^, "ir THE     LKIXiE,     Gr-fTW.XXVOOl).     B      (\
If Your Food
Ferments or Disagrees
Jasi Read This!
Thousands of brokin-dovwi despondent dyspeptics have icccnlly been
given  back  their   health.
Ihcse happy people don't proclaim
ilvvas a miracle thai endow cd tlicui
with a new lease ut life���it was simply their common sense iu selecting a
tried and proven medicine, one specially adapted to ihcii particular ailment.
All tlu-e -plcndid cir.es weie effected by Dr. Hamilton's Pills whicli
beyond all question have a sliangc
power to ic-sloie a weak
lf your stoni.trh is died
w.n ked. try Dr. Hamilton's
nott. the piompt imp.ovi menl. Pain
hemic 01 after cuing will disappear.
\ou'll no loiter have thai nausious,
H.is-y, bad tasting scn-.iiion. You'll
net a ical vigoioiis appctiu and digest
uh.U _you eat. Lots of will digested
food is bound to incicasi vour
Mi< uijtli, to in,.he yon lnigliur and
niorc aiiiiiitious. In ;t week you'll feel
like a dilTerrni pei-on, in a inonth
you'll Ik   pciiuaiuntlv   ic-toicd.
hoi' folks who aic out of soils, nol
filling ju-t up to the seiatch, pcr-
li..ps bothiud with lu .'niacin's or
i ���iiistipation, to ihi'in Dr. Hauiilton's
I'ills  will  pic-ve a  bomi.
or ailing
and over-
Pills, and
The Fiendish Turks
to women lhat au past belief, and
I vvas helpless, a branded pri-one"
with ;\ pi ice upon his head. By
ini'lhods that r.r<- too long lo tell } ou,
this Arabian and nijsclf plotted ancl
planned together and succeeded in
escaping. Finally wc managed to gel
in touch villi British troops.
"Let mc tell you that no imagination can do full justice to what I
have been through during the time
of niy impiisonmcnt in Turkey."
Before ho left 1 asked Mr. kough-
lon if there were man} eases of
branding Mich as his, and hc told me
lhal the particular brand of the
"Spider of Death"' was not usual in
Turkey. It was done only in the case
of men vvho were considered of special d.ingti to the community, and
upon the head of whom a price was
set Ihu in Turkey the- "Spider of
Di-aih'' is a maik cu fcaiful significance, and its giuesomc charactci
makes ii icnibly trying, ll is very
haul for a man not to be able to
lake off hi- lm in ;l 0;itc or public
building without seeing people slmel-
"I don't believe thai the maik can
ever be lakcu away. I am told thai
some men who have been branded
.in having skin grafted over the
maiKs, but it semis to me ihe scar
will he almost .is bad as the mark-
it self."
M. Houghton has ,i daughter, a
niil  of  twenty-two.     who
- 1 uursiiij
Man Taken Prisoner in Mesopotamia' | ,.
Tortured  Under German
A w'lilcr in Lloyd's  Sunday    Xews
tells the story of A. Roukluon, a native of Chicago, and a man of power- i 	
ful strength, who served iu the  13ril- j Bal>V PniltlS
has been
with tin- Red Cross in
re. She was badly Injured durine: the bombardment of one of the
hospitals by the Germans, and she
has now i etui uul to Kngland with
her father.
From Raid Relics
ally  high,  fine  forehead  gives  plenty I
of  room   fo
r   a   sinister     sign
iIi:Uj',Yv,'B ���
.-irctclu.s  fiom   temple  to  temple audi        -    v>1
fiom  the  arch   of  each   eyebrow    to   ,n P^ambulato.s,
the edge of the scalp.    Tt is a heavily
tattooed  design  of a  huge    ciab-likc
cicature, whieh hc afterwards told me
is  called  "The  Spidci   of  Death,"   ot
lhc scorpion.
hi some honiblc frenzy of imagination tin's creature, which had been
pricked with blue, red and urccn
inks upon his forehead, has been
i;ivin time bodies. One lies over lhc
other, and each outline is clearly
Wealth in Arctic  Regions
Stefansson    Has    Plan    to    Develop
Wool, Milk and Meat Industry
Ottawa. ��� Vilhajalnuir ijiefansson,
the Canadian Arctic explorer, in an
address before a larne attendance of
members of pailiainent and scnatois
in the railway committee room, presented a scheme for converting the
Arctic and sub-Arctic legions of Canada into a great wool, milk and meat
pioducing  area.
Mr. Stefansson icccntlv submitted
the proposal to Hon. Arthui Mcighcn,
minister of the interior, whose department administers the natural resources of thc north and it was then
thought advisable that Mi. Stcfafis-
son should address the senators and
members upon the subject.
At the conclusion of thc address
Mr. Mcighcn said the government
would considei the proposal.
/.The Stefansson .scheme involves thc
introduction of huge, herds of iein-
deer into lhc Canadian north and thc
domestication and development of
largc herds of uniskox. Both these
animals will furnish a milk and meal
supply. The muskox in addition, will
furnish a  wool  supply.
LESSON    FOR    MAY    18 ��� THE
i-h linginecis, who was butuded wilh J
the "spider  of  death." I
The vv liter gives this storv:
1 his  man's  head  is  covered    with !Framework Made   From    Tubing of
short stubby g,ev hair, and his natur- \     ,.      .   Crashed Aeroplanes
l.ngli-h babies are  to  have     their
| revenge on thc baby killers aftcr all.
shoitly be wheeled about
the framework   of
which will    bc    made from the    tubing   of    crashed   aeroplanes, some of
thcm   no   doubt, German ones.     Thc
problem    how   best   to    make use of
crashed aeroplane material presented
itself    to    the  disposal  board  of the
ministiy of inunilions. The scrap value of thc metal tubing was found to
bc only $2.i a Ion.    Then it occuncd
to .someone lhal the tubing might be
put to piactieal use.    The idea elcvcl-
first the shield ofj��I)C<'' aml uov>' lllc undamaged portions of- the tubing are cut off and
sold for making the frame work of1
baby carriages at no less than $-150
a ton. The public has al��o now al
their disposal 10,000 tons of what may
bc described as "mixed tanks.? This
assorted material includes steel
plates, bars, angles, and stampings,
which were intended bul never actually used for the construction of
tanks. Another offer made by thc
aircraft disposal department of York
House, Kings way, is of 150 ncw
aeroplanes without engines and     650
visible.     ll
Hulgaiia, above that thc military
drill ii of Germany, and, .super-imposed upon thesr, the fc/, ihe star and
the crescent of Tuike-y. On either
side stretch eight human booted legs,
while fiom the middle, or head- of
this hoiror, hangs a ring showing
that the man branded thus is the property of the Turks for eternity. He
is now a physical wreck, crippled for
Houghton, who-has also .seen service wilh the Biitish iu the Soudan
and thc Bo< t war, fought in France,
then in SaloniLi, and finally in Mesopotamia, where he was caught. He
"ll was while 1 was doing some
woik with barbed wire one night
alone out under thc stars in that
'blessed land' of Mesopotamia that
1 got clone in. Thcy got mc, bin il
took a lot of thcm to .do ir, and I
accounted for a fair number beiore
I was bound ancl tortured and smashed  into unconsciousness.
"I vvas put to work, and I tried to
escape, and I was caught and put
through more torture, and then one
day a Turk, under the direction of a
German officer, put this upon mc,"
and thc man smote his forehead with
y.\ terrible gesture.   ,       '_ _   _	
"If you ask mc, of the .llulgars,
the Turks, or the Germans, whicli
arc thc worst, 1 will tell you that
there is nothing worse than any one
of thc three They're all alike, except in color,      Thc 'blonde    beast
Will Develop
Vancouver Harbor
Plans Include Up-to-date Unloading
Vancouver, B.C. ��� The ���announcement from Ottawa that thc federal
government would make: an immediate grant of $5,000,000 for harbor development here to bc expended along
the lines indicated in thc report made
to thc government by Harbor I-lii-
ginccr Swan of Montreal, has been
received with much gialificaliou. Mr.
Swan's lecoinmcudations called for an
expenditure of ov cr $12,000,000 in all
and included thc construction of six
additional deep water berths, a terminal railway connecting the different sections of the harbor, a fire boat,
up-to-date loading equipment, a booming grounds for logs, and ultimately
a bridge connecting thc north and
south  .shores  of the  haibor.
aircraft  engines without aeroplanes.
and thc 'black beasts;'  thcy have uoi��.nc daJ'�� V110l0r despatch  rider
hearts and their souls do not exist.
"By and by, over there in Tui key.
my captors realized that'iny physical
sticnglh wai bev ond thc ordinary,
and I was turned over to a pasha,
who bought iny body foi his S'lvicc.
I  was put  to work pulling a plow
General Allenby's
Love for Children
Little  French  Girl in  St.  Pol   Who
Adores Him
Wherever Allenby lias gone on his
various campaigns he    has  won    the
affection    of    lhc    child    population.
There is a little I'lcnch gill    in    St.
Pol who adores him.    Shc was injured in September,'1916, and cvciy day
the. general called at thc hospital  to
sec her.    "When she was cured    and
sent home lhe general frequently visited her, bringing chocolates.
