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The Ledge Oct 31, 1918

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 ���'���'���--������    ��� ���XiX-i .Xy<X.yX.yX-;y^\r-��s��
Vol.   XXV.
No. 16
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,   Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28 X,       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Life,  Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Broker
Charles King
Gloves,  Mitts, Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
MIDWAY      -,    -     B. C.
Christian Science service will be held
in the MEIvLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ix
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Send a Float to your friends at
Christmas. You can get them at
The Ledge office.
Tke proceeds sf thia Lean will be need for War purpose* only, and will be spent wholly in Canada
Thb Minister or Finance ov the Dominion of Canada offers for Public Subscription the
Victory Loan 1918
$300,000,000. 5%% Gold Bonds
Bearing interest front November lit, 1918, and offered in two maturities, the choice of which is optional with the subscriber as
6 year Bonds due November 1st, 1923
15 year Bonds due November 1st, 1633 .
Principal payable without charge at the Office of the Minister of Finance and Receiver General at Ottawa, or at the
Office of the Assistant Receiver General at Halifax, St. John, Charlottetown, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary
and Victoria.
Bonds may he registered as to principal or as to principal and interest, at any of the above-mentioned offices.
Interest payable, without charge, half-yearly, May 1st and November 1st, at any branch in Canada of any Chartered
Principal and Interest payable In Gold
Denominations: $50, WOO, $500 and $1,000
Issue Price: 100 and Accrued Interest
Income Return 5%% per Annum
Free trom taxes���Including any Income tax���Imposed In pursuance of legislation enacted by tho Parliament of
Tbe proceeds of the Loan will be used for war purposes only. Including the purchase of grain, foodstuffs, munitions and other supplies, and will be spent wholly in Canada.
Payment to be made as follows:
10% on application; 20% January 0th, 1810;   "
20% December 6th, 1918; 20% February 8th, 1910;
31.16% March 6th. 1919.
The last payment of 31.16% covers30% balance of principal and 1.16% representing accrued interest at SM% from
November 1st to due dates of the respective instalments.
A full half /ten's interest will be paid on May 1st, 1919, making the cost of the bonds 100 and interest.
Subscriptions may be paid in ful! at the time of application at 100 without interest; or on any instalment due date
thereafter together with accrued interest at the rate of 6M% per annum.
This Loan is authorized under Act of the Parliament of Canada, and both principal and interest are a charge upon the
Consolidated Revenue Fund.
The Amount of this issue Is $300,000,000, exclusive of the amount (if any) paid for by the surrender of bonds of
firevious issues.   The Minister of Finance, however, reserves the right to allot the whole or any part of the amount subscribed
n excess of $300,000,000.
Conversion Privileges
Bonds of this issue will, in the event of future issues of like maturity, or longer, made by the Government, during the
remaining period of the War, other than issues made abroad, be accepted at 100 and accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash
for the purpose of subscription to such issues.
All cheques, drafts, etc., covering instalments, are to be. made payable to the Credit of the Minister of Finance. '
Failure to pay any instalment when due will render previous payments liable to forfeiture, and the allotment to cancellation.
Subscriptions must be accompanied by a deposit of 10% of the amount subscribed.   Official Canvassers will forward subscriptions or any branch in Canada of any Chartered Bank will accept subscription and issue receipts,
Subscriptions may be paid In full at time of application at 100 without interest; or on any instalment due date there.
after together with accrued Interest to time of making payment in full. Under this provision, payment of subscriptions may
be made as follows:
If paid in full on or before Nov. 16th, 1818, par without Interest, or 100%.
If remaining Instalments paid on Dec. 6th, 1018, balance of 90% and interest, ($90.48 per $100.)
If remaining Instalments paid on Jan. 6th, 1910, balance of 70% and interest, (J70.80 per $100.)
If remaining instalments paid on Feb. 0th, 1919, balance of 60% and interest, ($51.04 per $100.)
If remaining instalment paid on Mar. 6tb, 1919, balance of 30% and interest, ($31.10 per $100.)
Denomination and Registration
Bearer bonds, witb coupons, will be issued in denominations of $50.. $100., $500., and $1,000., and may be registered
as to principal   The tost coupon attached to these bonds will be due pii May 1st, 1010.
Fullv registered bonds, the interest on which is paid direct to the owner by Government cheque, will be Issued in
denominations of$SO.. $100.. $500., $1,000., 6,000., $10,000.. $25,000.. $50.000., $100,000., or any multiple of $100,000.
Payment ol Interest
A full half year's Interest at the rate of 5H% per annum will be paid May 1st, 1919. .
Form of Bond and Delivery
Subscribers must indicate on their application the form of bond and thc denominations required, and tbe securities so
indicated wQl be delivered by the bank upon payment of the subscription in fulL
Bearer bonds of this issue will be available for delivery at the time of application to subscribers desirous of making
payment in full. Bonds registered as to principal only; or fully registered as to principal and interest, will be delivered to
subscribers making payment in full, as soon aa the required registration can be made.
Payment of aU instalments most be made at the bank, originally named by the subscriber.
Non-negotiable receipts will be furnished to all subscribers who desire to pay by instalments. These receipts will be
exchangeable at eubscrfber's bank for bonds on any instalment date when subscription is paid in full.
Form of Bonds Interchangeable
have thei.��� ���.   ..   .
registered bonds without coupons, s 	
Forms ofapplication may be (obtained from any Official Canvasser, from any Victory. Loan Committee, or member
thereof, orfroniai^ branch ^C^
SubscriptionJLista will close oa Or before November 16ttu 1918
I^abtmbtt o�� Fhunck, xXXXXii-'ixXXxix'XX,:.iiXx-xxy,.Xix
'���������'' ���CtoAWJU',o=iober'28tiiii9ia xyX ���xX.xXyx'XiXXXXXXXX.i ��� X'iXXXXiXXiXXXX X :XX' x.x.-:'iX
Around Home
There are a few cases of mild
Flu in Phoenix.
Billy Jewel has returned from
his trip to Indiana.
About 20 men are working at
the Rock Candy mine.
Rexall Liver Sails just in at
Goodeve's Drug Store.
A new body of ore has been
struck in the B C mine.
Seed wheat and seed rye tor
sale at Brown's, Midway.
Put a bigger ad in the paper,
aud keep your feet from getting
A Soldiers friend is Dad O'Dell
at the Province Hotel, Grand
Flem McMillan died in Vancouver last Friday from pneumonia.
Mechanics Tar Soap is one of
the best. All other good soaps
at Rendell's.
Of course they all go to Dad
O'Dell at the Province Hotel,
Grand Forks.
Last week Sam Gibson shipped
42 tons of wheat from Princeton
to Vancouver.
Anton Johnson of Phoenix is
dead in France, He belonged to
the railway troops,
The woods around Greenwood,
will be full of trappers and tie
mafcers'this winter.
It is reported that the potato
crop around Grand Forks this
year is worth $50,000.
Soda biscuits, aud many kinds
of mixed biscuits. AU fresh
groceries at Rendell's.
Not much Flu around Grceu-
wood, but the schools, theatres
and churches are closed.
Hugh McKee is not feeling
very well these days, and is taking it easy at his residence.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler. Goggles and auto glasses on hand.
The professors say that the
Flu would disappear in five days,
if everybody wore a gauze veil.
Jim McNulty is prospecting
around Keremeos. Perhaps Jim
is looking for tomatoes in place.
A few drops of Eucalyptus on
your handkerchief will help to
keep away the Spanish influenza.
The barber at Molson brought
the Flu back from Seattle, and
every man that he shaved got it.
D. G. McCurdy, formerly of
Keremeos and Princeton, was
killed at the taking of Cambrai
in France.
Mike Perish formerly of Phoenix, was arrested in Princeton
last week for attacking his wife
with a knife.
Charles Dempsey is assisting
the government to build two
bridges across Boundary creek
near Midway.
This year about 60 carleads of
fruit will be shipped from Grand
Forks, mainly apples, plums,
pears and prunes.
In Princeton last Friday, there
were eight cases.of Flu of a mild
type. Probably the same old
grippe, Spanished.
NOTICE.���There will be no
meeting of the Pythian Sister
Temple, until further notice.
At San Francisco, Ward Storer
has enlisted in the army motor
service, and expects to be in
France by Januarys
A train-load of potatoes have
been shipped from the Grapd
Forks valley to an evaporating
plant in Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. James Faulds
were in town last week, Jim is
now superintendent of ihe Monarch mine at Nelson.
There will be a Bazaar and
Dance in Rock Creek on November 15. under the auspices of the
Women's Institute of  that town.
There are eight men working
at the old lakeshore mine at Penticton. The mine shipped its
���fifth car of ore to Greenwood last
Corporal H. A. Sheads, M.P.
rounded up the mines in Phoenix
last week and took one man in
custody for not having military
.'���i With :: effective ? advertising,
backed bv other good business
methods, the merchants in any
town can do a large mail-order
business.   XXXi-XXiixxx
While some;rpeople in ��� Greenwood have been suffering from
colds, iand home-made grippe so
far there is nd1 Spanish : Flu\or.
pneumonia in;tbis;:tpwn.^ ;,
Dr. Wood; has; returned from
Vancouver where he; visited: the
hospitals,, and :^losely.;:pbservedt
the most successful methods fur
curing the Spanish.-Flu'..xxi.
The Smelter Situation
Editor Ledge.
Dear Sir:
In response to your
request for a statement from me in
order that you may have something authoritative, I wish to eay
that due to the fact that the
Mother Lode mine contains now
ore of a grade insufficient to meet
present-day costs, and because the
quality of coke which ib. obtainable
is so inferior, and because freight,
wages and supplies are all so costly
under war conditions that to develop our Phoenix mines is inadvisable at this time, we are going
to discontinue smelting operations
at Greenwood and cease mining at
the Mother Lode.
For just what period of time this
shut-down will continue is impossible to fortell. It will require a
return to a more nearly normal
supply of labor and of costs than
prevails today to encourage us to
expend rnouey necessary to lay the
foundation for an operation in this
district. We have much faith in
our Phoenix mines and in the
Lone Star, and there are encouraging prospects at two other of our
properties. It is my personal belie! that we will eventually reopen
our Boundary operations, but their
is nothing of assurance which I
can give. For thi3 latter I am
very sorry as I know how hard it
will hit property owners and merchants .whose business depends, at
least to a large extent, upon the
activity of the smelter.
Very truly youre,
Hugh R. Van Wagbnen,
General Manager.
Oct. 29, 1918.
Revived His Interest
Thomas Atkins was fractions.
His medicine was nasty, and be
refused to take it. Two or three
V. A. D.'s stood round him, urg��:
ing him to be good.
"Come," said one," "drink this
and you will get well!"
"And rosy, too!" chimed in a
Atkins brightened. He wasn't
particularly keen on getting well,
but to get rosy was quite another
"Which of you is Rosy?" he
asked, surveying the pretty group.
Mrs. L. E. Brawders and
children arrived in town this
week from Fernie. Mr. Brawders has recently been appointed
manager of the Bank of Commerce.
At Princeton the government
is building a $20,000 bridge
across the Similkameen river.
Some timbers framed years ago,
are being shipped from West-
bridge to be used in this bridge.
It will soon be time to send
Christmas presents to the boys
iu France, A copy of Float
makes a present that is always
welcome anywhere. Copies can
be obtained at The Ledge office.
Benny Brown, age .11, fell off a
horse at Midway on Monday, and
broke his left arm near the
shoulder. J. R. Jackson brought
Benuy to the Greenwood hospital
in his auto.
S. Larsen, brother of IL B.
L?.rseu of the Providence mine,
died yesterday afternoon from
pneumonia. He had suffered
from miner's consumption for
some time. He is survived by
his wife and child.
The Ledge understands that
the Red Cross will begin making
gauze masks today, in order that
the people can protect themselves
against the Flu. It is quite likely that all trains will be watched,
and, suspects quarantined. Be on
your guard, and save future sickness.  ���
Greenwood Central School was
closed Monday 28 inst by order
of the Board of Health. Entrance
pupils are asked to read a chapter
in Canadian History \ each day
and also a chapter in British History and to review memory work
of Lady of the Lake ; and Reader
IV until school opens again,
: Writing to The Ledge from
Vancouver Mrs. Barnes says that
her husband,; E. E. Barnes, is
not dead in France as reported.
He, was at one time principal of
theX stbools X in Phoenix. X He
was wounded in the left shoulder,
and has had several'operations,
but is now progressing favorably
in.,;,a;; London;;: hospital.^ ; Mrs.
Barnes says that she is glad to be
iable to make this statement.
Western Float!
* H
James Quinn of Clinton died in
Vancouver this month.
The Fall Fair at New Denver
made a profit of over 8100.
Prince Rupert has the largest
cold storage plant in Canada.
The sawmills at tne coast are curtailing their output 20 per cent.
Mrs. Emma Toop died at Sumas
this month. She came to B. C.
in 1875.
This vear B. C. Mills will ship
150 million feet of lumber to Eastern Canada.
Some spuds weighing four
pounds, were grown in a Vernon
war garden this year.
Dr. Rimer of Vernon, grew a
Mcintosh Red apple this year that
weighed over 17 ounces.
After running for 50 years on
the Great Lakes, Captain R. D.
Foote has been superannuated.
This month John Scales shot a
golden eagle in the South Thompson that weighed eleven pounds.
In recent years, quite a number
of people have acquired the habit
of getting ont of bed before noon.
There are three female lawyers
in Saskatchewan. They will expect to have the last word in every
This month the Swift company
has bought eight carloads of beef
cattle, at Louis Creek and Chinook
There are 672 telephones in
Kamloops, and 723 in Nelson.
Vancouver has 28507, and Victoria
When you want information
about the Peace River country,
write to tbe Department of the Interior, Ottawa
R. J. Stead of Calgary has published his new book, called The
Cow Puncher. The right name for
a Calgary book,
R. B. Kerr has been lecturing at
Kelowna upon conditions after the
war, He was New Denver's first
and last lawyer.
Mrs. C. B; L. Lefroy of Vernon
died at the coast this month. She
was a daughter of the late Thomas
Ellis of Penticton.
The merchant who does not
advertise is either a miser, or
ignorant in regard to modern
methods of business.
No town or district can expect to
have a newspaper very long, unless
they furnish it sufficient business
at least to pay operating expenses.
Epsom salts are being shipped
from Clinton. They cannot be
shipped to the United States as the
freight rate on Drugs is too high.
' There was a newspaper in Midway 24 years ago called the Advance. At one time that town
had two drug stores antf still lives,
In Kaslo, A. B. Fleener had a
cow choked to death by an apple.
Never give a big apple to a cow.
God made small apples for bovines.
It is proposed to drop the word
kindergarten, because it is German,
and call primary schools something
else. Kidstarter schools [would be
a good substitute.
Joe Beauchamp raised potatoes
near Dawson this year many of
which weighed from 14 to 17
ounces each. Joe keeps a road-
house at Bear Creek.
Some big turnips were grown at
Dawson this summer. One weighed 44 pounds. They were 56
inches in length from tip of the
roots to top of the tops.
The government seems to have
some difficulty, in getting lumber
for sidewalks in Mission City.
Perhaps it would be as well to try
the sawmill in that town.
Jerry Doody left Dawson this
fall for CaUfornia, taking with him
1000 negatives of Yukon scenes.
