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The Ledge Mar 28, 1918

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Array l^K
n. lll    "
��   7  m.
Provincial library,
^ r   �� <f   ? . x~r i-\
/ x��
. -xXmi
���'������- '."J&.
Vol.   XXIV.
No. 37
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Carpets,
and Elegant Crockery
Plenty of Oils. Hanvare and Tinware In stock
MAIL ORDERS solicited from all points
of the Compass
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield Building
PHONE 28        3C       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Life, Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Brokers
GREENWOOD,        ��� B. C.
Pantry Queen Flour
{Next Shipment all Standard Flour   j
Wm    P    ADTUHDC    greenwood city bakery   I
0 TT III.   \j*   AHlnuno,   FLOUR AMD feed store     2
A cooling Non-Alcoholic Beverage
When You Want a Real Good Smo! e
Ask for a Van Loo Broker
Fresh shipment of Bars, Marsh
mallows ant) Gum just in
AT Phone 4s
Call or phone when you want
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
and Gents   Furnishings
Try my Eggs and Butter
MIDWAY      -      -      B. C.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business" houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters,
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
JSi each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$1.00. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead $1.50. Silver-Lead-
Ziric $3.00. Charges for other metals etc
on application.
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at 11
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Around Home
The Property at Eholt Known As
10 acres of good land fenced with wire
Large log house of peeled cedar with
open fire place,    Chicken House, etc.
Apply to
Greenwood, B.C
Public Auction
Saturday,   April 6
at  GREENWOOD, B.C. on
MR.   H.   McKEE'S   LOTS
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac carSj and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.'
. Princeton, B.C., now completed on the
site of the old Oh eat Northern. Only
brick hotel in Similkameen. A first
class house,
Swanson & Broomfield. Props.
Conslstiug of Household effects, horses, cattle, farm implements, mostly
tbe property of Mrs. Hingley-
2 Ayrshire Cows, 1 Yearling Steer.
1 Hereford Calf, 1 Horse. 1 Colt, also
Team of Horses 2800 pounds. 1 Bay
Horse 1350 pounds, Set of Heavy
Sleighs. Set of Harness, 9 ft Steel Hay
Rake, 1 Grey Colt 1200 pounds, 1
Dark Grey Colt 3 years. Five Cattle
Floyd Bros, celebrated stock, and
many other and various articles useful for Ranchers.
For further particulars aud full  description see hand Bills.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
a -
The Knob Hill Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
A. O. JOHNSON      -     PROP.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelling and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
���fr * * * *** *** * * 4��
����� C LOA.T is not a periodical ^ al. It is a book con-
jb taining 86 illustrations all
. told, and is filled with
J* sketches and stories of
���F western life. It tells how
������� a gambler cashed in after ��fr
����t tbe flush days o! Sandon; <j��
C.V.O., LL.D., D.CL, Pr��i(knt
SIR JOHN ARD. General Manager
H. V. F. JONES. A��'t Gen'L Manager
how it rained in New Den-  j,
ver long after Noah was 7
Smith & King,
Charles King,
BY-LAW NO. 3-1919
A By-Law to authorize the Municipality of
the City, of Greenwood to sell all portions of
Lot 10S4, In Group 1. in thc Similkameen Division of the District of Yale not required by such
Corporation for Cemeteries, Dump Grounds, and
for a site for an Isolation Hospital.
CapitalPaid Up.$I5,ooo.OOoTReserve Fund, ��� $!3,500,ooo
Every effort is inade to provide the banking service required by miners.   A
^current account facilitates tln^v
ixy^-:'xx.J.i-handling of :businessTre-:;/;
^r'Js^'ceipts and payments.   ^
v;;-v;::;;.;,;.-,,;h,.c uiCAs,Manag^^JS--&
dead; how a parson took a
drink  at  Bear   Lake   in T
early   days;   how   jusfcice 4"
was dealt in Kaslo in '93; ��j��
how the saloon man out- j��
prayed tho women in Kala- ,
mazoo, and graphically de- *��
picts the   roamings   of   a V
western editor among the 4*
��J�� tender-feet in the cent belt. ^>
��j�� It contains fehe early hiatOTy ju
*, of Nelson and a   romance ��
J�� of the Silver King mine, j*
*** In   ife are   printed    three V
4* western poems, and dozens <fr
4�� of articles   too   numerous ��$��
ju to mention.     Send for one &,
Wliereas tbe said Corporation is the owner
in fee of said Lot 1054, and only sitcli portions
thereof as are needed for CeiuctriPK, Uuiuj)
Grounds and for an Isolation Hospital are required by said Corporation: ,
And whereas William fcikelaud liasl offered
to purchase the balance of i-aiit tot for the sum
of S250O.0O.
Be it Therefore Knacteil by the Municipal
Council of the City of Greenwood as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for tlie Corporation of
said City tosell. to said William Lakeland said
tot 1054 with the exception oT the lands now
used or-required for Cemetries, Dump Grounds
and for a site for au Isolation Hospital 'and
which contain in area 25 acres i>r thereabouts,
and arc distinctly marked ou a I'lan deposited
with said Corporation and signed by its Mayor
and Municipal Clerk, and by said William
Lakeland,and are tn be duly surveyed before
the execution of the Conveyance to s.iiil William
Lakeland of the balance' of -aid Lot.! for ihe
sum of W50IUHI, of which -urn r25o.oo are tube
deposited by said William Lakeland iu the
Hank of Montreal, at (liveninmil. in escrow,
and are to be at once paid to -aid Corporation if
this Ity-Law is duly ad<>pte<J by the rate p.t\ers
of said City; and the further -iutt of fiHH) -hall
bc paid by said William Lakel.iuii io -.>id Corporation on or before the Sl-t day of Peceniber.
1918; aud the balance of said purchase mouevs
(lieitur^.iW.OO; shall be paid by said William
Lakeland to said Corporation' by four equal
annual payments of f5<n'.ixi each oii or before the
31st day of Decemln-r in the years i'llo, 1'iii. l'>21.
and l'>22; and ou all purcha-e ni.iiieys outstanding on January 1st. l'��3i. the said AVilliaui Lakeland shall thereafter pay interest at <��� jvr cent,
per annum on the sums owiiiiri.aml he shall be
at liberty to coinplete.his payment* at any time:
2. . This By-Law shall before tlie final passing thereof receive the assent of the Kleetorsof
said municiprlity of tbe City nf Greenwood'in
tho manner prescribed by the Municipal Act.
3. This. Bv-Law shall take effect ami come
into force on the.loth day of April. 111."...
4. This By-Law may be cited a*"Saieof
Ranch By-taw."'
TAKE XOTICE that the above is.a true
copy of the projmsecl. By-Law upon which the
vote of the Municipality will betaken at the
City Hall, on Monday. A'pril Stli, 191S, between
the hoursof 9 a..m. and 7 p,m.
Clerk of the Municipal Council.
Dated March 2Gt.h, 1918.
^ before it is too late,
j�� price   is   25   cents,  post-  _��
���* paid to  any part of   the*'*'
*5�� world.     Address   all   lefe^
<$�� ters to
.: ��� GREE��_%wB^7BSal::^
All   the
latest   methods   in
'������ Dentistrr.;:; ".;���
Xr- 'Comer Abbott :'&; Haittegs Streets.
A. J. Morrison is in Trail on a
business trip.
Geo, S. Walters went to Vancouver on Monday.
Cadet R. D. Smith is now with
the R. F. C. in Texas.
J. P. Flood was in town from
Grand Forks this week.
H. C. Lucas has bought D. Mc-
Pherson's Chevrolet car.
J. L. Coles spent a few hours
in Grand Forks on Monday.
Mrs. Harry Twells returned to
her home in Trail on 1 uesday.
New prints in very pretty patterns also Curtain Scrims. G. A.
Billy Bennett and Alfred Miles
of Boundary Falls, are in the
A. C. Mesker is on a visit to
New Orleans and other points in
the south.
Jim Poggi, of the Big Copper,
was in Grand Forks over the
Born.���On March 22, to Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Roberts of Midway, a son.
Born.���To Mr. and Mrs. Baird
Bubar, of Beaverdell, on March
23, a daughter.
Any merchant can help his
business by truthful and suggestive advertising.
L. McElroy returned to Fife
on Saturday after a few days
stay in Phoenix.
Born���To Mr, and Mrs. G.
Siuki, of Boundary Falls, on
March 25, a daughter.
Just in a shipment of Ladies
and Childrens, Black Cashmere
Hose.   G. A. Rendell.'"-
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Garrett
returned to Grand Forks this
week from San Diego,
Joe Davidson, C. P. R. agent
at Midway has returned, home
from his California trip.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Spectacles and pipes repaired.
Orders for plain sewing are requested by St. Jude's Guild.
Please apply to Mrs. Willcox.
Eli Plecash left the" hospital
last week, having practically recovered from his recent injury.
Without enterprising and public spirited business men few
towns would have a newspaper.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rousier
left on Tuesday for Kalispel,
Montana, where they will reside;
Mrs. Ashby has been the guest
for a few days of Mrs. Joseph
Richter of Ingram Ranch, Midway,
Big Tom Hennessy will leave
the hospital in a few days. He
has just about recovered from his
Mrs. James Harris and three
sons, Fred, Lewis and William,
returned to their home in Alder-
grove on Monday.
For Sale.���5 roomed house
and lot in Greenwood. Big wood
shed and chicken house. New
foundation and new floors. Apply
to L. Rousier.
Pte. Fred C. Graham, who returned recently to Phoenis from
the Front, having been wounded
at Lens last August, is yisiting
in Grand Forks.:
For Sai^;.���:Horse, buggy,
democrat, single harness, double
harness and cutter. You have
all seen them. What offers.
Blackmore, Greenwood.
Messrs Smith & King have
three auctions in sight for the
spring. They report business
brisk in this direction. Remember their, auction on April 6th.
��� Pte. Ernie Nicholson came in
from the coast on Tuesday. Pte.
Nicholson returned from the front
two month's ago, where he was
wounded in the leg,  near Lens.
: Mrs. Q. R. Matthews and son
Ronald arrived in', town on Monday from ; England, after a :5
weeks' trip. ��� Mrs. W. C. Arthurs
met Mrs.  Matthews and son in
Ships Another Car
Jim Foggi has had his lease re
newed on the Big Copper, and hat-
three men working steadily. Soon
as the snow hae gone the force will
be increased to seven men. Last
week a car of ore was shipped to
the Granby smelter in Grand
Forks. This makes the third car
that has been taken out this year.
Seeking Out Delinquents
Some 900 wholesale dealers in
frnit and vegetables are now operating under licenses from the Canadian Food Board. Inspectors of
the Frnit Branch of the Department of Agriculture have been
seeking ont delinquents and also
dealers who are carrying on business operations, not covered by
their licenses, but for which additional licenses are required. Persons doing a wholesale fruit and
vegetable business without a license
are liable to a heavy fine.
Central War Fund
On the Decline
The consumption of beef and
mutton in Britain during the last
year of peace was 150,000 tons per
month. During 1916-17 this
amount had fallen to 120,000 tons
per month. The total available
supplies at present in sight for the
current year are not more than
88,000 tons per month.
The following subscriptions up
to and including 19 March, 1918
have been received:
Arthurs W, C  fio.oo
Ashby Mrs. F  i oo
Carlson C  i oo
Coles J L.  700
Duhatnel J H  2 00
Elson W  600
Frith K. C. B  2 00
Garland T,A  2 00
Gibson J  4 00
Gulley T M   io oo
Jackson Miss G M  2 00
Kerr Miss A L,  7 50
Lee R  1000
Liudsay R B  7 00
Lucas H C  1000
Lachmund 0  5000
Masterton RB  600
Muir R J  Soo
Miller WPM  400
McKee H  6 00
McKellar J  3 00
McLoughliu J J  15 00
McPherson D  Soo
Simpson Rev H W  2c 00
Swanson Miss R  6 00
Public School Pupils  1 So
Thomas T  Soo
Williamson J  1 00
Smelter employees  467 90
Canada  Copper Corporation office 128 60
W. Lakeland.....  52 00.
(Special donation being on a-c of
commission received for convasing
for Victory Loan)
Total $857 50
Patriotic Fund
Lost.���A little fox terrier dog,
gone from Lakeland's ranch about
Sunday noon, marked on right
3i<_te"*"of"face.. Answer to the
name of Jim. Retainer will be
prosecuted. Mrs. Wm. Lakeland.
Good advertising has saved
many a town and district from
an early death.
At the Presbyterian Church on
Good Friday evening, March 29,
there will be a Lantern Service
at 8 p.m., conducted by the Rev.
H. W. Simpson. The pictures
will include views of Jerusalem
as well as slides illustrating the
Passion and Death ot Christ.
The boys of Canada are being
called to the front at home���that
is to aid in the work of increased
production on the farm. ''The
Soldiers of the Soil" will wear a
special khaki uniform, and those
who work the full three months
on the farm will be presented
with a bronze badge of honor.
Geo, W Blackmore wishes to
inform the public that owing to
the Game Department being
abolished at the end of the present month, be will no longer hold
the position of Deputy Game
Warden. He also desires to thank
the public for their support and
assistance given him during the
term of his office in this district.
Greenwood Tribunal Number
70 met on the 21st, for the purpose of determining whether further extensions of time should
be allowed claimants. One case
was disallowed. One was allowed
until the 30th of April next, with
no renewal. One was allowed
until the 1st of October and two
until the 30th of October, this
year, with leave to apply again
if circumstances warrant.
The Ledge has always room
for one more ad.
