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The Ledge Jun 27, 1918

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*ial z.
*T*�� ��H?
VbL.   XXIV.
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Carpets,
and Elegant Crockery
Plenty of Oils, Hanvare and Tinware In stock
MAIL ORDERS solicited from all points
of the Compass
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield Building
Standard Flour      Wheat Substitutes
GRAHAM and RYE FLOUR      Rolled Oats, Oat meal. Corn meal. Etc.
HAY.  Phone 126
CANADA FOOD  BOARD  LICENSE  NOS.  5���791   and 9-260
9   Yflll.    \jm    AITinUn3,     FLOUR  AND   FEED STORE,      a
��= Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 =5
B The   Food   Board   Asks   You   to   Save :3
-gg We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals 33
B We specialize in TEA and COFFEE in pkge or bulk 2
|     LEE A BRYAN     1
Jack Devereaux
���     IN "
. "America That's All"
Bessie Barriscale in. "HATER of ME"
Show commences at 8 o'clock.   Admission 15c and 25c
The Consolidated Mining k Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
V  .  - .'���. ':.
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead arid Zinc Ores
GV.O., LLD.. D, CL. President
SIR JOHN A1RD. General Manage*
KV.F. JONES. A��'t Cen'L Marker
- V. '
Capital Paid UR $15,000,000^; Reserve Fund, ��� $IJ,soo,ooo
Every effort is made to provide the bank-
x]%xin& service required by miners.   A     ^
Jl;:^;^::handlin��^:pf& re- ' ���. ���   ������ x -
%xixceipts. ^d payment*
H^JG. LUCAS, Manager
Auction Sale
Horse,    Cattle    and   General
Auction will be held at
Riverside, Rock Creek, B.C.
Outside buyers will be present
Ranchers, and others having Cattle.
Horses,  Chickens. &c, Farm Implements or other goods For Sale are
reauested to notify at once,
Life,  Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Brokers
Charles King
GREENWOOD,        - B. C.
A cooling Non-Alcoholic Beverage
"When Yon Want a Real Good Smoke
Ask for a Van Loo Broker
Fresh shipment of Bars, Marsh
mallows and Gum just in
AT Phone 4s
Front St Next to City Halt, NELSON
P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates   Given   on all Kinds   of
Granite and Marble Work
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ii
a. in. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars,, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B. C Cigar, Absolutely Guaranteed, Cleat*
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varies,    .   ,   .
Have you tried one lately?
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Cheniis*. Box biio8, Nelson, B.C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$i each. Gold-Silvej, .(single assay)
ti.oo. Goid-Silver .(duplicate /assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead jji.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc J3.00; Charges forothtr metals etc
on application.    :   ���
This liotel is operated on the Euro ���
, pea 11 plan, and rooms can be obtained
from 50 cents a night upwards. The
.Cafe never closes, tfight or day, and
within its portals you can obtain
everything in season, from turtle soup
to roast turkey. Do not forget this
when visiting the metropolis, of
'���'������: Kootenay.'
New Summer Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
The best Groceries in the country
MIDWAY      -      -      B.C.
At the Right Prices
See Our Samples
W. ElsonlS Co
Wanted ���At once. Girl for
general bou ework, Good wages..
Apply to Mrs. J. V. Mills.
For Sale ���Che%.p, 8 cows and
calves.    Apply   at  Ledge office.
For Sale.���160-acre ranch,
near Bouudary Falls. Ten acres
cleared and fenced. Seeded with
alfalfa aud clover. Good timber
and splendid range. For particulars apply to W. C. Wilson,
For Sale.���In New Denver, a
six-roomed house, other buildings, sis lots, and an orchard of
35 bearing trees. The location
rs extremely desirable. For a
quick sale, $1000 takes this great
bargain. Address The Ledge;
Greenwood, for more comprehensive information,
"Mamma, when people are in
mourning do they wear black
"Why, no, of course not."
"Well,  don'fe tbey feel just as
bad at nighfe as tbey do in tho daytime?"
Tit Knob Hin Hotel
xxiXx.PHOENIX. ...
���'���:'.""/ .One of the. largest hotels in     ;7 .;
���������������'���:���; the city.    Beautiful location,   ..     ���-.
-.yX,."x fitie rooms and tasty meals.
Bob Grieger, formerly of Greenwood and. Oroville is now a resident of South San Francisco. He
bas been in poor health for some
George Boag and Charles Ham-
nierBtadt have gone to Lightning
Peak to work the Waterloo No. 2
mine, that they bave leased from
Q.'A. Rendell.
Dr. Lawrence of Penticton died
in Spokane, following an"operation
for ulcerated stomach. His brother Jim is now working at the mill
site of the O. C.-C, near Princeton.
Chief Justice Hunter presided
at the Supreme Court on Mondav.
Fred Kettner, aged <jS, was fined
$100 for sedition, and made to put
uo bonds for bis future, behavior.
The case of rape agaiast Mehmai
a Hindu, was withdrawn bv the
crown. The civil suit ot Summers vs Turano was reduced to
the county court.
Tom McMullen is watchman
and night commander of the
Steamer Slocan on Lake Slocan.
The hills are all mined, but Tom
has never seen the periscope of a
submarine, even opposite Silver'
ton, although occasionallv a
"dead marine" can be seen floating calmly upon the smooth
water, unsung, unhonored and
Baby James McDonald of Phoenix drew the lucky number on the
raffled centre piece for tbe Sacred
Heart Hospital. James acted
rAther shyly before his audience,
but soon drew the ticket announcing Mr. Portmann the -winner.
As the; money collected is not going to be used for. the purpose intended, it will be" sent to the Belgium Relief Fund.
Around Home
Bananas are 70 cents a dozen
in Greenwood.
T. S. Knight is ,on a holiday
iu Vancouver.
J. P. Kelh came in from Spokane on Tuesday.
Jim Faulds is working in a
mine near Nelson.
W. C. Arthurs resigned his
position as alderman on Monday.
The sawmill at Lynch Creek
will resume operations next
Clearing Sale of Insertions,
Laces and Allover Laces. G. A.
Born. To Mr. and Mrs. Isaac
Fillmore of Westbridge, on June
18, a son.
L. L. Matthews has returned
to town and has taken a position
in G. A. Rendell's store.
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Spectacles and pipes repaired.
At the Central School this
week 25 pupils were examined for
entrance to the High School.
When in Nelson and thirsty,
call . on Ralph Nordenson,
(Gieven) at the Nelson Hotel
See our White Piques, Middy
Cloths and Chatnbrays. G. A.
Tom Peck sold his house in
Midway to Bob Brown. His son
Billy is working in a flotation
mill in Alaska.
After being at Farron all
winter Bill Tdates is now in command of the fast express, between
Kaslo and Nakusp.
Joe Bourque is drilling holes in
the Alpha near Silverton, and
John Bergman is iu the front line
at the Freddie Lee.
On Monday, Lloyd Lane, aged
9 years, was hit bv the mud gear
of a moving auto, and had his
face severely bruised.
Charley Dempsey is of the
opinion, that somewhere around
Hasselton, Harry Bretzins has a
cache of 'possum and sweet potatoes.
Harry Parker is keeping the
records for a battalion in France.
Although an Englishman he
looks well in Kilts and a Glengarry.
Alex. Dodds worked at the
Queen Bess mine all winter. He
has been taking a rest in Sandon
recently, not being in very good
Chas. Kinney is in Wayne,
Michigan, where he is working
in a large plant that turns out
tractors, etc,, for the U. S. government.
Bill Beach, the most famous
citizen of Christina Lake was in
town this week for the purpose of
sitting on, or rather in the jury
at the Assizes.
Miss Ethel Beattie arriyed in
Greenwood on Monday. Miss
Beattie spent the last tour years
with friends in Stratford, where
she took a course in college,
Prints and Overalls war-time
dance at Christina Lake pavilion,
on Dominion Day. Doll up if
you want to, but you will be fined
if you do. Fines go to the Red
Triangle Fund.
L. A. Smith was in town on
Friday on his way to: Anyox,
where he will have charge of the
Granby store. Mrs. Smith and
daughter will make their home
in Spokane for a time.
Jimmy MclJ&igall and A.,N.
Mowat are still hunting Huns in
France. Mowat says that he has
seen many a soldier, with tears
in .-'.his eyes, because he did not
get a letter, when the mail arrived in camp.
According to the registration
on Saturday, Greenwood has 684
inhabitants, 261 males, '���' 175
females, and 248 children. At
the Mother Lode there are 77
males, 38 females, and 70 children, a total of 185.
F. McGrath, a lumberman of
Rush City, Minnesota, and E. E.
DePew, of the S. B. C. railway,
Grand Forks, were in town on
1 hursday last. Mr. McGrath is
interested in 7000 acres of timber
land up the North Fork of. the
Kettle river.
Complimenting the lad on his
heroic action, and congratulating
the school on ��� having such a
studen t, Lieut. Governor Sir F.
S. Barnard, recently presented
the Royal Humane Society's
bronze medai for bravery to
Gordon McMynn of Midway, at
King Edward High School, Vancouver. , The 14-year old boy
saved the lives of Misses E. and
A. Kerr while swimming ia the
Kettle river at Midway, in Aug-
'.ust last   ���:,..,
No. 50
There are 35 autos in Nelson,.
with morn coming up.
A stranger wonld take the new
hospital building for a jail.
Working on the wagon road is
the latest diversion for business
men in this city.
Booze float is sometimes found
in Nelson, bufe it takes superior
prospecting to find the lead.
Who is the tall^Blender girl who
wears white eilk stockings with a
purple peacock embroidered on the
ankle of each?
Eli Julien has recently renovated the Nelson Cafe. ThiH popular
resort for gastronomical triumphs
never closes, and ife is the Delmon-
ico of Kootenay.   "'
W. C. Wells will return to Calgary Bhortly, and may spend the
winter in California. His son
George is afe Anyox, managing the
lumber intprests of the Granby.
For many months Fred Hume
has been clerking in John Bell's
store. Fred is not broke, but like
all sensible rich men he would
rather work, than loaf around
pink teas or other diversions of the
butterflies of modern society.
Mrs. J. J. Malone and her
daughter Edna, are in Los Angeles,
where Edna is taking lessons in
dancing. She has already refused
several offers feo appear on the
vaudeville circuit of Pantagep.
Quite recently, in company witb
other pupils from her school, she
took part in an entertainment for
the soldiers at Camp Kearney.
The spirit of fehe old west has
waned in Nelson. Host of the
business men are inoculated with
cent belt ideas, and are content to
fish for nickels, for fear that anything larger might break feheir
hook. Little wonder that so many,
houses are empty in a city, that
permits so mncn business to be
captured by Spokaue, Vancouver
and other cities.
Fred Starkey may be shy of the
mere dross called money, bufe he is
a millionaire in public spirit. He
is a boosting optimist of fehe first
magnitude, and has caused many a
dollar to nestle in Nelson, through
his skill in bringing conventions
to the city. The hotels and business men owe him a debt of gratitude, but it is a 50 to one shot that
they never gave him a pot of gold
for his labors, and in many cases
nofe even a thankful word.
