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The Ledge Feb 7, 1918

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Jexotiuci.1 Librae
^Q ^ Jn. . ���	
Vol. xXXIV.
No. 30
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Carpets,
and Elegant Crockery
Plenty of Oils, Hanvare and Tinware In stock
MAIL ORDERS solicited from all points
of the Compass
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield^ Building
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Life, Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Brokers
Call or phone when yon want
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
and Gents   Furnishings
Try my Eggs and Butter
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
Around Home
Pantry Queen Flour
The Flour That Pleases Everyone
All Kinds of Feed in Stock
Wm    P    ADTUIIDC    greenwood city bakery
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses. Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms, Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Pish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
GV.O., LLD.. D.C.L, Preside
SIR JOHN AIRD, General Manager
H. V. F. JONES, Aa'i Gen'L Muuger
CapttalPaid Up,$i5,000,000 y Reserve Fund, . $13,500,000
Every effort is made to provide the banking service required by miners.   A
current account facilitates the
handling of business receipts and payments.
H. C. LUCAS, Manager
You want the best in
Cigars, Tobaccos, Gum
At Popular Prices
0.   K.   CIGAR   STORE
R. J. MUIR,      -      -      PROP.
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B, C, Cigar, Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varys.    .   ,   /
Haveyou triedonelately?
PHONE   13
Auto    and   horse
Leave    Greenwood
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Hire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at II
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer end
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
|i.oo. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead $1.50. Silver-Leacl-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for other metals etc
on application.
- Princeton, B.C., now completed on the
site of the old Great Northern. Only
brick hotel in Similkameen. A first
class house,
Swanson & Broomfield. Props,
Palace   Livery   And
GILLIS & ION, Proprietors
Just finished, it carries the Ambassador's story up to the present moment and
covers many'points that could not be
touched at the time "My Four Vears in
Germany" was written. ��
The Kaiser has said:
"From childhood I have beeu influenced by five men���Alexander the
Great, Julius Caesar, Theodoric ir,
Frederick the Great, and Napoleon
Each dreamed of world empire. They
failed. I have dreamed of German
world dominion and my mailed fist
ghall succeed."
Gerard's Second Book
reveals the far flung tentacles of
Prussian propaganda and the other
secret steps by which the "All Highest" and his counsellors have attempted to realize their dream of
world control.
The ramifications of all these- are
exposed���many of them for the first
time���by Ambassador Gerard in his
new war book, "Face to Face with
To be published in daily installments
"BARGAIN MOKTH" RATE-$3.00 for ont
year, includiac Dally and Sunday���3<S 5 days
Absolutely the tietest newspaper bargain ts
^The Suii is improving with every issue.
Market Reports, Special Features, Poultry Page, Short Stories, Breezy Editorials,
Woman's Pag-e, Improved News Sen-ice,
Send cheque, money order or currency
direct or to our local agent.
New Policy New Mamgfmeat
New and Blgzer Features
Sar Theatre, Greenwood, Sat., Feb. 9
Mother Lode, Monday, February 11th
Larsens Hall, Rock Creek, Tiies., Feb. 12
75 War Slides 75
Sfiort Talk On Bi? Slides By
Sgt. W. E. PAMPLIN, late 31st Alberta
DE VINE, Late 49th Battalion
Sleight of Hand. Legerdemain. Rope Escapes, and Illusions
Assisted By
"ARRY"   The only natural fool on the Stage
(Late 31st Battalion) Assisted ly
Little Miss Fearless and Baby Swanson
In tjiere treat RYPM0T1C ILLUSIONS
Hear "Arry's" Big: Fund of Trench  Humor
Show starts at 8 p. xa , Finishes 10.T5 p. tn.
We pay War Tax
Al Falconer is assistant postmaster in Hazelton.
R. Lee returned on Tuesday
from a business trip to the coast.
Mrs. L. A. Smith and daughter
of Spokane, have moved to Phoenix.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. H. Wilson
formerly of Greenwood are visiting in the city.
Rev. H. VV. Simpson is in Nelson attending- the Diocese and
Executive meeting1.
Just in a shipment of Ladies
and Childrens, Black Cashmere
Hose.    G. A. Rendell.
Charles Olson, of Ainsworth,
and his son Carl, are spending a
few weeks in San Diego.
D. JR. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Spectacles and pipes repaired.
Zack Watson was laid up witb
rheumatism last week and has
not yet entirely recovered.
Allan W. Rodgers, consulting
engineer tor the Canada Copper
Corporation was in town this
Sour Dough McKay is now a
telegraph operator for the government in the north at No. 5
We still have some Ladies pure
wool underwear which we are
selling at the old prices. G. A.
A. dance was held in the
Masonic Dance Hall in aid of the
School Sports, which realized a
sum of $30.
About 25,000 feet of lumber is
being cut daily by the Grand
Forks Lumber company's mill at
Lynch Creek.
J. H, Duhamel has secured a
lease on the Freemont mine.
This property adjoins the Providence mine.
Tillie Graham bas passed the
examination at the General Hospital n Vancouver, and has received her Cip'; '
For Sale,���Five roomed house
and Lot in Anaconda. Lot 4,
Block 4. Price $250. Apply Joe
Caron, Midway,
Mrs. Flindel has left for her
home in Trenton, Ont., after a
two month's visit with her sister,
Mrs. Harris of Anaconda.
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Garrett, of Grand Forks, arrived in
San Diego, January 30, to spend
a few weeks in California.
Harry Bretzins is making a
trip through Arizona and California, on his way to spend a lew
months at his old home in Ohio.
A. A. Kingsley, of the Bank
of Commerce, Phoenix, has left
for Vancouver. His position.has
been taken by L. A. Morrison of
Carl Carlson is in the Willow's
Camp, Victoria. Carl is in good
health and likes the army life,
He wishes to be remembered to
all his friends.
Lenore Fisher was taken in by
the Provincial Police at Grand
Forks under the Military Service
Act and turned over to the Military authorities.
As supper is provided for a certain number, only the players of
the Phoenix and Greenwood
teams are invited to the I.O.O.F.
Hall   on Friday evening.
S. A. Paris, of Paris's Returned Soldiers, who are billed for
the Star Theatre, Saturday even-
ing, was in the same company of
the 49th Battalion that Clifford
Schenck was in.
Dentistry.���Dr. Guy, of Grand
Forks, will be at the Pacific
Hotel, Greenwood, from Feb.
18 to March 2, prepared to execute all kinds of dentistry. Note
change of date from last issue.
Lieut. R. S. Ashby, of, the
R. F. C, who has been in a hospital in England since September, was operated on for an acute
attack of appendicitis and the
latest report says he is getting
along nicely.
The Ladies and Intermediate
Hockey teams went to Phoenix
on 1 uesday evening. The Greenwood Ladies covered themselves
with glory by.winning from their
opponents by 2 0. The Phoenix
Intermediates won out by 3-0.
Camp Kearney is 14 miles  from
San Diego,  and   the   round   trip
costs 90 cents by anto stage.    The
camp has  three. visiting   days   a
week.    I went oat on one of these
days  with a chaffeur who looked
like Archie Gillis.  He handled his
car with wonderful skill,  just like
Archie,  and could smoke a cigarette, making the whiffs keep time
with the speed   of bis   machine.
When we arrived at an outpost,
the guard took the names of the
passengers,  and asked us who we
were going to visit.    I could have
told him I wanted to Bee Captain
Doc Goodeve of   the A.  M. C;
Big Andy Johnson of the Ski Brigade; Major Jack McKellar  of the
Ebolt Highlanders; General Olson
of  fehe  Ainsworth   Flying   Corps;
Sergeant Jim   Thompson   of   the
Sandon Dry  Battery;  Commander
J. M. Harris of the Mining Corps;
Colonel   Owen   Desmond    of   the
Kaslo Sure Shots; Chief Tom Hanson of the  Tank Brigade;  Bugler
Red  Paddy of the Irish Regiment;
Colonel Tom  Peck of the Y. M.
C. A.; Lieut-Col.   George Benwell
of   the  Commissary   Department;
General Billy Koch of fehe Forestry
Battalion; Father Dan Brandon, or
JiraVWard the noted Indian Scout.
Bat  I knew   that  none of  these
valiant   fighters   were   in   Camp
Kearney,  and,  being like George
Washington, I told the gruff guard
that I was a Pullman car tourist,
and did not know a single or married soul in the camp.    I merely
wanted   to  see how much   bigger
Kearney was than Vernon.    Then
he told the chaffeur that he must
not let me out of the car nntil he
drove me back to San Diego.    Sort
of an auto-cratio prisoner pro tern.
Perhaps that guard was from Missouri,  and took me  for   General
Von Sausage, disguised as a Canadian millionaire,  although I am
sure that my breath did  nofe smell
of   lager,   bologna   or   limburger
A large and beautiful American
princess. (I do not mean klootch)
who safe beside the chaffeur cast
her pitying eyes upon me, and eaicf |
in a sweet sympathetic tone of
voice, "Oh My I If you had only
told me I could have given yon
somebody's name in the camp, and
then you could have gofe by." I
thanked her in grateful language,
remarking fehat heroes never kick
when the grim visage of war caste
a little shadow over their trail.
However, when we got into the
centre of the camp, just opposite
the Y. M. C. A. building, I whispered to the chaffeur that I was a
sky pilot from Three Forks, and
he said I did not have to remain
in the car unless I so desired. So
I got out and wandered through
the military streets nntil I reached
the parade grounds, where I saw
several baseball games in action.
After watching these games for
some time I realized that the Huns
have no chance to win at this kind
of a bail game when the Sammies
get to Europe and hoist "Old
Glory" on war's diamond. Kearney is a dry place. No rain, and
all the booze is kept in a medicine
chest, or your imagination. It is
very difficult to get past tbe guards
wifeh any more boozerine than they
carry in their hats or stomachs.'
The au to-stages leaves the camp
every two minutes, and you have
to stand in line in order ��� to get a
seat. After waiting for 20 minutes I finally got into a front seat
with tbe driver on one side, and a
vaudeville actress pn the other.
