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The Ledge Oct 10, 1918

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Vol.   XXV.
No. 13
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Life,  Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Broker
Charles King
GREENWOOD.        - B, C.
ST Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ^3
B The   Food   Board   Asks   You   to   Save i~3
B We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals ~5
��| We specialize in TEA and COFFEE in pkge or bulk |f
I     LEE & BRYAN     I
Promptness in answering your telephone helps to improve
the quality of your telephone service. ^
It is a courtesy your telephone caller appreciates. It keeps
him from waiting and possibly abandoning a call that may be
important to you. Just make a habit to answer your telephone promptly.'and you and others will benefit from an even
higher quality of telephone service.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each,
60 Watts
100     ������
200   ���������
"' /   $1.25each
-   -    2.00>   _
f   /  ./
Greenwood City Waterworks! Co.
The Consolidated Mining & SmeltiDg Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
;    C.V:a. LLD.. D.CL. President'
SIR JOHN AFRD. General Manager
H V. F. JONES, AsA Gen'L M*n��ser
CAPITAL PAID^U^$l5,0(^,600>*t*RESERVE FUND, - $13,500,000
Every effort Is made to provide the banking service required by miners.   A
current account facilitates the
handling of business receipts and payments.
H. C, LUCAS, Manager
Ammunition, Guns,
Shooting  Coats,
Leggings,  Etc.
MIDWAY      -      -     B. C.
Made from ��
Permanent fronts in the coats
made with non-break canvas
and.hair cloth
Styles up to date
W. Elson 8 Co
Smoke a "NOBLEMEN"
20 cts each 3 for 50 cents
Box of 25 for $3.75
An Excellent Birthday Gift
Phone 45 P. 0. Box S74
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at 11
a.m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings willbe
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Caclilluc cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
cigars    at    Dad
Province   Hotel,
Autos for hire at the Palace
Livery..  ���
Real    good
O'Deli's  at the
Grand Forks.
For Sale.���A portable sawmill with a capacity of 10,000
feet daily. * Also a gasoline
launch, 20~ feet in length, Roberts
marine engine. Apply to Charles
Oliver, Greenwood.
Public Auction
Mr. S. T. Larsen of Rock
Creek, B.C., having sold his
Ranch, has given iustructions
to sell by Public Auction bn
Thurs.. October 31
1918      Commencing' at 10 a.m.
All his Stock, Machinery and Implements. coiisistiBEOf:
50 Head of Horses, some bred from
Registered Percfieron Sire.
60 Read of Cattle, some Registered
35 Head of Hosts. Brood Sows, Boar.
Spring and Young Pigs. All variety
of Farm Implements and Machinery.
40 tons of Grain Hay; and au and
everything needed on a Farm
For   further   particulars, conditions of
Sale see Bills.
Charles King, G- B. Avery
Auctioneer Clerk
,. Around Home ^
Thomas Rowe will take up his
residence at the coast.
Seed wheat and seed rje tor
sale at Brown's, Midway.
Mrs. James McCreath is spending a few weeks in Vancouver.
Tom McMullen has quit Slocan lake and gone  to   Vancover.
This season 125,000 cases of tomatoes were canned at Keremeos,
A Soldiers friend is Dad O'Dell
at the Province Hotel, Grand
G. A. Rendell sells many kind
of pickles, including sweet pickles in bulk.
Bert Lane has almost recovered
from the effects of his auto mishap in July.
Upon account of ill-health, Mr.
Richards is leaving the Mother
Lode for Spokane.
Of course they all go to Dad
O'Dell at the Province Hotel,
Grand Forks.
Angus Graham has returned to
Princeton from Vancouver, much
improyed in health.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Goggles and auto glasses on hand.
Just in. Bulk vinegar $1,50 a
gallon. Sour mixed pickles $1.75
gallon glass iar.    G. A. Rendell.
Charles King has been appointed Secretary of the Farmers Institute. William Lakeland having
Harold Brinkman and May Ly-
den, were married last week in
Grand. Forks.
Frank Cary will trap this winter on the main Kettle river. He
trapped around these hills about
32 years ago.
Rev. R. McMurdo will deliver
his lecture upon Norway, in the
Presbyterian church, Friday, Oct
11, at 8 p. m.
Dr. W. H. Wood is building an
addition to his hospital iu order
to accommodate the increasing
number of patients.
About 20,000 bushels of grain
were raised near Princeton this
year. Some of the wheat went
30 bushels to the acre.
The residence of Mrs. W. Hart
was burned one night last week.
Nothing was saved; Mrs. Hart
and children barely escaping from
the fire.
H. R. Van Wagenen, the new
manager of the three C's, with
bis wife and two children has
taken up his residence at Copper
At the Mill Site near Princeton
the school-ma'am and the stenographers live in a cottage by
themselves, which is locally called the "chicken-house."
Previous to his departure for
Spokane, Oscar Lachmund, Mate
manager of the three C's, was
presented bv the employees at
the Mill Camp with   a  suit-case;;
Mr. McMurdo will give his
lecture on Norway at the Presbyterian Church, Phoenix on Thursday evening, Oct. 10th at 8
o'clock. The lecture is interesting, instructive and humorous,
G. A. Rendell returned from
the Nelson hospital last week,
where he bad been confined a few
days, suffering from pneumonia
contracted at Lightning Peak.
He is recovering under the care
of Dr. Wood.
Between Fairview and Rock
Creek, Mrs. M. L. Rearden, Suite
201 Holly Lodge, Vancouver, lost
her purse, containing a large
sum of money, a -10-pound English money order, etc ^he is a
war widow. Reward will be paid
by the chief of provincial police
at Greenwood.
It will soon be time to send the
soldiers Christmas presents, and
the Boundary Women's Institute
would be very grateful for donations towards same. Tobacco,
sugar, chocolate, raisins, cocoa,
gum, soap, towels, cash donations
and tin boxes for packing will te
very acceptable.
F. J. Longworth, wife and family left for Ducktown, Tenn., last
Saturday where Mr. Longworth
has been appointed superintendent of a smelter. The employees
of the local smelter presented Mr
and Mrs. Longworth with fine
The following was the result
of the Gopher killing competition: Lawrence Folvik 313 tails,
first prize $8.00; John McDonald
205 tails, second prize $b.00; W.
Mitchell, 175 tails third prize
$3.00. This competition was instituted by the Greenwood Farmers Institute and it was hoped
that keener competition would
have resulted.
Monday evening, Oct. 14,
ought to be long remembered by
Greenwood people who haye the
good luck to attend the Concert
by Lesile Grossmith, and the
Dancev following, under the auspices of the Boundary Women's
Institute. The women have put
forth every effort to make this
affair a grand success, and hope
that Greenwood and vicinity will
turn out and give the famous entertainer and musician a hearty
reception. Those having 75c
tickets will be admitted to the
dance and concert and those with
50 cents tickets to concert only.
Refreshments will be served and
Bush's orchestra will play for the
Dance. Proceeds for Red Cross
Wounded Again
Sergeant A. N. Mowat is in the
hospital at  Birkenhead,  England.
He was wounded ��on  September 3
while crossing the Canal) du Nord,
abont three miles from Cambrai.
The shell thafe wounded him killed
three other soldiers.    He laid on
the battle ground all day and night
before the stretcher bearers could
take him  to the dressing station.
His left buttock  was blown away,
and he had seven wounds between
the left hip and knee,  and has already two operations for the removal  of shrapnel.    Mowat managed to bring a  few souvenirs to
Blighty,   including   a   sackful   of
German money, six Hun watches,
revolver, dagger, efecr  In a letter
dated  September 14  Mowat says
that   his   fighting   days are   over
but be is thankful that he will not
be a cripple.
For Sai,e.���A Webster's Dictionary for three dollars, at The
Ledge office.
Similar Customs
Yeast���They saw that "over
ther" they always play a favorite
march before tbe fighting begins.
Crimsonback���So they do over
here. Didn't you ever hear 'em
play Mendelsohn's March afe weddings?
I wish to announce to the public, and all my patrons, that I
have sold my business to Robert
Guise. Thanking all for their
liberal patronage in the past I
hope they will extend the same
to my successor.
'XTPU who spend as much or more on your
V Enjoyment���who indulge in as many of the
A good things of life as you ever did-���you
who buy what you want to, eat what you fancy,
go where you please���who deny yourselves
nothing���how much real thought do you give to
the winning of the tvar?        .
"You knowwhat we have to put up with. Do you
think we could stand it all���the homesickness,
the untold misery, and the terrible righting���if
we dreamed "over there" that you were trifling
with this war, that you were spending money on
frivolous things?
"Don't you see thatfcvery time you spend a dollar
on a thing you don't really need you are using the
labor of a man who should be either fighting or
making something that will help us���your
soldiers���to fight?
"Oh, you chaps with money in your pockets and
comfort in your homes and love of ease cankering
you souls,���-if you could know asI know all that
war means, you'd stint yourselves do-am toi the;
barest necessities, so that Canada's-money and
Canada's material and Canada's labor could all-;
go into guns and shells and equipment for pur;
boys ihrFrance to fight.withVyXi y;X-X;^.X'j;y^x::-
Published !:'XyX.yX[X'X
under the authority: of V
the Minister of Finance.
of Canada '���
I Western Float
4 <K
The High School at Trail has 41
Rossland is short of water and
John Mannion died at Lillooet;
lasfe month.
A dollar saved in Canada helps
our boys in France.
There are 2150 books in bhe public library at Nelson.
Buy a war bond and help yourself and your country.
Hotel rates at Cresfeon have been
raised 50 cenfes a day.
There will be a big sale of sheep
in Kamloops on October 16.
Kaslo and Ainsworth will soon
be connected by wagon rqpd.
Al Palmer formerly of Kaslo, is
running a restaurant in Hope.
It is proposed to raise musk oxen
on the Arctic barrens of  Canada.
Great Britain will give a new
suit to 2,000,000 Yankee soldiers.
When ife comes to advertising
fehere are a heap of slackers in fehis
The new main building at the
Tranquille Sanitarium will cost
There were no cases for the fall
assizes afe Clinton. The Cariboo is
getting good.
This year the Sunnyside ranch
near Grand Forks will ship 5000
boxes of plums.
Conductor Joe Bradshaw of Nelson is visiting his friends in St.
Thomas, Ontario.
The new $80,000 school in Boss-
land is called MacLean, in honor
of the minister of education.
A man in Quincy, Mass. was
fined 825 for wiping fehe sweat from
his face wifeh the U. S. flag.
It is against the law to sell
Indians near beer, or anything
thafe contains a trace of alcohol.
The wagon roads in many parts
of B. C. are not in good condition,
and many complaints are common.
Andrew Birril died at Quesnel
Forks last month, aged 85 years.
He came to Barkerville in  1863.
This fall the creeks near Kaslo
were full of red fish, and fehe inhabitants are happy   in that town.
Flemish Beaoty pears are 83.50
a box wholesale in Calgary. Second
crop strawberries are 86.00 a crate.
The Fraser river is fished oufe of
eockeye salmon. This summer the
ruri~was the smallest ever known.
At a cost of 850,000 three buildings are being erected in Blairmore by the West Canadian Colliers. ���������.-���
The Spanish influenza is prevalent in the army camps of fehe
United States. Looks like German
Although it will smell just as
sweet, France proposes to change
the name of Eau de Cologne feo
Eeu de Provence.
Tracklaying on the 42 miles ex-
aion of the P. G. & E. began last
month. Fifty cents an hour is the
rate of wage paid.
At the recenfc Spud Potlatch in
Ashcroft, the coach was shown that
conveyed Lord and Lady Duflerin
to Barkerville in 1870.
Get a copy of Floafe afe The
Ledge office, and send it to the
boys in France.; Just the thing
for a Christmas present.
Judge A. W. Vowell committed
euicide in Victoria last month by
fehe gun route. Pain and illness
were fehe cause of the act.
Corporal Leo Smith, a native son
of Kamloops, was killed in France
last month. Years ago he was a
printer on the Inland Sentinel.
The provincial jail at Kamloops
has been closed, and will only be
used as a lock-up for local prisoners sentenced for minor offences.
Colonel N. A. Btirritt, formerly of Kossland is keeping an 1 ofcel
at Oakdale, California. He quit
selling Midway coal stock some
time ago.
Some talk about the Douks
opening a store in Rossland. It is
a wonder fehey don't start a newspaper. We will soon have fed learn
feheir language.
The Myncaster Mercantile Co.
at Myncaster is working np a big
business through effective advertising. XXand = up-to date business
methods. ������'..=
There are five ProEestant sky
aviators in Cranbrook, and it is
seldom fehat the devil can get over
the lines since his old partner,
Booze, got tubercolosis, and fehe
wind from modern morality blew
the red curtains oufe of the camp.
Pte. Donald Simpson is in a
French . hospital with gunshot
wounds. He is a eon of thafe famous newspaper man. Fred Simpson
of Kamloops. So far as can be
learned Jim Grier, Fred Smyth
and B. T. Lowery have not lost
any sons at the front. sm   MZMMu, MmffliWKh
fs<z/i Uttic6 ate teacnincud thdttheAe,
IS no economy m
GcodA not The foncu' Aion priced on&d.
I    sVea/ie dependina on tne 4oicd\xaAi&6
of trie, aoodAtanda/vd&JU2ndA~th&
ma^iddthatuteAe aood
and' Aa&e doiwA/ proved'thedi zwrith
in peace time
^n taoA time.
/led node 7ea-co^inntodc
only a��vut/b of a c&ritpg/i cup ~-.t6
one oftm Aotld usaA. &me tszlIujzA
'thatanyone ccm aMkld-andtAcxd
&V���/u��oruz unitenjoy..
axwt^ttf7i��. tux.
