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The Ledge Dec 26, 1918

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gVoL-/  XXV.
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many  kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
No. i&4
Around Home
Do  Your XMAS  SHOPPING  Early H
��| P��a��y Seedless Raisins 15c Per 11 oz tkg ^
C~ Pency SeeJed Raisins- 15c Per 15 oz Pk? "^3
fc Fancy Sultana Raisins 25c  Per lb Bulk 3
E Fancy Cleaned Currants 25c Per Ib  Bulk ^
Fancy Cleaned Currants 25c Per 15ozPk* :~S
fc W�� alw har* recelyed a  shipment of Dates, Figs and Candied Peels ~8
5~    Call and compare roods as to quality and prices before    ~2
fc purchasing elsewhere -���
Gloves,  Mitts, Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
LEE & BRYAN      ��
Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ~3
E Phone 4&
All Well Again And
Ready For Business
Still showing exclusive designs
Get one for the Holidays and
enjoy yourself
Just received a fine lot of heavy
Tweed pants suitable for winter,
W. Elson 8 Co
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c eadi,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each,
60 Watts
100    -
200   ��
>> X   $1,25 each
2.00  �����
3,50 ��
f   *   /
Greenwood City Waterworks Go.
Choice Goods
Cigars,   Tobaccos, Cigaiv
.   ettcs, Pipes, Fruit and
Suitable for the Holiday  Season
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels'in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with<steam"and
electricity, Fine sample'rooms, Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
i XX^^^xp^'ftX^
SR JOJ-fN ARO.GtnenlMoaaserl :
"X xk k~4 Mrtte&$iti^^
handling of business |r��S
calpts and paym��nt||t?#
50 Tons of GALT COAL
on the way
Order At Once
Christian Science service will be hel��)
in the MELL.OR BLOCK on Sunday at ri
a. m, . All welcome. Every Wednesday
at8 p. tn., testimonial meetings willbe
held in the same block,. Sunday .Scfcool
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
VISITING   HOURS   2  to   4
At other hours by arrangement
You can get a bargain io
envelopes at The Ledge office.
Send a $1 to The Ledge and
get ^different copies of Lowery's
; Get a Float -for ?25 cents at
T h e ;Ledge:.; office,': a nd send to
your:?;friends in order ? to cheer
themi during- the dairk; days ; of
December. "-XX-XXX
iXxixXx Xy Notice % XiXyiiX-xXX
??��il Continental Casualty policyholders are requested to pay their
monthly premiums to C.xiWX Hart-
laud, secretary of :Miners' Union,
Greenwood; or to J. Hi Schofield,
(Box 418, Trail, B;C.\V;
John McArthur-is home for the
Merry Christmas to all,    Coles
Book Store.
At Eholt, Jack Henderson  bas
a suite of 32 rooms.
Jud Faulds is seeking  his  fortune iu Vancouver.
Mrs. Harry Twells  of Trail is J
visiting her parents.
Large   assortment   of   Xmas
cards.    Coles Book Store..
George Gray of Midway is
clerking for Lee & Bryan.
At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches.   Boys Watches.
Captain McMann died at Cashmere, Wash., a few days ago.
The Rock Candy mine is shipping fluorite to Indianapolis,
There is a Tax Sale of mineral
claims in Rossland on Friday.
James Drum is going, to the
coast upon   important business.
Large stock of Dolls, Toys and
Sleds.   Coles Book Store.
J, W. Mulhern has resigned as
superintendent of the K. V. Ry.
At Bridesville, the citizens
have beeu overstocked with the
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ryan are
visiting relatives in St. Thomas,
Mens Lumberman's Rubbers,
socks and underwear at Rendell's
Eddie Mann has sold his stock,
and closed his drug-store in the
A Soldiers friend is Dad O'Dell
at the Province Hotel, Grand
The Greenwood smelter blew
in its first furnace on February
17. 1902.
Mr, and Mrs. Stockley lett on
Monday tor Princeton in their
Ford car.
Esther Swanson is now on the
staff of the Hotel Tulameen at
_ The Ledge wishe&everybody a
joyous Christmas, and a healthy
New Year.
Useful Presents, Beautiful
Presents, Appropriate Presents.
Coles Book Store.
G. A. Rendell's store will open
on Monday and Tuesday evenings, preceding Christmas.
Great interest is taken in Spokane over the reviving of the
smelter at Greenwood.
More than 200 people are now
living at Allenby, and some of
them read The Ledge.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker aud Jeweler, Childrens and Babies Gold Rings.
P. B. Freeland, mining engineer, aud Miss Mary Bayley were
married in Vancouver last week.
Hot lemonade is good for influenza, we have fresh, juicy
lemons on hand. Rendell's Store.
There were two cases of dip-
theria in Phoenix last week.
The Flu has gone off shift in
that town.
Two Japs at Cascade were
each fined $50 and costs* for
allowing * a dog to run at large
that would kill deer.
Fresh fruits and groceries,
quality and prices guaranteed.
Get your Xmas: candy from us.
G. A. Rendell, Greenwood, B. C.
In 1862-63 90 men? wintered! iu
the Cariboo. Three of them are
still alive, Bob Stevenson: of
Princeton, being one of them.
The far famed Rexall hair
tonic can now be obtained at
Goodeve's. If you want a really
good hair  tonic, procure at once.
About ten carloads of wheat,
grown hear Princeton, were shipped to the coast this year. It
brought $2,20 a bushel iu Vancouver.
Another shipment ot fresh bulk
chocolates, for the Christmas
trade, just arrived at Goodeve's
Drug Store.
The roof has been put ou the
big mill at Allenby, and the carpenters can work all winter.
Thirty more were put to work
..XJustX received -a shipment of
''Bobbie Burns" plum ? puddings;
fruit cakes and oat cakes packed
in tins for shipment overseas, at
.Rendell's^.j;?-:? .-?.r:??.?;??.
��� ^Writing?to his //'parents Von November 28-/Jim; McCreathXsays
that he ..-'.has .recovered^ from? his
B. C. Mines
The No 1 afc Sandon Degan ship
ping this month.
Robert Wood has fonr men
working on the Sally at Beaverdell.
Next Friday, is the day set for
several mineral tax sales in this
Tbe mines in this province will
not require eo much foreign labor
in the future.
Mark Smith and bis partner
have a lease on ther Rob Roy in
the Beaverdell camp.
J. W. Evans of Revelstoke has
bonded the Mountain Chief at
Renata for 8100,000.
This month at the Lead Queen
mine, north of Invermere, M. F.
Powell was killed by a enowslide.
The Flu caused 80 deaths at
Anyox, and for several weeks retarded the operations of the
Granby. $
Pat Crane, John McKellar, and
Jim-Dale'received $1225 nett, for
the carload of ore that they shipped from the[dump of the Bounty
OwingJtoJjtheCdifficulties attending fehe securing of pumice stone
from the.jLipari Islands recently,
an endeavor is being made by a
party of prospectors to locate extensive deposits' of this stone in
the northjfof British Columbia,
where it'is known to exist'in small
quantities which, if fproperly prospected, jnay develop extensively.
The"*closing of the Greenwood
smelter'is'far reaching in its effects
upon��the prosperity of fche interior.
It i8>"direcfc blow afc tbe mining
industry, and has already caused
some mines? to be shut down on
bofch oidesiof the line. The gov-,
ernment .should use every effort
possible *b have^this important in-
dustry^revived and kept in constant operation. No countries can
get rich when its industries are
Western Float
Do not fail to see our stock of
Chinaware, Cut Glass, Community Silver, Brassware, Toilet
Sets, Fountain Pens. Coles
Book Store.
James Dimmick, and his
daughter came in from Wall
Walla on Friday, to spend
the holidays with Mr. and Mrs.
John Finlay.
Ladies silk scarves and hand
bags, Christmas handkerchiefs of
all kinds.    G. A. Rendell.
Writing to The Ledge from
Mons, Major R. G.. Hargreaves
says, "Still going strong. Hope
to be back before another November comes round."
Greenwoodihaving had no Flu
for a month the isolation hospital will be closed on Thursday.
The expenses were over $1300. of
which the government gaye $350.
Lieutenant Goss and Miss Maud
Fraser were married in Vancouver last week. Miss Fraser is
well-known in Greenwood, being
a niece of Mrs. Alex Greig and
Miss Katherine Smith.
Maslonka, the shoemaker, was
arrested in Merritt for failing to
provide for his wife and family,
although he had plenty of money,
lie was ordered to pay $15 a
week, and keep away from his
family, whom" he had almost
starved to death.
Subscribers at Beautiful Falls,
and other places complain that
they sometimes do not receive
their Ledgen. The Ledge sends
all subscribers their papers every
week. As it is a very valuable
paper, perhaps burglars sometimes break into small postoffices
and steal it.
Lieut. Donald Smith of the
Royal Air Force says in .recent
letters from Weston On The
Green, England, that he thinks
that his brother Suds will soon
return-to Canada^' Donald is flying on service machines that
travel 120 miles an hour. He recently led/ a -formation /rfor'Xan
hour. He made three dives, each
from 4,000-to?^2,000 feet, yat-the
rate of 150 miles an honr. Lit was
uuui uv. una :��.w>Li|.u i*vuv u*? i funny to hear, the wires whistle.
wounds,?and;was goiugr on atriplRoy McLeod is at. Seaford with
to/ Ireland for?-a/ fe Forks,
says-that the stopping of the war! He reports little flying owing.to
had a; beneficial effect upon the | misty weather. In company with
wounded. -They seemed towgetjsayeral others; he -recently wit-
beUer Vmuch? Quicker," VHe met: nessedin London a football game
Worthington Fair who? was ire-1 between the: Yankee Jackies, Be
coyering; from heing seyerly' does not expect to see Canada for
gassed last October. iXi-X iseveral:months. .��� 7v:.::
Penticton is talking aboat starting a club.
Rents continue to advance in
Canned whale meat is being sold
at the coast.
There are over 1000 bottles of
whiskey in Nelson.
Many new settlers arrived at
Keremeos this fall.
Ed. Egan has opened a blacksmith shop in Kaslo.
There are 4,700 municipal voters in North Vancouver.
There are 559 names on the
municipal voter's list in Trail.
The hotel at Caatlegar was
closed for a time owing to the Flu.
During 1916, 19000 people died
in the United States from influenza.
Near Gerrard the government is
build ing'abridge across the Lardo
river. .
The highest price for fresh eggs
at Creston this year was 75 cenfcB a
George Moir,'-C.P.R. agent at
Rossland has been transferred to
Tons of dressed chickens are be"
ing ^hipped from Armstrong to
Vernon people are'very- anxi ous
to have a branch cf'fche C. N. R.
from Kamloops.
This fall more'than 5000 people
a*week";have been dying in England fronf the Flu.
Recently in nine days, five
deaths'were'eaused by auto acci-
John^Towler, the old prospector,
died in Quesnel from paralysis.
He was amative of California.
Afe Vanderhoof this year 50
bushels of wheafe to fthe acre was
grown,pand 100 feushels of oats.
Whiskey, serum, prayer or
anything else that allays fear are
useful in an epidemic. Beyond
that alii are worthless.
J."T. Beauchesnedied in Nelson,
from ^injuries sustained at the
Westmount mine, two months ago.
He'had lived over 20 years in the
Many" towns in B. ' C, even
Quesnel are suffering from wood
famines. Too many people are too
lazy to use an"axe, and the trees
will not walk into town and lie
dowmby the stove.
The f"Chinese government will
destroy 614,000,000 worth of opium
purchased from Shanghai merchants who were unable to dispose of it because of a law against
shippingJit;intO'the interior.
Seyeral carloads of potatoes bave
been shipped from points aibng the
C.P.R. between Kenora and Mur
Iin to Eastern Ontario for seed.
The shipments were composed
chiefly of the Irish Cobbler variety.
The Swedish Government; has
decidedjto carry oufe without delay
a programme giving bbfch sexes the
vote. Control of the foreign policy
as well as declarations of war and
peace'are vested wifeh the Riksdag.
Several oil drilling rigs, supposed to be the property of the
Imperial Oil Company, are moving
into the Peace River, Alta., field,
andjit is reported that they are to
be used to drill several wells in the
various locations over northern oil
areas.   '.