Her husband was in the army, and
she had only seen him once in six
weeks. She said that often she
had to smile, sing and dance at
night on the stage when her heart
waa breaking. I told her that I
knew how that waB, because I
had been on the stage myself, and
had wept many a time, owing to the
inability of the ghost to become a
pedestrian. She gently asked me
if I had been in vaudeville. I replied that I had played comedy in
Julius Caesar with Sir Edmund
Ke&u; Poker with the elder Booth
in -New York, and that for two
seasons I bad travelled with End-
dab and   Confucius   playing   the
Death of Mrs. Chas. Oliver
The death occurred in the Sacred
Heart Hospital on Monday afternoon of Beatrice Annie Oliver beloved wife of Chas. Oliver, of this
city.    Mrp. Oliver had been sick
for some time before going to the
hospital.     She  was   a   native   of
Australia,  having been born there
Sept. 9, 1880, and has been a resident of this district for the past 11
years. She leaves to mourn her loss
a husband and three children, the
youngest of  which is only a few
months old.   The deceased  was a
woman of kindly disposition, which
won  for  her a host of friends in
this city, whose sincerest sympathy
goes out to Mr. Oliver and family
on their loss of a loving wife and
mother.     Funeral   services   were
held in the Presbyterian Church on
Wednesday, interment taking place
in the local cemetery.
Halifax Relief Fund
The following is the list of donations
to this iund received ' and transmitted to
Simpson, H. W ...$   S.oq
George, P. W      2.
Elson W	
Gulley, T. M  5-
Clark, J	
Maslonka, H	
McCreath, J  1.00
Greig & Morrison  4-00
McKellar, J  1.00
Hambly, G  1.00
Swayne, G  1.00
Coles, LL  2.00
McPherson, D  3.00
Smith, W  2.00
Nelson, W.J.  1.00
Eustis, B....  1.00
McKay, A. E  1.00
Ion & Gillis....  2.00
Thompson, W  1.00
Ashby, Mrs.  Jt.oo
Hallett, I. H ?r:~ tf '?3*
White, J. L......  1.00
Lee & Bryan..........   20.00
Smith & King  2.00
Wood, W. H......	
Mills, J. V t  S
Lucas, H. C. B  5.00
Simpson, H. W  5 00
Bryant, Mrs. Lewis	
Goodeve, Mrs	
Fleming, Mrs. WB	
Inglis, Mrs. G R  1 00
Boundary Womens Institute  30.00
Legault, A	
Heyland, A T..77T.	
Bubar, B W	
Rock Creek Womens Institute  roo.oo
Cruse, MrsJC  Soo
McCurrach, Mrs. P H   500
Boundary Womens Institute ��. 2500
St Jude's Guild	
Beattie, M..	
Murray, H...	
A Friend   25
2 00
10 00
5 00
2 OO
r 00
5 00
r 00
1 00
Mother Lode Miners.
Golden Rule.    She  never smiled
so I told  1 er  that while   I bad
never   advanced   far   enough   to
break into vaudeville;  bnt fehat I
would probably do so when I found
an  old joke that had  never been
sprung upon the San Diege public.
By  this  time the engine of fehe
car had made it hot in  the front
seat,   and the footlight star asked
me if I could  cool  her feet, by
opening  the door of   the car,  in
order to permit the zephyrs  from
the ocean to blow across her pedal
extremities.      I   did   so  and she
breathed a huge sigh of relief.   Bhe
asked me if the heat of the engine
did not make my feet too warm.
I replied in the negative, stating
that it would take all the heat in
California to   thaw them ont,  as
they had been frozen so often daring the distant past, when I pros-
pected for aces in the hole in British   Columbia.     She   wanted   to
know what an ace in the hole was,
and   I told   her it was-"*' mineral
more valuable than all the crowned
heads in tbe deck.   Just here the
car stopped on Fourth Street, and
she got ont, wearing a puzzled expression upon her facial auatomj,
and disappeared in the crowd forever.    Thus do tbe stars pass in
the day, amid the glorious climate
of California,
.   <:
r! -~Z
1 f    "rfi
*    J
-,\ 2CHE    LEDGE,    GBEEINTWOOD.    Ji.   a
otise With a IVlagnetism
Tlie home-like atmosphere of the Walker House (The House of P'entyl is
the powerful magnet that annually attracts thousands oi people to its doo.s.
Every appointment, eve-y surrounding have "just that touch of chee-iness
that makes you. eel com.ortable, and comfo. t is thc one de's:ruble feature you
seek when travelling.
The management 'ays special stress on looking after the requirements of
WOMEN and CHILDREN wno may be traveling without gentlemen esco.ts.
If you stay at the Wa'.ker House when in Toronto, you, too, vri'l feel the .
magnetic influence of its home.Ue atmosphere.
The Walker House
Making1 Better Farmers
Short Ccu.        at Rural Points Prove
V cry Profitable
Short course .schools ;,.t niral j.-miiis j
have* become very popular anion;; the
t;i:-!iu:rs, and so great js t]u. demand
lor tlu-iH in Manitoba that the agricultural extension service of the department of agriculture lias found it
necessary to commence operations
earlier than usual this year. The first
two school?, one at Kenton, Manitoba, and thc other at Mordcn, Manitoba, opened on November 26. To
each .school a full carload of equipment consisting of machinery and
supplies, was taken.   -
For  class   room    lectures    in    live
stock  instruction  a   number  of  16  x
Toronto's Famous Hotel
Oo.      Wiif1il      a ii J
K. ,\l. I'm roll,   l'r<j|��.
ih cn.'argcil bromides oi prize winning- types of live stock have beeu
made, while for practical work in
judging the best herds in the district
will be used. For field husbandry
work cans arc provided containing
samples of all the grains grnwn in
Manitoba, as well as mounted specimens of diseased plants. A power
grain cleaner is included in the field
husbandry equipment, ami operated
by one of lire demonstrators on has
c;i"ines, it will provide a practical '
application of the instruction given.
P'ruiers who wish lo do so may
brine; in all their seed (train and have
it cleaned ready for au early star.- in
thc sprint*', fl is predicted thai cleaner grain will be grown next year at
every point where a short course
school   is  lleVl.
\ an'ous engine  eoiiipanb*;  in  Winnipeg have donated more than $2(UM)0
woiili   of  equipment,    including;    gas
enuiues, unignelos,  coils,  carburetor
etc..  for   practical   instruction
A Pure Vanilla Eaiin4 Chocolate
The smoothest, the richexSt, the most perfect chocolate that can be manufactured from the cocoa
Sold everywhere. Made in Canada.
engine work.    As an iue''*'-'sinn' nuni-
I her of runners are  installing  1 ��� ti''"tTt:��_r
svslems,  a     fnllv    erun'pped     lighting
phuitis inelud'Hl in the equinnicr.l for | jj^j'
each   circuit,   mid   lectures   a
ons'r-tions will he niven on the    in-
sl'diction, care and operation of these I ;
plants.    Classes in dressmaking, mil-
i'vrv. cookery and  ho'iic-nursino; are
provided   for women,  but   tin*  course
is  so  nlantK'd  (hat  Ihev  wi'l  be abb'
to  lukf* advantage  of  tlie l^riiip's  on
g;>s enpines. uperation and lighting as
wll.   if   d.'-tii-.Ml.     At   many   of     lhe
Setting- a Good Example
What the C.P.R. Is Doing in Direction of  Food   Conservation
Nothing that the C.l'.K. has done
in the direction of food  conservation
has   resulted  in  so  many   letters    of
irelors, j commendation, ns the footnote print-
in   gas I ed   on   till   menu     cards   on   (.".P.R.
What Germany is Lating
Horrible Concoctions Now Take the
Place 'of Food
Chunks of dried seai lion meat -were
shipped into'the country in the manner of jerked beef, Soaked for a
number t)i hours, and cut into small
pieces, it was made into a stew with
onions. Some people thickened the
R-nrvy "and served it with spetzel, a
South German dumpling made of
flour, but, alas, ue eggs as in the
past. After one or two attacks of
nausea, people came to like the concoction.   It filled a vacuum, and that
j is everything when one's head is
light from a still lighter diet. The
same   meat  corned and called    rob-
i bin's fleisch was sold, aud served in
slices, at 4 marks a pound. It was
a very good imitation of corned beef,
better than stewed, and could bc
eaten cold on bread. As the potatoes became scarce, the bread which
had been doled out on allowance began to deteriorate in quality. As
long as it was composed of 20 pet-
cent, of potato Hour it was not bad,
and served to satisfy the children
when spread with malt extract, in
place of sugar or syrup, or the famous hriegsmarmalad, a marmalade
made of saccharine, heels, tomatoes
and turnips, colored red. With the
reduction of the potato flour in the
u'ead. coarser grains were added;
but now ? per cent, sawdtist and 5
per cent. Hour ground front straw are
used. In consequence people arc
suffering greatly from anaemia; stomach troubles are on the increase, especially ulcers of the .stomach, and
thread-worms.���Adele K. I'hillips, in
the Atlantic.
Corps of Ferrets for Front
Silent ioiiim es Kept Secret
Made Prisoner,  They  Did  Not Give
Away Coming Attack j
Thc staunchness of t'he British j
Tommy is illustrated by an incident,
of   General   Byug's   surprise     attack.
Everything depended on thc entire
ignorance of the Germans of the
concentration of the tanks. The general t'taff was on pins and needles
ig might give away the
how.      lite night    before ihe attack
lit    before ihe a
Jed  the  very sector
waiting    and
...  ..   ,....     l.f  one   of
had    I hiked    the  whole     plan
been ;. failure,  h'.vident'ly
hot a single 'mail  ;-.mor.g  tht: prison-
vo  a way   the   information,  and
heir -iidclitv   tin;  surprise
;   off,
the Germans ran
:whe;\: the tanks \
���'capiured   iortv   prisoner?
-Would  have
.-ers f ���'.
;������ ticks'
/was   ur
To Save Trouble
A certain Scottish soldier in a hospital had been operated on four
times in an endeavor to extract a
bullet from llie vicinity of his lower
On the last occasion he slated he
had a request to make before going
under chloroform.
Permission having been granted
him to make it, hc remarked lo the
surgeon: "Oh, it's naething much. I
jist want to suggest that if you arc
unsuccessful this lime and think you
will have to try again, don't sew mc
np;. jist put buttons on  ine."
points additional  lectures
raising and dairying will
''The escaped
po'ite  fellow."
''How so?''
"Hc left belli-'
warden asking  :
liberty    he v ..-
1 '.a a note for the
,���> excused for the
dining cars  and  hotels.    This  reads:
"in   the interest  ol food  conservation,  young   lambs,    little    chickens,
,        Tittle  pigs, and  their by-products arc
tui   dem-l|!0t l)set, h, the Cj>_R-_  j;ei.vico.��
The editor of a prominent mining
journal says in a leading article:
"It must have required some grit,
as well as a full sense of duly for
an institution which -includes- such
hotels and restaurants as arc found
on that railway, to put such a memorandum before their high-class
patrons. But it bas been done and
ils moral effect has been wider than
the actual wastage that has been
saved. Those who bave read the no-
lice have, in some cases at all events,
followed the good example of thc
railway, and have given up purchasing any of the immature animal food.