T. H. Estabrooks Co.
St. John, Toronto."Winnipeg,
Ciinudian I'uod Control Liccose No. 6-2r6
Red Rose Coffee is as generously good as Red Rose Tea
I   Murdered Five Children   !
|   j
jThe   Hun   Infantry   Satisfied    Their
I Hunger
J lV.ails <il ilie brutal murder of five
jschool c-liiklrcn, :nul the wounding of
[six others, at I'ylscn, on June 21,
j have >i;ily now become known
(through an interpretation in the
(fteiehstag. It appears lhat a crowd
| of women and children, watching thc
i loading of the bread wagon for the
I Skoda works, began to cry, ''We arc
starving.     Wc  also want broad."
Bachelors' Chance
War Had Given Value to  His Aimless Existence
"The   somewhat   pathetic   figure  of
the bachelor is  wonderfully dignified
Suddenly au infantry patrol appear-j -       -
ed, and without giving an order to|by the advent .of thc war, stated the
the crowd to disperse, or a single
word of warning, fired a volley from
behind into the crowd, killing live
children between the ages often anil
thirteen, aud severely wounding tour
men and two women. One man died.
������    if
Trees and Crops
Difference in  Precipitation   Between
Treeless  Sections  and   Where
More Timber Grows
As one  result of  this year
in   the   drying   out  ami   drifting
! rookie,    placidly    rocking    back and
forth on thc porch of thc  hotel.
"I'm a bachelor," confessed thc
rookie in well satisfied tones, "and
at present 1 rejoice in the fact. War
has given the unmarried man some
of thc prestige which he lacked in
times of peace. Ordinarily the
bachelor is tolerated for what he
may become rather than for what
he is . Mothers would not welcome
him into society nor girls take pleasure in his company if it were
thought that he would always remain
a bachelor. The hope of converting
him into a married man furnishes
one of the main incentives of all social  activities.
"'[  intend  to  wed after  tlie  war,  oi
i course,"  continued    the    rookie,  "for
and! us      the      hopes    of    fond mothers
liim-pi'c  disappointed,   thc    bachelor    he-
work- i comes  more and  more, a misiit in  a
world  which  prides   itself  on   finding
an     exactly  shaped  corner   for   every
cue  of its  inhabitants  who  is   worth
troubling  about.
"l-'or certain adventures the bachelor can  be depended upon  for  dash
  and enthusiasm," thc rookie affirmed,
j "bnt for the steady, monotonous
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot be Cured i grind of everyday life he is inferior
by local applications as tliey csnaot reach ( to the benedict. Summed tip," the
tlie diseased portion of the ear. There is j rookie concluded thc argument with
only one way to cure catarrhal Jeaincss, and j a flourish, "civic progress relies
that is by a constitutional remedy. Catarrhal
Deafness  is  caused  by  an  inHamcd  condition
In Happy Germany
Tlie increase of criminality demonstrates the demoralization brought
by the war, whieh is described by
fools as a rejuvenating bath. Self-
sacrifice and patriotism perhaps arc
still found in tlie trenches, but in
tlie invaded regions looting begins j
lo rear its head, culminating at home j
in the most rcpulr-ivc profit-snatch-|
Kv< rybody cheats, steals
gratis, from jailbird to court
berhiiu. who cheats the needy
ei at home out of his scanty earnings ami pockets millions���and the
longer the war lasts th.e worse it becomes. ��� from a speech in the
Keichstag by Hraun, a Socialist Pcp-
Autocratic Prussians
German  Officer Is Not a Gentleman,
by  Instinct
of   western   soil
most  promising
writing of the battle, at Vimy
e.\]ier- N'dg<-\ 1-ieut. Andrew M. Naismith
describes an incident that suggests
seeded under the'1'10 sorl oi' autocratic domination
conditions, attention j *'���"* t"<* military cast of Germany
js being directed as never before to|st'ck t0 impose upon the world,
the question of tree planting on the About two hundred and fifty Ger-
prairics, says the Toronto" Globe, i nia"s were captured, he says���typica'
The fact that the greatest losses in
crops   have   been   sustained   on   tree-!1'10
less   plains   and   that   the   best   crops j handful   ol   officers.    When   I  had  a
wooded   cotimrv   to     the rchance I went to look them over.
had just
j infantrymen     who  had been  through
usual     Prussian   training-,  and  a
principally  upon  the  man   whose in
oi the mucous lining bt the Eustachian Tube. , terests carry over into the  next gen
When  this  tube  is inflamed you  hire a rumbling  sound   or  imperfect  hearing,   <md   when
it  is  entirely   closed,   Deafness   is   tne  result.
Unless thc iiillair.malioi: can be reduced and
this tube restored to its normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever. Many [
cases of deafness are caused by catarrh,
which is an inflamed condition of tlie mucous
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure acts through
the blood ou the mucous surfaces ?; thc system.
We will give One Hundred Doll.it s lor any
case of Catarrhal Deafness ti:nt cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Circulats
free.     All   Drugc'sts,   75c.
F.   J.  CilKNEY  & CO..  Toledo,  Gt*��s
arc in the wooded coiimi-y
north, furnishes an object le
cannot  be ignored.
In one of Alimik's letters, published in the Globe on May 8, attention was drawn to the difference in
precipitation, over a period of years,
between the treeless sections of thc
west and those in which there is
more or less timber growth. Lessons based on these facts have since
been driven home by Pr. \V. \V.
Andrews of Regina ami Secretary
Musstlman of the Saskatchewan
Grain   Growers'  Association.
It  is   of  the   most   vital  importance
that   the   matter  shall   not   en<
discussion,   but   lhat   practical
be  taken.    As pointed i_��ut iii Jhe X'X
ter -of "��� r/Vliiiiik.  'already:; referfeii ���" Xtiy
'��� the; planting::: Pf ���;���';>���'..'i)iiy\\.A'. Pi;xlimber:'
: around7/ some 'of '  the Awes tern , -sand;
; plains, './it cattle;':AyereV.;ih'i}:t.:;:6u.t/.'^v:b\iTd'
' Soon7-cause ^tlve^rcs^cdiiVg-'p't.iility'^iVr';
A Aire 'block;r;eiictciscd'i'r:7.Ti:oes';:'jivttf;licit;
of such slb\AgrP\vtli las generallylbcA
:;rlievGdv;r r :0nc: blocki'Xi 'Sctitcli :junp,'
��� planted:::: si7x/; y ears ^-ago r: Avith iii C fifty
Aniiles:. .| 0.'f:. ::.i-<> p,pti:tp,;:.,''-''vy ilii'' ������.'������'������"������.'���'.trie�� s'���';. .������., _i>Q.:
;:���': larger::;; than7 rtbinfitb: ^latitSrKvlfetv' set
: but, ris   now.���'-���caverod : with ia/   dense
:-,grow;tll .Averaging A^
A:' /This is hot it, Ana iter,; ho\vevcf,l that
���"..:can; safely: ;bc Tefi ��� t6;Aiiidividual  Ae-I
7r:::aibfiV,::r-:'7:7^G.b-bp.erafibnr7'.';;by x,.' proyiitciril:
'Aind/dpitiiiiiph  gpyeriittienlSrls: ciillfcci:
/IpiA/aiid 'that co-pP^ratibH/cainiotr^bc-
: ^giiil'top '���'-.spon.A-This-, j^;pnp^wqv>c"!.;iiti
:;7 \vliicli rrcturiieci7 sblciieirS^Anfderf-rpfbper.
,A .tli f efttio h,:' cpuld Asi^cUrcr p;r7ol .tysilrlcA X^A
XX c i Ai'.g'(; n'iivh'r'Cru.l il<iy r l.i Xy\.. XxyX iXXXyXlXy.x'i'X
It was mess time; they
started lo issue the bully beef and
biscuit. First they came to one or
thc oflicers, who looked like imperial
Prussia incarnate. Hc look his share
readily enough, but when he saw it
was the same food that his men
were getting he threw- it into thc
"Give     me    something better!"  he
said  insolently.
As ;i result, hc had nothing. A few
hours later 1. saw him again. His
hunger was beginning to get thc better of him. Another ration was be-
wilhiing given to his men, ancl he was
iction ! Retting nothing. What did hc do?
I;l'e went tq a private and held put
li'iS;. liaiuh; A
"Gjve; trie;' that! "he deni^iicled/A   :':
eiVlnsAfpoch ,':".'.''������
A: The officer turned: toAtnpthef ma:!U:
AHerrgpt Avhat :he::dcmahdeld,rand put:
it::iii:t07 'his 'packet:for .Tuture'r-emer-
gciicy.v;Eacing arihircl, herdetnahcled
.anclireceiyecl hisr fatiqnsyralso; Vthen;
turning, oil liisAhcels>':'; Aie:;:went\away
"Grey Day"
When Britain's Entry Into the War
Took Place
Several correspondents have written to Thc Sun on the subject of
England's day, which will bc celebrated, we believe, with appropriate
services next Sunday. ' Vet this very-
day is an anniversary upon which
every Kuglishinau must look with
pn'de. It was on July 30, four years
ago,  that  Great Britain  made its  rc-
eration and arc not confined to his
corporeal welfare. But in war the
demand is not for men who havc
found their places in the world but
for those who havc not."��� From tlie
Ontario Post.
Mother Knew
Little Girl (before statue in museum)���Mamma, \v!io"s this?
Attendant (after a pause)���That's
Mercury, thc messenger of the gods.
You havc read about him, no doubt.
Mother���Of course she has. But,
do you know, my little girl lias such
a very poor memory lor Scripture.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Changes in Country Life
The Future Is With the Tiller of the
Tlie present era of high prices ol
foodstuffs recalls the days of thc
"Rposhun" war of 1854-5, when wheat
was $3 per bushel, and farmers in
Ontario rolled in wealth. But thc
high prices of today apply to all products, and the world's cry is for
"more, more." The farmer has to
pay more for what he buys, especially for labor (when hc can gel it) but
this increase will take only a portion
of liis added earnings. Machinery is
being used more extensively to replace hand aud horse power, and the
whole work of the farm is being
made more systematic.
These changes for the better began before the war, but for a much
longer period���in the seventies,_ the
eighties, and the nineties���the farmer had a hard row to hoc. Though
he might be a proprietor, hc barely
made wages. Now the mortgages
arc going out and comforts aud conveniences which have been the monopoly of the. townsman or city dweller, arc coming in. The telephone,
the rural mail delivery, the daily
newspaper, and the automobile arc
revolutionizing country life. Jn many
districts electricity is at the fanner's
service. The automobile is multiplying on the sidelines al an astonishing
rale, and playing an increasing part
ii; farm pleasures and farm economics. A recent visitor to Bruce county
noted a paragraph in a Walkerton
lnap-^r recording llic. purchase of seven automobiles by farmers in one
neighborhood. In a village on Sunday hc saw a string of automobiles
outside thc church, where formerly
thc  horses   stood.
There need bc no envy of the
larmers' prosperity and comfort,
which are long overdue. Anything
that makes the country more attractive is a national gain, aud the benc-
f.ts will reach all classes. One of
thc problems has been to keep ambitious ancl energetic youths on thc
farm. The improvements and amenities which are surrounding them will
go far to reconcile them to the call-
nig of their fathers. Thinking people and welfare workers arc turning
lhcir thoughts increasingly to rural
questions. The future is with the
tiller of thc soil. The war has
thrown into relief his unique security
ancl independence. For many ycars
thc world will bc short of food while
Europe repairs thc ravages of battle.
There is no career which offers such
certainty as lhe husbandman.���Toronto Globe.
NO TAXES are levied on youv msurance s
Investments. Be advised. Write for 5
pamphlet to-day. E
(Agents Wanted in ��� Unrepresented Districts)
MiM&&&d  &&mi
Sea Gulls
Observer    Tells    About    Habits
These  Interesting Birds
"How many people know, even
those living on the coast and within
smell of salt water, lhat there      are
ply    to    thc    impossible proposals of. sonic   twenty   different  species and
Germany:  that England  stand    aside j sub-species of seagulls?" asks The
and  let  thc  brute have  its  way.    In | Marine Journal,  which  goes 'on to
all England's history there is nothing clearer or cleaner than thc answer sent by Sir Edward Grey to Berlin :
:; A'Elis : Majesty's gcivernuleiU rcannpt
for :a-;':iii'ahi'.eiitA:\,:;tJh'tcrtsiiri:::tli.eA''c.han;-
"!\"ot all, however, confine themselves to the sea, but because of their
gluttonous  appetites   are  found    ..far
iii land,; going AvhercverTood offers. It
is most amusing to vyatch. these birds
For Frost Bites and Chilblains.���
Chilblains come from undue exposure to slush and cold and frost-bite
from thc icy winds of winter. In thc
treatment of either there is 110 better preparation than Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil, as it counteracts Uie iu-
fir.mmation and relieves the pain. The
action of the oil is instantaneous and
its  application   is   extremely   simple.
cellor's :pfpp6sal;:;thai   Aire
bind'-,-. tliemselycA lo iiieutralityr pii suchiitAfbrcverdhrthe lookout for.tiii wary
toi-m?A:i.r/'     'i-XXyX-Xy y :;:.^..nsli^tliat;'c7biii^ sur^
7:''\y:halAhe Aslys' us^
cng;tgc to:; siaird   AjV \v;liile     ErciicjiA^
CPlpnies arc :>l;ilvcu >;;;urcl:: rFnu^
beaten, so long as Germanv; does.AJ.it 1 Their flight' is  exceedingly swift and
takp French iefritofy asAlisU'iet iroiViApowcrfuli "an:d; at Aiincs thcy seem to
7 r AT h ef G r.:7r'.is Ar n oH 7A
r fl ight7rAp';'SAdney Ahe.jjigr :;itiad:e'r'iotiiAV-|:
A-6w;iif A��hc^:7gbVcrnih3.;n tA
rworth rwhiic' toA^akc^'tlforexpcriniCtt^:
ihfArsiys:,. ���' w: Ould"; tteAI-ondph iy i._t (iMafe
Minafd'isf T.inriiidnf /CoAr Limited.:!::
: A:Gcn.l��,^-AA: 'C'listpmer Of  purs7 purcd
it.':Are:ry.:;:;hM;:;:.'ie.ase:''rpf.:;': di'steihper''7;'inr:?':a:j'
valuable AhorsCA-bvA the A use 'of  MIA]
';::,>;-A>:;i7:'r"l':^^:'0'iTrs^:tftyi\^'r.:'.--:rr;:r' 7r7Arrr',"'.'^-:.rA.-v".:::r
the-;:COld.nl.esi' \ Xyy-y...:--
iXixVyomX. ;the_ inatefi?tl point of yicw7
such 'it: proposal:; is itnitcceptable; ���.������'ior
Fritnciv,rAvitlioitt rftifth.errr'terTitbry- iit
Eui-ppc; being taken ''.froni; her, could
be"sp crusiiedras :to;)lpse,:hef position;
as'a' great "power;:; rairdrbecpniq ���.'���sii'.b-.
cfrbr.t.A'A :X--:'xXi
Xyll ;^
for At ivsrli, aii di upon coming; to the
siirfacc,7.befpre. liergctsiiisvl>cafhvgs a
gtrn;;ivili' grab liis prizCr-ahd^carrjr; it
! AsvivywX.A 'gullAyill:carry a clamr:high
"'AltdgcthcrrrtipaTt rrfrpnr;: tha^
wpUlcV-bcr adisgrtVce for:,;u&r:t
':;suineAy%i.rAln��6yh^ _
.;;A SuUo.r^W.ell:erti;A
JMa^ fe x a
XiixiixXixXxisinAiiCo^<^^i X:
X: FrPmdrit;0.~*'I#aspassinigthFotjgh
the critical period o| Jife, being forty-
sue years of age ahd
had ajlAthe symp-
change���heiat flash^
es, nervpusnesS, Shd
was in a genpiral run
dbwri conditionVXo
it was hard for me
to do ttif work.