Col. Clare, in describing the
German war hospital in Haumont,
says the only test the German
doctor applied to British prisoners
in'order to ascertain whether he
was'able to return to work was to
put his finger and thumb around
the man's biceps, if they did not
meet, whatever the man's condition might be, he was sent back to
The match shortage due to the
war'has caused a revival in Eng-
lands's oldest industry, the making
of flints. Most of the flints are
taken by the makers of mechanical
devices for lighting pipes and
cigarettes. Before the war mast
of them went to Spain and Italy,
where the flinfe and steel have
never been entirely supplanted by
the match.
Almosfe'as'many of the?people pf
Canada died of tuberculosis during
the fonr years ?of war?as fehere
were ��� Canadian' soldiers killed in
battle during fehe same period,
while? the? number; of civilians at
home stricken with the great white
plague during the fonr years nearly equalled the number of Canadian soldiers reported sick or
wounded in the casualty lists for
the entire period of the war. The
startling statement; was made at
Montreal? by Dr. Harding, secretary to the;Royal Edward Institute
for tuberculosis, in giving a brief
gummary of the institute's work in
combating the disease.
Behind Greenwood,
Mining Truth directs the attention of citizens of Spokane, and
particularly jhe Chamber of Commerce and other quasi-public
organizations, feo the front-page
article in this issue, wherein it is
proposed feo revive the smelting
enterprise at Greenwood, B. C,
under independent management
and with fehe combined financial
aid of the State of Washington ancl
Province of Br.'tish Columbia.
In our opinj in this is a sane ana.
entirely feasible reconstructive
project that willjmean much feo our
own prosperity and even more to
the great mineralized area to the
north, on both sides of the international line. No other movement would meet with such popular approval in a territory that
contributes largely to this city's
prosperity and which naturally
looks to us tor practical aid in
development^ itsjresources.   .
The Jfirst argument Tagainsfe the
suggestion   naturally turns   upon
the fact thafc'the property  is in
British Columbia'and that nothing
of similar nature has ever before
been undertaken. [The best answer
is* thafe the   property Qhas   always
been owned by "an"'American company andjthafe, as a'matter of fact,
there are~several "similar projects,
noticeably the^'nickeltfproperties of
Sudbury,   owned   in   the   United
States.    Another"argument is thafe
import and export'duties might interfere with freeimovement of ores
from^.bothj sides] of the line,   iln
answer,?ife"mayjbe"{said|fehat  there
are no import duties upon taw ores
going into Canada and  thafe   * any
event'theTplant^would ber bonded
by the^United^'iStates government
so that^bullion'jfderived from  ores
from this- side bfffche line could be
returned J'fcoJJthis "market,. As   a
ffiatter   of Jfact, .the only, logical
objection to the project is that the
Sfcafce   of   Washington   could   nofe
legally go behind a British Columbia "enterprise"^ with financial'aid.
That remains to be seen, but in
anyjevent there is  no legal hindrance tojstrong moral support.
Mining Truth suggests that the
Spokane Chamber of Commerce
take the lead in this movement,
and as a first step get into touch
with other communities to ascertain the sentiment, and, if enoour- ~"
aged, call a'represenfeative meeting
at which all details could be
threshed out and a concrete plan
adopted. The British Columbia
government has already promised
material aid in reviving tbe fortunes of fehe plan fe, which has been
in successful operation for almost
twenty years. Since Canada and
the United Sfeates are firm allies in
world affairs, ife seems to us that
an international agreement to bene- ���
fit a great mineral territory which
happens tojbe ou both sides of an
imaginary line offers no unsur-
mpnhtable difficulties. Small difficulties can all be brushed away by
common sense and? reliable expert
advice.���Spokane  Mining   Truth.
Played Back
A woman, one of 30,000 British
working for the Y, M.*C. A., was
assigned to scrub the Eagle Hut
floor in Londou. She had done
little manual work in her life, bufe
accepted the job without protest
and wenfe down on her knees with
a pail of hot water, a cloth and a
cake of soap. Soon the water in
pail was black. A man in^uniform
passed. The yeoman looked up
and asked him if he would mind
emptying the pail and refilling ife
with clean water.
There was a pause, then this
"Dammit, madam, I'm an officer!"
This time there was no pause,
bufe like a flash the scrubwoman retorted:
"Dammit, officer, I'm a duchess!"
Some 70,000 bushels of seed
grain will be stored in Edmonton
by the Canadian Government Seed
Commission. JTHH    LEDOBL    GREENWOOD,    &  &
Food will win the
war; don't waste it.
Left-overs are made palatable and nourishing
by   the   addition   of
a   small quantity  of
Hats Off to the Swiss
For our Heroes	
At times chimin heavy bombardment the army
commissariat becomes so disorganized that ordinary food is unprocurable for days.
During such time* as this the value of a convenient and
concentrated food that may be carried and handled   easily,
cannot be over-estimated.
Active Service Chocolate answers
all the requirements of such a food.
It is thc most nourishing and wholesome chocolate manufactured.    If you are
unable to obtain this chocolate
our locality, write usk we
sec that you pet it.
Sold iu jc. and '.
Men and Women Give Food Out o��
Their Own Short Supplies
The war is teaching us better about
Switzerland, as about other countries.
It is not as though a vast, incredibly
rich, exuberantly resourceful land bestowed its largess on the horde of
the wounded and the famishing and
the expatriated. Switzerland is small
and comparatively poor, and overcrowded. Yet Switzerland is giving
all that she has���(this is very important) all thai is given to Switzerland to be given out again. Here is a
capable clearing house, a tireless distributing agency. The cross that
Switzerland carries (for cvery small
nation has carried its cross in this
war) is thc Ked Cross. When these
dear, good Swiss women and men
give bread and apples, coffee and
chocolate to those who lean on their
tender mercies, thcy arc taking food
out of their own mouths and from
their own children. ��� ^Philadelphia
Public  Ledirer.
Let Cuticura Soothe
Your Itching Skin
Nothing purer, sweeter or more
effective for rashes, itchings and irritations. Thc Soap to cleanse and
Curify, the Ointment to soothe and
cal. Thcy prevent skin troubles if
used for evcry-day toilet purposes.
For free samples address: ''Cuticura, Dept. N, Uoston, U. S. A."
Sohlby deal ers throughout thcworld.
Always Effective���and acts quickly
Relieves lame back, lumbago, neuralgia, sprains, lame joints and muscles^
toothache, earache, sore throat and other painful complaints���Hirst's
Stops the Pain. Get a bottle today. Have it handy���has a hundred^
fcIH��_L' Atdcalers ��r write us.  HIRST JIEMEDY CO., Hamilton, Can.
Clovers Thrive in   Alberta
Prompt attention���careful feeding
���quick returns. In 1917 handled
over nine million dollars for stockmen.     Write  us.
Winnipeg or Edmonton
The Wily Bismarck
Made Sure That Germany Was   Not
Out of Pocket
- Au interesting little incident
which occurred within ihe walls of
Paris in 1871, is recalled by au English newspaper in connection with
the present .shortage uf sail cloth,
*vh:<-h i- --aid !'. tlireal":i to hold up
the Danish railing fb-tl. Jt was in
the spring of that year, jn.-t as n��-
g'Ui.-itirms h.'d terminated, that suddenly a rumor went round that
Franc-: had declined to pay her 100,-
000,tl(J() francs in��taliu< in uf .tlie indemnity The truth was, as Bismarck
was soon in formed, P.ui-- ii.nl no
more canvas out ul which t-i make
the bags in which to deliver the
nioni-y. So l!i-marck offered to send
for tiie material frum Berlin, to be
v>M and made up into the requisite
number of sacks in Paris. Tht
French   minister  of  finance     aiquhs-
Every Year Seed in Increasing Quan
tities Is Being Produced
White, alsikc and sweet clovers
jgrow abundantly in th.e irrigated districts of Southern Alberta and in the
central and northern parts of thc
province without irrigation. Thc prolificacy with which white clover
grows in Central Alberta is especially
noticeable in tlie residential parts of
Edmonton, where the clover has overgrown thc lawn grass ou tlie borders of the streets, giving them a carpet of wdiite throughout the summer.
It spreads spontaneously aud is perfectly hardy.
Alsikc clover is a very hardy crop
and is grown successfully in many
parts of Alberta, with and without irrigation, both for hay and pasture.
In Central Alberta it is frequently
grown with timothy. South of Edmonton a farmer has a field of alsike
which was planted eight years ago,
the growth of which was thicker this
year than with the first crop. This
crop has passed the experimental
stage and every ycar seed in increasing quantities is being produced.
Sweet clover was introduced into
Alberta at a later date than the other
two varieties imnliuited, but it is being grown quite as successfully, and
becoming increasingly popular among
dairy farmers.
Owned Great Colony Once
Had Colonial Empire of Eleven Hundred Thousand Square Miles
Less than fmtr years ago (iennany
had a colonial empire of more than
eleven hundred thousand .quare
miles, more iliati live times th,; si/e
nt the (ieruian empire, hnijer thai'
Austria-1 lungary, )��� ranee, I iennany,
Great Britain, Italy and Sptin put
together. Mr. IHrnliiug has said
again and again lhat in lime the colonies would supply the home coiml/y | Strangers in London often com-
with most of tin- cocoa and eollee, . until on the dearth of grocers' shops,
the cotton and tobacco, and palm <'il j Dry goods (drapers) shops there are
and   palm  kernels   il   needs. | ";ul  nauseam,"    and    jewellers,    and
Fast Africa sent copra, gold, ivory, , chemists,    but if you want to buy a
ittle homely packet of blue or a hot-
Eighty Thousand
Grocery Stores
Do Not Locate on   Main Thoroughfares
Butter  Output   Increasing
High  Standard of Quality    Reached
By Western Canadian Butter
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta are continually increasing their
butter production. Up to thc present
time Manitoba has already exported
one hundred cars this season, and in
addition sufficient creamery butter
has been manufactured within the
province to supply its needs. Thc
other provinces arc also exporting
larger quantities this year, but at the
present time figures are not obtainable. One reason for the steadily increasing export is thc high standard
of quality whicli has been reached hy
Western Canadian butter manufacturers. At recent exhibitions held at
Toronto and Ottawa, exhibitors
from Alberta and Alanitoba carried
off all the principal pries. A high
tribute to thc keeping qualities of the
Western Canadian product is the fact
that thc sample of butter which won
thc silver cup at the Canadian national exhibition at Toronto this year,
with a score of 98.16, was more than
a  month old when judged.
The Saskatchewan Co-operative
Creameries, Limited, thc organization which handles most of the butter
produced iu Saskatchewan recently
i shipped two carloads of butter to Si-
jberia, one from Kegina and one from
Saskatoon. The car from Saskatoon
'contained .30,500 pounds of creamery
butler, and lhe total shipment
amounted to (50,000 pounds.
sisal hemp, hides; South-\\ est .Africa
copper, diamonds, lead, skins; Came-
roons cocoa, ivory, palm kernels and
oil rubber and timber; togo cocoa,
cotton, palm kernels and oil, and rubber, (iennany was but beginning hei.
colonial  apprenticeship.
Shc blundered in many ways, in
every way, until Dcrnburg became
minister of lhe colonics; yet, three
years before the war, thc exports
irom her Pacific and African colonies
amounted to almost ��25,000,000 a
The African plantations, so rich iu
possibilities, were hardly fairly begun. South-West Africa is one of the
lincst sheep and cattle countries. The
Germans so killed oil and frightened
off the natives that labor was scarce.
Let us record the letter of von i'ro-
Iha, "the great general of thc mighty
emperor,"  to  the  Hercroes in  1904:
The llerero nation must now leave
the country, lf thc people do it not,
L will compel them with tho big gun.
Within the German frontier every
Herrero wilh or without a rillc will
be shot. 1 will not take over any
more women and children, but I will
either drive them back to their people or have them fired on.
Kulture in South-West Africa killed half the native population, virtually wiped out the Hereros, who
were either slain, man, woman and
child, or forced into the desert to
die  of  thirst.
A vast colonial cmpiie Germany
had. Oppressively, cruelly, loo often,
bureaucratically always, shc ruled it.
She always regarded it as ;i coign
of vantage when to nurse, military
designs against her neighbors. Mr.
