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The Ledge Jul 25, 1918

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���-"   -."> TV:   A   '?-,"
Vol.   XXV.
No. 2
Make Home Attractive
Substantial Furniture, Artistic
Pictures, Soft Garnets,
. and Elegant Crockery
Plenty or Oils, Harware and Tinware In stock
MAIL ORDERS solicited from all points
of the Compass
New location���Russell-Law Caulfield Building
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
The NEW REGULATIONS of the Canada Food Board |
Are Now In Force
Let Me   Supply   You   With   Your
CANADA FOOD BOARD  LICENSE  Mos.  5���791  and 9-260
Wm    P    ADTUI1DC   greenwood city bakery   i
TfUl.    V.    /\H1I1UH3,     FtOUR  AND  FEED  STORE      f
S�� Canada Food Board License No, 8-6251 ~S
����������        The  Food  Board   Asks   You   to   Save ~~
���g: We carry a most complete stock of other Cereals ~3
��| We specialize in TEA and COFFEE in pkge or bulk H
I     LEE c& BRYAN    M
Robert Harron
"An Old Fashioned Young Man"
Saturday, July 27
Maxine Elliott   in  "Fighting Odds"
Auction Sale
Horse,    Cattle    and   General
Auction -will be held at
Riverside. Rock Creek, B.C.
FRIDAY, JULY * 26th, 1918
Outside buyers will be present
Ranchers, and others having Cattle.
Horses, Chickens, &c, Farm Implements or other goods For sale are
reauested to notify at once.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Go,
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
C.V.O. L_LD.,D,CL, President
SIR JOHN A1RD. General Manager;
H. V. F. JONES, A��'t Gent M��n��j��*
. /'"
CamtaiPaid Ui>.$I5,ooo,ooq X Reserve fund. ;. $13,500,000
X    "i W^^X^S0S^^^py\
fivery effort Is tnade to provide the ; bank-
%      Life, jFire, Health and
Real Estate, Ranches and
Mining Brokers
Charles King
GREENWOOD.        - B. C.
New. Summer Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
The best Groceries in the country
MIDWAY      -      -     B. C.
At the Right Prices
See Our Samples.
W. Elson 0 Co
Smoke-a ."NOBLEMEN"
20 cts each 3 for 50 cents
Box of 25 for $3.75
An Excellent Birthday Gift
Phone 45"
P. 0. Box 574
Christian Science service will be held,
in theMELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at u
a. m. All welcome. Every. Wednesday
at 8 p. in., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. Sunday School
every Sunday inoruing."
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge,. Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
The Ledge is $2.50 a year
When paid in-"advance it is $2.
It is just as well for subscribers
to remember this.
:;For SAi.K.--rIn at live town an
Uudertaking business /Withmorgue atid.other buildings. Apply
at The Ledge office.
iXxx-y. Suspected
Sher���;Avf fully sorry to have kept
you waiting ;:s6 long,: but I: was
composing.: vv
He^I had a suspicion that ;you
were making: up. f-Yale Record, xx
.. Ia;Rossland,'Mrs.;:H.VT.;;.Patri-'
quia was given a farewell social
before leaving ior Britannia
Around Home
Creighton McCutcheon left for
Vancouver last week.
Miss Marie Anderson, of Victoria, is visiting at ber home in
Try Jonteel Combination Cold
Cream for sunburn. Goodeve's
Drug Store.
The fall wheat shows about
half crop this summer, around
Grand Forks.
Hammocks at  various
Coles Book Store.
See our White Piques, Middy
Cloths and Chambrays. G. A.
Last week, little Jimmie Mould
fell off the wharf at Penticton,
and was drowned.
Local cherries and raspberries
were selling in the Forks last
week for $2.75 a crate.
Ihe B. C.- Telephone Co. has
advanced the rental of business
telephones, $L a month.
On July 1, there were 106 telephones in Greenwood, an advance
of sis since last January.
Tom Hanson was in town this
week. He has not yet found a
gold mine in Vancouyer.
Mrs. Guy Wright and daughters of Nelson, are visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Lester McKenzie.
The far-famed Rexall Liver
Salts can now be procured at
Goodeve's Drug Store,
Last week H. Clever of New
Denver, bought two carloads of
cattle from John R. Jackson.
D. R. McElmpn, Greenwood.
Watchmaker and Jeweler, Goggles and auto glasses on hand.
When in Nelson and thirsty,
call on Ralph Nordenson,
(Greven) at the Nelson Hotel
According to their population,
Princeton and Hedley lead the
province in gifts to the Patriotic
Clearing Sale of Insertions,
Laces and Allover Laces. G. A.
-Remember Charles King's Auction on Friday. Many articles
will be sold in addition to horses,
cattle, etc.
Last week C. E. Bur ten shipped $18,000 worth of cattle from
Penticton Io to the Swift Co. in
Vancouver. .
Rexall skin and toilet soaps
just arrived at Goodeve's Drug
Real estate is beginning to
move in Greenwood. Last week
Captain Swayne sold the Swayne
House, with its contents, to
James Kerr of Rock Creek.
. By the breaking of an electric
light pole, upon which they were
working in Penticton last week,
Art Sutherland wa's instantly
killed, and Eric Sismey severely
Miss Gladys Jackson who has
been bookkeeper for Lee & Bryan
has resigned and left for her
home near Midway. Miss Grace
Barron of Grand Forks, has taken
Miss Jackson's pi ace.
After going through many
battles in France, Captain Clarence Marpole died in^ Vancouver
last week, after an operation for
appendicitis. His father, R. Mar-
pole is the well-known railway
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Archibald
of San Diego, formerly of Greenwood announce the marriage of
their daughter, De Lena Pearl to
Ray Alban, on June 2'). Mr. and
Mrs. Alban will reside at Pine,
Last week James Grant was
found dead in his cobin at Whitewater. He was 51 years old, and
had suffered from lead poisoning
for two years. He was an old-
timer in Ainsworth and the Kootenay district.
The soldiers in France are verv
fond of reading Floats It cheers
them up, and makes life brighter.
The Ledge will mail one, securely -wrapped, to France for 30
cents. ���* Send your boy one. It
beats cigarettes.
;,; Mrs. Thos-vW, Clarke,'; formerly "-Miss ��� Jeanne Crawford, has
joined the Royal'Aviation Forces
in Toronto and will take up flying, while Capt. Clark, M.C., is
in charge of one ot- the large
prison camps near Toronto.
Cap Swayne doesvnot think
that it pays to; advertise. Last
week The Ledge>announced that
the grass on the J:postoffice; lawn
was tall and- greenvvv Earl j nest
morning;-a band^o.fVrude,;:grass
eating sons of .equities invaded
the; premises, and engraved their
names on the ;sward;:vwhile:\:Cap
delivered an address to them that
wonld make Caliban : blush with
Arkansaw has nol; yet been
drafted into the army.
Big Andy Johnson will move to
the Central Hotel this month.
Our popular lady barbar intends
leaving for Seattle in September.
The Idaho and Brooklyn will
soon be shipping ore to Greenwood.
The Granby bas unwatered the
Velvet afc Rossland below the 600
foot level.
Taylor & Nelson have a poolroom in this town that is big
enough for New York.
Send a Float to your soldier
friend in France. You can get
one at The Ledge office in Greenwood for two bits.
The business men of Phoenix are
missing a heap of publicity by not
advertising in The Greenwood
For the past two months Mike
Kane has been working in a Beattie
ship-yard. Mike would do well in
the army. He is accustomed to
bhe drill and firing shots.
It is presumed that the Granby
will take over the business of Morrin, Thompson & Co. next week.
In the future the store will be
under tbe management of Miles
Mclnnis, late of Anyox.
The Phoenix Brewery is crowded
with orders for its famous propinquity beer. It is so polite that it
never kicks, and you can drink it
all day without being arrested by
a policeman, or looking for Mr.
Collins in the morning. In fact
Mr. Collins left Phoenix last September, "and has not been seen
While working Tin one of the
Granby mines last Friday forenoon, Tom Roderick tried to stop
an ore car from going too fast, and
was fatally crashed between the
car and the wall of the tunnel. He
suffered terrible agony and died in
the hospital in a few hours. Tom
was one of the oldest inhabitants
of Phoenix, and built the third
cabin in the camp. Years ago
Tom and bis partner, Jim Marshall, sold the Banner claim for
825,000. At the time of his death
he owned many mining properties
in Phoenix and the Similkameen.
His mother resides at Burlington,
Ontario, and his remains were
shipped there on Monday for interment. He was a bachelor, 52
years old, and as white a man as
ever hit a drill in the Phoenix
That's Different
Western Float
Charlie���And yon say yon have
been calling on her?
George���Yes, until recently.
Charlie���Why did you quit?.'..
George���I asked her father for
her hand and he gave me his foot.
A. E. McKay has been chef at
the Pacific for manv years, is
moving to Vancouver. His wife
and family are leaving for that
city this week.
The Hospital will not admit
any more patients after July 31st,
1918. It has remained open for
the last month for the convenience of the mine and smelter.
They have many useful articles
for sale, including chickens.. linoleum and household utensils.
Hermann    Clever,    the  meat
king of the Slocan, was in town
last week looking for a few carloads of--caitle...... It ;is 25 years
since Clever began business in
New Denver; and'. ���: he now has
three fine shops, one each at New
Denver, Sandon and Silverton
with a cold storage plant in each
'Maurice Hodgson, field expert
for -the Vancouver Sun- was in
town last week, gently impressing
the people with the fact that The
Sun; was the greatest morning
paper in Vancouver. This upfo-
date and energetic young man is
a hustler of high degree, and is
rapidly making The Sun shine
where ; it Xnever shone before.
S1 nee"the war began he has made
three; business trips to Blighty,
and was at; Hartlepool when the
Hun airmen dropped a few bombs
anaid the city scenery.
There is a fine Beach at Chris*
tina Lake.
John Fraser died at Stump Lake,
aged 92 years.
A. St. George Flint died in Victoria this month.
E. C. Mcintyre of Kelowna, haB
been killed in France.
The crops at Rossland are in
good condition this year.
It is said that there are about
1900 souls in Cranbrook.
If wool gets short let us make
our clothes ont of concrete.
W. L. Drewry is surveying
crown lands in the Cariboo.
It took some time, bat Vancouver is at last in the cent belt.
Mrs. Amelia Williams died in
Victoria this month, aged 94
The Kelowna Club building
was'hurt by fire to the extent of
The new government bridge
across the river at Vedder, is now
ready for traffic.
In six months there were 185
cases tried in the police court at
New Westminster.
Frank Vance died in North Vancouver this month from heart
disease, aged 33 years.
Charley Potter of Molson is making an auto trip in California for
the benefit of his health,
This season more than 8,000
crates of strawberries were produced in the Creston district.
Winter has its bright side in the
Fraser valley. Then |he mosquitoes are all dead or Bleeping.
The Home Hotel in Nelson, does
more business than any other hotel
in Kootenay. It also does more
In Vancouver a man advertised
for a good, plain woman to do
housework, bnt never received an
Daring the past generation man
has done well in the line of inventions that kill. Look at the auto,
aeroplane, etc. etc.
J. F. Leighton thinks that the
business men of Oroville, should
improve the wagon road between
that city and Molson.
Jim Peters of Vernon has received the D. 0. M. for good work
as a sniper in France. He was 16
when he joined the army.
Who is that palchritudinous
lady in Nelson, who lores to sing
the Star Spangled Banner, when
she is boating on the lake?
Motor cars are so plentiful in
Vernon on Barnard avenue, that it
is difficult to get at a post when
you wish to tie your horse.
Mrs.-George De Beck of Eburne
is 104 years old, and has lived 54
years in this province, being one
of the pioneers of New Westminster.
The new cannery at KeIo>na
can turn ont every year, 80,000
cases of canned goods, besides taking care of a big fruit packing business.
In Victoria, Thomas McMillan
was fined S3 for being drank on
Sunday. By getting drunk on any
other day he might have saved a
The milking machine is being
used by some dairyman in the
Fraser valley. In Bome parts of
the province the pomp is still nsed
by some milkmen.
The Trail News eays that within
50 miles of that town a native-born
Austrian is keeping a Canadian
postoffice. No doubt he can read
French and English.