Nap Mallette is becoming somewhat of a modern rancher. He
has a beautiful hillside ranch out
in Firyiew, upon which he grows
fruit, vegetables, chickens, rabbits,
hogs, etc. He rides tp and fro in
a motor car, and his house at the
ranch is a model of elegance and
comfort. Last week afe this residence, Nap introduced the writer
to a former old and prominent
spirit of the west called Hen essey.
He came from France some time
ago and had three stars around his
Western Float
Iu B. C. 6,665 families are on
the Patriotic Fund list.
George Talbot was fined 850 in
Fernie for being drunk.
Mrs". J. R. Pollock of Fernie,
died in Spokane fehis month.
Bob Madden bas returned to
Trout Lake City from the coast.
J. D. Anderson is closing bis
drug store at. Silverton, and will go
Scott Price was in Kaslo this
month, after an absence of many
In England now letters - require
three cents postags. A penny was
the price for 70 years.
Bill Henessey is working a gold
mine a? Indio, California. His
brother Jack is in Spokane.
B. T. Rogers of the B. C. Sugar
Co. died in -Vancouver lasfe week
from apoplexy, aged 53 years.
John Gable died in Vancouver
this month. He was a prominent
citizen of Sandon 20 years ago.
Tom Sweeney died in Kamloops
this month, aged 53 years. He
had been a C. P. R. engine driver
for 32 years.
A herd of Doukhobors are taking
hot baths at Ainsworth, They
take of their clothes before plunging into fehe water.
What is the name of that yonng
man in Grand Forks, who wears
corsets, and pain fes his face every
time he goes to a dance?
Tom Roadley is running a
butcher shop in Seattle. He was
one of tbe early owners of the
Lucky Jim mine in the Slocan.
The Columbia Flouring Mill afe
Enderby is being torn down. The
mill was too big to be run at a profit so far away from its chief base
of supplies.
The wheafe crop in the Imperial
Valley, California, was aHhatvesfe-.
ed by May 15, six weeks earlier
than wheafe is cut in any other part
of America.
Years ago, while workitig some
claimB on- Rogue river in Oregon,
Phil Aspinwall committed suicide
in his cabin by catting his throat
wifeh a razor.
Evan Jones is working a copper
property, near Med ford In Oregon.
He waB a prospector in the Slocan
26 years ago, and during the fir^fe
boom days in Kaslo he ran a cigar
sfeore with Volney Williamson for
a partner.
LaBt winter in San Diego, ife was
a common thing to see women
standing at a bar drinking booze.
This privilege was prohibited this
month, and women no longer have
any more freedom in that city than
Jackies or Sammies. Last winter
many a soldier could only get a
taste of booze by kissing his sweetheart.
James A. McDonald, railway
contractor, miner and farmer, and
one of the best known and best
liked men in British Columbia,
died on June 16. afe Hot Springs,
Ark., where he had been for some
weeke fof treatment This news
will carry sorrow feo many a home
and many a railroad and miners'
camp in this province. ''Big Jim"
was a favorite with all who knew
him. Some three years ago he formed a battalion at Vancouver and
went overseas, bufe his age and the
strenuous life proved too much for
him, and about a year ago he was
invalided home, and now he ia
���    ON.
:   OF NEW YORK, N. Y.
Member of the Board of Lectureship of the raother Church, the First
aiurch of Christ Scientist, inBoston, Massachusetts
���     At 8:30 O'clock
|c\l ifl'MiM   fiWlfffliWi   ft7WftNWQQfl��   ^ ^
* I 'HE Chevrolet 490 is an Investment, not an
X expense or luxury. Doctors, business
men, farmers, salesmen and ladies���all should
use the Chevrolet Four-Ninety and crowd more
energy, activity and business into the busy day.
The Four-Ninetg stands unchallenged tn its price
class. The electric starting and lighting equipment is most efficient The car is powerful,
roomy, comfortable and economical. The time
gained bg operating a Chevrolet more than
pays for the cost There also are two larger
Chevrolet models on display at the dealers*
MODCL 490-A S825. /��������*. Oihew*
There is a Chevrolet Showroom in your vicinity.
Call and see the latest Chevrolet models.
| Buy Your Oats Through Us |
5 We can offer oats in carload lots delivered at any station   in   the   S
S                                           West at minimum prices. 5
S                                  Consign  your grain  shipments  to S
| James Richardson & Sons |
�� Limited E
Saved the Day
Determined to Hold on to   the Advanced Line at AH Costs
_ "By his prompt.and'decisive-action and complete disregard of'danger he inspired ills incn with confidence; and if it hud not been for this
plucky decision, and courageous determination on his part the whole o:
the objectives gained would have iiad
to be abandoned." Tlie hero of. Ibis
striking official tribute is Second-
Lieutenant W. H. Mobcrly, Oxfordshire and Bucks Light Infantry. In
an advance against enemy positions
all three, company commanders had
been killed, and the troops on both
flanks had failed. to reach their objectives. Communications with' battalion headquarters failed, as runners were unable to get through-lhe
machine gun and snipers' fire from
the front and flanks. ]__ these circumstances this officer, determined to
hold on to the. advanced line at all
costs, and by defending hi.? flanks
and organizing, an effective resistance
to counter-attacks hc saved, the situation." Second-Lieutenant ��� ���Mebcr-
ly has now received the D.S.O.
Dust Causes Asthma.. Even a little
speck too small to sec will lead to
agonies which no words can describe.
The walls oi the -breathing tubes contract and it seems as if the very life
must pass. From this condition Dr.
J. D. Kcllogg's Asthma Remedy,
brings the user to perfect rest and
health. It relieves^ thc passages and
normal'.breathing fs firmly establish
cd again.Hundreds of .testimonials
received annually prove its cffcctivc-
��� ness. :-.  ��� ���
Hindenburg Horrors
Articles Now on Sale in Germany for
the Purpose of Fomenting
Professor Pazaurck, curator ot thc
Wiirtemberg Royal Museum of industrial Arts at Stuttgart, has oi-
ganized a chamber of Hindenburg
horrors inj.be museum under the
name of "Hurrah Cult Department."
It consists of an immense collection
of utensils and articles now on sale
in Germany for thc purpose of fomenting hero-worship of Hindenburg.
An article in the Berliner lllustrite
Zeitung, which pictures some of the
horrors, states that the demand for
them is so great that an entire industry for their manufacture has
come into existence and is flourishing. Some of the articles on exhibition are:
Petticoats embroidered with designs of Hindenburg.
Money boxes, in which coins arc
passed through his mouth.
Pincushions, in which pins niay be
struck through his eyes.
bpittons embellished with his like-
Soup plates, from the bottom of
which his face emerges when the
plates are emptied.
Stoppers for bolt'ies. consisting of
liis head in silver or brass.
Chair cushions, enabling one to sit
upon him.
Baby comforters, with which infants may De soothed by sucking his
Hindenburg dolls, from which thc
uniform can be taken 08 and replaced, including a breast full of
Pocket mirrors, reflecting one's
rv:n lace on one side and Hinden-
b:i:sr"s on the other.
It is stated that Hindenburg hero-
worship is now more rampant than
that lavished upon either Bismarck
or Zeppelin, who held the records
Thinning Them Out
Estimate German Losses in War to
Date at 5,000,000
German writers estimate the grand
total of Germans killed and prisoners, adding those dying of illness and
wounds and casualties in colonial and
naval fighting at J,000,000.
Karl Bleisteru, the German military
writer, declares in Neu Europa that
German losses on the west front between August, 1914, and August, 1917,
totalled 2,604,296. On the east front
he said the total of killed and prisoners was 1,484,550.
German writers -stimatc the German losses between August, 1917, and
January, 1918, as 367,450 killed and
taken prisoners "on both fronts."
New Law Enforced
Several restaurant men who have
either willfully or innocently ignored
the regulations passed by the Canada food board covering the conservation of food stuffs in public eating
places have been heavily fined.
For Sale by all Dealers
'Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont.
Striking Facts
On Wool Supply
The Total Wool Supply of the World
Is Only 2,700,000,000 Pounds
Since 1900 thc United States has
lost between 13,000,000 and 15,000,000
sheep, and if their value was turned
into wool and mutton it would
amount to just $15,000,000.
The armies now at war arc using
at the rate of 2,200,000,000 pounds of
wool annually.
The total wool supply of the world
is only 2,700,000,000 pounds. .
More than 3,000,000 sheep in Europe havc been killed for meat during
the war.
There are no sheep left in Germany
worth talking about, very few in
Turkey, and iu all the Balkan States
the sheep havc been greatly reduced.
England's wool clip was decreased
one-third; France has lost one-third
of its sheep stock, and thc same with
Austria, which leaves Russia as the
only European country that has not
suffered severely, having more sheep
than any other country in thc world,
and transportation between Russia
and this side of the water is rattier
difficult just now.
South American sheep stocks are
decreasing rapidly, also South African, while Ncw Zealand is only holding her own as far as sheep stocks
arc concerned.
There will not be more than thirty
million shearing sheep in thc United
States next spring, giving them 200,-
000,000 pounds���their needs being
750,000,000 pounds or a shortage of
550,000,000 pounds.    ""
"The Last
Quarter of an Hour'
A Tenacity That Rises Above Every
Depression and Returns Blow
for Blow
The one phrase of thc war, thc
words that best sum up our battle
and our task, the words to save us
from both elation and despair, fell
recently from the lips of Premier
Clemenceau. "Wc shall win the war
in the last quarter of an hour," he
There is 1.0 easy victory in this
picture. It looks to a desperate
struggle of giant losses, of swaying
battle lines, of advances and retreats, of bright mornings and dark-
nights, of days and weeks of yielding strategic ground, of mishaps and
local disaster. It looks as well to an
unfaltering will, a tenacity that
knows no defeat, that rises above
every depression and returns blow
for blow until, there in the last
round, battered, gasping, we still hit
���and win.
The phrase is go ���ad medicine for
easy optimists and easy pessimists
alike. Wait for the last quarter of
an hour. In the meantime, fight,
fight, fight!���New  York Tribune.
Baby's teething time is a time of
worry and anxiety to most mothers.
The little ones become cross; peevish; their little stomach becomes deranged and constipation and colic
sets in. To make the teething period
easy on baby the stomach and bowels must be kept svtfeet and regular.
