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The Ledge Apr 3, 1919

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/   1
Vol.   XXV.
No. 38
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
|     Stock Reducing Sale of Teas     |
��| Dessia Golden Tips 80c. Liptons Choice Ceylon 80c |j
H Deki Julia 65c ||
H EMPRESS. MALKIN'S BEST, NABOB 70c Of 2lbs for $1.35 3
�� BRAIDS BEST at 65c 3
fc BLUE RIBBON 1-211) Pksre 35c. BLUE RIBBON lib Bkee 65c :~S
f=j BLUE RIBBON 31b tins $185. BLUE RIBBON 51b tins $3.00 3
2~    Choice Bulk Tea 60c per lb.    , Choice Spider Lee Tea 70c    53
| Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN      j
5? Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 -ZS
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���5Qc each*
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt.Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts   -   *   *   $U5 each
100    "      *   ���    -   2.00 "
200   ����     *  '*   *    3,50 ������-
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Gloves, Mitts, Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
���-  '' AT
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
On display commencing
Tuesday, March 25th
You   Are   Cordially   Invited
W. Elson 8 Go
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Around Home
Returns From Overseas
Wm.  Lakeland
Forks last week.
was ia Grand
The Ledge has always room
forone more ad.
At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
Geo. W. Rumberger of Phoenix, was in town on Monday.
H. R. Townsend, of Rossland,
was in Greenwood last week.
Wagner apples^ The last shipment for the season. G. A. Rendell.
Ross Wood is now on the staff
of the Bank of Montreal in this
Jack McKellar is spending a
few days in town from Beaverdell.
Get your job printing at The
Ledge, before the- paper is all
Frank Cummins an old-time
Slocan resident died in Silyerton
on March 30.
Full line of fresh bulk, pure
sugar chocolate_s just iu. At
Goodeve's Drug Store.
Mrs. Jack Holmes returned on
Tuesday evening from a visit to
her husband, in Trail.
H.   Weber,   manager   of " the
Singer Store, Grand Forks,  was
"in Greenwood last week.
Mr.-and Mrs. E. R. Redpath,
of Nelson, were the guest of Mrs.
T. Jenkin, over the week-end.
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at II
a. m.. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 "p.m., testimonial meetings" will "be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning,
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada', Limited
OfficesTSmelting and Refining Department - - -
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
-Producers of Gold,* Silver, .Copper,  Bluestone,  Pig Lead and Spelter
You can get a bargain in
envelopes at The Ledge office.
Be sure and send a Float to the
boys in France. Get one at The
Ledge office.
P. BBRN5 & CO.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish ,
and Poultry.    Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Mason & Risch Pianos
Victor Gramophones
and Records
Mall ordersErcmctly attended to
The Singer Store
H. WEBER. Mfff.
P.O. Box 1S2, Grand Forks, B.C.
Banking Service
VOUR banking requirements may
���*��� be entrusted to this Bank with
every confidence that careful and
efficient service, will be rendered.
Our facilities are entirely at your
Greenwood Branch ���   L, E. Brawders, Manager
When in Grand Forks, stay at
the Province Hotel, a large brick
and marble building, fine rooms,
tasty meals,, bar -/with all first-
class refreshments, pool -room,
billiard parlorj barber shop and
sample rooms. ��� '       -
The Provincial Legislature
has set aside the 13th of April as
'���Go To Sunday School Day",
Walter Drinna'n, organizer for
the. Great .War Veteran's associa-'
tion was in the  Boundary last
Mrs. Peck, formerly Miss
Violet Archibald, is now living at
North Yakima where her husband
has a ranch.
A carload of potatoes recently
shipped from the Boundary to the
prairie brought $20 a ton f.o.b.
Grand Forks.
Justin,.a shipment of prints,
lawns, nainsooks. White cottons
for underwear, etc. G. A. Rendell, Greenwood.
J. H.' Goodeve left on Saturday
for Vancouver. During ' his , absence 3. D. McCreath is in charge
of the Drug store.
~" W.~ J." Kifkwdod ""formerly of
Greenwood ran for aldermanic
honors in San Diego last month
and was defeated.
Dr. T. Norman Guy has received his military discharge from
the army, and will open a dental
office in Vancouver.
Corporal Jos. Peterson, formerly of the 48th Battalion, has returned to Phoenix, after -serving
about four years overseas.
R. Lindsay,. manager of P.
Burns& Co., has been transferred
to Nelson, - W. J. Owen of Nelson is Mr. Lindsay's successor.
The Ledge is ,$2 a year in
advance. When not paid for
three months it is $2-50, and
when paid at end of year it is $3.
Ed. Rippeto, who has been
a timekeeper in one of Tierney's
railway construction camps near
Copper Mountain all winter, has
returned to Rock Creek. ���   -
Try Aunt Jemina's Buckwheat
Cakes for breakfast, with either
honey or syrup. We have a good
variety to choose from G. A.
.On sale this week, Ladies
Whitewear, consisting of our
stock of night dresses, Princess
slips,' brassieres, drawers, etc.-
G. A. Rendell.
. A musical sketch and concert
will'be given by local talent from
Grand Forks, in the Greenwood
Theatre, under the auspices of
St. Jude's Guild of this city.
Dance to -follow ��� entertainment.
Date to be announced later.
Norman A. Shaw, who recently
returned to Vancouver from overseas, is visiting friends in Greenwood.
Norman enlisted in Victoria 4n
November, 1915, and went overseas in November 1916, where he
was in training at Seaford and
Bramshott, England. On August 1 st, 1917, hejirrived in France
as a member of the famous 54th
Battalion and was with this unit
uutil he was wounded at Cambrai
on Sept. 30, 1918. After this he
was sent to the No. 2 Hospital at
Le Treport,- France, later to the
Duchess of Connaught hospital,
at Taplow, England, and thence
to Kirkdale hospital, Liverpool,
where he was for a month before
going on the Hospital Ship Araguaya which docked at Portland,
The wounds which put Norman
out of action were made by splinters from a shell which exploded
beside him, entering his left leg,
above and below the knee.
One of these bits of metal cut the
sciatic nerve about half through,
which paralyzed the limb. After
going under a number of operations at Taplow, the nerve was
sewn together, This operation
is one of the marvels of modern
surgery, as Norman has regained
the use of the leg," and in time
it will be as strong as ever.
Too Many Yankee Films
, Victoria..��� British Columbia's
legislature, believing too many
American war films and too few
Canadian war pictures are displayed in British Colnmbia moving
picture houses, has invited "Afetor-
ney General Farm1 to . instruct
Walter Hepburn, moving picture
censor, to put a ban on pictures
from across fehe border.
Attorney General Farris declared recently he had been somewhat irritated at seeing so much of
the American flag on local screens
and so little about the achievements of Canadians soldiers who
fought the war through.
Great Man's Thought
Oh, conceive the happiness to
know some' one person dearer to
yoa than your own self���Some ones
breast into which yoa can pour
every thought, every grief, every
One person who, if all the rest
of the world were to calumniate or
forsake you, would never wrong
you by a harsh thought or an unjust word, who would cling to" you
closer in sickness, in - poverty, in
care; who would sacrifice all things
to you, and for whom yoa wonld
sacrifice all; from whom, except by
death, night or day, yoa may
never be divided; whose smile is
ever^at your hearth; who has no
tears while you are well and happy
and your love the. same.
Such, is marriage if they who
marry have hearts and souls to
feel that there is no bond on earth
so tender and so sublime.���Anon.
The Laugh Line
That?���"Are you unmarried?"
inquired the census man.'
"Oh, dear, no," Baid the little
lady," blushingly: . "I've^ never
even been unmarried."���Ladies
Home Journal.   ,
Old  newspapers,   for. sale  ;
The Ledge office.  ' Get some before they are all gone. '
Western News
John C. Davenport died last
month aged 90 years at Aberdeen,
Nelson will have its usual fall
fair again this year, on Sept. 23,
24 and 25.
California canners are expected
to pay 814 per ton for 1919 canning tomatoes.
Capt. T. E. L. Taylor has re-
celvee the appointment of postmaster at Revelstoke.
During the war the forests of
British Columbia provided material
for over 30,000 aeroplanes.
Aboufe $40,000,000 a year is paid
in wages feo employees in the lumber and kindred industries of Canada.
In Saskatchewan 3,072 people
died of Spanish influenza in three
months, or 4.6 per 1000 of the
J. J. Handley of Blairmore has
bought the Henry Hamilton ranch
near Erickson. The price was in
neighborhood of $6,000.
The Chilliwack United Growers
will unite with the Chilliwack Producer's Exchange and will take
the name of the latter.
The establishment of wireless
telephony between Ireland and
Canada was announced last week
by the Marconi Company.
Japanese interests are about to
install a sawmill of 15,000 feet capacity on Gabriola Island, off the
entrance to Nanaimo harbor.
Bobb Sutherland formerly of the
Nelson News will start an evening
paper in Calgary. Ife is said that
the Moderation League is back of
the enterprise.
A half dozen Chinamen who have
been working on theC.P.K. section
crews at Creston have lost their
jobs and their places will be filled
with English speaking laborers.
At Revelstoke accommodation is
being provided to handle returned
soldiers in numbers of 500 for demobilization purposes. The first
contingent is expected at any day
.The provincial works department
announce a grant of 828,000 for
roads and bridges in the Easlo riding this year, of which Creston
Valley's share will be not less than
Construction will soon begin on
the railway line between Kamloops
and Kelowna, including the branch
fro_m_Vernon .to.Lnmby. _The_Can-
adian National railways are the
Will Yawkey died in New York
last month aged 44 years. ��� He
was worth $50,000,000. In the
fire that destroyed the Slocan
Hotel in New Denver, April 16,
1896, Billy lost a gold watch, and
The Ledge editor $300.
Some man, no one knows whether he was a" moderations or a
prohibitionist, sat down in Eld-
riyge & Sault's barber shop one
day last week and soon after saw a
bottle of Florida water. He mad a
a grab.for it, pulled out the cork,
and before anyone could stop him
had drunk the last drop.���Kam-
lops Standard-Sentinel.
What is beyond question the
record price for hogs Bhipped from
this district was obtained this week
by J. T. Mutrie, who sent out a
car to P. Burns & Co., Vancouver,
containing 80 pigs for which he received $19.35 per 100-lbs. f.o.b.
Vernon. The porkers averaged
231 lbs. in weight and brought the
owner an average price of a little
over $44 each.���Vernon News.
The people of Alberta during the
war contributed the total of $42,-
000,000 towards direct financial
aid in the war effort of the Dominion, according to an announcement
made in the Legislature by Hon.
C. R. Mitchell, Provincial Treasurer, in concluding his presentation of the annual budget. The
bonds purchased 'in- the year ' of
1918 reached $19,000,000 and the
total - contributions to Red Cross
and other patriotic causes amounted feo $5,480,830.
Mining News
Canada's mineral production for
L918 was valued at $210,204,970.
The Granby smelter at Grand
Forks was operating two furnaces
last week.
The total tonnage mined fror
the coal mines of B. C. during Fel
ruary was 195.000 tons.
Under the authority of the
statute passed at tbe 1918 session
of the provincial legislature, some
5000 surface workers around all
metallifereus mines, smelters and*
coke ovens commenced operations
on April 1 on the baBis of an eight-
hour working day.
E. W. Parks has arrived ii
Seattle from Kuskokwim and reports a new gold strike forty-five
miles above Marshall Cifey below
Holycross on the Yukon Creek
which runs into the Slough on the
Yukon river. Hundreds of stamp-
eders arrived early on the Bcene
and everything is staked for miles
around the new discovery, which
show��i fifty cents to the pan.
Republic, Wash.���Afe the Lasfe
Chance mine several new improvements have been made by tbe Lone
Pine-Surprise Consolidated Mining
Company, among which is the
addition of a new ore bin, with
capacity to hold 190 tons. The
shaft is down 690 feet below the
collar, and an excavation is being
made for a 100-ton ore pocket, jusfe
below, the 650 foot level, where the
vein will be entered. Manager
Charies P. Robbins will soon resume shipping ore and will ship
continuously for an indefinite
period about 50 tons daily to fehe
Tacoma smelter. '   <������
A number of additional machines
have been placed at work in the
Centre Star mine a the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company recently and things are beginning to look brisk once more at
the mines' of the company here.
Ore shipments are increasing and
the outlook is much encouraging-
in the numbers of new mines being
put to work and the increased payroll which is in sight. Ore trains
are once more being frequently
heard making trips from the big
gold-copper producers to the
smelter at Trail and it is believed
from now'on increased activity will
be noticed.���Rossland Miner.