' Two small sisters in Lille arc also
proud "prolegces of his . ] fe iisctl to
ride up to the woodcutter's hut where
thcy    lived    iis refugees    and     bring
thcm sweets.      When hc went away
1 thcy   wrote    him    long letters every
J month.     Their rewards came    when,
arrived at their cottage with two dedls���
"A present from thc army conmiand-
Fiume is Ancient City
Was Once ihe Scene of a Roman
For the moment the little, old city
of riunie, picturesquely situated ou
thc bay of Guarenro. inlet of the
Adriatic, is the centre of wot Id interest. Bici'iisc of Italy's desire lo
obtain it tho amity of <lie nations of
Ihcl caith is jeopardized. Like Saia-
jevo, wlieic occurred lhc murder that
precipitated lhc world war, Fiume
was little known until it loomed forth
as thc rock on which world peace
might go lo wreck. 'While statesmen
try lo save the day or get the city
the people of the vvoild attempt variously to pronounce the unfamiliar
namc, "Fiimc," "Fyoome," "Fcc-oo-
me," "Fc-o-ma, "Fcc-oo-ma," is correct.
Fiume is a city of 30,000 to -40",000
inhabitants, mainly Italians and llly-
rians. Jts histoiy goes back to Roman clays and its importance al that
time is denoted by a triumphal arch
Giace means numeiiicd favor. God's
grace means his kindness toward us
through Jesus Cluisl (Eph. 2:7).
God's mercy docs nol go out to men
because they are good bul because hc
is good and desires to bestow that
goodness upon lost and ruined men
in order to make them good.
1. The Giace of God is Salvation
(Eph. 2:4-10).
Grace brings salvation; it docs not
send il. Jesus Christ, who is the embodiment of God's love and grace,
came bringing salvation with him. In
order to apprehend what the grace of
God has done, observe:
1. Man's natural state (Eph. 2:1-3).
In the natural man is found all that
is opposed lo the will and purpose
of God. (1) Dead in trespasses and
sins (v. 1). The supreme need of thc
dead man is life, therefore hc musl
have lifc from without himself. The
characiciislic of one who is dead is
that he is fa) without sensation���
"past feeling." (4:19). The natuial
man, thcrefoic, ran neither love God
nor hate sin until hc is made alive,
(b) Without motion. Activity is thc
demonstration of life. So far as God
and holiness are concerned thcy arc
motionless. They are as helpless as
Lazarus was in thc grave. (2) Under
the control of fleshy and worldly lusts
(v. 2). The carnal nature holds sway
over lhcir lives. (3) Under the domination of Satan (v. 2). All uiiregcn-
cralc men and women are ruled by
Satan. Since hc i.s the god of this
age (2 Cor. 4:4), the prince of this
world (John 12:31) all who havc not
been freed by Christ are under the
rule of Satan. (4) Under lhc condemnation and wrath of God (v. 3).
Over all these���death, vvorldlincss,
disobedience, lust of the flesh���hangs
thc vvialh and condemnation of God.
2. Man's slate by grace   (2:4-10).
(1) Hc is alive iu Christ (v. 5). The
Holy Spirit lays hold upon men dead
in sin    and   quickens them into lifc.
(2) Kaiscd up wilh Christ (v. 6).
God's grace not only makes lost men
alive but raises them up with Christ.
(3) Association with Christ in glory
(v. d). Christ's incarnation has so
identified himself with the race that
those vvho aie saved are niiscd up to
bc with Christ and shall ultimately
share his glory.- The actuating principle of God which moved him to
thus lay hold upon lost men is his
love (v. 4). Alan's salvation is due
entirely to God's giace. Nol only thc
salvation has been provided in graco
but thc faith which appiopiiates il is
God's gift (v. 8). -Works as grounds
of salvation arc absolutely   excluded.
(4) The purpose of God in the salvation of men (v. 7, 10). (a) It is ��� lo
display his grace in the coming ages.
The demonstration lo the inhabitants
of the spheres in which sin has ..not
entered, in the ages to comc, will bc
thc transformation of dead and lost
men and their exaltation with Christ,
(b)- to glorify God through their
good works (v. 10: cf. Matt. 5:16).
While good works have absolutely no
Community   Clubs
The Community Club movement is
making good headway "in the province of Manitoba under the able
supcivision of Mr. F, C. Middleton,
organi/cr. A largc number of clubs
have been formed. Below wc give
copy of constitution, which gives an
idea of how beneficial clubs can bc lo
the community in which thev are
A general committee shall be elected composed of one or more representatives of the various organizations or sections represented in thc
Standing committees, with conveners as above stated, and drawing two
or more of their number from lire
general committee, may be appointed
as follows:
1. Public Forum  Commit tee���
(a) To arrange for local debates
and secure speakers from time to
time who shall deal with public issues
and malteis of social welfare gener-
(b) To co-operate with the extension department of the agricultural
college and the university.
(c) To encourage the formation,
use and upkeep of a community library, using the schools as headquarters wherever feasible.
(d) To arrange for an annual address from the local member of parliament, preferably before thc opening of lhc legislature
Note���It is distinctly understood,
that while contentious public issues
may be discussed on their merits, the
community club will not allow its
forum to bc used* for the purpose of
-party propaganda.
2. Better Business Commiilcc���
This committee shall lie composed
of farmers and business men, and
shall take under review the following:
(a) Local maikcting conditions and
possible improvements; good roads
(b) Thc wisdom of establishing a
flour mill, a creamery, a market garden, or any other local enterprise
(c)~ Better methods of buying and
selling by the local merchants.
(d) Better methods of lire protection.
(c) Sympathetic co-operation between the" farmers and merchant:, of
the community.
(f) Better credit facilities for farmers from local banks.
(g) Helping men on lcntcd farms
lo become owners.
3. Young   People's Commiilcc���
This committee  shall bc composed
of those: inteicsled in young people's
(a) To _co-operate with lhc
churches in undertaking a definite
program of activities through thc
provincial Boy Scouts, thc Manitoba
schools association, the rural Y.M.C.
A. or'the rural Y.W.C.A.
Auto Top Dressing
A Special Dressing Adapted For
Automobile Tops
This dressing is prepared from a combination of essential oils and gums,
so blended as to impart a high gloss
to the lop that is soft and pliable, so
thai it may bc folded up without
danger of thc finish cracking ov
Once tried always used.
ary lo receive thc annual report of
lhc_ secretary, an audited statement
from thc treasurer and lo elect officers for thc ensuing year.
Thc club shall havc for its motto,
"Kach for All and All for Fach," and
will seek to think (ogclhcr, woik together and play together:-      ' '
Suggested Order of Business���
1. Opening���Hymn and prayer;-or
national anthem; or simple "call to
order" by the chair. -
2. Reading of Minutes.
3. Business aiising out of Minutes.
Reports of Committees:
Public Forum Committee
Betier Business Committee
Young People's Commiilcc.
Public. Health Committee
Recreation Committee.
Special CommillctfsT
5.    Call  for local items of community interest:
(a)    Community happenings.
Community  problems.
Community tasks.
Community   clinpincs. -
One   German Talks   Sense
Declares World Will Not Absolve
Former  Emperor  William
In a strikingly sober article, vviit-
ten by Edward.Bernstein, the Vor-
wacrts of Berlin warns thc German
nation of the dangers attending upon
a refusal to sign thc terms of peace
and declares lhc. world will not absolve'former Fmpcror William and
his advisers from responsibility for
all the misery of the war.
Thc article, points out lhc enormous damage done to French tcrritorv
pci.s.stssion oi teaches saved men (L) to deny ungodliness (v. 12). Thc saved man has
ihe divine nature    The    grace which
(c)   To initiate when nccessaiy action looking toward the organization
.supposed to have been i reeled by the, Ijai'l m tlic salvation of men    God's  0f :l consolidated school.
Emperor Claudius J J., ,i cheating that. Purpose in saving them was that thcy      (<i) 'To arrange, if necessary, scp-
thc    place    vas  once thc scene. of_ a , nnSht do good works. laratc meetings for thc young people,
Roman   tiiumph.     Sub.-.'ejui ntly    lhc j    2.   The Grace of God in Right Liv-1 especially 'teen-age boys and girls.
By/aulinc enpcrois nilcd and in thej ing (Titus 2:11-14). j    4.    Public. Health Committee���     u
ninth century thc.city attained inde-1    Grace is not only  essential to sal-|    It shall 'he   lhe  duty of  this  com-
pcndcncc under a  line   of dukes.    In | vniion but essential to right living. Itjmitlr
1471    il    pnsscd     into
Austria and three hunched years Jut
cr was atta-hed to thc crown of Hun
gary, becoming a royal free city.
and says: "Everyone acquainted with
To co-operate with the school! lhc facts knows that thc allied de-
board, in introducing manual training I mand for the delivery of coal for a
and domestic science classes in lhc j specified period is based upon econ-
public schools. omic necessities,    although    a legiti
mate objection can be made to the
demand for pledging thc output of
the entire Saar district. Jn any case,
we cannot save the Saar disliict" for
Gcinianv bv  threats.''
(a) To woik in co-operation with
thc local health officer in encouiaging
lhc use of garbage .barrels and rcgu-
has saved him teaches him the ncccs-Jlar removal of refuse,
sity of a denial of everything that is
(b)   To sec thai the streets, lanes,
Oppose  Union  With   West   Indies   j opposed lo God.    (2)    Worldly lusts land vacant lots in thc lown arc kept
The 'redeemed man is stir-j free from litter and lubbish.
witlrthc lhings_6f"ljic world j     (c)~ To  encourage  the  use ~ of    a
Iowa Bankers Receive Land
J     Winnipeg, Jlan, ��� A party of Iowa
i bankers vi-ildl western  Canada    last
oxen were scarce iu those dav.s'of the  iM :"uui ,,i:ulc ^litc :i" <>-^iiMve tour
war���it   was in  December, 1917
(v. 12).
