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The Ledge Sep 5, 1918

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"**i,,   ���*
Vol.   XXV.
No. 8
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
C arpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        A!        GREENWOOD, B. C.
ST. Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ^
S~ The   Food   Board   Asks   You   to   Save :3s
S~ We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals ~5
\% We specialize in TEA and COFFEE infokge or bulk H
I     LEE & BRYAN     1
The part the telephone plays in business and sdcial life is
often never appreciated until an emergency -arises. Recently a
��� case arose where Long Distance was asked to get on the wire a
party-who were cruisiilg in a yacht in the Gulf Of Georgia. It
was not known where he was, but the message was extremely
urgent. Without detailing the work of the operator or the iium-
' ber of places called, it is enough to say that the party was located and a me-sage sent out by a rowboat that he was wanted
on the telephone.   Then he talked with Vancouver.
On such occasions the inestimable value of the telephone is
brought home.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps~75c *��ach.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each.
60 Watts
100    -:'
200   ��
$1.25 each,
2.00  ��
3.50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Go.
Life, Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining: Broker
Charles "King
Public Auction
To Be Held At The
Mr. Sater and Mr. Gunderson have instructed me to sell by Public Auction
various articles of value, list and description will appear later.
Anyone having cattle, horses, hogs &c,
for this auction will please communicate
Auctioneer Greenwood
Tbe Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
��� &Vi$.'LLD., fcG& President
SIR JOHN AIRD, General Mam&r "*
H V. F. JONES, A��\ Coil M��r_����tr
fevery effoitis made
' xii. -.to^r^i^^
x x%^ th^|>JS-i
.Hats, Caps, Shiftsr Boots,
Shoes aad Overalls of
many kinds
At Reasonable Prices
MIDWAY      -      -     B. C.
Made from
_Pennanent fronts jn the coats
made with non-break can,vas
and hair cloth
Styles up to date
W. Elson 8 Co
I Around Home I
Smoke a "NOBLEMEN"
20 cts each 3 for 50 cents
Box of 25 for $3.75
An Excellent Birthday Gift
Phone 45
P. O. Box 574
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at n
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
grand Forks
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
For Sale.���Bell Piano in first
class condition. Apply Wm. C.
For Sals.���Sofa, baby cot
bed, two beds, stoves, tables,
chairs, and baby buggy arid waggon.���L. L. Matthews.
$200 WILL BUY a five roomed : house, t woA lots, two/ wood
sheds,, a dandy chicken coop, all
in:, good-condition. "y Apply-to
Mrs. W. R. Phillips, Greenwood,
B. C;: "XXX;
Xx Ike Treheme the barber''; and
hockey: .player, is working in a
shipyard at San Francisco.
Principal X- McLaughlin of -tbe
High School- has resigned, and
gone-to Chilli w;ack. This handicaps the trustees, as; it is almost
impossible to obtain-High School
teachers at -the present time.:;iXx;
Xy Tommy Lyons has been 'appointed; a -Dominion policeman at
Nelson, He saw much service in
Europe, and was a wars prisoner
in :���: Germany for many ilong
hungry months. Ah one-time he
worked at the Mother Lode mine.
Mrs. Helen Thomas is spending
a few days in Spokane.
Alex. McDonald is employed in
a shipyard at Coquitlatn.
A tax sale at Grand Forks has
been authorized for October 7.
There should be a telephone in
the railway depot  at Beaverdell.
Mr. Simes of Trail has bought
the McKay milk ranch' in Phoenix.
M. P. Wetherell is managing
a moving picture theatre in Cranbrook.
Full line of school books, and
school supplies at Coles' Book
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Arthurs
will take a trip to the coast tbis
Carl Adeneur is running a
watch repairing shop in San
John Hardie, of the C. P, R.
freight staff, has been transferred
to Nelson.
George Murrav is spending a
few weeks in town. He is in the
army at Vancouver.
Try that Overland car at the
Palace Liverv, when you wish an
enjoyable auto ride.
Early apples, fine tomatoes,
fresh cantaloupes, and grape
fruit at G.A. Rendell's.
Jim Dale, and his dog Ben,
have returned irom prospecting
around the Arrow lakes.
Miss Annie Munro of Grand
Forks, is the only new teacher at
the" public schools in town.
Born.���At the Greenwood hospital on August 29, to Mr. and
Mrs. J. McLaughlin, a son.
Miss Ethel Royce lett on Saturday for Medicine Hat, where
she will attend High School.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler. Goggles and auto glasses on hand.��
Just in. Bulk vinegar $1,50 a
gallon. Sour mixed pickles $1.75
gallon glass jar.   G. A. Rendell.
Oscar Nelson of Pooenix, and
Eiss Anna Pearso** of Nelson,
-were married in Nelson last week.
After being shut down for a
few days, the Grand Forks
smelter blew in again on Saturday.
Transluce-nt crabapples, Flemish Beauty and Bartlett pears
will arrive in Rendell's store this
The Providence mine is showing up fine, and steadily shipping
high grade ore to the local
F. K. McMann has sold his interests in Merritt and Princeton.
He will return to Hortonville,
Mrs. L. L. Matthews and
children have gone to Seattle for
the winter. Mrs. Matthews has
two brothers in the army.
Andy Shilland of Sandon was
in Phoenix last week, on a visit
to Tom Brown, one of his partners in the Dunedin mine.
At tbe Forks, a Greek section
man was fined $100, for attempting to procure a better job from
the roadmaster by bribery.
The Red Cross will hold a
Masquerade Ball, on Friday, September 13. Six good prizes. Refreshments,      Bush's   orchestra.
Many Douks are working near
Camp McKinney, clearing tbe
way for the electric wire pole
line from Greenwood to Princeton.
After working in the Coughlin
shipyards, of Vancouver, for
some time past,. Creighton McCutcheon returned home on Saturday.  ��� ���������
Ernie Ash worth h as resigned
his position at the Pacific, and
may spend the winter in Sandon,
after viewing his ranch at Blueberry Creek.
Full line of No. 1 soaps just in,
Royal Vinola and Rexallmake,
Medicated Skin, Tar, Toilet, and
Bath. Shaving ^oaps at Good-
eve Drug Store, j-
��� ��� After a residence -of d3 years
in Greenwood,: James Clark has
resigned his position with T. M.
Gulley & Co., and will go to the
coast in a short time. V
:'""'At Beaverdell on Saturday, Pat
Kennedy was thrown; from a
horse, while getting tato^ the
saddle, an& had his left arm
broken near the-wristlXX
.With the exception pf a watchman and a few wood-cutters there
will/ be no :iWbrk J at; Copper
Mountaitrthis.winter.Xi The post-
office7 has been closed,, and one
opened at Hhe'Mill; Site;:near
Princeton. -A' scbool was opened
at.-; the flatter; vp! ace : this X week;;
there:being 4Q;vchildrenMnlthat
cxm'p.XXXxXx- ���
The garage, in connection wit
the Palace Livery, has opened fbr
business in Cropley's shop.  C. E.
Stamper of Spokane is manager.
More particulars next week.
Is it the altitude, or just- common bill whiskey that makes so
many people drunk in Phoenix?
Booze seems to be as plentiful in
that lively town as aqua pura.
L. C. Odell, formerly of the
Mint at Kettle Falls, the Napoleon at Boyds, and the Nes Perces
in Spokane, is still on deck running the Province Bar at Grand
Forks, B. C.
H. J. Robinson is manager of
the boarding house at the Mill
Site, near Princeton. He has
had a wide experience in the
hotel business, and at one time
was landlord of the historical
Horton House, in San Diego,
Bob Edwards of the Calgary
Eye-Opener was in Penticton last
week. He thoroughly enjoyed
himself eating fresh peaches, and
occasionally taking a drink of
spring water. Bob is a celebrated writer upon prohibition
and other serious problems of the
present age.
The Rock Creek Harvest
Thanksgiving will be held at the
Anglican church on Sunday next
September 8 at 7:30 p.m. The
offering will be divided between
the Clergy Pension Fund, the
Halifax Church Rebuilding Fund
and the Chaplain's Fund of our
Canadian army.
Last week the' Government delivered in Greenwood, for beating
the Federal building 83 tons of
Fernie coal. Only ��4 tons could
be stored in the basement of the
postoffice, and the balance is now
stacked in the cold ozone of an
adjoining lot, where the cows can
chew it, and the wicked c^n lug
it home for purposes of combustion.   .
H. M. Stramberg, who has
been principal of the Ladysmith
High School for the past two
years, has been appointed principal of the Greenwood High
School, which will open on Friday the 6th inst. Mr. Stramberg is well and favourably
known in B.C. Greenwood is to
be congratulated on being able to
secur?Amaa s�� well qualified in
the art of teaching.
The horses belonging to Chas.
Dempsey disappeared from human
vision some time ago. Charley
searched the hills and valleys for
a week, but could not find them.
Perhaps thev have been drafted,
or wandered into a sausage factory and been killed by the machinery. Perhaps they have been
shot for committing highway
robbery in Greenwood. In future Charley should put moccasins on his noble equines, so that
he can track them when thev
wander away from - their happy
home. Charley has the sympathy
of a vast multitude of kind
friends in his sad bereavement,
and they sincerely hope that he
will not lose his dog.
The Red Cross Concert on
Tuesday of last week provided a
real musical treat. Only a small
audience assembled but they
heard one of the best programs
that has been presented in Greenwood for a long time. The hall
and lights were donated by Mrs.
Flood; the expenses of the printing were defrayed by some of the
performers, and the proceeds
amouuted to $12.50 were handed
over for Red Cross work. The
following were. the performers
who assisted: Pianoforte, Mrs.
Smyth; Violin, Miss Kerman;
Violincello, Rev. H. W. Simpson; Recitations, Mrs. Ashby;
Songs. Rev. E. A. StG. Smyth,
and Messrs. McCatnmon and McCurrach.
Charles Walker, field expert
and general rambler for
that famous dispenser of leased
wire intelligence, the Nelson
News, was in town last week
prospecting for new subscribers
and old delinquents. He got one
about every five minutes, for
nature has richly endowed the
hypnotic Charley with all the
qualities that make a good salesman. He has been a resident of
Nelson for 18 years, and is versatile.X in x his'-'.-. occupations. He
ran the Sunny side hotel at one
time, and not a single boarder
died from indigestion. Then: he
bought a Turkish Bath establishment at a sheriffs sale, and made
it hot for all his patrons. The
business kept bitn in a sweat all
the time, and, -although his feet
never got cold he had to quit, because he could not compete with
the lake, or the Neisonites antipathy to thermal ablutions. During his career as ���' an hotel clerk
he never ; fell downstairs, woke
up the wrong; woman, 'lost his
diamonds, drank swamp whiskey,
p! ayed a stack of 1.blues ;nor slept
atnight.' Some day Charley may
be,vmayor;;of the vcity oft roses;
short pants, and con yentibns. HyX
I Western Float j
Hay is selling for $18 a ton in
Gns Adams is operating a cider
mill in Kaslo.
Smoke Wright is the name of a
boy in Medicine Hat.
Miss Grace Hill of Trail is visiting friends in Kamloops.
The grain crop in Western Canada is fairly good this year.
There is a heavy run of salmon
this year in the Nicola river.
Willie McKay of Kaslo, is pitching great ball in Vancouver.
Wild berries are a source of
revenue in the Fraser valley.
Bananas are 15 to 20 cents a
dozen in San Diego, California.
Ben Hoy and Rnby Elliott were
married in Kelowna last month.
Lieut. Tony Smith of Kamloops
was killed in  France last month. J
W. G. Barclay, formerly of Fernie, died in Vancouver last month.
The minimum salary for school
teachers at Chilliwack is $720 a
Guy Thomas and Euth Philips,
both of Field, were married last
In Scotland, 100 years ago the
sentence was death, for stealing
Iambs and sheep.
Iu Germany a substitute has
been found for nearly everything
except hunger.
The cheap fish market in North
Vancouver eaves the people of that
town $500 a week.
Mrs. A. E. Jowett of Trout
Lake City, is the champion lady
prospector of B. C.
At Genoa Bay the capacity of
the sawmill has been increased to
100,000 feet daily.
In Manitoba local potatoes are
$30 a ton. At Armstrong, B. G.
spuds are $35 a ton.
Sonth Penticton has more juvenile frnit sellers, than any place in
the world for its size.
Two sterna of sweet peas, each
bearing seven blooms has been
raised in North Vancouver.
��� The coal �� miners at Fernie and
in District 18, had their wages increased 25 cents a day on August 1.
From one-third of an acre at
Salmon Arm, T. L. Wilkinson
picked 210 crates of strawberries
thiB year.
The Beview is the best paper in
Creston, and its editor has his
cellar full of spuds and canned
Deer of all kinds can be killed
from September 14 to December 15.
Bears may be taken from, October
1 to June 30.
The high cost of a waterfront
site, will probably prevent a herring cannery, from being built at
Port Alberni.
Mrs. Johanna Luther of Kaslo
wants returned soldiers to ran the
postoffice in Ainsworth, and to attend to public affairs of that old
F. M. Smith has built a sawmill
near Golden, that will cut 20,000
feet daily* This fall he will get
ont a big order of ties for the
C. P. R.
Cranbrook has a public drinking
fountain, opposite the postoffice.
It supplies nothing but water, and
is seldom used by the older inhabitants.
Fir for building aeroplanes ig
being shipped from Cowichan Station. Fir witb a very Btraight
grain is used in making beamstocks
for airplanes.