He was the first man to photograph the Northern Lights back of
Dawson. Jerry has a moving picture scheme that will advertise the
B. C. Mining News
Spelter is growing scarcer in the
United States.
The Standard mill at Silverton
is running one shift.
At Riondel a Cornish pump has
been put in the Bluebell.
At Phoenix the Surprise No. 2
has put in a steam hoist.
The Silver Standard near Hazelton is running its large concentrator.
The Dominion government may
take over all the chrome mines in
J. Macbel is looking for ohrome
in place, on his location west of
Rock Creek.
The chrome mines at Cascade
are employing teD men, and shipping regularly.
The Ladysmith smelter has a
bond on the Willow Grouse, at
Cowichan lake.
The Sunlock mines, Jordan
river are being operated by R. H.
Stewart for a Vancouver company.
Near Nighthawk, Wash., the
Caaba is working a full force. The
Bender mill is shipping concentrates.
Vanadium is being sought for
these days. It is used for hardening Bteel, and is plentiful in B.C.
Prospectors should look for it.
The Silversmith at Sandon has
opened a stope on the 10th level
that is 20 feet high. At the top of
the stope the ore body is about 12
feet wide.
In the Boundary the three C's
has five mines, equslly as good as
the Mother Lode. They are the
B C, Idaho, Brooklyn, Rawhide
and Stemwinder.
Molybdenite occurs in econpmic
quantities close to the railway
along the Skeena river. Engineers from the States are investigating the deposits.
Butte is the largest mining camp
in the world, but until tbis month
the stores refused to have anything
to do with copper coins. The cent
now goes in Butte.
A Prince George syndicate is
working two properties, two miles
from the railway in the Houston
district. One carries copper, and
the other lead and zinc.
At a cost of $50,000 or more the
smelter at Northport, Wash, is
putting in a dressing plant. One
of the furnaces is shut down owing
to a iack of ore from Idaho.
A number of men at Merritt
have organized a company, to ta��e
over from J. E. Bate and others
about 60 claims in the Aspen
Grove district. It is the intention
to do much work in the near
Bog iron is being shipped from
Mons, over the P. G. & E. to tidewater. It is used at the Irondale,
Wash., smelter as a flux forthe
magnetite ores faom Texada Island.
The bog iron assays about 50 per
cent. The ore is mined with steam
A rich free gold strike is reported from the Chu Chua district on
the North Thompson river. Specimens on exhibit in Kamloops show
gold that rune as high as $40,000
to the ton. Heury Skenig and
George Fennel! are the locators of
the new strike. The strike is only
four miles from the C. N. Ry.
For Fall
Now Showing New Arrivals in
Suits and  Over-Coats
Comfort    doesn't    rule   where
style, quality and character
are  lacking
Get into a
and be comfortable
W. Elson 0 Co
5~ Canada Food Board license Wo, 8-6251 :~3
���EE The   Food   Board   Asks   You   to   Save 3
5�� We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals =3
.���� We!i socialize in TEA and COFFEE in pkge or bulk ||
Wli:LEE & BRYAN     1
M J? - **    '
XilE    MJDCffll   fiBSEiWOOGU.    K JL
Clear Away
Some German Dishes
Ik Soap to Cleanse and Purify
TLs Ointment to Soothe and Heal
These fragrant, super-creamy emollients "top itching-, clear lhc skin of
pimples, blotches, redness;anc! rough-
iu-s?, tlie scalp ol iiehiny and d.m-
drulT, and the hands <>f chaps and
sores. In purity, delicate medication, refreshing fragrance, convenience and economy, Cuticura Soap
and Ointment meet with theapproval
t'f the most discriminating. Idea! for
everyday toilet uses.
I'.>r MinjiilM ^ru'li '���> nut'l iiildri'FR rn-t-eartl:
"'CuUcr.ra.Depl.. K. Bcitca, V. 8. A." So!,l >>.<'(it-.il.
rrv ;,i; ro> :t,'lnii.l tin- v.. ir-Ul.
2\:egTo In the War is
Loyal lo United States
Has     Harried     the     Right
1 he   !u'r;ro   \\ ill   follow-   t
cm i'la^-  v, lun-ver it   niav   h
of     full
.\n;i i'i- ;
1.   There j
kre   now   o\ er J:n'l,ii()ij  nt yroes   in   lhe j
;;;my.      The:   iir-^rn   is   intensely   loyal i
und  patrioiic.     I'y   tin    record  he  has I
already  made  in   France  lie  has  earn- j
(U the right ui" aJ) the bciic/it.i of full
.-itiy.cr.shi;>��� that act <>i simple justice
ior \-.hicii hi.s heart  cra\es more llum
m v thing else."
Jn this way did  Dr. Hubert   R.  Melon,  principal   of  TnsUegec   Institute,'
recognized     leader     of   the.     negroes |
kince  the death  of  Booker T.   Wash- |
ingt.in,   ansv.tr   the   question:   "What
is   the   negro   doing  in   the  war?''
"'Isn't it significent,'' went on Dr.
Mo ton, "that intelligent colored
people at first feared that thc negro
might be deprived of the citizen's
right and privilege io defend his
"There was grr.cral rejoicing a:
llie decision to include negroes in
lite draft. 'J"here was renewed rejoicing when Secretary Baker, in
ipite of great opposition, decided to
place colored troops in tiie same ���can-
ionnicnts  with  white   troops.
"'.Surely hy his loyalty in the war
ior democracy the negro wili have
earned his full share with white people1 of all those advantages of public
education and protection which good
governments   should  provide.
"J. love my race today more than
tver before because not a single
negro has been arrested as a spy.
Absolutely the negroes have stood
loyal  to  their  country.
"1   have  told  onr voting negroes  at
Tnskogee   and     at   Hampton   to   give
their   country     all   their   support   and
backing  so   that     those   boys���black.
while  and  red���in  the  trenches    may
know    .that    together .with  tlie  white
;people \ve negroes;.',arc back of/thcni.
.'���./J-lie.: negroes ii;t\"e:d)6itglit.:gcnc:r6iisly
7 of '.'J'_ib.er.iy' Bbnds and'; Thrift Stamps/
: ':i:i"As to. itliiv.'negro",;as: a .'fightc]-, rCol.
ijames  A.   _MosS,r of ��� the; Three7; Hurif
������.'d.red iand; SixtysSevcntli: Infantry, who
Visas  iservedi iX&X- years "with  colored
���'."troops,', irsay-;  that, rpropcrly; ,traiiv<id,
thecbloredi:- man nrakes -as ;igdpdviia
i .fighter as any in; the Avorld.:The' hiss
.;tory i oi���'.--Tltc'������������ negro irii.all -our vvars
���proves this.     ColoneliiiMioss has: r said
he is glad to eomiiiand colored, troops
-iin liis -.third.'.'campaign;"���'-.'-:i
Stewed  Crow Is a  Luxury;  Soap
Memory in Germany
The ordinary crow if well stewed is
a hue dish in Germany.
A 50-cent egg fried in butter that
costs S7 a pound  is a luxury.
Clothes made of cloth instead of
paper are reserved for the. folk with
money and soap is merely u memory.
The non-combatants in the cities
of Germany have become resigned to
the dentil of children from malnutrition. Thc old people pass away as
a  matter of   course.
Milk is sold only ou a physician's
In short, the only way to survive
in the kaiser's realm today is to
light the allies or make munitions.
lu substance, this was thc impression of the Germany of today as expressed hy Miss Florence .MacAvoy,
of Montclair, N.J., who has just arrived on a Norwegian steamship. She
left  Germany on March 23.
Miss MacAvoy and her sister, Mrs.
Ida M. L'lx, of Ilohokcn, went to
Germany ei>Jit years ago lo try
lo regain  their health.
"Wc had been in Gcrmativ since
101(>." said Miss MacAvoy. "We left
mi March 23, just about the time the
whole country was getting jubilant
over lhe great peace offensive that
was to (tui tlic war. News had come
in about that time about thc success
of that horrible long-distance cannon thai was hurling shells into
Paris and everybody I saw was
ev    knew    nothing  about     the
Saskatchewan Sergeant
Gets Victoria Cross
Tackled Machine Gun, Emplacement
Single-Handed,   Thereby   Saving Many Lives
Recommendations for the Victoria
Cross include that of a sergeant in a
Saskatchewan battalion, as follows:
"For most conspicuous gallantry
and devotion to duty during an attack made on the enemy's positions
ou August 9.
"This N.C'.O. villi his platoon, was
prelecting the battalion's right flank,
lie vas leading thc platoon gallantly forward to tltc attack that had not
gone far when he realized that a gap
had occurred in his flank, and that
an enemy machine gun was firing at
close range at the advancing line,
lie immediately grasped the situation, and rushing forward about 200
yards ahead of the platoon, tackled
the machine gun emplacement, killing the officer and wounding one of
thc crew, thc rest beating a hurried
retreat. By his boldness and quick
action hc undoubtedly saved the lives
of many of his comrades. Throughout the day hc exhibited the same
spirit, carrying on after being wounded by shell fire.
Another battalion has the distinction of two recommendations for thc
Y.C. A private, later killed in action, encountered on August S, after
being separated from his section, a
machine gnu nest iu a wood which
hc dealt with unassisted first by
bombing and then, jumping into the
post, taking the crew and gun prisoners.    Shortly after he vas severely
Hospitals in the Air
, First Aid Available in Short Space of
( Time
The World of  Tenderness
Travel Long Distances
horde   oi Americans   that  vas   piling | wounded in the right arm, but refits
--  ��� - -��� - cd to desist.    Shortly after he led his
platoon in a brilliant charge against
a very strong position containing several machine guns which were captured, the garrison being bayonettcd
or surrendering. lie was badly
wounded in the knee and died in a
few minutes. His pcrservcrance and
courage were undoubtedly responsible for taking thc strongest point in
thc whole day's advance.
A corporal of thc same battalion is
recommended "for single handed capturing of a strong post with three
machine guns, which vas enfilading
his company, killing several of the
garrison and capturing the remainder.
into France. Neither did vc, because all this had been most cleverly kept from the German people. Wc
spent most of our lime in Dresden.
Xo one there believed that America
could possibly get actively into tlie
war. They had been assured that
the U-boats would keep American
troops away from the. continent, and
the few Americans that were taken
prisoners were merely a handful of
adventurous  spirits."
,,. ,   ,     ������ .,     ...  i,f igainson auu capturing tne remainder
lo .every woman belongs the riglit ^ ,        ' n     *��� encounter
o enjoy a    healthy,    active      happy  cd      b f .     .    h .
ite, yet nine out ol every ten suffer    { Collecting three men    of    hit
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns,  etc.
rivr"i.:.;i ������-i';i':N.aiture,s''-'iPorethbughti..i..;-'-:r;-r'';;',7ii.
:: Animals: that -require great:7; speed
iin--secitriiigii ritliciri foiidvorr'escapingi
:���"' .t i.i ^i-r'.'i ���'�� ri'.d- rii.I cs.:' ��� 'irl-ia y p'-. -'i'tp/; '''ci<i'-l lar.-;. li'p.ri '<; s,:'
lyi'liyi shoulders retire TfaSfcitedrritoi-tlfeii
r trunk; by} niliscIesyiT^
ring' aftcri-arlpiigr-lc'api,v:".-'0'ri-:'.iu';";r''dtll-e'ir-
���words, if: theyrihadracollarbone, yvith
i ihe .sHfJiilder- ifinnliy ifixedriiiiit; there
vpuhlr bei a'-trcmeiidotiS .[shockiiwhCni
Tin;, aninial: came V.to:'r the;:-fiartlii rr after
, Irapiri g"r��� iiSTature ! fas looliccl; aft<r ri t
;--!iirj-; a -'-'cicyni tjip.ri':- 'jScn.si7��' ;Aya:-yVi^ i-r-;v''^\S':::?; i,,rv:4vi^v'
years of agony, usually from some
form of bloodlessncss. That is why
one sees on every sidc pale thin
cheeks, dull eyes and drooping figures���sure signs of headaches, weak
backs, aching limbs and uncertain
health. All weak, suffering women
should.win the right to be well by
refreshing their weary bodies with
the ncw, rich, red blood that promptly transforms them into healthy attractive women. This new, rich, red
blood is supplied in abundance by
Dr. Williams' Fink Pills which
reaches cvery organ and every nerve
in thc body.
Through lhc use of these pills
thousands of women have found a
prompt cure when -suffering from
anaemia, indigestion, heart palpitation, rheumatism, general weakness,
and those ailments from which women alone suffer. There is no part of
lli is broad Dominion in which you
will not find some former sufferer
who has regained health and strength
through the use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Fills, and this is thc reason why
these pills have been a favorite
household remedy for more than a
generation, lf you are ailing and will
give thc pills a fair trial you will
find renewed health and happiness in
their use.
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Fills through any medicine dealer, or
by mail at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Out.
ting tiircc men ot Ins
section he charged thc guns, and
captured the entire crews of thc three
guns, which continued to fire point
blank at them until thc four men
were on them.
A corporal, a gunner in an armed
motor machine gun car, performed a
heroic act, in which hc lost his life.
An enemy gun made a direct hit on
the ear killing three of the crew and
cutting off the corporal's arm. Removing the body of the driver, he
swung round thc shattered car, and
brought it safely back into our lines.
A lieutenant of a celebrated
French-Canadian battalion, since
dead, is recommended for th- \ ������.-.
toria Cross in the following
F"or thc most conspicuous g.
and almost superhuman devot.. . ,o
duty during operations of August S
and 9. Fie was in charge of a company which led during the two days
villi absolute fearlessness and extraordinary ability, and initiative.
At about 1 o'clock of the afternoon
Good     Mohammedans
When They Die
Near to the resting place of the
first great apostles of their faith it
is thc dearest wish of all pious Mohammedans to lie  after death.
The shrines of Najaf, Kcrbcla, and
Kazimain, the resting places of Aii,
Hussein, and the seventh and ninth
Imams, lie on the edge of the desert
in the country British troops now
occupy in  .Mesopotamia.
One often meets a corpse on the
road packed in a long crate or bun-
Idle of palm leaves and slung across
the back of an ass, says Kdmund
Chandler, the press representative in
the Mesopotamian forces. The pilgrim
behind is taking his relative to swell
the population of thc cities of thc
dead, by which these sanctuaries arc
Of the three shrines, Najaf is the
richest, and to sonic minds the most
sacred. Like Kazimain, it is approached by a horse tram. Thc
trams arc not of the pattern of those
that ply over Blackfriars Bridge. I
believe thc few British soldiers who
have seen them rank them with thc
Clock Tower in thc mosque as first
among thc lions of Mesopotamia.
In peace time thc dead come from
a wide radius. Thc donkey with thc
bundle like a big carpet bag on its
back, drapen in wattle or rich silk
according to the means of thc pilgrim, may have come all thc way
from Bokhara. A few years ago a
corpse arrived from the Persian am-
bassy at I'aris.
The rich as a rule arc buried in
the shrine itself. Thc fee for interment in the "mosque is $250. For
burial outside the walls of the city
J the pilgrim pays anything from four
to ten rupees (two to five dollars),
according to the distance he "has
Many pilgrims buy houses in Najaf, ancl thus the place is gradually
becoming a city of thc dead. Nine
houses out of ten have graves in
them. Sometimes the building is
nothing else than a tomb.
