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The Ledge Mar 7, 1918

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 /'mi����ial iibrary
Vol.   XXIV.
No. 34 1
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Carpets,
and Elegant Crockery
Plenty of Oils, Harware and Tinware In stock
NAIL ORDERS solicited from all points
of the Compass
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield Building
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Pantry Queen Flour
Next Shipment all Standard Flour
i Wm    r    ADTHIIDQ   greenwood city bakery   i
if   TTIll*    \s��   AnlllUnO,    FLOUR AND   FEED STORE      ��
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis, It is located in the.
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses* Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms, Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters.
The bar is replete with modern beverages.' Hot coffee, sandwiches, and light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish
and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
GV.O.. LL.D.. D.GL, President
SIR JOHN AiRD. General Manager ~
H. V. F. JONES. Asi't Gen'L Manager
Capital Paid.Up, $15,000,000 "P Reserve Fund, ��� $13,500,000
Every effort is made to provide the banking service required by miners.   A
current account facilitates the
handling of business re- g
ceipts and payment^ S
:   H. C. LUCAS, M^er S; JS/
Life, Fire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Brokers
(GREENWOOD,        - B. C.
You want the best iu
Cigars, Tobaccos, Gum
At Popular Prices
0.   K.   CIGAR   STORE
R. J, MUIR, ���      PROP.
Call orlplioue wlieu youwaut
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
and Gents   Furnishings
Try my Eggs and Butter
MIDWAY      -      -      B. C.
Around Home
Red Cross Night
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B, C, Cigar, Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled, The Cigar
that never varys,    .   ,   .
Have you tried one lately?
. Christian Science service will be held
iu the MEIXOR BLOCK on Sundav at rx
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. tn., testimonial meetings will be
held m the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday morning.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos for Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Oraying
Palace  Livery  And
GILLIS & ION, Proprietors.
. B. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$x each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$100. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
fi.50. Silver-Lead $1.50 Silver-Leacl-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for other metals etc
on application.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
Princeton, B.C., new completed on the
site of the old Gieat Northern.   Only
'brick hotel in Siiiiilkameen.    A first
class house,
Swanson & Broomfield. Props,
Tfi LOAT is not a periodic- ��js
*^   ah   It is a book con- ni.
taining 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in '93;
how tho saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
��4�� It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver Kftig mine. ^
In it are printed three **���
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is 25 cents, postpaid to aijf part of the
world.; /Address  all  lefc-
��5�� ters to^.f'v
*  'XX'~mmmmzxx*
All   the
latest  methods
in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   BC.
At San Diego there are about
40,000 men in the United States
army and navy- While in uniform
none of these can go into a saloon,
and an}T person who sells or gives
them liqnor is liable to six months
in jail. The saloons are not allowed to sell liquor by the bottle after
6 p.m. This has put a crimp in
fehe bootlegger's business.
About 10,000 soldiers and sailors ppend Saturday nights in San
Diego, and many of thein find it
imposstble to obtain abed. .One
soldier, after trying to get a room
at 41 hotels without success applied
to the city jail for a place to eleep.
He was not permitted to stop
there, unless he could get himself
After being dry for months it
rained on Washington's birthday,
and postponed the big review at
Camp Kearney.   ..........
Fresh eggs are 46 cents a dozen,
milk 14 cents a quart, and: batter
60 cents a pound. The Irish
potatoes sold in this city are tbe
poorest I have seen in America.;
By more advertising in-California, ^ Canada should; be ;;able;: to
vastly increase its tourist business.
.; ������"���RyjT.^LOWERy.^
Mrs. Tom Rowe is in the hospital.
Neil, Robertson, was in tawn
last week from Eholt.
Big Tom Hennessy of Carmi,
is recuperating at the local hospital.
New prints in very pretty patterns also Curtain Scrims. G. A.
H. McCutcheon, Collector of
Customs, was in Grand Forks
this week.
Just in a shipment of Ladies
and Childrens, Black Cashmere
Hose.   G. A. Rendell.
J. E. Thompson, M. P. P., has
been selected Deputy Liberal
Whip for this province.    .
D. R. McElraon, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Spectacles and pipes repaired.
Hon, John Oliver has been
chosen as Premier to succeed the
late Hon. H. C Brewster.
By defeating Grand Forks in
home andliome games last week,
Phoenix has won the Boundary
Hockey Championship.
The "At Home" which the
Rebekah's are holding for the
Pythian Sisters will be postponed
until Monday, March 11.
P. A. Paulson, and Antanio
Zilo, who were slightly injured
at the Mother Lode mine last
week, are progressing- favorably
in the Sacred Heart Hospital.
Mrs. E. P. LaBelle, of Vancouver, is on a visit to her parents Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lawson,
of the Mother Lode, and her
sister Mrs. C. P. Charlton, of
this city..
W. H Gueyer, of Victoria, has
succeeded Athol Stuart as government road engineer for this
district. Mr. Stuart has been
transferred to Victoria, and left
for that city on Wednesday.
There will be a a hockey match
at the Greenwood Rink, Thursday evening-, March 7th. Trail
Ladies vs Greenwood Ladies.
Puck faced at 8.15. Admission
50c and 25c. Skating after the
It is reported that the Consolidated Mining & Smelting com-
.pany of Trail, is negotiating for
the purchase of the Voight copper properties on Copper Mountain. These claims are near the
Canada Copper Corporation hold-
in addition to those previously
acknowledged, the following contributions to the Armenian Relief
Fund have been received: Mrs.
Tye, $1; Mrs. Arthurs, $2; C. J.
Eales, $1;M. Beattie $1; Boundary Womens Institute, $25.
Total, S30.   ,; ,
St. Patrick's Dance. The Pythian Sisters will hold a Dance
on March 18th, in the Masonic
Dance Hall. Bush's orchestra
will be in attendance. Admission,
Gents $1.00, Ladies 50c Everybody come and have a good time.
Keep this date open.
Word has been received that
Lieut. Geo. B. Craig, son of Mr.
and Mrs. W. W. Craig-, of Vancouver, formerly of Greenwood,
has been reported missing since
February 21. Lieut. Craig has
been through seyeral big engagements on the western front.
An Institute in the interest of
young people's work, will be held
in the Presbyterian. Church on
Wednesday afternoon and evening, March 13. Professor McNeil of Vancouver, Rev. J. D.
Hobdeu, Rev. M. D. McKee of
Grand Forks, Principal Matheson
of Phoenix, and other will speak.
The ladies pf the Boundary
Women's Institute acknowledge
with thanks the donation of
$66.25, received from R.W. Halcrow and members of the hockey
club, the proceeds of the hockey
match and dance they gave in aid
of: the Red Cross. They also
thank;;> Mrs.,' Ashby and Rev,
Simpson ;for;; their share of the
musical program.-^y-y X.xX::y
Last Friday evening at the loca'
rink the Ladies Hockey team
played against the pick of tbe
Cigar and C. P. R. teams. This
was an exhibition game and the
both teams put up a strenons fight.
The picked team had the edge at
the start and they were not long
in getting a goal. The puck was
shot out in front of the Ladies
net and Hank Leonard who was
there made a counter for his team
and tbe only one they got dnring
tbe game. After this the Ladies
got busy and was not long before
Edith Willcox scored for them and
at the end of the first period the
score was a tie.
In the second period tbe Ladies
had the better of the play, they
ontskated their opponents and had
very effective combination which
in this frame they went in tbe
lead' when Ethel Ferguson shot
the pack passed John Cropley for
their second tally.
The third period the Men tried
to even up the score but their
efforts were without avail, for the
Ladies showed them that they
were not in their class, when Ethel
Ferguson beat John Cropley again
for the third and last goal. The
match ended 3-1 in favour of the
This was a most interesting
game to watch and nothing pleased
the crowd more than to see the
Men go down. This came often
for some of them were fond of
falling over the Ladies sticks.
Hugh Nelson, the referee, handled
the game to the satisfaction of all,
and bad to penalize B. W. Halcrow,
BS. J. Mair and others for minor
Here is the line-up:
Ladies, Goal, E. Murray; point,
Mrs. G. 8. Walters; cover point,
Nellie Hamarstadt; coster, Ethel
Ferguson; rover, G-ladyfc Jackson;
right wing, Edith Willcox; left
wing, Ethel Pond.
Picked Team, Goal, John Crop-
ley; point, H. McGillivray; cover
point, J. L. White; ceater, T.
Knight; rover, K. W. Halcrow;
left wing, H. Leonard; right wing,
W. Harritt. "      .....-.,. '.-.'.
The' dance in the MaBOnic Hall
after the game proved a success,
all attending enjoying themselves.
The nefcfc proceeds pf the evening
for hockey match and dance came
to 866.25 and was handed over to
the Red Cross by R. W. Halcrow.
Electrocuted at Smelter
George Hingley an employee of
the Greenwood smelter was electrocuted on Wednesday, March 6,
about 12 o'clock noon.
Greenwood Central School
February Report
Square Cans
At the recent conven tion of can-
ners, in Boston, the question was
raised why fruit and vegetables
were not packed in square cans instead of round ones. Particularly
in sending supplies to tbe United
Statee troops tn Europe, the square
cans would mean a great saving of
space, as well as of tin. One can-
ner advances the following figures
to show the possible saving if
square gallon cans were used instead of round quart cans, taking
a case of tomatoes (containing six
gallons) as bis unit: Using quart
cans, 24 would, be needed, taking
eight sheets of tin measuring 14 x
20 inches, or2240 square inches of
tin in all. Using gallon cans, 10
inches high and five inches square,
seven and one-half sheets of tin
measuring 10 by 20 inches would
be required, or 1500 square inches
of tin, a saving of 740 square inches
of tin. Witb the cases there wonld
be a saving, he shows, of 64S
cubic inches of space, as well as
the value of the lumber.���Christian
Science Monitor.
division 1
No. in actual attendance,
No. daily present
Perfect Attendance: Ruth Axam,
Daisie Axam, Jack Eales, Mae
Gibson, Gari Intilla, Robert Jenks,
Irene Mcintosh, Rose Westcott,
Roderick Mackintosh, Phyllis
Spooner, Neil Morrison.
Standing on Feb.   examinations:
Entrance: Neil Morrison, 78|,
Jack Eales 72��, Ada Beattie, 71,
Mae Gibson 63, Rod. McLeod62,
Ruth Axam, 56, Bernice McKay
52��, Ethel Pond 69 on literature,
Ethel Lane 52 on Canadian history.
Junior Reader IV: Robert
Jenks 82, Ivor Potts 76, Sanford
Pond 684-, James Lane 58J. Ena
Potts 53��, Irene Mcintosh 53, Rod.
Mackintosh 46.
division 11
No. of prescribed school-days     20
Days school was in seesion 20
No. of pupils actually-attending 37
Total actual attendance 684.5
Average actnal attendance   34.225
Percentage       ...    92.5%
Perfect attendance: Mabel Axam, Selma Benson, Gertrude Dixon, Russell Eustis, Dolly Granberg,
Gordon JenkB, Joseph Klinosky,
Francis Lachmund, Gabrielle Le-
gaolt, William McLeod, Elizabeth
Schindler, Frank Schindler, Evelyn
Tye, Walter Hardie, Joseph Putzel,
George Morrison, Lloyd Lane,
Ernest Wyder John Wyder.
Proficiency list.
Senior II: Ernest Wyder, Mary
Junior III b: Edward Henderson, Gertrude Dixon.
Junior III A: Gabrielle Legault,
Agda Carlson.
Senior III b: Gordon Jenks,
Francis Lachmund.
Senior   III    a:   Evelyn
Walter Longworth.
division rn
No. in actual attendance ;
No. daily present
Percentage       ~       -
Perfect attendance: Ethel Benson, Bessie Bidder, Jack Bryan,
Myrtle Dixon, Phyllis Eales, Cecelia Hallatr'um, Edward Johnson,
Jack Jory, Edna Matthews, Ruth
MacKay, Joan Kathleen MacLeod,
Gertrude Nelson, Florence Schindler, Ruth Stuart, William Wilson, Doris Dixon, Harry Hall-
strom, Leonard Pontesso.
Highest standing in class.
II Reader Jr.: Donald Lachmund, Phyllis Eales, Edna Matthews.
I Reader: Jack Bryan, Mary
Klinosky, Florence Schindler
II Primer: Ethel Benson, Joan
Kathleen MacLeod.
I Primer: Gertrude Nelson,
Jack Jory,  Bessie Bidder.
-��� 32
He Was Complimentary
"If I give you one kiss will you
be satisfied?"
"No, I expect the sample 60
assay better than that.
A Sticker for Etiquette
Shocked Parent (to her boy j ���
Blowin' yer 'ot tea! You ain't got
lip manners] Wot d'yer think
they invented saucers fort���Passing Show.
���Si SHE*   UEDG&   ,0BEE2OTODIk_
Hi�� Sick Leave
The German
Crewlei* Raider
An  Electrically  Controlled   Gasoline
Craft Operated From Shore
Once more ihe. lirrnuiii.s have
���pruJij;' a surprise on the allied fortes, tins time in llic shape of ;i
crevvl.'Ss raider that is <"!(-rtricalty
operated through a. cable ii\m
���shore station. Already several of
ihese craft have been fticuimirn'd hy
British warships cniismn oil" the
Belgian coast, biii in ili<.' moment of
writing all suXi uiiarks lnuc failed
��f  result.