Zimmermann's "colonial demands,"
cut down even to a demand for the
return of Geimany's former colonies,
will not lie. too warmly welcomed al
the peace congress, if there is one,
and our Auzac friends will never consent to certain surrenders or restorations.
tie of vinegar, il is really quite difficult lo find a shop that keeps it. The
reason, of course, is that grocers do
not set up shops in the main thoroughfares, and not that there is a
scarcity of them. In fact, there arc
in England over 80,000 retail, grocers'
shops. There are 5,000 co-operative
stores which serve 10,000,000 customers; 10,000 multiple shops supplying
7,000,000 customers; 70,000 small
shops with a roll of 24,000,000 customers, and a large number of the
old-fashioned family grocers. These
figures show the magnitude of thc rationing problem, and suggests that
credit is due not only to the ministry
of food, but to the wholesale houses
and retailers for the smooth way in
which the public have been supplied.
iTwo Sizes���50c and $1
_*?��� For 32 years Canadian women have found
Ingram's Milkweed Cream the most efficient
toilet preparation on the market for keeping
the complexion clear and colorful, preventing windburn and pimples, keeping the
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Always have a box of Ingram's Velveola
Souveraine Face Powder (50c) in the house.
A mere touch and oiliness and perspiration
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F. F. Ingram Co.      Windsor, Ontario
Canada's Army Corps
Second To None
Minard's Liniment
Cures Garget   in
German Paper Praises
Allied Commander
Takes the sting right out ��� cleans
'em right off with ut pain. Thousands
say it's the surest thing to rid the
feet of callouses, sore foot lumps or
corns. _Don't suffer���that's foolish���
buy a 25c boltle of Putnam's Painless
Corn and Wart Extractor; it docs thc
trick quickly and is invariably satisfactory. Sold by druggists everywhere.
Foch Beginning to    Get    Strategical
Unity on a Large  Scale
The allied successes in France,
Macedonia and Palestine have led
the Cologne Gazette to anxious consideration regarding future military
"Wc must do Foch lhc justice to
say he is apparently beginning to obtain on a big scale lhat strategical
unity he has already obtained on
French soil," says this leading German newspaper, and, after reviewing
thc situation in thc various theatres
of war, it concedes that the prosecution from all sides of an offensive
against thc alliance of thc central
powers would be a master stroke.
Having mentioned the unity of command and the superiority of thc
allies in men and material as conditions  favoring them, it continues:
"We have already pointed out thc
enviable secrecy observed in the
manufacture of armored tanks and
the training of their crews, which
how number not thousands but tens
of thousands. To these must bc added the increase in the number of
guns, mine-throwers, flame-projectors, machine guns, gas and fog ammunition and airplanes of all kinds.
No proof is necessary that German
industry is unable to accomplish this
iu similar quantities. Especially as
regards the armored tanks there is
no   doubt   that  thc  numerical   super
iority is on  thc sidc of the    enemy,
Where Is the Kaiser's Gott? il,Ild lhat ,lc;,is boimd lo uli,izc h t0
Unless worms be expelled from thu
s\ item, no child can he healthy.
-Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
is th.e best medicine extant to destroy worms.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
imb LUcAL Ai'i'i-iCAlluNa, as cfcej
.auuoi react) the ��eat 01 the disease. Catatrn
u h local disease, gi cully imlut-uucd by ..ou
uuuuoual condition*, and in order to cure it
rou must uke an internal remedy. Hall's
Latarrh Cuie is taken uueiualiy and acl��
Ihiough the blood on the mucous surtaces
��1 the system. Hall's Catarrh Cuie was pre-
.criLied by one ol lhe best pb>sicians iu Mil
country ior years. It is composed ol some
tt tlie best ionics known, combined with
ionre ot the best blood puniiers. i he perfect combination ol the ingredients tu llalfj
Latarrh Cuie t> what ptouuees such wonder- i iTeat lest
tui results in catarrhal conditions. Send tot ' '"
testimonials, lree.
fc\  J.   CUENlii   &   CO.,   Props.,   Toledo, O.
All  Druggists,  75c
lull's   l'amily   i'nis  lor  constipation.
Losing    His     Sacrilegious
Tt is in no spirit of irreverence lhat
we ask what has become of the
kaiser's Gott, for many look upon
Wilhclm as a pagan who worsin^s
gods of his own making, as did his
forbears, long ago. No one who has
claimed partnership witii God���sometimes seeming superiority also -is
entitled to any special consideration
from thc reverent.
the utmost."
Hut of late the kaiser has {ailed to
ill on his Gotl to witness thc winders of German achievements under
his vice-regent. Thc boastfuluesL. is
gone, and he is even app-jaling to
human -strength lo save liim. One is
reminded of nothing so much as the
position of Ahab and his priests on
.Mount Carmcl when Elijah inad-: the
between lhe tribal go-Is
of the locality and the Eternal and
Invisible God iu thc Heavens.
Nothing in  all    literature     sxeceds
in dramatic  intensity  the  description
rnr.    mt v.     i ��f that    scene    when the    priests oi
The Wrong Bottle Baal danced around their altar,    cut
"Warrioi   From     Palestine     (\wiose   themselves, and besought in vain the
baby is about to be christened,    and  (iic from heaven which should prove
who has a bottle of Jordan water lor j their     faith    justified.     When    Flijah
the purpose)���Eh, by the way, niccn-  prayed it was in no boastful spirit of
One   hundred   eopi'S
Number of Sheep
Steadily Increasing
Provincial   Governments   Facilitating
the Distribution of Sheep
Among Farmers
A .-n-iuly increase is noticeable in
lhe number of sheep in the western
provinces of Canada, although there
are \eiy lew of these animals being
brought into the country. The great
importance ni wool production has
led to a great .conservation of sheep,
and (hiring lhe last two or three
years \iry few, if any, animals at all
j siiitablf- for breeding purposis 1
I been   .slaughtered. Alberta  is
ister, 1 ha'e brochl this bottle	
.Minister���No' lhe noo, laddiel After the ceremony I'll be verra pleased!
���London Opinion.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
A battalion was being instructed on
"how to take a convoy through open
com try." One company was told oft"
to represent lioiscs, cows and waggons.
After a short halt the advance order  was given and the convoy  moved
partnership, but as the. "servant"
of God. Then the fire descended from
heaven and consumed thc sacrifices,
so that all Israel was convinced.
Historical parallelisms may bc carried too far, but in this age kaiser
Wilhelm makes a far less enviable
figure with his sacrilegious boastings
of associations with one who, by his
own admissions, is nothing - moic
than a territorial god of a heathen
nation, and who is as liltlc able to
assist lhc Hun as was Baal to come
to thc aid of Ahab.
The need for people to be healthy
is urgent. Those whom illness has
put outside the ranks of robust men
and women feel their position keenly.
Thcy arc handicapped in every walk
of life, and weak men and nerve-worn
women need more earnestly than ever lo put their health right and become active and strong. Many who
began "patching" months ago are as
ill now as ou the day they began
vainly tinkering with common drugs.
Every ailing man and woman should
remember that thc ills of debility,
nerve exhaustion, indigestion, sleeplessness, neuralgia, and depression
comc from a faulty blood supply.
Woiry, over-work or other causes
have impoverished thc blood and left
the life-stream impure. The nerves
thereby arc starving and the whole
system is languishing for new blood.
In this condition many thousands
havc won back strong nerves and
new health and strength through thc
ncw rich blood Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills actually make. In a weak or
bloodless condition it is not only a
waste of lime and money, but also a
further menace to your health to
tinker with common drugs. Follow
the example of so many thousands
by giving Dr. Williams' Pink Pills a
fair trial, and they will transform you
into healthy, active, men and women.
You can get these pills through
any dealer in medicine, or by mail at
50 cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
from Tho Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Dominant Factor in Success Is Team
'   Play
Major General Mcwburn, minister
of militia, in an address to tlie army
and navy veterans at the Central
Canada Exhibition, said that the
Canadian army corps in France is
the strongest striking force, bar
"This- is admitted by officials of
thc highest rank, and their records
have proved it at Arras, Amiens ancl
other points lo which thcy were
moved," hc said. "Our casualties have
been heavy, but, thank God, there
were men in the reinforcing pools in
France to fill every gap, and the pools
were rc-fillcd from the corps in ting-
General Mcwburn said Jihc Canadian corps had developed many geniuses and paid high tribute to the
work of General Stewart, of tlie railway troops, who, he said, would
shortly bc appointed director of thc
whole transportation system in
France and Flanders.
"The dominant factor in thc success of our corps is the team play,"
declared thc minister, "In General
Currie wc havc a big man in cvery
sense of the word. lie is idolized
by every man under him. All are
war-weary, war-tired, but determined
to sec it "through to a successful conclusion."
Yankee Ingenuity
Popular    American    Sport    Directed
Toward Winning War
Scarcely a day passes but that the
news reports tell us cf some new
evidence of thc-application of Yankee
ingenuity to thc prosecution of the
war. The latest sample is credited
lo an Indian contingent which successfully tried out setting bear traps
in No -Man's Land. Thc Indians were
simply applying an idea of their own
west where big game is plentiful. The
traps are placed outside the American wire, and when Fritz crawls out
to gain a little information he---gets
Another truly American idea which
is saving many lives in thefront lines
are the so-called "buckslibt squads."
These squads are made up of crack
trap shooters. Instead of directing
their efforts on clay pigeons thcy deflect hand grenades which the Germans hurl toward their trenches. The
force of a full charge of buckshot on
a Mills bomb, for instance, is to
make it fail many yards, short of the
object for which it was intended: It
explodes, of course, but "outside the
trench, and the steel particles fly
harmlessly over the heads of thc men.
Thus a popular American sport has
been directed toward winning thc
war.���Pittsburgh Sun.
One dose of Miller's Worm Powders will clear (he stomach and bowels of worm?, so that the child will
no more be troubled b, their ravages.
The powders are sweet to the taste
and no child will object to Halting
them. They are non-injurious in
their composition, and while in some
cases they may cause vomiting, that
must not be taken as a sign that they
are nauseating, but as an indication
oH their effective work.
Must Prevent
Hun Vandalism
11, \\ ho did not
on���an except one n
"Here,   you!"     railed    the
"Why  don't   vou   advance?"
"I  can't,  sfr."
"You ran't.    What do  you  mean?"
"I'm a wai'on and I've got a wheel
off."���Ho*ton Traij.script.
A   German   spy   has
by lhc  Swiss  police  al
The Best Liver Pill.���The action of
thc  liver is  easily    disarranged.      A
sudden chill,  undue  exposure  to   thc
elements,  over-indulgence    in     some
favorite food, excels in  drinking, are
a   few  of  the  causes.     Hul   whatever
I may bc the  cau^e,  Parniclee's  Yege-
I tabic  Pills can he relied upon as  the,
j best  corrective  that  can    he.     taken. |
>een   arrested'Ihey arc lhc leading liver'pills    aud j
Geneva     fori'hey  havc  no  superiors  among  such I
t*xl books of three
used in thc schools
Mass., 'ere ordered to be burnt by
thc school commits c after dividing
thc books scholar* had been reading
for years contained G< rman propaganda.
. ,/Jl -German I preatesi wool producing province of
lilYerrnt kinds \\\^tern Canada, the total output of
in Haverhill, ' ihjs province being more than three
times lhe comb'ned production of
Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Immense strides are, however, being
made by thc two last-named province-, and the provincial governments are facilitating the distribution
of sheep among farmers by obtaining
good breeding animals \\ hercver possible and retailing them to farmers at
cost on rasy. instalments. The government of Saskatchewan has just
��(vu;-r<l two thousand head of sheep
for this purpose. Most of thc" sheep
h:.\e bten brought .in the province,
hut a largc nuinbcr-havc come from
Alberta. An endeavor is being made
to supply farmers with-ewes graded
up by thc use. of purebred rains :-ev-
fra!  generation5; "removed   from     the
pe.     J !"���>���
h: <<������]���  ma\
are   Mipplied,
require,      r
bn '1  to  a  purebred
r i a=c th'-y art.  heme;
11 r di liverv.
latli' r
Not As Expected
, iio_\." -aid liic proud n-.ri'.iier
i'.jhbe.r. "do t,ro\y more like hi;
every day."
th.e   neighbor,     k'-.n-wng      the
a.=kcd: *
}'X. now? And have  \-~<:\  t.ied
sending   girl     spies     into   France   to (preparations
tlic   location  of   United    States |
ave j
the I learn
hcadquai tors. Thc Swiss police also
discovered the spy rifling thc mail r>f
interned   French  soldiers.
e% cry thii'g?"���E\'Lliang-:-.