Najaf has proved impregnable to
Wahhabi and Bedouin. It is believed
to be fabuously rich. There are two
stores of treasure. Thc old treasury
has not been opened since the visit
of Shar Nasir-ud-Diu, fifty years ago.
It is buried in a vault and built over
i Our American allies are perfecting
Un adequate first-aid system vihereby
many valuable lives may be saved in
connection with aviation.
This system will probably be
adopted by our own air forces, for
use both at home and abroad, and
we may shortly expect to hear of
good work of this description being
done at the front. Special airplanes
arc kept constantly in readiness,
equipped with a compact "first aid"
outfit, and a doctor occupies the observer's scat. A skilled pilot waits
beside the machine, ready to ascend
with his medical "pascsngcr" without  a moment's delay.
The "flying aid-post" is ready for
any emergency. The pilot and thc
physician arc. stationed close to the
machine which is ready for instant
flight, thc engine being tested every
half-hour or so in order to obviate
delay through starting troubles.
Look-out men are posted at various
positions whose duty it is to keep a
watchful eye on any planes whicli
may bc operating in their vicinity.
At thc slightest sign of a machine
falling, or descending in trouble, they
immediately telegraph their information to headquarters, stating whereabouts the machine may be expected
to land. On receipt of this information thc "aerial hospital" sets out at
once for thc scene of the accident,
ready to offer medical assistance, if
such assistance should be required.
A fire engine and an ambulance
wagon follow by road, with.thc result that thc unfortunate flying-man
receives every form of assistance in
an-incredible short space of time,
after his accident.
The importance of this "quick
help" system canot bc over-estimated. First aid on the spot will
doubtless be the mcans of saving thc
lives  of many airmen.
.U     IIIIUIIl     .     UV1LA.1\     \/i      Lilt.    UllllllUtllM >, 1 >, 11* ���., 1
of July 9, just after the day's attack :^!!1 i^1^.^.11^'.^^1^0-^^
Not Up to Him
Wadkins had once been whipped
for inaccuracy during his boyhood, so
was always very careful in his statements, lie was a porter. An old
gentleman approached hiin and asked:
"Ts  lliis  my  train,  porter?"
"Xo, sir, it belongs to the railway
company, sir."
"That's not what I mean," said the
i>ld man testily. "J mean do I take
tlii<?  train  to   Miulslushron-Sea?"
"Xo, sir," said Wadkins, patiently.
"Tlic engine always docs that."
A Woman's Story
K'atherinc Stinson. Chicago airwoman, said at a Hull House tea:
"It is remarkable how the whole
world distrusts and hates Germany.
Take, for instance, Switzerland.
"Germany a short time ago solemnly- assured Switzerland that ^be
would not violate Swiss neutrality.
Well, Switzerland immediately sent
out a hurry-up order for 35C00Q gas
What Do You Make of This, Watson?
l-'.ekiey lit cord���She lost one arm
nnd broke her ankle and shc is having difficulty in using crutches, be-
-;tuse that was thc arm the foot was
r<n and ��-he will have to Irani" to
walk  with  thc other hand.
It Eases Pain.   Ask any druggist or
dealer in medicines what is thc most
popular of the medicinal oils for pains
in tlie joints, in thc muscles or ner-
Ives, or for neuralgia and rheumatism,
ind he will tell you that Dr. Thomas'
ll-'clectrio  Oil  is in  greater    demand
��� than any other.   The reason for this
]is  lhat  it  possesses  greater    healing
I qualities than  any  other oil.
Thc Indians along the Columbia
river make a kind of bread from a
moss that grows on the "spruce fir
tree. This moss is prepared by placing it in heaps, sprinkling it with
water, and permitting it to ferment.
Then it is rolled into balls as big as
a man's head, and these are baked in
pi I.s.
had begun, his company's left Hank
was held up by an enemy machine
gun. lie rushed in and captured the
gun, personally, killing" two of the
gun crew. While doing this he was
wounded in the thigh but refused to
bc evacuated. A little after three
o'clock thc same day his company
was held up by heavy machine gun
fire from a machine gun in a group
of houses. Hc personally reconnoitred the ground, organized a party of
two platoons and rushed straight for
the machine gun nest. Here one hundred and fifty Germans and fifteen
machine guns were captured. The
lieutenant personally killed five Germans and being wounded a second
time, now in tbe shoulder, which he
had immediately dressed, again refusing lo be evacuated. About six in
the evening of the same day he saw
a field gun firing on his men with
open siglits from a neighboring wood,
lie immediately organized and led a
rushing party toward thc gun. After
progressing about COO yards he    was .
scriouslv wounded in the abdomen. 11 rebelled, and arrested the
In spite "of this third wound, he con-jSprrison. At the same time
tinned lo advance some 300 yards,
���when be fell unconscious from exhaustion and loss of blood. His wonderful example throughout the day
fired his men witb an enthusiasm and
fury which largely contributed towards thc battalion's noble achievements.
Seven other recommendations arc
made in connection with the same
battalion, lhe heroes ot_ Courcelette.
A Vienna newspaper says that tvo
officers conveying mails by air from
Budapest to Vienna were, attacked at
a height of 20,000 feet " by an immense eagle, which vas killed by the
key or window by way of entrance
The new treasure is in the keep of
Kiliddar���gold and silver, and jewels,
and precious stones, silks, and ihawis,
and pearled curtains.
One of the first gifts for thc
shrines to reach Bagdad after our
troops entered the city were four
curved swords of gold, with diamonds
on the sheath and hilt. They had
been despatched from Constantinople
to Bagdad when the British menace
was regarded as a madman's dream,
and bore thc inscription, "From thc
servant of all pious Moslems, Envcr
No doubt they were intended to
symbolize the might whereby the
Turks would defend the city against
their hated foes, the Christians.
In thc spring of 1916, when the
Turks fell out with thc people of
Najaf and Kcrbela, owing.to heavy
war taxes, compulsory military service, the seizure of women, and thc
house-searching for deserters, who
were dragged out and    shot,    Najaf
ejected thc Turks.   In the fight that
ensued the Holy places were shelled
���a sacrilege, that will never bc for-
Diamonds and Money Nothing Compared to Son's Picture
The    Philadelphia    Public    Ledger
tells and vouches for the  story     of
two women.    Both were of     middle
age.    One had    a handbag    "stuffed
with diamonds,    cash,    and    Liberty
bonds, representing, all  told,     about i
$5,000 in  spendable    money."      liie j
other had a bag    that    held    seven i
[���cents, the remnants of a ham    sand- '
wich, and a  photograph of  her son,
who is in the army and at the fighting front.   The handbags b:;aine accidentally exchanged in the     lailway
She who had lost her son's picture
cried bitterly. He was her only bey,
she said, and his name was Diuny. lie
was'in France, and the picture showed him in a sweater she had knitted
with her own hands!
"Oh, my dear, my dear!" she cried,
when the picture was restored, "I
thought I had lost you!" and thrust
thc bag of riches back lo its owner
as if it held poison.
It is futile to discuss things like
this. There is a world of wonder aud
feeling and tenderness of which mere
man may know nothing. At the occasional revelation of its mysteries one
lifts his hat silently, and passes on to
simpler matters like war, and world
politics, and the contention of kings.
���Toronto   Globe.
Worms, by thc irritation that they
cause in the stomach and intestines,
deprive infants of the nourishment
that thcy should derive from food,
and mal-nutrition is the result. Miller's Worm Powders destroy worms
land correct the morbid conditions in
the stomach and bowels that are favorable to worms, so that the full nutriment of the child is assured and
development in evcrj' way encouraged.
There is more Catarrh In this section of
the country than all other diseases put together, and for years it was supposed to be
incurable. Doctors prescribed local remedies,
and by constantly Jailing to cure with local
treatment, pronounced it incurable. Catarrh
is a local disease, greatly influenced by constitutional conditions and therefore requires
constiutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactui ed by F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, Ohio, is a constitutional remedy, is
t"Jcen internally and ccts through the Blood
on the Mucous Surfaces of the System. One
Hundred Dollars reward is offered for any
case that Hall's Catarrh Cure fails to cure.
Scud for circulars and testimonials.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo,  Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c
Hill's  Family  Fills  for constipation.
Huge Task of Grand Fleet
British Navy Is Doing 70 Per Cent,
of Work
Interesting figures and percentages concerning allied warships engaged in anti-submarine warfare
have been prepared in London, Thcy
show that in the eastern Atlantic 30
pcr cent, of the vessels are British,
14 per cent. American and 6 per cent.
French. Submarines engaged in hunting submarines in thc same waters
are 78 pcr cent. British, 17 pcr cent.
French and 5 per cent. American.
Of thc miscellaneous patrol craft 85
per cent, arc British, 77 per cent.
French, and 3 pcr cent. American.
In the Mediterranean 38 pcr cent,
of the destroyers are French, 27 per
cent. British, 26 pcr cent. "Italian, 7
pcr cent. Japanese, and 2 per cent.'
Of the submarines there 50 per
cent, arc Italian, 37 pcr cent. French
23 pcr cent.' British, 8 per cent.
Corrected figures to date for Atlantic ocean convoying show that
the British have 70 pcr cent., the
Americans 27 per cent, and the
French 3 pcr cent.
Wc   believe     MINARD'S   LINIMENT is the best:
Mathias  Foley, Oil  City,  Ont.
Joseph Snow, Norway, Me.
Charles Whooten, Mulgravc, N. S.
Rev. R. O. Armstrong, Mulgravc, N.
Pierre  Landers,   Sen.,    Pokcmouche,
N. B.
R*t��-Thc Eleventh
Plague of the Trenches
Minard's   Liniment Relieves
Suicides on Decline
Twenty Sheep for Every Soldier
Twenty sheep are required to pro
vide sufficient wool to keep one soldier clothed. In Canada there are
less than 5# sheep pcr soldier. Wool
is at a record price, as is also mutton. The Canada food board urges
greater production of sheep and municipal co-operation in controlling
the menace from dogs.
Their Ancient Code
Japs Have Peculiar Way of Atoning
for Disgrace
| Thc pathetic scijual to the strand-
]ing of the Canada Maru illutsratcs
the veneration in which Japanese
hold a well known code of their ancient chivalry. According to that
code Captain Yaniamoto felt that the
misadventure which befell liis ship
involved him iu disgrace and that his
(only  honorable course was  to sacri-
.   .  . ���r-rr. ���. rr?. jfic.e himself in expiation.     That, not
  i tir/tVf 17M   ADC MCETfcPrV itlic *car ��* Pl,���*slmicnt for what had
War Shows Marked Effect Upon the \ WUMtN  AKL IllXilCiU .l'al>pcncd_ to his vessel, was the nio-
They are a Constant Torment to the
A brigade runner came along thc
communication trench to battalion
headquarters and handed thc adjutant
a despatch marked "Urgent." The adjutant opened it, burst out laughing,
and passed it on to the medical officer.   It read like a Bairnsfather joke:
O.C.���Bn. You will render a Return of Rats in your sector immediately. ������Bde.
There* was meaning in it, however,
for at that time���some two ycars ago
���it was thought that the Germans
were inoculating the trench rats in
order to spread disease in our lines.
Whether this was so we never really ascertained; but at any rate,
thanks to modern medical science,
there has been little or no disease
spread among our troops by thc tens
of thousands of rats that havc dug
themselves in among the billets and
trenches in France and Flanders.
Rats thrive well and multiply rapidly in thc trenches. Alas, they never
go seance of food! One thinks with
a shudder of their loathsome feasts
and impish gambols among thc tin-
buried dead of No Man's Land.
A constant torment to thc soldiers,
Ihey steal his rations, disturb his
rest, ruin his harness and spitefully
bite him when he offers resistance.
Unless properly attended to a rat
bite often results in a nasty septic,
wound. Their favorite tit-bits is thc
lobe of the car.
In billets also thcy arc ever present, though it is some satisfaction to
know that here thcy are on a different diet. If you waken in the night
on your bed of damp straw in some
old barn or ruin, their beady eyes
peer out of the darkness as though
in gleeful anticipation of a feast.
Thcy may have nibbled holes in
your socks by morning, or lined tlicir
nests with leaves from your pay-
book, or carried off your false teeth
if you were foolish enough to take
them out before falling asleep. They
are bold and audacious. They havc
! even been known to knock down a
lighted candle and carry it off, leaving thc surprised "poker" party in indignant amazement.
An active warfare is continually
being waged against these pests. Ferrets, terriers, poison, and traps, all
take their dailjr toll; but there is" nothing so effective as a gas attack.
After . the trenches have been
drenched with gas they arc generally
clear of rats for some time to come.
Sometimes the soldier gets an opportunity for a very_ satisfying" revenge. Ho leans with his back against
thc parapet and steadfastly watches
a rat hole in front of him. In course
of time a sniffling, be-whiskercd nose
appears. Hc lunges forward, catches
it on thc point of thc bayonet, and,
thinking of all the torments rats havc
caused him, gives him
pull at the trigger.
Vnder  tlie  Control ol  lhe   iJrp.-inment of  Agriculture of  Ontario.
���K-tnWi'-htd   1W2.
Affiliated   with   the   University   of  Toronto
CnIVcr   will   Ueopet:   o::   '} vc>ilay,   the   1st   of   October,   1918.
11')  l.'ni'.cniiy ,lu. Totonto,  Can.
Calendar  on   Application.
E.  A.  A.  GRANGE.   V.S..   M.S.,  PRINCIPAL. .'_	
Women can bo usefully emplojed ia
nursing tho wounded, in making up the
soldiers' kits, and a thousand other Waya. ;ing of his    ship   was surrou]1(k.ti
Many Canadian women aro weak, palojhighly extenuating circumstances.
tivc which inspired him to make an
end to himself. In western eyes it is
regrettable that the captain considered himself bound to take this
course, for hc was a most efficient
and courteous officer and the strand-
People Taking Their Own
_ Thc   British   Medical  Journal  finds
that the war has  caused a     marked
decline in thc proportion of suicides
! to the population. Among males the
'rate per million living was 157 in the
i ten \ears ending 1910, 151 in 1914
jand \fth in 191.S. In 1916 it was u
': little higher, 111. The r.-.'.c oi suicide
!aii'ong    women    showed a  fall from
ifortv-*e\cii in   i lie  years   1901-10    to' mothers and every woman Tvho ia "run- j victor of   Port Arthur'who took his
Ifortv-fh*   m:  1911  and   1915  and  thir  ' '
My-eight  in   1019.      The (jrruuv    .< -,    .       ,   Tstmito Prescription is BBpc
iduction  among  men   \\.a��  :U   IMe  ages |      .       , ,        ..,,,. n��m
!of forty-live   to     M.My-f.ve,    a hcreas , cjnl, safe ul.certain help.   Itj:an now ^^.^ officcrf considerC(1
women of  later iiiidd!
ias  not    fallen    al
: reason     for     this     according  to   lhe
i Journal,  is  the  incrt;:<-ed employment
A Great Nation's
The United States Government has conscripted the
entire output of our U.S.
��factories in order to supply
tho "Yanks" with AutoStrop, Razors as part of
their regular equipment.
This tribute is worthy of
your consideration when
next you send a pack^je
Overseas ��� your soldier's
comfort is your first
thought���the AutoStrop,
because, of., its automatic
self-stropping device, is
the ideal razor for his use.