The local Treasurer of the Canadian  Patriotic Fund wishes to acknowledge receipt of the following
subscriptions from February 26th, '
1918 tc March 31st, 1918:
A J Morrison  600
HB Larsen  600
W George  450
W. R. Dewdney.  4.85
P. H, McCurrach  3.70
Boundary Police  23 20
Hon. J. D. MacLean  20 00
G B Taylor  300
JH Goodeve .'  1000
Greig & Morrison  i 00
J. L. White  600
Miss E Ferguson  230
P Bums & Co  7 So
J. B. Lane ,  2 00
P W George  5 00
W Jenks ., 6 00
Smelter Employees and Townspeople per Central Fund Com. 190 00
A J Morrison  600
H B Larsen  6 00
G Boag  Soo
\V E George  4 50
Smith & King  2.50
G. W. A. Smith  4.00
Canada Copper Co  100 00
Hon. Treasurer.
Shoes. Shoes. Shoes,
Wc are closing outpour, entire
stock of Womens, Misses, Boys
and Childrens Shoes
Shipped To Trail
������ ������-��������� - v
Morrison & Larson shipped a car
of high grade ore to the Trail smelter from the Providence mine on
Saturday. Seven men are employed at tbis mine.
Too Much Color
An elderly lady of very prim and
severe aspect was seated next a
young couple, who were discussing the merits of their motor-cars.
"What color is yonr body?"
asked tbe young man of the girl at
bis side, meaning of course, the
body of her motor.
"Oh, mine," is pink. What is
"Mine," replied the man, "is
brown with wide yellow stripes."
Tbis was too much for the old
lady. Rising from the table she
"When young people come to
asking each other the color of their
bodies at a dinner-party, it is time
I left the room."
It will pay you to buy a few
pairs at present prices as every*
thing   in   the leather line is
going op enormously
Writing With One's Toes
It is amazing how quickly a
man learn to use his toes as he
does his fingers, says the Popular
Science Monthly. If you don't believe this, just try to write with
your toes. At first the letters will
be very large and aWkward. But
with a little practice you will find
that you can write with your foot
more easily that with your left
hatrt? if you are n ate rally right-
&S THE    LEDGE. -OBEEMffOOtt    SL   O.
Monster Submarines
Carter's Little Liver Pills
A vPgetaWe remedy that a!way3 gives prompt relief in c��n��tt-
pat:r��n. Banishes that tired feeling altogether and puts you
irii hi ever-night, stimulates tha Liver gently, but quickly restor-
tsip, k fo full and healthy action, and the stomach aad bawds
Jo thftir ns.uraf fuacti-.n��.    Making life worth living.
Sraell Pfll
S..H u.,��       /^Stoj^^
Seis'i Pr.zt,
Crrman Sea Wolves of Craiser Type
Cany Waterproof Cannon
and  Five   Instantly
T!n- submarine warfare has ;:;rada-
:,l!y taken on a new phase r-."'.cc the
, wiul:"-.' weather st! in. Si'.?��::i^;lii<:3 of
, lti-.- so-called cruiser type now arc
do hit.; most of the shikines. while
the ?'������:.dh-r submarine:.! apparently
are ciml'minc; lUL-ii- work h.rp.ely U
mil".";   i.-.yi::!'.
Tlie i\':ii.';!"i ior this shifiia;; (X
(krmaa technique is that small sub-
Marine., arc not pood surface craft
in yUtriMy sens, v.hile U-.(: cruiser
type lias proved wonderfully sca-
v.'i'.vihy, bvii'it: actually mere manageable than the modern torpedo boa1.
I (h'Mroyer ia heavy w: -ruber. These:
craiser ;-u!>isi::rin< s carry iv.-o 5."
! )��� mis aial 10 torpedoes and cam remain at pea si--; weeks. The Germans have built :-. considerable num-
!���:���!��� of these saner-. ..ihoiari'i",-    t-incc
Passing of thc Penny     I ST
ROSY CH��EKS ��,^i-'r"Y C{M-otl ln4'���tn '""��'"""l
Bloat!. PtUee
i ii-.
I.ul  so
visile il   A in'.!���!���:.������: ii   v-a
u rwiir.-.r��i.a .a. u*ooc?cd&��
mam. cd t!mm la.
I.��si that there v re mw mvi
iia.a- seven or eiehl  (vpi-ratiipf. These,
Canada Lea-Is jTo Protect Crop
in Wheal Yield;
I lae   whole   (ii rm.au   na.vy.   ami     I
1 power for  ha-m ii.ay  be  jutkiid  froa". i
v-, n      .      n      .!lhe   fact   that   lln.-e   seven   or     cipiil
.from Gram KttSl | vessels  an.  able  to   b-cp  up  j'sch
iich Itched- and  Burned,
Swelled Enough for Two.,
No.Sleep for Weeks*
''My fi.if;ers nil broke out in whit*
pUr-plas ami  would  crack  and saiait
������^^     that   raut;h   that   t coe.lu
/XX^.-i<X%^ hardly keep (rote, scratch-
hxX^'X.XX in;?.   They began ta swell
ir'^'-w '��*���'�� anc' wei's W" enough tt��r
\iy   "'"   "T" two. I never had aay sleep
"^      .'-*/    4or weeks   because   they
j      '^V     itched arai burned.
\ '"1        "l xvcu~'tc,Ul ;ih,:'il!-c,!i;*
V   /      cura Soap ao.d Ointment,
,v^!       and 1 ot-ily had to use two
Cake? ol CiUict'.ra Soap and two tia;; ot
Ointment when I was healed.'' (Si_,aed}
Miss Hilda Manser, 62 Ire;crse!f Rd.,
Woodstock-, Oat.
.       1'rcvfc'it further trouble by usiia--Cu-
,l'l-l: I   tic.ura Soao daily ior the toilet,
mon |       For Fs.ee SBffillic. j;,,,.], {jy Mu;i ..,].
drew pa^t-card :   "Cuitcura, Dcpt. A,
I5ostor., U. S. AX'     Sold every..' ..;\:.
A Coin That Is on Its Way to Sad
j    An   inquiring      sunbeam     danced
lover   niy    shoulder aud settled upon
an  obsctn-a    announcement    iu     the
morning   paper:    "The   pentiv   is    a i
coin    practically    unknown.     beyond  S
the Rocky  Mountains and is rapidly |��
vanishing   in   the  east   and   south."
1 am old enough to remember
ihe par-sing cf many things���the
picket fence, the parlor, and lastly
poetry, but the passing of thc penny
i^ more poitrnanl than these Even
as I sat pondering what America
might become without this most
provident of coins the truth of my
fears was bvotipht homo to my
rocking chair. My maid entered
"Tlie buttermilk man ain\ yot no
brownies to make change."
"1'lease, ma'am, I mean pennies,"
my Dinah, corrected herself.
I rose iu alarm. Surely tiie penny was vanishing' if even thr- buttermilk man did not im?s.scss or.c. I
looked hastily into my purse; 1 loo
possessed no "brownies,'' and on in-
iniiry none of my friends could lend
me  thc little coin   1  sought.
Weeks have gone since I was
first awakened  lo the  passiti}.;  of the
With your work, with your business? S
Is there promotion ahead of yon ? |
Men of energy, with salesmanship ability      1
will find it to their advantage to write to ���      s
Kxpf-tilba.   Iv.irplu:'-   i>:.\   ': :
o:  ths  U.iite-1  $���-.'������
( -';
\    !ll''ll
( la-: ���;
I U:o
tt-ieiVi       of    Ayrkulturc
Mi'My   Useful   Hin'.:;  ior
.heavy   1 el i   of
[[:'.'.> j s'l'ppin;.
A   i
'���'.���; I' .:     i
i:!.-'.ek  i
���I      I
���'    ri
You will heartily
enjoy the taste and aroma of
Cowan's Perfection Cocoa ��� and
further, it is the most wholesome
nourishing Canadian beverage.
.-u'>:c_ tn   i-a-i p   up  ;'.:eii_  a.jUiiat i��BBj��igi;   ui    jliuu v��*wj \ ;u .   ���., , . ..,,,        ,,.        p,-pcd ���^������iJ��<l1IIWIM Mli^'IIHIll���inwi
'il.,-.',';,,,.1 '   ('    ^ ''''  '   *'"Ml" "   """"'    ,    .. , .    _.      .       "    ,,  .        f in    ! "brownies."    am!    al    each 'cctirrcnt   >_��� ��� ���  ���.:.-.��� n^ju^Tr:.:  	
'    '".,     , , . .    ,     A NoMc   idea for tn? bmty of tbe i scr;1.di of ���,v    own    pockctbook     I   ^    ^ .-       T .
,��   n-.-idu-.-imc   l-n-poi-Pou    (���'   i.k Anglo-Saxon Race ! have frit new pain.    Wliv did 1 not   CO-OpCratlVC LlVC
��i^\TA^^ a ..--u-. ,; iiteraty  ,iW-, ,hieh| ��^ 0��h�����^s��5 J^- *\"$ J�� btock Trading
is:o   ru;.:-   iu.   im-.-vr   ate   of   ihe   oid'i^s for  Canadian,   au  :-.hr.oi\ nation-   .V,"'1   l0. l^Jkan"  ^,otlll   -'''''J    01 	
n-'e. oh-eh  roid..;i i:.U.  the hot!;, o[ ; ;d sijruii=,::.l;c.: is. th,    o nn-toiceiooi ^ |  ^^n>cs -     t ccaMonaliy    i     ^^nitcd Grain   Growers    of    Alberta
ie ctai.   \.-hcr.    I  Mtbi-ai "i;-id and hadlfl   tne   forlheomme.     p.ihhcaMon     oi , !'-^-   >"     ,<"ll'so   ;"'V>   l"; l   *   ,.V Helnincr tb^ F-.vir.Prc:
��� b-   NHft.Wc.: |,;ro.-c i. l-1-o...j aiMXXX Grev's lasi  m^si^yt   to the en:- P'/e  ll.at.  like  lhc  Indian  whose bke-| Helpmg the Faimert
--��� "       :..:....     a.-.. .:. ) ...,  ,.������., .|���. ,n,,,, Iness it  oears,   tltc- penny    is    surely j    lhe   live  stock   business  iu     Ca!-
n,  bron-e  coin, .gary.   Alberta,   of   the   United   Grain
I-i.i,...,.,    ..-
i;'':'. -.    1.' : ;i I
i.e. \i-. ���
."-'���orl.'.'-.e, 1
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Jaore tpr-a
; Rata, p.r' > -
the crriet'l
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as il fvi ui
fuel sprma
Ihe 1:;>! t
<���;!:(���!��� th;-e.
I.:.-! thiri;, -
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tie-   !���:
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.(;.r.   niar-i
'I'.i-..   Zavi
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< .vcin:.-.'.-:y--    uaifc'ia
> i-i ;:-e:;    lile   1 i". al   s;..- ���
1   f.-,vo\.-i.h   aad      eaVlv
eeh-aal   iv.cilu.d   i.-a-.:
e-e   ^ i;.; ir   and     si ron.-'
Sorts  Fiee  Before   'ii.���Tt;er.
:. i
have-   b.-
ni i
iuaii j
\vilh Or. 'i;-.:^:.:-' f-'.'.ei
a,|,   lik,"    ,:;::,;.".     Aii
f.h-U   _-h.-'i!d   I. >.-������   I.n   ti
i his   spl.-i.did   '". rued v,
oothin,:   like   il   io   b'.
ilii   its   pi'
i-V   it-   h
aa i;;'1 e>
t1-C !l;
I ri-.- Od. \. lUCil
hailaily tr.-a-
:���:��� in applying
as Li.ei-e- i;
ie.tl. It i.-
ii: re"- wav ix-
1 ���    :".,i-e;ti...:',
tvi.',   aid,   iv
,!.:_,:.r;.y.     A
\ . .rnwii: \. '���'.) \-: si n !ii.->:-.cs ! ron:
1 I':������ ;��� :��..'��� ,:li.-e iacreascs \ l^i'-i
j \ a ii] i-i ���.���'���'-. er; !���>. (.'���.'lHimnni.; \
I v n'l'lihi'. i.i-.iiiaee.-, v-aeilv f.
soil   f Tidily   and   fa���.,-.-
: I...
j;.i-t   t'.'i:  otuer  way.   i��� > cry  ai-
i_-;   r'.a. !;:-a! ism   invites   .-mothc'i.
Ih:--'!  tine, il redoc; .; t;>e body's
��� s"   iii:,i   each   ai'-a.-k   is   wor.-c
th:    (aie   heff-rr
an;   di.;-
i.-   !"i:-en--li,.:
:   any   diMa:-
naa   <r-:"il'-ii!l   to   trcal   sneeessfiilh
\'hv:  ;���.   imalici";-   doe.-   care   rhciuoa
iress  and change as  tlie prcson-1,
who!,   fabric of modern so-(
cieiy iia:- l.een  thro-.vn into the fieiy
,i.- r." V.-..I-, ii bas a -.cry special
.spvmlica-u-c.     h'ar   more Jcecniy   tb.an
moil public  men,  Marl  Grey reali.-:cd
Always had
XX, .   i, I lhe perib of liberty am:, progress iv.-
X    '^'Vi  C' '',-.   O'olvcd in  the  prcat  1-uropean  ttrii;--
'','"  ll,.l!,:. ;" bCJ -^'ak-.  peri's  which  Jmp.bl     Mill    exist,
lb-.il     pny,u-;;;���s    mo   ���     ���  \f G<...1Kauv ,,,��� d,cis,,ly beat-
stock  was  also   sent  directly  to  the
eastern  markets  and  did  not     pass
through  thc Calgary yards. Thc  Ed- !
monton branch reports a business of :
$500,000. j
Thc company received a r;ood deal i
of stock on the assignment     basis. ,
The  live  stock department    snpp'.ics ���
information to  the farmers' societies
as to  thc  markets and  the' handling
of caulc. _ It also helps them  lo or-
_ _ _ .j jganize shipping association',  sending
i���14ft**%^lsb^*rfc^*  n lnriu f''0111 l'ie central office to rcn-
AiCCI-^ACl^*." V��   der assistance.    In this way farmers t
arc able to keep track of thcii  slock i
Liver Was Torpid"tik Bilious Spells  ^ tj.*c hsl penny of profit is Uun-
Brought Sick l-Ierukchcs���-Lost       !'      At '
in.f'ovensn   sod.      ; np<..
is     louksh able     io-
 -so perils lie in the l-"ii^ and j
bitter  struKi-vlc  belwccn  capiiai    ami
,;        -I   r,    i       ..     -,- lalior, in the sellish tyranny oi" jyirti-
i.-oli-.v.   iilcdical   a ; he. n lies   .''K'ee      _      ' ...       ���     ,.      .,:,.;,   ,-,r . ,-;,i  r..r.