In Kelowna last month manv
auto drivers were fined $5 and
costs for various violations of the
Motor Act. One man was charged
with allowing a boy of 15 to drive
bis car.
Delivered in Fernie coal has
been selling for $5.85 a ton, and
may be raised to $6 a ton. How
abont that old price of $2 a ton at
the pits mouth, and the pits only
five miles away.
The Kamloops Standard-Sentinel
says that Greenwood has resources
enough to support a city of 10,000
or 20,000 people, bnt owing .to a
lack Vof energy and capital these
resources lire practically, worthless
at present." ���������
Charley Spencer, y:; formerly a
C. P. R. engine driver out of Kamloops is now at the front in France.
Not long ago in company with his
fireman he crept)across No Man's
Land, slipped aboard a dead engine
attached to a train, -German sentries paced up and down on both
sides of the.engine. ^When all was
ready he opened the throttle and
landed the train behind the British
lines before>ti<ei Germs realized what
wa. going bn.X The;annals of warfare show do previous coup of thiB
kind. Charley and his mate should
receive prize money tqv snch a feat.
B. C. Mining News
A few men are working at the
B.C. near Eholt.
At Stump lake the Donahue is
resuming operations.
The Silver Hoard at Ainsworth
will operate this fall.
The Bluebell at Riondell, will
soon have a new pump.
There is much drilling for oil in
the Peace River country.
The Payne in the Slocan was
located September 9, 1891. \.
The Silver Bell is working on
the south fork of Kaslo creek.
Idaho mines produced nearly
400,000,000 pounds of lead in 1917.
About 90 per cent, of the world's
platinum is consumed in the
United States.
The Northport smelter will soon
be using electric power from Bon-
nington Falls.
At Coalmont, Alberta, more
than 25000 tons of coal are being
mined every month.
The Mountain Chief near New
Denver has not yet resumed operations. It has been closed since
West of Rossland, a dozen
chromite claims have been staked
this summer. One of them is called Father Pat.
Copper ore is being shipped from
Renata on scows. Wagons haul
the ore about four miles from the
Mountain Chief to the wharf.
An aerial tram will be built at
the Gibson near Kaslo. Some of
tbe material is being brought from
the 8ilver Dollar in the Lardeau.
The Big Tunnel at Greenwood
seems to be a hoodoo. It should
resume operations or give np the
ground so that live men can work
;it.. ���...������
The Dominion government will
expend $50,000 searching for platinum in the Tulameen not far from
Otter Flat. The alluvial deposits
are close to Olivine mountain.
This fall Morrison & Larsen will
extend the tunnel 200 feet on the
Tam O'Shanter in Deadwood
camp, near Greenwood. Ore in
this property shows values of 50
ounces iu silver, 3 per cent, copper, and $5 in gold.
About 100 men are engaged in
clearing right of way and building
roads for the W.'K. Power Co.,
between Greenwood and Princeton.
Pole setting will begin this month,
but little copper wire will be
strung until next spring. The line
will have one circuit, carrying
100,000 volts.
Owing to the high cost of
freight, the mining and smelting
industries in the Boundary are being hampered. It has already suspended operations on the Brooklyn
group in Phoenix, The copper
oreB in the Boundary are low
grade, and cannot stand very high
rates for freight, etc.
There is a vast deposit of mineral wealth in the hills around
Greenwood, but it cannot walk
into town. It requires energy and
capital to work it, but those two
things are sensitive and usually
operate where enthusiasm is rampant. Tbey cannot stand claim
hogs, knockers, or pessimists.
In the Slocan the Rambler-Cariboo expenses in August were $5000.
Owing to the scarcity; of labor .the
mill is only running one Bhift. The
company may buy a locomotive in
order to transport men and materials in their tunnel. In these days
of eight hour shifts from portal to
portal this will save time in long
Last year the Consolidated acquired over 40 claims in and
around Camp McKinney and has
done much assessment work tbis
summer. Work is also being done
on the Last Chance and other
claims in the Fairview &mp.
When electric power is available
those two old ghost cities of the
west, Fairview and Camp . McKinney will walk again.    History
still repeats itself. -*
3���    LEDGE.    GBEENIVOOD;    K   d
ZMx& M^^0Sxx
"^L�� WHl FE ,^feDAR^BR6WN^
���;:v: ���� ��>* BLQiof^SHOES;XX. --f
WE fttoAUEfc co��roi��iiotis.i,ojaA'Mfvw�� Canada. ' ;
Greek Territory
Training* of Canada's Men
Each Prepared Individually for Battle Conditions in Short Time
'1 lie following- description ot the
training of Canada's soldiers after
their arrival overseas is authorized
l'V_ the militia department:
The art of training soldiers has
made a great advancement in the.
past two years in the art of active
warfare. During the past year th : art
:ias been pretty thoroughly mastered,
and the iraini-g -f 5r>ldie^ h��s ueen
mint tip .so ��.s to scientifically meet
lhc conditions. The men who are
, now arriving,.from Canada are train-
jedin scientific detail. Every man is
i trained individually to meet battle
j conditions, just as a boxer is trained
: lor the prize ring or a football play-
. er lor the gridiron, only more inten-
| sivcly, as time is at a premium, and
I men are now made finished soldiers
in a fraction of the time that it took
; in  1915, and  are  better  trained.
It is interesting to see tlie rapid
! development of these soldiers, who
a lew weeks ago were civilians in
j (. anada. They are keen to learn, and
jas their knowledge grows thcy bc-
! comc  enthusiastic     and    anxious     to
' /
i\  (.lcspatcli to
bats frmi.   (jeneva   >ay>   Germany
Uaranlcrd   10   Bulgaria,     not      only
rania, Seres and   K aval a, but all  the
erritoiy   gained   by   Greece     in   191."
by   the.   treaty  of   Bucharest,  in   ordei
|0   satisfy   llie     growing     dissatisfaction  in   l.iulgaria  over the   treaty
fcluded   with   Komnaiiia.
British  Columbia  fruit on   tlie prairie this year is going to command a
than usual,
according to reports that arc brought
back from the fruit districts by R. J.
C. Stead, who has just returned from
Kelowna. In many instances the
buyers have covered tlie ground and
boxes of apples have been bought on
the spot in some places at a price as
high as f-'.-'.s. Thc production of
s has been given aid this
the overhauling and opening
ge sized cannery at Kelowna
wipacily  of  (>(> cans  per  ntin-
�����._.       1  XJ    , 1 learn.  The   more  recent  arrivals  give
rrOimsea ISUlgarSl promise of being equal to those who
���  I have,  by  their  deeds,  established   ihe
��rmany T'"i��s to Soften Allies Over ! m'?  "Canadian"    in    the  high  place,
R�����m^:->n Treatv (which  it  holds  among  the  armies  oi ���(c"
Kouman^"   neaty i the world.
A despatch 10 The JoliiTia> ijes De-j A acfc'iY-Ci.ation camp has been startling; *'u at Freiishain J'ond in the Alder-
sliof area, witli accommodation for
lO.OOiJ, to which all draft'; from tia 11 -
ada are posted on arrival in
land.   Preliminary   training   is   carried ,
out during  the period of segregation, i	
The  camp   is   under   the  command  ot i KaiSer Is I^OW ill
Colonel  (. <;>i<|iihoun, 1) b.O, and at  a( -��������  1
recent   parade   over 4,000 men  of  nil ' JVlelancholy MOOfi
Imprrial Union
Work of Moment
Establishment of  Cabinet   Is   Indisputable  Constitutional
The London Times in an editorial
on the _d_cc'.'Mon of thc government
to lioia regular meeting's of sonic of
tue more important ministers outside the war cabinet, for purposes of
inter-deparlmcnlal settlement, says it
presents no exceptional novelty.
"There is no change in the incidence, responsibility or relations of
lhc government with parliament, except in thc internal arrangement.
The business of this home affairs
committee is more important for
,|-what it suggests than for what it is.
Its establishment may hasten the inevitable movement towards a true
division of Tocal and imperial business. The supreme fact of thc moment in the evolution of the British
commonwealth is that Borden,
Hughes aud their colleagues overseas, including those of India, arc
definitely  engaged  on    equal    terms,
BricjUetted Fuel
Governments   Recommended   to
, tablish Lignite Plant
Establishment of a lignite briquet-
ting plant to be financed and operated by the^Dominion, Manitoba and
Saskatchewan governments is recommended by the lignite committee
of thc advisory council for scientific"
and industrial research, The committee's report favors establishment
of the plant in South Saskatchewan
"at a locality where the lignites are
of poor grade, with the idea that if
it were successful at this point, it
would undoubtedly be successful
elsewhere in Saskatchewan and Alberta." y
The committee's estimate gives
$400,000 as thc capital cost of thc
completed plant. Production costs at
the plant for carbonised and briquct-
ted fuel covering operating costs and
fixed charges, are estimated at not
more than seven dollars pcr ton. In
this estimate no financial allowance
has been made for the recovery of
by-products which arc stated to be
large and valuable.
the  British  ministers  exercising  exc
culive authority over thc affairs con-1 Boyish Prejudice
ccrning ail. j     "Why  did  you    name    your     boy
"The imperial  war  cabinet  is     al- .'Reginald Clarence'?"
ready a living reality, lirmly    rooted ]     "Because 1  wanted him    to be
of a
;ifler years of trial and accepted everywhere as au indisputable constitutional devc iopiun-.;. The lords, discussing cabinet changes, would do
well to mark their sense of this profound achievement and help forward
the  settlement  of  the    great    eonsc-
Eng- 1 Minard's   Liniment   Cures Garget in ! quences il  involves
" - I        "M..���l
Auger  at   Greece,  the     correspond-   ���_..   ,        ���   	
tnt    add-,    is    increasing.    Greece  is J branches   of   the   service     were     pre-! 	
row  called   Bulgaria's   principal,  en- j.sent,  ihe improvement in appearance | g^   i0  j}e   \rery   Tired   Physically
cmy  by   the  Bulgarian  press. j and   march- discipline   effected   iu   ten j
A   conference   of   the   central   pow- '. days   has   been  something  extraordj-J a en a y
frrs will be held in Sotia in Sep- j nary. The physique of the men i-.ij It is impossible not to be struck
te.n|ber under Ihe chairmanship of: good, and there is every reason to"! by thc melancholy tone of emperor
King Ferdinand, at which the I'k-' believe that, when put to the test, j William's speech on thc occasion of
tainc, also will represented, to the men who are coming from Can-] the thirtieth anniversary of his ac-
Cliscuss the economic development of j ada at the present time will put up | cession
fhe  Balkans,  the     correspondent   as-1 a show equal  to  the  work  that    has j
been   performed   in   thc   past   by   ufli-j
;ecrs and other ranks of the  first  four j
"Worms   sap   llic   strength
fcrmtue   the    vitality      of      c
Strengthen   them  by    using    Mother
Graves'  Worm Exterminator lo drive
OtU  thc parasites.
all  the  more  so  as  the  fact
t lhal  lie   was  spending  the   day  with
j lhe army in the enemy's land ought
j to  have  inspired- the kaiser  to make
and  und- i divisions. . 1 one   of   his   characteristic     addresses
hildrcn. !     Preliminary   courses   for   the  train-   containing a mixture of boasts    and
ling of oilier ranks from Prance t;> be   threats aud  winding up with  a  furi-
; trained for  commissions  have     been   ous       sword-rattling,      cables    Rene
; established.     These  have  more  '.ban   Peibdmen   from   Amsterdam.
1 fulfilled expectations.      Training   has J     The    kaiser    is   said to  bc    aging
'��� been  standardized    and    is     uniform ! rapidly,  and  to  bc  very  tired  physi-
tlirotighotil  all areas.      Thc result isjcally and mentally. His latest photo
Visible Supply of Wheat
the prospective    cadet   is  graphs clearly show that in looks he
Canada's Wheat Supply Now 34,650-j wailing for the next course  to stai 11 is  twenty years  older than  in   1914.
000 Bushels I at the Canadian training school hc is {In spite of tlie clamor about victories
-p.   ,    , ,���.���������,���,,     ,   ,      .'usefully cmplovcd,  has work  of    in-
Ihat tliorc arc 20 nOO.000 bushels 01 l tcrosl-anil h also means thc savin���
tvheat and 14.K-i0.000 bushels grouniijo/ a r(.r,;iill 3inounl of tinic on t!lc
In the Dominion. nukins a total v>=-j assembly at the cadet school, bc-
tble  supply  of 34.6.MWK)  bushels,    is ��� ^    traini    .    can bc     sl'arted
the estimate obtained    hrough a ccn-jfroni hi  hor |J.    ,   aml    cascs n0
fJi completed by the board of gnu." longer occur of cadcts ,)cilltJ lack.
Upe.-v.sors up o May 31 last. It is I w,ird .,ml so rclarding thc progrcss
stimaled that there are on thc farm- :   .��� 0|],,.s ��
Arrangements   have   been   made   to
train  the men  of the  forestry  corps,
that  in  the     event  of  emergency
! "Much depends on the wishes of
the Dominions' ministers, who best
know the possibilities and the permanence of which such a partnership
is capable under present conditions.
A warm welcome awaits every proposal from the Dominions tending to
the closest union compatible with
their well-established freedom of national growth.
"One point upon which no difference of opinion exists here is lhat
thc Dominions' delegates must remain in England this year as long
as they can. We arc glad to know
that Premier Hughes of Australia
contemplates an extended mission. It
would be sheer waste pf his wonderful energy to let hiin come so far for
only a month. The same applies to
Sir Robert Borden and others. Their
fresh outlook, robust experience and
special views about ultimate settlement arc indispensable throughout
the great crisis this summer."
jus tie Is / niV; rotiiidv numbers.