-XX UtilOH&ABE   :'i
Honey Industry Developing
Wonderful  Opportunity   for   Expansion in This Line
Manitoba Cattle for Great Britain
One of the foremost cattle ranches
of Manitoba has just begun its annual movement of cattle, the iirst
train, consisting of thirty cars of
stock, having passed through thc
Union stockyards at Winnipeg last
week, presumably on the way- to
Great Kritaiti.. This is the first part
of a total consignment of one hundred and fifty cars���or approximately
two thousand seven hundred head of
stock���whieh it is reported will be
forw.uded o\ er.seas from this ranch.
This number represents a large increase o\��.r lhe total of last year's
consignment, , 'n'ch consisted of 1,500
head. In past years these cattle have
always been sent to  Chicago.
Allied Ultimatum   to   the    Germans
Now Being Urged
An ultimatum to Germany regarding thc ruthless destruction of cities
and private property in northern
France and Belgium is being urged
on the allies and is under consideration.
The burning of Cambrai and St.
Qucutin and the devastation of thc
most populous regions of Europe, as
the Germans retreat, has aroused
great indignation, and it is said in
diplomatic circles that Germany
would be 'warned that if shc allows
thc work of destruction to continue
severe  reprisals will  follow.
It is suggested that cities of thc
Rhine should be marked for destruction and Berlin told that for every
French and Belgian city ruined without military reason a city equally important and valuable sentimentally
and materially will bc laid waste.
An official despatch from France
quotes the Petit Parisicii as follows:
"Cambrai is burning. This is the
ncw crime accomplished by those
great destroyers of life. . Cambrai,
the historical city, wilh all her memories pf the past; Cambrai, the modern town, wilh its industries, is falling to pieces among a red and black
whirlwind of sparks and flames. Cambrai is at the present moment but an
enormous fire. The Germans havc
left, but threw as they went their incendiary torches on lhe valuable remembrances of ancient Fiance. Oui
allies, who had taken such precautious to save the town, contemplate,
horror-stricken, the Germans' impious .work."
The largest nations still neutral
arc Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Spain, Chile, Argentina and
Mexico. About three-fourths of the
world is at war. . ' :
Disturbed sleep usually
comes from some form of
indigestion. Strengthen
the stomach and stimulate
the liver with a course of
l*rgo��t Sale of <u��r Medicine in tlo WafU.
Sold etroxTwbere. la boxe*, 25c
Black Ki
The Soul of a Piano is the
Action.    Insist on the
Otto Higei Piano Action
* A Dyspepsia Cure f
M.D. advises: "Persona who
suffer from severe indigestion
Though the industry has not yet
developed into a very largc one, many
farmers in   Western     Canada      havc
brought their production of honey to j doors and partly outdoors."
a very successful  -tae;c.    In the alfal-|    "That's all  ri.cht,"  said the
A Dark Future
"Yes," said thc shopkeeper, "1 want
a  good bright boy,  lo be partly, in-
fa and -1ivcr fields in the irrigated
areas there is a wonderful opportunity for expansion in this line, as the
success of a few leaders shows.
Messrs. Terrill and Kerr, thc result
of whose experiment in lhc growth
of tomatoes under irrigation on a
commercial scale was mentioned in
Western Canada Week by Week of
September 14, claim that much of
their success with this crop is attributable to the presence of bees among
thc plants. Mr. Kerr, the owner of
the farm, expects to have half a ton
of beautiful pure alfalfa honey this
ycar" from thirty hives, and hopes
very soon to develop a hundred hive
apiary. -       -   -
cant, "but what becomes of me when
the door '-lam>?"���Vancouver Daily
to'    thc
Back to Berlin
May 1. is mo\ ing day in
and October 1 is dedicated
same-purpose in tlie Urited States.
But with the German sokliers it is
every day in - the week.���l'cttrboro"
Ram Clubs Promoting
Sheep Industry
Dominion Department of Agriculture
Doing Useful Work
The >heep and goaL dhision m' the
Dominion department of    agriculture
is doinj; useful work in the distribution   of  purebred  rums  amony      thc
farmers of the prairie provinces.    In
Manitoba alone  no less than    thirty
associations or clubs, have been supplied  with  purebred  rams   of  a  sup
erior type.    The largest  number   .of
rams secured bv any one association
is nine, which number has been sup-i
plied  to the  Tine  Valley Club.    The!
Minerva Association has secured  six j
Oxfords;  Gilbert Plains    three    .Snf-J
folks;   the  Jlilfrost Association      has
three Oxfords and the Arborg Association two.   Oxfords are most in dc-
jmand.       Of  lifty-onc     rams    placed,
! thirty  arc  Oxfords,  nine    Leicesters;
after each meal and at bedtime. f>
This remedy is known as Mother %
Srigel's Curative Syrnp in Ihe drug %
Get the genuine.   SOc. <���
>nd $1.00 Bottles.
nine Shropshires, anil.three SufTolks.
Many of the rami have gone into thc
northern - part of Manitoba, into
where sheep have not been kept previously, and where many of thc  far-
A taft, rttk&k NftibSnc tmM,
dm. Sold In tbrct deems al
strength. No L $11 No. 1 Ht
No. 3. IS per box. Bold by *&
druggist*, ot seut prepaid fas
plain package 00 receipt ai
price. Free pamphlet AoiliUM
Torcnh.OU. (AmcifcH'taAirJ*
  -   : .,-������"   vsssm
 Hoipitali witli
rail nccc��, cuxxs chrohic weunus, lost vioo��
��n.za. urn** no. druggists ���ru��ii H. rorr 4 cil
fOKOMTo.  wairc ro*. FRKE book to Dr. Lb CJ.KB4
THERAPION ��,&���������
wn.*an.wt*M* unua to tu. oMUURMcaRg
mers  started this  year  with
1 any.' ev.es.
1 e v;
A fit
church parade thc p.itl re
"1 wish t" speak to those of you who
have not "been confirmed. \Vill the
men divide themselves into two parties, please?- Those who have, fall
out on the right, and those who have
hoi on thc left.
���   Most fell out on  llie right.
In the  shuffle    this    remark   _ \\Z8
heard:. "'"Vou. been1 ^confirmed,  Bill?"
"Bet  yer  life.    Got  the marks   on
:r.e  arm  id."���Tit-Bits.
i.ti\u   reliable;
*����t��ra   stock-
Rim,   because thcy
araltst ��litre ether
st* Vncclnel fail.
yT^ Write for Sootht and testiir^oUls.
10-dofepkg.BttcfeftgPHts. St.60
S0-4��s�� gkg. BfaeMtt Pint, $4.00
Vse as y lalertftr, but Cutter'a slmgle-a am? ^trtrc SfMt-
The superici iir oi Cu*ttt produce: is d^e to cter IS
ran ol ipecialW^z ia vAcciKia and smcaj
tny, lssorrosCVTiaa'g. II uscbtaliuN*
firder dlretc.
�� Ti* Catur laterrttty. aurtaley, CWlforal*
15 1
VI.     N.     U.
1233 THE    LEDGE.    GEEENWOOD.    3.   Ck
Sloan's Liniment scatters
the congestion and
relieves pain
A little, applied without rubbing,-
will penetrate immediately and rest
and soothe the nerves.
Sloan's Liniment  is very effective,
in   allaying"   external   pains,   strains,
bruises, ache's; stiff joints, sore muscles, lumbago, neuritis, sciatica, rheumatic twinges.
Keep a big bottle always on hand
for family use. Made in Canada.
Druggists everywhere.  '   ���
Ablack,white,tan,dark brown
or ox-blood shoes
Made the Cigarette Popular
Prejudice Against "Weeds" Hard to
Break Down
Mr. John Morgan Richards, who
has just died at the age of 77 in the
Isle of Wight,- was the father of
"John Oliver Robbes" (Mrs. Craigie)
but his death will make a special appeal to the imagination for quite another reason. Mr. Richards was thc
man who introduced and popularized
the cigarette into'England in 1877.
When he came from thc United
States of America ten ycar earlier,
smoking in England was, excepting
among the well-to-do, practically con-
lined to pipes and cigars. liis acute
business mind grasped the possibilities of the cigaretltc, and he entered
into a contract with a big U. S. concern to boom their products in England. "Richmond Gem" was the first
brand that was placed on the English market, and thc vigorous advertising campaign with whicli it was
launched proving efficiently successful, it was quickly followed by several old-time favorites. Prejudice,
especially of the retail tobacco trades,
was hard to break down, and it was
only by t lur most drastic pioneering
methods that the. cheap cigarette
pushed its way into popularity. Now
the. packet cigarette is the great
standby of the tobacco trade, and
such of the U. S. brands mentioned
as are still to be bought, meet with
a 'competition from British made
smokes which must have caused Mr.
! Richards to smile when he recalled
'the hostility with which his early
ventures iu cigarette Selling were
'The actual usc of cigarettes among
English-speaking people came back
with the British troops from the
Crimean war.
Pay your out ot town accounts by Domin
ion. Express Money Orders.- Five dolla.-i
COst�� tH-pe rents.
Australian Carbide Plant
Turning Out a Product of   Superior
In view of thc shortage of. carbide
in"Australia, importance is attached
lo the steps taken in "Tasmania by
the Hydro-Electric Power and Metallurgical Company, Ltd., for the manufacture of that product. Thc plant,
which recently commenced operations, is capable of turning out 5,000
tons a ycar, 3,500 horse power of
electric current, supplied by thc government electric power works, being'
used in the kiln. Swedish carbide
previously held the distinction ofbe-
iiig the best in the world, but the
Tasriianian article is claimed' to be
greatly superior. ��� The consumption
- of carbide in Australia is 13,000 tons
a year, and as soon ns circumstances
permit, thc Tasmanian plant is'to-be
duplicated. A Swedish expert is in
"charge of the operations.       -
Over 500 men from the Shetland
Isles have laid down their lives for
king and country since the beginning
of thc war.
���nd pain, prevent festering and
heal. This Is why those who have
onco>> used Zam-Buk will never nee
any other, ointment.
Misa Viola Hubley, of Upper Go-
Blen, >?.B., writes: "My sister had
cores on her foot that commenced
like bolls and then discharged. 6he
Buffered such intense pain that she
could not wear her shoes and had
to remain in the house. We commenced using Zam-Buk and tha
pain soon disappeared. Then tha
sores stopped discharging and he-
fore long the places were entirely
healed over. We shall never be
without Zam-Buk again."
For eczema, blood-poisoning and
piles, cuts and burns Zam-Buk ia
equally good.   All dealers, 60c box.
Restrictions and Raid*
Hake Pigeons Thin
In order to reach ilie
highest point of perfection
each ef the new square
Royal Yeast Cakes will be
wrapped and seated in
waxed paper by machinery.
This makes them practically
airtight, and keeps them
fresh longer.
toronto. canada
Winnipeg       Montreal
During the week ending August 8
21,869' soldiers and sailors slept in
thcY.M.C.A.  station  huts in London.
Soft corns arc difficult to eradicate.
but Holloway's Corn Cure' will draw
them  out painlessly.
Spelling It Backwards
Mrs. Stebbins -���Tom is such a
handy man around the house. Why,
he made the cuckoo clock go again as
well as ever���the only thing is it
"oos" now before it "clicks:"���Boston
.Transcript ���
I. was cured of painful   Goitre    by
I  was  cured of-   Inflammation    by
Walsh, Ont.-
I was cured of Facial Neuralgia by
Parkdale, Out.
Mud Homes in Mesopotamia
"Desirable Residences" Shaped   Like
Bee Hives
Mesopotamia, where we are lighting the Turks, boasts some very
ipiaint dwelling houses. These "desirable residences" are made of mud,
and are shaped like bee hives, whole
villages and towers being built in this
peculiar form of architecture. Some
of lhe places which have been crested from the Turks by the hostile
Arabs in .lhe neighborhood of Mecca
and Medina are constructed in this
extraordinary  fashion.
As the country in these parts is
destitute of trees from which to hew
rafters, and also in some places devoid of stone, thc natives build these
quaint, domed habitations ol" sun-
dried mud bricks.
Each "home" consists of several
of these hives standing near together, and surrounded by a wall of similar material to that of which the
hives .arc built. One or more of
these houses is used to live in, according to thc accommodation required; another is used for the animals, and still another serves for the
granary. The rest arc-used for various other purposes, thc number of
them varying in accordance with the.
means and possessions of the proprietor.