__ 4_loosening up of the provision"
regarding  crown-granted   miner-
claims reverting to the governmer
was recommended   by   the   legu-
lative iniaing  committee.     Sucl.
claims are at present subject onh
to lease for mineral purposes.    Tbe
committee proposes that an amendment be brought in cancelling surveys of such reverted claims so as
to provide that they may become
open for land pre-emptions.   .TIk
committee also recommended  fu
ther   .subsidy   assistance   to   tr-
French complex ore reduction pro
cess at Nelson up to the extent oi
86,000.   This/ife is expected will
be sufficient to bring the process to
The Consolidated Mining aud
Smelting company, received 8208
tons of ore in the third week of
March, according to a report from
its smelter at Trail. This may bo
compared with 7546 tons in tbe
second week of that month. The
receipts in detail follow:
Castor Fraction, Beaverdell,
Califarnia, Nelson  '   *
Centre Star, Eossland
Emma, Coltern
Horn Silver, Similkameen
Iron Mask, Kamloops
Josie Rossland
Lucky Jim, Kaslo -
North Star, Kimberley
Paradise, Athalmer
St. Eugene, Moyie
Sullivan (zinc) Kimberley
Sullivan (lead) Kimberley
Silversmith, Sandon
- 45
The shoe shop o* Sam Clarke
was burned to the ground in Penticton last week. THE   ��2��DG&    0EEEaOTOO&    &  &
Directors of tltc Davidson Gold Mines on tlicir return from thc
property Monday night spoke with enthusiasm concerning the
ncw ore body opened tip tost week nt the 500-foot level. Thc find
ha."! established the fact that the p/bperty is rich at depth. One
Director said:
''We found that a cut being driven across the ore body had penetrated 30 feet without having reached thc. foot wall. It had passed
through a vein of uniform values which was impregnated with free
;;oid. The average values over this width of 30 feet will run liigli
as compared with results of the more prominent Porcupine Producers. 'J'he vein is estimated to be 40 feet wide, and the assay
results were highly satisfactory."
The above statement is sufficient to indicate to thc reader the
immense possibilities of thc Davidson Mine. Thc big vein is
rapidly being developed up, and we think that announcements of
firs',  importance will follow from  time to time.
Mail this coupon for details.
Stock Brokers
Manitoba Seed in France
More Farm Schools
Success   of Western   Canadian   Seed
Wheat on French Farms
An ir.'r:-esting result of the war has
been the introduction of the cultivation of spring wheat from Western
Canada in European countries. lni
France far-reaching results arc expected from the introduction of this
wheat into  that country.
Thc report of an investigation conducted by M. Martin, director of the
agricultural department of Indrc-ct-
Loirc, states: In the least successful
experiments Manitoba    wheat gave 7
Government   Establishing    Three
Southern Part of Province
Edmonton, Alta. ���. Hon,   Dnncan
Marshall, minister of agriculture,    in
an  address   to  the    legislature, ���   announced that the provincial   govern-
i ment  had  decided  upon   establishing
i three more agricultural schools in the
southern part/of the    province    and
that each school would bc situated on
a demonstration farm, in accordance
with thc custom followed in lhc past
by the    department    of    agriculture.
These  three schools  and  farms  will
be located at Raymond, at Cleichen
to  11.92  cwt.  per acre.    Everywhere,      ,    ^ ,r
else the. yield varied from J..54 to 16.72j3"?.,.51.* \0.l"!gst<Tn
cwt., thc average    might without exaggeration bc placed at 11.14 per cwt
pcr acre.     These  figures are  all  the
The minister also announced that
hereafter thc agricultural schools and
thc farms will be managed as a unit,
more remarkable because the average | ^ p��silio,.!s ��ff    superintendents   of
..__._._    _.- ...:..,._ ...i.-...   ���_   n-,. 1 dcmortstration farms being- abolished
and thc entire system of schools and
farms being placed Under the control
of A. H. Meyer, superintendent of
agricultural schools. Likewise the-
position of farm managers will be
done away with.
To arouse a sluggish Siver,
to relieve a distressed
stomach, to fortify yourself against disease, ��� use
shipping thc stock and will accompany the manager to the central market to aid him in disposing of his
stock. It has been found thr'. this
assistance encourages many associations to undertake the work and
when such benefits have been obtained it is seldom that the associations discontinue stock marketing activities.
yield of winter wheat is 8.34. cwt.
There is no doubt that 1917 was a
very favorable year for wheat-growing iu that district; .May and June
were wet and there was no excessive
heat iu July. In spite (,, all disadvantages, M. Martin considers Manitoba wheat excellent for tndrc-ct-
Loire. Thanks to this neu variety it
will bc possible to sow wheat in
spring which could m< - own in
May- Airplane Dropped
Paris. ��� One of thc two airplanes
which inaugurated the postal service
between Paris and Bordeaux capsized at Libouruc, about twenty miles
northeast of Bordeaux, because of
engine trouble. The pilot mid his
passenger. M. Caudillere, an editor
of the Havas News Agency, were
severely injured and taken to a mili-
larj' hospital.
target* Solo of any Medicines in tfco V/ojIi
Sold everywhere.   Ia boxes, 25c
Live Stock'
Saskatchewan the First of Canadian
Provinces to Try Out System
Saskatchewan claims to bc ihe first
of the Canadian provinces to try out
thc co-operative system of live stock
marketing. When the co-operative
branch was established in thc fall or
1913 thc first work undertaken was
the compiling of a bulletin, explaining how the co-operative marketing
of live slock was carried on and
pointing out how this system of marketing eliminated all needless middlemen and secure''., -foi", -both, .'the
smaller producer and the larger contributor" the bcnef'��-of    competitive
-bidding which can,only bc obtained
,on central  markets.
As'a result of .the.   publication of
. thc. bulletin' some nine    co-operative
- stock' marketing    associations    were
' organized in" ' Saskatchewan " during
1914 and the work h.as since so developed tiiat'at' present' there arc fifty
registered' associations incorporated
in the-business.cxclusivc'.of the unincorporated locals-of "they Saskatchewan
. Grain' Growers' Association.   .
In  1914 the- nine associations  then
established marketed.."thirty .cars    of
stock and their" li.'.'n.6y.er-.a.mounted iQ
$42,034.22;.:._. The ���/ fifty " 'associations
.whicli   had-.-been .established.-by 191S
��� marketed" 750-'car's, ; realizing-$,"432,;-
000."   These "figures are an indication
.of the growth of "the liycs'tpclv'iridns-
try in.the province..-"*.. ���,. ; . ���   :���;.- ���-
Is  there any,'advantage iiv'markelr
.".ing- through"''these .'.associations:' niay
be,, asked Prfugii res. "compile j' by--,- the'
'" provincial 'government .show'- therc-is-
'" a .great- financial" benefit-.-in -marketing
. stock jn this' manner. ��� T!,ic.n.et-' averT
"age - saving-.,',effected- -thereby- iiv 191-S
amounted to".'approximately one-cc'iil'
a pound yor" about; $200 a ��� car'.:-Naliir-
ally.'siich- results-as th^'sc are'leading
to' the formation -.of .more Jand "more
��� societies .in-all parts'"o"f".tlic.' province,
-. thus giving 'a.'-hcalthy-'nnpeti.is.;to the
- livestock industry:-"-. . -.-���'
' ��� "To en'rorir'age.1 the. orgaiii^aiiofi ���-*>!���
'." -co-operative.live,-'stock 'marketing the.
'.-. co-6p.eraliv.c;:oi-ga'tiizati6i) branch of
.the Saskatchewan' depart mcnt of-ag--
riculture supplies. each new asspcia-
.-. tion- free of cost with a set.of .receipt
��� and.account forms' sufficient to record
.-""-;their;marketing for one year, togeth-
','��� cr with.a-bullct'iu .explaining lio'w thc
"accounts"should W."kept. The branch
.-."-is also prepared- to send an ex-pcrienc-
';,,;0<1 m'atv-to.'aid thc- manager of new
.' association's in handling their first
.-consignment. This man will bc on
hand to aid hint in receiving, weigh-
���' ing, grading aad marketing ,vfc sto-ck.
..���lie  will assist him  in   loa-ding     and
The Wireless Telephone
May Supplement    Newspaper   as    a
Means of International Communication
The rapid development of thc wireless telephone is one of the romances
of the war.   In 1914 the wircl-- telephone was still in the experimental
stage and was regarded as a kind of
promising  side-line   to  wireless   telegraphy. ' But when thc aeroplane began to be largely used for rcconais-
sancc and for directing artillery fire,
the demand for some more   easy and
flexible mode of communication from
the air to the  land became    urgent.
British  inventors  responded  magnificently to thc call, and thc crude apparatus of  1914 became rapidly perfected so that it could bc relied upon
in  speaking  between  aeroplanes  and
land stations.up to fifteen miles and
beyond.'   Owing to, the necessities, of
secrecy very little was known to the
public about the improvements which
had  been  effected,  but their    extent
may be judged by the generors  tribute paid by.the-director of an-American  clectral    company,    which    had
been.-engaged-on thc.'samc field.    Hc
has stated that British "wireless, telephones'were better, in range aitel reliability, than any. which - had., been
produced elsewhere.-. In the develop-,
ment of commercial"aviation -wireless
telephony,  as' well  as .wireless    telegraphy,-is likely to play an important
part, since, the safety-of" a service.depends upon maintaining contact witli
acrodroin.es -and aeroplanes/ butavia-'
tion.'is.-far from-bring, the wjily field
of .application, They.wire'less' telephone
may-supplement "the .newspaper as a."
means, of, international  "communication;  -As .was pointed, out' by a. leading'British   -m'ah"-,o,f /-science-, '   Mr.
Campbell "Swinton", . F.R.S.-,' civ. .'speech'
.delivered,:in -London-.friay -'b'c.-.lica_nl-
-si'muUaneQusly- \iri���  'Calcutta",.' .[Cairo,
���Paris; LVtrograd; -New- York--", a nil ^ on.
vcssclsyin miidroccan;- .anil byy.the.'usc
of- ..loudTspcaking'   telephones   -large
-audiences '.may listen "to, thV-tiansmil.-.
tcd -tones .as' if thcy. were being addressed by, the'.original speaker.-  .���'","������
Hay  Transported Free
Regina, Sask. ��� The Saskatchewan
department of agriculture has issued
permits so far for free transportation
of 4,100 carloads, u. approximately
40,0.00 tons, of hay from northern
points of the province lo southern
points, and the movement has been
active the past few weeks.
Attacked by Asthma. Thc first
fearful sensation is of suffocation,
which hour hy hour becomes more
desperate and hopeless. To such a
case thc relief afforded by Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy seems
nothing less than miraculous. * lis
help is quickly apparent and soon
the dreadful attack 'is mastered. The
asthmatic who has found out the dependability of this sterling remedy
will never bc without il, It is sold
British Columbia's Industries
According to the report of thc
manufacturers' association of British
Columbia the productive value of .industry for 19.18 in thc province was
approximately. $200,000,000 aiid . ..cm-
ploymcht was givn- in' ' connection
with this industry to 86,000 person's.
This included alb classes of industry,
basic and general, including .shipbuilding.   ��� ,��� ; .
. A safe and. sure medicine" .for a
child trpubled .with worms is.Mother
Graves' ��� Worm   Exterminator-/---.
Speedy Peace
General Maurice Says .War Within
Ten Years Impossible
Washington. ��� Gen, Sir Frederick
Maurice, former director of British
military operations, who is here on a
lecture tour, declared that, while bethought peace should be completed
speedily, hc did not believe extensive
military operations would result from
the Bolshcviki movement in Hungary
and elsewhere. Europe, hc said, is so
exhausted that a war of magnitude
within thc next ten years is impossible.
The Hungarian situation, in llic
opinion of Gen. Maurice, is "a movement of despair dictated by hunger, at
present and..uncertainty for the future." ��� -' ."."'..
"There must bc a stable and powerful government established in Germany," he said, "else the terms wc
will bc able to get in the settlement
of peace conditions will not be worth'
having and there i.s grave danger that
Germany will lapse into Bolshevism
if a decision is much longer delayed.
Hungary has yielded to the menace
and Germany may follow her example if the present conditions of uncertainty continue.'''
Gen. Maurice also stated that he
was surprised to find so much United
States opposition to the league pf
nations, which hc believed would bc
amended and should bc adopted in
some form. '��� ���        '.' -
,     IN
Huns May Adopt Soviet System
Berlin. ��� The German government
will shortly submit lo the committee
ou constitution of the Weimar assembly the proposal for incorporation of the soviet system in the constitution. Thc semi-official North
German Gazette, says the cfTect of this
measure would bc to establish a sort
of three-chamber system of government.