It costs 15 cents a day to keep a
Grand Forks Doukhobor. By
teaching their system to other people, they wonld do much towards
driving the Germs out of France;
The late Sir Clive PhilUps-
Wolley, took rank among the first
half dozen living Canadian writers.
He died this month, -from hemorrhage- of vthe brain,: aged 64
One good native-born German
in Kootenay, has bad deposited
with bim for safe-keeping about
$40,000, principally by Aas*rian8
who are afraid to keep their money
in a bank, or nnder the bed.
With one exception The Ledge
is the oldest paper in tbe interior
of B. C, and it- has been more
widely quoted around the world
than any other Canadian paper.
In addition to tbis it is the oldest
mining camp newspaper in Canada,
and has had only one editor and fin-:
ancier, since it blew into this world
25 years ago. Still age and fame
does not amount to much in a
monetary sense with newspapers,
for any mucker in a mine makes
more money than the editor of the
world-famous Ledge.
B. C. Mining News
The manganese \nine near Kaslo
will pat in a dryer.
The road to the Waterloo at
Lightning Peak is nearly finished.
It is said that the Gibson near
Kas.lo will soon become a great
It is reported that platinum has
been found on Cariboo creek, near
Ed Shannon of New Denver
should get his money for the Nee-
pawa group next month.
Abont 60 men are working at
re-building the Alamo concentrator, a mile below Three Forks.
It is reported that the miners in
the Slocan will strike this week,
for an advance in wages of 50 cents
a day.
G. Weaver Loper was arrested
in Butte last week in connection
with i the over issuance of Lucky
Jim stock.
Jack Thompson is looking at
some claims near Bear lake. He
recently sold all his holdings in
the Echo at Silverton.
Monty Davys will ran the Kaslo
concentrator upon ore from the
Whitewater dump. He will work
the Arlington dump next winter.
During the first six months of
this year only six men were killed
in the coal mines of B.C. There
were 40 daring the same time last
The United States needs this
year 150,000 tons of chrome, and
B. C. should supply some of this,
as the production in the United
States last year was only 43,000
In the Slo,can, Clarence Cun-
'ningham is now operating the
Wonderful, Wakefield, Queen
Bess, Idaho, Alamo, Sovereign,
Hewitt, 'V&n Roi and Lorna
Doone;- ;
George Hammond is developing
an Epsom salts deposit, a few miles
from Ashcroft. A refinery is being
built with a capacity of 30 tons a
day, The deposits are similar to
those found near Oroville.
An effort is eo be made to have
the government test Olivine mountain near Tulameen with a diamond
drill,'fit fis thought there is a
mother lode of gold and platinum
somewhere in this mountain.
G.-E. Laird and others of Colfax, Wash., have bought the Republic, near Slocan City from Pat
McGuire, J. T. Tipping and C.
Graham. It is reported that three
feet of ore ha* been opened in the
lower tunnel, that rans 3000
ouncees in silver and 816 in gold.
There is milling ore in the upper
Last fall a Seattle company
bonded the Queen Bess group of
galena claims, situated about 65
miles up the North Thompson
river from Kamloops. The first
payment was made on the bond before it fell due. A 200 foot tunnel
hap already been run on the Bess.
The C.N.R. will put in a siding,
and a concentrator is to be built
this year.
"When the Hewitt near Silver-
ton, was operated by Monty DavyB
and others it ran heavily into debt.
The mill, compressor, flume, etc.
was given as security to several
creditors. Clarence Cunningham
took a; lease and bond upon the
property some time ago agreeing to
pa}* the creditors in August. It is
reported that the Hewitt has ore iu
eight tunnels, and 30 feet in the
lower tunnel. Clarences is white,
bat he must have a rabbits paw in
his pocket. After carrying the
Hewitt for six years Harry Wilson
will get $29,600 next month.
Hermann Clever, $16,000, and
Palma Angrignoa, $14,900. The
capitalists are getting thick around
Slocan lake.
Jones���What caused their love
to become lukewarm?
Brown���Incompatibility of tern
perature���cold feet and hot words.
-Clab Fellow. THE     LEDGE.     GREENWOOD,    B,   C,
I!  !!!
II ii!!
ll l| Mil'!;': ill!
! Hi
MIK S.-WYYKR-MASSEY eighty year repu-
lation for quality is behind this machine.
Tlie Sawyer-Massey intimate knowledge of
llic Canadian farmer's need is in it.
ll has a vertical -l-cylindcr valve-in-head motor,
equipped with air-cleaner, high tension magneto
anil one adjustment carbureter.
The  radiator i\; of   unusually  large capacity.
Water circulation is positive.
Power is delivered to both traction wheels and
75% of llie tractor weight  rests  on the  rear
Owners have found lhat these features havc a
direct bearing on the simple operation und Ion;;,
reliable service ;<iven by the machine.
Our Bulletin No. 321 describes  this
Tractor.      Bulletins  describing   our
17-34,   20-40   and   27-50   Tractors
ore also available.
Head Oflice uud Factory:  HAMILTON, ONTARIO
Branches and Warehouses:
II. S. BOWDEN, Distributor, Edmonton
If you arts int*r~stcd in Sarrycr-Massey Storttn
Tractors or Threshers, we nrill be ��lad to
supply full information.
q^&rSawyer-Massey Gas-Oil Tractors^
Three Years of
Sheep Raising
Success  With  Sheep  in   the   Prairie |
Partners in Western Canada who
find time, to go in for sheep raisiiii;
in addition to grain growing, generally become enthusiastic about this
industry._ This is because tlicy do ���
not find it difficult to make a success
with sheep in the Prairie Provinces
of Canada. The case of Mr. H. II.
Fisher, of Czar, Alberta, is typical of
the experiences of hundreds of fanners iu Western Canada during- thc
past few ycars. In the fall of 1915
Mr. Fisher purchased liis iirst flock
of sheep. At shearing- time the following spring hc was surprised to
find that his wool clip -would more
than repay' his original investment.
Mc has now lour times as many
sheep as he bought in the first place,
and lie has converted as many into
mutton as he has running- on the
lie goes to no unnecessary trouble
as to feeding. Plenty uf well cured
upland hay and pure water, and, as
lambing time approaches, a mixed
ration of turnips and ground oats,
keeps the sheep in good condition.
His lamb increase tbis year lias been
one  hundred  and fifty  pcr cent.
Mr. Fisher bas had no difiicully
in finding a market for all of his
product. lie bas always sold his
wool readily and at a good price,
while every pound of mutton that
be has been able to produce has been
dressed aud marketed at bis farm,
rea'iy.ing 25 cents a pound.
He     is    very   optimistic   regarding
the  future of the sheep industry    in
Western  Canada, ancl anticipates the
lime when, encouraged by the    quick
returns and ample profit from    carefully      conducted    sheep    husbandry,
more and    more    Western     farmers
will  turn  their attention  to  this    infant industry���for it is still in its
fancy  in   Western   Canada���and
farm will bc    complete    without
flock of sheep.
Boys'and Girls' WarGardens
Associations in Saskatchewan Showing a Great Deal of Interest
The various greater production
and food conservation associations in
Saskatchewan arc showing a great
deal of interest in the work of boys
and girls  iu  their gardens.
In a number of towns special prizes
are being offered to boys and girls
'who successfully operate a war garden. Among the local associations
doing this is that at Yorkton, special
prizes being offered to boys and girls
under fourteen years of age. This
association offers ��� a wrist watch, a
pair of boots and a baseball bat to
the hoy under fourteen with lhe best
garden, and a wrist watch, a pair of
boots and tennis racket to the girl
under fourteen with  the best garden.
The prizes arc to be awarded for
thc most potatoes, early eclipse
beets, swede turnips and carrots
grown on a plot of 500 square feet
within the limits of the town of
Yorkton. Malt the plot must be
planted to potatoes and the balance
equally to beets, turnips and carrots.
Tlie boy or girl must take entire
charge of and do all lhc work in
connection with the vegetables
grown on the plot, except thc digging or plowing.
The Forces That Fight
For the United States
Against the Greatest Odds the World
Has Ever Seen
Thc big forces, the invisible forces, the people of thc universe, the
soul and conscience of mankind are
fighting on your side. They appeal
to  you   to   be  strong  in   yourselves.
Dark though the night be, yet until j broke surface and was deflected from
day dawns we arc not going to give : jts course, taking a reverse turn back
in. It wc arc deemed worthy in the again, and exploded, causing a ter-
coursc of history to stand in that!rifle report and upheaval 150 yards
breach to light for liberty against the -away
.        _._!___   ...        __.,..   .___        ever
A Boomerang Torpedo
Remarkable Story of Escape From a
Submarine Attack
A remarkable story of the narrow
escape from a submarine attack of
the Hull steamer Flixten. The steamer, a tramp, was making a 'cross-
channel' voyage when a torpedo was
discharged at the vessel by an enemy
submarine,    but    luckily thc torpedo
Minard's Liniment   Cures   Garget
The New Bismarck
greatest   odds   the   world  has
seen, then  let our bodies  lie
but wc will not give in, because there
is one thing  that wc are after,  and
The master, Captain John Trewin,
of Newport, Mod., related, the following story of the incident:
"VVe had a very narrow   escape of
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
To Aid Pork Production
that is that this shall never be re- 'being sunk. . Wc saw thc torpedo
pcated, and that no government,.! coming at a terric rate towards us,
however powerful, shall have the!:i:ui wilcn v.ithin iiftv feet it broke
courage, to try a similar deed against! surfaCc and turned from us in a cir-
thc peace of mankind again.���From a |Cular direction towards its own ship,
recent Speech by General Smuts.:     I.which was    coming   into position to
��� ~ ;���' i discharge   another     friendly   arrow.
i Then'came'the impact and explosion.
1 How that it is over, I would not.have
'missed the experience for anything.
Had wc been sure thc submarine had
gone down.we would have proceeded
to the spot, but 'Fritz' being up to
all tricks, wc thought it best to keep
as clear as possible in case, slic Avas
following us up."
Wheat Imports Insufficient
Every    Effort    Exerted    in   Canada
Will Be Invaluable
The British ministry of food has
cabled-"to thc Canada food board:
"Wheat importations are not arriving in quantities-- sufficient to meet
oy.i\".weekly requirements. : Every: effort that can be exerted in Canada
to increase shipments of wheat .and
meat will be invaluable."
Bank Offers to Lend Sufficient Money
Under Club Plan
The Souris, Man., branch of the
Merchants' Bank of Canada, has announced the -organization of a boys'
and girls' Pig Club and is prepared
to lend sufficient money to any child
between the ages of eight and ten
years, to purchase two pigs���one. to
be raised for meat purposes, ahd thc
other to be retained in order that a
"litter of pigs bc raised, the'following
year. Thc.bank states that one of its
principal objects in'forming: this club
is "to assist in increasing pork production. Special prizes will "be offered to
the ��� member's! ���
Consider War a Necessity
What   Germany    Started    War   For
Now Explained
Professor Charles Scott Sherrington of Oxford has sent The London
Times a memorandum of a conversation hc had at Heidelberg in August, 1907, with Professor Ernest
Trocltsch, of the theological faculty
of Heidelberg University. .
Iu his conversation as set forth in
the Oxford professor's notes, .Prof.
.Trocltsch said that war" between Germany ami England was a necessity
because England had so'.-much that
..it was absolutely necessary for. Germany to- possess in order to play
her rule as a World .slate. Prof.
Trocltsch, * I-'iii asked what posses-
sions.-fierniany desired, replied:
"Port?, colonies, in many parts of
'the.'world; '-Australia, South Africa,
] long   I wild,   India."
Can Be   Averted   by   Feeding   the
Starved  Nerves  With  Rich,
Red Blood
Nourish your nerves���that is the
only way you can overcome life's
worst misery, nervous exhaustion.
Thc fits of depression an dirritation,
thc prostrating headaches, thc weakness and trembling of the legs, the
unsteady hand aud the imperfect digestion    that    mark    thc  victim    of j lion are. those who talk most    about
nerve weakness, must end in nervous I peace or who give trouble So-
brcakdown if neglected. cialists be damned.    By the time you
fear a revolution I shall have prevented it. The incn will bc dead and
thc women, as Napoleon said, cannot make revolutions." _ ���
Thcy arc hailing Ludcndoff in
Germany as thc ncw Bis^iarck. As a
man of blood and iron hc has, however,  far eclipsed his model.