Price $5.00'
At leadinf itorei tTerywler*
22c. postage will deliver an
AutoStrop Overseas by first
class registered mail.
Safety- Razor Co.,
83-87 Date St., Toronto, Ont.
Europe's   Backward  Pupil
Must Learn War Is Not a Profitable-
Prussia is- Europe's backward pupil according to the Dundee Advertiser, the editor of this well-known
Scottish newspaper writing:
"One of the principal aims of the
allies in this struggle must be the
endeavor lo educate Prussia up 'to a
realization of the fact���which .- has
long ago been recognized by Cvery
civilized power except herself-^���that
war is a costly and- not a profitable
business. It has been ;-. slow/ a Very
slow, process up to now. Unfortunately, Prussia on several occasions in the past had sonic real
grounds for coming to ^in' opposite,
"Within about fifty years she had
waged three great wars, and r by-
reason of her easy successes had
found each of them a paying speculation. Deceived by these lucky
strokes, shc has been led to set Up
Armed Force as her Deity, and had
compelled the whole of her people
to bow the knee and worship it."    "".
There is no poisonous ingredient
in Holloway's Corn Cure, and it can
be used without danger of injury.
Flat Feet
"Somewhere in Kentucky" a drafted man appeared for physical examination.
"Rejected," was the medical - verdict. "You have flat feet and cannot
"Ain't that toughl" moaned the
would-be soldier. "I've tramped 48
miles over the mountains since last
night and now I've go to walk back."
���Chicago. Herald.
The Buddhist priests of^ both China and Japan have a musical instrument called mokougyo, or wooden
fish, a kind of drum. It is used by
the priests when reciting their prayr
a vindictive j ers, one lap being given to'everj
or anemic from woman'�� ills. For young
girls juat entering womanhood; for
women   at   the   critical   time;   nureivg
In Tokio is a shrine which all
Japan venerates, and on which I'rincc
Arthur recently laid a wreath. It
\v;is erected in  memory of Xogi, the
down,"   tired   or   ovor-worked���Doctor .own   life immediately  following    the
1     �� * r i . \ ,
death    of    thc laic emperor.
| for
I rate
years before ilia: Xogi, then a stibor
! bo had in tablet form, procurable at any ! t;ilioii
ii'riMndf ._iu\ii��w^ ���
A Little Seaweed, Sir?
:\i ci-d     -��<>iU',   rockwerd
idrrockAvecd jsle may .s'ooii, ha, lotitra
housewife who .X.
it nt ritiou> ami in'gx^-
toriJi'ig; Xo ���Pq.piiHr
iiteraMe ��� variety ��� d)
. of v.ilicli Tockwtcd
is one,.. can be found along both the
Allan tic; and; 'Pacific, /coasts ioi this
country. Japan has been awake for
��j!'ic time to the value of seaweed as
a food and the United States is now \ ),e]p
'i pii  ih.X -li'i
hie ���'���ai. t
falert lo
obtain ���'������.!
: pe^iye ;i
w'fl'Jv - .;��'
7i 'Science: r
X e/lible'" Xy
: bcginrmig- tor realize7 ;it'S;)
age    the.
once.    'I bo i g0od drug tstore, or send Dr. Pierce, Invalids'   Hotel   and   Surgical   Institute,
Buffalo, JST. Y., 10 ccnls for trial package.    Branch office, Bridgcburg, Out.
St. Catharines, Ont.���"I have taken
Dr. Pierce'a Favorite Prescription
diiTiiig expectancy
when I feit; esprci-
ally In need of r.
tonic and it benefited mo greatly. 1
always-take pieas-
uro iu recommending 'Prescription'
to joung mothers,
because I know it
���will never fail to
J.  Ii.   Favcett,  8
that  a bat-
bis command  had    dis-
and  contemplated   v.ip-
'graced; itself
lirig:.ont   ;t|ie.:;\idisgr;tcc;: Witli :;hisMo\viv
I froTiir :;7 liim ti, p
rdjers. ' hi is iiTeuiorabJc/ achiev ciiW ji Is;}
���in 'X-: h7c,., war.��� with 'Russia made iX'iX'X
?<li.ie' roi'rthjr..���idol's' -fif .rliis-. c��iiX!tr'J'^fn-::|
j'.o'.f liis 'S��!ryer:(.-i::;n, -lie aiVf.i ":h:rs, wi:i,e; kiK-j
fled tiip'l'iiselves- ill :'.:t:!'i'.c:'!.'-','6l!.L\ iaimipii !
'���fray:..-.}ie, fftjiiiineil'triip-io theraiieicnt
y~ yr&u zxzy me to47te,wah,tcwc
on apcAindofchmp^xp tea
Jn citAe/i wtAdb you poAjjQfwaM
tax on. a cheap tea 'ZcmuA wilt
TruxAe,pe/tAap6 /SO oup6 t&true,
pound'andycru paythe Jame
lQ**ttvxon a pound of '/ted/bte
zoAkA ea/tity maft&A atout250
ickweed'sis ���beihr
worth.     In
gathered in
Beach  St.
Wei Her  *.  McCarthy were established
scrtatives en ihe Chicago and St. Paul   Ma:
monton, Aha.,   Stock Y
ke ts i
id  ofries
Old Stuff
that  string
Stratford,   Ont.--" I    do    think   Dr.
t Pierce's Favorite Prescription one of the
j best meditines I bave ever known for tbe
I ailments of women.    I had for quite a
long time been all run-down, weak and
| nervous.  .1 doctored, bat nothing seemed
j to give me relief until I began taking
I  Jor- I i FavoTita Prescription.'    This medicine
t there ��� gave nie sneh wonderful relief that I am
<:'ip:i..-i   gj4,3 *3 rtcommend it to others."���Mia.
' A. Gciwik. CO Braot St.
A Humming Plan
It <\>iuc as a blow to Ko7r.cr that
his friend was leaving for thc country.
"Things wiil lie pretty dull without
vou, old chap," he said, gloomily.
"Don't feel down about      it,      m\ t
boy," replied  thc other, "but, all  the
<.a:nc  1   Let I sh.tll make liiing3 hum
down there."
"tlot some scheme on already?"
1    "Yes.    You  see,   I'm  thinking     o;
kr ���-ping brcs."
i^/otL will fmd tbdcvu rru/ie
v<ulib, nu/ie econorruy, rnche^
Jveat&ati&fajc^ iin ^ed^ode7ea
ft is Pvuhu a wah time tea.
W.     N.
U.     1227
T. H. Estabrooks Co.
St. Jebn       Toronto -    Wiunjp����       Calgary
C ��nadL��?i Foc<J Control License No. 6-276
Bed'Rose Ccjfee is as %cnerous\y good
tu Red Rose Tta X
A Ghost City
Tombstone, Ariz.���The Birdcage opera house, the Can-Can
restaurant, the Bed Light saloon
and the Tucson stage office remain
as relics of Tombstone's one time
glory as a mining camp. Theee
old buildings were once the scenes
of the pioneer Arizona mining
camp, bnt are now occupied by
bats and are slowly falling into
The Bird-cage opera bouse was
the most famous in the territory.
It is a rambling, two-story structure, with the glass iu the rough
board front broken by the elements.
A long bar occupies one end of the
building, while the piano player's
raised platform faces it at the op
posite end. It was on this plat
form that the famous sign hung
which read: "Do not shoot the
piano player! He is doing the best
he can!" A gallery extends around
three sides of the opera bouse and
the stage occnpies the fourth.
On that stage she most famous
variety performers from San Francisco appeared. Lithographs announcing their coming still hang
on the walls. A dumb waiter connects the bar with the gallery
above, where drinks were served
at tables placed in each of the little
rooms which open on to the big
dancing floor. Many ki llings have
occurred in the Bird Cage, and it
has been the scene of a number of
Western stories of frontier life.
At the Can-Can restaurant
steaks once sold for $5 each, and
men waited in line to be served.
The Bed Light saloon was a gambling honse, and the discarded
roulette' and faro layouts may be
seen stacked in the rear of the big
building, with its broken bar and
mahogany fixtures. The stage
office is an adobe building, with a
corral flanking it, and it was there
that the stage from Tucson pulled
in each day, and the early settlers
received their mail from the outside world.
Another relic of old Tombstone
is the monument erected to Ed
Schefflein, the founder of Tombstone and the man who gave it its
name. The monument is built of
boulders from Scheffiein'a first
A cowboy from the Panhandle
told Schefflein that he would not
find gold but a. tombstone in the
Hanchuca mountains. Schefflein
found gold and named the town
Tombstone, remembering his
friend's prediction. When he died
his body was returned here and
the tombstone erected at the spot
where he made the gold strike
that caused a great rush to this
The Animal That
Eats His Bedroom
The muskrat lives in the brown
bogj hiding carefully in the daytime and coming out at night to
seek food or to build his little
house. In winter his house is
cozy, for he builds it with a passage that enters beneath the ice of
the pond on the border of which
he lives. The bitter wind, therefore, cannot reach him. If he is
hungry he can swim nnder the ice
and find pond-lily roote and other
sweet food. Maybe:V he: does not
; need; even ;to wet his for; for he
builds his house of these very roots
and of rushes and grasses, so all
heneeds to.do��� when hungTy is to
turn oyer "and eat his bedroom
MuBkrata are sociable creatures.
When they live together, one will
warn another of approaching
danger. They attract attention by
flapping the water with their tails
as they dive out of sight.
Alligators like muskrat flesh and
eat it when they can get it. The
little animal has other enemies,
the worst of them, perhaps, being
the mink; for the mink can follow
tha muskrat into its home. Worst
of all for all muskrats, however,
is a severe winter following a dry
fall, because then the ponds freeze
solid, and the little fellows are
either forced out to become the
victim of enemies, or are shut out
by the ice and die of starvation.
was >a flag that was not a lying in
wait. There was a flag that was
not of one nation, bat of all the
world; a flag that needed no recruiting station, for the ranks it
led were always fall to overflowing;
a flag that stood between the
wounded soldier and death; that
knew no defeat but surrender to
the will of the God of Battles."���
Mary Roberts Binehart in Kings,
Queens and Fawns.
The Wounded Soldier's
Last Defense
The Bed Cross is the wounded
soldier's last defense. It is
greater than cannon, greater
than hate, greater than blood-
lust, greater than vengeance.
It triumphs over wrath as good
triumphs over evil. Direct
descendant of the Cross of the
Christian faith, it carries on to
every battlefield the words of the
Man of Peace: 'Blessed are the
merciful, for they shall obtain
"The only leaven in this black
picture of war as I have seen it, as
it has touched me, has been the
scarlet of the Bed Cross, To a
faith that the terrible scenes at the
front had almost destroyed, came
evesy now and then again the
flash of the emblem of mercy.
Hope then, was not dead. There
were hands to soothe and labor, as
well as hands to kill. There was
still brotherly love in the world.
There was a courage that was not
of hate. There was a patience that
was not a  lying in wait.    There
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B. C, Cigar, Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varies.   .   ,   .
Haveyou tried onelately ��
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting aad Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Hire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
As an instance of how science and industry have co-operated in helping to win
the war, it is interesting to note that Sir Thomas White, K.C.M.G., Minister of
Finance, has made a special " His Master's Voice " Record for the purpose of
actually informing the Canadian Public in his oven voice concerning the need of
the second Victory Loan.
Science has thus made it possible for the voice of the Finance Minister to be
heard in thousands of places in every part of the Country at the same time.     �����
C The illustration shows Sir Thomas " caught in the act " as he made his special
recording at the laboratories of the Berliner Gram-o-phone Company, Limited,
Montreal. ']������.
Every part of an inch you are away from the telephone
when speaking, places the called party miles distant One
inch from the telephone lengthens the line six miles; two
inches, ten miles; three inches, sixteen miles, etc.
Therefore, remember to speak directly into the transmitter.
X************ *******4>��t��**4>4��
First-class   <f��
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in 4>
Cbe fiume fiotel
nelson, B.C
The only up/to/date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
E For Good I
H ���Economy and Satisfaction ||
H combined with Promptness %
H are the features which go to |��
H make up the Service we give |��
H our customers.     Are you =��
H one of them?                         |��
\% Letterheads, Noteheads,       ��f
����� (Ruled or Plain) ^3
& Envelopes, Billheads, 3
g~ (All Sizes) -"-J
H Statements, Business Cards, =��
% Posters, Dodgers, &c, &c. |��
| The Ledge      PHONE 29      1
I'^n^iii^* i
Job Printing Department    3
TiiUiuiuiuuiuiittiUiUiii uuuaiiuituuuiui uuuuiumutt& xX>
The Country Editor
We have sung about our Sammies and
onr sailor boys in blue; they are men we
love to honor, they are fighting through
and through. Yet I know a shrinking
hero, one who wears no martial dress, so
I'll sing about the gqptlemen who run
the country press.
They're the men behind our Sammies
and the soldiers of the sea, and they back
the work ot mercy and the loan for liberty, and they write the brief of Freedom,
state our cause succint and clear, shooting broadsides at the kaiser once a week
throughout the year.
When our Uucle needs billions for to
carry on the fray, then our country
scribes are mobilized for service without
pay and they freely give their columns
and the power of their press and they
write and boost with fervor, and the loan
is a success.
Though they raise the price of paper,
yet he sticks beside his guns; though his
days are almost eatless, watch him swat
the haughty Hun. Here is to you, country scribe, and may you prosper all your
days, though the devil joins the colors
and the foreman wants a raise, though
the merchant stops his ad and takes a
moving picture slide, may he weather
out the year to come and make some
dough beside.
Treatment For Influenza
A retired physician of wide experience
and former extensive practice has sent to
The Vancouver Sun a course of treatment
which he'declares he has never known
to fail in previous epidemics of influenza.
He prescribes warm blanket packs for 30
or 40 minutes, vapor baths, fomentations
to the lungs, with cool compresses where
there is considerable fever. To relieve
the latter a Warm enema he found as the
most efficacious treatment. The inhalation of hot steam or medicated vapor
should be tried when there is much
bronchial irritation. If there is a tendency to pneumonia, hot fomentations
over the spine, between the shoulders,
are recommended for two hours, changing
them every eight or ten minutes.
This doctor claims he has never known
this treatment to fail in '������effecting a cure
when applied from the start. He de-
Clares no medicine need be given beyond
a mild laxative. The patient should be
allowed ho food for at least 12 hours after
recovery and then a light diet of fruit or
y fruit juices.
who has had considerable experience
with la grippe in previous epidemics,
recommends as a preventive a pinch of
idry powdered siilphur--what would go
on a dime-^placed in each shpe, to keep
^������������the7feet;dry,and7,warmi'.';; ;-.������>;,
r/r-^Than'sittirig; aside, X'XiX'XxxXiyxXx-'X'X'X'
And dreaming and sighing, y
"XTn ''life's '��� earnest battle7. 'yX;
. XXX'thef:only��� prevail":.���;
Xi.X Andnever say fail!iiXXiXXX
:'"��� Wi&;:ati..eye everppenyr,^
;rv.rrTo sorrow surcunrt>^';'f
:7r ^You'll Wttifr and/cpnq^
'X r Thoughrthousande ;��� assail XXxXXyixXXX
j~r;7The7;spirit:ofr angels"^ ^'V XlXXiyxyxiXX'i
���;r''7y^s';higherand :higher; i00iXXxiyiXii;Xix
;,ry',:':;r;isi7gibry:they, go; XiXxiXiXXi'XXXi
.)��� rMe$ihkf'ofr'bright ^
X From fie^yen tkey safy y
XX Tb;chee7r; and :eiiccmrage'/:\;
iii" ,?:JWhP'':aeyer's^rfail!^{r>;;"7,
:r,:;-7Ah&dir7th(en|keep;'pushing,..r' _
i;XX":. And elbow you*^4yi;.'
ri;;'r::TCfhh^diug:,the;e^'rtous,:r -,'.