Sure! High Heels
Cause Corns But
i     . Who Cares Now j
t ��� ^       t
Because style decrees lhat women
crowd and buckle up their tender toes
in high heel footwear they suffer from
corns, then they cut and trim at these
painful pests which merely makes the
com grow hard. This suicidal habit
may cause lockjaw and women arc
warned to stop it.
A few drops of a drug called frcezone applied directly upon a sore, corn
gives cjuick reiicf and soon the entire
corn, root and all, lifts out without
pain. Ask the drug store man for a
quarter of an ounce of freezonc,
which costs very little but is sufficient
to remove every hard or soft corn or
callus from one's feet.
This drug is an ether compound
and dries in a moment_ and simply
shrivels up the corn without inflaming or even irritating thc surrounding
tissue or skin. Clip this out and pin
on vour wife's dresser.
Resent Losing
Secrets of Trade
Paris.���The Germans, who stole
so many industrial secrets in Belgium
and northern France, arc complaining
bitterly of thc cv.iiosity manifested by
the allies in the manufacturing processes of the German factories in the
occupied territory.
The Weltwirtheschaftliche Nach-
richten. says thc French have taken
documents concerning- the manufacture of dyes and that ,tne Americans,
in addition to making a careful study
of German processes, are trying to
hire tlic best German technicians by
offcring high salaries.
-For Sale by all. Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanec, Ont.
Here'* s chance to
prove to yoar ��wa
satisfaction, and at
our expense,tbat Zam-
Buk does end pain
and heal sores and.
skin diseases.
Mail this advertisement and lc stamp
(for retiirn postage) to
Zam-Buk Co., Dupont
St., Toronto, and we
will send yon free
Head of French Mission Wounded
Berne. ��� Colonel Vix, head of the
.French mission in Budapest, has been
wounded und taken prisoner by thc
ncw Hungarian government, according lo reports iu Prague, ancl trans-
milled here. Major Freeman, of the
British army, it is added, succeeded
in making his escape from Budapest.
Minard's Liniment for
"���-.'   where.   ,
sale    every-
. ..ItaliansJnPre'ssb'urg .-"'���".       '.
. .I^6iido.n.'--'-r". Italian -'troops.'have, cif-
tere.d- "Jvaab-,' aboiit.Tift'y liuic.s'   s.oulh-
.cast  pf .Pr-cssl.u!
Vieniia :di'sp:itch !-��
according    to', "a
the"Goii-l'-ral- -News
-." -Strikes.in Spain
London.���A. wireless dispatch' from
Madrid .says that strikes have ' been
declared in several towns including
Valencia and Alcoyo".' Agitations are
in."progress- iit Madrid- and. Corunna.
The -censorship', put .'into,-'-operation,
forbids. llic'publieaUdn .of strike news,
labor' troubles and"' the --movement of
troops:--,'.,-���-   ���- y -. , ������'���;- '."-_   ' '"/-, ���..'���
' Company Dissolved: '-x~
��� Moose Jaw,- Sask. ��� The Moose
Jaw"-Union-- Stockyards; Limited, the
company formed- by a ��� number"
of influcnlial'city men and ranchers of
the "district-in December "last, has
been dissolved and its._asscio'and property transferred to' the .Southern
Saskatchewan . Cp-opcralive;.' Stockyards; Limited. -Work in the.new .organization is going ahead rapidly and
just as soon as weather, conditions
will permit the work- of construction
of pens. and 'administrative"-buildings
will "commence.     ���" ���       , ."���_ ���,.���-'
- ' Indians Ready for Work -
Regina, Sask. ��� W. M... Graliaiif.
.commissioner, of Indian affairs "for the
four western provinces,..has: returned
froni Ott'aw.aOin'd stated that"-'during
his conference-with the officials \.;-'er-y-
thing" had- been arranged for. thcy agricultural,'\6pCi'aii 6ns" of the' Indians yof
���ihc-'.wcs.t' for t,hc'--year"v1919." TAHlhc
machinery necessary, for. the,'working
of .tlic various "tracts of land, "whi.ch;-
total'.oy.c'rl 100,000 acres" this ''year,. ��� is;
in -readiness and' tlic-Indians"-.will .soon
be "at',wqrk,'pi-epa_nn"g":for. .seeding. V '",
Give it,when, feverish, cross, bilious,
for bad breath or sour stomach
Look at the tongue, Mother! '.If
coated,, it is a* sure .sign that your
little one's, stomacli, liver and bowels
need a- gentle, thorough cleansing at
once.'- ,- .-���".���-
.-' When peevish, cross, listless, pale,
doesn't sleep,' doesn't" eat or act nat-
uarally, or. is-feverish, stomach spur,
breath bad'; Iras'stomach-ache," sore
throat.'diarrhoea,-full of coid, give a
(n;onnn,,(iii.-��('"r.ii;in��.;n'' c.,,-.,��  ���f
Annual Report
Best in History
Sun Life Provides Ample Margin of
Although the past ycar was a trying one to insurance companies, owing to war losses atid the influenza
epidemic, thc 4Sth annual report of
thc Sun Life Assurance Company is
thc best ever issued. The figures
show that the big Montreal corporation maintained its position as the
largest of our Canadian life assurance
companies, having a gain of nearly
$29,000,000 during thc ycar. The
amount of ncw policies paid for exceeded the $50,000,000. mark, the exact
figures being $51,591,000.
The total income received during
the year was in excess of $21,651,00,
while total assets now amount to
$97,620,000, a gain of nearly seven
and a half million dollars. The amount
paid to policy holders and their beneficiaries last ycar readied the largc
sum of $9,768,000, but the Sun's huge
surplus shows ils financial condition
is unchallenged. Another new high
record was made in regard to income, with $21,651,000 received,- a
gain of over $2,300,000 over thc figures for the previous ycar.
Tho Sun Life not onhr did its bit
through thc protection it afforded, bul
also used ils investments funds to
purchase government bonds instead
of ordinary securities, thereby assisting m.atc'riall}' in the winning of
the war.'
-Altogether thc showing made by
thc Sun Life is a most gratifying one,
ahd polic}' holders and shareholders
have every reason to feel gratified at
the records made m 1918.., The company is now settled in its new home,
whose unequalled facilities e'liabl. the
oflicers to do still, more effective
work..' ���"' -     '   " ��� y-   '. -   '
Chinese Meetings Forbidden
Letlibridge, Alta. ��� In connection
with thc arrest and trial of Chinese
conspirators on the yPacific coast,
Chief Hardy states that shortly after
thc war broke out the Chinese national league in that .city, which numbers
about 100 members, was training a
squad of about 40 young men in their:
club rooms. Thc impression given
out by their leaders was that they
wcrc preparing to fight for thc allies
if China declared war on Germany.
Later the chief of police decided that
their training was a menace and stopped it, and later still meetings of
Chinese in the club rooms were banned.
The Canadian spring weather���one
day mild and. bright; the next raw
find blustery is extremely hard on the
baby. Conditions arc such that the
mother cannot take thc little one out.
for thdireslf air so much to be desired. He is, confined to thc house
which is often- ovcr-hcatcd and badly
ventilated. He catches cold; his little
stomach and bowels become disordered and the mother soon has a sick
baby to look after. To prevent this
an occasional, dose of Baby's Own
Tablets should be given. They regulate the stomacli ancl bowels, thus
preventing or curing colds, simple
fevers, colic or any other of the many
minor ailments of childhood. The
Tablets arc sold by medicine dealers
or bv mail at 25 cents a box from
Thc Dr. "Williams' Medicine Co.,.
Brockviile, Ont.
British. Aid Sympathisers
London.���Winston Spencer Churchill, secretary of state for war, said
ih the house of commons that the Es-
thonians ancl Lithuanians had been
promised British protection'and' recognition and that thc Estlionittnshad
casp.oonfiil-'..of~ "California'' Syrup of I been -partly'   supplied    with    British
Food, For- Russians '
"Coblenz. ��� Eighty cars of ''^^d for
Russian prisoners in' German ramps'
have arrived here and the food is being transferred- froji'i French to-German cars before being sent; to -ils
Ay Friend "of- the 'Policeman .;
":. Continually oiv" their,feet, the. "Peelers:?- a/.e",:.invariably.'.'"-troubled'��� with,
corns "'anti- bun ion s���but .not [ for.'.-Long,
!3e'cavise--yt.!icy--kriOVv;-.-6'f--a--tjiiick-- cure;
jPutiiiim's ���Corn" K"xtractor;'-,'. "it -cure's :
painlessly iir 2-1 -hours;-'-.try .'"Piit-
nam's,"' 2?e-. at:-.all" .dealers..'.   .-. -   - ���;���
Canadian Indians     ������'ix-x
As Farmers
_    . An-.- Oil   With'outv Alcohol.-^Some
Last Year- Redmen Workedy Wonders pi|s and'niany meclicincsVliavc a.lco-
:. J'' iir Br.eakihg.'lJrJ -Reserves-' ��� '".iliol. as a prominent' ingredient.--\A ju-
���-Regina; -Sask. '��� Indians", '"of .the' dicious'.muiglingyof six".esscntiil "oils'
xvcMcrn" provinces Svill '��� form ��� -o,V ;i i^^tlie ,famous: D.^_ Tboutas' Ec-
;.      .-.,-,..--   -    ',' ;.:-.. - ,    -i-lcctnc- Oil,   and 'there, is   no  alcohol
[bigger .and better scaler tlum-ever .be^ ;���' ;t;  so  that its. effects -are' lasting,
fore,, according-.to '  \V.  ^L Grajianv,. 'There is no medicinal .oil conipound--
cbiiimi-ssioner of   Indian  affairs.' llast l.'-tl that r:;ui equal .this-oil .in it's prc-
ycar,-  in  response  to-tlii. appeal | for' vc-,,livP :��id haling .power.    - .    .      -
greater production,'tire Kidmen \\'ork-
'cd-VfOiidi.Ts in breaking" up  i-lrcir  reserves,  ;iUli6nulj_ iii   pastry ears   difii-
Figs," . and in a few ��� hours .all thc
foul, constipated -'��� waste,- undigested
food and'spur bile gently moves out
of "its Tittle".- bowels without griping,
and you have a well, playful child
again.'���      "".'.,    -    - '.-   V .-
:'" You .needn't :coax sick children- to
take. this', harmless ."fruit  laxative;"
thcy. love-its  delicious"'taste, and    it
always -makes' them fccl; splendid. -
-Ask .your  dt-ugg.ist for a bottle 61
, "CaHfqrnia Syrup of "Figsj-!.which,has.
'direction's for babies, children.of all
ages.and' for. gro.wri-ups plainly .on. the
bottle. :-' Beware, of: counterfeits"'sold
here -To be "s'uri^yoti 'gel'the .genu-'
iiie,,.'ask' Io s.ee, that "it-is made-.' by:
."California--Fig .Sy'rupi Company.'' "Refuse any. q'thor kind -with contempt;���..
Canadian Indians Confer
Swift  Current
scribed $50,000
citizen's have -Mib-
s a loan for school
purposes. Tliij. is lhe. first "ivic loan
of the kind, and was raised in a two-
v,Cck campaign.
Huge,British Order for B.C. Timber'
���Vancouver,  13.'C. -^ Ait  order  for'
[seventy   million   !"eet-,cif.'luhib".er. ,:,ha's
.cuhy was experieiireddif getting'th'em i]]C{.u   -graced, with  'British   Columbia
to tlo much in lire way- of agriculture.; ]1)ms i,y lilL. pu.;ti^h timber' controller, j
The new espcriehre of Working their ��� -w-rnrdin"- to ;vi ���miioiinccinciii bv-the'1 i--     ��� i .     .. v-      .���      -
-     - - -        -   ,ltror"1"" "-' 'l-"! ���'-imoiuieeiiiL.ii.    \  mc   i0llg(;c] l(? thcm, and in the war
Object to  Turning. Oyer .Lands...To
��� y-    -V- Returned'Soldiers ���- ;
���"Sardis'/.'Bi/C. ���-' .Indians-frpiii i.iill
,bvci". the ;p.r.oviiicc held, a.fncetiug.yat
iGhceachton,.i}car' .herp,". rccciiily',1 ....to
take "action in regard to the proposal
being made.���frequently that certain
"J.ndi.an reserves should be turned' over, to-the-.returned -soldiers;..- Speaker
aflcr. speaker- protested against ."the.
suggestion  that  ih'eir.laiid   should  be
arms. .There was a considerable-German, force, in that region moving, towards- Windau and possibly R'ga... It
was increasing German influence;, but
on thc other baud, was, saving the disr
trjcf from appalling misery and Boi*
slicviki ravages,'ancl these operations
which were performing -.useful services, -were not being discouraged.