This can be done by the usc of
Baby's Own Tablets���the ideal laxative for little ones. Concerning
them Mrs. Henry Bernard, St. Emile,
Que., says:���"Baby's Own Tablets
cured my baby of constipation and
made his teething    painless."      The
_     ���_,-        Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
Where is it   to I or by^ mail at 25 cents a box from
Menace of the Soda Glass
Millions of Disease Germs Found in
Careless ,  Washed Glass
One noon last summer while eating my lunca preparatory to sallying
forth to top it off with a cool and
bracing pineapple frappe my eye
rested^ on thc page of the newspaper
in which my repast had been wrapped. So does fate work. I brushed
aside the bit of butter that had blotted out what seemed to be an interesting part of thc article, and I read:
"An examination under the microscope of one carelessly washed soda
water glass revealed in thc thick
coating which covered it both inside
and outside lore than twenty thousand human cells and minute particles of skin. Clinging to a single
one of these cells there were counted
150 germs. The total germ population of the glass was estimated at 3
million, representing a dozen serious
Well, it was rather perturbing,
but out I went for my daily treat. I
got as far as the counter, and there
I stopped. And I stood there as
long as I could, watching the shifting
mob struggle to have the use of one
of the free for all glasses in use.
I turned sadly away, and my happy
nature became morbid. Life had
lost one of its joys, and all because
some sensational news gatherer had
gotten a few scientific facts to show
that the common soda water glass
was a menace to health,���New York
come from and how about
Canada's J The "Dr.    Williams'
Brockyille, Ont.
Shells of Long Range Gun
Weights 200 Pounds    and   Contains
Less Than Twenty Pounds
.   . ; of Explosives
The calibre of the shells that are
fired into Paris by thc German long-
range guns is 8,08 inches and .the
length;.'of-'the'shell is tweuty inches.
L'Hotnmc Libre, Premier Clcmcii-
ceau's newspaper, stales. The. shell
weighs 200 pounds, and contains less
than twenty pounds  of explosives.
The shell is provided with a fuse
protected by a threaded stopper and
has a diaphragm inside which di
vides the shell into two compartments of unequal size. Two holes in
the diaphragm afford communication
between the two pockets.
These    facts are accepted    as    aii
explanation of     the    two explosions
.which on occasions have followed in
quick succession,  and which  lead to
the belief that,two...guns .were firing.
The Spirit of France
Away From the Menace of the Hun
War Machine
Even in Paris, thc centre of. that
glorious spirit of.a France unconquerable, it seems that there is an occasional nervous otic who shakes
with the far-olt rumble of the guns
and wonders if hc had not belter be :
moving, farther away from the men- j
ace of tlie Hun war machine. Such
a one recently said tremblingly to
the Minister of Marine, Georges Ley-
gues, in thc chamber of deputies:
"So the situation is really grave?"
"Doubtless," was the reply.
"It is said that the government is
thinking of leaving Paris?" queried
the spineless one.
"That is correct," said the minister
of marine.
"Would it go to Bordeaux?" asked
the trembling one.
"Certainly not.. If wc leave Paris
wc will not go to Bordeaux, but to
Amiens," was the reply of the minister of marine which left his questioner gasping. ��� Belleville Intelligencer.
It is believed, that nearly 30 per
cent, of Canada is still undiscovered,
and if Indian reports are to be believed there is in the basin of the
.Mackenzie river one ol the largest
areas of possible oil bearing country on tlie face of. the earth. The
Indians report the existence of lakes
a hundred miles and over long in
Yukon, that no white man has ever
seen, while, even the Indians apparently know nothing of the as yet
untrodden Mackenzie Mountains,
"My Rheumatism fs
Aii Gone/' She Says
W,;-'.; N.7;;/U. ^ 1209;
Even a drop or two of Futnain's
Extractor takes the sting out of a
sore corn. Mighty slick work Put-
ham's docs on, a crusty old corn. Vou
sec Putnam's shrivels the Scorns up
quickly, transforms it to a bunch of
dead skin, loosens it from the toe so
you can pick it off, roots and branches, with your fingers. It's painless
���that is why Putnam's is so popular.
It. docs really cure quickly'���-ilia'.'s
why you should take a quarter to lhc
drug store today and get a bottle of
Putnam's Extractor.
Newfoundland Lady Tells How She
Suffered   for Years,   and How She
Found Relief.
. Exploit's Karbor, Notre Dame
Bay, -N lid. ��� That Dodd's Kidney
Pills are upholding their enviable
reputation in every corner of Canada
is evidenced, by thc statement ot
Mrs. Samuel Millcy, a well-known
resident of this place.
"For several years I suffered from
rheumatism and heart failure," Mrs.
Milky states. "1 used twenty-two
boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pills, and
my rheumatism is all gone. I know
Dodd's Kidney Pills are a. wonderful
medicine. JI recommend them to all
my friends who arc not feeling well,
and they, like myself, speak Iiighlj
of them.
1   used   Dodd's   Kidney   Pills   and
got Tclief.'.''���
Dodd's Kidney Pills act directly
on the kidneys. If the kidneys arc
weak a.id >k they cannot do their
full work of straining thc impurities
out of the blood. The result is
bound to b: sickness and diocase. To
keep lhe kidneys sound is to lay the
foundation of good health. Ask
yonr neighbors if Dodd's Kidney
Pills do not cure sick kidneys.
An Oil for All Men.���The sailor,
the soldier, the fisherman, the lumberman, the out-door laborer and all
who are exposed to injury and the
elements will find in Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil a true and faithful
friend. To ease pain, relieve colds,
dress wounds, subdue lumbago and
overcome rheumatism, it has no
equal. Therefore, it should have a
place in all home medicines and
those taken on a journey.
"So you want to get exempted.
Have you anyone dependent on
"Oh, yaas, suh; suah, sah. My
wife, she depends on mc, sah, to carry her wash home, sah."���Baltimore
Keep   Minard's
Liniment    in    the
To Raise Chickens
Oh Duty Elsewhere
An Irish soldier has just lost an
eye in battle, but was allowed to continue in the service on consenting to
have a glass eye in its place, says an
English paper. One day, however,
he appeared on parade without . his
artificial  eye.
'.���.:-''X6|an,",'wid. Lthc. officer,v'Vou. are
notv.-properiy : dressed. .Why is.your
'artificial':e'yje not in  its .place?" /
"Sure, sir," replied Nolan,. "I left
ft in.'.nie, box' to keep- an .eye on; mc
kit while I'm on parade."���Youth's
Companion..-.. .....-.���:���:. X::yyxy
Spend or Die!
The Price Which We are Paying to
Save Our Country
In the house of commons, Mr.
Bonar. Law moved a vote of credit
for ��600,000,000.. That, to quote Mr.
Hopkinson, is "a bit of money." It
is so. much, that the ordinary man,
used to counting the change of. a
pound, cannot realize what it means.
This gigantic vote is required to meet
a daily war expenditure of nearly
seven millions. This is the . price
���which wc arc paying to save biir
country and-.our. families from the
Germans. 'Pjjje price is heavy, but, as
the. Rev. W. B. Hanks said yesterday: "If they got_ here you would
have as much use for your money as
Dives had for his in hell." It is no
good, therefore, guessing at the ultimate economic effect of our tremendous spending. We have to spend or
die. Freedom, social progress, decent labor conditions, all will go unless we smash the power of Prussian
militarism.���London Daily Express.
Medicine    Co.,
The West is Sound
The West Is Coming to   the
With Flying Colors
Notwithstanding the gloomy predictions concerning the financial
soundness of Western municipalities,
and notably of the cities indulged in
a few years ago, the West is coming
to the fore with flying colors. There.
never was any real difficulty, worth j
the mentioning, in the financial affairs _ of thc rural municipalities; but
conditions were quite otherwise with
respect to some of thc cities and
towns of Alberta and Saskatchewan.
The important centres are making
rapid headway in setting their financial affairs in order; but to do so it
has required strict regulation of expenditures and thc careful collection
of revenues from taxation. ��� Monetary Times.
xxiXXXxX:- implied ChaxaciisrXXXXxX'Xy
iXiAiyloczl ^draper .tells. ;a:Ssto'ry>"pf: a
y6'ung; Inair.' frotiv Llanpup\psa;iut;4vlio;
went to London to obtain ;a.;;berth.:.i
'-���^'Ah!'' said- tile prospetftiye "ernplofc-
.er^Vivlia.t.-is':-. the meanings of ;k I4an*-
puhip^aittt?7" "-'-X.   '.'xXxxXyXyxy-yyi'xyyXx
vf''Thc';-Land:.of Five-$ai&;"iwas!_tlie;
reply,' Xxxx; .���; ��� X "��� Xi'yXyXXXXxXX
x-X'i^X there 'five; saints, there iTi$XXX
xxX'X^ot,i.p.pXX^X- P^tX::lwi"XXxXXX:
������:.: '"'���- " Very,v:i f Vyoii "Xx. efe r Xipi. :iXieXgyaMoX
������������ CAH>DA /
How a Boy or Girl Can Make a Start
in Poultry Line
Induce some farmer to loan you a
broody hen or two. Go to some
breeder of pure bred fowls and get
some hatching eggs. Several breeders will give you the.eggs gratis, reserving the right to pick out one or
two of the b .t of your flock in the
fall paying you 25 cents pcr pound
for them.
Get busy at once as the early
chicks arc. the most valuable. If you
do not care to wait, to hatch your
own chicks, you can buy day-old
chicks from some breeder. To care
for these you will have to construct
a brooder. If you arc living in town
and have electric light it is an easy
matter. If you will hang an electric
bulb 16 candle power carbon in a
small box about 10 inches deep so
that it will bc about, three inches
above the heads of the chicks, and
cover the box partly with a board, it
makes a fine brooder. By this method the chicks can be fed at night,
which is a great help when they are
very young.
Allow about ten square inches of
floor space per chick, and get a box
to suit the size of the flock. After
two weeks, they will require more
space. The temperature in the box
at the level of the chicks' heads
should he about 95 degrees for the
first week and 5 degrees lower each
week thereafter till 75. degrees is
reached. Get the little fellows put
on thc ground when about two weeks
old, if possible.
Do not feed chicks a thing till they
arc 48 hours old.    Many chicks    are
killed each season by feeding before
thc yolk is absorbed.   The first  feed
can be hard boiled egg, shell and all,
mixed thoroughly with  finely  crush-
, ed crackers.7 Bread soaked in    milk
and squeezed partly dry again is also
good.   Give  them   some  coarse  sand
or chickrgrit, also some finely. gran-
i ulatcd charcoal. Grated raw potatoes,
j lawn clippings, or lettuce is good for
| grccti .food. ;��� Begin using some good
���commercial .hick food when they are
j about ten days old..   Feed very little
j at a   time,  but   several  times    daily
j and late in the evening. .Keep them
i just a little hungry    all    the    time.
! Cleaii cold \vater must, lie kept : bc-
| fore them, all the time, in a fountain
so-arranged .that they.cannot get in-
j to it and get wet.    A cheap,   homc-
! made:  fountain can be  made  from  a
I tomato can  with  top cut out  nicely
! and a nail hole one-quarter inch from
! the top edge.   Fill it with water and
i place a saucer on top and invert it,
I the water will keep  at  the  level  of
I thc  iiail  hole as... the  chicks   use   it.