All enemies quail,
In the might pf their wisdom!
^^piever say fail!
In life's early morning,
���������..' In matjhbod's fi��npride,
ietthisjbe yonr motto
r^^r^ybaribptfepsto'-gnide;: y.X.y.i-
X.': 'ia. storm :ihd'ihf'Snhihineir"l'; .;S.
��� XX: Whatever assail, XyX
���X 'We'll inward and''<&nq^,*yXX'.XiXXXX.
And never ��ay ftil! X yy- '.XiXXXXXXX:
Tea, fehe' favorite drink, is even
more Bimple in its composition
than coffee. It contains caffeine
in abont the same strength per cnp
as coffee does. Yet we never hear
of any process for extracting the
"poisonous" caffeine found in tea.
It is to the caffeine fonnd in tea
that the tea owes both its effect
and its usefulness.
One reason that tea agrees better
with the stomach than coffee does
is that ife contains none of the vegetable oils mentioned as an ingredient in coffee. Tea does contain,
however, a much large proportion
of tannin than coffee does. For
this reason it is much more likely
to produce chronic constipation,
which is probably the most harmful result from drinking tea.
The one redeeming fact about
the occurrence of tannin in both
tea and coffee is that being much
less freely soluble than caffeine,
which is the desirable element in
either tea or coffee, it is not found
in a very great amount when the
tea or coffee is properly made.
If either tea or coffee is drawn
off from the grounds quickly after
the decoction is brought to the
boiling point, the tannin is left in
the grounds, and the solution of
caffeine which is the characteristic
flavor of the beverage is obtained.
Every tea drinker realizes the
difference between the delicate
flavour of a cup of tea freshly and
rightly made and one that has
been allowed to stand .for even a
few minutes after steeping. If
allowed to stand more than a minute beyond the boiling point an
otherwise harmless beverage has
been made both obnoxious to the
taste and positively harmful to
the systemX'.X'-";i:.
Let me repeat, then, that the
cafieine in either tea or coffee, so'
far from being injurious,   is the
ne ingredient in either to which:
they owe their very general accept'-
He Did Not Bite
Miss Daisy Inciter has brougnt back
from London a story of Charles Darwin:
"Two English boys," said Miss
Leiter, "being friends of Darwin,
thought one day they would play
a joke on him. They caught a
butterfly, a grasshopper, a beetle
and a centipede, and out of these
creatures they made a strange,
compoeite insect. They took the
centipede's body, the butterfly's
wings, the grasshopper's legs and
the beetle's head, and fehey glued
them together carefully. Then,
with their new bug in a box, they
knocked at Darwin's door.
" 'We caught tbis bug in a
field,' thep said. 'Can you tell us
what kind of a bug it is sir?'
' 'Darwin looked at the bog and
then be looked at the boys. Ee
smiled slightly.
" 'Did it hum when you caught
it?' he asked.
" 'Yes,' they answered, nudging
one another.
"'Then,' said Darwin, 'it ia a
humbug.' "���New York Tribune.
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B. C Cigar, Absolutely Guaranteed, Clear
Havana Filled. The Cigar
that never varies,   .   ,-X ,
Have you tried onelately0
ance, and the fact
that they are
the world as
recognized all Oyer
staple ���beyer^es.O:'7',,^ ;���;::,;,,:;;
Much that is written on the sub-
jecfe of the harmful effects of tea
and coffee is based 'upon the
assumption that anything which
stimulates the brain and the heart
is for feiiafe reason injurious when
UBed regularly. But thafe is riot
true. Food iB stimulating; the
different   M^
ing only Iii thisi^T^peofctlTie
wakefulness sometimes attributed
to tea and coffee at nightX\& doubtless more often due feo some mental
or emotional excitenient^^^"^^^^^^ r;  :?
PHONE   13
Auto and Morse
Leave Greenwood
Daily to Meet Spoka ne a nd
Autos'.'.;" jp'0ir?::f H i re^.v:;.;-Tii!^'V':.^-^.*^'
Turnouts in > the Bou ri da ry.
Light and tleayy Drayjrig
XiiiXx. 'i;iGREENWOOOD. ^yiiXXxX
Cbl liimlllli
, ;rr;/?���j:OifcfSjlV/"f>/ PRIVATE BATHS,''";,
XiXiiixiiii^13: ***** **': It**111* i^i^^^xXXxiiix *"'#��?���
It is the duty of every citizen to purchase
Victory Bonds, and this Bank is prepared
to assist wage earners by making loans for
this purpose on the most favourable terms.
Wherever possible, the bonds will be held
for safe-keeping, on behalf of small subscribers, for one year, without charge.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 WattXamps���$125 each.
60 Watts
100    -
200   �����
'   <*   $125 each
-   -   2.00 ��
3.50 ��
*   *   .#��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
iXli.iX'X Xi-xXXx'i-lvLlXXL,,- BRITISH COLUMBIA   r ���
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Every part of ;an inch yon are away from the telephone
when speaking, places the called party miles distant 0��e
incli ftottt the telephone len^ens the line six miles; two
inChes, ten miles; three inches, sixteen miles, etc.
Therefore; remtember to speak directly into the tranMnitter;
ix i :^e;::^ia^6^^Ho^iv:;is-
oldest and most comfortable hotels tci the
red metel me^c^ife. It ia ^
heart of uie; city> aiid convenient $$;$$[
business houses, Heated with steam and
velec^ci^;-:^,^^ f^^SS^^
*'.'-��* ***,,.H^'V^*f-,*~">-���/���'*' ,'^���'i.-*r:?f-'' J "'=^7���'
.:.-',���.. ���.".���".;;-^:a*..
ABB   LEDGfi.    fiBKBKXOGB.   &_.&
Big- Seizure of Wheat Gluten
Sardinian Hero Has
One Hundred Wounds
Fighter on Italian Front Has    Won
Gold Medal of Valor for
X'iic bravest among the brave is
duo of Sardinia's sturdy lighters, Antonio Mangoo, whose body is covered witli the scars of over 100 wounds.
Hc is decorated witli llic Gold Medal of Valor, which is seldom given to
anyone nlivc; with three Silver Medals of Valor; has been made Knight
of thc Croivn of Italy on thc battlefield; decorated by Serbia, Belgium,
-Kngland and France, having been
already decorated in the Tripoli war
and the Messina earthquake.
Me was taken prisoner by thc Aus-
"trians, bin after four months at Mauthausen lie escaped and rejoined the
inny at thc front. Two of his brothers havc been killed in thc present
i Over 1,000,000 Pounds of It Stopped
On  Way  to Germany
Seizure  by  the     U.   S.  government
|of   1,057,000     pounds     of    devitalized
wheat'i;Uiten,   which   was     to      have
found  its  way  to  Germany    through
Switzerland,   was    announced    in     a
���statement   by     A.   Mitchell     Palmer,
alien properly custodian.    Thc grain,
worth  in  pre-war times approxiinalc-
y  $200,000,  was  discovered  in    June
in  a  warehouse  in   Ncw   York,  ready
ifor   shipment   overseas.     It   will      be
; sold ai public auction in thc near future.
; Thc custodian withheld the names
]of the shippers and consignees of
ithc wheat, a product from which the
i germinating seed has been taken.
| Its value in ordinary times, he said,
j was 18 to 20 cents a pound, but he
J predicted that a much higher price
j would bc obtained at the sale.
I Thc commodity had been stored
by a German firm.
Wheat gluten is used in thc making of a diabetic foods, has a high
nutritive value, and is also used in
the making of food extracts, said the
Thc amount taken over
a nine months' supply in
Welding Process
In Shipbuilding
Thc Bowels Must Act Healthily.���
In most ailments tlic first care of thc
medical man is to sec that thc bowels arc open and fully performing
their functions. Parmclec's Vegetable Pills arc so compounded that
certain ingredients in them act on thc
bowels solely and thcy arc the very
best medicine available Mo produce
healthy action of the bowels. Indeed,
there is no other specific''so serviceable in keeping 'the digestive organs
,n  healthful action.
Rivetless"    Vessel    Launched
From British Shipyard
Building of a steel 'ship without
rivets has been effected in a shipyard on thc south coast of England,
ind its construction may mark a
new era in the shipbuilding industry.
A process of electrical welding was
used for joining thc plates, in place
of the usual riveting and caulking.
By means of an electric arc, the
joints are submitted to intense heat,
and thc plates are fused together.
Thc process is not entirely ncw, as
auxiliary work has been done in the
past by electric welding. During (he
last ycar, developments havc been
made which have-permitted of the
extension of this method iu ship
construction. A saving of between
twenty aud twenty-five pcr cent, is
saved in both time and-, material,
j judging from experimental work
Although Only About 150,000 Amer-,'doue on lhc new vessel just launch-
icans  Have Been "Noticed" ;ct'-
on  Front  so  Far I     'J1'l'c   general   adoption   of  electrical
Welding  in   .shipbuilding  would     pcr-
At   least   thc   German     press      bas j mit  a  material   speeding-up  of     pro-
German Papers Admit
Figures Are Right
DOUGLAS*     g���
iNFANTlfFABUTS Stomach &
"*MwMA"K Teething
foumsbuy tTennequins      _     ,,
Contain no harmful drugs.    25c per box or 5
boxes   by   mail   on  receipt  o(   $1.00.
Dougias & Co., Napanee, Ont.
Be gian Refugees
Estimate    Number   of    Homeless at
600,000���About  60,000 in
In England, France, Holland and
Switzerland," entirely cut off from
*iome, resources and associates, arc
ipproxiinatcly 600,000 Belgian refugees,- according to estimates made by
Lieut-Col. "Ernest P. Bickncll, director-general Of civilian relief for thc
American  Red  Cross.
In addition to the Belgian refugees
In foreign countries, there arc today
in the small corner of Belgium still
jnc'oiiqucrcd approximately 60,000
people. To remain in their homes
thcy arc willing to. live under conditions of extreme difficulty and in con-
itant peril    from    German  guns and
Cards For Clothing Now
In Vienna���Government Has to Aid
The prices of clothing in Austria
havc now reached such an enormous
figure that the government is obliged to extend the privilege of a permit for the purchase of slate clothing to middle class families. Persons
with incomes of $3,200 arc now classed with thc paupers, says llic New
Vork World.,
To meet their pressing needs the
government is organizing special
bureaus for the sale of men's suits
from $35 to $75, men's and women's
winter coats at from $32 to $67, women's suits at from $28 to $70, and
waists froni $2 to $15. The demand
for clothing is colossal, especially
from thc great middle class, which
is unable to pay tailors $200 for ordinary suit's.
In the past six months the government has sold clothing worth $750,-
000 monthly and still has several
million yards of woollen goods. The
factories ot Vienna and lower Austria arc busy making for winter
needs. The stores must bc content
with a 10 pcr cent, commission. Thc
government warns the public that it
lacks knitted goods of all kinds.
For the thousands who arc unable
to pay the prices quoted the government will open a second hand cloth
represents   g,vc" uv struggling against the truth. . duction.  Thc  electric   process  is   par
this  conn-  ln a sllorl  llotiec> which  appears  in j ticularlv  economical  in   the  assenibl
virtually all the papers, the identical! j1)K of bulkheads, deck structures and
nature of which  suggests  of inspira-1 other interior    work.      Thc    United
jtion,   thc   reluctant       admission       is | States  is  keeping  in   touch   with   the
{made  that   Secretary  Baker's   hgurcs [developments   in   this  work  in   Great
.regarding the strength of the Amen-j Britain, and arrangements arc   under
can  lorres  in   France arc  about cor-  Way for the construction of   several
rcc<- , ,        ! 10,000-ton standard ships bv thc same
One  or  two  papers  add  the  lame j process.    These  large    vessels     will
explanation   thai   their    former     fig-: contain about 2|<  per cent, of     the
tires  were   based  on   thc  supposition ; number of rivets originallv intended,
prior  to   May,  and   that   the     really j whilc the British boat was" absolutely
big shipments of men  from America ' rivcllcs
bewail  since  llicn.
The papers now comfort themselves with thc thought that of the
1,300,000 or more Americans, only
���100,000 are actually in the battle
area, with 300,000 behind the front,
and that the remaining 600,000 arc
elappcn troops (engineers, railway
men, and general workers).
The Berlin    Taeglischc Rundschau
Rich Loot For Huns
Yes, it's a fact, you can loosen your j
corns, peel thcin off in one piece, by
adds as its own information  that no!using    Putnam's      Corn      Extractor,
While the Belgians today arc wide- ing bureau in  October, after -rcquisi-
more than 150,000 Americans have up
to the present been "noticed" ou thc
western front.
Thc anxiety of thc German war
correspondents is very . apparent
nowadays to impress thc home readers that the_ "electric" defence is nowhere impairing German discipline
or fighting spirit. Thc correspondent of the Cologne Gazette tells of
a stiff tight on August 16 and 17
west of Rove, in which the Hessians
let the enemy comc to close quarters, when, under cover of machine
gun fire, thcy leaped out and repulsed thc attack in a standing-up fight
with volleys of rifle fire, and that,
likewise, cast Prussian infantry beat
off a tank attack on August 17 southwest of Royc. Hc adds that 145 disabled tanks were counted in front of
the lines held by von Hutier's army
between August 8 and 12.
Thc Cologne Volks Zcitung correspondent pays an involuntary tribute to the efficiency of thc entente
pamphlet propaganda carried on by
airplanes, saying that these pamphlets "arc so seductively worded that
anyone who is not well informed
may almost, if not: entirely, bc persuaded.''    He, therefore, calls  for    a
Nothing else so quick, so simple and
easy as Putnam's. Just a few drops
makes the corn shrivel. Best part of
all, .Putnam's is painless and costs but
a quarter���why pay more when Putnam's Extractor is guaranteed t o
cure.'Sold everywhere.
How Animals Take Gas
Masks for Horses, Dogs and   Mules
Have Been Manufactured
There is probably no war in history iu which animals have had such
care and attention as in the present
conflict. The allies have been punctilious in this regard, and experts
and veterinarians havc been assigned to look after horses and mules, to
sec that lliey arc not overworked and
to attend them in illness. The use
of gas by the Germans was a considerable problem for some time, as
it killed many of the animals, but this
has now been overcome owing to the
fact that suitable gas masks for
horses, dogs and mules arc being
manufactured to  protect them.
Scientists were sent to thc front
by   the allied governments   to   study
"Blessings" of German Rule
Southern  Russia    to    Have    Liquor
Traffic Forced  Upon  It
Apparently South Russia has not
yet realized to the full the "blessings" her people arc to enjoy under
German  rule.
Thc late czar of Russia did
good thing at least when he
isbed liquor from thc country,
evidently Germany has got an
shc can improve it, as it appears that
she and Austria arc going to enforce thc importation of spirituous
liquors into Southern Russia. Austria has two hundred thousand dollars worth to dispose of, and what
could be Bfetlcr than to help the Russian people to celebrate lhcir conquest' worthily? How much of this
commodity Germany herself has
ready for export wc do not know,
but it shows what Canada might have
expected bad she had the misfortune
to comc under thc rule of thc kaiser.