Winnipeg, Man. ��� A commercial
anckpolitical union between Canada
and thc British West Indies was discussed at a recent public meeting in
Jamaica. It is said lhal there is talk
of a deputation    coming    to    confer  (>.  12).    The:    grace of God teaches I improved water  supply
Lumber Mill Burned-
Vancouver, B.C. ��� Fire on Apiil 18
completely destroyed thc Beaver River Lumber company's sawmill,, in thc
neighboihood "of New Westminster.
Just how thc fire started is not definitely known. The sawmill and thc
shingle mill were both burned to the
ground, as was also thc lumber that
was piled iu the yards, as well jis the
shingles stored in thc dry kilns and
which    havc    a downward pull upon | sewerage  system   for both  town  anel  sheds,     ll is  estimated  the  loss  will
neighborhood    of     aboul
him.   The grace of God teaches him  country homes.
to renounce them.    (3)    Sober living i     (d)   To secure where necessary
with thc Canadian government on thc
matter. The whole suggestion meets
with some opposition "in the country.
Iuci cased commercial intcicourse is
admitted to be desirable, but is held
to be quite possible, without any
political union, and the wisdom
such  a  union   is  considered  doubtful ! (.v.
the saved man self-control; to havc j (c) To arrange for holding of lec-
thc reins of his,nature well iu com-j tures aud exhibits, and thc disliihu-
mand and to Hile with a strong hand. J tion of literature on child welfare ancl
(4)    Righteous   living    (v. 12).    The! the  rare  of thc'mentally    defective,
be in  thc
$75,000. -
grace of God teaches-thc saved man
to live   upiightlv   with    reference to
of j those about   him.      (5)    Godly living
12).    It teaches him lo'so live in
F.vrry man intends to have his own
way after marriage, but sometimes
his wife relieves him of a false impression.
and to take action in any local cases! 1__
needing attention. ' j
(f)   To initiate where necessary ac-j
lion-looking toward the building of a'
Abhor the Turks
Saloniki. ���^ DX. Guinis, who for
thirty ycars had worked for thc deliverance of northern Epirtrs from
the Turks and for its union with
Greece, was assassinated several days
ago at Koritsa by a Moslem. Thc
funeral, vvhich-was attended 'by 10.0CC
persons, according to dispatches to
thc Athens news agency, resolved itself into a manifestation in favor ol
A Barrister's Break
A barrister, not    so discreet as he
might havc been in thc expression of
his ideas, was engaged on" a case con-
"Gentlemen of thc jury," he began,
"there were twenty-four "pigs in the
drove, just twenty-four;, exactly twice
as many as there arc in that- jury
box."���London Til-Bits.
Talk is cheap, but somehow^ gossip
always gains currency.
at the: present time because thc-West j this present world as lo enable him1 municipal hospital,    the  employment
I dragged this plow across the land,
and when I didn't cover enough
ground, or the furrows that 1 made
were crooked, 1 was beaten with a
leather cat-o'-nine-tails lhat had nails
at   thc  end  of each   thong
"Then the gieat polcntali /or Sragi d and 11 is planned to break 3,000
whom I worked sci mcl to leiili^i ':ic,'l's l,1'-s -uumici La-t week five
that  hc  was    wasting good   malt rial i'Jfo  i'act.-.r  outfits    were    purchased
of the country ^tnd as a lcsult of this
visit thcy have secured a tract of
8,000 acres of land in the Swan River
valley, on-tlic Canadian National railway, which thcy intend to break up
and get 11111U r cultivation .is quickly
as possible    A manager h.-fs been cn-
! hen
and  these  will  bc pnt  iu    com-
i, mission immediately thc ground is fit.
in   rouch,  unskilled  labor,  and   after
many   weary  punishments   he  pl,-,-ci!
mc  (with ibis badgi- of  shame upon )Tllc  <n,i,'c   uart  v.ill  be  fenced  and
my  brow,     with     thc     price   of  five  ^00  head  of  stockcr   cattle   will     be
thousand    marks     upon    my,  hcnil1 K��"��izctl.   Two corloads of fencing wire
should I try to escape), as thc guaid-  have'been  sent  out  with  the     other
Indies include several crown colonies   to meet Go.I and abide in his fellow
and the population is largely colored
and little accustomed to s^lf-goveminent.-
Chinese Who Never Eat  Rice
Atlhough many people believe lhal
every Chinese in China cats rice everyday,  says    Youth's Companion,   millions  of  Chinese,  living    in    Shcu.si, j "Black   Watch"    Thc   Best   Black
ship. (6) Jt teaches thc right motive
in living (v. 13, 14). Thc blessed
hope of the glorious ictiirn of the
Lord Jesus Christ is the grand incentive to h.dy living in ibis present
world. Hc lhat has it will keep him-'
self pure    (I John 3:3).
i.in of his iiarcm.
"Among  the  inany^   women
in   -this    place    there - was
Arabian  girl    wiio had been
I materials.
; I
Labor Condition in Saskatchewan
Regina,  Sa��k. ��� That labor    and
yor.rg I
��� -_                  stolen!
and sold  to thc man     who  was  ol,r,����ploimcJit condition* in Saskatchc-
master.      She ' \va\   unhappy t-j 1 Ik j ^" .luc Sl,l)cngr to any  of the other
verge  of madness,    and thc   ���_    ro--
through    which     she- went   01  i.irny
occasions  nearly    drove    mc  <<u'    of
my mind.    I  witnessed  thiiur- -<
provinces of ^Canada is the statement
of T. M Molloy, commissioner of
labor Jure, -after comparing statistics
available through  the Dominion-wide
employment   system,
*%J\**wt*** Granulated Eyelids,
B ff IJi^Eyet inflamed by ��po-
M. v����* iu��toSM,DtttaudWM
JET-* r ***.&** quickly relieved by Narlaa
H_, V���� Eye8ea**JF. NoSmartiny,
���"W v*-r ju��t Eye Comfort. At
your Dragrisit or by mail 60c per Bottle.
For Bsekcf (be Eys free write b-u
Sfsurfse Cr* Baotiiy Ce���� ��bfc��g��.
W.     N.     U.
An Knglish inventor has patented
a proce-s for >o treating the edges of
paper money-that, when placed in a
phonograph of his invention, they
produce words attesting" their genuineness.
Eighteen million dollars Victory
bond interest-May 1, invested in W.
S.S, will bc .$22,500,000 fa 1924.
and north western China where rice is
not grown, have neve: seen or tasted
rice, and millions more in the 1 ice-
producing districts cannot afford to
cat it regularly. To be sure, lice is
the stable article of diet in south and
central China, but there is reason to
Plug Chewing Tobacco on the Market
Heat Prostrations in Ncw York
Xcyv Vork. ��� X,tw Vork experienced thc firsl real  summer weather of
1919,  when official  ihcrmo'mctcrs    at
the  United    States    weather    bureau
believe that in the dietary ot the) touched 86 degrees, and four heat
Chinese as a whole thc sweet potato [prostrations wcrc reported. Hundreds
occupies a more important place        jot straw hats  and  palm  beach  suits
 -^ ��� j appeared on the streets to emphasize
Clerical Ignorance (the  .summery  nature  of    what *  the
Minister, to colorccPwoman having 1 weather bureau reported was the
her baby baptized���"What do you .hottest M;>y 5 in the history of the
wish to name the child?"
"I wants to give him thc scriptural
namc, 'Hallud,' " the mam my"" replied.
"Pardon me, but in what part of
the Bible docs that name appear?''
asked the minister.
"For dc Lawd's sake, you a preacher and say your prayers every day
and don't know 'Hallud be Thy
Name:-'"   ,
There Is a curious church in thc
town, of Bergen, Norway, built entirely of paper. It can seat 1,000 persons in comfort.
Sergeant McHoolnian. ��� Vou were
absent from thc last drill, McWhist.
Private HcWhisl ��� It was no my
fau't, sergeant. My wife took my
kiltie an* wore*it out shoppin' for a
new. fashionable walkm* skirt.
Vour ship conies in only once if
you never.send it out again���invest
Victory bond coupons in W.S.S.
Occupation is  the necessary basis
of all enjoyment.
of  a   district  nurse,  and   the   regular
medical  inspection    of    the    school*'
within the community.
(g) To boost the "Clean l"p 1
Week'' each spring. j
5.'  Recreation Committee��� ���
This committee shall have the gen- j
cral supervision of the ,play life of'
lhc community as follow*: j
(a) .Making' provision for    skating 1
and curling in  winter, h -possible securing a municipal, rink. I
(b) Providing baseball and basket-1
ball ground,-, tennis com Is and sivim-j
ming pool'for summer. 1
(c) Arranging for local    prcsenta- j   h       s fupj ^ th<J svglcm ^^ jg n(rf. bumed an(J the dinkers
tion of dramatic plays and choral pro-              .                .         ,,"          ,                 .                         .  ,,       .      , ,.
nls j remain lo poison tlie" system���a clogging up of the circulation���
(d) Providing-regul 1- moving pic-'
turc programs for thc fall and winter
Build up for the Spring
Attack! . Put the body in
condition for an invasion
of the germs of grip, pneumonia or "Spring fever."