Scald  out  this can  each  day.       Hay-
chaff, free from dust makes good.litter in  the box ;for.-chicks  to  scratch
iii.-VGivc. liiclnVsoinc frcph":scraps of
nie'at frequently, just a-very.lit tic,, it
makes thenr exercise, ���-which, is .mosf [
beneficial':-.-^Chicks  require  plenty    of
fresh  air ?o do not..coddle  them' too
much, lot them run in the. open even
when'', quite  young,  yet  restricted   so
they cannot tret in" a--bunch  in-some
cold corner outside;the. brooder, and
get*chilled,  XX :- ;-,.
��� Free Trees for Prairie Farmers
The .Dominion .government is supplying 7,000,000 trees ��� and ..: cuttings
free; of charge to Alberta farmers for
planting and to be-used'as .windbreaks. ��� ��� Any farmer ;that -.will .��� 'prepare; the- ground, for.; planting . them
can .obtain.:: trees;'-':; Many .farmers
claim : that ; a; successfully ..grown
windbreak:'.-.ori a prairie farm in connection ::with;;.thc:buildingsv;.-:is": .'.the
best investment, they -'-have .. made.
From $5Q0;to $2,000 can bemadded'to
the value of a farm by a;very moderate ":expe.n��e in' this ���; way;.;" 7y:
The cheapness of Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator puts it within
reach of all, and it can be got at any
druggist's. -
Poultry in British Columbia
The following statistics on poultry
in British Columbia appear in Circular Bulletin No. 16.11, issued by the
statistics branch, department of agriculture, British Columbir. These arc
up to June 15, 1917: Hens, 600,229;
chickens, 735,449; geese, 8,322; ducks,
16,368; tnrkcys, 7,632. Total 1,368,-
000.    In 1916 the total was 839,000.
Jan Smuts for Chief of Staff
Should Jan Christian Smuts be appointed chief of staff to the commander-in-chief of the entente armies in Franc, there will be general
satisfaction throughout the entente
nations, and_ particularly within thc
British empire. Smuts is an answer
to every challenge uttered against
British fair play. Seventeen years
ago a general leading armies against
the British, he has been for four
years a champion of Great Britain
against the enemy.���London Free
At the Yarmouth Y.M.C.A. Boys'
Camp, held at Tusket Falls in August, I found MINARD'S LINIMENT
most beneficial for sun burn, an immediate relief for colic and toothache.
General Sec'y.
A Discouraging Query
A pretty< girl at an evening party
was bantering a genial bachelor   on
his reasons for remaining single.
"No-o-o, I never was exactly disappointed in love," hc said. "I was
what you might call discouraged.
You sec, when I was very young I
became very muc enamored of a
young la<ly of my acquaintance. I
was mortally afraid to tell her of my
feeling, but at length I screwed up
my courage to the proposing point.
I said, 'Let's get married.' And she
said, 'Why, who'd have us?'"���-Pearson's. -
Let 'em AH Come
The Lawyer���The    precedents are
against you, madam.
The Lady���Well, sue    them,    too,
I then.���Boston Transcript.
Babies With Itching,
And tired mothers rest after giving
baby a hot bath -with Cuticura Soap
followed by a gentle application of
Cuticura Ointment. Peace falls on
distracted households when Cuticura enters.   Trial free.
For tree eamplo eaob mdditaa poat-card
tliroiuhout the world.'
..     Cutl-
by dealers
Tlie Sonl of a Piano it tbe
Action.    Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
' Dominion   Express   Money   Orders   are  oa
gale in five thousand offices throughout Can*
light sewing at home. Whole or sparo
time. Good pay. Work sent any distance. Charges paid. Send stamp for
particulars. National Manufacturing Co..
ThesFarmer's Garden
Greater, Returns Than the Same Area
of Ground Devoted to Ordi-
xi .-X nary Farm Crops
XX"It is impossible," says a farming
authority, "to estimate the value of
the vegetables that may "be grown in
a garden on the farm." It is safe
to say that a home garden, properly
tended, will produce far greater re-
'tunis thin thc same area of ground
devoted- to ordinary farm crops.
While it is true that fresh vegetables form a comparatively small
portion of the diet in many farm
houses, it is equally true that there
is great satisfaction to all concerned
to have a good supply of vegetables
available for table use, in their season. Ask your food controller.' Vegetables and fruits contain most of the
essential salts required by the human
system so they combine medicine
with food. Home-grown vegetables
are preferable to those bought on
the market for good hygienic reasons, .veil known to those who have
to buy, or think they must.
Ask for Minard's and'Take no Other,
Private Simpkins had returned
from the front, to find that his girl
had been walking out with another"
young man, and naturally asked her
to explain her frequent promenades
in the town with the gentleman.
"Well, dear," she replied, "it was
only kindness on his part^ He just
took mc down every day "to the library to see if you were killed.
Too Little Exercise
'HE necessity of using medicine to regulate the action
of the liver, kidneys and
bowels is largely due to the
changed conditions of life during recent years.
Our fathers lived a life of activity in the open air. If they ate
heartily they had sufficient exercise to keep the liver and bowels
active and to thereby remove the
poisonous waste from the body.
To-day we get too little exercise
and too little fresh air. The food we
eat. is more concentrated and artificial. The result is much discomfort
and the development of serious disease from constipation of the bowels,
and torpid condition of the liver.
Kidney disease, rheumatism, lumbago, backache���all have their begin
ning in the inactivity of the liver
and bowels.
The great secret of keeping in
health is to look to the regularity of
these filtering and eliminating:
organs, and Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills is the most satisfactory medi-'
cine obtainable for this purpose,
If you read the reports appearing
in this paper, from time to time, from
persons who have used this treatment with good results, you will find
that Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
are effective where ordinary medicines fail. This success is due to
their combined action on the liver,
kidneys and bowels. One pill a dose
at bedtime as often as is necessary to
keep the bowels in healthful action,
will also ensure the regularity of the
liver and kidneys and thereby keep
the blood pure and the system free
from the accumulating poisons which
cause disease and suffering.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-liver Pills
One pill a. dose, 25 cents & box, all dealers or Edmanson Bates & Co., Ltd., Toronto.
Oo not be  talked into  accepting a  substitute.      Imitations  only disappoint.
"���>_*? JEHU   liffiTlffltl   ftBESaWOOD,    & Sk
Your Liver
has !mportant work to do. Under favorable conditions it does
it well. If sluggish, relieve it with
LwfMt Sale of An* Medicine in the World.
Sold arory where.  In boxes, 25c.
What the West is Doing   ' Redpath's Granulated
Sugar, $6.50 Per Cwt.
Destined to Play a Big Part in the
Moulding of the Histoi-y of
the Dominion
Men   wanted   in   this   and   all   other   towns
and   cities   by     large     Grocery     Corporation
j (capital   $50,000.00)   to    show     samples     for
(large Mail   Order  House.    AU  (roods  sold  at
"Develooment   in   thr- Wp��I-   i��   nnt I fac*ory prices to families.  For example,  lied-
,11,1��� T        ( ��� i       .   1,0h path's   best   granulated   sugar,   $6.50   cwt,   7
all along lines  of growing  wheat and'bars of  Comfort,  Sunlight,  Surprise  or  Gold
raising  cattle,"   is   the   message   The I Soap  for  25c,  pure lard,  5   pound   pail   for
Globe   receives   from   its     agricultural   S1-00-, ^est.Grade  Japan  Tea,  25c   pound,  -1
Bound to Win
We pay the Highest
Market Price tor
Our facilities enable us to give quick
service  to  country  shipments.     Immediate cash settlement
Winnipeg, Man.
Wr    VH   ^^m fresh. - rellsble;
��� ^P a^^* prelerredliy
��� B| ��� W western   stock-
m __.____T_.>, m men,   because they
������IV iirolMt .whore other
sm vtcolnet f��ll.
1JT Write for booklet and testimonials.
10H)��sipkf.BUckli( Pills, $1.00
604��m pkf. Blaeklic Pills. $4.00
Use any Injector, but Cutter's simplest and sttonget
The superiority of Cutter products Is due to over 15
yean oi specializing In vaccines and serums
only. INSIST ON CUTTER'S. II unobtainable,
order direct. .
��  Tht Cuttsr Ubontary. Bstfcilty, CaUfemU
editor, now touring: Alberta. Thc
series of despatches, chronicling conditions as he finds them in all of thc
Prairie Provinces, arc proving ot
great interest to all readers of The
Globe, and are educat'i.g easterners
to a better realization of the big potentialities and steady ��� progress of
thc vaster Canada which lies west of
the Great Lakes.
Glimpses given of the home and
community life of the people to
whom the empire is looking for a
mammoth share of thc food it needs
���food they are energetically planning to supply by largely increased
production���indicate why thc West
is so rapidly coming into its own ir.
thc national life of thc Dominion . It
places knowledge whc.e it belongs.
Excellent provision is made everywhere for pop: ' r education. In a
little village, scarce five years old,
Thc Globe's correspondent was impressed to find a five-roomed brick
structure that cost, according to thc
exact figures furnished by thc secretary-treasurer, $11,270.25. An Ontario village, in thc same stage of development, would, he points out, consider it was doing fairly well in
spending as many hundreds. The
buildirtg is a combination public and
high school. There are .five teachers
and the cost of maintenance is borne
by local taxation, voluntarily imposed. The school grounds cover eight
Churches, stores, business houses,
and homes are of similar advanced
and permanent character. The West
has abandoned its "boom days." It
has comc down to earth, and is steadily developing and expanding upon
lines which make for the lasting establishment of large communities of
progressive people. More and more,
the eastern visitor is convinced, this
enterprising and productive part    of
pounds prunes 25c, etc., etc. Everything at
factory prices, $1.60 profit to tlie agent on
every $2.00 sale. One man made $15.00 in
two hours. No experience necessary. Write
today for your territory. Position will pay
$25  to $50 weekly.     Address
Windsor,   Ontario.
About Lotteries
Once,  It Is Said, They Drew   Lots
For a Crown
Lotteries havc been turned to account in many ways, and not only did
a lottery enable Zeppelin to carry on
his experiments toward that system
of frightfulness associated with his
name but the British Afuscum was
built out of a  lottery also.
Very few people in this country
are aware that the royal house of
Britain was established and continued by drawing lots���tt distinct form
of lottery. At Ccllc, in 1592, William
the Pious of Hanover had seven sons,
like thc man in thc faify tale, and
they agreed, in accordance with the
wishes of their father, and for the
interests of the house, that only one
of thcin should marry to continue
the succession. Six silver balls and
a gold one were placed in thc reputed
helmet of their ancestor, William the
Lion, and drawn for. The prize f��H
to George, thc youngest but one of
thc seven sons, who became the
grandfather of George I of England,
and the great-great-great-grcat-grcat-
great grandfather of our present
King George V.
