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The Ledge Nov 7, 1918

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Vol.   XXV.
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture, ^Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
No. 17
Many   kinds7of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Life,  Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Broker
| Charles King
GREENWOOD.        - B, C.
Plank Down Your Gold
2~ Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ^3
25 The   Food   Board   Asks   You   to   Save 3
��j THE FLOUR 52
8~ We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals ~3
H We specialize in TEA and COFFEE in pkge or bulk %
I     LEE & BRYAN     I
Gloves, Mitts, Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
MIDWAY      -      -     B.O.
Please make final effort to ensure complete success of Loan.
Steady the home front. Put 07er the Loan. If Peace came tonight
the Canadian Army would have to be fed and nourished for over a
year before returning home. Your money will do it. Ships must
still be built and armies fed. This means a market but not the money
for a cash market. Will you lend your money for this purpose. The
proceeds of the Loan will provide the cash, produce products and
stabilize industry. The last Loan made business good. This Loan
will keep it good. Business Prosperity and the Loan go together.
The Loan of 1917 was a guarantee against military defeat. It meant
reinforcements, ordinance, food, ammunition, hospitals, victory. The
Loan of 1918 is a guarantee against commercial depression. With one
we secure Victory, with the other we will ensure Prosperity. Our
soldiers have done their full duty,   Let us do ours.   Buy more Bonds.
Western Float
Around Home
Have the  Doukhobers  escaped
For Fall
Now Showing New Arrivals in
Suits and Over-Coats
Comfort    doesn't    rule   where
style, quality and character
are  lacking
Get into a
and be comfortable
ia a
Military Service Act, 1917.
The following Regulations, recently approved by
the Governor General in Council, impose strict
obligations upon every employer TO ASSURE HIMSELF THAT EACH OF HIS EMPLOYEES OF
An employer who is charged with having a
defaulter in his employ must be able to prove
his employment, and that it was reasonably established to his satisfaction that the man was not in
default under the Military Service Act. It should be
clearly understood that the Canadian Registration
Certificates given on June 22, 1918, at the time of
general registration, in no way define the status of a
man under the Military Service Act.
W. Elson 6 Co
Change of Firm
Having purchased the Cigar
Store from R. J. MUIR. I will
te pleased to furnish tbe cub-
lie, at reasonable prices, witb
Tobacco, Cigarettes. Cigars,
Fruit. Confectionery, Etc
" 1Q6. Everjr   person   who
employs or retains in his service
any man who has deserted or
is absent without leave from
the  Canadian   Expeditionary
Force, or who is in default in
the performance of any obligation or requirement for reporting or for military service,
imposed upon him by the Act
or Regulations, or any proclamation   thereunder,   shall   be
guilty of an offence punishable
on summary conviction by imprisonment not exceeding six
months, or by a penalty of not
less than One Hundred Dollars,
and of not more than Five
Hundred Dollars, or by both
such imprisonment and fine,
unless such person prove: that
he   made   due   inquiry   arid
reasonably established to his
satisfaction by  such   inquiry
and papers that the man was
not a deserter or absent from
the force without leave, or in
default in respect of any of the
or   requirements
"106a. Every  person  who
who is in default in the performance of any obligation or
requirement for reporting or
for  military; service imposed
upon him by the Act or Regulations  or  any  proclamation
thereunder, shall be guilty of
an   offence   punishable   upon
summary  conviction  by  imprisonment not exceeding six
months, or by a penalty of not
less than One Hundred Dollars
and  of not more than  Five
Hundred Dollars, or by both
such  imprisonment and  fine,
unless such person prove that
he was not aware and had no
reasonable ground to suspect
that the man  so harboured,
concealed,  or assisted was a
deserter or absent from the
forces   without   leave   or   in
default in respect of any of the
obligations    or    requirements
:V;:.;i.\;:^::-vBRANCH.. :-'
Christian Science service will be. held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at n
a. m All welcome. Every Wednesday
at8 p. m., testimonial meetings willbe
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, aud Republic
truck motors! Garage in connection.
VISITING   HOURS   2   to  4
- At other hours by arrangement
��� .X''lX.X:,ixX.X.X:X,.xy;..,:yx ..    Q
Autos for hire at the Palace
Good;' advertising : has saved
many Va town and district from
aa earlvdeath;
It './������.will -soon7 be time to send
Christmas: presents: to the boys
in France,;-'-'.'A ;copy of Float
makes a present that is always
welcome anywhere. Copies can
he obtained at vTbes Ledge office.
the Flu?
Kokanee fishing   is    good   at
Christina lake.
A. J. Grenier is  working
store at Princeton.
Bill Harriett has returned
Nelson from the east.
Seed  wheat  and  seed  rye
sale at Brown's, Midway.
Midway bas gone over $10,000
already for Victory bonds.
The government office at Nicola
has been moved to Merritt.
Last week several stores adopted the "Cash and Carry" system.
A Soldiers friend is Dad O'Dell
at the Province Hotel, Grand
Mechanics Tar Soap is one of
the best. All other good soaps
at Rendell's.
Captain McMann, and his son
Fred, are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Wood.
Pte. Ernest Harrison may become the new police magistrate
of Grand Forks.
Alvin Headrickson, of the
Granby Store staff, died in Phoenix, Tuesday night.-"- '-���'
Soda biscuits, and many kinds
of mixed biscuits. All fresh
groceries at Rendell's,
D. R. McElmon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Goggles and auto glasses on hand.
At Princeton, Mike Perich was
committed for trial, charged with
assaulting his wife with a knife.
Born.���To Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
H. Bryan, on Nov. 1, at the
Greenwood Hospital, twins, both
Mrs. Hufty of Coltern was
taken to the Grand Forks hospital on Tuesday, suffering from
D. H. Smith, master mechanic
for the three C's at Copper
Mountain, has resigned and gone
to the coast.
L. h.  Matthews departed  for
Seattle last week.    F.   L. Peterson is now manager of G.   A.
Rendell's store.
Mildred Wetherell died in
Cranbrook from the Flu. Her
father is the well-known moving
picture operator.
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Garrett
have been ill at their home in
Grand Forks. Mrs. Garrett is
improving rapidly.
The postoffice at the Mill Site
near Princeton will likely be
called Allenby, following the
present rage for military names.
W. H. Docksteader has recovered from his recent illness,
and is on deck at the Palace Livery. Get your joy rides before
winter sets in.
George McLeod died in Vancouver last week from the blue
plague. He was a well-known
mining man, formerly of Nelson
and Grand Forks.
About a week ago the boarding
house at Carmi, operated by Mrs,
J. B. Sheridan was burned down.
The building and contents were
insured for $2,000.
Charles King had a very successful auction sale for Sam
Larsen at Rock Creek last Thursday. Practically everything was
sold, except the horses.
After  a strong figh t  for ; his
life,   H.   B.   Larsen; died   from
Greenwood Central School
Oct. 1918 Report
No. of prescribed school days 22
No. of days school was in session
18| (School closed Monday Oct 28
by Board of Health.)
Total attendance - - 474
No. actually attending        -      31
Perfect attendance:
Daisie Axam, Mabel Axam, Selma
Benson,   Robert  Jenks, Eoderick
Mackintosh,    Roderick    McLeod,
Sanford -Pond,  Ethel Pond, Ivor
Potts, Ena Potts,  Rose Westcott,
Margaret Westcott,  Mary Gibson.
Highest standing.
Entrance examinations:    Robert
Jenks 961;  Roderick McLeod 90;
Mary Gibson 88; Sanford Pond 81;
Ethel Pond 75, Lottie Tanner 75,
Phyllis Spooner 70, Ivor Potts 62J,
Ethel Lane 62��, Thomas William-
eon  60, Ena Potts 52��, Ruth Anderson 62��,  Roderick Mackintosh
52��, Daisie Axam 45, Rose Westcott   30.    The   following    pupils
were not present for all the examination but made as   follows  in
British history:   Harold   Mellrad
190,   Irene   Mcintosh   80,   James
Lane 55; James Hallett 45,   Wilfrid Docksteader, 45.
Junior IV: Selma Benson 64��,
Margaret Westcott 64, Joe Klinosky 61-J-, Mabel Axam 56, Emmet Anderson 41 ��. The following
made in British history: Johnston
Beattie 95, Gari Intilla 96,
Evelyn Tye 96.
The Flu has killed more Canadians than the war in Europe.
There will be a bull and live
stock sale, in Kamloops next
Captain Norman Wood of Kamloops was killed in France in September.
Who is that young man in Nelson who kisses his girl through a
Flu mask?
Harry Skillicorn is now rnnning
the barber shop and pool room in
There were only five cases during September in the police court
at Kelowna.
At Erickson spuds not fit for
shipment, were sold for 15 cents a
sack in the field.
Milton Wilson of Kelowna, was
killed in a gun figh t with some
Huns in France.
There are plenty of wild mushrooms at Creston. This is a sign
of a mild winter.
W. Cro&sley of Prince Bnpert
was fined $100 for having too much
flonr iu his house.
Last month the Western Clarion
at Vancouver, was put out of business by the censor.
George Dupont Thompson of
Cassiar died in Kamloops last
month, aged 87 years.
Jast now only two canneries are
operating on the Skeena. They
are packing dog salmon.
This year the potato crop in the
CrePton valley averaged eight tons
to the acre.    Last year it was fonr.
Adolph Desfeux fell off a ferry
at North Vancouver and was
drowned, He was a veteran of
the Great War.
The Slocan Mercantile Co. has
sold ther Ainsworth store to A. T.
Cowan, The company still has its
stores at Sandon and Silverton.
Owing to the lack of
B. C. Mining News
��� , , ���- ~. orders for
lumber, the big mill of the Alberni. - ---  7~,"rr_r_^v����J
Paciflo Co. at Port Alberni max>j^alaed at ���18,800,000.
his month- "*'*   r��-�����-     '
close down-this month.
A private company will be granted a 30-year permit by the Domin-
The Standard at Silverton
ed $24,238 in August.
Abput 30 men are working at
the Coalmont coal mine.
In the Lardeau the Triune has
ceased operations until spring.
A compressor will be built at the
Lydia in tbe Kamloops district.
The government office at Hazelton has been moved to Smithers.
Oscar Lachmund has opened an
office at 822 Paulsen building in
The chrome mine at Laurier is
shipping ten carloads of ore to
Niagara, N. Y.
Near Valley, Wash., 48 miles
from Spokane work has begun on
an old coal mine.
The Yankee Girl at Ymir employs 40 men, and is the only shipper in that old camp.
This year a great deal of development has been done in the Kamloops mining division.
Ferrn-chromium,   used
making of chrome steel,
made at Peterboro, Ont.
The Consolidated has acquired
the Voigt properties on Copper
Mountain, near Princeton.
Near Blackpool, in the Kamloops district a jig and roll mill is
being built at the Qneen Bess.
The Silversmith at Sandon was
timed to ship four carloads of ore
last month, valued at] 87,000 each.
A very rich gold quartz ledge
has been located near Barkerville.
The lead has been traced for several miles.
During September the Granby
produced 688,539 pounds of copper at Grand Forks, and 2,682,996
pounds at Anyox:.
For the first six months of this
year the province of Ontario produced a -littlo over $40,000,000
worth of minerals.
The production of steel in Canada for the first six months of this
year amounted to   432,236 tons,
in   the
is being
Canada imports 821,000.000
worth of oil a year. It also pays
a:bonos of 62-eents a barrel upon
!rti,l0wrn^enti^ graze reindeer ��H oil produced in the Dominion.
i�� whs Northwest Territories. Tn ��,a Tt W uu,""oa*
in the Upper Duncan   district
When times get dull increase the
size of your ad in the paper. A
to d front pays in the end, and a
chicken heart is no good
in   a
Perfect attendance: Agda Carlson, Gertrude Dixon, Horace Duhamel, Samuel Eustis, Ethel
Fraser, Dolly Granberg, Gordon
Jenks, John Kerr, Gabrielle Legault, William McLeod, Sylvia
Price, Vera Walmsley, Ernest
Wyder, John Wyder, John Satier,
Jack Bryan, Phyllis Eales.
Perfect attendance: Ethel Benson, Bessie Bidder, Doris Dixon,
Lawrence Duhamel Allan Fraser,
| Percy Fraser, Lawrence George,
Mona George, Irene Inglis, Edward
Johnson, Jack Jory, Helen Kerr,
Dorothy McKenzie, Kathleen
McLeod, Gertrude Nelson. Leonard
Pon tesso, William Walmsley,
Leona Hopkins.
At Fraser Mills three men stole
asuckingpig from a Hindu as a
?oke. It was no joke when they
had to appear in court and pay 820
and costs.
The principal strike in Vancouver last month was against
Spanish Flu. Flu was working
overtime, and scabbing on all the
other diseases.
Up to last month 32 Canadian
soldiers had received the Victoria
Cross. Five of them were from
B. C, and 15 of them were born
in the Dominion.
A big stallion died over near
Fernie, and was buried under three
feet of earth. A bear dog up the
corpse, and dragged it away from
the hole about 25 feet.
Frederic Lander died in Kamloops from pneumonia. He was a
well-known stockman, and contracted a cold at Ashcroft while
loading cattle, ten days before he
the government will build a wagon
road next spring. It will be of
great benefit to mining in that
In the Burnaby district near
Vancouver the Spartan Oil Co.
will drill a well 2000 feet deep if
oil is not found before that depth
is reached.