At this time of the ycar
most people suffer from a
condition often called
Spring Fever. Thcy feel
lircd, worn out, before the
day is half thru. They may
havc frequent headaches
and sometimes "pimply"
or pale skin and white lips.
The reason for this is that during thc wintertime, shut up withia
doors, eating too much meat and too. little green vegetables, one
months, in co-operation with thc community department of thc social service council.
(c) Arranging for soldiers' memorial.^
(f) Arranging for an annual community picnic in June.
Special committees shall bc appointed for any special tasks that may
present themselves.
Regular public meetings of the
club may be held weekly, fortnightly
or monthly, as the club may from
time to time decide.
Thc executive shall meet as often
as required at thc call of thc president or secretary.
The annual meeting of members
shall be held thc first week in Janu-
Avith inactive liver, and kidney. Time to put your house in order.
For an invigorating tonic which will clarifjr the blood, pui new life
in thc body, sparkle to the eyes, and a wholesome skin, nothing does
so well as an herbal extract made from Blood and Stone root, Oregon
grape root and Wild Cherry bark, which has been sold for thc past
fiftLy years as'Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. By reason
of the nerves feeding on the blood, when the blood is pure thc nerves
feel the effect, and neuralgia or other nerve pains disappear because
such pain is the cry of the starved nerves for food.
Slraifori. Ont.���"I can highly recommend Doctor Pierce's Gejlden Medical
Discovery and Plc3=ant Pellets. 1 havc used these remedies twenty-five years in
my family. Had a very bad ease of neuralghrsnd 'Golden Medical Discovery*
completely cured me in a very short time. I have given it .to aU my famQy, also
to my grand children. I.had a grand-child last summer tliat we thought could not
live. We gave him ihe 'Discovery' and he is strong and healthy as any child could
be. I am a great believer in Doctor Pierce's Medicines and would not be without
them."���Mrs. A. Bowling, 288 Ratlu'ay Are.
SirolfonJ, Qni.���'Tor many years I suffered with neuralgia.' It would affect
my head, extending doira into my neck and shoulders. I took Dr. Pkree's Golden
Medical Dfccovay aud was completely cwed.1���W. J. Tame, 272 Railseai/ Avenue*
WBjqMMiLwrwiMfi i
the   JXED(mx   icmi^HwoarL   H.
Real Seville
/JH Orange and Sugar���   ���
Mi camouflage.
' Boiled with care in Silver Pans.
For Biliousness
'-XX..X : '\        ���-.'���;      :   ^ '���-.''.
Biliousness is a common" form of indigestion. It
is brought oh by, food-waste which the stomach, intestines and bowels fail to expel. If you will take a few-
doses of Beecham's Pills, when Bilious, yoii will soon,
rid yourself of the impurities, relieve sick headache,
stimulate the-liver and bile and tone the stomach.
Healthy conditions are quickly re-established by using
Directions of Special Value to Women aro with Every Box.
Prepared only by Thomas Becchsm, St. Helena, Lancashire, England.
Said everywhere in Canada and U.S. America.  In boxes, 25 cents.
A tafe. reliable regulating medicine. Sold iii three decrees of
strength. No. 1, Jl; No. 2. $3:
No. i, $S per box. Sold by all
druggists, or sent prepaid in
plain pneknee on receipt of
price. Tree pamphlet. Address
Toronto, Ont. (Formerly Windsor. I
W    mmm   ^m <rcsh.v reliable;
>���     ���J _____^^ preierredbv
i ���     MM  m V western   stock.
*m jF.K M men.    tKcu.se they
^������JBsl^B irotact whtrt other
^j vaoclnai fall.
rjr^ Write for booklet and testimonials.
fMoMpks.Blaekltf Pills. $1.00
604m pkg. Blacklti Pills, $4.00
Vs��Bn7 Injector, but Cutter's simplest and stronzest.
Tlia superiority ol Cutter products is due to over 15
rears oj sjieclillziiis In vaccinas and sitRUHS
Only. Insist oh Cuttsh'S. If unobtainable
Otdex direct.
TM Cutfrr titoratwy. BwksUy, Cillfsrnlt jj
_    ERAPION K'4!uf.T,:
(natMccm, cumj chronic wiajcnem, lost tigo��
-1 TIM. ��lOttIV.   St^DDKR, DltKASM. (LOOD   fOISOX.
mum. irriiB* ho. DRiracisTS sr mail fl. ��ost 4 crt
Bbqrto. waits rot FRIB book to Dr. lk clseq
  _ f.ASTINGCC��*
.*m.n*ur iMiuniususufrtfiBt
Ottawa.���Canadian claims for
losses due to illegal 'method's of
warfare employed by the Germans and their allies are discussed in a memorandum -which
has been prepared for lhe government, and the enemy claims
. of: this nature amounting lo approximately. $34,000 have been
'filed'with the government here:
The great bulk of ."Canadian
claims for illegal warfare arise
from shipping losses, states the
memorandum, which, has just:
been made public.
War Minister Killed
Copenhagen. ��� Gen. Milan Sled-
fanik, Czccho-Slovak minister of war,
was killed near Wajnor, Hungary,
when thc airplane in which he was
travelling, crashed to the ground , a
dispatch from Pressburg says. Two
Italian officers ;whp were '| with him
also Avcrc killed. :
Disease*' %
, since
S.|         ^--f
30 DRORT-TtOPS covens
Cause of
Early Old Age
Thwxelebrated Dr.Michenhoff, *
ma authority on early old ��go, *
���ays that it is "caused by poisons
generated   in   the   intestine."
��  When your stomach digests food ��
j properly it ia absorbed without >
2 forming poisonous matter.   Poi- 7
���on* bring on early old age and ?
premature death. 15 to 30 drops- f
of "Stlgtl's Syrup" after meals ��
makes your digestion sound,  to V
' Send a  Dominion  JGxpress  Money . Order.
Fire dollars costs three cents.
NTJRSES earn $15 to_$25"_a week. Learn
without leavfrig home." Send for free" booklet.
Royal College of Science, Dept. 137, Toronto,
Will Disarm Bulgars
Geneva. ��� An inlcr-allicd committee "lias reached an agreement upon
the terms*'of the Lrcaty relative to a
disarmament of the Bulgarian army,
according lo information from Bucharest.
"Black. Watch"    The   Best  Black
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Not a Free Agent
A man was rebuked its court for
endeavoring lu confirm a palpably absurd story told by his wile.
"You should bc more careful," thc
judge said. "I tell you candidly I
don't believe one word of your wife's
Thc man looked at tlie judge aud
sighed mournfully.   .
"Thai's all very well," he said.
"Vou may do as you liic, but I've
got to." -    -
Interest on a $100 Victory bond in
1924 will-be $27.50���reinvested as
due in W.S.S., it will total $30.80.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund money if PAZO OINTMENT fail's to cure ltchine. Blind. Bleed-
lag or Protruding Piles. Stops Irritation;
Soothes and Heals. You can eel restful
sleep after -tlie first .- -plication.    Price 60c.
"All things must ha\e an end," says
the proverb maker. Yes, and all
things thai have one end must have
Spanking doesn't curebed-wetting
���the trouble is due to weakness
of tlie internal organs. My successful home treatment will be found
helpful. Send no money, but
write me today. My treatment
is equally successful for adults,
troubled with urinary difficulties.
HR$. M. SUMMERS, Su 42 Windstr.OnL
New Usc for Electric Light
Fruit Picked    at    Night    Practically
Prevents Loss
F.lcclricity has been called on lo
aid the big Canadian' fruit growers to
conserve the products of their vast
orchards. At lhc outbreak of the
war government experts were endeavoring lo find some way of -harvesting, packing and shipping thc crop
overseas that would avoid thc heavy
loss from rotting-. ��� Solid and sound
apples aud pears, picked and handled
with care, reached their destination in
Great Britain,-in many instances, unfit fo'r the market. Thc largest -oi-
chards arc in Alberta, Saskatchewan
and Manitoba.
Thc experts began tlicir search for
a remedy in lhe soils, in thc trees
and in thc. methods of culture/* Thcy
could discover nothing wrong in
these respects, Finally they decided
it was a question- of temperature of
the fruit at the time of packing. Thcy
experimented with thc spraying systems to reduce tlic temperature of
the fruit after,it was picked. ^ This
proved unsatisfactory as it was impossible to.; produce an even temperature-throughout the individual fruit
without the cxpeiulitiirc of more labor than"thc results warranted.- It
was finally decided that it was impossible to pick and-pack thc fruit in
thc day time and expect thc most
satisfactory results.
After nine o'clock at.night the fruit
was at a - proper temperaturc for
packing as soon as picked. Thc question therefore resolved itself into thc
economic lighting of thc vast orchard
areas to enable thc work to bc done
during thc night hours.' Torches and
other lighting ideas- were used but
proved unsatisfactory.
Last summer an electric -company
in Saskatchewan solved the- problem
for the orchards along its lines by
supplying the necessary current and
renting movable floodlighting units
such as arc used by railroad and
street contracting night gangs. Thc
platr worked splendidly ;.nd thc fruit
growers report that the.r losses from
rotting wcrc negligible while thcy
found it fa;- easier to Sulvc their la--
bor problems because of the unique
working  conditions.