We  lenrn   from   slainitoius  of   thc
Bandsman Had a Jolt for the Kindly
���      M. O.
A member of the band went to the
M. O. with a plaintive story about a
sore throat. "Sore throat���eh?" said
the M. 0. pleasantly. "Let mc see.
Oh, that's not very bad! A slight
irritation���nothing more. You'll be
all right ia a day or two I think
you had better run no risk of renewing the trouble_by using your throat,
though; .so I will recommend you for
a fortnight's sick leave." Armed with
the doctor's certificate, the bandsman obtained his fortnight's sick
leave. The fortnight had just come
to an end. when he met the M. O. on
the parade ground. The bandsman
saluted. Tlie M. O. recognized thc
face and stopped. "How's :.-, the
throat?" he asked pleasantly. "It's
quite well, sir," was the answer.
"That's good!" said the 11. O. "You
can get back to your duty without
fear. JSy the way, what instrument
do you play?" "Thc bass drum, sir."
replied   thc bandsman.
Keaily  and  Quickly   Cured  with
For   Sale   by   A'l   Dealer*
Bouu'.is  &   Co.,  rrop'rs. Xapxse;.  Out.
The Best British Asset
The  Heartening Vision of   America
in Arms
America's  entry into  the war    on
our side tells more and more heavily
in  the balance.      The forces of    all
the other belligerents are neccssarily
on the wane.    Those of America are
swift on the increase.    Some of her;
units are already in the fighting line.
, ,-    . HI .... i��r   t-   'Next spring she ought to be in a po-1
Scotland Yard Keeps Biggest Wash-  sitioa  to make  the wejght  <>f     her!
sword tell upon her adversaries, and
her  lighting    squadrons     will     join
Criminal Laundry Marks
Every muscle in the Lody needs
constantly a supply of rich, red
hlooj in proportion to the work it
does. The muscles of thc back are
under a heavy strain and havc but
little rest. When thc blood is thin
they t.ick nourishment, and the result is a sensation ol pain in those
muscles. Sonic people think pain
in the back means kidney trouble,
but thc best medical authorities
agree that backache seldom or never
hits anything to do with the kidneys.
ing Book in the  World
Ihe biggest washing    book in  the ,        -        - .
Id is undoubtedly the "register of *��th the British and the French m .
���..adrics and laundry marks," wluch asserting a joint mastery of the air.
ia kept by the commissioner of po- I Hiose who are tempted to give way
licc at Scotland Yard, says London'^ utter despondency when they read
Tit-Bits. It comprises twelve mas- }*���& news *��>��> Italy ��r R��saia V*Y
sivo volumes, in which are recorded but a Poor compliment to the superb
particulars that render it possible to courage of the Bntisn and trench
trace the ownership of any  piece of  soldiers  and   do  but  convict   .them-
You will find relief In Zam-Buk 1
It eases ihe burning, stinging
pain, stops bleeding and brings
ease. Perseverance, with Zanu
Buk. means cure. Why not prove
this ?   -*u Vruegirta and Storo*.-
too bo*.
wearing apparel that has ever passed through a wash, provided, of
course, the laundry mark is decipherable.
selves of a deplorable lack of un
agination if they cannot conjure tip
a heartening vision of America in
arms at their side.   But, after all, the j
' Scores of criminals in all parts of|best British asset in a war ol en-
he country have been brought to j prance ,sfthc stubbornness of Brit-
ustice  through   the medium  of   this  l��.^l^i ^l" " *?��� ^   ' n
rcnuukable   b<^ok,   especially   in
case of toul play and when mudenii-
icd  bodies are  found.     Perhaps   the
t]le!prc;nc quality that wc rely to pull
us through.���London Daily Telegraph.
of speed. Each raider carries a drum
with between thirty and fifty miles
of insulated, single core cable, whieh
is paid out iu the wake of thc vessel and through which the mechanism is controlled from shore. The
fore part carries a considerable
charge of high ex-plosive, probably
300 to 500 pounds, which is arranged   to explode on  impact.
The method of operating thc crew-.
Jess raider is to start the engines,
after which the men leave thc boat.
a seaplane, protected by a strong
fighting patrol, then accompanies the
vessel at a distance of from three to
iivc miles and signals to the shore
operator of the helm. These signals
need onlv be "starboard," "port" or
By an obviously clever 4 grouping
of the wireless idea, the high speed
gasoline craft, and the electrically
controlled plan, the Germans have
made usc of the crcwless raider
scheme in a Twentieth Century way.
They havc not overcome the disadvantages of a trailing cable, to he
sure; but they have overcome the
problem of visibility, for the aerial
observer in thc seaplane which convoys thc raider is al all times within visual distance. Since power to
drive the craft is entirely self-contained and need not be transmitted
through thc cable, the Germans have
been ;ibie to usc a much smaller
cable and thus overcome the.
cnlties in this direction. It is evident that they use a one wire cable,
depending;' on the salt water for the
return current to complete tlie circuit. -
Just-how effective lite crcwless
raider h ia practice stilt remains io.
be  proved.���Scientific American.
look_  to the  condition of his bl ��od.
It will he found in most cases   mat
the use of Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills
to  build up  the blood will stop   the
sensation of pain in the ill-nourished
muscles of the back.   How much better it is to try Dr. Williams'    Pink
Pills for tltc blood than to give way
to    unreasonable    alarm    about your |
kidneys.     Jf    yot: suspect your Kid-}
neys    any doctor can make   tests in I
ten minutes  that will  set yonr fears j
at rest, or  tell you thc  worst.    But I
in any event  to be perfectly healthy!
you must    keep    the blood in  good
condition,  and for   this  purpose    no
other  medicine    can   erjital  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
You   can   get  these  pills     through
any dealer in medicine, or by mail at
5'J cents a box or six boxes'for $2.50
from    The   Dr.   Williams'   Medicine I
Co., Brockviile, Ont, '
liRiit. Gold, Surprisi or Comfort Soap
7 bars for 23c, i ��"ans Psp.s, Corn or Tomatoes 25c, 5 -pound pail Fiire -Lard $1.00.
Everything rtt -factory to con-::tr.er prices.
JAen wanted everywhere in ��v��ry village to
���how samples to. tticir iricrids raid neighbors.
$230.00 worth ol enppUea lor $50. You tan
ram $25 weekly witli a ft-/ Ji'iurs' work.
Write -'today tor -,'our count". THE CON-
Capital 550,000.00)   Wind--;)-, Ontario.
Biting the Biter
Venice is  chuckling over tho  fact
that when a German aviator bombed
Venice he  selected  the    Palazzo    da
Mula for attack.   His  missile, in the
course of its destructive way, passed-
through    three    floors,    smashed     a I
niarhle slab on which  were  recorded ]
the kaiser's periodical visits  to    thc
"Queen of the Adriatic," and blew to |
shreds the painting of the All High-'
est,: signed  with  his    own .��� majestic
dilTi-1 hand, which had been presented    by
William to. thc famous bca'.r.y,.    the
Countess.of Morosini.
The ._Nova. Scotin. "Lumber Xing"
"I -consider MINARD'S LINIMENT the. best LINIMENT .hi use.
I got my foot badlv jammed lately.
I bathed it well with MINARD'S
LINIMENT and it was as well as
ever next day.  ���   ���'
Yours very truly,
���T. G. McMULLKN..
When baying ymt Pi&nc
liithtOB having an
Otto Hfeel Piano Action
FortiieT.B. boldiert
Is n.c-r.  Why  not
hiiy     a     UiUi3rd
Table     ior      the
toys    and    girls
; We   li ave.. . �� .  top
\ that  will  convert
'. t)��i     tabic*'   into
ilii::r��e,      ' library
ni   kitchen   table
B��pt. C       ���*��        SAMVRI.  MAV & CO.
102   Adelaide   St.   W.,   Toronto
School    Children    Find ";N��s\v    War
Work in Making Books of
'���-..-. Clippings
The school children of Canada and'
the United States have-assembled all
the literary lights from George Adc
and:H. C. Y/itwer with their "Fables
in Slans" and baseball stories fo
Henry.-James in the' .lttle collections
most striking instance was that of
the "Yarmouth beach mystery."
when tiie mutilated body of n woman was discovered on t'je western
shore of that popular seaside resort. Over -10(j laundries were visited by the police to discover the ownership of the clothes found, tin thc
It was traced at last to a small
hand laundry at Woolwich, whither
it Had been sent by a Mrs. Bcnnet,
Twelve hours later thc dead woman
had been identified, and her husband,
Herbert j-.>hn JJennet, was in custody
charged   with  thc  murder.
He had, h^ thought, obliterated
every c!t:e. He had persuaded the
woman to stay at Yarmouth under
an assumed naii'-e. Hc had also, by
specious pnSenies, got her to hide
her identity i-; every possible way,
aad he had decoyed her to a lonely
part ol the beach at dead of night
and there strangled her���silently,
swiftly, secretly���while pretending to
caress  her.
But he overlooked the existence of
that one little telj-tale lamidry mark
���it brought  h'.ui to lit'.',  scaffold.
Through the agr.ncy o; this washing" book tv;y nutrjuous station
thieves were brov.gh.fc tc- justice. Arrested on a mirtc-i" c':.;rgtj, the iner.
were found, whsm i:.,.!:eu to Penton-
yille prison, to be. wearing marked
linen stolen from ndlivay passengers
and were indicted accordingly, each
receiving three years' penal servitude. The criminal washing books
at Scotland Yard have given invaluable clues to a number or infamous
Internal parasites in thc shapa of
worms in thc stomach and bowels of
children sap their vitality a-id retard
physical development. They keep the
child in a constant, state ot unrest
and, if not attended to, endanger life.
Thc child can be spared much suffering and the mother tnnch anxiety by
the best worm remedy tV.U can be
got, Miller's 'Worm .Powd;fs,. winch
are sure death to worms in any
slu'.pc.' -.     ���
The Role of the British Navy
Over Three. Million   Nautical   Miles
in One Month.
Apart from the convoy of our
trades and 'military and -munitions,
traffic, however, I havc sought for
some clear way of demonstrating to
the house and through the lionsc to
the country, that the role of the
navy is in. other ways an offensive
one. The enemy, as the house
knows, is based and remains behind
powerful land defences of which
Heligoland is merely an outpost. I
will give one comparative fact to
show ho\* thc grand fleet differs in
its role from the defensive part.played by'the high Seas fleet. I disclose
no secret���or if it is a secret I disclose a fact which I should be glad to
tell the. enemy���when I say that the
British fleet in its northern Luse lies I
Minard's Liniment Cures  Distemper.
of stories which they have pasted into paper booklets for the use of T.B.
soldiers in the" sanatoria of the military hospitals commission.
The question of keeping the men
affected with tuberculosis supplied
with .sufficient reading, matter is. a
problem. Every so often the books
in service must be. burned for saui-
SAVP    THF   f!AI \/FQ   tary reasons, and to destroy valuable
_'       &   WMUV E.��>   ,J<wks inAhis way .s-eems ^ gvcat phy>
Mustiest ��w>Bi| The effort7 of the children to sup-
Abortion!^CSier5. p'cment these libraries which. must
bc replenished ever so; often with
reading 'such.as soldiers like, is one
of.the most appreciated supplementary services which anyone has yet
thought of rendering the boys.
Teachers have supervised the selection of stories, and    th<!    collections
arc varied.    There are lore    stories
rlJ��"2j "Votiadi I sporting  tales,    adventure,    detective
$���1.00..  S������t   (ot j mysteries,    humorous      essays     and
: poems, everything .'bright .'and chcer-
! ful tha.t can lie found  in  the present
i day .monthly publications.
Pasted on heavy white paper and
: stitched down thc back thtry ars very
fine Httlo books. In caclx one is a
little letter from the cliild v-.'ljd made
it hoping in his best copybook form
that the soldier will enjoy it as ir.uch
as'hc did inakiivg it.
They conic in lots t>> ilic.sanatorja
from'points even; as far distant as
Spokane and North " Carolin-.', and
some of * lie children enynged in making the collections are as 4'otmg ns
cijjl.it years. ������'.-.-
ity, Bad Prcm��.
lure Celring, on��
or 0213 bucdred
(��atl�� treated is
V rainuts*. Us��.
on�� h*U ni oiu
���,>rodue��, il coj
'fiitHei retiuQ
-'..*    i>j!��Cvt. and.
.'��   yosir -ir-S3��y.
"Kali Ssv:.'"
printed XatMCT.
A��cS,ut.i;iM-S   PJtODVCTS
Plant and Head Otficr. Sdmoatoa,' Albtrtfc.
P.   O.   Box. MS
Minimize The Fire
Peril By UJng
Chemically Self-Eilioguisbing
The Matches With}
Afterglow "
KDDY'is!''the. >T.!.j. vCanRdisn.--
riuker of these -ntatthes, every/
/stick; of. >vhich hi j been treated
with"a. cnemical solution.;which :
.positivelyf-'ensures ;- -the ; iriitch .