"If the food controller could prohibit the sale ov usc. of these young
animals it would be another means
of food econoniv."
���  >  poultry
as a    vcrv
All mothers' can put aivny anxiety
regarding their suffering children
.when they have Mother Graycs'
Worm Exterminator to give relief.
Its   effects are  sure and lasting.
Where Husbands are Scarce
Men in Germany are Being Held at
a Premium
Available men for husbands arc
becoming so scarce iu Germany that
women are offering special inducements to attract possible .sweethearts. Advertisements of this
character arc numerous in the newspapers   and     matrimonial     agencies
Mobilization for War on the Somme
The little consequences of the war
are numberless aud often inexplicable It is now agitating the ferrets.
This country, before the war, bred
ferrets for thc world, and then the
world forgot it wanted them. Now
they arc being rapidly mobilized. At
Air. Hamlyu's place by the Loudon
docks hundreds of these lithe, . active and vicious creatures were being packed by men wearing stout
leather gauntlets. They wer<: going
to France, Many of tlfeni were destined for the Somme, and to a village no longer on the  map.
Anyone who knows the old battleground of the Somnie will guess llic
reason for the ferrets. Tbey arc lo
tight thc rats. Thc west side cf that
area,, a "Daily News" representative
was informed, swarms with rats ("as
big as rabbits") 'which flourish in
the endless galleries in thc chalk
hills left by the Gentians, such as at
St. Pierre Divioti and Moquct Farm.
They have become so impudent that
thc big ones will dispute a narrow-
alley when approached. A systematic attempt is being made to reduce
Another curious result of the watts that numbers of parrots have been
made homeless. Their owners have
been called up and have been forced
to send them to the wild beast dealer as thc only, known address. The
grey African parrot in bulk was
nothing new before the war, .when
steamers came in from thc Gulf of
Guiaen. But it is entirely strange to
find a large congress of acclimatized
Minard's Liniment  Cures Garget   in
.Hoy/' to  Tell.
:  How  to'teil if yon  love   .her well
enough  to marry her- is  the problem
the horse editor of The Paris Appeal
solves  for its bachelor readers.  Savs
.the'H. 'EX.
���'"Well,  my  boy,  imagine her  on  a
hot, sticky day bending over a wash-
tub,  scrubbing  your  clothes as  your
:'���'���'n.iolii>-���:���' used . to  do.    Picture   her,.'as
you    enter,    stopping her  work   and
.���������wiping the. perspiration'from, hr-r face
:,-.;%ith tlie corner of her apron,   (i you
jfeel. that. yot; would still care to .'kiss
: tier.that  she  still  looks: as .good  .-to
.'ff.oi; as she does hi henparty togs, go.
: .'igh.t   ahead   and   marry   her.       She's
vibe  girl."��� Kansas  City .Times..   '
Japanese Wages Small
M.��� Hyodo, ia an article .entitled
"Making Munitions for thc Allies,"
fay.;:. 'The. wages of the. Japanese
arsenal worker are small compared
with, the same kind of man abroad,
being from 30 sen a day (16c) lo 1
yen (50c) for a day of ten hours.
The men are paid 20 per cent, m.or:*
for overtime,, so that a man who receives 30 sen a day wil' get'42 sen
if be has to work overtime, while the
man who gets 1 yen a day will get
nearly 2 yen a day For.overtime. The
men have no time off, save on Sim-
days mid national holidays."   .
I ��� "Why  docs-.Mabel, -look,   so  -sad
I these days?"
"She. wants to marry a poet whose
i.iiari.ie. is. in Who's Who'and her mother wants her to marry . a grocer
whose  name is in  Brnclstrcels."
doing a flourishing business. Invalided soldiers are in particular dc-
. One of the characteristic advertisements is laken from the Brcslatt
"I am 22, not bad looking. I have
fourteen fowls at my farm, one pony,
six pigs, four cows, two hams and
some   sausaffcs   now  in    process    of
n    -j    t    it.    ��-��r     1   rvi **     t .1.    cin'i'*K'.  a  blind mother  who    knows
Canada Is the    Wood Pile    of the Jl<m. lo weave and spilIf a sinal, vJne.
yard, twenty-five cheery trees, fourteen  apple  trees,  ten  plum   trees
that promise to. supply husbands are birds  conversing  with    a    combined
vocabulary that would make thc interruptions at a peace meeting sound
like a dead silence.
Increas'ng Timber Values
Canada holds the only large forests in thc whole British empire.
Australia and New Zealand, and
South Africa havc sacrificed most of
their original to the fire fiend and
ruthless   exploitation.      These    facts
V on say to the    drug    store    man,
"Give me a small bottle of freefone."
'1 his will cost very little but will emphasise Canada's strategic posi-
positivcly remove every hard or sott tion as containing the only "wood
corn or callus from one's feet. pile" ctvailable to the  empire   except
A few drops of this new-etner compound   applied   directly   upon   a   tcn-
those of Russia.    Sixty per cent,  of
John   Bull's   huge   timber   demand  is
der, aching corn relieves the soreness supplied by thc Russian people today
instantly, and soon the entire corn or1 for the British Isles provide only
callus) root and all, dries up and can'one log out of eight actually needed
be lilted  off   with   the fingers. 'I tor home  use.     What  part  Canada's
This ncw way to rid one's feet oi'forests will play iii British trade aft-
corns. was'introduced by a Cincinnati ;er thc war is problematical but there
man, who sa,-s mat fre zone dries in ��s no. lack of prophets to predict
a moment, and simply shrivels up thc t!iat every square mile of growing
corn or callus .without-irritating, the'i timber will double in value tinder the
surrounding skin. ~ "Strain  of post-bellum   demand    from
Don't let.fattier die of infection or't,,e devastated districts of Kuorpe.
lockjaw Irom wnittling at his corns,, Meanwhile Canadian -.governments
but  clip  this  out  and make him  try cal1 prepare lo lake full advantage of
increasing timber values by thorough
fire protection and sc..��..itific control  of   wasteful   lumbering.
quantity of homespun house linen,
and three casks of good wine in my
cellar. 1 have besides, a piano and
a (lute. Injured soldiers who are
able to work ir. the field or attend
lo the cattle and poultry arc invited
to s<*nd in their application, ir the}-
feel inclined to marry. No obieclion
to separation, if after six months' of
married life, incompatibility- of character should manifest itself on either
side."  ������
Freedom from Asthma. Asthma
is one of the most distressing troubles, sudden in its attacks and prolonged in its .agonies. Frequently
many things are tried, but nothing
seems to give hope of relief. Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy is
thc one help which can be depended
upon. If you have tried other remedies without success, do not fail to
get at once a package of _ this uniformly successful preparation.
f How to Purify    |
J the Blood I
O "Fifteen  to   thirty drops  of ��
A Extract  of   Root*,  commonly   A
J, called. Mother  Selgel's Curative ^
A Syrup, may be taken in water  A
\ with meal* and at bedtime, for  T
0 the^ cure of indigestion, coniti-  Q
m pation and bad blood.   Persist* ��
h ence in this treatment will effect  A
^ a cure in nearly every case." J
h Get the genuine at druggist*.   A
frcsli. reliable}
preferred by
western stockmen, bec4u$tt they
protect wlier* other
^3   . vaccines fall.
f{~ wrf*eforl��olcletandtestlmoalate.
KHJostpkt. Blackleg PHI*, $1.00
80-*om pfeBlKkUg Pills, $4.00
Vat any Injector, but Cutter's simplest antlstronfesr.
The superiority of Cutter products Is due to over 15
years ol specializing In VACCINES KKn SEKUUS
cni.v. Insist ox CUTThr's. If uuotrtainabl*
crder direct.
Tho Cuttw laboratory, BirfcaUy. California   I
Worth a Guinea
a Box
The speediest remedy for sick
headache, biliousness and indigestion is a dose or two of
Largest Sale of Anr Medicine in the WotlJ.
Sold everywfagre.  la box��s, 2oc.
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
Shortest Names Known
it. .   ,-
If you druggist Iiasu't
zchctcll liim to order ;i s
iicnn liis wholesale drug
yon. ��� '     .
any frce-
iiiill boule
house   for
Do'It-Now. Disorders of the digestive apparatus should be dealt
with at once before complications
arise that may be difficult to cope
with. Thc surest icmcdjr -'.to this
ciul and one that is'��� within reach-.of
all, is Paruiclce'-s Vegeubk Pills,
���the. he'st"laxative    and    sedative    on
Hygenic Gains
Tlie   fittfar   shortage   is  a   blessing
ii: 'disiriiise, according to  a    bulletin |
,.issued at 'New- York-by the  depart-j
,-iiient. of public  health of.the  Aineri-j
Icaii'-Muscuin'    of    Naiur;il    History.!,, ,   ,     ��� ,    , ,        ,   ,   ,
i'The American people ;ire br~im>imr: lc ��larket- ,?�� V0.1,de!-^'' blU;-lry
seriously to attack the problem of'Lhem tl0"\ One trial will- convince
tkhlcniiitf llu-ir belts lo .save food at?'0,,c *,,s}1 t!'C>\arfi 11C be?1 slwn'
fnr  their  ar.ip.-j."  said    thc    bulletin.  ach '^"'ator lli:it c:ui bc Sot
j"Tliey are rcalizini* also that most of
I the i\cce?S'.'.rr eliantjes ir. ditt are.not
|<uily economies    b*.:t    positive    fc-ains
fi-'Hii tlir stiv.idpoint of hyi-.iciie."
Minard's   Liniment   Co..   Limited..
GeiiileiiK'ii,���-Theodore Porais, a
I cu.-itomer <> f mine, vas eompIeKlv
jeured of_i-lK-i!;nr:ti;;r. after five years'
: "f Mifli-riiip by l''..' i'.idieious use of
i     rf i^e uij.''. \%   fact*'  ' '''-���  *i'~   v-.--t-!i*iO
Smart Boy
"Boys," said a teacher to her Sunday .school class.. ' "can :.ny of you
quote a verse from the Scripture to
prove thai it is wrong to havc two
wives r
A brijchl boy raised his hand.