Lydia E: ftnkharri^
V e g e t a b 1 e" C o: ni -
pound. was: ��� reeomA
mended to me as tiie
besfcTemedy for my
jwXOW^.: Iff&im
���"-���"';..���' ��>* ' -.,
;X.x-x '���;..:;;'������; .*���.    >,.
xx; X r, y ;Ga.fctl.e7; ''at; i ^irinipegvr ���; Xiy'XxiXX
,cl)o;i cC:'.:r'iyputvg:|r:fibi)ialp;5. h'tjcGdingrrrcatticr
ifiidiilyridcplcteClLr: pfAfofindation7; stSck
rgppd \ !supp7ly��� '��� XXXX:cfedA���: /ancf Tit,'. cither
'eases io; plaeci the pattle witli livfni^
���ers A:h6r; haver feed;, but ;ire not iri; a
ppisitioif tor bii;y; ;afidAhityci��� thein fed
At ii ::pri;cer pet Jt-eatl7 d'titirig: the: A\viti-
toii    I;t  is  esjtiihaieci that rshipiiietils
Apr the  \Viii:uipeg;   Diarkct willAVgjjrc-
:g;i:te  3K;)j0p0  lieiid,  tihd ...that.   33  pcf
reenA of  these AVrill be  fbniifle stock,
;A;f Avliieli froin  twAnt* ���   10      thirty
jtllonsaiTcl '���: will: 'be  of r. therrtypt: ���vvlii.cl'i:
iVAiilsL l);e';:lvcrpt;::iu fherrcptiivtry..
this A bargain7; ;Avith;;;Geriiiany ;it aIh:;
Avhi'c li A Ije; ^ppd'iitriinc:7 pf :;;t:|ii;S:: ccjnii try,:
iXxXX^XiXXXXXc]lpr-also riit7efftrct Asksr
lisXyp.:.';:barga.i.n;;;A\riiy' wdiatcvcr-obli.g;B
tioii'rOr:; in teres t ;7A::c:;;li:iyc;:;;;a;sr:fe;gai*d:S;
t lrte.-'-.-ii P W.t.y iilit'5^-:;^ t-t-'B-vl^wiiii^ ..iAM.cr- 't'0'iti.icL'.
Our Friend, the Dog
At the  Front They are  Doing   War
Work of Undeniable Value
A wrathful correspondent of The
Ad ail and liuipire, suggests that dogs
ought to be; killed off in wartime or
else -such ;:a stiff fax r imposed ;; jtippn
tlieir pwncrs'as: greatly to reduce the
dog:: populatiom A SiinilarAVahti-dog
views have; been expressed since; the
war in England. Only the;other day
Eord Claud Hainilton ��� said that; ppt
dogs:rare a iiuisaiice ;and: that rif r he
had liis way he would ''slaugliter all
the: Pekingese dpgs itv tlie Aeotfntry,
and liayc: t iicmriiiade; iii to meat pics."
lypt; lohgAigo;:Puncdi. Presented'a pier
grociilting an A equally tough-looking,
biill; terrier, Ayhilc a cui;atc addressed
ltiih:aS;fpllows:r''Dpn'tVj'ou ;think^niy
good ���man,, that/ ���''iiiy'r\>\^i:;'''\'tinic.';^yoii:'
rwould ;i)e;bettef:.(;iiiplOyqd;rin:; keeping:
���;t;: tiseful' an; nial,;;ar pig, r for ins lance?"
'xahdra ��� nice fool:;:iHi-.;*l.b;ok'V'gbiii?\:'rat-;
ilii':.: with;7a. ,pig." ;7rPrppp;sals: tp AileS;-
t rpy. dogs flre; f o 11 lid cd r;i t li c i-.; 011 per-'
spnal'���':prejudice: pr Agthpraiicc than; on
a cohsidcirafioii : 6f; fhc advantages to;
Xyii gained���.; by ;; their:;; rcxtcrittination.
...  ,.... ......     The Aisserlibii that': > thcy A -'consume
X?P���rAc-henrtrca^cd rwrithrHpUo^
i-iXiXXiiXXiyXxlyX X:XiiXl.:i-:x::i':.xXXiXiXi'ii'-iiiXxXndX:iQdd$:XntiX
Xx 'Butter-Output-Doubled7:-^
'X'Xxyy, XiyyX i'i :A^A ���;���:.; }���:.:'������������.������: ���r:rx,'-:'V'',A;:.;'-.'4''-tlie:':;H
Genfrii:'faiid7;Worthern' Siaskatchewanr
Many women look olderthan thekyear
largely because theydo not take propes
care of their complexions. Ingram's
Milkweed Cream will keep you looking
youneer than you are. It keeps the complexion clear and colorful. It keeut tbe (kin
soft and1 in a healthy condition because it
has ad isti net ivc therapeutic effect. I ttoncsup
thedelicateslin tissues. Twoslies, 50c and$l.
For shininess of the nose and forehead try
Incram's Velveola Souveraine Face Powder.
It is so fine and delicate in texture that you
can scarcely detect it yet it stays on and
effectually conceals the minor Imperfections
of complexion and hides perspiration, 50c. A
full line of Incram's toilet products including Zodenta for the teeth, Mc, is at your
A Picture
with Each Purchase
Each time you buy a package of Ingram's
Toilet aids or P.erfume your druggist will
give you,without charge, a large portrait of a.
world-famed motion picture actress. Each
time you gctadiflerentportraitsoyournake a
collection for your home. Ask yourdruggist-
F. F. Ingram Co., Windsor, Ontario     (44)
beiik.'���'���������A;��7rscaye:ngers, three gulls.arc;
said: lp;::bcr;��[iialA^ leu
AndAvyerer'thcy;;not:prptpetcd ��� by"_ 1 a\vs
AnvAiiVaniiei-' in; manj< states
:'r.'r :r.'rr7.;r;:ih g:.:':Areas^in7 ;;We5t7'i.r7 V
theAclairy iirduStrvArrThcrwcatli
ilii: ;:rsles::::WOiild;; hot ������provide7;'"aAshigle
;M:ltt:is:r:triic:Ah:atr;dpgs freciueivtiy'lvill
sli'ccp^b'nCthc^ralsprkill;7cats"ahd rats
aiidvAluis; help ;t&fsqtiarc;rtlieraccpuht_
A.:: (ilrpl t'i-;v;T ft f ;f P t ti'1 i f :i^
t'rpiilj l.eA tl i it t ��� rppi ii es-'rb i'i Asiidde n 1 y;';.;es-;:
^^Vj>' ?  R^V1 ATak!GtS^^  ^
^pdicine;;;!!^ Ayardiiig;.p)f ;rtln
-c.n:i;the;S:t,onuic1i: r1^1"^
fberdrea<te4:s^^ "' "    "'
:<$jph;uvi^;thii;ni/;.A!T^^ 'i.i;XXix;xxyyxy'xxy-:
A Significant Movement
Labor to Demand a Larger Share of
the  Gains of Industry
One of the significant movements
of the times was recently inaugurated by thc Standard Oil company of
New Jersey. It consists of a plan
whereby thc employees of that organization arc hereafter to have a
direct voice -in its affairs so far as
they relate to the conditions of labor.
It doubtless means that hercaftcr
the corporation in question will not
automatically decide these questions
without hearing ihe opinions of their
employees and giving due regard to
them. Five years ago this would have
been dismissed as a "purely academic question." It cannot be so
readily disposed of now, for nothing
is surer than that labor is going _ to
demand a larger share of the gains
of industry and a greater voice in its
direction. It seems reasonably sure
lhat such demand cannot bc resisted. In fact, thc action of the Standard Oil company of Ncw Jersey
would seem to anticipate this demand
by making voluntary concession to
If this great problem is worked
out with patience and goodwill, we
shall preserve what is worthy in our
present system while at the same
lime so liberalizing our industrial
economy as to avoid thc costly struggles which', in the past, have been all
too frequent.���Elmer A. Yotingman
in  the  Bankers' Magazine.
No foolishness f Lift your corns
and calluses off with fingers
���It's like  magic 1
Sore corns, hard cprns> soft corns
or; any kind of a cprn, can harmlessly
be lifted right Out with the fingers if;
you apply uppri the corn a few drops
of freezonc*. says a '..'Cincinnati authoi-
A For little cost One can get a small
bottle of freezone at; any drug store,
\vliich will pbsitivcly rid one's feet bi
every corn or callus vyiihput pain.
This; simple dinfg; dries the moment
it is applied and: docs; not': even irrir
tate theAsurroiindingskin: vvhilc ap-
I>1 yiiig r it of/, aftcrvyards.;.. A
This  announcement A will   ri
n:any of pUi- readers.; If your druggist hasn't any ''frcezone tell him to
t-ureljr get a sihall bottle for you fiorii
In Their Own Coin
Terrible      Nemesis    Awaiting
Many a German Soldier
It is pretty certain that the German
higher command, when it instituted
poisonous gasses as weapons of war,
lacked vision to foresee the terrible
nemesis awaiting many a German
soldier. The composition of many
of the gases iu use is a secret known
only to a few. This mode of action
is also often mysterious to the uninitiated. But every now and then the
veil is lifted and a glimpse is given
of thc uncanny horrors of gas warfare. At a meeting of the Hamburg
Medical Society an army surgeon recently gave an account of the effects
on German soldiers of an unknown
gas used on the western front. This
gas was invisible, tasted sweet, and
smclled musty. It was liberated by
the explosion of gas bombs, and was
so insidious and rapid in its action
that in many cases there was no
time to put on a gas mask. In a few
minutes its victims had died, convulsed. Others wdio escaped instant death were unconscious for
several hours or even days. One
man became insane, another paralyzed. And, most eerie of all, no trace
could be found of any chemical poison in the bodies of these victims to
the unknown gas.
Hunger Stone is Now Visible
The famous "hunger stone" in die
River Kibe, near Tetschen, which,
according to popular belief in Germany, predicts a famine when seen,'
is now visible for the first time since
the beginning of the war.
/The: stone lies in the bed of the
river, and has never been_ visible
save at /exceptionally low tide. On
the stone;is chiselled in old German:
"VVhen yc See me,,yc will wqep."
XyKXyxXX; ./Pat/Knew':: ^a/A'Aa
Aii"Irish peasant had taken his
wife for the day to Dublin. _In one
of the ; shop windows the Avifc saw
sbnie rubber- gloves; for sale. "Pat,"
shesaid, "what Avould be the use of
them  things,  at aU. at; all?"iyi-ii
'"VVhist.Aycblockhcaid!'' replied her
husiband. t'Don't let '���anyone hear ye
ask;thatr Don't ycknbw theni is/for;
-washing- ypur; hands without wettin'
the Skin?" r7/.:v
1-'it.bl:e t s. ��� ">s'rt^ fc.Hv '-'.tl i^Avlif b-.::'...;:o;f'';.- ;e>iif ;'���- 'bii'^y-
W-licif ����� liA had oil of e ra Aiif afif fj in; A'aii'jd.
T'^voiildriipt: Xjy-A^tlibiitV'ili^iji:":: The
TablefS: arc sold/by; niedieiiVC: dpalcAs'
>oi :b\- :ni��fil':rat^3''''i'WiW':a'r'I>QS;\^oni
The'���"' rife AVrilliaAis' '7 ^lediciiie ���fl-,
���IlApt-lvv'il:!A.,A'Sltr''' '
Farm  Help at Right Time
tsAuadian   fanner      do.cs    not
Playing :.��afe;
-  In  the ViVidling list fur A :<';l;is:-i  ill/ a
uei'tajir JinliaiUtiJtAfs:  sehdri:!; A etc" -the
wpnb    'Aifigiiig"   ,_  atid      'Aiifgiriiig."