Happily, that is one of the dreams of
the Hohenzollerns which is destined
never  to  comc  true.
Moscow Cathedral    Has    Dome
Copper and  Gold
Thc Cathedral  of the  Holy  Savior
in   Moscow,     says   Stray   Stories,     is
'probably       thc       most      magnificent
i church iu lhc world.   "  s five cupolas
J arc  covered   with  pure   gol.1   one-half
| inch   in   thickness.     Its   internal     de-
icorations   are   magnificent     and   very
costly.     This   church   i.s   the   nation's
thank offering for the  deliverance  of
Moscow from���the French.      It took
fifty ycars  to  build,  and iis  cost has
been estimated at $160,000,000.
In the Cathedral of the Assumption, situated inside thc Kremlin, is
the most sacred picture of Russia,
the Virgin of Vladimir, said to bc
painted by St. Luke. Thc jewels
which adom.it are valued at $1,250,-
000, one emerald alone being said to
bc worth $250,000. Napoleon took
from the church live Ions of silver
and 500 pounds of gold, but its most
precious treasures wer. concealed
previous to the French invasion, and
afterward   restored.
Nearby is the Cathedral of thc
Annunciation, with iis many golden
domes. It has a pavement of agate
and jasper. The celebrated icon of
the Virgin of thc Don is its most
prized   possession.
The dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral!
in IVtrograd, from which the Royal-J
ists fired machine guns during lhc j
revolution, is the most conspicuous ,
object in the capital. It is covered I
with copper overlaid with pure gold, !
no less than $1,000,000 of gold being j
melted down for thc purpose. The J
total cosl of this cathedral is csli- :
mated   at $125,000,000. I
Decorate Graves
Of Canadian Soldiers
ly   scattered,   it  i.s  estimated  that  atitioniug the slocks of the old clothes [Vigorous counter-propaganda  to "en-  this question.      Their reports     show
picsent there arc 70,000 of them iu!stores. These goods will bc repaired
Paris, 70,000 in London, and aboutjaiid disinfected and sold from $8 to
3O,Q00 in Havre. The Belgian govern- $20 for men's suits, from $10 to $40
nicnt is co-operating Wlith the Amcri-' for overcoats and $16 for trousers.
:an Red Cross in extending assistance Purchaser's of state clothing must
"in all centres where the refugees arc'present an official    permit    showing
concentrated in any numbers.
Castor Beans in Texas
It is shown by a survey' that has
just been made of the castor bean
crop in Texas by representatives of
the United States- department of agriculture, that there arc more than
13,000 acres in cultivation, and that a
KcSod yield of the beans is promised.
In the more southern part of thc
state harvesting the crop will be
started soon. The government will
take over the entire production of
motor oil produced from "the beans.
The success that has been met with
in growing castor beans in' this state
���shows that thc soil and climate arc
splendidly adapted to the ncw industry,the ''government experts say, and
there promises to be a big increase
in the acreage next ycar.
the return of the used garments corresponding to those purchased. Recently thieves entered thc official
clothing bureau at Vienna and stole
hundreds of permits, with which they
bought suits at $50, reselling them
for $150.
Minard's   Liniment   tor Sale Everywhere.
Farmerettes in 1776
Apply   a   few   drops   then   lift
corns or calluses off with
fingers���no pain
7  Where He Was
Angry Woman ��� My husband attempted to strike inc. 1 want to have
him arrested.
Police Captain���All right. Where
will wc find liim?\
Angry Woman���In the emergency
hospital.���Chicago News.
Paris witt-idiorlly abandon its llirc:
meatless days pcr week owing to
large stacks of homc-fed cattle and
new  reserves of frozen meal.
There Were Plenty of Them During
American Revolution
Farmettcs have been made much
of by press writers as a new institution of war times. But there were
plenty of them in 1776. In its column,
"Current Topics of thc Town," the
Philadelphia Public Ledger prints
this quotation from The New England Chronicle of lhc date September S,_ 1776:
"Philadelphia���Since the departure
of the able-bodied men from - the
forks of tlic Brandywinc, in Chester
county, in thc service of their country, the patriotic young women, to
prevent the evil that would follow
the neglect of putting in _ thc fall
crop in season, have joined the
plows and arc preparing thc fallows
for life, seed; and should their fathers, brothers, and lovers be detained
lighten" doubting spirits in the army. | that horses suffered    more from'the
deadly fumes than other animals. As
soon as thcy sniffed tho gas thcy became panic stricken and were in
such a slate of nervous terror that
thcy became unmanageable. On the
Cthcr hand, the mules stood their
ground and appeared to close their
nostrils to thc gas. Dogs barked
loudly and ran away as fast as their
legs could carry  them.
In.'the trenches arc many animals
which the soldiers treasure as pets
or mascots, When the gas clouds
rolled, cats would screech loudly and
scamper away. Guinea pigs would
succumb at ..once, and after the gas
had passed the trenches would be
filled with dead rats and mice. Thc
gas also would kill insects quickly,
and thc ground would be strewn with
dead butterflies, bees and other insects. The birds alone appeared to
be immune, and the sparrow was
never known to pay the least attention to the gas funics, often dying
high through them unharmed.
Snakes and earthworms were found
dead many inches under ground,
while the owl, usually so calm and
cool, became very much excited at
the- approach of the gas fumes, flying about blindly and seeking relief.
Just think! You can lift
off any corn or . callus
withort pain or soreness,
A Cincinnati man di$-
covcrcd this ether compound and named it free-
zone. Any druggist will
sell a tiny bottle of free-
zone, like here shown, for
very little cost. YoU apply a few drops directly
upon a tender corn or
callus. IiiDi.-ntly the soreness disappears, hen
shortly you will fiiu. [lie
corn or callus so loose
.hat you can lift it right
Frcezone is wonderful.
It dries' instantly. It
jdocsn't eat away the corn
or callus, but shrivels it
;Up without even irritating
the surrounding skin.
Hard, so
tween thc
School Children's Tribute   to   Canada's  Sons at Shorncliffe
b'or the second year in succession,
there was enacted that beautifully impressive and heart-touching ceremony���the laying of flowers on the
graves of Canadian soldiers in Shorncliffe Military Cemetery by 2,500
school children from the district. No
tribute that England can pay lo thc
gallantry of Canada's fallen sons who
lie in peace by the shimmering
waters of the channel could bc more
eloquently touching, and wc would
that wc had thc space more fully to
describe the simple grandeur of this
ceremonial of homage, and thc scene,
as one looked down Upon this God's
Acre carpeted with the living blooms
of love ancl  remembrance.
Thc natural amphitheatre was
thickly thronged with spectators
whose eyes were dimmed with tears,
Keep the stomach well,
the liver active, the bowels
regular, and the breath
will be sweet and healthy.
But let poisons accumulate in the digestive organs,
the system becomes clogged,
gases form in the stomach
and affect the breath.
these conditions with
Beecham's Pills. They
promptly regulate the bodily functions and are a quick
remedy for sour stomach and
Bad Breath
LwbuI Sale of any Medicine in tbe WcAL
Sold e��erywlicre,   la bozo*, 85c
Fiendish Cruelty By Huns
Wounded Men   Killed    by    Jets
Liquid   Fire���Victims   Were
��� ������ I     The  lirst.  details  have  been  official-
More   htlle   ones  die     during      llic!]y   published  of   gross   outrages,   pcr-
siinnncr months  than at    any    other M,aps unparalleled for fiendish cruelty
of  the year.    Diarrhoea,  dysen-   Up0n   British   prisoners  and  wounded
."holcra  infantum  and      stomach ; ...
try,  cnoicra liilautum  and     stomacli jnien in  .March last.    The facts     arc
d!u��r.cl^'b.'..CV'"-e v"!thoutt warning and j authenticated by sworn statements of
lo   Scottish  soldiers  who  were    of     the
when  a  medicine  is  not at   hand
give promptly the short delay too
frequently means that the child has
passed beyond aid. Baby's Own Tablets should always bc kept in th*
home, where there arc young children. An occasional dose of the Tablets will prevent stomach and bowel
troubles or if the trouble comes suddenly the prompt use of the Tablets
party so  treated.    A private of    the
Royal     Highlanders   tells   how
hc and a number of comrades were
surrounded and compelled to surrender near Monchy on March 28th.
"Our rifles and equipment were taken from us. Wc consisted of one
officer and fifteen men, ten of
whom were wounded.  Wc were lined
will cure the baby. Mrs. Chas. Ander- <        0��� the or;ginal  fr011t ]ine  trench
son, Minda, Aha., says:���"Baby's
Own Tablets arc thc best medicine
for little ones who are suffering from
stomacli troubles. Thcy cured. my
baby aud have made her a fine healthy
girl." The Tablets arc sold by medicine dealers or by mail at  25 cents
while below were gathered the child-i of hearing. When the animal hears
rcn of Folkestone, Ply the, Chcriton, ja strange sound it immediately in-
Sandgale,    Saltwood    and    Seabrook vestigatcs.     This   characteristic    has
and   left  without   a  guard  tor     some
time.    Then   a   German   officer     and
two men appeared on the edge of the"'
trench.    One man carried a container
on his back and the other was armed
with a  rifle and  short bayonet.   The
���        , ,���:     t<     tw,,-        >  \i    r   i officer  gave   an   order,   and   the   man
a box trom   IhcDr, Williams   Mcdi-| with lhe COIlla;nor tunied a stream of
cine Co., Brockviile, Ont. ! liquid   fire  straight   down   the   trench
^ .   ' j in which wc were standing. He could
Seals Love Music ;Plainly sec we were unarmed, but he
  j continued   to   play   on   us   for   six  or
Phonograph    Now    Used    in    Their j*c���" Ili;��lll��-"  '
Caoture ��� witness  added   that  he  and  a
-^.p I few companions    who were able    to
'Word has comc from Seattle that!move scrambled down a communi-
music is being experimented with by j cation trench and got over the top
thc state fish commissioner's office (to the British lines.
out in Washington as a means of
luring seals to their destruction.
Fishermen have found lhat the seal
is very curious and has a keen sense
Princess on. Sub Trip
Thc Crown Princess of -Germany,
ke    of
Brunswick,  has   made    a     submarine
lldin^  ��d"iu v-junn   i-im._i.ss   vi   -vcini
ft or corns be- acconipa.wd.-.by the Grand Duke
toes, ar. well as' ^<*lcijburff and  the    Princess
'        ... . i   l< rii n cicif ������       lint-     iii*��(l/��        'i cnKtii'
[abroad in  defense  of lhc  liberties  of       _   ._   _,
I these  States,  tlicy are determined  lo ! bottle for ; ou from
��� put  in   tho crop  themselves���a    very | drug house,
iiidable  example, and highly   worthy
painful  calluses,  lift  right,-. .    ,    -,. ,.     ,     , ,.      t    .,
off.    There is no pain before or "if- j "P.to J^'S01^' fording _to Gcr-
terwards.       It   your  druggist   hasn't | iX
freezonc,   tell   him   to   order   a   small1
iniau newspapers,  whieh add  that shc
his    wholesale
An Easy Job
was taking a day off,
The  Ignorant Lady
'Military ignorance  is    bound
emporer or the crown prince before
leaving. This was lhc lirst submarine
trip the Crown Princess ever look,
and the newspapers of Berlin observe
lhat it was all very well lo make the
venture once, but that tin: future cm-
each bearing a bunch of flowers,
There were also here the civic representatives of. thc district, together
with staff officers and thc troops.
The ceremony was opened with
thc singing of the hymn "Abide With
Mc" by the children, led by the band
of thc 1st Canadian CD., under Bandmaster Chisliolm. Then the children
sang "The Maple Leaf," and following, the mayor of Folkestone in the
course of a brief address, said he regarded it as a very great privilege to
be there for thc second time to show
homage and respect to the memory
Of those brave men who left home
and country to battle for Justice and
Righteousness. Alas, thcy remained
here, but it;.would be some satisfaction to their relatives and friends in
Canada to think that, although their
loved ones were silent, thcy were not
forgotten, and that the people in
England were doing their best to
show the respect and honor thcy felt
for the bravery of the fallen Canadians. His worship then laid the
beautiful wreath from the Folkestone
Corporation upon the nearest grave:
The National Anthem was rthen
sung, after which lhc children filed
by tlic trim kept graves surmounted
by the simple wooden crosses of
honor and of hope, and thereon laid
with reverent care their fragrant
posies for gratitude and remembrance.
A guard of honor
about 500 Canadian
rounded   the ccmctcrv,
long been known to the Indians, who
have tempted seals within striking
distance by using a specially-made
wliis tie.
Now- the seal hunter takes along a
portable phonograph, anchors his
boat near a rookery or salmon trap,
puts on a record and when the seals
gather round, to enjoy the conceit
thc hunter commences to pick off
his audience one by one with
rifle. The attendance at recitals
the seal communities is apt to
conic a precarious recreation.
Mongrel Saves
Sevea Soldiers
Men   By
Brought Help for   Buried
His Howls
In the Maison Blanche, near No-
gcnt-sur-Marne, where crippled soldiers find a home, is a deg, and he is
the men's hero. He lives there with a
crippled Zouave, his master. Thc Zou
Another private says that after he
and some six other prisoners had
been captured and disarmed, thcy
were marched down a trench to an
emplacement about six feet deep,
nine feet wide and from nine to
twelve feet long. The sides were
perpendicular, except one end, which
sloped. The prisoners were tightly
packed in this enclosure. Two Germans appeared at thc entrance of
the emplacement.
"One had no rifle or equipment,"
continued the private. "Hc carried
a revolver and appeared to be an
officer. Thc otlier also wore no equipment, but had strapped on his back
a_ cylinder with a flexible pipe over
his shoulder, an end of which he carried in his hand. Just as'he reached
lhc entrance to tlie enclosure, a ffanu:
spurted out in a stream from the
pipe and 'caught���the men who were
nearest to the entrance. I immediately dropped on all fours and go'
my face on the ground. The other
men lay in heaps around and partly
On me. I., heard.a hissing sound for
a ; short while, then it stopped and
started again. During this time the
incn were shrieking and writhing-
about. Thc flame reached right back
to where i was. My overcoat and
tunic   caught   fire.     13v   this   time   all
aye was  iu Algeria  when   the     war;the men  were on the ground.'
broke out, and insisted on    bringing j     	
his dog with him to France and to
the front. Thc dog was with him in
the trenches. One night thc Zouave,
a sergeant, went out reconnoitering
with six men. A heavy shell burst
and buried the seven under a mass of
earth.    The Zouave's dog missed his
composed  oi
soldiers   su:
savs i
show    itself,"    said       Representative tprc,ss   '���|l0l,i<l  ���ol   ^fc  ],'<.,-    jjfc     ;���
Woodvard in a trenchant criticism of
such experiiui'iit��.
III Take
���you hear it more
and more when one
is asked what he'lf
have -for his morning drink.
Deiiffhtfuf aroma
and tostcandfreedom from the discomforts that j$o
^withtea and coffee.
Nourishing healthful, economical.