Going to March to Berlin if It Takes
5,000,000 Men to Do It
It may lake all America to win the
war, but it will bc on hand when tltc
crisis comes. This country doesn't
entertain for one moment any doubt
as to what the result will be. It realizes its power and will make it
count when Germany seems to gam
a point. Why, we haven't begun to
fight yet. We are still getting ready
and are yet far short of our determination to get ready. We arc going to
march to Berlin if it takes 5,000,000
men to do it, and wc will provide
them all they need to cat while on
the way. "'his republic is getting
more in earnest every day, and il
will keep on until Jhc kaiser and his
cruel frightfulness are driven back
to the shades of Prussia to stay and
rot. That is thc sort of determination which rules this republic, and it
is growing stronger every day. We
may suffer some reverses, but they
will cut no figure in the final solution.���Ohio State Journal.
great success, cures chronic weakness, lost vigor
Med.Co.HaverstockRd.Hampstead, London. Enq.
hy new draoebtt.a8tei.ess) formqf easv to tak��
A toft, reliable ngutattw mtdU
cine. Sold io three degrees of
strength. No. 1. tl; No. 2. $3;
No. 3. $5 per box Sold by alt
druee&tp. oi sent prepaid la
plain packnee on receipt of
price. Free pamphlet Addrcs*
Tcnnto.Ont (JWtffe (PYmfer.)
Americans and British
Germany and the Baltic
Germany Would Try to Change International Status of the
If thc German coast line is pushed
���-,.-,.-, , ,.       . t  northward to the Gulf of Riga or be-
Canada is destined to play a big part yondi t]ie international status in the
in the moulding of the history of the ��� Baltic is bound to be greatly affect-
Dommion. ��� From     the     Toronto ��� ed,   but    whether    Germany    would
Loafing Is Now Illegal
The  Law Steps in to   Disturb
Easy Life of the Weary
close "the Northern Dardanelles" is
doubtful enough. Shc would have to
make an agreement for this purpose
with the three Scandinavian countries or forcibly annex territories at
the Baltic entrance. Even so, an
outlet might still be left by way of
Archangel and Alexandrovsk. Also,
a certain amount of traffic in non-
bulky goods which could afford a
high freight rate might be continued
The best
yeast in
the world.
Tramps,    loafers,     "sports"     and
gentlemen    of    leisure     who     hang
around    poolrooms,   picture    shows, I by" way of Sweden and    Norway by
cabarets, railway stations, steamboat ,-a;i round the north    of the Gulf of
Not Until They Got Acquainted That
the Process of Liking Began
Of the hundreds of American officers who havc passed, through the
British training camps back of the
line, or are on their way through, I
have not heard of one who has not
come out of his experience with a
better liking for the Britisher. Not
all of them cheer for their hosts, but
as a broad proposition, they have
found thc JBriton a bully sort. Thc
Briton declares thc American a most
likable chap. Neither thought in advance they could ever learn to like
thc other. It was not until they got
acquainted that the process of liking
began. It is still individual liking���
not liking in mass. ��� Everybody'-,
Miller's Worm Powders act mildly
nnd without injury to thc child, and
there can bc no doubt of their deadly effect upon worms. They havc
been in successful use for a long
time and arc recognized as a leading
preparation for thc purpose. They
have proved their power in numberless cases and havc given relief to
thousands of children, who, but for
thc  good  offices    of    this    superior \
compound,      would
weak and enfeebled.
havc    continued
landings, street corners and other
places with nothing particular to do,
i please take notice. Loafing is now
illegal. Thc recent order in council
declares "all persons domiciled in
Canada shall, in absence of reasonable grounds to the contrary,, engage
in useful occupations."
At this stage of the world's history, when every man available is
necessary to the safety of the country, it seems a remarkable thing that
there are any of the class above referred to left in Canada, but apparently there are. Poolrooms, cabarets,
picture shows report a thriving business. The hobo is still a frequent
visitor on his aimless way back and
forth. There arc still "sports" at
large with nothing to do but smoke
cigarettes and go to ball games and
places of light amusement. Quite
rightly, the government has made it
illegal for these persons to waste
their time and their strength on cigarettes and gentle amusements, tango
teas and pinochle in the barn. They
are now ordered to get to work, ana
if _they do not work as free men, they
will have to work as prisoners, and
work at "hard labor."
In this connection it is interesting
to compare thc useful work performed by shoe shiners, soda fountain dispensers, theatre ushers, ribbon salesmen and_ such useful citizens as compared with the tramps and thc
"sport" who lives on his wits. It is
doubtful if there is much to really
choose between these two classes, so
far as economical results to society
are concerned. The man that Cleans
your boots might very well be employed at hoeing potatoes, leaving
his customer to spare five minutes of
his valuable time to clean his own
boots. The man who has so little
manhood in him as to bc content to
spend his days selling baby ribbon in
a departmental store, would achieve
an improved manhood driving a
team on a farm, if he could bc trusted   to   do   so,   or   helping  with    the
Bothnia. There is no doubt, however, that if German., could succeed
in making the Baltic a mere clau-
sum, a shrewd blow might be dealt
at the most ancient of our English
trades. Thc allies, however, _ havc a
very strong economic position as
against Germany, and should be able
effectually to counter check and such
designs as these. Certainly Sweden may bc expected to say a word,
perhaps a strong word, about this
conversion of thc Baltic into a German lake.���Westminister Gazette.
Minard's     Liniment
..Welcome Hot Drinks
A Y.M.C.A, shelter is maintained
just behind the line in France, from
which more than sixty thousand
steaming cups of hot tea, coffee and
cocoa are given away daily in thc
shelters and dugouts dose up to the
line in the area occupied by the Canadians. The estimated cost for these
drinks for eight months is placed at
.���������������������-���..���M������..��.,��Mf,.*..a.4, *.,��..��.. ���*���*.. ��..��~4-��������**����..������
An Immense Army
Largest   Single   Army   Under
One Man in All History
The Philadelphia Telegraph notes
thc fact that General Foch will command thc largest single army undcr
onc man in all history. Thc French
have under arms nearly 4,000,000
men. The British army is nearly as
strong, and tlu United States wilt
shortly havc .1,000,000 men on the
firing line. There will be 7,000,000
soldier? under General Foch on one
front and moving in thc sainc direction. Wellington's largest annv was
under 100,000; Grant had 1,050,000
under his command'iii-the Civil war,
and Napoleon's largest rrmy was
Don't grumble when you are told
in the restaurant that you can't haye
this, that or the other thing because
it's against the new regulations.. Get
used to them and bc glad you're having; things so easy.'V".;V..;-"���'..; .���;;������
comply With CAvfes
Safety for Yourself and Others'
No .Glare
.   at your dealers or direct
chores around a barn
The new law, while not going so
far as to displace men from lion-es-
scntial or silly employments which
could better bc filled by young girls,
still makes it difficult for a man.to
really loaf. Thc age limit is froni 16
to CO, during which a man is supposed to he capable of some kind of
useful work, and if hc is not so engaged he must have, certain rcasoiir
able excuses. First, he must be a
bona-lidc student in training for
sonic useful occupation, or attending
some recognized educational institution. Or lie must bc sonic one who
is out of a job temporarily owing to
difficulties with his employer, common to similar difficulties with his
fellow employees and the same employer. Or hc miist he reasonably
unable to find a job. Other excuses
do not go.
Convictions for an offence under
this new auti-Ioafing law before a
magistrate renders the offender liable
to a penalty not exceeding $100, and
cos'ts, and in default of the loafer's
ability lo pa3-.--.l1c must go to prison
for a period of not exceeding ft
months in a common jail or any institution or any farm owned by a
municipality or '-province'.'established
for such a7 purpose; aiul'piit iri .the
time at hard labor:' 'Where'.a conviction is obtained by ;i municipality,
the..-'municipal treasury"..will receive
the fine. Where proceedings" arc instituted b\- a. provincial officer, the provincial treasury' shall receive the
hionc}-... Where proceeding's.'are instituted within a municipality by any-
other person, the fine is divided
equals between the municipality and
tlie province.
No humbug!    Apply few drops
then just lift them  away
with fingers.
<��"t*>��.-��..<..��.<a.**<.t��f.*"t*.a ���.|>4H��>|.|l.,H|M.i|i.VrH|.
This new drug is *a tliici compound discovered by a Ciacirmat'
chemist, It ts cslled tree-
zone, and can nuw b�� obtained m any cot lies' is
here shown at very Jittie
cost Irom' any dru^;
store. -Just ask tor iice-
zonc. Apply a drop 01
two directly upon a tender corn or callus and instantly the soreness disappears, bhorlly you will
find the corn or callus so
loose that you can lift il
off, root and: all,, with..the
lingers, ���
Not a twinge of pain,
soreness or irritation; not
even the slightest smarting, cither when applying
freezonc or afterwards.
This drug doesn't eat
up the corn or callus, bJt
shrivels them so they
loosen and come right
out. It is no. hum bug! It
works like a charn.. For
a few cents you can get
rid of every hard com, soft corn or
corn between the toes, as well as
painful calluses on bottom of your
feet. It never disappoints and never
burns, bites or inflames. If your
druggist hasn't. ;.ny freezonc . yet,
tch.him to get a little bottle for you
from his  wholesale house.
Depends Upon   Keeping   the   Blood
Rich, Red and Pure
To be able to cat what you want
and to digest it properly is a priceless
blessing.    Good digestion is not   appreciated until you lose it. Then you
cannot afford    to    experiment,     for
strong medicines are hard on    weak
stomachs.      If you  have  indigestion
do  not be persuaded into    believing
you can cure yourself by thc usc of
pre-digested foods or so-called stomach tonics.   There is no tonic for the
stomach that is not a tonic for every
part of the body.    It is through the
blood that thc stomach gets its power to assimilate and digest food, and
as the blood  goes  to  every  part of
the body and improvement in its condition not only results in    strengthening the stomach but every organ in
the  body.    Rich  red  blood  is  absolutely  necessary  to  good    digestion.
If your stomach.is weak and you arc
troubled with  sour    risings    in    the
throat, a feeling of pressure     about
the heart, or nausea after eating, try
the tonic treatment with    Dr.    Williams' Pink Pills.    So many dyspeptics  have  been  cured by  this  medicine that every sufferer from stomach
trouble should try it.    You will soon
know the joy of good digestion and
enjoy better health in other \va3rs if
you give this medicine a fair    trial.
Mr.   Fred. J.  Kendall, Darlin    Ave.,
Toronto,    says:���"For   upwards    of
five years I waj a great sufferer from
indigestion, which   gradually    undermined my general health, leaving me
in a weak and anaemic condition.    I
spent considerable money  with    one
doctor and anothc.-. but failed to receive  any  lasting benefit,  and     had
become quite discouraged.    One day
my wife urged me  to try Dr.   Williams'  Pink  Pills  but  I   thought    it
would bc thc same old story.     But
she had so much faith in them that
she got me a box, and to please her
I  began  taking  them.    By  the  time
the box was Inished,  T noticed     a
slight improvement, and I continued
taking them and soon found   myself
gaining.   I could sleep better and my
appetite improved,  without  the _ distressing symptoms that had previously followed eating.    I think I    took
in all about a dozen boxes, and  today I am a stronger man than I ever
was in my life.    When  I  began the
use of thc pills I weighed 143 pounds
while now I weigh 167.    You    may
use this letter as yoii choose, hoping
it may reach some poor discouraged
sufferer as I was."