"Well,   Thomas"     eneonr.isjed
'J'l>'<:."- ��� i-loc-.-.'i up.    "i\"o man    can
musters," "he said proudly.
;f;;--..^d3;',Jts^'adV .;aS:.'.:
r:.j'::'w^l^^s7 its;;:'respoiw
Xy'-. "-jeXI^xW: xsorr^piie'x tJfeinKs;' :;;eriOiighr'
^bouthirrij his n��eds art^ his ivislies,
:'"'.;|(a-tfh0ds^"'':fQif ills Ghrisiiivas gift
Most men are piractical. The welcome gift
is the weful gift���the Gillette���-Sha! fits rigKt into
& man's intimate p^rsfinal iife�� jnak*S�� things
Easier"tex iiiioiaftd proves its quality by tliei ���j?Sj>'-
it shaves. ���:'--'-;.-.\.
At any good Haid*.Tur-?j _Dru&': or Jev/eliy
Store you cart picfe out ja Gillette Set that ivill ba
;    sure to giyc ham WU^g jple^siure.   If you have   3
X--ii^yrftoah\e\ge^t^^hAtifba... want, write 115 aodl   '
XX:^~��'i&s&':i^t'ytt<&2'^pp$e&''- ,"'"\-
I cii^rFE smti JtAZOR CO.!
#1�� X
iir  venii^il
v. nimy  t
tn' anv t
lii'il,  t;i   '.].������   i'.iri
his  iH'iiriihors.
A.  CC'TJr:,   Mrn-i...nt
St.   fsiucre,  Cine,  12 M;ij, ,(A'.
The Value of Skimmed Milk
In Seme Cases More Valuable Than
Whole Milk
.M;. W. Gordon Griffiths of lhe
Y.U.O.A.. l-.ld :.r. audience at C'c fn.
i\'i-*:,:!:>-, '.:.: t. lie v.as fToiid to \>i: ;i
V;'< l.ih: : ...   t'.l".i:u^ii   lie     r."a->   unahle
 ai:f.*tiri!*i: of Paradise."
ov.e.'er, lcinil one thinp in
- that the letters
>c   translated     to
lo  spe:
fie had. !i
Welsh  ar.d Ilia-
Y.'.r.C.A..   s,i;e*.
mean   ''V:.]v.   Mae   C'elle    Arderch(.*r'
("fit re is a r-phn<Ii<l  opi*ortnnity."j
CliJJrtK  KuIrtCE POSTS.    Fanners  ivlieu
  in want oi Cedar Fence 1'ost?,  Ijc sure  and
ttit       r, o       tr\i j    in.        (write us for prices on carload lots delivered
Men  Bear  Sutrname    O     and    there   at  your  station.    Also  for Telephone  Poles.
Wc  have  our  own  Timber  Limile  and   cau
give' von tlie best values goiiitf.
LTJMiS.ER in carload lots.  Strictly highest
are Towns Called 'A/ 'Y/
and 'U'
Have you been to A? Perhaps you
have. It is the name of a town in
Sweden. There are at least seven
European rivers called Aa.
If not, possibly yon have been to
O?    This is a plain, common    sense
Many a- serious illness lias been
avoided bv the prompt use of Dr.
Williams'*P<jk'Pills. These pills actually enrich and purify the blood,
and in this \.ay build ii]> the system, tone and strengthen tli�� nerves
and  invigorate thc vital organs.
Serious diseases generally come
from some simple disorder that has
been neglected. Therefore any lliin-
ning of the blood should bc looked
upon as a warning sign, and more
serious illness should be avoided bv
the use of Dr. 'Williams' Pink Pills.
In the case of young girls and wo-,
men thc blood is peculiarly liable to
get out of order���to become thin and
watery���and to lead to ;i general
breakdown in health. This caii be
avoided hy thc occasional use of Dr.
Wil'iams' Pink Pills, which are suitable for thc most delicate constitution. These pills will give you a new
appctile, improve your digestion,
lone and strengthen weakened nerves, banish depression and lack of
energy, clear the complexion of
pimples and blotches, cure pain in
the back and general weakness,
cause the disappearance of headaches, dizziness and heart fluttering.
Give these pills a fair trial and you
will soon note a wonderful change
iu your condiloii. Your spirits will
brighten, good health and strength
will return, and you will feel like a
new person. You can confirm these
statements by enquiring among your
friends almo.sL anywhere, as thou-
sai.-.ls and thousands of hopeless sufferers have been restored to titw
health and e'nergy hy using Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
You can get   these    pills through
any medicine dealer or by mail nl 50
j ft nt--  a  box  or     six  !io:<< ;   for   S2.SU
ili'*i;i     Tin-  Dr.    William**'   Mr-du ?
('...,   J'.rorUille,  Out.
Grades of Coast Lumber and Shingles. Send
us your bills of Lumber for prices bciorc
ordering elsewhere. l'riccs lowest Wholesale, Shipments direct from Mills.
CEMENT AND WOODFIbRE PLASTER in either full or mixed carload lots.
SALT in carload lots for prompt shipments, which can include Common Coarse or
miration   vi-IiiVIi'iiiv "mir�� fiinilinr wttli   1?ilie  Stllt'  Dairy   Salt-   Lump  fiock  Salt   or
question, vwiicn any one taimiiai win |fi(ty pouud ,urd 1)resswl salt -ia biocks for
the highways of Normandy would
immediately understand. For in
Normandy twenty, miles from Argcn-
ton, there is a village of thc name of
O, where the local magnate is the
Marquis d'O.
Nor is he the only gentleman of
this name, observes the Atlanta
Journal. Both in Brussels and in
Paris this surname, the shortest in
thc world, is to be found. When the
son of a Mine. Tlicrasa O, who was
the proprietor of a Parisian cafe,
reached the age of.military service, a
few years ago he had to acknowledge
that he could not write.    "Sign your
nnd   Vellow
Live Stock.
SUGAR.     Both   Granulated
Sugar in carload lots or less.
FENCE  WIRE.     Either   Barb  .Wire
Woven Wire Fencing, in any quantity.
Write  us  for prices on  any of tliesc  and
state   quantity   desired.       The  first   here   to
ship direct from  Mill to  Consumer.
Merchants   Bank:  Bldg. Winnipeg,   Man.
Escaping From the Turks
Three British Officers Had an Interesting Experience
An entertaining story of the cx>
name with a cross,. then," said thc periences of three British officers
authorities, handing him thc official who escaped from the Turks is told
paper.    And  so,-although  his    name  bv a relative of. one of thc trio in a
was really O, he put down G; which,
on thc face of it, docs not scent any
letter to a staff officer at Ottawa.
Eluding their guards the three  officers' made    their    way    across the
There are several one letter places , desert.    Their first adventure   came
in the world's geography. In the Zti3r:  the day following their escape when
der Zee there is a.bay called Y, and
there is a  town called Y in  China.
China has also a city called U, iu the
province of Tdonaii.
It has been said that  O    is    the
they suddenly came upon thirteen
Turkish soldiers. Thc officers resigned themselves to recapture but
were astonished and delighted to discover after some parley thai thc sol-
shortest surname iu the world, but diers were deserters "fleeing from
the shortest Christian and surname ��� ihe hardships of lhe Turkish army
combined  is  probably  Eda  Kk,    the   to some unknown destination.    Tha
brief appellation of a Massachusetts
woman. Ek is an- old Irish-Swedish
name and was bonic by a famous explorer, John ICk, from whom thc living Miss Kk is descendant.
The conditions of sciui-slavery iu
which Polish laborers in Germany
aie living, is illustrated by an advertisement appearing in a recent issue
of the Deutsche Tages Zeittuifr offering to exchange fifty Polish laborers, twenty men and thirty girls,
for tin*, same number of other hands.
XX i
-'���L..:iy 1 . ripi. ui> r.(,'L I,
vnhir fit .<-kiimii.-d n ilk W!
ihj fat which is n-iiioivit
V( t it Ji;i., ;-.|| (be j.rnlcie
:.r.d as ;���!<.\i.i .-, ;; 1. -(.hi 1 -
<:*ry fo* '->' ,\-ing children,
f�� vi fucil-. tlml  can  be giv:
it ha:
in er- iin
cvii!cut i
"Mj. \ki\i. llti-. \\ill hurl un- jiuii'c
1 hun it will vol.," .".ai'l tin* boy'.;
lather, iingciiug tlie* simp���and for
one" it uj�� true, i'nr lhe- old man
li..d i;i _-i_iiiMi_."'. ii: both  aiin-i.
British Machine
Was Shot to Pieces
! 1
"Hhyniesby is really a  great poet,
nt lu* is always in debt."
"\\|��!     He's  the  guy  thai put   the
<>\vi   ii  ii  poet." .    .
two parlies thereupon joined forces,
and were proceeding amicably on
their way when a Turkish patrol appeared. There was no doubt of thi
hostile intentions of this body. A
sharp fight ensued, resulting in tha
capture of eleven of thc patrol. With
these prisoners in their hands tlm
British officers and thc Turkish deserters marched forward, ultimately
landing in a Russian camp, whern
the British officers received an enthusiastic welcome.
"There's a great deal to be said
ou both sides," he asserted.
"Oh, I suppose so," she replied
wearily; "but what's to be said on
thc  other >idc   doesn't intercut   m".-'
,u  tha
.'���XfSKU) Wt*'-
better tliau skimmed  milk,
It is best of all for lhe kiddies
v.hcn giim as u drink. It is also
valuable i;i cottage cheese. The
manner of making this is very simple. Tlie milk should bc allowed in
sour and should then be heated over
hot wrClt-r ?n that the curd will b^
WiiderWJii*n tin: whey begins to scp-
ar.il��- f'.-��t;> the curds the who!;:
'X iiii{- should bc put into elu:i'-o
t'oth  :.nd alloivrd  to drain until lhe
; curd  js  fiee from  moisture.   Then  :;
|i;Lilc salt should be added and the-
���-l-iCj.e mobed until il is .smooth. It
Chii be servrd cither with milk
and-FUgar or with salad dressing and
eaten along v,ith bread and butter.
For children whose "digestion 1?
not very strong, skimmed milk 15 ���
much more valuable than the whole '
milk. Tlie skimmed milk is not so ���
apt to curdle in the stomach and in- ���
terfftres less with normal digestion, j
Skimmed milk furnishes about half j
the amount of calories that v hole
milk furnishes, the difference being,
thc fat contents   - [
"Love makes the world go round,"
quoted    thc Parlor Philosopher.