:'.. vlt7 is Turtherv estimated that There
js; grpu nil. in j eastern. ���C>1i'ii''a'da:::,6.7'.nQ,p()Q'
:l>usliels:,vand in .Western:���".C*'inad5t,,'''7-.r
400,0()i).; The: Wheat:idv^porUiqiiipaivy;'
fcxporled eleven .'million bushels /\be-
\\tw'e.'e.ii ������'.'���M arch; :3:1   aiiel April '30xxix-i-'
so   tiiat  111
they can defend themselves. Arrangements are being made for a
short course in musketry, physical
training and ��� bayonet fighting and
Jt   is   considered   that  suitable
rrs   hands   in   the   west  five     million
luishels;   in   elevators   and   flour   mill
tins   about   6,750,000;   iu   transit     on
railways.   1,000,000   bushels;     in     thc
past  in   elevators,   6,635,885     bushels;
bud   in   llie   east  iu   transit   about     a
Jnilliou  bushels,  making in  all  at  the I
date iu; (luestioiv a tpt:ifi:of i0,5p0)p0tt;j;,j]'jjj:
fcush'els/.'.itiV^r.oiind^hu ��� -...:,��������� ���    , ���.   ���.,,,���   r,,,   -.:,���
I lectures,.���������combined witniavhttlc j>ro
! pagaiida;.woykyon ���the >york done :by
j tlie "forestry  units: during operations
���j in the .field, v. will   greatly ������:;. assist in'
j biiildiiig tip esprif de- corps.l: .  ;v :
j , vTlic -trainnig  carried'���'. Tpiit    in'.'.'���tire'
...............     ... .. .  ....    . . Canncliiin -forces iu,: Jing;land is equal
ixlx:'ixxx-l   x, XX'x-.. y^x: .xXiXy)        'X to tlie.'best' standard7 of the:  imperial
:;; vl'he : GravellMirg:��� line : df:v;l^
ijiah :Northern:.,7yill;::l/e'-,..ext'c.u'dcd .this :plannCd::.by-::1lVea:dqnartcrs:i::in:l^
jfear.itn:.TSwift ;Currart, vv v"J'h;e
tip 11 i.oixthis  line:- /rt.ni :v;Iianna .vtO-v
ledicino 1J a t, AJtavy:- is: alap: ahnoimc-vv-    '���������iXX'i-.'-.-'X':"- 'xxi '-:-��� y..-: .:���'���...- "liXyyX' x
pd.: ^.. .vAv f i'rgc:--. a 11 d/:'.f.c'rti-i 0; ^Vj^i^t.-.'^y i'!���!;
^pened out and iniiifl reds 'offaffners
id:' the -Jrailw'ayv will 'be vgiyen  a7: yon-
vVeiiieiit miarket. :.���: It is' estimated   :'ai
Jeastv^O 'grain :clevat6iv$;':\\;j:liA'i��e;-.:Pr
'��������� ledv.thi|.--'-.'.',;year:v ;bel.we-enT^tirav-eiilV..:
::T.!nd. S'wift: 'CiiiM^'ni'/Oiv
fighter. 1 figured thaj in our neighborhood a boy named 'Reginald
Clarence' has got to fight."���Chicago
When .your head aches, it is usually
caused by your liver or stomach getting .
out of order. These "sick headaches"
quickly disappear as soon as the stomach
is relieved of its bilious contents.: Right
your stomach and regulate and tone
the liver with Beecham's Pills, which
rapidly improve conditions and promptly
Help Headache
Direction* of Special Value to Women Are with Every Box.
Prepared only by Thomas Beecham, St. Helena, Lancashire, England,
Sold everywhere in Canada and U.S. America.  In boxes, 25 cent*.
Skim Milk Foods
���   J Oil.7   It vrenclcTs Thcvmusclcs^
: ;x iews vpliabley- takes tlie: aqi'cness out o|:
:.: ::;it:::v;s:tand?;:vp:re-7cniii-ieil.tv ;for ::-thjs :ptjr-
..........   .     ������   ... .. .,..,:....      . .vv\j::p.(>scy;ahd;^^^
X'X'- XxX"iXXXi.iXlXiX::yXX'y;-XiXy:'ixi,^iii'yXX
xnX 1 N'c. w :��� Pig*Iron: ;.p Jan t, m - B '.Cyxy::.- i;as .v .i jdtih rXXXyxXXXXxXiXXXiiXxXiXXiXi
XX .risvi:roii'-:is.::iio\\:-7:l.'ei.n'g:u-as:t7:fro:ni,' jiiv:���!.'.���: 'i'"X:X-xX-i X-"''-"'.'.. ,.-.���;.; -;������.-'''-���-....;��� r.:X:i.:X XX'iXx'i'X
;: >il
��� Major Bishop Brought    Down   Five
he is gretitly disappointed at lhe
length of tlie war, and is said to
have told his entourage a number of
times that he had a sort of feeling
thai he would not sec the end of thc
struggle. This and the news that the
German and Austrian offensives had
both gone wrong may havc inspired
him when answering* Field. Marshal
von Hindenburg's congratulations in
the name of the German army.     .
It 'm strange for a man wilh such
an inborn and immeasurable pride as
the kaiser to openly admit on the
jubiiee day of his reign that "his
work had not always been successful
and That especially :in matters relating; ;;to ^politics he hath: sufTcred many:
disappointments." :.:V/;v:.;.
Xi The ,climax: :pf;Tlie'v spcechj :Tiow-
;Cve'r, ;was ; tltc "kaiser's frank and : sad
,adnnssion; tiiat ��� '���England's!i iiilerven-
tibii in vtlrCvAvar had; changed the:
;w]ibie,:vcharac:tei".:;pf the:;struggle^ and
turned it fronr a7.'strategic./' affair into
/what; was going "������ip happen,''��� lie ��� said.
'���iYloa-Germans did':'iiot lenow,: Thcrc-
fore I vdid'/notdct ��� my self be" misled
by ;tli6. lirst; wave :;ofv;\var:Cntliiisi-:
ajllh.V,:.,..;..    ;������;.. .  ������..���..;.   ��� ���������������.������������������-: ������
;v[EKplainiiig:/:tlte;:7/ ���;wa!:iC..aB .>;Ji'C ;.'un:<ie.r^
staiids it, .the kaiservstraiigely/chpiigh.
lield/that/v/it'/wouhl :hc;Tin\\'ise:;to :1be^K
the/alHedv forces../Tie: only;\yahtccl;t<3::
"c.i'i.s,i'tri\/the//success of the :: GeriJiaiiic.
/swvy:: of: thinkinp;, llial; is:/''tlie ���;:G;eri:
.ffccdwiti .and/inoraHtj'," 'iir- opposition
ItyX:l the / v.aliiCs',:':;''\v6rship I - 0.��.'������ ni 611 ey
al pile.' X: iiXl XXl'iiiiXXXxXi''-Xilxixi:Xi:xXXXxi'i
;//:;vl/h^::::ph:ly;/:th:iiig//;that iniatters.v' /ex-:
/ivliiiined: 'the'/htiiseri7v:!'is /thp:';tiiun/iph
���of///: tire /(/German':/://; wcltaitSclui tiling''
///Thev'iinperia/lv iaddre5:s:v//gay:fc:::Ht.lle;
Builded Better
Than He Knew
Brought    Together      the     English-
Speaking Peoples More
So thc kaiser and his advisers havc
brought together the English-speaking peoples more closely and more
rapidly than the fondest dreamers
after more intimate relations between them dared to hope. That, as
wc ventured to point cttt when the
president called upon congress to
declare that Germany had made war
upon thc Republic, is an immense
event in the history of thc Old World
and of the Ncw���the greatest that
has happened, except the war itself,
since thc French revolution. It is
having, and tvvill have, complex and
far-reaching consequences both for
lhe British empire and for the. United States in many spheres of thought
and of activity. Its military results
upon the great conflict between "militarism" and democracy promise to
turn thc scale decisively when once
lhc Republic lias placed her armies
in the field.���London Times.
P' g
vp/rejiiier: air;mal1"';V��i'.nUv'pilot;'.;
;.(:thez/larScst//;nuiii:b:er:;oI aii:/vvictoricsv'to
I :,fi;ii/s/'',: r etiif ii ed//: J' pj.^ivglandv/tp'tal'Sv up:
Ji on r.
.;: I/lVpt':
.:'/'(7^irca'd\v:/e;oivl,rrv'("7i':v :7irtr:/2:()t!(i:.vt/cin^: p.!
vfi^/iron , 1 irt \':'e< i lee'ii-v/ob tjiin.ecl,: ���./ i;\X: ySy
'vti'oh/:o f.::/tli'is;:/'o/t!;:/.,6'r:dei/S'/';f.p^i^
.         3;'/.!iirTlicJ./(l7"pa'rly:rt��
v'v -. '��� ;a i r//s l/;( ft'.''.: v'B'i.^lrcipi's"' /:rei:al'iv.\vaS..(oi'3'e:rr:/
vL .. -~-~.-ixy.y-X-r-Xi--XX[ :��� .-��� xx.. .ix i:x---X-^X.\\]f.ily;^yy^yTck^X^XXX.i^ ^.jilXX'iiX^XttXXXX
x i'x:x:i.yiyy''iX'xy.:..yi-':"yyx:xyX:':;XixXixXi.yx:.::.x
-;';>vas :H-;piisid:ered:. '.���t.l;tSi'V.i:;,'-'.^iJi js.l, 1 i ��:i>::: >;is;.'si li-oii 1 il-;''1
:;!''.'q'H;q'.:\ i^^
/:. Ivl'h ;i;'t:''/i na y/ ;t:;vk>;vji:k( cyXy'y ga:r(!.i:n:i;::tiiC//p:r7^.
'v/gaivizii/ti'i'in f->fXXy- :XiXiX^\X>iXiX'?X:'XoXX
" .iS./'/ii/gei //.:I.ii'.s hp j i:;' topli ix 'Xy
���'''���|isi:nd^'j>'i..'k.<.:.l'������".   /ii^lithig
���\v'li.i:V:ii.i;:'ji ���, ;l;iXi>\y qiiivypnii;
niiilia/ii/s.: , iJln/'/vs-iitKidrpii
/\V) tl 1:// t I/l V���.'..- hi'(V0 '���, XX'X
e���'//li'i.'cX' i 1 :i\:IX.��� biff 11';'��� ..at
pleasure: in/
Germaily,: as/;it:s/:/grayit5v
andvsauness7 were: tod .apparent;: to/be;
ofeiipoked-v-It.vis: tlvc/lii-st^Z/tiine/ssiiice;
the:; ivpiid^war:began, that:: the kaiSer
prp!ai!:n(|;?g:ratitude  t,pT(jO
���aC'fei-istiC; of/sdiuetliihgviiiit.cl:i;::;rc;$einb^
, Iin gv/ irient'ai;.:: d isc q nil i b:ri;uni;//tliat:_viti:is:
; '/'tiiiiill/; iny XX v:i}\ I es'';; :t li at.v:h^''//fefcl^7''tl.ris;
p;;'pipHnd;,;gr;t;lit^ nvei;cyi
/.V;t_t':- iv'. ;T" l:t;i re XXxXl
Takes the sting right out���cleans
'em right off witliput pain. Thousands
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Hard to Beat a
Smiling' Army
If Not Corrected in. Its Early Stages
Consumption May Follow
In no disease is delay or neglect
more dangerous than anaemia, a poverty of thc blood. Jt is very common
in young girls and in persons vho
arc overworked or confined .within
doors. It makes its approach in 'so
stealthy a manner that it is often
well developed before its presence is
But taken in time there is a specific, a tonic medicine which'increases
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Miss Jessie McLean, Trenton, N. S.,
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able to. go about. My blood seemed
to have turned almost to water. I
was pale, the least exertion would
leave mc breathless, ancl,when I w'ent
up stairs I would have to slop and
rest on thc way. I often had severe
headaches, and at times my heart
would palpitate alarmingly. A good
friend urged mc to try Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills and I have retison to bc
grateful that 1 took the advice. Soon
after beginning thc use of the Pills
I began to get stronger, and by thc
time I had taken seven boxes I felt
that I was again enjoying good
liwlth. I think Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills arc a blessing to weak girls,
'and 1 shall always warmly recommend them."
These pills arc sold by all medicine dealers or will be sent by mail
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Brockviile, Ont.
_ School Boys on the Land
Schoolboys   of   Great  Britain    Did
Excellent Service
Last -year thc schoolboys of Great
Britain did excellent service on the
land, especially in connection with
thc harvest, and this ycar it is hoped
thai they will even more largely contribute fo the labor resources of the
farmer. Urgent appeals arc being
made to thc farmer to grow more
potatoes, and the ministry of food
lias staled that thcy will even more
largely contribute to the labor resources of thc farmer. In this connection the Scotch education department realize the enormous help thcy
could give, without much dislocation
of school arrangements, by_ setting
free a certain number of children in
the public and other schools in Scot-
Contains  More   Protein,   Pound
Pound, Than Do Most Meats
As a means of conserving meal
supplies for shipment abroad the
United > States government is carrying on a propaganda for the eucou'r-
iagement of the making and con-
i sumption of "cottage cheese," which
is made from skiyi milk. This
cheese contains more- of protein,
pound for pound, than do 'most
meals. A gallon of milk will, it is
said, make about a pound and a lnllf
of cheese.