:.hi%, b��cn , iijfhted..:: and    blown7.
owx X.X   XX:XXyiXi-..;,::
call y ������ s;lf-es tie'suisli in g;'��� .oa. the-
-.b'or.-v ;> Xxi. XX'X.i
V. S. In For a Big Job
The Situation as Viewed by an Ex-
What the allies need is atiotlitr
great army which shall leave no
doubt as to the preponderance. What
IZngland has done wc can do and
should do. What will determine the
battle in the end is man power. An
American army of 2,000,000 is not
enough to make the result certain,
England is now "losing men at the
rate of 100,000 a month. We should
now plan for au army oi 5,000,000.
England has done nearly this with
fewer men and less resources. England's interest in this war is no
greater than ours. England, France,
and the United States, with their
forces thus augmented, can drive thc
Germans back and win victories
which will destroy thc power of the
present German dynasty over its
What we must plan for is to beat
Germany on the western front. The
release by Russia of German divisions will give to the Germans for
the time being:, greater offensive
power, but some of this lias already
been consumed. The Germans are
suffering great losses on both fronts
and in spite of English losses the
mere process of attrition -which
Grant used in defeating Lee is working against Germany. With the addition of an army of 5,000,000 Americans,, with the control of the seas,
with the drawing of the fangs of thc
the submarine monster we can end
German domination. But we~*hould
not minimize the job. Wc should
not lengthen it by an effort narrow
and contracted which may fail, and
failing', call for a'greater effort. We
should make thc greater effort now.���
William H. Taft in the Philadelphia
Public Ledger.
The Wonders of the Air
Aeropbne Has Made Enormous Progress Since the War Began
When experts in aircraft like Lord
Montagu of Beanlieu and Mr. Graham-White speculate on air service
of the future which will traverse continents and oceans . they are sometimes thought to be-giving a too
generous play to their imaginations.
But the admiralty story of a Hand-
ley-Page machine which flew _ 2,000
miles from England to a Mediterranean base in eight flights amounting
to thirty-one hours shows how near
we actually are io a future in which
the globe will be covered with a
great network oi air routes���arranged perhaps, as in Lord Montagu's
fascinating theory, one above another, according' to the nature of the
traffic. . What wc tend to forget is
that thc aeroplane has made, enormous progress since the war began, but
since it is military progress most of
.   ,.   , , -.-,- .   .      ,..-.�� has gone' unrcvealcd.    When    the
behind no shore defences but relies ��� cncr of lnan tunl3 to thc aeroplane
on its,own strength alone. (Cheers). Ias a.mcans 0f soc;ai and commercial
Ihere are those m this country, and ;jnto.course what wonders shall we
possibly m -this house who do not no�� see?���Manchester Guardian,
appreciate the, activities of Ins majesty's navy in home waters, who
think that.it lies' in its bases like
the high sea fleet- with the North
sea in between. I speak from the
intimate knowledge -l.liave" of the
day-to-day' situation in the North
sea. and 1 can state with the fullest
confidence to 'the house that the1
North sea���140,000 . square, nautical
miles���is swept day and night from
north to south and east to west by
the British navy.  (Cheers).    ;
During a recent month the mileage
steamed by his.-majesty's battleships,
cruisers and destroyers cmqunted   to
1,000,000 ship miles in" home waters.
Tn addition to this there is thfi Useless    patrol    ot    the naval auxiliary.
forces, amounting to well over 6,000,-
000 ship miles in home waters in the
same month.   Qverand  above
wc -'.have the   untirinR  vigilance    by
vvarshjps and    all    c'm'f  ot: his^ majesty's navy in   .p.very    ocean Or the
world.  Time .will, not  permit   of my
making more detailed    .reference    to
thc work of the Koyal iiavy .-..nd-auxiliary craft in the ricy.iii  <;(���;'.���=, on the
Tiyvis, and els��-v;h.M;e.    The -jirduu'iis.
'. dv.tu v have been  carried'   o:\i . with
; g're;"."i. K^il-tntry an/i i'.v'n  ':-.:\:i\ic be-
'��� -y.-jjid��� j-fj.-roni-li' mid, a> =���'���.!?;: ��>ride of
Ih't5 :v.:-i'\';;y's  navy, wit!'..out
I'ijpot'J   their  honor,   eiiivAlry
;;-.'.5h'.'.'.'.   i Chcur-:).     A;  'mc
jonly of how t__.->:;..>uj:;:i t!!:i'.t
can ^:.'���''
ith's bio-:
(in tli!: Kortli Atlantic at"! Arctic oc-
i eans   t'ie  almost  incredible,  feat     of
History Making
i'ight of Canadians
Philip Gibbs Telh   of   Great   Fight
Under Winnipeg General
The following account of the taking of Passchendacle by a Canadian
brigade, written by Philip Gibbs, thc
noted war correspondent, is of special interest to westerners. The commander of the brigade referred to is
Brig.-Gen. H.D.B. Ketchen, formerly of Winnipeg. This was the attack also in which Lieut.-Col. Gras-
sie and other Winnipeg and western
officers took such an important part.
Gibbs' report, written at the war
correspondents' headquarters, is as
"1 had the pleasure of meeting yesterday the Canadian general and his
staff, who, when the history of this
war is told in detail, and as long as
it is remembered, will be famous as
the commander of the troops who
captured Passchendaele. I saw him
before he went up to the attack and
he was wonderfully confident, though
he knew all the difficulties of the
ground and conditions. He was confident of his men, and because of
that he said then, 'We shall get it.'
Yesterday, when I met him, h�� looked up and smiled and said, "Well, wc
have got it." Then he spoke of his
men again and said how splendid
they had been. There were no shrink-
ers or serimshankers among them.
Every man had gone forward gallantly, fired by a most grim resolution to take that crest at all - costs.
There had been desperately anxious
hours for the general and his little
staff, all crowded into a small shelter, with a great fire outside. It
was not for themselves they were
anxious, but for the men. The assembly was difficult and dangerous,
and the enemy was searching the
ground with  his shells. But by mid-
A Time for Steadiness
Britain and France Must Hold
Gap Against the Enemy
The London Times, discussing the
military situation on the western
front, says the next few weeks are
likely to be the worst of the war.
Russia has gone out, and America is'
not yet' well in. Britain and France
must hold the gap meanwhile against
the enemy. From all quarters come
indications that the Times does not
overstate the case. Despatches from
Holland tell of the concentration of
hundreds of thousands of German
troops-in Brabant and northern Flanders. The French intelligence department has been reporting of late
an increase in the enemy strength in
Lorraine and the Champagne. The
Austrians in the Trentino, who are
striving mightily, despite great losses, to make their way down into
the Italian plain in the rear of Italy's
army of "Vcuetia, receive constantly
accession* to their already great artillery strength. .
The men and the munitions now
being assembled for thc forthcoming
great offensive on thc western front
are coming in part from the cast,
where the enemy's forces can be reduced with safety to a minimum because the Russians are at death grips
among themselves, and arc in no
condition to face the externa] enemies. But Germany is not depending
entirely upon her reinforcements
from thc cast for the new armies
now being created. The calling out
and training of boys of seventeen
proves that she is prepared to take
desperate measures to reach a decision before the weight of thc United
States can be felt on the western
front. It is reasonably certain that
all of the 1939 class���that is, thc
hundreds of thousands of young Germans and Austrians who will bc
twenty years of age some time during the year 1919���will bc used at the
front during the coming spring and
summer. A number of these 1919
men were captured during the recent British drive in Flanders. A
few of them were made prisoners by
the Canadians at thc battle of Lens.
Thc French also have already captured some. These young prisoners
were the picked men of their class,
well developed of body, and probably
more mature mentally.than the average lad of about eighteen. The
hundreds of thousands who arc now
being sent to the front, and who will
be thrown into the   .struggle    when
the enemy's attack is launched, will
not be the equal cither in training or
night, before    the attack,    the   men' in physique    of   ; the    British     and
the    enemy's  French troops,  who.
were   in    position    and
barrage was falling behind them for
the most part.
"It was very dark when they went
away, but from the headquarters they
could be seen later crossing the crest
���fittle blurred figures among the
shell craters, like ants on an upturned heap���and those watching
them knew then that all was well,
?md that Passchendaele was taken.
Fo/ six days and nights there was
only a snatch of sleep for the staff,
and it was lack of sleep that wore
them most, and not the shell fire that
always menaced them. One of the
staff officers who has been long in
this war and in many battles had to
write his orders on a duckboard in
thc open, all wet and cold and cramped and sometimes the desire to sleep
was a great poignant agony to him,
but he had to keep awake because
men's lives depended on his vigilance.
So it was with the, general, but yesterday, when I saw him, his eyes
were bright,  and  there was no sign
will confront
them. Berlin's hope of success must
be founded on numbers rather than
The allied armies on the^ western
front may be forced to remain on the
defensive for a time, but there is little danger that the enemy will be
able to break through. If Germany
in 1914 and 1915, with thc best of
her men still in the field and with
a tremendous preponderance of artillery, could not penetrate the defensive lines of the allies on the western front, there is little danger of
her doing so today with armies of
which lads of eighteen and nineteen
form a large part, and with artillery
that���except in long-range, high-velocity weapons���is distinctly inferior,
alike in number of guns and the
marksmanship of the gunners, to the
artillery of the allies. There is need
for thc putting forth of every possible effort to meet the anticipated
German attempt to . administer a
knock-out blow before    the    United
Men in Training
Fighting isn't the only duty of a
soldier, and exposure to bullets i*
not aa eerious as exposure to all
kinds of weather and dampness.
Rheumatic achea. sore and stiff
muscles, strains arid epr-Tr.s, chilblains and neuralgia, aii -��r���� lemfea
of the soldier, and ao-��ai��f for ail
these pains and acT.r is Sloan's
Liniment. Clean and convenient to
carry or use; does not stain, and
penetrate* vrithout rubbing.
Gcnerou* sized bottle*, at all dres&Uta,
of strain upon him and because   Lis . States can  develop  its full strength,
men had    taken    Passchendaele,   the | but there  is  no  occasion   for  pessi-
Internally and Externally It Is
Good.���The crowning property of
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil Is that it
can be used internally for many complaints as well as externally. For
sore throat, croup, whooping cough,
pains in the chest, colic and many
kindred ailments it has curative qualities that arc unsurpassed. A bottle
pf it costs little and there is no loss
in always' having' it at hand.
crown of the ridge, he was happy,
'The men were fine,' he said, and it
was good to hear his praise of them."
Not Guilty
An IT,CO. on-duty at a German
internment camp was looking
through the bathrooms and grouching at their untidy condition. Suddenly turning st corner, he chanced
upon 3 diminutive Fritz, who was
peering through  the doorway.
"Hi, you!" shouted the. soldier.
"Have you been taking a bath?"
"Ach���vy you say . dat?" queried
the little .man nervously. "'Is dere
run missing?"  ���       ���     .
"There's one tiling this war has
"What's, .that?'
"Taught knitting to more Women
than ever before handled needles."���
Detroit Free Press.
Sees Potato Overfeeding
Harm in Too   Much   Starch,    Says
Pennsylvania Official
Pcnusylvanias arc addicted to eating too hiany-potatoes, in the opin-
tliis. i ion of Dr. Samuel G. Dixon, health
commissioner of that state, who advises them to cat less of this food
and of meat.-." lie .'admits,-however,
that since one man's meat is another man's 'poison, the requirements of
a.food administrator-should-be elastic enough to loave. roorh for every
.man to avoid tlie foods which experience lias taught .hint nrc, harmful
and still to ^el adequate tioiirisu-
"Most of onr''food'stuffs' are made
ny of diftV-'iit constituents,"'lie' says.
and  hii-
"Does ycur son bum the midnight
"I should say so. He's out joyriding    every    night."���Ncw      York
Post.    .
"Money has a tendahcy to intoxicate people."
"But strange to say, not -when it
gets tight."���-Baltimore American.
nusm or tor panic.
Toronto Globe.
Steady does it.-
Stite ol Ohio, Cttj or Toledo,
Lucas  County, si.
Frank J. Cheney males oath Uiat he h
senior partner of tie firm of F. J. Cheney
& Co., doing business in the City of Toledo,
County and State aforesaid, and that said
firm will pay the sura of ONE HUNDHED
DOLLARS for each nnd e-rery case of Ca.
taxrhvthat cannot be cured by the w* ol
.   Sworn to heiore me. and subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D.,
1886. A. W. GLEASON.
(Seal) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the  System.    Send for testimonials
F.  J.   CHENEY'&  CO,,  Toledo,   O.
Sold by Druggisti, 75c.
Hall's  Family   Pills for constipatioa.
Britain to Pay All her DebU
Her War Indebtedness Will Not Be
Repudiated, Says Bonar Law
Great  Britain will    not    repudiate
her war debt,    declares    A.    Bonai
Law, the chancellor of the exchequer
in an open letter, which lie has caused to bc published, and in whieh he
denounces rumors  that the    country
would fail to meet some of the liabilities incurred in  thc war.    Its his
letter thc chancellor states:
.  "I am glad to have an opportunity
of dealing with thc rumors 1 find are
current throughout the country with
INI) If AMI?  DDrtTCTTimi i rcSard t0 -hc possibility of the gov-
AaU HUME, rKUIttUUW jernment repudiating its liabilities.