,.        ' ���,,    s.Tn politics, m I lie spirit ot <ii<i .��iO--
Much Time, Ei-i Is Kovr
Completely Cured.
m   i!
ii   is   v."or
The Capture oi5 Jerusalem import,,,.;,,   t;
A Sit"- :ba\ i.U--: Tyrr.i'-.iy of t'.c Tir
U   l>-.,ovTied
:.a,i i-   r-oji
| A!! seed.-, must be treated f.-r sna:r,
I bill rd know i: method of seed treat-
' im-iit will eh; civ rust. ("'! foremost
, .soil   ...or   \eeai;:c:'
CoajiHtoils ':v'-lr;;P.-a!eey7:;:i;a:\7:,;.;is���Tho';\li-e
'��� o osd [le r ioi ss cc d.:'��^
llVfl I at IQIV:.:..'.-. .������j!'|, ri \-e.l cd..:;. ��� ��� i XX h:. ':'������!.'- '.:'��� :X. v'di
;rdd:si;edVt;rai;v ed���',.1'cav;;fn.rvai7ii "
1..S Ivai'vy"  StOyiiin:   y-l-    highly. :de5:i::r:"e
!;;K;,:';iy; 7sc/\civ.'sKr:diesc.;'l.ete,.t.:cai;is ;i
iliat  Ihe  blood   i
' idarupag   rapidil
:u:,;;s     tl
as   rlieiima
nlyis.    il aiataisdii;;   the   <pi
the   filoa'.l   is   li'.irei'sre   a     is
������������-.r.   of  preveriti:!;.:     ami     eo
rheiiiiu-.i;-m.    '.('ha-   it   works
fact i; shov. ii by the brnelieial offoe(-<
wblidt T^iUy.ws slles',. 1 ae:c: :"iVe::is
"I :.i:i'.,--''.' vait IV-'.I 'I'i :\'t--:,-'.R ���r'i.-il'.l''.'." 1'vl ���j'''v>": t
Besides  marketing  thc  live    stock
j of the co-operating farmers llic com-
] pane through its branch at the stock-
ti..,,'yards,  bas  assisted  tlie  farmers      of
��� f  sp-r-   ','',',l"!   f"-il'KK..e  o;--.Me,..  v<lJ,,,...    ......      ucrc   is  convmem.?:   iviocaee    tna. jll(,  teri.Uo,T   tributary    there',o     to
s   agree   1:,i,or> m.H'��--.si-liiMi tyraan>  o. P-iiti-   however imic.i you i.-.r.v suncr    .rem ,,ch.,sc  H^  gtock  ciUier  for   fced.
,     uitb   sn!; ,!t;la,cs: n:'lu',s!,u'n  V ��� V V'.  "be*   lUtl" lli��Mc- alul Ci'1"\ V-Ki  b:1;n'" ��*', ^  the farm or for a foundation
��� ^.^eiaiotahsm m the churca.ami   a    > ;( , iiess,   here is rare ir. lhc use oi  ir. DfJtlleil. hcrds.     This   phase   of   thc
H   ,     0(   ge.a-ral tcpdeneies of) soeie y u^-uos   chase's K-dncy-1 aver Pills. company's   work  will     have    a     far-
..-oi.al.l,-i '-'iH-y-grahamg     mc lus'i al. n     .o ,,      Civereatmg ,s the    most    co;n:..o ,e,lcilinA eflect on thc live stock in-
ii;     j      j materialistic  standards  o<     ., - no ss     ,a,lsc of slugci3 ,    jivt.r nfu0���.    \y,,x -         ���           .     ^  futurc>
V...      -7! I I'-ai'i  Grey    sounds    a    solcum    last | .c,st. your appetite,   havc    distressing.          J            .	
warning   agamsl  la
V'Vl'i'ioii,  spill-,    usually    accr.-n;.anied   ,���.       ,.    , .  . ,       ��� ,
���io-:!,,, i,,.., ,3.. ,.i,f. .,,���] ,..-,,,'..���>:,.,..   ,.,... !,n,v.  Muiard i; Litiiment xor Sale   Every
'lalr!"V: makes  a  noble  idea  for  that Anoio-.,,., i���:a,,achp :,nf! vciii'diuT. the bow-  i����iard s  l.iaiins:
if^-;:Hi^V': ^"W^wdtYsaiideith^
:f 1-;;i''-sje ���' of dhc:>;\-iiiidrvs in ;:\vldclo;lieV.sa^^^
s Blasphemies
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Uing
Chemically Self��ExtiBgaubing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
EDDY is the only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the matcti
becoming dead wood once it
hr,n been lighted and blown
Look for the v,ords "Chemically letf-exti&ffuithing" on *he
Mightiest atrial
erer aided ��1
Abortion, Stcril*
ity, aad Prematura Csiring. oat
or oae hundred
cattle treated w
5 minucet. Vs*
one half ol out
product, il ooi
satisfied return
'lie balsnca and
:t your r.-.or.oy.
"KaU Savir"
.ell* 2S pound*
$4.00. Send (Ot
printed  tnsttflr.
��^uuaM'S   PRODUCTS
Plant and   Head  Office.   Eritnontoa,  AliJerU.
P.  O.   Box.  S21
���.iti '.'>ic--:
.;V rear] iyt
.;i;i'dsj' ��� ;s;i
( .'v:
i4!!:i(:.a.s::. .:������'.!'he:���:���: isi^;vrirssj-e ���: .S.tich:.:.Varie:iieS:;;a
WXiX >���;.: is-diofi l xx:<ym x xxj
:���! ���':���/��� V:;:,.i''i:''!"Vi:
' !������:���
:-\ ������
'"  '   "'"'���''iokS?:
'' 'i-'i-i OH<r-Tht;"';sea:i;
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k& :u]iXyXXM-X^XX^.xX:X:^0Hi:-XiXjX:sX>
arid' of XnXXX: '-'\XxXX---iXXWtmm.
hirvs ,^;:'v!-:foV^:'.d^rpy*<f'';Vb
���of CJr;g��;iaii:-i:d!i��rejd:;V'' off iXt: X-Xv
���plea of ' rodiiavv. .iJee:;:Usinv ti'*: 'iii-'k>
'.:i��h.' i;eo,i;:r;d"
,    ,, ��� f > .        I man v.i.re ceni-eu m v .n,��.a���, ..:����� "-, mcccmrs, rntl also manv oliu-s    i>ai-i ;���   -������- ���������- �� ���-,--      .' ,,        knr*.
���   .   ,j   ,,,.,,- >.-..   fioi.  i.ir.m.l.,isi...|f,1j  ,   (i,   u,  tk,,r;bi-    himseli    crn!(ll,  ,.Mlll.iu?,it���:iS    whholll    M1C.   1 have cvt r come across.      His bh;:,.   fin
in ,i ��,...]; si.   ..!te:'..a piea'ly. .%U. ,.     p;   lan(l R, a Canadian by adoj -' Cl,ss.    ^V|K..,   I  llS1<i  U.ese   h.aciaches   phemou., speeches to  lhc an .y    e.uo ..,_
,!; .,  i- .-.  mole,   i-:k   cr-rc  o.   severm ; .       f   ;��� lhcr(.f0..,. olllj natural thai ��� L would vplllil. !llUi could bet,, uoth-. }l��c PcopK-. and the .fael  that    llicto
.,1. t-...,   1- .on,   .|.rnd;.j[:  ^\i:i, o<-.:.    w    ,    ,  lll0S<>aKt. ilis.  tyc��.   Srliouhl j ;���,. ou  lllT piomach. Wasp icmics are    seriously    rcccivcc,   ��
T0��0��Te.8N��. (rwMiti WUistr/
7! Saskatchewan Farm Loans
IV:,- ,;:������������:,������,... ,,.,,r::,-,^,r^,1,.,...,,-,.
'>'s v?JSa|katciie^
;i e (b;;i;'l��XiHiy.itf |'s; HiXX:, ���': s^iis 'v vltii i:-v5ya;;':i; ;:'������' uXXix n'i i*i s \ '���' '���>
.;ci:"y.i::'';a|i"il-/J'i_S;';i-fai:ii.rS -yXtih
XXX'Xxy':XXx..XXXX'.XXiiX:'opX'X'Xi-ixi-. ^''"'LoiVivs   -to
y(ike":<lf-::"t:i'b-7''|:'tji'.'es;a ":lieea
7".i';i:w':. ;Hwl:;;AiJ'''rii.i;i-b0rii^eilH. jt^tfc x>;
J,id3;'���.���_:-fP'ori:;i:t'';vb>:��;va:lr.ya.|y been   ��� '.d'':S'-
vmi nsw ��fteneH fteM��ov. m.% ��.a n3
TrtfcRAPIONu,ed r"h
,. complete-  those clcmcus \\li"c:i    haw broii^m
invone suf-' tilings   to   their  present   pass.      lb?
a; i
l:ifi;i#i.:di;l!y":Oir;d:;e-iit ibe .pi"ovn.ivct.  'J'!i.f
iivftcul; i'e!i:;ui:7ifi;ti;:;$i.Oiii;i,(H!fi: y;ill hp pah! >
I   feel   yer;
Ijoo'd  ���; i
lltle is'c<:rUiieiUK]^ h:rve oiiile
;t..K fid   for  11 - f
-". \\:l!ia"is' I'ioh
-e ife, ; ;-;'. 1 hope
viTj   bocb: "T'o  n.ore  luaulifnl     <�����" I .-Hy :>c:o-.i:iiiitcrtl v.:ilh Charles' N. Tait, .ward  with bod,    under the umdance
ovabif   p.i.-i.iia'ily  has  ad-rrc-d  om I :uui f>clii.vc  bis  statement   h,    cveiyjof lhc kaiser.���Montreal  Herald.
��� .:.rr..tb.i,.   '.r   bvi'-ie   more  \'orliidy , v .���   to j,c tnK. ;t.,,^ coircct." |     ,��� ,       _       ..       ., ���.
t'u   K .;-, oi  h.aj; lue and   hiudi  ot-1    ]Jr     Qias,\,    Kidm v-Liv-i r    Pills.'    Makes Bwathing liasy.     1 he con-
i.n-."    Similar testimony i- ijren I. / ! om. ,,\n a do_.t.   2a cenis a  box,   all   stnction of tlie air i-a&tapcs and the
Dominion Kxprcs^ Money Orders are oa
sale in five thousand offices throughout Ceo-
Must Not Wear
Lmform3 Off Duty
X dsdavvd7  "'biri. ��spera
���tionssio  XX:C ���tl
and ab'-id, iaails
���Vhi:.-b':.v;'l!' XX<:X
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;:i ti.e:'"::siiscs:?;i
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Cil :\vill.:;-US
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e   sae-'ed-  f
swarraiu; "XXXX
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(pipit, ���ai>dstl:(:.-p.riyst
.���i'.iii.ii:)',>:ty't.S' (���'���
:I.i:ri,t:.'iliiy.i.!  i'i
'!>; ���iipe.ii: :t'v;
\'..ii:il.'V:;st. \
,��''S'-rk.s XX
p,yly !-rslf:;
t-aK:t!, 7i;i ���
l.f thy .'���'���;:!;
iia:v.':n;sot ���it;
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is: ;a:.V , ana iir;
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iX&:XXXtX:1 XX*;'-!*���#$']X>]XmXXX itX^o^c^.t'Msm.t,   iGiveh ���. .France
......    ,    ,.,. " V.i.<vivr-'|;'ne<:S"iH-.-t'baPtC oir taiHiaop Cswill:!;'- -      ���.���..-���..-���������-
i:XhXX:-^XX.Xp^i,i'\yxwx^ -y-fiXxi -,   ���'��� -J- '.vr'or-' ���    Wav
XXXXyX\XXX-\Xriy- iS\X.c :.UV 'll.Vv^ttdis ;-(},���.: .,.,,
;t;eran(jai:i';;'(:;.ibi!'alta;-,s.l:ep freri^swji- t!':(s; 'efiX'tih
yasierp: .^sli-, ':!;.j;_ii;>;''ivp lu-r.:iK:eli 'a;v: yj^y"'|
n-als;: 5it:"-" inipOs:sibd<--'fp:r      tvi-ri:.-aiiy,: ^jirj^siiiiy f 1
ylia^Vv*   s!.:e"niay   br. i!d::7v::,s   ia    ^ Vsa s 1|,;. ^*  ji^I<i "i=j i
yay oi a I'rMssis^stvirssiae eiapir.. :t<:
haras-sa a'm i-i��� i may add   to  ihe actual  com  ol _ lio. i\iec   behind   il.      lUiy  il   fiom   jc-n
i ,ah;      li.i--    b,>oh,' p/oducL delivered at   lheir_prciidt.es   j nearest dealer.
I iiim   iiieu.il->   i>>    p
zed or entitled to wear thcin.
. bo a
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'lis; ; fall iyX- i^mX^Xi-.:X
X Vs-ililayy . ���iM,\X>yuXy-X.
I;.vt:e-t7 s::::;:s. fa ' ;: ���sl^.xOy'j
ill aod'' . S!ir-i;ss.fri " r-:;ii.:.-'- 'j
������ a. .s.'i'c:;a. 'Ph:;.'! tyo ' tyaaaaj I
i'iX ttXiy-XXi riart ibill.thi; '.