The Copper Farm,  four  miles
east o.f Princeton, will begin shipping to the Granby this month.
The ore averages $35  to the ton in
copper and gold.
The Crow's Nest Oil Co. has a
well down 1580 fe9t at Sage Creek,
in the Flathead. The drill is in
hard rock, and the well is being
eased to a depth of 1480 feet.
pneumonia    Tuesday7    evening.      KaW^* J^w * *?
He was 28 years old, and leaves a ?n.ow te.U at tbe  Waterloo
wife and child.  In company with
A. J. Morrison he had been working the    Providence ; mine   for
more than, a year. r^W7:'" '--
W^itlng from Eagland on October   18,    Corporal   Sutherland
Smith says that Bramshott camp
is quarantined. ::,Ttiey dont know
what disease hit  the place,  but
they are losing a lot of soldiers,
nurses and  doctors.     The new
men    are the   ones   principally
effected.    ���   y^ X..'iX:Xiil
The eldest son of Mrs. Wm.
McLenan, formerly of Greenwood, died recently in Montreal
from influenza. He was buried
beside his father in Kirkhill cemetery, Glengarry county, Ontario,
The astrologists say that the
Flu is caused by a certain conjunction that Jupiter made with
the other planets. If that is so
Jupiter should haye masked before he became an ally of the
John Nl Angrignon died at
Shoemaker, Ontario, October 29*
from pneumonia, Years ago he
was employed at the Providence
and Mother Lode mines. His
brothers Pal ma and Ed reside at
New Denver.
Early last week  two  feet   of
Lightning Peak, cutting off all
communication says a despatch
from George Boag. The camp
has its winter supplies all in, and
plenty of fresh meat in sight. XXy
Jack McMillan died last Thursday. He had been an invalid for
years. He came from Trail a
few days previous to his demise,
and was stopping at the residence: of / Alphonse Dumas, his
brother-in-law,Xwhen he passed
aWay.tV7;-:".:v:-;,:V- Xwy
On the Queen Charlotte Islands
there was a record run of humpback salmon this year. Birds and
bears are gorging themselves upon
tbe remains of these fish in the
small rivers.
Tbe whaling season is over, and
the station-at Naden Harbor has
been closed. The catch at that
point this year was 110. This has
been a record year for whales,
more than 1000 having been captured this year along tha B. C.
James McCreath received a
letter from his son Jim this week.
Jim is in a fine hospital at Newcastle, England, and is recovering from a gunshot wound in his
ieg. ������"
While there is no influenza at
Rock Creek, the Women's Institute of that town has postponed
the holding of their bazaar and
dance from November IS to some
future date.
Edgar J. Gauthier died in
Grand Forks last week from
[pneumonia. He had been in poor
health for some time, having
been gassed in France while serving with the A. M.C.
The Granby smelter at Grand
Forks shut down yesterday, temporarily, owing to the Flu effecting ore shipments from Phoenix.
Two lead furnaces at Trail are
cold also on account of  the Flu.
It is the duty of every citizen to purchase
Victory Bonds, and this Bank is prepared
to assist wage earners hy making loans for
this purpose on the most favourable terms.
Wherever possible, the bonds will be held
for safe-keeping, on behalf of small subscribers, for one year, without charge.
<X IEEE    LEDGUL     GREENWOOD.    &   a
Heart Was Rotten
[England's  Famous  Oak
��� Canadians
Felled     By
Ohl   pictm-CMpi.'
,    Uiic ui i!u
|memorable   pieces
! Canadian   Forestry
���was  tlic.  fe_lin'_j ct  tl
'tnieror  Oak,"'  wliii.il
lilte   King's   window at   Windsor.
'���������iveral  n-;iMni< llii> vv.'.s, pei-lmps, llie j
j most   reniarkalde   tree   in   the   British;
: Isles.    In  llie iirst place, il was more'
. thai:   LOO"   vutrs  old.    Authentic
01   work   by
Corps  in  Hue
'\\ illiaiu Ct.'ii-
tood     beneath
Freedom of Seas
Belongs To Allies
A   Vessel  Now  Leaves    tor    Europe
Every Forty Minutes
If ocean commerce had been bandied in the old way the C-boais would
have had a far better chance 01 real-
uin:-;" lhe lieriiiaiix' i.iily rvpivlaliwn -
of wiiiniiu; tlie war. In m. elinj* llu:
l>i'iddein oi llie slioita.se oi .-liippiuy
it v.ai no less necessary iiml aii tlie
\cSm1.- al the allien' coiiim.iii'i should
render tlie fidles; po>.��ibh' s��� r 1 v io
than thai the .-diip yards si:��� <nlii .-.peed
;ip ike. rale, oi production, lielori- lb''
war it v. o'.dd never have -.ci ined lea.s-
lble thai lhe eli'.ifc r-.a It'll llir vi this
connlry .sli"lild be "!'���
fie svMen; .tie! op, r.
'I'oii.ij    llie      l'idled
board  bas  under  its   survrilianci
sr.ovi'im ills oi uiie iourth oi' I lie
chant   .ships 01   the  world.       Da\
l,l)Oi! years
ords show thai il was standing' when:
the < 'anaiiians found il as lone; ago
as DOi! A.D. In the second place, |!:,:
t,ee was tbiity-eiglu ami one-liah
l\et in diameter. In the third place
tlie oak composing it is of an especially line dark brown variety, liie
tiuesi   lhat   liie   men   who   eul   il   ever
!   huu
j Try  to  Convey  Idea Th
i Correct
News System
t  Report  Is
1     (hi,
item   is
jcig'n   p
i-ide   i"   'iennany s   lows   ,-ys
what   might  be   called  its  for-
li,;y���the  attack  upon   neutral
,n, inv ,.pinion.    Laborious mcl>>-
Stomach &
Coiiuin no harmiul drugs.    25c per box or 4
boxes   by   mail   on  receipt   of   $1.00.
jods are used to
i official   reports.
ll was. felled al the ivi|uc.si of ; he
Kmy:, probably because it had become scraggy ami unsightly,
heart was rotten, bin it was still
biarir.i; foliage and yearly adding
new wood, (are had been exercised
throughout   lhe   eeiuurii s   ).,   pivserv.'
Post Office at ��ea
Its'Letters  Absolutely  Certain
of    De-
i, -.1   .ui
State :-
as a sii
it, a circrlar lence ^creeuui!: it i:
the deer. It was sixty-live le.l
with a wide branching top. With
their exi'erience. wilh trees lhe I.
adiaus haiaiiy knew at lirst how
i_;el it down. Their ordinary cr
cut saws are oniy live feet iu l<
bnt for th.is git;anlic oak ihey
i in
' crash.
1 cleaned
and  fell  with   n   resoundin
Th.e  heart  of  the   tree     was
out and  the  hole  filled
to  avoid   further decay
wood   is   susceptible     of    the
beautiful   polish,  and  doubtless
main   portion   of   the   trunk   will
The i,
most j;
llay llieir locations, their anivaU am:
lhcir sailings are charted and ii'.e
lime spent in port and iu transit.
With the regularity of railroad trains
treat cargo ships are loaded, wilh
'.uppHes and despatciied to return in
i given  ntmiber of days.
it   would  be  disheartening  to     the. i
lierinan people to know, if they were |
llloved   to   receive   the     information,)
ihat every six.    minutes    a merchant j
;cssel  arrives   at   am.l   another  leaves ,
in American   port,     and     that  from |
North Atlantic seaports one    departs j
ior Europe every forty minutes. This j
does   not   include   vessels   in   the   service of the    army or navy.      li does
uot take into account the transporta-
iiou    abroad    of    1,450,000 American
troops, oyer fiOO.OOO    of them in    the
last three months alone.
To all of these ships arc allotted
cargoes of food, raw materials or
munitions, according to the government requirements. It is nl! pari of
lhe business of carrying on the war
un  prearranged  plans.     From  month,
lo month it'is known with reasonable | oi a horse with a
precision how much shii.ping will bcj1 ��c analogy is nol very appropriate.
available at various por'ls and what phe good hands in the case are
supplies am! munitions will be moved those, of the motorists.. Good hands,
overseas. The freedom of the seas combined with light., quick feet, pro-
belongs to the allies and America, jvent the. motorists
mid under lhc protection of their (notching his gears,
navies  ihey move  their ships at  will
Opposite Tierra del l-'uego, South
America, is a very high, rocky elifT
overhanging the Strait of Magellan,
and from one of the rocks is suspended, by a long chain, a bai rel
which   receives  mail.
To be sure, ihere is no postmaster,
I nor  is   there  any   regular  letter    carrier, but every ship tliat goes through
.      .lhe   strait  stops  and  semis  a  boat  to
.     !.u'lk'L;U ;thi.-   cm-ions   little   post   oflice,    looks
, ,       .     "V''"1'!<>vcr  the  letters  that  are  in  it  to  see
!. a saw thev ordered, and it vaSj;,- tl,..,-,. im. imv for t|U: ������.,, ,,��� board
���Iv d.livered but m.l until the en-,,,,.,, ,���1,.liclli:u-' ship, and places there
.'.sing (.anadian spirit had solve., ;;��� ,, ((l,..s f(>1. M,;l,lu.��� on ho.ir,| ���i,ips
P-.oidem.     Into  the heart  or    Mc|t],;i|  ���n. ,.,,owll  ,0 ln. i,,,a(ied for the
Who     vas     the     person   thai   lirst
thought of such a scheme we are not
,     ,      , ,   . .told,  hut     lhe     sailors   thing a   great
anemia monarch ^slowly swayed from i^,   ()f  lild].  un;((U0      ,>os,      office.
When a sailor sends a letter to jt
addressed lo another seaman, he is
absolutely certain of Us delivery. It
may be that one of the two seamen
is on a vessel which is not expected
a   Hot,
orkmg   with
was  cut   and   a  saw \ er j
The    sawyer    inside
the  fellow  outside  cut
round  the t rimk until  thc
Hscredit the enemy's
Before the commencement ot the Somme offensive
(which they foresaw) in 1916, the
Germans circulated exaggerated reports regarding the "great success"
of the allied armies, so that the people would discover the falsity oi
these rumors and fail later to believe
the.  genuine   reports.
German wireless operators sent
out on the night of June 27, l'HO,
messages which purported to emanate from allied stations announcing
the "taking of Lille," the "capture of
St. Qucnliii,"' "Constantinople in
flames" and other such interesting developments. These messages began:
"Attention! French wireless station
���the following is the latest news."
Because of this clumsy wording and
the tone of the waves, the. allies had
no difficulty in determining that the
reports emanated from the German
At various times the Germans
transmit false items lo the neutral
press with the prefix "via London"
or "via Paris," in order to convey the
idea that the reports have, been passed upon by lhe allied censors and
are admitted as correct. They publish in neutral papers inspired articles purporting to conic from official
sources in one of the allied capitals
concerning such a point, for instance,
as the capture of a position held by
the Germans. This is then followed
by a "denial" with lull referneces to
German papers, and newspaper men
are even in some cases sent out to
confirm the 'untruthfulness" of the
enemy's statement.
1 1C i lo pass by this ocean post oflice, but
| As a vermicide there is no preparation that equals Mother Graves'
iWonii lixterniinalor. It has saved
'the lives of countless children.
Airmen Must
Have " Good Hands"
The  newest   tribute  to  llie    airmen
lhe letter may have on il a request
that a vessel going east or west shall
pick it up and deliver it to some
point where thc seaman will he sure
to receive il.
In this manner letters have been
known to make their way to thc
Arctic Ocean  or even  to  India.
Converted the Parson
Smoked All Day to    Furnish    Light
For Wounded
"i      remember      particularly      one
preacher who    came    to France with
the  belief  that   he   would  save   a  lot
rv i        o   /^i ki n.        01  the  soldiers     from     the    tobacco
DOUglaS & CO.,   Napanee, Ont. I evil."  says  Mr.  F.  B.  Shipp,  general
 ;U. S. field secretary of thc Y.M.C.A.
Iin France. His personal feelings
I against tobacco were so strong that
(hc felt himself unable lo sell thc
weed in one of our canteens. Prs
vvas not discovered until the clergyman had been put in charge of a hut
immediately behind thc lines.
"One^ night there was considerable
infantry activity in this sector. At
dawn the walking cases among ihe
wounded began returning to a rest-
station far behind the 'Y' hut. A
party of twelve or thirteen under a
sergeant slopped at the hut.
"The secretary-clergyman saw
wounded men returning from the
trenches for thc first time. They
said they were broke and asked for
chocolate. He gave it to them. He
asked the men if they wanted anything else. j
"lhe  sergeant     told    him  that   the
only    other    thing  they  needed  was i
cigarettes.    Tbey needed them  badly. I
There was a  supply 'in  the  hut.  The
An Easy Pill to Take.���Sonic per- |anti-lobacco  clergyman  hesitated   for
about one-half second. Then his
program for saving men from nicotine went by the board. )'. ������: paused
cigarettes around to each of thc
wounded men. 'Ihey departed for
the  rear.