Ludendorff    as    the   Ne .'   Bismarck
Far Eclipsed His Model
From a report of a speech said to
havc been made at a dinner party in
Berlin before the great drive by
Ludendorff, thc followirg passage is
quoted by the Boston Transcript:
"The people will stand thc loss of
a million men if I ask it. I shall
take good care '.hat among that mil-
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Feeding Garbage to Hogs
Many Cities in the United States are
Saving More and Growing
By feeding garbage to hogs instead
of burning it, Minneapolis will save
ils taxpayers between $50,001) and
$60,000 annually. Thc change became
effective  on April  1.
Chhcr cities in tlie United States
which have recently adopted hog-
fecding include: South Bend, Inc.,
-Madison, Wis., Cedar Rapids, Iowa,
Salt Lake City, Utah, and Harrisburg
Pa. The garbage from these cities
will, it is estimated, produce 3,000,000
pounds of marketable pork per annum.
Useful in Camp���Explorers, surveyors, prospectors and hunters will find
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil very useful
in camp. When thc feet and legs arc
wet and cold it is well to rub Ihcm
freely with the Oil and thc result
will be the prevention of pains in the
muscles and should a cut, or contusion, or sprain bc sustained,_ nothing could bc better as a dressing or
B. C. Fish Output
Greater Quantity of Fish and Higher
The summary of llie fishing results in Canada, just published by the
naval department of the Dominion
government-, shows that thc marketed A-aluc of British Columbia fish in
1917 was $8,000,000 more than in
1916. This increase, although partlv
due to increased prices, is not altogether so, for a greater quantity of
iish has been produced, in spite of
the fact lhat thc usual big run of
sockcyc salmon in thc Frazcr river
district, which was due in 1917, did
not materialize, so that the pack of
this grade of salmon was only twenty-five per ecu', of an ordinary year.
Other grades, however, were packed
in greater quantities.
Judges'  Opinion
Medical Officer (posting man to
labor battalion)���Do you think you
are fit for really hard labor?
Hard Case���Well, sir, some of the
best judges" havc thought so.���Passing Show.
Only tlie -uninformed    endure    the
agony of corns.    'Hie knowing    ones
lo way's Corn Cure aii d get
; His Only.Hope ���'.'���-.-
���He was a proper professional conjurer, and. was proceeding, to get the
audience under . his spell, and commenced in real earnest.
.'-"Now, ladies and gentlemen," he
said, with a wave of the hand, "this
is thc magic cabinet. I invite any
lady in .the audience to enter this
cabinet. I will then close the door,
and when it shall be opened again,
the lady will "h;��v'c disappeared, leaving iio trace."'    . '    -   ;
There, was an impressive silence
until a little,: undersized man in the
second row turned V> an.-enormous,
woman who sat-by liim, and breathed.. c'.g'iTly:
"Mari.i, thai-, .won't you oblige the
A Verbal Engagement
The Fun of Strafing the  Foe   Over
"No Man's Land"
There arc" days, when lighting, at
close quarters, that both sides feel
pretty good. The morning will be
bright, and wc may open the
ccediugs by trying to sing (jertr.au
songs, and thcy will.join in. by singing British airs, but always in a sar-
'castic manner,' after putting words to
them" that I dare not Write. ,' _
' On July 1; which is Dominion or
Confederation Day, the Germans began by singing" to a certain Eastern
Canadian regiment- the .first v.crse of
our national anthem, "O Canada.*'
When they got through thcy politely,
ifsked the young braves of this regiment to sing, the second verse. The
Canadian, boys sent over a-few bombs
instead,, for they, did "not know.. the
second verse! Not to know the second verse seems to be one of the
idiosyncrasies of. the people of . all
nations,  bar  the  Germans!
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Still in Bondage
A. lawyer  travelling    through  Alabama was much interested in   Uncle
Ned.    "So you    were. . once  a. slave,
cli'r". said he.
"Vas,  sah,"  said
"How  thrilling!"
"And after _the
freedom, eh?"
"No, sah," said
didn't  git mah   freedom,   sah.    After
de  war   I  done  got married!"���Case
and Comment.
Uncle  Ned.
said the    lawyer.
.ar    you got your
Ned gloomily.   "1
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How President
Lincoln Prayed
The  Sublime Faith of the President
in the Times  of Stress
Annie ].__._ McCluny has forwarded
thc following interesting Lincoln
leaflet to the Free Press, pointing
out thc appropriateness of the great
leader's prayer. Lincoln's interview
with General Sickles was near the
end of. the four-year civil war and
under conditions which obtain in
Europe today, only on it much greater scale.
Thc pamphlet is as follows: .
Nowhere, scarcely, can be found a
better confirmation of Lincoln's faith
in God than thc following anecdote
which was related at .a banquet in
thc city of Washington by General
"It was on the 5th day of July,
1863, Unit    1   was brought lo Wash
# Cnere
is Beauty
in hJery
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Every Fifth Shell Poisoned   When You Kuy Potatoes       jj
��������� ���������-���
Chemistry Is Playing a Great Part in | Bag Must    Weigh   Ninety    Pounds
thc European War j Under Inspection and
The part which chemistiy has in
the battle line itself is perhaps the
most interesting and absorbing chapter in the history of thc war so far
as it is being written by chemists;
it is also the most horrifying- and
depressing, and for many obvious
reasons it can be. written in detail
only after the war i.s over. When
Germany let go thc first wave of
poison gas in contravention of all international agreements, it is said that
llic British general in command wired to London that if reiicf were not
sent within three, days llic whole
British line would be compelled to
retire.   .
This is a. measure of the intolerable suffering of thc lirst victims of
this treacherous mode of attack,
which has been justified in thc eyes
of the German public only by the
claim that the French had first used
chemical "stink-pots." To the credit
of thc co-ordination of science and
government iu England it is reported that within 'thirty-six hours 1,-
500,000 of thc first "crude but sufficiently effective gas masks were delivered at thc front���simple gauze affairs saturated with absorbent (probably sonu alkaline liquid)     for     the
ington on a stretcher, from the. 'field I (lr<'.:.ul chlorine K��s" of the enemy
of Gettysburg. Hearing of my arrival, President Lincoln came to my
room and sat down by my bedside.
Mc asked mc about the great battle,
and when 1 told him of the terrible
slaughter,--thc'tears streamed front
his eyes. I asked liim if he had
doubted the result, lie said 'No.'
Then lie continued:
"'This may seem strange lo you,
hut a few days ago, when the opposing armies were, converging, I felt as
never before, iny titter -helplessness in
thc great crisis that was to comc
upon   the  country.     1  went  into   niy
and tired feeling disappear instajitlv. |      - ���        ��� , ,���- k a t,    <lool, Thcn
\ im, . spirits,   hearty   health,   all the i
joys of life    comc    to everyone that
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Hears Sub. at Thirty Miles
"Boosters" for Production
The Manitoba department" of agriculture has .-.nionimced plans which
arc "expected to increase-llic wbe.it
production of that province in 191'^
by 5,00D,(M)0 bushels. "Boosters" have,
been appointed, one iii every provincial riding, to encourage the farmers
of thc.M' constituencies to break as
much' laud as possible, this summer.
An. average increase in wheat acreage
of at least live :\eres per farm is the
Wouldn't Believe It
_v..:;.dy   t:i<:y-ly  arrived   in   Canadian
fon. ���.;)-- "Wlia.tna beast's yon?''
Na'ti\''���y'A young moose."
Sandy���"Och!    Hand  yer.  tongue!
If  that's  a  young moose  I'd like  to
sec anc o' yer usilil rats."
"Ear"  Attached to  Vessels  Is Proving Good U-boat Antidote
Thai-.an'.entirely new device has
been perfected, whereby enemy sub-
| marines arc being trapped, and Which
Should wc, get tired of -ingihg ,we .; ({cU.cls the presence, bi TJ-boats at a
would shout across to the encmv j distance of thirty miles, is the. infor-
Irciiches. We. would ask pertinent j nl;ltiou conveyed to The Chicago
f|uesfioi:s   about   -their    commanders ;-j);ii|y -News'-in ' a- despatch   to . that
paper .from "its. Washington     corres-.
In their massed attacks thc Germans come in waves���Wave after
wave. .Hut Britannia, still rules the
wave--.��� Stratford  Beacon.
nd impertinent oiks about the affairs <>f .-their nation. ' )ue thing 1
can >a.y- for llans^he is never . slow
in answering..-. Mis .repartee may be
clumsy,-but'it is prompt and usually
We -would iiuinire after the  healih
of old. "Von Wo.odeiiburg," old'"One
o'Clock,"  the    "Clown     Prince,"    ,,l"!\\-atc
"One  BuiiistufT."     Hans would    tak
I knelt down ami prayed as I had
never prayed before. 1 told God that
He had called mc to this position,
that I had done all that I could do,
and that the result was now in 'His
hands; that 1 felt my own weakness
and lack of power and'that- I- knew
that if the.country was to be saved it
was because Ilewillcd.il.     When I
Since that day chemical warfare
has developed rapidly on both sides,
offensively and defensively. At first
it was simply a matter of a "gas
wave," propelled by the wiiul and
rolling over the land from trench to
trench; but this mode of attack Was
loo dependent on the'whims ot thc
shifting -winds, and chemical warfare very soon had recourse, to the
hurling of shells loaded either with
a deadly poison or with irritants for
the eyes and all exposed mucous
ll is estimated that on tlie western
front every fifth shell now fired is
held in much greater fear by the men
in thc trenches than shrapnel . or
bomb.. Most dreaded of all, however, is.thc last form of chemical
attack, the attack by liquid fire,
against which there is no defense
except speedy flight or retirement
and llic speciesof defense which lies
in  the  fact lhat    the    attackers     in
Sale Act
Under the Dominion inspection
and sale act as amended in 1914, a
bushel of potatoes must weigh 60
pounds; a peck must weigh 15
pounds; aud a gallon 7'/!> pounds. A
bag of potatoes must weigh 90
pounds, and a barrel must contain
165 pounds of potatoes'. This applies
also in Quebec where a bag now is
legally 90 pounds, although WI
pounds was formerly the legal
weight in that province. Any person who buys a bag of potatoes and
receives less than 90 pofinds may invoke thc penalties provided by the
act���for the lirst offence, a line not
exceeding' $25 and for each subsequent offence a fine of not less than
$50, with imprisonment in default of
"GeniKiiiv,'' he s;ivs, "no longer iM>. "l:i"V
can send "-submarines to the trade iw,i' bear that lie
routes between lhe .United States
and Kuropc and expect tlieni to
patrol these, lanes, and escape'detection- whether above or below
���\ny submarine which now
! moves about within' a range of thirty
went down from niy room I. felt that I flame,  warfare, are usually easily   dc-
lhere could be no doubt of the issue, iccted and rapidly" "picked off."���--.-��� '���
The burden seemed to have, rolled uff It is best    on    lhc    whole not lo
my shoulders, my intense anxiety name .llic materials, used in this say-
was relieved,-and. in its.place came a age business. Some of my readers
great sense of trustfulness, and that may recall the incident in a London
was why J did ..not. doubt the result .murder trial when "a .chemist was
lit ''Gettysburg. .And, what is 'more, asked whether all poisons could be
Sickles,' hc continued, '1 believe that j delected, and . replied "All but oiic."^
v.cuiay hear at any moment', of a , When' the . question, -"Which ...one?"
.great success by .' Grant, who has was..next put, the. wise judge instant-
.been 'pegging a\v:iy..'.:'l  Vicksburg   forjly  forbadeMho .eheiiii>t To  reveal  the
Canada's Tax on Tea
Canadian tea tax of ten cents per
pound in 1918 is ti vindication of Edmund Burke's protest against lhe.
tax of six cents pcr pound on American imports of tea in 1768. Americans refused to Jet an Old Country
parliament tax them for the cost of
defending their own national existence against the French and Indians.
Canadians willingly tax themselves
for the. cost of defending the safety
of their shores, the honor of theic
wonien, and thc sanctity o�� their
homes against, the Germans:���Toronto; Telegram.
By tomorrow you ;
lias  won a  victory !
as   iinporiant   In ns   in   tlie   west      as :���
Gettysburg is  iu llie cast.V !