You can get Dr. Williams' . Pink-
Pills through any dealer in medicine
or by mail at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
A Soldier's Chances
Some    Interesting    Statistics   Based
Upon Investigations
Thc military hospital commission
at Quebec has kept an account of
how Canadian troops fared in the
war, and has compiled some interesting statistics based upon its investigations.. .
Addressing Canadian mothers and
fathers the commission says:
If your boy goes to the front: .
He has 29 chances of coming home
to one chance of being killed.
He has 98 chances of recovering
from a wound to two chances of dying.
Hc has only one chance in 500 of
lesing a limb. ,
Hc will live five years longer because of physical training.
He- iJ freer from disease in thc
army than in civil life.
He has r better medical care at. the
front than'at home.
wars  from-10 to  15  nicr.
disease  lo  one  from  bul
Sea Control Means Victory
Command of the  Sea Upon   Which
the Existence of the British
Empire Depends
_ Germany has raised about her _a
ring of implacable enemies upon thc
sea, whose strci.gth continues to increase, and who arc pledged utterly
to destroy German sea-power. Give
them time enough and they will certainly do it. Now the position of
Germany is that is shc won thc war
on land she would still bc beaten at
sea. And, deprived of the usc of the
sea, of what use would bc her territorial gains? They would be valuable, but they would not serve to restore the oversea commerce upon
which depends her ability to trade.
The rulers of Germany suffer under
no illusions on thc subject. .Their
dread lest the German people should
learn the true state of affairs is so
extreme t,hat they are compelled to
exaggerate the losses inflicted by
submarine warfare, the exaggeration
on one occasion reaching 70 per cent,
error. So far as this country is concerned, it is our part, first and last,
to regain and to maintain that command of the sea upon which thc existence of thc British empire depends, which is only now disputed by
the pirate submarine, and for which
no sacrifice can bc refused.���London
Morning Post.
"Cop" Imperturbability    j
Sheels Were Going Up and    Bombs
Coming Down
A correspondent    tells the  following story in thc Westminster Gazette, j
illustrating thc impcrturbality of thc
London police during air raids: '
In one of thc earlier raids a rattled |
little man rushed out of a house in ,
his p3'jamas and bedroom slippers I
while a Zeppelin was overhead with |
all the searchlights on, it, and shells 1
were going up and bombs coming
He stumbled up to a stalwart policeman who was standing quite unmoved at the corner of thc street,
and, with his teeth chattering, pointed upwards and exclaimed: "A Zeppelin���Zcp���Zeppelin!"
The policeman drew himself up,
gazed steadily at the Zeppelin for a
full minute, and then remarked slowly: '"Ostile aircraft, in my judgment."
And the little man hitched up his
pyjamas and went back to bed.
How's This?
Wo offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Hall's Catarrh Cure has been taken by
catarrh sufferers for the past thirty-five
years, and has become known as the most
��� eliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure acts through llie Blood on the Mucous
surfaces, expelling the Poison Irom the Blood
and healing the diseased portions.
After you have taken Hall's Catarrh Cure
lor a short time you will see a great improvement in your general health. Start taking
F. J. CHENEV & CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
War and Food
No. 14- BUTTER
Tirpitz on Robbery
According to thc Cologne People's
Gazette, Admiral von Tirpitz, addressing a meeting of the Fatherland
Party of Cologne said: "As soon as
England's robbery of ships ceases
because there arc no more to rob,
England will speedily feel the full intensity of the U-boat war. Unfortunately the U-boat war has not received sufficient political support,
We shall, however, hold out longer
than England, and victory cannot escape us if we tenaciously pursue our
He concluded that the Belgians
question remained tho pivot of the
For Constipation
Carter's Little
Liver Pills
will set you right
over night.
Purely Vegetable
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Priea
Garter's Iron Pills
Will restore color to tbe facet of
tbose who lack Iron In the blood,
u fflMt pale-faced people do.
Minard's Liniment   Used  by   Physicians.
National Kitchens in England.
England is. to Iiayc.. national :kitchens. Public baths and park buildings will be' turned into kitchens and
town halls into .dining halls; street
ears and''-omnibuses .will carry, the
finished ������product to .thousands of
small distributing' stations. Varied
.meals will.he provided fbr everybody
at the lowest possible -'price ������ aud
there will, be special invalid kitchens.-
war One man dies from
every ten from bullets,
is proportionately less
life  than "auy  ol!,cr in
In  this
disease to
This war
wasteful    of
Only 10 pcr cent, of all Canadians
disabled for further service have beeu
physically, unable, to engage in their
former Occupations.
If your hoy is. one of" the. ten per
cent, the government will re-educate
him in another vocation at which he
can earn a living.
Thi- doesn't mean that war is a
danger-free occupation, and that, life
in the .trenches is as'.comfortable as
in the easy chair here at home, but
it does not ma" c it appear less fearsome .than it has been;.painted .oyer
here, especially by; pfo-Gerinan so-
c i al i s t s ,-..-��� d i s 1 o"y a 1y -pa c i fi s t s a nd;-.: G '2r-
man-born traitor's'.iii Canada.
Canada's butter exports have been
ou the downward grade for a number of years -and while in 1906 her
net exports amounted to 33,888,074
pounds in 1916 they had dropped to
6,993,100 pounds.
On the other hand, Britain's normal imports of butter amount to
to 452,795,264 pounds and her shortage due to thc war is 209,148,784
As much butter as possible should
be made on the farms of Canada.
Every pound that thc farmer's wife
can make will find a ready market
and if the output were increased a
hundredfold it would still bc sold. _
Butter-making now should be one
of the most profitable sources of income on the farm and it is one in
which the farmer's wife is particularly interested. A considerable portion of the butter niade in Canada
is churned right on the farms. The
trouble is that in many cases there
is a lack of proper equipment with
the result that the butter does not
come up to the standard of creamery butter and therefore docs not
fetch as good a price. The creamery butter-maker is supplied with a
full outfit of utensils and apparatus
which enable him to recover thc
maximum quantity of butter from
the cream. On the other hand, the
farmer's wife is . frequently handicapped for lack of equipment.
VVilh the great demand for butter
that now prevails it would be a profitable investment on the part of the
farmer and his wife to get the most
up-to-date and scientific equipment
for their butter-making. As time
goes on the market will widen for
thc milch cows of Europe arc becoming scarcer all the time and
much dependence Will be placed on
the North American continent for a
supply of butter.: In any event,
whether the butter-making equipment on the farm is up-to-date or
old-fashioned, thc output should not
bc allowed to flag. The scarcity of
fats is among the most serious of
food problems in  Europe.
They Cleanse While They Cure.���
Thc vegetable compounds of which
Pannclce's Vcge'.ab'e Pills are composed, mainly dandelion and mandrake, clear, the stomach and. intestines of deleterious matter and restore the deranged organs to healthful action. Hence: they are the best
remedy foi- indigestion'available today. A trial of them mil establish
the truth of this 'asMi-'itH and do
more to convince thc asliritr than anything that can be wiilten o( .these
Fair Profit on Wheat
Fanners from 23 states meeting in
Washington to attend_ the agriculture department's advisory committee conference, protested against the
congressional proposal for $2.50
wheat, and declared that there is a
fair profit iu wheat at $2.20. It is
not only a fine exhibition of patriotism on thc part of these American
farmers, but it's a keynote for thc
nation in fixing of war-time orofits.
Anything more than a fair profit on
war necessaries is war profiteering.���
Winnipeg Tribune.
Corn in Plenty
Ship Over All the  Wheat There Is
and Rely Upon Corn
Canadians probably do not realize
the extent to which wheat is being
saved in the United States. It is not
a case over there of an occasional
wheatless meal; but every effort is
being made to induce the nearest
possible approach to total abstinence. In a recent statement by thc
federal food board, the American
public was urged to depend wholly
upon corn, which is now available in
large quantities. "It is believed that
during the last eighteen months the
milling capacity for corn flour has
increased 500 pcr cent." thc board declares. "If the American pcopls
would give up wheat flour entirely
there would be an abundance of corn-
meal, with what corn flour is available, to care for all our needs until
after the next harvest." Corn cannot be successfully shipped to Europe for consumption by thc pcopl��
and the armies; therefore, the proposal of the U. S. food board is, in effect, to ship over all the wheat there
is and rely upon corn. While there
is corn in plenty there will be no
famine in thc land.
Have a Good Complexion!
The Flower of Good Health
The true secret of complexion lies
in the blood. Keep it rich, pure, nutritious, and, above all, keep the system regular. No aid to complexion
compares with Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
They tone and enrich the blood, clear
the system of waste products, promote good digestion, and, in short,
establish sound health, which, after
all, is the keynote to all happiness
and well-being. Don't delay; thc
charm of a lovely complexion and
all the blessings of health are yours,
once you employ this old-time family
remedy. All dealers sell Hamilton's
Pills in 25c boxes.
Friends Fought
In Mine Crater
Plant Every Acre
Every extra acre of wheat farmers
can   put in   this   spring    will      save I
somebody from starving.    Europe is
short about 500,000,000 bushels.
A Jersey boy came home thc other
day to communicate.unusual news.
"And so yotur teacher is dead?"
asked the mother, horrified at thc
lad's announcement. . .'������'������ :
"*'Ycs/': said the boy. ; But, after a
moment's reflection, he added: "After
all, tvhat's the good of'that, while the
school is still there?"���-Harper's.
The Greatest Thing on Earth
De-Ox-Ide   is    worth    its    weight    fa
gold.     It   Cleanses,   Purifies,   Debder-
izes.   Disinfects.       No   germs   or   disease  possible' if  De-Ox-Ida   is    used.:
Invaluable     Ior -.Sanitary       CloseU,
Sinks, .-Cesspools,   etc V :   Drives   away.
Cockroaches, .Bedbugs   and   all   other
rerniin.   : Large ������"'.can   makes   5   gallon* .
disinfectant, only  50c" at your  Grocer,
Druggist,   or."  Hardware- dealer,;   or,
sailed postpaid  on-receipt of pric*.