"'u   a   few    minutes   another   group
Training Textile Men
An interesting extension in connection with the woollen and worsted industries is taking place in
the textile department ot the Leeds
(England) University. It has been
arranged to provide a special diploma course of study for the training
of the merchants of the future of the
woollen and worsted industry, in
which textiles, economics and languages will be suitably and usefully
combined. It is proposed to use thc
fine equipment of the cloth workers'
department of thc university in giving
thc students knowledge of the materials���whether wools, tops, yarns or
fabrics���with which hc is to deal, in
order that hc may learn intelligently
the best means of producing goods
to meet lhc requirements of each particular market.
R.G.LONG fiCO.iiMitEO]
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
To safeguard the child from damage lhat worms cause, use Miller's
Worm Powders, the medicine. par
excellence for children. These powders -vv ill  clear  the system entirely of
s to say  tliat    hc has "good hands"   worms,   will   regulate.  and_  stimulate
and to imply that he manipulates jus
machine as lie would handle the reins
horse  with   a  sensitive    mouth
the organs injuriously affected by
the worms, and will encourage
healthful operation of the digestive
processes. As a vermifuge, it cannot he surpassed in effectiveness.
er  tr.ey  need
Millard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Increased Production
chopping and
they prevent his
starting away with a jump, thcy enable him to change speed noiselessly,
to let in his clutch so that thc drive
is taken up imperceptibly; tbey prevent his tires from having _ their)
studs stripped out, the transmission j
strained, and make gear box. and dil-l
feivniia!  last as long as thc car. j
Gasolene Cavalry
Men are Skilied Riders and Practised
Cities  of Western    Canada    Helping
Food  Situation  by. Vacant
Lot  Cultivation
The cultivation of vacant lots in
the. cities of Western Canada will
add considerably to food production.
-Nearlv all the cities���Winnipeg, Ke-
ginti, ."Saskatoon, Calgary and others
���report very large crops of potatoes,
In addition to all"kinds of vegetables.
Winnipeg's potato harvest, it is estimated, will run to about 100,000 bushels. Saskatoon has about 20,000
bushels in sight. No estimates are
available from other cities, but _ reports indicate that their crops will be
equally large.
Tbe. yields will be invariably larger
than last year, and the increase is due.
rather to "this than to any increase in
acreage.    In  the  city    of    Winnipeg
During the recent actions in
France the military cyclist units have
won laurels.
When  it is   remembered  lhal  well-
trained military cyclists  can cover  a
icomfortable  :.ixty miles  in  a day on
'average  roads   and -epme  into  action
* |iit' at   ilie  end ; of  tlit;������'��� .ride: something
J Iof  their  advantage  ov'er cavalry  can
be. realised.    Cycles, unlike horses, do
Rope of Human Hair
No Profane Material Used in    Bud-
hist Temple
in Japan, when a Bu'dhist temple is to be built no profane materials
must bc used. Everything employed
in its construction must bc sanctified
in one way or another.
Even the ropes for the hoisting
machinery must not be of hemp or
other such ordinary stuff. They must
be  of  human  hair.
Thus, when lhc foundation has
been laid, thousands of worshippers
of all sexes and ages form in line,
and, passing in sir.glc file past the
priests who officiate, as clippers, submit  their heads  to bc  shorn.
Women, as well as men and children,  willingly  surrender   their    lock-
sous  have  repugnance  to    pills    because of their nauseating taste. Parm-
elee's Vegetable Pills are so prepared
as   to  make   them   agreeable  to     the
most  fastidious.      Thc most delicate
can take them without feeling the revulsion that follows the taking of ordinary pills.    This is  one  reason for,cam-.'
the popularity    of    these    celebrated  thir.g ;<���'>
pills, but the main  reason     is    tlicir 'don: t  hi
high tonical quality as a medicine for  ap;;\ m e;i
the stomach. .'distributed.
 I    "Uy   this   time
'covered lhat  liis
g.   i hey, too, needed soine-
mokc. (.incc more he aban-
priuciples.    A third  group
Again   the   cigarettes   were
Where Do the
Germans Come From?ifourlh ba1lc!,1
consumed it.
the   clergyman   dis-
supply     of  matches
exhausted.    ' Thc
visitors completely
Claim to Still Havc Six Million Men
"Germany's apparently inexhaustible supply of man power���cannon
fodder, as the Huns themselves call
it���becomes one of tlie increasingly
mysterious problems of this endless
war. Where does it conic from?"
asks Mr. F. W. Wile.
"An American gentleman named
Dr. George Usher is reported to
have told thc United States senate
that 'Germany falsified her population statistics for twenty years preceding the war.' In 1914 she had
90,000,000 inhabitants instead of the
68,000,000 she was supposed to
havc. 'Hindenburg gave this information to* my daughters when thcy
were visiting him in 1913,' avers Mr.
"For the rest nt" the day this crusader against tobacco found himself
doing tiie only thing that would enable him to look his wounded countrymen in the eye as they stopped
at" the hut for rest.    He  kept  cigar-'One  Single  Work of
For MfeVs Women's
and Chilclfens Shoes
cttes glowing in his own lips all day
long so that each boy would be able
to  get a  light!''
A Colorless Army
Rich Artists of Japan
".Before the war tamed them the
to the shearers���a small army of j Social Democrats were no respecters
them, indeed, for thousands of fectjof othcial secrets. They specialized,
of rope may  be needed.
When  the    rope    bas    infilled
and kept  i
relic���a Budhist shrine being
ways combined with a sort of
gious museum.
|on  the contrary,    iu   exposing  them,
its! They had a lively interest in know-
British Dyes Defeat Enemy's  Calculations
In modern war, the army whose
uniforms "give it away" is doomed.
"Invisible" colors, varying with climate and atmosphere, are. tlie only
protection against long range marksmanship. The Gen nan field grey, the
French poilu blue, and British khaki
arc, each in its place, life-savers.
Seeing that the: manufacture of the
coaltar intermediates from _ which
dves are made  had  been  providently
- ,. ,      , .     kept at  home bv thc Germans, it  is
al function, it is stored |>"g how many people, there were in Kratii'vinrc to know that this device
n the temple as a sacred iGermany. It tuerc had been VO.000,-j^..ls tief*:;i'eel by thc foresight of the
'"'-���     -'"-'"'-     '-'-'      '  :<��00  inhabiiaiits   instead  ot   6S,0OO,00OiBl.ili:.h       .onlu,cnl      ,-,;      promoting
there cotildhavc been l.^!_ Socia jlh.ilisIl UycSi Limited; for hereby cv-
DemocratB in the Reichstag, instead | , requircmcnt of the armv for dyc-
oi 110. And 1 cannot imagine Hin-jsUlffs has ])(.CI1 fulfilled. Uniforms
deaburg     taking     American     young | doUl puUees>  tcnt and hosnital can
People with thin blood are
Cincinnati man tells how to dry
up a corn or callus 60 it
lifts off with fingers.
Bome 21,320 gardens, having an aggre- j
pate acreage.of 920 acres, which have   v
been cultivated.   About two-thirds of
this areaWas sown to potatoes.;-
Japanese Women Dive for Shells
Thc Japanese.'industry'of making
buttons, scarfpins, shirt studs, cuff
links and thc like, .from sea shells,
brought from the Indian 'Ocean,- thc
Philippines and -the South Sea Islands, has made mighty strides these
last fevy years, says Gas Logic. Mil-
iions-.of the shells* are. gathered from
the ocean bottom by women divers,
-who work without the aid of any
diving apparatus whatever.
The man Who manages to keep put
of debt, out of jail, and out of politics is a little above the average
You corn-pcstc.rcd men and women
need suffer no long^.-. Wear the slioca
that nearly, killed you before, says
this Cincinnati authority, because a
few drops of freezone applied directly
oh a tender, aching corn or callus,
stops soreness at once and soon the
corn or hardened callus loosens so it
can be lifted off, root and all, without pain.
A small bottle of frcezpiic costs
very little at any drug store, but will
positively take off every hard or soft
corn or callus. This should be tried,
as it is inexpensive and is said not to
irritate the surrounding skin.
If your druggist hasn't any frcezone
tell, him to get a small bottle for you
from his wholesale drug house, it is
fine.stuff and acts like.a.charm every
noi tire rapidly, and, furthermore, re- i more, subject to headaches than  full
(pure  neither rfood nor drink. X-x-lx:
In a rearguard .������.action,' when .whole
armies arc falling back into new positions, it: is'difficult-to' send up supplies to horses, and even the transport of infantry in omnibuses causes
congestion of the traffic. _ Cyclists on
thc other hand, can literally "get
through   anywhere."
The men are all skilled riders, and
practised shots, and, above all, well
trained in map-reading and finding
tlicir own way. Carrying tlie normal
equipment of cartridges on their person and a further supply on each
machine, thcy come into action
quickly and bring .their full firepower to bear. . ���
ll is now thirty years since military cyclists were officially recognized among the official forces of thc
crown, but it was never thought that
thev would play such a valuable part
as the "Petrol "Cavalry" has done in
this great struggle.'
ladies, charming, as the Misses Usher
doubtless arc, into his confidence "on jclot|l   ],ianUcts, and all sorts  of otlv
jirieh';l.u,,,'lt,ter .of    'Sl,dl ' overwhelmingly | er ann .    c(]UiPuicnl,    including    the
' '   ; vital- bearing  on   the   German    gen-' ������-	
nil .stall's imminent  plans.
"No.     Personally  I find    the     ex
blooded  persons,  ancj the    form    of;
anaemia that afflicts growing girls is j
almost always accompanied 'bv head-1{"-������""    ��' iil,"f    " "'l s
aches,  together with  disturbance   ' of j J->-��'�� ��s wc    oi man-power m
the digestive, organs. V   .   mIC t0* v��    Hi1M'JCioiV*
Whenever vou have constant or re-  L^   law of November, 1916:
etirring headaches and pallor of the ,n ��� ^?r>' ��� f <'��"����>. *����" ��
face, Thcy show that the blood is comi>fr!on �� |he .seventeenth to the
thin and your efforts should hc di-!,;on;'>lcao" �� ll,s s'xVcth >"ear' "��� x"
reeled toward building up your blood. If0 far ?s llc .!'as ��ot been summoned
A fair treatment with Dr. Williams' -to service with the armed forces h-
Pink Pills will do this effectively, and \^}. ton Photic auxiliary service
the rich, red blood made by these du.^ the-period of the war.
pills will remove the headache. r   ihc   ���0!St  Persuasive   estimate   of
More disturbances to thc health Germany s rcinammg iignlmg ma-
arc, caused by their blood than most!u'1)al ��� lha7l T -havc seen���published
people havc anv idea of. When youn0?^ M June ,n ll ?r��'"iiicnt l>rovxn-
blood is impoverished, the nerves suf ;���>\ '^vspaper. - fixes the .Huns
fcr from lack of nourishment and you a\a,labf,c ���an-I>owcr at 6,000 000. lhc
mav be troubled with insomnia, iicu- lf"?atc ,s based on a..total number
-    - - -      -      of  Gicriiians  mobilized  since
army       ...
famous "Biitish    Wann,"    have    all
been  dved with   colors   which    it  is
Fabulous prices, as far as the dealings in works of art are concerned in
Japan, have been paid for rare masterpieces. At the Higashi Hongwaiiji
sale a pair of screens, with iris blossoms painted by Ogata Korin, fetched 105,000 yen, and created quite a
���sensation. But at Viscount Akimoto's
s;de an album with eight small-sized '
paintings, representing eight scenes
of Shosho, by Kcisoki, vyas sold for
1-10,000 yen, and a scroll of Eiga
Monogatari, by Xobtizane, fetched
116,000 yen. But this record vyas
broken when a kakemono (hanging
picture) of snow landscape, painted
by lvyogai, was sold for 210,000 yen.
This was again broken when a pair
of scrools with thirty-six poems by
Nobuzauc, in Marquis Satakc's collection, was sold for the enormous
sum of 353,000 yen. This is lhc greatest amount of money paid in modern
times in Japan for a single, work of
art. The Japanese yen is worth about
a dollar of our money.
He Was No Liar
A policeman named Pat was called
before his superior officer and summarily    discharged.      Naturally    Pat
safe to "say that the. enemy never cx-jwanted to know Urn reason  tor such
peeled  Britain  to produce.    What is iprecipitous action.
more, dyes  for  all  thc uniforms    of i    "A store  was  looted  m  your   dts-
dicrs' suits-dyes by
and all the dyes asked fori British
dyes have played no small part in
defeating the enemy's calculations.
The Value, of Cotton
The United States people are being instructed by their government of
thc need for economizing cotton by
the following: telling statistics: A 12-
inch guii disposes of half a bale of
cotton with, every shot fired. A machine gun. in operation will usc up a
bale in. three months.. In a naval
battle,7 like.; the one off. Jutland, from
five to six thousand pounds a minute
are consumed by each active warship.
It takes7 more "tbaii 20,000 bales -a
year to" provide absorbent cotton to
stauiich and bind the wounds of the:|
injured. One change of apparel for
all the. troops now engaged in. tlic
war represents ���������niorc than a million
bales. The U.S.A. is now. turning a
million' bales':"a  year into  explosives.
always goes with
heaitkand health
making is the big
reason for
A delicious food,
rich in the vital
earfc and enjoy it
to the Ir st atom.
Health making,
;ix nourishing,
Car-iJo Food ZXX ticket n;52'-b?6.'