'"Tlie'n.-'iuniinK   to    ine,   he    said: |
'Sickles,   1   aiii   in   a  prophetic., mood ���
dangerous   sc.-ret,
lhc'Yah-  Uevirw.
-1 ulius   Stiiirlkz  in
now   l!.i:i't  vou
No Shortage 'n Canada
���AxM. kawtettcev
tlns.in a jocular way, slamming back ; ini|cs ot -Uly oi the allies'.patrol vc;-
somcthmg about Sir Wilirut Laurier, | st,ls c:m. ���ot onIv h<. dctoctctl but
Lloyd George, or Sir Sham Slices. : <k,rin;tP]v i,,^,^ jf jL rniiains long
but when we really wanted to :-/l ;, ,10ngh'in anv i:ivm vicinitv. T
Lnlz's goat we would tease. _ nnii ^.^.^ ^lo,,^. ],-:ls necoiiiUc-ii
about  the kaiser. _ ti,c ���,., cll (U^iructiou of Gentian  sni>-
\\e   would   shout,   �����Jott  strati-   der   n,;l;im...    jn   {\.c    i,lbl     ,-,.w    mouths
ikaNcr'"    That  would put     them    in , _���.,, -,���.,,. l%cnlua]iVf V|,CI,   ,]
than  a  balloon.     \\i.i
" 'The doctors do not
lope...Mr.   President,'   1
! uis-
part, for
.get well,"
Press." Xx'
give mc ilia
said,  but    In- t,     .
cheerfully. '1 'know.you wi'l|..'   .
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Constipation Cure
A druggut ��ay*: "For nearly
thirty year* I bave commended
the Extract of Roots, known as
Mother-Seigcl's Curative Syrup,for-
the radical cure ci con��Siyation
ond indigestion. It ia an old
. reliable remedy that never fails ���
to do the work." 30 drops
thrice daily. Get the Genuine,
atdruggUtf. a
doing    him
I the
.llltlllo'ii.    li
���11 '
when   the  patrol
ir   i.igiur   man   a   uaiioon.     uc,h,):as     .l)0<-omo.     mi moron*      oiioii^h
i would   kcI  hk'-  gelling  out  and   hit- ! ���ri��, ���    ,,,  ���������    ,,,,.    ���,.;.���,   ,���,;,,
'ting  one   ai'othr-r,   hut   we   dared   not
' evi ii   rii-e   a  huge  bec-uist   a  sniper
Iv.oul'l  take   it off.     I'.r.t    .tfti-r .i ii
'the-. ���    i--   ..lu. ���-:''���   a   '-toriu.' *-o   b. jor.
:...ma-u..'-- i!iinviies,,a -rhulU.i. , m.'ji.1vL; ; yo
i cf iick;-K:^v fitch XX'. >til_i X- h cV;-lH;0;:.:;^r|gr:iii;I-
this ;bvet: nothing;>ai^
prove    to
"The  'i:
\- in u   pi.I'
Ll:,;-:-:: h
l>e     llu-    pn
.r,'   an   .ill.irhm1 i
.-d   ;.1o:.--He   a
appi- -ach of .mot in r \es-
.Leeyr::knovvHhto:-aH - mivK-s
V-tijri'e.vlwit"; tl to;'.', allies : no v-r
v Mien,
ip,   v ill
''-xX&XyX :- y-XxXXX?' >&���:��� :X^X^XiX.
>;rf^ ������-���������" ���- i"-.��H^. ���������=: x#sy-.�����;���&/*'��������� ���
treated  liim   without
iv permanent good.
Yours, &c. .
.    \V1L1-'R1I>  G.U
in]).-of  Grand  (Ynli.il  Hotel,
iJruinniouihille, "Aug.  3,  'Ht.
Rid the Skin
of disfiguring blemishes, by quickly
purifying the blood, improving the circulation, and regulating thc habits with
n i-:.
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Germany's Closed Factories
���lrii:rt.KV::!',;V;V:i.V77V'V_:^V".V/-':V^:';i  .
'jrard: ��� feitcc,-and/:;'aXyiX.Savr |)acR:;5t<)hi'c.
?;ilLf u s s ed hf p'S^^
���,f:tivKn.css,.'^ .' ex-
X r 1 $; V'nny til iii g.V -d! crc tgf o tc, ."" c in pi o y c d
�����t;.;ii_ y:.^^^
Avreakcdv li avppCbn vt:Ii;C: vsuUniarine_s_;-hi
���.,...,.., .       -..-...-, s-it-bnitfc^
XX.:-x ::VLG^r^iGurVPH��:;:^4^^4|
X:j ybiyxfiyi^m^XiiitcycsXXiX^^
������ :v'!jriiilcrsl!ia\:7fe
7 ���j]::Ui7^:^^c;^o?"7;ii XXyXxXXXxXXXiXxx;XX::X
^hXs-ti :.t
""-"-1-t--;---  -
,t:b: idb/an ygfyi sm �� Ss-:4t ^'.alL-iiearvthc
iy bii'^e stcd V- Iin Cs .Vb ii. 'trarispo itationvv tb
���.Eur'bpe;:VsIL!bf:''\v'bicii- are.^ell"::-;pia'tr&lV
���'x'XX.i-   Daylight Night -Driving..:^.
* - without Glare or Danger "���-.
2C       PER   PAIR
V      ALL   SIZES
. ������ at''y.6wr-d^lc^..OT--dn'ect.-:>'-i.'-'
Figures  Show   How    Business    Has
Dropped  Off in Enemy
Out of 1,700 spinning and -weiuing
mills in Germany only 70 are still
running at high pressure, according
lo a leading manufacturer.
In the boot and shoe industry l.-IOil
factories ha-\ e been amalg-ainaied into im.        . ' -
In the oil industry -15 factories,
���working ;-.t high prf.���������'nri*, have been
formed'out oi 720 v. urks previously
In'the silk industry the number
oi cpindlcs have been rtducr-ti from
4?.ti.M  to 2,~W.
A ta/e, reliable ngatattn* tnult-
cint. Sold in three degrees oi
.-.trengtlj. No. 1. tl; No. 3. $3;
No. 3. $5 p�� box. Solil by nil
i!nisii-,ts. or sent prepaid in
l.Uuu p��ck.ice on receipt of
price. Kree pamphlet Addroa
TorcrJto.OnL tFttmaiu WtadarX
&��tui runs marked wo*�� '-���
'���' ''I
'��� >I
I '1
.' i\
?��t iucce��t, cvh.es casoaic weahkess, lcst vjooft
ta.ru. iitsi* xo. drugoistj st uail Si. fost 4 cr*
tOUSXIU CO. SO. SISBilAN sr. Ii IW VO��K OtiT��*H����o��
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tnt HEWp��JIOEatTAat��LEia) VOKtOt   gAtt TO *������
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N.     U.     1213      -
XX -Xyy-";Xi'-
THE    &EDG&    8mmH.QG&    ��.   &
"-���"���;".������'���'- X���'?.-'.V''*V'jv;*'~!^
":"   -.-'.. --.    '���!>"' ��� ���'.���"' -'.'- r7V'-'--^;:.:-v^.'7^'-f^Vi*^?s^��
A Colored Miracle
Railroad Men
Th166 men know from experience
that Sloan's Liniment will take the
stiffness out of joints ��nd the soreness out of muscles���And it's so
convenient! No rubbing required.
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mussy plasters cr ointments.
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Have   Yu   Done   Lost Yo Own Lan-
-' guage
It was wilh lhe American army on
the Lorraine front, lie was a black
oy from Alabama���lonesome. lie
bad been working in a stone quarry
most all day and no one had said a
word to him. lie happened to look
across the way and there was another black boy in khaki. The other
black'boy was a French colonial, but
the American black hoy looked only
at the face and the color of tlie uniform.
"'Low ni'ssali, how's tricks?" was
the opening social  parry.
No answer.
"Ah say niggah, docs you know
All's talkin' to you?"
Then astonishment. From th?
other black came a rattle of French
that would put a machine gun to
The black hoy from Alabama
Hasped, lie couldn't believe his eyes
or his cars.
'���Fob da Gawd's sake, nJRgah, has
you been mixed .ip witli these
I'liuchers so much you done lost yo
own language?" and he went back to
For Constipation
Carter's Little
Liver Pills
will set you right
over night.
Purely Vegetable
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price
[Carter's Iron Pills
Will restore color to the faces of
those -who lack Iron in the blood,
as roost pale-faced people do.
Millions Starved to Death
I The Ownership
Visitor (in public gardens, interested in botany)���Do you happen to
know lo what family that plant belongs?
Old Gardner���I happens to know it
don't belong to no family. That plant
belongs to thc park.���Edmonton Bulletin.
Casualties by Famine Exceed Aggregate of Those Killed in
For an Old Friend
Guest Chairs
Customer���These chairs    may     bc
fashionable,  but  thcy   are  extremely
,r     ,,    , . Salesman���Ah, that's the bcautv of
Air. 1-. U \\alcolt, of the United j these chairs, madam. When a caller
btatcs lood administration, in a re- | sits in one of them shc doesn't stay
cent address  at    the    federal     food j Song. -Boston Transcript.
board conference, slated that    about \	
4,750,000 persons havc died of starv- j |��. j        p     j.���
ation iu Europe since the war began, | jjld  3   liOOD   IMA
.while about 4,250,000 havc  been  kil-|
led  by lighting. I
Normal consumption in thc United"!
States for March to  September,   in-1 ���
elusive, amounts to about 42,000,000 j HOW TWO MEN PROVED THE
bushels of wheat per month.   In ord- j WORTH   OF   DODD'S
erto meet the  requirements  ot   the; KIDNEY PILLS
allies, two thirds of this amount must i * XL	
!���s!lil?c<,'' lcsiv'nelcss than 15,000,- j Henry Burktort,   of   Saskatchewan,
000 bushels a month for home    con- j    gent Dodd's Kidney Pills to Dako-
sumptiou.    lhc poor, lie said, cannot ;    ta   and His   Frie,lds  join in Their
bc expected to save as much wheat i    Praises,
as those in better circumstances, be- i .     '
cause wheat is the cheapest of the! I<ox \ alley, Sask., (Special).��� "f
nutritional foods. All, however. I ^H ever>' one that suffers from kid-
should use substitutes just as far r.sl��cy trouble to take Dodd's Kidney
their circumstances will permit. j ,L'ills-      'lhcse are the words of Mr.
  j Henry Burkhart, of this place.
-,...    ,      XT _      ,, ���.    !    "I  took Dodd's  Kidney  Pills     for
Pills for Nervous Troubles��� 1iic,ciKht months," Mr. Burkhart contin-
stomach is the centre of thc nervously "<aucj now j fcd as we]1 as cvcr
system and when the stomach sus-| j (lict ;n my lifc> x a)so sent one box
pends healthy action lhe ' result is ; to a fr;cnd wllo !ivcs ;��� Dakota, ancl
manifest in disturbances of the ner-;who j kncw suffereci from his icid-
ves.    It allowed  to persist,   nervous | ncvs
debility, a dangerous ailment, mayl -j,^. friciul wrote mc to gct him
ensue, lhe first consideration is_ to]somc !11C)rc of Dodd's Kidney Pills,
restore the stomach to proper action, (;ls t,J0 doctors could do nothing to
and there is no readier remedy for j hclp ���,]iin# He said Dodd.s Kidney
tins than Parmclccs Vegetable Pills. ri���s ,vorc Ulc Lcst ulc(iicinc hc haj
Thousands can attest    the   virtue ot ���'ever taken
these pills in curing nervous disord- j    ��"r wouK{ :lot   bc   without  Dodd's
'Kidney Pills." . '       '
In thc sparsely-settled parts of the
West, where doctors arc few, Dodd's
Kidney Pills liavc long held an honored place in the family medicine
chest. The conditions which are
common to newly-settled prairie
countries makes kidney trouble one
of thc most prevalent ills,    and   the
Eat More Fish
Canada Has   Vast    Fish    Resources
Which Can Supply Unlimited
Efforts have been made throughout Canada to produce and market
more fish. This country has fish resources, which have been exploited
commercially for thc export trade
but only in the big cities have fresh
fish been available regularly to private, consumers. On thc Pacific
coast and the Atlantic coast, on the
lakes of the west, on thc lakes of
Northern Ontario and thc Great
Lakes, fishermen will procure fish if
the demand for it becomes regular
and constant. Eat more fish and save
meat for thc men at the front.