Parkyte   Building,   Winnipeg
At Pool of Bethesda
Aii English reservist,-\vho was living near Sudbury,'' Out., before the
war, writes to his old: :i<-i^hhors from
the Pool of JSclIiesda. Palestine: *'l
tasted the water���not too clean!���
and in order to do it had to descend
lots of steps, as the.well is deep
down in the ground. At the'entrance
one may, if. one wishes,-read in seventy-seven different .-.'-languages thc
account of the healing described _in
the fifth chapter of-.'Johrt���a quite
sufficient choice, one would imagine,
but 'Taffy', thought.-differently, and
not finding his mother-tongue represented, promptly wrote, if. all Out in
Welsh fronv his. own Testament. So
now. there are. seyenfy-eight'-. different versions .for visitors to ..choose
from." .'���'. XXyXxXxxX i-XXXxxx
Look at the Map
Pcrsc.s returning from Germany
say that, the walls of the cities arc
placarded with maps showing the extent or the territory occupied by the
central powers since the beginning
of the war. Great Britain is less
vain: A war map of that, country
would show that not one foot of
British territory is occupied, by the
central powers, while .Great; Britain
is in possession of more thaii half
thc territory over which the' German
flag floated at'the. beginning pf 'the
w;'.r.;-r-Los Angeles.Times.. "V.v. '        >.'..-:
: .Only One-third of Army Fed-
In -Italy only one-third of thc
aniiy is being maintained.on.-'the battle lines, the .official explanation being that there is not. suhir.ient food.
Tlie strong Austria.i army facing the
Italians is snid to have received large
���'supplies from  Russia.
If a man agrees with a woman she
thinks he is a fool. If he doesn't
she considers him stubborn.
The Cause of
Heart Trouble
Faulty digettioa c&tuea Jh��
generation of gases in the
���tomach which inflate and press
down on the heart and interfere
with its regular action, caa��ing
faintnesa and pain. IS to 30
drops of Melher SetgelYCwative
Syrap after meals seU digestion
right,which allows tha heart to
Heat full aad regular.   :     :    9
Convinced That He Was Chasing  a
During a pitch black night a Canadian officer, feeling his way back to
his lines, slipped into a mine crater.
He didn't go right down, or he wopld
havc been drowned in slush and
slime. As he was trying to. get back
hc was aware that hc was not alone.
On the edge of the crater���probably
forty feet ih diameter-���he could just
make out a man's figure in front of
him. As he crept forward thc other
man did thc same. Soon thc officer
was convinced that lie wes chasing a
German and opened fire with a revolver. Round and round the circular,
slimy slope they rushed, until at kist
the .Canadian officer slipped dangerously and .uttered the usual swear
words. Immediately a good Canadian accent rang out from the other
side, "Who thc ������ arc.you?"    "Oh,
I'm So-and-So, of thc ��� regiment!"
These two men from the same regiment, quite good friends, had been
chasing each ohtcr around that
crater like a couple of cats for ncaily
half an hour.
No man or woman should hobble
painfully about because of corns
when so certain a relief is at hand as
Holloway's  Corn Cure.
American Meat Eater
Gradually the   Idea   of    the    Light
Breakfast Being Inculcated Into the Popular Mind
Thc American is intemperate in
thc use of meat. At the breakfast
table of the country hotel where the
American plan still obtained, the
steak found, until Mr. Hoover intervened, a place among thc many
dishes that confronted the guest. The
hotel oft proclaims the private
household, and thc presence of a
steak at a country hotel breakfast
was doubtless in response to the demand of those accustomed to such
fare in their own homes. And it was
not so long ago that a similar breakfast was served in city hotels conducted on the American plan. But
gradually the idea of the light breakfast has been inculcated into the
popular mind and fruit and eggs, perhaps with bacon, have supplanted the
breakfast board groaning with calorics.
Unless a person is engaged ia
heavy manual labor, meat should not
be eaten more than once a day, and
never should be eaten more than
Uyicc a day. As Dr. Landis says, a
piece of meat thc size of thc palm of
one's hand is sufficient fcr # those
whose mode of life does not includo
heavy labor. Any excess makes demands on your organs leading to
premature debilitation. Mr .Hoover
has taught us to avoid over-indulgence in meat on the other days. He
or she .who acquires the Hoover habit during these war times and carries it into the inevitable days oi
peace will be among those "benefited by the war,"���Cincinnati Times-
A Celtic Sally
The Lady of the House���Mary, it
seems to mc that the crankiest mistress gets thc best cooks.
The Genius of thc Kitchen���Ah,
gwan on, now, mum, with your flatten*.���Puck.
Frozen German Soldiers
The Vanity and   Over-bearing Man-
-nerri of the German Soldier
Speaking of the vanity and overbearing _m;ir.ne;s 'cf'lire German soldier, during thc period when the Teuton military system was being organized, a Canadian woman who
spent many years in that country
_ "Ten years ago two women relatives of mine spent some time in
Berlin. Being: true Anicricair women;
the j".:; failedx\p become .passively 'accustomed .to' the. rude ..manner o'f the
Soldaten especially the . ogling in
which they indulged, ori.'street cars
and elsewhere. Finally'.they communicated their: annoyance to their
good-natured and, it proved, well in-l-
formed German landlady. Her advice
to them was to meet the next fixed
stare of a solda.t by ignoring the
thc stare,, but, iu turii, gazing intently at the military feet. Immediate
opportunity occurred on a street car,
when two officers sat in front of
them and favored���-. them with their
usual impudent impingement of the
eye. The ladies ignored the gaze, but
steadfastly regarded:.;, the officers'
feet as though. : something worth
more than passing notice. The officers first quit stroking their bristling "moustaches,1: then squirmed in
their scats, and finally and abruptly
left the car/ They were bombproof
against usual feminine weapons, but
retired when their vanity was assailed. They were ashamed of their
big feet.
is aU riglit-
is better.
is an economy
no waste. Besides;
it is convenient,
saves fuel and
sugar, and leaves
nothing to be
desired in ihe
way of flavor.
W.     N.     O.     22��
=3 li b3et. rr^rsmsssBKra
i yem in Canada,   and   $1.50   iu   the
United States.
TulHor and Financier
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'������.'l;;:i-l Cil   Notices     fi 00
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iL.rr- ir imlice, 52.50 for each ad-
r.ir.i i:a! eiaii;i.)
.VI ot'ror le.i-al advertising, 12 cents a
liri'j iirst insertion, and S cents a line for
end: su'iso(]iicnt; insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
thai tlie editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Ti;' wi: :���.:���<��� SO.000 people iii Sau
'!���'��� ;i. :-\-i'i'i who were born in Germ-
-i'-y. ;ir,:l more than .'50 cf them had
il.-- !-;;nv id' Kai.-er. All of these
!;������������.���:��� ;'_:.::.;..<'<] Jieii' name to King.
N'jiiiv ;;li of tho German Jews
r_,iw ;i;-stuno(l Irish names, and
luiv< iy ;v German restaurant now
cxi- s imiir-r its former name. In
tlmt city oven a substitute is being
um'.-I for sa-purkra-iit, although
Schlitz and Buchveiser have not yet
adopted au alias. Some think that
limberger cheese would smell more
sweet under another name, but the
Hunt- are not guilty iu this respect.
Lhul-i'iger was invented in Holland by a genius who thought that
it woukl drive evil spirits from the
honn\ and prevent thieves from
breaking Ir.tc grocery and other
rUoi et1. It is a!.ho a sure remedy
for the odor that-comes from eating
onions or drinking the common rye
"whiskey of other days.
Pigs is Pigs
The demand for Patriotic Piggies
been .so great and the offerings
!he  market  so  small,   ancl the
���;���   1 to do ones duty iu the   way of
in-- pigs has caused some of the
!!'.:'"tv people to   bring  in from
lie V ,'U'd States  small Red Pigs.
X  ;b/iiig -so  o  laws of   the.Q. S.
: ������������;; ! "en   broken.    One  of  these
'���>. ���������iirries ii penalty   of  $10,000
: .i-h   and every   c flense.    The
������:::���;!'���>.}-.   Ciistom   and   Vet-ehary
.."w.   iia'vn. idso  been   disregarded
\d {}:-������ ef!ieei\s have now ro traded
��� :;���<..->;>,;, on ym.A]\ red pigg.  Report
"-;-.y�� tl-tt- some, of these Patriotic
��� =:gs letv." even been taken for an
itirir.g is an automobile.
The owner of a car, a small red
pig aiui a pig pen, may have a visit
j'loii-t tlie oflicers any day, and ni3y
have to -produen evidence of the
nation:!lity of his beloved Horace.
Clean   up   the   pen,   so  that the
'oflicen: can not find ife, dye the
patriotic effort, and all. may be
'B.-.C. Mining News
.The chrome deposits.at Cascade
are 'causing some mining excitement. .
\V. R. Will' is running an upraise on the Capella near New
i The Trail smelter hag live men
doing assessment work on its
olaim��,at Camp McKinney.���:-..
A deposit of Epsom salts has
been found a mile from Clinton,
Hii'd .'iOO tons were taken out this
winter. '''.".������'���������.���-.
The old. inill   of. the .Ferguson
Mines at Ferguson  has been  dis-.
man.tied,-and. the -.machinery shipped to Kaslo.
At7 Camp McKiuney, Mad��r &
Savage have installed machinery,
and will begin milling the Cariboo
dump this week.
This week the W. K. P. Co. is
putting in a camp at Camp McKinney for the men engaged on
the power line, between Greenwood
and Princeton.
R. . F.   Heath  has  discovered a
jieyy miiienilat.HelPa Gate, in the
Fraser co ny6h;;'':Ke; 'calls; it ;Wil-:
f-'>nite    in : honor   of - Woodrow,.
'""':��..��� ne-.v    mineral., ia.' 'strongly,
'.Iio   active,   ana  is eifectiye .in
: ing r;;!0'er, leprosy and. miner's
��� ���:  -uin.: I'.on./;'-...'-,;--���;��� Xxx'Xx'x- yxXXX'X;
. o!��.n '"��� :Vailance7::,of,: New Denver
''-.." .';ii:tly"H'VifIT��M;istore"an(i"^:S30;'0QQ
:y>ic:-.<��/ vXx:i. ids-'yat ������Twdd.ot^-.Mon-:
��� ib, aii1! returned7 to "the Slocan to
.'���!; his f'iiiiiH.on   the north';fork'
C.i-rp'iuter.'..'-"  He   returned,  .to
''.-.--'..-.'.'.'dot', tiie-other- d^y havyag^rex
". ved a telf-gram  stating  that the
;re ��.v- burned.
At Sandon, Jim Thompson still
has money in the safe..
Wee Danny McPherson is driving a team at the Bosun.
Bob Spencer of Silverton is suffering from cancer of  the bladder.
Tom Devlin is in Silverton, trying to persuade his rheumatism to
evaporate, ���
Wm. Thomlinson, M. E., is doing geological survey work at the
Standard mine.
Pal ma Angrignon has five sets
of fours, hauling ore and supplies
in the Silverton camp.
Billy Coulter has the only auto
jitney, now on the route between
Silverton and the Lucern of America.
Dr. Brouse spent the winter in
Florida. It is reported that he
sold his hospital last fall for $15,-
Julius AVolff is recovering from
an attack of diabetes. He took
the starvation cure iu Vancouver
last winter.
Wee Danny McCuig and the
Duke are coaxing the ore out of
their claim on the north fork of
Ten Mile creek.