Glass  Known  to Ancient Romans
Kecent/discoverics in the ruins-.of
Pomp<ii prove, that the. ancient .-Romans' used window glass;, but for
centuries the houses of our ancestors were without window glass, the
place' -iii whicli was frefjuently supplied wilh wa>.ed linen or"oiled-paper.'. At tlie i ml oi the last century
there were still, men whose occupation  it   was  to paste oihd  paper  inio
Borgia's Pois an Ring
Used to Carry Deadly Drug for His
.... Guests
The donation, of'famous rings and
other .'jewellery'-; to Red Gross fund's
in London, reminds us that one of
thc most interesting of the historical
rings' that have come down to oiir
tinies . is the signet one of Mary
Queen of Scots, which is now in-the
British Museum. The general opinion
i.s that this 7 was her nuptial ring
wlic'ri she was inariied to Darnlcy.
Another celebrated ring is the one
Queen Flizahcth.is supposed to havc.
sent to the Earl of Essex, but whicli
jas all know, lie failed to receive. It
is of gold,-with the <iucen'.s licad cut
[on onyx, and is now in the possession of the Rev. Lord John Thyme,
a descendent from Essex's daughter.
Iii '17(35, in the prison.;���.-.where John
Bnnyaii was once .���������'���'confined, was
'found.-a i'iiig bearing his. initials, "J.
B." and also an engraving of a
death's: head. . This ring, after passing through several .hands, . finally
came into the -possession of a curate,
of. Hlstow, where Buiiyan Was born.
The signet ring.of- Caesar Borgia
was on exhibition some; years ago at
a meeting of the  British Archacolgi-
ral   Association.     It   is   gold,  sliciillv|     ".'   Mippose  you    always  prcier
enamelled,  with   thc date *'1?03"  and ! enlist men who.are not mamed
:i motto  on  the  inside.    At  the  back ' marked Jones to .a sergeant at  th.
is a slide, within which, it is related, Icrmtm,- station.
he  carried  the poison  he was  in   the I      "No;   you re     mistaken   then . |
habit  of  dropping  into   the  wine   of Ham."  hastened   to   reply.-.     -I   preter ;
his  ��-ruc��t< '' Imarrud   men   every   time;     \oti    sec, I
��. ,_ _^_.__ I we    don't    havc to go to tin-  trouble j
jnf teaching  mari-hrd  men -'in obey."��� !
i L.niUii  Tit-Bit-: I
ritis, neuralgia or sciatica. Muscles
subject to.strain are under-nourished
and you may have muscular rheumatism or lumbago, lf your blood is
thin: and you begin to show sym-
toms of any of these disorders, try
building up thc blood with Dr. Williams' Fink Pills,-and as the blood is
restored to its normal condition every symptom of the trouble will disappear. There arc more people who
owe their present state of good health
to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills than to
any other medicine, and most of them
do not hesitate to say so.
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills through any dealer, in medicine
or bv mail-.'. 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from The. Dr. Williams' Medicine .Co!, Brockviile, Ont.
1914 at
12,000,000, of whom half are said to
have been definitely pul out of action. -. "Writing early in 1917, Mr. Gerard estimated that Gerihanv then
had 9,000,000 available fighting men.
Allowing for 'attrition' of 3,000,000
during the intervening sixteen
months the estimate above'mentioned���that .we. .have to meet and beat
6,000,000 ..Huns���impresses ine as one
that is fairly corroborated by the astute American ambassador's' 'inside'
Odd Styles in Ornaments
A  druggist can obtain an imitation
The Listening Telephone
Source of Information Baffled Headquarters
It happened in thc early days of
trench warfare.-
. There was.no doubt, that by some
natural or supernatural means the
enemy got to know day after day all
our movements in a certain front
line sector.
Whether wc were being relieved or
were, ourselves taking over the sector, he opened fire at the most awk-.
ward.moment. Despite all precautions
no ration or other party could comc
or go by day or night without a murderous accompaniment of rifle and
niaehim:: gun lire. There was a leakage somewhere.
Time after time the matter was reported to brigade headquarters, who
eventually .-leti'.iled an oilicer to comc
down  to  carry  out. investigations  on
talked wid mc, an' told mc he was
goin' to open a jewelry store."
"That is just what he did," declared the superior. "He opened it
and got away with about $5,000
worth of goods."
"Well," thoughtfully commented
Pat, "he moight havc been a thafe,
bill begorra he was no prevaracator,"
The Portuguese language is spoken by about 25,000,000 people at
home and abroad. It is the language of Brazil, as well as-of Portugal. .
.the spot.
of MINARD'S LINlMh.il .irom    a      He came,    the. enemy   celebrating
Toronto  house at a very low  price,  the event by    a more violent    straf-
anil have it labeled his own product.   j���g than usual, which soon convinced
This greasy  imitation is  the poor- |i,jm ti,;lt immediate action was ncccs-
r, '.",���'   Tr >-.      .'.      in ���     jest  one  we  have  yet  seen    of    the i sarv
Cows ��� Horns ���-. Considered   Becoming l--,���_.���--n, ;,,>,.������,; t,,.>,   l^i.-i- -i���,i ii-.,- :    'r'"    .i - V i '������'���""��� ... 1'. -i
T *�� :many that every   loin, JJick and li.ti- >   ��� | ogcthtr    we    concocted a  simple I
A very odd kind of ornament'com-j
liio'iily worn by the Xulus in .South,
Africa is made of the cocoons of -a \
Marge species of moth:' These, when !
dried, niakc a rattling s'lUiul if shak-
jcn, the shrivelled'.pupae of the 'in-
: sects-being still inside.
Tin: cocoons are baked  to J.ill  the
untaiiuil insects and  then are strung
bunch    of  ih< in .together,  to   fiirm
A   .'Zulu    e;m    !,,���     seen  drav. iuj:
ry has. tried to . introduce.
" Ask
;el  it.
jrtise,  which  was    put into  operation
MIXAKIVS  atid  you   will'that  same  night.  At midnight . head-|
(quarters telephoned their orders that j
.; wc v. .re lo raid, the enemy's lines at
- ;i.':3ii a.m.   '-As ananged, we niade no |
": ;piv; -..ra'.ioas, but'at 2:30 a.m., to the j
'   ii   withering.!
wirn I
as  a
i\v saslus.
Horn   was
for  glass.
Si*    !!>*'.!
i 'rickshaw.
Broken in Spirit
.-Oppose   VOU
e   v\ cil
nklcts,  'which     are
'/live  to the  eve; bin
iagreeiiblc  to   the     r
I Thcy'furnish'     a  cheerful
toj ment   to his  movements
j-,.. .along thc road.     -
]���-,:- I      It   will  be   notiei-d   that
r pair. "I    row's   horii<   on
llu^l'llny   have   no   signiheam
I'.ing  In .-idii'-nr.
Canada's Coal Supply
.The  (V.ily  source  from   which  Caii
ana  can   now .-obtain'-.coal   to   supple-'!
iiieiil   ils- owii.as  yi'l   inadequate  p.'o- j
j I'uutioii is    the   United!  Stales,. v.y.icb j
:l , comilrv export, d to Canada last v.-ar :
s a pan -oi   iln-.; . ,,.,���.,.:[),:%u. 17,0()(),()00  tons,    n:   whieh '
not   only   attrae- ��� 0���,-fbm ih:   was ''anthracite   for     do-
by lli.ir ratlhug ;11!rsl;c  .,ls,./     ||uw .great ��� i?.'. Canada's j
tr.    (>i   ihe  negro, jdcpeiidcncc 'upon the    American coal ;
���'tic:.- tl.
Mm all
1.. It w
��� tery   v.
;     l.y   ::' 'mici< ...:l'i
' ov.r : <ii> l.-io.i .p. ii
line' un  i>::/  i'i'oiiI
en. liiy   poured
Inn:,'   our sector,
some   wi eh'-   en
solvi li.
'.. ���-;,,'i
lo a  <n
attack j
i lii.niv !
of 1.200 !
accompiini-j uljI1(S  ,n;iv-  j,,.  1<;ti!ie.l   from   the  fact
as   he     run.. |,|,;i,   ;������   ]��>!<,  ,1s,
! coal   in   the   1 >omiui
he   wears  a !.}(,! oi��j   tons,    of      '
Oltl     Soil  .   .
Iio-.ii   ii :������
'II. Ml"
\,.. s    . ieiiniu   a
the" receiver  1
>t Im
i. pli
onabl- dug- |
frui.r. oiir old j
i   ..-'implicated j
liis     head
evc.-pl   af
total   production' of l^"1 ,.    .
;      'waVonlv'  bi.-'i"110."   wc  dislinytly       .
\(>va   Scotia 'ct '  '" ^'b.arge ��>l  r.-servt:-, now in uiii'-.l
hi .
our.  . ars,
vvas     unbounded j
hi'ar.l     the   ofli
A Clever Ariswer
The old practice of badgering wit-1
nesses is still kept up in some 'west-j
rrn courts, 'sometimes, however, toj
the detriment of the cross-<->:nmim:-r.:i
.Lawyer Smith, partially bald, ; and '
a. very infrequent.-.patron of the dotal
barber 'shop,' was' grilling.- aAvvi.tness
on -the .stand. .' ::;r->"..   :
':7'Now.:.M.r.; l)yr
Sockeye Salmon for Fighters
ih.c  entire'pack  of so'.'keve <-;ihiin;
Alaska    v\ ill  be  taken  over bv  tin
iiccounied- for O.S'M.dOM tons. 'Alberta : ��'u. - ln-ii.-liv_
4-5li.l.tlili>   tons   and   l.'.riti-b  'Columbia ' l'houe line to J.
'���'i'XJ.lMHI  ions.   S'earlv all   the. u'nthr'a-",     I'< re was 'uie
tiotiblrs  ami   lo
' fill-' coal  'iisf'cl   in   ('.astern   tianada
idrav. n   from   ihe.  Cnit<"<I   States.
, (government.
75  per- iv nt.   uf all"
lii'iinii packed this  year in  th.-   I "nit-
' lamif-r:
lid'1 this
\X:v .the
i|lie. ..iti'
���r,'yo!! pass .ior an.
���l\ii<) yV: you can't
barn .is ii.iitl --_-you
r'.e'M farm for ten
X,'-'.fell r-ti��::;ho\i--vV.d.il
v/if'.'v-Vvi ;..'l!;i;'.ik"--..v'oti
i ed  Stal'-s  will  go  to  the  same
(-.Thr:-public's .share-will in cons'
be.-v cry '. small,  hut .the  1
over ���'. there   more   than
hei e.���Buffalo  I'.spress
' -'-A
' : ! \\ hrti-.t! ^l!iy-ireiiiiir'!:... \\ el!. Ml .s.rju.st \
\ _.'ai_oi"it.'.."'as'. 'ol'd.--.;av.-yo'.i.'::''ai;e... ^;:!d':;;'\ needs'-;
. ij'-.-iiiiii.r-i'rc-abotfCas -bad;'-'' XX-xyx..\
U      .-���: .-���:.:���:--.���-������--...������ :������,������,-���-;::(
need  it
we    -!o     over
"Motlirr.  did  Cod   make   mju?"
"Yes, A<:.,xX'
"Did  He-make  ine  too?"
"Of cotirsi, darling."
"Did lie make  the flics?"
"Ccnainlj-,   He  made  everything."'
Thf child bent over his toys, muttering, "dreadful fussv work���making
:C��na-!a .Too^X Zya-i
Z--.26 '
;c.i-;:.au;:has'r.'a\ deaf rand -rdumbl?
���r;;but ..vvitiCtheaid of a phono- [
X ���]-.'<��� ���������>';V��Hages.\tO;puH'.'. tbrough-v "��� J:
1    Lots of men have so much genhu
{that  they are unable to do anything
th* *hadp and think ��boat
; eiiem
i phone, th.
| pa ram-, .as
! overheaiin;
Ihis  i|im hvitv 1. d  'n
.of   the      I'lillerphone    in
-ill.     a ml   i il . 'iiauv   olhi
'"l he
king   ovcrhiv     lele-
i ad<piartei>.
. caiis.-  of nifist of
sses  for  weeks:
):i> intensifying
"���'���I,. "I'.". or. listening
it  is  now   calK.I, bad
all   oiir  iiie-s.iue.-. .        ���    ��� j
the   adoption i
lhe   forward i
i  '��� ''
"   M r,air;'r (le- j
Pig-keeping Warship ,".;:.'
���-.���A?writer  in    thc:.:Loudon     Daily
Chronicle tells of a monitor that has
a double claim to Britain's gratitude.
In the first  place she.: frequently and
thoroughly,    bombards,   the     Boche;
secondly,  she.  keeps  pigs.   Members !
j of .the' ship's ^company   !��� patriotically
1 decided '-''that-   spare spare : could not
j better    lie  .utilized r   than; iii: rearing
; pork  ;_nd . bacon,  -.and prosperity-. has
i smiled  on  their    sea  styes; and    thc
: labor of their leisure hours. They al-
jso do well.with rabbits.    Indeed, the
i vessel's success as a farm is only excelled by its success a* a floating bat-
nvcota #
Face Powder
When warm days or hard work
caube you lo pcispire, your nose
and forehead become ��iiy nnd
shiny.   A light application of In-
���: gram's Velveola Souveraine Face
Powder Will remove the shine and
give your complexion smooth at-
tractlveness. It hides blemishes
and tiny wrinlcles. Yet to fine of
texture  is  it you  can  scarcely
. detectit. And bestof all it blends
perfectly with the complcsionend
stays on.    (50c.)