Should Fix Indemnity
Payment Should Be Controlled By
League of Nations !        :''
Amsterdam. ��� Thc international
socialist conference in- session at
Ar'nheim adopted a "motion proposed
by Herr Haase against permitting tlic
economic annexation of lhe Saar region to degenerate into political annexation.- The motion declared tliat
the German indemnity should; be" fixed and when the payment was completed there should bc no more
claims and also thai payment should
bc controlled by the league of nations.
Thc next international congress
was fixed for Feb. 3, 1920, at Geneva.
Make this beauty lotion cheaply for
your face, neck, arms and hands
^ At the cost of a small jar of ordinary cold-cream one can prepare "a full
qCiartcr "pint of the most wonderful
lemon skin softener and complexion
beautifier, by squeezing thc juice of
two fresh lemons into a bottle containing three ounces of orchard white.
Care should be taken to strain thc
juice through a fine.cloth-so. no lemon pulp, gets in, then this lotion will
keep fresh for months. F.vcry woman knows that lemon juice is used
to bleach and remove siich-blemishes
as freckles, sallowuess and tan and is
thc ideal skin softener, whitcner and
beautifier. ".
Just try it! -Get three ounces of
orchard white at any drug store aud
two lemons.from the grocer and
make up a "quarter pint'of this sweetly fragrant lemon lotion and massage
it daily into the face, neck, arms and
hands. Jt is marvelous to smoolhen
rough, red hands.
Ajilcasant medicine for children is
Mother Graves' Worm F.xtcrminator,
and there is nothing better for driving worms from thc system.
Big Elevator Addition
Tort Arthur, Out. A    2,000,000
bushel addition' to thc Saskatchewan
Co-operative Elevator company's terminal here, will bc commenced next
month., The present 'enpantv is 2,-
We offer $100.00 for any case of
catarrh that cannot bc cured by
is taken internally and acts through
thc Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of
thc System.
Sold  b3' druggists   for   over   forty
- l'ricc"~75c.    Testimonials free.
I". J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Settlers for Peace River
Edmonton, Alta. ��� Immigration
officials are of opinion that thc Peace
River and Spirit River country is going to bc thickly populated in the
near future. Last week thc number
that passed through thc immigration
officials' Irands was 139, which .was a
litllc'below that of the week before,
but he cxi>ccts larger numbers weekly into that section from now until
thc cud of Mav.
Trip for Weather Man - '--
Ottawa. ��� Sir Frederick Stupart,
director of the meteorological sen-ice
of Canada, has been appointed to
represent thc "Dominion at the coming international conference of thc
allied nations at Paris called .to discuss meteorological questions of common interest.
Small favOrs arc aiways tltankfully
received, but often unthankfully remembered.
Thc rooms in tbe house do not interest the burglar as much as the
haul    ,
Health    Can     Only     Be     Restored
Through the Use of a Blood-
Making Tonic
Debility is a loss of vitality not
affecting any - one -part of thc body
particularly, but thc system generally, ll is dangerous because it reduces
thc body's resistance to disease.
When debility follows acute disease1:;
convalescence is slow, and one's
strength docs_ not return as it should.
An attack of influenza often results in
debility that pcrsisl's for months.
Everybody recognizes that the remedy for debility is to build up the
blood, because the blood goes to
every part, of thc,body, and any improvement in its condition is quickly
fell throughout thc system.
Tn cases of simple anaemia, or dc-
bility following acute diseases such
as fevers* or influenza, Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills will bc found valuable, because they really build up" the blood
aud-strcngthen thc nerves. There is
no other medicine as valuable for
growing children, and for-men and
women whose nervous energy has
been overdrawn. Thcy are worth :i
fair trial in" every case where thin
blood and weak nerves havc started
the trouble . The value of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills has been proved in
thc home of Mrs. John -Fram, Owen
Sound, who says: "My daughter
Mablc ��� was troubled with a bad
cough; shc "was pale, weak and her
appetite was very'poor, indeed I fear:
cd that shc was going into xi decline.
A friend advised the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and after taking
eight boxes she was again enjoying
the best of health. AgaiiMast autumn
Spanish influenza attackcel our home,
and aftcr the acute symptoms were
past, both myself and another daughter were left very much run down.
My daughter was so weak that shc
could not walk fo school and would
tremble when shc got upon her feel.
[ was so weak myself that 1 could not
do my housework. Again wc resorted
to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and in
each case wc took five boxes, when
we wcrc as well as ever we had been.
I never enjoyed better health than I
am now doing, and am able again to
do my housework. -After our experience it is not possible for ine to say
too much in favor of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills." ,      ���
You can. get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills through any dealer in medicine,
or by mail at 50 cent's a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from Tlic Dr. Wil-
liams_ Medicine _Co.,_I>rof.kvill��\_ Out,
Automatic Telephones
In Great Britain
Number of Firms Equipped  for Installation of Apparatus
Before thc war thc British post office had embarked on lhc conversion
of several telephone exchanges from
manual lo automatic working. Thc
substitution of machinery for thc telephone girl proved so successful that
the department is certain to continue,
its interrupted program. Tlic automatic principle is also being .i?p<1 foi
intercommunication telephones iu
factories, business houses, hospitals,
and so on, and a number of Hrifi-di
firms arc fully equipped for tlie ;>'"o-
dur.tion and installation of the app'.r-
atus.'Australia Hou^e. the hcadqtiai'-
crs of the conimoinwallh gowrnnio it
is equipped with automatic telcphoi. :>
which give a rapid aud secret service equal to that of a public exchange in miniature.
Canada's Best Place
Is In the Empire
General Currie Says That Is Where
the Dominion's Future Lies
London. ��� General Currie, commander of thc Canadian expeditionary
corps, speaking at a Canadian pay-
corps dinner; said: "I believe Canada
will get everything in the future better inside of thc British empire than
outside. So we can go home with a
greater sense of nationalism-than ever
before. We havc all been away from
Canada many months and are all
more or less unfamiliar with Canadian thought and sentiment. Thcy are
wondering what thc Thought and
se"ntimeul of Canadian soldiers will
bc. I can say it will bc anything
which is for the good of thc country.
Our men have lived a-little closer to
their Maker. Discipline is only a
self-control v.hich makes you do thc
right  thing."
General MacDonucl remarked that
Canada had given soldiers for an imperial military enterprise on an average every twenty ycars. "I don't
know what is going'to become of thc
older men who have thrown themselves in,"-hc declared. "I go down and
sec the boalssail for Canada. I am
glad to sec them go, but T am very
sorry lo say 'Good-bye.' "
: with
For Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont.
Riots in Australia
Many- Veterans
Applied for Land
6.598     Applications.    Approved    by
Qualification; Committees
in Dominion
Ottawa. -��� Up till the 3rd of... May,
6,598 applications for the benefits of
thc soldier land settlement provisions
had been approved by the qualification committees in the whole of lhc
Dominion. Thc greatest number is
in Alberta, where 1,134 applications
have been approved by the Edmonton office aiid 767 by the Calgary office. Saskatchewan shows 1,264;
Manitoba, 1,535; British "Columbia,
In thc cast, -the numbers approved
in the various provinces arc: Ontario,
426; Quebec, 115;. Ncw Brunswick,
189; Nova Scotia, 114; Prince Edward Island, 104.
Thc total number of applications
received in all'provinccs is 9,849. Reports also show that 508 applicants
havc been recommended for agricultural training; and '143 havc applied
for, and are actually taking, training,
cither at the training centres or on
fanus "of selected farmers."
Perth, Australia.��� Serious riots
broke out on the wharves at Free-
mantlci a large crowd preventing the
authorities from errecting barricades
tq protect the workers. Missiles were
thrown at the police who were armed with bayonets. There "were 33 casualties, including 24 amoiig the police.
The riot act was read.
One returned soldier was wounded
with a bayonet. The trouble resulted
from a shortage of butter; meat and
potatoes. -.
You Can Be Cured of
Internal Warfare
Johnny was feeling peevish, and it
was most unusual-for him lo bc out
of sorts. Mother was anxious to
know what thc matter'was. "I���I
feel awful inside!" groaned Johnny.
"What do you think it is?" .asked
mother. "Oh," wailed Johnny, "I had
French peas and German sausages at
auntie's yesterday and now thcy seem
to be fighting along my whole front."
To Urge Construction of Line
Swift Current, Sask. ��� A delegation has been sent to Ottawa to interview the management of the Canadian National railways'lo urge thc
construction of thc projected line
from that city northwest to connect
with the proposed government line
from Hanna to Medicine Hat.'
Minard's   Liniment  Co.,  Limited.
" "Dear "Sirs,���You? MLVARD'.S LtN-
TMENT  is   our    remedy    for     sore
throat,    colds    aud   all'ordinary   ailments.
It never  fails   to  relieve and  cure
Port   Mulgravc.
Hamilton Teteran
Tells His Friends
The Pure Balsamic Essences of Ca-
/,      tarrhozone Afford Surest and .
Quickest Cure
Catarrhozone is ccrlain^to cure because its' healing vapor is carried
with the breath direct to the scat of
the. chest, nose or throat trouble. Being, composed of thc purest balsams
Jand pine essences, it immediately allays irritations, facilitates thc ejection of mucus, soothes and stimulates the lungs and bronchial tubes.
Thc marvel of the age in curing nose,
throat and bronchial troubles, that's
what thousands say about Catarrhozone. There is nothing so sure to
cure, and to those in fear of changeable weather���those who easily catch
cold���those wh.o work among lung-
chilling surroundings, or where dust,
impure air, fog, or damp can affect
them���let them get Catarrhozone and
usc it several times daily���it will cure
cvery lime.