Demand for Farm'Labor
Afoosc Jaw, Sask. ���There is heavy
demand for farm labor, according to
li. if. Hagcn, of the government employment bureau-.' City work is very
quiet as yet, but there is in the
neighborhood of 100. unfilled positions
available. Wages are ranging around
$65- per month for the season.     "  ' =
Want Intenirban Highway
Saskatoon, Sask. ��� The board of
trade is requesting thc provincial department of highways to build an intenirban highwa> from that city to
llic Manitoba boundary,-via Elstow,
Viscount, Lanigan, Wynyard, Foam
Lake,.and other towns on.tlu. lailway
line, -"."'.'-.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days ':
Drujrijists refund money if PAZO OTNT-
MENT fails to cure Itching; Blind;- Bleed-
ingy or rrotruding Piles. '.Stops Irritation;
Soothes and Heals. -. - You can get restful
sleep  after the first..- -plication. ' Price 60c.
-' The western' Canada^'dairymen's-association,- with head office, at - Moose
Jaw, has-.been established with F. M.
Logan,'of Regina, president, and"J..A.
Cauldcr,- of Moose Jaw, secretary.
;; Memorial at Ypres
Canadian Buildings "Will Include Mii-
"��� ;-" ;���"���./ seum and'-Library '
��� London.--^: An-'officer di .the; Canadian 'headquarters staff, inlcrvii-wcd
by.'-a Itcutcr-corrcspohdcnl'.-said .that
the-'Canadian-mciuorial -buildings" "at
Ypres'would;, include a' museum;f- of-'
'reli,cs"cdiinected .with' .the' ���' Canadian'
defence of- Ypres," also" a library'--.of.
everything published concerning -the
battles, of the. salient.'. - Models - .".of \
Frenches, pifturcs-and-c>(Ticial plioios.l
and-a-roster of all the' Canadian, dead'
w.oulii. also- be'-in'chrdcd.;-.-,'.-'-_ ',-.;������:'���-'���
' "Sticira.building would be: to Cah-
adians.'wh'.ii- Shakespeare's-lic).v,se'.is to
'visitors 'toiSl ralfoid-ou--A-,oii," the. of-
VMU PiRPM Utttl Uf\p
.���tlie trouble is due tb iveakoess.
of the i Jitierual organs. - My 'successful home treatment will' be found,
helpful.- "Send. iio. money, but
write tue today. My treatment
is equally successful for adults,
troubled' with urinary difficulties.
MRS, M;, SUMMERS, Box .;    .Windsor,Onl.
.'��� Coughing ' -'
. Disease-
taken away from, the.m".   I'-he. land bc-Jncer said. "W.hen llie-transi\i' isrf-
Sold at the same fair
price as before the war-
Its fine flavor;
tea rancl coffee
A rich, delightful dfinfe-iHat
prpyfdes real e<conprny,
MountaiR Belches
.'.���London.'.��� Mount Elbruz,'in
.the.. .Caucasus-,-  has.... b.'H.jlis-...
���. charging, 'smoke--"Tor ' "-.several-"
j. days|' ay Russian .>yirele"ss"'" incs-
���V.'-sagc from Moscowyreports Ros-"
.'"tbv ��� ..ncwspap,ers.-,.'.;;as'."y '-saying"..
.. Blocks' of ice,;y,whic.h, haye'been-
.'-..abp.yc'. lhe:';snov/ '.'Iinc-'.''o.��--'. the--
iriouritaiu for" hundreds'of years,1'
it- is added, arc being'.'carried -to-
' the loot- o"f.-thc.nioun-'taiii'in. tor-.
��� rents;'   - Moil nt;" .Elbruz"' is. 18,500''.'
..feet'.High am?'tlic'Highest mp'un-
.  tain of llic Caucasus.   "It",.was..
supposed to "have been' aii   :ex--'
; tiiict volcano.      .-���.-,
land lias seemingly comc to stay and j',,,-nvincial mini-tcr of lauds.
this  year the   Indians  will    cultivate i  - -^    ��� .
100,000 acres, lli^h-^rade wheat and7
Oat seed is beinir siipiilicd so that the
quality of the Indians' crops should
improve; from now on. Their live
stock, according to iir. Graham is
the equal ��� ji the best rlass of settlers',
stock. !
You're Bilious I
Take. Cascarets
Pleasant relief for  liver and
.bowels, and cost 10c a
box���no gripe !
were not behindhand' in sending their
sous to-fight for tiie liritish flag-. ]f
! power were given ii.^-iu, they might
j be willing to sell some of their hold-
jings. Tlicy appointed Chief -Billy
i-Sccpas and George Malliieson to go
I to Ottawa ami lay their side of tlic
', question before the federal uuthori-
i tics.
Equipment for North Country
-fected, . wc propose'to {���oiiycrt'...this,
ground.into a v-erilab.lc fniiine'nl-ol
living-Canada amid lire..'. ruins- by
planting -maple trees- and-.Canadian
shrubs and- flowers'. 'Canada in
Ypres' would, i think, be :a"good",title
for what we propose., to' effect.here."
half "raw. TOVL CniLDReN
Kali's Cottoa Root Cosii&QiM
Minard's Liniment'- Cures Dandruff.
N     Ivluionlofi,  Alia.
A. recent,issue- of the.SaskatclicSyai'i
Gazette gives thenanios of over 1;50.0
Two "carloads notaries public, who have lately been
A safe rtliabU repvlttting
medicine.' SoM in thrco d%��^
orccs of strength���No.' I, tit
ip. 2;,*3; No. 3, So per box.
Sottl by all druf Kiats, or.synt
prepeid on. receipt of pries..
Free '. pamphlet. -r -Addrest t
I0B0HTO, OBr. (Firatrlj Wlutur.)
{-.reel grand! -Be cflicicnt! Clean
{your torpid"liver aiid sluggish bowels
: with good-, harmless-Cascarets���They
' don!t.ygripii or "sie-ken.'��� Give your in-
��� sides a good cleaning and rid yourself
j of headaches, bilious- spells, dizziness,
! sallownpss, bad' breath,, stomach' sour-
iiiess; -gases, "etc;"-Cheer; up! "-Get- a
I lO-c'cnt-box-froniyahy drug/store. Also-
��� "best-;cath"artic..fbr-"bilioiis;''.'const.ipated
!,cl��ildren^ta'stci';like candyybut never
i fails!- -Cit sea rets work -while, you sleep.
of equipment have -arrived here from
the coast ou thoii'-wnv to some point
of destination
north     "oiuUry.
where new ' dcvelopnlei-l >i
will be "set" agoin g' during tin
season. .. The'shipment includes, a
large jicilcr. and fittings, a number of
boat's - and ;a-supply of tools .md miscellaneous machinery.  .    ..,'-���
commissioned  iir Sask,i!c1;ewan, Five)
dollar;? is thc    charge    thc    government n;akc"t  for conferring this priv-
h'C'i', so that from this little branch
���jiirisc:-; iK'tre,
comiijgj oi'y its' business alone ils "coffers  are
enriched to- the extent of over $7,500.
."���-Mild yWeather. Kills Fishx:Trade ;i
..Fort Wifliani", Qnt. ~.It-��s estimated that whoiesaic-fish, dealers at .the
head' of--tlic lakes will-lose tliousands.
pf'tlolliirs'.'-inyfish business, this winter,
- When the temperature- is x32 ', de-
. grc.es, -sound traVieIs/i;090-fccl" a' s"ec7:
.! Ond and one additional yfopl. iv .second j bwing.'.to the niild-.'vveat.lser.,y."Oncy'-fjsli-
for eacii ���, 'additional 'degree, of, - tcm-j'-c'rr.i'an:.=lupp,cd "three.'carloa'ds!���t'o/Wi.n-
���pe'rattire. .- Ekctncitj' '-.oyer'a wirc-jnipcg-.Jas.t'.vve.ek- Jmt they have been
.wh'crc there is' lioVrc^istancc';travels;j-refused there on. a'qcouiit '.of soft
192,-924. mi!cs..n second;'.:-;y. ".- '. :; -   , -;:"{-��-c.ath<(r; ���"
Ground in Good Shape
' Calgary, Alta..��� Tlie heavy.snowfalls, in lhc,;,s6uthern - portion.yof :th.e
province have; improved^-"tlic. ground j ���
-Wondcrfuily for spring-'sowing. .There
was .little frost' in -the ground-arid- thc
land,"absorbed;all the.:iribisl,urc."'-'y.,," )_���
- I.ow.priCft<l,
' fresh, reliable;
���we-steni 's*.odt-;
men, I>*ca:>se
protect whers other
vaccines tall.
Write lor booklet and tectimobhls.
10d3$a P^B!ac!iIe��Pl!ts. 11.00
SD-datc pkg.B!ackfsgS>lll*. %4.C0
Use zny Injector; hut Cotter's simplest and slroa^ert.
The superiority ol Ci-ttex j��o<lucts is due to-"over IS
l-fars ��t si>eciii;i��nz in VACCINES AMI snl-XKS
OMLT. Insist ON CUTXEX'S. II imptaii��U��
Th* Cuttir laboratory, Beiisley. Csllloml*
'"-';.-"' . .'AlliesX<aye>BudapestX"yx. -;
. Copciihagcn"; -y-r-y.'Ali..the'niembcrs- of
the -allied mitii'ary"mi.ssibnsUiayc' left'
Biiaapc'stj'a: Vienna- dispatch' to , the
, vVbc'adc -Post"of. Berlin"'.says', 'y '..;"-"
THtNtwntkeHREMEiiy. w��i ������ *��*' "
9avit*.*<��a* ��eekh*!i st ����wro��Keri.yii*if ����<��
JonOHTO -*��ite rot FREE ��oo�� lo D�� Le CLEM ,
lIOCO H��VE��STeC��RB.KAII��SrEA6,t<lllCOII  K����fc .
T��tK��wo*��OEEiTASTtLESslfoiiMOr-bast ro tua
THERAPION ftassr��--;;
ISE-tiia't imdi noun wo��D:'THU��rion J***.---
au;. aort.. wtkHt Mttaxa ��o tu **�� vu**. p*c��w��
';W;-:ON.;>-'..U/..: V1257V- SBM,   &ED&BL
Sloan's Linimejjt scatters
the congestion and
relieves pain
A little, applied without rubbing,
will penetrate. immediately and rest
and soothe the nerves.
Sloan's Liniment is very effective
��� m allaying external pains, strains,
bruises, aches, stiff joints, sorcmus-
- clcs, lumbago, neuritis, sciatica, rheumatic twinges.
Keep a big bottle always on hand
for..: family use. Made in. Canada.
Druggists everywhere.
60c,   $1.20
Will Not Admit Chinese
Shipping Companies   Instructed   Not
to Carry New Immigrants
Victoria. ���.Hon. J. A. Cnldcr. minister of imiiiig.. '.mi, following representations made to him by R-''.;h
Columbia members, has decided to
put the following reguhivic .s in effect, according to au Ottawa special
to *hc  Colonist:
To effectively enforce the order
prohibiting. the entry into Canada of
skilled and unskilled labor.
Shipping companies will be in
structcd not to carry new Chinese
immigrants.' The head,tax of 1,200
Chinese now in China, awaiting transportation to British Columbia, will be
returned and their entry refused.
All Chinese who'' were in Canada
threejnonths before the armistice and
who 'wish'to return-to China will be
deported and their head tax returned.
All Chinese now in the country,who
have paid head tax as students and'
cannot show definitely -that the., are
bona fide students will bo deported.
Further admission 'of Chinese disguised, as students, merchants or
otherwise.will be effectively prohibited by the alien labor order in council.
The period of return of those Chinese
having the right to return to Canada
from China willbe extended, so thcy
will remain in China during the period of reconstruction.
New American Invention
Device  Is an Automatic   Guide   for
~i Fort Worth, Texas. ��� Under automatic control, an airplane capable of
carrying a heavy.load and operated
���without human guide, has made a
trip of 100 miles and landed close to
thc point it set out to reach, Newton
Baker, secretary of war, disclosed in
an address here. Secretary Baker,
with General March, chief of staff,
came here to inspect. Camp Bowie.