��� Another most nutritious and appetizing food is in the form of what
is commonly known as "Dutch
cheese." No special equipment is
called for in this case, and the
cheese can bCN made in any home.
Skim milk is allowed to sour, the
���whey is drained off through a col-
lander, and a little butter, salt and
pepper arc added to the curds, which
are Plien ready lo serve. The cheese
is cooling, palatable and body-building���an excellent addition to the
evening meal.
The Bottom Rung' of Ladder
for German Brutality Beyond AH Char-
I acterization
_ The Foe of Indigestion.���Indigestion is a common ailment and few
are free from it. It is a most distressing complaint and often the suffering attending it is. most severe.
The very best remedy is Parmelcc's
Vegetable Pills taken according to
directions. Thcy rectify the irregular actioif of thc stomach and restore
healthy action. For many years thcy
have been a standard remedy for
dyspepsia ancl indigestion and are
highly' esteemed  for their  qualities.
!    Thc Germai\ bombing of the Brit-.
��� ish hospitals in France is an acH in
regard lo which ordinary language
fails. Thc sweeping of thc beds of
thc wounded with machine gun lire,
and the ruthless killing of the" devoted nurses and attendants who remained at their duty, is an abomination which seems to remove the
German from the pale of humanity.
Amid its horrors the one redeeming
feature is the heroism of the women
who refused to desert their posts and
met death and wounds along with
thc helpless men who lay on their
beds. Thc rest is brutality beyond
all characterization. Throughout the
war the airmen have been insistent
in imputing chivalrous conduct to
one another, and have paid honors
lo their fellows, even of German
race, who have fallen. An incident
such as that which is recorded this
morning may well shake a faith
which has survived many shocks. It
would bc repugnant to all feelings to
give horrors of war to the men who
have deliberately laleMi part fir aa
outrage of so gross mnd callous a,
kind.���Westminster  Gazette.
With    a
land at  the  time  when    thcy
most wanted for harvest;
a^ long as
That's what is done
in makuri Grape-NutS
food ��� oarfey and
other grains are
used with wheat.
This adds to food
value and flavor,
and the sum total
requires less wheat.
The malted harley
in Grape-Nuts also
helps digest other
For an economical,
nourishing    and
try   [.
Xi'X yil-]yryX:i\ycyl
/jv.:\r;iiij:;'<',!'' ':".'.ji;\
::j:^q:ii:a;d')ji!i: '.&'i'
XXtiyi- :Wer<v tv;
"yyyXy"'" Vx|i'i![)i>c-i;t
,f.li<i^!.vvl5xi;t:'i:s:.i lijji:
vvili'/.tii/e'-^hurlviin: ..
:7:,thc:::|!'o:nl/::tlieA'/ lia:V'ej.i'i,i:v'rt..<!.i.i't'e..d'.:���'(('>>;
' .j'.��\xi!.'a'' >.i;��i in;. 'i'V'/iiii} nl 'yyr.xii.i ���������������::.<fii>vi..i'.i>y.-. i/nasi:.::
���:.!v-.i'J.iiii-e':s:i.'7 :'-I.>>i>!ia'j')'.>.. 'ri-roril; ':.'��'i.f Iio;'!!:1.:':
;/i /;ii|/| iia.re>i /biuingl; 1 <1 _.> \-.-jj ' - '/in / ;i I'tii'l ������,���'
j I'xiiii/U.i! hivr. ns-ix- rearhx/d a vto'al ofv;
;.>t'ye!!ty-t\\:ov jf reckoned: ciir : Jlic]
;i::S;uiie.' basis /:i/:s'/ those: ���.'���af the:: /hitq 1
I Burou vbii ,:KirlA'liofeii;, vrhahipiynT
������'!��� t/icrinail. airnia.u. wl)*>: ��� etnmled a:':
!^ldublcAse:;ited liiavliine: ai twi), : vir-/!
.jtorics, Bislirip'iv total; would /be. well!
���j'oYiCr: the
 "' "      "      '     re
May be Overcome by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound ��� Thi*
Letter Proves It.
���eeniury /'liiark;
.,,  , On the inqrnitigvof/ the day  he
j.ceiyed orders To  rctiivU  f:p; Jvnglaud,!
.! finite  Unexpectedly by  hint, he  weirl'���].
.;;;0'.u't  for drtc .last  flying dash    i,t. tlv
j Tltiiisv and. before ./liis. return brotigh
V'.dowiV :fi\/e -. cii^niy.' niac-hines.      l"pon j
y his -. r e/t ti r ri// lie y said:/-good-!)y e.... to.:/. /hi s/f
'^an'd'-ejuight; 'tl'ic'/;bp'a:i:'_foi;';'^
Can't Beat an    Army
Grin on Its Face
I     Experiences under fire and diflicul-
jtics  faced by correspondents in    thc
I brittle  zoiie\m   France  arc  told  in  a
'letter   just--"received from a reporter
with  the   Li.  S. army in  France.   He
also tells  of  tlie fine  morale  of   the
"The  conditions  in   the north    (rc-
feniiig    to    the    Oise district)  va-re
cjuite exciting for correspondents," hc
writes.    "When  I   was   there    1   was
Ihing in a town so close to the lines
that six-inch   shells  came  in  on    us
A   number  of shrapnel   broke     right
over niy liou^e, breaking off the brick
line shingle-,.  \ Carnegie bowl  (steel
helnii l  was  my best  ftiend.
I    "The  front,  1   think,    however,    is
1 probably  tin-  most   cheerful   place  on
eaitli,   uithuunh   nobody     would   ever
think  so.   'lhc   farther  you  get  away
I from llic- lims  the  more gloom  there
is.     Rut   win I.-   shells  fly   aifd   life  ii
j worth about a nickel, nothing malters
j to anybody.
W<��st Philadelphia, Pa.���"Duringthe i "And the> arc a great ciowd, these
thirty years I have been married, 1 nave ; lighters of ours; whether thcy do
been in bad health their fighting on thc ground or in
and had several at-! the air. They ate game to the core,
tacks of nervous ] i-iicorftil, happe. and they havc one
prostration until it ; tbougl.t only. That is 'Kill Ger-
seemed as if the ' ,,ians,' and thev never overlook a
organs m my whole |l.!i.l)U.ei you ^n-\ Lcat :m annv tliat
body wo'.-eworni^i, into .,��� (.���eniv ^i, :i grin on-
out.   I was finally . iK iMC and     clii.cr in i{s hcarl/,
persuaded   to ; try ( 	
LydiaE. Pinkham's : ���_.     ��� r.
Ve g e t a b 1 e  Com- War( D ehcacies
pound and it made      "Xura'stheni_i," said   Mrs.  Biggum*
a well  woman  of | to her rook, "I think wc will    have
me.   I can now do ! ������onsc chicken croquettes tt>day out of
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Value of Wool Clip
'���;'������,;; ���:./:;; v./:;;;A:'/"Faihily;';Trait: .���:'::'':���/���'
/i/R eCe nt! y it'iv e n t c r t a in tn e jt i '.���-. w.a ���
11/iiXyX'x 1 f'e ��� -ji.-ii pi i/s ������_ oi; a.;jVitb
j IV
XXAXX> XyXXmal ly; x XiXiXcX iyfX t%'n;7:o f j
��'W e/Svpuldn'r/fe iimxim^XrXxmy'XX
m:\ hi. didn't**v*n.t:'4ovhorroXfr .scvm*!lii=!^"
'    XyXXzX��rzori^,X xx  "XyyyXX.yi
t all  my housework '
and. advise  all   ailing women to try
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
]i00] 1 pound and I will guarantee they will
'ti 'I derive great benefit from it."���Mrs.
,*   ; Frank Fitzgerald, 25 N. 41st Street,
1   ' West Philadelphia, Pa.
There are thousands of women everywhere in Mrs. Fitzgerald's condition,
suffering from' nervousness, backache,
headaches, and othet symptoms of a
functional derangement. Jt Was a
grateful spirit for nealth restored which
led her to write *Ms letter so that other
that leftover pork aiid calves' liver."
"Ves'in," said Xctirasthcnia, called
Teeny lor short. "An' we got a little bread dressin' what wen wid the
pork, muni. Shall I make some apple sauce out'n if, mum?"���Richmond
Nearly Five Millions Have Starved
-It has been estimated up  to a  te.-
crnl period that 4.790,000 people    in
r.uropc  have been  starved to"   death
since the beghning of the nsr,   TJn-
women maybe-   fit from her experience   lo>s the" 1*>V? harvest is saved starva-
and findhealtl.  ���* she h&^ done. I tion  will bcrome general  throughout
For3nggestif -slnregardtoj^ourcon-I I'.urupf    ami    the    suffering   .among
dition write l*j^ \ EL Pinkham "Medicine
Co., Lynn, Mat . The.resnlt of their
41 y��ars eTperfo.. -a If at your service/
:y'frpreee|len:tt;d;:iVi' ilievhrstorvv-of-' the^
XXtitixXXyXiXX XX- X'XXxxXi'x x'XX
A  Fifty Per  Cent.  Increase in    the
Wool Output '
Now lhal shearing is well under
way, it is possible to arrive at a
fairly reliable estimate as to the
quantity and value of llic wool clip
of Western Ca- ada this ycar as compared with last year. Reports from
thc different centres indicate thai
there will he an increase of approximately fifty per cent, in thc quantity
of wool marketed from thc three
prairie provinces. The members of
the Southern Alberta .Wool Growers'
Association have J.?5,OiJ0 sheep as
against 158,000 sheared a year ago.
From these il i< expected lo obtain
about 1,600,00') pounds of wool. .The
l'iiichcr Creek Assoeialion will have
about 85,000 pounds, a substantial increase over last year's clip, and the
oilier associations will also havc increases of twenty-five per cent, over
last year.
In Saskatchewan ami Manitoba,
^herc the larger part of the wool is
graded and sold for the farmer by
branches of lhc .department of agriculture, there will also be a larger
quantity available. In thc former
province, the growth of the .industry
is evidenced by the fact that nearl3'
double as much wool as last year
will be sold this ycar. in Manitoba
the increase, though not so great as
that of Saskatchewan, will be a substantial one, and the total clip will
amount to more than Uventy-hvc per
cent,  greater than  last year.
' _ ���\
Wireless In Forest
Two wireless receiving ahd sending stations havc been discovered in
thc iir forests bounding Pugct
.Sound near Tacoma. by government
agcn:s. after- a search of two .days.
Trees stripped oi their limbs " were
used as aerials- and -the locations
were veil hidden by the surrounding
forest." Thc- apparatus had -been: removed from. one. but the complete
outfit" had been left, behind'at the
other station in the hurried flight of
the operators. A- cabin stove still
warm and recent tracks in thc mud
were found by tha searchers. No'
arrests were made..
Work Among
Indian Children
Average Indian Child Possesses Considerable Natural Ability
A recent visit made to thc Indian
reserve at Swan Lake, Manitoba, was
rewarded, wilh a glimpse of the development which has taken place at
this Pembina Valley domain of the
aborigine. The scly}q_l \Y9^ '3 con~
ducted upon Iinc�� similar to those in
usc among the while face, neighbors
In this prairie province. The attendance shows a daily average of twenty
pupils, a number lessened at certain
seasons of the ycar when the wanderlust of Indian life overtakes the
parents, the offspring of jyhqm arc
invariably taken for the "jatiniT"
Thc teacher, "Vli'ss Jessie Bruce, has
occupied lhal posilion several years,
and additional . lo duties at the
schoolhousc, her services arc in constant demand for thc mission work
so_ ably superintended by her sister,
Miss Tena Bruce,
A majority of the children, when
admitted into the school*'posses no
knowledge of thc linglish language,
as native dialect ia in constant usage
within the homes. Occasionally a
new pupil is cofitiizant of the meanings of simple Knglish words, which
havc presumably been used by some
member of thc family, by whom a
few years at the Indian school at
Portage la Prairie or F.lkhorn may-
have been spent. But Indian children quickly learn the English ..tongue, nnd soon compiehend thc duties
expected of them al lhc school house.
An average young Indian is a child
of ability, yet with certain studies of
which arithmetic may be citrd as example, a little-difficulty is experienced. Thc art of penmanship is apparently a natural gift to the pupils;
in "crayon work, thc juvenile Indian
is an artist of no mean .skill. The
girls are of au unusually quiet disposition;" when spoken to lliey appear adverse to any conversation. -It
is customary to devote one hour of
each morning to study of the Bible-
a feature of utmost importance to the
Indian. The children are. given drill
exercises weekly, aud attend the Mission House to receive inM ruction in
various matters of domestic character.
The work accomplished by Miss
Bruce requires no blare of trumpets.
That task is heralding its own story
in the character of young li.ves now
being moulded into manners and
customs of the palefaces. And what
is more, thc children nol only respect their teacher, but Jove her for
that which shc is accomplishing for
them. ���J. D. Athclncy Hvans in
King's Own.
War Subversions
A veteran sub. of 20, returning t'c��
the front, had a hcart-tp-heart talk
with his father.
"You go up for your medical examination next Wednesday, dad. I
don't, think you will get through���I
hope you won't. But if you do, and
thcy take you for active scrvice/kecp
right with the drill sergeant. Don't
think you Will improve matters by
'putting it across him.' Just carry on
a bit, and when I get my next leave
I'll sec if 1 can get you as my batman, then I can look after you."