"Ye?!     but      snarriaerc      generally
squares   things,"    added.' the    Merc.
Man.���Town Topics. '
For Constipation
Carter's Little
Liver Pills
will set you right
over night.
Purely Vegetable
Sawtll Pill. Smtll Ctoe, Small Pric*
Carter's Iron Pills
Will restore color to th�� Hct�� of
tboM "who lack Iron ua the blood,
U moat fmc-lacttl  people do.
On-;   Jividence    of    Nature    of    thc ]
! Fighting in Cambrai  Region j
I The iialun: of the lighting in thr!
("runbrai region can be seen from;
tlu- experience" of a Uritish pilot
whose machine was literally shot lo
pieces by ribe and machine gun fire
aud who iinally crashed down behind his own lines with ten bullet
holes through his clothing, although
he himself was unhurt. Another
yoiinj; airman prc.-cnted himself at
Iie.idqimrters after having been shot
duwii for the. third lime within two
days. Ue was delighted over bis z-k-
pcric'io; and inmicdh'trly applied for
another machine so lliat he mighl go
out  again.
j     One aviator  attacked  a column  of
'German  infantry m^rcbiutj  in    vlo.-c
, formalion    and    hurled      two   high-
power bombs  directly among them,
��� The  troops  scattered    and    as    the
aixiucn whirled  away    JEie  saw    tyro
heaps of    dead    about  iuigc crStcra
I ..^aibs    had torn in  the
J T,*i>n> were inniimcrab!*  cases
'of  airmen   successfully bombing airdromes,    troop  transports and    gtui
; ctcr.s.    A  large   number of^ artillery
! crews were    wiped    out   .cither    by
machine gun    fire at close  range or
by bombs.
W.     N.     U-     1189
YVi1Iic~-"Oh,    mother!    The   train
killed a man on our railway    cros-
. sing!"
1    Mother���"Thank Heaven? Kow wcj
can get that crossing pnrUctcd."
The Useful,  Durable,
Practical Present
for men, women
and the young folks
���at the front, in camp,
business, homfe and college,
$2,50, $4.00, $5.00 and up
Coijitnr'enJ to Bay, Bam lo Stnd
Sold by Best Local Dealers
_L E. Waterman Company, limited, Montreal THE    LED0E,    GREENWOOD,    B.   0,
Outdoor Workers
are subject to exposure to all fcinda
of weather, and strenuous outdoor
work brings the rheumatic aches. You
can't afford to belaid up, so heed that
first twinge of rheumatism. Use
' Sloan's liniment Clean and con.
venient, no need to rub, no stains,
no clumsy plasters and your pain
Sprains, strain.' neuralgia aclie* ami itiff,
Bore muscle* are all relieved by the application of Slosh's Liniment.
Generous sire bottle* at al! druigUt*
25c. 5Cc 51.00.
Minimize The Fire
Peril By UAng
Chemically Self-Ext in gui; hing
Saskatchewan's Plan
For Ujg Production
Provincial      Government      Extends
Work of Agricultural
In the Saskatchewan legislature,
Hon. VV. R. Motherwell, minister of
agriculture, made an announcement j
on behalf of the government of thc
plan which will be fo'.lowed by this
province in the Dominion-wide campaign for greater hog production. In
brief the plan of-the provincial government is to extend the work of
thc agricultural department in the
matter of pure-bred cattle and hogs.
The government intends to buy
young sows off the Winnipeg or
other stock yards and ship them to
central distributing points in Saskatchewan. They will be so?d, bred
or unbred, as desired, to the Saskatchewan farmers at cost, for cash.
Unbred sows will be shipped as ord- _
ers are received, and sows to be bred;
will be kept for four weeks before
being shipped. Boars will bc used
for breeding purposes, and the de-.
partinc.nt will follow as closely as
possible the wishes of the purchasers as to breed of boar to be used.
In thc cities, towns and villages the
plan is to breed a number of s.uvs
jto farrow in May, and kept bv lhe.
'government until their litters can bc
weaned and sold to householders
who apply for them. Urban_ municipalities will be asked lo modify their
by-laws if necessary to permit of
pigs being kept."
The United Grain Growers Big Profit on Herd of Cows
It's wonderful how quickly a hot
bath with Cuticura Soap follower by a
gentle anointing with Cuticura Ointment relieves itching, burning eczemas,
rashes and chafings^-permits sleep for
infant and rest for mother, and points
to speedy healment in most cases when
it seems nothing would do any good.
This is only one of the many things Cuticura does for the skin when used for
every day toilet purposes.
Sample Each Free by Mall.  Address postcard: "Cuticura, Dept.N, Boston,U.S.A."
Sold throughout tliu world.
The Largest Farmers' Co-operative
Enterprise in the World
���By the amalgamation of the Grain
Growers' Grain company, of Manitoba, and the Alberta Farmers' Co-op-
! erative Elevator company, which was
confirmed at Calgary, Alberta, a few
days ago, Western Canada has probably the largest farmers' co-operative
enterprise in the world. The company which is now known as the
United Grain Growers, Limited, has
more than 35,000 shareholders. Its
assets amount to $6,000,000 and its
total turnover last year was $100,000-
000. It operates 333 grain elevators,
200 flour warehouses, 184 coal sheds,
two terminal elevators, two implement warehouses, and a large timber
mill. It also owns a large timber
tract in British Columbia which will
henceforth supply lumber to the company's shareholders and other farmers in Western Canada. Jn the company's offices, warehouses, elevators
and live stock departments there arc
nearly 1,000 employees. Thc growth
of thc company expressed by the
above figures is extraordinary, representing, as it does, only eleven
years' effort in this field.
Thousands of thoughtless people neglect colds every winter*'
A cough follows; they get rundown���then stubborn sickness
sets in.. This can be prevented easier than it can be cured.
If you will give your system the benefit of a few bottles o|
The Need for Food
Steady Market for Foodstuffs Is
The Matches With
A fterglow "
EDDY is the only .Canadian
maker of these ��� matches, every
stick of wlitch has betii-treated
with a chemical solution which
positively tcnsuyea the - match
'becoming dead wood once it
has been lighted and blown
out. ���������������'- ~ X .
Look for the words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on 'he,
Reports of the production of food
stuffs in France during the past year
indicate to what extent the older
lauds arc becoming dependent upon
the American continents for food.
Roughly speaking, France seems to
havc had barely half a crop this
year, in spite of the great need for
food of all kinds and the difficulties
of importing it.
The fact is that for a number   of
will  havc   to  buy   every    pound    of
foodstuffs  thc  American    continents
arc able to    spare. -  Production    is
T ,    ��� , .     i nearly at a    standstill    in      Europe,
January and l-cbruary excursion. T,icrc h *10 mcans of rcIiiviproiatiiiR
rates to Vancouver Victoria and the s0;, in the customary manner,
New Westminster will be cflec -ive. j and thc fertility, of the fields has been
The company have published attrac- practica|iy destroyed. It will take
ttve literature, descriptive of tticsc {years after world shipping is on a
events which will be sent upon re-, nonnal fcas;s to restorc the fertility
quest to nearest C.P.R. agent or by j of thc fields of France, and Gcr-
addressmg Geo. A.  Wilson,  General  manv_ and    Belgium    and    Austria.
C. P. R. Annual Excursions
Excursion Rates to Eastern Canada,
I     United States and Coast Cities
I    Thc annual excursion rates to the
;East, as well as home visitors excursion rates to points in the United
States, will be in effect daily dicing j
the  month  of December.    The  i plid j        g  fouowinK  thc war> as  w��jl
vestibuled. no    transfer,    two    oftily   for thc actua|  pcriod of it,    Eur
through    trams   (Canadas   Finest )   ...�����   .    ..   1          1
of thc Canadian Pacific Railway offer
travel in absolute comfort.
n certain dates during December, | ncarI      t a    standstill    in
Iaaiuary    and     l-cbruary     excursion   T,iere-j$ ,*10 mcans of rcin
rates to    Vancouver     Victoria    and  the so5, in the    customary
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Pacific Coast Excursions
Passenger Agent, Winnipeg.
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travel via "The World's Greatest
Trt&ftAPION .ffiSfiM-
���teat ��uci e����. curescimomc weakness lost viaoa
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THEHAPION ��iK.5��Dcu.fc
MiT.aavT.UAUr *sri.��D to all genuine r^cim
.. "vl :afi,- ;;?lcj!3.}z~gti!'ctlni m-ik
rtr*.- field' in tSTee d^jrrecs ��
MrmjrUi. h'-x 1. SI. W-j. ?. ��i
N'cl 3, JS; pef hex.    Sold; by' ��U
���rfnisrSnt'!, ��r seat previa Is
plain [>ac!uia:a c;i rec Ho*, oi
price t'ree p;'.n:ph!��t /.rfd'e^*
Tori**, Orf. (fWMi^H'fiutsfJ
Europe has used up its credit, speaking agriculturally. England alone is
able to bring comparatively new
land under cultivation, and to do this
England is destroying pasture land
Belgian Armyi3 a Kealrorce  upon which in the    past    thousands
upon thousands of cattle have been
Plant and
P. ���
M:;-!:t:c?t r.v.-ir.2
ev:v r.'.Hicd. ��"
!:b:-y.iov.', Stcril-
\v:X .-.fid I*rcr,��.'
i:;:c C.-ilvi^S, c:i =
cr . c.io liuadfsri
fat1,;���. irc3?cd".-in
5 ni'Vi'.tcs. Use
���*::; iialf of pr~
.;--r-li-i'rt-. il - "11
���.-���;i;!!iil       rctiuii.
������.;    balance    ar.d
' .���; r.ytim-   motley.-
."K.r.lf  Savir"
i?u.? 25 iioiir'do
���y,:.)'--. S-crid for
tn-i::(:d..i*.'.Mte:'.   -~
.X i phoducts' '
OiEiice,   Edmonton,   Aiterta.
O.   Box,. 321    ...
Ten Divisions Strong, Well Organized and Impatient to Fight
Ten divisions strong, the Belgian
army is ready to take ils part in tho
offensive in Flanders whenever _ the
word is given. The Belgian minister of war told the Associated Press
that the Belgian army was composed
i of 117,000 men at the beginning of
! the v.^ar, increased by 20,000 volunteers iu August, 1914, and reduced to
60,000 men afler the battle of the
Yscr. Since then, by rile enrollment
of Belgian refugees and the enlistment of volunteers, who havc braved
the live wire barriers'.on the Holland
frontier, it has been brought up to
. t'cii divisions of well trained troops.