The device which made such a
flight possible and which' has been
kept secret; _Nfr. Baker said, is an
automatic guide for airplanes ahd
was invented in America. It is designed as an instrument of war and
the secretary referred to it in describing'to bis audience the possible
horrors of future wars if there is to
be no league <oi nations.
Secretary Baker did not explain
thc exact nature of the invention, but
made it clear that tlic war department considered it one of the most
wonderful .pieces of mechanism for
wilr's destructive purpose.
Czechs Have Bern Reinforced
Copenhagen.:���In reply to a question iu the national assembly at Weimar, Minister of Defence Noskc sain
he. was aware that the Czech forces on
thc northwestern frontier of Bohemia-
had been reinforced, a Berlin despatch
says. "        '      -(
He said that necessary measures had
been taken and that up, to this time"
trustworthy '-<-���<: were available to
meet  any invuMuii.
FaceWas Badly Disfigured.
Cuticura Soap and
Ointment Healed.
This Young Farmer
Is Enthusiastic
In the Good Health Brought by
Dodd's Kidney Pills
���~7~ X  \
Frank Corrigan Suffered" From Sore
Back for Two Years, But One Box
Of Dodd's Kidney Pills, Chased
Away All His Troubles.
Island Brook, Que.; Mar. 31. (Special).'���-Mr. Frank Corrigan, a well-
known young .farmer living near here
is spreading the,good iiews that his
..sore back, from "which he suffered for
two years, has vanished, almost,miraculously, before a short treatment of
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"Yes, I am. completely cured," Mr.
Corrigan says with enthusiasm, "and
Dodd's  Kidney Pills did it.
"My troubles started from a strain
and 1 suffered for two . years. \ly
back ached, iny sleep vvas broken and
unrefrc-shing, and I felt heavy and
sleepy aftcr meals. I perspired freely
with the least exertion, I was depressed and low "spirited, and j was
troubled with pressure and sharp
pain on llu: top of my head.
"I tried the doctor without getting
lasting reiicf, but one box of Dodd's
Kidney Pills cured mc  completely.
D6dd's_ Kidney Pills' gave such
prompt and sure relief because all of
Mr. Corrigan's troubles came from
his kidneys. They '" arc a i kidney
remedy pure and simple. They have
a long record of kidney cures. Ask
your neighbors about Dodd's Kidney
"Small red pimples and blackheads began on my face, and my
~^j.- face was badly disfigured.
^i-A Some of the pimples fes-
_, -^W teled while others scaled
Jy over and there were places
S'X' where the-pimples were_
��� K. in blotches. They used"
-^fC-to itch and burn terribly.
' ' "I saw an advertisement for Cuticura and I tried them.
They stopped the itching and burning and I used four cakes of Soap
and three boxes of Ointment which
healed me," (Signed) Miss V. A.
Hayne, Stormont, N. S., Dec. 26, '18.
The Cuticura Toilet Tr!o, consisting of
Soap, Ointment and Talcum, promotes skin
purity, comfort and health when used for
every-day toilet purposes. For Sample
E��cl> Free by Mail, address: "Cuticura,
Dept.A.Bo��lon.U.S.A." Sold everywhere.
What Is He Worth?
,   Germans Invited to   Versailles
Copenhagen.���Tlie British commission at -Spa has invited the. German
government to. send a financial com'-,
mission to Versailles, according1 to
' Berlin advices. This commission is
to.be limited to si*:"persons.' who will
bc allowed speedy and .'unimp.ided. intercourse with  their government.
Japan plans to install an. exchange
-that will ' receive wireless telephone
calls - from,, ships at sea and connect
thc callers "with lrml lines!
, "The Noble foundation at Noblcford
is proving that large scale farming
with profit sharing is a successful operation. Despite- a poor season last
ycar, 15 per cent, has been pr.hl the
shareholders for last year's working,
compared with 25 pcr cent, in 1916.
Sparc the children from suffering
from worms liy using Miller's Worm
Powders, the most''effective vermifuge that can be got' with which to
combat these insidious foes of thc
young and helpless. There is. nothing" that "excels this preparation, as a
worm destroyer, and when its qualities become known in a-househ.old.no
other will be .used. The medicine acts
by itself, ^requiring no;'purgative'- to
assist-it, aiid so thoroughly that nothing more is 'desired. -   , -���  '"
' No'man is - great enough, .wise
enough, or good enough to be trusted
wilh unlimited power, ".        '
��� 'Premier- Clemenceau- has accepted
lhc presidency of the Boy-Scouts of
Prance.-      '        -.'-'--'
Value of the Bull in Building Up a
Profitable Herd
At a certain agricultural meeting a
discussion arose regarding the relative valuc.of thc bull. A griz/.'"'1 old
farmer arose, to ^Jiis" feet and said:
"My experience, is that the bull
half the herd; yes, and he's darn
near all of it if he's a bad one."
An admirer of Shorthorn, puts, it
this way: A' steer of inferior breeding goes to market weighing 900 lbs.
and sells for 8c per pound. .O-.-.ihc
iame day a stcei:--of the same.age,
sired by a registered. Shorthorn bull,
goes to market weighing 1500 lbs.,
and sells for Hj/C per lb. Thc total
price for. the one is $72, for the other
$217.50, a difference .of $145.50. . In'
other words, the y^tecr by thc "registered Shorthorn bull sells tor as much
money as three of the others. It is
just possible that a t-gislcrcd Shorthorn bull is thc most profitable investment on the farm where beef pro-:
duction is followed.- T~
At a recent Ontario provincir' .. Inter fair, the steer".which was beaten
in his class only .by tho steer which
afterwards won the grand championship of the show, was out of a little
scrubby cow of no particular breeding. How did it happen that such a
miserable little cloyv produced such a
good steer? The answer is simple.
The sire of the steer vvas a good
Shorthorn bull.
Perhaps an independently wealthy
man can afford to usc a scrub bull if
he wants to, but the man who has
to make his money off thc farm cannot afford to usc a scrub bull at- any
price���not even though received as a
gift. The different in the value of
thc progeny will pay many limes over
thc difference between the price of a
good bull and a scrub.���G. F... Day,
���Sec. D.S.B.A. ���   . '       ' .       '
Airship in Test Flight
London. ��� The British airship R-34 returned lo her base
on thc Clyde aftcr a flijit
which kept her in the air continuously for 19 hours. The
itinerary included a flight ~to
Dublin ,lhc circling of the Isle
of man and home by way of
Liverpool and thc Midlands. It
was intended to remain in the
air 24 hours and circle.-Ireland.
The Evening Standard says that
the next flight of thc s' ') will
be over the" ocean to make certain tests. An attempt will
then bc made to cross.the Atlantic.
Peace Treaty Must Mention League
London. ���- Any doubt- that the
covenant of the league of nations will
bc mentioned in lhc peace, treaty was
removed by an authoritative statement from a responsible British
source. It was said that some reference to lhe league must bc contained
in the treaty, if only because thc
treaty will require the Germans to
cede their colonies to the league's
mandatories," says a Renter's dispatch
from Paris.
CoIds^Cause Grip and Influenza
LAXATIVE    15ROMO    QUININE    Tablets
remove thc cnuse.    There i.s only one "Bro-
.   i mo .Quinine."     1C   \V.   GROVE'S   signature
ls   on the box.    30c.
1. God the Creator (Gen. 1:1, 27).
God was before all things. God thc
uncaused cause is the cause of all
things. "Before thc mountains were
brought forth, or even, thou hadst
formed the earth and the world, even
from everlasting to everlasting, thou
art God" (Psalm' 90:2). The universe came into being by the will and
act of thc personal being called God.
'i'ii verse one   is enunciated the sub-
enjoys a reputation equalled by no oilier veterinary remedy. For
25 years it has been used and recommended ly the leading horsemen and stockmen of America. For 25 years its use under trying
conditions has won ior it the highest esteem of veterin trainers
and drivers. SPOHN'S should be in every stable to prevent contagion, whether INFLUENZA, PINK EYE, DlSTEMi'EK,
A Giant Paint Shop
Factory Established by Nature Found
on Shores of Salton Sea
San Bernardino, Cal. ���A giant pigment factory established by nature
has been found on the shores of Sal-
, .,        ,       . .  ,    ,.,    T     ton Sea���a sheet    of    water    whose
lime plulosopln' of every right life. In  ...   ��� .     , r     ��� ,,��� ������ ������.,..,,
1   .    ���        ,   ���     . -,    idiosyncrasies have for a dozen ycars
Edmonton, Alta.���Thc p-ovincial
government will be urged to construct immediately a modern home
for incurables.
A Pill that Proves Its Value.���
Those of weak stomacli will find
strength in Parmelce's Vegetable Pills
because they serve to maintain the
healthful action of the stomach and
the. liver, irregularities in which arc
most distressing. Dyspeptics are well
acciuaintcd with thcm and value thcm
at their proper worth. Thcy have afforded relief when other preparations
have failed, and have effected cures
in. ailments of long standing where
other medicines were found unavailing.
Jews Have Majority
Basel. ��� The new Hungarian government, consists of 24-Jews.and six.
Christians, the Reichspost of Vienna
says; -The paper .expresses, the bcJ
lief lhat the-Magyars will-not submit-
to 'such; a government.-
Lithuania to Get British Goods
Paris. ��� 'flic Lithuanian government has concluded a commercial
treaty with Great brilaiu by which
Lithuania will receive a credit for
fyc purchase of several -lilliou francs
^ydrtlt of goods, according lo advices
received here.
In Back and Leg
Sometimes So Bad Coud Not Walk-
Pain   Almost   Unbearable���
Found a Cure After Five
Years of Suffering
.Sangudo,  Alta.,  April  <S.~-ITcre
���more_ proof that  lhc. way to gel
of pain is; by cleansing thc system of
poisonous  impurities;.
When the kidneys" fail .to do  their j The subjects of the kingdom will love
work of purifying the blood there is.| llim as a cl��iUl loves its' father.   -
sure to be  pain and suffering.. Luin
the beginning of all science and philosophy���God; in the beginning of
cvery life���God; in the beginning of
every year���God; in the beginning of
every day���God; in thc beginning of
every business���God; in the beginning of cvery thought1, plan aud human relationship���God. Conviction
as to this^sels one free from the
false philosophy of tlie age. Man
himself is a creation of God, not an
evolution, Man was created iu thc
likeness and image of God. This precludes the foolish idea that man ascended from and through a brute,
lie came into being by a special creative act of God, having been preceded by a special council of the Godhead (Gen. 1:26, 27). Those who believe this record repudiate tlic Darwinian theory of mail's origin as, not
only a human vagary, but a vicious
philosophy inspired by. thc devil.
When man came forth from the Creator's hands he wa\ neither.a savage
nor a baby; he possessed thc. powers
of a mature man. As an example of
the maturity of his intellect, he named thc animals as thcy passed before
2. God the Preserver (Psalms 103:
All created things would perish
were it not for thc preserving mercies
of God. It embraces the following
gracious beneficial acts: 1. Forgives
all iniquities (v. 3). Pardon is the
prime necessity if moral things are
to be preserved.. 2^ Healeth all diseases (v.\'3). This refers to the healing of thc body and'the soul. Renovation of man's moral nature is necessary. 3. Rcdeenieth thc life from
destruction (v. 4); Redemption implies the payment . of. all demands
against the debtor. God in Christ
performs the part which the individual, failed to perform, and crowns him
wilh the full right of' citizenship, in
his kingdom. 4. "Satisfieih thy
mouth" (v. ). This means that God
satisfies all legitimate desires and thus
thc youth is renewed. The original
capacities are restored- to their native vigor. -5.- Kxcc'utelh righteousness and judgment (v. 6-1-!). The.
wrongs of life arc righted and thus
man. is relieved of-the burdens which
they entail.. ..He' extends his pily-'.to-
ward us.'' ���
. -3. God Our Father (Matt. 6:'24-34),
Christ came-to."reveal   the;Father,
been a mystery to geologists���on thc
rim of the Imperial Valley, tucked
away in the extreme southeast corner of Calfornia.
From slowly bubbling springs on
the swampy ground left by thc receding waters of this strange inland salt-
sea formed in the Salton Sink iu 1906,
comes a peculiar creamy substance
which cools and hardens on exposure
lo lhc air, and which has been found
to be a good pigment. Mixed with
oil and heated, this substance makes
a high grade of paint.