'fiiv' cis-;-.' wa.s .iteked7 t'6; AAife   scii^
ttrnircrs   'l'is.ii'ig   fitese   words
v��r;m:t gifts next Christinas,  fl c AVahtsltiiat rfeey kiievAtfce    rCirrect nieaitiug
jielp foi' the harvest, and harvest timei af   cvieh.       fViie  little   fellow    A\:i'c>.ie;
Avill be��� ���so.Ott.    12,(300 iiicn ifre needed A'Thc   Ifaliuiis  are a  singing    nation,
for On'tario, ;12;000 in Quebec, l:Q;0f>0 i '1 her allies  will soon be' singeing 'the/
iii AlaiiitQbvv,: 2(WX:W "in ^askatelicrw;in;,.|:fjeard   of Abe   kaiser."    With  sidewise
'.'^'Opij- in Alberta;, aifd 'S,?iW.u\ British7; gkUfees-\m���'.Vviit'clitil the teaclier mflrk
t_*pliin)bia,    Xew ilruiisA'itlc .need's all
pf'.her pwn'Aiieii sire. eait. enlist, Atficl
li fi s' -lioiie ���������to:. Jp;i|-e." '...: 'NQVa'-. Scotia
|r{yAii;/;iJcjr.cipe'r'iiliyt /C^iciiiucri'!b^ftt;:;tlljj;
i'iiprlji^iriir,;)?;!!:!;/cif tlic;rrj)rpvilii7.Ai:epbrf
'f; .ou't J^iri.'s-' :-.?.o l"''" -I > iVt t:<c:r'' V.; iiisi'; '.K r.c i��"t'i:v.:.'f p,:r..-: ^-/AtlXci::
;';.p;i;r(t'>>:iKr;;ii:i;b'uf;hs';;;p:f:. 'i^l&SasAfor/A'thc;:
jA*'heih: ���btv'?3:p:i7>... /.Kfcquctit:>;an.'d/ rlfcayy
!->T:ip..\\-f?rs:,:; \\^t t ji*.. Ayii.'i;i iii '.vft'.rcJ,>v.i u sf' /i^i'iTi-'o.cl.St
;7li;ive stiiliiiliiKAl;/.JfrQcliicfiiMU ;iii<! rt;l)A
rgb<v:(l: jAices. rprpvailing, witii Aii r ;ifi-:
}. tr i B c\ gi w\-X i ilfcjj1. .;?3i f p; r bcaA i s;' of a b t it-.:
'd'XX AT li ey;;<-;irry:-:..':fn'eAsagps/ '.f rpi tiX.t lief.
1 trV' ii cl i:es:; :t oxi) i e a clyiufr t c Irs ���.: iii-; 11 ;i;c At e a jiy
llfx-y rlbcafe'���;;thc :\vbiii)de;d:ly;iiig/:iii:;:rXq
'���iV!.:ii''n,>f :',;';i 1 i o lis- :i in tl;s.-/: .'litp.'f-.'���'���' :-.'::;'i i "oij t c> s? P'.!^'';'""- ���"��� ��'*> l-
���iAe';iS).!!;g/'nit!U'be.f'rpf:.'   ^^tle^^.^Anitr  .,,.���.,_,._..__...  ,...,_.....,....,. . ........,.,.,,vc.
jiiAi-itrr./' ''sl^iljlo;7'     if;irIiii<ij^    :.r''"b,1d'i:iittn.3:|d:ieT.s7^:;':;^;77pXPP^
Ahich  pruiubte fiefiiiitiieuAy;'rii'rirAAi'tliis Ashbtii; arsi ''seiisilvle '.aS/At",prpp;b:sAlAr::tb'';lA""'
chief .fist-tbrs; in :Anakliig;*eciifral  ���a'ndA;:;rbc)hsii:;ifephre\vsv :aiid: has'valibiffr/- At5
liortherii   S^katAh'tAvaTi   bherof      :the:i:i!:t'i,0li'r^liaprb;:,wfr rSiiPtci'diiigr'rATpi-pU^
:S:iii>\v i;grfai diiiry fariniiig areas, i ti '\V-C^frf ii:f ;tp::;\l aii .'iiiid; -KnipiiAA \ ���
Canada:. .���.���'-'��� ,v't-.-���/.'.���!A-. A:/     ,':;;���.'���:'���:'.'"'���'������'-':-/ ��� ���.'��� .'-"/';���'
��� Ins paper and .iiuiidly a;Sked
ritjUf XX ..Xi Vv-s.''AsJA;.
i ka-i'S'iAr-. liAs iKri/rbcaird;' 1)
inerecis   a
uer   own
J Vi ue- e..- J Al ward ��� 'jlv
'tivd/AAF fclpr
toes ri.ic'F
A'lave-lp:: V-.oii:i(>.- frPin/rther'tAwifs/i-and
j e it ]��/<,'.arpjl.. th e 'tiUA;. ;t prniaker rarranger-
���InA'riitsAs: pyvX'XyXiy;Xxyxx;yxyyixyyyyiyXX'i
troublesy' which '.'.it'll -ii:XXXX'X:��� X'~r~--1, .i.. iXXXX^XXXyXy- -..-
X. surely proved: to foe.   I feel better/and :��� j.'.xXXXXXvTottle's/'Conclusiph"';^
���;'A;7str��>!igef in every way- since talting it;.";|"/:/Ajrvvo" ki:diiiriv-'Ave-^o/:loo'kiti^-r.''iii"":A!:i^-;
Alr-and the ftnnoying Symptoms.ha^di^A^
:���������������) ;peargd^/-^Ir^r.MA.^|>ENA.9^
���;.,.; wpolepn-5't.-, ��remont.AJiuc).   ������ ���-���;--xx-xyx-'����� y^\fixviytiXXo)otx\io\X]XXXT'nX<y
....: -IHueh: Amndyiivg ��� si-rriptons:. S3:���; KeaXX :jj];��i"e {ot,- iAfnat^dlA A���ilXXyXXXX
���/\/:fiafehS3V--n��TV0U8A?ss,/:bacfc.ache,,..^ A!i'./A:Aj;ilv:i;
';Ar6d?:e;Arri:t��^ :.li"X:-X
.'"'.iX' .���:t)e/.;^p.etdll^;^6i>ife*rpTrief-' aj;'4."..'-t-b e.-. ,sy-.s.tem'';A;';''v/-''''':-.".';'.''....*:, .'.������'���':?./ AAiA^l- XxX^XXxx -XX'-ii
;A;,\res't'��^d/tcfl:.'n'Qn7iai;7^ '���:
iXXyfrXftxXkiraGX'RvXfc iXi.xX.:Xi:
!"A/pink'h'am?$r-\r:^ X;::';i.- iX ��� XX'' AA
.,r>��Vfercc>iri* AthernAr/JAeAiie stilt XQfxfnr!iy:xyxXxyyy
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���lAt-Aperll: lit.
Is: it nil
lid, ."but the
v hay a JUoiis^
kiiow/ XI /kiipw,7 but I
i iiiy paper, aud I eoiild-
stach.(.:���.."���^'I'lw: Ampniuu.
one, ���������
: GpHsefyativc'r
Xi X;'::���/������ Aoj'Av^A1
.'������&, xyXxXi-iyXf
iXg Xiixyxy. x
rgc; ;   'prAviyedr
'|>eaf1si, '-X'X.
'- ft;:'e/'A'!:Kt:l;{gi'vA:^':
:it:Sf j.f/ ;;6.w'jy;"
. W;bmeh��� and . Asthnia^;. WbnHai: :;frp
iniinbefed: ainoiig��� /ther'stiifferci-s' frpin
Last 11iiia ������Ji'V:'. iln: cpuntlesS;; tlioii^andS;
ilnevAry cliuiatc: t|i_vy will he fbufid,
Mielpless" ill tlrergrip of this:' iA;l<Mi%PS
i ilisease "iiiilpss Atliey ha^e rivailcd
���j tlieniselves PI the proper ryiiiedy'-. Di".
j ;f./1)X KeflpsTg's Asthuia Kcnirfjy 'hits
i bt'iniiiht .'new hppb ;i'iid' life to' liiaiiy
iwiveli.-.- .'lAfttini:oiii;vl^, sent; enlirrrly
i Kiili.otit soHcitatioii. sho:\V the riipr-
I if,ohs:- benefit, it 'has AToncrhl: ��� ;nuwiig
:.-)���Sv'.oni.'p'n���'.'.evervwhereC .   ,-.."        .-.   -y;.
To  Convince;the Germart Peipple  of
���:A:s'/A;'the/Nature 'bf ::the*'CiOnflict,;::'r:':���.'7':',''���
are; 7s'c;arcely:;lcnoiigii;:; -inA tlieniselvcs.
\VliatAyOuidAbe so hifihitcly valuable.
evcn;as: a firiercr war nieasiirc,   ^otild
he rtbTdccrlGcriiiaiiy:' with- tlie/acbomj
lics^inbdest'as/ifs.l :dcsigii; iii Ithcrfirst
iiatfii-eIrpif' the/:cbiiflic
:thyXc:it hplic /i<l;e;d.'; it;wpuIdr{sivii't put
iibliiiitibiircxcppt/bli'c/ fliat/rrcfti'sedrtp
��� wbti I cl :���;���;! liakci; ������',' ii liiiii ri I e A;ef lisa I r yn early
:\ye:ippji:riyhi<di;rth:e:,: -allies'; ��� coin man cl:
.1'. '-ryv; li, iri )'���:*; Aii rc'.pl v:/Al- ��i v l7^' :>:'^'01' i/t i v7 at��l e.
military ���' ���:':.V-.i:'C': *:''0 r.i;'.:-'^ i?i V��f l-'ii.' f:.v/i .1. vci ;��� ':>':��-:. r.>?:'-.. Ip tt 15
rtui'layailrrtb ;5iiiitt;eK--l-Ailf!p,!ir:rlMily
r^e.wsA. ��� xy /"���;/'     .ylXXXliXy
Stiiderits on the Earm  Is .    Killing   tlie Breeding rStpck A;   A
frollcsc: students, piirticiiiariy Vtliose:;:::x4 hXX^iX0** 'W.W" ^X^X��iM
*vi��i:liav^ M
inir,^libuld:plan   tlic-ir vacatiQii^
year ��� hclpiiis - ' vvi'tli: :, tlie': /' liarvAsf: Abegmmnsf ������ ot; th<r -rwar,:/- .;4f)^ ,:pt
Tliiiiirs" :arc:7sb  seribus- this: Aear /that
this: .
eaiv. well   fbrpgip  their  in-'iial-ys-.
11   cariiPcl   thPiigli   it   be,-  to
tB;pys//and:/^iris,rrPig' ,Clubs/;Popu3ai:.
f.AvOfAall-Ahe lUoyeihents'Ailiat;-'-;'arc
tp akin g;- far 111:1 i i c i. hi o re ri n t e t c s ti n g'. t b
childrenI'iione 'iirp :hiore.;pppj}Iar- tlian
forrifcrd .������thrbwg^l^l'i'e^'^jt'r^gi^irjje'
provitvees, pf/ Cariada:/;''Sbrji?eti,iii^sth0v
childfeh/Are:; fihan;i;ed. by^thei'r I; par-
���le.ni'jv. 'ih; .XihyrXyXsyXiXiiXx-oylpriRli cd-P~:
'bu-Ahc Aiiildrchrls"/notes/���; ;t':efi:il/;cbs\s}
IVjifiiii .1i'tt|'clr:by//.��'bf)Hpe:;;ii;''';
iiaxy. ���):icioAvldb'e'sx'ri'dX; Xxe t'lip'fti;���.:1 oifglr
?:nd/::spph i\i\i.kf:''X0cX?:'- ^a'alncierpf'-cash"'
XXi'iXXri ��� XrediiyXhy sides' ;a.'' .'J5.ncA!b.t,' of I
j'S; rihA'tile/'pS'StUPeV
ot; th:(r-/wai.::;A;4Qvto ipf tlie
pgs: iii rKralicc ;lv;tyc llPAri ;killcdt;:aild:
SXl'/'o"Arif the 'sheep; Tt'is; eAliniatexl: by
Froiicli ptTieitflS Ithat/: I-'irehch;;:; .��� live;
iSlpck: cainiot lie rAstored: tp tlie :pre<
Arajp 'basis iiiilil -froni iiye; to/ten 'ycAfe
after the  \vat*��A ;-
^Potash jJiscbyered iii Arlbeirta A /;;
:'XXx- pPtentilil. fftSPhref s rpf ������^'c.-tcjii
���C':fiv';i'ci.;i iti;e- iiiV;slii: 1 A:l>IA/   AVyrieufhire,
fiiiiting,,.. !iiinb<*ring . ;ind!  iu.'.ny--. i. pilfer
iiidu;vlries are all niefely .ill thpir initial: Stages, and the future will see an
jlniineiise  dfiyclopmefli.;- /V,,disePvefy
; pii far-reaching:: iiiipOTtanCe is.'reports
. ed ..to; liayc been made near .Czar,;; /Vh;
:;hei;ia/'rwficfC llafge,;;dj;pofeifs7;lpf pptasH
;:;;:r,rgA;rc|i;a;ri;cd;/A:b'/hayer;,'be:eiir  ���','found.
'I/relifiiinary'uiSchinefy: is af ready ,��� ;on:
jtlvi/r. ground.'^;pV'Si:iiike;;';Hi^:;r^iKcg_-sSi-y.
'fe;s't>;/ ;nid\ ;lith:pc>rfant;;/::develbpnien;ts'
' are rlopKed r f7'Al :,ih iXXX l;:ear;'Ailliire; ���.,'':"
Far ni' rEmRlpyrhefi't ;.Q'f gariiiafiphs;:
.'���"��� ���'- ;H^AUA:jVtA-\;:JA'c'A 'ill'������ Ca.iiat.l^;'--/Jia^Ai'ts
; 'O'/K 'ii iti "7.: Aip fi' .tpA n-fol f l ii pi & -v.:! vqX are
yiflir-g' Ip:
Jipeal IpfSlce
vC'IfiAp'rirlAhc:-rfplrraA''..' ���;.\'[ak.?i?
X<1.Xii���.���'i'if .,t:p;:'c.n, ���vti'tii. AbUf;
"!g^.H*'U'-L..J>i|>.     1 JiBffi&fiL.   JMtifiMWOa
i    "Let Us Be One People"
'Full    of
Determination     to
Through to the End
L'onlaii'   iio  liariiiJu!
boxes   by   mail
Douglas & Co., Napanee, Ont.
Substantial Homes
Rapid Growth of Wheat
What a- combination of good seed,
fertile soil, plenty of moisture and
right climate will do is shown in a
Baniple of wheat recently brought to
Edmonton, Alberta, from a farm
febout 20 miles northeast of lhat city.