Endur ing Hardness
Hardships    and*? Sacrifices     of    the
Armies at the Front
There is also one more element in
enduring hardness.    It is the element
of Sacrifice.    Our spirit of endurance . settlers early discovered the'splendid
will be in proportion to our spirit of' results to be obtained from    Dodd's
sacrifice, aud nowhere is sacrifice
more needed than at home. It must
all hc borne with a noble endurance.
It would bc impossible to find words
capable of expressing thc hardships
and sacrifices of the armies at the
front. It has been marvelous to
think of. Yet there sccincs to hc a
sacrifice at home harder to endure
in many respects than the sacrifices
on the "firing line. It is the sacrifice
made hy mothers,-wives and loved
ones at home, who live in daily fear,
constant suspense and hourly dread,
sometimes suffering silent tortures in
solitude in which even the excitement of a battlefield would bring relief.��� London  l-"rec Press.
Unsinkable Ship
Dares U-boats and   Delivers
Without Trouble
An unsinkable ship, which boldly
braved the dangers of the submarine
zone as a challenge to the Hun U-
bbats, has returned safely to an Atlantic port. It is understood that thc
vessel left au / tlantic port in convoy of forty-three vessels, and when
the licet reached the danger zone
the unsinkable ship left the convoy
as a deliberate challenge to the undersea boats. No attempt was made
to avoid the enemy war vessels, and
thc ship headed a direct course for
its destination, which was a French
port. After delivering its cargo thc
vessel sailed, and a second time no
at tempi was made to sink it.
Suggestion for Housewives
"John,"    said  Mrs. Jenkins, looking
Up   from   the   evening    paper.     "You
know  liiw  many    dishes    Kate   has
broken lately?"
"Yes," replied John; "what of it?"
"Weil," comimied the lady, there
is something here in thc paper about
sire! plaice. I don't know just
what they -an-, ha I 1 should think
thev mi^lir he indestructible and the
very thing we need." ���- Liverpool
Kidney  Pills,
about them.
Ask your    ncighbot
War Garden Bulletin
Practical Weekly Guide  for  Vacant
Lot and Backyard Gardeners
(Issued by the Canada Food Board
in collaboration with experts on the
staff of thc Dominion Experimental
Thc chief concern of this week for
the war gardener should bc His Majesty thc Spud. In 1916 sixty-three
million bushels of potatoes were
grown in Canada. In 1917 seventy-
nine millions were grown. In 1918
every home cellar should become a
"potato elevator" to release the
wheat for thc fighters and keep down
the cost of living. Great care should
bc exercised in the initial preparations. Thc potato trenches should
be perfectly straight and evenly
spaced at about 27 inches apart. Usc
a line to get the measurements accurate. For an early potato this is the
ideal distance. The seed pieces
shauld bc from 14 to 18 inches apart
in the rows. Thc best practice is
to select good medium sized potatoes and make four sets out of them,
entiling lengthwise and then across.
There, are several potato cutters on
the market, but while some of these
arc better than others, thc most satisfactory way is to cut by hand.- It
it very important lo plant freshly-cut
seed. Leaving the sets uncovered in
the trenches lessens the yield.
It is of the utmost importance to
know the most economical depth to
plant potatoes, as there is no doubt
that different depths of planting will
give different results. While shallow
planting has given ihe best yields at
Ottaw.i in loose, sandy loam soil, the
ino.st economical depth is from four
lo live inches for rich loamy soils.
Sets kIiuuIiI he planted deeper, in
soils likely to dry out than in others
more retentive of moisture. Who.-.:
early potatoes arc wanted, the set.-s
should be planted shallow in the
warm soil near lhc surface. Unless
the soil is kept loose and free from
weeds, the potato crop will not'ho
l-'arly though the m.'.^ou is. th"
insect world i^ alreadj "oil the job."
Cutworm* destroy ihim-.uuK <>t dollars' worth of-\< ;-;i'laii|e rvnps every
vear.       Gaidciii r-   mu-t   aid    in    the
An Appeal to Pacifists
A Fearful Attempt to Reduce Mankind to Slavery
Pastor Charles Wagner, of Paris,
author and one of the world's leading
exponents of "the simple life," has
sent a message lo thc American people in which he warns against a German peace, and declares- that "to go
on leading a quiet life when iniquity
is flooding the earth is to become an
accomplice of iniquity." The message makes a special appeal to pacifists.
"It appears more clearly every day
by thc acts of our enemies," says the
message, "that tlicy are endeavoring
to. achieve i. world-wide domination.
Thcy cover the falseness of their designs with thc cloak of piety. It is in
the name of God that thcy want lo
impose their tyranny and make everything give way and bow before
them. What we haj^ lo face now is
a fearful attempt to' reduce mankind
to slavery by usurping divine power
itself. Who arc thcy, those who arc
proffering peace? They arc the men
who let loose war, believing thcy
would surely conquer, who violated
the treaties thcy themselves had
signed, who ransacked unoffending
count rcis,. who pillaged and burned
towns, who dealt ruthlessly with the
civilians of the invaded countries, including aged people, women and
children. Thcy need peace in-order
to profit by their booty. Those who
are offering us peace are a highly organized gang of highway robbers
who have enormous plunder and
want to keep it under the cover of
"You men of-peace, are you the
men of such a peace? Is it thc peace
of brave hearts, of honor, and justice, of truth, of brotherhood? No!
It is the   shameful   peace  of  surrcn-
Leveiling- Down bjr Murder;
Bolsheviki Has Perhaps Reached the
Lowest  Abyss   to   Which   a
Human Being Can Sink
The   following  story,     taken     from
the  account of an  interview,  published   in   the   Danish   newspaper   I'oliti-
. ken, will do more than pages of analysis    to    show    what tluj Bolshcviki
{spirit  really is. A   Russian  sailor was
j seriously wounded during one  of the
I massacres      of      oflicers.        Ile.  was
I brought   to  a  hospital  in   Ilelsinfors,
where     he     underwent   au   operation
which seemed  to relieve  him considerably.
Some of the surgeons were discussing thi revolution round his
bed. The sailor said very quietly: "It
is hard to ki'.l and be killed. All the
same, the officers must die. I do not
deny that many of them, at least
half, arc clever men and good fellows. Some of them are really the
best men 1  ever met."
One of t!ic surgeons inquired why
it was absolutely necessary to kill I
them. The sailor replied, with fev- i
erishly glowing eyes: "Otherwise we j
shall never be on the same, level, j
Thcy may bc ever so good and kind: i
owing to their better education they!
are. different from . They must 11 i���" j
to make us level." ]
The  Bolshcviki    has  thus   perhaps '���
reached    the    lowest abyss to  which
a  human  being can   :'   k.   lie  recog-! ���_
nizes no superior and has no  vener- j Never for a Moment Did They Lose
ation. j Courage
���      ���.���  -I     Since   the  begiunin
Let Cuticuf a Care
for Baby's Skin
It's really wonderful how quickly a
hot bath with Cuticura Soap followed
by a gentle anointing with Cuticura
Ointment relieves skin irritations
Avhich keep baby wakeful and restless, permits sleep for infant and rest
for mother, and points to healment in
most cases when it seems nothing
would help.
Samplo Each Free by Mail. Address postcard: "Cuticura, Dept. N, Bo��ton, U.S. A."
Sold by dealers throughout the world.
No Longer the Spectacular!
Hair-raising      Marvels     are     Today
[ Ordinary  Occurrences
I Canadians and Americans have al-
I ways been great patrons of spectac-
| ular feats of skill and daring. Circus
and vaudeville performers have profited greatly thereby. They could
always count on a generous audience.
J!ut times have changed. Now, those
who were spectators, leaving the
feats to ihe professionals, havc be-'
rom: participants, and acts that yesterday were hair-raising marvels are
today ordinary occurrences. Thus a
boy aviator from the Canadian training camp at Beamsville, 25 miles
away, as a little diversion in the
course of a ilight, and without warning or publicity, ilew under the
steel arch bridge and down the gorge
at Xiagara Falls, a thing that was
considered most spectacular when
previously performed by a professional provider of thrills. The Victoria Cross man who, when his petrol
tank caug'Iit fire, over German territory the otiier day, climbed out oa
on of the planes and guided his machine to safety did a greater balancing act than the circus ring _ ever
saw.    Skill and daring of this kind is
Mining, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical and
Electrical Engineering.
Arts Course  by correspondence.   l>crjce
���wilh one year's attendence or four
summer sessions.
Summer School    Navigation School
July mod August Decwcbor to April
19 GEO. Y. CHOWN. R��ji��tr��r
Tbe Heart of a Piano is tbe
Action.    Insist od the
Otto Higel Piano Action
Pride In the British Army
no  longer
of  the    great
crman offensive the    liritish    army
has  been   confronted     with  innumerable^ divisions  of  the  enemy,  and  the.
oa Horses, Catllc, etc., quickly cured'soldiers  of  Field   .Marshal   1-faig  had
by j naturally to give ground    before     a
EGYPTIAN     LINIMENT    !sl,perio1'   ������^cr,  lmt  never    for     a
Tor Sale liv Alt Dealers
Douglas   &   Co.,   Prop'rs,   Napancc,   Ont.
Charity���to the Rest
Dauber���I'd .like, to devote my 1
picture lo a charitable institution.
Critic-'-Why not give it to.an insti
tution for the blind.���Boston Transcript.
Tliere is no medicine for little ones
to equal BaLy's Own Tablets. The
Tablets are a mild but thorough laxative; pleasant to take; do not gripe
and never fail to relieve thc little one
of constipation, indigestion, colic or
any of the other minor ailments.
Concerning them Mrs. Jos. iMonzc-
rolle,  Eel   River Ridge,  N.B.,  writes:
moment did they lose courage. All
comparison between the English and
French armies would be. odious at
the present moment, having no other
object in view than to create divisions amongst thc two great and
noble, races occupying our country.
Those who formerly made such an
attempt arc now silent, avowing
j their bad faith, since, they did not
have the. courage of their convictions.
We, who salute witb enthusiasm the
immortal heroes of the. Manic and
Verdun, where lhe armies.of France
gave thc full measure of their traditional valor, now salute with no less
enthusiasm, the Briiish army, which,
with their back to the wall, according to the famous words of their
commander-in-chief, sustained the
furious assaulls of the Teuton
hordes. As -wc read each day of the
valiant exploits of the British army,
we feel pride in counting ourselves
amongst British citizens in thc face
of thc wonderful exploits of that
army lighting for liberty and justice
throughout the world, and we express once more, our pride to live
beneath thc shadow of the British
Hag.���Quebec Le Pays.
When ordering  goods by  mail,  send a  Dominion  Express  Money  Order.
German Destructiveness
LIFT OUT ANY CORN   } j Description of   Devastation Wrought
 ��� J j by '.he Huns
"Louvain   will  remain  perhaps    the
Apply   a' few   drops   then   lift
corns   or   calluses   off  with
fingers���no pain
j |     "Lo
' i classic
���"I believe Baby's Own Tablets are
the finest medicine for little ones I
have ever used. From my own experience I would recommend every
mother to keep a box on hand." The
Tablets arc sold by medicine dealers; 	
or by mail at 25  cents  a box  from  . Asses
The    Dr.   Williams'    Medicine.    Co., J    The   Bolshcviki    are    now    eating
Brockviile, Ont. i bread made of straw.    All thcy need
now is to learn how to bray and tho
transformation will be. complete.���
Macon Daily Telegraph.
Canadian Travel
Just think! You can lift
off any corn or callus
withovt pain or soreness.
A Cincinnati man discovered  this    ether    com
pound and named it free-
zone. _A:ij' druggist will
sell a tiny bottle of free-
zone, like here shown, foi
very little cost. You apply a few drops directly
upon a tender corn or
callus. Iiu';rully the soreness disappears, then
shortly you will find thc
corn or callus so loose
.hat you can lift it right
Frcezone is wonderful.
It dries instantly. It
doesn't eat away the corn
or callus, but shrivels it
up without even irritating
the surrounding skin.