��- \ ��� i."'��� ydpr.���'<] X-- ri si ;iu <: vt������''.'
!!t;s '."'��������':"��� ';a:i:i'\i;boo"; ���'&.-o;--1
.<'ii-eeh- '-.anil" Armenians.;
Tt;v"s," and   if. .%wX:\v-y:X\\
rid   \'v,ales,'s.s
;:ci!vS>;";:''i'/!(a:i::ad '',
\,hieh   i-. ; miouncid.    for    h.'mediate   Since January 1 and until nivihcr no- ��� ������ |ordu   state:, thai this step lias   been
publication" bv   Mi-srs.   floddei    and1 tire the amount thus added rai't not  Germans  Execute 58  More  Belgians', made  m cessarv  because ' diuinp thc:
<touf%blon     I'.imiKd,    'I'osuato,     on- , i.w d  hjich  co-t  by  more _ than   !��''; i     Word   has   bcin   received     at     thc ' period of thc prc-cnt war, ilicre has
r  ...     .        u    ,.     /.i T , ,.    i liici,   -houhl  have rn. abi'o.l uiinei-: rents  j.er tpiart   anyv.bi=-c   in     Mam-   lSd^iau ofiieial  bcadtp.iartcrs iu  I.on-   yrown  np  a practice which lends  to
-     .1. XX,.,CX I-,''';','),1      r,'.-;s-d appi.d.    it  N a huim,' iiioi.un.ent | loba,     Sa<-batc heuan.    Alberta     and|(k)U  of  58 lnoi.f.  rxr.cntiv,u>   j:,    jk.|.   i,ri���fr tfic ,���iHiary and navl servicer,
";  ."   f , ���" ,'i .    I  .   ''    C   '    M.al   '.rtti   <b"-<>   >"���     bono, IPiilr.h   tolumb.a,   or   by   more   than ��� Kiuil,_     This ��� briut;.   Ihe   immbci      of   into disupute. and to discon-upc  re-
|.V .  \'X'X-'     ',.'   .   "..';'-    ..,:i.!   iu   ru-clfi-b   public   -���.ice.     _!'������'  r.nl^pcr   quail   auywlida   i:    On-, j^ian.-    c\ectiled since Jan.     1917,   cniilinp, lo weaken military and nav-
\'; .���..''��� 'J .'].���'X-     ';   ' \ ';������!���' '���'"- :'���!>" ''!l>   :'1L"''i   l'-'>'  v'    :'?n"'   Oi'^'vc     Nova   Scol!..      ^i v    l(l   17u_  :i,���011K  v,iu..���,   wtrc   :it   K.ai)t . u\   aisciplim.  and   lo   facilitate      thc
X     ^e-'.���.���;>- P���Ki.f-    t..v   ^   ,,.���.,, ���,- ;> ;.,,,,.���,;.,,���, j;,. . 1,:...... v irb or 1 rnici   Ldward  l.-hmd.itv,0 n(���,lt.lii  llm.,.  n\rU ,-.-oni  14    u.' commi-sion of frauds."    It is provid
���OU!. -OllO ���lli,
.J'.ds,.r;>i:i,.e'' tl..;'
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P:ve:v 'sl.ji.ci"'. l.y .Piiedd |;
;.i-eH'uds that Qeriaair':
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;pive   Hi;
Old Tndi?n Died
au. ���!  Indian <-f  I'! ��� ov. ���. \
,.f   of   l!i     (bits   befr.i
Minard'b  Liniment Cures  Dandruff,
art    ���ffsii!i;jf.';'.;s"a.'t
Jl|.'i,i|(l;)      l._ii:i. :���    'i,;,;','.    a   \i       al'   oi   1:1     o.ijs   in...n  j
iiilo   Ih.    ; re ���X'ii   .-   ,|u' (.,',.,;..<<���  o,"  Si''   lames  l)(.i.f,h,-   to |
The Canadian Array
nd   several  jotiths   cd ilmi nc> ofiiccr or man of tho mi-
! litia shall wear hi.-, uniform  when not
actually   on    duty,    without    special
pei mission.
Any  pel.son  Kuilty  of  a     violation
1(.   years   of
under Jl>.
All lhe fKi.u'.fd r.<h;iaiis wcrr n��-
miiikc! by tht (iermans to bc. guilty
of spvinr. and in manj caM.-, anesi,
londimnaiioiiand     execution      tool, ' f,f" i|,-;.  ia-'vv " rcpulrtl'mn  Mill  be   liable
oi     (iiir.c;-
-1 r.:
��� i i'i
"to. :'ft<j.fc!
���C'l'.-'.'   f:'o:i!;,   i:-'l
                       It,,-,,.!,-  b-.-   ii y   f  ���  i....h   i.-vi   :i-   ,.' ' s: "., i"  ,      ���  ",L\      j',:.,,!,"    f-. 11 Comuinalion  of  Brilliance   and   En-, ,dae<-_ withm turci- or four d..>s. and. oll  sl;i,m,;irv conviction   to a  fine of
W:tP��=e-, to Frcedo-ii              |i..i.��d    'i-u Ai'.m-:'- X.'   "m! . ������    h<-- :J.1,1.i;. " i.^nl^             I    thusiasm Coiri>ined With Pepen-     lihcrt-u.ro,    nosenous    mepury could ?10p,    t,i     thru     i-oall-'   ii.M ri^on.
,   ;    -   ,.   .  ,.;..!.(!,.:   ui;. . ,-< -  '""'   !'-.-  f'-'-o   l:..oc            bim<:,<'       N,,-'.,    p, f,,,-."     H.i    c-omha; o,' thc i        (lability Produces Good Men          lKUt   l,t-^'' M'1('1-  meal-
;iom.' i'm   ,  .1-.   or  'lb.' 1 l.t.-rl    ^cai ,.K   ivlhi.     ya.   m.d    ( ; ., ,.i,5 \:Uv   ,li:i:i   ,��,   i!.i   bb'.i'    :.;.��   i.i.-.n i     u    ;.     ..(lt,:iU(li     ;���     i:;,;.f.r^      ,,J     Tb.   pa.t-    of  ic.nri.ls  x., ,.-   v.:.U h- " T "
''.'.   i'H   <i"-l   '�����  ii.    I'M-,.  ;""   ,'1',-   '.'��"-   tn;,J 7'" ,   .^"'''"'".yiai,   l��;n-l   not.   b"f\v -i'"d.     ��'- ��� ru-nrli   :im��1   ItritM.   alih-v  that     th'e   ia;;     I'lc-f.'X.  as    b.ecNlmmcd    tl.�� Prehistoric Irrigation
Mi-.cdoi.i.,   IM.sti.,.. aad   Mc-   'ir'^. :,1 .���l",   ,-r';',     "   , t-'!' . ,;.'   ,'"\n' :'."tl ,v lt",-";'" !':' 'X'lf /r"; Vl'".   Can-.��li:.iis an- tin   best   fiphn���   oa i   v.rapoed   bodv   of   an   aurimt   b>-yp- The  remain^  o'  imitation  sislcms
:=.    Ue sPa-.l  .....  c.si'y b..-'^-^'    "- .   *'�� i ^ f     t" _ ''."   ���     ��; ;.s.l��:,   :.k   1.. -l  h-h  v. km  t.o.   f..---.ilf lhl   ,.(1,r,lt!>.    -pin,- ; rt  ������.   M1i,. , ,;..���!                "                                    "" v, llul the ^.Hc- of Arivona ��ere iu-
, m   ib ii   - u'-.u i,-. 'Ibc   moa-.' - if:-.-'   ������'��� '  ���     ���.'���'���'���������."������.���     ',���'"   o;j     \,mn   ll.v   '-'-i' t'1.,^-!1,l"A ,lu'.l:l .jcci io miiocl- ( f 1-iedi cb.tiou, \\hieii,     "IndeiiiK   from  th<   uici.��iU    about ] habited     by     bi'dil;-   civilized   Indwn
Br?.n and  Shoit-,  for  "a'mers
A    a  :' -   ''   Oi  !''     ' ���"���!   r 'i.  ' o. ���
ji   -,-,..   .':.'.'   -��� :' .   ;��� ,<!.���      .
��i>;po:la;:-ia,.'���; .'Wc
i'bPdbi'ir;Vb;'iibs'-'trt'or\ .'U.>. Tire' me
jorriiie''"salc(;;;c*_::/llvf-M:?'(;oaiUyy.:;:A:d 'fo
���; i ���.-
'f :'li :���''���,*)���'.''���'
XX Ihf
Stales I
of Ca---
di a; ������':,���;���>>!
I \;s avi I
sUoy'/id ilsy'vf;.
-porralirey7 lyit'theiiu
i,:: Of/i'i'heist .prCieiPeta ''
ih. Ii.o.i.ai (. |
'.i-i ��.id'tiidc - '
i'u   ntv   of   \ ieior
i ������:> S'.; X*���} ,::' i I!re H".; 'f: %.;-, ::U.;ill i
\'V:'i-:V t!k':rSi.'odiCsSs-si7e'-
avhich: IlifEJ'iH^f'o;^
r.iss,-���.:..f -.    ; .ss -.-:>-..',-v/.-&'.:-.
; il c.,..!,..!.;..,;.;.-.,.-,.. Sv;,S:.JS;.v.;:':; .���:.'.-i.-,:;-;
i-i    cil
Vc-th  'i lib'iO
ni   *''. Pub.   i-   -'l!\i
MiC   d'e .'���
Alberta's Fiib Citcb
Oi .     :���-   c.icr.       ' Si.-.     i   -..       ,
} v. -- .    Kf'.'i--.-c<r-     j "
C O   ; O-���
f .-   .    '.,-i ,       T'.S'<-   ".Vi-<
V,'.- ;.    r,      ,-.<:   b,-   J-,i- , .    .   t-
b.  rr. % t.   i;:N;:rN-.   i,- - ���
Arrt-n1 r   Gail  ��� i   -
- ;   -'   r~ ���>;.< -     S:r; -.'.        T-, -n"
h.:;:V..-i.i'Csi-''ri a
S^Sis7s Ci
Wbco bnyiag yc^r Piaac
Iniist od having in
Otto Higel Piano Action
���XXXM i?S!-edry;l 7Xl*$0l'J
ou SscOfeiK���'.���'���:t;i.-S'���;,*���,'���'���.'r-:,
.1 -.
X XiXC^niyiX'Hai^X. ^iaen
^iyValsSiri-Vi'iliisiriiUC^ " "
Xi(XXim:yX���:XXX\ X,
otKdi bsi'i y-.��Xf-iX-x'.<:-::xXVr: n
;.,-',,'Vr    '^  '   .'-,'",    K'^i   tbtui  Kual   i!. t    io  ;tt.a!:,   and , him."   rrjnarl.ed  (he   prof;-sor.   "thi- \ tribe s, are still in existence, says the
v'-'^1"        l^    . ^   ',.','. , l.iii1.   pi'iod^    of     pre at    depression,   mimiiny  must   have   been  an     lV\p-j Marine   Journal. One  c<f the   most fa-
'   v, hi��'i   m riou-!.\   alTcel-   iiui:   mora'.., j tian  l.P.imlx r." ! irons  of  these i^ on  thc  state  hifch-
;- an   the   bicarb.     Nor  is  the   Inch!     "V\<>uhp-'t  it  be    inlcicsi'ms.."   sab!   v. ay.  runai-.ifr  from   l'rcscott to    thc
o'   bri'l:; :iC3   im!i\ iehia'.h   ..;   lb;   a'.-'.'  loiianliv. yount   latl\, "if  \ L could   Grand  Canyon.
si sire of the   j;reai  i nthnt-i;<sii'-. ;.eti'>��. ' Ldni; liim to life:" '     Water  is    taken     fioir.       v. Ik.!    is
of the   I'ienr!'   i;.   aliacb,     botii      of.     "ln'cri stine. but  a  bir  iislc\."    u-   kr.ov.n  as  Montezuma'*  well   a curi-
<t -IH
y bii:U;0!u,rel:
it: eo.
:; y.''i'i.i th .in .';:':;.v-i';V''e ire i;.';l .\Va'y���
' IV dil I
/c   lurr.id   I'rof.   X.     "Somebody   ratr'ai j ou> natural well 440 ie ct in oiamctc-r
riti-ii,   amoiip,   their  (b..iact''
ha\i    io   p; j    bii'i     fen    b:-      ti'.a.-/'
���line's   Map;uint.
Plowing in  January
and 93 feel deep, except m one spol,
where no bottom has bci.i reached
at 50;' fv ct. Lime in so'n'ion is car-
ikd  bj   thc   v.atcr, .-.ad  the  side-,  of
��� Im
;M'.'i '-'.
f   P
1 -
t',-.     I'.i:'.   tin   ("an. diar.-   pos-.es-.   r.i- ' IP
im'-.t  ; il  uf  li'i   biilliance r nd tnlliv   '
t   -       '      '*"     '" |'���i..-ni   (��"  thc   I'Vcnch.  combi: cd   v. it!  [  --���   ���    .. ^ , -    -
(tin   il.'.'iiuss and absolute   (kpend.t-l     Mr:-",   f rm-o ia  Im   mi-hbotboo.; ' tbe  diiJi have   beci: r-re-c rife! by the
~    " jbibty of tbe ISritirb to pet vbal the !f,i"   Pi.uhcr   C'rtc-k.   Albeita.    : tailed   petsificntion  of  thc   original   eaiih.
noi. i in c ���.;. In,.,. ��� cm . U- i   i<   ii  i-  hmnantv     j-o.-sibk   ��� tp( <us. b i s ~o*  t.'ie   P:iid  viai'ii   pre-|    ,._ ...���- ���-rr:
0    -....kc   ti oil.       [;  i.  j.ureb.   a   or.rstion of    Ki-.pcr.--   \;,i!,ir^  at tin   bctiir-iiim.  of     |.':i.:ar>. i   ' " ~"
  ... ���r   -.a at     and     of   th"   cnviroi <rc t     of   .,,  rii..,.i,,   thX-i   pb-\,i:'L   of.   alion-. j
IK?,    Wl��;hfi   ilifir   joalh      In   hot'"   ti.<-   Ai-.fpcai    T].;^  .i,,-,u -  ih.e c .','< r:it ^> v ok  vthic!',
r-n.-l   tie      {-aaaiai,.   their   trails     ;ti    f..,,,,,,,   p,   thi-   pas!   of   lb-    o aatr,
i  io  b.nib-    \ "'.   -.,    j ,]i;.,v,   i.vn.-ataec   . i"    ( , i ��� v     f\ ��� \
I onri.ii;.   of  r'""' I or", -o   fo-     i   .    }"p  .