'I'llis wheat was four feet long. It
was sown on -May 9th ancl cut on
July 15. Jt therefore made a growth
of forty-eight inches in sixty-seven
lays. This result is hard to beat
Are You Using* Wild Fruits ?
Fruit is going to be scarce this
ycar. Winter was hard on fruit
tiees and thc small fruits havc not
becen plentiful so far.' In England
thc crop for jam making is also reported short, and the soldiers require vast .quantities of jam. People
who live near wild berry patches
should "make a point of picking all
thcy can. Get thc children out in
the berry patch. Wild raspberry jam
and wild blueberry jam are two
great Canadian delicacies. Usc wild
fruit and there will bc more tame
fruit for thc canneries to ship as
jam   to the soldiers.
Small but Potent.���Parmclecs Vegetable Pills are small, but thcy are
effective in action. Their fine qualities as a corrector of stomach
troubles are known to thousands and
thcy arc in constant demand everywhere by those who know what a
safe and simple remedy they are.
They need no introduction to those
acquainted with them, but to- those
who may not know them tfyey are
presented as the best preparation on
the market for disorders of the
i I Ins is a country which has laced
I great crises in the past. Wc hear
.about l.tidendorlT's liainiiicr . blows.
! Hammer blows crack and crumble
poor material. Hammer blows h.ard-
' en and consolidate good metal,
j There  is   =;ood   ore  in   British   hearts.
At has stood the test of centuries; U iFarmers iSuilding
i will  stand   tins.    So   will   that   gallant- _.    . **
���people,     that    gallant     great    people
I across   the channel  who  arc  iightin.
I for  the   liberty  and  for the  honor  of ! g.-
I their native  land, and  who are  fight- j
'ing   without   flinching.     1   have     seen!
them.     1   never   saw  signs   of   waver- j
ing in  any  French  face.  (Cheers and ;
cries of "Bravo,  France!")  Thcy arc !
full of courage, full  of determination j
lo     fight    through  to  the  end,    and J
France is more united than ever.  So
is  Britain united.     Unity and  resolution  are   thc   two   qualities  we   need.
We    have    sunk our political   differences.  For the  moment we have put
those differences    on    one. side.    Wc
have bigger things to think about.   I
am  not despising the political     controversies of  the  past.  I  am the last
one  to  do  that.  1  have  taken  a fair
shaic iu them, and I have no doubt 1
enjoyed them as well as anybody. In
some form  or other  Ihey may  conic
again.     It  is  of  the very essence  of
freedom  that    wc    should have these
controversies;  but for    the    moment
wc  havc one  purpose.      In  ordinary
tiiuc.s you  fuss about      very      small
things;   and   those  small   things    arc
the  big things  cf life.    The  comfort
of  your  homes,  what  furniture    you
shall  have in  your  rooms  ,thc  color
of  the carpet,  what wall paper    you
shall have���there      are      discussions
about  them, and worries, and     perhaps  disputes.    But  when  you  hcar
that  a  dam  has burst  up thc  valley
and that a terrible and noisome flood
i.s devastating your neighbor's fields,
and destroying your neighbor's home,
and is coming  straight for you, you
forget all those things, and you rush
to   stem   the   torrent.    That  is   what
wc arc doing now, and wc havc done
it.    Wc shall do it again.    When we
have- done  it  \vc   shall  begin   again,
but  it  will- bc  with  different    problems, the  deluge    will    havc    swept
away landmarks, and there will    be
different ideals,  or rather  there  will
bc different methods of dealing with
them.    Meanwhile, let us be one people, one in name, one in resolution,
one in courage, one in resolve, never
to give in.    Let Britain stand like a
great  breakwater  against    this    torrent and, God willing, wc will break
it in  the  end.     (Loud  cheers).
LETS Stomach &
The Poor Got Coal
ilmirs.     25c  per box
on   receipt   of   St.00.
or  5
pa l-
gr.s   of  Prosperity  of  Farmers    in
Substantial Buildings
When travelling in the train
through Western Canada, one is
struck by the signs of prosperity of
thc farmers in the substantial buildings already erected and in course of
erection. Especially is this noticeable
on thc line of tltc Canadian Pacific
Railway between Calgary and Kd-
inoiiton, Alberta. All along the line
the bright looking farm houses and
spacious barns lend color to the bca-
ly of the landscape. Everywhere,
too, new buildings in the course of
construction arc to bc seen, notwithstanding thc fact that the cost of
lumber is somewhat high
present  lime.
By entering the lumber
themselves, fanners will,
soon be in a position to obtain lhcir
building material at most favorable
prices. One oi their large, cooperative associations expects shortly to
have in operation a large saw mill,
situated in thc heart of the lumbering country in British Columbia. This
mill will havc a capacity of 75,000
feel pcr clay, and it will soon bc turning out lumber in considerable quantities to supply thc farmers of thc
prairies. Thc lumber will bc supplied to agricultural users on thc cooperative plan, and it is thought that
farmers will be able to obtain their
supplies at a lower price than thcy
���have been paying. The new plant
comprises saw mills, planing mills,
lath ��� mills, and drying kilns, ancl is
one of the most up-to-date plants in
the  lumbering world.
al      the
, Wage  Earners  Able  to  Rid    Them-
; selves of the Fear of Winter
Coal Famine
{���    There   seems   lo  bc .one     firm
| coal   dealers   in     Canada     that
j serves   all   the   free  advertising
j riolic   newspapers  can   give  it.
(action   of   thc   Belleville,   Out.,
; shines   out   brightly   in   the   clays
j war  profiteering.     The  firm  in  ques-
��� lion  is presided over by  Capt.   YV.   li.
I Schuster,  who  has   served  two   years
jii1   France,     lie   saw   that   the    more
'.wealthy  of   the  citizens  of   Belleville {
! were   rushing   to   till   up   their   cellars
j villi  coal  while  the  poor  were     un-
1 able   to  do  so  by  reason   of  lack  of
the   necessary   money   for   the   necessary  winter  fuel.    Capt. Schuster set
aside   three  days  iu   which   he     sold
coal   only   to   those     whose      winter
needs  were  six  tons  or  less  and  he
took  often   the  guarantees     of    employers   that   thc  buyers     would   pay.
Many wives of soldiers    and      wage
earners   were   thus able  to  rid  themselves  of  the  fear of winter coal  famine and to get a partial supply that
will go  far to take thu terror out of
a   Canadian   winter.       Thc   wealthier
citizen was  not allowed to have any
coal   delivery     from     Capt.   Schuster
during those three clays.    The    small
consumer gels so little attention these
days that the action should be widely
commended���if not imitated in other
cities.    Few city councils are so progressive   as   to   tackle   thc    problems
of tltc poor, although  they will have;)
to   act   next   winter,     for   humanity's j'
sake.���Regina Leader.
���Mkex perfect
;     X   BREAD
A Ducal Conscript
Thousands of mothers can testify
to thc virtue of Mother Graves'
Worm. Exterminator, because thcy
know from experience how useful it
Canada's Wonderful
Food Production
A Bond of Union
The  Organized Barbarity of War Is
Binding the Nations Into a
Spiritual Fellowship
Just a war, notwithstanding all its
brutalities, is creating a new comradeship among the men who arc
fighting at thc front, so that coming
out of every class and condition all
distinctions havc disappeared with
the civilian- clothes they have taken
off and the soldiers' uniforms thcy
have put ou, and nothing remains to
the well-to-do man ancl the workman, the highly born and thc lowly
born, the educated and thc illiterate,
perhaps thc ex-convict and the ex-
clergyman, except thc brotherhood
in which thcy daily face sudden and
  untimely 'death, standing shoulder to
���,     _      ,       ,   ,     _ A. ,! shoulder in the same trenches, slccp-
The Results of the Conservation and 1 ing sidc by sidc iu lhe same dugouts
Small Fruits Grown
Very Succeisfuliy
If Miller's Worm Powders needed
thc support of testimonials thcy
could be got by the thousands from
mothers who know the great virtue
of this excellent medicine. But the
powders will speak for themselves
and in such a way that there can bc
no question of them. They act
speedily and thoroughly, and . the
child to whom thcy arc administered
will show improvement from the first
Proof    of    the    Democratic
Spirit in Britain |
"How really democratic an  institu- j
lion conscription is," says    the Dun- j
dec Advertiser, '"has  been  proved   to (
demonstration  by  the  news  that  thc i
Duke of Argyll���thc great Maccallum
Mhor himself���has  reported at  Stirl-
iing for medical      examination,      has
been passed Grade I., and has drawn
from  the  national  funds   a  sum   representing three days' militai'3' pay to
alone ior inroad on the ducal leisure
which  was  involved    in    a    journey
from Inverary.
"His grace is just 46, and a bachelor, and therefore he will bc unable,
before the tribunal, to make any appeal on personal grounds, so that we
may reckon confidently on hearing
lhat he is in khaki one of these fine
days. But, however, that may be,
the mere fact that he has undergone
thc ordeal of medical examination
will be a great comfort to all his
What Can Be Done in the Growing | contemporaries. Thcy will be able
of  Small  Fruits in  Western jto boast, after ihey  have  themselves
/���>��� i��� i undergone  the  same  experience,   that
Canada i,,       , , ,,      .11-1 ,  ���    >��
thcy have been   treated like a duke.
An   excellent   illustration   of     what |  =���
can be done in the growing of small
fruits in Western Canada are some
strawberries that arc at present being displayed at Edmonton, Alberta.
These berries, which were grown
within a few miles of thc city, arc
of large size and excellent flavor���
qualities iu which thcy compare
very favorably with those which arc
imported from thc coast in large
There is no reason why farmers in
the   prairie   provinces       of       Canada
Also On Back. Kept Awake. Cuticura Healed at Cost of 75c. J
"My face and back were all broken
out witb pimples, and my face was a
fright to look at. The pimples festered and were scattered, and were so itchy
Hhat I scratched until the
skin was sore and red.
They kept me awake at
"When I saw Cuticura
Soap and Ointment advertised I
thought I would try them. I was completely healed after using one box of
Cuticura Ointment and one cake of
Soap." (Signed) Miss Mary Hastedt,
Cottam, Ont., August 19, 1917.
Keep your skin clear by using Cuticura Soap and Ointment for every-day
toilet purposes.   Nothing better.
For Free Sample Each by Mail address post-card: "Cuticura, Dept.A,
Boston, U. S. A."   Sold everywhere.
When you get into a frame of
mind that makes life seem one tiresome duty after another, with no
pleasure in it; when ill-health seems
to lake all thc joy on I of life and
you worry over things that are really
not worth worrying about, then your
nervous system is becoming exhausted, and you are on the way to a gen-
.    eral   breakdown   in   health.     In     this
should  not  grow  all   the   small  fruit   condition  your health  and   happiness
they require.    ''"'��� '  "''     ""       ~" ...
Production Campaign
Some striking figures on the rc-
I stilts of the conservation and pro-
��� duction campaign in Canada were
j made public by the director of food
! production at  Saskatoon.
As a basis, lie took the average
shipment of foodstuffs to the allies
in the three ycars preceding the
war. This average, as compared
with   the  shipments  in  the      twelve
The Greatest Sea
Struggle in History
We. Possess the Great Weapon    by
Which Eventually We Shall
Bring Order About
Thc Germans reckoned upon everything except this ancient seacraft
of the Island people, and but for this
they would have had abundant
ground for the belief that their devilish weapon was infallible. Thc details of this struggle have largely
been hidden from us, and its very
prolongation has led us to take it
for granted. Bnt. in time to comc it
will bc recognized for what it is���
the greatest sea struggle recorded in
history, as'vital to thc world as Trafalgar or the. Nile, and fought with
an intensity and a heroism and a
dogged determination to win through
which arc the more admirable because spread over mouths and even
ycars instead' cf .being concentrated
on one day. While this sea powci
holds, as it will hold, wc may keep
our confidence not only that wc cannot be. defeated, but that wc possess
the great weapon by which eventually wc   shall  bring-order    into    the; ~ ��� ���.��-.    .    .   ���   np >�����
world.   And for that we   have   toj Grow Miniature Trees
thank both navy and mercantile ma-! ���   ���  ���
Vine, and .the .more generously, since
for the most part they work in silence and secrecy. r- Westminster
and thus sharing together the biggest
things they can do and give their
duty and their ' lives, even so, the
organized barbarity wc call war is
binding together the civilized nations into a great new spiritual fellowship.
"The friendships that are, born in
misfortune last longer than those
that arc born in happiness." Let us
pray that the fellowship of free peo-
iiionths eliding July  1,  1918,  showed jl>les  which the war brought to pass
ii,��  r���ii������..,\.���.  __,_._.���.,co- ;inay  not  end    until  it  has  laid    the
thc  following increases. ..        . ,. . .      , . ,. ......
y ii,        i      i     i. - loundalions ot a lasting peace. With
��� Increased wheat and wheat pro-,110 lowcr: ll0])C . thaii that could wo
ducts  shipments    o   the  allies   to. t> |, ^      K-   j      ,     midst-of
per cent.,  or 83,000,000 bushels. !ail -tliis  suffering.
Increased pork shipments, 122,000-; jf we i,a(i t0 ],ei;cvc that .what wc
000 pounds. . I ourselves  arc going through    would
Increased beef shipments, 74,000,-: have to bc gone through again by
000 pounds. jour    children    and our grandchildren
Increased butter  shipments,  12,000- | who   arc   now   living  in   the   fullness
000 pounds.
Increased   cheese
000,000  pounds.
Increased egg    shipments,
000 dozen.
What Constitutes
War Has Popularized the Word But
We Hzed a Definition of It
Socialists, particularly in England,
used thc word "profiteers" long before the war. Pretty often thcy
meant by it whoever seeks a profit.
Taken in that sense everybody in
business or in a gainful occupation
is either a profiteer or an idiot; for j
business is a quest for profit. In aj
great majority of the ordinary everyday decisions that are made hour
by hour a man takes this course
rather than that because hc thinks it
will be profitable.
And this applies as much to llic
farmer, thc plumber and thc dentist
as to Morgan. Workman strike in
thc hope of profiting by it.