Tp give your complexion the fresh
health of youth use Ingram's Milkweed Cream daily. It is gently
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Ing and softening. Rubbed Into
the hands it keeps them soft and
white Two sizes, 50c. and $1.00.
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A Picture
With Each Purchase
Kaeh time you buy a package of Inf-
���-. ram's Toilet eiiis or Perfume foot
'��� drueeistwll! tiveycu.wrlthoutcharee,
./ alarge portrait cf awprSd-fatnedrootlon
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different portrait so you make �� collection fer yoar home.  Atk your <njc��5��t.
F. F. Ingram Company
Wiwl��K.Oi>Uri�� <120) rtS^V
TSE*   USDGtSL    WEmWQQIk   ���� ik
j Mesopotamia Farmers
In Primitive State
Building Trade Active
Rough ancl Itchy With Eczema.
Cams in Pimples and Blisters.
[ Kcci From Sleeping.
"My face got rough and itchy, and
1 was nAl I had eczema. It came in
pimples, then Water blisters,, and my
skin was sore and red. My face itched
and I had to scratch, and it kept me
from slerpitig. The skin was dry and
scaly, and would bleed. My face was
an awful sight.
"I saw an advertisement for Cuticura
Soap and Ointment and I sent for a free
sample. J afterwards bought more, and
it was not over a week when I was completely healed." (Signed) Miss Annie
Forguc, Alderson, Alta., Aug. 28,1917.
If your skin is already healthy and
clear keep it so by using Cuticura Soap
for toilet purposes assisted by touches
of Cuticura Ointment to Boothe and
heal any tendency to irritation, redness
or roughness of the skin or scalp.
For Free Sample Each by Mail address post-card: "Cuticura, Dcpt. A,
Boston, U. S. A."    Sold everywhere.
!No  Motor  Plows in the Garden
i Eden
|    Thc  news  ot" irrigation  of the
Marked Revival in Prairi-
Been Noted
Cities Has
How Sickly Women
May Get Health
iphrates valley, and the prospect of
j During the past two years a niark-
.. led revival in the building trade in llie
j'-u"!prairie cities of Canada has been not-J    jf thcy couid onlv he made  to  sc.
wheat  hirvesl    ���'-rcit.-r    Ih-m      nnv'CtL-, F,r��nl,  th.c   ?utbro;lJ?  of   lhc   \V,!U" 'that half their ills are caused  by im-
vuieat  naivcst      <=,c-'l<-'     V ? y .until  the  beginning  of  la.;  vear  the
Teaching' Soldiers
To Be Cautious
: since the time
J is  indeed  good.
1,000 Awards
Of Victoria Cross
Is    "that    mighty
!river" once more to deserve ils name
I Euphrates,  "The   Fertile  River?"
J    The vvheat harvest in Mesopotamia
lasts from April  till  June.     Agricultural work    is    still  carried on in a
very primitive manner.  Motor plows
havc  yet   to  reach  thc     Garden     of
Eden!    At present plows used  there
j consist of a few stakes tied together
;and easily carried upon  the shoulder,
j Thcy-arc, of course, drawn by oxen,
jand can only  be used      when      the
j ground has  been  softened by  rain.
j    The    corn  is  thrashed    by    being
j "trodden  out;"   lhat is  to  say,  it   is
��� laid on the ground in a circle, and a
j heavy log,  studded with  flint stones,
lis drawn    over it,  round  and  round,
jby a yoke of oxen.
I     The barns in    which    lhc  corn    i.s
I kept are    usually large holes in    the
I ground  carefully     covered    over   so
���'that to the unsuspecting eye no trace
��� j of theui is  left.   In some places tho
I bains  lake  the  form  of largc  chaiu-
(bei's at each end of the houses,    th
ot la.: year
business was practically at <i standstill. In Regina, Saskatchewan, tlic
value of permits issued this year already exceeds the total of lhe whole
of the two previous years, and it is
anticipated that before the end of the
year the expenditure on new buildings iu that city will exceed a million
dollars, as considerable building is to
bc done this fall. Though not quite
so busy as Regina, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is also enjoying brisk
building activity, the value of the
pern liis issued during the iirst seven
months of this year being more than
fifty per cent, greater than the total
of last  vear.
pure blood, it wouldn't lake, long to
cure them with Dr. Hamilton's fills.
Trulj- a wonderful medieim: that invigorates, strengthens, renews. Every tired, worn out, woman that tries
Sentries Must Not Take any Chances
' On Duty
I have a friend���a young six-foot
; officer, powerful as a horse���at one oi
j the cantonments in the Ear South,
' w Iio  has  a  wav  of  showing  his  men
Dr.   Hamilton's   Pills     will     improve j around
rapidly,   will   have   betier  color,     in-|
creased   appetite   and     belter     dig..-s- I indifferent," casually     friendly   replies
tlon' I lo their challenges. Tlic sentry in his
the need for individual
Edward      1 liuigerford.
1'! very body's .Magazine,
it     i.s     his    practice
lhe   camp     late
ipproach the. sentries, g
writes        iu
to   hkiriuisli
at  night  and
iving careless,
No betier rebuilding tonic can be
found than Dr. Hamilton's Pills
which are safe, mild and health giving. For forty years Dr. Hamilton's
Pills  have  been America's  most  val
ued  family medieim.
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Begin Dinner With Dessert
The Plan of the Chinese Would Save
How about eating your pie or pudding at the beginning of dinner and
then finishing up with meat, fish or
soup?  In  China,  where  everything is
Army of Generals
outside walls of    which are made  lo , done backwards according to our way
resemble llu: walls of other rooms
of  thinking,  the
meal  with
Number of Tims Won Since Decoration Instituted���200 in Present
One thousand Victoria Crosses
have been awarded since the decoration was instituted by Queen Victoria
at the time of the Indian Mutiny,
when 182 Crosses were awarded. In
the Crimean War 111 Victoria Crosses wore won; in the
Once you get a few drops of Putnam's Extractor on a sore corn, you
realize  what a  boob  you've  been  to
3   ���...���   ���...,, ,   Sou\irAfri'ca'iihva.it  so  long before  using the    one
rar, 78; in lhc Zulu War, 2b, and in jpanikss and sun:  corn remedy.
e   Vfghan  War"   16 '    Putnam s shrivels up a corn might}
Nearly' 1200  were  awarded  in     the  quick; peels it right off the toe, acts
present war up to September, 1916,
and the thousandth on the roll vvas
obtained by Driver Dalzicl, an Australian.
It is calculated that not more than
half thc recipients of thc honor during the last four ycars arc now alive.
entirely without pain, and never fails
even on the oldest and toughest of
corns. For a real cure get Putnam's
costs but a quarter at the druggist.
There   is   more   Catarrh   In   this    section  ol
Uie  country  limn   all  oilier  diseases  uut  to.
Kether, and for years it was supposed to t>e
.curable. Doctors prescribed local remedies,
and by constantly foiling to cure with local
treatment, iirouounccd it incurable. Catarrh
is a local disease, greatly influenced by constitutional conditions and therefore requires
consuution.il treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, maniilacluicd by lr. J. Cheney Jt Co,
Toledo. Ohio, is a constitutional icmedv. is
taken internally and i-cts through the UloocJ
on the Mucous Surfaces of tlic System. One
Hundred Dollars reward is offered for any
case that Hall's Citarrh Cure fails to cur,:.
Send for circulars and testimonials,
K. J.  CUii.N'KY  & CO..   Toledo. Ohio.
Sold   by   Druggists,  75c.
Hall's  Family   fills  for  constipation.
Contradicts Popular Belief
Opened   Can   Foods   Not    Harmful
After All?
The popular belief that
foods will spoil and even be dangerous if left in thc tin after opening
has been made thc subject of a technical investigation, the results of
which arc reported in thc American
Food journal.
Canned milk is usually kept in thc
tin until used up, sometimes for days,
and shows no deterioration, and the
result of laboratory tests demonstrated that a tin can differs little from a
tin dish for keeping such foods,
so far as wholesomcness is concerned.
  [    Cans    of    tomatoes,    corn,   string
King Alfonso's Ruined   Palace   Was [beans, sauerkraut,    apples, pineapple,
Result of Ancestor's Whim auJ pumpkin were opened and allow-
. . .  ed lo stand from one to  three days,
^ King Alfonso s mined palace ot ! whcn thc contents 'were examined
han JhJr/'jnsp, at La Oranja, is one (chemically for increased acidity and
of the freaks and one of thc glories the presence of tin and iron, as well
of bpam. It. was a Bourbon monarch ils lastc ..nj 0jor. The increase in
who invented it���at the beginning ot hciditv was verv slight in most cases,
thc eighteenth century, Philip V., !;,U(i tjlc ;.,;;,0unts of tin and iron in-
was out mmling one day and rested i fmitesimal, while taste and odor'were
at a sunny farm called the Orange;{,-. most c;ises normal.
occupied by monks. The monks had j The investigator concludes that on
Iiuiiiored the mountain upon whose (fiC)ierr.l principles keeping canned
slopes thc farmhouse was built, and'foods in open tins is not good house-
had made their beautiful gardens Keeping, because the can with its
conform to the ways of-the giant. !jagged edge is not an attractive dish,
But the king compelled-the moult-iaiui f00d emptied into another dish
One of Glories of Spain
,- w..?,  ...ey  begin  a meal  w
dessert. After the sweets have taken
the edge off their appetites they can
eat what meals or vegetables they
need and are  .satisfied.
The suggestion that we adopt the
Chinese custom was made in the
course of a sermon on food conservation preached recently. Tho preacher's text was "and in the seven plenteous ycars the earth brought forth in
handfuls." After calling attcmion to
lhe success of Joseph as the lirst
food controller in written history, the
preacher said: "I would like to make
a somewhat startling suggestion to
the food administration and to the
public generally. Jt is that we should
adopt tlic Chinese custom of eating
sweets and desserts first at our
"I am persuaded that the Chinese
custom of serving sweets at the beginning was adopted centuries ago
as a food conservation measure, for
lliey have hundreds of millions of
canned j people lo feed and great famines are
common among them. As thc
sweets take the edge oft" one's appetite, one would eat less meat and
vegetables  if he  began  on  desserts.
"These Chinese customs are more
rational and less animal than ours.
It is also more healthful, for when
one ends with sweets he leaves an
acid reaction in the mouth which is
bad for the teeth and the system
generally. As a conservation measure   the  introduction  of  the  Chinese.
tain to obey him. Hc blasted smooth
places on precipitous slopes, carrying away thousands of tons of earth
and stones; and from the valley below he brought up miles of fertile
earth to form ncw fields and gardens. By the time he had finished
creating a new landscape and filling
the new Versailles with the best pictures his taste suggested, Philip was
ready to die in debt to the tunc of
45 million pesetas. For that is the
sum which the monarch spent on San
can be kept to belter advantage in
cupboard and refrigerator. So far as
vvholesomeiiess is concerned, however, keeping such food in the cans
iu which thcy are originally packed,
after opening is not harmful in any
way, he concludes.
Hut it is far wiser never to leave
foods in open metal containers, nor
indeed lo allow cooked foods to remain exposed to the genn-laden
under any consideration.
Cost of Being Governed
It costs .?I,'RW,000 a year "to run"
thc British house of commons, including $1,040,000 for members' salaries and $22J,835 to work the house
of lords. For thc coming year thc
lords arc putting on an extra item
of S9.000 for six reporters, as    they
Oil for Toothache.���There is no
pain so acute, and distressing as
toothache. When you have so unwelcome a visitor apply Dr. Thomas'
Eclcctric Oil according, to directions
and you will find immediate' relief.
It touches the nerve with soothing
effect and the pain departs at once.
That it will ease toothache is another  fine  quality of this  Oil,  showing
Every Soldier Knew Fully    Line
Battle Decided On
"The Germans will attack us tomorrow at noon," said Gen. Gotlioud,
in command iu Champagne, lo liis
soldiers on the evening of July 14.
"Wc shall retreat to certain positions in our rear where wc must hold
at all costs."
Gen. Gouroud enumerated lhc positions and when at daybreak the Germans' onslaught was launched every
soldier in Gouroud's army knew fully
as well as his chief what plan of battle had been decided upon. F.ach soldier understood that he would give
ground all along the battle front for
a depth running from four to five
kilometers and then halt, hold and
fight, perhaps die, but that hc must
retreat  no  further.
This is believed to be the lirst lime
in the history of thc war that the
commanding general took his soldiers
into his confidence, elevating them
to his own level by sharing with
them the innermost secrets ol" the
plan of battle.
It was an army of generals that
faced thc German emperor's soldiers
when they started on what to llicm
meant a jaunt to Paris, but through
the genius of Foch, and the bravery
of the allied soldiers, proved to be
the first step of thc return journey
to Berlin.
Acting under explicit orders from
the high command, Gen. Gouroud established nests of machine guns
across the whole of his battle line
on the hills of Champagne. Every
machine gun crew had been instructed to remain at their posts and light
until swallowed up b3' thc oncoming
waves of the enemy.