Large size Catarrhozone, sufficient
for two months' usc, guaranteed,
price, $1.00; smaller size, 50c; sample
size, 25c.    Sold  everywhere.
That Dodd's Kidney Pills Are the
Remedy for Kidney Ills
Mr. S. Hodges, Seventy Years Old,
but Still Young, Tells Why He
Know's Dodd's Kidney Pills Arc
Hamilton, Ont., May 12, (Special).
���Convinced lhat Dodd's Kidney Pills
arc a sovereign remedy for kidney ills,
Mr. S. Hodges, who lives- at 68 Ontario Ave., this city, is recommending
them to all his friends. ���
'^1 suffered from kidney disease for
about four months," Mr. Hodges
says. "It startcd-from a cold, but I
rapidly got .worse, and cramps in the
muscles, headache, heart flutterings
and rheumatism wcrc soon added to
my troubles.
"My appetite was fitful and I felt
heavy and sleepy after meals. I was
very irritable aud I perspired from
thc least exertion. I was often dizzy;
1 suffered from shortness of breath
and it was difficult lo collect my
Mr. Hodges, who is a painter by
trade, and seventy years of age,
shows thc benefit hc got from using
Dodd's Kidney Pills. lie only look
two boxes, but with such good results that hc says: "I can rcccjii-
��� mend them ��� to all who suffer from
kidney trouble."
Ask your neighbors about Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
New Zealanders
Doubt Japanese
Difficult 'to    Discover    Why    Japan
Wanted Marshall Islands
^ Wellington,-N.Z. ��� Sir J. Allen,
acting premier, declared that hc viewed developments in thc Pacific with
some alarm. Il was difficult to discover why Japan wanted thc Marshall
Islands, unless she wished to dominate thc Pacific. It was impossible to
indicate New Zealand's naval policy
until thcy received Admiral Jcllicoc's
advice. It would be insufficient, however, for Ncw Zealand to pay a yearly subsidy. She must train men for
the British navy.
Trouble in Hun Government
Conflict Between Erzberger and Head
of Peace Delegation
Berne. ��� Serious differences have
arisen between thc members of thc
national German government, and a
change may bc expected shortly, according to telegrams  from Berlin.
The conflict between Malhias Erzberger, head of the armistice commission, and Count von Brockdorff-
Rantzau, foreign minister ancLhcad
of thc peace delegation, is said to
havc rcache'd lhc breaking point.
Erzberger, it is declared, will do his
utmost lo make difficult the work of
thc foreign minister, whatever thc
attitude he adopts a I lhe Versailles
peace congress.
Bulgarians Rtbel
Berlin. ��� A rebellion against thc
Cobourg dynasty at Sofia is reported
in a dispatch to the Acht Uhr Abcn-
blatt. Sanguinary fighting has bcc;��
going oii between government troops
and revolutionists, who demand a soviet government.
Ferdinand, the former king of Bulgaria, is a member of the house ot
Saxc-Cobourg and Gotlia.' Hc was
a son of rrincc August of Saxc-
Cobourg and Gotha. Official notification of his abdication was published
iiu November, 1918.
Knew the Price
A woniau decided to give a party,
and purchased a hat stand which she
admired. While showing her purchase
lo a visitor her little boy came in and
forgot to remove his hat. Thinking
to teach him a lesson, shc said:
"Tommy, what did I buy that hat
stand for?"
"For a dollar and a half," answered
Tommy promptly, "but you said that
I was not to tell anyone.-'
Offer Terms to Rumanians
Citrus Fruit Peeler
San Bernardino, Cal. ��� A machine
has been perfected which will peel an
orange, a lemon, or a- grapefruit. Instead of thc single blade of the old-
fashioned apple parcr wl.ich has been
tried without success, the new machine has a rotary set of - blades
which revolve around thc fruit, adjustment being automatic. Thc machine will reduce thc cost of paring
fruit from four to six cents a pound
to a fraction of that amount. The
rind is removed iu good condition for
usc in extracts and other by-products.
Myrtle���Yes, he had lhc audacity
lo kiss mc.
Myrtle's Mother���Of course, you
were very indignant. -1-
Myrtle���Yes, mother, every time.���
Pearson's Weekly.
Of course, we ah believe it is better to give than to rccchc���until
some one passes around the fiat.
0\ci>tudy frequently make"? men
mad. An understudy often has a similar effect upon an actress.
By taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound; One
of Thousands of SuchC&ses,
Prohibit Entry
Of Undesirables
Owing to Conditions Prevailing as a
Result o�� War
Ottawa. ��� Until further orders immigration of Doukhobors, llutteritcs
and Mennonites is prohibited. An
order in council to this effect was
signed by thc governor-general. It
was passed under thc provisions of
thc existing immigration act, which
gives authority to this end.
Thc order in council recites    that,
"Owing to conditions prevailing as a
result of lhc war, a widespread feeling
! exists throughout the Dominion, and
j-mbre particularly in  western Canada,
i that steps should he taken to prevent
1 thc entry into Canada of all persons
who may be regarded as undesirable
because, owing to lhcir pcculiai  customs,   habits,   modes   of   living     and
methods of holding    property,     thcy
are not likely lo become readily as-
��� -uiulatcd or to assume thc duties and
! respon:>ibi!itics of    Canadian    cilizcn-
' '���liip within a .reasonable time."
Black River Falls, Wis.-"As Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
saved me from an
operation, I cannot
say enough in praise
of it I suffered from
organic troubles and
my side hurt me so
I could hardly be up
from my bed, arid I
was unable to do my
housework. I had
the best doctors in
EauClaireand they
wanted me to have
an operation, but
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound cured nws ao I did
not need the operation, and I atn telling
friend3 about it"���Mrs. A. W.
; Must Sign or Be Isolated
1 w Pat is. ��� Thc complete    economic
- isolation of Geimany is being   .con-
i pidered by thc council of "forcicn ministers of th.e peace "conference as    a
measure to be adopted in  the    event
that  Germany   refuses  lo    sign    the
peace treaty.
.    Thc plan for life measure was sub-
! milted to thc ministers of thc supreme
i . ..
economic  council,
Hungarian    Government.    Requested
 Cessation of Hostilities .���
London. ��� Thc Hungarian communist government, a wireless message from Budapest says, has offered
thc Rumanian government tcrritoriil
concessions and requested an immediate cessation  of hostilities.
Thc Hungarian war office statement
on April 30, says that ihev' Frarco-
Serbian, Rumanian and Czccho-Slo-
vak forces continued their advance
on Budapest, thc Rumanians capturing Mezolur, eighty miles southeast
of Budapest.
The   Hungarian    govcrnmei't    al.;o
has asked lhc Jugo-Slavs fof a ccs
sation of hostilities, offering termor
ial concession.
Return of U. S. Troops
Washington. ��� Determination of
President "Wilson, as indicated in
press dispatches fiom Paris, that no
United Stales troops shall continue
bn German soil for a longer period
after the signing of thc peace treaty
than may be necessary to cnibaik
them for home, is borne out by present plans of the war department,
which contemplates thc lelurn of the
entire United Stales expcditionaiy
forces by September.
Protest from Hungary
London. ��� Thc Hungarian government has sent an indignant lemou-
strance to lhc Aushian government,
protesting against the latter permitting thc seizin c of the Hungarian legation in Vienna, accoiding to a wiit-
lcsss mcs?agc fiom Budapest icccived here. It is demanded that pio-
cccdings bc taken against those who
violated  flungaiy's lights
Thc average girl knows enough
about photography lo ictouch her
negative when shc says "No."
You simply say to the drug store
man, "Give me a quarter of an ounce
of frcezone." This will cost -^cry little
but is sufficient to icniove every hard
or so t coin from one's feet.
A few diops of this ncw ether compound applied directly upon a tender,
aching corn should rehc\e thc soreness instantly, and soon the entire
corn, loot and all, dries up and can
bc^ lifted out with the ."ngcrs.
This ncw way to rid one's feet of
corns was introduced by a Cincinnati
man, who says that, while freezone is
sticky, it dries in a moment, and simply shrivels up thc corn without inflaming or even irritating the surrounding tissue or skin.
Don't let father die of infection or
lockjaw from whittling at his corns,
but clip this out and make him try il.
"Miss Hazel," said the Sunday
school teacher to one of her sixteen
year old pupils, "what are we to infer from the parable of the five wise
and the five fooli"h viigins?"
"That wc should always be on the
lookout for the approach of the
bridegroom," replied Miss Hazel.
An Always Ready Pill.���To those
oL regular habit medicine is of little
concern, but thc great majority of
men Are not of lcgular habit. The
worry and cares of business prevent
it, and out of the irrcgulanty of lifc
comes dyspepsia, indigestion, liver
and kidney tioublcs as a protest. Thc
run-down system demands a corrective and there is none better than
Parmelce's Vegetable Pills. They arc
simple in their composition and can
bc taken by thc most delicately constituted.
When a man gets Into houblc th<
majority of those who call to sympa��
thizc with him aie only aftcr the
Notbing as Good for Asthma. Asthma remedies come and go but cvery
ycar the sales of the original Dr. J.
1). Kellogg Asthma Remedy grow
greater and greater. No further evidence could bc asked of its remarkable merit. It relieves. It is always
of tlic same unvarying quality which
the sufferer from asthma learns to
know. Do-not suffer another attack,
but get this splendid remedy today.