The pigment is found in green,
deep red, and yellow, while yet many
othe^ shades may be made by thc
application of heat. It may be refined by a simple and inexpensive
The cause of the phenomenon is as
yet unexplained. For nianyo'cars before thc filling of the sink with water, in 1906, the area had been a great
suit desert. Otic suggestion is that
the filtdfing of the water into the
earth may have induced chemical action .which started the pigment volcano. ;
Already this giaht paint shop of
nature, 40 acres in extent, has attract*
ed the attention of natural scientists
and business men. The flow of pigment seems to be in never-ceasing
supply. Mineral claims have been filed on the district by its discoverers
and large shipments of pigment already made. . ���
Bound (o a stretcher aboard a
naval flying boat, Liuit. David Gray,
a convalescent officer, accoi panicd
by a woman aerial nurse, was carried through space from the naval air
station at Kockaway, L. J., lo St.
Luke's Hospital, Manhattan, about IS
miles, in 49 minutes.
A branch of the Grain Growers'
association has been organized ill
Mather  district.
Warts on thc hands is a disfigurement that^ troubles many ladies. Hol-
loway's Com Cure will remove tlic
blemishes without pain.
A schedule of farm meetings in th
interest of more and better live stock
and diversified farming,  is being arranged  for- Clay'county,   North  Dakota.       ' ' ���. - "'
ACurefor Pimples
"You don't need mercury,poU.sh
or any other ��trong mineral to
curu pimple* caused by poor
blood. Tftko Extract or ttooti���
5 droggiit culls it "Motiter Seigel's
Curative Jiyrqp���and your ��kin.
���will clear up a* ��ret'ia as a baby's.
It -wiiloweetenyourstom&chand
regulate your bowels." Get the
genuine. 50c.and$1.00Bottles.
At drug stores.
Remit by Dominion Express Money Order.
If lost  or stolen,  you  get  your  money  tuck.
Cancel Wooden
Ship Contracts
Australia Has Stopped   Construction
of Six Vessels
Melbourne, Victoria. ��� While Australia is pushing ahead with its construction of steel ships, it has recognized thc wisdom of cancelling
contracts for the building of wooden
ships, and has stopped the constiuc-
tion of six wooden vessels by the
Wallace Power Boat Company of
Sydney. It is understood that furthci
action of a similar nature v, ill bc
taken with regard to American contracts ou behalf of the Commonwealth.
Following'criticisms of the wooden
steamer Bellata, which was built in
the United States for the Commonwealth, the shipping authorities have
called for a full report from thc captain and chief engineer of th/:
steamer. 7J'' ������
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
cannot react lhe scat of the disease. Catarrh
is a local disease, greatly influenced by constitutional conditions, and in order to cine 't
you must take an internal remedy. Hall's
Catarrli Cure is taken internally and acts
thru ilia- blood on the mucous surfaces of
the system. l-Iall's Catarrh Cure was prescribed by one of the best physician;, in this
country for years. Jt is composed of some
of the,best tonics known combined with some
of. the best blood purifiers. The petlcct combination of tlie ingredients in Hall's Catarrh
Cure is what produces such wonderful lcsults
in catarrhal-conditiosis. Send for testimonials,
free. ���
l-\  J.   CHENEY  &  CO.,  Trops.,  Toledo,   O-
All Druggists, 75c.
Hall's  Family  Pills  for  constipation.
Evcry man has a thrcctold naluic:
That which he. exhibits, that which
he has and lhat which hc thinks he
Minard's Liniment Cures, Burns, etc.
Calgary is planning for another
Stampede, ' to be held from Aug, 26
to 30.
��� It is said .that the family of fern;;''-1
comprises, about. 6,000 distinct species'
with .practically   innumerable ' .vaiie-
ties of these species.     ."-   '" .' '
bago, -rheumatism, backache, ' head
ache, pains, in the limbs, arc'the natural result. .Mr, Robinson, found
that when he got the action of .the.
kidneys" corrected by use -of Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, that the
.pains and aches ��� disappeared,- Cure
w;i's '.effected eight", year's ago, so it
can safely be called lasting.. -
.- -Mr.-J. A." Robinsbiv, Sangudo,-Alta;,
writes: ' -   .    -     --.".-
' "I '.suffered ' from ' kidney' ���trouble
for'years. 1 also had rheumatism in
my back and down'dne leg, ahd.somc-
times-l.'could not walk. Thcrheu-
..malisih would se.ttlc in.-my hip or-the
calf of my. leg'and the pain'was.most
THE year 1918 was for the business of life assurance a year of supremfe achievement
���'. Owing to the combined effect of the war and the influenza epidemic, death claims
Avere unusually, high.. The payment of these claims enabletl the Companies, to ,
"- render an unprecedented measure of. public service, and to fulfill, to a more .noteworthy .
degree than ever previously-the beneficent purpose for which they were founded. '.
','' The.record, achieved "during 1918.by. the. San Life of Canada was one-of particularly striking success. .
; -."For the first time.in.the Company's,history new asstirances-pnid for exceeded Fifty Million-Dollars.'" The!'-1
;' ''growthin size, strength and prosperity accentuates the Company's position as not merely the leader ainohg
'"���.Canadian Life ofTiecs.'but one of the great insurance corporations of, the world.  '���    ; /-.."���.: "j'-:'".; s-'������'-..--
-' The Company's -financial -power is emplrasized by ils large" Assets, Income and Surplus. - During' the-year. .
.$7,460,000 was added to the Assets, which at December 31st, had reached the huge.total of $97,620,000.V-
'-.   .The'Income is now $Zl,651,000, whilethc undivided Surplusyis $3,027^000. ��� '-... .",,'.'-
!   ' i   :>-ix.i   -'ri   .. "'"������-'*' ->"/<.^HE:RESULTS'FOR-1918 ' -.'' Xi "'-.''..:''-'-���'��� ���" - .'��� :\.
',' ������'.-" -'Xxx-X: .'-/���'- -'-..���-;���.;.,-..'.;;..--,.,- assets.-.. XX-"X "-.-.-.' V.-.'-"--'-'-'':-~ '"- ���<-''     -
-. :--.Assels as atT.lht December,; 10JS ',��* .'-..".-. :������ .'".".- - -��... '���-,-'���
-'. ���    '       -  Iiivreiiscovc'rllij'i*: -���"'".  :'   " - -������������  ���  '- ���'   ' -.: -.'-' ���.'���'   ���
'���'���'. :���;.;.������"."?-���-.-'-,���"������:"���.:"���  :' "������ ������'--' '������: ~X:- 'rNCQMiv --. -.   ��� ,::   'y.-
��� '-'���    -'Otsli'lacoiHc fro'm'"l,rciniuii!s',-.Iiit'crcsll'Ken'ts,"elc.i iu.1918  -     '.'-'
'.  -"   "ri.-'   '���."���JiiciL-asoOY'iT J9J7   -"      ...  ���> -' '���-.-'  , -.   .'-/.'  "- '-'.-'"
' ���" .: ���'-��� ���'' ' .--";' .'-   P.ROI-rTS'PAIP OUTAr.T.OTTlvD- ���'������: ������',
"-",. rrpiits Pa'idor Allotted to Policyholders in 1918   . ���-"'   '"���!" ���   -  ...
. $97,6,J(),:jTS..c).o
" -.;���"- .a.sia.ioi.oi ���
���; . 7,-1.5 lfl,C07;,10
' Xi .'':���-'��� i-Xy  ..'"'V.--".-.���;'���.":    -SURPLUS.;   : X" ix' --X i-'i'iX' -'.- " ''X-
-Total .riiiri)hip31stvOe.ceniber,,--l!>lS,bver:il.I liabilities and capital '"   -- '   ....8,027;37S,.'J.d,
��� ���i..Ari;<M-iliiUMo'tlioCO)i)piiny,Bat;in<i:i^r\vlneUl'sir.oresc:vore tliua-tbat Jalil' -     '  '-"-'-'���       '���   -;   ..--
~ ��!on u i>y the Insurance-Act.):" - ,_";     ���'���.- '-���-'     .--."���-.      -'���-'"���'. .��� '     ;���    ' '   ".���'���''���
Death Claims, Matured Endowments;-'Profits, etc."diiriny,.lfllS   --..,���.-.      " 0,70S,.W.2S"
Payments to Policyholders sinCcorgauization     ,...,---'   ��.--.    -   -' -, '  ���  78,"802,881;15
ASSUR-ASCKSISSrHl:>,'l>GRlKO'l{|lS /   ."'���     ,.'
Assuranco*-issued-and laid fof in tash dn'riiij> I'.US        - - .ril-..r)ni.".~32.0)
'   '       . I>icr��U'.- o"ver;UU7 ... 3,77'.��.b24.5<;
'  : - l'.USlXKSS IM I?ORCJv
Life Assurance in-/orc.e.r,lst-December, 1!.)1S -       - .    340,809,(1,10.13
'-    JjitTcasc over 1917 . ... ' -.'..\?2S7H>.��
���"������,.-. THE-COMPANY'S GROWTH
' i
9C. Ifil.ft-f
65t.099.69      S7.620.378 C5   )   340.809.656.00
ii�� roRCE   ,
i 00-
St>2,SC3 rtMi 00
1.- Undivided affection (v. 2-1). Tlic
child of the heavenly' Father-makes
tho unequivocal choice between God
and the world, for-unless God-litis'the
first place-he has no place.     .   -
2.. Not anxious about food .atid
clothing (v. 25-32)'." (1) It is useless
(v. 27). .Anxiety can bring norliing.
"iiy God will "supply- all bur "needs"
(Phil.',.-l:i9)'. (2) It sho.ws distrust of
the Father (v:; 28-30). ..In,the. measure that one is. anxious about these
! thihgs-*-he shows "his lack of "faith." in
! the.ability and love of God..    If  wc
unbearable. .. I  tried   .three -. different | would please: God  wc' must comc  tb
lector's, but.it was of no avail. I.'suf-  liiih.-in faith'.(HeB.  11:6).    The birds
fcred in this' way. for ubout five years,
Then Dn CliasiiV -Kkhiey-Livcr" Pills
were recommended "to me", and -bcfor.c
I-'had used the -.firHt'..box"-I was. coii'i-
]>l'ctely cured. .It is now eight "years
since-1 first-took tlicni;. and Lain,in
the .best' aPvhcaltli today.- I'.nlways
keepy Dr."-..Chase's'. K idn'ev-Livcf, Hills
on-hand and-take "one occasionallv.""