Thcy did remain. Few returnctl.
Some are languishing in German
prisons,    while others    sleep  on  tli
happy-go-lucky back country fashion,
feels that tiie stranger is not merely
a friend, but of the cantonment. Then
���200 pounds of brawn and muscle
hind upon him; he feels an awful
blow in thc pit of the stomach; his
gun is taken away from him, and he
finds himself sprawling on the
ground. As soon as lie can get his
breath, he looks at his attacker and
"What the "
i     "Kxaclly so," interrupts  the officer,
!���"only    if    this     really  had  been    No
Man's  Land, and   1, a German scout,
you would have been completely dead
by this time.''
They are taking few chances in the
training of our great army.
YOUR good intentions don't pay the grocer's
bills. Your family has to live even it you
don't.   Secure a Monthly InccKfe  Policy
now.   Write lor pamphlet to-dav.
(Agents  Wanted  in   Unrepresented Districts)
Under  the   Control  of  the   Department  of  Agriculture  of  Ontario-
Kstablishcd  1862.
Affiliated   with   the   University   of  Toronto
College  will  Reopen  on  Tuesday,   liic   1st of October,  1918.
110 University Ave. Toronto, Can.
Calendar  on   Application.
�����  A.  A.  GRANGE,  V.S..   M.S..  PRINCIPAL.      	
Asthma Brings Misery, bin Dr. J.
D. Kcllogg's Asthma Remedy will
replace the misery witli welcome relief. Inhaled as smoke or vapor it
reaches the very inmost recesses of
the bronchial passages and soothes
thcin. Restriction passes and easy
breathing returns, li you knew as
well how this remedy would help you
as do thousands of grateful users,
there would bc a package in your
home tonight.    Try it.
custom in this country would result j slopes of the hills where thcy fell,
in a saving of one-fifth of tlie meat j Those who survived staggered back
consumed. This would be. of inesti- to their own lines, and Gen. Gouroud
mable benefit to our soldiers ami j lias recommended thcin for the Lc-
allies." I
Park of Guns
Taken From Enemy
Impressive Sight to Bc Seen in Vicinity of Battlefield East of
The most impressive sight to be
seen now iu the vicinity of the battlefield to the cast of Amiens is tlic
park of artillery captured by thc
Fourth Army, with which the Canadians are incorporated.
Thc total number of guns ol* all
sorts and sizci, from thc German
field gun up, numbered 219. These figures by no means include the entire
number of guns captured, as there arc
others yet to bc brought in.
Perhaps the most inleicsuug
pieces of the Canadian trophies arc
the high velocity 5.9-inch guns.
These arc naval guns of about forty-
five calibres, with a range of twenty
miles, and havc been employed m
shelling our back areas, including
shots at Amiens Cr.ihcdral.
Taken in all the guns arc a very
lhat   thc   enemy
Magpies In the War
Utter  Disregard  for Gas   and   Shell
Fire Has Been Noted
Thc presence of many magpies in
llie war zone of artillery, gas, or
rifle fire has been remarked by ma.iy
of our soldiers. "I am becoming inclined to consider the magpie as an
idiot, or at least a simpleton among
birds," writes one man. '"To iny
mind, lie never seems to be quite all
there! lie probably docs not realise
there is a war on. When flying he
docs not appear to know where he is
going or how far hc will get. The
other birds bully liim. You have a
suspicion hc will fall when you see
him rising on a wind. His tail was
not made for him; he cannot manage
it; it seems a .serious encumbrance
as he wobbles about." As a member
of the crow family ftlie Corvidaci) be
is distinguished by his length of tail.
It is at least as long as his body; in
some instances almost twice that
length. But be has the family characteristics of a harsh voice and even
ou the battlefield, a ��� propensity to
thieving; to which add an omnivorous appeite. Like all odd birds lie is
popularly associated with superstitious beliefs. Thc common lowland
rhyme (which attributes good lrck
to odd numbers)  goes, thus:
"Ane's joy, twa's grief,
Three's a waddin', four's death."
The north of England variant contradicts  this:
"One is sorrow,  two mirth.
Three a burial, four a birth."
New Russia's New Flag
A ncw flag has been deployed, a
white and green flag, that of the provisional government of Siberia established at Vladivostok. White and
green, symbolical of Russia's vast
snow-covered plains and great
stretches of dense forests! There is
something primitive and distinctly
characteristic in this choice which
will appeal to that love of the land
which is so strong in the Russian
people. For this reason the Siberian
flag is more likely to be regarded as
an emblem by the many peoples
which comprise Greater Russia than
if it had symbolized aught else than
nature as she is known in that land
of vast spaces formerly known as
Russia, now being divided by German  artifice.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget
No matter how decp-roolcd the
corn or wart may bc, it must yield
to Holloway's Corn Cure if used as
mixed  lot,   .showing
has been forced through heavy losses
to impress into service weapons
twenty   years    old' alongside of guns
of the 1918 pattern.
Mothers who keep a box of Baby's
Own Tablets in the house may feci
that tho lives of the little ones are
reasonably safe during the hot weath
er. Stomach troubles, cholera infantum and diarrhoea carry off thousands of little ones every summer. In
most cases because the mother   docs
gioti of Honor.
Covering    ground    step    by    step,
fighting bitterly    every    inch    of thc
way under  the  protection   of a  hail ���    T.  ,       , . .
of steel poured into the oncoming .^J^r11 ]5J:1-f':::!l"1' lo K<^ X>
German hordes by tlic machine -gun- j' c.c.��;.d ,oi tlK7 ��:-c����'* K"';f captured,
ners out in front, Gen. Gouroud's *uc} '"ve been paf;eu through to
army began its retreat about five '^ f.asc. ordnance to be overnaulcd,
o'clock in the morning of July 15. & thcy n,n ����"> .thousands. As
Every   yard    of   ground, which was J'
s lor
they  conic  in  by  the    wagon
Effife ��?��� ^r^x^x^xxxissrLx^^
trench,   every   shell   hole,   every depression was filled with poison gases
arc.  scrv
i except a few pieces,
j    Many of the    guns firing  German
amiminitioil,    were turned upon    the
to be absolutely harmless even to the
newborn babe. They are especially
good in summer because thcy regulate the bowels und keep the stomach
sweet and pure. They are sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents u box from Thc Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
issuing  their debates  daily,  the  many uses it has.
like tho  house of commons.  In view j : :
of thc fact that the commons,. who jThe First Thanksgiving Day
hold many and  long    sittings,     can |   . _____
manage with  twelve     reporters,    thc (__        ,       ,     ��� '    ,      <���    T,
lords, who sit neither early nor very.jKeP* by lhe PeoPIe o��    Boston    ln
often, arc doing themselves well..     :{ .1632
~      ,    __ i    It was in. the early summer of 1632
An Athletic Clergyman that Gov. Winthrop, of the    Colony
This is an actual fact. Thc wife '��f .Massachusetts Bay made the
of a clergyman warned him as hc ;,'i"st.public proclamation for a day of
went otf to officiate at a funeral one j thanksgiving. In a letter to Gov.
rainy day: "Now, John, don't stand | Bradford, ot Plymouth Colony, he
Various Parts Made
At 3,500 Works
Fifty Big Ships Built at Same Time
in Same Yard
A shipyard capable of having fifty
ships on thc stocks at the same time
was a thing quite undreamed of until
last year. It lay entirely outside of
practical, commercial possibilities,
and suggested the visions of Jules
Vcrnc rather than the plr.ns of sane
business men. Yet it is now in a
fair way of accomplishment, so that
we may accept    tlic  ..estimate' of .50
while 28 others  arc being  fitted out
at seven piers each  of a length
1,000 feet. When that stage is reed there will bc a launch every other
day, either of a 7,500-ton_ cargo ship
or  of  an. 8,000-ton   combined    troop
fortv  thousand  Germans  found j
graves    in    that   part of the Cham- j t      ,    {   bing s.lbmitte(1 bv tiie
pagnc.   lhc supporting German divi- |-]jiti-ilibii "
sions hesitated in their advance, then!
staggered and fled,   -horrified by the I .   ���~~    ���"    :
sight    of    their comrades dying     in j Army Bakeshoj>S
terrible pain.   The German   offensive 	
was broken on its very first day.    _   (Eleven Million Loaves
Such was the battle and the heroic)
defence of Gouroud's army that made
possible thc brilliant counter-offensive of Generals Mangiii and De.
Gbiittc July 18, relieved Paris and
transferred the initiative from Litd-.
chdorff to Foch.
are   Turned
Out Every Week
A     correspondent     writes      from
France: About six baker shops  turn
Case For Exemption
Draft Board Feels Justified in Letting
This Man Go
Assuming that all a certain drafted
man says has thc ring of truth, the
Union County draft board of Lcwis-
burg, Pa., believes it has a perfect
exemption case on its hands. Thc
board declines to give thc name of
the individual.
In his own language, some of his
ailments are as follows: "Rheumatism, heart trouble, but could do easy
work, such as peeling potatoes.
Stooping, my heart bursts, and I have
to quit and cannot cut wood or anything that way on account of this,
etc. ....
"Catarrh in head and cars. Nervousness. When I had scarlet fever I lost
thc left car's hearing. Also I had the
roaring in one car so that I had to
slay at home, as I could not hear
anything. I had thc measles, which
made it still worse. Can only sec
with one eye and hardly
with the other.
"Bad stomach, inskles
or something else. But
there is something . growing inside
there, as I havc awful pain that lasts
a day or more.
"Can't eat no meal like other men.
Nothing but milk and light foods or
else I have great trouble.
"I had typhoid /ever, whicli left
me in this shape.
"Also am a subject to spells that
I fall over and do not know anything for a long time, which always
Grain Loss By Vermin
At Present Prices Best Crib Is Nono
Too Good
The. day when grain could be stored in open temporary cribs or left in
unprotected piles is past Such methods  were possibly excusable in     the
days of 15 and 20 cent corn, when it
was  questionable whether      a      crib
would save enough from rats,    mic8
and weather to justify its cost.    But
with grains at their present prices it
i.s a poor business head indeed   who
J cannot figure out that the best     of
cribs is none  too good and thc cost
of such a building will pay for itself
j many times over.    Permanent    grain
i storage accommodation, dry, convenient, well ventilated, rat and mouse-
i proof and not too expensive, is    one
of the essentials on thc average farm.
Early sales     and      shipment     after
threshing, will minimize the need to a
large extent.    Grain is now too valuable  to  allow any waste.
Send   a  Dominion   Express   Money   Order.
Thev are navab'e everywhere.
riL*S. EITHER NO.DEUaojSMtrUAU.tl. M8T 4 Ott
Ed. Co. Havsestock rd, BAupaTKAi). London, SK(k>
TH E R A PI O N Sastwo" u��*
: ���ert.KAKT Arruxs xo au. osmuixz fames*
I  believe
Th* Great  E*fU*k   RemtJp.
Toiiet and inrifoiEUi tht whoU
i sorrow ���yEten, nuke* dew Bloo j
m. *���,.    .,   J*. ��ld, if1"* ��"rrt  Ktrwvm
gkbiHtu.iTtntal and JBratn Worry, Dttjto*.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Distemper.
Salvage From Wreckage
German jute mill. It has not
deemed advisable to introduce
eliincry���the doors would not
the strain.
Under the. guidance of the master
baker,    t followed    ilie   flour of thc
; British army through all  the   stages
j of labor and transformation, from the
time it leaves the railway siding just
Dwellers'by the sea in Great Brit- j outside, until it returns there in  the
.i^M-.    ...^   .*,i,.,..n.- -wi   ,v  ain bave  salved a    great     deal    .of j shape  of  bread.    Thc  only piece  of
being     built     .simultaneously  wrec'c;iSC caused by the    destructive  machinery I     saw  was  an  escalator
out thc bread for the British armv in ;,cavcs "ie m * 'Vak c,OIKlltl0n    for
France.    I  was  in one of them ves- !ln��rc  thal\ a wcck* and  ��?.v parents
terday.    Before the   war, it was'   "j !"*��" nsvcr'?* me EO out, with.a team
- j, iaionc on this account.
The  local draft  board agrees   that
'It's an  111  Wind That Blows
body Any Good!"
sort of thing on  which the sacks of
raised    lo various floors
X ���m- bare head on  tiie   : d^p  related;the  good  news, just .received. ���^^ ^���XW%������,..W
und"���-Kingston  Standard irom': Kngland  as   the  occasion     lor        '   '    ^     '���'"������
und.      Kingston  Standard. observing such a day,    and     invited      To  complete. 4,0(10  tons  of    plat
Tells How Lydia E.Pinkham'j|
Vegetable   Compound
Restored Her Health.
Philadelphia, r.i.��� "I wae very weak,
always tired, iny back ached, and I felt
sickly most of the
time. I went to a
doctor and he said
I had nervous indigestion, which added to my weak
condition kep me
���Jorrying most of
the time ���- and he
etid if I could not
gtop that, I could
not   get   well.    I
the neighboring colony to unite with
the people under his own jurisdiction
iu tlic'-celebration of it. As the good
news related as .much to the Ply-j
mouth people as to the people of
Rostoi), and as Wiiitbrop's words:
"I doubt not but you will consider if
it bc not lit for you to join, it," express. cniili.lc.ee.in the action of Plymouth, it 'may be presumed; although
wc can find no distinct record of the
fact, that . the. day was observed in
common by the two colonies. At any
rate tin-  Bo'-tou people kepi  tlie day
ami frames each day would be beyond flic possibilities of lhe site,.' although 'it.covers'846 acres and . .extends over two .miles of river front.