War has popularized thc word, but
we need a definition of it. Senator
Borah, commenting on tltc president's revenue message, in which hc
said profiteering existed here, recently offered a definition���to wit:
"The man who takes advantage of his
country's perilous situation to gather
extraordinary profits; who is taking
advantage of his country's stress and
trial to increase enormously, unjustly and unfairly his individual gain."
If  wc  stick to that definition    tlie
entire,  country can      agree ._   heartily
that a profiteer is a wretch for whom
no punishment is too  severe.  But  a
high rate of profit is not always cvi- j
dencc of profiteering. The clay before j
these  lines Were .written    a    farmer i
showed  us  a   check   for  a   drove   of.j
liogs.    ���'���'.- . j
lad happened to bc So situated
Thcy have also an excellent market for their surplus in
thc growing cities  and  towns.
Wild fruits grow abundantly in
many parts of the country, and are
used freely by people in these localities. Saskatoons, raspberries, strawberries, black currants, gooseberries,
wild cherries, bush and low bush
buffalo cherries, cranberries and
blueberries furnish fruit in their
There  is  no  doubt that  with    the
further   development   of   the   country
fruit growing will receive more    attention  than it has hitherto received
from the  farmers, of Western  Canada.    Horticultural  societies  exist    at
many points throughout  the country
and hold meetings for the discussion
, of  topics   relating  to    the_ industry,
land exhibitions  for  the    purpose  of
I encouraging  the  efforts  of  those  al-
| ready   engaged  and  stimulating     the
interest of others in this very worthy
is worth fighting for and good, rich,
red blood is what your system needs.
It is a hopeless task to try to restore your health while your blood
is deficient either in quantity or
quality. And remember that no
medicine can be of any use to you
that does not build up your weak,
watery blood.
To build up the blood and strengthen the nerves there is one remedy
that has been a household word for
more than a generation���Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, it
is the actual mission of these pills to
make   new,   rich,  red     blood,     which
The Resources
Of British Columbia
Forest Wealth Provides for About a
Quarter  of the  Revenue  of
the Province
Thc economic resources of Britisii
Columbia are very simply but clearly
shown in a recent industrial number
of the Financial Post of Canada. The
value of forest products in 191/ is
given as $48,913,155, an increase of
38 per cent, over the output of 1916:
lhc manufacture of paper and pulp
increased by 85 per cent. The forest wealth provides for about a
quarter of ihe revenue of the province.
Agricultural production in 1917 is
shown as valued at $37,661,850; an
increase of 17 per cent, over 1916,
notwithstanding the large number of
agriculturists serving their country in
th.e military field. That the standard
j of  quality   has  been   maintained       is
strengthens the nerves and tones thc I sh0wn by the numerous awards won
Substitutes for Wheat Flour
Bakers, confectioners, public eating places and private households
must use one pound of substitutes to
every nine pounds of wheat flour, until further notice, according to Canada food board's order issued July
13th. Thc order which was to have
gone into effect on July 15th, increasing this proportion of substitutes in Eastern Canada has been deferred until further notice, owing to
the limited supplies of substitutes for
wheat flour at present available in
The usc of a label "Victory Bread"
upon bakers' loaves lias been made
permissive, not compulsory. Police
authorities whose duty it is lo enforce thc food laws, have been notified.
entire system. Thcy give you a ncw
appetite, make sleep refreshing, put
color in the lips and cheeks, and
drive away that unnatural tired feeling that oppresses so many people. If
you want to experience new health
and happiness give Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills a fair trial.
Vou can get these pills through
any medicine dealer or by mail at 50
cents a box or six boxes for ?2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockviile, Out.
Minard's Liniment
Relieves  Neural-
A Controlled Press
When wc grow impatient over  the
shipments,    30,
| of their childish joy the whole world
that hc could feed the brutes at very j faults of our press it might be well
low cost.   His profit .may have been a jfor us to think of. what the controlled
hundred per cent.      But    that's      nol press   of  Germany  is  doing   to     the
would be brokenhearted.
Bui our hope is sure, and our cx-
15,000,- I'pcctation will not fail. Thc night
' 'ins been long and dark and echoing
with cries of pain, but on the fprc-
I head of the future wc think wc sec
j.the light of dawn, and when that day
iconics wc know- what it will bc.
i     It   will  be vet a  greater  day than
Cutting the Roots in a Certain Way I-1'"1*  ?f seven'score-years agowhen
^u       b  ui. iw        ��    o. v, J   America  was -loundcd on  her iar-ofl
Is Secret of Stunting ! continent,    a nation that was conse-
eason for haiif
him.   Because au
How You Can
For  many  centuries   lhe
have  closely   guarded  the
"Age for Wisdom"
Japan,  apparently is ruled . by  old ; growing  miniature   trees,
men.   Prince Yamatagala, at the age I oivmg-the   plant    here
of 83, is  still the centre of    political   however,   almost   any  one
influence;   Baron  Shibusawa, in spite   diminutive  trees   with  little  trouble
of his 78 years, is constantly dragged ~''       ""    '	
from his ."'-would-be retirement, and
Marquis Okuma, at 79, is stilFat the
vortex   of  public   affairs.     It  is    re
: crated to liberty ancl dedicated to the
Taj)ancsc ; ecitial rights' of all. It will bc a day
secret  of' ��*  freedom  from  the  shadow of the
ported   lhat  Japan  attempts   nothing
of any great moment without the assistance of the    influence    of    these
three great  old  men.
The  first  concrete,,   motor
vessel  ever built,    in      China
launched  recently at  Shanghai.
Bv     f0i_ i sword  which has darkened the sleep
;i..rlr;i,��,! !of man  for    more  thaiu   a  thousand
,..,���   ,������>;=,. i vears.    It will bc a dav ot liberation
can   laisc  -. ���       .,, ,r    , -       .       -
jtroiii   thc   tyranny     of     the    strong,
.  Get a  few  large,  thick-skinned  or-���fro,n  tl,c  enslavement of  the    weak,
a.ngcs and halve  theui.    Remove the
pulp and  cover,   the  outside  of  the
skins with thick_ shellac. ��� That will icrimi���als ,1Q llilv-c-soueht for noth-
keep the skin trom shrinking hil . _b ��� .- - ,fi h ,�����,;���;������ :md
the -sKins- with fine, rich soil.- and dincd llothinR but thch. ,n,v lorv.
plant, therein a seed of whatever trccj*> ]t ^ bc ^c iiu-1(,pcndr,icer day ot
the   .\vor.ld.-7-l-'roiii   a '.message' to   the
.people of lhe U. S. by.Hall Caiiie.
X'X" ~���"~~ ~~
iroiw the subjugation of the silent
masses that have shed their blood
age after age at the. feet of crowned
ill-equipped, poorly managed business makes only a 'third the profit of
a wcil-equippc'd, ably managed business it-i.s by no means three times
as patriotic. The intention to take
advantage of the country's stress in
order to gouge is what constitutes
thc crime.���From the Saturday Evening Post.
German people. Meanwhile we read
of ally ..pamphlets being discharged
or dropped in.the'German lines. AVe
arc inclined'to think this a waste of
paper. Better results are to be hoped for from the. penetration of news
from Switzerland. But the only
thing that can convince the German
people is some great blow which even
tlie controlled press cannot conceal;
this and the stcadj' pressure of privation and loss of life.���Chicago Tribune.
I you   wish   lo   raise���or,     rather,   two
lur three   seeds,-to  ensure lit   'last
. . _     | one ��� good . specimen.    .Make  a   stand
c llV;'1|.i of  some.  kind, so   that  the    growing t
.was|trcc can he kept iii an-iipriglitpbsi-j
| lion, and  set  the  plants  where   they |
������-r--   will   get  plenty   of. sini;   hut   do   not ;
.   '��� ' .   ''keep tliem  in -a-room' that, is    likely;
.  I|to  become  overheated.    Wafer  them
.    j -regularly,  but  not      too      profusely.:
j After ;i  time  the. roots "will begin   to'
: come through (lie .orange peel. When j
! that  happens,  cut  the roots oil flush
with  the outer, surface of the  orange
..--.'j peel, but. be careful  not  to injure-the,
���film  of'-shellac-   It is the  cutting of.'
j th.e  roots ;lhat  stunts the  tree.  When;
; the   tree   has   reached   maturity,     you i
jean  transfer  it  to  a  more attractive;
j holder.
Conifers such as cedars, pines and j
cryptoincrias can be. readily stunted; i
so also can other evergreens, as ilex
���X'X'. Food Prices Abroad
In Paris.beef can be. obtained with
difficulty, and costs 60c a pound    or
Even a drop or two of    Putnam's
Extractor  takes    the  sting out of  a
sore  corn.   'Mighty slick  work Putnam's does tu a crusty old corn. You
see  Putnam's shrivels the    cOrns. up
quickly,-transforms it to a bunch  of
dead skin, "loosens it from thc toe so
you can pick it off,    roots and branches,  with your fingers.  It's painless
���that is  why P'utnam's is  so popu-
i lar.     It does  really    cure    quickly���
f that's ""why you should take".a quartcr
i to  the drug7 store  today and get     a
; bottle  of Putnam's  Extractor.
Growing Popularity of School Fairs
Th.e director of school agriculture
for Saskatchewan reports that more
interest is being taken in the school
exhibitions this year than ever. The
j first exhibition was held at Mclfo'rt,
iii 1909, the following year there
were two; in 1914 the number had
increased to fourteen, and last year
there were 129. This year there will
probably be about 200 school fairs
and Manitoba will also have a large
German Organization
Has Been Overrated
Elephantine    Deliberations    of    Germans  Would  Drive  Americans
One hears much expansive admiration of the German genius for organizing, but it comes for the most
part from those who have never had
actual experience of German organization. Perhaps it is because there
is so much of it; because it is so colossal. 11 is in many ways efficient,
no doubt; they get certain things
done, but then, so do thc French, whe
seem to havc so little organization
and are so clever in improvisation.
But thc vast, elephantine deliberation
of German organization would drive
an American captain of industry mad
in a fortnight. It is heavy, cumbersome; its complicated machinery
rumbles on and on, remorselessly,
ancl once set in motion there is no
way of stopping it, of turning il
aside, of adapting it to sudden exigencies.    It is blindly impersonal, in
in Great Britain, thc U.S.A. and Canada.
As regards fishery production the
piovince of British Columbia is credited with 40 per cent, of that of
thc entire Dominion. Its value wa^
PI5,311,954, being three-quarters of a
million more ihan that of 1916. _Tlie
total pack amounted to 1,557,485
From   the mines of British  Columbia is also derived a wonderful value
I ond variety  of  economic  ores,     and
| yet  there  is   comparatively  speaking.
| only a "scratching  of      the      upper
crust."     The  output   for     1917      was
British Columbia is also a manufacturing and trading centre for the
' world's exploitation in many fields
of industry; its waterways, harbors,
, rivers of mighty volume and railway
l facilities are even today shown by a
j return of $60,000,000 as the value of
��� industrial  wealth  in   1917.
Minard's   Liniment   for  Sale   Everywhere.
Small But Expensive
The government put a tax of five
cents on a six-cent box of matches,
and thc customer is paying fifteen
cents for it. When patent medicines
were taxed, the purchaser paid the
normal war tax, no moie. The contrast shows the difference between
sane business and profiteering. It is
but a small matter, but living is made
up in high cost by just such small
matters all along the line. Tobacco
j and matches are but profiteering in-
[ stances. Xo Canadian is unwilling to
I pay his nharc of the war expenses,
human, taking no account ot persons 11^ i1;is quile a reasonable objection
or of_ thc personal equation. Where- j l0 p;iyin? war ,axes p]lIS about 80
ever it touches human beings, it con-1 pcr   ce|lt;   concctjon   to   a   string     or"
sists of a multitude ot regulations, or | pl-0fitcci< I?e,Tina Leader.
"Verbolcns."    Instead of a  few sim- "    '   a "
pic guideposts to point the way
through a wilderness the Germans
would put up myriad signboards telling the traveller where nol to go; instead of barking a few trees to blaze
the trail they would hack all the trees
in the forest except those along thc
way they wished to indicate.���Brand
Whitlock in   Everybody's  Magazine.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
No Meat for Her
Mother gave the childen an apple
each. In little Marion's there was a
worm hole that obviously had a tenant. "Vou take this one, Tommy," she
said: "i'se  a vegetarian."
Women On the Land
Small Appetite
l-.dith���1 understand Betty cats no
more than  a bird.
Jack���That's all���al any rale, shc
couldn't manage more than one
three-pound chicken thc evening 1
took  hTr  to   dine.
Plenty of Room for War Service on
Part of Town Girls j
Thc  women  on  the  land  at  present I      When  orderinn  goods by mail,  send  a Do-
RUinbcr  hundreds  of  thousands,  with- ' rrinion  Express  Money  Order.	
out counting farmerettes.    The farm- ' ^"              -��� ^S
War Gardens in Canada
lo  82c
per  i
halv  beef  sells  from
��ound,   and ��� veal ��� (iOc     to
Enthusiastic Response to Appeal for
Planting War Gardens ih the
West "'
sse.  .
Looking Ahead.
Tori- -Thai's   a  singular
your, fiancee, ;i   cigarellie  c
Dick���i know it; . but she's just
aboiil due . to break the ���'engagement
and return .my presents, and . 1 can
use   this   niyseli.  ...
j If thcy'become inactive and fail to elim-
' inato the waste matter, they are apt to
I throw the whole mechanism of the. body
| out.of order, thus ''toxic poisons can ac-
1cnmulato iu the system ainl.be as deadly
���as snake venom..'
i.    Besides causing the minor ailments of
ports  tliat there  has  been  cutliusias-1 rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago ami b&ck-
t.ic   response   to   the.  appeal   for      tin:
planting   of   war   gardens   'ill rough out
ers' wives and the farmer.-/ daughters '
havc  been  bard at  work    all    year; (
their clay  is   never    ended,    milking.'
feeding   poultry      and    pigs,     buttei i
making,   handling   eggs   for      market
��� etc.     Their   chores   are     innumerable
j and  iu   addition  to that     thev     have
Your kidueys are the filters of the body. I their own kitchens, lhcir own house-
i     Frederick Abraham,  hon.   chairman
of   thc   vacant   lot   and   home   garden
:Mrel'ioii of thc Canada 'food board, re-
Some   niinia-
3f\e Wear and
Tear on that boy
of yours during
the active years
of childhood and
youth necessitates
a real building food.
supplies the
essentials for
vigorous minds
and bodies at
any age.
and citrus trifoliata.
iturc cedars have been known to last
; more than 500 -year?. Fruit trees.