From Necessity
Mrs. Justwcd���Would you stoop to
search your'husband's pockets while
j he's asleep?
Mrs. Longwed���I have to stoop to
do it.    lie drops, his clothes all over
Public Reception for Navy
i    London, ��� Reitlcr Icarus that tfur-
all my .....-- ��� --.,   ,���.--
Binzeb, Black Paver Falls, Wis.
It ia just such experiences as that of
Mrs. Binzer that has made this famous
root and herb remedy a household word
from ocean to ocean.   Any woman who
suffers from inflammation, alceration,
displacements, backach^ nervousness. ;      for tllis purp0��C.
irregularities or "the blues" should ��
not rest until she has given it a trial,
'��� and for special advice WTite Ljrdia B.
* Pinkham Medicine Co., hyKa, Mas*.
mg peace cckbration, a public reception will be held of naval units in
i which Admiral Sir David Bcatty is
i participating. The arrangements Include the public visiting of different
shirs, some of w hich will bc brought
j    Age and a little biother t*Jl on a
i jjirl. ' ' " ,
Ask for Minard's and take no' other.
Good Grounds'
"But Mabel,- on what grounds docs
your father object lo mc?''"        <
"On any grounds within a .mile of
our house."���Houston Post.   ' -
Thc greatest tea drinkers are the.
Australians, who consume about eight |
pounds per head of the population!
every ycar.
Don't forget that pecuniary charity
is often a curse to humanity.
QUCH comfort is possible only with an
AutoStrop Razor. Why
the AutoStrop in particular? Because, with
the handy stropping
device, there's always a
sharp blade ready for
use. A few turns on the
strop re-aligns the saw-
,like edge that results from
shaving; it keeps the blade
free from rust; and gives you
for each day's shave the keen
edge of a ncw blade.
You do not need to take the
blade out to sharpen it, nor
���, do you have to take the
AutoStrop Razor apart to
clean it.
Stropping, shaving and
cleaning are all done without
removing the blade from the
Raaor ��� strop ��� 13 blades ��� $3
AutoStrop Building, TWonto, Caiu4*
If a man never snakes, mistakes he|
never makes anything else.
W.     N.    U.
- *"���
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���r\'"i '
Is $2 a year strictly in advance, or $2.50
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The Carmi Mine
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All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
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The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
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The tightwad never builds a live
The turnip may be homely,   but
it is seldom bald-headed.
Beef in Sfe Louis is about two
cents an ounce, Troy weight.
The wo��t is full of 'artists who
can draw, to a straight open at
both ends.       0
"We once loved Virginia Dare.
It is a wine of seven colors and
delicious when served cold.
TnE spinach is probably the
most medicinal of all vegetables.
The onion is also close to the top.
TnE breweries in Los Angeles
are being changed to ice-cream
factories. Less foam but more
The human race eat when the
dinner bell rings, or when they
have the price. All other animals
eat when they are hungry.
In the United States it is so
easy to become a naturalized citizen, that few people seem to really
value  the   honor  conferred ~~npon
The soaring price of silver
should make some of the Boundary mines rise from the dead.
Blow the.horn, and some of the
world's crowd will stop at Greenwood, The hills around this burg
have millions in them,    -
Owing to the.fact that he.did
not have a very good Christmas in
France, one ssldier in California
celebrated when he.got home on
May. 4. He had turkey for dinner,
and played Santa Claus the night
before while his children slept
To him the date made no difference. '! Anyway where it does not
snow Christmas looks the same in
_May_as.December.,._,.:,.  -_ "...
Upon the occasion,/ of" E, W.
Beatty's initial trip through the
west, as president of the C. P. E.,
the representatives of.industry and
commerce in'."the Kootenay and
Boundary will honor him with a
banquet at. the Hume Hotel in
Nelson. He will .no doubt receive
a real western .welcome at that
event, which will tend .to increase
friendly relations; bet ween the peo
pie, ahd one. of the greatest rail
roads in the world.
Population of the Dominion
The; population of the Dominion
per. square .mile is; 1.1 in British
Columbia;: 1.5 in" Alberta; 1.9 in
Saskatchewan; I.S iu : Manitoba;
,6:1 in.Qutario; 2.8.in Quebec; 12.5
in New Brunswick;: ,22:9. in Nova
Scotia: and 42.9 in Prince Edward
Island, according to ..figures given
in a -publication of : the Canada
Food Board.
Like a Preacher
': "You say your laundry woman
reminds you of;a good, preacher?"
"Yes;   she's    always,.bringing
things home to me that'I never
,saw before.M    .        - "
* 'Did you leave the waitress a
liberal tip?" "I surely did," replied O'Neill. .-. "J: left her two
potatoes and half, a .chop, which
according to board rates should be
.worth eixty cente" .     -
Seattle and San Francisco capitalists, have an option and bond
upon the Carmi mine at Carmi.
A compressor will be installed at
once, and considerable work done
this snmmer. A new mill may be
erected in the near future. As the
ores of this mine have a copper
base, the starting of the Greenwood smelter would give a wonderful impetus to the development of
the Carmi and many other mines
in the vicinity.
Slocan Mines
% The Kaslo Kootenaian says that
Phil Corrigan will resume operations on tho Florida in tho Jackson
Basin.���The Kaslo is running one
shift���James Dunsmuir is applying
for water rights on Noble Five
creek near Cody.���A 1,200 foot
raise has been completed in the
Noble Five.���Near Three Forks
George Petty is taking out good
ore from the Silverite.���Tho main
ore body has been found in the No.
7 level of the Queen Boss.���Two
new leads have been struck on the
St. Patrick group on Lavina
Mountain in the Lardo.
Poverty is the greatest of physicians. His method is prophylactic rather than therapeutic, but
in point of results he is in a class
by himself.
His practice attests the efficacy
of the ounce of prevention in big
Poverty ranks high as a surgeon,
too. Nobody else cuts out bo
many things that are* not good for
In a way he has the respect of
the profession. Where he is in
charge of a case no other practitioner is apt to interfere.���Life.
Listen For Rappings
"Interest in the question of
"spirit return" has been given
new impetus by tho deaths so near
together of Sir Oliver Lodge and
Sir William Crookes, famous British physicists and believers. If
messages can really be conveyed
from the "spirit land'.' by the application of sublimated natural law
these two famous scientists should
be able to convey them.���Springfield Republican.
V . _ V 'y     ���
Played a Joke
. Mrs. Maud Pepoon, wife of
Henry Pepoon, a farmer on Blue
Clay creek, Missouri, got up on the
morning of _December 18 and proceeded to search her. husband's
trousers, as-was her usual custom,,
but instead.of finding the customary collection^f small change, she
grasped a giant bullfrog, says a
Hardy; Ark., despatch to the Sfe
Louis Times.,.
"Her"wild shrieks"-woke her husband, who leaped from his bed, intending to tell her it was alia joke,
but she had already had rushed.out
of the door and into the adjoining
woods, still screaming.
. Pepoon pursued her, and both
might haye been running yet had
not their wild flight been suddenly
halted by a big black bear rushing
ferociously in the opposite:direction. .     :, '"   X.X-iX   .X \ .." fi-yXX
The Pepoons whirled instantly
and rushed for/their dwelling,-the
bear.after them and gaining. 'Just
after.they; neared. the clearing tfrey
noticed that' their, house was; on
fire, probably due to the overtuin*
ing of a:.:kerosene lamp JhL their
ha8ty"rexit.-: ' -'.-"- ';���'-���" xi   ���'. XX
. To escape, tlie,bear both;, jumped
into, a well, .from which, almost
dead, they were- rescued . after
neighbors shot .the bear. .The
dwelling was burned to ashes and
the bullfrog perished in the flames.
; Pepoon has coined a moral like
this: "It's;cheaper to let. your
wife search your pockets than to
scare her with a giant bullfrog."
Highest in 34" Years
The Walsh-Pittman bill, passed
on April 23,- 1918, fixed the price
of silver at 81.01 1-8. Prior to
this fixture sales are said to have
heen made at $1.08 to $1.15, although the official quotation did
not reach the lower figure. In
1885 the average for the year was
The Chinese and. Indian buyers
were said to be ready to pay SI. 25
prior to the release of the United
States, treasury reserves, which immediately placed at the disposal of
the Britibh government about 50,-
000,000 ounces at $1 an ounce,
which was raised to $1.01 1-8 on
August 15.
The world's production of silver"
fell from 226,000,000 ounces in
1911 to 223,000,000 in 1913, 178,-
000,000 in 1915 and 143,000,000 in
1918. The price of the metal bas
risen steadily from 53.92 cents an
ounce in 1911. The production
has been reduced in Idaho and
Montana mines in  recent months.
The moving picture industry is
consuming 35,000,000 ounces of
silver annually in the manufacture
of screen film. Manufacture in the
United States consume 65,000,000
ounces annually when conditions
are normal. The United States is
required, under the provisions of
the Walsh-Pittman bill, to replace
the 350,000,000 ounces melted and
sofd to England and India. At
what price the government will be
able to replace this metal is uncertain, and it is not known that
there is a source from which this
quantity may be obtained immediately. ^
Prominent metal dealers are
quoted as saying the supply will
not equal the demand by 50 per
cent for many years.
Lord Reading said in an after
dinner speech in Washington:
"The war has done one,good
thing for England. It bas broken
up our almost incredible snobbishness.