Th. various parts of the vessels arc
being ���'fabricate.1" all over the states
at'.3,500 different: works,'���'���'some of
theui so remote that I Iir average
joui-nrv is no less'than 20 dais, llvijiii,^.,,,,..,,
���| ����� * "I-'*" ��� 1   l?,''��^    LH.*lt
wilh   tins 'asMsiaiMV   ilie    place-,   is  a I
j-1. hi one instance a U-boat had. tor- '��� fl0ur were
ach- jPcf'oc<l a vessel inward bound with a .'above.
"'general cargo, partly composed of j At each'.landing place, Chinese la-
"monkcy" nuts .for'margarine, manii- ; borers removed and carried it, two
facturing purposes. The wind -being |sacks at a time (160 lbs.) to.thc mix-,
dead off the sea, the u<;xt tide fairly ibig rooms, where liritish Tommies,
littered the. coast for miles and miles j Australian,, and '-United-'States'sol-
with myriads of "monkey" nuts.'j'dicrs were doing lhc baking, 'while
Dried in front of'thr liicthc imts iQiiiiamcii carried -tin- tloiir over tbe
were good eating. The children of j floors to the mixers.
the villages along the'.coast' had a
rich find, and pig-keepers also made
the most of this novel harvest .of thr
sea.".'..They, gather. .1 great <iu;miilii'-
of nuts in baskets ami"-sacks-,'.and
1 loudly 1.
share '
it will not have to  submit this  case
to  the central board of appeals.
K*u)j>mmpM*tmmlUd/rt��. THE WOOD
IEPICINKC��.1MMT0.UR. </rariittMM>
Rain Never Falls
There arc parts of Egypt in which !
rain never falls; other places where !
it falls lightly about once in four i
���ycars;_ and there arc two great rain:;
less districts of two or three millions;
of square miles, the one including!
the north of Africa and the other!
Mongolia and- its neighborhood. j
Made in Germany .��� '
Irate  Lady���This ���clothes line as   I i
bought last night'you. .-aid was a .ill-
British line.
'.Shopkeeper���Yes, madam'.
Irate Lady���Well, iVs broke  twice
and let me washing down.    A 'Inden-
burg line 1 calls it.--Tit-Bits.
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-EiHnguishing
The Matches With "AT��
EDDY U the *n\y Canadian
inakr.r of.iheje mat��he��, crtry
stick o! which has b��n treated
with a cb��r,i!cal eolation whieh
positively ensures iht mutch
becoming da*d wood once it
has btrn lighted ��nd blows
Look for the words "Chemically lelf-extinguishing" en the
i many a piggy griinte.l loudly liis sat
I.veil i;j,':l-.,,;,4���: .^ jl<; chiimi-cd tip his
, i ���    ���     i> , , Iof'the spoil, writes a .'orre^poiitleiit.
bupy hive., birraeks have b. -, n .erc<> j "Knbbcr is not an iiiicm/muii find,
te.l h>r f-,000 men, ih.-. r.-iiiaindi-r lie- i:ul(1..roltmi ,;l,cs i,�� =.��il and lard,
mg dravvii..!i-oni. .uiImu.'. ;\\.tliin l,v.i ; f0lHjslU|Ts. and tobacco arc.found on
months .m .���..miiM-iieing ..per.,ti.,i,s 3i- : t)u. s|l<>|.0 bivarving cjiiantitici. Thes-
on the 19sJi t,f June, 1632, as wc learn  <"-M> men, wen   employ.;,   un  iliccon-],,,.,,, j)0 rc-i>oi:lo\l 't<-�� the local
from  the journal of Winthrop.. Thus  stnicix.n ���>: the yard.   -I. he.-sue is-on'
journal ot \\ mtiiroj'
lhc .example of a day.of thanksgiving
was first set, which has since 'been
followed-by so many of thc .commonwealth's' of lhc United St:it.>, and at
last by the nation itself.
ll.-'i: Islam!,'juVt. outside Philadelphia,
on thr-. Delaware river, and'is well inland, av. .iv from possible i-neniv attack. - ��� . ���'���;'.
. Inventor of Torpedo
Robert  Whitehead,  inventor
Whitehead  torpedo,' was-an   I
man,  from . I3oltoii-1i-.Mo.ns, in
c'ashirc.      He  was  born   in   1.SJ3.
(licit   iw'191'5.       (ioini;    !i.)    )!;,jy,    hi.
I  Ice Harrier Blocks  North  Passage
j     t.i.r'cai   ire -llors  drifting  from      thc
of  tin; j Arctic   l'.;.\v   formed'..-!   barrier      him- [
ngli-h-.j'b'cds' o' iiu'v'-  in  extent  in .'front    of ! ^
j ;.,]- j Point' li.arvo.w-. [)'\..- tip ,,i" tlie American j"'
reported to Uie local: rcei'iv-
Jcr.'bf wrecks, and sold under liis sup-X'
ervisiou. but realize good'prices, a}
(proportion of which, returned to tli.f
jtindcr for his .salvage-'lorvices,' qnii..-!.
i:ide.|ii;itely r<-wards him ..for- 'liis!
isearch along the shore and iTit- labor!
;entaile.l in; removing th." material to}
Xi place  of  safe  keeping." '
heard so much about iV!'. ior
himself   as,   an
LydiaE. Pinkham's j Milan.. He then went t
 Vegetable   Com- |tHng.at 1'note in bS.48,
pound mv husband wanted me to try it. ..Iir.,.lS.-<>.    At   Inu.ne  his Ut
���Itbokit*forawn'eksrdfelta:Iittlebet--|was.iiHynied m 1S&6. Jt w
ter.   I kept itupfor three months, and jfor.iisc in the .Austrian.-.navy, in 1868
I fee! fine and can eat. any thing now. |The British .'admiralty accepted it in
without distress or nervousness."��� Mrs.
J. Worthlinj:, 2842 North Taylor St.,
md i'coroi;!
;.cr ! eeiv. i!
.engineer...   -at i ^1:i'l>'>
Austria,  ��ei.-.!'"artb'.
m..! al   l-'iiimo .iu'.i; Id.
t  torpedo
Philadelphia Pa.
The majority of mothers nowadays
overdo, there are eo many demands
upon their time and strength; the result
Is invariably a weakened, run-down,
nervouB condition with headaches, backache, irritability and depression ��� arid
soon >"more serious ailments develop.
It is at such periods in life that Lydia EL
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will
restore # normal healthy condition, aa
ft did to MM- Worthline.-; ��� V^r
-v;v    N.     Ui    122&XxX-XX
1871.   Whitehead started a branch of
Lis works"iu. England,:: at "Weymouth,-'
������'High.,Water Mark......
water mark"''is the line' ordinarily  reached;.by; the  sea  at high
tide.7- The general high.'water   mark
of ..the.'sea. is taken as the line at tlic i
limit of rth.crrise.of the��� medium tides j
and that of a body of .fresh water in
which.there,is no ebb'and. flow tide,
is:takcn. at the.limit of. the soil that is
so-7affected Xbyii the.: water-as.. to-   be j
marked with a nature and vegetation !
distinct  from  that'of the banks.     .   '
���nl,  /iCcordiTi'ir to    a.dvi.ces .  re-;
ir.'in   t!:c   iiorllr.     The     :niiitnil |
ri1!;'.    '.\''l'l    .'I ��� cargo-  .   I'M"        If..'.':
l   nor'!,   ;-i:Mir   .-cho. .i " i'n :  "ihe I
;:.;.!   ti'.������'.   li;';!-.'.   r;i<r.;,>;;'ry   sla   ���
1'io'i    m    li:<       ��� ".ll. ";:.���:.!   -C./:���:;..��^-.;    of
bc�� u ��� lorced t.v liirn Lack..   . j
. '1 he .vessel . landed her shipments
100 miles from Point :Ha.row.and it
will be necessary to. deliver .tlie carr
go iii. skin boats manned "by hardy,
naiive's- ir.-the little' settlement is-. to
receive ri-ppli.es;..from, the��� o.iit-idc' this
vear.���.;..-��� .;:""'.... ".:.':; X-
I fins, ha
ivvker, ;
rough I
i af.r   \.\]
lhat  old-tini.
. 'last   come  into
..'���     machination^
'.    h'o
ill!.     t!
The Heart pi ;a Piano is the
���action.    Insist oh the   ;;
Otto Higel Piano Action
Reindeer for Far North of Provinces
I hc. granting ���<>!. p. rinits for ire-:-
tTni/iiig pi i -vilr^vs for . reind'-rr in'an'
.>..(.���! of 7fiF(if)ll: Mjmtrc miles in the fill
northern part of Manitoba aad .Saskatchewan, is . under consideration by
the Dominion- government :of Canada.
These far. northern areas are, said to:
be exceptionally suited for reindeer,
arid; besides, increasing Canada's meat
supply, 'the '������ cultivation of-..; .reindeer,
herds would provide ."-mean's., .of trans'-
pbrtation,: which:; would -. ..Xfpdy.ioy. an
'effective.V*\ploratio'i!,:.;-'.!''. :?:ma.-'e.e'?'.siblc
parts.-of the '-'con1.1r'y: "XXXy        'XxyX
I. or
:K. !1
: . liMlis -i
cr 'prisoner "and/.dc:!i'an<led.dhc:lat'"-:
tor's .swor..!.:;"" The- 'o.Incf'r:-:>hook>.;. hi?
head/-7: "!' hr-vc^iior-sword ;tc
s:iiu:... Uii.t -..v.;
.'flame projf".-'
io as v.eil?"
nv 'vitroI .
xtra wrapping of Para-Sani. around the package .before put-
e final covering*. Eats and smokes will crrriveas ...fresh':as when
'/ -Put.'ai
ting it in the final covering.
shipped, if wrapped in Para-Sani
Use Para-Sani at home for
Wrap Soldiers'Parcels
Heavy, waxed paper in Household Rolls .with handsome oak
. Roller-Box, Every article for
overseas should be carefully
wrapped in Para-Sani to. insure
delivery in good condition. .;
keeci ng i ooa i re sh.
Para-Sani will ��ave many tiraei ils
cost by preventing waste.
Para-Sar.i seat prepaid en rr.cieipt :
'.''.!���'! price'.���ct C.O.D*.. -7 ���
i.   *lb:  Roll wrth  Kn!i��r- Box...... ��2.50   X..
"":' lib...Ball whii. Roller-/Berr.���'.-.-..':". 2;20.;X
Otk.Bol!   n'.iao-jt Jlox.XX.....-., 1-S0     -. >
".lib.  Ho3  wifhoat  Box,X.x.X.x;'t.S0 y.
ix'i it.  R6:.i'-'i.��-;ihoBt ;iipsiX.ix..,.\y.90.yx:y
Applefprd Counter Check
iiX'-ix,: Book ������-���Co.;': Ltd.   \
���':.;;;",'������-,  175 McDermot Ave. E��it     ;
,'.;:'V^:^'VWnnipe��I;;:M��(plt6bt.   yX
Is $2 a j'ear strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when'not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a'year to the United
States in advance.
Editor anl'Pinaticier-
Delinquent Co-Ownar Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     700
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Some of these fellows wifeh an
augur should wear an iron mask,
instead of gauze.
Good and kind actions produce
better results than the longest
prayer in the world.
In some parts of California the
saloons, as well as the churches
are closed, owing to the epidemic.
Nox'having found fehe man who
killed Tommy Roberts, the Vancouver police should turn over
another Leaf.
The Flu has caused the chickens in Vancouver to shift the gauze
from chest to face. Ife is even reported that some of them are wearing two pair of socks.
The remedy for Flu in 1889 was
whiskey and lemons. We can
still get the lemons, and perhaps
we are just as well off without the
whiskey of modern times.
TippEisary and other songs of
the early days of the war are seldom heard now in the army.
Those who sang them when Mars
first planted hiB red hand on
Europe, have nearly all gone weBt
to grow up with fehe angels, and
perhaps it is out of respect to them
that the boys in the line sing them
no more.
Editor Ledge,    .
Dear Sir,���A year ago last summer, my sawmill near Boundary Falls,
was burned. I had no insurance. After
the fire Mr. Price of the Forest department came to me claiming that I owed
the government $58 foe royalty on timber, and seized the boiler and all the
machinery that was left after the fire.
Then he gave me ten days to pay up. I
claimed that I did not owe that much
royalty, but before the ten days were up
I sent $22,56 to the government office at
Nelson, which I claimed was all that I
owed. After the ten days had expired
Mr. Price on a Sunday left a notice at my
house, and without holding an auction
sale, he sold all the machinery to Miller,
ajunkmauwho afterwards broke jail in
Greenwood. The machinery that was
broken up and sold for junk cost me
$1,200, and by expending $400 upon it I
could have made it practically as good as
new; I reported the matter to the Hon.