"I should like to state and state as
���a   potst't   is   largely  composed     of
ork i^ I   starch whereas  beefsteak: is    largely
tb?!L during a T--cr.nt month   composed  of  nitrogen    or    protein.
C.'y.m sti'nadron     performed .t -Starch represents .so ninny Iwat-piro-
ducinjg   mists,  and'' l>ccf.\terik 'likewise
prodfle<:s" its own ijnot:!;    Tils'? is  so
A New Grain Route, -.-
���������'��� A. JlHtisli' ship .of 8,80 J'"-ions 'xkii.<
.Vaiicciiver, Tt.C, recent!y .-willi X ��-av-'
KO of Oittadiari wlioat ���''for (i",r.(.
Britain. The vcs?r\: will-:-vu^^ ���;.'.'i'i.:
���l'.-niaina ���:aiisrl, ��� Thi-.;.-niiirk?/;;...it���.���-'.'-i.">
said, the'.. Opening-' of -; vanv'".-'-_.:j_port;inl
new': grain route.- for.;tlic.--.>.vorId.:'---.-.'..-.By
uMiig the .Pacific ports and the.' Pan-
iiina canal, mil- hiuilage;'-v'.ig-X^reduced
and.the grain;tlitis:"trnnspqrted. need
not be kept in...':rorage,..?.s it. is ..-.now.
at the lica.'1-.'p'f >hc lakes,, during the
winter month vat-x "cost" offi y.e cents
ii.-bit^ho'.���B'-iiVah? I:".\-prc??..
:.--': "This. '.i5.;'-K---':.9'p.'ci;j:I Vflo^r'y.i'o'r. '-'iiijkin'g
fiiMtn.tili.ralr'ee."--;.::..:'.-' '-'   X%.X"X-
.;.-::;:'i_he ''yo'itig...' 3ioii4ey.;i'> '\<ar.-.:"trying
���o look, wise;;;' "Docs it liiaieVgood
eskesr''-��he-asked.'-. ��� '~.;-:'.-'-'-
'���'���''V.E-btc<i!i-'"n't'';''iTa'n'm.l .'--'aW..' ^lnniiiv^-'-';-;
.���-.;"Ah,,ani:-.   -Will-' .(_:"ey   ��� V^rinkr.'*-.'
'.L'oiiJtviil;: ��-'oL';'ri':.r.-J->��'rr:aJ...
in.tcrc.i-pthu;- :lti��1 f:c;vininiju; crery
siiir-Io. !i''''.'rch:uit' ship trading with
���'.'���'������.���.itii.l- conntric-p. They missed not
���>i;t'. 'sV.he'iTs). Th.; nation's deimimis
-,;���.;'.";-.: upon iii-.-. TJoy;il tuvy 1i:im; becii
-.'re.-.', .������ "il  -i-.-.i'���   _i��:��-n  ir.ct  '.villi   .-urh
;.i;i_ss  ;i::d'vith   <i>   tiith:  iu^
��� ':���' X--ry   ���:.>,..'-.1    '.-id'     -'ire.
:���:���ii/ed- v.'.ii.'U-. t��i*'.- i:-:-y-.\'-.-7,-h:lo
islicd.      .,'...
when yon consider .tho iiuittrr from
;>. .laboratory point.��� blit if yon made
;v test of the same values by feeding
li':.-.! ':'.
1 hrsiT
'oods- to   human
t:nd 'th';  values
' -   ^i
".   .)i   -hf  v.irv.ii'.
l-.--   ' ���
.  Im-
map.   i.
:��� .org;:'i;.\ -��� !:;:'.i;.!.
!;-,���. -;
X-   What Waste Costs
.���;---'rheVwT.5te' of. 500,000  pounds'"-'.-"'of
paper.-a   week,   Canadian   authorities
estimated, entailed the cutting of at
leasts2,000: trees;-a\'wcck.;:Ky��:ry   ton ,    .,.    .
of old paper recovered: jne?.i>s...T.;Ehv-  also :. oytrcatcn  , by
. ing of 'eight trees, of matyrir;��rowt;i.
j The..- saving; of woollen rags v'or the
j manufacture--- of shoddy:. ;v saves land
ifor; crops, which; othcrwistwould b>::
j required for the.:/ raising : of > i'shcep;'-
i Alcii', jiioney. : and .; mat<eriai'r^'c'a'p'ital:
(and. iabor���arc-'cohserved everv: rime
.3: -.bit..bf:';- .'matcr;2l''..-!3"���.:'���'re-?inploved
!which'.:���'���'formerly.i ���'���:WG.5V:--:dcitr:>-:.:dr^-.f
j rot^~di--Qrc^i^XiXXXXXXXXXXX
i:;in.lh-.l   them.-"- :;;"  ":'X
.. -.-���_.*-'/'i;(���: ]).'-)j. ]'���-..yyi \ Ii'iv: v.;..; .���' iX.   I'i-.nil-
sylv'uiiin"c.jt- to.>,Hiu<;Ii pu'n'o. Tho
large "proportion .nf \\ns vegetable
produces a.cata.trjul condition of
the digestive tract, vwliich interferes
v.'ith: digestion an! leaves the patient
over; a. loiig: scries of. .years producing starvation. -y.Nfcat, as a rule, is
Iho rich oa tho firing lino represent
tUo pick of our country ;s youth, Many
were rcjectod because of nhjaical de-
.fleiency. ilanj times tlio kidneys w��-0
to Waiue.
: If wo 'xeitXx. io prevent, old ago coiniug
on too soon, or \�� wo >rant to iiiM��*8e
our chances ior'����� long'life,���'��� Dr. Pierce
of tho Surgical,Institute, Buffalo, iS.-.Y.,
pays .that you ehould drink plenty of
water daily between meals. Then pro-
euro at a, drug storo, Anuric (double
strcBgtli). This "Ari-u rie "(Irivoa the
uric acid but��� aa-I cures Lactaclie aud
rheuBiatisiii. .
If wd. irish to-keep'oit'r.'kidneys, hi tbe
ljc��t condition a diet of. milk and; y��jf��-
tnbl��8j with only litilo meat onco a day,
is tlio most ��� suitable.. Prijik plenty of
pure \ra.t��r, tako. 'Auuri'i tlireo tJ��:es a
day.for a.mouth.
Send'Dr. I'Joree Irt.; ior-trial ]-;kg. An-
uric���many times muri- )h>U';ji; ihiui iiihia,
riiuiinatos nti'j i>>-iVt d�� h.ot v.-iit.^r jntilis
kugar.   A short,trial t.';'! '-ouvi!;--; jo-j.
I'r^ston, Uiif.���-*'I tn;; pleas-vi to cr-
prc-ss rcy prpi-ririi.'.r v.it!: ..';7i!irj.\ I jiaTf>
be��H troubh-il w,h i.-i��,:.:,ii��!ivv ��� ���> r.L;i:'
lir'ub :;T.<i.l,avA j'---- .- \-.::il. .'c.ir?. ;m.i
lately, in   Jr-fi tliusil--.-r.   TF;.!   . iiy    \*;r.
t.     COuM     1:0.    \i��S   . <Ki
strongly as 1. can, that, in my opin
ion, no:-British, government, present
or.-future,'.will,seek to break faith
with tho=c who have placed their financial resources at the disposal of
lhe state-'-'in., this crisis of its history, Such a policy would not only
mean that, the government, of-'the
United Kingdom was in the hands of
men--who. were blind to all considerations of national honor, but'-��� would,
to my mind, involve tho oyorthrow
of any'government that'adopted it.-
"The t-cpudintion of state liabilities
would, in my judgment, be as disastrous ;-.s it would' he dishonorable.
Nothing :ifter tlie war will be niorc
important than to preserve and but-
ircss'-tiie r';t.bri.- of the V.aiional credit
;i!Vl r.oihiiig' wonld .so-easily, nn.ficr-
i-.tinc it. .;iS the. refusal of tho.-govern-
uicr-t  t'"i   honor   its'-debfs;-    It   would,
Moving American Troops
Work Is a   Triumph   of   Oversea
When all the facts of the traus-j
portation to France of American sol-j
diers in thc lirst seven months of tlu
war with Germany are published, i^
will bc seen that a record in moving
troops overseas has been made, re^
marks the Ncw York Times. GreaH
Britain landed in France in thre<
years a prodigious army, probablj
2,000,000 men, but the channel course
had been protected by an intricate
system of steel netting that was impervious to torpedo attack. ', At th��
same time, it should be considered
that if the British navy had failed tc
retain command of the sea by vigi-]
lant patrols and readiness, day ant
night, to light a decisive engagement]
with the German fleet���the German*
have confessed defeat in the batth
of Jutland by hugging their base
there would be no great British armj
on the western front today. As al
triumph of organization and the fric-j
tionlcss movement of troops, th<
achievement commands admiration-
in fact, a precedent was established-
but, mastery 6i the sea assured, tht
ferrying of the army across the chanJ
ncl did not present a delicate proW
lem. Not a transport was lost.- EvH
everything was done with the preci^
sion of clockwork.
In the Boer war an army of 200.00C
officers and men was despatched   toj
Cape Town  in   the  period  of     twe
years, but the seas were safe.   There
was nothing to fear but the elements,!
and they were almost uniformly kind.]
Coming to our    own   transportation!
problem���we have sent to France^ iir
quick  succession  division  after divK
sion of regulars and    the    National
Guard���it is to be noted, first,   that!
German  submarines were    swarming!
in the eastern Atlantic and were capJ
able of roaming, practically at    vvillj
in any part  of the    Atlantic;     audi
again, that a considerable part of thej
Ainerican navy had been diverted tc
British waters to co-operate withth
British patrol.   Moreover, the "Unitcc
States suffered from a deficiency   oi
shipping for transportation purposcsJ
Ships had to .be borrowed and    re-1
quisitioned, and it was necessary   tc
reconstruct and refit  seised     enemjl
ships.    From any point of view the|
undertaking to    convey    any     large
number of troops to European shores}
bristled with difficulties.
Nevertheless, ours is a triumph, tc
be proud of.    Transport after trans^
port, loaded with -soldiers, has mov-1
ed out from the Atlantic    seaboard,]
often in the broad light of day, and.j
convoyed by available warships, ha��
run the  gauntlet    and      landed_   itsj
troops without  the loss of  a  single]
man.   The number is known approx-1
imately, but cannot be published.    Itl
is sufficient to know that in    Francef
today we  have  probably  tbe largest]
American force ever assembled.^ ant'
ready, with  supplesncntary    training, i
to go into the tTcnches by the side
of the veteran French   and    British^
Hard and soft corns both yield toj
Kolloway's Corn Cure which is   entirely safe to usc, and certain aii'd satisfactory in its action.
Would Revise
School Histories j
Tdea Is to Eliminate Passages Tending to Antagonize Either
U. S. or Canada
With a view    to   bringing     evenj
closer relations about between Canada and the  United States and     be-1
tween the United States and Britain,]
it i* suggested that a careful revision'
of the school histories of these xoun- I
tries, in order to eliminate passage*]
which  might tend  to create  or.perpetuate antagonisms,    bo. undertaker
by an  international  committee.     To
this  cud the    Fortnightly    club   ^oi\
Montreal, has appointed two leading)
citizens, J.  Penrose    Anglin    and J, (
Armitage Ewing, K.C., to prepare a��,
outline of a scheme to be presented
to thc-various-'universities-and leading public men of the countries    in -
'question.-!>y way of starting "aii educational campaig'i along tho line siisf-
���gestoj.--      . '���' '.."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc;]
Another "Fine Sight"
_M>.!-ke:try   '-Tt-st-ructor���"To   ' i:
a'gatii. Jo'tc*. iJoii't you know .what a
line siglit is:''
L'tc.  Tones���"That I    do.     It's    -
���-���idrci. l,o impossible for    a'govern-! P'^c-f��H of tecf aiid^otatocs and
.'i-;-.-;:i tvl-i.-h had destroyed its -credit j-tankard- or real beer. -
���'by  r.-i)'ii.!:uiing 5t< li.ibi lilies . ever to'������;.   .'*������ :v. ���:..:..���.:.'..'.-X~.......     ���������.���.r.^st]
���ov.'.':t^.':in    rhotild ' circi'mtsl^not"?