*." '-*r.~^-&..''':"'V"-^.--i-~��/:*! ���r,-j-.*:;.i-i jfc'^ ;--��� ��� j j'ii"tl-v-t-i i eir.":'^ t; ti.o'i i. =- j'j i. ;=-i -��"i'i *' 11'.-.- -
S.:tr(+::;Asibt---:,VV I.T .,"--.,- .S:   ..'-...    �����-  .    .:-\-S-*-   rr;. -~' '"S
riHH;:?.!:SbicX^''iors"bc;:thfisS:iino.-e *:Xy s.:.;
"-:''..;.-;s^-.''^-���'---f X-:k't-'*:~?i-' -i?X:������
.yf,.,\y.yy,-:.,^X.^r^:yi,:^y:: :;iu^my(Ai^cx: ^    .t_    ...
-l he,-.   i��   :    ; til I     t'c. ���     i
ire  :.i-out  ll : i  prJ.-.:��.p	
Mrs.  Comtr-p���Ti'er. !   1   t-.'.;     I-
ih'.i.   d.-alcr?  v.o��d-l  <!���-'-*
"Wi- -���.  vill  \ .- do?    '1 hi   <��.ij ,. .
i oiiti..'.:..  l'�� boaib c-> r h.os{>it..!-."
-'���Tb-i.V only oto- tbint,' lo d> , rr-
*.'i'-1  i--  to cistr.'i-.:  O'.'- !i.-s(.oals P1:
':t rttv.-ic;."���Detroit  brce  1'rcss.
BlBUE STU0V CLUB. Be ��� ie-22. W.--niot*
N.     U.     1190 '
��HE    LEDGE,    GREEISTWOCKD,    B.   0.
Son e Bird
If you shiver in frosty
This    Strange    Story    Comes
From  Old Ontario
Thc Marmora Herald    credits  the   Weather, if VOU Have Cold
(following to tho North Hastings Re- hands and feet, if colds are
"tht ^ceiT^s0 Ztlnw5fc ^a')born and frequent,
he, with some other men, were dig-   then   yOUr   DlOOCl  may   D6
Bruises and Sprains
Have Sloan's Liniment handy for
bruises and sprains and all pains and
aches. Quick relief follows its
prompt application. No need to
rub. Ic quickly penetrates to the
trouble and drives out tha ^in.
Cleaner than mussy plasters or ointments. Sloan's Liniment dzss not
stain die skin nor clog the pores.
For .-heumatic aches, neuralgia,
stiff mucclos. lame back., lumbago. tout,
ecrtios. end oprains. it gives qu.uk relief.
.   Ccnercut Bisect bottles at ��1) <huzci<t��.
.'..:>- ':���?' VKILI>S PAfrf ixJ*^
Ring a well at McGary blats last
June, they unearthed ���n immense
egg, which was buried in the sand
al a depth of 33 feet, and which
measured 19 inches in length. Thcy
laid the egg on thc sand, and discovered when they returned from dinner that it had hatched a bird of
unknown species. The bird eyas
tethered near the spot, .where it
thrived and grew very rapidly, ancl
at the present time, Mr. Dwyer says.
it weighs 253 pounds, and that the
government officials who have examined it have been un: ble lo name
the species. The bird is now on exhibition in Game Warden McC'av.'s
shop, Bancroft.
thin and impoverished
Manitoba ftoaey ^.o^
Creating a Market in.JPreference   to
Imported Honey
In spite of thc fact that tlie yield
of honey pcr hive was lowci than
usual in 1917, owing-lo the increase
in thc number of hives, thc Manitoba
honey crop was greater than it was
in 1916. and exceeded one million
pounds. Much of thc honey was
gathered in tho month of Scotcmbcr.
Thc high quality of Manitoba honey is creating a market in preference
to imported honey, many householders being willing to pay a higher
price for thc home product. The av-
ciagc price received by bee-keepers
for thc extracted honey    was    nine-
Binder Twine Available
An^ ample supply of binder twine
for Canadian requirements next year
at reasonable prices has been ' enured, as thc result of an agreement
reached between thc United Sta':cs
food administration and the Mexican
sisal  growers of Yucatan,
has been correcting this condition for nearly fifty years. It
possesses rare powers for
creating natural body-warmth, for
charging summer blood
with winter richness and
strengthening both ttiroat
and lungs,
tauvil u. Uovruc Autuuio, Oat.      tt
Are Very Popular in
Prince Edward Island
Returned feo titer*
Everyone's iroblemj
Allies Stand Four-Square
Surrender to France of Alsace-Lorraine Is a Point on Which
Allies are Unanimous
President Wilson stands behind
Mr. Lloyd George's definition of tbe
war aims of the grand alliance. Of
particular interest is the pr. sidcnl's
reference to Alsace-Lorraine, covering, as it does, the ground 'aken by
the   British  premier.    Germany may
; fume and rage, but the surrender to
j France of Alsace-Lorraine is a point,
on which lhe allies arc unanimous.
Referring    to   thc     French,    claims,
I President   Wilson  is    most    explicit
land emphatic:
i __ "All    French   territory  should
freed  and  the invaded  portions
stored,  and   the    wrong      done
France  by  Prussia  in   1871    in
matter    of    Alsace-Lorraine,    which
has unsettled th
for nearly  fifty
righted, in order that peace may
once more be made secure in tlie
interest of all."
Violations of right that ivore tolerated or condoned in 1871 arc rising in judgment against German,-,
and will now be determined, not by
tiie law of conquest, but  by the law
i of international  right and justice.   Tn
In   thc  historic   words  of     President
Wilson,   "lliere   is   no   confusion
counsel   among   the   advcrsaih's
the   centra]   powers,   no    uncertainly
In    all    countries.    As!;    foi-   cur    INVENTOR'S  ADVISER,  which  will  bc sent  free,
364   University St.,  Montreal.
In wen (.ion to Kevo uaonize
Early Submarines
The   Torpedo   Was   Tried   Out
October, 1813
In both the Revolution and the
Civil war the United States navy
was equipped with one submarine���
crude forerunners of the highly efficient undersea fighters of today. In
the War of 1812 it had none, but it
Tn#�� WhniP VVnrlri   '*vcc* UP t0 tls reputation for spring-
xue muuic vvuriu ing ncy invcm;ons on tljc ftnenly by
���T    . .   , _    _  ,. producing an  engine  of    destruction
Mankind to Be Delivered   From an  that soon atractcd the attention    of
Age of Work and Care | the English.
power  to  end  the   war,   to   hold   thc ' ?*��?*:n'TvnXJ,?.   R? ��� ?l
Isacc-Lorrainc, which v'"""^ one rgy, vno claims to "�� barrels of jyiinnowdcr to which i
he peace of the world ,ablc t0 revolutionize the whole world 0Xg affiled ana' attached lo the
,��� years, should be s>'slc.m of doinS ����"**. wll�� s:^ ]1C ' lock is a 1 nc reaching to the Leon
Icr  that    peace     may   f��� ����I��" to  society the  means  by  &*    J   '�� SBtoofY'S
can impart to  society thc  means  bv  t]]at  j,as
h,!"fn.,SC-Ti-feiT ?'ildo'""cf ���\iV sign.   The case is suspended     by   a
nec.^l^Sjfte^tt'^lf.t '^��' ^^ �� ^ ���* ��f ^��*
which mankind    will      be
from an  age of work and
an  era
close ancho/ages; thc
extended    ���     hundred
Officers of M.H.C. at Winnipeg Seek '
to Enlist Co-operative Interest
of Civic Groups
Determined   that    the    people     of
i of  principle,  no  vagueness    of
detail." The allies are united n. their
war aims. Can the same bc said of
lhe enemy countries? ��� Toronto
, .. .  arc about fifty-nine fathoms of small
delivered  linC- u.il,, a h        p(. Q?ch Cfid
���f ,��� .  .       .   carc' '"l.��:    "The  machine  bas   many    cl
oi  ease and  happiness.   .His,of  succcgs  i;     - ��� >
name is Garabed 1. k.  uira^ssian.    h Ld
err,lTJn\Z n   ���;���(l  llchC(|".1-l'atlio.r,.s  will   most  probably   convey
.     fc ess-of the United  Males  tha     Ins ; thc ,inc'across llie c:i,,,c oi\n    shi,
of  pL.     ��S VorLh, looking- into and  the {at and,       jmd t!lc on      ��     it
ot-  congress has shattered all precedents | fu.ldi       that    it  (l.,s    l|Ccn     stoppcd,
>   passing  a joint  resolution   grant-..     ���s   thc   tr;       .   of   thc   ,oc,.    an<,
mg  him   an   absolute   aud   uonboimd j lhc   exj,ios;on   lakcs   pIace,
patent on  his discovery  on  th.e   one i    ..0u(. rcason   it |3 considered, whv
condition���that  the    governmrnt    oi-iUlc   fltu.mpt   u,,on     lhc    r!a���tagCllct
the  United Stales may have the
All in the Same Boat
Winnipeg shall know first band what
rehabilitation of returned soldiers
means, llic officials of "Ci" Unit of
th.e    military   hospitals   commission
Thev Gave Him Quick Rfd;��f   l?.vm !C0,mn'and liave llil  upon a  P'3"      '���>)���'
H'eadaThe^ Sache-He^R? ^J.10 ^'f UlC ��ntfre8t ��f ''^'"i
commends Them to AH Sufferers. r^^^^n^^^T0^
Cape  b.gmonl,  P. E.I.   (Special)��� |    Lt.-Col. C. VV. Rowley, one of the  Parisian
Dodd's   Kidney   Pills  have   numerous ��� resident  members    of    the    military
friends iu this tight little island, ar.d  hospitals  commission,    and    I.t.-Coh
among the most enthusiastic of them . E.   VV.  Cooke,    officer    commanding
Thc ease with which corns nnd
warts can bc removed by HoHoway's
Corn Cure is its strongest recommendation.    It seldom fails.
Origin of the Automobile
teen to twenty cents, or four to livej;s  Mr# Malhurm Arscncault.   of this' the unit, invited    members    of
cents more than the previous year.
The outlook for increased production in Manitoba is_ very bright, a.s
many are becoming interested in this
profitable industry.
Minard's Liniment Relieves   Neuralgia.
Business After the War
Need for Co-operation   and   Expansion When Peace Is Arranged
When war ceases, it will b.c n< ces-
eary to have international regulation not only of finances but also, to
some extent, of international merchandising. Otherwise, the fiercest
commercial competition the world
has ever known.wiil follow close upon thc greatest war in history, says
F. H. Sisson in The Magazine of
Wall Street.
Thc a'lies arc studying prospective industrial conditions after lhe
war. There is full recognition of the
need for co-operation and expansion
vyhen peace is arranged. The interdependence of the entente powers
and their respective industries bas
never been more manifest. Thc allied
governments realize that. they must
retain supc������-.ion of imports aud exports. Future commercial relations
between the different nation?, undoubtedly will be discussed when
peace conferences arc. held, and it is
more than probable that llu- allies
will draw up some broad, gcncia.
plan lo keep inevitable Gorman competition within bound. To prevent
indiscriminate competition, the allies must conduct t Ii ci r 'buying on
fiome such lines as they havn established during the war..
Carriage    Maker
Upon Embryo Auto and in 1769
Successful One Built
the According to Ernest Saut, a
French journalist, who has made a
study of the history of the automobile,  more  than  six centuries  ago  a
a "horse-
place. | journalistic profession to a luncheon
"I recommend Dodd's Kidney Pills   at    thc    Manitoba    M.C.H.,     after
to  all   who  suffer,"     Mr.   Arscncault : a   tour  of  the premises  in   company
says.   "1   had   been     troubled     will) I with  the officers   was  made.
headache   and   backache  about     two; luncheon   one  of  thc  officers
years till  I read in  Dodd's Almanac i briefly, explaining    the    various    ob-
how many sufferers had benefited bvljects aimed at
using Dodd's- Kidney   Pills. j of tbe staff ac
"I  decided to  send for two boxes. I on  their lour lo exohu'n  to them  as   carrier
Before 1  had finished taking them   I j individuals    points   'which      aroused . ideas   were  seized
was feeling as  well as ever. I their interest.
of it free of all charge in the event
that a commission of scientists provided for in the message make a report that the discovery is of use to
President Wilson himself has
found time to listen to Giragossiau,
ancl letters he has written to the inventor indicate that he is far from
being skeptical of thc man's asscr-
Workeu ] lions. Hc is the only man in thc
world to whom Giragossian has offered to demonstrate his discovery.
But the president declined to assume
thc responsibility of knowing the
secret until Giragossian is protected
by  law.
In an interview concerning the
force which Mr. Giragossian cLims
to be able to put into use for the
benefit of mankind, the inventor said
itlempi upon
did not succeed was that tbe machine was the: first cxpcrini nt of ils
projector, Mr. E. Mix, of the American  navy."
At  the j man  endeavored to build
spoke ! less carriage."