George Long, Nat Tucker, and
Martin Maurer are putting holes
aud shots into the Lilly B mine,
near Slocan City.
Labor is so scarce iu Silverton,
that many of the local millionaires
have to drive their own teams, and
feed their own chickens.
Tom McNeish has ��20,000 worth
of goods in his store at Slocan City,
and is also mining recorder. Not
too dusty for one of the ghost cities of the Slocan.
Herman Clever is still looking
young aud doing a big business.
He is the meat king of the Slocan,
and his shops are unsurpassed anywhere in the west.
A recent Qssay of the Slocan
shows a trace of booze, several
stringers of poker and blackjack,
and a superabundance of rooming
houses and lauudrios.
At $3.50 a day it is impossible
to get men to work ou the wagon
roads, with the exception of a few
old men. This retards the moving
of ore by   teams  through the hills.
Mrs. J. H. Werely will be 94
years old on July 4. She ran the
first sewing machine in New York
City, and saw the body of Lincoln
lying in stete, just after he was
assassinated in TS65. .
There are two stores and three
hotels in Slocan City. The town
has plenty of sugar, but there is no
boom; Everybody is full of optimism. That and water is about
all you can get to fill up on.
After working for three years at
the Standard mine John Batt is
takiDg a rest in New Denver.
Years ago Batt had a dog that
knew moro about the Slocan roads
aud trails than the B.; C. government.
In the rear of his literary emporium at Sandon, Judge Billy
Parham has a small ranch that is
a thing of beauty aud a joy
supreme. The Judge makes a
specialty, of carrots and sunflowers,
ahd his Edeuic garden is thronged
with visitors, especially on the
12th of July-
It is reported that Billy Koch
has sold his old boarding house
building on Ten Mile, to the Delia
Mining Co. for $1,000. It probably co&fe bitn years ago about
$7,000. It is also reported, that
the Doukhobors made 856,000 for
Mr. Koch last year, by running his
sawmill on a royalty:basis.
Since George Murbard closed
his store and hotel at Three Forks,
that famous old camp looks like a
real ghost city of the west, Tn
1894 it was tbe-."most'.'prosperous
town in Kootenay. Jim Ryan and
a few more old trail-blazers are
still guarding the camp against the
bats and spooks of solitude.:
Charley McDonald,'k'abivn to bis
friends as -Windy is now a guest of
the Old Man's Home atKamloop?.
Charley left Nova -Scotia iii; 1864
for California. On .the boat that
brought him to ^Frisco; "Dad Allen
���was baggage roaster, : but Charley
didnob know this for .''more.; than-30
j-ytarsjlater. ; He scraped bed-reck
[around7 Whiskey y Hill, Poker Flat
arid other camps near Placeryiile in
search of placer gold;: for 18 years,
before he departed for   Utah, land
ing in Kootenay about 25 years
ago. At one time he owned mining properties near Slocan City.
It is years ago since Bob Cunning planted the first spuds in
Sandon. He now has a fine ranch
and orchard close to his hotel. He
has recently purchased two raiJch
goats. Sandon is an ideal place
for raising goats. There is plenty
of brush on the hillsides, and within the city limits there ia an abundance of feed for these hardy animals, in the way of tin cans, bottles, preserved playing cards, lead
concentrates, granite boulders and
tenderfeet. Mr. Cunning is to be
commended for introducing this
latest Sandon industry, and his
wide circle of friends wish him a
lasting and remunerative success.
The writer is of the opinion that
long after he and Bob Cunning,
have been shot into the ozone, to
push clouds with the angels that
the main revenue of the Slocan
will be produced from goats and
tourists. By Goad! What do you
think of that?
It is more than 26 years since
John Morgan Harris came into the
Slocan, and began to build up his
fortune from mining, real estate,
and other investments. Born in
Virginia, that grand old historical
state, he combines the quiet and
confident air of a southerner with
the dash and energy of a western
plunger. He is one of the noted
and pictureque pioneers of the silvery Slocan, and the man who
never heard of him is indeed a
tenderfoot. Although very determined, energetic and aggressive in
business affairs he is a Beau Brum-
mel in dress, and a lover of music,
flowers, and all that is beautiful in
art and nature. His garden next
to the Hotel Reco is like an oasis
iu the middle of a rock-strewn
deseit. In it can be seen sweet
and beautiful beds of flowers,
flanked by many varieties of vegetables. Just across the flumed
street he has an orchard of plum,
cherry and apple trees.
Card of Thanks
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McLaren
wish to sincerely thank the people
of Greenwood, Mother Lode, and
surrounding district, for their kindness and sympathy, during the re
cent sad bereavemeut that has befallen their home.
Slocan Mines
There are 15 men at the Slocan
About 25 men are working at the
Noble Five.       '    '    -
Bruce White has a deal on for
the Noonday.
It is reported that a mill naay be
built on Springer creek to work
the Arlington dump.
Oscar White is doing some work
on Payne Mountain, and later in
the season will do some work in
the Lardo.
Sir Donald Mann, Sandy Mann
and George Clark, are doing some
work on the Violet and Carnation
near Sandon.
Alex. Smith, who made a large
fortune out of his interest in the
Surprise, will expend several
thousand dollars this year on the
Bannockburn in fehe Upper Duncan;
Tbe Consolidated is working
nine men at the Ottawa, near Slocan City. A Texas syndicate has
a bo��d on theXily B, and: it is reported that there will soon be some
work done on the Republic and
Evening Star claims.
Ed Shannon baa sold the Nee-
pawa group of claims on Ten Mile,
to the Delia Mining Co., of Vancouver. He is to receive tbe balance of the cash payments in August and September. The company
will erect a 100 ton mill to treat
the ore.
There are 40 men at the Bosun
mine, near New Denver. The product is shipped to the Rosebery
mill, where about 20 men are employed, and about 150 tons treated
daily. The Surprise Co, recently
re-built this mill at an expense of
Kill or Dispose of Roosters
Thousands of dozens of eggs are
wasted each year in this Province,
partly through carelessness and
neglect. To remedy this state of
affairs, poultry breeders should remove all male birds from the
breeding pens, thus allowing the
stock to produce infertile eggs onlj\
Once again it appears necessary
to point out that there will be no
diminution in the egg supply if the
roosters are taken away. In fact,
the hens should lay better. ' Male
birds sold now are also likely to
fetch more than later on, when old
and young stock are being marketed in large quantities.
Fertile eggs will germinate in a
temperature as low as 70 degrees,
and where there happens to be
broody hens, these eggs are rendered unfit for eating purposes in a
few hours, if sat upon before being
In disposing of roosters at this
time a certain amount of valuable
graiu feed will have been saved,
and in urban areas a better neighbourly feeling will exist. Incessant crowing during the early
hours does not encourage this.
Broody hens should be immediately removed from the nests,
placed in cool quarters and fed
generously on egg forming foods.
This will tend to get them into laying condition.
Annual Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of tlie
Greenwood City Waterworks Co., will be
held at the Company's office at Greenwood otu Wednesday, the 24th day of
July, 191S, at 10:00 o'clock in the morning, for the transaction of the general
business of the company and the election
of a Board of Directors.'
hugh McCutcheon,
SPALED TENDERS, addressed to Wm.
Heudcrson, Resident Architect, Victoria, B.C.,
and endorsed "Tenders for Coal for the Dominion liuildhiTfs, Province of British Colttmhia,"
will be received by liim until 12 o'clock, noon,
011 Wednesday, Jul.v 3, WIS. for the supply of
coal for thc Public Buildings throughout thc
Province of British Cofumhia.
Combined specification and form offender
can be obtained at this oflice, from iheKesldenl
Architect, Dominion Build ill j,', Victoria, and
thc Superintendent Dominion Building's, Vancouver, It C.
Persons tendering are notified that tenders
will not bc considered unless made ou the
printed forms supplied, and signed with their
actual signatures.
Each   tender  must  be   accompanied by  an
accepted cheque 011 a chartered bank, payable
to the  order of the Minister of Public Works,
e(jiial to 10 p. cot Hie amount of the tender.
Bv order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, J line 6,1918.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed
lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purpoHOH
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
Joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing
ancl cultivation of at least. 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made propor-.
tionate improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
improvements to extent of $300 per annum and records same each year. Failure to make improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims in
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, if he requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
Urisurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
by one person or company.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which tho heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act is extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege is also made retroactive.
Provision is made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, if divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. "Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment jointly. If it is not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands In the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of alt taxes due thc
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands in respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
is final.. The time for making application for these allotments is limited to
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and lands of the Crown sold
at public auction.
For information apply to any Pr )vin-
cial Government Agent or to
Deputy Minister of Lands,
Victoria, B. C
Cleveland Bicycles.       Ride a Bicycle!
When buying a bicycle see or write ine first, I am agent for the well-known
Cleveland bicycle, the best bicycle made, and not any higher in price than
any other good wheel.
I keep a complete stock of bitycle accessories and tires, to fit every wheel,
and my prices are right
I am well equipped with tools, aud have a long experience in this line, to
do all kinds of repair work.    A!so motorcycle oil and tires, and spark plugs
.Write uie for prices and catalogue
Blacksmith   and   Bicycle   Dealer.   Woodwork,   Oxy-Acetylene   Welding,
Brazing, Aluminum Soldering, Etc.
The Telephone Is The Motorist's Best Accessory
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Lack of proper advertising has
ruined inany a merchant.
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
:xi--'i'K ASLO     8 0.
Argo Tunnel
The Ordinary General Meeting of the
Shareholders of the Argo ' Mining-: and
Tunnel Company, Limited, (uon-personal.
liability), of Greenwood,1 British .Columbia, '; will be held at the Company's Office,"
Greenwood, on the Sth day of Jaly, 1918,
���   Dated this 26th day of June, 1918. -X
X.   President .'���.::"-:'      ";' Secretary.^
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15,to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
nTtrogen"      ���������===
60 Watts
100    -
200   "
/ ��� / ��� $1.25 each
.    -   2.00 ��
VV    3.50 �����
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
I Cbe Bunie fiotel |
only up^to/date Hotel in the interior,
in every resj^t^VVV
and Coll Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
;   First Class Cafe and Barber Shop       v 1
t ?Sf SAMFLEROOMS:.- ^xx
y-x:yy;x.X.'yy.steam Heated;  Electric Lighted..   .
V RATES 31.00 per day and'up; European Plan. yxyyXXX
XxxiXftvs Meets all Yraics and Boats. - ���
X + ^ + + ^*^ + + + JI.Jl.Jl. + + $. + + + * + *+*%
The summer time is motoring time. Warm weather and
fine roads entice the owner of a car to get away from the cares
and worries of busitiess. "I want-to get away ���where I cannot
be reached, "he rays, but in his inner-most heart he knows
that wherever he goes the telephone is not far away. In fact,
h? instinctively relies on the telephone. The knowledge that
it is always conveniently handy lulls his soul so that he com*
pletely enjoys.his trip.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most-comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms. Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee/sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.       '*


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