! "If our army has not Undertaken
! operations of a wider scope up to
: liiis lime," said thc minister, "it is
because it does not devolve on it to
decide thc moment when, these operations should begin. The army _ is
only a part of the combined allied
force's acting in union and in accordance with, carefully developed
plans. The.army has valiantly filled
lhe roll, more ungrateful than glorious, tlu.t has been assigned to it. It
has just proved by. its bril'iant participation in the last offensive in
Fb.ndcrs that it is ready to attack
vMtli fervor and awaits impatiently,
the hour.".
Sumniarizing   the    work    of
Bdariati arm-- during the war and re^
fattened. Importations will havc to
make up Europe's requirements un
til fertilizers
bring thc  soil  back  to   the  standard
it once had.
Canadian Northern  Railway   Is
fering Special Inducements
to Tourists
Just a few miles away on our own
Pacific. coast, other folks are enjoying thc temperature and sports af
summer. Boating and fishing and
surf bathing can be had out there,
while it is pretty cold on thc prairies. Greatly reduced fares are offered by thc Canadian Northern
Rail y, and tickets arc on sale
Dec. & to 8, 1917. Jan. 6_to 12, 1918,
and Feb. 3 to 9, .1918. All tickets
good to return up to April 30. Tickets may be purchased for New Westminster, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco. San
Diego, Los Angeles or any other
place on the Pacific coast jrou -wish
to reach.
Alberta Fanner Has   Big   Turnover
in One Year
As an instance of thc profits that
are being made with cattle in Western Canada, thc .case of a farmer ol
Spring Coulee, 'Alberta, may be cited. This is 'not an -isolated case, and
many ... other farmers can perhaps
show even .better*;results. A year
ago hc purchased at the Calgary
market a herd of cows for which he
paid an average price of $65 a head.
Of these ninety-five have calves and
seventy odd arc dry. The latter were
jold at Calgary last week for an av- mi  /���'    i l   i ��. ��. ��.L       _J
eragc price of $94 a head.   Reckon- you will hnd your whole system strengthened.
ing $75 each as thc value of thc rc-
��� i'"ing cows and $40 as the value
of the calves, at which price thc
farmer says hc can readily sell them
at any time, they would realize ' at
least $115 a head. His gross profit
on the investment for the year
would, therefore, amount to 44.'5 per
He says thc cost of handling these
cows during the year did not amount
to more than $6 a head. Interest on
the sum invested on each cow would
amount to about $4.50. The net profit for the year on the investment,
therefore, works out at 28.4 per cent.
It Will
fortify your lungs and throat and enrich your blood
against rheumatism. Scott's is powerful concentrated
nourishment without drugs or opiates.
Don't neglect taking Scott's���commenoo today*
Scott St Bowae, Toronto, Cat. 17-17
Uruguay's City of Roses
German Atrocities
$100 Reward, $100
The  readers  ol this  paper will  be pteased
lire used  extensively  to > to  leara  that  there  is  at   least one dreaded
disease that science has been able to cure in
all its stages, and that is catarrh. Catar-h
beinjt    greatly    influenced    by  constitutional
From    "Through    South    America's
Southland," by Dr. J. A. Zahm
But the gardens! And thc flowers!
Never have I seen in any part of thc
world such marvelous exhibitions of
flowering plants and shrubs, native
and exotic, as arc found about the i
homes and quintas of the Montcvid-1
cans. They surpass in profusion' and
exuberance even those of Rio de
Janeiro, and that is saying very
much indeed. California is jusily
famed as a ilowcrland. So is the
I French Riviera. But I havc never
iseen in cither of these favored regions of Flora such gorgeous displays
of bloom as I have ���witnessed in and
around Uruguay's magnificent capital.
With backgrounds of palm,
orange, myrtle, magnolia, bamboo,
mimosa, alternating with the native
paraiso and ombu trees and the Australian eucalyptus, one finds beds of
pansies, carnations, maguerites.
and lilies, together with hedges of
lilac and guclderrosc and cinearia,
while walls and houses arc covered
with mulli-colorcd draperies of \vis-
taria, honeysuckle, ^-Bougainvillea,
and numerous other creepers of every form and huc^
It is, however, in their roses that
the Montevideans take their greatest
pride. Thev are found everywhere
in private gardens and in public
parks, in clumps and hedges, trained
to trellises and columns, or falling in
showers over walls and railing's. But
nowhere are they seen to    such ad-
A Young American Who Tells What
He Saw
An American college student who
served in the ambulance corps for
four months at the western front relates thc following in thc Vale Literary Magazine:
"The morning following this, the
section went into C , which village had been abandoned that night
by the Bodies. As we drove through
the shattered town and past the Hotel de Ville a sight greeted our eyes
which was worse than anything wc
had yet encountered. Stretched out
I on a number of planks that had been
' torn from the wall of a nearby house
were three French poilus. Two long
bayonets used as spikes pierced each,
man through the shoulders, while the
hands and feet of each had been severed, interchanged, and tied in place.
Underneath the poor fellows the
Bodies had scrawled in black charcoal on a white board, "Stare and
wonder." Wc made photographs of
thc monstrous atrocity, threw the
bodies in a corner to await burial,
and proceeded to our task."
Convicted of Murder
Tn  live  stock   Europe   has  used   Iin ' conditions   requires   constitutional   treatment.
it=:   credit   too      Millions     of     cattl.     HaU's  Catarrh  Cure  is  taken  internally  and   vantage as  in     the     Paroue  Urbano,
us.uittii   iuu._    millions     ui     |.aLu.,- through the Blood on the Mucous  Sur-l-,,.,1   .���?,   il,P   Pa5m   -1��1     P-adn thrive
sheep  and   swine  have   been   slaugh- , iace3 oJ ���% System, thereby destroymg the a,1(1 .''I1    i j      e 77
tercd.    The-breeding stock has been   foundation of the disease, giving the patient exquisite pleasure grounds of the. in
to   supply  thc  demand  for I strength by building up the constitution ana
i ,.*.'  ' c   ,i,���   I,,  i,   _..:__   assisting nature in doing its work,     lhe pro-
because  Of the  high  price   pfietors havc so much faith in the" curative
Europe   will   havc   to    HU- ' powers of Hall's Catarrh Cure that they offer
breeding Stock     after     the ! One  Hundred   Dollars   for  any  case  that  it
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Ohio.   Sold by. all Drucgists, 75c.
| meat and
of feed,
port new
. war, and
America. Even then, until the stock
is brought up to normal, all the
meat consumed will have to be imported from this country, the United
j Stales and the Argentine.
1 Western Canada's future is assur-
red. It rests with thc western fanners to lake full advantage of the sit-
tialioii that has been brought about.
There vyill.'bc a market for every
pound of foodstuffs of any kind thcy
can sell.    That, is certain, not    only
,for  next year; but for a  number  of
��� years to come.���Saskatoon Star.
The most obstinate corns and
warts fail to resist Holloway's Corn
Cure'   Try it.- . ���..
Mashed or French Fried
.Dominion Express Foreign Cheques .ire
accepted by- Field Cashiers and iVw.-uaitors
in France for their-, .full face \-a!,ucv Tlic-'c*
is no belter way tb'sb'Md "riioncy.'to ihe lo;/3
iu  the  trenche.-j. -.-_.'.'"
A    magnificent    head-dress     over
four feet in height and-made entirely
'from   macaw    feathers...    has     been
thc |brought back from the head waters
cf the Amazon and deposited in  the
: museum  of thc University of'Penn-
���svlvania by Dr. William C. Farabce,
the explorer.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
A World Shortage
No matter, what'the 'final . settlement of the war may be, the.demand
for live stock and the productions
thereof is" bound to exceed lhe supply" for < many years thereafter. .Although it is possible exact statistics
may not bc -forthcoming ;. from all
the belligerent countries/sufficient'is
known to show tha* there has been
rrr^rr | furring to. its difficulties and lack of
j '������^uionient, thc minister recalled that
in  A'.irrnsi, 1914. the army h?d only
Oi-.c* machine gun for each 1.000 men,
;mvv   (fii'-e   IW.d puns per  400    ni'ii
villi  rminvjnition for on'y about SrtO' ��� ���	
shots for, each piece. It had no litrht} "Aliceiator of RvnC a MaWvr
mortars.' no...heavy nriillery, no 'pre-'! AIIl��8lW UI nyng a iTiartyr
indfs, no trench equipment,  no   am- ,.--.,'., ^���~   ^ ,        ,, " .
Jmb.,re,    no    pontoon carts,  not    a |English Admiral Was: Put to Death
'"ncr1? iviofor cvcle. It hml.only l.QO&i. .-:    For Too Rigidly Obeying
livy1 .-���?. two cppfiw Inlloons, a fr-wj Orders
s'.;|i.-���-;���.-!'������:.--?'rd  airplanes  and   a    few
Germans Said to Be Using Potatoes
in Making  Munitions
Potatoes arc being used in Germany in thc making of munitions.
The people of Berlin have recently
been asking why they arc only getting a seven pound ration of potatoes every week instead of the promised teti pound supply if the crop
was as large as reported by govern-
men bulletins. An official declaration has now been made that the
potatoes are being used in making
munitions. It has long been known
in Holland that the Germans use
potatoes for this purpose.
A letter in thc Rhenish Westphal-
i.in Gazette says that one powder
factory daily uses a huge quantity
for, spirit production and consumes
yearly double the quaiititj' Cologne
delivers annually to its 650,000 inhab
tional capital. Here there arc nc
less than 800 varieties of roses,col-
lecled from every clime. Thc rose
bushes themselves number many
thousands. The casual observed
v-ould say there are myriads of
them. They are distributed with the
most exquisite taste,' and their care,
as one ��ees at a glance, is for the
gardeners a labor of love.
Won Fame on Its Merits.���The
unbounded popularity that Div Thomas' Electric Oil enjoys is ���.'���'not ^attributed'to. any elaborate advertising,
for it has not been so advertised, but
is entirely due to the merits of this
Oil as a "medicine. In every city,
town and hamlet in', the country it is
sought after solely because of its
good qualities.
An Expert on Farm Profits
There is no business in the United
States that pays a smaller percentage
of profit upon, tlie capital invested
than is- the case with the general
farmer. It is true that prices of farm
products are high but it is equally
true that along with the rise in prices
.'has gone equal, if not gftater, rise in
ilanls. .This explanation is intended'the cost of producing_crop.���B. W.
to "silence grumblers bv appealing to | Snow, formerly Statistician of Unit-
their patriotic fcelinirs. j ed Stacs Department of Agriculture.