Visitors Cannot Feed Bread to Birds
in London
The pigeons of St. faul's arc not
as fat as thcy used to lie, War rations and air raids have affected them
Visitors to London's famous cathedral arc not as numerous as thcy
were in pre-war days, and even .those
persons who do feed the pigeons
nowadays don't care to pay 25 cents
a pint for peanuts just to see the
birds peck. It's a violation of the
defense of the. realm act to feed bread
to birds, so thc pigeons have to content themselves principally 'with!
scanty leavings from the cab horses' I
dinner bags. j
Thc pigeons of St. 1'aid's and of!
all London, too, dread the buzz of'
the airplane propeller overhead and!
even during the day time, when an j
observing allied aviator appears in !
the sky���and this'- is almost daily���|
the pigeons flutter about and fret j
considerably until  he  is out of  sight, j
And at night when the Bodies have:
come, dropping bombs und tilings, llie j
pigeons are out in a jiffy from their
roost iu llu: belfry wherein is limit, j
llreal I'aul ot seventeen Ions, St. |
Paul's largest bell, never reluming ;
until  daylight.    They   spend   the     re- '
uiaindcr of the  night     on    adjoining' 	
bnihliiies or wherever thev lumpen  tol_, .        _   , ,   .      ��,  ,
alight   when   tl.e   air   raid' is   al      its j Expenses  Arc  Defrayed by  Help
height. Prisoners
"Om: could feed ihose pigeons .all More than half the total cost of
lhe peanuts and wheat ihey could .\av Zealand's pru-on department
eat.    said a policeman,  whose station !( Adl.Ow)   nas  been ociraveu  bv    the
Pi ison Labor in New Zealand
is luar St. Paul's cathedral, recently, i-.
"but   they'll   never   take   on   any   11
so long as there are aviators   about.
Bombs  and  the.   hum   of   lhe  airplane
worrv  them  out of  their  feathers."
A Poor Picture
teacher had sketched    on   the
blackboard what purported to be a
deer. As the class did not readily
respond to the request to reveal the
identity of thc animal the teacher
sought to. prompt them.
"Now, Tommy," she 'said, turning
to. the boy at thc bottom of thc class,
"come, what docs your father call
your mother?"
"Garri," came the reply; "you
can't fool me; that's no old cat!"
/"'���'      No Blue V. C. Ribband
The king; has approved of the col-
lor of the ribband of thc Victoria
Cross in future being the same for-
all services. ':"���'.
Tlic crimson ribband of the army
Victoria Cross is to be universal: tor
the navy���instead of the blue, ribband
hitherto used���the i. army,-���..; :and the
royal air iforce,  y
No More Asthma.- Dr. J. D. Kel-
logg's Asthma Kenicdy sounds thc
death knell of this trying trouble. Jt
stops the awful choking and painful
breathing. It guards against night
attacks and gives renewed ability to
sleep and rest the" whole night long.
Much is claimed for this remedy, but
nothing but what can be demonstrated by u trial. If you suffer from asthma try it and convince yourself of
ils great value.
All Off Again
Just when wc learn how to pronounce the names of the villages in
the French war front, the allies'cut
loose in Macedonia, and then it's:ail
off.-^Grand  Rapids News.  ":
Mrs. Willie Theriault, Pacquet-
ville, N. B., says:���"I am extremely
thankful that l" tried Baby's Own
Tablets for my baby. Through their
use baby thrived wonderfully and I
feci as if I cannot recommend llicm
loo highly." Baby's Own Tablets
b '      ' -      -      ���       -
setul work done by tt:e prisoners,
1 j r.'.us work representing .t'-U.WU a
'year, j-rison operations now include,
; says Mr. \\ lllord, the- minister ol jus-
! lice, llie making of hoots and siip-
, peis, bricks and articles of concrete,
j also tanning, dairying, tree planting,
i stone dressing and road making, i'lie.
concrete li.ies made in lhe prisons
are used lor the roofing of state, departments which were unable io obtain galvanized iron owing to the war
A  hunt  bought  at   Waikari.i   for  a
pound an acre, comprised about 1,20(1
acres, and prison labor will make iliis
land   worth    about   ��17   or   ��!$   an
Other  localities   will   probably
The Value of a   Neighbor
A Good On�� U a Real Prize    and
Hard to Find
Did you ever realize thc value of a
true neighbor? If not, just lose one
who has lived hy you /or a dozen or
more years and sec what a hole there
is left in the community when he is
go:>c. Not all men are. good neighbors. It lakes a real big man to bc
a good friend and neighbor. They do
not grow on every bush, and Ihey are
not found on every farm, but when
you find one you have found a rcal
prize. What is a good neighbor! A
good neighbor is one who i.s always
trying to do .something to make other folks happy and at thc same time
's '-.irde happy in helping others. A
good neighbor is a man who will
make a little sacrifice himself in order to help a brother farmer. A man
who always tries to see how much
there is iu it for him before he helps
a neighbor is a poor excuse of a
friend, and is too selfish to ever see
the bright side of life, (live us the
good old-fashioned neighbor, ili.it
will comc in to chat for an evening
and eat an apple and some popcorn
on a long winter's evening, and who
'will give and take in everything that
is going on in the world, and we will
i show you one of the best citizens
that the sun ever shone on. Just on'-
I such neighbor is worth a whole forty
lucre patch of would-be neighbor?, j
j who only call to get home a stray |
] pig or to drive home an unruly bull
| lhat has been a menace lo the com- j
inur.itv  for ihe past fortnight. j
j '  ;
I        Indians Aid Food Production
There will be approsimatdy 100,-
000 acres of Saskatchewan land in the
greater production scheme directed
by the commissioner of the department of  Indian    affairs    next    year.
(This means a decided increase, in th?
(acreage   cultivated   by     the     Indians,
i who have shown a great willingness
to work harder than they ever did
before on their holdings, in view oi
the shortage of foodstuffs. The
amount the Indians will seed lo
wheat next year is double their acreage  this  vear.
An unequalled Soda
Serve when and how
you will.
���Salted or Plain
���In striped packages
North West Biscuit
Co. Limited
Edmonton n<-��ina
S&sk&toon Calgary
No. 17.482
reak  up colds  and    simple,    fevers;
cure  constipation,  colic  and  iiidiges- I acre.
tion ai.d make teething easy. In fact; be similarly improved as a prelimin-
thcy .cure all thc minor ills of little jary to ordinary settlement. " I hits
ones.       They are  sold  by    medicine, j prison labor will serve to make roug"
dealers or by mail at 2.S cents a box
from   The.  Dr.     Williams'
Co., Broekvilie, Out.
places .smooth for
-Mr.  Wii ford.
lhe free,'1 declares
Honor Where Honor is Due| f
British Scientists Have Risen to
Overcome a Great Emergenc.
It is sometimes argued as th
lhc application of science lo im,'
were   a   t.icrmau   discoverv.     .\ >
A Soldier at Twelve
A smart looking lad, who it was
said, had enlisted when hc was 12
years, appeared at lhe Guildhall,
London. His name was George Dor-
rington, nnd he was charged as an
absentee, from the 14th South I.ancas-
shire  regiment.   Hc  gave  his  age as|0f  thc  Kind.     Seiemitu:   indust i.
19, but il was said he was now only ! il:ul jts origins here.    But in  '.he
16 ycars.   Ou  lhc  sleeve of  his  tunic 1 twentv   wars   prior  to   lhe   \\.\r
he  had    two wound stripes and    tlic ; rivals both in Germany and   \n ���
red  and   three  blue   ribbon   chevrons, j wcrc  oertainlv  making  hcad.va-
It was mentioned that he was wound- , nuu.|i moro rlnyK[ ]rAcc. ;lIU[ -'H'
ed m the retreat from Mons, and had j n,am  causes ot  this  wcrc i;i.-if   .
i fought  at  Ypres.     Dorrington,    who
j admitted  that  he  had ���.overstayed   his
leave, was handed over io:,aii  escort.
V . .> say to the drug store man,
y.T'tve ine a small bottle of frcezone."
ihis  will  cost  very  little    but    will
Why   Platinum  is  Needed
Essential in the Making of Sulphuric
"There lias been considerable curiosity iu the minds of many why war
has created snch a demand for platinum on thc part of the government,"
says  the    .Rochester    Democrat   and
] Chronicle.    "Those who havc tried to
supply  llie  answer   lo   thc  query  out
! of their own minds, and without tak-
j ing the trouble to secure information
j have,   perhaps,   concluded -that      this
I precious metal is used iu the making
of  some  of the   endless  number    of
shells or instruments of warfare. That
is not the case.    It is not included in
the  composition ol" tlie guns nor the
shells  thcy  fire   nor in  thc  structure
of airplanes.     But it is  used,   ancl it
is   essential  in   the  making  of      sulphuric acid, and sulphuric acid is essential   in  the making of high   explosives.    Sulphuric acid, in addition  to
icing such a factor in increasing cas-
���".   It's a Dead Heat. :
One .thing hasn't yet been .'���'.'���cleared;
up: v Who���'���.hii.i's the: fastest, aBulgar,,
a Turk'; or ������a'rHmi?-���Detroit Free
Tress.''-."' ������'..:. ..���'���'������'. ��� "-:>.���-,:.,:." '.��� XX.:.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Lens and Armentieres
���ens,, given up-by lhc :Gcrmahs,r is
Wrecked  by .Four  Years /of   Deyas-
'ixx.x.X'X:i'ixXx:... tating War
the centre' of the- ''black country" .uf
France aiub the rice!}? toThe coill fields;
Before; tlic   war?!tlio 'great; manufacturing district rof;  :Xofthcrii : Fhiiice
Obtained.:its oiitpi.? of; coal  froin tlic
Lens reountry, as7 did" also Paris.'The' ,
output was about 5,000,000 tons. Lens |
is  also a  manufacturing  centre,    but:
four ycars in thc proximity ot a inod-|
crn war has almosi  utterlv deslroved :
the city. " '      !
Lens  has been  the scene  of hitter j in boiilcs aud can be
fighting,  lu   the  fall  of  1914,     when j fear of breakage.
Sir John  French    tried    to    oulilank ! 	
thc Germans the enemy succeeded in A  Three Eyed Liz-.:d
taking up  a  line  putting  Lens      be-       N-        ���/,...].,..,]  ;���  ,-,.ii  ,-,,
hind him. Both in the spring and the ' fi ���     "   '���'Jl-'1"1 ^. ,l-'    ';'"���
fall of 1915 heavy attacks werc inade |  hl"^   t    "i C     "���'  M
by French and Briiish in this district.!lb a M'CIK:' ��' U/,IM   " at l
hut,  though    local    successes     were i
gained,  the line was  not broken and
the city remained in  German possession.    In  April,   5917,  the  Canadians
look llu: Vimy Ridge, immediately to
the south of lhe city,
when ;Great Britain once woke���'���'up she;j zone tell; hiin to rrder
i-ositively remove every hard or sott
���sy .'���" I corn or callus from one's feet.
'";''!-: j    A few drops of this new ether com-
���'' 'i' ' pound   applied   directly   upon   a   tcn-
>.:<.b\ j dec, aching corn relieves tlie soreness
o'1''   instantly, and soon the entire corn or
rica. . calhis, root aud all, dries up and can I ll;ij;;�� jfj,'^ js'of" great "importance in
';"'   ajbtV,.Vlted  olT   ,Vitl-   the  fingers._ | textile work, the making of dyes, and
m-cu,     Ilns ncw  way to  nd ones icet oi   is t-mploycd in  medicine.    Thc    way
r.ore. .corns was introduced by a Cincinnati! t!lHt  piatinuin is linked   up  with  this
sulphuric acid may be explained
briefly as follows: Sulphuric'acid is
made from air, water and lhe fumes
from burning sulphur. But when
brought together they will not unite
without provocation, as the chemists
p.h'isse it. Platinum furnishes a sufficient amount of provocation. The
t ifiei'c f'S-csciic'c of ���vvlTaetrr.ff'it ra'o'S-fir
convinced belief in the in<';.spd-is,.hil- j man, who says that frc zone dries in
ity of _ science, IheirbcUe .���rg^mzH- ;a moment, and simply shrivels up. tlic
lion of industry, and their hi gcr'r-ow ! corn or callus .without������''irritating lhe
of the duties of tllesUite towards "in- j surrounding  ski:;.
dust rial regulation. ; liritish scientists : Don't let father die of infection or
and .British manufacturers: have ris*.,n j lockjaw   Irom. whittling at his  corns,
j to and overcome a 'great emergency, -but  clip   this  out and  iriake him' try
j :iiid;:lhcir.rsuecess;:wi)l .greatly enconr-1 it.      :���,'
igc':iliose :who ;never ���-doubted    that j     If  ypv, ��� druggist;"ii";_.:"n''t"'.'ai y ,   free-
,,  ,.,.���,���������    .,,  ���.���-...   ������.,.,..... ,  ���,,,,       ���������;..        ...   o.:rrder a,small Dfi.!C;tf)c oxygen, -water and  sulphur diox-
woiHdbesiirherselt to; recover more | iiom   ins . wuolesale   drug :horye   for.j jj,. t0- yyltl flaiujs- chemical!-.-, then the
j-v wr I k.mg of chemicals is born."