"Right you are, my boy, but if I
do conic to you, remember that you
also must refrain from 'putting it
across'  your father."
Lachute, Que., 25th, Sept., 1908.-
Minard's  Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen. ��� Ever since coming
home from tlie Boer war 1 have been
bothered with running fever sores on
Hiy legs. I tried many salves ahd
liniments; also doctored continuously
for the blood, but got no permanent
reiicf, till last winter- when my mother got me to try MINARD'S LINIMENT. The effect, pf which was almost magical. Two bottle* completely cured me and 1 have -worked
every working day since.
Yours gratefully,
Providing for the -
Growing-up Family
Several Large Tracts  of Land Sold
to Communities
One of lhe many reasons that are
inducing fanners from old-sctlled
districts to take up land in Western
Canada is the desire to provide for
their families now growing up.
Where they have been farming, land
is too costly to be seemed for the
young folks; but, being able to sell
their farms at prices ranging from
$150 au acre upwards, these farmers
arc in a position to secure more extensive holdings in the fertile prairie provinces of Western Cauada,
thus making adequate provision for
thc needs of their families without
any additional  investment of capital.
just recently several large tracts
of land have been sold to communities that wish to form settlements of
their own. In central Saskatchewan
the Christian Community of Universal Mrothcrhood have purchased 10,-
16j acres of fertile land at $25 an
acre. Many members who left this
province three years ago are now returning, having satisfied themselves
that they cannot do better than btay
on  the  prairie lands.
Another tract in Saskatchewan that
has just been purchased for settlement comprises 15,000 acres. Tho
price at which this land has bcert
secured has not been made known.
This land is specially suited fof
dairying and diversilicd~f:irming, and
it is .understood that farmers of
Minnesota. Wisconsin and llinois
arc interested in it.
Near Lethbridge, Alberta, a 1700-
acrc farm has just been sold to A
small party of Mennonitc farmers
for a hundred thousand dollars.
No Shortage :.n Canada
ISo By Mall
If not procurable from .your dealer, write
*!M��ttfifm ALU"
4 St. Lawrence
Montreal, Quo. "/���-
IHE   JJaXDQM*   immKQQ&   X* A
Democracy and
'���American Schools
Only 8 I*er Cent, of. the    Germans
Are Admitted to the Higher
The reason why German education, which has often been described
as tm^most successful system of education in the world, has left the
German nation without ariibition or
initiative in public matters is fully
set forth in the latest addition to the
University of Chicago war papers, by
Director Charles Hubbard Judd, of
the .School of Education. The fact is
that only 8 per cent, of the Germans
are admitted to the higher schools.
The great masses of the people are
given a very limited eight-year
course in the common school and
are then sent out into the trades
without the possibility of entering
any of the higher schools and ac-.
cordingly wi'tharft the possibility of
entering any of the higher callings.
The boy who goes to the common
school can never be a doctor, or a
lawyer, or an officer in the army.
In America, and to a less degree
in democratic England, the sharp division between the higher schools
and the common schools has been
overcome, especially in thc last half-
century. In England pupils may
transfer from thc common school to
the higher school by passing examinations. In the United States and
Canada the high school is open to
everyone who has completed the
work of the common school.
The American system of education
owes its present form to the fact that
in the American colonies there was
no aristocracy distinct from the common people. There could not develop in this country two distinct
schools such as Germany has, because all the people had common interests and their children all belonged equally to the one democratic
Thc American school is a continuous, free school, open alike ��� to boys
and girls. Perhaps the fact that
girls have been given a higher education in this country is one of the
clearest evidences that the colonists
were democratic in their beliefs and
institutions. Europe has been very
slow to admit, girls to higher education. It was American women who
first broke into the German universities. Even today girls and _ women
have only limited opportunities of
education in public institutions of
higher learning in Germany.
^i %s& Ma���� Teething
Contain no harmful drugs.    25c per box or 5
boxes   by   mail   on   receipt   of   $1.00.
Douglas & Co., Napanee, Ont.
Kill Off the Insect Pests
Instructions for i Combating the Garden Variety        '    s
Chewing insects are destroyed by
spraying the plants upon which they
���feed with an arsenical poison. Paris
green or arsenate of lead. Of these,
Arsenate of lead is the best and more
extensively usd. Arsenate may bc. obtained in a paste or powdered form.
|if you use large quantities get the
-.tt'aste fqrm, but where small quantities are used the powdered form is
pest. The paste hardens and deteriorates while the powder keeps its
jftrength. The powdered form may
DC dusted upon the plant, or, when a
itpray pump is available, made into
paste and then diluted with water, A
large tablespoonftt! is enough for a
gallon of water. If it is-strong
^nough it should leave a white film
on the leaf when dry. All chewing
Insects can bc killed with poison.
"J'Jje cut worms which chew on the
stems and roots of vegetables at the
(Surface of the ground, arc killed by
Scattering a bran mash poisoned with
Arsenate <\i lead on the . ground
afound the plant. The cut worm will
C'&t this poisoned bran.
��� Cabbage, cauliflower, etc., should
not be sprayed with arsenate just
before thcy arc lo bc eaten. In such
cases hellebore can bc dusted upon
tlift plant, or use a tablespoonful in
k quart of water spraying.
Sucking insects such as the aphis,
plant lice, scale insects,'mealy bugs,
fnttcs, red spiders, etc., are killed by
Spraying the insect and plant with
'kerosene emulsion or some other
foilislic solution. Fine dust sprinkled
generously on plant attacked b3' the
fcphis" will kill the insects by smothering llienv -v
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Avoid Harsh Pills!
Doctors Condemn Them
.   Most Pills unfortunately are harsh
and drastic;, they cause inflammation
An Experiment
With Tomatoes
Growing on Large Scale on Irrigated
Land Near Lethbridge
An interesting experiment is being
carried out this year, on one of the
irrigated farms near Lethbridge, Alberta. Four acres of tomatoes have
been set out -and the outdoor growing of this vegetable will be given a
thorough tryout. If conditions are
favorable, an enormous crop, running
into tons may be' expected, -and if
this proves to be the case it is not
impossible that the experiment may
lead to greater efforts in the growing*
pf canning vegetables in this district,
and the future establishment of a
canning industry in this irrigation
Tomatoes havc been grown
in thc opjMi successfully for many
years by many gardeners throughout
Western Canada. This is believed
lo be the lirst attempt to produce
them on a larger commercial scale.
There seems to bc no i\'ason why
the experiment should not prove a
pronounced success.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Regarding the Crow
Useful    Qualities   Overbalances    Its
Objectionable Traits
A bill of_ indictment stands against
the crow, its charge sheet marked
with divers'offences for which a plea
of guilt in some instances cannot be
avoided. Concerning certain of the
alleged crimes, evidence in rebuttal
of the crow's misdemeanors may bc
The crow; '' Canada West's first
springtime feathered visitor, is a
member of the carrion species of that
numerous family. A British ballad
of early century authorship, describes
the crow as a traitor towards the
���smaller denizens of the air. The claim
is made that a crow's epicurean propensity demands toll of the barn
yard chickens and eggs, together
with much prairie chicken, partridge
a��d wild duck. Is it not possible thc
weasel is responsible for more damage among .the nests than is accorded that blood-thirsty animal? The
rat is not without guilt in this respect, also. Another and most capable thief is thc skunk, which can
devour more hen eggs during a single night than a crow could demolish
Germany's Labor Army
German   Military   Authorities     Lay
Stress on Value of Their
"Our growing labor army," is the
description applied by thc Huns tb
their prisoners of war. According
to a communique in the latest. Berlin papers, Germany and her vassals
between them now hold 3,575,000
prisoners, For the first time the German military authorities lay stress on
the supreme valtf6 of their prisoners
as man-power for industry and agriculture. They arc so numerous, it is
asserted, that they . go far toward
compensating Germany for the men
she has had to withdraw from peaceful pursuits for active military service. "The longer the"war lasts," thc
communique adds, "the more adaptable these prisoners become to the
work assigned them, and the more
useful to ns."
Huns have a majestic awe of big
figures. Thus it is explained for
their edification that the "labor
army" in prisoner camps is numerically greater than the whole male
working-class population of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden combined, "and is equivalent to one-fifth
the total number of working men Jn
Germany before the  war."
For Hair and Skin Health
Cuticura is Supreme
If you use Cuticura Soap for everyday toilet purposes, with touches of
Cuticura Ointment now and then as
needed to soothe and heal the first
pimples, redness, roughness or scalp
irritation you will have as clear a
complexion and as good hair as it is
possible to havc.
Sample Each Free by Mail. Address post-
Card: "Cuticura, Dept. N, Boaton. U. S. A."
Sold by dealers throughout the world. <
������p, ' i i
A Splendid Opportunity
Live Stock Raising in Western Canada Is a Profitable Business
The present  is an  opportune  time
o  get  into  the  live   stock   business,
I WITH    PIMPFDQ  f I The  latest  available   statistics    indi-
I III I ll    riNULIXO  I   cate that there will be a great dearth
t f   of butchers' and   breeding cattle   all
���"���""""""   over   hurope  when  the    war    ends.
You say to the drug store man,
"Give me a small bottle of freezonc."
This will cost very little but will
positively remove every hard or soft
corn or callus from one's feet.
A few drops of this new ether compound applied directly upon a tender, aching corn relieves thc soreness
instantly, and soon the entire corn or
callus, root and all, dries up and can
be lifted off with  the fingers.
This new way to rid one's feet of
corns was introduced by a Cincinnati
man, who says that fre-zonc dries in
a moment, and simply shrivels up the
corn or callus without irritating the
surrounding skin.
Don't let father die of infection or
lockjaw frooi whittling at his corns,
but clip this out and make him try
If you. druggist hasn't ar.y free-
zone tell hifih to order a small bottle
fiom his wholesale drug house for
Sixty-five million head is the csti
mate of losses there, not including
the losses in Austria, Russia, and
Turkey. Probably the grand total
at the present time is not less than
One hundred million, and before the
war is concluded the total loss will
b'e considerably greater.
The  European    herds   will   require
replenishing. Naturally, the continent
of America will be looked to to play  commonwealth
That I their  fathers    and    brothers     saved
Carrying the Torch Forward
From   An   Address   by   Sir   Walter
Raleigh  of the  University
of  Oxford
In any case, whether wo win
through to real peace and real security, or whether we are thrown back
on an armed peace and the duly of)
unbroken vigilance, we shall he de- i
pendent for our future on the. children who are now learning in the \
schools or playing in the streets. It
h k good dependence. The children
' today arc better than the children
- om I knevt when I was a child.
1 think they have more intelligence
and sympathy; they certainly have
more public spirit. Wc cannot do loo
much for thcin. Thc most that we
can do is nothing to what they are
going lo do for us, for their own
nation and people. 1 am jiot concerned lo discuss rue education problem.
Formal education, carried on chiefly
by means of books, is a V*ery small
part of the making of a man or a
woman. But 1 am interested to know
what thc children are thinking. Vou
cannot fathom a child's thoughts, but
we know who are their best teachers, and what lessons have been
stamped indelibly on their minds.
Their teachers, whom they never
saw. and whose lessons they will
never forget, lie in graves in Flanders und France and (iallipoli and Syria and Mesopotamia, or tinbnried
at thc bottom of the sea. The runner falls, but tln*lorch is carried forward. This is what Julian Grenfcll,
who gave his mind and his life to
the war, has said in his splendid
poem  called  "Into   Battle":
And  life   is   color  and   warmth    and
And a striving evermore for these:
And he is dead who will not fight
And.who  dies    lighting    hath    increase.
Those who die  fighting  will    have
such increase that a whole new generation, better even than the old, will
be ready, no long time hence, lo up- _
hold  and    extend and  decorate     the;
of      nations      which
A taft, rdlalle n/ulallnj man
cine. Sold in three decree* ot
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No. 3, J5 per box. Sold by all
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price. Free pamphlet AddreM
Tomnlo.OnL Cftnw/VJVJnAwr
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Lokonto.   WHIT* jrM jfRKK look to Dr. tl <
���It, *3VT. tlAMf AtllXtO TO AU. OSHUIKS 'ACWT*
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and great discomfort. ^Rather ^ like j in two weeks. The crow is not, however, immune from purloining the
contents of a wild duck's nest; ^either arc the eggs of prairie chicken and
partridge it despised diet. Thc weasel et al are likewise guilty and possess no good traits, whatever. The
crow does; as a destroyer of certain
vermin, its services arc highly valuable.
Watch a crow's actions on the reccnlly ploughed field; grubs and other farm pests cannot escape its"vigi-
Jcnf eye. At the same time,' weasel
and rat will bc skulking around in
search of the farmer's poultry, a
crime for which the crow will bc
accused. Any dead lish washed upon
lhe water shore by a spring freshet,
will bc devoured by the crow; but thc
cunning rodent will seek the life of
chickens in the barn; yard. As a
destroyer of potato bugs, the. crow; is
the sole representative of animal or
bird life, and he is likewise responsible for .jlie riddance of many gophers and field mice. The. crow retires
to   ils   roost  at  an   hour  when      the
nature.is the way a pill should act,
mildly but effectively. Science has
established nothing more satisfactory
as a family pill than thc old reliable
pills of Dr. Hamilton's which for
forty years have had a premier place
in America. Dr. Hamilton's Pills are
very mild and can be effectively used
by the aged, by children, and indeed
by men and women cf all ages. No
stomach or bowel medicine is.'..more
reliable. No ��� remedy for indigestion
headache or biliousness is so effective, so mikl, so certain to quickly
cure as a 25c box of Dr. Hamilton's
A Fifty-fifty Irishman
In his book, "From    Gallipoli    to
Bagdad,"    "Padre".  William' . Ewing
lolls   the  story  pf  a   burly   Irishman
J (fought into the field-hospital suffer-
ng froni many wounds.