"I heard a story about our snobbishness the other day. A duchess
was talking of a self-made knight,
just deceaeed, who had subscribed
liberally to her charities:
"Poor, dear Sir Thomas," she
said. ."So he's dead, is he? Poor
Sir Thomas!,. I couldn't know him
in.Londen, but we shall meet in
heaven.' "
She Knew What it Means
.A .teacher ^ was reading the
Christmas; recitative piece "to her
class and came across the word
."unaware." She asked if anyone
knew its meaning. One small girl
timidly raised her hand and gave
the following definition: - ' 'Unaware is what you take off the last
thing before you put your nightie
on."-'. .'���    .���������'���'���
Quick to Take Advice
- Free Miner's Certificates expire
on the 31st of May.
"Ihave'a terrible tooth-ache, and
want something to enre it.'.'
Doctor Friend���'.'Now yoa don't
need any medicine. /1 had a toothache yesterday,. and I went; home
and my loving wife kissed me and
so consoled me thatr the pain boob
passed away/,- Why.don't .you try
Ihe trick?"XixX-XyX'X;;; Xx -xXyX\
'. Jones���"!, think I .will. ..v js
yonr wife home nowVli-XX-'XyX'-i-iX'.
When two masters fight, the
peasant receives :the blows.-r-Pplish
proverb. . .
��� Cherish, your enemies. You
may need them as ah antidote to
your friends. ���'���- J ���:
What.we extol as truth is only a
prejudice in.favor of our own
opinion; , : ' , -'"-'���, '/- ;-X:~ x~    ,;
A philanthrppist. .is often' Bill
Sikes troubled '.with a /'conscience.
A philosopher - is, a', man. who
sagaciously opines that .if" things
were different they wouldn't be the
earner, y.':-'X-xX' ."."" ���������������";- x'i .\ V
, The pen is mightier than the
sword because it slaya reputations,
while the sword only, slays men- '��� -.'
Science tells ns that,men have
risen from the:brute,, but .the rise
appears to have' been by no Weans
general.".   .-:/.'.'"':     .''"--"   '-/;'    '
-Theoretically parliament is a reflection of the people. In practice
it is oftener a reflection on the people.' -  Xx' x '' ,;."���-��� Xi X '.-
There is one thing .in; which a
man,- resembles > fish; he can
save/himself a lot. of trouble by
keeping his/mouth stint.
It is harder to unlearn old follies
than to acquire new.:wisdom. "Most
of ns would know a lot more, had
we learned a lot less.       .".
"At bottom, mankind is. still
savage and ruthless and unimaginative to a degree. If. it were not
so, y whole >. communities / would
neyer.be content to enjoy a spnr-
ious.prosperity due to the desire of
their fellows tb. kill one another.   -
Ledge ads bring.results,
t Nothing on Country Life
Dr. Samuel Schwab claims that
the  oldest  good story is the one
about the boy who left the farm and
got a job in the city.    He  wrote a
letter   to   his   brother,   who   had
elected to stick by the farm, telling
of the joys of city life, in which he
said:    "Thursday we   autoed out
to the conntry club where we golfed
until   dark.      Then   we trolleyed
back   to   town   and danced  until
dawn.    Then  we motored   to the
beach and Friday ed  there."    The
brother on  the  farm  wrote back:
"Yesterday we  buggied  to   town
and baseballed all afternoon.  Then
we went to Ned's and pokered till
morning.   To-day we muled out to
"the cornfield   and   geehawed   till
sundown.   Then we suppered  and
then we pipped for a while.    After,
that we staircased up to our room
arid bedsteaded   until    the   clock
Culattieen Hotel
One of the largest hotels In
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty mealn.
A. O. JOHNSON -.-'.    PROP.
Not Known in Those Parts
Preaching in one of the state
capitals, an Australian bishop
noticed in his congregation a
Btrange face. The following Sunday the same individual appeared,
ahd later in the week the bishop
met him in the street. The bishop
stopped him, congratulated him
upon his attendance at the cathedral, and added:
"You don't live here, do   you?"
"No," said the stranger, "I live
way back," mentioning the name
of the place.
'"Have you many  Episcopalians
there?" inquired the biBhop.
"No, sir," was the reply.
"What we are mostly worried with
is rabbits." .- J        ������-';
E. W. ^IDDOWSON; Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold; Silver, Lead or Copper.
$i- each, v Gold-Silver, . (single assay)
li.oo. Goid-Silver ... (duplicate.: assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead J1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc #3.00. Charges for other metals etc
ou application.
The Ledge has always room
for one more ad.
You - can. get   a   bargain   in
envelopes at. The Ledge office. -
All   the \r latest, methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,    V-   -   BX.
FRONT ST.,   ; NELSON.'   BOX 865
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Hire.   The finest
turnouts rn the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
NOTICE is hereby given that the first
sitting of the Court of Revision, for the
purpose of hearing complaints against
the assessment for the year 1919 as made
by the Assessor for the City of Greenwood, will be held in the City Office,
Municipal Hall; on Monday, May 26th,
1919, at 10 o'clock a.[ni.
Notice of complaints  must   be   given
in  writing to the Assessor at least ten
days previous to the sitting of the Court.
Dated at Greenwood, B. C, April 24th,
1919. "     '
''���'���'.���' City Clerk,
NECESSITY may sometirne compel you to sur^
- render your investment in War Savings
Stamps, but should this happen you get all your
money back, with a good rate of interest in addition,
for the time in which you have lent it to the
Government. /   ���"
Sixteen 25-cent Thrift Stamps
will buy. a $-1.00 War Savings'
Stamp  worth  $5.00  in   1924.
(Briiish Columbia Division)   "
Vnucouver, B. C.
Applications For Grazing- Permits
Applications for permits to graze live-stool<
on the Crown range within each' Grazing- District of the Province of British Columbia, as
established hy Order-ln-Council, dated the 10th
of April, 1919 and published in the British Columbia Gazette ou April 17th, 1919, must be
filed with the District Foresters at Cranbrook,
Port George, Kamloops, Nelson, Prince Rupert,
Vancouver and Vernon, or witl\ the Commissioner of Grazing, Department of Lauds, Parliament Buildings, at-Victoria, B. C, on or before July 1st, 1919. .-���'..-
Blank forms upon whiuh to-subiuil applications may be obtained from the District Foresters at the above named places or from the
Department of Lands at Victoria, B.C.
Deputy Minister of Lauds.
Department of Lands, Victoria, B.C.,
14th Aprll,1919.
"���        .������������'������ SYNOPSIS   Or ���';,
: Pre-emption now! confined to surve"���'-*-.
lands only.  ���������
^Records will be granted covering only
. land 'suitable for agricultu. xl ��� purposes
and which is non-timber land.   .'-
Partnership    pre-emptions   abolished,
but parties of not more than four may"
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
Joint residence, but. each.making-neces-.-.
sary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy Calms for
live years and make, improvements to
value of $10 per acre.Hncluding clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 awes, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3. years,, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because,
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
Intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
improvements to extent of ?300 per annum and records .same each year. Failure to make improvements or -rec6rd
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these.claims in
less-than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption,  if he re-
?[uires Jand in conjunction ^with his
arm, -without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homes!tea;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential- and-Improvement-conditions.	
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 610 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
The scope of this Act is-enlarged to
Include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act is extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one ycar after the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege ls also made retroactive. ���
Provision ls made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover tn proportion to the sale price of
tbe whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment Jointly. If it ls not
considered advisable to divide the land
oovered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of eijual value selected from available
Crown lands In tha locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to
f?11 K? .als0 Projected. The decision of
. the Minister of Lands in respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
ls final. The time for making application for those allotments is limited to
the let day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date will not be
considered., These allotments apply to
. town lota and lands of the Crow�� sold
~��^pgb|}g_Ki49gon�� ^ 7*.^.
For information apply .to auy Provincial Government Agent or to    -
Deputy Minister of Lands," .
' ' - ' Victoria, B.C.
Bangtiig the receiver on the hook in the midst of the other person's
genial ''good bye" is like slamming the door on a departing guest.
Don't think he fails lo hear its clatter" or misunderstood'its significance.
The telephone is a delicate instrument; otherwise it would not regisler
the human voice. It mciits careful handling; thereon largely depends its
satisfactory working. And, just as important to" the user, the all-important
impressions which he makes by telephone���whether in or out of business
hours���depend in great measure on the consideration he shows other people, up to the last faint click that should end the connection..
The only up4o/date Hotel in the inter ior," First-class
' in every respect,
4�� 4�� ���&�� #g�� .^> 4. ^ $ ����* 4. ��$. $��� 4.
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; .Electric Lighted.
KATES 31.00 per day'and up; European PJan.
_    -Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.	
H4>af>a!''f'f'��$*'��<$���<$������$��������$'fr* <fr<fr"<frtfrtfrifrifrif**ft
: !i
gmntmmmmmm tmnmmmm nmimmmmmmmm^
Palace ^Livery  And  Stage
���Economy and Satisfaction
combined with Promptness
are the features which go to
makeup the Service we give
our customers. Are you
one of them?
Letterheads, Noteheads.       ^
(Ruled 6r Plain) . "  :3
Envelopes, Billheads,
(All Sizes)
���__? * i'4U
Statements,'Business Cards, H
i The Ledge
PHONE_29       ��
Job Printing Department    ||
7'Mmmimmmii mimmmm umummmu if


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