and flowers shame;us_-i,ii.,t.hi.'S:(y...;26-
'?&)-.-.-".(3-)-It.'is hcath.cnisii.-(y.-32).'We
do' ���not.'woiide"!'. .that t.liose' .who', arc
ignorant of, God should ���manifest- anxiety, but .for .his children" t.o-do,.,so is
to -play the ]i.eatl.icn:'..,\He..kiTOws'.tliat
vrc"-have.heed-'of temporal.'things"and  ;���'
.'(.Mr. D. T.v.Kiilin, Cpi'nni.issidiic'r, of. if -h'c' cares for the 'flo'wers-and��� bird
Qallis; 'says:   ' y'Ur.: J." A;' Kdbinsgn,' ]lc',vill; surclv ifdt .allow'-'liis-.-liiidre'i't
h'ansntlo"',   Alia:-, .is. personally  known-;     .:;  )T-'���'...-   "' :-  ���''        ���".    -
to ' n'ic,-.and ,1 ,have  everv' reason , tod   ��� sul1^"' .- ".'"���' r. ;,-'" -';'..'   .:' :   - " ::
b.elicve" hijii' vto'.-'-b'c : a" ������man  of-- liis,'-. ���' 3.: I to: diligon tl-y .seeks, ihc'kiuydoiii
word, .iuultY- Llicso~-:i.ii-I-.all  oihtr.-cir-! o,f--Cod" (t,. 33," 31).   -T[e' siibordiiuitcs
cuin,sl:iiice^.'_:)   r ������-������������������'X: -..'    ���.'������'  '   ���   i'teriipoi'.al.'.thiiigs.'to .tliiiic;ri'ol>:ihc-��'fiir-
-,i>r.,.-Lli-.ise s kmuev-T.ivei' Pills one i ..���.,..-.,.. -''.���.' -      -.    '-������-,;.���.--;  ...'    i-'
:u .��������� .��..'.;, -i:-j _..r_;.:'-   v. -..u V.:.i    ii; , rius- shows- the ni;ht -relationship
ll'iaV.  '      ~i'__ '
Th.is docs^iifot-'-iii.ean
���������    - - ��� ��� ���
I�� You Want to Gain^in Weight, and   Recover   Your   Appetite,
-   Energy and" Ambition, Try .This   Well   Known". Remedy
", ' With tlie..passing."of winter niany-people feel-weak, depressed
and easily tired. The body lacks that vital force and energy ,which,
pure-blood alone .can, give.. In a. word, \yhilc not-exactly sick,-tl j in-
"door life of.winter lias left- its. mark upon them; aud'a blood-build-
i-.g,"hcrve-re��toring tonic is needed.to give.' renewed 'health and
energy.'- Dr.-AVilliams"''. Pink Pills   are -ah-.- allry car-round' .\blood
.builder and i'icr\:c'tonic, bul they are. especially -'-useful' iii tlic
spring. Every dose helps to inakencw, rich,, red "blood, and with
this new'blood-returning strength,,'cheerfulness and good health
-quickly"foilow's:""-' '"-"���-'      -'.     X'x;;""~" -y~--------      ---.--
i XXilt yo'u.-Hrc.palc and _ sal low,'easily.- tired,, or breathless .at (he
least exertion:: if. your complexion is poor; or,if.you arc.troub'ed
���with'pininles'-or eruptions, Dr .Williams';Pink. Pill:-- are just- what
.'you. reed, to put you"right;i ,If )you hav,e twinges-pf lhcu::-..''' .n,
arc snbjecyrto headaches, or ������backaches, if "you are irritable or- nervous, ;'iL; your-sleep ''pes not refresh, you,, or-your; appetite is poor,-
you'.'iif"'il- t.he'ute.ittmeiu" .-which. Dr. Williams'.'I?ink"Pills albnt can
give���yci.it Jie'edvthe-.'.new ��� blood, '.new 'h&rlth ';and '"nijw."energy this
medicine- abvaysvbrings.'.-: ��� .-,       ��� :-.-.-' ���,"���"''   ���Xy'-X-x .���".,/
���''��� -"a 'COMPLETE', WRECK-  .'���'
pill  a  dose, ;25'c" jtvbov:.''_-At -all-deal-
er.s,.or.'l-".diiiiuihUii. Jiatcs & Co.; .'Liiii-,
ite.d,- -Toronto.'-!!.'])(.i,   not ���' bey. lidked' -se.ciilar yiilTair's.'^
. j.'Jirs.- C' Forsyttiy
ervillo,''. 0"n,t.,,;says:
a  eliiltli.il  God is.Uo'-pitstai'ii .to-Lf-oV-i'tccii ���iny-..datijdit<-r > 'Pia
i iii p. very -much, rim . down    	
intp..arcepii.i-  siil^'liliiu-s'^.or -imitii-1 u,;,^ c'liild;ot.r.oil: dnlS. iiof c��CTcisf ! ^i^^\;./'l^,".*!'C���.n;M '^t;u: <lt "wl^ '
lions,- ior  tlicy.. only, .disappqint;''
proper-1 forelhotitfli.t-'iii -'niakin"^'
port   fvii: "JiiuKylf  aiid:'-'family,
warning, is- li.o't a^aiii^t.-h-^i'.ii'.rLiU1 forr-
t.llont;lu, "but: anxious ^votrj'.',      ���'��� ��� '-
"What-' happens-   to',''.aiiitii;i!__,_ "after
death?!'"-is; ;i p.i'ofoi-.nd' (jticsiion,.' -\\"-e
know-.\\,Ii:it:-become*  of cats..'    Tiiey
b.v'coiii;:  V-ioliu' ..st::i;ics':.   aii..! ��� i.>iiui"ne'
sable.ftirs.      15nt    ��'luu"   liappcu-s' t,o,
doers-is. the wor>t. ���-'���>   " -   [ -    '       ~"~~. ���'-..' .-
.-..'. . ^ __. (Will Revolutionize Live ii Stock
Minard.'s Liiiimcnt Relieves Neuralgia, j .      Dairy. Industries, .in. V/cstem
. "At' the- ag:e. of
\'ipla|.w:is !feel-'
in"   ��� the.
she \va
coiisjfli" whit1.:  left   'her '   .a
.wreck:.' ," She ��� liii'd- ''ui   appe
.;-.;��� 'GAINED "INWErGHT
;'.'Mi:i: M..lV::Kick-ctt,"Kitchener, Onl.,
>-ays':,"l was Vv"cak-,'riiii .down, and los-
in'ff weiglit "when-1 began using Dr.
���VVilliajivsyKnk Tills. I-.took-thc pills
^U.a.dily for;.i_-iuont!t; "aiul.thc diffcr-
l-enee! tiny; lii-ule. i'n-.mys-eoiidition wa��
I most "pr.-iiifvtiiV."- T'.;Kainc;i    both
TheyAdvcnt-Of the Silo
uie; roiihl.'iH',.;���.:.'hSM'>..e^'.H  ""'l'\ts��� a'jid
w'as" -suliiect.'to   cliills -which   '-.sOi'tie- ...
tim��:lcept'lio"i-:.i.i:%l,jur:iiur  :day/! .?trtngjli :yiu. woiglit;. and fee! mucc 1
She wXs'doclbrinp'.Meiulily. but. . not j used ��� tiie".-i>i!l;-!.."ii.kc.' a new ".person.     1
bvnc-l)I.';-1';ilj,,   rcccmVnu-'nded"; il
! I-.,
lca~t -
m vi:
Casualties among llie reindeer' with."
the'   Canadian   troops   in Siberia arc j
reported.    W'as there ever in the history of  the    world    another  war in
which both reindeer r.nd camels were
j app'nr'cnily. Retluy;- 1
'-| and  I" naturally * crew
' j One of "mv ,-nCLilltbot.,!'-sucqi''Sied  s!_.iv-_
an.j.-!-inff Iter .Dr.. Williams' -P-ink  Tills,.aiul
���^ -.I'-not- a'lju.N.'.' W'l.R'n'.sbc. lie^aii'i'i'^iiig
tbc'pills 4he wciidie'd'only .87- \y; -.'ids.-
iJc'.forcr -tho, .1h>s was.all jrotrel   sent-
and e;>-'t"sis more boxes, and    under
ne  use
pil!> ��� to. " 'my - d,iut;!i'tei::iii-law, -,s ho
\\;i4'.pahV lliin.'and 'we:ik.-"-;\Vlieii bhe
began -using-'"the. pills '/she!' weighed
only ,103 ; p.oiii'ids' and. when : she dis-
cqntiiuied  thch-'use she-Vvc'iijhcd 137
Up-to" the pi'Osi.nt  linui silos have-.om s^ =l^  "���"".   u.v.,.-.v.-. ......    ""."���"���-'!;,SAmiJ-    it.^,- -,ii ���'.~i;-.1-aa,i    t  .i ��� t.
,      . ���      ,, , ,"���    . '',|,i,;r���c,, ci,r rotnl-uiilv .'tfW sli-o'n --��� h1- -- u,;>-   l��l   ,l" ^>uk .people. I   think
- ���   -���   l.cr."   lli'T ap|)etiU'iini)roved, the color j i.'^.rc i!-,:no. nndiune  can-equal     Dr.
in Western Ca'nad
them   in   llie
lhe country
pcarancc gradually
ierc are signs, I
that  there \Vill  be niorc  ofj sleep' Well; and. Sel's all)' ���'������
fiiluro.     Up  and  down,; different  person,  and   wii
came  bftpk-  io  her ehce'Ws,- she. could"! VViliiamb' Tiiik Pills."-
thcy arc making "tlicir ap-:'wll,lfi
tlic cios-i
ana wit
tijin'p the   pills   she
"n   v, eigli't."
like-a |.
all     this f
auud    20|
-;-yv^,.; -mi0xi.miXiB!%57xX
Mr-.'   Chas. " Wincgaruen..   DelU?,
er settlement IcaJiiiR lo  the occnpa-l        .   ��.*������/ enyc- pvtom   ���   i��nt'- 5-'i--:. "1-'a*1-^"np'niy ,djucrh-
-     ,   .   ,       ,-.;.,     , -      ���       A SALLOW COMPLEXION        u.r \{V\)V wn<: taken with a b"d t eld
lion  ot  what has  hitherto  been  tree! - :        '    '<-        -  -1������v���r���,-���,1 "li'- ���* t>...i ^om.
ranee, silos-will be rclicJ upcft in in-LMiFS   li,:'J>^.  M^^liall.   'Ciialliam,; biie  scclucd  wealc, had    a..,'cpn<la..t
, . ...    iOnt, savs: 'i stuit-rCH trom nervrus-! n-,;n   ;.,   iirr  s:,h'    ^<-.,-a-  r.t��.   ... i   ,-
creasing numbers   to  supply;   w,nt��|nC33   ailj  mv ijl6otl   was ~m x    v,r.r |   "-11  m     cr "      "  -'^- .W-i.,d  .*
(ccd."-���.    .......   ,..X..-..    ...    '!Poor..fonditfcin.    .Mv  face brcke out 1l U: .^"^V        ^    "      '"' "S<^ ��f
���- Xear'"Laco-mbe,'Albi.-rta,  i'oit files! in pimples and niy complex-ion    was   ll"s kttic. aid .ne-t-nclp'lu-r wc H���n,(l
havc-been crccKd- during  "the   "pas'. I xf r-v. sallow.    I   to<>k  doctors'   modi-(she w'as'yg-oint>-ini��i a dceliiu-.    i dc-
1 -.i--... !..__n_..i�� ,...     1 j'ci<ic'<d.tQ: pi\c her Dr. U'i!ll;in:^"   Pink
\  Pills: aiid got ^six boxes.   Before shc
[had used  thctu all, ��� she "^v-as     again
fclMniaK^^i'-rti'Kr^^ii:-;jirt^'flWvt'ilr^^ h3(| ieft
 'SpipeSitc,    the
;app.cats.d;, X>nd    a.
returned-, to her
 ....,..,.,,,.,-,. 're-fore, much rca*
i|;d:''fcr:.c^Sila:^��f-hefc-^^^ :sofi?ilS;_s��^fc:wit#l5^-in.-ipfais_; of Dr.
*'' '""     ' "7 v "'"'"' '" """"" '';|��r��:^
Marion Uridffc, C.B., May 30, ''02.   '
I have handled MIXARD'S L1XI-
MENT-during the1 past ycar. It is
always thc first Liniment tislced for
here, and unqiiestiojiably the best'sel-iiiavc-.been eiecKa-iluriii-    the .'past P.'  -. .
l��r'of all-UK diffcfcnt-Iriad. of .UnC:U��?^
iiK-nt i tunttic.   ���.-:.���_;__ _-���   -      ...hvinter feea'tD.a .Wgorhcrd.-oi'��� beef ��� ,-rjcnd recommended"; Dr.--' \Vi.llia.m=
cattle."'- The," owners^ure' liiqst-.ycnlh'u-.j.-Pjink. Pills:   T  used in all -=ix -b'oxe?.
.is^ll-j�� 5*i_|si& e#y��^_3!?;y^f!jtlfi|^iS;$_t
,-i!i!ply^s;edy��vteua|a'gfe:.'^ ha
:ii|:i^i;zfc:.ite:;ffi^ys!t0QM Dr,
Is $2 a ycar strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when'nol paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to  the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier-
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in< notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent' insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be'pl eased
to have more money.
Educator Hits Yellow Press
'Denouncing the I, W. W. and
the Eolsbeviki in terms that
aroused his hearers to enthusiastic
applause, and prasiog the Salvation Army as one of the greatest
eeonomic institutions in America,
Dr. John Willis Baer addressed
the team captains and workers who
are conducting the Salvation
Army's home service campaign at
a luncheon at the Alexander Hotel
Tbe former president of Occidental College read a "hymn of
hate" from a radical publication
which, he said, had been sent him
from Seattle, the scene of the recent strike disturbances. The
words parodied "Onward Christian
Soldiers," and were unfit to print,
but when he had finished he said:
' (I say to hell with such stu S.
We business and professional men
.who. are gathered. her to discuss
the 'cause of. "the Salvation' Army
are in duty bound to support the
institution that is doing more than
any other organization in the.
country to dispel industrial, unrest
and to help the down-arid-outers
and the class from which1 the radicals are recruited  to better their
.condition arid realize they are looking at life, and  conditions  from a
-distorted viewpoint." -,.',"
In the same class with!r! thei'i.W.
W. and - the .Bolsheviki Dr. Baer
placed the.yellow, journalists;- who
are trying to stir. up discord and.
enmity between ;,', America . arid
Great Britain.-  He said:. ..     ;r -
y V."When I see the uniform. of. the
.Maple Leaf of. Canada,: or, the: British, uniform,- I. .cannot'-keep-my-
hand from, snapping- to my forehead in. salute, arid inyy heart is
thrilled with the thought,..that,our.