"What are you?" asked the -doctor.
"Sure, Pin half an  Irishman."
"And what's, thc other half?"
, "HoJes   and   bandages."���Pittsburg
An Effective Weapon
<'And now what's this?" gamled
the hungry husband. ���
"That's Vnothcr kind of war bread..
You know We must ovtrrome the
Huns with food," replied the patriotic wife.
"Well, lhis'11 do it all right, if Voll
CJUl get it to 'em." ��� Vaiu-oiive1'
The Cow Pasture
A Case Qf Taking What Meal   May
Be Available
Wilh coarse grains at abnormally
high prices the question will arise in
the minds of many dairy farmers as
to whether or not it will pay to feed
concentrated feeds of . any kind to
dairy cows while on pasture.
Given an abundance, of good pits- wedged through any small aperture
hire, experiments at M'acdonald col-1 ''ito hen houses.. However, rest as-
legc have . proven that, it will not i-stired the crow will be given the
pay    lo    feed the i.vcragc dairy cow j blame.
grain.   -With  limited  pasture and    a!   Observers of the habits of the crow
summer    of    extrctnelv    unfavorable I claim that the. useful qualities of the
weasel's opportunities for mischief
become shielded, through approaching darkness, when  its body will' be.
Reach High Mark
Western Canada School Lands Sell
* for $7?.50 an Acre
High prices continue to mark the
sales of school lands that are taking
place in Western Canada. At De-
lisle, Saskatchewan, one parcel sold
for $77.50 an acre, Forty-four other
parcels but of 93 sold, brought more
than $30 au acre each.
At a sale held at Strassbursp, Saskatchewan, 122 parcel were disposed
of, 85 of thcin at prices ranging from
$20 to $64 an acre. At Lumsdcn, Saskatchewan, and Foremost, Alberta,
sales have also been held and, parcels; were sold at prices up to $50
.per acre. ,: '���-;.". y.x'y-y'iXi.y
These arc high prices for raw land
in Western Canada. Most of the
parcels "were, however, purchased by
residents of the respective districts,
and knowing thc producing power of
the land, thcy consider thcy have
good value. As a result, of these
sales, considerable uncultivated land
will be prepared for next year's crop.
Worms .in children work havoc.
These pests attack the tender lining
of thc intestines and, if left to pursue their ravages undisturbed, will ul-
j tiinatcly perforate llie wall, because
tlt��sc worms are.of the hook variety
that cling to and feed upon interior
surfaces. Miller's Worm Powders
will not only ���exterminate. these
worms, of whatever variclj-, but will
serve, to repair the injury thcy have
a large part in this process,
this fact is realized by thousands of
farmers of Western Canada is indicated by their growing interest in
live stock, and the efforts being made
by them to enlarge and improve their
herds. In view of the low' cost of
the land, the abundance of feed that
can bc obtained, both from the natural grasses and the cultivated fodder cfops, the plentiful �� supply of
pure water, and the "healthy climate,
live slock raising in Western Canada
is a profitable business at any time,
but during the next few ycars it promises returns that will not be surpassed in any other branch of farming, or, indeed, in any other industry-
w-Cathcr, it will pay lo feed milking
cows something'.besides'the pasture.
If soiling crop or silage is available,
concentrated feed is less important,
but. for. the best returns from every
standpoint a combination ot thc two
is necessary.
The prevailing practice in- many
districts is to depend upon pasture
entirely. For the average cow having as she docs small milking capacity and usually quite a tcrilory of
rough  pasture, it is  questionable,    if
bird when placed against its crimes,
will produce, a balance in its favor.���
J. IX Athclney Evans in Rod and
The Farm is Safe
Typewrite the Signature
In. these days of typewritten letters
and  equally  typewritten  official  documents,  the-writing  by   hand  is   becoming a lost, art.
Average  of  time  for 'reading   " letters  is  two 'minutes .for  (lie. body of
it lie letter and an vwherc froin    fifteen
Women, Prepare!
. Production Is Essential
���'Production.'is. absolutely essential
qtid the most demanding duty of tin'
fcovcrnmeut is to see thai", it .i-:.-earned on, but if we ..waited lor further
Exemption and oiir men were decimated and destroyed, what 'ind of
In answer would it -be to say wc
fiftd increased production-]"���Sir Robert Borden.
grain feeding will pav under . present !    .     ,      , ���,...-      .a <������,.���
conditions. On lhe other hand when | m"llUf l�� two nou s trying to hgu.e
farming is more intensified, with less ��,llt y''�������de the lueroglypl, cs that
acreage in pasture aud better cows, .it | sl;u.ul ,or a s.gnatn.e.-lmonto lei-
is .absolutely necessary nnd..; it ! wi'l-!-^?-1"'1""' ���
pay to'supplement the'grass'when, it
gets short with at least a limited
amount of grain feed.
Thc.lime, lo commence'feeding is
just when the cows begin', or even a
little before, they begin, to.'shrink
because of short pasture'. If feed is
dt'.Jayed until7 lhe eow> have., materially decreased iii milk and flesh the
results from feeding will at first be
.disappointing.-ami will continue Sfi.
until the . i-'iws .'regain iibriiial condition.. This fact cNplaius many, of
the apparently 'poor rvsulis from 'es-
The amount.pi feed necessary tun<t
depend oii the cow's work, her condition, and what else .she is receiving.    In the. average  ease    three   to
The One Industry That Is
Safe to Follow. . .
The world is in delirium. The
world fever-jnakes it so. Business
is abnormal and sub-normal. Some
industry is at high speed and other
at low tide. Price levels have mounted high. .Wages, have climbed to
dizzy heights, in shop, factory, and
furnace. The reaction !is as sure as
nature's law. that day follows night.
After thc war, what?. AYifl tlie fever
leave" thc patient emaciated and
lean? -Will city industry be-hit .and
hurl.?,-.'To a large.extent���yes. The
one industry that is always safe, to
follow'is the husbandry, of the farm.
When war has- had ils way... and
waste, nations wil.J^lii.rri instinctively
to the soil as the source of natural
wealth and prosperity. The.'fires- of
,-nia.n'y furnaces will die out. Count-
Mess chimneys w-jll cease to vomit
jsnuVke: The'maker's.- of machinery
nd   munition*
Childhood constipation can be
quickly banished through the use of
Baby's Own Tablets. These Tablets
are a mild but thorough laxative
which never fail to regulate the-bowels, swetten ^;he stomac h and in this
way relieve all the minor ills of little ones. Concerning them Mr. Eugene: Couture, Knox Bridge, Que.,
writes;^-"Baby's Own Tablets have
been, marvellous in the case of iny
baby. She was constipated and feverish but the Tablets soon regulated
her bowels-and made her,well:" The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mail  at 25  cents a  box from
Thc    Dr.    Williams'
Brockviile, Ont,
Medicine    Co.,
Flying Policemen
to    Be
Hard and soft corns both yield to
Holloway's Corn Cure, which is entirely safe to use, and certain and
satisfactory in its action.
Enemy Promised
Great Plunder
Rich Countryside Held Up as  Compensation for Hardships
Plunder of Paris and loot from the
rich countryside were some of the
promises made to the German soldiers by the high command before
the offensive of June 9, according lo I
an official  despatch from France.       j
A German deserter related ��� how ���
the officers during the rest which |
preceded the. attack- painted in glow-,
ing colors the advantage of an advance in a rich country where the
men could live in abundance and recompense themselves for their hardships. Hc said measures'were taken
to guarantee and apportion the plunder, but soldier were warned that
there 'was to be no renewal among
the guards of the ;; regrettable; incidents of;7 v'Ville'rs-Brctonneiix, where
the valiant guards of this division,
breaking into the cellars, became so
intoxicated that tl. - refused to follow their oflicers. Before . the attacks the commander of the    guards
The  Allies   Have  Got    a    Big
Ahead of Them
Senator Overman said the other
"Don't be impatient about tha
slowness of the world war. The allies have got a big job ahead of
them, and it will take them a long,
long lime to finish it. ������ Impatience,
then, is absurd.
"Yes, it's as absurd as the urchin
who was started off for school at
the age of seven, and on arriving
home at the end of the first day seized a news; per eagerly and turned to
the  comic, page.
"The urchin studied lhe comic
page intently, then lie tossed it down
and said in a disgusted voice:
"'That's no good of a schooll'
"'Why do you say that, dear?' his
mother asked.
"'Here I've been goin' to it a
whole day,' he answered, 'and ain't
learned  lo  read vet.'"
| Statf of Ohio, City ot Toledo,
I Lucas   County,   ss.
Frank J. Clieiiey males oath that he ll
senior partner of tlie linn of !���'. J. Cliene/
& Co., doing business in the City of Toledo,
County and State aforesaid, and that (aid
firm -will pay the sum of OXE HUNDRED
DOLLARS for each aud every case of Ca*
tarrh.that cannot be cured by the use of
Sworn to before me and subscribed ia my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D.,
(Seal) Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts through the Blood ou the Mucous" Sur-.
faces of the System. Seud ior testimonial*
F.   J.   CHENEY'  &   CO..   Toledo,   0,
Hall's  .Family  fills  for  constipation.
Improving: the Stock
Farmers    are
That the breeding of purebred
stock is getting a secure hold in the
farming operations of Alberta farmers in all parts of llie province is
once''more demonstrated, by the purchase recently by the Rigby Farm,
���Paradise'.���Valley," near Lloydminstcr,
Alberta, of "fiill/rest Favorite," tlu,
grand champion Clydesdale stallion
at the ������"���Brandon  Winter Fair.
In the Rfeby stud there are 6Q
horses, 30 or the marcs being purebred
Clydesdales, mostly imported,
complained that reserve regiments j These arc a group of quality marcs'
were sent inlo the front line, and so j that  can  hold  their  own  in   the  best
would have lirst choice at the loot of
All. Air Vessels Will Have
.   Registered
Speaking in 'London'. recently/
Rear-Admiral Mark Kerr, a member of the air council, said: "At the
present time, if a commercial traveller leaves Paris lo go to Tinibuc-
tpo, the journey occupies four
months, but one.of.the first routes
the .French are. going to establish
after the war is to Timbucloo, wh'en
the journey will then only take four
days. As a commercial undertaking
lhat will result in a great saving.
Four months' food alone would be
a considerable'item.
"All air vessels will have'.to be
registered, and no doubt a Lloyd's
list will grow up. There will be a
class Al and so forth for vessels taking passengers and mails in the air.
These would carry a flag, and those
which did not .would be pirates. The
police could not put up their hands
to. stop people in the air, and the
only way; would be to knock, them
"The  formation  of ; the .air-force."
said. Admiral  Kerr, "is a distinct ad- j
vaue'e in aeronautics.    It means
ot company, and "Hillercst Favorite" should cross well witli them and
produce��� Clydes   of   high   class.
There-are I'OO.'head    of jcallle  also
on the      farni,      mostly      Shorthorn
"".     ! | grades, but  including.   20    purebreds
Regular Supply of Entertainment for J ;i,i(|  the   owners    have    decided    lo'
War Relief Entertainments
Convalescent Soldiers in
Canada .
War emergency' entertainments
have beeu given in F.ngland for. the
past three and a quarter years, during, which-no less than. 500 concerts
have been, given ai an expense of
��7,000 in fees to th.e artists engaged. The objects for which the committee engaged in this work was
formed are: to give free concerts to
Avoundcd soldiers in hospital, to provide .employment for artists thrown
out of employment by the war and
to.fosicr Briiish music. Although
artists are proverbially, over-generous
in donating their services for reiicf
entertainments, many find themselves!
stranded because of the war, Delicacy of touch, in the case of iustrti-
nicntalislS is essential, to their success and prohibits any occupation
that would destroy thi.s essential.'
During the first year of the war
tY,"e j many Belgian' artists, rrfugees,.:fouiHl
themselves  without    n^ourre-;     oil
j.gradually work into the purebreds as
j they come to the.conclusion they are
lhe only kind worth   raising,    taking
just  the same amount: of feed as     a
grade and yot bringing a much high-
[er  price  when   marketed,
I     Only, a third oi    South    America'*
I population'is ot" pure  white blood,   v
���Uablishment .of a  general  staff   and Mj'eni^cives.-.wittiout.'.resources . owu
than- those .furnished    bv . means   oi
'the .diialing.'with  all  problems
ne'e led' with the air.
Thousands of women in Canada h&vo
overcome their suffcriuga, and have been
cured of woman'n ilH by Dr. Pierce 'j
Favorito Prescription.   This  temperance
nicdieino,  though  started  nearly  half  aj.u1(1 rt.:iso    (0 . f;iiten.���The-'   Toledo
'century  ago,   sells .-most  widely   to-day. J j'].,^.
Iteaii  now  ho lia/t  iu  tablet form  lis ;     '  ^	
well  ns  liquid, 'ami every  woman, who ' children ir. Germany Starve
suffers from   backache,  headaelie, norv- .i,i.a..���i,     . .,   .i-
ownm, should take this " Prescriptioa" I     <"-'-iiiaiiy.  allhotiRh     all.ukmg
of J)r.  Pier.e.'s.     It   i.i  prepared from
'nature's .foots-" nud  hcrhs and  docs  not
contain-a particle   of  alcohol   or any
narcotic    It'a not a. secret prescription
Like a Grip at the Throat. For a
disease .'that is not classed as�� fatal
there is probably none which causes
niorc terrible suffering than asthma.