, j been a :-C< i'i
nd were pres- \............   ....
sing in  on it and "pinching"  it  wher '
the  corps  was  called   north
i Passchendaele operations.
_ Tlic    evacuation    of  Lens
Germans    opens    up    again
Has Hardest Task
.   Fresh. Supplies in;Demand.--\\ here f      r: xx-yy^xy-xX
p-er Dr.' Thoiih^^
been; introduced rmcreascd; ; supplies j'; ������ ;; r - ���. :j.c *,..-; :"
have been Ordered, showing"- that' '������:,'��� ���'���'! ; ���' v ?aafi '' '��� '^
wlierever it u'oes this excellent Oil I General Go. Ts army had and
in.presM's its power on the people's"11 ha-' t!'' -^rdcsi task of all the
N<; matter in what latitude i't may he ! Frem-h ?.-^-<!. Innumerable feats
found it.-, po'encv is never impaired.!01" nidi-. .'i.; : courage arc recorded.
It is put un in most poi table shape ;''��- ' '*���!l soldier with, an automa-
carricd witho-..! . ������*'" -'!���- i-ipiurtd a complete German
-   !d gun nailery.    He crept up     on
  '   ;' i"  battery   position   by  himself   and
-]' ���'. ill the gunners.    A lieutenant, a
'.'recant Mid a private  with automatic lilies, took a trench wilh 105 prisoners by making the Germans believe
ey had been outflanked in force.
A  tribute  to thc skill and courage
of an adversary, was given iu the last
few days of a mortally wounded German eiffiecr     who    exclaimed     to    a
Fieneh officer:
|     I'Yon  have    fought     magnificently.
| You will bc in my country by ("hiist-
linas.    As  a  soldier     J     congratulate
\cm   Zealand  is   full
i things, Uu: -one of th" '
| is a species of ii/an' >r
! eye mi the t'tp of
It is inti rt'stii:���.
| 10 consider tin. ' ���'
i being pos^-.M' a
i eve���-a  remn;1   r   i'i
f i;
tl' ���-. coii.ifv'ii Jn
>���"���' >.v ery human
'.munlary third
. ai must    have
..-,,. exceedingly
French   the  coal   fields,   though     the I,
\ Oil
\ oil ,
ni'1.   11
. r.ii ���"    !
.-   I ,   oi  your linger
ri-.^c   of   your   uo = e ' y0ll
���' at directly behind
enemy likely has done ���all in
power to wreck the machinery
working thc mines before he'
Judging from reports reeciwd fro:- '
the front, Lens has - bei n deliver!1
with gas from -time lo time, p- !_���
ably   for  thr  past   six   weeks.
Armentieres, aKo evacuated
enemy,  is a  manufacturing   .i',
the   River  l.ys, about   half  v
tween   Lens  and   Yprc��.     I"V ar
of   war  also   have   wrecked,   ;..:
The   liritish   held   Arim-ii1 urcs
the   tall  of 101-1  until   '.';
this  sect.u   hist   v|,nn   _
' v e :
i-   I 'ii-,
il   lhe
;   v, a >
���  sonl.
.-he*, at tl
third  ire.
base ot
"pineal  gland,"
imagined   to   1>
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Colds,  etc.
-  k.d-er'-
.11  shod,
A Diagnosis
may   he   the  mailer
nervi -j,  \\ ������.  know   it
��� Kansas   ( ity   Star.
Sioux Indians
Backing- the War
Members ol  Tribe Enlist    and
Tribe Enlist
They^W Believe Me
rA-party of:sportsmen had hern out
iillday big game hunting, and as they .
rested"x���after .their day's labors thcy
spiin;yarhs.; ,''
"Last lime T was out here on 'his
game,'' said the quiet man, "I met ���'<
magnificent lion almost face to face.
With a terrible r>-:.., t':.._ >^;.c; .Sp4,ir;
at rne, but just missed his aim by
jumping two feet too high. Di appointed, it dashed away into the
woods. The next day wc set out to
track thc boast down, and at last
came upon it in an open space in the
jungle���cr���practicing Jow  jumps."
J in:
I'i LI'lY.l   it;
For Slavic;X,atiii States
j Socyaiirt Deputies of Reichstag Adopt'
The Picture of Health
BEAUTY and health usually go together. There may be classic fea-
. tures, but lack:ji��, :*:i�� fear skin and
healthful glow of th< cor.ine>'ion, they fail
to attract..
-. e.K-i.oniit.1 to beauty.
vinj: color to the skin,
vit--;1iv.y .ind energy.
o he e/e and grace
7. ' .<-vtment of the
rr.  Chase's Nerve
Pure, red blood i;
For. in addition to gi
it fills the body with
There is a sparkle
and elasticity of ev<
Health and beaut.1
Now just becaus<
Food actually forms nc��, xtch blood, it Is
conducive of health and beauty.   It sup-
Elies exactly what is lacking when you
ecome pale, weak, languid, and lose the
vivacity of health.
Even beauty of disposition and character are marred when the blood gets thin
and watery and the'nerves are weak and
You lose sleep, suffer from headaches,
digestion fails, and you get to looking on
ihe dark side of things until you become
downhearted and discouraged.
But as your system is restored by this
food cure you find cheerfulness and confidence returning. The form is rounded
out to graceful proportions, the glow of
health is shown in the complexion, and
you feel the vigor and energy which
enables you to accomplish things.
With restored strength, you experience
the desire to serve and help others, and
��o beauty of complexion, of form and of
character.unite to make you happy and-
It is only necessary to look for the portrait and signature of A. W. /Thase, M.D.,
the famous Receipt Book author, on the
box you.buy so as to be guaranteed against
Imitations.. Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50
cents a box, all dealers, or Edmanson.
Bates & Co., Ltd., Toronto.
a Resolution
! Abroad.    Health and ptrcegth are withiD
; the  reach  of cvery   woman.    They  ar��
1 Drought to you by Dr. Piorc6'g F����orit��
I Prescription.     Take  tli's  mediaine,  and
1 there's * safe and ccitaiu remedy for lh��
chronic   Treakneeees,   c'crsugeinentn.   and
diseases peculiar to nouieu.   It will build
t|:i.   up,   bfrengthco,   snd    invigorfct*   VftiJ
tales   ->t     ^i;>if i,i-Hiu>-'     run-down" or delicate woman.    It ��������
gary- io ilispo-e oi their own i";!t<' aiul l B5stsi tiia natural functione.
a demand f.��r the same r.ilf-<!etermin-:     At e9m6 PC"od in her life, a woman
ation for the (jermai; -people in  A us- I reTa,rt's a special tonk and uervico.
tria  arc  conr.iim'd      in       resolutions '     if you're a tirtd or afiflicled woman,
adopted by dm  So.-i.ili*t  deimtic-;   <.f;turn   to  "Fafoiita  Prescription,"   yon
the   Kridisrath.   ;:,-��� ,.r,hu-     to     ,],.s. j will find it never fails to benefit.   Sold in
patches receive-! in  P.iris?   'J'l e n a>i-i *ablet or liquid form.    Send Dr. Pierep,
;|���tjon follow<��� i Tres. Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Iustl-
I     '���KoprcM-t.taiiv.'s    of  ,!������      w'orl.iu'.-: lute- ^*f["lo'lnN'" >"��� J(^ ^nch. Bridj,.
,-lass^ of Austria ro-.W-uo tlie ri-;ht . btl^' 0n^  ���% {oJ *rla-1 P* 1*b1et^-
! of  the    Slavic-Latin  nations ci   Vus-'     Toro.ntf0'   p^-~"^
itria to dispone ,,f tluir mte an.l iluv ! ^rescnptioa 'aeplen-
iiiiaus are .uiiong    she
jmosi cnlluitiaslic war workers of the
' Ni��rthwc.-t, and  thcy arc not  merely
1 i:i  llie iiio\ t ni'-T. for a eliancc to-'RCt.
! lipon lhe "-'���.. arpath," hut arc goinp in-
It taltca strength and courage to uorte'to tlic w.i-- v.iili il-e *amc undcrstand-
the wounded.   E\ery woman should make j ing 0f  v.h:a   tiny   -.'.-.c  tWiiiu a<    thc
herself fit  for  Trar'�� call at   home   orjulii-.,' m, u of :i,'.;  N.irth\v--i.    Manv
of   them
to     enlist j
���t   companies   v.hich   were !
she   stale, while    rithers
w.lilrd, ,-.s iliil many-v.Jiitec, until thr.
c-11 l.y dr.ift i,.nu, Mid v.'mn this
came tl'<;. did not put in manv ex-
uuptmu 1 iaim-1, hi:'. -.><tc rtady-f- ko
win i! ���/, .niled.
Y\\: nuinhrr who !ia\r. !.( en jrr.t
111.M11 v;i--.iih ]i/.kcta is not ohlainahlc
i:o<.'\ .ii:>��� ��"<iiiT?.l rt"ord, ht:t every j
r*. si
thou-ami fr-->in Dakota with Indian j
blood in their \cins, rithrr at the I
from, l^��� in th'' eamps KettiiiR resdy ,
ti:i- to ilnrnpi. Some of thcin I
!<-. ad\   1". ll-'-i   in   hnt;h\     Soinc-i
-\ili-T.i   lias     furnished   its   quota, J
there are rrohahly iniic  than a i
>r 111--
,-.\ i-   .
found   ' Favorite ���
101  the
1 demand  the
[man po
n:e   riylu  lor  lhe  Ger-
did tODic for women,
Some time ago I became all run-down,
weak, nervou3 and
could not cat or
slfep. Had severe
backajiics, pains in
lay rl.cK sidc. I
took -i-'avorito   Prc-
l V.i.'.: .IVOI >
>si work, th.e v,
ing   the   sa;I;c   rl,i>
thu  women   ot   tho
, 1 '
>p!e in .Atisiri.1.  \Ve reco-^niip
the rijht of lhe M:u ie' i:ali<ms to
, conti'iue Jht-iiiselve* ;-.s antnii'mious
' -t:>it"*, but we absolutely reiuil��e f'-r-
jc\er the suhiri-.-sjiin .11 (ici;:!.:-! :ir-
��� ritory lo the.-e natioii.il .-<iatcs.
I     "We  demand    tlie    reunion   01  ai!
j German  regions in Austria  into one , scriptioa and it com-
.German-Austrian     state     w Incn   v, ill ; piete]y buUt mo nn-^"
(have  the  right  to  regulate  its    own ; fn   bealth   and   r^
jieiations lowank - otner nations-  ac-j li��ved me of ail the
, coraing to nsj   own r.if^itici,    A\ c   annoving " pains    and
. are ready to ^rvsi w it.-��_ rcprc��cr.ta-   Thomas Gbastham, 425 Front St.
I lives or t.ie I .-ecu ar.d M3-,,< proplcj    ^i&^n Falls, Ont.���' ��� During middle'- rLCi.it m
on t��c bans ci ;,!ie trr.r.itorroation os | age. I beRan to e�� down in health. -I! Rostl)��l    I-
[Austria  into.a iri!crat-c:i ot  ji.d-^pen-
I up
L>ah.-in J,-l(l:r.
to Slr.i^l ;'.,:���
if iSiem rn'-. I.
,,'l.i w.x. - .\'
-  ���:,:.viu; ..     '
iis h..vc Mibserib- |
bonds, and huii-'-j
.���U\i :������, oi Liberty j
-^us stamps in '
':���;: ���>! riiir most i
:- i!-.ii of Rcfi ;
men i.ot only cio- !
of work as.:! do)
Ked  Cross  socie-j:
iln. old.
ile.-  ..-i ��� 'l!g   e !.K' -.-
j put'ui  lime  on  t��i.atl   work  for ..... i:it-1
many sales which are held at places f
ion the reservations, vlivre decorated!
irobes r��:-.'l bead work, A\hich means!
idaya.oi Iaboi to thi. older women, are j
1 frecly-doi:-;��te.l. Along wilh tliese,' do- j
|ssutioi.,s of live ��ipck are common. 'At |
From theAWar
C'-iincs the news that
the AutuStroi> Safety
Razor is h<?lpingf officers to maintain, the
Jiigli moralo of the
solJiers.      .