J. D. MacLean, and about two months
ago I received a government cheque for
S30 as a refund on royalty. About a
month ago I received a $220 cheque from
the Hon. J, D. MacLean for damage reported to have been done by the Forest
department. I maintain - the government has treated me unjustly, and that I
should have had at least $800 for the
damage caused to me by the high-ha.nded
act of an official connected with the Forestry Department. My side of the question is open for investigation at any time.
Since writing the above I have received
a second Government cheque for $30,
refund on royalty.
Nov. 7, 1918.
Letters From Simpson
The following extracts are from letters
written by Rev, H. \Y. Simpson, now :i
corporal in the army:
On Train, Alberta, Oct. 2S
The food on  the  train   is A 1.    One of
our 12 stayed behind quarantined for Flu.
Now one of us is down  but we hope may
not have to be put off the train.   The hospital on   board  has grown   from  a  few
berths to the whole of llie front coach,
I have a lower berth  with onr Sergeant
and  we  get on well   together.     I  have
half a car of A men to look after.   We
have a splendid officer iu   charge of tlie
train with 3 years experience at the Front
and one feels he is a brother,  wlrle yet
he has entire grip of his job.    He has us
out to play  combined games each day
though it has to be at some  siding since
the civil authorities consider the  whole
train as  being in  quarantine.    I think
most of the fellows on'board  know that I
am a parson but have got hardened to it,
does   not   make   any   difference.      One
third of us are down with  colds mainly
owing to the fact that they broke a crock
of fonnaldahyde  on  the  floor   and  the
windows had  to be opened  while   the
temperature   this   side   of   the Rockies
dropped below zero in  the  night.    Most
of that earful are in hospital.    One of the
men in my car either deserted or got lelt
behind some  time  before Winnipeg at a
place  where the inhabitants turned out
en masse at  10:30  p.m   fo welcome  us
with a baud in  which  were  two  young
girls playing,  one the baritone and the
other the cornet,
There is a report around that we may
be quarantined some weeks before sailing
but we hope it is not true.
Engineers Camp,
From Brockviile, Out, Oct 30.
Only about half of our original number
arrived here as we were kept shedding
Flu cases. One man died in our C.
Six were taken off insensible at Toronto.
We reached Toronto Sunday evening and
came on by the night train.
Got here Monday maruing and had to
march 3 miles to camp without breakfast,
carrying 60 lbs apiece, nothing to eat till
11:30. One of our men, a strong looking
fellow, toppled over on arrival. I am
glad to say I feel prett}- fit. We were in
oculated for Flu, the first of three injections, for those who cared to take it.
They put us in the big~drill hall where
we are at any rate dry, but no preparation
for us and the first day 60 odd uieu had
to wash in the same basin. It is quite
interesting to see that they look upon us
Westerners as a tough bunch, aud I suppose we arc to some extent, though there
is a splendid spirit in the crowd and no
I find one man is a Methodist minister
very quiet and seems to aim at influencing
them to give up their "ungodly ways"
and adopt his system rather than to find
them a place in the "Kingdom" as they
are. We are just given in charge of a
Sergeant who looks half Mexican, just
the Prussian type. Started by saying
that he was just going to knock us into
shape and if we kicked so much the ivorse
for us. You can imagine that with "wild
Westeruers," half of whom are Americans it looks as if there . is likely to be
something doing! Kindest remewber-
ances to friends in Greenwood.
Gone Home To Dinner
"W. 8. Brown, now in the service, reports that when a troop
train in Texas stopped at a small
town the boys saw a restaurant
near the station snd they jumped
from the cars and rushed for it.
"But," he reports, "there was a
card on fehe front door that said,
'Gone Home feo Dinner.? Ife-must
have been a pretty punk restaurant if the owner wbuld?nfe .eat
there.?'   ."    .        . j j". "-:'
His Reason
Western Float
Baetns���So'a yo gwine to jine de
army? Why don't yo jine de navy
Sambo���Niggab, Ah can run
fasteh dan Ah can swim.���Judge.
Mrs. Jawback���I wonder what
I saw to admire when I married
Jayhawk���My Nerve, I guess.
At West Selkirk, near Winnipeg, a farmer raised 79A- bushels of
wheat to the acre tbis year. For
years previous his -farm bad only
raised potatoes aud. other root
crops. -
Henry Waller of Blairmore must
have big feet. According to the
Enterprise he eent east for two.
pairs of boots. One pair arrived
by special freight the other day,
and Henry considers, the delay in
regard to the other pair, must be
caused by car shortage.
Tbe Methodist conference of
Ontario protested to. the government against the lid being raised,
because some boozs was being sold
in Ottawa upon account of the Flu.
The preachers should have the
government prevent the Spanish
infltienzv from causing so much
disturbance in Canada.
Fishing at .Port Hammond has
been poor recently anil is ' prac:
tically over. -Canuers. had to increase Mieir prico. per fish to 70
centa to the fishermen who are
hugely (ieliglitud..' Tiii-)- deOauce
pf the Food'.Controller's edict that
ouly 50 cents must he. paid is in
self-defence against the Japs, who
cornered the Ifch at 50 ceuts and
resold them to thecanuers at 90.���
Port Alberni News.
B. C. Mines
The Mexican government is
building a 850,000,000 railroad,
from ocean to ocean, opening up
the richest mines in the world,
and - great  undeveloped  oil fields.
It is said that the Sullivan mine
in East Kootenay has 3.500,000
tons in sight, and is reported to be
fehe biggest ailver-lead zinc mine in
the world. It is owned by the
Two;tons of ore containing platinum have been ehipp .1 t.i a testing plant at Seattle.;;. Iv tht; te^tir
satisfactory a plant will iir; install"'!-
afe Tulamien ".- to extract ph _::i:;ii:.'-
from ore that carries it liL-ug: with
gold, copper and  ^mall   diamonds.
:"-; X Disagreement   ;
"We don't Eeem to agree'-with
oar allies on one point. Lloyrl
George says:';. 'Not oneX inch; of
extra territory for the Germans. ������ "
"And we?" -.':.
"Oar boys say .'Give''em hell.' ','���
tter of
think of
You are a farmer.
Canada is a farming country.
Canada grows more food than thc
people of Canada need.
To prosper she must sell that surplus food.
Great Britain is our best customer
for grain, pork, beef, cheese and other
farm products.
Every practical man must see how
important it is to hold the British trade.
Canada wa-:ts not only the profit on
this trade, she wishes to create a goodwill in Britain towards Canadian products and thus assure our export business for the future.
At the moment Great Britain asks
for credit, asks Canada to sell her the
products of the farm, "on time." To
hold her trade, it is necessary to give
this credit.
This takes capital-���immense capital.
For Britain's purchases from Canada
are huge, and these purchases must be
paid for in cash.
In these times, it is not easy even
for.a nation as wealthy as Canada to
procure money. Certainly, no other
country can lend us money. The only
way now open for Canada to secure
money is to borrow from the people of
business, what
the plan?
This is the reason for selling Victory
Can anyone deny the sound business
sense of this plan of protecting our
valuable market?
From the standpoint of the man
who lends, what better security could
he get for his money? Where else
could he get a five and a half per cent,
return on such security? Where would
he find an investment to pay interest
so regularly and with so little trouble
to the lender? Certainly Canadians
have an opportunity to benefit very
directly from this borrowing plan.
And the money Canada borrows is
spent entirely in Canada���a very large
part of it for the very crops the farmer
has to sell.
Therefore, if the Victory Loan is a
success, business in Canada must be
good, the nation must prosper and so
be able to carry on a vigorous war
effort in France and Flanders.
As a practical man you must
approve of the Victory Loan plan.
Then help it along. Put your own
money into Victory Bonds; urge your
friends to buy; work hard among
your loyal neighbors to make the
Victory Loan 1918 an overwhelming
-all you can pay for in cash and alt
you can carry on instalments.
Issued by Canada's Victory Loan Committee
in co-operation with the Minister of Finance
of the Dominion of Canada.
Sounded Like That
The nurse in a family overheard
the little son of the house telling
his sister how be hid behind the
portiere and spied upon big sister
and her bean.
"It-was such fun," chuckled the
boy. "The big 'ehnm'p flopped
down on bis knees and. then he
said: "' 'Answer, me, Clara, I can
bear this expense no longer.' "
Lack of proper advertising has
ruined many a merchant.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Cheuiis', Box Biio8, Nelson, B. C,
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$r each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
fr.oo. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
��1.50. Silver-Lead #1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for oth��*r metals etc
on application.
Optometrist and Graduate Optician, certified by Provincial Board of Examiners.
efc��J&.v&��*',,��*-?�� v
Attention is directed to a recent announcement published
in the Press by the Military. Service Branch, Department
of Justice, regarding extensions to be granted to men
It is pointed out that this DOES NOT IN ANY WAY
REGISTRAR TO REPORT to Depot Battalions and who
have thereafter received leave of absence from the Military
Authorities. - .-     ���'������/���������'    ���
Once a man has been ordered to report for duty by the
Registrar he leaves the jurisdiction of the Registrar and comes
under that of the Department of Militia and Defence, and is to
be considered as a soldier. This applies to men of the 20 to 22
Class who have been ordered to report by the Registrar in
virtue of. the cancellation of exemptions by Order-in-Council of.
the 20th.April last* as well as to those ordered to report in the
usual way on refusal of claim for exemption, or on expiration
��� of exemption granted. ���-.-'
All men, accordingly, who have been ordered to report, and
die therefore SOLDIERS, and who have subsequently been
granted harvest leave by the military authorities, MUST,
THAT LEAVE, unless they are notiiied to the contrary by
their Commanding Officer or by general notice published by
the Department, of Militia and Defence.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���^5Gc each.
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
P-' x'x'-x ;i00; WatfLamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts
100 /',
'->  v   $1,25 each
>:���     " 2,00 '���'?.
3.50 >
.V.:     ���      /
Greenwood City Waterworks Ce��
We've   Got   Him   Throttled   At  Last
Who? Old man High Cost of Living. Bound and gagged, kicked
him clear of the premises. Hcjust naturally couldn't stand our low
prices. Too bad for hiin but comedo ver and let us tell you all about it.
Another big shipment of woolens at prices that will make you
throw the old catalog in the stove will reaclTyou this week and more
on the road. Follow the crowd don't lose "out on all the good bargains. We believe that low prices and quick?.turnovers will keep our
stock fresh and high prices will glue the Stuff to the shelves an I as we
are not'iunning a cold storage plant we are [selling 'em and selling
'em fast, Get in while the getting is good, that "spare change you
save in buying of us will ?ielp buy another warjioan bond.
Place your order quick  for grain[sacks" at 30c each.
Bring your eggs, we pay more than any else in tbe district for
real fresh ones.    Save the rotten ones for Mr. Hohenzollern.
C'nion over and see us, we're real sociable.
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hotel Building -       -       - Myncaster, B.C.
P. BtfRNS & CO.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood/ B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms, Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters,
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
synopsis OF
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed
lands only.
Records will be granted covering- only
land suitable for agricultural purposoa
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing
and cultivation of at least 6 acres, before receiving- Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
Intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
Improvements to extent of $300 per annum an records same each year. Failure to .nake improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims in
less than 5 years, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres'' cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption,, if he requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
land. f
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
by one j-erson or company.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
Include all persona joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act ts extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege Is also made retroactive.
' . ,-   ACT.
Provision is made for the grant ,to
persona holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown .of
such proportion of the land, lf divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover in proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment Jointly. If it is not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands In the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of Lands in respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
Is final. The time for making application for these allotments is limited to
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and lands of the Crown sold,
at public auction.
For Information apply to any Prwln-
claj Government Agent or to
.  _ O. R. NADEN,
Deputy Minister of Lands,
-��* VlctorU. 8  C
... Sealed tender* will be received V the
Minister of Lands not later than noon on the
22nd day of November, 1918,-for the purchase of
Licence X14S1, to cut 720.000 feet of Fir aad
Tamarac. and 56,000 Fir and Tamarac Ties on
*��� area Ktuated near Meyer* Creek, Kootenay
Two (2) years will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forwter,
Victoria, B.C., or District Foreiter Nelson, B.C.
Notice To Delinauent Co-Owners
To W. D. Morton and T. B. Turner, or
to any person or persons to whom they
may have transferred their interests in
the Gray Rock, Lucky Jim, Uttle Giant,
Black Bear, Bulger and Tip Top mineral
claims, situated along the Kettle Valley
Railway, in Arlington Camp, Greenwood
You are hereby notified that I have expended the sum^of Six. Hundred Dollars,
($600.), for labor and improvements upon
the above mentioned mineral claims in
order'to hold said mineral claims under
the provisions of the Mineral Act,-and if
within>inety days after the date of this
notice you fail or refuse to contribute
your proportion of such expenditure, together with all cost of advertising, your
interest in. such claims will become the
property of the subscriber under section
four af an act entitled, "An Act to Amend
the Mineral Act, 1930." ...
Beaverdell, B.C.
Dated this 24th day of October, 19I8.
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
A. O. JOHNSON     -     PROP.
Greenwood Garage
Tires, JOils, Gasoline, and
all Accessories lor
Motor Cars
Repairs of any kind, and
all work guaranteed
Fhone'27 MANAGER
Front St. Next to City Hall. NELSON
P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates  Given  ca all KiaSs  of
Granite aid Marble Work


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