Hard, soft or corns between the toes, as well as
painful calluses, lift right
off. There is no pain before or afterwards. If your druggist hasn't
frcezone, tell him to order a small
bottle for ; ou from his wholesale
drug house.
n perhaps
c instance of Sehrecklichkeii,"
'says Brand Whitlock in Everybody's
for -May, '"1 nt Vise was worse." To
day, lying along the Meuse is a silent city; its empty chambers open to
the sky. It might bc Pompeii. Those
ruins might have lain there for centuries. There is not a living being
there. The devastation, tjjc destruction are absolute, the science complete; it is the very abomination of
desolation, a mr.ss of brick and stone
and charred beams, crumbling white
facades, whose windows, with their
casements blackened by tire, stare
like the hollow sockets of skulls. Of
thc four thousand inhabitants, not
one is '.here, not a house :s standing,
not a roof remains. The taverns
where the' people used to go in joyous bands to cat the famous roast
go^sc, are heaps of cinders; the very
trees in lhe: gard::.s, under vvlsse
boughs the youth of Liege used to
dance the eramiguon, have been
burned. Thc scaling -walls of the
church tremble i- thc wind, the roof
has fallen in; thc towers with their
bells, thc organs, the statues, have
tumbled into bits. The work that
would have required ages, was accomplished by German organization
in a  night.  . .  ."
German Courtesy a Myth
CJP.R. Reduces Number of   Passenger Trains as a Wat-
On May Sth, Sir Albert Stanley,
president of the board of trade announced in the British house of commons the decision of the government
to place great restrictions on travel
in London, England, nnd vicinity,
which later will be extended
throughout thc country. Passenger
train service, he said, would be reduced by forty per cent., and it will
be necessary for everyone to show
that his proposed trip has an adequate reason.
The issue of season tickets will be
greatly restricted.    This will affect a
er's Worm Powders, are a plea-
medicine     for      worm-infested
children, and thcy will take it without objection. When directions are
followed it will not injure the most
delicate child, as there is nothing of
an injurious nature in its composition. They will speedily rid a child
of worms and restore the health of
thc little sufferers whose vitality lias
become impaired by the attacks of
these- internal pests.
Living Wisely
Simple Rules Avert Many a Domestic Grievance
Two and a Half Per Cent.
Canteen Barman (affably)��� Looks
like rain, don't it?
Private (sarcastically) ��� Yes, and
tastes like it, too���Casscll's Saturday
A Report Concerning Aviator's Fun- j 	
eral Officially Denied I Minard's Liniment Cures   Distemper.
A few days ago I was present in a i .  , ~      ~
company where an American    news- { SenSltlVenCSS SpeiJS Failure
paper man gave an  extremely inter-! 	
esting talk on aviation at thc  front, i v-^���>n  \i���,*r. w���ij  ���   n;���   rnu  tr��^i
and he related the following story:     | You U Never  Hold a  Big  Job  Until
"Courtesy among aviators at thc
front is so great that when Guyhemer
was killed  thc German  '"aces" irivit-
der under threats, of connivance wilh,!"^ ,,:t"nb" ��f ali(c'^' ^ l?v*
evil-doers, a peace which mcans the ",0.ml �� p,laccs. oul?V ot *-���*��n:
forsaking*   ��_    the oppressed, primes   g���*   * f^h-  �����.   ���*    'ravel
In Canada the  C.I'.U.,  with a view
to  economizing    train    scrv
unpunished; and  the triumph  of    lb-
lower instincts.  It is against   such   ;i
peace that   wc ought to make    war. j
Never has a more sacred duty rested I
with the men of anv age." I
If the following simple rules were
observed by all housekeepers thcy
might avert many a domestic grievance,
1.    Pay  ready  money    for    every-
 thing.    Articles that cannot bc    paid
ice"  'and''"01" ^vitlt cash try to manage without,
thereby assisting in  the most'vigor-'?s ll is cviaV"t, t],,:i.t��,0llt ol" a,   tixct<-1
ous  war effect,   has  been   obliged   to
considerably   reduce  the   number    of
ed their French colleagues to be
present at the burial behind the German front. Thc invitation was accepted; the French came in their airplanes, were present at the fuiicral
service, exchanged salutes with the
Germans, and when about to turn
back were surprised to sec that the
German aviators, with gracious hospitality, had had their "tanks filled
with gasoline."
You Can Forget Your Own
Petty  Self
In an article called "How I Cured
Myself of Being Sensitive," a writer
says in The American Magazine:
" 'Wagner, you've got ability,' lie
cried, 'but you'll never get anywhere
in this world u.itil you quit tearing
yourself to pieces! I've watched you
for the past_ ihrec years; twice I've
had it in mind to push you up a
notch in the office, and every time
I've passed you and picked someone
The^storv 'is  a  delightful   onc-so   J1",  because   I  know  you  arenjt   fit
Kerensky Said to Be Safe
Alexander Kerensky, Russia's man
of the hour at the dethronement of
thc Romanoffs, and who in turn was
overthrown by the Bolshcviki, is safe
and among frier-Is, according lo
authoritative information received by
Russians in Ncw York.
"  Kerensky    is    safe    and
passenger trains.
am on c:
"He is
is rest-
not in the best of health and
ing quietly.
"His condition is far from serious
however, nnd wlion the time comes
"ie   mav  ntrain     CNCrt     Ids   powerful j
income, any bill which cannot bc settled at tin: lime is still more difficult
to meet later on.
2. Keep an accurate account of all
money received, and of all money
paid out each week. It the expenditure, when accounts are compared,
is found greater than lhe income, re:
duce  it   aceordingl}.     If found    less
 t . than  the    income,    tho    housekeeper
^ : ��� ^ j may make use of the. surplus money
. Yes, it's a fact, you can loosen your tin various ways, such as reserving it
corns, pec! them oil in one piece, by ' lur holidays, birthdays, etc. In any
using Putnam's Corn Extractor, j case it is better to err on ihe safe
Xolhing else so quick, so simple nndjsidc by spending under, rather than
easy as Putnam's. Just a few drops j above, ones' allowance,
makes the corn shrivel. Best part of, 3. If wealth v. avoid extravagance
ill, Putnam s is painless    and    costs'and waste;    there   are. alwavs    those
delightful that certain doubts arose
in my mind as to its veracity. I
therefore cabled my government asking them to make inquiries at grand
headquarters and find out if such an
incident really took place. I havc
just received thc following reply:
"You can absolutely and formally
deny the story lhat French aviators
were present at Guyncmcr's burial
inside the German lines."
May 1 ask for the courtesy of your
columns for this letter aud cable?
And 1 would also like to avail myself
of this opportunity to request our
American friends never to give any
credence to stories of German courtesy or German generosity, even
when related in_ perfect good faith.
German generosity and German courtesy, tve'know by this lime, arc pure
to handle other men. No man is lit
lo handle other men until hc has
learned to control himself. Y'ou can't,
you're too blamed sensitive.
"'Little setbacks break your heart.
A letter of complaint conies in from
some customer and you take it as a
personal criticism, and lose a day's
work brooding over it. You sec mc
in conference with some of thc other
men, and you stab yourself wondering why you weren't invited, and imagine that I have turned against you.
You hear that someone who is making more money than you, and immediately all far fields look_ greener.
You're a fairly useful cog in your
present job, and it might put me to
some annoyance to lose you. But
you'll never ' old a big job uniil you
ran forget your own petty self    and
personality to bring
government to Russia.'
A Woman's Burdens
order and goodi!i��t * quarter���why pay  more   when; to whom scraps which would other-
is  guaranteed  to : ^-isc be   wasted,    are acceptable;  bc-
i.^iiles,' the   old   pro\iib   lvniiiuk      us
; that   waste  i^;     surely     followed      by
���want; and myer did the warning car-
' ry-SHchV^'cightJ asV i i| J VI it;V    I* resent
ti llie.. XiXXiX XXXXi ''iiixX.XiXX:'
: .;.:-4;V''.l%;piirc|fa.siiig'V.fo;r
member t IVnt: i-!icup iiyitVgs" arc-not rtlr
coiiihibdiiy.'^ raisedy In
will. Im^ interested inv:xlie?Mh^
liuie, Vl>idd\'  li.v, theyyiiiafriie^Vjiiarvek'.'yyyyyyyy^yy^V  ��� 7\t" i-.::-:'X:X X'.xx'���Xx:X'x-'
receiitlyy:dieil at vCai-niaiily^In.!Uto!x Cures Diphtheria.
I'ad^R,;''""'''"'"      """""" """'"" ���<��������������� -,-.-..������������,.,-���-���
| Putnam's Extractor
.   cure.     Sold everywhere.
"* Nearly Human -.;,-,,-, j
:;Xx x xXxX Xxi :Hbrsevis; :;Deacl;i
���Paddy K.  Knew   Enough   to   Treat
I Xy ��� HisvOvvir;B rokenyvicg X
j     Spri r.l s ri'i Cii! iv-V.'"! i ?>.'.���'���'���' :V ^"�� -.-^-:Tc>|r.O-S^c;�� V'^-i.' i -'^-.
, horse racing game;
are lightened when she turns to tho right
I medicine.     If   her   existenoo   ia   made
I gloomv by tko chronic weaknesses, deli-; ^'d'd^y-^Xwas-^^
i rate derangements, and painful disorders '. !orV']!,%S?.^M:sI^^
1 :l.n< afi'fi.-t ��onitiukind she will find relief ' '''^'---l^^^y^-^M^^Ou-d^tyl^ntcll^,.
gene:<:.:V;Vlt.yis  recorded  of1 lunt VVlliat
��� ai,-)  ciraneiratiou from her troubles In ' ?etV^X.'XXy^XW?Wed ��� otviiiiu :^
i I>r.  Pierec-, Favorite Prescription.    If i1!! 'P^.^11^01^
t rbo's   overworked,    nervous,   or   "run- Ult ^M^xV^
J do,vn,'' tbe.- finds W life and strength, j ^^feV^^M^^
campaign   in
imvinsr these
>:i\ c   ilii-
ro; s   by  <\i i-
s . '<  i'n- ihcir
appearance   a-;   "hey   ; : ���   already       it
work. Thcy cv.i thr.-ug . llic stem-; of
the   \oi!;ig  beam aad  tomato  plants
at  the  ground  line during  the  ilight
leave tlie yom. . plant d>ing   on the
ground.    Investigation  in  the    loose
soil will generally discovcrr the miscreant  a  few  inches away,  half    an
inch  or  so below the surface,  when
he can be summarily squashed. They
lean be killed wliole*Me by scattering
i along the  rows   poisoned  bait  made
las  follow?:     .Bran, 29    lbs.,     cheap
j molasses. 1   quart:  Paris    Green    or
] white  arsenic, halt  a   pound;    water
j from 2 tn 2Vi gallons.    Mix thc bran
and   r.iris  Green  for  white  arsenic)
thoroughly in a wash tub while dry.
Dip?oh-c'-the. molasses in the    water
and   wet   tlie  V.-m  and . poison   with
the  same.
ild-'luily: \va:s::.ylH'in^y.s!id\\ivyVivef:
^J o. rt !i:>\\'id es;':> wii id i
n--. ��� ,-���,��.���<���,,i    ,���..,���-���,�������, .*. ������������   ��   i   ....niials/ iio Viii .iSnnilar^iViiViinK
Its arowwful,   iar.gpnrtinK tome and ; hcyi^.^vWmi^:^
iii-rviiio v !liSU ns _d1Seovered and used j ]!u:;\ftis;.*ta^  " "    "
by mi i-muitiit physician for many year?,, .uuj ^xXm :hls, MXihriX lidtiic; ���wiik-
m   his   lpi-ge   ]!i��-d;<Ml   pmettee   among : ni:t^vi'm.^iav.m.g; a,1>rid!e; <m liislicail:
ng guls  .t ist entering   1 jti;-itV^ liis 'jllncs:; lie :fook snclivgricid
uojucu  in  middle life, , far^Vofyhisviiijurftil:Vl:eg.;vlli::^7;::ity;k(-aIed
11uS'Jvlr,'-;.' aiid Vf 1 l.e i'XXXiXXXX.XX iXxX.
i]\iiytiM< X^yxr Xiy' fXi:Xi';iyXn\i XyXA: i<X
tabi_!-liV.il;:ln-;  record; _
It. is' i-kiiiircil Iry Vyeiiuv Tover*'������-.'���<'���>.?.