Farmer Living Near   Medicine   Hat
to  Pay Penalty  for Crime
After one of the most sensational
as well as one of thc longest criminal trials ever conducted in a Canadian court, Adam Neigel, a fanner
living near Medicine Hat was convicted of the murder of his wife
Clara Neigel by poisoning and he
was sentenced by Mr. Justice Hynd-
man to be hanged on March 22.
The evidence against Neigel was
wholly circumstantial, there beingf no
direct proof that lie had any poison
or that he administered it to his
wife. The circumstances proven in
evidence showed that he must have
given her thc strychnine in a glass
of whiskey which Neigel admitted
giving her. Witnesses who saw her
dip described symptoms that corresponded almost identically with those
of strychnine poisoning. Other witnesses swore that Neigel told them
he had poisoned his wife and the
chemical analysis of the stomach
showed the presence of .'strychnine.
Coupled .with these facts was _the
evidence of witnesses that Neigel
had been having illicit relations with
another woman, who..:'., it happened
Was one of the witnesses who saw
Clara Neigel die. The defence held
that she swore as she did against
Neigel to get revenge on- him for
telling her husband of the relations
tha had existed between them.
The jury did not believe thc story
of conspiracy and found that the
circumstances proved that Neigel
was guilty..
.. Little Tack Homer's "Plum" has
been partly destroyed by fire._ The
old nursery rhyme has a basis in
liisfory, and was written as a bit
of political satire. At the time of
the dissolution of. monastic foundations, a certain John Horner ��� was
steward of the great Abbey of Glas-
^onburg, and procured as his "plum."
thc Manor of Mellcs. Since that
time the eldest son of the Horner
family has always been named John.
Two Women of France
Brave French Woman Whd Was not
Afraid of Germans
�����,nu of thc stories of the war that
will be told to future generations of
French children is that of Mme. Pel-
lcquer and the village of Qucsniy,
north of the Oise. When war broke
out Mme. Pellcqucr was schoolmistress of the village school, her husband being schoolmaster at Mau-
court. Hc left for the front. On
August 19 thc Germans entered
Qucsmy. Thc mayor disappeared.
Mme. Pellcqucr took his place. On
October 1, when school was resumed, she combined the infant classes
at Maucourt with those at Qucsmy.
Between thc lessons she conducted
thc affairs of the village. She did
the_ work of two mayors and of the
registrar. She did thc administrative
work, and, above all, she was a ministering angel to the inhabitants..
The enemy admired and respected
her, for her goodness and because
she refused to give heed to the German-made decree lhat officers must
be saluted in the street. One day a
German lieutenant, seeing the maps
on thc walls of tlie school, pointed
out that Alsace-Lorraine were designed iu black "Why do yon separate them from thc empire?" he
asked. "Because they are ours," she
replied slowly.
Last March the enemy left. A
French lieutenant entered the village
with twenty mounted men. "It was
indeed a chief," said the officer, "that
I found at thc town hall when I arrived."
Maucourt also -will long be associated with the name of a woman���the
Coiutcssc de Chalbanne. "I would
like to adopt a village," she said to
the army authorities, and she adopted
Vfaucourt. She was responsible for
the erection, on its ruins, of small
houses built of wood. She decorated
them with flowers and flag�� and furnished them and then invited the inhabitants, who had dispersed, to return. "Come," she said, "return to the
well-loved ground from which thc
barbarians have chased you. Arc
they quaint, these plates? These curtains, are tliev stvlish? Come and
work. Already the grass hides the
stones. Tt. blots out the nifrhtmarc.
Come back, you can rebuild lat^r."
And the vi'lagcrs returned, a little
timid, a little friorlitcncd The Germans were so near.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
The Earl of Perth, who is a prisoner at "Rtihlcbeii, has received from
his fellow prisoners there the ti'le
of the Pearl of the Earth. The title
needs no explanation: the little it
does need is apparently supplied by
the fact that Lord Perth, who is forty-six years old. recently competed
in some soldiers' races, and made
the most eral'snt efforts to beat men
of half his age.
For more than a century the making of mats from bulrushes and other
varieties of rushes has been a house
industry along the Zuider Zee. Men,,
women and children are engaged in
the-work, which,; however, is poorly
paid, as thc earnings arc only 2-1 to
36 cents a day.
'><������<!Is  e" wh'rl.'ps tf'."srra">hv.
"T;i.A:'sgii.?t. PI7."'said the . ujii'irt-
ter.'"the HHcian nrny Iml twelve
Tiriies as many machine guns as i"i.
1914. sfven li'tirs as manv fidd. guns
snd heavy pjfcos, wiih
five Iin-..-.?
on hand
a shrinkage iu thc .hist .three years..o^tnneh- ammunition as a-ps
manv millions of'"head' of sheep, th<; outbreak of the ^ar.
iwine and cattle. Iii addition, the 1 ''Thr impression I'-at. has gotten
consumption of r Am^'i-production ���" of jajiroad that the !?d��.i,, . army, _ as
live stock has iVc'cu enormous and ! morgantzod w."< v-_fmiii>p''d. en*.ire-
���A flier    .the  : war :Iv bv mir own ;-!'i'< i^ ah error.   Bd-
       '     "of. all  he
there will be a setting*- of "lire house jfriuui exiled and deprived of all  nor
"1 nation that will take!rcrioiireos recdvod vrtu-rous hosmta'
will so    continue
In order bv eacl
��  long   period   lo-acftompUsh.  _-l;or
Uiis reason it is ih'c&'nib'cnt upon'Iive
itocfc breeder?- and farmers generally
to  exert all   their'; i'owcrs    towards
everv line '.of- live  stock production
Minard's Liniment' Cures Diphtheria.
.. It Kr.st Be a Knockout ;
. Gcrmar.v'has got lu. be defeated:in'
this war, 'it is not -enough that she
is now willing to- <l��il <>." tbe basis
of getting out oi Belgitimand Northern France, lcavi'g ������ those regions
desolate.    If the war ended as mat
ity an��l pow'-rful aid from -'her glorious i-.llir.s. Tr wa�� on h'rench ancl
Iti-ifUli poil th't all'tv^s to be done,
btit Bt-!"iaus themselves 't<yk up Hn>
���vorlc of reco'.isiritcMo'i. The Bd-|
���piitsraniiy crvaled by its own .cff'Mis ���
the f-i-fiil'M- part o*' what was indi'i-
fw-tis.vM"  for it  to. live and light.     Tl
General. Byng's recent achievement
on the Cambrai front in France I
brings to.mind the sentence of death.I
to one ..of his ancestors���Admiral i
John Byiig���-for "not doing the tit- !
most with his fleet for the relief 01 j
Tort Mahon in May, 1756." Hc was"]-
put to death on board thc Monarch j
at Portsmouth, March 14, 1757. He 1
suffered as a penalty for his too j
strict observance of form?, rules of j
(.liscipliue :and points of naval eti���.'
quctte; there was no imputation up-'"
on his hoiior or his courage. \
The account of his   death   in V��-!- '
laire's "Candide" is a fine bit of e-;i
graminatic .'writing:
Talliing thus, wc approach?'.!
Portsmotitli. . A. multitude of pcot'l ���
covered the shore, looking :it a sloi .
gentleman   who   was  on    his    knev."-
Ming iis  own  cannon;    i.iiaki.iig
,'fi powder and projectiles.'' .
: Mill.- r's Worm Powders will purge
tlu.''stomach and intestines'.of worms
so effectively and-so easily and paiu-
lesslv  thai. "the. most di-licatc    stom-
Bcale th;:.
with his eyes bandaged on the quart-!
! i -rtleek of one. of the vessels of the!
fleet. Four soldiers, placed in front:
of I11111, put each three balls iu lib; j
hend iii tlu; most peaceful manner. :.
and all the assembly then dispersed ;
fjuiU' satisfied.
"What is. all this?" quoth Candid.-,
"and what devil reigns here?" He
asked who was thc stout gentleman
who came to die in this ceremonious
man uer.
"tt  is  an admiral," they answered.
"Andwhy kill  the admiral?''    'Tt is
-becau��o lie  has not killed enough  of
oilier people.   lie had to  givej>att!e
to a Frciu'Ii admiral and they find he
did  not    g<��    near    enough to him."
"Bui," said Candide, "the French .ul-
:;iir;il was as far from him as he ^ as j
fr.nu   the  French admiral."   "That i^ <
very true,-'  ihey replied, "but iu tiiisj
c.-.Uiltry it i- useful to kill an admiral
now  i-Inl  tlun. ju>t  t->  encourage   thc
-('.   1>,    "iii   f he     Indianapolis
As to Internal Foes
Nine-tenllis   nf  wisdom    i^     being
wise  in  time.     We  were  not  v,ise in :
time.     Let   us   learii   from   our   pail j
follv  future wisdom.    Oi'r iir.-t  duty I
is to win this war, and llurefort- the I
shadow Hun within our gates is our'rest.
worst    internal    foe.     Our ucxt and
equally important duty is to prepare
against disaster in thc    future,    and Aberdeen's Generosity
therefore our    next    worst    internal      ^ raiivVay porter at an Aberdeen
foe  is  the  shccp-likc  creature     who  s\t\tc   &iation  was    transferring    the
invites  national disaster for  the fit- ]w.gage 0f a tourist from the   train
turc.by bleating against    thc tellingly the ,oCaI omnjb���3
of the"   truth    in    the    present.���T.
Roosevelt in Kansas City Star.
W.     N.     U.
Mr. Tom Wing, M.P., tells a story
of a venerable Scottish mother who
lias.lost four sons in the war. When
a sympathizing friend asked how she
managed to bear her sorrow, she
quietly Tcplied: "Well. I just keep on
knitting socks and jerseys; I count
the stitches, and haven't time to
count juy sorrows,".
,rW6at do they usually give you as
a tip licrc, my man?" asked thc tourist. '-"..-
For reply the porter pointed to a
large house some distance away, and
said: "Dae ye see that building up
yonder?"    .
"Y��aTt>ut what lias that to do
with it?" inquired the stranger.
"Oil, oafething; but that's.the poor-
honse, an* it's chokefu' o' railway
^porters,'* was the fligntficant reply. .