' brothere.;iri these uniforms! should
..be made to realize thafe  America,
and theresources of Uncle Sam are
.behind,   them .in-   thei  caus9   of
. liuinanity.    The man who endeavors "to  stir  up ill feeling between
..ourselves and these men, whether,
he.does it.with.a gun j or with the
.. editorial pen, is, doing the work of
the devil." Dr.. Baer did not mention Hearst by name in the- connection, but his hearers had no
trouble in understanding the allusion.���Los Angeles Times.
In cleaning up a parlor after a
social gathering a few nights ago,
Mre.     states   that 'she
gathered up no less than thirteen
cuds of gum from the floor and
twenty-three from the chairs, sofas
and. piano stool.. The. house-maid
was so amused that she .sat at the
\piano and sang: ..,/...'. x-X-.,-2
���'���Qb,   there's gam.'upqri the ped-
"- .:'���:--;v:\ esfcal,; !X xiXiiX-'iXX-'- X- XX
And.guni upon the chairlyy .-���:' ;;
> And gum. upon the. floors and rnge/
I found gam everywhere..'?!': iyXy
X; 'Ar yeryrpleasanfe time! was; had,
"'nererthel ess. .���.''-'fi:,;-;.'.,;"..!.'",'
Those Sweet Old Days
How they come back to us!���
"those sweet old days," now in
the glad springtime. Even in the
heart of a great city the fragrance
of apple-bloom, and fehe perfume of
lilac-bud and dewy violets fill our
senses as fond memory carries us
back feo old and cherished haunts
and wayside places, whore mayhap, we have paused to hear Love's
whisper, or laugh in pleasures
deep, or���wepts our tears!
The birds sing, fleecy clouds
ffoat by���oh, how blue and interminable the sky! How full of joy
life is! Off yonder the liver runs,
a thread of gold in the sunlight, a
river of silver iu the moonlight!
The leaves" rustle sofbly iu the
mild breeze, as overhead their
giant branches spread, and here at
our feet tho grasses with buttercup and daisies peeping therefrom.
O youthl 0 life! 0 happiness!
Hope and faith make fehe heart
strong and the footstep light.
Ah! how well we remember ife,
you and I! "Those sweet old
days," when feo us all the world
was young. Such dreamy, fragrant sweetness, when sorrow, pain
and death seemed so far away.
But somehow we older grew.
Time brought so many changes.
There were happy "good-bys" and
tearful farewells. Hands clasped,
lips met and parted. Eyes looked
into eyes glinting wifeh mirth, as
shadowed wifeh mists, but even
then, 'twas bufe for a day; but
again slipped into weeks, weeks
into months and months into
.years���''-hope deferred made the
heart sick;" bright eyes grew dim,
cheeks paled, phantom shadows
crept among the hair, hands
trembled and feet faltered.
Ah, yes, there were roses, but
their dewy fragrance and velvet
petals did .not deaden- the sharp-,
ness of the thorns; and a'blood-,
stained .pathway .was often there-
suit. .The. lips smiled oftimes
when the heart Was broken. We
kept silence, because it-were sacrilege to speak,' to murmur or to
moan; the sorrow was too deep. .
. Misunderstood?- Yes,- many
times, you and 1. Ah, there are
bits of-', ribbon, tear-stained,' .and
yellow with age," faded flowers and
old love tokens..' :. --.. ',.
���'..Memory :is : rife with them all,
the.joys, .the sorrows, .the successes
and defeats. Off yonder is a grave,
and there, and there, and away
over there,..with wide..waters rolling! between���ron..southern - slopes
and northern \ vales. XX We have
stood without -when--.-we. should
haveisat; within. We "tried to.be
brave; when, nature' protested; arid
yet, for .all,that has come and
gone, there is pleasure in the pain
as the .memory of "those 'sweet old
days" floats back'to us..- Pleasure
in knowing that rmeanwhile we
have, ferodden the wine-press and
borne the heat arid burden of. the
day;. that "come what will, wf
have been blest," and so we take!
up our script and staff again, you
and I, glad in the promise of fehat
.eternal springtime when God shall
wipe away all tears from our eyee.
and "those sweet old days" will bp
���Mrs. S. C. Hazlett-Bevis.
NEI!��ON, B.C.
.      BROKER
ii-X-x Xii'iTXEZSiTI&riiii^-"X \
Culameen liotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and lasty meals.
A. O. JOHNSON      -      PROP.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box BI108, Nelson; B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
%i each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$1.00. Gold-Silver (duplicate assay)
lfr.50. Silver-Lead $1.50 Silver-Leacl-
Zinc ��3.00. Charges for otli*r tnetals etc
on application.    .
PHONE   13
Auto    and   horse   Stages
Leave-   Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery   And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
KASLO     B  O.
Pre-emption now confined to snrve,"'
lands only.
Records will be granted covering onl:
land suitable for agricultural purpose
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four ma>
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on respective claims.
Prc-emptors must  occupy claims for
five years and make improvements   to*
value of 510 per acre, including clearing"
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before  receiving  Crown Grant.
"Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
Improvements to extent of ?300 per annum and records same each year. Failure to make improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims ir.
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated,..and residence of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, If he requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
The scope of this Act Is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which tho heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act ls extended from
one year from tho death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after tha
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege Is also made retroactive.
Provision Is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their Interests and apply for a proportionate allotment Jointly. If lt ls not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands In tho locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands in respect to the ;
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
is final. The time for making application for these allotments is limited to
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date will ��� not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and laiids ol the Crow;* sold
*t_put}JiQ_ auction ^    ,.���   .. .���
For information apply to auy Provincial Government Agent or to
Deputy Minister of Lands,
Victoria, B.C.
Optometrist aud Graduate Optician, certified by Provincial Board of Examiners,
Peace Is Here
Everybody will want to celebrate and unless
you have the Flu you can't do it in the old fashioned
way, But we can all celebrate with a good
New Year and anticipating this we will have a ship**,
ment arrive in.a few days of Everything thats good
all the trinimings for a good old holiday feed;
If ah increase in Business of more than Double
is a sign of Square Deals and reasonable prices we
are all there,   Gome over and see for yourself.
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building
Myncaster, B.C.
4;_4�����!���:*''*'4?��������***4"tv. i*%'k*&&4&&#~4v!
tlelson, !*���������
The only up/to^date Hotel ih the > interior.   First-class
������-' 'in"every'respect,- ���
Hotand Cold Water; Ste^
each f pom.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES 31.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all trains aaii Boats.
a****** ���$..*.��$. *.$��� **..!��� ���������!��� *<!���<!. .f.fMf. 4'***
All ��� -, the J*latest   methods .Jn ' highj-ciass
-.. ;.-.-.:���';.;''- ���:'.- :.:',Dentistry.-' :'.'*��� . y'Xx ''.������
'.mzny ,a\\tow.a aad 44stricttfrom
yy;.3.'i:yeariy .death.-';-. -XrX'xx.xX-Xyx;
���  -Comer Abl��tt & Hastings Streets;
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   BC
Why Telephone Numbers Should Be Given Slowly,
���xxixiyJix-'-Ot^ Digit At A Time   . . . .
.Within reach of each operator are rows of small holes caiiei-5'jacks." '.-"
Through.these the connections are, made.with .flexible; cords, -the .tips. of.
. which are inserted intheV-'jacks" correspiodujg.to. numbers .called.
\-''���':" Here ^connection is being made with. 1-2-2-3.   The operator must work
with care and precision..   Most important of all is that siie . shall, under ,y
.stand correctly the.connection, desired..  Numbers rattled  of hurriedly, are -,';
often .Incorrectly-given.  '."���-..,,.._".'���.���/.���..''   '       ,   '       '"'  iXXyy ":.;������."._- i-Xx -Xy'
r ' :-:It wjil; help greatlyyif. you will give the number in\ this- way: - One-two-,.'
.two-t��ree,.speaking,slowlyand distinctly. ,     ���..���' *..'.-������'���
Has the Acreage of Kingdoms and the Most Fovorabie Geographic
Location for Trade-Has Yielded Fortunes in Precious Minerals
and Still Possesses Untold Wealth in These Minerals-
Prediction Made That the Province Will Be Greatest as a
Manufacturing Centre���Favorable Conditions for Textile
Work���Is Shortest Route to Asia.
Q*AYS an Eastern writer: "Tlie Province of British
*^ Columbia is the wonderland of Canada." It is a country in
itself, almost a nation. Extending from the western plainsof
Canada to the Pacific Ocean, and from the International Boundary to the 60th Northern, Parallel of-Latitude, it has an area of
355,855 square miles. It has thirtyvseven more square miles than
the combined area of the coast States of California, Washington
and Oregon. It is -larger than the total acreage of the United
Kingdom, France, Belgium and Holland. If the Yukon Territory is included it has an area of 562,931 square miles, equal to
' the.combined areas of the United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium,
Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. These latter
countries have a total population of over 135,000,000 people,
British Columbia has a scant. 400,000; So there is a future in
this province. ��� :
Geographically Situation Favorable
1 * ��� ^ ���-.���'���������-���' '" ���     '      ' X    '
Watson Griffin, in a valuable work recently published on
Canada for the Dominion Government, says that the geographical
situation of British Columbia is.most favorable for all trade with
the countries of the Pacific and Indian oceans. -"A British manufacturing establishment with large trade in the East by ""establishing a branch at Vancouver could save over-6800 miles of carriage
in shipping goods to Japan or Siberia, over 5000 miles in shipping
to Shanghai, 4000 miles in shipping to Hong Kong, 4900 miles in
shipping to New Zealand, ov^er 4600 miles in shipping to Sydney,.
Australia, and nearly a thousand miles to Singapore;''  he states.
Millions of Acres of Arable Land
There are in British Columbia millions of acres of arable land.
The pasturage area is immense. British Columbia undoubtedly
has the largests forests of. first-class timber on the North American continent.    Almost every known mineral has been discovered.
; Millions of dollars' value in gold has been washed or quarried
from the rivers and sands atid mountains. There are wonderful
deposits of silver, copper, lead. . Coal.of high  quality is widely
. distributed on ^mainland and islands, and important deposits of
iron ore has been discovered. The wealth of the British Columbia
^fisheries cannot be estimated./-...- '-."-���
Real Future Manufacturing
-.; In touching on these well-known facts regardingthis'JProvince
Mr. Griffin admits their existence and their importance but con-,
tends that.the real future of the province is manufacturing.
"The farms, ttie'for'est's, the mines and. fisheries of British Co-
lamtia will ..give employment toy a large population,,": he states,
-, ubut.;one"of the mostimpbrta^
���"Manufacturing,'1 With.numerous,:water-powers, great supplies of
X, coal,; all metallic minerals, and immense forests of finest timber, no
country is better; suited for iron-making and wood-working industries,; while the climate; is. especially .adapted to the manufacture
of textiles. ��� It is well known that a moist climate is most favorable to the successful manufacture of i the finest grades of cotton:
and woollen goods, aftdiheir are many .points, "along the British.
��� Columbia coast  admirably .suited to. textile manufacture. ; Raw
. cottony can be imported  from^^ytjie .Southern^States, from.Brazil,:;
���',. Australia or India/or China..  Wool can be; obtained; from. New.;
v^aland or the Canadian prairie's,'"; ;  :1' ~i y'- 'i~���'.._'
yincouyer.ani Asiatic'-#6rte''xXf'-i.xxi}y;i>ix-i
x Qcean yessels.in, the���.harbW;;bf^yancbuyer--;are!':"2895^ miles by,
the Canadian Pacific Railway from ocean vessels in the harbor at
Montreal,  and. 3376,8. miles yfapm the Jharbp.r of.:St., Johns,; the
Atlantic port during;the winter months,: vyhen navigation on. the ;
St, Lawrence is closed.    The distance; from; New York^ to Vancouver is just 48 miles longer than from New, York .to Sari
cisco by the shortest rbiite, and the eleyations and grades on the
Gainadiari route compare favorably with those on the ; American
routes.   The traveller bound for Asia is 286 miles nearer to Yok.
ohaina, 265 miles  nearer Vladivostpek,   and 409 miles nearer to
Hong Kong when he reaches Vancouver than he would oe at San
Erancisco.    The port of Prince Rupert, the   termiuus   of   the
G.T.T., is 500.miles north of. Vancouver, is in a latitude somewhat south of that of Belfast, Ireland, arid is even nearer Asiatic
ports than Vancouver is, though somewhat further, by rail from
the great interior centres of the Dominion.
.  Arid the future of British Columbia, looks good..; ,;   ;


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