As early as the thirteenth century
A  stihicicnt  number | a   Parisian   carriage   maker     worked ! i" Part:
ccompanicd the visitors ] upon  what he styled the    "horseless      "The size of this  motor and    the
While not  successful,   'his ! quantity of energy to bc produced by
upon    by    noted, it are dependent upon  our  will   and
������it ���i.,-,r.,     ,-,  ���,  ^i * i���y:. -,-  , j scientists    of    the    day,    and   much j enterprise.    It   can  be  manufactured
It gives mc fe'cat pleasure to say |    bmCQ  then  members  of the   Bank-  study   was  devoted   to      a    fruitless'with less expense and occupies    less
p-ii   �� Models    Kiducyjcrs' Association, and members of the!search
1 1"s- ' Canadian   Manufacturers'  As:,ociatio
and   members  of  thc  executives     of
tlie  various  women's societies    have
All over the island you fird people who tell of benefits "received from'
Dodd's Kidney Pills, They are rc-
poernizecl as the standard rcmeelv for
kidney ills. Acting direct:y on the
kidneys, they refresh and invigorate
those organs. The result i that they
do their full work of straining all
the impurities, ah the scrds of disease, out of thc blood.    That is why
Dodd's   Kidney   Fills  arc  recognizee!   health and industrial capacity arc be-
as a tonic. ��� -
into the mechanical arts    fori space and is very much lighter than
machinery  that  would  drive  a  vehi-jthc-  steam  engine with  its  numerous
cle by
series ot springs and cords | appliances. It is portable, and can be
wound up like the works of a clock, i placed and put into operation where-
been  guests  at  thc  institution     audi     h,   ]?C9  a   French   mechanic,    Jo?   lover   there  exists a  spark  of human
, ,     ���       a   t-'rencli   mechanic.    Jo?   j over   mere  exists a  spark
other kmencons of the kind arc plan-jeph Cugnot,   succeeded in p;opelliug . life.    Consequently,  the   steam     en-
by steam a small wooden car of his gine will become obsolete and thc
own design, and developed ii to a i innumerable legion of them will van-
point where it drew a piece of artil  ! ish  as  thc  dew  before  the  morning
A healthy and practical interest in
the welfare of the convalescent veterans has been induced by these instances of personal conlac with the
life  of  the establishment    in    which
What Is Modern Beer
Apparently Far From Being Harmless Is the  Composition  of
a Glass of Beer
A glass of beer. It sounds so
simple, so harmless. "A ijlass of
beer could never harm anyone," is
a .common expression. If "such people knew the composition 6 a gl.ss
of beer tbey would tnink twice before insulting their stomachs wilh
such stuff. For over 20 years I have
said, to my patients who co Id not
do without alcohol, to lake ii in  lhc
Iery a mile in 20 minutes. Thc car
burned wood aud was able lo carry
enough fuel to keep it in motion for
more than an hour. The umvicldly
machine wrecked itself, howeeer, and
Cugnot lost heart in. liis -work.' A
few years ago France erected ;i sln-
tue  to  him-as  the  inventor  of    the
form of whiskey, but for God's sake
leave  beer alone.
Vance Thompse.u,  who ought .   to  qualities  of which   were
ing restored. The representatives of
the commission explain that these efforts to make the-situation known'to
important   groups  in   the  community   .._   ,^    ^
were thc outgrowth of the realization . Iiorseb?s��" vehicle,
that lhe fate of the returned soldier |    AflerUic failure of numerous    ex-
rested with the whole people as well   porimcuts  iu   England    and    France
as the government of Canada. . I shortly  following  the  appearance   of
.    ���, _,       ~     "    ��� ' Cugnot's   invention,    the      horseless
A Pleasant Puri.-ative.���Parmelec'?. I vehicle: appeared to have bc n a'per-
Vegclable Pibs are so compounded j pctual motion proposition uuli! 183(1
as. to operate on both the stomach . Vi,ilc��� t[,e 11CW discoveries in steam
and the bowels, so; .that they act [machinery directed renewed attcu-
along the  whole alimentary  and  ex-1 ^q,,  to jt
crctory passage. They are not dras-i p",.0m 1820 to 1880 much progress
tic: in their, work, but mildly purga-j %VR3 niadc ;��� llie sllKiy c,[ \\lr. horse-
nvc, and thc pleasure of taking ih.em | jcss carriaKf.' .;iluj SOiv'c p'0��dsing
is only equalled by the gradfytng <-/- i results were obtained.
feet, they produce. Compounded onb"'   . ...	
of  vegetable  substances  the curative j C&?arr|,a| Ceafes CailBOt be Cured
Min.ard's Liniment Co., Limited
Gentlemen,���My daughter, 13
old, was thrown from a .sleigh
injured her elbow so badlv.it
mained-stiff and very painful
three years. hour bottles of
NAUD'S LINIMENT completely
cured her and she has nol beeu
troubled for two years..
Yours  truly, '       .
St. Joseph, P.O., 18th Aug., 1900.
Meanwhile, the United States must.'..kno^'savs^'h" is"'doubtfuf If" you   ^Y afford relief without chance   of
bend every effort to increase' its ^n-   ran.bu     ���   C,.ISS o( T)Urc bcci, irt ��nv ,'injury
ducing capacity,   which, although   it
Sugar Beets in England
For several    'years ���'Great ���   Britain
-are l.1? mall substitutes;-so tlie-brew--, has    experimented    with    tiie-   sugar
er has his choice.   A patient of mine   beet, but  now, facing a sugar short-
��� who  was tmp'oyed in; a' large brew-   age and with the need of making the
jery, told mc of.carloads of stuff ihat  country less dependent upon    foreign
:   i came   there  thai   was    neithar    malt  supply, the govertinient is taking an
. rnimien , ���or hops and  vel it   ���������-������        --  - -
kinds,   ,Uilkincr 0f beer".
a glass of pure beer in. any j'
,     ...    -. . ��� ,  .,  American saloon  or drink it at    any
is greater than ever, is not  equal t0  brewery"
the  maximum   world    demands   now j    Thcr'c'arc 19 hop .substitutes; there
being made    on    it,    becaus,    much :arc 1S lu;lU sn|)Stiuites. so tlic^rcw
Luropcan    production   is; cube,    J.-   er ,    ��� his    ,   ;        A patient of mine   beet, but  now, facing a
verted solely lo the requirements. of ���    ��� ���....*.. . ^.i.t,.uii    ".��,   "v,   ,,_ ,i
war or is hi enforced idleness.
Thc  worms    that    infest
from  their-birth  are of  two
those that  find    lodgement    in
stomach and those that .arc found in
the intestines.    The latter     are    the
most destructive, as they c'.ing.'lo I bewails of.: thc intestines and if nol interfered with work havoc there.  Miller's  Worm  Powders' 'dislodge'-'both-
kinds and while expelling them   from
the system  serve to repair' lhe damage--they have caused.
went  into
the-official concern'in th.e possibilities of
., -t.  �����"  "*���*���'������ 'this industry.    Accordingly, the gov-
llK-j Vance Thompson says: "The Ter- 'crnnicnt has made a loan-��� towards
ment the brewers use is always in^ ithe'creation of a sugar beet, factory,
pure. As a result the bet. ferincnts 'tiear Newark, capable of dealing
ptitrefaclively. ������-These.' putrefactive'
changes go on steadily. In order-to
overcome thcni the, brewers add
what they are pleased to call preservatives. These: . pr'cF-c.r'vativ.vR
range all the way from w'-i; a arsenic
(a deadly poisjn) to salicylic: acid,
which'.'attacks  notably    the    kidneys
and-, liver. '.'.-The  preservatives     arc | __ _______
poisons  and   they arc  in   all -Anieri- j    British Columbia now has over 350
Campaigns  Have  Been  Launched  in  can  beer���not  to mention the ' large 'milch goals, owned, chiefly in..-small
Every Province Tiumbcr of substances added for pur- _ lots. The goal  industry"in that'pro-.
Ac  i   rr-ult   of    rn-nnrn'inn    kc  tPOscs. of  taste  deception.    .such     as   vince is growing.very "fast. Tbe mill;
Uh-   f ��� o-l  coi^U'cdfer a nd       l^' ^ose emp'oyed to. give 'body,' 'grip,' j is .vrovit�� highly .mtritioiu and sani-
thc   fuoJ-C0',ll��yLraJI;fn,lJII;-|;ilic after^taste'and  so on.    U   WmU j lary, the goats being ;practi,ally im
by [i:i-r.I api>lui!uMi3 r.s ��� tl-ej- c;;r:;ipt reach'
tin iliseK:;ri |.ori:un c-! Uir c.r. There is
only one-iv.-iv to ttae c-.ntrirrba! il^^iJics:., r.nd
that is l..y h rcia-li'iil:.-/:;;! icniedv. Jiitr.rrlial
LlcsSncsa is crai^ci: t:y n<: i.-,l!iimcil ecridinon-
ol tiie mucous lunr..; ot ll-.o IJu^cn.-'.uaii. I'iu'C.
Wlicii tliis  lulic i; inllaniea yon imvc r. rum
Stimulate Interest in Poultry
in   Poul-
No. foolishness I Lift your corns
and calluses off with fingers
���It's like magic I
Sore corns, liard corns, soft corn>
or any kind of a corn, can harmlessly
be lifted right out with thc lingers if
you apply upon the corn a few drops
of freezonc. says a Cincinnati authority.
For little cost one can gel a small
bottle of frcezone at any drug storo,
which will positively rid one's feet of
every corn or callus  without pain.
This simple drug dries the moment
it is applied and does not even irritate the surrounding skin while applying  it or afterwards.
This announcement will interest
many of oui readers If your druggist hasn't any frcezone tell him to
surely get a small bottle for you from
his wholesale drug house.
Limit Profit on Millfeed
Steps to Prevent   Dealers   Profiting
by Shortage of Bran and
In order to prevent retail dealers
taking advantage of-the scarcity of
bran and shorts, io exact excessive
profits over the price fixed by tbe
tood^ controller, the latter has ordered that the retail price of bran and
shorts, where .cash is paid, oust not
exceed by more than ten cents per
bag the cost f.o.b. track at the dealer's station. In cases 'where purchasers take delivery direct irom the
car the profit has been limited to a.
maximum of five cents per hag. An
extra charge may .be. made- where
credit is given and thc bran and
shorts delivered from thc dealer's
store, but this amount must bc only
a reasonable charge representing t!;"���.���
consider?lion of such services." When
the  miller sell?  at   the  mill  ir.    less
Must Pull Together and Share Their
Food  Together
The-, allied armies cannc! fight
without food. They cannot be kept
supplied if the population behind
thc lines is starved. Without the-
udied armies, the United Slates army
in France would be merely a gift lo
the kaiser. So long as the United
States has more than enough ��ood
to maintain its people, its first duly
is to supply its allies. Not one oF
them is able to maintain itself without our help. If there are; ships
available to carry food, the United
States government should ship food
to Italy, France ?.nd England. Thc
transport of troops can bc suspended
for a time, until food has been forwarded. The American troops already in France have a huge surplus
of supplies. The allies arc all in thc
same boat, a long way from tho
shore ancl on limited rations. They
will run thc risk of death if they do
not pull together, help each other,
and share their food locietheiv--
Washington  Post.
Our Canadian winters arc extremely hard on the health of Iilllc ones.
Thc weather is often so severe that
thc mother cannot take the little one
ont for an airing. The consequence
is that baby is confined to overheated, badly ventilated rooms; takes
colds and becomes cross and peevish. Baby's Own Tablets should be
given to keep thc little one healthy.
They regulate the stomach and bowels and prevent or cure colds. Tho
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box from
Thc Dr. Williams" Medicine Co.,
Brockviile, Out.
Short Courses of Farming
The Alberta department of agriculture has arranged to bold two-
clay, short course shools at various
points throughout the province.. Tho
subjects to be discussed include: soi!
cultivation, selection of secel, weed
control, suitable varieties of wheat,
oats and barley, the silo alfalfa, grasses and fodder, crops. Illustrated
lectures will be given ou live stock
and on weed identification on the
evening of each day at each place.
Thc most experienced speakers in
thc. province will take part in the
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
British Women Drink. Less
Drunkenness Has Decreased  73  Per
Cent. Since War
Pro Suction of Ho^s
with a large daily tonnage. The lli it-
ish Sugar. Beet Growers' society has
purchased land, and it is hoped that
': this area, with additional land in lhe
.vicinity cultivated by separate fartn-
:'.crs; will .-produce eighty thousand
���tous.o'f beets a year, which should
i yield eleven thousand.tons of sugar.
A Correspondence Course
If 'the mountain will not c;oinc
Mahomet then Mahoniel will, go- to than carload lots, he is not permitted
the. .mountain. To some extent that, lo add more than five cents per bar
principle'.is" being observed by Prof..' of 100 pounds lo the price at which
Hcrner of Manitoba . Agiicullura! ihe is permitted lo sell under M'e food
WingBouiie'. or aiij-crftct lie.Kiiifi. ,aid vvhsn. College..    For a. iiiuiiber of years thc I controller's order of Dec. 17.    \V1um,
IJnics'X^H���^ department- of" the    college;, thc purchaser brings hags to the mili' that drunkenness among  women   has
tins  tube  restored  to -us  nornaii    onditiy-ii, i has 'oficrcd.2'.  short, course  in   poulr Uo be filled, ihe miller mu=t not add i decreased 7.1 per cent, since lhc win'.
c"""e0i ���dcsfnr--t!s"'^ but  it  bar. been    found i more than $2 per ton to the price nt i     Occupation,    steady  wages and  r-.r.