Just  now,  hoy;':
sion.of.w.tr "vc:
.. -':.��! ii
i:>\*ai.-:.. .
ver,':'durii: g';- tlie i ten-
���'ic'c.-l'. mo re ��� meat:, t h a n
���''.. Newrich 'U'-io'.'���P.ryepectiv.e'-.; Ij,;'t;er>~
A: hundred ?dollar's a 'ln-iiiih'''���:;���'\\-l.y"
that's, all: I: v^yx^yiXo-^^pcX' yx
X: Butler"-���Bti.t:;-_^,-:'.d.ij'('^ir.t-;.;H'. i-;.-';;v-'i:Vi''--
"s6>iate';:hcvc'ry."��!ay'':.-.it:\';:>! XXr ':',:;.;:ii'v.
iir."���Bost.on''-Tran!j'cript.. V'-7:'"
.'. -li-v.'i's !-i'-:':;s;try .to. no
i, irpt;d:;iti.)!t f-n-dl* n:'.'-
i'ii-  und  national    di*��i-
"I will only add this: Whatever bc
��� iie financial  policy of    the    British
j government after the war, I am certain  of thi=,  that .any-discrimination
jy    Lew.-.-.' -I
had     great    diCiculiy. ���   to     sib    <iown
and   moro   fo   get   up.   Lately   I   had
a very sever* pain in my back.   I have
lakeii Dr. Pierce?s Golden Medical Discovery several times irith tho most *atis- , . ���       ...      - , r ,
factory results, so I eoneludod to give his il ��CI'e ri'.ay bc will not be in favor of
An-in'e Tablet* a trial. The pain in timb   'h,^e ^no h.avc' wiihkf-id thr.r money
hai sbouldor lias stopped entirely and In   iv���  the  Mate  at  a tunc  when   =its'
right land it is very slight and filing. I'^cdsvxre greatest.
l��s all ti.�� fjrae.   I can now *it or lie
in any jxititton t iTi*h wlthont 'l'iS!:cm-
fort or pain.   I recommended -.hoAn-aric
'Cablets  to two ���'parties ~ and : thej; both
daJra deeitlcd' improrenncnt.; T certainly
mil recoir.jncDdl th^rj to:asy.cue troubled
with tfce kidneys:-there is .'nothing aauly
i sw  good;  I tried : tlifai.all.'.'r-^EoaaB
i Boos, tor. Dni�� aid -"Waterkc,x. .'yxx
>"D.jc3  yoiir T
.-.      - �����.
i. fP.'.is:
:.':.-.-'���"I ..dop"t--.-Bn')-
s'lctt^r.":.-: :.:������:- X:
:!7;'Hut  I 'notkv
���/.here     I   . cart
Couric r:Jo^rii^l.
>o\-    bvlii vc  in   .canta
i-\u ' ii.'
��� I, iin.
���MT'S - Cjl^fe k*JSv^r*S��!
JEHB   ��EDGE,    .GKESafWOOD,    2. Ji
Tanks in 1596
Your good.looks may be your fortune.
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complexion freih. and clear; your hands
soft and white, ybur hair rich and glossy.
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touches of Cuticura Ointment prevent
little skin troubles becoming, serious.
Absolutely nothing better or purer.
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"Cuticura, Dcpt. N, Hasten, U. S. A." Bold
Uurouchoul the world. \-
Clever   Scotchman    Had    the
Several Centuries Ago
In'our recent exhibition of aircraft, hold in many great towns both.
in England and Scotland (says "Scro-
bie," writing in the Times) full acknowledgment was given to the great
genius of Leonardo da Vinci, as being thc first to anticipate man's mastery of thc air. Should the tanks also
bc on tour in thc future, I put in a
claim that one great Scotsman, John
Napier, of Mcrchiston {inventor" of
logarthims) should be remembered
as foreseeing and describing these
mighty monsters. In a memorandum
(dated 1596) which he calls his "secret inventions," he describes four
inventions, They probably owed
their existence in his fertile imagination to the rumors of war current at
that time and were to bc used in defence of his country should the
Spanish Armada invade the coast of
Scotland. I am only recalling one of
them, in which the living _ presentment of our modern tank is clearly
foreshadowed. These are the words
in which Napier describes it:
Finest Flower of Anarchy-
Preparing Way for a Sane and Orderly System of Government
For warning Russians that they
would be German slaves if they fell
into thc Bolshcviki trap and made a
separate peace with Germany, General Dukhonin, the . commandcr-in-
chief of thc    Russian    forces,     was
: brutally assassinated hy thc crazed
followers of I.enine and. Trotsky. In
��� thc murder of Dukhonin Bolshcvik-
ism reached its linest flower of anar-
;   chy and violence..   It was a notifica-
' tion to all patriotic Russians of what
their fate would bc if they fell into
Bolsheviki hands  after  resisting   the
��� plans of the arch-traitors, Lenine
and Trotsky.    It  is absurd to  think
��� that Russians/-'will long submit to
domination    by    such    lawless    and
������ tyrannical force?, .and there is. good
reason to bblievc that after a few
more excesses of this sort a reaction wilh set in against-the Bolshc-
' viki that will sweep them out of
power and prepare.the way for   the
��� -establishment' of  a'sane arid  orderly
;  system   of    government.���Springfield
Union. .',..-;
Headquarters Explains
Re-Attestation Ruling
Abilities? Acquired in Service in Canada Given Same Consideration
as Those Received Overseas
A discharged soldier suffering a
recurrence of a disability, pronounced by the medical officer to be due
to military service, is entitled to re-
attcstation_ on pay and allowances
1711110 receiving further treatment in
a military convalescent hospital.
A case arose recently where a discharged soldier who had never been
overseas experienced a recurrence of
a disability acquired as a result of
sendee in a Canadian camp. He applied for treatment but the local officer was not sure that under P. C.
SOS, thc order in council, designed to
permit the reattestation for treatment
of returned men under certain circumstances included incn who had
not been overseas.
He applied to thc headquarters of
the M.H.C. at Ottawa for instructions and was informed that the order in council made no difference be-
   _........   ___.._ tween overseas men    and-   the    men
"A  round chariot of mettle    made | whose disability was acquired in     a
Asthma No Longer Dreaded. The
dread of ren'cvVed attacks .from asthma has no hold upon those who have
learned to rely upon Dr. J, D. - Kel-
logg's Asthma Remedy,'- So^safe do
they feel that complete reliance is
placed on this true specific with the
certainty that it will always do all
that its makers claim. If you have
not yet learned, how safe you arc
with this preparation at .hand get, it,'
today and know for yourself.
of thc proofs of dooblc muskett. The
usc hereof serveth to break the array
of the .enemies battle, as also it serveth to destroy thc environed encmie
by coiiliiuiall charge and shott
through small hoalles. The enemie
in tho meantime being abased and
altogether uncertaine _what defence
or pursuit to use against a moving
mouth of mettle."
It is true Napier did not foresee
the latest development in our "chariot of inuttlc," the moving mouth of
tho monster has been opened in our
midst today, and opened to some
good purpose, for it has been tilled
with that much-wanted supply of
gold and silver on which the sinews
of war so largely depend.^ But allowing for shortages of vision in this
detail, we can still claim
great  magician  of   Merchiston
Canadian  camp, provided  the  M.O
declared that the (Usability was   due
to service.
Black as Dirt
About the Eyes
In a time needing food
economy many people are
not getting all the nourishment they might from
their food.
It is not how much you eat,
but how much you assimilate, that does you good.
The addition of a small
teaspoonful of Bovril to
the diet as a. peptogenio
before meals leads to
more thorough digestion and assimilation
and thus saves food, ior
you need less.
War and Food
No. 3
Liver Was All Upset and There Was
Pain   Under   the   Shoulder-
blade���Two Interesting
As in tlie old Biblical days when it
was  symbolic  of the   fruit's   of     the
earth, corn is again likely to be     a
[power in the land.   The magnitude of
(the crop in    the    United States     is
So  many people sutler    from    dc- j tending  to  focus  attention  on     this
rangements of the liver that wc feel:grain which may to sonic extent take
sure_ these two reports, just recently j<he_ place of. wheat.    The yield in the
that" *the ^ received, will prove interesting read-j United States is  estimated at   more
was m<= au^ valuable information to many,than three billion bushels.    This far
the man who foretold the coming of j "aders of this paper. i���r?nass,cs a"y Prcvious CF��1> :wl    **
thc tank" I     ���Ta- ����� L.   Harris,   Ivcatlcy, P.O.,  curiously opportune, coming,    as     it
*-   .  j Sask., writes:   "I was suffering frotjildoes, at a time when the crops oii the
f* f?4K  ' | liver trouble���had a heavy pain under ; North American  continent    are     of
uCrman  HiHlClCnCy jonc shou'der blade all the time, and"!paramount importance.   Thc greatest
.vas  nearly as black as  dirt around  corn crop in thc United States pre
planning Ahead
The Urgent Necessity for  Increased
Production During the Coming
Practical fanners know more than
most classes of workers the necessity for planning well ahead. Success in the fields no less than in the
field may depend ou taking "the long
view." Canadian farmers, therefore,
more than anyone else may profit by-
weighing earnestly the words of an
English economist that, even if war
were to cease tomorrow, normal crop
conditions could not bc restored    in
years:Til SorS?S sippife. of foS i �� strengthening delicate throats and weak lungs while its
have been heavily drawn upon and in
sonic cases have been actually exhausted. This means, as no one better than the farmer will comprehend,
that there will be an acute demand
as compared with pre-war years, for
food grain crops and food animals.
Should warfare be suspended, of
which there is no sign at present, the
demobilization would take months
and in the reconstruction period the
re-stocking of farms in Belgium,
France, Italy and Great Britain must
inevitably bc done  from this side of
jihe Atlantic.
I    Only by  the "long  view"   can th.i
[Canadian farmer prepare for this.   It
jis in this season of comparative ijuiet-
uess  in  farm life that hc will    havc
Imost time to think out thc means at
I his disposal.    He will see that there
!is both good business and good patriotism in thc advice of the food controller and of thc department of agriculture to produce more pork; hc
will do what hc can to add to thc
grain area of 1918.
Not Certain. That It Is the Result oil j thc eyes, so I concluded to try some
the Form of Government l��f Dr. Chase's  Kidney-Liver Pills.  I
,-. ��� ,   .   ' did so, and before I had taken   one
Germany   was   well    governed,  in  2Sc box the pain ,,a(I Ieft me and  t
certain particulars^ it had grown .commenced to gain in flesh, and by
rich and powerful; it surpassed most = tIlc time j had taken two boxes j
other states in a variety of ways ��ot ;was coinpieteiy curc<] a,���j feh like a
necessary to enumerate here.        But
new person,    My trouble was caused
vious to this    one    fell considerably
short of the present yield.
Corn is an undent and honorable
member of the grain family. It saved the early colonists on this continent from starvation. It uses were
made known to them by the Indians.
���Vs civilization became    more     coin
why? To the mind steeped in Priis-jby he        ^ork ollt-of-doors, and, of Iplex it gave way to other things but
sianisiii there was    but one    answer
; course, heavy eating    ancl    constipa
possible. It was.the government! To;tion/ j WQUjd advisc anyone suffcl-
tus two objections at. once present ;ing from ki<incy or livcr trouble to
themselves. The first is that there :givc j)T Chase's Pills a trial"
arc two kinds or degrees of efficien-j Mra> Charles Terry, Tweed, Ont.,
cy; the one like theirs, which, for writes. "Before I was married I was
want ot a better name, wc pW ca�� i troubled -th cn|argemc1lt of thc
mechanical; the other of a. less tan-; liverj    My ]iver  .became so enlarged
Nations United by War
.The Future'of the World Is   Safer
Than. It Ever Was ".
Never  will   England,  France    and
. the United States fight one another.
', This war has made them    brothers,
.and  each  one   will   be  his  brother's
. keeper after this.    So far this    war
has brought the peace pf.. the. world.
If  they ever  have ^a'ny.''' differences
;���-among them   llie��  will   settle    them
���'��� by  a  conference'controlled   ;hy  thc
������Christian spirit.'   They will not shoot
-at   each   other.     That  is   thc  fellow
,   feeling that; is rampant, in these.'three
;' nations.    One can  see it on all public  occasions.    If the Marseillaise  is
sung or the Union Jack unfurled, it
>' is greeted with wild applause" by our
.own people-- That-is a-good sign. It
'   is. a sign of'peace rind the trtie glory
, of nations.    It is developed  and. increased by our boys over in  France,
This is a war for humanity,.and not
particularly  for  France,. England    or
the United'States,    The -future
. tfie world'is-safer than it ever wa
Ohio State- Jour a\.
giblc quality, easily recognized, but
hard to define, the efficiency of the
individual as opposed to the corporate  efficiency of the community.    It
now, with every nerve being strained
to make the most of the natural resources of the country, thc time is
ripe for it to reappear on tlie family
table and to conic into more general
Corn is an economical food material at all times.    It contains from 4
Owing to lack of fertilizers , so
necessary for the intensive systems
of farming in the older lauds, and to
thc consequent impoverishment of
the soils especially of France and
Italy, next year's crops in Europe
may he smaller than even those recently harvested, which fell far below the average. Shipping is not
available to carry fertilizing supplies
and labor is extremely scarce, so
that the diminution of the crops for
191S will bc exceedingly serious. A
consideration of these things should
give the Canadian farmer matter for
thought as to what he will do to
meet the shortage overseas and to
derive a legitimate benefit froui his
remarkably favored economic position.
Are Your Lungs Strong?
Do colds go down to your throat? Are yow bronchial
tubes easily affected? Above all, do colds settle on your
chest? THen your lungs may not be as strong as you
expected���consumption often follows.