Sleep is impossible, the sufferer becomes "exhausted and iinally, (hough
war  will  languish j the attack passes, is fell an unceasing
head of its return. Dr. J. D. Kel-
logg's Asthma .Remedy is a wonderful-curative agent. It immediately
relieves, thc restricted, air pas.-ages as
.thousands .can testify, ll is sold by
dealers ��� evervw here.   '.
Punctuation maiks  were first   used
In 14Q0.
five pound-, of meal per day will suf-jfor its ingredients are printed on.wrap _
(ice. At the present lime 'it is often . per. Send. 10* for trial package*.to Dr. i
a case of taking what meal may be ; V. M. Pierce, Surgical'Institute, Buffalo, '.
available    and   "inixtnws arc    almost ' N. Y., or Bridgeburg,- Ont. j
out of the  question.     Oil  cake  meal ;     Hamilton, Ont.���"When I reached the :
seems about "as  good value as    anything and  less of it will do.    It is a
good  milk  producer, und  is  a  spleii- ''
did feed for sustaininc and increasing
body weight.    If other  feeds  can  be j
combined with it so much the better,1
but   one  pound  of  it. pcr  day    even
alone on  short grass will go a  louu
wav   in   tiding   the   cms   o\ci   a  bad
the   western: front,  i.s  starving,  . says 	
The   l-'i-ho'ch:' l-'aris.    An'  article  ap-|
peariug in  The  Berlin  Arhriter ./ri- Our Present Troubles
tmig  relates   lhc  details- of  six  child-I     ()n throne hand- we are told lo buy
ren  starving  to death  in_ an  orphan-j.oi'ir'cbiilic*  note  if we do  not  want
age al  Zeneforl, Th'uringia.    The or- j to pay treble prices next season, and
The Voice at a Discount
Fred���Tlurt:   seems   ti,  be    a
more fuss  made over Miss A'b.
ing than over Mi<s H's.. and I'm
Mi-s   B.  ha?   the  jiehir  \oice.
- Tom���Ah.   Lut.Mi-s   A.   has
sui e
father.���Iio^-lou  '1 ra'.i-u-npt.
W,    N,    V��"   ��W
spells,     'FavoritO
Prescription'   relieved  me  oi  ah  these
ailments and hroaght
me through this trying tim* safely. Por
���vroniftji    of    middle
age there is no toni?
c^ual to Dr. Piereo 's
Favorite Prescription, and I Jierer hesitate to recommend it to my friends.'"���
Mr?. An me Sot;j.f.s. 41 PI ess .St. IS~.
Stratford, Ont.��� "I was greatly benefited b<: taking Pr. Piece's Favorite Pre-
;s<*ripuou: il  ""as before twins cam?.    I
! liad become a'l r,in-dorcc. was nauseated,
xer- nervoi!i and -weak, and aufferM with
y01lr ! backache.   Was not able to do anything
1 for thre�� months. vfh<>n  I began taking
Favorite   Preoption.*    It   soon   gave
phauage was found to have been ran-1 on  the  other we arc asked  to     wear
sacked by. its starving inmates,    and ( our old clothes until., thc war""is o\er.
physicians   who _   visited     the     place ; ],-,  this wa->   we are between  the  Kai-
. .    ,       .   , T found  several  of tiie  children    sheer, qor    ami    \l,r:    deep    sea.���Hamilton
critical pertod I wag^ skojplQn<, j Time.-. '* '
Prof.  Franz   F.  Ilrin,  the    widilv-| "        	
flashes    and    diMT : K"���1!    ^ono}},i."t-    ""t'".*    ip    t'jej     The   fn��t     hritine     needles
nnsneH     a. u (��     uitir , p 1������rl.Pl,fr      /runner nt       \fum.-li        , -
clunt-y ��uc
were  know
a nervous wreok and .
suffered    with   hot
fx.' Rayerisrher Zeitung. of Munich,
j warns the Germans that the coming
���week* will he harder than any that
,!u\c  parsed ai'd piotVssr.s to foresee
a general  parahsis  in  the  supply ol '
w In ..i
made of  wire, and  thcy-
iti   Krijland  in  1551.
Still   Here
Ti.  Ch:
ok man who h.V
h>m<  deliriu:.,
igo   thcy  Sell  a  storv   of  a j
jus* emerged from ;
Husband���Have   you    done
| best to economize lh;-  month,   Nfary,
'as  I   requested.
Who  ibrightlO���Oh. ye*:  J  spoke | n,9\ei;ef an,} it was lo* long wh<m I was
to   tho   grocer,   Uie   butcher   and   tb<>' gtroD? and health*.    ' Favorsta Preserip- '
landlord, and gr>t   ll-cin   to   put     off j t;onr was gurelv a gieat belp to bip and :
"W'J'cte atn 1"" he asked. very
iV.'hh ..ii in1 fell tli'"" lo\ im i> hands
making him comfortable, "Where
ant  1:    In lieaNe'ii"'"
"Xo,  di.iri",    t.od  his wlic gently.
these concerts.    The .scheme, has Iin-j
ally widened its      scope      until      on'
Thursdays  at  Si.einway     Hall '���������there-;
are  regular "All-l>iilis!r"  concerts  in
which  no less  than  251  new  compositions   have  been  produced,   lie-ides
there havc been open air concen.- as
well as hospital  conceits for wounded sailors and soldiers, concin.-     at
ramps and Y.M.l'.A,      Las!   summer i
by permission  of Admiral  Sir  U.i\id)
and   I.ady   Heatty the  open  air" con-_
cen-   took   placi'   during   the   summer '
and  carl\   autumn  in  t'1-''  gardens  of I
Hanover   Lodge  every  Saturday aft- !
ernoon.    Soldier; and  sailors in ur.i- |
form  are  always  admitted   free     iiiid I
tho'c  in    hospnals    receive    crnnpli-,1
nienlary   tickets.       The.     Viscountess
Helnislcy has      thc     movement      in I
charge. I
There has been a regular supply of |
entertainment for convalescent sol-;
dier- in I'arada ever since their iirst j
apprarar.ee. but nothing so sy.-t-mia- '
tie and 1'jr-reas i'.i'.ig in ils scope as ]
thc Lou-Jon conceit-. Onr so.'n^iy���'
the "W'oi.km's An Society of ]\lont-j
Tal���has. ".however, roni.ii.--d i:.- pat-i
liotic relief work to aiuii,', artists1
who found lhcir livelihood th-i-aten-
ed and alarmingly uiri.ni-i.--d by the.
\'-ir. lu i.iUi-ig furiU ���������>;��� thi- very!
con-id. rai>_i- relicf voire tiie society |
!:a��i provided sc\.ra!-d^k'tlmY.'. even-1
ing !e.-'.;;-i-- -hy " pni' muit person-i
age-��� among o'.'.cj-. iii aiwillc Dark-'
er.       - ;
>\ ine--.'
-\ aiteotiv er
sending in their bilii  jill jkx.', j.wujh. j j am gja,j to rP,.0ii!iii?nd it.!
���Stray  StO��eS, ljt ^T^j, til g��nt 4.3*4,
L.' 1
Proof Positive' ,
fudge���The  complaint  against   a on j
that  you  deserted your wife. ]
Prisoner���1 ain'L a deserter, judge:]
;,.  a   refug. e. "I.QO^   a',   this    black
; e,���JJs>��to�� Tnnscniii. 1
Escape from Germany
A   lieri-i.ii,   ;.��>���'.-���
1 if :>:.���"!   I 1-   :\ ; ���    1  ���
I a   Danish  is*.,r.d   i:i
Thzy made  lei ir '
ij". ir.\~  i",   a   =���!�����'I  1
jh.-.ve"   /!)-.-������     i_   ,-:���-
i t ienr.-i ���   ri---'   -.i- -.
tion  has  b. c:: m.^-i
il IsSlwi'ic-.i      ofti-
r(_.������-'.ed "STooii. :
-���    JJaltio   Se��. j
ripe  irom  G?r-
, - The   couple
In j:;.-. ��o!
_-   1..
had  14.^73 boMh?  of hair o;
the I -di..-i  S.-hii-s' :';���"���'.. .
When youth takes flight on the
wings of years beauty of complex-
ion goes too,.unless you give your
skin proper and daily care, Use of
Ingram's Milkweed Cream will enable you to appear youthful when
-you are no longer young. Its distinctive remedial ���Reel upon th��
tissues of the skin keeps tht complexion colorful, soft and freo
from blemish. It does actually
"health��fy"and beautify yourcom��
' plexion. Since 1S8S there's bean
nothing else'Just as good." Taka
no other. Two sires,3t)c and $i.O0.
W��rm 'day��, houitholld ����������.rk, ��r. d
kitchen heat, All cause pcrsp:TAtion ar.d
ahmj*, oily ��iin. You can&vo:.3 thin by
uting tnes-am'a Veli'eota Souveraine
Face Po��-de:-.50e. It blend* psrfeetl)��-
with the complexion. A liftht touch
hides Jittle biemiahea. make* your
complexion arcooth, soft and Raw!::*.
A fall lire of Ingram"* toilet products,
including Zeicnta for the teeth, 25.?, I*
at your drueeiat'a.
A Picture
With Each Purchase
Each time ycu buj" a package of Ir.-
��ra:i:'a To.let aii* or Perfume yevr
druggist w:ll��ive ycy^without charge,
alareepf>rtraiio4 a v. orld famcU motion
picture a^treit.f Ei;h time you set-*
different portrait ss j ourauejcolltt-
tljn for your home. A��i j-;ur dru^etit.
F. F. larrara Co., WWior, OnUrio
x. p. year strictly iu advance, or ��-.50
���11 not paid for three months. If not
1 for until the end of the year it is $3.
- always ��2.50 a ycar to the United
.les in advance.
Editor and Financier
-iX'Hnquent  Co-Owner Notices $25.00
C al and Oil  Notices     700
Hstn-.y Notices 3.00
Curds of Thanks    1.00
Ce: iiiic.-.le of Improvement  12.50
���'Vhvre more than one claim ap-
yjars ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and S cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
II:; who lias no desire id   always
Cunli'P. \'d.
Ci'i.tJ s!oru��c cjjgs in some cases
aic vuli'.nido as wtir bombs.
i'ur: naino of Vimy   Ridge has a
tiioivvii.d memories for Canudiaus.
Tni: lion is ti favored bird.    She
newr needs  gold  crowns   for   her
It   is   reported   that  tho   kaiser
���; 'ts hi-: idea of Qod  by
the tiiirror.
looking iu
'Im: war brings some blessings.
The American newspapers are to
he cut down in size.
"YVati and prohibition is fast
making the hobo, a memory of the
hungry phanlon of fc'ae past.
IXk meat, salt and sugar sparine;';,-, and your health will be better, and your pocket fuller.
iv  you   wish to avoid catching
."[jani.-h influenza muzzle your nose
.d lips when you  kiss  one of the
���ponte ��>x.
Ix f-'ome parts of the States bare-
'?od women attend political meet-
;;-. and in some towns  the halls
ve being enlarged.
Tin; Detroit News says that
is excitement among the suf-
ttes in Washington. Excite-'
.���nt hut no bustle.
i-t -ie re
It  is  reported   that several   TJ
-fit--   '-ifiieers   have   recently been
.���n   in   New  York  saloons.    No
i-vX-b pinking' schooners of beer.
Waves of Thought       i
Editor, Tin-: Leuok,
Gkkicnwood, 15.C.
Dear Sir:���Will you kindly permit a
few words of comment on an item in yonr
issue of August 15, the writer of which,
after enumerating a number of diseases
from which General Vou lliudenburg is
reported to have suffered, concluded:
"He should try Christian Science, and
just think thai he is in Paris."
The intended wit of the paragraph was
lost, in that it fell wide of the mark.
Christian Science does not teach that
mortals can change their conditions
simply by thinking they are changed.
Ou the other hand, one could not be
aware of any condition, either as good or
bad, apart from mental cognizance.
In his epistle to the Galatians, St.
Paul classifies the right and wrong
thoughts of men as spiritual aud material; but neither the Scriptures or Christian .Science teach that a man can make
himself good simply by thinking that he
is good, nor that one can become healthy
by just thinking that hc is healthy.
Such au assumption i.s the antipode of
Christian Science, which teaches thrit
human experience can be permanently
improved only by the regeneration ol the
human consciousness; and this is a process lhat calls fur vastly more than the
exercise of human will. It means the renunciation of evil, and the adoption of
good as the basis of thought and life.
Victoria, August 21.
[ICvidently the humor of the Hindenburg item was partly lost upon Mr.
Greenwood. We agree with him when
he says that a man cannot make himself
good or healthy by just thinking that he
is "g����d or healthy. Without action
thought availelh little. Evil is merely
too much or too little of anything. It is
excess or starvation that causes all our
troubles. Some people even have too
much Christian Science, and others not
enough. Too much art, age, war, food,
music, drink money, poetry, religion,
etc. etc. makes degenerates of us all.
Too little has about the same effect, so
keep in the middle road of moderation,
be happy, and live iu one sphere at a
time. Painting pictures ol an unknown
future, from the myths of the past, with
the brush of superstition, has camouflaged
the world for centuries with, a mental
barrage. Be good but do not find fault
with the chap who is mushing along a
different trail to the New Jerusalem.