"i^i i^an 71,^^ ^ulioon'o! tne "two!?*  specially .'since  llie  y.-;ir began   that  which he is permitted to-tell under
surfaces.    Hall's- Catarrh. Cms .-;-t?��� tliri>i!ir!i i only a limited number oi-people can j the order of Dec. 17.
ifVorcl lo.give up'-six solid weeks for j    In   effect     thc    miller    must   "not
i charge niorc than the lived Fort William   bulk  prices,    phi^    or      minus
"Thc Daily    New;,"    of
quo!es  Lord    d'Abanion    as
mucous rurlii;.-..:
tlie Hood oa l!i
tetii. -...-���';���''���
.   We .will (rive On?  Hundred J.)o!l:i:s (o.-'.r.r.;
case   of .Catarrhal   Dcafne.vj   mit   ciniior   L-
ciircd   by ; iisil's   Catarrh   Cure.       Ci;ci:bi
fret.      All   Driiseisti, '75c
���IV J.  CUICNEV & CO....Toledo. OUi*
The Vo.ce of Canada
this study al the college,
Si ill people are. interested in poultry-raising- and the need for individual itistrueiion in the art is becoming
more ���'urgent every year. Many, farm
flocks are not 'doing- vhai thev
should in the'way of egg laying ami
J the chicks are-.halclie.il. loo early or
Efforts, of Canada in War .for Free-''��o. .late, or they lack vitality  " r.nd
dom are Warmly Praised :���"'���.':���.'���.'������'���       ' '-,, f
.   . 1 hen, too, ths. call for.grenier.-pro-
.   The, sacrifices of Canada  m . behalf" duction  and  for the  saving., of    beef
of-.'a. democratic  peace  and  for���'.-the-iiiid  pork7 is  causing   many    people
ovcrthro-.v of a monstrous .militarism iv.ho   hitherto  were  heavy consumer--
lhal threatens every free ami. civili'z- J and -pave  no 'thoi'iabl   lo"
independent, self-supporting career
for v.omen liaei been profoundly beneficial to the community. Lord
d'Abanioii said.
The Lord Mayor of London agreed
freight to or from Fort William
in  addition, $2 per    ton    as      retail
chargop.    P'or example, suppose at a
���point in eastern Canada the freight
from   Fori   William  is $4.-0 per  ton.
Iii (his ca.se. the selling i>ricc for
bran pcr ton when the purchaser
���supply ihe bag? would be $21 SO plus
j eel man
so on.    It
be remembered that a few yea-s ago
a large number of people in England
were  poisoned by arsenic  h.  beer.
"Now pure beer could be kept indefinitely. It could be kept even in
the sun. .Whereas ..if a bottle of
American, bcr, wi'h its ' ��� !pr-serva-.
lives' 'we're .left, in the sunlight _ for
a few days'-it. .would --'ticplod- into
rottenness." .'.-���. .    .
One authority on the witness s<and
the.- farmers throughout the Dominion have 'been'informed of die necessity of. increasing the production
���of hogs in -Canada; and campaigns
have been launched in every province under the.direction of the provincial department of agricuhiire.
Steps have been taken by the food
controller,    to      conserve      breeding-
Mock, as  part of  the .campaign'    for
increased production of food animal-
Large Sale of Land
The- ayrieuituaral   activities, of
country   may   to  a. large'-extent    be
gauged  by  the quickness  wbh  which
ils farm lands arc being disposed of.
Salcs   of/ Western     Canadian     lands'  :������- ���
bave continued with very lilt".- abate-; About the Walrus
ment through the winter months. 0|!, ()f t)ic thickest skinned ani-
Alrcady some large deals have been : 1|lali. isl (.x^u.nc<. is u!C wi'.ru.-i. v.hich
closed this year, one of the bir^csi . j, fonad in irrt-at herds on the iee-
bcing that ot a five thousand ."ici"<- j iicMs of Ihe oct-aii and in. winter on
ranch in the ncighboriiooil of Mag- j j;.-!;,-;,,^ Sea. "��� Hides one inch ��ir
rath. Alberta,which  has been    sold !'1)lorf.   ti,;^   t-c,tH.cialIy    around " the
mune. from  tuberculosis.
Women Suffer at Home
Toronto,   Out.-���"I
staled thai 100 per-, cent, of the bee
brewed .in the United Slates wus Ind.
Could you imagine any iiitelliireni
person, aware of these fa.cls. pulling
such a ui'ss into his stonnehr���11
Arnott. Ml'., M.C.F., Dc; ai l.meio
of Social Service.
for $75,000.
couBider   Doctor
Pierce's    Favorit*
Prescription     tho
rory  boat  of *ro-
at in 'a   tonics..     I
��ufforf(l   a   Boyero
n or v o u a   break-
(Iotti).   I could not
sleep,    was    weak
*nd   tired   all  tho
timo.     I   took  tho
' Prescription' and
just a few bottle*
completely   built
mo up and relieved
ine of my norvoiui
condition.   It is n. good niPelicice and I
am glad to reconuncod it.���Mes.-.Al.fbkp
SuErp.MtP, 2">i) Seaton St.
, ,     Niagara   Tall?,   Osb���"I  can  safely
���'shoulder*, are comnioii, and lliey can l.^gy. tjIftt < paTt,rito Prescription' did
be split many limes. t\ery layer a \ Tjl'0 R [^ pf good. T fit one time de-
tough, strong, durable leather. The , vc.i5pe(i woman'? trouble; my nerves wer<��
hides   are  used    for     niakinc '    bags, I ornpletely shattered, fled I becs=;c- weak.
irei one of the. v,-oriiit.rs
world. Little in ancient or iaod-
]cru annals surpasses the virtue dis-
| played by.Canada, For forty months:
(Canada has been sending across the
sea her nobles! and bcsi. No like
population in tie--, v.orhi has excelled
her in soldiers recruited, and tiie
niighty coiiirib;.!tio:i lias been made
without resort lo conscription. She
prized her soul niorc than her body,
anil wi'h. splendid chivalry,, long be.-
fere this, country came in. she ha:',
been lighting, our battle, lhe battle
for the freedom of thi. world- for a
.ciyilizatii.n based oil right ami no! oa
miaht. .The free, democracy of tlie
Uniivd- SiaUs sd.iilcs with admiration tii'i free cicmocrary of Canada.
Across our horth r dwell a people at
once pacific and heroic. Sn.-l: a people and the government lliey create
to-.execute their will we can trust,
:\Vi. need no fort's to gua.r<l the frontier. \Ve ti v\ ill at peaci/wilh a good
;,viulibe>r whn.-c: essential '-iv.irpose.-
arc mir own.- Ca\ pranl thai- in.-the_
history of -the. r.ext th
the' period of sa.erifi.Ci:
longed,  ia." shall   show'
t and -pave, no  thou:
of .le. .consider t
���ov/ e!- ctive a Roet;
V.eM-kciU poultry vyOuiei in:    ia
reduction, of the mca'.   bili.
To meet the situation,: the. pd:
dcparluient o: the college.-is ofiYrinc-
au '<)pp6rlu:Mty to take up a earrsc
iu p'oiiliry-:i:':e';piiig by maii. Wbil---
such r: coivr.-'- ch.ie.: iu.I e^ai t'y the ad
vantages  or   :
keeping at   th
line  ol   v. orl:
j.icle,  eoverin
v course in 'poiil'li'V-
���.: collc:;.f still Ihe c-ui-
p'rC'SCtii'e d   1.--   Vc'iy   COla--
ses. of the  iii-
iotal of ?30 70.   The
���.nd tkal-
l.a=      taKru
tlie   iarmc.rs
-product^  o^ i
ivajh'hle  for
wheat, bran
r.iill  fctcb.
to   c-.-pon
md   mil!
iecd the
t;''i ate
:le!y   ia-
liOt'     br
of  s'leh
New School D: ���
��� SiaiisJies' from ti-:
t'dui'alioi'i ��� shoe, tiial
Were l?l'i new seheo
r/i.i\ in  ihe  provincf-
.: u:.a.'   f.-.
L.,-1   year, there
t'isiric-l.- 'orga:;-.
of Alh; r-ia.   arid
above  lliese   li.cre
v     consolidated     eh
established.    I;
view Of l!-er 'growiu;..;
devilopmoiU. . c.i* the- p'rovin.-.e. the
minister of c-eluenlior. t y.yfXXf. thai
this' yea;--- ��� will se;. a .much ��� greati.r
i'i".:';.ni'.'aiion eye.n. .Iban ��� hist y^ar, .:
?'hl;0, plus $/,
.order applies  lo al! iiiili
ers i:: Canada.
The     food     controller
iiieasures to  rtsv.rv;;  for
of the.. Dominion  ail  bee-
grain elevators that are ;;
vioek feed ancl also le-ea!
aiid s-hoii.-J and nil  raich
Applications fc>r    licenses
6.6ff!  lOiis  of braii,  slu��rt
i'c.'i-ilsi have been rcui'-eci.
saving  ha.-,  bee a vf; niuch
berrus.-:  the  mills  ���,-.a;\   dciii
feiri'.iLcl   tiiat   lieviis'. -.   v, oah!
i-siifil  for  tlie     e xi-oitatioi!
: proelucl-.      i-'erel   \.'i;..a'.   h;..-  :i!
: strained  tu    Canaela    and  ihci.
!-'J,8.:tl ton-. o\ si <������ ' nbigs li'.\i
b'.ru s-'.i-d frf". c\poit. ^.M.-n.-'t-
liicnls have b.; :-. made v bb-h will
keep thc exportation of i.;i!v, batiey
and other bed.-, to a mi-)iinu".. c\ei-p;
for .'.hipnunt.-,  <���'.ci>ea> by lhc allud
, paiion'-'.
The   food    co!itr<.;!er    b.i-; 1 rcr   in
on. anel Lacly
Fraiices Balfour said that for - the
firs I time in thc industrial history of
vojiien tn England tiny v.tic beint;
paid fair wages. She thought wo-
nicii were feeding themselves better
and could not regret their extravagances in the matter of silk stockings and other matters of apparel,
for, though elcliiiiig is not a hkb
ideal, it  i?  h'ghcr  than  he.ay;.   dii'di-
" \  g'-t-.r-rnl  goos
a 11 until al)otit 11 o'clock v. iicn frnit
salad and cake were served by tho
}:. V,. H.  club.'-'���1'rescott  [li\.) papc r.
tnai. .
mir, (i
au   energy,.o
v-e   \eai"s,    ,ii
ir     llUIS     P'.'O-
a  nobility  df
-. th.v' -.spirii.
ce'ltial li>.o'ur- brother.-^ c
N\:-..'. Arork .'.Globe... .
trunks  and  buffer's  for polishing    in , j haj scvero. baok'aehe ani.pains in'my .;
t-.e shops of. gold and. silve: smiths,
bt nealh lhc hitic of the walrus is a
biver  of. fat cfteii .six   inches   thick,
'which.'' protects   tliL  aid
etdo, extending down into ny linibs. I ;
doctored, bnb'did- not get relieved of ray.!
ailment nnd v��s down rend out when I '
:-..:-.: Halitnx, N.S. ���:���
���'���X ��'A1wot etcbt ��� tnor:!h.�� r.^o. I read roar
tdrvrtirrmc-at in one of the. IS*lif:.x lajmf
��Seritif a fr^e sample of Gin Pills f?r tbe.
KAAaei?. Iln��l been a martyr fcr rears to m-
lrn<:~ *t��m? fi crews the batfc. Before I h-.i
���?ol5b��1 Uie third tsw I faand rajraelf perfertly
Tic ';v.'ill; sleep on the ice floe
L ba.-dn- in it fiou
p(>;Hlerc.as  body.
rom   thc ' iipjrjin taViog.'.Or...-Pierce.�� Fsvorits Pre;
Stone.;Thst Bends .:v
of 'sandstone':"' the:...  di
a g<'o el -s ii;ed r w c t. ton t ;
:' me'ls a grea
.oiiitii of. his
: 'Voun'gbridc���Our cook
t ge"t> vol"." scnt: vesK relay
sorry Jma'at
t'-.-.\ye:c.<'olild iu-i.
ecrintior.. atel it so i-ontpletfly cured:rss
and* reati-redino:: to .health atid strengtV
thatT w�� aM
and '���: others   besides.
'Favorite^ T'resoril^io:
to do all my oirn wors
I', do recommend
: to -vTeak aad ail-
f ion's -:o!
v, ill   bend, and  can   be.-.:.tv. i -1
slight ���������Pressure., froru ... the '"h;
lhe ...property  of T- .1:; Miilei
.:!." a-
y, itii
."' ��������� i j
".'There-1 ���'
iuTu.;;-. said:
���<7 "I-lc'-'Viisv":
box of -c-a'ii.
" another ��� :" i:
���fjir!   .at   the   .
C'oa-'.iaat coum.uaieatton
a'u!hi>riiie> al \\ r. -.i.'met. .a
���cice. of expediting ��hipiiit nt-
iiitu lh.is cotmtri leu- K'dh.
po-i ���!. Ari./a^n.:: an;> a.-.v
ii.aeU fi.i i;^ e.itr. r - sc.;-a ;
iif !'. ��� -.poi i:.'.i'-r   '���'���'��� v     <.;;-.
Suggestions to Childless
:��� VOU   i-.l"t.'>V.'
l-.e<:  tiie
b. lo-hi-v
iv'Hi-. ie'e'.:';
." a iti ice -pound
���. \v< e k, and now
pound ' oil co a
Youngest Canadian Soldi-.1' Dead
1'lf.   Av.ii:.-l.   l>ori-,   la,.:    ' o'.'m;...
soldier   v.I"i   (..ii   Iv   t.'u    fr.-;.
anv   of   the   l".;-i���di:.i       f-'-re. --.
Atno.*!?:  tho   virtue?   of Lydia  E.
v .,[, . j Pinkbsm'? Vegetable Compound is the
.-'"    !,'! nbbity   to   correct   sterility   in   the
1  ... __ I ciiscg of many women.   I his fact ia
"Weil  established as evidenced by the
following b tier nnd hundreds of oth^ra
we havopabiiskeu in th��se coluras.
Poplar Bluff,  Mr<--"1 want other
women to know ^-hat a blessing Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vejre-
vTo'H-.VriLocKHABT;- ��6 i Tillolson  got 'it'2(V-y.c?r^;ai.