Good Physicians Everywhere Prescribe
Because its Pure Cod Liver Oil Is Famous
glycerine soothes the tender linings and alleviates the cough.
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Far From Home
Strange    Meetings    in    Maple
Club in London
Margaret  Bell,
London  (."hron-
the   Maple
that you could  detect the   swellings   to 5 per cent, of fat and where tht
011 either side, and it was only with
difficulty'that I could get my clothes
on.   A friend advised mc to get Dr,
is  not  possible here���perhaps   it . is; Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills   and take
not  possible    at    all���to    determine  thein>   j   cojnmence<l this  treatment,
which of these is the more to be desired. But it is very apparent that
what we call thc spirit of liberty
aligns itself rather with individual
than with communal efficiency. And
the second answer is not unlike the
first. It is that we still await the
proof that thc  desirable factors    in
and used nine boxes, which cured me
at that time. Then, about two or
three years afterward I was troubled
whole grain is ground; the fat percentage still remains so high that it
is the most fattening of all cereals.
It is made up of seven-tenths starch,
one-tenth protein, one-tenth water
and the other tenth half fat and half
crude fibre and mineral substances.
Despite  the fact that    such    largi
agam_ with the swelling, but only on   quantities of corn are available   and
my right side. I secured some more
Kidney-Liver Pills, and took them,
which finally cured me. I have not
been troubled in  this way si.icc.     I
the position which the. Germans have i can     cheerfully      recommend     Dr.
attained, are due wholly, or  even in   chase's Kidney-Liver Pills to anyone
having kidney or liver trouble.
considerable part to their form of
government. That is an assumption
which,' like too many assumptions
proceeding fro iii the same source, remains a dogma rather than a provable proposition.���Wilbur C. Abbott
in the January Yale Review.
The Cost of Tea
We have also found Dr. Chase's
Linseed and Turpentine excellent for
coughs and colds. In fact, any of
Dr. Chase's medicines which wc have
used have been good."
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25c a box, 5 for $1.00, at
all dealers, or Edmauson Bates &
G'o.,  Limited, Toronto.
Farm Boofe-Keeping
Only one'per cent, of the farmers
of Dundas count ���, Ontario,. v.-nere
thc commission of ^conservation js
conducting illustration farm_ work)
; were found to follow a satisfactory
method of" farni .accounting. A proper system has been installed on each
of thc illustration farms selected by
the commission, which will show
where profits are : made and _ where
losses are. incurred,, and'wiiLbc valuable and educative to the rest of
tltc community'.-1-1 Conservation.
Universal Beverage Was Once Much
More Expensive Than Now
Tea at 4s per pound can hardly_ be
considered cheapi but in the closing
years of thc eighteenth century this
universal beverage was very much
more expensive. Wc find Lady Ncw-
digatc, for instance, writing to her
husband in 1781: "I enclose Mr. Barton's account for tea, the sum frights
one, but of the common tea run���as
Mr. B.. says it does���near eighty
pounds a clicst, it will answer well.
The best is full 16s a pound, but
Mun'day's and Ncwdigates, who have
also a lot and havc also had from thc
shops since the new tax was laid, say
it is belter than what you can bvy
for 18s."
It was at Garraway's7 coft'ec house i
The Two Gods
"Our new   girl,-, objects  to
referred to as 'the help.'"
"Well, if wc call, her . 'the . hindrance' she won't like- that,'either."���
���Boston Transcript.
��� ��������� -""��� MONEY ORDERS""   :" '
The Kaiser's God and the    God   of
The following article by Chauncey
Dcpew is particularly applicable in
view of the kaiser's speeches the past
few days:
"Thc God of battles:is appealed to
daily by thc contending hosts, but
there are two Gods. The poet Hein-
rich Heine, in a famous prophecy
eighty years ago, said that Germany
Would resurrect from their graves
thc stone gods of their ancestors and
the hammer of Tlior would smash
the weakness represented by Christian cathedrals. When the commander of the U-boat  which    sank     thc
that it is so rich in nutriment ��� only 2
per cent, of the corn, supply'is used
as food stuff by thc American people. From this it is apparent that
there are vast possibilities in the
corn crop and that it.tnay yet figure
largely as a satisfactory substitute
for wheat.
The Canadian housewife should
welcome the more general-use . of
corn, for thc cereal, is one which is
versatile in its properties and can be
Trial Is Inexpensive.���To those!
wiio suffer from dyspepsia, indigestion, rheumatism or any ailment arising from derangement of the digestive system, a trial of Parmclee'h
Vegetable Pills is recommended,
should tltc sufferer bc unacquainted
with them. The trial will be inexpensive and ihe result will be anther customer for this excellent medicine. So effective is their action that
many cures can certainly bc traced
to their use where other pills ��� have
proved  ineffective.
Leaf club, Loudon, from which is
taken this extract: ''The tall sergeant
with his right arm in a sling left
twelve hundred acres of wheat land
to conic across thc soas and light.
The ma:i standing next to htm was
one of thc hopeful easterners who
were attracted io thc Klondyke at
thc time of the great gold rush, 20
years ago. Hc later drifted to thc
region known as New Ontario, when
thc silver frenzy took speculators to
Cobalt. Lui��k did not smile on him,
but hc likes to toll thc story of a
friend of his, now living in Toronto,
who 'struck it rich.' This story is
usually reserved for ihe after luncheon hour iti the lounge, when the audience is assembled in a receptive
''There, seemed to bc nothin' do-
in' ou Bob's claim, so lie went home
an' told Clancy to wire him if anything turned up. Well, weeks went by
an' no wire. Bob thought maybe he
was bcin' done aud reckoned it was
high time to hike up there on the
quiet. So up kc goes and casts his
eye over thc ground. Pretty dead-
lookin." Clancy tells him there's a
bit o' waste that wants htakiu' but
guesses it ain't worth the cost o' the
stake. Well, Bob has a look over it.
c and reckons it ain't, but, bcin' a sport
squats on it, just that his trip up there
won't seem wasted. Ke gets busy at
the i.liggiu', startin' in at it himself.
They kit :i vein one day ihat looked
like the veal thing, so Bob called the
scientist jjuy to east his orbs over
it.    Well, what d'ye think?    Bob sold
With the Atlantic Fleet
How    Navy
Life    Looks
:'Tor ten days I was the guest of
the. Atlantic licet," writes a mother
who made a.visit to investigate for
Good Honsekceping. She tells -".other
mothers, in the .laniv.iry issue, just
tKiw their: boys live on board ship.
She says: "During those days I tried
to do everything the boys had to do.
1 ate with them; I worked with thcin;
Icven got sick and went to thc hospital ship.    I did everything they did
extensively used in  tho    preparation  <-*cept sleep 1:1 a hammock and lire
of  wholesome  dishes.       Corn    meal,a K1'11-  ,Vley w��uldl1 �� ,lt:l: "'c hre a
puffs, griddle cakes and waffles, com i?lln. ^"J, 1 -was. glad 01.it.    As to-tne
nical  fritters    and  corn    meal    pan
cakes���to  mention  but    a    few���are
favorites on the. American table and
might well become a permanent feature of the menu in Canada where
the use of corn means the saving of
.hammock, I tried to get in one, but
I the-art'-of arriving in a 'dream  sack'
'some six feet from' ihe iioor is an acquired   on<\    There   is   not  .seclusion
enough, on .ship, for   a   mother   with
Iicr set lniiseles and avoirdupois    to
j.becoin.c ci/kaiuntock artist.
"How. do oar sons live in this mas-
iculind   world?    (For  thc navy is    a
man's world, and in it a woman has
no  place).     First   of  all,   they     live
Cincinnati man tells how to dry
up a corn or callus so it
lifts off with fingers.
Germany's Designs
Upon Belgium
Here's a Nice    Little    Excuse    For
Hanging on to the Plunder
In a resolution most recently
adopted by the pan-Germanic league
of k'sscti and thc text of which has
been transmitted to Marshal Hinden-
burg mid to Admirals Tirpitz and
Sehccr, it is stated:
"The inhabitants of the western
provinces of thc German country declare that they would be irremediably
lost if, Belgium having withdrawn
from German influence, Germany
should happen to bc defeated in a
future war. Thc enemy could quickly
seize upon all thc big manufactories,
arsenals of fighting armies and impose upon us a dishonorable peace."
Thc resolution closes by this assertion that thc league intends to struggle "in order that British arrogance
and our foe's claims may not prevail
and rob from us, in the couse of the
diplomatic negotiations, thc territory
which we must not, under any pretence whatsoever, give np to them,
the Flanders."
th_at there claim in ;t week for three
million.   Cool, wasn't  it?"
"This story invariably 'goes.' And
more. It starts the ball of conversation boniiding_ merrily around thc
room. It alio inspires competition,
and soon there is a score of stories
for a score of different settings, spinning their noisy way from one comfortable chair to another. From the
coal miuesof Ncw Brunswick, or the
fisheries of Nova Scotia they ccmic;
from tho frigid trapping lands of Labrador; from the Chinatown of Vancouver to th.e 'Ward' of Toronto;
from office, ranch and plain.
"And upstairs ;the bed-making is
going on.:.���'Reminiscences here, too.
One lady, whose home is in Calgary,
met .someone.''.'in the passage above
the du-ii box one day whose face
seemed familiar. She spoke. They
had attended Havcrgal college together in Toronto, and had not seen
each other since their graduation
day, lo years ago.
"Several such scenes have taken
place in the club. And several romances, for years hidden--under a
cloud of misunderstanding, have been
shown the light and gone joyfully on
their way. War indeed works strange
miracles. It's a bromide, but it's
Worms sap the strength, and undermine    the      vitality      of      children,
1111 Exchange Alley that tea was first, LusU;ltlia ail(1 drowned its passcng
offered to,thc public. That was 'in, rs when .llic commander of ' the
1657 and the tea was advertised as L,.bo;U sumnI01icd to his deck thc
"made according to direction of the survivors of ,he Belgian Prince and
most knowing merchants    of    those 1 submerged hilariously,    leaving
eastern countries.
from  16s to 50s a
Minard's  Liniment Cures Garget   in
Electricity From the Wind
Remit bv Dominion Express Money Order. I     ���,, ,     ,".    .-���'.���..-      .     :    ,        '
If lost or stolen, you 'get your'money back.!      Ihe   electrical   engineering   depart-
���'Iinen't of the .stale. Agricultural    College of. Manhattan, Kan., is at prcsr
It was retailed at,tIlcm jn.t,]e occan> both were praised
pound.���lit-Jilts.. jam|-decorated-..with the iron cross,
and their acts were proclaimed, as
proofs of God's help; when Belgium
suffered unspeakable, horrors, -.when
the villages of Northern France were
destroyed, their orchards cut down,
their men killed, their Women. outraged and deported into slavery,, it
was claimed that all this was done by
or ���tuttertns overcome {mmi tircly. Our
natural method* permanently restore
satuMlapeedi, Graduatey-upilsevery-
ytbere.   Free adrlce find (itenitute.
K1TCHEKEK,      -      CAN.AOA.
A i*fe, teMoHe rcfuletlfit mtA
eld*. Sold In Uirte derives oi
strength. No.l.it.ltt.l.Ul
No.*|Bperb0s.   Sott by ��a
ptsin paclcar?' on  Metis
dnurrtet*. or ��ra; prevail ia
*ipl 3
price free pamphlet AddieM
rics COOK MBfticurs CO.
nwafctOWL (ffcMfcirfahrJ ;
ont engaged iii .'conducting a . series
���U experiments villi a view: to improving the ��� prevailing methods of
generating electricity from windmill
pow<T. In the prevent .tests the generator is-mounted on the bead.of the
li'ill and geared directly to the source
���>( power, instead of bring belted !<>
the mill at its.base, as is iis'ially the
practice, 'J'lic. nv.iiii need nt present
:,''t:;ns to ���ljc..;f-'nijl.l.' that requires a
lower wind velocity "to start than
those' now available, since the latter
ci're idle for knit;.periods at.���;��'stretch,
and therefore '."necessitate the' cm-
ployivtent of laiv;c  storage batteries.
8 HfcRAPION Hoipiuti^Mt
re*ttUClC����. CCKC5��>!KON;Ct*C>lkKES3 LOST V1GOS
VfJ   KI0NEV    SLSSL-rit    BISlMll   SLOOP   POISO*
fH.ES    EllHEil  K0   DSUGSIITScr HAIL SI   POST 4 CM   ',
eouositveo W enr.uAn ji ��EwvoBitortrutiiixit
SSONTO    ����JTS FOB FltH8 SO0�� H) DS   L�� Cl��SO  '
!tt CO  U��'.I��SrOCKRD  H��MP51t*D  LONDON   ffK��
���jssksw ttsAG��!S<r<srei.E5!>roR>jor  ElST ro ,,gg :
OBS TBA1 r!:lO�� XxKKED *'OHt>    rilEBuPIOK   is oa  ;
fait aev* ttmt ttrixsB r����w atuum* ttcmtn <
The Jcb for Him
yio~-.  - blind;   and   deaf-people  arc
not  neurly svJ   sensitive  aboiit     their
��� ���tflictions' a's we  fhink thev arc. The
Deaf Tim
T!:e railway
ing  his  rcorganiz.'itioi
for instance, 'tells
hainua:> 'w
. .'Maf-
is .-ji
the help of God    and in partnership
with Hiin,    that    God. was again the   time
stone  God7 of the . German    forests.!   . :'*~���-���:���- '������-.