No Waste at aii-
an important item
these days.    Give
.in  Knglihli wceklv, and,  wishing    to_lllc  Ccnuan   offensive.      "All   ignor
enjoy himself  thoVoughly. |!c  talked j"",��  shows   itscll,   for  that  .natter.     ;     A��� N-  fc    w- h Agthma>  j.:vi.rvrtlll.
round to watch 'the. boys."    Hc was|  .   [ l'������� ^   ady  talking to a ;m.s-,,. ,�� ^        ���       , -
��� ��� Ki'lv : sionary the  other day about a   lurk.
"'Did   the   scoundrel   wear   a
the  Missionary asked.
"'Xd,s said   lhc lady,  'he  wash.ix nl.''"���Vawouvcr   IV'>\ incc
.surprised   to   see  his     friend
working  as  if  carrying  a  liodful     of
mortal' up  and  down  a  balder    ��<���!�����:
.tin- only thing he look' any real pleasure   in.
"It';. \oiirsclf lhal'-. wiukiiu;
inutility hard today. KHh ':" cvp.^ri-
jlatcd   Murphy.
'Whist!   I'm  ju-t   makiiic  a  f<i'>! of
keep  their ���\K'tim   awake
ilight  long.       Moriiint;'
; wholly  urii'ilicd   for a  day
and   yet.   bu^iur*-*   niu-l   '
the whole
finds him
of bu-iiit ss,
till   !)<���   car-
fhis  soldier managed  to   crawl   up
the slope and get away.
Another  private     told  him  au   officer  wounded in  the head and    foot,
along with  four wounded and     three
un wounded   men,  including the     narrator,    were in an old  trench,    when
two   (Jermans   came   up   with      liquid
master,   went   out,  found   the     place,   lire.   One   *tood  with   a  revolver    in
dug through the earth, and got down,hi*  hand  and ordered the    partv    to
ito   his  master.     The  Zouave   had     a'get  back  lo  the  Gorman   lines. " The
[shrapnel wound in his leg.    The dog.oilier    man   squirted   liquid  tire   over
licked  the   wound,  and     thereby,   thc ,all  the  numbers of  the  partv.      The
  surgeons  afterwards  said,    prevented ;narrator's  hands   and   right  car   were
���. , ."    ���      .   ,. ;gangrene.    When  hc  had  found    his jburucd.    Three of the piirtv managed
floats i.iKe footballs 'master and  the  six  men   the  dog  setjto   run  a wav  and   reach   the     British
One   of   the   newest     types   of   life j up  howls. 'lines.    The ' icrnians must either have
preservers consists oi a belt to which j     Xow, the Zouave's dog was a crcat j suffocated or    burned    all    the     five
jarc   attached   two   or  three  inflatable j poacher and good  at catching  bans. ,v onnded men.    Nothing further   was
units    shaped    like    lootballs.     Hacli'A party of stretcher bearers    bchiiri ��� heard  of thesf wounded.
;lms   a  casing  of   properly  reinforced ! t|lc   trenches   heard   tho   dog   barkim:.     The     KritUli   ��ovrriim<i!t   !),,-   pro-
jduck,  and     is    lmcd_   with  a   rubber  ;in<i yelping, and said: "The Zouavc\ ; to-led    to    the    (Ionian  govt ri-inent
dog lias got another hare.  We  might 'akain-t ihc-o  outrages,
as   well, (jo   out  and  fetch  it.      Thcy j
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Dandruff.   U
Kvlly,  wiukhi'.   <
\ on  doiiic.:  that,
the bo��--!" <aid
i "And how ar
. ly?"
i "Sure, Miirpl'v, it's as i a-v as v.falsing your hand. Ife sees me ;;o: i.;
jup the ladder uith my liod full" of
j mortar, and he thinks I'm \\orki;n:.
I lint, Murphy, my'lioy, it's Ihe -,i ue
! liodful I'm eaitii'ir: up ,i;<��l down
I llu-  lime!"���World   V\ idc.
of   thai
Peace Pacts
I trj imi    to     ;'link     of
--Let's  .-eo,   what   i-   the
place   where   -o   nim.li
riud through. Ml iliis niijii -uffeiiiig
and laek of n���i ean be avoided l>v
thc prompt ii-i- of Dr J. I). keHoi^'s
A-thuia     R.'-iuedv.     whieh     po-i:i\'i\'
i:all'-Mms   dii\e   .ivviiv' the   atiack-.
u as .
done   towards   promotim;     pc.icc      in
the   world1
Husband ��� Ut no,      my      di ar. - < i.ill ,
Report or.
May  Be Chocolate Famine
incd     wit
bladder  bavin-.;   a  valve   at
'for     inflating     it.
'wcijjhs   only   about
'fourth   pounds  ami
������an   be  carried  in  tl
' ped   with   two  bags
buoyancy   for  use
; \\ li iit ��� the three-bag
; sustain   a       prr=on
' pounds  in   tlic   w ah r.
, chaiiie-.
one    end
The      preserver
mic    and     onc-
wlion     diflatej
e   pocket.   Kqilip-
it   has   sufficient
in       swimminc,
ifo preserver will
weighing       23')
Popular     Me-
Puzzlcd Child
ri. 1
A Youthful Diplomat
in.i - Now. I"; i ,h'\ . ^H
I -ay. 1 don't want \o;, ������ ���_;,, ���s,;
into ll.i- no\l ���_;.iro- n in play with
ho. , he'- v i-ry > tide.
rc<!<i> tlunrd a few mimicut- .n't-
orward callincr ovi :" tin wall) ��� 5a\,
Biuks, ma said I'm nol to go in your
garden because you're rude; but you
comc over here into my garden"���I
ain't   rude.���Halifax   Chronicle.
lh;.t   Min
ie ,        I a.   w c re
!! i uiarrii <!   \ ou '"
"Xo.  un   dear."
"Wtll.  i>.:p.\   w.l'.it
\oii   think.   lhal   man
m;-" '   - k.'I.-,,-   ( i1.l    .*
;t ,
w Iii ii   mamma
Sugar Shortage May Do It���Enough
Cocoa Beans
There is sjoing to he a famine in
chocolate drops, eliocol..!. ca:id\ and
other  lhiuir-  of  tin- Kind, an.!   i-   o-:e
en.   i|o
d   \ i "i
a   hi-
d   1'.
I anii., i \
. aud>   i
..!'    Il..(i-
t- i
Why He Was Silent
Wife���.Whv   don't     you    tell
what   you   think   of
for dinner?
Hub���I   halo    to
plaininrr.��� .fudge.
'.he  pie   I   made
bc always   coni-
W.      N.      U.      1227
Three   Syrians     employed    by   the
Bethlehem   Shipbuilding   Corporation
recently    earned    $70    by a    night's
i work in which thcy biokc the world's
���record   for   rivr'.i:-.;:-   aver.i^injr   ;nor<_
Itkar   i".\l   rivets   ,t   minute.
��� I'Mir,
i u t a i,
w ho
: u   -���
iii; >
ip ���
w t nl "iir
--ion <n   !
���-lor ,,f
io ���,'. m '��� '��� e
��� ih!
(     W'nnn.s   feed  upon   tho   vitality     of
[children  and   endanger their lives.   A
simple and effective  cine is     Mother
��� Craws'  Worm   l;\terniinator.
i lite  a'   lhe  l-.st   of  Cenn.ni>\'<   fani-
oii-  In 11-  to In1  s;ii-rineed   to  the   war
lord'-   di maud-,   for     munitions      ma-
'tei:..l.   the     -n-calk'l     Kaiser-Hell    of
,Coh.L.".'  Ca;!'. dial,     i:.!-     iroue   in   the
:ini.:".__.   p<>! I'.      v .-.s      'lie      !:'.:���_:" -T
ch; :,-!���    in M      in      innn.i'n,    wenrlii'ic
f>tl     -.o;-^. and     h.'d  in er.     ' u-n  i;'
! S,","
went, found the Zouave and tho si\
men, and bromtht them .ill hack s.iie-
i He is a curious dot, to look ,-.i. 1
In-ked lhe /.oua\e whai bn-nl lie w a-,
'and he said, 'J think there is soiue-
, thing of a pointer in him and ..Ko ,i
'dash of io\ terrier, wilh a '.bird
; si rain I cannot make out.' But, mon-
'urcl though hc be, he has admirably
, intolliirt iu eves, and iio is an heroic
i mongrel. ��� 1 .tindon   Mail.
Kai-cr   Hill  -iioi'li
and  eat   hi-   roost
. il   io:'  -nine   time.-
I sii i own at  oi'i-e
II has been   cook-
-!")i troit   Nov-. ��.
Reir.'t by   Dominion   K\pre?s Monc"  Order.
Tf   lost   or  <to!en.   yon   i.tt  yo;:r  morev  back.
Lincoln as a Soldier
��� pa
There w'.re i;-'l impoi Uis iu tin-
'assembly room whin .Mr. Peterson
' told them that tlic government had
! decided to restrict cocoa bean im-
| ports between now ..nd January 1 to
j 30,000 tons. The restiiction is made
!to save tonna.qe for oilier purposes,
|and the importers were told to get
! their stuff from thr nearest markets.
| But it wasn't the cocoa restriction
'that led the Joser''! of thc cailicrins;
, to predict a far i-. \ It was stated
;that   lhc   ro'inire  -;iiow   bas     .-(Vi.oi.'O
bac? of cocoa
3HW ton? to bch
"surplv    the    r.!ark<
.--.tod    tl.at     tire   =������
kept  up by :'"���'���: pr'
J sol;���-���_��� ie,   ,- ;i'   p:0\_ :
|     j-'::.sibi.  -S'."   tc.c   captain   u:i      that
j bridge five miles away?
!     Gunpointcr���Aye, aye, sir.
I     Ensign���Hit him in the eye with a
: thirlcen-inch shell.
!     Gunpointcr���Which    eye,      sir?. ���
! Judge.
,ing was with his coinpanj m the
j Black Hawk war. "1 could not iY r
,'lhe   life   of   ;ii',"   h-   -..id.   "icpoi'.-her
the   pio_p,r   word   .>:    eoi i :-an.I       ,'n:
,cc;i!:iur  i.r.   compeny iii-Iwi-r.  -o  th. ;
i;    eoul'l   i.;et    t!iro;:-..li   ;V    ;_.:!<���.   -.,    !
X' o..!ed:
j     "'llu-   co:.ip;;n>    i-   <ii--].;��~,-d      f."
��� \. n mi'".:;'-, w !'. ���> it -,��� ill icll im .>_:..; r
son lhc .���'._'.; tide oi t!u. ii.u,.'"���
I-nv.-pr Iired,
*r wg ^^m l-fsli. ttX-.s-:*:
m      ^p j^^ I>rcierrr.l I v
8L__i Erf &JI -Xxxx x.x nicy
MB JBS 'WB Protect v.ln.'e otlitr
.����� \accine;  'all
{jr   Write frrlui:'-: i-..' -c ��� '��� -t;rAu'.<;.
'   10-t!ose pke. blsstles Pill^ J t .00
50-i)��ss pfcz. Elscklsc Pills, $4.00
l'*T -.,-���'] 'c- t'.r, 1 .O.'.;tr'.'.\i -.!rst .-. I ,*r ' .'"-
Tl.c - sre-r- ><-, .-.Jl." 'leffr.. '' .s.i'elo,, r IS
ic.:> c,\ . >r ���'.;.- -a ��� : 1 ". -eis-i_S A:a si ."MS
o:-: ".   Is- >i ore iL-iiil.'^.   Is -wiiobl. '.ublc.
The Ct
itbartiorf. E?rv.ei3y. Csti^niia
1-. wi.icii will; tur
ro;:cht a!o:i?'wi!!
", but it-w^s a--
.:.C.t shortage, if
sr-r. cons^rvatii-.i
cr- t'ae famir.*
The Sonl of a Piano u &c
Actios.    Insist ob tit
Otto Hagel Piano Actios
j First Glass Eyes
j Oddly enoug-h the first glass eyes
[were not made for living persons,
,but for the dead. In the days of the
[earliest Pharaohs the Kgyntian cm-
tbalmcrs nmovtd 'he eyes, poured
���plaster or wax  into  the  sockets anti
set    the    eyes  of volcanic    glass   or
-ot.c ���niT-'i'e.";  f\orir.
A ... f, ".'tab:* -rjri:.rf.fg pmfa,
cirt. ^z\i in three dcctccsal
strenglh. No. 1. $1; Jfo. Z. $3(
^.'o. 3, t$ per box. Sold by ��0
drusrfists, or sent prepaid ta
plain package oa receipt ef
price. Free pamphlet. Addica*
Ttmnto, Oti. iFtmetia fKta&trJ*
I -
The American   Women's   Cub     i*:
T.cndon carries on   ?H kirds  cr  philanthropy, v.ot only among tliC A_r,c:-
i.---"i   wo:-""",   l'-c.'".   "'.it   ;���-. ��� ; Ic   froiv,
.XX:   'z:>\ "tries.
r��t��l*CCMJ, Cl.����CSCKfO-'C'*BA��:MSS,lCSTTJG<?��
vnt, ricHtt. tuDsu. o:ss.\ses. ttoco rotscm.
rxes. mithx* ko. n*io<i:srs ��r mail tl. tost 4 ctj
rOUO����A Ct. �����. KKMAf JT. SIT TOWS or LT MX SWlf
Sisosto.   wiiti rot FREE ��oos to DK. LC QLSJtd
id. Co. H AVKsroc* Ru. H **nirnD, iokdos, 6b
PUT VWTK a��AOK����il��mja�� rptgOT   HUTT TO IMC
&T����T T����DE   K**KK5 VOID   'ITOAKca' -���-   -���������'���-*' -    "J- *-������'���? ���J">v'ij.-.'a'Mivs
.1 .-��� ;o ?. year strictly in  advance,   or ;-2.50
^���-I'.en not paid for three months.    If not
Villi for until tiie end of lhe year it is $3
Il ;���; i'.lwiys ��2.50  a  year to   the  United
.':'.alcc in advance.
editor and Financier.
ii-:(;i;cui  Co-Owner Notices $25.00
1 and Oil  Notices      7 00
ray Notices 3.00
'���"is of Thanks        1.00
-'.hc.iie of Improvement   12.50
1--re more than one claim ap-
s ii- notice, 55.00 for each ad-
)'ial claim.)
1 other le^ni mlvei tisi__<j,   12 cents a
iv-t insertion, and   8 cents a line for
1     - a!..-ei;i:ciit    insertion,     nonpariel
:��� '":  ���:������ -lit.
The blue cross means that
'.���'���".ii' subscription is due, and
that thc editor would be pleased
1<> have more money.
.- Ihe must   influential   und
iiil.'ir tiling in   Can ad a. today
a:;:  :in>   no   Ijunl   times   in
l.i. ;:-!tlii!   tlu'   entire country
f'> li.'ivc goi.e Jlupy.
hold-up nu-n, flipguieecl a=
, dentists, plumbers and
nit keepers   are    operating
::m: is dot leedle eherman band
ns."d to play on der corners?
cnistn have go ml avay right
!: don'd it?
; !m:kk is no truth in the rumor,
thi";- the health .'uit-horities will
olo.-.r- th'1 Greenwood smelter upon
aei-j'jiit of its flue.
Western Float
Several carloads of apples were
shipped from Kaslo to Calgary this
fall. Sweet grapes are also grown
in that pretty burg with the historical past and a great future.