���'ujiu'i'rv h.oSt friien't'-flvaiytvgo^d; 'Mrs,;:
i-.   more  k)t<'Ili;ient     {ten.'.- ���it'iiy     il0Li,
������I-.i Prc:'rT]"tii)n " is thc only
:t ap wUlio::1 ak-oliol. a>;d i-.Vi
i.il'H   :.<:  i-.-H :.-  li.,-;!-!  l'orai.
.���-.vi'i |,iv^ -���!!_��-. i��i!i ''ir ;;.-��� i i> -
;.! piinte-I on vr'n^n--"-.    Si-n'l
].:.. Uu^e to Dr. Y.*M. P';er.��'.
WOI.ICl.       i'u
woii ani.o )���::
j the "l'.,\.i-:
:.,:.:i.-;n- ]
, ., ��� :al iu i.
, It '<  I.nt  a   .-���
iK,.-.Tr���:4 :.i.
Jilt- fi.r trial
Invalids'  liul-
falo, X. Y., or Tinuu-li iu Bridgcburg-, Out.
Hanii'doa, Ont. ��� "When passing
through middle liiV. as in most cases of
thi3 lied, I began to fail in health. I
had severe pains ia my .head, dizzy ��pellsf
my back a I-ed a ml I l'2d pains in my
side. 1 bc��.r,rr.e wry weak and nervous.
I took medicine without; getting relief
until T took Dr. pierce V Pavonre Pie-
.V^VSiSjitluit'siv-.tliifi'Vlii .,
.���tlioliturliiyyit \vas':Kj.tigyX
hrtte'iC'^l'i^IYiTsV' X"-':':i
��� ''I'U't ��� ft;
': VvifS
myths.���Stephen Lauzanne    in    Xew ' learn to laugh  when the world takes
York Times. ~ 'a  crack at you.    Hanged  if 1  don't
  .     j think sometimes it might be better jf
Recognized  as  thc leading  specific   xou   were   to   get  out   and   Itv   your
for the destruction of worm-.,  Moth-   hand somewhere else."
er  Graves'   Worm   Kn terminator   has'
proved  :i  boon   to  suffering  children'	
everywhere.     It  seldom  fails.
Lost Indians of Kut
May Yet Reappear Is the Belief of
:77 ^;-!; vv.offi^cr;-..-:;y ,7   ,yy;v'': ;;-:v":\ ��� ;y: yy
.���diers. y welIV :gives-^flre.''; Vhopeful    vi.e\yy
tliat' thevliidiaiis Vofyy tlie. y'garrison^-
elosfe: ui��pUThreeV:t!io(,isaiid-Tof whom
all trace Iiasy been lostVVivrc not "'iicces-V
sari l>"Vd<;ai.Iv;yvJnyiaety: hey -.pi *i' si ��� j v-ri-.l !'v:. ���' 'i. s.-:. ;���'��� .-.'.-���! ���/ g::
hnye v;ntiil :disp!:rsed\y_vbbyiity;m:'^
lets 7and villages;- iii ;iuppeiVy;\Ier;;ii>eita-y| :;V:1:
riiia,'.--; Asia ?\> iiioir;  afnlV-tlie  luirdci-s Vbf b   Vg
���gua:i;dcdv7pris'0!.ver;rvi:v.^ J��?.;
:.rhe!tV'ftway;v!'yiy'deff r^
:diaiV:solid7eivv>^ |7
-���:riiV:'t.Iic-y- v.f.11 'agey'.V':pbpiiki'CeV'V
''tjif.iAV':..,-"i'i XXiX.XXyiiXXxXi[,tX.
''yfoulilihX'iX^Xy, x-\d ;i��
iiii'v callin'cj ;vS; w cikVea;
. ��� ''���'���('lie.i'rii-r'ks XXXX(S'K
-yii'YtiieT y
cl, Surgical Institute, Buf- land ,tJi;q action of .Paddy-.R,- goes
long, way
towards proving tliisvcon-
Waitcd Long Enough
The baskiul: manv':7ai>er;;yc<mrting: -thef
cirlVlor'.txvelVc-.inoiuIisi^vhad "ntJastv
screwed -up .siifiicient."Cwii_i;age to pro- J
pose; by letter. lninre:(li;.u:!y his., it6tc..i
was; :iip.s.t.'ci.i-..hc..vre;gT.e:t;u;'<Ivkii5':: r^l'iiicss'-l
scriptlnu ar-1 tkis r-olielne built mo up - am! telpcrrJphcr:. i;Tj:?,stitvla iXiXyounz'y
In. health auil stienuti! n i nl 1 <.nmc tUmngh ! lady: ''Posted: WiO^g: Iviter. yo; ybii: i
'bis i-riticsl perio-1 iu a good healthy; Please retitrn i!nbocncik.'-;S. ���-��� iX''X\
state. "Woinfu will ftid Pr. Pierce^ UiiHt.riidri'jptto-ifcS^^
Favorite Prescription veiy helpful dui-ier 'nty received7 a' repivi-KvA'A';. i.y.:.'X;%i
ing   tki��   trying   tijce."��� Mks.   SaaaH j    "XX,:>r\oii ^6'XXposXXXXXn'lcxXX.'Xi
tiiyXtX. strayVv iiidivi'lubls
i! i eix-;-7 '���t;b'b'i!'4 h'-; ��� i'.h.^y'������"'' nay
liiVaiidfe,;- beiVuise": 4hoy
>e'.' qiiit Xx- tl;ev tri-Vwbls; xi
��� ���; Vl/vlt'.'r.o-'..."'v. ���.'' i'i p'-J-'
ilrC'VcIady XyX
" feeiiiiit-anil
���VI ir
MX ;>���-'<
Cajes. 106 Kobics A^e.
j w;-;?7 Vatic tit
mre, too.v
Trtrp 'BfLltY.' C0^WT!<3,S?feL'f*';L"i'yS'WI-D��.' -
lcrif-::Ot:,t|rav\;iii:y ..UUw'-eli."''
to .'himself...''.
������ lhc 1 jut iap
liui^l;  .'.friVriv-1
."Vi'i'l's.-'i'ile; ���'���-���<"*.>r:
tjt'e ..U'J?t'e4i.-:tion'',:
XX -Si
Warm ��� "C-Vnvni.et
; far.i'tic ?.?������ yo'.f-?;��'.."-;i;nii.d.
y-w'liich they., ItavC^ i
-niiiiistcrcd by .Vr?
have proved-- tlicir
: elding t;p'v're.iUHi;:;
;to -get ..as :niUcJi.::-o
;pos5i|)te: iii ���s,['>tt.e'.'Iic
;[)0.sed.' " Fa:friiors y
XnXch..hi ' comir.oi
ththg:s both have.-
Vihom "by ���Vlvix.'goy
' J.oii'iy-i't 'A.-lv':-:v:Viy-:'
the:VFar:mei-s': ������:������.'
i'!.yy'i.i?:n:'';i7s.'vdUeV :Xl\.(:
;v'-'.i"'o.'irv.--t'I:i.'c'- ;:wayy '..O'iti'i
akiVi/bJie- ,re|)'uff:. rid-;
n]'ierVBprdeii> They7
���.���v^airibtisuT. I>y; dei,
:;T.:tH"j:s- /honies. and
iXipi vtiieif Iiml as:
>t ^ -'the.' ^handicap ;��nt*
apd-seddiers have
i'::.; anions other
fern  plrdces s;iven
I fecpnoii^r or
;|y;:di^s|iwli^i: _
iv '"Th^^^R^asbtL^i
!W -Xxx       XXiixXXXixx.XixxXiiXf
Wc Vv;."'^y<v.. Xy-. t
'+- ~"?M
u x
$2 a year in Canada,   and   ��2.50   iu   the
United States.
Editor and Financier
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Ooal and Oil   Notices     fi 00
Sstray Notices * 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  10.00
(Win-re more than one claim ap-
pf-ars ir notice, $2.50 for each ad-
dib'mal claim.)
Aii ether ley>al advertising, 12 cents a |
line iirst insertion, aud S cents a line for I
each subsequent insertion, noupariel |
'���he poopie b<'liove that thcy were
'<) bo cal]oil 011 tn i;o the work of
thft Deify. It was the pulpit
whieh uttoroti the '-blessings''
upon the German arms, nnd which
supported and applauded the
ghastly aud ghoulish conduct of
the armies in the field. It \v;\s tbe
pulpit which ordered the singing
of hesannas "to God in the highest" for the "victories" and the
"splendid exploits" of the church's
noblo bend and .son, the great religious kaiser, "Wilhelm Hohenzol-
The Knob Hill Hotel
One of the largest hotels In
the city.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meala.
The blue cross means that
vour subscription is due, and
that the editor would bc pleased
to have more money.
. tii--,i;i: mc many opinions ex-
-..!���(:-..'. :1 upon \\x< cause of the pres
-. in war. J. McKnigbt writing
co 1 in? N'i'w York Truthseeker
.-���c'.-i.'- le i'.ink that the church in
Vi-n:!.--i-.y had much to do with the
- 'tin ing ol' the carnival of blood and
il-.-st motion. He claims to have
v.-..-olnUi evidence to prove, his
;-;..���;���! Lions. We know nothing
;:.''..-.iut it, as we never attended
v:.uvch in Germany, and probably
never wiil. Tbe following is a resume of what McKnigbt says
itl;o ni the oilhodoxical clerics in
Satan's conn try ���G er many:
"The orthodox clergy in America
are ever ready to ascribe the atrocities of the Hun mind aud conduct lo the atheists and infidels in
Germany. This is far from the
truth. The small number of so-
called t-theists, infidels and Freethinkers honestly strove to keep
Germany from plunging into a
carnival of blood and destruction
which tho church and military
party had arranged for the people.
But their opposition was of no
avail against a nation gone mad
with lust for tho blood and treasure of their neighbors, and obsessed
with Crazy Bill's delusion that
their "God" would" give them the
victory over the entire world.
Vv'hetv the war  broke out Germany iuiil a population of 05 millions^
Of this number "25  millions   were.
Catholics, and 05 millions Protestants, the balance  being adherents
of the J-v-'i^h,  Greek  and Armenian creeds with a small percentage
of Freethinkers..   The kaiser is the
spiritual and temporal  head  of all
the  churches   in    Germany,   and
priestcraft is inseparable   from the
govern merit.    The clergy  are paid
out of the public treasury, and are
ever -ready   to boost  that  hot air
about the "divine rights" of rulers.
.   -The'clerical party,   composed al-
. iiuift .'< r.tircly  of  papal members,
recently had i OS .members  iu   the
'.Reidisis'f,',. while the next strongest -party', only, "had   GO.  members.
In Germar.y   and  all  other . conhi
tries, in wliich. theology is permitted
���-..to'mix  with   politics  it   has  been
��� omul that clerics.are  all things to
������sdl.men according to the stake they
are   playing  for..     The   principal
aim of the clerical-party is.to get a
theological- .cinufc   upon   Germany
and America.'autl   repress  all new
. "ideas' in.d   progress ���'������ It -seeks-   to
riije in these   modern, days by the
jvipa! dictum  of the   Kith."century.
\V!if-!i    'this     party,   meets   with
(.���'npu.-ii.ioii it blames  the  opposing
/"ice. upon . the  atheists  and inII-
Vi���.']'-���/ and   it is  from this fact'that
V. '*��� American "clergy.- have  m:tiriiy
i.;'_���_i;n. t!i<'ir  cue Tor blaming   the
t'iin hiom-troHities upon, themost
'j; iicefiil.   and    merciful    people in
X' vrman.y ��� the    so-calied    atheists
. av.d itilidt'js.
v.y   ihe    theologians,  of   Germany,
vciifrying favor for their  own   ends
'and ideas, .-with the politicians, are
largelyvvy to>: blame   for  the present
unpleasant ,-."conditions '    in.'v;the
vorid. . X-XXXx. :XX ' i'XxXxXXX
vM'he war propaganda, -which litis
v. 1.���������:;; ;i "eaii-ifd onv without cessation
��� ..���iii.--,',t'ri;r;i'iany-'tiiVr'- the .last . forty
';������ years, li:^ found   its  chief  export'-
. eiits iu the pulpits of theccuntry.-
From these. wu=..the puljlic.i.rain.dyof
M -vr-raany dehaiiciiethyaitd^perv^erted
:,;' t ���' -. the ex I ������!! t v\ hich:v:has ��� been clem-:
".i&iY. i'lat-e'ii/hy;7:th-i  suppbrtV'ahdLap;?