������Nothing~ niakes ~ a
soldier feel snore like
himself than.a clean,'
velvety shave���this is
onh' possible ivith' an
AutoStrop. Because
of its self-stropping-
feature it. is the only
razor that is always in
perfect condition.
Price $5.00   :
At \tiiiat tlnrei cvtrryilitTa   -;
-.ZZc,fins!.rkeiwill ,ir'.i\'tr ,i-i
������ AutoStrafi-Overseas '-���>" f.rsl
'.: tHassrt��i!.ltred laiiii...
Safety Razor Co.,
83-8? Date Street
'. to-s: s
1 U-. r
t  n
" .*(
"it  e
" c r c
-1st b
: ot -
".t    c
... -
1 0:
��� m
A us
t X. er.
: 0
���' c
j c
O j   -S
f 7
O T', >
1         vl
1c at" a;; lntljan camp ;oi: j
age. I began to ga dow-n in headth. IjKosehul Kcstrvation, vhere ���';there!
would-becorco di����y, blact apotj would jwerc only a'half dozen whites,;?-and J
appear before my eye?.   I also Buffered! the whole .\ffa:\- was ;mdcr control of j
with seyeie-rains In tte back of ay head  I~J:���   '' " --���'������-   ���' :
aod hiv baelc would.acte contiiinallT.   I
baelc would.acie contiiinaily,
waa most miseralde w!hsn I begsm taldog
Farorite Prescription, bat by it�� via X
carae through thi�� critical period In a
gocd hejJthy eocditaea. It is ��� epleafij^
xcedii.>E9 for wott.��j ar tlla tiiae ctVf*."-
rXHxs.Yt. T. Txissk, 1S7 Bridge Bf.
"Ctiai-5   l;.c
ccciptf were more-than .
$12'X) for lie Red Cros?. At .Chcy.-"1
ennc agency, where whites as -we'll as:
Indians wcrc purchasers, but the.don-!j
ors Indian?, the returns went .tar j
above this. The Sioux Indians are \
b.;ck:Vj,- t; c war movement in every J
::iy. ..';'i
.W��     N,     U,     Z2_�� /
~ 5��3T yr^T"^f,^*:nJ^^^V^-w^mMMfc''!*r,fcPMait^'*,rHTTnffffl
' .   ? :i
..'..���ar -?)':cilviii   ailvanee,   or >2.5ii
,? \.:.'���.��� i .,'i-liiree months.     Il"  not
;-.\ .'������
��� l-.-ii I '.'.; r '_���::,1 of the year it is $3
v.iy.; X2-i-'-  >'���  j'L-lr t-(i   -be   United
:;  .������.���.'.v.ince.
LX:.���:���>' li.'id Financier-
?      X
...:>..   Co '?',v;:er Notices ��'-'5-oo
'    .! ...
: '. ()!!   Notices      7 oo
��� _,?c.s ."  3-����
\   . ' ^. ;
.:" ':'i; ;:,ks       LOO
��� ������," Itiipi-ovi.-inotit   12,5��
.     :.:   thriu  one claim ap-
������ce,   i-S-OO T r   each ad-
i   r?i:n.)
: ���������1
In The Glow Of Christmas
In the glow of Christmas giving
and merriment our hearts become
-ulVtisi'd with the Christ-like impulse of kindly, gputle greeting,
unci respect for the rights of others,
obedience to tho most lofty ideals
of human intercourse, and deference to our fellow-beings as life
.-���eein? illumined by the ineffable
.uul softened light of the Star of
Let us sit down, iu the twilight,
by the flickering firelight, and
think over for a moment just how
much we owe to others for whatever happiness we enjoy. Tbiuk a
moment���think reflectively, as did
Sidney Lanier when he said:
"I shut myself in with my soul,
j     And the shapes came eddying forth."
!     Think   tenderly  and  lovingly���
���j   cr.'S-;   ii'L-a-is   that 1 ���> �� ���>
���lip-.i.-ii is .'.ue, (indjan(l f(,nns am' faCt?s crowd upon
:o: W'u'id be pleased ! thii vision that perhaps have been
������ m-.-i������*,-. ! long   forgotten   in   the   tumult   of
life.    Among the Iirst  are  mother
and   father,   from    whose    ideals,
years  ago,   were gained   tho   im-
; pulses    that    led    to    honorable
never   ngain  achievewent. ' Here  is  a vision of
ti a.'o'Oi tisiii,-',   12 cents a
ion. and   S cents a line for
insertion,     nonpariel
a- pail of ���<will
, ei'iption.
advertising   that
i.'.:)iid.;.     It   will
i:ist as well.
leu-1- not be per-
Mu- an exploiting
���;ti     st<.;ck-jybbing
--.><nl s;ne:b-r must be
?,._,__. There is no
i-hoiild  bc idle more
i-i-iijis thc-.-e days the
���'Kin in the Mouth!''
!-Vver iu the South!"
i'lst the same.
T. -UK
������-..lio does not love his
: - vju'tt in walcbing'the
i is sure of being dis-
.���ii business gets slack.
:;e-carner curies on his
,-.p c-F lawyers, doctors,
agitators and capital-
noihe.- and kicks
. ;?of the  capitalist.
.   0 ui;
A'   \VI'!;
��(!_-    Ti ���
; ll
. iiiUivi-S in France
,.v '1-,-it- for -half the ���pric-
���I ou'tsideiv.
\\'[?:nii'.-:i-'have iio. closed towns
���,:��� ihi,' province. The general
!>u'i>ii- i.;i.-t be De-i'laivi't-d to do
'.?-'. e-.s   in   evciy   phiee-Avhere  a
imiier of pi.'ciple are employ-
.;.. .wiihout giving a rake off to
O ���-���JJiipany. ���   ..
:'.'recede -Anglican synod
iii the e;ist. a: IX (X parsoii
;-.!iii iv.lyocate in favor, of
x liie .sick. His pfoposi-
.-.-.(tirned' down, although
���/rease  0Y1 the  sick- might
i:i:.'-i-    Sliiieriiij
fiotii  itch or
other d.-.y.o'OOO ship-workers
-.���������::. '-r'. :-.:'>-:i.-i-:' because -one
.;;��������� \v--f-, .'di-ehji'igi''.!..- '   The
'!'��� :���   --trikiiig   is' ' brooming
?.t. ;;s  tiie Flu?   Labor,
:" ������/' ia'  Vancouver,"' is   con-
'���' :X..-.x i'ii'.;'- i^''^ "J i-n ���-���&'��� Xii-y.
��� '������)��� i\:':l~.   o.dw'en    labor:
the passing friend, whose memory
is only preserved in a yellow
bundle oF letters���letters from
whose fading sentences came the
inspiration that influences a life
Nor are all faces those of the
dead. Many, indeed, are still seen
in every day life. Our friends���
the people wo meet in business or
joiu in pleasure���how many have
helped to mould our lives aB we
reckon them up in the fading
light of the dying Christmas firel
I am reminded of the famous
painting which hangs for universal
inspiration in Watts' room in the
Wallace collection, ou the Thames
embankment iu London. A great
world circuling through infinite
space is represented���surmounted
by a harp with but one string; but
that string vibrates with the spirit
of Hope, and underneath it is a
motto especially appropriate for
"To give is to gain."
And unless Christmas can be
kept as a time, of giving; nhiess
that giving means some sacrifice
and some radiance of joy and cofii-
fort and hope to a human being, it
will be indeed a'dull and cheerless
Yuletido. ������'���'.
jje.t this Christmas be one. of
happiness, and the new year will
be radiant with hope and filled
with the itnpuVe of doing something fot someboJj' everyday.
The books will balance ���' if. tbe impulse be actuated by fair Dlay���
fair play to every fel.iow-being.?
With this sublimation will come
the great, consciousness of. peace
and benediction from Him who
having lived a perfect life on earth
now reigns. ; over that universal
kingdom toward which the heart
and soul of man have ever turned
for the "peace that passeth understanding" and the good will whose
primal chord vibrates the harp-
strings of. . Hope.���-Joe Mitchell
Our Friend Billy
I met Dr. William Williamson in
Nakusp 25 years ago, when he was connected with the railway hospital in that
town. I was the Colonel to lum, and he
was Billy to me. For 24 years after
he left Nakusp, I never saw nor heard of
him, until we met at a Canadian Dance-
and Concert in San Diego last winter.
He was practising as an eye specialist in
that city, and had made $90,000 in seven
years. During the winter we were constant companions, and he was the best
friend l!had;in'California. If I had been
a deity he could not have treated me
better. Hour after hour we sat together
talking about Dan McGillivray, Dan
Dunn, Jack NcMartin, Billy McLean,
Big Jim Macdonuell, Jake Sersoti, iDave
McBeath, and many other famous old-
timers who have climbed the golden
Just before I came north in the spring,
Billy made me faithfully promise that I
would call on him first, when I returned
to the oldest town in California. All
summer long I had been day dreaming
about the glorious times Billy and I
would have' in the flowery South this
winter. How often do our beautiful
edifices in the ozone drop into the sump
of destruction! The other Thursday
Billy went to Los Angeles ou business,
and in three days acute pneumonia drove
liim across the dark river. Thus does
death so often remove the roses from our
earthly trail, while the hissing serpents
go untouched.
I do not mourn for Billy, for only the
selfish grieve when a comrade drops out
of the line aud goes west. I promised
Billy that I would see him again, and I
will keep my word. It may not be for
years, but some day, across the big
divide, in that ethereal laud, where the
scenery is all flowers, the atmosphere all
sunshine, the formation all diamonds,
and Ihe sounds all music, I will meet
Billy and assist him and the other angels
to shower this flesh-potted mundane
sphere, with thoughts of love, hope,
friendship aud generosity. Ere the robins again northward fly I hope to drop a
flower on Billy's grave, in memory of one
of the dearest and most noble friends, I
ever had in this vale of tears, sorrow, and
Front St. Next to City Hall NELSON
*     P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates   Given   on all Kinds   of
Granite and Marble Work
War Metals
'!).   I!
<���:������. ���'.'].UH-3,
uiiH.'h longer
" tin: Si wash
liv.e   lice   and
to t' -
zXx- '
Washington, D. C.^���Producers
of war metals, invited to spend
money iii developuient by the war
industries board, . face: losses'.'.of
j 81-1,000,000 for machinery and
new facilities, to pay nothing of
loss on the output.by lower prices
since-the.-war ended.
They   produce chromite,   tung-
j -t?-n, pyrito.j, manganese aud other
Miiincrrals.    Jfont of them   are west-
! civ; f-onift in fchu State of Washing-
{ton.    Promised'high, prices,   they
; developed properties  idle  because
j-i.li'' market did   not justify   devel-
tiiiH'iit.  Now they are unprotected.
.r,   when the] S-.)  little  of the   trouble  is due to
th?>: -"lnii-re-tj -b'-. delay hy   President  Wilson in
���?! signing an executive order patting
���>: llu- woi Id. ! "i t<> ' tt"''<-'t the  800.000,000 raining
di".   svrnhoi.- j development bill.    Because of this
It  is glor-1 ^fftel.-try  Liane,   who   is   charged
Th" ~m-')ii 1 ^itb   itJ  admiuistrati in,    find   he
n'.il   fruit- i-',MI1  b'vs no  lelief   to  these  pro-
the  giitn of  -inct-r-i.     Ihey   are   now  going to
I f.'ongrpfs  for relief.    Uuless   they
ft-? no- ���   i- >o prec-"'tC-'S   il  quickly   they   fay  at   least
'.'p.    \V-   ur- bound   100.000    men    in   the   \ve.��fe   and
iii" l'i<-=  of   iirotlier- ' -'J'-1 t-h will be thrown   out of work.
--=   out  tf.
.r-1 iiiv .*:ie'
'���II.'"l!.  (;f (Till i-till.l!- ,
��� hi-   h,-:irtj   of   tiic-
.��� h:;v<:   c'1,-1."!.rated
a. in.