.'.'.; Grc'ecrr���\ cry
were   the   bi
see, VVallvthe
killed ������'"oft.' for.'.--the J-h
.old .hens'.'a re. -t}.
to do the- laviii'.;:: -
;: ��� MrsJ Vounjibride-
Kr wsa '���
c  sure
ing  irorafTi; :.they
Ttrrat;e A^oX--.XXXXX:X.X} "x;y; X^X-
7 Pavorit.3 Tr?s:ript^n'.'if .-'ari".iriy:serat.-
re->tor4t;v.\-toaie,:-si';, soothing/and
'arid.'.;'a .;.posit|tc
rr��!\��E-:'^*e?'-. p��tj-
[ liar to .'wodi��i;
!!.   ThU old prMOTipth'-riof Dr. Pierce's. 1?
war-..veteran. Vat- ���P6ri'ki't..d;".-'pre'jro;"i;
MiUer.'-v-as left'.ihe.';-s'tpi\c'::'.''-v.''hc'r!':.:l.i'i
friend,   Jim -'Tillolson,'.-'.died ;ia.ecaliy:
1. tic-v
trade.���������"jio ! Btrengrtheaiajfi.s'-fi.r.rvino.
:o!ie?. left i remedy7'for.'the. rtrv
oac c-f the Carolina.*;--Svlic.;
pai^ned  during
be- cap;';
���.    Ge ��'���['-
the:: flex:.:
;ca::l :;v
ibility7" of.:7jlu::..sto:.c'Vyit " ls"Vf'i'd:
i have,been cut froia'a/smali dtdt,
i ;:'.nd?.to!ie' iti.,..a .crcck|.-b'oil.oiT!...-'1'.v-
. bet
|itsfra�� pa'.a."
Vocirs E-incerely,
tM?.'s.)j��23pEaCT_."  birder t
.:MCpS   are.:. W-Hip,"
: controller  to ensure
extracted from .root'*, i'c.d herbs';.bjr\nieaM.,
of u-nre glTCJsrine ari-l is''�� ���tempeTan-'ie-'
remedy of 50 jeart1-gco-i rtwdise.   Send
10c for trial pksr. of tabif t�� Dr.'.-.V. M->
Pierce, IsT��lii��'-::Eot*l'- B^^o: N..T.,
���-. r i 11
rf if eiso'rV-,-'"'<
:���'"��� :'.\
..i \.-..
."No; but i:
i 1913
.1 ���'���Ti
= '--'f:
i.ovini::  that
T'lnc -to:
iarve��t.   or .BTidgejtog. Oat,
'��� bc .:-
: pny
^Kidney Remedy
Kidney trouble* te freqaently
cauied by bndly digested food
which overtak** th*f e organ* to
eliminate the irritant acid*
formed. Help your stomach t��
properly :.dije��t the:, food by
taking 15 to 30 drop* of Extract
of Root*, *oW���� M��tker Sfigti'8
Coratiye SjTapi ami your lodney
duorder will promptly; din*
; appear,' Get the jenoine.
, nilo the tr.
Iv reported
'���a's kilted i:
il'^lft. Pte.
i ys ar^ of a.i
j r'-^e. -, hen
i. i-
. i -
ia e a1
iin ;
1 i".
. . . i.it-
io b;
table Compound h-~s
b?. n to me. Wo
had always vrcnted
a baby in our home
but I was in poor
he?lth and not cb!����
to do my work. My
mother and husband both urtred mc
to try Lydia E. Pink *
ham's Veeotable
Com]>o".trid. I did
'po. rnv health ��m-
. V
I -,-
i ��� .. ���. .
I proved ��r.d I &m ncv the mother of a
1 fine baby cfrl and do all my o-a n Ivvuso
' VrcTW-Xn. Aixia B. Timvon--   ,"16
' Almond St.. IVplar Bluff, ?Io.   ._.
i     Jn rn.Tiv ���tb>r h^ir^s, oicp c.i la'^i!.
there r.rc'r.o-v children bucsu-c- ef ��hti
! fp.et thatLvd:aE. P'-shsmV. .>>,"t'.We
'��� Compound  ratko--   %--3mnn   scmfl;
l'.f-:dthy =r.-i strr.ic    ^       ,	
Writ-:' totbf r.ydi- F.r.r.^ha- M-Ji-
ilnc r:>., I-VT.n. "?t!a=i?..  f^r s��>2vicc���i%
vrili t-e cc.s*..>ietjtial and helpful. sssssBSsasaBmmmm
��2S year in Canada,   and   {2.50   in  tbe
United States.
Editor and Flnanciei.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     fi 00
Hstray Notices 3-00
Cards oi Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  10.00
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $2.50 for each additional claim.)
Another legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and S cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Wages of Farm Help
The average wages paid for farm
help dining the year 1917 have increased substantially since 1916
and have again reached the highest level on record. In maDy
cases they are double what they
were before the war. For the
whole of Canada the wages per
month of farm help during the
: ..miner, including board, average
-o!-.(;.'} for male and $34.31 for
iemale help, as compared with
'&\:).2?> and $22.46 in 1916. For
Mie year 3917, including board, the
wages averaged $610.60 for males
ml $364 for females as compared
.vith 8397 and ?22S in 1916. The
������iverage value. The average value
of board per mouth is returned as
SI 9.41 for males and $14.79 for
female? as compared with $17 for
males and $13 for females in 191G.
By provinces, the average wages
per month for males and females
respectfully, in the summer season,
including, board, were as follows:
Prince Edward Island $39.74 and
S22.G3; Nova Scotia $53.75 and
S2<;.-13: New Brunswick 857.19 and
- ;ii/d ^S. 14; Quebec $59.09 and
82S.9S; Ontario $59. and $31.96;
Manitoba S67.97 and $40.28; Saskatchewan $73.21  and $41.09; Al-
. beita 870.09 and $44.44; British
Columbia $78.12 and $48.30.   '.-.'���'
An Every Day Creed
I believe in my job. It may
not be a; very important job, bufe it
is mine. Furthermore, it is God's
job for ine. Be has a purpose in
iny life with reforence to Hib plan
���'for the world's progress.. No other
fellow can take my place. Ib isn't
a big place, to be sure, bufe for
years I have been molded in a
peculiar way to fiil 0 peculiar niche
in the world's work. I could take
no other man's place. He has the
same claim as a specialist that I
make for myself. In the end the
man whose name was never heard
beyond the house in which lie
lived, or the shop in which he
worked, may have a larger place
than the chap whose name hae
been a household word in two continents Yes, I believe in my job.
May I keep true to the task which
lies before me���true to myBelf and
*o God, who intrusted  me wifeh ife.
I believe in my fellow-man. He
may nofe always agree wifeh me
c'd feel sorry for him if he did, be-
cause I myself do not believe some
of the things thafe were absolutely
sure in my own mind a dozen
years ago. May he never lose
faith in himself, because, if he
does, he may lose faifen in me, and
hat would hurt him more tban
lie former, and it would really
iiurfe him more than it would hart
I believe in my country.    I believe in it because ife Ib made up of
my  fellow-men���and   myself.   - I
��� an't go back  on  either of ue and
he true to  my   creed.    If it rsn'
the best country in  the world it is
partly bocanee I am  not the kind
of a man that I should be.
I believe in my home.   It isn't
folks, but it contains jewels which
cannot be purchased in the mar
kets of the woild. "When I enter
its secret chambers, and shut out
the world with its care, I am a
lord. Its motto is Service, its reward is Love. There is no other
spot in all the world which fills its
place, and heaven can only be a
larger home, with a Father who is
all-wise and patient and tender.
I believe in today. Ib is all that
I possess. The past is of value
only as it can make the life of to
day fuller and freer. There, is no
assurance of tomorrow. I must
make good today!���Rev. Charles
Often Missing
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a, pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
At a certain public school it was
the custom for the teachers to write
on the blackboard any instructions
they desire the janitor  to receive.
One evening, while cleaning a
room, the janitor say written.
"Find     the    greatest     common
"Hallo!"' he exclaimed. "Is
thafe darued thing lost again?''
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B, C. Cigar, Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varys,     .    ,    .
Have you tried one lately?
Three Times a Week
Commencing March 16
Boundary District
Coast Points via
To Greenwood, j\Ion.,T\recl., Friday
To Greenwood, Tues.j   Thur,
See Local Agent for complete details
J,"-.S. CARTER, -p. P. A.,' Nelson, B.C
NOTICE is hereby Riven that the. first
sitting of tlie Court of Revisio.il, for "the
purpose of hearing complaints, against
the assessment for the year 191S as made
by the Assessor for -the: City of Greenwood will be he'lel.iii the' Municipal Hall,
on Wednesday, April 10th, at. 3 o'clock
p. m.
Notice of any complaints must be giverri
in writing to the Assessor at least ten-
days previous to the'sitti.iijf of the Court.
Date;<i at Greenwood, "n.'C , the fifth
day of March;, .1918.
  :.G. -B..'TAYLOR,--.._..,:'
City Clerk.
Synopsis of Coal Jliaiag Regulations.
/"���OAL mining rights ol the- l">e>miiiion
^"> in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Terri tori c-b anil in a portion of the
Province of British Columbia, may be
leased for a ttrm of twenty-one years
renewable for a further term of 21 years
at an annual rental e��f ft an acre. Not
more than 2,560 acres will be leased to
one applicaut.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which the
right"; applied for are situated.    "
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of. sections, and in unsurveyeei
territory the tiact applied for shall be
staked ont by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of fs which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available
but not otherwise. A royalty shall bt
paid on the merchantable outp.; of the
cailie at the rate of five ce:. s y.r ton.
The person operating t. c i::i::e s!:a"
furnish the A#ent with sv, o::i returns
accounting for the full quauL;'.y_ of merchantable coal mined and piy tifj royalty
thereon: If the coal mining r:j;hU and
not being operated, such" rel_.^s should
be furnished at .ea^t once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottsvi 1, Or to any j
Agent or Sub-Agent of Ixirninion Lands,
V.'. '.V. CORY,
If you have long distance calls to make, can you do your
telephoning in the evening? If so, you can get three times the
day period for the same charge, between 7 p. m. and 8 a.m.
You may arrange with the Long Distance operator at auy time
during the day to have the party wanted ou the wire a at stated
The better rate in the evening is possible because the lines
are useel less. Try talking in the evening and you will find it
very satisfactory. ?
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps���75c each,
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each.
MTROGEPnT^     ^=���
60 Watts
100     "
200    ������
S1.25 each
2,00   �����
3.50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
;i4*4**t��'8>��&��4'4*'f*(t"t"$,$'' |��4*,4.4,4.4,4.4.}*
I Cbe Biime Rotel j
* Kelson, B*& *
4�� -������-���: - ���      .       =:    ;      . ���'��{.
4��  The only up^todate Hotel in the interior.   First-class   4*
4s in every respect; ��$���
* ���.,."���-��� ���. ,��� ^_..^_-: ;_���_��� . ��� +
4*   '���'-''' ��� ~"���������''-. ...���- '���;��� '^
��� Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in 4
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES 31.00 per elay and up; European Plan.'
Bus Meets.all Trains and Boats.
2********4 +*'*��*.*.*> *********3$
1 for Good 1
1 Job Printing 1
~        _-: : :.~ i_-- -_.._- ^=ii-^=     . -ym
= ���Economy and Satisfaction |��
= combined with Promptness |l
= are the features which go to |��
= make up the Service we give 3
= our customers.     Are  you J��
\ ' one of them ^M%&Mx'0:0ix^
% WEPRINT '   1||I||||
- ���         ; '- . ���-XX-XXXiX:,;. :xXXX'- ���i-'-X~-.X--X.r*m-.
- ' ]^X:'!<^XXX :'-'.X:^XXX:-''.-^X-X':'''X^-X^"^;^:
= Letterheads, 7Noteheads5lliSH
:    ' (Ruled or Plain) MXXXXXi'xiXxMxXXXXx-^:
1 Envelopes, - Bilih^ds||||||||ll
(All Sizes)
g Statements, Business Cards, Q
p Posters,  Dodg^��!|fe
I The Ledge      PHiliiili
Deputy Minister of the Interior. | �����
M.   B.��� Unauthorized   culjiicatio
E     greenwood        Job PfintiBpepartmeip Wg
H.b.  it wouwn-i. *ht, m^^ us,,.^���;v.:i n���v ^mv��. i ^iuiuiiiuiuiiuuuuuiui uuiiauiiiuiittuiafMptBiiiiK
Over The Top"
Nature has made British Columbia rich and
beautiful The waters that run through and
surround it, are teeming with edible fish, include
ing clams. Its lofty sky^scraping mountains are
filled with almost every known mineral, while
the yellow power of earth'gold, it hides amid the
sands of many a creek. Its fertile valleys and
hillsides contain millions of acres that are doing
nothing to go "OVER THE TOP/' for lack of
cultivation* Its forests of gigantic trees are the
envy of the world. The scenery is grandly
magnificient, while the climate contains the ozone
that puts pep into the human frame, filling it with
life, health and energy.
With all these advantages this Province
should have millions of happy people within its
confines, and yet it has a scant 400,000' Then
sings the little bird in the tree, "What's The
Matter With B. C."
Nothing, except that it is like many a
business man. It does not advertise, or does
not know how. Turn on the bright light of
effective and suggestive advertising, until all
the world thinks and talks about this glorious
B.C., the brightest gem in the cluster of
Canada's provincial diamonds^ Get a move
on, go over the top, waving your flag and
blowing your cornet in front of the millions
that have not yet been "swiped" by the red
In the meantime do not fall to boost your
own business by dropping a soul-touching,
money getting ad into Greenwood's Leading
Excitement. Come across with enthusiasm
and plenty of printer's ink, and the public
will shell you with dollars, until you grow
tired picking them up. if you are wise, you
will always advertise, in
^S^ffc-^Fiw^^J^3^* :/lpiHNWS|i^i*j2fe- the same off ice*


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