XjXXtfiQXXXXXioiiivV: yearsvJLp  every
yX- ;"age a!>i;fiendi^h'"r:rim'e\''an'(i:ba'r*
v ^..i llvV^vhi^h.?^
ixX ���'~i-,er--X.?iiv]'[\}l*X':M\n\9^
'yih^ied;-up-;-n;..t��!e';:vvprhl;: ������:������:. ���;!:.'
XX 'r) MX tiie -theologians ;:take .note:
The Bannock Society of the
Slocan is principally composed of
trail blazers, mule skinners, and
hard rock miners. The Society
met at the Conservatory of Music
in Three Forks the other evening
and scared all the spooks out of
tlie camp. 'Tlie progre.ni was as
In a beautiful bartoned voice
Whiskey Bill sang with great
motion that new song, entitled,
Meet me at the Uhine, when the
IIun goes down.
The eminent Lauder of Ten
Mile, Danny MeCtmig, warbled
with great pathetic (-fleet that great
perspiring melody called: For
bonme Johnny Walker, I'd lay me
down and de. At the close every
eye in the house was dry.
The seh-ct audience tried to mob
Wee Danny McPherson when he
rose to sing the High Eoad, but he
got off on suspended sentence by
sweetly rendering that soul-toucher; Goodbye, Joe Seagram, it
may be for years, and it may be
Red Paddy, a noted rancher from
Princeton, delivered an able address upon the best way to raise a
crop of whiskers, and gently
whistled that old Slocan lassie,
entitled, Take me hack to Four
Mile, when tha rod fish are big and
fat. Paddy's reception was very
enthusiastic, and the crowd had to
hold Jim Ryan from hopping over
the footlights aud giving the noted
Irish orator a'boquet of shamrocks.
Just as Tennessee Jim had limbered up and was about to sing,
Away down in Kaslo, where the
cherries sweetly grow, a report
reached the huucli that a bottle of
boozd had. been located on Cody
creek, and the entire audience
stampeded in order to stake extensions.-
Brrxv Sunday was recently op-
orated on for hernia. His trouble
\vas probably caused, by jumping
on hell too much on the platform.
The surgeons should cut a piece
out of Billy's gall, and give him a
chance to.balance his brain. He
has been crazy with, egotism, for
several years.
Behind every event stands the
shadow of a . woman. . Perhaps
even, the kaiser has some woman
pulling his vest do.vvii, and telling
him to put 011 his white shirt when
he gof s to a cbuice, or lectures
abont his partner, to the Bible class
in the little red school-house.
British Columbia has been
here a long time so has
the B. C, Cigar. Absolutely Guaranteed. Clear
Havana Filled. The Cigar
that never varies.    .    .    ,
Have you tried one lately "*
Front St. Next to City Hall, NELSON
P. 0. BOX 865
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Estimates   Given   on all Kinds   of
Granite and Marble Work
NOTICE is liereby fiivcn lhat the deferred
Annual Oeneral Meeting of the above-named
Company will he held at llie reprist red office of
llie company, iu the City of (treenwood, B.C.,
mi Wediiesdiiy, ibe 7th day of Aupnst, 11)18. at
10:30 o'clock in the forenoon, for the following
purposes namely:���To receive ami consider tlie
annual sttitcmciit of accounts and balance
slieet, aud the reports of tlie Directors and Auditor thereon: to elect Directors and other oflicers;
to transact tlie other ordinary business of tlie
Company; anil to confirm the disposal by the
Company of all its mineral claims situate iu
the Vernon Mining Division pf the District of
Vale, and of its miccral claims and interests
therein situate in Central Camp, in said Distric.
Greenwood, B.C., June 29th. 1918.
Uy order,
M. J. M. WOOD, Secretary.
v</. .-#��>���: ./aa>
A meeting of the Game Conservation
Board, will be ,held 111 the office of the
Curator of the Provincial -Museum,. Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C., on July
29th, 191S, and days following.
The Board will be pleased to receive
all sportsmen between the hours of 10
a.in. aud 12 noon on tlie 29th inst.
Any communications should be mailed
before the above date to receive consideration
Game Conservation Board
Victoria, B.C., July iSth, 1918.
OvKii.ih Franco.t-lifi' Yniihs'.h'avp
been teaching King Goorge how to
eat hot, 'b.ti'ckwhryi.!, cakea and play.
htvpe.ball. ,()iir bHnveil and grac-
>6u=5'kinjr pliouhV \i" careful and
nob'play nok<r with I Iin Sammies.
Tlip'y Mill in'KiNfc't-liiVt.-- five aces are
hetter limn five k.ingH'.
W.^M'tiMicth^-diiy when onr hoyp
will addreps their lettotv,.. from
Somewhere |iv (iennany. insti-iid of
that'old;'jiostoll'ice in Fraiice that
'they have m-ed for .such a Jong
Ix these modern days of our
boasted civilization the law of the
jungle still prevails,.and the human
wolves arc still cryiug: ''Not this
���'iiiari.,Jesiis, font' Barabbas, the rob-
; PeitiNo-������:tii-e" past"���fouKvyears,
iiiuiiy....prop!e. inr;t heV Fnited State?
have i .vdiseoyere'd.;'.-'-Canada; Wa'-
Vnmi���ti(nes:,:-(id��cnies :wLr;r;i;olhirip
^else;-will;-;XXXXX.'-,. X4X-.v.--
vvaj'-.-.- for -the.'} war; by inaking a>;fakiiure,
.-."��� -Trin' ';forewerie'5"'JnV^Ef'ipliii.i.d.Jaie.
sliilVynaking big'moiieyV;althdtjgh
tn ac h v griii nii. h;:;i M7 b eeii,' I ost; at yen
'during;.'t-heypai'st ���t''\vo;'>yenirs.-.:--.v.;,'.'.; 'X-iXi
,-   Thev  are
,:A:y.a':iiayn;!f"t.-.:t:H-yvrnodprriypin is j
^r: : 0
: a'.v;;
sVr^Tjpsis of
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed
lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land .suitable for agricultural purposes
and wliich is non-timber land.
Partnership    pre-emptions . abolished,
but parties-of-not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
joint residence, but each making .neecs-'
. sury Improvements'.on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must occupy claim* for
five ycars and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing,
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown  Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than "S years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certiiicate of improvement
and transfer his claim.
Records without .permanent'residence
may be issued provided applicant makes
improvements tu extent; of ��300 pel' annum and records same 'ach year. Fail-
Tiro 16 make improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on-tlifsti claims in
loss -than 5 years, witb improvements of
$10 per acre,. 'Including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, . and residence of at
yiuiiKt .2 years. '
-.'.I.'re-cjinp.lor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, if he re-
��� liiires land in. conjunction, with Jiis
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made ainl
resilience maintained oil Crown granted
iMisiiryeyed areas, hot 'exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesitcs;
title ti> be obtained after ftlllllling residential  and  improvement conditions.
For grazing and   industrial  purposcn. .
areas exceeding G!0 acres niay be leased
by oiie person or company..
The scope, of this Act is enlarged to
Include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Korces. The time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-emptor may apply for
title under this Act. is extended from
one year from the death of such person,
as formerly, until one year after the
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege is also made retroactive.
Provision  is   made  for  the  grant  to
persons ..holding    uncompleted   Agreements to. Purchase from the Crown of
.-'"eh proportion :of. the: land, if divisible,
as   the:; payments ,' already  s made: will
cover in '.proportion- to the sale price'-'of
the whole parcel. ''������Twb.'O.r more persons
holding- such  Agreements, may  .group
their interests anil apply for a proportionate  allotment jointly.     If.it   is not
^considered advisable to divide the land
c'ivi red by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
i��f  equal  value  selected  from available
.Crown  lands  in - the .; locality mav be
made.   These; allotments are conditional
upon, payment of V: all  taxes    due . the
:. Grown   or  to ; any; "municipality.    The
rights... of .: persons  to  whom Ahe  purchaser; from, the Crown  has agreed  to
���sell .are also protected.-  The decision of
the Minister of Lands..in respect to the
���'"adjustment'of. a., proportionate-allotment
is final! ���-. The .time: for. making applica-
;tion -for these, allotments  is limited  to
-the 1st day of. May, 1919.Y Any application  ir.ade:after:this  date  will  not be
considered. : These allotments apply to
;, town" lotsV. and lands of ..the Crown sold
���at public, auction. '���.':.'.'
:: For information apply': to any Provincial Government Agent;or to
^G. It NADEN,'  X-Xy
D��jmty Ubtlater of Lands,      -
���������   Victoria, & GL
This hotel is operated on the European plan, and rooms can be obtained
from 50 cents a night upwards. The
Cafe never closes, night or day, and
within its portals you can obtain
everything in season, from turtle soup
to roast turkey. Do not forget this
when visiting the ��� metropolis of
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist^ Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper
$1 each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
$1.00. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
$1.50. Silver-Lead $1.50. Silver-Lead-
Zinc $3.00. Charges for oth��>r metals etc
on application.
Windsor Hotel
Greenwood, B.C.
The Windsor Hotel is one of the
oldest and most comfortable hotels in the
red metal metropolis. It is located in the
heart of the city, and convenient to all
business houses, Heated with steam and
electricity, Fine sample rooms, Many
of the bedrooms contain electric heaters,
The bar is replete with modern beverages. Hot coffee, sandwiches, ahd light
lunches always ready. Touch the wire
if you want rooms reserved.
sn4.4..$.4--*-4"S'"J"t"l"fr+ ���*���+4-+41 ���*������!��� 4-4,"4,++i��
fiumc Rotel
nelson, B*&
The only up^to/date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric' Lighted.
RATES S1.03 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
*��� ��$�����$��� ���$�����!�� ���!����!������$��� if. ��|�� ���!�����!��� ���$�����!�� tlnl* *f* *f* *fr *f�� ��f* *f* *f* ���?��� ���^���*5
Cleveland'Bicycles...      Ride a Bicycle!
When buying a bicycle see or write me first,  I am agent for the well-known
Cleveland bicycle, the best bicycle made, and not any higher in price than
any other gcod wheel.
I keep a complete stock of bicycle accessories and tires, to fit every, wheel,
and my prices are right
I am well equipped w:tli tools, and have a long experience in this line, to
dp all kinds of repair work.     Also motorcycle oil and tires, and spark plugs
Write ine for prices and catalogue
Blacksmith   and   Bicycle   Dealer,   Woodwork,   Oxy-Acetylene   Welding,
Brazing, Aluminum Soldering, Etc.
Ice Cream Contains minute elements known as
"vitamines" which were only recently discovered in milk
and milk products. Ench has yet to be learned about
theui, but it is known that they are absolutely essential to
the growth of the body and indispensable to growing
children and persons recovering from illness.
Eat "CURLEW" Ice Cream
For Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Cut Giass,
Silverware, Etc.
Bridge Street. Next Telephone Exchange. GRAND FORKS
Specialty:   Fine Watch Repairs.
The spirit of co-operation is in the air more than ever. It
means that the more you do, the greater is the degree of benefit coming back to yourself.
Apply it to your" telephone service. You have excellent
operators, adequate equipment, and the more you seek a perfect service the better you will be pleased.
You will find that the company endeavors at all times to
heartily co-operate to the end of giving the public the best
there is in the telephone utility.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Pish
and Poultry.     Shops in nearly all the     '
towns of the Boundary and Kofttenay.
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each.
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each;
60 Watts
100     "
200   ��
$1,25 each
2.00 ��
3.50 ��-'���:.
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
ajmrnminmnimm mmwwmm nfmtnnimmmtnnm^
For Good
���Economy and Satisfaction 3
combined with Promptness ||
are the features which gq to |��
make up the Service we g|vej ��
our customers. Are you II
one of them? I
Letter^^        Noteheads,
(Ruled or Plain) '-"X'XX'--:Z��'
Envelopes, Billheads, ||
- >:   (All Sizes)      . "3
Statements, Business Cards, ft
f  Posters; Dodgere, &e.�� 4s*��!H
If PHONE 29       1
i'^il��>��Ml   ������i^i
E- g Greenwood       Job Printing Department j��
^3 ���'���.. Xii


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