,1 >
An Important Item
���: bptt n
.1.     -���!]-���
ep   a:e
Sf-;tl--    (��';V'I
in the service.
������I havf anhngfd   things for our
-.tt;iiiv!'jii   fe-tivjl.      Mr.   Flub-
'bib   -.vi!   incite  a   ppf-ecb.      Mr.
i-':.L'f will -ing.    Mr. "Wombat has
con.-ented   to   gives   ua   a   chalk
l) "   i)r   ���' "What are the chances  for get-
��� 3\.i nt to c��f' 1   t.'r.sr somebody to  contribute a fevr
ftrrf5 f-f
xn~ and
Certificate of Iraorovements.
"Toncy Fractional" Miueral Claim, situate ia
the  Greenwood   Mining Divisiou of Yale
Where located:   In Deadwood Camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett,
as Agent for James Henry Goodere, Free
Miner's Certiiicate No. 69S7SB, intend, 00 days
from the d.atc hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtiiuing a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further tafce notice that action, under
Section  85,  must  be  commenced   before   the
���->sue of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 21st day of November A. D. 1918,
, watermelons?"���Ex.
Pre-Pmptlon '"ir confinod to surveyed
lands only.
Records will'b&'granted covering only
land suitable for'��� ftffricultur.il puriloset
and whicli is noh-i.l'nber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not mo'.re than four may
arrange for adjacent pK,^-emptions, with
Joint residertce, but^eoch-'iiaking necessary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-omptbrs must occupv claims for
five years and make improvement? to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 av.:"res, be-,
fore receiving Crown Grant.      \. '.
Where pre-emptor In occupatio 1  not
. less than 3 years, and has mada-prt'Por-
. tionate Improvements, he may, beci. '"e
of Ill-health or other cause, be grant. -1
intormediate certlfieato of Iniproverneri.'
and transfer hi�� claim.
Ilecords without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
Improvements to extent of $300.'.'per annum and records.same each year. Fail- ,
ure to make improvements or record
same will operate . as forfeit Oro. Title
rani'iot be obtained on these (-l.-iims! in
less than'5 years, \vith improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, if he requires land in conjunction, with his
iarm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may ho leased as homesites;
title to bo obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
by one person oi- company.
Tho scope of this Act is enlarged to
Include all persons Joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act Is extended from
ono year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of tha present war. This
privilege is also made retroactive.
ACT.     .������;.
Provision Is made for the grant to
persona holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land. If divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover In proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment Jointly. If It is not
considered ��� advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a. proportionate-allotment, an allotment of land -
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands in the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment. of. all taxes due . the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands In respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
Is final. The time for making application for these allotments is limited to
the 1st day of Slay. 1919. _ Any application made after this data will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town iota and lands of the Crow^-sold
at^ubljg auction*    ___^_ ^X^
For information apply to auy Provincial Government Agent or to
Bepnty Minister of !Lands,
Victoria, B. C.
The Closing Year
'Tis midnight's iholy 'hour���and?silence"now
Is broodingtlike a'gentle spirit o'er
The still and pulseless world.   Hark! on the winds
The bell's deep tones are swelling; 'tis the knell
Of the departed year.   No funeral train
Is sweeping past; yet, on the stream and wood,
With melancholy light the moonbeams rest
Like a pale, spotless shroud; the air is stirred
As by "a ruourner's]sigh;*and on "yon-cloud,
That floats so still and placidly through hearen,
The spiritjjf the'seasons seem to stand���
Young Spring.ibright Summer, Autumn's mImm  form
And winter with his aged locks���and breathe
Iu mournful cadences that comes abroad
Like the far- windharpVwild and tomchinglwail,
A melancholy dirge o'er the dead year,
Gone from the earth forever.    'Tis a time
For memory and for tears.   Within th�� deep,
Still chambers of the heart a spectre|dim,
Whose tuues'are'like the wizard voice of Time
Heard from the tomb of ages, points*its cold
And solemn finger to thelbeautiful
And holy visions that have passed away,
And left no shadow of their loyelinsss
On the dead���\vaste of life.   Theiyean
Has gone,[aud with itjmany a1 glorious throng
Of happy dreams.QIts^mark'is on leach^brcw,
Its shadow in each heart.   Ia its swift coarse
It waved its scepter o'er the beaatifal;
And they are not.   It laidlits pallid hand
Upon the strong man, and^the haughty form
Is fallen, and the flashingjeye is dlia.
It trod the hall of revelry"where"throng��d
The bright aud }oyous, and the tearfal wail
Of stricken ones is^heard^where'erst the soag
And reckless shout resounded,    It'ptssed o'ar
Ths battle plain where sword andjspear and skiel*
Flashed in the light of midday, and tha streagtk
Of.serried^hosts is shivered, and'thelgrass,
Green from the soil of carnage,'waves above
The crushed and'moulderingiskeleton.    It caata
And faded like a wreatae.of mist^atleve.
Yet ere it melted in tke viewless air
It heralded its millions to their home
In the dim land of dreams.   Remorseless Time-
Fierce spirit of the]glass and scythe���what power
Can stay^him in his silent course,'orjnelt
His iron heart to pity?   On, still ou
He presses, and forever.   The prond bird,
The condor'of the Andes.'that can'soar
Through heaven's unfathomable depths, or brave
The fury of the northern hurricane,
And bathe his plumage in tke thunder's home,
Furl his broad wings at nightfall and sinks dowa
To rest upon his mountain crag���but Time
Knows not the]weight"of sleep pr weariaess,
And night's deep darkness|has no ckai�� to^bini
Time, the tomb-buiider, holds his'fierce eareer,
Dark, stern,'all pitiless, and pauses not
Amid the'mighty.'wrccks^that'strewjhis'pstk
.To sit and muse, like other conquerors
Upon the fearful ruin he has wroaght!
War-Savings Stamps
Oa Sal* at all
BUY War-Savings Stacips for $4.00 ��*���*, fitu*
them on the Certificate, which friii fe�� e*rcn Is*
you; have^our Stamps rcgi��fa��ff��4 tajHtmk lew,
free of charge at any Mcmejr-Onlor Post OAo���� mmi ma. ffr* Im*
day of 1924, Canada will pay jro* $5.M oaofe Jar yoar i
As an aid to the purchase ef W.-S. 3. yaw ���*�� Wgr
Stamps for 25 cents eacb.   Sigteoaof too Thi ML
Thrift Card will bo ��xcha2��ed for a W.-S. SL
not bear interest.   Their virtue is tfeat Iflkoy
apply every 25 cents you can save totnrtb A
. Government, interest-bearing secveftjr.
������'/f high rates of interest must be paid aa Qv
ings it is but right tbat evory B*aa��
bave the opportunity to eamtiUa kitorast."
v-:''$5i? fori$4M
l to
af a
Notice To Delinauent Co-Owners
To W. D. Morton and T. B. Tamer, or
to any person or persons to whom they
may have transferred their interests in
the Gray Rock, Lucky Jim, Little Giant,
Black Bear, Bulger and Tip Top mineral
claims, situated along the Kettle Valley
Railway, in Arlington Camp, Greenwood
You are hereby notified that I have expended the sum of Six Hundred Dollars,
(|6oo.), for labor and improvements upon
the above mentioned mineral claims in
order to hold said mineral claims under
the provisions of the Mineral Act,-and if
within ninety days after the date of this
notice--.'-ybu fail or refuse to contribute
your proportion of such expenditure, together with all cost of advertising, your
interest in such claims will become the
property of the subscriber under 'section
fonr af an act entitled, "An Act to Amend
the Mineral Act, 1900."
Beaverdell, B.C.
Dated this 24th day of October, 19I8.
Optometrist and Graduate Optician, certified by Provincial Board of Examiners.
Peace Is Here
Everybody, will -want to celebrate aad uric*
yoi/have the Flu you can't do it in the old fashioned
way. But we can all._. celebrate with a good,
Christmas and anticipating this we will hare a ship*
ment arrive in a few days oi Everything thate good
all the trimmings for a good old Xmas feed/
If an increase in Business of more than Double
-    is a sign of Square Deals, and reasonable prices we
are all there,   Come over and see for yourself,
The Myncaster Mercantile. Company
Hotel Building -       -       - Myncaater, B.Q.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Ti*h
and Poultry.. Shop>s 'in .nearly all thi
towns of the Boundary and Kooteaay.
I Cbe -Bum* Rotel \
nelson* Bo���.   "
The only up/to/qlate Hotel.in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephoi* li
each room;
First Class Cafe and Barber Sbop
Steam Heated; Electric Lifhta*.
RATES $1.00 per day and ap; Baftyaaa Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains aafl B��at��.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, SmeKiug and Reining Dapu-taMt
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Ziaw Ore*
It is easier for tbe operator to eaatflata a talapkaaw call
than " to report "They do n��t anawar." la tmmtmA that taa
operator is .trying hard fo do her part aa4 taat kar ��4k*t jHai-
fies full confidence and consideration.
NOTICI la ktrefcjr iUne that ��i*?lic��!ion
will b* sad* to th* I<*ci��UtlT* Atmaibly of
th* Pro-rise* ��f Brlttah Colnabla at its aext
Session on behalf af Tho Caecad* Witsr Power
Jk. Llfht Cunpaar Idoiltsd, a Company laaor-
r��rat*d br the I,*flslatlY* A-MCatblr of th*
roTlnc* of British CoUmhla had*r Chap. 51,
SlataUi of B. C. 1M7, for an Aet to be ���atltuleti
,kThe Oascad* WaUr P��w��r A lUlht Compaoy
Limited Aat 18t7. ���at��ada��at Act 1918," riWnf
it power to r*dac* ita capital frost tlaia to time
at It may *e�� Ut by T��ta of a Majority lc rali*
of th* iharekoldera. yrcacat or rej>r����e��t*d hj
��roxy at a meatiar called for that paryo**, aaa
also coaSrniBf the r*dacti*a of capiul heretofore aade by th* C*��pany *s or aboat th* Hb
No>*mb*r, 1907, aad *Mm ahasflar th* time of
th* holdiar *f tha Ccnpaaj'i ��r41a��rj ii*n-
eral nteetloj fr*n th* third T?edae*4ay ic
Jal7 ia.aach r*a> to th* third WedEwdaj- ia
Octabar la *aeia j*ar, or ������ acch ���th*rd��t*ia
each y*ar a* th* Btractsr* may fron tlaae to
tlmadetersila* apoa; and alM aoapowertar tb*
Director* ��f th* Coaajjaay to aeah* bylaws,
rale* and raralatiaa* t* b* *b**TT*d by all p*r-
(onaaalactaa water, dactricity cr.*l*ctrlcal
appliaaca* or other property ��f th* covpaay;
al*oral**aod r��rclatI��o* f*r nalnianaac* 01
the Coagpany'a madartakiaf nad for tha collcc-
tioa of rat** for elactriclty or waur taitply aad
reau for ��l**trlcal 11a** aad appliaaca* let far
hire, aad for Hilar tha tiraa or flaiw whea,
aad th* place or piaca* vh*r* th* saas* shall be
payable, aad ia eas* *f dafaalt *f payaaat to
proTlde reasdiea for enforeistt th* payaeat
thereof; aad for each farther a*4 iacidtatal
powers aa may ha a*ca**arr.
Datad at Tiet*r!a, *.C, thia ��th day of
D*eeab��r. 1��18.
l��lirit��ra t*r th* Applicaat.
���    ��� ��� . " .       ' ��� '���'     I*. -;, -.
B. W. WIDDOWSONj Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B.C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
{1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
1.00. Gold-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead I1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for o.thfr"metals etc
on application.
CuSameen fiotel
Oa* af tka larf^ k*Ma la
tbe city.   B^aatiftd laaattM,
In* rowu aad tatty Muh;
K. OX JOHNSON     -     PRdP.
British Columbia has been j
here a long time so hag S
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
DaHy to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
the B. C. Gigar. Absb-
lutely Guaranteed. Cleat-
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varies,    .    ,
Have you triedonelately ��
Autos for Hire.   The Tihesi
Tiinjouts in the Boundery.
L'^ht and lit&vy Draying
"total   Liwrj iU Stage
i aKEEMW900fi..B.f.
]W.   H.   BOOKaTOlDSB, Vtor.
Old  aewtpapers
, : lis Ledge ofice.
for   Ktle  at
Oat urn* b��>
- tore tkay tre all pfene.


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