! such as the orange and the plum,
I blossom   arid   bear  pei !���. ct   fruil."
Now Do This or Fight
Having   read   uur   little, screed
"Work." the other day.. I-'. J.  H.
us. the  following Inghbrow  deliuitiou;
"Work-    is   the   compulsory   expenditure    of    psychological'or    muscular'
'���"j potency ...in    activities devoid of    im-.
mediate    plcasurability,   but    charac-
, terized    by    financial    advnntageous-
i ness "
In a Real Sense
"  said -\haci0115   Vivian  as
the   aanimock  on     Palm
Beach Hotel \-i.\ti.t, "this place seems
!     "Father,"
j shc   lay   in
'ju-t  iik
!     "Yes,
it's tlie dearest spot on
earth,' jiioiupi'y replied fuller, putting away his fountain pen after
v.riiiiic a check J''-r thr.t week's
ho.'.rd   Nil ���Trulh."
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
w.   n.
1224 isaw is intense.
ct i
Chemically Seif-Exlinguishing
"Silent 500s'?r
The Matches With "No
EDDY is the only Canadian
n.akcr of these matchct, every
stick of which has been treated
wilh a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
beccmiag dead wood once It
has been lighted- and blown
" Look for the words "Chtmi-
cally sdf-extinguishing" or. the
holds   and   their   own     family     task--.
cares and  responsibility ~.  Ai harvt-st
time   thcy  have   the  additional   buid-
ni   of   feeding     the     harvest     hands
There is plenty of loom  for war .service   ou  the   p.ut   ol"  town   '-:i11 s.   who
want to help in thc w.n   in voiiinl-i i-
.-.,-.     ��  *.     ;���,    ������    ,       ���.   ,   i'ug   io   help   l'.-nmcrV   w iv e5   ou      the
Rehe   neglect  of -tho kidneys  is apt  to ! i;t.ic;hboring     farms    dining    In. vest
.,..-.. develop into moro serious direascs, such ] n:sh_    This  would   i. K-u.-c" the   urin-
l!"' WL'S- flsi;;!^tc,.��V "����"?oba icr- ,    ^''^ ^"^ ^'�� ''" ii��'^i'��i'i '!"'i'-
liid the body o^ toxic poisons-clean ��� iind aJd , ffft.ctivc 1:ll)01- for 01It.
the bladder _and kidnfja- and cure thc;.;^ uork in ;dd f hcr illls,Kl;ld ullo
twinges of rheumatism with Aiiunc ��nd    ,m  ,      ,     d     ... ; in   ,,;
,:rany  nionilis  in    lie  year,    says  .M,-. ! you win the battle of life. 7 ' crops . this   sea.on.     Helping  the   far-
AbraFam,      i,      the      transportation;     Anuric   was   first   discovered   by   Dr.j il;cr's w ife this vear is ju=.t as import-
problem  could   bc  solved.     I   believe : piereej  an(3  i^g benefited  thousands  of'am as aily ot|1(:r war wo>k  that  no-
'. sufiVrcrs.as'.well-as appeased and olimiri-! ,i-.C|, v.-.,, \ x\<t.. up
er\ thing  .seems   to  grow  ni     great ei' ; ated the ravages of the more serious kid-, *.!_____.__
:i;uiidauce   in   British   Columbia,   and j.bcv  disc-as-:*.
inany of  the  vegetables    have       tiv
crops   in   the   r-ea.^om"   .
Mr. Abraham repor
school' .-.hildri u i,i!'" Hi
i:,.vr   ioiiu ���'   tiie Vi-'noi
A GKNTS WANTED, $1,000���You
���^* can make it in your county with
our fast selling Combination Cooker.
One salesman banks S388.55 the first
month. Another agent sells 20 in
two hours. Others cleaning up $10
daily. No capital necessary. Goods
shipped to irliablc men on time. Ter-
lilory going fast. NYritC quick to secure \ uur field. Combination Products Co., 100 Thomas Bldg., Foster,
'he   British   Columbia     war .gard-'
-.could. Mipplv   the     prairie    prov- :
with     lit sh       vegetables       for :
'months in  the
rrould   bc   solved.     I   believe
only  a  question  of  time.    F.v-
ii��iv< im
and   tin-
!i   CohnnH:.
ariha     plot
iiK'.ilii  sphudid.   cn'ihusiasi.;:
|!i-i--d'uced   wili 'inaki- -a
���'nee;-!.... thc -.l^cil'isnp-'
Now  proeurab.ij  at'any j Great   Opportunity for  the   Farmers
pooil'drajr c?oro. or'rend Dr. \ . 51..Pierce, ���
Invalids-''Hotel. Buffalo. X. Y.; or branch '
ofl':-.-i\ Bridijeburs; Out;. 10 rents for trial
Thorold,   Ont.-
iii tlen
I   -ivas   wonderfully ,..
helped by  taking * Amine.'     For  about   {'
three voars I had kid- ' '
d-rno.il-    i-
Allied   Europe   depend
i   for   50','e   of  it-,   food   ������'xyv
.i   v..ir   a   large   p:nporiii>n
i ma:id   w :il   conimue.       ��� in-
licrt  o
Sure, He Did " ]
Intimate Friend (iaujjhingl;,1 ������ im-J
ac/inc a degree biing conferred on  ai
man  that never  -aw   the inside  of  a
The Rich Cuv mow LLD.1���Quit
yer kiddin'! Where, do ; itj supj o^e
thev dicoratcd '".c���of cr the
lav. n ?
; A   Chior.ic
"Did )i-. :, ii < !���'
' "   mi:st  Livi   i :'tii
:     "Xo.     1._;.'.   \.o;:\in't
' .-��� ;.   ���lift v rer.ee   v- it'i  hi
"he gi\cs hurts."���Life.
-.1 on el i ������
il hurt- '"
���ncy iron Lire
ir.atit-Bu I also had
backache. My limbs
would swell and I had
rheumatism in my
amis and hands. My
hands wouM swell and
joints would bo so
soro and stiff I could
scarcely do niy work.
^%.V/^T' Tl:<w would paia me
<fV something   awful.   _ I
'dctored bat without relief.    At- last .-I
saw 'Anuric' advertised.   T bepin its use
find two bottles completely e.ired me cf
nil nij  rheumatism, and I think it was j
porn-anect for that was a year ago and;
: I } are r.cTer hai acy -'-t-.irn cf th:s ail-'0"'
' mc:.t.   I h.ivo tever found a medicine go,
l��ocd m ' Anur;c'"."���Mis, 12, M, Hun?, do
stoik   population
���Cil.     Ku-.-ia   lv,s
���c'ti-.i. ��� d,  and  is
to  feed  herM
\nii ri-
i     this
V hole
tuiis.      '1 he
iii i ;l      dc-
: :i     -ooialh
Fanners   of
Canada will havc " an ��� export market
for ycars, "such as for which thcy
have  never  creamed.
fs no wore necessary
than Sid a 11 pox. Army
experience has demcistnited
the .--.Imost ralraailcjs effl-
Ct;y, and haTCitessness, ol Anti^rpl-'Oid Vaccination*
Be vacclaatrd NOW by ycux phj-MCian, joa and
your family. U is more vital than house Insurance*
A-slc ym:r ptiysician, ��niggisi, or send for '*Havt
Ton had Tys'-iaX?" tetliDE of TrDlioid V.,cctne,
results frcsi us , and dancer frcm Typhoid Carriers.
ffrrat s-^c-<-ts, f. e�� ^ f..'--   .1 .. r v.\'?. ^. *.gst VIGOl
i viu. KinsM,  BL-r-r-'i.i. a -.z^i-3. blood  pciscr
Files, eithi". so. Esi-GuiSiserUAii Ji, resr 4 c
Johoxto.  u-Rirs t'OR TREE book to Da. LE Cs.su.
Hid. Co, HaverstockRd. HAurrrSAS. LoNCOif, Sua
More Time, for Knitting
Ii.it   f'.-'i '.t. pocket;
- b.
i n
I ��  *
��� - �����
"Xo e
e j o.
to   'f.lv^
���r ,\i i\
Would-Loaf in Style
y Wrr^zlci���If yer had $50,-
,jt M-T.-ild yt-X do'
j ;.��� ��� S..;.:c : -  :;���. .. ,  ���_:.!;.   __'���__
;_   ;.':   <- '.;tr;::obiit.
:. ���erx.tTAur unxxo to ui gmdwx rusxm
-.---1 r-=UL_     ���    ���        i(
"Weed's gkeagkoflfew
Th* Or cat Er.zlish JRemcdfi
Todoi ��Qj inrigor��'.e�� the vhob
BorToa����>-��em, xnikea new B!c��2
ia old \eiat, <"urw> Kcrroiti
ifthility.Mer.tal end -Brain Wcrry, Ucipon-
fUntv. Los* *f'Energy. PeTptiaticn of at
Bfasri.FaUtnailtmerY, Frio**i ptrbex, ri*
pr 85,. <Om wiqplfMe, ��U wUl ran. Sold by *3
BrnctitU ��t niwa ia pUi<- jit j. ea Weipt ��i
Kiev. Sevy%��i*\Ui-naiUkjrin,'tHr.tim99 MCUKXSUUXH
THE  LEDGE      -Greenwood Central School
.- ; : a ywr strictly in advance, or f-.jo
" : n not paid for three months. If not
n:..il for until the end of the year it it; ��3.
X. ;������; always ��2.50 a year to the United
Suites in advance.
Editor and Financier-
Sept. 1918 Report
:  iinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
1 and Oil  Notices     7 00
ay Notices 3.00
U of Thanks     1.00
.ideate of Improvement  12.50
. here more than one claim ap-
szixT? ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
line iirst insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each suhsecjuenti insertion, uonpariel
Perfect  attendance:
Ruth   An-
The bine cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would bc pleased
to have more money.
Tiik United States seems to have
gone fluey.
At the Front there   is not much
reading between the lines.
Ti;.v minutes   have  passed, aud
no new strikes in Vancouver.
Evkx in Boston suggestion   does
not seem to stop the influenza.
Many of our la #s seem to be
framed to protect crooks from honest men.
I>" Canada we must pay more
attention to the conservation of our
wild animals.
Noxe of the soldiers in France
have ever gone on strike, for more
pay or shorter hours.
You cannot build up a town by
standing still and knocking. Action
5s necessary to do anything.
The ladies should not smoke
cigarettes these days of war. Give
them to the soldiers and use corncob pipes..
Wis are patriotic in Canada   and
filing to save   gasoline.    By   tbe
uddlc of next month few
y riding on Sundays.
will go
Yot; cannot.rely upon the Huns
in matters of truth and.honor. It
'-vould not surprise us even to see
them double-cro3'3 the Rhine.
Is these days of meat   shortage,
��� h'orsre might be used to   ad van-
,-���>. n*X\ food   supply.; The    flesh
i;f- horse makes fine.eating when
ir mind does not   rebel. at   the
'iiionght-'of it.
It U the way they advertise thafe
draws-the trade to big stores in dis
��� tanI- cities. If they, knew how,
and would advertise extensively
country merchants could keep a
vast amount of trade from going to
the mailorder houses.
derson, Daisie Axam, Johnson
Beattie, Selma Benson, Winifred
Docksteader, Garibaldi Intilla,
Robert Jenks, Joe Klinosky, James
Lane, Ethel Lane, Walter Long-
worth, Roderick Mackintosh, Harold Mellrud, Roderick McLeod,
Sanford Pond, Ethel Pond, Ivor
Potts, Rose Westcott.
No. actually attending 32; No.
daily present 29,47.
Highest standing.
Entrance examinations: Robert
Jenks 77.1; Harold . Mellrud 77-i-;
Rod. McLeod 75; Ethel Lane G7A-,
Irene Mcintosh G2.1; Mary Gibson
G2A; Ivor Potts G0,~Thos. Williamson 52i; Daisio AxamoO; Sauford
Pond o0; Phylli3 Spooner 47i-;
James   Lane 45;   Ethel   Pond 42A-;
Intermediate IV: Rod. Mackintosh 57A; Rose "Westcott 47A-;
Ethel Parker (uob present for examinations.)
Junior IV: Selma Benson 83,
Walter Longworth 75, Margaret
Westcott GG.V, Emmet Anderson
G4, Gari lutilla 63, Joe Klinosky
59, Evelyn Tye 5S, Mabel Axam
5S, J. Beattie ooh.
Perfect attendance: Gertrude
Dixon, Eraine Duhamel, Horace
Duhamel, Russell Eustis, Samuel
Eustis, Ethel Fraser, Dolly Granberg, Gordon Jenks, John Kerr,
Mary Kerr, Lloyd Lane, Gj-abrieUe
Legault, William McLeod, John
McDonell, George Morrison, Alfred Oliver, Sylvia Price, Cyril
Robinson, Edward Royce, Vera
Walmsley, Ernest "Wyder, John
No. of days prescribed 20; No.
of days school was in session 20;
Total actual attendance G30; Average actual attendance 31.5; Percentage 92 Go.
Prolicieucy list.
Jn IV.    Russell Eustis, Edward
Sr III    Gabrielle Legault, Agda
Jn III A. Cyril Robinson,
Gertrude Dixon.
Jn III B.. Ethel Fraser, Ernest Wyder.