When thc other day the Hritish aniiyj   Observer Hides in  Dummy  Horse
captured Jerusalem, and after a lapse i     h_s1o,.v's  uneiciit   . x:\siipie oi \i\-X-
iij- six' wUuri.es. brought  the    sacred , ouJi;,S(.i i'hc:-Trpi:.u' horse, has'ii iii-vi-
irn  variation     <X    .-i)Cs".i1i,.r     it.-i.t;-..--!.
says  the _lacii;iry. .1 V'p'i'dar Mtr'n:.i;ies
no place on  lighting  ships for othc
than  the barest necessities. They cat
from long tables-and sit on benches..
There, are  no tablecloths  or     napkins, but the tables  are scrubbed as
j clean, as any tabic cloth can bc and
' 5 thc  benches  too.    During the   hours
You corn-pestered men aiiu women twlieti "meals are    not   being    served
need suffer no longer. Wear the shoes j these tables are folded up and held
that  nearly  killed  yon bcioxc,    says
this   Cincinnati   authority,  because   a
ftw drops of frcezone applied directly
on  a   tender,  aching  corn   or  callus,
stops soreness at once and. soon the
corn or hardened callus loosens so it
can be lifted oif,.root and all, without  pain.   ��� '-. ���
A  sniail  bottle  of   I'.reeaoiie    costs
very, little-at: any_dr.tig store, but will
positively take off every hard of soft
corn or callus.:   This -should'be--'tried,
as itis inexpensive and is said not'to
irritate the  surrounding skin,
If yoiir druggist hasn't any frcezone
tell, him to get a small bottle for you
from his wholesale drug house, it is
fine stuff and acts like ii-chsriii. every
with  almost'-no  fitrniturc.    There  is I Strengthen  them  by   using'. Mother
place?  under Christian     rub';     wii.tii.
they  sacrificed thousands Vi{  lives  to-.
���.\ in by ..the. bayonet'father than    t
hell, which would desecrate  hallow-
M;i^-.i:'.ine  in .un; .iiluslr.iied     article.
] hiring the. tit: lit it!:;- ��� lirnr.tTr.'tonhe '>ii
i-.tlu tuples and tombs, tliVy n.-sto.r��.'<! ;-,[.-,. O.i-stern ���i"f>ut,'.-���oi'uc-time. :m:o, ;���
to the world the spot wlij-re tlm<t' |r,,���c i,,.,^^ his tracts''aii.'i -"'dashe-i
died for the brotherhood oi man. 1 he.,:irrn^ Xo Man's Land toward ihe
Christ  whose  doctrines  up.irting  flu; j t;crilta,i^defences,     \VI;en  near
edtre   of  a  lirst  line  trench- he
world for two thousand years have:
Liiven 'to''us all the blessings which
we enji'v. it is'that <��od under whose
hiuincr of the. t'ross we light, under
whoii'i v. .��� are united :-.Vid with whose
ble-sing we wit! win."
t Im !
by chains from great hooks, near the
roof of thc passageway. Thc benches
are folded up and placed on top oi
the tables.       .
"The h<ids are .hammocks.-swung
from two iron hooks. During the
morning thc hammocks arc air-cd over tlie rail of the ship, at noon they
are. "lashed' tip and. put in big bin-
looktng places. These- '. hammocks
are, I am told, very comfortable oi>Cf-:
you learn how to get in them They
are really.life preservers with flotation caough t<> hold up two incn.
��� ''"For a dress.-r or ;'. chiflf.r.ier, each
boy has- a hip deep sack
so:n-;i_ii'iig..like a bag s'i
e-ir;=;-���_-:ill. Down in'ti:'-: d
bag- he kee^.s, 'iii i.ii.-.-.'v
. liens, all his'. eio:l.^-..'y';-
Tha t is- i'srtaiiily: ;-. ):���,���;:-.
!���> Iv fair to th-: i.i< u,
���lii;v clo'i \:'<. ,-. ��� i '.-. -:r
lii'iK. . Kvery '>'-.:.y' X. v
>l ifl. ��� 'l'h,�� dirty., v.ii
tin1. b;.ig iii the le-.irni
iu'.. t he aftrrnoot!. Th c���-��� r
on a. rope rail out '������/
��� htve no \r;iy 'H-'oei.ii
re   itiereh.'- jrar
which, looks
ir"   or ilo.'ir
pi lis'of; that
-led- .c-.;;di-
n -'e.tid Virty.
���   v.-.-.v.    But
������v.- ."���.::���.   ll.c
'.'. a?) y,i<:i\
pill   into
ie -u-.iy.  'I"h'*\v.
;'.  tin-si: .h;i.v,'s.
'������''   v;. il!'.   ..'i':e-
Graves' Worm Exterminator to drive
out th.e parasite?.
Hampering iRestrictions
Bread Cards IJeoissary for Wedding
Guests in Sweden
In    such    sorcly_   pressed    neutral
countries as Swede:i the war. has resulted  in  rich and  poor  alik:  b.iug
subjected to m::nj   .-cs;:i;::-j-.-.^   heretofore  unknown,    tsys   .tl;s. .lamiary
, Popular   ���Mechani;.'!    Magaiiiti:.     .An
I iliusi'ration of this���not without     its
I humorous    aspee::~is    found    in     a
i Swedish w-eddin's invitation    recently
received in this country by'friends of
; the bride and groom.;The latter were
i members, of two wealthy families in
Stockholm,  and the  handsomely   engraved niissive included .an invitation
to.a banquet at.one oi the-finest hotels in the .Swedish capital.    It. '.vas in
a  notation.'at  thc bottom ..page  that
���the  h and of war manifested: itself''in
these1 words:    "Please    bring    vour
bread' cards." ..This-.meant   that-well-
to-do   hosts'- at   weddings   could   not.
.provide liic' ;;-ks;s with bread except
Tried toStart U.S.-JapFight
German  Plot in  Early  Part   of  the
War Is Unearthed
That desperate efforts wdv made
by the German ambassador and military and naval officers in the United
States to stir up enmity between the
United States and Japan in thc early
days of the European Avar while the
United States was still a neutral has
been revealed by thc diary of Captain Karl- Grasshof, commander of
the gunboat Geier, which hitcrncd at
Honolulu in Novcnjl er. 1914. to ��ave
herself from destruction by a Japanese cruiser, the Hizen, which waited
beyond the three-mile limit for her
to show her nose outside thc harbor.
The diary is in the possession of the
naval intelligence bureau of the Hawaiian naval division and was made
public on authority from the intelligence bureau.
In line with the recent exposures
of Secretary Lansing, it reveals a
world-wide conspiracy and intrigue
in the interests of Germany extending from Ambassador Benistorff's
office at Washington through San
Francisco to Shanghai, Hong Kong
and Manilla, and centering in Honolulu upon the Geier, which with her.
wireless intercepted official American government wireless messages
and relayed messages and orders
from the German officials to "heir
The diary, written in German, was
found, ou Captain Grasshof following his imprisonment at Schoiicld
Barracks after the attempted destruction of the German warship
and German mer'nantmen then interned at Honolulu. The attempted
destruction took place when the
I'nitcd States broke ofi: diplomatic
relations with Germany.
With the translation a��,- a chic,
navy intelligence officers have been
linking up the tangled ikein of evidence for the last six months, and
nOw they have'a-complete indictment of the interned Germans for
their part in thc conspiracy, involving the wholesale violations of alS
the laws of hospitality, of actions,
and^ men and the .precepts... oi neutrality, the crimes covering a period
from November, 1914, to February,
1917.   . '   .
- :..br-
-:l   'I
; ;iiii
,tti   resin
:;-'?-:-:i->L>..-!  .)Y
| ���'. Photographer-
| face   ���.vo'.ihl  you
��� in  the   picture?
; ���   '.url������ The  out
��� hiok/'ni-v. ol:;;ri!
y ���:>.!.' r
? !-.>�����':���
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
- The British Way
The Anglo-Saxon Way as   Opposed
���     to the Teuton Method
������'General Ailenby, the conqueror of
Jerrsalem, entered the Holy City
bareheaded and on foot to receive
the submission of thc officials. He.
placed strong .guards about all the
holy places and posted a proclamation of authority and assurance to
thc people in seven languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Hugh's!:.. French, Italian
Greek and Russian. His _ campaign
was delayed because of his unwillingness to point a liritish gun toward the saercd city.. A reverential
respect for things historic and holy
influenced "'his every move. 'That is
ihe British v.ny, aad it explains her
success in ruling subject peoples.
How ������different .'wi* "Germany's  occur
pat ion  of   Brussels
' i.-.l!
LOSSES SiW nmijm
Uj^B! fosb.  rtlubte;
J^^ pttf����rt<iby
re n Kttua   isock-
MLB mtn,   tr��u* .
jta _���    . vaeelaet i��ir.
tjT Wr!tttial<��45��awt<c!ti����a's"A
'    so-tost m, kr���� m*. f��.��i      '
T^e s-.yri.y.'.'vl Cl.-H.:rcr-:..:..._ii ia^��-..e tA c-.rr Ji
;ir.d   came  to
sliarehohler i;.i>.pcd: ">r,r;-.!
on <���;. rth i-an be do? 'Wliy,
deaf lie can't hear thunder
post have you given hiinr"
"I think yon will agree," returned
the chairman stiffly, "that the directors -understand their business
thoroughly. JJr. Spiiggs will attend
each day cud hear all complaints
from'.-Escupcrs."���Keiv York Globe.
.   Ofii.-ef--
reiisoii- or
tmuiilly   !.:
I      I >i. Iiii-|*l'
���'.anv iim'iito
! I'm .:;=-.._.���'
Now.    cut
excuse  why
te  on  par.i.it
i.r- Well,  -
;: re
ean   :;!V'c
i;i\ -.)!���-
'J'he  l'rt'tich'iminediiitt'-ly.   made
best, of the opportunity auu set c
outlage arti.-ts at y, ork f.;~'hii.i:'iV:!
panier-niache .replica of the ��Ii; ���':
m;il.     Under  Cover of .���darkriVs-.
carcass   was   replaced   with,   il'..'   ti
my."  l'or thr��-.e  days-   obscrvi-i>
iioned  in   the   latter   were     ;tbi^
'watch   tlic.:.<-ne:iiy"ri     i:iOiTi'.;rn-s
close   r;;i>L;e   :ip.d  teleii'mni:   ���!;���:-
;C j ov:ier'.= number;   rvery   ij.iy   reer-ives
j>>'ins the s.hip.
h'.umiioek !'')<)ks- --.wyl
iiiLTketi-'willi  the. "s;iiih*
iikmdier   when
he ; His  rloihrs,
=''"���- ��� ��i.iity-bi)x  are
n u iii he. r.
"'.Tli.: diiry'-bo.\_   Xn\l  h:\V:
to iippreriate. it.   It is lhe o?;:y
mtr. vnil.ir laddies own that is privaii'-.
a  hair.
i'j. .-i i-  i,
���!"��� ;!r'tiel-
Are- v-i
;'\ <rv
.-.u.l th'-y'r
Op-.'M-.'i'i S
\ rom: e
'('hey- .-1
���  not. f���:
uhj   her   brutal
I'd   behavior  ther"!     These    t.v,o    cora-
:es   pavisons.-give to ii:e. \vorid n    'clear-'
.-.nt and impressive interpretation  of
j'ibc Anglo-Saxon ideas as opposed to
j the 'Teuton idea... 'In or.c justice, revolt,   spect' and  decency^ arc   revealed;    in
t'lieir  th.e    other, ' inju-siice, terrorism -and .
l.'rce   hesiiality . predyii:i��r:.te. ���   Kingston
Briiish Wli'ig. .-'���   '
W,    W.-.:U,- iiSi
Mrs.    .Kawlet���"Then       you     and
young Mr. .Sharp-are:iiot,ou spe'ak-
Img terms aay-;inb.rc?"X
j ���'.���:.'.Mrs.:-:BIi:nd.erby���'"Xo.  indeed.  Tiie
1 last���(time I met him .1 .told him my
i husband had .-lo'r.oniotive .ntacksia an<l
the      young .... whippersnappcr      had
the impi.idenee 'b, ask-if he whistled
it  crossing*."���Boi io n -Transcript,
The next time you suffer with
headache, indigestion, bilious*
ness or loss oi appetite, try--'
. \
>i-<it Ir
is  ahon
i:.l   .;.  foot
It   is   l��;;���_-7.
tJ;^t   is   Hs<i
; ���.. i..