Although Christian Science was founded by a great egotist, and all great
egotists are said to be insane, we admire
its optimistic teachings. It believes iu
the good aud hands you love, life and
truth in sweet packages, devoid of awe,
pomp, hell, brimstone and ceremony so
strikingh- e.videut iu the old-line
churches. It is a new, short, and sugar-
paved road to heaven, and that is why,
in this age of speed, so many pilgrims
are docking to ils temples. However,
we once asked a prominent Scientist
what lie thought about his church, especially its healing department. "Finest in
the world, Colonel; but don't make yourself a damn fool over it."���Ed. Ledge.]
Bv reading a dramatic paper we
notice.that the.Germs have not yet
captured East Lynne . or Uncle
Ton-,";- Cabin. Both are still some-
where in America.
T.v.the live language  of modern
da'yH. the  Germs are going on the
'hog" very fast, and in   great'danger
.of-losing their bacon.   'Their Ham
got-a'wfiv from them last month.
Some men wear gas masks, when
they go home late at night from.the
dub. This prevents their breath
from perfuming the parlor, and
also renders them immune from
the deadly effect of high explosive
curtain lectures.
Our Friend Jimmy
Jimmy Copland was in town last
Friday,   his  first  visit   for   many
moons.    A year ago  he  fell down
the  embankment   near his  home,
and laid there all  night  being unable   to   reach   his  cabin until  a
passer-bj' noticed him iu the morning. His thigh was injured and he
was confined to bed for a long timp,
and   lost   20   pounds   iu   weight.
This summer he has washed   some
gold out of a fork of  Rock  Creek,
besides staking a  chromite  claim.
Jimmy will be SO years old next 4th
of July, and has had a varied aud
romantic    career.      When     quite
youug  he   placered   in   Calaveras
county, California, about  GO miles
from  Stockton.    He  sold  a good
claim tor a few dollars, and joined
the   rush   to  the  Fraser   river in
1858.    He mined at Hill's Bar for
a time and then pushed on to Rock
Creek  in 1SC0   with   GOO   others.
After that   Barkerville,   Big Bend,
Cassiar, Omineca aud other golden
spots in the west.    Jimmy  is one
of the few survivors of the baud of
red-blooded   trail   blazers   of   GO
years ago.    He says  that  he  will
never die, but expects to gradually
dry up until he is light  enough to
jump into ethereal  space and help
the angels   rock   golden sunshine
out   of   tho   clouds.     Good   boy,
Jimmy! But when yoa  reach that
camp   where   the    rocks   are   all
diamonds, the atmospl ere all sunshine, the sounds all music and the
scenery   all   flowers   be  sure and
stake a full claim  for  the  Colonel
in  the  middle  of  the  angel belt,
with plenty of room for extensions.
Ayu now the barbetB in New
York talk about charging 50 cents
for a hair cut. They are Blow,
compared to B.C., where the price
bar- bcfn ">0 cents or more for a
generation.     Mamma,    get   your
Laj-t-month 24 Canadian editors
���re'turru'd from viewing the rude
arid unpleasant conditions prevailing in France. They did nob kill
anybody, and most of them kept
.-ohf-r all the time. The country is
pnnid of their record. <
Ir in quite probable that a big
1 ombing air raid on Berlin would
t"iul feo end the war in a few days.
At this5 distance it is difficult to
understand why no bombs have
been dropped on Berlin. Hit the
heart, and the rest is easy.
" Tin: American soldiers object to
h'-ir.g  railed   Sammies,- although
���no never heard the British soldiers
jret  to being called   Tommies.
r.ere  is   not much   to   a   name
���  yway. except in the police court
.   it the bottom of a cheque.
v America, in order to help along
���   war   in   favor  of  the AHife��\
,.:iv  v. '/men are   wearing  socks.
1:.-'read cf long stockings,   bat few
1 ;   thorn'   as yet   have   discarded
(T-f-iF.    This  is  second-band  in-
���; in ation   furnished   n?.   but   we
,���( uo reason  to doubt  the  ver-
. ��� i-y of the statement.
To "Keep'Out the Flies
Any odor pleasing to man is
offensive to the fly and vice versa,
and will drive them away.
Take five cents' worth of oil of
lavender, mix it with the same
quantity of water, put it in a common glass, atomizer and spray it
around the rooms where flies are.
In the dining room spray it lavishly even on the. table linen.; The
odor is . very disagreeable to flies
but refreshing to most people.
Geranium, : mignonette, heliotrope and white clover are offensive to flies. They especially dislike the odor of. honeysuckle and
hop blossoms.
According to a French scientist
flies have7 intense hatred for the
color blue. Rooms decorated iu
blue will help to keep out the flies.
To clear the house of flies, burn
pyrethrum powder. This stupefies
the flics, but they must be swept
up and burned.
Cheating Going* On
Courteous Wild Beasts
On reading in the Sun that German newspapers* are indignant because American soldiers are using
shotguns, I was reminded of a
"card-shark" in Leadville in '79.
He had held out a big hand for a
killing and had it ttuck in the top
of his boot. Finally he got his
bank roll into a big pot and reach^
ed for his holdout to switch in, bub
found it gone. ''Hold on!" he
yelled. UI ain't going to playin
this game���t-here'o cheating going
on."���E. J. Riggs, New York Sun.
Worth Waiting For
"Alas! I have nothing to live
for now!'' wailed the reacted lover.
'���Oh, pshaw!"' returned tlie practical maiden. "Better stick around
i until the kaiser is hanged."
Just as one dog will respect another dog's bone, so even the
fiercest wild beasts have their on-
written laws and their little conventions.
One common idea which has
found its way into thousands of
books of adventure is that the lion
and tiger take advantage of the insistent call of fehirsfe to get a supper. That is to Bay, they go down
to the water-pool, fehe only one for
miles around, take a good drink
themselves, aud then lie in wait
for some gazelle or giraffe or ibex
coming there for a like purpose, in
order to spring upon the poor
creature whilst in the act of drinking aud making a meal of it.
Yet this is a libelous estimate of
wild beast character. The fact is
that there is a sort of truce afe
the water-hole in jungle and forest.
As far as killing is concerned, the
drinking place is out of bounds.
There is an invisible notice-board
on its banks which says: "Live
and Let Live,'' and is implicitly
There is an order of precedence.
The. rhinocerous gets first drink.
He is the king of the forest jungle.
Then comes the elephant. When
he has lowered the tide-mark and
made tho water more like coffee
than anything else, the big pussycats stroll down to quench their
ardent tongues���-bhe lions, thejeo-
pards, the tigerfl, the jaguars and
Meanwhile the shy animals, the
giraffes, deer, springboks, and
even the buffaloes, although fehey
are a match for a lion, stand in the
background and wait till the car-
ii iv'ora have done. But the latter
itever prevent their approach to the
water or waylay them on their retirement. And that is better manners���aye, and better morals��� than
many men show.
From now until the 10th ot Sept., we will fcive you
$11.00 worth of merchandise for every $10,00 cash
purchase.   10 per cent discount for cash,
We just want you to get acquainted with us and our
brand new, fresh, snappy line of groceries, dry
goods and hardware as well as a corking line of
soft drinks full of life and pepp,
Remember  10 cents off on every dollars worth
Pleased to meet you at
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building -       -       - Myncaster, B.C.
For Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Cut Glass,
Silverware, Etc.
Bridge Street. Next Telephone Exchange, GRAND FORKS
Specialty:  Fine Watch Repairs.
Church Notice
A Brother's Privilege
"No, Mr. Dobley," said the
sweet girl, "I can only he a sister
to you."
���'Well, then,' he Bftvagelyre-
plied, as he heard a:vsubdired
chuckte, "as your brother, ��� I claim
the privilege of; lying: under the
sofa while yoii make fools of the
other fellows."
"Little Willie, who for some
months bad always ended his evening prayer with "Please send me a
bvby brother." announced to bis
mother that he was tired of.pray-
i ig for what he did not get, and
lhat he did not believe God.had
any more little boys to send. Nofe
The Inland Mining Ca. of Waliaj jong afterwards he was carried
Walla, Wash, has bought the i jnt0 his mother's room early in the
Eureka rain<: r.car NVlson for ' morning to see his twin brothers,
865,000. Thi- mine produces cop-! wjl0 bat3 arrived during tbe night.
per gr.ld aud .-iiver. J.J. Malone j Willie lookpd afe the two babies
\i manager for th". ncw company, 'critically and then remarked: ''It's
and B3rney Crilly .superintendent a good thing I stopped praying
of tbe minn, ' when I did."
Robert Mc*Munlo at the Presbyterian
church, Midway, Sunday evening, Sept.
Some church members are like a
wheelbarrow. They will ouly go as far
as you push them.
The editor of American Magazine
asked Private Peat one day to tell
him fehe most tender, gentle thing
he ever knew a soldier to do. He
answered: "After fehe first gas
attack at Ypres, in April 1915, I
was knocked oufe for a while and
was in the clearing station afe Melville. One day as I was lying fehere
on a stretcher a poor, miserable
soldier came in. He wae covered
with mud and blood. He was
minus his overcoat and his tunic
was torn by shrapnel. He was
3oaked to the bone, for ife was raining, and ho was shivering wifeh
cold and pain. The nurse hurried
to him and asked what had become
of his overcoat. 'Oh! he said, his
teeth chattering, 'my pal was tilled
back there, and he looked so cold,
lying there in tho rain, I took off
my coat and put it over him."
In Eugland eggs are $1.20 a
dozen, apples 30 cents a pouDd,
halibut 75 cents a pound, and
chickens 78 cents a pound. ^Nearly
all other foodstuffs are abont the
same as they are in B.C.
On and after the first of September, the
undersigned will charge 8 cents a pint
for milk, and 15 cents a qnart. Cream
80 cents a quart. Whipped ibreatn, $1.00
a quart.
To Miners, Contractors, Etc
______ ^
A contract for driving 500 feet of-Tun-
nel, size 10x12 and 5oo feet of crosscut,
size 8 x 9, at the Sullivan Mine, Kimberley, B. C. will be made with responsible
parties. Specifications may be obtained
on application to the undersigned.    -
A further contract of 500 feet of both
tunnel and crosscut will be considere don
completion of the above.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co
Sullivan Mines,     Kimberley, B.C.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$100. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead $1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for other metals etc
on application.
Cbe Central Gotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
This hotel is operated on the European plan, and rooms can be obtained
from 50 cents a night upwards. The
Cafe never closes, night or day, and
within its portals you can obtain
everything i.n'seasonj from turtle soup
to roast turkey, Do not forget this
when visiting the metropolis of
���   Kootenay.    '.. '
Front St. Next to City Hall, NELSON
x Satisfaction|>;Guarantee^
Estimates  Given   on ail; Kinds   of
���X Granite and Marble Work   {
PHONE   13
Auto    and   horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains,
Autos For Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B. C. Cigar. Absolutely Guaranteed, Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varies.   ,    ,   .
Have you tried onelately n
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed
lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
Joint, residence, but each making necessary Improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claim:;; for
Ave years and make improvements to
value of ?10 per acre, including clearing
and cultivation, of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has mado proportionate Improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
improvements to extent of S300 per annum and records" same each year. Failure to make Improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims In
less than 6 years, with Improvements t>f
$10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and reKidencc of at
least .2 years..
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record  another pre-emption,   If  he  re-
?ulres land In conjunction with his
arm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made and
residence, maintained bn Crown granted
land. .-..''���
Unsurveycd areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes;
title to bo obtained after'fulfilling residential and-improvement conditions.
. For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas e��eediny640 acres may be leased
by one person or company.-
���v The-scope of: this Act is enlarged to
include all persons Joining and serving
with His Majesty's F :ces., The time
within /which .theJu'.r.' or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor. .may .apply for
title under this. Act is, extended from
one year from the de.-.th of such person,
as formerly, until o.:o year���" after tho
conclusion of the presentvwar.-:.This
privilege is also made retroactive..:;..
Provision is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment jointly. If it is not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands In the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights "of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands in respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
is final. The time for making application for these allotments Is limited to
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town Iota and lands of the Crown sold
at public auction.
For information apply to any Pr win-
da! Govarament Agent or to
BaeotT UlaiaUr ot Linda,
VtetortaTB. a
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Pish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters*
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
��C ^ 4* 4"��"&,4'*$**$'*$"&"$* 4* i,4,4,4,4"i,4,4'4,,$"!,4�� 54
I Cbe fiume Rotel |
t nelson, B.C '*
The only up^to^date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,       ���
* ��� ... :   ..... = - :.-     :. V; ...
4* Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
��� Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up;/ European Plan.
^usWeets ail Trains and Boats^
*��� v* v^���^T*..*T^*f''Tr��� -Tr*��* -$**��*��� ���'T'xf: *%*xF-tWiX:*v*^v*.*v**w^"*��*.*��*���*���*��� *���*���'*��*^
I JobPrinting
ft -:' '��SilSlom j>in^^
H. ������ liiiSrtia^^
���**���   ��� :'i:'X "ii-"iX::iX..x'X'X:iXXX-'Xi- ���'."-.'���������
��� Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
CT (Ruled or Plain)                                                             .  -3
H Envelopes, Billheads,            3
��T (All Sizes)                                                                        3
H Statements, Business Cards, ||
% Posters, Dodgers, &c, &c. %
1 The LecW       PHONE 29       1
B GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department   3


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