S11. II. Phyllis Eales: Donald
Licit n 1 und;
Perfect attendance: Ethel Ban-
son, Bessie Bidder, Doris Dixon,
Lloyd Eustis, Allan Eraser, -Percy
Fraser, Liwteu-e George, Mona
George, Ruby. Goodove, Leona
Hopkins, . Lone Jnglis, Edward
Johnson, John '..Jory, B-_>rS Lane,
Bert Lane, Thomas Lindsay,
Darotby McKcrz'e,. Kathleen Mc-
L-'od, Tiliie McDonnell, Gertrude
Nelson. Evelyn Parker, Leonard
Pon tesso..-, Margaret-' Royce, -Carl
Storor, William Walmsiey, Hci-
bert W.'sfccott, William Wilson.
���'. No. of dayt! proseibed 20: No. of
days in'-'sftision 20; Total actual
attendance 700; . Average; actua!
atteinliiice :'S; Percentage 95. ".
'Pri.-Guiency lis';.
Masonic Hall,   Greenwood
The Famous English Entertainer and Musician
In   a   splendid   programme   of  HUMOR,   SONGS,    MONOLOGUES,
Under the auspices of the Boundary Women's Institute.
ONE  NICHT ONLY!   Admission 75 cts, 50cts. Students Half Price
Reserved Tickets Admit to Dance.        Refreshments.
VISITING   HOURS   2   to   4
At other hours by arrangement
B. C. Mining News
The Providence will pump out
the lower workings.
The Surprise at Phoenix is shipping to the Granby.
Tho Velvet at Rossland is shipping to the Grand Forks   smelter.
The PatbQnder and Little Bertha, ou the North Fork are resuming operationa.
Jim Wbittaker   end J.  McDonald of Phoenix, are working a  bis
niuth claim near Kaslo.
Regular shipments of zinc concentrates are being made to Trail,
from tHe Cork-Province.
The G. N. railway is building a
short spur to the Copper Farm,
fonr miles east of Princeton.
At a depth of 1000 feet on the
Slocan Star near Sandon, an ore
shoot 200 feet long and eight wide
has been struck.
G. Weaver Loper plead guilty in
Spokane, to fraudelent over-issue
of Lucky Jim stock, and was given
a sliding sentence of from one to
ten years in Walla   Walla  prison.
The Ivanhoe near Sandon is
working 30 men. It is reported
that the Rcsebery-Surprise Co.
paid $250,000 for the Ivanhoe mill
and mine, and $75,000 forthe Canadian group.
Operations are being resumed at
the coal mine of the Osoyoos Coal
Co. at Ashnola, nine miles from
Princeton. The coal willbe'hauled to Princeton by auto trucks for
shipment by railway.
It is expected that the three C's
will have its 2000-ton mill near
Princeton, completed and running
by next August. The mill will-
then probably ship 500 tons of concentrates diiily.to Greenwood.'-
The Noble Five in the; Sloc'.n is
running 1100 f ot of upraise at the
late of 100 feet a in Tilth. Tiih... is
the deepest mine in the Slocan. and
i.s owned by James Diiusm iir. It
was locate.H'iy Jack.Seat v.i,    Jack
McGuigan, Captain Flint,  Bill and
Jack Hennessey in 1S91.
Tho West Kootenay Power aud
Light Co. has ordered 800,000 lbs.
of copper cable and other material
from a firm in Hamilton, Ontario,
This is enough for 300 miles of
line, and will be used principally
on the extension of tbe circuit from
Greenwood to Copper Mountain.
That line will be finished by next
Greenwood Garage
Tires, Oils, Gasoline, and
all Accessories for
Motor Cars
Repairs of any kind, and
all work guaranteed
Phone 27 MANAGER
We've   Got   Him   Throttled   At  Last
Who? Old man High Cost of Living. Bound and gagged, kicked
him clear of the premises. He just naturally couldn't stand our low
prices. Too bad for him but come over and let us tell you all about it.
Another big shipment of woolens at prices that will make you
throw the old catalog in the stove will reach you this week and more
on the road. Follow the crowd' don't lose out on all the good bargains. We believe that low prices and quick turnovers will keep our
stock fresh and high prices will glue the stuff to the shelves and as we
are not running a cold storage plant we are selling 'em and selling
'em fast. Get in while the getting is good, |[that spare change you
save in buying of us will help buy another war loan bond.
Place your order quick for grain^sacks^at 30c each. '
Bring your eggs, we pay more than any else in the district for
real fiesh ones.    Save the rotten ones for Mr. Hohenzollern.
C'mon over and see us, we're real sociable.
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building
Myncaster, B.C.
Had Been Noticed
"My motto is: 'Never give up.' "
"I  noticed   that  when the Eed
Cross people came around."
Deserved Decoration
���'Have you a wift?" inquired a
British Tommy of a boche he had
"Neiu," replied the German.
"Nine!'' gasped the Britisher in
amazemeut. Lumme, where's your
iron cross man?"���New York
Sec-jiid  Header:
iu   Fraser,
"We hear many complaints about
the extortionate rates charged by
dentists in some of-the smaller provincial towns. The people must
'have dental work, and it is the
duty of the government to see that
they are not financially bled white
hy the bold-up method-!, of some
knights of the forceps.
Just 25 years ago last Saturday
The Ledge was born at Naku.=p.
"We had just closed down the Kaslo
Claim, and escaped from that town
with a Mexican standoff. Thr.pe
���were stirring days, followed ly
more stirring days, in the ever
shifting scenes of mining camp life.
In these dull, peaceful, and : uneventful newspaper d'��ys we oftm
.think of the past,, and gently, wis
per to our inner soul, "Oh God,
turn back the universe and give us
���'yesterday.'.'!." . However,'..;.the grass
is always greener:oyer, tbe-next' di-,
vj;1 e aiid:.a faint hear fc'.sel(lorn; wins
iR l^g^ja-ck-pot.... X'-xxxx
Mona .George;..
First. It-ader:    Ethel Benson.. .
Second Primer:.. Bessie Bidder,
Edward Johnson, Gertrude . Nelson, J;u'k Jory.
First. Primer: Leonard Pontesso:
Receiving Cltss: Helen Kerr,
rWaiter ;(;h|ui'iu'g;cfpr.>'a feipj-r-And
vdidiyoVi ;\fi iid.;; t-ne''s.'l'eak.-',fc|i.?. "���'-������'
--.'i'lTier -Oil7, aI'; just moy<?d -: that
;n piece7 of.,;potato Validr thermit
''X.~Bdf's;iiL\ie.XXy-- XX.<     -Xi XX'-
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed
.lands only.
, Records, will be granted covering only
land .suitable  for-iigriculluriil   purpose
and which is -iion.-timijcr I'arid.
Partnership    prc-etilptlons    abolished,
but' parties of not-more thuh four. m:iy ���
arran'(f<! for adjacent- pre-emptions, wiLJi
joint residence, but e:u:li  in;i!-:ii!g necessary -iriiprovoiiiciils on re'sjiective el.-iinis.
l're-einptors must : occupy claims for
five yearn and mul;o 'improvements to
value of $10 "per acre, ineiudiny; clwiring
and cultivation of tit least f> acres, before  receiving  Crown  Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than ;> years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because
of ill-hualth or other cause, be granted
intermediate .certiiicate of improvement
and transfer his claim-...
.Records -without permanent residence
mriy be.issued,provided applicant makes
improvements to extent of ?:t00 per annum iiiid records same each year.l^iil-
un: to make iinpioveiiiei^s .,-.r record
same will .operate as'-forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on there claims in
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, 'including r> acres.cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least  2 years.
Pre-emptor' lioldlrff Crown Grant may.
record another, pre-emption,, if he requires land in ..conjunction with his
farm, without actual ���_ occupation, provided statutory improvements made arid
residence maintained on Crown granted
ijiisurveycd iireaK, not .exceeding 20
acres* may be leased as homesiles;
title to be obtained after fulfilling: residential and  improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 010 acres may-be' leased
by one person or company,
The scope of this Act Is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with Ills Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act is extended from
one year from thc death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of tho present 'war. This
privilege Is also made retroactive.
ACT. "
Provision is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown pf
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements, may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate, allotment jointly. If it is not
- considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate, allotment, ah allotment of land
of: equal value selected from available
Crowiv lands :in the locality mav be
made.".These.allotments are conditional
lipon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any., municipality. The ^
rights of persons to whom .the purchaser from! the Crown has ��� agreed to
sell are also'protected. The;decision of
the Minister of Lands.in respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
is final..' The time for making application, for. these allotments is limited to
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any applica-.
tion- made after this date will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town. lots: and landsrof the Crown sold-
i at public: auction: -:��������� ���������-.-'
atlr t'> ff't a h~i% of Hour lira For information apply to any Priivin-
"   ��   ������������:- i   claj Government Agent. or: to
, ' o;--'"h: naden.''."-. "'��� "--���""
Xtoput? Minister of Lands,
���" ���.;. victoria. i.; a.. ��� .:-
The Lloyd George Type
Thfi one thing we all admire 'sin
Lloyd George is that we know
whore -to (ind him, lb*, ac ts definitely. He is no hike-warm
weakling Ho. fights on like onr
splendid hays are doing dospite the
25,003.castialti'p* H:u;e August Ctb.
Are you doin^ yonr part a^ weli?
Hay". yiMi t:ik<'n y<���nr Kt>nd on the
thrift question? Have you deGn-
i'fply decided that out of your good
returns this year, you will lay hy
aui'h-a.nd-puoh an ainonnt- for a
Victory pavings account.
If you have done.nothing in the
rait tor, you arc not of this Ljoyd.^
George-type.'-'. Yu;i. havedsear the
Ciilto bring yiiu'r tioilar.s into the
SKrvic.i? of';��� :-th�� : c'-i un try...- \v!en she
cal ia;-:' -���  A::d
hayisi'g'..'-'hyaijlj ,;-ybu
iye ni6ve,fn.o}y,
 �����'���:-..'��� yxX,. l\
X. JIake: th^idecis-
The Ideal Spouse
��� '''Tiuvkiiid Of..ii�� id.eiil '-wi'fH''mo?j
men "aiit;"' s;ty�� t'liiv elderly suf'
ragi.-t,-" is-the   on<
birthday prf^ont/'''-:-K;''iler Month
h- '.'.���';;.; ���.:-..
For Sale, Cash $6500
Ranch 320 acres, 55 acres under
cultivation, 30 being fruit trees,
S head of horses, 16 head of cattle, cows,  calves  and  yearlings,
2 pigs, 80 chickens. All kinds of
machinery,  tools,   and   harness,
3 tons of seed wheat, 5 tons of
spuds. Enough feed to winter
stock. This property is known
as the Casselman Ranch I mile
from Boundary Falls, B. C. Apply to A. Boltz, Boundary Falls.
Cbe Central Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city. Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
A. O. JOHNSON      -     PROP.
Optometrist and Graduate Optician, certified by Provincial Board of Examiners.
Rattled Anyhow
Magistrate���You say, constable,
that you found the prisoner in
Trafalgar equare and thought he
was drunk. What made you
think so?
Constable���Well, sir. 'e was
throwin' 'is walking stick into the
fountain and tellin' one of the
stone lions to go in and fetch it
out.���Passing Show (London).
Registration of
United States Citizens
Male citizens of the United States living in Canada of AGES
21 to 30, both inclusive, MUST REGISTER BY REGISTERED POST with the registrar under the Military Service
Act of the district in whieh they live, during the TEN DAYS
NEXT FOLLOWING SEPTEMBER 28th, 1918; and such
CITIZENS OF THE AGES 19, 20 and 31-44, both inclusive,
must so register during the ten days next FOLLOWING
OCTOBER 12th, 1918.
It must be emphasized that THIS INCLUDES AMERICANS
Registration letters may be handed to local postmasters
Eor despatch to the proper registrar, under the Military
Service Act.-..
who h tickled:
Notice���MUitary Service Act, 1917
Men Exem p ted As Farmers
Having in view the importance of leaving a sufficient number of men on those farms which are
actually ^contributing to the national food supply,
notice is hereby given as follows:
TION AS FARMERS, which is expiring^ andWHO WISHTO
REMAIN EXEMPT, SHOULD co^uhicate with the registrars under the Military, Service Act OF THEIR RESPECTIVE x DISTRICTS;   REQUESTING -AN ;���EXTENSION i IN :
TIME'OF SUCH EXEMPTION.  .Questionaires will thereupon;
J be issued/to these men bythe registrar and':they;;will received
further  exemption  upon:7 furnishing '"satisfactory:; proof:-thatU
they are contributing sufficieiitlyr to the natwnaljfood supply. ;J
. :.- 2. In orderto: facilitate productive 'employmentduring tlie S
TION ��� WQI^K;: ETC. Such piermits; wilL;serve ipa /enable es-i.
/.emptied- farmers.. to_ pursue other:;useful';occupations :for :the;
inoriths during which farming; operations cannot:be carried
on. ." ���'.'.'". ���---yyXr-X-. XiXXiyiXX/XxXix^: y:XXxX;
| Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
| and Poultry.     Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of thc
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses,. Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms, Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
X '
^4.4,^.^.^^4.^,4,4,4,4,     4,4, 4. 4,4,4, 4.4. 4, 4,4, 4, y.
Cbe Bume Botel
Slelson, B.C.
The only up^tevdate Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each -room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric  Lighted.
RATES S1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
^�� Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
E. VV. VVIDDOVVSON, Assayer aud
Chemis1, Box BrroS, Nelson, :B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Si 1 ver, Lend or Copper
fi each. Gokl-Silv��i, (single assiay)
fioo. Goid-Silver. (duplicate assay)
fi.50. Silver-Lead ^1,50 Silver-Lea3-
Zinc ?3-oo. Charges forolhp'r m'etals etc
on application.
Front St. Next to City Hall, NELSON
P. 0. EOX 865
? Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates^Given; on : all Kinds; of
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    (Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying.
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCK8TEADER, Ppop.
. xx.X XXAGENT/FORv"A::V'-
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B. C. Cigar. Absolutely Guaranteed Clear
Havana Filled. The Cigar
that never varies.   .   ,  -',.
Haveyou tried one lately **


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