���K'llii^V   -]-
i ::-.i v.d.i'.ii-!> is- brlir ve.
long   io   ll:c   pkitinunt   uroup
���i   ;-,>   I.H.-
U   i-"
He'has. ob-
ton- in    the
a   foot   hitd
��� it-e. :ui��i  i.>ri.'     I
of "<--o'.i;e .'kind.'-
f   think  'lie; i
i   ti.i ir  dim -1>o;
:   ! "?���-'i-.-.-'.   \.'v< i'.-.-ii
������    iT     .\;   ..' -   ������*        ...   '
...  . I  ���
called by him canadiun:
| tained a few grams per
ipurc state by troatmeitt
ilumbia.     iiicrc  is  some-anticip
!that   thc  new   metal  will   find������iri'd'.:s
trial, v.s'cs, especially by 'fewclfcrs,,'....
�� ir.ii;. t    <���.���   ek.ir
"!.'!.. . i'.i-ii'. on i!:i' -': i-' i-: :;o,}i", ..-'.j'
tfiere is plenty of it. The iiixury. oi
gree^i vegetables and fresh fruits depends   on  whether   the   ships  are   at
tatc bv treatment . of "certain VtMS ��." ^��cincr tne smps are ?i
found "iu Nelson, British Co- ����,�� ,n port.-- haeh ship-feeds m
.    There  is  some  anticipation   afferent way, but all Iced well. ,
Filbert Nui Bar
- .',H:ivc:'yo'.i-'.3i:iiiscd.--.yowr'.. :baby
brother,   Willie, ;;--;-d  kept '-''..hiin'-; quiet
���-.ha<si"t ocencd his
Lws��t S��Ie cl AmP M��JUJu�� f��th�� Werli.
Mi MWywiMr*.-.- U Uw����, 26fc: ::.
'while I-was goi-f;
��� "Yes, rna,-.T.n!.'!i
mouth '.since'���������'0,t .'���.��� ���.' r-t - :-.\'-.'
I ���"*,What'":"di.J':-vbu" :XX:.-. ,X^ X
^Willie:""  "X'Xi
j .."I gave hii;i.'tli"c.:i..ucii..s-c.l
f sv<k."���Bf.llimore American.
Wise-and Unwise Optimism        j
: Soldiers and statesmen .'-.it home
, and abroad .made up tlicir minds long
��� n;"rO: tbat we have a long war before
j v's. vivccetit events.-.have., but. coiitirm-
:.c��t .their judKnient.i;.. The only, -wise
���'���'���-'���-���'.! i".'Nr:!...i.s...n ,i":riit_.ronvi.c:!ori-'v'iai:-v.-c
,- -;:.-:i j'T.i:i;;Ti:-',i-war-..i:i.-.'i.!i'.y' ciii!;".-..The
! ..'i.-iij.i.:-.: l- X- '���;.':'��� r*'-[ir<"s."..;','.ts ;l'irr:'--\-iiil
i its/;ii��av"":U' 'foolish', .aiid-'ljptrniciotis-r-
i TI:3--'Loadpa Ticics. i ���'        XX
Fresh plump filberts scattered generously
throughout the finest and smoothest milk
Sold everywhere.': Made in Canada*
A-15 ���
$2 a year in Canada," and   $2.50   in   tht
United States.
Editor and Financier
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     fi 00
Estray Notices 300
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  10.00
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $2.50 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising,   12 cents a
line first insertion, and  8 cents a line for
nrh [���subsequent   insertion,    nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
jath of Premier Brewster
' The untimely death of Hon.
.Jarlan Carey Brewster afc Calgary
.111 .Friday last, has removed a
prominent figure from the Government of this province. His loss
will be deeply regretted by all in
thiB province and throughout the
Dominion as he was a man who as
premier had the confidence of the
people and had tried to do his
���utmost for the welfare of this province.
The sympathy of all will go out
to his family in their sad bereavement.
During the next four or five
months food conservation on this
continent and among their own
people must be almost the sole
hope of the Allied nations in
Europe ancl of friendiy neutrals.
No effort that can be made by the
people of North America can add
any considerable amount of food
to the available supplies before
next fall. Stocks are dangerously
depleted, particularly in the case
of cereals and meats. The problem
is to "stretch", these supplies over
the interval until this year's crop
13 harvested. While preparing for
increased production, we must
also do our utmost to help our
Allies oyer the next few months
when starvation will be threaten
ing them dangerously.     .
Official information, much of it
confidential, received during the
past few. days emphasises the scarcity, of supplies. of: cereals and
.oeats and the necessity of avoid-
;ug at all costs encroachment upon
.!.;e supplies for the Armies.. In
."��� ii-'eaf Britain, in France, in Italy,
ie people are alive to the situation. They know something of
what tbe next few months will
���mean. There spirit was expressed
'iy Lord Charles Bereeford the
other day when ho said "We are
lightening pur belts and we are
. 'oing to win."
A recent cable from London
stated that the present meat ration
in Great Britain is not more, than
one-half of the amount to which
the people have been a,ceustomed,
Accompanied as this is by the restrictions on the consumption of
bread it cannot but entail physical
losa and privation. Canadians too
must tighten their belts and help
the Allies to win. Use should be
made on this continent of every
available substitute for wheat,
beef and pork. "Upon our food
service depends the veiy lives of
women and children, in the Allied
countries.   .....
-; NOTICE is hereby given that the; first
7 sitting of the Court of Revision, -for the
:, purpose of hearing, complaints   against
the assessment for the year : 1918 as made
...by the. Assessor for the City- of Green-
.wood willbe held in the Municipal-Hall,-
: on:Wednesday,  April: roth,'-'at 3;o,7clock
: pXm.-.XX X.::'--XXX:' i X X:: X - XX.X-:X:':.:"-.iX-.
:��� J Notice7 of:any complaints must be:given.
' in 'writing .'to ..the -Assessor at:, least ten
". days.previous to.the.sitting of the:Court.'
X'i Dated at\-Greenwood,--B.C.,; the iiftb,
day of ilairch, 1918.  XX- X'::X-'X-X.
���-;'  -        XX-^-XX - -,;;-      ������.':��� City Clerk.,
Boundary Falls
A very depressing event took
place at Boundary Falls on Tues
(lay, February 2Gbh, when the
C. P. R. passenger train was
stopped by a group of bacheloi
miners, to allow Miss Mai tba
Jones to get aboard. Mi?-s Junes,
who has been living with Mr. and
MrB. J. C. Cruso for tbe last four
years, has left for au extended
visit at tbe coast. Notable among
thosewho took a fatherly interest
iu her, were Malcolm Buchannen,
presenting Mies Martha with a gold
watch aud chain, and B. F. Jones
"who was greatly affected" handed her a five dollar pnrsi>. It was
indeed a melancholy bunch of
young men that wended their way
home, wondering where they would
prospect next.���Com.
;aaant*XL.I ����������.����� ����� ��i..... .- mTgJrT>rTnIe,-^..mrCT.-r-��..r-rrwT-gT7Tre^
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It  has  a  pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
z'ju^jiiixxmj 1. una��
Wrong About the Exit
'���Mrs.   Bi/./Jboldi   says   that  all
the  gossip  she bears  goos in   one 1
ear and goes out of the other."        I
"Yts, bub I guess she   has made:
a mistake as to where it goes out.1
In Probate:
THE MATTER or the "Official
Administrators' Act."
TAKE NOTICE that by Order of
His Honor John R. Brown, Judge of tlie
said Court, made the 30th day of January,
A. D. tgtS, I was appointed Administrator to the Estate of the said William
Douglas, Deceased; and all parties having claiqis against the said Estate are
liereby required to furnish same, properly verified to me on or before the 2nd day
ot April, 19 iS; and all parlies indebted to
the said Estate are required to pay the
amount of their indebtedness to me
Dated at Greenwood, B./C, this 13th
day of February, 1918.
Deputy Official Administrator.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 "Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each,
60 Watts
100     ������
200   "
$1,25 each
2,00  ������
3.50 ��
fl    =
ly Waterworks Co.
J.  R..-CAMERON;.'
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
K AS LO     B  C.
CO., LT'D. g
: Leaves Mother Lode
9.30 a. ni. 6.30 p. tn.
.''  Leaves Greenwood
:.oo p. in.
S;3o p. m.
. Saturday last stage leaves Mother Xi~.
Lode 6 p. in. Returning, leaves jjjj
Greenwood 10 p. 111. : %
The Knob Bill Hotel
������:. PHOENIX.
One of the largest hotels in
the city.    Beautiful location,
6he rooms, aud tasty niealo.
A. O. JOHNSON      -     PROP.
"When I must be out of town," said a seasoned traveller,
"there's nothing so helpful in keeping me at liigli working
pitch as the feeling that home is no further distant than the
nearest telephone. I do like to get the daily "all's well," from
home. And weighed against the comfort and help it gives nie^
the small sum oi loll charge does not count at all."
The telephone highway is always the shortest way home.
��Bgaie5��wsg3iM��5SMta����BMg^ immtss'mirffmm
4" ��& ��g? %> 4.4' 4. ��2�� 4.4.4,4. 4,4,4,4,4,4,4.4,4,4, ^ 4, ^
The only up^to/d ate Hotel in the interior.    First-class
in every respect,.
���Hot and Coid Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
���������_���.���������: each room.
:';'/   First Class Cafe and Barber Shop ���-..-'���
Steam Heated;  Electric  Lighted.   .;     .
RATlCa 31.00 per day and up; Iiiiropcan Plan.
X'"i"'-XX Bus Meets ail Trains and Boats."
*.+'<& * ���$��� * 4" 4 * * ^>f-*fe*f*'f-. ��$��� * ��$* ��f * ��fr -���!��� <$<$*&
1 For Good I
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations. H
/"^OAL uiinitig rights .of the .Dominion
^���^ in Manitoba, Saskatchewan atul Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest'Territories'and in a portion of tlic-
Proviiice of British Columbia, may be
leased for a term of twenty-one years
renewable for a further term of 21 year?
at an annual rental of $t an acre. Not
more than 2,560 acres will be leased Lo
one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land niust be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in imsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall' be.
staked out by the applicant himself. '---X:
, Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of fs which will be refunded il.
the rights applied for are not available
bnt not otherwise. A royalty shall bt
paid on the merchantable outp:t'; of li;c
mine/at the rate of five.ceris p':r. t">:i. 7;
'.'... The person operating t e'.\i:i]:':b ���'���'shhir
furnish the Agent with .sv.n-ii rctiiri::;;
accounting for the full quantity.;.of..;i:-;'er.-;.
chantable coal mined and pay t i;c rnyal :y.
thereon: - If the coal' mining 'rights 'and
not being. operated, such ret -.:i: s - should
be furnished at least once a year. ^.:_7-^C;
The lease will include the coal mining7
rights, only. XXX: XrXxX.:-:       XXXiX:
Fot full JnforniatioTi application^should
:be. made to the- Secretary.:6f t;ie. bepari-
ment of the Interior, ..Ottawa, or toi an;
Agent or SulD-Agent of ;Dpn:iii ion-Lands:
XiXi'iX-X Xyi^iwXlCQRXy- '
C ���' ;.Dep|Uty; Minister,Of -the. jri terior.
:.-XN.77'".'B.-��� Unauthorized; publicatiori" 6'.
this'sdvertisementwi!! iiot.Uebaid for.
���Economy and Satisfaction
combined with Promptness
are the features which go to
make up the Service we give
our customers. Are you
one of them?
Letterheads^ Noteheads,       3
"X? :.(Ruled-or,Plain).. ���';; 'yXXXyX''XX}i'XX'''^2
Envelopes; Billhe^ds^   ^"  ��s
(All Sizes)
Statements; Businessi Cairds; 11
'.':; '.-������' ���' ";. .'���' ���','.���'".���" .-:       :'i"..'   ,.'   '.���:-�����,'.'���. -.���":..���;:;-".: -  .,-   .-,'   ;'��� ^q��
��� ���|J^i ��' 1><I ���^�������^a<^L< "-
Over The Top
Nature has made British Columbia rich and
beautiful The waters that run through and
surround it, are teeming with edible fish, include
ing clams, Its lofty sky/scraping mountains are
filled with almost every known mineral, while
the yellow power of earth^gold, it hides amid the
sands of many a creek. Its fertile valleys and
hillsides contain millions of acres that are doing
nothing to go "OVER THE TOP," for lack of
cultivation, Its forests of gigantic trees are the
envy of the world* The scenery is grandly
magnificient, while the climate contains the ozone
that puts pep into the human frame, filling it with
life, health and energy,
With all these advantages this Province
should have millions of happy people within its
confines, and ^et it has a scant 400,000* Then
sings the little bird in the tree, "What's The
Matter With B, G"
Nothing, except that it is like many a
business man. It does not advertise, or does
not know how. Turn on the bright light of
effective and suggestive advertising, until all
the world thinks and talks about this glorious
B. G., the brightest gem in the cluster of
Canada's provincial diamonds. Get a move
on, go over the top, waving your flag and
blowing your cornet in front of the millions
that have not yet been "swiped" by the red
hand of Mars.
In the meantime do not fall to boost your
own business by dropping a soul-touching,
money getting ad into Greenwood's Leading
Excitement. Come across with enthusiasm
and plenty of printer's ink, and the public
will shell you with dollars, until you grow
tired picking them up. If you are wise, you
will always advertise, in
and get your job printing at the same office.


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