1ITH the brain as its centre,
the nervous system reaches
out to every organ of the
human body. From the spinal
column and from the various nerve
centres the thread-like nerve fibre3
find their way to every nook and
corner of the body, controlling all
movements atid action, and making
a living being of the mass of flesh
and bone.
Without the nerve force which
Is manufactured in the brain there
could be no beating of tho heart, no
breathing of the lungs, no digestion, no activity, no life.
It is only when you think of the
nervous system in this way that
you begin to realize its true
importance and to appreciate the
far-reaching effects of any derangement of the nerves. Any break in
this connection with the brain, or
any pressure on the nerve fibres to
interfere with the transmission of
nervous energy, means helplessness
or paralysis of the part affected.
It may be tho loss of power to use
To Learn the Cause of
Weakened VitaKty
.Seated Life
the hand or failure of the stomach
to do the work for whlch it was
If there is ever a time when
sympathy is needed it is when the
nerves give way. But you must
have more than sympathy if you
are to recover your nervous energy.
The feeble, exhausted nerve cells
must be nourished back to health
by the use of such treatment as Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food.
This treatment is so gentle and
natural in action that it admirably
suits the delicate condition of the
exhausted nervous system, and at
the same time is wonderfully
potent in restoring vigor and
A little patience is necessary in
order to build up the nervous system so far run down, but as headaches disappear, digestion improves, and you rest and sleep
better, you will be encouraged to
continue this treatment until restoration is complete.
50 eeata i box, i fnll ftwataasnt of 6 box��8 for $2.76, st all dealers, or E&nanson, B&tes & Co,,
2-tmlted. Towuto.; Do not b# teikod into accepting a ��ubrtitate.   loitai^iu only disappoint! 'X'Vv-.SXX
$2 a year in Canada,   and   $2.50   in   the
United States.
Editor and Financiei.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices     * 00
Rstray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  10.00
(Where more than one claim ap-
pears ir notice, $2.50 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, iionpariel
Thc blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Kettle Valley Resident Dies
After an illness of a few week's,
William Arthur Shillcock, a well-
known Kettle Valley resident, died
in the Sacred Heart Hospital on
January 31st. Mr. Shillcock was
44 years of age, being born in
London, England. He came to
Canada 30 years ago, and the last
14 years lived in this district. He
was a carpenter and followed his
trade until a short time before his
The deceased leaves a wife and
daughter residing on their ranch
near Kettle Valley. They have
the sympathy of all in their sad
hour of bereavement.
The funeral was held at Rock
Creek on Saturday and was largely
Hockey at the Local Rink
Three games of hockey were
played at the Rink on Saturday
evening last, between Phoenix and
tho local teams. The Ladies were
the first, teams to play. They put
up a classy exhibition before a good
sized crowd. The ice was in the
best of condition, which made play
very fast. The Greenwood Ladies
had the best of tho play throughout the game. Greenwood's goal
was put in not long after play had
started. It was made on a pretty
pass by Ethel Pond to Edith "Willcox who shot it into the net.
The next goal of the match was
registered in the third period by
Dot Fraser, who got by the Greenwood defence and from a side shot
was able to beat the goaltender.
The game ended Greenwood 1,
Phoenix 1.
The line up follows: Phoenix,
Goal, Mary Mussato; point, Mar-
cello Mussato; cover point, Mrs.
Harry McKay; right wing, C.
McKinnon; left wing, E. Larson;
rover, Kathaleen Carson; center,
Dot Fraser; spare, Mary McKinnon.
Greenwood, goal, Eva Murray,
point. Mrs. G. S. Walters, cover
point, Nellie Hamarstadb; right
whig, Edith Willcox; left wing,
Ethel Pond; rover, Gladys Jackson; center, Ethel Fergusen; spares
P. Spooner and B. Nelson.
Referee, George Clerf.
The Intermediate game which
followed was one of the fastest and
cleanest contests seen her in years.
It was full of thrills from start to
finish. Phoenix had the best of
the first period in which they got
1 goaL The second period was in
Greenwood's fpvor in which they
notched a counter. In the third
period Phoenix got 2. The final
score was Phoenix3, Greenwood1.
The line-up follows:
Phoenix.���Goal Blundell, Point,
McCammon, C. Point, Massberg,
Centre, Almstrom, Rover, Piper,
L. Wing, Sweedburg, R. Wing,
Elmgreen, Spare, Mussftto. Manager, Mr. Wren.
Greenwood.���Goal, R. Taylor,
Point, Schenck, C. Point, Plecash,
Centre, Jordan, Rover, Nelson, L.
Wing, McCutcheon, R. Wing, McKee.
Referee, George Clerf; Judge of
Play, A. Keating.
In the final game of the evening
the Phoenix Juniors went down to
defeat before the 'fast local Juniors
by a score of 3 1.
After the games the .teatns went
to the L O. 0. F. Hall where
refreshments were served, after
which dancing was had for a time,
Mrs. Ashby very kindly played the
piano for the merry throng of
Hockey Challenge
On behalf of 'The Cigar Store"
Hockey Team, I hereby challenge
the C. P. R, team to a match game
of hockey to be played in the
Greenwood Rink, Wednesday
night, Feb. 13, at 8.15 p. m.
On behalf of The C.P.R. Hockey
Team, I accept the above challenge. ��� Everything goes.
The above match will be played
on Wednesday night, Feb. 13bh at
8.15 p. m. The teams will start
as follows:
Cigak Store
Chas. Gauvreau
S. P. Dixon
J. L. White
R. Muir
W. B. Fleming
H, McGillivray
John Cropley
C. P.
0. P. R.
J. Ryan
W. Smith
D. McPherson
W. Nelson
R. Pond
L. Wing     H. Leonard
R. Wing G.W. Harritt
No one knows how they will finish but it will be well worth the
price of admission (twenty-five
cents) to see the conflict. Don't
miss it!
The winners of this game will be
challenged by the Ladies Hockey
The Knob Hill Hotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.  . Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty mealo.
A, 6. JOHNSON   '.���"-.     PROP.
Notice of Cancellation of Reserve
.'.Uo'tice is. liereby given that tlie reserve covering certain lands in the vicinity ot Nicholson
Creek, Similkameen Division of Yale District,
formerly held under Timber License No. 27545,
by reason of .1 notice published in the. British
Columbia Gazette ou the 27tli of December 1907,
is cancelled.
'���'-.  :- ���-,   O.; R.' NADEN,    '-���
Deputy Minister of Lands.
.Department of Lauds', Victoria, B. C.
Docen. her 12th, 1917.
Applications for the City Scavenging  for a  term of: three years,
will be received  tip to 5 o'clock,
p. m., Monday, February IS, 1918.
Schedule for   scavenging   charges
may be seen at the City Office.7: v;:":
���iX ft. B, TAYLOR,   *
'"' City Clerk.
Greenwood, Feb. liyiOlSXyxy.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.
iT^OAL mining rights of the Dominion
***** in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the
Province of British Columbia, may be
leased for a term of twenty-one years
renewable for a further term of 21. years
at an. annual rental of $1 an acre. Not
more than 2,560 acres will be leased to
one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sab-Agent of the district ih which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a Tee of $5 which will be refunded i/
the rights applied for are not available
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable butpu' of the
miue at the rate of five cer.Is per ton. '���:���'.
^The person operating t.9 mine :shall
furnish the Agent with "sworn''' returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royally
thereon: If the coal mining rights and
not being operated, such retails should
be furnished at least once a year.'.;..
The lease will include the.coal mining
rigbtsonly; ���; '-;.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or. Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.7
��� X'X':-M^i-x XX W.;wJ:.cory,--;:.:'ii;���y-
X'y:- Deputy Minister of the. Interior.!
7 N..' B.��� Unauthorized7 publication of'
this: advertisement: will not be paid for. ;. j
It is manufactured
tobgeco in its purest
It has % pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each,
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
~~ 60Watts~ ���    ���   ���   $1,25each
100    �����      x   -    -    2.00  M
200   "      ���   ,<   ���    3,50 "
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
It provides the facilities to talk anywhere at any time.
It is ready for service at any hour���day or night.
It is never-failing iu emergency of auy kind.
It places you within easy reach of your friends.
It gives you quick communication wilh the place where you deal
Its service is direct���instant���satisfactory.
It saves travelling.
It saves writing.
It saves money.
I Cbe Bume Bolel f
�� nelson, B<0+ *
The only up/to/date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
* Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Iyig-hted.
RATES 31.00. per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
^ ***^>^*^*^4��f >!���*�������� *.��*.*.*.*.$. ���!���.��*
���Economy and Satisfaction ||
combined with Promptness j|
are the features which go to JI
make up the Service we give JI
our customers/Are you %
ft one of them? I
y~       ��� '-"-..   - ��� ���   ��� .-~���~-?.~.     ,     - r^rr_-rr~r ���      .        ��
B Letterheads, Noteheads,       ~l
JE: .''.-..' (Ruled or Plain) =
fg Envelopes, Billheads, :=
ZZ'X-.   X";iy,. ;.. (All Sizes) ���.'.' =
g Statements, Business Cards, =1
ers,  Dodgers, &c, &c. 3
Over The Top"
Nature has made British Columbia rich and
beautiful- The waters that run through and
surround it, are teeming with edible fish, include
ing clams, Its lofty sky^scraping mountains are
filled with almost every known mineral* while
the yellow power of earth^goldf it hides amid the
sands of many a creek Its fertile valleys and
hillsides contain millions of<acres that are doing
nothing to go "OVER THE TOP/' for lack of
cultivation, Its forests of gigantic trees are the
envy of the world* The scenery is grandly
magnificient, while the climate contains the ozone
that puts pep into the human frame, filling it with
life, health and energy,
With all these advantages this Province
should have millions of happy people within its
confines, and yet it has a scant 400,OQO# Then
sings the little bird in the tree* "What's The
Matter With B, C/V
Nothing, except that it is like many a
business man. It does not advertise, or does
not know how. Turn on the bright light of
effective and suggestive advertising, until all
the world thinks and talks about this glorious
B. C, the brightest gem in the cluster of
Canada's provincial diamonds. Get a move
on, go over the top, waving your flag and
blowing your cornet in front of the millions
that have not yet been "swiped" by the red
hand of Mars.
In the meantime do not fall to boost your
own business by dropping a soul-touching,
money getting ad into Greenwood's Leading
Excitement. Come across with enthusiasm
and plenty of printer's ink, and the public
will shell you with dollars, until you grow
tired picking them up. If you are wise, you
will always advertise, in
and get your job printing atlthe same office.


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