A. Carey, manager of the Evaporator plant at Armstrong, was
taken in charge by the military
authorities this month, for failing
to report under the Military Service Act.
At the present the coyotes
around Kamloops are principally
living on chickens. If the farmers
would raise more sheep, the coyotes would he able to get some
fresh mutton occasionally.
This month about fifty ladies
attended a convention of Women's
Institutes in Kaslo. The affairs
of the nation were settled without
any sign of a riot. Some of the
ladies talked a little. Twice the
ladies wore entertained to a lunch
by Mrs. A. T. Garland, cue of the
best entertainers in that city.
The Bank of li. N. A. was
established in 1S3G, and was the
only chartered hank operating in
Canada that had its head oflice in
England. Id was absorbed by the
Bank of Montreal this mouth.
This leaves nineteen chartered
banks doing business in the
Dominion, and all of them have
their head oflice in Canada.
B. C. Mines!
i) the kaiser put the flu in
:'iiz;? He is an adept on hell-
}'; and it is quite natural for
rms to come from Germany.
XiNOKKGAUTK.v    is    a   German
void.    Kiih-tarters is  just as good
n r.;.:>].-��� for primary schools, aud it
.'lisli or at least Canadian.
i= Er
Kaslo wants a Dominion ore
testing plant. Sec Bob Green. He
is an adept at pulling wires, and
besides owns mosfof that powerful
lever, the Nelson Daily News.
In reference to the'fchree C's big
mill at Princeton, the Spokane
Review says that it is contemplated
to add four units of 2000 tons each,
which would give a total capacity
of 10,000 tons daily.
The Echo at Silverton will move
75 tons a day to tho Standard mill,
and will be shipping next month.
Ore has been opeued on three levels. About 40 men are employed,
aud P. J, Bonner is superintend
'!���' the word kindergarten is
���;lo_:.'-hed, we could call our juvenile st'hols by any of the following
nr\nes. Kidstarter, Totschools,
Ui'i'-.hKltiY  ABC, etc.
���������ill now give $200 for the
delivered in Greenwood,
or sober. That is, pro-
hr: is not covered with
s,   and   is free from   flu
lu". are the names of those 50
Xxt Nelson, who have promised
0 uike a shot of booze until
:.-;_4 of Canada flies over Berlin?
are heroes, but we must all
ice something to win the war.
Vv'k would rather be.a joy-rider,
nd '111 the world with smiles, than
'(Idle hard-luck   stories  and dec-
.������".r�� humanity with  crape. .  The
���'���I'M   need.-;  more  humorists and
orned^iiis.      Ic   i.s   already   over-
������i.'.-.-ded   with   gloom   dispensers,
X -spielers   upon   fear and future
���uuatiou.      God  takes   care   of
������...���;': wiio laugh.
Love's Ruse
Jack (about to go)���Hellol It's
Betty���Take father's umbrella
���then he'll be glad to have yon
call again.
A Natural Enquiry
"I should like a porterhouse
steak with mushrooms,", said the
stranger, and "some delicately
browned toast, with plenty of but-.
" "Scuse me, suh," interrupted
the waiter. "Is you tryin' to give
an order or is you jes' reminisein'
'bout old times?"
;.'iik  Greenwood    smelter    and
ifcher Lode mine will cease opera
;us  about  the   middle   of: next
mth.    If this proves  bo  a   per-
ment shutdown   Greenwood" will
:;:i.be  a  ghost city  of the west.
e itiulersiand that Ibis necessa^
"lie company, tp have  a reverb-
ry   furnace   in   order to smelt
:v   concentrates:    from    Copper
:i>tain.     A. furnace of this kind
. 'corrfc  8200,000  or "'more,  and
'..inpany has no funds for that
w.-i-; aud may   have   to permit
iVaii; smelter  to  handle   the
.ilicj fiir' them.    The -company'
1:  ���'l-,rs_;iiid would  immediately
'..'���J ";;   Mv.-erb'.T.'itory".furnace   in
��� ��� iiwujid. ensuring the  perrnari-.
t. piosii.'iiiy of  this  community
��� a v"iy.7 i'nig time if they had
:..;.M'.'i ii. ffssistahci! -. from some
.i.-.t a.-. H riiight he-.a wise move
��� ���; il,- le^i-hiture to back the
���'-;i I-.X-X 'The.'.-government, will
-���: t.r.'ib:ib!y .500,000, if Green-
'(..nd .-is ruisiird, through having to
,.y lb" city bond-. Ah. the gov-
_;..meii't. is so vitaliy 'interested in
ii:/.welfare of this community it is
;/;.--to'-rour-r.'beloved  legislators ,;to
c- 1st- iti avt 1 ting, the calamity that
>'.o';v threatens to: sweep. Greenwood
iii';o; the dump, of rpblivipu.-.. ;The
death of any industrial.community
is felt- all over the province'.
:..!.. 1
i i..
.ri.    l:ihit:irV
ii using sroj-y'
for the first tun1
I'U-entv -ijiterest*'
journal; relates: an;
of a Highlander who
a man-o'-vvar
in   liis  life,   was
; jni; ail > he  saw.
Ready For Rain
"l trust, Miss Tappit," said the
kindly employer to .his stenograph, "that you have sometl ing
in reserve for a rainy day.'
''Yes sir,' answered the young
woman. "I am going to marry a
man named Mcintosh."^-Christian
A.Canny Scot
'���';. On the Western Front Pat Crane
and Jack McKellar, re'c'onnoiterin'g
round an old farmhouse, found a
war-weary chicken. Pat was overjoyed. : He was sick of bully and
biscuits.. .-   :
. "That's a bit of luck," .paid Pat.
"Sure we'll have a decent supper
��� "No,iib," said ilcKeilaK Let's
keep it till tomorrow. It may lay
an egg,",
Hard on the Lion
A mother was showing her small
son a painting of the martyrs being thrown to the lions, and in
olemn; words vvas trying to impress him with the terriblenees of
the ailiir, .-when 'Buddculy--.be exclaimed:
"Oh mama, there's one poor
little lion away behind. He won't
get a bite."
Get your job  printing  at  lhe
L^ge,i before rthe  paper  is   all
gone.iy Xy-' XyX -,XiXy:x;XXxx;.;..: y:
i.ii;i'.-;0- sremecrparticn.larly'to''
- ;.;.;��� in .v.'a'n.d going ri up to one,;
ii 'P
to ii t he v:.-b'a'lge,'. on ������-'���; the
y.i,d   asked.-,him}what
! :.e '������ ni 11 i'; <*;y an xio \iX: to
y Why, 1 that's ia turnip,-;
replied.. the 1-Scot.iirim-i
T was  no'   axin':aboot
Cbe Kentrial Bote!
XXX; One.; of the largest hotels .in- XXiiXx
ti.'.'3v-the city.;   Beautiful locatipn,l::;f,
'X:xX fine rooms and tasty meali;."-;':
Ai iio: ijOHNiSbN  :;i - i l PROP.
" B '. tr~m h   . ma .
War Efficiency an
National Prosperity
More than a billion and a half dollars distributed
in Canada for exported agricultural produce and
the products of labor in the fiscal year ending
March 31, 1918, has kept Canada busy and
prosperous in spite of the war.
(CANADA'S production in such enormous
quantities was made possible only by the
money received through Canada's War
Loans. Canada thus was enabled to assist the
Allies in their purchases here by establishing
financial credits for their use in this country.
CANADA'S war loans not only
have sustained Canada's war
effort, but they have kept the wheels
of production turning as they never
turned before.
\ This is the flood of cash which
poured in to Canada's farms for their
exports in the fiscal year 1918, for:���
Butter $   2,000,000
Cheese     36,602,000
Eggs      2,271,00(X
Oats    37,644,000
Wheat  366,341,000
Flour    95,896,000
Meats     76,729,000
Vegetables     19,034,000
Over six hundred and thirty-six
million dollars for exported farm
products alone I
��� ".���������������,*���������*
AND the workers of Canada also
shared greatly in Canada's export trade.
For their products there was distributed in Canada, during the year:
Munitions..;..; ,._ ��450,000,000
Metals.......    92,083,000
Vehicles............    22,776,000
Wood Pulp and Paper..    59,599,000
These huge sums were spent in
Canada by the Allies.
Canada's own war expenditure for
the fiscal year 1918 was $342,762,000.
And the bulk of all these expenditures, the foundation of Canada's
prosperity and war effectiveness, was
made possible only because the subscribers to Canada's war Joans furnished the working capital.
*        *        ���
/CANADA must keep this great
^-^ work going���must produce as
never before; must work, fight, save
and lend as she has never yet done to
bring victory and a lasting peace to
a war-ridden world. -
But Canada to-day (thanks to her
great export trade), is in a better position now than ever, to carry on.
The Victory Loan 1918 will keep
Canada busy, will enable her to maintain her great export business; and it
will make Canada more efficient than
ever, because her prosperity will not
be diminished and her determination
to work, fight and win will be
stronger than it has ever been before.
Get Ready Now to Buy
Victory Bonds
Iuued by Canada's Victory Lxan Committee
ia Co-operation with the Minister of Finance
of die Dominion of Canadb.
Horse Drinks First
Tbe son of a leading manufacturer of Brussels, whose two brothers have been killed at the front,
tells the following anecdote, which
dates from' the.-first' summer of the
war: '..-.'.'
"It had been a hot day and
King Albert, who had not left the
trenches for honrs, was suffering
from thirst. He aHked for something to drink, bnt not a soldier
had anything left. Back of the
trenches a man Baw a horse drinking and went over and started to
poll the bucket away.
11 'Don't do that,' said the King.
���Let the poor animal drink; perhaps it needs it more than I do.'
v"It was'npt until ;the. horse had
finished drinking that the King
took up tbe bucket and drank the
few drops that remained.''
'yXix JPBESSED APiD:;REPA!REO.;;::,r'"',76
��� 7 A u tos.- -: f or:i hire "XI at it he XiPil ace
.Livery.;;7:- ixyX^yXXiXyXXXfXxXXyX
{���'Real:';" goody cigars ��� atSf Dad
Q- Dell's at the 7 Province.tHotel,-
Gtatid Forks.^ XxXXxiXi xxXXXyx
X GoodX'xadvertising 'has;;-saved
many ������'���a :;town/and 'districKfrOm
an ;'earlyrdeatli;-7';.-v      .xXxXXiiXXiyy.
X- /Tlie- Ledge has; always! nioin
for 'onemore "ad��-':" ���;-        XXXXiyyi.
Change of Firm
Having purchased the Clear
Store from R.J. MUIR. 1' will"
be pleased to furnish the pub-
lid at reasonable prices, with
Tobacco, Cigarettes, Cigars.
Fruit. Confectionery, Etc
Greenwood Garage
Tires, Oils, Gasoline, and
all Accessories for
Moior Cars
Repairs of any kind, and
77;  all work guaranteed^ 7
g-Pboflev27, 'iiiiXiXXi -manager:
piXXxX _V .yxyyixxyyyyyiiyyxxyxy;
XyXSei sure; and 7sendJ..'*��� Float rto
your soldier boj in France. It
will.rjhelp.'tp win7the-wixxXX
We've   Got  Him   Throttled   At   Last
Who?-...'Old man High Cost of Living. Bound and gagged, kicked
h'nj clear of the premises. He just naturally couldn't stand our low-
prices. Too bad for biin but couie over and let us tell you^all about it.
Another big shipment of woolens at prices Lhat will wake you
throw the old catalog in the stove will reach you this week and more
on Lhe road. Follow the crowd don't.lose out on all the good bargains. We believe that low prices and quick turnovers will keep our
stock fresh and high prices will glue the stuff to the shelves an 1 as we
are not running a cold storage plant we arc selling 'eni arid selling
'em fast. Get in while the getting is good, that spare change you
save in buying of us will help buy another war loan bond.
Place your order quick  for grain sacks at 36c each.
Bring your eggs, we pay more than any else in the district for
real .fresh o is.    Save the rotten ones for Mr. Hohenzollern.
C .non over and see us, we're real sociable.
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building -       -       - Myncaster, B.C.
Front St Next to City Hall, NELSON
XyiiyP^O. BOJC;865i'i:y.XXiX
^Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates   Given   on all Kinds
7 Granite a��d Martie Work
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist. Box Bxro8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, SilveT, Lead or Copper
fr each. Gold-SilveT, (single assay)
$100. Goid-Silver v-(ddplicate assay)
?r.5c Silver-Lead $1.50 Siiver-Lea5-
Zinc (5.00. :: Charges for oth��r metals etc
on application. 7
Xi;ixXXxNEL$oiv,'BA2. ..;;.:-:-���;
Optometrist and Graduate Optician, certified by. Provincial Board of Examiners.
VISITING   HOURS   2  to   4
At other hours by arrangement
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed
lands only.
Records will be granted covering- only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pro-omptlons, with
Joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 per aero, including clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, ho may, because
of Hl-hc;iiUi or other caui'C, ho granted
Intermediate certiiicate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent rcsldenco
may bo Issued provided applicant mnl<es
Improvements to extent 01 $300 per annum and records same each year. Failure to make improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Titlo
cannot bo obtained on the:ie claims In
less than 5 years, with Improvements of
$10 per acre, Including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, If he requires land In conjunction with his
mrrn, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
land. ... f-
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after-fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding- 640 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
The scone of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons Joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act Is extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege is also made retroactive.
Provision is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment Jointly. If it is not
considered advisable to divide tbe land
covered by .an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands In the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands in respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
is final. The time for making application for these allotments is limited to
the 1st day of May, 1319. Any application made after this date will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and lands of the Crown sold
at public auction.
For information apply to any Provincial Government Agent or to
KlBUUr ot Lft&da.
Sealed tender* will 1>e received by the
Minister of Lands not later than noOn oa the
2Jnd day of November, 1918, for the purchase of
Licence X14S1, to cut 720,000 fett of PIr and
Tamarac and 56,000 Fir and Tamarac Tics on
an area tituated near Mej-ers Creek, Kootenay
Two (2) years will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
Victoria, B.C., or District Forester Nelson, B.C.
Sealed tenders will be facti-ved by the
District Forester, Nelson, B C, not later than
noon on tbe 8th day of November, 1918, for the
purchase of licence X1498. to cut 4,000 flr��k
Tamarac Ties on an area clluated near Fisherman Creek, Similkameen District.
Two (2) years will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
Victoria, B.C., or District Forester Nelson, B.C.
Notice To Delinauent I Co-Owners
To W. D. Morton and T. B. Turner, or
to any person or persons to whom thty
may have transferred their interests in
the Gray Rock, Lucky Jim, Little Giant,
Black Bear, Bulger and Tip Top mineral
claims, situated along the Kettle Valley
Railway, in Arlington Camp, Greenwood
Mining Division.
You are hereby notified that I have expended the sum of Six Hundred Dollars,
($6oo.), for labor and improvements upon
the above mentioned mineral claims in
order to hold said mineral claims under
the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if
within ninety days after the date of this
notice you fail or refuse to contribute
your proportion of such expenditure, together with all cost of advertising, your
interest in such claims will become the
property of the subscriber under section
four af an act entitled, "An Act to Amend
the Mineral Act, 1900."
.Beaverdell, B.C.
Dated this 84th day of October, 19I8.
mtmmmz coal


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